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#steve rogers fanfiction

Perched on one of the high bar chairs is his target: neatly combed blond hair with a face that showed age and quite possibly a lot of stress (Steve imagines it’s very nerve wracking to run a mob). He’s dressed in a crisp cotton blue button down with dark gray slacks. His jacket hangs over the back of the chair as he drinks an amber liquid from a stout glass with one ice cube. 

Steve walks over with confidence, though it quickly fades when a severe looking man appears from what seems like nowhere. He stops dead in his tracks. 

“Rogers. Where have you been?”

“I’m not who you think I am,” Steve begins again. “My name is Steven Rogers. I’m Hugh’s brother.” 

The man at the bar, Pierce, whips his head around so quickly he almost resembles an owl. 

“We’re twins,” he continues. 

“What’s your business here, then?” the man says, placing his hand on his hip. Steve’s seen cops use that move all the time. It’s not only a sign of authority, it draws attention to the weapon resting on the hip.

“I’d like to talk to Mr. Pierce for a moment. I need his help.”

Steve is shocked by what happens next. 

“Come, now, Rollins,” Pierce calls with a smile on his face. “He’s a Rogers. I’m happy to have a friendly discussion with him.”

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Requests: I see you’re taking request. May I get a fic of Chris Evans and a teenage daughter of his? You can come up with the plot of the story. It’s fine if you don’t want to do it. – Anonymous

Summary: Chris been so busy with his career that he never have time to spend with Lauren. Will he put his focus onto his daughter or is his career more important to him?

Warnings: Angst

Pairing: Dad Chris Evans x Teenage daughter OFC (Lauren)

A/N: This fic will be split into parts. (Proofread & Edited)


Originally posted by beardedchrisevans

Part 1

Chris has been working nonstop for the last couple of weeks. He hasn’t been able to talk to anyone or do anything for that matter.

This was his first time in a long time he been home for the longest. He was in the kitchen cooking breakfast while music was playing from his phone.

He was humming to the song when he heard something.

“Your home early dad.” Chris looked slightly over his shoulder and saw Lauren.

“Yeah, I took off for a couple of days.” Lauren nods, getting herself something to drink from the fridge.

It wasn’t like Chris to be home at all. His own daughter even finds it weird that he was even here.

“I told the babysitter not to come by so I’m here now.” He said cooking some scrambled eggs with pepper on the stove in a pan.

“Yeah for now.” Lauren tried to mumble underneath her breathe lowly but her own father caught what she said.

She grabs a cup from the cabinet, then pours herself some cranberry juice in a cup. She closed the juice, then put it back in the fridge.

“What’s that supposed to mean young lady?” He peeked over at her.

She grabs her cup and took a sip. “Nothing.” Walking out the kitchen, she sat at the table mumbling underneath her breathe.

Chris sighed, feeling like he knew what she meant by that. He grabs two plates from the cabinet, then filled it up with breakfast food he cooked.

He put everything in the dishwasher, then took a cup and juice from the fridge walking over to the table. He went back to the kitchen to grab the two plates and forks before finally going to sit at the table.

“I thought you be happy I’m home.” Lauren sighed eating her food slowly chewing it in her mouth.

“Aren’t you?” Chris asked, taking a half piece of bacon and put it in his mouth.

“Dad.” Her eyes were on him. “Listen to me carefully.” Now she was catching an attitude with him. “You are never home so why started now.”

His eyes softened when she said that. He never thought he heard those words any time soon.

“Sweetheart, I–” Chris tried to speak, but she interrupted him.

“Let’s not do this right now.” Lauren looked at him, then began eating her breakfast again.

By the time they finally finished their food it was quiet between them. Chris really wanted to sit down and talked about this, but he didn’t know where to start.

Lauren washes the dishes in the kitchen sink that was left dirty. Tears roll down her cheeks as Chris heard her sniffles. He felt like his heart broken in half.

“Lauren.” He got up from his seat and walked slowly over to her.

All the movies and meetings Chris be at he never had time to chat or connected with her. He never bothers to even ask how she was doing at one point. In his mind, he knew he was a terrible father.

Lauren finished washing the dishes then put them to dry. She dried her hands with a paper towel as she turned around to see him in front of her.

“Baby.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her into a hug.

Lauren cried into her father’s chest. She cried and cried.

“I’m so so so sorry.” Chris pressed his lips against hers while he rubs her back. “Daddy is so sorry princess.”

She sobbed and sobbed until she couldn’t cry anymore. She pulled away from him and wipe her tears away with her thumb.

“Hey, how about we go for a walk in the park, then go to the pet store.” Chris’s eyes felt with hope.

Lauren let a chuckle. “You mean it, dad?”

“Yes, go get ready kiddo.” He smiled a bit.

Lauren walked passed him going to her room to get dressed. Chris knew he had a lot of father and daughter moments, making up to do.

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Moodboard by @princess-evans-addict

Pairings: Steve Rogers x OFC x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, physical assault, oral sex (male receiving), drug use, exotic dancing

Summary: Being born with the words of two soulmates was rare, and you were one of them.  You had no idea that when you started a new job as Pepper Potts’ personal assistant you would end up finding both of your soulmates.  Things start off great, but what happens when Steve and Bucky find out about your double life and your side job?

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Part 11 ~  The video, bad mission and Thanksgiving (November)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Swearing, frustrating Steve, kind of angsty sometimes.

Wordcount: About 2500 words

Summary:  Y/N is in love with Steve, but she is afraid to tell him. So she tries to show him by using Cheesy Pickup lines. Will he ever notice her?

A/N: This is written for @buckysmischief​  Gab’ s 1k writing challenge.

This takes place after Endgame, But Steve did not leave the future. Nat and Tony are still alive.

Almost all pickup-lines are lines I have found on the internet. Some I have adjusted a bit to fit the storyline more.


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A/N: Hello, guys! I’m back. All this quarantine stuff started affecting me a bit so I needed to relieve some tensions. This writing is from my old masterlist but I corrected the mistakes and added some more things. I hope you like it. The gif is not mine. Credits to its owner.

Warnings: mentions of death, suffering and Steve being a softie.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve wants your panties. 

Note: This is completely raw copy. It’s not edited. Have fun.


Originally posted by sleepy-barnes

“Slip them into my backpack by the door.” 

You arched your eyebrow at the request and shook your head. “I will not,” you replied, moving about the kitchen. 

“I’ll be gone a month,” he said as he slipped a shirt on, watching you in a tank top and underwear at the stove. “It’d be nice to have something to remember you by.” 

“You have photos on your phone.” 

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Broken, Mended Chapter 4

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader, Sam Wilson x Reader (platonic)

Summary: After breaking off an engagement, Y/N may have possibly hit rock bottom. But she doesn’t have time to think about it because she gets deployed to Iraq. Leaving their daughter with her friend, Sam Wilson, she’s gone for a year. She doesn’t like talking about her ex-fiance and is unsure if she’ll ever be able to love again. What happens a certain Captain is his literal doppelganger?

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Lots of swears in this one, sorry. Feelings of anger, betrayal. Drama. But also feels.

A/N: Normalize 👏 Platonic 👏 M/F 👏 Love 👏  (in case you can’t tell by this point, Y/N and Sam are very close. If you’re a Grey’s fan, I picture it very much like Mer and Alex. Two people who could never picture themselves in a relationship but would die for each other.) (omg i’m booboo the fool. another great example would be nat and clint?)
This is for @ussgallifreyfics​ 550 follower writing challenge!
Takes place during Civil War.

tag list is open


Originally posted by riricitaa

Y/N doesn’t know how long she’s out, but when she wakes up she can tell she’s in a completely different place. She’s not laying on the ground, but whatever she’s on is not comfortable in the least. As she stirs awake, she can also tell she no longer has her wings on, nor any of her pistols. Freaking out, she sits up quickly, groaning as her head still hurts. Still disoriented, she doesn’t see the person jog past her, but she hears them. “Your girl’s awake too, Sam.”

He lets out a dry chuckle, “Not my girl, Cap.” 

When she hears his voice, she lets out a deep exhale and slowly leans herself against the wall, closing her eyes for a moment. Now a little more with her bearings, she can tell she’s simply laying on a piece of plywood over a couple wooden pallets. She doesn’t open her eyes but can tell Sam’s next to her now. She sarcastically smiles, eyes still closed, “Were you just going to keep this from me Sam? Didn’t think I was going to find out?”

He sighs, “Not this way at least. I’d rather it be in DC. What are you doing here anyways? I thought you were only supposed to be in Vienna.”

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Pareja: Steve Rogers X Lectora

Palabras: 1220 palabras

Resumen: Simples acciones te llevaron a pensar que Steve no te correspondía cuando la realidad era otra.

Advertencias: Ninguna.

A/N: Flashbacks están en cursivas.

Es mi entrada para P8tn0lish Sweet 200 Challenge con la frase de la canción #10:

So I moved to California, but it’s just a state of mind, it turns out everywhere you go, you take yourself, that’s not a lie. Wish that you would hold me or just say that you were mine-it’s killing me slowly”. Lana Del Rey, Fuck it I love you.

No doy ningún permiso para que mis fics sean publicados en otra plataforma o idioma (yo traduzco mi propio trabajo). Si encuentras alguno de mis trabajos en una plataforma diferente y no es alguna de mis cuentas, por favor avísame. Los reblogs están bien.

Si te gusto por favor vota, comenta y rebloguea.

Un año que ha pasado desde que te fuiste a California, aceptaste la misión porque querías alejarte de él, era doloroso, probablemente él ni siquiera sabía que te había herido porque nunca lograste confesarle tus sentimientos, sin embargo creía que al irte a otro lugar podrías olvidarlo, pero parecía que la vida le gustaba recordarte de su existencia

 Habías regresado a Nueva York, tu misión ya había terminado en California, sabías lo que te esperaba, aunque esta vez creías que podrías soportar volver a verlo.

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Getting hurt on a mission like really really hurt and Steve being an absolute wreck

Originally posted by shwdgold

Warnings: angst, wounds, blood and all that jaz.

It was complete static, the useless piece in Steve’s ear made them ring. A high-pitch squeal when the missals shot into the ground and in it’s wake. The loud cracking of tress, sharp rock shards cutting his face, the ground beneath the Captain exploding throwing his body across the land. He let out a loud groan, holding his tender ribs but struggles to stand. “Is everyone okay?”

It was still static, but pieces of words such as “Good,” and “All good Cap,” began to puzzle together all except one. “Agent Y/N, can you hear me?”

Breathing soft and slow with his hand finger hold the ear piece, maybe hoping it wasn’t close enough but nothing. His eyebrows move up, creasing the line of his cupid’s bow in confusion. “Y/N?”

It’s hard to focus on the bullets that wiz past but he’s quick to react shield protecting him as well as his speed as he takes shelter behind a tree, still standing but barely. “Someone check on Y/N.”

“On it.” Sam could be heard, the wings above creating a low swish but it doesn’t last long as he quickly lands. Sam takes a few breaths, his hand slide underneath her body, muscles strong but lifeless. Hooded eyes meet his, barely awake, a hiss falling from her mouth as Sam mumbles, “It’s alright just relax for me.”

“Got her Cap, it’s not good.” Steve’s heart thumped roughly at those words as if someone reached deep inside his chest, and squeezing it roughly-toying with him. “Where are you? I’m coming.”

Steve’s finger slip under her neck, softly creasing the notch of her vertebrae. “Stay awake for me honey.” Voice is warm, soft making her lean into his touch more.

Blood soaks his hands, small ridges of his finger fill with it. The smell of metallic makes him almost sick to his stomach, eyes watering lightly at the reality of the situation. His girl, almost lifeless, his finger following the trail of smeared blood across her face, blood spurting from her hip through her suit. The Captain is quick to rip a piece of small cloth from her leg, pressing it against her wound to keep pressure against it. Her chest fell, breaths shallow as her eyes start to close, she tries her best to keep them open but fails up until Steve grasp her cheeks into his hands. Her skin feels cold as he rest her head on his lap. “Keep your eyes open for me doll, look at me.”

He uses his palm to brush hair away from her face, smearing the blood across her face but he doesn’t care as he leans his head against hers. “Keep your eyes open, please.”

“Sweetheart, look at me.” It’s a lost plea that had to affect on her, too lost in the subconscious filled with no pain. Tears break up the blood on his own face as he watches her chest fall. Eyes flash against the smooth skin of her face so lost he doesn’t even notice Sam’s presence once again, “I’ll take her to safety, I’ll get help.”

The Cap nods, pressing one more soft kiss against her forehead before she’s lifted into the air and out of his grasp. 

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Part 10 ~  Tired, dictionary and Halloween (October)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Swearing, frustrating Steve, kind of angsty sometimes.

Wordcount: About 2500 words

Summary:  Y/N is in love with Steve, but she is afraid to tell him. So she tries to show him by using Cheesy Pickup lines. Will he ever notice her?

A/N: This is written for @buckysmischief​  Gab’ s 1k writing challenge.

This takes place after Endgame, But Steve did not leave the future. Nat and Tony are still alive.

Almost all pickup-lines are lines I have found on the internet. Some I have adjusted a bit to fit the storyline more.


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Reader x pre-serum!Steve please! Maybe something along the lines of Steve getting beat up really bad one night and he has to go to the hospital and is helped by a pretty nurse? And they talk for a long time because he has a concussion and is not supposed to sleep or something and it’s fluffy? It doesn’t have to be very long



Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Medical references made with zero research. Brief mentions of blood.

A/N: I’m sorry this is so short, but I hope you like it anyways. Who knows, maybe I’ll get inspired to write more and edit it at another time, and I’ll definitely let you know if I do. But this is what I wrote for now, and I hope you like it! Thank you for the prompt - it was a very interesting one and I mulled over this piece for quite a while.


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

She’s gentle with her hands, and gentler with her voice. Slow, molasses thick Brooklyn accent reduced to murmurs of does this hurt? as she gingerly places pressure at different points around Steve’s head, continuously trying to avert her eyes from those pretty lips. Dabs some antiseptic on a cotton swabs and brings it to his battered knuckles with a this’ll sting a little, sugar. After that thorough examination, and cleaning his simpler wounds, relishing in the buttercream softness of the skin revealed under drying blood, she seems to come to a conclusion.

“You have a concussion, Mr. Rogers,” the nurse declares, closing the first aid kit. “Nothing much to do now except wait for the doctor and keep you awake,” she tells him with a sorry smile and a glance at the late hour her wristwatch indicates. Tries to still her pounding heart, quiet its frantic beat so as to not give her away.

“And when will that be?” His friend asks from behind her. He has been tapping his foot nonstop since he got here.

“As soon as he’s free.” She knows this one - Barnes is a notorious name amongst available girls with a penchance for a strong jawline - and forgives him this subconscious habit because she sees the concern for his friend etched into his face. And no wonder, because what a friend he must be.

Based on the snippets of conversation and scolding that has been flying over her shoulder since Barnes arrived, it only took an offhand comment from another young fella at the bar for Steve to leap to his friend’s defense. Frail can only describe his physique - his heart is anything but.

If a doctor doesn’t get here soon, she thinks she might need to leave before this boy’s gorgeous baby-blues send her to her grave. He’s so beautiful. As patient and calm as anyone could be with a potential concussion, sat on the examination table in wait for a doctor as if for a dentist’s appointment.

Hasn’t done a whole lot besides snipe back at his friend and answer her questions. And tug at her heartstrings, of course. If she was 15 instead of 25, she might say that it’s a crush, but wartime has no space for love, as far from the battlefield as they might be.

Nonetheless, something swells in her chest. If this boy, soft as silk and hard as steel, can fight American rogues with fire in his eyes, then surely the country’s doing alright. Surely, there is hope yet. In the golden halo of his head, and the light in his face when he turns away from his disgruntled friend to look at the recruitment poster. Yearning in his eyes, and warmth in hers.

Taglist: @suz-123 @mermaidxatxheart @buckyreaderrecs @shield-agent78 @corneliabarnes @readerandcinephileingeneral @stevieboyharrington @notsomellowmushroom @veganfangirl5 @mood-pancakes @lbuck121 @redhairedfeistynerd @geeksareunique

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Originally posted by beardedsteverogers

This is my entry for @darkficsyouneveraskedfor Pre-Code Writing Challenge. I chose the movie Loose Ankles, where a young woman discovers she has inherited her grandmother’s fortune, but only if she can find and marry a man.

Summary: The night of Harlan’s birthday party, Harlan tells Ransom he’s cutting his family out of his will. No one will get a single red dime. But, still seeing potential in his grandson, Harlan offers Ransom a deal.

Warnings: smut, 18+, oral sex, tipsy sex, fingering, unprotected sex, choking, low-key Dom Ransom, fluff, Ransom discovering love and not knowing what to do

Unbelievable. Un-fucking-believable. 

Ransom sped down the road, rage seething inside him as he gripped the steering wheel so tightly his knuckles were white. Harlan fucking Thrombey just kicked his family to the curb, his eldest grandson included.

Marta fucking Cabrera was inheriting his fortune. Harlan’s Brazilian nurse. Jesus, this all felt like a bad joke.

But, of course, Harlan wouldn’t just stop there. No, he wanted to make Ransom suffer.

If he could settle down and establish himself, ‘find a nice girl’ as Harlan so blatantly described it, he would give Ransom back his cut of the inheritance. It made Ransom’s blood boil just thinking about it. Ransom Drysdale didn’t date. He didn’t do domesticity. The old man knew that. 

But if it meant he could get his stupid money back, he would do whatever it took. As he pulled into the bar, taking a deep breath, he took his keys out the ignition. He needed a drink if he was going to do this. 

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My extremely late submission for my favourite aussie’s @imanuglywombat writing challenge. Technically a part two to my ‘Forever and Always’ fic but you can read it as a stand alone. Basically the honeymoon that followed the wedding, and Steve and his new wife with the early stages of their pregnancy. Also, smut, and how much Steve loves his new wife being pregs.

Pairing: Steve x Reader (enhanced)

Words: 6.5K

Warnings: smut (also should mention that it’s pregnancy smut?), fluff, mentions of death

A/N: if you’d like to read ‘forever and always’ first, you can so here. Also, I cannot thank the lovely @imanuglywombat​ for being so incredibly patient and still letting me submit despite being so ridiculously late! You’re amazing Laura! 


You let out a sigh of contentment as you felt the sunshine bleed through your eyelids, enjoying the feel of the warmth on your skin and the soothing sounds of the ocean waves behind you. Bliss. At least, that’s what it felt like, finally getting to relax after everything that had happened after the wedding. You smiled to yourself. Mrs Steven Rogers. It had a ring to it and you didn’t think you’d ever get used to it, the idea of being Captain America’s wife still not quite believed in your brain. 

Steve was the love of your life - you’d known it from the first date you’d had together, after you’d been rescued by the Avengers and taken to the compound only to begin your own Avenger training. Even as you’d gotten to know them all as you’d trained with them side by side, you’d always known that Steve had an interest in you, just like you did with him. When he’d finally plucked up the courage and asked you to dinner - which you’d later discovered had been a result of Nat’s insistent pushing, you’d found yourself quickly falling head over heels for the blonde super soldier. What followed quickly blossomed into a beautiful, all consuming love, and you knew that your life would never be the same.

You smiled as your mind drifted back to the wedding. What could you say about it? It had been magical, perfect, the kind of day that only ever seemed to happen in movies. Everything from the faultless weather to the incredible ceremony to the extravagant reception - it had all been perfect. You remembered the way you felt when you took that first look at yourself in the mirror, the way your gorgeous dress had skimmed your body flawlessly, your hair and makeup exactly as you’d wanted. You remembered the way Steve’s face had looked when he’d first laid eyes on you at the end of the aisle, the way his ocean blue eyes had welled with tears and he’d covered his mouth like he was holding back a sob. Most importantly you remembered the way you felt when you heard Bruce say those words, when he’d finally and officially declared you and Steve married, as one, Mr and Mrs Steven Rogers. You smiled. It was a day that would be forever etched into your memories, a day that you knew you’d never forget.

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Quarantine: Shades of Pink (StevexPregnant!Reader)

A/N: Hi again! Soooo yeah. Quarantine has been ticking me off lately cos I dont have much to do… On top of that, I just want to be creative today and make a fic. I see y'all didnt fancy the last fic I made since it’s not in line with the current world issue of quarantine. Soooo im here to make one more for ya… This might turn into a preference sooner or later if I keep adding more and more… But, yeah… so I hope you enjoy Steve and you being pregnant… Bonus at the end hehe

Pairing: Steve Rogers (Captain America) x Pregnant!Reader

Word count: idk.

Warnings: Language and fluff

Normal POV

You’re at the common room, sitting on the couch as you read yet again, another J.K. Rowling book, as you love Harry Potter so much as much as you do the other books. It’s actually of the only things that keep you going during quarantine, and 34 weeks pregnant to you and Steve’s twin girls.

You sighed as you felt kicks, both sides of your tummy. The babies active as you try to relax yourself. Sam looks at you with a wierd face as he watches your tummy move.

“Don’t fuck with me y/n you’re doing this on purpose!” He said kinda scared shitless as he watched your tummy form moving bumbs under Steve’s shirt you were wearing…

You laughed a little and shrugged it off, “Maybe I am, maybe I’m not…”

You felt the couch sink beside you, as Steve sat down. Grinning, his baby blues twinkling as he looks at you then your belly…

“Language, Sam…” he said as he planted a kiss on your temple, “The babies are listening…”

You giggled as he knelt in front of you, his puppy dog eyes asking for permission to lift the shirt to expose your large bump, which is due in a few weeks.

You nodded as he lifted the garment, exposing your tummy. You became bashful, as you saw stretch marks all over your growing tummy. He grinned and he kissed your bump, tickling you with his beard, cooing at your unborn children.

“You know, your mommy’s pretty… and the marks on her tummy make her more prettier…” he cooed as he kissed your tummy again, looking at you as you smiled, not minding his grammar to express more to what he wants to say.

Your belly moved at every word that Steve spoke… You immediately knew that the girls will be both daddy’s girls when they grow into toddlers as they loved his voice.

“And daddy will give you everything you want…” you grinned as Steve chuckled smiling at you and kissing your hand, bloated by the excess fluid in your pregnant body.


Few Weeks Later~

“One will be named Toni and the other one Starr…” Tony said outside you and Steve’s shared bedroom.

“Natasha and Natalia sounds better…” Natasha retorted as they continued to bicker on the baby names.

“Either way, they are already born. It’s Steve and y/n’s choice on what name to choose. They are their flesh and blood anyway…” Vision said in his stoic voice.

You and Steve decided for you to give birth at the tower, since the Corona Virus in the United States is still scaring everyone. Including you, thinking that your babies won’t be safe at even a private hospital.

A few minutes passed and they heard the first baby cry. Everybody’s ears pressed against the door and wall of the bedroom.

“Oh my god, she’s coming… she’s coming…” you whimpered, muffled through the walls and door of the room. Faces of panic and excitement were exchanged among the rest of the Avengers, except for Bucky who looks confused as to why they are so interested hearing a birthing woman screaming her lungs out.

A few pushes later, the second cry was heard. Everybody cheered as they heard you and Steve cry a little

“They’re beautiful.”

Steve opened the door, teary eyed as he just saw his flesh and blood for the first time times two. He wiped away the tears as he smiled…

“They look perfect… You wanna see them?” He asked, the door slightly open, just to fit his body.

They all nodded as they entered the room. Crying and smiling as they saw the two bundles of joy cradled in your arms. One in a soft pink blanket and the other in a Barbie pink one.

“Avengers, meet Blair Natalia and Toni Serene Rogers…”

Your little girls, had your hair color, Steve’s blues and nose and your smile. Both healthy and beautiful, peacefully resting on your chest, each on either of your arms.

They held back tears as they talked about how pretty they look. A seamless blend of both their parent’s features.

Natasha looked at Tony as they both got their way in a way, at least, as they sometimes tend to treat everything as a wager. Bucky smiled as he hugged Steve as he told him that he had to name at least one of the babies in homage to his best friend.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed reading! I really enjoyed writing this…


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series masterlist

pairing: ceo!dad!steve x reader

word count: 1581

chapter summary: steve and tiana come back home.

taglist: @patzammit, @lille-kattunge,  @rohaintahquil, @deidrashouseofpain, @peach-acid, @allsortsofinterests, @mcueveryday,  @cptn-sgrogers, @heyiamthatbitch, @sadella-adams,  @aletteredaffair,  @isawritesstories, @knuffeltuff,  @societalfailure, @brastrangled, @anxiousstark, @captainsbxbygirl, @distractedgemini@kind-sober-fullydressed, @dreamlesswonder86, @xoxabs88xox, @evanstush, @kelbabyblue, @bucky-rrogers, @romaxnogersav, @southerngracela, @lokisironthrone, @christocrave, @jessyballet, @inactivewhore, @rynabarnesrogers, @swiftrogerswinchesterthot, @charmed-asylum​, @endofthelinewithyou​, @angelsuni​, @sweetlittlegingy

notes: this is a lil short but i didn’t want to keep you guys waiting any longer than i already have, sobssss i’m sorry!!! now that we’re on lockdown, i’ll hopefully have the next one out much faster! what do you guys think is coming in the next chapter though????


“Hey. Guys? You alright?” 

You and Stella looked up to Peter, poking his head into the room. He widened his eyes upon seeing Stella’s flushed cheeks, about to let himself in- then noticed the crib in the room. “What happened?” he whispered, frowning in concern. You stood up, looking down to Stella before looking to him. “Long story. But everything’s okay.” You assured him, glancing back to Stella. “But Stella was just about to tell me something– can you just give us a few more-”

“Actually, never mind.” Stella suddenly stood up as well, shaking her head. “It’s okay. It’s not that important.” She looked at Peter with a smile you could tell was forced, though she did truly seem like she was trying to move on from the subject. “Honestly, I could definitely go for a movie right now.” She looked at you, barely biting her lip. “Thank you, though. For listening to me and helping me out.” You blinked but nodded your head, though looked at her uncertainly-she shook her head again, walking out of the room with you. “Honestly. It’s fine. I’m fine, thanks to you.” She gave you a more sincere smile, turning her head back to look at the sleeping baby. “I feel a lot better now.” Peter gave both of you a funny look, but raised a brow as he gestured for you to follow. “Ned just got here, he’s waiting downstairs. C’mon, let’s go.”

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summary: you’re in A Mood™ and your man will do anything for you
pairing: nomad!Steve x reader (what? I KNOW)
a/n1: nomad!Steve and his beard (a warning, always)
a/n2: NSFW, SMUT, and by smut i mean filth, face riding, praise kink, a hint of choking (if you squint), cursing, tactical gear and fingerless gloves, no plot whatsoever (plot? i don’t know her), complete disregard for grammar and syntax :’)
a/n3: ok listen, i have a filthy mind and a thing for nomad!Steve so i needed to get this out of my system. blame it on @yikeswtfmate​​​ who supports and encourages all my thots thoughts and ideas. ilysm this one is for you, jelly bean
a/n4: pls enjoy responsibly and stay hydrated


He is always so good to you. Loving Steve, caring Steve, gentle Steve. Your Steve pulling soft whimpers, moans and orgasms out of you one after the other, sweetly. So good to you, so good for you. All night. Every night.

But not tonight.

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Hello all,

Well happy lost count of this quarantine..

I haven’t red any fanfic in almost two months.. please send me recommendations for Bucky x Reader and Steve x Reader (Reg Fics, AUs) !! I’m also a sucker for Sherlock Fanfic and Star Trek fanfic

Stay safe.

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Pairing: Steve Rogers x Unnamed Female/Reader

Summary: A one shot about dealing with grief in the aftermath of miscarriage and finding a way to hope again. 

Warnings: This one is sad y’all, as I mentioned it deals with miscarriage/pregnancy loss. Nothing graphic though. And it does end on a hopeful note. 

Word count: 1728

A/N: Thank you again to the folks of my tag list! Your kindness is truly invaluable.  @venusbarnes @that-damn-girl @ussgallifreyfics @nacho-bucky @wintersoldierissucharide @gabby913 @renxzs


The delicate ballerina rises on one leg. Once so full of hope on her stage of velvet and lacquer, now shut away from the light, she dances for no one. 

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Part 9 ~ Elements, Carbon Sample and Recklessness (September)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Swearing, frustrating Steve, kind of angsty sometimes. 

Wordcount: About 1600 words

Summary:  Y/N is in love with Steve, but she is afraid to tell him. So she tries to show him by using Cheesy Pickup lines. Will he ever notice her?

A/N: This is written for @buckysmischief​  Gab’ s 1k writing challenge.

This takes place after Endgame, But Steve did not leave the future. Nat and Tony are still alive.

Almost all pickup-lines are lines I have found on the internet. Some I have adjusted a bit to fit the storyline more.

I want to give a shout-out to both @allaboutthebooz​ and @kaunis-sielu​ for their support!


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