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#stevebucky incorrect quotes
legendsofwholock · a year ago
Bucky: Steve looks really good today.
Tony: Don’t be jealous, you look good too.
Bucky: I’m not jealous, I’m gay.
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legendsofwholock · a year ago
Bucky: I’m a confident driver.
Steve: You nearly ran over Sam!
Bucky: Confidently.
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clownsandmarvel · 3 days ago
*sometime during CATWS*
Hydra, watching from drones or something: So, when we send the Winter Soldier out, him and Captain America will kiss, having a moment of weakness for us to get him
Hydra: They’re gonna kiss... now!
Hydra: Shit, the plane collapsed. Moment ended.
Hydra: Back to the drawing board.
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elvenfforestydd · 15 days ago
Incorrect Quotes
Steve: Name a way to be nice to others.
Bucky: Don't kill them.
Steve: ...
Steve: Setting the bar a little low, but I'll allow it.
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elvenfforestydd · 17 days ago
Incorrect Quotes
*Steve and Bucky skipping stones on lake* Steve: It’s such a beautiful evening. Bucky, whispering: Take that you fucking lake
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