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Candyman - Chapter 10 

Music is Through

Chapter: 10/15

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader. Other pairings withheld for spoilers.

Word Count: 9,295

Chapter warnings: Language. Drinking. Sensual themes. Firearms. Cliffhanger.

Overall Fic Warnings: Sugardaddy and the powerplays that come with that. Smut. A pretty firmly Mature-rated fic. Later chapters are firmly dub-con with manipulation.

A/N: Remember how I said I was going to get back to the drama soon? Well the drama is fucking back. This chapter is massive (lol I’m now a broken record) so I want to thank everyone profusely who actually sits and reads it all. Shoutouts to @hurricanerin​ and @southerngracela​ for asking the hard questions that kicked my ass out of my funk and made me rewrite entire scenes for the betterment of the story. Please, please, in this time more than ever, the little bit of positivity that comes with a comment or reblog can really make or break content creators. I do this for fun, I share this because I think you guys like it. Please let me know what you think.

Chapter preview:  The whole look, the two of you in your black ensembles screamed “Power Couple”, and as Steve wrapped his arms around your waist while the two of you attended to your final looks in the mirror, you let yourself lean back into him, feeling how his body melded back into yours. He let his chin dip along your neck, letting his head rest on your shoulder, his beard tickling the exposed skin. These were some of your favorite moments, the quiet ones just before the hustle and bustle when you could feel his heart beating against you. He held you tight, his head down, and your soul hurt, begging his own to let you in. You would take any of the hurt from him, take the worry off his shoulders, if only he would let you. 

“Hey,” you said gently, raising a hand to cup his cheek and he lifted his eyes, meeting your own in the mirror, “We got this. It’s going to be a good night.”

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Description; A compability which many didn’t see between you and the super-soldier shows that two shadows see each other better than anyone else. What is happening to you and Bucky? How did you even meet? And what made everything turn?

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Rating: Mature


Word count; 3.550

Warnings; fluffy bucky, flustered reader, suggestive undertones

Author; @the-goddess-of-mischief-writing

After you had your initial meeting with Bucky, you suddenly saw him everywhere, unlike before. Of course, you knew it wasn’t just because of you letting go of your fear of seeing him but it was also the next step in the process. After you’d trained you checked in with Steve to hear about if the next phase was rolling. To your, and even his surprise as you learned, he gave you the information that Bucky hadn’t been unwilling to further progress. He’d accepted it and that’s why you could see him outside of your sessions together, like now.

You were in the gym, one of your schedule training with Nat on pause for a few minutes, at least enough to breath and take some water. You’d noticed Bucky walking in about halfway into your session. He tried drawing as little notice to himself as possible, impossible for someone like him. So from that moment and on you tried not eating Nat’s fist while you kept an eye on Bucky. He slouched on a bench at the end of the gym, where not many people put their stuff. He didn’t have a bag with him but were dressed as you would to any gym. It wasn’t until his eyes shifted towards your direction that you noticed your concentration almost where more on him than the person trying to knock you down. At the thought, you felt your legs being swept from under you. With a heavy thud and gruff following, you fell on the sparring matt, your wrists stinging from trying to catch yourself.

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i emerged from my hole of canon stucky post-ws/post cw fics (yk those beautiful ones that interpret their journeys and shit so well and have a bunch of flashbacks to their younger days in brooklyn and will most def make you cry) to watch civil war for the millionth time last night and my brain was still in the fic-space so the whole time i was expecting steve and bucky to kiss even tho i KNOW they don’t

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Broken, Mended Chapter 4

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic)

Summary: After breaking off an engagement, Y/N may have possibly hit rock bottom. But she doesn’t have time to think about it because she gets deployed to Iraq. Leaving their daughter with her friend, Sam Wilson, she’s gone for a year. She doesn’t like talking about her ex-fiance and is unsure if she’ll ever be able to love again. What happens a certain Captain is his literal doppelganger?

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Lots of swears in this one, sorry. Feelings of anger, betrayal. Drama. But also feels.

A/N: Normalize 👏 Platonic 👏 M/F 👏 Love 👏  (in case you can’t tell by this point, Y/N and Sam are very close. If you’re a Grey’s fan, I picture it very much like Mer and Alex. Two people who could never picture themselves in a relationship but would die for each other.) (omg i’m booboo the fool. another great example would be nat and clint?)
This is for @ussgallifreyfics​ 550 follower writing challenge!
Takes place during Civil War.

tag list is open


Originally posted by riricitaa

Y/N doesn’t know how long she’s out, but when she wakes up she can tell she’s in a completely different place. She’s not laying on the ground, but whatever she’s on is not comfortable in the least. As she stirs awake, she can also tell she no longer has her wings on, nor any of her pistols. Freaking out, she sits up quickly, groaning as her head still hurts. Still disoriented, she doesn’t see the person jog past her, but she hears them. “Your girl’s awake too, Sam.”

He lets out a dry chuckle, “Not my girl, Cap.” 

When she hears his voice, she lets out a deep exhale and slowly leans herself against the wall, closing her eyes for a moment. Now a little more with her bearings, she can tell she’s simply laying on a piece of plywood over a couple wooden pallets. She doesn’t open her eyes but can tell Sam’s next to her now. She sarcastically smiles, eyes still closed, “Were you just going to keep this from me Sam? Didn’t think I was going to find out?”

He sighs, “Not this way at least. I’d rather it be in DC. What are you doing here anyways? I thought you were only supposed to be in Vienna.”

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  • I just love his nose 👃
  • And his fuckin’ smile
  • And his eyes are just
  • Let’s not forget about those perfect teeth 😬
  • And fucking fuck!!! Those god damn eyelashes I’m so jealous of!! 🔥
  • I’m damn sure you can hear this!!

(Ps: he can grab my left/right boobs whenever he wants, laughing, eating, sleeping, anytime.😏🌚)

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Could I possibly request #53 from the list of prompts? Also I was kinda wondering how long it generally takes you to write something like that, being just a small ficlet? Do you plan them out or just roll with whatever comes to you? Love your work!!

(prompt from this list)

Fic is below the cut because it is dealing with the COVID-19 lockdown and I’m conscious that not everyone wants to read that. 

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You can ignore this one since I already sent you three, But I just love your art SO MUCH!!Headcanon that one day Bucky is scrolling on his phone and this happens: Bucky: Steve what does Y/n mean? Steve: Your name, I think? Bucky: okay Bucky: *reading to him self* Bucky stared into Bucky’s eyes-


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Pre serum Steve is so fucking gorgeous with his swoopy bangs and that tortured artist expression and his good manners but also his “I will beat a bitch” energy and how he somehow manages to stand tall even when he’s short and I’m so into that??? I mean I’m small as hell so his short height just makes it even easier for me to kiss him. Every time I watch TFA I can’t BELIEVE how all the women ignore him. I would jump on that in a fucking second

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I’ve also been in a Steve Rodgers mood lately. And tbh I never really liked it when characters change dramatically but nomad Steve…. hits different 👀 so I thought I’d draw him 😊


The things I do in quarantine :)

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Sorry to bug you again but can I matchup for black butler and marvel Blonde hair that’s stops at my shoulders and brown eyes I’m a female, straight. ENFP and Ravenclaw I’m 5’5 in height. I am very shy at first and have trouble talking to people but once I’m comfortable I’m very playful n sassy. I am rather self conscious, and tend to be stubborn as well. I love to roughhouse, ride horses, write short stories, read, draw and cuddle. I’m like a ball of anxiety but also outgoing 😂, thanks again!

Black Butler: Undertaker!

 - Undertaker would really enjoy your playful and sassy nature-he needs an s/o that can take his jokes and be able to do it back or else he’d get bored. He’d often laugh at your sassiness and compliment you for it. That would probably be what drew him to you in the first place. 

 Marvel: Steve Rodgers!

 - Steve would enjoy going out and riding and taking care of horses with you-he’d be a bit worried since he’s super big and he wouldn’t want to hurt the horses, but once he understood that that wouldn’t happen he’d have a lot of fun! He’d also love to read and draw with you! 

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pairing: bucky barnes x latinx!reader

warnings: racism, prejudice, fluff, angst

word count: 3800

description: Bucky Barnes is a sweet young Brooklyn boy, just on the cusp of manhood, a hopeless romantic that falls in love with almost every girl he sees. when he sets his eyes on a young girl fresh off the boat from Cuba he finds out how hard love can really be.

for @cake-writes 1940s challenge.


The apartment was quiet. Eerily so. The steady drip from the faucet that Bucky hadn’t gotten around to fixing, the commotion from the street below. All of it muffled behind the walls of your bedroom. Your marital bed with the thick duvet, fingers tracing the empty sheets beside you. The faint smell of his aftershave still on the pillow. You’d stopped crying days ago, but this space for the first time was empty. 

Bucky filled the place in this little apartment where your Mother had been before. This was the first time in your life you were truly alone. No one to take care of, no one to wrap yourself around to take comfort. Alone. 

But not really. 

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