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postpunkenjoyer · 11 months ago
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gorps · 11 months ago
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aestheticpiscess · 4 months ago
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There are over 5,700 missing & murdered Indigenous women & girls. 4 out of every 5 Indigenous women are victims of violence & the vast majority is committed by non-Indigenous men who are outside of tribal jurisdiction. You are never forgotten, my sisters.
***their are more missing than that*
Please educate yourself with indigenous history. Anyone who doesn’t know, you’re on sacred land.
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webzone · 6 months ago
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hummingm1nt · a month ago
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aletheius · 10 months ago
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We’re all going to make it 
(one story, worth the reads)
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animalsoutloud · 2 months ago
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We all cherish our mothers. Animals are the same way. But dairy rips mothers and their young apart so that the mother’s milk can be pumped for humans instead.
If we can imagine ourselves as kids being torn away from our mothers, never to see them again - that is the reality that baby cows experience every day. That is the reality of dairy.
Every time we consume dairy, we are taking away from a baby cow who his/her mother’s milk was meant for. Instead we put nuzzles on them to prevent them from drinking it, separate them from their mothers, and place them in isolated pens.
Plant based milks such as those made from almond, soy, and oat milks are just some of the many varieties of milk and other dairy products where baby cows do not have to be ripped away from their mothers.
A kinder, more equal world is possible. Make a positive difference and give plant based foods a delicious try.
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agents-of-fangirling · a month ago
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DOUSY + One Year Anniversary: 7.10 ‘Stolen”
“I’ll be your chaperone, how about that? You need me to bail you out, I’ll be right there.”
“You really are a square, aren’t you?”
“Harsh, but...yes.”
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fashionthroughmyeyes · a year ago
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(via pintrest)
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gorps · a year ago
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luzphr · a year ago
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scarletgray · 2 months ago
Natsu: you're late
Lucy: *winking* you're hot
Natsu: you're forgiven
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webzone · 6 months ago
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lovebird-in-the-dark · 7 months ago
His hands were warm,
Lips full of hope,
And wishes divine.
He was giddy on joy,
Perhaps from thinking,
I claimed him as mine.
But oh, my darling,
You don't know what I do.
You don't know how many I've made happy before.
How many crowns I've stolen,
How I want more.
But you did,
You did trust me,
Despite all the signs,
I was a black swan,
Heady like the finest wine.
It might have been good for a while,
When you clutched at my sweatshirt,
Like I was your lifeline.
And we shared breath through pressed foreheads,
And mindless nothings.
I stole and stole them, pulling at your heart as I held your hand.
Tugging them from your soul as we kissed.
I couldn't stop,
They were so incandescent,
Brimming with hope,
I could not.
I stole them through your clouded breath,
Shimmering like the first rain of spring,
Breathed them in like a drug,
And stored them in little bottles of gauzy wings.
You should have known better than to trust me,
For I am the kind of person,
A storm couldn't tame.
I was the type to make you need me,
Make you love me,
Until it was all you knew,
Until you couldn't think of me,
Without staying sane.
And then I would leave you on the edge of a cliff,
For I am the living proof,
That people don't see the monsters, dressed in laces and ribbons.
That a monster that didn't need to be aloof,
To be feared.
That all I needed was a guise,
And nothing was forbidden.
I stole until I had it all,
Until you were just like the rest,
Until you were mindless and mediocre.
I feigned to love you until you wanted your own fall.
And then I left in a whirlwind of darkness,
Away to the skies,
I missed so much.
Where I shed my mortal skin,
And let it wither to dust.
In this form of starlight,
I was eternal,
I was a flaming rite.
I drank and drank them,
Like the sweetest wine,
Spilling down my throat.
I glutted myself on them,
As I watched from the heavens,
At you mortals below.
So hopeful,
And bold.
So naive,
Waiting to find one with whom to be whole.
I drank them like humans drank love.
It felt like flying,
Like drowning and wicked passion.
It was the beginning of the skies breaking.
It was unfair,
Could set the world amiss.
But for all it was wrong,
I had never felt so drunk,
As I was on every stolen wish.
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hummingm1nt · a month ago
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