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#stop it

Why are people getting mad about people portraying the Sides– figments of someone’s imagination, that can SHAPESHIFT, that have been portrayed in canon as different races and genders, and are, again, IMAGINARY –as different races and genders? Why is it just NOW becoming a big deal? y’all, fandoms do this ALL THE TIME. not just in Sanders Sides. And they canonically shapeshit and can look however they want. ONE OF THEM LITERALLY TURNED INTO A GIANT FROG IN THE LAST EPISODE. And you have a problem with someone drawing them BLACK and TRANS???

I’m disappointed in you folks. This shouldn’t be a problem. This shouldn’t be something you’re wasting your anger on when we have real black people being murdered by cops, and protests around the world going on to get it to stop. Get angry over THAT. Not how people are portraying fictional characters.

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Why can’t I stop feeling like I want to and that I’m going to kill myself….??? I want it to stop. I hate feeling like I’m stuck in a corner and I want to commit suicide in whatever way possible. I’m filled with anger and sadness. And I’m being haunted by the past of me just being seen as a nuisance to others. I’m a monster. I’m a demon. I’m an eldritch. And all of the glares and stares from all of those human eyes tell me that. A hateful and evil misanthrope inside.

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To: the person who thinks Yoongi uses Fe and is INFJ because he said he would like to take a therapist license to help people who have suffered like him: drop MBTI before you get hurt.

I mean, when will people stop addressing as Fe things that are just interpersonal intelligence, empathy and/or being a decent human being.

Stan Fi for clear skin

(No offense intended to Fe users)

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My gay trans ass every june when corporations try to sell me back my own identity but trendy

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Okay this is not okay!!! We shouldn’t have to protest to keep our lives!! As a POC I shouldn’t be scared to leave my house or go to school or anything like that!!! And now this is happening trying g to get someone to kill themselves is not okay!! None of this is okay!! THIS IS 2020 NOT THE STONE AGES!! ABSOLUTELY NO ONE SHOULD BE GETTING TOLD TO GO KILL THEMSELVES AND NOT A SINGLE POC SHOULD BE GETTING KILLED FOR NO REASON!! THIS DISGUSTING!!!! AND LGBTQ PEOPLE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO FEAR EITHER!!

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I keep saying it but it bears repeating, especially since white allies arent listening:


Stop trying to give credit to people on the front lines of these protests.

I need to stress this, you are doing the cops job for them.

Those masks you’re wearing at these protests? They’re not just to keep you from catching the rona. Its to conceal your identity.

And that entire purpose is destroyed the second you try to take or give credit for being on the front lines.


Cops are monitoring social media. The second you name someone on the ground, that person is now a target.

Now is NOT the time to be taking credit for your actions.

Keeping each other safe means keeping your mouth shut.

Do not name ANYONE on the front lines. Do not name ANYONE at the protests.

The ONLY exception to this rule is when you are outing a white supremacist or undercover cop trying to instigate more violence.

Do not name your fellow protestors. Don’t even discuss who may have done what. Stop doing the cops job for them.

Filling their snitch lines and apps with junk is great, but if you’re simultaneously going around and naming protestors, you’re not helping at all.

Stop. Bragging.

White allies, this is not the time to be taking credit.

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Ti amo ma ti odio

Ti odio. Ti odio perché non mi mandi ne buongiorno e ne buonanotte. Odio sentire le tue registrazioni vocali e odio quando sei online ma non posso scriverti. Ti odio perché nessuno, oltre te mi ha fatta stare così bene. Ti odio perché piombasti nella mia vita così all'improvviso che non ho avuto neanche il tempo di rifletterci. Ti odio perché ti penso anche se non dovrei, perché mi manchi e non riesco a fare a meno di te e cosa darei per averti. Ti odio perché non mi noti mai, non mi guardi mai negli occhi, non mi abbracci mai ma anche se è passerà del tempo mi rimarrai rimasto inciso nel cuore. E mi odio, si mi odio, perché non riesco ad affrontarla e ad andare avanti, mi odio perché anche se non sarai mai mio quando ti vedo con qualcuna che non sono io divento gelosa. Mi odio perché continuo a pensarti, a controllare il tuo ultimo accesso su whatsapp e ti odio, e mi odio perché dovrei odiarti davvero ma ti amo, ti amo e ti amo. E ti odio perché ti amo più di ogni altra cosa al mondo.. E ti odio perché sei la cosa più bella che non ho.


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i rlly hate it when they include names like “naruto” and “sasuke’ in the cringey names posts because they aren’t made up, they’re traditional Japanese names that ppl had before anime, like, if u wouldn’t make fun of anyone being called john even tho they’re named after john constantine, can u not do that? can u not be fucking racist?

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