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#steven universe spoilers

He didn’t mean to scare you, no, that was the last thing Steven wanted was to scare you, to hurt you - to hurt ANYONE!

His smile was strained, a desperate attempt to reassure you that everyone was fine, everything was okay, he could fix this,he could fix ANYTHING - but the shattered gem that he cradled in his hands betrayed him. Tears bubbled up from his eyes as he locked his gaze on you.

You were backed into the corner, horror swirling in your eyes as you attempted to keep as much distance between you and the half-gem as possible. Steven could understand your fear - he’d be scared, too, if someone shattered an innocent gem in a jealous rage and then dragged him into his house and into the bathroom to prove they could fix this.

Tears fell from your eyes like the water pouring into the tub, filling it up. 

Steven wrenched his eyes away from you. (you were so gorgeous, did you know that? So gorgeous and perfect and good. Everything he wasn’t, everything he didn’t deserve.) He turned to the bathtub, his tears falling in and coloring the clear water a bright pink. He poured the bottles that the Diamonds had given him into the tub - yellows and blues and pinks and whites all mixing together, before Steven plunged his hand into the water, holding the shattered gem as tight as he could.

In a flash of brilliant light, the gem reformed, Steven letting go and backing away as the gem’s light-projected form reshaped and solidified. The gem, Aventurine, spluttered in shock, eyes wide with shock as she looked around. Her eyes settled on Steven, and a scream ripped from her throat. Aventurine scrambled away to the corner of the bathtub in a fruitless attempt to get away from her shatterer, the water splashing and spilling onto the floor.

Steven whipped back around to face you, a nervous, strained grin on his face.

“See? I told you I could fix it!” The half-gem said, gesturing to the terrified Aventurine. “Everything’s fine now. You don’t have to be scared or angry anymore.”

The young man slowly advanced towards you, smile wobbly and hands raised as though to show he’s no threat. Still, you remained silent, simply cowering away from him.

“Please… Please…!” He begged, voice growing raspy.

Please forgive him.

Please love him.


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Elaborating on this

(Warning: this may come off as whiny if you don’t care about these characters, so feel free to stop reading at any point)

So I’ve been trying a lot to remind myself Steven Universe is just a cartoon (at the same time it’s also not tho?) but I’ve been really passionate about these characters for years and I got a lot of big feelings so oops here we go ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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First thing to note, I don’t think Dr. Maheswaran let Greg leave the hospital without giving Greg a stern talking to about not having insurance or healthcare for Steven, which led to talking about Greg’s situation as a new parent, and his parents. So that comes up when they talk.

Secondly, to make things easier, Greg had previously used some of the money he got after purchasing the Dondai to get Steven’s citizenship in order. With that kind of money, you can make citizen issues disappear, which allows for Steven to have a legal license as of Steven Universe The Movie. The reason Steven’s medical history has no social security number is Steven had no reason to know it. Greg got all of the DMV paperwork taken care of for him, and since Steven has never had a normal job, he has no paperwork he has to fill it out which would require it. So its simply a lack of knowledge on Steven’s part. This is just to make the idea of Greg getting Steven insured less complicated. Feel free to use this HC if you like but if you wanna send me a recommendation from your readers, I’d super appreciate it.

Thirdly, I am no medical professional so Steven’s diagnosis is not to be treated as 100% accurate, he is going to be diagnosed by experts and Priyanka is the first step to getting him what he needs. The diagnoses are based on other people’s meta and what was discussed in the show.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy!

Dr. Maheswaran would consider Greg Universe a friend. Before the whole truth of what happened to Steven came to light, she had considered him a good parent. At this point, she is fuming; Steven has a gaggle of family and not one of them saw fit to take care of him the way in he needed. She is stepping in to give this boy a fighting chance of some normalcy.

Priyanka centric. Angst with eventual comfort.

It had been 6 days since Dr. Maheswaran had seen Steven Universe in the hospital. It was surprising to not have heard anything from Greg or the Gems, especially since the doctor had given Greg an earful regarding Steven’s healthcare, but Connie texted her mother that day with cause for concern.

I’m going over to his house. I finally talked to him and I think there’s something wrong. I don’t think he’s being honest with me, her text read.

Not being honest with her? I don’t like the sound of that, the doctor thought. She was lucky she had a break in her shift when the text came in and she replied right away.

What do you mean? Dr. Maheswaran replied. Please keep me posted, and no going out into space overnight without coming home first.

Ok mom, Connie’s response read. I just mean he was being dodgy when I asked him some things. I’m worried and I’m going to get to the bottom of it.

Dr. Maheswaran stared at her daughter’s reply, frowning. That’s incredibly vague, she thought. Either he’s seeing other people after proposing to Connie, or my diagnosis needs a follow-up immediately. She put those thoughts aside before continuing her shift, but her concern lingered, listening out for any pages over the hospital’s loudspeaker that mentioned the name Universe.

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I’m posting one post for two weeks worth of art. Newest to Oldest.

First up is Em’s Diamond for our little project we’re doing, Fancy Purple Diamond.


Next up is one of my diamond’s, Peacock Diamond! She’s a terrible, unredeemable person.


Here is Marina, Lottie, and Zoey as mermaids because I don’t have time to participate in Mermay but really wanted to draw mermaids.


Next up is my ocs as anthros, because I can.


So a bit of context for this one, I was teaching myself how to digital paint, this is my fifth or sixth attempt, with Fell Marina thinking in a field of echo flowers.


Okay, if you don’t want to know anything about Steven Universe or aren’t fully caught up, read no further! We’re in spoiler territory now! You’ve been warned!

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hi welcome to this episode of the Twilight Zone

you know how fucked up it would be if a particularly bad nightmare caused Steven to corrupt during his 39-state road trip?

(warning: horror)


(literally the third attempt at posting, because i’m a scrub and didn’t know about Tumblr’s upload limitations.)

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🌻 may 8th, 2020, 10:25 am ~ i am feeling neutral. 🌻

🌻 some steven universe / lemon demon content for ye soul, since some parts of “eighth wonder” are oddly fitting. and i needed to put my month-long steven universe binge to use.

🌻 fun fact, this took me a day to finish because of how shaky the car was.

🌻 have a stellar day/night! keep in mind that your mental health is more important than the work you do(whether it be schoolwork, commissions, etc). remember to take breaks frequently, stretch, and hydrate at the very least! 💕 🌻

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I have a theory that Steven was 8 when he first began to grasp the concept of his mom somehow being a part of him, probably a result of moving in with the gems and hearing more about her. I that’s why he stopped aging. Because he was wrestling with an identity crisis from 8-14, his appearance never changed during that time. His gem couldn’t commit to an older form, because Steven wasn’t sure who he really was yet, himself or some new version of Rose. After the events of CYM, he knew he was really himself, and started aging again. By the time of the movie, his appearance had caught up with his age.

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Okay so I was just thinking about the gf/su AU and I thought of something AWFUL.

This is post SUF/during GF btw.

Sock Opera happens, which would probably frazzle Steven enough, him being overprotective of the twins and blaming himself for not stopping it.

But, BUT it gets Steven thinking about his own powers. But of course, just because you have the same abilities as someone else, doesn’t mean you will do the same damage. That’s like comparing yourself to a serial killer because you can theoretically use a knife.

EXCEPT Steven has caused great damage to someone else’s body via possession. More than Bill hurt Dipper.

He possessed that Watermelon Steven to get reenforcements when he was thrown in the tower for fusing with Connie. While using that body, he proceeded to get “his” leg and arm BIT OFF BY A SHARK, and it seems likely that body DIED after he used it, based on how weak he seemed and how it looked when he left.


Steven would be HORRIFIED at himself. Not only that he did it, but that he didn’t feel ANY remorse. He didn’t even think of it as a mistake he made. Steven is already a champion of making himself worse than he is, but man this will mess with the poor kid.

I mean if we look at Sock Opera and Escapism objectively, from a third person viewpoint, they both boil down to:

Body gets possessed by someone who views the original owner as lesser-than against the owner’s will.

Body is used to fulfill possessor’s goals.

Physical harm comes to body.

Possessor shows no remorse.

The only difference, at least in Steven’s head, is that he was successful. Watermelon Stevens are shown to be capable of understanding complex ideas and building a society, so he wouldn’t able to justify it by saying it wasn’t sentient. And just because he made them doesn’t mean he has a right to take away their bodily atonomy.

Even if Bill doesn’t mess with Steven intentionally, his actions in the show are more than enough to send our boy spiraling. Even with Steven in a better mental state, it’s going to be really hard for him after he makes this connection.

Inspired by all of the amazing art and stories I’ve seen of this gf/su crossover! Notably @ray-the-fae , @anna-scribbles , and @sabertoothwalrus have contributed a lot, so I want to thank them for making so much awesome stuff!

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Now, I’m not going to deny that the idea of Steven getting therapy in the wake of Steven Universe Future is a nice one, but imagine being that therapist. Here’s this sixteen-year-old kid getting all tied in knots about whether it’s immoral to enjoy the material benefits of being the heir to an interplanetary war criminal while simultaneously denying culpability for their actions, and also it makes him uncomfortable how cavalier the people in his immediate support network are about the fact that most of them have tried to kill him at one point or another, but he feels like it would be hypocritical to make an issue of it because he might have kinda maybe tried to kill them, too, and in at least one case he actually succeeded, but they’re better now, so, like, he’s not sure if that totally counts? I want you to put yourself in those shoes.

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