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4) An accidental brush of lips followed by a pause and going back for another, on purpose.

They’ve been waiting for hours.

The mission is top-secret, maximum discretion required. Unfortunately for Finn and Poe, however, the plan involved their infiltration after a second team secured the exits.

It’s a big base. Things have gone wrong; the Resistance is taking the time to be careful.

Finn and Poe are hiding in a supply closet with barely enough room to breathe.

“Did you hear that?”

Poe turns his head, inching along the wall. With his blaster raised, he turns to the door-

-and promptly loses his balance, stumbling over a bucket. A mop clatters, and Finn hisses in frustration, but reaches out, catching Poe in his strong arms.

Poe freezes, but there’s no sound from outside the door. Still captured in Finn’s embrace, he sags slightly, then looks up.

They’re closer than he realized. Their lips brush.

They’ve been stuck in a closet for hours. Poe is too fueled with adrenaline, too impatient to mind the accidental contact.

They’ve known each other for months. Poe has wanted to kiss Finn since they first embraced.

Finn’s eyes have fluttered shut. With little doubt about what to do, Poe leans in again, pressing against Finn’s body, and brings their lips together.

It passes the time. It’s magical. It’s improper and a long time coming, and so, so right.

Send me a pairing and a kissing prompt

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Snippet from my current wip.

BB-8 attacked in a fury, slamming into the captain’s shins and zapping him for all they were worth, sinking their cables into white armor and hacking with every extended tool. The trooper shouted and kicked out, but BB-8 hung on doggedly. The captain tripped and went down hard, just managing to close his fingers around the discarded blaster. He swung it around and fired, and BB-8’s optics went black.

What could possible make BB-8 turn into a viscous attack dog?? Stay tuned 👀

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Secondhand Heart by forforcesakes

Okay,” Ben says, putting down his slice of pizza, “So do you believe in fate?”

She narrows her eyes at him, still chewing her fourth slice of pizza, and for a moment Ben wonders if he said the wrong thing.

“Fate as in soulmate type fate, or, like, everything-happens-for-a-reason fate?” asks Rey.

“Both, I guess.”

She sets her pizza down, pink lips twitching as she thinks. “Well, I guess it’s more of a question of free will, you know? Do we actually choose things in our life or is some cosmic plan in place just giving us the illusion of choice? And then when it comes to soulmates, why would the universe give us soulmates but never let us meet them? What’s the point of that then?”

“Maybe it was supposed to lead us to something else,” said Ben.

Rey scoffs and tucks a stray wave of hair behind her ear. “Do you really think the cosmos wanted you to be here, soulmate-less, jobless, living with your mom, and eating shitty pizza on the hood of an even shitter car?”

Yeah, Ben thinks, if it’s with you.

OR: a Soulmate AU where Ben and Rey aren’t soulmates but might as well be.

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33) An unexpected kiss that shocks the one receiving it.

They’ve been taking it slow, which is why he doesn’t expect it.

Poe is still sweaty, and perhaps a little bloody after his most recent mission, adorned in his flight suit and stuck with messy helmet hair.

It’s only been three days, but apparently- apparently- Finn’s had a rough time on base without him.

Before he can understand what’s happening, his boyfriend his in his arms, their bodies colliding at full force. Poe chuckles, surprised, and steadies them both.

The question is on the tip of his tongue, but Finn has other ideas.

The kiss is sudden, long, and deep. Finn dips Poe low, entangling their limbs and bringing him as close as he possibly can. There’s no indication of him stopping, until-

A loud wolf-whistle interrupts them, followed by cheers that are unmistakably Jessika’s. Finn separates himself from Poe, ducking his head, and Poe can feel the blush spreading across his own cheeks.

“I miss you, Poe,” Finn says, almost meek, and Poe laughs, slinging an arm around his lover.

Well, if the whole of the Resistance didn’t know they were a couple already, they certainly do now.

Send me a pairing and a kissing prompt 

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27) Kisses exchanged while one person sits on the other’s lap

“You’re a handsome man, Mr. Dameron,” Finn sighs, laying another sloppy kiss on Poe’s lips. The other man chuckles, pulling Finn closer and cupping the back of his head with a gentle hand. He brings their lips together again.

“The same to you, Mr. Dameron,” Poe acknowledges, and Finn surges forward, teetering dangerously on Poe’s lap as he attacks his groom’s jawline and neck. Poe laughs, then gasps, fumbling with Finn’s suit jacket as he tries to regain control.

“They might be missing us,” Poe sighs, although his eyes are fluttering shut. Finn refuses to relent, even when the wedding band starts a new song and a loud cheer emanates from their guests.

“Guess we’ll have to hurry then,” Finn tells him, and Poe has no choice but to comply.

Send me a pairing and a kissing prompt 

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So I’m officially a FinnPoe shipper.

I haven’t stopped watching this video for TWO WEEKS now cause its so good? The song is so good and fits well to their characters and just everything about it is 😍😍😍😍

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Whump Sneak Peak

“I don’t know what’s happening to me, Finn,” Poe whispered, sounding as broken as he felt. “I don’t know, and I’m scared. I don’t want to hurt you or Rey or Leia or anyone. Not again.” 

Finn didn’t say anything because there was nothing he could say that would make it better, that would make Poe feel like less of a broken failure of a Resistance fighter who couldn’t even trust his own brain anymore. 

“There’s this… this feeling. A voice, a pull. Inside me, and I guess it might be…” Poe hesitated, faltered. A deep breath, two, and a quiet sob before he continued. “I guess it might be the- the Force. And it’s inside me. And it feels like it doesn’t want to be there, it feels like it’s ripping me apart, Finn. And I might just let it.” There were tears streaming down his face, he was sure. He didn’t feel them but he was sure they were there. 

All he could do was stare at Finn’s feet, the brave, beautiful man keeping his distance from Poe. Rightly so. Poe would only raise a blaster against him again, he would only shoot someone if they touched him, if they talked to him, if they were near him.

He was desperate for touch, desperate to be held, desperate for someone to tell him it was going to be okay, that they would find a way and make Poe whole again. He was desperate to believe that. 

But Finn wouldn’t touch him because Poe told him not to. Because Poe didn’t want to hurt him or kill him. All he wanted to do was hold and be held by the other man and believe that he was not being turned into a weapon for the First Order. 

And then Finn opened the door to the cell Poe had been placed in for his own safety, not because he was a prisoner. He opened the door and approached Poe with slow but sure steps. Maybe Finn was going to kill him now, then this whole ordeal would be over and everyone could go about their days again. Finn should just do it. And maybe he would touch him, then Poe could at least die happily. 

Finn had reached him now, and he was indeed touching him. Poe shook his head, still only staring into space, his eyes unfocused. He was shaking his head because Finn shouldn’t touch him, shouldn’t risk his life around the weapon that was Poe Dameron. But he did, and it shouldn’t feel so good to feel that strong, warm hand on his shoulder. Poe flinched, shied away from the touch because it was dangerous, but pressed into Finn because it was all he needed. 

And then there was more than a hand on his shoulder as Finn sank to his knees before Poe and wrapped his arms around him, holding him in his strong arms and shielding him from the rest of the galaxy. 

It was too easy, had always been too easy to lose control in these strong arms, and maybe it was nothing more than muscle memory, but Poe fell forward into Finn with a sob. He let loose, he could feel the tears now, his shaking limbs and his screaming thoughts. His head was still moving, still shaking, but maybe that was only from the imperative to keep Finn safe. 

“I don’t want to forget you again,” Poe sobbed into Finn’s chest.

“Poe. Shhh, Poe, it’s okay. I’m gonna make this okay. I’m so sorry, baby, I’m gonna make this okay. I love you so much, Poe.” 

Those were his words and although Poe was still shaking his head, still trying to protect Finn from himself, he clung to him and wanted desperately to believe him. 

He fell asleep in Finn’s arms from sheer exhaustion then. When he woke up again, he didn’t know where he was. Who he was. Who that man sitting on the floor by his bed was. There were no thoughts in his mind, no feelings in his chest. Only a searing headache.

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Pairing: Finn x Poe Dameron

Word Count: 1027

Warnings: none, just a lot of flustered Finn™ and Rey being a cock block

A/N: *Its been 84 yearssss* So uh, yeah, here ya go. That thing you requested like two years ago…


Originally posted by stormpilotho

Finn watched, entranced, as Rey swung her blue, crackling blade—one stroke then two until the training fell to the dirt. She’d gotten a lot better in the past few weeks under Leia’s instructions, but it wasn’t really her talent that caught his eye. 

Well, that sounded bad. Of course he was proud of her. Obviously she was very talented. But every time Finn sat in on the training sessions, he couldn’t help but think about how the saber’s grip felt in his hands. The rush of adrenaline and excitement and something else that flowed through him when he came face to face with Kylo Ren. Sometimes his hands itched with the urge to feel it again, to hear the unmistakable sound of the blade arcing through the air in front of him. 

He obviously wasn’t very subtle, as Rey snapped him back to reality just moments later with a light kick to his shin. Finn jumped and looked up at her sheepishly. She simply rolled her eyes and held out the lightsaber, grip first. 

“Wanna turn?” 

Finn glanced down at the weapon then back up at her, a grin threatening to slip his cheeks. 

“I thought you’d never ask,” he said, fitting his hand into the familiar cool metal.

Rey shook her head, and sauntered off towards the mess tents. Meanwhile, Finn mimicked her previous position, the training droid flashing to life in front of him. It’d been a long time since he’d handled the lightsaber, so he started off with a few practice swings. 

The blade sang as it rushed through the empty air, its familiar vibrations passing through his palms and up into his shoulders. Once Finn felt thoroughly reacquainted with the sensation, he locked onto the droid in front of him. With two quick steps he brought the saber above his head in a glowing arc, missing on the first swing but catching it from behind on the second. 

The droid tumbled to the ground once again and he rolled his shoulders, prepared for another round when—

Do you think you can teach me that?

Finn spun around only to find Poe leaning gracefully against a tree, nodding towards the now deactivated saber in his hands. 

“Oh, uh,” he stammered, glancing down at his feet, “you’d probably be better off asking Rey, I’m not that good.” 

“Maybe, but I asked you,” Poe said, making his way over to the circle of bare earth. 

He had that devious look on his face that made Finn’s face uncomfortably warm. The saber feels slick in his grip as Poe stands expectantly in front of him. 

“Don’t blame me if you lose a finger then,” Finn muttered. 

Poe winked and took the weapon, both hands gripping a little awkwardly as he tried to copy Finn’s stance. Without activating the blade, he made an experimental swing. Dark curls tickled Finn’s nose as he moved behind Poe, one foot tapping his legs into the proper position.

“You want your feet apart like this,” he said, not making eye contact as he circled Poe, adjusting as he went. 

“Like this?”

Poe straightened his back and let his shoulder relax, falling into a familiar pose while Finn glanced over him. The hot sun had brought beads of sweat onto his cheeks which fell and dropped off the dark stubble on his chin. 

“Yeah,” Finn breathed out. 

Poe looked glorious like this—a strong jedi knight with his hair blowing back in the slight breeze and face set in determined concentration. For never having held a saber, he was a quick learner. 

Well except for— 

“Here, you hold it like this.”

Finn stepped behind him and took Poe’s hands still strangely gripping the base, adjusting them so his thumb lay over the activation plate and his grip was stable. Together, they pressed down until the blue saber roared to life, illuminating them both with its mesmerizing glow. 


A small gasp left Poe’s slightly parted lips as he felt the way the blade trembled and sparked. Finn could feel the way it resonated as Poe leaned back into his chest and gaped. 

“Pretty cool, huh?” Finn asked quietly as they both stared at their joined hands on the hilt. 

Poe turned his head a bit and grinned crookedly. Finn pretended not to notice the way his eyes flicked to his lips in favor of keeping the blade still. It was not an easy feat. The scent of exhaust and earth that perpetually clung to Poe was all around him, swirling in an intoxicating mix with the ozone crackle of the lightsaber. 

Just as the silence was getting a bit too charged, their eye contact a bit too prolonged— 

“Hope I’m not interrupting.”

Finn quickly shut off the saber and jumped away from Poe, nearly stumbling onto his ass if it weren’t for the pleasantly calloused hand on his arm. Rey looked on with raised brows and an amused smile, stealing back the deactivated weapon and clipping it to her belt. 

“We were actually in the middle of a lesson,” Poe quipped back, as Finn steadied himself. 

She narrowed her eyes, “A lesson in what?”

“Uh, proper stance and, um, hand…placement,” Finn mumbled, hand rubbing the back of his neck. 


She did not sound convinced, but blessedly pushed no further. Poe chuckled deeply next to him and Finn dug an elbow into his ribs in revenge. He only laughed harder. 

“Sorry,” he said, not sounding apologetic in the slightest, “I thought you were a great teacher.” 

“Well, we didn’t exactly get very far,” Finn replied, kicking some dirt with his shoe. 

“No,” Poe mused. “No we didn’t.”

He was looking at Finn with that same look from earlier. The devious smile, eyebrows furrowed just a bit and his bottom lip disappearing between his teeth for just a second. Finn swallowed, mouth suddenly very dry. 

“We’ll have to pick up where we left off next time, huh buddy?” Poe said, strolling off towards the encampment leaving him to process the innuendo. 

Finn sighed and held his head in his hands. He was gonna lose a lot more than a finger if this kept up.

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