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@phaniella has made my stickers into a pack for Telegram and the link to get them is here!! tysm!!!

pls leave them a nice msg or something if u decide to use them

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YAY, picked up my new sticker order today! I love how they turned out… If interested, please message me. All payments are in Canadian $.
Shipping fees apply:
$1.50 (Canada)
$2.50 (US)
$4.50 (elsewhere)

If you like my art, please signal boost! <3

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Heads up! 🖤 There are some juicy new stickers scheduled to hit my Etsy shop sometime in late September/ early October.

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The coloured version of my ‘I Fight With A Chronic Warrior’ illustration, along with a mock-up of what the holographic sticker version will look like. I’m hoping to order a small batch of these this week to see how they look.

They’ll be added to the sticker designs already available via my enamel pin Kickstarter.

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Holographic Rick. 💫🛸 Told myself I wasn’t going to keep revealing the stickers that are going to be included in the psychedelic Rick and Morty packs, but here we are again. 🌈✨

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Te bagi la provocarea de #MartiMashup? Găsește alte GIF-uri cu actori ochioși! 

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AMC nu mai ai școală, doar zile și zile de vacanță în față!!! 

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M-am trezit crezând că-i vineri și când am aflat că-i joi era deja prea târziu 😭😭😭

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Lil’ rainbow-themed monarch butterfly sticker I created for iMessage sticker app Made With Care. This pack is designed to raise awareness of endangered species living on our planet - monarch butterfly being one of them. Sticker.Place collaboration for Earth Day.

All proceeds will be donated to WWF.

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jjjjjjjjjjohn why not make more gif for the sticker app

it does not have many gifs, so please jjjjjjjjohn make more gifs for your sticker

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Hey, thanks for stopping by! Welcome to StickerNews, the definete source for digital sticker news. Follow us to get news scoop of digital stickers from various apps around the globe.

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i have a Sticker App for iMessage!  30 mostly new skeletons, plants, and etc animated gifs

download it here:

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