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tinytony-snack · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Look what I got!
The cutest charm ever from the fantastic @firulaispng , and freebies! How lovely, I love her version of Steve and Tony. Amazing 😍
And what about those tiny fruits?? So cute!
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choppedcandy · 6 days ago
I used to be sooooo into Stony, but for a while every new fanfiction was angst.
Now, I'm ready to dive back in because I'm in the mood for bearded!
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tinytony-snack · 25 days ago
Natasha: I dare you to kiss the next person who walks through that door.
Steve: I’m not kissing anyone.
Tony: *walks in*
Steve: fine. I’ll do it. I mean, a dare’s a dare.
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jacobbyart · a month ago
Tumblr media
past the blood and bruise past the curses and cries beyond the terror in the nightfall haunted by the look in my eyes that would've loved you for a lifetime -happiness, taylor swift 
After Tony's death, Steve uses the B.A.R.F. technology to relive their turbulent relationship.
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tinytony-snack · 2 months ago
Tony: What have you got there?
Steve, with his sketchbook full of drawings of Tony: Not secrets!
Tony: That was literally the worst answer you could have given.
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tinytony-snack · 2 months ago
Natasha: Tony, what kind of boys do you like?
Tony: Tough boys
Steve: I once killed a fly with my bare hands
Tony: Actually, now that i think about it, i like sensitive boys more
Steve: After killing it, I cried eight hours straight
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tinytony-snack · 2 months ago
Steve, sweating: So, uh, I wanted to ask you-
Tony: Oh FINALLY, you're proposing!
Steve: What- how did you know?!
Tony: You dropped the ring six times during dinner.
Tony: I even had to pick it up once.
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tinytony-snack · 2 months ago
Steve: Don’t worry, I’m fine.
Tony: You were stabbed!
Steve: I’ve been stabbed before!
Tony: It's not like you build up an immunity to stab wounds!
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azkabanyougo · 2 months ago
My thoughts on straight ships vs gay ships (Avengers style ayyyy)
A redemption post bc y’all were so kind to me when I last posted the “My thoughts on canon ships vs non-canon ships”
Pepper x Tony: Exactly like Molly and Arthur. F****** inspirational. 
Wanda x Vision: YES BITJ, WORK. 
Peter Q. x Gamora: They adopted Groot. Change my mind. 
Betty x Ned: Their pet names were so cute like WHAT
Peter P. x MJ: Okay, listen, these cutie patooties were fluffy ASF YALL 
Steve x Peggy: It’s okay, but Bucky was Steve’s TRUE LOVE.
Nebula x Revenge: :OOOO YEY
Steve x Natasha: Once again, Natasha is too POWERFUL for Stevie. (besides, Nat curses too much for Steve)
(I’m really sorry y’all I don’t know any more straight ships I’m pansexual y’all what did you expect)
Bucky x Steve: YES YES YES OMFG YES BITCH THEY’RE CANON AND Y’ALL KNOW IT ( t’challa be partnering with Sam tho)
Mysterio x Peter: The first and LAST ship that has a 20 age yr separation. But yes, beautiful.
Thorki: another day where brothers mate :D  DNA: am i a joke to you?
IronStrange: Pepper be feeling lonely tho :(((
Steve x Tony: I-im really sorry but NO.
Deadpool x literal any person: yey 
Bucky x Sam: “Steve, we’re dating” “Bucky exactly what did you do to him-”
Clint x Bow & Arrow: CANONNNN
Ryan Reynolds x Andrew Garfield: omg okay so this is proof that Spider-Man 2 and Deadpool are gay ASF
Thank y’all so much from the last post I really appreciate it :DDD
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fuzzyhamish · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Its finally finished!!! I've been working on this for a while and I'm SO SO happy with how it came out!! This is a piece for fanart for the AMAZING fic titled A Higher Form of War by Sabrecmc on ao3! 
Come visit my Patreon for more art like this!! 
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