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#story building

WARNING: thinking/writing a story, when you’re thinking of it like a movie, is dangerous. While this is more suitable for comics, graphic novels, and tv shows/movies, it is mostly detrimental to your writing. Assuming that you reader sees what you see can greatly set back the story for your readers. Instead, think like a movie maker. Craft your story by creating the scene for your reader, like a set carpenter or props builder. Emphasize the important props by drawing attention to them. If it isn’t useful to your story, it is probably best to leave it out. Create meaningful dialogue that either moves the plot along, answers the questions of the readers, or shows the character’s personality in a way that is related to the plot, such as character development.

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24 Questions to Answer About Your Supernatural Races

1. What is your race/species called? What do they call themselves?
2. What are their discerning attributes?
3. What do they look like in general, like their skin color or texture?
4. How does their biology work? Do they have multiple organs, more than two genders or do they need very specific living conditions?
5. What is their estimated lifespan?
6. What language do they speak? Do they have different dialects?
7. Roughly calculated, how high is this race’s percentage of the world population?
8. In which climate do they usually live?
9. What kind of diet do they need? Do they need to eat or drink at all?
10. Is the race/species technologically advanced?
11. How is their society structured? Do they have a specific ruler? Are people sorted into different social classes?
12. Are they capable of becoming ill? If yes, how do they deal with illness and disabilities?
13. Do they feel emotions as humans do? If not, which emotions do they feel and which not?
14. Are there traditions or social customs they practice?
15. Do they have different cultures within their race?
16. Are there any social taboos? What would happen if someone broke one of them?
17. Does a specific clothing style exist?
18. Do they have any natural enemies?
19. Are there things they like better/find attractive about other races? What are the traits they dislike?
20. About what trait of their species do they feel superior towards other races?
21. Do they wield magic or any other supernatural powers? If yes, what can they do and what are the limitations?
22. What do they do for recreation?
23. What is the race’s origin? Did they evolve from humans or alongside them?
24. Are other races capable of evolving or ascending to their race?

As with the questions about the humanoid beings, this list can be adjusted to your personal needs. Furthermore, many questions for both categories repeat themselves, so you can somehow view this question sheet as an altered form of the one for humanoid beings.

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I want it on record that Jan 28 I created notes for a story of Alien AI/Human where the human has a rare space genetic thing that they can’t get sick but instead their body creates super diseases so they are shipped off to a lonely space station to monitor shit etc etc

Now I lost all motivation to write it because corona and I feel like a story like that would be insensitive during these times? Considering my writing speed I will probably only get around to it after the pandemic wears off but still… 

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Westly forces your door open, hid fingers creep between the door. As you try to keep the door closed it showed half his face" peek a boo-“ he grins ” i see you~“ shit. This wasn’t good.

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Ok so like westly is Rango bestfriend- but even though they were best friends-( rango really isn’t a good person at all)

Rango drugs his best freind westly for years- during like 5 years he starts to loose memory- has bloody noses and its very easy to control him. He dose this to get Westlys business.

It works- its so sad but Westly can barly function as a person and dose his best as a father- all he dose not is hurt people for Rango and is a dad!

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“Sometimes daddy doesn’t Remeber my name! But thats ok Becuse hes not mommy.” She tugs on her dress “ wish mommy would let me wear blue-”

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Meek picks up the phone “ call rex!” The phone spoke back “ calling rex!” After a few minutes rex answered “ hello-”

Meek" hey rex! Long time no talk! Just to let you know i hooked you up with a small fella in trouble with Rango… So like… Dont hunt him down with your guys ok? His names Arlo- sumthin"

After a long pause rex spoke “… Alright…” And hangs up.

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“ daddy smells like gun powder and fire!” She giggles “ mommy smells like puke- and to much perfume!” she sticks out her tounge"

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For peridot you say a launchpad, what are those even?

So a launchpad is a musical device where you code melodies and sounds on a whole bunch of buttons and press them in ways to make music and shit.

Heres an amazing example of what i can see peridot being able to do.

Hope that helps!!

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I find it amazing how much my story has evolved & changed since I first started putting it together. I almost kinda want to visit this world now. I feel like I want to know more about them and how they see life & the universe. To learn their language & what their culture is like.

Oh.. but a whole world wouldn’t have just 1 language and culture. Now I’m curious what those would be too.

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“ it was fun playing with that Arlo fella!~ cajt believe such a meek guy like him owes you money boss” he messes with the tiny box he has “ why did you give him an extra month..”


“ yeah hes not to bright… Fun but not bright.” He flinched at the extra month part.


“ i was just in a weird mood that day westy… Dont ask stupid questions”

“ yes boss! Sorry boss~”

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I’m gonna do these boys one at a time - and Leo is up first! 

I think i got most of his character stuff there, EXCEPT for one thing I couldn’t squeeze in without it all getting more cluttered.

All the boys have healing/regenerative abilities to a degree, but Leo’s is the fastest - in that a pretty dangerous cut can be fully healed within a minute, a slight cut healed in seconds

also, prime example of Leo’s tactician ability:

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