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incorrectsterekquotes · a day ago
stiles: *kisses derek softly*
isaac: wait... didn't you two hate each other?
stiles: shit, you're right.
stiles: *kisses derek aggressively*
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laheysdork · 2 days ago
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STILES STILINSKI getting all sweaty in 4x03
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messy-peach-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
For @averysterekwinter
DAY 1: Sunday Funday. The pack enjoys a little fun time outside in the snow.
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kbetacygni · 2 days ago
derek gets grey hairs thinking about stiles teaching erica how to drive using his camaro stiles told him to relax and not helicopter-parent but derek’s envisioning a four car pileup and stiles and erica announced dead on arrival at beacon hills hospital and so he sneaks over to the empty parking lot and watches as stiles carefully convinces a terrified erica to make a left turn which she proceeds to do at one mile per hour 
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delete-risks · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just something I came up with last night.
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always-the-little-spoon · 2 days ago
Derek: We need a distraction.
Stiles: From what? Impending doom? Leave it to me.
Derek: Oh, no.
Stiles: Centaurs have six limbs and are therefore insects. Discuss.
Erica, Scott, Isaac and Jackson: *immediately begin arguing*
Boyd: *facepalm*
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radio-chatter · 2 days ago
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DAY 1: SUNDAY FUNDAY for @averysterekwinter
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mrsstruggle · 2 days ago
The Lost Child - Chapter 13 // Teen Wolf x Marvel AU
Summary: Y/N Stark was taken from her family when she was three years old. It's fifteen years later and her family believes she is dead. Then how is she living in Beacon Hills?
Warnings: Language, Mentions of Death, Mentions of Kidnapping, Possible Grammar Mistakes (please let me know if there is anything else)
Pairings: Derek Hale x Reader, Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes, Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff, Vision x Wanda Maximoff, & More To Come!
Previous Pairings: Tony Stark x Pepper Potts, Scott McCall x Allison Argent
Words: 1.9k
Note: I am posting every 2-3 days! At least I am trying to! My sister and I are trying to start a little jewelry business so my days have been a bit hectic.
Additional Note: While this is a Teen Wolf x Marvel AU, not everything is true to the shows/movies/comics. I had to change things for the story.
One Last Note: Y/N was adopted by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. I did this so that more people can see themselves in this story.
Previous Chapter
“Y/N’s alive?” Sam wants to make sure he heard Bucky right.
The Avengers are sitting around the living room going through files as Bucky explains to Sam what is going on. Nick and Maria took the jet back to the compound to grab everyone’s gear and send a team to the old base where they found the files. Stiles, Derek, Scott, and Lydia left for Lydia’s lake house a while ago to meet up with the rest of their pack.
“We think so,” Bruce states.
“We know so,” Steve corrects him.
“You heard what the girl said. She knows when someone is dead and all the passwords were names of dead people.”
Steve gives Bruce a harsh look, “She also said she can sense when someone is about to die. That means they aren’t dead yet. Also, we just met her and we’re supposed to believe she has some connection to dead people.”
“We also didn’t believe in werewolves and yet here we are,” Nat mumbles under her breath.
“It was werewolves who took her from Hydra.” Sam informs everyone, thinking about the videos he just watched, “At least, I think it was werewolves. They looked like Y/N with glowing eyes and claws and shit. They killed everyone but they took Y/N. Why?”
“Werewolves took her?” Bucky questions.
“We should look up these people who claim they're Y/N’s friends.” Bucky states, still suspicious of Derek, “How do we know that they aren’t the ones who kidnapped her and have brainwashed her into forgetting us? How does she not remember us?”
“She was three when she was taken,” Bruce points out, “Do you remember anything from when you were three?”
“We’re not talking about me, we’re talking about Y/N,” Bucky bites back defensively.
“Does Pepper know?” Sam asks Tony.
“I’m not telling her anything until I have to,” Tony grumbles, reading through one of the files on Y/N.
“When is that?” Wanda questions.
“Whenever I feel like it.” Tony sighs, running his fingers through his hair in a stressed manner, “She’s the one who gave up on Y/N. She’s the one who so easily replaced her. She doesn’t deserve to know anything.”
“She’s still her daughter,” Bruce points out.
“Is she?”
“When are we going to tell the others?” Sam asks, thinking about Vision, Clint, and their other friends.
“We’ll tell them once we get her and Peter back and can 100% prove that she’s my daughter,” Tony states.
They continue to look through the files in silence except for the howls from the house across the lake.
“None of these files have any indication of where they could have her and Peter now.” Steve sighs, throwing the file in his hands onto the coffee table, “All they talk about is the multiple experiments they performed on her. On a fucking three-year-old.”
“Language,” Natasha mumbles under her breath.
“We aren’t going anywhere until we find something,” Tony states.
“Why did it take them fourteen years to come and find her?” Wanda questions, not understanding why Hydra would come and get her now, “What changed?”
“Maybe they were too busy with other things,” Sam suggests.
“We’ve raided multiple Hydra bases and none of them ever had any indication of Y/N or Shadow Wolf. They wouldn’t do that unless there’s a reason.” Steve doesn’t understand how there seems to be no trail leading them to Y/N. Even before when she was originally taken, they were never able to track her down, “According to the files, they took her when she was young because they thought it would be easier to brainwash her and more difficult to break her free. She's an adult now. She's not the same kid they took before.”
“Maybe her friends are having better luck than we’re having,” Natasha mumbles in frustration.
“Liam, just try to control it,” Scott tries to calmly tell Liam, watching him struggle against the chains holding him against a wall in the basement.
“I’m trying,” Liam growls out. This wasn’t his first full moon but he still doesn’t have full control.
“Scott, I can watch him,” Malia tells Scott, aware that he wants to help Stiles search for Y/N.
Scott thinks for a moment, “Are you sure?”
“Yeah. If he breaks free, I’ll make sure to kill him before he kills me.” Malia states nonchalantly.
“I’d prefer if you didn’t kill me,” Liam continues to struggle for control.
“Then don’t try to kill me,” Malia shrugs her shoulders.
“Malia, if he breaks from the chains, just yell for us. Don’t kill him.” Scotts tells her, hoping leaving them alone will be okay, “Liam, find something to anchor you or be your own anchor.”
Scott runs upstairs towards the rest of the pack. As he enters the living room, he can see Stiles is hunched over the coffee table on his laptop he had Kira bring him. Mason is sat next to him reading through some of the Hydra files they were able to convince the Avengers to give them. Derek and Peter are on the couch going through the books they found on Hydra.
“Where’s Kira and Lydia?” Scott asks.
“They’re upstairs in the soundproof room. Lydia’s hoping to tap into whatever it is she does and see if she can find out anything about Y/N.” Mason informs him.
“What have we got?”
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Stiles sighs in frustration.
“Maybe we should just accept that she’s gone,” Peter shrugs his shoulders.
“Don’t even try and act like you don’t care.” Stiles scoffs at Peter’s fake unconcerned persona, “You were the first person here and you’ve read more of those books and files than both Derek and Mason combined. I’m sure if I asked one of the wolves in the room, they could hear how fast your heart is beating because you're scared.”
“I just happen to live closer than everyone else, I’m a fast reader, and I have a bad heart.”
“You live the furthest away,” Stiles points out.
“I happened to be out getting food.”
“What food? You didn’t bring any with you.”
“I didn’t have time to get any because you called me and told me I had to be here,” Peter grumbles.
“I told you my sister’s missing and that we’re meeting at Lydia’s cabin. I never said you had to be here.” Stiles points out.
“Can you two stop talking?” Derek groans, tired of listening to them argue. They are distracting him from the book he’s reading.
“He started it,” Peter mumbles under his breath.
“Okay, so these Hydra people took Y/N. They originally took her about fifteen years ago and now they’ve come back to get her.” Scott is trying to think of any logical reason for why they would take her in the first place or why they would take so long to come back and get her, “None of this makes any sense. Did they get her now because they saw her name on the Deadpool? Did they come and get her now because they were waiting on something or waiting for the right time?”
“So, she really is Y/N Stark?” Mason asks.
“Until I see a DNA test proving she’s Y/N Stark, I don’t believe a word they have to say.” Derek states.
“She’s not actually blood-related to Tony so how are they going to DNA test her?”
“Supposedly, they have some of her DNA from when she was a child to compare her to,” Stiles mumbles.
“You okay?” Scott asks Stiles.
“Why wouldn’t I be? My sister has been taken by some psycho terrorist group and the Avengers have come to take her away from me. I bet they have her packed up in a day and shipped back to live with them. I bet they don’t even care about the fact that her life is here, her family is here, her friends are here. Everything she knows is here.” Stiles rants.
“They aren’t going to take her away.” Scott attempts to comfort the distraught Stiles.
“How do you know that?! You saw how they reacted when we were talking about her! How they reacted when they found out she’s alive! They thought she was dead! Why wouldn’t they take her away?!” Stiles scoffs in anger.
“They know she has a life here. You told them you’re her brother. They know Derek’s her boyfriend. They even know where she works. They won’t just take her away from all of that.” Scott tries to reason with him.
“What am I going to tell my dad? How am I supposed to tell him that there are people here who are Y/N’s original family?” Stiles looks down at the ground sadly.
“I mean, they aren’t technically her original family,” Mason points out.
Stiles gives him an annoyed look, “Stay out of this.”
“I should probably call my mom and tell her that Y/N won’t be at work tomorrow,” Scott sighs, pulling out his phone.
“Don’t tell her why. I don’t want her telling my dad anything.” Stiles states.
“She won’t tell him anything.”
“I also want to be the one to tell her what’s going on. I mean after our mom died your mom kinda became our mom, especially for Y/N. Our dad did his best but didn’t know how to handle things when Y/N started becoming a woman. Your mom was always there for her. She shouldn’t find out about everything over a phone call.” Stiles explains.
“I think I found something.” Mason states, reading back through the paragraph he just read, “You said Lydia heard her name in the fire but she thinks that she might’ve heard it earlier at Derek’s apartment, right? She didn’t know it was Y/N’s name because it sounded like it was underwater, right?”
“Yeah, that’s right,” Scott answers him.
“I think they have her at Crater Lake.”
“Where?” Stiles asks with a confused look on his face.
“Crater Lake National Park. It’s in Oregon. My family and I went there once on vacation.” Mason informs them.
“I’m still not following.”
“Crater Lake is the deepest lake in America. It was formed after a massive volcano eruption which also led to the collapse of the volcano. Lydia heard her name underwater, it’s a massive lake. She heard her name in fire, it's summer which means it's fire season there. Hydra even used to have ties to Portland.” Mason explains.
“I still don’t understand how this means they’re holding Y/N there.” Stiles states.
“In these files, they keep mentioning how they are waiting on a wizard or that the wizard isn’t ready yet. I don’t think they’re talking about an actual person. They’re talking about Wizard Island.”
“Again, not helpful.” Stiles is getting annoyed that Mason won’t just get to the point.
“Wizard Island is the biggest island within Crater Lake. It’s even nicknamed the Witches Cauldron which is also mentioned several times.” Mason explains.
“Are you sure about this? We don’t want to go somewhere and she’s not even there.” Scott states.
“At least it’s something. We can go tell the Avengers and we can jet over there and at least see if she’s there. I’ve got a gut feeling about this and it’s telling me that I’m right.” Mason tells him.
Derek angrily stands up off the couch and starts to walk towards the front door, “Grab your stuff. Let’s go get my girl back.”
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literatureandshit · a day ago
the superior ship dynamic is when person A has enhanced senses and can’t stop sniffing person B and person B’s reaction every single time is “did you just smell me?”
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teenwolfgifs · a day ago
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TEEN WOLF 2x12 “Master Plan”
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incorrectsterekquotes · 2 days ago
stiles: [having a breakdown]
allison: Hmm. I never thought I'd have to say this.
allison: But there is only space in this pack for ONE unstable pack member.
allison: And I've held that title for a very long time so you are going to have to get it together.
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momentofmemory · 2 days ago
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theo in 5x07 // sciles in 5x10-5x12
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x-lulu · 2 days ago
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lu’s favourite shows - stiles stilinski, teen wolf ↳ I'm 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bone, okay? sarcasm is my only defense
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editeenwolf · a day ago
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messy-peach-art · a day ago
Tumblr media
For @averysterekwinter
DAY 2: Gold Rush
Some rambling below
Yes I went for the Historical AU route, but what is the plot, you asked? I have no idea... And why is Derek shirtless? Also no idea...
I was looking at pictures reference of river for the setting (cause gold rush, duh) and I saw one that looks so good with the sparkling and glistening like actual gold so I replicated it.
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spikeface · a day ago
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Based on (x).
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dylnsohbrien · a day ago
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skittlestrash · 2 days ago
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teen wolf rewatch just because         ☾ frenemy (aka scott and stiles's excellent adventure at jungle)
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