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y’all got yours yet?  I’m still waitin...
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girderednerve · 24 days ago
I've seen that post going around about how to access a stimulus payment if you did not receive yours due to homelessness or other difficulty filing (remember, some incarcerated people do qualify), and I think it's a little bit confusing so I want to clarify, just in case. The stimulus payments are refundable tax credits, which for our purposes just means that you have to file taxes to get them, and if you did get them, they won't be taxed.
If you do not usually file taxes because you are below the income threshold for filing, you still need to file taxes to get your stimulus payment (and you may qualify for other credits depending on your situation). This year, you'll claim the Recovery Rebate Credit to receive your stimulus money.
The deadline to file 2020 federal income taxes has been extended until May 17, 2021, so you have plenty of time to file, but it may be desirable to do it now so you can access whatever money the government owes you as quickly as possible.
Filing your taxes for most people in this situation is straightforward. You can do it on paper or with an online form, and request your payment as a direct deposit or as a mailed prepaid debit card. The debit card may take several months to arrive, and you can have it sent to a PO box rather than a residential address.
There are free tax preparation centers to offer assistance to people filing taxes; they have a limited number of in-person offerings this year, but may still be helpful in your area. Here is the IRS's local lookup page for VITA and TCE centers.
AARP also offers tax help in various forms; their policies are inconsistent this year, but they will help anyone (you do not need to be a senior). Here's their page to find assistance near you.
There are also online forms you can use: the IRS's Free File page will direct you to the various third-party tax prep sites, so you just need to have your documents (dependents' information, W-2s, etc.). You can use any of them to file a basic federal income tax return, completely free of charge. Your local public library may offer access to computers or WiFi to help you file, and many also have paper copies of the 1040 (basic income tax return) if you prefer to file on paper.
Taxes are always troublesome, but if you're looking for help you have options!
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theoutermenace1986 · 3 months ago
Just some venting but---
I found out that I'm either:
A) not going to receive a stimulus check due to some glitch in the IRS' system and I'll have to rebate it on my taxes
B) it will just be delayed another 2 weeks because of said glitch.
According to several sources, if you filed with HR Block or Turbo Tax in 2019 - even if you had 0 issues with getting the first EIP - there could be up to a two week delay in receiving your money...if you get it at all.
I'm sincerely hoping that it just gets delayed or that I get it as a card or check because even if I file it as a rebate on my taxes, it won't do me a luck of good until I file THE FOLLOWING YEAR.
This sincerely blows.
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vavandeveresfan · 8 months ago
Getting this out of my system while waiting to request my weekly unemployment.
I love how the federal government is giving people $600 a week so we can survive because businesses are closed/reduced staff/dead due to the pandemic, but now they’re taking it away because we’re making too much money being unemployed and they want us to go back to work, even though there’s hardly any jobs because of the businesses being closed/reduced staff/dead due to the pandemic.
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gleefully-macabre · 10 months ago
So they’ve been sending out those stimulus debit cards. We got one (for some reason?) and thought it was a scam cause I didn’t even know they were doing cards instead of checks.
So if you get a star-spangled Visa card in the mail on a sheet of paper with the IRS symbol in the bottom left that instructs you to visit EIP-something dot something, that’s an Economic Impact Payment Card. When you call to activate it, it’ll give you your balance.
I recommend tracking your balance ruthlessly, because it costs $0.25 to check your balance. And I believe a hefty ATM fee, since they want them used as debit cards.
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suddenxdesire · 10 months ago
This is insane. I knew this was fake before I opened it up but I wanted to see how bad it was. These people are fucking ruthless, preying upon people and their fears during a pandemic. Couple things:
1. Spelling and grammatical errors aside, the casual wording and emphasis on trying to look professional gives this away immediately.
2. The stimulus bill (and any future stimulus bills) are paid by the IRS, not the WHO.
3. The IRS (or any other goverment organization for that matter) will NEVER contact you by email, telephone, or in person. Only by certified US mail under the IRS name and logo, not some fucking random Chad on his own email address and phone number. An message like this would also more likely come from the CDC before the WHO.
4. If you get an email or phone call like this, report it. To your local police department, to your friends, to your grandma. Impersonating a government official/organization is (a felony??? Or at least a crime) and we need to protect naive people who would fall for this shit before it's eradicated.
5. Scammers eat glass and die lol.
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Tumblr media
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secretlypureatheart · 12 months ago
Tell them to vote for the EMERGENCY MONEY FOR THE PEOPLES ACT.
People who were left out of the original stimulus by and large qualify for this one! Students, young people, workers who have experienced job loss.
It’s $2k/month to everyone over 16yo who makes less than $135,000.
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onemuseleft · 12 months ago
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madnessandmakebelieve · 12 months ago
I can't fucking believe this is real. They said it was coming but I didn't truly believe it.
The government actually sent me money. The full $1,700. Y'all I have never in my adult life had this much money in my account at one time. I can pay all my bills and fix my car now. I'm literally about to cry rn
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Push for FOURTH $1,400 stimulus check and more recurring payments supported by 70 lawmakers
Push for FOURTH $1,400 stimulus check and more recurring payments supported by 70 lawmakers
THE push for a fourth stimulus check and additional recurring payments is being backed by up to 74 lawmakers. Around two weeks after President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion stimulus package into law, more than 20 Senate Dems joined the call for recurring payments in the next stimulus round. And now more congressional members […] Read Full Text
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