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Liza: Non ti sono più simpatica? Perché sei libera? Credi di essere libera? Io sono libera. Tu neanche lo sai che cos'è la liberta. Io sono libera! Perché io respiro. Invece tu ti ci strozzerai con la tua mediocre piccola vita del c. Sai ci sono troppi muri nel mondo. Troppi muri contro cui spingere la gente e c'è troppa gente che chiede di essere spinta. Gente che ti implora di essere spinta. Lo capisci? Ti scongiura di spingerla contro il muro e allora io mi domando e continuo a farmi sempre la stessa domanda: Perché nessuno ci mette me con le spalle al muro? Perché nessuno mai allunga la mano e mi strappa fuori la verità e mi dice che sono solo una Puttana e che i miei genitori vorrebbero che fossi morta.

Susanna: Perché tu lo sei già, morta, Liza. Non interessa a nessuno se tu muori perché è da tanto che sei morta. Il tuo cuore è gelido. Ecco perché continui a tornare sempre qui. Tu non sei libera, hai bisogno di questo posto per sentirti viva. Sei patetica.

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Hunger AU story ((Before Chase was captured))

Another day on the run, poor Chase, he doesn’t get a break. His life is about to get a little more sweet. You see the world almost looked like a zombie apocalypse world you would see. As Chase was walking by a nearby by building he saw a silhouette of a girl dancing with a very bright light on. Chase’s dad instincts kick in and he can’t help but rush to the building to stop the girl just in case she was human. He quickly opens the front door and rushes upstairs immediately into the room he saw the girl from. Once he entered, their were actually 2 kids that were thankfully human. A little boy with Ginger and green eyes sat in a corner of the room while a brunette brown eyed teen was standing in the middle of the room. The kids were terrified to see Chase because they weren’t sure if he was human or a creature that was out for blood. Chase looks outside the window to see a very strange and creepy creature making its way to the house. Chase rushes the kids and himself to another room and into a closet with the doors closed.

“Shh, we will be fine”

As time went on sitting in the closet the creature was moving and making many loud noises. Eventually the creature leaves. Chase scans the building for a moment and then clears it.

“Okay, Why were you dancing with a bright light on and the blind not closed?”

“Hey, I swear I did close it! Unless…”

*The girl looks to the boy*

“You were throwing stones at me weren’t you?!”

*The little boy smirks*

“Alright, where are your parents?” Chase asks.

Both kids look at each other and frown.

“They’re dead”

Chase being very concerned for them he decides he would look after them.

“Alright, I clearly can’t leave you guys here by yourselves so I will take care of you”

Both of the kids smile at that.

“What do we call you?” The little boy asked.

“Chase, and how about you guys? Or do you not have names?

“I’m Heather, and this is Matthew.” The girl replied.

“How old are you both?” Chase asked.

“I’m 13 and Matthew is 9.” Heather replied.

“Alright, let’s pack up some supplies and let’s head out” Chase says.

They pack what they need or think they need and head off to find a safe place for them.


Submitted by @isitrachelorzoey

Ok, I’ve already gushed to you but HOLY COW HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME THINGS???? Especially on an AU I haven’t made all that much for lol.

Those poor kids are gonna have it very bad. First they lost their parents, now they found someone who could help… Buuut he’s gonna get captured by a certain vampire so…. Yeah XD

(It would be much worse if the reason Chase got caught in the first place was because he was trying to protect the kids :3)

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(For @joybloom​. Art by scabslut on Twitter)

There is only one thing I want. If I could have one gift, it would be you. Nothing else. I think about having you all the the time. About how you’re the only thing lacking for me.

I don’t know how long I can go this way. How long I can think about you without doing something about it. I know someday I’ll do something rash.

I can picture it clearly. You beautiful and asleep in your bed. Opening your window. Quietly coming in. You look so pretty I almost don’t want to disturb you.

I climb on top of you. I clap my hand over your mouth. I hold you down by your wrist. Your beautiful eyes snap open, looking at me in fear. The sight is too much for me. I was going to wait, but I can’t anymore.

I tear your panties off. Unzip my pants and let my hard cock out. I force your legs apart. I push myself deep inside you while you tremble. A tear runs down your cheek. I kiss away. I whisper in your ear how fucking good you feel as you tremble.

Thrusting into you and telling you that you’re all mine now. That you don’t have to worry about anything. That I’ll take care of you from now on.

I grip your wrist tightly as I fill you up. It’s such fucking ecstasy. Your whimpering is the sweetest music.

You’re so tire now. So weak. So easy to tie up and carry out.

My precious gift.

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“Get the black bag from my horse!” shouted the short, black haired woman.

Jocelyn, who had been watching her newly found brother eating foods he had to have known were lethal, sprinted outside. On the saddle, she unbuckled one clasp and then the next. She could not found it. She returned, empty-handed. She bit her lip, tears flowing down her cheeks, and those of the woman. She looked down in the woman’s lap; she was cradling Brian’s head.

“…too late…” the woman said. “…too late…” The woman began to laugh. Other people, people she didn’t recognize — a priestess, an army cop — began to laugh, too. What had started as three voices coalesced into a cacophonous chorus in seconds. She covered her ears, but the laughing continued all the same. She could feel hands grabbing her by the shoulders, grasping at her ribcage, like they wanted her as dead as him.


“You good?” asked the young blonde, Trist.


“Sleeping. You ok? Bad dream?”

Jocelyn sighed. Flashes of the dream poked through the memory’s haze, though that shape they had seen in the tram — the one that had attacked Nikki — continued to haunt her even when awake.

“I donnae wot ta think,” she said after a time.

“Don’t try to make sense of it,” was the proffered advice. “Are you ok?”

In her mind’s ear, Joci could hear the chair tip to the side, the onset of convulsions, the way the frozen rain sounded soothing to her in the moment. In her memory, she looked down at her brother, eyes black; she looked about for the short woman … but she was gone.

“I’m sorry, bruv…” Joci had said, kissing his forehead. “I shoulda been th’ one ta…” she had gestured toward the OD’ed rogue. “…I couldn’ ‘elp save me own baby bruv,” she had said as she began to weep.

The Lord Doctor Brian Wellson was dead — dead by his own hand. Seemingly insane. Alone. Nothing could change that. Nothing. Blackness crept in as a fog through gaps in the door and window frames. She pushed away from the body and ran outside. The grass was black and the air was full of smoke. She screamed. No one heard her; no one cared about her brother. No one cared about her.


She gasped. Even awake, she could still feel the cold, slick blackness from the fog. Trist turned round. She screeched and came after Jocelyn, whipping out her knives…

TODAY, awake

“Hey, hey…” said the blonde Agent to Joci. “…wake up. Wake up,” she said. Joci’s night terror would not end. Meanwhile, a few members of the camp had taken notice. “I don’t know what to do here!”

“Hold on,” said Myz, stripping off her glove. She smacked Joci hard with it, waking her.

“No… no please, br—”

Myz smacked her a second time — this time, breaking through the dense dreamland into which Joci had fallen. Myz put her glove back on. “Good?” she asked the hyperventilating Jocelyn. “Need a drink?”

Joci nodded weakly. “Y-yes please…” she managed.


“N-no,” she stammered. She screwed her eyes shut. “Jus’ watah. Mebbe tea.”

Myz raised a brow — she’d never seen Joci turn down a drink. Maybe she really was trying to change herself. “Yeah, ok,” said Myz, standing. Some of the others were staring. Joci didn’t look up. She was mortified.

When Myz returned with a cup of hot green tea, she was followed by Nikki, who was carrying the Codex.

“You know,” said the youngest amongst them, “you can talk to us, right?”

“Aye…” She sounded unconvinced.

Nikki and Myz sat on either side of Joci — and they didn’t move until things had become as calm as they had been before the fits began.

For her sake, Joci didn’t know what to make of the dreams. Maybe she was scared to see him again. She wondered how long it took other people to forget the people they loved. Maybe they didn’t. She dabbed her eyes with her shemagh. She stood and walked toward a nearby dead tree. She slid her weapons onto her hands. The tree didn’t last long.

( @kat-hawke @tristanasneak @myzariel @nikkithorpe )

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مترجم متن: @zeinaballameh
در شکارگاهی پر آب و علف، صیادی آمد و توری پهن کرد و بر روی آن دانه هایی از گندم ریخت و دامی برای پرندگان گسترانید.
کبوتری که طوقی نام داشت و سرور کبوتران به شمار می آمد همراه با یارانش از آسمان فرود آمدند و شروع به خوردن دانه ها کردند
کبوتران از تور بی خبر بودند و در دام صیاد گرفتار شدند.
آنها پریشان حال، هر کدام برای رهایی خویش تلاش می کردند، اما کاری از پیش نمی بردند.
طوقی به آنان گفت:
ما باید همه باهم انگار پرنده ای یگانه به پرواز در آییم و از دام رهایی یابیم.
پس کبوتران باهم یک دل شدند و به یاری همدیگر تور را از زمین برکندند و به آسمان پرکشیدند…
آری دوستان
از دام صیادان نمی توان رها شد، مگر با اتحاد و هم دلی یگدیگر…
ما را با لایک و کامنت های زیبایتان همراهی نمایید و به دوستان خود معرفی کنید. درود🌱
In a very lush and green hunting ground, a hunter spread a net on the ground and poured some wheat grains on it and thus, he set a trap for birds…
A pigeon named “Toqi”, who was the master of the pigeons, and his companions came down from the sky and started eating the seeds…
 The pigeons were completely unaware from the trap and got caught in it…
Each of them tried desperately and distressfully to free himself, but none of them succeeded… 
Toqi told them “We must all fly together like a single bird and get rid of this trap.”
So the pigeons all united and with the help of one another, they took the net off the ground and flew to the sky…

Yes my friends,
You cannot escape from any trap except with unity and empathy…

translator: @zeinaballameh
#آفرینش #حکایت #داستان #انگیزشی #عاشقانه #غمگین #طنز #خنده_دار #خنده #موفقیت #anecdote #story #success #motivational #love ‎‏ (در ‏‎Tehran, Iran‎‏)

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Seven drinks clinking together. A restaurant on a Sunday evening. Asher, [XXXXXX], and her sister sat on one side of the table. On the other side were Delilah, Eran, and Maacah. At the head of the table was, of course, the guest of honor, the newest addition to their motley crew.

“Don’t be shy, drink up!” Maacah cheerfully filled her new junior’s cup to the brim. “Don’t worry, it’s all non-alcoholic!”

“I’d certainly hope it is,” said [XXXXXX], chuckling behind her glasses.

Maacah leaned back in her chair, “Aw, not even a beer, though? C'mon, boss, it’s a special occassion! This is the only time we’ll get to celebrate… me finally graduating from being the newbie of the group!”

Asher clapped a little bit to let her know that that was a very good joke. She appreciated it.

Making conversation as the night went on,

“Ahh, you were scouted too, huh? Yep, same. [XXXXXX]’s got that sorta way with people, don'tcha think? Well, everyone else is nice, too. Even Delilah.”

getting to know them,

“Talent’s no problem! I mean, the head honcho here’s not even an HPA grad, y'know? And me, I’m an animal expert. Not what you’d expect at a science company, right? But, we’ve all got the same goal here.”

laughing together…

“Managed to stack ten of them on his head before it toppled. And it still didn’t wake him up. Crazy, right?”

… It was fun.

“Ugh, last train’s coming soon. Guess that means it’s my turn to go.” Her handshake was warm. “Welp, see you tomorrow in training, kid! Get to bed as soon as you’re home, alright? Take care!” With a wave of her hand, she left and hopped to the station with a skip in her step.

How long had it been since she smiled like that, and made others smile too…


“Do you understand now? How terrifying it is?”

With the suppression complete, Nefesh is found where you last saw her, slumped against the wall, head in her hands.


“This is what I faced every day. The fear of the unknown, a situation which could change at the drop of the hat, and ultimately your lives are my responsibility.” She sighs. “And I…”

Her bluster quickly evaporates, and she hangs her head, exhaling slowly.


“And I can’t do this alone anymore.” She looks up at you, expression pained. “For so long I was alone, afraid to move on, afraid to let myself get close to people again, only to lose them all over again. I tried to earn your respect, but when worst came to worst, I wound up trying to force it out of you. Trying to demand it. Trying to demand, but… in reality, I was just desperate.”

She takes a deep breath.


“Desperate, thinking that if I piled rules on you extra thick, it would keep you safer, it would make my job easier. But I only made things worse, didn’t I? I never had a good answer for why I couldn’t step in and fight myself, but I think I get it now. It killed me once already, on top of everything else…”

Letting that thought trail off, she looks up at you, thinking. After a short silence, she lets out a groan.


“Of course, I’ve been a damned fool. You’re all in this just as hard as me. We’re all trapped here in this metal prison. One way or another, we’re in this together.”

Sitting up a little straighter, she offers you a small smile.


“So… if you’ll let me, I’d like to start over with you. Looking out for each other, together, yeah?”

Something changes in the air around her, and…


“Let’s get through this, everyone. Together.”

???? Protocol - 30% Realized

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Built on Lies and Tears || Ch 0: Decisions


“Dr. Jared [REDACTED], former Level 4 senior researcher. Demoted to D Class after certain events at the facility. Currently at Site 23, as D- [REDACTED].”

“Hmm. What about him?”

“He’s directly related to Dr. Lisa Blackwell, sir. Our latest recruit.”

“Blackwell, huh? Seems familiar to me. I think I’ve seen more of them here.”

“Yes, sir. We also, quite possibly, have her brothers in our MTF units.”

“You took her interview, didn’t you? Tell me about her.”

“Well, Lisa Blackwell, she’s got pretty good records from high school and college. Science prodigy, trained in bio engineering. Fresh out of college and in desperate need of a job, it seemed.”

“That’s wonderful, then. I’m pretty sure she won’t disappoint us. ”

“Sir, it’s just… Do you think it’s going to be alright having her here, with half of her family whom she knew to be dead?”

“Nonsense. We have everyone here under our control. (slight pause) You know what, Ross? I’ll see to her myself. Give out word to her that she’s in, and she starts work as early as possible. (chair scrapes as one if them gets up, sound of paper being stacked is heard) I’m going to enjoy playing this.”


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