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My Fav Spider-Man Panels
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days ago
Steve: What was the first thing Clint did after getting shot at?
Natasha: He called to let me know he was okay.
Steve: Okay, and what did Y/N do?
Natasha: They ate a banana.
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— End of the Earth, MARINA | anon request
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141414a · 2 days ago
y/n: oh please my dick is bigger than yours
bucky: you have a dick?
y/n: yeah its not on me now but yeah- i mean ask wanda if you don’t believe me
wanda: i’d prefer to be kept out of this conversatio-
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Paul Bettany revealed that Chris and Mackie competed to see who really has "America's Ass" on the set of Endgame
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incorrectcapsicle · 2 days ago
Steve: I fucked up. I fucked up.
Y/N: Why? What happened?
Steve: I'm falling for someone.
Y/N: Damn. Must be special person to make Mr. America to fall in love.
Steve: *looks at Y/N lovingly* Yeah, real special.
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Tumblr media
infinity war would have been 1000x better if they had allowed steve and bucky to repeat this iconic line.
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not-withoutyou · 2 days ago
Steve doesn’t bring it up. It’s a precarious kind of thing. (And Bucky’s in a fragile enough state already.) Steve won’t dare push something when he’s unsure of his place. Bucky might not remember it—doesn’t mean Steve feels it any less, though. (Felt it as long as he could remember; had acted on it in the war. Problem was he’d never fucking said it.) So he doesn’t bring it up. Instead, he buries it; gives Bucky space to heal. It’s a learning curve, but Steve’ll be whatever Bucky needs. Whatever it takes.
Bucky doesn’t bring it up. He doesn’t trust his own memory, his own mind—jumbled and staticky as it is. Synapses have healed from electrocution, trigger words have been deprogrammed—but his psyche has cut out a lot. Spaces left empty to protect him. What comes back—incrementally—is fragmented. Putting pieces together, he can’t always tell what’s genuine and what’s some kind of residual Hydra trick. Especially since it seems like Steve’s so hesitant to touch him, nowadays. But the way Steve looks at him, sometimes. The way Steve’s careful with him without treating him like he’s broken; the way Steve had fought the world for him and stayed in Wakanda with him and brought him home to recover.
Bucky doesn’t bring it up until he can’t take the silence. He blurts out, “We used to sleep in the same bed. Was that real?” It’s blunter than he means it. It takes Steve off guard. (‘I think we used to kiss.’)
Steve drops whatever he’s holding; looks like he’s seen a ghost. So Bucky doubles down, even though his voice shakes, “I loved you. I love you. Still.” He doesn’t know who closes the distance, but Steve’s holding him. He’s got his face buried in Steve’s shoulder; fists clutch the back of his shirt.
And Steve’s saying it back.
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hngggggg— that’s all i’m saying
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Stunning!! 💜
Repost from _chrissyevans on Twitter
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I've noticed the paralels and I'd like to point them out 😌
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Pairing: Normad! Steve Rogers x Innocent/ Virgin! Fem! Reader
Word Count: 3.7k
Summary: Steve’s prayers have finally been answered after all these years, as he finds you waiting for him in the church he calls home. Captivated by him and his charm, you get swept up in his arms, to soon find out Steve isn't the saint he painted himself out to be. 
Warnings: SMUT, HEAVY daddy kink, HEAVY innocence/ corruption kink, breeding kink, petnames, degradation kink, heavy praise kink, dumbification kink, finger sucking, teasing, masturbation mentioned,almost like training in a way?, cumplay and gagging implied, blowjob implied, smoking, steve is kinda soft!dark here
Notes: “ cause you’re my religion, you’re how im livin... when all my friends say i should take some space...well i cant envision that for a minute- when im down on my knees you’re how i pray” - religion, lana del rey
the chapel: a playlist
Tumblr media
Steve had not expected to see an angel at the end of the isle, when he stepped through the gleaming oak doors. 
He had been to this church many times in his life, its worn wooden pews and golden crosses familiar to him like the back of his own hand. He had sat in those very pews that lay in rows, no other person around to bother him as he would stare up at the marble statue by the organ, or with his head between his hands as he stared at the rustic floor that so many others had walked before him. 
But he had never seen an angel, contained in these walls. 
Steve wasn't an overly religious man. But he had needed something- anything to believe in with the insanity that had managed to slither its way into his life, a snake with venom so poisonous he had found his way here again.
 It appears he had found something new, something else to believe in, he thought, watching your little frame stand at the end of the deep plush carpet that had guided his way towards you. 
The sunlight that filtered in through the stained glass windows shimmered around you like a halo, lighting up your features like the diamonds. It was mesmerizing, the way it shinned down upon you, focusing on you like a spotlight. 
Moving with you, as you tilted your head back, soaking in the dimmed rays that made their way through the images plastered on the glass. 
You looked up at the lanterns that hung upon chains from the high arched ceilings, the wooden beams their support as they flickered. 
“It’s beautiful, isn't it?” you hummed softly, feeling a presence near you, his aura dark and mysterious. 
Steve had found his way next to you, arm close enough to touch, warm body heat rolling off him in waves to wrap around your skin, soothing the goosebumps that had broken out across your arms. 
Steve was fixated on you- truly. 
Your voice had sounded like the sweet strings of a harp, being strummed in perfect harmony. He had wanted more. 
“It is.” he spoke softly, voice husky as he stared down at you. 
He didn't know you were talking about the marble statue that adorned the dais, arms reaching up towards heaven, as if that would save him from the tears that spilled across his pained face. 
Steve was talking about you. 
You turned, little white dress brushing against his thigh as you smiled. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of you, your eyes twinkling like stars in the night, smile showing your little dimples in the hazy light. You were better than he had ever imagined, a sweet, innocent soul. 
One he wanted to corrupt. 
“ He looks in pain, in a way. Or sad. But it’s beautiful, when people cry.” you sighed, looking up at Steve in wonder. As if he was the angel who had flown in, had come and saved the day. 
“We’re all in pain, are we not? But many of us shape that pain into beauty.” he nodded, hand reaching up to wrap a finger around a stray curl that had draped across your cheekbone. 
You leaned into his gentle touch, though his hands were calloused. His hands were beautiful, as you could tell they had been in pain. They had carried weights they shouldn't have had to carry. You felt safe with Steve, despite his dark demeanour. 
He was soft with you. Gentle. 
“What’s your name?” he whispered, as if he was unsure if he should be asking. “Y/N.” you smiled, glancing back over to the altars, peering at the candles that continued to burn, wax dripping and spilling onto the tables. “I’m Steve.” 
A pretty name, for a pretty man… you thought. 
You had to focus on something, anything else but those blue orbs that threatened to swallow you whole. Or you’d drown. And you weren't so sure you’d want to be saved. 
“I’ve never seen you around before, angel.” 
The name alone was enough to send shivers down your spine, despite the mugginess of the dry summer heat. “ The door was closed. I opened it. Now I’m here.” 
Now I’m here. 
Those words rang through his head like the bell in the tower, striking at six. Twelve. Nine. Then six again. 
Somehow, through the endless amounts of prayers he had whispered to the universe, to the gods and goddesses, you had appeared. He had begged for salvation. 
You, it seemed, were just that. 
Steve saw you each time he slid through those old rustic wooden doors, standing in front of that very statue, by the burning candles and crosses. 
Almost as if you were waiting for him. 
It was never on a Sunday, but a Wednesday, an empty chapel day. The day of expression, and communication. Steve often would slide up behind you, as he did the very first meeting, intertwining your hand with his with a gentle squeeze. 
Some days he would tug you along, sliding into a pew with you to hold you closer, or he’d take you through the back way- to the overgrown gardens. Other days, it was the two of you staring at the stained glass, or the statues, in silence. 
You liked both days. You liked any days you could be with Steve. 
“You know I’m not even religious?” you had told him one day, stretching your legs in front of you from your seat on the wooden bench, flexing your feet. He had just raised his eyebrow. “Why were you here then angel?” Steve had asked as you toyed with his shirt. 
“I was following a little white cat, but he left before I could pick him up. He led me here. Then you showed up, so I stayed.” 
Steve had liked that answer. He had liked it a whole lot. 
Wednesday meetings had turned into Wednesday and Friday meetings. Then Saturday. Then Sunday. 
Those meetings had changed from the church’s grounds to little cafes and parks, old Hollywood cinemas and roller rinks. Those “meetings” had turned into dates. 
And one of the dates turned into Steve sweeping you up in his arms under the pale moonlight, pouring his very heart and soul into a kiss that left you dizzy. 
Now the two of you were here. 
Here, on his bed, the golden sunlight streaming down on Steve in rays, like they did in the chapel- showcasing the strands of rich honey in his beard. You were sleeping soundly on his chest, rising and falling with his breathing as he propped up against the headboard, petting your hair lovingly. 
Even in sleep, you clutched to him tightly, as if you were scared he’d leave you.
 Steve learned very early that your love language was touch. Innocent touches. 
Everything about you was innocent. 
You were attached to him at the hip, always holding him in some manner, or tending to him, whether that was playing with his hair or kissing his neck, leaving little smears of your lipgloss on his skin. 
Nothing more than that though. 
You had told him early on in the relationship you were a virgin, and you had wanted to take things slow, as you weren't used to getting attention- only giving it. Steve was completely fine with this of course, knowing your soul was much too innocent, too pure to be handled by anyone else. 
Steve wanted nothing more than to take care of you, to love and cherish you. But sometimes, his thoughts would turn south. He hated himself for it, he truly did. But how could he think clearly, with you looking like that? 
So beautiful, so innocent and carefree.
 Sliding his hand down, he slowly brushed your back, resting his hand gently on your ass, squeezing tenderly.
 “Mmm…” you stirred in your sleep, readjusting yourself as he chuckled. “Little steps for a little girl hmm?” he cooed, patting your flesh softly as his hand made its way back to your back, rubbing circles as he listened to your calm breathing, your body still deep in its slumber. 
He wanted to corrupt you. 
He wanted his darkness, his desires and needs to fill you to the brim, until you were spilling over with want and neediness. 
Little steps Steve. Little steps. 
“Don’t worry angel, we’ll get you all trained for me soon.”
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   It had started off on the couch, on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. You listened to the sound of the rain pattering down the windows blending with the vinyl that spun on the vintage player. 
Perched upon Steve's lap, you watched him intently, drumming your figures against his lean biceps, your nails giving him a soothing scratch. You looked so little, so fragile as he seated you on top of him, and he adored it. 
He was hesitant to do what he was about to do, but all logical thoughts left his brain as you peered up at him, doe eyes wide. 
“Can you open your mouth for me please angel?” he asked gently. You tilted your head, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 
Open your mouth? Why would he want you to open your mouth? 
He wasn't helping you brush your teeth, and he wasn't spooning ice cream between your plump lips. 
Despite this, you obeyed, mouth opening slightly. You listened to Steve, you knew that he knew what was best for you. He had reminded you time and time again, and you were thankful for it. Steve could sense your hesitation, watching you part your lips only slightly. 
“Good girl!” he smiled, seeing your cheeks flush, your thighs shifting as you squirmed in delight at the praise. 
He knew about it since the very first meeting, sensing your body language whenever he would compliment you, or praise you for your actions. 
God, he couldn't wait to tap into that even more. 
“Wider.. atta girl.” he cooed, slipping his two fingers past your parted lips, making your eyes widen in surprise. “Just trust me baby okay? You’re doing such a good, good job. Just suck on em, justttt like that.” he murmured, watching as you slowly relaxed your jaw, hollowing your cheeks as you sucked on his fingers like a pacifier. 
Your eyelids felt heavy as you sucked, swirling your tongue around his digits. It was relaxing, you realised. You didn't know why exactly he was making you do this, but you couldn't complain about how it was making you feel. 
“What a big girl eh? Doin it all by herself.” he smiled as you moved your hands to wrap around his wrist. He slid his fingers out with a soft pop!, watching the string of your saliva stick to his fingers from your lips. 
“Good girl angel. My beautiful angel.” he said, kissing your neck as you giggled, praising you until you were a squirming mess. 
Rewarding you. 
It became a daily routine, those little moments of serenity. Positive reinforcement- is what it was called, he discovered. Gifting you little rewards, things you liked whenever you did what he asked, so you’d do it more, and more.
 It worked, and it worked well. 
Pretty soon, you’d trot up to Steve at the same time everyday, perching up on his lap to take his fingers. He’d slowly push them deeper and deeper, so you’d be ready for him, on your knees. 
But not to pray. Never to pray. 
Steve tried it with other things, like calling him daddy. What you were supposed to be calling him. 
It had slipped out when the two of you were having a heated makeout session, his hand tangled in your hair as teeth and tongues clashed. “Stev-”
 “It’s Daddy to you angel. Only Daddy, mkay?” You had nodded slowly, bringing your hand up to touch your swollen lips. “Daddy?” He had just smiled. “Yes angel, daddy. Makes me so happy, when you call me that.” He slid his hands up your skirt, knuckles brushing your inner thighs, making you purr like a kitten.
 So far, his tactics had been working like a charm. You had been obeying him, trailing him around the house just for the small chance you’d be able to play with his large, veiny hands, or be able to wrap your arms around his torso and squeeze him like a teddy bear. 
You had even begun to call him daddy without even realising it, the name slipping out of your mouth as smooth as silk. Little did you know hard you made him each time, your little actions causing him to grind against you subtly. 
It was torture. The sin that littered his thoughts whenever you neared, whenever the sweet, sickly smell of your arousal clung to his skin, making it heat and burn. 
Steve needed release. He needed it now. 
You were already in a vulnerable state of mind at the time, the hour growing late, your body tired and limp. He watched you from his armchair in the corner of the bedroom, exhaling the cigarette smoke from between his lips, watching it vacate through the opened window as the curtains swayed gently in the cool night breeze. 
You watched him intently, legs clenching together at the sight of him manspreading, head lolled back against the soft velvet. “Can I have a drag?” you asked sweetly, shuffling up on your knees, the bed dipping slightly under your weight. 
“Little girls like you don't get cigs angel. They’re not good for you.” he chuckled, watching you pout. “But you get them!” you huffed. He tapped his smoke on the edge of the ash tray, letting the stray ash fall as he shifted up from his seat. 
He made his way across the room in two strides, sliding the cigarette between your parted lips. You inhaled deeply, smoke feeling your lungs, choking you. You coughed and spat as you exhaled, the smog burning your throat. 
“See? It’s yucky.” he smirked, putting out the but. “Why’d you let me then?” you asked, wincing at the stale taste. 
“Cause you gotta learn angel. When I tell you no, it means no. For good reason at that.” he laughed, flicking your nose with a smile. 
“Hmph.” you huffed, forgetting about the bitter taste as he lightly pushed you down upon the silk sheets, making your hair sprawl out around you. “You’re so beautiful angel.” he whispered, hand coming up to cup your cheek, thumb rubbing your bottom lip, tugging it down occasionally. 
“Yeah daddy?” you blushed, feeling your core heat at the praise, your body going taut under his touch as you shifted your thighs together for friction.
 It didn't go unnoticed by Steve. He smirked. 
“Yeah, angel. Such a beautiful, beautiful girl for me. My girl.” he emphasised, breath getting caught in his throat as you slipped his thumb in your mouth, sucking on it softly as you peered up at him innocently. 
“Wanna be your good girl.” you smiled, licking the saliva off his thumb as your hands came up to brush the hair that curled at the back of his neck, the strands soft as silk between your fingers. “You wanna be my good girl? Then can you answer something for me? Truthfully? You know daddy doesn't like lies.” 
You nodded, eyes wide. 
“Do you get those tingles around me angel? The ones you told me about earlier, the ones that make you feel all warm n fuzzy?” he cooed, biting his lip as you nodded, squirming under him. “Can you show daddy where?” 
You grabbed his hand, guiding it down to your quivering cunt, sliding it under the slip of your nightgown. “R’here daddy.” you whined, moaning as he tapped his two fingers against your clit.
 “Oh angel, you’re awfully wet. Is this all for me?” he tsked, grinning as you bucked your hips up into his touch, tugging his hair tighter. “S’all for you daddy…” 
“You gonna let daddy make it all better? S’not good for little girls like you to be gettin this all worked up.” he pouted, mock sympathy dripping from his words like acid. 
“Want you to fix it daddy, make me all better. Please?” you whispered, lapping up each drop of the stinging liquid that dripped from his tongue like a woman starved.
 “How could I say no to a pretty face like that?” he smiled, stroking your cheek, his hands tracing over the plains and valleys of your body, watching your breasts perk up, nipples pebbling from under the sheer white lace of your dress.
 “Mmm daddy whatta doin?” you asked timidly, curious to what the man above you was doing, his hands resting on your thighs. “Gonna make it all better angel. Now be a good girl and present to daddy, attaaa girl.” he cooed as you allowed him to spread your legs apart and flip your nightgown up, revealing your soaked panties to him. 
“Just a dumb lil baby arent you? I gotta do everything for you?” You shook your head, watching as he began to slide the flimsy fabric down, down, down past your thighs to the tips of your toes.
 “S’fine, you know I like takin care of you angel eyes. But tonight, I’m gonna take these-” He dangled the thong from his fingers, setting it down on the bedside table beside him. “And I’m goin stroke my cock with em, and you’re goin watch angel. Then, after daddys got his cream all over em, I’m gonna shove it between those pretty little lips of yours, okay?” 
You nodded, purely dumbfounded. This side of Steve, you had never seen before. Not that you were complaining- of course. You were just… new to this. 
Very new.
 “Yes daddy.”
 “Good girl angel. You’re never gonna leave this house unless you got my cum in your panties, gotta stuff you full of me allll the time.” he grinned, pupils blown as he took in your beautiful body, all splayed out for him. 
Like an angel. 
You whimpered as he took his fingers, running the digits across your slit, watching you clench around air as he teased you. “This is mine now, okay angel? My fuckhole. It’s daddys property now.” 
You moaned at his words alone, your head lolling against the sheets as he slid off his shirt, the dim glow of the candles making his chiselled abs gleam faintly. The sight had you sucking in air through your teeth, his muscles flexing as he bent your legs causing you to spiral.
 “Are we gonna do what we always do? With your fingers?” you begged, hiccuping as he patted your puffy folds tenderly with the palm of his hand. “Something so much better baby. You’re gonna love it so much, it’ll make the tingles feel all better. Daddys here now, takin care of you just like he should.”
 You watched as he unbuckled his belt, the jangle of it making you jump as he shrugged off his jeans and boxers, exposing his hard, aching cock to you. 
“ It's so big daddy!” you whispered, watching as he smirked in delight. “S’not gonna fit in there…” you trailed off, gasping as he rubbed his cock against your soaked folds, moaning as he tapped your clit firmly, his precum mixing with your juices. 
“Oh we’ll make it fit angel. How else is daddy supposed to take care of you hmm?” You whimpered, watching as he neared your entrance.
 “Daddy m’scared.” you confessed, gripping his bicep tightly, crescent moons forming across his soft, smooth skin as he ever so slowly pushed the tip in. 
“Shhh, shh that's a good girl. I know you’re scared angel but daddys here now, that's it honey.” he praised, slowly easing in, stretching you as you cried out. “You gotta relax for me angel, or else it won't feel good to you. And we don't want that do we? Daddy's little fucktoy needs to feel good.” he cooed, encouraging you to take deep, shaky breaths as you allowed him to fill you up, your walls hugging him like a glove.
 “Daddy s’big-” you cried, tears falling from your doe eyes, sliding down your flushed cheeks as he seating himself fully in you. 
“This is how it's gonna be from now on angel, I gotta keep you filled all the time. You gotta keep daddy nice and warm.” he teased, leaning down to brush a soft, tender kiss on your cheeks, lapping up the salty tears that lay there. 
“You’re doing so well for me baby. I’m so proud of you.” he whispered, tenderly kissing along your jaw as he slid out slowly, making you gasp. “Proud of me-e?” you asked, moaning as he thrusted slowly back into you, his hips picking up an easy rhythm as you threw your head back in pleasure. 
“So proud angel. Hey, hey eyes on me okay? I’m right here, I’m with you angel. We’re gonna go to heaven together, you and I.” 
“S’good daddy. Feels so good-d.” you hiccuped, the pain turning to pleasure as your legs trembled, muscles turning limp as he rocked into you, hissing at the way you’d clench around him tightly. 
“Told you I’d make you feel good angel eyes. D-daddy always knows.” his breath caught as your nails raked down his arms, tugging him even closer as you wrapped your legs around his waist. “Wanna fill you full, stuff you full of my cum. You want that angel?” 
“Yes oh gods!” you screamed, heavenly fire caressing and licking down your spine as your core churned, the feelings of pure pleasure overwhelming your senses.
 “Cum for me angel. Cum for daddy.” he whispered, voice husky in your ear, echoing off the walls as you wailed his name in bliss. 
You shattered under him, the pieces of you snapping off with each thrust, glistening on the sheets like broken glass. It was heaven, the way he made you feel. Your orgasm escaped you with a gentle tug, your vision turning starry as Steve’s hips shuttered. 
“Fuck angel… look attcha, milkin me dry.” he cooed, watching your juices squirt on his cock, coating him. “Daddy need you-” you moaned, screaming as his grip harshened, a final thrust before he came with a grunt of your name, followed by endless praises. 
“Oh angel, my sweet angel…” he whispered, watching your body shake and squirm under him, your breath coming in short little gasps from the stimulation your body just endured. 
He was so proud of you. So proud of his little girl for taking him all, for pleasing him. 
“We’re gonna get you on your knees soon honey okay? Just like mass.”
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141414a · a day ago
kate: im going on a date with yelena
wanda: aw where is she gonna take you?
kate: we’re going on a picnic
y/n: thats more gay than gay itself-
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hertzwritings · a day ago
She calls me daddy
A/N: I COMPLETELY forgot about this masterpiece of an idea from @staysluttymyfriends97​, and it would be an absolute crime to not post it. I don’t make the rules. Anyway, Frat-boy!Steve Rogers makes me feel all the good, and I enjoy a cocky Steve, soooooo….
You can buy me a coffee here, and I’ll write you a personalized something – the sky is the limit with whatever and whoever you want in there!
I love y’all, and hopefully, you’ll like this. Remember, feedback feeds the soul (mine) and my askbox and requests are always open – there’s no limits, because I am me and I have none.
Pairing: Frat-Boy!Steve Rogers x female reader, Nerd!Bucky (mentioned)
Contains: Language, Steve Rogers being a cocky dick, mentions of purity rings, smut (MDNI), fingering, oral (m recieving), p in v, unprotected sex, cum-shot, praise-kink, slight daddy-kink, slight dumbification, slight degradation-kink
W.C.: 4.638
 She calls me daddy
Tumblr media
“Seriously, do you need me there, or are you just acting like you do? You know I have finals next week, and I’ve been prepp…” Bucky glared at you, and you closed your mouth with a snap. “Listen to me. You’ve been prepping for one exam for a full month, now. You’re stressed as hell, you’re jumpy like a cat, who’s been strapped to fireworks, and I miss you.” He pouted and you groaned. “Stop that! You know I can’t handle your puppy-face.” “Please, Y/N, please? I promise, it’s going to be fun as hell, you enjoyed yourself the last time you were there!”
Bucky wasn’t wrong. You had enjoyed yourself, maybe even a little too much. Actually, you had enjoyed yourself way too much the last time you went to his frat house. And you did not want to face the consequences of your own actions.
Your actions being Steve.
Who had quite the rumor of “virgin-collecting”, which fell just in line with what you were when you entered the frat house the first time and left behind as well. Fucking Steve. “I don’t know, Buck…” You glanced at your feet. “Doll, listen to me, you need to actually enjoy your college-life. Don’t stay in here all the time. You’re getting musty.” Your eyes snapped to him, and you glared. “I am not getting musty.” He raised an eyebrow and you looked around in your one-bedroom apartment, realizing just how much you had been focused on exams. You sighed. “One drink. And if Steve gets close to me, I’m literally whacking his stupid, blonde head off his shoulders.” “Don’t you think it’s…” “I don’t, actually.” Bucky sighed. “I don’t know what happened last time, and if you would just talk to me…” “Funnily enough, I don’t. Wait here, give me like… Thirty minutes to get ready. Max.” You didn’t wait for an answer, twirling on your heel to grab a black, strappy dress and your makeup, before slamming the bathroom-door behind you, trying to calm yourself and get ready at the same time. One drink. One.
  The frat house was packed when you arrived with Bucky next to you – he grinned toothily at you and led you inside, grabbing the first drink he could and handed it to you. “I’m going to try and find Sam!” He yelled over the bass. “I think Wanda and Nat is around here somewhere.” You nodded. “I’ll find them!” You yelled back. The music was full of heavy bass – which meant that either Vis or Tony had gotten a hold of the music, because it was currently playing Such a Whore, which you found extremely fitting, when you spotted Steve grinding against a sweating blonde, gyrating his hips. You scoffed and scanned the room, drinking your drink – it tasted vaguely of tequila – and finally spotted the two red-heads huddled in a corner.
“Nat! Wanda!” You yelled at them, and they looked up with wide smiles. “Oh my god, Y/N! I didn’t think I’d ever see you here, especially during exam-prep!” You shrugged and hugged Wanda, who beamed at you. Natasha tipped her red solo-cup at you. “Looking good, babes.” You smiled. “You shouldn’t be talking, look at you!” Nat shrugged with a pleased smile on her lips. She did look fucking fantastic, wearing black leather-pants and a tight tank-top in a blood-red color. “I have to tell you about this thing Vis did the other day!” Wanda pulled you to a chair, and began talking your ear off. You didn’t really pay attention to her, because Steve’s eyes were trained on you, while the blonde girl grinded against him, his face resting in a confused expression. You looked away from his blue eyes and re-entered the conversation. “…. I know, but it’s true! I haven’t seen Steve without somebody in his room in forever, and he’s been like… Almost…” Nat frowned and downed the rest of her drink. Of course, you would join back into the conversation with Steve headlining. “I don’t know, he's been demure, almost. It’s weird.” She pointed to your drink, which you swallowed quickly. “Yes, please.” She grabbed both you and Wanda’s cups before walking back to the kitchen, her hips swaying. It was like watching the red sea parting for her. “What’s up with Steve?” You asked, trying to sound overwhelmingly uninterested. Wanda lifted her eyebrows. “Did Bucky not tell you?” You shook your head. “He’s been very busy with Joaquin.” You nodded to where Bucky was currently tongue-deep into his boyfriend’s throat. “Holy… Wow, I did not need to see that.” Wanda laughed. “Well, it’s a little bit of a mystery, really. So, a few months ago, at the Halloween-party, remember that?” Vividly. You even lost your purity-ring somewhere in Steve’s room – not that it should matter, because the promise behind it didn’t anymore, but it was sentimental. You had gotten used to wearing it and felt naked without it. “Anyway, Steve went to his room at some point with a girl wearing this awesome Christine, you know from the phantom of the opera?” You nodded. Thank God, you had worn a mask. “Well, she wore that costume and a mask, and they went to his room, right? Well, she had disappeared in the morning, and Steve has been stone-cold girl-sober ever since. It’s been almost three months, but he keeps saying that it’s not that interesting anymore or something like that.” She glanced at him, and you followed her eyes; Steve was still on the dancefloor, but looked wholly annoyed at the blonde, who was currently dry humping his leg. “Want to know the weirdest part, other than the fact that nobody knows who the mystery heartbreaker is?” You scoffed.   “He can’t be brokenhearted over a one-night stand.” She lifted her perfect eyebrow. “I beg to differ. He came down the next morning asking about her, and he was wearing this ring, and I think she might’ve left it behind. Like, Steve doesn’t do jewelry, right, but now? He wears that ring on his pinky at all times. It doesn’t fit him at all, so it’s like almost at the tip of his finger, but still. Never takes it off.” You were seething. Asshole. One thing was being another notch in his virginity-belt, but it was something else entirely to flaunt it to everyone.
Maybe nobody knew who you were right now, but it wouldn’t take much to figure out. “I’ll be right back, Wanda.” You said through gritted teeth and caught Steve’s eyes when you stood from your seat, nodding towards the back of the house, where you knew his room was. He cocked an eyebrow at you and nodded once, nearly indiscernible, and began whispering something to the blonde. You didn’t wait to see her reaction, but walked with fast feet to his room, and went inside.
The memories flooded you, as soon as his scent hit your nose; your moans echoed in your head, his tongue had imprinted itself on your body, and it made you shiver. You shouldn’t think about that right now, because you were angry and just wanted your damn ring back. You were pacing the room, when he came in.
“Hiya, sweets.” You glared at him with narrowed eyes. “Don’t sweets me. I want my ring back.” He glanced down at his hand and held it out in front of him with a smirk on his lips. “This ring?” You caught the silver shine of your ring on his pinky. He twisted it around and you huffed. “My ring, asshole. Do you really need proof that you fucked a virgin?” His eyebrows shot up. “That’s some hell of a mouth for a virgin.” You rolled your eyes and damned yourself to hell for your body’s reaction to his voice. You ignored the growing dampness in your underwear. “I was a virgin, not a fucking nun.” He chuckled darkly and you sucked in a sharp breath at the sound. “I didn’t want to be another notch, Steve, and I definitely don’t want to be a prized passion to remind yourself of your feat.” He twirled the ring again. “Who said you were a notch?” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. The music was loud but muted slightly through the door and you could feel the bass in your entire body. “Literally half the campus.” “And that’s believable?” “Yes.” You cocked a brow at him and extended your hand. “My ring, please.” “At least you know how to ask nicely.” He hummed for a moment. “What’s in it for me, Y/N?” “Oh, my God, are you fucking kidding me?” You threw your arms out in frustration. “You need something in return for something you stole?” He chuckled again and leaned against the door. “Sweetheart, I didn’t steal anything. You left it here, and finders keepers and all that.” You laughed mirthlessly. “You’re actually a real piece of shit, you know that captain?” You knew it would get a rise out of him to call him that. He hated it. “Stop that, you know I hate it.” “Give me my ring.” “I don’t think I will.” He twirled it again. “It’s a nice reminder of the girl, who seemingly had the best time of her life with me.” You scoffed. “You really think a lot of yourself, don’t you?” He tilted his head. “Do enlighten me.” He grinned again and you wanted to remove his dick and make him choke on it. “You…” You glowered. “I don’t want to talk to you for longer than necessary, so can I please, just have my fucking ring back?” “No.” “What the fuck, Steve?” “No, what the fuck, Y/N?” He pushed off the door and stalked to you, towering over you. Your breath hitched. “You left in the middle of the night…” “It was six in the morning, but okay…” He ignored you. “Didn’t leave a number, not even a fucking thank you Steven for the most mindblowing night of my life, and you come back here and act all pissy with me, because I wear a ring, I found in my bedroom? You’ve got some nerve, you brat.” “I’m not a fucking brat. You’re an asshole, and I really am not in the mood be here, much less entertain this conversation with you.” He smiled predatorily at you and bent his head a little. “What? You got scared, little girl? After I fucked you stupid, you got scared that I’d what, brag about it to everyone? Let everyone know what a good, little whore you were?” You gaped at him. The fucking nerve. “And you come back here, act like a spoiled brat, can’t even look at me, and think I’m just, what, going to hand the fucking ring back over?” He yanked it free from his finger, and you saw the faint outline of it on his thick finger. “Here, take it. It wasn’t something I kept to show off, just FYI.” He looked slightly pained now. “I kept it, because it was the only thing, I had to remind me of you.” You scoffed and took the ring from him, ignoring your heart thudding wildly against your ribs. “Fuck you, Steve. You knew you could ask Bucky, Joaquin, Sam, Wanda or Nat and they’d probably give you my number. You could’ve asked around. You didn’t care, and you still don’t, because you never do. That’s at least what your previous conquests have said. Loudly, I might add.” You said, pushing the ring back on your finger.
It was funny, it felt almost foreign on you now.
“Oh, shut the hell up. You’d rather listen to girls, who spent a night in here than stay behind to get to know me? You’re stupider than I thought I made you.” He laughed angrily, his eyes burning holes into you. “I wanted to get to know you, Y/N, and you disappeared because you were scared and confused, and instead of handling it like a big girl, you ran off.” He frowned. “And here I thought you were a smart girl, Y/N.” He stood to his full height and gestured to the door. Tears were burning in your eyes as you strode to the door. “I didn’t tell anyone, you know. Just for the record, I easily could’ve, but I didn’t.” “Oh, so because you had opportunity to tell and didn’t, you’re commendable?” You asked, your back turned to him. You hated to admit it, but it did make you feel a little more at ease. He groaned. “Jesus fucking Christ, I can’t say anything to you? You’re so damn defensive, it’s honestly heartbreaking.” “You’re a dick, Steve.” You turned to look at him and smiled at him with as much venom as you could. “Go find another hole to fill, you seem to do that very well.”
It was the wrong thing to say, because his eyes flared up and in a single stride, he was in front of you, pushing the door closed again and caged you with his arms. “Don’t you fucking try me, Y/N.” You glared at him. “I already did, thanks.” He growled and got close enough for you to feel the tip of his nose brush against yours. “You’re skating on thin ice, right now.” He glared at you, and you tried your best to not squirm, because his damn body this close to yours made you feel tingly. “Fuck you. I got what I wanted, so did you, clearly, so let’s leave it at that.” He didn’t like this. “Oh my God, Y/N!” he rolled his eyes. “You’ve got some fucking nerve, coming into my room and acting like I did you a disservice or some shit, because you decided to believe rumors.” His lips turned up in a dangerous smile and his eyes glinted. “You sure as hell didn’t have a problem with it at Halloween. My… Reputation.” You bit your lip. “Actually, you seemed pretty happy about the fucking reputation, because, and Ill quote you: That just means experience, which I need.” “Well…” “No, don’t try to get out of this one. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if I just slid my fingers down…” His fingers slid from the door to your waist, slowly sliding down to your absolute asshole of a pussy, who was – indeed – soaking through your underwear. He hissed when he felt it, and your hips bucked. “Hm. What do you have to say to that, Y/N?” you couldn’t say anything, not really, because his stupid fingers were rubbing circles on your clit through the damp fabric, and your brain was malfunctioning. “So quiet… Did I already make you so fucking dumb, huh? All you needed was my fingers?” You moaned when he pushed against your entrance through the fabric. “Tell me. You want this?” He asked, his lips grazing your neck. Fucking hell.
“Yes.” You mumbled. He snapped to face you again, pressing harder against you. “No, I need clear words, baby. Do you want this?” He asked again, now moving his fingers to the elastic of your panties, his fingers dipping inside. “Yes! Fuck, yes!” you said quickly, when his fingers found your clit. It was all he needed.
He growled and removed his fingers, lifted you from the ground and threw you back on his bed, before he descended hungrily on you. The kiss was angry and full of teeth and tongue, but fuck, it felt good. He groaned against you, pulling the elastic on your panties and letting it fall back with a snap. “Get these off.” You rolled your eyes but did it as soon as he stood up from the bed to remove his own clothing. You quickly removed your panties along with your dress, chest heaving, and your entire body shuddered at the look, he sent you. Steve climbed on the bed and kissed you again, his fingers finding their previous spot on your clit and dipping inside of you. You gasped at the intrusion, and your back arched, allowing him to catch your nipple with his lips. “Fuck, it feels good to have my fingers in you again, baby…” He moaned around your nipple and sped up. How on earth, he managed to coax you to near an orgasm already, you didn’t understand, but you were barely breathing, and your legs shook. “Come on, baby, tell me…” His teeth tugged on your nipple, and you mewled. “Am I who you think about when you’re alone in bed… Touching yourself, huh?” He sped up and curled his fingers. “Y-yes… shit, yes…” You moaned. All pretense of being unaffected by him or not thinking about him was long gone. “Good girl… You want to cum?” He asked, licking wet trails on your breast. “Please…” You breathed it out, and in the same moment, he stilled. “Earn it.” Fuck him. “Wh-what?” you gasped, his fingers still in you and a shit-eating grin on his lips. “Earn it, baby. Apologize.” He kissed you again. “Tell me what you’ve thought of me doing to you, when you’re all alone, touching yourself like this…” He moved his fingers slowly and stopped in the same second as a stuttering moan fell from your lips. “Fuck you.” You mumbled. “Later.” He grinned. “Come now, kitten, speak up.” You groaned and caught his eyes; he was enjoying it. “I’m… Oh…” He twitched his fingers. “I’m s-sorry!” You cried. He moved slowly now, steadily drawing you nearer the edge again. “I’ve… Fuck… I-I’ve thought of you fucking me…” You said, and despite your haze of lust, you still felt your cheeks heat up. “I’ve imagined you fucking me so hard, I couldn’t walk…” “Oh, atta girl.” He mumbled, fingers moving faster now. “But… I-I couldn’t make myself, fucking shit, m-make myself cu-um…” You moaned loudly again. “Because my fingers weren’t enough… Please, S-Steve, I just want to…” “You can cum, pretty girl.” He sped up and attacked your nipple again, and you came undone; his fingers moved so fast and perfectly against every spot, that made you see stars, you wouldn’t have been able to hold back, even if you tried. You screamed as you came, grabbing his bare shoulders roughly, crescent moons indented in his skin form your nails, as he fucked you through your orgasm. “Good girl, look at you… making a mess of me, aren’t you?” he chuckled. “Remember last time, baby?” You nodded and couldn’t help the smile on your lips. “Eager, huh? Come and get it, then.” He moved away from you and flopped down on his back, his large, veiny cock protruding from his body. You nearly drooled at the sight. “Make it nice and wet for me, baby…” He whispered. Yes, sir.
You slowly licked a long stripe along the underside of him, flattening your tongue as you reached a sensitive spot right under the head, and slowly sucked him into your mouth. He tensed up and hissed as you took more and more into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks and allowed him deeper. When he hit the back of your throat, you bobbed your head slightly, getting a feel of him, your jaw already aching – he was big, but you were determined to impress. You knew you had some skill. You gagged around his length as you forced him deeper, spit drippling from your mouth to the bed, and he moaned, and his cock twitched in your throat. “Such a good fucking whore, huh, Y/N? Taking me so deeply… Shit…” He moaned again and your lips stretched into a smile around him, before you began moving for real this time – you picked up speed, now feeling pretty confident in the fact, that you weren’t going to throw up all over him, and he met your movements with small thrusts. “Baby… Fuck, you need to… ah… Baby girl, you n-need to stop, sweetheart… I don’t want to… Fuck…” his hand went to your hair and pulled you gently from his cock, and you let it go with a loud pop, his cock bouncing back against his stomach. “Did I do good, daddy?” you asked with wide eyes. “Oh, fuck, you’re dangerous, baby.” He grinned, and pulled you to his side, turning your back to him. “You think it’s wet enough for you?” You moaned as a response. “Do you think you’ve earned it, baby?” He whispered, his lips ghosting against your shoulder. I swear to everything that’s real, Steve, if you don’t…” You didn’t get to finish your sentence, because he pushed slowly inside of you. You gasped and hissed at the stretch, although it wasn’t unwelcome. When he bottomed out, you both sighed. “It’s like you were fucking made for me…” he mumbled, more to himself than to you. You moaned. “Move, Steve…” You gasped. “Baby, I gotta let you adjust, or…” “Don’t. Just… Fucking take me.” You moaned, grabbing the hand that rested on your hip and dragged it to your chest, letting his fingers tug on your nipple. He moved and began dragging his cock against your walls – spooning you, he managed to get even deeper than you could’ve imagined him being and you rolled your hips to meet him. It was intimate, and way more than you thought him to be, but he buried his face in the crook of your neck and sped up, fingers intertwining with yours over your breast. “You feel fucking amazing… Fuck, I’ve dreamt of being inside of you since Halloween…” He groaned and slammed his cock inside of you, working faster and faster. You were shaking around him, your walls pulsing and dragging him further in. “You’re taking me so well, baby…” That did you in. you came with a shout, your body tensing up and your legs shaking, while he fucked you deeply; it felt as if you had been lit on fire, but you didn’t mind it at all. It almost hurt, but you wanted more from him – it was addictive. “Fuck, Steve!” You shouted his name, and he moved his hand from your chest to your mouth, holding you tightly as he fucked you with ferocity. “Shh, baby, you don’t want anyone to hear you get fucked like… ah… Fuck, by me, do you?” Honestly? You couldn’t give a rat’s ass right now. You’d let your pastor hear you, for all you cared, because you wanted everyone to know that he did this to you. “Oh, you like that, don’t you? You want people to hear you get fucked…” He pushed further inside of you, and you saw stars, mewling at the pressure. His speed was stuttering, his grip over your mouth tightening. “Fucked by me, huh? That nice, little, pretty… fucking hell… Girl, getting fucking split open by my cock?” He moaned in your ear, and you were barely hanging on by your fingernails at this point. “Fuck, baby, I’m going to…” He groaned and sped up. “one more, baby, one more for me… I need you to cum for me… I need to feel it, baby, please…” His fingers left your mouth and traveled to your clit, where he began rubbing determined circles on it, sending sparks of pleasure through your body. “Ste-eve… Oh my god…” You whined and when he bit down on the sensitive skin at the juncture of your shoulder and neck, you lost control completely. You came with a shriek, your body tensing and toes curling, wetness gushing from you; your heart was thumping wildly in your chest, and the orgasm felt like it had shattered you, put you back together and tied you up with Steve.
“Fuck!” He grunted and pulled out of you, shooting hot spurts of cum on your hip and ass, painting you with white. You moaned at the feeling and his sweaty forehead fell back against your shoulder, as you both caught your breaths. “I’ll get you a towel, hang on.” “Mhm…” You didn’t have the capacity to answer, simply too blissed out. He left for what felt like a second with a damp towel and began cleaning you up. You turned to your back, when he threw the towel on the ground and settled next to you, drawing lazy circles on your stomach, goosebumps appearing, where his fingers traveled.
“You know, I, uh… I really didn’t want you to leave the last time.” He said slowly. You turned to face him and was surprised at the softness and shyness that graced his features. “I thought that was just your… M.O.” You replied, equally as soft. He shook his head and kissed your shoulder. “Maybe it used to be. I, uh, yeah… I’ve had a thing for you for a while.” He confessed. “What?” “Yeah. Ask Bucky, he’s about to explode with my Y/N this and Y/N that.” He chuckled. “I felt ridiculously lucky to have you in my bed that night, especially since it was a first for you… And when I woke up alone the next morning, I just… Yeah.” You could feel the disappointment seep from him and instantly felt guilty. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a thing for you, too, you know.” You smiled. “I… I was scared. Your reputation does exceed you, Steve. I was sure I was going to be another virgin, you’d added to the collection, and when I saw you wear my ring…” “It’s a purity ring, right?” He asked. You nodded and slowly removed it from your finger. The music from the party had changed to a slow How can you mend a broken heart by Al Green, which seemed fitting for the moment, and you slid the ring back on Steve’s pinky. “We can make it a promise ring instead.” “Oh?” He looked down at it with the softest eyes, you had ever seen. It was like you had given him the most precious thing on earth. “Mhm. A promise that I won’t run out on you again, and that I wasn’t just another piece to your collection.” “I’ve never even been with a virgin before you.” Your eyes widened. “But… Julia said…” “Julia Becker?” He laughed and cupped your face, kissing your nose. “She’s just angry I didn’t want her. I promise you, my reputation is literally just rumors. I don’t want or need anyone else.” You sighed – an invisible weight had been lifted from your shoulders, a weight, you didn’t even know you carried around. “So… You want to stay here?” He asked, kissing you again. “What about the party?” “Fuck the party. I honestly don’t give a shit about it. I’ve got you, right?” He asked earnestly. “Yeah, you got me.”
 When you came into the kitchen the next morning, wearing Steve’s t-shirt (that fit you sort of like a dress, that giant man) and your hand secured in his, both of you smiling like idiots, Bucky and Sam both gaped at you, before Bucky hit Sam on the arm.
“I told you it was Y/N!” “But… She has taste, Buck. Steve is not taste, Steve is… Unsalted peanuts.” Steve rolled his eyes. “Fuck you too, Sam. Anybody making coffee, or does my girl have to go without her morning dose of brain-juice?” You grinned. “Y/N, have you been brainwashed?” Bucky asked with a sly grin. “Shut the fuck up, Barnes.” Steve grunted, but you could feel the pride rolling off of Steve as he pulled you tightly. “Seriously, does he have something on you to force you into this? Is he calling you something that you don’t want to get out?” Bucky scrunched up his nose. “Because I literally can’t understand what you are doing with that jerk.” Steve shrugged and winked at you. “Well, she calls me daddy, so…”
You both laughed at the boys gagging.
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Peggy about Steve: "He's just some guy". Yes, but he has excellent tits.
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Tumblr media
this is still the most heartbreaking parallel ever
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Rescue (S.R)
Tumblr media
Warning(s); oral (M receiving),cussing,yelling.
Pairing(s); Police Officer! Steve Rogers! X Fem! Reader.
Summary; Steve saves your kitten and you from your ex, what better way to thank him.
A/n; I have the most vile thoughts about Steven Grant Rogers, here’s one :D, this wasn’t proof read as I am lazy and tired :D
Steve had walked across the street headed towards his car when he heard the soft sounds of a woman’s voice. He of course walked towards the sound, putting his hand on his holstered tazer as he heard how distressed she sounded.
“Oh gods, how’d you even get up there!” You sighed chewing on your finger trying to coax your kitten to come back out of the tree. “Ma’am?” The voice sounding from behind you made your jump before relief washed over you. It was a officer, perfect.
“Are you alright?” He asked his hand leaving his tazer to touch your arm, seeing you were alone. “My kitten climbed up the tree, he won’t come down” you explained. Steve follows your eyes to the small orange and white kitten rested on a tree limb.
“Oh I see, sneaky little fella’ I’ve got him.” He left your side pulling himself up the few inches into the tree to where your kitten rested. You stood under them anxiously, Steve got his hand around the small kitten and was able to use his open hand to steady himself until he was able to get back down.
“Here you are, love” Steve said and you smiled holding the small kitten. “Thank you so much! Oh god, why’d you scare me like that” you said kissing the fur of your kitty. “It’s awfully late, do you live ‘round here?” He asked and you nodded.
“Could I offer you some coffee or water?” You offered and he smiled “no, I couldn’t impose, just wanna make sure you get home, love” you smiled “certainly you aren’t imposing, here I’ll just grab you a can of soda, give me just a second.”
Steve watched you walk into the house that was diagonal from the tree. A few minutes later you returned with a can of soda handing it to him. “Thank you, mighty nice of you” you nodded and smiled. “You have a good night officer” you said and he nodded smiling.
Steve stood and watched making sure you made it back into your house just fine.
Steve thought that’d be the last time he saw you, New York is a huge city after all. However, he was called to a altercation and well it was none other then you and a random guy.
“You actually called them? What’s your issue?” You spat out at your now ex’s mom. “Okay, alright. Let’s break it up, yeah?” Steve said stepping between you and your ex. His back to you in a protective stance almost.
You stepped to the side so you could see your ex. “You’re such a bitch!” He yelled at you “aye!” Steve said. “Both of you, quiet.” He commanded. “Someone wanna explain?” He asked and your ex opened his mouth “not you!” He barked.
Steve looked over to see his backup arriving, Barnes and Stark climbing from the other cruiser.
“Okay, this is how this is gonna work. You-” he said pointing to your ex “speak with officer stark, and you” he said pointing to his mom “speak with officer Barnes, I’ll speak with her. Are we clear?” Everyone nodded.
With a hand in your upper arm he lead you back over to his cruiser. “Didn’t think I’d be seeing you again” he commented. You smiled weekly partially embarrassed to be meeting him again like this.
As a damsel
“So? What’s going on?” He asked and you took a deep breath explaining that his mom had invited herself to the date, you had already planned to end things because he was hooking up with other girls. You pulled up receipts and he went berserk along with his mom, barking and yelling as you tried to leave they followed you out.
“And then his mom was yelling something abt police and deformation or something” you sighed. You ran fingers from your nose to your eyebrow shaking your head. “I never put my hands on him,he never put his hands on me.” You pointed on and Steve nodded.
“Alright, love just stay here we will have this figured out in no time” you nodded. He shrugged off his jacket wrapping it around your exposed arms from your dress.
You could’ve combust seeing him in that tight shirt,tool belt and tight jeans. He looked so fucking hot.
Steve spoke to his partners and got the other halves of the story. “Well they said she was yelling first, maybe we should just check the cameras?” Stark said and Steve shrugged. “Let me try something, tony go ahead and ask to see the cameras, Buck if you wouldn’t mind keeping her company” Bucky nodded and walked over to you.
“Alright, so we have your story and hers so-” “she’ll be going to jail?” His mom asked and Steve shook his head “so I’ll be-” “what do you mean? She’s spreading lies about my son! That’s illegal!” She protested. “Ma’am we don’t have-” “well I won’t be happy until she’s in handcuffs!” She huffed “ma’am if you don’t stop interrupting me it’ll be you in handcuffs.”
She seeming got quiet after that “now, my partner,stark is checking the cameras right now, so if there’s anything you wanna change about your story do it now.” Steve said. Your ex and his mom glanced at each other and shook their heads. Steve nodded just as stark came out hand on his belt.
“So, as far as I saw, it was you two that went off first. I’ve had witnesses say the same, some even said the girl didn’t even reply to you until you followed her out. So, technically this could be considered unlawful calling.” Tony explained.
“I’m feeling nice tonight, I’ll let you guys off with a warning if you apologize to her. If not you’ll both be in handcuffs in the back of my vehicle” Steve said and motioned for Bucky to bring you over.
They both rather reluctantly apologized and left, you handed Steve his jacket back and thanks Barnes for keeping you company.
Barnes and stark headed off to another call. “Do you need a ride?” Steve asked and you shook your head “nope, I can just call a Uber” you said and Steve shook his head “no, cmon it’s not outta my way, let me drive you home” you nodded and smiled allowing him to drive you.
Steve turned out back onto the main road from the restaurant heading in the direction of your neighborhood.
“So, if you don’t mind me asking. Why were you with him?” He asked and you shrugged “I don’t know, I thought we were okay until I got a text from a random girl” you said. You reached down “you don’t mind if I take these off?” You asked and he shook his head. You quickly pulled off the heels sighing at the relief on your feet.
“I wasn’t even planning on confronting him like that, I was just gonna ask about it and see if he lied” you explained “but his mom came and I didn’t know how to bring it up” you sighed heavily and Steve sat a hand on your knee rubbing softly.
You smiled at his hand “well, I’m glad I was able to help, here” he said taking the opportunity of a red light to pass you a card. “If he bothers you, call me.” You nodded sticking the card into your small clutch.
“Have you had a good night, officer?” You asked as his hand was still rested on your knee. “Not exactly, it’s been kinda rough” he explained giving you a smile as he looked your way before turning.
You don’t know if it was the wine in your system,maybe it was the fact you had just gotten dumped, maybe it was even the fact he was some sort of hero for you,but you reached out and placed a hand on his upper thigh.
“Want some help?” You asked batting your eyelashes at him. Steve glanced at your hand slowly moving it’s was to his quickly hardening cock.
How could he not be hard? You in that dress, that short,tight fitting,cleavage showing,tiny dress. He let out a groan when you palmed him though his jeans “think you can focus while I do this?” You asked your voice a little lower then normal.
Steve couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, here he was thinking you were so innocent, those big doe eyes and perfect pouty lips. He felt dirty thinking of you in that way but he was wrong,you were dirty,offering to give him head while driving? God couldn’t tell if you were an Angel or a little devil.
Steve glanced down long enough to unclip his seat belt and utility belt. He pushed one off and pulled the other throwing the belt into his empty back-seat.
You were already waiting shifting in your seat you unbuckled, knees pressing into his leather seats while you waited for him to get prepared.
The last the Steve did was unbutton his jeans, once again using a red light to pull them and his boxers down. You gasped seeing his cock spring out slapping against his clothed lower stomach.
Steve didn’t say anything he just moved his open hand over to your head snaking it to the back of our neck and pulling you. You obliged letting him lower your head to his length.
You licked your lips before enveloping his tip with them, you gently sucked pulling a hiss from him. You placed your hand at his base and hallowed out your cheeks as you began to down his length.
Half way in and he was already pressing into your gag reflex, tears prickling your eyes. “Fuck, that’s a good girl. Down my cock baby, back off your throat.” He said pressing you down to take more of him into your throat, you gagged around him and he grunted at the squeeze of your throat.
Once you had most of him in your mouth you began to bob your head, up down,up down,up down. You kept a steady pace your tongue flat against his underside. The groans and moans coming from the man above you sounded nothing short or animalistic, he groaned everytime he felt you throat squeeze him as you gagged.
“Such a sweetheart,sucking me off to make me feel better. Atta girl, Mhm gonna make me cum” his words only drives you to suck faster wanting to feel him cum.
A few more bobs and his hand tighten into your hair a guttural moan coming out as ropes of white filled your throat. You swallowed around him gulping up each rope he gave you.
You pulled your mouth off with a pop and smiled at him as you licked your lips. Your lipstick smudged, a ring around his cock in the pretty pink color. Your mascara ran in streaks over your cheeks, you had never looked more beautiful to him.
You sat back in your knees and he reached over attempting to fix your hair as he combs through it. You were happy you brought makeup wipes with you, you were able to clean up the mess on your face.
Steve finally pulled into your driveway and you slipped your heels back on, grabbing your clutch and he fixed himself clipping his belt back around him along with his seatbelt.
You climbed out and bent down to look back at him in the car “you have a wonderful night officer” you said a smirk playing on your lips. He smirked and nodded “you as well, love” once again he stayed until he saw you get safely inside before leaving.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow + Captain America's Shield
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captainapple · 2 days ago
Learning New Things
Pairing: Steve Rogers X Teacher! Reader
Warning: whining about life, implied smut, fluff
a/n: Breaking my writing hiatus with a drabble. The idea came after a long exhausting Monday as a teacher. As I wrote this drabble, I was thinking to open request. Just send me an ask telling me about your job, what makes it good/bad, and maybe I'll make a drabble out of it.
Tumblr media
You groaned as loudly as you can. Today was really a long exhausting Monday. You threw yourself to the sofa after dragging your feet from the front door.
A smell of a nice food was coming from the kitchen. You couldn't help but walking to find the source of the smell.
"Welcome home!"
A gigantic man with pink apron greeted you with the brightest smile you ever seen.
"Steve. You're back?"
"Yeah. I finished the mission early. Want some soup?"
You ran and slammed your body to hug him. He had been away for weeks and now he's back. You mumbled some incoherent words as you buried your face in his body. He chuckled.
"I miss you too"
The steam from the soup warmed your face. Steve warned you about the temperature but you were too hungry to listen. It tasted so good despite burning your tongue a little.
"Now, do you wanna tell me what happened today?"
"I groaned too hard, didn't I?"
He smiled as he pet your head. It was a little awkward but you knew he was doing his best learning on how to be the best boyfriend. Not that you complaining, your day was way worse.
"They're so annoying today."
"How could you said that about your precious little munchkins?"
"They're not little munchkins anymore. I took that back."
Most of your students were way more active than usual. It made you wondered what did they eat for breakfast this morning. Most of them cannot stop screaming and bothering each others. Some of them cannot even stop crying. You felt like talking endlessly about your students' antics today.
Once or twice you tried to watch Steve's face. He looked invested in your story. Every time he gave you slight nods, casual hums, little raise and creased his eyebrows, made you forgot your day little by little. By the time you finished your story, all you could think about was how lucky you were to call him as yours.
"Maybe I am not a good teacher."
"Doll, don't say that." His expression looked worried. "You are the best teacher they ever got. It just one of the days when everything went shit."
"Language, darlin"
He shook his head in disbelieved.
"Maybe I should just teach bigger students. At least they won't scream around."
"But you have to do another training for that, right?"
"Of course. I don't mind a little training here and there."
"Well, in that case, why don't you try for teaching me?"
He tried to flirt with you but his face still turned red, showing how shy he was.
"What are you suggesting, Rogers?"
"You know... Tony was talking about having cream pie... I don't know since when Pepper was into baking stuff."
"Steve, you do need lots of learning."
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