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#steve rogers imagines
pitifulbaby · 15 hours ago
we deserved better ⤿ prologue
pairings: stucky x reader, steve x reader x bucky
chapter warning: hospital, angst, anxiety
a/n: hello! welcome to the start of a stucky x reader story! like every normal person before i go to bed i fantasize about random characters ( as you do. ) and for a while i have always had this specific one. and so after much thought i have decided to write it out into a story! i haven't written a full length story in quite a long time so it might be rather rough and that i am sorry. a few things though before i start this, i tried and make it as accurate to the movies as it can be to fit my story, obviously some things are changed. i also tried to make it as historically accurate as well but again, to fit into this story it probably might not be as correct. before each chapter there will be a warning for it on what to prepare for it. please let me know if you enjoy this and if you would like to see more!
Tumblr media
Cold, numb, heavy.. that’s how you felt. The sounds of beeping slowly became louder and louder, then the sound of voices in the back. The voices sounded muffled, far away- perhaps in a room over. Your chest started to fall up and down rapidly, strength starting to make its self ever so present in your body as you felt your hands start to shake. 
Were they shaking because you were so cold? Who knows. With much effort you managed to open your eyes. It was a slow and hard process, who knew opening your eyes could be so difficult? Once opened it took a moment for you to adjust to the bright lights in the room, it was a mixture of fluorescent and natural you noticed.  
Why does everything look so odd? That was the next thing you noticed, managing to move your head from side to side as you looked around as much as you could, heart rate picking up which then alerted the people in your room. Where is this place? You wanted to say it was a hospital, but this isn’t what hospitals look like. Every thing seemed so sleek and modern, but, a strange modern. The only way you could describe what it looked like was as if the stark expo you went to in 43’ threw up in this room, but extra? Did that make sense? Probably not, gosh, how long were you sleeping for? Last thing you remember was… what do you remember last?
During your intense inner battle you zoned out, staring at the ceiling with furrowed brows. “She’s awake!” Was what snapped you out of it, blinking rapidly before your gaze turned to a Doctor, she stood to your left, checking your vitals before another Doctor soon walked to your right, he smiled softly at you. “Glad to see you awake, miss.” He started, inhaling deeply before continuing. “My name is Doctor Bruce Banner,” soon he pointed to the lady next to you, “That is Doctor Helen Cho.”  
You then heard shuffling at the end of your bed, looking towards the noise and seeing a tall male with an eye patch staring at you, his arms crossed over his chest- it was like he was studying you. It caused a chill to run down your spine and your heart rate to spike, the beeping getting faster as you looked at the two doctors once again before settling your gaze back on Dr. Bruce. You blinked a few more times, trying to figure something out, you went to move to sit up but you soon realized you were strapped down by your arms and legs, panic starting to bubble up. Almost like a flash you started to remember the last thing. A strange big tube? No, a chamber. A struggle, much of a struggle, then cold.
“Please-“ You managed to gasp out, tugging at the restraints with wide eyes, these people seemed different from the others, but you can’t trust anyone when they have you tied to a bed in a hospital- and a strange looking one at that. A gentle hand was soon placed on your left shoulder, causing you to snap your eyes to the source. Helen? You think was her name had a soft smile on her face, “Its okay- just calm down, nothing is going to hurt you.” Her voice was gentle with you, but it soothed you- and you didn’t think it would. Swallowing nervously you nodded a few moments later, regretting doing that because it felt as if you swallowed sand and your throat felt like it was torn with glass.  
After you nodded your full name was said from the man at the foot of your bed, snapping your head to stare at him. “My name is director Nick Fury, but you can call me Nick.” His voice was booming, not loud, but assertive, he was obviously the one in charge. As if the title director didn’t make it ever so known. He uncrossed his arms after he stated his name, mumbling to the two doctors to undo your restraints.  
With a sound of four clicks you were free from the shackles, slowly and weakly you shifted to a sitting position, keeping your eyes wearily on the three people in the room.
Once you were seated, Nick pulled a chair up to your bed and sat in it- you cringed at the sound of the metal on tile. You noticed an odd feeling, the feeling of being watched. Now yes, there were three people in the room staring at you and watching your every move. But it felt like there was more, you turned and looked around the room again, eyes stopping at a door, who knew where that led to. To the left of the door was a mirror, it was an odd placement for a mirror.. was it really a mirror? Why did you feel like when you looked at the mirror you weren’t looking at yourself but through it? After looking at the mirror you had to look away, not wanting to stare at yourself for any longer. You looked like a mess.
You didn’t know what lied behind that door, behind those walls. Looking back around the room you finally looked at Nick once more, his gaze was strong and felt heavy, causing you to want to look down at your hands, nervously picking the skin to the sides of your nails. “You went missing in 1946, you were presumed dead in 47’.” Nick started to speak once more, his words shocked you. “Its been a year?” You finally spoke, shocked, a year? It didn’t feel like a year, it felt like a few months and some days. “No.” He spoke with a deep inhale. “Its been 74 years.” And just like that, everything changed.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Steve sat there as the screen lit up. The video playing was taken a few months prior at your baby shower. “I don’t know what the baby is” you laughed a little, your grin lighting up the frame like fireworks against a blackened sky.
“Don’t tell Steve but I have the name picked if it’s a boy…..Steven Grant James Rogers Jr,” you smiled. “I thought It would be a nice surprise” you giggled. “And if it’s a girl?” The voice, who belonged to Wanda asked from behind the camera.
“Oh Steve fully believes it’s a girl. I think boy, but I’ve been tossing girl names around so we’ll see” you smiled happily again.
“Steve Rogers is my best friend, I wouldn’t want to live this life without him. Everything I do, I do for Steve” your voice came over the film as video played of you and Steve, dancing and laughing, opening gifts and just soaking up all the love for each other.
“How is he?” Wanda whispered to Tony as they peeked in the theater room, the song “All I Want” by Kodaline played softly in the background.
“How do you think? He’s been there for two days. It’s been three months. You should go talk to him”
All I want is nothing more
To hear you knocking at my door
Cause if I could see your face once more
I could die a happy man I'm sure
When you said your last goodbye
I died a little bit inside
I lay in tears in bed all night
Alone without you by my side
But If you loved me
Why'd you leave me
Take my body
“I’m the last person he wants to see” Wanda whispered. “I got it,” Bruce said quietly and walked into the room. “Hey Steve….how are you?” He asked quietly.
“She was so beautiful….and he killed her…..he killed them both….” Steve said as tears filled his eyes.
“Thanos killed my family” Steve whispered as a sob broke through. The film stopped with you grinning up at the camera and a hand on your belly, that look forever burned in Steve’s mind. That was how he would remember you, forever and always.
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fanfic-for-readers · 2 days ago
Upcoming Fic’s:
Hey, so I thought I’d give you a list of fic’s coming up next so here’s the next five :)
1. The Soldat’s Printsessa (Joaquin Torres) - this one-shot fic includes; Joaquin Torres, Bucky Barnes, Howard Stark, Maria Stark, and Tony Stark.
2, 3, and 4. This isn’t You ~ Part 1, 2, and 3 (Steve Rogers) {Requested} - this three part mini-series fic includes Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter, Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Sam, Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, etc...
5. Wait... Rogers?! (Bucky Barnes) ~ Part 20 - this ongoing series fic includes; Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Baby Barnes 1 and 2, and surprise character.
As always if you would like to be tagged in any of my work or on a permenant tage list please let me know by commenting or messaging me :) xx
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heli0s-writes · 3 months ago
The text post about “ your fav is fucking his fist rn thinking of you” please lord let it be for Steve ( I’m. Late I know)
a/n: heheh it is :) 1.5k words of male masturbation ayyye. also, if you have not already, go check out @heavenbarnes’ ficlet, which haunts me everyday. please stop reading if you are not 18+
brooklyn after dark masterlist
Tumblr media
slow hands*
Steve jerks off— a lot.
Even before the serum, when he was just any other violently hormonal, grass-fed, free-range human boy, instinct couldn’t be denied. Even after a long period of reflection during his catechism days, he wasn’t able to make heads or tales out of why any creator might give two shits about whether or not Steve fucks his hand.
Now as a whopping 200-pound slab of grade-A, laboratory-engineered, serum-enhanced super-soldier, if he doesn’t pump one out every twenty-four hours, it’s hard to focus on much else. All of that unbridled testosterone crawls right up behind his eyes and his brain fizzles at the edges, agitated like an animal in a cage.
(So, although it’s mostly pleasure, it’s also necessity.)
He knows that it’s best before bed because early mornings or while showering requires working within the constraints of a ticking clock; if he’s got a packed schedule and needs a quick rub, fine, but not his favorite.
He knows that he likes certain activities, and if he’s looking at porn, specific categories and maybe a few performers will fit a niche—but sometimes he’ll spiral into a hundred other videos and he’s stayed up one (or five) too many nights doing that.
More than anything, Steve knows nothing beats his imagination, and he knows the best lies you can tell are ones with a bit of truth attached to them.
So, he plays a little game.
He thinks about you.  
Cheeky you, who’s always teasing him about taking life too seriously. So prim and proper, Steve, you purr, always Mr. Punctual. Aren’t you tired of being nice? Loosen up—go dancing, meet a girl, have a one-night stand; fuck with the lights on for once.
Hm. Sure he’d like to, but all he’s got is about forty-five minutes before bed because he’s frankly too busy (see: stubborn, see: not interested in just any girl) for anything else.
For forty-five minutes, Steve takes a moment of truth and runs warp speed into the burning sunset with it.
The time you put your hand in his hair to fix a flyaway before a press conference—what if you gripped it hard, instead? Your candy pink lip gloss on Friday evening—what if it smudged off on his jaw, his collar, his eager cock? How you looked lifting out of the pool with rivulets of water dribbling into the hollow of your throat—what if he pressed his cheek to it, drank from it?
(The expression that might cross your face when you realize Steve would very much like to fuck you with the lights on.)
When you kissed him on that mission in Thailand, sliding into his lap to hide the both of you in a corner nook of a restaurant. The taste of sweetened coffee passed from your mouth to his, and he couldn’t help but dart his tongue out. You playfully scolded him about taking advantage of a dangerous situation (it wasn’t that dangerous), and despite all your usual attitude, it was surprisingly cute how you couldn’t make eye contact afterwards, making him want to kiss you again just to figure you out.
Last night—when you smiled, the glimmer in your eyes like a sliver of moonlit coin and if he blinked at the wrong time, he might have missed it. Your breathy laugh, your little giggle, how you raggedly pant while you spar, he thinks about those sounds mingled with his name. Your weight, a perfect amount of pressure crawling on top of him, mapping out the expanse of his chest.
He’d be happy just to watch, finally able to see you in glimpses not bordering voyeuristic like when you zip up in the hangar or concerned when you peel off Kevlar layers smudged with gunpowder. No, you’d be relaxed and tangible, full and felt—breasts, waist, belly, the sides of your hips as you straddle him, pulling his hands toward your body and letting him touch you.
Steve sighs into the darkness of his room, sweats shucked off, lube-slick hand feeling for his already aching cock. What’s he going to think about tonight? The small of your back when you lean over the pool table? The long, graceful shape of your fingers exploring his torso? Your face dazed, tipsy-tinged after a few drinks and sweet on his shoulder?
(He would like more of that. He could make you look like that if you ever asked.)
His hips move in careful circles, testing his grip, nudging at the tunnel of his fist like how your pussy would resist the first thrust until he wedges his way past it, slipping the head of his cock into your warmth. You’d be so, so warm. So soft and tight and perfectly fitted around him.
“Ah, fuck,” Steve mutters, eyes squeezed shut.  
He fucks into his fist, the sound of slick gushing out like wet slaps, like the hot clutch of noise your tight hole would make as he’d stretch it out—as he’d stretch you out.
He’s panting harder. You‘d look breathtaking on all fours, head turned around to see him rutting inside, jaw slack in disbelief that your body could keep taking him like this, like you could break any moment.  
The pretty, pretty whimpers at the harsh punctuation of every thrust. They’d tear loose from your throat and you wouldn’t be able to bite them down anymore. You could unravel because of him—shattering because he’ll have gotten past your defenses, gotten so deep you could do nothing but arch back for more, needing him further, needing him to know you how nobody else knows you.
Steve’s mind races through each position— every arrangement of your arms and legs in ways you’d give into because he would make the burn delicious, blurring discomfort into pleasure, and how you wouldn’t care if it might hurt because desire would be the drive— him behind the wheel taking you closer to that cliff’s edge.
He’s peeling off into the horizon now, moaning, bucking carelessly, blinded by the bright sun, by the white threatening to explode behind his eyes.
“Uhhhnn—” he looks down at his throbbing cock, swollen with friction and fiction, his other hand rolling the tender skin of his sac between his fingers. He squeezes a hair trigger tighter, in pulses, mimicking how you’d feel close to coming, begging for his release to fill you. Your hands gripping his hair for purchase, hard and frenzied, the scrape of your nails on his scalp. And finally, the abandoned, purely physical response of your body during orgasm, the undeniable wrecked wail of his name.
He’d be rough and gentle all at once, he’d make you taste yourself, clean up the mess you’ve made on him, and then he’d kiss it out of your mouth when he fucks you again. You’d be sore already, and sore the next day. He’d want to leave you aching, shuddering, babbling and delirious for more, for only him.
You’d cry, Steve, oh—my god—oh my god—feels so good, Steve. Fuck me harder, please. However you want—whatever you want, I promise.
You’d suck on his fingers, bite down when it became too much, too good. You’d shake, and shake, and shake and Steve— he falls.
Spun out, headfirst, off the steepest bluff of his inventions and crashes into open waves beneath. Your moaning mouth, your soaked cunt, your entire being an unprimed canvas waiting for his splatter.
And it’d be perfect.  
He comes in ropes, gasping into the reverberating echo of his own breath, hips still moving, back still arched, wet slick dripping down into his fist where he keeps going, using it as another coat of lube. Maybe you’d squirt. Maybe you’d put your face in your hands, embarrassed, or maybe you’d lose all control and he’ll have to hold you up.  
The second wave comes fast and better than the first.
The third, easy, only tinged with a prickle of rawness that makes his toes curl.  
Steve’s chest is sweat-slick and heaving, heat rising off his body as he evens out, throat murmuring the syllables of your name in yearning. He nudges hair off his forehead with the back of his clean hand, and then he checks his clock.
Back to reality, forty-five minutes on the dot tells him he’s still punctual, as you say.
He cleans up, stretching his back as he ambles to the restroom before returning to bed, satisfied. And when Steve tucks himself in for another peaceful night’s sleep, he wonders what you do in the privacy of darkness and if your ritual is anything like his own.
Do you shuck off your lounge clothes? Do you fuck yourself beneath layers of covers with your fingers? A toy? Grab your tits and put those same fingers in your mouth? Do you think about someone—do you think about him? His dick is still half-hard, half-raring for another session because the fourth and fifth time, when it hurts even worse, feels like coming up for breath after a drowning-- feels beyond good.
He’ll think about you some more tomorrow.  
(He’ll think about making you come four or five times.)
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buckyhoney · a month ago
𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐚 𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞, 𝐜.𝐞
Tumblr media
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: i was about to fall asleep- then i struck inspiration. now this is my 2am creation. enjoy of my somnophilia whores <3
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: chris evans x reader
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬/𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤/𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐥𝐲 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 & 𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐥𝐲 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝! 𝐡𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫, 𝐃𝐎 𝐍𝐎𝐓 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭/𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐥 𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐨𝐟 𝐦𝐲 𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬!
𝟏𝟖+ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 18+, language, dubcon, somnophilia, oral (f), fingering, masturbation (m), sorry for any missed typos (it was very late when i wrote this)
𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬: 825
Waking up with beads of sweat gathered in his hairline, Chris props himself up. Unbothered by the movement beside you, you're still fast asleep next to him.
The vivid imagery of your body on top of his- skin shining from sweat, chest rising and falling from your inconsistent breathes, and your nails digging into his skin as you grind your hips his- all play on a loop as he watches your peaceful body.
Turning on his side away from your body, he tries once more to sleep.
He couldn't seem to shake the dream, but the more he tried- the harder he became.
The moment he closes his eyes, snapshots of your thighs falling open and your fingers slipping between your folds taunt him. His mouth waters, and his cock throbs in his pajama pants.
Switching positions, he sits up- hand slipping inside the plaid fabric.
Chris's thumb rubs over his leaking tip. The sensation over the sensitive head causes quiet, needy moans to slip base his lips.
As his fingers wrap around himself, his eyes flutter shut- returning to the image of your fingers teasing your cunt, while the other pinches your nipple. He swears he could hear that sweet voice whine and plea for his tongue.
"It just isn't as good as you," The fictitious words encourage him further.
He just wanted a taste...
Just one little taste of your cunt.
The slow strokes weren't satisfying- he knew the only way to relieve the need was to taste the real thing.
Looking over at you, Chris sees your nipples poking through the thin fabric of the t-shirt- taunting him.
Whining and stroking himself faster, his eyes travel down. The shirt rode up in the tossing and turning- exposing the baby pink panties.
The strokes come to a halt. Chris contemplates, only for a moment, before ridding himself of his pajamas. Careful not to wake up, Chris gets up and makes his way to the edge of the bed.
Gently pushing up the blankets, Chris lays between your legs. His palm spreads open your thighs.
"All mine," Mumbling to himself, his thumb rubs over your clothed clit.
The arousal builds with every trace and every kiss he presses on your inner thigh. It's taking every ounce of self-control to not devour you.
Small shifts remind him to take his time- go slow. He lays flat on his stomach, placing your legs over his shoulder.
The arousal seeps through your panties as he continues to rub circles on your clit. Chris loops his finger around your panties- a string of arousal pulls with it.
Groaning into your thigh, Chris's teeth sink into your flesh. His middle finger trails down your soaked cunt, arousal coating his finger. Your hips shift as he continues to dip between your slick folds.
Positioning his finger at your entrance, your cunt begins to contract around nothing. Chris moans as he feels your walls clench around his finger. Adding another finger and curling in, he taps your g-spot- uncontrollable whimpers come from you.
Each time his fingers flutter against your g-spot, you're pulled from your sleep.
"Baby.." You babble, digging your hips into the mattress.
Chris is lost in your cunt- his fingers pumping into your dripping hole and his tongue working your clit.
His cock twitches and throbs below him. Chris's hips roll into the mattress as he continues.
"Chris.." Thinking you're still dreaming, your eyes flutter as the knot in the pit of your stomach forms.
Chris doesn't bother stopping- too caught up between your thighs.
Opening your eyes and pulling the blanket off your abdomen, you see the brunette between your legs.
Whimpering himself, Chris's hips continue to rock- shaking the mattress as he desperately tries to relieve himself.
The mattress shakes as his cock practically thrusts into it.
"M'sorry- I just needed a taste... This cunt is all I could think about.." In between breaths, Chris whines.
His fingers pause,
"Oh fuck, baby," Stopping for only a moment, cum spills from his tip- pooling underneath him as he bucks his hips.
Before you could reply, his mouth is back on your clit. The knot tightens, and your eyes roll back. Your back arches, and your hips squirm- crying out in pleasure, your orgasm rolls through your body. Gripping the bed sheets next to you, moans get caught in your throat.
Every nerve in your body is in sensory overload, but Chris doesn't stop.
"You taste s'good," He continues into an inaudible mess, licking and sucking up all your juices.
Lapping up every last bit of you, Chris lifts his head, locking eyes at you. His mouth and chin shine with your juices.
Returning from the trace, Chris pulls away from your cunt. Your legs fall from his shoulders as he lifts himself from the bed.
Realizing the mess he has made on the sheets, heat floods his cheeks.
"Aw, did you cum too?" You coo.
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cloudystevie · 9 months ago
guys my age
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
pairing: steve rogers x reader
summary: having a crush on your father’s best friend shouldn’t be an issue, until that friend is steve rogers and he has you pinned against the wall.
word count: 4,070
warnings: age gap, implied absent mother, oral f receiving, language, fingering, sex, praise kink, slight degradation kink, dom! steve, daddy kink and some dirty talk.
author’s note: has been a while since i wrote a smut fic for steve so... here u are. as always reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated! :) my work is not meant to be reposted or stolen, this is the only place i upload my work and if you steal it i’ll have early 2000′s chris eat your toes
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
It wasn’t often you found yourself as flustered as you currently were, seated between your father and his best friend Steve at a weekly dinner night in your home. Conversation flowed easily, you obviously, did not contribute much. The occasional nod and giggle when Sam made a joke or quiet praise of the food when your father asked you what you thought. 
So why is it that you were feeling a steadily growing ache between your thighs in a place completely inappropriate for the thoughts running in your head?
It’s because Steve Rogers aka the most eligible bachelor of your town, all long lean legs and disproportionate shoulder to waist ratio, who had all the men and women fawning and tripping over their own underwear- 
Was rubbing his denim-clad thick thigh over your bare one. Each pass of the rough material against your soft flesh made a shiver rack up your spine and arousal pool in your panties. He knew what he was doing to you, with his stupidly handsome face acting nonchalant when you sent him a glare, sometimes he didn’t even look back at you, just shovel another bite of food into his mouth and groan appreciatively.
The relationship you had with him was weird, you two had never… done anything persay. (Save for that one time earlier this year in July when he pushed you up against the side of your house when your dad was throwing his annual summer barbeque and he kissed you.)
It was so dirty, the thoughts and fantasies you had about him. You both know if your father ever found out he would serve Steve’s head on a silver platter. But that didn’t stop you from dreaming about what it would be like to have his fingers pressed up in places you have never been able to reach, or his head of perfect golden locks between your soft thighs or his uncut cock pounding into you making you scream loud enough he has to cover your mouth with one of his thick hands and grunt into your ear, “Shut the fuck up, don’t want your dad to hear you being a little slut for me do ya?-
A worried call of your name pulls you from your vivid daydream and you’re snapped back to reality with everyone’s concerned stare on your squirming body, including Steve. 
Your father places a hand on your shoulder, looking at you with question when he asks, “Is everything alright honey?” 
You bring a hand up to your forehead as if wiping off sweat and you respond “I don’t feel very good, I think I’m gonna go to my room.”
The table sighs sadly, calling out feel better soons. And just as you’re about to leave the room your dad calls for you to wait, and you see him whisper to Steve, the man nodding his head before getting up from his place at the table and making his way to you. You watch in a trance as he stalks over to you with a knowing smirk on his face, and you barely register your dad’s words before Steve is ushering you up the stairs with a gentle hand on your back. 
What the fuck?
You’re about to ask what Steve was doing because you were fully capable of walking yourself upstairs and second of all the only reason you made that excuse was so you didn’t have to deal with him anymore. What about that did he not understand?
Apparently none of it when he pushed you up against the door of your room, what is it with this guy and pushing you up against doors?
But that didn’t matter, not anymore because his warm breath twinged with whiskey was fanning over your face, deep blue eyes pouring into yours filled with desire and something dark.
Whatever it is it makes you squirm where you’re trapped between the hard muscle of his body and the door. It’s silent for what feels like eternity, he’s studying your face, searching for something… hesitance? A sign that you don’t want him here.
He finds none, instead he feels the wet spot on your panties drip onto his jeans.
He makes sure you watch as his wrist moves to lock the door and you gasp softly with the sheer intensity of him. The click echoes in your bedroom and it almost solidifies what will no doubt be happening today. Months and months of tension finally reaching its breaking point and ready to erupt.
“Do you want this?” He finally breaks the silence, and you fear that he could hear your heart thumping in your ears.
You nod your head, eyes glossed over already and legs wrapped around his slim waist and pulling him
impossibly close. You attempt to tug him towards you by the collar of his shirt but he doesn’t comply, “I need words sweetheart. Because I’ve been waiting way too long to do this and if you don’t want something I need you to tell me.”
A boost of confidence overpowers you, your fingernails dig into his back, pressing his broad chest flush against yours. “I want this so bad, please fuck me Steve.” You drawl sweetly, voice so seductive it makes Steve buck his hips up.
With that he crashes his lips onto yours, all fire and passion and he easily claims his dominance over your body. Steve Rogers is a good kisser, you already know this. His lips are soft and unrelenting and a soft moan slips past your lips at the familiar vision of his pink lips sucking your clit, drawing orgasm after orgasm from you and not stopping until he’s reduced you to nothing but a mess of slick and wanting and desperation.
He swallows the sound with his mouth and takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, groaning quietly as he pulls you off your door and carries you two over to your bed, your arms wrap around his neck both for purchase and to satisfy the need of having him invade your senses.
He throws you onto your plush mattress, your body bouncing a little at the contact and Steve’s hand goes to palm at himself over his boxers because you already look so ruined and he hasn’t even started.
Your thighs are rubbing together to quell the pressure building in your core, he looks so much bigger than you like this. He sits down at the edge of your bed, wrapping a hand around your ankle and using it to spread your legs open; eyes closing in bliss when your scent wafts into his nose. He couldn’t wait to devour you.
“Please!” You whine, now unable to bring your legs close together to find some relief and you felt so vulnerable like this.
“Please what little girl?”
A strangled moan elicits from your chest at the pet name. It was so wrong, so incredibly wrong, but his lips pressing kisses against your leg felt so right.
“Don’t make me repeat myself.”
You always assumed he would be dominating in bed, he just had that aura. And god you really weren’t expecting it to swing out full force like it had because you had been with two… sub par men before him. And from what you had seen- felt pressing against your thigh, he was certainly no less than well endowed. (And from the few whispers you had heard around town…)
“I- I want-” And yet for all your fire you couldn’t bring yourself to say the lewd words, please Steve? Please fuck me until I’m sobbing and ruined for any other man.
And he seemed to catch your mental strife, enjoying it even, a smirk playing at his lips. He assumed you would want to be a pleaser in bed, that’s what he thought of when he had a hand wrapped around his length pumping embarrassingly quick and groaning your name into the vacant space of his room, releasing all over his abdomen and hand imagining it was you, looking up at him with glazed over doe eyes instead.
“What do you want sweetheart? Use your big girl words like I know you can.” He peered up at you through his insanely defined lashes, trailing a feather light finger over your panties and living for your quiet gasp and shudder. “I want your- your tongue please?” 
He offers you a kitten lick at your lace covered clit and the simple touch is enough for your back to arch off the bed making him chuckle before digging his thumbs with a bruising grip into your hips. “A lot more sensitive than I thought, don’t worry baby I’ll warm ya’ up nice  for me.” 
You exhale sharply when he tugs your panties off with his teeth, you wanted so badly to look away but his eyes baring into your soul so addictive forced you to maintain eye contact. He let out a low growl of approval at your slickened mound, your clit sitting below a few soft curls and he can’t stop himself any longer as he leans down and licks your whole cunt in a way that has your toes curling and feet digging into his back while a choked sound leaves your lips making him groan low in his throat. 
“Has anyone touched you like before sweetheart?” The deep baritone of his voice slightly muffled and you can see his now swollen pink lips glistening with your arousal. You shake your head no frantically, digging your fingers into his styled and slicked back golden locks. He hisses at the sting but it makes blood rush to his throbbing cock.
“No- no one has.” You gasped breathless from the new sensations tingling in your body.
It seems like that awakens something in Steve, like you can see the way his chest expands and some heavy possessiveness settles on his shoulders. It makes you preen.
He hooks his thumb on your clit, rubbing slowly to build up the pleasure while you now shamelessly grind your cunt into his face, searching for more friction. He groans against the sensitive skin of your cunt, the vibrations shooting up your spine and pushing you embarrassingly close to your orgasm. Your first real orgasm.
Steve looks up at you from his eyelashes, grinding his hips into the mattress at the look of pure pleasure painted on your blissed out features. Your chest begins heaving and the sight is enough incentive for Steve to begin licking and sucking your pearl relentlessly, your legs begin to quiver around his skull and your moans fill the room, and it’s this moment Steve is exponentially grateful that your room is on the complete opposite side of the house or else…
He doesn’t want to think about that, not when he has his face slick with your juices and uncomfortably tight pants.
Your hole begins fluttering, pulsing and at this point you’re unable to even moan. Your mouth drops open as you try to squirm away from the incessant pleasure but Steve digs his rough fingers into the skin of your hip, tutting at you and holding you in place and for some reason the simple action is enough to have more slick spilling out of you and coating your thighs. “I’m I’m gonna- fuck!” 
Steve laps up at the essence of your orgasm, groaning at the delicious taste of you and he makes a mental reminder to get some more later. “There we go, good girl. Tastes so good on my tongue.” He moans.
Your legs continue to quiver, mind foggy as he rubs his warm hands over your tender skin, and he leans down over you, connecting your lips to his in a heated kiss that has you whining into his mouth. You pull away, breathless and head lulling to the side giving him free reign to cover your neck in bits and kisses. Your fingernails dig into his back and soft sighs escape your lips when he finds your sweet spot and sucks, intending on marking you up.
“Such pretty noises sweetheart, who are they for?” A cocky smile could be heard in Steve’s voice, and your own flustered giggles filled the room and you attempted to bury your face into his clothed chest. 
To which he wrapped a firm hand around your throat to gently pull you back to meet his fervent gaze. You swallowed a moan simply by the look in his eyes when he repeated himself lowly. “I asked who you were moaning like a little slut for?” 
This time you could not have done anything to stop the moan that was bubbling in your chest. Your eyes hooding over with his mischievous ones burning into your exposed body. “For you… Daddy.”
You watched giggling as he growled, tightening his grip on your throat before pulling you up so you were perched up in his lap, and his thick fingers travelled down to your slick mound, rubbing your wetness and making a mess out of you. The feel of his clothed body sent your bare one into an almost sensory overload. You gasped sharply when he spit down onto your cunt, your hole clenching wildly as pure need seeped through your veins. 
Then he was shoving a finger inside of your hole, the intrusion slightly painful at first but it quickly turned pleasurable, the angle allowing him to hit all your sweet spots. “Yeah? You like Daddy’s fingers in that tight cunt?” He purred into your ear, stroking your slick walls before inserting a third digit, the stretch making your legs quiver around his waist. 
“Yes Daddy I love it.” You mewled right into his ear, and it makes him hum low in his throat before picking up the pacing of his pumping fingers. Your fingers are digging into his shoulder blades as he forces you to maintain eye contact, pressing his forehead against your slightly sweaty one and cooing to you. God you just needed a little bit more, just a tiny push and you would-
“Who would have thought someone as innocent as you was really a filthy cock slut? You just want your holes filled up like a good girl don’t you honey?”
Black dots erupt in your vision, your orgasm washing over you so suddenly and so intensely you’re squirming and unable to do anything more than drop your mouth open, not even letting out a noise. Your slick pools out and spills onto Steve’s hand, to which he groans appreciatively as he continues to massage your overstimulated walls. “I know, I know. It feels so good doesn’t it? Only a man like me could make you cum like that.”
You whimper pathetically, head falling into his chest as you ride out your orgasm, feeling his erection poking into your thigh. Somehow with your still foggy mind you manage to reach down and cup him through his jeans making him hiss and buck his hips upwards. He slaps your hand away, pulling it behind your back when he pushes you flat down onto the bed. “Did I say you could touch me?”
“No what?” He prompted, voice on the edge of annoyance and laced with irritation that had your eyes watering and bottom lip jutting out. 
“No daddy.” You spoke as assertively as you could in your foggy state of mind. Though you weren’t entirely sure of how convincing it was. But it seemed to make due enough when Steve finally began unzipping his jeans, still not bothering to undress completely so you whine petulantly. “‘S not fair, I don’t wanna be the only one naked.” 
He chuckles, murmuring a fair enough and begins to unbutton his dress shirt revealing his torso littered in tattoos. You had seen them before obviously, your family and him going on annual trips to the beach since you were a toddler. 
But there was just something different… something more consuming about the way they looked so up close. He smirked arrogantly as you were unable to detach your eyes from his sculpted body, shamelessly roaming over the bare skin. 
“Like what you see, pretty girl?” He taunts, pulling your bottom lip with his teeth making you shiver and clutch onto his biceps. You nod your head in a daze, bucking your hips up so he could finally give you what you’ve been wanting since that godforsaken kiss in July.
… Or maybe a little longer.
“What?” He laughs, “if you want something you gotta use your words sweetheart. I’m not super familiar with modern slang.” An annoyingly smug smile on his face and you want absolutely nothing more than to just slap it off. But you know that would never end properly for you so you decide against it. Swallowing your embarrassment and mustering up the courage to put into words how badly you want him to ram his cock inside of you and fuck you till you cry. 
So you settle for a more tame version of that, “I want you to fuck me please Daddy? I’ve been so good haven’t I?” And for extra measure you pouted, hoping to lure him into your fool proof plan and even though he knew good and fucking well what you were up to, he played in anyways because he really didn’t think he could go another minute without being inside of you before he bursted.
“You have been a good girl, and you know what good girls get?”
“They get what they want.” You giggled and he laughed too, pressing a kiss to your lips and finally pulling his erect cock out. 
Your eyes almost bulged out of your head when you took in the size of him, he was much bigger than you had imagined.
And trust me, you had imagined.
“Nervous? I’ll make you feel so good sweetheart I promise. Let me take care of you.”
You nodded, hand limply finding place on his chest, his lips meeting yours in a more gentle kiss as he rubbed the head of his cock over the length of your cunt. You gasped into his mouth at the friction. Much to your dismay however, he abruptly pulls away and you can barely furrow your brows in confusion, “I don’t have a condom.” 
You bite your lip, leaning over to the top drawer of your nightstand and waving it around as if you had just won the greatest prize of all… and in some way you were about to. He huffed a laugh, “been thinking about this for a while huh?”
“Not particularly you Daddy, I talk to other guys you know.” You cheekily remark, barely registering him snatching the condom out of your hands and putting it onto his cock before he leans his weight on your body. “Yeah?” He asks with a quirked brow but you know his words are anything but questioning, and now you can feel the heavy weight of his cock tapping against your entrance.
“Well other guys don’t have you spread open like a whore while you call them Daddy do they?”
He sheathes himself inside of you, grunting and eyes clenching shut because you feel so warm and wet and tight around him, walls pulsing to get used to his intrusion. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, nails digging into the muscles of his back. You’ve never felt so utterly full in your life. He wasn’t even moving and you swear you can feel him in your stomach. You moaned right into his ear and he couldn’t help the response of his hips. 
“Please move Daddy.”
He begins thrusting into you, slowly at first because Steve knows he’s much longer and relatively thicker than average too. And he knows you’re inexperienced no matter the hint of brattiness you decided to give him. 
He leans back to see his cock glide in and out of your folds, and the sight makes him moan with overwhelming pleasure. Your legs wrap around his waist to pull him closer, your mouth dropped open in a permanent moan because he truly was so much bigger than any guy or toy you’ve used. 
Not that you’ve used a lot but still something tells you Steve is just… big.
“Look at this pretty pussy just swallowing my dick. Did I fill you up sweetheart? Makin’ you feel good?” He purrs.
“So good! So fucking good Daddy!” You sob out, back arching underneath his continuous assault on your hole. His hands latch onto your waist, “you want me to fuck you harder?” He questions in a stern tone that makes your toes curl and each shove of his cock inside you sends you closer and closer to that blissful peak.
At this point you are unable to formulate any words so you just nod, hoping he understands. Your mind felt like it was on the edge of Nirvana, his cock hitting spots in you that you didn’t know existed.
He groans with how fucked out he’s got you already, and speeds his hips up. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoes throughout the room and it makes you preen. His heavy grunts and your girlish moans fill the sex thick air. 
It’s when you start screaming from pleasure that pulls out of you, flipping you over and manhandling you into position, you can barely register the loss of his warmth and he’s delivering a harsh smack to your ass before shoving himself inside of you again. And before you have the chance to scream he makes use of his fast reflexes and covers his palm over your mouth to muffle your sounds. You can feel him much deeper now, and it feels like he’s actually rearranging your insides. “Can’t shut the fuck up can ya? Almost like you want everyone downstairs to hear who’s fucking you nice and rough.”
You don’t respond; can’t. You’re so overstimulated yet you need more. His degrading words make you preen, your legs jerking wildly beneath his relentless attack on your abused cunt. “What? Did I fuck you stupid? But baby you haven’t even cum around my cock yet?” His voice has a mocking pout in it, only sending you flying towards your peak. You’re so close, and your clit bumps against your soft duvet cover with each intense rut of his hips against yours. He tightens his grip on your mouth just a little bit and your fingers dig into his wrist as your release shatters and ruins you all at once. There’s tears streaking your cheeks as your high blends into the next one and Steve is unable to hold himself back any longer so he comes with a grunt of your name, digging his teeth into your shoulder and riding out his release. 
You fall limp against the bed, chest heaving and body covered in a sheen layer of sweat as you recover from your 4 powerful orgasms. He gives your exposed skin a kiss before pulling out of you, making you whine at the loss of him inside of your walls but he shushes you, murmuring about how he’s only going to grab a towel from your connected washroom to clean you off with. 
You wait patiently for him to come back to you, mind still blissed out and a lazy smile on your lips because you feel so fucking amazing. Pleasure and satisfaction pumping through your veins. 
Just as he promised he’s back with a wet rag, gently wiping at your abused flesh and applying some lotion to your ass even if he hadn’t spanked you that hard. You’re not complaining as he kneads your flesh though.
He gently rolls you over so you’re flat on your back again, and he runs his knuckles over your cheekbone. You pout your lips, bottom lip jutting out expectantly and you whine for a kiss and he chuckles, shaking his head, humoured but complies anyways. 
You two don’t break apart until there’s a knock at your door and your father’s voice follows, 
“Darling? Are you feeling alright? Is Steve in there with you?”
Your eyes go wide with frantic emotions and you struggle to come up with an answer but Steve smoothly swoops in. 
“I’m in here, don’t worry. I’m taking real good care of her.”
Your dad couldn’t see you sucking on two of his fingers with tears threatening to spill out of your eyes.
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
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agentofbarnes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
things in the twenty-first century were different than the era you had grown up in. people had powers. women could wear short skirts and pants without getting dirty looks. oh, and you could have two boyfriends.
steven rogers and james barnes had always been the loves of your life, but the timing had been wrong until now. fate had brought you back together and you weren’t wasting anymore time.
{ steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes }
requests are open for this au!
note: by no mean is tthe race of woman in moodboard a reflection of reader, but rather a reflection of the author. i write and create in my mindset, but leave the actual description of reader vague (this is something i am actively trying to become better at so older writings might not best at this) thank you for reading :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bucky feels clingy on pain meds
bucky comforts you and steve on one of the worst days
steve being a little shit and you being a tease
steve and bucky get a surprise
bucky gets a nightmare
you get sick
you feel a little left out
steve accidentally hurts you
bucky and steve get into a fight
the boys punish you
the boys make you squirt
the boys appreciate you
you use your safeword during an intense scene
series of one shots
the beginning of something beautiful
the first night
reader’s powers
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jannqt · 2 months ago
No thoughts just a daddy making u come over and over again as punishment for teasing him :(
warnings: daddy kink, dom/sub, public teasing, degradation, cunt spanking, overstim, sex toys, bondage
authors note: overstimulation is so 😣😵‍💫 im thinking cevans or any of his characters so i’ll keep this ambiguous. kinda poorly written but its just horny so its fine
Tumblr media
you know better than to tease your daddy, pressing yourself up against him and ‘accidentally’ rubbing his bulge, or ‘accidentally’ running his hand up your thigh enough so his fingers graze over your bare cunt and you aren’t wearing any panties
that makes his jaw clench as he wraps his arm around your waist, tugging you into his chest and from afar he looks like he’s whispering a sweet nothing into your ear when in reality, “unless you want me to fuck you like a cheap whore in front of everyone, get your shit together.”
but you being you, and on a mission to get him as riled up as possible, are not stopping when he tells you to stop, instead giggling and a little while later while you guys are eating with the rest of your group of friends you’re overzealously moaning at the taste of the food and he has to genuinely restrain himself from bending you over his lap right at that very moment for being such a slutty girl
the car ride back home you tried to cup his bulge as he was driving, but of course he snatched your wrist in his and growled out some warning that you barely paid mind to, and it just made him even angrier, with the growing fire to put you back in your place and remind you exactly how you were supposed to respect him
sometimes you just wanted to be a little slut and he’d just have to deal with it, and well, deal with it he did
he has you tied up to the bed, ankles and wrists bound and unable to move and when your whines got too loud he stuffed your mouth with his fingers, which you whined about again and he immediately spanked your sopping cunt 5 times in a row harshly
“you wanna fucking whine little girl? i’ll give you a reason to whine.”
then he has a vibrator on your clit and its not even at the highest setting but its reverberating through your whole body and made your body shake and clench with orgasm at least 3 times now
a sheen layer of sweat covers your glistening skin as you scream around his fingers, mind foggy as he ups the speed again,
“you know what happens when you’re a stupid little slut, i know this is exactly what you want so stop fucking whining.”
or he coos at you, “aww already crying sweetheart? that’s okay it only makes daddy harder.” and you can’t do anything but take it, because this is exactly what you wanted
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slyyywriting · 2 months ago
With Your Little Claws
Pairings: Bestfriend’s Stepdad!Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: Spending the weekend at your bestfriend's house to study for university exams. She ditches you to hangout with her other friends but her stepdad, ever the gracious host, keeps you company instead.
Wordcount: 4.9k
Warnings: age gap (Reader is 21; Steve is 45), sexual tension, innuendo from dilf!Steve (come on, that’s a massive neon warning itself), explicit sex (vaginal penetration), oral (f!receiving), creampie, innocence kink, daddy kink (aka dilf kink, yes zaddy), finger sucking, slight cum play(if you squint real quick)
18+ ONLY!! DO NOT ENGAGE IF YOU’RE A MINOR; KINDLY FUCK OFF, RESPECTFULLY! Also don’t copy and repost my shit, you heathen!
A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN GRANT ROGERS! This was supposed to be brief but I got carried away with the smut. Yeah, you can just imagine what I want Steve to do to me. I literally had a cramp on my foot while writing the smut, this shit is dangerous. I hope y'all enjoy this as much as I did. Lots of love, fellow whores~
|| Masterlist ||
Tumblr media
You had an issue.
Several issues actually. There was a plethora of the things that are wrong with you but right now, the most prevalent one had something to do with your friend’s stepdad. He was yelling over the phone in the kitchen, sleeves rolled up until his elbows, top button of his shirt open, the veins on his neck prominent.
You clamp your thighs together as a warm sensation kept pulsing through your core. You were pretty sure your underwear was wet. Pretty sure it seeped through your summer dress and onto the seat you were occupying. You worry your bottom lip as you steal glances at Mr. Rogers—Steve—as his stepdaughter and your best friend, Ella liked to call him. One hand on his hip while the other is tight around his phone, he flexes in anger, face flushed red from the frustration over whoever was on the other side of the call.
“Sorry about Steve. A contractor they hired has massive slippage and he’s off schedule,” Ella speaks after seeing your face turned over the kitchen’s direction. She shakes her head and goes back to highlighting the book in front of her, “He left the office early to prepare for your stay this weekend but it seems like we’ll be eating take out if that continues.”
You laugh low and awkward, not even noticing that you’ve been staring long enough for her to catch you. Her words register late.
“Wait, what do you mean prepare for my stay? I don’t want to impose, El.” you lean forward on the table and whisper to Ella.
She shrugs, nose still buried in the book. “He wants to impress you or whatever so you can keep being my friend. Says you’re a good influence on me.” She scrunches her nose and looks at you, “I know he sounds like he’s about to murder someone right now and we fight a lot, but Steve’s really a teddy bear. And you’re the only friend I have that has his seal of approval.”
Before you could prod further for more information, Ella gets distracted by text messages on her phone.
“What chapter you on?” she asks distractedly, typing quickly on the keypad.
“Uhhh, not even halfway done with the coverage. Why?”
“Willow just texted, she’s picking us up to go to a party at a lake house. We have three minutes to change into a swimsuit.” She informs you while she pushes her chair backward giddily.
“El, no! I have two papers to submit by Sunday aside from preparing for the summary assessments. We can’t!” you shake your head, mentally trying to calculate the remaining time for you to prepare. Your friend drops her shoulders and sighs, sporting a pout.
“Fine. You go.” You tell her and slump down on your seat. You couldn’t afford to waste time, even if it’s for fun and on a weekend. Too much was at stake. “I’ll stay here and finish up reading. One of us has to have notes for the exam.”
You smile at her teasingly and she responds with a huge grin. She squeals and goes over to your side of the table to squeeze you in a hug.
“I love you and I owe you and I will be forever in your debt!” Ella places a loud and sloppy kiss on your forehead before haphazardly putting her study materials away. “Steve! I’m going out! Be back late later!”
Her stepfather looks your direction with a questioning brow but Ella was out of the door before he could inquire. As soon as the front door slammed shut, he was back on his call and you were back to keeping your legs together.
By the time you grew tired of reading your stomach was already making weird noises. Steve had abandoned the kitchen and moved into his office to take calls. His low voice reverberates throughout the first floor and you couldn’t help but keep trying to steal more looks at him through his open door.
You pad to the kitchen quietly as you pass his door, hoping not to disturb him and his work. The vast kitchen looked like it got ordered straight out of Architecture Digest, a big contrast to your crammed apartment back in the city. It was going to take you at least an hour to finish rummaging all the cabinets just to find even some granola bars.
“The good snacks are on the top shelf,” you gasp and jump at the sudden presence behind you, clutching at your chest. You giggle briefly finding it funny how you reacted like a thief instead of a guest. “Here, let me get them for you.”
You tried to get out of the way so your host could grab them above you but he had beat you to it. Steve encloses you against the cold counter, your stomach pressing on the linoleum as his chest bars your back. The size and length of him, towering behind you draws a shudder from your whole being. He presses you further in as he reaches for items above your head, his warmth radiating on your back.
Your mistake lands when you turn your head to look back at him. Your eyes meet and his the usual sea-colored eyes were replaced with a storm, brewing and waiting to sink you in them. Steve moves slow, deliberate, and calculating. He places the items in front of you, leaning down and brushing your skin as his arms pass you own. His smell now registers into your nostrils and gets embedded in your brain; cedar, vanilla, citrus—arousal, lust.
“Here ya go, angel.” He whispers right next to your ear, lips brushing along your ear shell. You shudder again, biting your lip to contain a moan inside that’s threatening to jump out. But before you could do anything stupid, Steve is gone from the kitchen. Your body is back to being cold and you release the breath you’ve been holding in.
Fuck. You whisper as you lean on the counter, knees wobbly from what just occurred.
You haven’t noticed how the sun had already set outside until you got a message from Ella, sending you a video of the sunset from above the lake along with her singing along to some song with another girl who you assumed was Willow. She was obviously drunk and having fun. You shake your head and type in a reply, telling her to be careful and take a shot on your behalf.
The doorbell rings as you try to re-read the last paragraph of your book. You’ve been reading it over and over, not really absorbing the words or what they meant. You move to stand to get the door when Steve emerges from the stairs in house clothes—a very tight shirt, emphasizing what lay underneath, and a form fitting sweats that highlighted his big, plump behind—telling you he’s got it.
You sit back down on the table, closing your eyes to regain some composure from what you had just seen. But all it did was scorch your eyelids of the images of his body and how his ass would feel in your palms, how he would react if you could bite on them like a peach. Shit. Abort, that was not helping cull the growing need in between your thighs. Why were you so horny today? And for your friend’s dad?
Stepdad. Your brain supplies. Like all those porn categories.
“No!” you involuntarily cry out, squeezing your eyes to shoo the voice away.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, angel.” You open your eyes to Steve standing from the opposite side of the dining table. He’s unloading take out from a paper bag with an empathetic smile, “Not understanding a college class ain’t the end of the world. Trust me, I failed two classes and I turned out fine.”
Your eyes rove from his agile hands, to his veiny arms and bulging biceps, up until your eyes land on his face. He looked way too good just to be standing here in this house. He should be on display at the Louvre, like David. Or The Thinker. All in their glory.
“Maybe my cream in you will help?”
“Excuse me?” you blink twice, three times.
“Cream of mushroom soup? And some garlic bread with your Arabiata? That all right for dinner?” he moves to the kitchen to get some plates and utensils while you stare at him with wide eyes. You’re mum as he navigates through everything flawlessly, “Maybe some food in you will help? I lost track of time, I can’t believe it’s already dinner. I’m sorry for being a terrible host.”
“Uhh, no. Not really,” you clear your throat. Your mind was playing tricks on you. You needed water to drown out the horny monster inside you, “I mean you’re doing great—I’m fine, really.”
He smiles at you kindly, chuckling at your flustered answer. You bite your lip, embarrassed at your babbling. He must think of you as some dumb kid not even good enough to speak out full coherent sentences.
“Well, to make up for it. I’ll fill you right up. You’ll be my little creampie. Stuffed to the brim.”
Huh? You cross your legs. What did you just hear? Why was it suddenly three hundred degrees in here?
“You like it don’t you? Cream pie was the only dessert available at the restaurant that travels well.” He asks innocently enough, finished with arranging the food on his side of the table.
“Uhuh,” smart! How very genius like of you. It is very great to have a brain like yours.
Steve pulls out a chair and gestures for you to take it. You swallow hard and stand, rounding up to his side. You take the seat and he pushes the chair to tuck you in, hands rubbing your shoulders briefly before he takes his own seat beside you. As he sits, his bulky thighs touch your own, knees alongside each other’s.
He smiles at you again, putting food on your plate, then his. You thank him silently and dig in. For a bit, no one says anything and the house echoes only with the sound of the dinnerware. You were painfully aware of his presence beside you. Even with food in your mouth, your brain hasn’t stopped lusting over him. Stealing glances at his hands holding silverware, his thick fingers curling and flexing.
“Want a taste?” you’ve been caught staring at his digits, they grip the fork tight and you stutter, shaking your head quickly. You look up at his face and catch him licking his lips, darkened irises surveying you, “You barely touched your food. Maybe you’ll like mine better.”
You protest again but his for is now lifted and hovering before your mouth. You feel small, childish even, having what seemed to be the god’s finest specimen on earth placed before you, wanting to feed you. Your stomach does a flip, you had no appetite for food as your hunger revolves around something else.
“Go on. Open your mouth, angel.” He nods and you oblige, opening your mouth for him obediently. Your lips enclose around his fork, your tongue grazing under the silverware for the creamy pasta he just offered you.
You moan involuntarily as you savor the sauce. It really was better than yours. You close your eyes and sigh in satisfaction, chewing happily. When you open your eyes, Steve is still observing you and you freeze for a moment. He wets his lips as his eyes glance down at your own. He smiles and wipes sauce from its corner with his thumb, slow, heavy and warm. When he’s satisfied he licks his thumb as well, tongue darting out to clean it thoroughly, a popping sound when he finishes. You’re flustered again and you close your legs with an audible slapping sound.
When you see Steve clean out his plate, you jump out of your seat, dragging the wood on the floor backwards.
“I’ll do the dishes!” you volunteer abruptly and your fork drops and clatters on the floor. You bend over to pick it up but a huge palm grips your leg, just above your knee.
“I got it angel,” Steve tells you with a wink and kneels to pick up the fallen item, he’s disappeared from under the table while you wait for him to emerge. You yelp when his palm grazes your thigh, grasping it for leverage as he rises to his feet right in front of you, body pressed against yours. “Here you go.”
You chirp out a thank you and quickly back away from him, gathering the dishes to bring to the sink. You don’t dare to look and turn back to him. Steve sighs happily at the way your sweet ass jiggles as you move, cupping his hardening cock at the sight of you, all pliant and domesticated under his roof.
You hear the dining chairs drag on the floor as he tucks them in, only exhaling when you’re sure that he had retreated back to his home office. You cuss again as you finally look back to check. When the cost is clear, you reach for your thong, pulling back the wedgie all your squirming had caused. The lace was sticky with your juices at all the tension Steve had created.
Two soft knocks on your open door make you look up from your book. You were on your stomach, feet up in the air as you tried to finish a paper due. Steve opens the door wider and leans on the frame, arms crossed in front of him.
“You good for a break? I forgot to give you dessert,” you swallow hard at his voice, soft and alluring. He extends out a hand for you when you don’t budge, “Come on, angel. Give that big brain of yours a small break. I’ll make it worth it.”
You really had to start seeing a therapist for every issue you had. Starting with the fact that everything that comes out of your best friend’s step father’s mouth sounds like an open invitation for sex. You already changed into fresh underwear after that fiasco of a dinner. Now it seems that the dampness is returning with a vengeance.
“Okay,” you finally agree and leave the bed. He grabs your hand as you approach him and you go downstairs with intertwined fingers.
You keep looking at his massive hands enveloping yours. His fingers were more than twice the size of yours. You bet that if you held on his wrist, you won’t be able to clutch around him. Makes you wonder if you can hold him wholly in one hand—
Nope! You shake your head at the inappropriate thought. Concentrating on the supposed dessert you’d be sharing. But Steve doesn’t lead you back to the dining room or the kitchen. You were headed into his office.
“I was going to eat it in here,” he shrugs when you stop at your tracks in front of the wooden door. “You don’t mind do you?”
You look up at him, lashes fluttering. You bite the tip of your index as you decide. Why were you nervous? Steve was being cordial. You were being a hornball.
“No, I don’t mind Mr. Rogers,” you sounded small and unsure.
“Steve, angel. Just—Steve.” He smiles at you softly, raising his hand to touch your cheek with his knuckle.
“Steve…” you close your eyes and lean into his touch. Lost in the softness of everything. His deep chuckle brings you back and he leads you inside, hand on the small of your back.
Your eyes adjust in the room’s dim lighting. Orange aglow from just two lamps inside the office: one by his mahogany desk and another by the bookshelf on the far wall. You spot the pie on top of the desk, cleared of any paper to make room for the dessert.
“I’ll give you a slice. You can just take a seat and relax. Let me do it,” you volunteer and approach his desk. But when you look over your shoulder, Steve was already behind you, pressing himself to sandwich you between himself and the table.
His hands brush up from your thighs to your hips, stopping to wrap his arms around your middle. You can feel his stiffness poking you from his sweatpants and you gasp. He nuzzles your hair, just right by your hear and he inhales deeply.
“Thank you, angel. Such a good girl you are,” his praise makes your heart flutter before it travels directly into your core, making your blood run hotter than usual.
You whimper but proceed to get him a slice of pie just like you promised. You should be protesting. He was wrapped around you, softly grinding his erection on your hip. But then again, you really had issues. Instead, you bent yourself forward towards the pie, bumping your ass on his crotch. When you hear his sharp intake of breath, you wiggle further into him.
You place a slice of pie on the dessert plate and maneuver yourself to face him. You perch your ass on the desk’s edge and look up at the hulking Adonis before you, smiling at him innocently. You swipe the cream with your index finger and offer that to him.
“Ahh,” you tell him to open his mouth for you and he obliges, pushing your knees wider so he could slot himself nearer you between your legs. He dips his head and takes your whole finger into his mouth. His tongue dances around your digit, cleaning off every bit of cream he could taste. When he gets everything off it, he pulls back, sucking your finger off and releasing it with a pop.
“So good, angel. Tastes like heaven,” he licks his lips and pulls you closer to him. He aligns himself with you cloth center and rubs himself.
You moan wantonly before dropping the plate you were holding to jump in his arms. He catches you and you immediately press your mouth on him. You kiss Steve openly, all tongue and teeth clashing as your self-control tips over the precipice. He returns it in kind, hands cupping your bottom and grinding himself up on you. His tongue explores your mouth and you feel breathless as he slowly gains the upper hand.
He tasted like cream. He tasted like how you imagined he’d taste. All sweet, strength and visceral need. You moan into his tongue and mouth, eyes clenched tight with desperation for him.
When you pull back to finally breathe, you see the mess you had made him. His hair was scattered in all directions from where your hands had roamed. His lips swollen from being kissed and prodded and bitten into. His cheeks were flushed as you panted in unison. Eyes looking up at you with adoration, searching for any sign that he should stop whatever this was he had incited.
You were no better. The strap of your sundress had fallen off your shoulder. Skirts rucked up almost to your waist. Your skin prickled with need as he held you in his arms. You wanted him so badly. More than anything you had ever thought of.
“I thought you were gonna give me a creampie? Eat me in your office?” you challenge him before dipping your head to suck on his neck. He growls and places you on top off his desk.
He scrambles to push your dress up and over your head, kissing you down with a push over the smooth wood. Your fingers excited pull on his shirt, urging it off of him as well. He takes it off in a hurry and throws it off haphazardly like he did your dress. He’s on your mouth again, tongue dominant and blind with boiling lust.
“I’m going to stuff you, angel. Fill you to the brim,” he threatens but your pussy only flutters at the promise. “But first, I’m going to have you cum all over my tongue.”
With that he disappears and dives between your thighs. Sucking on your inner thighs, sure to bruise by the morning. He pulls your fresh panties off but keeping them over your left thigh, dangling as he spreads you wide over the table. The image of your lace underwear, flimsily holding on to your leg makes you even wetter and you buck your hip to his face to signal him to get on with it.
“Patience, angel. I want this to be good for you.”
You were ready for a complaint but a thick stripe runs over your slit that makes you whine and squirm. He does it again three more times until he uses his fingers to spread your folds open, headed for that sweet, sweet pearl that he knows would drive you crazy. He attaches his lips in your clit and stays there for a while. He hooks one arm over your right thigh and pushes the left with his palm. He looks you in the eye and smirks before sucking on your clit mercilessly.
You try to kick a leg out when pleasure jolts all over your body. You cry out and twist but he has you locked down in his hold. You have no other choice but to take it as he laps at you like you were the first meal his had in a while. You call out to god, hoping that he would give you relief but its drowned out by Steve tongue.
Tears begin to form at the amount of pleasure you were trying to breathe through. You helplessly reach to grab on something but end up grabbing your tits instead, pulling and pinching at your nipples, crying out it delirious desire for Steve’s ministrations.
Everything had become too much and your back arches off the desk, yelling as you completion takes over every part of your body. Your eyes temporarily roll to the back of your head as your high travels within you.
Steve continues to lick you, slurping up your juices.
“Taste so good, angel.” He kisses your cunt and your inner thighs, his beard stained with your essence.
You sigh in satisfaction, reaching for his face with your shaking hand. You brush his hair back, strands falling over his eyes from his efforts of giving you an electric orgasm.
“Not tired yet, are you?” he asks as he stands again to his full height. You shake your head lazily and mouth a no with a goofy smile on your face. He returns it in kind, smiling with his perfect set of teeth, “Good because I need you on my cock.”
You moan at his dirty mouth. Energy renewed at the promised stuffing from him. You sit up on the desk, using your elbows to take a good look at him. His sweats had a massive tent on it and the outline of his cock startled you. It was—big.
“Fuck me,” you whimper under your breath as you imagine his giant schlong under the fabric. Steve looks down at where your eyes were focused and he gives you a cocky grin.
“Oh, I intend to my sweet little angel.”
He moves around the desk and sits himself on his leather office chair. Swiveling it to face the east wall. You twist your body to follow his movements, grinning wide as he taps his thighs with his hands, an order for you to sit on them.
You jump off the desk excitedly and follow him.
Steve pulls his pants off and out springs his large angrily leaking cock, oozing with bubbling precum. He was big for a second you were worried. He must have seen the trepidation on your features because now he was extending his hand out, grabbing your hips toward him. He kisses you dizzily, more fervor than before if that was even possible.
“It’ll be okay, angel. It will fit. We’ll make it fit.”
The softness in his voice makes you melt. Not to mention the tender concern that he had for you. You regain your bravery and nod, giving him a quick kiss before you climb up on his chair.
He positions both your knees on the arm rest, opening you wide above him. He pumps himself in his hand, gathering some of your slick to rub around your opening and on the tip of his cock before he aligns it with your center. The head is pushed in and you close your eyes, expecting pain. He whispers you reassurances as he slowly pushes in.
“It’s okay—we’re okay—we’re—“
You drop on him, sitting down on him swiftly and he sheaths you with one swoop. You both cry out it unison, trying to get your bearing from being filled to the brim. You’d never had anyone as big as Steve before inside you. It felt like the tip was hitting up into your throat.
Shit. You hear Steve cuss as he looks down at the space where you were connected. He scrunches his nose and looks up at the ceiling, thanking anyone who was listening for your sweet and tight cunt currently trying to suck all of him in.
“Steve? Can I move now, please? I want to feel you,” you press your palms onto his chest, voice shaky with want.
Holy heaven above. The way you sweetly asked for his permission and the look on your face almost made him blow his load on the spot. At a loss for words, he dumbly nods his head and smiles.
You kiss him softly and lift yourself up, pulling into a kneeling position above him before you slowly drop down again. He moans loudly and then gasps. You were so tight. You were squeezing the life out of him. He’d never had anyone like this. And fuck, the noises you made as you tried to find your rhythm had him almost going blind with joy. You were perfect.
As your motion begins to pick up, Steve assists you by holding your waist. Guiding you up and down his cock, squelching sounds occupying the room when his moans and your whimpers had been muted by mere open mouths. He can’t help himself anymore and starts to meet your thrusts with his own, slamming up into your sopping cunt.
He grunts as he thrusts up. Almost going insane at how unbelievably delicious your pussy looks like around his cock. You were gripping him like a vice and sucking him greedily whenever he tries to pull free. He was close, so close.
“M’clo—close, Steve,” he let out, chirping at him as your tits bounce right above his face. He takes a nipple in his mouth and laves his tongue on the hardened pebble. You squirm and cry out, throwing your head back.
He’s close too. He’s almost there. How he managed to last this long was a miracle. He’d been so wound up ever since he walked through the door and saw you in a concentrated pout while you read on his dining table. He knew you wanted him just like he wanted you. The way you squirmed on your seat whenever he smiled at you. The way you shift from one foot to another when he was around. He just needed time. And now he was deep inside you, he wanted to embed himself even deeper.
He licks his fingers and inserts it between your bodies, reaching for your bud. He rubs it and swirls it around, at rhythm faster than the pace you were on.
“Go ahead, angel. Cum for me, cum.” Your legs give out and you scream his name in a high pitch. Your pleasure extends as he doesn’t stop his fingers from playing your chords. You gasp and twist in his hold, almost jumping out of the seat as he stimulates you beyond your own understanding.
“You did so great, so good, my sweet angel.” He whispers into your ear as you slump against him.
He lifts you up and changes your position, letting you sit on the chair instead. He anchors your knees over the armrests and pushes the chair right on the wall. He pushes himself back in and slams inside of you, this time at his own punishing pace and strength.
You’re putty against the leather seat, shaking your head as his cock hits your cervix ever single time he pushes in. You cry out his name, begging him and pleading him, for what you don’t know. You don’t want him to stop but at the same time it was all too much.
“Steve—please,” you choke out, incoherent and close passing out.
“I got you, angel—so good—so tight--,” he mumbles, he doesn’t know if he’s making sense. But the message is clear, you’re the best pussy he’s ever had.
He grunts, he can feel it now. His balls are tightening up, this is it. His hips stutter and he drives himself deep within you. With a shout, Steve empties himself, coating your walls with his desire as his mind starts to clear up.
He thrusts slowly, once, twice, three times. Making sure every drop is spent inside you. When he’s satisfied and his dick starts to return to being half hard, he pulls out. His and your juices oozing out of your puffy cunt, still twitching for more.
Steve dips his head and kisses you deeply, soft and appreciative.
“You caught me with your little claws angel,” he whispers into your lips, fingers catching his escaping spend and pushing it back inside of you. “I gotta have more.”
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jimshandholder · a month ago
Mommy- Steve Rogers
summary: Two year old Sarah Rogers learns the hard truth about her mother's real name.
genre: fluff
warnings: mentions of cheating, some kissing, cookies
a/n: lol ok this is one of my first marvel fluffs so idk if it worked. send in requests for marvel! this is short ik but I'm sorry if this is terrible!!!
Tumblr media
*gif not mine*
Your two year old daughter, Sarah Rogers, was the best thing in your life. With Steve, of course.
After learning you were pregnant with his child, Steve decided to drop his huge proposal plan for you and immediately got down on his knees before you in your bedroom. Tearing up, you said yes, and then after a month, Steve watched as you walked down the aisle, being ready to be his forever.
Seven months later, You brought a beautiful baby girl in this world, and you and Steve decided to name her Sarah Rogers. She had the same blue eyes as her father, and her hair were the same colour as yours, making her a perfect combination of her parents.
Raising a baby was definitely not easy, but Steve was here to help you through it. Steve and you took turns with diapers, feeding, sleeping, and Steve made sure that you got a decent amount of sleep everyday.
Sarah was definitely a troublemaker, and she took pride in causing mischief for her father to clean up. Nonetheless, Steve loved her the same, always falling for her baby blue eyes.
“Alright Steve, I have dozens of history papers to check, so I'm gonna be a little bit late today, okay?” you looked up at Steve, who nodded away, going through his mission reports.
“Alright, I'm gonna take care of Sarah, and the team is gonna come up to play with her. Is that okay?”
“Definitely! But please tell Tony to not bring her any cookies! She goes crazy when she sees them!” you chuckled, remembering how Tony liked to spoil your little daughter with sweets.
“You know he never listens,” Steve sighed and you nodded, walking out of your room only to find Sarah playing with her toy trucks and looking up at you with her adorable eyes.
“Mama!” She cheered and you grinned, picking her up in your arms.
“Are you going to work?” She asked and you nodded, pursing your lips together.
“Have fun in school mommy!” Sarah said and you giggled, kissing her cheeks. “I love you,” you whispered in her head.
“I love you too, mommy!”
Steve watched the little conversation between his two best girls, and a smile automatically crept up on his face. Things were good.
He walked over and Sarah looked at him, making grabby hands at her father. Steve smiled as he took her from your arms, and Sarah immediately buried her face in his neck.
“See you soon, doll,” Steve kissed you and you kissed him back, whispering a “I love you” on his lips.
“I love you too doll,”
“Bye Mommy!”
“Bye Sarah!”
Sarah was currently placed in Natasha's lap, who was obsessing over her small, chubby hands. The redhead had agreed to play dollhouse with Sarah, and Sarah couldn't be any happier.
When Natasha wasn't looking, Tony immediately passed a piece of cookie to the toddler and she gladly took it, munching on the chocolate as Tony smiled at her.
“Yeah, Alright. I'll see if there's any apples left for her,” Steve's voice rang through the house as he was talking to you over the phone.
“Okay. I love you too Y/N,” Steve chuckled, before hanging up the phone. Who the hell was Y/N?
“Did you just give my daughter a cookie?”
“Yeah Rogers, I definitely did,” Tony joked and Steve rolled his eyes before turning to his daughter.
“Sarah, I thought we agreed on no chocolates,” Steve said sternly, only to find the girl glaring at him.
“Why are you mad?”
Sarah huffed and looked away, not wanting to see her cheater father's face.
“She's just angry about the fact that you wouldn't play dollhouse with her,” Natasha shrugged and Steve scoffed.
“Whatever, Romanoff,”
“Sarah, it's time for lunch!” Steve exclaimed in hopes of calming his daughter down. Sara didn't budge, Still glaring at the wall, rage filling her young mind. How could he cheat on Mommy?!
As the day went on, Sarah was still pouty about finding out about this Y/N, not wanting to see her father with another woman. She decided to give Steve the silent treatment, and Natasha had to finally feed Sarah her lunch, seeing as the toddler wanted nothing to do with her father.
The Avengers left for the compound a few hours before you came back from school, excited about telling your husband everything that happened at work today.
“Hi–” you started, before looking around in the living room and finding no one there.
“Hi! Welcome home honey,” Steve hugged you, and you raised your eyebrows at him.
“Why is the house so quiet? Where's Sarah?”
“About that–”
“Is she okay?!” you cut him off, widening your eyes in worry.
“Of course she's okay! She's just mad at me about something and I don't know what that is,” Steve answered and you let out a sigh of relief.
“Wait, why is she mad at you?”
“She won't tell me. Maybe you can get her to talk,” Steve suggested and you nodded, walking with him to your daughter's room.
“Sarah, It's me! It's mommy!” you cheered, and Sarah turned to look at you, a pout on her face and her eyes filled with sadness.
“Oh my god, what happened?” you rushed towards her, and held her in your arms.
“Daddy doesn't love you!” Sarah complained. “What?!” you and Steve both yelled in unison and Sarah huffed. Of course she had to explain everything to her parents.
“Daddy said he loves Y/N! Mommy! He should only say that to you!” She shrieked, and Steve had to bite his lips to stop his laugh.
“Baby, I am Y/N!” you giggled and Sarah looked at you confusedly.
“No! You're mommy!” she argued.
“Mommy is what you call me. My real name is Y/N. Just like how your real name is Sarah,” you explained calmly to your daughter who blinked at your words.
“So daddy only loves you?”
“No,” Steve started and your eyes widened at his answer.
“Daddy loves mommy, but he also loves his little baby. You wanna know who that is? It's you!” Steve cooed and Sarah immediately smiled at his words, jumping in her father's arms.
“I love you daddy,”
“I love you too baby,”
Feedback is appreciated!
Taglist: @rippahwrites @hoetolegy @shortimaginewriter
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celebrities-imagines · a month ago
Um im not sure how your request work so im just gonna request and you can tell me if i do something wrong 😳😂 um preference, avengers: how they fix an argument between the both of you?? Idk if you can preference that but...I tried!!! 😋
Avengers Preferences - Their apologies
Tony Stark:
Tumblr media
Tony apologizes through gifts. He's not always the best with words so he finds gift to be a safer option. This way you don't get madder when he says something stupid. Gifts may sound like Tony's bribing you for forgiveness, but that's not the case. The gifts he buys are all personal and meaningful. It might be something you said you wanted weeks ago in passing, thinking he didn't notice, or maybe a childhood candy you always talked about but couldn't find. These gifts are Tony's words. It's his way of telling you that he's always listening, cares, and is truly sorry.
Steve Rogers:
Tumblr media
Steve's apologies are very genuine and straightforward. He rarely upsets you, being a proper gentleman, but when he does he won't hesitate to apologize, immediately. There are usually no gifts involved just his sweet words. Steve apologizes, telling you just how stupid he was and reminds you how important you are to him. He is a true gentleman and his words aren't just for show, everything he says is genuine and from the heart.
Peter Parker:
Tumblr media
Peter's apologies often consist of nervous stuttering and jumbled words. You two are still kids, innocent and full of mistakes. When you're upset with Peter he often panics and thinks the worst. This results in him avoiding you for a few days, worried you're about to break his heart. Eventually, after some advice from Mr. Stark, he works up the courage to talk to you. This is when the stuttering starts. He'll apologize, frantically explaining why you're meant to be and how much he loves you. Peter might panic from time to time but he knows what's important, you, and he'll say whatever he has to to get you back.
Bucky Barnes:
Tumblr media
Bucky's not the best at apologies. His stubborn attitude and hard exterior don't always make him an apologetic, regretful man. So, when he's done something wrong he'll avoid it and sulk for a while. But eventually, Bucky realizes he's got a good thing with you and he refuses to ruin it because he's stubborn. He's old-fashioned. Bucky will show up at your door with flowers and chocolates, an apologetic smile on his lips. He still struggles with words and affection, but he's working on it for you. The apologies can be a bit choppy, seem forced, but he's trying his best. Bucky's not the kind of guy who apologizes so his apologies prove how much you mean to him.
Pietro Maximoff:
Tumblr media
Pietro's apologies, fittingly, are often very speedy. He hates apologies because if he has to apologize it means he's done something to upset you. Pietro also struggles to take most things seriously. Normally, he'll mumble a quick sorry for the smaller apologies and then quickly move on. If it's a bigger fight or you're more upset, he'll slow down his apology. He takes the time to take your feelings seriously. Pietro wants you to know he's being genuine in those moments and will take his time to prove it. He might rush some apologies but he's always willing to slow down so you know how much you mean to him.
Tumblr media
Loki doesn't apologize in words, more so actions. As much as Loki loves to hear himself talk he's not so good when it comes to feelings. So, when you're upset he is a little more willing to cuddle. His kisses are softer and he's just sweeter in general. Some people might find this a week apology, but the God of Mischief isn't gentle with just anyone. Maybe one day Loki will learn to express his feelings with words, but for now, he does his best with actions, and that's good enough for you.
Tumblr media
Thor doesn't always apologize. Not because he doesn't feel like he should, but because he doesn't always realize he upset you. Thor has a big heart but can sometimes be oblivious. If you want him to apologize you have to tell him you're upset. Once he's realized the issue he'll quickly apologize and try to cuddle you to death to make you feel better. Thor is the sweetest and he's always quick to make you feel better when you're upset.
Stephen Strange:
Tumblr media
Before Stephen's accident, he was terrible with apologies. In fact, he just didn't apologize. So, you were surprised after the accident when Stephen became much more apologetic and open. His apologies consist of a simple "I'm sorry". Stephen might be more open with feelings, but he's still an extremely realistic man. Why waste time sugar-coating when the problem can be solved more genuinely? On occasion, just to win some points, Stephen will transport you guys somewhere like Paris for the day. His apologies aren't always the most romantic but they're meaningful, just like Stephen.
Tumblr media
Vision's apologies are just simple conversations where he explains what he did wrong and why he's sorry, and if vision doesn't know what he did wrong he'll ask. His innocence can be sweet or irritating depending on why you're upset. They're very logical and realistic. He doesn't like it when you are upset and, eventually, realized that apologies fix the problem faster. Vision doesn't get upset or angry, so if anyone's apologizing it's usually him. He just doesn't get upset about things. Apologies aren't very common in your house though because you don't fight too often. Vision understands how important apologies are so he never hesitates to apologize if you seem the least bit upset after an argument.
Wanda Maximoff:
Tumblr media
Wanda is quick to apologize. She's lost too many people to waste time being stubborn. Sometimes, she'll stop you mid-fight and apologize, wanting to let it go and enjoy her time with you. Time is a funny thing and how much is left is unknown. Wanda will even apologize for things that aren't her fault. She will take the blame and apologize for every tiny fight if it means you two can be happy again. Wanda just wants to enjoy her time with you, and she'll do anything to do just that.
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labella420 · a month ago
Tumblr media
A little something just because it’s SINday. That and it’s one of my biggest fantasies to be smashed between these two beefy bodies. 🥵💦
Starring: Nomad! Steve Rogers x female reader, Bucky Barnes x female reader
Summary: Steve and Bucky like it when you’re in the middle.
Warnings: SMUT! NSFW! MINORS DNI! Unprotected sex.fingering (both vaginal and anal). Oral sex (f receiving). Double Penetration.
Word Count: 534
Divider by @firefly-graphics (ya’ll check her out she is amazing!)
I DO NOT give permission to translate or post my works anywhere else! Reblogs and feedback are welcomed and appreciated wholeheartedly!
Tumblr media
Your slick is seeping out of your cunt as Steve positions himself under you, making himself comfortable against an ocean of pillows. Snaking his arms around your hips, he helps lower you to him, inhaling your essence as your pussy hovers above his lips.
“I can’t wait to taste you sweetheart,” Steve hums, nipping at the flesh of your inner thighs. “I’ve been thinking about this all day.” It was then that Steve split through your folds with his tongue before sucking your clit into his mouth.
“Ohhh…” you keen softly as your body turns to jelly. If it wasn’t for the second man straddling Steve’s body so he could prop you against his chest, you would have certainly tumbled backwards.
“You look so beautiful when you’re between us Doll,” Bucky whispers in your ear, each of his hands cupping your breasts. The contrast between the flesh of his right hand, and the metal of his left awakening your senses.
The burn of Steve’s beard is sweet as he eats your cunt with abandon, his tongue flicking against your clit. You start to roll your hips, your body begging for more of what Steve is offering.
Without skipping a beat, Steve pushes two fingers into your pussy, your velvet walls hugging his digits like a vice. Rolling your head back into Bucky’s shoulder, you look up at him through your lashes with lust blown pupils.
“Please Bucky, I need to feel you too.”
Bucky chuckles against the side of your face, his lips suckling at your skin. “What a greedy little slut,” he scolds half heartedly, before popping a finger into his mouth, ensuring it’s nice and wet.
Before long Bucky’s finger is massaging your back passage, applying light pressure to help you relax yourself for him. Slowly, he pushes the tip past your tight ring, your body sucking him in hungrily.
“Let us hear those sweet sounds you make, Doll.” Bucky’s voice is low, tainted with the husk of need. The need to witness you fall apart between your two super soldiers. His finger is now moving slowly inside your back passage, keeping perfect time with Steve’s fingers buried deep within your channel and his talented tongue on your hardened bud.
“Oh fuck yes,” your moans echo throughout the room as your pleasure builds, the three of you moving together like a finely tuned instrument. “Don’t hold back Doll,” you hear Bucky behind you. “I want to watch you come all over Stevie’s face.”
You break then, your entire being aflame from the powerful release your soldiers have gifted you. Little jolts of electricity make your body quake as Steve lazily runs his tongue against your slit, helping bring you down from your high. Gasping at the empty feeling as Steve and Bucky pull their fingers from your holes, you mistakenly think it’s bedtime as your body is maneuvered from above Steve’s face, incoherent whimpers falling from your lips as Steve’s hard cock slides into your soaked heat.
“I hope you don’t think we’re done sweetheart,” Steve’s large hands spread your ass open as Bucky’s throbbing head teases your asshole. “We plan on keeping you full of us until the sun comes up.”
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imaginedreamwrite · 4 months ago
Baby Girl
PROLOGUE PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19
Summary: They knew they were soulmates from the moment they met, yet if they were soulmates then shouldn’t they see in full colour?
If they were soulmates than why were they still partially colour blind? Why couldn’t they see every colour possible? The only reasonable explanation is that there is another soulmate out there.
Steve and Bucky go on with their lives as avengers and super soldiers, growing used to the contrast of having both colour and black and white as their vision. They never deliberately seek out their soulmate, nor do they give up on them.
As Peter Parker’s girlfriend, you know he’s not your soulmate. You see in black and white and so does he. Despite all that, you still date each other while being aware that there will come a day when both of you will see colour and find your true soulmates.
When Peter invites you to a party at Stark Tower, promising to introduce you to the other avengers who have been dying to meet you, you expect to have a good time and go home at the end of the night still seeing in black and white.
However, when you’re introduced to the two super soldier’s your world comes to life in full colour. You’re hardly given the time to adjust before Peter makes the introduction with the title ‘girlfriend’ hanging in the air.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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heli0s-writes · 2 months ago
Queen please give us Steve when the reader chokes him while sitting on his face 🙃
a/n: Thank you for sending this in!! Y’all love choking boys, good for u. Bucky’s version. 1k words. please stop reading if you are not 18+
brooklyn after dark masterlist
Tumblr media
Love carves a wild streak in him a mile wide.
Behind closed doors, his respectable poise turns dangerous; he’ll slink over on his knees, crawl up beneath your skirt and get you to sing.
You’re thrilled by it. You’re also a little shit who eggs him on by proclaiming, “Captain America, sir! Fucking you creatively is just fulfilling my civic duty!”
As if Steve isn’t a little shit himself.
He replies, “How ‘bout creatively fucking my face, citizen?”
You blink.
He’s usually very sentimental with oral. Licks you for hours like you’re the last bit of sweetness in the world, savors it long and lazy and delicate. But now he’s looking at you like a predator and your suspicion that the Venn diagram of Sex Acts Steve Rogers Is Interested In and Shit You’ve Seen On Brazzers might end up being one big circle just keeps being proven right.
Well, perfect.
You pat his chin, counting enthusiastic flecks in his eyes. Gorgeous and green and all that mouthwatering darkness slowly simmering behind it.
“What, you want me to sit on this pretty thing?”
“Civic duty and all that. You up for it, sweetheart?”
What an obscene image: Earth’s Mightiest Hero a slobbering and breathless disarray, coming up for air, licking the gloss of your cunt off his lips.
You salute, “Yessiree.”
Steve’s trying to pass out or something. At the very least develop a bruised jaw and a mean cramp for a couple of days.
He’s fastened his grip to your legs, grinding your slit on his swollen lips. He looks up from time to time, grabbing your tits and waist, but for the most part, he’s holding on tightly and making a real goddamn mess.
“You’re fucking delicious, baby.” The color of his cheeks is a stark white briefly as you lift off, then red again when he pulls you back down. “Uh-uh. Gotta have more of you.”
You moan on his velvet tongue at the sloppy sounds he makes, how he strokes himself behind you, turned on by your juices in his throat. He’s always stunning. Eager and devoted to the singular task of lapping at you like a starved man.
Two fingers twist inside before he corkscrews them back and shoves them in his own mouth. He repeats this again and again, like pulling a secret from your body only he’s allowed to enjoy.
“Yes,” he sighs, “Fuck yes. Fuck—mmm—"
You’ve already come once, and your head is still fuzzy with the aftershocks of it, growing fuzzier following the rapid buildup of his insatiable need for more.
You want to flip the script. Reward him, in a way.
You turn around, arch for the right leverage, the right angle.
This position gives you an incredible, uninterrupted view of his chest as it expands on a gasp—his tight abs flexing, his strong thighs rippling with power. And beneath you, his face, that glorious and prodigious mark of history revived as a man like a masterpiece, is currently being used as an object—a plaything— and he loves it.
You bear down, make him grunt.
“Steve,” you prompt, “I’m gonna put my hands around your neck. Tap me three times if it’s too much.”
His only reply is a sharp slap to your ass that makes you yelp—his signal for try me. Great. If he wants you to break his neck, fine. He heals fast anyway. You take your hands to his throat and wrap your fingers around as much as possible.
Steve’s muscles constrict, cock flexing with new arousal. You do it again and the sound he makes vibrates all the way up to your scalp.
He strains against your hold, pelvis thrusting into empty air as he makes a quick and keening noise. You release his trachea and Steve inhales a strangled breath, muffles a loud fuck! into the meat of your ass.
Excited, you tilt back and forth, ride his tongue, getting the suction of his mouth right, squeezing another warning when he moves away from it. You press a smidge harder, feeling the errant quiver of his Adam’s apple on your lifeline, thumping against your pulse.
Brazzers, eat your goddamn heart out. Captain America used like a fuckdoll out of his own volition. Getting choked while he works to come all over himself.
Right on cue, his fist returns to his groin, stroking himself— chasing the thrill of being restrained. He whimpers like a defenseless kitten— jerks off as a downright horny, nasty man. Two conflicts stoking the desperate burning in his lungs.
His forearm and bicep are bulging, knuckles pale, thumb repeatedly and expertly slipping over his swollen purple cockhead. His other hand cups around his sac, tugging and rolling the sensitive skin.
It’s fucking hot, seeing him turned on, playing at weakness, trusting you. You watch him edge closer each time his shaft drives out of his fist. His mouth is causing a racket with how he sucks and slurps. His breath is hot, puffing out in short, frantic pants. He’s nearly there, toes curling, thighs enormous and stiff—and then— with both his hands on his cock—two more twists and a full-body shudder that you’ll commit to memory for a long time.
He spills all over himself, impressive lines landing nearly up to his blushing chest. He stutters, ah—shit—fuck, mmmfff-- ah-ah, baby—and goes slack.
“That was…” he mutters, dazed, and loses his train of thought. His wet hair is splattered on his forehead and he’s gulping air like he’s trying to make up for what you smothered from him. “We gotta do that again.”
“Maybe,” you say back, pulling yourself off and next to him, kissing his pink nose and cheek, giggling when it smells like fresh pussy, “But there’s lots of other stuff to do, honey.”
His face lights up, giddy like a kid with a bag of new toys.
“I can slap you…” you suggest. “Get inside you. Fuck you like a girl.” And from the corner of your eye, you can see the subtle twitch of his cock, interested in your proposition.
“Y-yeah?” He swallows thickly, “You think so?”
You dip a finger into the sticky mess of his come pooled at the creases of his abs and smear it up. “Yep.” You pop the p and Steve’s eyes roll back, another grin pulling his face open.
His wild streak is a mile wide already, but you can’t wait to carve another.
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buckyhoney · 2 months ago
𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞𝐬, 𝐜.𝐞
a/n: hope you enjoy my dirty whores!
pairing: CEO!chris evans x reader
reblogs/feedback/likes are greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! however, DO NOT repost/steal ANY of my fics!
18+ warning
warnings: 18+, language, daddy kink, praise kink, degrading kink, spanking, choking, oral (m), masturbation (f & m), nudes/videos, unprotected sex, breeding kink
words: 3.2k
Tumblr media
Late nights spent at the office were becoming more and more frequent the closer it got to the end of the quarter. Financial reports, budgeting, end-of-the-year goals, sales reports- the office is more chaotic than normal. When one task was completed, five more would pop up in its place.
Eyes strained, Chris looks at the excel spreadsheets- looking for any errors, doing mental math, writing notes on the legal pad next to the keyboard.
A notification pops up on his screen, reminding him that it is well past eight o’clock- and you were expecting him home.
Where are you? (sent)
He is the only one left in the building- except the custodians that were almost finished and getting ready to leave.
Another late night, be home soon x (delivered)
The text stares back at you, your face filling with disappointment. This is the fourth time this week. Each day he's away, you become needier.
You miss his fingers around your throat, the foul comments that slip past his teeth- the taunting.
You miss the feeling of his palms slipping up inside your shirt and his palms aggressively branding your ass.
Your cunt aches for his cock.
The throbbing hasn’t gone away in days- nothing relieving the throbs. There is only so much that a vibrator could do.
but i need you, daddy… (sent)
Fixated on the white bubble, Chris's cock twitches.
The last couple of weeks, he hasn’t been able to please you as much as he wished.
He is just as frustrated as you were.
By the time he gets home, you’re fast asleep- tangled up in the white comforter, practically wearing nothing, the only sounds being your light snores.
There are nights he contemplates waking you up- or even sneaking a taste of your sweet cunt, but he stops himself- it’s just not the same as when you’re begging for it.
Ignoring his bulge, he refocuses on the screen in front of him.
You pout, watching the three dots appear and disappear- taunting you.
I need you too, princess… but I’m stuck here for another couple of hours (delivered)
Now more aggravated than before, you throw the comforter off your body- shoving it to his side of the bed.
Storming into your closet, you open all the drawers frantically in search of your new lingerie set.
It has been hidden for weeks as a surprise for Chris- a little celebration gift for the end of the quarter, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
The sheer black cups with thin straps highlight the sides of your breasts, making them look irresistible. A thick lace flower pattern sat above your hip bone, enhancing the natural curve.
The set is a dream- you imagine Chris’s eyes popping from his head when he sees you in it for the first time.
You stand in front of the full-body mirror that lays in front of your bed.
Strands of hair lay perfectly on the sides of your face, and the phone covers your face- but captures every curve of your body.
The flash reflects off the sheer material, making it sparkle and shine.
You smirk as you review the pictures before hitting send. Once they read delivered, you sit- legs spread- in front of the mirror, switching the photo setting to video.
are you sure you can’t come home sooner? *2 attachments* (sent)
Chris’s phone lights up with the scandalous photos of you.
He swallows hard, clenching his jaw. Your prediction rang true; his eyes bulge from their sockets.
The full-body picture comes in first- his cock is fully erect with a faint heartbeat. The picture is soon topped by the photo of your ass hangs perfectly and rounded with the little material covering it.
Leaning back in his chair, he sucks hard on his bottom lip- heavily considering saying fuck it and going home.
That was until another ding from his phone sounds.
This time, a video- body propped up against the base of your bed. You’re sitting on the hardwood floor with your legs spread.
The camera gives a clear view of your glistening cunt with the new panties shoved to the side.
Gliding over your cunt, you tease yourself before dipping between your folds. Spreading them open- you show off your perfect pussy.
You begin to rub small slow circles around your clit, while your hand holds the phone as still as you could.
After warming yourself up, you slip your fingers inside yourself- whimpering at the relief of having your fingers inside you. Rolling your hips into your fingers, you could hear the arousal surrounding your fingers.
Chris stiffens, and anger building within him.
The sound of your wet cunt mixed with your sweet whimpers made his cock pulsate- wanting nothing more than to ram into your tight pussy with your face against the mattress.
The new set only adds to the desire to rush home to punish you- but you broke the rules. Chris isn’t going to reward you by coming home- giving you what you desperately needed.
Being the stubborn man he is, he was for sure isn’t coming home.
Flipping the camera so you can tease a close up view of the material caging your breasts. The camera shows your lips closing around your fingers- sucking off your arousal.
A soft moan escapes your lips at the taste of yourself.
now i know my princess has been taken care of, i can stay longer (delivered)
What a sarcastic asshole.
Weighing the options of waiting for him to come home or taking matters into your own hands and driving down to his office- you knew he couldn’t resist you once you’re standing in front of him, soaking and needy.
Begging to be freed, Chris undoes his belt- eyes not breaking contact with the explicit video.
The video of your prohibited act plays on a continuous loop while Chris shimmy’s his pants down to free his red and angry cock.
It’s killing him knowing you’re at home pleasing yourself- that your fingers are buried inside you with no one to hear your intoxicating moans.
Chris’s hand begins to move up and down his sensitive cock at a steady pace- thinking of how pretty your mouth looks around him- the way it feels when the tip hits the back of your throat.
“Fuck,” He hisses through his teeth,
Chris picks up the pace of his strokes- spending extra time at his tip and collecting the precum dripping down the sides. It’s only been a couple of minutes, and he is ready to burst.
The effect you had over him is unlike anyone before. You knew his body better than anyone, and you could have him cumming within seconds. Some nights, his thrusts are deep and aggressive- using you as a stress toy, almost forgetting that you’re underneath him.
Each thrust would have your eyes rolling back- the only thing you see are stars and blurry snapshots of Chris’s primal expressions.
Growling at the overwhelming feeling of pleasure soaring through him, his hips buck into his hand- cum oozes out of his tip, making a mess in his hands.
His heavy breathing is the only sound once he pauses the video.
He reaches over his desk, grabbing a handful of tissues.
Tugging at the ends of the dress, you smooth out the wrinkles. The new bra hidden underneath- the panties lay at the base of the bed.
You grab the small brown paper bag that sat on the kitchen counter, scrambling to find something bringing over an excuse to come see him.
The bag is now filled with leftovers, a half-empty bottle of bourbon, and two glasses.
The car ride had you squirming in your seat, thighs pressed together.
In efforts to calm the throbbing- you knew your punishment is at the other end, making it harder for you to keep still.
Walking through the empty office building, you feel the wetness travel around your inner thighs.
Soaked before you even see him.
You knock on the doorway, catching his attention.
You see his eyes darken with lust and anger- even though the limited light.
“Looks like someone couldn’t wait till I got home.” Chris pushes back from the desk.
Your heart is racing,
“I’m so so sorry, daddy… I just missed you so much.” Pouting, you walk inside his office- closing the door and locking it behind you.
Chris keeps his anger on low- in hopes you’ll apologize on your own.
“What did you bring me, princess?” Chris pats his lap.
You set the bag down, dragging it across the desk as you walk over to him.
You’re on edge, not know knowing what he will do- you bite back a moan once you sit on his lap.
It is the first intimate action exchanged between the two of you in what felt like forever.
Legs crossed, you keep your arousal from leaking on his thighs- exposing your secret.
Chris’s body tenses as you wiggle your ass against his crotch, trying to get comfortable.
God, he missed your ass.
“I brought you some dinner.” Voice sweet and innocent, you pull out the items from the bag one by one.
Chris’s hands planted on your hips, watching you as you reach inside the bag.
“I also brought some bourbon because I know Daddy could have some to help him relax.” Chris’s hands go over the sides of your hips and up to your waist, feeling no seams.
You smirk to yourself; you’ve been caught.
“Princess, are you wearing any panties?” You bite your lip, focusing on the items sprawled out on the desk.
“Of course, Daddy! Why would you ask such a thing?” If Daddy hated one thing more than playing with yourself without his permission- it is his princess lying to him.
“I’m going to give you one more chance because I know my princess wouldn’t lie to me. Are you wearing panties?”
“Yes.” You wiggle again, digging yourself in a much bigger hole. Throbbing underneath you, you knew he couldn’t resist you much longer.
Any moment he would crack.
His fingers trail down the sides of your dress, yanking up the sides. Your bare ass is exposed in front of him.
Your eyes are forward, not daring to look at him.
The anger Chris kept on low quickly boils over, and he grits his teeth. Chris can’t control his anger anymore, not when you have been lying to him.
“I get home late a couple times, and you’ve started playing with yourself- and you’re lying to daddy," You yelp as he practically throws you off his lap and pushes you against his desk.
"Do you need to be punished for being disobedient?” You catch yourself before you hit your stomach.
The bottle of bourbon knocks over, and the container of food falls to the floor in front of the desk.
Standing to his feet, he pulls your dress up to your waist.
Just as he suspected.
Your ass is in the air with your chest pressed against the cool wood.
“I asked you a question.” Your eyes swell with tears as you receive the first, of many, smacks.
“Do you need to be punished?”
With your arms out in front of you, gripping the desk, you shake your head.
Bracing yourself for another smack, you cry at the next spankings.
The sensation of the cool metal of the wedding ring against your hot raw skin causes your arousal to drip down your folds.
Noticing how much you're enjoying your punishment, Chris takes his middle finger dragging it along your folds- humming as his finger coats in your juices.
You squeeze your thighs together from the pleasure.
Chris spreads your folds open; he hums, finally coming eye to eye with your core. Smirking at the sight of your hole desperately pulsating around nothing.
With your legs already feeling weak, he sinks another finger inside- twisting and pumping to create a blissful sensation.
It is short-lived as it is ripped from you within seconds.
“God, you’re soaked-" Pulling his fingers from your cunt.
"You’re like a bitch in heat, aren’t you?” Chris spits.
Another smack to your raw ass. All Chris sees is red.
Without warning, two fingers ram into you.
As they curl inside you, grazing your g-spot, you are unable to keep moans back.
Chris teases your hole, thrusting his fingers in and out- but only for a moment before tearing the pleasure away.
“You already had your fun- cumming all over yourself in front of the mirror-like a slut- it’s mine turn, sweetheart.” He says as you are blabbering incoherently against the desk.
Chris smacks your ass one last time before he yanks your hips up.
You barely standing- you’re using the desk for stability. Chris slides off the rest of your dress, leaving you only in the new bra.
The cool air sends shivers through your body- goosebumps covering your arms, hardening your nipples.
Admiring the article of clothing up close, Chris’s palms slide down your sides.
Your chest rises and falls as the anxiety builds in your stomach- not knowing what he will do to you next.
His hands move up the side of your neck, wrapping around your throat. Your mouth falls open as your breathing becomes restricted.
Chris pulls you toward him, his breath his hot on your cheek. Not daring to move without permission, your arms are to your side.
“You’re gonna prove to daddy how sorry you are.” Your eyes light up.
Releasing his grip on your neck, you gasp for a full breath.
He untucks his white button up- unbuttoning the first few buttons. He sits in his leather chair, widening his legs so that you could kneel between them.
Obeying the command, you fall between his legs- undoing his belt and his button. Your hands shake for excitement.
It felt like months since you’ve had him felt him last.
His cock springs free as you pull him free.
Chris's cock is solid and girthy, making it difficult to wrap your fingers around all of him. Licking your lips, you collect all the saliva in your mouth.
Chris looks down at your overly eager demeanor- your eyes locking with his as you let the string of saliva fall on his cock. He swallows hard as your tongue glides along the side of him.
His fingers weaved through your hair, bunching it at the roots. Your pornographic moan sends vibrations through his cock- only adding to the sensation.
Chris pushes your head down, forcing you to take more of him inside- gagging as your head is being held to his pelvis.
“Oh fuck, princess- that’s it… take all of Daddy’s cock in that stupid mouth of yours.” The filthy words make your stomach flutter and your confidence soar.
Your lips close around his tip, sucking on the sensitive area. One hand is stroking what your mouth was not occupying and the other cupping his balls.
Chris’s eyes are squeezed shut, focusing on the intense pleasure he is feeling. You release his tip with a pop. As your hand pumps his length, your mouth takes one of his balls into your mouth.
A moan escapes him- you have never done that before.
“I missed your mouth so much- Fuck! Daddy’s not gonna last much longer.” He grunts.
Wanting him to finish in your mouth, you take him in your mouth.
“I’m gonna cum, princess- all over that pretty mouth,” Chris thrusts one last time against your mouth.
His mouth falls open, and a pornographic moan leaves his lips as his body is overtaken with pleasure.
His eyes roll back momentarily as his cock spills cum onto your tongue. The excitement overruns your body, swallowing him as if it is your last meal.
You’re giddy at the familiar taste.
Sucking the last few drops from his over-sensitive cock, you savor every last drop. Humming with the last bit coating your tongue, Chris brings you to your feet.
“Since you were such a good slut while sucking Daddy’s cock- what do you want, princess? Wanna have my mouth around your clit, or my cock buried in your warm cunt?” Chris coos, rubbing your cheek with the back of his finger.
“I want you inside me….” Almost embarrassed, you feel the heat in your cheeks and your head hanging down.
He pulls your waist to him, gesturing for you to sit on his lap.
Sitting with your legs on each side of him, you slowly lower yourself on him.
You're breathless as you sink into him. His cock stretches your cunt, causing a string of curses from Chris.
You can’t speak- you’re completely full; you don’t move to allow your cunt to get acclimated to him again.
“Oh God,” You whine into his shoulder.
His hands slowly roll your hips, your sensitive center begins to tighten around him. Once the initial discomfort passes- you rock your hips.
Chris’s arms hold you flushed with his chest- lips attacking your neck and chest.
You’re a whimpering, moaning mess- your ability to rock your hips gets weaker. Chris beginning to thrust into you the moment you lose your rhythm- his cock taps your cervix.
“Look how cock drunk you are,” He coos, impressed with how deep he can get.
You’re nonverbal; you’ve entered a state of nirvana.
His cock hits every spot needed to edge you closer to your high. Chris is stunned at how he hasn’t come already.
Your walls tighten and relax around him as his cock rams into you.
All you can do is moan and allow him to thrust- your legs are like jello, and your mind is fogged with the pleasure.
The knot of pleasure rapidly building in the pit of your tummy; you squeeze legs together as much as you can. Chris feels the attempt and picks up his pace.
The sound of your moans are being drowned out by the sound of the bottom of your thighs and his hips clapping together.
“You gonna cum for me?” You nod frantically and moan in response.
“Cum for me, princess. Make a mess on Daddy’s cock,” Chris feels your cunt tighten around him, and your body tenses up.
You see stars as your eyes roll back and your body goes numb with pleasure. Your nails gripping into his shoulder and your moans getting trapped behind your teeth.
“Oh, shit! Such a good little whore, taking Daddy's cock.” His grunts continue as he continues to thrust into you- but this time, they’re sloppy and inconsistent.
“I should make you keep my cum inside you till you get home,” He grits his teeth, slamming his cock into you.
Chris holds your waist steady, feeling the familiar sensation. You’re a whimpering mess on top of him, your cunt sensitive and raw.
“Such a good little whore,” Chris bucks his hips recklessly, cum spilling into you.
Not moving just yet, Chris just holds you- you’re breathless and panting, desperately trying to steady your breathing.
You open your eyes to look at Chris.
As you cool down from your highs, you realize just how sweaty and warm your bodies are. His forehead holds small beads of sweat, and his face flushed red.
Chris’s eyes soften as he sees you’re intense focus on his features.
“I’m sorry for being away so much- I’ll be home early tomorrow, so I can properly show you how much I’ve missed your pretty pussy.” He coos, moving the fallen strands of hair away from your face.
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cloudystevie · 6 months ago
my old man is a tough man, but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
pairing: mob boss! steve rogers x fem! reader
word count: 1,842
summary: steve gives you what you want... kind of.
warnings: au, somewhat ooc steve?, daddy kink (we know who i am) heavy degradation, consensual slapping (once), thigh riding, cockwarming, choking and exhibitionism (?)
authors note: yeah.. pwp welcome to my brain. 18+ FIC ONLY MINORS DO NOT READ DO NOT INTERACT and i do not permit any translations or posting of any of my works on any other sites. tumblr is the only place my shitty fics go and thats it. okay bye idek if this fic makes sense but i wrote it.
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
Your sharp sigh cuts through Steve’s dimly lit home office for the nth time that night and Steve refuses to look up from his heavy wood desk to where you were sprawled out on the coffee-coloured leather sofa in the corner of the spacious room. He knows that once he looks over and gives in to your bratty tactics he would have lost this battle immediately and that was the absolute last thing he wanted; for you to get cocky and assume that if you pouted and whined a bit he would give in.
But he always gives in anyway.
He hears you huff and his jaw ticks, trying desperately to restrain himself especially when his trusted personnel were in the room, though that’s never stopped him before. He just thought it would be nice to be a bit more considerate of your dignity and his men’s embarrassment.
“Stevie I’m bored.” your voice is that of a petulant child, whining and high pitched.
“Hi bored I’m Steve.” He retorts without missing a beat and you huff, seemingly frustrated with the lack of attention you were receiving so you strutted over to him, plopping yourself in his lap until he finally, finally looks at you for the first time that night.
“You’re being mean.”
“I’m busy, and I told you this when you walked in here and you promised you would behave but look where we are now. You’re not behaving.” He punctuates with a rough squeeze to your hip and a pathetic whimper already catches in your throat.
“But I need you.” You whine, burying your face in his broad chest and he chuckles, gesturing for his men to exit the room and comply immediately, the embellished double doors creaking shut behind them as it’s now just you and Steve in the room.
Chuckling, he runs a big hand up and down your back, leaning backwards in his office chair as he finally gives you attention. “And how do you need me sweetheart?”
He can practically hear you pouting, and if you were standing you definitely would have stomped your feet- brat.
“I-I’m wet Daddy.” You whisper, and it’s at that moment Steve realizes you’re subtly grinding your wet cunt against his slack clad thighs, your wetness seeping out and beginning to stain the expensive dress pant material. And he laughs at you, right in your face in a way that is so entirely condescending it makes you melt into him and let out an incomprehensible whine as you fist his button down.
“And what do you want me to do about that? It’s not my fault your slutty little pussy is always wet is it?” He mockingly pouts at you, laughing when tears of frustration well up in your eyes but he knows you like it when he feels your hole quivering against his thick muscle.
“Daddy! You- you’re so mean to me!” You exclaim, clutching his expansive shoulders as you pathetically grind down onto his thigh even though he still had not given you explicit permission to do so.
That’s when you feel his hand wrap around your throat, gold watch twinkling under the mellow light as his strength catches you off guard and subsequently halts your movements. Your manicured fingers wrap around his wrist, as another whine bubbles and catches in your throat at the mean glare in his now dark deep set blue eyes.
“I’m mean? Let me be nicer while you’re grinding on my thigh like a pathetic whore without asking me for permission. Is that how bad you need me? Need Daddy’s big cock stuffing your little cunt?” Normally, his tone would be softer when speaking to you, but he knows that when you get like this you want him to degrade and humiliate you until you’re so far gone you’re unable to even make sense of the world around you.
You frantically nod your head, pleading for him to rail into you until your legs are shaking but he doesn’t comply, of course he doesn’t because he gets off on teasing you- being the only one so in control of you and your body. He’s the only one that gets to see you like this and choose when you reach your pleasure and how you reach it-
It’s all a massive power trip for him and he fucking loves it.
“You need Daddy right?” He asks lowly.
You bite your lip and nod your head, awaiting his answer.
“Then you can get off on my thigh without my help. I’m gonna do my work and you’re gonna stay fucking quiet, understand sweetheart?”
You want to cry, you were so close to getting what you wanted and you were so sure you convinced him with your puppy eyes and pouty lips. You should have known your boyfriend could be really fucking mean when he wanted to.
A quick, calculated swat to your cheek has you gasping and unable to stifle the moan in your throat, “I said, do you understand?”
“I understand Daddy.” Whimpering at the harsh gaze fixated on you, but softening slightly when he kisses your cheek and then pecks your lips before tapping your ass slightly and rolling his chair back to his desk, continuing his work where he left off.
And now you were exponentially needier. You buried your face in his shirt as you began grinding your hips back and forth, holding securely onto his shoulders as you attempted to find a good pace and pleasurable position- all the while keeping your mewls and whimpers at bay because your Daddy asked you to, and you always listen to what Daddy says.
(No you don’t, or else you wouldn’t even be in the predicament you were currently in.)
You bite your lip, building your pace to go faster as your bare cunt (since you had mostly foregone panties in order to get what you wanted from him) thrusts in a particularly euphoric way and a shiver runs up your spine.
Steve could not be any more nonchalant if he tried, he continues writing as if you’re not bucking your hips against his thigh leaving a messy wet patch and struggling to catch your breath right in his lap. He doesn’t even have a hand on your waist, not a single whisper of praise or even degradation that you need from him.
Your clit catches suddenly, when he tenses his thigh and barely smirks when you jolt and mewl loudly, head falling back before you realize what you’ve done.
He tsks at you, delivering an echoing spank to your ass as he reprimands you for breaking his rule. Though apparently he’s feeling merciful because he lets you off with just a warning.
Now your slick is pooling in your core as your movements become more sporadic, your whole pussy is getting stimulated and he occasionally tenses his thigh to give you extra friction. You begin moving faster and faster, back arching and panting loudly like a bitch in heat and now Steve can’t focus on his work no matter how hard he tries. In all honesty he hadn’t been able to focus on his work since the moment you walked into his office, that’s just the effect you have on him. But he would never tell you that. Or else this whole back and forth would be useless.
Your gasps for air get more frequent, chest heaving and body tensing with a sheen layer of sweat building on your glowing skin and Steve knows you’re about to fall over the edge. So he surprised you when he wraps a hand around your throat, pressing your forehead to his and crowding all your senses with him, your body going into overdrive as your brain steadily becomes a pile of nothingness.
“You’re gonna cum. You’re gonna cum on my thigh like the little bitch you are and then you’re gonna thank me for it. Do it. Now.” He rasps.
Your body seizes up, eyes rolling to the back of your head as your orgasm washes over you in intense waves. He forces you through it, guiding your hips back and forth and forcing you to ride his thick thigh until every last drop of your slick is coating his pants.
He puts his nose into your neck, inhaling your scent and moaning in content. “What do we say little one?”
You’re still shaking through your orgasm, mind foggy and you can feel his bulge against your skin. “Thank you Daddy.” You breathe, body jerking occasionally as you come down from your high,
“Now don’t tell me you think we’re done here sweetheart, you wanted Daddy’s cock right? Take it out.” He commands and watches in amusement how quickly your eyes light up and you work to unbutton and unzip him, pulling his pants and then tight black briefs down just enough to pull his cock out and you marvel at it, still not sure how he was able to fit inside you.
He’d make it fit.
He nodded his head, “go on, since you can make yourself cum on my leg you can fit my cock into you on your own. You don’t need Daddy’s help with everything like a stupid baby do you?” He mocked, voice thick with lust.
You gulped, moving overtop him as his large palms found their way to your ass, groping and spanking at the flesh and making you sigh in pleasure, as you began to slowly sink down onto his dick.
His tip was already throbbing and oozing with pre cum, all the sensations making you mewl loud enough that there was no doubt the men now posted outside heard you.
“Hurry up slut, I don’t have all day.”
Biting your lip, you close your eyes and sink down onto him completely, his cock so deep and thick and stretching you out, reaching places you thought impossible.
You controlled your breathing a bit and Steve bit his lip, your pussy creaming and tightening around him- feeling fucking heavenly.
You slowly started to move up and down but he spanks your ass in warning again, making you still your movements with a confused expression that made Steve chuckle.
“Oh sweetheart I never said I’d let you fuck yourself on my cock. You already came once, that’s more than whores like you deserve. Now stay still Daddy has a meeting.”
You gaped at him, shaking your head no and about to begin pleading for him until he shushed you, his laptop ringing and alerting an incoming video call and the lewd nature of the situation makes you clamp down on Steve’s cock unexpectedly and he warns you with a pinch to your thigh.
“Good evening Mr. Barber, I’ve been looking forward to working with you.” Steve speaks completely composed again, slipping into his work persona so easily.
You hear a deep voice from the laptop speaker, “please Steve, It’s Andy. If we’re going to carry out this deal, I don’t expect such formality.”
“Alright then Andy, let’s get started shall we?”
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
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twjournals · 2 months ago
“i’ll kill anyone who touches you” with dark Bucky or Steve?
Tumblr media
Warning: dark!Steve Rogers x fem!reader, dub-con, mild dom/sub, unprotected sex, jealousy
No matter how many times you told Steve there was nothing going on with Bucky, he refused to listen. Ever since he brought his best friend home to the compound, Steve was soon regretting his decision. What once seemed harmless, quickly felt like a competition.
Steve was the only one who seemed to see it this way. It was innocent to you. Any friend of Steve's was a friend of yours. You were one of the few aside from Steve and Sam who actually talked to Bucky.
He was quick to grow tired of finding you and Bucky training together. Showing each other some moves and helping each other adjust the other's posture. You were always in bed, still in his arms when he awoke. He enjoyed kissing you awake, waking you up to his hard-on against your back in which you were always so quick to take care of. Ever since Bucky had come back, there were fewer and fewer moments like this.
For Bucky, sometimes it was just easier to talk to you about things than it was to tell his best friend. Even though you understood, Steve could never. You knew Steve was not always the easiest to talk to about things. He was beyond stubborn, set in his ways. He was honest, sometimes too honest. Bucky enjoyed talking to you, maybe even a little more than he probably should have. It was all too much Steve's liking.
Just as Steve dismissed a meeting, you started making your way around the table toward the door with the rest of the team until the door was pushed shut in front of you. "Except for you."
Your curious eyes wandered up to Steve as his hand rested against the door in front of you. You could tell just by looking at him he was pissed. There was certainly something bothering him.
You headed back to the table, taking a seat quietly. Your eyes watched him curiously as he stalked around you, deep in thought.
"It was a mistake to bring Bucky here." He simply stated.
"I don't agree. He's your best friend." You reminded.
"And yet he's always with my girlfriend."
You rolled your eyes. You should have seen where this was going. He never believed you. It was not you he was worried about though, it was Bucky. He knew how persuasive Bucky was, how much of a lady's man he was once.
"Are you denying that you aren't?" He challenged.
You glared at him for a moment. You were tired of having this talk with him.
"Are you gonna act like you weren't just laughing with Bucky while I was up here talking?"
"It was a joke, Steve." You pressed. Steved stood behind you at this point.
"I was talking." He grabbed the back of your seat, turning you around to meet his cold gaze. You swallowed hard at the sight. "I want it to stop."
"There's nothing-"
"I talk, you listen." He warned you and you quickly got quiet. "Obviously you're forgetting your role now that Bucky is around. You were never this mouthy before. I see I'm gonna have to fix that."
He waited to see if you would protest, but you were silent so he continued on. "You're gonna stop hanging out with him. If I so much as see you talking to him, I'll fuck you where you stand in front of him."
Your eyes widened at his words. Steve had always been more of the reserved type, so to hear such filth leave his mouth had caught you off guard. Your legs pressed together slightly without even noticing, but Steve did. He was at eye level with you.
"I'll kill anyone who touches you." He assured you, his hands guiding against your thighs, pushing the hem of your dress up in the process.
Your lips parted slightly to protest and Steve shot you a warning stare, challenging you to speak.
He wrapped your legs around his waist, moving you to the tabletop and spreading your legs. You tried to close them but Steve was quick to pull them back open. He slaps your thigh for your brave act and you bit down on your bottom lip.
"Something you want to say?" He wrapped his hand around your throat, pushing your head back to look at him. His head hung over yours, holding your gaze and you shook your head, swallowing against his hand. You didn't want to push it.
"That includes Bucky."
You could hear his zipper as his free hand fumbled between your bodies. His lips brushed against yours as his fingers pulled your damp panties aside. He smirked slightly as he dragged the tip of his cock through your soaked folds. He was not surprised.
He didn't care about the possibility of someone walking in. In fact, he hoped someone would.
He pushed his hips into yours, his cock sliding in fully, and stuffing you to the brim with his size. Your breath hitched in your throat, crying out at the pain and pressure-filled stretch. No matter how many times you had sex, you would never be used to Steve's size.
He could not handle the thought of Bucky's hands on you, touching you the way he does.
He gave you little to no time to adjust, instantly pulling back before snapping his hips with yours again harshly. The tip of his cock hitting your spot already.
The thought of you gripping Bucky's cock this good, he couldn't bear it. He wouldn't let Bucky get the chance.
"Especially Bucky."
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iguana-eyanna · 3 months ago
What was left behind Pt. 1
Tumblr media
*I do not own these pictures*
Summary: After the events of the Sokovia Accords, Steve is now a fugitive to the U.S.A. government and has left you in the worse way possible. What happens when fate reunites the two again when you are most vulnerable?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x pregnant!stark! reader
Warning: bombing, mild cursing
Steve Rogers: America's ass soldier, avenger, son, and overall good man.
You had other words to describe your missing husband.
It was all a blur. There was a bombing at the Sokovia Accords and Steve's oldest friend, Bucky (aka The Winter Soldier) was to possibly blame. Steve found out after you and he attended Peggy's funeral and never have you seen Steve distraught than ever before. He made it his mission to clear his friend's name at all costs, even if that meant going against the government.
He was rushing out of the apartment you two bought together as he found a lead on Bucky. "Are you sure you have to do this Steve? Last time I remembered, bringing him back almost cost you your life!" You said as you tried to knock some sense into his thick skull.
He wasn't paying attention as he was collecting his things for another mission. "I have to y/n, if I don't find him first... bad things will happen." You bite your lip as you fiddle with your wedding ring.
He's almost done packing, but you stop him as you place your hand on top of his. "At least call to update me when you're done, ok? The last thing I want is to send my brother flying to God knows where to bring you here."
He chuckles lightly as he looks down at your gaze. "I would love to see Tony try. But I promise..." he says, taking your hands into his. " I will come back home."
You gave a small smile as he suddenly grabbed his duffel bag and left out the door, giving you no proper goodbye or even a kiss. That was the day that Steve Rogers broke his promise.
A few days pass and Steve has not contacted you while he was away. You started to stress out each passing second as things started to worsen from there. You hear your front door unlocking and see federal agents flooding into your room without an explanation.
"What in the hell are you doing in my home?" you said outraged while agents start collecting your household items and taking them as some sort of evidence.
The lead detective comes up to you and flashes his badge. "Mrs. Stark-Rogers, your husband is now a fugitive to the U.S. government. He has committed a felony, broke out past avengers that were convicted due to breaking the accords, and assisted an assassin to flee the country. We are going to ask you a few questions...."
Your head starts spinning from all of this information. Steve left? More specifically, Steve left you? You go back to reality as the investigator is asking you if 'Captain America' has contacted you in the past few days. You answer all that you could, but they could tell that you were clueless as to Steve's whereabouts.
The feds left giving you much dignity you had left, but also leaving with Steve's personal belongings and what he has purchased in the past. You sit on the couch, staring at the blank wall that used to be covered in pictures of friends and families. You suddenly shot in the direction of your keys and grabbed them immediately, driving to your brother's residence.
You knock on the door repetitively and you see Happy opening the door. "Now's not a good time kid-" He still calls you that as you and your big brother had an age gap growing up. "No, Happy, the feds just barged into my place telling me that my husband is now a FUGITIVE. Where is my brother?!" you said, snaking in the dorm frame and heading to tony's lab. You hear Happy yelling after you as you see Tony's back facing you as he's fixing a piece of tech.
"Leave us alone, Happy." Your brother said flatly, seeing Happy's expression turned grim and slowly giving you space. You start to fume as your brother still hasn't turned to face your direction, so you start to march towards him.
"Where in the world is Steve, Tony? And why the hell did the government go to my apartment and repossess half of my belongings? Answer me, goddam-" You suddenly stop as you see Tony's bruises and cuts around his face.
"What....who did this?" you started to mumble, shocked to see your brother in such a state. "If you must know, your husband did this. Rhodey looks way worse than me. He's paralyzed from the waist down by the way." He says sarcastically as he's still tinkering on his tech. You look at him, unsure of the statement that he has just said. "What happened?" You said confused as you sat down in front of him.
Tony slowly gets up and limps his way to another table to retrieve an item. "I showed up to the place where his friend was being contained and something triggered him to escape alongside blondie and birdman. Half of the avengers still disagreed with the accords so they helped to protect them at all cost. Rhodey got shot down and the rest of those who fought against us were turned in."
He went back to the table and had his mask in hand. "I soon realized the winter soldier didn't bomb the accords but someone who sought out for him. The logical thing to do was track down Steve." You glance down at your ring and start fumbling at it again, a nervous tick you've down when you're thinking of your husband.
"I don't get it, he didn't do the bombing. Why did Steve have to leave with Buck-" You were suddenly interrupted by Tony's hands that slammed the table. "BECAUSE HE KNEW!" He screamed out, tears threatening to leave his eyes as he now looks at your scared figure.
"Knew what?" you whispered with fear in your voice. Tony takes his mask and presses a button within, projecting a digital screen of a surveillance camera on a road in the middle of the woods.
You see a vintage car driving down the lane. 'Wait, why does that car look familiar?' you thought. You briefly see the driver's license and you suddenly gasp. Your mind fills with dread as you suddenly see a motorcycle chasing down the vehicle, resulting in the car to crash.
You now see who the motorcyclist was as he appeared in leather head to toe, with long hair and a blinding arm. "No... no no no no no no..." you repetitively said as tears poured down your face. He walks over to your father's figure on the side of the road, beating him to a pulp until he can't move anymore. Then, he walks to the passenger side to your mother.
"Turn it off." you muffled out, trying to control your beating heart. You close your eyes and your grief overcomes your body. "TURN IT OFF TONY!" You cried in agony as you tried to reach out to the hologram, resulting in you falling on the floor, trying to even your haggard breathing.
The light from the mask switches off and Tony stays a few inches away from you, staring at your hunched figure. "Steve knew he did that to our parents, y/n. But he still wanted to protect him; hell, he even left dad's shield to rust with me." You look up to Tony as you slowly got up, unable to speak.
He turns away and grabs a flip phone and a letter. "Steve just sent me this to contact him if the world would ever be in trouble, I imagine he didn't send you anything as you clearly don't know what's been to your husband's whereabouts." You try to search for the words you've desperately wanted to say.
Tony didn't even give you a chance to talk. "I don't think it's best to be near each other right now." His voice strained as if he struggled to say it. You didn't even comprehend what he was saying. All you could do was move your feet to the glass door.
"One last thing before you go." He says as he clicks on a button on his wristwatch, showing footage at a parking lot with Steve and that Sharon Carter girl you saw at the funeral. "I thought you had the right to see this and see who your husband truly is." He says cruelly.
You see Steve inch closer and kisses her. Sharon places her hand behind his neck and when they pull apart, he smiles. You feel you're about to be sick and start running up to the nearest bathroom. You accidentally bump into Happy and you go behind him to the bathroom on his left, puking in the toilet. He comes in and holds up your hair as you start to heave over the seat.
"It's a lot to take in, kid, I'm so sorry you had to find out this way," He says as you appear to be done and sit a bit upward to the nearest wall. Judging by your state, he takes you home in his car.
You arrive at the front door and he briefly mentions he'll send your car in the morning but you don't answer back. You unlock your door to your empty apartment, going straight to your bedroom. You stripped off your clothes, brushed your teeth, and settled on your side of the mattress.
Your hand travels down your abdomen, feeling the unnoticed bump that started to form a week ago. You start to lie on your side, silently crying and muffling your screams in your pillow.
There were many words to describe your husband... now he was going to be 'father.'
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pitifulidiot · 4 days ago
Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count // 1547
Warnings? Fluff!
wow, another writing piece? wild! anyways, i hope you enjoy this! thank you for taking the time and reading this.
Tumblr media
The stove clock was a bright red, it was the only thing illuminating the kitchen. 2:06 AM, it read. Causing you to huff as it mocked you, squinting your eyes once you flicked on the lights all too quick, nearly stumbling once the lights blinded you. Sleep was having a hard time greeting you tonight, you had tossed and turned for nearly three hours and you just gave up. You didn’t want to disturb Steve any more than you might already have.
Ever since Thanos was defeated everything seemed to slowly settle down. Steve had decided to put down the shield and hand it over to Sam. Steve wanted to feel a little normal, he still would go and help if ever needed with some very simple things like helping lift something heavy. But, thankfully he hasn’t been called in to help with anything extreme and hopefully it wont happen, because well, Steve needed a break. He still got up each morning for his run, and each morning before he went he would kiss your cheek and you would respond with something smart. “Don’t work out too hard old man.” Or “if you break a hip just call me and I will pick you up.” Which usually earned you a playful smack to your bottom and the sound of Steve’s laugh which caused your heart to swell.
Steve still kept in contact with the avengers of course, Tony liked to hold family dinners out at his cabin three times a month and it was always nice to see Steve catch up and mingle with everyone and talk about anything and everything that had happened in the short or long amount of time since they had all gathered together.
But now wasn’t the time to reminisce on things, checking the clock once more you noticed that it was now 2:27. Of course you got distracted for the past twenty one minutes, letting out a tired laugh as you made your way further into the kitchen, opening up the fridge and shifting your eyes over the contents. You were exhausted, but strangely not tired enough to fall asleep.
You let out a groan once searching through the fridge and not finding anything that seemed appealing enough, the only thing it seemed to give you was the chills from how cold the fridge was. Being tired just made it easier to be cold. Shutting the fridge softly you soon made your way to the pantry, hoping and praying to find something that was appealing enough to consume.
Moving around a few cereal boxes before once again letting out a groan, there was nothing.. well, there was food but nothing that was good enough in this moment to cure your boredom. You closed the pantry door and turned around before gasping in surprise at the sight of Steve leaning against the kitchen entrance archway, his sleep pants low on his hips and arms crossed over his white tank top and a sleepy smile pulled on his lips.
“You scared me!” You soon mumbled out, one hand grasping your chest while the other hand was still resting on the now closed pantry door letting out a shaky breath as you tried to calm your racing heart. His smile seemed to only widen softly at that, shaking his head at you as he crossed the kitchen over to you, resting his hands on your hips and pulling your smaller frame against his. “Why are you up?” his voice was raspy, sleep still thick in his voice as he questions you, his hands rubbing soft circles against your hips through the shirt you wore- which of course was his. Sighing, you let your head lean forward and rest against his chest. “I just couldn’t fall asleep.” You had mumbled out once more, words muffled against his cotton shirt. As you spoke his left hand moved from your hip to rest against the back of your head, running his fingers through your hair that was still tangled from the tossing and turning you did nearly a half an hour prior to right now.
“Why didn’t you wake me up then? I could’ve kept you company, honey.” Steve said softly, gently rocking you both side to side. You pull away from his chest after a few moments, his hand moving to push some of your hair out of your face which caused a giddy smile to pull at the corners of your mouth. No matter how long you two have been dating you will always feel like a teenager in their first relationship, heart fluttering and the urge to squeal ever present.
“You need the sleep old man, I couldn’t wake you up!” You replied, your smile bright and playful, having to hold back laughter at the shocked face he makes at you. “That was uncalled for, you little minx.” He said with a growl, leaning down and rubbing his beard against the side of your neck and face, causing you to squeal and start to lean back with laughter. His hands held your hips to him so you wouldn’t fall back and to keep you in place. Your hands grasped onto the side of his face as you tried to push him off, but this man was too strong for you to do so.
“Steven Grant Rogers!” His laughter only intensified at your words, starting to pepper kisses across your neck and down to your collar bones and over your shoulder blades as your shirt slipped over said shoulder. Once he was satisfied with the amount of kisses he hummed quietly, pulling away to look into your eyes. After since he retired he seemed lighter and more happy, a weight was lifted off his shoulders. Steve struggled with things like everyone else did, but because he was a superhero, people didn’t realize that he was like us- just a little bit stronger physically. He loved being an avenger, but it was time to let go and start the rest of his life. Steve always wanted to grow old with someone, have a couple kids and live in one of those cozy family homes with a white picket fence, have a dog and maybe a cat too. And now that it was just you and him that could start happening, I mean you two already had the house.
His smile was a content one as he looked at you, “Lets go dance in the living room.” He soon said, taking a few steps back before gently grasping onto your smaller hand, pulling you into the dark living room. He switched the kitchen light off, you two having to stumble a few feet into the dark living room, the only sounds were the both of yours quiet laughter and the padding of feet. Finally he managed to switch the lamp light on, “Are we gonna dance to music or-“ He soon cut you off, putting his hand up to silence you with a playful shake of his head. “I am old, im getting to the music, one step at a time.” He said as he made his way to the vintage record player that stood in the corner of your cozy living room. He placed the record in, dropping the needle. Soon soft music drifted through the room. A smile never left his face, making his way to you, presenting his hand and bending down ever so slightly.
You placed your hand in his, taking a step closer to him as he did so as well. You let your right hand rest on top of his left one, his right hand resting on your waist and your left hand resting on his right shoulder. Soon the two of you started to sway back and forth, he kept his eyes trained on you as you stared up at him. The both of you had sweet- yet tired smiles.
“I love you.” Steve soon mumbled out after a few moments of swaying, you hummed after he spoke, leaning your cheek against his chest. “I love you too, I am sorry for waking you up.” Once again his hand started to rub circles into your hip. “Don’t be sorry, darling. Nothing to be sorry for at all. I would rather be awake with you than sleeping alone.” You let your eyes fall shut, inhaling deeply before exhaling softly. He dipped his head down and pressed a kiss to the top of your head, letting out a chuckle once he noticed you yawn.
He pulled around for the second time tonight, this time over to the couch, you of course followed him willingly. You would follow him anywhere. He sat down onto the sofa, pulling you onto his lap as he laid back down and letting you rest lay on his frame. He pulled a blanket over you two before reaching his arm back and pulling the string on the lamp, letting darkness embrace you both. “Try and sleep, okay?” His voice was quiet and seemed far away as you had started to fall asleep rather quickly, tiredness finally catching up to you. Steve let his blue eyes drift to the clock by the TV, it read 3:04 AM. Soon he fell asleep as well, the record player still playing quietly.
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