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#steve rogers smut
Peter: why is Y/N outside crying? And holding a chocolate milkshake?
Bucky: she’s still out there?
Steve: Bucky I told you to bring her in FOUR hours ago!!!
*Steve jogs out to get Y/N*
Peter: so why is she crying?
Bucky: because and I quote, “why didn’t my milkshake bring all the boys to the yard?!?!” I’m surprised she didn’t drink the chocolate milkshake by now.....
Peter: she does know we’re dating right? Like she knows I’m her boyfriend?????
Bucky: I guess.
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punani · 9 months ago
Sweet, St. Catherine
Tumblr media
Requested: No
Summary: You love the chain around his neck more than you care to admit. 
Pairing: Chris Evans x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Warnings: NSFW smut, porn w/ minimal plot, fingering (f receiving), dirty talk, cursing, choking (brief), daddy kink (very brief), sex w/o a condom (please use protection guys)
a/n: not my best work, but i hope you enjoy nonetheless!!
“You alright, dear?”
Ms. Lisa’s smile is warm, and her hand on your arm grabs all of your attention in that moment. You’re thankful for the distraction from your boyfriend, but you also have to will yourself to not let your eyes dart back over to Chris at the same time. So, you hold onto the stem of your wine glass a little tighter and engage in the prompted conversation.
“Yeah, just think I’m feeling a little tired,” You express, even offering a small but soft smile to really sell it. Unveiling the truth about you staring off into space would be highly inappropriate, and you were not equipped to handle whatever unknown response you could potentially receive from Ms. Lisa if you didn’t hold your tongue.
The conversation between the two of you lulls for a moment, but it’s only because your mind wanders elsewhere once again.
“It’s good to have him back home, hmm?” She asks and you’re letting out a content response, because yes it is nice to have Chris back home, back in your arms in the flesh. The problem about him being back home in this instance is the fact that he’s so close and too far; had it not been for socially acceptable norms, a part of you genuinely believe that you would’ve climbed him like a tree in the middle of this room while proceeding to let him blow your back out across the walnut stained coffee table.
“You have no idea,” You hum in response, and that’s when Ms. Lisa wraps an arm around your shoulders in a loving manner. She’s always been that way with you: comforting, motherly, and forever warm. So, that’s why you find yourself leaning into her touch, watching as her children loudly talk and catch up with one another.
You loved Chris’s family and they loved you in return, wholeheartedly, but dammit you want to kill Chris for this.
His chain peaks out just underneath the collar of his shirt, as if mocking you right where you stood. He’s got his arm slung on he back of the couch, legs spread as he lounges on his mother’s sofa and seems to zone in on whatever the hell Scott is talking about at that point. To be honest, you tuned nearly everything out the moment your eyes caught sight of the chain– the one that’s pretty much attached to him the minute he gets back home; you wonder if he wears it so often after you accidentally let it slip that its effect on you never fails to make your body hot in more ways than one. Just like that, all over again from the start– you’re ready to go home.
“You alright, you’ve been kinda quiet tonight, honey,” About an hour has passed, and you have found your rightful place next to Chris on the couch. You’re leaned up against his side, his arm slung around you as the deep sound of his voice whispering into your ear calls for your attention.
“Yeah,” As you shift to look at him, your voice remains unconvincing– Chris automatically picking up on something lying beneath your tone. He doesn’t say anything for a moment, but you move to get even closer to him– crossing one leg over the other and even going as far as to rub the outer ball of your heel against his jean covered shin; the corner of his lip twitches.
“Just tired then?” From the sound of his voice, you can tell that he knows which gears are turning in that pretty little head of yours.
“Only if you’re ready to go home, baby,” You purr softly, but truthfully? You never want to cut Chris’s quality time with his family short. You know how close all them are, and how sometimes, being away due to filming really grew hard on Chris. You’re being honest with yourself in that aspect, but you’re also being honest in not wanting to hide that every passing minute seeing him in such casual clothing with that damn chain just increases your libido for him.
Your eyes shift from his face to said chain, focusing on the silver that gently rests against his faintly tanned skin. Without even thinking, you’re raising your fingers to slightly play with the metal– grazing the warmth of his chest in the process.
As you do this, Chris remains quiet, but you don’t miss the feeling of his heart skipping a small beat. The silence between the two of you only lasts for a moment.
“Yeah, I–“ He quietly clears his throat, shifting his body even closer to the point where if you lifted up your thigh– you could practically be sitting on his lap in the middle of his mother’s family room.
Thank the Lords that the rest of the Evans crew was too caught up with another round of pictionary to notice the suggestive nature between you two.
“I think I’m ready to go home too, honey,” There’s a rasp in his voice, his breath ghosting over the shell of your ear before subtly taking your lobe between his teeth.
You’re biting back a moan, slightly shivering underneath his touch as he takes his hand and rubs your shoulder as if in a comforting manner.
To anyone else, it looks like Chris is simply about to kiss your temple and whisper a sweet nothing to you, but in reality? He’s actually telling you that he can’t wait to have your legs shaking like the good girl he knows you to be.
The goodbyes are quick after that, and the ride back to Boston home is even quicker; the fact that Chris wasn’t pulled over is both impressive and a miracle in your eyes.
“Need some help there?” Chris playfully mocks you, pressing his chest up against your back as you struggle to get your keys into the lock of the front door. It wasn’t very convenient that you kept on fumbling with the keys, but it wasn’t helpful that Chris kept on dipping his head to press faint kisses to your exposed neck.
You’re letting out a sigh of relief when the two of you nearly stumble through the threshold. Met with a silent house, it’s easy to deduce that Dodger’s gone to bed thanks to you and Chris leaving food and water out for him before leaving for dinner.
“Chris, I–“ Your breathless giggle is swallowed by Chris as he kisses you, moving to press his body up against the nearby wall after the two of you clumsily kick your shoes off by the door.
His hair is soft between your fingers, the tufts weaving against your digits as you tug him closer to you to deepen the kiss. Groaning in return, Chris’s hand slams against the wall next to your head, his body pressing up against yours as his other hand moves to grip your thigh and successfully hike your leg on his hip.
He feels so good against you– feels like home and a dream all wrapped into one and you can’t get enough. In fact, you find yourself dipping one of your hands beneath the collar of his shirt, your fingernails finding the smoothness of his skin before digging in just enough to elicit a grunt from him as his tongue continues to collide with yours in an increasingly heated kiss.
It’s as if the two of you are reverted back to the days of being horny teenagers in high school, cling onto one another as if no touch would ever be enough. That is how your shallow dry humping against the wall turned into Chris hoisting you into his arms, your legs wrapping around his waist with ease as your fingers card through his dark roots, and he’s maneuvering the two of you up the steps as if he’s done it thousands of times before.
You wouldn’t be surprised if that estimation were true.
Chris’s lips never leave yours. The taste of him floods your mouth like a cool river, and you vaguely hear the sound of the master bedroom door being kicked shut– just before you’re being firmly set down on top of the expanse of your vanity.
A few things topple off of the counter, but you two are too wrapped up in one another to genuinely care about cleaning it.
Chris’s hands are all over you: pushing your skirt up even further so it bunches up around your waist, peeling your shirt off of your body to throw it behind him on the floor, and soon enough he’s letting his fingertips run against the hem of your underwear.
“Wonder how wet you are for me, honey,” He muses smugly, already having an inkling from how you’re desperately trying to rut yourself against the growing bulge behind the zipper of his jeans.
You mewl at the feeling of him running two fingers against your clothed slit, craving for more than he was willing to give you at that point. Though he doesn’t give you what you want immediately, he does dip his head down to place open mouthed kisses along the column of your throat and eventually across your exposed collarbones. Chris keeps on going till he’s mouthing at the swell of your breasts, his left hand moving to pull the cups of your bra down so he could give some well deserved attention to your hardening nipples.
All you can do is lightly throw your head back into the mirror behind you, your hands cradling his head to your chest as your back arches to feel more of him against you.
“F-Fuck, that feels– oh!” It catches you off guard– the feeling of Chris snapping your panties off of you, shoving them in his back pocket as he lightly runs his teeth against  your peeked nipple while palming the other one.
Before you can say anything, the words vanish from your mind because his pointer and middle finger press against your clit; naturally, your hips jut out against him and he’s moving to find your lips once again, smirking into the kiss as you react to his touch so easily.
“What’s got you so worked up, hmm?” Chris asks, a small smile gracing his lips when he catches you trying to chase his lips into another kiss. He denies you of course, but he’s quick to slip one finger inside you, teasing you while waiting for your pending response to his question.
“Baby, please,” You jut your bottom lip in a slight pout, wanting more– needing more.
“Believe I asked you a question, sweetheart,” He states before pushing another finger into your tight heat. You know that he wants you to use your words, he wants to hear you ask, perhaps even beg, for what you want from him. However, though he wants to hear those pretty little words escape your mouth, Chris also relishes in making the task harder for you.
“You’ve been giving me these eyes all night, honey...why is that?” Even in the dimness of the room, you can still see the glint in his eyes. He speaks to as if he’s not plunging two fingers into your quivering hole, as if you’re not leaking between your thighs to a point where you’re sure you’re making mess on your vanity.
Chris curls his fingers within you, the pads dragging against that soft, spongey part that has you keening– your thighs jump as you choke on words that immediately die on your tongue; to make matters worse (or perhaps better), the ball of his palm presses against your clit, granting you that extra boost of stimulation that tightens in the coil in the pit of your stomach.
Your hands are on his shoulders, your nails digging into him as you try to ground yourself. However, your eyes move from his face to the spark that started this whole flame: the chain around his neck. Your body acts before your brain can process it.
Chris is about to say something else, but you’re quick in grabbing at the chain from underneath his shirt to pull your man towards you in a searing kiss.
His free hand finds the back of your neck, fingers wrapping around enough to feel your pulse race underneath the pressure of his digits. It was all so intense: his hand around your neck, his fingers opening you up for him, his lips against yours, his chain in-between your fingers– you can’t even warm him that you’re cumming.
The dam within you breaks, your thighs trying to squeeze together to help calm yourself from the sudden burst of pleasure coursing through your veins.
“Sh-Shit,” You squeak out, failing to calm down your breathing as Chris continues to finger you through your orgasm while tilting your head back to lick a stripe from your collarbone to your earlobe.
Even with the slight darkness the two of you are in, you can still see Chris’s eyes capturing your attention when he finally decides to remove his fingers from your slick channel– he even makes a small show of licking your essence off of him, moaning as he does so.
“Always taste so good, but you still didn’t answer my question,” There’s a rasp in his voice, and as if you couldn’t get any wetter– you’re wrapping your legs around him to pull his frame closer to yours.
Immediately, you can feel the hardness of him against your exposed core, and a piece of you wants to feel the weight of him on your tongue...but another piece of you– a larger piece of you wants to have him on-top of you right in that instant.
It’s a flurry of rushed movements– moving from the vanity to the king sized bed. In the few seconds, you’re able to peel Chris’s shirt off and get his jeans unbuckled, and as soon as he’s placing you on the bed, he’s tugging your bunched up skirt off of you in a quick motion.
It makes you feel vulnerable in the best way– being completely bare in front of him while he still has some clothing on his body.
“You look so pretty like this...always makes me want to take my time with you,” You can’t tell if Chris is talking to you or himself in that moment, but there’s no denying the way goosebumps arise wherever he drags his knuckles against your skin. You whine in response, looking up at hime with wide, glossy eyes that tell him everything need needs to know. Well..mostly everything.
“I need you, baby, please,” You breathe the words out as if it took too much energy out of you, reaching out to mess with the button and zipper of his jeans as he finds his rightful place between your spread thighs.
“Yeah? What do you need, princess?” He sports a lopsided grin, seemingly amused at the way you try to push his jeans and boxers off of him. Truth be told, he needs you just as bad, but this was also part of the fun for him– watching you almost struggle to find the words and replace them with frenzied actions instead. It was cute really, endearing.
“I need to feel you inside me,” You start, shifting your eyes to look up at him as you reach past the barrier of his boxers and hold him in your warm palm. Chris’s breath hitches when you drag your thumb over the slit, smearing his precum over his bulbous tip before slowly stroking him. Your other hand reaches up to pull his head down just enough so that your lips could be right by his ear. “I want to feel you fill me up, daddy.”
Just how he knew your weaknesses, you knew his as well. That word never failed to switch something off inside of him, and just like that? He’s pushing your hand off of him so he could kick off the rest of his clothing, and he’s quick to hover over you once again.
His chain hangs in your face, the glimmer of the patron saint flickering before your eyes. It’s such a constast– the sight of something holy being the root of your heightened libido, staring you in the face as if telling you that there might just be a sweet place of damnation waiting for you after you take your last breath. 
In that moment though, you don’t care. All you care about is the feeling of Chris dragging his cock through your slick pussy, bumping his tip against the bundle of nerves that has you grasping at his bicep. 
The burn is delicious when he finally slips himself into you, a guttural moan coming from the back of his throat at the feeling of your warm walls englufing him like a true welcome home. 
“F-Fuck, your pussy feels so good,” It’s a whisper, as if he’s afraid someone else in the world might hear him other than you. However, you’re inhaling deeply when his hips are finally flush against yours– filling you up to a point where the line of pleasure and pain blurs and you’re digging your nails into his skin as he thrusts into you.
His pace is deliberate, reaching parts of you that has your toes curling and pitiful moans falling past your lips. 
“Ugh...Yes..Ri-Right there, baby,” You gasp out, and Chris is quick to dip his head down and capture your lips in another kiss. His tongue invades your mouth, and you can still taste the reminence of yourself on him. He feels so damn good, but you’re hungry for more still.
When he pulls away from you, you’re trained on his chain swinging back and forth in front of your face, right in time with his thrusts. 
You’re wrapping your legs around his waist, your heels pressing into the flesh of his ass so that he stays flush against you and as deep as possible. The tip of his cock kisses your cervix and you’re gasping for air while Chris chokes back on a moan at the feeling of your walls fluttering around him nicely.
“Baby– holy shit,” He cuts himself off into a whisper, eyes widening when he notices you’re taking his chain in between your teeth as he grinds against you.
Your lashes flutter and you buck your hips, and Chris swears that he feels his balls tighten exponentially at the sight of you. You look so wanton, so desperate, so needy for all of him, and seeing his chain between your teeth as your eyes water and your lashes flutter? That has him wrapping a constrained hand around your throat and delivering some harsh thrusts into you despite the slight restriction of your legs wrapped around him.
“That’s what you wanted, princess? Such a dirty girl,” He muses, and you know that you’re not going to last any longer.
Releasing the chain from your mouth, you throw your head back into the pillows, back arching as your second orgasm of the night washes over you. Chris has got you, his hand finding your back to pull you flush against him as he chases his own release.
Fucking you through your orgasm, you feel him shudder against you, a warmth blossoming in the deepest parts of you as he finishes and proceeds to give you a lazy, sloppy kiss as the two of you try to come down from the blissful high recently experienced.
You don’t know how much time passes, your mind settling into a relaxed haze as Chris pulls a blanket over the two of you; your head finds his chest in subtle muscle memory, and his arms wrap around your body in a comforting manner.
“So...the chain does it for you, huh?” His voice breaks the silence of your dark room, and though he can’t see your face– you’re certain he can feel you smile against the planes of his chest.
“You have no idea.”
i love feedback of all kinds!
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iwantutobehapppier · a year ago
Daddy’s Halloween Baby
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: Watching Steve with kids at the Avenger Compound Halloween event gets you thinking about kids of your own.
Warnings: Smut straight up smut, breeding kink, unprotected sex, oral, anal play, daddy talk, just a lot of putting babies in you talk okay? 18+ Only!
Word Count: 3,350
A/N: This is for @sherrybaby14 Fall Challenge. My Prompt was “I don’t want to go in there, it’s scary.” Uuuh so I want Steve Rogers to put a baby in me and that was the fuel for this lolol. Comments and reblogs welcomed and encouraged haha.
Tumblr media
“I don’t want to go in there, it’s scary,” the tremble in the shortest of the school children’s voice pulled on your heartstrings. However seeing the helpless look of the towering suited Captain America the child clung to you had to bite your lower lip to hold in your laughter.
Steve hadn’t dealt with kids outside of giving autographs since Bucky’s little sisters back in the 1930’s. Having one cling to him as he stood with a group of children outside of the Haunted House erected on the Avengers Compound grounds was less than ideal situation for America’s hero.
You wanted to save him, you really, really did but the look of fear on his face regarding children was too good not to enjoy. Truth be told your desire to watch this play out far outweighed your obligations to save your love from his undue fears. Gesturing to the little girl clinging to his leg you hoped Steve would try to assuage her fears.
With a deep breath Steve knelt down to the little girl’s eye level and raised his arm, doing an exaggerated flex. You licked your bottom lip watching the flex of muscles you were rather familiar with.
“You see these arms?” The girl dressed as black widow let out a soft confirmation while her tiny finger pokes the unyielding muscle. “They’ve taken down numerous Nazis, aliens and bad guys of all kind.” Her eyes widen at Steve’s words, mouth dropping open. 
“I promise you they’ll protect you from anything in there, okay?” The little girl nods her head wrapping her arms around Steve’s neck. He pulls her close to stand up and the two of them made their way into the haunted house.
Staying a few steps behind you held your hand to your mouth trying your best to keep your cool at Steve’s paternal nature. While the two of you had spoken in abstract of having children, watching him interact with the little girl left an ache deep inside. You wanted to bare his children right now.
However all the children that had been brought to enjoy the ‘Avenger Halloween’ event Pepper suggested for PR where a reminder that your dirty thoughts about being filled with a super soldier’s sperm should be put on the back burner. For now.
The sky was beginning to turn darker shades for the oncoming dusk as you knelt down helping children light the candle inside their jack-o-lanterns. With the children's pumpkins illuminated you noticed a young boy struggling to pick his up. Moving between children you knelt down once more to help the young boy hold his pumpkin up for photos. You couldn't help the bright smile that spread across your face seeing the outlines of Captain America shield glowing bright from the pumpkin. 
Beyond the photographer Steve watches you support majority of the pumpkins weight. Steve had removed his cowl, feeling he's had sufficient time in his full regalia for the children. The earnest of your smile made the corners of his mouth lift, he always does enjoy seeing you happy. 
Once the photos were completed you caught sight of Steve chatting with Sam and made your way towards them. Approaching the pair Sam patted Steve's shoulder.
"Alright Steve they want us at the bobbing apple area. Tony's got something planned for us." You frowned at Sam's words. Steve looked at you with a creased brow, he never liked being far from you for long and the two of you had barely seen each other since the morning.
Taking your hand in his, Steve gave you a gentle squeeze. "I'll find you later sweetheart." Your chest warmed at his affections and nodded, disappointed to let his hand go as he followed Sam.
True to his word he found you later that evening. The kids were all on their way home, bellies full of candied apples with bags loaded to the brim of candy and small Stark Tech gadgets.
You had already removed your full regalia, preferring simple sweater and yoga pants, content to munch on candy you snagged while watching a horror movie with Wanda. 
Steve stood behind the couch you occupied watching the movie on with a frown. He wasn't a fan of horror movies.
"So unrealistic," he called out as the female character ran upstairs. Wanda and yourself jumped in your seats. 
"Steve you need to warn people you're in a room." Wanda scolded, you turned your head to see his brow furrow further at her words.
Looking down at you his face softened, but eyes narrowed at the candy bowl you were attempting to hide under your sweater.
"Sweets this late? Your going to feel sick tomorrow." Your nose wrinkled at him. 
"Thanks Dad," you rolled your eyes. In his slacks and characteristic button up made the fatherly persona you had seen in him only increase with his comment on your candy consumption.
Setting the bowl down you leap over the back of the couch. Catching Steve off guard was always hard to do. You couldn't help the satisfaction at the shock that encompass his face as you wrap your arms around his neck. On reflex his arms encase your waist tight to his body.
“What has gotten into you?” His eyebrows almost touching his hair line in shock at your uncharacteristic behavior.
“Just wanted to feel those strong Nazi, alien and bad guy take down muscles for myself,” you teased enjoying the soft blush blooming across his cheeks.
“You know I’m not the best with kids,” his eyes drop to the side, when his insecurities were out in open you knew he had let the Captain America persona down and was just your Steve once more. 
“I thought you were rather fatherly with her,” Your elbows rested on his shoulders fingers carding through his hair. Raising to the tip of your toes and pressed your lips against the shell of his ear. 
“Very much like a daddy.” The dip in your voice at the final word caused Steve’s nostrils to flare, inhaling so fast he was choking on his own spit.
Turning you around he guided you out of the common areas towards private quarters. Not wanting to continue this conversation with prying ears and rather not have anyone see what your new title was doing to him. You weren't even able to say goodnight to Wanda, not sure she even noticed your departure being so enthralled in her movie once more.
Once inside your shared rooms the lights automatically turned on thanks to the AI. Steve kicked the door shut and your turned to face him again only to have his arm snake around your waist and pull you flush to him. 
You pulled your lower lip between your teeth looking up at him with hooded eyes. Steve gave a trepidatious look as your hands slip up his chest.
“You like being called daddy?” The silence reigning between the two of you gave way to his very audible swallow.
“You wanna be a daddy?” His head tilts calculating the levity of your words.
“What was that sweetheart?” The richness of his voice rising through his chest gave you pause. Looking at him with hooded eyes you pressed on.
“You wanna be a Daddy?” Your arms slide over his shoulders and his neck playing with the fine hairs at the base. “You wanna put a baby in me, daddy?”
His eyes dilated a fraction, without hesitation he lifted your entire body up to his chest as a groom would carry his bride. With purposeful steps he makes his way to your shared bed where he sets you down with care.
He rolls the sleeves of his button up shirt to his elbows, you couldn’t control the way you lick your bottom lip at the sight. His hand caress your cheek and you nuzzle into the warmth of his hand on reflex closing your eyes.
“You know better than to play around with something like that.” His voice deep with desire. Your eyes flicker open catching his enlarge pupils hiding the gorgeous blues and greens of his iris. Idly you hope your child had his eyes.
“I’m not playing,” you pull your lower lip between your teeth again, watching his reaction. Steve’s hand on your cheek coaxes your head to upturn to his. Your lips barely touching as he turns his head down.
“You gonna be a good girl and let daddy flood your sweet pussy?” A whimper passes your lips at his words. "You want to feel daddy's big bare cock?"
You barely contain you groan. "Yes," you mewl "Please daddy!"
He crashes his lips against yours, unbridled desire pouring from his mouth to yours. His tongue taking residence against yours. His hands are frantic moving underneath your sweater slipping under the sports bra he finds beneath.
When he massages your breasts you are unable to hold back your whimpers. One of your hands cards through his hair gripping tight as you gasp when he plucks your nipples. The other digs into his back, bunching up his shirt untucking it from his pants.
Pulling his mouth from yours, with one movement he whips your sweater and bra off. He begins to unbutton his shirt but your hands cover his. Looking at him through your eyelashes you whisper out "Let me."
His arms fall away to snake around your waist squeezing your ass in his large hands. With shaky hands you work on unbuttoning his shirt in haste only to pause when he slaps your ass cheeks twice. 
"Hurry up sweetheart," he taunts as you pause a third time from him slapping your ass with both hands gripping your cheeks between his fingers then kneading.
Finally undoing the last button you pull the shirt off and down his arms making him let go of your ass. At the sight of his white tank you pull it over his head faster than he expects, his arms almost tangling up in the tank to get out.
Nibbling your bottom lip you eye the wide expansion of muscles that make up his chest and lower abdomen. Every time you saw him it was like staring at a Greek marble statue, his physique God like.
Steve slips his hands back on your ass under your pants and underwear, you enjoy the feel of his hands directly on your skin. One hand pulling your cheeks apart the other slipping below and forward to play with your swollen wet heat.
"Baby you're so wet." He groans out, kissing up and down your neck pausing to mutter against your skin. "You want daddy's cum don't you?" Kissing behind your ear, his voice searing. 
"Yeah you do." He slips his finger up and down your slit, loving how your desire for him drips from you. "You want me to flood this sweet little pussy."
He pushes you down on the bed, covering your body with his, slotting himself between your legs.
“Steve please,” you coo gripping his belt as his fingers delve in your pants between your swollen lips once more, gathering your juices but never entering.
“Patience,” his voice rumbles in his chest “Daddy’s gotta get you ready, sweetheart” He peppers kisses along your neck as you rock your hips against his fingers. Using his other hand he shucks your pants down and lifts your legs in the air to remove them. Earning a soft giggle from you that he cuts off crashing his mouth against yours. 
Sitting back up he holds your legs up in the air Steve leans down, his head trails to hover over your covered core, he inhales so deep you find it equally hot as embarrassing.
Steve pushes his nose into you underwear rubbing against your clit. With a deep inhale he mutters against the cloth "I wonder," he pauses taking one hand from holding your legs up to pull your underwear to the side. He releases a deep groan at the site of your swollen lips shinny with arousal.
"I wonder if you'll taste different when pregnant," he covers your core with his whole mouth, sucking your sensitive lips. Dragging his tongue from the bottom of your slit up to your clit and closing his lips around your clit in suction only to release with a loud pop. Satsified at the gasp and whimpers falling from your mouth.
You drag your fingers through his hair pulling up but he grunts and pushes his face into you. Removing his hand holding your thighs up they fall to rest on his shoulders.
His hand slips between your swollen lips once more, with his index and middle finger he slowly enters your pussy.
"You're so wet baby," he groans against your slit, tracing his tongue along you clit in random patterns. Once his fingers are in completely he pulls his head back and pushes his palm against your clit. 
Looking at you he grins, your eyes closed with your head thrown back, fingers digging into his skull and that delicious mouth open in a perfect 'o' shape.
"You want to carry my baby?" You open your eyes to find his, pulling your lower lip between your teeth he groans at the sight.
"Yes," Steve grins at your eager reply.
"And if I want more than one?'
Just as you open your mouth to speak his fingers begin to thrust into you faster and curling ever so slightly. Rubbing along that spongy spot. Your hips lift high off the bed and he chuckles, 
"Oh sweetheart," he holds your hips down raising up on his knees but never slowing down his fingers. You're almost a blubbering mess hands now gripping the sheets, "You've gotta speak up for daddy." 
When you go to speak again he rips your underwear off and increases the pressure of his palm on your clit rubbing in circular pattern. You moan out, once again thwarted from talking. You want to glare at him but the sensations he is rolling through you body climbs as distraction.
Smirking at you from between your legs he enjoys the sight of your helplessness to pleasure and doubles his pace. The graphic wet noises your swollen slit produces, music to his ears.
His other hand caresses your lower abdomen, fingers curling into your soft skin. "I can't wait to see your stomach swell with our child."
You cry out arching your chest upwards at the rolling pleasure of ecstasy taking your breath away as you fall off the precipice. Your heart races as Steve watches your chest rise and fall trying to catch your breath. He lowers his face letting his heat of his breath caress your mound.
“And when you're swollen with our child I’ll fuck you here,” his fingers, well lubricated from your slick, slid easily out of your slit and into your puckered back entrance. A high pitched whine pushes from your lungs, his tongue laps along your pussy lips gathering the honey you pour out for him.
It's too much, his fingers diving into your ass, tongue lapping up and down your slit pausing to suck on your clit. Before you can find your bearings from your first orgasm a second one is rocking your body. A cracked cry falls from your lips, Steve pulls his hand from both your holes in response. 
Standing up from the bed he pulls his pants and briefs off watching you twitch in after shocks. A smug grin on his face as he notches himself between your legs. Rubbing the head of his inflamed cock against your clit he revels in your soft mewls and glossy eyes.
"You still with me?" Your head luls up and down. He hooks his arms around the back of your knees planting his palms flat on the bed beside your shoulders. 
Your hands cup his face, fingers crawling up into his hair. Steve dips his hips, his cock head catching at your entrance you both groan.
"It's time for you to take this cock sweetheart," he cants his hips downward. Your body seizes up, his thick cock dragging along your walls in the most delicious way.
Once fully seated his lips capture yours in a kiss full of teeth and tongue. Swallowing your whimpers when his pelvis pushes against your engorged clit. With a sigh he pulls his lips from your kissing down your chin to your neck pausing at your shoulder's dip.
"Fuck," his voice hot against your skin. "You feel so good."
He jerks his hips back until he's almost left your scalding heat only to shove himself right back in. Capturing your mouth once more he swallows your scream, as your hands grip his back digging nails into taut muscles.
Thrusting in and out of you, Steve pulls a gasp out of you every time he bottoms out.
"You feel me baby?" He remains completely in you. "Right at your cervix?" Steve growls lifting his head from your neck rearing his hips back and pushing back in with such force it rocks you up the bed. Crying out his name you press your hands against the headboard.
"Nothin' gonna stop your ripe body from taking what it needs, what it craves."
The clapping of your skin hitting each other at his manic tempo echoes on the walls. 
"You're so wet for daddy," he pulls his arms from your knees, your legs bend around his back on instinct. Curling his arms under your shoulders he uses the new grip as leverage. "I'm gonna flood your tight pussy."
"Please Daddy," you blubber out between moans. His cock pushing on that sweet spot every thrust spiraling you towards delirium.
"That's it sweetheart. Milk daddy's cock." His words are enough to pluck that final string, your heat gripping his cock almost painful through your orgasm.
The tightness and fluttering of muscles is his undoing. Chin falling to chest he groans, doing just as he promised flooding your pussy with his seed.
It's a few moments before you come to and the first sensation is his cock remaining hard inside you. Looking up, Steve has the audacity to give a boyish smile and blush when your muscles contract around him. 
Soon he's pistoning within you, the ache of his cock sliding along your swelling walls is borderline torturous. When you whimper out at the discomfort almost over taking the pleasure he slows down and captures your lips in a languid kiss.
"My beautiful girl taking daddy's cock," his words slurred against your lips. The discomfort wanes when he dips a hand down to slowly strum your engorged clit. Soft moans fall from your mouth between his kisses.
Steve grins against your lips when your walls flutter around his cock again signaling your oncoming release. "You gonna be a good girl and cum with daddy one more time?" Nodding your head touching foreheads he kisses you once more and picks up tempo.
"I want you completely filled with daddy's cum." His words hazy as you feel the growing tightness. "Need you to take my cum so deep and give me a baby." You hear that.
"Yes, yes!" He sits up on bent knees pulling you into his lap. You cry at the last yes feeling him kiss your cervix opening. His hands hold you at your hips fingers digging into your soft flesh to lift you up and down his throbbing cock. Both of you over stimulated. Burying his face into the side of your head he mutters into your hair.
"Daddy's gotta cum one more time," he's pulling your soaked pussy up and down his cock with ease. "Just one more sweetheart."
You can't help when your back bows crying out as the sweeping sensation of cumming a final time consumes you like an inferno. Steve hunches over you, pressing his forehead into your chest. His hips shove upward holding you still so he can fuck his cock up into you.
"Mine, mine," he chants his whole body shaking, chasing his own end. With one final thrust you feel the spurts inside your drenched heat.  
He holds you to him for awhile, body spasming against yours. His smell and heat of his skin encasing you in its entirety. The grip of his arms around you tight enough to feel as though he wanted to mold you into one.
With great care he lays you flat on the bed looking you in the eyes, a softness you adore encasing his face. Placing a hand on your lower abdomen he makes soft circles. The touch soothing on your frazzled senses. 
His other hand slides past and his fingers glide along your wet lips, you whimper in protest as his fingers curl inside of you. The graphic noises of his cum leaking around his fingers is all you can hear as he starts a sluggish pace. 
"You gotta come again,” An involuntary sob pulls from your lips at his words. “Increases chances of implantation sweetheart.” he justifies while  his thumb rubs circles along your clit and the pads of his fingers seek the spongy secret spot he adored. 
Tears slowly fall from your eyes at the sensations forced through your body. The double stimulation of his fingers more than your body can take. He pulls that final orgasm he needed and you pass out from sheer exhaustion.
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
I Did Something Bad - 1.
Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader AU
Part 2 <<
Run-through: You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…
Themes: bratty!reader, smut, daddy kink, bodyguard!stucky
Tumblr media
“What a brat.” Steve mumbled under his breath.
“I agree.” Bucky sent a brief nod towards him.
They were both right behind you, each holding your countless shopping bags as they walked the steps which led to the front door of your house.
Correction, your father’s house. You didn’t actually own anything, you were just blessed enough to have been born in a filthy rich family. And you were an only child, so your parents treated you like you were the most precious thing in the world. You were spoilt.
Spoilt like Steve and Bucky had never seen before. You had people to do everything for you. You didn’t even do your own make up or hair in the morning; you had an entire team for that.
Your parents were away most of the time, on business trips and earning more money so you could be even more of a spoilt brat. Given they were away, they had two of the most highly trained, professional bodyguards stay with you to ensure your safety – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
The two were the best of friends, and initially they didn’t even want to put up with you. But the paychecks which came from your father each month were hefty. So they compromised; put up with your annoying, bratty self just for the salary.
There were other perks of the job. They got to stay in a lavish mansion, they got to travel everywhere, enjoy the finest things in life, along with you.
 “Uh, can one of you guys come help me?” came the sound of your voice from inside your bedroom. The two men who were outside your bedroom groaned quietly.
They shared a look and opened the door to your grand bedroom and stepped in. They always envied you, and all the nice things you had without even having work a day in your life. They both looked around, looking for you in the spacious bedroom.
You stepped out of the walk-in closet wearing a black, lace bodysuit – showing off your cleavage and your legs.
The two men’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets.
Oh another perk to the job, you were smoking hot. And that almost made up for your attitude that they had to put up with at times, because who wouldn’t like a doll parading around them all the time?  
You walked up till you stood in front of them, nonchalantly checking out the new rings and jewelry you had on, which you had bought earlier. Not caring about the fact that you were semi-naked in front of the two.
“Can one of you zip me up?” you spoke, without looking up.
And it took both of them a few seconds to process everything. They shared a look again, filthy things on both their minds.
“I’ll do it.” Steve spoke up before Bucky could even open his mouth and offer to help. The latter glared at his friend. Steve walked up behind you, and gently pushed all your hair out of the way and shifting it over your shoulder while he shamelessly let his eyes roam over your semi-exposed body.
He took his sweet time to find the zipper and closing it gently, letting his fingertips lightly caress your skin. He admired the shape of your body once he was done, Bucky did the same. You walked away from Steve, not even thanking him and went on to admire yourself in the mirror.
The two men couldn’t take their eyes off you as you posed in front of the mirror, checking yourself out and clicking pictures here and there.
“I want a green smoothie.” You said, to no one in particular. But neither of them heard because they were busy checking you out. And seeing they weren’t moving you turned around and faced them. “Hello? I said I want green smoothie.” You said, as usual, in that bratty voice of yours. You had absolutely no patience, you were a total brat.
But that didn’t matter right now. Not when you looked like that; beautiful and enticing, but so out of their league.
Bucky cleared his throat and peeled his eyes off you. “Steve will get it. Someone has to stay here with you.” He made the decision without even sparing Steve a look.
And poor Steve had to agree and leave the room. While Bucky stayed in your room and enjoyed the show as you tried on all the clothes and lingerie you bought earlier today.
 You caught Bucky staring at you through the mirror and you internally smirked. You considered yourself lucky that the two bodyguards your dad had appointed were both eye candy. All your friends drooled over both of them; you included.
How could you not? They were always so… hot. Black suits, dark sunglasses whenever you were out, broody and handsome; they could make any one’s heart flutter. You knew how the brat in you annoyed them, but you couldn’t help it. You liked the look on their faces when they realize that they can’t do otherwise but obey you.
 Steve returned with your smoothie and you took it, again without thanking him. He noticed you were in another bodysuit, nude colored this time and much more flimsy. He discretely sent a questioning look towards Bucky and the latter smirked and raised his eyebrow at him. As if boasting and saying, ‘yup, I helped her with that one.’
 “I’m going to the club later tonight.” You announced and the two men almost groaned out loud.
You were a true party animal. And Steve and Bucky hated your useless, equally as spoilt, friends. Each time you went clubbing, they always had to carry you home because you cannot handle alcohol for too long. And the worst part, they’d have to deal with your hungover self the next day.
Steve couldn’t help but point out. “This is the fifth time in the past three weeks. Are you sure you should be partying so much?” he sounded like he was done with you, but was still trying to be polite because you were still his boss’ daughter.
Bucky nodded, agreeing with his friend. And you frowned at both of them.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but do I pay you to lecture me?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest, your action accentuating your breasts.
Steve looked down at the ground, afraid he might have been staring at your chest for too long. “No ma’am.” He replied, hands in front of him – standing in a classic bodyguard pose.
You scoffed, giving them both a look which told them not to mess with you. “Good. We leave at ten thirty.” You announced and walked back into your walk-in closet.
As predicted, you were wasted within the first three hours of being at the club. And just like always, Steve and Bucky had to carry you out and bring you home.
Luckily you didn’t throw up on the sidewalk or in the car this time. Your driver drove all of you home, and Bucky had you on his lap in the backseat, your feet on Steve’s lap. You were blacked out.
“She looks so angelic when she sleeps.” Steve commented, quietly.
Bucky chuckled. “Wait till she wakes up tomorrow and makes everyone’s life a living hell.” Bucky said, remembering the last time you were hungover and how you had him, Steve, your housekeeper, maids and chefs, all run around like headless chickens.
Steve chuckled at the same memory. “I swear if she treats us as her slaves like last time, I’m gonna quit.”
Bucky sent a look towards his friend. “Please don’t, I can’t handle her on my own.” He pretended to shiver at the thought of him having to put up with your antics all on his own.
And the two men shared a laugh.
 They put you to bed once you all made it home. They placed you under the covers, the maid took off your shoes and most of your jewelry, took out the pins in your hair and turned the lights off before they stepped out of your room.
The next day, the minute they each woke up in their rooms, they heard your loud voice coming from upstairs. And they both groaned as they got ready for the day.
Steve was out of his room and on his way to you first. Bucky came shortly after. And they found you in bed, whining about having a terrible headache.
“Do you need painkillers?” Bucky asked and you glared at him.
“I already took them.” you spat at him.
Clearly you were going to be even more of a bitch today.
“Did you have breakfast?” Steve asked, standing at the end of your bed.
You groaned.
“The thought of food makes me want to throw up.” You whined, testing his patience already.
Steve sighed. “Look, you need to eat. It’s the only way you’ll get rid of the hangover-,”
You cut him off.
“Ugh, okay mom!” you mocked. “Fine, whatever, just get out.” You said rather rudely. And while Steve was still debating what to say to you, Bucky spoke up.
He stepped up closer to you, standing by the side of your bed. “Hey, easy. We’re just trying to help. You need to eat so y-,”
You cut him off as well. “Like I said before, I don’t pay you to lecture me, why do you even-,” you were going off but this time Steve cut you off.
“Enough!” he raised his voice, and both you and Bucky turned to look at him. He had never acted like this before. You could see the irritation on his face as he stared at you.
“You don’t pay us, first of all, your father does! You don’t do anything other than sit there and be a brat and spend his money! We technically don’t work for you, we work for him. So let us do our jobs, which is to take care of his spoilt daughter who has no manners whatsoever. His daughter who treats people like slaves! People who actually care about her more than her own parents do!” He spat, making your jaw drop.
He continued, less loudly this time. “For once, drop your attitude and do as we say. Get in the shower, and then come downstairs. Breakfast will be ready by then.” He looked at you dead in the eyes while he scolded you. “Move, now!” the authority in his voice had you scram out of bed and rush into the bathroom immediately.
Once you shut the bathroom door behind you, Bucky turned to Steve and extended his arm so they could do their secret handshake.
“What was that?” he asked, clearly impressed.
Steve smirked. “Just taming the brat.” He answered.
Bucky laughed. “What if she tells her dad and gets us both fired?” he asked.
Steve knew you would never tell your dad because you would be somewhat ashamed in saying you got blacked out drunk at the club and then were rude to people afterwards. “She won’t.” he said and they both made their way out and into the kitchen.
 Breakfast was ready by the time you came downstairs, rather sheepishly. You kept your eyes to the ground as you sat at the kitchen island. Surprisingly, you waited patiently for your breakfast.
Bucky took the plate and placed it in front of you. Baked beans, hash browns, eggs, toast – not your usual breakfast because you normally had sugary cereal in the morning.
You sighed rather loudly, frowned and began complaining, “But this is n-,”
Bucky cut you off by grabbing your chin gently and tilting your head up so you looked up at him. He didn’t even think twice before touching your face, but you didn’t mind it. At all.
You looked up into his ocean blue eyes, very similar to Steve’s.
“A big breakfast will help, trust me. And it’s better than that bowl of sugar you’re used to.” He said, cracking a faint smile. You shyly returned him a smile. “Eat.” He pointed at the plate and went to find Steve in the living room.
You were pretty quiet for the rest of the morning. Quiet as in, you weren’t throwing a fit when the meal that the chef made for you wasn’t what you wanted. Or you weren’t whining about how you hate everyone in this house. Or you weren’t being a bitch to absolutely everyone you saw because you were hungover.
You spent most of the day in your room, sulking. Mainly because you weren’t used to people talking in loud voices at you. Steve and Bucky came to check up on you a few times, asked you if there’s anywhere you need to go. But you said no each time. You barely spoke to them, at least you weren’t rude.
 You were tame – but it didn’t last for long.
The next day, you were back to being a brat. Once the hangover passed, you were just as loud and rude as before. You were even rude to Bucky – all your manners from the previous day forgotten – when he came to ask you what you wanted for breakfast.
“Is there a way to ever get a straight answer out of you for once, without you being sarcastic and bratty all the time?” he asked, wishing you were back to yesterday when you were all quiet and obedient.
You scoffed and got out of bed. “You or Steve yell at me one more time, and I will call dad and have both of you fired. You hear me?” you spat at him.
And he wanted to tell you off, like Steve did, but then he took one look at your appearance. Messy hair, your reading glasses on, an oversized white shirt – no pants. You looked too adorable to scold. So he let you go.
 You tested Steve’s patience too that day. As usual, people ran your errands and Steve brought you something that you had asked for and you took it without thanking him.
“Will a ‘thank you’ hurt?” he asked.
You glared at him.
“Stop it. You’re not my mom.” You said bitterly and he groaned and walked away.
This had been their daily lives for the past year and a half. And each day they thought there was no way you could out do yourself and be any more of a brat. Yet, each day you kept surprising them with how annoying you could be to deal with.
Then one day, you truly out did yourself.
You were nowhere to be found.
 “This is it, I’m calling her dad.” Steve took out his phone but Bucky stopped him.
“She’s our responsibility, calling her dad would be equivalent to digging our own graves. Don’t.” Bucky reasoned. He couldn’t even imagine calling a parent to tell them their child has gone missing.
They were both panicking. You had snuck out earlier in the afternoon, and it was now nighttime and you still weren’t back. The two were pacing around the living room.
“I don’t get it, usually she tells us before even going outside in the yard.” Bucky was trying to figure out what must’ve gone wrong.
Steve sighed, ready to punch something out of frustration. “She acts like such a child sometimes. Can’t even track her phone because she left it here.” He shook his head.
“It’s nearly midnight Steve, she should be back by now. We need to do something. Did you get anything from the camera footage?” Bucky was worried sick – both about your safety and his job.
Steve swore under his breath. “Nothing on there. I mean we don’t even know if she went out on her own or got kidnapped or some-,”
A voice cut him off.
“Chill moms, I’m fine.” You walked into the living room with a smirk on. And the two men looked at you like they were witnessing some miracle. Bucky was relieved, yet somewhat irritated. Steve was just angry.
“Where the hell have you been? You were missing for 8 hours!” Bucky asked, the smug look on your face was beginning to piss him off.
You didn’t bother answering, you walked right past them and into the kitchen. The two, now irritated, followed you.
“Answer, god damn it! Where have you been? We were worried sick!” Steve hissed.
You took a water bottle out of the fridge and took a long sip while looking at them both with nothing but cockiness in your eyes.
“Well good news, I was so annoying and bratty that the kidnappers dropped me right back home.” You fake smiled, obviously being sarcastic and walked out of the kitchen. You heard the two groaned as you left them in the kitchen.
 You rushed upstairs and went right into your bedroom, and not even a few seconds later – they both walked into your room very angrily and without even bothering to knock first.
You sighed. “Get out. I’m tired, I need to sleep.” You spoke, without looking up at them.
“I don’t think so. Now answer me, where the fuck have you been?” Bucky asked, clearly mad.
You chuckled. “Watch your tone with me.” You sassed.
Steve stepped forward and walked right up to you. He stood closer to you than usual, invading your personal space. But you didn’t mind it one bit.
“Or what, huh?” he asked, sliding his hand into your hair gently, tugging on it a little making your head tilt back so you looked up at him.
You were speechless as you looked up into his ocean blue eyes. Mainly because you weren’t expecting this, but also because the look on his face sent a tingle dancing down your spine, and ended right at your core. Definitely not a bad tingle.
When you recovered, you were about to lift your hand up and slap his hand away from you but then you realized that Bucky was behind you, locking your wrists in his grip behind your back.
“Let’s try that again, sweetheart. Where have you been?” Bucky whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear and making you shiver.
You looked up at Steve, immobilized and not hating it. “I… I was out with my girlfriends.” You confessed and almost whimpered when bucky tightened his grip around your wrists.
“And what did we say about sneaking out, or going anywhere without informing us?” Steve asked. You believed it might have been your imagination, but it felt as though he leaned in a little, bringing his face closer to yours.
It took you a few seconds to process given the proximity of the two men was interrupting your ability to think straight. “You… you said it was against the rules.” You remember that long talk you had with both of them the day they joined. When they took the time to explain the rules to you but all you did was roll your eyes at them and sigh.
Bucky chuckled darkly right in your ear. “Seems you have broken an important rule, sweetheart.” He gently kissed the skin beneath your ear and your eyes flew shut. Your lips parted as you tried hard not to moan at the feeling of his soft lips against your skin.
When you opened your eyes, you found Steve smirking down at you. He felt a rush course through him and leaned in to gently take your lower lip between his teeth; tugging on it playfully. His actions were gentle, but you shivered still. Steve bit down on your lip, while Bucky discretely kissed down your neck.
Then and there, something shifted in the air. It was a pleasant shift.
Steve chuckled against your mouth. “You never learn, babygirl.” he mumbled, against the side of your mouth. And the nickname had you almost whimpering.
Bucky softly nibbled on your skin at your shoulder; making you shudder. Steve tugged a little more on your hair and pulled away to look at you. If there’s anything you knew for sure in that moment, is that you wanted them. Both of them. Bad.
“Teach me then.” You whispered. And both of them smirked and shared a look.
If only you had been careful about what you wished for…
 You were kneeling on your bed, naked and with Bucky still holding your wrists behind your back. His grip was tight and strong, but you didn’t complain. You couldn’t because Steve had his two fingers gently pumping in and out of your mouth.
He had searched your bedside table a few minutes ago, and pulled out the vibrator wand which you had hidden in there. You wondered how he knew it was there. But before you could think over it too much, he turned it on and placed it in between your legs; right on top of your entrance.
You whined in pleasure, but he quickly shut you up by pushing his fingers past your lips. “Always whining like a brat.” He commented, smirking and wiggling the wand a little and making you whine louder. And to add on to your sweet torture, Bucky circled his arm around you and gently circled your clit with his two fingers.
“What is it babygirl, you can’t take it?” Steve taunted again.
You whimpered under their touch, but something told you that they wouldn’t let you have your way so easily this time.
“I know you’ve never heard ‘no’ in your life, sweetheart. But you will tonight.” Bucky murmured in your ear, making you tilt your head back; shivering against him.
Steve chuckled, removing his fingers from your warm mouth. “You’re not allowed to cum until you have our permission, babygirl. You hear me?”
You nodded and whimpered a pathetic yes.
Your thighs began trembling as they both messed with you. Steve changed the setting on the wand, making it more intense while Bucky tilted your head back and kissed you deeply. More like invaded your mouth like he owned it; pushing his tongue past your lips and stroking the top of your mouth. You whimpered, happily trapped between the two of them.
You felt the pressure forming in between your legs, and you involuntarily bucked your hips against the vibrator, trying desperately to chase your orgasm. Steve noticed, and he didn’t think twice before lifting the vibrator off you – denying you your release.
You groaned louder, the sound muffled by Bucky’s mouth on top of yours. He pulled away from the kiss and chuckled. “It’s frustrating, isn’t it baby?” he asked, softly. You looked up at him and nodded. His soft demeanor went away the minute you agreed. “Well that’s exactly how it feels when you don’t listen.” He growled leaning in again. You thought he was going to kiss you again, but instead he licked your swollen lower lip and spat into your open mouth.
His actions elicited a loud whine out of you.
“Look at me.” Steve slid his hands into your hair again and tugged on it. You looked at him with nothing but desire in your eyes. He let go of your hair and gripped your jaw while he placed the vibrator back against your core. You felt the vibrations all over your body, a familiar warmth washing over you while you stared into his icy blue eyes.
“Always boasting about your family’s money and power, you little brat.” Steve whispered, leaning in to bite your mouth again while he pressed the vibrator further against your core, making you drip and moan louder. “Who’s your daddy now, huh?”
Bucky fingers found your clit again, and they teased you just like before. “Tell us baby, who owns this bratty little cunt?” Bucky whispered menacingly in your ear, biting on your ear lobe.
You moaned again, both at the sensations and the words. “You do…” you breathed out, unable to form coherent sentences. They both chuckled, and continued their sweet torture on your body. Steve kissed along your jaw as he wiggled the wand around and make you scream louder, while Bucky’s fingers rubbed your clit furiously.
And you couldn’t take it anymore. “Can I-… please…” you begged and it was the first time they heard you ask for something so politely.
“What was that, babygirl?” Steve asked, pretending that he didn’t hear you the first time. And seeing you weren’t answering, he lifted the vibrator off you again. “I said, what was that?” he asked again, more sternly.
You whined and whimpered at being denied again. “Please… please can I cum?” you asked again, begging with your eyes shut to stop the tears of frustration from falling.
Bucky immediately wrapped a hand around your throat and tilted your head back. “Ask nicely sweetheart. Say ‘please daddy, I’ll be a good girl from now.’“ he mumbled against the side of your mouth.
Steve increased the intensity of the vibrator again and it made you repeat Bucky’s words wantonly. They were both pleased at your obedience, but not quite done with you yet.
“Look at me, babygirl.” For a moment, Steve’s voice had you fooled. You thought he was actually going to give in and would actually let you cum. “You want to cum for daddy?” he asked, and you nodded with hot tears falling down your cheeks. And just when you thought you were getting closer to your release, he lifted the wand off your body again.
“No. You will not cum until you’ve learnt your lesson.”
 They both toyed with your body like they owned it. They switched places and Bucky had the most fun in teasing you with the vibrator. He trailed it up and down your body, circling your erected nipples with the tip of the wand and then back down to where you craved it the most.
Tears streamed down your face.
“Are you crying, baby? Good, this would teach you not to be a brat next time,” Bucky spoke as he wiggled the toy around against your wet folds.
You begged them relentlessly, but they denied you each time. Looking you deep in the eyes and saying, ‘No.’ Yet, a twisted part of you liked how they treated you like they owned you. Like you were nothing but a toy to them, for them to play with as they pleased.
Your pleas were incessant, and wanton. Steve pushed two of his fingers past your entrance while Bucky placed the wand right on your clit – unmoving. Steve’s fingers stroked your walls so slowly that it was almost agonizing.
“Aww you’re dripping all over my hand, babygirl.” He commented, making you squeeze around his fingers. Your arousal leaked out of you, coating the tip of the toy and his fingers alike. He could see what they were both doing to you, and he liked the control they both had over you. “Look at how you’re shaking.” He taunted again.
You begged again, to no one in particular. And the reply was just as disappointing as earlier. “No. Spoilt brats with no manners don’t get to cum so easily.”
And you whined again.
“Shh, you’re gonna take all that we give you. And you’re not gonna be a brat about it, you understand?” Steve silenced you.
Bucky gripped your jaw and kissed you deeply again, swallowing your pathetic moans while he pressed the wand further against you. Your body trembled, you moaned as soon as the vibrating tip came in contact with your sensitive spot. Your body shuddered as he wiggled it around just a bit. The sensation was overwhelming.
“Do you want us to stop, babygirl?” Steve mumbled in your ear, his fingers slipping in and out of you and the wet sounds were obscene.
You shook your head and Bucky pulled away to let you talk. “No, no please… don’t stop…” the last thing you wanted was for them to leave you here, frustrated and burning with desire.
 Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they did.
“Well guess what, sweetheart? You don’t get to make the rules this time. You can’t always have what you want.” Bucky smirked as he lifted off the wand from you and turned it off.
Steve chuckled and kissed your neck, releasing your sore wrists. “Good night, babygirl.” They both stood up from your bed, leaving you naked, whimpering, and tear-stained, burning with need and most of all; dripping wet.
Your body was worn out, after being with them for the past hour or two. Or maybe more, you couldn’t tell because you were a little disoriented. But you couldn’t believe that they were just walking away from you, without giving you what you so desperately wanted.
“And don’t you dare touch yourself.” Bucky said, before he walked out of your room.
Steve took a good look at you; what a beautiful mess he and Bucky had made. “See you tomorrow.” He winked before he shut the door behind him.
a/n: fear not, there’s a part 2 coming soon ;)
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guys my age
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
pairing: steve rogers x reader
summary: having a crush on your father’s best friend shouldn’t be an issue, until that friend is steve rogers and he has you pinned against the wall.
word count: 4,070
warnings: age gap, implied absent mother, oral f receiving, language, fingering, sex, praise kink, slight degradation kink, dom! steve, daddy kink and some dirty talk.
author’s note: has been a while since i wrote a smut fic for steve so... here u are. as always reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated! :) my work is not meant to be reposted or stolen, this is the only place i upload my work and if you steal it i’ll have early 2000′s chris eat your toes
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Tumblr media
It wasn’t often you found yourself as flustered as you currently were, seated between your father and his best friend Steve at a weekly dinner night in your home. Conversation flowed easily, you obviously, did not contribute much. The occasional nod and giggle when Sam made a joke or quiet praise of the food when your father asked you what you thought. 
So why is it that you were feeling a steadily growing ache between your thighs in a place completely inappropriate for the thoughts running in your head?
It’s because Steve Rogers aka the most eligible bachelor of your town, all long lean legs and disproportionate shoulder to waist ratio, who had all the men and women fawning and tripping over their own underwear- 
Was rubbing his denim-clad thick thigh over your bare one. Each pass of the rough material against your soft flesh made a shiver rack up your spine and arousal pool in your panties. He knew what he was doing to you, with his stupidly handsome face acting nonchalant when you sent him a glare, sometimes he didn’t even look back at you, just shovel another bite of food into his mouth and groan appreciatively.
The relationship you had with him was weird, you two had never… done anything persay. (Save for that one time earlier this year in July when he pushed you up against the side of your house when your dad was throwing his annual summer barbeque and he kissed you.)
It was so dirty, the thoughts and fantasies you had about him. You both know if your father ever found out he would serve Steve’s head on a silver platter. But that didn’t stop you from dreaming about what it would be like to have his fingers pressed up in places you have never been able to reach, or his head of perfect golden locks between your soft thighs or his uncut cock pounding into you making you scream loud enough he has to cover your mouth with one of his thick hands and grunt into your ear, “Shut the fuck up, don’t want your dad to hear you being a little slut for me do ya?-
A worried call of your name pulls you from your vivid daydream and you’re snapped back to reality with everyone’s concerned stare on your squirming body, including Steve. 
Your father places a hand on your shoulder, looking at you with question when he asks, “Is everything alright honey?” 
You bring a hand up to your forehead as if wiping off sweat and you respond “I don’t feel very good, I think I’m gonna go to my room.”
The table sighs sadly, calling out feel better soons. And just as you’re about to leave the room your dad calls for you to wait, and you see him whisper to Steve, the man nodding his head before getting up from his place at the table and making his way to you. You watch in a trance as he stalks over to you with a knowing smirk on his face, and you barely register your dad’s words before Steve is ushering you up the stairs with a gentle hand on your back. 
What the fuck?
You’re about to ask what Steve was doing because you were fully capable of walking yourself upstairs and second of all the only reason you made that excuse was so you didn’t have to deal with him anymore. What about that did he not understand?
Apparently none of it when he pushed you up against the door of your room, what is it with this guy and pushing you up against doors?
But that didn’t matter, not anymore because his warm breath twinged with whiskey was fanning over your face, deep blue eyes pouring into yours filled with desire and something dark.
Whatever it is it makes you squirm where you’re trapped between the hard muscle of his body and the door. It’s silent for what feels like eternity, he’s studying your face, searching for something… hesitance? A sign that you don’t want him here.
He finds none, instead he feels the wet spot on your panties drip onto his jeans.
He makes sure you watch as his wrist moves to lock the door and you gasp softly with the sheer intensity of him. The click echoes in your bedroom and it almost solidifies what will no doubt be happening today. Months and months of tension finally reaching its breaking point and ready to erupt.
“Do you want this?” He finally breaks the silence, and you fear that he could hear your heart thumping in your ears.
You nod your head, eyes glossed over already and legs wrapped around his slim waist and pulling him
impossibly close. You attempt to tug him towards you by the collar of his shirt but he doesn’t comply, “I need words sweetheart. Because I’ve been waiting way too long to do this and if you don’t want something I need you to tell me.”
A boost of confidence overpowers you, your fingernails dig into his back, pressing his broad chest flush against yours. “I want this so bad, please fuck me Steve.” You drawl sweetly, voice so seductive it makes Steve buck his hips up.
With that he crashes his lips onto yours, all fire and passion and he easily claims his dominance over your body. Steve Rogers is a good kisser, you already know this. His lips are soft and unrelenting and a soft moan slips past your lips at the familiar vision of his pink lips sucking your clit, drawing orgasm after orgasm from you and not stopping until he’s reduced you to nothing but a mess of slick and wanting and desperation.
He swallows the sound with his mouth and takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, groaning quietly as he pulls you off your door and carries you two over to your bed, your arms wrap around his neck both for purchase and to satisfy the need of having him invade your senses.
He throws you onto your plush mattress, your body bouncing a little at the contact and Steve’s hand goes to palm at himself over his boxers because you already look so ruined and he hasn’t even started.
Your thighs are rubbing together to quell the pressure building in your core, he looks so much bigger than you like this. He sits down at the edge of your bed, wrapping a hand around your ankle and using it to spread your legs open; eyes closing in bliss when your scent wafts into his nose. He couldn’t wait to devour you.
“Please!” You whine, now unable to bring your legs close together to find some relief and you felt so vulnerable like this.
“Please what little girl?”
A strangled moan elicits from your chest at the pet name. It was so wrong, so incredibly wrong, but his lips pressing kisses against your leg felt so right.
“Don’t make me repeat myself.”
You always assumed he would be dominating in bed, he just had that aura. And god you really weren’t expecting it to swing out full force like it had because you had been with two… sub par men before him. And from what you had seen- felt pressing against your thigh, he was certainly no less than well endowed. (And from the few whispers you had heard around town…)
“I- I want-” And yet for all your fire you couldn’t bring yourself to say the lewd words, please Steve? Please fuck me until I’m sobbing and ruined for any other man.
And he seemed to catch your mental strife, enjoying it even, a smirk playing at his lips. He assumed you would want to be a pleaser in bed, that’s what he thought of when he had a hand wrapped around his length pumping embarrassingly quick and groaning your name into the vacant space of his room, releasing all over his abdomen and hand imagining it was you, looking up at him with glazed over doe eyes instead.
“What do you want sweetheart? Use your big girl words like I know you can.” He peered up at you through his insanely defined lashes, trailing a feather light finger over your panties and living for your quiet gasp and shudder. “I want your- your tongue please?” 
He offers you a kitten lick at your lace covered clit and the simple touch is enough for your back to arch off the bed making him chuckle before digging his thumbs with a bruising grip into your hips. “A lot more sensitive than I thought, don’t worry baby I’ll warm ya’ up nice  for me.” 
You exhale sharply when he tugs your panties off with his teeth, you wanted so badly to look away but his eyes baring into your soul so addictive forced you to maintain eye contact. He let out a low growl of approval at your slickened mound, your clit sitting below a few soft curls and he can’t stop himself any longer as he leans down and licks your whole cunt in a way that has your toes curling and feet digging into his back while a choked sound leaves your lips making him groan low in his throat. 
“Has anyone touched you like before sweetheart?” The deep baritone of his voice slightly muffled and you can see his now swollen pink lips glistening with your arousal. You shake your head no frantically, digging your fingers into his styled and slicked back golden locks. He hisses at the sting but it makes blood rush to his throbbing cock.
“No- no one has.” You gasped breathless from the new sensations tingling in your body.
It seems like that awakens something in Steve, like you can see the way his chest expands and some heavy possessiveness settles on his shoulders. It makes you preen.
He hooks his thumb on your clit, rubbing slowly to build up the pleasure while you now shamelessly grind your cunt into his face, searching for more friction. He groans against the sensitive skin of your cunt, the vibrations shooting up your spine and pushing you embarrassingly close to your orgasm. Your first real orgasm.
Steve looks up at you from his eyelashes, grinding his hips into the mattress at the look of pure pleasure painted on your blissed out features. Your chest begins heaving and the sight is enough incentive for Steve to begin licking and sucking your pearl relentlessly, your legs begin to quiver around his skull and your moans fill the room, and it’s this moment Steve is exponentially grateful that your room is on the complete opposite side of the house or else…
He doesn’t want to think about that, not when he has his face slick with your juices and uncomfortably tight pants.
Your hole begins fluttering, pulsing and at this point you’re unable to even moan. Your mouth drops open as you try to squirm away from the incessant pleasure but Steve digs his rough fingers into the skin of your hip, tutting at you and holding you in place and for some reason the simple action is enough to have more slick spilling out of you and coating your thighs. “I’m I’m gonna- fuck!” 
Steve laps up at the essence of your orgasm, groaning at the delicious taste of you and he makes a mental reminder to get some more later. “There we go, good girl. Tastes so good on my tongue.” He moans.
Your legs continue to quiver, mind foggy as he rubs his warm hands over your tender skin, and he leans down over you, connecting your lips to his in a heated kiss that has you whining into his mouth. You pull away, breathless and head lulling to the side giving him free reign to cover your neck in bits and kisses. Your fingernails dig into his back and soft sighs escape your lips when he finds your sweet spot and sucks, intending on marking you up.
“Such pretty noises sweetheart, who are they for?” A cocky smile could be heard in Steve’s voice, and your own flustered giggles filled the room and you attempted to bury your face into his clothed chest. 
To which he wrapped a firm hand around your throat to gently pull you back to meet his fervent gaze. You swallowed a moan simply by the look in his eyes when he repeated himself lowly. “I asked who you were moaning like a little slut for?” 
This time you could not have done anything to stop the moan that was bubbling in your chest. Your eyes hooding over with his mischievous ones burning into your exposed body. “For you… Daddy.”
You watched giggling as he growled, tightening his grip on your throat before pulling you up so you were perched up in his lap, and his thick fingers travelled down to your slick mound, rubbing your wetness and making a mess out of you. The feel of his clothed body sent your bare one into an almost sensory overload. You gasped sharply when he spit down onto your cunt, your hole clenching wildly as pure need seeped through your veins. 
Then he was shoving a finger inside of your hole, the intrusion slightly painful at first but it quickly turned pleasurable, the angle allowing him to hit all your sweet spots. “Yeah? You like Daddy’s fingers in that tight cunt?” He purred into your ear, stroking your slick walls before inserting a third digit, the stretch making your legs quiver around his waist. 
“Yes Daddy I love it.” You mewled right into his ear, and it makes him hum low in his throat before picking up the pacing of his pumping fingers. Your fingers are digging into his shoulder blades as he forces you to maintain eye contact, pressing his forehead against your slightly sweaty one and cooing to you. God you just needed a little bit more, just a tiny push and you would-
“Who would have thought someone as innocent as you was really a filthy cock slut? You just want your holes filled up like a good girl don’t you honey?”
Black dots erupt in your vision, your orgasm washing over you so suddenly and so intensely you’re squirming and unable to do anything more than drop your mouth open, not even letting out a noise. Your slick pools out and spills onto Steve’s hand, to which he groans appreciatively as he continues to massage your overstimulated walls. “I know, I know. It feels so good doesn’t it? Only a man like me could make you cum like that.”
You whimper pathetically, head falling into his chest as you ride out your orgasm, feeling his erection poking into your thigh. Somehow with your still foggy mind you manage to reach down and cup him through his jeans making him hiss and buck his hips upwards. He slaps your hand away, pulling it behind your back when he pushes you flat down onto the bed. “Did I say you could touch me?”
“No what?” He prompted, voice on the edge of annoyance and laced with irritation that had your eyes watering and bottom lip jutting out. 
“No daddy.” You spoke as assertively as you could in your foggy state of mind. Though you weren’t entirely sure of how convincing it was. But it seemed to make due enough when Steve finally began unzipping his jeans, still not bothering to undress completely so you whine petulantly. “‘S not fair, I don’t wanna be the only one naked.” 
He chuckles, murmuring a fair enough and begins to unbutton his dress shirt revealing his torso littered in tattoos. You had seen them before obviously, your family and him going on annual trips to the beach since you were a toddler. 
But there was just something different… something more consuming about the way they looked so up close. He smirked arrogantly as you were unable to detach your eyes from his sculpted body, shamelessly roaming over the bare skin. 
“Like what you see, pretty girl?” He taunts, pulling your bottom lip with his teeth making you shiver and clutch onto his biceps. You nod your head in a daze, bucking your hips up so he could finally give you what you’ve been wanting since that godforsaken kiss in July.
… Or maybe a little longer.
“What?” He laughs, “if you want something you gotta use your words sweetheart. I’m not super familiar with modern slang.” An annoyingly smug smile on his face and you want absolutely nothing more than to just slap it off. But you know that would never end properly for you so you decide against it. Swallowing your embarrassment and mustering up the courage to put into words how badly you want him to ram his cock inside of you and fuck you till you cry. 
So you settle for a more tame version of that, “I want you to fuck me please Daddy? I’ve been so good haven’t I?” And for extra measure you pouted, hoping to lure him into your fool proof plan and even though he knew good and fucking well what you were up to, he played in anyways because he really didn’t think he could go another minute without being inside of you before he bursted.
“You have been a good girl, and you know what good girls get?”
“They get what they want.” You giggled and he laughed too, pressing a kiss to your lips and finally pulling his erect cock out. 
Your eyes almost bulged out of your head when you took in the size of him, he was much bigger than you had imagined.
And trust me, you had imagined.
“Nervous? I’ll make you feel so good sweetheart I promise. Let me take care of you.”
You nodded, hand limply finding place on his chest, his lips meeting yours in a more gentle kiss as he rubbed the head of his cock over the length of your cunt. You gasped into his mouth at the friction. Much to your dismay however, he abruptly pulls away and you can barely furrow your brows in confusion, “I don’t have a condom.” 
You bite your lip, leaning over to the top drawer of your nightstand and waving it around as if you had just won the greatest prize of all… and in some way you were about to. He huffed a laugh, “been thinking about this for a while huh?”
“Not particularly you Daddy, I talk to other guys you know.” You cheekily remark, barely registering him snatching the condom out of your hands and putting it onto his cock before he leans his weight on your body. “Yeah?” He asks with a quirked brow but you know his words are anything but questioning, and now you can feel the heavy weight of his cock tapping against your entrance.
“Well other guys don’t have you spread open like a whore while you call them Daddy do they?”
He sheathes himself inside of you, grunting and eyes clenching shut because you feel so warm and wet and tight around him, walls pulsing to get used to his intrusion. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, nails digging into the muscles of his back. You’ve never felt so utterly full in your life. He wasn’t even moving and you swear you can feel him in your stomach. You moaned right into his ear and he couldn’t help the response of his hips. 
“Please move Daddy.”
He begins thrusting into you, slowly at first because Steve knows he’s much longer and relatively thicker than average too. And he knows you’re inexperienced no matter the hint of brattiness you decided to give him. 
He leans back to see his cock glide in and out of your folds, and the sight makes him moan with overwhelming pleasure. Your legs wrap around his waist to pull him closer, your mouth dropped open in a permanent moan because he truly was so much bigger than any guy or toy you’ve used. 
Not that you’ve used a lot but still something tells you Steve is just… big.
“Look at this pretty pussy just swallowing my dick. Did I fill you up sweetheart? Makin’ you feel good?” He purrs.
“So good! So fucking good Daddy!” You sob out, back arching underneath his continuous assault on your hole. His hands latch onto your waist, “you want me to fuck you harder?” He questions in a stern tone that makes your toes curl and each shove of his cock inside you sends you closer and closer to that blissful peak.
At this point you are unable to formulate any words so you just nod, hoping he understands. Your mind felt like it was on the edge of Nirvana, his cock hitting spots in you that you didn’t know existed.
He groans with how fucked out he’s got you already, and speeds his hips up. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoes throughout the room and it makes you preen. His heavy grunts and your girlish moans fill the sex thick air. 
It’s when you start screaming from pleasure that pulls out of you, flipping you over and manhandling you into position, you can barely register the loss of his warmth and he’s delivering a harsh smack to your ass before shoving himself inside of you again. And before you have the chance to scream he makes use of his fast reflexes and covers his palm over your mouth to muffle your sounds. You can feel him much deeper now, and it feels like he’s actually rearranging your insides. “Can’t shut the fuck up can ya? Almost like you want everyone downstairs to hear who’s fucking you nice and rough.”
You don’t respond; can’t. You’re so overstimulated yet you need more. His degrading words make you preen, your legs jerking wildly beneath his relentless attack on your abused cunt. “What? Did I fuck you stupid? But baby you haven’t even cum around my cock yet?” His voice has a mocking pout in it, only sending you flying towards your peak. You’re so close, and your clit bumps against your soft duvet cover with each intense rut of his hips against yours. He tightens his grip on your mouth just a little bit and your fingers dig into his wrist as your release shatters and ruins you all at once. There’s tears streaking your cheeks as your high blends into the next one and Steve is unable to hold himself back any longer so he comes with a grunt of your name, digging his teeth into your shoulder and riding out his release. 
You fall limp against the bed, chest heaving and body covered in a sheen layer of sweat as you recover from your 4 powerful orgasms. He gives your exposed skin a kiss before pulling out of you, making you whine at the loss of him inside of your walls but he shushes you, murmuring about how he’s only going to grab a towel from your connected washroom to clean you off with. 
You wait patiently for him to come back to you, mind still blissed out and a lazy smile on your lips because you feel so fucking amazing. Pleasure and satisfaction pumping through your veins. 
Just as he promised he’s back with a wet rag, gently wiping at your abused flesh and applying some lotion to your ass even if he hadn’t spanked you that hard. You’re not complaining as he kneads your flesh though.
He gently rolls you over so you’re flat on your back again, and he runs his knuckles over your cheekbone. You pout your lips, bottom lip jutting out expectantly and you whine for a kiss and he chuckles, shaking his head, humoured but complies anyways. 
You two don’t break apart until there’s a knock at your door and your father’s voice follows, 
“Darling? Are you feeling alright? Is Steve in there with you?”
Your eyes go wide with frantic emotions and you struggle to come up with an answer but Steve smoothly swoops in. 
“I’m in here, don’t worry. I’m taking real good care of her.”
Your dad couldn’t see you sucking on two of his fingers with tears threatening to spill out of your eyes.
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