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#steve rogers x reader

(Possible) If I Go…

Summary: A choice could change everything. One single choice could change all you knew of the world around you.

A choice to stay in the future with Steve Rogers as he is now, a man scarred and bruised from everything he lost, but healing because of everything he had gained.

Or leave the present for the past to have a life with the man Steve could’ve become, the man Steve may have become if he hadn’t fallen into the ice.


Choose a life in the present with the man who says he needs you to breathe.


Choose a life in the past with a version of Steve who got to live out his life like he wanted.

Choose to stay or choose to go.

Both loved you, both wanted you.

But only one could have you.


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Pairing: detective!Steve x Reader
Warnings: yandere, stalking, death of minor character, allusion to non-con.
Words: 1180.

Summary: You are suspected of a murder you did not commit. Steve Rogers, a detective employed by the mother of a victim, makes your life even more pitiful than it already is.

God, he was there. That detective was following you again, his bulky figure hiding beside supermarket shelves. He was becoming a fundamental part of your life once your insane abusive neighbor was murdered. Of course, his mother thought you were the one accountable for his death since you rejected his advances multiple times, not his shady friends, some of them having a long list of criminal records.

But the sleuths she hired didn’t care, you thought. If they were payed to follow you around, they would do that without any regret. One of them, a strikingly handsome man with blond hair and deep blue eyes, was more eager to accompany you wherever you went. To make it worse, you figured out that Steve Rogers, that was his name, had a very close relationship with Clint Barton, the chief of police of your town. If the police would not be able to find a real murderer, maybe those detectives could make you a scapegoat. 

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Originally posted by gorgeousevans

Chris Evans x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Language
Summary: You had a bad day at work and Chris is there to comfort you through the rest of the day.

This goes for a dear friend who needs some loving from CEvans @unnuevosoltransformalarealidad and possibly for my other friend @jtargaryen18 for 30 Days of Chris

If this shows up on any other websites, it has no consent from me. Do not steal my posts. Reblog, like and comment!


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[warnings] dark steve rogers x reader, pre-serum steve x reader, 40′s setting, petite reader, angst, noncon sex (wear a condom, kids), public sex?

A/N: this was inspired by @darkastrea​ ‘s idea where the reader falls for skinny steve because he’s small like her and makes her less insecure but after the war she’s not attracted to him anymore and super soldier steve doesn’t handle the rejection well. 


In which Steve returns from the war and things just aren’t the same. 

word count: 3.6k

Everyone looked past you. Even your own family. Steve was the only one who understood that. He understood everyone looking down on you, literally. He was small like you but he was the one who knew how to stand up for himself. You admired that. 

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(You can also send your own prompts too if that’s what you want.)

1. Person A: “Are you gonna eat all that yourself?”

Person B: “No.”

Person A: “Can I—”

Person B: “No.”

2. You witness something horrific in a dream, you imagine yourself taking pictures or video of this event. Upon waking from this dream you find the pictures of this event in your phone.

3. Person A: “Does it ever stop hurting?”

Person B: “No, you just make room for it.”

4. Humans start out at birth with milk white blood. The more crimes they commit, the darker their blood becomes. One day, you meet your soulmate. Skip a few years, and things are amazing… until your soulmate trips, falls, and exposes black blood.

5. “What about the green one? It really brings out your eyes.”

6. Person A: “Shall we?”

Person B: “Not even in your dreams.”

7. In the photograph, I’m smiling, but my memories from that day are far from happy.

8. “You’re late.”

9. “Who could ever love a girl/boy/person like you?”

10. “You broke my heart and all you can say is sorry?”

11. “Stop coming back.”

12. “You’re not going to lose.”

13. “You don’t have to be alone.”

14. “Why did you leave me?”

15. Person A: “Please forgive me.”

Person B: “I can’t.”

16. “Don’t you see that I’m trying?”

17. “They can’t do anything to me. I have nothing left.”

18. “I hate you. I can finally say with every bone and nerve in my body that I hate you and I never want to see you again.”

19. “How could you do that?”

20. “Letting you go was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

21. “What are you talking about? You’re married!”

22. “It wasn’t your fault.”

23. “Just talk to me. Please.”

24. “How’s your day going?”

25. “Your hair is so soft…”

26. Person A: “If you do that again, I’ll throw you out that fucking window, you — what are you doing?”

Person B: “Checking how high the drop is, seeing if it’s worth it.”

27. “You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

28. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

29. “They thought I’d forget. But I remembered everything.”

30. “What if I break their nose a little?”

31. “How long have you been standing there?”

32. “You have something in your hair… um—do you want me to get it out?”

33. “Don’t look at me; I can’t even remember who I had for breakfast.”

34. Use the lyrics of your favorite song as the basis for a short story.

35. “I never met an outlaw before, what’s your cool code name?”

36. “It’s your choice.”

37. “What? Do you think I enjoy this?”

38. “You can continue with your worthless life, or you can become someone who matters.”

39. Her/His/Their eyes were clouded — controlled.

40. “Don’t try to shut me out of this. I’ve been here since day one.”

41. “Hey, that guy you met last night was pretty cute.”

42. “What is it? What happened?”

43. You find out that the best assassin in the kingdom is the princess. No one knows about this.

44. “Awfully confident aren’t you?”

45. “I’m not a thief. I’m just really good at acquiring things that aren’t mine.”

46. You are an assassin. A little girl has just come up to you, handed you all of her pocket money, and asked you to kill her abusive relative.

47. “You can’t blame me can you? You can only blame yourself.”

48. “I always knew he’d find me eventually. I just didn’t know it would be like this.”

49. Person A: “Cookies? You’re bribing me with cookies? I mean, they’re good, but not that good.”

Person B: “No, we’re bribing you with the antidote. You have three days until the poison kills you. Think about it.”

50. One small kiss, pulling away for an instant, then devouring each other.

51. “You didn’t call. You didn’t text. Nothing.”

52. “So what have you learned from this?”

53. Her body, flecked with scars, was a puzzle of near misses and mistakes she’d never make again.

54. There was something about him. Something about the way he watched me.

55. “What we have, it’s not love. Not romantic love anyways. It’s comfort.”

56. “I don’t need to take on the kingdom. I only need to kill the queen.”

57. “Pleasure to meet you but I’m going on the run right now, care to join me?”

58. Person A: “I had a thought.”

Person B: “Oh no.”

Person A: “I swear it’s a good one this time!”

59. “I thought you said you knew how to get inside?!”

60. “Is it still murder if I give them a heads up?”

61. “Couldn’t you have sugarcoated it a little?”

62. “You give out pieces of yourself to people but never let them see the whole picture. I’ve seen it. I know who you are.”

63. Person A: “Have a drink.”

Person B: “I’m working.”

Person A: “Then sit down and watch me drink.”

64. “You don’t strike me as a professional criminal.”

65. “Why don’t we just go home?”

66. “Dear diary,

Life as we know it has been forever changed. I just realized I’m in love with my best friend. This is the worst day ever.”

67. “Are you as worried about tonight as I am?”

68. I hit play and watched myself in the recording. But what I saw isn’t what I remembered.

69. Person A: “Should we do something?”

Person B: “You mean besides laugh?”

70. “What on earth are you doing?”

71. Night is falling. You’re lost in the woods and you just found fresh blood on the leaves.

72. “There’s something wrong with you.”

73. “I should have told you a long time ago.”

74. “Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.”

75. “I want you to remember: you deserve this.”

76. “This? This shit? It doesn’t make you who you are. You have to be someone first.”

77. “I can’t. I don’t want to go through this again.”

78. “For a second, I thought he/she/they could actually see me…”

79. Poor little girl, still waiting for her happy ending.

80. “Did you really not see it? Or were you too afraid to look?”

81. You live in a world of happily-ever-afters, but they only seem to happen to people with godparents. You’re sick of it.

82. The ghosts had always been there. It just took her a few years to realize that she was the only person who could see them.

83. Person A: “You’re going to have to stop that.”

Person B: “Stop what?”

Person A: “Pining. If you aren’t going to fix it you might as well let him/her/them go.”

84. Distance doesn’t matter. They’ll come for you.

85. “Shh, it was just a bad dream. Just a dream okay? None of it was real.”

86. It wasn’t a dream — not anymore.

87. If only we had met when we were younger. Maybe we did. But we weren’t us yet.

88. “I pray you never take a breath without remembering the breaths you’ve taken away.”

89. “You expected me to lead. So I did.”

90. “After everything, all of this, I can’t remember my own name. But you — somehow I know exactly who you are and I know what your name means. What it meant.”

91. I’ll never forget the day he brought me flowers. Eight of them to be exact. Because he knew I would be the only one that would understand the message.

92. A writer has slipped into a coma. All the characters in their head are fighting to keep them alive.

93. “You really shouldn’t be so trusting. The world is a dangerous place.”

94. Not all guardian angels are actually angels. Mine is the monster under my bed.

95. “Can’t we just go back to the way things were before?”

96. Your dreams begin to leak into reality. You’re afraid to fall asleep because you’re not in control and he wants out.

97. You accidentally kill a person. You instantly absorb their memories, intelligence, and talents. You find it feels euphoric and quite addicting.

98. He drank down his grief like it was red wine. Like it was the purest blood. After a while, you never can tell the difference between pleasure and pain.

99. She turned away from her kingdom, the two small lives in her arms are the only things that mattered.

100. “Why would you do that for me?”

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Another night in

Summary: After being stood up for another date, your neighbor Steve comes to the rescue…again Aka I was stood up today and could have used some comfort. 🤣

Rating: PG 

Word count: 754

Warnings: Drinking, mention of a sex toy, Jealous!Steve

Pairing: Steve x Reader

A/N: Written for @jtargaryen18 30 day’s of Chris. From one June baby to another..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! Started off as fluff then half way through well. *shrugs* Not super Dark!Steve but yeah. Hasn’t been looked at by anyone so sorry if there are any typos

**I do not consent to my work being shared on any other site than it’s original posting by me. Reblogs are accepted and food for my soul.**


*knock *knock*

You groan and mumble go away. The knock comes again and you sigh. Getting up you shuffle towards the door. Not surprised as you open it to find your neighbor Steve.

“Too loud?” You ask wondering if his super hearing has picked up your t.v. again. After getting over your starstruck, you realized you live next to a super solider..with super hearing. Which lead to a whole month of avoiding him when you realized he probably heard you the night before with your new toy.

He has finally cornered you in the elevator and got you to explain through much sputtering and embarrassment why you’ve been dodging him. Remembering how he laughed and told you “Doll, I wasn’t even home that night. I’ll let you know if I can, when I’ll be gone for a few days if that’d make you feel better?”  

“Nah, just surprised..thought you were going to be out tonight?” Your eyes narrow and you turn walking back to the couch. “Went that good?”

“Oh yeah, so good I didn’t even make it out of the house.”

“Sorry Doll…I brought some Chinese from around the corner.” He holds up his peace offering of take out. You eye him a moment before pulling the blanket your huddled under off the other side of the couch. 

He starts setting cartons of food out, before going to grab paper plates from the kitchen. Handing you one, he waits for you to fill your plate before he start filling his.


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summary: it’s the morning after your birthday and after months of feeling lonely, the avengers change that.

warnings: typos, probably.

note: um, so after like, two years of saying i wasn’t gonna write a part two, i wrote a part two. @shookie-shookie gave me the idea, so thank them!!!!!

add yourself to my taglist! + read “not as it seems”

(not my gif)


It was quiet when Steve woke up. The sunlight beamed proudly throughout the high rise but when he saw you laying on his chest, he smiled to himself and choose to stay right where he was.

After last night’s event replied in his head, his heart ached once more for the thought of feeling lonesome in a world that was tough for women. But you broke glass ceilings. You broke barriers and set the precedent for other women who wanted to follow in your footsteps. That was your legacy, and Steve felt distraught because you never felt that way after how people had treated you.

“Steve, what the hell?” Natasha shouted from the hallway. “I’ve been waiting for you for twenty minutes.”

She came across your sleeping figure and Steve instantly shushed her, his index finger pressed to his lips.

“Be quiet,” he whispered, gesturing down at you. Natasha’s eyes trailed to your sleeping body, looking as if it were laying helplessly on Steve’s chest. “She had a rough night and I want her to sleep in.”

“So she’s why you’re missing our morning sparring session?” Natasha asked, eyebrows quirked.

“Yes,” he whisper-snapped. “It was her birthday yesterday and everyone was too busy to hang out with her, and I feel bad.” He looked down at you. “We avoid her a lot, that’s for sure.”

Natasha sat down. “You know, I saw her with one of our trainers once. If she works on her form and speed, she could become one of the Avengers.”

Steve smiled. “Last night she came home and lit a single candle by herself, alone in the dark.”

“Oh,” Natasha said, a weird feeling brewing in her stomach. “I-I didn’t realize.”

“I just think we should all be doing better at being nice to the person who handles our finances,” he said softly. “And, she’s cute.”

Natasha had to laugh but Steve shushed her and she pretended to zip her mouth shut, throwing away the key. Natasha bid the blond a farewell and walked back to her room, the feeling of guilt still lingering at the bottom of her stomach. After disappearing around the corner of the hallway, she decided she was going to do something about it.

Natasha knocked on every door and didn’t care if it was six-thirty in the morning. Every Avenger was going to wake up and put up feeling too tired to function if she was going to fix things.

“Jeez, Nat,” said Clint, rubbing the back of his neck. “Don’t know you know it’s our day off?”

“Suck it up,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Wake Sam up.”

Clint grunted but knocked on his door. He was met with the same reaction but pointed at Natasha who was vigorously trying to wake Tony up.

“Man,” Sam said, sighing. “I didn’t not sign up for this.”

When the Avengers were, sleepily, gathered together in a conference room on the floor above the one you were on, Natasha locked the doors and stood in front of the group with her hand on her hips.

“We’re the Avengers,” she began.

“Uh, yeah?” Tony said dumbfounded, rubbing his eyes.

She glares at him. “We fix problems, not create them. We help other people, not abandon them when they need us the most.”

“Is there a debriefing I don’t know about?” Bucky asked as he scratched the back of his head.

“It was Y/N’s birthday last night and Steve’s out there letting her sleep on him because she was crying her eyes out last night.”

That got the team’s attention.

“But she looked so happy,” Sam said.

“We all know how to fake a smile, bird brain.” Bucky laughed at the nickname, to which Sam rolled his eyes.

“So, what?” Clint asked.

“Y/N handles our finances. She’s the smartest person out of everyone in this room combined.” Tony began to speak but Natasha held up he hand to cut him off. “The least we could do is acknowledge her presence and try to make this place less of a living Hell. Steve said Y/N’s been feeling like there’s no place for her here and that’s not happening under my watch.”

The Avengers were silent for a moment before Thor spoke up.

“We need to do better,” he said. “It is Asgardian tradition to throw grand celebrations, and I come to understand that humans do nearly the same thing.”

“Damn,” said Sam. “Now I feel bad for saying I had a date.”

“I’m not saying we become Y/N’s best friend right away,” said Natasha, “but we should start showing her some respect. Y/N had tear stains on her cheeks when I went out to the common area this morning.”

“She’s really smart,” Bruce spoke up. “And soft spoken.”

Tony spoke. “Nat, how fast can you get her and Steve out of the building?”

“That’s not even a question you have to ask.”

“Right,” he said, snapping his fingers. “Bucky, I come to understand you know the best caterers in New York?”

Bucky smiled giddily. “Let me call a buddy of mine.”

“Wanda, can you and Thor get out some decorations?”

“You got it!”

“And Sam,” he said, pointing at the gentlemen. “Music?”

“You’re speaking to my soul,” he said, smiling.

“Clint, Bruce, I’m gonna need you guys to help me with drinks and anything else we need. I’m thinking we go laid back and just throw a party for everyone on this floor, plus Y/N and Steve.”

“Sounds like a damn good plan if you ask me,” Natasha said, the guilt in her stomach disappearing.

She was able to convince you to wash up and leave the building within the hour, explaining to Steve what the rest of the team were doing. His heart melted at the thought of the people he loved to much caring for the, well, other person he was growing to love so much.

The day was still bright at six in the afternoon and you had introduced them to your favorite spots in New York and had spent several hours in the community you had visited yesterday. Natasha had almost forgotten about the plan until Tony texted her, letting her know it was safe to come back.

“So, what’s today really all about?” you asked as you stepped into the lobby.

“What do you mean?” Natasha said, moving aside for someone to walk past her.

“I just mean you haven’t been as open as you are today and it’s like you’ve decided to make yourself my best friend,” you explained.

“Well,” she said, pausing. “I’ve realized I haven’t been the most open person towards you. Don’t ask me why because I don’t even know the answer to that. I also realized it was your birthday yesterday and Steve told me that you had spent it alone so I wanted to fix that.”

You grinned up at Steve who was trailing close behind you. He didn’t utter a word but you could feel the warmth radiating off of his smile.

“Anyway,” she said as you approached the your home floor, “the team and I have a lot of work to do, but I hope this will make you feel at home.”

“Wh-” you began to say but as the elevator doors opened, you sat the common room littered with decorations and Avengers who had previously been to busy for you.

“You guys,” you said, a pool of tears welling at the brim on your eyes.

“I hope you’re hungry because we got a lot of burgers,” said Tony. “And anything else we thought you might like. There’s also an vegan ice cream cake in the freezer because you’re lactose intolerant.”

You stepped or slowly, putting a hand over your heart and wiped a stray tear away, to which Tony immediately ran to your side to usher you towards the middle of the room.

“We’ve been shitty. I’ve been shitty. You handle my finances and I offer you a room here in case anything happens, because let’s face it, we all know something will happen.” You laugh at his comment. “We wanted to make things right and I know spending money on you and getting you food isn’t going to fix everything, but we’re hoping it’s a start.”

You looked around the room at eager eyes and couldn’t help but feel love fill your chest, any previous anxious thoughts dissipating from your mind.

“Yeah,” you said, nodding. “It’s a good start.”

“Yeah!” Tony said, fist bumping the air. That earned a laugh from everyone and casual clapping from the other Avengers. Sam had started to play music and other team members went to grab some food.

“This means a lot,” you said to Natasha, “honestly.”

“Us women have to stick together. God knows there’s too much testosterone in here.”

You laughed and looked around the room, especially at Steve who had sent a wink your way.”

“You should know he cares a lot about you,” she began. “None of this would be here if he hadn’t pioneered for it.”

“I’m starting to feel it,” you said. You looked at Natasha and reached for a hug despite knowing she was not one to receive them. But she wrapped her arms around yours regardless and lingered for a while.

“Thank you,” you said, pulling back.

“For a powerful woman? Anything.”



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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: ~3k

Summary: After the final showdown against Thanos leaves you broken and numb inside, you seek solace in the warmth of Steve’s arms. 

Warnings: angst, mentions of violence and death

A/N: Once again I apologize if this sucked haha. but tbh this was fun to write hehe also NATASHA IS ALIVE im still in denial ugh also i almost cried writing this 


Originally posted by dezuechelon

You had never felt more alive and dead inside at the same time than you did now. 

And here you were, charging across the debris-ridden battlefield as you struck down the aliens one by one with your solar blasts and katana in hand.

You fought them all off with ease. Years of brutal training regimes had shaped you into a relentless, battle-born and skilled warrior. You almost didn’t need to think. Fighting came to you almost as easy as breathing did. You could hear the thrum of your accelerated heartbeat against your chest, adrenaline shooting through your blood.

You didn’t know where the sudden burst of energy came from. Maybe you drew it out from your grief, your fury over losing all your friends. Your loved ones. For a future with seemingly no other path than an unsettling ending. 

You and Steve were prepared to fight alone, to stand alone together against an army of thousands, millions. Because that’s what true heroes always did in the end. They never backed down from a fight, no matter how badly the odds were stacked against them. “Because if we can’t protect the earth, you can be damn well sure we’ll avenge it.”

Then they all came back. 

Glowing orange portals opened all around you and you became surrounded by more heroes, more allies than you’d ever imagined. Heroes from all corners of the universe, all fighting alongside you. And although this didn’t mean the fight against the Mad Titan was over just yet, you were filled the tiniest bit of hope. 

But even the tiniest bit of hope could go a very long way. 

You plunged your katana into an alien’s chest, hot blood splattering across your suit and face. The acrid metallic taste overwhelmed you, but you kept going nonetheless. By your side stood Wanda, waving her hands around as red wisps of magic flowed out of her fingers. Booming sounds of gunfire filled the air. Explosions sounded in the distance. You smiled to yourself, knowing it was most likely the unstoppable duo of Bucky and Rocket. 

Then you meet Steve’s eyes from across the battlefield. Even when his face was streaked with dust and dirt, his piercing blue eyes still shone through, steadying your hold on the last bits of your sanity. He gives you a single nod that seems to silently communicate ‘I’ll be here for you’ and that’s what gives you the energy to keep going.

You couldn’t wait for the battle’s end. You couldn’t wait to finally sprint over to him and into his arms.You couldn’t wait to return to your days filled with hanging out with your best friend, Natasha. You couldn’t wait to spend time down in the labs all night with Tony - your mentor, the man who you could practically call your own family.

You still had yet to find them, however.

But right now, you had a war to win.


If there was one word to sum up everything you had been feeling so far, it would be heartache.


The final battle had declared you all victorious, but it hadn’t been so without a great price. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives.

Including Tony.

He’d paid the ultimate price of giving himself up for the sake of the rest of the world.

It wasn’t right, nor was it fair at all. If the universe was in demand of a sacrifice, you’d step up to volunteer without a second thought. Because unlike Tony, you didn’t have thousands of people who looked up to you and admired you. 

He didn’t have red in his ledger, he didn’t have hundreds of kills under his belt. 

He had a family, and you didn’t. You were alone.

He’d never be able to see his daughter grow up. He’d never be able to be there for Morgan when she cried, would never be able to wipe her tears away again. He would never be able to see her graduate, go off into the real world, get married and possibly start a family of her own. 

Your heart ached at the thought of knowing he was missing out on so many opportunities as a father.

You didn’t deserve to survive. You were ripped away from your family as a little girl, forced into a dozen different lab experiments, becoming the government’s tool. So naturally, the thirst for revenge and desire for vengeance against those who did you wrong took root within you at a young age. Having been a former Red Room assassin, you grew up in an atmosphere of constant fighting and suspicion, learning to never trust anyone no matter how reliable they seemed.

After he died, after his funeral, it seemed as if the universe collapsed within itself. Everything erupted into chaos.

People were confused, angry, frustrated, and upset.

Upset over losing Tony.

Upset over the fact that saving the universe had to conclude with Iron Man meeting his untimely demise.

Upset over the fact that they’d lost one of their own.

And you were upset, because you didn’t get to say goodbye to the man who had always stuck by your side for the past decade.

You wanted nothing more in that moment to see your team. You felt like you were floating, untethered as you drifted through open space, and the only thing that could possibly bring you back down to earth was getting the closure that you so desperately wanted.

Suddenly, you felt a rough hand on your shoulder, and tore your gaze away from the horizon to glance up at a familiar figure. Steve.

All it took was one look into his soft blue eyes, glistening like the reflection of the sun on top of ocean. A sharp contrast to the darkened hues that once raged inside them, the violent storm had finally settled, causing a strange calming feeling to wash over your body. The way his gaze fell upon yours made you feel like you were trapped beneath a crashing wave, the roaring rapids keeping you from being able to break through to the surface. One that you fought against for a second as the burning desperation in your lungs begging for more oxygen grew, but surrendered to eventually knowing that your efforts would only be rendered useless in the end.

“Are you okay?”

That’s when you noticed he was crying, too. You tried opening your mouth to respond but nothing came out. All the words building up in the back of your throat fell short.

Tony was dead.

Tony. One of the smartest guys you’d met in your life. The man who welcomed you into his home with open arms, who accepted you immediately. The man who looked past your mistakes and forgave you no matter what. The one man besides Steve himself, who could give the best hugs, was dead. The man who had the biggest heart of anyone you knew.

You collapsed to the ground, knees sinking into the grass and you screamed. You screamed until there was no more air left in your lungs and your throat felt scratchy and raw. You screamed until you felt like you were going to tear apart at the seams.  

A fresh onslaught of tears streamed down your cheeks in a heavy flood. His hands fell to your waist and back and pulled you close, and another sob tore from your throat, muffled by the fabric of his shirt as he buried his face in the crook of your neck, enveloping you in his warm embrace.

You didn’t want to let go. And neither did he. He held you close, breathing in deeply as the two of you tried to live in the moment for as long as you possibly could, the temporary moment of peace and quiet that neither of you know how much longer it’ll last for. So you stayed like that for a while, warm bodies gently pressed against one another, hearts beating against each other.  

From there, everything was a blur. You felt a soft hand slip into yours, presumably Wanda’s, and lead you inside, handing you a fresh set of clothes before showing you to the bathroom. You stripped off your uniform and stepped into the shower, letting the warm water run the dirt and dried blood off your body, relieving yourself of the smell of ashes and gunpowder. You lathered your hair in shampoo and covered yourself in body wash, and when you stepped out, you smelled of fresh roses and cinnamon.

You stayed cooped up in your room, staring up at the ceiling as your head laid against your tear-soaked pillow. People would call out to you, ask you to come down and eat or spend some time with the team, but you didn’t answer. It was only until two days later that you finally headed down to the kitchen, sitting down at the dining table and staring blankly at the wall in front of you as you felt more tears fall, trying your hardest not to think about anything. You didn’t want to think. 

It seemed that despite all your attempts in remaining strong you always ended up falling apart in the end.

Steve came over with a plate full of food, setting it down before taking a seat across from you. “Hey. When’s the last time you ate?”

“I don’t know. I’m not hungry.”

“Y/N, when’s the last time you ate?” he repeated.

“Four days ago? Five?”

“You have to eat,” he ordered, pushing the plate towards you, “We had Pepper take a break for the week and I’m in charge of meals today. I made your favorite, you know.”

You bit your lip. “Steve, I’m fine…”

“No, you’re not,” he stated in an accusatory tone. “Now eat.”

You sighed and dug your fork in, taking a bite. It took everything not to let out a sigh at how well-flavored the chicken was.

“How is it that,” you swallowed your food before resuming speaking, “in all my eleven years of knowing you, I never knew you were such a good cook? How do you do this?”

“Don’t know,” he shrugged. “I have my ways, I guess.”

You didn’t realize how hungry you were until you looked down five minutes later to see your plate practically licked clean.

“Enjoyed the food, huh?”


“That’s good,” he nodded and smiled as he observed you. “You’ve lost a significant amount of weight in the past week. Just make sure to eat enough at every meal to make up for it, alright?”


The super-soldier was beyond relieved to see you out of your room, fresh and clean after washing up. Times in which he offered to cook meals for anyone were rather uncommon, but he always made an exception for you, no matter the situation.

You all agreed to stay at Tony’s cabin until the compound was reconstructed, which would take roughly anywhere from 3-4 weeks to complete. You spent the majority of your time outside, standing on the dock by the lake and watching the sun rise and set. Wanda would sometimes come and sit by you, and you’d create small talk for a few hours until the moon came out and it was too dark to stay out any longer. On other occasions, you’d play catch with Peter and Morgan, or would sip coffee by the fireplace with Pepper and Natasha. 

Tony, if you’re listening up there, I hope you know what you did. You changed the world. We all owe you a great debt. 

The sun bloomed on the horizon, its golden petals stretching outwards into the powdery pale sky. For a brief moment you were cast in crimson and bathed in a rosy glow, your face illuminated briefly by the early morning light. The lake shimmered with a thin layer of gold, like flakes on a smooth, silver bed of stone.

“Enjoying the view?”

You turned around to see Steve standing there, leaning against a wooden pillar with a softened look in his eyes. 

“Yeah. It’s nice.”

“How long have you been standing out here for?”

“Since last night.”

“Aren’t you tired at all?”

“No, not really. I couldn’t sleep, so.”

He came forward and slid off his leather jacket, draping it over your shoulders. You were immediately enveloped with the fresh smell of his berry aftershave and a hint of the iced Americano he always liked to drink on every Friday at 3 p.m, at the same corner café with you in the same two seats at the back of the place. The memory made you smile a bit.

When Steve came along, everything changed. No matter how many walls you tried to put up around your heart to defend yourself, he always seemed to be able to break them all down. You found yourself caring about him without trying. You tried as hard as you could not to develop feelings as you believed it was just wrong to do so, but there was nothing holding you back, so you couldn’t help but fall in love.

Even when you were on opposing sides, Steve’s loyalty to you did not go astray. Even when his heart shattered as he saw you on the other side of the battlefield because you couldn’t stand the idea of betraying your mentor. Even when you risked your life by running away with him, not once did he consider ever going against you. Because in the end, you always came to him, which only made the great Captain America’s already abundant love for you grow.

Oh, how badly you wanted to go back to the past.

Your chest ached. Tony would know exactly what to say to you at the moment to make you feel better.

As you stood there, Steve took several steps forward and circled his arms around your torso from behind, pulling you close against his chest and resting his chin atop your head. A choked sob suddenly came out of your mouth as you tried to escape his grip but failed, eventually relaxing into his touch. You brought your hands up against his and gripped them tightly as you squeezed your eyes shut and let the rest of the tears fall.

“We’re gonna get through this together, I promise,” he murmured, warm breath fanning against the back of your neck. “Don’t worry.”

“I just really miss him.”

“I know, I miss him too. We all do.” He rubbed your back soothingly. “But we’ll get through this; everything’s gonna be okay. Remember when you asked me what love felt like?”

“If this is love, then I don’t want it.”

Steve chuckled. “Love’s not easy, sweetheart. It involves trial and error. Heartbreak.”

“I don’t know if risking my heart is something I wanna do, though. But I guess I can’t avoid it any longer, because I’ve already done it.”

“You have?”

“Yeah. But I don’t know if he feels the same way…I’m suspecting he still has lingering feelings for someone else. And besides…it’s kind of late to get into the dating game anyways. I should be married right now.”

“Hey. While it’s true that I’ll always love Peggy, I don’t see her as anything other than a close friend anymore. She was able to move on, so I don’t see why I can’t do the same.”

“When did I say it was-”

“Y/N, I’ve known you for over a decade. I know you like the back of my hand,” he laughed. “And who said it’s too late to get married now?”

You raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you proposing to me, Steve Rogers?”

“No. But I will, sometime later this year.”

“Is that so?”

“It’s very likely,” he hummed. “Because I’ve been in love with you for ten years, and I’ve been thinking about it for five.”

“Wait, you’re joking, right.”

“I’m not, and I’m always honest.”

You smiled, looking up at him and admiring his bright blue eyes. Those eyes that were your home, your safe haven - and always would be. 

He finally closed the space between you two and connected his lips with yours, and the world fell away.

Steve stayed true to his word. 

The ceremony wasn’t giant nor over-the-top, but still exquisite nonetheless; a gathering by the stunning coastline in Virginia Beach. The entirety of SHIELD was there, as well as Morgan with Pepper, and Cassie with Scott. 

Originally Tony was supposed to be walking you down the aisle. And you really wished you could turn back time to bring him to this very moment. You knew he’d be a proud older brother figure and mentor. 

“You guys are disgustingly adorable,” he’d say. “But I can tell he makes you happy. Marry a guy like him if you can. Or just marry Cap himself. That’s all I want of you.”

Nick fury approached you and placed a careful hand on your shoulder. “You look great, Agent.”

“Thanks,” you sniffed, fiddling with your thumbs. “You look great too, sir.”

“I know I can’t replace Stark,” he sighed, “but I know he’d want you to be happy, especially on the day of your wedding. Chin up, Y/N, it’s your special day. And if you start crying before you get to the altar, Romanoff’s gonna be pissed because you know how long it took her to do your hair and makeup.”

“Yeah, she would,” you laughed lightly, sliding your arm into the crook of his elbow. “Thanks for doing this, Nick.”

“Anything for you.”

You took a deep breath as the music started and began your walk down the aisle. 

It seemed like a long way from the altar but as soon as you locked eyes with Steve, everyone else disappeared. It was just you and him in that moment, about to be bound together for life, and there was nothing else that mattered more than that.

When Steve first saw you, he cried like a baby. As in, turned into a baby and literally started crying like one and his hands were shaking, kind of cry. And you did as well. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when you said your vows, the ocean breeze gently blowing around as you spoke. 

“I pronounce you husband and wife,” Happy announced with a wide grin. “Captain, you may now kiss your bride-”

Steve stepped towards you, cupping your face with his hands and pulling you into a passionate kiss. A kiss that sealed the deal, your happily ever after - tying the knot. 

The las month had been nothing but chaos, so your wedding was a relieving day for everyone. 

And so, for the first time in a long time, everyone was happy. 

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i recently purged my discord of inactive rp’s, so i’m looking for some new ones 😊 i’m looking to rp with one of these characters partnered with my oc!

  • steve rogers
  • bucky barnes
  • peter parker

if you’re interested in rping as one of these guys, send me a message! we can do doubles also if that’s preferred 😊 i do marvel, star wars, star trek (aos) and a handful of other things too.

i rp on discord, so send me a message here and we can put something together!

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader


Summary: feeling insecure about your looks, Steve helps you to see what he sees.


Originally posted by erikisright

You put away the last bit of the laundry. Life has been crazy this whole last week. The guys have been on mission after mission, meanwhile the aching pain in your side hasn’t subsided. Bruce, not to your delight, thinks you shouldn’t even be training. But you would go completely stir crazy laying in bed or on the couch all day.

             What the boys know won’t hurt them. Besides, you want to try to stay in shape. Anytime you are under bed rest, you feel like your muscles turn to mush and your totally body fat sky rockets. Being insecure your whole life about your looks, you finally started to feel comfortable with all the cardio and weightlifting.

             Especially around your friends from before becoming an Avenger. They all know you are a part of the team, your costume doesn’t exactly hide your identity. Neither did the fact that you blew up a baseball with your bare hands in college because it scared you. At a game the batter hit the ball into the crowd, it was coming for you, you threw your hands up in defense but never felt the ball hit your skin. Instead the ball fell to the ground in the small pieces that were left.

             Fury found you shortly after. Explained to you that there are others, a team, a family that you could be a part of. You accepted the offer and never looked back. For once you felt like you belonged, but every once in a while some of your insecurities come flooding back.

“Hey gorgeous,” Steve’s deep voice creeps around your door frame. Joining your curled up body on your bed, Steve brushes your free hair behind your ear. “I have a surprise for you. I know you’ve been cooped up in this building for two weeks, so I brought your two friends from home.”

“Really?” You slowly sit up, griping your side. It feels like forever since you’ve seen them, and you’ve missed them desperately.

             Steve nods his head with a smile. And before you know it, you leave Steve to smell the burning rubber from your rapid departure. Running through the pain, you make it to the corridor to see your long-term friends standing in awestruck wonder at the architecture.

“Oh my god! Christi! Abby!” You manage to apply your breaks just in time to keep from barreling the girls to the floor. Collecting your composure, you wrap each in an arm and offer a big group hug.

“Safe to say you like your surprise?” Steve appears by the stairs with a smug smirk.

             Letting go of your girls, you race back toward Steve. Leaping into his arms, the pain doesn’t present itself until Steve’s arms securely wrap around you. Steve gets in a spin or two before putting you down. Kissing your temple, Steve apologizes for hurting you but you just shrug it off.

             The girls and you end up in the art studio down the hall from your room. The movie Book Club plays in the background as the three of you attempt to paint while drinking your glasses of wine. Christi wants to know everything about the male Avengers. She is on the market for a boyfriend, and thinks a superhero will be a perfect match. However, Abby just wants to know about you and Steve.

“You two ARE dating right?” Abby takes a sip of her wine and wiggles the brows.

“We haven’t really put a title on it yet,” you can feel the warmth from the wine spread to your face. “We are definitely more than friends, but he has been so busy lately. Maybe once I’m back on the field we can talk about it.”

             The girls tell you how impressed they were that Steve came to get them. They assumed when he got back from missions, the two of you would be inseparable. Honestly, they aren’t wrong but you also get your fair shared time with the others on the team. But that’s Steve, he is very big on personal space. It’s something you are very thankful for. Even though the two of you aren’t officially together it is easy to get lost in someone else and forget the world around you.

             After painting, you move into the movie room. It is getting late, and you all are getting fairly tired. Sitting on the couch your gaze wanders to your thighs. In your peripheral you see the thin outline of your own friend’s thighs and notice how drastic the change is. You pretend not to notice the difference in body types between you and your friends.

             Suddenly all insecurities from college and high school come flooding back. The fact that you were admiring your own body in the mirror just hours ago escapes you. Any feeling of accomplishment from your workouts, training, missions no longer exists. Not next to Christi and Abby.

             You know it’s not their fault, and you’re not bitter toward them whatsoever. Christi eats a lot of junk but just so happens to be gifted with the perfect metabolism gene. Abby just does her own thing, no workouts and no dieting, but it works for her. You have always had more fat to you. Before becoming an Avenger, home workouts never did a thing and changing your diet did nothing as well. Since being here you have lost 20 lbs but you are still 10 – 15 lbs heavier than your friends next to you.

             Agreeing on a childhood favorite, you grab a blanket and curl up in a ball. The more coverage you provide the greater the lie you can tell yourself of what lies beneath. The girls follow suit and the three of you talk and make comments about the movie until the three of you pass out.

             Only a few hours later your body atomically wake up around 7:00 am. No matter the time you fall asleep, or the quality of sleep, your body always has a habit of waking you up early in the morning. The only other person in this building that I normally awake at this time is Steve. Though, after the rest he probably needed after the mission he is most likely still in bed.

             You crawl off the couch carefully trying not to wake the girls. A searing pain ripples through your right side to your leg. Biting your lip helps keep your internal scream from moving up your throat. Shimmying the rest of the way out of the room, you head towards the locker room to start training.

“What do you think you are doing?” His surprisingly stern voice echoes through the training room as soon as you enter.

“STEVE! Seriously, one day you are going to give me a heart attack.”

             Ignoring Steve’s original question, you make your way to the punching bag. You feel the need to build up your strength in your left arm. Perhaps if you get your strength back up the rest of the team may be convinced to let you back on the field early.

             Hearing your fist hit leather, the sounds doesn’t over power the feeling of you skin shift. My body is ultimately made up of fat! I’m not even muscle, just fat and bone! Tears sting  behind your eyes as the comments of from arrogant assholes from your past echo with each punch.

She’s easier to aim for, (Y/N)’s bigger than the others!

(Y/N) is a nice friend. I know she likes me, but you look more like my type.

             As each voice filters through your ears each punch against the bag gets harder and harder. The sound radiates through the training center. Completely in a trance, you don’t notice Steve’s gaze on you as he approaches closer. Right before he gets too close you realize your leg muscles need a workout as well, and you take off towards the track.

“(Y/N)!” Steve shouts but the pain in your side is all you can focus on.

             Wheezing, your arm wraps around your right side in attempt to console it. The pain radiates down the side of your body toward your leg once again. With each step you start to feel like jello.

             The sound of your body hitting the ground registers before the additional pain does. Dazed and confused how you got there, you feel a presence next to you. They place both their hands on each side of your face and examine for any blood. You’d swat them away if it wasn’t for the sudden want of physical touch.

“Steve, do you think you’d prefer if I was skinnier?” Sleepiness invades your senses.

“What are you talking about?”

             You don’t say anything else as Steve scoops you in his arms. All you do is point to your thighs and the little pudge on your stomach. Steve says nothing as he carries you to your room. All he does is place a soft kiss to the side of your head before laying you down on your bed covers.

“Where is this coming from?” Steve inquires, but you only shrug your shoulders. The both of you know that you do. Steve doesn’t press though, which you are thankful for.

“(Y/N), you’re brilliant. If it wasn’t for Stark or Banner you would easily be the smartest person I’ve ever known.” He soothingly brushes his fingers up and down your arms, luring you to sleep. “Outstandingly stunning. Though if we must talk specifically your body?”

             Steve delays by gently pulling your body onto his. Resuming the touch of his fingers against your arm, you wait for him to continue. The butterflies in your stomach ache as much as your injury pain. Assuming the worst, you’re not sure if you really want to know or not.

“I assume this trip of insecurity is due to your friends being here.” No offensiveness rises within you. You’ve told Steve about this before. “No, you’re not as thin as them. But they’re not as fit as you are. I know you hate your thighs the most, but doll trust me they are mostly hard muscle. Of which I find way more attractive than being super skinny, but unable to effectively fight.”

“I’m sorry-,” you start before Steve cuts you off with a kiss.

“You don’t need to be sorry. I get it, and I love you.” And this time you kiss him.

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Summary: Your menstrual cramps are being particularly bothersome and Steve has an interesting proposition for helping relieve your pain.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: ~3.7k (wow)

Warnings: language, SMUT (fingering, period sex, shower sex), mentions of blood (obvi)

A/N: Hello! So, this is my first fanfic I’ve ever posted. I’ve been reading fanfiction for a while and was recently considering trying my own hand at writing some, and so was just like “fuck it, I’ll give it a go.” Not only is this my first fic but it also doubles as a submission for the lovely @jtargaryen18​ ’s 30 Days of Chris Challenge. Both she and her stories are absolutely delightful! For the 2 of you any and everyone who reads this, I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by rpvisualosities

You groan, hands resting on your clenched abdomen as you roll over to face the back of the couch. It’s that time of the month again and your cramps are hurting like a bitch.

You’ve seemingly tried everything: painkillers, heating pads, even some yoga poses Wanda swears relieve her symptoms. Unfortunately, nothing seems to have done the trick. So instead you’ve just decided to curl up on the couch, belatedly moaning into the empty confines of your and Steve’s room.

He’d been gone the past 2 weeks on a mission assignment. Nothing major or incredibly dangerous, just simple recon. FRIDAY had let you know when he’d arrived back at the Compound a few hours ago. However, he’d yet to stop by and see you – instead choosing to hold the mission debrief immediately after touching down at base.

You’d missed him like crazy and had hoped Aunt Flo would have visited during his absence. That way, you two could’ve celebrated his return between the sheets like you always do. But no, not this time. Guess he’ll have to settle with your moans of pain rather than ecstasy.

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The tag list for “Who Am I?” closes tomorrow, June 5th (pacific standard time), so if you’re interested and want to be added, just let me know.

Also, if you see your username bolded, don’t worry too much. It either means I couldn’t find your username, or I “ran out of room” for official tagging and I just added it in bold since it wouldn’t let me go beyond 50. If that makes sense.

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warnings: Royalty!AU (bring on the misogyny), Jealous!Steve, NON-CON (oral), slight violence (things pick up in this chapter)


summary: Where there’s a king, there’s a harem, and you are the king’s favorite concubine. No other man is allowed to touch you. That is, until this monarchy becomes a diarchy and you find yourself at the mercy of two men unwilling to share.

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awkward lol, this sounds so so familiar though? Like I don’t know if I’ve read it or there’s one kinda like it. But for some reason my mind is telling me that it wasn’t an accident? I don’t think it’s the same a story, I really feel like I’m thinking of something else

Anyone know it?

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