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Haha. I wanna believe Steve has a pretty healthy sense of humor. Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. Genuinely makes my day better to read this 💙 I hope you have a wonderful day, too.

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Summary: Steve thinks Hyacinth is adjusting well to life at the Avengers Compound, till Wanda breaks the news to him.

Pairing(s): Steve Rogers x Hyacinth (Marvel OC), brief Wanda x Vision

Warning(s): Super soft Steve, tooth rotting fluff, and angry-crying

Author Note: The song lyrics used in this are both Disney songs. The first being “On my way” by Phil Collins and the other “The Second Star to the Right” by Judd Conlon


Steve made his way down one of the numerous halls of the Avenger’s Compound, focused on the documents in his hand, a horrible habit he maintained from the forties. The ability to walk and read without bumping into anything. However the sound of a distant voice and music pulled the captain from his report, both feet still as he came to a halt. Music fluttered from Hyacinth’s room where her door stood slightly ajar. Steve didn’t dare invade her privacy by peaking inside, no, he simply stood and listened to her sing. “So tell ‘em all I’m on my way, new friends and new places to seeeeee! And to sleep under the stars and could ask for more? With the moon keeping watch oooover meeeee!” She sang in time to the song. Steve couldn’t help but smile, glad to know the girl seemed to be adjusting well.

The Captain disappeared inside his office for a small time to file paperwork and such. He didn’t emerge again till about lunch time where he met Wanda and Vision in the kitchen. The android had a passionate determination to master the art of Sokovian food, so sometimes he and Wanda would occupy the kitchen for hours baking and cooking. 

“What is it this week?” Steve asked with a curious grin.

Vision looked up from the instructions Wanda had given him, “A deep-fried dough traditionally served with garlic oil, sour cream and I believe, grated cheese?”

“He means Lángos,” Wanda translated with a chuckle.

Steve watched the interaction with soft eyes, it always did him good to see teammates- lovers, in this case, get along. While he brewed himself a cup of coffee he couldn’t help but drift back to the music three halls down.

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Pareja: Steve X Stark! Lectora

Palabras: 2017 palabras

Sinopsis: Siendo la hija de Stark, te gustaba pasar desapercibida, pero nunca ibas a imaginar que en una de tus idas a la cafetería te ibas a terminar enamorando.

Advertencias: Ninguna.

N/A: Este One-shot es un pedido de Wattpad.

Y mi entrada para 30 days of Chris.

No doy ningún permiso para que mis fics sean publicados en otra plataforma o idioma (yo traduzco mi propio trabajo). Si encuentras alguno de mis trabajos en una plataforma diferente y no es alguna de mis cuentas, por favor avísame. Los reblogs están bien.

Si te gusto por favor vota, comenta y rebloguea.

Estabas en la cafetería cercana a la torre Stark, que pertenece a tu padre, en los últimos meses apenas y se veían, seguías enojada con él por haberte ocultado su relación con Pepper, ella te agradaba pero nunca la ibas a querer como una mamá, nadie podía reemplazar a tu mamá, nunca te habías opuesto a la relación pero si te había molestado demasiado que no te hubieran dicho la verdad.

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The Flame by Andrew Huang

Steve never thought he could love anyone as much as he loved his husband and their daughter.

He had doubts, at first, that he would ever have reached this stage in life. Back in the war, half of him didn’t expect to make it out alive - and he almost didn’t. He woke up 70 years later, and he was an outsider, the man out of time. He was invited to join the Avengers, to fight in the Battle of New York, and he thought that was just another war.

And then, he met Iron Man.

He met Tony Stark.

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pairing: highschool!bucky barnes x reader

warning: angst, death of major character

summary: falling in love was scary, but thrilling especially when it was with bucky barnes

a/n: this is the second part to the lover series!!! i have received such positive feedback about i forgot that you existed and OMG it makes me incredibly happy:) also i know that during the times bucky went to high school it was all white students BUT that would suggest a white reader, and my aim is to make the reader as fitting to YOU as possible. I get it i’m indian and the pain, but yeah so were just gonna pretend were in those times but with todays diversity:)

song: cruel summer by taylor swift 


Originally posted by classylena

gif credits to original creator


Fever dream high
In the quiet of the night
You know that I caught it

You were walking through the halls with your friends June and Sara, careful not to bump into anyone. “I can’t believe that you and Connor are going out Sara” June said with a big smile on her face. “Oh for lord’s sake June, calm down its not that big of a deal” “Oh Sara darling, it IS! I mean Connor is one of the most well known boys in school plus he’s as cute as a bug’s ear” 

You laugh at the banter between June and Sara when you accidentally bump into someone.You bend down to pick up your books, but not before someone does it for you. You stand up and look at the attractive man standing in front of you. Your eyes meet the steel blue eyes in front of you. “I’m sorry doll, didn’t mean to hurt ya there. I’m Bucky” you smiled at him “I know, Bucky. My name is y/n, thanks for helping me” You smiled at the attractive man in front of you and made your way back to your gaping friends. “That was-” June paused “Bucky Barnes” Sara completed for her friend. “Oh stop it you’re gonna get flies in your mouth. He’s just a boy, now come on we gotta get to our class” What you didn’t notice was Bucky staring at you and your friends, a small smile etched onto his face. 

Bad, bad boys
Shiny toy with a price
You know that I bought it

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Steve had been the one who had welcomed you into the Avengers. He had made sure you were comfortable and okay. He helped you with your powers, helping you to finesse and really control them. Steve fast became a close friend, you could always count on him, but there was always something a little more lingering.

You had feelings for him. Who wouldn’t? He was a beautiful specimen of a man, who looked good for pushing 100. He was kind and funny and took you out for lunch and showed you round some of his favourite places. He comforted you when you were scared or worried about something and he stood up for you and defended you. Falling in love with Steve Rogers turned out to be pretty damn easy… The hard part was finding the courage to tell him.

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Once again, Julia stood in front of the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine. Daisy and Sam stood at her side, Simmons was at the control panel while May was in the recording room.  

“Are you ready?” they heard May ask through the speaker.

Julia felt tensed up, and tried to control her breathing. Memories of the last time went through her mind. A soothing hand on her shoulder. She looked to her right and saw Daisy.

“This time we will stop. I promise. He’s not here,” she reassured.

Julia nodded and took a deep breath. Slowly she walked to the machine and took her place. This time, Sam held her hand as a comfort. The machine clicked on and the humming sound filled the room again.

“Okay Julia, try to remember as far back as you can.” Daisy asked.

Julia closed her eyes and took some deep breaths to help herself remain calm.

“Pain. A lot of pain. I’m bleeding. He carried me,” Julia summed up after a moment.

“Who carried you?”

Julia opened her eyes as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Bucky,” she whispered. “I felt weak. I listened to the rhythm of his heart and then I fell asleep.”

Sam bowed his head in sadness and gulped down a lump in his throat.

“Can you go deeper in your memories?” Daisy asked. “To the moment before you met Bucky?”

Julia closed her eyes again and took a few deep breaths.

“Try to remember your first meeting with the British man,” Daisy advised.

In the meantime, Coulson and Elslander entered May’s area and started to watch the scene. Elslander took a trembling breath.

“She looks so bad,” she stated as she swallowed down her tears.

“A villa. I remember a villa,” Julia said after a while. “With another man. He hurt me. A lot. And crystals.”

Julia looked at Daisy.

“The crystals you’ve talked about. I broke one and stones covered up my body. After a while I broke free from it.”

“Okay, what else can you remember?”

Julia stared at the ceiling.

“I got scared after he hurt me again and I tried to escape. I was stopped by a red-golden iron suited man. And somebody in a red-blue spandex kind of suit,” Julia continued. “They wanted the crystals. But they were gone, out of the villa. I got on to the roof of the villa with the blue-red figure. The figure, it shot webs out of its wrists and was able to catch a suitcase. I got shot, fell off the roof and got covered by stone again.”

“Shot by who?” Daisy asked.

“By somebody out of a black SUV. Then I broke free from the stones. There was a soldier who spoke Russian, I think. He kissed me and I…” Julia took a deep breath and swallowed. “I killed him…with my powers. Then he was there.”

“Who’s he?”

“A British man, The Sir.”

Daisy looked at Sam.

“I guess we’re getting close.” Daisy looked back at Julia. “Anything else, Julia?”

“He offered me a hand. I could have run away but there was a group of soldiers. The Sir followed me. He reassured me he would take care of me because he promised her.”

“Her?” Sam asked.

Elslander closed her eyes as a tear went over her face.

Julia stared at the ceiling and was silent for a while. Daisy, Simmons and Sam waited patiently till she started talking. Julia saw the blonde woman again. The woman was looking at Julia and smiled.

Coulson laid a hand on Elslander’s shoulder. She opened her eyes and looked at him.

“It’s better not to interrupt this with your powers, Wilma,” he advised.

Julia saw the blonde woman slowly fading away. She blinked her eyes a few times.

“The woman of my hallucinations. She was here again,” she admitted.

Daisy looked at the window and saw Coulson and Elslander. Coulson nodded at Daisy as a sign to continue.

“Can you go back to the memory about HYDRA and The Sir?” Daisy asked as she looked back at Julia.

“The Sir took me away,” Julia continued. “To the Swiss Alps where it was safe, according to him. He gave me food and new clothing. I had to give him all my belongings.”

“Do you know his real name?” Daisy asked.

“I had to call him The Sir, out of respect. The Madame, she called him Daniel.”

Daisy looked at May. May went over to a computer. She typed in the information she had just got about The Sir. After a few seconds she got the result.

“Daniel Whitehall,” she informed them.

“Oh my god,” Elslander gasped.

“Then Daisy guessed it right,” Coulson said. He looked at Elslander, who looked back at him, shocked. “I know it’s hard, but I want you to ask her if he is The Sir. You can go to the interrogation room and wait for her.”

Elslander nodded as she accepted the task, and left.

“Okay, one last question, Julia. Did you volunteer to become one of HYDRA?”

“No. But I had to,” Julia admitted.

“Why?” Daisy wondered.

Julia looked at her.

“They would punish you if you refused an order, or kill you if you escaped.”

Daisy was shocked. She swallowed, nodded and looked at Simmons.

“I think we have our answers,” she told the doctor.

Simmons agreed and switched off the machine. Julia rubbed her face with both of her hands, while the machine went off. Then she slowly sat up.

“You did very well,” Daisy complimented her.

Sam just smiled proudly at her.

Then Coulson came into the area. He stood close by Julia. She looked up at him with fatigue in her eyes.

“Thank you for doing this. You are very brave,” he told her. “Do you think you can do one more interview?”

“If it’s necessary for you, yes,” Julia answered.

“I’ll tell her you’re in.”

He turned around and left.


Natasha opened her eyes. She felt something vibrating in the pocket of her jeans. She took the small device out of it and answered the call.

“Yeah?” she mumbled, groggy.

“Nat, we need to talk. Now,” she heard Clint demand.

“About what?”

“Don’t take her to the compound. She’ll put us all in danger,” Clint warned.

She sighed.

“Friend or not, just don’t do this!” Clint continued.

Without saying anything, Natasha cut off the conversation. She sat up and massaged her forehead with her fingers as a headache emerged. She looked up when she heard footsteps entering the room.

“Feeling better now?” Sam asked.

“Not really.” She looked at the phone in her hand. She sighed. “Clint called. He warned me not to bring Julia to the compound.”

Sam just shook his head with a smile as he took a seat on the edge of the bed.

“You couldn’t change his mind with your charm?” Sam remarked.

Natasha had to chuckle.

“I’m too tired and he’s too stubborn.” Natasha looked at Sam. “Any news?”

This time Sam sighed.

“They have the answers they wanted.” He shook his head. “The Sir’s name is Daniel Whitehall and he manipulated her badly, just like Pierce did.”

Natasha hung her head and mumbled a curse.

“He took her to the Alps,” he continued. “Where it all began for her.”

“Where is she now?” Natasha asked, worried.

“She had to undergo another interrogation.”

Slowly Natasha left the bed.

“We have to go to Fury and convince him we want Julia in the compound,” she announced.


Clint cursed at his phone after Natasha disconnected. He looked up at Tony who sat next to him.

“They’re sticking to their plan,” Clint said annoyed.

“Well, I have received her words from Fury. We can show them she can’t be trusted,” Tony told as he showed the list of words on his phone. “Once she is back in the compound, I can use FRIDAY to sum up the words since some of them are hard to pronounce.”

Clint agreed to his plan.


The door opened and she cautiously took a few steps inside. Her breath caught in her throat as she looked at the women sitting at the table in front of her. Julia couldn’t find the ability to breath. Golden wavy blonde hair, just like her own but shorter. The woman had the same diamond shape face as hers. The woman looked up and saw Julia standing there in fear. Elslander lips curled up into a small smile.

“Hello Julia. Do you remember me?”

Her voice pulled Julia into a memory of her childhood. Julia as a young girl, crying on her bed after being slapped by the man she grew up with. Her mother sneaked into her room and comforted her. She held her daughter in her arms, with her head on her chest so the young girl could listen to her heartbeat. She hummed a song until her child went calm.

As the door clicked shut, Julia snapped back into reality. Her heartbeat pounded in her chest. Her eyes widened as she took a step backwards. Frantically she shook her head. She remembered who this woman was.

“No. No, this can’t be!” She glued herself against the door. “You can’t be her! You’re a fake!”

“I’m not, Julia,” Elslander said as she slowly stood up. “I’m your mother.”

Quickly Julia turned herself around and tried to open the door. It was locked. She started to pound with her fists on it.

“Let me out! Let me out of here!” she screamed.

Julia left some dents in the door, but the door wouldn’t open. Elslander went closer to her.

“Julia, listen to me.”

“NO!” Julia yelled and ran away from her.

Julia went to the table and took the chair. She held it in front of her as a shield.

“Prove that you are my mother,” she growled.

“Your name is Juliana Wilhelmina Berger. You were born on December 10th 2001, at 3:41pm,” Elslander stated.

Julia wasn’t impressed by the information while she still stood aimed with the chair. Elslander took a deep breath as tears welled up in her eyes.

“Your father is not Julien Beckers. Your father’s name is Claus Berger. He died at a bank robbery caused by HYDRA when you were a baby.”                                                                                       

Julia’s face turned into shock as she felt something breaking inside her heart. Suddenly she remembered pictures of the strange man on the wedding pictures and pieces of the puzzle fell into place. She dropped the chair and sank through her legs, holding her hair firmly. She started to scream and cry hysterically. Elslander rushed to her and held her daughter in her arms. Carefully without touching her skin, she moved Julia’s head against her chest and started to rock back and forth. She even started to hum a song.

“And all the winds are like a kiss. And all the years are nemesis,” Elslander sang a song of Enya. “And all the moments fall in mist. And all is dust, remember this.”

She continued humming. Slowly Julia became calm as she heard the woman’s heartbeat and her humming.

“Mom?” Julia sobbed.

“Yes, sweetheart?”

“Are you…you?”

Elslander sighed relieved.

“Yes, sweetheart. I am here. I’m not dead,” she reassured.

Julia looked up at her, feeling confused.

“But how?”

“It’s a long story. But I guess you deserve the truth,” Elslander answered as she released Julia.

Julia watched her mother as she walked to the table. Elslander picked up the fallen chair and replaced it at the table.

“Have a seat and I’ll tell you everything.”

Over the next twenty minutes, Julia was updated by her mother. Elslander admitted she had been a secret SHIELD agent for Julia’s whole life, and got kidnapped by HYDRA during a mission while she was just pregnant. During the same mission she come in contact with the Terrigan Crystals. She explained how the hallucinations appeared in Julia’s mind, caused by her powers. Also she shared that her death was a set up by SHIELD, and she attended her own funeral in disguise.

Julia took a deep breath.

“So you were at your own funeral?” she asked with a shaky voice.

Elslander nodded.

“He had chosen awful music, huh?” Elslander remarked.

“Yeah,” Julia admitted softly.

“It was more his taste of music than mine.”

A moment of silence as Julia was staring at Whitehall’s picture.

“Did he care about you?” Julia suddenly asked.


Julia tapped on Whitehall’s picture.

“No, it was all tricks,” Elslander admitted.

A tear went over Julia’s cheek as she still gazed at his picture. A small smile on her lips.

“He cared about me. After every punishment, mostly by the Madame, he was there. He caressed me. He gave me food and…”

Elslander took Julia’s gloved hand. The teenager looked at her mother.

“Please, I beg you. Whatever he did to you as kindness and any word he told you, don’t believe it!” the mother warned.

“But he cared about me,” Julia whispered confused.           

Elslander became worried.


Natasha and Sam were walking through the hallways of The Playground. At the other side of the hall, they saw Agent Coulson walking towards them.

“Hey,” he greeted them. Sam and Natasha greeted him back. “Everything okay?”

“Kind of,” Natasha admitted. “Where’s Julia?”

“She’s meeting her mother,” he answered.

The two Avengers were slightly shocked.

“Her mother?” Sam remarked amazed.


“Wasn’t Julia an orphan?”

“SHIELD faked her mother’s death in a scene at her mom’s request. Actually she was hoping she would be found by her daughter so we could bring them both into safety. But it was Julien Beckers, Julia’s stepfather, who came home early and the whole plan went wrong,” Coulson explained.

“SHIELD had used the Tetrodotoxin-B drug for this set up?” Natasha asked.

Coulson nodded.

Natasha’s phone went off again. She took it out of her jeans and saw it was a private number. She picked up.

“Hello?” she answered as she walked away from the men.

“Nat, it’s Clint again.”

Natasha sighed.

“Clint please…”

“If you bring her to the compound, there will be consequences,” he warned.

“Is this a threat?” Natasha asked confused, feeling slightly attacked.

Natasha looked at Sam and Coulson who met her gaze.

“Just listen for once for your safety! Accept this as a warning. We have her words. I love you,” Clint said and disconnected.

With shock and confusion on her face she removed the phone from her ear.

“What’s wrong?” Sam asked worriedly.

Natasha looked at Coulson.

“Where’s Fury?”

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Angst

Words: 1.1k

Seven Months Later

You had just finished work and were taking the train to the grocery store, it had been a little over a week since you had bought groceries and you needed to restock. Your phone began ringing and you check the caller id seeing it was the guy you have been going on dates with for the past two months. Richard was so sweet and funny, really making you laugh instead of the fake laughs you would have to do for the guys who thought they were comedians but really they were just rude and unthoughtful. 

You walked in started collecting your designated groceries when you see a tall blonde looking at the wines.

There he was, Steven Grant Rogers in all his tall blonde dumb glory. Looking at the last wine bottle that both of you like the best. You walked up next to him without saying a word and just stared at the bottle. He looked down a noticed that it was you and tensed up. 

He knew that this was the grocery store that you went too, subconsciously hoping to run into you, he missed you so much he could barely think. The past seven months have been hell on him and every day that went by without seeing you made him feel a little bit more enraged. You were constantly there, always picking up the phone when needed, responding to texts quickly, sending silly selfies a random times in the day.

Steve’s game plan was to run into you and beg for forgiveness, but seeing you after such a long time made his heart stop. You looked so beautiful, your hair did, and wearing a cute dress, your nails and makeup were done too. It then dawned on him that you might have a date and that sent dread running down his spine. 

“One of us has to take it you know?” You said still staring at the cheap bottle of wine. Steve couldn’t even think of anything to say to you, he just kept staring down at you. You looked up and you could see in his eyes that he wasn’t doing okay.

“Stevie, what’s the matter?” The endearing term had slipped out of your mouth, and Steve’s heart melted when he heard you call him Stevie. You called him that all the time when you were together. 

“Nothing, its just good to see you again N/n,” Steve said, any game plan of trying to win you back left his mind when he saw you. You smiled so sweetly at him, nose crinkling and eyes shining, all Steve wanted to do was grab your face kiss you so fiercely that you would forget all his flaws and mistakes.

Your phone began ringing, and it was Richard. You smiled at the Caller ID, he always made you smile when you needed it. You turned around to take the call with a little privacy.


“Hey Y/n, can we meet and hour early, I was able to get off of work a little earlier than I expected, is that okay?”

“Yeah, I’m just at the grocery store picking up some stuff for dinner, you like shrimp stuffed shells right?”

“Love em, alright, see you later beautiful,”

“See you in a few Richard,” You smiled as you ended the call, he really was the perfect guy, when you turned towards the wines again, Steve was nowhere to be found. You frowned and grabbed the bottle of wine and paid for it, leaving in a rush because you need to get home in time to get your apartment ready and start cooking. 


Steve laid down in his bed having a slight anxiety attack. His hands were shaking and his vision was blurry, he could hear his heart in his head. You had moved on, some guy named fucking Richard was in your life now. Steve wasn’t the one who could see you in your kitchen cooking, dancing a little to the soft music you would play in the kitchen. Fucking Richard would though. 

Steve felt numb after just sitting on the ground for a few minutes, he had lost you, all because of a stupid mistake that he made. He hadn’t even remembered her name. At first he blamed the woman he slept with, she seduced him and it was her fault for not asking if he was in a relationship, but after some introspection Steve realized that it wasn’t her fault, the only person he had to blame was himself. He fucked up. Now all he could do was move on and try to never make the same mistake that he made with you with anyone else.

He got up after a half an hour, getting into the shower just to rinse off any of the stress he felt because of the anxiety attack. The stream of the water just hitting him in the face with his eyes closed, just imagining if you were still his, the way you would hold him if he ever felt stressed or had an anxiety attack. 

Anxiety attacks were pretty common for Steve, especially with the war, the ice, and the attack on New York, Sokovia, then Thanos. The majority of his life he was under extreme distress and you were basically one of the only people who were able to calm him down after a severe attack. 

You helped him get over his fear of the cold by starting small, eating ice cream almost every night, giving him anything he drinks really cold, holding his warms hands with your cold ones, sleeping with a window cracked open during the winter, escalating to cold showers once a week and even the slightest bit of anxiety were to course through Steve’s body you would hold him through it and comfort him till he was able to deal with it on his own.

However, Steve didn’t want to deal with it on his own, he wanted you to help him through it, all he wanted to be you, your sweet smile, the sweet smell of your hair, everything about you he had, and lost because he didn’t think he needed you as badly as he thought he would. 

He would have asked you to move in with him, but with him barely living in his own apartment and constantly being at the tower, it was difficult for the both of you to make time to see each other, even though you were more available than Steve was, you still had a life outside of your relationship. And now you weren’t even in his life anymore.

You had both spoken about children and getting married in the future, Steve even begun to think of looking for engagement rings, maybe a house for the two of you, a dog to share, just something that would bound you two to each other besides each other. But it didn’t matter now. 

You had caught him red-handed and there wasn’t anything he could do about it.


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@lovely-geek @heyiamthatbitch

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I’m binging a bunch of shows, and rn I’m watching Defending Jacob and if anyone needs a push to watch it please watch it it’s so good and honestly Chris Evans is so powerful in this, this man is an amazing ass actor, I’m stunned.

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