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Schooling Steve [Part 2] [Avenger! Loki x Female Reader feat Virgin! Steve] 18+
A link to my Masterlist is HERE
Relationship: Avenger!Loki x Female Reader feat Virgin/Satchel! Steve Rogers Part ONE of Schooling Steve is here (recommended)
Summary: Steve wrestles with his feelings in a steamy sauna encounter which threatens to overwhelm his sensibilities. Heckers.
Warnings: 18+ Minors DNI. Language. Implied M/M Smut. Smut. Grey consent. Public sex. Voyeurism. (w/c 2.7k) A/N: Thank you for loving Satchel! Steve. I couldn't not post this first after my time in jail considering all the excitement today. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
After Laufeyson had left him alone and frustrated in the conference room, Rogers made a beeline for his apartment on the third floor of the compound.
A conveniently placed clipboard hid the arousal straining for freedom against his shorts as he shuffled in the crowded elevator, making broken small talk with Clint.
When he was finally behind closed doors, Steve reluctantly turned the framed photograph of Peggy to face the wall. “I’m sorry Ma’am…” he muttered, before reclining back on the sofa.
His quivering fingers pushed down the waistband of his shorts, moving to grip his thick reddened cock which bounced with anticipation.
He stroked himself mercilessly to the thoughts that devious God of Mischief had planted deep within his mind; thoughts of Y/N getting hot and heavy, thoughts of dark curls bobbing up and down between his legs. Of deepest desires and pathways to pleasure. Jeepers, thoughts of everything.
Steve came loudly over his hand, collapsing backwards on the cushions pink-cheeked as one name stumbled in a heavy moan from his lips while he rode his thunderous release. Loki.
Twenty minutes later, a sombre looking Captain America grabbed a towel from the pile at the door of the swimming complex. He needed to clear his head. He needed to meditate away from recent events that made his thoughts woozy like too much hard liquor on an empty stomach. He slipped his robe off and hung it on the wall, wrapping a fluffy towel around his hips and making his way barefoot down the corridor to the sauna.
The welcoming smell of wood and course dry heat drifted into his nostrils. He inhaled deeply, the relief of sweating out his unwelcome thoughts tantalisingly close.
“Gods darling you’re insatiable…look what you do to me…”
Steve froze in front of the closed doorway to the sauna. The lightly frosted pane of glass revealed the outline of two figures inside. He didn’t need a clear view to know who that voice belonged to. That insufferable scamp Laufeyson.
He considered his options briefly before pulling the door open. He was the captain of this team, darn it, and he was going to relax today if it killed him.
“Rogers.” Loki’s smug gaze met his as he sat with his thighs spread open on the Scandinavian wood benches that surrounded the walls of the sauna. A towel was mercifully placed over his lap, your head resting on his crotch as you stretched lengthways on the bench to his side.
“Hey Cap…” you said, a touch of coyness lacing your voice, eyes flickering to Loki’s as you both watched the awkward blonde make his way to the space furthest from you and sit down.
Steve cleared his throat dryly, the closeness of the air making his breaths feel sharp. “I’m just here to relax, so if you don’t mind folks…”. He shot Loki a stern look as the God smirked at his discomfort.
“Of course, Rogers…if that is your deepest desire then consider it fulfilled.” Loki straightened his legs and crossed his ankles, raising his bare arms to rest on the ledge behind him as he watched Steve’s reaction. You closed your eyes, an ill-timed laugh threatening to rise from your belly as you inhaled the dry heat to stifle it.
Cap’s suspicious eyes flickered from Loki to you, analysing the scene as his stomach twisted with dread. “You told her, didn’t you? Why I outta-”
Loki sighed, cutting him off. “I did, Rogers. I greatly feared that national security was in danger due to your ability to be utterly beguiled like a naive schoolgirl with mere words.”
“Everything?” Steve blustered, tightening the towel around his hips as he tried to sound authoritative in his current state of humiliation.
“Everything.” Loki stated, his eyebrows raising as a playful smile pressed dimples to his jaw, “Come now, Rogers there are no secrets between lovers…although I wouldn’t expect you to have known that.”
Steve stared ahead, considering throwing the basket of hot coals in Loki’s direction. It was tempting, but then…the paperwork.
“I trusted you. I should’ve known my onions…” he muttered regretfully, a frustrated sigh escaping from Loki’s lips. You felt one of the god’s hands brush your hair as he silently signalled for you to rise. You stood, making your way to the coals to pour on more water.
“Rogers, this is a little sooner than I had anticipated but the lovely Y/N has agreed to help further your education, should you wish. She agrees it is important for the team to…help speed up resolution of the matter in any way we can.”
Steve looked up from his lap, forearms resting on his thighs as he watched you bend over to scoop water out of the bowl and ladle it across the hot coals. Your own towel was tucked neatly across your body, pressed tightly to your chest as your hair brushed the moist sweat collecting on your shoulder-blades.
A loud hiss erupted as more heat sizzled through the air.
Steve was grateful the sauna was already so hot as he felt his cheeks redden. He turned his gaze from you to Loki, who was positioned to take up as much space as possible. His bare legs were drawn back to angle to the floor, hips spread wide. His muscled arms flexed against their resting place as they shone with a thin layer of moisture clinging to every curve.
Loki’s head was tilted back in relaxation, eyes closed and seemingly unphased by his indecent proposal; his dark curls hung damp with sweat as they coiled on the hot wooden ledge behind him.
Rogers had to admit, the God of Mischief’s body was a work of art. A strong chest, ridiculously defined stomach and powerful limbs were contained in a deceptively lithe frame. The captain's eyes longingly followed a bead of sweat trickling down the grooves of Loki's toned abs which gracefully rippled with every breath.
The towel thrown haphazardly over Loki’s lap shifted, threatening to slide to the floor. Steve’s breath hitched involuntarily. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from that forbidden expanse of muscle that had so pre-occupied his earlier thoughts. Cap realised with alarm that he had never looked at another man this way; so…gratuitously. Had he ever looked at anyone like this?
“He’s not suggesting a three-way, in case you were worried about that.” you said quietly, returning to Loki and perching on one of his thick thighs.
“That’s right, darling” Loki said as he brought his head back up and settled his gaze on Steve’s questioning stare, a small smirk pulling at the corner of his lips “just a little…practical demonstration.”
Steve cleared his throat, the dry heat making him thirstier with each passing second. At least, he thought it was the heat. “Then what are you suggesting?”
Loki rolled his eyes, sliding back on the wooden seat and pulling you between his widened legs. “Don’t worry Rogers, no one is going to sneeze in your precious satchel…”
Steve squirmed, his hand flying up to stop any misinterpretation, “Actually, technically it would be me sneezing in their satchel.”
“Keep telling yourself that Rogers.” Loki murmured, as he untucked your towel and let it pool around your seated hips.
Steve swallowed as your breasts came into view, the rich cotton sliding seductively over your skin to fall between Loki’s open thighs as you leant back into him.
Your eyes were firmly set on your blonde leader; watching his reaction as his innate manners commanded that he remain proper while his eyes deepened with need. He shifted on the bench, his body betraying him as he willed his mind to remain neutral. He was getting hard. You could always tell.
Loki’s lips found your earlobe, the secret part of you with a direct line to your needy pussy that he used to his every advantage. You moaned as his tongue lapped at your skin, drawing the soft flesh between his teeth and sucking it slowly as you rubbed back on his hardening cock. His large hands slid up your closed thighs over your towel, ghosting your stomach as he cupped your breasts and began massaging them gently; his thumbs playing your nipples repeatedly with practiced finesse.
Steve watched; still bent forwards on his forearms with his mouth slowly edging open. His brain was overloading as he succumbed to the tantalising vision of lust on display, the live theatre of Loki’s whispered seductions.
He leant forward as he saw the god edge one long finger into his mouth, coating it slowly with saliva from the tip of his tongue. He lowered it back to rub over your nipple, making you purr underneath the heightened sensation. The scoundrel made it look so easy to manipulate your writhing body beneath his touch. Steve wondered if Loki could do that to him. If he was honest, Steve already knew the answer.
Loki’s free hand palmed your other breast, rubbing in circles as he bit down on your shoulder. You moaned loudly as he sucked your skin, his tongue soothing the bruising sting as you raised a hand to tug his hair.
“Mmm love, remember we have company…” Loki growled seductively, “we mustn’t offend the captain’s sensibilities too harshly now, should we?”
Steve flexed his hips, the bent position becoming increasingly uncomfortable as his thickening cock pressed against the pile of the towel, scratching the swollen tip. For the second time in one day… he had never been more aroused in his life.
He didn’t know if he wanted to tickle-tail you or Loki…or both of you at once. His fingers found the side of the wooden slats beneath him, gripping them tightly as he leant back, revealing his straining cock rising against the towel wrapped around his hips. Loki smiled.
“It seems our Captain’s sensibilities have relaxed a little, darling…look.” Loki purred darkly in your ear, loud enough to make Steve shudder with need.
Your eyes travelled to Captain Rogers, panting lightly in the corner with his gaze fixed on you both. His muscled torso rose and fell sharply as his fingers repeatedly grasped the hot wood beside his hips in a desperate attempt to prevent them wandering to his cock. He was so needy. You fucking loved it.
“Our first lesson covered the mental side of seduction, Rogers” Loki began, his face buried in your neck; “…the second covers another related topic; foreplay.” His brow creased as he raised his eyes to meet Steve’s, a flash of amusement glinting as he relished the sight before him.
“Every time Y/N and I fuck, there is foreplay” he said authoritatively “it may be through words, or in deeds; but in both forms it can be just as tantalising as the act itself…” he trailed off as he sucked your earlobe again. You groaned, grinding your hips back into his crotch as your eyes fluttered shut.
Steve raised his hand.
“Yes, Rogers?” Loki inquired with bemusement.
“Why every time? Is it…necessary?” he asked, his wide eyes betraying no hint of insincerity as Loki pursed his lips; trying not to release the torrent of sarcasm seated behind them.
“It’s necessary for her pleasure, Rogers. So yes, it is necessary.” he said firmly, lowering his hands to your knees and gracefully sliding them up your thighs to meet the soft edge of the towel.
“When Y/N is truly aroused…it not only means she is able to be fully satisfied, but it is also a more pleasing experience for me.” he murmured coyly as his fingertips found their way under the edging of soft cotton covering your upper thighs. “It also makes her more willing to engage in our frequent activities…as you keenly noted yourself when you requested my help.”
Loki’s fingers brushed through your soaking folds beneath the towel, a needy moan escaping your lips as you were set alight by the small movement.
“Do you hear that, Rogers?”
Rogers nodded.
“That is the sound of a woman who desperately wants to be fucked.” he smirked, pleased at himself. “Isn’t that right, darling?”
You nodded against him, pressing your dripping pussy down towards his fingers which danced teasingly at your entrance. He obliged, sliding two long digits inside you as his thumb gently began circling your clit. You melted. The dry heat from the sauna seared your skin as the sweat from your bodies mingled. His chest moved against your back, reminding you of the delicious torso holding you steady against every gentle thrust of his hand.
Steve felt his head swim. The sight of your toes curling in pleasure, legs spread between the God of Mischief’s thighs with your bouncing bon-bons on display was almost more than he could bear. His cock ached painfully between his legs, the towel constricting against his flesh making him feel faint.
He drank in Loki’s powerful form, his brow furrowed in concentration as he read the waves of your body under his control. One hand steadied you between his thighs as the other was wrapped around your waist, arm muscles flexing as he worked your desperate icebox so…expertly. Steve shivered despite the heat. He saw Loki’s abdominal muscles clench to either side of your frame, his broad shoulders encasing you as moans of his name fell from your lips.
Without realising, Steve’s primal mind had overcome him – his towel lay spread on the wooden bench; his cock mercifully within his grip as he slid back and forth over his length. He inhaled sharply, wide eyes meeting Loki’s as the god nodded to him in approval, shooting him a wink.
Loki’s damp hair fell around his face, his eyes burning in deep satisfaction as he felt your pleasure coil around his touch. “Are you going to show Captain Rogers why you’re my best girl?” he muttered in your ear, his kaleidoscope stare never leaving Steve’s as the man’s pants grew heavier in the corner.
“Yesss baby…” you moaned; the reminder that you were being watched pushing you towards climax underneath the touch of your insatiable god.
“Say my name, darling. Remind him who you belong to.” Loki thrust his palm upwards, the pressure searing across your clit as you tumbled into ecstasy;
“Yesss, Loki…oh fuck, fuck Lokiii…”
Your cries were suffocating in the enclosed space, vibrating around the walls as you shuddered back into Loki’s firm chest; gripping his thighs underneath your needy fingertips as you came. One of Steve’s hands flew to the pine-clad wall beside him, his large palm giving a satisfying smack against the wood as he spurted his own release with a low groan.
Heavy breaths were the only noise in the sauna above the rustle of sizzling coal, condensation clustered on the glass door running gently to the ground. Loki raised the edges of your towel from the sides of your hips to cover you, kissing your cheek messily as he did so.
Rogers grasped the sides of his own towel and quickly concealed himself, wiping his hand on his thigh. You stood and walked the short distance to sit beside him, placing one hand over his as he looked up at you with trepidation in his blue eyes.
“I’m so proud of you Steve, you did so well.” you cooed, watching as his gaze softened under your honeyed tones. You rubbed his shoulder, looking back to Loki who nodded in silent approval.
“Well, Rogers…we’re going for a shower, so we’ll leave you to relax now.” Loki stood, his lazily placed covering falling to the floor revealing his long, hard cock in all its glory. He bent to pick up the towel, throwing it casually over his shoulder as Steve’s eyes widened at the sight. Gee whizz, it was even more impressive than he’d heard.
Loki registered your disapproving gaze as you glared at him, willing the mischievous god to quit his teasing.
“I think we passed the stage of being embarrassed when someone yanked off on the floor, darling – don’t you Rogers?” he said, sauntering towards the door and opening it with a flourish. You stood and took his outstretched hand, admiring his handsome face as it danced with lustful anticipation.
“We would ask you to join us, Rogers…but I don’t think you’re quite ready for that yet, do you?” Loki smacked your butt as you walked past him, winking coyly at the deflated captain as the door swung shut.
The cool air hit Steve’s face as he slumped back against the wooden bench with his eyes closed, his cock still twitching beneath the dampened towel.
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Tumblr media
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) | dir. Joe Johnston
Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, Lookin' Fierce™️ Thought I'd share this one on a larger scale after I made this for a friend! Plus, I love my 1940s boys. I know they're trying to be serious, but look how pretty they are! 😍
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Tumblr media
right where you left me
PAIRING—steve rogers x avenger!fem!reader
SUMMARY—Steve finally askes you out for a dinner date but as you sat patiently at the restaurant, where was Steve?
WARNINGS—angst, steve being a jerk, no happy ending, kinda more focused on reader
A/N—idk if this is considered a song fic but some of the lyrics of Taylor's song is written in-between paragraphs so...
Tumblr media
Matches burn after the other
Pages turn and stick to each other
Wages earned and lessons learned
But I, I'm right where you left me
The warm lights of the restaurant were supposed to make you feel cozy but contrary to what you were feeling, you felt anxious, nervous and everything all at once. It's been more than thirty minutes and Steve was still nowhere to be found. The agreed time was 7 pm and it's already close to 7:40. The slow pouring rain made your situation much more gloomy.
The anxiousness became worse as more minutes passed, Steve wasn't answering any of your texts or any of your calls. Your breathing got heavy as you clasped your hands together trying to keep your cool, deep down you were feeling scared that something bad happened to Steve. You didn't think much about what people might think of you at the moment, a beautiful woman who's sitting miserably at a cozy restaurant; alone. All you could think about is—where's Steve?
Help, I'm still at the restaurant
Still sitting in a corner I haunt
Cross-legged in the dim light
They say, "What a sad sight"
It was supposed to be a fantastic night for you because finally your long time crush Steve Rogers, Captain America finally asked you out on a date though from everyone's perspective you were totally in love with the man. You wouldn't deny that, you fought with him, bled for him and almost sacrificed everything you had for him. It was obvious but maybe not to him. You are undeniably, truly, completely and unconditionally in love with him.
You're a beautiful woman, that's what you believed but it did catch you off-guard that Steve suddenly asked you out on a date. Who wouldn't? But you've been his friend for years and you believed for the longest time Steve was always gonna love one woman and that being the one and only Peggy Carter or maybe his actual ex-girlfriend who he broke up with almost a year ago, his first love's niece, the impressive and beautiful agent Sharon Carter.
You felt pure euphoric happiness and countless butterflies danced in your stomach, it felt like a million fireworks erupted in your heart when Steve decided to ask you out. You remembered every part of that day, that night—that second that he dropped the ball and asked you the million dollar question like it was yesterday, well it was actually yesterday.
[ flashback ]
" report's suck don't they? "
" and here I thought being Captain America would excuse me from the paperwork " Steve chuckled as you sat beside him with your own reports.
" oh please your hobby is reading reports "
" I never said I liked writing them "
" well I guess were the only responsible ones here seeing as you have Natasha's pile and I have Tony's "
" more time to spend with me " Steve smirked as you breath a nervous laugh as his words caught you off-guard
" my, my Captain America being cocky? "
" don't deny it, you love my company sweetheart " Steve responds as he confidently holds your chin between his pointer finger and thumb, tilting it slightly as he makes you look at his breathtaking blue eyes. Your breath hitched momentarily.
You scoffed, turning away from him not believing Steve was actually being flirty with you.
" oh yes because everybody's dying for your presence, Oh? Mr. Rogers, would you please sign my chest? " You asked while doing a slightly higher pitched voice, you didn't want to make Steve think he can just play with you. You played along with his flirty antics as you suddenly opened your jacket making Steve choke on air which was your plan. You weren't wearing a revealing top but the action definitely caught Steve off-guard.
You laughed like an old man, having difficulty breathing as you laughed at the expression Steve did after your little stunt, his red face made you laugh uncontrollably and made you a coughing mess.
" you're not gonna win whatever game you're playing Rogers " You said as you went back to your reports, calming yourself from the laughing while Steve coughed to catch your attention once more.
" What if I wasn't playing a game? "
" Then what's with the random flirting Captain? planning on trying those moves on someone? "
" yes actually, you " He replies with no hesitation, you would've laughed if it wasn't for the serious expression he wore.
" —would you give me the honor of taking you out on a dinner date? " Steve continued as you fell silent, internally you were screaming and your heart immediately beat faster than normal as his words found your ears.
" Yes ... YES! of course " You reply with a smile, and seeing the wide grin on his face made you blush madly.
I, I swear you could hear a hair pin drop
Right when I felt the moment stop
Glass shattered on the white cloth
Everybody moved on
I, I stayed there
Dust collected on my pinned-up hair
You catch yourself smiling as you remember the events of yesterday's evening. You reminisced the comfortable silence that happened after, wide grins as the two of you did reports you didn't want to but the worst news came as you opened your phone that had a notification from Natasha. You smiled momentarily as you saw her name flash on the lock screen but your face fell immediately as you read the words she sent.
she's back
Those words made your legs feel weak as more anxiety filled your mind and your heart felt like it was slowly being chipped away by the tools used in carving stones.
please tell me it's not who I think it is
yup, Sharon's back and she went to Steve like she did nothing!
is Steve with her?
You hesitantly typed, scared of what the answer to the questions that naturally floated in your head might be. Different thoughts came to mind but you didn't want to judge Steve, he would never ditch you for his ex, not without informing you first in case he did. Wouldn't he?
Yeah ... He's with her, I'm sorry
Natasha answered, making you shut your eyes hoping everything was a dream and that the special blue dress you wore wasn't for nothing. Your eyes felt teary just as a waiter went to you asking if you needed assistance in which you replied with one bottle of wine, please. You hoped that maybe Steve would come to you after he talked to Sharon, that is if that's the only thing he was doing with her. That tiny hope ran out as you've realized you've been sitting at the cozy, warm restaurant alone and pathetically for three hours straight, you've finished the red wine long ago. Now, you just sat quietly and glanced outside where the rain stopped and the streets shined as the countless puddles reflected the street lights and shop signs.
You stayed there until the staff had to ask you to leave unless you actually ordered a meal but you didn't have the stomach to eat anything as you were just ditched by Steve, Steve the golden boy just ditched you for his bitch of an ex-girlfriend without even telling anything.
Right where you left me
You left me no, oh, you left me no
You left me no choice but to stay here forever
You left me, you left me no, oh, you left me no
You left me no choice but to stay here forever
You hailed a cab quickly after exiting the restaurant, you couldn't just walk in your state. You weren't drunk but you were probably tipsy enough to trip over nothing. The elderly cab driver dropped you off in front of the tower. You held your heels in one hand and your coat hanging loosely on your shoulders. The guard immediately let you in as he recognized you. You were sadly met by nobody inside the compound as you entered, not Steve—nobody. You knew Natasha went out for her nightly jog while the others you thought were just busy doing their own stuff.
You contemplated whether or not you'll confront Steve tonight. A couple minutes passed as you sat on the couch of the living area of the tower, your thoughts consuming you as you sat silently.
With a huff of a breath you stood up, shrugging your coat as you walked barefoot on the cold floor of the tower. You pressed the fifth floor where Steve's room is located, the ding of the elevator distracted you from your thoughts.
At the restaurant, when I was still the one you want
Cross-legged in the dim light, everything was just right
I, I could feel the mascara run
You told me that you met someone
The sound of your heart shattering was all you could hear as you watched the view In front of you—Steve and Sharon fricking Carter making out. Steve was kissing Sharon Infront of his door as she was about to leave when he heard the elevator open and there you stand, looking gorgeous in a silk blue dress. You stood pathetically in a blue dress that you wore for what would've been your date with Steve but instead you see him kissing another woman.
You momentarily spaced out, you didn't know what happened after but suddenly Steve was Infront of you and Sharon was nowhere to be found.
" Y/N! " Your eyes snap to Steve as they were previously gazing on the floor.
" So yesterday was really just a game huh? " You asked with a laugh even as your heart broke more that it already was, even if you knew that it was Sharon who owned his heart. You confidently looked at him straight in the eyes with your teary ones.
" Y/N I—Sharon was just here and she wanted to get back together and to be honest I still kinda have feelings for ... her " Steve tried to explain, failing as he saw the disappointment on your face, he knew it was an asshole move to ditch you but Sharon just knew how to keep him from leaving, to pull him back into their own little world.
He did genuinely like you, he did but Sharon made him think that she's the one, the only woman who'll truly make him happy and he stupidly believed that. His mind desperately believed Sharon and him were meant to be, that the break up was just a test on their relationship even as his heart silently shouted your name. He just didn't see how perfect you were for him.
" of course, it's always going to be her, she's perfect—she's a Carter after all " You brokenly said, sadness and jealousy evident in your voice. A bitter tone encasing your words as you felt rage.
" I liked you , I really do, you're a beautiful woman but Sharon is just ... and you’ll find someone better than me " Steve said while trying to hold your hand but you turned away completely giving him a cold shoulder.
" I understand perfectly Steve, you owe me no loyalty and that's okay—I guess I just expected more from you " your voice low as all your disappointment and heartbreak was put into words.
" No, i-its, I know that was not respectful of me to just leave you hanging and ditching our date but Sharon was just suddenly here and then she just kissed me and I—I caved, look I know this looks bad but— "
" Again, it's my mistake to have high expectations and if you'll excuse me I had a whole bottle of wine so I feel a bit sleepy, goodnight Steven " You replied as you quickly turned away from him and wiped the tears that threatened to fall.
“ Y/N … shit “ you heard Steve mutter as you entered the elevator but you ignored his words as you felt so close to breaking down, maybe you fell for him more than you realized as you felt like your heart was shattered to a thousand pieces.
I'm right where you left me
You left me no, oh, you left me no
You left me no choice but to stay here forever
You quickly walked out on Steve, the elevator ride felt like forever and as you unlocked your room you immediately dropped down on the floor. A deep sigh came out of your lips as you rested your head on the large metal door of your room, tears immediately escaping your eyes.
" how could I be so stupid!? God! , you just had to fall in love with someone like him huh? yes, how could little ol' me be ever good enough for the great Captain America, Sharon’s just perfect so—perfect and she’s beautiful ... she's gorgeous "
" How could Steve not love her? "
You talked to yourself hoping Steve wouldn't hear it with his super hearing ability. You sat and stared at the ceiling questioning how stupid it was to actually think Steve was a perfect guy, well not perfect but you at least expected that he wasn't a jerk like the other guy's you've dated.
You didn't know how long you stayed on the floor crying as you felt intense heartbreak, ironic that he wasn't even yours to lose, but you stayed there crying your heart out—probably longer than the time you spent waiting at the restaurant.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
is it a cry i hear (from the deep wood)
Made in collaboration with @thedamageofherdays for the @shrunkyclunksbang
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Captain America Steve Rogers/Modern Bucky Barnes
Tags: Shrunkyclunks, Post-avengers (2012), Witch and Gardener Bucky Barnes, Gender Non-Conforming Bucky Barnes, Angst with a Happy Ending, Friends to Lovers, Mutual Pining, Steve’s (not so) stellar mental health
Length: 58k | This fic is complete, with chapters going up everyday for a week.
When Steve wakes up in a body that isn’t his and in a city he does not know, he finds refuge in the role of Captain America and the endless grind of missions. He spends nearly every night on the rooftop of the tower, smoking useless cigarettes and wanting to go home. Enter Bucky Barnes, a garden witch with a quiet life tasked with creating a rooftop garden for Stark Industries. As long as he ignores the yearning for something unnamed, he’s content.  Sometimes, fate has a funny habit of drawing the right people together.
Read it on AO3!
Check out the excerpt below the cut!
With sudden courage, Bucky moves close and brushes hair off of Steve’s face, fitting two fingers under his chin to tilt his face up and look at his wounds. “Can I?” He asks, thumb brushing over a dark green bruise, “I can heal this.”
“The seru–” Steve begins to protest, but he cuts himself off, pushing his cheek into Bucky’s hands.
Steve’s cheek is scratchy with the first hints of stubble, skin warm against his palm. Bucky reaches into the depths of his magic, places he hasn’t touched in a long time, and wills Steve’s wounds to heal. A fire burns behind his eyes, a green glow settles on each wound, and rings of light wind around Steve’s hurt leg.
When the magic recedes, Bucky tastes ozone in the air. “There you go. All healed.” He pats Steve’s cheek and forces himself to let go.
Steve raises a hand to his face, his face filled with honest wonder. “What kind of – and I’m sorry if it’s rude – but what kind of witch are you?”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jamesbuchenan · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, what made you so special? Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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stevenatsource · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Steve Rogers + army uniforms in Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
requested by anonymous
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unearthlydust · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
CHRIS EVANS as STEVE ROGERS Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sersi · 4 months ago
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wiresmother · 4 months ago
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favorite all the Steggy quotes. (i, ii, iii)
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beyondthefold · 4 months ago
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CHRIS EVANS as CAPTAIN AMERICA / STEVE ROGERS Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) | dir. Joe Johnston
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a7estrellas · 12 months ago
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“I’m still that skinny kid from Brooklyn...”
- Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - What If...? (2021)
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tomhollander · a month ago
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Captain America: The First Avenger (2011), dir. Joe Johnston
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thatisentertainment · 6 months ago
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alikat7 · 9 months ago
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More pics from The World of Marvel
Other two posts:  X   XXX
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