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#steve rogers x reader
bratty-bug · 2 days ago
Bratty-Bug’s Marvel fic rec
Tumblr media
Hi there, this is a list of my favorite fics and ones that I would definitely recommend you read. These are mot my works, none of the characters or stories are mine in any way shape or form. I am just passing on great work from one reader to another !! I kinda also did this so I don’t lose track of my fav fics, oneshots, series and Au’s. The blogs mentioned on here are also my favorites for the mcu, so show them love and check out their blogs !!
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 10 Things I Hate About You @imerdwarf
Summary: You and Bucky can’t stand each other. The man himself even inspired you to write a poem
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Can't Pretend We're Just Friends @jobean12-blog
Summary: Bucky is your plus one at your friends wedding and by the end of the night he's so much more.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Unsettling Relaxation @piecesofem
summary: you’re on vacation with mafia bucky when someone disturbs the peace
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Lost Without You @angrythingstarlight
Summary: Bucky Barnes would be lost with you. You’re his everything and he plans on spending Valentine’s Day proving it to you. 
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 2 am @shxdowsummoner
summary: you walk in on your husband reading your daughter a book in the early morning
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Gentle Giant @touchstarvedirl
Summary: You and your neighbor Bucky have will we, won’t we thing going on and you devise a plan to get him to tell you how he feels. It doesn’t go according to plan, or does it? - Or- Shy, beefy, neighbor!Bucky confesses his feelings.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥At home with you @angrythingstarlight
Summary: Your beefy alpha Bucky only wants to do a few things when he gets home. Take care of you, eat you and keep you full.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥heavenly sweet @purple-babygirl
Summary: Bucky didn’t get the chance to tell her yet, but the matching aprons gesture had him even crazier in love with her. The way she closely watched his reaction as he'd opened his gift and the way she was over the moon when he’d showed his content with it would forever be engraved in his mind next to all of the other precious memories starring her beautiful eyes.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥His shirt @anonymousfiction211
Summary: Loki comes back to his chambers when he sees you wearing one of his shirts.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Go Ahead And Cry Little Girl @sinner-as-saint
Summary: You were furious and offended at the Avenger’s leader, Tony Stark. Because being a new addition to the team, he didn’t believe that you were strong enough yet to fight alongside the others during important missions. And when you went to give him a piece of your mind, things…didn’t really go as planned.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Possessive @thewritingdoll
Summary: Bucky Barnes’ jealousy was something you never could understand. he ranted and raved whenever you flirted with someone, yet was always standoffish about making you his lady. it irritated you beyond belief, that the only way you got this avenger’s attention was by making bedroom eyes at someone else. after a press conference, you can’t help but play girl next door with one of the reporters, and Bucky is witness to it, fire burning white and hot in his belly.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥His girl @tumblin-theworldaway
Summary: You could tell from the way your bones protested as you moved around the house, a dull stabbing pain shooting through your pelvis any time you bent down to dust something. You were just trying to get some chores done before your mother and older brother got back from town. Saturday was grocery shopping day, and they had left early. Your budding nausea had kept you in bed for a good part of the morning so you hadn’t even managed to get up and remind your brother Steve to get some lemon balm for the cramps. You hoped he’d remember anyways.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Territory @samingtonwilson
Summary: Bucky thinks you should mark your territory, but you’re too mature for that, right? Guess not.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥sweet, sugar, candyman. @xbuchananbarnes
Summary: ❝Okay, girls, let's show them how it's done. It ain't over 'til we say. And we’ve only just begun.❞
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Invisible Ink @navybrat817
Summary: Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers were trouble in the form of two handsome, intoxicating men. The owners of the Howling Commandos Tattoo Parlor had no business looking the way they did, especially Bucky. With his glasses, tattoos and metal arm, which somehow made him look more attractive, he was just your type. They both were. So you decided they were both menaces sent to torment your dreams and fantasies. And likely men who would break your heart.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Healing @crispychrissy
Summary: Tasked with examining the injured soldiers that were liberated from the Hydra factory, one sergeant in particular gives you a run for your money.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥soft @softlybarnes
Summary: Bucky and the reader have been together for a few months. She wants him to stay the night with her, but he’s reluctant. Modern!AU. Tattoo Artist!AU
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Blizzard @lavendercitizen
𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲: You've gotten so used to Steve's closeness, when you should be fighting him with tooth and nail. Not anymore.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥It’s okay if you forget me @starryevermore
summary: it’s ok if you forget about bucky—it’s what he deserves. 
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Promise me when you kiss my lips, you’ll make it stick @ambrosiase
summary: thor reminds you who he belongs to — hint, it’s you.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Deception @firefly-in-darkness
Summary: Captain America has come out of the ice and SHIELD sends you undercover to find out what he plans to do next.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Guys my age @honeydulcewrites
Summary: You’re home for the summer from college and Steve is the new handsome landscaper your parents hired to keep up the grounds. It’s only a matter of time before lines are crossed
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Stranded @bucksfucks
summary: when your car breaks down on the side of the road and your dad can’t come rescue you, he sends the next best thing. 
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Loved you first @sinner-as-saint
Summary: You and Steve have been friends since you were both 5, naturally that made him quite protective of you. Steve believed what he felt for you was purely platonic, until he’s proven wrong. You started seeing someone recently, and plan to take things further with this guy and that’s when reality hits Steve. He realizes that he won’t be able to scare away all your potential boyfriends forever. Nor can he stop you from giving in to your more intimate desires with other men. He hates the thought of that. Steve’s jealousy gets the best of him and he’s determined to make you realize that you belong to him, and him alone; after all, he loved you first. 
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Red lips and poker chips @adrinktostopyourthirst
Summary: James Barnes is the New York mafia boss and likes celebrating at the casino, but can he still win at poker after meeting his match?
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥He was made to be a dad @becca-e-barnes
Summary: You and Bucky are expecting your second baby so Sarah throws you a little baby shower. Just Bucky being super cute and really excited about the new baby while absolutely doting on your son.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥I put a spell on you @slothspaghettiwrites
Summary: I wasn’t lying, technically. Steve could always tell when I was telling a lie. He hadn’t been on the receiving end of my tell for well over a year now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel the guilt. I stared down at the antique sapphire resting on my ring finger. That stupid grin spread across my face like it did any time I thought about how Steve proposed, but that’s a story for another time. 
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Getting his little girl @smutsonian
Summary: Ransom married the woman for the sake of her money but he never thought of her daughter to be the treasure he’ll truly get from the woman. The daughter isn’t like every other young adult he’s ever met or bedded with. The daughter of the woman he married is different. Not a vicious little bitch like his cousin, Meg. No… The girl is different. An innocent pure little soul just living with him, there for the taking. A little angel that will give him joy and luck in his life. 
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ Just relax @smutsonian
Summary: He has been watching you, being there for you and even being your best friend. You’ve come to trust him with all your life and goddamn if he doesn’t love the idea of that. Sweet innocent Y/N trusting Captain America with all her life, her soul, and her body. He could do anything to you and you wouldn’t even question him. He could act on every vile and nasty thought he has with you and you wouldn’t even second guess his actions.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Dog tags @strwbrrybucky
summary: you had lost your engagement ring and Bucky didn't really understand all the fuss over a simple item. he decided to make it up to you and gift you something else.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥The Barnes Au @agentofbarnes
Summary: bucky barnes has settled down, living in a beautiful home in new orleans with his wife, a former avenger. these are the different stories of how they navigate being superheroes, spouses, and parents.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Hackers Heart Au @agentofbarnes
Summary: steve rogers has always been america’s golden boy, leading earth’s mightiest heroes and serving his country. you have always been bad with boundaries, a little too curious, and an absolute disruption. you are an absolute menace,so it’s only right you fell in love with the most adored man in the country.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ His Koala Bear @kinanabinks
summary: you and steve have been best friends since you were 5. for the longest time, he has wanted so much more from you. and it's getting harder for him to stop himself from taking it.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Her soft Animal @kinanabinks
summary: he's a ruthless animal to the rest of the world, but bucky barnes is a big softie when it comes to you, even years after your separation. and he's the only one both twisted and devoted enough to help you when you have a stark-shaped problem on your hands.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Blue Guardian @agentofbarnes
Summary: they call you by many names, the blue guardian, the rogue, but the renegade is what you truly are. a traitor to your own kind, but you didn’t need the kree anymore. you had found your own family in the guardians of the galaxy, and now, you had found a home in new asgard. but is home really a place, or is it the blond god that just can’t seem to get enough of you?
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Keeping up with the Stark’s @honeyloverogers
Summary: A series of one shots of Stark!Reader’s life as a Stark and as Steve Rogers’ wife aka the Stark family is a dysfunctional mess, but make for great entertainment.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Power Over Me @sinner-as-saint
Summary: CEO James Buchanan Barnes is a dominant. And he’s spent the last 5 years searching for his perfect submissive. Then one night, he finds you. He thinks everything will fall perfectly into place now; but he thought wrong. Turns out your unfortunate past which still haunts you to this day, and some of his enemies are, well, connected. Things go wrong. And your bond with your dom is tested in many ways… 
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥His Bunny @stuckysdumbbitch
Summary: When you get caught in the trap of a hunter, he decides you are going to be the perfect little bunny for him.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Sinners @kinanabinks
summary: anna, your best friend, recently broke up her with shitty boyfriend, bucky. it seems like fate keeps forcing you guys into the same room. bucky hates you. you hate bucky. but you soon realize that there’s a thin line between hate and horny.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥He Promised @fangirllife98
Summary: A little silence engulfed you both. You didn’t want him to leave, even though he’d only be gone five seconds for you, five seconds away from the love of your life seemed like a nightmare.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Captivity @fangirllife98
Summary: HYDRA. That’s all you’ve ever known. You were born in this godforsaken hell hold. Your mum died, you weren’t sure how, but she did. You don’t really remember her, just that she was brave because she was a HYDRA captive too. You weren’t sure what your role was at HYDRA. All you knew was you were given names then you had to report back for The Winter Soldier Project.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ It will come back @honeychicana
Summary: He was a fugitive, cast out and made a criminal by someone he thought to be a friend. Headlines and news stories ran constantly, calling for the immediate arrest of America’s prized soldier and a handsome reward from Stark Industries for his capture.Steve felt different, like something in him had snapped somewhere along the way and he had decided to let this new animal stay.
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Something Borrowed @buckys-darling
summary: Modern AU - You’ve been in love with Bucky Barnes for as long as you can remember. Small problem, though: he’s engaged to your best friend. So why not sleep with his?
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Their Angel @belovasbrat
Summary: bucky and steve have their sights set on you to be the third element to their relationship. you’re flawless in their eyes. their perfect angel. how long will it take for you to accept them?
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥Training wheels @nastybuckybarnes
Summary: Your stepbrother would do anything for you. And he’s more than happy to prove that over and over and over again until you believe him. No matter what it takes. 
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Steve: Now, if someone is trying to rob you, what is the correct course of action?
Thor: T-Posing to assert dominance.
Peter: Naruto run.
Clint: Screaming.
Bruce: Well, they’re probably in desperate need of the money, or deeply unhappy and unfulfilled in their life, so I think I’d give them as much as I can spare, and a big hug!
Natasha: Absolutely not! All of you are so wrong! What you’re supposed to do is-
Y/N: Thank God for the lovely meal you’re about to have, and then-
Steve: Absolutely not!!
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buckys-doll-1917 · 2 days ago
lazy sunday mornings
a/n: aah hi everyone! she’s semi back with a quick little blurb
pairing: c.e x reader
warnings/rating: fluff, tiny little nsfw, Dodger :)
Tumblr media
(gif made by me!)
Sunday mornings in the Evans household meant lazy days. You and Chris stayed in pajamas and drank coffee all day. No work, no running off to set, nothing. Just domestic bliss
Another routine on Sunday mornings was the piano. Chris loved to open the windows, make the quiet house filled with the beautiful sound of the keys. 
You and Dodger laid on the couch, a book in your hand, another gently scratching behind the dogs ears. Chris had walked into the room wearing a pair of sweatpants, a white shirt with a flannel thrown over top, and his sinful necklace of his. He walked behind the couch, almost looming over it. “Hi darling” He said in a rough morning voice. “Good morning handsome, watcha doing?” Chris walked over to the piano on the corner of the room, “Gonna play something and put it on insta.” God, you absolutely regret teaching him that. Chris giggled at your sour face. 
You watched as he pulled out his phone, “Do you want me to go? I don’t want you to worry.” The fans didn’t exactly know about you two. There was speculation, and even selfies from you “friendly” sleepovers but, no one confirmed anything. “No, stay there, I want them to know-or at least talk about it.” Chris said with a smile. That made your heart swell. He didn’t want to hide you, he wanted the world to know. He set up the phone at the edge of the piano, and started to play a tune, like he’d played it a thousand times before. 
You laid your head on the arm of the couch, admiring Chris as he played. You loved watching his fingers fly over the keys, the intense concentration, his fingers- wait no, that’s not what you meant. 
Chris knew that you were in frame, so he peeked over his shoulder to see you. His heart melted looking at you and Dodger, watching him. Just like the little family he’s always dreamed of having (minus a kid or two). 
The song came to an end and Chris stopped the video. He started to watch it back before he felt arms around his shoulders. “That was beautiful bubba, it was a good one.” You kissed the back of his head before rubbing his chest-listening to it rumble when he hummed. 
“Can we watch a disney movie?” Chris asked, looking up to you with those bright, innocent, blue eyes. 
“You want hot chocolate too?” He smiled wide and ran to the couch, “Extra whip cream please!”
You rolled your eyes-walking by the couch and ruffling his hair, getting ready to have a lazy day with the love of your life.
tags: @white-wolf1940 @randomuser0917 @patzammit @chvntelle-99 @sebsbrokentoe @livistilinksi @katie007123  @nerdywalkingencyclopedia @
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marvelouscharlie24 · 2 days ago
Safety Net
Loosely based off the song, “Safety Net” by Ariana Grande.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female!Reader
Word Count: 1,333
Summary: You start to have doubts about you and Steve’s sex life. . . and your relationship altogether.
Warnings: Explicit language. Mention of sex. Angst.
A/N: This is part three of the Positions series. You can read part two here.
Tumblr media
The sex was amazing. Out of this world. Steve finding out about your secret desires had changed your life for the better. Or maybe, the worst.
It’s not that you regretted your times together, it just started to feel too much. You were fucking almost every day, it had become routine. You’d throw in a new move now and then. Every night, sex was all you two had together. It was something new every day and Steve loved it.
You on the other hand still felt so stupefied by what was happening. You didn’t understand, were you disappointed? Confused? Not understanding why you had such a hatred for the amount of sex you two were having.
Steve made you so happy. He was so powerful and nobody else could make you feel the way he did. So what was making you so upset?
Your thoughts are interrupted when the wooden door opens and Steve’s broad figure is shown in the light above your kitchen. “Hi, baby.” Steve practically falls onto the couch where you are seated and lays his head on your chest, legs becoming entangled in yours.
“Oh, you smell good today, angel.” Steve nuzzles his head over your t-shirt where your breasts were resting. His face eventually makes its way to your neck, suckling little hickeys all over your sensitive flesh. “Is my angel feeling good right now?” He whispers into your neck.
His mouth explores the open area only reeling you into his way of seducing you through a restless night of filling each other up. “Steve, I think we need to talk about something.” You gasp at his reach from his lips and you tug at the roots of his blonde locks.
“What is it, angel?” Steve doesn’t stop as his kisses move upwards towards your ear. His fingers make their way to the button and zipper of your shorts. The same feeling from previous encounters develops in your core, but you didn’t like it this time. You push Steve off.
“I have to confess something. . . I haven’t been feeling good about this.” You struggle with keeping him off, making sure he was listening to your pleas.
He already knew you had a bad time telling him the truth about what you wanted, so you didn’t need him to complicate things more.
Steve gazes up at you with skepticism. This behavior was new to him, but he was a good listener. He was all about you, after all, you thought to yourself. “About what? I haven’t been making you feel good?” He asks.
“No, no, you make me feel great.” You laugh at his cute confused face. “I just think we should slow down.” You could feel in the back of your head, the tears begin to form, embarrassed by this small request of yours.
His eyebrows stitch together. “Slow down? I thought this was what you wanted. The mind-blowing sex, me being rough with you. What do you want to change?”
Steve’s words were normal, but they stung like daggers in your flesh. No matter how much you didn’t want to overreact, you couldn’t help feeling attacked. “I don’t want anything to change, I’m only feeling very scared, that’s all.”
His index finger traces circles into your bare knee, but his focus stays on you. “Y/N, you’re looking pale. Why are you feeling scared?” Steve automatically changes his voice to a more gentle, non-startling tone.
You stop Steve’s hand from touching you any further. “I thought I knew what I wanted. I’m just having doubts.” You peer down at your hands as you fumble with the string from the blanket that wrapped around you.
You feel him raise your chin to look back at him. He did that when you weren’t being you. Steve had that way of calming you down. “I can’t help if you don’t tell me what’s going in that pretty head of yours.” He had pushed too far.
Jumping to your feet, you feel outraged.
“That’s just it! Ever since you discovered my wants and needs, I feel like that’s all you care about. Sex then more sex and it’s killing me. I love it, I do, but. . . part of me feels so overwhelmed in this relationship.” The funny feeling in your stomach only increases.
“Of course that’s all I care about, angel. I want you to be happy. It was making you frustrated that I didn’t satisfy you in bed and now you’re getting frustrated because I’m satisfying you so much to the point where you are fearful? I need a middle, Y/N. I need to get on even ground with you or else, I’ll be so ashamed of myself.”
Steve had stood up alongside you to match you. He genuinely looked more worried about the situation than you did.
“Don’t toy with my emotions about this.” You warn him. “I mean, is it real this time or is it in my head? I've never been this scared before about anyone and I’m having these feelings for you that I just can't ignore.”
You sobbed. You sobbed so loudly, it shook the walls surrounding you two. Even though you weren’t alone, your entire world had come crashing down around you. “Girl, you’re mine and you’re safe with me, you know that?” Steve reaches cautiously to meet your hands and take them into his own.
Hesitant, you look down at your now intertwined hands. “All this rough sex,” you take a breath, not thoroughly knowing if you should even say the next few words, but you do. “I just don’t feel the love.”
Steve’s face drops in an instant, caught in the barbwire of your words. This was one trap he felt he couldn’t escape. You pull your hands away, wrapping them around yourself. He felt betrayed. The familiar fear of lack of trust was present for both of you.
“You don’t think I love you? What have I been doing that doesn’t show to obvious adoration I have for you?” HIs own bawls fill your ears, stabbing you in the heart. You never wanted him to be upset or mad at you. Now, you knew you tearing his whole world apart.
“Steve, I’m not saying you don’t love me, I’m saying I don’t feel it.”
He settles his hands on his hips. The way he did when he was in deep thought, trying to come up with a solution that would make you happy even if it went against what he wanted. He wanted you happy. That’s all.
“Baby, here’s what we’ll do.” He starts.
You catch interest in his tone. Steve was great at coming up with ways that solved both of your problems.
“We won’t have sex for a week. Or two, if that’s what you need. You can have your time to heal and whenever you’re ready, I’ll be here for cuddles, back massages, lazy movie nights, calming baths, shopping sprees, whatever you want. Y/N, I want to make you happier than you’ve ever been. I want to give up my needs for you to have yours.”
What he said blew you away. You didn’t think he could come up with a great plan, as much as it still pained you. He would be in his own personal misery only for you to come out of yours.
He was selfless. You were finally feeling the love. His love. And his love was your favorite.
You took a few seconds to think it over, but in the end, you stuck your hand out for him to shake in a joke. “Deal.” Steve’s eyes light back up with hope and warmth.
His hand made its way to yours, shaking it like a business deal. “Amazing.” He tugs your arm lightly towards him so he could wrap his arms around your waist and give you an intimate kiss. The kiss, in unspoken words, said, “No matter what happens, no matter what you or I do, I will never stop loving you for you.”
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stuckybarton · 2 days ago
What Has Been, What Can Never Be Masterlist (coming soon)
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers had returned to the past, hoping to move on from the chaos of the future. Leaving the woman that had loved him as someone more than just the persona of Captain America and his best friend that has always been with him until the end of the line.
But as he had come to settle in this new life back in his own time, regret was somehow coming to follow. When he decides to return to the present, things have changed and you, the woman that had always promised to be there for him was now happy with his best friend as the two of you moved on with your lives without Steve Rogers in it.
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader; Ex!Steve Rogers x Witch!Reader; Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter. Sam Wilson. Helmut Zemo. Sharon Carter.
Series Warnings: Post-Endgame. Post-TFAWS. Angst. Smut. No Closure to a Breakup. Profanities. Talks about Death, PTSD, Anxiety, Alcohol Consumption. Other specific warning to be added per chapters.
A/N: Shout out to @secretsthathauntus for giving me this idea. Hope to be able to make justice to this one. Thank you so much~
Spotify Playlist
Tumblr media
For The Ones That We Lost
For The Ones That We Gained
For The Ones That Has Regrets
For The Ones That Never Recovered
For The Ones That Finally Moved On
For The Ones That We Cherish
For The Ones That Come to Realize
For The Ones That Never Lives
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love-is-a-dagger · 2 days ago
What they’re like when you’re on your period
Steve, Tony, Bucky, Loki, Natasha, Wanda, Thor, Sam, Bruce. (I haven’t proof read this so there might be some mistakes)
Tumblr media
•he was worried to begin with.
•he had woken up and you had bled on him, he thought he had hurt you from the night before.
•After 10 minutes of apologising, you managed to ran off to quickly sort yourself out, after promising to change the bed as soon as you get out.
•when you where finished to came back to see the bed remade, with a sheepish looking Steve, who had a blush nested on his cheeks.
•“I,uh, kinda did a little research”
•he had a few bars of chocolate on his hands.
•you settled together in bed, you were hesitant but Steve brushed of your worries.
•“it’s only a pair of short”
Tumblr media
•he wasn’t used to them.
•he normally kicked the girl out as soon as the sun rised the next day.
•he made a very somewhat embarrassing call to his assistant pepper, asking what he should do after find a small puddle of blood on the bed.
•when you went to bed that night tony wasn’t there, your cramps were bad at the moment so you were planning to ride them out before adventuring around his pent house to find him.
•then he arrived with a small heat pad, he gave you a cheeky grin before handing it to you and snigggling behind you.
• “thank you ,Tony”
Tumblr media
• he remembers learning about periods off his ma and sister.
• he always tried to listen but got embarrassed when they got a little to much into it.
•so when you came home holding your stomach, almost in tears from the pain, he knew it had to be your period.
•he cuddles with you, keeping you warm.
•he brings you all the treats you like.
•if you want some space is is more than willing to let you be, as long as you want it, and will be on you the second you give him the green flag.
Tumblr media
•he doesn’t really understand it
•but when you almost yell at him after he held you a little to tight around the stomach, he felt like he needed to know more
•he couldn’t ask anyone so he decided to do some reading.
•he’s shocked, with all that happens, bleeding, pain, your hips widening…
•he’ll try his best and will ask you every time he’s doing something if it’s okay.
•he’ll practice some spells to help with cramps
•he’s trying his best
Tumblr media
•she knew you were in your period before you did. She likes to plan head, she also tracks your cycle.
•she was be carful with everything she would do, gentler kisses on your head, playing with your hair while cuddling.
•she’d make you tea, coffee, you name it.
• “come on, honey. I’ll make you something to drink”
•you could probably get away with murder because she’d do anything you’d as. Well, she’s do that even when you’re not on your period.
Tumblr media
•you’d be dating for a while, and your cycles would start to happen at the same time.
•but the first time it happened while dating you bled through your trousers, and you were freaking out.
•Wanda could hear your distressed thoughts, and helped you out, and you thanked her with a red face.
•but when you’re been dating awhile you’d stay in and watch movies and eat junk food.
•if one of you have cramps it’s a unofficial rule to get them some medicine to help the other.
Tumblr media
•he freak med out when he saw blood on your pyjamas after you got out of bed.
•he rushed to you and frantically asked if your okay and immediately thought he hurt you the night before.
•you were confused asking what he was on about, and when he told you it felt like your face was one fire.
•you nearly died if embarrassment when you had to explain what a period was and why is happened.
• “ahh! A natural test for a pregnancy!” He all but yelled, making you push your hands into your face.
• he’s treat you like a queen when he was told by loki (who scary enough knew a lot about the human body) about how they effect you, cramps, mood swings.
• he’d try and find things that would help you, asking his mother if she possibly knew a spell that could help.
•he’d be scared to touch you but once you explain that the pain comes in waves and isn’t always there he’s quick to hug you, thankful he won’t hurt you
•he’s an overall underrated softie
Tumblr media
•he’s had a bit of experience, with a few past girlfriends, so he keeps products you may need at his place.
•so when you said you had to cut date night short, after a very embarrassing explanation about getting your period, he was quick to shut you down, explaining how he had period product in his sink cupboard.
•after you had everything sorted he started a movie and you two snuggled up and enjoyed the rest of the evening.
•Sam makes sure your alright, getting you anything you fancy/crave and always has a heat pad at the ready
•Sam doesn’t really care that your on your period, it doesn’t gross him out or make him uncomfortable because it’s an natural body function.
Tumblr media
•he’s a little shy about it.
•he’s not grossed out by it, not one bit, but he’s shy.
•you’d be holding your stomach while lying in bed with him and he’d ask why’s wrong, only for his ears to turn red with embarrassment.
•he would do small things for you, leaving chocolate on the side for you, always making sure there is some painkillers.
•when you’re in bed with him he’d stroke your stomach lightly, soothing you.
•Bruce would never admit it, but he secretly loves it when your on your period, he doesn’t know why, but he does.
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pocketfulofrogers · 2 days ago
Easy - Commodores
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: A quiet Sunday morning with your favorite person.
Notes: He posted that video of him playing the piano and I literally could not breath until I wrote this. Short and fluffy.
Playlist Fics
“That’s why I’m easy, I’m easy like Sunday morning.”
Tumblr media
The body beside you stirs and the dip in the mattress pulls a groggy whine of protest from you. Steve’s responding breathy chuckle and soft footsteps along the carpet send you further into the comforts of your pillows.
“No.” You try to protest, but it comes out more like a petulant child’s whine.
The mattress behind you dips and you can feel the heat of his body leaning over yours. His breath tickles your shoulder as another chuckle rumbles in his chest. He leaves kisses in the wake of the goosebumps he caused, trailing more over you collar bone and up your neck before pausing just below your earlobe.
You hum a contented sigh and lean into the feeling. “S’nice.” You mumble.
“Stay in bed, sleep some more. I’ll wake you when breakfast is done.” Another soft kiss to your temple and you’re back asleep before you even hear the door shut.
The first few chords of a song gently coax you from your dream. Your lazy smile only grows when you hear a small mistake, just one key out of place. You had bought him the small piano almost two years ago for his birthday when you had heard him make some small comment to Bucky about wanting to learn other art forms.
He was terrible. Still, seeing him before it, watching his brows drop in intense concentration, brought you an immeasurable amount of joy. He only stuck with it for about six months before it became another ‘catch all’ spot for random junk.
But this, what he was playing now, was a far cry from the man who had a hard time with chopsticks. You wonder how long he had been practicing in secret at the same time your irritation at him not using gift dissipates.
You pull back the duvet he had tucked around you and grab his SHIELD training shirt from where it hung off the arm of a chair by the door. Quietly, you slip through the partially open door knowing that just a fraction of an inch further and the squeak of the hinges would definitely give you away.
You tiptoe down the hallway as the music continues to swell around you. The closer you get, the more you can hear the quiet hum accompanying his fingers and soon enough you’re at the corner of the hall. He’s swaying with the music, bobbing his head to the beat, and when he turns his head just right, you can see the same smile he gets when he draws you.
You lean against the wall enamored, content with listening quietly but then he gets to the chorus again and you simply cannot help yourself from joining in.
“That’s why I’m easy.” You croon and he looks back at you for just a second, his beaming smile pulling you closer to him. “I’m easy like Sunday morning.”
He places a kiss on the inside of your forearm when you move to rest an elbow on his shoulder, swaying with him and he somehow manages to continue to play the song almost perfectly.
“I’m glad you didn’t give it up.” You whisper into the crown of his head, and he laughs.
“With as much as you hate mornings, I figured this would help.” He pauses to look up at you. “Was I right?”
You close your eyes and wrap your arms around him, resting your chin in the crook of his neck as the song reaches its close. “So very.”
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the-bau-quinjet · 2 days ago
The Watermelon Song
Summary: Steve likes reader, but thinks she's too young for him. Based on this request!
Warnings: unspecified age gap (reader is ~19/20ish but it's never expressly mentioned), mention of abduction/torture, anxious reader
Word Count: 8100
a/n: ahh, this was pretty fun to right once I figured out how to start it! My heart goes out to those in houston who can't see Harry tonight :/ but it did inspire this fic. Also, the outfit I describe in this fic was inspired by this tik tok!
Tumblr media
"Hey Pete! You ask MJ out yet?" You greeted your best friend with a smile, already feeling more at ease in his presence. Some might find it odd that your best friend is years younger than you and in high school, but you don't meet a wide range. And Peter is the perfect best friend.
When Tony found you in an abandoned Hydra base, you were very nearly dead. The agents deemed you unworthy of saving when they made their escape, leaving you chained in a room with no means of escape. If not for the Avengers, you would have died in that room. Or perhaps been forced to help Hydra had they finally been able to control your powers.
You were taken by Hydra when you were 15 years old. They killed your mother in front of you, reducing your living relatives to zero. After a few years of experimenting on you, the scientists were able to mutate your DNA. Although nothing seemed amiss at first, strange things started happening around you.
Anything electronic would experience a sort of power surge in your presence, ranging in power from causing static on a radio to blowing up a microwave. They had moved on to figuring out how to control your powers when they had to abandon the base you were being held in. Since it had been over a year and a half with no progress, they left you behind like trash.
The room you were kept in was lined with six feet of concrete on each side, effectively cutting you off from any source of electricity. Honestly, you considered it a miracle Tony was able to detect your heartbeat when searching the base.
"No," Peter rolled his eyes in your general direction, setting aside the web shooter he was tinkering with. "I'll have you know, I have a plan to ask her out when we're in Italy."
You pouted at his response, not needing the reminder that he was leaving for a few weeks. Since coming to the compound and learning to control your powers, Peter has been your closest, and really only, friend. The two of you bonded over the shared experience of developing powers overnight with no idea of how to control them.
Granted, the circumstances differed. Still, he understood how hard it was to adapt to life as an Avenger. Without Peter, you'd likely still be holed up in your room trying to figure out how to talk to the team in passing. The anxiety and stress you felt in large groups could be overwhelming. Having Peter to anchor you was beyond helpful. The two of you were like the siblings the other never had.
"Who am I supposed to hang out with if you're not here." You practically whined, falling into the chair behind you.
"You could, hear me out, talk to Steve?" Peter's eyes twinkled with mischief, his laughter audible when you abruptly looked around the room.
"How dare you call me out in such a public place." You murmured, sitting back down after confirming the room was empty. "And you know why I can't do that."
Steve was... intimidating to you. Not in a bad way, more like a he's-so-perfect-I-can't-talk-to-him-or-I'll-die type of way. You never failed to be a stuttering mess when he was in the room, even if he wasn't part of the conversation. Not that you were extremely sociable in the first place. You'd always been a shy and reserved person, and Hydra didn't help with that. The only person you actually had conversations with outside of missions is Peter.
"You always push me to talk to MJ, I'm just returning the favor." He shrugged, finally sitting down next to you. "I'll be gone for three weeks, it's the perfect time for you to branch out."
You rolled your eyes again, knowing he was right but not liking what you were hearing. It was true, he only bugged you about Steve as much as you bugged him about MJ. Plus, you really couldn't hide in your room the entire time he was in Italy. That would be too sad, even for you.
"Fine. I'll try to branch out... but just a little bit!" You could already see how proud he was of you for even promising to try. "But I'm not making a move on Steve... yet." You relented, knowing he'd likely eventually talk you into it... years down the line.
"That's all I ask." Peter smiled. "Plus, as soon as I get back we'll go to that concert together." That put a smile on your face, just as Peter intended. One of your biggest comforts after leaving Hydra quickly became music. Whether it be musicals, country, pop, or something else, you always turn to music to help escape. You've been looking forward to Harry Styles Love on Tour for over a year.
"Let's go make the most of your last night stateside." You joked, pulling him from the lab. The two of you ended up in the theater Tony had built for movie nights, watching Peter's favorite Star Wars. It was always an activity you enjoyed because Peter looked so happy every time he watched it, no matter how recently he'd seen it. There wasn't a more perfect activity for a send off event.
Naturally, the two of you fell asleep three movies in, leading to Peter rushing out in the morning to make it to his flight. It was a very on brand goodbye for Peter, always rushing from one thing to another.
Either way, he left you to your own devices in the kitchen, unsure of how to make good on your promise to try to branch out. Thankfully, an opportunity presented itself fairly quickly.
Wanda and Natasha came into the kitchen while you were still eating breakfast. The two had clearly just finished a workout and were laughing together as they started making smoothies.
"Hey, Y/N! Nat and I are going into the city for some shopping after this. Do you want to come?" Wanda extended the invitation, hopeful that you'd want to join them. With Peter gone, the entire team decided to make sure you knew they were there for you to talk to.
"Um, ye-yes. I'll come." You hesitantly answered, knowing Peter would be a proud little brother if he could see you now. "I'll just go get dressed." You quickly cleaned up from breakfast, bumping into a solid mass of muscle on your way out of the room. Two strong hands keeping you from falling over. "Sorry, I didn't see- oh, Steve?" Your eyes went wide when you realized just who you bumped into.
"Y/N, hi." Steve stopped in the doorway, hands releasing your shoulders once he was sure you were stable. He suddenly cleared his throat, one hand moving to rub the back of his neck. The two of you were just looking at each other when Nat spoke up.
"Good morning, Steve. Enjoy your run?" She smirked, eyes sparkling with a secret when the two of you break eye contact to look at her.
"What? Oh, um, yes. Same as always." Steve moved to his right, trying to get around you. Unfortunately, you moved to your left, effectively blocking his path. You both laughed, moving the opposite direction only to once again block each other's way. Finally, Steve put his hand on your shoulder, urging you to move to your right while he stepped to his own right.
"There we go." Steve smiled, his cheeks dusted with red. You could feel the heat in your own face, causing you to mutter your thanks before running to your room. Steve watched you go, turning back to the two women in the kitchen once you were out of sight.
"Y/N, hi." Wanda imitated the lower timber of Steve's voice, making lovey dovey eyes at Nat.
"Steeeve." Nat replied, her voice mocking your own, drawing out the syllable of Steve's name and returning Wanda's lovey dovey eyes.
"Oh, leave it alone, would you?" Steve grumbled, forcefully pulling bags of frozen fruit from the freezer. He added everything to the blender as quickly as possible, turning it on to drown out their teasing remarks.
"Just ask her out!" Nat shouted over the noise, grinning ear to ear when Steve's cheeks turned even redder. Steve turned the blender up, looking nowhere but at the spinning fruit.
The second the noise stopped, Wanda was ready with more ribbing. "She would definitely say yes!" Just then, Sam and Bucky joined the group in the kitchen.
"Who, Y/N?" Bucky questioned, trying to come to speed with the conversation.
"Say yes to Steve?" Sam eyed them, his grin growing. "Of course she would if he wasn't too chicken shit to make a move."
Steve rolled his eyes while pouring his smoothie into a travel cup. All it took was one night with Thor's Asgardian mead, and the team managed to coax him into confessing his feelings for you.
"I regret meeting all of you." Steve muttered, no real mirth in his words. The team laughed, calling more taunts as he quickly escaped to the elevator.
You were quiet on the way to the city, replaying the miniscule conversation you had with Steve in the kitchen. You barely said a handful of words to him, but it was enough to feel that familiar pit of nerves in your stomach. After visiting a few different stores, the three of you stopped for lunch.
"So, Y/N... what do you think of Steve?" Wanda questioned you, drawing you out of your own thoughts. It took a second for you to register the words, but you could feel the heat returning to your face once you understood the question.
"Not you too." You muttered, unfortunately loud enough for the two women to hear.
"Too?" Nat smirked, glad to have caught your comment.
"Ugh, Peter won't leave me alone about it! Although, it's fair because I bug him about MJ too." You rolled your eyes at the mention of your antics with Peter, something the rest of the team didn't know the details of.
"Peter Parker... teases you about your crush on Steve?" Nat quirked an eyebrow, curious as to how she was unaware of something like that.
"Yeah, but I told him I wasn't gonna do anything about it yet. So, he expects nothing from me but to actually talk to somebody else on the team, which I'm doing." You mumbled, not realizing just how much you were giving away. Without any response, you continued talking to fill the slightly awkward silence.
Nat and Wanda watched as you gushed about your friendship with Peter and your feelings for Steve, confirming what they already suspected. You talked through the entire of lunch, answering any questions they threw in.
You didn't even realize how much you had been speaking until the two of them had finished eating and you barely started. They brushed off your apologies, convincing you to eat while they took turns telling you different stories and information about themselves.
After lunch, you went shopping again. You hadn't bought anything earlier, and both Nat and Wanda were eager to talk you into getting some new clothes.
"What about this?" Nat held up a yellow sweater with a bow on the back, but it's not really your style. You offered her a smile, explaining how you don't need any new clothes. It does little to deter the two women from asking your opinion on anything they think you might like.
Finally, Wanda holds up a pink, plaid oversized blazer. A matching skirt was hanging next to her on the display. Your response died in your throat, head tilting while you look at the set. Before you could respond, Nat came up with a pair of shoes and a black corset top type thing. The neckline of the top was covered in lace, and the shoes match the color of the plaid on the blazer.
"I can wear this to the concert!" You excitedly whispered to yourself, unaware of the smiles on Wanda and Nat's faces. They were just glad to have found something for you.
After buying the clothes, the three of you head back to the compound. You were so exhausted after a full day of shopping, you went to your room and slept, completely missing dinner.
You woke up around 5, stomach grumbling and throat dry. After you climbed out of bed, you realized you were still wearing your clothes from yesterday, so you quickly changed into pajamas before heading to the kitchen for a snack and water.
Upon entering the kitchen, you spotted none other than one Steve Rogers, dressed for his morning run. You froze in the doorway momentarily, but before you could turn around he spotted you. He smiled in greeting, his hands preoccupied with filling his water bottle.
You smiled in return as you moved further into the kitchen, opening and closing cabinets in search of a snack. The two of you moved around each other awkwardly, both wanting to say something but unable to find the words.
He was closing his water bottle when you sat down with your snack, a packet of pop tarts you found in the back of the pantry. It wasn't even in the box, so the flavor was a mystery.
"Any guesses?" You asked, gesturing to the silver foil packet. When he raised his eyebrow in question, you spoke up again. "The flavor... I'm thinking s'mores." Guessing mystery flavors or things in the kitchen was one of yours and Peter's favorite games to pass the time between meetings.
He smirked in response, instantly confident he knew who bought the poptarts, and in turn what flavor they would be. "Brown sugar cinnamon."
"You sound pretty sure." You narrowed your eyes at him, questioning his confidence.
"Considering Tony and Sam are the only two childish enough to actually buy pop tarts, and Sam would never be careless enough to lose a packet, it's more than likely Tony bought that poptart. He only likes two flavors, and one of them was discontinued years ago, so let's hope it's not that one. That leaves brown sugar cinnamon." Steve grinned, proud to show off his deductive reasoning.
"Damn, Detective Rogers. I only guessed s'mores because it's definitely the best flavor, and I was hopeful." You both laughed, grinning at each other for slightly longer than what would be deemed normal.
Two pairs of eager eyes watched as you tore open the foil, laughter only growing when you revealed two pop tarts covered in white icing and red and green sprinkles. Strawberry.
"We're both losers today, Steve." You giggled, already breaking the edges of the pastry off to eat first. He smiled in return, picking up his water bottle and moving toward the door.
"You're right about that. I'll see you later?" He questioned from doorway.
"Yeah," you nodded. "I'll see you later." Watching as he moved down the hallway, you called one more thing to him. "Enjoy your run!"
Your smile lingered as you finished eating. It lingered when you changed for training. It even lingered when Nat knocked you down over and over in your hand to hand practice. In fact, it lingered until you fell asleep, replaying the little laughs over and over as you started dreaming.
It may have been one conversation- and a very short one at that- but it was a full conversation you made it through without the nerves taking over, and that was a reason to smile.
Your days began to follow a similar pattern. You'd go to training, spend time with Nat and Wanda, and occasionally talk to Steve. Your conversations even grew to be longer than 5 minutes. You didn't mind the repetition. In fact, it was comfortable, especially because your previous routine of annoying Peter had been disrupted.
You'd grown so accustomed to this new normal, that Tony's proclamation for a team movie night caught you completely off guard. Even Peter had never been able to convince you to join in on an event with the entire team, and he tried. A lot.
But, you'd never been invited by Tony in front of everyone before either. It would have been so much worse to announce to everyone that you were too anxious to spend a night with them.
"Sounds like fun!" You faked your enthusiasm, trying to appease the billionaire in front of you.
"Yes! I knew you'd come around. I'm that good." Tony continued mumbling about his achievement as you excused yourself. You were already overthinking everything that you could do to embarrass yourself, and needed an outlet for all of your nervous energy.
While you slipped out of the room, already cataloguing everything you could clean or reorganize in your room by the time you made it to the elevator, Nat and Wanda were already conspiring with Bucky and Sam to sit you and Steve next to each other during the movie.
"Whatever your planning, I want no part in it." Steve eyed the group suspiciously, observant enough to notice their conspiring.
"We were just discussing snack options for during the movie." Wanda shrugged, a mischievous smile showing through her casual facade. Steve watched on with suspicion as the group dispersed, leaving him with a slightly uneasy feeling.
You spent the rest of the day in your room trying to forget about the movie night. It wouldn't be so bad if you had spent any amount of time with Bruce, Thor, Clint, Scott, Tony, Bucky, and Sam outside of missions.
Of course, you trust them with your life and hope they feel the same when you're fighting the evils of the world together, but you've never spent time with them like you have Peter, Nat, and Wanda. You hadn't even had one on one conversations with them like you had with Steve.
Even worse, you know it's your own fault that you haven't spent time with them. You've seen Bruce and Tony in the lab, offering a wave when you pass through. Thor and Scott have always offered to include you in their antics. The same goes for Sam and Bucky. Nat even offered for you to come visit Clint and his family with her.
You've just haven't completely adapted to your new life as part of the Avengers. Training wise, everything was going swimmingly, but socially? Up until a two and a half weeks ago, you only ever talked to Peter! It's been challenging trying to figure out who you are after everything Hydra did to you.
In your efforts to forget your social anxiety, you reorganized your closet and desk, washed your sheets, remade your bed, and vacuumed the floor all before noon. Then you dusted every available surface you could find.
Once your room was done, you moved on to the hallways, then the kitchen, then the living room. By the time you were done, every residential part of the building you could access was spotless. You were just putting away your cleaning supplies when Friday announced it was time for the movie.
You glanced at the clock, realizing it was in fact 8 pm and you hadn't stopped cleaning for lunch, let alone dinner. You took a few deep breaths to steel your nerves, trying to prepare yourself for interacting with nearly the entire team at once.
When you finally made it down to the theater room, everyone but Steve was already there. You didn't even have time to think about how strange it was for Steve to be late with how quickly Nat was dragging you over to the only open couch to sit with her. She sat against the armrest, pulling you down into the middle to sit beside her.
She started pestering you about where you'd been all day, but rolled her eyes and stopped when Tony clapped for everyone's attention.
"Friday held a vote earlier, and of those who answered," Tony glared at you- you must not have noticed Friday's question in the middle of your cleaning- "Hush won out."
You hadn't heard of the movie, but when you opened your mouth to ask about it, Tony cut you off.
"No objections from people who didn't vote. Nat, will you help Sam with the popcorn?" His smirk had you on edge, but once again he gave no room for questions.
Just as Tony was asking Friday to open Netflix, Steve came jogging into the room. He quickly surveyed for an open seat, finding the only empty spot being the one next to you. He shuffled further into the room with a sheepish smile, feeling bad for interrupting even though the movie hadn't actually started.
"Did I miss anything?" He whispered, leaning closer to you to keep the volume down. You felt the familiar nerves in your stomach, but managed to whisper back an answer.
"We're watching Hush? I guess there was a vote..." You shrugged, not knowing anything about the movie or the vote.
"Dang, I voted for Little Women." He mumbled. "I've never been a fan of the jump scares in horror movies. They've always felt tacky."
You felt the heat drain from your face at his words. Even the typical blush from just being around Steve couldn't overpower the anxiety you felt at having to watch a horror movie with the team. You don't mind horror films per say, but you normally watched them in the comfort of your own room with Peter there for you to hide behind.
Steve could tell something was wrong by the way your whole body tensed and your eyes widened. "Are you okay?" He whispered, leaning even closer in an attempt to calm you.
"Fine. I'm fine. Totally fine. Everything is a-o-k. Peachy keen." You gave him a strained smile, swallowing the nerves you could feel building. One look at the disbelieving look on his face had you spilling your guts during the opening sequence of the film.
"I just normally watch horror movies with Peter. And he lets me hide behind him during the scary parts." You hid your face in your hands, embarrassed to admit to being easily scared during movies. Steve slowly reached for your hands, leaning down so he could look into your eyes.
"I won't tell anyone. And, you... you can hide behind me. If you want!" He nervously mumbled, eyes downcast after he said it. You squeezed his hand that still held your own, smiling and mouthing thank you as the movie started.
Oddly enough, Nat never returned to sitting on the couch with you. After she and Sam came back with bowls of popcorn, the two of them sat on a sectional in the back with Bucky, Wanda, and Vision.
The movie definitely wasn't the scarier than the scariest one Peter had watched with you, but in combination with your stress of being in such a large group, it got to you. Halfway through the movie you were practically glued to Steve's side.
You held tightly to his arm, lifting it up to shield your face when you wanted to hide from the screen. Occasionally you'd jump, burying your face between Steve's shoulder and the couch. He smiled each time you squeezed his bicep, fighting between enjoying having you so close and feeling guilty that you were so scared.
Bucky, Sam, Nat, and Wanda were all grinning as they watched the two of you get closer and closer throughout the movie. The four of them couldn't even explain the most basic premise of the film if they combined the parts they'd individually paid attention to. The group was so focused on you and Steve, they were surprised to see the lights turning back on.
They managed to pretend to be cleaning up the bowls of popcorn and straightening the pillows when you and Steve walked past them.
"i'll walk you to your room?" Steve offered, eager to talk to you even if just for a few minutes.
"Oh, um, thanks." You blushed, smiling at the ground. "And thank you for uh, everything during the movie. I completely understand it's a fictional story, but the idea of a masked man tormenting me in the woods freaks me out." You laughed at your own antics.
Steve smiled, nodding along to your explanation. "That's completely fair."
You just smiled, slightly bumping Steve with your shoulder because you couldn't find the words to convey how happy you were in the moment. You made it to your door much faster than you would've liked.
"This is where I say goodnight." Steve grinned, for once maybe believing you could have feelings for him.
"Oh, goodnight." You bit your lip, nervous about what you actually wanted to say. Just before he turned to leave, you called out, "Steve?"
He hummed in response, having a hard time focusing when you pulled your bottom lip into your mouth and released it.
"Will you stay?" His eyes widened and his mouth fell open, causing your nerves to skyrocket. "Nevermind! I shouldn't of- just pretend like I didn't say that. I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight!" You quickly ran into your room, practically slamming the door to avoid having to face any more embarrassment.
You forced yourself to get ready for bed as quickly as possible, hoping with sleep you'd be able to escape the look of shock on Steve's face. Luckily for you, the embarrassment outweighed any lingering fear you felt from the movie. Unluckily, the embarrassment still prevented you from sleeping. Instead you stared at the ceiling, coming up with a plan for avoiding your problems tomorrow.
Steve tried knocking. Hell, he tried opening the door but it was locked. He could've kicked himself for messing that up. An entire night sleeping in bed with you sounded like a dream come true, he just wasn't expecting the question. Eventually, he gave up trying to get you to speak to him and made his way back to his room.
Unfortunately for him, the night didn't end there. When he walked through the door, two of his best friends were waiting for him.
"Where have you been?" Bucky smirked, clearly knowing the answer.
Steve sighed, ignoring Bucky and Sam in favor of changing into pajamas. When he emerged from the bathroom, the two men were still staring at him expectantly.
"C'mon, man! We saw you two during the movie." Sam grinned, He was genuinely happy for Steve, but he wouldn't pass up the opportunity for a bit of light teasing. Much to his chagrin, Steve couldn't stop the blush he felt heating his face.
"I knew it! Did you tell her how you feel? Did you kiss her? Did she kiss you? Did-" Bucky abruptly stopped his line of questioning when he actually looked at Steve. "You didn't. Did you? What happened?" He practically whined.
Steve sighed again. He definitely didn't have the energy for this right now. "She just said something that surprised me and then panicked when I didn't respond. I'll talk to her tomorrow. Now please leave."
Steve ushered them out of the room, ignoring any and all advice they threw his way. Once he was alone, he finished getting ready for bed, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't seem to fall asleep. Instead, he stared at the ceiling practicing what he would say to you tomorrow.
After spending nearly the entire night thinking about how to confess his feelings, Steve decided to make you breakfast. The only problem was that he didn't know what you liked. He'd never seen you making breakfast since he was always on a run when you ate.
Since Peter wasn't even in the country, Nat and Wanda were his best bet to find out what you'd like. Unfortunately, the two of them were nowhere to be found. They weren't in their rooms, the gym, the kitchen, or any of the living rooms. Friday must have taken pity on him because she abruptly asked, "Would you like helping finding someone, Captain Rogers?"
Steve cursed himself for forgetting about the AI, and quickly responded. "Please! Where are Natasha and Wanda?"
"Agent Romanoff and Ms. Maximoff left the compound early this morning with Ms. L/N. It is currently unknown when they will return."
"Oh, uh, thank you, Friday." Steve mumbled. He was confused as to what would cause you to leave early on a day with no scheduled training or missions. Normally, you and Peter slept in as late as you could manage.
Since making you breakfast would now be useless, Steve spent the day how he would any other time he had emotions he couldn't express- running an excessive amount and breaking a few punching bags.
Meanwhile, you were in full panic mode. You waited as long as you could manage in your room, but the second you saw any sign of sunlight you were getting dressed. Once you were ready for the day, you sought out Nat and Wanda to go with you back to the city. Luckily, they were both awake, although just barely.
"Where are we going?" Nat eyed you curiously, trying to figure out what happened last night without asking.
"And why so early? Wanda yawned while she brushed her hair.
You fidgeted your hands, feeling guilty for bothering them on everyone's day off. "I'm sorry! I was just really excited for the concert in a few days, and I realized I don't have any accessories to wear." You recited the cover story you came up with knowing they wouldn't believe you, but hoping they'd let it go for now. Fortunately they did, accompanying you to the city as long as you could stop for coffee on the way.
About ten minutes after they had their caffeine in hand, Nat and Wanda started questioning your story.
"I thought you already had the jewelry you wanted to wear to the concert?" Nat casually started the conversation. Wanda hummed in agreement, turning to look at you from the passenger seat.
"Yeah, but I wanted to get something different." You offered as an excuse.
"And this has nothing to do with a certain blonde haired super soldier?" Nat smirked.
"No..." You tried, but you knew it was of no use. One disbelieving look from Wanda and you told them everything that happened last night.
"...and now I have to avoid him for the next few days until Peter comes home and gives me an excuse to never talk to him again." You huffed, dramatically leaning back into your seat with your eyes closed to avoid their sympathetic looks.
"Y/N, I really think if you just talk to him this could all be figured out." Wanda tried to change your mind, but to no avail.
"Wanda, you didn't see the look on his face." You whined. "He looked like he'd rather jump out of a plane sans parachute than spend another second in my presence."
"In his defense, he doesn't need any encouragement to jump out of a plane without a parachute." Nat supplied, trying to lighten the mood.
"What?!" Your eyebrows shot up, face scrunched in confusion.
"A story for another time." Wanda glared at Nat. "Seriously, you should just talk to him."
"I'll think about it." You were definitely not going to think about it. "Can we just forget about it for now?"
Nat and Wanda agreed, moving on to talking about what jewelry you could match with your outfit for Harry's concert.
You managed to spend well into the evening, in the city. It made avoiding Steve much easier than you initially anticipated. Once back at the compound, you had the excuse of putting your newly acquired accessories in your room to escape for the night. Since you had eaten dinner before coming home, you had no reason to leave your room again.
Steve came and knocked on the door, but you just pretended to be asleep to avoid the conversation. A part of you felt guilty with how upset he sounded, but it was still too embarrassing to even think about opening the door.
The next morning, you enlisted Friday's help to avoid running into Steve in the compound. Whenever he was seemingly on his way to your location, Friday would warn you, giving you a chance to escape unnoticed.
It worked so well, the only time you saw him was during team training. With so many people around, he didn't want to bring up the conversation you had that night. Luckily for you, Tony had some questions for him after the workouts ended, giving you a chance to escape yet again.
You kept up this pattern for the next two days, managing to avoid Steve at all costs. Nat and Wanda tried pressing you to talk to him, but you couldn't handle the heartbreak that would come with the inevitable rejection. If you didn't talk to him, you could still hold out hope, no matter how flawed that concept seemed.
The only thing keeping you sane through the incredibly paranoing few days was Peter coming home and going to the concert. You were so excited to see your best friend again, that you could barely sleep the night before he was due to return.
You woke up in such a good mood that it changed your perspective on everything that had happened. Maybe talking to Steve was better than pretending nothing happened. It would do wonders for your blood pressure after all. It was decided. You would actually talk to Steve- after the concert of course.
However, your good mood lasted all of three minutes. When you checked your phone to make sure you still had time before you had to leave for the airport, you saw a text from Peter. His flight was cancelled due to the impending storm due to hit New York.
Unfortunately, because of the weather, he couldn't find another flight back until the next day, meaning he wouldn't make it back for the concert. Of course you understood he had no control over the weather, but it still ruined your excitement for the day.
You texted him back something about it being okay and how you were sad to have to wait another day before seeing him, then face planted back onto your bed. You stayed in that position until your phone dinged again, signalling a new instagram notification.
Harry Styles posted to their story
You clicked on the banner, sighing when the news matched what you expected. Unfortunately, because of the impending storm, it wasn't safe to have the concert tonight.
The two things keeping you sane for the past few days weren't going to happen. You sighed, ultimately deciding to check your email and figure out what was going to happen with your tickets. Hopefully the show would be rescheduled and you would still be able to go.
You flopped back onto your bed, no longer excited to start the day. Maybe you just needed to take a nap and start over with new expectations. So that's exactly what you did.
When you woke up again, it was nearly 1 pm. If you had been able to pick Peter up, the two of you would have been on your way back to the compound to get ready for the show by now. So, that's what you decided to do. Yeah, you wouldn't be going anywhere, but you could still dress up.
You jumped out of bed with slightly more energy than before, excited to do something other than wallow.
"Friday, can you shuffle Harry Styles please?" You smiled when she immediately started shuffling his two studio albums. "Thank you!"
You took your time in the shower, enjoying the hot water on your aching muscles. Avoiding Steve has made you so tense.
After your shower, you went through the steps of your hair routine. You originally planned something to keep your hair off your neck, but since you weren't actually going anywhere, you styled it in a more relaxed look.
Then you did your makeup. It took awhile for you to achieve the look you wanted, but eventually you had two nearly identical cat eyes with a soft pink glam look. You went for a bright, almost red, liquid lipstick to really have fun with it.
By the time you were getting dressed, you had already listened through both albums twice. The repetition didn't bother you though. In fact, listening to all of your favorite songs over and over put you in a better mood. You danced around your room, practically screaming along to Canyon Moon and Only Angel.
You were especially having fun when you were adding the final touches to your outfit and Kiwi started playing. Your jumping around made it more difficult to clasp the necklace, but at this point you were having too much fun to be bothered by something so trivial.
You only stopped dancing when you wanted to take a picture to send to Peter. Hopefully he was doing something fun with his friends while stuck in Italy for another night. You smiled in the picture, genuinely happy with how the day ended up after such a pitiful start.
After sending the snap, you realized just how hungry and thirsty you were. Getting ready while dancing is a lot of work! So, you slipped off your shoes, not actually needing them in the compound, and made your way to the kitchen.
Friday paused the music in your room, starting it up again in the kitchen when you arrived to an empty room. You smiled to yourself, bobbing your head to the music as you looked for a recipe. Deciding to treat yourself to a home cooked meal instead of a bag of chips, you searched through the pantry for every ingredient you'd need to make your grandma's mac and cheese.
It wasn't a fancy recipe by any means, but it has never failed to cheer you up. You got to work boiling the pasta and cutting up the ham and slices of american cheese. It only took about 20 minutes to get it in the oven to bake.
You sat on a stool by the island, mindlessly scrolling through social media while you waited for the timer to be done. You were so caught up in reading some random article, you didn't notice when Steve came into the kitchen.
He froze when he saw you. He hadn't even been looking for you this time, so he was caught off guard to actually see you after three days of you avoiding him so efficiently. He was just about to say something when the timer went off.
Instead, he watched as you excitedly ran to the oven and removed the dish. You carefully removed the aluminum foil from the casserole pan, stirring the melted cheese into the pasta before spooning some into a bowl to eat. You nearly dropped it when you turned around and saw Steve staring at you.
"Ahh! Steve! Don't sneak up on people!" You laughed. "Do you want some mac and cheese?" You grinned, reaching for another bowl without his response. Steve was shocked. He expected you to run the second you saw him, not offer him some of your food.
Once you had two bowls of mac and cheese, you sat them next to each other on the island, gesturing for Steve to join you. He did so slowly, still unsure as to what caused your change of heart.
"Did you do something special today?" He questioned, vaguely gesturing to your outfit and makeup.
"Nope." You smiled at him, spooning more food into your mouth to cheer you up.
"Oh, well you look beautiful." He sounded so sincere, you nearly choked on your food. After you managed to swallow the food in your mouth, you replied.
"Thank you." You sighed, figuring you should explain the outfit. It did seem a bit dramatic for eating dinner in the compound kitchen by yourself. "I was supposed to go see Harry Styles tonight, but with the storm it ended up not happening."
"Harry Styles?" He scrunched his eyebrow, trying to place the name. He knew he'd heard it before, usually coming from you. "Is he your boyfriend?"
You audibly laughed, dropping your spoon into your mac and cheese to avoid spilling any. Steve watched with a confused expression, not understanding why his question was so funny.
"If only." You sighed dreamily. "Harry Styles is a singer. Peter and I were supposed to go see his concert tonight but it was cancelled because of the unsafe conditions. Pete's flight was also cancelled. I decided to get ready for the show anyway to cheer myself up." You shrugged, feeling a little weird for being so upset about a concert.
"Oh, right! Harry Styles! He sings the watermelon song?" Steve asked, making sure he had the right singer.
"Watermelon Sugar, yeah." You chuckled, feeling even happier in Steve's presence.
"Well, you really do look amazing. Maybe Harry would've seen you and asked you out." Steve tried his hand at cheering you up even more, but the words tasted bitter in his mouth.
"Doubtful. You know how many incredibly beautiful people go to his shows? So many. Besides, I may have a crush on Harry Styles but it's just a celebrity thing." When Steve raised his eyebrows in confusion, you tried to explain it better. "I mean, I'd say yes if he asked me out, don't get me wrong. I'm just not delusional enough to expect that to happen. Besides, he's not who I have actual feelings for, ya know?" You froze, realizing what you just said and who you said it to.
"Well, he'd be lucky to date someone as incredible as you." Steve's words made the butterflies erupt in your stomach again. "Who, um, who do you have feelings for? Peter?"
Again, you laughed. "No! Pete's my best friend. He's like the brother I never had."
"Oh, so who?" He pressed the question, needing to know if he you felt the same.
"Steve..." You sighed, not wanting to return to the embarrassment of a few days ago. "I don't think-"
"Please?" He whispered, turning his stool to face you. "Y/N, I can't go back to you avoiding me."
"I'm sorry. I, I never should have said anything. I just, I thought maybe you felt the same and then you looked so horrified... I won't avoid you again, okay? I might, um, I might need a few days though. Just to figure out how to act like I'm not in love with you now that I know you know I am." You got up, deciding to clean up from dinner while you spoke to distract yourself from the tears you could feel burning in your eyes.
"Y/N-" Steve tried to respond, but you cut him off.
"Really, it's okay. I get it. You probably think I'm too young or whatever. It's fine. I can't fault you for not feeling the same."
"Y/N, really I-"
"You don't have to explain yourself, Steve. I get it. I'll be fine. I promise."
"I love you too!" He didn't yell, but his words still felt like they echoed in your mind.
"You... you love me?" You whispered. You were frozen in pace, one hand holding the dish of pasta while the other held the spoon you were using to move it to the tupperware.
"I do." He answered, now moving round the island to stand next to you. He gripped your wrist, first removing the spoon from your hand and then placing the casserole dish back onto the counter. "I love you so much, and when you asked me to stay with you the other night I panicked because I didn't think you meant it in the way I wanted you too.
I thought you were scared from the movie and just wanted someone to reassure you. I knew if I stayed in that bed, I'd end up telling you how I felt and I was terrified you wouldn't feel the same. I mean, you're incredible. I thought you would want someone closer to your age. Someone who wasn't frozen for seventy years." He lamented, admitting his own insecurities.
"Steve, I don't care that you were born before my grandparents... and maybe even their parents." You joked, smiling when he let out a small chuckle. "And I don't want to date anyone else. I want to date you."
"I want to date you too." Steve moved his hands to your waist.
"Does this count as our first date?" You grinned. "I mean, I dressed up and we ate dinner together. I feel like it could count."
"Do you want it to count?" He questioned, his own smile matching yours. You nodded in response. "Why?"
"Because, if we just had our first date it means you can kiss me now because we've finished dinner." You smirked, enjoying the faint blush on his cheeks. Thankfully, he felt the same.
He kissed you with all of the pent up feeling he'd been hiding for months, and you returned the kiss with equal fervor. You were so caught up in each other, you both failed to notice as other team members entered the kitchen.
"About time, punk." Bucky interrupted the moment, grinning at the two of you like the Cheshire cat.
"I for sure thought you'd figure it out after the movie." Sam added, ignoring Steve's pointed glare.
"We really set them up for success." Wanda sighed, moving further into the kitchen to investigate the source of the delicious cheesy smell. Noticing her attention on the mac and cheese, you quickly provided a diversion.
"I made mac and cheese! You are all welcome to have some." You shoved the dish toward them, Steve supplying bowls while you grabbed more spoons. While they were distracted, you tried to slip out of the room.
"You're not eating?" Nat questioned, eyes not even leaving the mac and cheese she was serving herself.
"Nope, we already ate. Bye!" You abruptly turned, running down the hall to your room. Steve quickly followed behind you, eager to spend more time with you now that you've both admitted your feelings.
"They're not going to let us live this down." He laughed, shaking his head at their antics.
"Nope, but at least now we can team up on them." You winked, earning another small laugh from him.
"Do you want to watch a movie?" Steve asked, unsure of how the two fo you should spent the rest of your night. You nodded, pulling him over to your bed and setting up your projector.
"Have you seen any Disney Channel Originals yet?" You questioned. You dramatically gasped when he said no, knowing exactly which ones to show him first. "Okay, Lemonade Mouth or Starstruck?"
"Hmm, Starstruck, because that's how I feel around you." Steve smirked, full on grinning when you rolled your eyes.
"You're so cheesy." You laughed, but leaned even closer to him when the butterflies returned to your stomach.
"Yeah, but you love it." Steve joked back, just as eager as you to cuddle during the movie.
"That I do." You admitted, finally fully cuddling with him once the movie was set up. "Now, sit back and enjoy."
The two of you spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies, every so often working in a kiss or two... or twelve. Eventually you fell asleep, still wrapped up in each other's arms.
You were sitting on the couch with Steve the next day when Peter returned to the compound. You failed to notice him entering the room, too caught up in your blossoming romance.
"I can't believe I've spent the last three days avoiding you when I could've been kissing you!" You whined, snuggling closer to him.
Steve laughed, squeezing you closer in return. "Don't worry, darling. We've got forever to make up for it." He placed a kiss on the top of your head, also unaware of Peter's presence in the room.
"Wrong." Peter exclaimed, staring wide eyed at the two of you. You both jumped, startled by his sudden proclamation. "You don't have time right now, because I have questions." He pulled you from the couch, already asking question after question in the hallway on the way to your room.
"Sorry, Steve!" You shouted down the hallway, laughing at the pout on his face. He smiled to himself at the sound of your laugh.
"Just make sure you're done by dinner! We've got plans!"
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secretsocietywriter · 2 days ago
Day 17 (Experiments)
Steven Grant Rogers x Fem!Wife!Reader!
Warnings: vaginal sex, smut, (? Let me know)
Tumblr media
Y/N and Steve barley do anything but missionary. She's only ever even given him head once. Missionary is just what he's most comfortable with. He gets to see her face to see of she likes it or not, it's easy to kiss her whenever he wants, that and he's old fashioned. If it wasn't for the super soldier serum, it might have gotten boring. But i mean, with a cock like that? Who would complain?
Well, Y/N would. She wasn't complaining exactly, she was just suggesting. She walked into their shared bedroom, wearing a red, white, and blue teddy under her sundress. It even had stars cut out where the nipples would be.
"Love, we need to talk."
"Why, What's wrong? Are you okay?" He asked as he sat down beside her, his arms wrapping around her smaller frame.
"I want you to do something for me... but only if you want you to."
"Sure sweetheart, anything."
"Okay, just... trust me." He nodded in response.
She took this as an invention to continue. She stood up and slipped gracefully out of her sundress. She held her arms behind her back so they weren't in the way.  He stared at her in a lost gaze of lust. He must of been deep in thought because he didn't stop staring at her body until she started nervously swaying from foot to foot.
"Sorry..." he seemed to be embarrassed as his cheeks heated up.
"I wanted to try something new, if you were okay with that." She asked, looking up from the floor for a second.
He gave her a small nod. Her face instantly lit up. She walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. She pushed him back a little, so she could sit on his lap and straddle him. As soon as she got comfortable on his thighs; his hands found her hips. He wrapped them around her tightly, like he’d never let go. It was comforting. Then she remembered her teddy didn't cover her ass at all and that might have been why he was holding on so tight.
That probably wasn't why, but the thought of him being a deviant sent heat to her cheeks and insides. She placed her head on his shoulder as she used both hands to unzip his pants and delicately pull him out of his pants and boxers. He was so hard and large in feminine hands. She could feel it throb as a little precum leaked onto her hand.
She moved the useless bottom of her teddy to the side so she could try to fit most of him inside herself. It was usually a challenge to get most of him inside her. After his head was in, she slowly sank down on his monster cock. Her arms gripped at his shoulders as tight as they could! She hissed at the sudden stretch of her insides and the new spots his cock hit from this angle.
"Ah! Fuuuuck!" She screamed into his shoulder.
"You alright?" He softly hissed back, eyes squeeze shut.
He moves his hands to her back and the back of her head to sooth her.
"I-it feeels s-sso good." She moaned out, eyes still closed.
She started grinding her hips onto him, creating friction between the two of them. He couldn't take it anymore. Instead of soothing her back, his arms found her opposing sides as he pulled her into a hug, her hardening nipples ached against his chest. With a sturdy grip on her, he started thrusting his hips up to meet hers.
They started out slow, gentle, and affectionate. He was kissing her neck as she bit down on his shoulder. Her nails dug into his skin making him wince a bit. Then he started to pick up the pace. As soft moans escaped both of their lips, he started to slam into her as if he were in a battle for his life. He was gripping her so hard; she wouldn't be surprised if bruises would form.
He held her in a vice like grip and she was loving every moment of it. She started to feel her peak approaching, he knew just how to thrust into her to send her over. She started to mewl and scream out his name as she came. She clenched around his member, milking it for everything he had. He kept thrusting into her until he too came with a shout of her name.
They collapsed back into the bed and laid there panting and catching their breaths for a moment. This was definitely an experience to remember.
"Wow." She panted, her whole body heaving as she let out a long breath. He simply nodded his head, though his smile said it all.
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Runaway: Part 4
Despite the blonde one, Steve, being some Captain superhero, you were not allowed to leave that day, and you did have to stay overnight. With the second night in the hospital looming over your head and the two massive men promising they would come back the next day, after being kicked out of the hospital for the night, you were alone again.
You fell asleep alone, with the soft beeping of the vital machine to the left side of the beep easing you to a reasonably restful sleep despite wishing you could be anywhere but there.
You didn’t wake up alone, however.
You were pulled out of your sleep by the gentle stroke of fingers by the shell of your ear as your hair was pushed out of your face, and a soft yet deep voice bid you a quiet good morning. Your eyes opened briefly before they closed again, and you slowly stretched your legs and arms, whining when sleep tried to keep its hold on you. You didn’t want to get up yet, but the thought of leaving the hospital within Stark Tower was too tempting to keep you in rest.
“Can I leave yet?” You rolled over to your other side, shivering and yanking your legs up to your chest at the assault of the cold air.
“Have to wait for the doctor.” You didn’t know which one had pulled the blanket up for you, but within a moment of the blanket falling, it was pulled back up. “How are you feeling?”
You felt the mattress dip and the weight of an arm wrapping around your waist. You felt the warmth from a solid, broad chest pressed against your back and the tender stroking of his fingers against your hospital gown-covered stomach. You looked over your shoulder, your eyes meeting a pair of pale blue eyes that held your gaze.
“Bucky…right?” You questioned, still getting used to who was who.
“Morning, beautiful.” He leaned in and kissed your cheek, the contact bringing forth goosebumps to your flesh and causing your stomach to flip delightfully.
“Where’s Steve..?” You turned again and shifted toward him.
You searched his face, studying him as he lay with you, his metal hand supporting his head. His pale blue eyes were studying you just as you were examining him; only there was this great tenderness expressed in this gaze. You had never been looked at like that with such great affection and care.
“He’s sneaking in something for you to eat.”
“No more hospital food?” You were far too eager at the prospect of not having to endure the under-seasoned food that left nothing to be desired.
“Not this morning.” Bucky reached his hand out toward you and brushed a stray piece of hair out of your face before he dropped his hand back to your waist.
“What’s it like?” You asked after a flicker of silence between you two. “I mean, I hope I’m not going to sound like a bitch asking, but what’s it like? Having the metal arm?”
Bucky had followed the movement of your eyes toward his black and gold metal arm. He watched you studying the gold veins against the black, every angle and turn, ridge and edge of every streak of gold. He watched you stare at the interchangeable plates that had often whirred quietly when he moved or flexed his fingers or arm.
“I’m used to it now,” when he spoke; he had stolen your attention from his vibranium arm.
“Does it hurt?” You had hesitantly touched the connection between flesh and metal as if you were afraid he would reprimand you or cause him pain.
“You can touch it,” Bucky placed his hand over yours and moved it directly on the junction between natural and artificial; flesh and bone, metal and gears. “It doesn’t hurt.”
He watched the furrow of your brows and the way your mouth had formed a frown. You were dragging your fingertips back and forth across that junction, feeling the shift from new to metal and back again. It was seamless, and he knew you’d never seen anything like it before; the technology in this reality was leagues more advanced than what you were used to.
“That’s odd….” You pulled your hand back as if you had been burned when the door to your room opened and closed again.
“Morning, sweetheart.” Steve set a box on the bedside table along with a styrofoam cup with your name written on it, then leaned down to place a kiss on your forehead. “How are you feeling?”
“Is that coffee?” You ignored his question for the sake of having caffeine in your system, although you had thanked him when he handed you the cup. “Thank you! I love coffee!”
You sat up with assistance from Bucky, and after having sat cross-legged, you lifted the cup to your lips and blew on the liquid gold inside.
“Are you hungry?”
“How do you know so much about me, and I know nothing about you? I mean…” You sipped on your coffee, glancing from one man to the next, “I know they gave you like…pictures and video feeds of us and shit like that, but I know next to nothing about you.”
“We were both born and raised in Brooklyn,” Steve grabbed the box from the bedside table and handed it to you, “in 1917 and 1918.”
“At the end of the first world war.” You opened the box and peered at the thick and heavenly-looking glazed cinnamon roll stuck inside. “So one…or both of your fathers fought in the war?”
“Mine did.” Steve sat down to the left of the bed, watching you and Bucky share the same space. “Died in the war before I was born.”
“Oh…I’m sorry. That must’ve been hard.”
“Steve’s mother died when he was 18. She was a tuberculosis nurse and caught the illness.”
“Damn.” You commented, ripping a piece of the cinnamon bun off. “And now there’s a vaccine.”
“I had three younger sisters.” Bucky leaned into you, his left hand resting against your left hip.
“Only child.” You quipped. “Hey, how soon can I get out of here?”
“Doctor should be coming around soon.” Steve shifted in his seat, watching you eat slowly, his attention briefly falling to the incision. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m okay.” You shrugged. “All things considering. I didn’t think I’d be getting stabbed when I volunteered for the whole…breeding thing.”
“Sweetheart,” Steve spoke the endearment slowly and tenderly, “you know there’s more to the arrangement than just reproduction.”
Your silence was both telling and concerning to them.
“You don’t..? What exactly did they tell you?”
“Something along the lines of, ‘hey wanna go to a different reality and get matched up with some men because the women have all been riddled with infertility and their world I dying? Oh, and if you go, you’ll receive compensation.’ That’s what the whole arrangement is, right?”
“Yes and no. There’s…a whole process. You’re not just here to be-“
“-an incubator?”
“The intent was to form meaningful relationships. There’s a whole system and process set in place to make sure the woman who is coming here to be part of this doesn’t feel as though they’re only here because they’re fertile.”
“But we are. We’re here because we’re fertile, and there’s only 0.05% of women in our reality who are still fertile.”
“There’s more to it than that. The intent is to have relationships and develop a bond and eventually marriage.” Bucky placed a hand on your knee and squeezed lightly. “There’s a mandatory set of rules that we have to follow and processes-“
“There’s therapists and councillors we have to meet with, different doctors to determine the suitable time for fertilization-“
“Yeah, they didn’t mention any of this to us. They didn’t tell us much of anything.” You looked from Steve to Bucky and back again. “We went through certain mental and physical exams, had a lot of blood drawn, but everything was kept pretty quiet. We never got the results of the labs; we never got the results of our mental or physical exams. We were barely given any information on our matches. I got your names and your pictures. That was it.”
“When you’re released, and we can go home, we’ll make appointments with the councillors and psychiatrists to help you adjust to the new reality you’re in and the alternate history-“
“-alternate history? How different can history be from one reality to the next?”
“Enough that there’s an actual class you need to take.”
“Seriously?” You groaned. “I went through 12 years of school and skipped college so I wouldn’t have to be in class anymore.”
“it’s one class, and you won’t be taking it alone.”
“Great.” You frowned “what else then?”
“We’ll have to talk about when the first attempt at pregnancy should happen-“
“-so sporadic.” You rolled your eyes. “leaving nothing to chance, aren’t they?”
“At least two times a week are reserved for going out on dates.” Steve leaned in and squeezed your hand.
“They’re trying to drive home that relationship part.” You hummed and leaned back against Bucky’s chest, seeking that comfort despite just meeting the two of them. “What if you change your mind?”
“We won’t,” Bucky spoke to you.
“We’ve had more time to get to know you than you’ve had to get to know us-“
“I’m clearly at a disadvantage.”
“-that’s why there are opportunities for us to get to know each other. Beyond what we know.”
“Okay, so there’s the relationship because it has to increase the rate of fertility or something like that, and there are counsellors to help the women adjust and get used to the world we’re now in. So what else? Is there some other puzzle piece I’m missing? I mean, they didn’t tell us the honest to God truth.”
“Would you have changed your mind? If you knew that the program wasn’t just intended for reproduction?”
“God, no. I would’ve signed up sooner. I mean, I was expecting this…” you waved your hand between Steve and Bucky, “-to be like a ‘have sex to get pregnant and never speak to each other unless necessary’ relationship, so…it’s a surprise. Not a bad surprise, just…not what I expected.”
“Are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m…good. Trying to process everything. I get more of a say than I thought I would.”
“Darling,” Bucky whispered in your ear, “you have most of the say. Everything moves at your pace and how you want it.”
“So there’s no set timeline of when I have to pop out a kid?”
“It’s ultimately your decision, but we would like to be a part of it.”
“Well, considering you’re going to be the fathers…” you took a pause and chewed on the inside of your cheek, thinking of an inevitable question you wanted to ask, yet you were afraid of the answer you might receive
“You wanna ask something else?”
“What if…what if after the surgery I wasn’t able to have kids? What if there was a complication…wold you have sent me back? Would you have…chosen someone else?”
Their answers came quickly and gave you a sense of relief
“Of course not. We wouldn’t throw you aside like that. We chose you and you chose us, we wouldn’t just change our minds like that.”
“Even if what I was brought here for, was taken away? You wouldn’t toss me back?”
“Not at all, sweetheart. Bucky and I are in it for the long run. You and me and Buck.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lesbian-deadpool · a day ago
Tony: How ‘bout we drink every time Steve says “Do the right thing”.
Y/N: No thanks, I like my liver.
Tony: Take two shots if it's actually not the right thing.
Y/N: Are you trying to kill me?
Steve: I always do the right thing!
Y/N: Well, for starters. I don't think kissing your great-niece counts as "doing the right thing"
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empyreanwritings · a day ago
Can we get something with Mob bosses Stucky & Stark!Reader? Maybe they're taking baby Sarah out to a gala for the first time and Tony's gone overboard with security. Thanks!
"How many security guards does one baby need?" Sam teased once he realized how many bodies Stark hired.
You shifted Sarah from one hip to another and shrugged. "It's easier to let him feel at ease then fight. Who would actually try to harm a baby - mob family or not?"
"You'd be surprised."
You kissed Sam's cheek and made your way through the crowd after catching up a little more. Sam was right, there were people who would harm a child, but you chose to stay in denial. You liked to believe that between your boys and your family, Sarah had immunity in this world. No one would risk the backlash.
But sometimes it was still hard being in crowds like this. She got fussy around the eight o'clock mark, and you felt the strain of wearing heels again for far too long. You understood this was part of your life, but you certainly didn't miss it.
Steve snuck up behind you, kissing the back of your head to say hello. You smiled but stayed quiet.
"You ready to leave?" He asked, already sensing that the two of your were tired. "Cause I have to warn your dad before we leave. He has a security sweep protocol that takes an hour."
You groaned. "An hour?!"
"Trust me, Bucky's been arguing with him all night about it for you."
"Well, let's tell him now 'cause we have about thirty minutes before Sarah starts screaming."
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moonlit-imagines · 7 hours ago
Preferences: When their S/O likes stuffed animals
Avengers x reader
prompt: anonymous: “hi can you write a preference of Bucky ,nat,Bruce and Steve haveing a s/o who Collects plushies”
Tumblr media
Bruce liked them, too! They were very calming to just hold and they made him happy to have, so you’d lend him yours from time to time for them to “keep him company” when he was stressed out. It was a small gesture, but a very welcome and helpful one.
Tumblr media
Bucky bought you more stuffed animals whether it be your birthday, a holiday, a celebration, a tuesday, anytime he felt like it. He just loved seeing that smile on your face when you got a new one, especially when it was from him. He always showed that he thought about you through them.
Tumblr media
Natasha teased you about it a bit, but she definitely didn’t mind them. They made you happy and they could be cute sometimes. She especially liked when you organized them, cuddled them, or messed with her by making them talk to her. You secretly liked her giggling when you made them kiss her goodnight on the forehead.
Tumblr media
Steve found it super endearing. He wished he still had his own plushies from his childhood to gift you, but unfortunately they were nowhere to be found. You actually have a small Captain American plushie that you tease him with and sometimes sit in his normal seats for him to find, calling it his “replacement,” which he thinks is hilarious.
taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @johnmurphyisqueer // @teenwaywardasgardian // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @brutal-out-here // @wonderful-writer // @of-a-chaotic-mind // @groovygirlie // @procrastinatingsapphictrash // @lxncelot // @swanimagines // @randomfandomimagine // @petersgroupie // @dindjarinsspouse // @werewolf-himbo // @lost-fantasy // @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom // @summersimmerus // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @augustvandyne // @buckyeojin // @the-did-i-ask // @glxwingrxse //
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stuckybarton · 22 hours ago
What Has Been, What Can Never Be I
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve Rogers had returned to the past, hoping to move on from the chaos of the future. Leaving the woman that had loved him as someone more than just the persona of Captain America and his best friend that has always been with him until the end of the line. But as he had come to settle in this new life back in his own time, regret was somehow coming to follow. When he decides to return to the present, things have changed and you, the woman that had always promised to be there for him was now happy with his best friend as the two of you moved on with your lives without Steve Rogers in it. Characters: Bucky Barnes x Witch!Reader; Ex!Steve Rogers x Witch!Reader; Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter. Sam Wilson. Helmut Zemo. Sharon Carter. Words: 1,556 Warnings: None For this Chapter
MASTERLIST || Join the Taglist || Requests Are Open
Tumblr media
I: For The Ones That We Lost
Life has been different from what you had always thought it would be. But the sight of how your life had now become post-Steve Rogers was something to behold. You had always believed you would end up withering away in your own despair as Steve chose his past life over you. Choosing Peggy over you. But somehow here you were, a beaming smile on your lips as you helped Sarah with preparing food for everyone.
You had once lost your family at the hands of Tony Stark, vowed to kill him as retaliation, and eventually finding a family in the Avengers. A love you never thought you were still allowed to have, a family that you could somehow call as you own, as imperfect as it was.
"Are you heading back home?" Sarah had inquired.
With everything that had happened with the Flag Smashers, you had only thought it was best to get a few days off to rest--something you never really had been allowed to do since being dusted, to fighting Thanos, to everything else in between.
"Maybe." You shrugged, not really sure where Home was anymore.
With Tony long gone, as well as Nat and Steve, there wasn't really anyone you could come home to. Sokovia was no longer a home for you as much as it wasn't a home to Wanda.
You had remembered Zemo's offer in his castle and a small part of you wanted to take him up on that offer. Stay in your country for a while before you were back to work with Sam and Bucky if you were needed to be.
"Sam said you're looking for a place, ever thought about a place here? I know someone that can help you out with a place."
What you have never known of since the death of Tony Stark, was the trust fund he had place under your name as well as Wanda's, was it something he had always thought of to repay the sins of his past or was it just something he did after everything they've all been through. Being the father to you when you had lost your own. With the money, you wanted to start a new life, pursue higher education, or even just start a small little bakery or cafe like you had always dream of having with your family when they were still alive.
"I'll take you up on that offer, Sarah." You smiled at the older woman, appreciating all the hospitality she had given you and even Bucky since your arrival to their home. How easy she had treated you like a part of the family, unafraid of the powers that courses through your finger tips.
Maybe Louisiana is the place you could get your start. After everything you had lost, it was time for you to get back up on your feet and start rebuilding your life.
"Hope I'm not interrupting anything."
Turning to the owner of the voice, a smile rested on your lips at the sight of Bucky. Two cakes in his hands. A signature dessert he would bring whenever he comes to visit.
"Not much, James." You assured, letting go of the plates you were stacking to give the man a warm hug.
What many people don't know was their shared sentiments. They had lost so much in their life due to HYDRA's control, lost the freedom they once had, and lost someone that had always promised to be there when they need him the most. He had lost a best friend, and you had lost the only man you had ever loved.
It still hurts, you know as much, but for Bucky you know how much he was hurting more than you could even imagine. But slowly, the pain wasn't so painful like it used to be. They've got each other now, they got Sam, they got Sarah, and they got Sharon and even Zemo too (as much as Bucky would hate to admit it).
"How's the trip?" You inquired knowing how hard it was to travel all the way from Brooklyn to Louisiana.
"Got stopped by a couple of Metal Detectors in the airport." He points out and you broke into an carefree giggle.
A hand resting so freely on his vibranium arm. You had often teased him about it, how it's gonna be a problem he's gonna have to face on a daily basis especially when going to the airport.
"Please tell me you didn't scare the airport security." You teased.
"I did no such thing, Doll." He smirked hands resting on the small of your back. "But they did get the spooks when they saw the metal arm."
You nodded understanding, having been with him on one flight and seeing first-hand everything he had to go through and you tried your best to ease him fearing it would bring him back to a dark place.
"Let's get the show on the road, Love Birds." Sam's voice broke you two from your conversation and like being burned had you two pulling apart quicker.
The blush somehow found their way on both of your faces as the knowing look was shared between the Wilson Siblings.
"Can you help me with getting the plates and utensils out, Y/N?" Sarah finally offered knowing no one was going to save either of you from the awkward situation.
"Right." You had somehow found yourself taking all of the plates and utensil with you. You magic helping you out in the process.
"So you and Y/N?" Sam had inquired as soon as you and Sarah had left the kitchen leaving the two men to their own conversation.
"Sam." The warning tone was evident--but still ignored by the man.
The last thing Bucky would ever want is to take advantage of Steve's girl. But then again, you were no longer his girl. Peggy was his girl and you were just--someone he had left behind.
He could still remember the moment were you had talked to Steve's older self. A smile might had been on your lips, telling him how happy you were for him, for staying where he would be his happiest, but no one, not even Sam knew what you did after. The pained sobs that broke from your lips when you had thought no one was looking.
It was a pain Bucky was all too familiar with. He had known Steve would have stayed back in the past, but what he had never accounted for was keeping it a secret from you. Leaving you to hope and break your heart in the process.
"Take good care of her for me, Buck."
He had kept his promise to Steve. He had been there for you even when you didn't need his presence. Even when you had shoved him away time and time again in the earlier days of life after Steve, Stark, and Natasha.
You had lost three of the most important figures in your life, and he had wanted to make sure that he could be there for you, help in his own little way. Making you believe that there was still someone out there that cares for you. He cared, more than he would try to admit.
But then, things just evolved from his unspoken responsibility. He wasn't just taking care of you. He genuinely cared for you. One of the few peoples that had understood how he was still paying for the sins of his past. One that stood by him when everyone else turned their back on him.
His feelings were something he tried his best to hide. He wasn't better just yet. He wanted to be better before he could even think of whatever Sam was insinuating.
"You can scowl all you want but that definitely isn't just a friendly hug you two were in." Sam smirked patting him on the back before dragging him out of the porch.
"She's just a friend." Bucky muttered, hoping it was enough that even he could believe it.
"And I'm not Captain America." Sam snorts sitting him right down on the table--right in front of you, blush from whatever Sarah was telling you.
"What were you ladies talking about?" Sam had inquired knowing fully well it has something to do with Bucky and you.
"We were talking about a place I could buy." You intervened. "It's either here or Brooklyn." You continued.
It was enough for Sam to change the subject of whatever was going on between Bucky and you as he explain a few good places you could either rent or buy.
In the conversation, Bucky just couldn't help himself as he just looks at you. It took him a while to understand why the Punk had gone for you.
You were just a darling to be around. Rough around the edges--for a very good reason, but you just had this look in you. The doe eye that would make even the stone cold killer break even for just a second; it was him, he was the stone cold killer. You spoke your mind, but always placed everyone else's happiness before your own. You always downplay your abilities only for you to take down anyone you could ever come across with just a flick of your wrist.
Yeah. He might be in love--faster than he ever thought possible. 
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stuckysdumbbitch · 12 hours ago
the eye of the storm
Summary: nothing is going the right way.
pairings: Dark!Hunter!Bucky x bunny hybrid! reader x steve rogers
warnings:18 + content, noncon smut, cuckholding, forced breeding, pain kink, soreness, kidnapping, angst, threesomes, lactation kink, innocence kink
series masterlist
Tumblr media
Both men watched as you innocently played with the little deer, the bunnies overjoyed to have a new friend. You had done your best to squeeze some milk out for the deer, and the little creature seemed totally happy about his stay.
Wandering hands on your hips caught you off guard, the musky scent of Bucky wafting over you made you slightly relax as he positioned his chin on your shoulder. But Steve plopped himself on the grass in front of you, and the babies went immediately to him. You frowned at how even the fawn followed him.
Dusk came, and Bucky invented some excuse for Steve to stay, saying it was “dangerous” for the super soldier to roam the woods this late. Supper went by quickly, soup and vegetable for you and beef for the men. The wine colored their cheeks and filled their mouths with hollers and over-the-top comments.
You at least expected Bucky to offer the couch, or even let you sleep in it, yet as you draped over your form one of his t-shirts, Steve crawled into bed right behind you. Hands pulled you closer, and you swallowed a cry when you saw Bucky laying the babies together, the fawn with the bunnies curling up.
The lights were off as your husband jumped into bed, and the horror began. The only thing you could tell was that Steve was latched to your back, sniffing your berry scented hair, and Bucky pulled you into a deep kiss. Tears fell down your cheeks, laying limp, allowing these men to hurt you and touch you as they pleased.
A finger delved through your folds, finding your nub to rub deliberately. You gasped when two fingers where introduced at once, shifting uncomfortably.
“Good girl,” Steve whispered, and you barely heard him talk while he was fucking you. “Gonna take my cock so well, right baby?”.
A pinch on your nipples caused you to yelp, throwing your head back onto Steve’s shoulder. The familiar cold and hot sensation todo you it was Bucky toying with your tits, but that also meant that the thick digits you were clenching around were Steve’s.
His hand left, and you suppressed a whine at the lost of contact. Wrapping your arms around Bucky when you felt a engorged head poke against your entrance, you sobbed. You could never grow fond of his length, it felt as if it would never end. He held your hips as he bottomed out, letting out a long breath that smelled like whiskey and cigarettes, a scent that was more familiar with Bucky.
His thrusts were deep and short, holding your hips against himself as you clutched to Bucky, your weird solace. His grunts began echoing in the room, more viciously and animal-like each time and your whimpers were shushed by Bucky, placing tender kissed on your lips.
Sweat took no time to coat your skin and the blond’s, beard scraping against your cheek as Bucky mysteriously reached over to the other man. Your eyes widened when you heard the sloppy sounds that weren’t just coming from your pussy. Steve became more erratic as he kissed Bucky, sloppy and messy. They grinned as they separated, the brunet instantly holding your face to kiss you and then place a thumb into your mouth.
Although it quickly came off when Steve pulled you underneath him, bending your knees just the slightest for leverage as he fucked into you.
“There you go, little bunny.” he cooed, wrapping his hand around your ears to tug “this ass is way too pretty to not look at, bouncing on my cock like you should.” He slipped a hand under your body to squeeze your sensitive boobs.
Bucky cradled your cheek with shimmery eyes, a loving glance that seemed way too out of context.
“You’re going to let Steve get you all nice and plump for me? gonna give me more babies? my good little bunny.” he praised, and you bit your lip in discomfort as Steve delivered a hard spank on your sore backside.
“Answer him, little slut.” he grunted, hips pistoling against you in an almost furious way.
“Yes!” you cried out, voice drawling out into a moan as you clenched around Steve.
“Of course you are; you know how pretty you make them.” Bucky chuckled, pulling you somehow closer.
Of course you hadn’t though your plan properly, thinking the two super soldiers wouldn’t hear you tiptoeing to the bathroom. As dainty as you were, the little noise was detected by the two men.
You reached the bathroom with a sigh, believing your plan had worked. The silver reflection that stared back at you on the dimly lit bathroom was saddening; your neck was marked with different hues of purple and blue, puffy eyes and red lips, sensitive tits and an ache on your ears for the intense pulling. You could barely flop them upwards.
You sat on the cool porcelain bathtub, slowly pulling out the silvery plug from your throbbing pussy. You finally closed your legs, almost moaning with delight at the empty feeling. A mixture of slick, cum and blood was quick to seep out of you, staining the white tub. You turned the faucet on, quickly washing your shame away. It was way to perfect to be-
The door slammed open, and there they were. Oh god- you cursed yourself for you foolishness of thinking you could get away with this. Dumb little bunny, getting caught by the wolves again.
Your blubbering justifications meant nothing as a hand tugged both your hair and ears out of the bathroom, dragging you through the wood floors to toss you into the bed. Bucky was furious, Steve looked annoyed and disappointed. You didn’t know what was worst.
“You little bitch!” Bucky screamed, and you were for sure your babies were up now. He gripped your neck, pulling you to face him, face contorted in such anger you really feared for your life. “Are you such a whore you didn’t wanted to get pregnant so that he could continue fucking you? or you just want us to be miserable?”
His questions dumbfounded you, because the answer to both of them was no. He dropped you carelessly and began to strut to the dog bed, your eyes widened and you almost sprained your ankle trying to rush towards him. Steve caught you, pressing him to his stony chest. Bucky picked up James, the little male bunny who stared to its mommy in confusion.
“You are telling me you don’t love them?”Bucky questioned, genuinely sounding hurt. “You are telling me you don’t want to have more of this beautiful things?”
“Why the fuck do you want more so desperately?” you yelled, tossing in Steve’s grip. “You went as far as to let another man rape me because you are so desperate to have more children, why?”.
He strutted towards you, thick body hovering over yours. He could kill you, Steve could kill you, they could kill your babies. The little bunny he was holding in his hands was a reminder of it.
Your gaze didn’t falter this time, you stared right at him.
“Because you are mine.” He stated, clenching his teeth. “You are mine to fuck and do whatever the fuck I want; so if I please to make you round with children to keep me happy and accompanied, I will.”
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the-soulofdevil · 2 days ago
For @gotnofucks body positivity challenge.
Pairing: None. But ima say Stucky X reader.
Theme: NonDark
Genre: Marvel.
Warnings: mention of body dysmorphic disorder, bad relationship with food, mention of bullying, mention of therapist, healing process, self love, anxiety, insecurities, body positivity, fatphobia. Trigger warning.
Note: Not many know but I was diagnosed with Body dysmorphic disorder. I was seeing a therapist for the same. Through the process I got better and better every passing day until recently my therapist suggested to terminate the relationship as I am better and improved and in no further need of the therapy.
This entire fic is my healing journey. There might be things you all can relate to or there might be things you may not relate to at all, but I hope you still enjoy.
In this fic, it might seem, therapy as a happy journey, but it is much more than that. It's a emotional rollercoaster. It isn't easy, everyone has their own experiences different than others.
The only message I'd love to give you through this, is that, you are all beautiful. You are more than the reflection you see in mirror ❤️
The image I used in my moodboard is only because I wanted to use the metaphor for worshipping body by painting flowers. It doesn't indicate reader of any particular kind.
Tumblr media
Your body does so much for you. Love it.
When they couldn't tell you and assure you that you were pretty, that's what they told you to practice. Gratitude. You just wanted to be pretty. You just wanted to be normal.
Looking into the mirror you could only see your pimples, those scars left behind when one day you were so fed up of the taunts of people, you ended up applying raw lemon juice on your skin that left burns. You took it all. Burns of the raw garlic were still better than those of your school mates.
Looking in the mirror only reminded you of those hateful words.
If it weren't for those pimples, you'd be so beautiful.
If it weren't for that weight, you'd have a boyfriend.
Try this for your skin. Try that for your skin.
Your boobs are too big and shapeless you know? Do something about it.
Eat this. Don't eat that! Seriously? You're going to eat that?
You didn't know what was worse, these words coming from your school mates or family. That one man who was supposed to be by your side was the one to shame you and control your eating habits. Your father.
He was the one who gifted you Fitbit as Christmas present. A present forever scarring your mind.
You weren't pretty. You needed to loose weight.
Tumblr media
Your relationship with food was unhealthy and toxic. You didn't eat much. You were addicted to watching Mukbangs, the satisfaction of people eating what they wanted gave you sense of pleasure. And left a lingering trail of sadness.
They were eating what they wanted and still were beautiful and thin.
You'd look down at yourself and then take a look at the bowl of salad in front of you. Your mind would wander to the entire day you spent taking stairs instead of elevator, walking miles instead of taking a cab and those countless work out sessions.
Those curves still cling onto you.
You squeezed your skin, tears welling in your eyes.
You just wanted to be pretty. Beautiful.
Tumblr media
Showers hid your tears when you held your body and cried like a baby. Wanting to be pretty. Wanting to be thin.
Clothes hid your insecurities like they did your curves and stretch marks. But yet you found yourself amidst of critisism.
Dress for once honey. Wear make up. You'll look lovely.
Who'll tell them you couldn't look at yourself without critisizing?
Fanfictions became your reality.
No real person would ever take a look at you, but Steve Rogers was different. So Bucky Barnes, so was Sam Wilson, so was Wanda Maximoff, so was Natasha Romanoff. But in the back of your mind, you knew even they wouldn't want you.
You being an avenger in an Au? Impossible.
With crumbling self image, down went your confidence and self-esteem.
Tumblr media
When you opened up about your body imagery issues, the answers you got hurt your broken self.
Work out if you have body imagery issues.
Eat healthy if you have body imagery issues.
Honey, you're not ugly, you just need money to fix yourself.
And that it.
All of this was supposed to make you feel better.
You worked out, you ate healthy, you wore more "pretty dresses" but you still didn't feel beautiful.
You envied those who posted their photos on social media, not because how they looked, but because they had confidence.
You took at least 100 selfies and ended up deleted 99 of them only posting that one picture and were still insecure.
Guys sent heart eye emojis and gals commented "pretty" ,"beautiful", "cute" etc and you felt they were being nice because they only pettied you.
You couldn't enjoy any social event too distressed and anxious about your looks. Neither could you bring yourself to become friends with opposite gender.
So you lay tired on your bed. Wanting to just be normal for once.
Tumblr media
You were hesitant to pick up your phone and shoot a text to the therapist who's number your friend had left you.
You could talk to someone that wasn't your friend or family. Taking a deep breath and fighting the doubts in your mind you shot her a text.
And so it began.
At first she seemed good. But then you realised, she wasn't any different than gym instructor.
She gave you a diet plan, dermatologist's number and asked you to take selfies every week after you worked out to see the difference in you.
She told you to practice daily affirmations but that didn't help either.
But that didn't help.
She dismissed your feelings about your friends who had once bullied you saying you were kids, it didn't matter. But it did.
You thought it was useless. A therapist and spending all that money. After you kicked her ass and you continued your hunt to find a new therapist.
But when you did, past experiences haunted you. But you took a step towards your own wellbeing.
Tumblr media
Your new therapist was truly talented. She listened to you. Made you feel heard. She understood you.
You told her things you never told anyone in fear of being stupid. But she assured your feelings were valid. You were valid.
You were diagnosed with Body dysmorphic disorder.
It took you time to accept that fact. You did eventually. It meant you had insight. It meant, your prognosis was good.
And it was.
Apart from that she helped you understand your personality traits and thinking patterns which could be worked on.
It was a difficult journey
You healed. Slowly, one day at a time.
You accepted that there are going to be days when you will feel low about yourself and there will be days where you feel good about yourself. You don't always have to feel beautiful.
As days passed you became confident.
You began keeping your own photo as profile picture. You were confidently and happily taking pictures with friends and family which in itself was a mammoth task. Your relationship with food became positive. Youno longer watched mukbangs. You no longer compared yourself with others and got sad. You no longer felt distressed about working out.
You were comfortable in your own body. In your own skin.
You could forgive those who bullied you. You could forgive yourself and finally began to love yourself.
You were proud to be who you were.
You are beautiful and perfect the way you are, from the inside and out, it's the world who's fatphobic.
Tumblr media
The person who avoid mirrors and other reflecting surfaces, had changed. The person who obsessively groomed herself looking in the mirror or any other reflective surface, had changed.
Mirror wasn't the enemy. Nor were you.
You were the victim of many things this society expected from you.
But no more. You were not society's slave.
You were your own person, looking towards a new tomorrow. A new you.
Tumblr media
You hoped that someday, you're definitely going to find someone who loves you for who you are. You were ready to welcome that love.
For now, you were cuddling between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
You were happy. In both real life and fanfiction.
Tumblr media
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spiritualchange · 2 days ago
summary: it’s steve’s first social gathering since he’s been ceo and you want to make it a little more special
warning: fluff
pairing: ceo!steve rogers x fem!designer!reader
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gif is not mine
Tumblr media
You never left your studio, working day and night trying to finish the suit. Making suits was something you've done hundreds of times but you kept retrying, wanting it to be perfect for your husband.
The gala was being held at the Met, celebration of him being the new CEO of Rogers Inc. The penthouse the two of you lived in the heart of the city, was filled with planners, running around, making sure everything was perfect. Steve had been in his office, trying to have a quiet moment.
It made your job easier, knowing he wouldn't come and find you and if he did you had reinforcements, Bucky. Bucky was at the penthouse helping with planners and making sure Steve doesn't make his way towards your studio
The event was black tie, making your job a little easier. The whole suit was cashmere, with his lapel velvet. The suit sat on the mannequin letting you add the final touches. Your assistants help you through the whole process.
Zipping up the suit, walking out the building, getting to your car easily, heading back home to more chaos. You got the clear from Bucky before heading up, being a b-line to the bedroom, pushing the suit in the back of the closet on your side.
The day of the gala was calm, everything was set, all the two of you needed to do was arrive. You and Steve followed through with your normal morning routine, a workout before breakfast, then a walk to your favorite coffee shop and back to the penthouse to get ready for the night.
"I have something for you." You told him Steve, looking at him through the mirror as you finished the final touches on your makeup and hair.
"Yeah." He smiled watching you skip into the closet coming out with the bag.
"Open." You were practically jumping.
"Honey." He smiled looking at the suit. It wasn't the first time you've made him something, it was rare, the first time was the first male piece you ever made and second was your wedding day.
"I just wanted your day to be a little more special." You pressed a kiss to his cheek.
Steve instantly flipped over the left side of the suit, seeing the small heart sewn in on the inside. It has been something you've been doing since you were in high school. Sewing a heart onto the inside of his sleeve so he would always have your heart.
"I love you." He cupped your cheeks, kissing your one, two, three times before adding more force, your hands resting against his chest.
"Now why don't you go get dolled up so everyone can see me loving up on my wife." He smirked, leaving kisses down your neck knowing they're going to leave marks.
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twoghostsfromeden · a day ago
Tumblr media
Laundry Day
Dark!Steve Rogers x College!Reader
Summary: Who knew a broken washing machine would lead to finding out you’ve been stalked
Warning: dub-con, dry humping, sexual tension, dark steve, mentions of stalking, breath play
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” You groan, kicking your foot against the washing machine for extra measure. The metal sends a throbbing pain through your big toe, your face contorting in pain. You try another method of jostling the machine to life, shaking it.
It doesn’t work.
You have to go to work early in the morning, you need to wash your uniform tonight. You’re already on thin ice with your boss, you don’t want to know what she’ll do if you don’t wear your uniform. Your apartment is infamous for things falling apartment, you should be used to this by now.
“Clem, can you help me with the washing machine?” You call out. Normally, she calls the maintenance workers, uses her amazing charm, and gets them to fix the machines without charge. That’s something you’ve never been able to understand about her. Clementine can get whatever she wants, whenever she wants. You’ve never had that privilege, especially not with boys.
Not that you want that privilege, but it would be nice to have right about now.
“Can’t, I’m getting ready,” Clementine calls out, the hum of her hairdryer starting up. Great, you think. She must be going on a date. Which means you’ll be all alone tonight, bored out of your mind.
You sigh, almost ready to accept defeat, when Clem steps out of the bathroom. “Why don’t you just take your stuff upstairs? Bucky won’t care if you use his washing machine.”
Clem and Bucky had a fling months ago, but it was serious enough for you to meet him. He hung out with both of you several times, so it wouldn’t be that awkward if you went up there. Right now, it seems like your only option. You gather up your laundry basket, pushing the hair out of your face.
“Can you text him and let him know I’m coming over?” You ask, walking over to the door. Clem pulls out her phone, stopping immediately. “I just remembered he won’t be home, but that’s alright. You know he never locks the door,”
You groan, hating the thought of just barging into someone’s apartment. But you know Bucky doesn’t have a roommate, so what’s the worst thing that can happen? You quickly say your goodbye to Clem, wishing her luck on her date, and head up to Bucky’s apartment. Just as she said, the door is unlocked.
You make a bee line for the washing machine, humming to yourself. You love Clem, but it’s peaceful being by yourself. You’ve never been the roommate type, preferring to live by yourself and do your own thing. Once you get your laundry in, you take it upon yourself to prance around the apartment, curious to see how the infamous Bucky Barnes lives.
You step into his room, examining the walls and the counters. It’s nothing like you thought it’d be… It’s clean. Bucky has surprisingly good taste when it comes to decorating. You walk over to the window, your eyes trained on the view from the apartment.
He has such a better view of the city than you do.
In your amazement, you step on something warm and wet, the substance mushing between your bare feet. You gag, fuming. You take back everything you said about Bucky being clean. You hate Bucky right now.
You can’t even look down, you almost don’t want to know what you stepped on. You run, squealing, to the nearest bathroom. “Gross. Boys are disgusting,” You mumble, feeling the substance tracking through the apartment. You immediately strip out of your clothes, throwing them in the hallway. You feel disgusting, there’s no telling what you just stepped in.
You turn the water on the hottest setting, the warmth immediately cleansing you. You still can’t bring yourself to look down at your foot, worried you’ll puke in the shower. You scrub yourself clean with a random body wash, doing a shit job of keeping your hair from getting wet. Once you feel like you’re clean, you hop out of the shower, grabbing a nearby towel to dry off with.
You dry yourself off, bending down to pick up your clothes. When you grab them, you realize that they’re soaking wet. You groan and drop them back on the floor. Could this day get any worse?
You quickly wrap the towel around you, making your way to Bucky’s room again. You desperately search through his closet for a t-shirt, knowing you can always give it back to him once your laundry is done. You drop your towel on his floor, your (h/c) curls dropping down your back. You slip his big shirt over your head, immediately inhaling the scent. There’s something about being in a big t shirt that makes you feel so safe and comfortable.
“Buck, is that you?” You hear a voice call out. Your eyes widen, your hands grabbing at the bottom of the shirt, pulling it down over the tops of your thighs. “Shit, shit, shit,” you mutter, searching for somewhere to hide. Who could this be? You thought nobody would be home!
You stay silent as your eyes frantically move around the room. “You’re finally doing your own laundry?” The voice asks, adding a chuckle to the end of the sentence. You hear the footsteps getting closer, your body freezing in its spot. The first thing you see is a blond haired boy dressed in a white tank and grey sweats rounding the corner. He raises an eyebrow as soon as he sees you, his cheeks heating up.
“Oh, um, sorry. I didn’t realize Bucky had someone over,” The boy says, his eyes drifting down to your exposed thighs. Your heart stops as your hands fumble to pull your shirt over your legs, your cheeks heating up.
“Oh, he doesn’t, I uh… He doesn’t know I’m here,” You say, trying your best to redeem yourself. Who is this guy, and why is he in Bucky’s apartment? Then again, he could say the same thing about you. You’ve been friends with Buck for a while— you’ve never even heard of this guy.
Steve furrows his eyebrows, cocking his head to the side. “Should I be concerned?” He quips, the corner of his lips turning up. You hadn’t realized how illegal the situation seemed until just now. Here you are, in someone else’s apartment, admitting the owner has no idea you’re here.
You frustratedly sigh, throwing your head back. All you wanted was to have a relaxing night alone, now, you could be getting arrested for breaking and entering. “Bucky is a friend of mine, I came over to use his washing machine. I didn’t think anyone would be here,” You explain.
With the explanation, Steve’s body relaxes, smirking at your awkwardness.
“I'm Steve, I'm one of Bucky's good friends," Steve explains, moving forward to shake your hand. You awkwardly let go of the bottom of your shirt, extending your hand out to his. Steve's hand radiates warmth, sending a shot of warmth throughout your whole body.
“Uh, I’m y/n,” You say, not sure where your relationship with Bucky falls. You can’t just flat out say you suspect Bucky is fucking your roommate.
Steve smiles, looking over his shoulder. “Leave it to Buck to not even be here when I visit from Boston,” He jokes, the smile still on his face.
You awkwardly laugh, wishing you were anywhere but here. Steve is an attractive guy, which makes it even more worse! You've never been great with guys, which is why you're home alone while Clem is on a date. You can't help but notice his broad shoulders threatening to break through his incredibly tight shirt, the way you can tell he's not shaved his face in a few days.
"I should go," You say, moving to push past Steve. Steve frowns, reaching forward and grabbing the end of your shirt. The action spins you around, lifting the shirt slightly above the waistband of your panties.
"Don't be silly... Your laundry isn't even done," He says, a smirk on his pink lips. You gulp, glancing over your shoulder, trying your best to avoid eye contact.
"I can come back in the morning and get it, it's not a problem," You mutter, barely even audible. You don't trust yourself around this stranger. You can already feel your wetness pooling in your panties, simply by the dominance he has asserted over you. This isn't like you, you don't get turned on by strangers. You just need to go home, have a quick session with your vibrator, and go to bed.
Steve steps closer to you, tightening his grip on your shirt. "Come on, I need somebody to keep me company until Buck comes back," He suggests, his voice dropping an octave. You finally look into his eyes, feeling your self control slowly slipping away.
"I'm not very interesting... I don't know how I'd keep you company,"
Steve smirks again, only releasing his hold on your shirt to gently grip your chin. "I've got a couple of ideas," He mumbles, eyeing your lips. You can feel your legs weakening as you clench your thighs together, your tummy turning. There's something about this guy that you just can't shake-- a feeling that something isn't quite right.
"I need to leave," You say, your voice firm. Despite your increasing desire, you don't trust him. You can't give in.
Steve uses the hand on your chin to keep you steady as he slips his other hand to the back of your shirt, slipping it down to your butt, giving it a gentle squeeze. "So you're telling me you don't want me to kiss you right now?" He asks.
His face is centimeters away from yours, his eyes staring into yours. You've never felt such electricity between you and another person. Your breathing picks up, your hands trembling. "Don't you dare," You whisper, barely recognizing your own voice. Steve raises his eyebrow, taking the statement as a challenge.
Giving you no time to protest, Steve's lips crash against yours, his warm tongue instantly invading your mouth. Your body melts into his as his arms wrap around your waist, your hands resting on his chest. You whimper against his lips, being completely taken aback by this kiss. You'd been kissed before, sure, but never like this.
Steve places a hand on your jaw, pulling you impossibly closer to him. The simple movement brings you back to reality, causing you to pull away. Steve furrows his eyebrows, his eyes searching for an explanation as to why you had pulled away. You exhale shakily, your lips swollen from the assault. "Why are you doing this?"
Steve chuckles under his breath, cocking his head to the side. "Doing what?"
"Kissing me... You don't even know who I am," You say, feeling his hands roaming your body. He almost distracts you from your own question when his hand slips under the waistband of your underwear, giving the flesh a harsh squeeze.
"I know more about you than you think I do," Steve murmurs, leaning forward to kiss you once more. Steve towers over you, reaching down far enough to slip his fingers between your folds, gathering your slick on his fingers. The bold action startles you, your breath hitching in your throat.
You hadn't expected him to move so fast, but you can't deny that you like it. You whimper against his lips, feeling helpless against his actions. You find yourself frozen in your spot, trying your best to hold back your moans. Steve dips a finger in your waiting hole, teasing you with the tip.
You pull away once again, your cheeks burning red. "Please," You whisper, watching Steve smirk down at you. "Touch me,"
Steve doesn't waste any time, pulling his hand out of your panties and lifting you up. You wrap your legs around his waist, working to pull his white tank over his head. As soon as you get a glimpse of his broad shoulders, any doubt about whether or not you want to go through with this goes out the window.
Your hands explore his shoulders as he kisses your neck, kneading and smacking your ass. "Love your body," He murmurs, sucking a hickey on the side of your neck. You feel him stumble against the couch, earning a giggle out of you. "Wanted you for so long,"
You squeal as he plops you down on the couch, hovering over you. His blue eyes have gotten darker, his lips pinker. "Tell me you want me," Steve demands, his hands wandering over your body. You arch your back, pouting your bottom lip out.
"I want you," You repeat, wrapping your legs around his waist. Steve grinds against your center, a devious smile on his lips. "Beg for me," He demands, his cock hardening against you. You can feel your cunt sticking against your panties, soaking through the thin fabric. You hate begging, but you'd do anything this man told you to.
"Stevie,” You whine, the nickname rolling naturally off your tongue. “Please fuck me, I wanna feel you, need to have you,” You mumble, already cockdrunk. You don’t even know if you’re making any sense, but it feels like the right thing to say.
Steve chuckles, his hand sliding up your body, giving you an extra hard thrust, making you wish there were no clothes between you. He wraps his strong hand around your neck, squeezing ever so gently. “I knew I’d have you begging for me, knew you’d be so good for me,” He groans, his fingers tightening around your neck.
You try to inhale, only to find that he’s squeezing your throat a little too hard. Not enough to restrict your breathing entirely, but hard enough to make you struggle for air. “S-Steve,” You struggle, your hands on his wrist. You try your best to wriggle out of his grasp, but the action only seems to turn him on more.
Steve smiles darkly, staring into your eyes. It’s only now that you realize you’ve seen those eyes before. You don’t know where, you don’t know when, but you recognize those eyes.
Just when you think you can’t take any more, Steve lets go, leaving you gasping for air. You quickly scurry off of the couch, your eyes wide. “Steve, what the fu—“
Before you can finish your sentence, you hear the click of a doorknob, making you jerk your head to the apartment door. You see Bucky and Clem standing there, attached at the hip. The messy hair and smeared makeup makes it clear why they came back to the apartment. You have almost no time to process to fact that they were out together.
Bucky furrows his eyebrows, cocking his head. “Steve, what are you doing here?”
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holacia2 · a day ago
Holacia note: I put my spotify on shuffle and found a lot of great songs for the month, one of them being Subtitolos by Lasso/Danna Paola. I wanted to take a mini break from Ransom and the Kisses story sooo here we are! 
Summary: A quick cup of coffee gets lost in translation by an unexpected stranger
Steve Rogers x Spanish speaker!reader
Word count: ~1.6K
Warnings: fluffy, poor editing, Spanish may be grammatically incorrect (sorry, I’m way better at speaking than writing in my native tongue 😅); translations in parenthesis right after for everyone to enjoy, bullet points because I’m lazy
Taglist: @drabblewithfrannybarnes @stargazingfangirl18 @thiskindahotkindamusic @harrysthiccthighss @starlightcrystalline @holl2712 @buckyfan12 @thefallenbibliophilequote @justile @funfickgirl22 @naniky @flannellover67​
Tumblr media
Steve was just putting away his pencils and sketchbook when he looked up at the sound of the bell
The cafe door opened and you walked out, a small cup of warm coffee in your hand, your other hand resting lightly along the purse across your body
He knew it was rude to stare but the second your eyes met his, he couldn't find it in him to feel embarrassed
Instead Steve felt alive at the sight of you smiling at him, the smallest pause in your step as you continued to make your way towards the small table next to his in the outdoor patio area
He set down his art supplies, a small laugh escaping his lips as he took in the sight of your hair, your warm eyes glancing down briefly as you broke away from the intensity of his gaze
You sat down and turned to him, your head tilted to the side just so, your lips upturned
"Porque me miraras así?" (Why are you looking at me like that?)
The melody of your voice danced in Steve's ears, your smile growing wider as you realized that he didn't understand what you were asking him
Steve shook his head, a small crease forming between his eyebrows as he offered up his hands in defeat, "I'm sorry doll, I don't speak Spanish."
He shrugged his shoulders lightly, his eyes apologetic but still focused on you with curiosity
You raised your coffee in a small toast before speaking again, a small accent coloring your words as you slowly say, "I know a little English," before you took a sip of your drink
Steve turned his chair towards you, offering his right hand, "I'm Steve." 
He smiled again, his hand sending the rest of his body shocks of electricity when you shook his hand
"Hola Steve," (hello Steve) you swayed your joined hands before sharing your name.
Steve nodded his head, repeating your name softly a couple of times, enjoying the way the letters of your name came out of his mouth
With your hands still clasped together and your coffee forgotten, you drank in Steve's blue eyes and the quickening heartbeat inside your chest
"Me pareces familiar, de dónde te conozco?" (You look familiar, where do I know you from?)
Somehow Steve had not learned to speak in an foreign language in the last 3 minutes so you waved your hand in front of his face and pointed to your head
His laugh came deep from his belly as he nodded his head with comprehension
“Yeah,” he palmed the back of his neck in embarrassment, “I work with the Avengers”
You crooked your eyebrow at his modesty and stared at him until he broke his rouse 
“And what about you?” 
“Acaba de mudar a esta area,” (I just moved to the area) you started off quickly but stopped as a glaze came over his blue eyes
You reached for his sketchbook and drew pictures, Steve following the lines of his pencil as you held the tool with ease
You turned the drawing back to him and he took hold of the art supplies and created his own images next to yours 
The two of you passed the sketchbook and pencils back and forth, scooting your chairs closer to the point where Steve was close enough to stretch his other arm across the back of your chair
How was it possible to be so charmed by someone you couldn't communicate with?
You passed the doodles back to Steve when he accepted them and set them aside on the table top
Instead he took hold of your hand and you marveled at how much bigger they were
Steve rubbed the pad of his thumb against the back of your hand, a heated trail of circles setting your body aflame
"I'm so sorry, I wish I understood what you were saying," Steve gave you another grin, "I wish I knew what I should say to you."
Had Steve fallen in love? The rational side of him shouted inside his brain, but he tuned it out
Steve didn't know if what he was feeling for you was a good thing
He wanted to talk with you for hours, listen to you speak, hear the words falling from your mouth until he understood them
You laughed, catching bits of what Steve said before you replied, "Como quisiera que vinieras con subtítulos." (I wish you came with subtitles) 
Steve perks up at your comment, "Subtitles? Yeah, those could be so helpful" 
You grinned at his excitement, the butterflies in your belly flapping their wings faster than before
His voice, his kind eyes. There was a pull towards him that you couldn't explain
Before you could stop yourself, you saw the two of you walking along the sidewalk in the moonlight after getting dinner; lounging together on your couch; texting goodnight; the image of him inches from your face, his lips hovering just above yours 
Steve moved his arm away from the back of your chair now that the two of you were no longer trading pencils
He didn’t want to scare you away before he mustered up the courage to ask you out
“Do you think - “ his words drifted off as you saw a pretty redhead walk right over to Steve, throwing a hand along his shoulder with such sense of familiarity it hit you like a gun 
“Hey Steve, you ready to go? Sam and Bucky are waiting in the car,” you heard her say, not catching the quick look she gave you after you had readjusted in your seat pretending to look through your bag for something
Steve took a deep breath before turning his head away from you to Nat, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll meet you guys in the car. I was just leaving and gonna say goodbye,” he turns back to you as you shyly meet his eyes once more
“Well introduce me to your friend first Steve,” Nat gestured towards you, her friendly smile making it harder to hate her despite the disappointment you felt 
You watched Steve lick his lips before he says your name again before pointing at the woman beside him and introducing her as Natasha, his “work friend”
She smacked his upper arm in response, “I’m a work friend? I thought we were closer,” her sarcasm seeping through her words 
You tried not to sigh dramatically 
Why did you have to like someone who was already in a relationship? Did all the single guys in the world stay inside? 
Steve and Natasha bickered quietly at one another before you registered that Steve was watching you eagerly 
Carajo (shit), I zoned out 
Your voice was stronger than how you felt inside and gave Steve and his work friend a simple wave, “OK, I don’t want to - “ you pause for a second trying to find the right words, “ - take more of your time. Bye.”
Steve’s expression fell at your farewell, still not making any moves towards the exit
The door opened loudly and you saw two other large men walk through, focused on Steve and Natasha
“What’s taking so long? Are we eating here instead?” the one with the enthusiastic smile in front questioned with his hands rubbing together in anticipation, 
The second companion was quieter, following just behind and sweeping his blue eyes across the scene in front of him
“Hello,” the brunette said quietly, a small smile on his face and waving his gloved hand casually in front of him 
You looked to Steve quickly before giving him a tiny smile in return after the blonde man nodded, “Hola. No sabía que Steve tenía tantos amigos” (Hello, I didn’t know Steve had so many friends)
Bucky’s eyebrows shot up, “Espanol? Muy bien,” (Spanish? Cool) Bucky’s demeanor eased as he continued, “Mi amigo te estaba fastidiando?” (Was my friend bothering you?)
You laughed, shrugged your shoulders as you two looked at Steve
Bucky took a hold of Steve’s shoulder and gave him a light squeeze, “El no sabe como hablar con chicas bonitas, menos en castellano” (He doesn’t know how to talk to pretty ladies, even less in Spanish) 
“Hey!” Sam cried out, “I want to talk to the beautiful woman too”
Steve was well aware that his friends kept looking at him as you and Bucky continued to chat 
He knew he had to leave with the others for their appointment at the VA, but he also wanted to spend more time with you
Ideally time alone with you
You reassured Bucky that Steve had been sweet but needed to practice his Spanish 
Bucky leaned over to Sam and Nat and motioned towards the exit to give you and Steve some privacy to say goodbye
“Bucky, since when did you know how to speak Spanish like that?” Sam questioned as they made their way to the car
“I got brainwashed by Hydra, they taught me a lot of things. I don’t know man. Come on, let’s go,” he winked at Steve over his shoulder
Steve watched his friends leave, chuckling at their whispers - ask her for her number, I want to hear more about this later, don’t mess this up - knowing that his supersoldier hearing would pick up their parting words 
Steve reluctantly stood up, glancing at you beneath those gorgeous long eyelashes
“I have to go, but I’d love to see you again. Can I have your,” he paused as he wracked his brain before his face lit up at the simple offering, “telefono?” (phone number?)
You beamed at his effort, however small it was, because it felt like the start of many future efforts 
He offered you a page inside his sketchbook as you accepted a pencil, jotting down your cell phone
“I’m gonna want to call you later today if that’s OK,” he said bashfully 
“Me prometes?” (You promise?)
Steve took a deep breath before he took a leap to press his lips sweetly against your cheek 
“I promise.” 
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