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Pairing: Normad! Steve Rogers x Innocent/ Virgin! Fem! Reader
Word Count: 3.7k
Summary: Steve’s prayers have finally been answered after all these years, as he finds you waiting for him in the church he calls home. Captivated by him and his charm, you get swept up in his arms, to soon find out Steve isn't the saint he painted himself out to be. 
Warnings: SMUT, HEAVY daddy kink, HEAVY innocence/ corruption kink, breeding kink, petnames, degradation kink, heavy praise kink, dumbification kink, finger sucking, teasing, masturbation mentioned,almost like training in a way?, cumplay and gagging implied, blowjob implied, smoking, steve is kinda soft!dark here
Notes: “ cause you’re my religion, you’re how im livin... when all my friends say i should take some space...well i cant envision that for a minute- when im down on my knees you’re how i pray” - religion, lana del rey
the chapel: a playlist
Tumblr media
Steve had not expected to see an angel at the end of the isle, when he stepped through the gleaming oak doors. 
He had been to this church many times in his life, its worn wooden pews and golden crosses familiar to him like the back of his own hand. He had sat in those very pews that lay in rows, no other person around to bother him as he would stare up at the marble statue by the organ, or with his head between his hands as he stared at the rustic floor that so many others had walked before him. 
But he had never seen an angel, contained in these walls. 
Steve wasn't an overly religious man. But he had needed something- anything to believe in with the insanity that had managed to slither its way into his life, a snake with venom so poisonous he had found his way here again.
 It appears he had found something new, something else to believe in, he thought, watching your little frame stand at the end of the deep plush carpet that had guided his way towards you. 
The sunlight that filtered in through the stained glass windows shimmered around you like a halo, lighting up your features like the diamonds. It was mesmerizing, the way it shinned down upon you, focusing on you like a spotlight. 
Moving with you, as you tilted your head back, soaking in the dimmed rays that made their way through the images plastered on the glass. 
You looked up at the lanterns that hung upon chains from the high arched ceilings, the wooden beams their support as they flickered. 
“It’s beautiful, isn't it?” you hummed softly, feeling a presence near you, his aura dark and mysterious. 
Steve had found his way next to you, arm close enough to touch, warm body heat rolling off him in waves to wrap around your skin, soothing the goosebumps that had broken out across your arms. 
Steve was fixated on you- truly. 
Your voice had sounded like the sweet strings of a harp, being strummed in perfect harmony. He had wanted more. 
“It is.” he spoke softly, voice husky as he stared down at you. 
He didn't know you were talking about the marble statue that adorned the dais, arms reaching up towards heaven, as if that would save him from the tears that spilled across his pained face. 
Steve was talking about you. 
You turned, little white dress brushing against his thigh as you smiled. His breath caught in his throat at the sight of you, your eyes twinkling like stars in the night, smile showing your little dimples in the hazy light. You were better than he had ever imagined, a sweet, innocent soul. 
One he wanted to corrupt. 
“ He looks in pain, in a way. Or sad. But it’s beautiful, when people cry.” you sighed, looking up at Steve in wonder. As if he was the angel who had flown in, had come and saved the day. 
“We’re all in pain, are we not? But many of us shape that pain into beauty.” he nodded, hand reaching up to wrap a finger around a stray curl that had draped across your cheekbone. 
You leaned into his gentle touch, though his hands were calloused. His hands were beautiful, as you could tell they had been in pain. They had carried weights they shouldn't have had to carry. You felt safe with Steve, despite his dark demeanour. 
He was soft with you. Gentle. 
“What’s your name?” he whispered, as if he was unsure if he should be asking. “Y/N.” you smiled, glancing back over to the altars, peering at the candles that continued to burn, wax dripping and spilling onto the tables. “I’m Steve.” 
A pretty name, for a pretty man… you thought. 
You had to focus on something, anything else but those blue orbs that threatened to swallow you whole. Or you’d drown. And you weren't so sure you’d want to be saved. 
“I’ve never seen you around before, angel.” 
The name alone was enough to send shivers down your spine, despite the mugginess of the dry summer heat. “ The door was closed. I opened it. Now I’m here.” 
Now I’m here. 
Those words rang through his head like the bell in the tower, striking at six. Twelve. Nine. Then six again. 
Somehow, through the endless amounts of prayers he had whispered to the universe, to the gods and goddesses, you had appeared. He had begged for salvation. 
You, it seemed, were just that. 
Steve saw you each time he slid through those old rustic wooden doors, standing in front of that very statue, by the burning candles and crosses. 
Almost as if you were waiting for him. 
It was never on a Sunday, but a Wednesday, an empty chapel day. The day of expression, and communication. Steve often would slide up behind you, as he did the very first meeting, intertwining your hand with his with a gentle squeeze. 
Some days he would tug you along, sliding into a pew with you to hold you closer, or he’d take you through the back way- to the overgrown gardens. Other days, it was the two of you staring at the stained glass, or the statues, in silence. 
You liked both days. You liked any days you could be with Steve. 
“You know I’m not even religious?” you had told him one day, stretching your legs in front of you from your seat on the wooden bench, flexing your feet. He had just raised his eyebrow. “Why were you here then angel?” Steve had asked as you toyed with his shirt. 
“I was following a little white cat, but he left before I could pick him up. He led me here. Then you showed up, so I stayed.” 
Steve had liked that answer. He had liked it a whole lot. 
Wednesday meetings had turned into Wednesday and Friday meetings. Then Saturday. Then Sunday. 
Those meetings had changed from the church’s grounds to little cafes and parks, old Hollywood cinemas and roller rinks. Those “meetings” had turned into dates. 
And one of the dates turned into Steve sweeping you up in his arms under the pale moonlight, pouring his very heart and soul into a kiss that left you dizzy. 
Now the two of you were here. 
Here, on his bed, the golden sunlight streaming down on Steve in rays, like they did in the chapel- showcasing the strands of rich honey in his beard. You were sleeping soundly on his chest, rising and falling with his breathing as he propped up against the headboard, petting your hair lovingly. 
Even in sleep, you clutched to him tightly, as if you were scared he’d leave you.
 Steve learned very early that your love language was touch. Innocent touches. 
Everything about you was innocent. 
You were attached to him at the hip, always holding him in some manner, or tending to him, whether that was playing with his hair or kissing his neck, leaving little smears of your lipgloss on his skin. 
Nothing more than that though. 
You had told him early on in the relationship you were a virgin, and you had wanted to take things slow, as you weren't used to getting attention- only giving it. Steve was completely fine with this of course, knowing your soul was much too innocent, too pure to be handled by anyone else. 
Steve wanted nothing more than to take care of you, to love and cherish you. But sometimes, his thoughts would turn south. He hated himself for it, he truly did. But how could he think clearly, with you looking like that? 
So beautiful, so innocent and carefree.
 Sliding his hand down, he slowly brushed your back, resting his hand gently on your ass, squeezing tenderly.
 “Mmm…” you stirred in your sleep, readjusting yourself as he chuckled. “Little steps for a little girl hmm?” he cooed, patting your flesh softly as his hand made its way back to your back, rubbing circles as he listened to your calm breathing, your body still deep in its slumber. 
He wanted to corrupt you. 
He wanted his darkness, his desires and needs to fill you to the brim, until you were spilling over with want and neediness. 
Little steps Steve. Little steps. 
“Don’t worry angel, we’ll get you all trained for me soon.”
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   It had started off on the couch, on a rainy Tuesday afternoon. You listened to the sound of the rain pattering down the windows blending with the vinyl that spun on the vintage player. 
Perched upon Steve's lap, you watched him intently, drumming your figures against his lean biceps, your nails giving him a soothing scratch. You looked so little, so fragile as he seated you on top of him, and he adored it. 
He was hesitant to do what he was about to do, but all logical thoughts left his brain as you peered up at him, doe eyes wide. 
“Can you open your mouth for me please angel?” he asked gently. You tilted your head, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 
Open your mouth? Why would he want you to open your mouth? 
He wasn't helping you brush your teeth, and he wasn't spooning ice cream between your plump lips. 
Despite this, you obeyed, mouth opening slightly. You listened to Steve, you knew that he knew what was best for you. He had reminded you time and time again, and you were thankful for it. Steve could sense your hesitation, watching you part your lips only slightly. 
“Good girl!” he smiled, seeing your cheeks flush, your thighs shifting as you squirmed in delight at the praise. 
He knew about it since the very first meeting, sensing your body language whenever he would compliment you, or praise you for your actions. 
God, he couldn't wait to tap into that even more. 
“Wider.. atta girl.” he cooed, slipping his two fingers past your parted lips, making your eyes widen in surprise. “Just trust me baby okay? You’re doing such a good, good job. Just suck on em, justttt like that.” he murmured, watching as you slowly relaxed your jaw, hollowing your cheeks as you sucked on his fingers like a pacifier. 
Your eyelids felt heavy as you sucked, swirling your tongue around his digits. It was relaxing, you realised. You didn't know why exactly he was making you do this, but you couldn't complain about how it was making you feel. 
“What a big girl eh? Doin it all by herself.” he smiled as you moved your hands to wrap around his wrist. He slid his fingers out with a soft pop!, watching the string of your saliva stick to his fingers from your lips. 
“Good girl angel. My beautiful angel.” he said, kissing your neck as you giggled, praising you until you were a squirming mess. 
Rewarding you. 
It became a daily routine, those little moments of serenity. Positive reinforcement- is what it was called, he discovered. Gifting you little rewards, things you liked whenever you did what he asked, so you’d do it more, and more.
 It worked, and it worked well. 
Pretty soon, you’d trot up to Steve at the same time everyday, perching up on his lap to take his fingers. He’d slowly push them deeper and deeper, so you’d be ready for him, on your knees. 
But not to pray. Never to pray. 
Steve tried it with other things, like calling him daddy. What you were supposed to be calling him. 
It had slipped out when the two of you were having a heated makeout session, his hand tangled in your hair as teeth and tongues clashed. “Stev-”
 “It’s Daddy to you angel. Only Daddy, mkay?” You had nodded slowly, bringing your hand up to touch your swollen lips. “Daddy?” He had just smiled. “Yes angel, daddy. Makes me so happy, when you call me that.” He slid his hands up your skirt, knuckles brushing your inner thighs, making you purr like a kitten.
 So far, his tactics had been working like a charm. You had been obeying him, trailing him around the house just for the small chance you’d be able to play with his large, veiny hands, or be able to wrap your arms around his torso and squeeze him like a teddy bear. 
You had even begun to call him daddy without even realising it, the name slipping out of your mouth as smooth as silk. Little did you know hard you made him each time, your little actions causing him to grind against you subtly. 
It was torture. The sin that littered his thoughts whenever you neared, whenever the sweet, sickly smell of your arousal clung to his skin, making it heat and burn. 
Steve needed release. He needed it now. 
You were already in a vulnerable state of mind at the time, the hour growing late, your body tired and limp. He watched you from his armchair in the corner of the bedroom, exhaling the cigarette smoke from between his lips, watching it vacate through the opened window as the curtains swayed gently in the cool night breeze. 
You watched him intently, legs clenching together at the sight of him manspreading, head lolled back against the soft velvet. “Can I have a drag?” you asked sweetly, shuffling up on your knees, the bed dipping slightly under your weight. 
“Little girls like you don't get cigs angel. They’re not good for you.” he chuckled, watching you pout. “But you get them!” you huffed. He tapped his smoke on the edge of the ash tray, letting the stray ash fall as he shifted up from his seat. 
He made his way across the room in two strides, sliding the cigarette between your parted lips. You inhaled deeply, smoke feeling your lungs, choking you. You coughed and spat as you exhaled, the smog burning your throat. 
“See? It’s yucky.” he smirked, putting out the but. “Why’d you let me then?” you asked, wincing at the stale taste. 
“Cause you gotta learn angel. When I tell you no, it means no. For good reason at that.” he laughed, flicking your nose with a smile. 
“Hmph.” you huffed, forgetting about the bitter taste as he lightly pushed you down upon the silk sheets, making your hair sprawl out around you. “You’re so beautiful angel.” he whispered, hand coming up to cup your cheek, thumb rubbing your bottom lip, tugging it down occasionally. 
“Yeah daddy?” you blushed, feeling your core heat at the praise, your body going taut under his touch as you shifted your thighs together for friction.
 It didn't go unnoticed by Steve. He smirked. 
“Yeah, angel. Such a beautiful, beautiful girl for me. My girl.” he emphasised, breath getting caught in his throat as you slipped his thumb in your mouth, sucking on it softly as you peered up at him innocently. 
“Wanna be your good girl.” you smiled, licking the saliva off his thumb as your hands came up to brush the hair that curled at the back of his neck, the strands soft as silk between your fingers. “You wanna be my good girl? Then can you answer something for me? Truthfully? You know daddy doesn't like lies.” 
You nodded, eyes wide. 
“Do you get those tingles around me angel? The ones you told me about earlier, the ones that make you feel all warm n fuzzy?” he cooed, biting his lip as you nodded, squirming under him. “Can you show daddy where?” 
You grabbed his hand, guiding it down to your quivering cunt, sliding it under the slip of your nightgown. “R’here daddy.” you whined, moaning as he tapped his two fingers against your clit.
 “Oh angel, you’re awfully wet. Is this all for me?” he tsked, grinning as you bucked your hips up into his touch, tugging his hair tighter. “S’all for you daddy…” 
“You gonna let daddy make it all better? S’not good for little girls like you to be gettin this all worked up.” he pouted, mock sympathy dripping from his words like acid. 
“Want you to fix it daddy, make me all better. Please?” you whispered, lapping up each drop of the stinging liquid that dripped from his tongue like a woman starved.
 “How could I say no to a pretty face like that?” he smiled, stroking your cheek, his hands tracing over the plains and valleys of your body, watching your breasts perk up, nipples pebbling from under the sheer white lace of your dress.
 “Mmm daddy whatta doin?” you asked timidly, curious to what the man above you was doing, his hands resting on your thighs. “Gonna make it all better angel. Now be a good girl and present to daddy, attaaa girl.” he cooed as you allowed him to spread your legs apart and flip your nightgown up, revealing your soaked panties to him. 
“Just a dumb lil baby arent you? I gotta do everything for you?” You shook your head, watching as he began to slide the flimsy fabric down, down, down past your thighs to the tips of your toes.
 “S’fine, you know I like takin care of you angel eyes. But tonight, I’m gonna take these-” He dangled the thong from his fingers, setting it down on the bedside table beside him. “And I’m goin stroke my cock with em, and you’re goin watch angel. Then, after daddys got his cream all over em, I’m gonna shove it between those pretty little lips of yours, okay?” 
You nodded, purely dumbfounded. This side of Steve, you had never seen before. Not that you were complaining- of course. You were just… new to this. 
Very new.
 “Yes daddy.”
 “Good girl angel. You’re never gonna leave this house unless you got my cum in your panties, gotta stuff you full of me allll the time.” he grinned, pupils blown as he took in your beautiful body, all splayed out for him. 
Like an angel. 
You whimpered as he took his fingers, running the digits across your slit, watching you clench around air as he teased you. “This is mine now, okay angel? My fuckhole. It’s daddys property now.” 
You moaned at his words alone, your head lolling against the sheets as he slid off his shirt, the dim glow of the candles making his chiselled abs gleam faintly. The sight had you sucking in air through your teeth, his muscles flexing as he bent your legs causing you to spiral.
 “Are we gonna do what we always do? With your fingers?” you begged, hiccuping as he patted your puffy folds tenderly with the palm of his hand. “Something so much better baby. You’re gonna love it so much, it’ll make the tingles feel all better. Daddys here now, takin care of you just like he should.”
 You watched as he unbuckled his belt, the jangle of it making you jump as he shrugged off his jeans and boxers, exposing his hard, aching cock to you. 
“ It's so big daddy!” you whispered, watching as he smirked in delight. “S’not gonna fit in there…” you trailed off, gasping as he rubbed his cock against your soaked folds, moaning as he tapped your clit firmly, his precum mixing with your juices. 
“Oh we’ll make it fit angel. How else is daddy supposed to take care of you hmm?” You whimpered, watching as he neared your entrance.
 “Daddy m’scared.” you confessed, gripping his bicep tightly, crescent moons forming across his soft, smooth skin as he ever so slowly pushed the tip in. 
“Shhh, shh that's a good girl. I know you’re scared angel but daddys here now, that's it honey.” he praised, slowly easing in, stretching you as you cried out. “You gotta relax for me angel, or else it won't feel good to you. And we don't want that do we? Daddy's little fucktoy needs to feel good.” he cooed, encouraging you to take deep, shaky breaths as you allowed him to fill you up, your walls hugging him like a glove.
 “Daddy s’big-” you cried, tears falling from your doe eyes, sliding down your flushed cheeks as he seating himself fully in you. 
“This is how it's gonna be from now on angel, I gotta keep you filled all the time. You gotta keep daddy nice and warm.” he teased, leaning down to brush a soft, tender kiss on your cheeks, lapping up the salty tears that lay there. 
“You’re doing so well for me baby. I’m so proud of you.” he whispered, tenderly kissing along your jaw as he slid out slowly, making you gasp. “Proud of me-e?” you asked, moaning as he thrusted slowly back into you, his hips picking up an easy rhythm as you threw your head back in pleasure. 
“So proud angel. Hey, hey eyes on me okay? I’m right here, I’m with you angel. We’re gonna go to heaven together, you and I.” 
“S’good daddy. Feels so good-d.” you hiccuped, the pain turning to pleasure as your legs trembled, muscles turning limp as he rocked into you, hissing at the way you’d clench around him tightly. 
“Told you I’d make you feel good angel eyes. D-daddy always knows.” his breath caught as your nails raked down his arms, tugging him even closer as you wrapped your legs around his waist. “Wanna fill you full, stuff you full of my cum. You want that angel?” 
“Yes oh gods!” you screamed, heavenly fire caressing and licking down your spine as your core churned, the feelings of pure pleasure overwhelming your senses.
 “Cum for me angel. Cum for daddy.” he whispered, voice husky in your ear, echoing off the walls as you wailed his name in bliss. 
You shattered under him, the pieces of you snapping off with each thrust, glistening on the sheets like broken glass. It was heaven, the way he made you feel. Your orgasm escaped you with a gentle tug, your vision turning starry as Steve’s hips shuttered. 
“Fuck angel… look attcha, milkin me dry.” he cooed, watching your juices squirt on his cock, coating him. “Daddy need you-” you moaned, screaming as his grip harshened, a final thrust before he came with a grunt of your name, followed by endless praises. 
“Oh angel, my sweet angel…” he whispered, watching your body shake and squirm under him, your breath coming in short little gasps from the stimulation your body just endured. 
He was so proud of you. So proud of his little girl for taking him all, for pleasing him. 
“We’re gonna get you on your knees soon honey okay? Just like mass.”
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Late For School
professor!Chris Evans AU x college age!reader
Warnings; smut (18+), profanity, age gap; escalates quickly!
Him in a suit…..😩
Tumblr media
"Fuck, that feels good." I pant against Chris's lips
"Yeah?" He sticks another finger inside me, "you look so good, making those sweet sounds letting me finger you on my desk."
I whine in response, pressing my lips together trying to hold off my orgasm.
"Oh my god, Chris!" I'm clutching for life at the back of his suit, trying to anchor myself.
"You show up with that tiny little skirt and expect me to control myself? Hm?"
I can't even process what he's saying. When I feel myself clench up, and my knot in my stomach bursts, shaking my orgasm.
"That's it, baby," He whispers, "Cum around my fingers."
God, this man drives me crazy.
Pushed up against his office desk in his loft, naked like the day I was born, I grab onto the glass that lays under me for anchoring.
"OH!" My eyes roll to the back of my head as he increases his speed, sucking on my neck as I release myself all over his thick forefingers.
I watch as he slips them out.
"Fuck." Chris brings his fingers up and sucks them in front of my face. Cupping my cheeks with his other hand, making sure I'm looking at him.
My face is hot, not because I'm naked in front of this beautiful man and he's still fully clothed. But because he's so sexy and he's literally licking me off of his fingers.
"Get on the bed." He orders me.
I'm still blissed out of my mind that I don't process what he said to me.
My chest is rising up and down and I can't even stand on my own two legs.
But I manage to hop off the desk, but I'm still looking at Chris. Like I only understood part of the directions.
"I said, get on the bed." He pushes me and I smile when I fall onto his cool pillowcases.
"You look a little overdressed, Evans." I sat in between pants.
He doesn't answer but just stares at my naked body, so I decide to tease him even more and spread my legs, giggling and throwing my head back when I hear him grunt.
"I'm just enjoying the view." He husks, his voice raspy and deep.
I decide to tease him even further by smoothing my hand down my stomach, using my middle finger to swirl around my sensitive nerves, I was really wet and ready for him.
"The fuck are you doing, that's my job." He swats my hand away, using his own finger to collect the evidence of my arousal.
"Let's go, Chris." I whine, because he's taking too long.
"Why? So you can just ditch me, once I fall asleep?"
I laugh at his sudden clinginess, "C'mon! You said this was strictly making each other feel good, no strings attached. And now you're bitching about me not staying for post sex cuddles?"
"I'm not bitching."
"Then what are you waiting for." I shoot back.
He begins stripping off his clothes, taking off his tie, rolling his suit off of those broad shoulders, and dropping his pants.
Once he has everything off and was down to his boxers, he climbs on top of me.
In which I take a sigh of relief, feeling his skin on mine.
His gorgeous golden skin, with god sculpted muscles. And amazing tattoos that I love seeing every time I come over his place.
"God, you're perfect." He mumbles into my skin, kissing each inch of my shoulder, down to the middle of my chest, "need to taste you."
I knew what that meant, but I needed him inside me as much as I loved running my fingers through that soft hair of his while he sucked my folds in between my legs.
"No," I pull him back up to my face, "I need you inside me, Chris. Make me forget about the shitty day I've had at school."
"I'll give you whatever you fucking want." He grabs my hips and tilts them upwards, grabbing my ass, "god, I love this ass."
I moan in response to him manhandling me.
I do my best to try and lower his boxers with my hands but he's turned to sucking on my breasts which makes me fumble with the band of his underwear making me let go and it snapped back to his skin.
"Needy, are ya, princess?" He whispers.
"I'm fucking horny." I wish I didn't sound as whiny, but I desperately needed this release to forget about the horrible day I had at college.
"I'll take care of you, gorgeous." He smashes his lips against mine, moving against them so ever softly.
I hook my arms around his neck, pulling him even closer to me, he takes his dick out and it hits my thigh - hot and heavy.
Between my mewls and my whimpers, Chris kept going at me, using me like his personal fuck toy, manhandling me however he wanted.
He spread me legs as far as they could go, and I was getting insecure by the way he stared in between my legs for so long.
He licked his lips and ran his hands up my thighs.
"Take a picture, it'll last longer." I whisper.
"You think I won't." He smirks, kissing from the end of my torso up my belly, maintaining eye contact.
"You won't."
I know he won't, he's a professional, and he can't have that kind of photo on his phone.
The smug look on his face makes me feel a bit nervous, but I know he won't do it.
He pecks my lips and pulls away. I watch as he grabs his phone on the nightstand, looking at me as he swipes on his lock screen to open the camera.
I wanna see if he's bluffing or not. He grabs my thighs and opens them even wider.
"Pose for me, baby."
I grab his shoulder and push him against me roughly.
Stopping him from snapping a picture, if he didn't already.
"I was fucking kidding." I bump my nose gently with his, heading his breathing hitch.
"I know, but I like when you get all worked up."
I reach down to grab his dick, it was dark but not darker enough so I couldn't see, it was late at night, Chris had the lights off in his loft but the moonlight gave me just enough light to be able to see his facial features.
"Y/n, awh...." He moans, as I run his tip up and down my folds, making a soft wet sound.
"C'mon...." I plead.
In one quick movement, he had us turned around, him laying against the headboard and me on top of him.
He loved watching me ride him, yeah I had control but he could touch me everywhere literally.
I prop myself up, as he grabs himself with one hand and with the other one on my waist he gently sits me down on his large length.
"Fuck, oh fuck..." I bit hard on my bottom lip, I never get used to the width.
"That's it, honey." Chris praises me, one hand reaching up to firmly grab my breasts, rolling my nipple in between his fingers. Feeling the weight of them on his hands.
I moan loudly when I sit completely on him.
I open my eyes to look at Chris, and his eyes mirror mine - dark and filled with lust.
His cheeks are flushed red, and he's already sweating.
Having him under me, all for me, makes me swivel my hips.
"FUCK!" Chris yells.
"Shh, you want the neighbors to hear?"
"I think they know what we're doing, by now..." he pants.
Two of his large hands on each cheek of my ass and he's grinding me against him, his dick twitching inside me, my hands go to his chest for support as I ride him gratefully.
Him and I are a moaning mess, his headboard hitting against his wall each time I swiveled my hips forwards.
It was making such a loud noise, Chris's old neighbor, Benny, yelled from his loft - "NOT AGAIN CHRISTOPHER! DAMN YOU!"
I stopped my movements to laugh, but Chris didn't laugh, in which he held my hips so hard I knew there would be bruising tomorrow.
He thrusts into me, I have no choice but to take it. Immediately falling forwards, my hands gripping the headboard.
Chris turns to holding my ass in his hands, slapping it every once in a while, loving how it would cause a ripple effect against his hand.
My clit rubbing against him, and his entire length inside me absolutely destroying my walls, I'm close, I'm so close.
"Don't stop Chris, don't stop!" I yell.
In another movement, he twists and now I'm on my back and the knot in my stomach faints away.
"What the fuck?!" I say in between breaths.
"I wanna watch while I make you cum." He speaks low, almost to a growl.
Chris had pulled out, but when he pushed in, I felt so overwhelmed with so many emotions
He felt bigger in this position, thicker.
The way he touched me was amazing, electrifying, no one else knew how to touch me like he did.
I felt every inch split me open, causing tears to stream down my temples.
"mmph!" I screw my eyes shut.
"You okay?" He whispers, genuinely concerned.
"You're just so big." I place kisses on his jawline, over to his shoulder to distract myself from the burning feeling.
In this moment I knew I'd definitely be limping to class tomorrow.
I gasp as Chris speeds up his shallow thrusts, keeping a firm hand on my stomach to keep me from moving everywhere.
"You're so tight," his voice raspy, "fuck."
My head is absolutely clouded and I'm on the verge of an amazing orgasm.
I'm moaning continuously, while he marks me up with hickeys all over my boobs, collarbone and neck, I pull on the hairs on the back of his head.
His hot grunts every time his hips move into mine, are music to my ears.
His back muscles are flexing, along with his biceps. And I'm enjoying the show along with the intense pleasure he's making me feel.
I'm scratching down that amazing back of his, while dipping my head down to catch his lips in an emotional kiss.
He's making me feel so good, I can feel him everywhere.
"God," I whine.
"Are you almost there, princess?" He kisses the corner of my mouth, my cheek and eventually reaches my ear.
"Yes! God, yes." My legs are starting to shake, Chris slides one of his hands up and stops at the back of my knee drawing my leg even farther apart, pushing it up to my chest - where I couldn't anymore.
I moan my release, coming all over Chris. He wasn't too far behind me, his forehead dropped down to mine, and I watched as he lost himself in his pleasure.
He was still kissing me, after we had gotten done. I was giggling because the spiky prickly hair from his beard was tickling me. But he does that on purpose just to hear me laugh.
"You're the best I've ever had." He really looks into my eyes.
"Don't get all soft on me, now." I lick my lips. Gently caressing his back up and down with both of my hands.
He shakes his head giggling as I push him off from being ontop of me, and I make my way to his lavish bathroom to clean up.
When I walked back out, he was looking out his large windows. One arm behind his head.
Watching the city of Boston, and how many cars pass at 1am.
I bend down to grab my panties, and my bra. Clasping it back on.
"Stay." Chris says very slowly, almost as if he was both surprised and scared that he said it.
I look at him, sighing, "I have an early class tomorrow. And it's late."
"Please." He says, with those adorable blue eyes.
"Chris we said this was strictly pleasure," I put my shirt on while speaking to him, "My dad finds out I spent the night here, especially with you, he'll kill us."
I bent down to grab my skirt when Chris sits at the edge of the bed, he was in some shorts, but the rest of his god like body was on full display.
He sighs, and yanks me towards him by a strong pull on my wrist. I squeal and land on his shoulders, standing in between his open legs.
His big hands roam my body, up my back making me shiver as he caresses my spine with his talented fingers. Looking up at me with those charming eyes, and stupid adorable smirk.
"Just for tonight, your dad won't find out, just say you slept over at Ella's." He says, using his pleading voice.
I tilt my head, giving my annoyed face, "Chris this between us is just for pleasure, I didn't sign up to cuddle you after sex."
"C'mon it's the least you can do, since you seduced me first."
He's right, that first day I met him I instantly fell in love, I knew I needed that man either in my life or on top of me.
And everything would've been fine, if I didn't have a boyfriend and if Chris didn't work for my dad, which is why sneaking around at night was our only way of seeing each other.
Don't even get me started on the age gap...
"So, sweetheart?" He husks, and god I love him calling me sweet names.
Like I was his, all his.
Which I am, but I didn't want to admit that, yet....
"One night." I point my pointer finger up to let Chris know this is a one time thing.
He smiles big, clapping his hands like a child, being the big dork he is. As his hands crawl down to knead my ass. Giving it a slap as he pulls me down into the bed with him.
I'm also worn out from the sex we just had so, it wouldn't hurt to sleep the night here.
This would be the first time I'd be spending the night, hopefully my dad doesn't notice I'm not in my room.
Because other times I'd leave Chris since he's so tired after going round after round with me, he usually just falls asleep so I leave his loft and grab a cab back home.
Where I sneak back in through my bedroom window.
He pulls on the hem of my shirt and pulls it up and off of me, not caring if I wanted to sleep with it on.
"You don't need that.." he says, throwing my shirt to the edge of the bed.
"And if I get cold?" I steady my self on my elbows.
"That's why I'm here."
He puts the comforter over us, I'm in my undergarments and he's changed into some shorts.
I get comfy on my side, my back turned to Chris because as much as I wanna cuddle him...
This sneaking around between him and I is temporary and extremely confidential.
...which meant if I do anything to make me fall even more in love with him that I already am, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
Chris doesn't hesitate to pull my back towards him by my waist, I sigh when I feel his rock hard abs against my back. His hands running up and down my side.
I lose myself in him, and allow him to wrap his arms around my waist and put his head in the crook of my neck, giving me sweet kisses.
"Chris..." I scold, since I really need to sleep and I'm so tired for another round because I thought he was teasing.
"What's the harm in giving you good night kisses?" He whispers, in between kisses.
I think about it, there's a million things wrong with it.
First of all we aren't exclusive, this is simply just a booty call that happens whenever one of us is horny.
Second of all, this sweet boyfriend gesture when he is not my boyfriend, where he looks at me like I'm the only girl in the world and kissing me goodnight does NOT help my big ass crush on him that i can NOT have.
But I'm loving the way he makes me feel, so I say, "there's no harm."
"Did I make your shitty day go away?" He mumbled, kissing my skin.
I nod, he really did make me forget.
I feel him smile against the skin of my shoulder, "Good night, beautiful."
Few minutes later my eyes start to get heavy, and being in Chris's safe embrace knocks me right out.
The last thing I remembered was Chris caressing the skin on my belly with his thumb, once he slowed that down eventually to a stop, I knew he fell asleep.
The next morning, I woke up. My arm drooped over Chris's chest. My leg swung over his waist and his arm around my neck hanging down my back.
My eyes fluttered open as the sun beamed through the large windows.
Once I opened my eyes, Chris was in my view. He looked so handsome sleeping, he was an amazing cuddler.
Either that or his mattress is made out of memory form. Because I haven't slept like that in years!
God was he sexy, even his side profile was sexy.
How could he be so perfect?
I was lost in his handsomeness that my phone buzzing pulled me back into reality.
It didn't wake up Chris, but I reached over to grab it.
Where are you?
We have 20 minutes until English starts.
Your dad keeps calling me, did you not go home last night?
I looked at the time on my phone and it was 9:10 am.
I had English class at 9:30am.
Don't answer my dad, I'll handle it.
I'm getting ready now.
And with that I jump out of Chris's bed and his hold, as much as I didn't want to.
I grab my clothes and pull my skort up as fast as I could, while yanking my shirt over my head.
I slipped my shoes on, grabbed my backpack and I was out the door.
I always carry a little hygiene bag with an extra toothbrush, some toothpaste, some tampons, some pads, some mouthwash, some hair ties, bandaids.
Chris lives in a building, so once I got to the lobby, I headed straight to the bathroom.
Fixing my hair into a low bun, with some strands out, I had taken out my contacts last night before sleeping with Chris and my other contacts were at home so I guess I had to wear my glasses today.
I was almost ready, I brushed my teeth, sprayed some perfume, splashed cold water on my face, when I noticed what looked like a bruise on my neck.
No, that's not a bruise.
It's a fucking hickey.
There were many of them all over my breasts and chest, very small. But the main visible one was on my neck.
"Jeezus, Chris." I mumble, as I take some concealer and dab it on.
It only covered it up, somewhat. But it was now 9:20 and I was going to be late.
My dad was going to kill me.
"Fucking cheap ass concealer!" I shove it back into my bag, as I gather my things and head out of the building.
The school was only one block away but still the campus was huge, there's no way I wasn't going to make it in time.
I look down at my phone where it began to vibrate and a photo of my best friend and I popped up on my screen.
Incoming call from...Ella💗
Ella: "Y/n, It's 9:20!"
Y/n: "I know, I know. I'm passing the student center now, I should be there in about 5 minutes."
Ella: "Class is about to start."
Y/n: "Ella, would you relax? He's probably going to be late anyway."
Y/n: "No, he's never late."
Y/n: "Today he might be."
Ella: "What?!"
Y/n: "Never mind, why is my dad calling you?"
Ella: "Well did you not go home last night, maybe that's why. Where even were you?!"
Y/n: "I was with you, sleeping over, we were cramming for an exam."
Ella: "What?!"
Y/n: "Okay, love you, see you soon."
I end the call with Ella, and answer the next call that was coming through, with a photo of my dad and I when we went on our trip to Mexico when I was 8.
The photo was just him and I, since my mom dipped that year with our neighbor - god knows where she is now.
Incoming call from.... Dad🤍
Y/n: "Hello?"
Dad: "Y/N! Where are you young lady?"
Y/n: "On my way to English class why?"
Dad: "Where were you last night?"
Y/n: "Oh, you didn't remember. Yesterday, I slept over Ella's house we were cramming for an exam. I've been telling you for weeks, about the exam, about the sleepover."
Dad: "Y/n, do not lie to me young lady. Then why is Ella not answering?"
Y/n: "Because she's in lecture, I'm pretty sure you made that rule of no phone usage in lecture hall."
Dad:"Well, next time just remind me again, Y/n. You know how busy I am at this college. Being The Dean is not easy."
Y/n: "Yeah and being the dean's daughter is not easy, either."
Dad: "Listen, honey, I'm sorry for yelling. I hope you have a great day today and I will see you and Wyatt for dinner correct?"
Y/n: "Yeah, sure. Bye, dad."
I hang up on him, passing through people in the halls, I took my time walking. When my stomach rumbled, haven't had anything since Chris made me dinner last night.
I'm almost to my class when I see Brad, some kid I've known since middle school, very annoying but very resourceful.
The Starbucks coffee he had in his hands was just screaming my name. He had just walked out of the Starbucks shop we had here so I knew he hadn't taken a sip yet.
"Hi Brad," I take the cup from his hands, "Bye Brad."
I enter my lecture hall for my English 101 class.
I peep Ella sitting where we've always sat since the beginning of the semester.
Mostly everyone is here, so I quickly walk over and sit in the seat aside from her.
"Dude! You looked like you haven't slept." Was the first thing she told me.
"Cause I haven't, not that long anyway."
I open up my bag and take my laptop out. When I notice Ella is just looking at me.
I tilt my head, "well what?!"
"What did you do?! Did you and Wyatt sneak out?"
"Um, yeah, yeah we did."
She's my best friend and I hated lying to her.
But it was with good reason.
"That explains that poorly covered hickey on your neck." She pokes at it with her cold fingers.
I swat her hand away, "it was an amazing night, " I bite my lip, "you should see the bruises I have on my hips."
She looks at me wide eyed, "damn I didn't know Wyatt was so kinky, you said he lasts like a minute."
I had to cover my mouth to avoid me laughing out loud, if only Ella knew the creator of these hickeys was definitely not my frat boyfriend.
Flashbacks of having Chris ontop of me, all sweaty and grunting made me get all tingling inside.
"Let's just say I'm having some fun with someone else..." I smirk at her.
"You're so bad, Y/n."
We laugh together as I pull up my notes from last week for this class.
It was 9:35 and like I said the Professor must be running late....
"Ugh, what's wrong with this professor, he's never late." Ella looks at her Apple Watch and begins to doodle on her notebook.
"Hmm, probably slept in." I smirk, without her noticing.
When the doors open, and the Professor finally walks in.
"If I looked like him I'd be getting laid everyday..." Ella whispers to me, eyeing him up and down.
But this time in some jeans and a tight black shirt with a hat that had the school's logo on it.
He sat his briefcase down on the desk, and looked up and around at all the students.
"Good morning, class."
No one typically answers.
"Ah, c'mon give me some kind of sign that you all can speak." He gives us a dissatisfied look.
"Good morning Professor Evans." Everyone replies.
"It is a good morning indeed, folks...."
He looks up to me where I'm sitting.
"...Sorry I was late, I had a late night last night and I got held up this morning..."
He licks his lips and I just know he's thinking what I'm thinking of.
"...but no worries, it happens right. Now we can get started so take out your books."
"Looks like Professor Evans had a lot of fun last night, too." Ella opens her bag up.
Oh my dear, Ella. If only you knew how many hickeys I left on that man's chest down his beautiful torso. Some new, some just starting to fade away.
Ella kept doodling in her notebook, while I drooled over seeing Chris in jeans. I've only ever seen him in formal attire like suits, and dress pants.
The doors open again, but this time it's my lousy frat boyfriend, Wyatt.
"Mornin, Prof, sorry I'm late." He says, when Chris just stares at him walking up the stairs to where Ella and I were sitting.
"That's the third time this week, 30 points off of an exam, Mr. Wyatt." Chris says loud and clearly.
"Thirty? Jeez, looks like you had an awful morning." Wyatt shoots back.
Chris laughs, crossing his arms, "I actually had an amazing night."
"Why does he hate me?" Wyatt approaches the top, and sits next to me, stepping over Ellas's raised leg.
"Well why are you always late?" I whisper, my face feeling hot as I feel Chris eyeing me from the front of the classroom.
"Don't worry bout it, babe." He goes in for a kiss, "How are you?" but I completely dodge it and kiss his cheek instead.
'I'm fine."
"Okay, Class. Let's continue with our research unit..."
Chris begins writing on the board, and I jot down notes as best I can but I can't stop thinking about him....
"....let's turn to page 20."
An hour and 15 minutes went by like nothing. I didn't learn anything but how good Chris's ass looks in those jeans.
Wyatt has his arm around me as we step down the stairs of the lecture room.
Ella was behind us.
"Miss Y/n, can you stay for a minute? I have a word about your essay." Chris asks, facing away from me and erasing the important stuff he wrote on the board.
I look over to Wyatt and he kisses me goodbye, walking out with Ella to their next class.
I smirk as I walk over to Chris, he's mad that Wyatt kissed me, but also pulled the lame excuse of wanting a 'word' about my essay.
"You ditched me, again." He whispers, even though we were both alone.
"Not really, I told you I had an early class." I shrug my shoulders, sitting in his desk chair and looking through the papers on his desk just being nosey.
I began spinning myself around in his chair.
"Which is my class, Y/n." He stops my twirling around.
"You're no fun." I pout, while he stops my movements with his hands on each side of the arm rest.
He uses his forefingers to lift my chin to make me face him, "let me take you out to dinner."
I blink up at him, not wanting to process what he's asking me. I just laugh and smile at him.
"What?" He knits his brows together, confused on what's funny.
"You're pussy whipped." I giggle.
Chris rolls his eyes lightly, "I'm serious, Y/n. I wanna treat you to dinner."
"I have a boyfriend."
"What the fuck are you doing with that kid anyway? Seriously? He's just bones and flesh." He points to the door.
I stand up to look him in the eye.
"Don't tell me you're starting to fall in love," he stays quiet and I have my answer, I laugh, "damn, you got it bad."
I turn away from him.
"And you don't? You're telling me you don't feel anything when I'm so deep—"
I turn around and cover his mouth.
"—naughty boy. You kiss your mom with that mouth?" I smirk looking at his eyes.
I finally let go of him and walk away, only a short distance, until he grabbed my arm and pulled me against his body, his hand traveling down to grip my ass.
"You're wasting your time with him..."
He says, cradling my face with his other hand.
"....be with me."
"You know my dad, your boss, would kill me, he'd kill you."
"I don't care. I wanna be with you, Y/n."
"It won't work, Chris. It just wouldn't work."
"Yes, it would." He argues, "we can make it work."
I roll my eyes, and proceed to walk away from him, "I'm gonna be late for my next class."
He grabs my hand and pulls me once again to him, so hard the small zippers on my backpack were still moving back and forth.
I was caught by surprise when he smashed our lips together. I even moaned quietly at the touch of feeling them again. So soft and warm, sending waves of electricity through my body.
"Mr.Evans? I-I also had something to ask you about my essay," Ella comes bursting through the door, "I-I was wondering if...we....could...look it...over..."
She spaces out her words when she sees Chris devouring me with his mouth in which we had to pull away....
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syntheticavenger · a day ago
All For Us
Notes: Based on this ask. I hope I did it justice! Also, a huge thanks to @geminixevans-stan for helping me with some plot details!
Steve Rogers x Female Reader
Word Count: 4.9K
Warnings: Some angst, some fluff, language, mentions of war, medical procedures, mentions of pregnancy.
Summary | After a fight at school, your son is forced to take some tests about his natural physical ability that could lead to more questions than answers. Calling in a favor from a friend means leading you right back to the place you tried to forget.
Tumblr media
The caller ID that splashes across your screen gets your attention, inhaling a slow breath while your boss gives you a sympathetic look across the table, nodding for you to take it. She knows all too well what it will be about, rolling your cushy chair back and snatching up your phone, clutching it to your chest while slinking outside of the conference room. You already know what it’s going to be about, closing your eyes after you swipe over to connect, holding the phone to your ear, saying a silent prayer that it won’t be what you are expecting.
“Hi.” The voice on the other is overly cheerful, enough to make you pinch the bridge of your nose. Reina always makes it seem less dire than it really is. “Sorry to bother you. It’s about Nicholas. Can you come down here?”
“How bad is it?”
You know your voice sounds disappointed, trying to take in a cleansing breath as worry threads around your mind.
“Well,” Reina continues with a slight pause. “There was another fight.”
“Oh my god -”
“He won,” Reina finishes. “But we need to talk about his… well, I’ll speak to you about in person.”
“I’ll be right there,” you rush out quickly, hearing her relieved sigh.
“See you in a bit.”
Your head hits the back of the wall, your phone still held tightly in your hand as you let out the breath you’ve been holding in since you answered the call. You’re grateful that your boss understands you – having three boys of her own – and that when you peek your head inside, you point to your phone, giving her an apologetic look before she nods quickly, turning her attention back to the meeting.
Grabbing your purse from your desk, you aren’t sure what you’ll walk into. Reina is the principle and calls that come directly from her are never good. As much as you’ve been in her office, there is usually a happy medium that comes with the working relationship you two have built. Your son isn’t a troublemaker, that much Reina has assured you, time and time again. But there is a limit to allowances that have been made and you are aware that time may be running out.
You don’t fault your precious son. At seven years old, he wants to do everything and anything at any given time. His energy can be a little much at times but his heart is always in the right place. He looks out for everyone and anyone.
A trait he gets from his father.
Nervousness takes hold when you finally get to your car, saying a silent prayer that things will turn out right.
Two arms wrap around your middle, Nicholas’ head buried against your stomach as your hand cups the back of his head gently. His shirt is torn, mud caked on his jeans and splattered on his sneakers.
“What happened?”
“He was pushing Tati,” Nicholas mumbles against your blouse, pulling away to speak clearer. Your eyes narrow in on the cut under his eye, lifting up his chin as his eyes go wide at your expression.
“It’s fine, Mom,” he says quickly, trying to squirm out of your hold. “I got him worse.”
“That isn’t the point,” you remind him, trying to keep your cool as Reina pokes her head out of the doorway. “What did I say about fighting?”
“I don’t like bullies.”
“Nicholas James,” you warn him, Reina clearing her throat that gets your attention.
Standing in the doorway, Reina crosses her arms, her black ensemble matching her black Louboutins. The epitome of cool, you also know that she could singlehandedly make you look for another school, much like the others had done. But she won’t. Not with how much she adores him.
“Come on in,” she says warmly, Nicholas pulling away from you as he goes inside her office. “I promise, we are going to talk about everything.”
At the close of the door, you take a seat next to Nicholas, balancing your purse on your lap while he looks at you hopefully, his tongue poking at the loose tooth that has been moving for two days.
“Thank you for coming,” Reina begins, giving Nicholas a small smile. “I want to preface this as Nicholas did nothing that I wouldn’t do. Today, it was brought to my attention that another classmate of Nicholas’, Hunter, was pushing another student, Tati, repeatedly, thus causing her to fall. She’s alright and has since been taken home. Nicholas took it upon himself to stand in the way of Tati and Hunter. Witnesses claim that Nicholas pushed Hunter first.”
“He pushed me first,” Nicholas protests, looking up at you as he shakes his head. “Mom, I didn’t push him first, honest!”
“Alright, Nicholas,” Reina says gently, waiting for him to settle back down. “As I was saying, there were a few claims that he pushed Hunter first but Tati said that Hunter was the one who did it first and the witnesses happen to be friends of Hunter. I don’t think I need to tell you how that conversation went with the boys about the importance of honesty. However, Hunter’s father had some concerns about the impact of the push that Nicholas gave Hunter flew back a few feet. He’s fine but…”
Reina pauses, giving you a soft but uneasy smile.
“What is it?”
“They would like Nicholas to go in for some tests.”
“Tests?” you repeat, blinking in confusion. “For what? He pushed another kid.”
“I know,” Reina agrees softly. “His father was concerned that the impact of the push was stronger than normal. I assured them that there was nothing wrong, but he mentioned having the tests run voluntarily or…”
“Forced,” you finish for her, looking at Nicholas, who bows his head. “He’s seven. What do they think, he’s on something? He’s a kid.”
“I’m not sure what they’re thinking and believe me, I tried to get some answers but Hunter’s father won’t budge. He claims that his son has a very nasty bruise on his spine and that the cause of it is because of Nicholas’ strength.”
“You can’t believe that.”
“I don’t want to,” Reina admits, looking over at Nicholas as he holds up his chin with his hands, steading his elbows on his knees, his expression glum. “But I know you can appreciate the situation we are all placed in.”
“It doesn’t sound like I have a choice.”
“We don’t,” Reina admits. “But I promise that once we get the test results back, it won’t be an issue.”
“How long do I have?”
“Two weeks before he formally puts in a request. As of now, Hunter is suspended due to his actions and Nicholas is fine to continue coming to school.”
“Thank you, Principal Harper,” Nicholas says for you, his voice still full of sadness. “I’m sorry.”
“You needn’t apologize to me, Nicholas. I appreciate you standing up for Tati. Next time, we tell an adult, hmm?”
“Yes ma’am.”
The ride home is silent, save for the crinkling of the brown paper bag as Nicholas fishes out the fries that have fallen out to the bottom of the bag. His sweet face doesn’t make you feel any better about the events of the day. If anything, it’s stark reminder that if the tests are completed, there will be much more questions than answers.
“You okay, buddy?”
“Yeah,” Nicholas replies, stuffing three fries in his mouth before he chews. “He pushed me first though.”
“I know he did.”
“Are you mad at me?”
“No,” you answer quickly. “I’m not mad, honey. You were protecting Tati. I understand it.”
“I don’t like bullies, Mom.”
“I know. No one does.”
“Tati was going to get hurt.”
“I know,” you reply, your voice calm. “You heard Principal Harper. You’re fine, sweetheart.”
“Why do I have to take a test? Am I sick?”
“No,” you answer quickly. “No, you’re not sick. Hunter’s father is being a little ridiculous but we can’t fight that. We’ll get the tests done and then you’ll be fine.”
Clutching the steering wheel tightly as you stop at a red light, Nicholas shrugs.
“I hate tests.”
Pressing a kiss to his temple, his even breathing lets you know that he’s out for the night, his homework carefully packed back into his backpack. It’s been a long day, the stress of what is to come looming over your head when you pour a glass of wine. Eyeing your cell that is on the table, you know what needs to be done. It’s the only way that you’ll find peace.
Making that phone call will open you up to another world that you’ve closed off for almost eight years, ensuring that you were fine by yourself and that you didn’t need anyone after you saw the little two lines and the beginnings of morning sickness that continued throughout your pregnancy. Nicholas had been worth every bit of it and then some, remembering how you held him in your arms for the first time and that you made a promise that you would keep him safe.
Those tests would not keep him safe.
Taking the first sip of wine and leaning against the counter, you scroll through your address book, stopping at the name that makes you remember so much of what your past life used to be. Once upon a time, you were a promising young scientist, hopeful to discover what gamma radiation could do. Time had a way of changing your path, much like a steady stream could carve out a new river, sending you in multiple directions.
Your courage beginning to wane, you dial the number and toss back your wine, pressing the phone up against your ear as it begins to ring.
He picks up on the third tone, voice low and full of surprise.
“Kid? Is that you?”
“Hi, Doctor Banner.”
His laugh puts you at ease instantly, the worry slowly starting to ease.
“How the hell are you? It’s been years, what’s been going on?”
“I, um…” Suddenly it’s hard to speak, emotions floating to the surface, buoying amid your anxiety of asking him a question that you know will bring more inquiries.
“Is something wrong? Are you alright?”
“I…I’m fine. It’s my son.”
“You have a son? Wow. Congratulations, how old is he? You’re a mom! That’s awesome.”
“He’s seven.”
There’s silence on the other line.
“Seven,” Dr. Banner finally repeats slowly. “Second grade?”
“Yeah, second grade,” you answer, knowing he’s doing the math in his head. “I know I shouldn’t be asking you for help but I don’t have anyone else to turn to.”
“Whatever you need. Is your son alright?”
“He’s fine, yeah. He got into a fight at school and they want to run some tests.”
“Like a physical? I’m sure I could help but I’m all the way in New York and I’m sure that’s a drive.”
“It is a drive, yeah,” you swallow, nodding even though he can’t see you. “But I need a professional’s help. They want blood tests.”
“I’m assuming there’s an issue.”
“There will be, yes.”
Another long pause.
After a beat, you hear him clear his throat.
“I’ll clear out my schedule. Can you bring him tomorrow?”
“Yes,” you answer without hesitation. “We’ll be there.”
“You alright?”
Bruce looks up from his pictures, rubbing his eyes with his giant hands as Steve comes into view. He’s forgotten that he’s not the only night owl around. He’s heard Steve pacing back and forth in the compound, sometimes catching a glimpse of him going for a run in the middle of the night.
“Yeah. Didn’t get a lot of sleep.”
“You’ve been burning the candle at both ends,” Steve reminds him. “Might be time for a break?”
“Got too much on my mind. Still trying to reconfigure this sequencing and,” Bruce trails off for a moment. “Got in touch with a friend who needs my help. I cleared my schedule out for tomorrow but I need a favor.”
Steve nods in understanding, placing a hand on Banner’s arm.
“Whatever you need.”
“They may be here for a little while. Mind making sure they have a place to stay for the night? I think the guest quarters are still open, right? I’d do it myself but I can’t pull myself away from this project and I’m feeling pretty close that I’ll get it right. If you don’t mind, of course.”
Bruce knows that Steve won’t say no. He’s been slightly restless these days since the snap, still navigating the PR nightmare that has finally righted itself amid Tony and Natasha’s deaths and the destruction and re-population of an Earth that finally had to reconcile with assimilating those who had been lost back into the land of the living.
To put it bluntly, Steve was tired, even if he tried not to show it. Banner is also aware of the hushed conversations between Steve and Bucky, quieting down when Sam comes around and changing the subject. But Bruce sees the potential, the curiosity of Steve as he and Sam toss the shield around.
It’s only a matter of time before Steve gives it up.
“You got it,” Steve answers him, giving him a pat on the back. “As long as you promise to get some sleep, big guy.”
Bruce gives him a smirk, looking at his phone as a text comes through, confirming your visit tomorrow.
“No promises.”
“Wait!” you call out to Nicholas, the door slamming shut behind him while you hear his sneakers pounding the pavement, following suit as you close the door behind you, securing your purse on your shoulder. “Hold on!”
“Is this the compound, Mom?”
“Yes,” you answer him, both of you looking up at the building.
Once painted white, it’s now a cool shade of gray, infused with metal panels and tinted windows. Nicholas cranes his neck back, blinking as he continues to take it all in.
“I’m gonna do my tests here?!”
“Yes,” you reply, leading him up the steps as you smooth out his jacket. “Remember, we’re on our best behavior. Right?”
“Right,” Nicholas answers, still preoccupied with the buttons that you press. “Are the Avengers here?”
“I don’t know,” you answer him truthfully. “I guess we’ll find out.”
“Basement,” Bruce’s voice calls out. “You know how to get there, right?”
“Sure do,” you reply, Nicholas slipping his hand in yours. There’s rarely anything he’s afraid of and for a moment, you’re not sure who is benefitting from the safe touch as the doors open. It looks much differently than when you were here, once upon a time when you would you’re your backpack over your shoulder as you ran toward the elevator, a protein bar in your mouth.
The same elevator where you met –
“Where are we going, Mom?”
“To see a friend,” you answer him, pressing the elevator button as the doors open, the indictor chiming as you usher him inside.
“For my tests?” he says, his voice suspicious as the doors close. “Are they nice?”
“You’ll like him.”
“Who is he?”
“A friend,” you repeat, knowing that he’s nervous. You touch the side of his cheek with your knuckle, making him smile – the same thing you did to him as a baby. “He won’t hurt you, I promise.”
He seems to relax at your words, jutting out his chest a little.
“I’m not afraid.”
True to his word, Nicholas glances up at the giant man with wide eyes, stepping in front of you.
“You’re my mom’s friend?” he asks, looking back at you with distrust. “That’s the Hulk!”
“Bruce,” Bruce corrects him. “Dr. Banner, to be exact. I haven’t been the Hulk in a long time. He and I… well, let’s just say we’re old friends.”
“How do you know my mom?”
“She used to work for me,” Bruce answers him, clearly entertained by Nicholas’ rapid-fire questions. “He’s definitely like someone I know.”
“You worked here?!”
“Do you know how long the tests will take?” you ask, trying to change the subject as Bruce looks back at you.
“From what you sent me, not too long. I’ll need to, uh, do some blood tests. You aren’t scared of needles, are you buddy?”
Bruce gives you a look that you ignore. The email demands were enough to make you blindly forward it to Bruce, your reply to Hunter’s father and his attorney enough to keep them at bay. Anxiety reaches its peak when you glance at your son who is still enamored with Bruce, asking him a million questions while Bruce leads him to a chair.
“It’ll be pretty easy,” Bruce says. “I just gotta draw some blood and… hey, what happened here?”
Bruce motions to the side of Nicholas’ lip, a small scar present.
“Oh, that? I got hit!” he says proudly. “I got a trash can lid and this bully hit me and it hit me in the mouth.”
Bruce looks up from his chair as Nicholas retells the story with great and gory detail.
“Trash can lid, huh? I’ve heard of that being used as a shield before.”
“How many vials?” you interrupt, Bruce turning back to Nicholas.
“Four should do it. That should give me enough to run the tests I need.”
Crouching down next to him, Nicholas gives you a thumbs up.
“I’m okay, Mom.”
“Okay.” Smoothing back his hair, you place a kiss on his forehead, hearing his groan before you see his smiling face.
“It’ll be quick, I promise,” Bruce assures you, opening the syringe pack. “Five minutes tops.”
Nicholas doesn’t flinch at the sight of the needle, Bruce working quickly while you refamiliarize yourself with the lab. It’s bigger. Brighter than before, your eyes homing in on the lab table that you found yourself on top of, eyes closing at the thought of how he –
“All done,” Nicholas announces loudly, Bruce finishing up applying the band aid. “Can we go look around?”
“If Bruce says it’s alright.”
“Can we Bruce?!”
“I gotta run your tests so go nuts,” Bruce says with a knowing look at you. “I’m sure you still know your way around.”
“Come on, Mom,” Nicholas says, taking your hand while he drags you toward the door. “Let’s go!”
“Bruce,” you call out behind you. “You’ll call me when they’re done?”
“Of course.”
Bruce places the vials in the centrifuge, letting the machine work while he writes his notes. It’s a standard steroid test that is requested by the injured schoolboy’s father, his email poorly written as Bruce rereads it out of entertainment while he waits.
But when the centrifuge stops, he notices the thin blue line in the vials, putting on his glasses to see. It’s there, clear as day.
As much as he’s joked with you about similarities, he’s only seen the blue in one particular vial.
Reaching for the phone, he dials a number and waits.
“Can you come down to the lab, Steve?” Bruce asks, picking up one of the vials to look at it closely.
“Sure. Everything okay?”
“I had some questions for you regarding the serum.”
“Sure, I’ll be right down.”
Bruce thinks of how quickly Nicholas plopped into the chair, discarded his jacket while he waited for his blood to be drawn.
No fear.
Not even a flinch.
Bruce doesn’t have to wait long, the elevator doors opening as Steve enters, half dressed in a tight blue shirt, still clad his uniform pants and boots.
“You alright?”
Bruce places the vials back, looking at his friend for a moment.
“I’m tired,” Bruce admits, pushing back his chair. “All this… the snap, rebuilding this place… New Asgard.”
Bruce smiles at the thought of Thor and who is in charge now.
“I gotta be honest. I brought you down here because I feel like you’ve been thinking about giving up the shield. What’s holding you back?”
“That’s a loaded question,” Steve replies, leaning against the counter. “A lot. I know we’re not going to have a threat like Thanos but… I think about the rest. What else is out there that might be as bad as him. Maybe worse. I’ve been a soldier for so long. I don’t think I could just give it up that easily.”
“But you’re having discussions,” Bruce points out. “I see it.”
“Sam,” Steve swallows with a hard nod. “He’s the only one I think that could take it. That would take it seriously.”
“Why don’t you give it to him?”
“That’s a heavy load to put on his shoulders. He’s taught me a lot, Bruce. Things I never knew that have happened in this world. I’m not sure if that emotional toll is fair to him.”
“You’ll never know unless you ask.”
“One day,” Steve laments with a sigh. “When I have something to focus on.”
Steve shakes his head at the thought.
“So, no serum talk?”
“When you first transformed after the serum, how many samples did they take?”
“A lot,” Steve informs him. “At least twenty at the time. More when I came out of the ice.”
“Did they ever try to replicate it?”
“They tried. Never were really successful,” Steve says, looking at his friend as he gives him a sheepish smile. “Or, too successful.”
“Yeah, yeah,” Bruce says with a wave of his hand. “Interesting.”
The elevator doors open, Nicholas running toward Bruce as Steve locks eyes with you. He can barely get your name past his lips when he sees Nicholas, nearly skidding to a stop at the sight of him.
“C-Captain America! Mom, look!”
“I see him,” you say, your eyes on Steve as he smiles at you. It’s genuine, one of longing as Nicholas stares at him in awe.
“Do you have your shield?” Nicholas asks, moving around Steve while he peppers him with more questions. “We read about the battle and how you broke your arm! So cool!”
Nicholas hops up on the counter, Steve’s eyes moving toward the little boy as he studies Steve right back, tilting his head to the side as Steve opens his mouth.
“How did you…”
“What?” Nicholas asks Steve innocently, swinging his feet as he realizes what he’s done, his eyes going wide with realization. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to jump on the counter.”
He hops off, standing next to you as you pat his shoulder. Steve swallows hard at how quickly he descends the high counter, like it’s nothing before he sidles up your side.
“It’s okay. Nicholas, this is Steve.”
“Hi,” he says with a shy wave. “Sorry about the counter. Mom says I have a lot of energy.”
“Hey Nicholas,” Bruce calls out. “Wanna see the Falcon? He’s around here somewhere.”
“The Falcon?! Yeah!”
Bruce walks toward the elevator with Nicholas in tow, leaving you and Steve alone as they disappear from view once the doors close.
“It’s been a long time,” Steve says quietly. “I can’t believe you’re here. You look amazing.”
“It has been a long time,” you agree, hating that you’re suddenly shy. “Thank you.”
Steve nods, looking at the vials left behind. It’s too silent, almost as if he wants to say something but can’t, clearing his throat for a moment.
“What brings you to the compound?”
“Some tests,” you answer quickly. “A misunderstanding at school.”
“About what?”
“His energy levels are high,” you start, Steve nodding with you. “He tends to exert a lot more energy at school when it comes to physical activity. He got into a fight and -”
“He won,” Steve finishes for you. “He’s stronger than the kids he goes to school with.”
“He’s mine,” Steve swallows, his eyes glassy. “Isn’t he? That explains the blue lines in the vials.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
His voice almost cracks, your eyes filling with tears at his question.
“When you found out Bucky was alive, you told me we had to end it. It was too risky, too dangerous for us because I’d be a target,” you start, trying to keep it together. “When you went to Raft to free them, I found out I was pregnant.”
Steve doesn’t say a word, his hands on the counter while he processes your words.
“You were off the grid,” you continue. “I didn’t fault you for that. Me reaching out and telling you that news… it would have put you and your team at risk. I went into hiding. It was better that way.”
“You did it alone,” Steve murmurs. “I should have been there for you and Nicholas.”
“You couldn’t. Not with the world being crazy. Then with the snap happening? I had to shield him from all of it. We were fine until he started beating up bullies.”
Steve can’t help but smile at your admission.
“He doesn’t like bullies.”
“Hates them,” you reply tearfully, wiping your tears. “He’s so much like you, Steve. I’m sorry that I hid. I didn’t have a choice, we -”
His mouth is on yours before you can say another word, his calloused and warm hands on either side of your face.
“I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” Steve says against your mouth. “Jesus, I looked all over for you when I got back. Then the snap…”
He holds you close, much like he did the first night you went on a date, looking up at the stars before you knew what the universes held.
“I couldn’t forget about you. I never forgot about.”
He pulls out a picture of you both, celebrating on the Fourth of July as you’re on his lap, giving him a kiss in a red, white and blue dress.
“You still have that?” you ask, sniffling as he kisses you again.
“Sure do. I told you. You meant the world to me. I thought you never wanted to see me again.”
Shaking your head, he sighs, mind going to Nicholas.
“How old is he?”
“Seven,” you answer, his forehead resting against yours. “He got into a fight and used a trash can lid as a defense.”
Steve kisses your nose, wiping away your tears.
“Sounds familiar.”
Nicholas is busy looking at the Quinjet when Steve stops.
“I don’t know,” Steve tells you quietly. “Maybe you should tell him.”
“I think you should show him.”
Nicholas turns around, looking at the shield in Steve’s hands.
“Cool!” he shouts, running up toward Steve. “Can I touch it?”
“How about this? I’ll throw it and if you can catch it, you can keep it.”
Nicholas’ eyes go wide as dinner plates, his eyes moving from you to Steve.
“Really. I’ll give you a head start.”
Nicholas takes off running, Sam lowering his sunglasses at the sight.
“I’ll tell you later,” you promise Sam. “Just watch.”
The shield flies through the air, Sam shouting out a warning before it’s plucked from the air, Nicholas holding it as Sam does a double take.
There’s scattered applause from agents who stop to see Steve jogging toward Nicholas as you and Sam follow behind. Nicholas flips it over like it weighs nothing, holding onto it carefully as he looks up at Steve.
“I can’t keep this, Sir,” he admits, trying to hand it back.
“Why not?”
“I just wanted to touch it. It’s yours.”
Steve crouches down, examining Nicholas for a moment.
“Are you sure?”
“Do you like bullies?”
“Me either,” Steve agrees, watching Nicholas jut out his chest. He can see the similarities in his profile, the lump already thickening in his throat. “What do you know about your dad?”
“He fought a lot,” Nicholas remembers. “Mom said he loved me but he had to save the world. I guess he did but I haven’t seen him.”
Steve swallows hard at that fact, nodding.
“You know what you and your dad have in common?”
“No,” Nicholas says. “What?”
“I hate bullies too.”
“You hate bullies…” Nicholas says, blinking in confusion. “You… you’re my dad?”
“Yeah,” Steve manages, a tear slipping down his cheek. “I’m your dad.”
“Captain America is my dad?!”
His little voice echoes as he looks up at Steve in awe.
“Mom! You didn’t tell me Captain America was my dad!”
“Yeah, you sure as hell didn’t,” Sam quips.
Nicholas holds onto the shield, still looking at Steve carefully. Once he gets sight of you, he frowns.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I couldn’t,” you tell him honestly, wiping away a tear. “Some bad people were going to be after us if I did. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s your father. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you, sweetheart.”
Peering up at his father, Nicholas tilts his head to the side.
“Do you like pizza?”
“I do,” Steve says cautiously.
“Can we get pizza for lunch?”
“Yeah,” Steve replies, visibly relaxing. “I think I can do that.”
“Good, ‘cuz I’m hungry.”
Sam plucks the shield out of the ground as Nicholas grabs Steve’s hand, pulling him along toward the compound.
“You’re gonna leave this behind?” Sam asks, Steve stopping for a moment as Nicholas looks at his father.
“You keep it,” Nicholas says to Sam. “Captain America is my dad. I can get a shield anytime I want.”
Sam laughs, holding the shield as Steve pats him on the back.
“My kid has spoken,” Steve instructs Sam. “You wear it well, Sam. Been thinking about retirement. Sounds like now is the perfect time. It’s all yours.”
With a final pat on the back, Nicholas continues pulling him toward the doors, Steve slipping his free hand in yours.
“We got a lot of catching up to do,” he tells you, Nicholas shouting his goodbye to Sam and Bruce before he stops in his tracks.
“Can you come to my show and tell, Dad?!”
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hertzwritings · 2 days ago
She calls me daddy
A/N: I COMPLETELY forgot about this masterpiece of an idea from @staysluttymyfriends97​, and it would be an absolute crime to not post it. I don’t make the rules. Anyway, Frat-boy!Steve Rogers makes me feel all the good, and I enjoy a cocky Steve, soooooo….
You can buy me a coffee here, and I’ll write you a personalized something – the sky is the limit with whatever and whoever you want in there!
I love y’all, and hopefully, you’ll like this. Remember, feedback feeds the soul (mine) and my askbox and requests are always open – there’s no limits, because I am me and I have none.
Pairing: Frat-Boy!Steve Rogers x female reader, Nerd!Bucky (mentioned)
Contains: Language, Steve Rogers being a cocky dick, mentions of purity rings, smut (MDNI), fingering, oral (m recieving), p in v, unprotected sex, cum-shot, praise-kink, slight daddy-kink, slight dumbification, slight degradation-kink
W.C.: 4.638
 She calls me daddy
Tumblr media
“Seriously, do you need me there, or are you just acting like you do? You know I have finals next week, and I’ve been prepp…” Bucky glared at you, and you closed your mouth with a snap. “Listen to me. You’ve been prepping for one exam for a full month, now. You’re stressed as hell, you’re jumpy like a cat, who’s been strapped to fireworks, and I miss you.” He pouted and you groaned. “Stop that! You know I can’t handle your puppy-face.” “Please, Y/N, please? I promise, it’s going to be fun as hell, you enjoyed yourself the last time you were there!”
Bucky wasn’t wrong. You had enjoyed yourself, maybe even a little too much. Actually, you had enjoyed yourself way too much the last time you went to his frat house. And you did not want to face the consequences of your own actions.
Your actions being Steve.
Who had quite the rumor of “virgin-collecting”, which fell just in line with what you were when you entered the frat house the first time and left behind as well. Fucking Steve. “I don’t know, Buck…” You glanced at your feet. “Doll, listen to me, you need to actually enjoy your college-life. Don’t stay in here all the time. You’re getting musty.” Your eyes snapped to him, and you glared. “I am not getting musty.” He raised an eyebrow and you looked around in your one-bedroom apartment, realizing just how much you had been focused on exams. You sighed. “One drink. And if Steve gets close to me, I’m literally whacking his stupid, blonde head off his shoulders.” “Don’t you think it’s…” “I don’t, actually.” Bucky sighed. “I don’t know what happened last time, and if you would just talk to me…” “Funnily enough, I don’t. Wait here, give me like… Thirty minutes to get ready. Max.” You didn’t wait for an answer, twirling on your heel to grab a black, strappy dress and your makeup, before slamming the bathroom-door behind you, trying to calm yourself and get ready at the same time. One drink. One.
  The frat house was packed when you arrived with Bucky next to you – he grinned toothily at you and led you inside, grabbing the first drink he could and handed it to you. “I’m going to try and find Sam!” He yelled over the bass. “I think Wanda and Nat is around here somewhere.” You nodded. “I’ll find them!” You yelled back. The music was full of heavy bass – which meant that either Vis or Tony had gotten a hold of the music, because it was currently playing Such a Whore, which you found extremely fitting, when you spotted Steve grinding against a sweating blonde, gyrating his hips. You scoffed and scanned the room, drinking your drink – it tasted vaguely of tequila – and finally spotted the two red-heads huddled in a corner.
“Nat! Wanda!” You yelled at them, and they looked up with wide smiles. “Oh my god, Y/N! I didn’t think I’d ever see you here, especially during exam-prep!” You shrugged and hugged Wanda, who beamed at you. Natasha tipped her red solo-cup at you. “Looking good, babes.” You smiled. “You shouldn’t be talking, look at you!” Nat shrugged with a pleased smile on her lips. She did look fucking fantastic, wearing black leather-pants and a tight tank-top in a blood-red color. “I have to tell you about this thing Vis did the other day!” Wanda pulled you to a chair, and began talking your ear off. You didn’t really pay attention to her, because Steve’s eyes were trained on you, while the blonde girl grinded against him, his face resting in a confused expression. You looked away from his blue eyes and re-entered the conversation. “…. I know, but it’s true! I haven’t seen Steve without somebody in his room in forever, and he’s been like… Almost…” Nat frowned and downed the rest of her drink. Of course, you would join back into the conversation with Steve headlining. “I don’t know, he's been demure, almost. It’s weird.” She pointed to your drink, which you swallowed quickly. “Yes, please.” She grabbed both you and Wanda’s cups before walking back to the kitchen, her hips swaying. It was like watching the red sea parting for her. “What’s up with Steve?” You asked, trying to sound overwhelmingly uninterested. Wanda lifted her eyebrows. “Did Bucky not tell you?” You shook your head. “He’s been very busy with Joaquin.” You nodded to where Bucky was currently tongue-deep into his boyfriend’s throat. “Holy… Wow, I did not need to see that.” Wanda laughed. “Well, it’s a little bit of a mystery, really. So, a few months ago, at the Halloween-party, remember that?” Vividly. You even lost your purity-ring somewhere in Steve’s room – not that it should matter, because the promise behind it didn’t anymore, but it was sentimental. You had gotten used to wearing it and felt naked without it. “Anyway, Steve went to his room at some point with a girl wearing this awesome Christine, you know from the phantom of the opera?” You nodded. Thank God, you had worn a mask. “Well, she wore that costume and a mask, and they went to his room, right? Well, she had disappeared in the morning, and Steve has been stone-cold girl-sober ever since. It’s been almost three months, but he keeps saying that it’s not that interesting anymore or something like that.” She glanced at him, and you followed her eyes; Steve was still on the dancefloor, but looked wholly annoyed at the blonde, who was currently dry humping his leg. “Want to know the weirdest part, other than the fact that nobody knows who the mystery heartbreaker is?” You scoffed.   “He can’t be brokenhearted over a one-night stand.” She lifted her perfect eyebrow. “I beg to differ. He came down the next morning asking about her, and he was wearing this ring, and I think she might’ve left it behind. Like, Steve doesn’t do jewelry, right, but now? He wears that ring on his pinky at all times. It doesn’t fit him at all, so it’s like almost at the tip of his finger, but still. Never takes it off.” You were seething. Asshole. One thing was being another notch in his virginity-belt, but it was something else entirely to flaunt it to everyone.
Maybe nobody knew who you were right now, but it wouldn’t take much to figure out. “I’ll be right back, Wanda.” You said through gritted teeth and caught Steve’s eyes when you stood from your seat, nodding towards the back of the house, where you knew his room was. He cocked an eyebrow at you and nodded once, nearly indiscernible, and began whispering something to the blonde. You didn’t wait to see her reaction, but walked with fast feet to his room, and went inside.
The memories flooded you, as soon as his scent hit your nose; your moans echoed in your head, his tongue had imprinted itself on your body, and it made you shiver. You shouldn’t think about that right now, because you were angry and just wanted your damn ring back. You were pacing the room, when he came in.
“Hiya, sweets.” You glared at him with narrowed eyes. “Don’t sweets me. I want my ring back.” He glanced down at his hand and held it out in front of him with a smirk on his lips. “This ring?” You caught the silver shine of your ring on his pinky. He twisted it around and you huffed. “My ring, asshole. Do you really need proof that you fucked a virgin?” His eyebrows shot up. “That’s some hell of a mouth for a virgin.” You rolled your eyes and damned yourself to hell for your body’s reaction to his voice. You ignored the growing dampness in your underwear. “I was a virgin, not a fucking nun.” He chuckled darkly and you sucked in a sharp breath at the sound. “I didn’t want to be another notch, Steve, and I definitely don’t want to be a prized passion to remind yourself of your feat.” He twirled the ring again. “Who said you were a notch?” You rolled your eyes and crossed your arms. The music was loud but muted slightly through the door and you could feel the bass in your entire body. “Literally half the campus.” “And that’s believable?” “Yes.” You cocked a brow at him and extended your hand. “My ring, please.” “At least you know how to ask nicely.” He hummed for a moment. “What’s in it for me, Y/N?” “Oh, my God, are you fucking kidding me?” You threw your arms out in frustration. “You need something in return for something you stole?” He chuckled again and leaned against the door. “Sweetheart, I didn’t steal anything. You left it here, and finders keepers and all that.” You laughed mirthlessly. “You’re actually a real piece of shit, you know that captain?” You knew it would get a rise out of him to call him that. He hated it. “Stop that, you know I hate it.” “Give me my ring.” “I don’t think I will.” He twirled it again. “It’s a nice reminder of the girl, who seemingly had the best time of her life with me.” You scoffed. “You really think a lot of yourself, don’t you?” He tilted his head. “Do enlighten me.” He grinned again and you wanted to remove his dick and make him choke on it. “You…” You glowered. “I don’t want to talk to you for longer than necessary, so can I please, just have my fucking ring back?” “No.” “What the fuck, Steve?” “No, what the fuck, Y/N?” He pushed off the door and stalked to you, towering over you. Your breath hitched. “You left in the middle of the night…” “It was six in the morning, but okay…” He ignored you. “Didn’t leave a number, not even a fucking thank you Steven for the most mindblowing night of my life, and you come back here and act all pissy with me, because I wear a ring, I found in my bedroom? You’ve got some nerve, you brat.” “I’m not a fucking brat. You’re an asshole, and I really am not in the mood be here, much less entertain this conversation with you.” He smiled predatorily at you and bent his head a little. “What? You got scared, little girl? After I fucked you stupid, you got scared that I’d what, brag about it to everyone? Let everyone know what a good, little whore you were?” You gaped at him. The fucking nerve. “And you come back here, act like a spoiled brat, can’t even look at me, and think I’m just, what, going to hand the fucking ring back over?” He yanked it free from his finger, and you saw the faint outline of it on his thick finger. “Here, take it. It wasn’t something I kept to show off, just FYI.” He looked slightly pained now. “I kept it, because it was the only thing, I had to remind me of you.” You scoffed and took the ring from him, ignoring your heart thudding wildly against your ribs. “Fuck you, Steve. You knew you could ask Bucky, Joaquin, Sam, Wanda or Nat and they’d probably give you my number. You could’ve asked around. You didn’t care, and you still don’t, because you never do. That’s at least what your previous conquests have said. Loudly, I might add.” You said, pushing the ring back on your finger.
It was funny, it felt almost foreign on you now.
“Oh, shut the hell up. You’d rather listen to girls, who spent a night in here than stay behind to get to know me? You’re stupider than I thought I made you.” He laughed angrily, his eyes burning holes into you. “I wanted to get to know you, Y/N, and you disappeared because you were scared and confused, and instead of handling it like a big girl, you ran off.” He frowned. “And here I thought you were a smart girl, Y/N.” He stood to his full height and gestured to the door. Tears were burning in your eyes as you strode to the door. “I didn’t tell anyone, you know. Just for the record, I easily could’ve, but I didn’t.” “Oh, so because you had opportunity to tell and didn’t, you’re commendable?” You asked, your back turned to him. You hated to admit it, but it did make you feel a little more at ease. He groaned. “Jesus fucking Christ, I can’t say anything to you? You’re so damn defensive, it’s honestly heartbreaking.” “You’re a dick, Steve.” You turned to look at him and smiled at him with as much venom as you could. “Go find another hole to fill, you seem to do that very well.”
It was the wrong thing to say, because his eyes flared up and in a single stride, he was in front of you, pushing the door closed again and caged you with his arms. “Don’t you fucking try me, Y/N.” You glared at him. “I already did, thanks.” He growled and got close enough for you to feel the tip of his nose brush against yours. “You’re skating on thin ice, right now.” He glared at you, and you tried your best to not squirm, because his damn body this close to yours made you feel tingly. “Fuck you. I got what I wanted, so did you, clearly, so let’s leave it at that.” He didn’t like this. “Oh my God, Y/N!” he rolled his eyes. “You’ve got some fucking nerve, coming into my room and acting like I did you a disservice or some shit, because you decided to believe rumors.” His lips turned up in a dangerous smile and his eyes glinted. “You sure as hell didn’t have a problem with it at Halloween. My… Reputation.” You bit your lip. “Actually, you seemed pretty happy about the fucking reputation, because, and Ill quote you: That just means experience, which I need.” “Well…” “No, don’t try to get out of this one. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if I just slid my fingers down…” His fingers slid from the door to your waist, slowly sliding down to your absolute asshole of a pussy, who was – indeed – soaking through your underwear. He hissed when he felt it, and your hips bucked. “Hm. What do you have to say to that, Y/N?” you couldn’t say anything, not really, because his stupid fingers were rubbing circles on your clit through the damp fabric, and your brain was malfunctioning. “So quiet… Did I already make you so fucking dumb, huh? All you needed was my fingers?” You moaned when he pushed against your entrance through the fabric. “Tell me. You want this?” He asked, his lips grazing your neck. Fucking hell.
“Yes.” You mumbled. He snapped to face you again, pressing harder against you. “No, I need clear words, baby. Do you want this?” He asked again, now moving his fingers to the elastic of your panties, his fingers dipping inside. “Yes! Fuck, yes!” you said quickly, when his fingers found your clit. It was all he needed.
He growled and removed his fingers, lifted you from the ground and threw you back on his bed, before he descended hungrily on you. The kiss was angry and full of teeth and tongue, but fuck, it felt good. He groaned against you, pulling the elastic on your panties and letting it fall back with a snap. “Get these off.” You rolled your eyes but did it as soon as he stood up from the bed to remove his own clothing. You quickly removed your panties along with your dress, chest heaving, and your entire body shuddered at the look, he sent you. Steve climbed on the bed and kissed you again, his fingers finding their previous spot on your clit and dipping inside of you. You gasped at the intrusion, and your back arched, allowing him to catch your nipple with his lips. “Fuck, it feels good to have my fingers in you again, baby…” He moaned around your nipple and sped up. How on earth, he managed to coax you to near an orgasm already, you didn’t understand, but you were barely breathing, and your legs shook. “Come on, baby, tell me…” His teeth tugged on your nipple, and you mewled. “Am I who you think about when you’re alone in bed… Touching yourself, huh?” He sped up and curled his fingers. “Y-yes… shit, yes…” You moaned. All pretense of being unaffected by him or not thinking about him was long gone. “Good girl… You want to cum?” He asked, licking wet trails on your breast. “Please…” You breathed it out, and in the same moment, he stilled. “Earn it.” Fuck him. “Wh-what?” you gasped, his fingers still in you and a shit-eating grin on his lips. “Earn it, baby. Apologize.” He kissed you again. “Tell me what you’ve thought of me doing to you, when you’re all alone, touching yourself like this…” He moved his fingers slowly and stopped in the same second as a stuttering moan fell from your lips. “Fuck you.” You mumbled. “Later.” He grinned. “Come now, kitten, speak up.” You groaned and caught his eyes; he was enjoying it. “I’m… Oh…” He twitched his fingers. “I’m s-sorry!” You cried. He moved slowly now, steadily drawing you nearer the edge again. “I’ve… Fuck… I-I’ve thought of you fucking me…” You said, and despite your haze of lust, you still felt your cheeks heat up. “I’ve imagined you fucking me so hard, I couldn’t walk…” “Oh, atta girl.” He mumbled, fingers moving faster now. “But… I-I couldn’t make myself, fucking shit, m-make myself cu-um…” You moaned loudly again. “Because my fingers weren’t enough… Please, S-Steve, I just want to…” “You can cum, pretty girl.” He sped up and attacked your nipple again, and you came undone; his fingers moved so fast and perfectly against every spot, that made you see stars, you wouldn’t have been able to hold back, even if you tried. You screamed as you came, grabbing his bare shoulders roughly, crescent moons indented in his skin form your nails, as he fucked you through your orgasm. “Good girl, look at you… making a mess of me, aren’t you?” he chuckled. “Remember last time, baby?” You nodded and couldn’t help the smile on your lips. “Eager, huh? Come and get it, then.” He moved away from you and flopped down on his back, his large, veiny cock protruding from his body. You nearly drooled at the sight. “Make it nice and wet for me, baby…” He whispered. Yes, sir.
You slowly licked a long stripe along the underside of him, flattening your tongue as you reached a sensitive spot right under the head, and slowly sucked him into your mouth. He tensed up and hissed as you took more and more into your mouth, hollowing your cheeks and allowed him deeper. When he hit the back of your throat, you bobbed your head slightly, getting a feel of him, your jaw already aching – he was big, but you were determined to impress. You knew you had some skill. You gagged around his length as you forced him deeper, spit drippling from your mouth to the bed, and he moaned, and his cock twitched in your throat. “Such a good fucking whore, huh, Y/N? Taking me so deeply… Shit…” He moaned again and your lips stretched into a smile around him, before you began moving for real this time – you picked up speed, now feeling pretty confident in the fact, that you weren’t going to throw up all over him, and he met your movements with small thrusts. “Baby… Fuck, you need to… ah… Baby girl, you n-need to stop, sweetheart… I don’t want to… Fuck…” his hand went to your hair and pulled you gently from his cock, and you let it go with a loud pop, his cock bouncing back against his stomach. “Did I do good, daddy?” you asked with wide eyes. “Oh, fuck, you’re dangerous, baby.” He grinned, and pulled you to his side, turning your back to him. “You think it’s wet enough for you?” You moaned as a response. “Do you think you’ve earned it, baby?” He whispered, his lips ghosting against your shoulder. I swear to everything that’s real, Steve, if you don’t…” You didn’t get to finish your sentence, because he pushed slowly inside of you. You gasped and hissed at the stretch, although it wasn’t unwelcome. When he bottomed out, you both sighed. “It’s like you were fucking made for me…” he mumbled, more to himself than to you. You moaned. “Move, Steve…” You gasped. “Baby, I gotta let you adjust, or…” “Don’t. Just… Fucking take me.” You moaned, grabbing the hand that rested on your hip and dragged it to your chest, letting his fingers tug on your nipple. He moved and began dragging his cock against your walls – spooning you, he managed to get even deeper than you could’ve imagined him being and you rolled your hips to meet him. It was intimate, and way more than you thought him to be, but he buried his face in the crook of your neck and sped up, fingers intertwining with yours over your breast. “You feel fucking amazing… Fuck, I’ve dreamt of being inside of you since Halloween…” He groaned and slammed his cock inside of you, working faster and faster. You were shaking around him, your walls pulsing and dragging him further in. “You’re taking me so well, baby…” That did you in. you came with a shout, your body tensing up and your legs shaking, while he fucked you deeply; it felt as if you had been lit on fire, but you didn’t mind it at all. It almost hurt, but you wanted more from him – it was addictive. “Fuck, Steve!” You shouted his name, and he moved his hand from your chest to your mouth, holding you tightly as he fucked you with ferocity. “Shh, baby, you don’t want anyone to hear you get fucked like… ah… Fuck, by me, do you?” Honestly? You couldn’t give a rat’s ass right now. You’d let your pastor hear you, for all you cared, because you wanted everyone to know that he did this to you. “Oh, you like that, don’t you? You want people to hear you get fucked…” He pushed further inside of you, and you saw stars, mewling at the pressure. His speed was stuttering, his grip over your mouth tightening. “Fucked by me, huh? That nice, little, pretty… fucking hell… Girl, getting fucking split open by my cock?” He moaned in your ear, and you were barely hanging on by your fingernails at this point. “Fuck, baby, I’m going to…” He groaned and sped up. “one more, baby, one more for me… I need you to cum for me… I need to feel it, baby, please…” His fingers left your mouth and traveled to your clit, where he began rubbing determined circles on it, sending sparks of pleasure through your body. “Ste-eve… Oh my god…” You whined and when he bit down on the sensitive skin at the juncture of your shoulder and neck, you lost control completely. You came with a shriek, your body tensing and toes curling, wetness gushing from you; your heart was thumping wildly in your chest, and the orgasm felt like it had shattered you, put you back together and tied you up with Steve.
“Fuck!” He grunted and pulled out of you, shooting hot spurts of cum on your hip and ass, painting you with white. You moaned at the feeling and his sweaty forehead fell back against your shoulder, as you both caught your breaths. “I’ll get you a towel, hang on.” “Mhm…” You didn’t have the capacity to answer, simply too blissed out. He left for what felt like a second with a damp towel and began cleaning you up. You turned to your back, when he threw the towel on the ground and settled next to you, drawing lazy circles on your stomach, goosebumps appearing, where his fingers traveled.
“You know, I, uh… I really didn’t want you to leave the last time.” He said slowly. You turned to face him and was surprised at the softness and shyness that graced his features. “I thought that was just your… M.O.” You replied, equally as soft. He shook his head and kissed your shoulder. “Maybe it used to be. I, uh, yeah… I’ve had a thing for you for a while.” He confessed. “What?” “Yeah. Ask Bucky, he’s about to explode with my Y/N this and Y/N that.” He chuckled. “I felt ridiculously lucky to have you in my bed that night, especially since it was a first for you… And when I woke up alone the next morning, I just… Yeah.” You could feel the disappointment seep from him and instantly felt guilty. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a thing for you, too, you know.” You smiled. “I… I was scared. Your reputation does exceed you, Steve. I was sure I was going to be another virgin, you’d added to the collection, and when I saw you wear my ring…” “It’s a purity ring, right?” He asked. You nodded and slowly removed it from your finger. The music from the party had changed to a slow How can you mend a broken heart by Al Green, which seemed fitting for the moment, and you slid the ring back on Steve’s pinky. “We can make it a promise ring instead.” “Oh?” He looked down at it with the softest eyes, you had ever seen. It was like you had given him the most precious thing on earth. “Mhm. A promise that I won’t run out on you again, and that I wasn’t just another piece to your collection.” “I’ve never even been with a virgin before you.” Your eyes widened. “But… Julia said…” “Julia Becker?” He laughed and cupped your face, kissing your nose. “She’s just angry I didn’t want her. I promise you, my reputation is literally just rumors. I don’t want or need anyone else.” You sighed – an invisible weight had been lifted from your shoulders, a weight, you didn’t even know you carried around. “So… You want to stay here?” He asked, kissing you again. “What about the party?” “Fuck the party. I honestly don’t give a shit about it. I’ve got you, right?” He asked earnestly. “Yeah, you got me.”
 When you came into the kitchen the next morning, wearing Steve’s t-shirt (that fit you sort of like a dress, that giant man) and your hand secured in his, both of you smiling like idiots, Bucky and Sam both gaped at you, before Bucky hit Sam on the arm.
“I told you it was Y/N!” “But… She has taste, Buck. Steve is not taste, Steve is… Unsalted peanuts.” Steve rolled his eyes. “Fuck you too, Sam. Anybody making coffee, or does my girl have to go without her morning dose of brain-juice?” You grinned. “Y/N, have you been brainwashed?” Bucky asked with a sly grin. “Shut the fuck up, Barnes.” Steve grunted, but you could feel the pride rolling off of Steve as he pulled you tightly. “Seriously, does he have something on you to force you into this? Is he calling you something that you don’t want to get out?” Bucky scrunched up his nose. “Because I literally can’t understand what you are doing with that jerk.” Steve shrugged and winked at you. “Well, she calls me daddy, so…”
You both laughed at the boys gagging.
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celzswrr · a day ago
[ 1:28 PM ]
you’re at the grocery store because, well, your on grocery duty.
steve and bucky decided to tagged along with you and you didn’t mind because you need help carrying the groceries anyway.
while you were getting the snacks that the team wants bucky spoke, “doll, were just gonna check on something.” he said, you just nodded at them, too focused about getting nat’s snacks right.
minutes later you decided to roam around, knowing that you will found them eventually. but it was 20 minutes later and you still haven’t found them, you sigh and was about to call one of them when you heard someone announcing your name through the speakers,
“your children is at register 10.”
you frowned, confused. but still found yourself walking towards the register 10, wherever it is.
and that’s when you saw them...sitting at the bench, pouting at you for leaving them.
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rogersevans · 3 hours ago
it’s you.
Tumblr media
Summary; It’s always been him. You’ve just never noticed it before, until it was too late. One confession in a heated moment changes your entire relationship with Steve. 
18+ Content Below the Cut, Minors DNI.
“Fuck, Steve.” You moaned out as his hips snapped against your ass, the salacious sound filling the outdated motel room and mixing with his short and breathy grunts, driving you to the edge.
“That’s it, fuck.” The grip on your hips tightened, knowing there’d be bruises left there in the morning, but you didn’t care. “You’re taking me so well, Peach.” He praised, his bare chest meeting your back as he leaned over you, his breath hitting the back of your neck, his lips ghosting the shell of your ear and creating a swooping feeling in the pit of your stomach, your heart practically swelling at his praise. “My good girl.” A soft, high-pitched whine fell from your lips when he punctuated his words with several hard thrusts.  
You don’t remember how this situation started, but after a particularly hard day in a new country on the hunt for his best friend and almost getting shot in the process you found yourself in Steve’s bed, the smell of whiskey on his breath clouding your judgement as he pressed himself into you for the first time. Unknowing that he would be forever imprinted on you.  
It was a mistake, two friends blowing off steam and fulfilling each other's needs. Nothing about it was romantic. You remembered how your bodies stuck together, the sweat gluing you together, his teeth scraping against your neck creating a delicious burn. It was fast and hard, both reaching your highs quickly.  
The next morning you’d snuck out, not wanting the awkward conversation. The realisation that you’d just slept with your friend of 10 years hitting you like a ton of bricks.  
You didn’t think it would happen again, just an embarrassing memory, a funny story to laugh about later down the line.  
Until the next night when he broke into your motel room in the dead of night and took you again, over and over until the sun started peeking through the curtains. Taking your body apart inch by inch with every languid stroke of his thick cock hitting your cervix, to only put it together again when he cleaned you up after and dressing you in his shirt.  
That’s how every night after the first went. No words were spoken during the aftermath, it was never discussed outside the four walls of the dingy motel rooms.  
You had no problem being his release, allowing him to blow off steam, because that’s what you were doing. No matter how rough he got during or how soft he turned after, you knew it wasn’t something that could lead to anything.  
Not right now anyway.  
When the split happened, it was no question that you’d follow Steve. You didn’t even realise your body was silently answering the unasked question of loyalty until you took his hand and followed him out of the compound, Sam and Wanda in tow. Leaving the rest of your family behind without a single thought.  
You’d watch an entire city burn if it meant keeping Steve in your life, you’d kill for him.  
You had killed for him.  
It wasn’t a love thing- well, it didn’t start off as a love thing. Steve had been in your life for 10 years and had been the one thing that remained, never leaving and never wavering. The bond you both shared was something you only read about, something the group had picked up on within five minutes of you first meeting the super solider. Tony expected you to pick Rogers, he saw it coming before he saw the split coming.  
He was your soulmate, even if you didn’t know it yet.  
“Peach,” his voice sounded strained, the snap of his hips becoming more frantic. He was close, you could tell. You felt as his calloused fingers tips ran down the column of your throat, down the valley of your breasts, along your stomach creating that swooping feeling in your stomach again and finding your sensitive nub, running through your puffy, slick folds.  
“Steve,” you whined loudly, your head lolling to the side and finding his shoulder, exposing your throat to him.  
The low growl that rumbled in his chest, making your body thrum at the feeling, was feral, animalistic. Just like his need for you. “You feel- fuck you feel incredible Peach, wrapped tightly around my cock, so fucking tight.” He gritted the last part through clenched teeth, his hips never relenting, their assault sending every nerve ending in your body into overdrive. His eyes catching your reflections in the mirror on top of the dresser, his free hand falling to your stomach. “I can feel myself, right here.” He husked into your ear, another loud whine from you. “Watch yourself Peach.” He demanded so calmly, like he wasn’t currently taking you apart with both his fingers and cock right now.  
Your eyes fluttered shut as you felt yourself racing towards your high, the way his fingers expertly plucked, flicked and strummed your clit becoming too much.  
Then, all of that was taken away from you. Steve’s hips stilling, leaving him pressed to hilt inside of you and his cock twitching. His fingers no longer strumming you.
Your eyes snapped opened within seconds and your head lifted itself to turn and look over your shoulder at the blonde, but before you could open your mouth to speak the fingers that were marked with your scent and juices gripped your chin, turning you to face the mirror. His eyes were blown with lust, just a small ring of blue remained, his upper lips snarling.  
“I gave you an order, Peach.” He snapped, pulling his hips back only to snap them forward, surging you forward only for his grip to tighten and bring you back flush against his chest. “What was that order?”  
You opened your mouth to speak, but words fizzled on your tongue. Your eyes never leaving his in the reflection of the mirror.  
“Come on, don’t tell me you’ve gone dumb on me now Peach. Too full of me to remember anything but my name?”  
“St-Steve.” You whined out again, your skin feeling hot as you teetered on the edge of your release. You watched as the hands resting on your stomach moved lower, painfully slow. Your hips following his touch and arching forward.
“So responsive to me.” Thrust. “Like you were made for me, and only me.” Thrust. “You’re shaking Peach.” Another thrust, the scream that ripped through your throat had him smirking and smug. His nose trailing along your jaw line, his teeth nipping there shortly after. “My dumb baby.”  
“Oh, fuck.” You breathed out, the peak beginning to rise again.
“You like that, Peach? Being called ‘baby’?” Only humming in response, he worked his fingers on your nub again, the heel of his palm pressing your stomach back into him as the speed of his hips increased.  
He only ever called you baby when he was buried inside you, making your toes curl each time and a warmth to spread throughout your entire body. Peach had been a name he’d called you after discovering your love for the fruit. The amount of Sunday mornings you’d dragged him to the farmers market to get a fresh basket, that he’d end up carrying because you’d get distracted by the other stalls there. But baby was a new one, and it had such an effect on you, he always felt how you clenched around him when he called you it. It drove him crazy every time.  
“Who knew you were a softie.” His voice remained its normal calm and authoritative demeanour, like he wasn’t currently fucking you senseless and turning you dumb, melting your brain. “Now, be a good fucking girl and watch me take you apart.”  
Your eyes never left his, the hand gripping your chin moved down to wrap around your throat, applying slight pressure, not enough to hurt you completely but enough to dance along that fine line of pain and pleasure. His thumb reaching up and tapping your bottom lip and without word or demand you opened your mouth a little more and wrapped your lips around his thumb when he rested it against your tongue.  
“Fuck, baby.” He groaned out, his forehead resting against the side of your face, his eyes fluttering closed. “One more baby, that’s all I need.” He assured you sweetly, his fingers tapping your clit sending a jolt of pleasure through your body. “No,” he tsked when he felt you shake your head. “I know you can Peach, just one more, I know you want to.”  
Your entire body felt like it was on fire, every nerve ending sensitive to a slight breeze, your nipples so hard and sensitive they could cut glass.  
“Now, fucking cum. Make everyone in this damn motel know who’s making you feel this good.” He gritted, his teeth scraping against your jawline, the grip on your throat tightening slightly. His hips quickening their pace, the headboard rattling against the wall behind you. One more pluck of your tingling bud had your body spasming, convulsing and going rigid under his hold.  
“That’s it Peach, good girl.” He whispered, his lips finding your shoulder. “See how beautiful you look when you cum? It’s a fucking work of art.” Your entire body went numb, slumping against his rock-hard chest and being held there when both hands fell to your breasts, roughly squeezing them.  
“St-Steve, I-I-”
“Sshh baby, I know.” The feeling of his hips stuttering signalled he wasn’t far behind you. “Fuckfuckfuck,” he punctuated with every thrust until his hips stilled and the most delicious sound fell from his lips, your actual name shortly followed as he rode himself through his own high.  
A loud banging on the wall behind you brought you both back to reality, out of the post sex haze you’d both created. The scent of sex lingering in the air, bodies sticking to one another.  
“Now you’re both freshly fucked, would you care to join us in jet?!” Sam’s voice boomed through the walls, your cheeks turning a deep crimson at the realisation he’d heard everything. “Hurry the fuck up!” He boomed again, followed by another loud and final bang on the wall before you both heard him laugh and then his own room door shut, indicating he’d headed down to the jet left hiding in the forrest behind the motel.  
“Oh my god.” You squeaked, scrambling off the bed, ignoring the emptiness you felt when you withdrew from Steve and grabbing your clothes in a rush.
“Something wrong, Peach?” Steve drawled still on his knees on the bed, proudly displaying every inch of himself as he watched you scramble around his room, dressing yourself.  
“Yes,” you squeaked again. “Not only have you pulled orgasm after orgasm until sunrise and my body is thoroughly wrecked, when we have an important mission. But Wilson has the biggest fucking mouth, so that means Wanda knows, not to mention everyone in his fucking contact list.” You huffed out, blowing hair that had fallen over your face out of the way.  
“I didn’t hear you complaining. In fact, I believe you were begging me for more?” He smugly quipped back, now standing to his full height and dressing himself. “And Wilson will keep his mouth shut, if he knows what’s best for him.”  
You didn’t expect the wave of hurt his words left on you, stilling your movements as you watched him continue to dress himself. Was he ashamed of you? Were you his secret? You knew Steve was a private person, especially when it came to his love life. But he trusted Sam and Wanda with his life, with you. You’d only ever spoken two words to them both when you first left with them, but he trusted them to keep you safe, and you them.  
“What’s that supposed to mean?" You couldn’t stop the question from coming out, shocking yourself at how demanding your voice sounded.  
Steve’s brows shot up, his ocean like eyes meeting yours, instantly intimidating you. “Exactly what I said.” Was all he said, but his tone had returned to its emotionless and authoritative tone, irking you.  
“So, you fuck me in the dead of night but as soon as we step out of this room it's like it never happened?” You snapped, your hands falling to your hips, your blood starting to boil as the seconds went by.  
“You got something to say, Peach? Please, don’t hold back on my account.” When you remained silent, he continued, shaking his head as he spoke. “You knew the arrangement-”
“What arrangement?! Steve, we fucked once after one too many whiskeys and I was happy to leave it at that, a way of blowing off steam in this shitty situation. But then you kept coming back. It’s like you conditioned me that way, like I’m waiting for my mouth salivate whenever I hear the click of my motel door opening.” Steve’s scoff was loud and obnoxious, your skin prickingly with irritation making you scrub your hand over your face. “You’re such a self-righteous prick. I chose to leave with you-”
“It was your choice, don’t put that on me.” He spat at you, crossing the room in a beat and coming chest to chest with you. “I didn’t force you to leave with me.”  
“Just like you didn’t force me to fall in love with you!?” Your chest was now heaving, your cheeks completely flushed and your fists balling at your sides. The air in the room suddenly becoming thick and suffocating, the realisation and heaviness of words settling in. You watched as the colour from Steve’s face drained, his eyes going wide for only a second before he regained his composure.
You hadn’t realised it until this very moment, like it had been lying dormant inside of you until now. Suddenly, everything made sense. Too blinded by your friendship and the platonic bond you shared to realise you had fallen so far, so deep that he was practically imprinted on you.  
Always convincing yourself your bond was purely platonic and nothing more, just two people who were meant to be in each other's lives. And maybe it had been just that to begin with, but somewhere between going on the run, giving up your entire life for him and becoming familiar with each other's bodies, lost in each other’s touch.  
You fell in love with him.  
He pulled you in, feeding off of your dedication to him.  
The realisation winded you, knocking the breath out of you as you stood chest to chest. “Peach,” his voice was softer now, just above a whisper as his hand reached up to cup your cheek. But you backed away from his touch, suddenly wanting to be anywhere else than here. It wasn’t until your back hit the door, the knob of the door digging into your lower back, that you stopped moving.  
“I may have chosen this part of my life.” You finally spoke after a few minutes of thick silence, your throat bobbing up and down slowly. “But you, you didn’t consider what it would do to me. Knowing I would leave with you, before I’d even made that decision. I-I put my life on the line for you, we all did.” Even though your voice sounded calm, Steve noticed how your eyes started to well up. “I let you in. I became addicted to your touch, your presence, God- even your smell! Everything about you invited me in! I would watch an entire city burn for you, and you can’t even look in my direction when we step out of this room.” You scoffed, your eyes down casting to the floor.  
His name fell from your lips, it sounded so foreign to you. Already missing how he called you Peach. His own lip trembling as he took one small step towards you, but stopped when you flinched and reached for the door knob. “I didn’t know-” He tried assure you.
“Of course, you didn’t. Why would you? You had me where you needed me, under your thumb. Ready and awaiting instruction, Captain.” With a two-finger salute you turned your back on him and twisted the knob, the sunrise beaming through the smallest crack of the open door. “I’ll see you on the jet.”  
Tumblr media
“Mornin’.” Sam beamed at you as you walked up the ramp of the jet, your bag on your shoulders and your arms wrapped around yourself. His frown fell when you walked past him and found a corner of the jet to sit and sulk in, dropping your bag at your feet and tucking your knees against your chest, resting your forehead against them. “Everything alright?”
“Peachy.” You mumbled, never lifting your head.  
“Sam, the jet ready?” Came Steve’s deep voice, cool and calm. His thudding footsteps drawing closer to you, a flicker of hope lit up inside you, hoping he’d come over to fix it or to talk. But that light died as quickly as it came when he walked straight past you, his shadow flying past you.  
“Yeah,” Sam cautiously answered, his eyes flicking between you and the blonde super solider, Steve’s jaw set and shoulders hunched. “Wanda’s just doing a check over-”
“Now.” He boomed, sitting in the pilot’s seat with a thud, wordlessly dismissing Sam.  
“What’s got you all doom and gloom?” Came Wanda’s sweet voice, her accent still thick and demeanour soft. Her touch fell to your shoulder, her thumb stroking it slowly.  
“Nothing Wanda, I’m fine.”  
“You know I can read minds, right?” Her tone now playful, giving your shoulder a small nudge.
“Then why ask?” Finally lifting your head for the first time in an hour, your eyes looked tired, mouth dry and limbs stiff from sitting in the same position.  
“Because, everyone needs a friend once in a while.” She chirped at you, blinking as she watched you stand and stretch all your limbs, twisting your neck so it would crack before rolling your shoulders.  
“Wanda, we’re not friends. We’re just two people who shared the same opinion.” You snapped, watching her face fall and instantly regretting it. The red head stood, smoothing over her shirt before nodding. Her expression turning cold. “Wanda-”
“Understood.” Looking past you she stepped around you and moved to sit beside Steve in the cockpit.  
“Great.” You muttered under your breath, rubbing your temple with your middle finger and thumb, groaning in frustration.  
You didn’t mean to snap at Wanda, it wasn’t her that you were angry at. It was Steve. Wanda had been a good friend to you over the past year, rooming with her in the motel rooms was something that helped knock down the walls of protection you both had built. The first few nights were spent in silence, both just lying in your separate beds and staring up at the ceiling.  
Then, one night, you’d caught her watching Family Guy on the TV in a different language, her brows knitted together in frustration when she couldn’t figure out how to return it back to English. After showing her how to fix it you spent the night talking, before this point you didn’t think much of the red head, just knowing that Steve and the team brought her back after the battle with Ultron, asking you to wipe her records and accept her as one of their own. Clint spoke about the twins fondly, you remembered how he would always have a glint of something in his eyes every time.  
“With the night you had last night, you shouldn’t be as irritable as you are.” Sam teased, holding out a bottle of water to you.
Taking the bottle from him you silently maintained eye contact, your eyes never leaving his as you took a sip. But he didn’t waver or back away, signalling he wasn’t giving up. You knew Sam was a talker, always trying to help people with their problems. Hell, he jumped on Steve’s side and helped him search for a Hydra Assassin who used to be his best friend without question.
Loyal. That’s how you would describe Sam Wilson.  
Sam had come to like you over the past couple of months, you could take a joke, sometimes even joining in. You put Steve in his place when he got too demanding with the group and you took him and Wanda in as if you’d known them for years, without question. Sure, you were quiet and distant unless Steve was around, that’s when you came alive. But Sam figured it was because of how comfortable you were around one another.  
“What do you want, Wilson?” You finally asked, twisting the cap back onto the bottle.  
“Wanna talk about what happened?”
“Nope.” Popping the ‘p’ you turned on your heels, grabbing your bag.  
“Does he know?” His question had you stilling, your face falling and your heartrate increasing. “I’m taking your silence as a yes and that you didn’t get the answer you were hoping for.” When you didn’t move still, he exhaled through his nostrils. “Just because you don’t move doesn’t mean I can’t see you.”  
Finally turning to face him you hold his gaze for long before it wandered around the jet, nervously shuffling on your feet.  
“It’s so obvious, to anyone who’s watching that is. I’ve known for a couple of weeks- you're not the quietest of couple-”
“We’re not a couple.” You snapped in defence, your glance casting over your shoulder to find Steve still sat in the pilot seat, listening to Wanda talk about strategies. “Definitely not a couple.” You said quieter this time, knowing Steve would’ve been able to her every word of this conversation.  
“Listen,” he started as you turned back to face him. “He’s got a lot on his mind, he’s constantly worrying about Bucky, and finding him. Not to mention he probably misses' home, feels guilty that we’re all here with him, that it had to come to this. Not to mention, he probably misses Tony.” The last sentence made a whisper of a smile appear across your lips, making him beam with pride. “But we won’t tell him that.” His hand fell to your shoulder, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Just give him time to process, maybe another chance.”  
With that Sam left you alone with your thoughts, turning to face Steve and Wanda your breath hitched when you saw him staring right back at you, his blue eyes looking worried? The unfamiliar expression had you frowning in confusion, but before you could blink his back was to you again and he continued his conversation with Wanda as if he hadn’t stopped.  
You blinked at his back, unsure of what had just happened. You felt stupid, stood in the middle of the jet, staring at your best friend of 10 years, who you’d been sleeping with for the past 4 months and who you’d just admitted your feelings to. It all felt very, high school to you. But that didn’t stop your heart from hurting whenever you remembered the look on his face back in the motel, or how your heart still swelled whenever he looked your way after.  
You were fucked.  
Tumblr media
Two weeks. That’s how long it had been since you and Steve had spoken, you’d followed Sam’s advice, giving him time and space, but you were becoming frustrated with the new dynamic. Normally attached at the hip, it took great strengths to separate the pair of you from one another, and the distance was starting to get to you. It was like an addiction. Steve was your heroin and you found yourself craving everything about him. At night you laid awake waiting for him to come through the door of the new dingy motel and thoroughly ruin you.  
You missed his voice and out of stubbornness you’d learnt to tune him out when he spoke. But when alone you found yourself craving to hear him speak, missing the way he called you Peach or even calling you by your actual name, anything at this point for him to acknowledge you.  
You’d apologised to Wanda straight away, hating that you upset her. It took you admitting that you’d never had a female friend before, other than Natasha, for her to understand. But Wanda wasn’t that angry with you, she knew how you worked and how you didn’t talk much about feelings with anyone else apart from Steve. She could see how the distance between you both was affecting you, noticing how you would watch him from your corner of the jet, your eyes hopeful whenever he walked in your direction, only for them to fall when he walked past you.  
She’d tried to talk to him about it, causally bringing it up, but she was met with a stern look. Steve had been giving those out like they were candies recently, like he had a permanent stick up his ass. It was driving Sam and Wanda up the wall, especially when they noticed how his eyes would soften for a brief second when you fell into his eyeline.  
His mood seemed to shift when Bucky came onto the scene, finally tracking him down. You and Wanda had been the ones to find him, tracking him down to a rundown apartment building. You’d have laughed at the comical moment when he came out of his bedroom, baseball bat and dressed in boxers when he heard you and Wanda breaking in. If the situation wasn’t as serious as it was. It took hours of convincing and ten missed calls from Steve but he finally agreed, something in the way you spoke about Steve, the conviction in your voice and the sparkle in your eyes whenever you said his name convinced him.  
You remember the way Steve’s eyes lit up when you finally showed up.
“Steve. Sam.” Wanda called softly, climbing the ramp of the jet, you and Bucky hot on her trail.
His quick and heavy footsteps were the only thing you could focus on, was he running? Then they stopped when he reached the edge, making you stop midway on the ramp. “You’re back.” You didn’t miss the way the corner of his lips lifted ever so slightly at the sight of you. You couldn’t stop yourself from wincing when you saw his phone gripped tightly in his right hand, remembering the missed calls.  
It was like no one else existed in this moment, like the entire world had disappeared as he stared down at you. Like the last week didn’t matter anymore. Your heart beating erratically at the thought and your body aching for his touch, to feel his arms wrap around your waist again.  
He took one large step forward, his mouth opening like he had something to say. But that died on on his tongue when another body crashed into you, not noticing that you’d stopped in the middle of the ramp. “Sorry,” he mumbled, clutching to the bag on his shoulders tighter.  
“Bucky?” The light in his eyes that you hoped was for you diverted onto his best friend, a wide grin starting to spread. “Holy shit.” He mumbled, now storming down the ramp and straight past you to take his best friend in his arms, holding him tightly. That ache in your chest only increased when he wrapped an arm around the brunette, guiding him onto the jet and forgetting about you.
It was a Friday night and the small team had decided to celebrate a successful day of taking down another Hydra base and fighting off the government. It had been a close call for Wanda, but it didn’t take much for her knock them on their asses with a simple flick of her fingers.  
Another dingy motel room, but this time you all shared one room, the victory bringing you together almost. You all sat in a circle on the floor, except Wanda who was lying on her front on the bed behind you, her chin resting on your shoulder.  
The air in the room was light, the lightest it’d been for a long time.  
Things felt normal. Just a group of friends blowing off steam after a hard work week.  
Your eyes would catch Steve every so often, linger for a couple of seconds before flitting around the group to not arouse suspicion, Sam being the only one to notice. Making you roll your eyes whenever he raised his brows and smirked behind his beer bottle at you.  
“Haven’t seen Steve this relaxed in a long time.” Wanda muttered to you, as you played with the ends of her auburn hair. She was right, he seemed... content. He was making a conscious effort to get involved with the group, but you suspected that had something to do with Bucky and Sam pressuring him to do so.  
Your hum in response was soft, your eyes still trained on the super solider as he laughed at something Bucky had said. That familiar warmth spreading through your chest at the sight, the sound was like hearing a song from your past for the first time in years, filling you with happiness at the memories of hearing him laugh whenever you made a bad joke, or the time you used his shield as a helmet to cheer him up. “Yeah,” you mumbled back “it’s nice.”  
“Has he spoken to you since-”
“No.” You coldly cut her off, taking a long swig of your beer. You didn’t want to still be affected by your last conversation with Steve, but the way his face fell when you told him how you felt was forever burnt into your retinas. “I need some air.” You stood from your seat on the floor, ignoring everyone's eyes suddenly on you. Swaying slightly from the five beers you’d downed since sitting down.  
Like he was tuned into your every move, Steve was on you before you regained balance. “Woah, Peach, you alright?”  
“I just need some air.” You muttered, shaking your head slightly to settle your vision.  
“You sure?” Warmth spreading from his hold on your shoulders, steadying you. A shiver running down your spine at the rasp in his voice.  
“With all due respect, Captain.” Snatching yourself out of his grip, your upper lip snarling. “That isn’t your problem anymore.”  
“Peach-” Steve softly called after you when you shoved past him and headed toward the door.  
“Give her a minute.” Wanda chimed in, now sitting cross legged on the bed, her bottle resting between her legs.  
The cold, autumn air hit you, knocking the wind out of you. You stumbled into the railing, resting your elbows on it as you leaned forward, your eyes looking over at the horizon, the orange sun casting a warm glow on your skin.  
Golden hour. Your favourite time of day.  
Memories of sitting on the field of the compound with Steve in summer, your kindle in one hand, his hand holding your other as he mindlessly played with your fingers. The picnic you both made long forgotten as you would read to him.  
You missed him.  
You missed home.  
“Golden hour.” The new voice interrupted your memory, making your eyes flutter open. “The only time the world looks peaceful.”  
“Something like that,” you whispered back.
You hadn’t spoken to Bucky much since he’d come back with you, he’d been too busy with Steve. But you figured he wasn’t one for talking, like you. Preferring the silence, comfortable in it. Something about him gave you a comfort vibe, maybe it was the way his stare intimidated many, but his eyes gave away how vulnerable he was. Or how soft his voice was whenever he spoke, a striking contrast to how closed off he was.  
“You doin’ alright?” He asked, shuffling closer to you and offering you his jacket when he noticed you shivering from the dusk air.  
“Yeah,” waving him off and wrapping your arms around yourself. “Just been a long time since we all sat and chatted like that.”  
“I get that, it’s been a long time for me to.” He mumbled, placing the jacket around your shoulders anyway. “Being around more than one person can sometimes be intimidating when you’re used to your own company. But everyone’s nice, Wanda can be weird and intense at times. But that isn’t a bad thing.” He shrugged, playing with the label of his beer bottle.
“Wanda’s been through a lot. She means well.” You defended, turning to look at him for the first time since he came outside. “I bet even Steve is different to you now.” You tried to ignore the way your heartrate increased at the mention of his name.  
“Nah, he’s still the same old punk he was back then, just beefier and taller.” You both shared a quiet laugh, the birds chirping nearby the only noise between you both. “He cares about you, you know.”  
An exasperated laugh fell past your lips, turning to face the horizon again. Not wanting to continue this conversation. Trying to ignore the burning feeling in your throat.  
“I know. It’s none of my business, and if I’m overstepping my mark then please, tell me.”
“You’re overstepping, Barnes.” You warned him with a small smile.  
“I’m gonna tell you anyway.” He teased, bumping his arm against yours.  
“Of course, you are. You know, you’re as stubborn as he is.”  
“Thanks.” He beamed down at you, like you’d just paid him the biggest compliment even if it wasn’t intended that way. “Sam told me what happened.”
“Wilson.” You grumbled, your jaw setting and eyes closing in frustration.
“I think you should speak to him, maybe-”
“Why?” You snapped, ignoring the taken aback look stretched across his features. “I said what I needed to say, made my feelings clear. Sam told me to give him time, I’ve done that.” A dry laugh escaped as you twisted your body to look at Bucky. “Tell me Barnes, have you ever had someone treat you like you’re the only person in existence one moment, worship your entire body, condition you to crave everything about them. Then,” the snap of your fingers made him blink in shock. “Act like you’re nothing to them the next?” His silence almost deafening to you, he watched with bated breath as you shook your head. “He fucked with my head, and I’m done.” With your final words lingering in the air, leaving the atmosphere thick and heavy. You spin on your heels and make your way back to the jet, deciding that spending the night on the uncomfortable benches would be better than having to face Steve again.  
Tumblr media
The feeling of someone else's touch on you startles you awake, your arms going straight into defence mode and fighting off whoever it was.
“Hey, shh, shh. It’s me, Peach. It’s me. You’re safe, I’ve got you.” The deep raspy voice of Steve settled your rapidly beating heartbeat instantly, your eyes fluttering open to find him crouched before you and still dressed in his old and grey tattered sweats, and a plain white top. Whisps of his blonde hair falling out of place and over his forehead, your fingers twitched to comb it back into place.  
“Peach, baby,” his eyes softening and wide when he felt how cold you were, your body shivering. You ignored the way your heart swelled at the sound of him calling you baby. “You’re freezing, here.” He mumbled, throwing the hoodie he had resting in the crook of his arm over your body.
Not giving you chance to protest he scooped you up into his arms, your legs instantly wrapping around his waist, and made his way out of the jet and back towards the motel. You couldn’t stop yourself from leaning into his hold, craving the warmth that he radiated. His smell settling you and letting your eyes flutter shut again, your body exhausted and stiff from the uncomfortable sleep you’d just had.  
“Wh-what’re you doing?” You mumbled against his neck with your arms tightly wrapped around it. Your teeth chattering as you spoke, making Steve hold you tight to his body.  
“Taking you to bed.” He stated matter-of-factly, reaching a motel room door you thought was the one you stomped out of hours earlier. “You can’t, I won’t allow you to sleep in that jet.” With ease he plucked the room key out of his jean pocket and unlocked the door, kicking it open softly and walking in, making sure to kick it closed behind him.  
The room was dark, with only one bed in the middle. You may have had five beers before but you certainly remember there being two double beds and a sofa bed, you remember Sam and Bucky fighting over who got the sofa bed for the night. You also remember Wanda chaperoning a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors for it. Bucky winning best out of three.  
“Where is everyone?” Your question came out as more of a mumble when you spoke, currently fighting off the sleep that was taking over your body.  
“In the other room baby, I got a separate room for us- you.” It almost pained him to stop himself, his heart lurching out of his chest knowing he didn’t have the right make that claim anymore. He’d been subtly calling you baby, hoping you’d notice and you had. Your heart fluttering every time he threw it into the conversation. Like he’d been calling you it forever.  
It wasn’t until he placed you on the bed carefully, watching how you curled in on yourself, making yourself small. That he realised how much he’d fucked up, how hurt you were, how exhausted you seemed. He knew you’d been punishing yourself silently for how he reacted, blaming yourself for ruining your... situation.  
But he couldn’t blame you, it was all him. It all happened so quickly, it went from you both being on cloud fucking nine after pulling multiple orgasms from your body to you both chest to chest as you held back tears, admitting your love for him. It gave him whiplash.  
It’s not like Steve didn’t feel anything for you. He just didn’t know if it was love that he felt. You’d been his best friend, his other half for 10 years. Sure, the lines had begun to blur over the past few months as you explored uncharted waters with your friendship. But that didn’t mean he didn’t love you, it's all he could think about.  
It consumed him.  
Enamoured him.  
It was the reason he started coming to you all those months ago. Why he kept coming back every night, why he took his time taking you apart, why he started to stay after. He never wanted it to end, his heart sinking whenever the sun would creep in through the thin curtains. He wanted you like this every day, in nothing but his shirt, ready and waiting for him. You were his. You belonged to him. And he you.  
Before all of this he never questioned your friendship, if there was something more below the surface. Sure, Tony would tease him relentlessly claiming there was. Nat to. But he ignored them, thinking it was just his friend's poking fun at him. “Dude, you’re pussy whipped and you’re not even getting any.” Tony would say, Steve used to recoil at his crass way of words, but the more he thought about it, the more he agreed. “Please.” Nat would always start with when Steve would dismiss their ridiculous ideas of something more between you two, snorting as she smirked. “She’s your little shadow, it’s cute. I’ve known you for a long time Rogers, the longest relationship you’ve had since your little Peach came onto the scene was about a month-” and Tony would always chirp in with, “and that’s because your darling Peach didn’t like her!”  
But Steve learnt to ignore their comments, he’d always leave them to come and find you. Finding you always in the lab with Bruce or the library that barley anyone used. Your presence would calm him whenever they riled him up.  
He gravitated towards you, always.  
If Tony saw him now, he’d laugh and make a snarky comment about always being right.  
He missed them, he longed to pick up the burner phone and ring his old friend. He knew missed them to and that was his fault. You being here, was his fault. He took you away from your friends.  
That day when you and Wanda went missing for hours, he had fears that you’d gone back to them, knowing you hadn’t spoken in a week and how much you were beating yourself up, how much you missed him. He knew because he missed you to. His mind starting to race with thoughts of you back at compound, settling back into your life with everyone but him, like he never existed. He noticed Sam smirk to himself as he paced the jet, pulling at the ends of his blonde locks. But he chose to ignore his friend, like you chose to ignore his calls. Why were you ignoring him? You knew if he rang, it was an emergency.  
He’d never been so relieved to hear Wanda’s voice, he remembers his heart hammering against his ribs, blood rushing to his ears as he scrambled to the ramp. He needed to see you, needed to know that you’d returned. That you hadn’t left him. When he saw you all felt right in the world again, especially when he heard your breath hitch, the way he heard your pulse quicken at the sight of the disbelieved man before you proved you still cared. You still loved him.  
Then he saw Bucky. It was like his two worlds were finally colliding. You’d brought his best friend back to him. That’s where you were. You hadn't left him. You were helping him.  
Even after what he’d put you through.  
It was Bucky who said it first, Sam has been quiet to do so. Wanting him to get there on his own. But during one of their morning runs, that Bucky had now become a part of, his statement blurted between the three men left a heavy feeling of tension between them.  
“You fucking her?” The bluntness of his tone made the other two stop, Sam looking between them both, his hands resting on his knees as he caught his breath. The question had been burning on the tip of his tongue ever since he stepped foot on the jet. “Because it sure looks that way.” The brunette continued before Steve could open his mouth to protest. “I’ve seen the way you look at one another when you think the other isn’t paying attention.”  
That caught Steve’s attention. You looked at him? One glance in Sam’s direction confirmed his unspoken question, a quiet nod his only answer.  
“The day they found me, the way she spoke about you-”
“She spoke about me?” It was the first thing Steve had said all morning and he didn’t care how desperate he sounded. He hadn’t been able to sleep, like most nights without by his side. Missing how your soft snores would lull him to sleep.
“You were all she spoke about.” Was all Bucky said on the matter, turning to continue on their jog leaving Steve stood there as he blinked in shock at his best friend’s admission.  
“St-Steve,” your soft voice pulled him from his reverie, your fingers gently wrapping around his wrist, holding him place. His breath stuck in his throat as he watched your eyes flutter open, your lips parted slightly. “Don’t leave me.” You couldn’t stop the words from leaving you, the quiet plea barley echoed around the room and you thought he hadn’t heard you as he stood over you, his eyes flitting between your grip on his wrist and your lips.  
Only when you went to let go did he respond. Within seconds climbing over you, his chest pressed firmly to your back, his large arms wrapping around your middle tightly, his face nestled in the crook of your neck. Breathing you in, inhaling your smell. Legs tangled together.  
Both finally feeling at peace.  
Steve didn’t know what this meant for you both or what was going to happen. No more words were spoken that night. None were needed because as you both held each other, breathing in tune with other, every inch of each other touching.  
He had you back, and you him.  
For the first time since coming out of the ice, he felt at peace. You were his world now. His heart beat for you.  
Your name forever seared into his heart.  
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werewolf! steve rogers + werewolf! bucky barnes
for @unabashed-lover-of-fictional-men
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His Angel, His Sweetheart
Tumblr media
Pairing: Mob!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader / Mob!Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader / Steve x Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 3.9K
Summary: You and Steve 'break up' after a nasty fight in front of his guys and you have the perfect idea to make him jealous.
Warnings: This fic contains smut, 18+ MDI, threesome, overstimulation, spanking, fingering, oral (M and F receiving) Pet names, sub/dom dynamics.
A/N: This is purely just porn with a tiny bit of plot and I'm not sorry about it.
Dividers by the amazing @firefly-graphics
Masterlist | Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Your heart was beating out of your chest as your knuckles wrapped against Bucky’s office door. Anticipation thumped through your body, you could hear the low hum of your own anxiety buzzing above your head. 
You knew this was a terrible idea, you shouldn’t be doing this. You were signing your own death certificate. You wish you’d realised an hour ago when the idea popped into your head.
But it was too late to back down, you had to push through the nerves. Steve was a complete asshole, he’d treated you like trash, shouting at you in front of his men. 
He needed to be taught a lesson, even if you would end up worse off from it. 
Bucky smiled up at you as you treaded carefully into his office. “Hiya Doll face, what can I do for you?” 
You breathed out shakily, strutting over to his desk.You smiled proudly when Bucky’s eyes flickered from your face to your hips, entranced by the way you wiggled your hips from left to right.  
You placed your hands on the edge of his wooden desk, fingertips curing round the stained, pushing your low cut top into his eyeline.
“I need your help with something, Buck.” You sang sweetly.  
He cleared his throat painfully, leaning back in his chair to create some distance between your bodies. He adjusted his pants, not hiding the growing tent in his suit trousers. 
“And what’s that, Sweetheart?” He smirked.
“Well…you see…” Your teeth chattered as you forced the words past your lips.
“StevieandIbrokeupandIwaswonderingifyoucouldhelpmemakehimjealous?” The words tumbled out so quickly that you Bucky barely had a chance to register what you’d asked of him. 
He studied you, pulling apart the squashed jumble of words and piecing together their meaning. You watched as realisation washed over his features, “you want me to do what?” 
“Help me make Steve jealous.” You stated more clearly. Shock turned into amusement, a cackle escaped his lips as he shook his head incredulously but remained silent.
“You’re the boss and his best friend and it would really get him back for the way he spoke to me this morning.” You continued, pacing back and forth frantically in front of his desk. 
“You tryna get us both killed, Sweetheart?” he scoffed, “I may be the boss, but Steve’s the muscle in this operation.” 
“Pleeease.” You whined, rushing around his desk and grabbing his hand in yours. You ran your soft fingers over the back of his hand, toying with the silver rings that sat comfortably on his fingers. 
“He really hurt my feelings this morning, it’s only fair I get to hurt him back.” You pouted, fluttering your eyelashes at him innocently. “I need you, Buck.”
Bucky sighed, dropping his head in defeat and mumbled a soft agreement. You let out an excited squeal, jumping into his lap, you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck. 
“You’re the best, thank you!” You cheered, kissing his cheek lightly. “I’ll see you at the kickback later?” You asked, you face centimetres from his. 
“Yeah I’ll see you there.” He smirked, placing his hands on your hips, helping you out of his lap.
Tumblr media
Bucky waited for you outside the club, his cold stare burned through the tinted windows you hid behind. You were late, very late. 
He opened the door for you, thanking Frank your driver and helped you out of your seat. “You’re late, Sweetheart.” There was a soft seething in his voice, no one kept Bucky Barnes waiting. Ever.
The heel of your shoe caught in a crack on the sidewalk and your leg gave out, clumsily falling out of the car and into Bucky’s arms. His strong arms wrapped around your waist, large fingertips splayed over your body in the most delicious way. 
Your breath caught in your throat as you peered up into his smirking eyes,  “careful, can’t have you hurting yourself before the night’s even started.”
You mumbled a sheeping thank you, as he led you through the doors and into the darkness. 
Everything in your body screamed for you to slip out of Bucky’s grip, to run back to the door and get Frank to take you home. Until you see Steve laughing and joking, surrounded by the regular women that hung around. 
Your blood boiled in your veins, you knew what they wanted. They were always ready to pounce on him the minute you were out of sight, tonight he looked like he was entertaining the idea of them too. 
You made eye contact with him over the smoky air and your heart gave out for a short lived second. 
Bucky’s fingertips rubbed soft circles over your waist as everyone came up to pay their respects to the boss. It was a grounding moment, the push you needed to work through the guilt and anxiety. 
You offered Steve a menacing, albeit fake smile, cocking your head sideways playfully. 
You lent further into Bucky’s  body, reaching up on your tiptoes and pressed your lips to his cheek, your eyes never leaving Steve’s furious gaze as you soft lips ran across scratchy stubble. 
“Think it might be working, Buck.” Your lips lingered over the shell of his as you shot a wink in Steve’s direction and walked off. 
“Yeah, I can feel the hole he’s burning into the back of my head, Sweetheart.” He chuckled. 
You reached the VIP section of the club and were welcomed by Bucky’s men with their usual standard of hospitality. 
Bucky took a seat at the highest point of the section, the highest point of the club, bar his office. He was the king looking down on the land he ruled, his subjects danced the night night away as the heavy baselines thumped through connecting bodies. 
It was the ultimate power trip. 
The closest you’d ever gotten to that seat was with Steve, you sat beside Bucky in the seats placed just below his. You knew your place in the club usually, tonight you were a fish out of water. 
You looked around the VIP section, like a lost little girl and moved to sit in your usual seat. 
Bucky cleared his throat, capturing your attention once more and patted his knee, signalling for you to sit down with him tonight. 
Nerves tingled in the pit of your stomach as you grinned at him. He was taking his role so seriously, it was good to have someone on your team. 
You climbed into his lap, settling your back against his warm chest, he wrapped one arm around your waist. Metal fingertips grazing over your bare shoulders softly, awakening a trail of goosebumps along your exposed skin. 
Steve couldn’t look away, he watched from below at your little scene of payback he was forced to look at. Fire burnt in his blue eyes the glass in his hand shattered under his iron grip. 
You heard the sound of fractured glass falling to the floor and you knew it was Steve, but it was too dark to see it happening. 
You fidgeted in Bucky’s lap, squirming at the thought of Steve's anger boiling over. The only thing keeping you calm was Bucky’s fingertips toying with your skin lightly.  
Through the flashing lights and clearing smoke, Bucky met Steve’s gaze over your shoulder and smiled at him. 
You couldn’t sit still, no matter how hard you tried, it was becoming hard for Bucky to concentrate. His hands gripped your waist, stopping your movements entirely as his arousal grew harder to control. 
He lent into you, lips grazing your ear, his hot tongue licking along your earlobe. “You're killing me, Sweetheart.” He growled in your ear. “You need to stop fidgeting or I’ll rip that dress off of you right now and fuck you here in front of Steve and everyone in the club.” 
Your eyes fluttered shut, a soft moan slipped past your lips, only loud enough that he could hear. You circled your hips against his bruising grip. 
“I’m sorry Buck.” You whimpered, “feels really good.”
Confidence surged through you, you knew Steve could see you, but you were getting lost in Bucky. You grabbed his hand and led it up your skirt. 
His breathing picked up when he realised you were wearing any panties, his fingers gliding through your soaking folds. You couldn’t hold back the broken whine that ripped through your chest as his fingers teased your clit. 
“You enjoying the thought of me ruining you right here, Sweetheart?” He smirked, lips moving against your neck. 
You nodded frantically, as the tip of his finger teased your entrance. Your head fell back onto his shoulder as you pushed your ass back on his hardening length. 
You heard him before you saw him, the thundering of his footsteps against the sticky floors. A cloud of rage shrouded the VIP section as he ripped the rope and stormed up the stairs. 
“Upstairs, now! Both of you.” He roared, his face flushed with deep seeded anger, a fury in his eyes you’d never seen before. 
He didn’t look at Bucky, his eyes stared straight at you and you walked up into Bucky’s office, a sheepish tale between your legs.
Fear rippled through your body, you weren’t sure what to expect. You and Steve had always been volatile, constantly arguing, breaking up over silly, insignificant things. But truthfully, you wouldn’t trade it for the world, no one ever made you feel the way he did. 
Bucky walked into the room first, patiently wandered over to his desk and sat down. You walked in next, head hanging low, you refused to look at either of them now. 
Steve walked in behind you, closing the dock behind him, the click of the lock, made your body jump nervously. 
Steve pressed his body against you, your breath faltered in your chest as you felt his hot breath move over your neck. “Bend over the desk facing Bucky, Angel.” He ordered quietly in your ear, “and pull up that pathetic excuse of dress.” 
You followed his instructions and bent over the desk, you peered up at Bucky looking into his cold eyes for any sign that he would help you. You found nothing but amusement there, he was enjoying seeing you like this. 
You were on your own and you felt humiliated for ever considering going to Bucky for help. 
You released a shaky breath and pulled the silky fabric over your ass, exposing your bare pussy to Steve’s vexed gaze. 
He walked up behind you, pressing himself against you, pushing his cock into you. It was gone before you had the chance to push back on it.
Steve dropped to his knees, kneading the globes of your ass, spreading them apart and watching your slick spill from your slit and down your legs. 
“Such a naughty girl,” he murmured. “You wanna tell me who made you this wet, angel?” He demanded, his fingers digging into your cheeks roughly. 
You stared up at Bucky frantically with parted lips, waiting for him to jump in and claim it was all down to him. He did no such thing, instead he quirked his eyebrow at you, waiting for your response.  
Steve’s hand cracked down your asscheek harshly, the sound echoed through the room. You whimpered at the sting, head dropping against the desk in defeat. 
“I asked you a question, I expect an answer.” He slapped the same cheek again, with the same force. “I’ll ask again, who made you this wet?” 
You shook your head frantically, lips not daring to open and stinging shockwaves washed through your body.  
Steve laughed menacingly, unleashing another slap on the same cheek and this time you cried out painfully. 
“Interesting, you were so vocal when you were begging Bucky to agree to your little plan to make me jealous. So where’s that voice gone now, Angel?” He sneered, the life drained from your as you met Bucky’s smirking gaze. 
You hadn’t banked on Bucky double crossing you, you hadn’t considered the strength of their friendship. That was a colossal mistake. 
“I have to say it worked out very well for everyone, all things considered.” Steve continued. “Even though I knew what was going on, it still took everything in me to not walk over to you sooner and shoot you both in the skulls.” 
You whimpered at his words as he clapped his hand down on you, tears stung the corners of your eyes. You rested your head against the desk,  defeat flooded through you. You’d lost this little game, you had to take your punishment and pray Steve didn’t kill you at the end of all of this. 
“I’m gonna ask you one more time Angel and I want an answer. Who made you this wet?” Steve's voice grew more stern, his patience wearing paper thin. 
“You and Bucky.” You whispered into the wood, shame creeped up your neck. You prayed you said it loud enough that you wouldn’t have to say it again.  
Steve’s hand slipped between your thighs, taking your clit between his thumb and index finger and rolled it gently. “See that wasn’t so hard was it?” 
You moaned as he worked your clit slowly, building up the pleasure knotting in your stomach, the pain spread of your ass completely forgotten. 
“I have to say Angel, I am impressed by your nerve, but if you wanted to be fucked by Bucky, all you had to do was ask.” He huffed, tapping your clit with his finger, his soft tabs against the bundle of nerves grew harder until you were crying out for him. 
Steve’s name echoed around the room just as you teetered on the edge of pleasure. Without warning, he removed his hand from you completely.
He left you like that for two achingly long moments, as you cried softly, begging him to let you cum. 
He leant in close, blowing cold air over your sensitive clit, flicking it with finger every so often. Everything was dialled up to hundred, you felt his every move on your body so much more intensely than usual. 
“But instead, you had to come up with some elaborate plan that was only going to ensure you got punished.” He growled, slapping your ass again. 
As your body jerked forwards from the impact, Steve’s tongue was out and ready to capture your clit, he swirled his tongue around it.
“Steve, please…” You sobbed desperately, your body jerked uncontrollably. “I’m sorry.” 
“She finally speaks.” He muttered against your thigh. “Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time, Angel.” 
He repeated his last movement on your body again, but this time when your body moved forwards his lips wrapped around your clit and sucked on it harshly. Your body shook with pleasure, your thighs threatened to give out under you. 
The cord threatened to snap in your stomach as you mumbled and cried out your apology over and over again. 
“Hold it.” Steve demanded against your clit, the vibrations nearly took you over the edge, but somehow you held it. You were determined not to make him more angry. 
Steve’s hand connected with your ass cheek and this time when you pushed your clit to his lips, he grazed his teeth over the pearl. 
Your body convulsed above him, you couldn’t hold it back any longer, but you had to. You were so close to pure bliss, but you held yourself together by a very thin piece of fraying thread. 
Bucky’s hand gripped your chin, forcing your vision up to him, metal fingertips wrapping around your neck and squeezing the air from your lungs. 
His other hand fisted his thick cock quickly, you could tell by the pained expression on his face, the stuttering of his breath that he was as close as you were. 
“Be a good girl and hold it just a little bit longer.” He breathed through gritted teeth. Steve’s teeth grazed your clit again as he pushed two fingers inside you, curling them up into your soft spongy spot. 
“Please, please please.” You whimpered through strained breaths as Bucky’s fingers tightened around your neck.
“Go ahead, Sweetheart, make Steve’s face all wet.” Bucky moaned as he fell back in his chair, his seed spilling from  his cock all over his hand and his white shirt. 
Steve’s fingers dragged along your walls quickly, hitting all the right spots while his tongue flicked your clit in his mouth. You came with a loud scream, one that overpowered the sound of the music outside the office. 
It was the most intense high you’d ever experienced. Steve’s fingers and mouth worked you through it all, his hand and face soaked in your juices. 
Steve gripped the back of your neck, pulling you up from the table, tight against his back. Your head spun lightly, you felt your mind and body floating apart under the strength of pain and pleasure Steve had caused you. 
“Don’t think I’ve ever seen you act like such a good girl, usually you never listen to me.” Steve kissed along your neck, his fingers pulling the top of your dress down over your breasts. 
“You trying to show off because Bucky’s watching you, want him to think you can be a good girl for him when you’re naughty for me?”
“No, I want to be good for you, Steve.” You mewled, reaching between your bodies and gripped his length through his pants. 
“Oh Angel, I think we’re way past that now.” Steve chuckled, “sit on the desk, legs spread, facing Bucky.” 
You followed his orders to a clumsy degree, climbing onto the table. Bucky’s face had changed completely, he offered you an adoring smile, licking his lips hungrily at the meal presented before him. 
He looked up at Steve, hands crawling up your open legs, pulling you closer to him. “Once I start, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop.” 
“Who said you had to stop?” Steve smirked down at his best friend. “Fun’s just beginning, Buck.” 
Bucky’s eyes travelled from Steve’s to yours, checking for any signs you wanted to stop. “You sure about this, Sweetheart?” 
“Certain.” You nodded, fingertips lacing through his long, brown locks and pulled his face down to your core. You moaned brokenly as his tongue explored your sensitive walls, as he breathed you in. 
His tongue dipped between your folds and into your entrance, slowly fucking you with his tongue slowly, his hands travelling up your body to cup your breasts.
Bucky lapped up the juices left from the orgasm Steve had brought down on you. He watched Steve roll your nipples between his fingers, tugging and pinching at your sensitive skin. 
“It’s okay Buck, she likes it rough.” Steve chuckled as he slapped one of your breasts. You mewled and rolled your hips into Bucky’s face. 
Bucky’s fingers toyed with your clit, smiling proudly as you bucked your hips wildly each time his fingers brushed past it. He continued his assault on your pussy, guiding your hips with his vibranium hand back and forth on his tongue and he delved deeper into you. 
Steve gripped you by the neck as your breathing became more laboured with each time his tongue dipped inside you. “Don’t be rude, Angel, you gotta let Bucky know he’s doing a good job.” 
You whimpered and writhed at Steve’s words, you looked down at Bucky through wet eyes. “Buck your tongue feels amazing.” You breathed, picking up the pace of your hips, grinding down further on his tongue. 
“Not as good as you feel sucking my tongue in greedily.” Bucky grunted against your core as his fingers rubbed a figure of eight into your clit. 
You didn’t get the chance to ask for permission, you were already falling apart by the time you could think a  coherent thought. You soaked Bucky’s chin more than you had to Steve. A drawn out cry ripped from your chest.
“I’m sorry,” you muttered over and over, falling back against Steve's rock solid chest. 
“It’s okay Angel, I think we can let that one slide.” Steve whispered in your ear, as Bucky stood and pulled his hard cock from his pants once again . “You’re doing so well for us, can’t wait to fuck your throat.” 
“Love you Steve.” You muttered quietly, focusing your gaze on Bucky, the sight of his cock bobbing as he inched towards you had you clenching around nothing. 
He gripped the backs of your thighs and pulled you to the edge of the desk and lined himself up with your entrance. 
You whined as he pushed inside you, the stretch was delicious and dizzying.   “Fuck that’s even better than I ever dreamed it would be.” He grunted, bottoming out. 
“Bucky.” You whimpered, head lulling tiredly as he allowed you the reprieve of getting used to his size. 
“Can see why he keeps getting back with you, Sweetheart. The way you're squeezing round me is just too good to give up.” He moaned, pulling out leaving you completely empty. His tip hovered over your entrance until you lifted your hips and pushed yourself down on his dick. 
You both groaned at the feeling, Bucky watched as you swallowed him whole and started to drive his hips in and out of you. 
You reached behind you, moving Steve’s hand from his cock and replacing it with your own, pumping in time with Bucky’s thrusts. All three of you were experiencing a different form of heaven, no one wanted the pleasure to end. 
Steve rutted his hips into your hand, desperate to quicken the movements as he chased his high. 
Bucky’s hand raked down your body, grabbing at you roughly, doing as Steve had done earlier, pinching and rolling your nipples between his fingers. 
“Fuck, sweetheart.” He growled as he felt your walls contract around him. “You gonna be mine too? Let me have this tight little pussy whenever I want?” 
“Only if Steve says it’s okay.” You groaned, as your hips met his thrusts.
Both men laughed at your answer, Steve placed a soft kiss to the top of your head, whilst Bucky’s fingers threatened to play with your oversensitive clit once again. 
“I can get on board with that.” Steve moaned, “Lay down Angel, I want your mouth.” 
You laid back, head hanging off the side of the desk, mouth in line with his cock as he pushed it passed your willing lips. 
They worked in tandem with one another, when Steve thrusted in, Bucky pulled out. Setting a relentless pace on your holes, both eagerly chasing their own highs as they used you for their own pleasure. 
Bucky lifted you leg over his shoulder, thrusting into you at a deeper angle that had you crying around Steve’s cock. The vibrations on your moans pushed him over the edge and he shot his seed deep down your throat. 
Bucky’s hips began to falter as he neared his high. Steve pulled himself from your mouth and reached over your body to press down on your clit. 
Your third and final orgasm exploded inside you, white hot pleasure coursed through your veins as you clenched around Bucky’s cock and forced his own orgasm. You finished with a pained cry and fell limp, as he fell back against his chair tiredly.  
Steve tenderly picked you up from the table and carried you over to the sofa in the corner of the room. You curled up into his side as the intensity of your orgasms died down and fatigue took over. 
“Relax Angel, I’ll be right here while you wake up.” He spoke softly as you floated back down to earth against the beat of the music downstairs. 
Tumblr media
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Tomorrow ~ Part 7
Tumblr media
Word Count: 2,445ish
Summary: Steve’s still worried about you. The team helps you get that promised date.
Warnings: slight angst, fluff
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Tony was super paranoid to let you sleep or even leave your side after the incident that caused you to slip into your subconscious. You put up with it for the rest of the day, especially because he needed it. Steve’s bed was pushed closer to yours to make one big bed so that he could be next to you. 
As the evening came, Tony fell asleep awkwardly in his wheelchair while Steve fell asleep with his head on your shoulder. You were almost too afraid to fall asleep but didn’t want to say anything. 
“Hello,” Pepper greeted quietly, looking at the scene around her. She smiled. “It seems like worrying about you has worn them out.”
“It seems that way,” you responded quietly.
“You okay?”
“Can’t sleep.”
Pepper gave an understanding nod as she went behind Tony’s wheelchair. “I’ll get a doctor or a nurse in here to give you something. You need to rest.” She begins pushing Tony away. 
The woman paused. “Yes?”
“Steve promised me some sort of date thing. I know that he’s going to stress about it and won’t be able to actually plan it because he’s unwilling to leave my side. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But… could you help him? Like, don’t tell him I put you up to it, but help him so that it’s an enjoyable date for him as well.”
“Of course,” she smiled. “Goodnight, Y/N.”
“Goodnight, Pep.”
You closed your eyes after Pepper left with Tony, trying to get some rest. It wasn’t long later when you heard someone come in and inject something into your IV. You almost instantly fall asleep, so grateful for the rest.
Breathing in deeply, a sleepy smile formed on Steve’s face as your scent hit his nostrils. He carefully moved closer to you, pressing a kiss to your exposed neck. Steve leaned back and took you in. He loved the feeling of being next to you, especially in a moment like this when you were peacefully asleep and close to him. He longed to feel this way every morning, as much as he could. Steve smiles as he kisses you under your ear. You begin to stir slightly and he presses another kiss under your ear, beard brushing against your face.
“Morning,” you rasped, a smile forming.
Steve moved so that you could see his face. “Morning, sweetheart,” he whispered. “How did you sleep?”
You bit your bottom lip as you shook your head slightly. “Someone had to come in and give me drugs to help me sleep.”
“I’m so sorry. Why didn’t you wake me?”
“You needed the sleep too.”
“Not if you’re not getting sleep.”
“It’s fine, Steve. I eventually slept.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m sure. And I didn’t even dream.”
Steve nodded, still worried. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine. I little uncomfortable but no pain.”
Steve immediately sat up and began assessing you. “What can I help with?”
He rambled on, ignoring you. “Do you need me to call someone in?”
He pushed himself off the bed. “I can go get—“
“Steve!” His eyes snapped up to meet yours. “You can’t fix how uncomfortable I am. My lower half is numb. I have tubes in me and a diaper on to help me go to the bathroom. It’s uncomfortable, that’s just how it is.”
His broad shoulders shagged slightly. “I’m sorry I can’t fix that.”
It broke your heart how disappointed in himself he sounded. “Steve,” you gently called, holding a hand out to him. “Come here.” He reached out and let you take his hand, pulling him back onto the bed and toward you. “You just being here fixes so many things.”
“I just want to fix everything.”
“I know. But you can’t… as long as you’re always here, that’s all I need.”
He leaned in and kissed you softly. “You can’t get rid of me easily.”
You pecked his lips. “Good.”
“Good morning,” Bruce greeted as he walked in with a tablet in hand.
“Morning, Bruce,” you responded, turning to face him.
“Looks like they gave you something to sleep last night. Rough night?”
“Just couldn’t fall asleep.”
Bruce nodded. “I’ll see if we can get something less addictive today for you. Besides that, how are you feeling, Y/N?”
“She said that she’s uncomfortable,” Steve quickly responded. “Is there anything we can do about that?”
“Uncomfortable doesn’t equal pain and it’s expected for her to be uncomfortable. Her body’s been through a lot, is still going through a lot.”
“That’s basically what I said,” you mumbled.
“Just remember this, Steve, her being uncomfortable is better than her being in pain. If she’s in pain, we know that something is wrong. Her being uncomfortable will usually not mean that something is wrong.”
“See?” You turned to Steve. “I’m alright.” You went back to facing Bruce. “And what about Steve? How is his recovery going?”
“From the scans, FRIDAY ran last night, he’s all healed up. The super-soldier serum of course had a big part in that.”
“That’s so good,” you smiled at Steve.
“I would advise that Steve clean up.”
“I’m good,” Steve replied. “I’m not leaving her side.”
“I’m good to stay with her while you get changed and cleaned up.”
“Steve,” you called, grabbing one of his hands to help gain his attention. “Bruce will be with me, I’ll be fine. You go get cleaned up.” You raised your hand to cup his bearded face, him bending slightly to meet you. “Maybe groom the beard a little, but don’t shave it.”
“I don’t know—“
“Steve. You literally don’t need more than twenty minutes to get cleaned up and changed. I’ll be fine. I promise.”
He held your wrist lightly, keeping your hand still as he turned and pressed a kiss to your palm. “Yeah… okay. I’ll be back.”
“I’ll be here.”
Steve leaned down and kissed your head before hurrying out of the room. He was almost to the elevator when he saw Pepper coming down the hall.
“Hello Steve,” she greeted. 
“Hey, Pepper,” Steve responded.
“How are things going?”
“Good. I’ve been cleared so I’m going to go get cleaned up.”
“That’s great. Is there anything I can do for you or Y/N?”
“Actually, there is something.”
“I promised Y/N a sort-of date thing today and you could really help get it set up. I want to make it as perfect as it can be in our given situation.”
“I can see what I can do. Just make sure that you’re presentable before our normal dinner time of 6.”
“Thank you, Pep. You’re an absolute lifesaver.”
Tony had joined you in your room, without his wheelchair, shortly after Steve had left. Bruce felt like he could slip out as you weren’t exactly alone and he knew that Tony would like some time alone with you.
“You hand me scared there, kid,” he muttered, absentmindedly playing with the edge of the blanket that was laying over you. “I thought you weren’t going to make it.”
“Well I’m here,” you tried to give him a small smile. 
“I just… you’re my best friend…”
“You’re mine… I would have found a way to haunt you if I survived and you had died of a heart attack.”
Tony chuckled. “I don’t doubt it.” He carefully took your hand, holding it in between his very calloused ones. “Can you…” He let out a shaky breath. “Can you be honest with me about something?”
“How are you?”
The simple question almost took your breath away. “I… I’m alive and I’m… uh, I’m still processing everything… It’s all been—“
“A lot.” Tony nodded. “I get it… so, you and Rogers?” He wiggled his eyebrows. “That escalated quickly.”
“Oh like you didn’t want it to.”
“I won’t deny that.” He sighed slightly. “I just didn’t want it to be like this.”
“Me too… Tony, can you be honest with me about something?”
“You know it.”
“Will I… okay, I know that I’ll never fully recover from this experience. There will be permanent scars, physical and mental, I know that. But… will I ever be able to go in the field again?”
Tony inhaled sharply. He knew that he had to tread carefully, and actually think before speaking. No one had talked about it, but it was kind of an unspoken, agreed-upon thing, that it would be a very long while before the team even entertained the thought of you going out in the field.
“I think that you should focus on rest and recovery right now,” Tony carefully advised. “You have plenty to worry about and focus on there.”
“Yeah,” you mumbled. 
You knew that he was trying to be nice and positive about the situation, but you also knew Tony and the rest of the team very well. They weren’t going to let you out on the field until they were sure that you could hold your own. And after this, that might be never.
“Hey,” Steve greeted as he walked back into the room.
“Hey,” you smiled at him as he came around to sit next to you on the bed.
“Don’t worry, Cap, I’ve been watching your girl,” Tony commented, giving you a smile. “She’s a much easier patient than myself.”
“That’s good,” Steve replied. He turned his focus to you. “How are you feeling? Uncomfortable still?”
“I think I’ll be feeling uncomfortable for a while,” you responded. “But that’s okay.” Steve nodded, clearly not okay with that answer. “Steve.” You reached over and took his hand. “I’m okay. All I’m really worried about is if you’re going to keep your promise about that date?” A quick flash of remorse over Steve’s eyes made you regret saying what you did. “I-I-I’m sorry, Steve. I didn’t mean it like that. I was just trying to tease you, I’m sorry.”
“Oh, no, no, no,” Steve shook his head. “I didn’t mean to make you feel bad either. Of course, I’m planning on keeping that promise. How does dinner sound?”
“It sounds great.”
You were able to take a nap with Steve before Natasha and Wanda burst into your room. Wanda had a bag slung over her shoulder that was clearly overstuffed.
“Out Rogers!” Natasha ordered. 
“Wh-what?” Steve groggily questioned. “Why?”
“You have a date tonight and we need to get her as ready as she can be.”
You could tell that Steve didn’t like the thought of leaving you again. So you cupped his cheek and got him to focus on you.
“I’ll be okay,” you whispered. “They’re just getting me dolled up for you.”
“You don’t need to get dolled up for me,” he replied softly.
“Yes, but I would like to.” You rubbed your thumb along his beard. “If you don’t want to leave, then just sit outside on the chairs. The girls will shut the door and blinds but you’ll be there if something happens.”
Steve took a deep breath and gave you a small nod. “Okay.”
“Okay.” You leaned in and gave him a kiss. “I won’t be long.”
He gave you a small peck on the lips before standing up. “I’ll just be outside.”
“Go, Rogers,” Natasha nagged. “She’ll be fine.” Steve kept his eyes on you as Natasha shut the door in his face and Wanda got the blinds. 
“What are you even going to do, guys?” You wondered. “I can’t move my lower half. I have tubes and wires connected to me all over.”
“That doesn’t mean we can’t dress you from the waist up as best we can,” Wanda responded.
“I can’t even leave this bed.”
“That’s okay,” Natasha said. “Just trust us, Y/N, we have a plan.”
“And don’t worry,” Wanda added, “Bucky will take care of Steve.”
Wanda and Nat cleaned you up with wipes and damp washcloths before dressing you the best they could. You just let them do what they wanted to like you were a doll. You knew that arguing would be completely pointless. Once they felt like you looked good enough, a nurse came in and replaced any tubes and bags needing to be replaced. 
“Alright,” Natasha smirked as the nurse left, “almost ready.”
“Almost?” You repeated.
“I got it,” Wanda replied, coming over with an eye mask. 
“Are you really going to make me wear that?” You asked.
“It’s only for a few minutes.” Wanda guided the mask over your head and snugly put it against your eyes. “There.”
“I’m scared now.” You were slightly joking, slightly not, scared of the darkness that had succumbed you to. 
Wanda could feel the part of you that was scared. She rested a hand on top of yours. “It’s alright, Y/N/N. We’re not taking you too far from his room.”
“Right.” You gave a nod. 
Wanda and Natasha gave each other a small smile before unlatching the locks on the wheels to your bed and began moving your bed. They guided you out of your room and down the hall. You honestly had no idea where you were going, at all. Maybe if you had fewer drugs in your system you’d be able to tell exactly where you were headed. Eventually, they stopped your bed and locked the wheels.
“Okay,” you could tell Wanda was smiling as she spoke, “keep your eyes closed, I’m going to take the mask off.” You nodded as she did so. “Alright, have fun.”
“Wait, when I can open my eyes?” You asked.
“Now,” Steve gently directed.
You opened your eyes to see that the med-bay cafeteria had been decorated. Fairy lights were strung around the room, the only light besides the few candles on the table in front of you. Steve was standing in front of the table. You could tell he was nervous but you didn’t have the words to comfort him because you were just so in awe. Steve was standing there in black slacks and a dark blue shirt.
“Steve…” you gasped. “It’s…”
“Is it too much?” He asked. “I’m sorry if it is. I asked Pep—“
“It’s wonderful, Steve.” Tears pricked your eyes.
Steve rushed over and cupped your face to catch the tears. “Then why are you crying?”
“Because this is wonderful… you’re wonderful… and I’m stuck in this damn bed.”
“It’s okay, once you’re out of the bed, even in just a wheelchair, we’ll get out of this place and I’ll take you somewhere excellent.”
“I don’t need excellent… I just need you.”
Steve’s smile grew and he kissed you softly, still holding your face. “I just need you too.” 
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Tumblr media
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sweet fire -  bucky melts so easily for you / 645
make you whole -  fluffy wedding drabble / 725
finally - same au as “make you whole” / 503
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sub!alpha!steve hc ♡ - abo au, mommy kink / ~870
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stipulations ♡ - jake gets cock warmed by hot gamer girlfriend :3c / 1k
to hell and back - oops you sold your soul for a hot demon boyfriend! / {part 1} {part 2} ongoing (eventual ♡)
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Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Female Reader, Steve Rogers x Female Reader, Bucky Barnes x Female Reader x Steve Rogers Summary: Bucky and Steve brand their best girl. Word Count: Over 6.6k Warnings: Explicit sexual content, vaginal sex, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), spitroasting, threesome, dirty talk, tension, possessive behavior, porn with feels (it’s me, c’mon), tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers (they’re warnings, okay?) A/N: Welcome back to my tattoo AU! Have you missed them? I know I have! Beta read by the wonderful @whisperlullaby ​but any and all mistakes are my own. Thank you, lovely! Banner created by yours truly, but Bucky and Steve photos were provided by the talented @nix-akimbo ! This AU wouldn’t exist without them. Divider by the beautiful @firefly-graphics and banners by the lovely @vase-of-lilies. And thanks to @lookiamtrying and @drabblewithfrannybarnes for our new reader nickname.
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It was a beautiful day as you sat between Bucky and Steve in Thor’s truck, gazing through the windshield as the three of you drove through town. The boys had just finished setting up your new dining room table and Thor was kind enough to let them use his truck to pick it up and deliver it from the store. Ever since you moved into their place, they had done everything in their power to make the place more like your own. That included upgrading some of the furniture, which you tried to talk them out of in the beginning. You didn’t want them turning their home upside down for you. They, of course, argued that it was your home now, too.
Not to mention, one of them usually dropped their knees and buried their face between your legs if you protested too much. They didn’t play fair. And you never expected them to. Your beautiful, tattooed bastards.
You looked between them and took a moment to appreciate the view. Bucky smirked at you as he caught your eye. He was growing his hair out a bit and you were half tempted to tug on it. You turned your attention to Steve, who smiled softly as he looked away from the road for just a moment. You wished you could feel his beard scrape along your skin. 
I'll never get enough of them.
“How did you manage to get Thor’s truck again?” You asked as Steve turned onto the main street. “I thought this was his baby. Or is that his recliner in the basement?”
“His recliner is his other baby. And we may have promised you’d cook him dinner,” Bucky answered, rubbing small circles on your thigh as you gasped.
“You did what? Do you know how much he eats?” You teased as the brunette laughed.
“We did not. Thor was just being nice,” Steve smiled. The boys refused to let anyone else deliver the furniture since they were in good enough shape to move things themselves. “He’s also probably trying to win more brownie points with Mrs. Monroe by looking generous.”
“I think he has plenty, especially since he helped us move my stuff,” you grinned. Mrs. Monroe was sad to see you leave your old place and you were as well. She was a great neighbor and one of the many to be on your side when Grant and Billy harassed you. You also knew she had a soft spot for Thor and hoped that her granddaughter would end up with him. “I might make him dinner though so I can remain his favorite, until he gets a girlfriend."
“You think you’re his favorite?” Steve laughed a little.
“Yes,” you and Bucky said at the same time.
More laughter filled the truck, the sound almost as bright as the weather. "He does have a soft spot for you," Steve agreed. 
"Even Loki likes you, but don't tell him we said that," Bucky winked.
Heat flooded your cheeks. Being part of their group sometimes felt like an out of body experience. Most people around town looked at you differently now, but in a good way. Dating two of the most prominent tattoo artists around changed everything for the better. You wore confidence like a second skin. It looked good on you.
"Thor should be stopping by the shop later today. He wants to see the finished product," Steve told you.
Your wrists tingled as he mentioned the shop. Today was the day you were finally getting your tattoos. One from each of them, designed by them, just for you. It was a way to show you were theirs. Maybe one day, down the road, I’ll get a ring. And only if they want that.
“You nervous about today?” Bucky questioned, all traces of teasing gone. Both kept asking if you really wanted to go through with getting your tattoos and would’ve understood if you wanted to back out. They seemed nervous leading up to today, too, making sure you wanted to stick to the appointment.
Do they think I’ll back out?
“Nope, not nervous,” you put your hand over his, your other reaching for Steve’s as he glanced at you. He looked slightly relieved. “Why would I be?”
“Because what we’re giving you is permanent,” Steve replied. 
For some reason, it felt like he wasn’t talking about tattoos. “Yeah, they are and I want them. You can’t change my mind,” you told them, squeezing their hands. Bucky slowly breathed out. Was he expecting me to change my mind? “And if they’re anything like any of your tattoos, I know I’m in for a treat.”
The boys were littered in gorgeous tattoos. You loved them all because every single one of them had a story or significance behind them. They shared similar tattoos, like the rose each of them had for strength and courage. They each had a variation of the Brooklyn Bridge so they would never forget where they came from. And, of course, the symbol for their time in the military, honoring the unit they bonded with. Those were just a few.
"Steve designed something beautiful," Bucky said proudly.
"So did you, Buck," Steve stated just as proudly. 
It warmed your heart how much they lifted each other up. "Did either one of you happen to design an animal?" you asked curiously. Bucky had a white wolf to symbolize resilience and survival, a reminder of adjusting to life with his metal arm. Steve had an eagle for strength and courage, always standing up for the people around him. 
"Thought you wanted the designs to be a secret," Bucky said as the truck came to a stop. 
"I do and I know that they'll be perfect. I'm just," you tried to find the right word. It wasn’t nerves. You wouldn’t lie to them about that. "Antsy? Yeah, I’m a little antsy."
"What can we do to help?" Steve asked, unbuckling his seatbelt.
"Tell us," Bucky urged as he shifted to face you, removing his seatbelt, too. You were shocked that the three of you fit in the space with how big they were. Then again, Thor was even bigger and he managed just fine. 
"Nothing. I'm fine. Really," you promised. My beautiful boyfriends, ready to jump if I asked them to. "Maybe we could go for a dip. We had so much fun last time."
You smirked as you glanced between them. Steve’s hand tightened into a fist and Bucky licked his lips. You knew they were looking back on that day in Thor's pool, how they unashamedly had you between their bodies, making you feel good and not caring that their friends were nearby to witness it. They never hid their need for you. If anything, they were proud of it.
“Thor won’t be home for awhile,” Bucky said nonchalantly, his hand sliding higher up your leg. Your thighs parted, your body instinctively in tune with theirs. “We could go for a swim.”
“Not breaking into his backyard,” Steve argued, but you heard the slight strain in his voice as his hand went to your other thigh. “We can find a way to take some of the edge off."
"Not to point out the obvious, but this isn't the best space for it," Bucky said, a disappointed look in his eyes as he looked at his best friend. "And Thor might kill us if we get stains on the seats."
You had to smile. The man was built like a god and seeing him angry wouldn't be a pretty sight. "Well…" you trailed off as you looked over your shoulder, into the empty bed of the truck. “Plenty of space back there.”
Bucky swung his head with a grin, moaning a bit. “Right here in the street, doll?”
“Technically, we wouldn’t be in the street. We’d be in the truck,” you teased, starting to close your legs. “But if you two aren’t up for that-”
Lips pressed firmly against yours before you could finish that thought, Bucky’s hand gently gripping your chin to keep you in place. “We have a blanket, Steve?” 
“We do,” he answered, reaching back to grab it from behind his seat. He also kept your legs open before you could shut them further. “And we have that thin cushion Thor let us use, too.”
“Good. Wouldn’t want you to get uncomfortable. Speaking of uncomfortable,” Bucky smirked as he took your hand and placed it on his crotch. “Got me nice and hard, doll. Barely touch me and that’s what you do. Punk’s straining in his pants, too. Won’t feel better ‘til we’re inside you.”
You palmed the brunette as a rush of heat went through you, glancing over at Steve as he opened the door. The tent in his pants was evident as he got out. “And unless we want to scare the neighbors, we should hurry.”
“I don’t think ‘scare’ would be the word,” you said as Bucky pushed his door open. You wondered just how much of exhibitionists your boyfriends were at heart. The potential to get caught did make it fun and they weren't the type to be embarrassed about it if you were. At most, Steve would give whoever found them a sheepish smile. And both would easily charm their way out of it if someone got upset.
Bucky helped you out, your head spinning a bit as he pulled you to the back of the truck. Steve was already in the bed, making sure the cushion was situated. Bucky hopped in beside him, not making a sound as he unfolded the blanket. How do they move so quickly and quietly? 
Both held out a hand to help you in and you relished in how dark their gazes were as they pulled you in. You hardly had a chance to crawl on the cushion before Steve kissed you, the hidden hunger surfacing as Bucky moved behind you. Fuck, we’re really doing this here. Why did I suggest this? Why didn’t I suggest this sooner?
“Gonna look so pretty with our ink on you,” the blonde said, kissing along your jaw. 
“Almost as pretty as you look when you come on our cocks. That what you need, doll? To get our dicks nice and wet before we leave a mark on you?” the brunette added, his large hands roaming your trembling body. 
“Yes, fuck. Please,” you moaned.
“We need it, too,” Bucky’s mouth against your neck only turned you on more, the need to be ruined consuming you. 
Your hands quickly covered Steve's when he gripped your skirt, pulling you out of your dizzying state for a moment. "Don't you DARE destroy this skirt. It's one of my favorites."
"We'll buy you a new one," Bucky swore, toying with the fabric from behind you. 
"You will not because you are not ruining this one," your tone not giving them a chance to say otherwise. I’m running out of clothes, but I could have worse problems.
"Okay," Steve agreed easily, pushing your skirt up. "Won't destroy this one."
You were about to thank him when he smirked over your shoulder and exchanged a look with Bucky. His metal hand brushed along your covered mound before he gripped the thin material and ripped it away. "Bucky!"
"You said not to destroy your skirt. Not your underwear, which is soaked. Always so wet and ready for us."
Add that to the list of ruined clothes. Why do I bother with underwear?
“But we don’t want you too sore,” Steve said, running a finger along your slit. “So only one cock is filling our sweet pussy.”
You whined because you wanted both of them inside you. “Steve-”
“You can take both our cocks tonight at home. We'll take it slow, doll. Get you nice and stretched out for us," Bucky promised, his voice dripping with desire as Steve slipped a finger in. "Make you beg just a little 'cause it's so fucking pretty when you beg."
You clenched around the digit, trying in vain to feel him deeper. “I should make you both beg for me.”
“We’ll both get down on our knees and beg to have you forever if we have to,” Bucky whispered, unexpected tenderness in his voice given the heated situation.
“Forever,” Steve echoed, his gaze soft as he touched your cheek with his free hand. You almost questioned if something was up when he removed his finger, making you whine. The two of them exchanged a look again before you were manhandled, put on your hands and knees. You scrambled for a moment, practically tearing at Steve’s pants to get his cock out.
“Desperate for us?” he smirked, helping you unbutton his jeans to push them down.
“No more than usual,” you grinned. If they don’t have any shame, why should I?
"Ready for us, doll?" Bucky asked, hearing him shift slightly, likely discarding his pants. "Bet you'll be nice and calm with our come in your greedy holes."
You looked over your shoulder, tightening around nothing as he stroked himself. "You know I will be. So either fuck me or I'll do it myself," you threatened impatiently.
Steve grabbed your chin, careful not to hurt you as he forced you to look at him. "As fun as that would be to watch," he smirked, teasing your lips with the tip of his cock. "Buck's right. You need us to fill you up."
Your eyes slipped shut for a blissful moment as you opened your mouth, Steve's length slowly sliding along your tongue. You wiggled your ass enticingly, your pussy empty and aching. Moaning, you felt Bucky grip a hip as he pressed the head against your wet hole, the cock in your mouth pushing deeper.
"Breathe, sweetheart," Steve gently reminded you as Bucky began to push in. 
You spread your legs a bit wider, making a small sound as you inhaled through your nose. Feeling both of them in you was always satisfying, your body welcoming them home where they belonged. I love them so much. You hollowed out your cheeks as they moved in tandem, already giving you what you needed. They read you so well.
"Holy shit," Steve slid his hand to the back of your head, fucking your mouth in shallow thrusts as you sucked harder. "That's it, sweetheart."
"Pussy's gripping me like a vice, doll. What's got you so excited?" Bucky stretched over your back a bit as they both moved faster, pressure already burning in your core. "That anyone can see us? Or that they'll see that you're ours?"
You could only moan in response, clenching around them. I'm yours. All yours. Want everyone to know. More, please, please. The groans and pants they let out spurred you on, doing your best to take them in as deep as you could.
"Take it," Steve groaned as he worked his hips. "Take everything we give you."
You took every inch as they kept the steady pace, your clit throbbing as they pushed and pulled you between them. You whimpered as they brought you closer to the edge, the pleasure so hot inside you it almost burned you. Feeling Bucky's balls slap against you as he kept up the steady pace, and hearing Steve's pants as he slid across your tongue, wasn't enough. You needed them to give that final push.
"She's close. Squeezing me so fucking hard," Bucky groaned as he leaned over you, grinding deep into you as his hand moved quickly to your front. You nearly screamed around Steve as Bucky's fingers found your clit, rubbing in time with his thrusts. "Oh, that's it. Fuck, still sound so beautiful with your mouth full. Almost there."
Fuck. Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop. Please, make me come.
You managed to meet Steve's gaze as the knot inside you got closer to tightening and snapping, his blue eyes as commanding as his voice when he grunted, "Come for us."
The tension exploded, your body shuddering through your orgasm as you spasmed around Bucky's cock. The breath would've been stolen from your lungs if you weren't choking on Steve. Little whimpers left your throat as you trembled, hearing both men swear as they sped up. You wished it didn’t have to end, but you needed to feel them fill you up.
“Fuck, so fucking good,” Bucky moaned, driving into you until he buried himself to the hilt, spilling hot and thick inside you. "Fuck," he hissed as you milked him, wanting every drop he could give you.
Steve throbbed in your mouth, feeling him harden more, before he stilled and came down your throat. He said you would take everything they gave you and he was right. He gasped as he slid out, sitting back as Bucky managed to keep you from collapsing. It was perfect.
They’re so fucking perfect.
You felt Steve’s lips against yours, giving you a soft and lazy kiss, as Bucky pulled out of you. He helped you stretch out so you could rest a little, all of you smiling as you panted. You were sated, at ease and it was just what you needed.
“So,” you breathed, smiling wide. “That happened.”
“Believe it or not,” Steve smiled a bit. “We needed that, too.”
“For good luck?” you teased.
“Yeah. We’ll call it that,” Bucky said, kissing your forehead before you heard loud footsteps approaching the truck.
Oh, shit.
“What in heavens have you done?!” 
You almost gave yourself whiplash as you sat up, your eyes wide as they locked with a pair of thunderous blue eyes. “Thor?”
You scrambled to make yourself presentable, but the boys made no effort to cover up.
“Shall I ask again?!”
Thor’s booming voice made you cover your mouth. To anyone else, you would’ve looked shocked. Your boys, however, knew at this point that you were trying not to laugh.
“Here’s the thing. We-”
“You defiled her in the back of my truck,” Thor cut Bucky off. 
Yes. Yes, they did.
“Technically, we-” Steve tried to say calmly as he tucked himself away.
“You’ve already desecrated my pool, which I have no issue with,” Thor reminded them. We may revisit that pool. “But here? My sacred vessel?!”
You made a noise similar to a snort as your boyfriends looked at you for help. Tempted to say it was all their idea for looking so sexy. "Please, don't be mad at them. I suggested it. I was feeling antsy about my tattoos and they wanted to help," you explained, your eyes downcast when you finished. "I'm sorry."
"Oh, no, no, no," Thor said quickly, his hands raised in a surrendering gesture as you hid your smile. "I would never be upset with you."
Oh, Thor, you are so screwed if you end up dating a Monroe. She'll turn her doe eyes on you and you'll melt.
"But you two will give this a thorough cleaning," he pointed between your men. "I shall take my bike for the time being."
"Thank you for understanding," you smiled as you lifted your gaze.
"Of course. And I shall see you at the shop. Do not worry. You're in good hands," he promised. "As you are already well aware."
"You're helping us wash this," Bucky said as Thor walked toward his garage. 
"Not a chance," you smirked, nearly jumping when Steve affectionately pinched your side. 
"I'm already thinking of ways you can make it up to us," he said.
You are the man with a plan.
Tumblr media
The gentle noise of the needles and conversations in the Howling Commandos shop made you smile as you waited in your chair. You never expected those sounds to become some of your favorites, but life surprised you. And thanks to the earlier activities and a hearty meal, you felt much more relaxed. 
"How are you so calm?" Mandy demanded, plopping down in the chair across from you. "How?!"
You had to laugh as your shoulders lifted in a casual shrug, not mentioning the pleasant ache between your thighs. "Needles don't bother me, I want these tattoos and I trust them," you recited easily. You had no reason to be nervous, especially since you knew they'd handle you with care.
Mandy narrowed her eyes, leaning forward as she tapped a finger against the armrest. “They fucked you before they opened the shop, didn’t they?”
Might just make it a morning ritual, which it kind of is. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
“Where?” she asked suspiciously.
“Back of Thor’s truck.”
"Naughty girl. You know he loves his truck,” she shook her head with a grin. “And I can't believe you're letting them ink you without them telling you what they're branding you with.”
"Seriously, why do you make everything they do sound so dirty?"
"Because they are dirty. You have permanent bowleggedness or whatever it's called since they can't keep their dicks out of you," she teased, raising an eyebrow as you began to laugh. She isn't wrong. "Surprised you're not knocked up."
"Not this again," you groaned as your laughter died down, pinching the bridge of your nose. Ever since you moved in with Bucky and Steve, Mandy constantly asked when you were getting married and having babies. You expected it from everyone else, but not your best friend.
In hindsight, I should have. 
"Yes, this again. Have you guys talked about it?"
"We’ve talked a bit about it,” you answered, shifting a bit in your seat. “They both want a future with me and to build a home together. I want that, too. For the time being, we're enjoying living together. Isn't that enough for you?"
"Is it enough for you? You haven't imagined wedding bells or anything like that?" Mandy asked knowingly.
You glanced at the ring finger of your left hand. "Of course, I have," you admitted. You were in love with your boyfriends and you wanted to marry them. The fact that Steve gave love another chance after a failed engagement and Bucky was willing to share his love and a partner with his best friend still made you want to pinch yourself.
I hope they know how much I appreciate them letting me in.
"I fucking knew it!" Mandy yelled loud enough to make the shop go silent. 
"You knew what?" Bucky called back.
"That she's going to marry you and Steve so you can make an honest woman out of her," she smirked as you flipped her off. It didn't bother her in the slightest.
"She'd be making honest men out of us, too," Steve chimed in as Bucky chuckled. 
You swung your head to where your boyfriends were sitting, each of them finishing up with a couple of regular clients. They really do make me throb just by looking at them. How is that possible? And what’s that look they just gave each other?
“It may be your pussy that brings them to their knees, but they’re on my side when it comes to your future.”
“Please, don’t encourage her,” you begged as Mandy grinned proudly. “And worry about your own pussy.”
“That’s my job,” Natasha smirked as she appeared with a glass of water, handing it to you. “And I have to agree that you have nothing to worry about. You’ll love what they came up with.”
“You’ve seen them?” you asked, taking a sip. 
“No, but they discussed them a bit. Minus each other, they want you to be the first to see them.”
“And they’re really going to do her at the same time?” Mandy smirked.
The redhead smirked back at her girlfriend. “They are. Should be quite the show.”
You looked between them suspiciously. “You’re both going to watch?” you asked. You knew Thor wanted to stop by to see them, even though he had the day off, but Nat wanted to see them, too?
“It’s not every day I get to see two of my favorite boys do their favorite girl. Might even tape it.”
Everything is a sex joke with this group. Deviants. All of them. “Who said I was going to let anyone watch? How can I be the first to see them when they’re done if you’re here?”
Mandy gasped at the suggestion that you might not let her stay. “Oh, come on! You held my hand when I got mine and I won’t be able to hold yours, so you can at least let me watch. Please?”
“Of course, you can stay. I was just giving you a hard time, like you give me,” you grinned as she relaxed in her seat. It was nice that she wanted to be there. And Bucky did such a great job with her tattoo, even with how scared she had been. "You invite anyone else?"
"Not Peggy," Mandy coolly replied.
"Be nice," you urged. Peggy didn't come around or bother you. She was usually busy helping Sharon and Briana. You half expected there to be drama after everything with her, along with Grant and Billy, but things were peaceful.
"You be nice. I'll be a bitch."
“That’s enough of that,” Natasha shot Mandy a look. Both of you knew your best friend was still being protective of you. “Clint and Sam want to see. Tony may even swing by.”
“Did you invite everyone?” you asked suspiciously. It seemed a little strange. Why would they all want to see them?
“The boys are excited,” she responded. Her face gave nothing away as she patted your shoulder, so you dropped it. “Relax. They’re almost ready for you.”
I would relax more if I didn’t see Mandy wink at you. What are they up to? And why haven’t they clued me in?
Tumblr media
True to Natasha’s word, Thor, Clint and Sam were all standing nearby chatting a few minutes later. Did they clear their schedules for this? You narrowed your eyes as you looked at your boyfriends. They whispered to each other as their clients paid and left. And for the first time today, they looked nervous.
Are they scared I’m going to hate my tattoos?
You turned your head when the bell above the door rang, your eyebrows shooting up as Tony Stark walked in moments later with a bottle in his hand. He would wear sunglasses in the shop. It somehow worked.
“Didn’t start the party without me, did you?”
“It isn’t a party, Stark,” Natasha reminded him.
“Is that right? I thought we were celebrating,” he smirked, winking over at you. “Not every day these boys are naughty in the back of Point Break’s truck.”
Thor gave you a sheepish look before you could say anything. “I wasn’t going to tell him, but he’s very persuasive.”
“And the worst person to keep a secret. It just happened this morning,” you said, expecting one of the boys to jump in and say something. They were still whispering to each other. “Everything okay?” you called out to get their attention.
The wide eyed looks they gave you almost made you laugh. Almost. “Sorry. You ready?”
“Ready as I’ll ever be,” you said.
“And I resent that. I can keep a secret,” Tony argued as he set the bottle down at one of the stations. “No drinks until you’re done.”
You got a look at the label as he walked away. It was very expensive. “All that for a couple of tattoos?”
“Let’s get started,” Steve said as Tony opened his mouth, cutting him off.
The antsy feeling began to creep in as Natasha whispered something in Clint’s ear, bringing a devilish grin to his face. Sam appeared to be casual, but there was an excited glint in his eyes. Thor looked like he couldn’t stand still and Mandy…
“Are you crying?” you asked her. She has tears in her eyes. Actual tears.
“Nope. Not crying,” she swore, blinking rapidly as Nat held out her hand for her to take. “Just happy for you.”
“This is weird. You’re all acting weird,” you said as Bucky and Steve took their spots on each side of your chair. They had their machines and stencils nearby, but didn’t say anything about your comment. “Guys, what’s going on?”
“Nothing,” they said at once.
Bull-fucking-shit. “Are you two really that nervous?” you asked. These two had fought side-by-side, in and out of the military, and had seen their share of horrors. They were masters of their craft. They had nothing to fear about this.
Steve nodded slowly. You got a better look at him and saw how pale he was. “Maybe we’re feeling a bit antsy now. At least, I am.”
“I am a bit, too,” Bucky added, leaning over to give you a quick kiss. You noticed that his smile didn’t reach his eyes. “We want it to be perfect. It’s what you deserve.”
You felt small as the words sunk in, briefly reaching out to touch the tops of their hand. Maybe that’s why they wanted everyone here. Moral support was always a good thing. “You have nothing to be nervous about. I told you earlier, I trust you. I’m ready,” you promised. Your wrists were ready to be branded. They were artists and you allowed yourself to become their canvas.
The boys didn’t visibly relax, but you could feel that some of the tension was gone as you looked between them.
“You sure you don’t want to be blindfolded?” Sam joked.
“That’s for the bedroom only,” you teased back, making everyone laugh.
You exhaled as they cleaned your inner wrists with the rubbing alcohol. The cool sensation was almost a sense of false security since you knew you were going to feel at least some degree of pain shortly. The stencils went on next as you stared straight ahead. As tempted as you were to glance down to see them, you refused to look. 
“Since you’re not going to look,” Bucky grinned. “Do you trust where we’re putting these?”
“And from what we see, they’re nice and even,” Steve promised.
“Once again, I trust you,” you told them before they slowly pulled the paper away.
You smiled as Mandy got her phone out to take a picture, waiting patiently as the boys got their machines ready. You really did admire how seriously they took their job for every single client and you were no exception. They ran a clean, safe shop. You were in the best hands.
“Deep breaths,” Bucky softly reminded you once they were ready, checking his machine once more. 
“And try to stay still,” Steve added. They warned you that the lining would likely be the most painful part of the process, with any shading or coloring afterwards hurting less. “If it’s too much, tell us.”
You nodded quickly. Deep breaths. Stay still. If I can take their cocks, I can take a couple of needles.
Though they warned you, the prickling sensation you felt on each wrist almost made you jump. The needles stung, as you expected, but you managed not to make a sound. You could feel their soothing touch through their gloves as they held your lower arms down. It was gentle, intimate and you firmly had to remind yourself not to be aroused.
They already came inside me once today and I don’t need to make a mess on this chair with everyone watching.
The conversations around you were in low tones, likely to put you at ease, and they had varying degrees of smiles on their faces. Even Mandy was unexpectedly silent as she took a couple of photos. You expected her to be a chatterbox, but she was likely being respectful of the boys to not distract them. You appreciated it.
“Doing great, doll,” Bucky praised, even though he didn’t lift his eyes. Steve did for a moment, giving you a tender smile, before he went back to work. And it was so much like them to balance giving you what you needed, which was assurance in different ways.
I love you both.
After a few minutes, the pain faded to a dulling sensation. Maybe it was adrenaline or your body getting used to it. You wouldn’t call a needle piercing your skin a pleasant feeling, but it wasn’t bad. It somehow felt like the right kind of pain. You could easily see why people didn’t stop at one tattoo.
“Still feeling okay?” Steve questioned as you nodded. “Do you need to take a break?”
“I’m fine. No break,” you said. 
Mandy held out her phone to show you the photos. She managed to block out your wrists, or maybe the boys were just shielding them that well. You somehow heard the bell over the needles, surprised to see Loki. He didn’t acknowledge anyone as he silently walked over to Thor.
Ha. Guess he really does like me.
“You ready to look?” Bucky asked as he looked up, both of them clicking their machines off. 
They’re done? How did they do that at the same time? “Yeah, I’m ready.”
“Which one first?” Steve smiled since you still hadn’t looked down. 
Instead of answering his question, you slowly lifted both arms and bent them at the elbow so both of your wrists were in view. So many emotions went through you as you saw them. “Oh, my god.”
On your left wrist was an eight-pointed star with what appeared to be tiny gem embellishments. On the end of each were alternates between tiny moons and suns. On your right wrist was the shape of a heart, but it was made out of multiple flowers. Above the heart were the words “Live Free” with three birds flying together.
“Before we explain what they mean, what do you think of them?” Bucky asked, his voice cracking a little.
“I love them. They’re so beautiful. They’re perfect,” you smiled between them. Their smiles almost blinded you and you knew how much love and care they put into creating these. “Thank you.”
They each gave you a kiss, the sweet feel of their lips even better than normal. You turned your wrists so everyone could see them. Mandy snapped a couple photos, shrieking as she did so.
“Those are gorgeous! You better put these on your wall.”
“Fit for a queen,” Thor said proudly as he admired them. 
Loki rolled his eyes, but a ghost of a smile was there. “Not bad.”
“That means he likes them,” Natasha said as Clint got his phone out. 
“Get together, you three,” he said, holding it up to take a photo
“We still need to wrap her wrists,” Steve argued, but he moved in and smiled so the picture could be taken. 
“Thought that was for the bedroom,” Sam joked, making Bucky laugh as Tony went to pour drinks.
I hope Clint got that in the photo. And where did Tony get the shot glasses from? “Yes, please let them wrap them so they can tell me why they designed these.”
You placed your arms back on the chair so they could apply the ointment and wrap. They went through the aftercare instructions with you before, but you were certain they’d go over them again. It wouldn’t hurt, especially since you didn’t want to do any damage to the beautiful designs they just made.
“Come here, come here,” Mandy said once you were wrapped, grabbing your hands to pull you out of the chair. You almost laughed when she pulled you away from the group, your back to them. “You’re happy?”
“I am. They’re wonderful,” you smiled.
“Not the tattoos,” she said, biting her lip. “You’re happy with them? With Bucky and Steve?”
You nodded slowly. You swore tears were filling her eyes again. “I am. I love them more than anything.”
She sniffled as she hugged you close. “They love you, too, you know? So fucking much." 
You patted her back a little, trying to figure out why she was so emotional. “I know they do. I’m lucky to have them.”
She hugged you tighter, sniffling again. “You’re my best friend and your happiness means the world to me.”
“Yours means the world to me, too,” you promised, leaning back and pushing her back gently by the shoulders so you could look at her. “But why are you being so emotional?”
Instead of speaking, she turned you around. Everyone was facing you, smiling as they held shot glasses in their hands. The only empty hands were Bucky and Steve’s, but they stood side-by-side with smiles as they gazed at you.
“What’s going on?” you questioned as you took a step forward.
Steve cleared his throat. “People have said at times that Buck and I are different, like night and day. The moon and the sun. So if we’re the moon and the sun, that makes you our star,” he explained as you glanced down at your left wrist.
“And your heart was one the things that drew us to you,” Bucky said as you lifted your gaze. His blue eyes had an extra shine to them as he smiled at you. “You reminded us of a flower. We got to watch you blossom into who you are and you’re a new beginning for both of us. You make us feel free.”
They stepped forward in sync, each reaching for your hand before they dropped to one knee. 
Wait. Are they… “Oh, my God,” you whispered.
“You’re our star, our heart and a piece of us we never want to be without,” Bucky told you, a tear falling from his eye. “You taught me how to love and not to be afraid of it, even for a second.”
“And you taught me to love again and to fight like hell to hang onto it,” Steve said proudly. 
You almost burst into tears as Bucky removed a box from his pocket. “Our friends have always been our family, but you are our home.”
You couldn’t stop the tears at that point, letting them spill freely as you smiled down at them. 
Bucky held up the box as Steve opened it, the three entwining bands shining in the light. You couldn't tell where one began and the other two ended. It was unbreakable. “We love you with everything we have,” the brunette swore.
“And always will,” the blonde added.
“Will you be our wife?” they asked together, both looking up at you with hope and love in their eyes. You knew in that moment you would forever be their first world. 
A watery laugh came out as you nodded. “Yes!”
"Against her better judgment she said 'yes'," Tony affectionately announced. "Drink!"
You heard Mandy burst into tears as Bucky slipped the ring on your finger, everyone cheering and downing their shot. None of it registered as you dropped to your knees, framing Bucky’s face to kiss him deeply. You let out another small, happy laugh before doing the same to Steve. You felt their arms wrap around you in a tight hug as you kept crying.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Steve chanted in a whisper.
“Love you so fucking much, doll,” Bucky sniffled, smiling as he kissed your temple. “Or should we start calling you Blossom?”
You laughed again as you felt both of them begin to wipe your tears away. “I like Blossom,” you said, looking at the ring on your left hand. That explained everything. Your boys being nervous, why Mandy was so emotional and why everyone was there. They were all welcoming you home. Your beautiful tattooed bastards were your home.
Because like the new tattoos on your wrist, they had a permanent place in your heart. 
Tattoo inspiration photos for our reader below.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hope to see our boys again soon, especially since they have something to celebrate. Love and thanks for reading!
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onsunnyside · 4 months ago
༻ 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐀 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 (𝟑/𝟑)
Tumblr media
𝗣𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗶𝗻𝗴 | Tarzan!Steve Rogers x doctor!reader
𝗪𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀 | 6’6” Steve, feral behaviour/feral!steve, nomad!steve, fluff, angst, size difference, manhandling, possessive!/protective!steve, gentle giant!Steve, SMUT - minors DNI, size kink, manhandling, oral (m&f), dirty talk, p in v, spitting, grinding, lots of cum, unprotected sex.
𝗪/𝗖 | 11K
𝗔/𝗡 | Let's all pretend this was posted on time. Firstly, thank you everyone for coming on this journey with me on my first big AU, I'm sad to see it end, but I'll always be open for blurbs and drabbles for this series. (little past mentioned) James Conrad x doctor!reader. Also, this is not PWP, so it’s much more plot in this chapter than smut !
All mistakes are my own, I'll be revisiting this chapter tomorrow and over the weekend to edit it and add parts, so it'll probably change soon ! Check out the role reversal of this story: 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐝 𝐄𝐲𝐞
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐀 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 ˗ ⋰˚ 𝐂.𝐄. & 𝐂𝐨. 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Well, I didn’t know jealousy was in attendance tonight–oh wait, it’s just you under all that green envy, Doc–how’s the gala treating you?”
You inhale deeply, avoiding the smug smirk playing on Tony’s lips. You turn to face him, leaning an elbow on the bar as the wine swooshes in the glass. “Did Pepper finally ditch you for the head security guard of the tower?”
Tony laughs loudly, slapping a hand over his chest. “Oh my, it seems I’ve struck a nerve.” He glances over his shoulder, eyes once again landing on the tall, burly blond across the room by the piano. His carefully gelled hair is visible above everyone’s heads, as a sea of reporters and other socialites surround him, hanging off every word he says. From here, you can practically see them swoon and fall for his magnetic charm.
“This is good for him.” You say, trying to convince yourself. “He’s been practicing speaking for weeks–he wants to make a good impression.”
“He has confidence and potential, I’ll give him that.” Tony signals for a refill of his glass, the bartender filling it immediately. He sips slowly, eyes flickering between you and Steve. “You know, we could have just put out a statement. It would have been far less stressful and you wouldn’t have to watch that.” The brunet winces as a young beautiful woman lays a hand on Steve’s arm, caressing his bulging bicep under his suit.
You quickly look down at your heeled feet, remembering Steve asking how you suddenly got a few inches taller after getting ready–you proceeded to show him your heels, “How…walk around in those? Hurt? So–pointy…”
“The public would have made up horrible rumours about him–you saw what they did to Bucky.”
“Barnes was an assassin who was unjustly blamed for the death of–” Tony snaps his mouth shut, grinning at the passing socialites, then once they’re gone, he rolls his eyes, “--Those two are basically the biggest blabbermouths of the city, and Peter nearly spilled the beans about the manbeast to those punks.” He huffs. “The kid is smart, but his mouth sometimes isn’t… an odd mix considering he’s in charge of presentations for the new interns.”
You sigh loudly.
Tony raises a hand in surrender, “--As I was saying, that is a weak comparison between Barnes and Rogers, one is a completely clean slate, no foul, no blood, nothing–and you seem to be convinced people will dig up some dirt on him, yet allowed him to be interview by himself.”
“I’m not convinced that they’ll dig up dirt–there isn’t dirt anyway, he isn’t a bad person.” You correct, gaze dragging across the vast ballroom. People in different, sleek gowns and suits, chatting enthusiastically, eating hors d'oeuvres and sipping fancy champagne or wine. “The independence will be good for him, and he wasn’t against it.”
“But he wanted you with him all night, right?”
You sag, fiddling with your necklace, that was enough for Tony.
“Doc, I know you care about him,” The man starts, furrows his brows as he finds the words, “but maybe you’re doing what you think is better for him–and in turn, you’re ignoring what he knows is best for the both of you.”
Your eyes widen and you shoot him a look, “What coming of age novel did you get that from?”
“The one Peter left in the lab,” Tony says, so easily that you don’t know if it’s the truth or not. “I understand that getting his face out there and showing everyone he isn’t a threat is important. Ignoring the fact that we’re admitting that S.H.I.E.L.D. is once again, a mountain of secrets that go down to the Earth’s core,” He cracks a smile when you laugh lightly, “But is all that publicity worth it when you’re sulking in this beautiful dress, and some noisy reporter is hanging off your fella’s arm?”
“He doesn’t know what she’s doing, it isn’t his fault.”
“I agree–but, if you told him the difference between being friendly and flirting, I think he’d brush off the press in the blink of an eye,” Tony says as he steps away, disappearing into the crowd.
You knew that, and you also knew that Steve would attract attention. People were moths to his flame, and you weren’t jealous–rather proud that he was handling it all so well–considering he despised the suit he was wearing too, clothes are just, ugh.
You bring the glass to your lips, still in a daze and not realizing your glass was empty. A delicate clang sounds behind you, a familiar drawl ringing in your ears.
“Bartender, refill for that glass, please.”
Turning around, a startled laugh escapes your body. Slowly taking in the tall, slender dark-haired man before you. “I can order for myself, you know?”
The man chuckles, a hand running down his velvet suit jacket. His blue eyes twinkle, “I figured you were too busy staring off into space to bother.” James leans over, following your line of sight across the room, a knowing smile crawling on his face, “or rather, longingly admiring from afar.”
“You’re hilarious.” You say bluntly, taking a long gulp of your drink. “Did your date get sick of you already?”
James rolls his eyes, nudging your shoulder, “I don’t know, did you ever get sick of me when we went on dates?”
Your scoff, a little part of you thankful for another familiar face in the sea of socialites and reporters, though, James’ British accent was fresh among the distant chatter. He’s sporting a slight stubble, his brown-blond hair in a messy gelled style, only aiding to his dashing prince charming flair.
The two of you have a friendly past-turned whirlwind of light romance, stemming from the beginning of your career when you were an intern in a busy city. As the days went by like snapshots, you and James grew close.
When you met him, he was a British S.A.S. officer who was hired by Stark Industries to teach survival techniques and share knowledge about jungle warfare. Throughout your friendship, there was occasional mutual flirting, definitely some attraction until you both took it one step further. The romantic relationship didn’t last very long, you were too busy with your career, and he was being sent back to London for work. The two of you decided it was best to end it before things turned sour–despite the break-up, you still consider James a good friend.
“So, that’s the Rogers’ son.” James hums, “he’s a lot bigger than what I expected.”
You stare up at him because of his towering height. There’s a playful quirk on his lips. “You knew?”
“I suspected something.” The brunet rephrases, “And I may have been consulted for tracking him down.”
Of course, his new profession. “That’s why you’re here tonight, to get your face plastered on the papers for helping?” You quip.
“Credit is due where credit is deserved, and I like to think I helped at least a little,” James smirks, his gaze trailing down your face and neck. “I couldn’t make it to the expedition but I assume it all went well.”
“As well as it could have. A sprained wrist was worth all of this, and all of him.” you glance over your shoulder, locking eyes with the giant ways away, you give him a small wave but Steve’s gaze shifts to your ex next to you. One second later, and the realization is evident on his face, undoubtedly recognizing the man from the box of old photographs deep in your closet.
You and Steve had gone through the pictures, you wanted to show him ones of your family, back home and your first days in New York–you didn’t expect a few coupley ones to slip out too.
“Captain Conrad!” A voice calls from the crowd. James twists around, lifting a hand before pushing off the bar.
“I’ll see you later?” He walks backwards, both eyebrows raised.
You just shake your head, turning back to your drink and noticing it was empty once again. This time when you look back at Steve, he’s still staring at you, the ghost of a grin on his face. He raises his glass of water with a wink, melting you from across the room.
Tumblr media
It happens in a passing moment, but Steve, seemingly more vigilant tonight, notices immediately. The night has come to an end, the press leaving in good spirits and hopeful of the absolute story in their hands–the once highly confidential mission of the Avengers’ finally revealed, a man who survived in the jungle for his whole life, the son of a missing S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist who injected him with a recreation of Erskine's formula–a mouthful, but pure gold in the eyes of the public.
Steve’s story is going worldwide, and that creates a tsunami of attention.
Earlier in the evening when he was answering the millions of questions for reporters, he felt strange when they would touch his arms, or lean a little too close. He thought they had too much to drink–you told him what alcohol can do to someone, and Steve connected the dots.
Must be drunk. Maybe needs to stop?
So he took a glass from a young reporter and she giggled and thanked him–she thought he was going to be a gentleman and get her another glass–but Steve just placed it on a passing waiter's tray and returned to the conversation, as if he didn’t just cut the woman off.
Now, you and Steve are standing by the exit, waving and bidding farewell to the attendees tonight. Polite smiles, and halfhearted chuckles, as they leave through the wide elegant doors.
As the young reporter from earlier stalks closer, bright eyes locked on him, Steve feels your grip tighten on his arm. You lightly pull him to your level before pressing a lipgloss kiss to his bearded cheek. Then, you grab his chin, meeting his lips swiftly, giggling and wiping the makeup away.
Steve has always trusted his intuition. Growing up in the jungle, he had no choice when he wasn’t taught rules of conduct, he didn’t know anything else.
Going by his gut feeling has saved him many times too.
A nasty fruit here, a mudslide or two, an approaching predator, a poisonous bug or reptile–he wouldn’t be affected by the poison, but it would hurt. The bottom line, he trusted his intuition immensely.
After all, it brought him to you. He had smelt something remarkably different from the normal wilderness when he was with Bruce and the magic colour box–it’s a Rubix cube, Steven, Rubix. He was going to ignore it, far more interested in what else Bruce had brought for him, but there was an underlying instinct, combined with curiosity and protectiveness.
Perhaps an unfamiliar animal had wandered too close, and in the jungle, Steve has learnt that unawareness is a weakness.
He was correct about the unfamiliar animal–you were a woman with a smell that made him lose his mind, which led to him tackling you into the ground, hurting you.
Sometimes, Steve feels bad about that–but you always comfort him. Offering him cuddles and kisses as you comb your fingers through his hair, many instances of his guilt episodes have ended up with your panties on the floor, and his face between your thighs.
At the thought of your wetness all over his mouth, staining his beard and dripping from his tongue, he adjusts himself in his slacks.
“Steve,” you scold, pulling away his hand, “Don’t do that in public.”
He breathes heavily, mind flashing with that little glint in your eyes when you kissed him, claiming him before that woman.
You claimed him, you thought he was yours just as much as he thought you were his. Excitement bubbles in his chest, and also his lower region.
“Steve! I said stop that.” You huff, holding his hand in yours tightly. Glancing around the room for any lingering gazes, you look down at his crotch again and gasp. His length nearly bursting the zipper of his pants, very obviously showing off his gracious gift.
“Touch–please?” The blond murmurs, leaning down to nip at your ear, thick arms wrapping around your body to press against his cock. Slowly, his hips move in circles, desperate for relief, “I’m yours… please, touch–”
Your hand slaps over his mouth, a heat blooming on your face as you hurriedly tug him to the car waiting to take you both back to the tower. You push him into the back before sliding next to him, telling the driver to take a shortcut.
Steve ignores your request to put on a seatbelt, instead, rubbing his hand over the prominent tent in his pants, low groans flowing from his pink lips. You buckle him in, unable to stop him from placing your hand over his cock, slowly thrusting into your grip.
The elevator ride to your floor is unbearably long. Steve is grinding against your ass, mouthing messily at your neck as if the camera isn’t blinking from the corner of the ceiling. As soon as you step foot onto your floor, he starts stripping.
“Can try your mouth?” Steve quickly rips off his shirt, buttons flying and fabric tearing. “Please–be gentle… will try to be.”
You don’t have to be gentle, your mind says as you drink in every inch of his pale skin. The dark hair on his chest–that has surely gotten bigger, thicker since you first met him, as did most of his body. Bulging muscles and meat, veins visible under his taut skin, shifting before your heated eyes.
As he stands nude before the elevator doors, you finally spring into action. Dragging him away from the surveillance area and to the privacy of your bedroom, squirming as his hands start tearing your dress from behind.
“Want to see–didn’t let me see before we left,” Steve murmurs as the bedroom door shuts. He pins you against the wall before hiking your thighs around his waist, his hard leaking cock pressing against your stomach. A deep growl rumbles his chest as your breasts spill out, immediately, he takes your nipple into his mouth. Manhandling you higher on the wall with both his arms, closing his eyes in bliss as he suckles your nipple. “So soft–” He switches to the other, and one moment later, you’re flat on the bed.
A loud tear echoes through the room as your panties flutter to the ground, Steve is standing at the foot of the bed with a hand around his cock. His muscles flex as your thighs spread, revealing your wetness.
He groans, kneeling on the mattress and reaching towards you, “maybe no mouth–”
You stop him before he comes any closer, “but I want to taste you, please?”
An audible breath escapes his nose, jaw clenched tightly as he nods once, then twice. “Yes–yes, mouth.”
Flipping over, you crawl towards him. You feel warm as his eyes trace over your figure, lingering on your ass. Now, lying on your belly with his cock brushing your lips, you allow him to cup the back of your head and pull you closer.
“Heard lots about… how feels.”
A heat combs over your skin, you already know your thighs are sticky. “What did you hear?”
You wrap a hand around his base, feeling the throbbing under your fingers as you drag up his thick girth, the tips of your digits not meeting. You marvel at the prominent veins trailing up the sides, leading to the bulbous head, cum leaking down the redness. Taking the head into your mouth, you lightly suckle, swiping his taste with your tongue.
Steve moans loudly, knees buckling as his hips jerk forward, shoving more between your lips. “Feels… so good, oh.” His voice dies as he peers down at you spitting on his cock, spreading your saliva up and down his length. “Tongue…”
You hum, sliding down to the floor onto your knees. You don’t waste any time, licking from the base to the tip and spitting once more. Squeezing your thighs together, you look up at him before taking him deeper. He’s hot and heavy on your tongue and the fat stretch burns your lips, and you want more. Turns out, so does Steve.
“More–please.” His lashes flutter as you massage his balls in your other hand, saliva spilling from the corners of your mouth, slickening his cock as you take more of him.
“C’mon, Steve, don’t be shy.”
“Not shy…” He bites his lip, “can take charge, please?”
You nod with a mouth full of his shaft, your eyes watering slightly as he widens his stance, placing both hands on either side of your head.
As he groans above you with a firm hold and you’re taken by him. Piercing his thick and powerful thighs with your nails as he forces you closer, hips naturally gaining momentum. His skin flushed red, blooming up his heaving chest to his bearded cheeks. His hair falls in front of his eyes, but it doesn’t lessen the heat in his gaze.
His jaw drops as your eyes squeeze shut, a choked whine coming from your throat as he fucks your mouth. You can feel your juices trailing down your thighs as Steve slowly pumps in and out, his thick cock slick with your spit.
“Mouth so…” He pulls out as a string of saliva connects his throbbing tip to your lips, he quickly pulls you back on his cock, “wet, feels so good, sunshine.”
You relax your throat, breathing through your nose and let him use your mouth. Wet noises fill the room as you slobber on his length, trying to take as much as you can–but he’s too big, too thick, you can only get halfway before pushing him away.
The two of you build a pace between his praises in broken English and your own muffled whimpers. He takes your mouth like he owns it, allowing his desires and instincts to take the wheel, but you know he’s still holding back, and you tell him that he can go as deep and as hard as he wants. You know he could go absolutely mindless with pleasure–and you’re right.
Steve is always animalistic whenever you’re intimate, it makes sense he’s the same for his first blowjob.
He experiments with pace and strength, gathering the dripping saliva from your chin to smear on his cock, making the slide smoother so you can take him deeper. His neck craned low, eyes locked on your stretched lips around his fat girth, he can’t get enough of your gagging noises.
“Sunshine, so small down there.” He breathes, “know I’m bigger than you–and like it a lot.”
You whine, massaging his balls again as he hits the back of your throat, sliding deeper.
“Like that too? Know you do–can smell you,” Steve pauses, pulling you off to circling his heavy tip on your swollen lips, he slaps your cheek with it too, wanting to mark you in every way possible, “can smell your cunt.”
You can’t help but reach between your thighs, already on the brink with having him in your mouth, using you so passionately. Your fingers slip inside with ease, you slowly start to bounce on your hand and Steve takes notice.
His motions become rougher, your garbled moans more consistent. “Do like it, so much–touching yourself. Wish I was touching you instead.”
When Steve cums, he’s just as beautiful as he was the first time all those weeks ago. His eyes squeeze shut as his mouth falls open, neck and abs tensing under his pink skin, a low guttural groan nearly vibrating the walls. He floods your mouth, his thick seed spilling from your lips and down to your bare chest, you swallow as much as you can, moving his hands to take a last bit of control.
You lick up his length, gathering any rogue droplets, not wanting his taste to escape even the slightest. Steve helps you out too, swiping the cum from your chin with his fingers, shoving them deep into your mouth until you gag again, “like noise…” his blue eyes fall to your hand, still between your thighs, “like taste more though, want you on my tongue again, please.”
You should’ve known he wouldn’t stop after the blowjob. You’re lucky tomorrow was your day off too.
Tumblr media
Steve can’t help the nervousness bubbling in his stomach as he stares down at the bouquet–which he made himself at the florists with Sam and Bucky.
This journey actually began with Bruce.
“Love like science?”
Steve trusts Bruce, almost as much as he trusts you. And when he finds the guts to ask about the odd feelings inside him, he goes to the doctor. Although, Bruce wasn’t very knowledgeable in that department and he warns Steve as such.
“Will talk with Buck and Sam, but want to hear Bruce first,” Steve says confidently.
The doctor is nose deep in a thick novel, currently on his lunch break. “You can just tell her, Steve, or make a grand gesture, whatever you feel is right–whenever it feels right.” Bruce tries to be helpful. Truthfully, he’s honoured that Steve came to him first, off all people the man has come to know, he still goes to the first person he’s formed a friendship with. “Unlike experiments, there aren’t specific steps for telling someone your feelings.”
“Nothing to follow?”
“Nothing to follow.” Bruce smiles softly, “Just do what you feel when you feel it's right.”
Before the journey, it was a wondrous whirlwind stemming from when he accidentally threw away your rough version of a document–one that you’ve been working on for weeks. He just wanted to please you, do some spring cleansing–it’s cleaning, Steve, not cleansing–in your shared home.
He dusted the shelves, wiped the windows, cleaned the couch and scrubbed the floor. He also got rid of anything that looked like garbage and in his defense, your bundle of papers was a mess, various scribbles and crinkled sheets, there were coffee stains on the cover. So, he tossed it in the recycling.
One can imagine the rage you felt after coming home to a missing thirty-plus-page document.
You didn’t yell at him, instead, you just sulked into your bedroom and locked the door. Exhausted out of your mind, and completely discouraged.
Steve waited for you to come out, sitting in front of the door and tentatively asking about your day, then when you didn’t answer, he told you about his.
“Got perfect on physics test… and English paper–you helped me write…” He taps on the door, sitting before it like a child. He glances at the doorknob, trying it once again but deflating when it wouldn’t open. “Am sorry, sunshine. Didn’t know–just wanted to do kind thing for you… always work so hard, always so kind. Missed you so much today too–” He presses his forehead on the wood, closing his eyes, “--never meant to hurt, hate when you get hurt or upset.”
He perks up as he hears the shuffling of sheets, jumping to his feet as the lock clicks. Then, he bursts through, sweeping you into his thick arms and kissing all over your face. He feels the wetness on your cheeks and pulls away.
His heart physically aches, like a thousand thorns stabbing his chest. “Oh… so sad?”
You inhale shakily, the softness in his voice making you break down all over again.
“Working too hard, too much. Need break.” Steve frowns, holding you tightly. His bare chest is warm under your cheek. “Will be super careful next time, promise. Will also treat sunshine–be tender.”
From there, bloomed the sweetest displays. Steve put the recipe book to great use, cooking you meals every day and baking you sweets at night and over the weekends. He even had a little apron, always welcoming you home with a beaming smile and delicious food, kissing you breathless before setting up a relaxing bath for you.
Sometimes he’d join, other times he’d just sit outside the tub, holding your hand and listening to you talk about your day.
It was a dream to be doted on like this. Although, you wished to do the same to Steve, knowing he deserved it just as much.
You had gifted him custom plushies that looked just like Peter, Wendy and Tinkerbell. Shortly put, Steve’s body nearly exploded after he realized what they were, he then hauled you off to the bedroom for some special experiencing–as he called it.
Then, he wanted to do more because he felt more than just happy with you, he felt excitement and glee, pure adoration and warmth in your presence.
It was uncharted territory from there. Deeper than anything he’s ever encountered, the unfamiliarity made him uneasy.
That’s what brought him to Sam and Bucky, his first option for help in his particular field. He communicated his confusion with his feelings, starting it off by asking to speak to them in private. “What about… deeper feelings? Like, feel so happy with person, want around all the time–feel relaxed and calm, but also, can’t contain excitement or happiness.”
Sam and Bucky, mostly Sam, proceeded to give Steve several pointers on ‘wooing.’ Dating in the modern world was very different from what he has seen in the wilderness, no mating dances or displays, but instead romantic gestures and gifts, quality time like date nights. He knew respect and communication were important, and to say the least, he was overwhelmed.
“Makes my chest ache–in good way. Just,” He huffs, “Want to go everywhere with her–do everything for her.”
Bucky raises a brow, metal fingers wrapped around a glass. The three of them are lounging on the roof, far away from any prying eyes or nosey spies. The sun is setting slowly, ghosting above the building tops and casting a yellow-orange glow.
“Have you told her that?”
“Don’t know how–already tried to dress up.”
Sam laughs loudly, “Oh, I remember that. Thought you’d have to cut your hair after it got stuck in the scrunchies. How did you manage to squeeze into one of her dresses?”
Steve shrugs, absentmindedly twirling the ends of his hair. He definitely didn’t want a haircut anytime soon, although his beard needed a trim soon. “Ripped it on accident, sunshine didn’t get mad. Just giggle… super cute giggles.”
Bucky and Sam share a long look, seemingly non-verbally conversing about the giant across from them on the plush outdoor patio couch. Sam tilts his head and in turn, Bucky snorts, rolling his eyes.
“Women today aren’t the same women as in the forties.”
“Which can be very helpful for our guy here,” Sam appealed, “Advice that worked on women back then and advice that works on women now–we’ll have him primped and polished.”
Bucky checks his watch, slumping, “I guess I could help–”
“--As if you have plans on a Tuesday night.” Sam scoffs playfully, already standing and clapping his hands, “Steve, you’ve got yourself the two most eligible bachelors of the city for all your questions and concerns of the heart.”
That’s how Steve ended up walking along the streets of New York, dipping in and out of various clothing stores, exiting with a new shopping bag and one new potential friend, the store employees and owners were very fond of the curious and blunt giant, most of them fell in love with his bright spirit and charming smile.
His wardrobe at the tower consisted of t-shirts and sweatshirts, mostly track pants or shorts–Steve didn’t wear many clothes when he was roaming around your shared floor. Hence, whenever he made public appearances, Tony had someone drop off carefully selected clothes for said occasion.
Steve inhales deeply, Sam’s words bouncing off the walls of his mind.
“Be confident, your posture is already perfect, you just need to accentuate that energy, and kill her with it.”
Steve’s eyes widened in horror, colour draining from his face, “kill?”
Bucky steps in, rubbing his hands down the blond’s shoulders, smoothening his leather jacket. “Not literally–nice going, Sam.” He murmurs, “You like her, Steve?”
It’s quiet for a few beats, the giant’s blue eyes falling to the bouquet in his hands, “Love her, Buck.”
The brunet smiles, “Right, you love her–”
“--so much–”
“Then, just let her know. She wants you for you–not some yuck-version of you. Be yourself, be honest, be a good listener.”
Steve hesitantly steps into the elevator, pressing the button for your shared floor. He gives Sam and Bucky a short wave.
“Call her a cute pet name!” Sam shouts as the doors close.
“Baby… Sweetheart…Doll … Lover.” Steve repeats every nickname he can think of, his foot anxiously tapping on the floor as the elevator ascends higher and higher. Finally, it dings before the doors slide open, revealing the clean but well-loved living room of your floor. The blankets on the couch are folded, pillows fluffed, but the coffee table is almost covered in all your documents and research papers. The familiar scent of your soap wafts to his nose as the faint music from the bathroom cuts.
“Steve? Is that you?”
“Lover… like that.”
Sam grins, “I don’t hear that one too often, but I think she’d like it.”
“Yes, lover!”
Your footsteps falter as you round the corner, a white robe tied around your waist as you spread moisturizer on your face. You raise a brow, “what did you say?”
“...yes, lover.” Steve is still standing in the elevator but quickly shuffles out as the doors begin to close. He tightens his fist around the bouquet, eyes glued on your bare skin. Trailing up your legs to the expanse of your chest, and finally your neck where a few marks were already healing.
Steve knows he’ll be replacing those with fresh ones tonight. He was counting on it.
“More flowers? The ones you got me yesterday are fine.”
The blond stiffens, “These for…uh…”
You smirk, “are you seeing another woman, Steve?”
“No! Never!” Steve exclaims, desperately shaking his head, “These for you–would never, ever be with other person.” He blinks profusely before gesturing to the couch. “Can—May we talk?”
You know what was coming, but you still keep your mouth shut. Nodding silently and walking to the couch, you pat the cushion next to you. As Steve steps closer, you can feel the waves of distress melting off him, constricting your throat. The bouquet, colourful and sweet, is placed on the cluttered coffee table before he plucks one of them, a yellow one.
Steve faces you, vulnerability behind his light eyes. With a touch as delicate as the morning clouds, he places the flower behind your ear.
When you place a hand on his thigh, Steve takes it and brings it to his lips. Closing his eyes as his lips press against the back of your hand, his facial hair scratching your knuckles, it’s a slow and strong kiss as if he’s trying to send his feelings straight through your bloodstream.
Steve doesn’t know why he’s so nervous. He wasn’t going to tell a wild lie, or break your heart–he’d never do that.
But, love. What was love?
Universal in every form–love began at the list of fundamental human necessities, through complex twists and shades of a million colours, the four-letter word was not simple in the slightest. A blessing and a curse of humanity and compassion. With a camouflaging ability to be bare and shrouded at the same time, being true to one and being unknown to their lover. Although, as pure as it is, love can be tainted by people.
Jealously, begging and pleading, unfair and unjust. Much too strong or much too little, love is beautiful.
Among the different forms of it, complete love included intimacy, passion and commitment.
Steve knew love as actions, things he’s seen with his own two eyes, but feeling love was entirely different. Something so personal and dear, buried within his heart and soul, Steve didn’t know how to define such an intense impression.
“Feelings… are strange.” He begins, mumbling against your skin before setting your palm on his chest, you can feel the faint thumps of his heart. “Feeling something—is so different from speaking. Wish was other way to describe what I feel here.”
You meet his gaze, giving an encouraging nod. “I know what you mean.”
His brows knit tightly, “but want to tell you how I feel…through words.”
It’s incredibly difficult to explain to anyone else–but so clear inside. Indecipherable yet easy.
“Want you around all the time–hate when apart. When together, feel happy—so happy, comfortable,” loved, “with you.” Steve cradles your hand between his, occasionally squeezing your fingers, “My sweet, beautiful, kind, cute—so cute and tender, soft, sunshine… everything good inside you.” He shuffles closer, the emotion behind his eyes is spellbinding, “teach me so much—never get annoyed or mean when I can’t understand.” He knows that some people aren’t as kind when it comes to his lack of knowledge and experience.
“Not first to be kind or tender to me—but have always been, from the beginning, even when I hurt you.” He inhales sharply, leaning down to nuzzle your cheek, he whines lowly in his throat, “know I’m forgiven, but still hate that I hurt you.”
“Promise to never do it again, will never harm, hurt you.” He interrupts, “Always be tender, sweet… because you deserve that.”
You laugh wetly, cupping his bearded cheek and sniffling, “You do too, Steve. Don’t forget that.”
“Won’t forget—promise that too.” He leans into your touch, eyes almost fluttering shut before they shoot open, he squints, “But, Sunshine promise too?”
You nod as a wave of adoration almost knocks you to the floor, but even if it did physically strike you, you know you wouldn’t fall, not with Steve pressed against you. The gentle giant, with a heart of gold and a set of diamond eyes that gleamed and glimmered with hope, a purity that was so precious.
Steve licks his lips, falling forward until your foreheads meet. He squeezes your hand once more and dips down until your noses touch. He hums happily, wide eyes staring into yours. “You’re so beautiful up close—uh, lover.”
A part of Steve wanted to climb inside you, because maybe then he’ll finally be content—there was no describing how close he wanted to be with you. He wanted to live within your heart, kiss your soul and bathe in your existence, but he couldn’t explain that with his lack of vocabulary. So, he says it differently and in a way he does fully understand.
“Colourful birds in jungle—macaws…like little rainbows with feathers and can fly. They have one love for entire life,” Steve’s cheeks are cherry red, his blue eyes so clear, you can almost see his spirit, “And want… I want that with you.”
If he closes his eyes, he can see the vibrant birds. Perched high in the trees, the wisps of nature surround him as they mutually groom and share food with each other. Similar to the other animals in the jungle, but those creatures didn’t mate with only one for their entire life. They weren’t like the birds.
The birds that wake up every morning and check their mate for any concerns, they didn't groom them or solely share food with them. He knows those actions stemmed from something inside, deep within them. To have one for a lifetime.
“Please speak… feel so many nerves now…” he whispers, brushing his nose along the side of your face, a quiet whine coming from his throat. “Please—”
He’s cut off by your lips crashing against his, trying to convey every emotion. You cradle his face between your hands as he deepens the kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth.
Steve loves you—the glorious man with a brilliant will. A dream in every sense of his being, a disadvantaged soul who has blossomed into a lively flower. A strong stem with the ability to withstand almost anything, physical and mental obstacles included. The petals vary because they’re coloured with his qualities—some are more than one shade to represent his change in characteristics, from a dull grey to a bright tint. And the pistil, it was blinding as if the sun had shrunk to size, although small, the radiated warmth wasn’t any different. Still beaming and sparkling before your eyes.
Steve pulls away with a wet smack, lips a little swollen, “Take that as same feelings?”
You’re engulfed in his glow, soaked to the core with Steve–this was the kind of intensity you’ve only fantasized of. Yet, it’s right before you, he’s right in front of you and inches from your face. With the most adorable grin and doing his signature head tilt.
You manage a nod before Steve is hauling you up and dashing to the bedroom. As you’re placed on the bed, the springs squeaking beneath you, he’s climbing on top of you again. Too lost in his touch, you don’t realize what’s happening until a sharp tear bounces off the walls.
Steve’s face flushes, “ah, oops…” He offers you a crooked smile, still clenching the loose threads of your robe, “not patient enough to untie.”
Then, you notice he’s also naked. His leather jacket flung across the room, as well as the rest of his clothes. His hair was slightly tousled and falling in front of his face. One of his hands reaches down, wrapping around his hard cock.
It didn’t take a genius to know what was on his mind.
“Are you sure about this?”
The giant grunts, his other hand gripping your leg and shuffling between your thighs.
You reach out and grab his chin, forcing his eyes to yours. “Are you sure about this, Steve?” The intense passion swimming in his eyes is answer enough, but you want to hear him say it.
“Yes, so much—made sure to pay attention to specialists, want to do it with you. Feel close to you, and feel you on me… be inside you.” He dips down to mouth at your exposed chest, trailing up to your neck and biting on a fading mark. “Please, let me inside?”
A high-pitched whine escapes your throat as the head rubs your clit, spreading your arousal before brushing your hole. He’s gotten close to slipping inside more than a few times, but this would be intentional. And you were ready.
“Y-Yes, Steve—” You gasp as he immediately starts pushing in. The mushroom tip is unable to breach your tightness, even with your excitement dripping out.
“Should open you up first–” He starts pulling away, fisting his cock again as the thick head bobs against his abs.
“No, no,” you desperately shake your head, your heart pumping against your ribs, “please, don’t stop. I want–ah!”
Steve has a finger shoved inside your hole, curling until he feels that rough patch. A dribble of spit lands on your pussy as he glares down at you, “Specialist said to make sure you’re comfortable–”
“I am, fuck, I just want you inside me, baby. Please.” Your voice trembles slightly, eyes watering as he pumps another long digit into you. Your hips rise off the bed as he pulls them out, messily rubbing your clit.
“Say it again.”
“Please, baby, I love you–I want your cock–ah, inside me. Know you want it too, your cock is leaking–” He moves so fast, hooking your knees over his elbows and his length sliding between your folds until the head pops in. He doesn’t pause for a moment and continues penetrating your soaking sore, causing you to squeak loudly.
He groans, eyes shut as his shoulders shudder. The feeling of your pussy wrapped around him, choking his thickness and he isn’t even halfway. The last string snaps and he bites into your neck, muffling his helpless moans.
You have zero clue what’s happening as he begins pumping in and out of you, each time, getting deeper. The juices spilling from your pussy soaking the sheets, nearly dripping down his balls with every thrust.
“So wet—tight.” Steve grits his teeth, gaze bouncing between your blissed-out face and your little hole struggling to take his girth. He spits down on your connected centres, using his fingers to spread your combined wetness down the rest of his cock.
He’s so big, it burns, but you want more.
“All the way, baby, please.” You cry out, legs flailing before he grips them, pinning them to the mattress.
He continues working into you, stuttering groans filling the room and harmonizing with your whines. Your legs are thrown over his shoulders as he braces himself on either side of your head, his breath fanning across your cheeks. As he draws deeper, the base of his cock meeting your cunt, his pubic hair touches your tingling clit.
The euphoria is evident on his face, completely taken with the short amount of time. He whimpers as he pulls out almost all the way, the heavy tip rests inside your cunt before he goes forward again. “Want to last long but can’t—feels so good.”
You hiccup a, yes, digging your nails into his broad shoulders as the pressure builds within your stomach. His veins brushing against your throbbing walls, the stretch of your thighs similar to the stretch of your hole, burning.
Steve’s eyes fall to your heaving chest and down to your tummy, his pace quickening as the wet slapping sounds increase. He growls as you clench, his cock reaching the deepest part inside you, sending waves of pleasure through your bloodstream.
“Can see myself, baby.” Steve groans, alternating between thorough grinds and deep thrusts, watching the bulge appear under your skin. “So little—small, but taking me so well.”
A warm hand lands on your lower tummy, pushing down as your thighs tense, legs wrapping around his waist and pulling him closer. He gets rougher too–just as eager as the headboard bangs against the wall. Every pound of his hips sends your juices spilling, a creamy ring appearing at the fat base of his shaft.
He wipes the drool from your lips, bringing it to your nipple and pinching the nub. “Can be more gentle, but love you–love seeing me inside you. Seeing you stretched–it hurts?”
You shake your head, vision blurring. He kisses you, shoving his tongue into your mouth and swallowing each of your cries. His hands grip your shoulders as he pulls away, keeping you firmly locked on his cock, forcing you to meet each of his thrusts.
“Want me to be gentle?”
You shake your head again, eyes fluttering open. You watch his girth slam into you, a redness blooming on his skin, as your little pussy takes everything he has to offer.
“Can finally cum inside you–instead of just on.” He growls, “Want that? Be filled with me, only me. Can watch it spill out too, claim from inside.”
Your high topples over, stretching your mind paper-thin, his name written on the page.
Steve’s jaw drops as you convulse around him, squeezing him so tightly he whines. You squirt, soaking him with your mess. His cum painting your walls white, flooding you from the inside out. He grinds against you, his pelvis rubbing your pulsating clit raw. Every dirty motion shoves his seed deeper, the tip of his spurting cock kissing your cervix.
“Know about this…” He trails off, fingers delicately tracing through your wetness that soaked his thighs and the bed. “Love it, baby, so much.”
The laugh you let out is quite pathetic, but you can’t bring yourself to care. Not with Steve flattening you to the mattress, covering you in his warmth–as you’re also filled with his cum.
You try to move, your thighs aching. “You have to–ah, let go of me.” You yawn, and lightly tap his back, your digits trailing down his spine.
The giant grumbles, shifting around and you think he’s finally going to release you, but no. Steve slips his arms under you and rolls over as you start fading away into unconsciousness. The last thing you hear is him getting up, mentioning getting sunshine all clean.
Tumblr media
“Wake up… please.”
You flip over, squinting at the harsh sunlight. “Hm?”
Steve is facing you, a blanket barely covering his muscular form. He smiles, hair messy and eyes soft. “Sex again?”
You giggle sleepily as he crawls over you, nuzzling your neck and nipping your cheek. He kisses you gently, fingers tracing down your body. “I almost forgot you barely need rest.”
“You okay? Good sleep?”
“Best sleep.”
He pulls away, thick lashes brushing his cheekbones, “...can experience you again? Before work, please?”
You lace your fingers in his long hair, lightly tugging. His eyes fall shut as his hips sink between your thighs, bare as you, he slowly grinds. “Take me however you please, baby.”
Tumblr media
You peek from the corner of your eye at the giant who was still staring at you, his clear blue gaze searing into your skull, you honestly think he could read your thoughts. Although, you know if he did, he wouldn’t be staring at you in the first place.
“No, Steve.”
It’s quiet for a few moments, he averts his gaze to his little notepad, pencil still in hand. “...upset?”
You sigh, “Why would I be upset over a barista?”
There’s a long pause, “Flirting?”
“She wasn’t flirting with you, she was just asking if you wanted whipped cream on your drink.”
Steve was still getting the hang of certain mannerisms, and apparently, everything that was remotely kind was classified as flirting in his eyes.
Especially when it was towards you. You can still remember the terrified face of the mail carrier who had complimented the array of plants on your windowsill in your office, Steve happened to be on a break between his classes and saw the whole thing. The poor mail carrier had dashed out the door after Steve growled and scowled like a wild animal, establishing his dominance by hovering like a shadow, glaring them down until they tucked their tail between their legs and left.
It didn’t help that an intern who had occasionally flirted with you entered right after. Somehow, he didn’t notice the giant man in your office and proceeded to slyly chat you up with his eyes on his phone, texting away. Once his phone was away, he was met with the deadly gaze of a manbeast, jaw clenched as tightly as his fists.
The blood immediately draining from his face, the young man profusely apologized and excused himself. He shut the door but that didn’t stop Steve from thundering down the hall after him. You were racing after him, bumping into other scientists until ramming into his wide back, the elevator doors had saved the young intern momentarily.
Calming Steve down had been a mission itself, one that involved missing clothes, shut curtains and your office desk breaking. You were stuttering with warm cheeks while explaining the incident to Tony after he caught you disposing of your broken desk. Although, he made sure to order you a new, very sturdy one.
As if on cue, the intern walks in, his eyes bugging out of his head as he spots Steve, sitting next to you with a thick novel in his hands. Broad shoulders stretching the white henley, hair slightly touselled.
“Can help, boy?” The blond hisses, leaning towards you protectively.
The young man’s eyes flash between you and the documents in his hand. He slowly inches backward, “Dr. Banner wanted you to look over, uh, his recent physical test.”
“Oh, okay.” You stand but then you’re yanked down to Steve’s lap, a startled gasp escaping your lips.
“Give.” The giant holds out a hand expectantly, he grunts a quiet, “Thank you, boy.”
You hide your embarrassment–and sudden arousal–with the folder, holding it in front of your face as the intern lingers by the door.
“Can leave.”
“Dr. Banner also wanted to meet with the both of you in twenty minutes.”
As you review the results of Steve’s recent physical, the differences from the last one are stark. His weight has increased, probably from the change in his diet, from whole fruits to carbs, and his desire to try at least everything once.
You start squirming on his lap, his thick thigh tenses. “O-Okay, thank you.”
Steve inhales sharply, keeping his gaze locked on the intern until the door clicks shut. Then, he’s on you, flipping you around and plopping you on the desk, no definitive crack resonating through the room like last time. You noted to send Tony a fruit basket.
Steve’s face is buried in your neck, his beard roughly scratching you as he mouths at your skin. “Getting wet again…”
Your whine is muffled by his hand, vaguely reminding you of your first meeting in the jungle. Steve must remember it too, because he smiles, then nuzzles one half of your face, then switches to the other side.
“Smell good, sunshine…Love you.” His fingers trail up your skirt, pulling at the tights, “Taste before we go?” You gasp as the fabric is torn, from the crotch and down your legs until it’s a mangled mess on the floor.
A loud squeal escapes you as he latches onto your cunt, mouthing messily along your folds and suckling your nub. He groans against your wetness, his beard rubbing you raw.
Steve pulls back, wide eyes blinking. “Want you to squirt–again, please, like when we fucked.” You cover your face with your hands, thighs snapping shut but he prys them open, rough hands massaging your thighs, “again, please, love when you do it.”
You can’t deny him and it seems everyone also knows that because when you leave, they all give you knowing looks, the intern hiding behind his computer screen with the most startled expression. A contrast to Steve who was as smug as can be, your creamy mess still evident in his beard.
Tumblr media
You were so kind, all the way from the beginning. Your good heart could outshine any flame, glow amongst the brightest smiles, just like right now. In the sea of grinning children and parents, their gleaming faces are nothing compared to the beam on your lips.
“Your family loved you, they weren’t perfect but no one is.”
Steve doesn’t miss a beat. “You are.” His eyes are honest, blue.
You smile softly, “I have my flaws.”
“And they’re perfect to me…everything about you is perfect to me.”
You smiled so lovelily when he said that this morning, and as if history was repeating itself, you were smiling like that again. Except from halfway across the room as you lean on a bookshelf, listening to him read ‘Tarzan’ to the small circle of children.
The library walls are vibrant and the decorations are cohesive. The theme of a pond, painted trees on the walls and bookshelves, mushroom or flower painted table tops with little chairs at each.
The young children are completely immersed with the man in the comfy armchair. Steve flips the page, showing the colourful illustrations before reading the words, with just as much enthusiasm as he started the session with. Exaggerated facial expressions and giving each cartoon character their own voice. It’s crazy to think that just a few weeks ago he was repeating everything you said, learning different tones and pronunciation.
His eyes meet yours once again. Twinkling as they take in your gentle face.
You’ve been like this since he met you, and now that he knew you, he wanted you for the rest of his days.
After confessing your love for each other, Steve got more confident. Sexually, through his own initiations but also within himself through self-assurance. Mistakes have been made, they were unavoidable, but Steve always kept trying and that combined with your never-ending encouragement, has led to now. From struggling to read the letters from his parents, to reading with an animated voice to young children.
“Want to read, but will ask if don’t know. Want to try.” He exhales, determinedly glaring at the papers in his hands. “Will help, right?” After you nod, he begins the first one, dated a few weeks after his birth.
He quietly reads next to you and pauses to ask for help. Blinking down at you as his nose turned red, lips quivering.
‘We never want you to think that we don’t love you’ they say multiple times in the letters, they call him their angel, sweet boy, their baby. You watch Steve tear up as faded memories rush back, consisting of faces he couldn’t remember.
‘You love the animals and playing in the water,’ is printed in faint cursive, ‘I always told your father there was nothing bluer than your eyes–not even the crystal waterfall.’
There were many letters, and as the final sheet is pinched between his fingers, he pulls you onto his lap. Burying his face into the crook of your neck and kissing the skin.
“Am so sad–but don’t remember them. Barely remember faces…” He rubs his nose under your ear, “Wish they were there, have so much to tell them.”
‘The world is beautiful, my angel. As are animals and nature, all things are–and always will be–naturally beautiful. Although the effortless vision, be wary of those who choose to make the world a dangerous place.’
“Think I understand that…” Steve sniffles. “Not only good in the world–but doesn’t mean world bad–people can be good or bad. Just have to find the good, tender.” And be good and tender. “I found my good.” He says against your shoulder.
Steve succeeds and reads them all, with you hovering closely for help. It’s quite often, but you’re immensely proud of him. With a comforting hand on his back, rubbing slow circles as you listen to his deep drawl.
The sheet flutters to the coffee table, lying in the bed of tissues. And Steve breathes shakily, wrapping a blanket around the both of you before sinking into the couch. He’s snug between your thighs, the side of his face pressed against your bare tummy. He kisses the softness, possessively gripping your hip with his hand. “Want you for life. To the end–and whatever comes next.”
You clap with the rest of the crowd as Steve ends the book, setting it into his lap with a grin. Avidly asking the children what part was their favourite, beginning the energetic conversation that they all look forward to.
“How is he adjusting?”
You nearly jump out of your skin, wide eyes meeting James’ as he leans on the bookshelf across from you.
He cocks a brow, “are you all right?”
“I’d be perfectly fine if you didn’t sneak up on me like that.” You huff.
“I’m here for my nephew and I’ve been standing here the entire time, but you were too lost in him again.” James notes, “seems like he has that effect on people wherever he goes, hm?”
You sigh, about to speak but cut off by loud giggles. The children have all scooted closer to Steve as he flips through the picture book, excitedly pointing at the illustrations. Various colourful drawings of the jungle and wild animals, Tarzan’s adventures that almost mirror Steve’s life.
“Does he miss it? I can’t imagine the culture shock.” James asks quietly, following your gaze, “All of the unfamiliarity–the sudden wave of new. He seems fine but… you know, never mind.” The dark-haired man lifts his arm, revealing a tiny purple coat, “I’m glad he has you. He’s very lucky.”
“I’m the lucky one.” You glance at him.
James smiles as a young boy stumbles closer, he steps forward to scoop him off the ground and turns to you again. “Always the sweetheart, aren’t you? That’s what I adore most about you. Perhaps the both of you are lucky, then.”
All of the children reluctantly leave with their parents, enthusiastic farewells and waves to Steve, who happily returns each and every one of them.
The giant frowns, eyes following James as he waltzes away. He grumbles, “Flirting?”
You blink and shrug, “I actually don’t know.”
He makes a disgruntled noise, murmuring to himself, you only catch a few words, steal, fight, and mine. “Ugh, what he thinks he’s doing…”
“It doesn’t matter what he was doing because I don’t care. He is not one of my concerns and I’ll never go—”
“—steal, he can steal you—”
“—no, he won’t. Never.” You pinch his cheek, “do you know why?”
Steve blushes, “because love me?”
You grin, going on your tippy-toes and pulling him down for a quick peck, “that’s right, baby.” You release his face to grab his hand, about to head towards the exit doors, but he pulls you back. A startled squeal escapes you as you crash into his firm chest, his arms wrapping around you instantly.
“Why not say it—want you to say it, please?”
You turn in his hold, cupping his jaw and bringing him down to your height, “I love you, Steve. I love you so much.”
The blond chirps happily and affectionately nuzzle your face. He kisses your nose. “I love you—more than reading.”
Once you’re in the comfort of your home, you change into cozy clothes while Steve strips down to his underwear. He sits on the couch and pulls you to his lap, mouthing along your neck softly, as not to intentionally lead to anything—although he wouldn’t be opposed to it—but just a simple action to feel closer to you.
The television plays in the background to your thoughts as James’ words sink in. Of course, you’ve considered that before, but hearing it spoke those static concerns into fruition.
Poor Steve, the sinking feeling goes straight to your heart, tugging the strings in all sorts of directions and spelling out your guilt.
“FRIDAY, where’s Steve?”
“In his studio, Dr. L/N.”
As you step into the room, your jaw drops. There’s paint everywhere. Dark blue and black on the glass ceiling, there’s some deep green too, and it drips down. It’s also all over the walls, and floor, and most importantly, covering the blond man standing in the middle of it.
The giant jumps, paintbrush clattering to the ground as green spills onto his feet. A half-painted tree on the sunroof, next to bright white spots.
“What are you doing? Tony said no paint on the glass.”
There are streaks of paint on his face too. “...but sky…”
You gape at the once clear ceiling that projects anything–that did project anything.
Steve looks like a kicked puppy, with furrows brows and a pout. “City sky… can’t see stars–hate that can’t see stars. Miss home lately.” He confesses in a small voice, looking down at his black and blue hands. “Always slept under the stars… talked to the stars… when I don’t see it, I feel sad.”
You don’t realize you’re crying until Steve wipes your tears. His face twisting in confusion and worry, “what’s wrong?”
Every time you blink, you can see his home and his friends, Wendy, Peter and Tinkerbell. When your eyes are closed, you’re transported to that blissful heaven in the jungle with Steve, the man who smacked oranges out of your hand and carried you everywhere, the giant who risked his life for you.
Then you open your eyes and are flung back to reality. In the city that never sleeps, a playground bustling with energy and technology. Steve is still there and he hasn’t changed, except for the altered mannerisms for the modern world and widely expanded vocabulary and knowledge. But there’s a sadness in his eyes, you can’t tell if it’s a reflection of your own regret.
“What’s wrong?” He repeats with a deep frown.
You hiccup as he rubs under your eye, brushing away the tears. “I’m sorry, Steve.”
“For what?”
“I—We took you away.”
Steve tilts his head, bare chest rising and falling with each breath. The seconds bleed into minutes and soon enough, you’re lying on your back with Steve hovering over you. His hair tickles your face as he kisses away your tears, the delicate presses of his pink lips sweeping away the blue.
“Can be sorry… but don’t need to be.” He murmurs against your cheek. From his perspective, meeting you and leaving the jungle was both a blessing and a burden.
Hopping on a plane and flying across the globe was overwhelming enough. As was discovering the truth of himself and his family, what lay in his very existence. The jungle was his first home, the place where he’s spent most of his life, discovering himself within the sky-high trees and sparkling clear waters, it’s also where he’s nearly died a few times. But the city was his second and current home, especially with you in the picture.
Simply put, he loves the jungle, he loves the city and he loves you.
The city came with so many great things and introductions to opportunities and new experiences he’s been graced with. He’s made many new friends, like Sam, Bucky, and Tony, people with who he can communicate, people who are just like him. And the food was an enormous advantage too, no more fruits and bugs, rather meals stemmed from different cultures all around the world.
And the world—the world was huge, and there was so much to explore, so much he would have missed out on if he stayed in the jungle.
The blond sprinkles kisses from your forehead to your chin, “World… world is wonderful place, want to see every part of it.” He murmurs, brushing a hand on your neck, “Wouldn’t get to do that if never met you–or never left.”
Tumblr media
Steve is just as beautiful as he was when you first met him. His chest heaving slightly, a faint sheen of sweat covering his skin. His hair is wet too, just like yours since you did a spontaneous jump off the waterfall a few minutes ago.
He seems more relaxed to be back in his element, the jungle. You squeak as he pulls you on top of him, your naked skin sticking to each other.
“Stars–missed them so much.” He has a blissful expression on his face from the sparkling in the sky. One of his hands falls to your ass, cupping the flesh firmly. “Can smell you getting wet.”
“Technically, I am wet. It’s from the water.” You gesture to the rushing falls behind you, still as clear as your first visit to the island, but a little scary considering how dark it was outside.
“So happy Peter and Wendy liked gifts–Wendy looks cute in clothes…”
You hum, silently thanking Tony’s marvellous mind for bringing you all back here again. He proposed a little project last month after the paint incident. Stark Industries to operate a reserve for the island, protecting it under the law with big and nasty–his words–lawyers to ensure no one harms the wildlife or resources.
“My lawyers won’t fail to jail anyone who messes with the manbeasts island, and that’s a promise. We’re securing the island from anyone who doesn’t have explicit permission, creating a safety bubble of sorts, who knows, maybe you’ll live there once day, doc.”
You’ll never forget the way Steve’s eyes lit up at the mention of going back to the jungle.
“Always saw the stars when I slept here. Love seeing them again!” He exclaims, flipping you over to pin you against the blanket. Back at camp, your little shared cot is stripped bare–just like the two of you. Steve wiggles between your thighs with a smirk. “Want to know a secret?”
You hum, half amused. “I think I already know what you’re going to say.”
The moonlight caresses his features, “Didn’t know much about sex when we were here the first time, but want to have you now. Here, under the stars… my homeland.”
“You’re going to take me right here in the wild like an animal?”
“Mhm… know you’ll like it, sunshine.” Steve grins madly, “Also know you wanted me when we met–smelt you then.”
You go to shove his shoulder, but he grabs your hand and kisses your knuckles, nibbling on each of your fingers before pressing his lips to your palm. “So little compared to me…” He mumbles, trailing down your arm to your elbow, each movement sinks him closer.
Your eyes fall shut as he kisses across your chest, to your neck, murmuring about your smell and taste.
“Moon loves you.”
“Moon must love you.”
You shiver as his hands massage your thighs. “How do you know that?”
“Love makes people glow… and you’re glowing now.” He preens as your fingers knot in his hair, eventually cupping his bearded face. “Or, maybe that’s because you’re sunshine… but also don’t think I’m making sense right now…”
The laugh you let out is pure glee as you yank him down, your lips colliding in a slow kiss. His hard, big body presses against yours, his facial hair tickling your face, causing you to giggle again.
“Mhm–stop it, trying to kiss you, not your teeth.” Steve grunts, laughing too. He pulls away with a grumble, “trying to be romantic, why you’re so giggly?”
“I’m happy.” And, so, deeply, mindlessly, in love.
“I’m happy too.” The giant softens, “haven’t been this happy in jungle before… feels good to be back with you.”
It does feel good, it feels great, phenomenal.
Your journey, although it was completely out of your control, started on this very island, a few miles North. You suppose it only makes sense for a chapter to conclude back at the beginning.
Looking at Steve, his skin covered in a light sheen of sweat, thick lashes brushing the tops of his cheeks, you can see the faint red of his skin under the moonlight.
Looking at you, Steve remembers you saying there was no magic in your world–but you’re wrong. Because how else would he end up where he is, with you under him, a giggly and beautiful mess. How could everything fall into perfect place without magic?
Yeah, you both decide.
You both definitely want the other as a staple in your next adventure, making it a shared one. And hopefully the one after that, and after that. All the way to the end.
Tumblr media
𝐄𝐧𝐝𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: I never thought i’d actually end a story with ‘the end.’ As stated at the beginning, this part will be revisited tomorrow and over the weekend (for editing and adding parts, probably making the smut longer and putting more dialogue, so the word count will increase too).
𝐒𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐥 𝐍𝐨𝐭𝐞! My new series has been posted, it’s a role reversal of this lovely work with feral!reader — 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐝 𝐄𝐲𝐞
☼ 𝐃𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐲 𝐊𝐨-𝐟𝐢 ☼
Thank you everyone who has supported me since I started this series, you've all made me so happy, and I'll never be able to thank you enough. I hope you all enjoyed. I'm always open for feedback/your thoughts !
I don’t do taglists anymore. ˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐅𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐨𝐰 & 𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧 𝐨𝐧 𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐛𝐫𝐚𝐫𝐲: @𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐧𝐲𝐬𝐢𝐝𝐞-𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐬 
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buckysbarrnes · 2 months ago
AU: your camera roll but you’re dating Steve Rogers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*please do not use for your own fics*
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ramp-it-up · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve wants you back, body and soul. A white dress meant for someone else won’t stop him.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Word count: 1.5K
Warnings: 18+ Only, Minors DNI. ANGST!SMUT! Not Beta’d. Read at your own risk., ANGST, Toxic Steve, Toxic Reader, Cheating, unprotected sex (wrap it up folks), choking, spit play, size kink, nipple twisting, pleasurable pain, wall sex, cream pie, breeding kink, cum play, aftercare, and a hint of time travel if you squint.
A/N: This is my WAYYYYY LATE contribution for @princessphilly #vdaybreedchallenge. I’m sorry Love, I’m struggling a bit, lol. You can read this as a companion to Another Lonely Christmas. Or not. Let me know what you think.
I no longer have a taglist. Please follow @rampitupandread and turn on notifications to learn when I post! 😘
I Do NOT Consent to my work being reposted, translated or presented on any other blog or site other than by myself.
This is inspired by this song:
Tumblr media
“I hate you Steve.”
You slapped him, full of rage. Among other things.
He looked at you and smiled, unfazed by the blow.
“I know.”
That look of love was too much, so you turned away.
“But I also know that you love me.”
You shook your head no, unable to give him what he wanted.
Steve’s hand floated up your neck, grasped your chin and turned it back toward him.
“Look at me.”
You glared at him as he clasped your throat and squeezed, cutting off air flow. Your head got swimmy as his baritone voice commanded you.
“Fuck yourself on my cock like you hate me then.”
Steve leaned back and pulled his other hand away from your ass, draping it around the back of the couch as you fluttered around him, causing him to gulp and ease up on your throat as your hands traveled from his broad shoulders to his taught stomach.You felt the muscles there, and ventured lower, fingering the blond tuft of hair that peeked out around his super soldier dick, and which you were now soaking because of him.
“Look at that sweet liquid candy dripping around me. Looks delicious. Making me drool.”
He looked at you.
“I’m addicted.”
Those blue eyes were too much and you were relieved when Steve looked back down with you to where you two were connected and licked his lips, allowing his saliva to drip down and further claim you as his own, even though there was no need for more lubrication. He looked back up at you, eyes blazing, lips red and trembling. You involuntarily clenched on his cock again.
His voice was a gravelly command, a feint to hide his desperation. He leaned forward and claimed your mouth, fighting with you to exert dominance.
The kiss was raw as your feelings, and Steve amped them up by twisting your nipples, adding to the emotion and lust of the moment with more exquisite pain. You cried out and started moving to seek your release.
You knew what he wanted, to spill his seed inside you and have you fall pregnant with his child. It would be something that you couldn’t, and wouldn’t deny, and would bind you together forever.
You were weak from your denial. Your strength in holding out was gone and now all you wanted was the warm flood of super soldier spend inside you. You didn't care that Steve wanted it as well. You put away your anger and give in.
Fuck what you wanted. Steve Rogers was what you needed.
Your thighs started to burn as you began to move up and down in a controlled fashion, slowly adjusting to his girth again after only a couple of days. You relished the feel of the long, thick shaft of his manhood as he made you look him in the eyes once more.
One part of his mouth lifted in a side smile and you both knew that no one else could give you anything like this. It made you angry and Steve proud to supply it to you, although you could not say the same.
The other man didn’t matter to Steve, it didn’t even matter that you were set to marry that other man in two weeks, because Steve was sure you’d make the right decision. He knew it from the first time you let him back into your apartment that cold night a month ago.
Guilt would not let you enjoy what you needed, however, and Clark’s face tried to fill you mind as you were with Steve. In order to wipe that vision from your mind, you started to fuck yourself on Steve’s cock hard, slamming down on him, stretch be damned. You were punishing yourself for the sin of cheating on a man who loved you dearly because you were entangled with the one who hurt you, punishing yourself with pleasure.
Clark was your rock. But Steve was your air.
Steve let go of your neck and held your waist, watching with awe as your soaked cunt swallowed and released his cock with probographic grace.
“Your pussy is so beautiful, Sweetheart. You’re divine.”
He rubbed his thumb on your clit and then up and down your slit which was stretched around his dick. He looked up at you with those azure eyes as he brought his thumb to his mouth. He sucked it, then pulled it from his red pouty lips and pressed it into your mouth.
You moaned around his thumb as your pussy tembled and made him groan.
“Do you know that I’ve drawn your cunt from memory? Makes me almost cum every damn time.”
You leaned your forehead against his and you both continued to watch your private show. Sweat dripped down both of your faces as your breaths huffed and mingled in the space between you, and you watched the act instead of each other’s eyes.
This wasn’t making love; this was reclamation and denial; a carnal struggle of wills that you already knew was lost. But you weren’t ready to admit it.
“Cum for me baby. Let me know that you are still mine with your body, since you refuse to tell me. I need you… I need you to…”
A sob tore from your throat as you came, all of the emotions you were feeling tumbling out of you in a wail instead of coherency.
You collapsed, a rag doll in his arms, and you felt his massive thighs flex as he picked you up, carefully holding you in place around him, not wanting to let his cum fall out of you.
You sighed and wrapped your arms around his neck, exhausted, emotional and at his mercy as you inhaled his sweet musk. You whimpered as you felt him jerk inside you. Of course Steve was still hard even after release.
The sensation was new; before he left Steve always pulled out because he was sure that his super swimmers would get you pregnant immediately. He always said you had time for that, but ever since you let him back inside your home, he was insistent on filling you up. And you didn’t deny him, even though you should have.
Steve’s sense of urgency was high. Two weeks in the future a wedding threatened to take you away from him. He’d seen it for himself.
Your back was against the wall now and you couldn’t help but look into his eyes.
“I love you.”
Steve started moving inside you slowly, your aching, used pussy clenching around him as his cock dragged against all of your nerve endings. But your heart is what hurt the most.
You whispered it, shaking your head as tears rolled down your face. Steve kissed the tears away and leaned back to nod his head.
He seated himself all the way inside you as he pulsed more cum out of his still rock hard dick.
“I do love you, Sweetheart. And I know that you l–”
You grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled him toward you, shutting him up with a kiss. Four weeks of wooing you with his devotion and his dick had finally paid off, because you finally kissed him.
Steve smiled as you released his lips and then you leaned back against the wall to allow him to fuck you better. He took advantage of the new angle to trace your sweat soaked body with one hand as his large cock lit you up from the inside. Your combined fluids started to drip on the floor, but Steve didn’t stop until you fluttered and came around his still-stiff cock once again.
You were limp as he carried you into your bedroom and laid you down. He licked the fluid from your thighs, but carefully pushed the cum that was dripping out of your swollen cunt back in with his fingers. He leaned up and let you watch him suck you off of them before he went and got a warm towel to clean your legs carefully, making sure to keep what he’d given you inside.
Your eyes were heavy as you tried to fight sleep, but Steve made sure that you were too tired to get up and have a shower before he got dressed to leave.
“Rest, Sweetheart. I’ll be back in a couple of days.”
You frowned as he pulled on his leather jacket over his t-shirt. He slipped the hoodie he’d been wearing over your head, making you warm and cozy and enveloped in his scent.
Steve Rogers was a smart man.
“I won’t let you in. I’m still marrying Clark.”
Steve smiled ruefully, as if he didn’t believe you. He walked over to where your wedding dress was hanging on your closet door.
“Pretty white dress.”
He fingered the delicate lace, and then looked back at you.
“How’d he get between us?”
You couldn’t breathe.
“You left me, Steve.”
“I know. And it was a mistake. I’m back now…we can…”
You interrupted him.
“...told you it couldn’t be, Steve.”
But inside you were thinking, Don’t leave.
Steve just stared at the dress again, and then came to kiss you on the cheek.
“I’ll be back soon. And then maybe you will be able to admit it. Goodnight, Sweetheart.”
He left and you cried yourself to sleep. Maybe next time you’d be stronger, to either resist or surrender.
Tumblr media
🙈 Let me know what you think!
Read the next part, Guess.
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labella420 · 3 months ago
The Professional
Tumblr media
This just kind of came to me! I think I’m going to need to get me a massage from Steve!
Starring: Masseuse!steve rogers x female reader
Summary: you get your first professional massage
Warnings: NSFW! 18+ Only! Fingering. Squirting. Steve Rogers massaging your nude body.
Word Count: 1431
Divider by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Scrolling through your phone you fidget in your seat waiting for your name to be called. You’re a little nervous, you’ve never had a full body massage before, but you’ve passed this place to and from work for years, and you finally decided to treat yourself after a long week at the office.
“Y/N?” Your eyes snap up to the masculine voice that calls your name, and you almost fall out of your chair. Standing before you was the sexiest men you have ever seen. He’s tall, broad shouldered, with perfectly sculpted abs under a t-shirt that was a little too tight. His blond hair was a little long and curled around his ears, his bright blue eyes carried a hint of green. His smile was welcoming, and he extended his hand to you as you gathered your belongings.
“I’m Steve,” he introduces himself and you respond in kind. He shows you back to a room decorated in all white, soft music flooding through a speaker mounted on the wall. The space smells incredible thanks to scented candles that cast a comforting glow against the walls. The whole room whispered “relax.”
“I see from your appointment that this is your first massage.” Steve comments as he lays out a towel on the massage table. “I hope you know you’re in for a treat.”
“Ah yes. It’s my first time ah for a massage y.. yes.” You stammer, wringing your hands together. “I’m sorry, I’m a little nervous.”
Steve smiles widely, placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. “There’s nothing to be nervous about, I promise you’re in great hands.” He takes a few steps towards the door. “I’m going to give you a few moments to undress and get yourself situated.” You nod, setting your purse down on a side table. “Just lie face down on the table, and I’ll be back before you know it.”
You undress quickly, folding your clothes and stacking them in a pile next to your purse. Draping the towel around your shoulders you do as Steve instructed, climbing on the table, fixing the towel to ensure you are fully covered. Deep breath in, deep breath out. You need to stop it, this is supposed to be relaxing.
A knock at the door startles you from your thoughts. “Come in!” You squeak, and a second later Steve pokes his head through the open door. He shuts the door behind him, opening cabinets and setting out a few of the items he was going to need.
“Are you ready to get started?” He pauses, waiting for your approval and you quickly nod your head. Steve shifts behind you, clearing his throat before his voice pierces through the silence. “I need you to say the words.”
“Yes.” You rush out before you change your mind. Steve, satisfied with your answer, rubs his hands together to warm them before fixing your towel, pulling it down to right above the curve of your ass. He feels you tense under his touch.
“Just relax.”
Steve drips some warm oil onto your bare skin, spreading it with his palm before digging his fingers into your shoulders. He found the right buttons to push because you feel the tension start to leave your body, and you sink into the table.
His hands feel like magic, kneading and rubbing at the knots that felt like they had been there for years. Steve worked down your back, his thumbs running lines down each side, stopping just above your ass.
“Can I move this towel sweetheart?” Steve’s voice is in your ear, the honey of his tone casting a shiver along your spine. You swallow slowly, taking a deep breath before you respond.
“Yes, that- that’s fine.” Blood rushes to your ears when the cloth is removed from your body, your breath hitching in your throat when the oil cascades along your ass. Steve’s hands continue their work, massaging your globes tenderly. When his fingers brush against your crack you quietly gasp, the tickling sensation shooting a line directly to your cunt.
Steve was a conductor of the one woman symphony that was your body. Today was the first day you two have met, and he already knows how to make her sing. You clench and release around nothing with each pulse of his fingers, wishing you could squeeze your thighs together to ward off the ache coursing in your core.
“Turn over for me,” his voice cuts through the tension, and you lock eyes with him briefly as you flip over, Steve holding the towel over you to cover some of your modesty, even though there was no need. Desire was buzzing through you. All you wanted was Steve’s hands back on your heated flesh.
He starts with your neck, slick fingertips sliding down to your shoulders. His digits dance along your collarbone, pausing at the top of your towel, silently awaiting your approval. You grip the fabric in one hand, one good tug and it’s falling to the floor. Fully exposed to Steve you’re sure he can hear the pounding of your heart.
“Please, please continue.”
You couldn’t deny the groan from deep within Steve’s chest, his large palms cupping your breasts as he rolls each of your nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. You sigh breathlessly when he leans in close, taking one of your pebbled nipples onto his mouth before releasing it with a pop. He tweaks the other nipple with his fingers, blowing a cool stream of air over the first.
Goosebumps dot your skin as his own personal roadmap when he places wet kisses between the valley of your breasts and down your abdomen, the talented tools of his trade following the path left by his lips. He teases you, paying attention to your hips and legs, moving up and down with precision. It’s like he’s determined to touch everywhere but where you crave him the most.
It’s been so long since you’ve felt another’s touch that your hips buck off the table when his fingertips ghost along your outer lips. He holds you in place, a strong arm slung over your lower belly as he glides two fingers through your folds. “You have such a beautiful pussy sweetheart,” Steve praises as he watches your sloppy hole swallow his first two fingers. “So fucking tight. I can’t wait to feel you around my cock.”
He’s an expert, coaxing you open with each twist and scissor of his fingers. It’s like you were destined to be the instrument that came alive when he played you. No man has ever made you feel like this, pleasure coursed through every fiber of your being.
His fingers seek the soft spongy spot, and he admires the way your body trembles as he curls his fingers against it. Taking his free palm and pressing against your lower tummy, you clamp your hand over your mouth to muffle your cries. Steve tuts, the desire overflowing from his eyes like your seep dripping out around his digits. “We’re all alone sweetheart. Let me hear you.”
His motions are relentless, the juicy sounds coming from your cunt filling the room like a debauched musical. The pressure deep within is great, and when Steve’s thumb circles over your clit your back arches off the table. Pulling his fingers from your pussy, he rubs his palm quickly over your sex as you squirt all over the table and him. He gives you no time to rest, his fingers gliding back into your channel. Picking up right where he left off, his fingertips vibrating against your g-spot. You grip his arm and choke back a sob as he assaults your oversensitive cunt. “I, I can’t!”
Steve growls, the sweet precipice of release rising again quickly. Reaching up he squeezes your throat, his voice dripping with a hunger for what only you could give. “Give me what I want.”
Your mouth pops open, the cry silent as your body seizes as a second orgasm overtakes you. Steve slaps your cunt as he watches you gush, enthralled at the amount of liquid he seduces from her.
Aftershocks course through you as you come down, your vision hazy as you make eye contact with Steve, a smug look on his handsome face. “You look very relaxed sweetheart.”
You nod slowly, your eyes dropping to the bulge straining against his pants begging for freedom. “Are you going to fuck me now?”
Steve laughs, a playful twinkle in his eye. “Of course not sweetheart, I’m a professional. I’m going to take you home first.”
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cockslut-padalecki · 25 days ago
No Vacancy
Tumblr media
Summary: After taking an accidental detour on your way to a remote getaway, you and boyfriend Zach end up in the middle of nowhere with no other option than to spend the night at a seemingly desolate motel.
Still covered in the blood of their latest victim, killer duo Steve and Bucky head to the nearest motel to freshen up before hitting up the closest bar in search of a couple of one night stands to top their night off.
But when your paths cross, and the friends bear witness to the disrespectful way you’re treated, they decide to take out their pent up energy on you and Zach instead.
Characters: Dark!Steve x F!Reader x Dark!Bucky.
Words: 5.4K.
Warnings: non-con/dub-con, explicit sexual content, dom!Steve (ish), unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it kids), threesome, double penetration, anal play, anal sex, spit roasting, deep throating, oral sex (male and female receiving), multiple orgasms, mentions of cheating, (sort of) cuckolding, voyeurism, pistol whipping, creampie, murder, violence, Stockholm Syndrome (if you squint), 18+.
A/N: Formerly a Patreon exclusive. Beta: @princessmisery666​ but all the general bullshit is entirely mine.
Tumblr media
“Do you want me to drive?” you ask, eyes spanning the dark highway ahead while chastising yourself as the question falls from your lips. 
Why do you keep offering? He’ll say, ‘no, it’s fine,’ for the hundredth time, but still continue the silent treatment when you don’t act more persistent. 
As you spy Zach’s knuckles tightening around the wheel, you wish you hadn’t bothered booking this weekend away for the both of you. Deep down, you know you’ll probably just be at each other’s throats the entire time instead of naked, and tangled up beneath cotton sheets. 
It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when you’d have stopped five times on the way to the cabin to fuck on the backseat, or in the stall of a grubby truck stop bathroom, but as the years went by, you had both got complacent, and that’s when the trouble started. 
Zach had started to work late, making excuses as to why he wouldn’t be home in time for dinner. At first, you didn’t think anything of it, but as time went on, you’d notice lipstick on his collar and the faint scent of perfume that lingered a little too long on his skin when you embraced him— one you knew didn’t belong to you. 
It was the secretary. It always is.
It had been your fault naturally. You blame yourself for turning up unannounced at his office, hoping to take him to dinner in an attempt to salvage what was left of your dilapidated relationship. You shouldn’t have been surprised to find them mid-fuck across his desk, his pale ass bared for all the world to see, but it still managed to catch you unawares.
He had chased you down the corridor, apologies tumbling from his lips, but the words didn’t mean shit.
“She came onto me!”
“It was a mistake!”
“It meant nothing!”
And like a fool, you allowed Zach to stay. You had been together since high school, you didn’t want to admit that you had no idea how to function without him. 
“Maybe we should find a motel for the night,” you offer, and out of the corner of your eye you catch him shaking his head, glancing down briefly at his wristwatch.
Zach shrugs you off. “Nah, it’s fine, we can make it by midnight.”
“The cabin will still be there in the morning,” you remind him softly. 
"I'm not wasting money on a room for one night when I’ve had to fork out hundreds of dollars for this place you insisted on going to.”
"I insisted on going so we can try and work things out,” you counter stiffly. You remember the argument you’d had over the steep cost, but Zach was adamant on ‘making it up to you’, even if it meant throwing the extortionate price of the retreat back in your face at every opportunity. 
"All the more reason to get there quicker then.” 
You don’t comment on his terse tone, not wanting to end up in another fight before you even get to your destination. Instead you simply utter, "Fine, okay."
Zach lets go of a deep breath. "Look, we stay straight on this road for what-” he squints at the GPS, “-the next twenty miles or so, then we'll practically be on the home stretch.”
"As long as you're sure,” you remark flippantly.
"I'm sure.”
“But if you hadn’t come off the interstate too soon, we wouldn’t be driving through the ass end of nowhere,” you mutter under your breath, but in the confines of the car, your voice travels further than you hoped. 
“You know what? Fine. You wanna stop, we’ll stop,” he seethes, refusing to look at you, instead bypassing eye contact with you altogether to stare angrily out of the windshield. “Well, would you look at that, there’s one ten miles out.” 
You purse your lips, swallowing down your retort. The next ten miles are going to feel more like a thousand.
The motel is like any other, the neon sign garishly lighting up the night sky as you pull your purse from the backseat, and mindlessly scours the empty lot. It’s unusually quiet, the only sound coming from the light howl of wind through the impossibly tall trees boxing the motel into the corner of the abandoned highway. You’ve never felt unnerved by the lack of civilization before, and suddenly all you want to do is submerge yourself within a crowd at least a hundred people deep. 
You round the car, heading to the open trunk to help Zach carry the few bags of luggage you have into the room you’ve been given for the night. It’s by no means a first class hotel in upstate New York, but it will do for a rest before you set off again at dawn. As you reach the back of the car, Zach grabs the last bag and stomps inside, not even waiting for you. 
The low rumble of an engine stirs you from your reverie, and you glance up as a pair of headlights turn into the lot. A black car pulls into the space next to Zach’s suburban and the engine clicks off quickly, however you can still feel it vibrating right down to the tips of your toes as two dishevelled looking men climb out of it. They’re both spattered with something— their clothes mottled with what looks like dirt in the dim glare coming from the overhead light, illuminating the small sidewalk leading to the lot. 
You’re entirely hypnotised when the driver of the car catches your eye over the roof, the corner of his lips twitching, threatening a smile. There’s a strange kind of aura about him, one that unsettles you to the point that your skin begins prickling under the intensity of his stare. 
The male closest to you almost towers over you in the small gap separating the narrow space between the two cars. You suddenly feel claustrophobic despite being out in the open, the cold breeze shifting through the trees helping to settle your uncertainty. The wind also brings with it an odd smell that permeates the air like tar, and the longer you stand there, the thicker it gets— sickly sweet, but tainted with an edge of something metallic. 
“Hey, get your ass in here, it’s freezing!” Zach shouts from the doorway, eyeing up the other late night guests with a sneer. “Yeah, can we help you with something?” 
“That’s a nice lady you got there, buddy,” the man furthest from you says in a deep voice, causing you to shiver as you find your body reacting to it in a way you don’t expect. “Should be treating her with some respect.” 
“Gee, thanks for the tip hillbilly,” Zach bites back scathingly towards him before turning his attention back to you. “Didn’t you hear me? Get inside.”
You dip your head, shifting slowly past the man beside you, acutely aware of his eyes watching your every move as you step up onto the walkway and scuttle towards your boyfriend. 
As you wait for Zach to move back inside, you hear a sinister laugh from behind you. “D’ya hear that, Buck? This yuppie here thinks I’m a hillbilly.” 
You glance up, seeing the way your lover’s jaw hardens and nostrils begin to flare, knowing it’s only a matter of time before he loses his temper.
“What did you just call me?” he roars.
“Zach, please,” you plead softly. “Leave it, let’s just go inside.”
He doesn’t listen, instead he almost barges you out of his way. Cautiously, you lift your hand to his chest, palms flat to keep him in place. He seems to accept the act and stops, coming to a halt right in front of you.
“Mmhm, you hear the way she begs, Bucky? Like a fuckin’ symphony,” the deep-voiced man purrs. You feel your whole body tremble with cold, but your core has other ideas, tightening with each word that spills from his mouth. 
“‘the fuck you say about my girlfriend?” Zach bellows, trying to push past you again. You can barely hold him, but you manage to summon the strength from somewhere to stop him from getting his ass kicked. 
The two men laugh jovially, clearly amused by the sight.
“Listen to your pretty lady, Zach,” the man advises, before they give up and head to their room across the lot.
It takes everything in you to convince him to let it go, but eventually Zach retreats.
The room is swathed in darkness when a loud bang yanks you from sleep, followed by the sound of muted yells from beside you. You sit up amidst the noise of a scuffle, desperately reaching around for the switch of the bedside lamp, your fingers finally closing around it and quickly presses the button. 
Light fills the tiny box room, and the two men from the parking lot are grappling with Zach who’s already bleeding from his nose. 
“Y/N, run!” your boyfriend yells, and you react instantly but one of the men— Bucky, you remember— is too fast, rounding the bed before you even have a chance to get your feet to the floor. 
“No, no, you’re staying right here with us, doll,” Bucky hums, yanking you upright, and pulls you back against his taut chest. You try to fight against him, but he’s abnormally strong, the grip around your biceps biting into your skin.
He holds you still, making you watch the still unnamed man pummel Zach in the stomach, pained gasps of air escaping from his mouth. 
“What do you want, money? Money?” Zach splutters once his assailant desists. “I can get you money, cars, whatever you want.” 
Bucky laughs from behind you, but again, it’s the other man that speaks. 
“C’mon dude, you saw the sweet ride I got out front, we both know I don’t need a car,” he boasts, “and we certainly ain’t here for money.” 
“What do you want then?” you challenge, interrupting the silence. 
Zach and your captor glance towards you tangled within Bucky’s grip, the latter’s lips curling up into a crude smirk, and the notion isn’t lost on the former.
“Please, do-don’t hurt her,” Zach pitifully pleads through swollen lips, words muffled by the presence of blood on his tongue.
“Oh, we’re not gonna hurt her. Far from it, yuppie,” he laughs, pulling the wounded man back to his unsteady feet by a clump of hair, before aiming a question towards you. “So, how many times has this piece of shit cheated on you?”
You remain silent. It’s none of their business.
“Answer Steve, doll,” Bucky instructs huskily from behind you. 
“Three,” you say curtly before adding, “that I know of.” 
“Three?” The man you now know as Steve replies astonished. “Is that right Zachy boy? Or is there more?” He lets go of Zach’s hair who promptly drops to his knees on the threadbare carpet.
“T— ten,” he stutters, head down.
All of the blood drains from your face at the number, mortified that you could have been so stupid and naive to believe him when he promised it was only a ternary of women. The fight leaves you like a deflating balloon, and you sag against Bucky’s chest, his immovable body keeping you upright.
“Ten? My my, you have been keepin’ your dick wet.” Steve almost sounds impressed. “Bet you’ve been neglectin’ this sweet little thing then, haven’t ya?”
Zach sobs pathetically into the back of his hand, “Yes.” 
You feel nothing as your weasel of a boyfriend begins to cry, devoid of all emotion as he surrenders to his tears. He really is a piece of shit. You’ve been sharing a relationship with a snivelling, chauvinistic pig this entire time— one you wish you hadn’t bothered trying so hard to sew back together. You gave him too much credit, but he couldn’t even grant you faithfulness in return.
“Hey, hey buddy, it’s okay,” Steve soothes, patting Zach on the back of the head as his spare hand fiddles with his belt. “Me and my best friend here are gonna make sure she’s never neglected again.”
Leaving Zach sobbing on the floor, Steve stalks forward, one hand still poised on his zipper as the other pulls a butcher's knife from behind his back. You stiffen in his friend’s grasp at the sight of the blade glistening in the light, terrified of what Steve’s plan is for you. 
“Please,” you weep, tears hot on your cheeks as Zach begs with them to leave you alone. “Don’t do this.”
“I’m not gonna hurt you sweetness, you have my word,” Steve reassures you with a chuckle as he comes to stand in front of them, bringing his blade to your throat. “But these clothes gotta go.” 
“No!” Zach wails from the corner. “Don’t you dare!” 
They both choose to ignore his pleas, Steve’s attention now solely on your heaving breasts through your thin t-shirt, while Bucky concentrates on keeping you in place. You close your eyes as Steve lifts the weapon, half-expecting his words to have been a lie— just a way to placate Zach before the inevitable happened and you’re brutally murdered in front of him. The sharp pain you prepare yourself for never comes, nor the blood-curdling scream you expect to make at the sensation. Instead the loud rip of material being torn meets your ears as cold air kisses at your skin. 
It swirls over your chest first as Bucky pulls the scraps of fabric down your arms, and you feel Steve focus on your shorts— a light tug against your waistband before the shredded cotton drops to the floor, leaving you exposed. As quickly as Bucky’s hands leave you, they’re back around your biceps, his touch suddenly warming. 
“Well shit, look at you, doll,” Steve whistles, and at the sound of the pet name, you let your eyelids slowly flicker open. An hour ago, you probably would’ve spat in his face if he called you that. But right now, with what you can only describe as the lust-blown look in his eyes as he takes in your naked body, you find yourself reacting to it differently. Wetness dampens your sex, while your core flickers to life, desperate to have it coaxed into a blaze.
He keeps his sapphire eyes focused on yours, a light smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth as his tongue drags over his bottom lip playfully, before he calls to your boyfriend over his shoulder. “Hey Zachy, tell me again why you been sticking your dick in so many pies when you got the finest piece of pussy right here in front’a ya?”
“I swear if you touch her—” 
“Or what?” Steve laughs. “She looks like she needs a real man’s cock, doesn’t she, Bucky?” 
“Mmhm,” Bucky hums from behind you, lips pressed to your skull.
“You sick fucks, I’ll have you arrested for this!” Zach shouts, face turning beet red. With a heavy sigh, Steve rolls his eyes before he turns, heading back over towards the cowering man in the corner. “No, get away from me!” Zach yells as the man strides closer until he’s standing over him, gun suddenly ready in his fist. 
You suck in a terrified breath, immediately thinking the worst, but Steve’s finger isn’t on the trigger. He holds it up above his head, and swings it down, letting the butt connect sharply with Zach’s temple, the resounding crack making you retch momentarily. The hit instantly immobilises him, and he falls to the floor with a loud thud. 
“Get the rope from the trunk, Buck,” Steve orders. Bucky lets you go instantly as Steve takes over, grabbing you by the jaw, his cobalt eyes marvelling at your frightened features.
“What are you gonna do to him?” you squeak from nowhere.
He chuckles softly. “Don’t worry princess, we’re just gonna tie him up. After all, we don’t want him to miss the show when he wakes.”
The cheaply made sheets are scratchy on your bare back, but the irritation melts away the moment you feel Steve’s lips pressing softly against your thighs. He kisses your skin while his fingers coax your folds apart— a millimetre at a time until you’re spread open and his tongue is flicking over your exposed clit.
Your back arches, pressing your cunt harder against his face, unable to hold back the moan that bleeds from your lips. Bucky is kneeling next to you on the bed, lazily stroking his cock up and down. The tip is swollen and already smothered in your spit, the back of your throat still pulsing from the force in which he fucked your mouth with it.
You had struggled against them at first, but the moment Bucky made you come with two perfectly placed fingers inside your pussy, just mere minutes after he started, you gave up trying to resist. You welcome every mind-bending, out-of-body experience they allow you, forgetting all about your good for nothing boyfriend tied up in the corner.
He’s still unconscious as far as you’re aware. You know he’d be raising hell if he were awake, having to witness his girlfriend get defiled by two men who know their way around a woman’s body better than he ever did. 
Steve’s tongue laves over your entrance, teasingly slipping the rounded tip inside you— which earns him a squeal, before moving back to concentrate on your swollen bead. His fingers replace his tongue at your opening, slowly enveloping them within your wet heat, until finally they’re buried up to the knuckle. You writhe beneath him, and he brings his spare arm to band around your waist, holding you down as he begins fucking you with his mouth and fingers.
“You gonna come for Steve too, baby?” Bucky asks from above you, still languidly fisting his cock inches from your face.
“Yes, oh fuck,” you croak, Steve’s fingers curling at just the right angle to caress your g-spot while his tongue swirls in a figure of eight over your clit. The combination throws you head first into your second climax, your entire body trembling with the weight of it.
“Shit Steve, I wish you could see how pretty she looks when she comes,” Bucky purrs, stroking a hand over your clammy forehead, before leaning down to capture your lips with his. You moan into Bucky’s mouth as Steve sucks on your pussy lips, licking up your slick while his best friend kisses a trail over your jaw and down your neck until he reaches your breasts, covering a nipple with his tongue. 
You yelp loudly, one hand caught in Steve’s short locks while the other tugs gently on Bucky’s roots, keeping them both firmly in place. Quiet stirring pulls your attention briefly to the corner of the room to see Zach awake and unblinking at the sight in front of him. He looks horrified. You stare him down, your lips curling into a smirk as Steve lifts his head, noticing your attention is elsewhere. He glances over and instantly chuckles.
“Ah, there he is,” he mocks as he pulls himself up to his knees and wraps your legs around his waist. “You woke up just in time, Zachy boy. The best bit is about to start.” 
As if on cue, Steve lines himself up at your entrance, thrusting forward until he’s fully seated inside you. You let out a high-pitched wail as you arch your back, your breast pressing hard against Bucky’s now smiling mouth that’s still attached to your nipple, and Zach grunts around the makeshift gag. Naturally it had been Steve’s idea to shove your saturated panties in his mouth. Even muffled by the damp white cotton, frustration and disgust is clearly distinct in his tone. 
“That’s it baby,” Steve soothes, “let me in.” 
He slides a hand over your stomach and up to squeeze your breast as Bucky rests back on his haunches, reverting back to pumping his cock beside you.
“Fuck Zach, why didn’t ya tell us ya girl was this tight?” Steve grunts as he retreats, glancing between your legs before driving back inside you forcefully. “Why would ya ever want another cunt when this one is like fuckin’ velvet?” 
“Guhh oggggg huuuerrr,” Zach muffles. 
“Little late for that, don’t ya think?” Steve laughs. “Shit, you hear how wet her little pussy is for me? Dude I’m tellin’ ya, you should see how much she’s creamin’ all over my cock.” 
He pulls out, and grabbing you by the wrist, Steve forces you onto your knees. “Lick up your fuckin’ mess,” he orders before roughly shoving his drenched cock past your already parted lips. 
“Damn, she’s an obedient little whore when you get her all riled up, ain’t she?” Steve aims towards Zach as he places a hand firmly at the back of your skull to keep you in place, but he needn’t have bothered. You hungrily lap up your own slick from Steve’s flesh, taking immense pride in the satisfied groans tumbling from his lips that temporarily render him mute. 
As you take him to the back of your throat, you feel Bucky behind you— one hand around your hip as the other presses against your ass, guiding the tip of his cock into your dripping hole. It takes him three deep seated rolls of his hips to fit every inch of his impressive cock fully inside you, and as soon as he starts to move with vigour, Steve’s cock falls from your lips, unable to concentrate on anything but whimpering each time Bucky’s length kisses your cervix. 
With his grip around your skull, Steve tugs your head back so you’re staring up at him as Bucky pounds into you mercilessly from behind. 
“Let’s see that pretty tongue,” he instructs. You comply immediately, and slide the pink muscle over your lips, presenting it to him like an eager puppy waiting for a treat. Steve idly keeps himself hard with his other hand, letting stray droplets of cum drip onto your waiting tongue. 
“You seein’ this Zachy? Treat her like a goddamn queen and she’ll be the nastiest little slut you could’ve ever dreamed of,” he scoffs, before turning his attention down to the kneeling you. “How’s Bucky feeling inside ya, princess?” 
“So… deep,” you pant, eyes rolling into the back of your head. “Fuck, so… good.” 
“Ya hear that? Finally gettin’ fucked like she damn well deserves,” he barks over at Zach, who responds by growling angrily through his gag as he struggles against the rope binding him to the chair. 
“Get her on her back Buck, lets give this asshole a real fuckin’ show.”
With your hands propped up either side of Bucky’s broad shoulders, he holds you tight around the waist, the strength in his biceps keeping you aloft as Bucky uses the angle to control his thrusts deeply fucking in and out of you. 
The reverse cowgirl position has been perfectly chosen for Zach’s benefit— each drive and retreat of Bucky’s cock into your fucked out pussy is in full view for your boyfriend to see. Sloppy, wet slaps of skin against skin echo around the otherwise silent room, save for the constant string of moans you can no longer keep to yourself. 
Steve is kneeling next to you, his hand clasped tightly around your throat, thumb teasing your bottom lip. 
“Such a good girl, takin’ a poundin’ like that,” he praises with an impressed smirk. “Think you could take both of us, hm?” 
Your eyes widen at his words, a little fear flashing through them, but still you nod, gasping between each thrust. 
“Yes, please, fill me up— oh fuck, fuck, I’m so close!” you yell, attempting to throw your head back, but Steve grabs the nape of your neck before you can, making sure to keep your stare locked on him.
“You gonna come?” he asks and you nod enthusiastically. “You gonna cream all over Bucky’s cock, huh?” 
“Yes, oh god,” you lament, and his grip around your neck falters. Steve’s hand slides down your naked body, right to your swollen clit and ever so lightly, he starts to move his fingers against it in slow circles. 
You splinter in seconds, coming wetly around Bucky’s cock, feeling your release dripping down his length before he fucks it back inside you.
“That’s it baby, yeah, right there, huh,” Steve teases, fingers still pressed tight against your pulsing bead. “You takin’ notes Zachy boy? See how hard we makin’ ya girl come?” 
Steve glances over, snickering at the dejected look in your boyfriend’s eyes before bringing his attention back to you, practically limp within Bucky’s grip. 
All it takes is one word from Steve and Bucky quickly pulls out of you, letting you drop onto his chest as he shimmies further up the bed. Your head lulls back against his shoulder sleepily— all sex-drunk and fucked out— while Bucky whispers a slew of profanities in your ear. He momentarily sucks down on his middle finger, and slips his hand between your cheeks, prodding your asshole with the tip of his wet digit.
You gasp as you feel it press against the tight ring of muscle, the wetness of your cunt helping to aid its entrance inside you. 
“Just wait ‘till he gets his cock in there sweetheart,” Steve laughs, watching your body twitch as Bucky’s finger disappears inside your ass. “Then you really will be screamin’.” 
Steve moves closer, hand now free to slide up your thigh as the other pumps the head of his shaft against your sopping pussy. You tremble as he slides himself home. He’s slow and meticulous to start with, savouring the sensation of your walls sporadically milking his cock, but as he edges further— feeling you tighten around him as Bucky coaxes in a second finger— the more desperate he gets, slamming his hips against your thighs with a satisfied hum. 
You squeal through damp, parted lips as Bucky works you open in perfect tandem with Steve’s shallow thrusts, both determined to see you fracture at their touch. A third digit manipulates its way into your tight, puckered hole and you hiss behind gritted teeth, already feeling an orgasm building right on the cusp of your periphery. 
“Oh baby girl, look at you,” Steve purrs, his hips starting to quicken. “Such a pretty little mess.” 
Steady, purposeful strokes of Bucky’s fingers have you calling his name into the column of his clammy neck, your hands clawing desperately at his hair as you feel the heat idling in your belly grow rapidly in intensity. 
It quickly dwindles and you find yourself whimpering at the loss when Bucky slips his fingers free, soon replaced by something much harder and thicker.
“Think you can take my cock now, baby?” Bucky husks into your ear, his lips hot and wet against your skin. 
“Yes, oh god, plea— se.”
“Hear how much she’s beggin’ for it, Zachy?” She just can’t wait to get her holes filled,” Steve ridicules. “Do it, Buck.”
Another muffled cry comes from your restrained boyfriend, but this time it’s laboured. Like he doesn’t have the fight left in him any more. 
Bucky moans beneath you, working the head of his cock slowly past the tightness of your asshole. It takes a lot of patience, but he eventually pops inside you and you both groan in unison. He remains still momentarily as Steve continues to fuck your pussy, occasionally feeling Bucky’s cock moving against him through the thin layer of skin separating them. 
“Shit Buck, wish you could see how stuffed she looks right now,” Steve breathes, eyes trained between your legs. “Perfect little slut for us, aren’t you, baby girl?” 
Tentatively, Bucky’s hips begin to move and you garble incoherently at the fullness threatening to split you in two, as the feeling of both of them pistoning in and out of you at different speeds has you reaching another climax before you can even prepare yourself. 
You scream— a pure throat-ripping wail that pierces even your own ears, before the sound of Steve’s laughter brings you back to reality. 
“You seein’ this buddy? Look how hard she’s coming!” There’s pure amazement in his tone, but you can barely prise your eyes open to check, the weight of your release still entirely possessing you.
You lay splayed across Bucky’s chest as he holds your hips, and the webbing between Steve’s thumb and forefinger grips you in the crease of your knees, making sure to keep your legs spread. You’re unable to move, merely a vessel of holes for the friends to use however they see fit, and you don’t care. 
“You gonna tell him how we feel, sweetness?” Steve goads down at you with a smirk. 
You turn your head towards your boyfriend, eyelids continuously fluttering as you try to compose yourself enough to speak to him. 
“I— fuck, never been fucked so good in my life,” you keen. “They’re so big inside me, Zach, I can’t stop coming, oh god, I think I’m— I’m gonna come again.” 
“Again, baby?” Bucky huffs into your hair. Moving one hand from your hip, his long fingers walk down your stomach, coming to rest over your clit before beginning to rub it at a pace that instantly makes you snap.
You seize between them, nothing but a victim to the euphoria that comprises your entire being. 
Both Steve and Bucky fuck you through it, neither rhythm faltering until the man above you eventually does, and he’s spilling hot and wet inside you accompanied by a husky shout. He pulls out swiftly, watching on in awe as his load dribbles from your abused hole and down to where you and Bucky join together, the sticky seed clinging to his friend’s cock, aiding it as he continues to drive his impressive length up your ass.
With a muted grunt, Bucky finally lets go, pumping every last drop of release inside you before sagging back against the mattress, all three of you entirely exhausted.
You jolt awake suddenly, a soft stream of sunlight breaking through the gap in the curtains as you sit up, trying to locate the source of what pulled you from what you can only describe as the best night sleep you’ve ever had. 
Eyes drifting from the bathroom to the corner of the room where Zach is still tied up, his head slumped against the drywall beside him, you catch sight of Steve and Bucky, already up and dressed. 
“Where are you going?” you croak, pulling the sheet further up around your body despite the fact they’ve both already seen more of your intimate parts than even your gynaecologist. 
They both turn at the sound of your voice, and the disruption in silence pulls Zach from his uncomfortable sleeping position too. 
Steve walks towards you with a wide grin. “There she is, our precious girl.” He evades your question. “C’mon, get dressed.”
You’re a little thrown by the statement. “Why?” 
“It’s a long drive back to Brooklyn, gotta be on the road in ten.”
“Brooklyn? I don’t understand, we live in Ohio.”
Steve chuckles softly, reaching out to stroke your cheek almost tenderly. “Oh sweetness, y’really think we were just gonna leave you with this piece of shit? You’re coming with us.” 
Zach comes alive at these words, attempting to struggle against his bindings to free himself. He starts to scream and shout behind his gag, but it’s futile. His words are lost in the cotton. 
Steve rolls his eyes, bored with the display and reaches behind his back to pull out his gun. He doesn’t even waiver as he pulls the trigger. Claret and brain matter splatter against the wall behind Zach’s head, and as it droops forward, a gloopy mixture of thick dark blood drips into his lap from the gaping hole in his forehead. 
You scream at the horror in front of you, unable to process the blasé way in which Zach’s life has been so easily snuffed out. The distinct stench of copper instantly fills the room, mingling with the lingering scent of sweat and sex. 
“Couldn’t leave him alive baby,” Steve shrugs in his attempt to explain. “He’d have run straight to the cops as soon as he got free. He would’ve had them take you away from us.” He eyes Bucky to his left. “Do you want that?” 
Your body trembles in newly discovered fear for the two men, yet you shake your head with acquiescence, effectively giving them your answer.
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bonky-n-steeb · a day ago
🪐 distant memories
A small smile spread over your lips as you stared at the Polaroid. Steve’s smile was nearly non existent as he posed in his worn down suit. That was the only photo had taken while on a run and though you understood the reason Steve was so skeptical about the photo, a little smile wouldn’t have hurt that much.
Maybe you had been too blind.
Maybe too trusting to not notice such small things that clearly showed that he wasn’t that into you. Maybe you were just too naive to follow your captain and fall in love with him. Maybe you should’ve listened to Tony and joined his team.
But these were just the possibilities, the reality was too heartbreaking because you had been stupid. You had weeped over your broken heart the day Steve had left you for Peggy. You had really thought you had something going on with him after all the time you had spent together in hiding.
You had been his comfort on his dark nights, but when you needed him the most, he had simply left. He didn’t even say a goodbye, and you had hoped, no believed, he would return. But that didn’t happen.
A bitter laugh bubbled up as you stared at the photo. You still remembered how hard it had been after Steve had left, not just for you, but for everyone else too. It felt as if a part of you was gone, but over time you learned to live with it. Now, the photo didn’t bring you as much sorrow as it once brought. It felt like a whole another lifetime.
Now he was just a distant memory.
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idy-ll-ique · a month ago
jealousy, jealousy
pairing: ceo!steve rogers x f!reader
genre: angst, fluff
warnings: smut at the end (can you tell steve has a domesticity k*nk because— 😳) unprotected sex so don't learn anything from my fics and use some damn protection
requested: by my best fren @roguese7en 🥰
What if ceo admits his feelings to his assistant reader and she is like "you only keep me around cause you like me ? Not because of my abilities , degrees , hardworking etc etc " and she start hyperventilating like oh no that's why all her colleagues hate her and all her hardwork is washed down the drain but ceo is like " no , no I did keep you around because of how hard you work at first and you still do but I just over the months realized you are so beautiful ...... shit it came out wrong , sorry I scared you . Wait ....... who hates you ?"
word count: ~3.3k
summary: steve plans on telling y/n how he feels by calling her to his house to help him with some paperwork. but it doesn't go as planned and lot of workplace secrets are revealed... thankfully, it all works out in the end
author's note: hiya peeps! so @roguese7en has already read this fic and she liked it so i just wanna post it here because it's high time i post something lmao enjoy!
"Y/N? What are you still doing here?"
Caught in the act, Y/N looked up at her boss, Steve Rogers. He was frowning at her; though it seemed like more of a confused one rather than a disappointed one. "I, uh, I just—"
Y/N Y/L/N was the assistant of CEO Steve Rogers, who owned a massive company that also had international branches. He was widely known across the globe as well; every day, without fail at lunchtime he'd go out, only to return 2 hours later. And ever since Y/N began working for him, she spent her lunch break in his office rather than with all her other colleagues in the cafeteria.
Why? They all hated her. It wasn't like a discrete thing either, they were very open about it. They called her names, bullied her, and also often told her that the only reason Steve had hired her was because he found her to be physically attractive. They even insinuated that the two had a sexual relationship, and that's how she got her job. So her degrees were just useless, right?
She avoided them like the plague; she only ever spoke to Steve, and spent all her breaks alone. But that day, Steve had apparently come back earlier than usual, and caught her sitting on the couch in his office, going through her phone. He was incredibly confused; why wasn't she outside like the rest of his employees? His office was strictly out-of-bounds for loitering around.
"You know you can tell me, right?" Steve smiled softly, taking a seat behind his desk. Y/N had started working for the man around 2 years ago; she was the best damn assistant Steve could ask for. Not only because she was super hardworking, very intelligent and amazing, but also because he… he had a mild infatuation with her, AKA he was in love with her. The woman was simply brilliant.
She was kind of overqualified for the job as well; one day, he'd asked her why she didn't just open her own company and she'd replied that that was simply not her thing. She liked the work she was doing now; managing his timetable, arranging his meetings, looking after some of his work… Plus, he was paying her well, so why would she choose stressful work when this job existed?
That had earned her massive respect from Steve. As the two continued staring at each other, Y/N sighed. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again," she muttered, rubbing her neck. "I just wanna ask, why? I've also noticed you don't talk to anyone much; is there a particular reason why?" She shook her head. "I'm just… shy, I guess." Y/N decided not to snitch on anyone, since that would only make them hate her more.
"Understandable. Should we get to work again, then?" Y/N gave him a smile and nodded, checking his timetable on her phone. "Mr Stark is coming to meet you at 3 pm, if you remember," she reminded him and he nodded, running a hand through his hair. "Right, right."
"Thanks so much for being here, Y/N, you are a literal angel, I swear." She chuckled bashfully at his words. "You're my boss, Mr Rogers, you know I'll do anything you ask me." Steve's mind immediately went to the gutters at her words and he cleared his throat. "Right, so there's some paperwork I need to finish and can't do it alone, so—"
"That's what I'm here for."
A few days had passed since their interaction in his office; they were at Steve's place, and it was very late at night. He'd sat doing paperwork the entire day but as the night rolled around, he realised that it was too much work for a single person. So he called the one person who he knew would never hesitate to help him— Y/N.
She'd showed up just a few minutes ago. Y/N sat down on a couch in his lavish sitting room, looking around. He lived in a luxurious skyscraper, and his apartment was easily 10 times bigger than hers. The living room was littered with comfortable couches and the view from the apartment was to die for. The "walls" were actually floor-to-ceiling windows.
She'd only ever seen an apartment like this on social media. And to be inside one? The one whose owner was her extremely hot boss? The feeling was unparalleled. Steve soon returned with two glasses and a bottle of champagne, sitting next to her with a sigh. "Oh, what's this?" Y/N blinked when he popped open the bottle, pouring the liquid into the glasses.
"I'm really tired of writing, can we start later?" She chuckled and accepted the glass from him. There was silence for a while as they had their first sip; Steve was the one who commenced a conversation. "So, how are you? Made any friends at work yet?" Looking down, she shook her head. "Nah, I don't know… maybe later." He nodded.
"Are you seeing someone?"
She tilted her head in confusion. "Asking because I thought maybe your boyfriend told you not to talk to anyone… some men are assholes like that." Y/N laughed at his words. "No, no, I don't have a boyfriend. Plus, even if I did have one, I'd certainly not date someone like that," she scoffed at the end, making Steve laugh as well. "Yeah. I'm single as well, ya know," he hinted softly.
Y/N looked at him, surprised. She genuinely didn't know, he kept his love life very secret. "You are? Seriously? No one wants to date you? Man, people have incredibly high standards then." Steve gave her a wistful smile. "It's not that, it's… the one I want probably doesn't want me. I know a lot of people who are interested in me, I'm just not interested in them." Y/N nodded.
Because to be honest, who wouldn't be interested in him? She herself had a huge, huge, huge crush on him; he was just so amazing. Kind, charming, funny, helpful, good looking… basically her type. "You can try telling her you like her, you know? I bet she'll say yes." The words were making her want to tear up.
Of course he didn't like her back, why would he? Surely he'd prefer someone with his shared social status. Hearing her response, Steve kept his glass down and turned to face her on the couch. "Alright, I'm gonna tell her." She gave him a grin, but was massively surprised when Steve took her hand, bringing it to his lips.
"I really, really like you, Y/N."
This was not happening.
They can't be right.
They just can't.
"You don't!" she screamed, standing up abruptly. Startled, Steve watched in shock as she pulled at her hair, her eyes filling with tears. "Y/N—" She furiously shook her head, pointing an accusatory finger at him. "So what, you— you just hired me because you think I'm cute? My degrees, my hard work, my qualifications just don't matter, huh?!"
Steve immediately realized the issue was a bit deeper. Not losing his cool, he stood up too and gently pulled her close. Y/N slammed her fists against his chest repeatedly until she completely broke down, collapsing against him. For two whole years, she'd put up with the harassment of her coworkers. Steve's eyes watered as well, seeing her sobbing in his arms was shattering.
He maneuvered them both onto the couch behind them, rubbing her back as he got her to calm down. She remained seated on his lap, her arms wrapped around the man's neck as he held her close. "Y/N, is there something you're not telling me?" She refused to lift her head off his shoulder, silently staring at the view behind him.
Steve waited a beat, before gently pulling her away, cupping her cheeks. "Speak to me, my love." She looked at him, teary eyed. "Did you really just hire me because of how I look?" Steve instantly shook his head. "Of course I didn't, darling. I looked at your qualifications, your hard work and your excellence. I fell in love with those traits, and eventually… fell in love with you too."
He frowned. "Doll, but why are you so paranoid about it?" Y/N shook her head, snuggling into his arms again. "They hate me," she whispered, "Everyone at work hates me. They call me names… They say I slept my way to be where I am today." Steve froze at her words, his body filling with unfathomable rage. "What?" he whispered in a menacing tone.
"It's true, you have to believe me! I have proof…" She took out her phone and showed him some of the chats from her coworkers; she only talked to them when absolutely necessary, but they still treated her like garbage. Steve read through the chats, his anger reaching new heights. How fucking jealous were they? Pushing a woman towards a literal breakdown and issues with self-esteem.
"They're just jealous," he assured her in a soft voice, already plotting several murders, "They're jealous because you work the closest to me. And I believe they have plenty of reasons to be jealous, because look at you. An angel. My angel." He held her close for some time more, running his fingers through her hair as she tried to calm herself down.
But then, after a while he noticed that she'd fallen asleep. Well, it was pretty late at night and although they didn't get any work done, Steve realized that both of them needed sleep. So, he stood up and carried her over to his room, placing her down on his bed. Just as he did, though, she blinked her eyes open. "I can't sleep in this."
Steve leaned over and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. "Will you allow me?" he asked her and she understood what he meant, nodding before falling asleep again. Y/N was dressed in a knee-length burgundy dress that had a zipper on the back. Steve delicately turned her on her side, pulling the zipper down before pushing the dress off of her.
Now she was laying in front of him in only her panties and a bra. Without trying any funny business, his first priority being her well-being, Steve also took off her bra and kept both the pieces of clothing away. Then he got up and went to his wardrobe, shuffling through it before finally settling on his softest t-shirt; a plain gray one. He went back to Y/N and got her into the t-shirt.
After that, Steve took off the suit he was wearing as well, putting on a pair of black sweatpants before getting into bed with her. He pulled her close to him and tugged the blankets over both their bodies, wrapping an arm around her waist. Y/N woke up at the contact, before promptly snuggling into Steve's arms again, now comfortable.
In the morning, Steve was the one who woke up first. He looked down and saw Y/N deep asleep, enveloped in his arms. Smiling to himself, he gently untangled himself from her and got up, yawning as he went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. It took him about a half an hour; when he walked back into the bedroom, he saw her still asleep.
Deciding not to wake her up, he simply planted a quick kiss to her forehead and left the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He made himself some breakfast and finally, at 8 am, left for work. He'd decided to give Y/N a free day; after everything she had been through, it was deserved. Plus, today he had also called in a meeting with all his employees, to yell at them for how they treated Y/N.
If I can't kill them, yelling will have to do.
At Steve's apartment, Y/N stirred herself awake at 11 am. When she realized the time, she immediately sat up and called Steve, biting her lip. "Good morning, my angel, did you sleep well?" She blinked at his response. "Steve, why didn't you wake me up?" He chuckled. "Believe me, doll, you deserve a day off. And plus, you don't wanna be around for what I'm about to do to your coworkers."
She couldn't help but snort at that. "Are you gonna kill them?" she joked and he laughed on the other end. "I'm afraid that's illegal, sweetheart. I am going to reprimand them all, though. Don't leave my apartment, got it? You have all the amenities there; you wanna clean up? Extra toothbrushes in the cupboard above the sink. Clothes? Raid my wardrobe. Food? The kitchen's all yours, the pantry is stacked up."
She was smiling at his words. "I'll see you in the evening; we'll definitely complete our paperwork today." Y/N laughed and ended the call.
She made full use of Steve's apartment just like he told her to; took a refreshing bath in his jacuzzi tub, wore another one of his soft, white t-shirts and a pair of his clean boxer shorts before going to the kitchen and making herself some food. Then she sat lounging around the apartment; at one point standing near the floor-to-ceiling windows for 15 minutes straight, admiring the view.
Precisely at 6 in the evening Steve returned home; Y/N was in the kitchen fixing herself a snack when she saw Steve walk in. She immediately rushed towards him and into his arms, giving him a tight hug. Steve, meanwhile, admired the sight in front of him; the love of his life, wearing his clothes, being in his house, waiting for him to come home…
He couldn't get over how domestic it all was. And at the moment, all he wanted to do was haul her over his shoulder and take her to the bedroom. "You look so beautiful, my love," he whispered, placing a soft kiss on her lips before going south, kissing along her jaw and neck. Y/N let out a breathy moan at the sensation, and Steve's cock started hardening in his pants.
"I'm hungry too, sweetheart, let me have a taste…"
"Steve," Y/N whined as he hauled her over his shoulder like he had promised. They reached his bedroom and he placed her down on the bed, leaning in to place several kisses on her collarbone. She tugged on his tie and he haphazardly took it off, also taking off the rest of his clothes until he was in nothing but his briefs. Y/N's eyes slightly widened at the visible tent in his pants; he was big.
"You are so fucking good, sweetheart," he murmured happily as he inched the t-shirt she was wearing upwards. "Mm," she moaned as his hands groped at her breasts. She cried out his name when he took a nipple in his mouth, biting on the perked bud. "All mine, aren't you?" Y/N nodded but Steve stopped his actions, raising an eyebrow at her. "Say it, baby, I love your voice so much."
"A-All yours, Stevie," she whimpered and he smirked, his hands sneaking down to rest on her hips, close to the waistband of the shorts. "Can't wait to see that pretty little cunt of yours, I'm going to ruin it," he promised and tugged on the shorts, leaving her bare in front of him. "Fuck, so beautiful," he hissed and her hips jumped up when two of his fingers ran over her wet folds.
"And so wet, too, how perfect," he praised her and a shiver ran down her spine. He knelt in front of her until he was eye-level with her dripping cunt. "I can already tell this is going to be my new favourite taste in the world," he whispered and Y/N shrieked his name when his tongue flicked at her clit. "Yes, baby, keep screaming my name, tell everyone you're mine," he hummed as he continued eating her out. "Stevie, fuck," she sobbed, her fingers tangling in his hair.
She had never felt this good with anyone before. Steve was actually making her see stars before her eyes. "Look at you, you're gushing," he chuckled, pulling away for a second. Y/N noticed the way his chin and lips were shining, coated in her juices. "And it tastes so sweet, too. Cum for me, baby, come on." He increased his speed and Y/N's legs involuntarily closed around his head.
He grabbed her thighs and held them apart as he made her fall apart on his tongue. With one last swipe of his tongue on her clit, Y/N came undone. Steve let out a grunt as he greedily lapped up all that she had to offer. She slumped on the bed. With a smack of his lips against her folds, Steve pulled away, making a show of licking his lips. "Fucking amazing, baby, you're so fucking good to me," he smiled as he lay on top of her, caging her underneath him.
"Stevie," she murmured and wrapped her arms around him, bringing him in for a kiss. "Y/N/N, baby," he whispered back in between the kisses they exchanged. Then he shrugged off his briefs, allowing his impressive length to jump out and hit his lower abdomen. Y/N's almost drooled as he reached for the bedside drawer, pulling out a bottle of lube from it.
He poured some of it on his palm and covered his cock with it, turning to Y/N. She tentatively reached for it; he hissed when her fingers came in contact with his cock. "Fuck, babe, shit, ah," he moaned as she gripped it, slowly moving her hand up and down his length. "That feel good?" she smiled a little. "Feels fucking amazing," he replied, desperately trying to hold himself back because her hands were magic.
When he felt himself unable to hold back, he pushed Y/N's hand away. Roughly grabbing her hips, he adjusted her on the bed and got on top of her, sliding into her warm cunt in one fluid motion. Both of them cried out that the sensation, Y/N's hands reaching up to grab his biceps. "Steve, oh God, fuck!" she screamed as his hips snapped back and forth at blinding speeds. "God? I've only ever heard daddy before, but God sounds good," he chuckled cockily.
Sweat dripped down Y/N's forehead as she moved like a rag doll against Steve's powerful thrusts. Another knot started forming in Y/N's abdomen as Steve reached spots inside her she didn't even know she had that felt so good.
He was also trying his hardest to hold back. "Mm, fuck, fuck!" Y/N whined as she felt her orgasm fast approaching. "Gonna cum again, doll?" he panted and she nodded furiously, her eyes screwed shut. "Good, I'm close too. Let go for me, angel, I'm right here," he assured her and the knot inside her broke. Y/N let out a pornographic moan as she relaxed against the bed, coming all over Steve's cock. He bit her shoulder to muffle his sounds of pleasure; the way her cunt was clenching over his cock...
He couldn't hold himself back either. Steve shouted her name as he pulled out of her, stroking himself a couple times before spilling his release over her stomach and chest. He slumped on top of her as both of them simply stayed there, catching their breaths. "Well, wasn't this a perfect welcome home?" he grinned cheekily and Y/N laughed tiredly, slapping his chest.
"I need another bath now," she pouted and Steve immediately stood up, carrying her bridal style towards the bathroom. "We can share the bath. Then we'll have dinner, and then we can finally finish yesterday's paperwork, okay?"
"Okay, but no drinking this time."
"Come on, bunny..."
"No, Stevie."
"Ugh, okay, fine."
"Good boy."
"Stop that."
a/n: thanks for reading, leave a like if you enjoyed!
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angrythingstarlight · a month ago
A Nudge in the Right Direction
Summary: expanded from this post. You get a little comfortable around the group and your friends plot against in the best way possible
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Steve x reader
Warnings: Steve is the warning😂, shy reader.
|Masterlist| Biker Masterlist|
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Steve watches from the corner of the room, hiding his proud smirk behind his beer. He likes how comfortable she is around his friends.
Steve's about to turn to Ari to ask him if they should think about upping their shipments for the garage but then he hears that filthy word come out of her mouth.
And his mouth goes dry-absolutely dry despite the beer clinging to his tongue, his jeans tighten around his crotch like he's a goddamn teenager again and he has to adjust himself to keep everyone in the room from seeing that he sprung a raging hardon all because his girl said fuck.
Now all he can think about-focus on-is how he's going to get his sweet, shy girl to say that again but this time with her legs over his shoulders.
Sunshine nudges you with her elbow. “It worked,” she whispers surreptitiously, grinning wildly at you. “Look at him, he’s been eye fucking you for the past five minutes.
Heat blooms in your cheeks and slithers down your neck and chest. “Nope. Not unless you want me to spontaneously combust.”
Your heart is slamming against your ribcage so hard you’re shocked that no one can hear how loud it’s beating. The back of your neck prickles and you know why. Steve. You resist the urge to rub your palm across it, instead you sneak a peek over your shoulder. He can’t possibly be staring at you.
Not only is he staring, he's undressing you, imagining all the things he wants to do to you of youd let him.
Your eyes flicker across the room, landing on his intense blue gaze and it’s like the time, you went on a rollercoaster, steadily climbing toward the top, stomach flipping, nerves clawing at your chest as you reach the peak.
Part of you knows all the dirty, filthy thoughts going throug his mind and you shiver, unable to look away. His lips curve into a wicked smirk and you feel it in your veins, setting your skin ablaze. Then Steve winks. And you plummet headfirst, going 100 mph down a path you can’t control, exhilarating and terrifying all at once.
You turn back so fast; it gives you whiplash. “Yeah, not ready for that,” you giggle into your cup, wide eyes staring down at the pink liquid. “Nope. Not today.”
The girls exchange glances, subtly texting about you and Steve in their group chat. “That’s fine. So, what are you doing tomorrow?”
You’re still lost in the sensation of free-falling that you miss the conspiratorial cadence in Gorgeous’s question. “Um, not much, I have the day off.”
“Good, because we’re going shopping and you’re coming with us.” She states, gazing warmly at you, even as she fires off another text.
They all know if you had even the slightest idea what they were planning, you would run out of the room so fast, you’d leave a trail of smoke in your wake. 
"Thank you." You lift your head, a shy smile tugging at your lips, normally you’d turn down something like this but you promised yourself you’d try new things. "That sounds like fun. Where are we going? I need some new jeans.”
“Oh its a new place, lot of variety-you’ll love it.” Marcie looks down at her phone, covering her snort with a weak cough. She can’t wait to see your face when they pull up to the playhouse, the town’s only sex shop.
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drabblewithfrannybarnes · a month ago
The Phone Call (5/?)
Tumblr media
Pairings: collegehockeyplayer!steve rogers x female reader (Cappy x bug)
Warnings: idiots in like, banter, innuendos, teasing- lots of teasing, explicit language (must be 18+)
Word Count: 2.3K
A/N: not beta read. All mistakes are my own.
Cappy and bug: hockey AU
Lucky Charms: hockey AU
Tumblr media
"Bug?" Cappy answered the call after the second ring, "you OK?"
"I won't take money from Mary" you exhaled, chewing at your thumbnail as you sat cross-legged in your bed. Your room was pitch black, save the light from your phone screen. You finally gave in and called Cappy after you had been tossing and turning for nearly an hour.
"...um... good?" Steve laughed, getting up from the living room couch and making his way towards the stairs.
"Cappy... where are you going? It's your turn" you heard a women's voice whining in the background.
"You're busy" you exhaled, rolling your eyes, "I shouldn't have called."
"No, bug! I'm glad you called" you could picture Cappy's warm smile, "that's... nothing. It's movie and game night and some friends of the guys came over."
"It's almost 2am..." you frowned.
"Yeah" Steve agreed, making his way up the steps to his room.
"On a Wednesday" you added.
"Yup" he confirmed.
"You do movie and game nights until 2am on Wednesdays?" you asked, "what about classes or practice?"
"The team has late start on Thursday's" Steve said, pushing his bedroom door open and finding Gretzky curled up on his bed. Steve crossed the room before sinking down gently next to the small sleeping cat.
"Everyone on the team?" you asked.
"Everyone on the team" he confirmed, smiling into his phone, "you could come sometime" he offered, "if you're really that worried about our sleep habits..."
"I wasn't..." you huffed before Steve cut you off.
"I'd definitely stay in bed if you tucked me in..." you could almost hear his eyebrows waggle while he mercilessly flirted.
"Meatball" you rolled your eyes, fighting the urge to smirk at his ridiculousness.
"OK..." Steve shrugged, "But seriously" his laugh was warm before he cleared his throat, "you could come over for a movie night... the rest of the team would be here... not just me... it would be nice."
"No thanks" you said, shooting him down -too quickly- before thinking better of it, "but... it's not... I don't... I mean..." your exhale was heavy, struggling to find the words, "I don't hate you."
"Good to know" he laughed, "if you change your mind, next week's movie night is Gremlins."
"Gremlins?" you snorted, "that weird 80s movie with the gerbil things?"
"They’re called Mogwai" Steve corrected, laughing, "it's Storm's favorite movie from when he was a kid... I picked Goonies for mine..."
"Oh... well I guess that's kinda cool" you smirked.
There was a long beat, but it was a comfortable quiet.
"So... what's up, ladybug?" Steve finally asked, breaking the silence.
"I... couldn't sleep" you said, narrowing your brows as you faltered for only a second at the new term of endearment, "I know you're trying to be nice... but I won't take Mary's money..."
"You keep saying that" Steve's brows furrowed with confusion.
"Well... it's true..." you were determined.
"Bug... can ya help me out here?" Cappy quipped, "I know that beautiful brain of yours is a lot bigger than mine... but I'm not following."
You felt your cheeks heat as you ducked your face, resting your cheekbone on your knuckles and smiling so hard it made your face hurt.
"Oh... uh... yeah" you sputtered, "well, Frank said the team raised money for Mary last year. If the adoption drive is taking away from fundraising for Mary, I don't want to do it... I won't" you clarified.
"Is that it?" Steve's voice was warm, sighing with relief.
"Well... yeah" you said, "I couldn't sleep."
"You in bed, bug?" that peaked his interest.
"Yes" you said, rolling your eyes at his suggestive tone.
"Me too" he smirked, hooking an arm under his head as he leaned back on his pillow.
"If you ask me what I'm wearing... I'm gonna hang up on you" you threatened.
"The fundraiser won't be taking any money from the fund we have set up for Mary" Steve clarified, smirking at your empty threat.
"Good" you sighed, relief rolling through your body as you sank back into your bed, eyelids feeling heavier, "thank you..."
"No problem, sweetheart" Steve's bedroom voice had a low timbre to it that made you shiver, "I'll talk to you to..." he started.
"Did you remember the shirts?" you interrupted his goodbye.
"Yes, I remembered the shirts" he smiled, "but I got something tomorrow morning so I asked Sam if he could run them over to your place" Steve said.
"OK... I have a class at 10, but I'll be here before then" you confirmed.
"Yup, already told him he needs to be there at 9 to catch you before you leave" Steve said.
"How did you..." you started to ask, fighting back a yawn.
"Your itinerary" Steve smiled, "you added your schedule in case we needed you... I gave you mine too... on a post it in your new planner."
"I saw that" a small smile spread across your face, "along with your hockey schedule- dates and times of all your games... you even let me know when you'd be away."
"Well... I figured you'd want to know for when I ask you on a date" Steve's laugh made your heart flutter.
"Who said we're going on a date?" you goaded.
"Well... hopefully you" Steve laughed, "I've got a five step plan to win you over..."
"That's nice" you sighed, only half hearing him as you started to drift off.
"Night, bug" Steve murmured into the phone.
"Wait!" you rolled over on your side, not wanting to end the call just yet as you cradled the phone gently to your ear, "will you tell me something? Tell me something about Cappy that not many people know..."
"Like what?" he laughed.
"Something you don't use to impress" you smirked, chewing your bottom lip.
"Ummmm... l dunno... I hate peas" he laughed.
"Boo... everyone hates peas" your words were slightly slurred with sleep.
"You're cute" Steve's voice was so soft you almost missed it.
"You're cute" you shot back sleepily before your eyes snapped open, "I mean... I..."
"You think I'm cute" Steve teased.
"No" you chirped, "I was half asleep!"
"You think I'm cute... no take backs..." Steve continued taunting.
"I'm hanging up" you said, half-heartedly.
"No!" Steve laughed, "OK… OK… something no one knows about me? Um... I was a really sick kid... like really sick" he offered, "bad asthma and always had that croupy kinda cough. But my Ma's a nurse and took me to the best doctors around. They told her to try cold air in the winter when my croup got real bad. It's how I started skating when I was around 3... and then I got stronger and started hockey when I was a little older" Steve said.
"Wow... Mr beefcake meatball? A sickly kid? I would have never guessed" you teased affectionately.
"Yeah, hockey's made my lungs stronger. I still have exercise induced asthma but it only gets real bad if I gotta do shifts back-to-back" Steve said.
"You learned how to skate when you were 3?" you sounded a little shocked.
"Yup" Cappy shrugged.
"I don't know how to skate" you yawned.
"Well, we're gonna have to change that" Steve smiled.
"You wanna teach me how how to skate?" you snorted with laughter.
"Yeah" he shrugged, sitting up and leaning against the wall.
"I can't picture you teaching anyone how to skate" you laughed.
"Hey... I've helped out at mini mite camps back home" he said, "I'm gonna teach Mary too" he continued, "gonna get her her first pair of skates... and no figure skates, hockey skates."
"Can Mary even walk?" you smiled, your stomach doing a flip at how cute Steve was with Frank's niece.
"She's crawling and pulling up on the coffee table" Steve said, "she'll be ready soon."
"That’ll be cute" you smiled into the phone.
"You can come watch" Steve offered, "if you want... I can teach you both..."
"Frank wouldn't mind?" you asked.
"Not at all... Frank really likes you... he's never that... not cranky" Steve said with a laugh.
"He likes me?" you smirked, "maybe you could... give him my number..." you goaded.
"Really?" Cappy huffed, not sure if you were serious or not.
"Yeah... I mean he's really cute" you smirked, "and then there's Mary" you teased.
"But I introduced you to Mary!" Steve grumbled.
"You think Frank would teach me how to skate?" you were just being mean now.
"Really?" Cappy's voice went up an octave.
"No... you doofus! I'm messing with you" a fit of sleepy giggles followed before you added, "as much as I know I'll regret it... I kinda have my eye on another meatball" your heart was kicking against your ribcage.
"I knew it" Cappy sat up, pumping a fist into the air as he jumped up from his bed, scaring Gretzky in the process, and doing his go-to goal celly.
"Don't ruin it" you whined, rolling your eyes as you laughed at the image of him celebrating around his room.
"So... you wanna come over after the game this weekend?" his excitement with palpable.
"Won't Bonnie or any of your other adoring fans be disappointed?" you smirked.
"No" Steve shrugged sitting back down on his bed before his tone dropped serious, "I'm not seeing anyone. Frank wasn't lying... I haven't had a girl over since that night."
"Bully for you" you voice was dripping with sarcasm, "you know that's not really an accomplishment, right? Most people aren't bedding a new person every night..."
"Bedding a new person" Steve snorted.
"What?" you frowned.
"Nothing... I just like the way you talk..." he smiled, "you remind me of Frank."
"I remind you of your best friend?" you asked, "isn't that weird?"
"No" Steve shrugged, "I kinda like it."
"So... say I do come over... what will we do?" you asked, "I'm not showering with you..."
"Like just this weekend or ever?" Steve asked.
"What?" you squeaked.
"You'd never shower with me?" Steve smirked.
"What?... I... no" you felt your cheeks flush with warmth.
"Never?" he pressed, "not even if you were my girlfriend?"
"When was the last time you had a girlfriend?" you scoffed.
"I don't know..." Cappy said, "when was the last time you had a boyfriend?"
"About a year ago" you said, "he... it was long distance and just didn't work out. He said I didn't make enough time for him... that I wasn't a good girlfriend."
"Hmmm" Steve's tone didn't give much away.
"What?" you chirped, embarrassed at your lack-of-sleep induced overshare.
"I think you'd make a good girlfriend" he said it so matter-of-factly that it made your stomach flip.
"How would you even know?" you smiled bashfully, rubbing at your tired eyes with the back of your hand.
"Only one way to find out" Steve smirked.
"Oh... you're good" you scoffed, "gross... you’re too good at that" you cringed, "so that's how you do it?"
"Do what?" Steve asked.
"Get all the ladies?" you said, "you're using your meatball charms on me..."
"What? Meatball charms?" Steve snorted, "no...I'm... we were just talking..."
"So... how many has this worked on?" you smirked, "how many women are you just talking to at a time?" you asked out of curiosity.
"I mean... I don't know... do you want a list?" Steve asked with a nervous exhale.
"Is that how you keep track?" you asked, honestly.
"Geez, bug" Steve choked, "you really think I'm that bad?"
"What you do is on you... no judgment" you said.
"Bullshit" Steve shot back, "you've been judging me since we first met..."
"I have not" you chirped.
"Who gave me the charming Captain Meatball nickname that I just can’t seem to shake?" he smirked.
"I... oh, shit" you laughed, "you're right" you confessed with a heavy exhale, "well… if it makes you feel any better… I know now that there's more to you then just a meatball that sleeps with everyone in sight."
"Thank yo..." Steve started.
"A teeny-tiny bit more..." you interrupted him with a giggle.
"Whatever" he laughed, leaning back on his pillow and rolling his eyes playfully.
"I wouldn't normally mind... about who you're sleeping with" you pointed out, "the only reason I care is because..." you paused.
"Because?" you could hear the curiosity in his tone.
"Because I guess I kinda like you" you surrendered.
"That wasn't so hard" Steve laughed as you rolled your eyes, "you know I wasn't always like this..." he offered.
"Like what?" you asked.
"I had a girlfriend all freshman year and another one sophomore into the first part of junior year... and then after Frank left the team... I dunno... I just started hooking up with random girls..." Steve offered, honestly.
"I'm sorry" you whispered, "it must have been hard to watch your best friend go through that.. to lose him on the team."
"Nahh" Steve shrugged, "what he's had to deal with was so much worse... losing his sister, taking on Mary... his family's no help and he's not even sure when he'll finish school..." Steve's voice was strained with emotion and it made your chest tighten.
"I'm sorry, Steve..." you said, "we don't have to..."
"No... I'm glad it came up..." he cleared his throat, "I like talking to you, y/n."
"I like talking to you too, Steve" you smiled.
“Think that’s the first time you’ve used my real name” he smiled into the phone.
“It’s a nice name” you yawned, stretching your arms up over your head with a squeak.
"Oh, shit" Steve cursed, "it's real late... I'm sorry!"
"It's OK" you yawned again, "you don’t have to go…”
“I’ll talk to you soon, sweetheart” his laugh was light and warm.
“I'll talk to you soon” you sighed.
"Oh and uh... I tweaked the tshirt order a little, but I think you'll actually like it..." Steve said.
"Wait?" You shot up in your bed, "Steve what did you..."
"OK, sweet dreams, bug! Byyyeee" he rushed before the line went dead and the call ended.
"Damnit, Crappy!" you cursed, falling back on your pillow with a huff.
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