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#steven universe garnet
cosmicstardust17 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
⚠️don’t steal and repost just reblog⚠️ ⚠️por favor no robes y repostas solo reblog⚠️ Here is a rose quartz re drawing I did hope ya like it ! 🌺💎
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azalee-tas · 4 months ago
I love this post that you make so but how would their reaction be when Ruby and Sapphire are a couple and they fusion as Garnet???
You don't need to do this just wanna see a reaction of them :') They canon ship and one of my top best ships in Steven universe show
That's a nice idea :) I hope i did it well.
The Demon Brothers find out, that Garnet is a fusion
Garnet was his favorite character at the beginning
She is level-headed and protects her family like lucifer
Again, he would never admit that he likes her character
Her future vision made him think of Barbatos and he chuckled at the sight, how humans think the future worked (even tho it's correct. He just wants to tease Mc)
He didn't really show much of a reaction, when he found out that garnet was a fusion
He thinks that ruby and sapphire are adorable, since he knows that opposites attract *looks at Mc* 👀
There story was interesting, since he can relate why they joined the rebellion, but he was kinda confused when sapphire sacrificed her status for love
Than he realized SAME BITCH
NOW he can relate
He isn't a shipper but he finds it adorable how lovey dovy they are and how there fighting *looks at Mc*
'Stronger than you' bombs. He humms it sometimes but if u catch him, he will hang you from the ceiling (mammon lives to tell the tale)
There marriage made him happy, since there relationship goals
He thinks about that a lot but he know his wedding will be 100x more luxurious, because it's Lucifer
He didn't like garnet at the beginning, since she is so ✨Lucifer✨
But he warms up to her fairly quickly, since she is the best Mom
When it was reviled, that she is a fusion he was like 😲
"ha, the great mammon of course new that she was two people instead of one!!!!"
And no he didn't know
Full on ruby and sapphire shipper
Again he wants to know how his fusion with Mc looks like
Probably trys to fuse with them but fails. He doesn't want to talk about it
He loves 'stronger than you' and you bet your ass that he sings it in the shower
Levi recorded it as payback, since mammon still ows him 200 Grimm
Cried at the wedding.
Garnet is so cool. I wish I was soo cool but I am a jucky Otaku - in Levis mind
Thinks garnets relationship with steven is cute but he will call it gross normie Stuff.
He screams when he finds out garnet is a fusion
Kissing is gross
NoRmIe sTuFf
"They fit so good together. I will never find someone like that. Nobody wants to have an jucky Otaku" *looks at Mc of sympathy*
He starts to get on the ship when they reconcile for the first time
He is always Going to deny that he loves those sweet moments they have together
He has 'stronger than you' in his Playlist
He started to tear up then they got married and when he got called out by someone he started to cry
He likes there backstory, but he doesn't unterstand how someone can give up a good status for someone you just met
He knew garnet was a fusion
Sherlock Holmes 🕵️‍♂️
Probably saw the foreshadowing in the intro
Thinks there relationship is cute
He relates to ruby because 🌟anger issues🌟 but he wishes he was as calm as sapphire
Likes the mixute between impulsive and rational
Garnet is the person that deep down, he wants to be
He wants a person who can balance him as good as sapphire balances ruby
Likes the song 'stronger than you' but it isn't his favorite song.
He loves the song 'here comes a thought' Way more.
He listens to it when he gets angry
He likes the wedding scene but he didn't shet a tear
Asmo lives for garnet misterious nature and that BOOTY 👀
When they found out that garnet was a fusion they shock belphegor awake so he wouldn't miss it
Loves there relationship because they are so small and cute
Deep down wants to have a relationship like that too
Asmo has a hart Time to understand how someone can be with one person for 5000 years without getting bored
In their head they really admires that commitment
Asmo wants that same relationship with Mc
Still asmo loves Pearl x Rose more (even to they know it isn't a healthy relationship, since asmo thinks it's hot)
Crys with mammon on there wedding
Sings 'stronger than you' at random. Satan treated asmo already to quit it.
Likes garnet
She is a Gem with few word like him
Thinks of his and liliths relationship when he thinks of garnet and steven
When it was reviled that garnet was a fusion he didn't show much of a reaction, but he was surprised
This the relationship is adorable. He doesn't know what ship means, but he likes there relationship the most
Understands the reasoning, that Sapphire wants to save Ruby baste of love
Thinks there wedding was cute and he brought a bunch of snacks especially for this episode
Likes the song 'stronger than you' but won't hear it again
Is always sad when there fighting
"why are they fighting? They love each other right? 😔"
Garnet who?
Doesn't like garnet, because she is like lucifer
The reveal doesn't bother him
Thinks there fights are stupid
Likes the cute moments between them but doesn't say anything
Loves the song 'here comes a thought' because it's relaxing
'stronger than you' isn't bad, but it's to loud for him since he wants to sleep
Likes the idea of two opposites that love each other
He doesn't ship so 🤷‍♂️
The marriage was okay
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laptop-lazuli · a year ago
Tumblr media
“Whatever hole there is in your life, Steven, I want you to understand that Connie- Stevonnie- won’t be able to fill it.”
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