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Ambrose Bierce
Alle sind Irre; aber wer seinen Wahn zu analysieren versteht, wird Philosoph genannt.
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As many of you guys have suggested it; I’ve set up an AO3 account that will hopefully make it easier to navigate my fics. I’ve only got Black Leather on it for the moments, but the rest of the series will be up on it soon; though maybe a bit behind my stuff on here.

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hi! i am 19, looking for 18+ rp partners who would be interested in a ‘high school musical the musical : the series’ OR 'stranger things' plot to cure some quarantine blues ! i am happy to write oc x oc and/or oc x canon in either 1x1 or doubles format - i am open to writing both male and females. all i ask of you is that you are literate and write in the third person (if you would be interested, don’t hesitate to like this post and i’ll forward you my discord).
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Quarantine has me super anxious, so I’m looking for a fluffy roleplay with a lot of comfort! I love: Byler (Stranger Things) Boreo (TGF!) Crenny (South Park) Or crossovers with Stanley Barber from IANOWT! I’m 19, so 18+ only. I use discord! Interact with this post and I’ll message you. I am definitely leaning more towards Byler, I play Will mostly! Thank you in return🥺
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I hope you guys like it!

I also hope everyone is doing good considering everything going on. If anyone just needs someone to talk to I’m always here!

PLEASE SEND IN REQUESTS FOR ARTWORK….(I really need something to pass the time by and it would help with my degree portfolio)

Also, due to the lack of income atm I was wondering if anyone would be up for me selling prints?


(Some bonus variations)

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This is the last day we have for calm the album to reach number 1. And 5sos deserve a number 1 because they are so talented, underrated and hardworking songwriters who put their heart and souls into this album. And they’ve lost a lot of streams because of an iTunes and billboard mess up. If this hadn’t happened then they would be number 1 by now. 5SOS are the most supporting artists I know. They are friends, fans and supporters of artists such as Taylor Swift, BTS, 1D, Camilla Cabello, MCR, Yungblud, Ariana grande, even dua lipa who they are literally battling against in the charts right now. And the 5sos fandom has helped many other artists in the past and will in future. This is a chance to repay them and appreciate them by streaming even just one song. So if you’re in any of these fandoms or have never listened to 5SOS, LISTEN TO CALM because it is a masterpiece. Lyrically and melodically beautiful, it will change your life. Trust me. Or at least reblog to reach others 💘

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