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sourwolf-n-the-spaz · a year ago
Me: It's midnight, I should go to bed
Me: *reads an entire 40k fanfiction in one sitting*
Clock: 3 am
Me: *shocked pikachu noises*
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peterismymans · 5 months ago
so i was looking at the white board showing all of the title ideas for spiderman 3 as one does and noticed something. tell me if you’ve spotted it.
Tumblr media
don’t see it yet? here’s a closer look.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is an edit that I found on twitter
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scarletxwinter · a year ago
Natasha, talking in front of a camera: Yeah, so the Avengers are back together again. I think after two years we really needed a break to recollect and find ourselves individually. I think it really open ourselves a lot to each other :).
Meanwhile, Steve is coming from behind: WHO THE FUCK ATE ALL THE HOT POCKETS!
Tony, shoving the last entire hot pocket in front of him: What you gonna do about it?
Steve: *Screams*
Tony: *Steps on top of a stool and Screams higher to insert dominance*
Natasha: Ahh, it really feels like home whenever you’re around each other :).
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existence-is-overrated · 8 months ago
the reason why ao3 is superior in every way to wattpad is that you know EXACTLY what you’re getting yourself into through the the tags. with wattpad you’re just straight up going in blind and don’t even know how many words it is ??? tf??
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wxlfstvr · 2 months ago
Can people please shut the fuck up about how “shipping every male character is harmful to the male friendship representation”
Literally almost every single peace of media has platonic male friendships in it and almost none of them ends up in a canon relationship. So there IS representation. Some people shipping those characters don’t take away their canon friendship.
And it doesn’t only happen to the male friendships. Every close female and male/female friendship you see on screen will always have people shipping them.
Because guess what? That’s how fandoms work. It doesn’t only happen with male friendships.
Are we really ignoring all the people who assume every man and woman who breaths the same air are canonically in love with each other? But somehow it’s only a problem when queer people do it.
Are we really ignoring how we get so little male/female friendships in media without writers turning it romantic at some point?
But we never get to see two close male leads of an action movie kissing at the end do we? So shut up about “friendship representation” You have tons of platonic friendships.
And the thing is, a lot of people who say this don’t even care about platonic friendships or mlm fetishization by straight girls. They’re just trying to find a way to put queer ships down. They never say “I think this two specific characters are good friends so I don’t like it when people ship them”
Instead, it’s always “these characters showed a little pinch of interest to opposite gender so they’re straight. just let people be friends and stop making everything gay”
Because they’re not actually mad about people shipping two close friends together. They’re mad about people offering the possibility of some fictional characters not being straight
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