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#still hurts like- dammmn
fanficwaifu · a year ago
Tokoyami Fumikage | BLACKPINK
Pairing: Tokoyami Fumikage x OFC Warnings: Blood/gore? Mild Language. No smut. Poetry inbound. Cheesey? Probably cheesey lol. Words: 3.4k
A/N: I think I might make this into a miniseries, just really into this aesthetic. This was supposed to be like really sweet and romantic but I unno my brain went here lol. This started as a response to a couple asks for Tokoyami and a sweet fluffy reader- but I am gonna respond to them with a different thing! (Part 2 prolly?)
Tumblr media
Bloody bandages lay strewn across the wooden floor. Assortment of ointments and gauze half used. Yuna lay on her stomach, sweat layered across her body. Topless. Unbuttoned jean shorts. Deep breaths seemed to do nothing against the pain in her back. Two angry gashes on each side of her spine, delicate pink feathers forcing their way out of the slashes in a bloody wreck.
While everyone seemed to be overjoyed at the sudden sprout of wings, all she could think about was how she would rather had been quirkless. The pain did not seem to match the advantage. There was only a month before graduation, and a sudden update to her quirk did not appear like a blessing.
It felt like a curse.
“God damn,” her quiet voice echoes into the bedroom. It has been weeks now since her wings slowly emerged from her back. Pale pink but coated in blood near the base. Every day several inches pushed out, and she did not understand where all these feathers had been hiding. Recovery-girl could only do so much. A bottle of pain medication sat neatly on her nightstand, but the consequences to taking them are muted quirk use. She could not afford to be holding back a month before graduation.
A month before she became an official pro-hero.
It all started with an attack. A villain got ahold of a quirk enhancing drug. Instead of applying it on himself, he began using it on everybody he could, in hopes to create disorder and destruction. The effects are to be temporary. In rare instances, however…it could help bring out the hidden power in quirks. The parts buried in the DNA.
She had been one of those unlucky cases.
“Yuna? You missed lunch again today,” A deep voice calls from her door. The monotone of her boyfriend always relaxed her. Glancing at the bright red digits of her clock on the wooden nightstand, she realized she was laying on the floor for several hours now. It was almost dinnertime. Funny how fast time flies when you feel you are dying.
“Sorry Fumi,” her voices wavers. She runs a hand through her pink hair, slick with sweat, and lays her cheek back down on the cold wooden floor. “…I’ll be down for dinner,” Her voice is barely a whisper, but she knows her boyfriend will hear it, regardless. The click of her doorknob catches her attention. Yuna moves to stand, but the pain quickly lands her back on the floor. The light from the doorway spreads to illuminate her painful expression before it closes.
“Oi… what are you doing on the floor??” Shadow calls, quickly hovering above her with a worried tone. Fumi crouches in front of her, moving a stray hair out from her face. It's hard to see what expression he wears.
“I told you to text me if you were in pain, my love,” Fumi lightly chastises. He reaches down to softly scratch across her head, tears well up in her eyes.
“It doesn’t stop hurting…” Yuna whimpers, clenching her fists. “…I wish I could just rip them off and be done with it,”
“But they are so pretty!” Shadow exclaims, moving to touch the soft fresh feathers.
“No Dark Shadow,” His companion whines at him, before moving around to clean up the mess laid around the floor. Fumi moves his attention back to his girlfriend. “…Hawks mentioned you can try having someone pull them out, but it is extremely painful,”
“How does he know?” She breathes through clenched teeth as a wave of pain hits. “…He was born with his right?”
“No, he developed them like this when he was young. Through puberty he would get minor episodes of them growing out like this. He said the commission always just pulled them out,”
“That sounds awful,”
“As awful as slow torture for what could be… months?” Fumi moves his hand down to massage her neck lightly. He eyes the angry base of her wings, red and bruising. “…it’s been two weeks already, my love,”
“Yeah? You gonna pull them out for me, Fumi?” She feels his hands still, and a deep sigh escape him.
“I think it would be better for a healthcare professional-”
“Rescue-girl said its better like this. She said you could risk damaging them if you pull on them,”
“But Hawks-” Fumi begins
“Do we believe Hawks or a Healthcare professional?”
Fumikage sighs heavily as a silence falls between them. He rubs her neck and shoulders, careful of her wings as his mind wanders around her room. He has been in here many, many times since they started dating, but it never gets dull.
The room is a clash of pink and black. Soft and harsh. Her and him. Various plants adorn the walls and sit on her furniture. The green of their leaves matches nicely against the black of the walls. Her blankets are light pink in color, with dark grey sheets.
Hanging above her bed are homemade pink clouds. He remembers when she made them, smiling brightly as she turned them on, and the tiny pink lightbulbs lit the room in a soft romantic glow. The same night they made love for the first time. The same night her soft, breathless laugh etched into his heart forever.
Her desk is lined with pink pens and notebooks, pink stickers and watashi tape. Her bookshelf filled with romantic tragedies and poetic adventures. A table next to it sat two tarantulas, one sheer black and the other a rosy pink. He remembers how excited she was when they spotted each other, both taping on the glass like they were giving each other high fives.
He finally spots the old and used Cthulhu anthology next to her bed, and a warmth spreads in his chest. One of the first presents he ever gave to her their freshman year.  
Dark Shadow is busying himself around the room, tidying and putting away her bandages. Yuna listens to him make her bed for her. When he returns and lies on the floor next to her, she gently pats his beak in appreciation.
“You didn’t have to do that Shadow,” she mumbles.
“He does what I tell him,” Fumi comments, watching the exchange warmly.
“I would have done it anyway, don’t listen to him,” Shadow grumbles, leaning into her touch. A painful shock goes across her back and she squeezes Shadows beak in discomfort. A slight whine escapes the companion as he looks to his master for help.
“It’s okay, Shadow,” Yuna whispers. She moves to stand again but collapses. Fumi rubs her head again, as he retrieves his cellphone and dials his mentor.
“What are you doing?” Yuna whispers, a sad, tired tone.
“Calling Hawks. Maybe he can talk me through it. We can take you to Recovery-girl afterwards,”
“But what about-”
“Hello Hello my fellow bird friend!” Hawks states loudly through the phone. Yuna immediately quiets.
“Hello Hawks. I was wondering if you could give me some… instructions,” Fumi moves to sit on the side of his girlfriend, staring intently at her wings. “…I think Yuna and I will pull the rest of her wings out,”
“Dammmn. It’s been like.. two weeks, now right? That sucks!” Hawks laughs loudly through the phone. Fumi can hear the flapping of his wings. “…I’m surprised you haven’t done it already! Real masochist in and out of the bedroom huh?” Yuna and Fumi blush together. When they lock eyes Fumi turns away, embarrassed.
“Back on point, Hawks. She is in a lot of pain here,” Fumi continues on. She watches the way his feathers fluff and fall from embarrassment.
“yeah yeah okay. Listen, I’m not gonna sugarcoat this. Its gonna suck. Like super hard, you know? She is prolly gonna pass out. There is gonna be a lot of blood. If you can knock her out beforehand, its gonna be easier. Should prolly have a bunch of ice packs on hand. Bandages too…you know all the good stuff,”
“Obviously,” Fumi replies.
“Don’t get sassy with me Tokoyami! I’m helping!” Hawks laughs. “…You should prolly do it somewhere away from everyone. I know her quirk effects plants and stuff, right? Its prolly gonna go off soooo…. yeah, that’s all I got,” Yuna snorts and rolls her eyes.
“I heard that sweetheart,” Hawks chuckles.
“Thanks for the help Hawks,” Fumi stands, moving to her dressers to pull out extra clothes for her. “.. I’ll let you know how it goes,”
“Please do! And don’t mention that I told you this, because I don’t need Eraserhead coming to kill me ya know?” Yuna laughs in the background. Fumi looks at her, surprised she can still hear the call from where he is standing.
“I understand. Goodbye Hawks,”
“Later!” and the call ends.
“What are you planning, Fumi?” Yuna begins, pushing herself up to one elbow. She watches him gather the blanket off her bed and fold it neatly.
“We are going to have a picnic,” Fumi replies casually.
“A picnic? Fumi it's almost sundown,” she glances at Dark Shadow putting her clothes in a bag. He floats over to her bookshelf to pull a couple novels and place them in the bag.
“The sooner the better. Plus, no one will be around. We can go deep into the forest,” Fumi pauses to think for a moment. “…Dark Shadow, don’t forget to grab the candles from the closet,”
“Yeah yeah!” Shadow calls back. Yuna watches them quietly, continuing to push herself off the floor. She takes it slow, slightly wobbly on her elbows.
When she finally stands, she is shaky, but stable. A hand runs through her damp hair. She feels exhausted. Turning her head to her window, she watches the sun setting in the distance. Warm oranges and pinks are spread along her room. Fumi turns around and is taken aback for a moment. Yuna stands with no shirt on, her pink wings framed against her arms. The sunset splashes against her chest and stomach. As messy as her shoulder length pink hair is, she is breathtaking to him.
“Prettyyyy,” Dark Shadow announces, flying up and around Yuna to land on her head. She laughs and butterflies swarm in his abdomen.
“You’ve seen me naked before Shadow,” Yuna replies, palming the side of the companion’s beak.
“Not since you had wings!”
“Yeah? You like the wings that much?” She playfully returns.
“They are exquisite,” Fumi supplies. He moves to stand in front of her, and palms one of her breasts in his hands. The touch is casual between them. “…with sunlight reveals the beauty of nature and what her plentiful fruits may give,” Yuna smiles in response, a light blush across her cheeks.
“Yeah yeah I have great tits,” She laughs. The action sends a stab of pain through her back and Fumi helps brace her in place. He gives her a moment to breathe through it before continuing, buttoning her shorts for her. The action is intimate and casual at the same time.
“Can you hold the bags for me? I need Dark Shadow to fly,”
“We are flying?” She replies, one eye closed against the pain. “…what about my shirt?”
“If I carry you no one will see my love, I promise,” Fumi is already reaching down to grab her legs.
“But my wings?”
“I can hold you beneath them. Just do not move too much,”
She braces herself in his arms, burying her head in his neck. The fluff of his hair-like feathers tickles the top of her head, and she snuggles deeper into him. The smell of his cologne makes her thighs clench. They have spent little time this close to each other since her wings started coming in.
“Are you all right? You heart rate has increased considerably,” Fumi mentions casually, as Dark Shadow encompasses his back, trying to ease her wing out of the way. She laughs against his neck.
“Quit hearing so much,” A dark blush appearing on her cheeks.
“My apologies, I forgot my cologne often excites you,” She does not have to look at his face. She can hear the smirk. She hides her face in his hoodie, clutching the bags close to her chest. The window slides open to her room, and she braces for takeoff.
“Here we go!” Dark Shadow yells, before Fumi jumps from the window.
Her stomach drops.
She fears heights.
 “Sit here for a moment while I set everything up,” Fumi sets her down gently, taking the bags from her arms.
“I can handle that,” She sasses back. Fumi nuzzles against her cheek before pulling away. “…Its awfully dark already though,”
“We brought candles,” there is a confident tone in his voice.
“This feels more romantic than what we are about to do,” Yuna laughs, a sting blooming across her back.
“It is romantic, isn’t it?” Fumi replies, lighting the candles and placing them around in a circle. Dark Shadow is putting down the blanket, setting up her books and pillows.
“Feels more like…you are about to sacrifice me, honestly,” She hears a small snort come from him.
“I suppose we are, in a way, sacrificing you. You will be a new version of yourself soon,”
“I like the old version just fine,” she mumbles, staring at one of her wings off to the side of her.
“I loved the old version of you,” Fumi states, placing the last candle down and walking over to her. When he crouches, he spots the embarrassed look on her face. He palms her cheek in his hand. “…I will love the new version of you just as much,”
“I don’t know how you are so chill about this. You know I’m probably gonna scream, right? Like in agony? Its gonna be loud,” Yuna mentions, a hint of fear in her tone.
“We don’t have to do it my love,” Fumi replies
“But I want to get it over with,”
“Then I will assist you,”
“Be careful?” she finally states, grabbing onto one of his hands and toying with his fingers. He squeezes her hand in response, bringing it up to his cheek so he can nuzzle against it softly.
“I am always careful with the love of my life,”
They move to lie on the ground, the grass tickling at her stomach. He instructs her to relax her arms down by her sides. While she breathes slowly, she can feel his gentle hands moving around on her back. Brushing her hair out of the way. Gently massaging all the muscles, he can reach, warming them up. Dark Shadow is cleaning away at the base of her wings, a slight sting from the anti-septic going to work. Yuna focuses on the denseness of the woods. The sounds of crickets and the blowing of wind. The sting from his hands bracing her wings pulls her back. She hears Fumi countdown, but quickly blocks out the sound to at least try to focus somewhere else. She holds her breath before he finishes.
Her vision turns red. A fire erupts across her entire body. A million of ants running across her back and hips.
Whispers float around her, like soft breezes blowing across her face. Her eyelids are heavy, they do not want to open. Barely lifting them, she spots the candle flickering at the edge of the blanket. Wax has melted and formed a base at the bottom. Blinking clears her vision more, but she still needs to force her eyes open the rest of the way.
“Yuna?” A monotone voice calls. She brings her hand up to her face, rubbing at the exhaustion in her eyes.
“…umi?” Yuna mumbles, groggy.
“Yes,” Is his simple response. She listens to him shuffle around, moving to sit in front of her. A glass of water and some crackers are placed in front of her. A hand gently rubs across her cheek and head, removing the hair from her face. “…when you feel up to it, try to eat and drink,”
“How long have I been out?” Bracing her hands against the ground, she is surprised how easy it is to push off. The pain is still present in her back, but the throb has gone down immensely.
“Its almost morning, we should head back soon. I was just about to carry you back to the dorms,”
“ah…I guess the picnic is a failure then, huh?” She eyes the red stain on his fingers, a tinge of guilt settling in her chest. “…Fumi-”
“Its fine, my love,” His voice is strained. “…I’m just glad it stopped bleeding,”
“It was a lot then?”
“Yes. I almost just carried you to the hospital, but Hawks helped me through it,” Fumi rubs his face, a tired expression in his eyes. “…Honestly, once I pulled the wings the rest of the way out, the bleeding stopped all on its own. I cleaned you up and placed antiseptic around the base of your wings. Hawks was on video, he assured me your wings looked great- told me to tell you to come see him when they heal so he can ‘measure you up’,”  
“Yeah ’cause they are super big now!” Shadow announces, plopping on her head. Fumi goes to scold him, but Yuna waves him off.
“I appreciate your help…Feel bad about the picnic though. Raincheck?” A yawn forces its way through her.
“We will try again when you are feeling better. Thought, it is not a total waste. I did read to you my favorite poems while you were sleeping,” Fumi laughs at her mopey expression.
“You read to me??? That’s not fair Fumi I was sleeping and couldn’t listen to you!” Her wings move on their own, feathers fluffed up and out. A sting courses through her back, but it is much more manageable now. They both eye them in interest.
Her golden eyes notice a single feather hanging from his neck.
“Is that my feather?”
“Yes,” Fumi replies, unbothered. “…It fell off. I thought it would make a nice souvenir, so I added it to my necklace. Does it bother you?” Yuna fingers the feather gently, its soft bristles rubbing against her finger pads.
“No I… just didn’t think you would wear something like that. Pink doesn’t exactly fit into your aesthetic, yeah?”
“A reminder of someone I hold dear, will always fit into my aesthetic, my love,” Yuna blushes, looking away to eat her crackers. Fumi eyes her curiously. He moves towards her, gripping her chin to look at him.  
“I love you as one loves certain obscure things, secretly, between the shadow and the soul,” Fumi whispers. Yuna’s ears light up bright red, as she realizes he was reading through one of her favorite poem books.
“You’re so n-nosy,” She counters, her voice wavering. “…I knew I shouldn’t have highlighted that part,”
“I particularly liked the note in the corner. ‘will sweep him off his feet’,” Yuna covers her face with her hands as he laughs. He nuzzles the side of her head before standing.
Fumi commands Shadow to gather everything up, as Yuna finishes up her crackers. Mild conversations come and go between them. It is not long before she is safe in his arms again, crawling through her bedroom window just as the first peak of the sun spreads. Yuna is asleep, cradled against his chest. He doesn’t have the heart to wake her. Moving towards the bed, he gently lays her on her stomach. Fumi holds back a chuckle as she immediately grabs at her pillows and clutches one close to her chest.
He planned on leaving back to his own room, but exhaustion pressured him against it. Leaving their bags on the floor, he quietly takes off his shoes. Stripping down to his boxers and tank, he carefully crawls into bed next to her. Her body immediately tangles with his own, naturally shifting to a well-known and comfortable position. Dark Shadow pull the blanket up around to their waists before dissipating.
Fumi is asleep when a pink wing instinctually covers his body and hangs off the bed.
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shigarakisslutbag · 3 months ago
Hun who hurt you. Who do I need to stab?
Its not too bad, but i sent this risky pic to this guy i was talking to and all he said was "dammmn"
Like even my ex hyped me up better than that. I just wanted to feel cute🥺
(Im still gonna fuck him tho lol)
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ejmcmoon · 3 years ago
Black Lightning 1x02
So I decided to react to the Black Lightning Series because it’s so damn good. I definitely recommend watching it. You can find it on the CW’s website if you didn’t catch it. It’s got representation, the writing is great, and the fight scenes are awesome! Please don’t sleep on this show!
Warning: Spoilers below the cut.
 Oh no is all this talk of prostitute stuff foreshadowing something happening to the girls?
Wtf is happening to Jefferson?
Yayyyy Lynn x Jefferson moment
But if he only saves the girls and then stops, people can tell it’s him, right?
WOw this guy is RACIST
I still can’t believe this guy has a name like Latavius and chose LALA
Shit I thought she knew who he is
“Everybody say they praying for me, but aint nobody willing to fight for me” Damn that’s deep. I love LaWanda
Aww she’s still outta school...poor girl Ok I kinda ship Jen with this guy, he’s cute. Better than the douche last episode
Did she not realize she’s bulletproof?
Shit’s about to go down!!!! You messed with the wrong father Oh it was just a water gun lol
“Don’t mistake my patience for weakness, boy” YESSSS YOU TELL EM JEFFERSON YOU TELL EM
Oooh the theme song yass
LESBIAANNNSS Kisses make everything better
I like this BROTP between Jeff and Henderson. They’re fun…. Oh gosh Lawanda, Lawanda,,,,,,
You know I like that they made Latavius (I refuse to call him Lala) a well-rounded character. He’s just sitting there jamming to some music in his car like any other person. It  really makes him relatable and I actually like him as a villain
Will is screwed…
So, lemme get this straight he got zapped by lightning and thrown into his car and he survived, but Latavius shot in the head and he’s dead???? What?????
Also, damn Latavius. Killing your own family. Relatable, but still a psycho. I like it
This guy’s a badass. I bet he left that music on in his car so he can feel like a badass in some mystery murder movie with his own soundtrack relatable relatable
It’s official. Latavius is my favorite villain ever besides the fact that his alias is stupid.
“None of that’s gonna matter if your daughter comes back home and your daughter’s dead” Dang LaWanda and Jeff have awesome scenes together
Honestly this is so relatable my dad never remembers my friends’ names
They’re so cuteee and smooth  
“As a neuroscientist, I know everything there is know about the brain, but not so much about the heart” DAMN GIRLLL DAMNNN
Oh no this woman better not get hurt I love her so much don’t hurt her
No don’t do it Lawanda don’t do it
Girlll what you doing walking up to a fucking drug lord. You strong, but you stupid
Yup this is the part where he cracks isn’t it? Yup he is Why aren’t the lamps flickering?? Awww she was his student. I knew that before, but now the feels are hitting me man. He’s like the black version of mcgonagall and it’s like her having to see James and Lily dead. The feels man the feels LynN shut uuuuupppppp
Oh damn he took her hands off his face savage
Ok a black panther ad just came on and I think that’s so fitting BLACK REPRESENTATION FOR THE WINNNNNNN
Gambi’s smart
Man she’s smoking and drinking and probably skipping class. Jen needs to get her life togetheerrrr
You tell her Khalil. I’m glad her man’s talking some sense into her Aww they’re cute
Lynn needs to stop treating this like an addiction “And then he stopped because he was addicted to you” Oh dammmn he came for her life
Yay they gonna get Lala (ugh I hate calling him that)
“Oh he is fine” Just imagine all the black lightning fangirls lmao I love how he’s just casually walking in there and the music is great Okay, the staircase line was great and all, but the elevator’s fast and isn’t latavius gonna catch on that Jeff’s after him?
Oh yay they caught him Damn two dead people busted him gotta clean after yourself better LALA
Why you going out in the dark in a dangerous city? Damn both of these girls are idiots. First Jen and the 100 club and now Anissa does this?
Oh damn another panic attack poor girl YES YOU FUCK HIM UP
Never mind it’s just lynn false alarm false alarm lmao
I love LaLa but tobias seems so one dimensional
Nooo don’t kill himmm i liiiked him
Ugh they’re not afraid to just kill people off
Okay so overall this episode was AWESOME! They had some great quotes and scenes and I loved LaWanda. I hate that they did Latavius bad like that he was so great. You don’t get villains with that much complexity these days and I’m hoping that he just pulls a leaf out of Will’s book and somehow survives. It was illogical with will, but you know I might just let it slide if they do it with Latavius.
Also, to elaborate with the ending scene with Jeff, it’s good that it wasn’t porn and it was just Lynn bc at least he’s loyal you know. But at the same time the way he was watching it is kinda like an addiction to Lynn. It’s like porn but only with Lynn. So I think Gambi’s right. She’s calling his powers an addiction, but she’s the addiction.
And you can see even though they’re “separated” they’re still showing each other affection and it’s kinda like she’s teasing him. (not sleeping in the same bed, saying she’s gotta take it slow). And he goes along with it bc he wants more. So yeah it is an addiction and like any addiction it’s stopping him from doing what’s right. LaWanda was his student and like a daughter to him and Lynn was still tryna stop him
So yeah, they have cute scenes, but Lynn is kinda unhealthy for him at the same time and she’s holding him back. You know, people always tell women to not let men hold them back, but men, don’t let your women hold you back either. And same goes for mlm and wlw. And people who don’t give a fuck about gender. DON’T LET PEOPLE STOP YOU FROM ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS AND DOING THE RIGHT THING
Which, going back to the wonderful wlw in this episode, Anissa and her girlfriend are clearly a foil to Jeff and Lynn bc when Anissa said that she was busy chasing all her dreams, the girlfriend said that she wasn’t tryna hold her back, which is exactly the opposite of what Lynn is doing to Jeff.
But also, I like that it’s not like they’re having a lgbt+ couple be the good one and a het relationship be the unhealthy one as if het relationships are inherently unhealthy and lgbt+ ones are inherently healthy bc anissa and her gf have their issues just like jeff and lynn have their good moments.
And it’s really nice that the girlfriend wants more than just sex bc I feel like a lot of wlw couples focus on the sexual stuff. Like, why can’t we have sitcom lesbians and lesbians fighting crime and stuff without it being sexual?
But also they balance out the relationships by having this REALLY CUTE thing with Jen and her guy. He’s so cute and supportive and I really liked their get together scene on the roof. It wasn’t some overdone dramatic first kiss scene. It was just two awkward teens getting together and the kiss wasn’t anything big. Also, when he brought out the necklace and she smiled, IT WAS SO CUTE
And he’s just so supportive and he’s just tryna get her on the right track. And he’s got a tough family situation, but he’s still tryna keep his life together. Get you a partner like that.
Also, I love how the girls are going through the trauma in their own ways. Anissa has panic attacks and Jen drinks. You know, in a lot of superhero shows, people go through traumatic shit and brush it off, but these writers are showing the aftermath and it’s great. Also, the girls experience it differently. Jen is outwardly cheerFUL and stuff in an effort to distract herself. And Anissa’s a little more shaken. It just shows that PTSD symptoms always vary depending on the person
But I did like that scene where she threw that guy across the store and got up and smiled like she was proud of herself. That was badass.
Anyway, this review was a mess, but I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy the show. Writers, if you see this, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND I HOPE IT GETS RENEWED FOR A SEASON 2!!!
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