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#steve rogers smut
angrythingstarlight · a day ago
A Touch Too Far
Summary: Alpha Steve has had enough of his two omegas playing games with him. Now he’s going to show them who’s really in charge. AKA you learn why its a bad idea to listen to omega Bucky. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Alpha Steve x Omega Reader x Omega Bucky
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Omegaverse dynamics, mean/dom Steve, smut, 18+, edging, overstimulation, bratty omega Bucky. Subby 6'5" Bucky. Steve's taller 👀.
a/n: Sinday drabble #2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steve is always eager to come home after a long day of work. While you each have jobs, you’re an upcoming writer and Bucky teaches self-defense to omegas and betas, Steve is the main provider for the household but it's the two of you that make it a home.
You turned his brownstone into the epitome of warmth and comfort, your nests in the living room and bedroom, something always cooking in the kitchen, music playing throughout the first floor, it's always a little messy and chaotic and he loves every aspect of it. 
Providing for you two makes the long, tedious hours worth it. it's not usual for either you or Bucky waiting for him while the other one gets dinner ready. Although last week he had to ban Bucky from answering the door since he doesn’t like to wear clothes inside the house and Steve was tired of him flashing the neighbors. He’s still dealing with the fallout from that, it's amazing how pouty a 6’5” omega can be.
Steve knew it was getting closer to your upcoming heats but he had one final merger that required his presence and so he reluctantly left the two of you alone in your nest. He knew it wasn’t going to be easy on you but he promised he would hurry home. And he pointed out when you both begged him to stay that unlike other omegas at least you had each other. He knows you can use each other to take the edge off until he’s finished work. So neither of you are suffering without him.
But you brats made him suffer all fucking day.
Testing his control, his willpower.  He spent the entire day hiding his erection from coworkers and other executives as you fucked yourselves silly, opening the bond so he could feel you come apart. Waves of sensations pulsing through him so fast and hard, he could practically feel your tight wet pussy wrapped around his cock and Bucky’s warm mouth on his.
Over and over and over again. Every attempt on his end to close the bond so he could concentrate on anything was thwarted by the two of you. You both made sure he felt each and every stroke, every sweet clench of your greedy little pussy around Bucky’s cock. 
He barely made it through the acquisitions merger with Stark because you decided to come again right as he was signing his name on the dotted line, his hand squeezed the pen so hard, it shattered in his fist, ink splattering everywhere. 
But he’s on his way home now. And he’s going to teach you two brats what happens when you provoke him.
The exhilarating scents of his omegas hit Steve before he reaches the front door. Your lighter, floral scent, cool rain, and white tea mingled with Bucky’s potent patchouli, spiced orange, and sandalwood.
“Fuck,” he groans, his head hitting the wooden frame, deeply inhaling the both of you into his lungs. His work bag slips from his fingers and he instinctively places the key in the knob, unable to drag his eyes open.
He stumbles through the door and his knees buckle under the heady weight of your heats permeating the air.
Placing one booted foot in front of him, he drags his body across the foyer. The door slips shut with a soft snick, his bag forgotten on the bright blue doormat. Steve is no longer himself. He’s pure Alpha by the time his foot hits the first step.
He wants his omegas. More importantly, his greedy little omegas need him.
The wet, salacious slapping of skins grows louder, the closer he gets to the bedroom. Your scents coat his frame like a second skin. A symphonic melody of familiar moans, sighs, and broken sobs linger in the air. Oh, he’s missed you two. He’s so close to forgiving you, ready to sink his stiff cock into one of your holes. Steve glances down at his ruined shirt, blotches of black ink mar the once pristine silk.
So close but not quite. 
Letting a low gravelly growl, he kicks the door open and the sounds cease abruptly, you freeze in place,  soft panting breaking the silence. He tugs on the bond, savoring your pleasure and lust and sweet tint of fear humming between the three of you.
“Hi Steve,” you chirp nervously from the bed. “Alpha I-we tried to wait. I’m sorry, I just- it was really hard, then he got really hard and you know I was trying but then I couldn't stop because I-” You ramble, unconsciously sending out a soothing scent to your Alpha.
Steve smirks, letting his silence fill the void. You’re always a good girl for him, he knows this is all Bucky’s fault. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting out of your punishment sweet girl.
Bucky lifts his head off the pillow, blithely calling out. “Hello Alpha. Miss us?” A smack rings through the room followed by your soft squeal. “We missed you.” Bucky slaps your ass again, bracing his feet on the bed, he thrusts up into your tight wet cunt. “Don’t worry I got this, we don’t need you anym-“ he starts.
Swallowing your moan, you slam your hands on his sweat-laced chest, bringing your face down to his, noses bumping as you hiss. “Don’t you dare. Stop it. Alpha’s already mad at us.”
Bucky scoffs, sucking your bottom lip into his mouth, he grazes it between his teeth, letting you go with a wet plop. “As. I. Was. Saying.” he continues, ignoring the Alpha stomping closer and closer to the bed. “I was doing your job for you and taking care of our girl.”
Steve raises his brow, his large arms folded across his chest, surveying the debauched scene before him. You’re straddling Bucky’s hips, your bodies dripping in sweat, slick pooled under you, spreading across the sheets thrown over the nest.
Bucky meets his cold, unwavering gaze, the intensity of his Alpha’s glare has his voice wavering slightly even as he continues his taunts. “I was fucking her so good, she was calling me Alpha.”
Oh god no. Oh, you never call anyone else Alpha. Ever.
Steve tilts his head, his brow arching even higher. He blinks once, pursing his lips.
Your heart lurches in your chest, slamming against your ribcage, your walls clenching uncontrollably at rage whirling across the bond from your silent Alpha, whipping your head around, you gasp, “oh no. No. I did not. I swear I didn’t. I only call you Alpha.”
Steve doesn’t react. Then a muscle in his jaw twitches.  
And that sends a sliver of fear trickling down your spine, you feel a similar emotion emitting from your omega. Oh, now he wants to be afraid.
Your wide eyes swing back to Bucky, catching the flash of regret crossing his features. “James Buchanan Barnes, stop it, you know better-”
“But it's true, watch me give her what you didn’t Steven.” He winks up at you, thrusting his hips in a rapid succession that has you keening. Both men watch your head loll back, your hands grabbing your breasts.
“Oh right there, fuck,” you cry out, sensations pouring through you in fiery waves.
Unable to stop his eyes from rolling, Steve chuckles at his omegas. Releasing a baleful sigh, he shakes his head. Hiding his deep affection for you under his stern anger, Steve strolls over to the bed, placing his hand gently on your back, his other firmly on Bucky’s chest, effectively stilling your movements.
He leans in, soft lips brushing over your ear, his deep voice rumbling over your skin as he whispers his instructions, deliberately keeping his voice too low for Bucky to hear. Effortlessly keeping the large Omega pinned under his palm, he cups your chin, smiling when you nod, ignoring your pout, he rubs his nose over your mating gland, his teeth grazing over his bite mark.
“You’re going to be a good girl for me.” He says loud enough for you both to hear as he pulls back, his tone has a hint of an Alpha command.
Not that he needs it because you always want to be good for him. Nodding, you rub your cheek on his calloused palm. “So good Alpha,” you promise, circling your hips, Bucky’s thick, long cock stretching your velvety walls. “So good.”
Steve can’t tell if you’re talking to him or about Bucky’s cock, but you’re so cute when you’re fucked out and mindless so he turns his attention to his bratty omega.
“Keep going Bucky, I wanna see her come,” he states, bending down, he grabs a handful of Bucky’s hair, yanking his head back to bare his throat, he nips at his mating gland. Bucky preens unabashedly as Steve kisses his bite mark, his hips rolling faster, pounding deeper and harder into your pussy, the bed shaking under the force of his thrusts. Your soft, warm walls feel amazing stretched around him, a soft fuck yes spilling from his lips.
Steve knows how good you’re making Bucky feel, you’re always so tight and wet, such a good girl for your men, it's almost impossible not to come inside you when you’re riding him like the way Steve taught you.
Bucky smiles for a second, then his face drops, suspicion flaring in his blue eyes. Something isn’t right. Steve never lets him get away without any punishment. 
“Since you want to be an alpha so bad,” Steve says darkly, laying down beside Bucky, rolling on his side, he props his head on his hand and stares at your joined bodies, watching Bucky’s cock glide in and out of you. He reaches down, his thumb swiping over your clit. “You’re going to fuck her like one.” 
He turns his head, looking up at his Alpha, the expression on his face has a whimper escaping Bucky’s throat. He may have gone too far this time.
Chuckling, Steve sweeps his lips over Bucky’s, murmuring softly, “since I have to punish our sweet girl because of you, it's only fair that you make her come until she can't take anymore.”
“And Bucky, you’re not allowed to come until I say you can.” The command sends a shiver through you and Bucky.
“What? No, that's not fair, I was just jokin', please-” Bucky protests, his apology shriveling on his tongue at Steve’s nonsense glare.
Steve is going to enjoy this particular punishment, edging one omega while overstimulating the other, he wonders who will break first.
He wants it to be Bucky so he can give you his knot while Bucky has to watch; Steve hopes you remember his instructions, you always get delirious after a few orgasms. Although judging by the look of determination in your eyes, he gets the feeling you're not going to disappoint him.
You're always such a good girl.
Unlike your counterpart.
"You can ride him better than that sweet girl," he says, his gaze flickering up at you. He smirks when you grind faster.
Bucky's eyes roll back in his head, a choked groan huffed out, almost a whimper as you circle your hips, your walls clamping down around his aching cock.
Steve resumes rolling your clit between his rough fingers, his gaze on your pretty pussy. "You wanted my attention. Now you got it. Little Alpha."
Tumblr media
Comments and reblogs are appreciated. Even if it's just an emoji! Thank you for reading.
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bonky-n-steeb · a day ago
— hit me like a meteorite
summary || Steve and you watch porn and decide to role play it.
warnings || unprotected sex, anal sex, butt plugs, dirty talk, role play, light spanking. MINORS DNI
I have decided to not do taglists anymore, so if you wished to be notified of my newest updates please follow @bonky-n-steeb-lib and turn on the notifications!
I’d seen a video and wrote this based on it. This has been in my drafts for way too long. I hope you like it :)
Tumblr media
“Ma’am I can’t let you go inside.” Steve said exasperatedly and rolled his eyes. He was blocking the entry door with his huge expanse and denying you entry.
“Oh come on! It’s nothing I swear. Just let me go, I’ll be late otherwise.” You tried your best to sound annoyed and desperate all at once.
You and Steve had watched porn together a few days back and a particular video had caught your attention. In the beginning you had been sceptical of watching it with Steve, but he was a much cooler boyfriend than you thought.
So now here you were, enacting to be a passenger while Steve played a douchebag security guard. While you were just standing in your house, you both considered it to be the airport security check; cuz that’s where the fun was.
“The metal indicator over here says otherwise. It’s beeping every time you enter.” He folded his hands and leaned against the door and you salivated at his bulging arms. “Yeah yeah. But trust me, it’s nothing wrong.”
“I can’t trust your words. Do you have any metal items on you ma’am?” You chewed your lower lip and Steve’s eyes followed it. “Not really.” You lied straight through your teeth.
“As I said I don’t believe you. I’ll have to check you myself.” You shook your head in panic. “No please don’t.” He narrowed his eyes at you. “Either let me check or you tell me what you are carrying.”
You couldn’t tell him what was setting the detector off, so you just went with it. “Okay fine. check me.” A mischievous smirk crosses across Steve’s face as he walked up to you.
His hands began from your shoulder and he took his time wandering them down to your palms. Then he straightaway placed his hands on your tits and started kneading them.
You can’t stop the moan that erupts from your throat. “Really? All it took was just one touch and you’re melting, sweetheart.” His hands continued down, eager to reach the actual prize.
Once he was done checking your front side, he motion your to turn around. With a long sigh, you finally turned around. He once again started with your back and went lower, massaging your muscles on the way.
Once he reached your ass, he kneaded it just like boobs. “Oh fuck! It feels so nice.” You blurted out and quickly bit your lip. You could clearly hear the rumble of his chest as he chuckled but it quickly died down as his hands touched something nestled right between your ass cheeks.
“I must ask you ma’am. What are you hiding?” You turned to look at him over your shoulder. “Ummm, nothing.” He pressed his hand over it making a tingle go down your spine. That asshole knew what he was doing.
“I can clearly feel something.” That was all he said before tearing your pants right in the middle. You could hear the sharp intake of his breath, though he was the only one who placed it before this began.
A butt plug.
A butt plug with hot pink jewel at its base was lodged right into your hole. “Hmmm… now I know what was causing all this problem. I’ve got a naughty one I see.” His eyes were twinkling with lust.
He spread your asscheeks to take a better look at it. His dick was hard just from the sight and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on you. He relished the moan that slipped through your lips as he jostled the plug.
With quickly motions Steve discarded the torn pants and shirt. “You’re so beautiful.” Steve lovingly pressed a kiss to your temple and went out of character for a minute.
Before you could say anything Steve pulled you away from the wall you were leaning on and made you lie down on the bed. He pulled your ass up so that you’d be on your hand and knees on the bed.
“Oh fuck!” You exclaimed as Steve spanked your left butt cheek. His hands seemed to be glued to your ass as they constantly rubbed and squeezed.
“Looking so beautiful and ready for me. I gotta have some fun don’t you think?” His gravelly voice was making your pussy even wetter. “Yes please! Please please please..!”
You had been already riled up by the buttplug and how Steve had inserted it painstaking slow before this and now Steve wasn’t making anything easier.
“What do you want sweet girl. Tell me.” He was bent over you as he whispered in your ear. You gulped before replying, “I want… I want you to fuck me.”
He hummed as he ran his fingertips on your wet cunt. You squeaked as two thick fingers entered you. Steve knew your body by the back of his hand and he knew exactly what you liked.
His other hand was securely wrapped in your hair and he kept you from falling on your face. Your eyes rolled back and you curled your fingers in the covers as he pumped his fingers into you hard.
“Steeevee..” his name left your lips like a whine. His lips started trailing kisses to your nape and back. He scissored his fingers in your tight channel and your eyes rolled back.
“Steve I’m… I’m gonna cum.” Your mouth was forming the ‘o’ shape as you pushed back against his fingers. It didn’t take much to make you cum around his fingers.
“Just like that you dirty little slut.” Steve could feel you clamping around his fingers. Hearing Steve call you filthy names always made you more wet than you already were.
“Yes Steve… your slut. Only yours.” You gasped as Steve pulled out his fingers and rubbed his thick cock over your swollen folds. He entered you in one fast thrust as he growled out, “Mine.”
He set a fast and unrelenting rhythm and laying down, you just took it. His hands were planted near your face, caging you in as he rutted into you.
His fingers started playing with the plug in your ass, slowly pulling it out and pushing it back in. “You’re such a whore. Letting a guard fuck your holes isn’t a very lady like behaviour ma’am.”
“Hhnngg… fuck!” You writhed as you came once again with the force of supernovas. Your toes curled but Steve still didn’t stop pumping his cock into you. His growls filled your ears as your walls pulsed around him.
“Where do you want me to cum?” His voice was hoarse and strained in your ear. “In… in my ass.” Your voice was breathy.
Steve stopped for a moment and leaned down, “are you sure?” He wiped the sweat off of your forehead to check on you. You nodded, “Yes. Please Steve. Please!”
“Fuck!” Steve cursed before pulling himself out. You whimpered as Steve removed the plug and slowly, inch by inch, inserted himself. You were already lubed up and Steve’s cock was wet from fucking your pussy. “Oh god. You’re so tight.”
It wasn’t the first time Steve was fucking your ass, but since you both were close to coming, the intensity of the whole act was too much.
It felt like you could fly off and the only thing holding you back were your fingers clutching the bed sheet in a death grip. “Steve…” you were already very sensitive from previous orgasms.
“Are you gonna cum from me just fucking your ass. Fuck doll, you’re a treasure.” You both were panting and sweat and slick was dripping off your body into the covers.
“You’re taking me so well. Look at that tight little hole swallowing my fat cock.” His words alone were making your thighs quiver.
You started thrusting back to take him deeper into your hole. “Oh yeah. Fuck yourself on me sweetheart. Just like the cockdrunk whore you are.” You just knew you were gonna cum harder than you ever had.
“I’m coming!” He announced as his hips had lost the rhythm and were just rutting into you hard. “Oh yes Steve! Give it to me. Fuck yes!” He pressed himself as deep as he could go and spilled himself in you.
Feeling him fill you up with his hot cum, your own orgasm was triggered. You felt like an electric shock wire as liquid pleasure flowed through your veins.
You hissed as Steve pulled out. He spread your asscheeks to see his cum drip out of your clenching hole. “Steve, please don’t tell me you’re getting hard again.” Your face was pressed in the pillows and your voice was muffled.
“Sweetheart, you look so damn sexy.” He scooped up the cum and rubbed it on your pussy. Once he was satisfied, he started pressing tender kisses to any inch of your skin.
“I’ll be right back.” He whispered in your ear and you just groaned in response, tired to speak anything else. He wasn’t gone for much time and he returned with a warm, wet cloth.
Gently and with utmost care, he cleaned you, all while praising and kissing you. He laid back besides you once he was done. “I love you.” He pulled your close and you clung to his warm body.
“I love you too Stevie. That was the hottest sex I’ve ever had.” Your eyes were still closed but you could feel his chest rumble as he chuckled. “Same here.”
“You know, we could try out more such things.” His hands were roaming across your back, warming you up. “Yeah. We definitely could.”
You were almost about to fall asleep, but the next words that Steve said made your ears perk up. “For the next time, I was thinking of maid kink.”
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girl-of-many-fandoms · 2 days ago
Right Person, Wrong Time
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Summary: The reader is an actress being interviewed after her recent split from Chris 
Warnings: none
Have you ever wondered what it felt like being stuck in the same patterns everyday? Waking up at the ass crack of dawn, interview after interview, photoshoots and the countless auditions and acting projects.
It's a lot to juggle on a daily basis.
And today I'm just rolling with the punches as they come. This is my second interview for today as I'm promoting my new movie with Ryan Reynolds and all I keep thinking about is getting home and drowning my sorrows with an ice cream sundae.
Ryan's been doing most of the talking in this press junket so far and I am so greatful because I can't seem to get my mind off of my ex boyfriend.
Looking around the studio I noticed the smiles on the audience faces, I can see Jimmy's lips moving as well as Ryan's but I found it so hard to tune back in to join the conversation.
This is going to be a long day.
A light nudge on my arm brought me back to reality.
"I'm sorry, I zoned out there a bit" forcing a smile and a laugh along with the audience as I readjusted myself on the sofa, waiting for Jimmy to repeat his question.
"Y/N I'm excited to see you in this movie, especially after that stunt your character does in the trailer but I'm sorry I have to ask you this" swallowing I fiddled with the hem of my blazer fighting back the urge to break down.
"You and Chris Evans, what happened and do we hate his guts?" a humorless laugh escaped me as I tried to formulate a suitable response to that.
"Chris and I were far too busy with filming and promoting our movies. It got to a point where it felt like we were both in a relationship with work more than we were when we were together. So to put it lightly, I guess we both realized that what he had was no longer satisfying us and before it got worse between us we came to the decision to walk away." there was a hitch in my voice at the end and I took a sip of water from the mug next to me, hoping that no one picked up on it.
"So in a sense, you both fell out of love" 
"God no, well at least for me, I didn't fall out of love with Chris, don't think I ever could to be honest." the crowd gushed at the sappy yet honest response I gave.
"And to your second part of the question, no I don't hate him. Chris is the most genuine and thoughtful human being that I've ever had the chance of knowing. He takes great care of the ones he loves and to him I wish him all the luck with whatever he sets his mind to do" those words were spoken with nothing but truthfulness, I honestly do wish him all the best in whatever project he's working on and I still do love him despite us going our separate ways.
There's a saying, you can meet the right person at the wrong time and to me, Chris was my right person and time was against us. I hope that someday by some twist of faith that we would cross paths again and give us another chance.
Chris took another swig of his beer while he watched the love of his life try to hold it together during the interview. Dodger whined at her voice as it filled the living room, he surely missed her, they both did.
Unlocking his phone he weakly smiled at his wallpaper that he has yet to change, Y/N was all smiles as Dodger licked her face after not seeing her for quite some time.
He missed that smile.
He needed her back in his life.
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musingsinmoonlight · 2 days ago
Suz!!!! If you feel so inclined, how about a drabble on this sweet smol bean:
Tumblr media
Perhaps some smut? Our boi deserves some love. And orgasms 😘❤️
I hope you like this, Siri! That you for the request 🥰💙
Tumblr media
𝐃𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐍𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭
Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: Steve has a question for you, and you have plans of your own.
Word Count: 1700+
Warnings: Fluff, smut, public smut, handjobs, sexxxy sex, probably inaccurate medical stuff at the beginning, and just cute and happy Steve. 18+ ONLY MINORS DNI OR I WILL BLOCK YOU ☺️
A/N: So this Steve is a post Endgame Steve where he gave up the serum to get Nat back at Vormir, I wanted to do it that way because it seemed to be the logical way to make the reader more inclusive then it would be in the forties. Also this reader is pretty strongly implied to be tall. It's not specified how tall but she's taller than Steve in heels.
Likes are appreciated, reblogs are loved, and comments make me swoon <3
Divider by the spectacular @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Absolutely nothing had scared Steve Rogers in all his many years of life. Not back in the bad days before the war, not when aliens rained down from the sky, not being on the run from the law, and certainly not when he was faced with a thing that looked like Red Skull on Vormir. The creature gave him a choice. Return the soul stone, but leave as he was, or return the stone and take back that which was lost.
Natasha Romanoff.
The second option came at a cost, of course it did, but Steve Rogers wasn’t bothered by hardship and paid the price willingly. He left with Natasha in his arms, and came back to the compound to cheers of joy and tears of relief. And to stares, to open mouths, and to Bucky’s fond chuckle.
The price hadn’t been one he was scared of. Take back the serum and get back one of his best friends in the world. Easy.
Except of course, it wasn’t easy at all.
His new/old body wasn’t equipped to deal with the twenty-first century, apparently the serum had allowed him to be more or less impervious to just about every sickness there was, but now of course he was back in a frail and incredibly sick body that almost instantly started to turn on him.
It took a month in the hospital - two weeks of which were in isolation so that he could properly acclimatise after getting the appropriate vaccinations - and Steve Rogers walked out of the private hospital as a new man.
He was skinny again, he was short again, but he was healthier than he had ever thought possible back in the forties. Apparently a lot of his conditions were fairly easily treatable nowadays, and the food and exercise options were a lot better too, meaning that within another six months, Steve had managed to gain some real muscle and a kind of quiet confidence that he hadn’t had in… ever.
Now he could just be. Captain America was no longer his responsibility, Sam Wilson had taken that role. There was no longer a war ready to be fought. What remained of SHIELD wouldn’t want him as an active agent, and training to be a spy wasn’t something he had ever cared to do anyway.
Steve went to art school, and got a job in a bookstore. Turned out life as a small Steve Rogers was a lot happier and easier to live than it had ever been as a tall Captain America. He was happy, he had his friends, he had his independence, and, after one rainy afternoon and an accidental bump into an over large puddle, he had you.
You were talkative where he was quiet, you liked rollercoasters and he liked museums, you preferred street food vendor’s to the diners that Steve liked…
But you both loved art, in all its myriad forms.
Steve found peace at your apartment, he could sketch as you read your comics. You would cook in his kitchen as Steve played modern classics on the piano. You would meet him at six am to run in Central Park and both of you would take photos on your phones and then compare over breakfast.
A year after the world had been violently brought back to normal, and six months after meeting you he could admit to himself that he was in love for the first time in… Steve thought back over his life, over the courtship with Peggy, and the affairs with both Sam and Nat during their time on the run. All of those had given him joy or solace. They had given him pleasure, but they hadn’t given him what you did now.
A home, peace, and love without restrictions.
The key to his apartment rested in his pocket as he picked you up one starry December evening. The date was for no special occasion, just a guy and his girl going to the movies to see some sappy love story set during Christmas, but this time the happy ending would be for him.
Tumblr media
You loved movies, always had. The theatre especially was a favourite place of yours, especially in this day and age of technology where most people lived life through a screen and ignored the world around them. The movies were where you could - in fact where you must - ignore everything else and focus on what was in front of you.
No talking allowed. Phones switched to silent. Just the boom of the screen and crunch of popcorn.
Usually you were a model citizen at the movies, but tonight you were feeling a little… devilish.
Steve clearly had something on his mind, he was a notoriously bad liar, and he had fumbled over telling you how pretty you looked when he picked you up - something he never did.
It was cute in your opinion, Steve all flustered and secretive made you smile and a funny flutter erupt in your tummy. Still… the theatre was surprisingly empty, and he looked hot in that cable knit sweater and Levi jeans that Bucky had convinced him to buy on a shopping trip recently…
You gently place your hand on his thigh, keeping your eyes on the screen. It’s a casual enough touch that Steve didn’t notice at all. You left it there for a moment longer, and then slowly dragged it up higher…
“Y/N… what are you doing…”
“Hmmm?” You let your fingers dance a little higher, skating just over the denim covering his zipper, “Nothing, Steve. Shhh… watch the movie…”
People would be shocked to know that Steve Rogers - former Captain America - was actually kind of a freak in the bedroom. His self confidence in that area was almost off the charts, even in his smaller frame. So it didn’t surprise you that when you met his eyes, eyebrow raised in a silent question, Steve nodded briefly before allowing you to tug the zipper down.
The choked noise he made at the back of his throat when you touched his already semi hard cock made you clench,
“Steve Rogers… no underwear? Really?”
“I was planning on dragging you into the alley afterwards… didn’t want to waste too much extra time- fuck!”
You shifted and quickly placed the tub of popcorn in his lap, before opening his jeans up completely and pulling his cock out. You then leant over and rested your head on his shoulder, trying to appear like a canoodling couple on a quiet date.
He felt beautiful in your hand, you wished you could take him in your mouth, but that would be a lot harder to hide in such a public place… besides, the way Steve’s breathing was picking up, and the fact he was shifting restlessly meant that you were doing good regardless.
“If I have an asthma attack here, I swear I will spank you when we get home, Y/N.”
You snort a little at that, trailing kisses up the column of his neck, nipping gently at his earlobe, “Would you be less mad if I told you that I’m not wearing panties, Steve?”
“Jesus… Christ…”
Steve had made to turn and shove his hand up your skirt, but you had twisted your wrist in the way he liked, working your palm up and over the head of his cock, and then pumped a little faster, and he froze in the seat, blue eyes locked on the story unfolding on the screen,
“Bad Steve,” you scold, “keep quiet now, I think I saw that old couple glare at you…”
That little comment earned you a glare, which in turn earned Steve another minute of more rapid pumping up and down… and then you slowed again… and sped up…
Usually when Steve came, he was loud, he would grunt and groan and cry out your name amidst a colourful collection of curses. Here though in the movies with an elderly couple in the front row ahead of you, Steve couldn’t let go, and when his hips jerked into your hand, he twisted so that he could kiss you desperately, smothering his moans into your mouth.
His seed covered your hand and the bottom of the tub of popcorn, and you carefully tried to mop it up as best you could with tissues you had in your purse - you liked to be prepared. Steve quietly tucked himself inside his jeans, and turned his face towards your neck, the whiskers on his face tickling your skin,
“This movie is boring. Wanna get out of here?”
Seeing as you hadn’t paid a single bit of attention for the last twenty minutes, you thought that was a good idea, and you jumped up with Steve, taking the popcorn with you to throw in the trash. Your heels gave you a couple of extra inches, you pressed a kiss to the top of Steve’s head, and walked out behind him as calmly as possible.
As soon as you were on the street, Steve dragged you to the quietest place he could find, pulling you down and kissing you desperately, before spinning you to face the wall and sinking into you from behind.
You really hadn’t been kidding about the underwear.
It didn’t last long, and your tissue supply ended once you were all cleaned up, but you both wear secret smiles as you get back onto the street. You look down at your hand in Steve’s, and ask him,
“So, what secret are you keeping?”
“Oh… you wanna move in with me, Y/N?”
You blink, and then giggle when he pulls out the red velvet box enclosing your new key on a key ring with a ballerina symbol on it. Steve shrugs when he sees you staring questioningly at it, “Nat helped me pick it out. She says she hopes you’ll come by the studio to see her soon, by the way.”
“Of course I will. And of course I’ll move in with you!” You both stop and kiss, ignoring the grouchy comments from the New York natives. Pulling away, you cuddle up to Steve, your arm over his shoulders, and rest your head on his, “You want to go to see her in DC next year? Her and Yelena’s ballet troupe are doing Swan Lake.”
Obviously he agrees, and when you get back to your (soon to be moved out of) apartment you both spend time looking at tickets for the show, and last minute gifts for your friends.
Steve Rogers was different now. You owed Natasha so much for being the reason you were brought back from the snap… and for bringing this version of Steve to you. He wasn’t tall Captain America anymore.
He was yours.
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dadplease · a day ago
a helping hand.
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this blog. for more information on this blog's commitment to protecting minors, read eun's full statement here.]
summary | when bucky brings his new baby girl in for a check-up, steve does everything he can to make the worst part of the exam more enjoyable.
pairing | soft!dark!doctor!steve rogers x bucky's little!reader
warnings | dubcon? (reader is crying, scared, disoriented), dark!steve (though he's so so soft <3), ddlg (daddy!bucky - not present, little!reader), medfet elements (rectal thermometer, lube, gloves, exam table, depictions of medical setting and procedures), anal play, crying, fingering, forced (?) orgasm, squirting, tiniest bit of overstim, praise, little bit of soft humiliation maybe?, past-tense third-person bc why tf not
an | alright fellow whores, this one hasn't been on my list for too long but the idea's been living in my head rent-free since it popped up in my brain so i just had to do it lol. hope you all love soft!dark!doctor!steve here just as much as i do <3
With her bare bottom spread wide open to brave the chilly air of the exam room, held in place by the firm triangular cushion propped up below her lower belly, all poor y/n could do was whimper in humiliation, the sound muffled by the nub of the baby blue paci stuffed between her lips.
"It's alright, y/n," the kind man murmured beside her as he stood at his metal bedside cart, preparing the necessary equipment for the procedure he was about to perform. "Promise I'll be nice and gentle, sweetheart. Know that's such a strange place to be probed in, but we'll go real slow and steady; nothing's gonna hurt."
Rolling up the sleeves of his white button-down carefully as the muscles of his forearms bulged against the fabric, Steve grabbed a pair of nitrile exam gloves from a box beside the sink, snapping them onto one hand, then the other. Trying to keep her eyes free of tears, y/n winced at the sound, the doctor quick to notice her frightened response. "Shhh, you're okay, doll," he hummed, picking up the medical-grade rectal thermometer by the squared base as well as the unopened packet of lubricating jelly and a lined gauze napkin before turning back to the exam table, stationing himself at the foot it where the girl was so vulnerably positioned.
"Being so good for me, darlin'. Your daddy's gonna be so proud of you when we're all done, gonna tell him all about how brave you were for me," Steve soothed as he rubbed a gentle gloved hand over the poor thing's quivering ass. Y/n sniffled, her bottom lip trembling horribly against her paci as she did her best not to squirm. She wanted to be good for the doctor; she really did, but nothing had ever been put in her bottom before, and what made the situation even worse was that Bucky, her daddy, hadn't been allowed back in the exam room with her to hold her hand through the experience.
"Just putting this here to catch anything that might drip," the doctor explained as he laid down the napkin on top of the flimsy exam-table paper. "Now we're putting some jelly on here so the tip will slide in nice and smoothly," he continued as he tore open the white packet, applying the clear goo generously to the cool metal tip of the instrument. Turning his attention to the girl's puckered opening, Steve saw that the poor thing's rosebud was quite literally trembling; softening his voice, he cooed, "Alright, sweetheart. Gonna be a little bit cold, but it shouldn't hurt. Take a deep breath in for me, y/n. That's it-"
A strained whine sounded from y/n as the man began easing the tool into her virgin hole. "Shh-shh shh, it's okay- oh sweetheart," Steve frowned as his patient began to sob softly into her arm, "doing so well, doll, being so brave- here, this should help with the burning." As he continued to coax the length of the thermometer in, his other gloved hand found the little girl's slit; unsurprisingly, a coat of slick had formed between the folds of flesh. Dragging his fingers up, the doctor found her clit, gently beginning to rub the sensitive bud with his thumb while he pressed a finger against her leaking opening, relieved to hear a soft moan escaping her as he began filling her with his digit.
"That's it, good girl," Steve hummed lowly as he managed to insert the rest of the instrument into her bottom with ease, continuing to massage along her inner walls with his finger while working tender circles over her bundle of nerves with his thumb. "Now we'll just let it read- don't worry, little one. I'll keep you busy down here 'til it's done," he promised, tapping against the girl's clit as she ground her hips down slightly against his hand, causing the blonde-haired man to smile. "That's it, y/n. It's alright, know that must feel so good. Just let the doctor take care of you, hmm?" he hummed as he worked a second finger into her squelching heat, her arousal dripping down onto the gauze below her as she groaned softly, struggling to keep her eyes open.
Nursing at her pacifier needily in an attempt to soften her pathetic whimpers and moans, y/n could barely keep her head propped up against her arm, a tingling knot beginning to form in her lower belly as the doctor worked her body with ease, his masterful touch unsurprising given his line of work. "P-please doctor," the squirming girl begged as she shook her head anxiously, her toes curling in anticipation as she felt her climax building inside of her before she could even think to stop it.
"That's a good girl; it's okay, you can go ahead and cum for me, sweetheart. There it is, just like that- good," Steve crooned in praise as the little girl clamped down forcefully against his fingers, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as her orgasm gushed out against the doctor's hand, every inch of her body contracting in pure bliss. "There you go, good girl," the man continued to murmur as her contractions started to die down, her pussy throbbing from the powerful high.
Just as y/n was beginning to regain her breath, a quiet beep sounded from behind her, signalling the reading was over. "Just in time," Steve smiled, circling over her clit a few more times as he eased the metal rod out, causing the poor thing to whimper from the overstimulation. "Sorry, doll. You must be sensitive after all that, hmm?" the man apologized, his eyes scanning the window of the device before revealing, "Well, everything looks just fine here. Now, why don't we get you all cleaned up, and then we can go find your daddy in the lobby. I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear how good his little girl was today."
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the-iceni-bitch · 12 hours ago
Pairing: dilf!Steve Rogers x tattoo artist!fem reader (goddamn Prince Charming looking dilf AU)
Words: ~1.3k
Summary: You and Steve get you used to the new house.
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (f receiving oral sex, anal play, pussy job, manhandling, unprotected anal sex, pussy spanking, spit kink, multiple orgasms, squirting, genital piercings, kinda bimbofication) no plot, impatient Steve, dilf Steve (y’all know he’s his own warning), dirty talk, SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
A/N: You guys, their sex lid is gonna get even more insane now that they’re living together, Christ. 🥵🥵
I am no longer doing taglists so if you want to stay up to date on all the latest filth, follow my sideblog @the-iceni-library and turn on notifications!
Tumblr media
You let out an obscene moan when Steve swiped his tongue over your swollen clit again, thankful that his mom had agreed to take Sarah until tomorrow because there was no way your were going to be able to hold back with how fucking good his mouth felt on your needy little pussy while he pinned your knees to your chest with one massive arm.
Not to mention the three fingers he had shoved up your ass at the moment. He hadn’t even been able to make it to the bedroom once his mom and the Barnes were out of the house, his mouth on yours as soon as the front door closed as his big hands gripped as much of your sweet body as he could while he pretty much devoured you. You were naked and spread out on the kitchen floor before you even knew what happened, whining desperately as he purred into your open mouth how he’d been thinking about finally getting to fuck that tight ass of yours ever since you’d brought it up at thanksgiving.
That was an hour ago, and the only closer you’d gotten to feeling that big dick of his split you open was him slipping another thick finger into you after he drew out another two orgasms from your exhausted body. He was being so sloppy with it too, his new beard rubbing your folds and thighs raw as he rubbed his face all over your poor pussy and purred deeply. You whimpered when he spat on your clit again, a satisfied hum rumbling through his whole body as he watched the thick liquid drip down your fluttering cunt until it was coating his fingers as he plunged them into your ass slowly.
“Mmm, good girl, taking me so well.” Steve bit at your inner thigh gently as he slowly pulled his fingers out of you, groaning at how swollen and shiny with spit and slick your pretty hole was after all the attention he’d lavished on you. “Think you’re ready for me, doll.”
“Been ready for thirty minutes.” You moaned into his mouth and gave him a lazy grin when he curled over you, tangling your fingers in his hair and opening up for him as he yanked his sweats down his thighs just enough that his leaking cock could spring free. “Need it.”
“I know, baby, gotta slick up first though, fuck.” He growled when he started dragging his cock through your puffy folds while you leaked cream all over him. “God, you’re already such a mess, gonna ruin our floor baby.”
You couldn’t help but feel all warm in your chest when he referred to the floor as belonging to both of you, even when you felt the pierced tip of his cock slipping lower until it was teasing over your puckered hole. He had talked about taking the ring out before doing this, since he was already worried about you being able to take all of him. But then you had almost slapped him and told him he was never allowed to fuck you without that thing in unless he wanted you to leave him, and it’s not like he could ever actually deny you anything.
“Steve, oh my god.” You keened when his leaking tip slid over your clit, the precum making an even bigger mess of your cunt as Steve pressed your knees even closer to your chest when he leaned into you. “Quit being a fucking tease.”
“Alright.” Steve pressed his lips to your as he started sliding his hips forward when his tip caught on your pretty hole, cooing into your mouth when your jaw went slack and you let out a silent scream. “Shh, just relax baby.”
You were trying. You thought you were ready but as soon as his tip slid inside you your brain shut down, your fingers digging into his shoulders as he worked his way deeper. When his hips finally met your ass your vision whited out, your eyes rolling back in your head and a strange, thin sound escaping from your throat as a pleasant, burning warmth spread through you. You might have come already but you weren’t totally sure.
“Shit, baby, need you to talk to me.” Steve let out a sigh of relief when your eyes fluttered open and you gave him a very sloppy looking grin, cupping your cheek gently and resting his forehead against yours. “Did I break you, doll? You just had like a three minute orgasm.”
“I did?” You blinked stupidly up at him while he stroked your cheek, your words slurred and your vision still a little blurry. “Why’d ya stop?”
“Baby, I never even started.” He chuckled when you murmured nonsense against his lips, your fingers tangling in his hair while you tried to get him to start moving by wiggling your ass underneath him. “You wanna stop?”
“Nonononononono.” You grabbed his hair and smashed your lips to his, still babbling dumbly while he grinned at you tightening your limbs around him. “Steve… Steve, ‘s good. Just a lil more, yeah? Please, fill my ass, Steve.”
“Alright.” Steve gave a small thrust of his hips and swallowed your small cry, picking up speed until the lewd sounds of skin slapping together filled his - your kitchen. “Do love breaking that brain of yours.”
All you could do was mewl like an idiot while he pounded into you, digging your nails into his neck as your whole body shook with pleasure. If you had been more conscious you might have been embarrassed at just how easily you coming apart from him fucking your ass, but it was Steve’s massive cock, it wasn’t your fault you turned a little brainless.
“Just look at you, so fucking messy, and I’m not even touching that sweet little pussy.” Steve licked your ear and you keened, rolling your body into his when he gave a particularly vicious drive of his hips and made you spasm. “Want me to touch her, baby? Want me to play with that pretty clit until you squirt all over me while I fill that ass?”
“Unh, Steve!” Your whine sounded pathetic even in your fucked out state, but you couldn’t care when he kept cooing those filthy things in your ear while he kept plunging his cock into you. “Spank it.”
“Mmm, filthy girl.” Steve bit at your jaw playfully before leaning back, drawing his hand up slowly then giving your pussy a wet slap that made you scream. “Shit, baby.”
“More, again.” Your nails were making dents in his forearms as you gripped him hard, your pussy fluttering around nothing and leaking all over his cock when he smacked it again. “Steve, ‘m so close.”
“Good, give it to me.” He slapped you right on your swollen clit and you shrieked, your release gushing out of you and squirting across Steve’s abs while you sobbed desperately. “Good fucking girl, squeezing me so hard. Gonna fill this tight little ass up.”
You could only moan as his hips started slowing down and he let out a deep growl, shocks still traveling through your body while he pumped you full of his cum. Steve kissed your palm when you reached up to run your fingers through his beard, keeping up the slow roll of his body and groaning as you milked him for everything he could give you.
Once he was spent he collapsed on top of you with a curse while you both panted heavily, rolling until you were laying on top of him and nuzzling into his neck.
“Eight months Stevie.” You rested your chin on his chest and gave him a lazy grin. “We could’ve been doing this for eight months.”
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princess-of-riviaa · a day ago
Kinktober Day 5 Prompt: Facesitting/eating out
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Summary: Steve decides to give you a surprising type of punishment, but it’s just as effective.
Author’s Note: As promised in this post, I am writing all the kinktober prompts that I didn't have time to finish for October.
Warning(s): overstimulation, facesitting, riding, multiple orgasms, dominant Steve, spanking, bratty reader, aftercare, fluffy ending (who knew I could write fluff?), quick story that wasn’t beta’d, forgive any grammatical errors
Word Count: 1236
Tumblr media
You’d been bad. Running your mouth all morning. Curious about how long it would take to get a rise out of him. The answer: 13 hours. As soon as he gave you his third warning and you disobeyed it, he forced you into the bedroom.
You’d been expecting something a little more… painful. Denied orgasms for a week maybe? Or watching him jerk off while you can’t touch him? Ohh. That would have been a hard one to endure—and a perfect punishment. But instead, he had chosen to have you sit on his face. You hadn’t understood it at first. Why would pleasing you be a punishment? But after the second orgasm, you figured it out.
“Fuck, Steve,” you cried out as he continued to move his tongue against your core in an unrelenting pace. Your vision still blurred from the intense orgasm you’d just experienced.
He loosened his grip on your thighs for just a second. The loud slap of the spank he brought down on your ass echoed throughout the room. It was hard enough that you whimpered. You knew why he had done that instantly. Pointing out your mistake.
“I’m sorry, sir,” you rushed out breathlessly.
His hand returned to your thigh, pressing you as tight against his face as you could possibly be. You had no idea how he managed to breathe with the way he was suffocating himself between your legs. But you couldn’t find it in yourself to care about the physics of it all, especially when he moved his tongue like—
You were going to cum again, you could feel it in your belly. That heat continued to rise. Pleasure made your entire body tingle and your brain go foggy until all you could think about was the way his tongue perfectly swirled around your clit—
You moaned as you came for the third time in less than ten minutes. This orgasm made your entire body shake. You swear you felt time stop for a second as your vision went white. All that existed was this heat burning through you and the way you struggled to breathe as your toes curled with so much pleasure that you didn’t know what to do with yourself.
And still, Steve’s pace never slowed.
“I can’t, sir,” you whimpered. “I can’t take anymore. Please.”
He mumbled something against your core that sounded like you should have thought of that before you mouthed off to me. The rumble of his voice vibrated against your core, making your back arch as you clutched onto those blonde locks.
He’d grown his beard out in the last few months. You’d thought it handsome, that it made the star-spangled man look more rustic. It revealed a hint of his darker side. And it was a weapon in the bedroom that he used as much as he possibly could. It scrapped against your thighs now, burning them and no doubt turning them a bright pink. Your skin had grown sensitive to it about thirty seconds in, but now it just added to your pleasure somehow.
“Please, sir,” you begged as you rode his face in an way that you couldn’t control. Your body responded to the overstimulus in a way you couldn’t control. “I’ll be good, I’ll be so good, I’ll be perfect for you.” Tears ran down your cheeks now. You were so overwhelmed by the relentless strokes of his tongue that you didn’t know what to do with yourself.
He hummed against your folds, only sending another blast of heat through you.
“Please—I can’t take anymore.” But it was like he couldn’t hear you. He was as relentless with your pussy as he was with any criminal that he faced off with.
He pushed his tongue inside you, twirling it in such a way that it put all of your toys to shame. It was too much, too good too soon—
“Oh!” you cried out as your hips moved against his face. Your mouth fell open in a silent scream as you came for the fourth time. God, this was such a terrible, blissful torture. You were past the point of words; you couldn’t remember how to speak.
He squeezed your thighs tighter, his fingers digging into your ass so tightly it verged on painful. That, mixed with the pleasurable burn of his beard between your thighs, and the everlasting strokes of his tongue against you threw you into a fifth orgasm just a few seconds later.
When you remembered how to breathe, you realized that your cheeks were soaking with tears. This will never end, you thought, and it was as terrifying as it was tempting. The pleasure was good yet so bad. You were desperate for him to ease up on you yet never wanted him to stop.
“I-I’m sorry, s-sir,” you whimpered, struggling to get the words out.
And then, just like that, he stopped. The moment he released your legs you fell to the side; the comforting bedsheets cool against your back. Tears soaked your face as you continued to release quiet sobs and whimpers.
Within the span of a second, he switched from angry to soothing. He turned on his side to look at you, gently wiping your tears away. “I’ll be right back,” he assured you before disappearing from your line of vision. You curled up on yourself as your body continued to shudder from your endless pleasure. You’d never cum more than twice at one time, and now he had just made you cum four times in less than ten minutes.
As promised, he returned a minute later with a warm, wet towel. His hands were gentle as he spread your thighs just enough to clean your soaked pussy. You shrunk back from his touch. It was involuntary; you were too sensitive to be touched right now.
“Just let me clean you up and then I’ll be done,” he promised in that soft, soothing voice that made you absolutely melt.
You relaxed long enough for him to clean your thighs and between your sensitive folds. He brought the towel back to the bathroom before returning to the bed, lying on his side beside you.
“What do you need?” he asked calmly. “I can give you space if you want that.”
You shook your head. “I just want you to hold me.”
So he did. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you against his chest. Your whimpers slowed as his warmth wrapped around you. He rubbed your back in light strokes. Your eyes felt heavy as you relaxed against him more and more with each passing moment.
“I’m sorry,” you squeaked out.
“I needed to show you why you shouldn’t talk back to me.” He released a heavy sigh. “You know what I always say.”
“’Bad girls get punished,’” you quoted. He said it so often you were certain that it was his favorite thing to say.
As he continued to rub your back, he brought his other hand to your head, rubbing his fingers through your hair. You closed your eyes as you basked in his soothing comfort.
“You’re normally so good for me,” he pointed out. “What changed?”
You mumbled sleepily, “I missed you. You’ve been gone so long with your new movie. I just… wanted some attention.”
He said something assuring and apologetic, but his words faded into the distance as you fell asleep in his arms.
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lipstickbisous · a day ago
other nasty thot : artist!steve and musician bucky who lose inspiration and get really anxious and scared until they meet you, the new neighbor who's like a dream come true ?? and you three become an inseparable trio !! the moments they spend with you make their creations a hundred times better and filled woth passion, bucky's songs are breaking the charts and steve's paintings are selling all over the world ??
well one day, a little needy for each other because you were busy with your own job, they tell you that they've been lacking inspiration (they're lying) and that they need you to get it back ?? and you didn't really think the three of you were comfortable like that with each other but next thing you know steve's watching you bounce on bucky's cock while he's sketching the whole thing, sitting on the seat not too far, literally throbbing and leaking heavy drops of pre-cum.
"fuck babydoll, if you could see yourself right now... a true masterpiece... that pussy of yours is swallowing bucky so deep, you like that don't you baby ?"
and you look at him, all fucked out and needy for more, nodding like a bobblehead.
then it's bucky's turn to take a seat and listen to you, writing lyrics while steve's fucking you ass up and face shoved in the mattress. he's being so rough you can't speak anymore, you can just take him and moan loudly.
and the original songs and sketches bucky and steve made, they keep it for themselves and modify a little to present to the public and you bet your ass it sells more than anything ever ??? the public loves it and want more of that so you know your boys have you ready to help them !!
(the original they go back to when you're busy and they need relief, like their own fancy nudes)
- 🧝🏾‍♀️ little elf girl
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
paint me coming out december 15!!!
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themissusmarvel · 2 days ago
Steve Rogers x Reader
Tumblr media
18+ Only Please!
Content Warnings: teasing, super soft Steve dom, fingering, unprotected sex
Summary: You and Steve are friends, but have been hiding your true feelings from each other. Until one night and a red dress.
"You'd look great in any of these, but you better hurry up or we'll be late."
Steve was walking around the department store with you, helping you choose a dress for the Avengers party that he has asked you to join him at. And of course, you had left it too late. He had shown up at your door in a suit, and you immediately knew what you had done. You told him to just go without you, you didn't have a dress to wear that would stand up to what Nat, Wanda, Pepper, and the other women would wear, so you didn't mind sitting out.
Shaking his head, he raised his eyebrow at you. "I'm not going without you, darlin. So grab your bag, we have a stop to make."
Laughing, you grabbed your bag, threw on some shoes, and followed him out into the street.
You sighed as you rifled through the racks. "I told you to just leave me at home. I can't decide what I want to wear."
Steve came up behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders. "And I told you that I'm not going without you."
The weight of him on your shoulders sent a jolt through you. You shook it off. Steve had been one of your closest friends for a while now, and you didn't want any feelings you had towards him ruining that. Even though being around him was getting more and more difficult, you also couldn't stay away.
You turned to look at him, noting what colour he was wearing, and it was your turn to lift an eyebrow. "I know what I'll do." Steve looked at you, curious. "I'll be the red to your blue."
As you walked into the party on Steve's arm, you felt many eyes grazing over you. The dress you had chosen was simple, but also eye-catching. It was a bright red, floor length number, with a thigh high slit and a deep V to show off your cleavage. Steve's eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw you walk out of the changing room in it, so you knew it was the one.
From the other side of the room, you saw Nat waving you over, so you turned to Steve, motioned that you were heading over to her, and he nodded as he let you go.
"You look drop dead gorgeous tonight," Nat said to you as you settled in a chair next to her.
"Thanks, I'm just glad I finally settled on something."
You saw a smirk settle on her face, and you rolled your eyes.
"What is it Nat?"
"I think I know who you picked that dress for. And it definitely wasn't you."
You chuckled and shook your head. "We are just friends! There's no way he would ever look at me as anything else."
There was a twinkle in Nat's eye, one you knew meant that she knew something and wasn't going to tell. So you told her you were going to get a drink, and ended up chatting with Sam at the bar.
It was now a few drinks later and you were having a great time. You hadn't seen Steve in a little while, but you weren't worried, he was probably off reminiscing with Bucky somewhere.
Suddenly you felt someone's eyes on you, and you turned around to see who it was. Steve. And with the heat in his eyes, your lips parted a little. He had never looked at you like that before. That you'd noticed, anyway.
"I, um, I'll be right back Sam," you said without even looking at him. Sam sipped his drink with a smirk, he also saw what was going on.
You strode over to Steve, and wrapped your arms around his neck. The alcohol had relaxed you a bit, and you weren't thinking of everyone else in the room for once. He gently placed his hands on your hips.
"And where have you been all night?" You asked the tall, blonde super soldier.
He slid his hands from your hips to the small of your back. "I've been trying to stay away from you."
You looked at him, confused. He clarified, "You just look so incredible tonight."
It could have been the alcohol, it could have been the look in his eyes, but something in you clicked, and you weren't about to waste the moment.
"Shall we find somewhere quiet, Cap?"
Steve shut the door behind him with a click. He had taken you to his bedroom as the party continued downstairs in the Avengers Compound. You spun around the room once taking in your surroundings. It was simple and tidy, just like you would have expected.
You stood in the center of the room, and Steve slowly made his way to you.
Before he could reach you, you piped up. "You know Steve, I don't want you like a best friend."
He stopped in his tracks. What did that mean? Did you not like him anymore? Had he read the signs wrong?
You smiled seductively at him, "I only bought this dress so you could take it off."
There it was. You couldn't hold back any longer. The feelings you had for Steve were now laid down in front of him. In a few short strides he was in front of you, his eyes dark with lust and his chest heaving as his heart rate picked up.
Without a word, he moved to be standing behind you, and gently moved your hair so it was draped over your shoulder. Heat was pooling between your legs with him being so close to you, and the feeling of his hands along the back of your neck sent goosebumps along your skin.
Steve slowly pulled the zipper down your back, revealing that you were completely bare underneath. A quiet groan left his mouth as he saw your skin exposed to him.
Once the zipper had reached the base of your spine, Steve traced the column of your back with his fingertips. You shivered at his touch.
You let the dress fall to the floor, and Steve's breath caught in his throat. Your body was better than he could have ever imagined. And he couldn't wait to be buried inside of you.
Still behind you, he smoothed his hands down your arms, and laced your fingers with his. Steve started leaving a trial of kisses along your neck, and you tilted your head to the side to give him better access.
Feeling him brushing against you, you pushed backwards and started rubbing your ass against his growing erection. He moaned against your skin and gave you a little nip. "You being a little naughty, sweetheart?"
You smirked and ground against him once more. "Only for you, Cap."
Steve let out a low growl and moved one hand flat against your stomach, the other moving closer to your aching core. You let out a little whimper in frustration, and felt a laugh rumble in Steve's chest.
"Patience, sweetheart. I've been hoping for this for a long time. I want to enjoy every second of it."
Then there it was. His fingers running over your slick folds, and you cried out at the sensation. "Oh Steve, fuck me please."
"Mm, what was that?" He slowly slid a finger into you, rubbing your clit with his palm. You gasped his name, trying to move for more stimulation but the hand on your stomach held you fast.
"Please Cap, please fuck me."
In an instant he picked you up and turned you in his arms, so you were able to hook your legs around his hips. Your lips crashed onto his, and his tongue dipped into your mouth hungrily. You had both been building each other up to this moment for so long, it was like a tap finally being opened and all your feelings were rushing out.
Steve laid you carefully on his bed, and began to undress himself. You had seen him shirtless before, he often was that way during the summer. But as he slid his belt out of his trousers, you felt yourself getting more aroused.
Finally he slid off his boxers, and his hard cock bounced in front of you. God it was an impressive length. You beckoned him forward with a finger, and he crawled on top of you.
"You ready, sweetheart?"
"Yes, please Cap. Put your dick in me already."
He laughed at your remark. "I love it when you beg."
Steve again took your mouth with his, and moved his hand down your body, massaging each breast on his way down. You moaned at his touch. How was he so good?
Suddenly he nibbled on your bottom lip as his finger found its way inside you again. He slid it in and out slowly, catching your sighs and whines with his mouth. One finger then became two, as he continued to work you.
Feeling the weight of him on you and his gentle touch was pushing you over the edge. But just when you felt your release building, Steve pulled his fingers from you. You whined at the emptiness, and he pulled away to look you in the eye.
"Patience, remember. You'll cum when I tell you to."
"Yes Cap," you bit your lip at his eyes, blown out with desire.
Those two words made his dick twitch and he needed to be in you. He grasped his erection, and positioned himself at your entrance. Slowly he pushed forward, and your gasp was like music to his ears.
His hair was starting to fall over his forehead, and he had never looked more handsome. You felt his cock continue to move into you, he wanted to move slowly so he didn't hurt you. Always the gentlemen.
Once he was buried to the hilt, he began to pump in and out of you slowly. It was incredible, your little moans falling from your mouth and the feeling of him. But you needed more.
"Fuck me Cap."
His dark blue eyes shot up to yours, from where he was watching his length disappear inside of you. He smiled mischievously. You picked up quick that Steve loved being called Cap in bed, and it was a button you enjoyed pressing.
He placed his hands behind your knees, and brought them over his broad shoulders. Your eyes drifted closed at the deeper penetration, and his hands were then squeezing your hips. You opened your eyes to gaze at your blonde super soldier.
"You keep your eyes open, so I can watch you cum, sweetheart."
Your heart fluttered and he began. Steve started pounding into you, fucking you into the mattress. He watched your breasts bounce with his thrusts. You were so beautiful on his bed, begging him to fuck you. He could sense this becoming something he'd be addicted to.
His chest glistened with the sheen of sweat and his breathing was becoming more laboured. As was yours, feeling the coil deep in your belly tightening. You whined as you felt your orgasm building, and Steve could feel you clenching around his dick.
"You gonna cum, sweetheart? I can feel you squeezing me."
Your head was clouded with pleasure, so you were only  able to nod at what he said.
"Use your words, darlin. If you wanna cum, you gotta tell me."
Moistening your mouth, you breathed out, "I'm gonna cum, Cap."
"Good, then let's see you come apart on me, sweetheart."
Steve started rubbing small circles on your delicate clit as he continued to hammer his cock into you. You screamed out his name as you fell over the edge. The world around you fell away, and it was only you and Steve wrapped around each other.
You felt his hips stutter and then the warmth of him finishing filled you. He grunted and pumped slowly a few more times until he was completely emptied.
Steve pulled you up onto his lap, and he held you to his chest as both of your breaths went back to normal. He rubbed small circles on your back, and you relaxed in his grasp. He smelled amazing, you didn't want to ever leave his bed.
"That was amazing, darling. But I am not done with you yet."
You pulled back so you could look at his face, shock apparently on yours. He laughed and gave you a quick kiss.
"Super soldier stamina, sweetheart. I'm gonna watch you cum all night."
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angrythingstarlight · 2 days ago
Innocently leaving this here for you …
Mildly NSFW thots below. No minors of course. Warnings: Beefy Alpha Steve's thighs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Steve usually gets up before you do, he likes to wake you up with breakfast before he enjoys his favorite meal, the one he can only get by burying his head between your thighs.
This morning you woke up before him, he's not sure if it's the chill of the winter air or the smell of food drifting in from the kitchen that he noticed first.
Even before he opens his eyes, he was missing your warm body on his. Your curves fit perfect around the hard planes of his firm, muscular body. Your softness, your sweetness, your smile are things he craves more than air.
Steve flings the sheets off his legs, opening his bleary eyes, a loud yawn rips from his throat. He grins at your giggles floating towards, amusement strumming through the bond, you always say he sounds like a bear when he first wakes up.
Wiping his hand down his face, he swings his legs over the side of the bed. Stretching his arms over his head, he stills when the amusement gives way to a burst of heady lust.
Without turning his head, he smirks, his alpha pride can never get enough of how easy it is to turn his sweet girl into a greedy, needy little omega.
"Good morning Bunny," he says, flexing his arms and twisting at the waist, his back muscles rippling under his skin.
Oh god he looks good.
Beams of sunlight dancing across his chest, you want to chase the rays with your fingers. You want to feel the soft hair coating his chest under your palms while his rough hands glide up your body.
His nostrils flare at the sweet scent of your arousal, like a beacon his head turns to you his darkening blue eyes rake down your body with a look that can only be described as pure possessiveness.
You're glad you stole his flannel shirt last night, ita unbuttoned, exposing your body to his heady gaze. Steve loves it when you wear his clothes.
You see the second he notices your slick coating your thighs, a low growl slips from his lips. Oh god. A shiver crawls down your spine, the breakfast tray almost slips from your shaky fingers.
"Go-Good morning Alpha," you chirp, voice breathy and trembling with anticipation.
Alpha. He rolls his shoulders, hearing his designation on your lips makes him want to hear you scream it as he claims you.
"Come here," he commands, grinning as the alpha command pulls you across the room. Your nipples pebble and he can hear your heart race. His domination of your body makes you even wetter. The brown sugar and vanilla scent of your arousal filling his nose.
Spreading his thighs, he waits until you're standing between them. He plucks the tray out of your hands and sets it on the nightstand, barely glancing at it before returning his attention back to you. Grabbing the ends of your shirt, he smiles up at you.
"You're such a good little omega. Always taking care of your alpha. I'm so lucky to have you." His praise showers over you and you preen under it. "Now sit." He gestures at his bare leg.
Another command. One you'll gladly follow. Steve grabs a fork off the tray, cutting off a piece of the omelet, he groans when he feels your dripping pussy brush lightly over his thigh. His brow raises his hand cups your chin and tilts your face down with his calloused thumb. "I said sit down Bunny, you know how I feel about that hovering shit."
Oh, you do. You learned very quickly the first time he asked you to ride his face.
You sit on his thigh, a ridge of muscle pushing on your throbbing pussy. Oh fuck it already feels good and you're barely moving. Steve takes a bite of your food, his other hand dropping to your waist. He pushes you down even more and the ridge sweeps across your clit, a spark of pleasure unfurls inside you. He rolls your hips over him, faster and firmer while he flexes his thigh.
"Oh yes, right there!" you cry out, grabbing his shoulders. "Please Steve, Alpha."
Steve smirks, chewing slowly as he watches you make a mess, your warm, soft pussy feels good on his skin, but seeing your pretty face contorted with pleasure is addicting.
In between bites, he commands you and it drives you wild, the casual way he’s controlling your pleasure has the coil inside you winding tighter. Faster Bunny. Get me nice and wet Omega. Use your alpha. Be my good girl and I'll give my greedy little pussy everything she needs. She wants to cum doesn't she bunny? Go on, cum all over me.
Tears burn your eyes as the white-hot pleasure mounts in your belly, your movements are sloppy, rushed but you cant stop rocking your hips over him. His thighs dripping from your slick, the wet sounds of your pussy grinding on him echoes across the room. You're so close it almost hurts.
Steve grabs your chin, his thumb pulling your bottom lip down, deep blue eyes gazing into yours, an intense emotion flickering in them. "I said cum for me."
His words snap across your body and the pressure breaks. Your walls clenching down on nothing, your clit pulsating like your racing heartbeat.
"Oh god fuck-" you whimper, the orgasm winding through you with ruthless precision.
"Good girl." He praises, kissing your open mouth, swallowing your breathy moans.
Steve keeps praising you through your orgasm, his large hand rubbing your back after you fall onto his chest. Placing his chin on your shoulder, he lays back on the rumpled sheets, taking you with him.
"Thank you for breakfast sweet Bunny." His low voice rumbles in your ear, the lust in his tone has your eyes opening. He tugs your head back so you're gazing down at him. The ferocious look in his eyes makes your mouth go dry. "Now it's time for you to feed your Alpha."
Before you can process his words, his large hands are cupping your ass and pushing you over his chest and on his face. You let out a small startled squeak, your hands grabbing the sheets trying to keep from falling forward.
Steve brings you down on his wet, open mouth with a low growl.
"Go on Omega. I'm starving."
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xxindiglow · 17 hours ago
This Steve right here... A menace.
Tumblr media
He'd be giving you unrelenting neck kisses, groaning and nipping at you every time he feels your hand guide his to push his fingers deeper inside of you. Pulling away only when he delivers a searing bite to an especially sensitive spot and noting that you've clenched on his digits in a fit of spasms.
"Ooooh, did daddy find a new spot? C'mere... lemme kiss it again", he says and smirks.
And he's using that voice while he hits inside of you over and over. You know, that voice that's comforting and a touch condescending at the same time? Like he's trying to soothe you but he's teasing too. Mocking your moans and pleas back at you while he continues to push all your buttons.
He's licking behind your ear, leaving tiny kisses on the shell of it every time he says something absolutely filthy. Tugging on your nipples through your shirt until finally your back arches because you can't take the stimulation any longer. Your mouth opened wide in a stone set 'O', your eyes bucked and pussy squeezing uncontrollably.
You fall forward and rest your head on his chest. He's whispering but the deep vibration of his voice in your ear is louder while he's calling you every kind of good girl that his vocabulary can conjure. And the mother fucker has the audacity to thank you for cumming as if you've done him the greatest favor known to man. He's cooing in your ear and singing your praises like you've annointed him with holy water.
Yeah, this Steve is a demon. 🥵💦
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sunshinebuckybarnes · a day ago
office hijinks
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x female!reader
Summary: Steve comes to your office Christmas party and gets a little more than he bargained for.
Warnings: pet names (sweetheart), fluff, smut; oral (m receiving), unprotected sex. This blog is 18+ only. MINORS DNI.
Author's note: Soft golden boy Steve is back in another Christmas caper and we got a lil steamy with this one! (word count: 1.5k)
'tis the season masterlist
Steve couldn’t remember the last time he felt this nervous. He was used to high stakes situations and long gone were the days where he was constantly fighting for people’s approval. But right here, at your office Christmas party, surrounded by people he’s never met, people you like and care for, he could feel his palms start to sweat.
He wanted their approval.
Not that you’d care either way, but the thought of embarrassing you has him tugging on the collar of his shirt.
Your voice brings him out of his head as you pass him a beer and direct his gaze across the room.
“Okay, so Debbie is a huge fan and will definitely ask you for your autograph at some point and she will most likely ask for it to be on her bra,” you chuckle, Steve can feel his cheeks turn pink at your words, “but don’t worry, I won’t leave you to fend for yourself with Debbie.”
You turn your gaze to the man standing next to Debbie, “that’s Henry, he has a huge crush on you. I honestly thought he was going to throw up when I told him you were coming with me. But, don’t worry I’ve warned him if he tries to touch your biceps I’ll break his fingers.”
Steve snickers at the serious tone of your voice, you know how much he doesn’t like to be touched by strangers, and the thought of you being violent towards anyone is enough to bring a smile to his face.
“Well, let's hope it doesn’t come to that, sweetheart,” he grins, taking a sip of his beer as you greet one of your co-workers that walks past.
To Steve’s surprise, the evening goes smoothly. Your coworkers can’t help but love him, they even manage to remain respectful although you do glare at a couple of them when they start asking personal questions - much to Steve’s amusement.
His favourite part of the night though is when he finally gets you alone. You’re talking animatedly about some office gossip, giggling to yourself when you tell him about how they found the IT guy and the receptionist getting busy in the copy room.
“I mean,” you laugh, “how cliche is that?!”
Steve can’t help but smile at your laughter, the glasses of champagne you’ve drank have given you a buzz that has your body loose and your mouth running away from you.
Before Steve even has a chance to say anything you’re gasping dramatically at something over his shoulder and then you’re tugging him up from his chair, “speaking of cliches!”
He spots the photobooth you’re leading him to and can’t help but smile at how excited you are. Your eyes sparkling with mischief as you push him into the seat in the booth and close the curtain.
You stand between his spread legs, your hands resting on his shoulders as you bite your lip.
“I know that look, sweetheart, what are you planning?” Steve smirks, his eyes never leaving yours.
“It’s Christmas, Stevie,” you smirk, slowly lowering yourself to your knees, “and I think you deserve an early present.”
Once you’re settled on your knees you run your hands slowly up Steve’s thighs until you cup his semi-hard cock through his trousers.
Steve grunts at the contact, the thought of having you in this photobooth, with only a thin curtain keeping you from the prying eyes of your co-workers, sends a shiver down his spine. But before you can release him from his trousers he’s cupping your face and titling your gaze up to his.
“Sweetheart, are you sure about this?”
His voice has you pausing and for a moment you think you’ve pushed too far, but the dark edge to his eyes lets you know he’s into this as much as you but he needs you to say the words.
“I am very sure,” you nod, resuming your movements and pulling his hard cock out of his trousers, “I want a keepsake of your first office Christmas party,” you pout, your hand languidly moving up and down his hard length, your tongue giving kitten licks to the head. Steve doesn’t notice your other hand hitting the button behind you.
“Fuck,” Steve grunts, his head falling back against the wall of the phootbooth. His eyes scrunched tight as one hand weaves into your hair when your lips wrap around his cock.
His lips part in a silent moan as you push your head further down his length, his eyes shooting open when he hits the back of your throat and you gag - at the same time the first flash goes off.
He looks at you, and you shoot him a wink before resuming your motions.
“Shit, feel so good, when did you even turn this thing on,” Steve chuckles breathlessly, once his eyes adjust from the flash.
Like you’ve timed it to perfection, your hand that isn’t pumping his shaft comes up to squeeze his balls gently as the next flash goes off. You can’t wait to see how pretty Steve looks in the photos.
Before the next flash goes off Steve pulls you off him, tugging your face towards his and crashing his lips to yours. His large palms frame your face, fingers tangle in your hair in a clash of teeth and tongues. Flash.
You smile against Steve’s lips, pulling back slightly to catch your breath. Steve moves his hands down slightly so they’re resting against the side of your neck as you rest your foreheads against each other, adoring smiles tugging at both your lips. The final flash goes off.
You move to straddle Steve’s thighs, reaching under your dress to move your panties to the side as your other hand lines his length up with your entrance.
“Gotta stay quiet for me, Stevie,” you tease, lowering yourself down onto his hard cock, a loud moan escaping your lips but Steve’s quick to cover your mouth with his palm.
“I think it’s you that needs to stay quiet, sweetheart,” Steve grunts, fully seated inside you.
Steve keeps his hand over your mouth as you begin to move your hips, your eyes rolling to the back of your head at the pleasure coursing through you. His other hand rests against your ass, guiding your movements.
“So good for me sweetheart,” Steve whispers, his eyes burning into yours as you speed up your hips.
Steve removes his hand so he can crash his lips against yours in a heated kiss. Your moans and whimpers are muffled as he kisses the breath from you. His hand that was covering your mouth now tangled in your hair.
“Fuck, Steve,” your groan, tucking your face into his neck as your hips move faster.
“That’s it, sweetheart,” Steve pants, “need you to cum for me, fuck, don’t think I can last much longer.”
His hand that was holding your ass comes round the front of you to rub tight circles on your clit. You bite down on his shoulder to keep your moans at bay as you edge closer and closer to the edge.
Steve thrusts up to meet your hips and you see stars, your walls clamping down around him as you stifle your moans as you cum.
Your release triggers his own and you can feel Steve’s cock twitch inside of you as he fills you.
The two of you sit there, basking in the afterglow as you try and catch your breaths.
“Well,” Steve pants, “that was some present. Can we make this a Christmas tradition?”
You bring your head off his shoulder and giggle at his blissed out smile, “consider it done, Stevie,” you whisper against his lips before giving him a quick peck.
Removing yourself from his lap, you stand on wobbly legs as you move your panties back into place whilst Steve pushes himself back into his trousers.
Once you're both decent you grab the photos before sneaking your head around the curtain to make sure no one noticed what the two of you were up to.
“The coast is clear,” you whisper, before ducking out the booth with Steve close behind.
You pull him to a quiet corner so you can look at the photos, a blush gracing Steve’s cheeks as he looks at them.
The first picture is of Steve, his eyes cast down on you, his lips parted in pleasure. The top of your head is all that can be seen.
The second picture shows Steve’s head thrown back, his large hand tangled in your hair - you can’t help but clench your thighs at the sinful image.
The third picture brings a smile to your face. Steve’s hands are cupping your cheeks as your lips are locked in a passionate kiss.
The fourth, and final, picture has your heart melting. Steve’s hands still frame your face, your foreheads resting together with big smiles on your faces.
“As much as I love the second picture, I’ve got to say the fourth is really my favourite,” you muse.
Steve’s arms come around your waist as he rests his head on your shoulder, “I don’t know about the first two, but the third and fourth are perfect.”
“Oh, Stevie, but you look so pretty,” you tease, turning around in his arms.
He places a quick peck on your lips before pulling you back towards the photobooth, “well I think it’s only fair that you see how pretty you look when my head’s between your thighs.”
Tumblr media
Oh to be in photobooth with Steve Rogers 😩 thank you so much for reading! As always, comments and reblogs are super appreciated ❤️
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mrvelscaptains · a day ago
happier- s.r & b.b (pt 3)
Tumblr media
Pairing: stucky x female!reader
Summary: the aftermath of a breakup (inspired by “happier” by olivia rodrigo)
Warnings: angst, poly relationship, NSFW, semi-smut, mentions of sex, oral sex (f receiving), breath play, cheating? (maybe), steve being a big softie, MINORS DNI
Word Count: 3.2k
A/N: here is part three to this fic, I’m really excited about where the story is going Hope you enjoy! -sava 
You stumble back onto the quinjet, clinging to the wall as you walk towards the shotgun seat. You hold onto your poor attempt at a quick fix to the cut on your arm, knowing to make a tourniquet in the field to decrease the amount of blood loss. Unfortunately for you, it did nothing for the pain you were in. You made a note-to-self to bandage and clean your wound properly whenever you settle down for the night.
The mission was successful, which you were thankful for. Taking down a small H.Y.D.R.A base was enough for two people, so now you know why it was only you and Steve who went. Not exactly the combination you would have picked, however. You were also starting to understand why this was an overnight mission. You could tell by the way Steve looked in the field that he was exhausted, and with your injury, neither of you wanted to fly all the way back to New York from your current location in Russia.
You heard footsteps walking up behind you and see Steve plop down in the pilot seat, letting out a big sigh. He starts the engine and takes off without a word to you. You agreed earlier to stop in London for the night and find a hotel to sleep in, separate rooms of course. You don’t know what you would do if you had to share a room with your ex. 
You check your phone and see a few messages from Wanda and Peter, both checking on you to make sure you’re okay. You loved how sweet Peter was, you knew Tony did a good thing for recruiting that kid. You expected that kind of loving attention from Wanda as she was known for being kind. Others around the world might think differently with some of the things she has done in her past, but they just see the Wanda they want to see, and expect to see. They don’t see her for her true self, which you wish would happen soon. You shoot them both a text back to let them know you’re alive, and that you’ll be back in New York tomorrow after getting some rest.
“We’ll take a look at that wound when we get to the hotel,” Steve tells you, breaking through the thick amount of silence that was filling the small quinjet. You scoff and roll your eyes, happy that he can’t see your attitude shift.
“I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Had to do that a lot lately,” you say, mumbling the last part under your breath. You hear Steve sigh and see him shake his head out of the corner of your eye. You’re not sure why he’s upset with your actions as he’s the one responsible for your bitterness. He has no room to be acting the way he is. 
A few hours later, the two of you landed in an empty hanger in London, getting out to start looking for a hotel. Steve made the smart decision to have you both change into regular clothes before leaving the jet, so no one would notice and bring attention to the hotel. You probably would get enough of that from the hotel staff. 
You grab the first aid kit on your way out, wanting to do it yourself as soon as you get in the hotel room. The two of you take off on foot to a hotel you found online. Not too fancy, but also not a complete dump, and has nice reviews. It didn’t need to have all kinds of amenities, just two separate rooms with a bed to sleep on.
You and Steve walk through the front doors of hotel and walk right up to the desk. The walls were a nice shade of light brown, almost a coffee color, with marble tile enveloping the floor, topped off with a nice chandelier in the center of the lobby. You were starting to think that the website was selling this place short, or you went to the wrong hotel. Either way, you didn’t care at this point, you just wanted to sleep. Plus it was Tony’s who was paying for the room, so the price wasn’t going to haunt your dreams.
“We need to two single bed rooms, please,” Steve informs the front desk lady. She gives him a smile that’s a little too wide, and starts typing on her computer. He slightly turns to look at you from what you can see in the corner of your eye, but you keep your head straight, waiting impatiently to just get up to your rooms. You see the lady’s face shift, which sends an unwanted feeling to the pit of your stomach.
“Unfortunately sir, I only have one room available for tonight, we are fully booked otherwise,” she begins to say, resting her hand on his as a way to comfort him, which makes you roll your eyes and want to puke.
“But it is a king bed, if that helps with your situation at all,” she says with a smile. You flash her a fake smile and turn to Steve.
“Maybe we should find another-,”
“We’ll take it,” Steve tells the lady, moving his hand away from hers. You glare at Steve when he directs his attention towards you. All he does is flash you a smile, and proceeds to pay the lady for the room. Letting out a huff, you gather your belongings and wait by the elevator until he is finished.
The elevator ride is even worse than the ride in the jet. The silence is deafening and the tension between the two of you is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. He didn’t even take a minute to consider another option. Maybe it was the exhaustion? Or maybe he was just being a dick. Either way you were mad regardless.
The two of you walked in to your room and set the bags down. The front desk lady was not joking about the king size bed, it was massive. There was also a small couch to the side and a coffee table, accompanied by a desk and mini fridge underneath the massive flat screen settled from across where the bed was. You walked over to the couch, claiming it as your spot for the night. You didn’t care about the fact that you were injured and the couch didn’t look nearly as comfortable as the bed, you were not sleeping with him. It was taking all of your strength that you had left to even be in the same room as him for eight or so hours.
“What are you doing?” He asks innocently. You take off your oversized jacket and place it on the couch as you begin to open up the first aid kit. 
“I’m going to patch myself up, take a shower, and go to sleep right here on this couch,” you say matter-of-factly. You look up just in time to see him roll his eyes.
“Oh come on, Y/N. I-“
“No!” You shout, getting up from your spot and pointing your finger out at him. “I am not sleeping in the same bed as you.”
“We’re adults, can we at least try to act like it? You need the comfort for your arm, don’t be stupid,” Steve says annoyance dripping in his voice.
“It is not stupid of me to sleep in the same bed as the man who broke my fucking heart!” You scream, chest heaving and eyes beginning to go glossy. You see Steve’s entire demeanor change as his features go soft. You weren’t going to lie, part of you did feel bad for yelling at him, but another part of you was saying to stick to your guns. He deserves it after what he and Bucky put you through.
With a small sigh, Steve turns on his heel and makes his way to the ensuite. You hear the door close softly and the faint sound of the lock turning, letting you relax for a moment. The water of the shower can be heard from where you stand, telling you that you have a few moments of peace before he comes back out, and you’ll be damned if you won’t use that time wisely. 
You hear the door open as Steve walks back into the main room, towel drying his hair and a pair of gray sweatpants hugging his hips. You could tell by the way his demeanor was that he felt awkward about not having a shirt to sleep in, as he probably packed thinking we were going to have separate rooms. It isn’t anything you haven’t seen before.
You huff as you continue to try and stitch yourself up, failing to do so after changing into your sleepwear and having the tourniquet loosen from raising your arms. You angrily throw the stuff to the opposite side of the couch and bury your head in your hands, letting out a big sigh.
“Here, let me,” you hear Steve say, feeling the couch dip and the warmth of his freshly showered self radiating towards you. You give him your arm, resting it on your knee as you let him stitch you up. You almost forgot how good he was at doing so, with his nimble fingers and gentle touch. You started to relax a bit, feeling that comfort that you were so used to just a few months ago.
“Why didn’t you say anything?” You asked him, breaking the silence. He looks up to you for a moment with a puzzled look on his face, before returning back to your stitches. 
“When you and Bucky…when you broke things off?” You elaborated. Realization hit his face and you say his eyes soften once more.
“I didn’t want to hurt you more than you were already going to be,” he responds, sewing in another stitch. You scoff.
“Yeah, well you failed. It just made it seem like you didn’t care at all.”
“If I could take it all back, I would,” he tells you, focused on your arm. You pause for a moment, looking at him and hoping he would look back to you. Yet he kept his focus on your wound as he weaving back and forth.
“Why did you call things off then? If you want to take it back so badly,” you ask.
“I-” he begins to say. He takes a long pause as you see the gears in his head working overtime. 
“…I can’t tell you.”
“Screw this,” you say, shaking your head. You begin to move away from him, not wanting to deal with the bullshit anymore. If he can’t tell you why and just finally give you the answers you’ve been looking for for the better part of a few months, then you’re not going to put up with this shit for the night. 
You feel his grasp on you tighten, but not in a painful manner, as he’s trying to keeping you still. You look up and see he slowly meets your gaze with a semi-stern look on his face. You used to call it his “captain boyfriend” face, because he would like at you or Bucky like that whenever he was trying to be serious on a mission, but also not  wanting to be mean to either of you. At least, he used to look at you that way. 
“You’re going to rip your stitches. Let me finish and wrap you up, then you can get as angry as you want at me,” he tells you, his voice monotone and face emotionless. You didn’t understand why he was just letting you act the way you are, without defending himself or reacting at all. Did he really not care about you anymore.
As he threaded the last stitch into your wound and grabbed the gauze, you felt yourself begin to tear up. The room around you began to look fuzzy and your whole body was overwhelmed with sadness. You tried not to let the dam break, wanting to be strong, for not only yourself, but especially in front of Steve, but the way he’s just stitching you up as if the past few months didn’t happen? Like he and his boyfriend didn’t break your heart? You were right back to where you were when they did.
Steve looks up at you and starts to pull you into a hug. You begin to push him away, fighting with every bone in your body to resist falling back, erasing all the progress that you’ve made to move on from them. 
“Please Y/N, stop resisting. Please. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” He tells you, still trying to calm you down and wrapping his arms around you. Defeated, you cave and let him hug you, as you rest your head on his shoulder and let out quiet sobs. 
“If you’re-really sorry…you would tell me why you did it,” you sob, barely making it out. He pulls away slightly and looks at you with a frown plastered on his fave, his beautiful blue eyes on the verge of tears as well. You turn away from him and let out another sob.
“Y/N I-Could you look at me please?” He pleas, hurt in his voice. You turn to look him as his hand caresses your cheek, moving a bit of your hair out of the way while doing so.
“Do you trust me? Even after everything that’s happened and I’ve put you through, do you trust me?” 
“Yes, I do,” you tell him, truthfully. Even after everything that’s happened, it didn’t get in the way of the mission being a success. He’s a good leader, and he will always protect whoever he is with, no matter the circumstance. He stitched up your arm instead of letting you struggle. Hell, he is hugging you and comforting you when he saw you in pain. You knew you should be keeping your wall up high and not letting him back in, but you really do trust him.
“Then please believe me when I say that I can’t tell you why we did it. It’s better that way. Please trust and believe me with that,” he explains to you. 
You let out a sniffled and rub your nose with your hand, nodding a bit. You feel him wrap you up again in his big strong arms. You finally give yourself the will to wrap your arms and complete the hug. 
“Because I still love you, and I want you to believe that too,” he whispers in your ear.
You pull away and look at him with a questionable look. You can see in the features of his face, specifically his eyes, that he wasn’t lying. You knew all of Steve’s tells, and none of them were here.
He was telling the truth.
He still loves you.
You rest your hands on either side of his head, rubbing your thumbs on his cheeks, then pull him in for a kiss. His soft, pink lips rub together against yours, working in sync to a silent beat, forming together as a single entity. You move your hand up to his hair and feel his soft blonde locks rub against your fingers. You tug at his roots and Steve lets out a soft moan, making your panties begin to dampen. You missed this. You missed the feeling of his hands all over your body.
Steve moves you onto his lap and wraps his arms around your legs, lifting you up and laying you on the bed softly in one fell swoop. He nudges your legs apart with his knee and replaces the open space with his knee. His lips continue to move against yours. You feel his hands move to your covered breasts and give them a squeeze, allowing a small moan to escape from your mouth. The two of you break away for a second and you start to take your top off.
“Let me help you with that,” he lets out, breathlessly. He takes the hem of your shirt and lifts it up slowly, being careful of the wound he helped patch up just moments ago. You smile as he sees your bare breasts, the excitement rushing to his face, and somewhere else as you see an outline begin to form in his gray sweatpants. You bite your lip and look up at him with doe eyes. You reach your hands to the hem of his pants, but he stops you.
“Tonight, I’m taking care of you babygirl,” he tells you, slowly removing your shorts. You lay back and bit your bottom lip as you watch him remove your clothes. You wrap a fist in the sheets of the king bed, loving the way his slight touch grazes your thighs. 
He hooks his thumbs in your panties and removes those as well, sitting back for a moment to take in your naked body. Usually, you would feel self conscious laying in front of a man naked after a breakup. But Steve is different, for many reasons. One being he’s your ex, and he’s been seeing you naked for years now, so it was nothing new. It felt as if you were picking up right where you left off. 
You bend your knees and spread them apart for him. He gives you a small smirk and leans down, pulling your knees over his shoulder. Your hand immediately goes to his hair, weaving your fingers into his soft blonde locks. A cool sensation overwhelms your wet pussy as you look down and see Steve softly blowing on your lips, making you shiver and goosebumps spreading across your arms. He looks up at you and smirks. 
You knew you were about to take a wild ride, and there was no going back.
You both fall back breathless, your legs intertwined with each others. You rub his chest softly as your eyes lock with his. Everything around you felt so different, so heavenly as you laid with Steve. In this moment, you feel as if nothing has changed from the past few months, as if the breakup never occurred. The aftercare cuddles that always came after such an intense and intimate moment always warmed your heart and was one of the many reasons why you loved being with him and Bucky. 
You’re pulled from your thoughts by the soft touch of Steve running hand through your hair, brushing it behind your ear to get a better look at you. He lets out a soft sigh and smiles at you. You can tell he’s deep in the feeling of bliss as well.
“Yes love?”
“What are we going to do when we have to come back from the mission?” You ask him. You watched as his smile faded a bit, realizing the same thing that you were. Once the mission is over, things won’t be like they are in this exact moment. The both of you have to go back to reality, and that reality is, Steve technically just cheated.
“I don’t know…but I know we’ll figure something out, okay?” He tries to reassure you. All you can do is nod and scoot closer to him, resting your head on his chest. Truth was, you both have no idea how things will be once you arrive back at the compound. How awkward it might be or if anyone would know what went on. You just wanted to enjoy this current moment, as if nothing changed. Your future self can deal with the consequences of tonight’s activities.
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Right My Wrongs / Part Five
(Modern!AU) Steve Rogers x Reader OFC (Amelia Morales)
Summary: in which Steve ends his amazing three-year relationship with his girlfriend, Amelia before she could tell him some great news. Six years later they see each other again and he feels regret when he finds out they have a daughter together.
This Chapter: Amelia and Maddie have been staying with Steve for three weeks now and she finally tells him what happened with her and Daniel.
Warning: Slight Angst, Anxiety Attack, Depression, Mentions of Alcohol Heartache, Cursing, Slightly Dark, Smut, Unprotected, Rough Sex, Fingering, Oral *Female*, Petnames, Smacking, Praise Kink.
Word Count: 1.7k
Note: OMG 1,000 followers! Thank you SO MUCH!!! Some grammar errors, if you enjoyed this, like and reblog 💗
Tumblr media
Amelia and Maddie have been staying with me for about three weeks now, and I love having them living here with me. 
I’ve been making sure they feel comfortable by getting things they need, making dinner, and just enjoying them while I can. 
"Steve, you're sweet. You didn't have to do this," Amelia says one night, looking down at the dinner I made for her and Maddie.
"Hey, it's no problem. I wanted to make you two dinner" I said with a smile and she smiled back sweetly.
Maddie and I have been trying to get Amelia out of the guest bedroom for a week now but nothing's been working.
The only time she would leave the room was in the middle of the night to get drunk. 
One of the nights, I stopped her from getting any. "Drinking yourself death isn't the answer to all of this, and what if our daughter saw you like this?" I asked, throwing the bottle away.
"See me like what? BROKEN Fuck you, Steve!" She yells, giving me the middle finger before going back to the guest bedroom.
Amelia was turning into a totally different person, and I hated seeing her like this. It just makes me want to take the heartache away. 
Maddie came into the living room with her bag and sat down on the couch with a sad look on her face.
"What's wrong, Maddie?’ I asked with concerned, placing my hand on her shoulder.
"I hate seeing my mommy sad, it makes me sad," Maddie answers, looking down at her hands.
"I know! me too, sweetie." I said, rubbing her back and she got a hopeful look on her face.
"Can you cheer her up Daddy...while I'm at Morgan's sleepover?" She asks with her puppy dog eyes.
"Uh,I'll try to think of something, okay" I said with a smile, knowing I couldn't say no to her. 
I dropped Maddie off at Tony’s house and after I went to get a couple of things before coming back home to found Amelia by the couch. 
Someone was calling my name but I couldn't focus on who was the person's voice. 
It felt like I was underwater or something. I was on the floor by the couch with tears coming down my face. 
My breaths were short and I couldn't catch them. I didn't know where I was until a pair of arms wrapped around my shaking body, 
And I heard the soothing sound of Steve's voice in my ear then I remember Maddie and I were staying with him until I found a place. 
"Shh, it's okay, Amelia. Just breathe!" I buried my face in his chest as I tried to get my breathing under control.
"Why can't I find a good one?" I asked through a sob, letting my tears stain on his nice, long sleeve shirt.
Steve was calming me down by rubbing my back and humming a sweet, old song.
He used to hum it whenever I had nightmares or anxiety attacks, it would always work and make me feel better.
"I'm sorry about your shirt" I whispered, slightly moving to see how ruined his shirt was.
"It's okay, doll," Steve says with a slight chuckle. There was silence for a few minutes until...
He asked the same question a few weeks ago which I decided not to give him an answer.
"Amelia, are you gonna tell me what happened?" He asked with a concerned look and I shook my head.
"Daniel proposed to me......” I began, wiping my nose with the tissue he gave me.
“Oh, what did you say?” He asked nervously and I scoffed. “I said no, of course” 
“He wanted me to leave with him and go back to the Hamptons, plus suggested I should leave Maddie here. I told him that wasn’t happening and so he kicked us out of the house.” I finished. 
"I'm so sorry, Amelia. You deserve so much better than that asshole" Steve says, continually rubbing my back up and down. 
"It's not your fault, Steve. It’s my own,” I said, looking down while more tears came down my face.
"Don’t say that doll," Steve says, lifting my chin to look into his beautiful blue eyes.
Steve wishes he could kiss away the hurt and pain, give and show her the love she truly deserves.
"You are a strong, amazing woman who deserves to be appreciated, loved, and respected. Never think less of yourself, Amelia" He says sweetly.
I smiled at his words, feeling a little better about myself. Steve was contemplating if he should say what he was feeling.
"I want to be the one to give you that, Amelia...I'm still in love with you, and I believe fate wants to give us a second chance" He says genuinely.
My heart fluttered, just hearing him say that, it made me want to jump his bones but...Daniel was still in my heart.
Was it right to accept my feelings towards Steve at this very moment? "Steve I'm-I'm not sure if we-"
"I'll make you forget him." He says, caressing my cheek and I close my eyes, feeling the soft touch of his hand.
"Just give me a chance" He whispers. I didn’t know if he was going to keep his word but I was sure I wanted to let him try, at least.
So I pulled him into a passionate kiss, tilting my head and running my fingers through his hair. 
“Steve” I whined his name as he pulled from the kiss, began kissing my jawline, slowly going down my neck. 
I was surprised that he remembered where to kiss my sweet spot. I gasped when he picked me up and took me to his bedroom. 
Steve lays me gently on his bed before taking my button-down nightgown off of me. 
I took his shirt off and pulled him back to my lips but he pulled for a second again. 
I was getting frustrated with him but...when I saw the look in his eyes, the look of pure love I knew he was gonna rock my world.
Our clothes were thrown across the bedroom, and I couldn’t help but stare at his dick. 
It was much bigger than I remember. Steve grabs both of my legs and dragging me towards the edge of the bed.
He began with light, gentle touches and kisses, rubs his hand down my pussy before pulling a finger inside. 
“Mmm, so wet for me huh doll?” He asked with his blue eyes, looking much darker than before.
"Yes, I’m all wet for you, Steve" I moaned, which made him smirk and plunge his tongue between my wet folds. 
His lips capture my clit and he sucks it into his mouth, alternating between flicks with the tip of his tongue and light nibbles with his teeth.
"AHHH!" I moaned, gripping onto his blonde hair. Steve muffled my pussy, sliding in one finger, then two, crooking them to massage my g-spot.
His tongue flicked hungrily over my clit, the way his mouth just worked so hard to make cum squirt.
"Shit, Steve I can't- can’t take that-." I cried as he focused all of his attention on licking my swollen, sensitive clit. 
“You can take it, baby. Come on, baby” He says, going faster than before I clutched onto his head. 
"Oh my god, Oh my…" I cut myself off, feeling myself cum harder than have in a very long time. 
"Mmm, baby you taste so good," Steve says with a smirk while my juices were all over his face which made me giggle. 
I was about to take his throbbing member deep in my throat but he stopped me and said, "I need to be inside of you," 
Steve trails open-mouthed kisses along my neck, pausing to suck a hickey into my brown skin.
He pulls away from kissing me and slowly slides into my wet pussy causing both of us to moan. 
Steve then wraps my legs around his waist and starts thrusting slowly while kissing my neck. 
"Fuck me, Steve. Fuck me until I forget my fucking name!" I cried in his ear and he lost it.
I cried out his name as he growled and began pounding, moving away a little bit to grip my waist. 
My hands moved to grip on his strong, toned arms, gasping, enjoying every minute of his big dick pounding inside soaked wet pussy. 
Steve grabs my legs and places them on his shoulder, pounding into me harder than before. 
“You like that, princess?” He asked.
“Fuck, yes,” I moaned with a nod, playing my breasts knowing Steve love the sight of that.
“Get on all fours,” Steve says in the most dom-seductive tone making me wetter than I was before.
I got on all fours with my ass on full display for him and he gave my ass a nice, juice smack. 
He groaned, feeling me wiggle my ass up and down his shaft. A little growl came from his mouth. 
I earned myself another smack on the ass before feeling him thrusting his dick in my pussy.
I moaned, feeling his hand grip on my waist, and began pounding in and out of me fast and rough.
"Oh fuck, don't stop Steve" I cried, feeling so sensitive that I could feel every piece of his skin on each thrust.
"I bet he never made you like this huh, doll?" Steve says, smacking my ass again but harder.
“Ahh never, I always had to fake it.” I moaned, gripping the sheets while rolling my eyes in the back of my head in pleasure.
"Shit, sorry you have to go through that, baby but I’m here now. You're the best and deserve the best, I’m gonna give you that”
“Say it for me, doll?” He asked, bringing me up to his chest and wrapping his hand slightly around my neck.
“I’m the best and deserve the best," I cried out in great pleasure, making him smirk. 
"Fuck, that’s right princess" He says, hitting my g-spot over and over vision blurring while my orgasm coming.
"Ahh, Steve. I’m so close" I moaned and he pulls me into a sloppy kiss before burying his face into my neck. 
"I know, baby. Me too...together" After a few thrusts, he pulling out and resting his dick against my ass while his hot cum comes shooting out. 
We both dropped down on the bed, out of breath. I felt a delightful ache lingered in my core. 
I think I made a good decision
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spicynudlesoup · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
I feel like I say the same thing every month, but the last couple of months have been particularly messy, so I did a 2 for 1 fic rec post for October and November 2021
You'll find this content under the cut
✿ Fluff ✷ Angst ✧ Smut
Flutter ✧ by @babyboibucky: Destroyer!Chris x Reader
Chris liked pushing your buttons to see how an innocent one like you would react.
Violent Desires ✧ by @bucky-soldat: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Bucky is still in recovery from being The Winter Soldier. But when reader dreams of his alter ego, Bucky willingly indulges her fantasy.
Checkmate ✧ by @babyboibucky: Rockstar!Bucky x Reader
Bucky convinces you that you’ve been serving the wrong king the entire time.
Your Favorite Necklace ✧ by @angrythingstarlight: Mafia!Bucky x Reader, Mafia!Steve x Reader
Mafia!Bucky can't hear what the people around him are having conversation about because he's just spotted you and Steve in the corner whispering and giggling. He can't decide if he's pissed you'd rather spend time with his right hand man than him or if he admired the fact that how his sweet girl has managed to get his brick wall of a friend to crack and giggle like a school girl.
Saint Like ✧ by @bemine-bucky: Priest!Bucky x Reader
It doesn't have a summary but please, read it.
The Boyfriends Experience ✧ by @the-iceni-bitch: Ari Levinson x Reader
"I need a favor"
Voyeurism/Exhibitionism entry for kinktober 2021 ✧ by @jamalflanagan: Destroyer!Chris x Reader
The one where you fuck around and find out about your roommate and best friend
@babyboibucky's Kinktober ✧
@metalbuckaroo's Kinktober ✧
Butterflies by yours truly: CEO!Bucky x Reader
The cold CEO suddenly has some feelings, but they’re not his own. (Soulmate AU)
Previous fic recommendation post | Fic Rec Masterpost | Masterlist
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dadplease · a day ago
Tumblr media
prepare your pussies 😵‍💫😵‍💫
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angrythingstarlight · 28 days ago
Let Us Take Care of You
Summary: Your bosses have an unusual offer for you. Something better than working every day. They believe you should be spoiled and taken care of and they're willing to take their time convincing you that they mean everything they say.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mafia Stucky x Assistant Reader.
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Smut, 18+, oral (fem receiving) fingering, minor Stucky action, brief choking kink, praise kink.
A/N: @xxshelbsxx I swear I tried to keep this as a drabble, my hand slipped.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You don’t have to worry about working anymore,” Bucky states, leaning back across the leather couch, his arms extending along the back of it. His fingers curve around the back of Steve’s neck in an intimate gesture. “You’re not here for that.”
Your widening eyes bounce between the two men seated before you. Raw, potent masculinity rolls off of them in heady waves, making your stomach flutter and an all too familiar ache awaken in your pussy.
You’ve barely survived being their assistant for past two months leaving each day with your panties soaked and clinging to your pussy. They’re openly affectionate with each other and you caught yourself staring at them many times--you can’t help it because your office sits directly across from theirs--, the sight of the two most powerful mobsters in the city locked in an embrace is enough to send you sprinting to the bathroom, splashing cold water on your face.
And they know.
How can they not know how much they affect you?
You have to rush home each night to relieve the throbbing ache between your thighs, pretending it’s their mouths, large hands and cocks making you orgasm instead of your toys. Sometimes you’ll catch Bucky staring at you over a file, a hint of a smirk on his face as if he knows it was his name you were crying out last night.
At least in your office, you can hide behind your desk and laptop. But standing before them, you feel exposed. Vulnerable. Wanted. They’re staring at you like you’re a fine dessert and they’re starving.
You want to swallow but your mouth is bone dry. Heat pools between your thighs and you subtly shift on your heels, squeezing them together. Steve’s keen eyes drop to your pussy and you swear he can right through your skirt, past your lacy panties, to your pulsating clit.
“Then why-“ you clear your throat, still unable to swallow. You’re melting under their intense gazes. Your panties are drenched, you want to clench your thighs again, but you’re frozen before them. “Why did you hire me?”
They exchange glances, a silent conversation that ends with Bucky nodding his head. Steve turns his attention to you, icy blue eyes sliding down your body for one long breathtaking minute before climbing back up to your face.
Purely selfish reasons, mo chridhe.” Steve states simply, tapping his long tattooed fingers on his thigh. “We saw how hard you were working at your old job and we know you deserve better. We wanted you away from that place so it was either buy it or hire you."
He shrugs, like it was a simple choice. But the underlying desperation and need thickens his tone and it seeps into your chest making your heart race.
"We offered you this position more as a chance for you to get to know us without any pressure, we can be overwhelming at times.” That’s an understatement. “But we can’t wait anymore, we want you to be ours. Now.”
Bucky leans forward, elbows on his knees. His eager eyes capture yours. “When you become ours, you can do whatever you want. You have no idea how much we love having you around the office.” He smiles at you, his tongue sweeps across his lip, voice deepening. “But we would rather spoil you.”
“Sp-spoil me?” Your brows furrow, confusion flitting across your face. This is not how you thought your morning was going to go. Your mind races, trying to process what’s happening.
“Why me?”
“Yes, spoil you.” Steve tilts his head, mirroring your expression. “And why not you?” He reaches out his large hand, beckoning you to him. It’s like he’s pulling a string inside you, tugging you into their orbit. You’re helpless to resist, your feet moving on their own until you’re standing between his thighs.
“Why you?” He hums softly, his hands grazing the sides of your thighs, pushing your pinstriped skirt up your thighs. “Because mo chridhe you are special.”
You thought Bucky’s eyes were captivating, but nothing prepared you for the intensity of Steve’s darkened blues as he sits up, bringing you closer until you can see the specks of green in them.
“You’re beautiful and amazing, and we want you more than anything in this world. We want to give you everything we have and then if you need more, we’ll find a way to give you more.”
There’s a simple power behind his statement, letting you know he means every single word.
You startle slightly when warm, rough hands settle on your shoulders, turning your head you see Bucky standing behind you. Steve’s cologne, spiced orange with a hint of vanilla fills your nose, it’s enhanced by the bergamot and smoked cedar wafting off of Bucky.
It’s intoxicating being caught between the two of them, hands sweeping over your skin, touching you reverently like they can’t believe you’re really with them.
You can’t help but notice the differences between them, but it’s their similarities, dazzling blue eyes, broad shoulders, tattooed muscular forearms and hands and but it’s how they make you feel small and cherished that you keep thinking about.
“Let’s show our girl what’s she in for if she says yes,” Bucky murmurs, sliding his hands down to your waist. A grin forms on his chiseled face, the heat of his body permeates your skin and you want to lean into him and bask in it. He slowly bends down behind you and you shiver at the sight of him on his knees for you.
“I’m going to enjoy ruining you mo chridhe, by the time we’re done you won’t remember anything but how good we make you feel.” Steve grabs your chin, turning your face back to him.
You feel Buck’s fingers hook under the band of your panties and he drags them down your legs. Steve reaches for your calf with his free hand, helping you step out of them.
It’s erotic and powerful the way they’re stripping you bare while remaining fully clothed, you might have felt embarrassed but they keep murmuring soft praises about your body that make you want to preen.
Steve still has your chin in his hand, and he grabs your ass pushing you on his lap. You latch on to his shoulders, your legs on either side of his, his pants feel soft on your skin, but it can’t conceal how thick and powerful his thighs are. It’s as if he’s reading your mind because his next words make your stomach flutter. “Next time, you’re going to slide your pretty little pussy all over my thigh until I’m soaked, and then I’m going to spend all day with you dripping off of me.
Oh fuck.
If you weren’t drenched before, you’re practically dripping now, your cunt clenches down and a low whimper builds in your throat. You don’t have time to respond to that because Bucky is tilting your hips up, the cool conditioned air hits your heated folds but before the shiver is halfway up your spine, his warm wet tongue is on you.
Bucky is ravenous, the way he’s licking and sucking you is filthy and vulgar and loud. And god does it feel good. His mouth is doing things to your clit, you didn’t know where possible. Steve rubs your lower back, greedily watching him devour you.
“Good girl. C’mon Bucky, I know you can do better than that, you’ve been talking about her pussy for weeks now and that’s all you’re going to give our girl.” He goads with a dark chuckle.
He’s sucking your soul out of your body and Steve is saying he can do better. You can’t handle more.
“Waitwaitwait! I can’t take-oh shit.” The words are ripped from your throat and you keen.
Bucky’s tongue becomes frenzied, a flurry of motions that send pulse after pulse of sensations through you. Tears burn your eyes, noises you don’t even recognize fall from your lips.
It only encourages Bucky, and he keeps going like you're his last meal and he needs to savor every drop you give him.
You fall forward on Steve’s firm chest, muffling your sobs into his shoulder. You inadvertently expose yourself more to Bucky and oh does he take advantage, his lips wrap around your swollen clit and he sucks you into his mouth so hard your back arches.
“Fuuuuk,” your thin wail resonates across the office, you don’t know how many times they discussed ways they were going to make you scream. And now that they’ve heard you, they’re addicted to the breathy sounds you make.
You dig your fingers into Steve’s shoulders and try to lift away from Bucky’s mouth, needing a break from the endless sensations forming inside you.
“Ah ah, let him eat mo chridhe.” Steve chides, pulling your hips back down. “Bucky’s been waiting so long to have a taste of you, you gotta let him finish. Is she everything you dreamed of?”
“So good, fuck Steve, she tastes so good.” Bucky moans into your pussy, the vibrations of his deep voice ripple across your pulsating clit and you wail. They always work in tandem, and tearing you apart is no different.
“You hear how much he loves eating your pussy,” Steve groans, slipping his hand between your bodies, pushing Buckys tongue away so he can roll your clit between his calloused fingers, “Fuck you’re so wet for us, bet Buck’s face is drenched, that’s our good girl, make a mess on his face.”
Bucky huffs his annoyance, then he sees your entrance clenching, begging to be filled. And he gives your pussy what she wants, placing his hands on your cheeks, he thrusts his tongue inside you, sweeping it across your velvety walls.
“Oh god, Buc-ky” Your voice breaks as another pulse of sultry hot pleasure spirals throughout you, unable to keep your head up, you let it drop on his shoulder, the sensations steadily climbing over each other, pushing you closer to the edge. Your thighs tremble and they both feel it. Steve grabs your throat and tilts your head back.
“No, I wanna see you cum,” he demands, his fingers tracing an intricate pattern on your clit, his hand squeezing your throat just enough to make you lightheaded. “We need to know what you like mo chridhe so we can give to you again and again.” Steve brings your face down until your nose is touching his, increasing the pressure from fingers. You feel them everywhere. “Now tell me do you like this?”
“God yes, I like it. I like it. I-,” you cry out, the coil inside you snapping into a million little shards. And your orgasm barrels into you so hard your vision blurs into an array of shimmery white lights. “Ohmyfuckinggod.”
“That’s my girl.” Steve praises, slapping your ass.
As the orgasm winds down, your body becomes limp and pliant. More praise rains down on you, gentle words telling you how good you did, how you’re so perfect, such a good girl for us, we knew you’d be so good. Soft lips brush your skin, hands hold you, maneuvering you until you’re flat on the couch, your feet in Steve’s lap. Your chest rises and falls rapidly, your breaths shaky.
Your dazed eyes watch as Bucky stands up and grabs Steve by the collar. “Taste her,” he murmurs, crashing his lips into Steve’s. A deep, satisfied groan rumbles between them, and your spasming pussy throbs. They’re getting off on your taste and it makes you want them even more.
Breaking the kiss, they turn to you with matching grins. “So what do you say, Princesa?”
“Huh?” You don’t remember the question, hell you don’t remember your last name right now.
Steve shrugs. “Guess you need a little more convincing.”
“I do?” You stare at them for a second, your eyes drifting down to their massive bulges, a smirk forms on your face. “I do.”
“You heard her, Steve.” Bucky bends down, planting his hands above your head. “How many orgasms do you want today, sweetheart? How many until you agree to be our girl?”
Their unwavering lust and adoration give you an unexpected burst of confidence.
“How many can you give me?” you tease and instantly they're impressed
Bucky pulls your bottom lip down with the pad of his thumb, his darkening eyes drinking you. “A lifetime if you let us. But we’ll start with as many as your tight little pussy can take in one day.”
You see Steve, reach around his waist and unbuckle Bucky’s belt, the faint clank ringing in your ears, his slacks fall to his feet, your eyes widen as his cock springs free.
Oh, that's more than you expected.
Steve grins at you over Bucky's shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll make it fit."
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