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🖤~Song Of The Day~🖤

The song of the day is:  Let It Go -by- Escape the Fate

WARNING! Death and alcohol mention. Please be safe Darling ones.

The challenge is to write something based off of this song, be it the name, the lyrics, or the tune itself. Let your imagination go wild and see where the music takes you.

Have at it Darlings!

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It was easy to feel at peace when there was nothing but the late evening air and a gentle breeze to greet you, the quiet rustling of the trees and the lingering sounds of bird call, only adding to the soothing atmosphere.

It was almost a shame when your cosy little house came into view, if not for the weight of the basket you were carrying at your hip. Filled to the brim with the things you’d collected whilst out in the forest, the otherwise light basket, had gradually become heavier and heavier as time went on, even with the charms you’d laced into the wicker itself when you had first created it.

Stepping inside the welcoming warmth of your home, you let out a relieved sigh as you set your burden down, quietly closing the door behind you as you wandered further in, shedding layers as you went. 

This years winter was looking as though it was going to be quite a cold one, frost already beginning to cling to some of the trees, despite the fact that there was still quite some time before it was scheduled to come. It was why you had started stocking up earlier this year, knowing that it was best you do so now, whilst it was still on your own terms, rather than leave it and end up being forced to go into the town you so hated, earlier than anticipated.

Dealing with the people there was never something you looked forward to. A feeling that was very much mutual, if their behaviour was anything to go by.

Had you not been so useful to them in times of need, you knew they likely would have tried to kill you by now, using the rare times you entered their town, as a chance to remove you permanently from their lives. 

None of them were foolish enough to try anything on your turf, after all, especially not with the company you liked to keep.

As if in response to the absent thought, a crisp knock sounded against your door, and you smiled as you recognised the aura of one of those you so adored. With a simple wave of your hand, the wards gave a gentle pulse, welcoming your guest affectionately as they took the silent invitation, slipping in through the unseen barrier that protected your home from those who wished to do you harm.

You preferred their company to that of humans anyway.

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🖤~Song Of The Day~🖤

The song of the day is:  The End. -by- My Chemical Romance

WARNING! The theme is death. Please be safe Darling ones.

The challenge is to write something based off of this song, be it the name, the lyrics, or the tune itself. Let your imagination go wild and see where the music takes you.

Have at it Darlings!

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You knew you shouldn’t have been down here, lurking through these forgotten halls in the dead of the night, but some part of you had always been inexplicably drawn here and you hadn’t been able to resist the chance to do so, once the opportunity had finally presented itself.

With only a candle to light your way, you walked slowly down the secret passageways, eyes wide with awe as you looked over the ancient stone arches that stood proud and strong, even after all these years. Despite never having been down here before, your feet seemed to know exactly where they were headed, your progress never once faltering as you weaved through the seemingly endless labyrinth of intricate tunnels.

When you finally reached your destination, the sight that greeted you was enough to steal the breath from your lungs.

Though you knew it should have been impossible given where your journey had started, somehow, you had exited out into a world that seemed to have been plucked from your innermost dreams. Like something from a fantasy book, every inch of the beautiful landscape somehow seemed as though it were saturated with magic, no matter how ordinary it appeared to the naked eye.

What really stole your breath however, was the sight of the beautiful and whimsical looking castle that sat clearly in the distance. The moment you had seen it, you’d instantly known that it was the reason why you were here, and that whatever had been calling to you for all these years, was hidden somewhere within those walls.

Without a hint of hesitation, you began to walk again, determined to reach the towering building that seemed so close and so out of reach, all at the same time.

Behind you, the entrance crumbled and fell until it were nothing but a pile of rocks and rubble, leaving the world and people you’d left behind, to forever wonder what had caused the collapse of those ancient passages on that strange and fateful day.

….And though some were certain that there was something else that had been lost that day, the answer as to what that actually was, would remain a mystery forever more.

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Person A: “What the fuck are you doing?! They’re one of Them!”

Person B: “I know I know, just…. trust me, it’s not what you think. They’re on our side.”

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Person A: “….”

Person B: “….What?”

Person A: “Nothing, I just…. I didn’t know you had it in you.”

Person B: “There’s a lot of things you don’t know.”

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(WARNING! This prompt contains mild gore, implications of torture and experimentation, and suicidal ideation at the end. Please be safe Darling ones.)

You’re not sure how many days have passed since you were locked away down here, the constant dim and unnatural lighting, making it impossible to distinguish day from night without external information, something you obviously had no access to.

The only real thing you did know, was that no one was coming for you.

Curled up on the cold hard ground, you watched on with blank eyes as guards occasionally passed you by, your captors never having even given you the courtesy of a place to sleep. You’d long since grown use to the fact that no one would give you a passing glance, and had unfortunately learned the hard way, that it was much better like that anyway.

Nothing good ever came from having their attention.

Lost in the darkness of your own sluggish thoughts, it took you a moment to realise that something was going on, the usual monotonous stream of activity having abruptly changed. 

Outside your miserable little cell, it almost looked like someone had disturbed an ants nest, the personnel rushing around in a frenzy, fear painted across their features vividly. A sight you privately took quite a vindictive joy in, though you didn’t allow it to show on your face.

A few moments later, you started to notice the feeling of tremors beneath you, the sound of distant explosions suddenly echoing through the underground building, slowly growing closer and closer. This time, you noticed instantly as the guards behaviour changed, most choosing to flee in terror, whilst others held their ground, desperately firing upon whatever had just entered this wing of the compound.

It was with an almost detached sense of fascination, that you watched who you assumed was the cause of all this, burst into view, your eyes following their every move as they brutally slaughtered everyone in their way, seemingly determined to make sure not a single person survived. A display that you knew probably should have disturbed you much more than it actually did.

Mesmerised by the feral grace in the newcomers motions, you couldn’t find it in you to look away as they fought, the guards not standing even the slightest chance as they desperately fought for their lives, their foe cutting them all down effortlessly. When said newcomer rather abruptly stilled, you blinked in confusion, curiously raising your gaze as you tried to figure out why they had stopped, when there were still people actively trying to kill them.

When you realised that they were looking directly at you, you startled, the fog of apathy you had been protecting yourself with, faltering under from the unexpected attention.

Too weak to actually move, thanks to how long your captors had left you to starve, you could only stare back at them from your curled up position, wondering why they had paused at the sight of you. As the moment dragged on, a faint spark of hope flickered to life in your chest, the prospect that this stranger might pity you enough to finally grant you death, causing you to perk up ever so slightly.

….Even if you weren’t entirely sure death was something you were even capable of anymore.

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Person A: “I have something to tell you.”

Person B: “Oooh~ Are you about to profess your undying love for me?”

Person A: “Yes, I am.”

Person B: “…..What?”

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It took you several long moments to figure out that the sound you could hear ringing through the air, was coming from your front door, so long it had been since anyone had visited you here.

Bewildered, you carefully sat down your latest work, before drifting over to your cluttered entrance way and peeking through the crack in one of your mismatched windows. Though the sight that greeted you only confused you even more.

Giving into your curiosity, you finally unlatched the brass handle of your heavy old door, absently wondering when the last time you had bothered locking it properly, had been, though the fleeting thought was quickly dismissed in favour of more pertinent questions. With a gentle and practised heave, the tired old hinges gave a muted creak, the weathered wooden door slowly bowing to your will and opening obediently. An action that allowed you to finally take in the sight of your unexpected guests in full.

A strange mix of excitement and wariness filled you at the sight of them, the feeling bringing a bright and welcoming smile to your lips as you pondered the strangeness of it all. 

It had been at least two hundred years since anyone had stumbled upon your homely little cottage after all.

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Person A: “Please don’t do this, don’t play with my heart. I can’t take it…. not from you.”

Person B: “I swear to you, I’d never joke about something like this. I’m in love with you, and I have been for quite some time.”

Person A: “….I don’t know if I can believe you.”

Person B: “Then I’ll just keep telling you until you do.”

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Person A: “I don’t think we’re going to make it out of this, not this time.”

Person B: “Then let’s go out with a bang, and take as many of those fuckers with us, as we can.

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