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#steve rogers x reader
chokemewanda · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This is a timeline of my own making. Bucky’s just been fucking around America after the events of CA:WS and Steve has been working on getting him a pardon with the help of his bestie Tony
Warnings: swearing (?), character death, crying, dementia
Bucky may be an old man, but he never forgets his promises.
Tumblr media
“Evening ladies, enjoy your night.” You waved at the parting day staff tiredly, dropping your bag in the break room and returning to find the nurse with your allocations. You bumped elbows with Evan, another care assistant that was working with you that night.
You went through the usual routine of filling your pockets with gloves and all the essentials before doing your checks, peeking in on the day room to spot the residents still awake and then checked each room, making sure the ones in bed were comfortable.
“Evening Peggy.” You called, stepping into the old woman’s room. She smiled brightly, looking up from the magazine she was reading. She pushed her gray hair back from her face and you smiled, gathering her evening requirements and helping her through a change.
“You do much today?” Peggy asked as you fixed her blankets around her. She wasn’t sure which one you were but she knew the uniform symbolized that you would help her.
“Slept after last night’s shift. Watched some crap tv and slept on the couch and then came back to work.” You told her with a laugh.
“Ah, you’re my girl. I didn’t know you were working today.” You smiled gently, brushing through her hair.
Peggy fondly referred to you as her girl when she was aware. She had coined the name when you would come in to her first, helping her through as much of her confusion as possible. So when she heard you talk for a while the fog lifted and she remembered as much of you as possible.
“That’s me, Peg. You need anything before I get going?” You asked gently and she pointed at the jug of water weakly. You filled her a glass, thickening the fluid for her and offering her a spoonful. Her swallow hadn’t been the best lately so all of her fluid had to be thickened up now.
“Thank you.” She whispered when you wiped her mouth. You offered her a gentle smile, your hand smoothing her hair once more and she closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.
When you got to the next room you found your next resident rolled up in his blankets, fast asleep. You had to cajole him awake and into pyjamas before letting him back to sleep.
On your rounds you came back to Peggy’s room, checking her over and pausing in the doorway when you saw a shadow against the window.
“Joe, that you?” You turned the dim light on but the shadow was gone. You took a second to check behind the curtains for one of your wanderers but when he didn’t show up you left the room, leaving Peggy to sleep in peace.
Joe was in his bed when you checked his room so you pushed it from your mind and went about the rest of your shift.
The following night on one of your later checks you found someone by Peggy’s bedside, her hand in his. She was shushing him quietly, attempting to comfort him.
Peggy often got guests who didn’t have to sign in or provide identification. It was a side-effect of who she had been. You watched the pair of them for a minute and when it appeared he didn’t mean any harm you stepped into the room.
“You need anything, Peg?” You asked gently and she looked up from the hand she was clutching and shook her head, wiping away a tear.
“I’m good. You need anything James?” She asked carefully. The man shook his head without turning around and so you left them both in peace.
On your next check he was gone and Peggy was fast asleep. You checked her over, rousing her quietly to make sure she hadn’t been harmed in any way. “Don’t tell anyone. He wasn’t supposed to be here.”
“Will he hurt you?” You asked quietly. She shook her head and so you gave her a soft smile. Over the years there had been countless visitors who didn’t leave a name or even come in the front door.
You didn’t mind keeping this secret for her. You were willing to offer any of your residents the same. They told you things, the knew they could trust you. Many residents over the years had admitted to something or other. Be it affairs, accidents or illegal doings.
More than one young woman had knocked a ladder out from under their step dad and it wasn’t your place to tell them it was wrong.
Seeing as you worked with cognitively impaired residents it also wasn’t a reliable truth. You just had to let it go sometimes and assure them their secret was safe.
The visitor became a regular and you often brought him coffee on your round, knowing he’d be there. Sometimes he talked to Peggy and she’d comfort him. Other times he’d just hold her hand while she slept.
“When I first saw him I thought I had died.” She told you one night while you helped her into bed. “Because he‘s supposed to be.”
You continued to comb through her hair, taking in her words but not really registering them. Sometimes there was little sense in the things dementia patients would say. There was often times where all you could do was nod your head and tell them you agreed with what they were saying.
“What do you mean, Peg?” You ask, fixing her hair out from under the collar of her nightgown and continuing to comb it just how she liked it.
“James fell from the train. I remember when Steve came back, how he’d looked. James was his last family.” She told you and your brain caught up with the conversation and you paused in brushing her hair. “I think that’s when Steve came to terms with the fact that he might not make it out alive.”
“You mean Barnes, right?” You asked and she nodded solemnly. She took your hand in hers and was about to say something when a cough from the window drew your attention.
“You ladies talkin’ ‘bout me?” You hadn’t heard him speak before but he stood by the window, arms folded. He had similarities to the man from the stories but you guessed he was probably a grandchild or something.
“Peggy has the best bed time stories. Sometimes they’re ghost stories.” You explained and Peggy laughed fondly, smacking your arm. She knew you would listen no matter what she had to say.
“Sometimes ghosts are real.” Bucky told you gruffly and you shrugged, the dots connecting in your head. This was him, this was Bucky Barnes.
“I ain’t ever seen one.” He understood your promise, how this would remain a secret between you three. You had no business sharing his story.
“Better keep your eyes open then.” You smiled at him and left the two to have their nightly chats. You stopped by later in the night with a coffee for him and he smiled at you, returning to holding Peggy’s hand.
He began to arrive in Peggy’s room just before you left it most nights and you joked that he’d give the other staff heart attacks when you weren’t there.
“James only comes by when your here. No one else knows.” Peggy told you, her eyes twinkling when James blushed red.
“Peg says your her best girl. Hard to earn that kind of trust from the founder of SHIELD. Decided you’d be worth the risk.” He shrugged and you smiled, closing the door softly behind you.
He arrived late one night, not arriving until you’d been doing one of your rounds. You found him by Peggy’s bedside and handed him his coffee before leaving, looking frazzled.
It had been a long night with a new admission who arrived without medication. It made the woman violent and hard to predict so it had been a team effort to get her into bed.
You had to rotate staff, playing up to her hallucinations. She thought Evan had been breaking in so you had taken over, agreeing that he was awful and that you’d called the cops and then she’d decided you were her husbands mistress so the nurse had swept in, banning you for your misdeeds.
It was a constant rotating game and so you were exhausted and covered in scratch marks. You’d never change your job for the world but nights like these more than tempted you.
You usually took the visitor room for your breaks, curling up on the comfortable couch in an attempt to get a moment of shut eye. Until you were joined.
“You look stressed.” He takes a seat and you narrow your eyes at him. “I don’t mean that as an insult. You look nice but stressed.”
“New admission. It’s taking a lot to calm her down.” You told him, your knees pulled up to your chest.
“I’d imagine that’s very tough.” He told you and you laughed, nodding.
“Nothing on Nazi Germany though.” You told him and he rolled his eyes, shrugging.
“Yeah well I thought I’d really look my age if I started with the ‘when I was your age’ bull.” He told you and you shrugged.
“I love hearing stories. It’s the best part of my job. What’s your favorite memory?” You asked him quietly and he took a second to consider your question.
“Brought Steve on The Cyclone out on Coney Island and he puked so much.” James laughed and you grinned.
“Back when he was just a little slip of a thing? That’s just mean.” You told him and he shrugged.
“He always wanted to prove he was the big guy. Had to take him down a notch or two.” He shrugged again and you smiled against your knees.
“When did you meet Peggy?” You ask and he smiles before thinking hard.
“I, I don’t remember it all. I just remember this red dress. God she was a sight for sore eyes that day.” He told you and you smiled. You’d seen pictures of the red dress.
“Paired with the lipstick, she was a showstopper.” You agreed.
“She had to be the most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen back then.” He told you honestly. “I woulda’ been jealous had she been with anyone that wasn’t Stevie. He deserved the attention.”
“Real nice of you.” You teased, pulling your knees up to your chest. “What do you do all day?”
“I try to learn again.” He told you honestly. “Try remember who Bucky Barnes was. Someday I feel like I’ve forgotten more than Peggy.”
“Well, you are old. Holes in your memory aren’t uncommon.” You told him, suppressing your grin. “It’s called being senile.”
“If you count the time I was awake for then I’d be only a few years older than what I was when I fell from the train.” He told you and your brows furrowed.
“Awake?” You asked. “We’re you in a coma or somethin’?”
“Or something.” He told you with a shrug.
Bucky joins you on your break every night your working for the following months. On the nights you fall asleep he wakes you when you’re due to go back.
He visits Peggy every night, talking with her as long as she can stay awake for him. She fills the holes in his memory. Helps him view things how she had.
Several weeks later you got word during handover that Peggy had a bad day. Steve had come to visit and thrown her completely off her rhythm. It was normal and it happened but it hurt to see her so distressed.
You joined her at bed time and she was crying, distraught over Steve’s death all over again.
“Hey Peg.” You smiled, sitting on the side of her bed, smoothing her hair. She was sniffling, wiping her face.
“Sorry you had to see me like this. I lost someone important today.” She told you solemnly and you nodded.
“Steve was quite a guy, huh?” You asked and she shook her head.
“No, Steve got back okay. We lost Sergeant Barnes and Steve is so lost without him.” She told you, a fresh wave of tears taking over. Steve must have told her Bucky was dead, not knowing that she knew better.
“Awh Peg, don’t be silly. ‘m right here.” Peggy’s face lit up, her eyes locking on Bucky as he came through the window. You smiled happily, glad he made his entrance on perfect time.
“James!” She cried in relief and Bucky joined you by her bedside, wrapping her in a hug. “Your hair!”
“Not up to regulation. I know but the dames love the length.” Peggy laughed, delighted at his scandalous words. “Gives ‘em something to hold onto.”
“Now Sergeant Barnes. Myself and Peggy are ladies.” You reminded him with a wink and he laughed before nodding.
“I’m sorry. Pretty ladies make me nervous.” He told you and you rolled your eyes. “Makes me run my mouth a little.”
“Peggy is so very gorgeous.” You agreed and she smiled.
“I don’t think he’s talking about me, dear.” She told you gently, patting your hand.
That night when he joined you for a break he had his ever present gloves off. The metallic one shone in the light.
He told you everything that night. How he had been on the run, how he couldn’t go home because he doesn’t know where that is.
The next morning when your shift ends you find him waiting outside, leaning against a motorbike.
“Where’d you get that?” You ask, joining him on the back without question.
“Borrowed it.” He told you, his shoulders shrugging. You wrapped your arms around his middle and he started up the bike.
“You’ll never get your pardon with moves like this.” You called in his ear. You could feel his laugh through his chest and you smiled against the shoulder of his leather jacket.
When he pulled up outside your apartment block after following your directions you climbed off the bike, letting him help you.
“You wanna come up?” You asked and he nodded, almost shy. “I’m not sure how good of company I’ll be. I’ll crash soon because I’ve another shift tonight.”
You tell him more about yourself as you make breakfast. You tell him about your family, about growing up. You tell him how you ended up being a cared, how you love your residents just like family.
“We aren’t supposed to, you know? Supposed to maintain a professional relationship.” You tell him, stirring the eggs on the pan. “I can’t ever help myself. They’re all so lost and they just want to go home. I try make it home.”
“She loves you, ya know?” He asked and you looked up. “Peggy. She talks about you like you hung the mood and the stars.”
“She’s a hero. She doesn’t remember it sometimes but I always do. She did more for us than we could ever do for her.” You shrug. “She’s like a grandma to me.”
Bucky winced and you laughed, knowing it was because he was the same age as her. “That’s right, grandpa.”
“You know back in the forties I had a couple of Dames call me daddy. But this has gotta be the first time someone called me grandpa.” He teased and your cheeks flushed at his crass words.
“Now James Buchanan, I’m a lady and you’ll treat me as such.” You warned, dishing up his eggs.
“Oh I treated plenty of ladies back in my day. I’d have treated you just like them.” He promised, his flesh hand over his heart.
“How’d you treat ‘em?” You asked, curious for the glimpse at who he was.
“Bring them flowers. Whatever I could pick on the way over. Then I’d dance with them all night long. Until the band stopped playing. Then I’d walk them home, pull them into an alley and get under their skirts.” He teased and you laughed.
“I thought sex before marriage was a sin?” You asked and he nodded.
“Oh yes. I never want all the way with them. Well except that one nurse out in Italy but that don’t count. We both thought we were gonna die out there.” He told you, lost in the memory.
“You said you got under their skirt.” You reminded him and he grinned wickedly.
“Yeah, to get my mouth on them. Always showed the ladies a good time.” He promised and you swallowed roughly. “None of ‘em ever returned the favor though.”
“So you went down on all those ladies and none of them ever gave you anything back?” You asked and he nodded.
“Not so much as a helping hand. Didn’t want to soul their dresses.” He told you.
“That’s not very lady like.” You told him. “Tit for tat, that’s what I always say.”
“Is that so, Doll?” He asked, pushing his stool back. “You willing to put your money where your mouth is?”
“Not my money. But there are certainly other things I’d like where my mouth is.”
When you woke you were alone. You expected to be, Bucky had told you as much. You were deliciously sore and you stretched languidly before sliding out of the bed.
You showered before work, getting dressed and heading outside to your Uber. You were looking forward to seeing your super soldier again.
He joined you that night on his break, taking the seat next to you and pulling you into his lap. He held you in silence for several moments before whispering against your hair.
“I’m gonna go back to New York. Hand myself in to Steve and Tony.” He tells you quietly and you nod slowly. “Only way I can ever have a normal life.”
“So I won’t see you?” You ask quietly and he holds you tighter.
“I’m hoping I’ll be gone for a year at most.” You we’re about to reply when your pager goes off, alerting you both to Peggy’s room.
By the time you get to Peggy she’s at the end. She’s smiling, a picture of her family clutched in her hand. She traces her finger over her fallen husband and she’d a tear.
“Time you got something to hold onto Bucky.” Peggy died with both of you by her side, clutching your hands.
“He’s going to need you now more than ever.” You tell Bucky. “But don’t forget to come back.”
A year passed and then six more months. You get random phone calls at all hours from Bucky where he tells you about trial after trial he has to stand. He tells you about the emotional rollercoaster of Tony finding out about his parents.
Tony had stopped visiting Bucky then but Steve had continued. He tried to excuse what Bucky had done but stopped when Bucky warned him how it took away Tony’s right to be mad.
His parents had been killed. He was allowed to be upset over it. Tony was smart, he’d come to his own conclusion no matter what.
You missed the breaking news about Sergeant James Barnes being pardoned for his crimes as The Winter Soldier. You kissed the headlines about how he had lived, how he was better.
You missed everything right up until you went for your break and found two coffees waiting for you and your super soldier on the sofa.
“Fancy seeing you here.” He joked as you barreled into his arms.
“Not that surprising. Care homes are where you usually find men over one hundred.” You tell him, wiping your tears away. “Especially senile ones with faulty memories.”
“Promised you I’d come back.”
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buckysbrattybug · 52 minutes ago
Imagine Steve and Bucky had to go on a mission so they left you with Sam and it was supposed to be a week long but they end up being gone for over a month and you often cry and beg for your daddies and when they finally return you don’t want them out of your sight in fear that they’ll be gone again.
🥺🥺🥺 this is saddddd
“oh baby.” sam coos sympathetically as you sit huddled up on the couch, sniffling softly and swiping at your teary eyes.
“dey not gunna come back. why won’t dey come back?” you croak, a few stray tears escaping from your eyes. sam takes a seat next to you on the couch, pushing your hair out of your face and wrapping you in his arms.
“they’re coming back, honey. the mission is just taking longer than expected. i promise they’re coming back.”
“miss dem so bad.” you mumble tearily and sam shushes you.
“i know, sweetheart. they’ll be back before you know it.”
they are not back before you know it.
they don’t return for over a month. and by the end of it, you’re an absolute wreck.
they walk through the door to come and pick you up and a choked sob forces it’s way out of your body as you leap into their arms, tears streaming down your cheeks.
“oh, bubba.” steve coos. “we missed you so much.”
“y-you were gone f-for so l-long. thought y-you weren’t coming b-back.” you wail, clinging to them like your life depends on it.
“of course we were coming back for our best girl.” bucky soothes, peppering kisses along your cheeks and neck.
“oh, sweet girl. don’t cry, we’re back.” steve croons.
after that particular mission, you cling to one of them at all times, absolutely terrified that they’re going to leave you again. even as little as one of them going to shower elicits serious anxiety in you, and causes tears almost instantly.
“daddy! no.”
“i’m just going for a shower, honey.” bucky coos, “go and find stevie.”
you stagger around the house, looking desperately for steve. it feels like that month all over again; feeling so alone, like they’ll never be with you again.
steve finds you curled up in the corner of the living room, sobbing into your hands.
“bubba...” he coos sadly, scooping you up in his arms and rocking you gently. “no ones leaving. we’re all right here. shhh.”
“don’ go. miss you so much.”
“i’m right here. it’s okay.” he shushes, holding you in his arms until you fall into a deep sleep.
you’re an absolute mess, your little side getting the best of you and riddling your entire being with anxiety. you just want your daddies, but you can’t get your head around the fact that they are in fact here to stay.
they’ll never leave you again.
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Disconnected Drabble (2)
Summary: In which you learn to deal with jealousy
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Mutant!Reader, Avengers x Mutant!Reader (platonic)
Warnings: seriously just silly fluff, some language, I may have traumatized Sharon
A/N: A drabble for my completed Disconnected Series that nobody asked for. I keep going back to this pairing and this universe when I need a little pick me up. This is me just getting my writing mood back up and hopefully it entertains some of you.
No permission is granted to repost, translate, or steal my work. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
Tumblr media
Drabble 2: Learning to Deal with Jealousy
Tony had taught you that it was only natural to sometimes feel jealous and protective over people and things that are important to you. You understood that pretty easily. Tony was protective of you because he was a sort of father figure or big brother to you.
“If Steve breaks your heart I’m going to shove him back in the ice myself.”
You were protective over Peter too, wanting to preserve that starry-eyed wonder he always had whenever you were working with new tech.
“Y/N! Can we build a tiny army of exploding ninjas?”
“We can build whatever you want, sweetie.”
Jealousy though sprouted with Sharon. Now that you were in an official relationship with Steve, it kicked in that you didn’t like having another woman making the moves on him. America’s ass was yours. You trusted Steve, but you didn’t like that Sharon was being persistent despite knowing about your relationship.
“Put the flame thrower away, Y/N!”
“She keeps touching him, Tony!”
You’ve never felt jealousy before so Tony had to teach you firmly that it was okay to feel it, but it wasn’t okay to set the other person on fire. It apparently also wasn’t okay for you to demand that they never work together on any missions. However, Natasha also told you that you shouldn’t just let another person disrespect you like that either.
People were complicated.
So you had to get creative.
A briefing was underway for a mission you weren’t involved in. It was just Tony, Steve, Nat, and Sharon in the conference room going over the intel. Naturally, Sharon took your absence as an opportunity to sit close to Steve. Just as she was about to lean in closer to him, the table rumbled and made a whirring sound. A glass partition folded out from within the table to snap in place between the two.
Sharon huffed and tried to go around the barrier, but it adjusted quickly to again block her path. She tried several times and each time it zipped into a perfect position to stop her. The glass also kept wiggling back and forth as if taunting her, daring her to go keep going.
The other Avengers couldn’t help, but chuckle. Tony was particularly relieved that your methods now didn’t include fire or shrapnel and Steve found it endlessly adorable. He couldn’t wait to get out of this meeting and kiss the life out of you.
None of them expected you to have installed the same across the whole Compound. It didn’t matter if they were in the gym, the kitchens, or any of the hallways. Some type of barrier always came up to block Sharon’s advances. One time it smacked her right in the face as it came out from the ceiling. It needed some adjustments. It was a prototype. It wasn’t intentional.
Not at all.
Sharon still didn’t give up though and she was convinced that she would get an opportunity when they shipped out for a mission. Outside of the compound you would have no control of the environment and wouldn’t be able to monitor her and Steve. The mission was successful and they were packing up to leave.
Natasha raised an eyebrow at the obviously predatory strutting Sharon was doing on her approach to Steve. The man saw and looked at his friend pleadingly, begging to help him avoid whatever the blonde agent had planned. He sighed when all he got as an answer was a shrug. He had been blunt with Sharon, clearly stating that all his affection was happily occupied by you.
“You wanna stop by my place when we get back for a drink?” she said in a sultry tone, fluttering her eyelashes up at him as she stroked down his arm. Natasha let out a low whistle at the audacity.
Before Steve could answer a low whirring could be heard coming from the star emblem on his chest. They jumped back as an opening appeared on it where countless Nano particles spilled out, swirling in mid-air until it formed a small robot that looked eerily similar to Eve from the movie Wall E. Steve subconsciously recalled your recent fixation on the animated film.
It turned to smile and coo adoringly at Steve, winked at Nat, then it’s digital eyes turned a glaring red toward Sharon. Its little arm raised and reassembled as a blaster aimed right at her shocked face. Tony said no fire.
But he didn’t say anything about water cannons.
Nat and Steve stared dumbfounded as the tiny robot relentlessly chased Sharon around the area, drenching her while it made noises that suspiciously sounded like cackling. During the ride home on the jet it settled on Steve’s lap, cuddling and purring against him like a pet cat while intermittently hissing at Sharon in warning.
Steve chuckled and shook his head as he petted the robot’s smooth head. He couldn’t wait to get home to you.
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iguana-eyanna · an hour ago
What Was Left Behind Pt. 9
Tumblr media
Summary: After the events of the Sokovia Accords, Steve is now a fugitive to the U.S. government and has left you in the worst way possible. What happens when fate reunites the two again when you are most vulnerable?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x pregnant reader
Warning: love making, Nat being the one who hypes Steve up to get freaky deaky with the reader, very descriptive to certain body parts (just skip the colored text if you don’t want to read the smut scene)
Time really slowed down when you were with Steve. Not once did you take that for granted. You were so accustomed to living in the city life where everything was rushed or one had to live extravagantly, so living at a peaceful beach house really made you reflect on what matters the most.
Steve was also thankful for this time with you as he always traveled for missions and was beaten to a pulp in order to save the world. It was almost like that weight was lifted off his shoulders. Unfortunately, not all of his burdens were lifted.
Truly, things were getting better with you. You were still married to each other, you both slept in each other’s arms every night, you even went out together to buy some fresh produce at a marketplace. He couldn’t place it, but something was missing.
Nat kept her word and visited you at the house, either spending time with you or helping Steve around the house to prepare for the baby. Steve practically begged you to not help for the nursery as he felt obligated to do it himself. You trusted his artistic instinct and gave him control of what needed to be done in the baby’s room.
You hear Nat come up the front porch with a large box, possibly being the crib Steve ordered online. Yes, it surprised you and Nat that he was able to use the internet (Sam actually ordered it cause Steve is like 100 years old, so he wanted to look capable). You greet her at the door, trying to hug her properly without your protruding belly getting in the way. You both laughed as Steve came out of the kitchen from cleaning up from lunch.
“I’ll take that. If you excuse me, I will be in the nursery to fix this.” Steve says as he bends down to grab the box with ease, flexing his muscles that could break a watermelon. You couldn’t help but stare at his figure, wondering how this man is still fit even if he hasn’t trained in weeks. You snap out of it as you turn around to see Nat covering a snicker (not the candy) in her hand.
“There was something on his shirt.” you tried saying in a convincing tone. “Sure…” Nat said, helping you walk to the couch to sit down. You started sharing some stories as Nat gave you alternatives to name your child after her “There’s Natalie, Natalya, Sasha, Tatiana, Talia…” she stops as she sees you staring at a shirtless Steve passing by to get a glass of water.
She says that you look thirsty (lol) and gets up to walk in the kitchen. Steve starts to pour water into his glass and acknowledges her presence. “Need water?” he asks as he starts getting another glass.
“Ok, what is going on with the two of you?” Nat says, grabbing the cup from his hands. Steve raises his eyebrow. “Nothing,” he says as he starts to chug his water. “So basically, you’re not having sex.” Steve spurts out his water as he regains his breathing from almost being choked.
“Wha- what are you talking about?” he stuttered while drying himself with a small towel nearby.
“Y/n has been staring at you like a dog at a bone. When’s the last time you two were intimate?” she asks, trying to figure out the two lovebirds that have been acting like hormonal teenagers. He glances in your direction, then staring down to hide the embarrassment on his face. Nat figures out that the last time they were together was before Steve left y/n. “That long, huh…” She gives a sympathetic look and stops pressing him with her demeanor.
Steve exhales as he slumps his shoulders. “Everything’s been so good with y/n, I don’t want to risk what we have right now because of my selfishness.” Nat rolled her eyes and smacked his arm. “Steve, she hasn’t taken her eyes off of you the second I came here. Even if you think you’re not there yet, she is. Maybe start initiating before she thinks you don’t want her.”
Steve rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. “How do I even start?” he asked in a whisper. Nat gave one of her sly smirks, devising a plan. “It starts with me leaving,” she says as she walks out of the kitchen and goes to you. “Hey sorry, I have to leave right now. But let me know how things go when I come back for a few days. You guys will probably be busy.” she states, giving you a wink and heading out the door.
You turn to Steve with a puzzling look, not understanding what she just referred to. “Um… can I show you something?” Steve shyly asks. You nod your head yes as he offers you his hand to get up from the couch. You walk into the hallway following Steve to the end of the hall. He opens the door to the nursery and never have you been more amazed till that moment.
The room gave such cool tones with the water-colored paintings that lined the walls as the driftwood mobile complemented on top of the crib. What caught your eye was a medium-sized picture frame of you and Steve on your wedding day. You both looked so happy, having your first dance as you could faintly hear the song in your head.
Steve saw you looking at it as if you were thinking of a sad memory. “It was the only picture I could bring before the whole accords incident. I never let it out of my sight,” he said as he came closer to you. You looked up to him, as both of you were a bit teary-eyed remembering how life was simple back then when you both were naive.
You are now inches away from each other, feeling a longing you have craved for the past few weeks. “Y/n, I…” you shush him as you place your fingers on his lips. You place your hand down and without warning, you kiss him hungrily. Steve is taken back from the force you brought onto him, but he scoops you in his arms and starts to head to your bedroom.
Without breaking your kiss, he places you on the soft mattress as he caresses the back of your head. You temporarily pull away as you settle at the edge of the bed.
You take off his shorts, revealing his massive bulge from his briefs. He stares at you hungrily as he waits for approval to undress you.
You slowly nod your head yes as he uses his large hands to lift your dress over your head. He now sees your new figure as your breasts grew 2x larger than the last time he saw them.
He admires your stretch marks and how they decorated your hips and legs, tracing his fingers to each stripe you had.
You shiver from his light touch as they lead to your back, unclipping your bra to reveal your sensitive chest. Both of you are seconds away from being vulnerable like the first night you made love to each other.
He lifts your chin and gives you a look of adoration. No words were exchanged, but you both felt ready for what was to come.
You shimmy down your now wet undergarments, throwing them to the end of the room. He quickly grabs a large pillow and puts it behind your back for comfort, then taking your legs and spreading them apart.
He kneels on the ground as he teases your clitoris with his nose and tongue, driving you to the edge.
His tongue begins to lick between your folds as he uses his hands to grab your inner thighs. He soon pulls away to breathe as he sees you lightly panting.
He then lets go of one of your thighs and uses two of his fingers and goes within your folds, widening your lips.
You clench the blanket under your hands, quietly gasping for air as he takes his hands away.
You begin to stay in charge as you pull him into your rough kiss, flipping him over till he is on the bottom of you. You take off his briefs to reveal his erected cock that stood straight like a plank of wood.
Steve helps you balance on top of him as each hand was at your waist. He slowly raises you up for you to fit in him as you ease within his tip.
You both begin to moan from the sensation as your hungry desires have been suppressed for so long. You sink deeper into him, feeling your walls pushing outwards in order to make room.
You rock up and down to get a rhythm as Steve used as much friction to his advantage. You begin to feel hot everywhere, lifting your heavy tits as they start flopping.
This made Steve even hornier as he felt that he was about to cum. The room is filled with sex and grunts as you could feel both of your fluids mixing.
Gravity gives in as you now touch the base of his cock as he softly grunts at how spectacular that felt. You pull out with his assistance as he guides you to lie next to him, covering you both with a thinner blanket.
“That was… wow,” you said out of breath, laying your hand on his chest as his hand fell on top of yours. “I never thought I was that beast-like in my life.” he huffed as he turned to you, bringing you closer to his body.
“Are you alright? I was so scared of hurting you.” he quietly asked with concern in your eyes. You give him a genuine smile.
“I’m fine, more than fine,” you reassured him. He places his forehead on yours. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show how much I love you.”
You hold the side of his face as you feel the stubble of his beard. “You're my husband Steve, there’s no other person I would share this with,” you stated.
He takes this opportunity to turn quickly to his nightstand, grabbing a small item and facing you with your wedding ring.
“I made the mistake of losing you and I promise to never let that happen again. Can you ever forgive me?” he asks in vulnerability.
The room is filled with silence for a few minutes until you kiss Steve with pure devotion. “I forgave you a long time ago, Steve. I never stopped loving you.” you gently said. He cries with joy as he slips your ring on your finger, giving you another kiss.
Now he felt like there were fewer burdens to carry as he became a new man, now that he felt complete with you.
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Next Door 4
Pairing: Single Dad!Cop!Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader
Warnings: Language. Sexual tension. Mentions of shitty parent. Mentions of cheating. Voyeurism, kinda. (more to come as I write it)
You ever met a guy so gorgeous, he makes you stupid? Tripping over tongue, staring like Ted Bundy watching his next victim, actually drooling on self?       Check.       Check.       Check.       He’s no internet sensation. No, of course not, I got far luckier.       He’s my neighbor.         Did I mention he’s a single dad and a cop?         Fuck me, right?         And I think he knows, I think this is a game between peep shows. But when it goes from gawking and distant teasing, to more, to in person. Maybe after all it should have stayed from afar.
Tag List Is Open!!
Tumblr media
Taking his seat at the table again, he sips from his glass trying to hide the grin on his face he can’t seem to lose. Bucky has a fucking grin on his face, not bothering to hide it. Clint and Sam look absolutely lost.
“Since when did Rogers go out and the pretty girls speak to him?” Sam wonders.
“Since when did Rogers’ notice woman, that aren’t two feet tall, blonde and call him daddy?” Clint corrects.
Bucky snorts, Steve shakes his head, grinning. “Only one girl calls me daddy.”
“Yeah, cause if she’s got daddy issues, you’d kick her out of your bed?” Clint snorts, rolling his eyes.
“Nah, she’s got behavioral issues, girls never heard no, before.” Sam explains eyeing Steve’s neighbor as she back sasses one of her brothers.
“Okay, profiler.” Bucky sasses.
“So since when do things like that happen?” Clint tips his glass towards her and back to him.
Steve shrugs, taking a drink to avoid answering. It’s Bucky who speaks up and outs him in one breathe.
“That’s Steve’s neighbor, the girl besides our niece that has his attention.” His best friend beams with smug pride.
“Since when!?”
Steve pinches the bridge of his nose.
“Is this why you spend so much time at home and say it’s because of Sarah?” Sam stares at him.
“I would never,” Steve huffs.
“Liar.” Bucky snorts.
“Do you shut up?” Steve wonders looking to Bucky.
“This is my source of enjoyment tonight.” Bucky grins at him.
“I hate you.” Steve laughs shaking his head.
“I mean, tell us more dude.” Clint adjusts in his seat, glancing over at her. “She’s something to look at alright.”
Steve’s grin drops. Bucky inhales his beer, coughing. Sam looks confused, but thumps Bucky on the back a few times.
“You good?”
“Fine.” Bucky wipes his chin, coughing, but chuckling between.
“What’s the look for?” Sam wonders.
“Nothing.” Steve attempts to drop it, but his brow doesn’t fall right. It stays pinched.
“How is it we all know the stupid shit Sharon does, but you never once mentioned the hot neighbor you’re into?” Clint wonders.
“Steve isn’t into sharing his new pass time.” Bucky points out.
“She’s not a pass time.” He sighs loudly.
“So you two know each other well?” Sam asks.
He doesn’t reply, only puckers his mouth, finding himself annoyed.
“They’ve spoken once. This morning. She got locked out of her car.” Bucky fills them in like the damn gossip girl he is.
“Oh meet cute. How cute.” Clint snickers.
“I’m going to punch you.” Steve sighs.
“One meet and you’re into her already, interesting.” Sam nods, finishing his glass.
“Well, we’ve spoken once. Now twice.” His brow pulls in again.
This sounds absolutely horrible.
“So two small moments and you’re into her.” Clint blinks at him.
“It’s been going on longer.” He scratches the side of his neck. Bucky turns facing him, a look of pure joy on his face.
“So you didn’t just meet this morning?”
“Depends on your definition of meet.” He shrugs, babbling.
“Was the first time you two spoke or in each other’s presents this morning?” Sam’s brow lifted.
“Oh, well, than yes.”
“So what’s been going on longer?” Bucky grins.
“Shut up or I swear to god, I will call your wife.” He points a finger at his best friend. The grin drops and Bucky nods, shifts to face the table again.
“What is going on at the Rogers house?” Clint wonders, shaking his head.
Tumblr media
Checking on Sarah, fast asleep in her bed. He wanders around the house, making sure the doors are locked. It’s the odd light brightening his backyard that brings him to the back of the house. Stepping around toys as he pulls the curtain out of his way.
The light coming from the neighbor’s pool. Odd she always shut it off at night. He waits checking to be sure, perhaps she just forgot tonight. Till the back door of her house opened and she stepped out, with a towel wrapped around her.
“Little late, isn’t it?” He wonders to himself as he watches her move to the end of her pool.
Her back to him, the towel hits the ground, leaving him surprised. Just a pair of swimsuit bottoms on, she dives in with grace. She breaks the surface coming up, pushing her hair back, still missing the top part of her swimsuit. In shock he moves, stepping on something.
It moves, fast. Sarah’s barbie car under his foot, takes off, sending him stumbling into the wall and window. His head meets window making an odd thumping sound in the silent night. He manages to get his footing to keep from going all the way down.
Chancing a look again, she’s staring at the house with a tipped head. A smirk forming on her lips, she dips down in the water once more. Covering herself, swimming to the ledge, her hands planted on the edge, pushing herself up.
“Fuck.” He drops the curtain. Turning quickly he kicks the barbie car this time.
“Mother,” he huffs, clamping his mouth shut as he hurries away from the window. ‘I’ll have to step it up.’
As he heads upstairs for his own room, he realizes this is the first time he was on the losing end of the show. He always had the upper hand, sure she killed him a few times, but he always out did her.
“And I thought her drippling her coffee was the winner. Fucking Barbie car.” He mutters shoving his bedroom door shut behind him.
------------------------------------- Everything Peaches 5/8/21 @mo320​ @ml7010​ @irepeldirt​ @dumblani​ @tanelle83​ @stilynskii​ @cutie1365​ @joannie95​ @nunu2888​ @coley0823​ @connie326​ @csigeoblue​ @xeniarocks​ @rileyloves5​ @sexyvixen7​ @duckestylez​ @abschaffer2​ @drayshadow​ @shirukitsune​ @wandressfox​ @xoxabs88xox​ @henrietteoaks​ @miraclesoflove​ @rosalynshields​ @queenkrissy11​ @destiel-artemis​ @hookslove1592​ @royal-sunflower​ @iwillbeinmynest​ @bellamy-barnes​ @sunsetpatterson​ @geeksareunique​ @elizabethaellison​ @spookygrantaire​ @steel-blue-eyess​ @rainbowkisses31​ @helena--bertinelli​ @mariekoukie6661​ @capsheadquaters​ @bless-my-demons​ @notyourtypicalrose​ @petersunderoos96​ @loving-life-my-way​ @shinycupcakebaker​ @thefridgeismybestie​ @deathofmissjackson​ @also-fangirlinsweden​ @writingaworldofmyown​ @death-unbecomes-you​ @daughterofthenight117​ @physically-a-cheesecake​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​ @matterdontminduntildone​ @for-the-love-of-the-fandom​ @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked​
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Stuck A/B/O Series Part 1
Stuck (Alpha!Stuckyx Omega!fem!reader) Series
Part 1-a rock and hard places
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
!!! T.W.: physical abuse by parent, emotional abuse by both parents, A/B/O dynamics, language, hurt and comfort. insecure reader, reader needs a hug from her Alphas, Polyamory.
Part 1: A Rock and Hard places
A/N: Y/N’s parents names are Annie and Joseph
This was a horribly bad idea. But Gods you needed them. They were everything to you. And in truth, you were everything to them and more. You seethed at the thought of not being completely theirs. Being stuck inside this limbo, this constant back and forth. You were the only Omega living in the compound that was unclaimed. You were a tennis ball and the rackets were your parents' house and the Avengers Compound. But ever since your father had that foundation shaking car accident on his commute to work when you were in your senior year of high school, you felt obligated, dutiful as you are the only child they had. Your parents were not the typical dynamic couple. Your mother is an Alpha and your father is a Beta. The accident left him wheelchair bound and your tiny family of three financially crippled. For five months you'd follow the pattern of going to school, coming home, doing whatever you could in the house as chores, homework that needed your immediate attention, Mom calling you out from the house to visit Dad a hour away in the hospital. He didn't look the same at all. He was this swollen monster hooked up to numerous machines, all equipped with their own monotonic melodies. 
Your friends from highschool barely knew, you'd put your emotional mask on the moment you would spot them walking to the bus stop in the morning. Soft giggles, smiles, and inside jokes is what you armed yourself with. You couldn't let the storm break through, you could never tell them about your dad. About how he'd had a seizure the night before but came out of it okay. About how he cried and said he was sorry when he woke up. About how you had to be strong for your mother too. Your friends didn't need that, they didn't want that kind of drama put onto them. The only drama they knew about was how the cliques did or didn't get together to form alliances to defeat the Preppy bitches or whomever was dumb enough to fuck with the little guys. You surprised yourself by passing even if it was just barely. You'd graduated and it didn't even feel right. You'd felt cheated by fate. You remember one night during choir in highscool, your last performance, looking into the crowd to see if they'd showed up and  weeping when you didn't find their faces. That stinging pain in your chest and eyes watered over when you heard your choirmates wave to their family members attending. You should have gotten a clue then, that, something wasn't alright with your parents and that you deserved better.  
But that was a million light years away from what was happening now. You never knew you'd be joining the company of THE AVENGERS. If anything in your life went right, it was that. And you were grateful for the opportunity to be with them. They felt like a breath of fresh air, more so like you were breathing for the first time. You found great friendship in Wanda and were more closed off to Nat, but warmed up to her eventually. You weren't a tomboy and weren't a girly girl either. Rather you found yourself in the middle. You'd gotten there from one of your days out grocery shopping. Wanda was the one who'd recruited you, having a freak accident with a bicycle paperboy and a Mack truck almost happen before your eyes. You did it like normal, a reflex in both muscle and thought. Seeing it just about to collide in front of you, bringing your arms forward and flashing your fingers outward, like magic it had stopped.  
Your arms still full with grocery bags, you had to act fast, after all you only had 45 seconds and the clock was ticking. You weren't even sure you had the strength. Ten seconds gone. You grab the Paperboy's arms and tug, working against the stillness of your powers and the gravity weighing him down. Ten more seconds gone. You wished you'd paid more attention in gym class as you tugged budging him just enough. This time giving it all you had, you heaved and, in the knick of time saved him. The Mack truck whooshing by as if nothing would have happened. The paperboy was wildly angry with you, not the praise you'd expected from saving the gentleman.  You could pause time momentarily. Wanda came up to you and gave you her number. By nighttime you were invited to a Tony Stark gala.
That’s right, the fucking Tony Stark wanted to see you, just some Omega treading water in New York City. You were surprised your mother even let you go, but in hindsight you figured she couldn’t pass up the chance to have her Omega daughter be seen and scented in a superhero Alpha den like the Avengers Tower. She’d used you to tell all her co-workers that you went to a Stark gala just to advance her Alpha ego. Your relationship with your mother was beyond fractured. poisoned from the word go. 
Having a birth mother be an Alpha was pretty rare. you were born too early as a result. Her own Alpha hormones saw you as a threat, tried to attack you from within the womb. the both of you were essentially killing each other. She almost lost her life when you were born. and you were left with severely scarred lungs. You were born at 26 weeks.  An impossibly tiny baby girl clinging to life, weighing  only 1 pound and 5 ounces. You stayed in the NICU for the first three months of your life. Steve and Bucky, your Alphas said you were born a fighter. But you didn’t see it.
They were your rocks, they made you so happy. if it was up to you, you would have been claimed by them by now, but both your perfect Alphas, were traditionalists. You couldn't blame them for that nature, not only were they Alphas, but they were both from the 40s. After all that’s why you were here back at home, to take care of your father and to ask for their permission to be claimed by Steve Rogers and James Barnes. Steve was one of the most esteemed Alphas in history but your other Alpha, the scarred one, Bucky that’s what you thought your parents would have trouble with. This is going to be a disaster, they’d never say yes to you being claimed by Bucky. Sure he was an Alpha and by today’s standards polyamorous relationships have been more widely accepted. 
You were so afraid of what your parents might think about his reputation as the Winter Soldier, you wept by yourself in your room for it. You loved him so much there was no way you could think of a future without him. Not without both your Alphas by your side, together for the rest of your years. You wanted that so bad, and you wanted to have their pups. They’d be such great Alpha Dads. But that felt like a fucking pipedream. It took everything you had to be here and say those words to them tonight. To ask permission like a good, docile, Omega that you were raised to be.
Dinner was finished and you decided it was now or never, your palms clammy and your throat dry. You took a sip of water, chills traveling at lightning speed up and down your spine. Your Mom noticed this and didn’t let it slink past her. She was an Alpha after all.
“You reek of nervousness, Y/N. What’s on your mind?” she asked. You cleared your throat as your father perked up, staring at you with a curious intrigue. You tucked a lock of hair behind your ear, you found yourself choking on your words. they were stuck inside your throat. You averted eye contact. A growl came from across the dinner table, a primal sign forcing you to spit out your words.
“I-I wanted to ask your permission. to be, um. To be c-c-claimed by Steve Rogers, a-a-an-and B-B-Bucky Barnes.” you struggled to force the words out. Your mother’s eyebrows raised at Steve’s name but clenched together at the mention of Bucky’s. You fucking knew it. You knew this was a bad idea. you almost broke then and there. 
but you had no time to sort out your emotions. And they spoke to each other as if you weren’t in the room. Only acknowledging your presence periodically to answer their questions.
Annie: "I've never seen her work hard for anything."  
Joseph: "You're running into a trainwreck"
Annie: "What? What the fuck is wrong with you, Y/N? That's not natural, she has to pick one. Joseph she is like this because you always let her get away with shit!!"
Joseph: "Like hell Annie, maybe if you would have let her hang out with her friends more often she wouldn't act out by falling for bad boys."
Annie: "He's a criminal Joseph! She fell in love with a stone cold murderer!"
Annie: "God how are they gonna get any money? Or- or health insurance?! You know what kind of meager wages they make." Annie claps her hand to her face gasping in silent realization," oh my god, are you pregnant? Is that why you're doing this? A super soldier's pup?! Jesus I thought we taught you better than that!"
You: "What? No, I'm not pregnant. But why would it matter if I was? Steve and Bucky, they--"
Annie: " they what? Love you? I knew you were stupid but not that stupid."
Joseph: "Look sweetheart, we care about you. You've still got time to make a decision. At least you're not pregnant. We all know how your aunt Rhonda turned out. You wouldn't survive in  the streets, hungry, alone, and ready to pop like a balloon. We don't want that for you."
You: "They'd never abandon me like that. We've never had an argument and they'd never hit me. Not in a million years."
Joseph: "Never had an argument? Y/N, You're stuck in a fairytale, sweetheart. That can't be real. It won't last"
Annie: "You need to go back to school! Quit keeping your head in the clouds with them. How long have you even known them?"
You: "three years is long enough, Mom." your voice was so quiet, any amount of hope you had mustered up before was being shattered.
Annie: " yet you've never lived with them? What's the longest amount of time you've spent with them?"
You: " there was a couple times I was able to spend the weekend with them alone. Mom, they're always busy. They save the-- no. We save the world from countless bad people. You have no idea what kind of stress we have to deal with."
Annie-  scoffs "Stress? You want to talk about stress? The neighborhood wouldn't give us the time of day because of you! I worked so hard to get you to learn but nothing ever stuck! I can't believe I gave birth to such a retarded abomination! You've always been a freak! Y/N! I had a job at 14. 14! You're 26 and you're frolicking around with, Superheroes?! Get a fucking life! I had to take care of you because you were always sick! Working dead beat jobs just to put food in your mouth and clothes on your back and medicine in your system because your too feeble. You can't handle that. The real world is gonna chew you up and spit you out buttercup! Look at me when I'm talking to you!!" 
Annie slaps you across the cheek and your glasses go flying across the room. She grabs your hair tightly and close to the root slapping your face continuously. You are crying uncontrollably you don't notice your lip is busted and bleeding. You have to pause the situation. You do, and you run out of that place, didn’t think about going back to grab your shoes. Your phone was in your pocket and you tugged it out into your palm shaking.
You couldn’t bring yourself to dial Steve or Bucky’s numbers, you couldn’t believe what had just happened, but part of you knew it would end like this. Your mom has been abusing you off and on since you presented as an Omega at 13. you had no idea why she treated you so bad. Aren’t Alphas supposed to protect Omegas? It was snowing outside and all you had on your feet was a pair of socks.
You followed the sidewalks of blocks until you found the Avengers Compound just outside the main part of the city resting near the river. You felt like a broken phantom of yourself. A shell lost in space. Nat opened the door  and you couldn’t bring yourself to make eye contact. 
She immediately noticed your busted lip and bruises starting to form on your jawline. Her scent was mildly comforting since Nat was an Alpha too but you needed your Alphas. Nat brought you into the compound.
“Y/N? What happened? Where are your glasses? Your shoes? Who did this to you?”  She crouched down, peering up at you as tears started to form on your features. Your teeth chattered wildly, frigid from exposure to the elements.
You started to hyperventilate and thought you might pass out. You needed Steve and Bucky right now. Experiencing this kind of trauma without the support of your Alphas, could be deadly. Nat knew this and yelled out for them. You’re sure your distressed scent had wafted through the entire complex by now. Most of the avengers were in the living room, keeping their distance. no one wanted a fight to break out with you in such rough shape and your Alphas seeing you like this.
You heard their heavy footsteps but couldn’t bring yourself to look at them. Steve’s scent hit your nose first, Musk and the kind of smell you associated with an Irish Pub. His hand went straight to your own. Nat left to get some blankets.
“Omega-Darling? Baby Girl, Who did this?” Steve tried to get you to speak but you were still lost. Bucky made it to you last, staring at you from the threshold of the hallway, his features shocked and confused. 
Bucky walked up to you, his hand cradling your cheek very gently. He’d had more than enough experience of being out-of-it, so he could pull you out better than Steve. Bucky gingerly dragged your nose to his scent gland, on his neck, purring to calm you. He smelled like cedar and forest rains.
“Doll?” he uttered and that was enough to break you. Your knees gave out and Bucky caught you, cradling you tight to his chest. You sobbed and wailed like a defeated animal. Steve stood in shock, anger brewing and bubbling beneath the surface. Nat returned with the blankets, fresh and unscented by anyone. She got too close however and Steve snapped at her. growling possessively and even his claws came to the surface.
“Back off, Nat. She’s our Omega. We take care of her.” he warned ending his sentence with a firm growl. 
“Shhh. Shhh. Hey. It’s alright, ‘Mega. We’re here. Both your Alphas are here.” Bucky cooed as he took you down the hallway. Steve followed close behind. You needed the safety of your nest and your Alphas. Bucky sat on the bed cradling you in his chest, continuing to purr until you stopped crying. Steve scented blankets and draped them over your shivering form, grabbing your hand and stroking it gently with his thumb. Steve too was on the bed, as close as he could get to you and Bucky.
it was an hour before you could regain some sense about you. Steve perked up, noticing something change in your features.
“Alphas?” you questioned. Steve let out a gasp of relief, smiling bittersweetly. Happy to see his Omega back.
“They said no, Alphas. They said no. M-Mom was so angry. She hit me. I just wanna be a good Omega. I just wanna be a good Omega.” you were starting to lose yourself again.
Steve leaned in and began fervently kissing and licking your scent gland, where he was supposed to put his claim. “Their opinion doesn’t matter. they hurt you. We’ll make it all better my sweet Darling Omega.” preened your Cap.
“You’re an amazing Omega, Y/N.” Bucky said softly.
“You don’t mean that.” you choked out feeling so insecure in that moment.
“Yes you are Baby Girl. You’re the best Omega we could hope for. We love you so much.” Cap continued his encouragement.
“I love you too. Both of you. I can’t live without you...Alphas? Do you mind if we stay like this for a while?” you asked.
“Of course,” your Alphas replied in unison. You knew you’d have to tell them every detail. but you were drained and didn’t have the mental stamina left. You just drowned in their beautiful scents and fell fast asleep in your nest, with them watching over you. They’d protect you, they’d keep you safe, and that was all that mattered.
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teddybearbucky · 4 hours ago
5. Fruity
Written in the Stars masterlist
relationships: Stucky x fem!reader, platonic!Peter Parker x reader
word count: 1.4k
chapter summary: you get a new puppy, Peter comes over for lunch, don't get Steve started on bananas
warnings: none, Steve being an old man
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[gifs not mine]
Steve pulls on his running clothes, glancing at you and Bucky curled up in bed together (Bucky being the little spoon of course.) He smiles, leaning over, kissing each of your heads gently. You stir, groaning in protest. “Ugh, I have to get up too.”
He tilts his head, “why?”
“Didn’t you say that mornings are for the criminally insane?” Bucky groggily asks, pillow muffling his words.
“I stand by that statement, but I’m volunteering with Clint.”
“At the animal shelter?” Steve asks, grabbing his phone off the charger.
You hum in response, not making a move to get out of bed. Steve smiles fondly, “sounds fun, sweetheart. Do you wanna come with me, Buck?”
The brunet makes a disgruntled sound. “With Sam? Gross.”
“Come on, honey. Sam is my friend, it would make me really happy if you two tried to get along.” Steve croons, carding a hand through Bucky’s bed head.
He screws his eyes shut, knowing if he looked into Steve’s eyes he would cave - but he hadn’t heard Steve call him ‘honey’ since 1945 and the petting feels so good. He lets out a reluctant sigh. “Fine.”
The blonde grins, “great! I’ll make us smoothies!”
“What the hell is a smoothie?” Bucky grumbles. You slip a hand under his shirt, hoping the skin to skin contact will soothe him. It does. He snuggles closer to you.
Steve smiles at the sight, snapping a photo of you two on his phone. Bucky groans, “did you just take a picture?”
Steve blushes, “um, no. Mango, let's go for a walk!”
He rushes out of the room with the dalmatian not far behind, wondering how to change his lock screen. He’ll ask Sam.
“He definitely took a picture of us,” you mumble into Bucky’s neck.
“What a punk.”
“Our punk.”
Bucky sighs lovingly, “yeah.”
The two of you reluctantly pull yourselves out of bed, sharing a few lazy kisses on the way. “I’m gonna take a shower. I’ll see you boys later,” you tell him. He pouts, “when will you be home?”
You barely contain a squeal at the adorable display. You squish his face in your hand, the stubble tickling your palms, “you’re so cute!”
He grins, looking away shyly. “Doll…”
You kiss his puckered lips, humming in thought. “Probably around lunch. I’ll bring something home.”
You and Steve asked Fury for a few days off with no missions so Bucky was hoping you could spend it all together, but you told him you had these plans for weeks. He tries not to whine in protest. “Alright, sugar.”
‎⍟ ✪ ‎⍟ ✪ ‎⍟ ✪
Just like you promised, you arrive back around lunch time.
“Honey, I’m home,” you smirk, entering the suite. Your boyfriends are on the couch, Bucky’s feet strewn on the blonde’s lap as he tries out his new colored pencils. “Did you know Peter works at the pizza place? Well it was the end of his shift and I told him he could have lunch with us.” You explain, gesturing to the teenager behind you.
Bucky tenses at the sight of a stranger, preparing to move away from his boyfriend, but the blonde places a reassuring hand on his ankle. Reminding him it’s ok to be affectionate in front of others now. “Hi. So, we got a new dog?” Steve asks, cutting right to the chase.
You glance at Peter, who’s cradling the tiny pitbull against his chest. “That’s… his dog.” You supply, placing the multiple pizzas on the table. Mango makes her way over, sniffing at Peter questioningly. “Then why are there pictures online of you adopting it?” Steve challenges, looking smug.
You spin around, looking at him in shock. “Since when can you use the internet?”
He smirks, “I’ve learnt a few things.”
You stare at him in bewilderment for a moment before pouting. “Ok, fine. I might have impulsively adopted a dog.” You look at Peter, who’s frozen in terror, as if lying to Captain America is an act of terrorism. “Pete, you can put her down.”
He slowly sets the puppy on the ground, still looking between your two boyfriends nervously, like they’re going to attack him. You roll your eyes, releasing a sigh, “come on boys, time to eat.”
Steve and Bucky walk to the kitchen, each offering you a kiss on the cheek. You notice Bucky still hasn’t said a word and take his metal hand in yours, gently kissing the silver knuckles. He blushes at the sweet display of affection.
“Peter, take a seat. You haven’t met Bucky yet have you?” You ask, realising the prosthetic and making your way to the fridge. He fidgets nervously. “Um, No, I haven’t. Nice to meet you Mr. Barnes.”
He smirks in response, “just call me Bucky, kid.”
Peter’s eyes widen, looking somewhat starstruck. Steve holds back a laugh, watching as you return with drinks for everybody. “Thanks sweetheart.” He glances at the small grey puppy who’s currently having a staring contest with the cat. “So, we got a dog?”
You place a slice of pizza on your plate. “I didn’t plan it, but I heard this worker saying how someone abonded this litter and that it was gonna be hard to find them homes because of stupid stereotypes about pitbulls,” you explain, huffing in frustration. Steve watches the puppy get spooked by Kiwi and run into the couch.
You glance at Bucky, noticing him self consciously tug on short sleeve. “What do you think, Buck?” You ask, trying to bring him into the conversation. His head snaps up, looking at you questiongly. “Do you like her? I think you should be the one to name her.”
He licks his lips nervously. “Me?”
You hum, “Stevie and I named Kiwi and Mango so it’s only fair you get to name her.”
“Is it gonna be another fruit name?” Peter asks curiously, chocolate brown eyes settling on Bucky. He furrows his brow in thought, “I don’t know yet.”
Peter’s nods, eating happily. “Speaking of fruits, what kind did you guys have back in the day? Like, I can’t imagine someone eating a papaya during the great depression.”
Steve chuckles in amusement. “We definitely didn’t have all the options you have today. And fruits were only available when they were in season, not year round like they are now.”
“The first time he tried a kiwi he just bit into it, skin and all,” you tease, remembering his disgust at the fuzzy texture. Peter's eyes widened, “no way!”
He laughs, looking at the super soldiers curiously. “So you could only have fruits while they were in season? What if you were craving a banana, would you have to wait all year?”
You look at the teen in alarm, “don’t get him started on bananas.”
“They’re totally different!” Steve protests, throwing up his hands in frustration. Peter flinches in surprise at the outburst. Bucky perks up, looking at him questioningly, “you noticed that too? I thought it was just me.”
Steve looks at his partner with pure admiration in his eyes. He claps his shoulder, voice heavy with emotion when he speaks, “no, pal. It’s not just you.”
You scoff at his dramatics, looking at the confused boy beside you. “The type of bananas Steve and Bucky grew up with were called Gros Michels, they were the main variety grown until the 1950s.”
Peter quirks his head. “What happened to them?”
“Panama disease wiped them out.”
“Can you still get them today?”
“Yeah, but they’re really difficult to find. Steve orders bundles of them from Hawaii.”
Peter’s eyes widen. “Woah. So, how are they any different from regular bananas?”
You groan. Steve ignores your protest. “I’m glad you asked. First off they’re way sweeter and a lot more firm. The bananas people eat today are like mush, I feel like I’m eating soggy oatmeal in a peel.”
You roll your eyes but Bucky and Peter are completely focused on his speech. You suddenly feel crazy, are you the only one who doesn’t want to hear Steve’s monologue about the cruel joke that is the Cavendish banana? You pick up the puppy who is sniffing under the table, “baby girl, I think we're the only sane ones here.”
Bucky breaks away from the blonde’s lecture, peering into her silver eyes. “Plum.”
Steve pauses mid-sentence. “What?”
“The dog. I like the name Plum.”
Peter breaks out into a grin, petting the pitbull, “that’s a great name, Bucky! It really fits her.”
Bucky smiles shyly at the praise. “Aww little Plum Barnes-Rogers,” you coo, tickling her tummy.
Steve frowns, “why is Barnes first?”
The brunet scoffs, “because I’m older, you baby.”
Peter chokes on his drink in surpise.
next part
a/n: plum, happy pride month!!
tag list: @spookyparadisesheep @moonstuffsteve @thatcrackheadsadbitchtm @officialfictionalwreck @rowenaravenclaw2-blog @lets--be-honest @aikeia @mikariell95 @bananapipedreams @mollygetssherlockcoffee
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chooseyourownavenger · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Invite him in
Steve’s lips brush gently against your cheek, lingering just long enough that it makes you excited for when there would be more.  He pulls back and smiles at you.
“Come upstairs,” you say, gripping the lapels of his jacket.
He looks down at you.  “That’s … flattering but I’m not ready for that.”
“Oh,” you say.  “But…”
He shakes his head.  “Sorry.  I’ll call you.”
You watch as he makes his way back to the subway and wonder if you did something wrong.
Tumblr media
A few days later Steve calls.  He sounds exhausted and like he’s about to deliver bad news.
“Is everything okay?”  You ask.
“Yes.  Well, no,” he admits.  “HYDRA is as good as their catchphrase.  Every time we take out one cell, two more pop up.  I feel a little stretched thin.  And… it’s been making me think - about what I want and what I have to offer.”
“Why does this sound like a breakup?”  You ask.
“Because that’s what it is,” he says.  “I know we’ve only been out once.  I really enjoyed our time together, so I think I owe you a reason and not just to… what do they call it these days?  Ghosting?”
You laugh.  “Yeah, that’s it,” you agree.
“I see my friends and how hard they struggle juggling relationships and home.  Most of us are single, you know?  And the ones that aren’t… they struggle to balance things. And I’m different from most of them.  I need time to know how I feel before I make a relationship physical.  I think you and I are just on two completely different pages and it’s not fair to either of us to force something.  I’m sorry.”
“I mean, I guess I get it,” you say.  “But it feels like you’re shooting the horse just in case they break their leg in the race.”
“Maybe I am,” he says.  “But it’s how I feel.  I don’t want to hurt anyone and I think we’re doomed to hurt each other.  Or I’m doomed to hurt you.”
You sigh.  “There’s nothing I can say?”
“I’m sorry,” he says.  “There isn’t.  And I know how cliched this sounds, but maybe we can be friends?”
“Yeah,” you agree.  “Friends would be nice.”
You talk for a bit longer before he disconnects.  You feel disappointed, but sometimes that’s the way things go.  For now, it’s time to make some different choices.
~ END ~
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buckysbrattybug · 5 hours ago
little reader wetting the bed for the third time this week and trying to hide it from daddies! stucky but they eventually end up teasing little! reader :)
aw poor bby being ridiculed by the big bad super soldiers🥺😭
warnings: bedwetting, stucky being mean and ridiculing poor baby reader, fluff at the end
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you know that bucky and steve will be upset if they find out you’ve wet the bed again. for the third time this week. so you try your best to conceal it from them, draping your covers back over the obvious wet patch on the sheets, so it would only be evident if they should lift the blankets completely.
you change yourself, throwing your soiled panties and trousers in the hamper and burying them under steve and bucky’s own clothes.
“bubba, why did you change yourself?” steve asks softly, cocking an eyebrow at you in surprise.
“wanted to wear different clothes, daddy.”
“why didn’t you ask one of us to help you?”
“wanted to do it myself. ‘m a big girl!” you exclaim, stomping your foot slightly and steve chuckles.
“you’re not our baby anymore? you’re a big girl, you don’t need us anymore?” he teases, mouth down turned in a faux frown. you can practically see the gears turning in your head, thoughts speeding at a million miles a second.
“no?” he laughs, picking you up and kissing your cheek.
“no, daddy!” you affirm, clinging to him as bucky comes down the stairs with a frown on his face.
“baby, big girls don’t wet the bed.”
your blood runs cold at his words and you hide in steve’s shoulder, whining quietly.
“did you wet the bed again, bub? why didn’t you tell us?”
“thought you’d be mad.” you mumble, tears gathering at a rapid pace in your eyes.
“never mad, baby.” bucky whispers, pressing his chest against your back as you whine, hiding your face in humiliation. “you’re just a tiny baby, can’t even control herself. we could never be mad.”
“mhm.” steve joins in. “you’re so little and cute. such a baby. baby can’t even go potty by herself.”
“stop!” you cry softly, a few tears escaping your glossy eyes.
“hey, hey.” bucky coos. “it’s okay, little one. i’ve sorted it out. but you’ve got to tell us next time. ‘cause you’re just too little to sort it out on your own, aren’t you.”
“shh, tiny one. daddies ‘ve got you. such a tiny, silly baby. can’t even stop herself from going potty all in her bed.” steve chides and you begin to sob.
“di-didn’t mean to. d-daddy. a-accident.” you stutter.
“okay, shhh. we’re just teasing, bub.” bucky croons. “we’re not mad at you, angel.”
“‘m sorry!” you cry.
“we know, let’s just get you cleaned up, alright? you want a bath?”
“with the duckies?” you ask hopefully and they chuckle.
“yes, with the duckies, baby.”
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chooseyourownavenger · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/Tell him you don’t think you’re built for that and maybe it’s not going to work out after all.
“I’m really sorry,” you say as gently as you possibly can.  “But, I’m very sexual, and I think I need a partner that can match me.  I’m not sure I can wait around for something that might not happen if we aren’t compatible.  Maybe this is the sign that we aren’t?”
Steve sighs.  “I’m sorry you feel that way,” he says.  “But I get it.  I hope you can find what you are looking for.”
“You too Steve,” you say.  “You’re a good person and I did have a lot of fun hanging out with you.  Maybe we could be friends?”
“Yeah,” he says.  “Friends would be good.”
You speak for a little longer before hanging up.  It was nice while it lasted, and who knows?  Maybe you can be friends.
~ END ~
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chooseyourownavenger · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/Tell him you’re fine with him taking his time to be sure
“I understand,” you say.  “We’re dating.  I don’t want to rush either of us.  Either we’re compatible or we aren’t.  We’ll find that out by seeing each other.”
“Great,” Steve says, the relief evident in his voice.  “So Saturday?  I should be free unless something unforeseen pops up.  And I’m sorry that’s always got to be the warning I give.”
“It’s fine, Steve,” you assure him.  “Really.”
“Did you have any ideas?  I know I asked you last time, and I swear I’ll be better about thinking up things from here on out.  I’ve just been swamped and if you leave it up to me it’ll be dinner and a movie.”
Dinner and a movie sound fine.
How about instead I make you dinner and introduce you to some movies you might have missed
How about a ball game?  The Mets could be your new team.
What about a trip to the zoo?
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chooseyourownavenger · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Go in for a real kiss
You tilt your head and capture his lips, and before you even have a chance to deepen the kiss, Steve pulls back suddenly.  “Oh, I - I’m sorry…” he says.  “I’m not…”
“Oh,” you say, a little startled.  “I’m sorry.”
“I’ll - uh - call you,” he says and hurries off.  You watch him go and wonder what you did wrong.
Tumblr media
Steve calls you a few days later to arrange a date.  He sounds a little flustered when you pick up and you wonder if maybe dating and avenging was a little difficult for him.
“Is everything okay?” You ask.
“Yes. Well, no,” he admits.  “HYDRA is always as good as their catchphrase.  Every time we take out one cell, two more pop up somewhere else.  I feel a little stretched thin if I’m honest with you.  But…” he pauses and the tone in his voice shifts to a little more cheery.  “That is an Avengers problem, not a ‘you and me’ problem.”
“Are you sure, Steve?”  You ask.  “I understand if you’re too busy.”
He lets out a breath.  “If I don’t make time for this, there is never going to be time,” he answers.  “But thank you.  I should probably warn you though.  I don’t know if I’m going to be the easiest person to date.  I’m notoriously slow to get anywhere.  I need time to be sure of my feelings.  But worse than that, this job… the title… it pulls me away a lot.  You might feel like a war widow most of the time.  I understand if that’s too much for you to deal with.”
“I understand what I’m getting myself in for,” you assure him.  “I work with Hill, I know what kind of lives you lead.  And honestly, I’m flattered that you’re taking the time to see me when we barely know each other.  What kind of slow do you need?”
“I want to apologize for the way I acted when you tried to kiss me.  It took me by surprise,” he explains. “I just need to be sure of my feelings before we get… physical… do you understand?”
You pause and think about it.  It’s so unusual to meet a guy who doesn’t want to go straight to sleeping together and you wonder if you can handle taking it that slow.
Tell him you’re fine with him taking his time to be sure
Tell him you don’t think you’re built for that and maybe it’s not going to work out after all.
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chooseyourownavenger · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Accept the kiss on the cheek
Steve’s lips brush gently against your cheek, lingering just long enough that it makes you excited for when there would be more.  He pulls back and smiles at you.
“Good night,” he says.
“Good night,” you reply.
He waits until you’re inside before going on his way and you go to bed that night wondering if you are now dating the last truly chivalrous person left in the world.
Tumblr media
Steve calls you a few days later to arrange a date.  He sounds a little flustered when you pick up and you wonder if maybe dating and avenging was a little difficult for him.
“Is everything okay?” You ask.
“Yes. Well, no,” he admits.  “HYDRA is always as good as their catchphrase.  Every time we take out one cell, two more pop up somewhere else.  I feel a little stretched thin, to be honest with you.  But…” he pauses and the tone in his voice shifts to a little more cheery.  “That is an Avengers problem, not a ‘you and me’ problem.”
“Are you sure, Steve?”  You ask.  “I understand if you’re too busy.”
He lets out a breath.  “If I don’t make time for this, there is never going to be time,” he answers.  “But thank you.  I should probably warn you though.  I don’t know if I’m going to be the easiest person to date.  I’m notoriously slow to get anywhere.  I need time to be sure of my feelings.  But worse than that, this job… the title… it pulls me away a lot.  You might feel like a war widow most of the time.  I understand if that’s too much for you to deal with.”
“I understand what I’m getting myself in for,” you assure him.  “I work with Hill, I know what kind of lives you lead.  And honestly, I’m flattered that you’re taking the time to see me when we barely know each other.  What kind of slow do you need?”
“I just need to be sure of my feelings before we get… physical… do you understand?”  Steve explains.
You sit and think about it for a moment.  You have been happy going slow so far and if he needed time, you could take it.  It is nice that he was serious about you and not just about sex.  Given that he might not be around much, there might be a way to help him get to the place where you could both be ready to move things forward by talking via text and video chat too.
“I understand,” you say.  “We’re dating.  I don’t want to rush either of us.  Either we’re compatible or we aren’t.  We’ll find that out by seeing each other.”
“Great,” Steve says, the relief evident in his voice.  “So Saturday?  I should be free unless something unforeseen pops up.  And I’m sorry that’s always got to be the warning I give.”
“It’s fine, Steve,” you assure him.  “Really.”
“Did you have any ideas?  I know I asked you last time, and I swear I’ll be better about thinking up things from here on out.  I’ve just been swamped and if you leave it up to me it’ll be dinner and a movie.”
Dinner and a movie sound fine.
How about instead I make you dinner and introduce you to some movies you might have missed
How about a ball game?  The Mets could be your new team.
What about a trip to the zoo?
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buckysbrattybug · 6 hours ago
Hiii I was wondering if i could request little reader having a nightmare during a nap and running to daddy Steve who’s working for bratty Saturday. I always have the worst nightmares whenever I decided to take a nap 🥺
of course baby💞💞 this is so cute!!
warnings: descriptions of nightmares, crying, but totally fluffy w soft!daddy!steeb <33
Tumblr media
just imagine him looking like that, so big & muscly and just curling up and falling asleep in his lap,,, yes pls🥺😫
you wake with a start, jerking upright in your bed as your breath comes in ragged pants. you feel like absolutely sobbing as you realise that you’ve had another nightmare.
they’ve become a huge problem for you recently; every time you nap during the day, or even sometimes at night, you’re plagued by horribly vivid dreams, consisting of all of your worst nightmares rolled into one.
you whimper, climbing out of your bed and trudging to steve’s office, where he’s been working all day.
you push the office door open timidly, clutching your stuffy to your chest as you catch sight of your daddy working furiously. he looks busy, maybe you should come back later, you think.
as you swivel back around to exit the doorway, he catches sight of you, stopping you in your tracks.
you spin back around to face him, casting your glossy, tear filled eyes down at your feet.
“what’s the matter, baby?” he asks worriedly, frowning in concern at your tears. he opens his arms for you to walk into. “c’mere, sweet girl. did you have another bad dream?”
“mhm, daddy.” you mumble, bottom lip quivering as he pulls you into his lap.
“oh, my poor baby. daddy’s got you now. you’re okay.” he coos, rocking you in his arms as you sniffle quietly.
“‘m sorry, daddy. you’re busy and i’m just in da way.” you croak as a tear trickles down your cheek and drips off of your chin.”
“you’re never in the way, bubs. you’re my priority, always. don’t forget that, okay?”
“okay, daddy. tank you.”
“you don’t have to thank me. i love you.” he promises, kissing the top of your head as you curl up against his chest.
“i lub you too, daddy.” you mumble quietly, nuzzling further into him as his muscular arms tighten around your body.
“you just relax there whilst i finish my work, alright baby? and then we’ll cuddle and you can pick a movie to watch, okay?”
“m’kay, daddy.” you smile, leaning against him as he gets back to work, feeling much safer in your daddy’s arms.
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chooseyourownavenger · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Suggest going to a musical
“How about a musical?”  You suggest.  “I have contacts.  I could get some to Hamilton.  I’d be interested to hear what you think about it.”
“That sounds … great,” he says as he ponders it.  “Really.  Did you want to get something to eat first?”
“That’s a good idea,” you agree.  “Let me get the tickets, and you can decide where we eat.”
“Perfect.  I’ll talk to you again soon,” Steve says.
Tumblr media
You organized the tickets to the show and Steve reserved a table at a restaurant.  The two of you decide to meet at the restaurant.  You are surprised at his choice.  It’s a small, cozy, Italian place, with stone walls and small timber tables with string lights hanging over them.  For a restaurant so close to the theater district, it was very lowkey and quiet, while still having a romantic quality to it.
Steve meets you outside and greets you with a kiss on the cheek.  “It’s nice to see you again,” he says.  “You look beautiful.”
“Thank you,” you say.  “You look pretty good yourself.”
Not that that is hard for Steve Rogers.  He isn’t particularly dressed up at all, in just a blue button-up left loose at the collar and rolled up at the sleeves, and a pair of chinos.  But they fit him perfectly, complimenting his physique rather than drawing attention to it.
He opens the door for you and the host leads you to your table and sets you up with menus.
“This is cute,” you say.  “Have you been here before?”
Steve shakes his head.  “I had help if I’m honest.  I don’t eat out a lot.  It’s close to exactly what I had in mind though.”
“I thought you liked fried food?”  You tease, playfully.
He laughs.  “Yeah.  Well, Italian is good too.”
The two of you order - you’re surprised how little he chooses and you begin to wonder if he really does like Italian food - for a guy so large you don’t think a chicken salad and a bowl of white bean soup will give him enough energy to do anything, and you feel a little guilty about the large starter and pasta you’ve ordered.
“Are you not hungry?”  You ask.
He shakes his head.  “It’s not that,” he says and smiles.  “I can see by that look you’re going to want to know what it is?”
“I mean, you don’t have to,” you assure him.
“I just have a bit of a - tick - I’d guess you’d call it.  Food and me growing up sick and with little money, I feel strange spending too much and eating in front of people.  It’s strange because I can drink expensive drinks fine, but food?  I eat it for fuel, but I have trouble enjoying it.”
“Well,” you say.  “If you want to pick at mine, you’re very welcome.”
Steve smiles the most genuine smile you’ve seen from him yet.  “I might just do that.”
Tumblr media
The date is one of those fun, easy ones that you always hope for.  Steve does try your food though not so much that you wish he’d ordered his own.  Hamilton is fun and even though you had wondered if Steve would like the musical style considering when he grew up, he does come out raving about the performance, and he walks you home talking about the historical differences in it.
“This was really fun,” he says when he reaches the door to your building.
“It was,” you agree.  “Thank you so much, Steve.”
“Can I see you again?”  He asks.
You smiled at him brightly.  “I’d love to,” you agree.
“Work can be funny for me, maybe next Saturday?”  He says.  “I’ll call you when I’m sure.”
“Sounds perfect,” you say.
Steve smiles and leans into you.
Accept the kiss on the cheek
Go in for a real kiss
Invite him in
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captainapple · 7 hours ago
Whatever It Takes
Pairing: Dark!Andy Barber X Fem!Reader X Dark!Steve Rogers
Word Count: 1k+
Warning: 18+ MINORS DNI, non-con, rape, smut, unprotected sex, fingering, vaginal sex, explicit language, explicit sexual activity, manipulation (please add another warning if I miss something)
A/N: An entry for @stargazingfangirl18 5K Soft Dark Challenge. I never write explicit smut and dark fics, I'm sorry if my writing is confusing. Dialogue prompts in bold. Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
“Morning, doll. What’s up with that frown?”. Steve stretched after getting up from the bed. He looked at you in the mirror. “Aren’t you excited to go back to work?”
“Yeah. I am. It’s just Monday, ya know?”
Steve kissed your temple and wished you good luck. Then, he went downstairs to make you breakfast. How could you be so lucky to have him as your husband. He is the nicest and sweetest person you ever met. He always promises you to keep you safe from any harm. But he cannot save you from Andy Barber.
How can you tell him? Your workplace has become hell for you since you were assigned working with Andy. He is known as a reputable DA, respectable man with a cute little perfect family. Little that people know, he also likes to give you “extra treatment” in his office. You wish you could tell your husband, Steve, what he had done to you. But you feel like you are cheating on him. Besides, Andy is also Steve’s best friend. There is no way Steve is going to believe in such story.
Tumblr media
You make sure to arrive at the office late. You do not want to spend dreadful minutes trapped in a room only with Andy. It must be your lucky day. Looking over, Andy is not at his desk, nor his bag found on the table. Standing on his desk, you peak at his calendar. It is full of appointments, but not today. He supposed to be here at this hour. You never wish for something bad happen to people. Maybe just today, you hope he gets sick badly.
“Miss me?”, a deep voice greeted you from the door. You freeze. His heavy steps get closer to you. You jolt when his arms snake around your waist. He rests his chin on your shoulder and nibbles behind your ear. “You smell good today. No! I’m sorry, you smell good every day.”
You shiver at his praise, goosebumps spread all over your body. “Th – thank you Mr. Barber”.
“You never learn, don’t you”, he tsked. “What should you call me, sweetheart?”
“Sorry, sir.”
“Good girl”, he praised you. “Now, bend over.”
You have no choice but comply. You bend over his table, eyes looking at the ring on your hand. Tears roll down your cheek as you remember how you could do this while your husband patiently waiting for you at home. His hands roaming around your body, exploring every curves as you sob quietly. Then, he lifts your skirt until you could feel the cold air in your bare thighs. One of his hand travels to your upper body and plays with your breast. The other hand playfully circles your clit. His actions make a burning sensation inside you. You do not even realize that you are soaking wet.
“So wet already. You’re good sweetheart”. He pulls down your panties and stops for a second, taking a view of your wet cunt.
“Andy, please don’t.”, you interrupted.
“Big mistake, sweetheart”. He slapped your ass. “What did you call me?”.
He steps closer. You could feel his bulge as he leans closer to you. He puts his hand along your jaw and moves your chin to face him. “I repeat, what did you call me?”.
“I’m sorry, sir. But I don’t want this.”
He lets out a heartless laugh. “Your body tells otherwise, sweetheart.”
You are silently cursing at yourself. This is not what you wanted, yet you could feel warmth dripping down your thighs as his fingers toy with your clit. Without a warning, he shoves two fingers inside you. You whimper and moan. It takes him a short time to find your spot and hit it couple of time. His thumb is still circling your clit harder. The tension is building up in your core. Your whole body is trembling. He knows you are close, so he quickens his tempo. Minutes later, you come undone.
He pulls out his finger and licks it clean. You are catching your breath and trying to stand on your wobbly legs.
“Not yet, sweetheart”, another hard slap landed on your ass. His hand grabs the back of your neck and forces you to bend over again.
You could hear the metal of his belt drop on the floor, along with his pants. Knowing what will happen, you brace yourself and do not dare to look. Just like you predicted, he forces his cock enter your slit. Without warning, he grabs your waist hard and pumps you mercilessly. His hands will leave a bruise on your waist later on.
“So tight and wet”. He keeps pumping hard and fast. The sound of skin slapping echoes in this room. “You know how much I miss this cunt. I can’t stop thinking about you when I pounded Laurie this morning. That slut is always hungry with my cock. You should be grateful I give it to you right now.”
You cannot feel more guilty after this. Not only you betray your husband, but you also betray Laurie. You promise not to give him satisfaction as you hold your moan, but his thrusts become harder and harder. Your nails scrape the cold table, your eyes roll back, and a loud cry escapes your mouth. Your whole body is convulsing, and your walls tighten as you come hard. Andy could feel you milking his cock. His movement gets messier as he is close to his release. The next thing you know, his warm seed filling you up and some of it drips down your thighs.
Tumblr media
You sob uncontrollably as you drive home. You know Steve is away around this time, meeting his friend. There is no need for you to hide your cry. As soon as you reach home, you jump into the shower, cleaning yourself. You scrub hard, hoping it would erase Andy’s trace around your skin. You could not even see clearly as your tears cannot stop blurring your vision.
You look at yourself in the bathroom mirror, bruises on your body and puffy eyes. You just wish Steve does not notice when he goes back. When he does, you pretend to fall asleep on your bed.
“Doll, are you okay?”, Steve asked you with concerned voice. He saw your puffy eyes even when you are asleep. “Have you been crying?”
You open your eyes and force a smile, “I’m okay”.
He sits down next to you and puts his hand around your shoulder. “You know, you are bad at lying.”
The tears roll again. This time you cannot put a smile anymore. You do not even know how to tell Steve about it. You just hug him, burry your head in his chest, and cry hard.
“I’m just tired from working, that’s all.”
“You know, you can always stop working anytime”. He soothed you. “I get paid enough for our family. You don’t have to work hard, you know that.”
“I guess you right.”
Tumblr media
“I got a job!”, you scream loudly as you received call from the DA office. Finally, a dream came true. Having a job and earned your own money was really your goal.
But Steve had different plan for you. He dialed a number as soon as he heard that news.
“That’s a big favor you’re asking for, I think you need to make it worth my while.”
“I don’t care. You do whatever you want to do, Andy.”
“Fine. Glad having this conversation with you, Steve.”
Steve grinned. He finally found a way to make his obedient little wife stayed at home. Whatever it takes.
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chooseyourownavenger · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Agree and give him your number.
You agree and give Steve Rogers your number, taking his phone and typing your details into it for him.
“Thank you,” he says. “I’ll call you in a couple of days.”
“I’ll be looking forward to it,” you agree.
“I better get back in there,” he says.  “Or people will send out the search party.”
“Of course,” you smile and he leans down and gives you a soft kiss on the cheek.
Tumblr media
Steve is as good as his word.  It’s only a couple of days later and your phone rings with an unknown number.  You consider not answering, but you were half expecting that call.  When you hear Steve’s voice, it’s hard to contain your excitement.
“Steve,” you say.  “Two days, just like you said.”
“Well, I like to be a man of my word,” he says.  “Things are a little busy here at the moment, but I was hoping we might be able to go out on Friday next week?  I understand if that’s too far away.”
“That’s fine,” you assure him.  “I’m not seeing anyone else.”
“I need to admit something,” he says, sheepishly.  “I haven’t really dated much since… well you know.  Do you have any suggestions for what to do?”
Suggest going to a musical
Suggest going out to Coney Island
Suggest a fancy meal
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’m in love with you.” His face contorted into a devastated sneer, “I’m so in love with you that I feel like I’m going insane.”
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chooseyourownavenger · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Ask him to come home with you instead.
You run your hands up his chest.  “How about you come home with me instead?”
Steve pulls back, taking your hands and gently pushing them away from him.  “I appreciate the offer…”
“Oh,” you say, taking another step back.  “I thought…”
He shakes his head.  “Sorry.  You’ve read me completely wrong.”
Embarrassment fills you and Steve shifts awkwardly.  “I think I’m just going to go back inside,” he says.
“Right.  Yes,” you say with a nod.
You watch him leave and realize you didn’t even give him your number.  You sigh and decide to head home.  Better luck next time.
~ END ~
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chooseyourownavenger · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Steve/ Turn him down.  It’s been a fun night, but you don’t want to date an Avenger
“I’m really sorry, Steve,” you say.  “I’ve had such a nice time getting to know you, but dating an Avenger?  I don’t think I have it in me.  I worry too much.  I hope I see you around more though.  I work with Hill a lot.”
Steve smiles sadly and nods.  “I understand,” he says.  “I enjoyed getting to know you.”  He takes a deep breath and nods.  “I better get back in there before Tony sends out a search party.  I hope I’ll see you around.”
“Bye, Steve,” you say and watch him head back into the party.  When he goes you head home.  You’re going to have a fun story to tell your friends in the morning.
~ END ~
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