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Baby Arctic foxes sit outside their den in Svalbard, Norway. By Paul Nicklen.
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Water can reflect the most diverse moods from architectural severity to natural tranquility. All the pools throughout this section have been created artificially but all, like the best gardens, reflect the personality of their owners.
Creative Gardens, 1986
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Marc C. Green
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tumblr tuesday: goblins & geologies
Hello to you on this vertically oriented igneous Tuesday. Today, we bring you some of the best rock-related content here on Tumblr. Whether you like your stones small and shiny or huge and hurtling through space, here are some good places to go for your lithic fix. Think of this as a small yet charming troll sharing with you their favorite treasures. 
"Giant woman of the woods," @honeyhemlocked​, lives in a cabin in the woods (yeah, it looks as charming as it sounds). Here's a selection of some of the stones she’s gathered:
Tumblr media
@geologicaltravels​ shares original photos relating to geology, astronomy, meteorology, and biology—from 40 years of traveling the earth!
Tumblr media
Zürich-based artist Alexis Desjardins shares (often hauntingly) serene impressions of places in Europe on @docileeffects​, while displaying an impressive rock-to-not-rock ratio:
Tumblr media
@thesilicontribesman​ is a multi-media artist and educator working in the northwest of England who shares images of local lithic materials and the stories they tell:
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@mineralsandsomerocks​ is kind of a pro when it comes to geological matter, having collected stones of some sort since the very beginning:
Tumblr media
A self-confessed fan of "museums of bones and stones," @twofacedgods​ has formally studied geology and is an aspiring volcanologist, astrobiologist, and space scientist.
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Densely Arranged Stone Gradients Sweep Across the Sand in Jon Foreman’s Extraordinary Land Art
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Stones Meanings & Trees
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Amazonite: Confidence, Self-love, Creative Expression
Amethyst: Intuition, Balance, Higher Wisdom
Apatite: Energetic Clearing, Psychic Attunement, Authenticity
Aventurine: Prosperity, Well being, Good Luck
Angelite: Divine Love, Gentleness, Healing
Black Tourmaline: Protection, Banishing, Security
Black Onyx: Blocking Negativity, Patience, Determination
Blue Goldstone: Inspiration, Optimism, Dreaming
Blue Aventurine: Hope, Clear Speech, Empathy
Blue Calcite: Serenity, Restoration, Releasing Stress
Carnelian: Passion, Sexual energy, Creativity
Citrine: Brightness, Positive Energy, Clearing, Prosperity, Success
Clear Quartz: Awareness, Amplifying Energy, Clarity
Dalmatian Stone: Loyalty, Family Bonds, Connection to Animals
Fluorite: Renewal, Harmony, Energizing
Garnet: Self-Esteem, Victory, Eternal Love
Hematite: Courage, Inner Strength, Grounding
Howlite: Calming, Compromise, Sleep
Lapis Lazuli: Psychic Vision, Celestial Energy, Nobility
Labradorite: Awakening Joy, Interdimensional Travel, Innovation
Lepidolite: Emotional Balance, Stress Relief, Spiritual Growth
Leopardskin Jasper: Adaptability, Shamanic Journeys, Animal magick
Malachite: Wealth, Beauty, Individuality
Mahogany Obsidian: Earth Energy, Personal Power, Integrity
Moss Agate: Contentment, Connection with nature, Abundance
Moonstone: Intuition, Sensuality, Safe Travel
Prehnite: Shielding, Self-Care, Discernment
Pyrite: Shielding, Success, Money Magick
Red Goldstone: Happiness, Ingenuity, Boldness
Red Jasper: Strength, Honesty, Stability
Rhodonite: Forgiveness, Relationships, Overcoming
Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion
Ruby Fuchsite: Integration, Friendship, Trust
Selenite: Purification, Peace, Enlightenment
Sodalite: Communication, Self expression, Truth
Serpentine: Hidden Mysteries, Observation, Instinct
Snowflake Obsidian: Spiritual Protection, Transmutation, Acceptance
Sunstone: Leadership, Generosity, Blessings
Tiger's Eye: Willpower, Warrior's spirit, Self-Motivation
Unakite: Attraction, Resolve Conflict, Healing the Past
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Almond:  Prosperity, wisdom
Apple: Love, healing
Ash: Protection, healing, prosperity
Aspen: Protection from thieves
Avocado: Love, lust, beauty
Banyan: Luck, knowledge
Beech: Creativity, tolerance
Birch: Rebirth, purification, protection of children, Moon matter
Bodhi: Meditation, wisdom, fertility, protection
Buckthorn: Exorcism, protection, legal matters
Cedar: Healing, purification, protection, prosperity
Cherry: Love, divination, healing
Cypress: Immortality- longevity, protection, strength, death, protection, wishes
Elder: Defends against evil and negative energy. Protection, health, spirituality, banishment
Elm: Protection, love
Fig: Fertility, balance, safety
Hawthorne: Protects against damage from storms, encourages happiness. Fertility and purification.
Hazel: Wisdom, abundance, protection, luck, divination, inspiration
Hickory: Legal matters
Holly: Protection, luck, dream magick, consecration, prosperity
Larch: Protection, anti-fire
Licorice: Love, fidelity
Lilac: Defends against harmful spirits, exorcism, love
Linden: Protection, luck, immortality, love
Magnolia: Fidelity
Maple: Love, prosperity, longevity, unification, divining rod
Mesquite: Healing, magical fires
Mimosa: Protection, dreams, love, purification
Mulberry: Protection, strength
Myrtle: Fertility, youth, love, peace, prosperity
Oak: Protection, health, luck, power, strength
Peach:  Longevity, protection, fertility, divination, happiness
Pear: Lust, love
Pecan: Employment
Pepper tree: Purification, healing, protection
Pine: Protection, longevity, healing, fidelity, purification
Plum: Protection, the wild
Pomegranate: Wealth, money-attraction
Poplar: The Crone, astral projection, divination, rebirth
Rose: Love
Rowan: Protects health, healing, divination
Sandalwood: Protection, healing, exorcism, spirituality
Sassafras: Defends against evil and negative spirits, health, and propsperity
Walnut: Healing, mental powers, protection
Willow: Moon magick, protection, healing, divination, love
Witch Hazel: Protection, divination
Yew: Death, immortality, protection
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Here’s to: pathways
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midnightauracrystals on ig
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Cleansing for Beginners•
•Release negativity • Purify • Neutralize energy•
Common items that require cleansing: Tarot Cards, Pendulums, Crystals & Stones, Spaces, Altars.
Before using any cleansing method, be sure to check if it’s safe. Some crystals or objects are sensitive to water, heat and light. Always burn responsibly.
Importance of Intent
Use affirmations to make your intent clear. Be sure to clear your mind and relax, you can clearly think of your intent and let it embody you. You can also speak the intent out loud or repeatedly think of it in your mind. Be sure to focus your intent on what needs cleansing. Also remember to keep your affirmations in the present tense.
Examples of affirmations
“This space is cleansed of all negative energies and influences.”
“The moonlight cleanses these stones.”
“These cards are purified.”
Using the Elements for Cleansing
• Water: submerge, sprinkle, rinse.
Fully submerge some items in a cup of water.
Sprinkle water over a space or object.
Rinse what you wish to cleanse.
• Air: incense, wind, smoke, oil diffusers.
Burning incense & diffusing essential oils can cleanse spaces and objects. Hold objects in the incense smoke for best results. Common scents for cleansing include lavender, peppermint, lemon, sage and rosemary scents.
Wind can cleanse items using weather conditions or fans. Hold items in the wind or allow wind to blow through a space.
Smoke of any kind can be used to cleanse but the easiest route is using incense smoke.
• Fire: flame, candle, heat, burn.
You can use candles in different ways. Hold an object over a candle and the heat and smoke will work together to cleanse. You can also use scented candles to cleanse areas. White candles are associated with purity.
Heat can be used with candles, flames or any other method. Hot springs are considered to have cleansing properties.
Burning or holding an item in a flame is considered to be cleansing as well.
• Earth: plants, dirt, mud, salt.
Different plants and herbs can be used for cleansing. Before using plants and herbs, be aware of any medical conditions, pregnancy, pets or children and be sure the plants you are using are safe. Common plants and herbs for cleansing include sage, rosemary, juniper, white pine and thyme.
Fully submerge objects in dirt or sprinkle with dirt to encourage cleansing.
Cover objects in the mud. You can place a dish with mud in a room and ask the earth to cleanse the area.
Burying an item is known to cleanse it.
Salt can be used in many different ways for cleansing. Most commonly it is sprinkled.
Crystals and Stones for Cleansing
Certain crystals have cleansing and purifying properties. This list is only a few.
Be sure to cleanse these crystals often. They may crack or break from absorbing too much energy. The exception would be self-cleansing stones.
The best stone for beginners, it is very sensitive to water. This stone is self-cleansing and also cleanses the air and other objects around it. Keep it stored with other crystals, tarot cards, on an altar or on your person.
Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz is very versatile in its uses. One of its properties is cleansing but it also requires to be cleansed itself. It can be placed in a room, on your person or on an object to cleanse.
Citrine can be used to cleanse other objects, it also requires to be cleansed itself. Can be stored with other crystals, tarot cards and objects to keep them cleansed.
Carnelian has cleansing properties. It can be used to cleanse others and yourself as well as other objects.
Using Light for Cleansing
Leave items in indirect or direct moonlight for cleansing. You can also allow moonlight to shine directly into a specific space.
Alternatively, you can also leave items in indirect or direct sunlight or allow sunlight to enter a specific space. Be careful leaving certain crystals or stones in sunlight.
Best Times and Moon Cycles for Cleansing
Days of the week
Saturday’s & Sunday’s are the best days for cleansing. Saturday’s are ruled by the elements and are a day of relaxing and letting down. The best day for cleansing and protection. Sundays are the day to get ready for the week, prepare and cleanse spaces and items.
Days of the year
•Spring Equinox
A great time for manifestation and cleansing. Balance is heightened and there is a sense of renewal.
•May Day
A great day to cleanse, especially with fire. Purification is a theme of the day.
•Autumnal Equinox
A day all about releasing and starting new. Cleansing energies are high as a cycle is coming to an end.
Moon Phases
• New Moon
Associated with new beginnings and release. This is a great time for Cleansing, Manifestation and Planning.
•Full Moon
Associated with reset and letting go. This is a great time for Cleansing. Energies are very high and the moonlight can easily illuminate spaces and objects at this time.
Best Full Moons for Cleansing: December, October, March, April.
TL;DR: Use affirmations to affirm your intent while cleansing. Elements, sunlight, moonlight and certain stones/plants can be used to cleanse objects, spaces or people. Most effective on Saturdays, Sundays or during the new moon/full moon.
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Cho Gi-Seok
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A potpourri of colorful stones, Yellowstone River, YNP
(c) riverwindphotography
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Grape Agate Crystal Formation
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My Memories of Us…
Tanya Luca
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