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#steve rogers x reader

Warnings: 18+ here be smut! fingering, oral, (male receiving) bit of hair pulling, wrap it before you tap it!

A/n: Anchor!Steve is here, and to be honest the ending got away from me, and I don’t know man, it had me feeling some type of way. With that being said, happy readings angels!

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Steven Grant Rogers; beloved head anchor at WABC-TV, he’s what some would call ‘the man’, absolutely oozing power and dominance over the other anchors he worked alongside. There’s no story he couldn’t cover that wouldn’t have viewers tuning in just to catch sight of the all too handsome anchor himself, captivated by the sound of his velvet voice, viewers couldn’t look away. Steven Grant Rogers was made for public speaking, he was a man meant to be in the limelight.

He had it all; the story’s, the coverage, he was raking in the views; no other news anchor could compare. Steve worked the angles, worked the cameras had been doing so since his start with Eyewitness News while also being picked up to work full time Monday through Friday for ABC News and 20/20 as a correspondent, Steve Rogers had it all; well until you came along.

Y/f/n y/l/n newest co-anchor of WABC-TV, you had transferred in from ABC News to work Channel 7 alongside some of the best anchors out there. You were in a highly dominated News field now, but they had said you were the best of the best and would give Steve a run for his money, they hadn’t been wrong.

It was like looking at a female version of himself; he hated it. He was no longer pulling in the views alone, you were right there to captivate the same viewers he had before you had joined him at the half circle desk. It was no longer just about him and the stories he could report, he was sharing that limelight now, and he loathed the words, “now on to y/f/n, y/l/n”, it always left a bitter taste on his tongue.

Steve liked control; and with you he didn’t have that, but he had been willing to take it from you, the same way you had stolen the light from him, and you had let him.

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I don’t know how you’re doing this, but here’s a little more of orc!Stucky filth I love so freaking much 🙈 


Pairing: orc!Stucky x knight!Reader

Warnings: yandere, dubcon, degradation, overstimulation, breeding, just general orc filth 🙈

Words: around 500.

Part 1

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Helloooo my loves! I hope everyone has had a good week so far!

So I was wondering if I should start a taglist? I got an ask today asking if I had a taglist and I don’t. Then that got me thinking.

Would anyone be interested in being part of a taglist? I’m not sure how I’m gonna set it up atm, but would anyone actually want to be tagged in my work?

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Pairing: dark!Steve x Reader
Kinktober Prompt: Fingering
Word Count: 2,027
Warning: dubcon, language, fingering, young Steve Rogers AU
A/N: First of all let me say fuck you @iwantutobehapppier​ for putting this shit in my head. Secondly, I love you you beautiful bitch you. Okay this is the first time I’ve EVER written anything close to dubcon. I don’t think it’s overly dark but still read with caution.


“Steve, what are we doing all the way out here,” you asked, looking out the passenger window. It was early June and the corn had just started to sprout, it was warm and the world was your oyster. Wearing a flowery skirt and tank top in the early June heat, you tried to ignore how the leather bench seat of Steve’s pick up stuck to your thighs. Focusing instead out the window attempting to discern where it was you were.

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Summary: Meeting librarian!Steve for the first time.

Pairing: AU!Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Nothin but fluff, my dudes

A/N: I’M ON A GODDAMN ROLL. I see your librarian!Bucky @ballyhoobarnes, and I raise you librarian!Steve. Thank you to @honeyloverogers for inspiring my fluffy mood. Will write more if anyone wants me to! @stargazingfangirl18 here you go!!

Check out my masterlist here.


Lord have mercy, I’m dying at the softness of this boi. JUST LOOK AT HIM.

  • Steve probably doodles in his sketchbook while watching you search the shelves in the World History section
  • Likes that you seem just as interested in history as he is
  • If he catches you looking anywhere near his direction he blushes and switches to fiddling with his watch or tidying up the stack of biographies next to him
  • Secretly hopes you don’t find whatever it is you’re looking for so he can step in and give you a hand
  • It’s simply his job to come to the aid of a fellow bookworm
  • It’s not because he thinks you look stunning in that knit sweater dress of yours
  • Who is he even kidding
  • When you start peering down the aisles in the hopes of finding a staff member nearby he knows his time has come
  • Will definitely stumble as he desperately tries to make his way over to you
  • But when he sees his coworker Sam reach you first he stops in his tracks
  • Feeling defeated, Steve drags himself back to his desk, shoulders slumped and a small frown on his face
  • He’s not pouting, shut up Buck
  • He’s barely given the chance to grab his favorite pencil when he hears a voice in front of him
  • “Hi. I’m sorry to bother you, but your colleague said that you’re the go-to on all things history around here”
  • His head snaps up and there you are
  • It takes him a moment longer than he likes to kick himself out of trance
  • Quickly he figures out which books you need and you both make your way over to the correct shelves
  • Misses the way you eye his arms every time he grabs something off the bookcase
  • Without a doubt gives you one too many books so that he can ‘assist’ you in carrying them back to your car
  • You mostly lead the conversation, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t trying to get to know you
  • He’s just so damn nervous
  • Rubs the back of his neck as he attempts to ask you out, but unfortunately all he can achieve is a “feel free to come back if you have any questions”
  • Before he can retreat he notices a smirk gracing your face
  • “What if I have a question right now?”
  • He stammers out the word “sure” and prays to God you’re not about to call him out on his prior creeping
  • “Do you think that tomorrow you could help me carry some coffee back to my car, too?”
  • The brightest smile breaks out on Steve’s face and all he can think is holyshityes
  • Manages to get your number after quietly composing himself, all the while ignoring his two best friends each throwing a thumbs up at him from the first floor window
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Originally posted by avengerscompound

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Male Reader

Summary: (M/N) is a new avenger on the team. He’s become a great support to the team as an actual support role. He helps keep the team’s strength up both physically and mentally. Steve gets a little jealous of all the attention the team is getting.

(M/N) had been brought in by Clint believe it or not. He had found the man helping people around his town. The team of course had been pretty apprehensive at first at their new team mate. He didn’t seem like someone who could live up to the conflict that came with being part of the team. They were proven wrong during the first mission with him.

During the mission the battle had been going well. The team was working well together and everything was going to plan. Then it wasn’t and everything was falling into chaos. Somehow Steve had got caught in an explosion that sent him fumbling to the ground. The sound of a crack made him look up to watch a part of a building break apart and come falling down to him. Steve lifted his shield up and prepared for the crushing blow, but it never came. He heard the sound of some vibration and looked up to see (M/N) standing above him holding his arms up creating a force field. “You okay Steve!? Not hurt?” Steve was amazed by what he saw and was surprised by the worry in his voice.

Steve nodded. “I’m alright. Thanks for the help.” (M/N) smiled at him and pushed his arms out letting the shield push all the debris away. “No problem. Just glad you’re okay. Come on let’s get out of here.” (M/N) helped the man to his feet and the two returned to the rest of the team. Upon reaching the team they discover that Clint had been hurt. (M/N) rushed to the man and pressed his hands to the man’s injury. His arms began lighting up and Clint let out a sigh. “Oh that feels good. Glad you can heal.” He let out a laugh as did (M/N). Steve only looked even more amazed from behind them. 

That mission was proof enough for the team to believe in (M/N) and he quickly became a strong and loving member of the team. He practically became like a second heart of the team after Peter. Steve was absolutely fascinated by how (M/N) was very open about himself and willing to talk and hug everyone. He would often be found around each member, specifically Tony. While (M/N) could heal physical injuries, he was also able to help soothe emotional distress. That was helpful for everyone but (M/N) made sure to take extra care of Tony knowing how broken the man was. It took a bit for Steve to get used to all of this contact as he wasn’t used to it. But the soldier would be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy it.

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< previous chapter

Word Count: 2,625ish

Summary: Tony misses Y/N. Coulson’s SHIELD team tries to save a man.


Originally posted by toniestank

For Tony, any time Y/N was away was awful. Especially for missions like this, when there was no known date of return. It reminded him of when she had left the first time, after his birthday and when he had found out the truth about her.

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Little Intruders: 2


Pairing Stucky x Reader

Word Count: 500+

A/N: (Art by @fluffeh-kitty​) Enjoy more of this crack fic. Short chapter this time though, next one will be longer. 


“Steve.” Bucky grumbles into his hands, his elbows on the table as he peeks through his fingers at the scene in front of him.

Bucky just can’t believe it. Just moments ago, he was attacked. Attacked by some strange looking things that have a weird resemblance to him and Steve. Not knowing where the hell they even came from. Yet here they are, being fed and cooed at by you. His hands fell from his face to the table, causing the mini Bucky and Steve to jump slightly. Bucky felt no remorse, his icy-blue eyes glared down at the table where they sat. Watching as his “mini him” returns to happily eating a piece of beef. Steve’s “mini him” laying back, using mini Bucky as a pillow while nibbling on a piece of carrot in his paws. Both seemed to be completely content with your company.

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Kinktober Schedule

Prompt: Aftercare

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 827 (sorry, I know it’s short)

Warnings: A surprising lack of smut

A/N: This one is short and fluffy, I needed a break from intense smut so forgive me for that. Hopefully you still enjoy. I don’t think gender is ever specified in this one. Tag list is always open.

Sleeping with Steve wasn’t something you ever got used to. He knew your body better than you did, you’d swear it. He never failed to coax you into the highest level of bliss.

Steve’s hands on your body, his lips on your skin; He was a little slice of heaven.

Steve hovered over you, his lips against your neck and his fingers digging bruises into your hips. You were exhausted, breathless, and achy even as Steve sent you hurtling towards your third orgasm of the night. His stamina was dizzying - literally.

You clung to him, a mess of gasps and whimpers as you came around him for what felt like the hundredth time. Exhaustion washed over your body. Steve stayed buried inside you, holding you close and pressing sweet kisses to your cheeks.

“Did so well for me, baby.” He praised. He propped himself up on one arm, the other hand brushed your hair from where it stuck to your face. “Are you okay? Can I go get something or do you need me to stay?”

The gentle brush of his fingertips against your overheated skin, the pure caring adoration in his voice, his lips trailing your neck. It was was all a contrast to the way he’d manhandled tuor during the scene. He’d said cruel things, pushed your to your limit. But now he was making damn sure you knew he loved you, that he was there to take perfect care of you.

“Baby, are you with me?” He asked quietly. Your eyes slowly lifted to meet his and you gave him a tiny nod. He smiled and kissed your forehead. “Are you okay?”

There was a moment of hesitation before you nodded. Steve noted it, but you never lied to him, so he continued on.

“Do you hurt anywhere?” His fingers ghosted over your hip. You nodded again. “Where, baby?”

“My pussy is kinda sore,” You closed your eyes, battling the waves of sleepiness. “And my ass hurts from the spanking.”

Steve nodded and pressed a gentle kiss to your lips.

“I have to get some stuff from the other room. Gotta take care of you, okay? Stay awake for me.” He slowly got up and pulled on a pair of boxers. You watched him pad into the connected bathroom.

You fought to stay awake, he’d asked you to after all. He came back a moment later, just as your eyes were fluttering shut. He sat at the edge of the bed and gently nudged you awake. You hummed in protest.

“Here, take these.” He gently pressed a couple of painkillers into your hand and opened a bottle of water for you. You propped yourself up and took the pills only to settle back into bed.

“Sleepy,” You mumbled. Steve chuckled affectionately and gently spread your legs open.

“Not yet, love. Gotta clean you up first. Just a little bit longer, can you do that for me?” He looked up at you and you for him. You winced when the cloth he held swept over your abused hole. He shushed you gently, wiping up the mess the two of you had made. “Roll over onto your tummy for me please.”

He sat back to let you roll your aching body over while he discarded the cloth in the hamper. He smiled to himself once you’d settled. He had the best baby, always so obedient for him. He ran his hand down your back, a silent reminder that he had you, that you were okay.

He picked up a tube of cream, popping the cap and squeezing some into his palm. He rubbed his hands together, warming the cream up before soothing his hands over the raw skin of your backside. You squirmed at the discomfort, and Steve paused.

“Hey, it’s okay. This is gonna help make it feel better.” He promised, returning to his work and massaging the cream into your skin. Once he was down, he stood up and passed you the water again. You shook your head, instead choosing to bury your face in your arms.

“Drink. Finish it up and we can go to sleep, okay?” Steve cupped your cheek and let his thumb brush over your cheekbone. You smiled and gave in, propping yourself up and finishing the water in the bottle. Steve leaned down to kiss your head.

You were half asleep as he cuddled up behind you. His arms pulled you protectively to his chest.

“I love you, you know.” He mumbled against your shoulder. You nodded groggily. Of course you knew, there was no way Steve would ever let you forget.

You’d slipped into a sound sleep, but Steve didn’t move. He continued murmuring praise to you until he fell asleep, just happy to have his precious baby in his arms. He liked the sex, anyone would be crazy not to, but this? This was his favorite part. You were his favorite part. His little slice of heaven.

Tag List: @dragonofthenorth0726 // @vozit // @realgaytrash // @i-love-books-so-fricking-much // @nikkiofasgard // @duvetsandpillows​ // @creamofweep​ // @underratedmisfit​ // @buckmesidewaysandcallmesteve​ // @call-me-baby-gir1​ // @littlegasps​ // @hi-my-name-is-riley

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Fangirlovestuff’s Birthday Challenge!!

Hello lovely people! it’s my birthday!! in honor of this very very exciting occassion, i wanted to host a little challenge, and since I love love, the prompts are all couply things and tropes 💞


Originally posted by leroichevalier


  1. you don’t have to follow me but it’ll be incredibly appreciated<3
  2. you can take as many prompts as you want and prompts can be taken more than one time
  3. if you’d like to participate, please send me an ask/DM of what prompt and character/ship are you taking so I can keep track of it since I’m planning to make a challenge masterlist
  4. please tag me in your fics and tag them under #fangirlovestuffbdaychallenge so i can see and interact with them!
  5. No smut with minors, no bodily functions, and no snuff. If you do post a dark fic / non-con / dub-con, make sure it’s within bounderies of commonly posted fics.
  6. Minimum word count is 100, no maximum! (just please use the keep reading button over 500 words)
  7. Due date is December 31st, but it’s quite flexible so if you need more time just ask:)
  8. can be reader insert or not, with:
  •  Any MCU character/actor (but please don’t ship actors together, reader inserts only. with characters go wild lol) 
  • Brooklyn 99 - Jake, Amy, Rosa, Gina 
  • Lucifer - Lucifer, Chloe, Ella, Maze
  • if you want any other character or are unsure about the character you want, just ask me😘

odds and ends:

  1. You can submit headcanons, drabbles or one-shots but please don’t submit parts of an already written series (you can submit new first parts if you’d like). Please don’t submit works that were previously published, but you’re welcome to combine this with any other challenge
  2. All tropes are welcome - fluff, angst, humor, smut… I’m not a huge fan of dark!fics so I probably won’t reblog them myself but you’re welcome to post them under this challenge as long as you tag accordingly.
  3. if you want, you’re more than welcome to send me requests of things you’d like me to write for this challenge, since I want to contribute as well
  4. All readers/original characters are welcome!

even if you won’t participate, please reblog this and spread the word! it’s the first challenge i’m ever hosting so i’d really love for as many people as possible to join in :)

if i don’t reblog/comment on your fic in 24 hours, please tell me! i reserve the right not to reblog any post, but i will try to comment on all of them.

prompts are under the cut! some are vauge, some are less, but they’re all couple things🥰

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Steve Rogers x reader

Bucky Barnes x reader (friends)

Warnings: angsty

Word count: 738

Summary: After a mission that had a bad outcome, y/n feels shes to blame even though there’s nothing she could have done. Bucky comes to try and comfort her, and to get her to confront Steve on why she hid as soon as they got back to the tower.

Authors Note: Kinda sad how the reader blames herself, but this is my first Imagine that I would actually put angsty in the warnings.


I used either 1 or 2 prompts I honestly don’t remember. I think it was 2 but I changed a couple of words in the second one. Here are the ones that I used and changed somewhat.

Prompt: “If you would have tried to save me then we wouldn’t have the flash drive and you would’ve been shot to.” & “Y/n, you could never hurt me, just remember that.”

^         ^         ^          ^          ^         ^          ^         ^         ^          ^        ^          ^


Originally posted by buckysqueenbitch

Bucky sighed before knocking on the bedroom door, knowing Y/n would come to sulk and hide in the comfort of her own room after what happened on the mission. “Y/n, it’s me. Bucky.”

“Come in.” Y/n called after a moment of silence. Bucky opened the door and stepped into her room closing it after he entered. “Hey, Buck.” Y/n greeted but there was a slight strain in her voice. Which he detected immediately.

“Don’t do that Y/n. Not with me…please.” Bucky shook his head, he knows her better than she thinks. He’s not gonna fall for her bullshit, its obvious she’s not ok.

“Do what?” Y/n asked him, playing dumb. Bucky tilted his head to the side abd raised his eyebrows. His look screamed ‘Really? You really think that’ll work with me?’. Y/n dropped her gaze down. “Sorry.”

“Can I sit?” Bucky asked walking over towards where she’s seated on her bed.

Y/n nodded ‘yes’, moving to make some more room for the supersoldier. “Yeah, go ahead.”

Bucky took a seat next to her. They just sat in silence for a while, neither starting the inevitable conversation. Y/n would be completely comfortable if she could change the subject she knows Buckys gonna bring up, but it does need to be done. She knows that. Bucky sighed before speaking “He doesn’t blame you Y/n/n. No one does.”

“Well, they should.” Y/n grumbled softly.

Bucky shook his head reaching for her hand, turning his body to face her. “No, they shouldn’t…Y/n you have got to know there wasn’t another way. NOt without jeopardizing the mission.”

Y/n shook her head not agreeing with him. “I should’ve done something Bucky! I shouldn’t hav- I shouldn’t have just let him get shot!” she snapped with her voice cracking.

“Y/n! You couldn’t have done anything!” Bucky exclaimed loudly trying to get her to understand.

“He almost died, and it would have been my fault.” Y/n let out a whimper at her thoughts being put into words. The realization of the fact what she just said was true. At least in her eyes. She couldn’t hold in her tears anymore and let them fall.

“Y/n/n” Buck spoke softly it’s hard for him to see her like this. It hurts. Bucky knows if something were to happen to anyone on the team and Y/n felt she could’ve stopped it she’d blame herself. “Doll, listen. Come here.” he opened his arms for her. Y/n very quickly glanced at him knowing what he wants but she looked away again. Y/n doesn’t feel like she deserves his comfort, even Bucky can tell that. Buck reached out to wipe her tears with his thumbs. Reluctantly Y/n let Bucky pull her into a tight hug. “There is absolutely nothing you could have done. Steve is fine. He’ll heal. The serum will make it heal even faster. Steve is gonna be fine doll. Hell, he’s already back in his room.” Bucky stated rocking her gently to calm and comfort her.

She shook her head “He won’t want to see me.”

Bucky sighed “Doll, you, me, and Steve all have one quality that’s exactly the same. An that’s the fact anything we can take and carry the blame for anything and everything as if it is our own. Y/n, Steve loves you. He was asking for you last time I checked. No one knew where you went after the mission.”

“You did” Y/n pointed out

Bucky gave a half-smile not that she could see since he’s resting his chin on top of her head. “Well, besides Steve, you and I have grown close since I’ve been here. I figured you would be here putting all the blame on yourself.”

“You were right.” They both chuckled

They hugged for a little longer before Bucky unwrapped his arms from around her. He stood up from the bed looking down at her with a smile. “Come on”

“Where are you taking me?” Y/n asked confused as Bucky pulled her to stand up.

“To your bathroom to clean you up, then I’m taking you to see Steve.” he spoke dragging her towards her bathroom.

“Ok” she sighed following him now willingly to clean herself up, having not done that right after the mission and since she has been crying also.

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come back, my childhood | 14

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: After Y/N and Steve got together, the SHIELD University secret files twitter account was resurfaced after vanishing for two years. The account was all fun and teasing until some anonymous tweet sender starts attacking Y/N and Steve’s relationship. Will they let some senseless anonymous tweets affect their relationship?
Warning/s: None?
come back, my childhood masterlist
main masterlist is on bio.




A/N: I decided to drop this now because I don’t think I will be able to do it tomorrow evening because of my quiz and my professors are starting to encode our grades and I’M SO F NERVOUS!

Anywaaaay, reblogs, likes and comments are very appreciated! Let me know what you think!

Permanent List: @aurora2238 @lookiamtrying @tonystankschild

All CEvans Characters List: @patzammit @cheeseburgersstuff

CBMC List: @champagneand-strawberries @sexyvixen7 @buckybarnesthehotshot @wxstedhexrt @storiesbystarlight @ramentix @supraveng @varikasnuori @nerdy-bookworm-1998 @bonkyboinkybucky

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Dreamy’s masterlist


・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・⋆ ・

Last updated: October 21st 2020

・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・ ⋆ ・ ⠄⠂⋆ ・⋆ ・

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“ Already Gone ”





Previously Next

SUMMARY : Time Loop Drama Au.

Detective Steven Rogers is stuck in the same day over and over again in which the same event ends on each day : his partner Y/N Y/L/N always dies before midnight no matter what he does. Can he finally save her and solve the horrendous crime that connects all of the events ?

PAIRINGS : Steve Rogers x Reader

RAITING : Explicit , Angst , Tragedy , Drama

WARNING : 18+ , Sad , Deaths , Time Loop , Violence & Blood

SONG I LISTENED WHILE WRITING : “ Echo ” by Jason Walker

author ’ s note : This is the last part of the Ist Chapter. And again I apologize if this is sad. However the story will take place in time loop so the reader will die and live and die and live again and again until Steve can find something to stop it ! anyway , do not worry …. in the end , this will have a good sweet ending



The parking lot was relatively unoccupied, but would have been emptier if not for the extra personnel working on the case. Tired, he fumbled for his pocket. “ I forget my keys, I’ll be right back ”

“ I’ll wait here ” Y/N answered lightly, leaning against the drivers’ side door, looking up at the stars. He greeted another officer lightly as he re-entered the building.

Steve snatched up the keys and chided himself on being forgetful. He was halfway to his car when he realized that his partner wasn’t alone. His feet skidded to a rough stop as his breath caught in his throat.

A masked man had Y/N cornered against the dark vehicle, saying something that he couldn’t clearly hear. She should be screaming, Steve thought angrily. There were police everywhere; hell, they were the police.

Shaking out of his frozen state, Steve charged forward, shouting the entire time and drawing his weapon. Swiftly, the man grabbed her and spun her around, a long knife pressed against Y/N’s delicate neck.

“ You’re following the wrong clues ” the angry voice hissed. He was using some sort of voice distorter and Steve had no way of recognizing him. His pistol out, Steve kept it trained on the man’s head. He was using Y/N as a shield and his frustration started to rise.

“ Let her go ”

“ You have to follow the right clues, Steve Rogers ”

The voice shouted. “ She chose for you. He will be spared ”

Before he could react, his response time tempered by stress and lack of sleep, the man plunged the blade into Y/N’s chest, reaching around her. He pushed her away, right into Steve’s arms.

Steve was torn between following the man and holding his partner. He was shouting for someone, anyone, not even hearing his own voice.

He laid her down on her back, cradling her body. Y/N was so small; he didn’t realize how light she was. She always had her shoulders straight and head up.

How could she be this fragile? And pale. And dying. She was gasping and coughing up blood. He held her hand, screaming for help.

“ I told him to kill me and save the boy ” Y/N rasped out, a thin line of blood trailing down her mouth. “ Don’t let me die alone, Steve ”

She was shaking and he could only grasp her hand harder. Y/N looked so young and broken in that instant that all of his hatred for her bled away: how could he let this beautiful girl die like this?

“ Don’t give up, Y/N ! ” Steve wanted to shout at her into listening, into not giving up. He was the reason she was lying there dying and it made his arms grip her closer.

Time closed around him and all he could hear were her ragged breaths. Her lips were quivering before he felt her shudder and the light fade from her eyes before the paramedics could help her.

Shaking, he looked at his watch 11:59 p.m. A rough blood smear obscured the numbers. His throat tightened at the sight. Y/N was already gone before the day was over.

By the time, Steve was brought home it was nearly 1:30 a.m. and he was numb. There had been questions that he could or did not want to answer. It felt so meaningless just to keep walking and talking.

The nature of the case had entirely changed and he was no longer on active duty. Steve noticed her running bag by the door and their coffee cups on the counter.

If he hadn’t been so exhausted, he would have wept. He would have cried for her, for himself, and for all of the young lives being snuffed out. He felt so helpless, but also selfish for feeling like any of this was about him.

Steve numbly showered and watched the water run red with her blood, still lingering under his fingernails and on his skin. Nothing helped. He couldn’t meet his own eyes in the mirror when he left the washroom.

Changed into loose-fitting pyjamas, he collapsed into bed.

He stared at the clock 1:59.

He didn’t register it turning to 2:00.

With a shiver and a jolt, not as strong as the one from yesterday, he awoke when his alarm starting to chime at 5.59 a.m.

He should have turned it off last night, he cursed. Steve closed his eyes again, wanting the world to bleed away into nothingness. He tried to go numb as the beeping switched to the morning news.

“ It’s Tuesday, November 21 at 6 a.m. Good morning from us at New York News 580. The temperature is 74 and partially cloudy. First, returning to the missing children .… ”

His eyes flew open. It was only when he sat up that he realized he was wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

What the hell.

Again, there was a single knock on his door and the sound of an envelope sliding under his door. Frozen, this time he didn’t move to give chase.

Steve knew he wouldn’t make it and was too stunned to react in any meaningful way. This should mean that she’s still alive. He had to check.

He just had to know. His hands were shaking so much that he nearly dropped his phone when he went to dial it. He grabbed it tighter and listened to the ringing.

“ Yeah, Y/L/N ? ”

His heartbeat quickened at the sound of her voice and he gasped. “ Y/N? ”

“ Steve ? What’s wrong ? ”

“ You need to get here as soon as you can. Something fucked up happening ” He felt his voice get heavy and hung up, texting her the address instead.

And like he knew would happen, a crow flew into his balcony window before she could arrive.


author ’ s note : The last part in the Ist Chapter is already done. Sorry again for the bitter ending / cliffhanger. Hope you all love the chapter for the day ! Stay Tune For Tomorrow ’ s Chapter ! Bye , Lovelies !!

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“ Already Gone ”

“ PART II : CHAPTER 1 :: DAY 1 ”




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SUMMARY : Time Loop Drama AU.

Detective Steven Rogers is stuck in the same day over and over again in which the same event ends on each day: his partner Y/N Y/L/N always dies before midnight no matter what he does. Can he finally save her and solve the horrendous crime that connects all of the events ?

PAIRINGS : Steve Roger x Reader

RATING : Explicit , Angst , Tragedy , Drama

WARNING : 18+ , Sad , Deaths , Time Loop , Violence & Blood


author ’ s note : As I said , each chapter is quite long so I have to cut it by parts and here is the 2nd part. And again, be very careful reading this because of how gloomy and bitter , I apologize for it but I also said it may or may have a happy ending in this after all.



They arrived at the station just as the news hit. The little girl was found sitting at a table of a café not far from his apartment. She was only a few hours dead. He had her with him when he was at the apartment.

The dread swept over his body and Steve swayed slightly. Y/N put a hand on his back and he startled and glared at her.

The task force meeting was subdued as they gathered in the conference room. There would have to be another press conference, but that could wait. They weren’t in control and the city was coming down on them hard.

Standing in the hallway, he noticed both the DA Stephen Strange along with one of his assistant, Wong, talking to the captain. Steve eyed them as he walked by.

The FBI were being brought in soon since this had terrorized the city for a half a month and there was no progress. All of it felt like his fault.

Fury addressed the room of exhausted and on-edge police officers and technicians. He pointed out the facts that he knew at that moment. The girl was gone and her autopsy would be done as soon as possible.

The forensics team was on scene and they were looking for any sort of camera evidence. Then, he turned to the threat left at Steve’s. Several heads turned towards him and then quickly back to the captain. Steve was seething the entire time.

“ We need to go check out the scene ” he whispered to Y/N. “ We should go now ”

She shook her head. “ We should wait to be told what to do as part of the team”

“ This isn’t just about the team anymore, he’s after me somehow and I can’t let that happen “ Steve said, through clenched teeth.

They were dismissed and the captain turned to his assistant to start preparing for the media press conference. Steve stormed off and went straight to his desk. He sat down, not sure what to do next.

Steve couldn’t just wait around for someone else to make a decision when there was a ticking clock.

One of the other detectives who was managing the tip line, Quill, suddenly stood from his desk, phone in hand. “ He’s got another one ! ”

The office both gasped and froze at the same time. Steve couldn’t control himself and turned and kicked his trashcan across the room. Everyone seemed to accept and simultaneously reject his frustration.

They were professionals; they should be able to handle this. He was taking deep steady breaths when the captain returned. He quickly pointed at Y/N and Steve to head out before he disappeared into his office.

The press conference now had two purposes; this kid might be reported as missing as a mistake so it was important that he was found, so that they could focus on the true crime at hand.


They headed out towards Staten Island. The task force was city and force wide but since the first incident had occurred in their precinct, they were tasked with leading it. Steve was gripping the wheel tightly the entire time.

The light they had been stopped at turned green and he started to inch ahead when Y/N suddenly gripped his arm to stop. A truck screamed through the intersection, running the red and nearly ploughing into them.

Breathing heavily, they looked at one another.

“ Our lucky day ” Y/N said. He didn’t respond. Steve thought about chasing the driver down but would leave that to the traffic cameras.


Finally, they reached the apartment of the missing child. The mother was overcome with worry, weeping onto the shoulder of a liaison officer as the other task force members busied themselves around the apartment. Another forensics team were there, mostly combing over the front yard.

Banner came up, flipping through his notebook. “ It’s a little boy. Elias Parker” He handed them both a school picture.

“ Is she sure that he was taken ? ” Steve asked, studying the dark-haired eight-year-old boy in the picture. The child was missing two teeth and wearing an orange sweater.

Y/N was shaking her head, taking out her notepad to start making notes. She moved to sit next to the mother and the other officer to begin the interview process. The first 48th hour rule was out of question.

They had less than twenty-four hours and they needed to hit the ground running. Banner licked his lips.

“ She swears. She was in the kitchen and he was putting on his shoes by the front door. She thought that he would be fine if he was in the house, so she went to put some clothes to dry before taking him to school. Front door was wide open when she got back ” He paused and Steve raised an eyebrow.

“ And …. he left a note here ”

“ Again ? ” Steve nearly yelled. “ Is it consistent with the one from this morning ? ”

“ Looks like it ” the fellow detective answered.

“ Fuck “ Steve mumbled under his breath.

“ What did it say ? ”

“ Tick tock , Rogers ”

The world tilted a little as Steve took in the words. “ I …. I have to talk to the captain ” He left Y/N behind to ride with another detective after only briefly telling her what he was doing.

She didn’t need to know more; this was about him after all. He drove back without really thinking. Would they pull him off the case? Why was there a sudden focus on him?

Some homeless person was shuffling his shopping cart across the street, causing Steve to stop his car. He glared at the man, honking his horn.

“ Come on ! Before I arrest you ! ”

The man grinned at him with dirty broken teeth before he limped on, taking his trash with him.

Steve noticed a bright red shirt on top of the random cans and bags. It was strange for something clean to be amongst the garbage.

The man’s skin had looked scarred, as if it had been burnt long ago. His hair was matted and dirty and in patches. Why was he so slow?

Everything was beyond aggravating.


Fury was waiting for him in his office, being distracted by the constant ringing of his phone and steady stream of people buzzing around.

“ I heard what they found ” he said, closing the door to his room. “ You have to tell me exactly what is going on right now ”

Fury already knew about him changing his name so he could avoid bringing up why he had done it again. Instead, all he could do was shake his head.

“ To be honest, I have no idea. Has anyone else on the team been threatened ? Or mentioned in the media ? ”

The captain shook his head. “ Up until now, it’s just been general threats against us all. Why would he personally come after you is something we need to figure out. When Y/N gets back, I want the two of you to go through the cases again and double check that there is nothing in any of their backgrounds that might be connected to you in some way ”

“ But we didn’t notice anything earlier, why would we find something now ? ” Steve snapped. Fury raised a hand in warning.

“ Because now we have a new angle to all of this. This may be personal for you without you even knowing it ” Returning to his desk, Steve sat down and stared at the folders that covered it.

He wandered to the secondary conference room, filled with pictures and details of each case. Crime scene photos were paired with school photos along every wall.

Elias’s photo was pinned up on a new part of the wall. He sat down at the table in the centre of the room and just let it all overwhelm him. Other detectives and cops were looking at the details but he felt alone in that room.

Y/N returned, her notebook still in hand. “ We’re still checking the neighbourhood but I think that he’s long gone “ she said. “ One neighbour did think that she saw a black car circling the block, but she couldn’t get a make or a plate ”

“ It’s better than nothing ” he answered. Y/N cleared her throat. “ Steve, let’s go get something to eat. You need to tell me if there’s anything you think could help us figure out why he’s suddenly after you ”

He wanted to glare at her and push her away but instead he gave her a rough nod before standing. Y/N guided him to a nearby sandwich place, placing him at a table before going up to the counter.

Steve was staring out the window when he could have sworn that he saw the same homeless man from earlier standing across the street. It was impossible; that was in another part of a large city. He scrambled from his seat to stalk across the street and confront the man.

“ Why are you following me ? ! ” Steve shouted, drawing bystanders. He looked at the cart and noticed the red shirt. It was the same man.

“ I’ve got a letter for you ” the man said, pulling out an envelope that was smudged by his dirty hands. “ From a mutual friend ”

Snatching the envelope without thinking about fingerprints or evidence, Steve read the note.

She’s next. If you don’t decide.

He panicked and thought about any female children that he knew and there wasn’t much of a list. Steve didn’t know what it meant because he honestly couldn’t think of a single child that he knew by name but he was not going to let that man get away.

“ Come on, you’re coming with me ” Y/N had run up to them at this point, looking confused. “ What’s going on ? ”

“ He’s been following me ” Steve handed her the note. “ Lunch can wait, we need to figure out what he knows ”

She nodded roughly. Together, they brought the man and his junk to the station. It was there that the red t-shirt was identified as Elias’s by his weeping mother.

They had a suspect now, but where was the boy? The other detectives took over the questioning, reading Steve’s mood from being provoked as too grave to get real answers from the strange man.

Of course, he didn’t have an ID. He wasn’t in the system either. And it would take days to analyze everything in his cart.

Y/N had forced him to sit at his desk and actually eat. He glared at her as he chewed his sandwich.

“ I don’t think he did it ” Steve said. “ And I don’t think he’s going to tell us much ” She looked a little more hopeful than he felt but Y/N still gave him a light nod of agreement.

“ Steve, do you have any children ? Do you know any ? Relatives ? Friends ? He’s going after a little girl and we need a list ”

“ I don’t have children ” he shook his head. “ And I don’t know any in this city. I thought about that when he gave me the note. I’m not stupid. I don’t really have friends. Work comes first “

“ Not even like a neighbour ? ”

“ It’s an adults only building ”

“ So it’s a dead end if we can’t figure out what that means ” Y/N pursed her lips. “ Let’s go review the connections again and see where we might fit into this ”

“ We ? “

“ I’m your partner ” she said. “ I’m here to support and help you ”

Could she just stop? Steve followed, not knowing what else to do. The next few hours were spent going over the details again and he was filled with nervous energy the entire time.

At some point, Odinson came by to give them some results. He lingered a little too long looking at the new picture, looking on with his usual overly emotional eyes.

“ Y/N, you’ve gotta find this one ”

“ We have a good lead with the homeless man ” she reassured him, guiding him away from the picture and out the door. “ Work hard and we’ll get closer ”

The man nodded and left. Steve raised an eyebrow at the interaction and let it slide.

Banner returned to the room with a grim look on his face.

“ We’re getting nothing out of him. He just keeps repeating that your mutual friend is coming and that ‘she’ is next. I really, really hate people like this. But it makes you understand why he’s homeless ”

“ I still want to talk to the trash man “ Steve mumbled. “ Maybe he’ll talk to me since I some how know someone involved with this ”

Y/N looked at him with caution and Banner shrugged.

“ We’re keeping him twenty-four hours while the shirt is processed, at least. I think that he’s happy to be indoors for a night. He’s in room two. Just don’t punch him or anything ”


Steve glared and quickly moved to the interview room. The homeless man was staring at the wall, not moving or talking. There was a full glass of water sitting beside his right hand. He didn’t move when Steve entered the room.

Putting on his most neutral face, he sat across from the man. “ How do you know me ? What is all of this about ? ”

“ You will know soon enough ” the man finally responded. “ He will break you ”

“ Who ? Our mutual friend ? ”

“ Yes “

Steve pulled out the copy of the note. The original was in plastic, being examined. “Who is she ? ”

The man didn’t answer and returned to staring at the wall. Steve sat across from him for fifteen minutes before exploding. “ Tell me who she is ! ”

He grabbed the man by his dirty jacket and brought him to his feet. The water spilled to the floor. Y/N and another officer burst in and he quickly released the man as his partner pushed him to a safe distance. She patted his arm, trying to calm him down.

“ Enough, Steve ” she tried to sound reassuring, but it was just annoying to him. “ Come, I’ll help you …. “

“ Stop it ” he pulled away. “ The last thing I need is you treating me like a child who needs to be helped. You know what would help me, Y/N ? Solve the case ! “ Steve left her standing there, stunned, and turned to leave.


He made it to the nearest men’s room and dropped inside. Once again, he stared at himself in the mirror. He looked tired and practically haunted by this day.

His jaw was set angrily and his eyes were dark. He’d be sent home if he didn’t get this under control. He was splashing cool water on his face when he heard the door open. In the mirror, he was joined by the DA Strange. He rolled up his well-tailored sleeves to wash his hands.

“ I can see that it’s not going well ? ” The older man remarked. “ That can be so very frustrating ”

Steve didn’t answer. He simply narrowed his eyes at his own reflection in the mirror.

“ You know, I knew your father when he was on the force. And your mother through her political career ” he turned to lean against the still damp counter. “ But that was a lifetime ago “

“ Is there any point to this conversation ? ” He snapped. “ Sir ? ”

“ Just that you are an important part of this investigation ” he replied. “ So watch your temper”

Steve was alone again and he couldn’t keep his anger tempered any longer. With one hard strike, he connected his first against the mirror, punching a shattered hole. The glass cracked slightly around it.


He left the washroom, his hand still bleeding and went to sit at his desk so he could seethe.

“ Steve, your hand ….. ” Y/N said, standing instantly in reaction. Then she stopped to glare at him. “ I’m not supposed to help you ”

“ I’m glad we understand one another ” he shot back, grabbing a roll of gauze from his drawer. His knuckles were only slightly bruised and torn up. It would sting for a few days but, otherwise, he’d experienced worse.

The room was always filled with phones ringing and people talking but Steve felt suddenly very alone; a sort of quiet had fallen over his thoughts. The adrenaline from punching the mirror had somehow calmed him down.

In the silence of his mind, he realized that he needed to apologize to his partner. Y/N wasn’t doing any of this on purpose and it was his reactions that were making him more upset. She was younger than he was so she had so much left to learn.

“ Y/N …. ” Steve started. The building suddenly shook from an impact. Was it a bomb? What was happening? It didn’t smell or sound like an explosion. He jumped to his feet, giving Y/N an apologetic look as they all went to investigate what had happened.

At the entrance to the public, someone had crashed a truck into the door. If he didn’t know better, he could have sworn it was the same truck that had nearly crashed into them before. None of this was happenstance anymore.

The driver, dressed in black, had scrambled out of the cab before anyone could grab him. Steve suspected that they weren’t going to find much out about the vehicle other than it was stolen.

They didn’t evacuate the building but they did cordon off the entrance. They’d have to come and go from the other three exits. Another headache.

Steve went to the coffee pot and frowned when it was empty on his way back from watching the accident investigators start to set up.

As he walked back to his desk, he passed another interview room. Thor was in there, speaking with the mother of the missing boy. Everything was making him suspicious but forensics techs had their tasks.

With his blood pumping, everything felt like it should mean something; this was an overreaction and paranoia would get him nowhere. Steve’d learnt that lesson long ago. He stopped by one of the other coffee pots and grabbed two mugs.

He set one down on Y/N’s desk.

“ Is this your way of apologizing ? ” She asked, with a light smile.

“ Thank you ” he said then sighed. “ Thank you fo r…. just thank you. I feel like I’m going mad— insane ”

She nodded. “ I understand ”

They worked in relative silence for a couple of hours, pausing briefly to eat, before the captain called them into the evening meeting. He looked at them all gravely before clearing his throat.

“ The homeless man had escaped ” he said, his hands gripping the podium. “ He fled custody after stabbing two transport personnel ”

Steve could only slump down in his chair. This was the worst day of his career and potentially his life. Everyone looked defeated, except for Y/N who went to the clue room, as they were starting to call it, to review her notes yet again.

When he joined her, he noticed that it was nearly 11:30. They had to go home and it was his turn to force her.

“ Y/N ? ” he said, entering the room. She looked up from her notes.

“ So far, the only thing I have is that two of the kids went to the same school, but not at the same time. I found a janitor that worked there and then at another school that one of the other children went to. I might as well be connecting them by their favourite colours because this is so loose ”

“ I can’t piece it together either ” Steve sighed. “ Why can’t I do this ? ”

“ You haven’t slept and hardly eat ” she shot back, lightly. “ Let’s go home. I can’t look at their faces anymore ”

“ Come on ” he said, after they had gathered their things. “ I’ll give you a ride ”

Y/N looked at him brightly and he offered a small smile in return. He’d been cold to her for so long. Steve would probably be tomorrow but today he could be a little easier to deal with, for once.


author ’ s note : Part II : Chapter 1 is done. Hope everyone likes it !

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“ Already Gone ”

“ PART I : CHAPTER 1 :: DAY 1 ”





SUMMARY : Time Loop Drama AU.

Detective Steven Rogers is stuck in the same day over and over again in which the same event ends on each day: his partner Y/N Y/L/N always dies before midnight no matter what he does. Can he finally save her and solve the horrendous crime that connects all of the events ?

PAIRINGS : Steve Roger x Reader

RATING : Explicit , Angst , Tragedy , Drama

WARNING : Sad , Deaths , Time Loop , Violence & Blood

SONG I LISTENED WHILE WRITING : “ Say All I Need ” by One Republic

author ’ s note : This is one very sad and tragic series of Steve Rogers Imagine. I recently got attached to dramatic events involving Chris Evans so I also have one drama series for Andy Barber Imagine. Be mindful of how gloomy and bitter this is , I apologize fo your sadness but I may or may have a happy ending in this after all so stay tune



For agent Steve Rogers, the past few weeks had driven him beyond the point of sheer exhaustion and weariness. The lassitude clawed at the back of his eyes as he blinked at the same line of an email he’d been reading for the last five minutes.

He straightened his back, moved away from his laptop, and removed his reading glasses before trying to scrub the weariness from his face. It was 11:30 at night and he really couldn’t focus any longer. It was crushing him like a vice that he couldn’t escape from, no matter how hard he tried.

It was not just the case which was brutal to begin with: Every day for the past weeks, a child had been abducted from somewhere in New York City. It could be at any time from any where.

The city ran on a nervous energy, only because people always had places to be and warnings to ignore. But every morning around 8, a small lifeless body would be found, propped up, usually in a very public place. The perpetrator was mocking the police including cryptic letters and messages in the media.

Steve couldn’t believe that no one had seen anything and the forensics were beyond minimal. So far, all they had was a partial thumbprint and a blurry video of someone in black obscured by rain.

They had spent the morning at one of the funerals and he’d only caught hints of shadows, dodging between tombstones. He’d been too slow but also too easily distracted.

He stretched his neck, hearing it crack as he straightened his broad shoulders. No, none of this was easy for the city - wide task force of four teams of detectives among with other investigators, dealing with a case that was terrorizing the city’s children.

His dark mood was always hampered by a nervous energy from the next desk; he also had to deal with his overeager and rule-abiding new partner, Y/N Y/L/N.

They had been partnered for just about a month when they had found the first body. It had seemed like a simple — although it was very disturbing — case until the second child disappeared within the next twenty-four hours. And then the third.

Then they were put on the task force, not out of experience, but because they were young and part of the initial investigation.

He understood that being newly promoted meant that Y/N was extra careful with every piece of paperwork and dotted line, but this case was not going to be solved by her constant attitude to bicker with him over small things.

“ Do you know how much more overtime we have left ? ”

Y/N asked, softly from her desk across from his.

The house would have been empty on any other night. It still felt like midday now, despite the hour. Steve let his hatred for the perp bleed towards her voice as he thought about her words and her tone. She was an idiot.

He rolled his eyes “ I thought that, for the task force, they lifted the limit “

Y/N had been careful around him most of that evening.

He’d shouted at her in front of the other members of the team after the last boy’s funeral that morning and hadn’t really spoken to her either, other than directly about the case. Just hearing her voice again brought him back to those feelings and he gritted his teeth.

She cleared her throat “ I was just checking with the union …. “ Y/N started to say before her mouth snapped shut at his glare. “ But I guess it’ll be fine ”

“ We have to get ahead of this guy, Y/N. At this point, I’d volunteer. I can’t deal with seeing another dead kid ” Steve shook his head and sighed, letting out a frustrated groan that ran deeper than the case.

“ Look, let’s head home. Start off after we’ve slept a little ” she said, closing her laptop and picking up a folder from her desk about the latest lost child, Anna Romanov.

The other operatives were still following leads, taking over for the night shift. Steve and Y/N should have been home 2 hours ago but they wanted to compare the notes again on the previous cases and try to figure out the pattern.

They weren’t really comparing with one another yet with their computers while viciously ignoring each other. There wasn’t a pattern that he could see and that enraged him.

Steve also snatched up the 2 most recent files and promised himself he would still try to get more than four hours of sleep tonight.

He saw her smile weakly at him as they passed again in the hallway.

He should try to get to know her or at least offer to walk her to the subway or even drive her home but he still resisted it. Y/N had to learn that people did not always respond to a pretty face and enthusiastic demeanour.


Steve drove home, mulling over the day. He still couldn’t believe that parents dared to let their children out of their sights. 1 kid had even been taken from a movie theatre in the middle of the day.

The mother had said she’d just looked away to check her phone outside the theatre salon and couldn’t believe that someone could just walk her child right by her until he flatly pointed out that there was always the emergency exit.

It had been rigged so that the alarm wouldn’t go off. His name was Evan Barton and he was just a 7 year old boy — they’d found him in the playground of his school.

Whoever was doing this, either had a list or was very lucky. Either way, they didn’t seem to be afraid of performing their crimes in plain sight.

Steve went upstairs to his apartment, poured himself a strong drink and flipped through the folder. It was after midnight now and his head suddenly felt very, very heavy.

He eyed the glass and wondered just how strong that drink had been. He was rarely this sleepy despite being exhausted to the bone. His thoughts often kept him from sleeping peacefully.

He pushed on, reading the folder and abandoning the drink. His eyes kept feeling heavier and heavier, like someone was forcing him towards rest.

Without thinking, he stumbled to bed. He collapsed on top of his quilt just as the clock hit 2 a.m.

With a shiver and a jolt, Steve awoke when his alarm starting to chime at 5.59 a.m. The beeping lasted for a minute as he forced himself to wake up, before it switched automatically to the morning news.

“ It’s Tuesday, November 21 at 6 a.m. Good morning from us at New York News 580. The temperature is 74 and partially cloudy. First, returning to top story of the missing children …. ”

He listened to the report before zoning out. His mind needed stimulation while simultaneously demanding sleep. Fuck his head.

There was so much to do today and he dreaded all of it. Steve was forced fully awake by a single knock on his door and the sound of an envelope sliding under it.

From across the apartment, he scrambled to reach and open the front door. The hallway was empty when he looked outside. Damn.

Carefully, he retrieved a pair of evidence gloves from his pants pocket. The handwriting on the envelope was neat and tidy. He grimaced when he saw it was addressed to Steven Grant Rogers.

It had been so long ago that he had tried to put his full name behind him. Now it was staring him in the face, mocking his imperfections.

This case suddenly had an even darker, more personal shadow cast over it. Steve carefully set the envelope aside, opening it with a kitchen knife.

He knew that the procedure would be to call the forensics team, but part of his resolve was shaken by the fact that there was a kid out there and this could be part of it. Written in the same careful hand as the back, the note was on a small piece of firm paper.

1 more to find today. 2 more to try to also save today. You will have to choose, Steven Grant Rogers between him or her. The clock is ticking. See you tomorrow

He had his phone to his ear before he could fully process the words. Y/N picked up after one ring. Steve didn’t know why he felt compelled to call her first rather than the task force leader withal he did.

“ Yeah, Y/L/N ? ” She sounded out of breath. Y/N must have been out running, he guessed.

“ Yeah, it’s Rogers. I just got a letter from our perp. He slid it under my door this morning and …. “ Steve started.

“ What ? He was there ? Wait right there, what’s your address again ? ”

He sighed and gave it to her along with the door code. Might as well get this over with.

“ Perfect, I’m only a couple of blocks away. Wait right there ” Y/N quickly clicked off.

This was going to be a very very long day, Steve could feel already. He couldn’t do much more than stare at the note until a large bang from his window made him jump.

He glanced out on his balcony and saw a dead crow lying bloodied on the ground. Opening the door to look at it, he heard a siren in the distance followed by his neighbour’s dog barking from the next balcony over.

Y/N’s knock on the door distracted him from the scene. Sighing and mentally preparing himself to see her, he ambled over to the door.

She was covered in sweat in a red sports bra and black running shorts. She deposited her bag roughly on the ground and looked at him intensely.

“ What did the note say ? Have you already called it in ? Did you see him ? ” Y/N asked rapidly before grabbing her tumbler to take several deep drinks.

Steve normally ran every other day, but since the case it had been hard to force himself to do it. Seeing her standing there reminded him that this was another thing that they could maybe do to become a better team but he pushed it aside.

He didn’t want to be her friend no more than be her coworker.

“ Here ” Steve lifted the note up to show her. “ I wasn’t able to catch him and the cameras in the hall don’t work the best on most days. I was waiting for you before calling it in ”

Y/N nodded, looking eagerly at the note. “ So, he’s threatening to take two kids today, that’s a change in pattern. Maybe we are finally getting close to him ? ”

“ He also came by my apartment, Y/N. He’s moved up to taunting us directly, personally. And we haven’t had a lead that’s went anywhere yet. How in the hell would we be getting close to him ? ” Steve snapped, feeling drained and aggravated by her simple-mindedness.

Y/N looked at him with wide eyes before biting her lip and looking away. She sipped at her water jug. “ I’m— I’m sorry ”

“ Just .… just think before you speak sometimes ” he said, knowing that it was very much pot-calling-the-kettle-black thing.

Y/N shook her head. “ Just forget about it. We need to call this in. They might be able to find something on the note or in the hallway. We could get lucky. Can I take a shower while we wait ? I brought my clothes with me and was just going to change when I got to work ”

Steve could only sigh and nod, ignoring the strangeness of the request.

Rubbing his eyes, he realized that he needed to shower and change at some point as well to feel human.

Whatever human felt like these days, anyway. Steve made the call and sat on his couch and let his eyes glaze over, staring at the city.


The circus arrived when Y/N showered and changed. She was drying her hair when the currently conscious part of the task force arrived.

Captain Nicholas Fury was there which surprised Steve. As the leader of the task force, the captain was taking the case very very personally but was rarely on the scenes.

He eyed the note carefully before nodding.

“ We’ll have Odinson and his forensics team study this ” he looked at him firmly. “ We are …. we are waiting for the report about the Romanov child ”

Steve watched as 2 other senior detectives, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, check the area around his door. The forensics team was scaled down, since it wasn’t an active crime scene.

Still, Thor Odinson and his partner, Heimdall Mardöll, were checking every part of his door and carpet. It wasn’t likely there would be any prints or hair but something would be nice.

“ Come by the precinct as soon as you’re prepared for the day ” Fury said, his voice steady. He saw the wrinkled state of Steve’s clothing and his bleary eyes.

“ We will hold an emergency meeting and then …. ” he paused to check his watch and grimaced. It was 7:45 “ And then we will deal with whatever comes next ”

The stoic older man nodded and left, taking the rest of the team with him. Y/N hung around, fixing her blouse.

“ I can wait for you .… ” she said, slowly.

Steve nodded gruffly. “ Make some coffee. For both of us. If you can figure out the machine ”

Y/N looked like she was going to say something in response, but just nodded, her hair bouncing as if to defy him.

He stumbled to the bathroom, suddenly remembering he’d have to take care of the dead crow at some point too. Steve rolled his eyes at his reflection. There really wasn’t much he could do at this point other than push forward.

The threat of having 2 children being taken that day along with the intrusion onto his own privacy weighed on him as he showered. The stream of water was hot and he felt gradually more awake. How could he have been so slow as to not catch the perp? God, he was losing his edge.

Steve towelled off and wandered to his bedroom to change. After putting clean clothes, he was reholstering his gun when there was a tiny knock on the half-open bedroom door. “ I know you take it black ”

Y/N was lurking in his doorway, holding a mug. So she could figure out a coffee machine. He took it and gave her a tight smile in thanks. He sipped at the warm beverage and sighed at the sensation. It actually tasted better, somehow from her touch than it usually did.

“ It isn’t rocket science to work a coffee machine, Steve. I’m actually the one that fixes it at the station when it breaks down ” she said. “ And I know there have been at least two times when it was you who broke it ”

“ Better I punch the coffee machine than the lab tech who lost important tests ” Steve shrugged, slowly getting back to himself.

“ You should probably pack a bag, you can’t stay here if the perp knows where you live ” Y/N said. “ Captain’s orders ”

He felt his shoulders slouch in annoyance but they were right. She was right. Steve checked his watch 8:05. “ Look, I’ll come back and pack later. We’d better get going. There should be news…soon. We’ve wasted so much time ”

She nodded, finishing the last of her coffee and setting it on the counter. Steve took two more long sips before leaving his half-empty mug beside hers. These things could wait.

She rode with him in his car, the one that they normally operated out of. Y/N realized that she had forgot her running bag back at his apartment and he shrugged it off. They had other priorities.


author ’ s note : Okay , eventually each chapter is too long so I will cut each chapters into 2 or 3 parts , still I’ll post it all parts until the chapter is done . Part I : Chapter 1 is here

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