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bronzebluemind · 2 days ago
you are absolutely kidding me. just cancel any comp before the olympics and everyone quarantine until then whether they are positive right now or not?
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bastardbvby · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
emotionally devastating third page of techno’s will
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mintedpotters · a year ago
I keep saying it but it bears repeating, especially since white allies arent listening:
Stop trying to give credit to people on the front lines of these protests.
I need to stress this, you are doing the cops job for them.
Those masks you're wearing at these protests? They're not just to keep you from catching the rona. Its to conceal your identity.
And that entire purpose is destroyed the second you try to take or give credit for being on the front lines.
Cops are monitoring social media. The second you name someone on the ground, that person is now a target.
Now is NOT the time to be taking credit for your actions.
Keeping each other safe means keeping your mouth shut.
Do not name ANYONE on the front lines. Do not name ANYONE at the protests.
The ONLY exception to this rule is when you are outing a white supremacist or undercover cop trying to instigate more violence.
Do not name your fellow protestors. Don't even discuss who may have done what. Stop doing the cops job for them.
Filling their snitch lines and apps with junk is great, but if you're simultaneously going around and naming protestors, you're not helping at all.
Stop. Bragging.
White allies, this is not the time to be taking credit.
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introvertedx10 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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i-am-bitterly-jittery · 2 months ago
I swear to god every time I come across a “Thomas take anxiety meds and it ends up hurting Virgil” fic I am about two seconds away from committing a crime
Just stop it. It’s not a good trope. Just stop.
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gravityfallsrockz · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Exactly! Please stop it with the Mabel hate guys!
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prettyboykatsuki · 5 months ago
how can ppl consider missionary boring when the image of pro-hero bkg katsuki folding you up into missionary exists :/  just got back home from a tough day out on the job and he has you on the edge of the dining room table - his pants barely pushed past his thighs, calloused and gloved hands on your face while he fucks you with deep thrusts that get harsher and heavier the longer he’s inside :( you can feel your clit grind into his navel and you’re whimpering. bkg gets extra possessive when he sees you like this. licks your cheek then bites it, tapering it off into some dull kisses. groaning about how much he needed this, needed you today. how u make everything better while he fucks you within an inch of your life like it’s nothing at all. 
“you’re so fuckin’ perfect, know that?” and he licks your neck and bites your earlobe, traces your mouth with his tongue like he can’t get enough “couldn’t wait to get back home ya. make me crazy how much i missed you,” while cum dribbles down your legs cause he’s already got you off twice, just like this and he keeps fucking you like there’s anything left to give. 
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euesworld · 24 days ago
"You can't stop a love that's destined to be forever.."
What is forever is indestructible, like true love.. it will go through its trials and tribulations but it the end it will be forever - eUë
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 2 months ago
Certain redbull fans need to stop lying to themselves. Y'all don't boo Lewis and Lewis only because he's merc and took pole from your fav driver (looks at Val not getting booed for taking pole at Mexico while Lewis is for not taking it.... for reasons) you boo him because you hate him. Win or lose you will always hate him and maybe you ought to think about that. At least ferrari fans hated mercedes or any team that beat them unanimously (booed whoever was on pole on their turf) while you, you seem to only hate Lewis Hamilton. Booing him even when he isn't the merc on pole.... I wonder why.
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alice-in-marvelous-land · 6 months ago
Y’all, I made another one
Tumblr media
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nightlightprinx · a year ago
Netflix I’m begging y’all to stop making edgy versions of stuff please
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villainsandvictimsalliance · 7 months ago
How sad is that Dabi is aching because he was a failed experiment and Tomura is suffering because he is a successful experiment.
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oksanaastankova · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and they will not let you get away with being slOppE
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healing-my-souls-essence · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ashenbun · 2 months ago
-= PSA to New Tank Players =-
There has been a massive influx of tanks with the Sprout Invasion and with it, I have been seeing a lot of one particularly dangerous bad habit; spamming Provoke.
Provoke is not and should not be part of your rotation.
Provoke is a reactionary tool to pick up the boss if the main tank dies, to tank swap effectively and to pick up the loose add that's currently chomping on your healer.
Why is it dangerous to spam it?
Because a lot of Trial bosses- and later raid bosses- have a small AoE cleave. If you are not main tank and you provoke and that boss spins to cleave inward? Congrats you just wiped the party!
Not to mention that if you have a particularly strong DPS in your party that pulls something- say a Black Mage slaps a Xeno on a trash mob as you're running- good luck getting that back without using your whole rotation to do so. Now your healer has to handle saving the DPS and you, meaning they generate more aggro, so they'll likely pull some of the other mobs while you're focused on getting that stray one back. Being hit interrupts their heals, causing a wipe. Domino effect. (Obviously that's a worst case scenario.)
"But I wanna be main tank!!!1!"
Then communicate that desire. You will find that the majority of this player base is quite happy to let new tanks learn how to handle the fights from the front, but we're not mind readers, you gotta speak up!
So, please, remove Provoke from your rotation before tragedy strikes.
A Very Stressed Astrologian.
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morgamind · 15 days ago
I’m tired of seeing Andrew Garfield posts that say “Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker” or “Andrew Garfield in Tick Tick Boom”. Where’s “Andrew Garfield as MY boyfriend”??? Huh??
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redpool · 7 days ago
Next person to make an ablest comment about Makkari’s scream in Eternals is going to get destroyed.
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goldhornsandblackwool · 3 months ago
I love this song.
“Today, a little less than a third of the population is under twenty-five, but youth remains a big consumer base for social-media platforms, streaming services, computer games, music, fashion, smartphones, apps, and all kinds of other goods, from motorized skateboards to eco-friendly water bottles. To keep this market churning, and to give the consulting industry something to sell to firms trying to understand (i.e., increase the productivity of) their younger workers, we have invented a concept that allows “youth culture” to be redefined periodically. This is the concept of the generation.“
“The term is borrowed from human reproductive biology. In a kinship structure, parents and their siblings constitute “the older generation”; offspring and their cousins are “the younger generation.” The time it takes, in our species, for the younger generation to become the older generation is traditionally said to be around thirty years. (For the fruit fly, it’s ten days.) That is how the term is used in the Hebrew Bible, and Herodotus said that a century could be thought of as the equivalent of three generations.
Around 1800, the term got transplanted from the family to society. The new idea was that people born within a given period, usually thirty years, belong to a single generation. There is no sound basis in biology or anything else for this claim, but it gave European scientists and intellectuals a way to make sense of something they were obsessed with, social and cultural change. What causes change? Can we predict it? Can we prevent it? Maybe the reason societies change is that people change, every thirty years.“
Like I really need ppl to understand that ‘generations’ are RELATIVE and when I say ‘relative’ I don’t just mean ‘it depends’ I mean literally one person can be generation n in relation to someone else’s generation m.
Since humans do not have a mating season (fun fact the concept of ‘cuffing season is also entirely bullshit related to seasonal marketing and there’s no ACTUAL pattern of humans ‘hooking up’ or mating more around this time)- which is like, one of our species special traits- humans are not all born around the same time meaning there’s a consistent output of new people,,, constantly throughout the years.
So there can indeed be accurate generational tiers in, say, one family, but since our society is a mashup of a bunch of intermixed nonlinear families it doesn’t actually hold up at scale.
Hence, there is 0 discrete boundary between the generations. They can only b used as general sweeping nods to certain eras and are extremely inaccurate is personal identities largely pushed and kept in prominence by companies trying to control your sense of identity via marketing so you’re easier to sell to.
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sunsetsareformuggingz · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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biowarelove · 17 days ago
“This character can’t be bisexual, beca--”
Tumblr media
“This character’s romance is inferior because there’s no sex--”
Tumblr media
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