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it’s you.
Tumblr media
Summary; It’s always been him. You’ve just never noticed it before, until it was too late. One confession in a heated moment changes your entire relationship with Steve. 
18+ Content Below the Cut, Minors DNI.
“Fuck, Steve.” You moaned out as his hips snapped against your ass, the salacious sound filling the outdated motel room and mixing with his short and breathy grunts, driving you to the edge.
“That’s it, fuck.” The grip on your hips tightened, knowing there’d be bruises left there in the morning, but you didn’t care. “You’re taking me so well, Peach.” He praised, his bare chest meeting your back as he leaned over you, his breath hitting the back of your neck, his lips ghosting the shell of your ear and creating a swooping feeling in the pit of your stomach, your heart practically swelling at his praise. “My good girl.” A soft, high-pitched whine fell from your lips when he punctuated his words with several hard thrusts.  
You don’t remember how this situation started, but after a particularly hard day in a new country on the hunt for his best friend and almost getting shot in the process you found yourself in Steve’s bed, the smell of whiskey on his breath clouding your judgement as he pressed himself into you for the first time. Unknowing that he would be forever imprinted on you.  
It was a mistake, two friends blowing off steam and fulfilling each other's needs. Nothing about it was romantic. You remembered how your bodies stuck together, the sweat gluing you together, his teeth scraping against your neck creating a delicious burn. It was fast and hard, both reaching your highs quickly.  
The next morning you’d snuck out, not wanting the awkward conversation. The realisation that you’d just slept with your friend of 10 years hitting you like a ton of bricks.  
You didn’t think it would happen again, just an embarrassing memory, a funny story to laugh about later down the line.  
Until the next night when he broke into your motel room in the dead of night and took you again, over and over until the sun started peeking through the curtains. Taking your body apart inch by inch with every languid stroke of his thick cock hitting your cervix, to only put it together again when he cleaned you up after and dressing you in his shirt.  
That’s how every night after the first went. No words were spoken during the aftermath, it was never discussed outside the four walls of the dingy motel rooms.  
You had no problem being his release, allowing him to blow off steam, because that’s what you were doing. No matter how rough he got during or how soft he turned after, you knew it wasn’t something that could lead to anything.  
Not right now anyway.  
When the split happened, it was no question that you’d follow Steve. You didn’t even realise your body was silently answering the unasked question of loyalty until you took his hand and followed him out of the compound, Sam and Wanda in tow. Leaving the rest of your family behind without a single thought.  
You’d watch an entire city burn if it meant keeping Steve in your life, you’d kill for him.  
You had killed for him.  
It wasn’t a love thing- well, it didn’t start off as a love thing. Steve had been in your life for 10 years and had been the one thing that remained, never leaving and never wavering. The bond you both shared was something you only read about, something the group had picked up on within five minutes of you first meeting the super solider. Tony expected you to pick Rogers, he saw it coming before he saw the split coming.  
He was your soulmate, even if you didn’t know it yet.  
“Peach,” his voice sounded strained, the snap of his hips becoming more frantic. He was close, you could tell. You felt as his calloused fingers tips ran down the column of your throat, down the valley of your breasts, along your stomach creating that swooping feeling in your stomach again and finding your sensitive nub, running through your puffy, slick folds.  
“Steve,” you whined loudly, your head lolling to the side and finding his shoulder, exposing your throat to him.  
The low growl that rumbled in his chest, making your body thrum at the feeling, was feral, animalistic. Just like his need for you. “You feel- fuck you feel incredible Peach, wrapped tightly around my cock, so fucking tight.” He gritted the last part through clenched teeth, his hips never relenting, their assault sending every nerve ending in your body into overdrive. His eyes catching your reflections in the mirror on top of the dresser, his free hand falling to your stomach. “I can feel myself, right here.” He husked into your ear, another loud whine from you. “Watch yourself Peach.” He demanded so calmly, like he wasn’t currently taking you apart with both his fingers and cock right now.  
Your eyes fluttered shut as you felt yourself racing towards your high, the way his fingers expertly plucked, flicked and strummed your clit becoming too much.  
Then, all of that was taken away from you. Steve’s hips stilling, leaving him pressed to hilt inside of you and his cock twitching. His fingers no longer strumming you.
Your eyes snapped opened within seconds and your head lifted itself to turn and look over your shoulder at the blonde, but before you could open your mouth to speak the fingers that were marked with your scent and juices gripped your chin, turning you to face the mirror. His eyes were blown with lust, just a small ring of blue remained, his upper lips snarling.  
“I gave you an order, Peach.” He snapped, pulling his hips back only to snap them forward, surging you forward only for his grip to tighten and bring you back flush against his chest. “What was that order?”  
You opened your mouth to speak, but words fizzled on your tongue. Your eyes never leaving his in the reflection of the mirror.  
“Come on, don’t tell me you’ve gone dumb on me now Peach. Too full of me to remember anything but my name?”  
“St-Steve.” You whined out again, your skin feeling hot as you teetered on the edge of your release. You watched as the hands resting on your stomach moved lower, painfully slow. Your hips following his touch and arching forward.
“So responsive to me.” Thrust. “Like you were made for me, and only me.” Thrust. “You’re shaking Peach.” Another thrust, the scream that ripped through your throat had him smirking and smug. His nose trailing along your jaw line, his teeth nipping there shortly after. “My dumb baby.”  
“Oh, fuck.” You breathed out, the peak beginning to rise again.
“You like that, Peach? Being called ‘baby’?” Only humming in response, he worked his fingers on your nub again, the heel of his palm pressing your stomach back into him as the speed of his hips increased.  
He only ever called you baby when he was buried inside you, making your toes curl each time and a warmth to spread throughout your entire body. Peach had been a name he’d called you after discovering your love for the fruit. The amount of Sunday mornings you’d dragged him to the farmers market to get a fresh basket, that he’d end up carrying because you’d get distracted by the other stalls there. But baby was a new one, and it had such an effect on you, he always felt how you clenched around him when he called you it. It drove him crazy every time.  
“Who knew you were a softie.” His voice remained its normal calm and authoritative demeanour, like he wasn’t currently fucking you senseless and turning you dumb, melting your brain. “Now, be a good fucking girl and watch me take you apart.”  
Your eyes never left his, the hand gripping your chin moved down to wrap around your throat, applying slight pressure, not enough to hurt you completely but enough to dance along that fine line of pain and pleasure. His thumb reaching up and tapping your bottom lip and without word or demand you opened your mouth a little more and wrapped your lips around his thumb when he rested it against your tongue.  
“Fuck, baby.” He groaned out, his forehead resting against the side of your face, his eyes fluttering closed. “One more baby, that’s all I need.” He assured you sweetly, his fingers tapping your clit sending a jolt of pleasure through your body. “No,” he tsked when he felt you shake your head. “I know you can Peach, just one more, I know you want to.”  
Your entire body felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending sensitive to a slight breeze, your nipples so hard and sensitive they could cut glass.  
“Now, fucking cum. Make everyone in this damn motel know who’s making you feel this good.” He gritted, his teeth scraping against your jawline, the grip on your throat tightening slightly. His hips quickening their pace, the headboard rattling against the wall behind you. One more pluck of your tingling bud had your body spasming, convulsing and going rigid under his hold.  
“That’s it Peach, good girl.” He whispered, his lips finding your shoulder. “See how beautiful you look when you cum? It’s a fucking work of art.” Your entire body went numb, slumping against his rock-hard chest and being held there when both hands fell to your breasts, roughly squeezing them.  
“St-Steve, I-I-”
“Sshh baby, I know.” The feeling of his hips stuttering signalled he wasn’t far behind you. “Fuckfuckfuck,” he punctuated with every thrust until his hips stilled and the most delicious sound fell from his lips, your actual name shortly followed as he rode himself through his own high.  
A loud banging on the wall behind you brought you both back to reality, out of the post sex haze you’d both created. The scent of sex lingering in the air, bodies sticking to one another.  
“Now you’re both freshly fucked, would you care to join us in jet?!” Sam’s voice boomed through the walls, your cheeks turning a deep crimson at the realisation he’d heard everything. “Hurry the fuck up!” He boomed again, followed by another loud and final bang on the wall before you both heard him laugh and then his own room door shut, indicating he’d headed down to the jet left hiding in the forrest behind the motel.  
“Oh my god.” You squeaked, scrambling off the bed, ignoring the emptiness you felt when you withdrew from Steve and grabbing your clothes in a rush.
“Something wrong, Peach?” Steve drawled still on his knees on the bed, proudly displaying every inch of himself as he watched you scramble around his room, dressing yourself.  
“Yes,” you squeaked again. “Not only have you pulled orgasm after orgasm until sunrise and my body is thoroughly wrecked, when we have an important mission. But Wilson has the biggest fucking mouth, so that means Wanda knows, not to mention everyone in his fucking contact list.” You huffed out, blowing hair that had fallen over your face out of the way.  
“I didn’t hear you complaining. In fact, I believe you were begging me for more?” He smugly quipped back, now standing to his full height and dressing himself. “And Wilson will keep his mouth shut, if he knows what’s best for him.”  
You didn’t expect the wave of hurt his words left on you, stilling your movements as you watched him continue to dress himself. Was he ashamed of you? Were you his secret? You knew Steve was a private person, especially when it came to his love life. But he trusted Sam and Wanda with his life, with you. You’d only ever spoken two words to them both when you first left with them, but he trusted them to keep you safe, and you them.  
“What’s that supposed to mean?" You couldn’t stop the question from coming out, shocking yourself at how demanding your voice sounded.  
Steve’s brows shot up, his ocean like eyes meeting yours, instantly intimidating you. “Exactly what I said.” Was all he said, but his tone had returned to its emotionless and authoritative tone, irking you.  
“So, you fuck me in the dead of night but as soon as we step out of this room it's like it never happened?” You snapped, your hands falling to your hips, your blood starting to boil as the seconds went by.  
“You got something to say, Peach? Please, don’t hold back on my account.” When you remained silent, he continued, shaking his head as he spoke. “You knew the arrangement-”
“What arrangement?! Steve, we fucked once after one too many whiskeys and I was happy to leave it at that, a way of blowing off steam in this shitty situation. But then you kept coming back. It’s like you conditioned me that way, like I’m waiting for my mouth salivate whenever I hear the click of my motel door opening.” Steve’s scoff was loud and obnoxious, your skin prickingly with irritation making you scrub your hand over your face. “You’re such a self-righteous prick. I chose to leave with you-”
“It was your choice, don’t put that on me.” He spat at you, crossing the room in a beat and coming chest to chest with you. “I didn’t force you to leave with me.”  
“Just like you didn’t force me to fall in love with you!?” Your chest was now heaving, your cheeks completely flushed and your fists balling at your sides. The air in the room suddenly becoming thick and suffocating, the realisation and heaviness of words settling in. You watched as the colour from Steve’s face drained, his eyes going wide for only a second before he regained his composure.
You hadn’t realised it until this very moment, like it had been lying dormant inside of you until now. Suddenly, everything made sense. Too blinded by your friendship and the platonic bond you shared to realise you had fallen so far, so deep that he was practically imprinted on you.  
Always convincing yourself your bond was purely platonic and nothing more, just two people who were meant to be in each other's lives. And maybe it had been just that to begin with, but somewhere between going on the run, giving up your entire life for him and becoming familiar with each other's bodies, lost in each other’s touch.  
You fell in love with him.  
He pulled you in, feeding off of your dedication to him.  
The realisation winded you, knocking the breath out of you as you stood chest to chest. “Peach,” his voice was softer now, just above a whisper as his hand reached up to cup your cheek. But you backed away from his touch, suddenly wanting to be anywhere else than here. It wasn’t until your back hit the door, the knob of the door digging into your lower back, that you stopped moving.  
“I may have chosen this part of my life.” You finally spoke after a few minutes of thick silence, your throat bobbing up and down slowly. “But you, you didn’t consider what it would do to me. Knowing I would leave with you, before I’d even made that decision. I-I put my life on the line for you, we all did.” Even though your voice sounded calm, Steve noticed how your eyes started to well up. “I let you in. I became addicted to your touch, your presence, God- even your smell! Everything about you invited me in! I would watch an entire city burn for you, and you can’t even look in my direction when we step out of this room.” You scoffed, your eyes down casting to the floor.  
His name fell from your lips, it sounded so foreign to you. Already missing how he called you Peach. His own lip trembling as he took one small step towards you, but stopped when you flinched and reached for the door knob. “I didn’t know-” He tried assure you.
“Of course, you didn’t. Why would you? You had me where you needed me, under your thumb. Ready and awaiting instruction, Captain.” With a two-finger salute you turned your back on him and twisted the knob, the sunrise beaming through the smallest crack of the open door. “I’ll see you on the jet.”  
Tumblr media
“Mornin’.” Sam beamed at you as you walked up the ramp of the jet, your bag on your shoulders and your arms wrapped around yourself. His frown fell when you walked past him and found a corner of the jet to sit and sulk in, dropping your bag at your feet and tucking your knees against your chest, resting your forehead against them. “Everything alright?”
“Peachy.” You mumbled, never lifting your head.  
“Sam, the jet ready?” Came Steve’s deep voice, cool and calm. His thudding footsteps drawing closer to you, a flicker of hope lit up inside you, hoping he’d come over to fix it or to talk. But that light died as quickly as it came when he walked straight past you, his shadow flying past you.  
“Yeah,” Sam cautiously answered, his eyes flicking between you and the blonde super solider, Steve’s jaw set and shoulders hunched. “Wanda’s just doing a check over-”
“Now.” He boomed, sitting in the pilot’s seat with a thud, wordlessly dismissing Sam.  
“What’s got you all doom and gloom?” Came Wanda’s sweet voice, her accent still thick and demeanour soft. Her touch fell to your shoulder, her thumb stroking it slowly.  
“Nothing Wanda, I’m fine.”  
“You know I can read minds, right?” Her tone now playful, giving your shoulder a small nudge.
“Then why ask?” Finally lifting your head for the first time in an hour, your eyes looked tired, mouth dry and limbs stiff from sitting in the same position.  
“Because, everyone needs a friend once in a while.” She chirped at you, blinking as she watched you stand and stretch all your limbs, twisting your neck so it would crack before rolling your shoulders.  
“Wanda, we’re not friends. We’re just two people who shared the same opinion.” You snapped, watching her face fall and instantly regretting it. The red head stood, smoothing over her shirt before nodding. Her expression turning cold. “Wanda-”
“Understood.” Looking past you she stepped around you and moved to sit beside Steve in the cockpit.  
“Great.” You muttered under your breath, rubbing your temple with your middle finger and thumb, groaning in frustration.  
You didn’t mean to snap at Wanda, it wasn’t her that you were angry at. It was Steve. Wanda had been a good friend to you over the past year, rooming with her in the motel rooms was something that helped knock down the walls of protection you both had built. The first few nights were spent in silence, both just lying in your separate beds and staring up at the ceiling.  
Then, one night, you’d caught her watching Family Guy on the TV in a different language, her brows knitted together in frustration when she couldn’t figure out how to return it back to English. After showing her how to fix it you spent the night talking, before this point you didn’t think much of the red head, just knowing that Steve and the team brought her back after the battle with Ultron, asking you to wipe her records and accept her as one of their own. Clint spoke about the twins fondly, you remembered how he would always have a glint of something in his eyes every time.  
“With the night you had last night, you shouldn’t be as irritable as you are.” Sam teased, holding out a bottle of water to you.
Taking the bottle from him you silently maintained eye contact, your eyes never leaving his as you took a sip. But he didn’t waver or back away, signalling he wasn’t giving up. You knew Sam was a talker, always trying to help people with their problems. Hell, he jumped on Steve’s side and helped him search for a Hydra Assassin who used to be his best friend without question.
Loyal. That’s how you would describe Sam Wilson.  
Sam had come to like you over the past couple of months, you could take a joke, sometimes even joining in. You put Steve in his place when he got too demanding with the group and you took him and Wanda in as if you’d known them for years, without question. Sure, you were quiet and distant unless Steve was around, that’s when you came alive. But Sam figured it was because of how comfortable you were around one another.  
“What do you want, Wilson?” You finally asked, twisting the cap back onto the bottle.  
“Wanna talk about what happened?”
“Nope.” Popping the ‘p’ you turned on your heels, grabbing your bag.  
“Does he know?” His question had you stilling, your face falling and your heartrate increasing. “I’m taking your silence as a yes and that you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for.” When you didn’t move still, he exhaled through his nostrils. “Just because you don’t move doesn’t mean I can’t see you.”  
Finally turning to face him you hold his gaze for long before it wandered around the jet, nervously shuffling on your feet.  
“It��s so obvious, to anyone who’s watching that is. I’ve known for a couple of weeks- you're not the quietest of couple-”
“We’re not a couple.” You snapped in defence, your glance casting over your shoulder to find Steve still sat in the pilot seat, listening to Wanda talk about strategies. “Definitely not a couple.” You said quieter this time, knowing Steve would’ve been able to her every word of this conversation.  
“Listen,” he started as you turned back to face him. “He’s got a lot on his mind, he’s constantly worrying about Bucky, and finding him. Not to mention he probably misses' home, feels guilty that we’re all here with him, that it had to come to this. Not to mention, he probably misses Tony.” The last sentence made a whisper of a smile appear across your lips, making him beam with pride. “But we won’t tell him that.” His hand fell to your shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Just give him time to process, maybe another chance.”  
With that Sam left you alone with your thoughts, turning to face Steve and Wanda your breath hitched when you saw him staring right back at you, his blue eyes looking worried? The unfamiliar expression had you frowning in confusion, but before you could blink his back was to you again and he continued his conversation with Wanda as if he hadn’t stopped.  
You blinked at his back, unsure of what had just happened. You felt stupid, stood in the middle of the jet, staring at your best friend of 10 years, who you’d been sleeping with for the past 4 months and who you’d just admitted your feelings to. It all felt very, high school to you. But that didn’t stop your heart from hurting whenever you remembered the look on his face back in the motel, or how your heart still swelled whenever he looked your way after.  
You were fucked.  
Tumblr media
Two weeks. That’s how long it had been since you and Steve had spoken, you’d followed Sam’s advice, giving him time and space, but you were becoming frustrated with the new dynamic. Normally attached at the hip, it took great strengths to separate the pair of you from one another, and the distance was starting to get to you. It was like an addiction. Steve was your heroin and you found yourself craving everything about him. At night you laid awake waiting for him to come through the door of the new dingy motel and thoroughly ruin you.  
You missed his voice and out of stubbornness you’d learnt to tune him out when he spoke. But when alone you found yourself craving to hear him speak, missing the way he called you Peach or even calling you by your actual name, anything at this point for him to acknowledge you.  
You’d apologised to Wanda straight away, hating that you upset her. It took you admitting that you’d never had a female friend before, other than Natasha, for her to understand. But Wanda wasn’t that angry with you, she knew how you worked and how you didn’t talk much about feelings with anyone else apart from Steve. She could see how the distance between you both was affecting you, noticing how you would watch him from your corner of the jet, your eyes hopeful whenever he walked in your direction, only for them to fall when he walked past you.  
She’d tried to talk to him about it, causally bringing it up, but she was met with a stern look. Steve had been giving those out like they were candies recently, like he had a permanent stick up his ass. It was driving Sam and Wanda up the wall, especially when they noticed how his eyes would soften for a brief second when you fell into his eyeline.  
His mood seemed to shift when Bucky came onto the scene, finally tracking him down. You and Wanda had been the ones to find him, tracking him down to a rundown apartment building. You’d have laughed at the comical moment when he came out of his bedroom, baseball bat and dressed in boxers when he heard you and Wanda breaking in. If the situation wasn’t as serious as it was. It took hours of convincing and ten missed calls from Steve but he finally agreed, something in the way you spoke about Steve, the conviction in your voice and the sparkle in your eyes whenever you said his name convinced him.  
You remember the way Steve’s eyes lit up when you finally showed up.
“Steve. Sam.” Wanda called softly, climbing the ramp of the jet, you and Bucky hot on her trail.
His quick and heavy footsteps were the only thing you could focus on, was he running? Then they stopped when he reached the edge, making you stop midway on the ramp. “You’re back.” You didn’t miss the way the corner of his lips lifted ever so slightly at the sight of you. You couldn’t stop yourself from wincing when you saw his phone gripped tightly in his right hand, remembering the missed calls.  
It was like no one else existed in this moment, like the entire world had disappeared as he stared down at you. Like the last week didn’t matter anymore. Your heart beating erratically at the thought and your body aching for his touch, to feel his arms wrap around your waist again.  
He took one large step forward, his mouth opening like he had something to say. But that died on on his tongue when another body crashed into you, not noticing that you’d stopped in the middle of the ramp. “Sorry,” he mumbled, clutching to the bag on his shoulders tighter.  
“Bucky?” The light in his eyes that you hoped was for you diverted onto his best friend, a wide grin starting to spread. “Holy shit.” He mumbled, now storming down the ramp and straight past you to take his best friend in his arms, holding him tightly. That ache in your chest only increased when he wrapped an arm around the brunette, guiding him onto the jet and forgetting about you.
It was a Friday night and the small team had decided to celebrate a successful day of taking down another Hydra base and fighting off the government. It had been a close call for Wanda, but it didn’t take much for her knock them on their asses with a simple flick of her fingers.  
Another dingy motel room, but this time you all shared one room, the victory bringing you together almost. You all sat in a circle on the floor, except Wanda who was lying on her front on the bed behind you, her chin resting on your shoulder.  
The air in the room was light, the lightest it’d been for a long time.  
Things felt normal. Just a group of friends blowing off steam after a hard work week.  
Your eyes would catch Steve every so often, linger for a couple of seconds before flitting around the group to not arouse suspicion, Sam being the only one to notice. Making you roll your eyes whenever he raised his brows and smirked behind his beer bottle at you.  
“Haven’t seen Steve this relaxed in a long time.” Wanda muttered to you, as you played with the ends of her auburn hair. She was right, he seemed... content. He was making a conscious effort to get involved with the group, but you suspected that had something to do with Bucky and Sam pressuring him to do so.  
Your hum in response was soft, your eyes still trained on the super solider as he laughed at something Bucky had said. That familiar warmth spreading through your chest at the sight, the sound was like hearing a song from your past for the first time in years, filling you with happiness at the memories of hearing him laugh whenever you made a bad joke, or the time you used his shield as a helmet to cheer him up. “Yeah,” you mumbled back “it’s nice.”  
“Has he spoken to you since-”
“No.” You coldly cut her off, taking a long swig of your beer. You didn’t want to still be affected by your last conversation with Steve, but the way his face fell when you told him how you felt was forever burnt into your retinas. “I need some air.” You stood from your seat on the floor, ignoring everyone's eyes suddenly on you. Swaying slightly from the five beers you’d downed since sitting down.  
Like he was tuned into your every move, Steve was on you before you regained balance. “Woah, Peach, you alright?”  
“I just need some air.” You muttered, shaking your head slightly to settle your vision.  
“You sure?” Warmth spreading from his hold on your shoulders, steadying you. A shiver running down your spine at the rasp in his voice.  
“With all due respect, Captain.” Snatching yourself out of his grip, your upper lip snarling. “That isn’t your problem anymore.”  
“Peach-” Steve softly called after you when you shoved past him and headed toward the door.  
“Give her a minute.” Wanda chimed in, now sitting cross legged on the bed, her bottle resting between her legs.  
The cold, autumn air hit you, knocking the wind out of you. You stumbled into the railing, resting your elbows on it as you leaned forward, your eyes looking over at the horizon, the orange sun casting a warm glow on your skin.  
Golden hour. Your favourite time of day.  
Memories of sitting on the field of the compound with Steve in summer, your kindle in one hand, his hand holding your other as he mindlessly played with your fingers. The picnic you both made long forgotten as you would read to him.  
You missed him.  
You missed home.  
“Golden hour.” The new voice interrupted your memory, making your eyes flutter open. “The only time the world looks peaceful.”  
“Something like that,” you whispered back.
You hadn’t spoken to Bucky much since he’d come back with you, he’d been too busy with Steve. But you figured he wasn’t one for talking, like you. Preferring the silence, comfortable in it. Something about him gave you a comfort vibe, maybe it was the way his stare intimidated many, but his eyes gave away how vulnerable he was. Or how soft his voice was whenever he spoke, a striking contrast to how closed off he was.  
“You doin’ alright?” He asked, shuffling closer to you and offering you his jacket when he noticed you shivering from the dusk air.  
“Yeah,” waving him off and wrapping your arms around yourself. “Just been a long time since we all sat and chatted like that.”  
“I get that, it’s been a long time for me to.” He mumbled, placing the jacket around your shoulders anyway. “Being around more than one person can sometimes be intimidating when you’re used to your own company. But everyone’s nice, Wanda can be weird and intense at times. But that isn’t a bad thing.” He shrugged, playing with the label of his beer bottle.
“Wanda’s been through a lot. She means well.” You defended, turning to look at him for the first time since he came outside. “I bet even Steve is different to you now.” You tried to ignore the way your heartrate increased at the mention of his name.  
“Nah, he’s still the same old punk he was back then, just beefier and taller.” You both shared a quiet laugh, the birds chirping nearby the only noise between you both. “He cares about you, you know.”  
An exasperated laugh fell past your lips, turning to face the horizon again. Not wanting to continue this conversation. Trying to ignore the burning feeling in your throat.  
“I know. It’s none of my business, and if I’m overstepping my mark then please, tell me.”
“You’re overstepping, Barnes.” You warned him with a small smile.  
“I’m gonna tell you anyway.” He teased, bumping his arm against yours.  
“Of course, you are. You know, you’re as stubborn as he is.”  
“Thanks.” He beamed down at you, like you’d just paid him the biggest compliment even if it wasn’t intended that way. “Sam told me what happened.”
“Wilson.” You grumbled, your jaw setting and eyes closing in frustration.
“I think you should speak to him, maybe-”
“Why?” You snapped, ignoring the taken aback look stretched across his features. “I said what I needed to say, made my feelings clear. Sam told me to give him time, I’ve done that.” A dry laugh escaped as you twisted your body to look at Bucky. “Tell me Barnes, have you ever had someone treat you like you’re the only person in existence one moment, worship your entire body, condition you to crave everything about them. Then,” the snap of your fingers made him blink in shock. “Act like you’re nothing to them the next?” His silence almost deafening to you, he watched with bated breath as you shook your head. “He fucked with my head, and I’m done.” With your final words lingering in the air, leaving the atmosphere thick and heavy. You spin on your heels and make your way back to the jet, deciding that spending the night on the uncomfortable benches would be better than having to face Steve again.  
Tumblr media
The feeling of someone else's touch on you startles you awake, your arms going straight into defence mode and fighting off whoever it was.
“Hey, shh, shh. It’s me, Peach. It’s me. You’re safe, I’ve got you.” The deep raspy voice of Steve settled your rapidly beating heartbeat instantly, your eyes fluttering open to find him crouched before you and still dressed in his old and grey tattered sweats, and a plain white top. Whisps of his blonde hair falling out of place and over his forehead, your fingers twitched to comb it back into place.  
“Peach, baby,” his eyes softening and wide when he felt how cold you were, your body shivering. You ignored the way your heart swelled at the sound of him calling you baby. “You’re freezing, here.” He mumbled, throwing the hoodie he had resting in the crook of his arm over your body.
Not giving you chance to protest he scooped you up into his arms, your legs instantly wrapping around his waist, and made his way out of the jet and back towards the motel. You couldn’t stop yourself from leaning into his hold, craving the warmth that he radiated. His smell settling you and letting your eyes flutter shut again, your body exhausted and stiff from the uncomfortable sleep you’d just had.  
“Wh-what’re you doing?” You mumbled against his neck with your arms tightly wrapped around it. Your teeth chattering as you spoke, making Steve hold you tight to his body.  
“Taking you to bed.” He stated matter-of-factly, reaching a motel room door you thought was the one you stomped out of hours earlier. “You can’t, I won’t allow you to sleep in that jet.” With ease he plucked the room key out of his jean pocket and unlocked the door, kicking it open softly and walking in, making sure to kick it closed behind him.  
The room was dark, with only one bed in the middle. You may have had five beers before but you certainly remember there being two double beds and a sofa bed, you remember Sam and Bucky fighting over who got the sofa bed for the night. You also remember Wanda chaperoning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for it. Bucky winning best out of three.  
“Where is everyone?” Your question came out as more of a mumble when you spoke, currently fighting off the sleep that was taking over your body.  
“In the other room baby, I got a separate room for us- you.” It almost pained him to stop himself, his heart lurching out of his chest knowing he didn’t have the right make that claim anymore. He’d been subtly calling you baby, hoping you’d notice and you had. Your heart fluttering every time he threw it into the conversation. Like he’d been calling you it forever.  
It wasn’t until he placed you on the bed carefully, watching how you curled in on yourself, making yourself small. That he realised how much he’d fucked up, how hurt you were, how exhausted you seemed. He knew you’d been punishing yourself silently for how he reacted, blaming yourself for ruining your... situation.  
But he couldn’t blame you, it was all him. It all happened so quickly, it went from you both being on cloud fucking nine after pulling multiple orgasms from your body to you both chest to chest as you held back tears, admitting your love for him. It gave him whiplash.  
It’s not like Steve didn’t feel anything for you. He just didn’t know if it was love that he felt. You’d been his best friend, his other half for 10 years. Sure, the lines had begun to blur over the past few months as you explored uncharted waters with your friendship. But that didn’t mean he didn’t love you, it's all he could think about.  
It consumed him.  
Enamoured him.  
It was the reason he started coming to you all those months ago. Why he kept coming back every night, why he took his time taking you apart, why he started to stay after. He never wanted it to end, his heart sinking whenever the sun would creep in through the thin curtains. He wanted you like this every day, in nothing but his shirt, ready and waiting for him. You were his. You belonged to him. And he you.  
Before all of this he never questioned your friendship, if there was something more below the surface. Sure, Tony would tease him relentlessly claiming there was. Nat to. But he ignored them, thinking it was just his friend's poking fun at him. “Dude, you’re pussy whipped and you’re not even getting any.” Tony would say, Steve used to recoil at his crass way of words, but the more he thought about it, the more he agreed. “Please.” Nat would always start with when Steve would dismiss their ridiculous ideas of something more between you two, snorting as she smirked. “She’s your little shadow, it’s cute. I’ve known you for a long time Rogers, the longest relationship you’ve had since your little Peach came onto the scene was about a month-” and Tony would always chirp in with, “and that’s because your darling Peach didn’t like her!”  
But Steve learnt to ignore their comments, he’d always leave them to come and find you. Finding you always in the lab with Bruce or the library that barley anyone used. Your presence would calm him whenever they riled him up.  
He gravitated towards you, always.  
If Tony saw him now, he’d laugh and make a snarky comment about always being right.  
He missed them, he longed to pick up the burner phone and ring his old friend. He knew missed them to and that was his fault. You being here, was his fault. He took you away from your friends.  
That day when you and Wanda went missing for hours, he had fears that you’d gone back to them, knowing you hadn’t spoken in a week and how much you were beating yourself up, how much you missed him. He knew because he missed you to. His mind starting to race with thoughts of you back at compound, settling back into your life with everyone but him, like he never existed. He noticed Sam smirk to himself as he paced the jet, pulling at the ends of his blonde locks. But he chose to ignore his friend, like you chose to ignore his calls. Why were you ignoring him? You knew if he rang, it was an emergency.  
He’d never been so relieved to hear Wanda’s voice, he remembers his heart hammering against his ribs, blood rushing to his ears as he scrambled to the ramp. He needed to see you, needed to know that you’d returned. That you hadn’t left him. When he saw you all felt right in the world again, especially when he heard your breath hitch, the way he heard your pulse quicken at the sight of the disbelieved man before you proved you still cared. You still loved him.  
Then he saw Bucky. It was like his two worlds were finally colliding. You’d brought his best friend back to him. That’s where you were. You hadn't left him. You were helping him.  
Even after what he’d put you through.  
It was Bucky who said it first, Sam has been quiet to do so. Wanting him to get there on his own. But during one of their morning runs, that Bucky had now become a part of, his statement blurted between the three men left a heavy feeling of tension between them.  
“You fucking her?” The bluntness of his tone made the other two stop, Sam looking between them both, his hands resting on his knees as he caught his breath. The question had been burning on the tip of his tongue ever since he stepped foot on the jet. “Because it sure looks that way.” The brunette continued before Steve could open his mouth to protest. “I’ve seen the way you look at one another when you think the other isn’t paying attention.”  
That caught Steve’s attention. You looked at him? One glance in Sam’s direction confirmed his unspoken question, a quiet nod his only answer.  
“The day they found me, the way she spoke about you-”
“She spoke about me?” It was the first thing Steve had said all morning and he didn’t care how desperate he sounded. He hadn’t been able to sleep, like most nights without by his side. Missing how your soft snores would lull him to sleep.
“You were all she spoke about.” Was all Bucky said on the matter, turning to continue on their jog leaving Steve stood there as he blinked in shock at his best friend’s admission.  
“St-Steve,” your soft voice pulled him from his reverie, your fingers gently wrapping around his wrist, holding him place. His breath stuck in his throat as he watched your eyes flutter open, your lips parted slightly. “Don’t leave me.” You couldn’t stop the words from leaving you, the quiet plea barley echoed around the room and you thought he hadn’t heard you as he stood over you, his eyes flitting between your grip on his wrist and your lips.  
Only when you went to let go did he respond. Within seconds climbing over you, his chest pressed firmly to your back, his large arms wrapping around your middle tightly, his face nestled in the crook of your neck. Breathing you in, inhaling your smell. Legs tangled together.  
Both finally feeling at peace.  
Steve didn’t know what this meant for you both or what was going to happen. No more words were spoken that night. None were needed because as you both held each other, breathing in tune with other, every inch of each other touching.  
He had you back, and you him.  
For the first time since coming out of the ice, he felt at peace. You were his world now. His heart beat for you.  
Your name forever seared into his heart.  
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buckies-dolle · a day ago
Join us
+18 minors dni if you do you will be blocked!!!
bucky x fem!reader, steve x fem!reader, stucky x fem!reader
Summary: Steve doesn’t know what he walked in on, but he wants in on it
Warnings: couch sex, threesome, throat fucking, creampie.
Tumblr media
The movie hadn’t even been on 10 minutes. Bucky was already on you, massaging your boobs, pulling at your hips, kissing around you neck as you moaned into his ear.
He gently laid you down on the couch under him “fuck Bucky oh god”
He moved up closer and gently rubbed his beard against your neck, the friction making you go wild. You pulled him up by his hair and began kissing his neck and he undid your pants. “Need to feel you baby” you mumbled in between kisses.
Bucky pulled away quickly and pulled your trousers off, tossing them behind him and unbuckling his and pulling his cock out.
He placed his hand beside you head and slowly pushed is cock in. “Shit! Always so tight” your legs were up in the air, one around his waist and he began pumping in and out of you. “Oh baby you’re amazing”
You dropped your hand to his ass and squeezed, pulling him closer. Bucky brought his metal hand down to you clit and began rubbing in some tight circles. “fuck fuck fuck fuck Jamie so good” you moaned out as Bucky moaned in unison as you clenched around him
You were both so loud that you didn’t even hear the door click open behind you and Steve walk through
“What the shit!” Steve shouted as his hears filled with moans and his eye saw your legs thrown over the top and bare ass moving up and down.
As you heard Steve shouting, both your and Bucky’s head shot up, hair a mess and panting. “hi Steve” you blurted out as Bucky brought his hands over your exposed breasts. Steve quickly covered his eyes “w- what- why are you guys fucking on the couch”
“sorry Steve just kinda got caught in the moment” Bucky said sitting back, half pulling out of you. You looked at Steve and noticed the outline of his cock in his sweats. “Listen Steve, wer-“ you press your finger to Bucky’s plump lips,shutting him up.
“Steve?” you say with a little hint of seduction in your voice. He separated his fingers covering his eyes. “Would you like to join us?”
Steve almost passed out, then he got flustered. “Yeah i mean no, i do-“
“do you wanna fuck my throat?” you cut him off by talking a little bit louder then he was. Steve wore he was gonna cum in his pants. “yes please” he moaned out.
“C’mon get over here” he hastily moved in front of your mouth and shimmed his sweats down and grasped onto his cock and gave it a few strokes before tapping it on your lips. Bucky looked at with so much lust in his eyes as you took his best friends cock into your mouth. Quickly Bucky plunged his cock back into you making you moan around Steve’s cock, sending vibrations through him making him groan with pleasure.
“Fuck, Bucky, that’s an amazing mouth your girl has”
“I know” Bucky replied grabbing at one of your boobs. You release your hand from Bucky’s bicep and dropped it to Steve’s balls, and began rolling them in your hand. “Fuck, doll you treating Steve so well”
Bucky picked up the pace as he felt you clench around him. “Is my good girl gonna cum” you moaned a muffled “yes” around Steve cock. “fuck fuck, Buck i’m gonna cum too” Steve moaned
“go on, shoot it down her throat”
Steve moans and your muffled moans filled the room as Bucky continued to plow into you. “shit doll gonna cum” Bucky slammed his hips into you with a shudder. He collapsed down on top of you and snuggled your breasts. Steve knelt down bedside you and brushed some of your hair.
“You did really well” he whispered as Bucky fell asleep. “do you want me to bring him upstairs? maybe you guys can get some rest”
You brought you hand up and scratched his chin. “Only if you come with us” you said before wrapping your arm around his neck and pulling him in for a deep, long kiss. Once you pulled away you pressed your forehead against yours “Join us”
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nocturne-pisces · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
DILF/Best friend’s dad!Steve Rogers! You’ve always been close with Eliana, you were over at her house so often that her father the Steve Rogers, often joked you knew their home better than they did. You’re as rocked by the divorce as she is, and after being invited to stay for the summer, you take the opportunity to comfort your friend, even if the sight of her father gives you goosebumps. You’re older now, wiser. And besides, what’s a little harmless flirting between family friends, right?
Fabric Softener
Dark!BestFriendsDad!Steve x PlusSize!Reader x Dark!Neighbor!Bucky
warnings: noncon, threats of violence, mean!steve, meaner!bucky. i am not responsible for your media consumption.
Tumblr media
notes: this is for @boxofbonesfic 7k Monkey’s Paw Challenge. you deserve each and every follower, thank you for letting me participate.
wc: 1.2k
thank you to @branded--with--a--j for beta’ing 💚
Tumblr media
You were just trying to help him with the laundry, lifted up on your tip toes and explaining which detergent wouldn’t bleach the blues out of his favorite t-shirt when his fingers tangled into the hair at the base of your skull.
“Y’know, I’ve really gotta thank El for having such good taste in friends.”
His hips pinned yours against the washer, the steely length of him pressing into your ass cheek.
“Mr. Rogers, please—“
“Baby, I told you, call me Steve. We’ve only known each other since you and El met in high school. I even helped you unpack your dorm, I’d say we’re pretty close at this point.”
“Steve, don’t do this-“
He pulls your body ever tighter against his own, close enough for him to lean in and whisper into your ear.
“Don’t do what, sweetness?” The hand that wasn’t anchored to your scalp snaked its way around your waist, dipping under the waistband of your shorts and panties. “You think I don’t see how you look at me? You think I haven’t noticed how you gotta rub those soft fuckin’ thighs together every time I get close?” His middle finger slips between your folds, finding your clit and circling it slowly.
“Eliana will hear and she’ll come looking for me, you won’t get away with it.” Despite your threat your knees threatened to give out, your legs shaking from the building tension between your thighs. You feel him laugh more than you hear it, the contractions in his chest reminding you how much muscle he could use against you, much more than he was currently.
“Eliana took her Ambien twenty minutes ago. She hasn’t been sleeping so well since Sharon left. Come to think of it, neither have I.” Your whole body tensed as his tongue left a stripe of cooling saliva up your neck, stopping right below your ear.
“Mr. Rogers, please just let me go, I won’t tell anyone.” His finger stopped its ministrations against your clit, diving deeper to find the already primed entrance of your empty cunt waiting for him.
“I know you won’t tell, sweetheart, because you know what I’m capable of.”
He untangles his fingers from your hair and slams you forward by the back of your neck, a yelp escaping your throat as your face met the washer lid. You felt him bend over you, laying his weight across your back as he ruts himself against your clothed ass.
“You won’t tell anyone because you know all I would have to do is squeeze and you’d be done for.” You felt the tears slip over the bridge of your nose, collecting in a small puddle on the metal under you.
He holds you down with one hand, the other jerking your shorts down to web between your thighs. “Open those legs for me,” he cooed. You did as you were told, widening your stance as much as you could. “Goddamn, such a pretty pussy.”
You thought he was just looking, that he would be content to get a glimpse and let you go- but the sudden burning stretch of him plunging into you jolted you out of your pipe dream. He gave you no time to adjust, no time to get accustomed to his girth. “Oh, fuck, that’s tight.”
“Steve-“ you plead, your arms bracing against the washer as you try to push up.
“Be good for me, I don’t want to dig up the backyard tonight.”
You drop your weight back onto the washer, the burning in your chest from your sobs confusing as the pain morphs into a sick pleasure. You can feel your own wetness around him, feel how your cunt has betrayed you as your lunch crawls up your esophagus.
A rap on the garage door has you scrambling up and trying to get away, but Steve’s iron grip keeps you locked against him, your pussy fluttering around his length.
“Come on in, Buck,” he calls, his hips rutting erratically and making you whimper.The door swings open to reveal his best friend and next door neighbor, a smirk playing at the corner of his mouth as he takes in your soft form held against Steve’s.
“Aw, buddy, you started without me? I’m wounded.” He and Steve share a look, dark and consuming, predator appreciating predator.
Bucky takes a step closer to you, his hand coming up to pinch your chin, turning your gaze to meet his. “Mr. Barnes, please help me.” Your face crumbles, your last ditch effort to appeal for sympathy dashed as he mocks your desperate expression.
“I don’t like it when they talk, I just wanna hear you choke.” You force your eyes shut, will your psyche to crack and take you far away from here, but a sudden sharp, burning pain to your cheek makes them fly open again. “Eyes on me,” Bucky commands, letting his belt hit the floor before he pulls his jeans and boxers down to the middle of his thighs.
He’s already rock hard, his cock jutted out and bobbing when he hops up to sit on the washer. Your head is wrenched back again, Steve spitting words down into your ear as you tremble. “No teeth, sweetness, or I’ll remove ‘em myself.”
You barely have time to register what he means before he’s positioning your face over Bucky’s lap. Steve pins your elbows to your ribs on either side and lets his best friend take hold of your hair, pushing you down on his cock until he hits the back of your throat. Immediately your body tenses up with a gag, a low groan coming from behind you.
“Shit, Buck, do that again. This pussy is gonna choke the life outta me.” And he does, this time pushing down hard enough that the head of him pops into your throat. It burns, makes your thighs clench together with restraint, and both men moan out. “She clamps down every time you fuck her mouth,” Steve says, a chuckle rising from his chest as he pulls out only to slam back into you- making your head dive deeper onto Bucky’s length.
Both of your arms are tugged behind your back, Steve’s free hand snaking back to your front to apply pressure to your already throbbing clit. Bucky leans back against the cabinet, guiding your mouth around him every time Steve pushes you forward. You try to wriggle away from Steve’s exploratory fingers but you only succeed in pushing back into him, the lack of oxygen from Bucky fucking your throat making you dizzy and sensitive.
You feel your impending orgasm creeping up on you, the knot in your tummy tightening. You try to tell them to wait, that you don’t want this- but you only manage to gurgle around Bucky, his hips lifting to meet your face as his rhythm becomes sloppy. His grip on your hair tightens and you lose the ability to control your breathing, the edges of your vision darkening as your orgasm hits you.
“Are you cumming, sweetness?” His tone is incredulous, amused that your body has given in to him so completely. You only have time to register Bucky spilling down your throat before the darkness overtakes you, your body limp in their hold.
Tumblr media
When you wake up on the couch, a blanket draped over you, you can hear them talking from the kitchen.
“So, Sharon is picking up Eliana tomorrow?” It’s Bucky’s voice, coming from a bar stool at the kitchen island.
“Yeah, but sweetness over there told her parents she was staying all summer.”
Tumblr media
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Co worker: "Everyone has a weakness to something"
Me: "Flannel"
Co worker: "What? That makes no sense you own a ton of flannel"
Me: "My weakness is hot actors and fictional men wearing the flannel and then me stealing it"
Co-worker looks confused
Me: "I'm just like Superman instead of Kryptonite mine is hot men in flannel"
Tumblr media
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squippy360 · a day ago
Is Daddy's little boy enjoying himself?
Tumblr media
cw: (sub!Steve, Dom!m/n, dacryphilia, bondage, praise, aftercare, gentle dom.)
I was currently at my desk at home, currently working on a project. I have been working for 2 hours and almost finished with it. I stuck my tongue out a bit and made some final adjustments before sending everything to my boss. I stood up and stretched. 
"Ah. Finally done. That feels so good." I said as I looked at the time. 
I got a snack and headed to the bedroom. "Let's check on Steve." I said to myself. I opened the door and saw Steve in the exact way I left him 2 hours ago. 
His body was shaking and vibrating from the pleasure. His wrists were tied to the headboard and his legs were tied together as well. He was still squirming and crying from overstimulation. There were splat marks on his tummy from how many times he came. He had a powerful vibrator on his cock and one in his ass, followed by a moving dildo to stimulate being fucked over and over. He had a blindfold in his mouth to silence his cries of pleasure. 
He looked up at me with those cloudy, beautiful eyes of his. "Is Daddy's little boy enjoying himself?" I cooed at him, walking over and touching his sensitive cock. He let out a hoarse whine and his cock twitched against my hands. 
He nodded, trying to say something but came out muffled. "Do you wanna take a break with Daddy? Sit on his lap and watch some movies together since I finished working." I cooed. 
He nodded and I smiled. I began to take the toys off of him, putting them away to clean later. I picked his shaky form up in my big strong arms and carried him to the bathroom. I set him in the tub and made sure the water was right before I gave him a nice and relaxing bath, cleaning him up and drying him off. 
I gave him one of my biggest shirts and hoodies and his underwear and sweatpants before going downstairs to get him some food. 
I came back later to see him all curled up in a big pile of blankets. "Baby? I have some food for you." I said softly. 
He crawled out and took the tray. I sat on the bed with him, picking out one of his favorite movies and let him sit and eat. 
'How did I get so lucky with him.' I thought to myself and hugged him close to me. 
(✨Its the way that I am working✨)
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We Walk The Line
Pairing: Stucky x Reader
Summary: Instead of Steve Rogers becoming Captain America, someone took his place. Steve Rogers became the infamous Hydra Stomper and fell off of the train with his best pal (and secret lover), James Buchanan Barnes.
You never thought you'd ever become Captain America.
You also never thought about losing the only two loves of your life.
But now, in the present, all three of you are reunited.
Except... you've been keeping them at arm's length.
Steve and Bucky just want all three of you to be happy again.
Warnings: Canon divergence, dark themes, threesome (F-M-M), angst everywhere, a little bit of murder, slight allusions to Dark!Steve and Dark!Bucky, lots of angst, mutual pining, shower sex, double vaginal penetration, spitroasting
Additional Notes: Hello! This was a doc I found in my drafts, lol. I originally wrote a good chunk of this, but then I moved on to different projects. However, last night I found this in the deep depths of my laptop, and I finished it tonight. So, there we are! I hope you all enjoy this little tale!
As always, if you’d like to read this fic on my AO3, you can do so here.
Word Count: 11824
Thump. Thump. Thump.
Clint Barton knew deep in his gut, that something was wrong. Even though the blond Avenger was deaf and needed hearing aids. It didn’t mean he was ashamed of being deaf at all. His family and the love of his life had learned ASL for him.
Most of them, anyway. Thor was still trying. But the blond Asgardian got a pass since he was rarely on Earth, or what Asgard called Midgard anyway.
It also didn’t mean that his other four senses weren’t working. Only, they felt as if they were enhanced. Because that deep feeling in his gut was telling him that something was about to go very wrong.
Or something sus was going on.
To be quite honest, he was sorta leaning on the second option.
He wasn’t quite ready to discover aliens trying to take over the planet again.
No, he was not.
Night had fallen through the Compound. Everyone was mostly asleep. Including Natasha. Who was still asleep against him, her hair splayed over his bare chest. Careful to not wake her, Clint slowly and quietly got up. Getting his hearing aids from where they were charging on the little nightstand on his side of the bed. He slipped them in his ears, hearing the beep. Signaling that they were on, he pulled a shirt and sweatpants on and quietly slipped out of the room.
As he walked down the quiet halls of the Compound, he saw two familiar supersoldiers walking toward him.
Dressed in their tac suits that looked a little bit dirty with streaks of mud, were both Steven Grant Rogers and James Buchanan Barnes.
The blond-haired Avenger waved at the golden-haired and chestnut-haired men in a friendly greeting. Steve and Bucky wore expressions of relief when the three men slipped into the kitchen. Bucky opened the fridge to pull out some orange juice.
“The mission go okay?” Clint asked the two of them. Steve nodded.
“We nearly got caught in an explosion, but nothing we couldn’t handle,” Steve replied to him. Nodding to the other supersoldier as Bucky slid him a glass of orange juice, Clint took a gulp.
“Ross is coming by tomorrow.”
Both Steve and Bucky scowled.
The Avengers as a whole didn’t really like Thaddeus Ross.
Bucky, Steve, and Cap especially.
Clint knew the leader of the Avengers didn’t like authority. They didn’t like pushovers. And after what happened with Hydra back in 2014, they detested the government even more.
With everything that had happened with the almost Chitauri invasion in 2012, he knew Cap wasn’t looking towards another physical appearance that wasn’t saving the world. But, as superheroes and people who protected the world, sacrifices had to be made. You could never get anything you always wanted in life.
Bucky and Steve didn’t like Ross because the man had basically demanded that the two of them were going to be locked up after the bombing of the UN. Mostly because Prince T’Challa had been angry, lashing out due to the grief of losing his father. Erik Killmonger, T’Challa’s cousin, had quietly advised him to keep his cool. And that was after the Avengers broke out the two former Winter Soldiers. And after Cap sent a very nice punch in the face to Ross that was deserved. Their words, not Clint’s. But he would be lying if he said he didn’t agree with that statement.
This would be against the law, but Clint wouldn’t be lying if he also knew wholeheartedly that Captain America would never resist the chance of punching power-hungry and corrupt Senators in the face.
Plus, they were great for viral TikTok and Instagram videos. And Twitter threads.
Not so much for the news though.
Fox News nearly had a stroke the first time.
And the second time.
Clint was fully convinced the Avengers were just full-on trolling them by now. He wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case. He loved making Fox News have a stroke anyway.
Any day. Any time. Anywhere. He would do it in a heartbeat.
Steve and Bucky had already given Fox News a field day when they had explicitly kissed on live TV. The rest of the Avengers thought it had been hilarious.
Speaking of Cap, he knew that they were currently on a mission. They would come home early tomorrow. Until then, all of the other Avengers would see the two former Winter Soldiers brooding and being sad.
As usual.
“Not again,” groaned Bucky. “Doll couldn’t even hold it in the last time he was here. Didn’t she try and punch him in the face?”
Deep sighs that came from Steve and Clint proved his point.
“Yeah,” sighed Clint. “And then before she left, she was talking about how she didn’t want to be here tomorrow. But she will. In the morning. Ross is coming in the afternoon. Talking about that stupid gala we have to attend later this week.”
Grumbles came from Bucky and Steve unhappily.
They had hated galas. They hated being the center of attention. To be around senators and being forced to “play nice”, as Natasha put it. The former redheaded assassin and her younger sister, Yelena Belova, always remarked that the two were always so grumpy. It always amused her when they stood there, stiff as statues while everyone else mingled and had a good time.
Bucky swore to himself that he would get both of his former students to stop teasing him. One way or another.
But for now, the unsettling feeling of them knowing that they would have to attend another gala, once again, made them very unhappy.
“I hate going to those,” Bucky mumbled unhappily. Steve grumbled in agreement. Disdain was written all over their faces. Clint just let out a sigh. “Yeah, well, join the club. Nobody really thinks you’re a liability anymore, so no one’s gonna need to be afraid or extra cautious for the two of you suddenly snapping and going cuckoo cuckoo. Just don’t bring out the pew pews and everything should be good.”
Clint suddenly smirked. Steve and Bucky knew that meant the blond archer was up to no good again. “Sides’,” shrugged Clint, still looking gleeful. “We all know how good Cap looks in her dresses. Tony just makes her look fancy cause she’s the face of us, remember? Don’t tell Cap I told you, but her dress is gonna be a dark blue. Kinda like your old Howling Commando suit, James. You know— the one from way back in the day? That one?”
Oh did Bucky remember.
He remembered it quite well. He didn’t even need to go and catch a plane to DC to the Smithsonian to peep a glance to know what his former uniform looked like.
“… And Tony’s probably going to convince her to wear red lipstick because of good ole patriotism and all…” Clint continued on, rolling his eyes. Even putting air quotes around ‘patriotism.’
“Thank God Colonel Phillips didn’t make her do those damn tours.”
“Only because she was a woman. Colonel Phillips didn’t think that the world would take her seriously if the entire world knew that Captain America was a woman. If it was me, he would’ve made me do those tours.” said Steve quietly. Bucky’s jaw clenched.
“Gotta love the misogyny of the good ole forties, amirite Stevie?” Bucky spat out sarcastically. Steve nodded his head sarcastically. Clearly agreeing with his boyfriend.
“Well, this is where you disappeared off too, Clint?”
Three heads turned to see who was in the kitchen. Natalia Romanov-Barton or Natasha Romanoff-Barton as everyone knew her in the States, with her red hair hastily tied up in a ponytail and a nightgown slipped over her figure and slippers adorning her feet, she stood in the archway of the kitchen. Her arms crossed over her stomach.
She had known something had been wrong when she had heard her husband getting up. A disturbance in the Force, one could say. And when she heard someone opening the fridge door, she knew it wasn’t Sam.
Because she knew Sam wouldn’t be up at this time of day. She knew for a fact that the other Avenger would be dead asleep in his room.
Wanda shared a room with Vision, who really didn’t need all that much sleep, considering he wasn’t human. But the Android enjoyed being in bed with his significant other, so that was that. And, Natasha knew that Wanda was still on a mission with Cap. So Natasha knew the redheaded mutant wasn’t home.
And Pietro, Wanda’s older brother would also be dead asleep. Just like Sam.
So that ruled him out too.
Tony though?
Tony could have been in the kitchen. That could have been a possibility. But she then had heard a soft thudding noise coming from Tony’s workshop, so she knew it couldn’t have been Tony when she had been padding her way down the hall to the kitchen.
Rhodey was off sleeping too. So he was certainly out of the question.
And besides, she had caught a whiff of someone deeply unpleasant. A really nasty smell that reeked of someone that hadn’t showered in a while.
Sounding a deep voice that reminded her of Yasha, she just knew.
Yasha and Steve were home.
Never ever, would she ever forget Yasha’s voice. It was like something you couldn’t wash out of your memory, no matter how hard you could try to. You just couldn’t.
So it didn’t surprise her when she had found Steve, Bucky, and Clint all huddling around in the kitchen drinking orange juice at three in the morning.
It really didn’t.
She expected nothing less from the Three Stooges.
“Tash, I thought you would’ve still been asleep.”  Clint groaned in Russian. Natasha just raised an eyebrow. “No.”  was all she said. Steve and Bucky just looked amused. “Oh… she’s not here yet? Great, we’re going to see you two mope until tomorrow afternoon. That’ll just go down great with Ross.”
Now Steve and Bucky were scowling again.
“Please don’t mention that name under this roof. It gives us stress, Natalia,”  Bucky sighed. Natasha just gave her old teacher a look that basically said, really?
“Whatever, Yasha. I’m going back to bed. You three should too. Although—”  Natasha wrinkled her nose. “...you two should shower before sleeping. Seriously. You two are going to stink up this place faster than Thor and Loki bringing that disgusting Space Egg over here last week. And you know how badly that thing stunk.”
At the aforementioned space egg, Clint, Steve, and Bucky all scowled.
That damn stupid space egg was going to be the fucking bane of their existence.
Meanwhile, on the Avengers Quinjet, with you, Sharon Carter, Maria Hill, Melinda May, and Wanda Maximoff that following morning…
“What about Dave from Accounting? He seems nice. Or maybe Mark from Statistics?”
Sharon Carter or Agent 13 as everyone from SHIELD had known her, looked at her companion who was sitting next to her. She gazed at the Stealth Suit, the dark navy blue, complete with the two white stripes and star embedded on her chest. The suit hugged her broad shoulders and beefy stature, which wasn’t really a clash with her French tip nails that she had got done weeks before that were still in good shape, nor was a clash with her hair that was currently tied up.
You hadn’t even had time to get your shield off of your back. It was still there. Secured. It pressed into the seat as you leaned back, closing your eyes a little. Wanda had fallen asleep hours ago, so Maria Hill and Melinda May were currently manning the ship from up front.
“Dave from Accounting measures all of his shit before he eats it. Remember that one time we were in the cafeteria? And he brought out his salad? And then he brought out his notepad and his measuring cups and started measuring his food, not to mention he was counting everything on it, and even wrote down how many calories were in it? He’s a health freak, Sharon. Not to mention, he spends like four hours washing and cleaning his car. If anything, he should just clean cars for a living. That’ll give him good money. Could pay him more than working at the Compound. Plus, it would make great YouTube videos. You know how popular car cleaning videos are these days.”
“He just likes being through!” Sharon tried to protest, to no avail. Because you didn’t look all that impressed. “Mmmm… he’s a bit too uptight for me. I like my partner a little bit on the wilder side. He’d be too boring for me. What’s Mark from Statistics gotta offer me?”
“Well,” started Sharon, “Mark’s really nice. He’s in contact with his family a lot. Family guy, you could say. Doesn’t spend forever measuring and counting everything and anything on his plate, so that should be a plus for you.” A considering noise came from you. That sounded nice. You could work with that, right?
“But,” Sharon paused, so she could see your head cock to the side in concern. “But?” you drawled.
“I heard from Katie from HR that he’s got a dick piercing.”
Both of your eyebrows rose up. Another considering noise came from you that turned into one of concern. “But isn’t that dangerous though? Like, what if we’re fucking and it gets caught in my vagina? And I have to go down to Medical for that? Or even the ER? Can you imagine the headlines for those things? How embarrassing would that be?” You questioned before you yourself shuddered at the very thought.
“Very embarrassing,” Sharon nodded in agreement with you. Although she expressed a snort when seeing you shudder.
“I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. Too many worries,” you remarked lightly. Taking your water bottle out of your backpack that you had carried along with you for the mission, you uncapped it and took a gulp of your water before screwing the cap back on and putting it beside you. “Besides, Mark and Dave— they’re not supersoldiers, right? They’re just plain ol, normal dudes?”
At Sharon’s nod, your lips curled into a frown.
“Nah. Then it can’t work. You know I’m enhanced, right? Like everything’s enhanced. That includes my sex drive.”
“No one needed to know that!” Maria shouted from the front.
“Well, no one asked for your commentary, Maria!” You shouted from the back in response. Melinda cackled from where she was in the co-pilot seat, making you roll your eyes in slight annoyance.
As if that was going to make things any better.
“So like… on average… like let’s just say, scale from one to… thirty, how many rounds can you go before you need to stop?” Sharon asked, curious.
“Thirty, huh? Broad number. That’s nice. Other women usually ask around one to twelve. Which, I guess they’re sorta close.” You shrugged. “Fifteen rounds.”
Melinda nearly spat out her water from where she was up front.
“Holy Jesus Christ on a stick!” Sharon exclaimed. You just shrugged again, still leaning back in your seat. “I mean, it’s not bad. Although I gotta tell you, Sharon, that’s why I’ve been struggling to find a good partner in bed. Nobody’s really a supersoldier like me. No one can keep up, really. Or worse, what if I end up hurting them too? That’s always something to think about, right? What if I get too excited? Or what if I end up breaking their dick? Those things we need to take into consideration, Sharon.” You told her seriously.
And they were genuine concerns.
Very genuine, important concerns of yours. Before the serum, you didn’t have to worry about breaking a guy’s dick, or worry that if you squeezed them too hard, you’d break a bone or something. Or worse, even a rib, if you weren’t careful enough.
Maybe breaking a rib was a little bit of a stretch, but hey— it was something to consider.
“So why don’t you just sleep with Steve and Bucky?”
“Please,” Maria’s voice floated from the front. “You know how stingy they are. I walked by their room one time, and they were still fighting and arguing over who should top. You know how aggressive they are. If they can’t decide who’s gonna top, what makes you think they’re gonna decide who takes turns fucking our good ole Cap?”
You thanked every lucky star in the damn galaxy that you weren’t drinking water at that exact moment because if you had, you would’ve spat it out all over Sharon. And you didn’t want to get Sharon wet.
When the Avengers had outgrown the Tower and Wanda and her older twin Pietro had joined the Avengers and the team had moved upstate to build the Compound, the first thing on Tony’s list was to make the bedrooms supersoldier proof. Like everything from top to bottom. Even the rooms were supersoldier hearing proof. Although, and you would never tell Tony this, but that one time you had walked past Steve and Bucky’s room, you had heard Bucky softly moaning Steve’s name under his breath.
Despite the so-called supersoldier soundproof rooms.
But you would never tell Tony that.
You didn’t want to hurt his ego even more than everyone else did on a regular basis. In good spirit, of course. Tony staying humble was everything’s number one top priority.
“Yeah, and it wasn’t like they could properly choose who would top back in the day either. Plus, the three of us just lived in that one-bedroom apartment. Just the three of us.” You couldn’t help but find yourself sinking into deeper, past memories. You still remembered being in the middle of Bucky and Steve. Bucky curled up at your side as he snored in his sleep. Steve, with that dim lamp that the three of you had nicked from the street on that wooden little desk next to your bed. Heard the scratches of his pencil against his sketchbook as he drew the three of you together, while you fell asleep to him drawing.
“… Do you miss them? Steve and Bucky?” Sharon’s voice brought you back. You blinked.
“Like… being with them? The old times?” you offered awkwardly. “Yeah… let’s start with that,” Sharon replied softly. “I mean… I would be lying if I said no. Because I do. I really do. Those times… I won’t ever be getting those times back. We had… plans. Plans to grow old together, I guess. Live together until we died, sort of thing. I got so terrified for them when Steve wanted to enlist, and then when Buck was drafted I… I really thought they weren’t going to come back. And then Project Rebirth happened and then I became Captain America, and…. you know the rest. I lost Jimmy. I lost Stevie.”
Your eyes drew down to the floor as you thought about it. Mulled over it.
So many years lost.
“Everyone always talks about… how empty they get when they lose their loved one. Or loved ones. But for me… Steve and Bucky were all I had left. Before I had the Avengers… all I had were Steve and Bucky. Even when I had no one… no one left in my family… I had Steve and Bucky. I can’t… I can’t explain how empty I felt when I lost them. They were my boys, Sharon. I loved them. I didn’t eat or sleep for weeks. Not till Morita dragged my ass out of the bed and forced me to eat a month after they had been gone.”
Your hands came to wipe away the incoming tear that was making its way down your face.
You remembered it like it was yesterday.
You had been flying the plane. Solo. You had been looking out at the sky, looking at the clouds. You had gotten Peggy on your earpiece, telling her that you needed to land the plane in the water, to go lower.
You had been headed towards New York.
You couldn’t wait any longer. If you had, people were going to die. You had taken out the little compass that you had gotten from Steve, flipping it open.
It was a picture of all three of you, smiling and laughing at the camera.
“Peggy, I’m sorry.”
“No.” Peggy hurriedly spoke your name, trying to protest.
“Hey, Pegs— I’m going to need a raincheck on that dance with you, okay? Bring your date. Okay?”
“Okay.” Peggy sniffed. “Eight o’clock, on the dot. Don’t be late.”
You could see it. The freezing water and all of the ice.
“Yeah. Yeah, don’t worry. I won’t be late.”
You still remembered Steve and Bucky’s words.
“We’re gonna take ya dancing, doll. Just the three of us. We’ll make it work.” Steve and Bucky had been beaming.
You closed your eyes.
Stevie. Buck. I’m coming.
And then darkness consumed your vision.
“… So yeah…” your voice was low, “I guess you could say there are things I regret, yeah.”
Sharon rubbed your arm in comfort.
“Cap, Agent Carter. One of you wake up Ms. Maximoff. We’re home.”
Later that day, in the afternoon...
“I’m telling you, Tony, for the last time— no.”
“I’m just saying Steve, it could be a good idea—”
“No, it wouldn’t, Tony. And you know it.”
Tony Stark crossed his arms. The Avengers, minus Wanda and you, were all huddled up in the conference room of the Avengers Compound, waiting for the devil incarnate himself, General Ross.
It was safe to say, that no one on the Avengers team quite liked the man.
Like at all.
If the Avengers had the choice between letting go of General Ross or eating ice cream, they’d choose the ice cream.
Steve had his arms crossed too. Bucky stood in the corner, looking every bit a stoic man. Clint and Vision were talking about something. Pietro was animatedly talking with them, even making gestures with his hands.
“Why? Why are llamas a bad idea, Steve? Huh?”
Steve expressed a sigh and his hand came up to pinch his nose in frustration. “Because they spit, Tony. llamas spit.”
Steve just groaned in frustration.
“So, what? What do you mean, by so what? They spit, Tony! That should be enough for you not to buy them!” retorted Steve. To which, Tony just scoffed at him. “Yeah, and then what’ll the theme for the gala be, huh Rogers?”
“How about the forties?”
All conversation stopped. Sam Wilson, from where he was sitting at the table, got up and beamed.
“Hey!” The African-American announced in glee. “You’re back!”
You hadn’t had time to change from your stealth suit. Wanda had changed, though. Back to a sweater, jeans, and a pair of sneakers.
Both of you were extremely tired.
You were in dire need of a nap.
You were also extremely hungry.
And thirsty.
Briefly, you wondered if the conference room had any snacks. Usually, they did. Usually, Tony would stash the conference room with snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. Drinks too.
You hadn’t even had time to take your shield off of your back, either. It still was behind your back. Your hands reached from behind for your shield, pulling it off of you. The sound of your shield being taken off of your back caught everyone’s attention.
“Yup,” you even popped the p. “Tones, you got any snacks? Like nutter butters? I’m freaking starving.” You quite happily made your way to your seat, sliding into the rolling chair with a groan. Putting your shield on the table. You felt two hands brush over you.
Steve and Bucky.
You knew it was Steve and Bucky without even trying. Or looking to see who it was who touched you.
Because you didn’t allow just anyone to touch you. They had to be special. Like the Avengers.
Or Steve and Bucky.
“… Alright you two,” came Tony’s slightly annoyed tone. “Stop hogging Cap. We wanna say hi too.”
Both Steve and Bucky glared at him. Tony just rolled his eyes. Clearly used to their antics.
Catching a whiff of your smell, Sam recoiled back. “Nah, I’m good fam. You smell, girl.”
“Well, you try going to a building and saving people. I fought too many dudes. And then after that, try going to a freaking debriefing. And I haven’t eaten in like, twelve hours. I’m really hungry so—” Pietro slid a Nutter Butter to you. You sighed in relief as you opened the plastic, and you took a bite of your Nutter Butter. You sighed in bliss as you chewed.
With your mouth closed of course. You were upmost first, a lady. You knew your mother if she had still been alive, would have beat your ass with a sandal, a back scratcher, or anything your mother could have yeeted at you.
“Thanks, Pietro. Sides’ y’all know how moody Ross gets when not all of us are here, remember?”
Groans came from everyone at the table.
“… You just had to mention that…”
“Oh my god, don’t remind me…”
“That crazy son of a bitch needs to stop…”
As your fellow Avengers muttered and grumbled amongst themselves, Steve and Bucky’s hands fell into yours. For a moment, all of the conversations became white noise as you leaned into your rolley chair.
Quite happily you squeezed their hands. Signaling that you were here with them. That you were a okay.
Voice low, “Do you wanna go to that Chinese take-out place down the street?”  Bucky’s voice was a low murmur in your ear. Making you shudder just the slightest bit. “We’ll get that one noodle dish you like,”  Steve whispered in your ear softly, his breath tickling your neck.
Damn the two of them.
They were just so fucking convincing.
Just like how the two of them used to be back in the day.
“Mhmmmm… that sounds great, yeah… we can make it a date, if you'd like…”  you were nodding with what they were saying. You were getting it. And it sounded great.
“Okay, and then we can—”
The sounds of the door opening stopped any and every conversation that was being spoken at the table.
Everyone stiffened when they saw who was at the door.
General Thaddeus Ross strolled into the room like he owned it. Your eyes followed him. Your eyes looked hard as ice as you watched him stand at the front of the room. Your chair swiveled around, so your entire body could be facing him.
“General.” Your tone wasn’t friendly. But, it was civil.
Simply because the last time he had gotten you angry, you had punched him in the face. Steve and Bucky had to carry you out of the government building, all the while you had shouted in Russian. You probably called him a bitch too, but the memories were a little hazy.
Or maybe it was the fact that you had referred to his dick being the size of a Tic Tac? Maybe that had been it?
That had to have been it.
So you leaned back in your chair. Somehow still holding on to Steve and Bucky’s hands.
General Ross cleared his throat.
“So, as you all know, there is a gala net week. And we have decided on what the theme will be.”
“Hopefully not llamas,” Steve muttered underneath his breath so no one would hear, but you and Bucky had caught it. So had Natasha, which made you all the more confused.
What the actual hell?
Just what the hell had you missed?
“After some decision making with the government, and due to Mister Rogers and Mister Barnes’ trial finishing…” Ross continued.
“Which nearly cost you your position, but yes, go on.” Pietro butted in loudly. You saw Ross’s cheeks color in embarrassment, or was it anger?
Either or, you didn’t know and didn’t really care.
Steve and Bucky’s grips on both of your hands tightened a little at the reminder.
Ross coughed and cleared his throat loudly.
“You should drink some water, Ross. Maybe it’ll help with the frog in your throat.” Tony suggested cheekily. That didn’t help Ross at all. His cheeks flushed even further.
“Just tell us the theme and the place please, General.” You sighed, already done with the day.
“The theme will be the forties. And the place will be the usual place just like last year.” Ross managed to say through gritted teeth.
Sounds of relief came from the room. Pietro got up, a pep in his step as he dashed out of the room, before smacking face-first against the door.
“… Open it first, Pietro,” Wanda sighed as she got up, and walked out of the room after her brother once he had actually opened the door.
When you let go of Steve and Bucky’s hands, they might have panicked a little.
“It’s okay,” you whispered to them. “I’m gonna go and freshen up. I smell.”
“We could always shower with you,” Steve, being the utter shit he was, suggested coyly. You spluttered in response.
“Uh-uh. No. No. Do not give me that face. Nu-uh.”
You were walking out of the conference room with Steve and Bucky hot on your heels.
“Come on doll, it would be fun!” Bucky suggested enthusiastically to you.
You, being you, made a noise. It sounded very alarming.
“No. My bathtub is way too small.”
“We’ll fit! Just like how we used to!” Steve was backing Bucky up. You just gave the two of them a look. “And risk breaking my bathtub? No, Steven! We are not breaking my bathtub with the three of us in it. We’re not… it’s not like before, okay? We’re supersoldiers now, okay? We could break shit without even trying. Remember the toaster for Thor’s Pop-Tarts that you broke the other day?”
Steve scowled.
“That was an accident,” Steve clarified. “Exactly!” You pointed out. “An accident! It had been an accident! That could also happen to my tub! I’m not risking it!”
Bucky spoke your name.
It made you stop.
Almost like you were a deer in headlights.
“We’re not going to break your tub, doll. We’ll be as gentle as possible, okay?” His words washed over you.
Bucky had always been a bit softer than Steve. Even when the three of you had been together back in Brooklyn, in the ye olden days, Steve had always been the one to punch first, ask later. And Bucky had always been the one to pull him out of shit.
Like now.
You still weren’t looking very happy.
“Fine,” you grumbled. “But if you two break my frigging tub, you’re payin’ for it.”
That following week, on the night of the gala…
“Guys, I hate everything about this.”
Natasha and Wanda spared you a look.
It had been forever since you had put on anything forties related.
To your surprise, you still remembered how to put everything on though.
So there was that.
Putting on the navy blue dress had been like slipping into a second skin. Adjusting the sweetheart collar and making sure the buttons looked good, and brushing off any dust reminded you of all those times you had done it back in your day.
“The heels look terrifying,” was Wanda’s comment.
You just shrugged at her.
“Eeeh… not really.” You bent down to pick up the cream-colored pumps from the floor from where it was near your bed, giving you that nostalgic vibe from all those years ago. You slipped them on your feet, and you got up onto your feet.
You couldn’t help yourself. You twirled around once, twice. Happily hummed along to the Harry James Orchestra that was playing on your vinyl record. Tony had added some things from the forties to make the three supersoldiers feel like home. He had done it for you when you had moved into the Tower, and then for Steve and Bucky.
“My old man might’ve not been the best dad, but he talked about you guys a lot. Mostly about how nice it was to see three people in love on the field, and how it made him feel like he was at home. But he loved you. It’s only right that I do that the same.” Tony had told them once.
You couldn’t be more grateful. Tony had found the vinyl player at a vintage store and bought it immediately.
“… you know, I saw them in concert. With Steve and Bucky. We managed to get enough money so we could watch them live. It was nice.”
Bopping your feet to Kitty Kallen as you took the rolls out of your hair, so you could style them in the victory rolls from back in your day, Wanda let out a snicker. “Yeah?” She asked. “And how much were the tickets?”
You fluffed up your curls, chewing on your bottom lip that didn’t have lipstick on it yet.
“You know, I actually don’t remember that…” You trailed off, giving it a heavy thought. Grabbing your red lipstick, you twisted the bullet up, admiring the little vintage details on the cap.
“You should start wearing lipstick whenever we go into battle more often,” Natasha suggested cheekily. You just rolled your eyes. “That sounds very impractical. It’s like wearing a corset into battle. No thank you. I don’t want my lipstick smearing all over my face. Besides, I’ll be sweating too. If I wear a full face of makeup on, consider my mask ruined. It’ll sweat right off my face and my mask will get dirty. Uh-huh. I’m not risking that.”
Wanda’s muttered “I told you so” just made you snort once you finished applying your lipstick. Smacking your lips together, you put your lipstick down and took a step back, taking a second to look at yourself in the mirror.
It was as if you had gone back in time.
With Kitty Kallen crooning in the background, you almost felt… okay. If you tried hard enough, you could almost imagine yourself in the apartment you had shared with Steve and Bucky. You could almost hear your soft little giggles, Steve’s chuckling, and Bucky’s laughter when the three of you would snuggle together for bed.
Natasha put a hand on your shoulder.
“You should talk to them. Tonight. I’m sick and tired of Rogers and Yasha giving you puppy dog eyes from the other side of the Compound.”
As much as you wanted to tell Natasha that she was wrong, or that no, the boys didn’t give you puppy dog eyes and they do not practically follow you around like lost puppies— she had a point.
A really point. One that was really solid. Like a slap to the face point.
If there was anything you would never admit to, was that Natasha Romanov had a point. Most of the time.
Like right now.
God— sometimes you really wanted to loathe Natasha.
But, all things aside— she still had a fucking point.
Most unhappily, you grumbled something under your breath that had her rolling her eyes.
You didn’t even need to turn around to see Natasha smirking at you.
Little shit.
“I hate coming to these,” a certain brunet muttered under his breath.
It was far too loud.
Not to mention, there were too many people around.
Way too many people.
James Buchanan Barnes took another gulp of his drink, clearly annoyed.
The venue was a huge ballroom-esque-like room that had been decorated for tonight’s event. Billionaires, millionaires, and anyone who was of the elite class was here tonight. Bucky saw someone people in front of him holding glasses of champagne in their hands, deep in a conversation.
“I think General Ross just makes us come to these because he’s a sadist,” Steve’s cheeky remark brought Bucky back to the current conversation at hand, but it also didn’t fly past Clint, who let out a snort. “Please,” the deaf Avenger scoffed, “… he’s a masochist and everyone knows that. Didn’t you know the last time he got on Cap’s nerves, she compared his dick to a Tic Tac? Ross couldn’t look her in the eyes for weeks.”
“I remember that,” acknowledged Rhodey with a small nod. “It blew up CNN and Fox News for weeks. Mostly Fox News though.”
This time, both Steve and Bucky let out snorts of amusement.
Yeah. That sounded like you.
“Yeah. Hannity had a meltdown when she said that.” Clint snickered. “For three weeks,” Rhodey added with a smirk as he happily accepted a glass of champagne from a waiter that had been walking around. He quite gleefully took a sip of his drink. Clearly proud of himself and his statement.
“She was doing the… what did our space visitors call it? Oh! Right. Take names, kick ass.” Clint cackled, clearly basking in his newfound glee as Steve and Bucky rolled their eyes in amusement at the archer.
“The weird alien empath lady was really nice.” a young boy’s voice broke in.
“Alright, who allowed the kid to be here?” Bucky grumbled.
Peter Parker let out a deep noise of offense. “Mr. Barnes!” the teenager whined, clearly in the offense. “I’m a part of the team, remember?”
“… And Tony’s nephew, but we don’t bring that up, do we Little Spider?”
As if she were simply a fairy, the Romani-Jewish mutant had walked onto the scene. Looking very vibrant and regal in her attire, complete with red earrings in her ears. The Vision walked behind her, in his human form. As to not scare any of the other billionaires tonight. His blond hair was nicely combed back, and his black dress shirt looked great too. His slacks were tucked in and his dress shoes were nice and shined to the gods. All in all, he looked great.
Wanda’s hair was curled up into a chignon, and her skirt was a long, pleated skirt that reached to her mid-calf. The material was nice and flowy, and it was a light brown. Her cream blouse was a low-cut, but not enough that she was showing her twins. Quite happily, her brown eyes looked like they were almost sparkling in the boys’ direction as her red painted lips curled up into a teasing smile. “Wanda!” Peter yelped, as the redhead playfully ruffled the younger enhanced boy’s hair.
As the young Peter Parker yelped and tried to escape Wanda’s playful nature, Steve and Bucky’s enhanced hearing picked up on a pair of heels clicking their way towards the ever-growing group.
“Rogers. Yasha. Have either of you seen Cap?”
Bucky was the first to turn around and address his former student in Russian. “No Natalia,”  came his deep voice. “… we haven’t. I’m a little worried. I know she doesn’t like these events as much as the rest of us, but she would usually be here by now. Should we send a search party?”  he briefly inquired. Worry laced in his tone. Natasha saw two pairs of blue eyes staring at her intently, like the two most feared former deadly assassins of the twentieth century were nothing more than two puppies that were desperately trying to find their human.
Lovesick idiots, the three of them were.
Completely and utterly lovesick idiots.
The other fellow redhead had to resist the growing temptation to not roll her eyes in public. Of course, she knew what the public thought of her. She knew all of that shit by now.
But this?
Oh no.
She would not go through another day of the three of you dancing around like the three of you were doing ring-around-the-rosie.
Absolutely not.
She would claw her own eyes out if she had to suffer through another day.
“We’ll be fine here,” sighed Natasha. “You know Tony,” she continued on. “He loves the attention. He'll distract them long enough. You two go and find her. You two know her better than the rest of us ever will.”
And it wasn’t that she was wrong.
Because she wasn’t.
As usual, Natasha was right.
The master assassin looked at the two men who had looks of pure determination on their faces.
They had a supersoldier to find.
Meanwhile, somewhere in the building in a broom closet with you…
You had no idea when it happened exactly.
One moment, you had been ready to comfort Steve and Bucky and talk things out, and then the next thing you knew— you had started to overthink every scenario you could possibly think of in your head.
And that had led you to find the nearest broom closet to hide yourself in.
You had your first mental breakdown for the first time in forever.
You were pretty sure that you were hitting what some people affectionately called your “mid-life crisis.”
Full-blown crying and shaking.
It was what Steve and Bucky found when they had managed to hear someone crying in an abandoned broom closet.
Deep away from the current festiveness that was currently going on, was you. You, sunken down to your knees and sniffing.
Luckily for you, your makeup was waterproof. Foundation, concealer, mascara. So none of your makeup was smeared or ruined.
“O-Oh… O-Oh nooooo…” were the only hiccuped words that came from you in disarray, seeing your boys there.
And shit, they looked good.
The black suits really suited them.
No! No! No! That little voice in your head screamed at you.
You were not about to get horny after bawling your eyes out in a broom closet!
No! Nope!
You needed to get a hold of yourself and your precious kitty!
Absolutely not!
You needed to stay focused!
Weakly, you managed to get up. You might have stumbled forward a little because your feet were kinda still asleep. Luckily, Steve and Bucky caught you before you could potentially fall on your face.
It would have been really embarrassing if you did.
“… Nooooo…” you were feeling like total shit. “…. why is my life playing out like a daytime soap opera? What is this, General Hospital? Day of Our Lives bullshit?”
Still, you weren’t done lamenting yet.
“Oh my god… if there is a fucking God or Gods up there or some shit… why do you have to do this to me…” you whined. You couldn’t help yourself! This was a travesty! Truly the biggest scandal you ever had to face in your entire life!
Groaning into Steve and Bucky, you resisted the urge to whack your head on their shoulders to feel the slightest bit of any completion you could find.
Eventually, you just decided to say, fuck it and fell into them. They caught you pretty quickly as you let loose a sigh.
“I’m so tired… I didn’t want to come tonight…”
Hearing how small your voice got made their hearts break. You had buried your face into their shoulders, trying to desperately breathe in the cologne that they were both wearing tonight.
“Well… we can’t really ditch…” Bucky sounded so apologetic that you really wanted to kiss him.
So you did.
Turning so you could be in Bucky’s direction, you kissed him.
It took him by surprise.
You probably hadn’t kissed him or Steve in over seventy years.
Deep in that unspoken part of you, you felt like you were coming home.
Kissing Bucky and Steve felt normal.
This was normal.
You made sure to kiss Steve too. Because if you didn’t, he would look like a wounded puppy and you didn’t want that.
Pulling away from Steve, you had to take a few breaths in.
“God… I fuckin’ feel my age…” your mutters made Steve snort. Bucky chortled.
A scream gathered your attention.
It sounded like it was coming from the huge ballroom.
Your mood was killed.
Totally killed.
“Oh, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” You exclaimed, rushing back to the closet so you could get your shield. Slipping your arm into the little slip, you ran back out.
“You brought your shield?” Steve said in astonishment. “Of course I did Steven! This is an emergency!” You were scandalized.
The three of you dashed off down the hall, getting there quickly thanks to the serum running through your veins.
“Stark!” boomed a familiar voice.
You had to turn your head a little.
“Ew! You really need to shave off that goatee dude. There are only two people who can rock the goatee and that’s Tony and Sam.” You even scrunched up your nose at the horrifying sight.
“Who even is that?” Bucky whispered in your ear.
“Justin Hammer.” Natasha wrinkled her nose. Seeing the brown-haired man with the familiar-looking goatee standing on the weird glider in the middle of the room. From the smashed window, you suspected that he had come through there.
“Justin Hammer? That ultra-rich dude that got thrown in prison for trying to steal Tony’s blueprints for his suits?” You sounded surprised. “I thought he was in jail.”
“He was,” Natasha couldn’t help but sounded disappointed.
“Oh well.”
Throwing your shield his way, Justin didn’t have time to duck. Because your shield smacked him right on his forehead, sending him back. Effectively knocking him off of his glider while Pietro, Wanda’s older twin sped over and caught him just in time before he fell to the ground.
“We apologize for this delay!” Your voice boomed, catching everyone’s attention. “We’ll be dealing with Mr. Hammer soon.”
Getting to Pietro, you picked up your shield and whacked Justin’s face. Knocking him right the fuck out.
“Anybody get me a glass of champagne? I feel like I’m going to really need it.”
A few months later…
The worst day of Steve and Bucky’s life started on a dreary, wet, rainy Monday morning.
They were on a mission with you, Wanda, and Pietro. The Maximoff twins had already cleared out their section, and so had Steve and Bucky.
You had just about cleared out your section.
Steve and Bucky had been making their way towards where you were.
And then just as soon as they had come over the threshold, it happened.
Someone had hit you right in your back.
Your scream pierced their ears.
Seeing it happen felt like they were stuck in a weird slow motion.
As soon as you fell to the ground, they moved.
They moved so quickly, that they barely realized what they were doing.
As they moved, the man above you slammed something on your neck, making your eyes roll into the back of your head as you laid there still.
You weren’t dead, just knocked out.
Steve struck first.
Picking up your shield, he struck it right in the dude’s face. It sent him falling back onto the floor.
Bucky, with his metal arm, clenched into a fist, collided on his throat.
Steve slammed your shield when Bucky removed his fist right back down the man’s neck.
Over and over, again and again, they did this. Bucky slamming his metal fist on his neck, only for Steve to do the same with your shield.
A sickening snap echoed in the room.
Another slam of your shield and the dude’s head came off.
Blood was on your shield. The dark red color muddled with the sharp and pristine blue and white.
It was what Pietro and Wanda saw when they were alerted to your section.
A horrified gasp came from Wanda. Pietro used his super-speed to rush over to you, feeling your pulse.
“She’s still alive. Come on, we have to go.” The Romani-Jewish mutant said.
The ride back on the Quinjet was quiet.
Very, very quiet.
You were laying on Steve and Bucky’s laps, your eyes closed. If anyone hadn’t been told of your condition, a normal person would have simply just thought you were sleeping.
But you were not.
Before you had been knocked out by the dude, you had sustained injuries. Blood had been oozing out of your side and had soiled your Stealth Suit. Your hair had fallen out of its braid and looked awfully messy. You were also pretty sure, had you been awake that you were pretty sure seven of your ribs had been fractured because you had been stabbed many times. And, one of your lungs had collapsed.
At least, that’s what the doctors had told the team when the Quinjet had landed at the ICU.
You had been rushed to the nearest room for surgery.
All while the Avengers waited.
And waited.
They had waited there in the ER for hours, practically. Everyone around them was whispering, but no one had taken out their phones to record them out of privacy.
A couple of hours later, a doctor had come out.
“Mr. Rogers? Mr. Barnes?”
Steve and Bucky had never got out of their seats faster.
“Ah… Mr. Barnes. Mr. Rogers. Your wife is going to be moved to the ICU. Her surgery went well and she looks to be on a good road to be moved downstairs once we have a free bed.”
Steve and Bucky audibly breathed out a sigh of relief.
“… Of course,” continued the doctor. “There is still the price of her surgery which will be very hefty—“
“We’ll pay for it.”
Tony made a noise of protest. “No way Rogers,” was his immediate clap back. “I have the money to pay for her surgery. I’ll pay for it. She’s a part of the team.”
To which, Steve had turned his attention to Tony. “No,” came out of him as a snarl. His eyes were dark and burning with rage. “We have the funds to pay for it. We’ll do it.”
“Is no one going to ask about why the doctor said that Cap’s their wife?” Sam stage-whispered to Pietro, who just gave him a shrug in response. This led to Sam turning to Clint, having an in-depth conversation with the archer and the speedster over if you were really married to Steve and Bucky.
Steve and Tony’s bickering voices soon filled up the room as the two Avengers argued back and forth.
“Give me the paperwork,” sighed Bucky to the doctor. Too much shit had happened today for him to process.
He would really need a stiff drink after this.
“I’ll pay for it.”
Meanwhile, with you a few hours later…
All of a sudden, your eyes popped open.
Wanda and Natasha, who had elected to stay with you and watch over you, looked over in relief.
You were awake.
“Hey… Wans… Tash… have I ever told you about Steve and Bucky’s dicks?”
Wanda and Natasha stared at each other. Complete bewilderment colored their faces.
“Um…” was all Wanda could offer at this time.
“Yeah…” you slurred. “Even before the whole serum stuff. Do you remember how I showed you pictures of a small Steve, Tasha? Steve was fucking tiny as shit.”
Natasha remembered that.
She practically remembered everything you had told her about the boys.
“Uh-huh,” was what came from your companion. “No, I remember.”
“Ooooh boy, have I ever told you this,” you drawled, even hiccuping a little. “Even before the serum… Steve had a big dick. Can you believe that he had a big dick? Cause I sure didn’t.”
Wanda and Natasha exchanged another look.
“Right so…” you were continuing on. “Steve’s a little curved to the left. Bucky’s just… he’s just so fucking big. Fills me up every time. He learned a thing or two from catching all the dames, I’ll tell you that.”
Wanda looked like she was about to snort out a laugh, but a sudden pained look made her stop right in her tracks.
Somehow, like the time that Steve and Bucky had found you weeping in the closet, you had started crying a little.
“Why did this happen to them? Why couldn’t it have been me who fell off that stupid fucking train?” you sobbed. The sounds of the many machines you were hooked up to and also wired to beeped around you.
“I thought they were gone! I thought they were gone and they weren’t coming back! I crashed that plane in the Arctic for a reason!” you wailed.
It felt as if someone had slapped Natasha Romanov really hard on the face.
You had crashed the plane in the Arctic on purpose?
“I thought that maybe if I crashed it I could see them again… because if nothing made sense or mattered… they did… being with them mattered… it was the only thing I ever wanted...” you wailed on, continuing to spill out your deepest darkest secrets like you were at a therapy session and Natasha and Wanda were your therapists.
In a sense, Wanda felt that.
Growing up with Pietro within Hydra ever since they had been babies, she had never known her parents. All she had known were Hydra’s harsh ways, and when the Avengers had come to clear out the Hydra facility and Tony had offered them visas and you had allowed them onto the team, Wanda never truly knew what the meaning of family was.
The Avengers were her home. Her family. Her life.
So when Wanda had quietly said that she was going to go get Steve and Bucky, Natasha held your hand.
And she held your hand until you eventually fell asleep again, dreaming about your boys.
A little over three months later…
You had made a quick recovery, due to the serum that ran through your veins. So on an early morning, you were out on your usual run of fifteen miles with Steve and Bucky.
The sun had yet to rise as the three of you ran down the perimeter of the Compound. Dawn had not even broken in yet either. You were in the lead, followed by Steve, and then Bucky. But you had cooked up a conspiracy that Bucky just allowed Steve to get ahead of him.
Little shit.
Upon finishing your fifteenth and final mile, you stopped running.
Heavy pants even came from you.
Steve and Bucky were just about done too. The both of them stopped and panted as well.
“Yup…” came out of you in pants. “Fifteen miles. On the dot.”
“Yup,” breathed Steve. Bucky nodded his agreement.
“I’m hitting the showers. You guys wanna come with?”
In the wing of the Avengers Compound, were the private apartments that belonged to everyone on the Avengers team. Your room was smack dab in between Steve and Bucky’s. Originally, when Tony had built the Compound, you were still looking for the two supersoldiers. You searched and searched and searched and searched. Day and night, you had stalked the deep depths of the Internet for any scrap of information that anyone had on them.
Tony had built these three rooms specifically for the three of you. The three apartments were inter-connected, and the three of you could go back and forth whenever the three of you pleased.
You had just got into your apartment, smelling like a sweaty mess. Yanking off your workout clothes, you tossed them in the hamper that you kept for your dirty clothes. Grabbing a fresh set of clothes, as well as a new bra and panties.
Putting them on your sink counter, you turned on your shower, turning the dial a bit to the left. You liked your showers hotter than normal people. Not quite as hot as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, but still, pretty hot.
What could you say?
You thoroughly enjoyed your so-called “dragon showers.”
Pushing your shower curtain open, you stepped into your bathtub. Pulling it back so you’d have some peace and quiet, you began to shave and shampoo your hair.
Just then, your shower curtain was opened.
You had nearly jumped.
It was Steve and Bucky. Bucky and Steve. Your boys.
Your mouth open agape, you watched as they, completely unashamed of their nakedness, stepped into your bathtub like they owned it. Bucky pulled the shower curtain back so it would close the three of you off, allowing the three of you some privacy.
“You know, if you wanted to shower with me, all you could do was ask. Not just barge in. We’re not living in the caveman ages.” Your sassy clap back had Steve and Bucky both rolling their eyes and shaking their heads. Even though your face was turned, you quite imagined them doing it.
“See? Proved my point.”
Lathering your loofah with your body wash, Steve had begun to scrub you down as Bucky scrubbed your hair with his flesh and metal fingers.
Seeing the black and gold arm was truly a masterpiece. Shuri had done a fantastic job with it.
“You don’t have to do that,” you sighed to both of them.
“We don’t.” Steve easily agreed with you. “But we want to.”
Crouching to his knees, he scrubbed your thighs and went lower to your legs.
“You almost done with her legs, Stevie? I’m almost done scrubbin’ her hair,” said Bucky. “Almost done, Buck,” Steve confirmed. Once Steve rose up, it was clear that he had finished scrubbing you off. Grabbing your shower caddy, you rinsed yourself off. When you knew that you were done rinsing yourself off, you put your shower caddy back and leaned into your boys.
“We need to talk.” Steve’s deep voice broke you out of your stupor.
Oh, those words.
Oh, how those words made you oh so nervous.
“Bout what?”
You had turned your head a little. You were looking at Steve. And then you were turning your head a little the other way, so you could look at Bucky.
“About us,” Bucky added softly.
You swore your heart clenched.
“Natasha and Wanda told us about what happened in the room. When you were cleared to go down to the ICU floor.” Steve explained to you gently.
“I…” you blinked a little.
Truth be told, you only remembered bits and pieces of what you had told the other two women. You had remembered blabbing about Steve and Bucky’s dicks for one, but everything after that, well… it was a little bit hazy.
“Did you really crash the plane into the Arctic?” came Steve’s gentle voice.
Suddenly, everything came back to you. It was as if reality had crash-landed on you.
Everything hit you. Everything everywhere all at once.
“Y-Y… Yeah.” was the only word that you spoke.
Looking at the shower nozzle, you slowly lost yourself in your thoughts again.
“When I lost both of you on the train… I… I felt like I lost myself. I didn’t eat or sleep for days. Timmy had to bitch at me to get my ass outta bed. I couldn’t… I couldn’t mourn you. I didn’t know how. There weren’t any bodies that they found. All I did was scream and cry. I did it for so many months. Screaming. Crying. Throwing up. All of that. So when I managed to catch Red Skull and I managed to kill him, I still didn’t… I didn’t feel complete. You two… you weren’t coming back. Killing him… it wouldn’t do anything.”
“So when I crashed it in the Arctic, I thought, ‘This was it. If I could crash it and I died, then maybe, just maybe, we’d be reunited.’ I couldn’t bear to think about a world that didn’t have you two in it. I didn’t know how I could possibly go on. Nothing was right anymore. The food didn’t taste right. The weather… it didn’t feel as good. Nothing felt good.”
The sounds of the shower contentiously going down the drain filled the empty silence.
Just then, you suddenly found yourself being picked up.
A yelp of surprise came from you.
“We love you,” Steve announced.
You blinked.
You had to process those words.
You really had to.
“We love you. We really do. We never stopped loving you. We always thought about you. Even when we were getting our minds wiped, again and again, we still thought about you. Even if we didn’t remember you or not. We still did.” Bucky added quietly.
By now, you were pretty positive that you were crying.
But you weren’t all that quite sure yet.
“I…” you breathed out, your chest heaving up and down in shock. “I-I don’t… I don’t… I don’t know what to say…” you whimpered.
“You don’t have to say anything,” Steve said quickly.
Oh, but you did need to say something.
You did.
Because if you did not say anything, you probably would never be able to muster up the courage to ever say these words ever again.
“I love you too. I love the two of you so much.”
Were you picturing confessing your love to your old boyfriends in a shower around six AM like a fantasy?
No. Not really, no.
You hadn’t been anticipating it.
Nor had you been thinking about doing it either.
Something deep in Steve and Bucky’s guts snapped.
And you felt it. Call it a sixth sense, but you didn’t really put up a fight nor did you question why you were suddenly slammed against the wall.
You weren’t really surprised when Steve had been the first one to slam his dick in you.
Not at all.
You choked.
Like, out loud.
You might have even gasped.
There was nothing to hold onto as Steve plummeted you into the wall like a madman.
He just couldn’t do it anymore.
He didn’t want to suffer anymore.
He wanted it to be like the old days.
Like in those ye olden days, back in that one-bedroom apartment that the three of you shared.
How he desperately wanted the good old times back.
You cried out in pleasure when your orgasm made your thighs shake. It was a little sore considering the fact that you had run fifteen miles already.
And you just knew that having sex with Steve and Bucky would just make the burn feel even worse.
But was it worth it?
Hell fucking yeah it was.
Briefly, you heard Steve grunt as he came in you, the blond-haired supersoldier gasping. Sucking in as much air as he could.
“Don’t hog her the entire time Stevie, I want a slice of cake too.” Came Bucky’s amused tone.
Almost like a camera rearing into focus, your vision snapped right back.
You were staring into Bucky’s eyes, all the while you took in deep breaths.
When Steve pulled out of you, you swore you felt some leakage down there.
The sounds of Bucky walking closer to you made your pussy clench. You even felt it throb in anticipation. Between Bucky and Steve, Steve was always off working in the comic strip place he had worked at after graduating from art school, and considering that Bucky ended his shifts at the docks early, you and he had sex more than you or Steve. Mostly because of Steve’s condition. You didn’t want to accidentally hurt him in any way.
But goddamn, could he use his dick.
You inwardly shivered when you saw the look on Bucky’s face. Even though the water was still hot, and steam was rising up.
Your mouth dropped open when he thrusted himself inside of you.
Your entire body shuddered.
Cause Jesus frigging Christ, he filled you up so well.
“Shit, Jimmy,” was all that came out of you in pants. “You sound like Becca,” Bucky grumbled, making you laugh a little. A snicker from Steve.
He started moving.
Plowing into you, again and again, savoring the way your back smacked against the marble wall of your bathtub.
“Keep hitting her just right, Buck. The noises our best girl makes should point you in the right direction.” teased Steve as he watched from the opposite corner of your bathtub. He was scrubbing himself off with an orange loofah, one that he had brought from his own shower in his apartment.
“Don’t tell me what to do, Stevie.” snapped Bucky as he slammed into just right, causing your eyes to roll into the back of your head. Pleasure was coursing through you as you reached your peak.
Your second orgasm hadn’t been enough to make you feel like your legs were jelly.
You were still okay.
Not yet.
Bucky breathed into your neck, his hips stuttering when he came inside of you.
One of your hands managed to reach up, gently stroking his shoulder-length, chestnut hair.
The soft moment was interrupted by Steve.
Of course.
If Bucky was a little shit, then Steve was the OG little shit.
And they were your boys.
Boy, you could pick em.
“Move over Buck,” snipped Steve. “Greedy asshole,” was Bucky’s snarky remark. A little whimper came from you when Bucky pulled out. The brunet-haired man had decided to wash his hair, scrubbing his scalp before rinsing it off as the feeling of being empty filled his senses.
The feeling of emptiness didn’t last long, however. Because Steve rammed himself back into you, causing your eyes to roll back into your head as your vaginal walls clenched down around his cock.
Feeling all of Steve inside of you made your body seize up a little. Steve hissed when he felt the way your vaginal walls clenched around his erection.
Right before Steve thought about thrusting into you, Bucky had finished scrubbing himself off and was looking at his best pal with a disapproving look on his face.
“Why ya givin’ me that nasty look, pal?” Steve huffed at him.
You were trying really hard to make sure you still remembered you were still in your shower.
“Don’t be so greedy, punk.” Bucky slapped his shoulder. “Yeah Steve,” you were helpfully adding, “Don’t be so greedy. There’s plenty of me to go around Rogers.”
A yelp filled the bathroom as you felt Steve pull out of you, just for him to slam himself right back into your pussy. His release, yours, and Bucky’s smeared and trickled down your legs. Your pussy was so wet from taking both Steve and Bucky.
Luckily for you. You were a supersoldier. So this was no sweat.
But what happened next…
Yeah… you were not prepared for that.
Something akin to a whine of protest came from you when Steve pulled out. Only for Bucky to take charge and push himself completely inside of you. Causing your head to loll, your eyes rolling into the back of your head as you gasped.
Your hands clenched into a fist as water streamed down from the shower caddy onto your head. Water dripped down your face and down your body as you tried to frantically take all of this in.
“No more keeping us at arm's length, Doll,” Steve told you sternly as Bucky pulled out, as Steve slammed back in. It made you cry out. You were also pretty sure everyone else was about to wake up right now. Or at least, they were about to.
Steve and Bucky took turns pounding into you, making you come again and again. They both held your body tight, watching as your orgasm overcame you.
Your body twitched. Deep gasps and whimpers came from you.
Coming so hard, so deeply inside of you, Bucky and Steve grunted. Gasped, just like you. Breathed in deep as Steve’s hands fell to grope your ass tight, keeping you in place as his fingers slid up into your messy, abused, slopping mess of a pussy. Plugging you up, determined to keep as much as the combined fluids that were you, him, and Bucky.
The water continued to run down the drain.
When the three of you had decided to finally get out of the shower, the boys couldn’t contain themselves.
They could not.
After the stint in the shower, you had been thoroughly brought to completion with Steve and Bucky on either side of you. You, sucking off Bucky while Steve, bless him, was pounding your ass like his life depended on it.
And it did.
It really did.
Could you fault him? You had a great ass.
Coming with a shout, Bucky swore loudly in Russian. Possibly so loud that probably even Natasha heard it from the kitchen.
You nearly choked on his dick when he came down your throat, his sac tightening as he gave and gave all he could to you at that very moment.
It was around this time that Steve came inside of you, filling you up. Bending his head down so he could sink his teeth into your shoulder, leaving a mark. Not necessarily breaking the skin, but it would leave a mark.
The three of you, with you, sandwiched between Steve and Bucky. Taking in deep breaths as the apparent stench of sex filled your bedroom.
A loud knocking on the door disrupted the peace.
“Hey! Yasha! Rogers! Cap! Get downstairs or else you won’t get any breakfast!”  Pietro shouted from the other side of the door.
The three of you got up in a panic.
Meanwhile, the rest of the team was happily eating their breakfast.
Tony was nursing a cup of coffee as he blindly swiped at his tablet, looking at the news.
Clint and Natasha were eating together, Clint with his plate piled high with eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Natasha with some pancakes that had been well dressed with maple syrup.
Sam had his plate pilled high like Clint and was eagerly chewing on his potatoes while in a deep discussion with Rhodey over what they were going to eat tonight at their usual place.
“There’s this new place that opened up in Harlem, my sis Sarah overheard that it’s really good…”
Pietro was happily eating his pancakes, topped with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. And you know. Powdered sugar and copious amounts of maple syrup. Wanda was the same. Vision was still in his Android form, informing the team here and there about the things that they needed to catch up on.
Such was the sight when you, Steve, and Bucky finally walked into the kitchen.
“Oh, there you three are!” Tony shrieked. All you did was blink, while Steve and Bucky openly rolled their eyes at the eccentric Avenger. Fixing the three of your plates, Wanda happily slid them over as the three of you took your seats.
“You woke us up! All of us! What with your debauchery!”
Now you were rolling your eyes in Tony’s direction. “It was worth it,” you shrugged. Tony just made a noise in his throat as you started to eat and chew.
“Milk? Tea? Coffee? Apple juice? Orange juice?” Wanda offered.
“Coffee. With milk and two sugars, please.” You replied kindly.
“Coffee. Black, please.” was Steve’s reply as he scarfed down his food.
“Coffee with milk and sugar, please.” Bucky’s kind reply as he swallowed his food.
“Three coffee’s, coming right up.” Her chipper voice made the three of you smile.
As the team continued to eat and talk, you couldn’t help but smile.
This was where you were supposed to be.
This was where you belonged.
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fineanddandy · a day ago
Summary: The boys want you all to themselves.
Relationship: Bucky Barnes x black!reader x Steve Rogers
Warnings: F I L T H. Threesome, unprotected sex, graphic language, exchanging of fluids, oral (fem rec), rough sex, smut, 18+
A/N: lol I think what’s the funniest part about all of this is this was never supposed to be a series or anything. I seriously thought I would never write a Stucky fic EVER. And you guys got THREE out of me! What?! Hope I did the fandom justice. This was so much fun to write shoutout Vee for even suggesting Busted should be a Stucky fic. All influenced by this song here.
Tumblr media
What kind of life is this. None of this made sense. You’re hardly present, drowning deep in the feeling of their mouths trailing up and down your curves. Tethered to their push and pull. What was life like before either of them you can’t recall but it had to have been boring. Definitely less than this fuckin shit right here…and you didn’t want to go back. So much you’d do, give the fuck up, just to stay in your place as their little pet. Whatever they wanted, desired, you’d allow it. How could you transform into someone so…obedient, so…careless? But you view this little world a little perfect. You really loved it right here in this space where you are so loved, so worshipped. Not just by your Bucky but now his bestest bud. Getting the best of both their polar opposite worlds. This life is all you could ask for.
Somewhere between the sensual sound of Maxwell’s falsetto and the aggressive runs of System of a Down, you drifted off into a deep restorative sleep, skin cells still buzzing and nerves still jumping into the carpet by the foot of Bucky’s bed. Still feeling their touch and hearing their voices even while you dreamt, those two owned you even in your subconscious. There was no leaving them…
Steve couldn’t wait to get back to you he needed you all to himself so damn bad. He could barely eat his dinner, or focus on anyone trying to keep a conversation. Just felt his dick aching in his trousers. Knee anxiously bouncing, knocking against Bucky’s beneath the table until he couldn’t take it anymore.
“Go.” He groans in Steve’s ear with an annoyed sigh, over him acting like some sort of druggie needing a fix. If Steve had to have you so bad, fine, he’ll allow it just this once. Nothing more annoying than a needy Steve. Bucky had weeks of whining to attest to that...but Steve couldn’t help himself. One kiss was all it took. His nerves didn’t settle until he closed the door behind hi, grinning at you sleeping where they abruptly dumped you drained. Peacefully snoozing like the little angel he just loved to ruin.
You could tell by the way his thumb gently graced the hill of your cheek that it was Steve. No warmer touch in the world could pull you out of your sleep; yawning wide, you bat your lashes up at him kneeling in front of you. Helping you lift your head, Steve maneuvers your headphones off your sore ears with a lopsided smirk.
“Angel…” he softly hummed, stroking your cheek again, “are you alright?”
Nuzzling into his warm palm, you nod and sigh, grateful for his kindness after such torture he inflicted. You aren’t too sure you can speak, whispering, “Just tired.” Your heavy head drops back onto the carpet, eyelids dropping close upon impact. Steve quietly chuckles as he reaches for the leather cuffs and phone still fixated behind you.
“That was too much for you, huh beautiful…” One wrist free you drag your achy arm around to your front. “Told Buck we should take it easy but…”
With the other hand free, you weakly push your dead body up and blink your sleepy eyes open to see his pretty concerned brow, his tender blue eyes always so bright and clear smiling down at you trying to be here with him.
“It’s okay Steve…” Another long yawn interrupts you, your feeble arm tremble under your dead weight, “I’m fine I can handle Bucky it’s fine…”
But your wobbly arm couldn’t hold you long, especially with him looking at you like that. So before you could hit the ground again, Steve catches you in his strong arms and pulls you into his lap so you could rest your weary head on his thick chest. And it felt so much better snuggled up there than on the floor, so much so you bury yourself deeper in his hot muscles. He holds you so close, so firm, as he purses his lips into your hair. You feel so good in Steve’s arms his cock throbs against his zipper.
“Mmm…think you’re too tuckered out for me…” His words mumble into your scalp but you shake your head. You’ve been tingling since the moment he scooped you up into his lap. His large hands soothing up and down your slacked spine didnt help either. Didn’t take long before you’re warm and slippery between your worn out thighs. Steve can hear it in the way you sigh. Suddenly awake and ready for action, your legs start to slowly rub together as you lift your head to look up at him.
“Never Steve.” Your nails pull at the soft cotton of his shirt. Your chin sinks into his pecs. Your voice so small and loving his heart begins to beat erratically near your cheek. “I’ll do whatever you want…”
“Oh beautiful…” Steve moans dipping his smirked lips closer, “why do you say stuff like that?” He asks in a whisper, barely pecking your upper lip.
“Because I mean it,” you answer in the same way, kissing him fully before you go on, “I’ll give you whatever you want…” And you mean every word.
Steve takes you by the thighs and repositions you, straddling you over his beefy thighs and fat hard on, rocking you up and down. You groan a sigh, feeling your nerves burn, quietly mewling into his thick neck. Steve feels so good he squeezes your hips, panting and nuzzling his nose into your hair.
“I want you, right fuckin now,” he whimpers lifting your chin by his knuckle, “…want this pussy all to myself for once…”
That turns you up. All to himself? You faintly brush your lips up over his trembling lips. “Who’s going to stop you huh? Not scared of Bucky are you?”
Steve sighs a chuckle with a small shake of his head. “Who gives a fuck about him sweet girl. I need you.”
That’s all he had to say. “Then take me Steve.” You beg, slotting your fingers through his hair, “Have me however you want me.” Your up on your knees, pecking between his top and bottom lip as he reaches for his button and fly. He’d never expected you to be so damn sweet and downright nasty, so willing to obey, Steve can’t get enough. Dick blistering hot he pulls himself out and promptly spears your pussy swallowing him in. Hissing he holds you close to his squirming body, filling your deep with a shaky moan that rumbles in his chest.
“Mmm sweet girl…you’re too fuckin much…” Steve slips his tongue over yours, taking you by the thighs to slowly pump your throbbing slit. Christ you almost forgot how big he is, stretching your exhausted pussy so wide it hurt just a little but the more he used you, the better it felt.
“Oh good god Ste-Steve…shit…”
You can feel yourself dripping, listen the steady squelch of his taught shaft drawing out your creaminess. Moaning and gasping, you can’t stop the noises leaving your numb body, hanging on by the roots of Steve’s hair.
“Holy shit you’re squeezing my dick.” Steve whines, clawing your inner thigh meat and he swears you squirt a little as you shout his name. “Harder angel. Show me how much you love my cock.”
Shutting your eyes close, you bite back a whimper as your walls flutter all around him. If you clench any harder you’re going to burst.
“I love your cock so much Steve.”
“Oh fuck yes…yes you do…” A pathetic whimper interrupts his thought as his motions falter, shudder, “more than Bucky’s huh? Fuck you better than him?” Steve flips you down onto your back so he can really lay into you crying out as he slams his dick so deep into your guts.
“Mmmyeah,” you crack weak and small beneath him hunched over you with a wild smile, so glad to hear you agree, “fuck—fuck me Steve.”
He has to go harder, skin clapping and you’re scooting across the carpet. Hold onto his veiny bulging forearms, convulse as he takes your dry parted lips. Bucky isn’t all that pleased to hear you say that Steve’s a better fuck than him, but he knows what an obedient little girl you are. Know all the right things to do or say to get yours. The second you told him yeah, Steve went bizzerk and Buck got so aroused hearing the pick up in your mewling. He couldn’t wait to get in there. Get his moment because he really fuckin missed you. What happened earlier was just a taste. He needed all of you and soon, but he’ll let Steve have his moment in the sun. Besides, it was so fuckin hot hearing you two wail for one another is really doing something for him.
“Aw shit…oh fuck…” Steve whispers into your bitten bottom lip, strokes stuttering he’s teetering along the edge. “I’m—I’m so close you’re too…you’re so…”
“Not yet Steve.” Bucky demands quickly entering the room, holding his own dick over his pants. “I wanna watch.”
Steve slows down with deep blows of breath through his puckered lips, kissing the tip of your nose as Bucky exposes himself, spreading his legs apart. As soon as Steve hears the first pump of his fist and a weightless sigh, he begins to roll his muscular hips. He’s out of your sights, but just to hear him get off to this has your pussy even wetter.
“Oh you like that?” Steve licks his lips with a wicked grin, picking up the pace, chuckling when your eyes roll back into your head. “Like Bucky watching you get fucked by the better dick?”
“Fuck looks like it,” Bucky twists his clenched fist up and down and around his sticky tip. “Tell us baby.”
“Ohmygod I like it so much. Please don’t stop.”
Nothing like listening to their chorus of orgasmic moans in perfect unison. You meet his aggressive strokes, slamming your swollen folds into the hilt of his dick.
“Pull her shirt up I wanna see her tits bounce.” Bucky asks of him and he uses his teeth to draw up your shirt around your neck. To help his buddy out, Steve takes you by the hips again to jerk him off. Bucky follows his tempo, groaning out and shuddering. “Oh fuck yeah Steve. Fuck the shit out of her.”
“Oh I’m gonna fuckin cum so hard inside of her.” He growls going even harder under his best friend’s strict orders. “She’s so tight Buck.”
“Use her bud—shit,” he’s so close already he has to stop, “I wanna see you fill her up.”
His grip is bruising along your hip bone, and you’re limp, softly crying from your eyes and your lips. So slippery wet you feel like you came already but you’re so out of it you have no earthly idea. With his dick still raging Bucky sits up on the bed for a better view, ready to see his best friend coat his girl with his hot load. Just by your bated breaths conjoined as one he can tell either of you are about snap in any second but he didn’t want it to be you. No he wanted to make you cum he needed to taste you.
“Don’t you cum yet baby.” Bucky points at you meeting his eyes, “don’t you dare.”
You don’t know how when Steve bangs you out like his life depended on it but you’re going to try, holding his mischievous glare to keep your body in check. Don’t want to disappoint your Bucky by being a bad girl.
“Oh…Bucky…” you pout with sad teary eyes and he just shakes his head no,
“Oh holy fuck take me…take all of me angel…”
Steve busts, coming a little inside of her before he pulls out to coat your stomach and nipples with his load.
“Mmm yeah that’s so fuckin hot.” Bucky purrs crawling down to the floor next to Steve, using his mechanical fingers to play in the cum oozing out of your worn hole. His thumb rolls over your buzzing clit, sinks two fingers inside your fluttering walls. “You look so fuckin hot covered in Steve’s cum baby.”
“She really does,” Steve concurs, softly trailing two fingertips up your quivering stomach, through his warm sticky mess, “can’t believe she can take such a beating after all she’s been through…” Drooling you can’t wait to taste him all lukewarm and bittersweet. You part your lips with him as he drops his soiled fingers into your damp mouth, smiling when you begin to roughly suck at his skin.
“My girl’s a fuckin champ that’s why.” Bucky smirks up at you whimpering around his fingers, the way your cream and Steve’s load slip out as he carefully fucks you with his own. Pussy lookin so damn good beat around his swift strokes, your legs shaking on either side of him. You fidget, try not to roll your lips off the floor, ball your fists at your sides. Keep Steve’s fervent focus as Bucky wraps his curly lips around your fat clit.
You shout out with a sharp gasp. “Oh fuck!”
Bucky’s tongue broad and flat over your sloppy folds, fingers still wiggling around as he slurps up you and Steve still spilling out. Humming a satisfied groan he slides the tip of his tongue between his fingers spreading you wider. Arching off the floor, you grab ahold of Steve’s swelling dick, crying out for Bucky who’s sucking the strongest orgasm out of you.
“Holy shit—don’t stop.” Steve chokes to you tightening up around his stiff shaft and Buck loudly slurping at your trembling hips, locking you into his jaw. Huffing for air, sweating, he pulls off his shirt then licks his fingertips to toy with your hard nipple.
You whimper, wail, “oh fuck…oh…oh shit—fuck Bucky…,” as your shoulders drag across the carpet, burning as you arch a little higher. Fist Steve a little tighter.
“Oh good god.” His big shoulders convulse, his load builds. “Where do you want me angel, huh?” His big beautiful chest heaves, trying to wait for your answer but you quicken your pumps urging him to cum—
“On my face Cap…,” an orgasmic moan bursts from your parting lips as you hang your tongue out, “in my mouth…”
You twirl your hand round his sticky hot skin, work his load up to his pulsing tip aimed for your wide open mouth. Steve’s jaw unhinged, both being lured to your demises, you two lock eyes howling and whining. Bucky smiling at how euphoric you guys sound together.
“Shit!” You gasp, nearly snap your spine in half as Bucky catches your cum, then shrill another shocked gasp—Steve’s spurting over your cheeks and lips, some fall onto your tastebuds. Folding over, completely out of breath, he asses the damage with a shake of his head. No one should look so damn good or happy tired and covered in his cum like you do.
“Oh my god look at you two.” Bucky doesn’t give you a second to even think he’s got you by the knees and pushing his way in. “Tired little babies…” he closes his eyes with a weightless sigh, so unbelievably grateful to be inside you again. Your walls suctioning to every dimple and bulging vein like she knows exactly who he is. Bottoms out with a light, “fuck yes…”
Steve lays his exhausted muscles down beside you, collecting his seed off your sweaty skin onto his fingertips then dipping them between your needy lips. Entranced with the way you individually suck them clean as Bucky fucks you hard, marveled by the way you effortlessly take all of their intensity. You’re magical.
“She’s ours.” Steve announces, kissing at your neck, “She’s too perfect to be anyone else’s.” He cups your breast and pinches your nipple.
Bucky hums an evil grin down at you checking if that’s ok with him with teary eyes. “Maybe we could make that work…”
“Please.” To have Bucky already, you truly felt honored but two have them both? “Bucky.”
He can barely hear you but he reads how desperate you are for him to agree in the way your walls throb, suddenly so creamy at the idea of keeping up with all this sexual chaos.
“Is that what you want baby?” Clawing his wrist, you nod quickly, groaning longingly when the head of his cock strokes your spot. “Think you deserve us? Think you’ve proven yourself?”
More than that. Whatever they want, whenever, you’ve given up for the sake of pleasing them, hell pleasing yourself and you felt like it was so worth it. Between their buff bodies you never expected to find yourself in this heavenly position, but now that you’re here, there’s no other place you’d rather be. They can keep you. Do whatever. As long as you can keep them happy, they can be careless with you.
“C’mon Buck you know she has…” Steve drops his hand down the middle of your conjoined hips just to circle your clit with two tender fingertips. “Don’t tease my angel…”
“UGH—GOD.” A weak fist slams into the carpet you shudder and mewl beneath Bucky spreading you further apart, working those strong hips over and over, tunneling his way through you with his eyes rolled back into his head. Steve just smiles, glances between you two falling apart with pleased little chuckles. Bucky rages inside your squirting pussy, doing his best to hold out but you’ve got a chokehold on him so tough he’s right there. And it’s all Steve’s fault, who’s softly coaching in your ear,
“Come on angel…I know you need it…need it so damn bad don’t you…”
Coming to with a muted growl, Bucky spits down on Steve’s twirling fingers to help him out. He can feel how close your to cumming again he loves to watch your folds convulse all around him dumping out into your stretched entrance.
“Mmmhmmm,” You whine behind tight lips trying to catch your hasty breaths but your climax is coming on strong and these two won’t let up because they want it just as bad as you do. “Need you Cap…Bucky oh god!”
Steve goes on. “Feels so good when he’s fuckin you huh…so fuckin wet for us angel so beautiful…”
“Holy fuck!” Bucky shouts at the ceiling, locking his arms around your bent legs to drive it all home. Determined to reach deeper than Steve did earlier. Clenched teeth, snarling, sweating.
“Cum for us.” Steve’s still sweet in your empty head as you gawk up at your beast bruise your hips with his mighty thrusts, urging you to, “cum all over Bucky for me…”
Everything cell of your body goes numb once you finally relieve yourself, relaxing into the floor with silent sobs of joy. Pussy uncontrollably pulsating as Bucky slowly pumps his load in and out with a dazed grin, catching his breath with happy tired sighs. You could float away if Steve wasn’t holding you down with a draped arm across your stomach, licking and sucking beneath your jaw and ear. Legs still twitch and tremor.
“Such a mess,” Bucky smirks at your sloppy folds as he falls out of you, tracing a few fingers over the concoction of fluids. Looking down at you and Steve lying there stark naked and making out excites him like no other. Maybe this could work. Fixing his sticky fingers between his buzzing lips he goes to lie down beside you, and steals you away from Steve so you can see how amazing you all taste off his slithering tongue. Delicious and downright sinful. Steve has to find out as well, taking you away from his locked lips to have you again. A never ending game of tug of war and you loved the fight of who can have you next. Steve carefully hugs your cheeks with both enflamed palms as he hums with delight. Bucky rolls his eyes.
“You know, if you like it so much, you could just go down on her.” It’s his turn to kiss you Steve has had enough. He releases you with a tiny smack, heeding Bucky’s advice since he’s being an ass.
“Think I will,” he sighs turning your chin back to him lying in wait. “Don’t be too upset when I have her screaming into your mouth.” Steve teases as he kisses his way down your sternum. Your nerves jumping each time he lands one on your sensitive skin. You don’t know how much more you can take but you’re going to have to find out. Bucky takes you by the neck and jerks you closer.
“I make her scream, you make her scream, doesn’t matter,” his thumb brushes your jaw, he licks at your lips parting with a tiny moan. Steve’s lapping at your oozing hole with a haughty groan. “She’s ours.”
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boxofbonesfic · 10 hours ago
Okayyy, potential trope for you. Let's see if I can get your gears turning.
It's nice to meet your idol, right? Maybe it's your favorite actor or musician.
Say, our dear reader finally scores tickets to a meet and greet of some sort. She's been saving up for a while and she's very excited to meet [guy of your choosing]. Said man takes an interest in the reader and invites her to an after party. While initially excited, once there, the reader sees this isn't exactly what it's cracked up to be.
One specifically for Cap. Similar to the plot above but not an AU. Captain America saves the reader's life in one of the many attacks on New York lol. The reader delivers baked goods to Steve as a thank you, but it seems he has other plans. American's Golden Boy may not be as sweet as everyone thinks.
Title: Baker’s Dozen
Pairing: Dark!Steve x Baker!Reader
Wordcount: 1,378
Summary: You just want to deliver a personal thanks to the man who saved your life.
Warnings: Dark, Implied Noncon, Drugging, Burnt Fluff, Meet Cute, DEAD DOVE DO NOT EAT, MINORS DNI
A/N: i had so much fun writing this, even though it took three tries! Unedited and unbeta’d, I do not consent for this or any work to be posted anywhere else by anyone but me. Read at your own risk, and mind the warnings. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
The elbow narrowly misses the box of cupcakes in your hands, but only because you turn away just in time, taking the unassuming blow to your side instead. You grunt with pain, and the blonde who’d elbowed you looks back over her shoulder. Her eyes track over you like she’s sizing you up.
 “Sorry.” You can tell by the curl of her lip that she isn’t sorry at all. “We’ve just been waiting here so long, I was stretching out.” She’s wearing a Captain America t-shirt, Steve’s smiling face looking out at you soullessly from the image. “Have you been here long?”
 You’d been waiting longer than she had—but unlike her, you weren’t there as a fan, not really. 
 “Yeah,” you reply tartly. “A while.” Her obligational apology complete, the blonde turns back to the tower entrance, standing on her tip-toes to catch a peek of the heroes inside. You were in awe of them, but not like her. Last year, during the invasion of New York, Steve Rogers had personally saved your life. The memory is still so vivid that it sours your stomach. 
 Horrible, alien chattering, the smell of charred flesh—no thoughts, only cold, clear panic—bodies, under the rubble, under cars, in the street, running—and then him. Cutting down your pursuers with a precision that chilled you to think about. 
 “It’s okay, doll. Let’s get you out of here, okay?” 
 You wouldn’t be here without him. 
 The crowd begins to murmur, people jostling you as they begin clamoring for a glimpse of the people approaching the tower. The low murmur rises, becoming a dull hum and then louder as the street began to echo with the shouts of adoration. It’s like the Avengers are celebrities, not heroes, the way people scream and fawn. You clutch your container as the sea of people rocks you, praying you don’t lose hold of it. 
 All of them are there—Natasha, the Black Widow, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor—and Steve Rogers. You try to go over your script in your head again, trying to remember all the parts. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for—
 “Tony! Tony Stark!” Someone behind you screams. “I love you!” His head swivels in your direction, and your face burns with secondhand embarrassment. 
 “These for me?” He asks you, smirking as he gestures to the box. 
 “I, er, well actually—” The blonde elbows accidentally-on-purpose again, and this time your box slips from your grasping fingers, and tumbles face down onto the concrete. 
 You bite your lip as Tony bends down to collect the card inside, swiping a glob of frosting off of the front of it, before his eyes flick up to you. 
 “Not for me, then.” He looks over his shoulder. “Capsicle, this one’s all you.” Your heart hammers in your chest at his words, and embarrassed tears begin gathering in your eyes. You’d gone to a lot of trouble to wait here, just to thank him. There were others he’d saved, you know that, but… still. 
 This was stupid anyway.
 Steve pulls the card from Tony’s fingers, and your face heats as his eyes move over the thank you written on the inside. You’d rather hoped you wouldn’t be around when he read it, but then again, you’d hoped he’d actually be able to eat the cupcakes you’d spent the better part of this morning—and yesterday night—slaving over. But instead, they were smashed on the sidewalk, and he was reading your card right in front of you. 
 “I, I—”
 “You made these for me?” He asks, and you swear steam must be pouring out of your ears, from the heat of your cheeks. 
 “Yes,” you murmur, clearing your throat before repeating yourself, louder. “Yes. I wanted to say, um. Thank you. For saving me.” He flashes you one of those million watt smiles you’ve seen him give on television, and your chest tightens. 
 “Well I’ll tell you what. Since I didn’t get to eat these, why don’t we try this again?” 
 “Again?” You repeat stupidly, your brows knitting together. 
 “Again.” He confirms with a nod and a wider smile. “Why don’t you come by again tomorrow evening?” His eyes flick to the blonde beside you. “Less chance of any more accidents.” Steve winks at you, and you stammer out a yes. “Perfect. Lookin’ forward to it, doll.” 
 This time, security escorts you into the building, your last two cupcakes clutched against your chest. The same blonde is out there again, and she glares daggers at your back as the black paneled doors close behind you. Steve is waiting for you in the lobby. 
 “You made it,” he says, waving. “Good.” 
 Stiffly, you hold out the container. “This is, um. For you.” He takes it, and you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear nervously. “I just. I didn’t get to say thank you, that time. I know you probably don’t even remember, but—”
 “Thirty fourth street.” He says, softly. You don’t realize he’s talking to you at first, until his eyes find yours. “Right? That’s where you were.” Your heart is pounding so loud you’re sure he can hear it. “I remember you.” 
 You swallow thickly. “O-oh.” 
 “Why don’t you come up? I can’t eat both of these by myself.” He says, wiggling the container a little. The delicately frosted roses inside are some of your best work, it had been a particular blow to see them get destroyed yesterday. 
 “I, I shouldn’t, I—”
 “Nonsense. Please, I insist. I won’t consider myself properly thanked unless you eat one of these amazing looking cupcakes with me. Please.” 
 You hedge for a moment longer before nodding. “Alright. It’s just… I eat too many of them anyway,” you joke, trying to ease the tension. He smiles, heading for the elevators. His room is high up, on a floor that makes you dizzy when you look out of the window and down to the street. It’s more like an apartment than a room, and you wonder dryly if Tony Stark is a decent landlord. 
 Steve steers you over to the kitchen, seating you at the island. “Anything to drink?” 
 “Water, please.” 
 “I’ve got… sparkling? I think Tony stocks this stuff,” he mutters, and you laugh.
 “I’ll take one off your hands.” 
 You fiddle with your phone as he pours it into a glass, and slides it across the counter to you. With barely concealed anticipation, you watch him open up the container, and remove the blue rose cupcake from its wrapping. You take a sip of the water, immediately regretting it as the bubbles spark and burn against your throat. 
 “You like to bake, doll?”
 “I had my own bakery,” you say, chasing a few stray droplets of water from your lips. “You know, before.” 
 “I’m sure your boyfriend is very proud of your success.”
 Your face goes hot. “I, um, I don’t—”
 “No? I find that hard to believe.” His gaze feels heavy as it rests on you. “You’re so sweet.” He takes a bite, and the resounding moan makes you want to squirm in your seat. “That’s amazing. Knew it would be,” he wipes a dot of frosting from his cheek, and you take another big swallow of your water. “You know, out of all the people I saved, you’re the only one to come and thank me personally?” 
 You blink slowly at him, processing the words. You don’t know why it takes you a moment longer than it should. 
 “N-no? That’s terrible.” The words feel clumsy in your mouth, like there are too many syllables in them. 
 “Oh yes. You know, I remembered you,” he reaches across the counter to touch your arm, and his hand lingers. “Sweet, soft,” his voice drops lower. “Alone.”
 Your stomach lurches, and the room tilts as you try to scramble away from him. The floor—how did you end up on the floor?—is cold beneath your clammy palms as Steve comes around the island. 
 “You’re sweet on me, doll, admit it. I don’t mind,” he says, dropping to a squat in front of you. Steve licks the rest of the icing from his fingers, taking his time with each. “Because I think I’m sweet on you, too.” 
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dilemmaontwolegs · 2 days ago
Retribution MC AU Masterlist
Tumblr media
A/N: Each storyline’s reader is different so the reader in The Rebound isn’t cheating on Bucky when they are the reader with Steve in First Lady. These stories run parallel and do cross over but they don’t both have to be read to make sense - so if you don’t like one of the characters you don’t have to read their storyline.
This is based in an outlaw club so there will be illegal activities, alcohol consumption, drugs, smoking, lots of sex and violence so please read the warnings and as always if you are under 18 years of age do not interact.
The Rebound || Bucky’s storyline
After getting dumped you find yourself somewhere you never expected, with someone you never expected. Moving on suddenly opened doors you never knew existed and you find yourself caught up in the life of an outlaw motorcycle club - Retribution MC.
➴ Part One
First Lady || Steve’s storyline
As the President’s wife, or old lady, it’s your responsibility to take care of Steve and the club - the emotional anchor as such. Add trying for a baby to the mix and you have your hands full 24/7.
➴ Part One
Wingman || Sam’s storyline (coming soon)
Roll Call: Patched Members
Steve Rogers, President
James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, Vice President
Sam Wilson, Sergeant at Arms
Joaquin Torres, Intelligence Officer
Roll Call: Others
Gilmore ‘Hodge’ Hodge, Club Supporter/Club Tattooist
Cherry, Sweetbutt
DP, Sweetbutt
Tony Stark, Illegal Arms Dealer
Nick Fury, FBI Taskforce Leader
Matt Murdock, Defence Lawyer
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chrissybaeevans · 11 hours ago
A Date
warnings; smut 18+, Chris in a suit and being hot asf?
background; you are a supermodel, who just landed her first gig on a movie that you did with Tom, you are that girl....considering you have almost every guy in LA and in the world at your feet...
Tumblr media
"Jo?" You called for your assistant, as you opened your laptop on the table.
"What's up buttercup?" She walks in, already with a glass of wine in her hand making her way back from flirting with the pilot.
"How long until we land?"
"Not long," she takes a seat across from you, "Jerry says only 20 more minutes until we land back in LA, or did he say 2 hours? I'm not sure I wasn't paying attention to that."
You laugh at her, unknowingly twisting her hair around her finger.
"Great," You sigh at her, "well considering we just took off about," you look down at your fancy watch, "15 minutes ago...I'd say about two hours does sound right."
"Well then if you know it all, Y/n, why did you ask me?" She sasses you but you're used to it and she's almost always just joking.
"Keep drinking your wine, Jo," You sass back, playfully rolling your eyes.
"Yeah, yeah," she relaxes her shoulders a bit against the soft cushioning of the airplane sofa, "once we land you have a Jimmy Fallon interview, the Cera Ve commercial and a lunch date with a Mr. Holland -- of course since he's been calling non-stop to see you."
"He just wants to keep setting me up with his cast-mates," You rub your forehead a bit, typing at your computer finishing up an email to send back to a producer.
"And why don't you let him?" Jo twirls the remaining amount of wine in her glass, "you've been single like forever! And how? You're this hot, amazing, successful actress that could literally run the world if you wanted to!"
You smile at her hyping you up, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear, "Stop it," you wave your hand down at her, "I guess I haven't found the right one."
"Are you kidding, Y/n?" She opens her mouth, shocked that you just said that, "take a look around, you have Michael B Jordan still waiting to take you out on a date! Just like the rest of them!"
"Oh please," you respond, "Micheal is just being friendly that's all and what is this rest, who are you talking about?"
"Oh don't act so oblivious, Y/n!" Jo laughs, "I could go on forever," she put her pointer finger up and starts counting the guys, "Sebastian Stan you never called back, poor Liam Hemsworth is still waiting for the brunch he asked you to go to, there's Dylan O'Brien, Tom's friend you met during that premiere, those supermodels you met during a fashion show in Italy... Scott freaking Eastwood is head over heels for you and Chris Evans who always flirts with you whenever you see him...I mean please."
“You know Scott and I were always on and off,” you sigh.
"I really liked him, gosh he's so handsome." Jo fantasizes...
"Handsome but very controlling." You mention.
Jo scrunches her face up, "ugh, Y/n! That's such a turn on! He wants everyone to know that you're his...what other way is he going to keep those other guys that are always throwing themselves at you...at bay?"
"Whatever....I have this email to finish so keep quiet..." you fix the glasses on your face and continue to type to see if you could get casted for a movie you really want to be in.
Tumblr media
"It's been too long, darling," Tom clinks his champagne glass with yours as you get eat at one of the finest brunch spots in LA.
"I know...I'm so sorry Tom, it's just I've been so busy with filming and traveling, photoshoots...you get the whole ordeal." You sip on the delicious champagne that bubbles in your mouth.
"I hope you have time for—"
"—not you too Tom, please," you shake your head, pouting at him.
"What?" He laughs, "you don't even know what I was gonna say."
"Yes, you were gonna ask if I had time for some casual dating and the answer is no. I'm taking a break after ending things with Scott and I mean it!"
"Ah c'mon Y/n," Tom grabs your hand from across the table, "I have this one guy...he's just dying to have a date with you...asks me everyday...please Y/n I'm begging you just go out with him one time!"
"Tom! I said I really don't want to date..."
"But you're not, he also likes to be single...has been for a while," Tom rambled, "he just wants to get to know you."
Furrowing your brows, you titled your head at Tom. He had this puppy look on his face and you just couldn't say no to your bestie.
"Only if you order extra garlic bread to go with my pasta." You demand.
"Done!" Tom calls over the waiter, "extra garlic bread please, man, thank you!"
"So, which one of your friends wants to get to know me?" You wiggle your brows, twirling your pasta around your fork and eating it.
"It's not one of my friends, I wouldn't do that to you."
Tom and you laugh a bit, at least it's not one of his friends because as much as you love Tom, his friends are nice but not your type.
"Then who is it?" You wonder.
"Can't say....it's a blind date, darling." Tom winks and finishes up his own lunch.
Tumblr media
After your lunch date with Tom, a few days passed and he got back to you on the details of the date.
It was a very busy week and all you wanted to do was watch your favorite crime show and just relax in your pjs but you didn't want Tom to look bad.
And why not get all dolled up? You loved doing that.
Finishing up your makeup, you made sure to do your hair so it'd have that blow dry/ bouncy look to it. You wore this elegante dress that tied together in the back with a cute bow on it.
Happy, your driver, took you to the location that Tom had texted you.
It was another one of your favorite restaurants and you just knew that Tom was probably helping out whoever was inside...obviously you wouldn't go to a place you didn't like.
"Bye Happy, stay close unless I need you to rescue me." You wink at him as he drives off into the night.
Walking up the stairs of the restaurant, your phone vibrated in your purse so you reached to grab it.
It was Scott again....
"Hey sweetheart."
"Scott," you say in an annoyed voice but then remember everything he's done for you and helped you achieve, "what's up?"
"What are you doing right now? How about I treat you to dinner at your favorite place?" His sweet voice rings through your ears.
"I'm actually busy, Scott. But, I guess we could go for drinks sometime this week."
"Sounds perfect, how about Sunday? I'll pick you up?"
"Yeah...yeah..." you scratch your scalp, anxiously waiting for him to hang up and finish whatever this was.
You both said your goodbyes as you walked into the restaurant. It was so aesthetic but yet elegant, with soft white lights hanging from the ceiling, beautiful artwork surrounding the tables...
"Hi Clara, how are you?" You smile at the hostess.
"I'm good honey! Back again for more?"
"You know I can't stay away from the food here, it's amazing." You huddle your jacket closer to your body, "but I'm actually meeting someone."
Quickly she widens her eyes, "oh yes! Mr.Holland said not to tell you who it is! Follow me, honey! Oh my gosh I'm so excited for you. He's a keeper, for sure!" She rambles as you follow her through the restaurant.
Heading towards the back, where the VIP section of the restaurant was....Clara stopped and nodded as you walked into the private section that was upstairs.
Now you were starting to feel nervous, heart racing, plans sweaty just like anyone is on a first date.
But this isn't a first date, this is just a date. That's it, two people eating, getting to know each other and that's it.
You checked your outfit and your hair before walking further where you could see the silhouette of a man with broad shoulders, large figure....
You walked in and boy were you in for a treat....
Chris stood up and smiled at you when you entered.
"Hey there," he tilts his head a bit, trying his best not to look at how amazing your ass looks in that dress you have on.
"Hi.." you smile, suddenly feeling nervous under his stare.
He walked over to your chair and pulled it out for you while you took off your jacket.
"Why thank you," you say, taking a seat on top of the soft cushion.
"Gotta say, you have great taste," Chris says, undoing his suit as he took a seat across from you, "this place is really hard to get a reservation at."
"That I know, which is why I picked it." You smile back, not wanting to sound rude.
Chris laughs, combing his beard.
It’s not like you wanted it to be impossible for this date to occur, but you’d be lying if you said you wanted this date to happen easily.
The waiter came to take the orders and he left, then it was back to Chris looking at you like you were the most delicious thing that wasn't on the menu.
Conversation started....his touch lingered here and there on your hand...flirty glances stolen from the both of you...
"So tell me, what got you into acting? I saw your work in Spider-Man with Tom, you were amazing." Chris compliments you.
"Thanks, I always wanted to be an actress but then the modeling gig came first so...."
"Ah," he tilts his head back a bit.
"So how's Jenny," you want to clear up any assumptions, even though it's been all over E News that they broke up.
"She's fine, but we aren't together anymore, we're in different places in our lives." Chris says subtly, picking up his beer.
"Mmm," You glance down at your nails, not really caring. Why should you? This is a date. That's it.
"And how about you and Scott?" Chris puts his beer down, giving you another heated look that made you just wanna wipe that smirk off his face and remove all his clothing.
"We're in different places in our lives," you say in a mockingly tone, "no really we are."
"What a shame, I bet he's still trying to be with you."
"How did you know?" You ask, really wanting to know.
"Beautiful woman like you I wouldn't let go so easily, so I'd do the same too."
"But what if the woman believes in moving on?"
"To what? Something new?" Chris smirks again, knowing he's referring to himself, "I suppose if the new guy is worth it."
"And how would I know if he's worth it?"
"Oh you'll know sweetheart," His tongue sneaks out to wet his bottom lip.
All through out dinner, you both got to know each other more. And you genuinely responded because you really liked Chris, he was sweet, intellectual and so funny.
No wonder he's got all these girls going crazy.
He paid at the end, and walked you out to where happy was supposed to pick you up.
"This was nice Chris, I had fun." You go in for the hug and he hugs you back, taking a deep breath to smell your coconut condition and your expensive perfume.
When you guys pulled away his hand lingered on your lower back, at a safe distance from your ass...to be respectful of course.
"I hope you'll allow me to take you out to one of my favorite restaurants next time."
"Next time?" You raise a brow, "Tom said this was a one time thing."
"Do you want it to be a one time thing?" His voice comes out raspy and eager.
He looks at you as you thought to yourself. The way his hand felt against the skin on your back was so warm, so inviting —- so dangerous because you were ready to risk it all.
Tumblr media
"Fuck!" You whine, arching your back as Chris's hands roamed all over your soft skin.
The lighting in his room was dark but not so much that you couldn't see each other.
Your legs were up in the air as Chris pushed them back as he kept thrusting inside you.
"Oh my god.....fuck..." he moans tilting his head back.
God he looked so fucking hot like this....lip being bit into as his eyes fluttering backwards.
He turns you so you're on your front, he moved you into another position so easily it had your panting with excitement.
Chris grabbed one of his pillows and put it under your hips, while your breathing regulates.
Never have you ever had sex like this, so tiring yet so addicting.
"Im sorry sweetheart, but the first thing I looked at when I first saw you was this gorgeous ass of yours," he kneads the flesh in both of his hands, can't help put slapping one cheek making you moan again.
Slipping his dick back inside your tight, wet, heat....he showed no mercy and snapped his hips relentlessly into yours.
You were so wet, you could hear how turned on your were with each one of Chris's movements.
"You feel so good, honey..." he rasps, leaving kisses on your back.
"Oh my god," you move the pillow so it's right on your clit, making the experience that much more delightful.
"Love the way your squeezing me, baby..." he whispers against the shell of your ear, his hips still grinding into yours.
Slapping your ass again, he twists you to be on your front again, but this time pulling you up to you'd be face to face with him.
Not being able to help it, you grabbed his face and kissed him. Fuck was he addicting.
Looking at the way your body reacted to him and the way it moved against his, he was so infatuated with you.
"That's it...." He could see you were close and so was he.
God he was so big, and his body....oh my god you were basically drooling at the way his muscles looked so sculpted...like please those biceps?
You were a mess.
A wet mess.
"Chris, I'm close," you moan and he swears it's one of the most beautiful sounds he's ever heard.
"Just let go, use me to make yourself feel good..." he attacks your neck with harsh kisses, sucking in certain spots that made you squeeze him hard - his beard rubbing against the sensitive flesh there causing a burn but you didn't care.
You cradle his head, while moving yours to the side to grant him more access, all the while moving your hips in a circle on his dick.
Tumblr media
The next morning it was all over E News, you walking out of Chris Evans house with your shoes and stuff in your hands.
He called you a few days later after he fucked your brains out....he figured a few days would be enough to make you start missing him.
And truth was you did, the way he touched you, the way he kissed you, the way he spoke so sweetly yet so dominant to you....fuck you couldn't stop thinking about that night: the gasps, the moans, the kissing....
You felt so tingly and warm inside when you saw his name pop up on your phone.
"Hey there," he says when you picked up.
"Hi Chris,"you respond, biting on your finger, as you looked at the large bouquet of roses sitting in front of you, "love the flowers by the way."
With a card that said:
For the prettiest girl...
xx Chris
"Oh so it's Hi Chris now? Before it was just hi."
"Did you call to gloat? Or to ask me on another date?" You sassily reply.
"Both," he smirks at his reflection in the mirror of his hair dresser fixed up his hair for this next scene he was filming.
"Well if it's anything like that last one, I'll be happy to go on a second day with you."
"It's going to be even better," he says into the phone, making the place in between your legs throb.
"Can't wait," you seductively say and agree for the second date to be at his place since he was going to cook you dinner.....
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buckgasms · 15 hours ago
'Double the Fun' Pt 1
Bucky x You x Steve
Don't even know what to say and as you can see from the title I'm not even finished with it. I'm at the point of no return and I pray to Bucky's thighs you guys are coming with me ❤️
For my own laziness, Bucky is something of a business man criminal mastermind and Steve is his best pal and muscle of the operation. Think sugar daddy, CEO, Criminal universes and you're there 👌🏻
Warnings: Daddy kink, Cap kink, threesomes, blowies, P in V, anal, DP, spanking, dirty talk, kinda mean but it's hot, pet names, overstim (obvs), squirting. It goes on and if I've missed anything it'll be in part 2
Enjoy ❤️
Tumblr media
You were sitting on Bucky's lap while he stroked your hair, your fingers playing with his shirt buttons. "Sweetheart...?" He whispered into your hair before placing a kiss there. You hummed a reply as you slipped your fingers in-between buttons to touch his skin. "You like Steve, right?" He asked, pressing more kisses to your head. You nodded, undoing a button to dip your hand into his shirt. "Yeah, he's the best.... Except for you daddy of course" you giggled and tipped your head up to press soft kisses to his jaw.
He smiled at you and returned your kisses before pulling away. You pouted until you noticed the devilish look on his face and raised your eyebrow. "What are you planning daddy?" You asked and you couldn't help but blush as he told you what he had in mind...
That conversation had led to this evening. You were perched once more on Bucky's lap on his big couch, listening as he and Steve chatted business.
"Daddy, aren't we going to play?" You whispered, but still loud enough for Steve to hear. Both men looked at you, then each other. Bucky pinched your cheek and said, "Later maybe, if you're good..."
"Noooo daddy" you giggled and poked Steve's leg with your toes. "With Steve remember?" You missed Bucky's feigned expression of surprise as he looked over at his best friend. "Ooh right, well you'd better ask him them?"
You felt him press a kiss to your head and you fiddled with your fingers as your toes prodded at Steve's thighs again. "DoyouwannaplaywithusSteve" you mumbled and hid your face in Bucky's shoulder. He held on to your foot and laughed, deciding to tease you a little longer. "You mean like Scrabble sweetheart?"
You giggled and shook your head, deciding a little more help was needed. You ever so subtly spread your legs and stroked at your cloth covered heat. "No, I mean play with us."
He passed a glance to Bucky, who nodded behind you. "Well, who am I to refuse that invitation? But I ain't Steve, call me Cap." You nodded and leaned back against Bucky and you both watched as Steve slid your soaked panties down your legs and pop them in his pocket. You heard Bucky chuckle and mutter 'punk' as he slipped his hands round your thighs to hold them open, leaving your pussy on full display. Steve offered you his fingers to lick before he dipped them into your wet folds, exposing you even more to him. You wiggled against Bucky's firm grip but there was no escape from either of them.
You moaned loudly as fingers curled into your cunt. You blushed hearing your wetness and leaned your head back, feeling kisses from Bucky pepper your cheek. "You gonna make a mess baby? Hmm gonna show Cap what a little slut you are?' he whispered and you groaned again as the blonde added another finger to your pussy and rubbed at your g-spot hard enough to make your toes curl.
"Cap....gonna come... Please" you panted, digging your fingers into his flexing arm. But cruelly he pulled out, before licking his fingers. "Fuck that's sweet" he moaned, ignoring your pleas for him to continue. "Daaaddy" you whined, tears springing to your eyes. You hated being denied, no matter how good it felt in the long run. Bucky tutted with a grin on his face, "I've spoiled her... Wants everything in one go." He said to Steve, as if he was commenting on the weather.
Both men rose and you flopped back on the sofa, feeling a burn of desire fill your tummy. "Get over here Babydoll" you heard Bucky call and you sat up, to see both of them pantless, their big dicks hard and red, leaking precum. "If you want to even think about coming tonight, you better show Cap you deserve it".
You rolled off the sofa and crawled to where they were standing, coming to a kneeling position in between them. You gently took hold of both of them and stroked. Sensing your confusion about who to start with, Bucky guided your face toward Steve's cock, "Show Cap what you're good for". You willingly opened and took him as far as you could, you other hand still working on Bucky. You looked up, your eyes watering but desperate for his approval.
"How you get anything done with her around is a miracle." Steve growled pushing his dick further down, gritting his teeth as you gagged. You pulled away to take care of Bucky, giving him the same doe eyes as you choked around him. "Yeah, she's something" he said as he pinched your nose during a particularly deep thrust, you other hand squeezing suddenly around Steve. You gasped for breath as he pulled out and you went back to Steve.
You switched between the two of them, accepting pinches, slaps and hair pulling as you did. By the time they let up, you were covered in red marks, face stained with tears and spit. "So pretty" Steve cooed as you whined up at the pair of them. "Daddy please..." You begged, stroking at their thighs, tears threatening to spill, should they deny you.
"Whaddya think pal? Shall we give her what she so desperately needs?" Bucky mocked, pushing a thick finger into your mouth in an attempt to silence your whimpers. Steve crouched down to your level, his fingers pinching at your breasts, then travelling down to your soaked folds. You cried out, as he gathered your wetness on his fingers and held it up to your face. "What a dirty girl, this just from sucking our cocks?" You nodded, Bucky's finger popping out of your mouth. "Yes Cap, all for you.....please, please it hurts." You whispered as his fingers returned to your folds for a moment, until he stood up.
"You're the boss" Steve shrugged at Bucky before licking his fingers again. You whined and wrapped your arms around Bucky's thigh, pressing your face to his leg as tears finally spilled down your cheeks. "Please, please daddy" you begged. You looked up at him, and the look of wanton need and pure innocence made him almost feral. "Tell me where you want it baby, then you can let Daddy take it from there" he said, his fingers stroking at your damp cheek.
"Want you both... Fuck me please... Use... Use me please."
He pointed at Steve who had sat himself on the couch, legs spread wide, cock waiting for you. "I want you to go and ask Steve which hole he wants to use, then your gonna be a good girl and let him."
You shivered and crawled over to the blonde man, heat spreading through your body until you knelt in front of him. "Cap? Which hole would you like?" You said shyly and you watched him smile at you. He patted his thigh and beckoned you to crawl up. "I want that soaking wet cunt wrapped around my dick, sugar."
You moaned and scrambled up onto his lap, knees pressing into his thighs as you greedily sank down onto his cock. "Fuck that's tight" Cap groaned as you bottomed out, listening to you panting in his ear. He landed a few slaps to your ass and you sprung into action, bouncing with as much energy you had to chase your release. "How is she Steve?" You heard Bucky ask from somewhere behind you.
"Never seen a needier slut, or felt a tighter pussy" he mocked as you whimpered, more slaps landing on your soft skin. Bucky laughed as his lubed up fingers prodded into your ass. "Trust me you ain't seen nothing yet." Bucky teased you open as Steve took to thrusting upwards into you.
By the time he was fully seated in your ass, you had already come around Steve's cock. "Come all you like, we ain't finished with you by a long way" Bucky whispered in your ear as they both began thrusting in tandem, your senses overloaded. You cried out, digging your fingers into Steve's shoulders, his lips connecting to your sensitive nipples. Bucky sucked bruises into your neck and shoulders, claiming you as his, but revelling in the feeling of how tight and full you were.
The assault on your senses was overwhelming. You had long passed from the realm of awareness, allowing yourself to bathe in the delicious pain and pleasure being delivered to you. You felt your climax rise again as one of them toyed with your clit, feeling a scream leave your chest as you squeezed them both. "Fuck princess, that's a good girl" you heard one of them growl as you sobbed as the pleasure went beyond its peak.
You felt yourself being manoeuvred and manipulated into laying down on the sofa. Your legs pushed open by Bucky's hands. Even in your state you could sense his lust, raw and rough. You watched as he lined his cock up with your throbbing cunt, watching him sink in with ease. Both of you moaning at the feeling.
Steve brought your attention his way, as his cock was brought back you your mouth, his huge thighs pressing around your head. With him buried in your mouth your senses were overwhelmed again and you moaned around him, feeling Bucky pound into you.
"Come on her face Stevie, she's earned it, little slut." Your moans dragged Steve towards his release and he pulled out and painted your pretty face with his come. He stroked his cock, his body trapping yours as you felt Bucky pull out and come on your lower half. Seconds passed when he plunged his fingers into you, your body thrashing against his jerking movements, but you had nowhere to go. You screamed as you squirted around his fingers.
Suddenly you were light, the pressure of their bodies lifted from you. You panted and struggled to focus on their deep, quiet voices. "You wanna take a picture punk? It'll last longer."
They both chuckled and came back into your view. "You doing good princess?" Bucky asked, his hand running through your hair. You nodded and smiled at them both, suddenly aware of the mess they'd left you in.
"Good girl, you been doing so well, showing Cap a good time." You smiled up and began to lift your body up, but your daddy pushed you back down. "Stay still baby, rest a bit more. I told ya, we ain't near done with you yet."
Would love to hear your thoughts and what you'd like to see in Pt 2
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modernstoner · 4 months ago
twitter porn link pt.2༊*·˚
‣ hello my fellow humans, fancy seeing you here. I know I said I would be active on Tumblr but guess what? I got banned lol. Now, I'm back and thank you to everyone who sent me those kind messages while I was gone ♡
‣ this is a part 2 of my previous porn link (here) y'all lemme know if I accidentally repeated the old ones.
‣ if anyone want more here: [bonus.]
'*•.¸♡ avengers edition ♡¸.•*'
Tumblr media
: ̗̀➛tony stark
doggy style with tony.
reverse cowgirl on tony.
rough morning ex with husband!tony.
ceo!tony teasing his little maid.
tony teasing your clit.
: ̗̀➛bucky barnes
morning sex with bucky.
fucking yourself on bucky's cock.
doggy style with bucky.
bucky torturing you with a toy.
rough sex with bucky.
: ̗̀➛steve rogers
steve teasing and fucking you until your squirming.
steve fingering you.
needy sex with steve.
riding dom!steve.
morning sex with husband!steve.
: ̗̀➛ dr. strange
riding dr. strange.
petting dr. strange's cock with your bare cunt.
shower ex with enemy!strange.
stephen fingering you and making you cum in seconds.
stephen taking you out on the kitchen counter.
: ̗̀➛loki laufeyson
loki tongue fucking you.
sucking loki's cock.
loki playing with your pussy.
loki abusing your throat.
loki punishing you with his chains and collars.
: ̗̀➛peter parker
giving a handjob to boyfriend!peter.
peter eating you out.
titty fucking peter making him cum.
69 position with peter.
peter making you ride him.
: ̗̀➛carol danvers
carol eating you out.
grinding yourself on carol's cunt.
carol fingering you.
rough strap on sex with carol.
carol fingering you under the covers.
: ̗̀➛natasha romanoff
making out with natasha.
eating out dom!natasha.
first time with girlfriend!natasha.
natasha denying your orgam.
natasha eating you out.
: ̗̀➛pietro maximoff
pietro playing through your panties.
riding pietro's face.
pietro fucking you after a long day.
soft morning sex with pietro.
pietro playing with you.
: ̗̀➛wanda maximoff
wanda loves your tits.
you vibrating wanda's pussy.
wanda fingering you.
grinding with wanda.
wanda eating you out.
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fairydxll · 4 months ago
𝟏.𝟑𝐤 𝐜𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
thank you for 1.3k followers. i love all of you so so much. thank you for all the support, it means the world !! kinda copying cinta with this celebration ngl 😗
Tumblr media
harry potter recs
masterlist by @marcela6malfoy
masterlist by @dr4cking
masterlist by @sarahisslytherin
masterlist by @lilithcromwell
masterlist by @pottahishotasf
masterlist by @queen-asteria04
masterlist by @mellifluousart
masterlist by @electriclocean
masterlist by @electriclocean
masterlist by @electriclocean
masterlist by @jackys-stuff-blog
masterlist by @cupids-crystals
masterlist by @wolfstar-lb
masterlist by @selenesheart
masterlist by @acosmis-t
masterlist by @moonlitmeeks
masterlist by @fantqsha
masterlist by @dulcet-lover
masterlist by @evesbiggestf4n
masterlist by @elysian-bxg
masterlist by @indigoh4ze
masterlist by @angel4you
masterlist by @yelenalovegood
masterlist by @harryssmommy
masterlist by @lonelyhe4rts
masterlist by @thatoneguitargirl
marvel recs
masterlist by @queen-asteria04
masterlist by @peppers-analytics
masterlist by @avengershumanresources
masterlist by @mendesxruel
masterlist by @itsallyscorner
masterlist by @jedi-valkyrie
masterlist by @sapphireplums
masterlist by @ohbuckie
masterlist by @cupids-crystals
masterlist by @welldonebeca
masterlist by @queen-of-the-avengers
masterlist by @padme-parker
masterlist by @velvetcloxds
masterlist by @eloquenceflores
masterlist by @fantqsha
masterlist by @alwaysmarveling
masterlist by @yelenalovegood
masterlist by @harryssmommy
star wars recs
masterlist by @jedi-valkyrie
masterlist by @itsmentalillness
masterlist by @padme-parker
masterlist by @calummss
twilight recs
masterlist by @fantqsha
masterlist by @ameliora-j
Tumblr media
there are so many more i wanted to include on this list, but it only lets me tag 50, so maybe i’ll do another list for a future celebration <33
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Random man on the internet: "Are you into role-playing?"
Me: "oh my God yes!"
Him explaining what his role playing of me involves then asking me "What do you want me to role play as?"
Me: "Well how's about a 100 something year old men, one is in a group that protects the world, the other 100 year old man has a metal arm and was an assassin. Ooh or you could be a Trickster God full of sarcasm and magic"
Random man: "Uh I'll contact you"
Him suddenly blocking me 😏
Not into role-playing then hmm
Tumblr media
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nadine26 · 5 months ago
Corrupted || Remus Lupin x reader
Three || Hermione G. x reader x Ginny W.
Busy || Hermione Granger x reader
Torture || Draco Malfoy x reader
Frustration || Poly!Marauders x reader
A bit of a flirt || Lavender Brown x reader
Hermione Granger x reader x Fred Weasley
Relax || Hermione Granger x reader
good girl || Remus Lupin x reader
potion class || Hermione Granger x reader
Eyes On Me || Remus Lupin x reader
The third night || Remus Lupin x reader
slumber party || Pansy P. x reader x Ginny W.
Desperate || Ginny Weasley x reader
books and cleverness || H.G x reader x P.P
sugar mama || Pansy Parkinson x reader
Corridor Confessions || Remus L. x reader
feels too right || James Potter x reader
how it all began || poly!Marauders x reader
Check-Up || Draco Malfoy x reader
look at her || poly!Marauders x reader
Yes, Professor || Remus Lupin x reader
free time || Ginny Weasly x reader
later || Draco Malfoy x reader x Theodore Nott
if you were here || Pansy Parkinson x reader
if you were here (pt.2) || Pansy P. x reader
Loose The Ropes || James Potter x reader
Safe || James Potter x reader
Phone || Lily Evans x reader
Lesson || Draco Malfoy x reader
Rated PG. || Harry Potter x reader
little one || Lucius Malfoy x reader
see you monday || Lucius Malfoy x reader
Forbidden || Draco Malfoy x reader
rings || Natasha romanoff x reader
patience || Natasha romanoff x reader
star student || poly!Marauders x reader
Narcissa Malfoy x reader
Mommy Please || Ron Weasley x reader
little girl || Remus Lupin x reader x Sirius Black
touch || Tasm!Peter Parker x reader
my good boy || James Potter x reader
She doesn't let me Rot || Tasm!Peter P. x reader
Cat Fight || Lily E. x reader x Marlene M.
Educational decree No. 16 || D.M. x Potter!sister reader
Steve's Birthday Wish || Mafia!Steve x reader x Mafia!Bucky
Good Morning || Poly!Marauders x reader
Tear You Apart || Remus Lupin x reader
S3x Lesson || Draco Malfoy x reader
mine || Poly!Marauders x reader
everything happens for a reason || Poly!Marauders x reader
mood || Hermione Granger x reader
Library fun || Hermione Granger x reader
what do you have to say? || Natasha R. x reader
My bride || Natasha Romanoff x reader
Jetsetter || OT7 BTS x reader
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bonky-n-steeb · 4 months ago
eve’s apple
— best friend’s dad! alpha! steve rogers x omega! reader
summary || When Sarah invites you for a sleepover, you expect to meet some regular dad, not the dilf of your dreams.
warnings || unprotected sex. alpha/omega dynamics. knotting. dirty talk. fingering. petnames (bunny). choking. size kink. age gap. orgasm control. stripping. lots of sexual tension. horny thots. mention of divorce. PWP — MINORS DNI 🔞 if any of this makes you uncomfortable then please do not read!
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
— happy new year everyone! enjoy your new year’s gift you filthy creatures!
Tumblr media
You know you shouldn’t look at him the way you do.
But you can’t help it.
He’s just so breathtakingly gorgeous. His piercing blue eyes, his thick beard, his fucking voice, his well built body, his tall height, his enticing scent. He’s the peak male alpha.
And at the same time, he’s your best friend’s dad.
It’s so forbidden. But probably that’s why you crave it so much.
The same best friend who’s house you’re at tonight for a sleepover. Sarah Rogers met you in your sophomore year and after two years of friendship, you’re almost inseparable.
Steve Rogers is an influential alpha who owned a mansion for a home. When Sarah had excitedly invited you, you had expected to meet some regular dad.
What you hadn’t expected was to meet the dilf of your dreams. You just knew he fucked good. Literally every single thing about that man, from his scent to his behaviour, screamed daddy.
Despite what you wished for, you had to control yourself from pouncing over him every time he came across you. Gladly, the house was big enough that he wasn’t constantly in front of you.
Currently, you and Sarah were lazily eating popcorn while binging random movies. You dug your hand in the tub again, only to find it almost empty.
“Sarah, we gotta refill this.” She finally unglued her eyes from the screen and looked at you. “Yeah I’ll do it.” She seemed really into the movie and you didn’t want to disturb that.
“No no. I’ll do it.” You could see her smile in the dim light of the tv. “Okay. Just go to the kitchen and you’ll find the instant popcorn packet in the top shelf.” She made it sound easy.
But it wasn’t easy at all. The house was a fucking maze and there was no kitchen in sight. You were really just wandering the huge halls with an empty tub in hand.
“Are you lost bunny?” A shiver ran down your spine at the growly voice calling you from behind. You turned around slowly and stared at the huge alpha with wide eyes.
“I…” you wanted to speak, but words refused to form in your stunned brain. Did he really just call you bunny?
You were in a really close proximity from him and you couldn’t help but inhale his rich scent. It was unlike any other and it made your legs weak.
“Did you just scent me?” He squinted his eyes at you and you turned into a puddle at the very instant. You were caught. You really wanted the earth to tear up and swallow you at the moment.
“N.. No.” You tried your best to lie but you knew he saw through it. “Are you lying to me bunny?” He asked with a dry chuckle and you could already feel tears collecting in your eyes with shame.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…” you were probably shaking with fear at this point. Steve bent down so that he was at an eye level with you.
“But even if you did mean it, I wouldn’t really mind.” With careful fingers he ran his pointer finger from your chin to the back of your ear making pinpricks of electricity flow.
“Alpha….” You couldn’t stop the words from leaving your mouth. The growl that Steve let out made you bare your neck in submission.
His hand left your jaw and settled it on your neck like a collar. He wasn’t squeezing but neither was it loose. He kept it tight enough so he could feel the steady thrumming beat of your pulse.
His thumb pressed on your mating gland you moaned with parted lips. Taking the opportunity, Steve pulled you into a heated kiss.
With the hand on your neck, he titled your face upwards so he could fuck into your mouth with his tongue. The kiss was filthy, wet and hot and absolutely the way you shouldn’t be kissing your best friends dad.
When the thought plagued your brain, you pulled back and started walking backwards until your back hit the wall. You placed a hand on your heart because it was beating much too loudly.
“We… we shouldn’t be doing this.” You mumbled in a small whisper but loud enough for the alpha to hear. “And why is that ‘mega?”
The way he said your designated made a fresh wave of slick collect between your thighs. At this point you were sure he could smell your arousal.
“Be… because you’re outta my limits.” It was true. He was every omega’s fantasy. Divorced from his first wife, Peggy, years back, he was an unclaimed alpha. An ideal one at that.
“And who said that?“ he walked up to you and braced his arms around you until you were pressed against the wall and caged within his arms. “You do know that I can smell your arousal, right?”
Your face flamed up but there was no where to hide. His scent was thick and the omega in you wanted to bury your face in his neck, but you stopped your primal instincts.
“Tell me you don’t want this and I’ll let you go, bunny.” Your noses were almost touching at this point. The No didn’t form on your lips because you wanted this. You wanted this oh so badly.
This time, you were the one to smash your lips together. Curling your fingers in the soft Henley he was wearing in the house, you held on to him.
It felt as if you were Icarus finally reaching the sun. You knew you’d burn in this, but that’s what you wanted.
Your tongues rubbed against each other as he explored your mouth. His heavy scent was making you go cross eyed. “Come with me.”
He held your hand as he led you to his bedroom. Your popcorns were long forgotten and instead your head was swimming in the thought of how big his palm was in your comparison.
Once inside the room, he pulled you on his lap. His face was instantly buried in your neck and he mouthed at your scent gland while purring deeply.
His hands roamed your body as you wiggled on his lap. When his hands finally touched your skin, you could feel goosebumps rise. “Alpha…”
“Mmm..,, omega, so soft and warm for me. God, I can’t wait to have you.” He quickly placed you back on your feet. You looked at him bewildered, a little disappointed.
“Strip.” Your body felt like a hot wire and you stared at him for a moment before his command seeped into your brain. Your hands shook as you pulled up your shirt.
Suddenly conscious of yourself in front of Steve, you were about to cover yourself back with your shirt but you stopped when you heard Steve say, “Beautiful. You’re so beautiful.”
Happy with his compliment, you finally discarded the shirt and the rest soon followed. His eyes were heavy with lust as he took in your naked form. He too stood up from the bed and removed his clothes much faster than you.
You gawked at his physique with wide eyes. He was the literal epitome of alpha. His thick thighs and broad chest were covered with a peach fuzz while veins were popping out of his bulging arms.
You gulped loudly as you stared at his cock. It was thick and long, just like you’d imagined. The mushroom head was already wet with precum and you salivated at the thought of his knot.
“C’mere bunny.” You walked up to him on wobbly legs as he settled on the bed with his back touching the headboard.
The bed was soft and your knees sank into the fluffy mattress as you crawled up to him. He was quick to pull you onto his lap once again.
His hand once again curled around your neck and you absolutely loved it. It felt warm, protective and possessive and you craved it.
His other hand started playing with the hard peak of your nipples. He pinched and squeezed and rubbed them until you were a whimpering mess.
He further trailed that hand down and you squealed when he started rubbing your wet pussy. Your toes curled as he thrusted two fingers into your wet hole.
“God, fuck. You’re so tight little bunny. Gonna prepare you good next time. I gotta taste that sweet peach now don’t I?” His words and the promise of a next time made you even more aroused.
His fingers were pumping fast within you and the squelching sound they made was downright filthy. “I’m gonna pump this little pussy full of my cum and just fucking watch as you leak it out.”
“FFuuccckkk… Alpha!” You were quivering and whining and all that you wanted now, was more. “You like it don’t you? You’re gonna be dripping by the time we’re done bunny.”
You clutched his shoulders tightly as you were about to lose all your semblance of control. But before that, Steve stopped fingering you. “Steve..!” You complained and he smacked your ass.
“You’re gonna fucking cum on my knot.” He lifted you up by your hips and adjusted you, until your pussy was lined up with his cock.
You both moaned when his thick head entered you. But what you didn’t just expect was for Steve to just let go of your hips the next moment.
“Hhnnggg…” you let out a pornographic moan as you sank down over his cock in a single stroke. His clock was huge and it felt like he was splitting you open.
His hand on your neck started rubbing your scent gland. You felt like you were going to burst with all the sensations. “Alpha… please!”
“Who am I to deny my omega?” He cooed at you. The my omega part wasn’t missed on you and you preened under the attention.
He once again held your hips with one hand while his other didn’t leave your neck, and started snapping his hips up hard. His cock was truly rearranging your guts.
You were like putty in his hands as he fucked into you. You wanted to move by yourself, but you were in too much haze to do that. So instead you completely submitted to him.
“Look at that! My bunny is so cockdrunk that she can’t even move. I bet boys your age don’t fuck like this do they? You need me for this, don’t you?”
You blankly nodded your head while a constant stream of pants and moans escaped your mouth. You could feel his knot starting to swell and you yourself were much closer to coming.
But your activities were paused for a moment by the loud wail of your best friend. “Dad!” Sarah’s voice was loud through the other side of the door.
“Yeah Sarah?” Steve shouted back and started grinding into you. Your eyes rolled back at the sensation, no more caring about anyone else but you and Steve.
You let out a soft moan and Steve was quick to cover your mouth. Gladly the walls were thick enough for her to not hear anything.
“Have you seen my friend? She went out to get popcorns and hasn’t been back yet!” Sarah was clearly worried. But there was nothing you could do at the moment.
“I haven’t seen her.” He was surprisingly much calmer and collected than you were. “Okay.” You could hear Sarah’s footsteps recede as she walked away.
He didn’t remove his hand from your mouth and once again started thrusting up into you. Your moans were muffled by his hand, which covered half of your face and your hind brain was singing with how big and strong Steve was.
“Oh bunny! You couldn’t keep quiet could you? Don’t worry though, I like listening to you moan like a fucking whore while you bounce on my cock.”
His cock was hitting all the right spots and you clenched around him. “You gonna cum bunny? Huh, you gonna cum on your alpha’s cock?” You tried your best to nod and it was enough for him to understand.
“Cum for me bunny.” He commanded and being the good omega you were, you followed. Stars exploded behind your eyes as you came. Your nails dug into his shoulders and your thighs shook with the intensity of it.
“Fuck! You’re squeezing me so well… bunny, fuck!” He for once lost control as he slammed up in you until his knot was buried in your tight heat.
You both slumped down as you rode the aftershocks. You didn’t know how much time passed but you just held on to each other and bathed in the other’s warmth.
You sighed lazily as his knot popped free after some time. You feel the cum gushing out of you but after getting railed by Steve, you honestly didn’t care.
“Hey! You have to go back to Sarah.” Steve insisted gently. You had almost forgotten about her. You sat up from the bed quickly for a second, your head spun.
“Calm down. Do it slowly or you’ll hurt yourself.” Steve could sense the distress within you as your scent soured. “Look at me.” He took your chin and turned you to face him.
“Do you want more of this?” You chewed your lip and pretended to think about it because you already knew the answer. “Yes. I want more Steve.”
A huge smile spread on Steve’s lips and you’d do anything to see it again. “Okay then bunny. I promise you the next time you won’t have to leave so early.”
“Where the hell were you? I was so worried…” she trailed off when she saw your condition. “Oh my god, what happened? Are you okay?” She asked as he walked up to you.
You and Steve had tried your level best to make you look presentable, but you were sure your hair was out of place and your clothes seemed a little more dirty. You were also wearing Steve’s heavy scent blockers so that Sarah couldn’t smell him on you.
“I got lost.” Was all you answered as you were still in a daze of getting fucked. “Oh but then why you look like this?” You just scoffed at her question.
“You know me Sarah how quickly I panic. I panicked a bit and that’s all. But can we now go to sleep. Please?”
Your initial plan didn’t include sleep, but now you were super tired to even walk, lest watch a movie. “Okay okay. Fine.”
The house was actually pretty big and instead of sleeping in the same bedroom like a regular sleepover, Sarah was generous enough to give you a guest bedroom for the night.
But little did she know that you sneaked out of your room in the middle of the night to cuddle with your alpha.
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onsunnyside · 4 months ago
༻ 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐀 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 (𝟑/𝟑)
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 | Tarzan!Steve Rogers x doctor!reader
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | 6’6” Steve, feral behaviour/feral!steve, nomad!steve, fluff, angst, size difference, manhandling, possessive!/protective!steve, gentle giant!Steve, SMUT - minors DNI, size kink, manhandling, oral (m&f), dirty talk, p in v, spitting, grinding, lots of cum, unprotected sex.
𝗪/𝗖 | 11K
𝗔/𝗡 | Let's all pretend this was posted on time. Firstly, thank you everyone for coming on this journey with me on my first big AU, I'm sad to see it end, but I'll always be open for blurbs and drabbles for this series. (little past mentioned) James Conrad x doctor!reader. Also, this is not PWP, so it’s much more plot in this chapter than smut !
All mistakes are my own, I'll be revisiting this chapter tomorrow and over the weekend to edit it and add parts, so it'll probably change soon ! Check out the role reversal of this story: 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐝 𝐄𝐲𝐞
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐀 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˗ ⋰˚ 𝐂.𝐄. & 𝐂𝐨. 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Well, I didn’t know jealousy was in attendance tonight–oh wait, it’s just you under all that green envy, Doc–how’s the gala treating you?”
You inhale deeply, avoiding the smug smirk playing on Tony’s lips. You turn to face him, leaning an elbow on the bar as the wine swooshes in the glass. “Did Pepper finally ditch you for the head security guard of the tower?”
Tony laughs loudly, slapping a hand over his chest. “Oh my, it seems I’ve struck a nerve.” He glances over his shoulder, eyes once again landing on the tall, burly blond across the room by the piano. His carefully gelled hair is visible above everyone’s heads, as a sea of reporters and other socialites surround him, hanging off every word he says. From here, you can practically see them swoon and fall for his magnetic charm.
“This is good for him.” You say, trying to convince yourself. “He’s been practicing speaking for weeks–he wants to make a good impression.”
“He has confidence and potential, I’ll give him that.” Tony signals for a refill of his glass, the bartender filling it immediately. He sips slowly, eyes flickering between you and Steve. “You know, we could have just put out a statement. It would have been far less stressful and you wouldn’t have to watch that.” The brunet winces as a young beautiful woman lays a hand on Steve’s arm, caressing his bulging bicep under his suit.
You quickly look down at your heeled feet, remembering Steve asking how you suddenly got a few inches taller after getting ready–you proceeded to show him your heels, “How…walk around in those? Hurt? So–pointy…”
“The public would have made up horrible rumours about him–you saw what they did to Bucky.”
“Barnes was an assassin who was unjustly blamed for the death of–” Tony snaps his mouth shut, grinning at the passing socialites, then once they’re gone, he rolls his eyes, “--Those two are basically the biggest blabbermouths of the city, and Peter nearly spilled the beans about the manbeast to those punks.” He huffs. “The kid is smart, but his mouth sometimes isn’t… an odd mix considering he’s in charge of presentations for the new interns.”
You sigh loudly.
Tony raises a hand in surrender, “--As I was saying, that is a weak comparison between Barnes and Rogers, one is a completely clean slate, no foul, no blood, nothing–and you seem to be convinced people will dig up some dirt on him, yet allowed him to be interview by himself.”
“I’m not convinced that they’ll dig up dirt–there isn’t dirt anyway, he isn’t a bad person.” You correct, gaze dragging across the vast ballroom. People in different, sleek gowns and suits, chatting enthusiastically, eating hors d'oeuvres and sipping fancy champagne or wine. “The independence will be good for him, and he wasn’t against it.”
“But he wanted you with him all night, right?”
You sag, fiddling with your necklace, that was enough for Tony.
“Doc, I know you care about him,” The man starts, furrows his brows as he finds the words, “but maybe you’re doing what you think is better for him–and in turn, you’re ignoring what he knows is best for the both of you.”
Your eyes widen and you shoot him a look, “What coming of age novel did you get that from?”
“The one Peter left in the lab,” Tony says, so easily that you don’t know if it’s the truth or not. “I understand that getting his face out there and showing everyone he isn’t a threat is important. Ignoring the fact that we’re admitting that S.H.I.E.L.D. is once again, a mountain of secrets that go down to the Earth’s core,” He cracks a smile when you laugh lightly, “But is all that publicity worth it when you’re sulking in this beautiful dress, and some noisy reporter is hanging off your fella’s arm?”
“He doesn’t know what she’s doing, it isn’t his fault.”
“I agree–but, if you told him the difference between being friendly and flirting, I think he’d brush off the press in the blink of an eye,” Tony says as he steps away, disappearing into the crowd.
You knew that, and you also knew that Steve would attract attention. People were moths to his flame, and you weren’t jealous–rather proud that he was handling it all so well–considering he despised the suit he was wearing too, clothes are just, ugh.
You bring the glass to your lips, still in a daze and not realizing your glass was empty. A delicate clang sounds behind you, a familiar drawl ringing in your ears.
“Bartender, refill for that glass, please.”
Turning around, a startled laugh escapes your body. Slowly taking in the tall, slender dark-haired man before you. “I can order for myself, you know?”
The man chuckles, a hand running down his velvet suit jacket. His blue eyes twinkle, “I figured you were too busy staring off into space to bother.” James leans over, following your line of sight across the room, a knowing smile crawling on his face, “or rather, longingly admiring from afar.”
“You’re hilarious.” You say bluntly, taking a long gulp of your drink. “Did your date get sick of you already?”
James rolls his eyes, nudging your shoulder, “I don’t know, did you ever get sick of me when we went on dates?”
Your scoff, a little part of you thankful for another familiar face in the sea of socialites and reporters, though, James’ British accent was fresh among the distant chatter. He’s sporting a slight stubble, his brown-blond hair in a messy gelled style, only aiding to his dashing prince charming flair.
The two of you have a friendly past-turned whirlwind of light romance, stemming from the beginning of your career when you were an intern in a busy city. As the days went by like snapshots, you and James grew close.
When you met him, he was a British S.A.S. officer who was hired by Stark Industries to teach survival techniques and share knowledge about jungle warfare. Throughout your friendship, there was occasional mutual flirting, definitely some attraction until you both took it one step further. The romantic relationship didn’t last very long, you were too busy with your career, and he was being sent back to London for work. The two of you decided it was best to end it before things turned sour–despite the break-up, you still consider James a good friend.
“So, that’s the Rogers’ son.” James hums, “he’s a lot bigger than what I expected.”
You stare up at him because of his towering height. There’s a playful quirk on his lips. “You knew?”
“I suspected something.” The brunet rephrases, “And I may have been consulted for tracking him down.”
Of course, his new profession. “That’s why you’re here tonight, to get your face plastered on the papers for helping?” You quip.
“Credit is due where credit is deserved, and I like to think I helped at least a little,” James smirks, his gaze trailing down your face and neck. “I couldn’t make it to the expedition but I assume it all went well.”
“As well as it could have. A sprained wrist was worth all of this, and all of him.” you glance over your shoulder, locking eyes with the giant ways away, you give him a small wave but Steve’s gaze shifts to your ex next to you. One second later, and the realization is evident on his face, undoubtedly recognizing the man from the box of old photographs deep in your closet.
You and Steve had gone through the pictures, you wanted to show him ones of your family, back home and your first days in New York–you didn’t expect a few coupley ones to slip out too.
“Captain Conrad!” A voice calls from the crowd. James twists around, lifting a hand before pushing off the bar.
“I’ll see you later?” He walks backwards, both eyebrows raised.
You just shake your head, turning back to your drink and noticing it was empty once again. This time when you look back at Steve, he’s still staring at you, the ghost of a grin on his face. He raises his glass of water with a wink, melting you from across the room.
Tumblr media
It happens in a passing moment, but Steve, seemingly more vigilant tonight, notices immediately. The night has come to an end, the press leaving in good spirits and hopeful of the absolute story in their hands–the once highly confidential mission of the Avengers’ finally revealed, a man who survived in the jungle for his whole life, the son of a missing S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist who injected him with a recreation of Erskine's formula–a mouthful, but pure gold in the eyes of the public.
Steve’s story is going worldwide, and that creates a tsunami of attention.
Earlier in the evening when he was answering the millions of questions for reporters, he felt strange when they would touch his arms, or lean a little too close. He thought they had too much to drink–you told him what alcohol can do to someone, and Steve connected the dots.
Must be drunk. Maybe needs to stop?
So he took a glass from a young reporter and she giggled and thanked him–she thought he was going to be a gentleman and get her another glass–but Steve just placed it on a passing waiter's tray and returned to the conversation, as if he didn’t just cut the woman off.
Now, you and Steve are standing by the exit, waving and bidding farewell to the attendees tonight. Polite smiles, and halfhearted chuckles, as they leave through the wide elegant doors.
As the young reporter from earlier stalks closer, bright eyes locked on him, Steve feels your grip tighten on his arm. You lightly pull him to your level before pressing a lipgloss kiss to his bearded cheek. Then, you grab his chin, meeting his lips swiftly, giggling and wiping the makeup away.
Steve has always trusted his intuition. Growing up in the jungle, he had no choice when he wasn’t taught rules of conduct, he didn’t know anything else.
Going by his gut feeling has saved him many times too.
A nasty fruit here, a mudslide or two, an approaching predator, a poisonous bug or reptile–he wouldn’t be affected by the poison, but it would hurt. The bottom line, he trusted his intuition immensely.
After all, it brought him to you. He had smelt something remarkably different from the normal wilderness when he was with Bruce and the magic colour box–it’s a Rubix cube, Steven, Rubix. He was going to ignore it, far more interested in what else Bruce had brought for him, but there was an underlying instinct, combined with curiosity and protectiveness.
Perhaps an unfamiliar animal had wandered too close, and in the jungle, Steve has learnt that unawareness is a weakness.
He was correct about the unfamiliar animal–you were a woman with a smell that made him lose his mind, which led to him tackling you into the ground, hurting you.
Sometimes, Steve feels bad about that–but you always comfort him. Offering him cuddles and kisses as you comb your fingers through his hair, many instances of his guilt episodes have ended up with your panties on the floor, and his face between your thighs.
At the thought of your wetness all over his mouth, staining his beard and dripping from his tongue, he adjusts himself in his slacks.
“Steve,” you scold, pulling away his hand, “Don’t do that in public.”
He breathes heavily, mind flashing with that little glint in your eyes when you kissed him, claiming him before that woman.
You claimed him, you thought he was yours just as much as he thought you were his. Excitement bubbles in his chest, and also his lower region.
“Steve! I said stop that.” You huff, holding his hand in yours tightly. Glancing around the room for any lingering gazes, you look down at his crotch again and gasp. His length nearly bursting the zipper of his pants, very obviously showing off his gracious gift.
“Touch–please?” The blond murmurs, leaning down to nip at your ear, thick arms wrapping around your body to press against his cock. Slowly, his hips move in circles, desperate for relief, “I’m yours… please, touch–”
Your hand slaps over his mouth, a heat blooming on your face as you hurriedly tug him to the car waiting to take you both back to the tower. You push him into the back before sliding next to him, telling the driver to take a shortcut.
Steve ignores your request to put on a seatbelt, instead, rubbing his hand over the prominent tent in his pants, low groans flowing from his pink lips. You buckle him in, unable to stop him from placing your hand over his cock, slowly thrusting into your grip.
The elevator ride to your floor is unbearably long. Steve is grinding against your ass, mouthing messily at your neck as if the camera isn’t blinking from the corner of the ceiling. As soon as you step foot onto your floor, he starts stripping.
“Can try your mouth?” Steve quickly rips off his shirt, buttons flying and fabric tearing. “Please–be gentle… will try to be.”
You don’t have to be gentle, your mind says as you drink in every inch of his pale skin. The dark hair on his chest–that has surely gotten bigger, thicker since you first met him, as did most of his body. Bulging muscles and meat, veins visible under his taut skin, shifting before your heated eyes.
As he stands nude before the elevator doors, you finally spring into action. Dragging him away from the surveillance area and to the privacy of your bedroom, squirming as his hands start tearing your dress from behind.
“Want to see–didn’t let me see before we left,” Steve murmurs as the bedroom door shuts. He pins you against the wall before hiking your thighs around his waist, his hard leaking cock pressing against your stomach. A deep growl rumbles his chest as your breasts spill out, immediately, he takes your nipple into his mouth. Manhandling you higher on the wall with both his arms, closing his eyes in bliss as he suckles your nipple. “So soft–” He switches to the other, and one moment later, you’re flat on the bed.
A loud tear echoes through the room as your panties flutter to the ground, Steve is standing at the foot of the bed with a hand around his cock. His muscles flex as your thighs spread, revealing your wetness.
He groans, kneeling on the mattress and reaching towards you, “maybe no mouth–”
You stop him before he comes any closer, “but I want to taste you, please?”
An audible breath escapes his nose, jaw clenched tightly as he nods once, then twice. “Yes–yes, mouth.”
Flipping over, you crawl towards him. You feel warm as his eyes trace over your figure, lingering on your ass. Now, lying on your belly with his cock brushing your lips, you allow him to cup the back of your head and pull you closer.
“Heard lots about… how feels.”
A heat combs over your skin, you already know your thighs are sticky. “What did you hear?”
You wrap a hand around his base, feeling the throbbing under your fingers as you drag up his thick girth, the tips of your digits not meeting. You marvel at the prominent veins trailing up the sides, leading to the bulbous head, cum leaking down the redness. Taking the head into your mouth, you lightly suckle, swiping his taste with your tongue.
Steve moans loudly, knees buckling as his hips jerk forward, shoving more between your lips. “Feels… so good, oh.” His voice dies as he peers down at you spitting on his cock, spreading your saliva up and down his length. “Tongue…”
You hum, sliding down to the floor onto your knees. You don’t waste any time, licking from the base to the tip and spitting once more. Squeezing your thighs together, you look up at him before taking him deeper. He’s hot and heavy on your tongue and the fat stretch burns your lips, and you want more. Turns out, so does Steve.
“More–please.” His lashes flutter as you massage his balls in your other hand, saliva spilling from the corners of your mouth, slickening his cock as you take more of him.
“C’mon, Steve, don’t be shy.”
“Not shy…” He bites his lip, “can take charge, please?”
You nod with a mouth full of his shaft, your eyes watering slightly as he widens his stance, placing both hands on either side of your head.
As he groans above you with a firm hold and you’re taken by him. Piercing his thick and powerful thighs with your nails as he forces you closer, hips naturally gaining momentum. His skin flushed red, blooming up his heaving chest to his bearded cheeks. His hair falls in front of his eyes, but it doesn’t lessen the heat in his gaze.
His jaw drops as your eyes squeeze shut, a choked whine coming from your throat as he fucks your mouth. You can feel your juices trailing down your thighs as Steve slowly pumps in and out, his thick cock slick with your spit.
“Mouth so…” He pulls out as a string of saliva connects his throbbing tip to your lips, he quickly pulls you back on his cock, “wet, feels so good, sunshine.”
You relax your throat, breathing through your nose and let him use your mouth. Wet noises fill the room as you slobber on his length, trying to take as much as you can–but he’s too big, too thick, you can only get halfway before pushing him away.
The two of you build a pace between his praises in broken English and your own muffled whimpers. He takes your mouth like he owns it, allowing his desires and instincts to take the wheel, but you know he’s still holding back, and you tell him that he can go as deep and as hard as he wants. You know he could go absolutely mindless with pleasure–and you’re right.
Steve is always animalistic whenever you’re intimate, it makes sense he’s the same for his first blowjob.
He experiments with pace and strength, gathering the dripping saliva from your chin to smear on his cock, making the slide smoother so you can take him deeper. His neck craned low, eyes locked on your stretched lips around his fat girth, he can’t get enough of your gagging noises.
“Sunshine, so small down there.” He breathes, “know I’m bigger than you–and like it a lot.”
You whine, massaging his balls again as he hits the back of your throat, sliding deeper.
“Like that too? Know you do–can smell you,” Steve pauses, pulling you off to circling his heavy tip on your swollen lips, he slaps your cheek with it too, wanting to mark you in every way possible, “can smell your cunt.”
You can’t help but reach between your thighs, already on the brink with having him in your mouth, using you so passionately. Your fingers slip inside with ease, you slowly start to bounce on your hand and Steve takes notice.
His motions become rougher, your garbled moans more consistent. “Do like it, so much–touching yourself. Wish I was touching you instead.”
When Steve cums, he’s just as beautiful as he was the first time all those weeks ago. His eyes squeeze shut as his mouth falls open, neck and abs tensing under his pink skin, a low guttural groan nearly vibrating the walls. He floods your mouth, his thick seed spilling from your lips and down to your bare chest, you swallow as much as you can, moving his hands to take a last bit of control.
You lick up his length, gathering any rogue droplets, not wanting his taste to escape even the slightest. Steve helps you out too, swiping the cum from your chin with his fingers, shoving them deep into your mouth until you gag again, “like noise…” his blue eyes fall to your hand, still between your thighs, “like taste more though, want you on my tongue again, please.”
You should’ve known he wouldn’t stop after the blowjob. You’re lucky tomorrow was your day off too.
Tumblr media
Steve can’t help the nervousness bubbling in his stomach as he stares down at the bouquet–which he made himself at the florists with Sam and Bucky.
This journey actually began with Bruce.
“Love like science?”
Steve trusts Bruce, almost as much as he trusts you. And when he finds the guts to ask about the odd feelings inside him, he goes to the doctor. Although, Bruce wasn’t very knowledgeable in that department and he warns Steve as such.
“Will talk with Buck and Sam, but want to hear Bruce first,” Steve says confidently.
The doctor is nose deep in a thick novel, currently on his lunch break. “You can just tell her, Steve, or make a grand gesture, whatever you feel is right–whenever it feels right.” Bruce tries to be helpful. Truthfully, he’s honoured that Steve came to him first, off all people the man has come to know, he still goes to the first person he’s formed a friendship with. “Unlike experiments, there aren’t specific steps for telling someone your feelings.”
“Nothing to follow?”
“Nothing to follow.” Bruce smiles softly, “Just do what you feel when you feel it's right.”
Before the journey, it was a wondrous whirlwind stemming from when he accidentally threw away your rough version of a document–one that you’ve been working on for weeks. He just wanted to please you, do some spring cleansing–it’s cleaning, Steve, not cleansing–in your shared home.
He dusted the shelves, wiped the windows, cleaned the couch and scrubbed the floor. He also got rid of anything that looked like garbage and in his defense, your bundle of papers was a mess, various scribbles and crinkled sheets, there were coffee stains on the cover. So, he tossed it in the recycling.
One can imagine the rage you felt after coming home to a missing thirty-plus-page document.
You didn’t yell at him, instead, you just sulked into your bedroom and locked the door. Exhausted out of your mind, and completely discouraged.
Steve waited for you to come out, sitting in front of the door and tentatively asking about your day, then when you didn’t answer, he told you about his.
“Got perfect on physics test… and English paper–you helped me write…” He taps on the door, sitting before it like a child. He glances at the doorknob, trying it once again but deflating when it wouldn’t open. “Am sorry, sunshine. Didn’t know–just wanted to do kind thing for you… always work so hard, always so kind. Missed you so much today too–” He presses his forehead on the wood, closing his eyes, “--never meant to hurt, hate when you get hurt or upset.”
He perks up as he hears the shuffling of sheets, jumping to his feet as the lock clicks. Then, he bursts through, sweeping you into his thick arms and kissing all over your face. He feels the wetness on your cheeks and pulls away.
His heart physically aches, like a thousand thorns stabbing his chest. “Oh… so sad?”
You inhale shakily, the softness in his voice making you break down all over again.
“Working too hard, too much. Need break.” Steve frowns, holding you tightly. His bare chest is warm under your cheek. “Will be super careful next time, promise. Will also treat sunshine–be tender.”
From there, bloomed the sweetest displays. Steve put the recipe book to great use, cooking you meals every day and baking you sweets at night and over the weekends. He even had a little apron, always welcoming you home with a beaming smile and delicious food, kissing you breathless before setting up a relaxing bath for you.
Sometimes he’d join, other times he’d just sit outside the tub, holding your hand and listening to you talk about your day.
It was a dream to be doted on like this. Although, you wished to do the same to Steve, knowing he deserved it just as much.
You had gifted him custom plushies that looked just like Peter, Wendy and Tinkerbell. Shortly put, Steve’s body nearly exploded after he realized what they were, he then hauled you off to the bedroom for some special experiencing–as he called it.
Then, he wanted to do more because he felt more than just happy with you, he felt excitement and glee, pure adoration and warmth in your presence.
It was uncharted territory from there. Deeper than anything he’s ever encountered, the unfamiliarity made him uneasy.
That’s what brought him to Sam and Bucky, his first option for help in his particular field. He communicated his confusion with his feelings, starting it off by asking to speak to them in private. “What about… deeper feelings? Like, feel so happy with person, want around all the time–feel relaxed and calm, but also, can’t contain excitement or happiness.”
Sam and Bucky, mostly Sam, proceeded to give Steve several pointers on ‘wooing.’ Dating in the modern world was very different from what he has seen in the wilderness, no mating dances or displays, but instead romantic gestures and gifts, quality time like date nights. He knew respect and communication were important, and to say the least, he was overwhelmed.
“Makes my chest ache–in good way. Just,” He huffs, “Want to go everywhere with her–do everything for her.”
Bucky raises a brow, metal fingers wrapped around a glass. The three of them are lounging on the roof, far away from any prying eyes or nosey spies. The sun is setting slowly, ghosting above the building tops and casting a yellow-orange glow.
“Have you told her that?”
“Don’t know how–already tried to dress up.”
Sam laughs loudly, “Oh, I remember that. Thought you’d have to cut your hair after it got stuck in the scrunchies. How did you manage to squeeze into one of her dresses?”
Steve shrugs, absentmindedly twirling the ends of his hair. He definitely didn’t want a haircut anytime soon, although his beard needed a trim soon. “Ripped it on accident, sunshine didn’t get mad. Just giggle… super cute giggles.”
Bucky and Sam share a long look, seemingly non-verbally conversing about the giant across from them on the plush outdoor patio couch. Sam tilts his head and in turn, Bucky snorts, rolling his eyes.
“Women today aren’t the same women as in the forties.”
“Which can be very helpful for our guy here,” Sam appealed, “Advice that worked on women back then and advice that works on women now–we’ll have him primped and polished.”
Bucky checks his watch, slumping, “I guess I could help–”
“--As if you have plans on a Tuesday night.” Sam scoffs playfully, already standing and clapping his hands, “Steve, you’ve got yourself the two most eligible bachelors of the city for all your questions and concerns of the heart.”
That’s how Steve ended up walking along the streets of New York, dipping in and out of various clothing stores, exiting with a new shopping bag and one new potential friend, the store employees and owners were very fond of the curious and blunt giant, most of them fell in love with his bright spirit and charming smile.
His wardrobe at the tower consisted of t-shirts and sweatshirts, mostly track pants or shorts–Steve didn’t wear many clothes when he was roaming around your shared floor. Hence, whenever he made public appearances, Tony had someone drop off carefully selected clothes for said occasion.
Steve inhales deeply, Sam’s words bouncing off the walls of his mind.
“Be confident, your posture is already perfect, you just need to accentuate that energy, and kill her with it.”
Steve’s eyes widened in horror, colour draining from his face, “kill?”
Bucky steps in, rubbing his hands down the blond’s shoulders, smoothening his leather jacket. “Not literally–nice going, Sam.” He murmurs, “You like her, Steve?”
It’s quiet for a few beats, the giant’s blue eyes falling to the bouquet in his hands, “Love her, Buck.”
The brunet smiles, “Right, you love her–”
“--so much–”
“Then, just let her know. She wants you for you–not some yuck-version of you. Be yourself, be honest, be a good listener.”
Steve hesitantly steps into the elevator, pressing the button for your shared floor. He gives Sam and Bucky a short wave.
“Call her a cute pet name!” Sam shouts as the doors close.
“Baby… Sweetheart…Doll … Lover.” Steve repeats every nickname he can think of, his foot anxiously tapping on the floor as the elevator ascends higher and higher. Finally, it dings before the doors slide open, revealing the clean but well-loved living room of your floor. The blankets on the couch are folded, pillows fluffed, but the coffee table is almost covered in all your documents and research papers. The familiar scent of your soap wafts to his nose as the faint music from the bathroom cuts.
“Steve? Is that you?”
“Lover… like that.”
Sam grins, “I don’t hear that one too often, but I think she’d like it.”
“Yes, lover!”
Your footsteps falter as you round the corner, a white robe tied around your waist as you spread moisturizer on your face. You raise a brow, “what did you say?”
“...yes, lover.” Steve is still standing in the elevator but quickly shuffles out as the doors begin to close. He tightens his fist around the bouquet, eyes glued on your bare skin. Trailing up your legs to the expanse of your chest, and finally your neck where a few marks were already healing.
Steve knows he’ll be replacing those with fresh ones tonight. He was counting on it.
“More flowers? The ones you got me yesterday are fine.”
The blond stiffens, “These for…uh…”
You smirk, “are you seeing another woman, Steve?”
“No! Never!” Steve exclaims, desperately shaking his head, “These for you–would never, ever be with other person.” He blinks profusely before gesturing to the couch. “Can—May we talk?”
You know what was coming, but you still keep your mouth shut. Nodding silently and walking to the couch, you pat the cushion next to you. As Steve steps closer, you can feel the waves of distress melting off him, constricting your throat. The bouquet, colourful and sweet, is placed on the cluttered coffee table before he plucks one of them, a yellow one.
Steve faces you, vulnerability behind his light eyes. With a touch as delicate as the morning clouds, he places the flower behind your ear.
When you place a hand on his thigh, Steve takes it and brings it to his lips. Closing his eyes as his lips press against the back of your hand, his facial hair scratching your knuckles, it’s a slow and strong kiss as if he’s trying to send his feelings straight through your bloodstream.
Steve doesn’t know why he’s so nervous. He wasn’t going to tell a wild lie, or break your heart–he’d never do that.
But, love. What was love?
Universal in every form–love began at the list of fundamental human necessities, through complex twists and shades of a million colours, the four-letter word was not simple in the slightest. A blessing and a curse of humanity and compassion. With a camouflaging ability to be bare and shrouded at the same time, being true to one and being unknown to their lover. Although, as pure as it is, love can be tainted by people.
Jealously, begging and pleading, unfair and unjust. Much too strong or much too little, love is beautiful.
Among the different forms of it, complete love included intimacy, passion and commitment.
Steve knew love as actions, things he’s seen with his own two eyes, but feeling love was entirely different. Something so personal and dear, buried within his heart and soul, Steve didn’t know how to define such an intense impression.
“Feelings… are strange.” He begins, mumbling against your skin before setting your palm on his chest, you can feel the faint thumps of his heart. “Feeling something—is so different from speaking. Wish was other way to describe what I feel here.”
You meet his gaze, giving an encouraging nod. “I know what you mean.”
His brows knit tightly, “but want to tell you how I feel…through words.”
It’s incredibly difficult to explain to anyone else–but so clear inside. Indecipherable yet easy.
“Want you around all the time–hate when apart. When together, feel happy—so happy, comfortable,” loved, “with you.” Steve cradles your hand between his, occasionally squeezing your fingers, “My sweet, beautiful, kind, cute—so cute and tender, soft, sunshine… everything good inside you.” He shuffles closer, the emotion behind his eyes is spellbinding, “teach me so much—never get annoyed or mean when I can’t understand.” He knows that some people aren’t as kind when it comes to his lack of knowledge and experience.
“Not first to be kind or tender to me—but have always been, from the beginning, even when I hurt you.” He inhales sharply, leaning down to nuzzle your cheek, he whines lowly in his throat, “know I’m forgiven, but still hate that I hurt you.”
“Promise to never do it again, will never harm, hurt you.” He interrupts, “Always be tender, sweet… because you deserve that.”
You laugh wetly, cupping his bearded cheek and sniffling, “You do too, Steve. Don’t forget that.”
“Won’t forget—promise that too.” He leans into your touch, eyes almost fluttering shut before they shoot open, he squints, “But, Sunshine promise too?”
You nod as a wave of adoration almost knocks you to the floor, but even if it did physically strike you, you know you wouldn’t fall, not with Steve pressed against you. The gentle giant, with a heart of gold and a set of diamond eyes that gleamed and glimmered with hope, a purity that was so precious.
Steve licks his lips, falling forward until your foreheads meet. He squeezes your hand once more and dips down until your noses touch. He hums happily, wide eyes staring into yours. “You’re so beautiful up close—uh, lover.”
A part of Steve wanted to climb inside you, because maybe then he’ll finally be content—there was no describing how close he wanted to be with you. He wanted to live within your heart, kiss your soul and bathe in your existence, but he couldn’t explain that with his lack of vocabulary. So, he says it differently and in a way he does fully understand.
“Colourful birds in jungle—macaws…like little rainbows with feathers and can fly. They have one love for entire life,” Steve’s cheeks are cherry red, his blue eyes so clear, you can almost see his spirit, “And want… I want that with you.”
If he closes his eyes, he can see the vibrant birds. Perched high in the trees, the wisps of nature surround him as they mutually groom and share food with each other. Similar to the other animals in the jungle, but those creatures didn’t mate with only one for their entire life. They weren’t like the birds.
The birds that wake up every morning and check their mate for any concerns, they didn't groom them or solely share food with them. He knows those actions stemmed from something inside, deep within them. To have one for a lifetime.
“Please speak… feel so many nerves now…” he whispers, brushing his nose along the side of your face, a quiet whine coming from his throat. “Please—”
He’s cut off by your lips crashing against his, trying to convey every emotion. You cradle his face between your hands as he deepens the kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth.
Steve loves you—the glorious man with a brilliant will. A dream in every sense of his being, a disadvantaged soul who has blossomed into a lively flower. A strong stem with the ability to withstand almost anything, physical and mental obstacles included. The petals vary because they’re coloured with his qualities—some are more than one shade to represent his change in characteristics, from a dull grey to a bright tint. And the pistil, it was blinding as if the sun had shrunk to size, although small, the radiated warmth wasn’t any different. Still beaming and sparkling before your eyes.
Steve pulls away with a wet smack, lips a little swollen, “Take that as same feelings?”
You’re engulfed in his glow, soaked to the core with Steve–this was the kind of intensity you’ve only fantasized of. Yet, it’s right before you, he’s right in front of you and inches from your face. With the most adorable grin and doing his signature head tilt.
You manage a nod before Steve is hauling you up and dashing to the bedroom. As you’re placed on the bed, the springs squeaking beneath you, he’s climbing on top of you again. Too lost in his touch, you don’t realize what’s happening until a sharp tear bounces off the walls.
Steve’s face flushes, “ah, oops…” He offers you a crooked smile, still clenching the loose threads of your robe, “not patient enough to untie.”
Then, you notice he’s also naked. His leather jacket flung across the room, as well as the rest of his clothes. His hair was slightly tousled and falling in front of his face. One of his hands reaches down, wrapping around his hard cock.
It didn’t take a genius to know what was on his mind.
“Are you sure about this?”
The giant grunts, his other hand gripping your leg and shuffling between your thighs.
You reach out and grab his chin, forcing his eyes to yours. “Are you sure about this, Steve?” The intense passion swimming in his eyes is answer enough, but you want to hear him say it.
“Yes, so much—made sure to pay attention to specialists, want to do it with you. Feel close to you, and feel you on me… be inside you.” He dips down to mouth at your exposed chest, trailing up to your neck and biting on a fading mark. “Please, let me inside?”
A high-pitched whine escapes your throat as the head rubs your clit, spreading your arousal before brushing your hole. He’s gotten close to slipping inside more than a few times, but this would be intentional. And you were ready.
“Y-Yes, Steve—” You gasp as he immediately starts pushing in. The mushroom tip is unable to breach your tightness, even with your excitement dripping out.
“Should open you up first–” He starts pulling away, fisting his cock again as the thick head bobs against his abs.
“No, no,” you desperately shake your head, your heart pumping against your ribs, “please, don’t stop. I want–ah!”
Steve has a finger shoved inside your hole, curling until he feels that rough patch. A dribble of spit lands on your pussy as he glares down at you, “Specialist said to make sure you’re comfortable–”
“I am, fuck, I just want you inside me, baby. Please.” Your voice trembles slightly, eyes watering as he pumps another long digit into you. Your hips rise off the bed as he pulls them out, messily rubbing your clit.
“Say it again.”
“Please, baby, I love you–I want your cock–ah, inside me. Know you want it too, your cock is leaking–” He moves so fast, hooking your knees over his elbows and his length sliding between your folds until the head pops in. He doesn’t pause for a moment and continues penetrating your soaking sore, causing you to squeak loudly.
He groans, eyes shut as his shoulders shudder. The feeling of your pussy wrapped around him, choking his thickness and he isn’t even halfway. The last string snaps and he bites into your neck, muffling his helpless moans.
You have zero clue what’s happening as he begins pumping in and out of you, each time, getting deeper. The juices spilling from your pussy soaking the sheets, nearly dripping down his balls with every thrust.
“So wet—tight.” Steve grits his teeth, gaze bouncing between your blissed-out face and your little hole struggling to take his girth. He spits down on your connected centres, using his fingers to spread your combined wetness down the rest of his cock.
He’s so big, it burns, but you want more.
“All the way, baby, please.” You cry out, legs flailing before he grips them, pinning them to the mattress.
He continues working into you, stuttering groans filling the room and harmonizing with your whines. Your legs are thrown over his shoulders as he braces himself on either side of your head, his breath fanning across your cheeks. As he draws deeper, the base of his cock meeting your cunt, his pubic hair touches your tingling clit.
The euphoria is evident on his face, completely taken with the short amount of time. He whimpers as he pulls out almost all the way, the heavy tip rests inside your cunt before he goes forward again. “Want to last long but can’t—feels so good.”
You hiccup a, yes, digging your nails into his broad shoulders as the pressure builds within your stomach. His veins brushing against your throbbing walls, the stretch of your thighs similar to the stretch of your hole, burning.
Steve’s eyes fall to your heaving chest and down to your tummy, his pace quickening as the wet slapping sounds increase. He growls as you clench, his cock reaching the deepest part inside you, sending waves of pleasure through your bloodstream.
“Can see myself, baby.” Steve groans, alternating between thorough grinds and deep thrusts, watching the bulge appear under your skin. “So little—small, but taking me so well.”
A warm hand lands on your lower tummy, pushing down as your thighs tense, legs wrapping around his waist and pulling him closer. He gets rougher too–just as eager as the headboard bangs against the wall. Every pound of his hips sends your juices spilling, a creamy ring appearing at the fat base of his shaft.
He wipes the drool from your lips, bringing it to your nipple and pinching the nub. “Can be more gentle, but love you���love seeing me inside you. Seeing you stretched–it hurts?”
You shake your head, vision blurring. He kisses you, shoving his tongue into your mouth and swallowing each of your cries. His hands grip your shoulders as he pulls away, keeping you firmly locked on his cock, forcing you to meet each of his thrusts.
“Want me to be gentle?”
You shake your head again, eyes fluttering open. You watch his girth slam into you, a redness blooming on his skin, as your little pussy takes everything he has to offer.
“Can finally cum inside you–instead of just on.” He growls, “Want that? Be filled with me, only me. Can watch it spill out too, claim from inside.”
Your high topples over, stretching your mind paper-thin, his name written on the page.
Steve’s jaw drops as you convulse around him, squeezing him so tightly he whines. You squirt, soaking him with your mess. His cum painting your walls white, flooding you from the inside out. He grinds against you, his pelvis rubbing your pulsating clit raw. Every dirty motion shoves his seed deeper, the tip of his spurting cock kissing your cervix.
“Know about this…” He trails off, fingers delicately tracing through your wetness that soaked his thighs and the bed. “Love it, baby, so much.”
The laugh you let out is quite pathetic, but you can’t bring yourself to care. Not with Steve flattening you to the mattress, covering you in his warmth–as you’re also filled with his cum.
You try to move, your thighs aching. “You have to–ah, let go of me.” You yawn, and lightly tap his back, your digits trailing down his spine.
The giant grumbles, shifting around and you think he’s finally going to release you, but no. Steve slips his arms under you and rolls over as you start fading away into unconsciousness. The last thing you hear is him getting up, mentioning getting sunshine all clean.
Tumblr media
“Wake up… please.”
You flip over, squinting at the harsh sunlight. “Hm?”
Steve is facing you, a blanket barely covering his muscular form. He smiles, hair messy and eyes soft. “Sex again?”
You giggle sleepily as he crawls over you, nuzzling your neck and nipping your cheek. He kisses you gently, fingers tracing down your body. “I almost forgot you barely need rest.”
“You okay? Good sleep?”
“Best sleep.”
He pulls away, thick lashes brushing his cheekbones, “...can experience you again? Before work, please?”
You lace your fingers in his long hair, lightly tugging. His eyes fall shut as his hips sink between your thighs, bare as you, he slowly grinds. “Take me however you please, baby.”
Tumblr media
You peek from the corner of your eye at the giant who was still staring at you, his clear blue gaze searing into your skull, you honestly think he could read your thoughts. Although, you know if he did, he wouldn’t be staring at you in the first place.
“No, Steve.”
It’s quiet for a few moments, he averts his gaze to his little notepad, pencil still in hand. “...upset?”
You sigh, “Why would I be upset over a barista?”
There’s a long pause, “Flirting?”
“She wasn’t flirting with you, she was just asking if you wanted whipped cream on your drink.”
Steve was still getting the hang of certain mannerisms, and apparently, everything that was remotely kind was classified as flirting in his eyes.
Especially when it was towards you. You can still remember the terrified face of the mail carrier who had complimented the array of plants on your windowsill in your office, Steve happened to be on a break between his classes and saw the whole thing. The poor mail carrier had dashed out the door after Steve growled and scowled like a wild animal, establishing his dominance by hovering like a shadow, glaring them down until they tucked their tail between their legs and left.
It didn’t help that an intern who had occasionally flirted with you entered right after. Somehow, he didn’t notice the giant man in your office and proceeded to slyly chat you up with his eyes on his phone, texting away. Once his phone was away, he was met with the deadly gaze of a manbeast, jaw clenched as tightly as his fists.
The blood immediately draining from his face, the young man profusely apologized and excused himself. He shut the door but that didn’t stop Steve from thundering down the hall after him. You were racing after him, bumping into other scientists until ramming into his wide back, the elevator doors had saved the young intern momentarily.
Calming Steve down had been a mission itself, one that involved missing clothes, shut curtains and your office desk breaking. You were stuttering with warm cheeks while explaining the incident to Tony after he caught you disposing of your broken desk. Although, he made sure to order you a new, very sturdy one.
As if on cue, the intern walks in, his eyes bugging out of his head as he spots Steve, sitting next to you with a thick novel in his hands. Broad shoulders stretching the white henley, hair slightly touselled.
“Can help, boy?” The blond hisses, leaning towards you protectively.
The young man’s eyes flash between you and the documents in his hand. He slowly inches backward, “Dr. Banner wanted you to look over, uh, his recent physical test.”
“Oh, okay.” You stand but then you’re yanked down to Steve’s lap, a startled gasp escaping your lips.
“Give.” The giant holds out a hand expectantly, he grunts a quiet, “Thank you, boy.”
You hide your embarrassment–and sudden arousal–with the folder, holding it in front of your face as the intern lingers by the door.
“Can leave.”
“Dr. Banner also wanted to meet with the both of you in twenty minutes.”
As you review the results of Steve’s recent physical, the differences from the last one are stark. His weight has increased, probably from the change in his diet, from whole fruits to carbs, and his desire to try at least everything once.
You start squirming on his lap, his thick thigh tenses. “O-Okay, thank you.”
Steve inhales sharply, keeping his gaze locked on the intern until the door clicks shut. Then, he’s on you, flipping you around and plopping you on the desk, no definitive crack resonating through the room like last time. You noted to send Tony a fruit basket.
Steve’s face is buried in your neck, his beard roughly scratching you as he mouths at your skin. “Getting wet again…”
Your whine is muffled by his hand, vaguely reminding you of your first meeting in the jungle. Steve must remember it too, because he smiles, then nuzzles one half of your face, then switches to the other side.
“Smell good, sunshine…Love you.” His fingers trail up your skirt, pulling at the tights, “Taste before we go?” You gasp as the fabric is torn, from the crotch and down your legs until it’s a mangled mess on the floor.
A loud squeal escapes you as he latches onto your cunt, mouthing messily along your folds and suckling your nub. He groans against your wetness, his beard rubbing you raw.
Steve pulls back, wide eyes blinking. “Want you to squirt–again, please, like when we fucked.” You cover your face with your hands, thighs snapping shut but he prys them open, rough hands massaging your thighs, “again, please, love when you do it.”
You can’t deny him and it seems everyone also knows that because when you leave, they all give you knowing looks, the intern hiding behind his computer screen with the most startled expression. A contrast to Steve who was as smug as can be, your creamy mess still evident in his beard.
Tumblr media
You were so kind, all the way from the beginning. Your good heart could outshine any flame, glow amongst the brightest smiles, just like right now. In the sea of grinning children and parents, their gleaming faces are nothing compared to the beam on your lips.
“Your family loved you, they weren’t perfect but no one is.”
Steve doesn’t miss a beat. “You are.” His eyes are honest, blue.
You smile softly, “I have my flaws.”
“And they’re perfect to me…everything about you is perfect to me.”
You smiled so lovelily when he said that this morning, and as if history was repeating itself, you were smiling like that again. Except from halfway across the room as you lean on a bookshelf, listening to him read ‘Tarzan’ to the small circle of children.
The library walls are vibrant and the decorations are cohesive. The theme of a pond, painted trees on the walls and bookshelves, mushroom or flower painted table tops with little chairs at each.
The young children are completely immersed with the man in the comfy armchair. Steve flips the page, showing the colourful illustrations before reading the words, with just as much enthusiasm as he started the session with. Exaggerated facial expressions and giving each cartoon character their own voice. It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks ago he was repeating everything you said, learning different tones and pronunciation.
His eyes meet yours once again. Twinkling as they take in your gentle face.
You’ve been like this since he met you, and now that he knew you, he wanted you for the rest of his days.
After confessing your love for each other, Steve got more confident. Sexually, through his own initiations but also within himself through self-assurance. Mistakes have been made, they were unavoidable, but Steve always kept trying and that combined with your never-ending encouragement, has led to now. From struggling to read the letters from his parents, to reading with an animated voice to young children.
“Want to read, but will ask if don’t know. Want to try.” He exhales, determinedly glaring at the papers in his hands. “Will help, right?” After you nod, he begins the first one, dated a few weeks after his birth.
He quietly reads next to you and pauses to ask for help. Blinking down at you as his nose turned red, lips quivering.
‘We never want you to think that we don’t love you’ they say multiple times in the letters, they call him their angel, sweet boy, their baby. You watch Steve tear up as faded memories rush back, consisting of faces he couldn’t remember.
‘You love the animals and playing in the water,’ is printed in faint cursive, ‘I always told your father there was nothing bluer than your eyes–not even the crystal waterfall.’
There were many letters, and as the final sheet is pinched between his fingers, he pulls you onto his lap. Burying his face into the crook of your neck and kissing the skin.
“Am so sad–but don’t remember them. Barely remember faces…” He rubs his nose under your ear, “Wish they were there, have so much to tell them.”
‘The world is beautiful, my angel. As are animals and nature, all things are–and always will be–naturally beautiful. Although the effortless vision, be wary of those who choose to make the world a dangerous place.’
“Think I understand that…” Steve sniffles. “Not only good in the world–but doesn’t mean world bad–people can be good or bad. Just have to find the good, tender.” And be good and tender. “I found my good.” He says against your shoulder.
Steve succeeds and reads them all, with you hovering closely for help. It’s quite often, but you’re immensely proud of him. With a comforting hand on his back, rubbing slow circles as you listen to his deep drawl.
The sheet flutters to the coffee table, lying in the bed of tissues. And Steve breathes shakily, wrapping a blanket around the both of you before sinking into the couch. He’s snug between your thighs, the side of his face pressed against your bare tummy. He kisses the softness, possessively gripping your hip with his hand. “Want you for life. To the end–and whatever comes next.”
You clap with the rest of the crowd as Steve ends the book, setting it into his lap with a grin. Avidly asking the children what part was their favourite, beginning the energetic conversation that they all look forward to.
“How is he adjusting?”
You nearly jump out of your skin, wide eyes meeting James’ as he leans on the bookshelf across from you.
He cocks a brow, “are you all right?”
“I’d be perfectly fine if you didn’t sneak up on me like that.” You huff.
“I’m here for my nephew and I’ve been standing here the entire time, but you were too lost in him again.” James notes, “seems like he has that effect on people wherever he goes, hm?”
You sigh, about to speak but cut off by loud giggles. The children have all scooted closer to Steve as he flips through the picture book, excitedly pointing at the illustrations. Various colourful drawings of the jungle and wild animals, Tarzan’s adventures that almost mirror Steve’s life.
“Does he miss it? I can’t imagine the culture shock.” James asks quietly, following your gaze, “All of the unfamiliarity–the sudden wave of new. He seems fine but… you know, never mind.” The dark-haired man lifts his arm, revealing a tiny purple coat, “I’m glad he has you. He’s very lucky.”
“I’m the lucky one.” You glance at him.
James smiles as a young boy stumbles closer, he steps forward to scoop him off the ground and turns to you again. “Always the sweetheart, aren’t you? That’s what I adore most about you. Perhaps the both of you are lucky, then.”
All of the children reluctantly leave with their parents, enthusiastic farewells and waves to Steve, who happily returns each and every one of them.
The giant frowns, eyes following James as he waltzes away. He grumbles, “Flirting?”
You blink and shrug, “I actually don’t know.”
He makes a disgruntled noise, murmuring to himself, you only catch a few words, steal, fight, and mine. “Ugh, what he thinks he’s doing…”
“It doesn’t matter what he was doing because I don’t care. He is not one of my concerns and I’ll never go—”
“—steal, he can steal you—”
“—no, he won’t. Never.” You pinch his cheek, “do you know why?”
Steve blushes, “because love me?”
You grin, going on your tippy-toes and pulling him down for a quick peck, “that’s right, baby.” You release his face to grab his hand, about to head towards the exit doors, but he pulls you back. A startled squeal escapes you as you crash into his firm chest, his arms wrapping around you instantly.
“Why not say it—want you to say it, please?”
You turn in his hold, cupping his jaw and bringing him down to your height, “I love you, Steve. I love you so much.”
The blond chirps happily and affectionately nuzzle your face. He kisses your nose. “I love you—more than reading.”
Once you’re in the comfort of your home, you change into cozy clothes while Steve strips down to his underwear. He sits on the couch and pulls you to his lap, mouthing along your neck softly, as not to intentionally lead to anything—although he wouldn’t be opposed to it—but just a simple action to feel closer to you.
The television plays in the background to your thoughts as James’ words sink in. Of course, you’ve considered that before, but hearing it spoke those static concerns into fruition.
Poor Steve, the sinking feeling goes straight to your heart, tugging the strings in all sorts of directions and spelling out your guilt.
“FRIDAY, where’s Steve?”
“In his studio, Dr. L/N.”
As you step into the room, your jaw drops. There’s paint everywhere. Dark blue and black on the glass ceiling, there’s some deep green too, and it drips down. It’s also all over the walls, and floor, and most importantly, covering the blond man standing in the middle of it.
The giant jumps, paintbrush clattering to the ground as green spills onto his feet. A half-painted tree on the sunroof, next to bright white spots.
“What are you doing? Tony said no paint on the glass.”
There are streaks of paint on his face too. “...but sky…”
You gape at the once clear ceiling that projects anything–that did project anything.
Steve looks like a kicked puppy, with furrows brows and a pout. “City sky… can’t see stars–hate that can’t see stars. Miss home lately.” He confesses in a small voice, looking down at his black and blue hands. “Always slept under the stars… talked to the stars… when I don’t see it, I feel sad.”
You don’t realize you’re crying until Steve wipes your tears. His face twisting in confusion and worry, “what’s wrong?”
Every time you blink, you can see his home and his friends, Wendy, Peter and Tinkerbell. When your eyes are closed, you’re transported to that blissful heaven in the jungle with Steve, the man who smacked oranges out of your hand and carried you everywhere, the giant who risked his life for you.
Then you open your eyes and are flung back to reality. In the city that never sleeps, a playground bustling with energy and technology. Steve is still there and he hasn’t changed, except for the altered mannerisms for the modern world and widely expanded vocabulary and knowledge. But there’s a sadness in his eyes, you can’t tell if it’s a reflection of your own regret.
“What’s wrong?” He repeats with a deep frown.
You hiccup as he rubs under your eye, brushing away the tears. “I’m sorry, Steve.”
“For what?”
“I—We took you away.”
Steve tilts his head, bare chest rising and falling with each breath. The seconds bleed into minutes and soon enough, you’re lying on your back with Steve hovering over you. His hair tickles your face as he kisses away your tears, the delicate presses of his pink lips sweeping away the blue.
“Can be sorry… but don’t need to be.” He murmurs against your cheek. From his perspective, meeting you and leaving the jungle was both a blessing and a burden.
Hopping on a plane and flying across the globe was overwhelming enough. As was discovering the truth of himself and his family, what lay in his very existence. The jungle was his first home, the place where he’s spent most of his life, discovering himself within the sky-high trees and sparkling clear waters, it’s also where he’s nearly died a few times. But the city was his second and current home, especially with you in the picture.
Simply put, he loves the jungle, he loves the city and he loves you.
The city came with so many great things and introductions to opportunities and new experiences he’s been graced with. He’s made many new friends, like Sam, Bucky, and Tony, people with who he can communicate, people who are just like him. And the food was an enormous advantage too, no more fruits and bugs, rather meals stemmed from different cultures all around the world.
And the world—the world was huge, and there was so much to explore, so much he would have missed out on if he stayed in the jungle.
The blond sprinkles kisses from your forehead to your chin, “World… world is wonderful place, want to see every part of it.” He murmurs, brushing a hand on your neck, “Wouldn’t get to do that if never met you–or never left.”
Tumblr media
Steve is just as beautiful as he was when you first met him. His chest heaving slightly, a faint sheen of sweat covering his skin. His hair is wet too, just like yours since you did a spontaneous jump off the waterfall a few minutes ago.
He seems more relaxed to be back in his element, the jungle. You squeak as he pulls you on top of him, your naked skin sticking to each other.
“Stars–missed them so much.” He has a blissful expression on his face from the sparkling in the sky. One of his hands falls to your ass, cupping the flesh firmly. “Can smell you getting wet.”
“Technically, I am wet. It’s from the water.” You gesture to the rushing falls behind you, still as clear as your first visit to the island, but a little scary considering how dark it was outside.
“So happy Peter and Wendy liked gifts–Wendy looks cute in clothes…”
You hum, silently thanking Tony’s marvellous mind for bringing you all back here again. He proposed a little project last month after the paint incident. Stark Industries to operate a reserve for the island, protecting it under the law with big and nasty–his words–lawyers to ensure no one harms the wildlife or resources.
“My lawyers won’t fail to jail anyone who messes with the manbeasts island, and that’s a promise. We’re securing the island from anyone who doesn’t have explicit permission, creating a safety bubble of sorts, who knows, maybe you’ll live there once day, doc.”
You’ll never forget the way Steve’s eyes lit up at the mention of going back to the jungle.
“Always saw the stars when I slept here. Love seeing them again!” He exclaims, flipping you over to pin you against the blanket. Back at camp, your little shared cot is stripped bare–just like the two of you. Steve wiggles between your thighs with a smirk. “Want to know a secret?”
You hum, half amused. “I think I already know what you’re going to say.”
The moonlight caresses his features, “Didn’t know much about sex when we were here the first time, but want to have you now. Here, under the stars… my homeland.”
“You’re going to take me right here in the wild like an animal?”
“Mhm… know you’ll like it, sunshine.” Steve grins madly, “Also know you wanted me when we met–smelt you then.”
You go to shove his shoulder, but he grabs your hand and kisses your knuckles, nibbling on each of your fingers before pressing his lips to your palm. “So little compared to me…” He mumbles, trailing down your arm to your elbow, each movement sinks him closer.
Your eyes fall shut as he kisses across your chest, to your neck, murmuring about your smell and taste.
“Moon loves you.”
“Moon must love you.”
You shiver as his hands massage your thighs. “How do you know that?”
“Love makes people glow… and you’re glowing now.” He preens as your fingers knot in his hair, eventually cupping his bearded face. “Or, maybe that’s because you’re sunshine… but also don’t think I’m making sense right now…”
The laugh you let out is pure glee as you yank him down, your lips colliding in a slow kiss. His hard, big body presses against yours, his facial hair tickling your face, causing you to giggle again.
“Mhm–stop it, trying to kiss you, not your teeth.” Steve grunts, laughing too. He pulls away with a grumble, “trying to be romantic, why you’re so giggly?”
“I’m happy.” And, so, deeply, mindlessly, in love.
“I’m happy too.” The giant softens, “haven’t been this happy in jungle before… feels good to be back with you.”
It does feel good, it feels great, phenomenal.
Your journey, although it was completely out of your control, started on this very island, a few miles North. You suppose it only makes sense for a chapter to conclude back at the beginning.
Looking at Steve, his skin covered in a light sheen of sweat, thick lashes brushing the tops of his cheeks, you can see the faint red of his skin under the moonlight.
Looking at you, Steve remembers you saying there was no magic in your world–but you’re wrong. Because how else would he end up where he is, with you under him, a giggly and beautiful mess. How could everything fall into perfect place without magic?
Yeah, you both decide.
You both definitely want the other as a staple in your next adventure, making it a shared one. And hopefully the one after that, and after that. All the way to the end.
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐧𝐝𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: I never thought i’d actually end a story with ‘the end.’ As stated at the beginning, this part will be revisited tomorrow and over the weekend (for editing and adding parts, probably making the smut longer and putting more dialogue, so the word count will increase too).
𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞! My new series has been posted, it’s a role reversal of this lovely work with feral!reader — 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐝 𝐄𝐲𝐞
☼ 𝐃𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 𝐊𝐨-𝐟𝐢 ☼
Thank you everyone who has supported me since I started this series, you've all made me so happy, and I'll never be able to thank you enough. I hope you all enjoyed. I'm always open for feedback/your thoughts !
I don’t do taglists anymore. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐅𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 & 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐧 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐲: @𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞-𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬 
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MCU Masterlist II
check out my part I if you haven't already!
Bucky Barnes
Unfortunately Yours
3 AM
Pass Out
Bucky's Pastries
Been Like This
Nothing Wrong With You
Under the Table
Trainer Bucky
Friendly Neighbourhood Mafia Boss
His Love
On My Tongue
No Escape
Just a Scratch
It All Belongs to You
Fed Up
Dead of Night
Hungry Eyes
Move Out of My Way
Sweeter Than Sugar
Top of His List
Perfect, Doll
Caged Bird
Around Your Finger
Who Made You Cry?
My Girl
I Love You to the Moon and Back
Sleep Head
You And Me Against The World
Steve Rogers
I'm Not Finished Yet
Birthday Wake Up
Goddess of Worthy (ft. Thor)
Plus One
Wide Open
Pre Serum Steve
Baby Fever
Happy to See You
Nightmare Barns
We're Gonna Be Okay
Stucky x Reader
Snakes and Ladders
Mafia Men
Pretty Boy
Let Us Take Care of You
Laced Around Your Throat
Daddy Lessons
A Warm Place
Late Nights
The Mess We've Made
Late Nights
You Are My Homeland
Our Girl
No Control
French Fries
No Room Available
I Missed You
Happy 4th of July
Andy Barber
Good Behaviour
Look, Don't Touch
Happy Daddy's Day
Go Ahead and Cry Little Girl
In The Mirror
Necessary Arrangements
Good Little Wife
Ari Levinson
Ransom Drysdale
Love On The Brain
I'd Go Black And Blue
Lee Bodecker
Bad Days
Never Enough
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qxldtom · a year ago
No bc you know something's wrong when EVEN this mf would be a better Captain America than John Walker
Tumblr media
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dilemmaontwolegs · 2 months ago
Make It Better || b.b & s.r
Steve Rogers x fem!reader x Bucky Barnes
Summary: When you get hurt training your men take care of you. Warnings: 18+ only, NSFW, mmf threesome, thruple, vaginal sex, anal sex, breeding kink, mentions of blood, dirty talk from Bucky WC: 1920
Tumblr media
"Stop playing around." Bucky growled as you failed to take his training lesson seriously.
It wasn't your fault, knife throwing was something you already excelled at and standing in front of a rubber dummy for an hour tossing daggers at it bored you. You had soon started to sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes as you aimed at each part rather than just taking the heart shots that you were supposed to be doing.
"I don't need to train." You complained as you juggled the three daggers.
"Everyone needs to train." Steve appeared behind you, startling you.
A dagger slipped past your frozen hand and nicked the skin as it fell and a hiss escaped your lips as large hands gripped your waist. Steve managed to pull you back before the dagger lodged deep in the wooden floor where your foot was. Bucky shook his head as he pulled the knife out of the floor and tucked it back into the specialised pocket in his pants, a look of ‘I told you so’ written over his face.
"She's bleeding." He said to Steve who still hadn't dropped his hold from your waist, his thumbs rubbing soothing circles over your hips.
"Let's get you home and patched up." Steve said as he pulled his shirt over his head and wrapped it around your forearm.
"I'll be there in a minute." Bucky called after you as he closed up the gym for the night.
You didn't live far from the Avengers compound, opting for a home in rural upstate New York as opposed to a room at the compound. It was far easier to maintain your relationship when there was privacy and the space to be yourself. Even just crossing the boundary of the compound changed something in your super soldier and Steve reached over the console to take your hand in his. It was the small touches you missed whenever you were at work, his need to appear professional meaning he rarely indulged in any form of PDA.
You missed the warmth of his hand when he parked the car then he was already out of the car and at your door by the time you had taken your seatbelt off. The timed lights had already turned on for the night and your home looked welcoming as you walked the steps with Steve, his fingers flicking through his keyring and quickly finding the key to unlock the door. You took your time kicking your shoes off while Steve punched in the security code and disappeared into the family bathroom, cupboards banging as he fetched the first aid kit.
You were about to close the door when you heard the faint rumble of Bucky's motorcycle echoing down the long driveway and you could tell he was speeding from how fast the sound was increasing. The weather hadn't turned just yet so the air was still mildly warm, warm enough to leave the front door open for him, so you made your way to where Steve had dropped the first aid kit on the kitchen table and he pointed to your seat.
"It's just a scratch, babe." You dismissed his worry as you pulled his shirt away. "Oh."
It must have been deeper than you thought as his shirt was ruined and the cut hadn't clotted yet. Bucky had just stepped in at that point and rushed forward at the sight, grabbing your good arm and wrapping his other around your waist so he could rush you across to the kitchen. He dropped into your seat and pulled you across his lap with your arm laid out on the table for Steve to examine.
"You'll need a few stitches, Y/N." Steve said with an apologetic smile.
"And no more juggling knives." Bucky added.
"I got distracted." You flushed, thinking about Steve's deep voice and how it resonated on your bones. "It happens when I'm with the two of you."
You wriggled on Bucky’s lap at the mere thought and felt Bucky growing hard beneath you. Your breathing hitched as his hand gripped your hips to keep you still, but you needed friction.
“Bucky, let her go, she’s going to need a distraction.” Steve said, preparing the needle and thread as he watched his best friend's eyes darkening with desire. “Give her something else to think about.”
Bucky’s grip loosened and you rolled your hips, earning a soft moan. “I’ll give her something to think about alright.”
Anticipation clenched your core as he stood you up just long enough to push his pants down over his hips and free himself while Steve hooked his fingers in your leggings and pulled them off in one go. Bucky wasted no time in pulling you back on his lap, burying his cock in you without warning and filling you to capacity as you stretched to fit him.
“Where’s your manners, jerk?” Steve asked him with a shake of his head. “You alright baby girl?”
“Mhmm…” You moaned as Bucky pulled your legs apart, fingers teasing your clit with slow circles.
“Of course she's alright, her tight cunt is absolutely stuffed, listen to how wet she is Steve.”
You didn’t need to have serum enhanced hearing to hear the sloppy sounds coming from the work Bucky’s fingers were doing, stealing the leaking drips from your pussy lips to glide over your bundle of nerves. He hadn’t even started moving his hips yet you were a sopping mess for him.
“Just try to keep still.” Steve said as he took hold of your arm and pressed the needle to the cut.
“Hear that, doll, be a good girl and don’t move.”
Bucky’s vibranium snaked across your chest, pinning your back to his chest and keeping you still as his finger flicked across your clit. If it wasn’t for his arm holding you down you would have jerked at the shock his touch sent up your spine and he chuckled low in your ear. Your pulse raced in your neck as he grazed his teeth over the rapidly pounding spot and it was almost enough to forget what Steve was doing, until the sharp bite of the needle arched your back and pressed his cock deeper into you.
“Fuck.” You hissed as your arm began to burn and Bucky fingers pulled your mind away from the pain.
“Focus on me.” He ordered. “Feel how my cock fills your tight little cunt, how my fingers make you come undone around me.”
Your head was swimming as he nipped at your skin and you barely felt the next two stitches, too invested in the edge of bliss Bucky was leading you towards. You were so close but every time you almost reached absolution he would stop, the fluttering of your walls fading away and a new hunger for release filling you. Steve tied off the last stitch and barely managed to get the bandage on before you were reaching across for him, hands working to release his belt and free his cock for you. His hands caught yours with a shake of his head before he pulled you off Bucky’s lap, instantly missing the full feeling as his cock slipped out.
“Hey!” He complained with a frown, replacing his hand where your pussy had been and gliding his palm along his slick shaft. “I was enjoying that.”
“You gotta share.” Steve shot back, already halfway to your bedroom and ready to throw you down on the California king bed.
Bucky had caught up in an instant, pushing Steve off you where he had covered your body with his and you pouted as his lips disappeared from yours.
“Go on, doll, ride the Captain’s cock for me. Let me see him stretch you.”
You did as Bucky ordered and climbed over Steve’s body, straddling his hips and humming as you sunk down his long hard length. Your hands were planted on his broad chest and you loved the feeling of his pecs under your palms as you rolled your hips. A sigh of contentment filled the air as you finally got the friction you had been needing all evening and the sound was echoed by both of your men watching your breasts bounce in time.
“Doesn’t she look perfect?” Bucky asked as he gripped his cock harder and stroked it in time with you. “Gonna look so good when we put a baby in you.”
His words we like lightning sent straight to your core and Steve growled as he felt your pussy grip him tight. Bucky knew you were close after his edging and didn’t want to miss out on the feeling of your body trembling between your lovers. The bed dipped as he shifted behind you, straddingly Steve’s thighs and pushing you forward and into Steve’s embrace.
“Good girl, gonna take both our cocks.” He purred as he pushed his fingers into your pussy that was already stuffed full of Steve and slicked his fingers up before rubbing it over your ass. “Stuff both your holes so good.”
“God, yes…” You moaned as you felt him pressing against your ass, the muscle giving way to his little thrusts before his head pushed through and you cried out at the stretch. “Fuck, you feel so good.”
Bucky’s teeth grazed your shoulder as he inched himself deeper and deeper while Steve’s tongue lashed across your lips that parted for him. No one moved as Bucky’s hips met yours and there was no place that wasn’t filled by them. You couldn’t tell where your bodies began and ended, you were all one writhing hot mess.
“Please, fuck me.” You begged as you tried to move but couldn’t from how they had you pinned.
“Hear that, Stevie, she’s begging for our cocks.”
“We should give the lady what she wants.”
You cried out as they suddenly began to move, the smooth synchronisation than came with practice, and you felt their cocks brushing against each other through the thin wall that separated them. It was everything you needed and more as your stomach knotted and your legs trembled, release only moments away.
“Make sure you fill our girl up real good.” Bucky growled as he fought his own release until you came first. “Make her leak our cum for days.”
“Shit…” Steve groaned as Bucky’s words affected him as much as they did you and you came around their cocks, milking them both as they joined you with your release. You collapsed against Steve’s chest, listening to his heart pounding against you, and Bucky collapsed against your back to press delicate kisses across your shoulder. It still amazed you how he could go from being so dirty one moment to sweet the next but you loved both sides of him. You loved every side of both of them.
“Let’s get you cleaned up, baby girl.” Steve said as he slipped out of you, the mixture of your arousal running down your thighs.
Bucky eased himself out and you could almost cry at the emptiness they left behind. Their strong hands helped you climb off the bed and Bucky went into the ensuite, running a bath in the large spa before helping you settle in between them. Steve grabbed the wash cloth from the side and you sighed appreciatively as he washed your body, careful of your sore arm.
“I love you.” You smiled drowsily as their hands kept you afloat amongst the bubbles.
“Love you, doll.”
“I love you too, baby girl.”
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