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sibmakesart · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 2 of
A fanart a day until the 25th, more or less connected to Christmas :P
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cyberdelph · a day ago
Tumblr media
‎by 可可好好喝‎
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omg-just-peachy · 2 days ago
Hi hi! If you want, maybe gratefulness + blanket for stony? I’m just super soft for the thought of one of them being cold and the other bringing them a blanket to warm them up🥰 if this isn’t something you’d write, feel free to ignore this❤️
Also just want to say that I love everything you post and reblog sooo much, I always get so happy when I go to your blog💞
ahhh this is so cute. maybe tony coming home from work to take care of steve who is sick in bed ❤️
“Tony?” Steve’s voice, thick with sleep and congestion, makes Tony look up from his phone, and he pulls his tie loose as he walks over to the bed.
“Hi, sweetheart,” Tony says, dropping down to sit beside Steve on the side of the bed. He’s down with some kind of super soldier super flu, and has had just about every cold symptom known to man over the last few days. Mostly, though, Steve’s just tired, like he needs all the rest he can get for his body and the serum to do the work of putting him back together again.
Tony had been by his side for the better part of two days until this morning. As much as he’d hated to do it, Tony had a company full of people counting on him to speak at a board meeting today, and he’d been forced to leave Steve with all the cold and flu medicine, tissues, and fluids he could fit on their bedside table.
Deep down, Tony knows he’ll be fine. Bruce and Helen had told him as much, but…
But it’s Steve and Tony can’t help but worry when it comes to Steve.
“I swear I tried not to wake you,” Tony says. He lays a hand over Steve’s forehead, and when he’s satisfied he’s sleep-warm rather than fever-warm, moves his hand down his cheek, stroking the smooth line of his cheekbone. He smiles as Steve leans into the touch. “How are you feeling?”
“I'm okay. I was mostly awake anyway,” Steve says, though he yawns hugely. “Slept all day, pretty much. Don’t know the last time I did that, but I was probably at least a hundred pounds lighter,” he continues. “How was the meeting? I missed you,” he says, voice open and vulnerable in a way Steve rarely allows himself to be.
Tony waves a hand. “Same old,” he says. “I’d rather have been here, watching sleeping beauty do his thing.”
He means it, too, as much to his own surprise as anyone else’s. He really would rather be here with Steve than just about anywhere else. The idea of it would have scared him five years ago, but now… Now it just feels right. It explains why it never worked with anyone before now.
“Is that how that movie goes?” Steve smiles up at him, his eyes crinkling just a little at the corners, and Tony has to stop and wonder how someone could make even the most dreary days feel brighter when they’re feeling as bad as Steve has the last few days.
“Something like that,” Tony shrugs. Before he can say anything else, Steve gives a full body shiver, then shoots Tony an apologetic look.
“Sorry, I’m either freezing or sweating and there’s no in between,” he explains.
“What sorry? No sorry,” Tony says, getting up and pulling a throw blanket out of the closet and stretching it out over Steve, who settles into it.
“Thanks, Tony,” Steve says, giving him a grateful look.
That’s how Tony really knows he’s sick: normally Steve would be far too stubborn to admit he needs something, even something as seemingly inconsequential as this. Now, he sighs, content, and Tony can’t help but smiles at the sight of him, tucked up in their bed like this. He can so easily imagine that small, hundred-pound version of Steve Rogers, stuck in bed with the flu, reading or drawing all winter long surrounded by his mishmash of blankets.
“What?” Steve asks, eyebrows furrowing. “What’s that look?” He already looks worn out, even though he just woke up.
Tony shakes his head, smiling slightly. “Glad to be home, that’s all. You need anything else? I can order that soup you like from the diner if you're hungry.
Steve yawns again, shaking his head. “M’good. Do need one more thing, though,” he says. He holds out a hand for Tony to come closer, then tugs on it until Tony’s sitting next to him again. “Mhm. Almost,” Steve says, shifting over in bed until there’s enough room for Tony to lay with him.
Tony’s half dressed, still in the suit pants and maroon silk shirt he wore to SI, though he slips the loose tie over his head and tosses it to the side. He slides into bed beside Steve, though, wrapping his arms around Steve’s waist and curling himself up around his sick boyfriend. He feels Steve relax against him almost immediately, and knows it'll be a matter of minutes before he's out like a light again.
“Warm enough now?” Tony asks as Steve nuzzles into him, breathing already evening out.
“Mm,” Steve sighs. “Good. Warm. Glad you’re home.”
Tony is, too.
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itsagentromanoff · a day ago
Sam: [to Bucky] How'd your personality test go?
Bucky: I scored somewhere between serial killer and talk show host.
Steve: I thought they were memory tests.
Bucky: [clears throat] That was Monday.
Tony: What's next? Rorschach? Spelling bee?
Bucky: Swim wear competition, sudden-death Twister. Who knows? Maybe a chili cook-off.
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feathered-mushrooms · 2 days ago
The Avengers live in the Avengers street cul-de-sac. As kids they were best friends Tony, Steve, Nat, Clint, Bruce and Thor(+additional friends that sometimes joined in the big group)
As kids they played make up games, they loved playing superhero’s. Tony was a rich guy with special armor, Steve was a super strong American symbol, Bruce could turn into a green angry monster, Clint was a master archer, Natasha was a spy, and Thor was a literal god. Sometimes there other friends would join in, such as Thor’s sibling Loki, who was another god but she liked to play the villain. Steve’s close friend, Bucky, was also super strong and sometimes a villain sometimes not. And even sometimes Natasha sister Yelena joined in. If they weren’t playing games they were causing trouble with old man Fury.
Then they all grew up.
Tony, was always rich from his father, inherited the company, he turned it towards more tech and less weapons. He became a sarcastic public image, and very outspoken on gay rights. Espicqlly after he married his childhood friend Steve. The two adopted Nebula, Harley and Peter and they tried a surrogate for Morgan. The two moved back into Tony’s home in the cul-de-sac away front he city so there kids could have a normal childhood.
Steve entered the army with Bucky. There they met Sam, who turned out to be Old man Fury’s grandson. The three were as close as you can get, then Bucky had to have his arm amputed, the three left the army around that time and headed back home. Steve reconnected with Tony and the two grew close. Now that they have there kids, Steve and Tony really looks forward to the holidays and have started the ‘holiday week’ tradition, to get the neighborhood together.
Bruce pursued science and did well in it. He studied gamma rays, until an accident. Thankfully he was okay, but it scared him into becoming a science teacher instead at the Xavier institute. He and Thor kept in touch and are currently dating. Bruce has an emotional support dog named Hulk.
Thor became a construction worker. He enjoys hanging with Sif and Hemidall at the sites, plus the hours work well with him, he likes getting home before Bruce so he can cook dinner. He’s a himbo as we know, so he believes that regular kibble isn’t enough for Hulk, he’s one of those people who actually makes there own dog food.
Loki on the other hand became a famous model and actor. Very in style for them.
Clint, while being a master at archery, wasn’t the most successful with his jobs. He kinda jumps around but he doesn’t mind, as long as he has enough money for Lucky the dog and Kate he’s happy. Speaking of Kate, he adopted her and is currently teaching her archery in there Archery course in there backyard.
Natasha and Yelena both were into ballet as kids, Yelena went on to own a small ballet studio were she teaches young kids. Natasha worked there as well until she had a big break and became a famous ballerina, but she balances that with daily life well and still lives with Yelena in there childhood home after there parents moved out.
Now there are new neighbors:
At the end of the circle, now lives Stephen Strange and his roommate Wong. Strange used to be a doctor till his accident but now he and Wong famously ghost write the young adult series “Sorcery supreme” under the name ‘the ancient one’
On the other end of the street lives the two siblings T’challa and Shuri. Shuri is high school age but studying for college abroad. T’challa came with her for her studies to keep her safe and to learn about America as he could be a good diplomat when he becomes king back in Wakanda.
Vision, a good friend and associate of Tony is considered a ‘neighbor’ of the cul-de-sac even if he doesn’t live there. No one knows we’re he lives.
Yet he did help a young women move into the house next to Natashas old one. Wanda Maximoff and Vision met in college and remained friends after. That was some time ago. Wanda ended up deciding she wanted kids, but didn’t want to wait to find a lover. So she had Billy and Tommy on her own, Vision takes a role as there uncle. Wanda is a school teacher, like her dad and works at the Xavier institute.
Tony and Steve lead the holiday celebrations, they last a week. Steve is very excited and likes to plan it all out because he really wants to give his kids a happy holiday, since he knows three out of four didn’t have the best early life [[ex. Nebulas bio father had an odd sense of punishment, it ended with her arm and leg having to be both amputated and damaged her face. Harleys father straight up left one day, and Peters parents died in a car crash with him in the back seat]]
Natasha and Wanda end up bumping into each other at a cafe early in the morning, Wanda was getting some bagels for the twins, Natasha just wanted coffee, and end up talking, that was a year and a half ago before the holidays and there now happily dating.
Wanda’s dads are Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. Why is her last name Maximoff? Her mom had the sur name Maximoff. Erik and Madga had a brief relationship before they each moved on. She sadly died when Wanda and Pietro were four, so there aunt contacted Erik, who was happily married to Charles, and the two took the twins in within a heart beat. It’s not the only kids they have though(Erik really needs to check up on those past relationships), they have there older brother Peter, and older sister Lorna. There a rather happy family, and Erik, Charles, and Wanda all have teaching positions at Charles school.
Natasha adores Tommy and Billy, and Tommy thinks she’s the coolest person, while Billy likes to watch her practice her ballet. They get along rather well.
When Wanda told them her and Natasha were dating, Tommy got excited and asked if that meant he could call Natasha mom, Natasha just said sure. Billy toke some more time but there very close and he now calls her mom as well.
Wanda is mama.
Natasha does have a problem with all three of Wandas older siblings. They are very protective of there youngest so she has received many playful threats.
Lovely holiday feels
I should mention that Wanda, Billy, Tommy, Erik, Lorna, Pietro, and Peter are all Jewish and had celebrated Hanukkah already, earlier in the month, but they were all brought up with the commercialized version of Christmas because of Atheist Charles who just likes an excuse to sip hot coco and give gifts. That is why Wanda is participating in the whole mostly Christmas themed holiday week, and why her family comes to visit
Now for the random notes I would like to add:
Nebula is still in contact with her sister Gamora. Gamora lives with her foster dad Yondu, who is fostering a few other kids, Drax, Mantis, Peter Q. Oh and they have a pet Raccoon, and a tree in a pot that they idolize. Nebula likes visiting there because of how crazy it is, but she’s happy with her dads, brothers, and sister. She is 16.
Harley is 15 and the leader of Peter and Morgan. He likes to parade them around. He’s very close to Tony, but still close to Steve. He plans to enter his dads business when he’s older.
Peter is 14, he’s the one who picked out the family cat affectionately named ‘Captain America’ or ‘Merica’ for short by Tony. A joke name he has for Steve because he served in the military.
Sam and Bucky are together and live in Old Man Fury’s old house, Fury just moved off the street. He’s still in the neighborhood and still likes to see his favorite trouble makers.
Loki is a star. They have fan girls and fan boys. She is loved by all. He thinks they are a god.
Wanda and Bruce are actually good friends due to working together. Bruce and Thor often babysit Tommy’s he Billy.
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ironmanstvn · 2 days ago
tony: if we play the floor is lava, I would just lay on the floor and wait
steve looking concerned but not surprised:
steve: tony, are you okay-
tony: what do you think
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not-close-to-straight · 2 days ago
Chapter Nine: Summer
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captain-stark-rogars · 2 days ago
“It’s from tony…..He filed for divorce. He is seeking full custody….” Steve was just served with papers at the compound after returning he thought that maybe if he gave Tony time to cool off that maybe he would want to work on their marriage apparently not.
“There is restraining order for him and our child for me to stay away. “
Tumblr media
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sibmakesart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So i lost my mind reading Forever Winter by tazziebubbles, so i decided i was gonna make fanarts again bc their series is amazingly angsty and i love it
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bottom-feelings · 2 days ago
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Fandom: MCU
Relationship: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Words: 7.282
Additional Tags: Temporary Character Death, Grieving, Mourning, Feelings, Canon Divergence, Angst with Happy Ending, Steve Rogers feels
Summary: Steve blinked at him. "I have no idea what's happening right now."
Tony leaned a hip against the wall, crossed his arms, and stretched his grin wider, his eyes lighting up. "And isn't it great?"
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mimisempai · a day ago
Love is all around you - Chapter 1
Loki, the newly elected president of New Asgard, cannot suppress his attraction to his new personal assistant, Mobius. Bucky has always been in love with his boss Sam, but his family situation prevents him from making the first move. Tony and Peter face the death of a loved one. Fate puts someone in each of their paths to comfort them. Following a betrayal, Rafael goes to Tuscany to recover thanks to the smile of Sonny, the gardener of the house. It's almost Christmas, the time of joy and love... what if the grace of Christmas could touch them all ?
Or the Love Actually AU nobody asked for !
Here we go ! I want everyone to be comfortable so it's easy for you to skip a ship that doesn't interest you. Unlike the movie, I didn't link the different stories, so feel free to skip when the ship doesn't interest you! I hope you'll have a good time! And don't forget, we love comments!
Rating G
Tumblr media
Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the Arrivals Gate at the airport.
General opinion’s starting makes out that we live in a world of hatred and greed but I don't see that. Seems to me that love is everywhere.
Often it's not particularly dignified, or newsworthy - but it's always there - fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends.
Before  the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate and revenge - they were all messages of love.
lf you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion you'll find that love actually is all around.'
(Introduction text of the movie Love Actually)
Rafael Barba's house
Rafael was running around, opening drawers, lifting files. He finally found his phone underneath a pile of magazines.
"Oh my God, I'm so late."
Yelina, his lover, sitting against the headboard, followed him with amused eyes, and shaking her head she said, "It's just around the corner, you'll make it."
Rafael put on his suit jacket while asking the woman, "Are you sure you don't mind if I go without you?"
Yelina shook her head, "No, it's just that I'm not feeling too well, I'm a little under the weather."
Rafael leaned over and kissed her on the forehead, whispering, "I love you."
The young woman replied, "I know."
Then bringing his lips close to hers, he whispered with a smile, "Even when you're sick and disgusting." he pressed a kiss to her lips but Yelina struggled and pushed him away while saying, "I know. Now go or you'll really miss it."
Rafael left the room only to return almost immediately, "Did I mention I love you?"
Yelina laughed and replied, "Yep, go on, get out of here, loser!"
Tony and Peter's house
Tony stares at his screen before sighing and running his hand over his face.
He thinks for a few seconds and picks up the phone.
"Pepper, it's me again, I know... again. But you know that you are the only one I can talk to."
"Yes but right now I'm a little busy, can I call you back as soon as I'm done?"
"Yes, yes."
"That doesn't mean I don't care that May just died."
He sensed from the awkward silence on the other end of the phone, that Pepper didn't mean it like that. But was there a way to say it that wouldn't hurt?
"Get it, do what you have to do, and call me back later."
Tony hung up and sighed. His gaze slid from his screens to the closed door in front of him where a sign hung. "Peter's Room - Do Not Disturb."
New Asgard - President's Residence
The presidential car pulled up to the door, the bodyguards pushing back the crowd that had come to cheer their new president, Loki Laufeyson.
Loki hurried into the massive house, to the cheers of the crowd, the crackling of cameras and the questions from the press.
Before passing the door, he turns around, makes a bright smile greeting the crowd by waving his hand on both sides then enters without turning around.
The sudden silence once the door closed surprised him a little.
The head of the house staff, Ravonna, was there to greet him. When he sees her, his expression relaxes.
She approaches him and greets him, "Welcome, Mr. President."
Loki, unaccustomed, replied, "This is so weird... when it's just the two of us, would you mind calling me Loki like in the old days of college."
Ravonna nodded with a smile and asked him, concerned, "How are you feeling?"
Loki replied, "Dazed and confused, and a little bit... powerful?"
Ravonna nodded, understanding, "Would you like to meet the house staff?"
Loki nodded eagerly, "Yes. Anything to avoid running the country."
The young woman giggled before leading him to the next room where the staff awaited him, in impressive order.
Ravonna walked over to a man, looking rather ordinary but with a rather friendly smile.
"This is Casey, the butler."
"Good morning, sir."
"I had a classmate in college named Casey - I hated him - I thought he was a pervert - but I like the way you look, I really like you..."
A little flabbergasted, Casey laughed nervously.
Ravonna moved on, introducing the various members of the staff, all of whom were quite old and had been in the house a long time.
They arrived at a man with a straight, sincere look, short gray hair, his nose a little crooked as if he had a badly healed fracture, but what struck Loki most was probably the sincere, open smile.
Since he became president, Loki hadn't gotten that many.
Ravonna stepped forward and said, "And this is Mobius - he's new, like you, he will be your personal assistant."
Loki held out his hand, " Good morning, Mobius."
Mobius grabbed the hand without breaking his smile and shook it with a firm grip, confirming Loki's first impression.
"Hello, Loki. I mean 'sir' - O shit, I can't believe I said that... no - and now I've said 'shit - twice. I'm so sorry, sir."
Loki bit his lip to keep from laughing. He hadn't expected this and he found it... charming.
"It's okay .... You could have said 'fuck' and then we would have been in real trouble."
Mobius laughed nervously this time and replied, "Thank you, sir. I had a fucking premonition that I was going to fuck up my first d-.... Oh boy."
Loki burst out laughing.
Since he had entered politics, apart from his close family, there were few people who were still natural with him. Mobius was... refreshing, but at the same time, Loki felt something in the eyes and the handshake. Like something that pushed him towards the man.
They looked at each other for a long time without saying anything.
Ravonna must have been aware that something was going on, because she coughed and said softly, "Well, I'm going to get my stuff and then we're going to fix the country, okay?"
Loki pulled himself together, exchanged a smile with Mobius and replied, "Yes, let's do that."
He turned on his heels and followed Ravonna.
After a few steps, he couldn't help but look back.
Mobius was where he had left him, shaking his head as if in dismay at himself.
Loki pulled himself together and continued on his way to his office.
Mobius, who had been fully aware of the president's gaze, followed him with his eyes before sighing.
He felt a hand hard on his shoulder, Casey the butler, told him, "It's okay, everyone is impressed the first time."
Mobius nodded, but that didn't stop him from being embarrassed by what had just happened.
The problem was that he had been following Loki's career for a very long time, and the idea of meeting his teenage crush had thrown him off more than he thought.
He was going to have to show that he could be thorough and serious.
Little did he know that a few corridors away, Loki was closing his office door and leaning against it with a sigh, "O no. By Odin. Shit. This is really bad timing."
Later in the day - Rafael's House
Rafael, in a hurry to get home to Yelina, rushed through the gate of his building. He entered his apartment and threw his keys on the cupboard in the entrance.
He was about to go to the kitchen when Alex, his childhood friend, came out.Rafael asked him in surprise, "Alex? What are you doing here?"
Alex, who looked oddly embarrassed, replied, "I came to visit some old friends."
"Is Yelina here, did she let you in?" asked rafael as he took off his coat and threw it on the couch. As Alex nodded, Rafael continued, "She wasn't feeling well this morning, I was coming to see if she was better."
Alex replied, "She... she seems to be doing better."
"That's crazy," Rafael continued, "I was just telling Yelina that we could hang out with you and Eddie, for old times' sake."
"Oh yeah?"
"Are you coming honey? I found three condoms!"
It was Yelina's voice coming from their room.
"If you hurry, we can finish them before the old fart gets home."
Needless to say, the friendly meeting never happened, a few minutes later Yelina and Alex were leaving Rafael's apartment. There was no discussion.
Indeed, what to say when the facts were clear.
Church - Tony and Peter
Peter and Tony, sat in the front row as the priest finished his preaching for the funeral of May, Peter's aunt and Tony's very close friend.
"And now Tony wishes to say one last thing."
Tony stepped forward, his heart heavy, his gaze lingering for a second on the wooden casket adorned with a beautiful arrangement of white flowers, as behind him, on a large screen, a slide show of the life stages of one of his closest friends played.
"May, Peter and I had a lot of time to prepare for this moment. When she knew she would die of her illness, she wanted to have everything ready. She had a clear idea of how the ceremony would go. Some of her requests, for example, that I bring Chris Evans on my arm to the funeral, I was sure she expected me to ignore. But for others, she was very clear. When she mentioned what was going to happen, I said, "You'll have to go over my dead body." And she said, "No, Tony, over mine." And as usual, my beloved friend...and Peter's beloved heart mom was right.
Peter, she wanted me to tell you that right then and there, those were her words,  I believe there is a hero in all of us, that makes us honest, that gives us strength, that makes us noble, and that ultimately allows us to die with pride, even if sometimes we have to be firm and give up what we want most. You are my hero Peter."
Tony struggled to continue, seeing the effect the words had on Peter, but he had to, because he had promised May.
"Then she will say her last goodbye to you not through me but, inevitably, ever so coldly, through the inimitable voice of Bonnie Tyler..."
As he returned to his seat Bonnie Tyler's voice came over the speakers.
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the end of the night
He's gotta be strong, and he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight
I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero 'til the morning light
He's gotta be sure, and it's gotta be soon
And he's gotta be larger than life
Larger than life...
Tony put his arm around Peter's back and held him close.
They would both have to learn to live without the pillar that May had been in their lives.
A little later they were at the cemetery receiving the last condolences of the many people who had loved May.
The last person was a tall, blond man with light blue eyes. Unlike the other people, he leaned over to Peter first and hugged him, saying in an emotional voice. "Peter, I am so sorry. We will all miss May very much."
"Thank you Steve." replied Peter's sad voice.
The man straightened up and turned to Tony, holding out his hand, "Forgive my manners, I'm Steve Rogers, Peter's PE teacher. May was very active as a student parent, we are all very affected by her passing. I am so sorry for your loss."
Tony nodded, "Thank you. Tony Stark, May was a very close friend. We'll have to make arrangements, but I'll be in charge of Peter now that May..."
Tony's voice broke and he could not continue.
Steve put his hand on his shoulder and squeezed lightly, "I understand, say no more and take the time you need. We are aware of the situation."
Steve reached into his pocket before continuing, placing a small piece of paper in Tony's hand.
"If you need help, please don't hesitate to call. My thoughts are with you."
Steve leaned over Peter and said softly, "Hang in there Peter."
Then he stood up and walked toward the cemetery gate.
As Tony watched the man walk away, he felt Peter's hand slip into his.
He turned to him, ruffled his hair and said, "We'll make it Peter."
The boy nodded and they walked to May's final resting place to say their farewells, supporting each other.
Boat Design Company - Wilson & Wilson
Joaquin entered the office of the young woman, manager of the company, after knocking.
He reminded her, "Bucky is waiting for you. You wanted to see him."
Sarah stood up from her desk, exclaiming, "Oh yes! I almost forgot, thanks for reminding me."
She saw Bucky waiting outside the door and waved him in.
"You wanted to see me?" asked Bucky, entering.
Sarah nodded her head. "Bucky, turn off your cell phone and tell me exactly how long you've been working here."
She invited him to sit across from her.
Bucky thought for a brief moment and replied, "Two years, seven months, three days and two hours. Why?"
Sarah ignored the question and continued, "How long have you been in love with Sam, my chief designer, my brother?"
Bucky, at first shocked, replied sheepishly, "Two years, seven months, three days and an hour and a half. There was a big half hour at the beginning when I was very relaxed."
Sarah nodded with a knowing look, "I figured as much."
Bucky retorted, "Does everyone know?"
Sarah shook her head in mock apology, "Yes."
To say that Bucky felt extremely embarrassed would have been an understatement. Fearing the worst, he asked, his voice much lower, "Does Sam know?"
Sarah shrugged and replied, "Probably."
"That's bad news in many ways," Bucky replied, at the height of awkwardness.
"Why?  I just thought maybe it was time for you to do something about it."
The thing is, Bucky had no idea how to do this kind of thing. His love life was pretty much nonexistent and even more so in the last two years...
He asked Sarah, "Like what?"
Sarah rolled her eyes and replied, "Invite him over for a drink - then, after twenty minutes, drop into the conversation the fact that you'd like to marry him and have lots of sex and kids."
Bucky raised his head sharply, "You know that too?"
"Yep and Sam probably does too." Sarah stood up and continued, "Then think about it. For our sakes."
Just as she was about to open the office door for him, she turned around, "It's Christmas."
Bucky stood up and walking to the door he said, "All right. Um... thanks. Boss."
Just as he was about to pass, he found himself face to face with Sam who was entering the office, nearly knocking him over. Sam had papers between his lips and in his hands. He pulled the papers from his mouth.
"Hi Bucky."
Bucky continued, replied, "Hi Sam." and quickly exited under Sarah's disillusioned look.
Barely out of the office, Bucky closed his eyes and thought he had missed another opportunity when his phone began to ring.
He pulled it out of his pocket, "Honey? Absolutely. Go ahead, I'm listening."
____ As always, bear with me as it is not beta'd and english is not my native language I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless🥰
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les-maux-doux · 4 months ago
sometimes you read a fanfiction to distract and enjoy yourself but you end up reading a dialogue or a sentence that fundamentally changes who you are as a person and how you perceive the world around you, and honestly i wouldn't have it any other way
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wxlfstvr · 6 months ago
Can people please shut the fuck up about how “shipping every male character is harmful to the male friendship representation”
Literally almost every single peace of media has platonic male friendships in it and almost none of them ends up in a canon relationship. So there IS representation. Some people shipping those characters don’t take away their canon friendship.
And it doesn’t only happen to the male friendships. Every close female and male/female friendship you see on screen will always have people shipping them.
Because guess what? That’s how fandoms work. It doesn’t only happen with male friendships.
Are we really ignoring all the people who assume every man and woman who breaths the same air are canonically in love with each other? But somehow it’s only a problem when queer people do it.
Are we really ignoring how we get so little male/female friendships in media without writers turning it romantic at some point?
But we never get to see two close male leads of an action movie kissing at the end do we? So shut up about “friendship representation” You have tons of platonic friendships.
And the thing is, a lot of people who say this don’t even care about platonic friendships or mlm fetishization by straight girls. They’re just trying to find a way to put queer ships down. They never say “I think this two specific characters are good friends so I don’t like it when people ship them”
Instead, it’s always “these characters showed a little pinch of interest to opposite gender so they’re straight. just let people be friends and stop making everything gay”
Because they’re not actually mad about people shipping two close friends together. They’re mad about people offering the possibility of some fictional characters not being straight
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insaneoldme · 5 months ago
Have you ever been reading a really good fic and then it gets so intense that you suddenly have the urge to get up and go away for a little? For example, the two main characters are arguing, just having this terrible huge fight and one of them says something that shocks the other into silence and I’m like “Haha look at the time! I must go now... I'm late for that thing in the kitchen, you know?...That thing I was supposed to do... In the kitchen....The thing in the kitchen” then I run away for five minutes.
What's that all about? Do you guys do that too?
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not-close-to-straight · 2 days ago
Fair Game!
(Upcoming chapter got long AF I miss my 2500 word chapter days 😭😭)
Tumblr media
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