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#stranger things
Steve: you're the most jealous man i know
Billy: you know other men >:(
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istigatorawrites · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
14th "face-sitting"
Steve Harrington x reader
a/n: i don't have to say both reader and Steve are above 18 do i?
NSFW under the gif!
Tumblr media
Steve and you were dating for a while now; you two were happy together, he treated you seriously and so did you. You weren't the one to wait god knows how long for sex and it was great. Steve was a great lover, caring and listening, always putting your pleasure above his own.
He came to your house this afternoon, you promised you'll help him with his essay and also proposed making dinner which he happily agreed to. Your parents were out of town so you two had a little bit space for each other. They really liked him but it was always better to have him all to yourself.
After dinner you went to your room; the primary intention was to help him as you promised but as soon as the door closed, you two were all over each other. It didn't take you much time to make it to the bed and passionately make out. You murmured something about the essay but honestly you didn't care about it now. Steve's hand slid under your shirt and caressed your skin gently; his lips never leaving yours.
You reached to the bottom of his shirt, to pull it off of him, needing his body closer to yours, to get rid of the barrier of clothes. He let you do that ad quickly did the same. He stopped for a second to admire your bare chest, to gently run his fingers over your already hardened nipples. You sighed when his lips attacked them, sucking and nibbling on each; he could do this all the time. When you reached to the button of your pants, he rose up to look you in the eyes.
"Somethings wrong?" you asked at the sudden action, worrying you did something.
"Can you-" he gulped. "Can you sit on my face, please?"
You remained silent for a second. You've had sex with him multiple times already but he never asked for something like this. Not hearing any answer from you, he started to panic and you quickly reassured him with a kiss.
"Yes. I can do that" you whispered, smiling sweetly and him.
Happily he placed himself on the bed and looked at you in anticipation. After you undressed completely, you hovered over his mouth, carefully adjusting your position so you wouldn't hurt him. He didn't give you that much time; he immediately grabbed your thighs and pulled you down to his lips. You moaned, throwing your head back when he sucked on your clit. He was eating you out like a starving man, making your legs tremble around his head.
Steve absolutely loved that position, you could tell by his whimpers that were sending vibrations to your core. You needed to hold onto a wall for support; he made you absolutely melt.
"Steve, fuck" you cried out when he slid one finger inside you but never stopped sucking and licking at your clit.
And when you came, you came hard, thighs squeezing around him. He didn't mind that; he moaned with you, breathless but happy. After you calmed yourself even so slightly, you wanted to get off of him, but he stopped you, holding you close. A silent plea left his lips.
"Let me do this again."
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rosealie · 2 days ago
the way will byers is The First Victim, The Pawn AND The Final Girl all at once...icon
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wasting-time-again · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
being a lil shit after getting punched in the face
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c-fish · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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lesbianrobin · 2 days ago
robin calling steve popeye while she is Also in a sailor suit top ten self owns in the show 
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prettyboybillyhargrove · 20 hours ago
Billy: Stop asking me if I'm a top or a bottom. I'm a menace. To society.
Steve: He's a bottom. But don't talk about this topic he's sensitive about it.
Murray: No, no let them speak.
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booksfoxesandcoffee · 2 days ago
The part of hocus Pocus where the three kids unleash the witches but this time it’s Harringrove and max.
Sorry for taking so long to get this done. I hope you enjoy it!
"Why are we even doing this," Max hissed at Billy. Glaring, she crossed her arms, waiting for her step-brother to answer.
"Cause Harrington offered to show us, and it means you've got something over the nerd club," Billy huddled under his jacket and rolled his eyes at Max's attempt at a death glare.
"You just want to get into Steve's pants," Max accused, "don't act like you're trying to do me any favors, Billiam."
Before they could continue Steve returned triumphantly holding the key.
"Found it!" Steve called before moving up the steps to unlock the door.
The old museum was dark to the point the light from outside was hardly making a dent. It being dusty didn't help much either.
"Now where's the light switch," Steve half murmured fumbling around.
"I've got my lighter," the tiny flickering light revealed a creepy interior. The large cauldron and podium holding a leathery stitched together book drew their attention.
"That's the original cauldron and Winifred Sanders grimoire. Legend says that the cover is made from human skin and it's filled with all sorts of dark spells." Steve explained as Billy inspected the cauldron.
Billy was only half listening to Harrington, when he spotted a candle. Taking his lighter over he lit the wick as Max asked a question.
With a whoosh and bang, Billy was thrown backwards into Steve.
Max cried out in pain as she slammed into the cauldron as a great wind rushed around the cramped area.
Three heavy thuds ended the wind and a woman's voice spoke out, "The Black Candle has finally been lit by a virgin, sisters."
Dread made Billy hold still. There wasn't something right about these women just appearing.
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neoncrowpen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“What the hell do you want, freak?” Billy shouted at him. Patrick leaned on Billy’s car outside a lousy burger restaurant. He slowly stood up, making his way towards you. Billy grabbed you, hiding you behind him and from Patrick. They almost stood eye to eye with each other. Patrick’s smug face seeped with something wicked. His eyes went to the lighter he fidgeted with in his hands and then back to Billy’s.
“You know, everyone laughs at you, right?” Patrick taunted him. “You don’t have any real friends here.”
“Says the asshole who’s bound to end up in jail because he murdered somebody,” Billy leered at him. As you peeked at Patrick from behind Billy, you locked eyes with your lanky, almost boyfriend. Patrick winked at you, making sure Billy watched. Billy’s hand reached behind him, touching your arm. Poison colored his voice. “You’re not talking to her.”
“Why not? We’re just friends. Don’t you trust your girlfriend?”
“I trust my girlfriend,” Billy corrected him. “I don’t trust you.”
Patrick tsked. Billy rolled his shoulders back. The new tension between them was either going to be a punch to the throat or by you doing something about it. You tugged on Billy’s jacket.
“Let’s just go, ok? Anywhere is better than here.” Your words seemed to have worked. Billy’s hand slipped easily into yours as you walked away from the burger joint. Your sneakers grinded against the loose gravel parking lot. You stopped cold when you opened Billy’s car door. Patrick’s eyes never left your face. You hated how he looked at you.
He knew something. You swallowed hard, pushing any anxiety away, but it was too late. Patrick already approached your side of Billy’s car. Billy groaned. He slammed the driver’s door shut. The impact made you flinch.
“You saw it, didn’t you?” Patrick asked you.
“Get away from her, fuckass.” Billy said. Patrick tested Billy’s fury.
“At Steve’s party, you saw it. I know you did.” Patrick’s tone turned cold. Not in the way where he intended to hurt you. You both knew something sparked between you. His coldness came from something angry. You hid the same feeling from Billy. “Nancy saw it too. So did Henry and now he’s missing.”
“Not this fucking bullshit again—
“Shut the fuck up, Billy.” Patrick glared at him.
“None of you guys saw anything,” Billy scoffed. “All of you were drunk. And Henry’s a fuck up. He’s probably dead in a ditch somewhere.” You grabbed Patrick’s arm before he could rush at Billy. Patrick’s tension released inside your grip. Billy looked on in disgust.
“Get in the car, Y/N.”
“Get. In. The. Car.” Billy’s focus stayed solely on Patrick. You released your hold on Patrick. Shutting the door, you watched the speed Billy ran at Patrick. His hands grasped the collar of Patrick’s jacket. He pushed Patrick into the parked car next to his. A switchblade unfurled from its closed position in Patrick’s hand.
“What are you gonna do, huh?” Patrick’s sadistic switch flickered on. “You don’t scare me.”
“I really don’t care if I scare you or not.” Billy started. “But that’s my girl. The next time you get the idea to talk to her, I’ll take the baby knife from your hand and use it to pierce your cock. Neither of you saw anything that night. Leave her alone.” Billy pushed Patrick hard enough that Patrick tripped over the curb and landed on the sidewalk.
Billy’s car roared to life. He drove away faster than you were comfortable with. Your fingers shyly touched his pinky and ring fingers. His grip on the shift gear loosened.
“You don’t have to say sorry.” Billy interrupted you. “You’re right. He keeps coming up to you and saying whatever creepy shit he wants. The next time he does that, tell me. I’ll take care of him.”
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