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#steve rogers headcanon

Dating Steve Rogers Would Include


Originally posted by karadanverss

  • He’d initially be drawn to you, but would be too nervous to speak to you.
  • Natasha, Sam, and Tony notice his interest in you and take it upon themselves to try to get you two together.
  • You’d both bond over a shared annoyance of the group’s meddling.
  • In the beginning, Steve would turn into a blushing mess when left alone with you.
  • Wasn’t used to PDA, but now he’ll always reach for your hand in public.
  • Steve being touch starved.
  • Cuddling you as songs play on a radio is one of Steve’s favorite ways to spend his day.
  • Tony and Sam always teasing you about your relationship.
  • Being worried about him during missions.
  • Caring for him emotionally when he comes back from missions because he physically heals quickly, but his mental health is a different story.
  • Encouraging him to see a therapist, but still taking it upon yourself to try to soothe him when he has nightmares or breakdowns.
  • It taking a while for Steve to open up to you.
  • Steve usually keeps his fears and worries to himself unless you encourage him to talk to you about them.
  • Steve being extremely appreciative of you.
  • Steve not knowing how to cook many dishes, but taking cooking lessons to try to impress you.
  • Remembering and celebrating every birthday and anniversary.
  • Him allowing you to tease him about his birthday being the 4th of July.
  • Showing you the places he used to go to when he was growing up.
  • Telling you about his mom and what his life was like.
  • Wanting to start a family with you.
  • Before, Steve always thought he’d never get the opportunity to have a peaceful life or a family because of his appearance and lack of money.
  • When he woke up in a new era, he became pessimistic about his dream life because everyone saw him as Captain America, rather than just Steve Rogers.
  • When he found you, he became convinced that there was still hope for a relatively happy life after all.

A/N: These are my first headcanons, so I hope you guys like it! If you enjoy Steve fics, I have a new fic coming soon. :)


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NSFW Alphabet

Please do not steal or repost my content. Reblogs are welcome.

Smut and mentions of sex toys ahead.



A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

Steve is the King of aftercare. Anything you want, you will get. As soon as you are done he’ll hold you for a minute. Staying inside committing the memory in his mind.

Then he’ll get up clean you up. Sometimes, if you’re up for it, he gets turned on by your fucked out pussy and plays with it for a while. But most of the times he cleans you both up before snuggling you whispering sweet nothings, holding your hand, kissing you everywhere and making sure you know just how much he loves you.

B = Body Part (Their favorite body part)

Steve is the furthest thing from vain. He doesn’t think about which body part he loves the most on you. He loves all of you. He won’t say no to seeing your curves in a nice dress every now and then though.

He’s fascinated by his biceps. People compliment him on them all the time and he gets why. He loves how small you look in them when he holds you.

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  • Tony Stark wasn’t a huge fan of yours.
  • He considered Steve to be his best friend, and when you came into the picture, he had a feeling you were only using Steve for his money. He was vocal about it to, even when you were around. 
  • It finally reared its ugly head during a small get together that Steve hosted for Bucky’s birthday. 
  • You had been standing in the kitchen, overseeing the chef’s dinner plans. You weren’t the type to cook, but you enjoyed fine dining and wanted to make sure everything was perfect, so Steve didn’t have to stress about it. Because you actually cared about the man. 
  • Tony, slightly tipsy and in the need to start a quarrel, came into the kitchen to ask about more drinks when he spotted you. 
  • “I know what you’re up to,” he said as he pointed an accusatory finger near your face. “You’re just using Steve, and you’re going to leave him once you suck all the money from his bank account.” 
  • He didn’t know this, but everyone in the living room could hear him. He wasn’t the quietest person known to man. 
  • You sighed and took a sip of your champagne. You had a feeling if you didn’t say something, Steve would step in and say something. 
  • It was the last thing you wanted. Steve deserved to focus on nothing but celebrating his best friend living another year. 
  • “Tony, Tony, Tony.”
  • You looked at your fingernails, feeling annoyed at the conversation you were about to have again. But you weren’t going to admit he got under your skin. 
  • “If I wanted to be a gold digger, I would have gone after you, sweetie,” you replied coolly. “But I have taste in men, and I’m not interested in your money.” 
  • I have taste in men - it was the only thing Tony heard. 
  • You patted him on the shoulder and moved to step out of the kitchen, but you stopped long enough to say one final thing. 
  • “If you ever try to ruin a night Stevie has been looking forward to all month again, I’ll end you, Stark.” 
  • You made sure to only say it loud enough for him to hear. You didn’t want anyone else to know that you were threatening him because you really weren’t the menacing type - you were just fiercely protective of Steve. 
  • Sam and Bucky watched the exchange from afar, and Bucky couldn’t help but let a smirk spread across his face. 
  • “I like her,” he said.
  • Sam nodded. “Anyone who can put Stark in his place is the best kind of woman for Steve.”
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Originally posted by cevansdorito


  • Steve and you start going out on dates mainly to museums to learn about the time between 1945 -2011
  • You guys also walk around Brooklyn a lot to see if there any old stomping ground spots still intact
  • While you would head to work at SHIELD being a lab assistant to the tesseract, Steve would head to the gym and box til around the time you got off of work
  • You told Fury that if he works on the tesseract, that he has to do minimal testing because you are still tethered to it   
  • When you were not being an assistant at SHIELD, Fury would have you train and test your tether to the tesseract 
  • After a couple trials, they figured that the injection of the tesseract had given you the abilities to not only levitate objects but yourself as well, manipulate wormholes to transport yourself between vast amounts of land, and creating/harness the energy equivalent to a sun 

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Originally posted by ifoundkylo

(Post Arctic crash)

  • You were in the command room when Steve went down with Schmidt’s ship in the Arctic
  • “(Y/N), I know it seems like a bad time to ask but when I come back, save me a dance?” “Just as long as you’re not late Steve”  
  • You helped the original expedition for Schmidt’s ship, with Howard Stark, seeing if you could at least recover a body to mourn over
  • You couldn’t properly express the grief you had for the two men you loved dearly with normal funerals 
  • On another expedition trip, without Stark, your ship was intercepted by a Hydra submarine 

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Originally posted by 3intheam

  • You work as a historian at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum at The Captain America and The Howling Commandos exhibit 
  • Of course not wanting to be noticed in public, he wore a disguise
  • You asked if he needed help finding anything or wanted to know anything about Captain America and The Howling Commandos
  • He politely declined, being the gentlemen he is, but said he will find you if he needs help
  • Over time, Steve would visit the exhibit to reminisce Bucky and his friends and you always would offer help or knowledge 
  • Having nobody from his time was hard enough as it was in the age of technology, however having someone who at least had knowledge and an understanding of his time was better than nothing 
  • Eventually you two start conversing about WW2 and the missions the Howling Commandos would go on, which would carry onto his interest in the exhibit but Steve would always give a vague answer
  • Finally after conversing over the course of a few weeks, he asked if you wanted to grab a coffee after your shift with the actual him as Steve
  • You say yes and tell him that you knew he was Steve Rogers when he first started coming around 
  • “To be honest Steve, I recognized you when you first came to the exhibit. The hat and sunglasses do not fool anyone” 


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Hello, hello!  Another Weekend Reading.  I am absolutely exhausted so I am going to make this short and sweet!  Hope you all are doing well!

Pull Me Close Just to Disappear by @hopelessromanticspoonie Loki x Reader-  The angst!  The feels!  This exactly how I expect Loki to react.  This just killed me.  

Stark Naked & Strangely Embarrassed by @melanoms​  Tony Stark x Stephen Strange x Reader-  Hot and funny!  The classic mine is bigger than yours scenario.  I loved this interaction.  I want more of this relationship.

Untitled Jonathan Pine Drabble  by @yespolkadotkitty  Jonathan Pine x Reader-   Three words- raging hard on.  When you read it you will know why!  I loved this one.  So funny.  

Euphoria by @tranquil–heart  Loki x Reader- super short (100 words) but oh so hot!  I melted reading this.  

Smutty Cap Headcanon #1  by @smutty-satan  Steve Rogers- Again, so hate.  I 100% buy into these!  Fuck yes!

And there you go. Short and sweet.  Catch you all next weekend!  Apologies for the short post, but I am absolutely knackered, just fall into bed and sleep forever tired.  Love you all!

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  • so dom!Steve is out here doing public humiliation?
  • you two are out with Bucky and Natasha.
  • and it’s going great.
  • except for the fact that Steve forced you to go without underwear.
  • you’re laughing at some stupid joke Bucky makes.
  • which makes Steve a little jealous.
  • he squeezes your thigh and you cease all laughter.
  • Natasha notices this.
  • “lighten up a little, Rogers. no one’s taking her away from you.”
  • you mouth a silent “thank you.” and down the rest of your wine.
  • he’s getting bored, so he starts running a hand up your leg, starting at your shin.
  • you swat his hand away.
  • he doesn’t like that.
  • “stop it. not here.” you say.
  • “yes. now shut the fuck up.” he growls.
  • you squirm in your seat as your friends excuse themselves.
  • you’re now alone with Steve, leaving him free to fuck with you however he wants.
  • “you’re not wearing any panties, correct?”
  • you nod your head and he smirks.
  • “kinda want to take you to the bathroom, fuck you stupid in there.” he says nonchalantly.
  • all you can do is close your eyes and take a deep breath, catching it in your throat when he gets to the sensitive areas of your thighs.
  • “Steve, for fuck’s sake!” you hiss at him.
  • he slaps your thigh. hard.
  • there’s a welt starting to form.
  • you hold in your tears.
  • “hush, babydoll. I’m sorry.” Steve says with faux remorse.
  • “no the fuck you’re not.”
  • “you’re right, I’m not. now open them just a little more for me, yeah?”
  • reluctantly, you obey him and open your legs wider.
  • “fuck…” he groans out quietly as his fingers find your wet pussy.
  • you shut your eyes and purse your lips, not wanting to draw more attention.
  • you feel Steve’s lips touch your ear.
  • “you’re loving this just as much as me.”
  • “will you fucking stop?”
  • he grips the sore spot on your thigh, making you wince.
  • “no. because all of this is mine. I can do whatever the fuck I want with it and you have no control over that. understood?”
  • you hang your head and nod again.
  • you stay quiet, gasping in shock as he forces your hand on his hard cock, covered by his boxers.
  • “what? did you think it would be just you having all the fun?” he rasps.
  • we can classify this as dark!Steve, right?
  • this was also much shorter than my other headcanons, sorry about that, lovelies!
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Avengers as Different Water Brands

summary: HEADCANON TIME!!!!! time to put something new out to hold yall over while I work on the full fics!!


Originally posted by prison-mikes-bandana


Tony: Voss water. because all the pretentious people in my town drink it and it just fits Tony.

Steve: Dasani because it looks good in a moment of thirst but then you drink it and it leaves a bad taste in your mouth like an unchanged brita filter.

Bucky: Fiji. it just looks like something he’d carry around in his hand simply because he saw a group of people drinking it and thought it was cool.

Sam: Nestle Pure Life. It reminds me of days on the beach with your family and your grandparents pack the cooler and bring this brand but it’s not a bad thing because it quenches your thirst quickly with a clean taste.

Natasha: Deer Park. Because it tastes like minerals and the chemicals from the cheap plastic and her character is like if you were to sit and eat a bag of rocks.

Clint: Smart Water. Tart. Thinks he’s cool but he’s like at the bottom of everyone’s list.

T’Challa: Mountain Valley Spring Water. His character is rejuvenating and he just looks like he tastes good. The kind to kill your thirsty easily because the drinkability is so high.

Thor: Evian. Because the electrolytes are so high and he can be a bit overbearing and. Worry of over hydrating.

Carol: Aquafina. Acidic, even though you can still drink it, it’s not quite… preferred.

Peter: Essentia. Because who doesn’t like a good alkalized water that’s good for you? 

Rhodey: JUST Water brand. He’s a refreshing character, always coming in with the needed comedy and logic. Good for the environment.

Wanda: Tap water. I like it, but only when I’m in the mood for it and kind of a last resort in some situations…

Vision: Muddy rain water. He pisses me off and reminds me of the water that gets in your crocs when you accidentally step in a puddle.

Scott: Propel. His character always brings a different flavor to the scene. Good to have if you want water but want a little *tongue pop*

Dr. Strange: Perrier. Seems like a good idea because it looks so fancy but then you taste the carbonation and realize it tastes like bricks. You don’t wanna finish the bottle but you don’t wanna waste it either since it’d be money wasted, so you try to either take sips or give it to someone who is naive to the flavor. Might even poor some down the drain then drink the rest that’s at the bottom to feel better about yourself.

Pietro: Crystal Geyser. kinda like his bad dye job… good if you’re on a budget.

Maria: Blk Water. Looks intimidating but kinda just like other water. Nothing special.

Fury: Liquid Death. Looks scary because of the name but then you drink it and find out it’s false advertisment.


Hi, I hope this made yall laugh like it did with me when I wrote it!

Like, comments and reblogs are always appreciated!!

tags: @blackreaders-assemble@babybubastis@mbaku-babygirl@yournonlocalpoc@spideys-wife@vozit@chonisberonica@curlyhairclub@mokacoconut@unicornslothfish@warmchick@huh-i-guess@here-for-your-bullshit@plussizedwriter@crawlingnightmares@valentinevirgo@joyofbebbanburg@iamzion-therealhabesha@retroxvailles@champangebucky@sambucky8@princess-toshii@sebbyslut@titty-teetee@ilovefanfic86@valkyriesnymph@dumbchick@veryhellshdia@persephones24@xye-weirdo@disaster-rose@micki-smiles@hisxblackxqueen

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New Beginnings


Authors note- I promised you filth now I’m gonna deliver😈. Can be read as a sequel to white horse or a stand alone.

I’m sorry for subjecting y'all to this

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Summary- You and Steve are ready to take the next step in your relationship.

Warnings- smut, loss of virginity, mentions of voyeurism, mentions of sex toys, dub con(if you squint impossibly hard)

Word count- 2.5k (scroll to the middle if you wanna skip to smut)


It had been over two weeks since the incident at the club. You were still traumatised from it. You felt a bit guilty about it, Steve and your other friends had been through so much worse their entire lives but you barely ever see them complaining about it.

And really it wasn’t even that bad. You didn’t have a single scratch from it, you had no right to feel so scared. You weren’t some dainty precious coward princess.

You woke up heaving and gasping for breathe. It was the same nightmare third night in a row. This time you were being held hostage in a bank robbery. It was always some variation of what had happened at the club. You looked at the time on your phone. It was 2 am.

Steve was in London. He’d be awake right now. He had been extremely patient with you. He insisted he didn’t have to go on the mission, he wanted to take care of you. But you didn’t want to take advantage of his caring nature insisted he go and you’d call him if anything goes wrong.

You stared at his contact in your phone contemplating the idea. You didn’t want him to worry, but at the same time you would hope he shared his troubling thoughts with you. You can’t expect him to be completely vulnerable with you without doing the same yourself.

Finally you sighed and called him. He picked up on the second ring.

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What would Steve and Bucky do during quarantine? 

  • Bucky is used to order so he’d be losing his grasp on sanity by day three
  • Steve sees it as an opportunity for romantic couple bonding time
  • Steve would dive back into his art career
  • Bucky has become fascinated by cooking shows 
  • So Bucky tries to get Steve in the kitchen to help him make something
  • It turns into a food fight
  • “You got eggs in my hair! I just fucking washed it this morning!”
  • He then proceeds to dump flour on Steve’s head 
  • They end up the floor with Bucky on top of Steve and a flour hand print on Bucky’s ass
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Definitely Steve stays in bed with Bucky instead of going running
  • “Running is illegal now anyway.” 
  • Also they are most likely fucking on every possible surface 
  • Kitchen counter? Yes
  • In the floor? Yup
  • On the dresser? You bet
  • In front of the mirror? Already done that
  • Can Sam here them? Absolutely
  • Does he wish he lost his ability to hear? Definitely
  • Hotel? Trivago 
  • “Steve we’re basically immune.”
  • They are not leaving the house
  • Steve already had the government on his ass once and he ain’t doin’ it again
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White horse


Originally posted by ifoundkylo

Authors note- thanks to @jtargaryen18​ for helping me with this even though she was busy! shes such a sweetheart. title is inspired by the song by taylor swift. happy reading💕

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here’s part two

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Summary- It takes you almost dying for you to confess your love to Steve

Tw: life threatening situations, guns


Steve Rogers was perfect. There was literally nothing wrong with him. He was unlike anyone you had ever met. He opened doors for you, he was respectful, and just so gosh darn cute! When he’d scratch his neck, a blush creeping up whenever you put your hand on his thigh or said handsome he was.

He was unlike anyone you had ever met or dated. Although the bar for that is pretty low. He was supportive of your career. Often encouraging you to make decisions that scare you. He took care of you without making you feel small. He was an amazing listener who didn’t mind listening to your rambles or rants at all.

He reminded you of a golden retriever. Mostly because of the golden hair and how he’d pout and make puppy eyes whenever something didn’t go his way. Also because he was fiercly loyal, attentive and fun to be around.

Sure he had his flaws. Like how he absolutely did not think before acting or how reckless and stubborn he was. Or how he always has to have things a certain way. You can’t keep the wet towel on the sofa or it will get wet. Or how you can’t wear your shoes inside his apartment.

But you didn’t mind these flaws one bit. You barely even considered them flaws, he was absolutely flawless and amazing in your eyes. You loved him with all your heart and being. But then… why couldn’t you say it?

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!reader

Word Count: 6.1k

Summary: The battle is over, and life is starting to pick up the pieces. You have one final mission complete, and there’s only one person you can imagine having by your side during the mission.

Warnings: Crying, mentions of injuries, mentions of death, life crisis, there’s probably a curse word or two knowing me, lewd comments

A/N: AT LAST, THE FINAL SEQUEL! This has been a wild ride and, honestly, I have been enjoying it so much! As always, I hope you enjoy! Btw if I do any followup stories, I will 100% be tagging the taglist I have, but none of the followups are intended to be a continuation, just a “fill-in-the-blanks” of sorts. Idk but I have ideas and if anybody ever requests anything I will for sure post it

Previous Part | Masterlist

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Omg i had this strong urge to cry idek man. If y’all have some fic that might make me cry (preferably Bucky x Reader ) i’d love to read it cuz I JUST NEED TO CRY OK HELP A SISTER OUT. 😭😭🥺

Also let’s take a moment to celebrate 1 year anniversary where my heart got broken by Avengers Endgame.

Oh. I think that’s why i want to cry.

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Dating Peter Parker and Being Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter’s Granddaughter Would Include…


Originally posted by avengerscompound


Originally posted by cosytom

•Meeting Peter after the snap. After Steve when back in time and spent his life with a Peggy you popped into existence and all of a sudden you were a student at Peter’s school

•Peter not being able to stop himself from fan boying when he learns who your grandfather is

•Since you inherited some of Steve’s super soldier abilities through DNA, you end up becoming a young superhero like Peter

•The two of you becoming closer the more you team up to fight crime

  • “We’re such a good team! You’re like the Steve to my Bucky”
  • “Yeah… wait doesn’t that mean I’m the guy with the cool metal arm?”

•Sam and Bucky noticing that Peter might have a crush on you and since your grandpa isn’t around they take it upon themselves to be protective of you

•The two of them backing off a bit when you admit that you like Peter too and you eventually start dating

•Falcon and the Winter Soldier still making sure to give Peter the talk

  • “We know [Y/N] can look after herself”
  • “But if you hurt her we’ll break you”
  • “U-understood”

•You and Peter having silly nicknames for each other like Cap Jr and Spidey

•Training together and you always managing to best Peter

•Peter helping you add any new high tech attachments to your shield

  • “I think we should add this here”
  • “I love that idea”

•Your boyfriend being there to encourage you whenever you start to have doubts about whether or not you’re making Steve proud

•Being the best and most adorable superhero team ever

tags: @fangirlsarah16 / @teenwaywardasgardian / @sheridans-dynamos / @shadowcatgirl09 / @johnnyshellby / @locke-writes / @gruffle1 / @rabeccablake


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Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!reader

Word Count: 5.5k

Summary: The time heist was successful, but losses were made. It’s time to assemble the gauntlet and end this thing for good. But is this really the end?

Warnings: Endgame, character death, mourning, cursing, mentions of experimentation, survivor’s guilt, HYDRA, backhanded comments, lewd comments/situations (still v PG-13 in this sense, not so much the language), violence, Everybody Will Live AU (*insert the Doctor Who gif here*)

A/N: WELCOME TO THE SEQUEL OF THE SEQUEL OF- this is old. Okay fr tho we’re almost done! One more part! Holy crap! This is a rough chapter but hopefully everyone loves it cuz things should get a LITTLE BIT easier in the last one? I hope?

Past Part | Masterlist

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  • Moving into a new home is a slow process.
  • You spend a lot of time working with a realtor to make sure you find a place that has everything you want and need. Steve isn’t the type to compromise when it comes to a place he plans on raising his family. 
  • He wants a home that isn’t in a neighborhood. He’s always hated the idea of suburban living with nosey neighbors and regulations on how tall the grass in the yard needed to be. HOAs are a nightmare, and he’d hate to lose his temper on people who think they are “bettering their community.”
  • He also wants a big yard so he can build things for his children to enjoy. Jungle gyms. Tree houses. Anything to make sure they have everything he didn’t have growing up. 
  • A pool is also a must. You know you can hire someone to take care of it, and pay them well, so you wanted a large pool. Maybe with a waterfall or something similar. 
  • You want a garden and a porch swing. Something beautiful that you can tend to during the day, and when it gets too hot, you can sit under the shade of the porch and enjoy a lemonade or a sweet tea. And it’s a perfect spot to watch the kids when they’re running around the yard. 
  • You claim you don’t need a huge house, but Steve knows you’ll need lots of room. 
  • Two bedrooms for the kids. 
  • One master bedroom with a bathroom. 
  • A guest room and a guest bathroom. 
  • A home office. 
  • An art studio for you with lots of natural lighting. 
  • You’ll eventually cave and let him have an arcade room so he and the kids will have something entertaining to do on rainy days. But you insist on having the older arcade machines - Pac-Man and Galaga are the best ones. 
  • You realtor has a lot cut out for her, but she knows she’ll find the perfect place for you. And it helps that you’re giving her a bonus for dealing with your picky asses. 
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