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The Proposal Scene Rewritten!

Because my shipper heart needs a break. Don’t worry I’m keeping the intent of what Connie said originally. I’m just going to explain it more and add something extra.

Also I write this around 2 am so like if things don’t add up, that’s the fatigue taking hold. Lolz……


“We’ve got plenty of time, don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried I’m just happy to be with you that’s all.”

“I’m happy to be with you too. It’s just that-“ her phone buzzed and she let go of his hands to turn it off quickly. “Oh no my alarm! Forget studying right now it doesn’t matter!”

“Yes it does, it’s important to you.”

“YOU’RE important to me!” She turned to see him smile…the fake kind she could spot a mile away.

“I’m fine. We’ll talk about it later, Lion’s waiting for you.” He gestured to where the large pink cat like a animal stood.

“Steven, a-are you sure?”


That fake smile couldn’t be any clearer. No it wasn’t fine. This all turned out wrong. And the guilt couldn’t be helped when it tightened her gut more and more. Almost making it impossible to even breathe.

She took a couple of steps away, then paused. Gripping onto herself tightly. The choice she made was for the better. But her heart aches knowing leaving it like this wasn’t right. So she took in a deep breath. Gave Lion a look she taught him for when she needed him to leave, to which he complied, and closed her eyes.

“Connie, what are you doing?” Without warning Connie turned and ran towards the boy she liked deeply for, embracing him tightly. So much so the suddenness was impactful and he fell backwards on the sad. By instinct he held onto her, not expecting any of this, and prepared for the fall. Laying on the sand, stared by what was going on.

“Steven Quartz Cutie Pie DeMayo Diamond Universe, I’m not leaving until you hear what I have to say. Call it being selfish or petty I don’t care. As long as you listen.” She then got up until she was hovering over him. A very confused Steven stared back.

“O-Okay…” he nodded, awaiting to see what she had to say. She gulped before resolve flashed in her eyes and began to speak.

“Steven I want to say yes. Fudge Steven in my heart it is already that! A yes! However it wouldn’t be fair to either of us if we got married now. Wanting to be my own person means figuring out who I am. If I don’t know who I am as I grow, how can I give you the best of me when we’re married? I am Connie Maheswaran, a girl whose good with a sword, loves to study and read. Not to mention wanting to go to college. But is that all I am?”

“No of course not, you’re so much more.” He spoke while she paused for his reply.

“Exactly, and I want to figure out who she is before I give myself, my half of Stevonnie, to you. I love being Stevonnie with you… but I’m not sure how comfortable I would be if we were all the time them.”

Connie felt the tears fall from her eyes but she didn’t care. “I want the two of us uniting in marriage to be unique and special. We have so much logistically to talk about too. Oh Steven I want this. I truly do. I want to be with you. But I’m-….” she sat up and wiped away the tears from her face.

Looking away from his gaze. “I’m scared of loosing you… and if we don’t wait until the right moment… when we aren’t fully ready to commit, no matter how much we think we are, then we could loose one another and I-…I know I wouldn’t be able to take it…”

Steven held onto every word. Realizing that what she said made sense. If two people don’t know who they are and aren’t ready to commit, then yes things will go bad. Embarrassment rushed over him as he realized there was more to this than any fairy tale.

And while Ruby and Sapphire had good intentions. In a way they already worked through everything and chose to stay Garnet. But he needed to remember to do this the human way too. Sitting up he reached out and wiped away her tears. Taking her hands in his.

“I’m sorry I know this is making things worse but I just… I can’t leave without us talking about it. And-“

“I’m glad you spoke up.” Steven spoke softly as Connie finally looked at him, again.

“R-really?” She spoke trying to steady her breathing.

“Yes. Connie you are helping me understand the more human approach to things. I guess being with gems all the time, little home world/school, I have lost a touch of my humanity.” He scratched their back of his head and neck slightly before continuing.

“Connie it makes me so happy you want to say yes…but I’m starting to understand why it’s better for us to say…later.” He smiled as she did the same with a giggle. “I-I don’t want to hold you back.”

“Steven, I’m worried I’m holding you back.”


“Yes, from quitting running Little Homeschool, the cactus incident you told me about, and with what happened with Peridot, I know you’re going through trying to find yourself. And I don’t want you to be in my shadow while I’m at college. It’s not fair for you.” She then took the glowing red bracelet in her hand, smiling.

“You know, I do want to say yes in some way. Can this be our promise bracelet?” Explaining the concept of a promise ring, though in bracelet form. Steven smiled, agreeing to it as he slipped it on his girlfriends wrist. “Now you know that our promise is to be together forever. To wait till we’re both ready.”

“I promise the same.” He replied as they both smiled. Connie soon had to leave for her studies, but they promised to talk about it more the next day. She whistled for Lion then hugged her boyfriend tight as he did the same.

“I’ll call you tomorrow at lunchtime.” Connie explained before both kissed each other softly. Steven walked her to Lion and watched as she got on.

“Good luck studying!” He called as she giggled and waved goodbye through the portal.

Once he was alone, Steven looked over the ocean. Thinking about their conversation. How much of humanity he’s been disconnected from. The huge mistake he almost made with her. The guilt, disconnect and fear from not knowing much, and worried for the future, made him turn pink as he fell down backwards again. A burst of energy coming forth and putting him in a sand hole.

Garnet soon came around to help him. Also help him clean up the now messy picnic area. Steven was mostly quiet the entire time. For right now, he needed to collect his thoughts. But it was sort of nice having her there. Even if they didn’t speak…yet.

“You’re soulmate is your compliment. Not your missing piece. Ruby and Sapphire love being together, but they each have their own individual lives.” ~ Garnet, SUF 13 ‘Together Forever’

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I’m so damn sorry for not posting anything in these past weeks, Tumblr just was a little bit of a bitch with me.

And I had been playing a little bit with the story after the finale, a lot of things had to change, and a lot of this had to come in.

So I’m really sorry for this, but, thank you all for your love and support and hey, I will post somethings later, ;)

For now, have this boi.

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You got it! ;)

27. “Kiss me.” & 46. “Dance with me.”

Also for others who read this, Stevonnie is AWESOME! But I want to explore between just Steven and Connie as two separate people. This isn’t anything hateful it’s just something I’m trying out.


It had been a long night which dragged into the morning. Connie had just come back from her house to her boyfriend’s. It was an odd ritual really. But understandable, since Steven was in early-ish stages of therapy and personally needed someone who wasn’t a gem but fully human. Greg helped out some of the time when he wasn’t at the car wash or touring with Sadie and Shep.

Connie was the main one to talk too. Though they had some issues as well. But they both worked it out from time to time. Friends have fights too, nothing was perfect. Because of her parents rules about no spending nights over his house, she would leave only to come back when she woke up. So much so she would take a bag(weekly to refresh) with her filled with clothes, bathroom necessities and of course her studies. This began only when her helping out stretched at odd hours of the night and day.

She didn’t mind in the slightest. Not if it was for Steven. Her best friend and someone she had crushed on since they we’re little. In fact she had hoped one day they would be a couple. But then well things didn’t go according to plan. By this point it was a miracle he even accepted her as a friend again. of course this sort of thing didn’t happen every single day. Just once in awhile. And with Greg gone and this past session (although good in the long run) was beyond hard to get through. 

It was an hour after dawn and Steven was already up, making breakfast for the both of them. They smiled and Connie set her freshly made bag by the stairs. Before walking across the open area of the house to the kitchen. Puling down the plates, silverware, and napkins she set them on the table, before grabbing mugs and making the green tea they both liked. It was soothing and when you add lemon and honey, it’s really good. At least it was for them.

Steven had put the homemade pancakes(he set aside being a vegetarian full time till he had a better grip on things), with syrup and butter on top, on the plates. Then put a bowl of fresh fruit out between them. Once Connie came back with the tea, she sat down with him. They held hands and ate in silence for awhile. After rough nights like the previous one’s, a calm and more quiet morning was needed. Once finished and both did the dishes, Connie set up her study area and patiently waited for him to be done getting ready before taking over the bathroom. 

Once refreshed, Connie went to work studying while Steven did his routine that he did when a hard session came to pass. Sometimes she thought her studying would make it hard on him, since his education of humanity and earth culture were beyond different. But he had calmly assured her that it was okay. However he was honest when he felt uncomfortable even seeing a textbook. Those moments were almost non-existent now. But she was still cautious with it. And being so much ahead for even cram school, it didn’t harm to take the day off or two.

Three hours passed and Steven had migrated upstairs to the couch. Reading a book. Connie followed in suit, just finishing up her studies and needing a break from working hard. Sometimes Steven would rest his head on her lap and vice versa. Or even leaning against one another’s shoulders was enough. Today they did just that whilst holding hands.

“Connie?” He asked softly finally breaking the silence.

“Yes? What is it Steven?” She asked, putting the book down in her lap, marking the page before closing it. He did the same simultaneously.

“I want to start of by thanking you, again, for being here with me.”

“Of course, and don’t worry you’re not holding me back from anything. I want to be here with you.” she reassured him, smiling and squeezing his hand.

“You have no idea how much I appreciate that.” pausing, he took her other hand before looking into her eyes. “Connie I know we talked about what happened on the beach that evening… I know I’ve said this already but I am truly sorry for startling you like that out of the blue. However there is one thing about it that I still hold true in my heart. Ever since we met, our adventures, our friendship…when you kissed me before going to space camp,” he chuckled while she blushed remembering that.

“And even through everything in this moment of time. I can’t imagine anyone else who truly understands me like you do. I mean, you accepted me as both human and gem without question. Sticking by me, even at in my darkest moment. I- I care for you a lot Connie… If I had any dreams, it would be for you to be happy.

Whether it’s in College, having a job you will succeed at, or both, anything, if it makes you happy, then I would be too. Of course I don’t mean that as anything bad. I just, want the best for you. I hope you get the best in life because you deserve it… I say all this because… I love you….”

Tears streamed down her cheeks as a smile appeared. Steven had a worried expression, terrified that he said something wrong. “I didn’t mean that like ‘you ave to be happy so I can be happy’ thing! I just think you deserve the best for you and-” He stopped as her hands left his and arms wrapped around his neck.

“Just kiss me Universe” She spoke softly before they leaned in and let their lips touch. Normally in situations like this, though normally through dance, Stevonnie would appear. And while they both loved being Stevonnie, Steven wanted to control when that happened. Not just because he wanted to be human, but for Connie to be her own person as well.

There will be moments where they both agree to be they, but it was more than enough right now being two humans in love. Once they parted for air, Connie rested her head on his chest while Steven embraced her tightly in his arms. It was a moment they relished, being in love.

“So are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?” he asked, resting his head on top of hers.

“Well that depends.” She teased and pulled away, standing up and extending her hand to a very confused Steven.

“If you dance with me.” He then smirked and accepted, standing up himself. Then he pulled out his phone and connected to a wireless speaker, playing a list of songs they both liked. Then pulling her to the middle of the dance floor, he held her close while they danced till noon. Conversing while dancing and being in each others company and love.

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I’m still so bothered about the lack of closure to Pink Diomond’s character. I can’t help but think that maybe they had avoided it because the fans who hated her finally unfulenced the creative team. I dont want to think it’s the case, but the lack of addressing her even in one frame in the finale, even as a closure or a moving on gesture, bugs me gravely.

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