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#steve rogers
moonlight-prose · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A/N: Welcome to the thottiest day of the week around here! I’ve done this before, but never had an official announcement post. So here’s how it goes:
Send in thots
Ask for headcannons
Or just come to scream about certain characters.
Fuff is definitely welcome!! It doesn’t have to mainly be a thot.
If you ask for a full length fic, just know that it will take me time to write it seeing as how my main stuff comes first.
Marvel Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Loki, Natasha Romanoff, Zemo
Star Wars characters: Poe Dameron, Din Djarin, Obi-Wan, Finn, Cassian Andor
Pedro Characters: All of them
Mayans MC: Angel Reyes, EZ (i haven’t written for him yet tho so be warned)
Tommy Shelby
Sebastian Stan characters: Jefferson, Frank, Mickey, etc.
Chris Evans characters: Andy Barber, Frank Adler, Nick Vaughan
Prompts to choose from:
Please specify the list number you’re choosing from if you choose to go with a prompt. You don’t have to.
Prompt List One
Prompt List Two
Prompt List Three 
Prompt List Four
Prompt List Five 
Note: If some things don’t get written exactly on Thursday they will be posted so don’t worry.
thotty thursday masterlist
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aswinter · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Promise - Steve Rogers x Reader
The next day was tough. You barely had any sleep, your mind was blurred, your body was sore, but your heart had the worst. Your heart was screaming in pain, while you remained incredibly silent. After putting on your only sweatshirt and leggings you took your bag and decided to go buy a new pair of jeans and maybe a couple of shirts and some underwear. You took only a few things with you, but you didn’t actually need many, since your return flight was going to be tomorrow. You decided that in the middle of the night. Remembering every punch you got hours before was painful, and you didn’t want to spend a day more in this place. America only brought you sufferance. You were going back to Italy, to your aunt and uncle who made you feel loved every single day.
After quickly grabbing your usual black bag and putting your golden hoops, you decided to go downtown. And after a few visits you opted for a dainty thrift shop that was selling a cute ‘90s Levi’s 501 that were luckily your size. You bought a few black, long sleeved t-shirts, too. You were into basic things, especially since you got really a few bucks left. Trying to escape from your thoughts, you went for a walk in the city centre. Watching strangers was calming to you. You sat at the corner of the street, examining every single person that appeared in front of you. You have always liked trying to figure out what were those people like. There was an old lady walking with her tiny, hairy dog, perhaps she was a retiree, you believed. Then you saw a group of little boys, there were laughing and having fun, they didn’t know how much you were jealous of them in that very moment. Then, your eye caught a young couple, sitting opposite to you. They were having ice cream, and they looked pretty in love. How beautiful, you thought. You liked doing this because it distracted you always, and from everything. While staring at an odd lady who was running by, you came back to reality due to the ringtone of your phone. A message. You quickly opened it. “Come in the café in front of you”. You rose immediately, turning to look everywhere. Who sent you that message? Was someone watching you? Completely in panic, you entered that café in front of you, carefully examining every inch of the place, looking for someone. But there was no one: every table, every chair was empty. An empty café in the middle of New York, at midday. Very unusual, you immediately thought. Fear started growing into you. Suddenly, a waiter, who seemed very agitated, approached you: “You must be her. Follow me, please”. His voice was shaky, and you felt the need to protect him, and doing as he said, so you nodded. In the kitchen, sat on a chair, was Nick Fury, dressed in total black, again. You felt like he was staring at you even through that frightening leather eye-patch. You wanted to leave, but something inside you was craving for something. Information? Apologies? Compliments, maybe?
‘Compliments’? What the fuck is wrong with you? You said to yourself. Remember how they treated you, dumbass.
“You surprised me yesterday, little one”. He started saying, playing with his thumbs. “You fought with dignity, for being an old-lady. Again, how old are you?”, he started mocking you.
“I have no more time to waist. Either you cut the crap or I’m out”. Your words were sharp as blades. Even you were surprised by yourself. You had never been that sharp, with no one.
He raised an eyebrow, showing disappointment. You bet he wasn’t used to receiving such responses. But he wasn’t someone you respected. At least not anymore. Not after yesterday.
“I like you. That is the thing. You are not a brilliant fighter. You suck, actually. But you have that serum roaring into your veins. And that didn’t change you, Steve told me. It means your personality is strong, and good”. You jolted at the sound of that name. “I’d want you to try joining my team”.
Was Nick Fury politely asking you to become an Avenger? This third day wasn’t even over, and it was like you were on an endless, unpredictable rollercoaster of emotions that you weren’t capable of stopping.
But you weren’t going to let they win you so easily.
“I am flattered, but I’m sorry I’ll have to decline the exciting offer.” You took a chair, and positioned it in front of him, showing that you weren’t afraid anymore. You were no longer that nice girl who had to be protected. Not after the Hydra and everything.
“Besides, I don’t trust any of you”. You could see Fury’s head bending over, and you could see that he was processing what you had just told him. His expression was thoughtful, his forehead wrinkled but his lips were joined to form a grin. “I don’t trust you either”, he answered.
“Don’t play with me. You tested me yesterday. I know you all were pathetically laughing looking at us through those mirrors”. He let out a little laugh, “I wouldn’t have used that word to describe me. Pathetic. I think that suits you best, you know?”. That hurt. “Come on, don’t you want to know how much you can do? Let yourself discover your true potential. I can help you with it.” Damn it. He was right. Plus, you had always wanted to know more about who you were now, after that injection. No one had ever told you anything about it. And now, in front of you, stood a chance. A chance to know you better. A chance to never feel impotent anymore. Fury continued: “And you can help me by attending a few missions when needed”. He understood that his words had an impact on you. He knew how to use them properly, how to push people in his directions. “Give me three months.” “Two”, you replied. “And two moths are. We have a deal?” he asked, offering his hand. You shacked it, not knowing if that was the best choice to take.
But what did you have to lose?
“Oh, Fury Sir, another little thing”, you said. “I would like to have board and lodging provided, if possible.” You were basically broke, but those jeans were too good on you, you just felt the need to buy them.
“If you come with me, I can show you around. You are staying at our facility, technically you are, even temporarily, an Avenger”, he said. You let out a laugh: “As long as it’s not a trap like yesterday”. Thank God your sense of humour always accompanied you. “And don’t call me like that”.
The building was frightening to you. Your wounds were still fresh. Suddenly, you touched your cheecks, remembering the fact that you hadn’t covered the bruises. How stupid of you.
You felt goose bumps walking through those halls until you were led by another woman, who introduced herself as Maria Hill, to your room. They were both very nice, the room and Agent Hill. There was a very large bed, and the bathroom was private, complete with a shower. The tub was missing, however. Maria informed you about the shared sauna room. As soon as you heard it, you already knew that you would have spent most of your time there. Hill waved at you and you threw yourself on the bed. Afterwards, you started to fix your things. Just when you had finally finished putting the last two shirts in place, you heard the door knocking: "Hi!". A beautiful voice was the first thing you thought of, before you saw in front of you a frail girl with long reddish hair. “My name is Wanda, heard someone new was coming. I was glad not to be the new one anymore, and wanted to check myself”, she seemed nice, you thought. You then presented yourself and she was very happy to hear your whole story. “I’m happy to have another girl with us! I suppose you’ll meet Nat tonight. They warned you, right?”. You raised and eyebrow, there was something you needed to know? “Warn me about what?”. “Oh. Well, there is a ball. You know, Tony Stark, Iron Man, is giving a ball to gain money for charity. And clean the imagine of the group, to be honest”. You deeply loved balls. Even though the last one you went to was in 1940, right before war happened, but you had just arrived, and you knew that if you had gone, you would have felt like a fish of out water. So, you lied: “You know, that seem pretty cool but I am not very keen on those things. Furthermore, I don’t think I am invited. I will be very happy to test the sauna, though. And my face looks horrible”, you gave her the biggest smile, but you felt like she could read through your expressions. She told you she didn’t believe you, and that you absolutely had to come. “Oh, stop it you look great! And I bet I can do something to dix those things on your gorgeous face!”. She really was very nice, indeed. Then, you talked for a whole hour, until lunch time arrived. While you were in the middle of telling her how calm was your life back in Italy, she stopped you and told you she knew that the other ones arrived. “You will love to meet them. I mean, the team. Except for the other two you already know”. Weird, you thought. You had never mentioned Steve, or Bucky. Yet it seemed like she already knew. What a weird scarlett girl she was. She had shown you her powers, even though you had seen them on TV, a few times. Maybe could you two become friends? You hoped so.
She took you by the hand and dragged you down. Before descending the last two pairs of steps you were already able to hear screams and fat laughter.
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justanotherfangirl-stuff · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Steve and Bucky Genderbender fanart because why not?
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sersi · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If it was the other way around, and it was down to me to save your life, now you be honest with me, would you trust me to do it? I would now.
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honeysucklesteve · 25 minutes ago
biker!steve with nomad!steve look.
⟶ let me eat • biker!steve
Tumblr media
warnings || mocking, degradation, edging, orgasm denial, pet-names, fingering, oral, finger sucking — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
word count || > 1,000 words
notes || unhinged nomad!steve is my favourite
The Steve that you met was no longer the same Steve that was in between your legs eating you out as if he was a starving man and you were a four course meal.
When you met him, he was nothing more than a fresh faced man with shining eyes and a proper attitude.
Several years later he had grown a beard, ditched his golden boy attitude, and bent you over any surface possible—no matter where you were.
“You taste so fuckin’ sweet, honey.” He purrs, edging you by stopping the soft licks of his tongue as you squirmed under him.
He chuckled, vibrations going through you as he looked up at you.
“I know you wanna cum,” he purrs, “but what fun would it be to give it to ya that easy?”
You tightened your legs around his head in silent protest, but Steve was significantly stronger and easily pried your legs open.
“Behave.” He growled, pinching your inner thigh as you squeaked into compliance.
“All you gotta do is be a good girl and let me eat, yeah?” He smirked, fingers stilled inside of you as you felt yourself nearing tears.
You wanted to scream and Steve, but you knew better as you just took a deep breath and moaned when he curled his fingers inside of you.
“Good girl, see what happens when you behave?”
His mouth was over your clit soon, sucking and flicking before you felt yourself right on the edge hoping and praying that he would let you cum.
“I’ve had my fun, you can cum, honey. You deserve it,” he hums before you’re toppling over the edge in the sweetest bliss ever.
It leaves you dizzy and panting as Steve kisses up your body until his lips are connected with yours until you can taste yourself.
“Open wide, you gotta clean your mess up,” he smirks, fingers in your mouth seconds later as you’re lapping your juices off of them—Steve’s cock twitching against your hip.
You can feel the beard burn, but you know Steve isn’t content yet.
“Now relax for me and let me use you, yeah? Gonna have you nice and fucked out for me by the end of the night.”
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badmcuposts · 29 minutes ago
teenagers immediately after hulk’s snap, grabbing their phones: hey guys wow cant beleive ive been inactive for 5 yrs lmao
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incorrectsteggyquotes · 35 minutes ago
Steve to Peggy: Peggy, you look ravishing this evening.
Sam to Bucky: Bucky, all of your facial parts, they're on the right spots.
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happygowriting · 37 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I ask that these edits DO NOT get reposted on any other site and I DO NOT give permission for anyone to use them. Most of the edits will contain ORIGINAL poeti written by me that I do not give permission for ANYONE else to use or spread around.
Poem is written in the perspective of Bucky Barnes
Poet Bucky Masterlist
They say the love we have, is one wrapped up in sin. but how can something, that makes me feel this good be as bad as they say?
They want to look at us and judge us, they don't want to understand. because our love is different, because we're both men they think that we can't love each other. have they ever taken the time to understand? If they felt like how I felt, maybe they wouldn't try to keep us apart. if they knew how deeply our love runs, if they knew about how deeply we care about each other maybe then they would accept us.
They say the love we have, is one wrapped up in sin. but how can something, that makes me feel this good be as bad as they say? Copyright @happygowriting // Poem may not be reposted anywhere.
Friend tags: @steveng-rogers​ @daytonsferrari @eurynome827​​ @uncafeavec-chubbybucky​ @sweater-daddiesdumbdork​ @jtargaryen18​ @nix-akimbo
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cole22ann · 48 minutes ago
Radioactive Spider Bite
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: language, vilonce, muture content? Maybe later on?, jealousy, death, idk its marvel... slow updates.
A/N: please don't be rude. Feed back is welcome but be kind. If there is any little details you would like to change to fit your style and personality please do so. This will also be on my WATTPAD along with all my other stories. This begins with Civil War when Peter comes home to find Tony Stark there. It will go to Homecoming, Infinity War, End Game, Far From Home, and then when No Way Home is out and I watch it the story will continue as long as there is a new movie with Spider-Man.
This chapter is short because i want this to be one big book but i also want to keep the movies separate.
Word Count: 800
End of
Captain America: Civil War
Chapter Five
"Maybe the kids onto something," Mr. Stark said. "High now, Tony. Go high," Rhodey said as Peter snd I continued swinging around Lang and wrapping him in webs. Rhodey and Mr. Stark came flying by hitting Lang in the face and he started falling back. "Yes! Haha!" Peter said. "Timber!" I yelled as we went to swing away but Peter was kicked in and went flying as Lang fell. I quickly swang after Peter as he landed in wooded crates. When I landed I ran over to him. "Peter!" I said as I saw him laying on his said and Mr. Stark landed beside me.
Mr. Stark knelt beside him. "Kid, you all right?" He asked and went to touch him but Peter went to fight back. "Hey!" He said and Mr. Stark grabbed his arm. "Whoa! Same side. Guess who. Hi. It's me," Mr. Stark said as Peter fought him. "Peter! Stop!" I said kneeling and looking at him. His mask was pulled up a little. "Oh. Hey, man," Peter said looking at Mr. Stark. "That was scary," he said. "Yeah. You're done, all right?" Mr. Stark said. "What? I'm good, I'm fine," Peter said. " I did a good job. Stay down. Make sure he stays down," Mr. Stark said. "Got it," I said. "No, it's good. I gotta get him back," Peter said trying to get up. "Stay down. You're going home or I'll call Aunt May!" Mr. Stark told him. "Dude," Peter whispered. "You're done!" Stark said and walked off.
"Wait," Peter said and I stood up. "Mr. Stark, Wait. I'm not done. I'm not..." said as he went to stand up fell back down. "Okay, I'm done. I'm done," he said and laid on his back. I stood over him looking down. "Hi," he said looking at me. I fell to the ground and wrapped my arms around his neck as he sat up a little. "Ow," he said and I pulled away. "Sorry!" I said but he pulled me back to him. "No. It's okay," he said wrapping his arms around my waist and hugging me to him. After Cap got away Mr. Stark took us home.
Peter and I sat on his bed when he lifts the sleeve of his sweatshirt to play with the web shooter had on from the suit Mr. Stark made him. "So, are you going to fight crime with me now?" He asked. "I'll think about it," I said. He had a black eye from Cap hitting him. "So who was it? Who hot you?" We heard Aunt May yell from the kitchen. "Some guy," Peter answered. "So itchy, man, god," he said to me playing with the web-shooter. "What's some guy's name?" Aunt May asked. "Uh, Steve!" Peter said and I leaned back against the wall. Peter pushed something on the web-shooter and it made a red beam come on. "Oh, damn," I said covering my eyes. "Steve? From 12-C? With the overbite?" Aunt May asked.
" you don't know him. He's from Brooklyn," I said as Peter played with the red beam. I heard May coming and hit Peter. He quickly pulled his sleeve down and put his head in my lap holding his eye. "Ow," he groaned out as May came in the room. "Such a baby," I said rolling my eyes but played with his curly hair. "Well... I hope you got a few good licks in," May said as she sat on the end of the bed. "Yeah, I got quite a few in, actually," Peter told her. She handed him the bag of peas wrapped in a dishtowel and he took it. "His friend was huge. Like huge," he told her. "Yeah, he made us look like ants," I said smiling as he looked up at me. "That's way better. Thank you," Peter said to May as he put the cold compress on his eyes. I stopped playing with his hair.
"Don't stop," he whined and I laughed but went back to it. "Okay, tough guy," May said smiling at us, and stood up walking towards the door. "Love you, May," we both said. "Hey, can you shut the door?" Peter asked and she did as she walked out. We looked and waited a couple of seconds as Peter put the cold compress down. He turned the red beam back on and we looked up at the ceiling to see a Spider-Man logo with a bunch of stuff I didn't know what it was it was cool. "Mr. Stark is going to kill you for taking that suit," I said. "Correction he will kill both of us," he said. "What?" I asked. "I took yours too," he said and I groaned. "Peter!" I said and he just gave me an innocent smile.
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cole22ann · 53 minutes ago
Radioactive Spider Bite
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: language, vilonce, muture content? Maybe later on?, jealousy, death, idk its marvel... slow updates.
A/N: please don't be rude. Feed back is welcome but be kind. If there is any little details you would like to change to fit your style and personality please do so. This will also be on my WATTPAD along with all my other stories. This begins with Civil War when Peter comes home to find Tony Stark there. It will go to Homecoming, Infinity War, End Game, Far From Home, and then when No Way Home is out and I watch it the story will continue as long as there is a new movie with Spider-Man.
Word Count: 1238 words
Captin America: Civil War
Chapter Four
"Okay, I was wrong. This is fun, kick people's asses," I said to Peter and he laughed. We landed on the glass on the outside of the building while Bucky and Falcon ran through inside. We shot webs and swang around crashing through the glass. Peter taking out Falcon. Bucky went to punch him but Peter stopped his metal arm and Bucky looked at surprised. "You have a metal arm?" Peter asked. "Now that is cool!" I said walking over to stand beside Peter. "Thank you, but you know you have super strength too?" He said. "What? No. I meant the arm," I said and let put a small oh. "That is awesome, dude," Peter said.
Falcon came flying at us and picked Peter up and flew off with him. "Really?" I said and looked at Bucky. "That's not cool," I said and he went punch me but I moved out of the way. A saw Peter get away from Falcon and I shot a web-swinging up and came around kicking Bucky. "Your buddy is doing a terrible job," I said and swang off. Peter had Falcon against webbed to the glass wall and came to Stand in front of him. "That sucks," I said. "Those wings carbon fiber?" I heard Peter ask. "Is this stuff coming out of you?" Falcon asked.
"Umm... kinda?" I said. "That would explain the rigidity-flexibility ratio, which, gotta say, that's awesome, man," Peter said. "You're such a nerd," I said. "I'm not a nerd!" He whined. "Debatable," I said. "I don't know if you've been in a fight before... but is usually not this much talking," Falcon said. "Sorry, he talks a lot when he's excited," I said and smiled. "All right, sorry. My bad," Peter said. Peter swung towards him but Bucky came running into Falcon knocking them towards the ground making the glass wall break.
I swang up to beside Peter and webbed Bucky's metal arm. Peter had wrapped Falcon in a web. "Guy's, look, we'd love to keep this up, but we've got one job here today..." Peter said. "And he's gotta impress Mr. Stark, so, we're really sorry," I said and Peter went to shot them with more webs but he was caught by a drone and crashed through the large windows as he screamed. "What the hell?!" I yelled. "You couldn't have done that earlier?" Bucky asked Falcon. "I hate you," he said. "I hate you both," I said. They looked up at me and I waved. "Yeah, still here. Now, stay!" I said took off after Peter.
Once I found Peter we swang and landed beside Mr. Stark and the others we were fighting with standing in front of Cap and his side. Cap started walking towards us. "This is going to end well," Natalie said. "They don't know how to give up? I'm tired," I said and rolled my eyes. "Y/N," Peter whispered and looked at me. "Sorry. Let's kick-ass," I said. We started walking towards them and they started jogging. "They're not stopping," Peter said. "Neither are we," Mr. Stark told him. Then we all started running towards each other.
"Can't you all just give up?" I asked. Me and Peter went swinging but Cap threw his shield and it cut my web. Peter caught me before I had time and we landed on some kind of belt that they put the luggage in the planes. Peter looked at me "are you okay?" He asked and I nodded. "That thing does not obey the laws of physics at all," Peter said to Cap. " look, kid, a lot is going on here that you and you're little girlfriend doesn't understand," Cap said. "Girlfriend?" I said. "She's... she's... she's not my..." Peter stammered. "Not his girlfriend," I said. "Right. Mr. Stark said you'd say that. Wow," Peter said then we shot webs at him but he held his shield up.
I shot one at his ankle and pulled making him land on his back. "Nice!" Peter said. "Thanks. I think I'm getting the hang of this now," I said. Peter got his other ankle and we pulled him towards us. We let go and I shit him again. I pulled but this time went with the webs and kicked him in the face. I landed behind him "I'm so sorry for having to miss your pretty face up!" I said. Peter landed beside me "he also said to go for the legs," he said. Cap went for his shield but Peter stops them by grab and both of his hands with webs and pulling. "Cap pulled back and then twisted around making Peter go flying.
"Rude!" I said and did the same thing Peter did. He, in turn, did the same thing and when he did I shot a web and swang around. "Oh, sweet! You are getting the hang of it!" Peter said as Cap picked his shield up and Peter webbed It but Cap pulled the web and hit Peter in the face knocking him back. I went swinging at him he hit me too making me land beside Peter. "Ow! We're you never taught not to his girls?" I said as I and Peter got up and swang up to crouch down on top of the thing not connected to the plane and the building. "Stark tell you anything else?" Cap asked.
"That you're wrong. You think you're right," I said. "That makes you dangerous," Peter said and I swing down towards Cap but he ended kicking me and knocking him into the wheel of the thing we had been standing on. "Guess he had a point," Cap said. I was standing under and Peter had swang down to check on me but then Cap threw his shield and the walkway started to fall. Peter was there in an instant stopping it. I had closed my eyes but opened them to see him holding it up. " you got heart, kids. Where you from?" Cap asked. "Queens," Peter told him. "Brooklyn," Cap said before running off.
We were able to throw the thing off together and swang off. When we landed we saw Lang super size himself. "Holy shit!" We both said. Lang who had a hold of Rhodey threw him but Peter and I caught him. "Shit!" I yelled as we went with him since he was going so fast. "Truck!" Peter yelled and we braced our feet of the truck. Rhodey stopped and was able to fly back the way we came before he hit the plane. We hung on to his as he flew towards Lang and we shot webs wrapping them around his arm knocking him off balance as Rhodey, Peter, and I flew around him.
Peter and I were running on the plane avoiding Lang when Peter started talking. "Hey, guys, you ever see that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back?" Peter asked as he grabbed my waist and shot a web and swang up away from him. "Really, dude?" I asked. "Jesus, Tony, old are these two?" Rhodey asked. "I don't know, I didn't carbon-data them. They're on the young side" Mr. Stark replied. We were shooting webs and swing around Lang as Peter continued talking. " you know that part where they're on the snow planet.. with the walking thingies?" He asked as we swang around opposite of each other wrapping Lang in the webs.
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i-love-the-mcu-3000 · an hour ago
Do you think that Tony had to explain to Steve that people don’t fly around in cars
And Steve was just so disappointed
But then the disappointment turned into frustration “You can build THAT SUIT in a cave but you can’t do FLYING CARS?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU STARK?!”
And then he was just in a sulk around the compound for like 2 months
Steve is baffled by the fact there’s no flying cars, especially when he reads mankind made it to the moon and sees stuff like the Helicarrier.
And then once Bucky got used to being himself a bit he was like “So who’s going to show me their flying car?”
And then Tony’s like ah shit
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lunalovecroft · an hour ago
❤️ moodboard for pre-serum Steve? congrats on 4K, cece!!!!! <3
Tumblr media
Thank you so much ❤️
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