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He Accidentally Pins You Down - Obey Me! x Reader
“While I didn’t mean for it to turn out this way... seeing you under me like this...” You squirm as Lucifer smirks, his crimson eyes darkening as he looks at you, clearly enjoying the situation more than he should.  
“Lucifer, come on,” you complain, making as if to get up, only for the demon to settle his hands on your wrists rather than on either side of you. You can feel your face flaming. 
“You know,” he says, his smile widening as he leans his face closer to yours. “It’s been a while since we had time to ourselves. All I would have to do is lock the door...” You hesitate. He is right, after all. It was hard to find time to be with Lucifer when you were both so busy...
“I want lots of kisses.” Lucifer chuckles. 
“Of course,” he promises before he leans in close to your ear. “And I want you." 
The white-haired demon’s cheeks turn dark with blush as he strangles out an apology. To your alarm, his nose starts to bleed, and you quickly ask if he’s okay. 
“I’m fine! I’m fine!” he hisses, his flush darkening even further. “I didn’ hurtcha or anything, right?” 
“Well, the couch is pretty cushiony, so...” 
“Ah, shit,” Mammon swears under his breath, and he jumps off you as he runs for a tissue to nurse his nosebleed. 
“Mammon? Are you sure you’re okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine!” he calls back, and you can see his ears are glowing. “Holy crap, I think I know what Asmo meant when he said that...” 
“Are you turned on?” You let a teasing note enter your voice. 
“That’s not it!” he blusters back. “I’m tellin’ ya, that’s not it, so don’t go gettin’ any weird ideas!” 
The purple-haired otaku is frozen on top of you, his eyes wide and still processing where he is. As the instants slip by, his entire face turns red as a cherry, and he scrambles off you as quickly as he can to hide in the corner, curling into a ball and covering his face while his ears peek out like red lights. 
“Levi, don’t you want your DVD back?” you ask, crouching in front of him, and he shakes his head, mute. “Come on, don’t hide like that.” 
“This is so embarrassing!” he complains. “Let me die! Let me crawl into a hole and die!” 
“Levi, you’re being ridiculous...” 
“I’m the most cringe of cringe!” You sigh and give Levi a hug, feeling the warmth of his face seep into your shoulder as you assure him that he’s just fine. 
“Well,” Satan clears his throat. “This is awkward, isn’t it?” He nervously laughs. 
“A little,” you agree, although you’re not particularly opposed to the situation you’ve found yourself in with the blond. 
“Let me help you up,” he says, as if just realizing he can get off you, and he pulls you up with his offered hand. “There we go. Sorry about that.” He smiles, although the blush on his face hasn’t disappeared as he rubs the back of his neck. “Should we, ah, keep looking for that book I was going to show you?” 
“Please.” Satan nods and picks his way through his mess of books, stepping past you for the novel he’d told you about earlier. “And... since you haven’t read it, would you mind if we read it together?” 
“I wouldn’t mind that at all.” He widely smiles as he says this, clearly happy about the suggestion. 
“Can I sit in your lap too?” Satan’s blush renews itself, even as he slaps a hand over his face, muttering a curse under his breath.
“...Oi, oi, come on now... you know I can’t say no when you ask like that...”
“Hehe~ Whoops~” Asmo hums, and you can feel the brush of his scarf. “Clumsy me. You’re not hurt, are you~?”
“...no,” you reply after some time, having to restrain yourself from admiring his beautiful face as he looks down at you, his orange eyes swimming with a playful lust, even as he pouts a little. 
“Oh, shame! I messed up your pretty hair,” he complains, and you nervously laugh. Your hair is the least of your concerns, considering the fact that he’s so close he can kiss you. In fact, he does kiss you. “What do you think? Does your lipstick look good on me? Of course it does, right?” 
“It does,” you confirm, and that’s the truth. He happily simpers at you. 
“I knew it! Thank you~” Asmo kisses your cheek. “To make up for your hair, why don’t I make your skin pretty with this lipstick~?” 
“Ah... sorry.” Although Beel is apologizing, all you can think of is how much bigger he is than you. He could have squashed you. “I didn’t mean to fall down like that... it’s just... I was so hungry, I think my legs gave out...” 
“It’s fine,” you say, your mouth going dry as he struggles in vain to get back up again. 
“I feel so weak...” he groans, and shaking yourself free of your astonishment, you rifle around in your pocket to give Beel the emergency granola bar you keep with you especially for him. “Oh, thank you so much! You’re my savior!” he cries in joy as he eats the granola bar whole, wrapper and all, before he finally rolls off you. “So... like I was saying, do you want to eat together?” 
“Like I’d ever say no,” you chuckle, even as Beel practically lifts you up from the ground, and you can feel your stomach flutter as he does so with a huge smile on his face before he hugs you tight. 
“Of course. Thank you.” 
“So sleepy,” he mumbles, his purple eyes lowered with the weight of his drowsiness. He yawns. “It’s such a pain to keep myself up like this...” 
“No, wait, don’t relax! Belphie!?” You can feel yourself burning up as the demon lets the weight of his body settle partially on top of you, his head practically next to yours as he cuddles you. He’s smiling as you try to draw him back out of NREM-1. “Come on, don’t sleep on me!” you protest, but as if to go against your wishes, he curls closer to you, his light snores echoing in your ear. 
You groan, bringing one hand up to your face as the youngest brother sleeps on top of you. Well, it wasn’t as if this was particularly uncomfortable, in any case. You suppose that you can enjoy the afternoon nap along with him...
Diavolo seems a little startled at the sight below him, as if he hasn’t realized he’s just bowled you over during your game of tag. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to knock you down like that. Are you alright?” You try your best not to ogle the muscles in his chest peering through his uniform and ignore the fact that his leg is wedged between yours. 
“...Fine,” you reply faintly. You can smell his rich cologne, and you’re suddenly aware that you’re on the floor, in his castle, with his pale yellow eyes glittering down at you...and Barbatos wasn’t in the room. 
“Ah, that’s a relief,” he sighed before he smiled, pulling his arm underneath your back to bring you to sit up with him. “I was worried I got a little too aggressive with you.” As he says this, you swear you can see a playful light in his eyes, as if he knows exactly what was on your mind...or maybe he’d been thinking about it on his own. 
You clear your throat and say, “I think you should be disqualified.” 
“Eh? Why? I caught you fair and square.” He pouts. 
“You pounced on me.” 
“And I’d do it again.” He grins, and you can feel your heart burst. This man will be the death of you!
“My deepest apologies.” Barbatos sighs and offers you a contrite look. “I’ve made myself quite ungraceful today... Not only do I waste your tea, but I also fall on top of you... I’m quite ashamed of myself as a butler...” 
“Barb, don’t be so hard on yourself,” you try, your heart jumping in your mouth as he picks both of you up and deposits you into the chair you’d knocked over when he pinned you down. He immediately sets himself to cleaning up the tea he brought you. “You’re not perfect.” He chuckles. 
“Thank you for going to the trouble of consoling me.”
“It’s no trouble!” you retort. “Here, let me help!” 
“You’re too kind,” he says, but he at least accepts your help as you clean up the spilled tea together. 
“If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t mind,” you assure him, and when he glances at you, a little surprised, you find yourself second-guessing if you should have said that. Still, when he smiles, you decide it’s fine. 
You find yourself looking at each other wide-eyed, Simeon’s hands on either side of you, his angel cape strewn across your body. Simeon is the first one to break the silence when he gives you a helpless expression and laughs. 
“Oops?” he says with a cute tilt of his head. You laugh along with him, although for not the first time, you find yourself incredibly tempted to investigate the muscles Simeon so generously put on display. 
“That’s the best you’ve got?” you chuckle, even as you both get off his bed, and the angel fixes your hair. 
“It was a little messy,” he explains, and you give him a quick thank you. You must admit that you feel a little abashed that you were thinking some very inappropriate things while Simeon was nothing but sweet, completely oblivious to the situation. His hand lingers in your hair, and you can feel the warmth of his palm at your cheek.
“Ah, I’m sorry; I was entranced for a moment,” he replied, and you saw he was looking at your lips as he retracted his hand.  
Maybe... not entirely oblivious.
Solomon is laughing to himself, practically losing it in the midst of your situation. “Well, this is a situation, isn’t it?” It certainly is. The two of you became tied together by magic, since the sorcerer had been attempting to experiment with a new spell he found, only to discover that the spell wasn’t as straightforward as he might have assumed. 
Just a few moments ago, he had tripped, sending you both tumbling to the floor, scattered with his numerous research papers, and now you find yourselves with a new problem—getting back up again. Your hands are glued to his, and he’s struggling to reach the spellbook where he found the magic in the first place so that he can at least start to reverse what he’s done, but you have to move in tandem if either of you want to get anywhere. 
“This is so awkward,” you mumble, following the movements of Solomon’s knees as well as you can, practically crab walking. 
“But it’s quite fun, don’t you think?” You can only shake your head as he leans over you to read the book. 
“You have strange tastes, Sol.” 
“Really? Ah, so all I have to do is...! There!” With a flash, both of you are unbound, and Solomon smiles down at you. All you can think of is that Solomon must have planned this mishap so that he could flirt with you.  
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Tumblr media
Susan Sontag, from "The Dummy", featured in I, Etcetera: Stories
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Tumblr media
the elusive 7 act Structure
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Red Knight by Ami Thompson
Updated 12/1/21 
Updated 12/31/21
Updated 1/29/22
Updated 3/12/22
Updated 4/23/2022
Updated 5/10/2022
Updated 8/13/2022
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
New Secret Knots comic, "Memory Weaver". I hope you like it!
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Tumblr media
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You want to know why Inigo Montoya remains such an iconic and beloved character even 35 years after the Princess Bride came out?
It's because he's one of the few characters in fiction who has a story where he has dedicated his life to revenge, his whole motivation is about getting revenge....and he gets it! and then he isn't empty or despairing! he doesn't regret it! he's totally satisfied!
because so many stories about revenge or rage are about characters "seeing the futility of their actions" or learning "their desire for revenge has only made them the monsters they hated" FUCK THAT.
Inigo Montoya kills the man who kills his father, is allowed to live in the narrative after and be happy about it and it is so satisfying. it's fantastic. it's iconic.
let more characters rage against the world, bring it down with bloodied hands, and let them be FUCKING RIGHT about it. Let them celebrate their success with sharp grins, and let them live happy, full lives where they always remain proud/fulfilled for what they've done
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A really good tragedy is one in which it simultaneously seems like there are a million and one moments in which a single character could’ve made a different choice and everything could’ve ended up better, and like nothing could ever have averted this terrible end.
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short stories i love + the best times to read them. links or PDFs provided where i was able to find them 💞
cannibal lover by alisa nutting
Best read when you desperately want to be in love with someone who keeps saying you're too good for them
the man on the stairs by miranda july
Best read when you're lying awake at night unable to sleep and you think you hear something on the stairs
pinky finger by ha seong-nan
Best read when your uber is taking a little too long to arrive
you're ugly, too by lorrie moore
Best read when you're realizing you might be the black sheep of the family/friend group/social circle
boys go to jupiter by danielle evans
Best read when the white girl you know is doing some dumbass shit
ant colony by alisa nutting
Best read when you want a weird body horror story that will make you stare blankly out the window after you finish
attack helicopter by isabel fall
Best read when you're thinking, 'there's no way rainbow capitalism could get any worse'
what dinah knew by yah yah scholfield
Best read when a family member is acting a little funny
the frolic by thomas ligotti
Best read when you're beginning to dread that you've made a big mistake
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Thinking about getting so high I can’t think straight, then feeling a hand groping my breasts and trailing down my tummy, sending chills and goosebumps down my body when they reach the top of my skirt. Their hands explore so slowly, they want to feel my skin change texture as I become more excited with anticipation. I feel a single finger pull on the waistband before the full hand pushes through and touched the top of my panties. In this moment I’m so dumb, submissive, and I’m just looking at the cause of my quivers with bloodshot eyes, we make eye contact as they bring their mouth close to mine and I can feel my panties sloshing as they press against my clit from the outside. It’s so uncomfortable to be so wet and having the lace rub against me and my slutty juices. I let out a whimper when they press their lips to mine and push my panties in further, I’m a mess, and I just want to gain my respect again, but I also want to please this person. I hear a rip as they pull my panties away from my pussy, their tongue is invading my mouth, there’s a hand on the back of my head and I feel a tug on my hair as they pull it back and bite down on my neck. I cry out and then they push their cock inside me and I feel so full and used. They pump slowly into me, I can feel the head kissing up against my cervix and causing me to spread further open, they’re so deep.~ I demand “faster” as that seems to be the only word I can think of. They smile down at me, and say “no, you’ll take what I give you.” They slow down even more until they’re barely moving. Are they trying to make me crazy? No, not crazy, just even dumber and cock crazed. They want me to beg, they want to mark me with my lack of control and their completely authority over my cunt, and how my brain works. I can’t even muster the words to beg so I just whine every time they press their cock in. Finally I’m able to speak “please sir, please” they laugh at my crying, I’m practically panting at this point, I can’t believe how much my pride falls when they say “please what princess? You can do it, say what’s on your stupid little mind.” I can feel their hands squeezing my thighs so hard I scream, their fingers definitely leaving red and future purple against my skin, suddenly I say “please fuck me faster sir I can’t take it!” I can’t believe how much I scream, breaths getting sharper as I feel their hips pick up speed. Pressing all the way in and nothing but the sound of clapping and my moans fill the room. Pressure builds in my pussy, I can feel my liquids flowing out of my hole and stringing is together. I can’t contain myself, they grab my neck from behind and press my body down onto their cock, pushing their shoulder over my mouth, it’s hard to breathe, and hard to scream. They’re using me as a cock sleeve, just using my body to masturbate their cock. All I am is a cock warmer. My eyes roll back and I cum, I feel the shock like when you get butterflies on a roller coaster, shivering under them, I wrap my shaking legs around their waist as they relentlessly pound into me. My night is far from over. I expect to pass out with them still inside of me, milking their cock with my body over and over… and that’s exactly what I want.
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the reader urge to collect all the penguin classic hardcovers just for it’s aesthetics.
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Tumblr media
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I know it started because of a think from Math class, but sometimes I look at a story and hear what the creators were trying to say and the phrase ‘no work no credit’ keeps on popping into my head.
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Yesterday on my way to the library, I saw a plane taking off, one of the really big ones that seem to float through the air rather than fly. As I pulled up to a stoplight, we were both moving at the precise speed to cause the treeline to shift perspective at the same rate as the plane, giving the impression that it was simply frozen in the air until I came to a stop. I sat at the light, watching it wing through the air and away, and even though I grew up around them, what with my father being a pilot and all, I was struck by just how amazing it is that we ever domesticated them.
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