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tvstrangerthings · 16 hours ago
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strangerthingsedits · 20 hours ago
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NANCY WHEELER Stranger Things 3.04 | The Sauna Test
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lesbianrobin · 21 hours ago
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Uh, just to be clear, we weren’t fired, you know. The mall burned down and, like, killed a bunch of people.
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zoomersandlosers · 18 hours ago
give me the first hellfire club scene paralleling the boys campaign from season one. give me eddie slamming down the Demogorgon piece dramatically. give me a random member throwing the dice across the table and casting fire ball. give me the shot zooming in on mike as the person’s voice fades into wills. give me dustin glancing upwards towards the light over their heads, like he’s waiting for them to flicker and tell him the monster is there. but nothing happens. the fire ball works. the game continues…
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byersenthusiast · 20 hours ago
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let's give it up for SEASON 4 WILL BYERS
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local-redhead-bookworm · 17 hours ago
Thinking about baseball in Stranger Things and its possible use as a symbol for traditional masculinity. How both Will and Billy have baseball pushed on them by their fathers and they reject it. And how Steve’s signature weapon is a baseball bat, and this possibly symbolizing that he is in touch with his masculinity but it isn’t forced on him, and he never uses it against other people.
I might be reaching on this, but it just kind of popped into my head. Feel free to add on if y’all have any additional thoughts
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robinsteve · 13 hours ago
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saddest scene: el finds “mama” in the void
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ladythorr · 19 hours ago
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Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler STRANGER THINGS 3.05 | The Flayer
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1980shorrorfilm · 21 hours ago
currently rewatching stranger things and can i just say, holly, jolly is such an excellent episode? like it’s just classic stranger things. the lab flashbacks, joyce putting up the christmas lights and writing the alphabet on the wall, the boys + el searching for will, and do i even have to mention the heart wrenching ending montage with heroes playing in the background? just so many iconic, memorable scenes. and not to mention how good it is narratively. it sets things up so nicely for the rest of the season. hopper starting to get suspicious of hawkins lab, nancy realizing something bad happened to barb, will’s “body” being found in the quarry. it is also the first time we get a glimpse at how strong mike and will’s bond is. just all around 10/10. for sure has to be one of the best episodes of stranger things ever.
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plistommy · a day ago
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Since we aren’t getting a picture of these two together at the premiere, I made one myself.
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sherlyisinthetardis · 2 hours ago
I wanted to talk about Will’s walk becoming a meme because it has to be said : it’s only really funny when it’s other queer people making that joke.
The second it was straight girls with a finn wolfhard fan page on tiktok taking the piss out of that clip due to it being “stereotypically” gay or camp, that’s when i started to get annoyed.
Yes, Will is very sweet natured and, yes he’s small, lean and could definitely be considered a twink in some ways but when those qualities turn from simple observations into “uwu cute gay boi omgggg slayyy queeen” it really pisses me off . ESPECIALLY when lgbtq people are trying their best to shy away from such stereotypes every single day, it really sucks to see a character I relate to as being dumbed down to just his sexuality and presentation as if he doesn’t have a personality underneath it.
Maybe it was kinda melodramatic of me to make a whole post about this but idk it was kinda starting to get to me
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frogboyandzombieface · 13 hours ago
GUYS. i want to know - when season 4 comes out , how are u gonna watch it ? example - binging the hell out of it or taking ur time and watching an episode or two each day or sumn ? watching it the moment it comes out or waiting until the hype dies down a bit ? rb with what ur gonna do when it comes out
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hawkinsindiana · 15 hours ago
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top five stranger things characters as voted by my followers: ↳ ELEVEN - (9.7%)
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robinbuckly · 19 hours ago
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robinsteve · 14 hours ago
thinking about how the length of el’s hair represents the amount of time she’s been free from the lab and been able to experience love and joy and friendship. thinking about how the clothing she wears represents her growing autonomy, emerging sense of self, and close relationships with her found family. thinking about how she’ll leave the byers and go back to the lab and have her head shaved and be put into another shapeless hospital gown. thinking about how it'll tear her apart but she’ll do it anyway because she loves them all so much she’ll do anything to get back the one thing that can save them. thinking.
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japplejottomjeans · 11 hours ago
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faunshii · 18 hours ago
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woooo more ronance art
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cirixwqnd · 6 hours ago
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no hate whatsoever but I never thought that I’d ever see a m!leven shipper admit defeat.
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bananasbyler · 12 hours ago
Went to go look in the mileven tag just to see what they’ve been saying with all of this recent media—
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What the fuck—
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ghostgirlinsatin · 15 hours ago
You’re not worried about the leakers saying Byler isn’t going to happen? Even though they’ve been right about everything else?
Look, I don't care about the leakers.
I believe byler is endgame. It makes sense to me. It makes sense plotwise. I'm tired of people telling me byler won't happen because "the leakers said so".
I don't give a damn about what random people say on the internet, because they aren't Shawn Levy or the Duffer Brothers, and they haven't watched S4 now so they can say everything and more but it will just be air anyway. And what have they been right about????? "Mike brings El flowers at the airport" okay and so what about it? "Oh it means mlvn is endgame" oh really? Please, let me laugh.
I value my own free will and my own ability to understand a show I like. And if I'm wrong and Byler isn't endgame? (Which I sincerely doubt lol) And then what? What about it? I'll still be allowed to ship Byler, I think. I can still write fanfictions or make fanarts. I can still enjoy my ship without being judged by random people on the internet.
For Merlin's sake. I won't let "leakers" spoil my excitement for a show. And it doesn't matter if that concerns Byler or Vecna or Karen Wheeler's hair. I don't care about leaks, and I don't care about leakers.
I'm lucky to have two eyes, two ears and a functioning brain, I think I can develop my own opinion by myself.
And I am very sorry if I sound harsh. I get a lot of messages telling me Byler won't be endgame and I should "prepare myself" in order not to be hurt (which, let me tell you, is properly hilarious), so I'm a little bit warry right now. But I sincerely think some people should buy themselves some common sense and trust their brains before trusting a total stranger on the internet, that probably knows more about knitting than the actual plot of Stranger Things.
Have a good day/night.
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