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padawan-historian · 2 days ago
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A group of elementary schoolers came to the Zora Neale Hurston Museum today, blending the lessons on slavery, folklore, and afrofuturism with their own dreams and great big thinks about black superheroes, traveling to faraway places (and galaxies), and which ninja moves from Naruto were the coolest.
Several hours later, 19 children and 2 educators are killed not by a "a lone wolf" or a "monster" but by an ecosystem constructed by agents of empire who commodify the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our communities for profit . . .
These agents will turn their eyes away from the Black, brown, and beige people murdered in Buffalo, Dallas, Uvalde and all the places that didn't make the news. They will mutter "thoughts and prayers" and tweet quotes about healing and peace as they continue to build their wealth on imperial systems that erase history lessons, silence our ancestral identities, erode accessible (and sustainable) mental health services, and stripped away reproductive and social services for communities across color and class lines.
What is happening will keep happening unless we upRoot our miseducated understanding about this Lovecraft country of ours, and start cultivating politics and day-to-day practices that move beyond these poisoned (hu)manmade ecosystems.
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whysojiminimnida · 23 hours ago
Don't Storm The Airports BUT
BTS is coming to the US again ...
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I'm kidding, mostly, because ALL the guys will be on the international political stage again, no doubt with diplomatic passports in hand. And this is really our President Kim Namjoon's wheelhouse.
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If this means what I think it means, given the timing, it may be a very big credit toward their military service requirements. Which: not a bad thing, given Seokjin's current time crunch for enlistment paperwork. ALSO WHAT IF JEON JUNGKOOK SHOWS UP LIKE THIS AGAIN SOMEWHERE OMG
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afoolnottoloveu · a year ago
hello! just a lil smth, please don’t scroll!
tw // anti-asian violence
there’s been a fuck ton of aapi hate since the beginning of the pandemic and especially lately, with the georgia shootings today, and even the grammys last sunday
all this said i just wanted to share a few resources (none mine!):
- anti-asian violence resources (this resource is also linked in my pinned, it contains information, petitions, places to donate and a lot more)
- stop asian hate (contains petitions, places to donate, ways to spread the word and more)
- sites to donate to and share (if you have a twitter please consider retweeting)
- a cumulative twitter thread with a little bit of everything and more than i explained
+ stop asian hate gofundme
+ asian american resource center (an atlanta based foundation focused on housing and civil classes)
+ red canary song *
+ butterfly *
+ swan vancouver *
* above are three grassroots (not sure if im using that word right) dedicated to advocating for asian and migrant sex work! check them out and donate if possible
if you have any resources you wanna share reply and/or reblog and i’ll add it, and with that please share this with the same tags <3 sending love to my fellow aapi, please stay safe all of you and don’t be fucking racist :]
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“The police don’t target black people,” says the white person.
“LGBTQ+ people have plenty of protection,” says the straight, cisgender person.
“Women don’t feel harassed at work,” says the man. 
“Poor people don’t need more government help,” says the rich person. 
“Immigrants feel welcome here,” says the natural-born citizen. 
Please stop invalidating the concerns of people who have problems that you’re not experiencing. Instead, listen to them, and learn what you can do to help. 
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lustrous-globe · 7 months ago
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It's absolutely vile how there's next to no coverage of this in the media. It really shows that when you all say "human rights," you actually only mean "adult rights," because children are less than human to you. Human rights includes children, and yet you all are ignoring that right now, even when it's children of color who are the children more likely to die. Performative activism at its finest- a horrifyingly large amount of you all only care about it if it will get you a lot of likes and popularity points.
Edit: To all of you bitching about how this post seems guilt trippy- good! You should feel fucking guilty, and that's exactly what the point of the supposed 'guilt tripping' is! You shouldn't feel guilty if you didn't know about it, but you should feel guilty if it has come into your social media circle and you didn't bother to pay attention to it. Because somebody might have talked about it in your circle, but you didn't bother to fucking read it!
Original thread.
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hellowearerats · a year ago
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wondersmith-and-sons · a year ago
the shooting in Atlanta of 8 massage parlour workers by a white man was a white supremacist hate crime and the latest in a series of attacks on Asians in the US. however, it’s also extremely important to note that the group he targeted are a community that is already more vulnerable to state violence than many, in form of police raids, deportations, and systematised stigmatisation. this is an industry that’s often conflated with and overlapping with sex work, and the industry has faced decades of criminalisation and dehumanisation, with a long history of being targeted by cops and systemic injustice along with racialised misogyny and fetishisation. they are also often excluded from conversations about the latest rise of anti-asian racism in the US, since many do not fulfill the “american” part of asian-american. 
if you can donate, also consider donating to red canary song, butterfly network, and swan vancouver, grassroots organisations and activists that fight for migrant and labour justice for migrant workers and sex workers.
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"Why can't you just respect my opinion?"
Because your "opinion" is dehumanizing an entire group of people.
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iiamdrawing · 4 months ago
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