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thatonebrazilian · 2 days ago
Steve *getting down on one knee and presenting Bucky with a bouquet of roses*: Roses are red, skies are blue, best bros forever, since world war two.
Bucky *gasps with a hand to his chest*: Bro!
Steve: I love you bro
Bucky: No, I love you bro!
Y/N: Wow this is really gay.
Natasha: Why don’t they kiss already?
Tony: Doesn’t Steve like Peggy?
*Old Peggy coming by a wheelchair*: Nah, Steve is super gay for Bucky, I gave them my blessing years ago.
Natasha: So why won’t they kiss?
Y/N: They like the slowburn trope, also fans of friends to lovers.
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imposterogers · 15 hours ago
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not-withoutyou · 13 hours ago
Steve’s meandering down the Smithsonian’s hallways under dim museum-lighting. Children laugh and screech as they run past waving plastic shields from the gift shop. The commercialization hurts worst— when, to him, this place feels so much like a memorial.
He keeps his distance, ball cap pulled down low to deter recognition. Steve’s not in the mood to sign autographs. His life is in pieces behind bulletproof glass cases— drawings, some knickknacks from the old apartment, a medallion of the Blessed Virgin that had fallen with him into the Arctic. (His mother’s medallion—of which countless requests for back have been denied.)
A tour group comes through as he’s staring up at a mannequin wearing a replica of Bucky’s old uniform. He shoves his hands deep into his pockets and glances down at his shoes.
A shrill voice cuts through his reverie. “Sergeant James Barnes, who enlisted to serve his country after—”
“That’s not true.” Too impulsive for his own good, Steve can’t catch the words before they tumble out of his smart mouth. Dozens of eyes are on him by the time he bites his tongue.
A man in the crowd asks what his problem is. A child scowls at him. The tour guide blinks blankly. “Excuse me?”
“Look at his service number.” (Steve gestures to the display, though he knows it by heart.) “32557038. He was drafted.”
The tour guide shakes her head. “Actually, I’m not sure that’s—”
“He didn’t have a choice.” The firm finality in Steve’s voice snaps her mouth shut. Someone had lied—maybe to make Bucky out to be a saint, or to sell a narrative. But Steve’s sick of it; sick at the disrespect. Angry enough to burn his cheeks.
‘They took him from me.’ Steve wants to shout. He remembers finding the notice in Bucky’s jacket pocket. He remembers crying in the kitchen on a cold morning because life was so fucking unfair. Because he was scared. He remembers Bucky promising everything would be okay.
(Of course nothing had been okay, but Bucky had always been a better liar than him.)
Steve shoulders past people, out of the exhibit at the first muffled whisper of ‘Captain America!’ And he’s two blocks away before he unclenches his jaw.
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thedamageofherdays · a day ago
Tumblr media
Welcome to this week's reading log! I am on a semi-hiatus so I haven't been on Tumblr as much the last couple of days but I did read some amazing fics and wanted to share them with you all 💗
🌻 marks a favourite, 🔒 marks a fic that is only available to ao3 users, 🍀 marks a fic that is only available on Tumblr.
Ace Outside The Hole by attackofthezee (noxlunate) [Stucky, 4,1k words, Teen]
“I don’t usually do this,” Steve says, leaning up to look at Bucky over the top of the table.
“You mean scrambling around on your floor looking for your tinder hookups body jewelry isn’t your normal Friday night routine?”
“No- I mean, I don’t normally do that either, but I don’t normally do this,” He says, waving a hand sort of vaguely between himself and Bucky, “and I’m sure everyone says they don’t, but I really, really, don’t.”
It feels like an understatement, though it’s better than telling someone he’s had sex approximately 1 ½ times in the past 5 years because there’s been nobody he really wanted to do that with.
In which Steve decides a tinder hookup is a great distraction, discovers that it's not, and still ends up getting something pretty damn good out of it.
Bucky’s Blooms by buckybarnesdeservestobehappy (hutchabelle) @buckybarnesdeservestobehappy [Stucky, 1,1k words, Teen]
Bucky Barnes is the proud owner of Bucky’s Blooms, a quaint little flower shop on an out of the way street in Brooklyn. When a tall, blonde, gorgeous patron stumbles into his shop, Bucky gets heart eyes.
🌻 Stripped Bare by papesdontsellthemselves @turtle-steverogers [Stucky, 4,9k words, Explicit]
“Perfect.” Bucky smiles, leaning down slightly to look at him through the camera lens. “Stay just… like… that…'' He snaps a few pictures of Steve in that position, watching the tightness of his eyes slowly abate as he seems to relax into the moment. “Good… that’s real good.” The praise comes naturally, and Bucky snaps a few more shots. “Great. Now go ahead and lean back onto your elbow-- yup, like that.”
Steve’s a damn natural, that much is clear. He moves easily for the camera despite his nerves, and his body is so easily captured in its fluidness. The bashfulness is charming, and Bucky thinks the blush he’s sporting adds something extra to the photos without any enhancing needed. It’s like nailing down a muse-- beautiful and fleeting and so hard to find.
When Bucky Barnes meets his model for the day, things go from good to great.
🌻 time on my hands (could be time spent with you) by thedoubteriswise [Stucky, 23k words, Mature]
"You doing okay, kid?”
Steve releases a breath, deciding how honest he wants to be. No point in lying. No point in telling the truth, either. "Glad to see you."
"That’s not what I asked, but same to you, punk."
Bucky Barnes and the Terrible Horrible No Good... Oops that Stealing But You Get It by Kellyscams [Stucky, 2,1k words, Mature]
Bucky's had a bad day. A really terrible horrible day and he doesn't wanna talk about it and he's set on hating the world forever and never being happy again. Until his husband comes home. And then everything changes.
🌻 The Poison Devotion in Me by dontcallmebree @iamthe-wo-manwhocan (art by kocuria-visuals (kocuria) @kocuria) [Stucky, 3,3k words, Mature]
There’s a picture of Steve Rogers from when he was small, 14-years-old and smiling a grin of bloody teeth. That smile, cracked lips and bloody tongue licking at the split skin, jaw dark and swollen, was not the righteousness they thought it was.
It was righteous, sure, but full of anger. It was wrath—a promise.
A prophecy. Alongside his lover Bucky Barnes, Steve takes what’s owed to them both: Their pound of flesh.
let it snow (being here with you is delightful) by jesm [Stucky, 1,7k words, Mature]
Thanksgiving 1938, a big snow storm hits NY but Steve and Bucky don't mind at all.
A Marriage of Convenience by darth_stitch [Stucky, 1,3k words, Teen]
There they were, Mr. and Mr. Barnes-Rogers and this was totally just a convenient thing. The fact that Bucky had been dreaming about marrying Steve even before it was LEGAL had nothing to do with it. At all.
and i'm so willing to care for you by rooonil_waazlib [Stucky, 12,9k words, Teen]
“Um,” Steve says, and Bucky looks back at him, a cat perched on each shoulder, a third one climbing up his jeans. “Do your roommates mind the cats? Is that—is that the problem?”
“What?” Both of Bucky’s hands are occupied with helping the kitten climbing him. Another cat has detached from the group and is standing in front of Steve, looking up at him. He looks down at it. It’s a light orangey-yellow, and it has no tail. “No, Steve—these are my roommates.”
Or, wherein Bucky owns a lot of cats.
this crazy love by rooonil_waazlib [Stucky, 3,6k words, Explicit]
“How was it?” Bucky asks.
Steve shrugs, reaching up to scritch at Cat Steve’s ears. She tips her head into it and purrs. “It’s good to be home,” he says, and breathes in, enjoying the smell of their bedroom.
Instead what he gets is a faceful of the scent of Bucky’s exertion; only now does he notice that Bucky is dressed like he’s just been to the gym, the tank top that says CAT DAD and the joggers that leave almost nothing to Steve’s imagination.
Bucky crumples the granola bar wrapper up in his big hand and leans over to put it on the bedside table, the stretch of it pulling his shirt tight across his broad back.
Steve can’t help staring. He’s—Bucky is providing for him—while he smells like that.
my prince by deicide [Stucky, 3,1k words, Teen]
“You call me Stevie when you think I’m asleep,” begins Steve, so quiet he thinks he didn’t even say it; Bucky doesn’t move from his spot lit up in front of the door, “so why is it always ‘my prince’ when I’m awake?”
or, a self-indulgent prince!steve and his servant-guard-friend!bucky fic
🌻 Right Foot Blue by MaddieWritesStucky (Madeleine_Ward) @maddiewritesstucky [Stucky, 1,3k words, Teen]
Steve is sweating.
Sweating and regretting.
He is not bullet proof. He is not invincible. And he does not have a single fucking shred of self preservation.
Everyone else is right and he is wrong, because he’s on top of his best friend slash secret obsession and he’s just popped a boner, and it’s his own goddamn fault for agreeing to play this stupid game in the first place.
All the Magic I Have Known by sunrow [Stucky, 2,1k words, General]
All mermaids have the ability to swap their tail for a pair of legs and live life as a human, should they want to. But the decision is a permanent one. No changing their minds or leaving any room for regret.
Because of that, most mermaids never even consider the change. The thought doesn’t even cross their minds.
Steve is not like most mermaids.
🌻 Bucky "You Can Call Me Clueless" Barnes by buckybarnesdeservestobehappy (hutchabelle) @/buckybarnesdeservestobehappy [Stucky, 4,3k words, Teen]
Bucky won the roommate lottery when he was in college. A decade later, he's still happy Steve's there when he comes home.
Precious Moments by papesdontsellthemselves [Stucky, 968 words, General]
“Wanted to stay up with you guys,” he says. Ciara coughs a little, and Bucky reflexively reaches up to wipe some formula from her cheek.
Steve’s eyes soften. “You didn’t have to.”
“I know,” Bucky says, letting his hand fall onto Steve’s knee. He squeezes it a little; soothing. “I wanted to.”
A soft moment in the midst of parenthood.
🌻 Evanstan Round Robin 2021 by Ediblecrayon, grandmacore, iamrory01, its_tortle @its-tortle, K347 @k347, luninosity @luninosity, musette22 @musette22, paperstorm @paper-storm, TJ_Mason, wintersoldier1989 @wintersoldier1989 [Evanstan, 7,3k words, Explicit] (5/11 chapter available)
Chris has been honing a new skill, and he can't wait to show it to Sebastian.
🌻 Blooming Under the Dappled Light by thiccbuckybarnes @thiccbuckybarnesfic [Stucky, 15,5k words, Explicit] (2/7 chapters available)
“Primogeniture (prīmōˈjenəˌCHər) is the right, by law or custom, of the firstborn legitimate child to inherit the parent's entire or main estate in preference to shared inheritance among all or some children, any illegitimate child or any collateral relative.” ❀❀❀ Despite being the son of a gentleman, James "Bucky" Barnes could scarcely allow himself the hope of one day being tied to another in happy matrimony. In a society where the first-born children are revered and inherit all of a family's wealth, last-born Bucky feels trapped in a life he did not ask for.
When he makes the drastic decision to run away and become a tutor for a wealthy family, he is hoping to save enough pennies to someday have a dowry and be worthy for marriage despite his deposition. What he is not anticipating, however, is falling into the rough and skilled hands of his employer, the rakish widow Lord Steven Rogers.
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ganseybois · 2 days ago
dude bros: steve rogers is straight
me: where?
Tumblr media
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math-is-math · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m so sorry for the inactivity I hate junior year 😀
Idk this looks so off LMAO I was trying to do something different but currently I’m in a love-hate relationship with this
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Sunday fic rec: Yes, please, another winter soldier recovery fic
Some days I wake up in this fandom and think - surely I can't read another winter soldier recovery fic? And then @harkbananas writes something so delightful and sweet and funny and gentle that it's like it's 2014 again and all of this is new.
This fic has been a big recent hit, so maybe you've read it, but maybe YOU thought you couldn't read anymore WS recovery fics. Why should you read this one?
BECAUSE IT'S SO SOFT. So well written. Gentle humour, sadness and a little heartbreak but also just wonderful Bucky and Steve. Lovely original characters.
Knife Skills by @harkbananas
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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oldgayseasoning · 17 hours ago
The First Night
Bucky and Steve wrapped up warm and went to watch the lighting of Brooklyn's Largest Menorah at Grand Army Plaza, in Park Slope. They stuff themselves with warm latkes brightly engage with the children who bravely come up to them to meet their heroes. In between, Bucky kvetches to Steve that the official "world's largest menorah" near Central Park is shorter than the one in Brooklyn by 6 inches.
They go back home hand-in-hand, stopping by the same deli the Barnes family shopped has frequented for over a century so they can pick up dinner. The kindly old woman behind the counter makes conversation, asking when they'll make it under the chuppah & when they'll be having kids. They laugh and chat a while before wishing her a happy Hanukkah and saying goodbye.
When they get back to their Brownstown, Steve gets the table ready, serving the food while Bucky prepares the Hanukkiah for the lighting. It has been passed down through many generations of his family. It made its way to him from his grand-niece, who wanted him to have it. As Bucky lights the shamash, he calls Steve over. He presses up against Bucky's back, arms wrapping around his waist, head tucked against Bucky's right shoulder, as he carefully watches. Bucky sings the Hebrew blessings, including the one only said on the first night, and lights the first candle before placing the shamash in the elevated 9th branch.
When Bucky finished lighting, the two stand together watching the candles burning brightly in their window, flickering reflected in the glass. After a while, Bucky turns his head to meet Steve's lips with a kiss, muttering, "I'm going to beat your ass at dreidel, punk." Steve barks out a laugh, kissing Bucky again, "You're on Jerk." he says, dragging a snorting Bucky to the dining room table in a fireman carry.
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kiu-k · a month ago
Tumblr media
“Ah, I think I fell for him again. ”
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not-withoutyou · a day ago
Interviewer: “Captain Rogers, is there anything from the past you feel you missed out on?”
Steve: “was a little after my time, but I would’ve liked to have seen Queen preform.”
Interviewer: “…that’s it? No tragic lost love?”
Steve: *thinking of Bucky napping on their couch with the cat on his chest* “nope”
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