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isaacllahey · 2 days ago
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Missing and presumed dead because he's probably a virgin, Scott! And you know who else is a virgin? Me!
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You are the best of the best!!!! You always help find the missing fics!!!!!!!! I have one, that I know you e posted about before...but for some reason I cannot find it 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
Stiles is mated to Derek through magics or fate or something....he is adopted by the sheriff....his is also called "a Pear" by Derek's grandfather and by Peter.
Thank you for all your posts and all the fics you recommend!!!
Hi @avicris918! @purplepints found this one.
Tumblr media
Bonds of Blood, Bonds of Family, Bonds of Love by TyReed
(10/10 I 44,003 I Mature I Sterek)
After being beaten up by a door, werewolf Stiles Stilinksi finds himself bonded to Derek Hale, of the Hale Noble Bloodline. For a scrawny, wimpy, Tainted Bloodline werewolf, Stiles runs away, embarrassed and humiliated as he worries about bringing shame to the Hale Family, and even more shame to himself. Because the Nobles and Tainted just don't mix, never have, never will.
Except, things aren't exactly what they seem.
With the help of the (meddling) Hale family, his adoptive (meddling) human parents John and Claudia Stilinksi, and one very persistent Alpha Derek Hale, Stiles might come to see himself as more than just the blood that runs through his veins, and open his heart to find the happiness, friends, pack, and the family that he'd always wanted.
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skittlestrash · a day ago
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Tumblr media
teen wolf rewatch just because         ☾ heart monitor (aka everyone is a jerk to scott and allison, who are perfect little angels look at them)
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stydias-potter · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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Lydia Martin Doing That Little Pressing-Her-Lips-Together Thing Around Stiles
(im aware that it’s not always because of Stiles but he’s always there. you’d be surprised how little she makes this face in season 6)
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flower-slut00 · 14 hours ago
hi i love your writing! could i request a pack x reader where they all have a crush on the reader and reader is super oblivious and awkward :)!
Our Girl
(so I know you said the whole pack but Imma do Scott, Stiles, Isaac, Lydia, Malia, and Allison in 3 different “imagines” but it’ll be still connected story wise)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was no secret that the main six took a liking to the 7th member of the pack.
Everyone in the school knew and assumed they were all in a relationship. How the pack wished that was true.
Yn was blind to the fact that her friends thought of her more than that. The flowers Stiles gave her? He was just being friendly. Allison taking her to the movies and dinner? Just a girls night.
It frustrated the pack to know that their love,Yn, didn’t know about their love for her.
They decided to team up with one another.
Tumblr media
Stiles and Isaac
“Hey pretty” Stiles smiles as he hands Yn flowers. Isaac rolls his eyes as he hands her a bigger bouquet.
“Aw thanks, guys…what’s the special occasion?” she asked tilting her head. Isaac smiles fondly at the girl of his affections.
“No occasion we just wanted to get you something pretty as you. But we now see that’s practically impossible since you’re prettier than the flowers…"
Yn giggles as she places the flowers in her locker "You guys are so nice..." she shakes her head as she looks back at them.
"So Yn... we were thinking... dinner? Me, you, and Isaac?" Stiles questions as he leans against the lockers.
"Sure, we can go to Mcdonalds after school, and" Yn was cut off by Isaac shaking his hands.
"We mean to a fancy restaurant. Like Milagros"
“Isn’t that like a romantic restaurant though?” Yn asked tilting her head. Stiles nodded “Super romantic…”
Yn looked at the two as if they grew a second head “Why would we do somewhere romantic?”
Stiles opened his mouth but closed it as he looked over to Isaac.
“You’re right….let’s just go eat at Mcdonald’s…” Isaac smiles softy.
“Great! See you two later!” she smiles as she closed her locker and left the two.
“Super romantic” Isaac mocked Stiles.
“You’re the one who brought up the fancy restaurant. I’d be totally fine with Mcdonald’s” he defended.
Tumblr media
Scott and Malia
Malia glared at Yn as she walked with another classmate in the halls. Smelling her jealousy, Scott nudged her.
"Can't we just eat him?" she growled at her Alpha. Shaking his head he sighed. "I don't like it either but we can't do anything..." he watched as Yn laughed at something the stranger said.
"Okay...maybe we won't eat him but we can scare him away" Scott whispers as Yn makes her way towards them.
"Howdy," She joked as she joined the two. Malia wrapped her arms around Yn and sighed in discontent.
"You smell like him" she huffed. Yn raising her eyebrows she looked at Scott.
"Ashton? What's wrong smelling like him?"
Scott rolled his eyes "You're our girl...we don't like him.." Yn smiled as she pulled away "You two are so overprotective... he's a good guy"
Malia snarled "I don't like him..." Scott laid a hand on Malia's shoulder to calm her down. "I don't like his vibe either..."
Yn gave another smile "I thought Stiles and Isaac were acting weird today...I guess something weirder is going with you guys"
Scott opened his mouth but shook his head "Do you wanna study with me and Malia later tonight?
"Sure!" with that, Yn left and Malia turned to Scott
"Can we eat Ashton now?"
Scott rolled his eyes as he pulled Malia away to their next class.
Tumblr media
Lydia and Allison
"What are you doing after school? Lydia hummed as she painted Yn's nails during study hall. Allison was on the other side of their shared crush, drawing on her hand.
"Well, I'm going to go eat with Stiles and Isaac and then a study group with Malia and Scotty."
Allison perked up at the mention of a possible dinner date. "At Milagros?" she hoped the boys were smart enough to take her there.
"Did you give them that idea? They wanted to go there but it's just too fancy to go as friends you know" she shrugged. Lydia looked up at the girl and looked over at Allison.
"Why don't we all just go together and then all hang out at Scott's after?" she suggested as she blew on the wet paint.
Yn hummed as she gave another shrug 'If Scott and Malia are up for it"
"I'm sure they are, let me text them" Allison smiled sweetly at her.
Pulling out her phone, she sent the plan to the pack in a separate group chat titled "Yn, Our Girl".
One by one, each pack member agreed.
Allison cheered silently as she pushed back a piece of Yn's hair from her face.
"It's settle, we're going to Milagros after school with our girl"
Yn tilting her head as she asked confused "Who's your girl?"
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msmischief101 · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
parallel universe - 13/ထ
These Vengeful Hearts
“So you’re doing this for what? Like revenge or something?” - “Or something. I’m not becoming one of them. Not really. I’m joining so I can destroy the Red Court.”
After his little brother gets kicked out of the school because someone put a target on his back, Stiles decides that the Red Court's time is up. The Red Court. A prestigious little group of high school bullies that think they can get away with everything just because nobody’s figured out who they are yet. But Stiles is going to figure out the truth, and he's going to take them down.
From the inside.
Together with his best friend Kira, Stiles comes up with a plan. One that is more than successful. Within a week, Stiles becomes a new member of the Red Court and meets his partner Lydia Martin. She's the resident genius at Beacon Hills' High School, Devenford Prep's biggest rival. The Red Court, however, does operate on a bigger scale. They like to ruin lives and reputation all over Beacon County.
His first job is an easy one. Break up the alleged relationship between Golden Boy Brett Talbot and his current girlfriend. It takes nothing more than a quick picture for the poor girl to make a very public scene. Brett seems more amused than heartbroken, and on the next day, he's running into Stiles three times. Turns out, it's not a coincidence.
Lydia tells Stiles to stay away from Brett, reminding him that someone was mad enough to put in a request to break him up with his previous girlfriend - despite the consequences. But trying to convince Brett that he's not date-worthy is about as useless as convincing himself that he hates Lydia. Before Stiles has the chance to figure out how to go on from here, someone puts in a request for ruining Kira's life, and he is threatened because Brett can't stay away. Stiles doesn't really want him to.
Taking down the Red Court becomes harder when Stiles learns that everyone around him has secrets, and everything changes once someone ends up dead. This isn't just about revenge anymore. This is about a Red Court member running loose, ready to protect the Red Court — or to get what they want and take down whoever is standing in their way.
Before starting his revenge, Stiles was ready to sacrifice everything for his brother because he has Kira and his dad in his corner. Now, with Brett waking up next to him, and Lydia becoming one of his closest friends, Stiles isn't sure he's ready to risk everything anymore. But he needs to do something, or his life isn't the only one that will be ruined forever.
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isaacmflahey · 2 days ago
Weakness - Void Stiles
Word Count: 863
Warnings: manipulation, fear, anxiety, werewolf!reader, fem!reader, Void!Stiles
Summary: Void has completely taken over the boy you love, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve to get you to work with him.
A/n: This came out of nowhere, and I’m genuinely not sorry.
Tumblr media
“Well hello there.”
You stiffened, the hairs on your neck raising. “You are just as pretty as he thinks you are.” You closed your eyes, Stiles’ voice ringing in your ears. Only this wasn’t Stiles. “What do you want?” You ask, your voice hushed. You hear a dark chuckle, and your hair is moved from behind your ear to touch the back of your neck. You didn’t realize he’d gotten so close. You wanted so badly to shift, to turn around and show him exactly what you were, but you couldn’t hurt Stiles—even though this wasn’t really Stiles.
“You know, he’s still in here.” You opened your eyes then, your throat tight with the rising lump. “Oh yeah, he’s screaming at me to back away from you, to leave you alone, but I won’t, you want to know why?” He asked. You turned then, ignoring the hot tears pooling in your eyes as you made direct eye contact with the black, soulless eyes of the boy you love. “Because you’re sick and conniving?” You spit, the eyes only inches from yours crinkling with the twisted smile growing on his face.
He huffed a breath, his head slightly twitching to one side like Stiles’ did so often. Your heart stuttered at the motion, wanting so desperately to reach out and hold the boy in front of you—but this wasn’t him. “You are a feisty one, aren’t you. You know, I thought he’d want that pretty little redhead, but I was wrong.” He said, a single tear falling from your eyes. “The one thing running through his mind is you. Ever since I got him to stop fighting me, he’s been begging me to let you of all people be.”
“Shut up,” you said, your eyes flashing gold. His mouth formed into a small ‘o’, his eyes widened in mock fashion. Suddenly, his features changed, and he looked panic. “Y/n, don’t listen to him! Anything he says, don’t!” He rushed, gripping your arms tightly. Your heart rate spiked, your eyes widening at the realization that Stiles was actually talking to you. “I won’t, I promise.” You answered, gripping him tightly and wrapping Stiles in a hug.
A dark chuckle rumbled through your ear, disgust and fear ripping through you as you shoved him away. “You’re all so easy, I swear. I show the slightest bit of panic, and you all crumble.” You felt embarrassed, your heart aching as you stepped away and stared at the soulless boy in front of you. “What do you want.” You asked again, the sentence coming out as a statement. “A favor,” he said, a scoff leaving your lips.
“You sick, sadistic trickster, how stupid are you?” You said, Void smirking and shrugging his shoulders. “A nogitsune is a trickster, yes. A violent, malevolent trickster, but we’re true to our word.” He said, your brow furrowing. “What are you talking about?” He chuckled, shaking his head. “I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m here to ask for your help, in exchange for Stiles’ life.” You faltered, your eyes meeting his once more. “What?” You asked, Void smirking in triumph.
“I’m staging a little get together in your good friend’s loft, and I need a bit of protection against a few of your other friends.” You scoffed again. “You really think I’d help you?” You asked, Void raising an eyebrow. “If it means saving the boy you care about, I think it’d be in your best interest.”
Tumblr media
You watched from the corner as Sheriff Stilinski, Derek, Chris and Allison all walked into the loft, all of them trying their best to get Void incapacitated in some way, your heart breaking a little more each time. “All of you are missing one thing,” his sickening voice said, the four of them staring at him. “I’m not the only one that brought reinforcements.” You stepped out of the corner you were hiding behind, your bones cracking as you shifted. You kept your eyes on Void, no matter how hard it was to not look at the people who’s trust you just broke.
“Hm, such a pretty little beast, isn’t she? No wonder Stiles’ mind is full of nothing but her.” You ignored the way that sentence made you feel, finally glancing up at the four people standing in front of you. “You see, I knew you’d all be here, and I knew she could never say no to saving him, so I struck a little deal with her.” He said, your breathing heavy as the Sheriff, Derek, Allison and Chris all stared at you with wide eyes. “She’s fast and smart, this one, almost as twisted as I am. I keep Stiles alive, and she keeps you all from attempting to harm me. It was easy, this little exchange.”
You could feel Void walking up to you, his hand resting on your hip. It made you feel sick, knowing that Stiles wasn’t anywhere near present. “He’s her weakness, and none of you could harm someone you love.” He leaned into your ear, his lips nearly touching the shell of skin.
“Sick’em.” He whispered, his voice degrading. Your heart broke as you lunged towards Derek.
tagged: @sereinegemini
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entriesbymaia · 20 hours ago
It was supposed to be a secret
Tumblr media
Pairing; Stiles Stilinski x Witch!Reader
Word Count:3,961
Prompt: A little investigation revealed a huge secret.
Warning; just fluff, mention of cutting someone's throat, mention of death,
Author’s Note; Ok but why do I have a feeling that people are going to ask for a part 2? Part 2 will be made depending on how many people want it. But the fall season is coming up and we wanted to do something spooky. Even if it is so early. But this is a long piece of work too so don't take any of MY WRITING without giving credit. We are currently taking requests in the “Ask Me Anything” Tab! Let us know what you think!
When entering college, Stiles was trying to get away from all the supernatural entities of Beacon Hills. But the mysteries of Beacon Hills pushed him to take up a career in the FBI. He enrolled himself into an pre - FBI program and it was a huge adjustment to his regular investigations in Beacon Hills; there were still murders but none of the murders were supernatural serial killers or psychaotic werewolfs. FBI training has often gotten so hectic that he forgets to eat, sleep, sometimes shower.
One time when he and another internee decided to split up, Stiles was stabbed in the shoulder by the murderer. He was able to make it out alive but his partner did not. His partner was drowned, which turned out to be another sacrifice. After a couple of weeks, Stiles was still shaken up by what happened and to add on top of that Lydia had broken up with him, as she couldn’t handle the long distance relationship and the trouble happening in Beacon Hills.
That break up hit him hard but he understood and kept his head in the ground, working in this program. Well until she came along of course.
Y/N, on the other hand, was looking for a fresh start. She had grown up in her coven all her life, until her 16th birthday where Y/N was supposed to slit the neck of a virgin, she was horrified and ran away from the ceremony, living with her aunt for 3 years. From there, Y/N always wondered what it would be like to have a normal life, going to parties, meeting cute guys but instead her aunt made her spend all her weekends practicing different spells, learning the responsibilities of witch, emergency protocols, yeah, yeah yeah. Y/N and her aunt were able to stay under the radar for 3 years, as the coven was under the impression that Y/N was dead because of how inexperienced she is, only being 16. And that’s the hard part, living without her parents was tough, she used to feel so protected in the coven but her aunt was the only person she could run to that didn’t finish the ceremony.
Her magic, though, was something that she had to get used to, as she was still learning to keep it under control. Y/N accidentally set the kitchen on fire and got the nickname “Kalama” which is Hawaiian for “flaming torch”. Once she reached 18 years old, she heard about college and she begged her aunt to let her go. But her aunt didn’t want to risk the coven to be found out or the coven making her finish the ritual so she said NO hundreds of times.
After 3 months of begging, her aunt finally gave in and enrolled her into her 1st of college Y/N majoring in Chemistry at George Washington University. Her aunt wasn’t too fond of letting her go but she figured it would be fair to let her figure out her social skills with humans.
Y/N was so excited to have a “normal” life (what that is for a witch) and make friends with humans and her aunt helped her move into her dorm. Luckily, Y/N had no roommate, leaving her having the whole room to herself to practice magic.
Y/N and her aunt are finally in the threshold of her new room.
“Okay my “Kalama” this is our departure. Now I know that it’s your time to be free but this is prime time to keep your magic under control. We can’t risk the coven finding out that you are here, and not ANYONE can find out. It’s supposed to be a secret Y/N….” Aunt Jane says, hugging her tightly.
“I understand Aunt Jane. Truly I do. But I got orientation in like less than 20 minutes” Y/N says, rubbing her aunt’s back.
“But before you go, I have a little dorm room gift for you” She states, handing Y/N a large brown book and a box wrapped in holographic paper.
Y/N grabs it, recognizing it as one of her spell books ``Don't tell me that you are teaching me from afar..” Y/N sighs, looking up at her..
“Actually this is for you to teach yourself, filled spells that are ONLY used to protect yourself. Emergencies only.” Aunt Jane says.
“Emergencies only, yeah yeah yeah..” Y/N says, rolling her eyes. She then opens the holographic box to see a box full of condoms.
“Really?” Y/N says and quickly puts the box of condoms in her nightstand. “You know the coven already taught us about safe sex Aunt Jane.” Y/N says, walking to her.
“Better safe than sorry. I remember my days at college and these college boys can be tempting...” Aunt Jane says, letting out a relaxed sigh as she starts to reminisce.
“Oh Aunt Jane, please stop” Y/N pleads, covering her ears and shaking her head. Y/N’s eyes trail off to look at the chocolate haired boy that strides through the hallway looking down at a piece of paper, confused. Stiles trips over his own feet and falls on the floor. He groans in pain, rubbing his shoulder.
“Holy Shit! Are you Okay?” Y/N says, rushes to his side and helps him up.
“Yeah. Yeah. I-I am fine thanks for the help….” Stiles says, standing up, his eyes widening seeing Y/N’s eyes. Internally, he felt a sight spark in his chest, like heartburn but he didn’t feel the pain. He just wanted to emerge himself deeper in this sensational feeling.
“Y/N. Y/N Y/L/N” Y/N introduces herself, holding out her hand.
“Stiles. Stiles Stilinski” Stiles nods, shaking her hand gently and his eyes wander down to the book Y/N was holding. “Ummm… Recitum Jerum? What is that?” Stiles says and looks at Y/N.
“This is uh- this is a book I picked up at the library.” Y/N says quickly, I am a terrible liar.
“I didn’t know they had books like that-” Stiles says, letting out a small laugh.
“They don’t! I grabbed the last one!” Y/N jumps trying to come up with an excuse, Stiles could feel the light sweat in Y/N’s hand and he lets go of her hand. Once he let go, the sparkle he felt was good. What a strange feeling.
“Well ok. Umm I gotta head off. I will uhh see you around Y/N.” Stiles nods, waving at Aunt Jane and quickly walks off down the hall.
Y/N nods and smiles, watching him walk off. She feels her aunt's hand gently land on her shoulder, “It's been a long time since I've been in the human realm but even I can tell that was painfully awkward.” Aunt Jane says.
Y/N looks up at her, “Was it that bad?” Y/N asks.
“Well…. You had your first meet cute Y/N. I wish your parents were here to experience this.” She says and lets out a tear.
Y/n looks at her confused. “What is a meet cute?”
Aunt Jane rolls her eyes, “What do the humans say? Huh? Look it up. But stuff like that we want to avoid, I will call you later to check in. ” She says and kisses her forehead, walking away.
We are really doing this.
Once Y/N got settled in, she took a shower and got dressed in a blue thong and her oversized “Stars Wars” hoodie. She sets the large spell book on her desk and starts to chant a spell to light a candle, just to help warm her up. She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, mentally placing herself back with her aunt.
“Alumintim Kaluan. Alumintim Kaluan. Alumintim Kaluan.” She smells the scent of her candle and slowly opens her eyes to see her candle lit and her window curtain quickly catching on fire. She shrieks. “Oh my-” Y/N quickly blows the candle out, trying to calm down. “Ok Y/N you got this, you just need-” She gets cut off by a banging on the door. Oh great. She runs her hand through her hair in frustration and runs towards the door, opening it to find Stiles holding a fire extinguisher. “Stiles…” Y/N says in shock Stiles quickly rushes into her room.
“I smelled smoke and I- Holy Shit” Stiles turns his head to see the raging fire that has now taken up her whole window. Stiles quickly takes out the fire and turns around looking at Y/N, as she stands there watching him, with a flame on her shoulder. “What the hell were you trying to do? Cook yourself to death?”
“I had everything under control. I was trying to light a candle” Y/N quickly closes the book and pats the flame away.
“With a flamethrower?!” Stiles says in a sarcastic tone, looks at her confused and his eyes wander to see her attire. “Oh wow! Okay!” Stiles says, looking away. Y/N gets the point and puts on grey sweatpants.
“Sorry. Sorry. Wait, I am actually NOT sorry. You didn’t actually give someone a heads up before you barged into their dorm room at 1 in the morning. Why are you here?” Y/N asks and takes the curtains down.
“Okay I was coming to see you.. To see if you were okay, you know? Because of the fire. Uhh, and I want to talk to you about the book.” Stiles says, now is his time to sweat, as scratches the back of his head. Y/N looks at him.
“Yeah I am aware of that since that happened a few seconds ago. The book. Okay. Well the book is a family heirloom. You won’t be able to find another like it.” Y/N says without thinking, while throwing the curtain in the trash.
“I thought you said that it was from the library.” Stiles asks, his eyes narrowing a little, making Y/N freeze up trying to look for an excuse.
“Right… I was given this book… by a family member… at the library” Y/N nods, looking at Stiles and leads him to the door. “Yeah that’s right. I appreciate the help with the fire, really but I got some Chemistry homework to do so I will see you in the halls tomorrow” She says, pushes him out of her room.
“What? Y/N?…” Stiles says before the door was shut in his face.
Y/N presses her back against the book, closing her eyes and takes a deep breath. Stiles sighs and walks across the hall into his room.
Her phone rings. Just great. She reads the caller ID “Aunt Jane” and answers the phone.
“H-Hello?” Y/N says, taking a deep breath.
“Y/N, sweetie, how is school so far?” Aunt Jane asks.
“Umm everything is fine so far, just studying, meeting people. Normal college things.” Y/N starts pacing in her room.
“That’s great. Well I just came to check in on you to see if everything is okay, especially with that Stiles boy” Aunt Jane giggles.
“You just can’t help yourself can you? Well for your information he just came over to see me and he had to leave to meet up with his friends” Y/N says.
“He seems nice, very handsome, I think he has a crush on you.” She says.
“How can you get all that from an awkward conversation? He doesn’t have a crush on me. He just met me” Y/N rolls her eyes and takes her pajama bottoms off.
“You didn’t see what I saw, my “Kalama”. It’s the look he gave you, like you were the only girl in the world. Witches can pick up emotions quite quickly. Soon you will pick up on it as you grow older. But nevertheless, his eyes nearly popped out of his head looking at you” Aunt Jane trying to convince Y/N but Y/N is not buying. Y/N shakes her head and laughs her off.
“I think you have reached a point of delusion and I am going to hang up now. Talk to you later. Love you.” Y/N smiles.
“Love You! Be safe-” Y/N hangs up, throws the phone on the bed and lays down on her bed, when she starts to hear hissing.
“What the hell..” Y/N sits up and hears the hissing again from the closet. She silently creeps towards the closet door, reaching towards the door. The hissing gets louder and Y/N quickly opens the door, seeing a tiny cat on the floor. Y/N bends down to pick up the kitten. “Hey little guy, how did you get in here?” The kitten meows as Y/N gently rubs the cat’s back. “Well it doesn’t look like you have an owner, I think I will call you Milo. Let's get you some water” Y/N says, walking out of her room. She looks down the hall to see a shadow quickly disappear.
That’s weird.
Stiles couldn’t get Y/N out of his head. Maybe it was her alluring personality. Maybe it’s the sparkle he felt in his chest. OR maybe it’s that book. What is inside of that book?
Stiles spent the whole night researching the book. Recitum Jerum. But He couldn’t find it anymore, only pictures and Wikipedia pages of the Salem Witch Trials. He did run into a few Error pages. He viewed websites that were written in broken Latin. He even put it into google translate and all he got was, Book of Rumors.
He got his infamous large mystery board and yarn and started to draw the dots together.
By 5 am, he had it all together. A Witch. Being in Beacon Hills, he was so accustomed to the supernatural world that if a Berserker ran through the hallway, he wouldn’t be surprised at all. Moving to George Washington University, he was hoping to get a break from supernatural creatures but he ended up bumping into another one. Like he was a magnet to them or something.
But he wanted his theory proven so he strategized a 15 step protocol to prove that Y/N was a witch. You think a student with a criminology major with a pre - FBI program would have so much time on their hands but Stiles got it down in less than a couple of hours. Stiles' last resort was to sneak into her room and grab the book and make a run for it.
For a week straight, he was growing closer to Y/N, making everything seem normal. He had Chemistry & Psychology class with her and each time, the spark in his heart got bigger and bigger. You can say a crush is developing but Stiles quickly pushed that aside, trying to focus on the bigger issue. One time, He put on a cross necklace and tried to get as close as possible to her but she remained unaffected. Stiles was battling his patience and found it harder to make everything look perfect.
On Friday, it was last resort time! Y/N walks out her room in a towel, walking to the communal bathroom with her cattle, leaving her door cracked.
Stiles, who was typing on his computer, turned around to see her leave. They look at each other and Y/N lets out a small smile, walking away. Stiles smiles back and turns his hand, waiting to hear the communal bathroom door shut. Once the door shut, he grabbed his phone and quickly sneaked over into her room, leaving the door crack like before.
Milo, the cat, sat on the bed and looked in Stiles’ direction. Milo hisses at Stiles. Stiles pays him no mind and looks around the room for the big brown book or anything “witchy - like”.
After 5 minutes of searching, Stiles was left hopeless as he couldn’t find the book or anything. He quickly looks in her top drawer and picks up the gold condoms that Aunt Jane gave Y/N. Stiles eyes widen, Umm I am just going to put those back. He looks around and sneaks one into his back pocket. Well she wouldn't mind if I took a couple. He takes a deep breath and closes the drawer. “Ok Stiles if I was a book, where would I be?” He says to himself, he gets on his knees and looks under the bed, finding the book. “Got Ya!” He says and grabs it. Milo meows loudly and scratches Stiles’ pants leg.
He glazes his fingers across the gold lettering of the book, sitting the book down on her desk and looking through pictures. He couldn’t make out what it was saying since it was broken Latin but he saw pictures of mercury and mountain ash, recipes to make “potions”. I was right! He couldn’t believe he was right. He was happy that he was right but it didn’t dawn on him that he could potentially ruin a friendship. But before he can continue his thought, he hears a loud feminine scream and the sound of her cattle dropping to the floor. He quickly turns around to see Y/N with damned hair and a white towel wrapped around her body.
“Stiles what the hell are you doing here!” Y/N yells at him.
“I-I want to come and see you, see if you are okay. Nevertheless, I was right this whole time.” Stiles puts his phone in his pocket and reaches for her hand.
“What? You saw me leave my room to go take a shower.” Y/N says and looks behind him to see the book wide open. “And it seems like you snuck into my room with a motive?” Y/N steps away from him.
“Okay! Y/N I can explain but I found out something, I figured you out.” Stiles says and Y/N looks at him, confused but inside there is an underlying panic.
“I don’t know what you are talking about Stiles. But I also figured you out as well. I figured out that you are a psychotic nut job that sneaks into girls' dorm rooms to be creepy. Get Out!” Y/N yells and grabs his shirt; dragging him to the shirt.
“Y/N you’re a witch!” Stiles says, Y/N looks at him and lets go of him.
“Why the hell would you think that- Because of this” Y/N walks to the book and grabs it, waving it around in the air. Stiles nods slowly.
“I uhh, I spent a week trying to test my theory” Stiles says.
“So that’s why you have been hanging out with me? Just to confirm your theory” Y/N says, her eyes watering.
“I mean I really liked hanging with you-” Stiles says and wrapping his arms around her waist.
“Get Out!” Y/N says, pushing him away, tears running down her face and the items on her wall start shaking. Milo quickly gets off the bed and sits by Y/N feet, meowing at her, trying to calm her down.
“Y/N please l can explain please-” Stiles says, rubbing his face in frustration.
“I said,'' Get out of my room!” Y/N yells and the leaves on her wall are set on fire. Stiles quickly leaves and Y/N closes the door behind him.
“Descendo” Y/N says, causing the flame to go away. Y/N gasps, that was the first time she was able to control her powers. “Milo, did you see that?!” Milo meows in response. Y/N picks Milo and rubs his back. “Well Milo, it’s time to pack up and head home. We can’t stay here anymore”
Stiles was upset about how things played out, let his ego get in the way and lost a really good friend. All in all, he lets 2 days go by before gathering up the courage to go back to Y/N’s dorm with a handful of roses.
He was going to knock on the door but Y/N opened the door.
Her eyes went wide and quickly shut the door but Stiles quickly stopped it. “Sorry no one is home! Come back later” Y/N quickly said, shutting her eyes in embarrassment.
“Y/N, I know that I have hurt you but can you please let me in and explain.” Stiles says, trying to push the door open but Y/N stays firm. “Please”
Y/N sighs and opens the door, Stiles looks down at her, his eyes looking around the room as everything was in boxes.
“Y/N, wha- what is going on” Stiles asks.
“I can’t stay here. If you know, then the chances of everyone else knowing is…” Y/N looks at him
“It only took me a couple of hours sooo… but I won’t tell I-I promise, this isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve seen.” Stiles says and looks in her eyes.
“I don’t care. My aunt is on the way to pick me up” Y/N says quickly looks away, picking her bookbag
Stiles sighs, “I bought you flowers to apologize for my snooping” and offers her the flowers. Y/N grabs them and throws them in the trash. Stiles sighs, "The book wasn’t the only reason why I came.” Stiles said, closing the door.
“Stiles just stop this. You did the damage.” Y/N says.
“The fire, remember? I was heading over here. I wanted to come see you-” Stiles tries to say.
“For the book I know.” Y/N rolls her eyes.
“I wanted to properly introduce myself and the fire happened and I got very worried. Ever since I bumped into you, I had this sparkle that ignited inside of me. It only happens when I’m with you and I got curious and wanted to know you… the real you. I like you Y/N” Stiles confesses to her.
“Well I don’t like you.” Y/N lied to him. Stiles smiles and leans in her ear
“You’re a terrible liar” Stiles whispers, cups her face and leans in and pecks her lips, checking for resistance. Y/N kisses him back. Y/N’s phone rings, causing them to stop kissing. Y/N picks up the phone.
“Hello” Y/N answers.
“Y/N! Y/N! I need you to listen to me. Okay? I need you to run. They know where you are and they are going to find you and make you finish the ceremony.” Aunt Jane says.
“What? Wait What is going on? Aunt [L/N]... Aunt [L/N]” Y/N puts Aunt on the speaker.
“You have no time. You need to leave.. I may not see you for a while because the coven may find me and take me away. But I need you to promise me that you are going to be safe”
“I am a terrible liar Aunt [L/N]. I don’t know…”
“Promise me. We don’t have much time. In the back of the book, there are instructions if this ever happened. I have to go now.”
Her aunt hangs up and a tear runs down her face.
“Y/N what is wrong?”
She turns around, “It’s a long story. But my coven has been looking for me to complete a ceremony where I have to cut the neck of a virgin and I ran away to learn magic with my aunt, who they are now hunting down to get to finish the ceremony.” Y/N finishes and takes a deep breath.
Stiles' jaw drops, “Well this is bad timing to say I'm a virgin.”
“Stiles.” Y/N says in a warning tone that gets cut off by the sound of the fire alarm.
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jimmy12427 · 17 hours ago
Stiles: I bought you a pair of those sweatpants that say things on the butt...
Theo: did you get me a pair that say "Juicy"??
Stiles: Nope.
Stiles holds the pair up
It says "Idiot"
Theo: I don't get it...
Stiles: well you aren't a smartass.
Theo: glares. Well at least I'm not a dumbass!!
Tumblr media
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Hey, do you know any fics where Kate keeps Derek in an abusive relationship and Stiles helps him out of it?
Tumblr media
ANDWhen the Hand You Want to Hold is a Weapon and You're Nothing But Skin by gremlins-came-and-got-me (Scared_Beings_in_the_Dark)
(1/1 I 9,007 I Mature)
Stiles works as a hotline crisis counselor, dealing with male victims of abuse. Most of his callers are embarrassed, ashamed, beaten down, and at the end of their ropes, and Stiles helps where he can. He’s doing good in the world. And then 2020 happens. The city is locked down, and everyone is siphoned into quarantine. That’s when Stiles hears something from his downstairs neighbor, something disturbing, something he deals with every day in his work. His downstairs neighbor is being horribly abused by his partner, and Stiles can’t sit idly by.
Don’t Leave Me Behind When I’m Still Learning How to Run by isthatbloodonhisshirt (wasterella)
(1/1 I 16,151 I Teen)
He’d just set it back down when the door opened, and a shadow appeared in front of him, taking the seat across from him. Jackson’s name was on his lips as he rose his gaze from his drink, but the word stuck in his throat, because it wasn’t Jackson.
“I’m really sorry, can you be my boyfriend?” Derek asked breathlessly, panic on his face and looking seconds away from losing his shit.
Stiles didn’t even have the chance to reply, because the second he saw crazy lady walk into the coffee shop, he just immediately leaned over the table and planted a kiss right on Derek’s lips. The other man seemed startled, but he recovered quickly and brought one hand up to press against Stiles’ cheek.
He made sure to keep the kiss short, and relatively chaste, because this was all for show and he didn’t want to make Derek more uncomfortable than he already was.
@theydraggedmein suggested this one!
(un)broken by KouriArashi
(1/1 I 13,811 I Mature)
Newly made detective Stiles Stilinski is given what looks like a straight-forward arson case. The house's owner, Kate Argent, claims that it’s her abusive ex-boyfriend Derek punishing her for kicking him out. But when Stiles looks closer, things don't add up....
AND @luminensogra suggested this one!
A Match Unmade in Beacon Hills by KouriArashi
(11/11 I 47,831 I Teen)
Derek met his soulmate Kate Argent when he was 15, and he's tried for years to understand why his soulmate is so cruel to him. Then he meets Stiles Stilinski, who has no soulmate mark, an extremely rare phenomenon. Stiles thinks that he's destined to be alone forever, but apparently fate has other plans...
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