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#stony fanfiction

The first chapter of my 5+1 fic is up, and I would love to know what you think! This one took me a lot longer than I thought because it got absurdly plotty. But there are moments that I hope might bring some good feels to a dark time.

Read it on AO3

Total Words: 11000k, Chapters: 3, Tags: 5 +1, Branching Timeline, Idiots in Love, Canon-Typical Violence, Hurt/Comfort

“First of all,” Tony said, “and I need everyone to hear this on multiple levels: how dare you?”

In the branching timeline, Thor has to restart Tony’s heart, and Steve hears that Bucky is alive. Some things go differently, and some things stay the same. For starters, Steve and Tony are still terrible at saying those three little words.

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I’m taking a much-needed break from writing fanfiction to recharge before I share my newest Johnlock stories (which includes a multi-chapter story I’m very much excited to write) and two new Stony stories which I’ll share next year. Thank you to everyone who’s been reading! I appreciate every comment!

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Three Little Words; or, Five Times Steve and Tony Didn’t Actually Apologize + One Time They Did

1. “First of all,” Tony said, “and I need everyone to hear this on multiple levels: how dare you?”

2. Tony and Clint got the message from Natasha at noon, were suited up by 12:15, and arrived at the overpass at 12:40: just in time to see Steve take a hit from a rocket launcher and get thrown fifty yards through the air and into a bus.

3. “Oh yeah, solider? What’s that?” Tony asked, his voice teasing, and God, Steve wanted to say anything other than the words he had planned.

4. “If Clint had told me being an Avenger would involve watching so much sad Robocop, I would still be hiding in that house in Novi Grad.”

5. Steve looked over at Tony, and he had just enough time to watch the realization dawn in Tony’s eyes before he had to move.

6. “Seriously? Now?” Sam asked, at the same time that Rhodey let out a sarcastic, “Wow.”

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Continuum - Chapter 9 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Beautiful moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“So,” Steve said once he and Tony had taken their seats. “Natasha tells me that you’ve got some more information on these infinity gems?”

Thor gave a nod. “Yes, that is true. Your encounter here has only solidified my theory that the gem inside Loki’s sceptre is in fact one of the six infinity stones. More specifically, the Mind Stone.” He paused, tapping his palm on the table. “It is also my belief that it was this stone that was driving Loki’s madness when he attacked this planet. I know that Loki has caused all of us great pain, but I also know that he was not himself during that time, and I believe this is why.”

“So you’re saying those Chitauri bastards were using this Mind Stone to control him?” asked Clint. Clint’s jaw was tight and his fists clenched, no doubt remembering the horror he went through while under Loki’s influence.

“Yes, that is exactly what I am saying,” said Thor. “Agent Barton, I believe you experienced some of these effects as well?”

“We all did,” Natasha said quickly, giving Clint’s wrist a squeeze. “But not as much as Clint and Dr Selvig. Their effects were… more direct.”

“Yeah, like a straight shot to the heart,” muttered Clint. “Dude pointed the thing at my chest and it was like I’d suddenly forgotten who I was and who I was working for.”

“He pointed it at your chest?” Tony asked, pointing to where his arc reactor used to be. “Like, right here?”

“Ah, yep,” said Clint. “Got me and another agent in about ten seconds flat, then got Selvig before we split.”

“Hmm…” Tony murmured as he leaned back in his chair, his expression morphing into his I’m thinking face.

“Tony?” Steve asked. “What’re you thinking?”

Tony started, like he had forgotten Steve was there. “Um… well, I’m thinking that somehow my arc reactor was able to ward off the effects of this Mind Stone,” he said. “‘Cause Loki tried the same thing with me when we got to the Tower after the portal opened up, only it didn’t work.”

“He did, what?” Steve exclaimed, gaping at his husband. Tony had never mentioned anything about this to Steve before. “You never—wait, Loki did what to you?”

“Well, from the sounds of it, he tried to do the same thing he did to Barton here,” said Tony, way too nonchalantly for Steve’s taste. “Only it didn’t work, so then he got all pissed off and threw me out the window.”

“Yeah, okay, but we don’t need to talk about that right now either,” Steve said. He drew in a deep breath, trying to maintain some semblance of composure. He, Natasha, and Clint had arrived at the Tower in the Quinjet just in time to witness Tony being tossed out of the penthouse window, and Steve had nearly had a heart attack at the sight.

And that had been before his flight through the portal.

“Steve, we were all affected by that sceptre,” Bruce piped up from his chair next to James. “So even though Loki didn’t use it on us directly, we were all still vulnerable to its effects.”

“Yeah, and given that all you super-types were just as affected as the rest of them, I’d say that means this thing must be pretty powerful,” said Sam.

“It is indeed, Son of Wil,” said Thor. “And now that it is back in the hands of the Chitauri, it is my thought that we must take measures to remove the other Earth-bound gems from this planet. It is not safe to have this many of these stones in such close proximity.”

“Okay, just… can you remind me exactly what these gems are again?” asked James. “Not all of us were as involved in the incident in New York as others.”

“Oh, of course, Colonel,” said Thor, clearing his throat. “Mind you, I will be relaying the story as it was told to me hundreds of years ago. By my mother.”

“Now wait just a minute,” said Clint. “So you’re telling me this just is another one of your Asgardian bedtime stories?”

“Well, yes,” Thor answered. “I believe you Midgardians also share bedtime stories with your offspring, do you not?”

“Well, yeah, we do,” said Clint. “But… Jesus. I’d hate to see what you guys think is really scary.”

Thor narrowed his eyes. “Yes, Agent Barton,” he said grimly. “You mostly likely would.”

“Please, Thor, continue,” said Steve, barely clinging to his patience. “We’re kind of on a clock here.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, October 26th 😊

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Happy FFWF! My first multi-chapter fic broke 2,000 hits today, which is a big deal for this baby FFW. In celebration, here are the two scenes that I wrote the whole fic for:

Scene One:

Steve hauled himself upward, ignoring a new string of profanities from Tony, who moved quickly to brace Steve’s shoulder and hold him upright. Steve ran his eyes quickly around the room. Luckily, HYDRA’s hideout was not up to code, because the overhead lighting was connected to a circuit breaker through cables of exposed wiring. Steve gestured toward the wall.

“How fast could you rig those up to electrocute me?”

“You did not just ask me that, Rogers, I swear to God –”

“Tony! How fast?”

“30 seconds.”

“Do it. Tony! Listen to me.” He clenched his jaw around a fresh wave of agony. “We just need enough of a current to fry the explosive without cooking my brain. The device could blow any second, and then I won’t be able to get you out.”

“Get me out?! Get yourself out, you bastard –” Tony tried to interject, but Steve kept talking over him determinedly.

“We’re both going to get out. You’re going to shock me, you’ll short out the chip, and then you’ll bring me back.”

Keep reading

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This was the very first piece of fanfiction I ever wrote, and I’ve considered taking it down, because it now feels to me like a really early effort. But my heart wanted more Stony and Natasha in Endgame, and so my mind produced this: a deleted scene in which Tony reveals that Steve is not the only one who wrote him a letter after Siberia.

Read the full fic here (and tell me what you think if you’re willing!)

“When we were on the run from Hydra,” Steve said after a pause, “Natasha asked me if I would trust her to save my life. I keep seeing her face in that moment before I answered, that moment when she thought maybe I couldn’t trust her. I would give anything to tell her again how much I did.”

“She knew, Steve,” Tony replied. “Anyone who’s ever fought with you two knew. Every time you called a shot in the field, you told her.”

Steve looked up at him, and meeting the fierceness of devotion in those eyes, Tony realized: if it had been the two of them on Vormir, Tony would have been over the cliff before Steve could blink, super-solider reflexes be damned.

Tony made an effort to breathe through that little tragically timed epiphany and dropped the envelope onto the couch before he could change his mind.

“Romanov wrote me a letter too, after Siberia. Did she tell you that?”

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NEW FIC: Wax On, Wax Off

With art from Mairi and words from me, it’s a sequel to “Hot Guy Has a Tail?” from the Cap-IM Holiday Exchange. 


TextityText: Bucky & Steve

Steve: He’s obsessed with that stupid wax.

Bucky: He loves you, jerk. So it must be for a reason.

Steve: But why does he want me to feel like a dolphin? Does he have a fetish he’s not telling me about?

Bucky: Steve, I have to be honest. You are my only friend who is half sea-creature, so I’m really not an expert here.

Steve: Fuck off.

Bucky: Pal, the dude built you both a house so that you could always be comfortable and together. He built extra rooms for me and Clint when we were kicked outta that rat hole, and then a full greenhouse for Wanda when she decided to try to run a flower shop. By all evidence, he is a good dude who loves you. If he’s also got a dolphin kink, I’d recommend dealing with it.

Bucky: Or, and this is a wild idea, I know

Bucky: Ask him.

Steve: Sometimes I wonder if you’re part of the curse too, you know

Bucky: Nah, I’m a blessing


Read on Ao3

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Three Little Words; or, Five Times That Tony and Steve Didn’t Actually Apologize + One Time They Did 

A Branching Timeline WIP

“Yeah, well, the last time I took a break, a bunch of fake terrorists showed up to try to kill me, Barton got shot, and Cap took a header from a helicopter. So forgive me if I’m not feeling terribly relaxed,” Tony snipped.

Steve grimaced. He should have suspected this was about Malibu. It had been hard enough convincing Tony to let the SHIELD contingent of the Avengers accompany him to California after the incident with Happy and the threats from the Mandarin. Tony had tried to downplay the danger, but after Thor had let slip that he’d used the hammer to restart Tony’s heart, Steve had been feeling particularly stubborn about the issue. And when Tony’s house had indeed been attacked, Steve had felt so relieved that Tony hadn’t been alone to fend off the assault that he must have missed the signs that Tony was blaming himself for the leg injury Clint had sustained in the fight.

“I get shot all the time, Stark,” Clint said. He kicked his legs up onto the table: a move that Steve suspected was calculated to show Tony how quickly he was healing. “You’re not that special.”

“That’s true,” Natasha confirmed. “We used to have a betting pool at SHIELD about how many field injuries Barton would rack up in a month.”

“I can’t prove this, but I think Nat pushed me off a building once to win $200,” Clint said.

“It was a small building,” she shrugged. “And I needed new boots.”

To be continued soon (I hope)…

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I’ve never written fic before this year, but a little while ago I wrote this one to give myself a fictional world to spend time in during a really rough period. A commenter kindly described it as having old-fashioned Steve and Tony feels, so if you’re into that kind of thing right now too, I’d love to know what you think.

Relationships: Steve/Tony       Words: 27k      Genre: Mission Fic + Getting Together (or Mission: Getting Together); Tower Team as Family; also some season 1 AoS

Read the full fic at AO3

“Rhodey, I’m offended. Are you implying that I’m developing a crush on Captain America as a coping mechanism?”

“Gee, Tony, I wonder what in your recent history would make me think you would avoid dealing with the knowledge of your own mortality by finding someone inappropriate to flirt with. On a totally separate note, doesn’t Natalie Rushman live here now?”

“She and Pepper have a standing lunch date, actually.”

“I don’t think that’s really helping your case, Tony. Natasha’s probably seeing Pepper more regularly than you are.”

That wasn’t quite true, but it was closer to true than Tony cared to admit. He had been sleeping horribly since his brief trip to space (when he slept at all), and he’d been finding excuses to keep Pepper out of the Tower so she wouldn’t find out how bad the caffeine shakes had gotten. It was a stalling tactic, he knew – a game he was trying to prolong without any sense of how to win it. But then again, Tony had produced a lot of his best work in states of total desperation.

“Look, I know you’re excited about Avenging, and I’m excited for you,” Rhodey continued. “I just hope you know what you really want from people right now.” He drained the last of his beer. “And for the record, I wasn’t implying that you were developing a crush on Captain America. I saw your teenage bedroom, and I think we both know that ship sailed a long time ago.”

“That is a flagrant violation of the treaty protecting adolescent activities,” Tony protested. “According to the Geneva Convention, I am required to inform you that all references to my freshman dorm room – or to any matters concerning my physical appearance at age fifteen – will be considered an act of war, and thus open to retaliation. I have photo evidence of your attempt to grow a mustache junior year, and I am not afraid to send it to the Joint Chiefs.”

“I’m sorry, did you say that was ‘retaliation’ or ‘deflection’?” Rhodey retorted, and Tony had to concede (privately, of course) that that was probably game point to Rhodey.

But losing this round didn’t mean Tony was going to stop deflecting. He was certainly not, for example, going to reflect on why he had saved all of the photos from Steve’s road trip onto his backup drives – or to examine whether his motivations for doing so might perhaps go deeper than his stated aim: to make a slide presentation, entitled “Why Cap Needs a Personal Shopper,” to be shown at the next Avengers meeting. He knew better to pull on that particular thread. Pepper had told him he was reckless with his safety, but even Tony understood that if brushing against the doorknob burns your fingers, you leave that door firmly closed: because chances are everything on the other side is on fire.

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Peter coming home late after patrol

Steve.R : “and where have you been.” Sitting in peter’s desk chair

Peter : “Oh shit- don’t startle me like that, um I was at ned’s house”

Steve : “in your suit”

Peter : “ahhhmm yes?”

Tony : “even I came up with a better exuse in my head and I’m not even the one getting in trouble”

Tony : “But nice job catching that helicopter tho” showing his phone to see a video that was posted an hour ago with spiderman catching a helicopter.

Steve : “i don’t think that’s ned’s house” Steve said while giving him the look.

Peter : “umm well you see I was going home but then I saw the helicopter and I just thought that I could quickly catch it and then go away but alot of people were watching and they wanted some autographs and well I had spear time so um yeah. We good” peter panicedly said giving the thumbs up

Steve : “ yeah we are, Grounded. No patrol and no going to other places after school” Steve said as he walks away

Peter : “great, grounded for saving two peoples lives yep. Ok boomer” peter pounded

Steve : “Love ya too pete!” Steve says as he just hears what peter said with a smirk.

Tony : “don’t worry Pete you can go out after school but no patrol”

Peter : “Yes! Thanks Dad” Peter grew a big smile.

Tony messing up his hair.

Tony : “no worries Pete I’ll talk with your papa. You own me” Tony starts getting from peter’s bed.

Tony : “ love ya kiddo”

Peter who starts taking off his suit looks at his father.

Peter : “love ya too dad” peter smiles at Tony

Tony smiles back patting at the wall.

Tony : “tch lights out after you have something to eat in the kitchen, I’m guessing that you haven’t eaten” tony said as he starts walking away

Peter : “Ok!”

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In for a Treat

Title: In for a treat

Rating: M

Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

Summary: The Coffee Shop AU no one asked for, but I wanted to write because, why not? Steve is a barista, he’s shy and can’t really get over the fact that the famous Tony Stark just walked in the cafe, and least of all, is flirting with him. Stark sure must flirt with hundreds of people, why would he want something with him?Tony is starting to get over his break up with Pepper when Bruce ‘drags’ him to a lovely cafe with an even lovelier barista.They are slow, but they’ll get there. Peter ships them, Bruce ships them, even Nat ships them. And they have muffins!

Chapter 1: Blueberry Muffins

Chapter 2: It wasn’t the muffins

Chapter 3: New Muffin Flavor


Originally posted by myimaginesworld

Hope you like this one too! Let me know what you think!

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Second Chance Soulmates - COMPLETE FIC

This is the story of two men who fought the ancient power of soulmates, and lost. The story of two men whose lives never worked quite right without the other. The story of two men who were… frankly… idiots for a very long time.

This is the story of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers - how they fell in love, lost their way, and found each other again.


Steve/Tony, Political & Soulmates AU, 36k, M

Read on Ao3

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Continuum - Chapter 6 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Beautiful moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


Steve smiled, leaning in for one final kiss before escaping into the hallway, where he nearly ran smack into Peter as he came barrelling out of his room, a small, flat disc in his hand.

“Oh, sorry, Papa!” Peter said, barely breaking stride. “Uncle Sam said we’ve still got twenty minutes till the food’s ready, so Pietro and I are gonna go play frisbee golf.”

“As long as you wash your hands when you come back inside!” Steve called after him, earning a breathless, “Uh huh!” in return.

Chuckling, Steve rounded the corner into the massive kitchen, immediately stepping back as Natasha emerged from the depths of one of the ovens, a steaming pumpkin pie in her mitted hands.

“Oh, now that smells amazing,” Steve said as Natasha set the pie down on a cooling rack, right next to another identical pie.

“You’d better believe it,” Natasha said, winking as Wanda set a third pie down onto the rack. “I had to kick your kid out of here a few minutes ago, though. He kept begging to sample everything, all while eating an entire party-sized bag of Doritos.”

“Yeah,” Sam piped up from the opposite end of the counter. “Damn sneaky kid! I caught him trying to swipe one of these drumsticks right off the platter!”

“He actually did make off with one of the rolls,” said Wanda, pointing to the large baking sheet next to the pies. “But at least he asked me if he could have it first.”

“It was the eyes, right?” Natasha asked. “Those irresistible puppy dog eyes?”

“Yes,” Wanda said with a sigh. “And now I think Pietro’s starting to learn them too.”

“Yep. That’s my милая ошибка,” Natasha said, tossing Steve a smirk. “Good thing your kid is cute, Rogers.”

“Well, I’d personally take Peter’s enthusiastic appetite as a compliment,” said Steve. “Now, where do you need me?”

Sam jerked his head to the two huge pots of potatoes cooling on the stove. “Soon as those are mashed and the gravy’s done simmering, we should be ready.”

“Sounds great.” Picking up the hand mixer, Steve got to work, mashing the perfectly boiled and seasoned potatoes while his teammates bantered back and forth behind him. By the time he was done and everything had been brought out to the table, set perfectly by Bucky and Bruce, Steve’s cheeks were sore from smiling.

And then, as he took his seat at that table, flanked by his husband and son as he looked out onto the rest of his amazing teammates, Steve raised his bottle of his favourite Irish beer, waiting while they all took hold of their own various beverages.

“At the risk of being a bit too sentimental for this crowd, or delaying the inevitable chow-down that I’m about to witness,” Steve began. “I just wanted to let all of you know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. Our jobs are hard, and I know that I ask a lot of you every time we go out into the field. But I also know that there’s no way this team would be the same without any of you. Thanks to your hard work and dedication, we are a well-oiled machine, ready to take on whatever the world throws at us next.” He shot a quick glance at Tony, smiling at him over his coffee mug. “To the Avengers, our team. And, like the many enemies that we’ve vanquished, may we leave this dinner table crying for mercy by the time we’re done here.”

“All right!” exclaimed Sam as he clinked his beer bottle first against Bucky’s, then against Peter’s can of Dr Pepper. “Now, do we finally have permission to eat, Captain? ‘Cause if I have to sit here and listen to these guys’ growling stomachs for too much longer, I’m gonna—”

“Okay, I’m just gonna pull rank here and go with yes,” James said from his seat next to Bruce. “Seeing as how Spider Boy and Flash Boy over there are just about ready to vibrate out of their seats.”


A bit of fluff before we get to the nitty-gritty 😉

The full chapter will post on Monday, October 5th 😊

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Hi there hun! Thank you for sending this in, I hope you enjoy! In this drabble, the Reader is about to head into graduate school, even though she’s only 17.

Masterlist linked in bio

Stony x daughter!Reader (Fluff)
Word Count: 89
No Warnings :)

When Steve and Tony walked into your room, they didn’t realize what they’d be facing. You were looking up apartments in another state. It was far too soon, making Tony shake his head in disbelief as you turned around in your chair with a grin. You stood up from the chair as you greeted both of your dads with hugs.

“Hey dads,” You paused, as you took a step back from your hug from Steve. “What’s wrong?” You asked gently and worriedly, as you saw their concerned and almost amazed expressions. Steve glanced back to your laptop, before he let out a sigh. Tony itched at his head in confusion as well, as he started to realize how much and how fast time had passed with the three of you.

Keep reading

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Continuum - Chapter 5 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Amazing moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“Pictures of what?” Ned asked as he suddenly appeared behind Peter’s left shoulder. Peter jumped, almost knocking into Gwen as he grabbed her hand, tugging her around.

“Jesus, Ned!” Peter exclaimed. “Dude, you can’t sneak up on me like that!”

Ned’s eyebrows knitted together. “Um… I didn’t, but okay. But what’re you taking pictures of?”

“Peter’s gonna get a telescope this coming weekend,” said Gwen.

“Really?” Ned said. “Dude, that’s so cool! Are you gonna let us come over and see it once you get it set up?”

“Ah, it’s gonna be up at the Compound,” said Peter. “Sorry.”

“Oh,” Ned said. “Well, I guess that makes more sense, since upstate’s probably better for stargazing. It just kinda sucks that you’ve gotta go up there every single weekend.”

“Eh, it’s not so bad,” Peter said. “It’s actually kinda nice to get out of the city every now and then. It’s a lot quieter up there.”

“Yeah, I guess. But since when did you like it quiet?” Ned asked. “You know what, nevermind. Wait till you hear what my mom heard yesterday at her book club.”

“You mean her gossip club, right?” Gwen asked as they made their way towards their homeroom classroom. “‘Cause I swear all your mom seems to do there is talk about people.”

“Well… yeah, that is part of it,” Ned admitted. “You know my mom just likes to know what’s going on, so…” He gave his head a quick shake. “Anyway, she told me that one of her friends was walking in the city on Saturday afternoon and saw Dr Stephen Strange go into a comic book store.”

“Who?” asked Gwen, shooting Peter a questioning look. “Am I supposed to know who that is or something?”

“He’s that rich doctor that drove his car off a mountain a few months ago,” said Peter. “The neurosurgeon?” He didn’t add that Dad had disliked Dr Strange ever since he and Papa had tried to get him to consult on Peter during his weeks-long coma after the battle in the Miami bunker, and that the surgeon had flat-out refused because he’d said that he didn’t work on children.

And no amount of begging, pleading, or bribing could get him to change his mind.

Oh well, it’d probably been for the best anyway. From what Peter had heard about Dr Strange, he was a massive jerk, and Dad did not have a good track record dealing with medical professionals who were jerks. Dad was amazingly generous with most of the doctors and nurses who had treated Peter back when he was little, and sick most of the time, but Peter had witnessed him dressing down plenty of arrogant or jerky ones too. Since Dad had enough intelligence and knowledge to pretty much get his own medical degree in any number of fields, he tended to figure out who he could trust and who he could not very quickly.

As it turned out, Dr Strange wouldn’t have been able to do anything for Peter anyway, and not getting him involved ended up saving his dads from having to explain Peter’s genetic mutation and enhancements to yet another person outside their family.

Now that Ned had brought him up, though, Peter had to admit he was pretty curious as to what the former surgeon had been up to in the last several months.

“Oh, yeah, I remember my dad saying something about that,” Gwen said with a nod. “Okay… so…?”

“Well, I guess after his accident, he kinda went nuts trying to find a cure for the nerve damage in his hands. Ended up selling just about everything he owned to try some really weird treatments,” said Ned. “And then one day he just up and disappeared. My mom’s friend thought he was dead until she saw him again.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 28th 😊

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Continuum - Chapter 4 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Gorgeous moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


Reaching for the bag of homemade trail mix that he and Peter had made the day before and a bottle of Powerade, Steve shoved a handful into his mouth as he unzipped the special pocket that Tony sewed into his uniform, looking for the small sketchbook and pencil that he always carried with him. He opened it to the front page, to the sketch of Tony and Peter that he’d drawn from the very first photograph he ever took of the two of them, only hours after Peter had taught him how to take pictures with his new phone. Steve’s throat tightened as he examined it, which he attempted to remedy with a big sip of his Powerade. Even now, after taking literally thousands of photographs, and sketching and painting dozens of drawings, this little drawing was still one of Steve’s very favourite sketches of his beloved husband and son.

It had been about a week or so after they had all returned to the Malibu house from Afghanistan. Peter had been helping Steve get accustomed to life in the twenty-first century, while Tony had been spending nearly all of his time down in his garage workshop, building the first of his eventual army of armoured suits and plotting his revenge on the Ten Rings. Steve and Peter had made dinner that evening, and, after practically dragging Tony upstairs to eat with them, Peter had then proceeded to beg him to watch a movie afterwards, telling him that he hadn’t seen him more than a few minutes since they’d been back.

And the two of them hadn’t even lasted for half the movie before they were both sound asleep, with Peter wrapped up in Tony’s arms and his head resting on his chest, off to the side so as to avoid pressing on the arc reactor.

Tears pricked Steve’s eyes at the memory, of how sweet they had looked, and how envious he had been. He had already been trying to deny it by then, trying to bury deep down just how deeply attached he was to them both, and, based on what Tony told him later on, doing a very poor job of it.

“You’re a terrible liar, babe,” Tony had told him multiple times over the course of their relationship. “You and Pete both. You’re both just too… good.”

And while Steve still wasn’t sure if he agreed, he also knew better than to argue.

A soft smile spread across Steve’s lips as he stared at the drawing, trailing his fingertip across Peter’s round cheek smashed up against Tony’s side. Peter’s cheeks weren’t quite as round anymore, and his jawline had sharpened up a bit more over the summer as well, only adding to how much he resembled Tony.

His two precious boys, who he loved more than life itself.

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 21st 😊

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Continuum - Chapter 3 Preview


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Incredible moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“Gentlemen, I have Director Fury on the line,” said JARVIS.

“Put him through, please, JARVIS,” said Steve.

All four men turned to face the main viewscreen as the grim visage of Nick Fury appeared, his single uncovered eye scanning across the room before landing on Tony.

“I’m afraid I don’t have much more to tell you,” he began. “I just put Hill and three other trusted agents on a plane about fifteen minutes ago, so hopefully once they get on the ground out there we can get some more concrete information.”

“So you don’t think there remains an immediate threat?” Steve asked, his fingers twitching in Tony’s.

“Not at the moment, but new information is coming in every few minutes or so, so we’re obviously still closely monitoring the situation,” Fury answered. “What I can tell you people is that based on the currently available evidence, this does not appear to be the same type of attack that occurred over Wakanda earlier this week.”

“It doesn’t?” Tony asked with wide eyes. “So you’re saying it’s just some random coincidence?”

“Nah, it can’t be just a coincidence,” said Sam. “Based on what we know about the Wakandans, this smells more like an assassination attempt to me.”

“Since whoever was behind this attack did in fact manage to kill the Wakandan king, I’d say that’s a very reasonable theory, Mr Wilson,” Fury said. “And as I told Tony, I’ve offered the assistance of the Avengers to Prince T’Challa, but I’m honestly not holding my breath on that one. If this humanitarian visit was Wakanda’s way of trying to dip their toes into interacting with the rest of the world, I can’t imagine that their prince is going to be too eager to make another attempt.”

“Or, he might be even more eager for our help since the Avengers can be dispassionate,” Natasha spoke up. “Is there any evidence that this might’ve been an inside job?”

“None that I’ve seen, although I haven’t ruled out the possibility,” said Fury. He held up his hand as someone off-screen handed him a tablet, his brow furrowing into a deep frown as he read. “Well, well, well. It seems like Prince T’Challa has actually accepted my offer to meet with the team. Captain Rogers, how soon can you leave?”

“What?” Tony yelped as a bolt of pain shot up his left arm. “Now wait just a goddamn minute here! Why all of a sudden is this considered more of an Avengers-level event than the actual attack from space?”

“Because as far as we know, the space phenomenon was a single occurrence, whereas in this case, our assistance is being requested by the head of state of another country,” Fury said firmly. “Another country that might prove to be an invaluable ally if such another space phenomenon were to occur.”

Tony huffed out a sharp breath, glowering at the viewscreen as Steve pursed his lips. The last thing he wanted at the moment was to have to leave Peter behind in New York before he’d had a chance to fully calculate the possibility of another impending attack from space. Rhodey was still up to his eyeballs in D.C. trying to help rebuild the Air Force’s special ops after its decimation by HYDRA, and while Pepper and Happy were always an emergency option to watch Peter, as were the Leeds family—and even the Stacys, Tony supposed—neither Tony nor Steve felt really comfortable leaving Peter with anyone who wasn’t an Avenger. The distraction from their constant worry for him was not conducive to a smooth Avengers mission.

“I’m not sure the presence of the entire team is necessary, Director, if this is more of a diplomatic meeting than a true mission,” Steve said as he squeezed Tony’s hand, once again reading Tony’s mind. “Would you concur?”

Fury tilted his head, pondering. “I would,” he said. “Who’re you thinking?”

“I think myself, Sam, Bucky, and Nat should be enough,” Steve replied, earning an affirmative nod from both Bucky and Sam. “If for some reason something else goes down, then Tony, Bruce, and Clint can always join us later.”

“Agreed,” said Fury. “And let’s hope that nothing else goes down. We haven’t even finished dealing with the whole HYDRA mess yet, and I always hate having to deal with two crises at once. It tends to make me extra cranky.”

Oh, and we can’t have that, Tony thought with a frown.

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