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komotionlessqueenmm · 4 months ago
Well folks, I'm back on my own bullshit apparently.
Tumblr media
I'm dabbling with a South Park X Reader oneshot "book" on Wattpad...
Why am I writing it on Wattpad instead of posting the oneshots here?
Because the first two are smut... And I'm nervous about posting them here for some reason...
The characters are of age in those smut pieces!
(I mean technically the show is older than me, and technically the characters are older than me, but you know. I need to emphasize that I wrote them of age in those pieces...)
Anyways I'm posting this here to promote it I guess... Even though I'm embarrassed about posting it here I'm promoting it here... I make NO sense...
Well if the "book" on Wattpad does good I'll post the stories here, otherwise they'll be there indefinitely.
So here's a link to that if you're interested, oh and it's not all smut there's a bit of fluff as well!
*Note that of 2/14/22 its the only part posted is the description piece at the beginning. I plan on posting the first story later this week, like Tuesday (2/15/22) or Wednesday (2/16/22).
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stars-are-just-ghosts · 3 months ago
NEWS: Borrowed Forgiveness
After very careful consideration and input from my wonderful readers, I have officially ended Borrowed Forgiveness at chapter 38... 
But don’t worry!!
It has grown so much, and evolved so far, that it is now a part of a series I have set up called, ‘Sanctuary.’
Borrowed Forgiveness is book one.
Where We Stood is the newly started book two, and picks up right where Borrowed Forgiveness left off. 
You can still find all three on Ao3. 
I hope you continue to enjoy this epic Harrisco vampire AU. Can you help me spread the news? Do you know anyone who loves this ship as much as we do? Please share!
Thank you to everyone who has stuck around from the start, and to everyone who has found my story along the way. You’re all wonderful people. And I’d be lost without you. -hugs-
Take care, be happy, be healthy, be safe. Lots of love! -QD
The ‘Sanctuary’ Series: https://archiveofourown.org/series/2814568
Borrowed Forgiveness: https://archiveofourown.org/works/25183126
Where We Stood: https://archiveofourown.org/works/37769611
Tumblr media
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masksofmany · 7 months ago
NWTB Oneshot Stories :D
HEY HEY YOU Like Yandere stuff? Like NWTB?
... Like the alter egos?
Wellll..... I HAVE A ONESHOT COLLECTION I’M READY TO START! Make sure to read the information stuff it has to say, otherwise I’d be a very unhappy bean if something I stated I wasn’t doing to be suggested to do omo
Anyways, feel free to check it out! Take care! https://www.wattpad.com/story/291403547-harvest-yan-various-x-reader-oneshots
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sebjir · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Coming soon...
Two Worlds
The Red Dragon
The Blue Wyvern
The Green Drake
Co-creator, writer and partner in crime, CJ
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kaleidiope · a year ago
Hello, hello! Welcome to my Halloween contribution!   I’ve been working on this for a good while, and even now, it’s not complete. This link shall take you to the first page where I explain a good bit, such as updation and others such matters!  Please note, only one story is complete. The leaf snake. I do not recommend venturing any further than that story. Why is explained on the first page. I also don’t recommend the faint of heart read the story of the leaf snake. A heavy gore and violence warning for it. Read with caution and care! Happy Halloween week!
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storytelling-101 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
I recently got this ask and I thought long and hard what to do about it.
Please don't get me wrong. All in all I am always open to promote other people because I know how hard getting attention on the internet is. However, I think this is something I don't want to do on this particular blog since I opened it purely for advice on writing. Another thing is that there still isn't anything other than a synopsis to read, so it would be hard for others to actually decide if they like the story or not. I will definitely keep the ask though, and if it turns out that others also need someone to promote their works (and have at least one chapter posted), I'll gladly open up a side blog and share your works there!
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the-duality-scribe · 20 days ago
Kickstarter has been kickstarted
Today is the day! I just launched the Kickstarter Project. Feel free to make your way there by the link below but if you made your way here from there....well ignore the link. I’d hate for you to get dizzy following links 😁😂
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thegodstorch · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Casimir Alberon was a normal son of a farmer, but after the sun god Avolion died, he found out that his father had been hiding Solar Cress flowers, which could make even the weakest man a god in a secret cellar. Confronted by the gods after Casimir proved himself to them, his quest is now to venture down into the underworld and retrieve the sun.
My story "The god's torch: retrieving the sun" is a part of a 3 part series talking about the adventures of Casimir Alberon. Casimir Alberon with the help of various gods and goddesses completes and destroys certain prophecies. You can read my book on AO3 and wattpad!
The first book, "retrieving the sun" is currently on-going with 8 chapters and 15K words!
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christofurrwood · 7 months ago
Chapter Six is up! Hope you can check out my story :)
“So, where’re ya from, man? Where are you parents?” Matt asked innocently, munching on his chicken. The four other people at the table looked at each other like they were waiting for someone to speak up for the rest of them. Finally, Maureen cleared her throat and answered for Fitz. "He's a transfer student. One of the school's benefactors are his parents and...they personally asked me to look after him."
Matt nodded, as he didn't seem to care that much about where the guy came from. Still, he had some curiosity to speak about. "How long have you been staying here?"
"About a week or so. Sometimes...it kinda feels longer than that but...I'm having a great time here so far." He answered, quickly giving Beck a sweet smile before continuing to eat. Beck responded similarly and Matt was quick to notice it.
"Are you two together or what?" Matt asked and both Beck and her parents choked on their food a little, surprised at how direct the question was. Robert gave the two teens a look, waiting for their answer and Maureen prayed to the heavens they'll answer what she already knows. Fitz was quiet so Beck had to answer and clear the room.
"No, we're... we're friends. That's it. He's just...staying in our house and he's also friends with Penny and Gus so…" She explained, hating how she was sounding and feeling guilty about her response. Maureen and Robert gave her another look so she had to repeat herself. "We're just friends, mom. You know that." She added and Matt was just giggling quietly in his seat, realizing what his question had caused which was so funny to him.
READ HERE: https://m.dreame.com/novel/TqDDoj3GfnwSuWwC+w6Lqw==.html?fbclid=IwAR3e3eXKt3aOLm_fQLPwji6qQDu7IxmjB6uTWPkRELLYJxcMe7LcZ6KCSH4
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otacos-world · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Here is a drawing of a setting of my upcoming anime styled story, White Noise. Plot sypnosis: After the disappearance of his best friend, a shy and insecure teenager discovers of a government conspiracy involving human experimentation of missing teens so he and his friends set out to expose the government for their misdeeds Each chapter will be up once a week starting July 6th Reblog to spread the word
Tumblr media
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kaftan · 5 months ago
Can you share the names of some of your favorite literary magazines?
I sure can!! Disclaimer: these are all for literary fiction‚ because I personally only really enjoy litfic when it comes to short form writing. But they’re amazing‚ and if genre fiction is more your thing you’re sure to find it by just… looking at suggested accounts on twitter. I hate to bring up the t word‚ but that’s where all the writers (and more importantly‚ the publishers) are.
(Also: all of these litmags have websites where you can easily read what they publish without paying a cent. You can also buy physical or digital issues from most‚ I believe‚ if you want to financially support them. Editing is not a lucrative business!)
Onto recs:
Jellyfish Review: has to take the #1 spot. But I might be biased because the editor who runs the official twitter is just really‚ really funny and good at promoting it. Still‚ it’s the source of some of my favorite flash fiction—just gorgeous‚ inventive stuff. Here’s one that I’m sure I’ve recced before: Vagabond Mannequin by K.B. Carle
Milk Candy Review: this one’s for very short flash fiction. I think their word limit is 750 words? Anyway‚ really amazing stories. Here’s a good one: Scheherazade Tells the Tale of the Northern Shrike by Katie DePasquale
Cotton Xenomorph: fucking AMAZING poetry‚ I’ve barely looked at their other stuff sorry. But I have so many of their poems saved‚ I posted a few before I remade. Let me dig up those links and get back to you. Also I just think it’s really funny that the editor picked the name from a twitter meme that gives you a randomized litmag name. (EDIT: aha! Here!)
Pidgeonholes: simply fantastic‚ and on the fancier side for a small literary magazine (lol). I just checked and they actually also publish speculative fiction‚ so there you go! Love love love their poetry also.
Okay Donkey Magazine: chef’s kiss. Self described as a magazine “for the odd, off-kilter, and just plain weird.” Really good flash fiction & poetry‚ here’s a story I loved from them: Bear by Shayne Terry
No Tokens: I… I can’t not give them a shoutout‚ seeing as they published one of my poems. Little old me! Joking tone aside‚ I really like the stories and poetry they house. Check them out.
❗️Lightning round of some other literary magazines I like‚ sourced from my twitter following list lmao:
Heavy Feather Review‚ Barren Magazine‚ Longleaf Review, Riggwelter Press‚ Passages North (this one’s a national magazine that published an author I adore), Cease Cows
❗️Not Actually Litmags‚ But Check Out These Publishing Presses Because Fuck The Big Five:
Graywolf Press (extremely legit‚ they publish The Good Shit)
Copper Canyon Press (less of a reputation‚ but they also publish Good Shit)
Salò Press (published one of my FAVORITE poets who I discovered online‚ Katherine Osborne‚ her stuff is insanely good)
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daisy-birb · a year ago
Oi, you! Do you like gay stories? Do you have an interest in stories with drama and maybe some comedy? Do you like gay vampires and other mythical creatures? Well do I have the story for you!~
Don’t Eat the Berries is a story about a half-vampire named Garrett who has to find the cure to a deadly sickness that makes people become possessed. His husband, Aro contracted it after eating a strange fruit, and he has to flee his home with his kids so that they won’t contract the sickness.
For now, it’s only one chapter, but chapter two is in progress!
This is also a tri-fandom story, so if you’re a fan of Twilight, Carnival Row, and or The Wicked + The Divine(My favorite comic ^^), then this is a story you’ll enjoy!
You can read it here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31135394
(Yes, I added spooky text for the title >:3) Enjoy! Stay tuned for the next chapter!
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verdantmoontruther · 8 months ago
considering how little they actually interact in canon, kakashi and iruka are present together on a suspiciously high number of official art :/
Tumblr media
what are you doing there iruka
Tumblr media
are you guys flirting? right in front of my salad?
Tumblr media
fighting back to back???
Tumblr media
kakashi out of interest what the fuck are you looking at ;) ;) ;)
Tumblr media
once again - what the fuck are you doing there, iruka??????
Tumblr media
what is it with the official art and having kakashi, iruka, and the dogs? domesticity, that’s why
Tumblr media
what are we talking about :O what are we talking about ;D
and this is not even to mention this scene
Tumblr media
in conclusion,
Tumblr media
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classicslesbianopinions · 3 months ago
if anyone wants to read madeline miller's "was pygmalion an incel" article it is very short and can be found here (archive.org link to get past the paywall)
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palmfeeder · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
You know what time it is. It's the yearly tradition of your family and friends, at the Holiday party, mentioning you're bigger than ever. The Holidays have passed and as you stuffed your rounder face in front of them they looked at you with disgust, and concern. When you were asked if you shrank your clothes in the wash, you only smiled, nodded, and replied with a chuckle as you tore into the next tub of cookies. Showing off to them your greedy and hedonistic desire to eat and get fatter. You've been wanting bigger hips this year and a rounder butt. You eat with no care in the world hoping to rip right out of the leggings you're wearing. You got so turned on seeing their reaction when your belly hung over your leggings after your feast. You ate so much, and looked so much rounder. You had to waddle out to your car when you left the gathering. With the rush of euphoria of gorging in front of them and looking fatter than ever of course you stopped at McDonalds for more! At the rate you're gaining you won't be able to fit in your car by Summer! It wasn't until the first of the new year when you were called for a New Year feast. You came right over in the tightest dress that you owned showing every new roll and curve fighting for attention. You walked in rubbing your belly announcing you are starved and wasting away. Then it hit you. There was no feast, no food, and no drinks to guzzle down. You were asked to sit down on the couch. You squeezed your hips in between two of your skinniest friends. One of your hips smushing your friend to your right. They announced this was your "intervention." You looked confused and asked why did you need an intervention? Your family and friends begin to share that they are concern about your weight and "health." They tell you over the past 2 years quarantine has been rough on your waistline. They begin to point out all the things you've outgrown. From the shopping sprees for clothes you've been on every other month to difficulties at work. Like how you've broken at least 2 chairs and your coworkers are complaining about how little you do actual work. You just sit there with drawers full of candy, and sweets and eat all day long. Your car is getting smaller and you may need to buy a new one soon. You went from slightly fat to crossing over to obesity just this year alone! You never go out with your friends anymore and all you seem to do, when you do, is hop from restaurant to restaurant eating non stop. They ask you at the end of their speech if you will stop pigging out and get on a diet program? You've gotten so turned on at this point you don't know what to do. Do you scream in ecstasy and look for a fattening treat to shove into your greedy mouth, or do you continue this facade of lying to them to get them to shut it? Of course you tell them what they want to hear! You're not the one to actually go through with it. You hug everyone and your belly starts to rumble. You excuse yourself and head to your car telling them you're going to go get a light meal. You pull right into a buffet and stuff your face until you can't move! 2022 is going to be your biggest, gluttonous, fattest year YET. If they think you're fat now just wait until the end of the year when you take up all the space around you. Make 2022 your fattest year yet! Happy Fatter 2022
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rongzhi · 3 months ago
random ask but do you think 美女 is kinda on the nose when used as a name
Naming a character "美女" would be a bit like if you named someone "Gorgeous" or "Hey Lady" lol.
Like if you name them that, it would have to be for like really broad comedic effect (like, in a skit or something) because "美女“ is more of a descriptor or something you call someone you don't know. For example, a street vendor might call a young woman "美女" to get their attention or when talking to them without knowing their name.
If you want tips for naming Chinese characters/OCs, try reading this post. It goes into detail and brings up some good things to consider when creating name.
Incorporating the character 美 for "beauty" into your character's name would be completely fine, if still sort of to the point/obvious, but you'd have to change the second character for sure.
#right#answered ask#text#Personally when I quickly make up names for background characters in my writing one of my tricks is to just pick a surname from 百家姓#Since I'm usually naming really minor OCs for fanfiction purposes I'll pick common monosyllabic given names that feel#subjectively fitting for them#for historical fiction you can always just look up a page on something from that time period and look at what kinds of names people ha#*had#altho this requires a little more sense of how to make up names#and i feel like one time i was reading someone's fic and i could tell that they had just mix and matched a few famous figure or poet names#mostly bc i had been on that same exact page at one point#i think you can probably be a little fancier with choosing characters/words to base modern names off of#bc some people do have unique names#but you really gotta make sure it's a real name bc i remember someone's original story they were promoting on twitter last year or somethin#where part of the main character's name was not like. realistic.....? a real surname?#idr#but they said their chinese partner beta'd their work and [idunnoaboutthat.mp3] you should rly double check that stuff yourself#chinese people don't know everything about chinese stuff#if was very 下头 to see them make such a basic blunder#*it#and made me wonder if they were just interested in the ~queer wuxia aesthetic~ than . you know#off putting that's the word lol#anyway. those are just my more wayward thoughts on the matter#don't name your your character meinv
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whitewolfbucky · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sendhelpimstupid · a day ago
Tumblr media
I’m sorry Faeren, wHO—?
What happened and why was this said????
I went to sleep for a good while after everything from this morning/afternoon cus oof
What does that disgusting phrase even mEAN-
also I hope ur first therapy sesh wasn’t too rough today ó3ò. ilusm n I’m sending u all the affection 💖.
There was a pro life politician who said that there was and I quote "a shortage for the domestic supply of infants".
They literally consider children an asset and an industry. Its fucking disgusting.
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forest-sprites · 3 months ago
I've watched plenty of shows with similar season endings to Our Flag Means Death. A dramatic cliffhanger, the lovers separated through means both unfortunate and gut-wrenchingly misread. But none have left me feeling like this. This season- no, this show- this absolute range of emotion and depth comes from something labelled as a romcom? I feel full, abundantly so. I feel warm and fuzzy even though this ending was not the pretty picture that we all wished for. This show- this season- has been acted, orchestrated, written, directed, produced, post-productioned, in such a way that it is plain beautiful. It is love, it is warmth, it is finding yourself yet still getting lost in the immensity of it all. It is an absolute and undeniable triumph of not only its genre, but television as a whole.
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