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#still life
potatoes-is-are-food · 23 minutes ago
8, 21, 58?
Played any sports?
Noooo I'm really bad at athletic stuff unless it's rock climbing
Plans for the weekend?
I had to go to mother's day dinner with a bunch of family and my uncle screamed at a waitress so that was fun :/ I have Mondays off though so I'll relax tomorrow!
Favorite weather?
Snow and rain! Thunder and dark and gloomy so I can bundle up inside just makes me feel so cozy 😚
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theheadlessgroom · an hour ago
At that remark, Dorian stuck his fingers in his ears, saying playfully, “La-la-la, I can’t hear you! I’m not gonna think about that just yet! La-la-la!”
“He did the same thing when I brought up how Edward’s going to be four next year,” Elizabeth snickered at her husband’s melodramatics, as she rubbed a hand over her belly. “He feels his boy is growing up too fast, and he doesn’t want to think about it.”
“Well, I certainly understand that,” Randall laughed, smiling to Emily as he said this: He wanted his children to stay as young and innocent as they could for as long as they could-he knew they’d have to grow up someday, of course, but that wouldn’t be for some time, for which he was very grateful. He at least took solace in the notion that Lon and Erika wouldn’t have to go through the struggle that their parents did, having to clear so many hoops before they could tie the knot-instead, they could freely and easily marry the loves of their lives, without having to worry about hiding their relationships from him and Emily.
“Gosh,” he then laughed, running a hand through his own dark hair. “Just thinking about the twins bringing home someone is giving me gray hairs!”
“Ah, I felt the same way, lad,” Wilhelm chuckled, as he finished his own cookie before putting little Lon on his knee, bouncing the boy up and down, much to his delight. “Just thinking about you going a-courtin’ made me feel old before my time! Just ask Junie!”
“He really made a show of it,” June giggled, shaking her head. “Randall had just turned five, and after I put him to bed, I found Wilhelm lying on the bed, staring at the ceiling-he just couldn’t believe it! He went on and on, saying that soon he’d be out of the house, finding a girl to settle down with, starting a family of his own...he really put on quite a show, like I said!”
Of course, she did feel the same way, in some regard-it seemed like only yesterday that Randall was a mere baby in her arms, and then he just seemed to grow up so fast from that point on. In some ways, it still boggled her mind to think that her baby had two babies of his own now, and here they were, talking about them finding love!
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explosiion · an hour ago
Yes, SHARRON, I as a 19-year old who can’t drive in the middle of a global pandemic would totally L O V E to work a 9-5 for capitalism, feeling nothing but needless depression 24/7 just to wake up everyday and make cash and be around people I absolutely despise, you read my mind! C O N G R A T S. Do you want a cookie or something?
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lilhunterpedia · an hour ago
i really want to read ‘in another life’ but is it really worth it? like ik i’m going to cry but do i want to put myself through that?
​everyone says it’s so good but i have a really bad habit of becoming super invested in characters and sometimes it truly messes me up when something bad/sad happens to them. (for example, when sirius, snape, and remus died in hp it took me at least a month to stop crying and longer after that for my chest to stop hurting whenever i thought of them)
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heulevescant · an hour ago
god I realized I've been on tumblr in some form for fucking 10 years at this point
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ruins-mourner · 2 hours ago
Love the fact that jordy petersnot was recommended a pseudo-science fad diet by his “health blogger” daughter and that’s what cause him to get sick and get addicted to the meds prescribed to help him, all because his daughter claims that it cured her arthritis and depression, and his treatment for all of that was why he was gone and everyone thought he was dead. Damnnnnn he shoulda stayed on that diet, the whole family’s fucking idiots, they are truly deserving of a Darwin Award
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laclygrantham · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vase à perroquet, c. 1800. Manufacture Hartmann Risler et Cie
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eulerami-art · 2 hours ago
It'll never cease to amaze me how an actor that speaks pretty neutral Spanish, whom anybody would just think of as a regular ass dude, is cast in Spanish-language romances/crime fiction as sweet, mild-mannered characters with troubled pasts or devoted to protecting loved ones, etc...
...but then they dabble in US crime fiction tv and are instantly casted as a cartel criminal, or a fugitive, or a DEA plant, or the token copaganda border patrol guard with some serious self-hatred, or a horndog/cheater, simply because they have any kind of accent. (But in this particular case it's the Texan/Southwest Chicano influence.)
Like, what happens when your audience's association with that rhythm of talking is...oh, I dunno, regular...??? 🤔🤔🤔
Then you get these scenes and shit where it's just... this marshmallow being imposing and intimidating, and it's all framed this way, but not because of the acting! They're doing a damn good job acting, but it's reliant solely on "oh, that accent= threatening!"
Even moreso when directors try so hard to use the actor's look on top of it to try and emphasize this. But what happens when that "look" (?) isn't...inherently threatening??? Like at all?
So you think, "okay, maybe they're trying to subvert me. Maybe this is the real protag? Or, clearly the punch that'll make them actually worse (relative to the others,) is coming in the form of their actions," right?
And you can just tell they make them read the English script a certain way, reliant on the accent alone to deliver the prejudice-driven "oooh" factor, because if you remove that bias it's fucking corny and weak as hell.
Especially when the whole character shifts when they speak Spanish and have more freedom, since they know how to 1. Act! 2. Sound actually fierce in their own language, but then you got this ... Stilted, cheesy ass English script that really doesn't utilize the actor's individual talents, presence, or tone.
It's harmful, and annoying, and lazy.
...and by the way, where's the good guys that sound like this in US tv? And games for that matter? The sympathetic leads? They don't have to be the embodiment of perfection but, damn.
(This really goes for any accent or background in american media for that matter, jfc)
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charincharge · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
next week’s bujo 🌸
tagging my bujo inspo @mariamuses
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lady-of-the-lotus · 2 hours ago
something something about how Lan Wangji and Xue Yang both pined over the man they loved for a decade or so, both were obsessively devoted to their memory, both did everything they could to bring them back, both refused to believe they were dead, something opposites something parallels something something
something about how both Wei Wuxian and Xue Yang submitted to the judgement of the man they loved something something about how both laid their worldview bare for better or for worse something about how both deemed only their Other as fit to judge them, fit to kill them, something parallels something something
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purgatorydotexe · 3 hours ago
Ok so, for Kashmira and Adunni; they're slow dancing in the middle of the night, softly illuminated by candle light
What song are they dancing to ??
they’d be dancing to mango by kamauu ft. adeline
yknow— this question actually took me for a loop. in the sense that i had to question my associations with certain things. i think in a way, most people usually associate dancing in soft, illuminating candlelight with some sort of intimate, quiet tenderness. i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that interpretation— however, no matter how hard i tried to find a song for adunni and kash that would encompass that kind of quiet subtle intimacy, i couldn’t find anything. it made me step back and ask myself why couldn’t i? and it really came down to the fact that when the two of them are together, they’re like schoolgirls almost: thick as thieves, all over each other brimming with happiness and tenderness that comes from expressing joy. with singing back and forth to each other that they only want to encourage each other and anyone and anything that helps improve them and brings them more goodness in life is something they endorse. they’re soulmates to every sense of the word: that the joy of being together cannot be contained by quietness or subtlety. sure they have serious moments but their preferred state of being is in love and silly and expressive and happy and idk i just got in my feelings thinking about it so have this ramble about kash and adunni being in love thanks
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