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#steve rogers x you
angrythingstarlight · 4 months ago
Tell Me What You Want
Summary: Your mob boyfriend, is none other than Steve Rogers and he is willing to get you whatever you wanted, all you have to do is ask.  And be careful what you ask for because he’s going to give it to you over and over again.
Tumblr media
𝘗𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨: Mafia!Steve x Reader, Mafia!Bucky x Reader
𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 3.5K
𝘞𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: Smut, exhibitionism, voyeurism, hint of breeding kink, public sex, choking, creampie, oral (m receiving), spanking. power kink, violence (not towards reader). Minors DNI
𝘉𝘦𝘵𝘢’𝘥 by the incredibly talented @whisperlullaby​ but 𝘢𝘭𝘭 𝘮𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘮𝘺 𝘰𝘸𝘯
A/N: Requested. 
𝘗𝘭𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵, 𝘳𝘦𝘣𝘭𝘰𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 (𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵)
Do not copy, rewrite, translate or post my work anywhere. No permission given to copy, translate, rewrite or post any parts of my stories.  
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Tumblr media
Sometimes you get a thought in your head.
And you can’t let it go. 
It simmers there, lurking beneath the surface, a song playing on a loop in the back of your mind. And it won’t stop repeating itself until the urge to act on it consumes. And as you sit on Steve’s lap, watching him talk on the phone, vaguely speaking about some business dealing of his.. You know a few things. 
You have to act on it. 
You want to. 
You need to. 
You will. 
And you may not survive the consequences. 
But when you look over at his large tattooed hand curving around his phone, an image of his hand around your throat flashes behind your eyes and you know you don’t care. In fact, if all goes well, you shouldn’t be walking straight for a week. 
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend is none other than Steven Grant Rogers, head of the Rogers crime family. He took over for the syndicate when he was 16 and has been ruthlessly expanding his empire ever since. He, not only exudes power, he wields it with a firm hand. 
Not that you would know. 
You’ve only seen the softer side of the infamous mobster. His various crimes and nefarious dealings are mere rumors he gently ordered you to ignore. It’s hard to picture him using brute force when he touches you so softly. Always so careful with you. Taking his time with you, his love-making is sensual, slow, and passionate. 
So gentle.
Everything was perfect and you were more than satisfied. 
Until yesterday. 
When you finally saw the other side of your man, the Steve that made grown men flinch when he raised his voice, it awakened a primal need in you. You got a glimpse of the mobster that controls the entire eastern side of the country with his best friend Bucky and you craved more. More of him, like that. Ruthless, violent, and enraged. Masculine. Powerful. Sexy.
 It had been a quiet day at home with Steve, he was about to join you upstairs when he received a call. Giving him a kiss on his bearded cheek, you bounded up the staircase to get ready for the night. 
After a long hot shower, you had dried off and applied your nightly routine. Part of you disappointed he hadn't joined you in the shower, you figured it had to be an important call keeping him away from you. 
You turned off the lights, a soft glow filling the room, murky blues and faded pinks slipping through the spaces in the curtains. You pulled a red silk robe over your body and waited on the luxuriously soft bed. When the soft glow turned to a dusky black, you sat up, curious because he normally would have joined you by now or at least had one of his henchmen tell you he was going to be a while. 
"Steve," you called out. Your voice echoing down the empty hall.  Turning to the open door, you waited but didn’t hear a response.  After a few more minutes of restlessly fidgeting on the bed, you stand up and wander down the stairs. Calling out his name again, more silence. The slow tick of the antique grandfather clock in the living room is all you hear on the lower level. 
Strange. There’s usually at least three guards in the house at all times, yet you’re all alone. 
You pace down another hallway, stumbling to a stop when you hear a strange sound. You hold your breath, waiting to hear it again. Seconds later you hear something, it sounds like a dull thud, then another and another. You follow it until you realize its coming from his office, the thuds followed by low groans. Turning on your heel, you walk to his door, as you're about to knock, when you hear another another grunt. 
And then Steve muttering "-disrespectful piece of shit-"
You take a step back, placing your hand on your chest, listening to more muffled wet grunts between sharp threats. Even through the thick mahogany door, Steve sounds furious and agitated. You've never heard his deep voice thick with rage. This is side of your man, he never lets you see. You know you should walk away but you can’t. 
When he yells again, you can almost feel his deep timbre in your belly, heat unfurling with every muttered curse. You can barely stand it, the way he sounds, nearly feral but still in control. Your stomach tenses at the brief pulsating throb in your pussy when he shouts again. His voice is deep and commanding. He's never sounded sexier.
Needing to see him, you put your hand on the golden doorknob and turn it slowly. Opening it a crack, you peek into the room, clasping your hand over your mouth to stifle your gasp. 
Steve looks magnificent, his dirty blonde locks tousled, his bare tattooed chest splattered with a streak of dried crimson. One black suspender hanging off his broad shoulder,  his tailored navy blue slacks curved around his ass. 
He cards a ringed hand through his hair. "I should be with my girl instead of dealing with this shit," he sighs. Grabbing his glass of bourbon off his desk, he rolls his shoulders back.  Tossing it back, he sets the empty glass back down. 
There’s a heavy silence as he contemplates quietly. You’re practically dripping at this point, when he sneers, his pink lips pulled tight you imagine him bending you over his desk, making you look at him in the mirror while he slams into you. Shaking your head, you listen when he starts speaking again. 
"If you ever come to my home again, I will go to yours and burn it down with you in it,” he warns, He walks over to a chair, you crane your head to follow him, his fist snaps out punching a man across his face with a dull thud. Why do you like that? 
"Understand?" He inquires coldly, shaking the man's head back and forth. It's condensing and you love it. He's so intimidating and in control. Effortlessly turning you on, your thighs clenching so hard they're shaking. 
"Get him out of my sight," he sneers, wiping his hand off on the man's blood-stained shirt.
You step back, closing the door as carefully as you can. Suddenly remembering that he would lose his shit if he knew you saw this.  Before you can flee, the door is opened and you find yourself face to face with Clint. You smile meekly, wincing when he curses, an exasperated fuck me under his breath.
"Boss, your girl is here," 
Steve's places his hand in his pocket, pushing past Clint, he leans on the doorframe, one long leg crossed over the other, "sweetheart" he hums, looking down at you. 
You smile brightly, placing your hands behind your back. "Hi," you chirp, your eyes flickering between his muscular chest and his eyes. 
He runs his large hand down his face with a deep sigh, his chest rising and falling slowly. "Explain yourself." His words slow and deliberate, making sure to keep his tone even, not wanting to scare you. 
You take a step forward placing your hand on his abdomen, he looks down, his blue eyes moving up to your face, his gaze softening when you shrug, "I missed you."
Another deep sigh. He takes your hand, kissing each knuckle, "go back upstairs, I’m going to get cleaned up and you're going to pretend you didn't see or hear anything-” he turns your hand, kissing your palm, before tilting his head down, “understand.” 
It's not a question. You like that, his firm command. Your eyes flit past his shoulder to the man being dragged out of the chair and back to Steve’s calm blue eyes. 
You nod shakily, yelping when he pats your ass, "now."
You practically run up the stairs to your room and flop on the bed, your robe fluttering open as you bounce on the mattress. You spread your legs, the cool air making you aware of how wet your panties are. 
You place your hand on your chest, his voice is in your head, closing your eyes, you see his deep blue eyes dark with rage, the veins in his neck prominent, his chest flushed. Your hand slides down your belly to your pussy.
Steve finds you like that, he heard your soft needy pants before he reached the room. His full pink lips twist up into a smirk as he sheds his clothing. You open your eyes when you feel the bed dip down, he takes your hand, holding it up to stare at your glistening fingers, “couldn’t wait for me, sweetheart,” he chides teasingly. 
He sucks your index finger in his mouth, pulling it out with a soft plop, “god you taste good” he groans, “tell me, sweetheart, you want to finish yourself or would you rather have my tongue?” 
"Tongue, please."
He crawls down your body, twisting your panties in his hand, "all yours sweetheart," he murmurs into your velvety folds.
Tumblr media
All you can think about is the way he looked in his office, granted you don’t want his anger directed at you, but you want his aggression. You want him to manhandle you and take you until you can’t move. 
Over the next few days, you tried to prick his anger, hoping for rough, angry sex. Each attempt met with quiet amusement, he simply patted your ass or kissed the crown of your head. No matter what you did, he gave his signature adoring look and treated you no different than before. .
You can’t be sure but he’s somehow even more gentle with you, his caresses feather-light, last night his strokes moved in and out of you so leisurely, you swore you were being edged. 
So you decided to up the ante. You're going to get fucked one way or the other. 
This morning, you rudely interrupted an international arms deal. Barging in his conference room, demanding his attention, you were confident this would get you what you wanted. 
He stopped mid sentence, his blue eyes darkened, rage blooming beneath the surface. Every man around the large mahogany table was scared for you. 
For a second you were scared for you.
And you liked it.
 But then his eyes cleared and he gave you a wide smile. "Hi, sweetheart, I'm glad you could join us," he said sweetly. 
He patted his knee with his ringed hand and made you sit on his lap. You felt small and foolish when he kissed your lips, asking if everything was okay, what could he do to make you feel better?
How could you say what you really wanted?  Ravish me, spank me until I beg for you to stop, make me choke on your cock till I gag and cry.
Instead, you mumbled out an apology into his shoulder, taking a deep whiff of his Armani cologne. He resumed the meeting, his knowing eyes gazing at your face tucked into his neck. You didn't know it but you almost had him. He carefully shifted you away from his erection, it took all of his willpower to not fuck over the table while making his men watch. 
No, he wants to see how far you'll go. 
Tumblr media
Later that night, he brought you to one of his clubs, a small venue on the east side of town. He mentioned that he had a late meeting with Bucky and didn’t want to be without you for that long.  The private lounge shielded you from the rest of the crowd, you and Steve shared a drink while he listened to you talk about your day. You kept thinking about how he looked at you across the table earlier, like he was going to ruin you and god you want it so bad, you were so sure that was going to work. 
After a while, you excused yourself, needing an excuse to calm yourself down. Between him sitting beside you, legs spread wide with his shirt tight around his chest, ordering people around looking every bit the mob boss you love, you can’t focus. 
You were coming back from the bathroom when two hands grabbed your waist. You spin around at the ‘Hey baby, wanna dance,” drunkenly spewed in your direction. You chuckle dismissively at the man swaying in front of you. 
You’re seconds away from telling the stranger off when you feel a heated gaze on the back of your neck. Glancing over your shoulder, your breath hitches and your stomach plummets.
Steve is glaring down at you from his private lounge. 
Oh, there it is. The spark behind his crystal blues eyes. Similar to early this morning and just like before, you want more. 
Steve knows what you’ve been doing all week, he’s been waiting for you to ask him for what you want.
 He can’t lie, he enjoys making you squirm, the fact that you’re turned on by his aggression is intriguing, he can’t wait to see what else is hiding in your devious mind. 
Your attempts to rile him up have been downright adorable, you have no idea what it takes to enrage him.  
In fact, there is only one thing you can do to upset him and right now you’re dangerously close to doing it. He looks down at you, his hand on the rail. “Don’t.”
He recognizes that mischievous glint in your eyes and his hand tightens around the metal bar. Steve isn’t jealous, no that implies you don’t belong to him. He’s possessive. You belong to him body and soul. It’s only fair considering you hold his heart in the palm of your hand. However, he will fuck that brattiness right out of you.
You bite your bottom lip, giving him a demure look. Then you turn to the redhead with a smile and take his hand, letting him pull you onto the dance floor.
Watching someone else put his hands on you, grinding against your delectable body stirs a deep-seated rage in him. He thought he made it clear to you and the world that no one was supposed to touch you. Only his hands get the pleasure of being on you. 
You wanted aggressive Steve, sweetheart, you’re going to get him. Every last inch, you're going to feel him for days. 
Steve cuts through the crowd, the drunken revelers parting for him until he reaches you. The red-head whisked away before you could blink. “Hey, Ste-,"
He wraps his hand around your throat, the cold metal of his rings pressing into the sides of your neck, he turns you around so your back is against his chest. He squeezes until you gasp, your hands latching onto his wrist, “sweetheart, want to know a secret?” he casually asks.
His other hand traces your collarbone while turning your head to face the crowd ebbing around you. His hand slips under your black dress, rolling your nipple between his rough fingers, “I could bend you over and fuck you right here,” he whispers in your ear. His deep voice caressing your skin. Heat pools in your belly, sinking down to your core, 
“I can fuck you anywhere I want, however I want and no one could stop me” 
“Is that what you want?” He hums, “for me to make you scream my name in front of all these people.”
You swallow, whimpering when he kisses your shoulder, his fingers tugging your nipple. “Who do you belong to?," he demands, his lip pulled into a smirk, "Who owns this pussy?"
“You do” you breathe out, pressing your ass into his crotch moaning when his hand tightens around your throat.
He growls in your ear,  "louder." He pinches your nipple before rubbing his rings across your stiff peaks. Jolts of electricity shooting to your cunt, a deep ache forming with each tug and pinch.
“Steve, you do,” you hoarsely shout. Multiple eyes dart in your direction before looking away. No one wants to get caught staring at Steve's girl.
You’re the center of attention but only for him. The sheer power in that makes your knees weak and nearly buckle. 
Steve places his hand between your legs, "I gotcha, sweetheart," he purrs. His long fingers pushing your soaked thong to the side. "Fucking drenched for me, aren't you?" 
He makes you nod. Forcing your head back while his thumb presses down on your aching bud at the same time his middle finger dips into your core. 
The warmth of his long digit followed by his cool ring makes you squeak. "You're going to cum for me in front of all these people." He's taking you apart in the middle of crowd and fuck if you don't love it. The domination, his commanding presence is enough to make you cum.
He slides another finger in, twisting his wrist and curling his fingers until you shudder. The pads of his fingers hit your spongy spot over and over until you're crying out, "right there, Steve shit baby, don't stop."
Whenever someone stares a second too long, Steve nods at them and one his men removes them from the floor. 
You're in a daze of bliss so overwhelming you don't even notice. He's knuckle deep in your pussy, tracing his name over clit, tightening the knot forming in your belly. "Fuck, Steve," you moan. 
He hums, "that's it, your cum over all my fingers,  give it to me right fucking now." He presses down hard making you scream, the thin shrill sound cutting across the room, your hands digging into his wrists as you rock your hips back and forth. Pleasure spiraling higher and higher until you break. 
You're still in the midst of your high when he tosses you over his shoulder. His large hand smacking you with every languid step to his private lounge. "If you ever let anyone touch you again,  I'm putting you over the bar and spanking in front of the world." 
By the time he reaches his booth your ass is burning. You're on edge again. 
He throws you on the smooth leather seat, he steps in front of you, holding his hands on his hips. “Get me nice and wet," he orders. You shiver at the dark lust in his blue eyes.
"Yes, sir," your breathy compliance makes his cock twitch. 
You unsnap his trousers one button at a time, your mouth watering in anticipation.  When you reach into his boxers, he places your hands on his waist ordering you to not move.
He takes his cock out pumping his shaft slowly, he paints your lips with his precum. "Mmm, so beautiful," he murmurs, your eyes shine at the praise, "you're about to look even better," he says, thrusting into your open mouth.
Normally he eases into fucking your throat, gently working you up until you can take his thick cock all the down. But you wanted to be a brat so you get fucked like one. 
He's warm and heavy on your tongue. His rough thrusts into your wet mouth make you gag with every slide down your throat. "Fuck, sweetheart, you’re so pretty wrapped around my cock," he grunts. "I'm going to keep you full all night, 'M going to ruin that little pussy next." 
Taking your head, he fucks you even faster, the vulgar gagging even louder, tears run down your face. "This is what you wanted huh, sweetheart," he taunts wiping your face off, "you're going to remember who's in charge-"
Bucky strolls in with an amused grin "Steve," 
"Hey, Buck," he groans, "God damn" he spits out when you hollow your cheeks. 
Bucky waves at you before settling on the chair across from you, his long legs spread, taking a small sip of his whiskey. 
"So, you need me to come back, in what 30 seconds," he laughs.
Steve shoots him a glare, "fuck off, you got the Intel on Luciano?" 
Bucky pulls a file out of inner pocket, shrugging off his black suit jacket. "Yeah, yeah," he mutters, "hey doll, looking good" he winks at you. He rolls up his sleeves, revealing his tattooed forearms. 
Steve gazes lovingly down at you, "she's beautiful," he pulls his cock out of your mouth, grinning at your whine, "but she's been naughty tonight," 
Bucky leans forward, placing his elbow in his knee, "I heard," he chuckles as Steve bends you over the table, your hands planted firmly on the glass. He reaches out, grabbing your chin in his warm hand, "you know what happens to bad girls, don't you doll?" He teases, wiping your smeared lipstick off your mouth. 
You shake your head no. You keep your eyes on Bucky's slate blues, whimpering when you feel your legs kicked apart. "You're about to learn," he promises. 
The sudden thrust pushes you forward, your nose pressing into Bucky's. Another deep rough thrust makes you mewl. Incredible, intense bursts of pleasure punching through you, soft keens of don't stop fall from your open mouth. 
Each deep stroke harder, faster than the last until he's fucking you senseless. Loud, salacious sounds of skin slapping echo through the thin curtain separating you from the rest of the club. 
Your hot wet walls flutter around Steve's cock, taking each hard inch into your core. "Oh fuck," you gasp into Bucky's mouth. 
Steve groans above you, his hand slapping your ass. The sting makes you clamp down on his length, "so tight, made just for me," he says, watching your cunt take his cock.
Bucky pulls your bottom lip down, "I don't know about that Stevie, bet that pussy would fit around my cock just right, bet I could make you gush over all me, doll" he smirks. 
Steve laughs when you clench down at Bucky's words, "you want that sweetheart, you ask nicely and you can have him too," 
"I do, Steve I-I, fuck," you sob out when his strokes go even deeper. 
"He's all yours, now tell Bucky, how you feel," he demands, his hands gripping your hips, pulling you into his thrusts. 
"Good, so good" you cry out. 
"Mmm, I don't know punk, not sure if I believe her," Bucky says, faux concern in tone as he playfully furrows his brows. 
Oh, fuck, please- your thoughts cut off when Steve puts his foot up on the table, opening you up in even more, his hips snapping into you, thrusts nearly making you collapse, your quivering body is only held up by his hands on your waist and Bucky's grip on your chin. 
"How do you feel now?"
"Oh fuck, I-god" you scream, your eyes rolling back. "Please, please, I can't take it," you sob trying to pull away from his relentless pace.
"Now that's better, you can take it doll, you're doing so good, taking his cock, doll," he praises, wiping off your face gently, "told Steve you could handle him,"
You shake your head. Begging with your eyes, unable to speak as the sensations overtake you. It's so good, too good.  You've never felt like this, you're not going to survive.
Bucky watches your face contort in pleasure, "Oh, doll he's still taking it easy on you," his eyes flicker over your shoulder. "I guess I'll have to teach you what happens when you disobey Steve," he says. 
You clench down at that sinful promise, another incredible wave of pleasure spiraling through you, "goddamn,- I think she wants that" Steve snickers, wiping his forehead off with the back of his hand. 
“Of course she does, look at me", he boasts, placing a gentle kiss on your lips. The tenderness from Bucky is a stark contrast from the rough pounding from Steve and it's enough to push you closer to the edge. "Oh, she's close Steve." 
"She’s gripping me so tight, fuck I can barely move," Steve groans appreciatively, "choke her for me, Bucky"
Your eyes widen when Bucky slides his hand down to your throat, "you want me to doll?" His eyes search yours, waiting until you nod before squeezing so hard you feel lightheaded. Steve winds his hand around to your clit and rubs your tender bud viscously, his thumb pressing small intricate circles that unravel the expanding coil.
Stars bloom behind your eyes, a dull roar in your ears as your orgasm sweeps through every nerve and fiber of your being. All you can feel is them on you, in you, sensations crashing into each other, higher and higher twisting through you.  
Nothing exists outside what they're giving you. And it's all you want, unable to take more but needing it. 
"Cum for me again sweetheart, give me one more," Steve rasps, pushing your back down, making your arch deepen. Your body tensing on command. The second orgasm unfurls before the first ends, you can only gasp Steve's name. He fucks you through another weaker climax until you go limp. 
Bucky supports you, peppering your face with kisses while Steve fills you with thick hot spurts of cum, filling you until it leaks around him. Steve pulls out watching his cum seep out of your cunt, he’s going to keep you like this, full of him until you’re nice and round. He can’t believe he held back thinking you couldn’t handle him, he underestimated you. Never again. 
. "I love you, sweetheart,"  he says, pride and love laced in his voice, warming you even more. 
"Love you, too," you mumble, giving him a lazily smile. 
Both men insist you don’t do anything else, not letting you get up, showering you with praises and handling you with such care you almost cry. They lay you in the booth, cleaning you up while you bask in the small aftershocks of your orgams. Steve makes you take a sip of water before you start to drift off to sleep. 
You hear papers rustling, "Buck, they think they can steal from me," he coldly laughs, "I want his head. Actually, bring him to me, I'll take care of him myself." 
"Can I watch?"
He exchanges a glance with an amused Bucky, "hell yeah sweetheart, you can do whatever you want."
Your smile drops when he tilts your head to face him, "but let another man besides this idiot touch you and I'll rail you so hard you won't be able to walk again." 
Bucky taps your ass, “I was going to do that anyway, trust me doll, I’m not nearly as gentle as Stevie here.” 
“Fuck you, Buc-” 
“Look, all I’m saying is she can still talk, when I’m done she’s going to--,” Bucky mimics raspy gasping. 
You look over to see the dark hair mobster biting his bottom lip, his deep blue eyes studying you, “Doll, I’ve waited a long time for you and I’m going to make sure you always remember me.” 
When he winks and Steve glares at the both of you, you know you’re in trouble but there are worse ways to go. 
Part 2 of this universe
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sinner-as-saint · a year ago
I Did Something Bad - 1.
Bodyguard!Stucky x Reader AU
Part 2 <<
Run-through: You’re a rich spoilt brat, and your two bodyguards are the ones who have to put up with you and your attitude all day every day. Until one day, they’ve had about enough. And they decide to tame the brat in you…
Themes: bratty!reader, smut, daddy kink, bodyguard!stucky
Tumblr media
“What a brat.” Steve mumbled under his breath.
“I agree.” Bucky sent a brief nod towards him.
They were both right behind you, each holding your countless shopping bags as they walked the steps which led to the front door of your house.
Correction, your father’s house. You didn’t actually own anything, you were just blessed enough to have been born in a filthy rich family. And you were an only child, so your parents treated you like you were the most precious thing in the world. You were spoilt.
Spoilt like Steve and Bucky had never seen before. You had people to do everything for you. You didn’t even do your own make up or hair in the morning; you had an entire team for that.
Your parents were away most of the time, on business trips and earning more money so you could be even more of a spoilt brat. Given they were away, they had two of the most highly trained, professional bodyguards stay with you to ensure your safety – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
The two were the best of friends, and initially they didn’t even want to put up with you. But the paychecks which came from your father each month were hefty. So they compromised; put up with your annoying, bratty self just for the salary.
There were other perks of the job. They got to stay in a lavish mansion, they got to travel everywhere, enjoy the finest things in life, along with you.
 “Uh, can one of you guys come help me?” came the sound of your voice from inside your bedroom. The two men who were outside your bedroom groaned quietly.
They shared a look and opened the door to your grand bedroom and stepped in. They always envied you, and all the nice things you had without even having work a day in your life. They both looked around, looking for you in the spacious bedroom.
You stepped out of the walk-in closet wearing a black, lace bodysuit – showing off your cleavage and your legs.
The two men’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets.
Oh another perk to the job, you were smoking hot. And that almost made up for your attitude that they had to put up with at times, because who wouldn’t like a doll parading around them all the time?  
You walked up till you stood in front of them, nonchalantly checking out the new rings and jewelry you had on, which you had bought earlier. Not caring about the fact that you were semi-naked in front of the two.
“Can one of you zip me up?” you spoke, without looking up.
And it took both of them a few seconds to process everything. They shared a look again, filthy things on both their minds.
“I’ll do it.” Steve spoke up before Bucky could even open his mouth and offer to help. The latter glared at his friend. Steve walked up behind you, and gently pushed all your hair out of the way and shifting it over your shoulder while he shamelessly let his eyes roam over your semi-exposed body.
He took his sweet time to find the zipper and closing it gently, letting his fingertips lightly caress your skin. He admired the shape of your body once he was done, Bucky did the same. You walked away from Steve, not even thanking him and went on to admire yourself in the mirror.
The two men couldn’t take their eyes off you as you posed in front of the mirror, checking yourself out and clicking pictures here and there.
“I want a green smoothie.” You said, to no one in particular. But neither of them heard because they were busy checking you out. And seeing they weren’t moving you turned around and faced them. “Hello? I said I want green smoothie.” You said, as usual, in that bratty voice of yours. You had absolutely no patience, you were a total brat.
But that didn’t matter right now. Not when you looked like that; beautiful and enticing, but so out of their league.
Bucky cleared his throat and peeled his eyes off you. “Steve will get it. Someone has to stay here with you.” He made the decision without even sparing Steve a look.
And poor Steve had to agree and leave the room. While Bucky stayed in your room and enjoyed the show as you tried on all the clothes and lingerie you bought earlier today.
 You caught Bucky staring at you through the mirror and you internally smirked. You considered yourself lucky that the two bodyguards your dad had appointed were both eye candy. All your friends drooled over both of them; you included.
How could you not? They were always so… hot. Black suits, dark sunglasses whenever you were out, broody and handsome; they could make any one’s heart flutter. You knew how the brat in you annoyed them, but you couldn’t help it. You liked the look on their faces when they realize that they can’t do otherwise but obey you.
 Steve returned with your smoothie and you took it, again without thanking him. He noticed you were in another bodysuit, nude colored this time and much more flimsy. He discretely sent a questioning look towards Bucky and the latter smirked and raised his eyebrow at him. As if boasting and saying, ‘yup, I helped her with that one.’
 “I’m going to the club later tonight.” You announced and the two men almost groaned out loud.
You were a true party animal. And Steve and Bucky hated your useless, equally as spoilt, friends. Each time you went clubbing, they always had to carry you home because you cannot handle alcohol for too long. And the worst part, they’d have to deal with your hungover self the next day.
Steve couldn’t help but point out. “This is the fifth time in the past three weeks. Are you sure you should be partying so much?” he sounded like he was done with you, but was still trying to be polite because you were still his boss’ daughter.
Bucky nodded, agreeing with his friend. And you frowned at both of them.
“Correct me if I’m wrong, but do I pay you to lecture me?” you asked, crossing your arms over your chest, your action accentuating your breasts.
Steve looked down at the ground, afraid he might have been staring at your chest for too long. “No ma’am.” He replied, hands in front of him – standing in a classic bodyguard pose.
You scoffed, giving them both a look which told them not to mess with you. “Good. We leave at ten thirty.” You announced and walked back into your walk-in closet.
As predicted, you were wasted within the first three hours of being at the club. And just like always, Steve and Bucky had to carry you out and bring you home.
Luckily you didn’t throw up on the sidewalk or in the car this time. Your driver drove all of you home, and Bucky had you on his lap in the backseat, your feet on Steve’s lap. You were blacked out.
“She looks so angelic when she sleeps.” Steve commented, quietly.
Bucky chuckled. “Wait till she wakes up tomorrow and makes everyone’s life a living hell.” Bucky said, remembering the last time you were hungover and how you had him, Steve, your housekeeper, maids and chefs, all run around like headless chickens.
Steve chuckled at the same memory. “I swear if she treats us as her slaves like last time, I’m gonna quit.”
Bucky sent a look towards his friend. “Please don’t, I can’t handle her on my own.” He pretended to shiver at the thought of him having to put up with your antics all on his own.
And the two men shared a laugh.
 They put you to bed once you all made it home. They placed you under the covers, the maid took off your shoes and most of your jewelry, took out the pins in your hair and turned the lights off before they stepped out of your room.
The next day, the minute they each woke up in their rooms, they heard your loud voice coming from upstairs. And they both groaned as they got ready for the day.
Steve was out of his room and on his way to you first. Bucky came shortly after. And they found you in bed, whining about having a terrible headache.
“Do you need painkillers?” Bucky asked and you glared at him.
“I already took them.” you spat at him.
Clearly you were going to be even more of a bitch today.
“Did you have breakfast?” Steve asked, standing at the end of your bed.
You groaned.
“The thought of food makes me want to throw up.” You whined, testing his patience already.
Steve sighed. “Look, you need to eat. It’s the only way you’ll get rid of the hangover-,”
You cut him off.
“Ugh, okay mom!” you mocked. “Fine, whatever, just get out.” You said rather rudely. And while Steve was still debating what to say to you, Bucky spoke up.
He stepped up closer to you, standing by the side of your bed. “Hey, easy. We’re just trying to help. You need to eat so y-,”
You cut him off as well. “Like I said before, I don’t pay you to lecture me, why do you even-,” you were going off but this time Steve cut you off.
“Enough!” he raised his voice, and both you and Bucky turned to look at him. He had never acted like this before. You could see the irritation on his face as he stared at you.
“You don’t pay us, first of all, your father does! You don’t do anything other than sit there and be a brat and spend his money! We technically don’t work for you, we work for him. So let us do our jobs, which is to take care of his spoilt daughter who has no manners whatsoever. His daughter who treats people like slaves! People who actually care about her more than her own parents do!” He spat, making your jaw drop.
He continued, less loudly this time. “For once, drop your attitude and do as we say. Get in the shower, and then come downstairs. Breakfast will be ready by then.” He looked at you dead in the eyes while he scolded you. “Move, now!” the authority in his voice had you scram out of bed and rush into the bathroom immediately.
Once you shut the bathroom door behind you, Bucky turned to Steve and extended his arm so they could do their secret handshake.
“What was that?” he asked, clearly impressed.
Steve smirked. “Just taming the brat.” He answered.
Bucky laughed. “What if she tells her dad and gets us both fired?” he asked.
Steve knew you would never tell your dad because you would be somewhat ashamed in saying you got blacked out drunk at the club and then were rude to people afterwards. “She won’t.” he said and they both made their way out and into the kitchen.
 Breakfast was ready by the time you came downstairs, rather sheepishly. You kept your eyes to the ground as you sat at the kitchen island. Surprisingly, you waited patiently for your breakfast.
Bucky took the plate and placed it in front of you. Baked beans, hash browns, eggs, toast – not your usual breakfast because you normally had sugary cereal in the morning.
You sighed rather loudly, frowned and began complaining, “But this is n-,”
Bucky cut you off by grabbing your chin gently and tilting your head up so you looked up at him. He didn’t even think twice before touching your face, but you didn’t mind it. At all.
You looked up into his ocean blue eyes, very similar to Steve’s.
“A big breakfast will help, trust me. And it’s better than that bowl of sugar you’re used to.” He said, cracking a faint smile. You shyly returned him a smile. “Eat.” He pointed at the plate and went to find Steve in the living room.
You were pretty quiet for the rest of the morning. Quiet as in, you weren’t throwing a fit when the meal that the chef made for you wasn’t what you wanted. Or you weren’t whining about how you hate everyone in this house. Or you weren’t being a bitch to absolutely everyone you saw because you were hungover.
You spent most of the day in your room, sulking. Mainly because you weren’t used to people talking in loud voices at you. Steve and Bucky came to check up on you a few times, asked you if there’s anywhere you need to go. But you said no each time. You barely spoke to them, at least you weren’t rude.
 You were tame – but it didn’t last for long.
The next day, you were back to being a brat. Once the hangover passed, you were just as loud and rude as before. You were even rude to Bucky – all your manners from the previous day forgotten – when he came to ask you what you wanted for breakfast.
“Is there a way to ever get a straight answer out of you for once, without you being sarcastic and bratty all the time?” he asked, wishing you were back to yesterday when you were all quiet and obedient.
You scoffed and got out of bed. “You or Steve yell at me one more time, and I will call dad and have both of you fired. You hear me?” you spat at him.
And he wanted to tell you off, like Steve did, but then he took one look at your appearance. Messy hair, your reading glasses on, an oversized white shirt – no pants. You looked too adorable to scold. So he let you go.
 You tested Steve’s patience too that day. As usual, people ran your errands and Steve brought you something that you had asked for and you took it without thanking him.
“Will a ‘thank you’ hurt?” he asked.
You glared at him.
“Stop it. You’re not my mom.” You said bitterly and he groaned and walked away.
This had been their daily lives for the past year and a half. And each day they thought there was no way you could out do yourself and be any more of a brat. Yet, each day you kept surprising them with how annoying you could be to deal with.
Then one day, you truly out did yourself.
You were nowhere to be found.
 “This is it, I’m calling her dad.” Steve took out his phone but Bucky stopped him.
“She’s our responsibility, calling her dad would be equivalent to digging our own graves. Don’t.” Bucky reasoned. He couldn’t even imagine calling a parent to tell them their child has gone missing.
They were both panicking. You had snuck out earlier in the afternoon, and it was now nighttime and you still weren’t back. The two were pacing around the living room.
“I don’t get it, usually she tells us before even going outside in the yard.” Bucky was trying to figure out what must’ve gone wrong.
Steve sighed, ready to punch something out of frustration. “She acts like such a child sometimes. Can’t even track her phone because she left it here.” He shook his head.
“It’s nearly midnight Steve, she should be back by now. We need to do something. Did you get anything from the camera footage?” Bucky was worried sick – both about your safety and his job.
Steve swore under his breath. “Nothing on there. I mean we don’t even know if she went out on her own or got kidnapped or some-,”
A voice cut him off.
“Chill moms, I’m fine.” You walked into the living room with a smirk on. And the two men looked at you like they were witnessing some miracle. Bucky was relieved, yet somewhat irritated. Steve was just angry.
“Where the hell have you been? You were missing for 8 hours!” Bucky asked, the smug look on your face was beginning to piss him off.
You didn’t bother answering, you walked right past them and into the kitchen. The two, now irritated, followed you.
“Answer, god damn it! Where have you been? We were worried sick!” Steve hissed.
You took a water bottle out of the fridge and took a long sip while looking at them both with nothing but cockiness in your eyes.
“Well good news, I was so annoying and bratty that the kidnappers dropped me right back home.” You fake smiled, obviously being sarcastic and walked out of the kitchen. You heard the two groaned as you left them in the kitchen.
 You rushed upstairs and went right into your bedroom, and not even a few seconds later – they both walked into your room very angrily and without even bothering to knock first.
You sighed. “Get out. I’m tired, I need to sleep.” You spoke, without looking up at them.
“I don’t think so. Now answer me, where the fuck have you been?” Bucky asked, clearly mad.
You chuckled. “Watch your tone with me.” You sassed.
Steve stepped forward and walked right up to you. He stood closer to you than usual, invading your personal space. But you didn’t mind it one bit.
“Or what, huh?” he asked, sliding his hand into your hair gently, tugging on it a little making your head tilt back so you looked up at him.
You were speechless as you looked up into his ocean blue eyes. Mainly because you weren’t expecting this, but also because the look on his face sent a tingle dancing down your spine, and ended right at your core. Definitely not a bad tingle.
When you recovered, you were about to lift your hand up and slap his hand away from you but then you realized that Bucky was behind you, locking your wrists in his grip behind your back.
“Let’s try that again, sweetheart. Where have you been?” Bucky whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against the shell of your ear and making you shiver.
You looked up at Steve, immobilized and not hating it. “I… I was out with my girlfriends.” You confessed and almost whimpered when bucky tightened his grip around your wrists.
“And what did we say about sneaking out, or going anywhere without informing us?” Steve asked. You believed it might have been your imagination, but it felt as though he leaned in a little, bringing his face closer to yours.
It took you a few seconds to process given the proximity of the two men was interrupting your ability to think straight. “You… you said it was against the rules.” You remember that long talk you had with both of them the day they joined. When they took the time to explain the rules to you but all you did was roll your eyes at them and sigh.
Bucky chuckled darkly right in your ear. “Seems you have broken an important rule, sweetheart.” He gently kissed the skin beneath your ear and your eyes flew shut. Your lips parted as you tried hard not to moan at the feeling of his soft lips against your skin.
When you opened your eyes, you found Steve smirking down at you. He felt a rush course through him and leaned in to gently take your lower lip between his teeth; tugging on it playfully. His actions were gentle, but you shivered still. Steve bit down on your lip, while Bucky discretely kissed down your neck.
Then and there, something shifted in the air. It was a pleasant shift.
Steve chuckled against your mouth. “You never learn, babygirl.” he mumbled, against the side of your mouth. And the nickname had you almost whimpering.
Bucky softly nibbled on your skin at your shoulder; making you shudder. Steve tugged a little more on your hair and pulled away to look at you. If there’s anything you knew for sure in that moment, is that you wanted them. Both of them. Bad.
“Teach me then.” You whispered. And both of them smirked and shared a look.
If only you had been careful about what you wished for…
 You were kneeling on your bed, naked and with Bucky still holding your wrists behind your back. His grip was tight and strong, but you didn’t complain. You couldn’t because Steve had his two fingers gently pumping in and out of your mouth.
He had searched your bedside table a few minutes ago, and pulled out the vibrator wand which you had hidden in there. You wondered how he knew it was there. But before you could think over it too much, he turned it on and placed it in between your legs; right on top of your entrance.
You whined in pleasure, but he quickly shut you up by pushing his fingers past your lips. “Always whining like a brat.” He commented, smirking and wiggling the wand a little and making you whine louder. And to add on to your sweet torture, Bucky circled his arm around you and gently circled your clit with his two fingers.
“What is it babygirl, you can’t take it?” Steve taunted again.
You whimpered under their touch, but something told you that they wouldn’t let you have your way so easily this time.
“I know you’ve never heard ‘no’ in your life, sweetheart. But you will tonight.” Bucky murmured in your ear, making you tilt your head back; shivering against him.
Steve chuckled, removing his fingers from your warm mouth. “You’re not allowed to cum until you have our permission, babygirl. You hear me?”
You nodded and whimpered a pathetic yes.
Your thighs began trembling as they both messed with you. Steve changed the setting on the wand, making it more intense while Bucky tilted your head back and kissed you deeply. More like invaded your mouth like he owned it; pushing his tongue past your lips and stroking the top of your mouth. You whimpered, happily trapped between the two of them.
You felt the pressure forming in between your legs, and you involuntarily bucked your hips against the vibrator, trying desperately to chase your orgasm. Steve noticed, and he didn’t think twice before lifting the vibrator off you – denying you your release.
You groaned louder, the sound muffled by Bucky’s mouth on top of yours. He pulled away from the kiss and chuckled. “It’s frustrating, isn’t it baby?” he asked, softly. You looked up at him and nodded. His soft demeanor went away the minute you agreed. “Well that’s exactly how it feels when you don’t listen.” He growled leaning in again. You thought he was going to kiss you again, but instead he licked your swollen lower lip and spat into your open mouth.
His actions elicited a loud whine out of you.
“Look at me.” Steve slid his hands into your hair again and tugged on it. You looked at him with nothing but desire in your eyes. He let go of your hair and gripped your jaw while he placed the vibrator back against your core. You felt the vibrations all over your body, a familiar warmth washing over you while you stared into his icy blue eyes.
“Always boasting about your family’s money and power, you little brat.” Steve whispered, leaning in to bite your mouth again while he pressed the vibrator further against your core, making you drip and moan louder. “Who’s your daddy now, huh?”
Bucky fingers found your clit again, and they teased you just like before. “Tell us baby, who owns this bratty little cunt?” Bucky whispered menacingly in your ear, biting on your ear lobe.
You moaned again, both at the sensations and the words. “You do…” you breathed out, unable to form coherent sentences. They both chuckled, and continued their sweet torture on your body. Steve kissed along your jaw as he wiggled the wand around and make you scream louder, while Bucky’s fingers rubbed your clit furiously.
And you couldn’t take it anymore. “Can I-… please…” you begged and it was the first time they heard you ask for something so politely.
“What was that, babygirl?” Steve asked, pretending that he didn’t hear you the first time. And seeing you weren’t answering, he lifted the vibrator off you again. “I said, what was that?” he asked again, more sternly.
You whined and whimpered at being denied again. “Please… please can I cum?” you asked again, begging with your eyes shut to stop the tears of frustration from falling.
Bucky immediately wrapped a hand around your throat and tilted your head back. “Ask nicely sweetheart. Say ‘please daddy, I’ll be a good girl from now.’“ he mumbled against the side of your mouth.
Steve increased the intensity of the vibrator again and it made you repeat Bucky’s words wantonly. They were both pleased at your obedience, but not quite done with you yet.
“Look at me, babygirl.” For a moment, Steve’s voice had you fooled. You thought he was actually going to give in and would actually let you cum. “You want to cum for daddy?” he asked, and you nodded with hot tears falling down your cheeks. And just when you thought you were getting closer to your release, he lifted the wand off your body again.
“No. You will not cum until you’ve learnt your lesson.”
 They both toyed with your body like they owned it. They switched places and Bucky had the most fun in teasing you with the vibrator. He trailed it up and down your body, circling your erected nipples with the tip of the wand and then back down to where you craved it the most.
Tears streamed down your face.
“Are you crying, baby? Good, this would teach you not to be a brat next time,” Bucky spoke as he wiggled the toy around against your wet folds.
You begged them relentlessly, but they denied you each time. Looking you deep in the eyes and saying, ‘No.’ Yet, a twisted part of you liked how they treated you like they owned you. Like you were nothing but a toy to them, for them to play with as they pleased.
Your pleas were incessant, and wanton. Steve pushed two of his fingers past your entrance while Bucky placed the wand right on your clit – unmoving. Steve’s fingers stroked your walls so slowly that it was almost agonizing.
“Aww you’re dripping all over my hand, babygirl.” He commented, making you squeeze around his fingers. Your arousal leaked out of you, coating the tip of the toy and his fingers alike. He could see what they were both doing to you, and he liked the control they both had over you. “Look at how you’re shaking.” He taunted again.
You begged again, to no one in particular. And the reply was just as disappointing as earlier. “No. Spoilt brats with no manners don’t get to cum so easily.”
And you whined again.
“Shh, you’re gonna take all that we give you. And you’re not gonna be a brat about it, you understand?” Steve silenced you.
Bucky gripped your jaw and kissed you deeply again, swallowing your pathetic moans while he pressed the wand further against you. Your body trembled, you moaned as soon as the vibrating tip came in contact with your sensitive spot. Your body shuddered as he wiggled it around just a bit. The sensation was overwhelming.
“Do you want us to stop, babygirl?” Steve mumbled in your ear, his fingers slipping in and out of you and the wet sounds were obscene.
You shook your head and Bucky pulled away to let you talk. “No, no please… don’t stop…” the last thing you wanted was for them to leave you here, frustrated and burning with desire.
 Unfortunately, that’s exactly what they did.
“Well guess what, sweetheart? You don’t get to make the rules this time. You can’t always have what you want.” Bucky smirked as he lifted off the wand from you and turned it off.
Steve chuckled and kissed your neck, releasing your sore wrists. “Good night, babygirl.” They both stood up from your bed, leaving you naked, whimpering, and tear-stained, burning with need and most of all; dripping wet.
Your body was worn out, after being with them for the past hour or two. Or maybe more, you couldn’t tell because you were a little disoriented. But you couldn’t believe that they were just walking away from you, without giving you what you so desperately wanted.
“And don’t you dare touch yourself.” Bucky said, before he walked out of your room.
Steve took a good look at you; what a beautiful mess he and Bucky had made. “See you tomorrow.” He winked before he shut the door behind him.
a/n: fear not, there’s a part 2 coming soon ;)
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guys my age
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
pairing: steve rogers x reader
summary: having a crush on your father’s best friend shouldn’t be an issue, until that friend is steve rogers and he has you pinned against the wall.
word count: 4,070
warnings: age gap, implied absent mother, oral f receiving, language, fingering, sex, praise kink, slight degradation kink, dom! steve, daddy kink and some dirty talk.
author’s note: has been a while since i wrote a smut fic for steve so... here u are. as always reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated! :) my work is not meant to be reposted or stolen, this is the only place i upload my work and if you steal it i’ll have early 2000′s chris eat your toes
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
Tumblr media
It wasn’t often you found yourself as flustered as you currently were, seated between your father and his best friend Steve at a weekly dinner night in your home. Conversation flowed easily, you obviously, did not contribute much. The occasional nod and giggle when Sam made a joke or quiet praise of the food when your father asked you what you thought. 
So why is it that you were feeling a steadily growing ache between your thighs in a place completely inappropriate for the thoughts running in your head?
It’s because Steve Rogers aka the most eligible bachelor of your town, all long lean legs and disproportionate shoulder to waist ratio, who had all the men and women fawning and tripping over their own underwear- 
Was rubbing his denim-clad thick thigh over your bare one. Each pass of the rough material against your soft flesh made a shiver rack up your spine and arousal pool in your panties. He knew what he was doing to you, with his stupidly handsome face acting nonchalant when you sent him a glare, sometimes he didn’t even look back at you, just shovel another bite of food into his mouth and groan appreciatively.
The relationship you had with him was weird, you two had never… done anything persay. (Save for that one time earlier this year in July when he pushed you up against the side of your house when your dad was throwing his annual summer barbeque and he kissed you.)
It was so dirty, the thoughts and fantasies you had about him. You both know if your father ever found out he would serve Steve’s head on a silver platter. But that didn’t stop you from dreaming about what it would be like to have his fingers pressed up in places you have never been able to reach, or his head of perfect golden locks between your soft thighs or his uncut cock pounding into you making you scream loud enough he has to cover your mouth with one of his thick hands and grunt into your ear, “Shut the fuck up, don’t want your dad to hear you being a little slut for me do ya?-
A worried call of your name pulls you from your vivid daydream and you’re snapped back to reality with everyone’s concerned stare on your squirming body, including Steve. 
Your father places a hand on your shoulder, looking at you with question when he asks, “Is everything alright honey?” 
You bring a hand up to your forehead as if wiping off sweat and you respond “I don’t feel very good, I think I’m gonna go to my room.”
The table sighs sadly, calling out feel better soons. And just as you’re about to leave the room your dad calls for you to wait, and you see him whisper to Steve, the man nodding his head before getting up from his place at the table and making his way to you. You watch in a trance as he stalks over to you with a knowing smirk on his face, and you barely register your dad’s words before Steve is ushering you up the stairs with a gentle hand on your back. 
What the fuck?
You’re about to ask what Steve was doing because you were fully capable of walking yourself upstairs and second of all the only reason you made that excuse was so you didn’t have to deal with him anymore. What about that did he not understand?
Apparently none of it when he pushed you up against the door of your room, what is it with this guy and pushing you up against doors?
But that didn’t matter, not anymore because his warm breath twinged with whiskey was fanning over your face, deep blue eyes pouring into yours filled with desire and something dark.
Whatever it is it makes you squirm where you’re trapped between the hard muscle of his body and the door. It’s silent for what feels like eternity, he’s studying your face, searching for something… hesitance? A sign that you don’t want him here.
He finds none, instead he feels the wet spot on your panties drip onto his jeans.
He makes sure you watch as his wrist moves to lock the door and you gasp softly with the sheer intensity of him. The click echoes in your bedroom and it almost solidifies what will no doubt be happening today. Months and months of tension finally reaching its breaking point and ready to erupt.
“Do you want this?” He finally breaks the silence, and you fear that he could hear your heart thumping in your ears.
You nod your head, eyes glossed over already and legs wrapped around his slim waist and pulling him
impossibly close. You attempt to tug him towards you by the collar of his shirt but he doesn’t comply, “I need words sweetheart. Because I’ve been waiting way too long to do this and if you don’t want something I need you to tell me.”
A boost of confidence overpowers you, your fingernails dig into his back, pressing his broad chest flush against yours. “I want this so bad, please fuck me Steve.” You drawl sweetly, voice so seductive it makes Steve buck his hips up.
With that he crashes his lips onto yours, all fire and passion and he easily claims his dominance over your body. Steve Rogers is a good kisser, you already know this. His lips are soft and unrelenting and a soft moan slips past your lips at the familiar vision of his pink lips sucking your clit, drawing orgasm after orgasm from you and not stopping until he’s reduced you to nothing but a mess of slick and wanting and desperation.
He swallows the sound with his mouth and takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth, groaning quietly as he pulls you off your door and carries you two over to your bed, your arms wrap around his neck both for purchase and to satisfy the need of having him invade your senses.
He throws you onto your plush mattress, your body bouncing a little at the contact and Steve’s hand goes to palm at himself over his boxers because you already look so ruined and he hasn’t even started.
Your thighs are rubbing together to quell the pressure building in your core, he looks so much bigger than you like this. He sits down at the edge of your bed, wrapping a hand around your ankle and using it to spread your legs open; eyes closing in bliss when your scent wafts into his nose. He couldn’t wait to devour you.
“Please!” You whine, now unable to bring your legs close together to find some relief and you felt so vulnerable like this.
“Please what little girl?”
A strangled moan elicits from your chest at the pet name. It was so wrong, so incredibly wrong, but his lips pressing kisses against your leg felt so right.
“Don’t make me repeat myself.”
You always assumed he would be dominating in bed, he just had that aura. And god you really weren’t expecting it to swing out full force like it had because you had been with two… sub par men before him. And from what you had seen- felt pressing against your thigh, he was certainly no less than well endowed. (And from the few whispers you had heard around town…)
“I- I want-” And yet for all your fire you couldn’t bring yourself to say the lewd words, please Steve? Please fuck me until I’m sobbing and ruined for any other man.
And he seemed to catch your mental strife, enjoying it even, a smirk playing at his lips. He assumed you would want to be a pleaser in bed, that’s what he thought of when he had a hand wrapped around his length pumping embarrassingly quick and groaning your name into the vacant space of his room, releasing all over his abdomen and hand imagining it was you, looking up at him with glazed over doe eyes instead.
“What do you want sweetheart? Use your big girl words like I know you can.” He peered up at you through his insanely defined lashes, trailing a feather light finger over your panties and living for your quiet gasp and shudder. “I want your- your tongue please?” 
He offers you a kitten lick at your lace covered clit and the simple touch is enough for your back to arch off the bed making him chuckle before digging his thumbs with a bruising grip into your hips. “A lot more sensitive than I thought, don’t worry baby I’ll warm ya’ up nice  for me.” 
You exhale sharply when he tugs your panties off with his teeth, you wanted so badly to look away but his eyes baring into your soul so addictive forced you to maintain eye contact. He let out a low growl of approval at your slickened mound, your clit sitting below a few soft curls and he can’t stop himself any longer as he leans down and licks your whole cunt in a way that has your toes curling and feet digging into his back while a choked sound leaves your lips making him groan low in his throat. 
“Has anyone touched you like before sweetheart?” The deep baritone of his voice slightly muffled and you can see his now swollen pink lips glistening with your arousal. You shake your head no frantically, digging your fingers into his styled and slicked back golden locks. He hisses at the sting but it makes blood rush to his throbbing cock.
“No- no one has.” You gasped breathless from the new sensations tingling in your body.
It seems like that awakens something in Steve, like you can see the way his chest expands and some heavy possessiveness settles on his shoulders. It makes you preen.
He hooks his thumb on your clit, rubbing slowly to build up the pleasure while you now shamelessly grind your cunt into his face, searching for more friction. He groans against the sensitive skin of your cunt, the vibrations shooting up your spine and pushing you embarrassingly close to your orgasm. Your first real orgasm.
Steve looks up at you from his eyelashes, grinding his hips into the mattress at the look of pure pleasure painted on your blissed out features. Your chest begins heaving and the sight is enough incentive for Steve to begin licking and sucking your pearl relentlessly, your legs begin to quiver around his skull and your moans fill the room, and it’s this moment Steve is exponentially grateful that your room is on the complete opposite side of the house or else…
He doesn’t want to think about that, not when he has his face slick with your juices and uncomfortably tight pants.
Your hole begins fluttering, pulsing and at this point you’re unable to even moan. Your mouth drops open as you try to squirm away from the incessant pleasure but Steve digs his rough fingers into the skin of your hip, tutting at you and holding you in place and for some reason the simple action is enough to have more slick spilling out of you and coating your thighs. “I’m I’m gonna- fuck!” 
Steve laps up at the essence of your orgasm, groaning at the delicious taste of you and he makes a mental reminder to get some more later. “There we go, good girl. Tastes so good on my tongue.” He moans.
Your legs continue to quiver, mind foggy as he rubs his warm hands over your tender skin, and he leans down over you, connecting your lips to his in a heated kiss that has you whining into his mouth. You pull away, breathless and head lulling to the side giving him free reign to cover your neck in bits and kisses. Your fingernails dig into his back and soft sighs escape your lips when he finds your sweet spot and sucks, intending on marking you up.
“Such pretty noises sweetheart, who are they for?” A cocky smile could be heard in Steve’s voice, and your own flustered giggles filled the room and you attempted to bury your face into his clothed chest. 
To which he wrapped a firm hand around your throat to gently pull you back to meet his fervent gaze. You swallowed a moan simply by the look in his eyes when he repeated himself lowly. “I asked who you were moaning like a little slut for?” 
This time you could not have done anything to stop the moan that was bubbling in your chest. Your eyes hooding over with his mischievous ones burning into your exposed body. “For you… Daddy.”
You watched giggling as he growled, tightening his grip on your throat before pulling you up so you were perched up in his lap, and his thick fingers travelled down to your slick mound, rubbing your wetness and making a mess out of you. The feel of his clothed body sent your bare one into an almost sensory overload. You gasped sharply when he spit down onto your cunt, your hole clenching wildly as pure need seeped through your veins. 
Then he was shoving a finger inside of your hole, the intrusion slightly painful at first but it quickly turned pleasurable, the angle allowing him to hit all your sweet spots. “Yeah? You like Daddy’s fingers in that tight cunt?” He purred into your ear, stroking your slick walls before inserting a third digit, the stretch making your legs quiver around his waist. 
“Yes Daddy I love it.” You mewled right into his ear, and it makes him hum low in his throat before picking up the pacing of his pumping fingers. Your fingers are digging into his shoulder blades as he forces you to maintain eye contact, pressing his forehead against your slightly sweaty one and cooing to you. God you just needed a little bit more, just a tiny push and you would-
“Who would have thought someone as innocent as you was really a filthy cock slut? You just want your holes filled up like a good girl don’t you honey?”
Black dots erupt in your vision, your orgasm washing over you so suddenly and so intensely you’re squirming and unable to do anything more than drop your mouth open, not even letting out a noise. Your slick pools out and spills onto Steve’s hand, to which he groans appreciatively as he continues to massage your overstimulated walls. “I know, I know. It feels so good doesn’t it? Only a man like me could make you cum like that.”
You whimper pathetically, head falling into his chest as you ride out your orgasm, feeling his erection poking into your thigh. Somehow with your still foggy mind you manage to reach down and cup him through his jeans making him hiss and buck his hips upwards. He slaps your hand away, pulling it behind your back when he pushes you flat down onto the bed. “Did I say you could touch me?”
“No what?” He prompted, voice on the edge of annoyance and laced with irritation that had your eyes watering and bottom lip jutting out. 
“No daddy.” You spoke as assertively as you could in your foggy state of mind. Though you weren’t entirely sure of how convincing it was. But it seemed to make due enough when Steve finally began unzipping his jeans, still not bothering to undress completely so you whine petulantly. “‘S not fair, I don’t wanna be the only one naked.” 
He chuckles, murmuring a fair enough and begins to unbutton his dress shirt revealing his torso littered in tattoos. You had seen them before obviously, your family and him going on annual trips to the beach since you were a toddler. 
But there was just something different… something more consuming about the way they looked so up close. He smirked arrogantly as you were unable to detach your eyes from his sculpted body, shamelessly roaming over the bare skin. 
“Like what you see, pretty girl?” He taunts, pulling your bottom lip with his teeth making you shiver and clutch onto his biceps. You nod your head in a daze, bucking your hips up so he could finally give you what you’ve been wanting since that godforsaken kiss in July.
… Or maybe a little longer.
“What?” He laughs, “if you want something you gotta use your words sweetheart. I’m not super familiar with modern slang.” An annoyingly smug smile on his face and you want absolutely nothing more than to just slap it off. But you know that would never end properly for you so you decide against it. Swallowing your embarrassment and mustering up the courage to put into words how badly you want him to ram his cock inside of you and fuck you till you cry. 
So you settle for a more tame version of that, “I want you to fuck me please Daddy? I’ve been so good haven’t I?” And for extra measure you pouted, hoping to lure him into your fool proof plan and even though he knew good and fucking well what you were up to, he played in anyways because he really didn’t think he could go another minute without being inside of you before he bursted.
“You have been a good girl, and you know what good girls get?”
“They get what they want.” You giggled and he laughed too, pressing a kiss to your lips and finally pulling his erect cock out. 
Your eyes almost bulged out of your head when you took in the size of him, he was much bigger than you had imagined.
And trust me, you had imagined.
“Nervous? I’ll make you feel so good sweetheart I promise. Let me take care of you.”
You nodded, hand limply finding place on his chest, his lips meeting yours in a more gentle kiss as he rubbed the head of his cock over the length of your cunt. You gasped into his mouth at the friction. Much to your dismay however, he abruptly pulls away and you can barely furrow your brows in confusion, “I don’t have a condom.” 
You bite your lip, leaning over to the top drawer of your nightstand and waving it around as if you had just won the greatest prize of all… and in some way you were about to. He huffed a laugh, “been thinking about this for a while huh?”
“Not particularly you Daddy, I talk to other guys you know.” You cheekily remark, barely registering him snatching the condom out of your hands and putting it onto his cock before he leans his weight on your body. “Yeah?” He asks with a quirked brow but you know his words are anything but questioning, and now you can feel the heavy weight of his cock tapping against your entrance.
“Well other guys don’t have you spread open like a whore while you call them Daddy do they?”
He sheathes himself inside of you, grunting and eyes clenching shut because you feel so warm and wet and tight around him, walls pulsing to get used to his intrusion. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, nails digging into the muscles of his back. You’ve never felt so utterly full in your life. He wasn’t even moving and you swear you can feel him in your stomach. You moaned right into his ear and he couldn’t help the response of his hips. 
“Please move Daddy.”
He begins thrusting into you, slowly at first because Steve knows he’s much longer and relatively thicker than average too. And he knows you’re inexperienced no matter the hint of brattiness you decided to give him. 
He leans back to see his cock glide in and out of your folds, and the sight makes him moan with overwhelming pleasure. Your legs wrap around his waist to pull him closer, your mouth dropped open in a permanent moan because he truly was so much bigger than any guy or toy you’ve used. 
Not that you’ve used a lot but still something tells you Steve is just… big.
“Look at this pretty pussy just swallowing my dick. Did I fill you up sweetheart? Makin’ you feel good?” He purrs.
“So good! So fucking good Daddy!” You sob out, back arching underneath his continuous assault on your hole. His hands latch onto your waist, “you want me to fuck you harder?” He questions in a stern tone that makes your toes curl and each shove of his cock inside you sends you closer and closer to that blissful peak.
At this point you are unable to formulate any words so you just nod, hoping he understands. Your mind felt like it was on the edge of Nirvana, his cock hitting spots in you that you didn’t know existed.
He groans with how fucked out he’s got you already, and speeds his hips up. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoes throughout the room and it makes you preen. His heavy grunts and your girlish moans fill the sex thick air. 
It’s when you start screaming from pleasure that pulls out of you, flipping you over and manhandling you into position, you can barely register the loss of his warmth and he’s delivering a harsh smack to your ass before shoving himself inside of you again. And before you have the chance to scream he makes use of his fast reflexes and covers his palm over your mouth to muffle your sounds. You can feel him much deeper now, and it feels like he’s actually rearranging your insides. “Can’t shut the fuck up can ya? Almost like you want everyone downstairs to hear who’s fucking you nice and rough.”
You don’t respond; can’t. You’re so overstimulated yet you need more. His degrading words make you preen, your legs jerking wildly beneath his relentless attack on your abused cunt. “What? Did I fuck you stupid? But baby you haven’t even cum around my cock yet?” His voice has a mocking pout in it, only sending you flying towards your peak. You’re so close, and your clit bumps against your soft duvet cover with each intense rut of his hips against yours. He tightens his grip on your mouth just a little bit and your fingers dig into his wrist as your release shatters and ruins you all at once. There’s tears streaking your cheeks as your high blends into the next one and Steve is unable to hold himself back any longer so he comes with a grunt of your name, digging his teeth into your shoulder and riding out his release. 
You fall limp against the bed, chest heaving and body covered in a sheen layer of sweat as you recover from your 4 powerful orgasms. He gives your exposed skin a kiss before pulling out of you, making you whine at the loss of him inside of your walls but he shushes you, murmuring about how he’s only going to grab a towel from your connected washroom to clean you off with. 
You wait patiently for him to come back to you, mind still blissed out and a lazy smile on your lips because you feel so fucking amazing. Pleasure and satisfaction pumping through your veins. 
Just as he promised he’s back with a wet rag, gently wiping at your abused flesh and applying some lotion to your ass even if he hadn’t spanked you that hard. You’re not complaining as he kneads your flesh though.
He gently rolls you over so you’re flat on your back again, and he runs his knuckles over your cheekbone. You pout your lips, bottom lip jutting out expectantly and you whine for a kiss and he chuckles, shaking his head, humoured but complies anyways. 
You two don’t break apart until there’s a knock at your door and your father’s voice follows, 
“Darling? Are you feeling alright? Is Steve in there with you?”
Your eyes go wide with frantic emotions and you struggle to come up with an answer but Steve smoothly swoops in. 
“I’m in here, don’t worry. I’m taking real good care of her.”
Your dad couldn’t see you sucking on two of his fingers with tears threatening to spill out of your eyes.
───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────
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sj-ficrecs · 6 months ago
FIC REC: oldies but goodies
Decided to go back and re-discover some of my older favorite fics that aren’t as recent and re-read them. Maybe older fics you haven’t read yet. So here we go, In no particular order. This one includes Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Sebastian x reader, etc. Enjoy!
This is purely a fic rec blog, always reblogging fics I enjoy. So check out more I’ve reblogged on this page. :) See my past fic recs below:
2020 fave fics // recs: one // two // three // four // five
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x reader:
Howlin’ For You by @invisibleanonymousmonsters Biker!Bucky x reader
“When Y/N gets an unreal deal on her first home, she wonders why her neighbor scared away all the other buyers. Despite being cautious, she wonders why the town has given Bucky Barnes a bad name.“
Safe With Me by @bitsandbobsandstuff Bodyguard!Bucky x reader
“When an unknown threat enters your life, protection is offered at the highest level. As Bucky Barnes comes into your life, the game changes, and you realise falling for the man tasked with keeping you safe is the last thing you expected. “
Leave This Town by @avengerofyourheart​ Mechanic!Bucky x reader AU
“Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.“
Spilled Wine by @sunmoonandbucky​ King!Bucky x servant!reader
“You’re nothing more than a servant who happens to warm the bed of the king.  At least, that’s what you thought you were.“
Emergency Room by @jaamesbbarnes​ Doctor!Bucky x reader
“Who would have thought that going to the ER could made a bad night turn pretty nicely?”
Just One Kiss by @sarahwroteathing​ 40s!Bucky x reader (happy ending)
“Bucky Barnes has been chasing after you since he was ten years old, but you’re determined not to give in. How long can you hold out when all he’s asking for is just one kiss?“
All That’s Best of Dark and Bright by @ursulaismymiddlename​ Bucky x reader
Sam asks his old friend if Bucky can live with her while he’s recovering. 
“Wilson had come to you as Sam, your old friend, Sam, the man you trusted, Sam, who thought more of you than you did yourself sometimes.  And he was with people he trusted that could use your help.  Damn that man for knowing you all too well, for knowing that you were a sucker for a tragic tale.“James Buchanan Barnes,” Natasha informed when the scruffy-haired man with the metal arm was ushered quickly into your living room to sit on your couch.“Bucky,” Steve corrected solemnly and you suddenly saw a war going on in the broody blue eyes of your new acquaintance.  One war or a hundred or a thousand, all because of a word that was said more like a quiet plea than a nickname.They’d barely finished telling you all they knew before you gave them your answer.“Okay.”“
A Touch of Ink & sequel Of Love and Ink by @deamstellarus​ Tattoo Artist!Single dad!Bucky x reader
“After a breakup with your ex, you decided to move to the small town where your long-time friend Sam lives, hoping for a change of pace and starting a new chapter in your life. You were prepared for a slower paced lifestyle, quaint diners, and a change of scenery. However, you didn’t expect to be swept off your feet by two stunning pairs of blue-grey eyes.“
Heart to Love by @mywritingsblog (can’t tag for some reason) Modern!Bucky x reader, fake dating AU
“You hate Bucky Barnes. He’s arrogant, full of himself, shallow and a total womanizer. But when you take him as your fake date to your family’s Christmas vacation you learn there’s a lot more to Bucky Barnes than meets the eye, a whole lot more.”
Time After Time by @justsomebucky​ Modern!Bucky x reader au
“When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.”
Cafe Crema by @wonderlandmind4​ Bucky x reader
“The first time was an accident. The second time was coincidence. The third time is just unlucky. The fourth time is getting out of hand and the fifth may or may not be with intent. Otherwise known as The One Where He Spills Her Coffee.“
Bulletproof by @amandaoftherosemire​ College!Bucky x reader
“You, Steve Rogers, and Bucky Barnes have been the best of friends since middle school. On top of that, you’ve been in love with Bucky pretty much the whole time. Everything changed after the three of you got to college, however. Over the past couple of years you and Steve have become even closer but things between you and Bucky have been strained since the night he broke your heart. Can anything bring you back together?“
Espresso by @shurisneakers​ Modern!Bucky x reader
“In which your best friend’s brother begins to set you up on dates when you mention that you haven’t been in a relationship in years, but things don’t go as expected.“
Sleeping Beauty by @221bshrlocked Bucky x shapeshifter!reader
Just the adventures of Bucky and reader who turns into different animals and they very much prefer being around Bucky.
Feelings Are Fatal by @sunmoonandbucky​
Bucky x reader, past Steve x reader
“After the events of Endgame, you struggle to come to terms with what you’ve lost, though you’re learning that you still have something to gain.“
Paper Walls by @writingcroissant​ Bucky x reader
“Your apartment happens to be right next to Bucky’s, heads only separated by a paper-thin wall, leading to you witnessing every second of his nightmares. Although, bonding over your late night conversations, you seem to forget that you never even saw him before.“
Seven Thirty by @nacho-bucky-fics @nacho-bucky (for some reason it won’t let me tag the main account.) Bucky x reader 
“You were planning on a productive — if lonely — weekend, but the little girl across the hall has different ideas about how you and Bucky Barnes should be spending your time.“
Tender Surprises by @empyreanwritings​ Biker!Bucky x reader
“On Bucky’s birthday, your son has a very important question to ask him. And it may just be the greatest gift anyone has ever given him.“
Words on My Skin by @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked Bucky x reader soulmates
"Words that have significant meaning in their soulmate’s life appear on the skin at birth & emotional bond.
Y/n had always felt a little leery about the tattoo on her wrist. She could feel her soulmate’s aversion to the 10 russian words, and was too chicken shit to translate them… When she finally does? All hell breaks loose. Life will never be the same.”
My Neighbor’s a Jerk by @jurassicbarnes​ Modern!Bucky x reader
“there’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. and since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. you don’t know the reason behind his hate but you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. but what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? maybe you will learn to co-operate?
“𝒘𝒉𝒚 𝒅𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒉𝒂𝒕𝒆 𝒎𝒆?” “𝒊 𝒏𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒔𝒂𝒊𝒅 𝒊 𝒉𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒅 𝒚𝒐𝒖.”“
Flour Girl by @avengerofyourheart​ Modern!Bucky x reader, Baker AU
“Discovering the cute guy you just flirted with is the heir of a rival bakery, you suddenly find yourself running into him all over the city. Can your small boutique bakery compete? And how do you deal with the guy who seems determined to make your life a living hell? Luckily you’re distracted by a secret admirer…But who is he? (Inspired by “You’ve Got Mail”, Enemies to Lovers)“
The Witness by @wkemeup​ Detective!Bucky x reader
“Owner of a bar full of criminals, maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when you’re the sole witness to a hydra hit. In comes Detective Barnes, the quick-witted, flirtatious cop who somehow became a regular at your misfit bar. When he takes it upon himself to ensure your safety off the books, you learn to rely on someone else for a change and find you don’t mind it at all. Not when it’s him.“
Sparks by @sunriserose1023​ Bucky x doctor!reader, Enemies to Lovers AU
Sparks fly between the Avenger’s team doctor and Bucky, except they seemingly don’t get along.
South Hills by @beccaanne814​ Southern/Cowboy!Bucky x reader
“You have been in love with Bucky your entire life, but he still sees you as the kid his friend used to babysit.  When you finally get him to notice you, will you be able to convince him that you’re the only woman for him?“
Catch Me by @buckyywiththegoodhair​ Bucky x reader
“In which a bet leads Bucky to have to catch you every day for a week, no matter what.”
Keeping Score by @all1e23​ Bucky x reader, fake dating au
“After hearing you begging Steve to pretend to be your fake boyfriend to keep your family off your back, Bucky quickly jumps at the chance to play your boyfriend even though you’re a hundred percent sure he hates you. What could possibly go wrong?”
365 Days by @abovethesmokestacks​ Bucky x reader, soulmate AU
“you all know how it is, the one constant in this hellish life: you have a soulmate. no idea who it is, no clues whatsoever, only 25 years to find them. in 364 days, my time’s up. it sounds like a lot, but so does 25 years, and look where that got me. so, for better or for worse, i’ll try. i’ve got twelve months to find whoever my soul is knit together with.”
Love or Hate by @justsomebucky​ Modern!Bucky x reader, enemies to lovers au
“When the reader’s shot at a better life is stolen from her, she continues to see the person responsible all over town. Will she learn that there’s a fine line between love and hate?”
Wrong Number by @jaamesbbarnes​ Bucky x reader
“When calling people for a living turns out being your favorite thing in the world.”
Mark Yes or No by @teamcap4bucky​ Bucky x reader
“Sometimes you find the most comfort in the people you barely know, because it’s there where you’ll find the least judgment.“
Bloody Roses by @the--sad--hatter​ Bucky x reader
“What you thought was a trapped squirrel turned out to be a super soldier in need. It’s not every day an Avenger turns up in your garden; in serious need of help, but you deal with it as best as you can.“
Not Happening by @notimetoblog​ Modern!Bucky x reader, enemies to lovers au
“An online dating site clearly makes a mistake when it matches you with the one person you cannot stand.”
I Hate Everybody by @morsmordre-writes​ College!Bucky x reader, social media au
“After spending the summer getting over your high school sweetheart, it’s time for new beginnings. What else is college for?“
On, Off, Repeat by @avasparks​ Bucky x reader
“It’s been 247 days since Bucky came back home. It’s been a good 300 days since he last felt remotely human. He came back from his last tour not only battered and bruised, but down one arm, and a nice big hole in his head causing brain damage.It’s been 247 days since Bucky left his apartment.“
Say It by @sgtjbuccky​ Bucky x reader
“In where you loved Bucky unconditionally, enough to sacrifice your life for his happiness, now Bucky tries to save yours.“
Steve Rogers x reader:
Slow Like Honey by @heli0s-writes​ Single Dad!Steve x teacher!reader AU “The gossip that buzzes around in the teacher’s lounge is that sweet, sensitive, divorcé Steve Rogers is hot-for-teacher. His daughter’s first-grade teacher, to be exact.”
Missed Connections by @i-am-a-closet-fanfic-fiend​ College!Steve x reader
“The reader sees the same guy almost everywhere on campus. Despite her friends encouraging, she is too shy to talk to him, but will that all change when there’s a post on the school’s missed connections page?“
Twenty-Twenty by @brooklyns-boys​ (story on Google Drive link) Steve x blind!reader
Post Endgame Steve is retired, filling his time walking the streets of NYC reacquainting himself with Brooklyn. He stumbles upon an old bookstore and takes a liking to the woman behind the counter. 
Sebastian Stan x reader:
Great Chemistry by @thedevilwearsvibranium​ Sebastian x actress!reader
“After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?“
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angrythingstarlight · 2 months ago
With an ass like this, I just want to grab hold of it as he's wrecking me to pull him in deeper. I think he'd like that 😏
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Steve Rogers x brat!Reader
Word count: Drabble
Warnings: Dom/sub, smut, 18+, semi public sex, rough sex, teasing
Minors DNI.As always do not copy, translate, rewrite or reuse any of my works. Even if you credit me.
Steve ordered the men out of the clubhouse when you arrived wearing his favorite sundress and strappy heels. They shuffled out the door exchanging knowing yet relieved glances as you traipsed past the small bar to the pool table.
Steve has been insufferable all day. And when Steve is frustrated, everyone suffers. Except you.
You hopped on the fuzzy green surface, letting your legs swing back and forth as you waited for him.
"You wearin' panties?" He asks gruffly, his deep tone letting you know how foul his mood is and your core aches in response. The worse his mood, the rougher he gets.
Leaning back on your elbows, you spread your thighs. His broken, needy grunt breaks the still air, the scents of leather and smoky cedar surrounding you. He walks around the table, his heavy boots dully hitting the ground until he stands in front of you.
"Don't remember." You respond coyly, tugging your dress up to your waist.
Steve's eyes darken as they rake over your glistening pussy, his lips turned into a pained sneer. "Keep playing with me and see what happens."
Your brain says you shouldn't piss off the angry six-foot tattooed golden-haired biker but your pussy says you should.
You shrug. "You're right. I should behave." His eyes narrow warily as he takes a step towards you. "In fact, I'll go home right now-" you quip softly, crossing your ankles, "-and I'll be on my best behavior."
You fight to hide your smile when he says your name through gritted teeth, his larges hands grabbing your thighs and pushing them apart.
Falling back on the table, his belt clinks as he pulls down his pants, not even waiting for them to fall past his knees before his thick long cock is stretching your pussy.
You gasp at the sharp stinging burn, hands scrambling over the surface of the table. He pulls out, inch by inch until the very tip is resting inside of you.
"Say something else." He warns, his hands gripping your thighs so tight you can feel the bruising forming.
You lean on your elbow, reaching out to grab his t-shirt in your fist. Pulling yourself up, you wrap your hands around his torso and grab his ass with both hands. "You know if you fucked me better, maybe I wouldn't have such a smart mouth."
Steve blinks slowly, processing your words. The veins in his neck popping out as he silently repeats them to himself. His quiet rage rolling off of him in powerful waves, your heart pounding in your chest as you wait for him to respond.
He looks down at you, sliding his hands up your sides to your throat. "I'm going to teach this tight pussy a lesson you'll never forget." He applies pressure to your throat, enough to let you know his strength. "Then I'm going to fuck your throat until you learn some fucking manners."
He slams his cock back into your pussy, stretching you so good you scream out, your body shuddering under the force of his thrusts. His rough, steady pace sends pleasure through your core, burning you from the inside out. His lips by your ear whispering utter filth, telling you if you had just been a good fucking girl you could have been fucked like one.
He's fucking you so good, you're almost delirious, the coil fraying with each snap of his hips.
You know if you don't do something, he's going to bring you to the brink of pure bliss and stop, his favorite punishment is edging you but you want to cum so bad.
You dig your hands into his plump ass pulling him deeper inside you. You meet his blue eyes, your wheezed moans coming out harsher, and harsher as he constricts your air. "Still not fucking me-."
"Fucking brat." Steve grabs your throat with both hands and thrusts up into you so hard you almost lift off the table.
oh god oh my god shit, fuck, fu-
His cock striking your spot so hard you see stars behind your eyes, your walls clenching down over his length, the coil twisting and snapping as you cum, your swollen, pulsating cunt spasming with each rough stroke. It hits you so hard, tears form in your eyes as waves of pleasure course through you.
Steve looks at your dazed face with pride, listening to you chant his name between frantic sobs. "You were saying?" He taunts, circling his hips. "Let me hear it, sweetheart?"
He pushes your limp body back and slides your hips down to the edge of the table. Steve smirks when you whimper his name. "No, that wasn't it." He snaps his hips into yours, savoring the vulgar squelch of your cunt. "Try again."
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celestialbarnes · 3 months ago
𝐬𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
𝐚/𝐧: 𝐰𝐞𝐥𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 𝐬𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭! 𝐢𝐟 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞𝐧’𝐭 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐤𝐧𝐨𝐰!
𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐰, (𝟏𝟖+), 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐝𝐨 𝐧𝐨𝐭 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮’𝐫𝐞 𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐰 𝟏𝟖
𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐮𝐩𝐝𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝: 𝟐𝟖𝐭𝐡 𝐚𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐥 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏
𝐬𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐢𝐬 𝐡𝐞𝐥𝐝 𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤𝐥𝐲 • 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media
giving bucky head in the morning
riding bucky’s thigh (sugar daddy!bucky)
teasing bucky during a meeting (mob!bucky)
dancing for bucky before going down on him
back alley sex with bucky (40s!bucky)
bucky fucking you in front of his men (mob!bucky)
giving bucky a blowjob after class (professor!bucky)
bucky fucking you after clubbing (best friend!bucky)
bucky fucking you in the bathroom (biker!bucky)
bucky helping you study for your chemistry test
fucking bucky behind your husband’s back (plumber!bucky)
fucking your dad’s best friend, bucky
going down on bucky while he’s driving
fucking bucky in the library (college boyfriend!bucky)
Tumblr media
getting finger fucked by steve (nomad!steve)
Tumblr media
blowing off steam with bucky and steve
getting punished by mob!bucky and mob!steve
Tumblr media
sebastian teases you while you’re on a call 
honeymoon beach sex with sebastian
sebastian eating you out by the pool
airplane sex with sebastian
sebastian fingering you under the table
kitchen sex with sebastian
Tumblr media
riding chris’s face for the first time
chris fucking you before the wedding
chris helping you to cum for the first time
a quickie with chris before dinner with his family
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bucksfucks · 3 months ago
  𝙜𝙪𝙮𝙨 𝙢𝙮 𝙖𝙜𝙚 ; 𝘀𝘁𝗲𝘃𝗲 𝗿𝗼𝗴𝗲𝗿𝘀
summary┃there’s nothing quite like getting scolded, punished, and fucked by your best friend’s dad. 
pairing┃bestfriend’sdad!steve rogers x f!reader 
word count┃2,552 words 
warnings┃significant (but undefined) age gap, peter parker & pietro maximoff mention [aged up], authority kink, heavy daddy kink, teasing, mocking, slight degradation, praise kink, jealous!steve, corruption kink but very slight, breeding kink, creampie, choking kink, pubic hair ‘cause it’s normal, fingering, squirting, unprotected sex — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
notes┃man i bit my lip so hard writing this
gif credit
Tumblr media
     It was a hot, scorching day. The suns rays licking your skin as you emerged from the pool; wet and temporarily cooled off.
     Grabbing the towel that was sitting on your chair you began drying off your wet skin, your friend trailed right behind you doing the same.
     You were lucky she had a pool, it was probably the only thing saving you on such a hot day. Otherwise you would surely be inside, sucking on a popsicle and complaining about the heat to her. 
     “The boys should be here soon, I think they stopped to grab some beers.” Your friend, Luna, said, checking her phone through her sunglasses.
     You hummed, nodding your head as you finished the last gulp of your water.
     She was excited; the boys being Piet and Peter, an odd duo. 
     Luna was convinced that Peter was in love with you, and that she was in love with Piet.
    He did have puppy dog eyes for her, though. 
    Peter? Well, you just weren’t that interested in him.
    He was a great guy, super sweet and smart, but he just wasn’t what you looked for in a man.
    “I’m gonna grab another glass of water, you want one?” You ask her as you finish towelling off the rest of your body.
    She shakes her head, “I think they’re here, I’m gonna go run out and grab them.”
    You hum, nodding your head before making your way into her massive, way-too-big house and sliding into the kitchen. 
    It never failed to amaze you, you admire the marble plastered over the counters and the mouldings on the wall. 
    Her father is the CEO of Rogers Inc., one of the largest corporations in greedy America; so it makes sense. 
    A shudder ran through your body at the thought of her dad, it was so wrong to fantasize over your best friend’s father, but it was hard not to. 
    Steve Rogers was the man of your dreams for nothing other than the fact that he was older, much, much, much older than you.
    You grabbed the crystal pitcher out of the large fridge a shiver running down your bikini clad body before you spun around, gasping and nearly dropping your glass at the sight of Steve standing at the entrance of the kitchen in a pair of loose jeans and a white shirt.
    “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you, honey.” He chuckled, making his way in.
    “Oh no, it’s-it’s okay. I just wasn’t expecting you, is all, Mr. Rogers.” Your voice shakes, intimidated by the powerful man that now stands in front of you. 
    “You can call me Steve, sweetheart. You know that.” The way the pet-name falls off his lip, accompanied by a subtle smirk, it makes your mind wader as your eyes scan him up and down. 
    You nod your head, finally mustering the strength to pour yourself a glass.  
    “Just gonna get by ya’,” you gasp when you feel his warm hand on your cool skin. 
    He scoots by you, body just barely brushing against yours as he grabs a beer. You watch him open it, popping the tab, “have fun with the boys.” He winks, taking a sip before strutting off deeper into the house. 
    You never thought of yourself as that type of person, to go after a father, a dilf if you will, but the permanent imprint of his broad shoulders ran laps in your mind as you walked back outside in hopes of distracting yourself. 
    Your name was called, “hey Peter!” You greeted him with a hug, watching the way his eyes ran down your body. 
    Would Steve’s eyes wander? They didn’t in the kitchen. Maybe he thinks you’re just a kid. 
    “How are you?” The question caught you off-guard, but then you’re reminded of where you are. 
    You have to shake your thought away before you’re smiling, diving into the pool and trying to fight the ache that’s settled between your thighs just how you wish Steve would. 
    “Luna are you sure?” Peter sounds worried as he squeaks out his question, she just swats her hand at him, scoffing as if the question was rude. 
    “Of course I’m sure,” you’re following close behind her as you tip-toe past her dad’s, Steve’s, office. 
    “So he won’t be mad?” Peter interjects, “he won’t ever know.” She points a finger at him as his eyes go wide. Piet just shoves Peter lightly, “it’ll be fine, just keep your voice down.” He reminds his brown haired friend as you roll your eyes. 
    The plan was to sneak the two boys inside, over for the night, but even they knew how strict Steve was.
    Not to mention the fact that Peter looked like he was about to shit himself in fear at the mere thought of Steve finding out. 
    “Guys, we’re almost there, okay?” Luna says as she turns around walking backwards behind a corner. 
    “All we gotta do is-” 
    Suddenly her voice is cut off, a small oh falling from her mouth as Steve rounds the corner with a disappointed look on his face. He looks from his daughter, to the two boys, and lastly, at you. 
    “All you gotta do is what?” He challenges with authority in his voice, folding his thick arms over his muscular chest. 
    You gulp, heart hammering in your chest, but unlike the other three, it’s not from fear. 
    “Hey dad,” Luna tries to put on her fake sweet voice, but Steve doesn’t buy it, instead he just raises his hand and sends her to her room as she huffs and puffs. 
    He kicks the two boys out next, giving them a warning that’ll surely scar them for a few months. 
    You’re all that’s left in the tall hallway as he makes his way over to you. 
    “I always thought you were a bit of a troublemaker,” he hums, coming to stand directly in front of you. 
    Despite your own stature, he was still taller than you and had an air of authority consuming him. 
    You could feel your pulse in your ears, nothing but a pair of denim shorts covering your bottoms and your dried bikini top exposed your undulating chest. 
    “Mr. Rogers I-,” but you were just cut off again. 
    He craned his neck down, rich mahogany permeating your nose as you inhaled sharply. 
    “It seems like you can’t seem to remember to call me Steve,” he hums, “maybe you could call me Daddy instead.” 
    Your are pupils blow, lust-blown and wide as you catch his own darkening eyes. 
    “How’s that sound, sweetheart?” He was egging you on, gauging your reaction as you took a sharp breathe in through your nose. 
    “Good,” you replied meekly, not trusting your voice to deliver anything else. 
    He wasn’t pleased with the response, cocking his head to the side as if to say.....
    There it was, the one word he wanted to hear slip past your lips. 
    “Atta girl.” He winks, the simple praise affecting you much more than you thought it would’ve; but it drives you absolutely wild. 
    You wonder what he’ll do next, what his next move could be. 
    He just steps away from the wall, “you fuckin’ him?” It catches you off-guard, eyes going wide in confusion. 
    “That Parker kid, are you fucking him?” He asks, tone calm and confident as he interrogates you. 
    You shake your head, “no.” You reply comes naturally, there’s nothing to lie about, the sexual energy is prevalent and you’re having a hard time keeping your thighs from burning. 
    He smirks, “good girl, a guy like him wouldn’t know how to treat a girl like you anyways.” 
    There’s a voice in your head that telling you, screaming at you that this is your best friends father. 
    It only feeds your hunger, fuelling the fire that ignited long ago. 
    “I don’t fuck guys my age.” You spit back, enjoying the way his body stiffens and how he runs his tongue along his bottom lip. 
    “‘Course not, why would a pretty little thing stoop to their level?” It’s a rhetorical question, obviously, but then suddenly it hits you; hits you like a bus going sixty miles an hour. 
    He’s going to fuck you. He’s going to fuck you while your best friend is in the room next door. 
    “Maybe because there’s no one who I’m really interested in and you know,” your voice trails off as you find your confidence. 
    “I’ve got needs just like everyone else.” 
    You can see the twitch in his pants, the growl that bubbles from deep within his chest as he shoves you back against the cool wall. 
    “You know damn well what you do to me, don’t you?” It’s a low snarl as his nose brushes your jaw. 
    “Know how fuckin’ hard you get me every time you’re prancin’ around my house in your little shorts. Biting your lip; talkin’ about how fuckin’ horny you are and how you wish you’d have an older guy, an older guy like me, take care of you.” 
    Goosbumps erupt over your skin as he whispers those words in your ear, neatly trimmed beard brushing over your sensitive skin. 
    “Honey, I’ve got exactly what you’re lookin’ for.” Before his lips were on yours, thigh wedged between your legs as you gave into the feeling of him.
    Suddenly there was a ratting, footsteps coming closer as Steve took a reluctant step away from you and pressed his index finger against his lips.
    You locked your lips, nodding lightly as you tried to steady your breathing as you listened for the footsteps—his daughters footsteps, your best friends footsteps.
    They sounded further away, disappearing somewhere deeper into the house as Steve sidled up to you again.
    A gasp left your lips when you felt his hand on your ass, squeezing at the flesh.
    “Shh, shh, shh,” he cooed, “don’t wanna get caught now, do we?” He smirked, pulling you flush against him as you whimpered.
    Steve kicked his office door open gently, the two of you stumbling into it.
    “Mr. Rogers-“
    He nearly glared at you, “wrong.”
    You gulped, “Steve,” but he just tsked you and chuckled darkly.
    “Baby girl, you just can’t learn, can you?” He strides over to you, harshly grabbing your chin between his fingers as he angles your head upwards.
    You hiss when he pushes your smaller body against the frame of the door, “and Daddy doesn’t like repeating himself.”
    The ache between your thighs is undeniable and you need nothing more than to feel the weight of him between them.
    “I-I’m sorry, Daddy,” you reply in a hoarse voice. He perks up at the sound of his name, but it doesn’t seem to change the course of plan he’s already made up.
    “It’s too late for apologies, honey. And I think you know what happens to bad girls,” he mocks condescendingly, but it only spurs you on.
    Steve kicks your feet apart gently, denim jeans already unbuttoned as he snakes a hand down them.
    “Let me guess,” he hums. “No one’s ever been able to give you what you want?” His fingers find your clit through your swimsuit as you moan.
    “Nothing but a series of five minute fucks that leave you unsatisfied, huh?” Your heart is hammering in your chest as you feel heat rise to your face.
    And it’s embarrassing how close you already are.
    “Mhmm,” is all you can spit out before his fingers are diving between your folds, moving your swimsuit to the suit and stuffing you full of his fingers.
    “Oh I know honey,” he cooes. “It must be so hard finding a guy your age to fill your needs.”
    When you open your eyes at his words, you can see how dark his are. It’s not dark or deceitful, it’s lust and desire.
    “Yeah,” you whisper pathetically as he curls his fingers inside of you.
    His hand is around your neck not even seconds later, lips against yours as you manage to find his cock through his pants; palming him as he groans into your mouth.
    “Won’t ever need to find a guy your age now that you have me, honey.” He purrs against your lips, a shudder running down your spine.
    “Now be a good girl and cum all over my fingers.”
    It’s an explosion of pressure, the moan you want to release never comes with the weight of Steve’s hand wrapped around your throat.
    It’s leg shaking, the pleasure you’re feeling before Steve removes his fingers to lick them clean.
    “Look at you, honey. Look at how drenched you are.” And you are, damp from squirting as you’re still tightly holding onto his shirt practically begging for more.
    “Turn around,” he purrs, undoing your bikini top as it falls to the ground.
    Your nipples perk up at the cool air, already aroused as he pinches one of them.
    When you’re pressed up against the door again, you whine, you audibly whine as he pulls your bottoms down your legs.
    “What a perky little ass,” he smirks, smacking it as you hear the sound of his zipper and the clink of his belt hitting the floor.
    He hums, running his hands all over your body as he takes the time to memorize all your curves, ridges, and bumps that you hate.
    “Absolutely perfect,” you’re flush against his warm skin.
    Steve’s fingers run down your tummy, resting right above the hair that decorates your mound; not fazed for a second.
    “And all for me to ruin,” he hums before you feel him lining himself up at your entrance.
    When he pushes in, you know that he’s ruined all men for you.
    When he bottoms out, you know you’ll never get this feeling with anyone else.
    When he thrusts into you, his fingers digging into your skin—you know you’ll crave him.
    “Takin’ all of me so fuckin’ well,” he grunts, anchoring his feet on the floor as he snakes his arm around your neck; your chin resting against his elbow.
    “Gonna make me cum so fuckin’ hard, have you full to the brim.”
    You gasp, arching your back and bending your knees as he pounds into you with no other motivate than making the two of you come.
    “What a good little girl you’re bein’ for Daddy,” he rasps in your ear, “can feel you squeezin’ me, know you wanna cum.”
    You whimper, “yeah.”
    “Then let go, cum all over Daddy’s cock.” Is all he can say before you’re squeezing him as he holds you upright.
    You can feel him shudder and shake as he comes, biting your shoulder before he slips out of you; along with his come that now trickles down your thighs.
    He watches it leak out of you, catching his breath before spinning you around to face him.
    “No more guys your age, yeah?” He asks, “no more guys my age.” You reply, smirking as you admire his physique.
    “Good girl, let Daddy take care of you and you’ll never have anything to worry about again.”
    That night you laid in his bed, curled up against the father of your best friend with her just a mere few rooms over as your phone buzzed with texts from her about how much she hated how her dad kicked you out.
    What she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her.
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
A Few Good Reasons
Summary: Steve has a few good reasons to get up this early, all of them revolve around the pretty new waitress that just started at his favorite diner.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Steve Rogers x shy reader
Word count: 1.6 K
Warnings: Misogynism, Implied violence, language, 18+ only, Protective Steve
A/n: Cut/behind the scene snippet from the upcoming Biker Steve one shot. @star-spangled-bingo fill: Coffee Shop Au
As always likes, comments and reblogs are welcome. Do not copy, repost, rewrite or translate my work (even if you give me credit.) 
There are a few things that will get Steve out of bed this early on a Sunday morning. When he was a kid, it used to be his Ma dragging him to an early church service, later as an scrawny young man it was his commanding officer waking him before the sun rose.
Until a few months ago he would only get up for Ms. Martha’s coffee and her custom made omelets, the ones that she’ll only make on Sunday mornings. 
She’s very strict about her schedule. 
You get to her diner after 11:45 on the dot and you’re getting regular coffee and whatever daily special the cook scrawls on the chalkboard behind the register. 
No exceptions. 
Even for bikers who’s butts she may have accidently pinched every now and then. 
Now he has one more reason to crawl out of his warm bed and hike down to the diner across from his shop.
The pretty new waitress with captivating eyes and alluring smile. Your sweet, timid smile is enough to make him wake up before his alarm has the chance to sound.
He’s thinking about you as he pulls into the parking spot reserved for him. He searches for you through the large glass windows in the diner's front, he can’t see you but he knows you’re working today.
He startles, his fist drawn back at the sudden noise. Bucky steps back, balling up his leather clad hands, “you wanna go? I’m ready.” he laughs, throwing a playful jab at the blonde.
Steve lowers his hand with a sheepish grin. “Sorry Buck. Didn’t hear you.”
“Yeah, I know been calling your dumbass for five minutes.” He tosses back as he opens the door, the small bell chiming above his head. “C’mon, I’m hungry and I want to get back to my girl.”
Any other time, Steve would have rolled his eyes and shot off some snarky remark about him being pussy whipped.
 But he gets it now. 
 He gets it and he hasn’t even gotten any. He’s already in deep and all he’s done eye fuck you each morning while you take his order. And then spend the rest of the day thinking about you. 
He’s not normally like this. He can’t explain how you managed to affect him so much. 
Though the way your hands tremble and your mouth does that little thing when you look at him, he knows you're affected by him too. 
That though alone is enough to get him up at this ungodly hour. And worth all the dishes he’s had to replace in order to keep Ms. Martha from banning him from your section since he keeps making you drop them every time he bites his lip.
Steve slides into the worn red pleather booth, the pocket of his jean catching on the long rip down the side. He leans back, strumming his fingers on the table, the surface strewed with scratches and stains that will never come out of the wood. But it’s clean and polished, like the rest of the old diner.
Bucky settles across from him, stretching his long legs under the table. He tosses his gloves off and cracks his knuckles as he swivels his head. “So where is she?”
Bucky tilts his head, raising a brow. “I’ve been your best friend since we were kids, I know you. You like her and its bad huh?”
Steve sighs. “You have no idea, Buck.”
Bucky laughs, gesturing at himself. “Really? Me. No idea. About falling for a girl. Shit, I haven’t even thought about another woman since I met her. Got me so twisted around her finger, all I can do is except it. Not that I’m complaining. You know she lets me-” 
“Her shift starts in ten minutes.” Steve quietly admits, ignoring Bucky’s smug hum.
“Alright, lets go over last months sales before you get distracted.” He states, pulling a file out of his jacket. “There was a ten percent increase in profit from the bar and the shop is doing better than I thought.”
A comfortable silence settles over the table as they review the paperwork.
A whiny voice cuts through his concentration.
“Fuck that’s a hot piece of ass.”
Steve lifts his head, raking back his hair. He taps his finger on the table, knowing that they better not be talking about you.
Another voice joins the first. “Yeah, man, she’s brand new and quiet. You know what they say about the quiet ones.”
Steve furrows his brows, meeting Bucky’s eyes. The brunet leaning back, his arms folded across his chest as he listens.  
“-always a fucking freak in bed.“
Steve turns his head to see three men looking straight at you. Ogling you as you walk behind the counter, tying your apron behind your back. A rage sweeps through him so viciously it steals his breath.
“I’ve been working this bitch real good. See, the trick is to pretend to be shy yourself and they fall for that shit every time. Th-Th-Thank y-you miss.” 
The laughter from the booth is grating to Steve’s ears, his hands curling into tight fists.
Steve swings his head back to Bucky. The benefits of being such close friends is that you only need to share a look and you know what the other is thinking.
The men across them suddenly fall quiet, without looking back, Steve knows its because you’re headed their way. He can hear the faint squeak of your tennis shoes on the linoleum floor.
“Watch this.” Steve hears the whisper, and he fights the urge to jump out of his seat.
Steve nods at Bucky, who smirks in response. Leaning his head out of the booth, Steve says. “Hey Darlin, you got any Band-Aids?”
You skid to a stop, a nervous grin flitting across your face. “Uh yeah, why?”
Steve smiles gently, his eyes softening as they caress your face. “I hurt my knuckles, might need a couple, matter of fact, I think Ms. Martha keeps a first aid kit in the back.”
“Oh, okay, give me a second.” You respond, the concern in your voice making him smile a little more.
Once you disappear into the back, he stands up with Bucky a step behind him.
He perches on the table while Bucky slides in, pushing one of the scrawny men into the window.
“Hey! Who the fuck are you-.”
Oh, that’s the one who thought he could call you a bitch.
Steve grabs him by his collar, lifting him out of his seat with one hand. “We’re going to go outside and have a friendly conversation about respecting women.” Steve states, his deep voice calm and commanding. “Then after I beat the shit out of you and your little friends, we’re going to discuss why it’s a bad idea to disrespect my girl.”
Bucky ruffles one of the guy’s hair, blowing a bated breath through his lips. “And to think, he’s the nice one. I would have already shoved your head through that window.”
“I-sir, please we didn’t know.” He blubbers weakly, pushing at Steve’s chest. The other men chiming in with pathetic apologies.
Steve and Bucky exchange glances again. Deciding its not worth, upsetting you or messing up Ms. Martha’s establishment, Steve lets him go, sneering as he falls to ground. Bucky gets out, gesturing for them to leave.
They scramble towards the door; the bell chiming as it opens. “Fuck you and that dry ass cunt. Watch me come back and fuck your bitch.”
A devilish grin spreads across Bucky’s face as he watches his best friend slowly stand up, rolling his shoulders back. “Buck.” He's almost bewildered. “Did he just?”
The men don’t make it to their car before Steve and Bucky are on them.
By the time you finally find the first aid kit, tucked away under an umbrella in the back, Steve and Bucky are where you left them. You would have been out sooner, but you spent a few minutes in the break room mirror practicing your smile as you worked through various greetings.
You place it on the table along with order pad and pencil. “Sorry it took me so long..,” your voice trails off, when you see Steve’s bloodied knuckles. Without thinking, you grab his hand. “What happened?”
Steve looks at you through his long lashes. “Eh had an accident handling some garbage, I’m fine Darlin’.”
You’re frozen, mesmerized by his enticing blue eyes. Steve can’t stop looking at you, everything around him forgotten for a brief second.
Bucky glances at you and then at Steve with a knowing smirk, “you know, I gotta go home, but why don’t you help him bandage up his hands.” He’s halfway across the diner before you can say anything.
Putting his own bruised hands in his pockets, he thinks about how he’s going to explain this one when he gets home. Bucky pauses at the door, grinning to himself when he sees you sit down. Granted, you’re right on the edge of the seat and you look like you’ll run if Steve moves too fast.
But it’s a start.
Steve swallows thickly, his Adam’s apple bobbing as you open the dusty old kit.
You bit your lip, staring at the mess of bandages, tapes and other supplies crammed in the little box. You wonder if he can hear how hard your heart is beating right now.
You tell yourself to keep breathing and not think about how you’re so close to him. You didn’t prepare for this, but you can’t just leave him here to fend for himself either. “I’m not great at this.”
“I can tell you what to do.” He smiles at you, his thumb sweeping over the back of your hand. “And thank you, Darlin’.”
“Thank-.” The word slips out before you can swallow it, you squeeze your eyes shut. Why are you like this? “I mean you’re welcome, that’s what I meant.” You finish lamely, ready to dart to the back of the diner and never come out again.
Steve chuckles softly, “I know.”
He says it with such affection that you’re put at ease, his thumb still rubbing small circles over your skin. It feels nice, his hands, even bloodied and bruised, are warm, the rough texture of his thumb sends a shiver down your spine. You shift in your seat, crossing your legs.
Steve keeps his voice soft and steady. “You see that roll of gauze, take that out first and I’ll show you what to do.”
You follow his directions as he casually asks you questions about you and your life. Offering up tidbits of his own, carefully steering the conversation in a way so that you respond without feeling forced. 
Soon his hands are covered in white gauze and you’re sliding out of the booth to place his order. You reach the kitchen door when you spot his number written neatly at the top of your order pad. You glance over your shoulder and he winks at you. 
You promptly walk into the door, hitting your head. Steve places his chin on his palm, watching you stumble into the kitchen, he laughs at your embarrassed squeal radiating through the diner. “That's my girl.” 
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heli0s-writes · 2 months ago
The text post about “ your fav is fucking his fist rn thinking of you” please lord let it be for Steve ( I’m. Late I know)
a/n: heheh it is :) 1.5k words of male masturbation ayyye. also, if you have not already, go check out @heavenbarnes’ ficlet, which haunts me everyday. please stop reading if you are not 18+
brooklyn after dark masterlist
Tumblr media
slow hands*
Steve jerks off— a lot.
Even before the serum, when he was just any other violently hormonal, grass-fed, free-range human boy, instinct couldn’t be denied. Even after a long period of reflection during his catechism days, he wasn’t able to make heads or tales out of why any creator might give two shits about whether or not Steve fucks his hand.
Now as a whopping 200-pound slab of grade-A, laboratory-engineered, serum-enhanced super-soldier, if he doesn’t pump one out every twenty-four hours, it’s hard to focus on much else. All of that unbridled testosterone crawls right up behind his eyes and his brain fizzles at the edges, agitated like an animal in a cage.
(So, although it’s mostly pleasure, it’s also necessity.)
He knows that it’s best before bed because early mornings or while showering requires working within the constraints of a ticking clock; if he’s got a packed schedule and needs a quick rub, fine, but not his favorite.
He knows that he likes certain activities, and if he’s looking at porn, specific categories and maybe a few performers will fit a niche—but sometimes he’ll spiral into a hundred other videos and he’s stayed up one (or five) too many nights doing that.
More than anything, Steve knows nothing beats his imagination, and he knows the best lies you can tell are ones with a bit of truth attached to them.
So, he plays a little game.
He thinks about you.  
Cheeky you, who’s always teasing him about taking life too seriously. So prim and proper, Steve, you purr, always Mr. Punctual. Aren’t you tired of being nice? Loosen up—go dancing, meet a girl, have a one-night stand; fuck with the lights on for once.
Hm. Sure he’d like to, but all he’s got is about forty-five minutes before bed because he’s frankly too busy (see: stubborn, see: not interested in just any girl) for anything else.
For forty-five minutes, Steve takes a moment of truth and runs warp speed into the burning sunset with it.
The time you put your hand in his hair to fix a flyaway before a press conference—what if you gripped it hard, instead? Your candy pink lip gloss on Friday evening—what if it smudged off on his jaw, his collar, his eager cock? How you looked lifting out of the pool with rivulets of water dribbling into the hollow of your throat—what if he pressed his cheek to it, drank from it?
(The expression that might cross your face when you realize Steve would very much like to fuck you with the lights on.)
When you kissed him on that mission in Thailand, sliding into his lap to hide the both of you in a corner nook of a restaurant. The taste of sweetened coffee passed from your mouth to his, and he couldn’t help but dart his tongue out. You playfully scolded him about taking advantage of a dangerous situation (it wasn’t that dangerous), and despite all your usual attitude, it was surprisingly cute how you couldn’t make eye contact afterwards, making him want to kiss you again just to figure you out.
Last night—when you smiled, the glimmer in your eyes like a sliver of moonlit coin and if he blinked at the wrong time, he might have missed it. Your breathy laugh, your little giggle, how you raggedly pant while you spar, he thinks about those sounds mingled with his name. Your weight, a perfect amount of pressure crawling on top of him, mapping out the expanse of his chest.
He’d be happy just to watch, finally able to see you in glimpses not bordering voyeuristic like when you zip up in the hangar or concerned when you peel off Kevlar layers smudged with gunpowder. No, you’d be relaxed and tangible, full and felt—breasts, waist, belly, the sides of your hips as you straddle him, pulling his hands toward your body and letting him touch you.
Steve sighs into the darkness of his room, sweats shucked off, lube-slick hand feeling for his already aching cock. What’s he going to think about tonight? The small of your back when you lean over the pool table? The long, graceful shape of your fingers exploring his torso? Your face dazed, tipsy-tinged after a few drinks and sweet on his shoulder?
(He would like more of that. He could make you look like that if you ever asked.)
His hips move in careful circles, testing his grip, nudging at the tunnel of his fist like how your pussy would resist the first thrust until he wedges his way past it, slipping the head of his cock into your warmth. You’d be so, so warm. So soft and tight and perfectly fitted around him.
“Ah, fuck,” Steve mutters, eyes squeezed shut.  
He fucks into his fist, the sound of slick gushing out like wet slaps, like the hot clutch of noise your tight hole would make as he’d stretch it out—as he’d stretch you out.
He’s panting harder. You‘d look breathtaking on all fours, head turned around to see him rutting inside, jaw slack in disbelief that your body could keep taking him like this, like you could break any moment.  
The pretty, pretty whimpers at the harsh punctuation of every thrust. They’d tear loose from your throat and you wouldn’t be able to bite them down anymore. You could unravel because of him—shattering because he’ll have gotten past your defenses, gotten so deep you could do nothing but arch back for more, needing him further, needing him to know you how nobody else knows you.
Steve’s mind races through each position— every arrangement of your arms and legs in ways you’d give into because he would make the burn delicious, blurring discomfort into pleasure, and how you wouldn’t care if it might hurt because desire would be the drive— him behind the wheel taking you closer to that cliff’s edge.
He’s peeling off into the horizon now, moaning, bucking carelessly, blinded by the bright sun, by the white threatening to explode behind his eyes.
“Uhhhnn—” he looks down at his throbbing cock, swollen with friction and fiction, his other hand rolling the tender skin of his sac between his fingers. He squeezes a hair trigger tighter, in pulses, mimicking how you’d feel close to coming, begging for his release to fill you. Your hands gripping his hair for purchase, hard and frenzied, the scrape of your nails on his scalp. And finally, the abandoned, purely physical response of your body during orgasm, the undeniable wrecked wail of his name.
He’d be rough and gentle all at once, he’d make you taste yourself, clean up the mess you’ve made on him, and then he’d kiss it out of your mouth when he fucks you again. You’d be sore already, and sore the next day. He’d want to leave you aching, shuddering, babbling and delirious for more, for only him.
You’d cry, Steve, oh—my god—oh my god—feels so good, Steve. Fuck me harder, please. However you want—whatever you want, I promise.
You’d suck on his fingers, bite down when it became too much, too good. You’d shake, and shake, and shake and Steve— he falls.
Spun out, headfirst, off the steepest bluff of his inventions and crashes into open waves beneath. Your moaning mouth, your soaked cunt, your entire being an unprimed canvas waiting for his splatter.
And it’d be perfect.  
He comes in ropes, gasping into the reverberating echo of his own breath, hips still moving, back still arched, wet slick dripping down into his fist where he keeps going, using it as another coat of lube. Maybe you’d squirt. Maybe you’d put your face in your hands, embarrassed, or maybe you’d lose all control and he’ll have to hold you up.  
The second wave comes fast and better than the first.
The third, easy, only tinged with a prickle of rawness that makes his toes curl.  
Steve’s chest is sweat-slick and heaving, heat rising off his body as he evens out, throat murmuring the syllables of your name in yearning. He nudges hair off his forehead with the back of his clean hand, and then he checks his clock.
Back to reality, forty-five minutes on the dot tells him he’s still punctual, as you say.
He cleans up, stretching his back as he ambles to the restroom before returning to bed, satisfied. And when Steve tucks himself in for another peaceful night’s sleep, he wonders what you do in the privacy of darkness and if your ritual is anything like his own.
Do you shuck off your lounge clothes? Do you fuck yourself beneath layers of covers with your fingers? A toy? Grab your tits and put those same fingers in your mouth? Do you think about someone—do you think about him? His dick is still half-hard, half-raring for another session because the fourth and fifth time, when it hurts even worse, feels like coming up for breath after a drowning-- feels beyond good.
He’ll think about you some more tomorrow.  
(He’ll think about making you come four or five times.)
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navybrat817 · 4 months ago
Play Well with Others
Pairings: Mob!Bucky Barnes x Reader, Mob!Steve Rogers x Reader Summary: Steve has a thing for his best friend’s girl...and he knows it. Word Count: Over 1.6k Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, voyeurism, slight exhibitionism, feels 18+ Please!!! This is not beta-read, so any and all mistakes are my own. This is my first attempt at anything involving mafia/mob and it’s mainly just feels and smut! Moodboard by @dreamslikeaheartbeat.  @buckyownsmylife I feel like you would appreciate this.  If you’re looking for great mafia fics, check out @angrythingstarlight. And @tuiccim​ has a great series of Steve wanting Bucky’s girl. Enjoy, lovelies! 
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers would do just about anything for Bucky Barnes. They always looked out for one another and had since they were young boys. As they rose in the ranks, their loyalty to each other kept them alive. Neither of them had forgotten that. And coming into his own made Bucky proud. 
People no longer picked on him because of his size. Those who tried to cross them figured out quickly why they were in charge of the city. Captain and Winter. The nicknames somehow made people fear them more. They were part of the power that helped them stay on top. It wasn't an easy life, but they were content. Until you showed up.
Bucky was no longer content. He was happy. Only the closest in the circle saw the change when you were around. And Steve was...jealous. At first he thought he was jealous of the bond you forged with his best friend. At the end of the day, he still had feelings and didn't want to be replaced. He felt like an ass because you were nothing but kind to him.
Over time, he realized he was actually jealous of Bucky. He found someone who not only accepted his life, even when it frightened you, but loved him as he was. Not only that, you were an amazing woman. You kept up with Tony's wit and humor, looked out for Peter and even managed to charm Loki at the last meeting.
He fell for you, even when he tried so hard not to. You were his best friend's girl. His best and only girl. Guilt ate at him when he imagined what it would feel like to have you wrapped around his cock or to look at him with the same devotion you showed Bucky. He would get over it in time and no one would ever know. 
After Steve shook the thoughts of you away, he checked his watch. He had to discuss the next shipment with Bucky and he was never late for his meetings. He smoothed out his shirt as he stopped at the double doors, not registering the noise at first as he walked in.
"Bucky, please. Please!" you cried.
Steve froze, his jaw open in a stunned expression. It wasn't the first time the Captain caught his partner with a dame, but it was the first time he had seen you. And since you, Winter hadn't taken another woman.
You had a death grip on the desk as Bucky roughly fucked you. Your dress was pushed up around your tempting hips and Bucky was still in his suit. Like he couldn't wait to have you. How he wasn't buried in you all day long, he didn't know. 
Seeing you blissed out was something he would think about when he went to bed that night and many nights after. And Bucky wasn't done with you. Not with the way he thrust, his metal hand keeping you in place to make you take it. 
"Please what, doll? I don't think he heard you."
You made a choked sound as you managed to lift your head, a matching stunned expression on your beautiful face. He couldn't look away, his feet glued to the floor. He knew he should leave. But he didn't exactly want to.
"Bucky…" you whined, looking over your shoulder.
"Have a seat, Steve. Now."
Bucky was a man of few words when it came to dealings and other matters. So when he spoke, everyone listened. Willing himself to walk, he took a few steps toward his desk.
"No," Bucky said calmly, not breaking his stride as he nodded to the chair in front of his own front of you. "Best seat in the house."
He swallowed, each step more painful than the last. The tent in his pants had to be obvious to you. Or were you so drunk on Bucky's cock to truly notice him?
Bucky smirked when he sat down, trying to get comfortable. "There we go. Why don't we give him a real show?"
Clarity filled your eyes momentarily as your hips were pulled back, moaning as Bucky pounded you. His hand still stayed on your upper back, the action forcing you to stay look right at Steve. He fell in love all over again.
"He likes you, doll. Did you know that?"
"No," you moaned and it was an honest answer. Not once had you ever lied to them. You also weren't cruel. You wouldn't taunt or throw his feelings in his face.
"I know," he cooed, looking down as he sank into you. "No one else knew...but I did."
Steve felt like he was back in the alley getting punched in the stomach. Of course, he knew. They knew each other so well. How did he think he could hide that? And why didn't he hate him for it?
"Bucky…" he tried, but his eyes were on you. Even with the guilt, he was half tempted to take his cock out and shove it in your inviting mouth. Would you like the taste of him? Would you choke on him?
"He needs to see that you're mine. Tell him. Tell him you're mine."
He had never known Bucky to be possessive, but things were different with you. He would have felt the same way if you were his girl. 
"I'm yours," you moaned, your eyes filled with pleasure. The desk almost shook from the force. 
Steve couldn't find it in himself to be angry at the words. He had no right because they were the truth. And watching you like this, in the throes of ecstasy, was a gift. His own private porno. 
"But I'm generous. Maybe one day I'll let him fuck you."
Was he serious? He didn't dare show anything on his face, even as he twitched in his pants. Fuck, he wanted that. He wanted to worship every inch of you. He wanted to make you come with his name on your lips.
"You like that idea, doll? Fuck, you got so tight around me. Trying to milk my cock."
"I just...fuck!" you cried
"You want me," Steve thought as he watched, his breathing heavier. It wasn't a cocky thought, but a hopeful one. He wished he could reach out and touch your cheek, to keep that gorgeous gaze on him. Bucky was generous to give him this, even though this was to send him a message. 
"You wanna come? Show him gorgeous you look when I make you lose it?"
"Please, Bucky, make me come!"
"Come on my cock and show him you're mine."
Watching as you came apart at the seams almost made him come, your cry making him visibly shiver. It was one of the most beautiful things he had ever had the honor of viewing. He would have to thank Bucky later. If his friend didn't put a gun to his head.
"That's it. Fuck, so good. Fluttering around me the way I like it."
"Please," you mumbled.
Bucky grunted, his hips pumping hard before stilling. He leaned down to bury his face in your neck, moaning as he finished. Steve didn't realize he was gripping the chair until he flexed his hands. He feared if he moved, he really would make a mess in his pants. He deserved that discomfort.
"I've got you, doll," Bucky whispered as he pulled out of you, moving to sit so he could hold you. 
Your eyes were only half open, but the soft smile you gave Steve made his heart twist. It was a smile that could bring the world to their knees. That was exactly what you did to him and Bucky. It was also a smile that said whatever this wasn't over.
"Love you," Bucky swore, tipping your chin up to meet his gaze.
"Love you, too," you whispered.
Hearing that didn't hurt as much as it normally did, but seeing him kiss you like that was dizzying. There was tenderness there that no one else would ever feel. The hands covered in blood time and time again held you like you were the most cherished creature in the universe. It hit square in the chest that Bucky's devotion to you would never die. 
The blonde opened his mouth to speak when the kiss ended, but Bucky held his hand up. You tucked yourself against his chest, not saying anything else. No one spoke for a few minutes, even as you drifted off in his lap. The tension rose with each second that passed.
"You planned this?" he finally asked to break the silence.
"I did. I can't have anyone thinking they can just take her from me," he said, kissing the top of your head. "That includes you, Stevie."
Steve let out the breath he was holding. Malice didn't exist in his friend's tone and there was no anger in his eyes. "I don't want to take her from you. I don't," he promised. He couldn't do that. "I'm sorry."
Bucky nodded after a moment. "We can't always control how we feel. And I know you don't want to take her from me. I can see that now."
"She's just…"
"Easy to fall in love with."
Steve nodded. "You're very lucky."
"I am," he agreed. "If I were to share down the would only be with you."
Steve couldn't believe his ears. He thought the earlier statement was just dirty talk. "You would…You would really do that?" he asked above a whisper.
"Yeah, punk," he smiled gently. "But that would be a mutual discussion and decision. She isn't a toy or prize and I refuse to let her get hurt. And if she says no, that's the end of it."
There was pride in his tone. You were their equal, always. "Of course. She comes first."
"That's usually the case," he smirked, pulling you closer. "Now...let's talk about that shipment."
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jtargaryen18 · 9 months ago
Steve rogers with size kink (reader is smaller than him) is all i need 😭😭
Thank you for the ask. 🙏🙏🙏
This is something I haven’t tried before so... I hope you like it. 💕
Fill Me Up
Tumblr media
Warnings: Size kink, pretty much porn, Steve and reader’s first time.
You pressed a kiss into Steve’s neck as you cuddled together on the couch. You knew you were being a shit because he’d been so absorbed in the movie that you remembered being one of your father’s favorites. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
Steve Rogers enjoyed nothing better than a buddy movie. It reminded him of missions with Bucky or Sam. Maybe it reminded him of his time in the army.
Paul Newman’s Butch Cassidy asked Robert Redford’s Sundance Kid, “What’s the matter with you?”
Your kiss lingered over Steve’s pulse, your tongue gently tasting the salt of his skin. His heavy arm tightened around you. His hand spanned your hip, held you to his side.
“I can’t swim,” the Kid muttered.
Butch Cassidy laughed hard before telling his younger partner, “Are you crazy? The fall will probably kill ya.”
As the characters on screen shouted and jumped off the cliff to escape, your arm slid down from Steve’s chest to his stomach. You nipped at his neck lightly with your teeth.
That earned you a muted moan and you grinned into his neck. Steve always ran warm, but more heat was coming off him now.
You enjoyed your movie date nights with Steve. You really did. Here you were all nice and cozy on Steve’s couch. But you’d been dating for a few weeks now and making out on the couch was as far as you ever got.
What did a girl have to do here?
Your hand moved further down. Just a smidge.
Steve blew out an exhale. The outline of him swollen and hard was mistakable at the front of his jeans.
“Not going to let me finish the movie, huh?” Steve didn’t sound too put out.
Chaining kisses back up to just under his ear, you teased the lobe with your tongue before gently pulling it between your lips. You enjoyed the way he shivered in your arms. It offered the perfect opportunity for you to slide your hand to its ultimate destination…
You hand wrapped around him as much as you could through the denim. Steve’s hand closed around yours. He wasn’t trying to move your hand and it was satisfying to feel his hips nudge up into it.
You moaned low into his ear and he shivered again. You liked this.
Feeling bold, you swung a leg across his lap until you straddled him. And you did take Steve off guard but in a beat that surprise changed. That blue-eyed gaze darkened, had your core heating up even more. But desire blended with something else. Uncertainty maybe?
No, no, no.
“Is this okay?” you asked innocently, leaning forward to steal a kiss from those gorgeous lips.
Steve swallowed hard but his hips rolled beneath you, making you feel the heated length of him. He wanted you. But what was going on at lightning speed in that enhanced mind of his?
When his hands slid up your thighs to grip your hips, your confidence climbed.
“It’s more than okay, sweetheart,” Steve muttered against your lips as you continued to drop kisses across his mouth and jaw, dipping down to tease his neck. “We’re just going to…”
That stopped you. “What?”
Another roll of his hips. It felt like he wanted you.
But as he struggled to explain what was in his head, doubts started creeping in from the corners of your mind. What if you were moving too fast? What if you just massively disappointed him?
His expression softened as his gaze locked with yours.
“Sweetheart, no,” Steve’s expression took on a note of concern. “God, no. Don’t even think for a minute I don’t want you.”
When you tried to move off his lap now, feeling a little unsure, he easily held you there.
“I just need to be careful with you,” he explained meaningfully.
“Steve, I understand your strength,” you told him. “I do. But you won’t hurt me… I trust you.”
Grinding down on him, you loved the way his head tipped back, his eyes slid closed for just a second.
“It’s a little more than that,” he pointed out. “Look at you… You’re tiny, sweetheart.”
“Most people next to you are,” you replied, sliding your hands up his chest.
The look he gave you next made you realize you still weren’t getting the point he was trying to make. Yeah, you barely reached Steve’s shoulder. And you weren’t very big, granted, but…
Oh. Oh.
Another roll of his hips, and this time he pushed you down harder against his cock, and you felt your panties sticking wetly to you beneath your jeans. You ached, craving him. Okay, so he was packing with a capital P. You expected no less.
“Is that why you haven’t wanted to…”
“Oh, I want to,” Steve assured you. “But I don’t want to hurt you. Not that I’ve been with a lot of women, but I’ve never been with someone your size in that way before.”
More doubts. Again, you tried to move off his lap. He held onto your hips tighter.
“I need to make sure I can keep control,” Steve explained, shifting so he was sitting up straighter. Leaning forward, he claimed your lips for a heated kiss. It lacked the care and subtlety of his usual kisses. It was lusty and deep. The shift in position had him tight against you between your thighs and you couldn’t resist grinding yourself against him as he kissed you breathless.
“I’ve got to be honest,” Steve explained in a breathy voice. He was as excited as you were, his lips burning across your jaw to your ear.
“The thought of you taking me inside you,” his voice dropped to a whisper that had you squirming in his hold, “gets me so hard. How tight will you be around my cock? Can you take all of it?”
You were gasping, grinding into him from his words alone. To this point, Steve watched his language around you and now he was talking dirty? Your hands slid up around his neck, your fingers sliding up into his hair.
His mouth painted the tender flesh of your neck with demand. One hand slid slowly up from your hip.
“You know what I’ve been thinking about since I met you?” Pulling back to look at you his blue eyes were storm dark now. “I’ve been thinking about fucking into you, wondering how long it would take me to get you soaking wet and ready for me. How long would it take to work my cock into you?”
One huge hand slid over your breast, gently squeezing. You pressed yourself against his palm, your pussy was really aching, weeping now.
“There’s only one way to find out, Steve,” you muttered breathlessly as he yanked down the neckline of your top and one bra cup too to reveal one breast.
When he got his mouth on your breast, his tongue dancing around your nipple, you gasped, fingers clutching in his hair. He stopped abruptly, hand clutching the hem of your shirt before roughly pulling it up and over your head. The hooks of your bra gave way as he ripped that away from you.
With an iron-hard arm wrapped around your back to hold you in place, Steve teased both breasts with his mouth, teasing you into a frenzy on his lap. One large hand framed one breast while his lips played with the other. You figured out fast that he liked you to pull on the silk of his hair, rewarding you with a deep moan around your nipple when you did.
His fingers plucked at the front of your jeans, pulling them open with impatience before sliding one big hand down the front, into the wet heat of your panties.
You were panting for him now. “Steve, please…”
The dirty smirk took you off guard.
“You feel so good sweetheart.” One rough fingertip traced the lightest circles around your clit, had you every inch of you in flames. “It’s a good start.”
Start? You were soaked. “Huh?”
You landed on your back on Steve’s couch the next beat, crying out in surprise. Steve tossed away your slides, peeled off your jeans with the efficiency of a SWAT team. When your brain caught up, you watched Steve push your knees apart, pressing a heated kiss to the inside of one knee.
Your fingers dug into the cushions under you, anticipation rippling through your body as his mouth blazed a trail up the inside of one thigh. Swipes of his tongue on your skin layered with careful nips of his teeth had you writhing in front of him, rolling your hips in an effort to him where you wanted him faster.
After a moment, the beautiful bastard stopped to grin at you.
“I love how desperate you are,” he whispered. “But you’re not rushing me, Sweetheart. You’re not the only one who’s been waiting for this.”
Your thighs were trembling as he continued to drop kisses on your skin, reaching your melting center. Steve nudged your covered mound with his nose gently before his hands slid up to grab your panties and peel them off. His gaze met yours as he pushed your thighs wider, spreading your bare petals apart. The scent of need rose on your body heat and Steve smiled as he lowered his head, his lips innocently pressing to your outer lips first, butterfly kisses to swollen needy flesh.
When he dove in, it took your breath away. He kissed your pussy like he would your mouth, a dirty kiss that was all lips and tongue. Steve had you dancing on the tip of his tongue as he slowly worked one, then two of his large fingers into you. The stretch wasn’t much, the burn slight. His fingers slid in and out of you so easily on the slick of your need.
All of you shook now, your back arched, your fingers plucking at your nipples. You needed relief. Steve’s gaze was on you as he took your apart with the devilish tease of his tongue, the scissoring slide of his fingers inside you.
“You’re being so good, Sweetheart,” he whispered into you. “Taking my fingers so well.”
When he eased a third finger inside you, the burn was good as your body stretched around the intrusion. Need clawed at your core, had you tightening against the sensual onslaught. Whatever he was doing with his tongue on your clit was making your crazy. When his fingers curled up against your front wall, you wailed.
Steve doubled down then, knowing you were about to blow apart. His tongue twisted in your folds, one rough finger pad stroked that secret place within you until the edges of your world started to fade to black. When your orgasm slammed through you, you thrashed and cried out in his hold. Your hands clawed at the couch, pawed at his head. And all the while Steve worked you through it, his gaze lit up in pride and lust.
Swiping at the juices staining his mouth with the back of his hand, Steve rose over you. It wasn’t lost on your that he was fully dressed while you were naked and shattered, sprawled over his couch.
“Come here,” he said quietly, scooping you up bridal style.
Carrying you into the cool darkness of his bedroom, Steve placed you on his bed before turning on the lamp on his bedside table. Already he was busy working the buttons of his shirt. Yes. By the time he pulled it out of his jeans and back over his shoulders, you were drooling. He had scars aplenty, faded silvery lines adorning his torso like a map. But they did nothing to diminish the beauty of his powerful upper body.
You slid a hand down your body, your fingers trying to quell the ache, the emptiness he left you with. Steve’s eyes were riveted to your movements, watching and licking his lips as you worked your own fingers into your aching body. Standing, he toed off his shoes, worked off his jeans and boxers.
Steve without clothes was a goddamn masterpiece. Perfect abs, slim hips. His thighs were heavily-muscled and powerful. You watched as he took himself in hand, stroking his swollen cock in a smooth motion as you marveled at its size.
All you could do was stare, fucking yourself on your own fingers. Your efforts were a poor substitute for Steve’s touch. His knowing look told you knew it too.
Steve climbed on the bed, batting your hands away and slotting himself between your quivering thighs, holding himself up on one arm. He pressed the swollen head of his cock into your wetness, sliding it gently up and down through your folds. You shivered in need, chewing your bottom lip and bracing yourself for that.
Steve paused, his breath coming fast, and his handsome face flushed. “Please tell me you’re not afraid.”
You shook your head. “Please,” was all you could mutter.
Steve pushed into you and you sucked in a breath. His heated length was wide and hard, splitting you open as he carefully sank into you. One big hand settled over your tummy as he claimed you, his thumb tenderly stroking over your clit to help ease the burn.
And it burned. But the fullness, the heat was everything. His heavy cock was the cure for the ache he’d inflicted on you and you focused on breathing as he filled you.
Steve’s gaze was fixed on the place where your bodies joined, groaning when he was fully sheathed in your heat. His eyes slid closed, his exhale a sound of pure bliss. With a whisper of your name, Steve gently ground into you.
Your body pulsed in need. You needed him to move…
His gaze was heated on you, his breath fanning against your face as he lowered himself over you to claim your mouth in a careful kiss.
“Are you okay?” he whispered against your lips.
“Yes,” you managed, gasping when he slowly slid out of you. The sting took you off guard. When he pushed back in, your walls gripped him and you rolled your hips, needing him deeper. Needing more…
Steve’s strokes were careful at first, slow.
“It’s all I can do not to come right now,” he whispered. “You’re taking my cock so well. So fucking tight.”
His large hand slid down your body, spanning your tummy. Steve moaned as he lightly pressed his hand there, his thrusts speeding up just a little.
“I can feel me in there,” Steve’s voice was low, rough. “Filling you up…”
“Steve, please. I need you.”
The pride and desire that flared in his eyes made you shiver. His heavy thighs pushed yours wider and his thumb carefully worked the center of your pleasure. His thrusts came faster, harder. Still he was careful, holding back as he moved in you, stuffing you full.
You just held on for dear life, your fingers sliding on all those muscles. Your thighs locked around his hips as he moved, plunging in and out of you and hitting spaces inside you that you didn’t know you had. You disappeared under Steve, but he kept his weight from you, loving you with lusty kisses as his lower body powered into you.
“Not going to last long,” he whispered hotly in your ear. “You feel too damn good… Need you to come.”
His hand shifted on your tummy, his thumb teasing your clit. The weight of his hand changed how he felt when slid back into you, the point he hit with the next  thrust making you cry out.
Steve’s kiss was deep and taming as he fucked you faster, hitting the same mark over and over. You shook, you begged. Your nails carved down his back until you exploded, your pussy clamping around him and pulsing as your release turned you inside out. Steve’s bedroom spun away, your cries and his blending into one ecstatic chorus as he reached his release inside you, working himself through it as you gave way.
Steve’s whisper in your ear pulled you out of sleep.
“How do you feel?”
You were sprawled across Steve’s chest, his skin still damp beneath your cheek. His heartbeat was a steady cadence in your ear. The crisp hair of his thighs beneath the one you’d slung across them felt nice.
You stretched and then you felt it. The slight ache in your thighs. The tinge of soreness deep inside you...
“Answer me, Sweetheart,” Steve’s tone was firmer, held a note of worry.
You smiled up at him. “I’m wonderful.” You were. “Probably not going to be walking straight for a couple of days... but it’s worth it.”
You bounced on his chest as he chuckled at that. “Guess it’s a good thing it’s Friday.”
“Because I don’t have to be anywhere?”
Steve nodded, looking way too pleased with himself.
“I’m going to keep you in this bed and see if I can keep you from walking straight for a week.”
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angrythingstarlight · 4 months ago
Morning Wood
Summary: Your new neighbor Steve gives you more than one surprise in the morning. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Nomad!Steve Rogers x Reader
Warning: Public nudity, smut, 18+, minors dni
a/n: Beta’d by @whisperlullaby, written at work, all mistakes are my own. 
Requested: Yes @theycallmebecca who requested Steve getting locked out his apartment.
Tumblr media
Steve shifts on his bed, sweat pooling in his navel. Dragging his eyes open with a pained sigh, he wrenches the damp sheet off of him. Staring at the unmoving ceiling fan, he wonders how long this brownout is going to last.
Half the block lost power hours ago and the second his air conditioner whined to a slow halt, the stifling heat crept in, covering every inch of him.
Each breath fills his lungs with thick, humid air, his skin sticky from dried sweat. Damp hair on the back of his neck, makes him cringe a little each time it moves.
Steve sits up and pulls off his tank top, balling it up in his hand and using it to wipe off his forehead. He tosses it on the floor and pushes off his boxers.
He falls back on the bed, stretching out, wondering if it would be worth it to go to Tony’s or if he could last a few more hours. The thought of having to get up and get dressed is worse than the oppressive heat rolling over him.
Yawning, his eyes drift shut, another bead of sweat rolls down his chest. 
Tumblr media
A few hours later.
The sudden kick of his air conditioner wakes him, a cool rush of air sweeping over his body. His flesh prickling as he sighs loudly, happy to breathe normally. 
Rolling on his side, he looks out the window, the night sky fading to a powder blue. His enhanced hearing picks up on the dull thump of his morning paper hitting his welcome mat.
Steve swings his legs over his bed, stretching his arms over his head with a deep groan. He shuffles to the living room, scratching his lower back as he reaches the door. 
He steps into the hallway and grabs the green bag containing his newspaper; it slips out when he picks up the plastic cover. Taking another step forward, Steve bends down and snatches the paper off the ground. 
Steve hears two things at once. Unable to decipher which one is worse. 
The soft click of his door shutting behind him or the soft click of another opening in front of him.
Not just any door. Your door. 
He’s been playing it cool around you, after making sure you weren’t another undercover agent, he's been flirting, using tips from Sam and Nat. After a few weeks of playful banter, Steve's been working up the courage to ask you out. Needing more than the polite greetings exchanged in the hallways.
 You open your door, a smile forming when you spot him, he returns it instinctively, his brain stalling at the sight of your beautiful face.
“Good morn-.”
Steve watches your eyes drop down his chest, to-oh shit he forgot, he forgot to get dressed and his very hard morning wood is pointing directly at you.
 Unadulterated heat rises in his chest, his heart dropping to his stomach. His mouth flounders open as your smile fades. 
Your eyes widen almost comically, “Oh my god,” you choke out.
Steve blushes a deep red, embarrassment curdling through his body. 
He clutches the paper to his groin and backs up, his left heel slipping on his red and blue striped mat. He falls back, his head hitting the doorknob with a sickening crack. 
The papers sprawling to the ground, fluttering around him. He keeps his gaze focused on the sports section floating to his calf.
You rush to him, hovering over. “I- are you okay? Can I help you?”
Steve wishes for the ground to open up and swallow him or for Stange to teleport him to Antarctica,  but no such luck. His heart twists when you grab his arm, trying to pull his 200+lb body off the floor. You both notice his cock twitching at your touch, a bead of precum dripping on the mat. When you glance between it and his face, Steve decides he’s going back in the ice. 
“Uh,” you cough out, keeping your eyes on the ceiling. Your lips pinched tight, trying to control your nervous giggling.
Steve covers himself with one large hand, pushing himself up, “I’m fine, I got it,” he stammers out, his entire upper body burning.
You nod, letting him go, “yep, you are,” 
 You sprint back to your door, slamming it shut. He hears your forget America’s ass that cock is something else,  through the door.  His lip quirks up, maybe he hasn’t completely ruined things. He stands, his back and head aching. He looks at the papers scattered throughout the hall and decides to worry about that later. 
He turns his doorknob. It doesn’t budge.
 "Are you kidding me?" He huffs out. 
He shakes it, stopping when the metal creaks. He can’t afford any more property damage, but he can’t stay out here, like this. 
 “This can’t be happening, come on” he pleads, hitting the frame with his fist.
Another soft click. “Uh, Steve, you can wait in here and I’ll call the super to let you in,” you offer quietly.
He hangs his head, covering his bare ass with one hand and his erection with the other. 
"Thanks," he mumbles.
 You step aside, letting him into your apartment. Steve glances around the room while you rush to your room, coming back with a pair of shorts and an over-sized pink t-shirt. 
You toss them at him, “bathrooms to the left, this is only things that I think will fit all of-- “you gesture up and down, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth. You can’t lie, you really wanted him to stay naked, his Adonis body of his taking up entirely too much space in your apartment and mind. 
A few minutes later, he emerges from your bathroom; the clothes showing off his massive body, still better than being naked. Not how he imagined you would see him for the first time. 
You furtively glance at the super-soldier perched on the edge of your couch, his muscles bulging out of the pink Petunias shirt. Pouring two cups of coffee, you straighten your outfit before picking up the steaming mugs. 
Steve takes the cup from you, his fingers brushing against yours. “Hey.”
You sit on the other end of the couch, “so, uh, I called Frank, and he’s going to be here in a few hours,” 
Steve nods, “thanks.”
He taps the side of the cup; you shake your leg. You listen to muffled noises of the city outside, sipping your coffee. Steve is in your apartment, mere inches from you.
 It’s getting harder to breathe with him right there, images of his body, his smile, and sharp blue eyes flashing in your mind. 
He’s breathtakingly handsome, his statuesque body sculpted to perfection, his six-pack ending with veins on either side leading to his thick cock, the curved shaft with veins running along the underside. Your thighs clench when you picture the swollen tip.
You glance over at him, your cup slipping from your fingers when you find him staring at you. His gaze, dark and penetrating. He leans over, grabbing it before it hits the floor.
You jerk forward, lips grazing the corner of his mouth.
 A breath. Yours. Then his.
His Adam's apple bobs bounces twice, his full plump lips parting, he reverently murmurs your name. His deep voice wafting over you, brimming with unspoken desire. 
Steve runs his knuckles along the slope of your neck. A shiver runs down your spine and your nipples tighten when he says your name again.
He’s waiting for you to choose. One look into his eyes and you know what you want. You place your hands on his solid, warm chest and press your lips on his soft ones.
Steve growls, low and deep in his throat, deepening the kiss, his tongue sweeping into your mouth, his hand cupping the back of your head.
He leans into you,  his warm large body pushing you into the couch, your legs lock around his narrow waist. You breathe in his masculine scent when you break the kiss with a gasp. He places sloppy rushed kisses down your collarbone and chest; you arch up tugging your shirt over your head.
Steve curses under his breath, his eyes getting impossibly darker at the sight of your breasts, his mouth latches onto your nipple making you cry out. He lets go with a wet pop, his tongue darting out to wet his bottom lip.
 Another shared breath, then something snaps in both of you. Frantic, feral need consuming both of you instantaneously. 
He pulls your shorts down, helping you wiggle out of them. Steve balances his weight on his forearm, laughing while you pull his impressive cock out of those tight shorts, his laugh cuts off when you stroke his shaft, rubbing your thumb over the tip.
“Sweetheart, I don’t have a condom,” he brokenly swears. 
“IUD, clean” you reply, pumping his shaft. You want him so bad, your core clenching down on nothing, aching as slick pours out of you. 
“Good,” he grunts, he would stop if you asked but it would kill him, he has to be inside of you. You’re so soft under him, your body molded around his, designed for him. 
When he sinks his cock into your warm, velvety walls, he knows you were made for him.  You moan, your core fluttering around him, feeling every veiny inch when he pulls out.
He slams back into you, pushing you up off the couch, following you, never wanting to leave your tight heat. “God, you feel so good,” he pants in your ear, kissing your shoulder. 
"Oh, Steve," You cling to his back, raking your nails down his smooth skin with each powerful thrust, coils of pleasure spiraling in you.  Your heels digging into the small of his back, “dont  stop, Steve, fuck right there, s’good,” you cry out, a deep stoke making your eyes roll back. 
Your cries making his confidence grow, the way your clawing at his back feeding his ego. Steve cradles the back of your head, forcing your chin up, "that’s a good girl, take this cock, make it yours," his other sliding between your sweat-slicked bodies until he reaches your swollen bud, “you’re gonna cum and you’ll thank me won’t you sweetheart,”  his mouth lands on yours swallowing your choked, needy sobs. 
His hips snapping into yours, the legs of the couch creaking under the force, his thumb circling your clit, “now sing for me,” he murmurs. 
You’re dizzy from pleasure, his name a high-pitched whine when the coil snaps, your vision blurring as the sensations course through you. 
Steve fucks you through it, your walls sucking him back in, his thrusts shortening, more frantic as he reaches his peak. 
“C’mon on sweetheart, I need one more from you, just one,” he pleads in your ear, his thumb viscously swiping over your clit. You shatter again, your body tensing as another climax pounds through you. 
Steve throws his head back, “Ah fuck, fuck,” he grunts, coating your walls with hot spurts of cum until it’s spilling out of your core.
He falls on you, taking you with him as he rolls onto the carpeted floor. You lay on his chest, his heart beating under your ear. He clears his throat, massaging your lower back with one large, warm hand. 
“I’m a little old fashion-” he stops to give you a pointed look when you snort, “Like I said, I’m a little old fashioned so you want to go out Friday?”
You prop your head  on his pec, “I might be free, what do you have in mind?”
Steve grins at you, “How about I cook for you?”
“Sure thing,” you kiss his chin, “but promise you’ll wear only an apron,”
“Sweetheart, I have a no clothes allowed rule in my house,”
You look at him, one eyebrow arched, “obviously.” 
For once you're happy you're an early riser.
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ozarkthedog · 8 months ago
Overflow / S. Rogers x F!Reader
Tumblr media
summary: There was no time for sex but that doesn’t stop Steve from filling you up.
warnings: SMUT. 18+ only. improper use of a utensil. heavy cum play. anal play. cum inflation. breeding kink. rough sex. light asphyxiation. squirting. slight dubcon (if you squint).
word count:  3,480 (oops.)
author’s note: well, I’m here to ruin another inanimate object for you. Honestly, idk why my mind thought this up at 3am but alas it is what it is. @sweeterthanthis​, thank you for being my constant.
📖 Master list  
Reblogs and Likes are amazing! Feedback and Comments are encouraged!
Tumblr media
“Steve, you almost ready?” You yelled from the bathroom as you applied the final layer of mascara to your lashes.
“Yeah, Doll. But we’ve got one more thing to do before we head downstairs.” Steve said from the connecting bedroom.
The team was gathering for a small Mid-Day meal on Tony & Pepper’s level in the Avengers Tower. Everyone was to bring a dish to share. You were excited to have everyone try your homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies since Pepper designated you to dessert.
You quirk your brow at him in the mirror as he comes up behind you carrying a small bowl. “What? If you mean box up the cookies, I already did that…”
Steve smiled at your ignorance. You had no idea what he was planning and it made his chest burn with power.
He put down the small bowl filled with a creamy substance to your right along with a Turkey Baster.
Your confused eyes meet his. “What’s this?” You say pointing to the bowl.
“Since we didn’t have time for sex this morning, I thought I’d fill you up before we leave.” His eyes dragged down your body as he stepped closer, pushing you back against the vanity with a smirk.
“Steve, you cannot be serious.” You lightly push him away with a huff turning to take one last look in the mirror.
Steve’s hand smoothed down your frame as he kissed the soft juncture of your neck making your eyes flutter shut with a sigh. He used the distraction to push you down onto the marble counter.
You land with an ‘-oof’, eyes wild as they stare at him in a stupor. You watched his reflection flip your dress up and push your panties to the side.
“Steve, we don’t have time for this.” You argued, pushing against the vanity with your hands.
“Did I say you could move?”
His voice was calm and calculated as he stared into your anxious eyes.
You gulped. “No.”
“I suggest you stay still. You don’t want to stain your dress right before we have to leave.” He said, condescendingly.
He spat lewdly onto your ass letting the saliva slide down your crack before smoothing it around your tight, puckered ring. You tensed when his thumb nudged its way in, “Relax, Doll.”
You took a deep breath as he smoothed his thumb over your passage, “Don’t need to stretch you too much for this… the Baster is small enough to fit.”
He let the statement hang as he slipped his digit from your warmth and gathered the small bowl and the Turkey Baster.
He dipped the opening of the tube into the small bowl and compressed the rubber top filling the syringe like tube entirely with his thick spend.
“I want you so full of me that it’s difficult to breathe.”  
He watched your puckered hole pulsate as he pushed the Baster inside your canal. The slight stretch had you gasping with warped pleasure.
Steve squeezed the top and filled you with his rich seed. He couldn’t help but groan as he watched the basin empty into your ass. It was going to be tough to not be rock hard throughout the entire meal, but Steve knew it’d be worth the torture to watch you wither in sweet agony.
Your ass was feeling heavier by the second as Steve unloaded the cum filled Baster into your rectum. It was such an unusual sensation feeling his seed coat your walls while you weren’t currently in the throes of passion.
Granted, the very act had your cunt releasing an obscene amount of slick and you hoped you’d make it through the meal without calling attention to yourself.
“Clench for me, Doll.”
You did as he commanded praying you didn’t spill any cum as he pulled the tube from your hole only to repeat his actions. You whined when he pushed the refilled utensil back into your body countless times until the bowl was empty.
“Love knowing’ you’ll be busting at the seams with me.”
Steve chucked the empty Baster into the sink before reaching into his back pocket. You were clenching with all your might, so intent with not letting his cum slip the that tender hand on your back jolted you from your concentration.
“Gonna plug you now. Can’t have you making a mess in front of everyone.”
Steve slipped the weighty plug into your awaiting hole, gazing at the way it enveloped the bulbous metal before sucking it in. The shiny crystal top teased him as it glistened against your skin.
He fixed your panties back in place with a smile and helped you stand. “Ready?”
You stood on uneasy feet. Your lower half felt so full and swollen, you’d be amazed if no one made a passing comment.
“Come on, Doll. They’re waiting.” Steve stretched his hand out to you, interweaving your fingers and leading the way. You tentatively took a step, grimacing at the heavy pull in your stomach as you both left the apartment and headed down to Tony’s. 
Tumblr media
You stared at your plate for most of the meal, pushing around your food and talking to Wanda who sat to your right. She had a calming aura and you always loved conversing with her as she helped put your current situation at ease with lots of chatter and distractions.
“Want to see a trick?” She whispered, leaning in close.
You sent her a wink in response and turned your head towards the target.  
Clint was shoveling a second helping of mashed potatoes onto his plate when suddenly he started singing.
He used the potato covered spoon as a microphone and busted out, “I love you, Baby” by Frank Sinatra. He danced around the table sending winks to all the females and brushed a hand through Bucky’s flowing locks lovingly.
Everyone was laughing and singing along until the song ended and Clint was forced back to reality with the most puzzled look on his face until he realized the culprit.
“Dammit, Wanda!”
Mid laugh you went silent, wrapping your arms around your belly as a wave of pain ran through your middle. You doubled over wishing the intense pain away as Wanda laid a hand on your shoulder.
“Are you alright?”
After a moment, you shooed her off with a smile. She pursed her lips knowing something was up.
“She’s fine, Wanda. Probably ate too much and is feeling stuffed.” Steve commented from across the table with a sick grin.
You wiggled pitifully in your chair at the term “stuffed”. Steve knew what he was doing and you hated him for it. The fact that your gut could let go at any given time had you on the edge of your seat, literally, and Steve was reveling in your demise.
“She didn’t eat much though… perhaps you aren’t feeling well.” Wanda spoke up in your defense, sending Steve a terse look.
You took the chance to escape while you could.
“You’re right… I think I’m going to head back.” Sighing sadly, wishing you could stay longer but the nagging pain in your belly was making it difficult to enjoy yourself.
Steve stood quickly, walking to your side of the table reaching for your hands before you were able to make an exit.
“Don’t you think we should thank our hosts properly, Doll?”
You begged Steve with a look but he shook his head denying your request. Teeth gnawed at your bottom lip as you held the tears at bay.
You walked towards Tony and Pepper as quickly and steadily as you could when another powerful wave hit making your knees give out.
Steve caught you before you hit the floor, “Whoa, Doll. I’ve got you.”
You clutched onto his arms with a steel grip. Your watery eyes clung to his, “Steve. I need to leave. Now.”
“I can take a look at you in the infirmary if you want?” Bruce suggested from his spot at the table where he stood, his voice full of concern.
Steve’s head whipped up as he caged you against his body. Everyone had worried looks on their faces but Steve waved them off casually, “She’ll be fine.” He bid goodbyes and “thanks” to Tony & Pepper quickly before anyone could get a closer inspection.
Tumblr media
 By the time you made it back to the apartment you were sweating.
Steve caged you against the wall as soon as the door shut, grinding his girth into your belly making you whimper. “You did so well for me, Doll. So fuckin’ well.”
His kisses were searing and brutal as he lifted one of your legs and dry humped your core. His hard on was close to bursting through his jeans as he ground himself into your damp, thinly covered core.
Your slick seeped out the sides of your panties with every grind. You hissed when he pulled the fabric aside rubbing harshly against your puffy center.
“This little pussy doesn’t know what to do when it’s not full of cum.”
Your eyes slammed shut when he shoved two fingers deep inside, twisting and gliding over your walls with expertise. You finger nails scratched at his shirt as your voice raised up an octave desperate to cum.
“You can’t cum just yet, Doll. Wanna be inside you first.” Steve growled into your neck biting his way down your jawline to claim your lips once more. “Wanna feel how fuckin’ tight you are.”
Your world spun as he dragged you back to the scene of the crime. He pushed you over the bathroom counter keeping a solid hand on the back of your neck.
“If you know what’s best, stay put.”
You let out a shriek when he ripped your panties off, tearing the flimsy material like paper between his fists. He laved between your legs with his tongue, licking at your fallen slick where it stained your thighs.
Puffs of breath warmed your skin as he pulled back to tap on the small crystal plug. You scratched at the marble top as each thump sent shockwaves up your spine.
Steve licked crudely around the crystal making you whimper as his tongue dove between the top of the plug and your puckered hole.
“Gotta open this pussy up. See how many fingers you can take with a belly full of cum.” Your skin vibrated with every muffled word as he planted wet kisses all over your backside.
Steve spread your legs and spat onto your drenched core before sliding two thick fingers past your swollen outer lips with a grunt.
Your head fell to the cool marble as the stretch was extreme. You’d never felt so full in your life and it was only his fingers.
“Fuck. I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit, Doll.’ Steve said discouragingly.
He twisted his wrist causing a debauched moan to tear from your lips when he dragged his pads over your walls, scissoring you open.
He leaned over your body pressing you down hard onto the marble. “But you know I’m never one to give up so easily.”  
The weight of the super solider pushed your bones into the hard top making you feel as though you’d burst at any moment.
Steve enjoyed watching you suffer a bit more under his hands but with a dark chuckle he eased his weight off your body and stood, eyes narrowing back on the plug.
You heard ruffling and a belt drop the to the stone floor of the expansive bathroom before your eyes flicked back to his. Steve stood stroking his throbbing, veiny cock with his free hand as his other kept dragging pleasure from your core.
“Relax, Doll. Lemme in.”
His slick covered hand switched to your tiny nub as he lined up and pushed ever so slowly into your searing heat.
Your breath hitched when he speared into your core in one steady thrust. The intense cramping and the need to cum were in full throttle now that Steve’s massive cock was lodged in your cunt.
Your breathing stuttered and you yelped when Steve pulled out only to push back in with a force that had your thighs bumping into the counter.
He smacked your ass hard with his free hand making your body jolt and mewl under the assault.
“You like it when I’m rough with you, huh?”
Steve swirled your clit with nimble digits, desperate to watch you fall apart after being such a good girl for him. Your frantic screams bounced off the cavernous walls as you were unsure you could cum without exploding into a million pieces.
Your head whipped from side to side as the waves of pleasure started to intensify. You weren’t going to survive this. Each plunge into your sopping core had you tittering on the edge as he split you open with his massive girth.  
“Don’t you wanna cum, Doll? You deserve to for being such a Good Girl for me.” He groaned watching your body start to shake as it tried to hold back the impending bliss.
He chuckled at your stubbornness, “You’re just as bad as I am.”
Steve picked up his pace, driving into your folds harder with every pass. He dragged his hand away from your clit and move to the plug before he tapped it firmly and then grasped it.
Your body locked out of instinct when he pulled on the plug, making you feel the tug of it.
“Here’s what’s gonna happen” Steve yanked you from the counter top and swiftly caged you against his buttoned-up chest. His breath hot in your ear, “You’re going to cum all over my cock like an obedient Little Girl and only then will I remove the plug.”
Your hand sought purchase on his wrist as his right hand wove around your neck keeping you flush against his body.
His eyes trailed down the mirror reflection of your frame and his cock got impossibly harder. He made you hang in his grip as your toes barely grazed the floor. You gasped for air when his left hand slid down your frame to cup your bloated belly.
“Look at you so full of me… lookin’ like you’re carrying my child.” His tone dropped to an octave you’d never heard. Ragged and primal. His eyes were trained on your protruding abdomen, so full of his seed and girth you really did look in the early stages of pregnancy.
What little whimpers you could let free hit his ears like a choir. He bucked his hips hard into yours making your face twist with rapture. You clawed at his right hand wanting to take a full, unrestricted breath as he began pumping into your cunt with vigor.
“You’re so fuckin’ tight like this. Might have to keep you full of my cum all the time.” He teethed at your ear lobe and he pushed down on your lower belly notching up the powerful sensation to cum.
You tried to shake your head, too afraid to fall apart, but it was pointless.
“Come on, Doll.” He urged between thrusts, “Choke my cock with that pretty pussy.”
The lack of oxygen and the gratifying pain combined with Steve now tugging on your clit sent you flying off the cliff. Your eyes slammed shut and you let out a silent scream as you fell head first into euphoric ecstasy.
Your pussy locked up so tight Steve’s hips wavered and he swore under his breath watching as your body shook and then went slack in his hold.
Steve leaned you back onto the marble vanity, whispering praise, “You did so well. Almost made me cum with you, that pussy was squeezing the life outta me.”
He drew small circles on the plump skin of your ass before spreading your cheeks apart, “Gonna take the plug out now, Doll.”
His fingers fit snug around the metal base as you whined with embarrassment. “Steve, no I won’t be able to hold it in!”
He smirked, holding your helpless stare and growled darkly, “That’s the point. I wanna fuck my cum out of you.”
Your cheeks burned and your swollen belly flipped realizing that was his plan all along.
The tugging at your bottom ripped you from your thoughts as he removed the hot plug from the confines of your cavity. Your puckered hole opened and then withered slightly closed as he pulled his cock out until only the bulbous head spread you open.
He ran his thumb along the wet rim as some of his seed slipped out and fell onto his girth below. He thought he was ravenous before, but now he was desperate to claim.
“I’m gonna make such a mess of you.” He stated as he pushed his girth ever so slowly into your warmth.
Your back arched when he bottomed out and grazed that sensitive spot nestled deep inside. You kept your ass clenched tight, too embarrassed to let his seed drip as he fucked you.
Steve quickened his pace spearing into your heat with enough force to have you jostling on the marble before his hands grabbed your waist keeping you still.
“Come on, Doll. Lemme me see my cum. Give it to me.” He demanded before smacking your svelte cheek with a heavy thwap.
You yelped but didn’t comply. You couldn’t make yourself let go, not when he was watching.
“No! I won’t!” You fought back, clenching your ass along with your folds making Steve grunt from the pressure. He halted his hips but not before bottoming out crudely making you hiss.
“Looks like I’ll just have to do it myself.”
The thumb that pushed its way into your asshole had you whimpering with panic when he pulled the tiny muscle to the side until it was wedged open.  
“There we go. Nice and exposed.” He beamed staring at your spread rim.
A torrent of white rushed from your hole, flowing down onto his cock and splashing onto the floor.
Your face burned as you felt his cum spill from your body but the pain in your belly started to subside making the twisted pleasure swirl madly in your core.
Steve snapped his hips hard into your cunt, slotting his cock head against your cervix while more thick cum oozed onto his girth. You cried out shamelessly with every thrust, the bloating in your middle lessened with every shove.
“That’s my Girl. Let it all out.” Steve groaned watching in awe as he fucked the fallen cum from your ass into your gleaming pussy. Copious amounts of his white spend added extra lubrication forcing you to take what he was giving.
“Gonna make sure that pussy gets filled too. She’s been crying for it all day, hasn’t she?” That teasing tone made your world spin.
The pressure in your belly replaced quickly with wicked pleasure when Steve grabbed the base of your skull and pulled hard, yanking your body back onto this length.
“You’re dripping us all over the floor, Doll.” His thumb finally slipped from your asshole only to smack it harshly. “Might have to make you lick it up after.”
You babbled incoherently, your body no longer yours as he rammed into your cunt with a fury, chasing his own desperate end.
“One more, Doll. Wanna feel this tight cunt gush.” Steve demanded, bending over quickly and wrapping is bicep around your neck.
Your body spasmed when his arm wove around your neck, propelling your orgasm to hit. He could barely move in the vice like grip your pussy had around his cock. “Fuck. There we go, just like that.”
He held his breath and watched you wither below, pitifully shaking as your core convulsed and squirted all over his length and the floor below.
Steve growled deep in chest when his orgasm finally struck. It coursed through his body as he emptied load after load into your sopping, twitching cunt. His seed sprayed your walls, coating it in a thick layer of him as he finally filled you just like he wanted to do hours ago.
You were on the verge of sleep. Body so spent from anxiety, pleasure and orgasms your head lolled as Steve took you in his arms and carried you over to the soaking tub.
He kept you in his hold, gazing over your sleepy face while the tub filled. His heart leapt when your eyes opened slowly, “Hey, Doll. You back with me?”
Your lips pulled into a dopey smile as you shook your head from side to side making him laugh, “That’s my Girl.”
Steve sank into the tub with a groan, angling your body between his and laid your head on his chest. The two of you soaked peacefully together for a while until there was a knock at the front door.
It was Tony.
“Hey, have you guys seen our Turkey Baster?”
Tumblr media
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donutloverxo · a year ago
Tumblr media
*not my gif*
Please do not steal or repost my works. Reblogs are welcome.
Part two to interruptions but can be read as a stand alone as well. My entry to our weekly challenge.
Summary - Steve's cock is too big. Will you be able to ride it?
Warnings - smut, light bondage, dom steve, sub reader, light anal stuff, mean daddy Steve
Pairing - Steve Rogers x brat!reader
Word count - 1.7k
Masterlist is linked in the bio!
Tumblr media
You waddled the whole way back to your room, cursing at Steve the entire time. Here you thought you could go to his office, flutter your eyelashes and be cute so you could get what you wanted from him: attention. You should've known better. Steve was soft most of the time, he could never resist, especially not when you call him your daddy and give him your puppy eyes, make him pity you and love you.
But he had no room for disobedience, he let you know that plenty of times. He had never , how ever not made you cum. He did fulfil your wish, you’d give him that, he fucked you senseless, both your pussy and your mouth, but he didn’t let you cum. That’s just preposterous. That man loved eating you out and prided himself on making you delirious with pleasure. What’s more is that he filled you up with his seed and made you walk all the way over to your apartment.
You laid on your side of the bed waiting for Steve. You felt his spend seep out of you. You could use it to play with yourself. Maybe break out your dildo, it had been a while since you’d used it. Would pissing Steve off some more work in your favor tonight? Probably not.
You sat up as you heard the knob to your bedroom door being twisted. You gulped at the sight of your man. His long jean clad legs made their way to you. You perked up in excitement as you saw him taking his Henley and undershirt off.
It was time to suck up some more. “Can I suck you off again daddy? Please?” You gave him a shy smile hoping he'd show you some mercy.
You moaned at the sight of him removing his jeans, the buckle of his belt clanking against the floor. “No” He grunted as he plopped down next to you “I’m pretty tired I’m going to sleep. Maybe tomorrow princess” He said but you could still make out the small smirk on his face.
“Oh then I should get comfortable too” You shrugged taking off your shorts and shirt, leaving you completely nude. Two can play at that game. You snuggled up to his side making sure to press up your breasts against him. “I can still feel you inside me daddy. It feels so warm and nice” you rubbed your thighs together “I’ll stain the sheets” You shook your head “That’s okay. You’ll help me change them tomorrow right?”
He hummed at that. You threw your leg over his hip smirking at the feel of his erection. “You wanna feel daddy? I think you’ll like it” you took his hand bringing it between your legs. You ran his fingers up and down your folds. Your slick mixed with his cum. You swore you heard him gulp beside you.
He growled climbing on top of you pining your hands above your head and pressing you into the mattress with his body. “Enough of your games” he released you hands digging into the drawers in your bedside table. “What are you doing?” You asked, desperately pushing your core up against his hard cock. Which was unfortunately covered by his black briefs. You stopped as soon as he gave you an angry look.
“You’re really testing my patience today” He warned pulling out the red silk ties he often liked to use on you. Whenever he felt you weren’t being good and didn’t deserve to touch him or just because he felt like it. You presented your wrists to him, to get in his good graces, so he could tie them up. You watched in awe as he wrapped the ties around your wrist tying it up in a complicated knot. He pressed your bound wrists above your head, into your pillow. “These stay here. Understood?”
You half heartedly nodded, disheartened at the fact that you wouldn’t be able to grab his ass or dig your nails into his back. He harshly slapped you on your thigh. “Yes! Yes daddy, I understand” You said quivering your lips, he only leaned back to take his briefs off. Dammit none of your tricks were working today. You whimpered at the sight of his hard cock, slapping against his abs. He pushed your thighs apart as he settled between your thighs.
You couldn’t take your eyes off of his cock. With the two veins running up from his base, his angry pink mushroom head dripping with your favorite creamy goodies. “Daddy, can I ride you?” You asked before you could think otherwise. You cursed yourself as soon as the words left your mouth.
You had never ridden Steve’s glorious cock. You tried once but he was too big for you and because he likes to take care of you. He liked being in control anyway. Any other day, he might’ve considered it. But with how mad he was right now, you seriously doubt it.
He chuckled at you “Fine princess. Why don’t you give it a shot” You frowned at his patronising tone. You’ll show him. Or at least try to. He settled on his back beside you, one hand under his head and another lazily stroking his cock. You got up and straddled his thighs. You put your bound wrists in front of him. Hoping he’d get the message and take them off, for now.
“What?” he sighed, his strokes becoming faster.
“Stop that! It’s my job” You whined pushing his hand away from his cock. You whimpered again as he laughed at your neediness. He put both his hands under his head smirking up at you. “Uh...daddy will you take it off” You requested.
“No” He smacked your ass. You yelped as you fell forward but balanced yourself with your bound wrists on his abdomen. “I’m waiting” He said Impatiently, stretching out under you.
“Mm” You were nervous but you could do it. You moved a bit forward so you could line him up with your pussy. You were already lubed up and turned on so he slid in pretty easy. Your moan turned into a whimpered as you completely sank down on his cock, sitting on his pelvis. You closed your eyes, feeling so filled up, so content and complete. It was as if a part of you was missing and he was finally back inside you, where he belonged. You moved your hips in slow languid circles, rubbing your clit against his pelvis.
“Ah!” You yelped again as he spanked your ass, the smack echoing in the room and leaving a delicious burn, You fell forward, putting your weight on your wrists which sat on his abdomen.
“Do it properly” He commanded. His tone leaving no room for negotiation. “You said you wanted to ride me. Think you can’t take it?” He quirked a brow at you.
You took a deep breathe raising your hips, whimpering as he slid out of you. Slowly and unsurely you sank back down on his cock, his tip hitting your cervix as you threw your head back. You looked at his lust blown eyes, his contorted face, pleading silently to help you out a bit. He pushed his hips up hitting your special spot as you screamed in pleasure which almost etched on pain.
“Come on baby you can do it” he cooed and you cried at his praise.
Soon you were bouncing up and down on him as he kept spuring you on “Such a good doll” He said one of his hands coming up to fondle your breasts, his thumb grazing your stiff nipple before he pinched it before his thumb and his finger. “You look so pretty fucking yourself on me princess” He wondered out loud.
You increased your pace, chasing your end, his cock hitting your spot should render you all worn out and useless, but right now you wanted to please him more than anything and show him how strong and capable you were. “I can –“ you couldn’t finish your thought distracted by his palm squeezing your ass, his thumb pressing into your pluckered hole and his other hand squeezing and playing with your titts.
“I think I like this” he smiled “I get to touch you anyway I like” you gasped as he pulled his thumb out of your bum and spanked you again “You can what sweetheart?” He asked looking into your hooded eyes, his hand which was playing with your titts coming up to caress your cheek.
“Nothing” You shook your head as you tried your best to keep sliding him in and out of you, suddenly feeling so exposed and vulnerable in front of him. He could see all of you, struggling so hard.
He said your name sternly holding onto your face and asking you again “You can what? Answer your daddy”
“I can feel you. So uh –“ you tried your best to contain your moan but it slipped out “so deep inside me” you said feeling yourself almost tipping over the edge. He groaned at your words, firmly holding onto your hips “Can I come daddy? Please?”
“Yeah you can come princess” He planted his legs hard on the mattress and he held onto the back of your neck. He drive up into you, hitting your spot relentlessly until he had you cumming and milking his cock. You couldn’t hold yourself up you collapsed on his chest as he kept fucking into you until he came, spilling his seed inside you, making you feel even more full.
You went into the cloudy state, the one where you always went after being fucked into oblivion, you called it your heaven. You whined as he pulled out of you. You had hoped he’d be inside you longer, so he could keep his cock and your insides warm. He put you back on your back as his fingers worked to undo the silk ties that held your wrists together. “Wh – what are you doing?” You stammered as you felt his hot tongue swipe a strip against your raw and overworked pussy.
“I’m cleaning you up” He sucked onto your clit drawing a groan out of you “So you don’t stain the sheets. Lay back princess” He pressed his palm on your stomach as he cleaned you up and made you cum some more to make up for his meanness.
Tumblr media
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Not Your Forever
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Reader
Word Count: 1,740
Summary: Steve Rogers made a choice...and it wasn’t you.
Hey! Not sure if this will turn into a series or not. Maybe if people want more? This was inspired by @donutloverxo @captain-a-rogerss and @optimistic-dinosaur-nacho Week 4 Challenge! Please let me know if you’d like to be added (or removed) from tags! @nekoannie-chan @newyorkgoddess @grav3dollie-666 @diaamondis @thedarkplume @feliciahardyn @jtargaryen18 @andybarberslxt @evnscvll @stargazingfangirl18 @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @nsfwsebbie @itgetsdarksometimes35 @what-just-happened-bro @joannaliceevans-fanficblog @caffiend-queen @buckybarney @opheliadawnwalker3 @giorno-plays-piano @angrythingstarlight @buckybarnesplumwhore @charmed-asylum @sarge-barnes-sir @sophiria @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @suzieqsez @multifxndomtrxsh @deceitfuldevout @lux-ravenwolf @princessofdarkwinter @nickysurfer28 @speechlessxx @finleyjayne @onetwo3000 @patzammit @finleyjayne @honeyhan-123 @xoxabs88xox @clingykoalawrangler​ @arabescapr​ @nbarnes​ @deidrashouseofpain​ @waywardodysseys​ @hettie-drysdale​
Tumblr media
Part of you had known from the beginning that your relationship with Steve was doomed to fail. You ignored that nagging voice in your mind though because you were happy. He gave you hope, even with how dark the world had been. He made you laugh and smile like no one else could. And you thought that were enough for him. But you never were. 
How could you be enough when his heart was never yours? His heart had already been given away long ago. It was easy to blame yourself for getting in too deep, but you never thought he would have a chance to go back. naively never thought he would take the opportunity if it came up. 
The moment he asked to talk to you alone before returning the stones, you knew. It was the beginning of the end. He paced slowly as he tried to speak. Silently, you waited until you couldn't take the quiet any longer.
"You're not coming back...are you?"
Steve slowly shook his head as he faced you. "No...I'm not."
You nodded as tears filled your eyes. "So...this is it then, is it?"
"It's...I never meant to hurt you," he swore when you began to cry.
"Yes, you did," you whispered. 
"No," he said, looking stricken as he dropped down in front of you and took your hand. "The last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you. If I had met you first…"
You quickly pulled your hand away. "So because you met her FIRST, that makes a difference? You said she had a life. A family. She moved on."
Steve's jaw clenched a bit, not responding.
"She's good enough to have a life with, but I'm not?" you asked as you began to openly sob. "Why am I not enough?"
He pulled you in for a hug and you didn't have it in you to protest as you cried against his chest. He felt so warm. He He always felt so safe. Now it was the last time he was going to hold you and you desperately wanted to cling to that hope that he would still choose you. 
"I loved you," he whispered. "Please remember that."
The use of past tense made you cry harder. Loved. The mere chance of going back to her erased everything you had. Your relationship might as well have been dusted. Unlike what happened, you were quickly accepting that there was no fixing this
"I love you. Please...Steve. Please, choose me," you begged.
"I'm never going to forget what you did for me."
"Stop," you whispered, your heart aching in your chest.
"You're going to be happy. I know you are," he continued. 
"Stop," you repeated louder as you began to pull away.
"And you're going to-"
"STOP!" you screamed. "Damn you, Steve! Stop!'
He let you smack his chest, his arms now lifeless at his sides. How fitting that he didn't fight you. Apparently if it involved you, it wasn't worth fighting for. Your arms fell, too, at that sinking feeling. Why fight for a lost cause?
Your tears slowed enough for you to regain just enough composure to talk. "I hope you have a nice life. I hope she makes you happy."
"Darling, please," he whispered as he tried to touch your cheek. 
"No. You said this over. So this is goodbye," you said as you got up. 
Steve looked defeated as you stepped away from him. "Bucky can-"
"I don't need YOUR friends watching my back after you stuck your knife in it," you snapped, a slight victory in your eyes when he flinched. "I said this is goodbye. So happy."
Your footsteps felt heavy as you left, feeling his eyes on you until you were out of sight. You proudly didn't look back. If he was leaving you behind without a second thought, you would do your best not to dwell on him in return. That wouldn't be easy now that your whole future had shattered. You would just have to put yourself back together. 
Your body had switched to autopilot, almost numb as you began to pack your things. Almost. Packing didn't take as long as you thought it would. You never had a lot to begin with, but it never bothered you. As long as you had love, it was more than enough.
Sobs wracked your frame as the numbing feeling shifted to grief. Deep breaths in and out helped you settle yourself enough until all that was left were small hiccups. You were going to be alone again. 
You placed your key on the nightstand, looking at the framed photo of you and Steve. It was a rare moment of him laughing as he held you. He hadn't even known the photo was being taken and that was what made it so special. Your fingertips brushed the glass, wishing you could transport back to that moment. Wishes didn't come true for you, remembering that as you put the frame facedown. 
You had no idea where you'd go, but you at least had some skills. You could find a job. Settle down somewhere and make a new life. 
You snuck out the back, making sure no one saw you. You didn't want to face them. By now they all knew, if they hadn't known from the beginning. You were the outsider. The one who never fit. They probably only tolerated you because of Steve. His choice pretty much proved your theory. You didn't belong.
It didn't make it any easier as you got to your car, fresh tears spilling over as you threw your bag in. Thankfully you had plenty of money saved. You never had a joint account with Steve, which should have been another red flag. Now wasn't the time to dwell on past mistakes. It was time to go.
Maybe if you had wiped away the tears, you would have seen the pair of eyes watching you. But you never did. You simply left...and you left the broken pieces of yourself behind you.
"Why isn't she here yet?" Sam asked from where he stood. 
"Patience isn't your strong suit, is it?" Natasha teased as she sipped her drink. 
"No, it isn't," Bucky confirmed as he kept an eye out. 
"She'll be here," the redhead promised.
It was almost three years to the day since you left. It hadn't been easy to track you down. As soon as you had the chance, you ditched your car. You removed the tracking device from your old phone and got a new one. You closed your bank account. You weren't even active on social media.
"Are we sure she wants to see us?" Wanda asked as she walked through the crowd.
"She doesn't," Bucky guessed. "Otherwise she wouldn't have...what's the word?"
"Ghosted us," Natasha supplied, choosing her next words carefully. "Her heart was broken. She did what was best for her."
"And bombarding her is now best for her?" Sam asked.
"Captain's orders," Bucky said quickly, standing up for his best friend. Like he always would.
"Incoming. My ten o'clock," Sam announced. 
It was almost like a Cinderella moment when you walked into the ballroom. Several heads turned your way, but you didn't seem to notice. A relaxed smile touched your lips as you took a glass of champagne, thanking the waiter. You looked completely at ease. And you somehow looked younger than the last time everyone saw you.
"She looks…" Wanda began.
"Happy," Bucky finished for her. 
You took a sip of your drink, glancing around. You felt eyes on you. Several pairs of eyes. It made you uncomfortable. Almost to the point where you wanted to turn around and walk out. You weren't going to do that though. Not when you were there to support a friend.
It was the pair of familiar blue eyes that made you freeze though. A pair of eyes you thought you'd never see again. Suits weren't something Steve had the chance to wear often, but he always looked stunning when he did. What truly stunned you though was that he was there, walking toward you. And he looked the same, but there was something in his eyes that hadn't been there before. It was that look that kept you rooted to the spot. 
"You beautiful," Steve said once he stopped in front of you. 
A flood of emotions hit you as you gazed at him. It wasn't fair that he still looked just as handsome as the day you met. You would have gone to the ends of the earth for Steve Rogers if he asked you to. But now...That person was gone. And that was for the best.
"What are you doing here?" you asked, your grip almost painful on the glass.
"I had to see you," he answered.
Anger flooded your senses once the shock wore off. "Well. You saw me. Now if you'll excuse me."
He gently took your arm when you tried to step away. "It's...not just me. Almost everyone is here. We all want to see you."
"You need to leave," you said quickly. "All of you."
Steve frowned as you brushed him off. "It's been-"
"Almost three years since we saw each other. I know. And we should just keep it that way."
"No, darling," he said calmly. 
"I'm not your darling," you said softly so you wouldn't cause a scene. "Just go. Please."
"You're not even going to give me a chance to explain?" 
"There is nothing to explain. You left. End of story."
Years ago, the hurtful look in his eyes would have made you collapse in his arms. You would have done anything to take that pain away. You would have wanted to hurt the person who caused that pain. And had it been you, you would have begged for forgiveness. You were stronger now.
"Just five minutes, please," he begged, cupping your cheek. "Maybe a dance?"
"Steve…" you whispered. 
"I made a mistake. I'm so-"
"Excuse me," a deep voice cut in. "Mind if I cut in?"
Steve's glare wasn't hidden well as he looked toward the man now standing beside you. "Actually, we're talking."
"We're done talking, Steve," you said firmly.
"Oh. Is this...Steve?"
"Do I know you?" the Captain asked curtly. 
"This is Clark Kent," you introduced. "My fiance."
Tumblr media
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wkemeup · a year ago
Start Again
Tumblr media
summary: A chemical spill, uncontrollable desires rushed to the surface, an unbridled need, and the consequences in the aftermath  pairing: steve x reader word count: 5k warnings: SMUT (18+), sex pollen (dub/con), a very slight dom!steve, angst, absolute filth ok dont shame me a/n: first sex pollen fic, first steve smut. felt right. and hot. 
Tumblr media
“Rogers! Watch your six, dammit!” you shouted, hair whipping into your face as you lunged at a stray opponent aiming a gun directly at the back of Steve’s head. Roundhouse kick to his hand and the weapon flung halfway across the room; another blow to the man’s temple and then, he collapsed to the ground in a heavy thud.
“That’s what I have you for, isn’t it?” Steve chuckled from the doorway, turning back with a smirk over his shoulder as he nudged his way into the vault with the edge of his shield. All confidence and charisma and still, his ears were a little pink, his eyes flickering down at the floor by your feet when he held your gaze a moment too long. A hesitancy in his teasing. A sincerity nestled in pale blue eyes.
You chewed on the edge of your lip, unbothered by the coppery taste left behind by the hit of a Hydra agent unconscious at your feet, and you side stepped your way into the vault. Steve stood with his arm extended, gesturing you to lead the way, smile creeping up the left side of his mouth before he followed behind.
This was how things were between the two of you. Flirty banter. Quiet moments. Poking at the tension in the air with the blunt edge of a knife. Careful, but still pressing. Lingering. Waiting in agony until the moment it snapped.
“What is this place?” you asked, covering your nose with the crook of your elbow as a lingering burning sensation filled the air.
The walls were lined with chemicals placed neatly in organized vials, within enclosed glass tubes, and refrigerated syringes. Beautiful bright colors to dull, dreary shades, big and small, carefully sealed, with hazmat suits hanging from the rack at the corner of the room. At the center sat a single metal table with restraints hanging down off the sides.
You stepped closer to it, carefully examining the cuffs made of leather where it cracked along the outside from years of use. You shuddered to think of the men they laid strapped on this cold unforgiving surface, injecting god knows what into their veins.
“This is sick,” you exhaled, dropping the restraint and watching as it swung over the edge of the table.
“It’s Hydra,” Steve replied tensely. “Whatever they have in here, it can’t be good. Let’s just get what we came for and get the hell out.”
You nodded, walking closer to the shelves in search of the small vial Dr. Cho described. Blue in color, almost translucent, a liquid of only a few milliliters in total. If you were lucky it would be labeled NR-829. You didn’t know what it was for, but you weren’t one to ask questions. Steve went along with the mission without hesitation and you followed his lead. You trusted Steve enough for that.
It took a while as you filtered through dozens of unknown chemicals until you found the vial. Tucked in the back of the shelf, hidden behind a series of test tubes and a particularly large glass bottle with a large ‘X’ scribbled in black marker over the cap, the light blue serum sat in wait. You grinned, gently pulling the tube from its stand and holding it up for Steve to see.
“This is why I keep you around,” Steve teased, a sigh of relief etched into his tone.
“Thought you needed me to watch your six, huh?”
“That, too.”
Steve hung his head with a smile so wide on his face it made your stomach twist into knots. Hands planted firmly on his hips, stealing careful glances up at you from under long, thick lashes, you couldn’t help but admire the tenderness he carried. Even under pounds of muscle, a super soldier’s strength running through his veins, and the weight of the world on his shoulders, he still managed to carry an innocence, a lightness, and he was the most beautiful man you’d ever seen.
“We should go,” Steve said after a moment and you nodded quickly, hoping he didn’t notice your staring.
You were just about to place the vial into the small pouch at the edge of your hip when a movement at the edge of the vault froze you dead in your tracks.
A flicker of metallic.
The click of the safety unlatching.
The grunt of a man in vengeance.
Laying on the floor, mouth covered in blood as it drenched down from his broken nose, the man you’d rendered unconscious now aimed a gun in your direction; a sickening grin pealed up along his cheeks to reveal yellowed teeth soaked in red.
Steve’s arm jutted out in front of you, yanking your body quickly out of the line of fire, but the man only smirked. He didn’t attempt to follow in his aim. Instead, he narrowed in on something beyond your position. Something on the shelves.
The gunshot rang out, echoing painfully within the small confines of the vault enough for a violent ringing to pierce in your ears, and still, you heard the glass shatter.
The air filled with the sudden sweet smell of candied apples and caramel; a scent specific to the night Steve dragged you out to Coney Island in efforts to relive his old memories, when you’d spent nearly half the night sitting on the docks prying sticky caramel from your fingers and laughing until your stomach hurt. The way he’d looked at you that night, like maybe all these feelings stirring deep in your chest might not be unrequited, how he’d smiled just enough until it pressed dimples to his cheeks.
No ordinary chemical could produce a smell like that. Not something so specific. Nothing but—
“Oh God.”
Steve was at the doors to the vault, desperately trying to pry his shield between them as the chemical spill must have set off emergency protocols and sealed you inside, but it was no use. He let out a visceral groan as he used all of his force, and still nothing.
“Steve,” you crocked, already feeling the sweat dripping at the nape of your neck. Your eyes glanced back at the emerald green liquid fizzling on the cement floor. The smell was intoxicating, burning almost to the point where it physically ached, and you closed your hands tight into fists.
“What is that?” Steve grunted, finally turning away from the doors. He brushed at his nose, confused, as tried to find the source. “It... it smells like... coffee and—and cinnamon sugar.”
The bakery down the block from the tower. Where you’d taken Steve in the early hours of the mornings when he’d find himself standing in the doorframe of your bedroom, shame lingering in his features and a redness in his eyes. It was a safe haven. An escape. The smell of a pleasant memory.
You’d heard that this chemical had the ability to manifest individually to those it effected, but it still took you by surprise. Drawn on the desires of its host, different to each in its unrelenting path. There was no time to wonder what it meant, why it smelled like the bakery around the corner and the nights you spent with Steve when the nightmares woke him in a blinding panic. There was no time because your eyes kept flickering down the lines of Steve’s body, tracing him hungrily, like a woman starved.
You choked back a moan, squeezing your thighs together as a sudden all-encompassing emptiness tore through you.
“Steve, listen to me,” you tried again, voice a little dry as you stretched your neck away from the collar of your suit, tearing your stare from his body as you focused on the wall in front of you. You zipped down the edge of your suit to your sternum and it only provided an ounce of relief. You were suffocating under it, burning, and you swore if you didn’t get it off soon you might collapse.
Steve didn’t seem to hear you though as he walked towards the exposed chemical on the floor, examining it. “Why expose us to this chemical instead of just killing us? What’s the point? What the hell is this stuff anyway?”
Your legs were crossed at the ankles, thighs pressing tightly together in an effort to relieve some of the ache at your core, but it did nothing. Not when you knew what you needed. Not when he was standing right there.
“Steve, please,” you whined, close to tears, hands gripping tight at the edges of the metal table.
Steve whipped around at the sound of your voice, panicked by the urgency, the desperation in it. His shoulder tensed, eyes darting wide at the sight of you.
The chemical had taken its effect quickly. Your hairline was drenched in sweat, heart pounding so painful in your chest you were certain he could hear it across the room, but what surprised him most was the slight tang in the air, a sweet kind of smell that was only and entirely yours; one he only dared allow himself to notice once before, under the cover of night when he’d walked past your bedroom in and heard the soft whimpers beyond the door.
Your legs were shaking under you, ready to collapse, and Steve darted forward. His hand gripped at your waist, trying to hold you steady.
“Hey, hey, it’s alright,” he cooed sweetly, though there was a panic in his voice as he turned to look back at the sealed exit. He exhaled a heavy breath, pulling you in closer. “I’ve got you. Talk to me. What’s wrong?”
The pressure of his hands was unlike anything you’d ever felt. It was exhilarating, like the touch of lightening to your skin and still, feather soft. It was a jolt of desperation that only worsened the pulsing at your core, the agonizing emptiness you felt between your legs.
You whimpered, shaking terribly in his arms, and then, his hands moved slowly up along your body to cup at your cheeks. He pushed away the damp hairs on your face, sky blue eyes searching yours, trying to understand what was affecting you like this, so concerned, so full of worry, but it was too much.
Your skin was too sensitive; every touch heightened beyond what you’d ever experienced and each rub of his thumb over your cheek bone, each pressured dip of his fingers against your neck, was almost unbearable. Your cunt clenched around air, waiting eagerly to be filled and used and — fuck — you were going to die if you didn’t get that damn suit off now.
“Y/n?” Steve called, though it sounded far away, like a lingering semblance of an echo long carried through a tunnel.
Unable to take it, you tore Steve’s hands away from you, stumbling back until you hit the table with a painful corner to your spine. You whined, shaking, whimpering, and as Steve tried to take another step closer to you, you held up a desperate hand.
“It’s not effecting you as quickly because—because of the serum,” you gasped, trying to find your breath as a hand slipped under your collar, pushing down at the zipper on your suit in search of relief, “but it will. It will, Steve, and we—we have to—God, we’ll die if we don’t, but—”
“What are you talking about? What’s happening to you?” Steve demanded, trying to step closer to you, to reach out in comfort, but you flinched away. You still had some semblance of control, even if your dignity was in pieces. You wouldn't dare let him touch you again until he understood what this was, until he could have some kind of choice.
“The chemical,” you shuddered, pointing to the shattered vial on the floor, “it’s the extract of the pollen Tony warned us about in Brussels.”
Steve narrowed his eyes. Brussels was almost three years ago but he remembered it well. They’d been tasked with infiltrating a Hydra base attempting to create an army of enhanced super soldiers by pairing the gifted with their knock off experiments. Creating offspring artificially wasn’t an option, it seemed, and well, Hydra needed to convince their participants to engage.
Realization hit Steve like a truck and he stumbled back, eyes wide. “N-No, it’s can’t be. That stuff should have been destroyed when we blew up the base...”
“Should have been,” you repeated, nodding slowly as you shrugged your shoulder out of the suit. The cool air touched your skin and it was instant relief. Teeth clenched, lump in your throat, you looked at Steve. “We don’t have a lot of time. I—I have to get this off. I feel like I’m burning alive...”
“Okay, okay,” Steve nodded, rushing towards you to help. You choked back a whine as his fingers touched over bare skin, slipping under your suit as he helped peel away the skin tight fabric until it dropped down over your thighs and was left in a pile on the floor.
Left only in your sports bra and panties, Steve started to evert his eyes, even as his breathing started to pick up in pace. It was affecting him slower than it did you, but it was still in his veins, it was still coming for him.
“Steve,” you gasped, your hands fumbling with the band of your bra, trying to pull it over your head. Your nipples were pebbled hard, the touch of the fabric agonizing against the buds. Your thighs squeezed tight together and you could feel how soaked through the thin cotton between your legs had become. You could smell it yourself, so you knew Steve could, too.
“Steve, please. I—I need you. It hurts so much…”
Steve swallowed, eyes gazing up at your body as you stripped clean of the remaining material. He tried desperately to hold your eye, but as your hand slipped down between your legs in search of some relief, he followed.
Your fingers dipped in between the folds, swirling in the wetness that dripped down your thighs, and even as you circled in rushed movements, sunk two fingers deep inside you, it did nothing to relieve the ache. It couldn’t be relieved on its own, not without help.
In a surge of pollen-induced confidence, you carefully reached out for Steve’s hand, letting your fingers hook around his as hooded eyes gazed up to a startling pale blue and the bite of teeth over pink, swollen lips. Slowly, you guided Steve’s hand closer to your core and when you were met with no resistance, replaced your fingers with his own, pushing his touch to the heat between your legs.
He shuddered as the wetness dripped over him, fingers moving of their own accord and circling sweetly at your clit. It was like fire through your veins, rendering you outside of yourself, and still, you needed more.
“You’re alright, sweetheart,” Steve whispered, running a free hand through your hair, but you could only whine in response, resting your forehead to his shoulder.
Hands curled into the thick fabric of his suit, dipping into the muscle in his arms as you tried to focus on the pressure on your clit, how his fingers swirled and circled and pressed and flicked at the sensitive bundle of nerves, but that emptiness lingered. It screamed at you, tore through your body and consumed you, begging to be filled, to be abused and used.
“More,” you begged, too far lost to the effects of the pollen to feel shame for the tremors in your voice or the neediness with which you rolled your hips to his fingers. “Please, Steve. I—I can’t. I need—”
“Okay, I’ve got you,” he said quickly, a softness in his tone as he helped ease you up onto the metal table. It was cold against your exposed skin, though it supplied no relief to the fever lighting like flames within your veins.
You called his name again, a desperate cry, and Steve gently ran his hands down your curves, slipping over your hips and thighs and gently returning to where you needed him. It was like he was trying to hold onto some kind of semblance of romance or affection amongst the intensity of the pollen igniting dangerous levels of dopamine and oxytocin in your brain; like maybe he could fool himself into believing it was real.
“It’s okay. I’m here, sweetheart. Just try to relax for me,” he whispered, sinking two fingers into you, and then a third. It was relief unlike anything else. The slight sting of the stretch, the rub of his knuckles by your entrance, the curving of his fingers deep inside your walls, pressing up against the spot that made your back arch up from the table.
“Fuck, Steve,” you gasped, eyes closed, overwhelmed in the sensations, in the pumping of his fingers and his thumb circling at your clit, the high that started to take over completely and render you in a mess on the table, open and exposed. “Yes! Ah—don't—don't stop!”
Even through your haze, you felt the slight touch of his lips on your forehead. Something so tender, so soft, in stark contrast to the heat of the pollen’s chemical amplifying your senses.
“That’s it,” Steve urged, his breath warm on your skin as your walls began to clench around him. Tighter. Tighter. He pumped his fingers faster, the sounds filling the room enough to draw heat to your face if it wasn’t for the heightened bliss produced by the pollen.
You rolled your hips against his hand, meeting him at his knuckles, begging for more.
More, more, more—
“Let go, doll,” Steve whispered against your ear, breath hot to your skin, “come for me.”
Closer and closer and rising to the very edge of the peak and— nothing.
You whined, a sob breaking through you as the crescendo faded out just before the highest note. Your body collapsed, sinking into hardened metal, exhausted, desperate, aching.
“What is it? What happened?” Steve questioned, panicked.
“It’s not enough,” you gasped. “I need you.”
Steve froze, slowly pulling his fingers from between your legs to find them dripping in your wetness. He closed his hand. “Y/n, I—”
“I need you to fuck me, Steve.”
He shook his head, backing up. “You don’t-- You don’t know what you’re asking.”
“I do. Please, Steve,” you begged, your own fingers circling back at the head of your clit, swirling in the drench of your juices at your core and still, it wasn’t enough. It won’t ever be enough. You needed thick veins and a pulsing heartbeat, rushed thrusts, hands digging to your hips, and the labored pants of a man above you.
You needed him.
“You don’t want this,” Steve argued, determined, though you could see the pollen starting to take its effect. His pupils were blown wide, sweat dripping at the nape of his neck though he tried to brush it away. His legs were trembling.
“The pollen is only enhancing desires that already exist,” you urged, breathy and in gasps as your fingers worked tiredly at your clit and still—nothing. In your haze, you didn’t notice how Steve’s eyes widened at your confession. He stared at you for just a moment longer before he shook the thought from his mind, unwilling to let himself go there.
“Steve, I’m begging you. I gonna—I'm gonna die.”
“No, you’re not. I won’t let that happen.”
He could feel the pollen starting to take it’s hold in his own body and the longer he looked at you, exposed and ready for him, dripping, the sweet smell of your cunt filtering in the air, the closer he came to the losing edge of control.
The serum kept it at bay for a while, but he could feel his cock aching painfully hard under layers of Kevlar. The fabric rubbed against it, creating an almost burning sensation, and he understood why you were so desperate to rid yourself of your clothes.
Jesus – it was a miracle he kept it together as long as he did. He could still feel the squeeze of your pussy on his fingers; the heat, the wetness, the softest most vulnerable parts of you. His hand was sticky in your slick as he clenched his fist, nails digging painfully to his palms.
“Steve, it’s starting to affect you, too.”
He shook his head. “I can deal with it. I’ll handle it on my own.”
“You can’t, Steve. It won’t be enough.”
“It has to be!” he snapped, harsher than he meant to, but the pollen was pushing him towards an edge he wasn’t certain he’d ever come back from. “I can’t-- I won’t let that fucking chemical turn me into a monster!”
Steve groaned, raking his fingers through sweat damped hair and ridding himself of the shield and weapons strapped to his suit. He was panting long before he started shouldering the vault doors again, desperate to lodge his way through.
You closed your eyes, tears slipping past your temples as you laid on the metal table. Shaking, dripping at your core, aching. Your fingers doing nothing to relieve the painful, empty feeling left in Steve’s wake. Chills swept up your spine, like a fever, and you stared up at the ceiling, watching as the tiles swayed over one another, melting and twisting into a blur of grey cement as you listened to Steve’s labored breaths, the grunts in anguish, as he tried to break out of the vault.
But suddenly, it came to a stop.
A heavy exhale. A pained groan. And then—
“How certain are you?”
You propped yourself up on your elbows, vision blurring, dizzy, but you could still see how desperately Steve was trying to hold himself back. His arousal was thick and prominent against his thigh, a wet spot growing at the head, as he rubbed himself through the outside of his pants.
“Y/n,” he asked again, tenser, strained. “How certain are you that it’s only enhancing existing desires?”
“Certain,” you choked out. “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Steve. Since Coney Island.”
Steve gritted his teeth, and you could tell there was a part of him that lingered, wanting to know more, wanting to say something meaningful in return, but the pollen had taken a hold of him and he wasn’t the one in control anymore.
“I can’t hold back.”
You shook your head, heart racing in anticipation. “You don’t have to.”
“You don’t understand, Y/n,” Steve groaned, sliding his hand under his belt in search of some relief, unabashedly stroking himself in full view as his pants circled around his ankles. “I can feel this shit taking over and— I won’t be able to— I can’t hold myself back. Do you understand?”
He took a step closer to you, pulling his jacket off as well until he was naked before you. He paused at the edge of the table, hesitant for a moment, before slowly, he set his hands on the tops of your thighs. You moaned at the sensation, arching up for him, though he didn’t touch you where you needed him most. Instead, he let his hands travel along your legs, sliding all the way down to your ankles before he yanked hard enough to pull your body right to the edge.
You met him with a gasp, hands landing on his chest as you looked up to darkened eyes.
“It’ll be rough,” he gritted out.
You were panting, heart stammering. “I can take rough.”
“I might hurt you.”
“So hurt me, Captain,” you begged, voice low, hands snaking up around his neck.
“Say it again. Tell me you want this. I need to hear it,” he demanded, darker than you’d ever heard him, and still, there was a soft kind of pale blue in his eyes; a lingering piece of that tender, hesitant man you knew who kept his distance, who flirted and teased with shades of pink in his ears. He practically growled as his fingers dug deeper into your thighs.
“I want this,” you said firmly, your left hand raking through his hair, your right slipping down his stomach until you reached his cock. Circling your grip around his shaft, you slowly began to pump him and spread the precum down the throbbing vein underneath. His breath caught in his throat, eyes fluttering closed as he sucked in a harsh breath.
“I want you, Steve,” you whispered against his neck, your lips pressing a kiss to his pulse point before you licked a stripe along his jawline, up to his mouth, where you paused. You caught his eyes for a moment, laced in lust and thick in desire, and you mewled against his lips, “fuck me, Steve. Use me. I’m yours.”
It was hard to tell what was the pollen and what was inherently you, but when it was Steve standing in front of you, his erection sliding at your folds, his eyes gazing hungrily into yours, you couldn’t find it in you to care where the words came from. They were real desires, a real longing, a real desperation you carried deep inside you, hidden under lock and key, and the vial shattered in the back of the room only released them from their cage.
Suddenly, Steve yanked you from the table, spun you around, and held you firmly against him, his breath like fire against your neck. Your back was only kept pressed up against his chest for a moment before he pushed you flush onto the table. The cold of the metal ice against your skin, your cheek pressed onto the surface as he kept you still with a hand on the mid of your back. Your toes barely touched the ground, but Steve had a good hold on your hips with his free hand.
“That’s my girl,” he praised, his hand on your back nestling along your spine, pressing like the keys of a piano. You shuddered under him, trying to squeeze your thighs together but he kept them propped open. “Be a good girl for me, won’t you, baby? Can you do that for me?”
“Y-yes.” Your hands gripped onto the edges of the table, your toes lifting off the ground.
“Gonna let me take what I want from you? Gonna let me use your body how I want? Fuck your tight little cunt? My sweet girl...”
“Yes,” you whimpered, shaking, as the painful aching between your legs grew stronger. “All for you. Just you. Steve... please...”
Steve’s hand gripped to your hips, painful enough to leave bruises but your whole body was stripped to the bare edges, sensitive unlike you’d ever been in your life, and the divots he dug were sweet relief. You ached for more. Whatever he would give you.
You felt the tip of Steve’s cock edging at your entrance and you let out a desperate whine. You tried arched up for him as much as the position would allow, even with Steve’s hand keeping your upper body flattened on the table as he came up to you from behind.
He slid into you with ease, bottoming out in one harsh thrust that nearly jolted the entire table. You gasped, holding onto the surface, reveling in the ache of the stretch, how thick he was pressing you open, stretching you.
“Christ, you’re tight,” Steve grunted, adjusting his grip on your hip. He pulled out, just to the tip, slowly, agonizingly, before he slid back in with a shuddered breath. “So fuckin’ good, baby. Your cunt’s fuckin’ perfect, sweetheart. Shit.”
You’d never heard Steve curse like that. It was foreign in his voice, but God, it was like pure sin. Pieces of him he kept hidden, desires he wouldn’t dare allow to the surface broken free by the pollen littering the air and seeping deep into his veins. A man without boundaries or confinements. A man unleashed.
“Fuck, yes, Steve,” you moaned, gripping so tightly at the edges of the table, you wondered if you might be strong enough to crack it. “God, Steve, don’t stop! Just like that—Just like—ah, fuck—”
He was relentless. Rushed. Desperate. Quick and harsh thrusts of his hips snapping against your ass, his cock throbbing and dragging against clenched walls, spurring on that twist deep in your stomach, bringing you closer and closer to release, to relief.
The noises he made only urged you on, filling the room with cries and screams, his name and yours, uncontained, unfiltered. Through the gasps in his breath, through your name exhaled low in his voice, he muttered praises and curses, his grip tightening, your skin burning against the metal surface with every drag of your body. It was a rush, a high, every thrust, every bruise he pressed into your skin, every inch closer to the peak that left you screaming his name over and over again until finally—
The ground fell out from under you, mountains crashing down, and you cried out through the free fall; impossibly sensitive, withering and desperate to hold on as he chased his own release, prolonging the longest, most intense orgasm you’d ever had, one that left you in near tears, until he came into you, releasing against your walls.
There was a moment of relief, of a comforting stillness. The labored pants of your breaths filling the room and the sticky sweet smell of sex overpowering the long faded scent of the pollen. The dizziness cleared from your mind, the high of the orgasm pulling you fully back to your senses, and you were shocked to find how cold the room had become.
And then the silence started to carry an unease within it.
Steve’s hand released its grip on your hips, on your back, unpeeling away from skin he’d colored under his touch and you tried not to wince at the sting of it because you knew he was watching you. Then, he pulled his softened cock from inside you, slipping out slowly and leaving behind a kind of emptiness that pierced straight through to your chest.
With the desperation gone, the heat of the pollen absent from your veins and a chill in your spine, you turned to find Steve, hoping for something as tender and sweet as the man you knew to offset the bruising on your body and the new kind of ache between your legs; pains you eagerly agreed to and even in your clearest thoughts knew with certainty you had wanted. Still, there was a need for more, something of the man you know Steve to be.
He was scrambling to put his suit back on. Hands fumbling with his pants until he covered himself, then, quickly began to search around the room. Shaking hands yanked open drawers, throwing around papers and supplies until they covered the floor.
“Steve, hold on a moment...”
“I don’t-- I don’t have anything for you to--” he exhaled harshly, rubbing at his eyes and you realized what he meant. The sticky residue between your legs, his release and yours. He swallowed thickly, and it didn’t slip your notice that he couldn’t meet your eye. “Just-- just give me a second. I’ll-- uh—I'll find something.”
“Stevie, it’s okay,” you tried to tell him, but he couldn’t hear you.
You bent down and grabbed your suit from the floor, stepping into it as his cum had dried along your thighs. You could wash it away later. There was no concern for pregnancy. SHIELD provided all agents with standard birth control. Steve should know that and he should know that Sam would still be waiting on them in the jet, concerned that the coms hadn’t been working for the time you and Steve were trapped down there.
You crossed the room, coming up behind Steve and placing a hand on his bare shoulder. He flinched the moment your fingertips grazed his flushed skin and you pulled away, curling your hand to your chest. He turned to face you, but his eyes were focused on the floor by your feet. Even clothed, standing in front of him as the woman who had loved and adored him for years under the guise of friendship, he couldn’t bear to meet your eye.
A crack nestled in your chest, straight through your heart. God, you just wanted to hold him.
The vault doors sprang open with a thunderous echo, a clear mist expelling from the ceiling.
A sudden darkness came over Steve’s features, the soft outline of his face turning hard as a growl brewed in his chest. He grabbed the gun from his waistband and bounded toward the exit. Without a moment of hesitation, he fired a single shot at the Hydra agent who had broken the vial of pollen in favor of killing either of you; still laying on the floor, barely even enough time to react to defend himself.
You gasped as a bullet lodged through the man’s head and he slumped over. Deep red pooling around him.
Steve stomped back into the vault, slipped the top of suit back over his head, ran his fingers through his hair to tame the mess. With his back turned to you, he paused.
“You have the vial we came for?” His voice was cold, detached, incredibly unlike the man you knew.
“Y-yes,” you replied, feeling for the small test tube securely placed in the container at your hip. You zipped up your suit to cover the exposed hills of your breasts; even with Steve’s back to you, it left you feeling exposed.
His back straightened, a short nod to himself, and he stepped over the body of the Hydra agent. Boots imprinting into the mess of blood, leaving a trail in their wake as he quickly made his way back to the jet.
You waited until the echoes of his steps disappeared down the hallway and you were left with a deeply unsettling silence. There, you allowed yourself to cry.
part two
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donutloverxo · a year ago
First night
Tumblr media
This is for nastybuckybarnes' au challenge. I hope you like it babe.
Run through - You're nervous to consummate your marriage with your new husband.
Warnings - medieval au, smut, heavy dub con, innocent/inexpericened reader, loss of virginity, light breeding kink. Read responsibly.
Pairing - King!Steve Rogers x reader
Word count - almost 3k
Masterlist is linked in the bio!
Tumblr media
You bit your lip getting up from the bed, thinking of maybe pacing around the chambers to help your restlessness. You looked at the pot of red wine right next to the fruit basket. You could have one, that would help with your nerves. But you were afraid you wouldn’t handle the alcohol well and make a fool of yourself in front of the king.
You looked at the crisp white cloth laid on the bed. Maybe you should lay down? That’s what your mother had told you.
“Just lay down and let your king do the job. Don’t move for a while after it’s done, or you won’t be able to conceive. If it hurts too much just think of something else”
Her words didn’t make things easier for you. But then you had heard good things about it from your friends. You really didn’t know what to believe. You hoped that you would meet a boy, fall in love and get married. Perhaps knowing a person helps with the coupling? Not that you need to know Steven anymore than you already do. He is your husband now. He could do whatever he wants with you.
When you were told you were to be married to him. You were as scared as you were happy. You didn’t know the first thing about marriage or men. But you had heard of king Stevens bravery and kindness, along with tales of his ethereal beauty. They said that he was carved out by gods themselves. You fell in love as soon as you saw his portrait. His rugged jaw covered with a thick beard, his long locks sweeped back, his broad shoulders and alert stance, akin to that of a soilder.
You couldn’t believe you were to be the queen. Being the youngest of three sisters you would never have had such an opportunity. But both your older sisters were married off. One to a prestigious Lord and another to a king of a small kingdom. You did feel a tinge of pride when they were so jealous of you. Of the power you were to have as a queen and of your beautiful and brave future husband.
Power. Something that scared you the most. Sure being a queen was glamourous. But what if you let your new kingdom and people down. What if you let your king down?
You had never met him before the wedding. When your face was unveiled, and you looked at his face and him up close you were taken aback. Of just how much more handsome he looked in reality. That portrait did him no justice.
You couldn’t tell if he found you satisfactory at all. His face was set in an unreadable expression. Was he pleased or disappointed with you? He barely spoke two words to you the entire ceremony and feast. You cringed as you recalled your first dance. How even after so many lessons you kept stepping on his feet, while he kept moving gracefully. You imagined him moving with the same grace on the battlefield.
You wanted to please him. To be enough for him. You knew men seeked pleasure from other women if they found their wives unsatisfactory. You didn’t think you could stand it if he did something like that. In a moment of desperation you asked your newly assigned handmaiden for some help on how to please a man. She, of course was embarrassed and refused to give you a clear answer. They would probably gossip about you now. No. You can’t think about that. Not right now.
You straightened your back to sit up straight as you heard the doors being opened. You let out the breathe you didn’t even know you were holding as you looked at him. With his white shirt, which gave you a generous view of his chest and the thin hair splattered over it and his dark pants, he looked much different without his informal attire. He stared you down but didn’t really acknowledged your presence as he made his way over to the wine.
Before he could pour a glass you quickly made your way over to him, fetching the glass from the table. “Allow me, my king” you gave him a nervous smile. It was probably a bad idea since you couldn’t stop your hands from shaking. You cringed as you splashed a few drops out of the glass.
He only shook his head making a sound of disapproval, grabbing the pot from you he poured the glass full handing it to you. “You might need it more than me”
“Oh well... thank you...” You took it from him. Too scared to refuse him. To tell him you absolutely hated the foul taste of wine. You tried your best to keep a straight face as you swallowed the liquid. You chugged the glass down setting it on the table. You could feel it taking effect in your limbs as you felt your whole body loosen up.
“Have you been with other men before?” he asked walking over to the bed.
You were floored by his question. They had sent a doctor to make sure you had never been touched before. Which you weren’t. He knew the answer. But then why was he asking. “I won’t dignify that with an answer” You huffed. He was getting some kind of sick pleasure from your humiliation. You wouldn’t have him make fun of you.
“Oh?” He smirked in amusement at your boldness. He felt his cock stir in his pants at your defiance. A stark contrast to what he perceived you as.
He never really cared much for marriage. Always thinking that he would find the right woman along the way. Sure he indulged in some courtesans here and there but he held back. Not wanting any bastard children. He knew how doomed their fate was just like his half brother James.
He wished for a strong woman, capable and worthy of being a queen. But he learned that you didn’t even know how to ride a horse. You were nothing more than a spoilt sheltered princess. But he agreed to the marriage, for his kingdom and his duty.
He could make it work. As long as you give him a few sons the marriage wouldn’t be an utter failure. He could learn to bear you or even care for you a bit.
But then he looked at you face, your hair and gown all made up, you were the prettiest bride he had ever seen. His bride. He couldn’t help but be proud you were going to be his.
And now that he could see you and your plump figure through the thin petticoat, he couldn’t wait to tear it off and to find out if you were just as curvy underneath. “Come here” He smirked as you instantly followed standing in front of him, your fingers fidgeting with your gown. “Have you ever kissed anyone before?” he knew you hadn’t. But he needed to hear it from you. He would be proud to be your first in everything.
You shook your head staring at the floor. You looked so small and helpless in front of him. It was a dilemma. Because it made him protective of you but at the same time want to do devious things to you. He thought about how he could take you. Of course he’d get to have you every way and anyway he wanted, you were his wife and his future queen, but he needed the first time to be memorable. “What was that?”
“No. I haven’t, your grace” You spat almost spitefully.
He chuckled at that, staring at your lips, he bent down to capture them and have a taste. He felt you go stiff when his lips touched yours, as soft as rose petals and oh so sweet. You gasped into his mouth as he pulled you into him by pulling at your waist. He threw you on the bed, over the white sheet.
You stayed there panting, your kiss swollen lips, your nipples that turned into stiff peaks he groaned just at the sight of them. You were looking at him as if you were afraid of him, maybe you should be. He climbed onto the bed and settled between your legs. He pushed the helm of your petticoat up until it revealed your smooth soft legs and thick thighs to him.
“Oh! Wha –“ you stammered as he nipped at the inside of your thigh, slowing moving towards your core. He could smell your arousal. He couldn’t wait to dig his face in it and taste it. Find out if it was as sweet as you were. He wasn’t a patient man but for now he would wait. You were a fine woman. One who should be enjoyed at the fullest. So he would take his time, even if his cock was aching to be inside you.
He was trying to get the gown off of you with no help from you it was turning out to be quite a task. Fuck it to being patient. He tore the collar of your gown, ripping the whole thing off. He quickly threw the shred of cloth away and tossed it away.
He stared you down. You were sniffling as tears of shame escaped your eyes, your hands pathetically trying to cover your chest. You made yourself small trying to curl in on yourself ,but with him sitting between your legs, didn’t leave you much room to move.
He took your wrists in his hands pushing them down besides your head and he bend down to lick the salty tear off your cheek. He pressed a small kiss to your cheek before squeezing your wrists. “Keep them here. I’m your husband, you don’t hide from me” He stated as he pulled back up to admire your nude body. You gulped down as you moved your head so you wouldn’t have to look at him, but you didn’t dare move your hands or cover yourself.
He pressed a thumb over your hard nipple pulling on the nub as you gasped and tried so hard to contain those your moans, but he heard them. He licked the peak before sucking it into his mouth placing soft kisses over your breasts as you kept whining and shivering under him.
He kissed down your stomach finally looking at your heat between your legs. He had never been as awestruck as he was in that moment. He took in a deep breathe to get a whiff of your arousal.
“My king?” you hesitated sitting up on your elbows looking down at him between your legs “ what are you doing?” you panicked. Surely he wouldn’t.... “Oh!” You cried out loud as you felt him lick a stripe up your folds. You sat up pushing at his head “This isn’t how it’s done” you tried to argue. Although you weren’t sure, no one told you about this. What was he even doing?
You fell back on the mattress as he pushed his palm down on your chest “Stay” He commanded. You had no choice but to lay back. You stared at the rose garlands painted on the ceiling, trying to distract yourself, as he licked and sucked at you. You really did try to hold in the noises your body was so desperate to let out. But you couldn’t not when you were feeling so strange yet so good.
You whimpered as he wrapped his mouth around your bundle of nerves sucking it into his mouth and swirling his tongue over it. Maybe he was doing it to make you feel good but it felt more like a sweet torture. You felt as if you were on the edge of something about to crash and burn. But then, your world came to a screeching halt as you felt him push a finger into your channel. You clenched around the alien object, the invasion felt so strange you didn’t know what to make of it.
“Fuck you’re tight” you would’ve been upset at his foul language and his use of the forbidden word but what he was doing was much more sinful than that. You couldn’t think of anything but his mouth and his tongue on you, his finger inside you. You moaned as he pushed another finger inside you pulling them out only to quickly push them back in. “Don’t know how I will last” He groaned curling his long digits inside you as you screamed at the top of your longs.
It was as if everything came crashing down on you. The feeling was incomparable. Unlike anything you had ever felt before. Your skin was on fire as your muscles spasmed.
You could vaguely hear him undress as you looked at him through your hooded eyes. His pupils blown wide, his cock standing up straight against his hard stomach. You could see the faint scars littered across his body, proof of his many battles.
You were expecting him to do the deed, make love to you and truly make you his wife. But he pulled you up to sit on your bum, your eyes staring straight at his cock. “You gonna return the favor princess?” He asked his voice was much deeper and his tone more gruff. “Taste it” He said pushing the head of his cock against your lips.
You weren’t quite sure what you were supposed to do. So you simply opened your mouth as he pushed himself in. You gagged as he hit the back of your throat, your spit dripping down your chin. He tasted salty and musky. You felt as if you’d cry again, of being naked and in such a compromising position. All the while he was so composed and graceful.
He held onto your face pulling his cock out of your mouth but before you could breathe out in relief he slammed back in again. You couldn’t fit all of him, he was too big. He thrusted a few times before pulling out of your mouth completely. You coughed and gasped for air, cleaning up his spend and your spit with the back of your hand.
“Can’t cum in your mouth” He groaned pushing you to lay down he hovered above you. You felt him rub his tip against your folds.
“Wh – what if it doesn’t fit?” you asked nervous again. You had never seen a naked man before, but he looked big. At least right now, he was looking at your face instead of your naked body.
“Just loosen up” You followed his advice as you held onto his thick arms. You winced in pain as you felt the pinch of him entering your weeping channel. You moved your head away biting your lip to contain your screams.
“Look at me” he demanded grabbing your chin “look at your king” You reluctantly opened your eyes staring at him. He was so beautiful. You couldn’t help but run your fingers through his thick beard, just a shade darker than his golden blonde hair. You wailed throwing your head back as he pushed into you completely seething himself.
“Shh” he hushed you as he snaked a hand between your bodies striking your clit to distract you. “It’ll feel better soon” He promised. As he let you get accustomed to his length. The fact that he was much larger than most men and that you were a virgin wasn’t lost on him. He would have to restrain himself. Which seemed impossible at the moment. Your walls so snug and tight, clenching around him, he would cum right this second.
He pulled out of you before slowly pushing himself back in. He set a steady pace as your cries slowly turned into moans. You clawed at his back, your legs instinctively wrapping around his waist. He was only spurred on by your little mewls and hot puffs of air against his ear.
You cried out again thrashing and squirming under him another wave of pleasure crashing into you. He grunts as he felt you clench around him, milking him for all he’s worth. He snapped his hips against yours a couple of times cuming deep in your womb.
He laid on top of you, catching his breathe. He pulled the white sheet from under you and used it to clean you between your legs. You jerked as the cloth touched your sensitive skin. He cleaned his cock and went outside his chambers to hang the sheets up.
When he returned you were about to get up and put on whatever you could salvage out of your torn nightgown. “Lay back down” He demanded fed up “you have to give me a son” he reminded you pushing you into the mattress. Just how many times would he have to tell you before you would understand. He’ll have to work on a way to make you listen. That’s alright though, he had all the time in the world.
Tumblr media
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Daddy Lessons
Tumblr media
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Female Reader x Bucky Barnes
Summary: Bucky’s a generous guy, he’s more than happy to share his best princess. But when you enjoy Steve just a little too much, he takes it upon himself to show you who your daddy is — and he makes sure you’ll never dare forget again.
Word Count: 4.8k. Buckle up.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, dark!bucky, cocky as fuck Steve Rogers, heavy daddy kink, domestic submission, domestic degradation, voyuerism, exhibitionism, MAJOR asphyxiation, derogatory name calling, DUBCON, bordering on NONCON in parts, rough anal sex, facial, oral (m receiving), orgasm denial, orgasm punishment, hints of aftercare. PLEASE READ THESE WARNINGS AND TAKE THEM SERIOUSLY. I’m not responsible for your media consumption, and we don’t kink shame here. 
A/N: This is slowly becoming part of a series. I guess you could say this is the fourth installment. Here are parts ONE  TWO and THREE. Page dividers by the wonderful @whimsicalrogers​. Also, because I’m a forgetful girl, major major MAJOR props to @ozarkthedog and @angrythingstarlight for their input on this. It was very much appreciated. Adding it now because I forgot in my excited stupor to get this up! Ily both 💕
‘Got a guest coming for dinner tonight, princess. Wear something pretty, and make something fancy. Daddy loves you xx’
He’d never brought a guest home for dinner before, and the mere thought of it had your brow furrowing in confusion, your bottom lip trapped between your teeth as you stared down at the phone in your hand. You glanced up at the chrome clock hanging on the kitchen wall. 
Bucky hadn’t given you an awful lot of time to prepare, due home from work at 6pm. Practically skipping up the stairs, you changed into your prettiest red tea dress, applying a smattering of rouge to your lips and cheeks before checking yourself in the full length mirror. 
Making your way back down to the kitchen, you scrambled through the fridge with less grace than if he had been home, pulling out the necessary ingredients to make something simple, but tasty. 
Throwing fresh tomatoes, chopped onions and peppers in a pan, you allowed it to simmer while you busied yourself setting the table. You assumed that you’d be eating with Bucky and your mystery dinner guest, setting three places on mahogany wood, checking that the silverware was gleaming before straightening it out. 
Setting about deshelling the shrimp, you found yourself humming along to the radio, wondering what the special occasion was and why he’d made plans at such short notice. 
You felt butterflies flutter in your tummy, your bottom lip sore from worrying it, looking up at the clock once again. 
Throwing the pasta into the boiling water, you fried off the shrimp, your forehead dewy from the steam seeping from the sizzling hot pan. 
You heard the all familiar rumble of the car engine pulling into the driveway, stirring the sauce and smoothing down the front of your dress. 
Hearing the muffled sound of deep laughter through the front door, you stood in the same place you did every day, and waited to greet your husband just the way he’d taught you. 
All trace of nervousness left your body when he opened the door, looking back over his shoulder to share a joke with his guest. Steve. Bucky set his eyes on you, his smile beaming into you as he dropped his briefcase and held his arms out to you. 
“Goddamn, princess. You know how much I love that dress. Doesn’t my girl look as pretty as a fuckin’ picture?”
You blushed, your gaze lowering a little. You didn’t see Steve studying your curves, his eyes raking over you, a smirk pulling at the corner of his mouth. 
“She sure does, Buck. You’ve got yourself a real diamond there. Gotta take precious care of a pretty, young thing like that.” 
Something about his tone make you uneasy, your eyes meeting his over Bucky’s shoulder. Bucky pulled you into him, your arms instinctively wrapping around his neck as you nuzzled into his shoulder. 
“Say hello to Steve, princess.” He urged, his hands sliding up the backs of your bare thighs. “Give him a little kiss on the cheek, then we’ll eat. Smells delicious, as always.” 
Bucky pulled away from you then, pressing a soft kiss to your lips and patting you affectionately on the behind as he made his way to the liquor cabinet. 
Your fingers clasped across your stomach, you walked towards Steve -- his hulking form standing before you, the tight, black sweater he was wearing clinging to every muscle, every divot, every curve. You were no fool, you had eyes. He was gorgeous. His blonde hair swept back from his face, cobalt eyes twinkling with something you couldn’t quite place as he smiled at you. 
“Long time no see, sweetheart.” 
You were in front of him, his broad torso looming over your body, his breath fanning against your cheek. Stepping up on your tiptoes, resting a palm against his chest, your lips feathered against his cheek, his thick stubble grazing your own.
You went to pull away, his hand shooting up around your waist, tugging your body against his and holding it there firmly. Your heart began to race, panic surging through you as you snapped your head to the other side of the room, eyes locking with Bucky’s instantly while Steve leant down to whisper in your ear. 
“Bucky’s a lucky man, pretty little thing like you? Not sure I’d be able to spend all day at the office with you waiting at home.” 
You were uncomfortable, your palm pressing back against his solid chest, putting some space between the two of you. Taking a couple of steps backwards, your back colliding with the solid form of your husband, his lips stilling against the nape of your neck just for a moment. 
“Come on, princess. Daddy’s starving, and Steve’s got a promotion to toast.” 
Heat rose in your cheeks at his nonchalance over the title he’d dubbed himself within the confines of your relationship, but you shook it off, making your way back to the kitchen and plating up the shrimp linguine. 
You kept quiet, listening to them talk about work while you served up, untying your little white apron and setting it neatly on the side before taking your seat. Bucky sat at the head of the table, Steve opposite you as you sat to the right of your husband, his calf immediately finding yours. 
“Well, congratulations on the promotion punk.” Bucky grinned, raising his glass in a toast, your nimble fingers reaching for your wine glass and clinking against his waiting one, soon after met by Steve’s. “Any ideas on how you wanna celebrate?” 
There was an edge to Bucky’s tone that unsettled you, like there was some kind of private joke floating in the air, and you weren’t privy to it. 
“Oh, I think I’ve got a few ideas.” 
Unable to bring yourself to look up, to meet his eyes across the table from you,  you took small bites of your food, keeping your gaze down. 
You remained that way throughout the meal, laughing softly when they did, nodding in agreement when either one asked you a question; yet still you daren’t look up. 
“Fuck, princess. Delicious as always.” Bucky praised, throwing his napkin down on the table in front of him and motioning for Steve to join him in the lounge. “Be a good girl and clear the table, come join us when you’re done.” 
“Okay.” You whispered unintentionally, your voice much smaller than you meant it to be. His fingertips gripped your chin softly, tilting your head up to meet his own. 
“Okay what, princess?” He prompted, reminding you of your manners. 
“Okay, daddy.” 
Bucky kissed you then, his lips crushing against yours, tongue probing its way into your mouth, massaging against your own. You couldn’t help but whimper when he nipped at your bottom lip, sucking it between his teeth and releasing it with a little ‘pop’. 
You recognised it for what it was; a show of dominance in front of Steve, heat rushing between your thighs, and you were suddenly very aware of his presence in the room. You could feel his eyes boring into you, turning your head a little to the side and meeting his stare for just a moment, snapping your head back forward the second you spied his tongue sweeping across his bottom lip. 
Watching as they walked into the next room, you blew out a breath you hadn’t realised you were holding, pushing all suspicious thoughts out of your mind and clearing the table.
Tumblr media
You didn’t know why you were putting it off, joining them in the lounge. Something about the atmosphere had you nervous, your fingertips fiddling with the hem of your dress. 
You could hear them, the hushed whispers, the laughter. All you wanted was to curl up on Bucky’s lap and rest your head against his chest, but you knew better than to question his plans. Steve would leave eventually, and then you could relax. 
It wasn’t fear, but you were certainly unsettled. Confused. Wondering why Steve was suddenly so comfortable with his flirtations. Sure, he’d always been the type; dropping in compliments here and there, the odd wink thrown in your direction. You took it with a pinch of salt every time. But tonight? Tonight felt different. 
“Princess, come here for me.” Bucky called, his voice pulling you from your thoughts. 
As if your body was his puppet, you turned on your heel, making your way into the dimly lit lounge, Bucky sitting in his armchair in the corner of the room while Steve sat casually on the couch opposite, arms draped out over the cushions either side of him.
“Come sit on daddy’s lap, babygirl.” 
You watched as he patted his thigh with his hand, whiskey glass dangling loosely in the other. You shuffled on the spot for a moment, heat rising in your cheeks once again as you felt Steve’s eyes on you. 
Perching yourself on Bucky’s knee, you looked down at him, his icy blue eyes full of adoration and pride. It made your heart swell and your stomach flip. His knuckles grazed against your cheek, a soft smile gracing his lush, pink lips. 
“You know I love you, right princess?” He asked, his thumb brushing your jawline just so. The question threw you off momentarily. Of course you knew. You never had any doubt. 
“Yes, daddy. I love you, too.” 
“And you’d do anything for daddy, yes?” The question had your mind racing, but the answer was on the tip of your tongue before he’d even finished the question.
Bucky’s hand dipped beneath your dress, palm gliding up your bare thigh and resting inches from your ever-warming core.
“That’s my girl.” He cooed, looking past you and over at Steve, his eyebrow cocked just a little. “I want you do something for me.”
“Anything, daddy.” It slipped from your lips almost mechanically, the deep desire to please him pushing all resounding doubt from your mind.
“Good girl.” The friction of his thumb pressing against your bare clit had you shuddering in his arms. “Daddy was thinking about how we could congratulate Steve on his promotion, and I came up with the most precious idea.” 
You turned your head, the sight of Steve, his head cocked to the side expectantly, one hand resting on his crotch. Eyes widening, you looked back to Bucky, unsure of whether or not he was about to suggest what you suspected he was. 
“Go sit on his lap, princess. Say congratulations.” 
He couldn’t be serious, he couldn’t possibly want you to do that. You shook your head a little, your bottom lip trembling. “Daddy, I...” 
Bucky pinched at your clit, bringing his glistening fingertips up to your mouth, your tongue instantly snaking out to clean your slick from his skin.
“Make daddy happy, princess. Go.” 
His tone was firmer this time, his thighs raising to push you to your feet. You stumbled just a little, catching yourself on the arm of the chair. His palm patted your ass lightly, urging you in the direction of his best friend. 
Steve shifted on the couch, his thighs wide and his hands held out to you expectantly. The look on his face made your pulse race, his eyes burning with a desire that you’d ignored so many times. His smirk made your stomach flip, your feet shuffling against the carpet as you fought the urge to look back over your shoulder at your husband. 
Blowing out a deep breath, you stood between Steve’s legs; unsure of yourself as you perched conservatively on his knee. You couldn’t but yelp a little when you spied the very prominent outline of his arousal beneath his jeans, one strong arm wrapping around your waist pulling you flush against his warm body. 
“I think I deserve a treat, I’ve worked so hard.” His hips ground up against your ass to emphasize the last word, his erection rock hard against the underside of your bare thigh. “And I can’t think of a better reward than this.”
His hand gliding up your inner thigh set you on edge, torn between discomfort and the building warmth between your legs, a deep seated part of you frightened that this was some kind of test. One you really didn’t want to fail. 
“C’mon sweetheart, relax.” Steve purred, pushing your thighs apart and shuffling you in his lap, your back flush against his hard chest, feet resting either side of his thighs on the couch cushion, legs spread wide open. “I’ve always wanted to see what you’ve been hiding underneath these pretty little dresses.” 
His fingers swept against your clit, your cunt slippery with lust, a lust that you weren’t sure you wanted to feel. You looked over at Bucky the, eyes wide with confusion. He simply sipped at his drink, nodding gently to you with a smile before he spoke. 
“Be a good girl princess, there’s only one rule.” He warned, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his knees. “Daddy’s the only one who gets to make that sweet little cunt cum, and I don’t wanna have to punish you.” 
There was a glint in his eye that told you otherwise, but you nodded none the less, quivering against Steve’s solid form as his fingers drew little ministrations across your sensitive bud, Bucky’s eyes fixed to your spread out pussy. 
“Relax sweetheart, I just wanna feel what Bucky gets to enjoy every night.” He whispered, his lips pressed to the dewy skin at the nape of your neck. Slipping a finger inside you, he groaned, your walls instantly clamping down around his digit as you fought the moan that caught in your throat. “He said you couldn’t cum, he didn’t say you couldn’t enjoy it.”
He slipped a second finger in then, his digits scissoring against your swollen walls and stretching you out. Steve’s touch was different to Bucky’s, but no less maddening. Curling the pads of his fingers up towards that soft spot inside of you, you couldn’t help it, grinding your hips down against his hand wantonly.
“That’s it, we’re gonna stretch that little pussy out, get it nice and ready for me.”
Your head lulled back against his shoulder, his chin resting on yours as he looked down between the valley of your breasts, taking in the sight of your drenched cunt.
“Fuck yourself on my fingers, sweetheart.” One hand gripped your hip, urging you up and down as if you were riding his dick, his bulge throbbing against the curve of your ass. “That’s it, good girl. Shit Buck, I can see why you’re so goddamn happy all the time.”
Your eyes met his from across the room again, his palm resting on top of his own hardening cock, the material of his trousers strained to the limit. His eyes raked over you, watching as you desperately tried to stay as far away from sweet release as possible, the sensation of his knuckles against your walls causing the coil in your stomach to tighten.
“Remember what I said, princess...” Bucky warned, his tone dripping with a mixture of amusement and threat.
You felt Steve’s lips curl into a smirk against your shoulder, his fingers withdrawing from your cunt and raising them to his mouth, your own tongue snaking out as if instinctively.
“Well fuck, you’ve got her well trained Buck.” One palm splayed out against your stomach holding you against him, he brushed his slick digits across your bottom lip. “You wanna taste, sweetheart?”
You clenched your eyes shut, for what reason you weren’t sure, nodding softly and parting your lips. His middle and forefingers pressed down on your tongue, lips encasing them and suckling slowly as he drove them in and out of your mouth at a gentle pace.
“I gotta feel that mouth around my dick, get on your knees for me.” He instructed, Bucky nodding at you in silent permission as you scrambled off Steve’s lap and sank to your knees between his feet. “You are an obedient little thing, aren’t you?” 
“Yes, Sir.” You whispered, a cocky grin etched across his face, his fingers working to undo his belt, yours instantly reaching for the waistband of his jeans to tug them down over his muscular thighs. 
Your mouth watered at the outline of his rock hard erection through his underwear, your bottom lip sucked between your teeth as you looked back to Bucky for reassurance. 
Sure as ever, he simply winked at you, sitting forward a little in his armchair to make sure he could see every move. “Daddy loves you princess, you’re doing so well. Now, show Steve how good you are with that pretty mouth.” 
Your gaze locked with the blonde monster of a man seated before you, fingernails raking against his lower abdomen as you peeled his underwear down, his huge cock springing free and slapping against his stomach. 
Eyes widening in fright at the sight of him, lengthy, impossibly thick and pink. He had a delicious looking cock, there was no doubt about that.
“Come on, sweetheart. Wrap those pretty lips around my dick. I know you wanna taste it.”
Wrapping a hand around the base of him, you leant forward, a hiss emitting from his mouth as you brushed your tongue across the crown of his cock.
His fingers raked through your hair, gripping it at the scalp and pushing you down just a little bit more, his cock seated within your mouth as you hollowed your cheeks.
“Fuck yes, she is fucking incredible Buck.” You reached for his balls, rolling them around in your palm while you sank your mouth down onto him, gagging around the intrusion in your throat each time. “That’s it, fuck that’s it.”
His moans and filthy whispers spurred you on, your arousal staining your thighs as your cunt throbbed beneath your dress, obscene slurping sounds filling the air as you devoured him whole.
“Shit, get up here sweetheart. I’m gonna bust if you keep at it. Fuck, you’re a pro at that.”
His arms pulled you up against him, legs straddling him and heaving chest pressed firmly against his own, his heartbeat battering in time against yours.
He grabbed handfuls of your ass, kneading firmly as he lined himself up with your dripping sex. Sucking in a breath, you lowered yourself just a little; the sting of him stretching you out causing your eyes to clench shut and your fingernails to bite into the back of his neck.
Inch by agonising inch, you sank down into him, his hips bucking up against your pelvis, cock judging against your cervix, your body jolting forward.
“Jesus fuck, that’s the tightest cunt I’ve ever had.” He grunted, flesh melding against flesh, your hips winding down, clit throbbing against the neatly trimmed patch of hair at the base of him. “Bucky Barnes, I thought we were friends. You’ve been holding out on me.”
His words were a jumble, pleasure spreading throughout your body as you repeated one singular mantra in your head.
Don’t cum. Don’t cum. Don’t fucking cum.
Your cheek pressed against Steve’s shoulder, his cock pounding up from beneath you, you locked eyes with your husband; his bright eyes shrouded in intensity and...jealousy?
Bucky simply shook his head from side to side, slow yet assertive. You couldn’t take it, the pressure in your abdomen overwhelming to the point of dizziness.
“I can feel you, sweetheart. Can feel that soft cunt holding onto me.” Steve’s voice was no more than a whisper, his breath hot against your ear. “You’re such a good girl for your daddy, aren’t you?”
You whimpered, clenching your teeth together and nodding against the soft material of his sweater, pussy pulsating more and more with each thrust he filled you with.
“You’re sitting on my dick now, princess.” He teased, his pace unrelenting, balls slapping against your ass as you hurtled towards that terrifying, forbidden edge. “Cum for me, put on a good show for daddy.”
Your head shook against the crook of his neck, desperate sobs wracking your body as you fought with every fiber of your being to pull yourself back -- but he was unrelenting. 
“Princess, don’t you fuckin’ dare...” 
You couldn’t turn your head to look at him, the vitriol in his tone sending shivers up your spine. Gripping the back of the couch desperately, you shook, soft waves of euphoria washing over your body, a build up to what was sure to be your undoing. 
“Call me daddy, sweetheart. Cum all over my big dick, and call me daddy.” 
“No, please don’t...” you begged, pleaded with him to have some kind of mercy over you, but with one brutal, powerful thrust, you shattered. Every muscle in your body spasming at once, toes curling, slick washing over his thighs. “Fuck, yes daddy!” 
You came back down to earth with a heavy thud, eyes flying open as you leant back on Steve’s lap, the cocky smirk on his face while he looked over at Bucky making your stomach flip with fear. 
Turning to look at him, unable to move, your eyes pleaded with him, but he was furious. You watched as he unbuckled his belt, yanking it free from the loops of his trousers, snapping it sharply in his hands, the noise ringing in your ears as he approached you. 
“What the fuck did I tell you, princess?” Bucky seethed, teeth gritted together and cheeks flushed red with rage. “I told you I didn’t wanna have to do this.” 
“Please, dadd...” It was no use, leather wrapped tightly around your neck before you had the chance to plead your case. Your cunt suddenly empty, still fluttering from Steve’s assault, you were yanked backwards; hitting the floor with so much force, it knocked the wind right out of you. 
Buttons flew everywhere, the feel of soft material ripping against your skin, pretty red cotton falling from your shoulders leaving you bare before the two men either side of you. 
Bucky tugged on your make-shift leash, pulling you to your knees at his feet, his stare searing through your skin, cock already in hand and throbbing. “You’re in for it, princess. And I can’t stand to look at that pretty, fucked out face right now.” 
His palm pressed against the side of your head, he pushed you down, cheek rubbing against soft carpet, nose inches from Steve’s shoe, back arched, and ass high in the air. 
“Ah!” You cried, the sting of his palm rippling against your ass. It wasn’t calculated, wasn’t meant to cause you anything but pain. Another sent you lurching forward, bile rising in your throat at the thought of what he might do to you in that state of rage. “Please d-daddy, I’m so sorry.” 
“Who are you talking to, princess? Me? Or Steve?” 
Bucky’s cock tore you open, the angle he hit you at causing your knees to trembled, leather tightening around your throat more by the second. Blood rushed to your cheeks, the sight of Steve pumping his cock in his palm maddening, Bucky’s cock spearing into your fucked out channel at a ravenous pace. 
“She sang louder for me, Buck. Fuck her harder.” 
You couldn’t help but sob, a strangled cry catching in your throat as the belt tightened even more, your airflow completely restricted and the metal buckle digging in to the nape of your neck. 
Each snap of Bucky’s hips had you somewhere between intense pleasure and throbbing discomfort, his fingers tangling in your hair and dragging you back against his chest, Steve’s eyes raking over your exposed body, his cock still firmly in hand and weeping at the tip. 
“Who do you belong to, princess?” Bucky whispered, his teeth nipping sharply at the shell of your ear. You tried to answer him, tried to get some kind of sound out, but it was impossible; the last of your breath burning in your lungs as you reached behind, gripping his thighs for leverage as you felt yourself limpening. 
“You can’t answer me, huh? Can’t you breathe? Is my poor princess that fucked out and stupid that she can’t even nod her fucking head?” 
You felt the pressure dissolve, leather slackening and allowing you oxygen as you gasped for air like a woman depraved, spittle falling from your mouth in your dumbstruck state. 
“Who’s fills you up better, sweetheart? Me? Or your daddy?” Steve goaded, quickening his pace as he jerked himself, your bottom lip quivering at the sight of it. You couldn’t bare to look at him, snapping your head away and focusing on the empty armchair in the corner. 
Bucky shoved you back down to your knees then, one hand on the back of your neck, the other pulling the belt tight once again. 
“Steve’s had his fun, princess. But there’s one fuckhole that belongs to me - and only me.” 
You tried to fight, tried to thrash around beneath him as he loomed over you, the bulbus tip of his cock stretching out that tight ring of muscle. No preparation, no care. This was about ownership, about showing you, and Steve, who was boss. 
He broke through the barrier in seconds, jutting his hips against your ass, plump flesh rippling each time he made vicious contact. 
“Please, daddy. Please it hur...” he pulled tighter then, your tongue hanging from your mouth, asshole torn open and violated by the man you so desperately wanted to please. 
“That’s it, that’s my little cockslut. You wanna behave like a goddamn slut, I’ll treat you like one.” 
You tried to avert your gaze from Steve, animalistic grunts rumbling low in his throat as he squeezed his length in his palm, but as fast as you’d turned your head away, Bucky had it fixed right back where he wanted it. 
“You’re gonna watch him, princess.” He grunted, bottoming out completely in your tight, barely used hole, the breath completely punched from your lungs and aching feeling in your stomach. “Your gonna watch him cum, and I swear to god if you dare fucking cum again, you won’t be able to walk for a week.” 
You yelped when the sole of his shoe found your cheek, holding you down against the carpet, Steve’s ragged breathing pounding in your ears as all coherent thought escaped you. Your breath wasn’t far behind, the belt around your neck creating leverage for Bucky to fuck into you at a pace so raw, so barbaric, you barely recognised him. 
“I bet that tight, little asshole feels like heaven, huh Buck?” 
“Not in a million fuckin’ years, punk. Keep dreaming.” 
Your eyelids fluttered closed, black spots beginning to dance behind them, body limp beneath you, knees tucked underneath you holding you up. Pain was nonexistent, so stuffed full you were certain you could feel him in your gut, and you were floating. 
“Cum on her face, Steve. Make her all pretty for me.” 
You felt warmth smattering against your cheek moments later, salty droplets trickling into your open mouth. You didn’t know what drowning felt like, but if you had to take a guess, it would feel like this. Your chest ached, the pressure in your lungs spreading throughout your torso. 
You needed to breathe. 
“Fuck, that asshole is grippin’ me so tight. You feel that, princess?” He didn’t expect an answer, he knew you couldn’t give one, your abdomen jutting in and out at the lack of oxygen. “She’s so fuckin’ cockdrunk, she can’t even open her eyes.” 
The sound of his dark chuckle was the last thing you heard, before your hearing fizzled. You felt like you were drowning, lips turning a slight shade of purple and your cheek resting in a puddle of drool on the floor.
The last thing you felt before darkness took you was your tight hole clamping down around his thick girth, his seed spilling into you and filling you to the brim.
“Has my poor, dumb baby learnt her lesson? Or do I need to remind her who’s in charge again?”
Tumblr media
You were warm, the comforting feel of water soaking your aching bones, eyes fluttering open. You felt a solid wall of muscle behind you, your brain panicking in haste before a soft hand caressed your bruised throat.
“You back with me now, princess?” Bucky cooed, pressing the softest of kisses to that little spot behind your ear.
“Yes, daddy.” You croaked, voice hoarse and mouth dry.
He sat you forward a little, reaching out of the bath and placing a mug of warm tea in your hands. You clung to it, sipping slowly, your taste bloods flooded with sweetness.
“Daddy’s gonna take care of you, princess. So good for me. You did so well, baby. I love you, you know that right?”
“I love you too, daddy. More than anything.”
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angrythingstarlight · 18 days ago
Come Here and Show Me
Summary: Your man has been working hard, so you decide he needs a little stress relief. But you have to tease him first. Too bad Steve hates being teased.
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy Lumberjack Steve x reader
Word Count is around 1.8K
Warnings: Smut, size kink, minors DNI, Steve is 6'3, a hint of breeding kink
A/N: Unbeta'd, written on my phone. Do not copy, rewrite, translate or repost my fics.
You always thought nothing compared to Steve Rogers.
Until now.
Because nothing, absolutely nothing, compares to having a naked 6’3 Steve Rogers bound to your dining room chair.
Needy and on the verge of snapping.
Prominent veins in his neck bulging, a bead of sweat forming along his forehead. His defined muscular chest heaving as he curls his hands into fists. A hint of a flush rising across his bearded cheeks.
The legs of the chair creak on the hardwood floor as he adjusts his hips, his cock throbbing and stiff and leaking precum as it bobs between his large, thick thighs.
30 minutes ago.
Steve had walked into your shared cabin, shrugging off his woolly brown coat as he kicks off his dusty boots. He calls out for you while hanging his work bag on the doorknob.
Waiting until you hear his heavy footstep approaching, you stand up on the coffee table, letting his checkered flannel shirt drape over your body as you pose.
Your name fading on his tongue when he notices the candles flickering in the living room, soft music drifting in the air.
“Hey, sweetheart,” he greets, his eyes darting around the living room. All the furniture pushed to the wall. Except for the table, you’re using as a makeshift stage and the chair placed in front of it.
Steve skids to stop when he directs his gaze at you, his eyes widening. You watched his Adam’s apple bob twice, clearing his voice before he spoke. “You look amazing.”
His eyes trailing down your body, past his shirt slipping down your shoulder, over the slope of your breast peaking through the gap, down to your legs covered in the sheer diamond-patterned thigh highs.
“Fuck me,” he whispers when he spots the red garter around your right thigh. He can’t even think with you standing in front of him looking so damn good. “You’re beautiful, sweetheart, this is-goddamn I’m lucky,” The praises roll off his tongue as he walks to you. He halts when you hold up your hand.
“Strip down and take a seat,,” you ordered, holding up two striped ties.
A wide grin stretched across his face as he rips off his shirt, mumbling hell yeah.
“I swear to god sweetheart if you don’t untie me right now.” His warning trails off into a low growl when you bend over. You’re playing with fire, you know the burn will be worth it so you hook your thumbs under your panties and ease them down your legs.
Steve groans, a deep primitive sound that makes you throb. The restraints on his wrists strain and pull, his hands reaching for you because oh god your his pretty pussy is right there, right fucking there in front of his face, he knows you’re clenching down, your tight little cunt glistening and dripping for him, all he can think about is sinking into your warmth.
“Fuck I need you,” he moans, his darkening blue eyes watching your slick trail down your thighs as you spread your folds. Steve can’t control himself, the chair groaning and creaking under his weight, his entire body leaning forward in a desperate bid to taste you. “Let me stretch you, sweetheart, you know you want my cock, let me-,”
You straighten up, looking over your shoulder. “Oh, no baby, we’re not done yet,” you tease. Bringing your hand up to your face, you twist your wrist, letting him see your coated fingers. “In fact, I have- “you shrug, playfully tapping your lips as if in deep thought, listening as the next song starts, “-30 minutes left.”
His gaze hardened, an intoxicating array of emotions forming in the depths of his dark blue eyes. Lust, a tinge of admiration, and feral neediness. A wily smirk lifts the corner of your lips when he growls at you, his breath hissed through his clenched teeth. You know he’s going to tear you apart the second he gets loose.
You saunter to him, his large red flannel shirt fluttering around your body with every step. Your breasts swaying while you stretch your arms over your head. His hooded eyes drifting up and down your body, his heady stare searing you. The way he’s staring at you, mesmerized by your beauty, shallow breaths escaping his parted lips have you feeling like a goddess.
You straddle his hair-covered thighs, leaning back so only the tip of cock grazes your belly. He grunts, his aching, swollen head twitching at the soft contact. His eyes flit up at you through his long lashes and you shiver.
Steve promises he’s going to make you pay for this. You can’t wait. You roll your hips, humming to the music playing in the background. “Remember Steve, you’re the one who wanted an hour-long lap dance,” you tease, swiping your thumb over his bottom lip, dragging it down. “I’m only giving you what you want.”
His wet pink tongue darts out, sweeping over your thumb. Not breaking eye contact, he lowers his head, wrapping his lips around your thumb.
You keep dancing to the beat, lifting slightly until you’re hovering over him. Pulling your thumb away, you brush the tips of your slick covered fingers over his lips. He tries to suck them into his mouth, snarling when you rip your hand away.
“Now remember, no touching Steve,” you chide.
Steve tilts his head back, his eyes narrowing. “That’s it, I’m done, let me go.” He says, his gravelly voice deepening.
“I still have 25 minutes,” you retort, tapping his lips again, squealing when he snaps his teeth.
“You have what I give you, sweetheart. Now let me go.”
Swallowing thickly, you look down to see the restrains still in place. He can’t do anything until you set him free. Which means you can continue to do whatever you want. You grin, tucking your lip between your teeth. Steve’s face drops, shaking his head. “Don’t play with me.”
You shrug a shoulder. “I said no touching Steve.” You push a finger into his chest as you climb off his lap. “Now you’re going to have to watch me all the way over there.” You back away from him, running your hands over your curves.
Steve raises his wrists, the restrains fraying, his biceps bulging as he yanks as his binds. You giggle, watching him struggle to free himself, his movements stalling when you trace your nipples. His eyes aimed at your hand, cupping your tit. “I’ll show you how I liked to be touched and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about how to please me.”
It takes everything in you not to whimper. Your brain, or maybe your pussy, you don’t know at this point, is screaming fina-fucking-lly.
Steve blinks at your sassy quip. Taking a deep breath, he chuckles, softly at first, you take a step back as he gets louder.
The chilling sounds making you freeze as they wash over you. Dark. Low. You like it, your clit pulsating.
He lifts his massive arms up, breaking the ties, and stands up. The chair falling over with a loud clatter.
He storms across the room, tossing the ruined ties on the floor. He grabs your waist, pulling you into his warm chest.
“I’ll touch you whenever I feel like it, sweetheart.” His hands move down your thighs, around your ass, squeezing and pinching, he can’t get enough of you, his touch firm and possessive.
You squeal when he crouches down, hooking your legs under his arms, lifting you up as if you weigh nothing.
“You know why I can do whatever the fuck I want to you,” he says, his voice deceptively calm.
It’s not a question, you lick your lips nervously, drawing his attention, he takes your bottom lip between his teeth biting down until you whimper, his tongue laving over the dents he created.
“Because you’re mine.” His lips slot over yours, not moving. “So is your pussy. And I’m going to spend all night reminding you that you belong to me.”
“Steve- what,”
And he drops you.
At least it feels like he’s going to, your stomach plummeting as he loosens his hold. Letting you go enough, his cock gliding into your drenched cunt, the abrupt sensation of being full has you keening, his lips following yours, he swallows your shocked gasps while adjusting you in his arms.
“Oh god,” you choke out into his mouth, arching your back. Your eyes roll back as your walls flutter him. You love that stinging burn that spirals through you during the first deep stretch, your nails clawing into his shoulders.
"Talked all the shit and you're already cockdrunk," he laughs, his chest sliding over yours. "You're lucky this pussy is the best I've ever had or I swear I would make you beg for it."
He claims your lips again, deepening the kiss, his tongue moving over yours as he rolls your hips over his throbbing cock.
Your needy, wanton moans muffled by his passionate kisses, his chapped lips softly moving over yours. You feel small, petite in his strong grip. The onslaught of pleasure as he guides your body is incredible.
He’s ruthless, slamming you down on his cock, making you take each deep thrust, the wet sloshing of your cunt echoing in your ears, his cock splitting you in two so damn good until you can only hang on to him. "Fuck, don’t stop please don’t stop."
“I got you, sweetheart.” He breaks the kiss, smirking at your dazed face. “Still so fucking tight. Damn, your little cunt feels so good.” He praises, his lips dragging over your sweat-slicked throat. "'M gonna fill you up until I'm dripping out of you."
You want that, fuck you want to feel him inside you all night. “Steve, yes, fuck yes,” you groan.
Reinforcing his hold on you, he widens his stances and slams you down on his thick veiny cock, hitting that soft spongy spot repeatedly until you’re making sounds you don’t even recognize. You wrap your arms around his neck, sobbing his names into his shoulder.
White-hot pressure building in your belly, fuck you can’t take it, you need to cum; you need it.
“Good. Girl.” Steve looks down with smug satisfaction, watching his cock get coated with your slick, your walls clamping down over him. “Now cum for me. Right. Now.”
You do. Fuck, you couldn’t stop it if you tried. Your pussy sucking him back as the pressure snaps inside you.
Your walls clench down as you jerk wildly, rocking harder over him. All you can think is how it’s so good, unaware you’re chanting his name. You see stars, actual stars purples, and reds blooming behind your eyelids as pleasure wraps around your body.
Steve walks until your back hits the living room window, the cool glass soothing on your heated skin, sending a shiver down your spine. You're still a little delirious, your head lolling on his shoulder, gasping as your orgasm fades into small aftershocks. He places your trembling legs around his waist.
“I changed my mind.” His large hand wrenches your head back, you blink slowly, your heart hammering as his hungry eyes stare into your glossy ones. “Instead of the lap dance, I’m going to see how many times I can make you cum.”
He pushes you into the glass, his hands landing beside your head.
“And next time you think about keeping me from my pussy, I’ll edge you until you break. Understand?”
You give him a sated grin. “Promise?”
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navybrat817 · 3 months ago
Invisible Ink - Part 2
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader x Steve Rogers Summary: The owners of the Howling Commandos Tattoo Parlor want to make you their best girl. Word Count: Almost 2.8k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, flirting, tension, feels, tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (they’re warnings, okay?) A/N: Welcome to the next part of my tattoo AU!  This is direct follow up to Invisible Ink. The smut in this chapter focuses on Steve x Reader, but the next part will feature Stucky x Reader. Beta read by the amazing @angrythingstarlight​, but any and all mistakes are my own. Thank you, lovely! Banner created by yours truly, but Bucky and Steve photos were provided by the talented @nix-akimbo! This AU wouldn’t exist without them. 
18+ Please!!! Please comment, like and reblog if you desire. Enjoy, lovelies!
Tumblr media
You nearly dropped your gaze when Steve moved forward, the intensity in his eyes making you shiver. He didn't just walk. He stalked toward you like a predator. Lucky for him, his partner already had you caught in their trap. As if you would have tried to escape. 
"We… what?" you asked, not a single ounce of smoothness rolling from your tongue. Mind-blowing orgasms did tend to shut your mind off briefly and when was the last time you came the way Bucky made you?
The smirk on Steve's face only grew as he got closer. "I told you not to break her."
"Maybe I'm just that good," Bucky smirked back.
That snapped you out of it enough to playfully glare at them. The affection in their tone wrapped around you like a warm blanket. "It takes more than that to break me."
The blonde hummed as he took his spot beside the brunette, who was still inside you. "How many to make you shatter?" he asked, gently gripping your chin. 
No one ever looked at you like they wanted to devour you until you met them. “I guess you’ll have to find out.”
“Buck, why don’t you get cleaned up?” Steve suggested, not taking his eyes off you. 
“Fuck that,” Bucky replied, exhaling as he slowly pulled out of you. Your walls clenched around nothing, empty and aching. “I’ll get dressed, but no point in washing up when I’m getting my dick soaked the moment everyone leaves.”
You smiled before you could stop yourself. “You say that like it’s a sure thing.”
Bucky gripped Steve’s wrist, turning your face toward him. “You said you’d be ours. Or was that just talk?” 
A flash of fear flickered in his eyes and you wondered what exactly he was afraid of. Did he think it was the heat of the moment that made you agree? “We have a lot to talk about, but I said I’m yours. I don’t give my word lightly.”
Both smiled as Bucky dropped his hand, your words making the tension vanish. “That’s our girl,” he said fondly, giving you a soft kiss before he fixed his underwear. “You two have fun.”
Steve chuckled as his friend left the kitchen. “You scared him, sweetheart.”
“I scared him?” you asked incredulously. Could you actually frighten either of them?
“You have no idea the hold you have on us, do you?” he questioned, his grip still gentle on your chin.
Your heart thudded in your chest, suddenly vulnerable even though you were naked on the countertop. What could you say to that? “I…” 
“Oh, sweetheart,” he sighed, leaning in to kiss you. While his gaze was heated and full of fire, his lips brushed yours delicately. He inhaled your breath as your lips parted, gently coaxing your tongue into his waiting mouth. His hand left your chin as he deepened it, sliding down to palm your breast.
“Steve,” you breathed as his thumb brushed your nipple. 
“Wanted you for so long,” he admitted, his lips sweeping over your neck. “Woke up hard today just thinking about you.”
He took your hand and guided it toward the front of his jeans, letting you palm him. Feeling his covered length made your throat go dry. Your walls clenched again, needing to be filled. You had a taste of Bucky and he was addicting. You knew you’d have the same craving with Steve. 
“But first…” he groaned, both hands moving to your knees and pushing your legs apart. “Let me see what a mess he made of you.”
“Fuck…” you whimpered when he dipped down.
“Language,” he said in a stern tone, surprising you. “It does sound sexy. Not as sexy as my name will be though.”
The confident smirk suited him as he opened your legs even more. You trembled beneath his hands as he focused on your twitching hole. “Look at that,” he said in awe, his fingertip brushing your lips. You whimpered at the thought of him making a bigger mess of you. “When I have more time, I’m going to eat this pretty pussy like it’s my last meal. You’ll be begging for my cock long before I’ve had my fill.”
“Please,” you begged. Their mouths were made for sin and you wanted nothing more than to commit every single one with them.
“Tempting,” he whispered as he stood back up, bringing his finger to his mouth and licking it. “But I have something else in mind.”
He gripped your hips and pulled you toward him, your legs wrapping around his waist. Your nipples rubbed against his chest as he carried you to the living room. “Not the bedroom?”
“Buck may be upset if I have you in a bed first. That’s for all three of us.”
Your heart swelled a bit. From the banter you saw between Bucky and Steve, it was clear that their bond ran deep. They looked out for each other. It made you wonder how you were going to fit into their world. But that talk would come soon enough.
Instead of taking you to the sofa, Steve helped you put your feet on the ground. Your legs felt a bit wobbly, having to grip his arms to keep from collapsing. Bucky really did fuck some of your basic functions out of you, didn’t he?
Waiting until you were stable, the blonde grabbed a pillow and tossed in on the floor. He cupped your face, his mouth strong and tender as he gave you a hungry kiss. “Hands and knees.”
His eyes locked on yours and you nearly crumbled. The drop in his voice alone made you wet all over again. You reluctantly pulled away, complying as you turned and sank to the floor. Your knees rested on the pillow, making you smile. He thought enough to make sure you were somewhat comfortable.
“You wet for me, sweetheart?” he asked, hearing him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. Was it the mere sound of it that was arousing or was it just him? “Are you ready for my cock?”
“I’m ready, Steve. Please,” you promised, looking over your shoulder as he moved behind you. He hadn’t bothered undressing and that made it even hotter. Your eyes zeroed in on his cock and, like when you saw Bucky’s, you trembled at the sight. You needed him inside you.
“Bucky already filled your beautiful cunt. You need me to fill you, too?” 
“Yes,” you moaned as his hands caressed your ass, your head falling a bit when they moved to your hips. “Steve, please.”
He aligned his cock, your pussy latching on as he pushed the head in. “Fuck…” he moaned, slowly sliding home. 
“Steve?” you asked when he sheathed you, not moving right away. You tried to push back against him, but the hold on your hips was ironclad. 
“Let me savor this before I destroy you.” 
You whimpered as he held you still, but you didn’t argue. Even as you pulsed around him in anticipation. Seconds continued to pass before you finally felt him start to pull out. You clamped down when he almost slid out completely just to have him slam back in. The force of it made you keen. 
“You better hold on, sweetheart,” he warned, his fingers digging in as he set a relentless rhythm.
Your wet walls fluttered with each stretch, your breath leaving your lungs in ragged breaths. You tried to hold on, but you could only enjoy the ride as he pulled you back to meet his demanding thrusts. They had you mewling as he kept burying himself to the hilt.
“Knew you could take us. Knew you were made for us.”
Menaces. Trouble. Gods. Bucky ruined part of you when he took you apart in the kitchen. Now Steve had you on your hands and knees, tearing you to pieces. You thought it would take more for you to shatter.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Be as loud as you want. Let Bucky hear it. Bet he’s hard, wishing he was back inside you.”
Your pussy sucked him in deeper than you thought possible, letting all of your sounds out. The hot and needy feeling they brought out of you was something you never wanted to deny again. And the image of Bucky in the doorway or around the corner, his hand running over his cock just from your sounds. “Steve, fuck!”
“That mouth again. Going to look beautiful stuffed with my cock,” he grunted, pounding into you. “Drenching me. Does that get you hot? Thinking about my cock in your mouth? His cock spilling down your throat?”
You swore you heard Bucky groan in the distance over the sounds of your own cries. “Yes! I want it,” you admitted shamelessly. You wanted every hole ruined by them.
You gasped as he stretched over you, his mouth brushing your shoulder. “That’s my good girl,” he said against your skin. “You tell us what you need and we’ll give it to you.”
Your eyes burned as you began to spiral, your warmth clenching tighter and tighter. He wasn’t just talking about sex and that made your heart leap into your throat. “Please.”
“I said ‘tell’. What do you need?” 
His pace increased, the throbbing in your core almost overwhelming. “I need to come!”
Your mouth fell open in a silent scream when his finger slid over your clit. “That’s my good girl. Come for me,” he growled in your ear.
Your orgasm ripped through you, just as powerful as the first. Your body went up in flames as you spasmed around him, reduced to a whimpering mess. Before you could finish riding it out, he withdrew from your body and put you on your back. You were still whimpering when he opened your legs and slid back in.
“Need to see you,” he groaned, his thrusts deep and quick. Through the haze, you could see how beautiful he looked. It took a second to lift your hand, bringing it to his cheek as he chased his end. He turned his head and kissed your palm, his eyes not leaving yours as he groaned out his release. The feel of him spilling into your already coated walls was everything.
Your body was limp beneath his, both of you panting as you stared at each other. His eyes went soft as he leaned down, lovingly brushing his lips against yours. How could both of them take you like animals and kiss you after like you were something precious?
“I can’t move,” you whispered. You felt boneless, weightless. 
Steve chuckled, wrapping his arms under your body to pull you close. Feeling his clothed body against your naked form was something out of a fantasy. “You don’t have to. Let me hold you and we’ll get ready in a few minutes.”
His lips brushed your forehead and you quickly shut your eyes. The emotions hit you square in the chest, unexpectedly. You couldn’t remember the last time you had sex and you slept with two men in a matter of minutes. Two wonderful, perfect men.
“Did I lose you?” Steve asked, his lips brushing over your eyelids. “Open your eyes, pretty girl. Please.”
“Please,” Bucky added, making you open them and move your head to the side. He was dressed with a drink in hand. His grin made your heart flutter. When did he walk in?
“There you are,” Steve said, touching your cheek and bringing your attention back to him. “Was it too much?”
He looked and sounded worried. You had to rectify that immediately. “No. It was perfect. Both of you are.”
Steve’s gaze was thoughtful, like he knew you had more to say. He also seemed to recognize how vulnerable you felt and didn’t push. Neither did Bucky. “Let’s get you something to drink. How does that sound?”
“That sounds nice,” you replied, exhaling when he moved out of your body. “Oh…” you said as his release leaked out of you and onto the pillow.
“Make sure Clint uses that pillow,” Bucky teased as Steve got up, still holding you in his arms.
“He’d probably like that,” Steve joked, sitting up and pulling you in his lap. 
Bucky set the drink on the coffee table before he grabbed the blanket draped on the back of the sofa. He pressed a kiss to your forehead as he wrapped it around you. Were they always swoonworthy?
“That’s…” you trailed off when he moved, getting a good look at the drink in front of you.
“Your favorite,” Bucky winked as he sat in the recliner.
“And we got your favorite snacks,” Steve added, wrapping his arms around you.
You leaned your head on his shoulder, trying to keep up with everything that transpired. The quiet didn’t bother you. It felt… comfortable and right. 
“You can talk to us if you want. We won’t bite,” Steve said after a minute.
“Unless you want us to,” Bucky smirked. 
You giggled at the familiar flirting, the sound making all of you relax more. “I’m not used to this.”
“Not used to what?” Steve asked, one of his hands rubbing your back.
“Not used to not one, but two, amazing men showering me with attention,” you answered, smirking yourself. “And orgasms.”
“I’ll wake you each day with orgasms if you let me, doll. Sweetest breakfast I’ll ever taste,” Bucky said gruffly, his tongue poking out and licking his lips. 
“Not if I get a taste first,” Steve said in your ear. 
You closed your eyes, holding back the whimper that bubbled up. They were playing dirty. It wasn’t fair. “There’s only one of me.”
“More than enough to love,” Bucky said easily. 
Love? Was he making a generalization or did it mean more? “It doesn’t bother you?”
“I think the question is… Does it bother you?” Steve pressed. “Does it bother you to think we want to share you?”
“No,” you said honestly. You didn't feel like a prize to them. “But you two are so close and I’m just-”
“You’re not just anything,” Bucky cut you off before you could put yourself down, leaning forward to get your drink. He handed it to Steve when you lifted your head. “We both care about you.”
“We care enough that if you only wanted one of us, we’d accept it,” Steve continued, bringing the drink to your lips.
You took a large sip, not wanting to drink it all down. You still needed a semi-clear head. “So, if I really only wanted to be with one of you. That would be it?”
Neither said anything as they looked at each, having a silent conversation. That bond again. They didn’t even have to speak to read each other. “Yes,” they spoke at the same time.
“Really? We care about you and want you happy,” Steve told you, making you smile gently. “And Buck and I want the same for one another. I know you’re good for him. He's good for you.”
“Just like you two are good for each other,” Bucky added.
You looked between them, wishing you could read their minds. “You two thought this out.”
“Steve is the man with a plan,” Bucky joked, leaning back in his chair. 
“I don’t want to come between you. I won't be that person,” you blurted out. You felt like an idiot. You had the best sex of your life and you couldn’t just let it be.
Steve tilted your chin up, kissing you long and deep. It smothered anything else you had to say. “Buck, get over here.”
You hadn’t recovered from that kiss before Bucky turned your face toward him, his kiss just as loving and passionate. “You won’t come between us, doll,” he said against your lips.
They made it sound so simple. Maybe in their eyes it was. And you knew you’d have the support of your best friend. She respected people embracing what they wanted as long as no one got hurt. “Okay. We’ll continue this talk later. I should probably clean up before the others get here.”
“You’re not cleaning up,” Steve shook his head. 
“I’m not?” 
“You’re going to put your dress back on and stay nice and wet for us,” Bucky said as a matter-of-fact. “We even have a plug waiting for you, if you’re ready for that.”
“You…” you looked between them again. Both of them had shit eating grins on their handsome faces. “You have a plug for me?”
“We each do. What do you say, sweetheart? Think you can stay nice and plugged up before we really play tonight?”
Oh, you weren’t in trouble. You were in danger.
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