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woooo translantic friendo I’m having a pint of Murphy’s stout with your answers, may I type better as a result –

6. If you could rewrite one season, which one would it be? Why?

heyy another season to rewrite – this time let’s go for s12, because it was honestly so close to being good but then they just… lost their way. What the hell happened. (Andrew Dabb happened.)

So, Mary. I mean, lbr, it’d be better if she had never come back. Amara should’ve just given Dean a gift card to Checker Auto Parts and called that good. But, if you’re going to rewrite the season you might as well deal with the building blocks they gave you, so: Mary. It was fine that she was super flawed, not really maternal, etc—the problem was that they only hired her for like 7 episodes or whatever, so the actual serious problem of her presence kept getting dumped in favor of other shit. Having her recur in a serious way would help immensely—letting her be as awkward and wrongfooted as she really while she did it—and it probably would’ve helped if she’d been played by the young!Mary actress so that we’re really sold on how she *doesn’t belong here*. Bringing that theme forward and sticking with it would help a lot.

BMoL: I don’t mind them as a concept, but my god was the execution a fumble. They’re supposed to be awesome and instead they come off like nincompoops. Completely erase their whole shitty paramilitary vibe and make them all in the model of Mick, Toni, and Ketch: dangerous, academic, with a sense of morality that’s completely skewed by the evil upbringing. Mistress Shitty McGonagall and their shipping container fortress is gone; instead, let it be a legitimate attempt at seducing the hunters over to the Side of Right, and more completely vicious takedowns of monsters who aren’t actually doing anything bad. Great opportunity to kill off Garth, here, with that being the backbreaking straw that shows them all that this is wrong. It should be less of a “we’re comically evil dictators” and more of the themes that they started with — class conflict, chilly ‘logical’ choices vs emotional reactions, sedate Rolls Royce vs too-loud muscle car. Ending in a detente without a hopelessly embarrassing First Person Shooter episode to make Sam come off like a lunatic would help.

Kelly, Lucifer, and the nephilim: …I ended up liking Jack, so I guess I have to keep this storyline. But soooo much of Lucifer/Crowley just needs to be excised/ripped apart. First: Crowley has to make sure Lucifer actually goes to the cage, because the ultrastupidity of him getting ‘revenge’ ruined Crowley’s character. Then you’re left with the Princes vying for Kelly’s uterus, each hoping to raise their fallen king’s baby. This is a great opportunity for the American hunters and the BMoL to work together to try to find and/or bring them down. A fun twist would be that Sam and Dean want to kill the baby while the BMoL want to control the power source.

Overall: just write everyone to be less stupid and the season works a lot better, haha.

16. What character death hurt you the most?

As previously stated I love character death, character death is the best. And in a real sense, the only one that like **hurt** was Dean in 15.20 because of course that was the last time, forever, and even if it ended up being deliriously happy afterward it’s not often that television can make me do gulpy sobby tears. Hot damn, that was great. Painful. Both.

For a less-obvious one, though, Dean’s death at the end of s9. I mean, it didn’t hurt because of course he was coming back, but it was a brutal one. When everything had been so bleak, but you knew Sam was on his way back to forgiving him—nearly had, but stubbornness and making his point meant he couldn’t quite get over that last hurdle–and then how beautifully it was filmed, and how sudden it was, and Sam’s face when he saw and how everything else that he thought mattered fell away. The way their eyes met across the warehouse. I never liked that ‘we’re proud of us’ line, that felt stapled-on for some weird theme – what mattered was Sam helping him stagger trying not to look at his face, and then how he was alone in the dark later, and how you know he had to wash the blood from under his fingernails and thought no with tense clarity, and knew exactly why Dean had done what he did at the start of that year. Fantastic enough make your stomach ache. Love it.

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oh man, i read that a while ago and remember not loving some aspects of it, but i don’t actually remember what, at least not in a way that makes me able to have a specific conversation about it

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absolutely zero shame in a song lyric title, they’re the best! But okay, let’s see:

47) Fic title: All Our Troubles On the Burning Pile - what would you write about? 

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh top of my head, no second-guessing, let’s say it’s:

SPN: s7 when Sam is crazy-go-nuts, and he’s struggling and whatnot but the focus would be more on how Dean is losing it, drinking too much and taking pills and hardly sleeping, and they take a job just as distraction and it starts going badly from the jump, and they barely make it out, and Sam’s mad at Dean for taking too many risks and Dean’s just–done. Except he knows he can’t be done, because they’re never going to be done. It never ends. He takes a drink, watching the fires lick up the sides of the house they had to torch, and Sam’s looking at the side of his face, and Lucifer’s laughing at both of them. –not a nice fic, in other words. :)

–but also I just got a random Umbrella Academy idea for it, and that’d be for when Diego finally loses it and decides he’s gonna bail on the family/their dad/etc, and offers to take Klaus with him but Klaus is too high and scared and weird to take the leap. They fuck (maybe first time?), but Diego’s still going, and Klaus watches him go and then smokes quietly in bed, and Ben says something like why wouldn’t you want to leave? and Klaus laughs at him, but doesn’t respond.

Basically I guess I’m saying, while that title could be interpreted as freeing, I’m only coming up with versions where the whole world burns down, too.

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it's day 221 of ME not being over what a masterpiece ANCHOR is *sob emoji*

WHAOBVJNFQEJDSIP THANK YOU i love that fic with my whole entire heart, it WARMS me when other people do too 😭😭😭😭😭

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stillwaterseas replied to your photoset “”

Ok but ted bundy was objectively a good looking guy. I don’t want to stick my toes in the “lusting after a fictional version” mess, but I think it is worth noting that his looks were an asset to his predation. So it’s not like Netflix got it *wrong*

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Hi Joy, I saw your post about inbox topics, and I was like "haha I would totally talk to Joy about Discworld, bc everyone who loves Pratchett is kin, but I don't have a question" AND THEN I had a question - I have read every single TP book except Shepherd's Crown - I was so disappointed by Snuff and Raising Steam (they just didn't feel like Terry AT ALL) that I am terrified to read SC bc the synopsis was so intimate and painful, I'm afraid to see it botched. Do you have an opinion? xoxo

As painful as Shepherd’s Crown was to read, knowing that the words “The End” would finally be seen in a Discworld novel, Terry started writing it before his Altzheimer’s got too bad. The book begins with his visceral spark, and almost reads like one of his older novels, and although it tapers out the further it progresses…it’s not in the same way that say, Snuff of Raising Steam feels like it was written entirely by someone else who just happened to be listening in on the plot.

There’s times when you know that it’s not Terry at his best. There are times when it is really, really evident that the idea is only half formed and was several turns short of being fully honed. But the book isn’t really about that. Instead it’s one more chance to make us think about the small things, and to look within our communities and be kind and love each other, even when we’re hard to love. He’s trying one last time to make us see light in dark places and to let us know that life goes on. It’s not so much a good bye as a fond farewell.

And if you can handle that, I think it’s worth a shot.

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i scrolled back far enough on my dash and hit this hair discourse and i'm....? did someone just object to lauguste on the basis of blond/blond ships being invalid? that seems... niche. let blonds fuck 2k19. also, correct opinion on damen's dick, imo.

YOU NEVER KNOW WITH PEOPLE but nah someone objected to laurent/auguste on the basis of their issue with incest and it became a blond hair discourse meme, which, best outcome of anon wankery i’ve ever witnessed. 

LET BLONDS FUCK 2K19. Let Damen have a monster schlong 2k19. It’s a year for revolutions :’)

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stillwaterseas replied to your post: a couple just started a full blown argument behind…

i love it when that happens, im such a nosy bitch

btw i doubt that he or anyone at that grocery store was checking me out because i looked approximately like this

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stillwaterseas replied to your post “listen i may not have made a single original post in my life but i…”

listen LISTEN dude i love your tags they crack me up and make me smile all the goddamn time

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I LOVE the arranged marriage AU, I love demi!nik and laurent's immediate physical attraction to damen, and the motif of cultural differences, and nik just WRECKED by seeing damen bottom, and the WRESTLING scene omg??? and of COURSE laurent loves cliff diving, the little hellion. i love your portrayal of a younger laurent who is angry for a less serious reason, and how he and nik gradually build genuine love between them, and then DAMEN is so bright neither of them can look away... UGH I LOVE IT.

Thank youuuuu. This is so nice that I don’t know how to reply to it. But I am so glad you like it <3333

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I cannot BVELIVEE that we are going to have an ACtUaL poly triad between a lizard, a knight, and a (plant nerd) herbalist. *sits on my porch rocker, nodding at the blessings of tyool 2k18* I ALSO can't believe that it's gonna be... months??? like, with 3 new juno eps that's 8 weeks to the next 2ndC, and i think you're right that's not gonna be about rilla, and then more juno, so... like four months at least???? i was never this attached to 2ndC until now I SHIP DARILLUM SO MUCH. i can't even

That’s the big drawback of the Penumbra– when it ends on a cliffhanger, you have to wait FOREVER to get closure.

Welcome to the Order of the Bouquet. I swear, one of these days we’re gonna have to make corsages or something. 

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stillwaterseas replied to your post: Y'all help, i got in bed and turned the lights out…

lolllll i just did the exact same thing, fml.

nooooooooooooo i’m so sorry

i’m so tired and all i want is to sleep but i have vivid dreams at the best of times and i’m not risking it lmfao

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OK OK OK talk to me about the Sherlock teaser. IDK what to think!??! Are we actually looking at a canon historical AU? that is anachronistically genre-savvy/self-aware? wwhattt? also Mrs Hudson=<3 but also HELLA META ON SCREEN WHAT WHAT? like, i dont even know what im watching halp.

I think it’s an AU, outside of the usual continuity of the show, but the character’s personalities are identical to the normal stuff, and anything they do or say will be in-character even if it doesn’t affect the plot of the rest of the thing? I’m not sure either!

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so I poked through your blog but I’m honestly not sure what you ship. Provide a complete list ASAP. Tell me the things we can scream about together.

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stillwaterseas replied to your post: In which it becomes apparent that the …

What book is this from?

Metamorphoses! 100% recommend.

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