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#stop bullying

Rachel Lindsay deserves better from the Bachelor franchise. And, from the entertainment industry. And, from her fellow journalists. And, from people who consume the media she produces.

She is an inspiration. She has inspired me personally.

She was the FIRST person to speak up, in a way that carried repercussions. And she persisted.

Thank you, Rachel.


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trigger warning ahead, mentions of bullying and destroying of our food friends

hey everyone (。•́︿•̀。) Strawberry here.

I wanted to quickly vent about a serious thing that happened to me while at school. I’m fairly upset about the encounter and wanted to share this experience with you all in hopes to bring awareness to these kinds of things.

I have to go to on sight school because of personal reasons, and I’m forced to go lunch with everyone else. I have explained to the staff several times why I would like to have a private lunch and why it makes me uncomfortable but instead they brush it off, insisting that I am not a strawberry. 

so I’m sitting at a table, alone, because everyone refers to me as the weird kid who thinks they’re a strawberry. apparently someone found out about it(I didn’t want the school to know, just the staff) and they told everyone. so now I’m being ostracized for that.

anyways, as I sat there at the table playing games on my phone in secret this kid came up to me. I had seen him a few times before but never really knew him, but I did know that he was one of the kids who would constantly make fun of me behind my back.

I didn’t want to get hurt or in trouble, so I ignored him. he told me to look at him so I did. he laughed at me and told me that I was a human, not some, and I quote “a f*cking berry”. I wanted to cry because a lot of people were looking at me now and giggling. he pulled out a large container of strawberries from his bag and I knew what he was going to do.

and sure enough, he threw them on the floor and began stomping on them, taunting me by saying “you see these as your family? you’re f*cking insane. go to the looney bin where you belong you sicko”

I started to cry and ran to the bathroom where I hid there for the rest of the day. I got weekend detention and the school has to talk to my parents because of it.

to all the kinphobes out there, you can hate us but please do not do this to us. it’s one thing to not understand and to privately mock us but this is too far.

anyways, I will see you guys later. I plan on posting a bit more tonight. although this was a horrible experience I’m going to try and not let it bring me down because I know to the few followers I have you guys appreciate me! and that’s enough to keep this little strawberry going. (^▽^) 

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DAY 112 ~ 28 Feb,2021


Had a pretty bad day yesterday. Felt I wasn’t strong enough to face people, physically or mentally. Yesterday, a guy at the gym was continually hitting me on the back, it was definitely hurting me, but I laughed it off, but then I tried to stop him, he took offence and threatened to thrash the hell out of me. I kept quiet. I could have fought him or would have hit him but I knew if I would have beat him black and blue, the next day he would have been into my house with a bunch of goons and I definitely did not want to create a scene.

Sometimes, it’s but sensible to keep quiet than to argue or fight with a bunch of fools. I have now resolved not to workout with him and moreover, I will distance myself away from him. That would be the best solution.

I don’t encourage the thing that happened with me, nor do I ask anyone who’s reading this to do the same( i.e., to keep mum into that sort of situations), but sometimes, I find it sensible enough to walk away rather than to argue with fools.

Have a good day!

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Sorry to my anon followers but…

Well, I’m unsure what I did wrong over the last 24 hours but I seemed to have gotten a ton of hate in the short period of time that I updated one of my stories.

I have locked down both Tumblr and ao3 to users only. I will no longer allow anons to contact me as of now. I’m not sure if or when I will lift that ban.

I’m sorry to those who used it correctly to contact me or leave me comments. But the trolls have won and I can no longer stomach being put down, bullied/harassed over my works of fiction. I seem to be getting more hate than positivity on anon.

I’ve legit sat here and cried this afternoon over this. It was either turn all of that off or deleting my works and profiles. I want to stay because I have met so many amazing people.

Please be kind. Words hurt. I feel like I’m a broken record by posting something like this almost weekly. I don’t know what else to do but I know I can’t mentally keep getting harassed on here or other sites. If it continues I may have to walk away for good.

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I will say once and not more “let people like what they want to like without putting the pressure of them having to be an expert on every little detail about it

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It’s not just for children.

Adults can bully too.

Workplace bullying is a thing.

Adults cyberbully.

It’s not cute or funny, it’s not a joke. It does real harm.

Stop it.

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These users think mental illness is an excuse for bad behavior

In Miss Zi-Zi’s toxic relationships video, these users thought it was okay to leave these comments on her video. Please block and report them immediately for bullying and harassment.

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Okay, so here we go again having to discuss bullying on the internet. This fandom a year ago used to be way more active and honestly, it was a lot of fun. But because of some of you coming on here, putting on the little anon tag and writing out of line comments, you destroyed it. You ruined it.

I suggest you keep your negative and disrespectful comments to yourself and grow the fuck up. I also suggest you stop putting so much negative energy out in the world. Maybe you’ll calm the fuck down, and find a happier life. 

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TRIGGER WARNING// mentions of possible Sexual Assult, bullying, suicide, self harm.

Hi so. I like many have had an experience of an abuse ex boyfriend. We dated for less then 4 months. During that he would verbally abuse me constantly and humiliate me. Once he had made me so uncomfortable in my own house by touching me when I said no. He continued to move his hand up my thigh and would point out my s3lfh@rm scars and then push on them which would hurt. I won’t go into detail what happened but I had to push him and punch him off of me and told him to leave. After that he cheated on me and had all of his friends anonymously call me and abuse me for months telling me to kill myself. During our relationship he lied about his age to me, humiliated me 24/7, insulted my family and my friends.

I haven’t kept contact with him as it’s been a number of years. During this I had a “friend” of 5 years who also abused me emotionally and basically ruined my life, forced me to drop out of school twice and turned everyone against me.

I won’t go into detail but recently I received a text from someone who I don’t know very well but we never have had any bad blood. He told me something that has honestly fucked me up so bad. He told me that my old friend had told my previous ex that I was r@ped by my past boyfriend. My previous ex thought it was funny. Him and my old friend told EVERYONE. I’ve been receiving texts like “I’m so sorry you were r@ped always here” though I wasn’t raped it was still assult. And I never want to remember it . The fact that people are finding my trauma funny hurts. During our years of friendship my friend would bully me for my self harm, think that it was funny, encourage suicide and still does.

I have never done anything wrong. Of course no one believes me because out of fear I literally had to move towns so no one has heard my side. That’s not even all of it but that’s what I’m currently thinking of atm. No one knows my story, no one really truely knows what has happened and no one believes me.

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This is a message to anyone who is being bullied right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or IRL. This is for you.

YOU matter.

Your opinions matter.

Your feelings matter.

Your thoughts matter.

Your dreams matter.

Your LIFE matters.

You are special.

You are beautiful.

You are talented.

You are valuable.

You are wonderful.

You are respected.

You are cared about.

You are STRONG.

You are a good person.

You are loved.

You can succeed.

You can reach out.

You can hold on.

You can overcome.

You mean something.

You have worth.

You deserve to LIVE.


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Procede, nonostante i tempi di restrizioni sanitarie, il progetto OLTRE: percorsi intrecciati di prevenzione al bullismo reale e virtuale in partenariato con l’AmbitoN31 e in collabroazione con l'IC Sauro-Morelli di Torre del Greco.

Il Gazebo Rosa Onlus ha messo a disposizione la possibilità di chiedere aiuto ed interventi in caso di episodi di bullismo e cyberbullismo attraverso uno sportello virtuale, a cui si accede dal sito della scuola. Inoltre sono a disposizione degli studenti e dei genitori coinvolti del progetti, una serie di strumenti per affrontare, gestire, informarsi riguardo l’argomento in oggetto.

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I need post this, because yes, I’m so fucking mad, no because this is about a ship, nor a fandom nor a social media nor fictional characters that I like. This is because a MINOR is being bullied for a whole social media, a girl that is barely founding her identity and forming her selflove. Can you imagine the emotional damage that this dude did to the girl? Can you imagine how have to feel being bullied for 1M fucking people? How have to feel the fact that just for do the things that you enjoy being bullied? Fuck, you have to be so fucking disgusting if you think that it’s okay trigger all this hate on a MINOR. I’m mad because this girl is a teenager in formation, a girl that is suffering, and because the people don’t care about it. A fandom isn’t ruined for the shipers, or the Fanarts, or the way that the story take, or the author, or the fan content; it’s ruined for the hate, for people like this whitout empathy. I didn’t do this post to people hate this guy, but please, we need to be sensible whit our words and think twice the things before say something. And this is general, if we watch in some social media a minor saying something inappropriate or if they is wrong, the only way to make them see their mistake, we must send an inbox correcting them whit respect and empathy, we need to know that they aren’t adults, they are minors.

I censored the girl’s face in some pictures.

I’m not the tweet’s author, credits to them.

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February 2021 Student of the Month: Illinois Student Leader Jamaya

February 2021 Student of the Month: Illinois Student Leader Jamaya

“I have to be strong in order to help those who are not.”
Jamaya, Be Strong’s Student of the Month for February, is making great strides in her community. Described as someone with an amazing heart, Jamaya helps anyone in need. She is calm, considerate, and has a depth of understanding that helps her see that everyone has a unique perspective. Jamaya gives her time and energy to every…


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Being Friends with the Wrong People By BreBerry

Hey Guys, I’m BreBerry and Today, It’s not a good day for me.

Today, I want to Speak about this User on DeviantArt Named Chasepink.

On December 5th of 2020, I Stumbled upon her artwork (It was a gift for a Splatoon User on DeviantArt, By the name of CHLaneYT) and I thought it looked neat and I Hoped he would see it.

But, Unfortunately He couldn’t to my surprise, C.H had blocked her.

So, Since I Felt Sorry for Her, I decided to be her friend, At the time She was happy, She drew nice pictures of me and We didn’t have any bad blood between us.

Until That Very Day, When Someone by The Name of StevenGamingIsBack Exposed her for all of the bad stuff she’s done.

Including Stealing a User’s Art (Her UserName is DemonOcto3)

I knew I had to block her, But I had to do it in secret.

I decided to Do it Two Times, I Tried The First Time but, She almost found out.

But the second time, It was permanently (Until Now because, I recently unblocked her, So I can Expose her for all of the horrible stuff she did to me and my friends on DeviantArt And I will continue to do, so)

After I permanently block her, She was so angry, She decided to play the victim and blame this whole drama on me.

(Like, It’s not My Fault, You’re a Bad Person)

And The bad thing about this is 2 users believed her.

And I’m going to exposed them as well.

First, We have this User named Thunderloud.

Thunderloud is A Really Infamous user on DeviantArt Because he is a Cyberbully and Child Abuser ( And Chasepink’s Friend)

He always called me a Bitch when I always called Chasepink out.

When I kept being called out for doing the right thing, That idiot would call me that all of time.

After I call her out, She always tried to clap back, but I ignored it all.

Until January 29, 2021, She Harassed This User Called MoonlightSparkle78 for a really Idiotic Reason.

So, I finally had enough, I went on an internet ramble and tried to call them out, once again.

And, I thought I would have reached them to not mess with me.

But, It got worse.

One of My Followers ( Snatzox313) decided to take that stupid psychopath and Bullied me.

( And What was crazy, He used to defend me)

Here’s what he said:


I was Shocked, So I decided to spam in the comments Saying “ Traitor” “ What is Wrong with you?!”

And, I also called him Every Mock Name I could think of.

At this point, I was acting really Aggressive and Psychopathic I might admit.

Since I Lost on Of My Friends Thanks to Chasepink’s Lies, It was the last straw for me.

I wanted to make this Because I want to show you Why I wasn’t really active on Tumblr.

Also, I wanted to Speak out about this situation and Not Suffer Alone in Silence.

Please Reblog This If you’re on my side of the story, Thank You and I Hope You’ll continue to support me through this drama.

Anyways, See you later.

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