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jobean12-blog · a day ago
Love’s Eternal Kiss
Pairing: Stucky x reader (Bucky x reader, Steve x reader) Vampire AU
Word Count: 887
Summary: Bucky and Steve want to love you for eternity. 
Author’s Note: There is no one to blame for his except myself and my dear friend @nix-akimbo who continues to bless us with so much gorgeousness. It’s that time of year and I can’t get enough of Vampires these days so here it is. Hope you enjoy. Thank you all so very much for reading! Much love always! ❤❤❤ Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: Softness and smut, oral sex (f rec), teasing, light light dirty talk, sexy vampires, mentions of blood (18 + ONLY PLEASE!!!)
EDITS NOT MINE: These two amazing edits are by @nix-akimbo and totally inspired me! Thank you so much! 🥰🥰
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re draped over the chair in Steve’s lap, toying with the necklace that rests against his chest and sipping wine. Bucky stands in the doorway, his gaze fixed on you as you swallow the dark red liquid and lick your lips.
“Want a taste?” you ask Bucky, winking when he continues to stare.
Bucky’s eyes drift to Steve and some silent exchange passes between them but you don’t dare ask, knowing they will share in time.
“I’d much rather have a taste of those beautiful lips,” Bucky whispers, sauntering over to you. “Or better yet, something even sweeter.”
He kneels before the chair and takes your foot in his hand, gently massaging the sole until your body melts against Steve’s.
You close your eyes and moan, gasping when Bucky’s hands inch higher and rub along your calves. He works his way up your legs, now placing soft kisses along your inner thighs until he has your dress pushed up over your hips.
“Look at you,” Bucky simpers. “Already so wet for us.”
Bucky’s lips continue to trail along your skin, his warm and wet mouth making you shiver with anticipation. Steve’s large hand ghosts down your neck and his thumb caresses your jaw, turning your head so he can press his lips to yours.
Steve’s kiss swallows your quiet whimpers, his free hand grazing your collarbone and slowly unbuttoning the top of your dress. Bucky gently slides your underwear down your legs and pushes them further apart, humming appreciatively when he runs a cool metal finger through your soaking folds.
Your hips lift off Steve’s lap and push forward but his fingers slide down your throat and tighten around the base making you go still. His thumb brushes over your quickening pulse and he groans into the kiss, nipping and sucking at your bottom lip.
Bucky continues to tease you with his finger and you can feel his hot breath before he places a soft kiss to your clit. You writhe on Steve’s lap, his hard cock throbbing against your ass every time you move. Steve’s hand dips into your bra and his fingers graze your peaked nipple before he pinches, sending a new wave of pleasure through your body.
Your hand falls to Bucky’s hair and you grasp it between your fingers, tugging harshly until his mouth covers your pussy. He growls and slides his tongue from top to bottom then sucks your clit into his mouth, nipping with his teeth, before doing it again.
Steve holds you to him, one hand still closed around the base of your throat and the other kneading the soft flesh of your breast while his mouth devours yours. Your hips start to roll and your stomach tightens. Steve releases your lips and looks down between your legs.
“How does she taste James?” Steve asks, his fangs pressing into his lip as he watches.
Bucky looks up for a moment, his mouth and chin glistening in the moonlight.
“Always so sweet,” he whispers, flashing his fangs before he lightly bites your inner thigh.
You cry out in ecstasy, your walls tightening around emptiness and you drag your nails over Bucky’s scalp, holding him to you. His lips soothe the stinging skin before they trail along your thigh and his tongue dips between your folds again.
Your breathing is coming in short pants and your eyes are clamped shut. Bucky’s mouth brings you right to edge of bliss and then disappears. You whine loudly, opening your eyes and staring down at him, his smirk only making you want more.
“Please,” you beg, your eyes falling to Steve as his hand slides down your stomach.
His fingers settle between your legs and brush against the wetness. He draws his hand back, your arousal gleaming on his fingers before he lifts them his mouth and licks them clean one by one.
“So sweet,” he purrs before kissing you so you can taste yourself on his tongue.
Bucky rises from his knees and his eyes glitter with predatory intent. You tremble in Steve’s arms.
“Do it,” you rasp. “I want to be yours for eternity.”
Steve and Bucky share one last silent moment, their minds connected in a way you’ve only heard them talk of.
Bucky leans in close, whispering against the shell of your ear. “Is this really what you want? Just the three of us. Until the end of time.”
“Yes,” you breathe out, your tone pleading.
Bucky’s lips touch your throat just as Steve’s do the same and your vision pales, dying away and you know nothing but exquisite pleasure. Then the blood comes, pouring through every fiber of your body until your skin heats, tingling with electricity and a renewed hunger.
You drink and drink, your face buried first against Bucky’s warm skin and then Steve’s.
“You are ours; you are wholly and completely ours.”
Bucky’s voice is like a melody that sings through your head and Steve’s voice a soothing echo.
You lay in bed, folded between two hard bodies as the pleasure shimmers through you even now. You shift against the silken sheets and the boys press you closer, their soft words of sleep murmur through your mind as your eyelashes flutter along your cheeks. You have found your place; your eternal place, nestled amongst an eternal love.
Tumblr media
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river-soul · 13 hours ago
Workplace Harassment
Summary: Most people would be in tears over the way Steve Rogers treats you, cutting you down for the tiniest mistake... but not you. The meaner he is, the more turned on you get. Too bad your kink isn’t as secret as you think. [Slight D/s themes, kinda mean Steve that’s really just horny Steve, and explicit sexual content (oral male receiving and fingering), 18+]
Pairing: Steve Rogers x PR!Reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Author’s Note: Inspired by this post here. Thank you @emmabarnes​ for beta’ing this. Reblog or comment if you enjoy!
Steve Rogers Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Oh my god,” Mary whispers. “What an ass.”
“I don’t know why he always seems to pick on you. It wasn’t even your fault and he singled you out,” Daria adds watching the man in question walk away with a frown. “Captain America or not, next time he does it I’m going to say something.”
“It’s ok, really,” you say, trying to assure them. 
The last thing you want is to bring attention to Steve’s treatment of you, afraid someone might realize you’re not quite as upset as you should be. You still feel a little warm all over at the memory of how he’d leaned into your space, his normally bright blue eyes dark when he berated you for the scheduling mix up a junior member of the team made. You know the way your body responds to him is not normal. If anyone else spoke to you that way you’d be in tears but when it’s him, the only emotion you feel is desire.
It’s a little pathetic how much you want him to bend you over the table in the conference room, hold you down by the back of your neck and fuck you raw. You shake your head to clear the thought. You’ve been reading too many of those questionable dark romance novels lately and it’s bleeding into your everyday thoughts. Steve isn’t secretly harboring feelings for you. He clearly doesn’t think much of you at all. 
“It doesn’t bother me,” you tell the girls. “Better me than Alicia.”
“If you say so,” Mary says, thinking about your younger coworker who was actually responsible. “I still think you should say something.”
“Maybe. Come on, let’s get lunch. I’m starving.”
You’re headed back to your office, chatting with Mary about the latest episode of Ted Lasso when you spot Steve lingering outside your door. He’s wearing a white t-shirt that’s three sizes too small and loose grey sweatpants, hair mussed from his workout. He looks pissed off and Jesus it shouldn’t make your mouth go dry but it does.
“We need to talk,” he tells you. “I just got the press junket info from your office and once again it’s full of errors.”
You know this means there’s probably just a typo or that Steve isn’t happy you’ve scheduled him to talk with Buzzfeed again. He hates their lead reporter because she spends most of the interview giggling at everything he says but she’s got enough of a following online to be impactful and you don't want to cut her out.
“Of course Captain Rogers,” you say. Mary shoots you a sympathetic look and scurries off. 
“What did you want to talk about?” You ask Steve as he follows you into your office, closing the door behind him.
“This,” he says, throwing the stack of papers at your desk. A few stray ones flutter to the floor, but Steve's annoyed expression stays centered on you. “I’m not talking to that ‘journalist’ again. She doesn’t give two shits about the vaccination campaign, she just wants a selfie with me. Get me on Good Morning America again.”
“That’s Sam’s slot,” you tell him, bending to pick up the papers on the floor. “If you don’t want to talk with Buzzfeed, you don’t have to. I’ll give it to Scott.”
“What I want is for you to do your damn job. I don’t like wasting my time talking about the same thing with you every few weeks.”
“There’s no need to be rude,” you tell him, dropping to your knees to reach for an errant paper that’s half stuck under your desk. 
“Of course there is,” Steve says. “I can see how much you get off on it.”
You freeze, eyes going wide as you look up at him. Heat shoots up your spine when you realize the position you’re in, kneeling at his feet. You lick your lips, mouth suddenly dry. He towers over you and for a brief moment you feel small and insignificant.
“Excuse me?” You ask, mortified. “I don’t know what you’re talking about-”
“You do,” Steve says, voice dropping an octave as he stares down at you. “I hear how your heartbeat picks up, see the way your pulse jumps under your skin every time I’m even just a little mean to you. I can even smell you,” he adds with a smirk, nostrils flaring. “You like it.”
“Captain. This is i-inappropriate,” you start, trying to rise to your feet but a firm hand on your shoulder keeps you on your knees. Without permission, your gaze jumps to his crotch. You look away quickly but not before you hear Steve’s little laugh.
“I’ll admit I felt bad the first time it happened. You caught me on a bad day, I’m normally better than that at controlling my emotions. The second time was a test, both of us alone in that hallway. You tried to look mad but I knew then. You pressed your thighs together and did that breathy little inhale...” he says, expression soft. “That’s the one,” he adds when your lips part with an unsteady breath.
The hand at your shoulder rises to cup your cheek. His fingers are large and warm against your skin. Your eyes flutter closed at the contact.
“Tell me you want this,” he whispers. “Need you to say it.”
“It’s ok,” he assures you, thumb stroking your cheek softly. “There’s no judgment if you want it. I do too.”
Your eyes snap open at his comment and you can’t help the vulnerable way your brows raise as you gaze up at him.
“You want me?”
“Mmm,” he confirms. “Need you to say it, sweetheart. I don’t want any misunderstanding.”
“I want it,” you admit quietly, rewarded when Steve’s hand slides around the back of your neck and his grip tightens. 
“Good girl,” he praises. 
You raise your chin, head falling back in a sign of submission that has him inhaling sharply. He may have your number but you’re not blind to his reactions now that you know the score either. He’s kept you on your knees for a reason and judging from the slight tent in his pants he’s not as unaffected as he wants to appear. 
“Who would have thought the buttoned up PR girl likes the kinky stuff,” Steve says with a grin. 
“Probably the same people that know you’ve got an authority kink,” you return. 
“Don’t get mouthy,” Steve warns, expression darkening. His harsh grip on your neck makes you gasp and arch your back. “Keep talking like that and I’ll put your mouth to better use.”
His threat sends a thrill through you and you squirm, trying to ease the ache between your legs.
“Ohh, scary,” you say with a giggle, biting your lip in anticipation when Steve growls.
“You better put some respect in your voice when you talk to me or there will be consequences.” 
“Yes, Captain,” you say, sobering up immediately when he steps closer to you and angles your head back, his crotch nearly brushing your face. 
You both stare at each other for a long moment, a quick flash of something like concern passing through Steve’s eyes. 
“This ok?” He asks, expression turning soft. 
“Yeah,” you whisper, shoulders dropping at the tenderness in his gaze. “I’ll tell you if it’s not.”
He smiles and leans down to kiss you sweetly. “Gonna take you out properly after this,” he murmurs against your lips.
“After this?” You ask, feeling breathless.
“Don’t worry,” Steve says, straightening back to his full height as the gentle look on his face evaporates. “I’ll return the favor. That is assuming you can suck my cock as good as I think you can.” 
You don’t resist when he brings your face in contact with his crotch, rubbing himself on you until the fabric of his pants grows damp with precum. 
“Come on, where’s that smart mouth now, huh? You can face down Fox News without blinking, I think you can take me down that pretty little throat too.”
You reach for his waistband with trembling hands, pulling his sweatpants down enough for his thick cock to spring free. He’s just as big as you imagined and the sight has your mouth parting in anticipation. There’s a small, rational part of your brain that’s telling you to stop and think about what you’re about to do. You’re not the type of person to do this, especially not in the middle of the workday but it’s hard to remember why you shouldn’t when you look at Steve’s flushed face. 
“That’s it,” he purrs, pushing the tip of his cock past your lips. 
You draw him in instinctively, sucking gently on his sensitive head. He groans, low in his throat and the hand at the back of your neck urges you to take more. You concentrate on breathing through your nose as he slowly forces more of himself down your throat until your nose is against his muscled stomach. You swallow, eyes watering but with the noises he’s making you don’t want to pull away.
“Fuck, such a good girl. Taking me like that,” he praises. “I could stay in that warm little throat all day.”
When you make a choked-off sound he pulls back, brows furrowed but you’re quick to give him a reassuring smile. You grasp the base of his cock and work him over eagerly, relishing the quiet sounds he makes in response. There’s a fluttery kind of ache building in your core. Anticipation for what he’s going to do to you after has you moaning around him. 
“I’m close,” he gasps.
You relax your jaw, hands falling to his muscular thighs as you let him take control. He fucks into your mouth with quick, shallow thrusts. This time when you gag he doesn’t stop, dark eyes watching your face carefully. You know he’s making a mess of your lipstick, the deep red color smeared along his cock. You think he’s about to come when he stills but then suddenly he jerks away. Before you can ask what’s wrong there’s a knock at your door. You stare at Steve, terrified as reality comes crashing back down. 
“Hey, it’s time for our 2 pm meeting,” Daria says, her voice slightly muffled by the door. 
You don’t have a meeting scheduled but you know Mary probably told her Steve showed up at your office and she’s trying to help. You love how protective she can be but right now is the worst possible timing. You clear your throat, pointedly not looking at Steve when you speak.
“I-I’ll have to miss it,” you say, wincing at how unsteady your voice sounds. “I am helping Captain Rogers with an issue.”
You hear what sounds suspiciously like furious whispers and Steve’s lips turn down in a frown. He can probably hear them, you realize. When you shoot him a look he shakes his head and quickly tucks himself away but his sweatpants do nothing to hide the outline of his erection. He helps you to your feet gently and pulls you close. 
“They’re gonna insist on coming in,” he whispers, reaching out to wipe away saliva that’s gathered on the corner of your mouth. “Sorry about your lipstick,” he adds, wetting his thumb and using it to rub away any sign of what just happened. Heat rises to your cheeks with the intimate action.
“I really need to speak with you,” Daria says. “I am sure Captain Rogers understands you have more to do than just help him.”
“One minute,” you call out, peeking over Steve’s shoulder to catch your reflection in the small mirror  by the door.
You pat down your hair and Steve scrambles to sit in the chair in front of your desk, grabbing a binder to hold over his lap. At your amused expression, he raises his brows and shifts uncomfortably. 
“I’m sorry,” you whisper.
When you open the door, Mary’s anxious face greets you and Daria’s expression hardens.
“Are you crying?” Mary asks, her sweet face filled with so much concern that you can’t help but feel guilty. “Did he make you cry?”
“No, everything’s fine,” you tell her like you weren’t just gagging on his cock 30 seconds ago.
“The fuck it is,” Daria says, shouldering past you.
She comes to stand before Steve, with Mary and you quick on her heels. He is clutching the binder to his lap tightly enough that his knuckles are bone white.
“Captain Rogers, I am not sure how you run things in your department, but in mine, we do not treat coworkers so poorly.”
Steve’s expression is almost comical, his eyes wide and mouth slack as his gaze darts between you and Daria. You’ve never seen your boss so fired up before and it’s almost awe-inspiring how she dresses Steve down. By the time she’s done, he looks like an errant schoolboy, face flushed, fidgeting in the chair. 
“Do you have something to say for yourself?” She asks him, hands on her hips. “I won’t hesitate to escalate this.”
“I’m sorry,” Steve says, shifting to face you. Your gaze drops to the binder on his lap and your lips twitch. “You didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”
“Thank you, Captain Rogers,” you tell him. You have to bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from grinning. He looks so vulnerable, hunched over in your chair. 
“Thank you,” Daria says with a pleased little smile. “Moving forward I expect the same level of respect to remain in place.”
“It will,” Steve tells her with a firm nod.  
“Wonderful.” With that, she takes a step back and looks pointedly at the door. 
Steve’s expression falters, a hint of panic surfacing in his eyes. 
“We should get to that meeting,” you say, thankful when Mary chimes in with a noise of agreement. “I am sure Captain Rogers would like a moment to uh, collect his thoughts.”
“Yes, that would be good. I need to think long and hard about my actions.”
“Very well. Until next time,” Daria says with a nod. 
Steve gives a strained smile and you shoot him an apologetic look over your shoulder, following your coworkers into the hallway.
When you return from the ‘meeting’ your office is empty, not that you expected Steve to remain behind. The rest of your workday passes slowly and you’re left looking up hopefully anytime someone drops by but it’s never him. At 5 pm you pack up, declining Mary’s invitation for after-work drinks to celebrate your boss's response to Steve. Part of you feels guilty for how everything went down. 
You scream at the unexpected voice and instinctively throw your purse at the figure that emerges from the shadows of the car park.
“Ah, shit. Sorry,” Steve says, bending down to grab your wallet and makeup bag, which have fallen out of your purse. “We need to work on your self-defense skills,” he adds with a frown. 
“You scared the shit out of me,” you say, hand pressed to your chest, trying to calm the frantic beat of your heart.
“I don’t have your number, and I didn’t think you’d appreciate getting an email about this.” Steve rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.
“That would probably give Daria a stroke,” you agree with a grin. “I’m sorry about how everything happened. That was… embarrassing.”
“Just a little,” Steve says with a laugh. “But uh, I wanted to make sure you’re ok.”
“I am,” you tell him, warmed by the concern you see in his eyes. “How’s your... situation?” You ask, with a pointed look. 
Steve gives you a little half smile and glances around the empty parking garage before stepping closer.
“Pretty dire,” he says, tongue darting out to wet his bottom lip. “Gonna need those pretty lips wrapped around my cock again.” He crowds you against your car, hard body pressing into your softer one and you clutch at his biceps. The sudden shift from his sweet, bashful smile to this dark, wanting one is dizzying and it makes your stomach flip pleasantly.  “Did such a poor fucking job earlier,” he starts, tone low and a little mean. “If you’d been better, you’d have a belly full of me and I wouldn’t be aching so bad. What do you have to say for yourself, huh?”
You look down and swallow heavily. “Sorry, Captain.”
“You’re not now, but you will be,” he tells you, grasping your chin so you meet his gaze. 
He kisses you roughly, slotting a leg between yours. You moan into his mouth, heat pooling in your belly. The feel of his thick, muscled thigh near your clothed core brings back that ache from earlier. When he forces his tongue into your mouth you clench around nothing and think about what his cock will feel like inside you. 
“I should make you blow me right here in this parking lot,” he says, pulling away from your lips. “Put you on your knees and keep my cock in your throat until you make me come.” The thought of being trapped between his legs and the car, forced to let him fuck your mouth however he wants, makes you exhale shakily. “You like that idea?” He asks, dipping his head to run his lips along the side of your throat. 
“Yes,” you breathe, curling your hands around the fabric of his shirt. 
“As appealing as it is, I need a bed for what I’m going to do to you,” he murmurs, pulling his leg from between yours. You whimper at the loss of contact but groan when his hand cups you through your underwear a moment later. “I’ll start with my hands and mouth, getting you messy and wet enough to take me. Then, and only after I’ve filled you full of me, again and again, will I consider letting you come.”
“Please,” you gasp, canting your hips towards him, mindless enough it doesn’t cross your mind to be concerned that anyone could walk by and see the two of you. 
“You’re greedy for someone who did a bad fucking job earlier,” he chastises, drawing aside your underwear. 
He slides two fingers in your folds, meeting little resistance when he plunges them into your cunt to stroke your walls. You’re still wet from earlier and his words just now. Rising up on your tiptoes, you moan loudly while he continues to pump them in and out rhythmically. It might be embarrassing how quickly he’s drawing you to orgasm but all you can think about is climbing that hill and finding your release.
“Your place or mine?” He asks, lips finding your throat again to suck the skin between his teeth. 
“Yours,” you pant, aware that he lives on the compound. “It’s closer.”
“Mmmm, it is,” he agrees, pulling away and letting his hand slip from between your thighs. “We’ll go to yours.” You blink in surprise, stumbling when he pulls away from you with a grin. “Oh, you didn’t think I was going to let you come, did you? Only good girls get to and sweetheart, that isn’t you right now.”
You can only gape at him as turns to leave. 
“Wait, you don’t know where I live.”
“Don’t I?” he questions. “Your address is in your personnel file and FRIDAY’s very helpful if you have the right security clearance. Now run along. I have a few more things to finish up here and I’ll be over.” His tone is dismissive and he doesn’t spare you a backward glance. 
You groan, cunt throbbing with need.
“And you better not touch yourself until I get there. No one gets to make you come from now on but me.”
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kiwisomething · 2 days ago
Truth Hurts
Summary: Bucky finds out the truth.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Wife!Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader (platonic)
Tumblr media
“I’ll get it,” Steve told you.
He went off to the front door. He opened the door thinking it’d be one of the neighbors dropping off yet another casserole. It’s not. It’s far from it.
“Bu—?” Steve said.
A metal fist collided with his jaw and forced the super soldier to turn 180° and drop to the ground. A squeal followed by giggles and clapping from tiny hands.
“James?!” you exclaimed.
“I’m not even sorry,” Bucky said stepping over the man on the floor. “I feel no remorse.”
He pulled the six month old out of the walker and held him close. He then went over to the kitchen table and sat down in Steve’s spot. He sat your little one in his lap. You’re in complete shock.
“Jesus Christ,” Steve hissed as he finally gained his bearings and got up off the floor.
“Don’t get blood on the floor, Steven,” Bucky said with a glare.
“You knocked out a tooth,” Steve said with a bloody tooth in his hand.
“That’s what you get for being a lying dumbass,” Bucky sassed.
You closed the front door and helped Steve into the kitchen. He’s very much still in a bit of shock. Bucky obviously knocked out the blond for a good few seconds.
You get Steve a paper towel to hold to his bleeding wound which is his lip and where his bottom right canine was. You also grabbed the frozen peas out of the freezer and wrapped a clean kitchen towel around it. You gave it to your husband and made Bucky a plate of pancakes and sausage.
“You didn’t have to punch him,” you said putting a plate of pancakes in front of him.
Bucky gave you a look that told you otherwise. You kissed his temple.
“I’m glad you finally decided to visit me… after two years,” you said.
“I’m sorry about that,” he said softly.
You took his head into hands and kissed his forehead.
“He can have very small pieces of food,” you informed.
Bucky nodded. You moved back over to the stove by your husband.
“Why are you sweet on him?” Steve asked. “He punched me.”
“You’ll be fine, Honey. And I want him to feel welcomed and loved. I missed having him around,” you said.
“He’s giving our child a whole pancake,” Steve pointed out.
“Bucky,” you scolded.
“Your dad is such a snitch,” Bucky grumbled to your son.
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qyllenhaal · 2 days ago
Pairing: Artist!Steve x Reader
Summary: Steve’s an artist, and you’re secretly his muse. 3rd POV. WC: 3.5k
Warnings: smut (18+ only, MDNI), oral (f receiving), unprotected sex. Fluff. Friends to lover.
Tumblr media
Steve knew it was a risk to quit his job and focus full-time on being an artist. His boss laughed in his face when he turned in his letter of resignation and asked Steve how much he thought his "little paintings" were going to make him. Steve didn't just face this scrutiny from his boss, but his friends too albeit not as harsh. Many of the people in his life didn't understand his passion for something that might leave him struggling, but Y/n was always there encouraging him.
"You may struggle for a little bit, but I think it's great Steve! Only one day into your new life as an artist and you already seem happier!"
Steve has known Y/n for almost a decade. They met under odd circumstances that some would consider a meet cute. She's still so sweet and bubbly just like she was the day he met her. It wasn't hard for him to fall head-over-heels for her. She always has a kind word and an open ear even during times of distress.
Sometimes he blushes when she gives him a compliment. She claims to not know anything about art, but every time he shows her something new she always has something stark to say that sticks with him. Maybe it's because it's coming from her.
His time spent alone in his studio is sacred. He converted a room in his apartment into a makeshift studio and he finds so much solace in those four walls. He has wanted to dabble in painting live subjects, maybe even a nude model or too, but he found himself getting real shy about it. He'd love to have someone to pose and to capture the way the light perfectly hits their face. That someone he imagined was often Y/n.
He was shocked when she allowed him to make her his subject. It started with him asking to paint a few photos of her she had lying around for "practice." Y/n was more than happy to help her friend Steve, only under the condition that he show her the final product. Steve found no problem in showing off the pastoral setting paintings he created, but it was much more harder to show off paintings of the person he thinks is the most beautiful person in the world.
Just like he couldn't muster up the confidence to ask anyone else to be his model, Steve could never ask Y/n to model for him in person. He found himself becoming too shy whenever the question was on the tip of his tongue. It would be much better if he were here in person with him, but he opted for photos of her clipped to his easel for reference. He'd finish a painting in one day and send her a photo via text of the finished product.
“I really look like that? It's amazing Steve!”
But eventually he ran out of photos. He tried to reuse some old ways and paint in a different style, or play with the colors, but it was beginning to become stale. Steve needed something new, but he didn't want to let go of Y/n as his subject.
"So you need new pictures?"
"Yeah — it's fine if you don't have any more," he tries to play it off as if he doesn't have 10 canvases in his studio of paintings of her that he hasn't shown her.
"We could take some more. Do you still have that digital camera you got a few Christmas' ago?"
"No. I think it got lost when I moved."
"Oh. Well I think Sam has a camera we can borrow. It's one of those fancy ones, right?"
Steve agreed to ask Sam to borrow his camera, but he honestly wishes that he had just bought his own. The amount of teasing he had to endure when he explained to Sam exactly why he needed the camera made his skin heat up. He couldn't stop his cheeks from becoming rosy when Sam asked when is he finally going to tell Y/n how he feels about her. Steve doesn't want to ruin what they have just in case Y/n rejects him. He'd much rather wallow in his school boy crush than put a strain on their friendship.
"How do you want me to pose?"
Y/n sat on the lone couch in Steve's studio room. It wasn't the best quality but it was still useful.
The curtains were drawn to shield the sun that was nearly set. The lighting in the room was dim save for the soft light coming from a small lamp pointed at her. It casted a warm, yellowish light onto her skin. She wore a white dress and kicked her shoes off at the front door.
"Whatever comes natural to you," his voice is weak as he responds. The atmosphere of the room is slightly romantic and he can't shake his nerves. Everything feels extremely intimate.
Y/n is almost as nervous as Steve. She's never modeled for someone and it feels a little bit awkward. She's always comfortable around Steve, but she can't help but get a little nervous when she sees Steve with the camera in his hands.
"You look perfect like that," he compliments the half-asses pose she's doing before snapping the first photo. He looks at the preview before the camera's screen could go dark.
"Let me see." He shows her and she just nods her head, "let me adjust myself," she whispers.
Y/n unbuttons the first two buttons of her dress, exposing more of her chest that only gives a glimpse of her breast. Steve pretended to not notice it as he took another picture of her. Once again Y/n asked to see the photo and looked a little more satisfied with it this time.
"Do you think that I could — nevermind."
"What is it Y/n?" He asks with a soft laugh that makes her want to melt.
"Do you think I could unbutton my dress all the way?" Her voice faltered as she asked. She watched Steve's reaction intently. She hopes the question doesn't make him uncomfortable. "It's just that I was looking up some ideas online so I could prepare and I saw this really pretty picture of this model and she was semi-nude but it was really pretty so I wanted to ask if we could try it," she explained; or perhaps over-explained.
Steve was completely dumbfounded. If Y/n couldn't see it in his dropped jaw, then she can see it in the way he just freezes.
"It's okay if that's too much."
"No! No, it's okay."
Y/n gave him a half smile before she began to unbutton the front of her dress. Steve tried to look away, but how could he not? The more she revealed herself, the easier it was for him to see the swell of her breast. Her skin looks so soft and he feels compelled to reach out and caress her bare skin. But he keeps his hands to himself.
"Is this too much?" The puffy sleeves of her dress were off of her shoulder and her dress was all the way open until the middle of her stomach. It's a lot for him to handle, but he feels blessed to see such a sight.
"No. It's perfect. You're perfect."
Y/n's skin heats up despite the room being cold. She was starting to get a weird feeling in the pit of her stomach. It wasn't a bad one or an uncomfortable feeling, but it was something she wasn't used to.
Now she's half-naked and posing on his couch. The first few photos he took of her like this were awkward as they both had to adjust to Y/n being half-naked.
Steve couldn't ignore the way the cold air made her nipples hard and breast tender. Steve was supposed to be on his best behavior, but he is seconds away from making a stupid mistake with his best friend.
Y/n arches her back which makes her breast jut out at him. Steve pauses to pray that he doesn't get a hard on. He feels a bit like a scumbag for even having this dilemma. It's just his best friend's half-naked body — that looks so soft and tender.
He forced himself to steel his resolve and hurry up and finish the task at hand. He began to treat her more like a model instead of the best friend he has a crush on.
"Try this," he suggests to her to move her body in a different way, which she does, but it's not quite what he wants. He was hesitant to get his hands on her, but he went for it anyway, "a little more like this."
In the process of moving her body, his hand brushed against her nipple. Y/n involuntarily let out a moan which made both of them pause. They looked at each other before Y/n let out a nervous laugh to try to play it off.
"Sorry," Steve apologizes.
"It's okay."
He glosses over what just happened and goes back to moving her body to her liking. He can't get over how good she feels underneath him. The truth is that he was taking his time to be able to have this experience for much longer. He may never have this kind of closeness with her again and he just can't quite let go.
Y/n watches his face as his hands touch her body. He looks so handsome under this lighting and Y/n wonders if she's always felt this way about Steve. For some reason she feels lust swirling inside of her. She hopes she isn't making a mistake when she leans forward and kisses him. Steve freezes under her kiss, stunned by reality, but he lets it happen. Her lips feel so soft against his, just like he always imagined.
She pulls away and places her forehead against his. Steve still has his eyes closed, lost in the dream that is Y/n's closeness.
"You can open your eyes now," she teases him. He obeys her and laughs along with her.
"I've wanted this for so long," he admits.
The revelation is shocking to her. She had no idea he felt this way about her, but now she wonders how much she's been oblivious to.
"Do you want this, Y/n? The last thing I want is for you to feel uncomfortable."
"No, no — I want this Steve. I wanna feel you touching me," her voice became somewhat whiny as desire fueled her.
With her blessing, Steve did not hold back. He kissed her hard, the way he imagined he would always kiss her. Imagine the way his heart nearly stopped when Y/n kissed him back with the same amount of fervor and want. Her hand came up and rested against the stubble on his cheek. They wish they could say their kiss was delicate, but it was not; it was sloppy and their tongues danced with each other.
When Steve pulls away, he's out of breath, but he's happy. The light touches he gave to her body earlier were not a bit rougher. He wants to explore every inch of her body in seconds, but he wants to be patient; he has all night to discover every inch of her.
"Touch me right here, Steve."
Y/n places his hands on her breast with his thumbs in reach of her nipples. Steve's thumb runs across her taut nipples which makes her sigh. "You like that?" He asks with a bit more confidence. She nods her head and her approval emboldens him. “Good.”
His lips ghost across the skin on her neck before he places a wet kiss against the skin on her throat. He can feel her breath hitch every time he places a tender kiss on her flesh. She smells like lavender and it makes him feel dizzy. He keeps playing with her nipples as he begins to suck on her neck. Y/n wants to just lay there and take in the feeling of him spoiling her, but she also wants to hear him moan. She strokes the bulge in his pants with her knee and she feels him groan against her skin. He lightly grinds himself against her knee to relieve all of the tension that built up inside of him. Neither of them are sure who wants who more, but it doesn’t matter to either of them. Knowing that this is an equal exchange of love and lust is enough for the two of them.
“Oh god Steve,” Y/n coos when he sucks on the most sensitive part of her neck. They’ve only just begun, but he makes her feel so good. A part of her is wishing that she had discovered Steve’s crush on her a long time ago, but she has him now and that’s all that matters.
“I wanna make you feel good,” he says against her skin, “I wanna make you cum.”
Y/n can’t help but moan at his confession. She can already imagine how it would feel to have him between her legs.
“Please Steve!”
Steve sits up just to push her dress up. The cotton panties she wears has a pink bow sewn onto it and he finds it adorable. He glances back up at her and he notices that she’s looking away from him. She’s now feeling bashful knowing that he’s going to see her completely naked even though she wants all of this and more. “It’s okay, pretty girl,” Steve pacifies her by slowly stroking her outer thigh. She finally looks at him, her pupils wide with lust. She almost sighs in content when he starts to slide her panties down. The cool air of the rooms only heats her up once it hits her hot sex.
“My god,” Steve whispers to himself. She looks so pretty, but she’s absolutely messy between her legs. She places her foot on the back of his couch to spread herself wider for him. “Good girl.”
Steve lowers himself between her legs and just stares at her for a moment. He wants to remember this for the rest of his life just in case this is the last time something like this happens between the two of them. He would be crushed if Y/n asked to just continue on as friend’s after this, but he would be eternally grateful that she granted him this opportunity. All he wants to do is make her feel good; his pleasure will follow suit, but it’s all about her.
One of his fingers runs along the edge of her folds. Y/n whimpers at the delicate way he treats her body. She feels so lucky to have someone so kind and sweet like Steve. He touches her with care, and love is in every stroke. “You’re so perfect,” he says before kissing her inner thigh. Every part of her body is sensitive but somehow she is able to withstand it all.
The first lick to her pussy overblows both of their senses. She’s sweet like honey and juicy like a peach. Steve’s first instinct is to groan against her pussy which sends vibration throughout her entire body. She feels like she’s on fire as all of the blood in her body goes straight to her sensitive nub. His tongue focuses on her clit and she’s in heaven. Steve’s tongue moves with so much skill and precision, but most importantly, passion. Steve treats her like he truly wants her, and Y/n can’t help but fall for him at this moment.
“You taste so good,” he coos against her slick.
The way he paws at her body while licking her pussy makes her feel like she’s being worshiped. Tears well in her eyes the harder he sucks at her clit. She hopes his neighbors’ aren’t home because they’d probably be annoyed at the loud sounds of her cries of pleasure. He has her on the edge and it just takes him rolling her nipples with his fingers that finally push her over.
“Don’t stop, don’t stop!”
Her cries are so angelic to him. And as much as he wants to keep licking her out, Steve needs to be inside of her so bad. He tames himself and pulls his mouth away from her to pull himself out of his pants. His incredibly hard, the head of his cock an angry red as it leaks pre-cum. “This is what you do to me,” his words are haunting. Y/n whines and wiggles her hips from being so impatient.
Steve lowers himself and presses the head of her cock at her opening. She’s so slippery that he pushes into her with ease. His cock is so big that she inhales sharply as she takes all of him inside of her. Her walls are like silk around him.
“So tight baby — oh god.”
Steve feels like he’s going to explode already. Her pussy is squeezing him and she looks up at him with wide eyes as she takes his cock like a good girl. It is the hardest task he’s ever faced in his life to not cum already. She just feels so good.
“Are you okay?” He asks sweetly before dipping his head to kiss her forehead.
She nods her head, “yes, Steve…feels so good,” she manages to speak coherently.
Her legs were thrown over his legs which allows him to fuck deeper into her. She looks so beautiful underneath him. Steve wants to feel her cum on his cock so bad. She flutters around him when he pulls out of her only to push back in seconds later.
Steve can only control himself for so long before he’s pounding into her. The cry of his name on her lips is so saccharine that it gives him a sweet tooth. He sucks on the skin of her neck to satisfy that need while Y/n places her hand on the back of his head as she moans for him.
“I’m gonna cum Steve! You’re going to make me cum!”
The ridges of his cock feels so good inside of her, but what really does it for her is how the head of his cock is kissing her cervix. The stretch of his cock is such a delicious burn that she wants him inside forever. With his face planted in her neck, lips kissing at her skin, Y/n is completely enamored with the way Steve consumes all of her. She is his just as much as he is her.
He feels her sex squeeze him one more time before she’s cumming all around him. She clings to him as her orgasm ravages through her. Steve fucks her through it before reluctantly pulling out of her. Her jerks himself off until he’s cumming all over her pretty tits, painting her body like she’s one of the world’s most precious masterpieces.
The two are completely spent as their limbs dangle off of his couch. Y/n’s heart is full feeling his cum cooling on her chest. She dips a finger in his spent and sucks it off, savoring his taste since she didn’t get a chance to go down on him. Steve almost passes out at the sight.
“You’re crushing my legs Steve,” she laughs warmly. He rolls off of her and off of the couch entirely.
Steve grabs a towel and starts t0 clean up her chest. He remembers what they were supposed to be accomplishing, but after what just happened between the two of them, Steve is certain he won’t be anxious about asking her to be his model again.
“So, where do we go from here?”
The question catches him off guard. He slowly wipes away his cum with the damp towel from her chest. As much as finding the answer to this question is hard, he is happy that she asked it because it means that she’s giving him a chance.
“I don’t want this to be the last time we do this,” Steve admits. He’s quickly become addicted to the way their foreheads pressed together; it just feels so intimate. “I love you too much for this to be the last time we ever spend like this together.”
As much as tonight has been shocking to her after the revelation of Steve proving to her that he loves her, she’s only overwhelmed with positive emotions.
“Then let’s not let this be the last time,” she whispers against his lips.
A wave of relief washes over Steve as he just lays there against, their bare bodies pressed against each other as if this is always how it should’ve been. His only hope is that they can stay like this forever.
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evansxchalamet · 2 days ago
Chris Evans x fem!reader
𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: [this story contains smut] I never wrote smut, I’m pretty bad at it and I don’t feel comfortable to write smut about Chris Evans, I hope you understand this, I know, a fic with smut gets more attention, but this is for my ppl who are also uncomfortable with smut abt there idol;) <3
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: A little bit of smut, swearing, mention of nakedness, best friends smut, filmed smut, protected sex
𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓: 471 words
└─────── have fun! ──➤
Tumblr media
You let out a loud Yelp making the familiar person next to you jump of.
“What the actual fuck?!” You screamed at the on and only Chris Evans, also know as your best friend. “What are you doing here?… And oh shit, we are naked” you said.
Chris only Looks at you confused “we are naked y/n, that means we slept-“ he stopped himself, tasting himself under the blanket, he looks shock, that made me worry.
“What is it Chris? Don’t make me nervous!” you said. He turned to look at you “I’m wearing a condom, that means we had-“
You stopped him right there, “what did even happened? We both went to a party of Sebastian and got wasted how it looks like… wait lemme call him!” You searched for your phone and unlocked it. 6 missed calls from Seb🎶, 17 messages from Liz🧸
You dialed Sebastian’s number and called him.
Ring, Ring, Rin-
“Holy, y/n! I tried to reach you for hours, you and Chris just went away from the party-“
“What happened there?, we both have no idea” you said full of hope, that he knows.
“You two got wasted and started flirting and dancing very… how should I say that, oh yeah, intimate, after that you both called a Uber, even though I wanted to drive you two. Oh and if you want to know what happened exactly, you guys decided to film everything on Chris’ phone after you two got drunk” he said, you could hear that he was very tired, probably from the party last night.
“Thank you Seb, bye” you said and closed the call.
“And?” He asked, “what should we do now?” He was already in his underwear, sitting on the bed.
“Well, Seb said we filmed the whole night on your phone, let’s see then, where’s your phone?” You asked, he looked around the room and found out on the floor.
“The camera is still on, weird” you said while shrugging. You both sat on the bed again, you with the blanket pulled over you, Chris on the covers.
He stared the video which is longer then a hour.
“Oh shit, yes Chris, fuck yesss!”
A complete drunk y/n yelled, in a position she never knew exist. on her knees and hands, Chris standing behind her, her left leg lifted up over his shoulder, while he pounded in her thigh ass from behind.
„Oh fuck y/-„
You stopped the video, breathing hard, not realizing what you just watched.
„We both basically filmed a sex tape…“ he said full of shock from the porn video he just watched.
„Oh shit, we slept together!“
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kinanabinks · 7 hours ago
Reckless • P5
Tumblr media
A conversation with your kids ends sourly. Luckily, Steve is there to remind you of the sweeter things in life.
Content Warning: Widower!Steve x Divorced!Reader, Ex Husband!Bucky, Dead!Peggy, mature themes, angst, argument, yelling, hurt/comfort, smut (live sex show, public sex, fingering, penetrative sex, soft dirty talk, soft dom!steve), forbidden romance, more angst, mentions cheating, wholesome fluff.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Tumblr media
You're trying not to make it obvious that you need a lot of wine to get through this dinner, but when Blake nudges your arm after you pour your fourth large glass, you know you haven't been trying hard enough.
"Calm down," She hisses under her breath, frowning at you. "You know what you're like when you're drunk."
A little sore from her harsh words, you bite your cheek, staring down at your food. You feel Steve comfortingly stroke your arm with his thumb under the table, alleviating at least some of your discomfort.
Thankfully, the others are too busy laughing at Grant's anecdote to notice the tension on your side of the table. You try not to stare at Kaya for too long at a time, but you can't help it. Her beauty is the kind that makes you want to look at her forever, like a painting in which you can discover intricate details the longer you stare at it.
Kaya's nice. You hate to admit it, but she's a wonderful human being. Never once has she been malicious towards you, or expressed any sort of jealousy for your odd friendship with Bucky. She hasn't tried to replace you; hasn't asked the kids to call her Mom. Has never once disrespected your authority or overstepped any boundaries.
She's absolutely perfect.
Her and Bucky met on a dating app four years ago. He told you straight away, as he did with all the women he dated after the divorce. You didn't expect it to last as long as it did, let alone result in him getting married again, but you're genuinely happy for them both.
That's what makes it so difficult to be around her. She's so lovely and kind that you have to try extra hard not to seem like the villain. If you complain about anything, you'd look crazy because Kaya is amazing.
"I'm really glad we could all do this together," Bucky says with a warm smile. "Like a proper family."
You really do love seeing him happy. It's been a long time since a relationship has lit him up this way - you don't think you've seen him this happy in love since you were sixteen.
"Blake, are we still on for tomorrow evening?" Kaya asks once Steve, Bucky and Grant fall into their own conversation.
Frowning, you turn to your daughter. "What's tomorrow evening?"
"Oh, it's the second round of Battle Of The Bands," Blake tells you nonchalantly. "Kaya's been coming to watch us play."
You can't help but feel offended. "Really? You didn't tell me you had entered." Blake and Grant have been in a rock band since high school with a couple of their other friends, and whenever they've entered competitions or performed gigs, they've always informed you. Until now.
An awkward silence sits between the three of you. Blake rolls her eyes and sighs. "It's not a big deal. Kaya's really into music; she'd enjoy it more."
"Besides, you're always busy at work," Grant suddenly interjects.
You feel attacked by both sides, and it throws you into defense mode. "I could have taken a day off, if I knew about it," You state with a frown.
"But Kaya can take any day off because her job isn't that intense," Blake says, while Kaya looks like she wishes the floor would swallow her up. "For you, it's a huge problem and causes issues at work."
"That isn't true!" You say, scoffing.
"Mom, it's fine," Grant claims. "You put work first, and that's fine."
Your lips part, but you're speechless. You put work first? Above your kids? "Do you really feel that way?" You ask them, feeling completely sober all of a sudden.
"You make us feel that way!" Blake suddenly yells, making you recoil. "You're just jealous that Kaya is doing the mom things that you should have done for us."
The entire table is silenced, everyone's eyes on you. With a shaky breath, you stand up and rush to the bar, trying to calm yourself down. All your life, you've pushed yourself in your career in order to be able to give the twins the life they deserve. You took barely anything from Bucky in the divorce, adamant to be independent, but now they're throwing that right back in your face.
Rolling your eyes, you look over at him. "Not now, Bucky."
Sitting at the bar with your head in your hands, you feel someone sit next to you. "Rough night?"
He just gives you a smile before waving down the bartender. "Two shots of tequila, my friend!"
"Absolutely not," You say with a grimace.
"Come on, why not?" Bucky asks you.
"Because," You begin, sitting up. "Last time you and I took tequila shots, I woke up the next morning with two babies inside me."
He narrows his eyes. "Not sure that's how it works, but you're the mother, so I'll go along with it."
The bartender slides the shots over, making you grimace. "Please, Bucky, just let me wallow in peace."
For a few moments, he complies, saying nothing. After staring at the shot, you roll your eyes before grabbing it and drinking it in one go, making him cheer before doing the same.
"I'm not jealous of Kaya," You mutter once the burning in your throat alleviates, hoping he believes you.
"That was a low blow. They were upset, and said what they knew would cut the deepest," Bucky replies softly. "I guess they learnt from a young age how to really hit someone where it hurts. We were always so good at it."
You wince at the reminder of the times the kids would witness the toxicity of your marriage. They were only 11 years old when you got divorced, and daddy and mommy hating each other had been the norm for most of their life.
"They love you, you know," Bucky says, leaning closer. "They just miss spending time with you."
You glare down at the bar. "What am I supposed to do? They're away at college. I do my best to visit them. How can I be a better mom?"
"This is not about your competence as a mother," Bucky says sternly, placing his hand on yours. "You have been nothing short of incredible when it comes to raising our kids. Every time I look at them, I am so proud of what we did. And there is no way they'd have turned out so great if it wasn't for you."
You let out a sigh, nodding, knowing he's right.
"Fuck, why am I tearing up?" He mumbles to himself as his eyes gloss over. "I just- fuck, I'm just so grateful to you, sweetheart. Our babies are all grown up and they're doing so well in school. Oh, fuck."
Turning to him, you see the tears streaming down his face, the sight making your own tears build up. "Don't you fucking cry on me, Buck, I swear to God."
"I'm so sorry for ever hurting you," He sobs, leaning his forehead against your shoulder as his warm tears run down your arm. "Through everything, you're still my best friend. And you always will be, no matter what."
"I'm sorry, too," You say, your breaths quick and shallow.
"I love you, sweetheart," Bucky utters, wrapping his arms around you.
"I love you, too," You reply, rubbing his back.
"Everything okay here?" You hear Steve ask from behind you.
You pull apart from Bucky, turning to look at the blonde with a pressed smile. "Yeah, we're fine."
"Tequila, brother," Bucky says, palming his eyes before sighing. "Ah, fuck."
"I, uh, I think it's home time," Steve says, patting Bucky's shoulder who laughs up at him.
"Yeah, I think you're right," He says, standing. He gives you a quick hug, does the same to Steve and walks back over to the table. Kaya gives you a wave which you return, but Blake and Grant just storm out the restaurant, breaking your heart.
Steve takes you to his car, the both of you letting out a long sigh once you're settled in.
"That was... a lot," You breathe out, pulling down the sun shield to look at yourself in the mirror. Your mascara has smudged, your lipstick has disappeared and your eyes are puffy.
"Yup," Steve says, driving out of the car park. "What were you and Bucky talking about?"
A small smile plays at your lips as you look over at him. "You jealous that he can still make me cry?"
"Something like that," Steve mumbles, biting back his own smile.
You lean your head back and let out a sigh. "The kids. He always gets emotional when he talks about them."
He hums, placing his free hand on your thigh. "You know they love you. Kids are bound to forget how great their parents are sometimes, but you need to remember just how incredible you are as a mother."
A smile blooms on your lips. "I am pretty incredible."
Your words make him grin and when he gets to a red light, he looks over at you. "Do you trust me?"
You narrow your eyes, slightly offended that he even has to ask. "Steven, you could tell me your shit smells like roses and I'd believe you."
He chuckles before taking an odd turn into a quiet country road. "You're not scared of the dark, are you?"
"Not when you're here to protect me," You mumble, narrowing your eyes suspiciously. "What's with all the questions, Rogers?"
He doesn't say a word and continues driving down the vacant road until you reach a small clearing. After parking the car on the grass, Steve turns off the engine, making you snort.
"Seriously?" You ask him with a raised brow as you look around the forested area. "You brought me to a quiet spot in the woods so we could make out like teenagers?"
"Make out? Oh no, you've got me all wrong," He says, leaning over to you and lowering his voice. "I brought you here so I can kill you."
A small smile pulls at your lips. "Fuck, really? Damn it."
"Mhm," He hums, stroking your cheek as his eyes burn into yours. "But, I'll tell you what- if you let me cum inside you, I'll let you live."
His proposition makes you snort before you straighten your face. "Uh, sure. Seems fair."
"Yeah?" Steve asks, leaning closer. "Gonna let me fill you up?"
Your cunt throbs at his words, your thighs squeezing together. He notices straight away and looks down before slipping his hand between your legs and tutting.
"Oh no, baby, don't try and hide from me," He coos, kissing your cheek. "Let me take what's mine."
"Fuck," You whisper as you feel yourself get wetter by the second.
Without a warning, Steve lifts you up and sits you down onto his lap, attaching his lips to yours before you get the chance to react. He immediately groans into your mouth, using his grip on your hips to push you down against his boner.
"Shit," He utters, throwing his head back. "So fucking hard for you, baby."
"Just for me?" You ask him teasingly, resting your hands on his shoulders.
"Only you," Steve promises desperately, looking into your eyes with a clear certainty. "I'm all yours, sweetheart."
You fiddle with his belt while he pulls up your dress, and when pull out his erect cock it immediately slaps against your panties, making you gasp. Steve kisses you deeply, moving your panties to the side with one hand and guiding his cock to your slick cunt with the other. After rubbing his shaft in your juices for a few moments while you squirm, he slowly pushes it into you as you hold your breath. The sensation of him stretching you out is one you know you'll never get used to, and it takes you a few moments to grow comfortable with his invasion.
He lets out a low groan, his Adam's apple bobbing as he watches your face contort. Bringing his lips to your ear, he whispers, "You gonna be a good girl and ride me, baby?"
You can't help but want to please him, and with your grip on his biceps, you slowly begin to bounce on his cock. Steve kneads your ass with his right hand and gently holds your throat in his left, letting out weak groans as your pussy envelops his length.
"So fucking good, keep going," He mutters, slapping your ass. "Just like that. You're doing so well for me, pretty girl."
Letting out moans and cries, you ride him faster, your body twitching when he starts playing with your hard nipples through your dress. He pulls the neckline down, allowing your boobs to fall out, before grabbing them both and pressing his face to your chest. Soft grunts leave his mouth as he flicks his tongue over your nipples, sucking and slobbering all over them.
"Oh, Steve!" You cry out loudly, your eyes rolling back. "Steven, please, I'm gonna cum."
The windows steam up and the car is filled with the sound of his balls slapping against your ass as his cock pounds in and out of your pussy. He takes holds of your hips and assists you, thrusting up into you harder as you feel the knot tighten in your core.
"Steve," You whine, pulling on his hair. "C-cumming." The knot is undone and you cum all over him, a harsh jolt of pleasure and relief hitting every inch of your skin.
He groans loudly, growling as your cunt milks him of his cum. Shooting his load into you, Steve lets out a repetitive chant of your name, thrusting into you a few more times as his eyes roll back.
You let out weak whimpers, your head falling forward to rest in his neck. He strokes your hair while the two of you recover, breathing heavily. Steve cracks open one of the windows, allowing some fresh air to fill the heated vehicle.
"Baby," He whispers, wrapping his arms around you. "Baby."
Lifting up your head, you look up at him. "Yes, Steve?"
A look of conflict grows on his face, as though he's trying to decide on whether to say something or not. His eyes scan your face, his thumbs stroking your cheeks, and when he lets out a soft sigh it's almost like he has given up with whatever he was contemplating. "Kiss me," He mumbles, to which you immediately comply.
The moment of bliss swallows you hole, but a small part of you can't help but wonder whether he had something more to say.
Tumblr media
"So, it's Steve."
You look up at your office door to see Shuri standing there with a raised brow. Gesturing for her to come in, you wait until the door is closed behind her before you reply. "It's Steve."
"I can't believe this!" She exclaims, a shocked grin on her face. "I mean, I've always thought you would look good together, but I didn't think you'd actually go through with it!"
Leaning back in your chair, you shrug with a soft smile. "I didn't, either."
She walks further in and sits on the chair opposite you, her eyes lighting up with excitement. "Does Bucky know?"
"God, no," You answer, shuddering at the thought of him finding out.
"What about the kids?" She presses with a frown. "Have you thought about how they might feel about it?"
"Of course I have. I never stop thinking about them; they're my kids," You say, slightly offended that she even asked. "The thing is, I didn't expect it to go this far. I thought we'd sleep together and that would be it. We'd get it out of our systems and move on. But... fuck, I don't wanna move on."
Shuri presses her lips together, and you can tell that she's loving the drama. "So you like him? Are you like, together?"
Her question makes you stop and think for a second. "Uh... I don't know," You admit. "We haven't really had a conversation; we're kinda just going with the flow."
"He isn't sleeping with anyone else, then?" She asks with a frown. "Because that chlamydia scare last year has scarred me for life-"
"Steve is not that kind of guy," You insist, but there's a small glint of fear you can't deny. "And I thought you swore to never bring up Chlamydia 2020 again."
She holds her hands up in surrender, her eyes wide. "Sorry, sorry. But are you saying that it isn't just sex?"
"Of course not," You answer her. "It... we have feelings for each other."
"You don't sound so sure-"
"We have feelings for each other," You state firmly. "We do."
"Okay," Shuri says carefully. "Are you trying to convince me, or yourself?"
You stare her down, contemplating her words. There's no way Steve doesn't have feelings for you. He said you were more than a soulmate. He looks at you like he hasn't seen a single thing more beautiful. He's risking his lifelong friendship with Bucky to be with you.
"I don't need convincing," You tell her calmly. "In fact, I'm pretty sure he's in love with me."
Tumblr media
A full week passes before you see Steve again.
Between the renovations at his gym and the new budget schedule you've been working hard on, neither of you have had a single minute to spare. On Sunday evening, though, he is finally able to come over to see you.
"Missed you so much," He mumbles against your lips as your legs tangle with his. There's a shitty soap opera on the television but your focus is purely on him.
"Missed you more," You reply before giving him a sweet kiss. "Can't believe you stayed away for so long."
"It was horrible. Terrible," Steve groans, rubbing your arm. "I thought of you every single minute, you know that?"
"Every single minute?" You repeat with a teasing pout.
"Every single one," He whispers back to you. "You make me fucking crazy. I don't think I've ever felt like this before."
His words make you snuggle closer to him. "Do you really mean that, Steve? Or are you just saying that?"
He frowns, taken aback. "What are you talking about, baby? Of course I mean it."
"No, but..." You trail off, feeling stupid. "Do you like me?"
Steve raises a brow, moving his head back as he stares down at you. "Honey, are you high?"
Snorting, you hit his shoulder. "Steven, I'm being serious. Is this just sex to you?"
"Just sex?" He sputters, utterly baffled. "What put that thought into your head, baby?"
You shrug meekly. "I don't know, I just-"
"Look at me," Steve cuts you off curtly, grabbing your cheeks and forcing you to stare up at him. His bright blue eyes burn into yours, his gaze both soft and firm. "I care about you more than anything. You're the first thing I think of when I wake up, the last before I sleep, and the only thing I think of in between. It's like I was half-alive before you became mine- like I hadn't experienced what it was to truly live yet. Baby, I love you."
His admission makes your heart flutter. "Steve," You whimper, feeling your soul burst with joy. "I love you."
It feels like you've both broken free from shackles that you didn't even know you were bound to. He meets your lips with his, tugging on your hair as he kisses you deeply.
"Mmm, fuck," He groans into your mouth, his hand roaming up and down your body. "Need you so badly, baby."
"I'm yours, Steven," You swear to him. "Forever."
He lays you down on the couch and spreads your legs apart before nestling himself between them. Just as you feel your heart begin to pour with raw excitement and need, you hear someone knocking on the front door.
Your eyes shoot open and it takes all your strength to push Steve off of you, who looks dumbfounded as his eyebrows furrow.
"If that's Buck, I'm gonna fucking kill him," He growls while you stand up and smooth down your hair.
Rushing out into the hallway, you open the door and are surprised to see Grant. He looks utterly distraught as he sobs into his hands, the sight making you want to die.
"He was cheating on me," His muffled voice comes through the gaps in his fingers. "The whole time, he was cheating on me."
"Oh, my baby," You whisper, pulling him inside and enveloping him in a hug. "I'm so sorry, my angel."
Grant lets out a weak whimper before removing himself out of your grip and walking further into the house. "Can you believe it? Franco. My Franco. He was so sweet, and nice... and the whole thing was a lie."
He strides into your kitchen, where Steve is already standing at the island with a look of concern on his face.
"Do you know what it's like to be cheated on?" Grant asks him hysterically, before huffing. "Of course you don't. Look at you."
At a loss for words, Steve stays silent, giving you a shrug.
"This has nothing to do with your looks, angel," You promise him, walking closer to him and rubbing his back. "Him cheating is not a reflection of who you are as a person; remember that."
Grant sniffles, resting his hands on the island. After a few moments, he looks up at Steve, his eyes narrowing suspiciously. "Wait. What are you doing here so late?" He asks him, before looking at you. Grant's face drops as cold realization hits him and he takes a few steps backwards. "What the fuck? Does Dad know?"
You take in a shaky breath, doing your best to remain calm. "No. Your father doesn't know."
A look of disgust and confusion grows on his face. "What the fuck, dude?" He yells at Steve. "I'm named after you and you're fucking my mom?"
"Hey," Steve says sternly, frowning. "Do not speak about your mother like that."
"Screw you!" He retorts bitterly. "You're not my dad."
"Grant, calm down," You order him lowly, your heart beating erratically.
"If Dad knew about this, he'd punch you right in your face," Grant says angrily, and in a second his fist is raised as he prepares to sock Steve right in the jaw.
You grab his arm before he can make contact, appalled. "Grant Buchanan Barnes, you watch yourself," You boom sternly.
With a sigh, Steve meets your eyes. "I should go."
Nodding, you know he's right. "I think that's a good idea."
"Okay wait," Grant interjects, rubbing his forehead. "I'm sorry for overreacting, I just... my life is crazy right now, and this is just weird."
"It isn't that weird," You mumble defensively.
"He's Uncle Steve, it's weird!" He retorts with wide eyes.
"Okay," Steve holds up his hands. "I'm gonna go." He makes his way over to you and is close to giving you a kiss goodbye - but when he sees Grant's glare, he opts to give you a quick forehead kiss instead and a mumbled goodnight before swiftly escaping your tense home.
A silence falls between you and your son. You take his hand and lead him to the island, both of you sitting down opposite one another. His cheeks are still flushed from earlier, his eyes wet with his previous tears.
Taking in a deep breath, you speak calmly and with a control you didn't know you had. "When we got divorced, you know that Dad started dating around pretty soon," You begin, recounting the worst time of your life. "I was angry. I wanted to get back at him, so I did what I thought would piss him off the most."
Grant raises a brow. "What'd you do?"
You let out a dry laugh. "Took his worst enemy, Sam Wilson, out to dinner. I felt so guilty that I cried when the starters came out."
"Did you stay for dessert?" He asks you with a hint of a smile.
Snorting, you shake your head. "No, I did not. Ever since then, for the last 9 years, I still felt that guilt. Even if it was just flirting with a stranger at the store, I got this weird pit of dread in my stomach. Like I was betraying your father. It wasn't his fault that I felt that way; it's just how I felt. It was like every guy I dated was just to prove Bucky a point. To rub it in his face. To get one over him, and prove that I could move on, too." Looking down at the counter, a small smile grows on your face. "But with Steve, it isn't like that at all. For the first time, I feel... safe. Safe to be with someone without caring about what your dad will think. For the first time, I've finally let go of being your dad's wife. I can finally just be me again, and that's partly because of Steve."
Frowning, Grant tightens his grip on your hand. "Then why haven't you told him yet?"
You swallow thickly, letting go of your fear. "You're right. I have no excuse. In fact, you're so right, that I'll tell him first thing tomorrow."
To your surprise and utter joy, Grant smiles at you. "You know, I don't think I've ever seen you in love before, ma."
Your cheeks heat up at the word. Love. It was so recent that Steve said that word to you, but it feels like you've been in love with him forever.
"You look happy," He goes on to say warmly, before sighing. "Enough about you. Can we watch movies and eat ice-cream now? You know I just got cheated on, right? Tonight's about me."
Grinning at his dramatics, you stand up. "Of course, bubba. But first: what's Franco's mother's number? I'd like to have a word with her."
"Oh, please," Grant groans, getting up and pulling you through to the living room. "Just turn on Netflix while I peruse through your frozen treats."
"Wait," You say, grabbing his arm and looking up at him. "You came all the way from Raleigh tonight?"
"I caught the red-eye," He explains. "I just wanted to come straight here the minute I found out what he did."
"Here as in New York?" You ponder out loud. "Or here as in my house?"
"Straight to my mom, of course," He says as though it's the most obvious thing in the world.
"Really?" You press with wide eyes. "You didn't wanna... I don't know, go see your dad?" Or Kaya?
"I've just been through a tragedy, Momma," Grant tells you. "There's nobody else I need more than you right now."
"Oh," You whisper. "I just... I just thought-"
"That I'd rather go to Kaya?" He finishes with a scoff.
You shrug. "The last time I saw you, we had the worst argument we've ever had."
"And you suddenly stopped being my mom?" He questions you incredulously. "Mom, you're my mom."
"But you've been spending a lot of time with her- which is fine and all, but I just figured you'd wanna go to her with this kind of thing," You mumble, even though you know you'd be pissed if he went to Kaya instead of you.
Sighing, Grant rests his hands on your shoulders. "Ma, she's Dad's wife. That's all. And sure, I have fun with her, and she's great to hang out with, but that's it. She's pretty much just a friend to me. And if all I needed was a friend tonight, I'd have stayed in Raleigh."
His words soothe you, and you almost feel stupid for getting envious in the first place. You're their mother. Get a fucking grip.
"Okay," You utter, giving him a smile. "I have butterscotch ice-cream and Oreo ice-cream sandwiches in the freezer."
A wide grin spills out on his face as he pulls you in for a hug. "And that, you wonderful creature, is why nobody could ever replace you as my mom."
Tumblr media
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my antidote (s.r.)
summary ⇾ everything about you makes steve feel better. details ⇾ 1,010 words / steve rogers x secretary!reader / 🌸 fluff fluff fluff / au!where-everyone-lives-:-) notes ⇾ sir, ma’am, idk just–steve rogers, tada!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
six punching bags busted open, now trailed onto the floor as a map that leads you straight towards steve. he’s a heaving mess, on the ground, staring up to the ceiling with weary eyes. whenever missions don’t pan out the way he thinks it would, his mind is already jumping onto the bandwagon that he’s a failure.
not entirely, but for someone who is constantly wondering if he’s at his prime after being dormant–frozen–for more than a little while, it does things to your brain. no matter how well steve thinks he’s adapting, he constantly worries if he’s doing his best, if this is his best?
but... that’s why he has you then, eh?
when they’ve returned to the tower, your department was already buzzing with paperwork and things that needs to be covered. though you should be handling your work professionally at your desk, when there’s a e-mail ping from t-stark labelled [urgent] the old man is a sad sack in the training room, that’s codename for ‘you’re able to leave your desk to tend to another job’.
the job where since you started dating captain america, it seems like you became his rock; the calm in the world he wants to bask in when things got overwhelming.
you stand a few steps away with your hands behind your back, perking a brow up to him. he huffs and turns the cheek, eyes softening at the sight of you but he’s too much in his emotions to show you how he truly feels. instead, he remains like a lifeless starfish on the ground, unmoving.
“what’re you doin’ here?” 
“asking questions you know the answers to, are we?”
at your words, he refuses to look at you. you take that opportunity to swipe some of the remnants of the punching bag to lay down next to him. he won’t show it but he likes the fact that you’re using his stretched out arm as your pillow to lay your head on and how you pretty much ignore the fact he reeks of sweat, still covered in smudges as you curl next to him.
if steve is out to save the world, he must’ve saved plenty if it meant being by your side like this. he stares at you, quietly, intently taking in the way you rest against him and turn the cheek to meet his gaze. there’s a small frown on his face that dissolves when you place a hand on his cheek and gently brush the light stains on his skin.
his chest rises and falls as his breathing evens out, slowly coming to the regular, calming heartbeat he gets whenever he’s with you. even being in the same room as you made him feel at ease. there was just something about you he can’t quite put his finger on–and he won’t–because he already has you. 
“whatever happened today wasn’t your fault,”
his mouth opens to protest but you slide your thumb over his lips to prevent him from being able to continue.
“i know what you’re gonna say but don’t. we’ve been through this many times and it all ends up with the same thing so let’s get to that, shall we?”
he swallows thickly and seals his lips back shut, giving a small nod. that makes you sit up and steve makes his move to stand along with you. he offers you his hand for the taking as you get up to your feet and when you do, steve is looking at your hand in his. how... smaller they were but still matched the spaces between his so perfectly.
like you were made for him, like he was made for you.
in the midst of his appreciation, he has other things to appreciate when you reach for his other hand to wrap them around your waist. grinning up to him, you step closer and circle your arms around his neck to lower him down to your embrace. steve wordlessly follows suit, burying his face in your neck, tightening his hold on you until he starts to quiver.
you catch him, with soothing pats to the back and stroking his head lovingly. kissing the side of his head every now and then, your sweet voice reassuring him that he’s captain america for a reason. more so, he’s steve rogers. 
with or without the shield he’s everything you’ve come to love and steve is reminded of that time and time again. imprinted in his mind, flowing in his veins with the kind of love he only dreamt of having, now greeting him each morning. steve relishes in the feeling, squeezing you tighter and pressing a kiss to your neck with a sigh.
you two stay like that for a long moment. as long as steve needs to recollect himself. as long as he wants to bask in your warmth.
((a ping from your watch makes you draw back from steve briefly. he huffs when you have to place a hand on his chest to lean him back but he easily smiles again when you give him a quick kiss before checking the notification.
[requesting update] is the old man still a sad sack?
[update to that update] or are you gonna need the day off?
[update to that update’s update] are you gonna let me know or what? i’m still your boss, y/l/n.
“well, i’ll let you call the shots here, cap,”
“ captain, it’s only right you go back to work,”
“but what does steve think?”
he clicks his tongue, hands smoothening on your waist to tug you back until you’re pressed to his chest. the giggle that enters his ears always fuels his purpose of all things right.
“he thinks you should stay with him and not tell tony,”
“and if that gets me fired?”
“he needs you too much to fire you,”
“now, is that captain talking or steve?”
he smirks, luring you towards the doors of the shower area and you can’t even bite back the grin as your feet quickly follows his pace.
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Those Enchanting and Sweet (Chapter 6)
Steve Rogers never had a problem being an Omega growing up. His mother taught him how to live in a wold dominated by Alphas and He was happy.
Y/N Barnes (not a Barnes through blood) loved Steve as the Omega he was. Heartbroken over her brothers enlistment, she pulls away. When Steve gets the chance to go to war, everything just seems to get worse for her.
They both disappear. Steve, into the ice. Y/N disappeared into the powers she couldn't begin to understand or explain or control. There's no chance for her to reunite with Steve, right? (Spoiler alert, but that last statement is pretty goddamn wrong)
A/N: The reader has the same powers as Five from the umbrella academy, she's just less of an asshole and has much less control
Tumblr media
Nick Fury was a terrifying person. From the way he glared at Y/N like she wasn’t supposed to be there to the way ignored everyone else, like he was too important to them. But the most terrifying part? He didn’t smell like anything. He didn’t smell like an Alpha, didn’t smell like a Beta or an Omega. Y/N couldn’t tell how he was masking his scent, but it all had her on edge.
She and Bruce were the only two Omegas on this damned flying thing. Y/N was either stood with him or Steve, the only two she felt comfortable with.
“Romanoff, show Miss Barnes to somewhere more comfortable,” Fury said, refusing to look at either of them.
Nat offered Y/N her usual kind smile and Y/N was more than willing to go with her. They walked out of the main part of the ship (that was what Y/N had decided to call it. It was an airship and it could go on water - it made so much sense!) and to somewhere much more secluded.
This place wasn’t built for an Omega to idly hang about. There was a bench in the corner and some lockers in front of her. Y/N sat on the bench and looked around at the dark room. “Do you want something to drink?” Asked Nat, leaning against the unit in front of the locker.
“I’ll be okay,” Y/N answered. She leaned back, leaning against the wall.
But suddenly the wall wasn’t there anymore. She was falling backwards, still in the sitting position, until arms caught her. “Woah there,” Steve mumbled, pulling her up to her feet. He brushed her off and pulled her close.
Once again, Nick Fury was staring at her. “What in the hell was that?” He demanded.
“Oh!” Y/N instantly jumped away from Steve, turning towards Fury. “Yeah, so I have these powers that teleport me from one place to another against my will. Last time I was actually thrown through time which is why I’m here.”
“So you can’t control it?”
“No sir.”
Fury shook his head. “Go back to the locker room, Miss Barnes, until you can give me something useful.”
Unphased by his demeanour, Y/N bounded off. Steve held out a hand to stop her, but she went happily. The moment her ass touched that bench, she was back beside Steve, this time on the floor.
“Miss Barnes,” Fury challenged.
Y/N held up her hands. “I can’t help it, okay? For some reason my powers keep bringing me back to Steve so I’m gonna stay beside Steve!” She insisted, leaving no room for argument.
Fury only grunted and turned away from her.
There Y/N stayed while Fury and his mismatched team discussed... whatever they were discussing. She couldn’t really follow along, assuming she needed information she hadn’t yet been privy to. Every two minutes Steve was looking over at her, ensuring she was okay. He’d squeeze her knee whenever she’d frown at someone.
When Banner set up in the lab, Y/N tried to go with them. He was the only person she could be comfortable with aside from Steve. But Steve, being the protective Alpha he was, kept her by his side.
That was until they found the oily haired son of a bitch. Germany, or somewhere like that. It was hard to hear what was being shouted over the chaos. But then Steve was being put to the task to bring him down, and, suddenly, Y/N didn’t know what to do.
“Do try to stay here, Miss Barnes,” Fury snarked as Steve set to work. Her skin was pricking as she watched on the monitor as Steve jumped in front of a blast from Loki’s sceptre. Nat was down there with him as well, just in the jet behind him.
It was like her skin was on fire as she clenched her jaw and tried to keep herself grounded. “Fury, I’m really sorry.”
Suddenly she was gone, no longer beside him where he commanded her to be. “Shit!” Fury pretty much screamed and turned to the screens. Sure enough, there she was beside Steve, her fists raised towards Loki like she was going to fight him off. Her eyes were wild and crazy, and, for a moment, Fury really did think she was doing to lunge at him.
A growl from the Alpha beside her pulled her into line. She straightened up and lowered her fists, stepping closer to Steve. The grin on Loki’s face was almost sinister as he looked at her and raised his sceptre. Just as the blast was coming towards Y/N, she disappeared, only to reappear behind Loki. “Your aim sucks!” She shouted over the gasped from the crowd.
She couldn’t keep the grin from her face as she disappeared and reappeared beside Steve. It was the first and only time her powers had worked, had obeyed her. She turned to Steve. “Are we bringing this guy in or what?”
But Loki still had his sceptre, which was a huge problem. He raised it again, keeping it trained on Y/N, and fired. The only thing that stopped her from dying then and there was Steve as he jumped in front of her, his shield protecting the both of them. “Fuck!” Y/N hissed, her hands wrapped around Steve’s arm. She was shaking like a leaf and unable to let go of him. “Stevie, holy shit.”
“I know,” he whispered and tried to shake her off.
Suddenly, there was another blast and Y/N was holding Steve tighter. But Loki’s sceptre was on the floor and Iron Man (Someone Y/N had done too much reading about in her short months of being homeless) was in front of them. “You really bring your girlfriend along to do super hero stuff, Cap?”
Exhaustion gripped Y/N. All of that jumping had her completely worn out and napping on the jet. It wasn’t a proper nap, not with the way Steve kept gently waking her up every five minutes. That and the thunder and lightning which felt too close for comfort.
But, out of all of them, Loki's body held the most fear. Y/N tried to keep concentrated on him, but she could hear Steve’s heartbeat through his suit and it wasn’t helping to keep her awake. “Stevie,” she grumbled and pressed her nose against his exposed neck. “The storms getting closer.”
The thunder rumbled again, and Loki visibly flinched. “Scared of a little thunder?” Taunted Natasha.
“I’m not overly fond of what follows,” he responded with a slightly sinister grin.
Suddenly the jet jolted. Y/N jumped to her feet, wide awake. “Steve,” she gasped and, suddenly, Loki was ripped away from them. The back of the jet was wide open and he was plummeting to the ground below them.
Steve pulled his helmet onto his head and grabbed his shield, “Stay here, ‘Mega,” he said before jumping out of the jet like it was nothing. Tony Stark was quick to follow him. His metal helmet came over his head and he leapt after Steve. Y/N gripped onto the seat below her and squeezed her eyes shut.
“Shit.” The wind was whipping around her face as she fell through the sky. It was too dark to see what she was falling towards, and it was only when her body crashed into another did, she realise where she was. Steve went down below her, softening her fall. “Oh my god,” she groaned and rolled off of him.
Y/N got up onto her knees and looked towards the blonde Alpha in front of her. His hair was long and he held a hammer up in a threatening way. His eyes narrowed in on Y/N and he took in a deep breath. “Omega,” he growled, his lip turning up in a snarl.
“Oh god,” Y/N squeaked and shuffled closer to Steve.
The unfamiliar Alpha growled and started swinging his hammer. “Shit, Steve, what is he doing?” The hammer stopped and Steve threw his shield in front of the both of them. He kept himself crouched, Y/N cradled in his arms. Lightning hit the shield and the two of them went back. Y/N couldn’t stop the whimper that escaped her lips as her back hit the ground.
“Alright, Capsicle, I got this,” Came a metallic voice. Tony Stark dropped to the ground beside them, his palms facing the other Alpha. Y/N stayed crouched on the ground as Steve got to his feet.
She looked up towards where Loki was standing, still bound. He smirked as he watched a billionaire, an old man and an unfamiliar Alpha square up to each other. The face part of Tony’s helmet slid up. “Doth mother know thou weareth her drapes?” He had the attitude of an Alpha, but he was overcompensating and stank like a Beta.
The angry Alpha lifted his hammer. “What’s the deal with that?”
“He really likes that hammer.”
The unfamiliar Alpha started swinging his hammer again and Y/N suddenly jumped to her feet. “Wait!” She shouted, holding her arms out. “Wait! We both want Loki, right? So then why don’t you, unfamiliar guy, come with us?” She reasoned and took slow steps towards him.
“Y/N,” Steve called warily and the Alpha growled at him.
She got close enough to wrap her fingers around his hammer and lowered it to his side. “Hey there,” she said with a somewhat polite smile. “I’m Y/N – would you mind not blasting my friends with your lightning?”
The Alpha grunted, but he kept his hammer by his side and marched over to Loki. He grabbed his bound arms and dragged him over to where Steve and Tony were.
“You’re welcome,” Y/N mumbled as she walked towards Steve and Tony. Steve let out a little growl and pulled her closer. She blinked up at him and he pulled his helmet from his head to press his nose to her neck. In the distance the jet was touching down, and Tony was leading the Alpha and Loki over to it. “C’mon, you big goof, lets get back to the jet,” she whispered and grabbed his hand to pull him towards the yet.
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Reading Glasses (part 1)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!reader, Bucky Barnes x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Sam Wilson x reader, Loki x reader
Category: Preferences
Summary: How they react to you wearing your reading glasses in front of them for the first time
Warnings: none
1- Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
    You glanced up as Steve entered the kitchen, smiling at the sight of him in his uniform before returning to the paperwork you had sprawled about you on the island. “Was the mission successful?” You stole another look at him with a smile. “I don’t see any blood or bruises.” 
     “Strangely enough, it went pretty smoothly.” Steve gave you a kiss on his way past to get a bottle of water from the fridge. “When, uh, when did you get the glasses?” 
     “Hmm?” You reached up and adjusted the glasses sitting on your nose, heat rising to your face as you remembered that Steve had never seen your reading glasses before. “Oh. Yeah. I got them while you were away,” You looked down at your paperwork even though you were no longer concentrating on the words. “I know they look kind of stupid, but,” 
     “Stupid?” Steve came to stand on the other side of the island, a gentle smile on his lips as he regarded you. “I like them, they look really nice.” 
     “They do?” You asked, slowly meeting his gaze. “You think?” 
     “Yeah, sweetheart.” His smile grew. “Of course, my girl looks nice no matter what she’s wearing.” 
- Bucky Barnes 
Tumblr media
     “Well, look at you.” 
     You looked up from your book as Bucky sat next to you on the couch, the playful smile on his face causing your brow to furrow. “What?” 
     “The glasses. Are they new?” He gestured to the glasses perched on your nose. 
     “Oh, these?” You snatched them off  and put them under the book on your lap. “They’re nothing, just, uh, you know.” You shrugged. “Glasses.” 
     “Sweetheart,” Bucky’s smile was gentle. He reached over to pull the glasses free. “It’s all right.” He whispered, slipping them back onto your face. “There’s no need to hide them.” 
     “I feel silly in them.” You whispered back, nuzzling into his fingers as he caressed your cheek. 
     “Nah,” Bucky leaned close to plant a kiss on your forehead. “I think you look cute.” 
Tony Stark -
Tumblr media
“Give them back!” You demanded, making another jump for the reading glasses Tony was holding out of your reach.
“Ya know, I think they just look too cute to give back.” In a singular motion Tony slid the glasses on. “What do you think? Too much?”
“You look better than I do.” You scoffed, snatching the glasses off his face and into your back pocket.
Tony sighed. “Come here,” he demanded, his voice gentle as he hooked his fingers into your belt loops and pulled you close.
“You.” He pulled the glasses out. “Look.” He opened them in front of your face. “Beautiful.”
Tony slipped the glasses onto your nose, then pulled you in again with his hands on your waist. “My sexy nerd.”
You started to object further, but before you could so much as open your mouth Tony had captured you in an all consuming kiss. To prove his point, of course.
Sam Wilson-
Tumblr media
“You good?”
You looked up from where you had been massaging your forehead to see Sam looking at you with that look. The one he has when he’s worried about something, usually you.
You put a smile on your face. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Another headache?”
“I’m just tired.”
“Mm-hmm.” Sam didn’t sound convinced.
You returned to reading, or attempting to read, the book in your hands.
“Why don’t you wear those new glasses you got?” Sam shot you a look.
“What glasses?”
“The ones you got so you wouldn’t have headaches.”
“Oh. Those.” You felt heat rising in your face as you hid behind the book. “They look stupid.”
“Well if they save you from constant suffering,”
“Shut up.”
“I will when you start taking care of yourself.”
“Fine.” You put down your book and got up from the couch you had been sitting on, crossing to get where your glasses lay on the table next to Sam. You picked them up and slid them on. “There.” You turned and looked at him. “Happy?”
“Immensely. I’m immensely happy.” Sam moved to slide his warm hands around your waist. “They look nice, baby.”
At the pet name you couldn’t help but soften. “Thanks for looking out for me.” You muttered, smiling as Sam replied by pulling you in for a kiss.
Tumblr media
With a cry of anger you threw your reading glasses across the room, pitying the fact that it didn’t cause them to break. You flopped back onto the couch just as Loki cautiously entered the room, his look questioning.
“I am tired of reading glasses.”
“But you only just got them.”
“Yes, and now I am tired of them.” You picked up the book and pretended that you were able to read it without squinting. “They make me look ridiculous.”
“No more ridiculous than you look nursing all those headaches.” Loki couldn’t help but smirk at the look you gave him. “My darling,” he began, stooping to pick up the glasses before crossing to you. “I’m sure you look wonderful in them.”
“You think so?” You grimaced as you took the glasses from him and slid them on. “Now what do you think?”
Loki studied you for a long moment, his lips curling into a smile. “That’s it?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you look absolutely stunning in these, beloved. These are truly worth all this fuss?”
“I wasn’t fussing.” You tried to frown but the truth was you were glowing from the compliment.
“Yes you were.” Loki moved his arm to drape across the back of the couch beside you, his fingers drawing circles on your shoulder. “But I forgive you.”
“How generous of you.” You teased.
Loki just smiled.
Fanfic masterlist
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starryevermore · a day ago
fic: new boys
hello :) i’m a sucker for an angst/comfort fic, may i request a blurb where reader is overworking herself to the point where it’s making her sick and the boys interfere? 🥺
(+ love your writing, have a nice day <3)
new boys: a sam wilson, steve rogers, & bucky barnes anthology | ao3
pairing: grad student!sam wilson x law student!reader x grad student!steve rogers x grad student!bucky barnes
word count: 357
warnings: midterms, mention of studying to the detriment of your mental health, pet name (baby)
note: this takes place after the boys + reader get together.
Tumblr media
i DO NOT consent to my works being reposted, translated, or published on any third party site or app. if you see my work posted on any platform that is not my tumblr, my wattpad (starryevermore), or my ao3 (illiterate), it has been stolen and reposted without my permission.
reblogs and feedback encouraged.
my blog is strictly 18+. by clicking on the links or read more, you are agreeing that you are an adult. any minors found interacting with my blog will be blocked.
Tumblr media
It was midterms. You had warned the boys ahead of time that you were going to be stressed out of your goddamn mind for the next month (since midterms were spread out over several weeks as the exams were particularly demanding—the same rung true for finals). And they'd seen how you stressing over regular studying. How you locked yourself in your room, devoting hours upon hours upon hours to understanding a single subject. Your studying habits were obsessive, because they had to be. This wasn't like undergrad, where you could skirt by with minimum effort. You had to give 200% of your brain power to every single thing you did. Otherwise, you couldn't make it.
So, they knew what to expect when the weekend before your first midterm rolled around.
But, as the week wore on and they saw less and less of you, they knew that they had to do something. After the first week of midterms, on that Friday night, Bucky stopped you before you could even think of retreating into your room.
"What?" you muttered, rubbing your eyes with the back of your hand.
"You're taking a break tonight, baby. We aren't taking a no for an answer," he said. "It's around 8 o'clock. You've been in class all day. You've been busting your ass in the library for hours. You told us when we moved in that, where possible, we should remind you to not bury yourself in your studies. And we're doing that now."
"But I got a midterm to study for on Monday—"
"And you will study tomorrow. And Sunday. But right now, you're gonna go in the living room where Sam's put on your favorite movie. And then Steve's gonna finish fixing your favorite desert. And you're just gonna enjoy what's left of your day. Okay?"
And, as you looked over towards the living room where Sam was breaking out your favorite plush blankets and toward the kitchen where Steve was taking an assortment of baked goods out of the oven, your tiredness melted away and all you wanted was to rest in your boys' arms.
"Okay," you said.
Tumblr media
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Stabbed Heart
Tumblr media
Summary - What happens when you love King Steve Rogers but he sees you as merely a source of entertainment?
“What do you mean to marry you?” Steve Rogers echoed, his gaze rampant with cynicism as he abruptly cast aside the financial account details he had been studying.
“Why would I want to marry you?”
Your hand was shaking. Hastily you set down the teacup, your courage plummeting fast.
“I just wondered if you ever thought of it.” Your restless hands fiddling with your dress. You were afraid to meet his eyes.
“It was just thinking about it.”
“Why?” he prompted softly.
“You are happy just the way you are.”
You didn’t want to think about what Steve really thought of you. Of all the emotions you felt about this relationship with Steve, satisfaction was not one of the emotions. From the beginning, you had loved him passionately, irrevocably, and you knew deep down in your heart, you were more invested in the relationship than
Steve, you could never be his equal.
For the last four years, you had oscillated between bliss and hopelessness. This beautiful, expensive castle was your prison. Not his. You were in a gilded cage for King Steve Rogers”s pleasure. In reality, you were caged by your love for him.
You stole a nervous glance at him. His light cadence had been deceptive. Steve Rogers was silently boiling with anger. His anger for a scapegoat an imaginary human, someone who gave you these ideas, corrupted your mind with ideas way above your station.
“Y/N,” he pushed irritably. Your nails pressing into your palm because of all the nervous energy in the room. You were on thin ice, something Steve didn’t like.
“I have been thinking about it... I still want an answer,” you gambled, you lied, you didn’t really want that answer, and you certainly didn’t want to hear it.
Steve Rogers looked forbidding, as hostile as if stabbed by a dagger from his loyal soldiers.
“You don’t have the background or the education that I require in my wife. There, I said it,” he delivered callously with the decisive tone which made his name as much feared and respected in the Brooklyn kingdom and world.
Whatever little bit of hope was present in you drained from your body. You flinched from the ruthless honesty that you had asked for, you felt utterly humiliated realizing that you had, after all, cherished a minuscule, flimsy optimism that deep down inside he might feel differently. Your soft eyes filled up with tears, you shied away from looking into his eyes.
After breaking you from the inside, he continued.
“This isn’t our usual morning time conversation before breaking the fast,” he murmured mischievously, but you could read it easily, it was a reprimand for your brazen act.
“Why do you want a relationship which will burden you? As your lover and companion, I am far less difficult than I would be as a husband.”
You wanted to laugh, but your bubbling emotions let your tears pour down your face, thankfully you turned around. You rubbed your face vigorously to wipe off any traces of your real emotions… Steve closed the distance between you two, his front touching your back, kissing your neck softly, you knew Steve Rogers was distracting you, your back stiffened trying everything in your every power to trying not to feel anything after the painful disappointment.
Steve sighed, he shrugged back his handspun silk overshirt. A chamber servant knocked and he frowned.
“You’ll be late for counsel,” You said it for him, for the very first time glad for his departure which usually ripped you apart.
Steve Rogers started moving in another direction.
“You seem very worried this morning. Is something wrong?”
How could you forget what was actually weighing on you? You had intentionally saved that question for the last. You didn’t want to spoil the last few hours you would ever spend together.
“No... everything is fine?” Turning around you smiled tightly, looking him in the eyes and lying about the storms plaguing your heart. But being with him had taught you the art of deceit and dodging.
“I don’t believe that; you didn’t sleep last night, you were tossing and turning all night long.” You stilled. He sauntered back to you, he hugged you, his big muscular arms wrapping you in a faux sense of security.
“Are you worried about your security? I can add more guards outside the castle and increase your security detail.”
You melted into his embrace, his muscular, and extremely fit body against yours. He lovingly traced your cheek.
“Someday we will go our separate ways,” he predicted in a seasoned tinge.
“But that day is very far away.” Did he not know what he did to you when he said things like that? He must use the same way to keep his court in line. He was murmuring something smooth about trade sanctions and crops yield but you refused to listen to it. Happily trying to soak up the moment. You wanted to shout through the roof, to get him to listen, ‘You can’t buy love, King Steve Rogers of Brooklyn…
Although his appetite for your body remained, you knew only so much time left, till he’ll get bored and take another lover, you’ll be yesterday’s trash. You no longer believed the desire, the passion that you had once naively translated as an emotion of pure love. You were nothing but entertainment for His Highness for several days a month. Steve had not even guessed that the past weeks had been complete hell for you, proved the triviality of the bond for him. Your fantasy bubble had popped and you had started building against reality four years ago. He didn’t love you. He hadn’t realized that he couldn’t live without you…and he never would.
“You’ll be late,” you whispered rigidly, unsettled by his scrutiny. Steve decided to leave, he didn’t usually linger to observe you. He licked his lips to kiss you again, but your guilty conscience wouldn’t let you, you pulled yourself free before he could kiss you.
“I’m not feeling well,” you muttered an excuse.
“Why didn’t you tell me? You should lie down.” He swept you up easily in his arms, and settle you down on the unmade bed.
He hovered, revealing a rare unease.
“If this is another result of one of those foolish diets of yours that some lady suggested, I order you to quit it. Don’t you get it? I like you as you are. Why do you want to make yourself ill, Y/N?”
“No,” you replied tautly.
“I will send for the doctor or you go see the doctor today,” he instructed. “If you don’t, I’ll know about it. I’ll mention it to John on my way out.”
Evidently, the security guards were for your protection but more often than not, you suspected, they were there to police your every move.
John’s expressionless disinterest and stiffness intimidated you.
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jobean12-blog · 8 hours ago
Hii Jo, I just read your farting pics and I'm rolling on the floor😂😂 I have another weird scenario if you had time to write it. So my stomach does this thing where it makes noise, not when I'm hungry or anything just like randomly. Google says it's my SI processing stuff I'm digesting and our body has no way to muffle the sounds, so for me sounds similar to a hungry tummy but more airy? Enough science talk, could you do something with Steve and bucky( or pick your poison), when after dinner they're on a walk and the noise just starts and their like you still hungry doll? Or whatever scenario you find fit ☺️
(Honestly sometimes it just happens in the middle of the day, even though I'm not even hungry or having any food related thoughts)
Just something light and fluffy like your farting fics and if you have time ofc!♥️♥️
Gimme' S'more
Pairing: Stucky x reader
Word Count: 765
Summary: You, Steve and Bucky enjoy some s'more with a side of laughs.
Author's Note: Hi LOVELY! Thank you for this sweet request! My stomach is always talking so I feel you! And all this stuff is so natural and as you said, just our bodies doing their thing! I love these real and human moments between our reader and the boys! I hope this makes you smile! I made it fall themed since it fits for now! And I'd like about 10 s'mores haha! Hope you enjoy, have a great night! HUGS! 🥰Thank you all so much for reading and much love always! ❤❤❤Divider by the lovely @imerdwarf
Warnings: lots of sweet fluff and fun, laughs and light fun teasing, some suggestiveness but it's sweet spicy fun :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I can feel you laughing JAMES!!! UGH! I’m going to sit with Stevie!”
You push off Bucky’s chest and try to stand but he wraps his metal arm around your waist and holds you tightly to him.
“No way doll face. You’re mine now,” he chuckles. “And I’m only laughing because you’re so cute. Are you sure you’re not still hungry?”
You lick the remaining melted chocolate from your fingers and shake your head no.
“I’m fine. You know it’s just my stomach doing it’s thing,” you sigh.
Steve smiles from the other side of the blanket, your feet in his lap and his hands massaging your calves.
“Want another smore baby girl?” Steve asks, leaning over to make himself one.
You watch the marshmallow catch aflame over the fire pit, giggling when Steve tries to get it off the stick but can’t.
“Here let me hold the graham crackers,” you say, grabbing them from his hand and holding them up so he can concentrate on the gooey marshmallow.
Steve sets it between the crackers and slowly pulls it off the stick, cheering when he gets it off cleanly. You sit back and press your pointer finger and thumb together, both now sticky with marshmallow. When you pull them apart you laugh at the string of sugary goodness that lengthens between them.
Bucky grabs your hand before you can get it to your own mouth and licks your fingers clean, smiling mischievously when you give him a death glare.
“That was mine BARNES!” you screech.
Steve throws his head back with laughter and points at Bucky. “Hey Buck, that’s a James and a Barnes and we haven’t even finished dessert yet!”
Bucky rolls his eyes and kisses your cheek. “Sorry baby doll.”
Just as you’re about to ask Steve to make you a s’more your stomach makes a grumbly popping nose and you huff out a curse.
Steve and Bucky exchange a glance and try to look sympathetic but your disgruntled face is too cute and they can’t help their loud cackles.
“OH GREAT. Now you too STEVEN!??”
“Ooooo you got a Steven!” Bucky taunts, laughing harder.
Their muffled laughter continues and you start to feel your own giggles bubbling up and when your stomach makes one more loud gurgling noise you lose all control. The three of you shake with laughter.
“Can one of you please make me another s’more?” you ask after you catch your breath.
“Only if I get to stab the marshmallow!” Bucky exclaims, taking the bag in his hands.
You and Steve laugh but make no protest.
“You just love to stab things,” Steve teases as he prepares the graham crackers and chocolate.
“That’s the truth,” you agree.
“I never hear you complaining about my knife skills baby doll,” Bucky murmurs with a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows.
“And you won’t ever hear it,” you answer, throwing him a wink.
They manage to get the s’more together but not without the two of them getting sticky fingered and messy.
“Look at you two!” you playfully chide.
“What?” they ask simultaneously.
You reach over and grab Steve’s hand, sucking his thumb clean of chocolate before you move back to Bucky and lick the remaining marshmallow from his fingers. You settle between them and take a bite, closing your eyes and moaning at how good it tastes.
When you open them back up, Steve and Bucky are staring at you, their eyes filled with unmasked heat. With a sly grin you lick your fingers clean but just as you open your mouth to make a sultry remark your stomach pops and gurgles, effectively ruining the moment.
You bury your face in your hands and groan, laughing lightly when you hear their combined snorts.
“I know you’re both laughing!” you squeal from the darkness of your palms. “I swear if I got this worked up every time you two farted or something I could make a full-time job of it!”
Instead of deterring them your remark sends them into a renewed fit of laughter and you fall over into Steve’s arms, hiding in his chest.
Bucky shifts closer and gently rubs your back. “Aw doll. You know we’re only teasin’ ya right?”
“Of course, baby girl,” Steve adds, “we think it’s really cute.”
You lift your head and snuggle closer to Steve then grab hold of Bucky’s shirt and pull him toward you, sighing into the warmth of their bodies.
“I know,” you whisper, snuggling nearer to them both. “But you know I don’t think it’s cute when either of you fart right?”
Tumblr media
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bluemusickid · 2 days ago
Hey guys, I have a new series coming up!
Tumblr media
The Long Con
Summary || Down on their luck, two con artists Steve and Bucky decide to use the tool at their disposal to the best of their abilities to earn some cash, i.e., their charm and devilishly good looks. What happens when a rich, lonely heiress meets them in the most unlikely of places and befriends them?
Here's a little sneak peak!!
"It's another dry day for us, pal." Bucky sighed, eyeing their fridge. Not that it was any different from other days, but he'd kinda hoped that today would be special. No reason for it to be, he thought, wryly. Life had dealt the both of you the shittiest cards, and it was no use trying to change that.
"So what's new? You'd think you'd be used to that by now." Steve drawled, lazily draped over their couch. It was lumpy, broken, and had springs poking out of it. But it was one of Steve's mother's last possessions, which is why he kept it around.
"Let's just contact Sam and set up another target. Dunno why we're taking so long this time, we should be getting rich by now, not living off of bad ramen and cheap beer."
"Hey, it's not like he's not trying. The rich assholes seem to be in hiding right now, is all. Give him time, he'll get us a good target." Bucky huffed, pouring out some milk. God knows he loved Steve, but the dude could be impulsive and borderline annoying at times.
Sitting up, Steve jumped off the back of the couch, making his way to the table. "What if we found our own target this time, eh? Cut out the middle man, keep all the sweet earnings for ourselves?"
Bucky stopped mid chew. "Are you outta your fuckin' mind?! We can't do that! We need Sam! He's the one who's been getting us good targets over the years. Targets who keep their mouths shut even after we're done with 'em. We go solo, and we can kiss our asses goodbye. He'll kill us!"
"Don't be such a fuckin' pussy, Buck. I'm sure he won't say a word. And even if he does find out, which he won't, what's he gonna do? Take our money? ! He can't. Do that."
Taking a seat, Steve urged, "C'mon, Buck. You always say that we're meant for something bigger and better. Well, we can have that. All of that. Big house, lotsa cash, whole armada of women. All you need to do is take the plunge. That's it."
Bucky pondered over his words. He did make a lot of sense. Plus, who knew how long this spell lasted? The money was almost over and so was the food. If they didn't get some soon, they could say goodbye to having a roof on their heads.
"Wait a second. You said "take the plunge." Meaning you've already found a target?!"
Steve grinned, pulling out a newspaper clipping. "Not just one target. A shitload of 'em." He rasped.
Hope you guys enjoyed the lil’ sneak peak! Send me an ask if you want to be added for the taglist! (Just for this series) I’ll try to be as regular as I can with updating, fingers crossed!
Tumblr media
Much love,
Lexi ❤️
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aries-writingblog · 2 days ago
Summary: Steve and YN were complete polar opposites. Always at each other’s throats, no matter the topic, an argument was sure to break out. What happens when America’s Golden Boy and the Homicidal Agent get locked together- which will break first?
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Enhanced Reader
Word Count: 6633
Warnings: lots of arguing, language, mentions of death, violence
AN: The reader in this fic has powers and they’re kind of inspired by those of The Seance from The Umbrella Academy. I wanted to write something with those powers bc I adore his character in the comics and I also wanted to write a female character who was kind of darker and more coarse. Mainly because I personally don’t really see a lot of female characters written like that so I tried my best.
Also I know I haven’t written something fluffy in a long time but it will be returning with the next post. Thanks for reading! GIF is not my own credit to original creator.
Tumblr media
“LN, are sectors 7 and 19 clear?” Steve paused, glancing down the hallway. He pressed his back against the wall, just in case, as he took a moment. Listening for a response. When none came, Steve repeated the phrase. He cursed under his breath.
Of course she would ignore him. YN never did anything for the greater good ever. If it meant that she would get to annoy Steve, the woman would do anything. Or in this case, nothing.
Peeling himself away from the chilling concrete, Steve started walking again. Shield pressing into his forearms as he stalked down the hall. If she wouldn’t respond, he would just have to carry on his portion of their mission. Do his part and catch up with her later.
He pushed the door open quietly, slipping into the control room. It was empty- eerily, quiet. Something felt wrong… nothing in Steve’s life had ever been this simple. Never this easy. Especially not with YN on a mission. It created a knot of paranoid anxiety in his chest, lungs and heart pressed uncomfortably against his sternum.
“LN- are the sectors clear?” He repeated, a creeping irritation lying just under his skin. Out of reach and boiling over at the same time. He couldn’t tell if she was doing it on purpose or if something was really wrong.
It was the exact reason he hated interacting with her. She was always up to something- a double edged sword. Every time he figured her out, she switched. A new persona rapidly overtaking the old one. Giving Steve a severe case of whiplash. She did it just to play with him.
Steve sighed, anger bursting from his chest in a huff. She managed to press his buttons halfway across a damn warehouse facility. His eyes landed on the massive control panels before him, monitors above it.
Fine, he thought. If you won’t answer me, I’ll find out myself.
His fingers fumbled slightly, his first attempt at deciphering the board unsuccessful. A couple more twists and buttons, he found the live feed. Steve scanned through the channels, squinting in concentration as the view finally came into focus.
What he saw made his stomach drop six feet. Vertigo plagued his brain as he gazed into the glass.
YN was standing with her back to the camera but he knew it was her. She looked like no one else and Steve despised the fact that he knew the pattern of her figure by heart. She stuck out like a sore thumb to him.
She wasn’t the only thing that stuck out in the scene. Bloody, mass mutilation strewn across the floor around her.
Before her, one man remained standing. They were so close, he didn’t quite understand what was happening. Her hands were pixelated and blurred but he saw her reach for her abdomen, right at her hip. YN’s body lurched as she yanked on something.
A knife. It had been lodged in her vest covering her abdomen. Confusion crashed over him, watching as YN lunged forward, burying the blade into the man’s neck. Up to the hilt. He turned away, grimacing as she ripped the blade up further. He felt bile gathering in his throat, threatening to lurch out.
Steve Rogers had seen his fair share of violence. But this… it was out of hand. It was brutal and unnecessary. The man went flying into the wall, head smacking against the concrete. Joining his comrades in their violent disarray.
There was a click on the unit in his ear, the silence being replaced with a dull static noise. Overtaking his panting breaths.
“All clear, Captain.” Steve turned slowly back to the monitor. Only to see YN staring into his eyes, her fuzzy figure sending a knowing glare into the lens.
“Then get out.”
“I haven’t gotten to the data storage, yet.” She argued. He huffed, irritated from her constant abrasion on his patience. No matter what he told her, she did what she wanted. Steve didn’t even know why he still tried.
“I’ll take care of it- I want you out of this building, on that jet, waiting. You’ve done enough.” He hissed, watching her reaction on the camera. YN shifted her weight, hand on her hip. He could almost hear the scoff, see the frown on her lips.
“That’s too damn bad- I’m closer. I’ll take care of this.” She responded, her voice urgent.
“No you won’t. Stand down.” Steve demanded, jaw ticking as rage built up. Threatening to spill over the comm unit. He watched as Yn’s hand flew up to her ear again, ripping the unit from behind her ear. Her eyes came back to the camera, meeting his glare as the unit was dropped. Her heavy boot crushing it under her heel before she walked off, out of the angle. “Are you fucking joking?”
Steve wanted to put her head through a wall. Anger was bubbling in his chest, lighting his lungs on fire. Adrenaline pumped through his body, his hands were trembling with it. He’d had enough. Enough of her games and violent displays, enough of her irritating comebacks, and enough of her leering presence.
YN leaned back into the jump seat , watching him with curiosity. Mind reeling as Steve’s face slowly turned red. Jaw ticking. Oh, he was pissed.
And she liked it.
“What is it with you?” He seethed, brushing a hand through his sandy hair. YN cocked an eyebrow, deciding it would be best to let him wear himself down by pacing. “You’re… homicidal and sporadic- a loose cannon. How the fuck were you ever cleared for field missions?”
“Lucky mistake.” YN shrugged, fully aware she was doing nothing but egging him on. For some deeply twisted reason, she enjoyed watching the well put together captain have a meltdown. She enjoyed causing that reaction.
Steve halted in his pacing, heavy gaze locked on her figure.He hated that she was good at her job. She was the best of the best- top agent at SHEILD before joining the Avengers. But she only got there because she was brutal, heartless. It was what everyone whispered when she passed through a room.
Well, either that or her abilities. Everything about her screamed unnatural and dangerous. YN wasn’t supposed to exist.
And Steve hated the division in his brain. He hated she had two, equally devouring, pulls on him. One warning him to stay away, another telling him to be curious- to figure her out. Guide her to the correct path, even. Her claws were deep into his subconscious and he couldn’t shake her. No matter what he did. It didn’t matter because her every move was ingrained into his being.
YN cocked an eyebrow, watching the Captain begin to pace again. Clearly distressed, enraged, by her. He wanted to tell her off, probably wanted to throw her in a cell and never let her out. But he wouldn’t. He never did.
Every single mission they had been on was the same. They would show up, Steve commanding her to a station, she would ignore him, YN would do something gut wrenchingly horrible, Steve would find out, scold her, repeat.
But she never knew why the Captain was so angry with her. She knew he was uneasy whenever she happened to be in his vicinity. Everyone was. YN wasn’t someone people wanted to be in a room with for anything. Of course, partially her own fault; she was pushy and violent, owning up to the facts. But the thing that made most people wary of her was her unnatural abilities.
YN spent most of her days talking with the dead. And if she wasn’t communicating, she was channeling. Possession. Or she was levitating through the hallways of the Compound. Just to petrify new recruits. She was typically a menace.
And Steve Rogers was her handler. She wasn’t allowed to go on solo missions or any mission that involved someone other than Steve. He didn’t trust her and she gave him every reason not to.
“You are the most irritating, pushy, self centered person I’ve ever met.” He scolded her, running a hand through his sweaty hair.
“It’s my kink in life.” YN responded coolly, her gaze level. Indignant rage burned his throat. Steve’s hands reached out, almost wrapping around her throat but he stopped himself. Backing away and taking a deep breath. When he opened his eyes, YN had a small smile on her lips. Her head tilted. Waiting for him to snap, for his morals to fragment.
“You don’t have to…” He paused, staring at her. Her eyes were hardened underneath all that nonchalant mirth. Waiting for him to yell, scream obscenities at her. Fault her for her actions. Maybe he had been going about this all wrong.
No one ever did well with people yelling at them. It only created more of a divisive atmosphere. Steve had been approaching the unruly agent with a steel grip, wrangling her under his control. It hadn’t worked so far, probably never would.
Steve knelt down, their faces leveling. YN’s eyes widened, eyebrows raising as she leaned back further. For once, she caught off guard. He wanted to revel in that feeling, the look on her face. But he knew it would do no good, she would only become defensive again.
“I know that what Hydra did wasn’t fair, not to you, not to anybody. But it doesn’t mean you have to sink to their level of savagery.”
YN’s face warmed, her skin on fire as her jaw tightened. Anger beginning to flood her system. It was no surprise the Captain had access to her files. Even less of a surprise that he read them. But the nerve he had to drop it into a conversation- simplifying her life into two measly sentences.
“Fuck you, Rogers.” YN spat, her voice shaking. Seething rage began seeping into her veins. Running rampant across her body. She stood up, forcing Steve to look up to her. Confusion in his eyes, brows tugged downward. “You don’t get to throw that shit back into my own face. I do what I do because I can, not because I’m fucked up. Don’t make me into some damsel you can save. I’m not fuel for your stupid god complex.”
“And what is that supposed to mean?” He snapped, rising to his feet. He loomed over her, staring down his nose. Broad shoulders casting a shadow over her body. YN returned the glare at full force, electricity crackling between the two.
Just as she opened her mouth to spit back at him, a quiet beeping alerted the passengers of the jet landing. The noise ripped the pair from their heated argument, forcing them each to take a step back. To breathe. Steve cast a glare back over his shoulder before turning, walking toward the flight deck to begin landing protocols.
YN inhaled through her nose, eyes closing as she recomposed herself. She hated he did that- caught her off guard with the faux understanding shit. Crawling under her skin. Exposing her nerves, leaving a residual ache in her muscles. A shiver ran down her spine, eyes opening again.
They landed on an old woman, her wiry gray hair pulled back into a bun. Thick skirts over her body, shawl draped across her shoulders. Her skin was leathery, hands folded before her. Dark eyes seemingly piercing Yn’s soul.
“What do you want?” YN snapped, her hands resting on her hips. The woman began to speak, a low murmur of words that became a whine in her ear. She winced, trying to block out the buzz. Regain her control. “Great… thanks a lot, Rogers.”
“You’ve got to do something. I can’t manage her anymore.” Steve insisted, leaning over the conference table. Maria Hill ran a hand down her face, sighing before she finished jotting down last minute details. She was at the Compound once or twice a month, checking in on the team for Fury. Overseeing the occasional psych evaluation. Luckily for Steve, she was there the day after the mission from hell. “You saw what she did.”
“Unfortunately, LN is our best agent. It’s why she’s on the team. Her abilities are a rarity- they can be helpful when harnessed correctly.” Hill slid her papers into a folder, lacing her fingers over it. “You’re the Captain of this team, Rogers. You should be able to handle its members- be agile enough to pull them together. To harness that potential.”
Steve’s brows lifted, glancing around the empty conference room. He chuckled lowly, shaking his head before smiling sarcastically.
“You’ve never worked with her, then.” He assured the brunette, yanking a desk chair out. Flopping down into the plush seat. “She’s insubordinate- won’t listen. Stubborn and pushy. She should’ve never been cleared for field work.”
Maria rolled her eyes, fed up with the pouting of a century old soldier. But she was also exhausted of signing off on YN’s mission reports after she saw the brutalization the woman exhibited. And the complaints that arose from her partners.
“I will speak to LN about mission etiquette.” Hill promised, eyes level with Steve’s. The door swung open, revealing a pair of assassins- fresh from the gym, ready for the conference meeting.
Natasha nodded a quiet hello to Maria, taking a seat across from Bucky who sat beside his friend. He had already heard an earful from Steve, as well, about YN and their supposedly disastrous mission. It was all the blonde spoke about when he burst into Bucky’s apartment. Grumbling under his breath about the woman.
He himself tended to steer clear of her anyways. She had an attitude that rivaled his own. Bucky knew that they would only be gasoline to a flame if they spent more than five seconds together. He was mildly surprised Steve hadn’t spontaneously combust yet.
As the clock began to countdown, winding to the set meeting time, more people began trickling into the room. Sam and Tony finding seats just as Clint, Wanda and Vision made their way into main space. Bucky could feel the pressure of Steve’s grip on his arm chair as he scanned the room. Every face accounted for except one. YN’s.
Steve scowled deeper, fingers tapping the glass table anxiously. If she was late, he might just throw her off the roof. His jaw was clenched so tight, his teeth threatening to crack. The door swung open one last time, revealing the aggravation- the wiggle in Steve’s brain. The pain in his side.
YN sidled in at the last moment, her mind far from the room. She was barefoot, sweatpants and a thick hoodie over her body. She was not in the mood for any of this regulation crap- a headache banging against her skull.
“You were almost late.” Steve snipped, flaring at her. YN sighed, rolling her head over her shoulders. Her gaze landed on the Captain, eyes dull and irritated. Her face was tired, shoulders sagging.
“Oh, I’m sorry- were you just being possessed by a chatty spirit?” She snapped, eyes narrowed. “Next time you are, let me know how long it takes until you can break away. Then I’ll improve my timeliness.”
“You should be aware of deadlines anyways. We can’t stop a whole day schedule just because you can’t control yourself.” He replied coolly, watching as Yn’s eyes lit up. Rage flaming in her irises, flickering under her skin. Heating her face.
“Then don’t.” YN spat, shoving his chair back. Steve’s face turned upward, leering at her from his position. Natasha turned to Bucky, her head tilting. Bucky sighed, leaning his elbows on the table.
“Welcome to World War Three.” Natasha commented.
“You know what your problem is?” Steve asked, pushing her back as he stood up. Getting in her face.
“Oh, please enlighten me.”
“You’re insubordinate, you’ve never thought about another person a day in your life- selfish and insubordinate.” He hissed. YN’s face stretched into one of mock surprise, hand coming up to her chest.
“Wow- what an observation!”
“Hill!” Steve shouted, gesturing to the woman before him. Maria sighed, taking a deep inhale as she turned to YN.
“You’re meant to follow orders from a higher rank. In your situation, Rogers is a Captain-“
“Who made this man a captain?” YN interrupted, face scrunching in confusion. Steve scoffed, lifting his upper lip in annoyed disgust.
“-therefore you follow his order.” Hill finished, speaking over the pair. Eyes narrowed as YN sent a scathing glare toward the agent.
“If the bar is that low, anyone could be a Captain- hell, his is just an honorary title. He was a circus monkey for Christ’s sake.” She hissed, spinning on her heel. Slowly stalking toward her blonde prey. Chest to chest. “Because everything you’ve got came from a bottle, lab rat.”
“You’re one to talk,” Steve spat, closing the gap between them. Chest to heaving chest, heat rising between their angered bodies.
“Tread lightly.” She warned, an animalistic growl vibrating her throat. Steve didn’t back down, didn’t think twice. The words slipped from his mouth before he could stop them. Before he could realize they were wrong.
“You were poked and prodded more than I was, no wonder your brain is so screwed up.”
“That’s enough!” Maria shouted, shoving her way between the two brooding thunder storms. Elbowing them away from each other like juveniles fighting on a schoolyard. “Both of you are now on probationary suspension. No missions, no SHIELD work, nothing. If you so much as want to go to the park, you run it by me.”
“We’re being grounded?” YN clarified, the lethal tone in her voice turning on Hill. The brunette never flinched, just reorganizing her papers neatly. Her shoulders as steady as her glare. “That’s bullshit!”
“And It’s your fault.” Steve clarified, Yn’s attention swinging at him full speed. “If you could just follow orders-“
“And be a good little bitch- I know. You tell me every four fucking hours.” She interrupted, hands connecting with his chest and shoving him back. The strength behind her assault made him grunt, forcing him to take a step back physically. Steve growled, wanting to lash out. Shove her back. But he wouldn’t. It wouldn’t solve anything. “Why don’t you get off your high horse and stop acting like you’re better than me?”
“I never said that-“
“You don’t have to say it-“
Maria grit her teeth, staring at the bickering pair. She reached behind her, slipping her handcuffs from her belt. Just as YN swung at Steve again, Maria caught her wrist. Promptly snapping the cuff shut before snatching Steve’s wrist before either of them could catch on.
“Until you both stop acting like children, you’re grounded yes. And until you learn to get along, these will stay on indefinitely.” Maria pushed away from the pair, gathering her folders. “The rest of you: mission schedules are being revised- I’ll have a new copy sent by tomorrow.”
Her thunderous footsteps were the only noise, as she exited the room. A stifling silence fell over the group. Wary and unsure of the next step. Second hand embarrassment running through them. Averting eyes from the fierce, outraged Avengers in the center of the room.
“Well…” Tony grinned, breaking into the quiet comprehension of the team. He pushed his chair back, gesturing to the now attached pair. “This is gonna be fun. Anyone else up for day drinking? You’re gonna need liquor to drown out their arguments.”
“Suck a dick, Stark.” YN snapped, yanking on the cuffs that dangled between their thighs. Scowling down at them. Steve returned the pull, metal chaffing against her skin. He stared down at her, meeting the resentful glare with one of his own.
“Always lovely to speak with you, LN.” He responded, nodding his head to her. Another grin split his face as he met Steve’s expression. “Beautiful day, isn’t it Cap?”
Tony was going to enjoy every excruciating moment that Steve Rogers was attached to the woman he loathed. Anything to annoy the fossil was at the top of his to do list- it’s why most days, he and YN got along fantastically.
“Make sure you choke on it, too, Tony.” Steve smiled. Tony only grinned even bigger, clapping his shoulder as he passed. Bucky sent his friend a quiet glance of reassurance as he passed. Steve cringed as he thought back to the words he shouted at YN. Bucky must’ve thought Steve was just holding those words back- they could’ve easily been applied to the battered man as well.
Soon, everyone had filtered back out of the conference room, avoiding the two rage filled figures standing together in the center. YN scowled down at the metal links, a surging migraine beginning to set up behind her eyes.
“What now?” Steve asked. “Do we try to break these or…?”
“Probably not gonna break. It’s Hill’s cuffs.” She responded, pursing her lips. “How much do you like your right hand?”
“Don’t use that hand to unzip your pants, you idiot!” YN shouted, her hand yanking away from Steve. He grunted, his shoulder being pulled harshly against his will.
“It’s my right hand- I’m right handed! I can’t magically change my dominant hand.” He grumbled, fingers fumbling against the clasp of his belt. YN whined, rolling her eyes.
“Do not touch my hand to your dick, Rogers. Or I swear I’ll kill you in your sleep.” She threatened, cautiously inching her hand back inside the bathroom.
“Trust me, I want you nowhere near any part of me.” Steve responded, a mutter under his breath.
YN huffed, leaning her back against the doorframe. It had been three hours since Maria cuffed them and this was the first time one of them had to use the bathroom. They had already had several issues so far. Including deciding which of them led the group, writing with three hands, and texting.
It left her wondering vaguely when the woman intended on removing the cuffs. If she ever would. Eventually they would have to be separated- they couldn’t stay like this forever. Right?
“You know if you moved your fingers, I could actually wash my hands a lot faster.” Steve complained, flicking her knuckles sharply. YN jerked her hand, water splashing up onto Steve’s clothes. “That was on purpose.”
“No shit. If I had to make and eat a sandwich with one hand, you can wash your hands around mine.” She replied, peeking into the bathroom to splash more water up. Steve growled, smacking her hand away.
“I have to get these off by morning. I’ll lose my fucking mind if I have to sleep beside you.” He wiped his hands off, shoving her out of the way as he exited. YN scowled deeper, a crease forming on her forehead.
“Wow- as if I would ever let you sleep in my bed.” She cringed, the mental picture causing her stomach to roll violently. Steve stopped to stare down at her.
“I’m sleeping in my bed.” He clarified. YN snorted, holding up their conjoined wrists.
“News flash, Captain Dumbass: we’re sleeping in the same bed. I don’t give a shit where it is but it’s not mine.” She turned around, tugging him along as she marched off. “I’d never get the stench of super soldier out of the sheets.”
“Cute.” Steve muttered, falling into step beside her. “Real cute.”
“Come on, soldier- you can run faster than that!” YN shouted, lounging back as Steve growled. He swung to hit her but she ducked, laughing manically.
They were the only two up at five thirty in the morning, jogging around the park. Well, Steve was jogging. YN was levitating at his side. Laid out with only her wrist moving, as Steve pumped his arms.
They had originally attempted to run together, but it quickly fell apart. Steve ran too fast, YN ran too slow. Their arms weren’t in sync, swinging with reckless abandon between their bodies. Feet stumbling into the other’s. So she gave in, hovering a few feet off the ground so he could get his jog in. Of course she grumbled about having to take her shoes off to allow him to workout but she did it anyways. The connected wrists were still an issue but it was much easier when Steve had control.
It was an experience, not unlike their first night being conjoined. After several more screaming matches, the pair had been exhausted and ready to collapse. Steve had taken a shower that morning, before the incident. But YN had demanded she get a shower- refusing to go anywhere until she did. So he gave in.
The whole experience was a disaster. With trying to figure out how to undress and get re- clothed, then his fingers grazing her upper thigh. Even the thought of her being naked so close to him made his body burn, face turning red with embarrassment.
“When can we stop?” YN asked, lifting her head to meet Steve’s eyes. He grunted, pushing himself at a faster pace. Forcing her to concentrate on moving faster.
“I’m almost done.” He panted, legs pumping harder as the finish line came into view. YN hummed, keeping up with his new pace easily.
He hadn’t been expecting it but, Steve didn’t mind waking up to someone else in his bed. They didn’t do anything- well, bickered about blankets and then set up a wall of pillows between them, but other than that. Normal night. He woke first- bearing witness to the gleam of her soft skin as the morning sunlight filtered through his curtains. Falling upon her skin graciously. She wasn’t all that bad asleep- she almost seemed peaceful.
But then she woke up, immediately snapping at him for staring at her like a creep. Steve regretfully had to accept that accusation because he kind of had been.
Steve slowed down his pace, bringing them to a halt. YN’s feet touched down, socked feet soaking up the dew off the grass. He propped his hands on his hips, gasping and gulped down mouthfuls of air. YN’s nose scrunched as her hand hit his hip as well, still uncomfortable with the thought of touching him. Her fingers curling into her palm.
“Thank you for this, by the way.” Steve’s voice was broken by his panting breaths. YN lifted an eyebrow, eyes cutting to look at him. “For waking up and running- even though you just… kinda… floated.”
“Please, don’t start being nice to me.” She responded, eyes narrowed at the bulking soldier beside her. “If you want to do something, take a shower.”
Steve laughed, an actual, from his belly, laugh. His left hand coming up, pawing at his chest. The sound pulled an involuntary half smile- the corner of her lips twitching.
“Alright. Fair enough.” He responded, residual smile lingering over his lips. YN had never seen him laugh before- not a real laugh. He was always so annoyed around her, granted she was an asshole most of her time.
As they stood together, Steve catching his breath and observing the quiet landscape, YN noticed happy looked good on him. That smile didn’t make him look so angry.
“You want breakfast?” Steve offered, swinging their wrists between their thighs as they started walking. YN shrugged, allowing him to do so.
“Nah. Breakfast makes me nauseous.” She admitted, her stomach queasy just from the mention. “But I’ll act out at a lunch.” Steve snorted, grinning at the ground.
YN settled into her space on the couch, snuggling deeper into the pillowy seat as Steve flopped down beside her. He was sitting much too close but they didn’t have much of a choice, seeing as their cuffs were still intact.
Steve sighed, flicking through the channels of the television, leaning into his seat comfortably. His eyes flicked back and forth, jumping between her features and the screen.
"What do you typically watch?
"You're asking my opinion on something?" She asked, cocking an eyebrow. "I thought I was a terrible person- that you never needed my opinion."
"That... why do you always bring up the negative comments I say?" Steve clicked through more channels, mindlessly scrolling as she shifted further into the cushions. He heard her scoff, saw her rolling her eyes as she scowled.
"Because you have never said one nice thing to me, like, ever. All I have for reference is negative comments."
"I have too said nice things to you before." Steve defended, lips pulling back. YN lifted her eyebrows, daring him to argue further. He stopped, ranging back through their spotty relationship. "Alright, okay, fine then: You’re a great person to have on a mission team."
“You hate having me on missions.
“Because you never follow my order." YN’s head fell back onto the couch, staring up into the ceiling. Here we go again, she thought.
“Your order is the easy way out.” YN replied, simmering anger just under her skin. Barely out of reach. She was growing sick and tired of this same, stupid conversation with him. It was the only thing he brought up around her- her inability to follow.
“My order keeps people safe- keeps people alive.” Steve corrected her, shifting on their shared seat to stare at her. “That’s the goal, always the goal. We are the ones people look to for help.”
“Some people aren’t good people.” YN snapped, lips curling in anger. Steve’s jaw clenched as she stared him down. Refusing to back away. “And the world could always do with a few less of them. What’s the problem?”
Steve’s hands came up, wiping down his face in exasperation. YN had to resist the urge to slap his face as her hand swung up with his. His free hand swept through his sandy blonde hair.
“Every time you take a life, it weighs on your soul. Erodes your being, until you vanish.” He defined, gesturing broadly with his hand toward her. “Just ask Bucky.”
YN’s hands slammed down on her thighs, a vicious smile taking over her features. A throaty laugh burst from her throat. A sudden pang spiked behind her eyes, but she ignored it- too fed up with his self righteous preaching.
“Not the same thing!” She shouted, foot kicking out against his side. Steve growled at the hit, swatting at her. “Bucky is different. He had a soul to begin with and it was ripped out of him. How about you don’t equate trauma? People are different.”
Steve leaned back, watching her simmering anger begin to build. His own fury bubbling in his gut, bursting through his chest. She had a point- he had to give her that. Guilt surged in his veins as Bucky’s face flashed before him- hurt evident as he left the conference room. The words he had shouted at YN in a fit of anger ringing in his mind.
"Okay how about this then: You’re an Avenger now. Which means there is more of a public view on you now. And one day, people will see you do something like kill someone and you’re gonna be in a lot of trouble- good people or bad people. It won’t matter. They’ll twist it so much, you won’t recognize yourself.”
“I don’t give a damn what people think!” She shouted, rising on her knees to stare him down. Faces so close Steve felt her breath. Another sharp prickle shot between her eyes, forcing her to wince. Whispered words filtered through the air, flickered shadows stretching into her peripheral. “If they want to make me a villain so be it. Not all of us can be perfect, with a clean slate. Some of us have to get dirty so you can go home the Golden Boy.”
“That’s not true- you know it isn’t true.” He insisted, staring her down. Eyes flickering between hers. YN opened her mouth again to interrupt him but another intrusive pain fired off, her face morphing into a grimace. Whispers became louder. Shadows more prominent.
She bit down on her cheek, eyes closing tightly as she backed away. YN groaned, leaning back into the couch. Stinging pain erupting behind her eyes. A whisper of a shadow writhing in the corner of the room. Steve sent a side eye glance to her, as if sensing her discomfort. Her mouth pulled as she shifted uncomfortably.
“What’s wrong with you?” Steve asked, just a tinge of concern in his voice. YN didn’t respond, the lights too bright, sounds too loud. It was all she could do to stay conscious. Steve furrowed his eyebrows, watching carefully.
He had only been around her once when she spoke with a spirit- it was a process he didn’t care to repeat. But this… this didn’t seem to follow that pattern. It was unfamiliar to what he remembered. Instead of concentration, her face was contorted in pain- discomfort.
The pressure that had been building in her skull throbbed harder. Her chest tightening, breaths coming in gasps. Throat closing tighter. Her muscles slackened, the pain forcing her down off the couch and onto her knees. YN groaned, both hands pressed to her forehead. A buzz setting off in her brain.
“YN?” She could barely hear Steve’s voice, he sounded as if he were underwater. Sluggish and delayed. Peeking between her fingers, YN could see humanoid shapes flitting around the room.
“No- no.” She moaned, teeth grinding together. Her skin felt like it was alight with fire- she wasn’t sure if it was embarrassment or the amount of spirits beginning to contact her. Beginning to take form around her. All reaching out, forming connections, speaking over one another.
“You’ve gotta breathe, YN.” Steve ordered, kneeling in front of her. Another broken groan sounded from her chest, muffled by her curled up body. His hands were uncertain- gently landing on her shoulders.
Her quiet whimpers and groans of pain were the only noise he could hear. The room was quiet- eerily so considering the painful panic in her expression. YN’s fingers began pressing into her scalp, nails digging into her skin. Steve cursed, awkwardly maneuvering his hands under hers to pry her nails away from her skin. The cuff linking their wrists together made it difficult to slide his fingers under her left hand but he managed.
“YN, eyes on me. Please, focus.” Steve implored, tilting her face to meet his eyes. YN’s eyes shifted from over his shoulder to him directly. “There you go. Talk to me- tell me what’s happening.”
“Too much- too many people.” She stammered, eyes beginning to slide away from his again. Steve jerked her head, forcing her eyes back to his face.
“Come on, focus.” He nodded, eyes almost as wide as hers. “What can I do- how do I help you?”
YN whined again, her eyes snapping closed tightly. Steve panicked, dropping from his knees, he sat down and slid closer to her body. He sat her between his thighs, pulling her head to his chest. Resting his chin on top, free hand running along her spine.
Steve quietly shushed her, brushing his fingertips along her back soothingly. Trying to calm her. YN surprised him- instead of shoving him away, she curled into his chest. The warmth radiating from his body melting her against him.
It took a long while for the whispers to fade- the hands grabbing at her to finally dissipate. YN slowly regained control, blocking the invaders from her mind. Slowing her heartbeat. The grasp around her throat loosening. Steve felt a long exhale of her breath against his neck, shivering at the warm feeling.
She pulled her head away, eyes glimmering as she stared into his eyes. She was so close Steve could feel her breath against his face. Her lips were so close- her body pressed to his. YN’s eyes laced with thankful vulnerability. She was exposed and he protected her.
“You okay?” Steve asked, keeping his voice quiet. Low and somber, calm. She hummed, the sound cracking. Eyes downcast.
“Don’t go soft on me- I’m fine.” She grouched, shoving away from his chest. Steve’s eyes followed her nonetheless as she held a hand down to him, offering a way up. He accepted it, standing closely to her side. Concern lacing the icy blues, mouth pulled into a frown. YN returned the expression, scoffing. Lip raised in disgust. “You never cared about me before- nothing’s changed.”
“I never said I didn’t care for you.”
“Got a funny way of showing it then.” She retorted, turning her face away from his view.
Steve sighed, reaching for some sort of reassurance, a condolence. Something to convince her otherwise. But the words refused to form. Confusion rattling his brain- synapses melting as they fired too fast. Leaving his mind blank as he stared at her back.
“It’s late- I’m going to bed.” YN informed him, tugging Steve’s body along behind her. She kept marching forward, not daring to look back. “Do whatever you want- just keep it down.”
Her head still ached, only this time, it longed for sleep. It was always like that after a bad episode. Her body was exhausted from the amount of connections spirits made so haphazardly. Usually, YN would be able to control the connection. Monitor it closely so it didn’t wear her energy down. But when so many bombarded her at once it was hard to fend them all away. Especially when her mind was being pulled away from her concentration- like one of their infamous arguments. Or in this case, he had distracted her with a conversation. Allowing her mind to be flooded and overrun.
When they got to the bedroom, YN collapsed on the bed. Spots dancing before her eyes, blotting out portions of the room. Steve watched her carefully, ensuring she didn’t hurt herself. He was still concerned- he had never seen her in so much pain before. Not even when she had been shot in the thigh on a mission. It dawned on him just how little control she actually held over her powers, how easily they could turn against her.
It wasn’t long after they arrived that YN fell unconscious. Steve pursed his lips, gently pulling the blankets over her body. It was slightly difficult with one hand but he managed to do it without disturbing her sleep. He quietly pulled a book from his bedside drawer, leaning back against the headboard.
He tried to focus for what felt like hours- the words swimming off the page the more he glared at them. But no matter what, Steve’s eyes would drift back over to the woman lying beside him. Tucked into the sheets of his bed, snoozing away. Her fingers had absentmindedly tangled with his, practically holding hands.
His eyes trailed down the slope of her nose, admiring the slant of her cheekbones. Eyes flickering behind closed lids- a scene he was not privy to playing out before her. While visions floated through her consciousness, words strung through his ears.
“You never cared about me before- nothing’s changed.”
The realization hit him like a truck. Barreling through his body- jolting his consciousness.
He did care for her. Genuinely, deeply. Steve didn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t around. YN was an integral part of his life now, someone he knew would always be there, for better or worse. He used to think she was just a pain in his ass but somewhere… she became more. How much more he wasn’t sure- the memories were muddy. Colors blurred as he looked back, an attempt to determine exact time was futile.
Steve gazed down at her, exhaling sharply.
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saviorsong · a day ago
Being a Caregiver - Avengers
Each of the Avengers responds in a myriad of ways over you becoming a caregiver of a friend or family member. 
Tony Stark being the germaphobe that he is would likely be grossed out initially. After he observes you one day sending a drone to spy on you, perspectives change. He see’s the love, care, and commitment you put into each interaction. Watching you adjust their clothing so their covered. Blowing on the food to make sure they don’t burn themselves. His heart breaks, pondering why he could never find anyone who cared for him that way. Suddenly the building is under new ownership everything is now ADA accessible and rent is subsidized. 
Natasha during one of her many digging sessions sees that you have a morning routine. As well as no availability for long term missions, needless to say, she digs. Hacking into cameras she follows your every move seeing you arrive. After an initial observation she decides to scope it out in person. Being a part time Avenger yourself you quickly spot the spy, inviting her in. She spends a few hours getting to know the person you care for in depth. From then on Natasha was always available for an afternoon cup of tea with the two of you. Anytime you need a hand getting to appointments.  
Scott Lang found out after a conversation with you.(wasn’t that easy?) He told you how impressed he was with your patience and compassion.  From then on he made it his mission to make you laugh: funny dances, stories about his life, physical humor. The man is not too full of himself to make a fart joke if it makes you smile.  If you’re too tired to drive home he makes sure you get their safely; whether, he carries you or drives you back. He is a dad after all.
Thor found out about your caregiving by overhearing the conversation with Scott. He ends up conversing with you as well. Becoming an excellent ear to bounce ideas off, even coming to a doctors appointment as bribe. Once he returns to Asgard he speaks to their medics about the individuals conditions. Upon returning he delivers medical or technological supports. Even going so far as installing, administering, and explaining it himself. 
Bucky just observed you following silently until you broke down in tears after one exceptionally hard day. After you unravel all your thoughts and feelings, he’s still standing their listening. Bucky knows exactly how you’re feeling: the worry, the fear, the early morning and broken nights sleep. On those days he just sits with you, occasionally sharing what it was like to care for a sickly Steve Rogers. When you walk up to his, resting a head on his shoulder he just walks with you to the open window.
Sam invites you to engage in healthy coping mechanism: he saves a meal, invites you on workouts, or asks you to come to support groups. He never pushes. Sam knows you’re grown, that you make your choices. He rarely turns down company knowing how much better you do when you take care of yourself. 
Clint, well he read your lips across the room. Theirs always an extra serving of coffee, exactly to your liking. It’s the little things with Clint. His wife packing an extra snack or sending a home cooked meal so when you get home it’s one less things to do. He gives extra pats on the back when days are hard.
Bruce uses his biomedical PhD to find articles, experimental trials, and his academic prestige to get you in contact with the best minds of medicine and science alike. Tony and him even twiddle around contributing a paper or two on the subject of illness, disability, or life modification.
Steve knowing exactly what it’s like to be ill helps with the day to day elements. Grocery run? Consider it done. Dishes piling away in the sink? Completed. Getting carried to bed because you fell asleep on the couch. You wake up in bed. He’s the best day to day support you could ask for without actually asking.
Loki is a bit of ass to start. When he see’s the energy you put into caring he changes his tune. Your bed is suddenly fitted with the finest sheets. His arms snuggly wrapped around your waist. Loki knows exactly what it’s like to be alone with a weight heavier than you think you can bear. Yet you carry it still.
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The ties were black, the lies were white
Tumblr media
“Why do you act like I’m going to run?”
He was silent for a moment, his arms effectively trapping you.
“Because you will.”
“Should I?” It took him a moment to answer, his eyes never leaving you.
“Yes. You should.”
A/N: This scene had been sitting waaay too long on my notes. I think I wrote this down some two years ago? Anyway! Still not sure who the pairing should be, I’m kind of thinking Henry Cavill x Reader, or Chris Evans’ character x Reader. Who do you guys think is more appropriate? 
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buckysknifecollection · 12 hours ago
Howl - part 6
(alpha!Steve Rogers x omega!f!reader)
Tumblr media
Series Summary: After running away from your old pack, you guard your independence tooth and nail. When a one night stand ends in an unexpected way, you are forced to change your ways. Will you be able to let someone into your heavily guarded heart?
Chapter warning: multiple mentions of anxiety, A/B/O dynamic, mention of parents' death
A/N: Thank you for being patient with me ❤ I hope you enjoy this chapter!
Masterlist + Howl masterlist
Tumblr media
Days went past without any indication of the hunters still lurking nearby, and life within the pack felt almost normal.
You decided to pick up your classes again. It was hard to get back into the rhythm after a few months away from college, but you knew you needed the routine and the normalcy back in your life. After witnessing what happens after an encounter with hunters, your drive to get your nursing degree only intensified. You wanted to be able to help, just in case.
The pack seemed to become even more close-knit after that encounter too, as if the need to protect each other intensified. More members of the pack were patrolling the woods on a regular basis, but everyone seemed on edge anyway - sniffing the air and listening carefully whenever they were outside. Steve did it constantly, he’d eye the edge of the forest suspiciously whenever he walked past an opening between the houses, and you were no different.
At the same time, you felt like there was no other place you’d rather be. You were certain that if anything did happen, your pack would be there to help and you’d be there for them too.
Your pack. It really felt like you belonged with them at this point.
It wasn’t just the safety of the pack that made you stay, though. You couldn’t imagine leaving behind your little group of friends that made every day just a bit brighter. You couldn’t imagine waking up without hearing the tell-tale sound of Sam and Natasha racing early in the morning, their failed attempts of being quiet but instead yelling at each other. Dinner time was always spent in someone else’s house, with music playing and kids running around.
And of course, there was Steve. As days went by, he felt more and more like a partner, not just some guy from a bar. You got to know each other well in the past weeks and what you noticed was that he was a really… intense person. He could get hot headed easily, his emotions clouding his judgement - although you knew about that almost from the beginning. But he was incredibly protective, both of the pack and yourself. Steve was caring and sweet, in private he was more affectionate than you would’ve ever imagined. Even though you hadn’t asked it of him, Steve hasn’t touched a drop of alcohol since the night you met.
Steve also had gotten into the habit of asking you about everything - he wouldn’t sit beside you without asking your permission. And as frustrating or silly it felt sometimes, you truly appreciated his efforts to help make you feel safe. And now knowing that there was a group of hunters out there, you were grateful for the safety Steve and the pack provided.
_ _ _ _
It was a quiet but chilly evening, with the sun painting the pack’s settlement in reds and oranges, when Pietro came running into your and Steve’s house, not even stopping to knock on the front door. Before the young man managed to catch his breath, Steve was in front of him, holding him steady by the shoulders.
“The hunters.” Pietro was panting, “They’re back.”
Steve jumped into action. Without a word, he pulled his boots and jacket on, with Pietro hanging by his side. You stayed in your spot on the couch, pouting and feeling left out. Steve had ordered that the moment the hunters make an appearance, the pack should have a final meeting to decide what their next move should be. And since pack meetings were off limits in your original pack, you figured the same would apply here.
“What are you doing?” Steve’s voice pulled you from your sulking. You shrugged, not sure why Steve would be asking you this.
“You’re having a pack meeting right?” You shot Steve a tight smile. “Omegas don’t take part in those.”
Steve’s face softened immediately, a sweet, comforting feeling came from him, which only confused you more. He waved at Pietro, who nodded firmly and left, closing the door behind him. Steve came back to the couch and helped you stand up, immediately wrapping you in his arms and pressing a firm kiss to your forehead.
“You should know by now that you’re part of this family.” You could tell he was proud to say that, and it filled you with happiness to be a member of his pack. Even if your relationship with Steve was still somewhere in between friendship and, potentially, love, he wanted you to feel good about being in his pack.
“And in our pack, everyone takes part in pack meetings.”
You felt silly for still doubting the pack, after months of spending time with these wonderful, loving people. You couldn’t easily shake off the rules your own pack had taught you throughout your youth, but at least Steve understood that and never made you feel bad for it.
He placed a kiss on your cheek and pulled you by the hand towards the door. Steve made sure your coat was zipped up properly and your boots were laced tightly, he draped his thick scarf over your shoulders to lend you some extra warmth when you step out into the cold.
Steve led you to Natasha and Sharon’s home, one of the bigger houses. You knew their home almost as well as yours and Steve’s by now, as you spent a lot of time there while Steve was at work.
The usually warm feeling the house had seemed almost gone when you walked in. The pack’s tension fogged up the rooms and with all the overhead lights switched on, you felt exposed as you followed Steve through the entrance and to the spacious living room. Every little space was occupied by the pack’s members, some were huddled on the sofas and the chairs pulled from other areas of the house, multiple people were sitting on the floor and on the stairs, all waiting for their Alpha to start the meeting.
Steve spotted the last available armchair, in the furthest corner of the room, where he led you with his hand resting on your lower back. Your eyes darted around for a place where you could sit or at least be out of the way. You supposed you could join Natasha, who was leaning against the wall next to the fireplace, directly behind the chair Steve was going for. When you got close enough, you realised the chair is more of a loveseat, and once he was seated, Steve guided you to join him. It was a bit of a tight fit and it felt strange to not only be at a pack meeting, but to be sitting right next to the pack’s Alpha. It felt completely unnatural to you, but considering the only reactions you got were friendly nods in greeting from your friends, you quickly relaxed and leaned closer to Steve.
As he could sense your obvious discomfort slowly melting away, Steve took your hand and held it gently in his own, resting on top of his thigh. As the group waited for the last people to arrive, Steve’s thumb rubbed gentle, soothing circles into your skin. Even if your unease at being present at such an important event for the pack was dissipating, you were painfully aware that the very fact this meeting was held was because the pack was in grave danger and a solution had to be found.
Sam and Bucky were the last to arrive, their adopted children - Leon and Ada were soundly asleep in their arms, and once they settled into their seats as well, the meeting could finally start. The pack knew by now what had occured during and after the first encounter with the hunters, but Sam and Bucky filled everyone in once again in detail, so that every person in the house was on the same page. It was hard listening to that awful attack again, especially when you thought about how difficult Bucky’s recovery was. Your heart broke at the sight of the two young children in Bucky’s lap, who lost their birth parents only a few months back. But it was important that everyone knew all the details before a decision was made.
A somber silence fell over the room as everyone took in and processed the information.
“Fighting is out of the question.” Natasha spoke up for the first time that evening. She was leaning against the fireplace, staring at the flames.
“We don’t have enough people who are ready to fight. We have children we need to keep safe.” She looked up, meeting Steve’s gaze, then yours, then glanced over the others. “We can’t fight them.”
“Tasha’s right. They’ve got silver bullets, we don’t know what other weapons they might have.” Bucky pointed out.
Steve took a deep breath and leaned back in the seat, his eyes travelling from one member of his pack to another, as the other discussed quietly amongst themselves.
This was his family, people he had known for years, they’ve been through good and bad together and he didn’t want any of them to get hurt.
“What if we left?” Sharon suggested in a small voice, one of of her young boys was nodding off in her lap, face hidden against her neck. “What if we just packed everything up and left?”
“Where would we go?” Steve asked, his attention now on her. He knew she didn’t want to risk the safety of her family or the other pack members, either.
The first thing that crossed your mind was going back to your old pack, joining them, but you cringed at the mere thought of your beautiful, loving family merging with those assholes. You have heard some stories during your travels a few years back, though...
“Aren’t there places where wolves live in peace with humans?” You wondered quietly, eyes locked on your fingers that were nervously playing with the hem of your shirt. You felt Steve sit up behind you, his arm coming around your hips.
“What do you mean, darling?”
“I’ve heard that there are places across the country that are… accepting, better for wolves.” You shrugged, uneasiness creeping in again because of all the eyes directed at you. “I’m not sure though, it’s just rumors I’ve heard after I left my pack.”
“I’ve heard of that too.” Helen spoke from where she was sitting further in the room, Thor by her side. “Apparently there are a few villages close to the mountains. where humans have alliances with wolves, they all co-exist.”
“What do you think, Steve?” Bucky asked.
Bucky was a fighter, that much was obvious, but now that he and Sam have witnessed what happens when you cross hunters, now that they have taken in orphaned wolves, he wasn’t unwilling to run, if it meant his family was safe.
Steve took a few minutes to think it through. It was probably the best option for everyone. Going into unknown territory was risky and dangerous, but hopefully it didn’t involve silver bullets. More members of the pack confirmed these rumours, a few people knew of friends who lived in said villages.
You put your palms on Steve’s as he listened, giving him a sign that you were there with him, you trusted him. He locked eyes with you and you could tell he made his decision. Steve kissed your cheek, lips lingering there for a moment, then he sat up straight and spoke to the pack.
“We need patrols to make sure no hunters come near us or follow us as we travel. The rest, pack only the necessities, pack warm clothes, food for the drive. If anyone can contact anyone who could have any information on safe places, call them, find out as much as you can. We leave as soon as possible.”
Murmurs of unwilling agreement filled the room. Unwilling, not because they didn’t agree with Steve’s decision, but because nobody wanted to leave the homes and connections they have built here. The pack knew they had to focus on keeping each other safe though, and this was their best option.
_ _ _ _
On your way back home, you remained quiet. Knowing that you would have to go on the run again was difficult for you. The pack had decided that they would split up into groups and scatter for a few weeks to throw the hunters off their trail, and then would meet up again once they managed to find a new place to settle. As silly as it sounded, you were upset that you only just managed to fully unpack the last of your belongings and now you’d have to pack everything again. You didn’t like the idea of the pack splitting up and not seeing most of them for a while. You were glad, however, that this time you would not be running alone and that you’d have Steve by your side.
Steve, on the other hand, you could feel anxiety rolling off him in waves. You didn’t need your bond to know he wanted to say something but was holding it in. The tight hold he was keeping on your hand meant you could feel him fidgeting as you walked down the path to his house. By the time you made it inside the warm house, you couldn't help it anymore, you had to know what was on his mind.
Steve disappeared in the kitchen once you got home, and you followed him there. You watched him set out two cups on the counter, drop a bag of tea in each and put the kettle on. As the water boiled, you approached your anxious Alpha and wrapped your arms around his middle, resting your head against his back.
“You can still leave, you know.” Steve spoke softly, his tone sounded sad. You hummed in question. “This pack, I mean. You can break the bond and go back to town, you don’t have to come with us if you don’t want to.”
You didn’t move an inch from your spot, instead, you clung to him even tighter.
“What makes you think you’ll get rid of me so easily?” You tried to lighten the mood, you didn’t even want to think about this. You felt relieved when Steve chuckled and squeezed your palm.
The kettle clicked off and Steve filled the cups with water, but he stayed in place, his warm hand covering your palms over his stomach.
“I’m serious though.”
“So am I, Steve.” You unwrapped your arms from him and pulled him by the arm so he faces you. When he did, you couldn’t help the coo that left your lips at Steve’s sad expression. “It’s been bumpy, but I love the pack. And I think you know by now that I have feelings for you too.”
That made Steve smile. You cupped his cheek in your palm, which he leaned into more.
“I do want to come with you.” Steve nodded, and pulled you close, kissing your forehead repeatedly until he got his fill. You held him tightly then and the following night.
_ _ _ _
In the next two days, Steve had quit his job and you had quit your classes. You knew you couldn’t take every single one of your belongings, so the two of you carefully chose only the most essential and most beloved items. Chances were, you’d never get to return to this house again and if the hunter found it after you had left, they probably wouldn’t leave it untouched anyway. Pack members came in and out all the time, asking for advice and bringing any information about where your group could go and where your end goal could be. People made contact with old acquaintances in many areas of the country and soon you had a pretty decent plan of action on hand.
The woods surrounding the pack were quiet in this time, which instead of calming you, made you even more anxious.
You frowned at the boxes that were filling Steve’s truck. Steve came down the porch steps with more bags of clothes that had to go on the backseat..
"You okay?" He asked and you gave him a tight smile.
"Kind of sick of living from boxes these past months." It all reminded you of the months you spent on the run, trying to get as far from your pack as possible.
Steve threw the bags in the backseat and sighed as he closed the door. He came up to where you're standing by the trunk and pulled you in a hug, his arms gentle but secure around you, his lips brushing against your hairline.
"I'm sorry, sweetheart. I hope we can settle down soon."
"I hope so too." You sighed and relaxed against him.
You liked the idea of settling down with Steve. A sweet, gentle and intelligent guy. You wouldn't say you were in love with him just yet, but he did make your tummy flutter more and more often and you could see yourself being deeply in love with him in the near future. It made you sad that just when the two of you started getting close, life got difficult again.
You were enjoying the quiet moment you shared with Steve, the two of you simply holding each other, giving each other comfort, when movement behind Steve, on the edge of the camp caught your attention. Normally you wouldn't be worried, there were plenty of people moving around as the pack was getting ready to leave, but your instincts kicked in and you went completely still, even stopped breathing for a moment.
A metallic smell hit your nose and you gasped.
"What's wrong?" Steve immediately picked up on your reaction. You instinctively pulled your Alpha closer, seeking his protection.
"Steve- !" He turned around and finally saw them.
Over a dozen hunters, with guns and huge blades, were approaching the pack.
Tumblr media
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dadsbongos · a day ago
i'll miss you
Movie/Show/Game: Marvel Dynamic: Steve Rogers/Reader Warnings: endgame spoilers ig but like it’s been a bit so just see the movie Summary: Steve just hopes that leaving isn’t something to tear you apart. Word Count: 1.3K ~~~
You watch Sam glide a hand over the shield, his shield. Then the eyes all turn to you as if suddenly remembering you were there. Bucky reaches for your hand hesitantly because while he knows this experience, he'll never know the actual feeling. Comforting was never his forte, especially after just regaining the sense of who he was. He doesn't fight when you pull away to stand in front of the elderly replica of the man you'd loved. The man you'd thought loved you.
There's a pause as you study the lines in his face, the weathered skin, and the peppered hair. He's lived out a full life and he chose to do so without you.
"Would you have been happy with me?"
"Don't - " Steve's voice is no longer tinged with the harshness of youth as he speaks, "don't do that to yourself."
"So, no?"
He isn't smiling anymore, and that almost brings you enjoyment to see his lips stretched to a frown. To see that he isn’t happy almost makes you forget what he’s done to make you wish displeasure upon him. Then you notice the pity in his eyes and it reignites the fresh fire.
“Don’t look down on me,” you shake your head, “You don’t get to do that, you’re the one that left… you left for Peggy…”
Steve presses his lips into a thin line before speaking, “I’m sorry. I wasted years of your life and you didn’t deserve that. I never wanted to hurt you but I did, and I’m sorry.”
“Did you ever think of me?”
Bucky and Sam awkwardly retreat from the growing quarrel.
“I did,” he nods slowly, “I thought about all of you.”
“Steve, you know that’s not what I meant,” your voice wavers with the lump of budding cries in your throat, you move to sit beside him and place your head in your hands, “Did you ever regret it?”
“Sometimes, but…” he shakes his head, “it wasn’t about our life together. I want you three to be okay and I can’t be there anymore. For that, I’m sorry.”
You brush away at the wetness gathering along your waterline, “I hope it was worth it, Steve.”
“I think it will be,” he hesitates but grasps your hand anyway, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have led you to this. I hope you can find someone better than me, I really do.”
“I wanted to marry you, Steve,” you gently squeeze his hand, “I really did. I thought you were the one.”
“I’m sorry, this isn’t fair to you. It never was.”
There’s silence between you before you lean in to press against Steve’s shoulder and ask, “Did I ever stand a chance against her?”
“Do you want honesty or comfort?”
“Honesty, I think.”
“You did,” he sounds certain, and that honestly doesn’t do much to mend the ache inside your chest, “If I didn’t see her when I was returning the stones, I would’ve come back to you and lived out our lives together.”
It does nothing to comfort you, knowing you were so close and yet always stuck in second place. An afterthought when he saw the woman he was truly meant to be with. Mrs. Peggy Carter-Rogers.
“You three should take care of each other,” Steve murmurs, “I can’t be around forever.”
The words do even less to placate you, the idea of having to stay close with your ex’s best friends - your best friends by extension - having to relive the memories of both them and Steve in your history. But Steve was old and you did care for Bucky and Sam. You didn’t know if you could stay with them until you died as he wished, but you didn’t want to lose them entirely - but you’re not sure either of them is intent on staying in contact much longer anymore. Even so, you nod slowly against the withering captain’s shoulder and promise him you will. You’ll watch the boys and stay with them like he promised to you. And maybe that makes you similar because you know you won’t be trying that hard to cling to them if they run away.
It’s a few more minutes of silence before Bucky and Sam return and it’s a few more weeks until you see either of them again. From the few texts and calls that’d gone back and forth between you three, you’d gathered that Sam returned to Louisiana and Bucky was court ordered for therapy. Steve was admitted to a home for the elderly not too long after his return from replacing the stones. Which led to the running encounter between you and Bucky in the lobby of the caretaker facility Steve was staying in.
“You said you were his son?” you whispered to him, eyes narrowed.
“‘Friend’s daughter,’” Bucky scoffed, “Could you be less suspicious? At least say niece or something.”
“I’m not gonna sit here and call my ex my uncle, that’s fucking weird,” you grumble so the nurse leading you towards Steve’s room can’t hear you.
Bucky searches for a comeback before shrugging, “I can see where that’s deterring.”
“I know.”
You’re both let into the room, Steve looking to the doorway as you enter. He smiles slightly at the sight of you two and waits for the nurse to leave to speak, “I’m glad you’re both together.”
“We try,” Bucky gives a strained smile, hoping Steve doesn’t catch the lie. It’s almost sweet, how hard Bucky tries to make Steve think his last wishes are being kept alive.
You reach out and gently brush your fingers through Steve’s thin, grey hair, “How’ve you been? Are the caretakers good to you?”
Steve smiles again and ignores the questions, “Have you gone back to the coffee shop by the old compound at all? That barista was into you.”
“I haven’t, and if I had, I don’t think they were into me. I was an Avenger, they were probably starstruck at best.”
“Then what about the, uh, that lobby manager for the old apartments,” the one they shared when Sharon was an unsuspecting nurse across the hall and Peggy wasn't in the picture, “They asked if we were just roommates, that had to mean something.”
You don’t think about your words before they come out, “You sound like Nat.”
The room’s silence is deafening and you wish you could go back in time and take it back.
All of it.
“You should be happy too,” Steve reaches up shakily to take your wrist, pausing your combing of his hair, “I want you to be happy.”
Bucky pats your shoulder, and if you didn’t know him so well you could almost take him as anything other than teasing, “I’ll help ‘em find a date, punk. Don’t worry about it.”
“Yeah, the guy who had his first date in seventy years and didn’t even finish it is gonna find me a lover,” you sarcastically huffed, “Fucking genius idea.”
“Hey,” Steve weakly protested, “language.”
“Alright, grandpa,” you pat his shoulder softly, “get some rest, I’ve got another old man to get to therapy.”
“Hilarious,” Bucky shakes his head, but follows your lead in patting Steve’s arm, “I’ll be back next week, punk.”
Neither of them wants to face the reality that one week, Steve won’t be there to chide them for their language or try and set you up on dates you don’t need. Steve leaving was selfish - of course, he deserved to do something for himself, but not like that. Not when he’d be leaving two friends, a fiancé, and a world in desperate need of him. Not when he was leaving you.
“See you later, old man,” you mutter, tapping Steve’s bed frame as you leave, no matter how much your own head screams at you to stay and tell Steve how much you hate him for leaving you for a past he’d grown out of. How much you wish he’d stayed. How you wish you’d been the one to return the stones, even if to just ensure he’d never seen Peggy.
You bid him farewell and take Bucky to therapy even though you know doing so perpetuates the illusion that anything other than petty attachment to Steve is what holds you to either Sam or Bucky.
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writing-for-marvel · 7 hours ago
Stepping on Toes
40’s!Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: Despite observing his feelings for Peggy, you couldn’t help but fall for Steve Rogers - then he asks you to teach him how to dance.
Request: Anonymous - original request here.
Prompts: “I can’t stay away from you.” and “Because I care about you!” - prompts in bold
Warnings: slight angst, swearing,
Word count: 3.2k
A/N: ok this got way out of hand and is so much longer than I intended it to be, but I hope you enjoy what I’ve done with the prompts
Requests are open! | Taglist
Tumblr media
The way he looked at her made it hard to breathe. Adoringly yearning after her, while you stared at him pathetically, wishing he looked at you that way. Your chest tightened at the smile that crossed his face as he watched her in discussion with Colonel Phillips over by the other side of the room.
Damn him for being so irresistible. Damn you for falling for someone who had feelings for a friend of yours. There weren’t many women allowed in the military, let alone the Strategic Scientific Reserve, but while working as Howard Stark’s assistant, you had become friendly with the only other woman in the agency.
You wanted to be happy for them, Peggy was a wonderful girl, one of the wittiest and skilled people you knew - she deserved someone as valiant and clever as Steve Rogers. The only issue was, you were madly in love with him.
Not a schoolgirl crush on Captain America, the tall and strong man who was the face of the war, but completely enamored with Steve Rogers, the courageous and kind-hearted man who would do anything to defend his country.
It was the small things, holding a door open for you when someone else would have let it hit you in the face; making sure you had the chance to voice your opinions in meetings, valuing your input when the other men in the room didn’t think there was anything to gain from listening to a woman speak; writing thoughtful notes in the corners of your writing pads that you treasured more than he would ever know.
“Shit!” You exclaimed as you tripped and dropped classified files over the floor of the security conference room.
“That’s no way for a lady to speak.” Colonel Phillips mentioned as he stepped on some of your spilt papers as he stalked out of the room.
“Here, let me help.” A voice came from behind you as other agents rushed out of the room, snickering, not caring about your folders and dossiers fanned out on the ground.
“No, it’s alright, I can manage.” You didn’t want to be an inconvenience to a male agent who probably didn’t believe you belonged in the reserve in the first place, before also proving yourself to be a clumsy, incompetent mess.
“Please, I insist.” A short blonde with high cheekbones and ocean blue eyes crouched down beside you, picking up some files you hadn’t reached for yet. “Sorry about the footprints.” The man said sincerely as he handed you the last of the papers.
“Thank you - and they aren’t your footprints, there’s no need to apologise.” Your heart raced as his hand lightly brushed yours. Biting the inside of your cheek, you compelled yourself to calm down - he was simply trying to be nice.
“Well, I doubt you’ll get an apology out of any of them. I’d take what you can get.” His smile was warm, and you chuckled. “I’m Steve Rogers, by the way.” He introduced, extending a hand.
“Ah, you’re the man involved in Dr Erskine’s experiment. We’ll be working closely together - I’m Y/N Y/L/N, Howard Stark’s assistant.” You said, awkwardly transferring all the folders and files into your left arm as you shook his hand with your right.
“I look forward to it.”
“Hey, everything alright? You zoned out there for a second.” The same voice as in your memory spoke. Steve Rogers stood in front of you and your cheeks burned hot at the realisation he had caught you staring.
“Yeah… yeah I’m good.” You confirmed, mentally attempting to draw the heat from your face.
“As long as you’re sure.” He looked at you suspiciously, as if he wanted to be positive there was nothing wrong, before continuing, “some of us are going to grab a drink, would you like to join?”
“You told me you couldn’t get drunk.” You pointed out, while selfishly wishing you were the only girl Steve had invited.
“Well I can’t, but that doesn't mean I can’t enjoy good company.” The smile he flashed would have knocked you straight off your feet if you hadn’t been seated at a desk.
“Alright, let me change out of these and I’ll meet you in half an hour.” You commented, hoping you had a clean dress you looked half decent in hanging in your fairly limited wardrobe.
* * *
By the time you changed and made your way to meet Steve, the pub was packed with people, the soft hum of music drowned out by loud voices and the sound of clinking glasses. Normally you wouldn’t have enjoyed this type of atmosphere - men outnumbering women fifteen to one, all so intoxicated they wouldn’t remember their actions in the morning. You would have felt intimidated if it weren’t for the knowledge that Captain America would ward off any unwanted attention.
“Heyyy doll.” A very inebriated Bucky called out seductively as you walked over to him and Steve, a lopsided smile plastered on his face.
“Bucky.” Steve warned, not for the first time. Bucky became extremely flirtatious when drunk, and there had been multiple occasions where he had harmlessly flirted with you. Bucky was cute, extremely cute, and if you weren’t utterly in love with his best friend, you might even be interested. Steve likes Peggy, you should go for it.
“Only in your wildest dreams Barnes.” You jested, flashing him a playful smile.
You didn’t have too much to drink, fearing that in your drunken state you may reveal feelings to sober Steve that you could never take back. Opting instead to discuss topics like what life was like back home, and what you were going to do upon returning.
You weren’t even sure how your conversation had found its way onto this topic - something about his dancing and performing on stage in front of hundreds of people, but never with a partner.
“You’ve really never danced with someone before?” You enquired as he nervously broke your eye contact, looking down at the drink in his hands, swirling the dark liquid around the glass.
“Well, I’ve never had someone to dance with before, but now that I do, I’m nervous I’m not going to have any idea what I’m doing.” He confessed and your heart sank through the bottom of your stomach. Now that I do.
“It’s not that difficult - it’s who you're dancing with, that’s what really makes it special.” Your mother once said ‘dance with someone who owns your heart, pull them close so you can feel their breath on your cheek, and when you relax your body into theirs, your heart beating in unison, you know you’ve found the one’. And by all accounts, Steve Rogers most definitely owned your heart.
“Would you teach me?” He asked, wide eyed and hopeful. “If you know how to dance, would you teach me?” He reiterated. His big, beautiful blue eyes stared at you expectantly. You couldn’t say no to him. Not when he looked like an excited puppy ready for a walk.
“Of course I can.” The smile he beamed was reciprocated on your own features as you accepted. This was selfish - you were only teaching him because of your want to be closer to him, for him to see you in a way that you were positive he already found with someone else, yet you took the opportunity anyway.
Steve agreed to start the lesson outside, opting for a secluded area where no patron of the pub would be able to stumble into the two of you. Standing awkwardly, at your mercy, not sure what to do with his limbs, he let you guide his arms to where they needed to be.
“Hold me, like so.” You said, placing your right hand delicately in his left one, then directing his right hand to your back, before snaking your left around to the back of his shoulder. “There - just like that. Now all you need to do is sway to the beat of the music.” You explained, treasuring the closeness of his warm body in the cool night air.
The soft music which was playing inside was not audible where you were now, which Steve pointed out, but you told him to use his imagination. Robotically, Steve stepped from side to side, solely focussed on where he was placing his feet.
“You need to look at your partner. It’s supposed to be an intimate moment.” You said, taking your hand and lifting his chin so his bright eyes were looking into yours. His eyes bore into your soul, and even though you were fully clothed, you had never felt more exposed in your life than you did in this very moment. “You won’t step on my toes if you prioritise leading instead of looking at your feet - if you want to step forward, make sure you press towards me, you’re essentially forcing me to take a step back and you won’t step on my toes.” You explained through the lump forming in your throat.
“Here, keep looking at me, relax your hips, and just… move. If you move, you compel your partner to move with you.” You continued, and he did as you said. Maintaining eye contact with you the entire time, Steve led you around the courtyard, his hand protectively resting on your back, eventually finding the courage to spin you. Your body craved being in contact with him, as he spun you away, all you could think about was how long it would be until you were back in his arms, even if that would be only mere seconds. The disquiet, which was rising in your chest, must have been evident on your face as Steve broke the silence.
“Am I doing something wrong? God, was the spin too much? Am I not leading right? Is my hand not in the right position?” He asked, anxiously moving his hand from where it rested on your back to your waist.
“Nothings wrong. You’re doing great.” His proximity to you made it hard to keep your voice level, from not giving away your feelings for him right then and there.
“Alright, then what’s up with you? You’ve been acting strange all day.” Why did he have to be so damn observant?
“I’m not acting strange, we’re just dancing.” You brushed him off, hoping that he couldn’t feel your heart thumping in your chest which was currently gently pressed against his.
“Y/N, you’re one of only a few people around here who is willing to spend time with me outside of work, believe me, I know when something’s off.” He stated, pulling away from your body slightly to study your face.
“Steve…” You whispered, pleading with him to stop and not push the subject.
“You can talk to me, you know. I can help you, whatever it is.” He was always so insistent. He really believed there wasn’t a problem, big or small, that he couldn’t solve - you knew that wasn’t a quality bestowed upon him by the serum.
“You can’t help with this.” You said, trying to play down what was at this point fairly evident torment, at least to Steve.
“Try me.” He said, the corners of his mouth twitched in a smile, tempting you to kiss him. Pulling your mind away from that thought, you tried to focus, but his closeness and the alcohol running through your system made that almost impossible.
“No, Steve, you really can’t.” As much as you yearned to have his hands roaming over your body, up and down the length of your back and squeezing your hand as if he were holding on for dear life, you stepped back, breaking all physical contact with him.
“Well, maybe if you tell me what the problem is…” His face held concern, jaw tight with worry.
“The problem is I can’t stay away from you! It’s as if my soul is a magnet and it’s pulling me towards yours. No matter how much my brain screams at me that you’ve fallen for someone else, that you could never look at me the way you look at her - I keep coming back to you because…” Even after accidentally spilling that entire confession, you couldn’t bring yourself to say the words that you had only ever permitted yourself to think, but not speak aloud. I’m in love with you, Steve Rogers.
“Because… what?” He asked, taking a step closer to you. You bit down on your lip as you looked up at his blue eyes which were searching your face in anticipation, expecting you to continue. Even in the dark you could see his cheeks blush a light shade of pink.
“Don’t make me say it Steve.” You begged him. You were certain your heart couldn’t handle the despair of his rejection.
“Please…” He leaned imperceptibly closer. The desperation in his voice cracked a wall around your heart and for a second led you to believe that he actually wanted to hear you say those three little words.
“This was a mistake…” You said, shaking your head, your brain scrambling to find the right thing to say, anything to say, other than the confession of love that was currently on the tip of your tongue. He’s in love with Peggy, he’s only doing this to learn how to dance for Peggy, you reminded yourself.
“Y/N, wait!” He grabbed your wrist as you tried to turn away from him. Goosebumps, which had nothing to do with the cool night air, raced up your arm.
“No, Steve, I can’t - l... I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have put you in this position. Just… forget this ever happened.” Pulling your hand away from his strong yet tender touch, you rushed to your sleeping chambers, leaving Steve standing alone in the cold, dark night, bewildered at the scene which had played out in front of him.
* * *
You actively attempted to evade Steve the next day, but that proved more difficult than anticipated - in attempts to recreate the super soldier serum, the SSR needed more tests run on Steve, blood work, swab tests, vitals, and that job fell into your lap.
Your heart was racing as you met him in the med bay, after procrastinating for as long as you possibly could. Mostly you wanted to avoid him like the plague, but there was a small part of you that was tormented by not having seen him all day.
“Y/N, we need to talk.” Steve said as soon as you walked in to the test room where he had been waiting for you. Please, anything but that.
“Steve, please, I’m just here to do my job.” You grabbed the medical forms you would have to fill out, as well as the equipment you were needing to use for the tests.
“This is important.” He stood his ground, hand on hip. It was the way he stared at you, and the knowledge of how insistent he was, that let you know he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
You could feel your blood pressure rising - why did you have to go and ruin everything by telling him? You may not have said the words I love you, but you had made your feelings pretty clear, and he hadn’t told you he felt the same. The smell of sterile cleaning agents filled the room as you stared at him, desperate for this conversation to not be occurring.
“Steve, please just let me do my job. There’s really nothing to talk about.” Your eyes pleaded with him to drop the conversation. You wanted to go back to a time where he didn’t know about your feelings, where you could pine for him without his knowledge.
“What do you mean nothing-, Y/N, what you said last night, what you left unsaid… there’s a lot to talk about.” He took a large step closer to you, and you wanted him to reach out and embrace you. How twisted was it the the one person who could break your heart would also be the only person you wanted to find comfort in when mending it?
“Steve, please, I asked you-”
“What, to forget about it? I can’t just disregard what you said.” He interrupted, there was a desperation in his voice you had never heard before.
“Why not?” You weren’t sure you wanted the answer to the question, but it slipped past your lips before you could stop it.
“Because I care about you!” The words hung in the air as if you weren’t willing to accept them.
“Please… don’t torture me like this.” You exhorted. Steve wasn’t a liar, far from it, but you couldn’t believe his words. You had spent so long convincing yourself that he didn’t have feelings for you that his words only chipped away at the surface.
“Torture - what?” Bewilderment on flashing on his face.
“You might care about me, but I see the way you look at Peggy, you don’t look at me like that.” You explained, trying to translate the reasoning in your head into words.
“How would you know how I look at you?” He said that he cared about you - why did you have to make this difficult, why couldn't you take the confession and run?
“Because I’m always looking at you - hoping that you’re looking back.”
“And am I?” He asked and you paused before answering.
“Look, Peggy’s a nice girl, and I have her to thank for a lot, before the serum she was one of a few people who actually believed in me, but I don’t care about her the same way I care about you. I’ve never cared about anyone the way I care about you. When I asked you to teach me to dance yesterday, it wasn’t Peggy I wanted to practice for… it was just an excuse to get closer to you, to dance with you. I know that probably sounds pathetic...” Steve rambled, hand reaching up to nervously rub the back of his neck.
"You really wanted to dance with me?" It was a relatively innocent question, loaded with dire implications.
"Yes, only you." Steve confirmed, inching closer to you to cup your face. Your lips curled into a smile, as your hands found the backs of his strong triceps, he leaned down and gently pressed his lips onto yours. The kiss was tender, pure affection, everything you had ever hoped it would be, if not quite the location of choice.
Your heart was thumping in your chest as he pulled away, his hands never loosing their connection to you. The endearment in his eyes essentially announced that he wanted more, desired to kiss you again, but was hesitant because of your whereabouts.
"You're going to have to wait a minute before you take my heart rate and blood pressure, after that kiss, they're a little elevated." He chuckled, which made you smile. The sound was music to your ears, something you could listen to on repeat for the rest of your life, and if Steve were up for it, you would sign up for a lifetime of it this very moment.
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Angst: 4,6, 28 General: 2,8, 46 for Steve Rogers/Reader
2.“Do you not remember me?”
4.“I must’ve loved (her/him/them) a lot.”
6.“(She/he/they/I) lost (her/his/their/my) soulmate.”
8.“You’re weak.”
28.“I’ll see you soon, I promise.”
46.“You flinched.”
“I’ll see you soon, I promise.” Steve assures you, nervously leaning forward to kiss you, you return it and can’t help but try to smile at him, to let him know you’ll be waiting, you’d hate for him to see you scared. You’re huddled on the back of the plane, you hadn’t told him you snuck on, you hadn’t said anything about trying to defuse the bomb so you both could go home. When it crashes, you come forward, letting him hold you as you take your last breathe’s together.
“I lost my soulmate.” Steve tries to explain that you were on the plane, that surely they must have found your body at least.
“Do you not remember me?” Steve’s voice falter and you look at him smiling.
“No I’m sorry, my, uh, husband died in the war.” You smile sadly and Steve nods.
“He was very lucky.”
“I must’ve loved him a lot, I can’t seem to stop crying, except when I’m with you.” You sit next to him and he smiles. He wraps his arm around you and you sink into, jerking a little when you realize you recognise the ring on his finger.
“You flinched.”
“Steve?” You voice is small but the way he smiles back at you makes you forget that you couldn’t remember him for the past four months.
“Hey Y/N. You-” You cling to him trying not to just start sobbing.
“No comment about me crushing the life out of you?” You chuckle a little, it was a joke he’d always make after the serum.
“You’re weak. All that time frozen must’ve sapped your muscles.” He laughs more when you swat his shoulder.
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