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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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bro i- i cant stop thinkinf abt that time someone sent me an absurdly rude ask yelling at me and at the end they called me a goy

n id idnt know what that meant so i didnt touch it i just responded with um what the fuck and they proceeded to call me an antisemite and made fun of my appearance even though they didnt even get it right 💀💀💀

like that shit is so funny, tldr dont like south park and cockroach posts yall

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come off anon PLEASE come off anon im actually begging please message me i cant take this

- Jeff bursts through Peter‘s bedroom window and cuts Lois down like the dirty bitch she is

- Peter looks up at the homeless, dumpster dwelling killer in awe

- „J-Jeff? Jeff!?“ Peter asks, excitedly moving across the bed and over Lois‘ still warm body, his hefty cankles breaking her ribs

- „It‘s been too long, Peter…“ Jeff says softly, an unbrushed tooth falling out of his mouth as he smiles, gently caressing Peter‘s gelatinous cheek

- Peter swallows Jeff‘s face in a sloppy, wet kiss, and Jeff moans as he can taste that night‘s dinner

- „It has been too long, Jeff“ Peter croaks as he falls onto Lois‘ now room temperature body, pulling Jeff on top of him

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OHH last night i watched like 4 episodes of l&s the series im love??? oh my god the theme song is so good i literally teared up before every episode i love it??? its so nostalgiac to me!!

i watched Richter, Slugger, Phantasmo and Angel!!!!!!

the angel one was good i was happy to see my daughter :“’‘3 i didnt know a lot about her tbh she became a big comfort character mainly just because i have the plush of her xD but i love her and i need to watch the part 2 i guess bc she got captured by gantu at the end of that episode??? idk what the episode is but i wanna find it!! i love and cherish angel

also i LOVE slugger’s design???? hes a little pterodactyl i love… god dude i cant wait to go home and watch more!!!!!!!!

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GOD i wake up… im still thinking about lilo and stitch…

u know im rly glad theres decent continuity in lilo and stitch but like… does lilo stop giving pudge the fish sandwiches??? she made a peanut butter sandwich in leroy and stitch and i thought “is pudge gonna save the day????” but she gave it to reuben xD

also im sad abt cobra bubbles bc like.. after the first movie it shows him in casual clothes sitting on the couch with stitch and lilo like a good friend, but in stitch! the movie hes just a stoic agent again D: and he didnt even show up in stitch has a glitch!! u would think hed at least show up to lilos hula performance or something :( maybe in the series hes in it more??

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GOD what a perfect good movie.. im in tears i love them

its too late to watch stitch! the movie………… but here i go OOPS

im gonna h8 myself tomortow morning but i want to watch my children

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