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#story prompts
ideastoputonpaper · a minute ago
Person A: "Do you think they're getting along?"
Person B: *down the hall* "MF I WILL DROWN YOU IN THE TOILET DO NOT TRY ME."
Person C: "...yeah?"
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ideastoputonpaper · 12 minutes ago
Person A and Person B were childhood best friends until Person B moved away. Person A never heard from person B until they get a call one night to bail them out of jail...
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eimi-yosei · 27 minutes ago
One Liner Prompt List #1
1- "Oh my god... I just got my first kiss with a hawt dude while wearing a pickle suit Jesus Christ-"
6- "I can't be a wanted man because I wasn't a wanted child."
7- "The fact that he has the tits for that shit."
8- "Please don't nom people."
9- "Yeah no— if yall are gonna fight lemme just— *chugs vodka*"
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officialleehadan · 46 minutes ago
Sweet Sister Dear
Hello darlings! My, what a windstorm we had last night! I could hear it howling over the rooftops.
Today's story is brought to you by Kaitlin! Darling I'm always so pleased to see your comments. Thank you for all your support!
Prompt: Vampire Whispers
If anyone had asked her how Kaesaia would take her crown, she would have had many answers, but none of them would have resembled her current plan.
That was to say, she was avoiding her many murderous cousins, while also making an effort to stay polite to her horrid stepmother. The last one was, surprisingly, the harder of the two tasks. Her stepmother always seemed to have a sense for when Kaesaia was up to something, and had a fine nose for trouble to boot. She would have to, considering the daily attempts on her life.
Daily attempts that failed, so whatever the old battleship had under her hat, it was as good or better than her own. Kaesaia suspected that the queen knew all about Kaesaia’s plans to take over their neighboring kingdom, and either didn’t care enough to do anything about it, or assumed that Kaesaia would get herself killed in the process. Either, it seemed, would be an acceptable outcome.
Kaesaia was looking forward to having her own court, where murder was not so common a threat.
(You’re thinking deep thoughts,) Taien purred into Kaesaia’s mind with just an edge of seduction hovering around the edge of his thoughts. Kaesaia smiled at the thought. He was a skilled lover, and she had no regret at all for taking him into her bed. That he also seemed not only capable, but thrilled, to aid in her plans was a bonus she hadn’t expected. (Want to share with your long-dead lover?)
(Giving thought to our plans,) she replied absently. She wasn’t especially worried tonight, considering her vampire was on her arm, and most of the interest was focused on Acranthax, who appeared to be having the time of his life causing chaos in the court. Kaesaia approved. The more chaos he caused, the less likely it was that anyone would realize her plans before she was good and ready. (Didn’t you tell me that another of your wicked band were coming in tonight? Which one?)
(Okoryo,) Taien supplied the name of his friend easily with a passing smile for one of the courtiers who passed him by. (If you think Acran made a splash… well, you’ll see. Okoryo is a pleasure to watch, in every meaning of the word.)
Kaesaia wondered what he meant by that and might have asked, but for a commotion, albeit a quietly contained commotion, came from the front entry. Murmurs spread through the room, awestruck and wondering.
(Speak of a demon and so she appears,) Taien said with warm good humor. He tucked Kaesaia’s hand into the curve of his arm and drifted them towards the whispering crowd. (You will like Okoryo, I think. You’re two birds of a feather.)
(I’m not sure if I should be complimented or not.)
(Very much so. Okoryo is ruthless and exquisite, much like you, my dear princess.)
Unaccountably flattered to have ‘ruthless’ set over ‘exquisite’, Kaesaia reached for Acranthax’s arm when he appeared at her free side. The half-dragon was quickly becoming a good friend for both his amusing stories of hervampire, and for his steady good sense. Acran chuckled almost soundlessly and let her take his arm, as much a gentlemen as Taien when it suited him.
“I saw a maid of mist and starlight,” Taien said as they cut through the crowd, which parted reluctantly before their princess and her escort. “Her eyes held secrets to damn a heart, her smile fit to kill.”
“I saw a man of rage and sea,” a lilting female voice answered back through the crowd, delight hanging from every word. “His blade so sharp to cut the wind, the storm-god’s blood to spill.”
When the crowd parted, Kaesaia understood all at once why Taien spoke of Okoryo as ruthless, and exquisite, for she was both in almost equal measure. Her skin was dusky-dark, and her black hair fell to her knees in braids barely wider than a strand of hair themselves. Jeweled pins stood in place of a tiara on her head, and diamonds glittered at her ears, throat, and wrists in wide bands. A king’s ransom for a single evening’s finery. Her eyes were black, and her lips were curled in a lazy smile.
Half the court’s young men, and women as well, watched her with breath caught in their throats, but Okoryo offered them no attention whatsoever as she sank into a perfect, straight-backed curtsy to Kaesaia. As she rose, she offered her hands, ignoring both vampires at Kaesaia’s sides. Kaesaia took them, and returned the smile, amused by the wonder of her court at the sight of this dark-skinned beauty who held them so enraptured.
(We will be sisters,) Okoryo said into her mind, heady amusement skimming across her thoughts in waves of orange-shot pink. Kaesaia laughed to see it there, a joke shared between them upon meeting, but already ingrained in their new friendship. It would be very easy to be envious of this lovely vampire, for she carried the kind of elegance that Kaesaia only dreamed of, and did it without the slightest effort. (I will teach you, sweet sister, but I tell you now, you have nothing to be envious of, for your loveliness is only younger than mine, not less.)
(I see now why Taien called you,) Kaesaia replied with a light squeeze to Okoryo’s hands as she abandoned both of her male escorts, and linked arms with Okoryo without a spoken word between them. Okoryo’s rick laugh carried over the stunned crowd, who whispered among themselves at the sight of their princess treating this unknown newcomer with easy familiarity. (I will learn every lesson you teach me, and gladly.)
(I like this one,) Okoryo told Taien without glancing back at him, although he was laughing quietly to himself. (This promises to be a great deal of fun.)
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Person A is struggling financially and decides to get a job as a sewage worker, but gets wiped away accidentally, and meets Person B+, a group of aquatic humans who live in the sewers, who help Person A get back to the surface, but who become curious about Person A and keep visiting them at their job in the sewers.
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write-it-motherfuckers · 2 hours ago
🖤~Song Of The Day~🖤
The song of the day is: Warfare -by- Katie Garfield
WARNING! This song contains themes of war, death, and murder. Please stay safe Darling ones.
The challenge is to write something based off of this song, be it the name, the lyrics, or the tune itself. Let your imagination go wild and see where the music takes you.
Have at it Darlings!
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ahorriblebimess · 2 hours ago
Inspired by this post by @hayray06
Warnings: Not much this time. Maybe you'll get angry remembering that one girl in highschool who refused to do her part in group projects lol
100 G/T Prompts Master List
Shift: Chapter 1
(41. Secret)
"Miss Alexandra," the teacher had called on her across the room, "you need to be working on your project."
She rolled her eyes, "I've told you to call me Alex. And I'm not doing shit until that jackass over there" she pointed to Jackie, who was currently headbanging to heavily metal through her earbuds, "actually HELPS with the project!"
Mrs. Hendersen narrowered her eyes. "Say any of that language again and I'll be writing you a detention Miss Alexandra."
Alex huffed as she jabbed her finger in the direction of her uncooperative partner. "Shouldn't you be concerned that she isn't doing any work either?"
"How do you expect to work with her when you're arguing with me instead of discussing your project with her."
"I tried to do that, but SOMEONE put their earbuds in before I could get a FUCKING WORD IN!!"
"I told you I didn't want to hear anymore of that language. Take this detention slip, I expect to see you after your classes."
Alex was fuming, "Seriously!!"
"Why don't you take some time to cool off in the hallway before I have to call your parents."
Alex turned to Jackie, who now took a earbud out to hear their conversation, a smug smile currently painted on her face. "Are you seriously telling me that you don't care that she doesn't want to help with the project!"
Jackie turned to her, pale olive-green eyes shining with malice. "I don't know, Alexandra, maybe Mrs.Hendersen prefers students who don't yell at her."
"Oh you smug little bit-"
"Enough!" Mrs.Hendersen yelled. The whole class stopped working to stare at her. "Out! Go to the hallway now!"
Alex's fists clinched as she walked out the door. The smug voice she heard as she walked out only made her mood worse.
"Can't stay in a room wasn't causing drama for five minutes, can you Alexandra?"
Alex paced back in forth in front of the lockers, mumbling like a madman as curses escaped through her clinched teeth.
"Stupid fucking bitch, I'll show her! I'll make her feel like fucking shit! I swear!"
One teacher walked out just to shut her classroom door.
Alex hummed thoughtfully, trying to find the perfect way to exact her revenge. Then she thought of it! She could use her secret! Alex wasn't an ordinary high-schooler, in fact sometimes she wondered if she was truly human. She'd never know, growing up in foster care, never knowing her real parents.
She wondered how human she was because of her ability. Being able to shink down to 4 inches tall. Last time she checked, humans didn't have magical abilities that allowed them to shrink. Sometimes she wondered if it was some weird mutation or if she was secretly a lab experiment, but those explanations don't make sense when you consider the fact that her cloths shrank and expanded with her. No matter what abilities the human body had, no physical mutation would effect other objects.
Maybe she was some type of witch? But it didn't matter, because Alex was grateful for it. Because her power granted her the perfect way to exact her revenge. Driving Jackie mad. She would sneak into her bedroom, and at night she'd shift a few things around in her room. Only small things, but important enough to be noticeable.
Knock a cup over, switch around the colors on her pens and markers. Then she'd start taking items one day, wait until she noticed their disappearance, and put them back. Maybe she'd cast tiny shadows on the wall, or whisper through the vents as Jackie was trying to fall asleep. Then when she was nearing the edge of her sanity, Alex would appear. 4 inches tall directly in her line of sight. She'd think she was truly mad hallucinating people like that, after all 4 inch tall humans shouldn't exist.
This plan was perfect, so perfectly perfect. Alex would break her sanity. After all, Jackie had come close enough to breaking hers. It would he the perfect revenge.
Giggling madly, she skipped farther and farther away from her classroom door and closer to the exist of the school. It wouldn't be the first time she'd ditched class, she could deal with the consequences. After all, every punishment would be worth seeing the horror on Jackie's face as she realized she was going mad.
Alex dashed to Jackie's house giggling madly with raw excitement. She didn't think she had ever been this motivated in her life. For once in her life, she was glad she was neighbors with that conceded bitch. Once she reached the door however, she realized that she ran into a problem. How the hell was she going to get inside? No matter! She'd find a way in.
As Alex scoped around looking for an entrance, she realized it probably looked like she was trying to rob the place. In all fairness, she was planning on breaking into Jackie's house, but she didn't want the neighbors to know that. It'd be pretty annoying if the cops got called on her again, especially for something more serious than graffiti. Maybe she should shrink now? People were less likely to see her that way.
Having that plan in mind, she hid behind the nearest tree (just to be safe) before she let herself shrink to the size of the grass blades.
It was odd, but kind of relaxing in a weird way to see the world look more gargantuan from her perspective. Walking through the blades of grass reminded her of hiking through a forest, and her small stature allowed her to appreciate every detail up close.
A dew drop landed on her head.
"Fuck." she glared at her now soaking wet clothes. Maybe nature wasn't everything. She should probably just get inside Jackie's house, before her anger makes her plan murder instead.
After what felt like an hour of searching, she found it. A vent that came out of the side of the house, only a few inches from the ground.
She smiled, "Perfect."
Squeezing through the vent was a surprisingly easy task, what she found more difficult was stumbling through the darkness. Wait... what the hell was she doing? She had a phone! Well she had one, but soon realized that it wasn't working anymore. Alex grimaced, she'd have to thank the dewdrop for that.
Guess she was on her own for this one. Or at least, that's what she thought.
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write-it-motherfuckers · 2 hours ago
Person A: “(Person B)? Where are you right now?”
Person B: “Out shopping.... Is everything ok? You sound stressed.”
Person A: “....You don’t happen to have an identical twin, you never told me about, do you?”
Person B: “....No?”
Person A: “Then no, everything is not ok.”
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theworldofprompts · 3 hours ago
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"I didn't want you to worry. I wanted us to be happy and I wanted you to be safe. I did it for us. Because I love you."
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theworldofprompts · 4 hours ago
(Based upon FFX)
You realise your lover plans to sacrifice themselves to save the world.
You confront them.
(Make it angsty-fluff)
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theworldofprompts · 4 hours ago
The wedding is crashed by your ex who objects on the grounds that you should be marrying him
The problem? He's a ghost that has come back.
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Big Word Day & Keep Off the Grass Day & National Tea Day & Thank You for Libraries Day & World Creativity and Innovation Day
Person A likes to keep a dictionary/bookshelf in their kitchen, that they pick a word (or book) from every morning and design a meal or drink or snack or etc. based off. Person B is a friend of a friend who after finding out Person A did this, starts coming over every day to try Person A’s newest concoction. Person A used to find Person B annoying, since Person A prefers to live like a hermit. But Person B started bringing them gifts based on their interests that are pretty thoughtful so Person A has begun accepting their company.
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seaside-writings · 6 hours ago
Prompt #62
“Your wings are amazing!”
“Thank you... Do you want to touch them?”
“Can I?... I-I mean are you sure you’re okay with that?”
“I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t trust you,”
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dstarsims · 8 hours ago
parties aren't really my thing... " for Vince
Vince walked into his apartment after closing the shop for the day. Shuffling into the living room, he tossed his keys & cell phone into the coffee table & dropped onto the couch with a heavy, tired sigh.
“Don’t get too comfortable, brother dearest,” Mikaela called out before appearing from the hallway. She was in a tight dress with her hair pulled up & a full face of makeup.
He looked over at his sister, taking in her appearance then immediately shaking his head. “I’m exhausted. The only time I’m leaving this couch before bed is when I answer the door for GrubHub.”
“No, you’re going to change into something a little nicer so you can go with me to this party tonight.” She came to stand in front of him so that she was blocking the tv before he even attempted to turn it on.
Vince groaned. “No, thanks. Tired. Couch. Early bedtime. That’s what I’m doing tonight.”
She reached for his arm & started trying to pull him up. He fought against her, staying firmly planted in place. Eventually she gave up & folded her arms with a pout. “You’re being a bore. Let’s go have some fun.”
“Parties aren’t really my thing...”
“I know but having a good time is everyone’s thing. Besides,” she grinned, hoping she held the key to winning. “It’s a record label party so you know who will be there,” she crooned. “I’m honestly surprised you weren’t planning on going anyway. He told me that he invited you.”
“Yes but he’s going to be there working so I told him I’d skip so I didn’t distract him.”
“And I told him I’d convince you to change your mind so come on. Let’s go.” This time when she grabbed his arm to force him up, he didn’t refuse.
“You owe me,” he grumbled, getting to his feet & heading towards his bedroom.
“No, I don’t. You’re going to get to see the boy that you like so I think that makes us even.” She beamed at him triumphantly, watching him for a moment before rushing after him. “Ooh! Let me help you pick something to wear!”
Thank you for asking! This actually got some wheels turning so I think I’ll be writing out another part to this very soon ;)
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bynadinetomlinson · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
1. What is/are the most important thing(s) in your main character's life? 2. How far would your main character go to protect what they've worked hard to build? 3. Can your MC trust a clever rebel who is coming into their life?
[Photo ID: My hand holding a Queen of Pentacles tarot card and a Jack of Spades playing card, with greenery and flowers in the background.]
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dailystoryprompts · 9 hours ago
Prompts for 21 April 2021
A cowardly youngster sets out to defeat a tyrant, despite being horrified of every step of the mission. Every time they are about to give up, friendly birds visit them, sometimes bearing hand-written messages of encouragement. Who is this unknown supporter--and will they be willing to do more when events take a turn for the worse?
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skriveting · 10 hours ago
A bunch of different dialogue prompts #7
"You're the only drug I need, baby" "That's sweet but you still have to take your prescription"
"That's not very professional"
"Argh, I broke a nail!" "Is that really your main concern right now??"
"That can't be good."
"Yet another day of oppression and agony. When will it end?" "We've been married for a week stop being so dramatic."
"If anyone else asks me if I'm ok I'm going to go ballistic."
"This doesn't align with my morals." "What morals?" "... fair point."
"Shut up." "..I didn't say anything?" "Shhhh."
"I just want to throw up and die"
"You make me wish I'd never been born." "Funny, I was just wishing you'd never been born too!"
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serenadingvintage · 12 hours ago
How about a grim reaper and a miraculous being who can't die prompt.
A has special power, passed through their mother who was alive for many ages and chose to get her life finally at peace, and B is a grim reaper who knows the fact, and has hated A and their family because they cannot take their soul. So, they have enemies kind of relationship.
"Shut up before I take your soul."
"You can't even if you try to."
idk that would be so funny, the camaraderie would be so cool.
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