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Garnet Being The Best Mom | Steven Universe / Steven Universe Future

I notice how Steven constantly struggles with coming to terms with his deceased mother Rose/Pink Diamond. Yet while he continues to wonder what it’d be like to have a mother, he fails to realize that he already has one (or two). And they are the best dang moms he could ask for.

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Hi, so on instagram someone (chunkytomato) put out a neato SU prompt for inktober. Never really done inktober before because committing to consecutive posting freaks me out lol, but SU is DEAD NOW so I might as well try and do it for a nice little send off. 💙

Here’s the first piece, an experimental Garnet piece. I actually prefer more realistic styles but it takes so damn long since I’m inexperienced so I don’t do it often for posting purposes. BUT I wanted to try my hand at a realistic Garnet head at least. Not every upcoming post is gonna be in this style and idk how far I’ll get in the prompt but I mean here goes nothing.

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Last night I dreamed that Garnet from Steven Universe was my friend/mom and it was amazing.

It doesn’t get best dream ever status because of major design flaws and the fact that there was a Fn*F section. Which if you don’t know, I kinda hate that game. (There’s a lot of emotional baggage.) On the plus side, it turned into more of a Half Life Alyx game, which I do like!

But Garnet was there, she cared about me. She did everything she could to make sure I was safe and Ok.

Good dream all around.


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