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#stop it

Hi followers!! I know I don’t post often but you’ve known me to post a few things advocating towards race


Y’all……I truly love and respect every race and their differences and do my very best not to let my inherent bias get in the way of being fair to all (yes this includes white people) this particular post is not aimed towards White people. Actually I have something to address with fellow minority races like myself.


This is not all people of course but to those of you that think it’s okay to say the word N***a or copy what you believe are “black” or “ghetto” mannerisms need to fucking stop. In fact stop saying racist things about ANY culture not just black culture. It’s not cute, it’s not cool, it is just annoying.

I understand there is a deadly virus out right now I understand it originated in China but does that give you the excuse to avoid, veto, and attack Chinese people and their products? NO and not every goddamn asian person you pass has a virus! in fact not every asian person you pass is even Chinese! That’s called generalizing!

Besides that! Why is it that some people feel like just because they aren’t white they can’t be racist? And why do you believe that white people cant experience racism? I know White people don’t have it as hard as minorities do a lot of the time. But there are times white kids get picked on for being white just like how we were picked on. Not every goddamn white person is untrustworthy and racist. There are bad people in every group of races and just because you’re black or Asian or Mexican, Indian, Arabic whatever! Doesn’t mean you’re exempt from being a little shit. Stop saying racist things about people’s cultures thinking you won’t face any consequences because of your own experiences it’s sick.

I can’t speak for other races experiences but I am black. And Black people we know what it is like to be oppressed, disliked, unwanted and disrespected. So why are some of us doing this to asian people? It’s the same as a bullied kid turning around bullying others. We aren’t ignorant so stop acting like it. Some of us are beating up Asians simply because there’s a virus out here. That is a hate crime and I know we all know a whole lot about hate crimes.

That being said I appreciate those of you no matter what race you are who stand up for others and have an open mind and want to learn more about the world and the unique kinds of people that live on it. If we just open our eyes we’ll see there is so much more than just us.

And lastly any day is a great day to punch a racist ❤️ love ya

I’m gonna open this blog back up while I have the commitment to do so. I’ll be hopefully posting more often with actual things you followed me for thank you👌🏽

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Rolling girl: *is a song about depression & suicide*

Animators: lets have people roll down a hill

Hot milk: *is a cute, happy, upbeat song*


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ace: i’m not going to the library.

nancy: ???

ace: … i have enemies there.

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