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Steven universe A New Chapter” Pink is the New Red,  Chapter 2, Page 37

Disarmed-AU Please don’t Reupload my Artwork

Characters and screenshots used are Created by Rebecca Sugar and the crewniverse, Comic Created by kitty pop

@spectrisinks ​​​​​  -Logo creator

The comic will be posted once a week- 1-2 per new addition usually.

Any questions about said Au, please send Via asks.

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Summary art of 2020!
There are a lot of new drawings that I had so much fun doing it!
I hope u like it! 2021 will be a better year for everyone!

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Advent Calendart Day twenty-two : “Bad weather” with Steven and Amethyst from Steven Universe ⭐

This year I decided to do myself an “Advent Calendart”. Every until Christmas I’m going to post a fanart according to the list of subject I made myself. This a challenge for me because I was never capable of posting every day for a period that long >.< Feel free to join if you are inspired !

Tumblr wouldn’t let me post so we are missing the point with the calendar illustration but still you can enjoy cute characters in christmas aesthetic 😊

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“The February born shall find

Sincerity and peace of mind,

Freedom from passion and from care

If they, the amethyst will wear.”

Amethyst moodboard for @sleepy-lesbian-edits! Thank you so much for requesting, I’m sorry it took so long!

- Mod Bear

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old amethyst doodle I did

i don’t remember why it says ymca it just does

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