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Which one? 馃挭馃徎
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pan-positivity a year ago
[Video description: a man holding a small chocolate box is wearing a orange plaid shirt, he is mostly bald but has a beard and small amount of hair on his head. The man also has tattoos on his arms.
Man: you know, momma always said having kids was like a box of chocolates
You never know what your gonna get
(the man opens the box and pulls out a small note with the word pansexual written on it)
Man: thats a good one!
(pulls out note with bisexual written on it)
Man: i like that one too!
(pulls out another note with asexual on it)
Man: thats a good one!
(pulls out card with gender fluid on it)
Man: yes!
(pulls out card with non binary on it)
Man: oh, yes!
(pulls out card with trans gender on it)
Man: definitely!!
(pulls out card with straight on it)
Man: thats a good one
(pulls out card with gay on it)
Man: i like that one!
(pulls out card with lesbian on it)
Man: and i like this one too!
There isn't anything in this box that i dont like!
The video ends and is credited to princess dad @/ourdadnow on tik tok
End description]
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guiltyidealist 8 months ago
Transhets, acehets, and arohets are lovely and valuable members of the queer community
Edit: don鈥檛 tag my fucking post as 鈥渜-slur鈥. I am not a fucking slur! If you have to tag it do聽鈥渜-word鈥 or something that doesn鈥檛 imply that I should be censored
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musette22 a month ago
@unearthlydust I don鈥檛 have a link to the video I鈥檓 afraid, but I did have it saved聽 on my computer, so I figured I鈥檇 upload it again 鉂わ笍 Hope this helps!
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mple-selhnhh 19 days ago
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"Do you wish I was different?"
Euphoria - [2019]
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When it's the writers first time writing smut and it's not half bad:
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x1i11y 2 months ago
to say that sexuality is fluid is to say that it is a choice.聽
The only people who have聽鈥渇luid鈥 sexualities are bisexuals whos preference changes over time. Lesbians, gay men and straight people will ALWAYS be monosexual and its not something that we can choose. Its homophobic to imply it can and just stupid.聽
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lgballt 4 months ago
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remember: where ever your questioning takes you, it's still a valid journey 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
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lesbiansgoal a year ago
I鈥檓 me.
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hellothepixel 7 months ago
If you like men romantically tbh. have a wonderful day. I hope you meet/have met a man who loves and respects you just like you love and respect them.
This applies to cis ppl and trans ppl of all genders.
(Kudos for the cis straight men who love and respect their transfem partners btw, kings).
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toothlesshat a month ago
Venom really said 鈥渕y entire honeymoon was ruined by some teenager in spandex the LEAST we can do is skinny dip together. Can we please just get naked? Can you get over your little multiverse crisis and strip for fucks sake, Eddie??鈥
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hotsoccerplayers 2 months ago
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adedarma a month ago
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NEW HAIRSTYLES FOR SIMS 4, Inspired by Lisa from LALISA Music Video!!!
Lalisa Hairstyle (Style 1)
Lalisa Hairstyle (Style 2)
Lalisa Hairstyle (Style 3)
Lalisa hairstyle (Style 4)
(These hairstyles don鈥檛 work with hats since they already came with a Beanie)
Hair Strands Add On:
Lalisa Hair Strands (Add On)
(This add on is designed to fit these Lalisa Hairstyles only since they came with solid colors. Can be found under Piercings/Nose Ring Right for you to mix and match any color combinations you like to have the Dual Tone effect. Keep in mind that this is ONLY TEXTURES, require the hairstyles themselves to work)
Beanie Colors:
Lalisa Beanie Colors (Textures Only)
(Beanie Colors is designed to fit and require these hairstyles only - Can be found under hats. Keep in mind that this is ONLY TEXTURES, require the hairstyles themselves to work)
ADD ONs聽can be worn together, Be sure to remove them from your sim before using any other hairs so it won't clash with other hairstyle you鈥檙e wearing, because the Hair Strands Add On and Beanie Colors use the Hairstyle UV Space.
By Downloading any of my stuff you have to agree with this T.O.U.
Follow Me on Instagram
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mozartin a month ago
When you're reading a really not child friendly fanfic in front of your family and THERE IS SUDDENLY FANART
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