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#stranger things
mediocre--writing · 12 minutes ago
billy and steve going to cali for a few weeks and billy shows steve all the cool spots he’d gone to when he lived there, including an inclusive bar that he frequented.
they were chatting over drinks at the bar when steve excused himself to go to the bathroom. billy just waited, chatted with the bartender and sipped on his drink.
“hey sweet thing,” billy turned at the touch of a hand on his shoulder, expecting it to be some guy who got too hands after a few too many.
“i’m sorry, i have a —“
it was steve. looking suave as ever, “i sure hope that next word wasn’t ‘boyfriend,’”
“steve what are you doing?” billy chuckled at his change in demeanor.
steve crouched down lower to speak in billy’s ear, as if giving a stage direction, “you always said you’d come here and hope some prince charming would sweep you off your feet, so i was hoping that a king would work too,”
billy raised his eyebrows in interest as steve backed off, “so what brings you here? nobody treatin you right?”
“you could say that,” billy smiled, “why? you taking it as a challenge?”
“i might just,”
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saranghae-jaewook · 21 minutes ago
Lee Jae Wook for DIOR 🧡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Omggggg Jae along with Robert Pattinson, Charlie Heaton and Win Metawin. Not my 4 worlds colliding 😭
Also he looks so fucking coooool, Jae Wook Model Supremacy as always 🧎🏻‍♀️
You can see the original post here. Do leave lots of love for our Jae in the comment section 🤗
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jonathanssweatercollection · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lithium – Nirvana // Stranger Things: The Monster (01x06)
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kid-mera · 22 minutes ago
I thought of something funny this morning: an ask blog for the Mindflayer titled "STOP ASKING ME ABOUT BILLY!"
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that-thing-that-feeling · 34 minutes ago
@ the road trip anon-
The sitch is a little diff from the actual Cali interiors. The Byers won’t leave Cali until at least like episode 6. That means there’s 6 episodes worth of interior scenes. And since the Byers probably won’t get to Hawkins until episode 8 at the earliest, that’s only like 2-3 episodes of road trip, and they wouldn’t even be in the car for the whole time. I have no inkling of what the Byers main plot will be this season, but I’m sure they’ll run into lots of trouble on the way to Hawkins. So 3 weeks seems like plenty of time for Eduardo to film all his driving scenes, but not enough time for him to film all his interior scenes.
They might leave a little earlier or maybe the road trip doesn’t take that long; 2-3 eps sounds like a lot of road trip to show! However they’re filming it, you’d think there would have been 4 eps min maybe 5 of Cali Byers stuff (interiors and exteriors). And then true ig we don’t know how long they show the road trip
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that-thing-that-feeling · 38 minutes ago
I think they must be able to get more done in a short time than we think. Because even with the Hawkins group, they've taken a lot of long filming breaks and a lot of the cast has been elsewhere during filming. And there hasn't been any indication that Winona and Brett have filmed anything together outside of Lithuania yet he's her main scene partner for the season. Plus how little David has been around. They've probably gotten more done than we'd expect.
Taking long filming breaks (this year after resuming from lockdown) though is what they do like every season; I feel like ST always runs over and takes kinda forever to film
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awhst-alt · 47 minutes ago
send me ur byler headcanons 
im bored so i just want to read them
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kedreeva · 2 hours ago
For a moment I lived in the bad timeline where the Stranger Things fandom didn't look at Jonathan, Nancy, and Steve and think "fuck hollywood love triangles, triangles have three sides, they're all dating." But thankfully I remembered the truth of my reality.
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chloefrazcr · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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garden-of-peonies · 2 hours ago
mmk i’m fucking tired cause it’s like 5 am and probably no one cares but i’m just thinking about the cannon queer characters in media that I adore whose queer identity is just a part of them not their whole character. like cause the short “a bit of both” from loki meant so fucking much to me and the fact that he said it out loud was so comforting to me. I feel like I never see characters that I can identify with unless I go searching for them. similarly, robin buckley from stranger things literally made me weep because I had been struggling with my identity for so long when i first saw that scene. seeing her as supported cannon queer character was so impactful and helped me feel less alone in my struggles. some of my other favorites are rosa diaz, santana lopez, magnus bane, and elena alvarez (particularly as a queer person of color too). basically, queer representation may not seem that important to straight people, but you have to remember that especially to someone struggling with their identity, a sense of belonging can mean the whole world. sorry if this made zero sense due to the fact that i’m severely sleep deprived, but anyways THANK YOU KATE HERRON 💖💜💙
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fuckyeahseanastin · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stranger Things meets The Goonies in a comic miniseries coming this fall from Dark Horse.
“It's January 1985 the Hawkins crew survived their battle with the mind flayer, but Will and Joyce are still reeling from the recent death of Bob Newby. Will's friends have been too busy with their girlfriends to notice how much he is struggling. After he and Mr. Clarke discover a mysterious map Bob left in a box of old nerdy memorabilia, Will rallies the crew to investigate.”
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spookywitchnerd24 · 3 hours ago
Sometimes you just feel like
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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profiction-edits · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Paint The Town Red ---------- A multi-ship wallpaper edit with the kate/miles (The Turning), Malachi/Vicky (Children of The Corn), Freddy Kruger/Nancy Thompson (Nightmare on Elm Street), Kol Mikaelson/Rebekah Mikaelson (The Originals) and Rose the Hat/Snakebite Andi (Doctor Sleep) Requested by: Anon
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lt2mybeloved · 4 hours ago
i just realized that thomas and victoria are literally steve and robin from stranger things
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sttheorycraft · 4 hours ago
Joyce does turn out to be right...
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the-second-tonks · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
✨ 🎉 🎊 🍻 👯‍♀️
I didn't even know when , but I reached 50 followers ! Thank you so much all of you !!!!!!
I am actually a bit speechless so I won't say much but a heartfelt thank you everyone !💗
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💫 - Give me one fact about yourself and I'll tell you a character you remind me of
👀 - this or that
💟 - ask for a letter from your favourite character (also add platonically or romantically + two additional details about you)
🖤 - send me a few facts about yourself and I'll ship you with a character + one bonus scenario you wish to have (For example : Love confession or Swimming together or Picnic together ) (thankyou @little-moonflowers for this idea !) Do not forget to refer the rules for this !
🦠 - rant ? talk ? Or maybe be friends !
Also , don't forget to use the emoji :) !!
Fandoms available : Marvel , Harry Potter , Maze Runner series , The chronicles of Narnia , Little women , Stranger things , LOTR , Fantastic beasts and where to find them
Tagging some lovely people down !
@little-moonflowers - Heya friend! How's the spoon doing haha .. Thank you so much for your support and friendship ! Thank you for staying in touch! Afterall , a ship request was the beginning of this all !
@mendesxruel - my first online acquaintance ! We don't talk much , but I know you're still there !
@decadentwastelandtrash - you're really the active follower ! Thank you !
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The ones who aren't tagged , I wasn't able to find you due to your privacy settings but thank you and do join my celebration !!!
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emsy-things · 4 hours ago
Been thinking about the scene at the Byers and how full it is of mirroring Neil's abusive behaviour but also different abusive techniques.
You've got Steve trying to gaslight Billy, Steve mirroring Neil by pushing Billy and trying to give him orders,and Max threatening him with the nail bat. Even Billy himself by using Lucas as a way to emotionally abuse Max in a similar way to how Neil uses Max to control and validate further abuse.
Max had already drugged Billy, he was out of commission, yet she still threatened him with the nail bat, forced him to him to answer a phrase that his dad uses against him, that Max had obviously heard and now used against him. I get that its considered this moment about her standing up to her abuser, but it unsettles me that that's how it's intended. All this mirroring of his abuse, just kind of sends the message that the way to deal with an abused kid with behavioural problems is just further abuse into compliance. Because that's what Max did, she used Neil's threats for obedience as her own.
I don't know how anyone can watch that scene and really think that how Billy acted had anything really to do with any of the people present. They were just vessels for his anger towards his father.
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the-second-tonks · 5 hours ago
May I have a ship request for Marvel and Stranger Things please?
I’m 5’5 I have thick black curly short hair. I have dark brown sometimes mistaken for black eyes.
I’m a Libra Rising, Leo Sun, and Capricorn Moon. I’m also a Venus Leo, a Mercury Scorpio, and a Pluto Saggitarius.
I’m a Ravenclaw.
I love reading, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, coming up with new ideas, and researching.
I have a hard time communicating how I feel in words and physical touch, so I usually do it in gestures like taking the time to listen to you and all the things you like. Doing research on the things you like to have a better understanding. I’m not prone to physically communicating my emotions for people.
I’m sassy, sarcastic, and witty. I’ve been told I’m very intelligent. I’m shy and very helpful. I am very curious. I am very creative, hardworking, and loyal. I’m silly and talkative once I get comfortable, I’m also an introvert. I tend to view things as something big and everything having a deeper meaning.
Some of my flaws are I tend to crave drama whether in real life drama or fictional drama it’s still a crave. I’m arrogant sometimes. I can get overly possessive and protective over the people I care about. I can get jealous easily and I tend to lie for no reason sometimes unintentionally. I have trouble admitting my faults, being vulnerable, and being wrong. I am quick to anger and sometimes I’m a little apathetic. When I get into a really important task to me I tend to forget everything else around me and anything else that I should or have to do. I can get very clingy to people I like. I can get emotionally attached very quickly. I have bad coping mechanisms, and I have trust issues. I can be mean sometimes. (That’s a lot of flaws. Sorry.)
I’ve been told I have a way with words when either speaking or writing. I’m usually not what people’s first impressions of me really are. I have interests in psychology, biology, philosophy, and law. I’m very indecisive.
Thank you so much and have a nice day or night and a nice week! :)
Sure !
So, you sent an ask about your sun and moon sign mistakes ... I hope I correct when I saw that you're Leo Moon and Capricorn Sun and Rising ..
Also to add , it's really alright about the confusion thing and I hope you have a nice week too !
So , let's get to your ship !
From Marvel
I ship you with -
Tony Stark a.k.a Iron man :)
Tumblr media
Clearly , I see him a perfect fit for you !
Two Capricorns means strong Capricorn traits . It shows how ambitious and determined you are ! Tony's gonna love that , honestly !
Your intelligence , smartness , curiousity and sarcasm is going to be his ego feeder , because you are his girlfriend . I can literally imagine him proudly talking about you in front of others (I hope you got that!)
So , I think I got that line . It meant that you are not good with sharing your emotions . Don't worry , Tony too , hides a lot sometimes . He would definitely understand !
Leo Moon makes you want to be the centre of attention ? So , Tony wouldn't mind giving you attention and also wouldn't mind you being clingy . But I'm pretty sure that while working , you would not be like this
Your hardworking and Tony is smartworking , so that's fitting here too !
This thing that you're introverted is not going to attract him , but when he sees you)overhears you being talkative with someone and being silly , he's gonna be intrigued !
A mercury Scorpio , as you mentioned , makes sarcasm as the way you speak but Tony would smirk everytime you sass anyone out (even him!)
You might have a hard time communicating through physical touch but not Tony . He'll always have his hands around you while he vents out and you listen to him .
Venus leo makes you want to spoil your future spouse , so I guess over here , you'll spoil Tony and vice versa but your Capricorn will ensure that money is under control !
You'll be patient with Tony , always ! You'll also be his lab partner !
Tony will help you embrace your flaws and you'll help him to embrace his . You will know when Tony's being really , like really arrogant (bcz you know , you can be arrogant too so ..) and you'll warn him , help him .
Okay , his ego feeder two would be you getting jealous , possesive and protective over him !
It's ok , I mean Tony is kinda playboy so , ya know , when you get attached to him , he's gonna break your heart , but only once . Never again !
Tony's really smart , so I don't think it's going to be trouble to make you confess/accept your flaws . He might trick you into it ! Being indecisive is also not a problem because Tony can take the lead !
Overall , a perfect and understanding relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black widow
Tumblr media
You can't change my mind on this !
Sarcasm alert ! You and she are unbeatable ! Also to add , it's literally a good friendship because she might understand you hiding your emotions !
Overall , a very loyal and deep friendship !
From Stranger things
I ship you with -
Johnathan Byers :)
Tumblr media
He's a good fit for you ! He's a bit nerdy , more of unsocial .
Also , trust issues fit here ! I mean , he'll understand !
He's really protective and so are you ! So maybe even though you both are busy , you'll make sure he is fine and vice versa
Also , he's really caring and won't let you get jealous or won't mind if you're clingy !
When he's being timid , you could reassure him (Capricorn trait !)
He's really afraid to make the first move so maybe , you'll get comfortable with him first and then it would be his turn
You both are quite independent !
You're introverted so yes , you both would spend time together !
Also to add that you both would be quite the inteligent couple !
Overall a deep relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Nancy Wheeler
Tumblr media
Nancy is really kind and extroverted , so you'd explore different parts of life that you're deprived of due to being an introvert
But being an introvert as its own advantages , you noticed things like no other !
Overall , a really fun friendship !
Gifs and photos not mine !
I hope you liked it !
Thank you for the ask 😊
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