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So apparently men's crop tops were a thing during the 80s...
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thinking so many thoughts rn— i can’t stop thinking about this. the belt made out of bullets, the rings, the bandana, the vest the
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strawberries - eddie munson
Tumblr media
pairing: eddie munson x afab!reader
synopsis: eddie being your best friend meant you could trust him with anything, even your body.
word count: 3.3k
warnings: minors dni ! swearing, some friendly teasing, pet names, kissing, loss of virginity, oral (f. receiving), fingering, protected sex, bulge kink if you squint.
Tumblr media
Eddie laid on his stomach while you sat cross legged beside him, head propped up on his palm as he watched you bite into strawberries drizzled with honey. You fed him the leftover halves, ranting about a professor canceling class, calling the community college a waste of your time. 
“And the other professors? They can’t be that bad.”
“They’re alright,” you mumbled. “The people are okay too, for the most part, but I wish you were there.” You picked up a strawberry and brought it to his lips, teeth grazing against your skin as he took it.
The honey stuck to his lips as he chewed the fruit up. “I promise you’re okay without me,” he said with a smile.
“Yeah, of course I am,” you reassured him. “I'd just like it more.”
A warm breeze ran through your room as you finished off the last strawberry from the bowl between your legs, the sound of you sucking your thumb clean of the thick honey catching his attention. Clear gloss covered your lips, a ring of it gleaming on your skin as you drew it away from your mouth. He stared shamelessly, distracted by the innocent act. 
You never truly realized the effect you had on him, and Eddie would be lying if he said he’d never thought about what it’d be like to kiss you sometimes.
“What’re you staring at, Munson?”
Dark coils of hair messily covered his temples, the strands moving as he shook his head. “Nothing,” he responded nonchalantly, looking down at his nails as he spoke. “Have you… met anyone interesting?” 
“Is that your way of asking if I’ve met any guys?” You picked up the bowl and moved it to the nightstand, quirking a brow at him. 
“It’s just that you haven't mentioned anyone.” Eddie ran his thumb across his bottom lip, collecting the thin layer of honey and licking it off. “Just curious.”
You watched him closely, eyes flitting from his mouth back up to his brown eyes. “Well, huge shocker, they’re not as interesting as I’d hoped they’d be.” 
He watched as you leaned your head against the headboard, a small huff of air leaving your lips as you stared up at the ceiling. Another breeze blew through the window, rustling the curtains and hem of your pajama shorts.
Eddie pushed himself to sit up, knee knocking into yours as his hand brushed against your thigh. “Alright, talk to me. What’s up?” 
You hesitated for a moment before looking at him. “Can I tell you something? And don’t laugh, Eds.”
“C’mon, when have I ever laughed at you?” You shot him a deadpanned look and he raised his hands up in defense. “Okay, fine. But when have I ever laughed at something serious, hm?” 
“It’s not even serious, it’s actually kinda dumb.” you replied matter-of-factly. 
“It’s not dumb if you feel like bringing it up,” Eddie quipped. 
You narrowed your eyes at him. Much to your distaste, Eddie always seemed to have an answer to everything you said. He waited for a response patiently, his dull nails skimming against your thigh while he traced circles onto it. Light from outside filtered into the room, illuminating Eddie’s skin as his gaze raked over your face. 
“I feel like I’m really behind everyone else,” you admitted softly, drumming your fingers against the top of his hand. 
“Like… in school? C’mon babe, can’t get any more behind than me.” 
You groaned, the back of your head hitting the headboard loudly as an obnoxious laugh left his lips. “This isn’t a joke!” 
“Okay, I’m sorry,” he said sincerely. “Continue, and no interruptions this time.” 
Your teeth dug into your bottom lip, pulling at the skin lightly. “Y’know how they practically forced abstinence down our throats in sex ed? I don’t even have to try, Eddie.”
“So you’re… upset you haven’t fucked anyone?” Eddie’s eyebrows raised in surprise, a look of mild disbelief washing over his face
“Well—shit, don’t say it like that.” 
“Because! It makes me sound so…”
He tilted his head to the side, a smirk pulling at the corner of his lips. “Desperate?”
Eddie watched as you looked down at your lap, fingers pulling at the ruffled hem of your bottoms. He hooked his finger beneath your chin, doe eyes studying you carefully as he lifted your head. 
“You don’t have to do anything, you know that, right? Especially with some Hawkins asshole.” 
You nodded solemnly, the comforting smile Eddie gave you causing your lips to curve up. 
“Like, I don’t know. I kinda regret losing it junior year in the back of my van,” he admitted. “She moved away a couple weeks later too.” 
“Jeez, how did you manage to scare her away that fast?”
“Hey! I’ll have you know, she thought it was exceptional,” he exclaimed, slapping your shoulder lightly. “Honestly though, I don’t mean to sound like Mrs. Click, but wait for someone that’s… y’know, good to you.” 
After a few moments of silence, you started laughing softly. “Why the hell did they have a history teacher talking to us about sex and abstinence anyways? Doesn’t she have like, four kids?” 
“Not really the poster woman for safe sex, but hey, she had her fun.” He shrugged and flashed his teeth as a laugh bubbled up in his throat. 
You shook your head with a smile and took his hand between yours, sliding his silver rings off and pushing them back down his thick fingers to pass the time. Your eyes trailed up his wrist and forearm, the sleeves of the black t-shirt he wore stopping just above the crook of his elbow. 
Eddie watched as you ran your finger up his arm slowly, your painted nail tracing the shapes of the bats inked on his skin. “Anything else you wanna say?”  
“Hm? Why?” 
“You trace my tattoos whenever you think about something,” he responded, “unless you just want an excuse to touch me today.”
You looked up to see him wiggling his eyebrows, your immediate response being to roll your eyes. “You’re so annoying, you know that?” 
“You tell me that all the time, sweetheart.” He gave you a boyish grin and cocked his head to the side. “Now c’mon, say what’s on your mind.”
The bed creaked softly as you sat up straight, hands moving away from Eddie and onto your lap. Silence filled the air between you, the sound of your heart pounding the only thing you heard in those quiet moments. 
“Okay, stop me if this sounds dumb—”
“Nothing you say is dumb.” 
“Jesus, let me finish first, yeah?” You laughed nervously, picking at the thin layer of olive polish on your nails. “Well I’ve thought about it before, y’know, the right person stuff you were talking about earlier.”
He nodded and brought his thumb up to lightly chew on his nail, something he only did out of nerves.
“You, well… you’re the right person.” 
Eddie could feel the blood rush to his face as he stared at you silently, an unfamiliar feeling bubbling in his stomach at your confession. He half expected for you to burst out in laughter, teasing him and his cherry-red cheeks, but the only thing he saw was your shoulders slumping forward and an embarrassed look washing over your face.
Your knees dug into the mattress as you tried to get up, nearly falling off the bed from the rush of your movements. “Actually, just forget it, Eds.” 
“Hey, no, listen to me.” He reached forward and pulled you back down quickly, your hands landing on his lap roughly to steady yourself. “It’s not dumb, alright? I just—you can’t rush into this.”
“I’m not rushing, you’d be surprised about how much I’ve thought about this,” you admitted sheepishly. “I don’t wanna do it with a Hawkins asshole, Eddie. I wanna do it with my best friend.” 
He took his bottom lip between his teeth, eyes searching your face for even a glimpse of uncertainty. “T-This is serious stuff, okay? I need you to be sure.”
You had never been capable of making Eddie Munson stutter, but there was a first time for everything. 
His hands were warm and just a little clammy when you took them into yours and squeezed them reassuringly. “I’m positive, Eds.”
There was an almost immediate change in his demeanor once you gave him the green light; he pulled his hands from yours and moved them to your hips, scooting back to make room for you to lie down. Eddie rubbed circles into the exposed skin near your stomach, thumb flicking between the waistband of your cotton shorts and the hem of your shirt. 
“Can I kiss you?” he asked quietly, curls framing his face as he lowered himself closer to you. 
You nodded wordlessly, heart beating out of your chest once his face was inches from yours. The woody fragrance of his cologne mixed in with the apple-scented shampoo he used made you close your eyes as it enveloped you, the smell wholly comforting and all you needed to calm your nerves. 
Ringlets of his hair brushed against your cheeks as he kissed you softly, traces of the strawberries and honey you shared still around when your lips parted to taste him. The kiss was timid and smooth, Eddie’s hands ghosting around your hips and the back of your thighs as he parted your legs further. His jean-clad thigh brushed against your center, the sensation unfamiliar but enough to make you bring your hips up in search of friction.
Warmth spread from your stomach up to your chest when the kiss grew feverish, Eddie’s tongue poking at your lips while his fingers squeezed the soft flesh of your waist. It drew a faint moan from you, the noise muffled by his mouth. 
Your hands rested on his shoulders and bunched the t-shirt he wore beneath your palms as he pulled away, a string of saliva connecting your lips.  Warmth rushed to your cheeks and you couldn’t help the laugh that rose in your throat, a dopey smile pulling at Eddie’s lips as he stared down at you.
“Not nervous anymore?”
You shook your head and spoke quietly. “Only a little bit.”
Eddie nodded and sat back on his legs, hands moving up and down your sides before resting atop the waistband of your bottoms. “Can I take these off of you?” He narrowed his eyes when you only responded with a nod. “Use your words, sweetheart. I wanna hear you.”
“Yeah, sorry, you can take them off.”
He worked swiftly in sliding the cotton shorts down your hips, the bands of his rings icy against your skin. You watched his every move, not missing the way his fingers lingered on your skin as he dragged the bottoms down your thighs and over the curve of your knees until you kicked them off over the edge of the bed. 
Eddie tried to bite back his smile as he looked from your underwear up to your face. “Strawberries?”
“They’re my favorite fruit!” You pushed your foot against his chest softly, rolling your eyes at the dulcet laugh that left his lips while he positioned himself onto his stomach.
He lifted the hem of your t-shirt to your chest, fingers running over your stomach.  “I think they’re mine too.”
Your complaints got lost as he pressed his lips against your flushed skin. Sliding his fingers beneath the band of your underwear, he lowered them slowly and left open mouthed kisses along your lower abdomen. You lifted your hips and helped Eddie take them off, the garment hanging off your foot as you brought your knees up to either side of his head. 
“Still okay?”
You felt yourself begin to nod before you caught yourself. “I’m good.”
A shaky sigh left your lips when he lowered himself further, the feeling of his breath hot against your center causing a shudder to run through your body. His hands found purchase on the back of your thighs, fingertips dimpling your skin and pulling them further apart until the subtle stretch between your legs made your head spin. You could see the way he stared at you like you were the prettiest thing he’d ever seen, tongue poking out to wet his bottom lip. 
He kept one hand on your thigh and brought the other to swipe up your folds, thumb spreading you open as he flattened his tongue against you. A broken whine escaped your mouth at the contact, eyes squeezing shut when his lip ghosted over your clit and his tongue licked a stripe along your glistening slit. 
The air felt warm as your hands came down to his scalp, fingers wrapping around the dark tendrils and tightening each time he lapped at your juices. His groans vibrated against your core, the sensation shooting up your body. The feeling was foreign, but you were positive you never wanted him to stop.
“Doin’ so good for me,” he murmured, pulling away to look up at you with low eyes. His lips were swollen and tinted a cherry-red hue, glossy with your arousal that went down to his chin. “How’re you feelin’?”
“Amazing,” you said breathily, raising your hand to give him a thumbs up. “Can you, y’know…”
“Words, babe. Use ‘em.” Eddie’s voice came out muffled, busying himself with leaving kisses on the inside of your left thigh. 
“Fuck me, Eds. Please.”
He pressed one last kiss to your skin and planted his hands on the bed, raising himself up to get off the bed. You squeezed your legs together, desperate for some sort of friction as he pulled you towards him, knees dangling off the edge of the bed.
“I wish you could see yourself right now,” he mumbled. “Gorgeous.” 
“Trying to talk your way into my pants?” 
He winked at you, fingers coming up to unbutton his jeans. “You’re not even wearing any panties, so I think I’m alright.” 
You lightly pushed him with your foot as he lowered the silver zipper, shimmying his jeans all the way off until the black briefs he wore were on display. He was clueless to the way you ogled his bulge, eyes wide and attentive to the way it strained against the cotton. 
The lust-filled moment was interrupted when he almost lost his balance trying to yank the briefs down quickly, a string of curses slipping his mouth as he avoided falling into your vanity. You let out loud laugh involuntarily, hand coming up to cover up the sound. 
“I’m happy to know you’re not nervous anymore, even if it’s at my expense.” He slapped your leg playfully, grinning at your relaxed state. 
Eddie bent down and slipped his wallet out of the back pocket of his jeans, flipping it open to pull a gold-foiled condom out. 
“Do you always have that?” you inquired. 
He shrugged. “A man’s gotta be prepared.” 
You watched with bated breath as he tore it open and rolled it onto his length, lip pulled between your teeth when his eyes flitted over to your body. He reached over to bring you closer to him, moving your ankles to the sides of his bare thighs. 
“Ready?” Eddie smiled when you nodded, moving forward until his tip pressed against your entrance. “I’ll go slow, I promise.” 
He eased himself into you, one hand on your hip to rub comforting circles onto your skin as you let out a quiet gasp. Despite him trying to be gentle, tears still pricked at the corners of your eyes once he bottomed out. 
You reached out to grab onto the hem of his t-shirt, fingers curling around the cotton material. “You can move, Eds.” 
Eddie’s thrusts started off slowly, curses leaving his lips at the feeling of you clenching around him. His movements quickly gained precision after a few moments, the rhythmic strokes causing a ragged moan to crawl up your throat. 
“You’re fuckin’ beautiful,” he breathed out. 
“Give me more, please,” you begged, nails scratching against his taut abdomen. 
He complied, hitting all the right places as his pace quickened, the sound of skin against skin filling the room. You couldn’t even think as your back arched up, mind hazy and body moving in sync with the bed beneath you. Eddie’s hand came down to your bare stomach, a cocky grin spreading on his lips when he felt himself bulging beneath your skin.
“I can feel myself in you, sweetheart,” he rasped. “You’re doin’ so good for me.” 
You bit down on your lip harshly to stop a loud whine from coming out as his thrusts became harder, his words ringing through your ears and setting a fire alight beneath your skin. It pushed outwards from your middle, his rings cool against your chest as he moved his hand up to your top to bunch it around your collar. He palmed your breasts, running his thumb across your pebbled nipples through the thin material of your bra. 
It felt like the bed was going to swallow you whole as he continued pounding into you, loud cries leaving your lips  while Eddie threw his head back in pleasure. You pressed your ankles into his legs, hands dropping to grip your thighs. 
“I want you to touch yourself, yeah? Ever done that before?” he asked, the lewd request laced with care. 
You nodded, head going fuzzy as you brought your finger to circle your clit. It felt slick, the added stimulation drawing a choked out moan from you, your stomach quickly growing taut with an intense pressure flooding your system. Eddie brought his hand down to your thigh, holding it tight enough to bruise. You came as he squeezed your flesh, thighs seizing up around him as a white-hot bliss washed over you. 
Eddie’s grip on you loosened, his strokes growing more erratic until he finally came with a groan, hands planted near your ankles as he finished. Soft pants left his pink lips, skin glistening under the light of your bedroom. A quick moment of silence passed through the two of you, taking a few seconds to exchange sheepish smiles and relax your limbs. 
A tingling feeling ran through your body and you groaned softly in relief when he pulled out, his hands gently massaging your hips. Eddie bent over, pulling you to lie further up on the bed. 
He pressed a quick kiss to your cheek and stood back. “Let me go uh, take this off,” he said with a laugh, pointing at the condom, “and I’ll be back to take care of you.” 
You stared at him quizzically. “And do what?” 
“Clean you up, talk, get you some clothes,” he replied. “Maybe give you some kisses?” 
“Sounds like the life,” you groaned, stretching your arms above your head. “I’ll be waiting, Mr. Munson.” 
Tucking your arms beneath your head, you laughed softly as he picked up his briefs and made his way to the bathroom quickly. You stared up at the ceiling while listening to the water run and Eddie move things around, head picking up slightly when he came back a few moments later with a wet hand towel in tow. 
You watched silently as he sat in front of you, spreading your legs to wipe at your thighs and center softly. The towel was cool, soothing your inflamed skin. His touches were feather-like as he continued cleaning you up, almost as if he were scared of grabbing you too roughly. 
“How’re you feeling?” he asked, dropping the towel to the wooden floor and reaching over to open one of your drawers. 
“Good, Eds,” you reassured him. “Thank you.” 
He shrugged, a smile spreading his lips as he fished out a pair of underwear for you. “Strawberries? Again?” 
“There was a sale going on!” you protested, laughing while he slid them through your feet and up your legs. Lifting your hips up to assist him, he let the waistband snap softly against your skin. 
“Can’t believe I like you,” he groaned, crawling over to lay down next to you. 
He brought the blanket over the two of you, your bare legs entangling together when you moved closer. 
“Well,” you drawled, “you kinda have to.” 
“Mm, I guess so. There’s a lot to like,” he grinned, pressing a kiss to your nose, “strawberry printed panties and all.”
Tumblr media
© 2022 KIWICIDER - all rights reserved. do not copy, translate, modify, repost, or claim as yours.
a/n: if you find any errors, let me know !! i proofread this like at 3 am LMFAO
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
STRANGER THINGS — eddie "the freak" munson being an absolute monster.
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Tumblr media
Loml apple of my eye etc etc
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taking edibles with steve for the first time but you both end up taking way more than the recommended amount (may or may not be based off real life experiences)
trip to venus.
cw: sarcastic dumb friends secretly in love, drug / edible use (pot brownies), smut… a lot of smut… bc i’m a whore.
main masterlist. stranger things masterlist. navigation.
note: i may not have a LOT of experience in this particular field but i hope i did it justice… i absolutely love this whole concept and i hope you enjoy angel 🫶🏽
Tumblr media
THE SOFT MELODY of good old fashioned loverboy was blaring through the earphones of steve’s walkman which sat snugly in your ears. sprawled over his bed was how you had already spent half of the summer: some of your best, and stupidest, memories were just of you and him making fun of each other about things like who you liked (steve still couldn’t figure out who the tall dog-like boy you kept rambling about was), sex— you had been going through a particularly dry phase currently, which he liked to bring up to torture you with at every single opportunity— and steve’s music taste, which was questionable, but slowly improving thanks to your additions to his collection. but something had to give eventually. it was the fourth week of summer, and goddamn it, you were so fucking bored: a fact which you didn’t hesitate to groan out loud to steve, who was absent mindedly plaiting a little braid into his hair.
“well,” he said, an impish little smile forming on his god-like visage, “i have something a little more… interesting. tell me, y/n, have you ever taken an edible?” at this point, steve had sat up and pulled his knees up to below his chin, head tilted towards you with a mocking look of false curiosity plastered across his face. steve knew damn well that you had taken a whole variety of drugs at parties with your friends before, even some with him— just never edibles. he liked to play up on the little things you hadn’t done, to annoy you by pretending you were some innocent virginal figure (another nod to the fact you hadn’t been laid in forever).
although most normal people may be shocked if their friend randomly offered for them to both get ridiculously high on a june evening, you were less than surprised. after all you knew steve harrington, and some people may say that he had a bit of a… predilection for this sort of thing (bad decisions and reckless behaviour)— and they would be completely and utterly correct if they did choose to say so. and you? well, you weren’t one to say no to a good time— especially when it came to tall handsome boys you’ve been into since the age of twelve. plus, you were tired of the dull routine of the warm summer days you had been experiencing: heat, more heat and barely any fun, aside from a few (less than interesting) parties.
so, it came as no major shock to anyone when you ended up perched on the edge of steve’s bed, “you spin me round (like a record)” blaring in your ears and scepticism etched into every crease of your brow as you turned over a very funny-smelling brownie in the tips of your fingers. “steve, are you sure these even have weed in them? this just smells like a whole lot of syrup and fertiliser.” there was no way in hell you were going to put something that looked and smelled like a lump of fucking dirt in your mouth… boredom suddenly sounded a lot more appealing— but steve was already shaking his messy head in your direction.
“shut up and just put it in your fucking mouth already, y/n.” you smirked, looking over at him with a defiant facial expression. “do you say that to all the girls, harrington? because if so i understand why that blonde tried to kick you in the nuts—” steve looked absolutely mortified. “shut the fuck up, oh my god, at least i have sex on a semi regular basis, hasn’t it been like four months for you now? be careful or your virginity will grow back,” he cracked up as you glared at him with all the force of a knife. if you had been blessed with the same powers as eleven, steve’s own walkman would have floated up into the air and started beating him around the head by now.
a clearly annoyed and agitated look graced your face as you flung the little chocolatey square at steve’s face; only for him to catch it in his hands and take a big bite. as you watched, completely gobsmacked (since when did steve harrington have such good reflexes?), he looked you right in the eyes and sucked the crumbs off his fucking fingers. as you struggled to keep a straight face, you felt your face (and… other areas) warming up in embarrassment. to save face, you grabbed three edibles off steve’s bedside table and shoved them in your mouth, chewing furiously. “oh my god, these are like fuckin’ tar, harrington—” “well, maybe because you’re not supposed to eat three at once, that’s not a serving size?!” steve sighed, before grabbing the two final brownie chunks and tossing them into his mouth.
“what happened to ‘correct serving sizes’, steve?” he glared at you with a chilling look. “since you decided to eat half of my very expensive, very beautiful, stunning, perfect…” “steve, shut the hell up. they’re fucking pot brownies. and i don’t even think they have pot in them, because i’m not exactly feeling any effects right now.” passing one of steve’s own earphones to him, you laid back on the rumpled bedcovers to listen to some ridiculous punk rock song that he had chosen.
clearly you had spoken too soon, because three minutes later, steve was gaping at you as you went into hysterics over a song lyric that you’d just heard. “y/n, what the fuck?” “he just… wheeze… said… there were shadows… wheeze …searching…” “y/n, are you making fun of fucking journey right now? journey is like, cultural. for white people. i don’t know, whatever.” you collapsed into giggles against steve’s chest, and five seconds later he joined in, cackling along with you. clearly the high was hitting him too, because he kept tugging on a piece of your hair and asking you why your natural curls were so much better than his— “because you’re a skinny ass white boy, harrington!”— which only made you both howl even louder.
eventually, the gasping for breath died down a little and you had a chance to turn around and glance at steve, laying on the bed behind you. and not just a quick look— you were truly drinking every inch of him in and undressing him in your mind (as robin once told you, “if you keep fucking him that hard with your eyes, you’re gonna end up impregnated with his hairy child, babe.”)
the problem was that steve harrington, as a general rule, was not bad to look at. easy on the eye and sweet on the tongue, as he once put it (leading robin to thump him hard on the back while he shrieked in agony) and tall and lean and… well… delicious. but to look at steve harrington whilst stoned out of your mind? it was an education in angelicism: watching him felt like a lesson in worship (and worshipping his body? well, that didn’t sound awful either.) everything about him was clearly designed to captivate, to draw the eye’s attention. the way a damp tendril of his hair curled at the front, reminiscent of a question mark— or, in a less romantic manner, a curly french fry. the tiny freckles sprayed across his face as a child by some dainty fairy as she skimmed the top of the morning dew. the way, as only you knew, that the very top of his vertebrae was curved ever so slightly, with slight scars from an unknown incident on either side. they looked, to you, like the spot where angel wings threatened to burst through.
“you fantasising about me right now, sweetheart?” you looked up, pulled from your reverie and finding yourself rolling your eyes as steve was the one to smirk in your face this time. for some reason, you felt unusually bold: blame the heat, or the edibles. fuck it! it’s summer, and you’re happy and you’re high and you really really want to have sex with steve harrington. which is what urges your next reply that tumbled from your lips; “so what if i am, loser?”
and instantly the air in the room changed. the atmosphere, once sleepy and calm, felt charged in a different way. before, it had felt like the hazy soupy feeling of a hot summer where all you needed was an ice cream sandwich and a bucket of freezing water. but now? now all you could think about was the slight pressure between your thighs where they rested on the bedsheets, the butterflies swarming deep within the pits of your stomach, and the blown out dilates of steve’s pupils as they bored into yours.
you sat there, expectantly— the look on your face daring steve to move. you thought that maybe if you waited it out perhaps you could get him riled up a little more: and you were right, because seconds later he lunged forward, attaching his lips to yours in the most ferocious manner imaginable.
you were pinned directly below steve, his movements were incredibly hard and fast. his mouth moving against yours in what was clearly a combination of lust, want and pure desperation. you didn’t know what do with your hands, so you brought them up to his head to fist at his hair and a guttural moan fought its way from the grecian column of his throat, his fingers pinching at your waist in a way that had you writhing underneath him. “oh my god… steve, right there,” you whispered softly into the springy surface of the mattress— he was sucking deep open mouthed kisses into your collarbone, allowing blood to rush to the uppermost layer of your skin. “you don’t know how fucking long i’ve wanted to do this.” steve’s words were murmured against the slope of your neck as he kicked gently over the sore spots he was bound to have left on the surface. “oh come on harrington. i’m insanely fuckable, it makes total sense that—” you let out a breathy moan as steve’s hands began to travel up your thigh, rubbing circles as he went. “you were saying?” “fuck you, harrington.” “well, i’m pretty sure you’re about to already, so. kind of a moot point there, y’know?”
for someone who couldn’t stop cracking jokes, steve himself was acting like a man starved. his hands eagerly dove to tug your shirt off you, eyes widening at the sight of you lying there on his bed in nothing but a bra and skirt. “fuck… so pretty for me, angel. can i take this off?” you nodded desperately, tugging at the material yourself and pulling it over your head. "so eager, slow down, baby," he laughed, mocking your expression of lustful indignation as he leant down towards your breasts. just as you were about to scream in impatience, you finally felt steve’s tongue swirl across the surface of your nipple— pulling awkwardly high pitched moans out of you which made you cringe to yourself. but if anything, steve seemed to enjoy them and take it as encouragement as his movements simply became more vigorous, taking almost half your fucking boob into his mouth and sucking hard enough to leave bruises. “fuck, steve!” your fingers clawed self effacingly at his back, attempting to ground yourself from the intense pleasure you were receiving.
flicking your hips underneath him, you caused the brunette boy to let out another grunt as you pushed up against him. “something the matter, harrington?” you tried to sound as confident as you possibly could in order to piss him off, but by then he was hitching up the bottom of your skirt and the warmth of his breath hitting your clothed cunt the was enough to set you squirming all over again. steve’s splayed hand came down on your stomach, holding you in place. “i need to taste you. is that okay, angel?” you nodded frantically, hips bucking up in an attempt to meet his face before his other hand came down just as firmly on your thighs, swatting you easily back into your previous position, “i’m gonna need words, baby.”
you gaped at him, then started up a semi sarcastic tone of pleading (which honestly was more realistic to your internal monologue than you would possibly like to admit.) “yes, oh my god, just fuck me already, steve, please fuck me, i—“ and in an instant, your pretty lace panties are being tugged down until they’re around your ankles. “fuck, barely even touched you and you’re already so wet for me. so fucking hot, babe.” you felt heat rise up into your cheeks at his words and found yourself thanking god that he blesses you with enough melanin to hide any blush that might have appeared, until the breath was wrenched from your throat as steve trailed open mouthed kisses all over your thighs. his middle finger reached up to flick over your clit and your whole body shuddered in pleasure. “so pretty for me… could fucking die with my head between your thighs.”
the disheveled boy already looked completely fucked out and yet something about his appearance made the whole thing feel even hotter. (this is what we do to each other when we’ve barely even began touching? this is how i make you feel?) and it wasn’t just you, because there was an expression of wonder and pure ecstasy in steve’s eyes as he gently began to press two finger into your entrance, mesmerised and a little turned on by the ease with which they slipped into you. instantly your head tilted back in utter rapture, nails digging in to the supple skin of steve’s back, raking across his angel lines and causing him to moan headily. a deep shiver ran along your spine at the sound: there was something so raw and guttural and steve about it. it was like some kind of intimate ritual—a here's a part of me, take it, sink your teeth into it, drain it for what it’s worth, spit out the sour pits. this didn’t just feel like a meaningless fuck, but a connection. and not as in the cliché cherubs on valentine’s day way— something innate, something personal. the memory of you, the awful 70s music blaring over the walkman, and the sourness of the summer evening air, the full moon resembling a polished silver penny as it hung low over hawkins, it wasn't all just another façade of you and steve pretending that you saw each other as friends, or making up other people you were supposedly in love with. this was something else, rather than another aimless evening of you both hiding away in the small chasms of solitude you created for yourselves. it was a baring of not just your bodies but something ore personal, private. i feel so strongly about you that i will let you see me here, hip dips or large thighs or twig legs or huge tits or no tits aside. i will splay myself out for you and allow you to do the same thing, at the same time, and together we will use our vulnerability to make each other feel good.
“angel. god, you’re so beautiful,” steve rasped at you, fingers pumping in and out of you at a steady pace. “fuck, you’re so wet. is this all for me?” you nodded, whimpering assent. “yes stevie, all for— oh my god, right there, that feels so fucking—“ the oxygen was ripped from you as the delicious length of fingers curled against that spongy spot inside you yet again; toes curled in ecstasy and utter bliss. sensing your torment, he chuckled: “calm down, baby. just gimme a minute, yeah? gonna make you feel so good in just a sec if you hold on for me.” his hand on your stomach restraining you once more as your hips rutted upwards desperately in an attempt to gain just the tiniest bit of friction.
“what did i say? patience, love,” and the sudden feeling of his mouth licking against your clit was oneiric in its sensation. a whole sonata of the filthiest phrases spilled from your lips as you felt steve smirking into you, before viciously attacking your sensitive bud in the same way he’d previously treated your lips. “oh my god, steve, steve, please don’t stop, please—“ you were a babbling mess as he added a third finger, the slight burn as your walls adjusted making the gratifying feeling of fullness intensify. the dirty words pouring in a cacophony from you were like music to your partner’s ears— he couldn’t get enough.
four months without sex is a long time, and when the sex you’re having for the first time after such a hiatus is so mind blowing, it’s probably excusable to feel your orgasm coming on a little early. the painful feeling of steve’s long fingers relentlessly hitting your sweet combined with the hell raising sensations of his mouth wrapped around your clit has you gasping and your thighs tightening hard around his head as he hooks your ankle with his hand and tosses it over his shoulder in order to get as close to you as possible."fuck— wait, steve i think i’m—" you near shrieked as his thumb rubved soothing circles into your calf.
he knows you’re on the edge, could tell from the difference in pitch as you’re calling his name and the rapidity of your breaths. the tingling feeling in your abdomen only intensified as steve redoubled his efforts, sucking as harshly as he can on your bundled nerves as you scream his name into his shoulder, biting down on the tender pearliness of flesh there, causing him to rock his hips down into the mattress with undisguised want. finally, as the passionate ripples of steve’s touch gives you that one last push, a blissed out scream manages to burst free from your throat as you hit that pleasurable peak, waves of euphoria rushing over your trembling frame. you’ve never come like that before, never withhold such a head rush of dizziness and pure fucked out fulfilment. you released your vice like grip on the mattress and allowed yourself to relax a little, only propping yourself up on your shoulder with a confused look when steve walks across the room and pulls from a dirty jeans pocket a condom, of all things.
“buckle up sweetheart. ten minutes, then we go for round two.”
Tumblr media
tags: @claireunoia and @unsheath. i do not have a taglist, follow my library account @oakmoons to be notified when i post a new fic.
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palettehao · a day ago
I 100% believe when they filmed the roller rink fight the duffers straight up showed Finn & Noah the rain fight and said "You remember this? Do it again."
There's no way the two scenes match up so perfectly without them having to be directed to mirror the rain fight. Like it's not even Mike and Will's positions, it's the facial expressions, the hand movements, the delivery.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Every single thing match's up perfectly and it's driving me crazy
(I highly recommend looking at any TikTok edit of these two scenes together, the whole parallel jumps out so much and in an angsty way, it's fun)
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buckleupbrochachos · a day ago
why have i never seen the duffers nor the actors (besides millie) ever act so giggly and happy towards mileven. like theyve never shown real interest in the pairing- or they see it as a sort of joke.
but with byler everyones all giggly and smirking to eachother or jjust acting like theyve got a big secret and theyre trying not to tell us.
and even millie has seem to have gotten bored of mileven- when shes literally the most relevent part of the ship.
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strawberrybyers · 13 hours ago
the stranger things cast and crew the past month:
Tumblr media
stranger things fans literally deteriorating from stress while making silly little posts about ships and theories:
Tumblr media
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haiishodenki · a day ago
Tumblr media
@/Thatbabybunni on Twitter
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lil-stark · 2 days ago
y/n: i fell
steve: from heaven? bless ofc my angel
y/n: no i literally fell
steve: in love with me? you have horrible taste
y/n: steve i think i fractured my arm
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cullenswife · a day ago
Breaking up with the stranger things boys P1
Warnings: possible S4 spoilers, mentioning of kissing, swearing, my terrible English, guys being mean cuz you shouldn’t be breaking up!:)
A/n: so sorry for any mistakes, English’s not my first language. Also, I’d like you to comment no matter you like this or not, I’ll try to do better (and requests for STRANGER THINGS are OPEN)
Tumblr media
The whole town was aware of Steve being infatuated with Nancy but when you got together, it seemed as if he got over her and moved on… well, not completely.
Your inner voice told you that getting with someone whose first love’s still nearby can go wrong but Steve managed to woo you, assuring that you’re the only one he wants.
At first everything turned out to be perfect (so-called honeymoon phase with flowers, romantic dates at weekends, the gentlest kisses and handholding), BUT when all the ‘Eddie murdering people’ took off, Nancy was round your boyfriend too close for comfort.
Even the blind would see the way Steve looked at Nancy, so when you were in the Upside Down you decided to talk to him right away while being alone in a random room at the Wheeler’s.
“Steve, I-I…I don’t want to sound selfish o-or stupid.. It’s just.. do you love me?”
“What? Y/n, why’d you ask that? Sure, you’re my girlfriend.”
“But you can’t tell me the actual words, can you? I see the way you look at Nancy and I’m talking not only about today, the whole week, Steve. You’ve been distant the whole week,” there was a moment of deafening silence.
“Look, I don’t want you to think anything, it’s just.. there’s nothing between me and Nance, you’re making that up… a-and is that even relevant right now?”
“It is. Do you really think I deserve to be treated the same way you were when dating Nancy? If you want me to calm down, tell me I’m the one you’d be dating if Nancy would be willing to get back together with you.”
You stand there for a few more seconds in silence with Steve looking like he’s deep in thought, regret and confusion written all over his face… you’re about to burst in tears.
“I should’ve known better than think you’d might catch feeling for me. Good luck with her, King Steve,” spitting out those words you walk out the room slamming the door, leaving the person you once thought was your true love behind.
Wiping off the tears, you look up only to be met with sad looking Robin who might’ve heard your conversation and is about to comfort and give best ever hugs to you, her best friend. And after…
After she might slightly turn into a hunter and nearly strangle the stupidest dingus on earth for losing such a girl.
Tumblr media
Being in a relationship with the mallet boy is such a rollercoaster that people (mostly me, hehe) wonder how you’ve made it this far.
Patience is VITAL if you’re with Billy but he often tends to put it to test, and I mean it.
You could break up due to him being a douchebag whenever he’s round his ‘friends’, cause he might just ignore you and hurt your feelings flirting with other girls for fun.
The moment he sees your face, he’ll make sure to come up to you and whisper that it’s nothing serious and you should just chill out, which actually makes you even sadder when he comes back to Carol as if nothing happened.
if you were to break up over this, he’d surely use his charm to win you back.
But the real straw is probably one of the evenings when he had a stand-off with Neil, which made him really tense. He’d be on nerves the whole drive, tapping the wheel of his blue Camaro.
Thoughts like ‘why the hell he actually took you out on a date’ would pass his mind.
You’d try to get him relax a bit by chatting bc you knew that talking about his father would anger him even more (well, so would your chatting)
“So, have you heard that Mr. Larrison is going to retire? I thought it was stupid, well, you know, especially that I failed my grades because of her-“
“Can you shut the f*ck up?!”
Billy suddenly pushed the brakes and the car came to halt.
“What’s wrong with you?”
A mean smirk littered his face, “you’ve heard me.”
Tears started welling up in your eyes, which set off Billy’s laughter.
“You’re dating the bad boy of the state, what did you expect, huh? Rainbows and flowers?” He took a moment to look at your face, “so f*cking stupid.”
“Well, you’re dating that f*cking stupid,” you spat the words out before thinking, your fury escalating by second.
“Get the f*ck out,” Billy hissed through gritted teeth.
It took you a few seconds to come up with a solution, you’ve had enough putting up with his behaviour, with him neglecting you and your feelings. It’s time to stop forgiving him whenever he acts like a kicked puppy.
Billy watched you go the other way in the rear mirror, praying that you’ll turn back, that you won’t leave like his mum did.
In a moment you heard the car being ignited and driven off as fast as lightning.
That night you’d be crying your eyes out utterly heartbroken.
Little did you know Billy had his heart torn in pieces as well.. (now I’m crying, my baby needs loveeee)
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mendessimp · 17 hours ago
just how fast night changes
Tumblr media Tumblr media
i miss mike with them so much
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counting-stars-alone · a day ago
Sad, gay boy falls in love with his straight, best friend and gets rejected? Tired. Boring. Sad, gay boy falls in love with his best friend and finally gets a win when the friend turns out to be gay, too? Phenomenal. Never gets old.
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loveronlineee · 2 days ago
First (Eddie Munson x Reader)
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Reader (She/Her)
Warnings: none
Synopsis: Y/N is surprised to find that the list of Eddie’s romantic endeavours is much shorter than she initially thought. So she decides to do something about it.
DM me if you wanna be on the Eddie tag list!:)
“You’re a virgin?!” Y/N sat up from where the two friends were lying in the grass.
“Y/N I’m called Eddie the freak. You think I’m getting laid?” Eddie chuckled, looking up at the clouds.
“I don’t know you just don’t give off virgin energy.” Y/N lay back down.
“That’s the best compliment I’ve ever received.” Y/N laughed at Eddie’s sarcasm.
“But really? No metalhead girl from out of town? No stranger in the broom closet of a house party?” Y/N asked, hands moving in the air as she talked. Eddie just grinned, keeping his eyes to the sky. His silence was enough to answer. “You’re telling me you haven’t corrupted at least one cheerleader or straight A good girl?” Y/N turned her head to look at him. Eddie chuckled.
“Nope.” Y/N just stared at him in disbelief. Eddie finally looked at her after getting no verbal response. He saw the shock still on her face. “I’m dead serious L/N!”
“But you act so… cool!” Y/N looked back up straight. She used her hands to talk again, helping her let out her confused frustration.
“You think I’m cool?”
“You have charisma and energy! No girl has ever even been a bit curious?”
“Well you’re asking a lot of curious questions right now.” That comment made Y/N stop for a moment. Eddie smiled. “What about you then? I’ve aired my dirty laundry, it’s your turn.��
“Okay okay fine.” Y/N breathed in then out and rested her hands on her stomach. “I’ve done seven minutes in heaven a bunch of times but I’ve only hooked up with Steve Harrington, and Chance and Andy from the basketball team, at different times of course-“
“TWO of the jocks AND Steve the hair Harrington?” Eddie questioned, head whipping over to her. “Y/N L/N you’re more of a player than I thought.” Y/N chuckled at Eddie’s enthusiasm.
“I want to make clear that all of them were single when it happened!” Y/N stated through a giggle. “So who have you kissed then?”
“No one! No one L/N! What are you not getting about weird loud nerd who’s been labeled a freak?” Eddie laughed. Y/N was still smiling but now she was shaking her head.
“I cannot believe this.” She said as she sat up. Eddie looked over to her, propping himself up on his elbows.
“Where you going?” He watched as she moved to sit on top of him, immediately making him loose his cool. “W-Wh- Y/N what are you-“
Y/N slowly closed the gap between their mouths. Eddie’s eyes widened before he remembered he should probably close them. He felt Y/N’s hand travel up his chest until she reached the top of his shirt. She grabbed it to pull him in closer before letting go and rolling off, leaving him wanting more.
“There you go Munson! You can check that off your list now.” Eddie laid there frozen, unable to speak. Y/N could see he was still in shock. “Y’know the good thing about kissing someone who’s never been kissed before, is that they have absolutely zero expectations for you. You were pretty good though. If I didn’t know any better Eddie, I’d say I didn’t just take your mouth virginity.”
“Oh gross. Don’t word it like that.” Y/N laughed.
“I just said it to weird you out.” Eddie just stared at her for a moment, still processing what just happened.
“W-Why did you do that?”
“Because I wanted to? And I was 95% sure you wanted to too. It went up to 100 the moment I sat on you.” Y/N grinned. They heard the school bell ring in the distance. “Ah shit I gotta go.”
She stood up and brushed herself off. “Guessing you’re skipping again?”
“Uh yeah.”
“Okay cool I’ll see ya later.” Y/N began walking away. She turned back around. “Hey if you’re lucky I might take your actual virginity one day.” She winked before disappearing into the distance. “Unless a lucky lady beats me to it!” She shouted back.
Eddie watched the spot she had disappeared to, long after she was out of view. His brain was still processing what had just happened. He gulped, feeling his face heat up.
He never knew a girl could make him such a mess so effortlessly.
Tag list: @Mikinyi @justaproudslytherpuff @angelicjinwoo @k12baby @spiderman-berries @ruhro7 @justanotherhappyidiot @dontcallmesavvy @kenzi-woycehoski @gh0stm3g @lagataprrr @spencersbookbag @ygrworld @ambernicole90 @alwaysbeenfamous @angelsarecallin @voteforevilthoughts @iameddiemunsonshair @hellf1reclub @phobles-world @isshecleverorisshecrazy @olrjmarvete @b-bella9 @ultraoliviajeromethings-blog  @beatlebeesstuff @korescomaactually @bilesxbilinskixlahey @darkened-writer @nightless @gnkkstarz @cullenswife @killergoddessmm @preciousbabypeter @uselessbutinteresting @frogtits1 @lotus-es @padfootpottah99 @siriuslysmoking @enoumen-t @marrigold-2002 @nightless @the-mysterious-miss-s @olrjmarvete @evie-119 @rand0m—fangirl @felicityofbakerstreet @lotus-es @v0idl1nq @stv-1-ncent @eiviea @iheartcb @grumpyy-bearr @purple-flamingo @eddiessoulmate @violetrainbow412-blog @mcueveryday @marauders3rawh0re @ravenhood2792 @dragonalpha54 @slytherinintj13 @pastel-abyss-x @missscarlettangel @charli123456789 @henhouse-horrors @erikaar @golden-hoax @fairynamjoonie @caramelkatsukis-bitch @sun-faced @somerandomasgardian @helensophie @avobabe87 @s-u-t @superheavymetalunicorn @low-keyyyyy @carliuxima @avarose06 @ticharluv @ijustfndamilldllrsthatsmnefgt @gia-maybank @takemetoneverland420 @notbeforelong @lovepity @falling4uke @emiijemii @chocolatestudentllamabanana @milkiane @montgomery-fucking-gator @girl-in-the-chairs-void @ourheartsofsteel @simp4fictional @sakurarou @nyctophiliiiiaaa @just-that-bi-girl @ieatrocks1 @beautifulrunwaymodelwombat @geeksareunique @chiggennuggie @levylovegood @eddie-swhore @char1389 @chaerwithluv @annikin-im-panicin @mmmxmo @cestlavie03 @selenelouvel @thanatophobiawilldestroyme @unicorntrooper @jmj-1312 @nxrdamp @funn-sizedd @idblamekate @miraakswhore @7myoi @vintageleather @lemongirl5910 @hermie62 @tuskjohnny @madcosss @vinnielovesmel @michaelfuckinglangdon @bbyharlow @bakugouswh0r3 @bookswillfindyouaway @im-a-nobody-101 @jellyfishbeansontoast @steph88w @kendallpaige @strawberrykittey @abbyeey @rocking—and—rolling @dragons-dejavu @ghoulsgraveyard @spiderstyles04 @piratedelusion @your-mom-is-smoking-hot @lxffy-icon @kaiya3333 @my-obsession-spn @eddiemvnsongf @bicallison @rivuh-stone @summeritalyrain @hanihans @noa-keselman @hangel0veb0t @xbreezymeadowsx @official-maddibrown @sugabops @shoutokozume @joyfulstar81 @dontwaistyourtime @wintersdarling @gnkkstarz @pleasantlycrazyworld @oinomniaparatuso @magnet-girl @e-girl-on-the-server @antisocialthat70sshow @ma-tara @golden-thv @shamidreamer @crypticlxrsh @squishymochiuwu @kovieky @existentialjams-blog @caelin32212 @kissmyquill @lunar-flwr @whiskeypowder @vhscillian @alisslahey @prongs-girlfriend @afs1 @lilsubbysblog @melodiclovesong @same-panic-different-disco @stormyparker @madnessismylover @obi-wanakenobi @nerdboylover @waterfallpussyprincess
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urcuteharrington · a day ago
head in the clouds🕊💌
Tumblr media
pairing-steve harrington x fem! reader
summary- steve can’t stop thinking of the way you wrap around him…
word count- 1.2k
warnings- p in v, dirty thoughts in public, sub to dom steve, handjob, making out, the usual smut shit
a/n- now this has been in my head all day and i just needed to write it asap. hope you enjoy and hit my inbox id love to chat or take requests!
steve's pov
"hey steve can you put these back on the shelves" robin says to me from behind the front counter. "yeah, sure" i say as i start pushing the go backs to the romance section. putting the movies back i notice one that y/n and i rented a few days ago. the memories of that night flood my brain as the image of her riding me plays. her head thrown back and those sweet noises she made, ' fuck' i mutter out as i feel my pants tighten around my erection.
the face she makes when she slides down on me and that fucking gasp. "fuck steve, you're so fucking big" she moaned out when she slide all the way down my dick. feeling her squeeze me as she adjusts to my size, watching her plump lips swollen from the make-out sesh that led to this.
i fix my pants to hide my obvious erection but the images keep playing. her sweet moans as she starts bouncing up and down on me. "oh steve" she says as i thrust into her. y/n breast bouncing up and down with her movements. how soft they are the squeeze and how easily they become hard when i pinch her nipples.
"steve...steve..." i hear her moan out. "steve" robin says as she shakes my shoulder. "what?" i say as i turn to look at her. "i'm going on break can you work the front" she says as she walks to the backroom.
I stand in the front as call y/n, *ring...ring...ring* she picks up. "hey i really need to see you after work, im gonna pick you up so be ready at 7:00" i say quickly. "oh alright i'll see you then" she says and i end the call.
"alright i'm clocking out" i say to robin as i toss her the keys to lock up when shes off. she waves me off and i head straight over to y/n's place.
y/n's pov
i finish up by putting on steve's favorite perfume. the urgent way he spoke over the phone i knew exactly why. i wore his favorite bra and pantie set for nights like these. nights where he couldn't contain himself from the thoughts of us fucking. this happened often so i knew immediately. i hear a honk from outside and start heading out.
walking up the stairs to his room i am immediately pushed to the wall as his lips find mine. my hands find their way to his neck and hair as i deepen the kiss. i wrap my leg around his thigh pushing his body closer to mine. his hard erection pressed up against my inner thigh dangerously close to my cunt.
he runs his hand down my lower back and squeezes my ass making me moan into our kiss. i lower one hand down his chest and make my way to his erection. i palm him softly and he pulls away moaning in my ear. "keep doing that you're gonna make me cum" he says to me as he kisses my neck.
i giggle as i start unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. out lips reconnect and i start giving him a hand job under his underwear. his pre-cum making it easier for me to wank him. "fuck" he says into our kiss as i run my thumb over his soft pink tip.
he pulls away and looks deeply into my eyes, "i need you right now" he says as i walk him to the bed. i push him on and tell him to remove his shirt and pants. "ah ah ah you have to wait a little pretty boy" i say as i start striping for him. "oh fuck" he mumbles as he sees me dressed in his favorite bra and pantie set.
" turn around for me baby" he says as he admires my plump ass in his favorite panties. i turn to face him and climb on top of him. our lips meet and his hands roam my body feeling my bare skin. "i want you in me steve" i say, "..but can you please help me take off my bra" i continue as he quickly unhooks it with one hand. i toss my bra to the side and he places kisses on my breasts.
he licks my nipple and blows softly watching it harden. he squeezes my boobs leaving deep dark hickies across my chest. we lock eyes and i see his lips are swollen from our kissing. "please fuck me steve" i say as i feel my panties soaked with slick.
he kicks off his underwear and i toss mine into the growing pile. i stand on my knees above him and grab his erection. i give it a few pumps before aligning it with my entrance. rubbing his pink tip along my slit to lube him up. his tip kisses my entrance as i lower myself onto him.
i gasp and look into his eyes as he runs his hands through his hair. i feel him stretching me out as our pelvis meet. "fuck, i can see how deep i am." he says as he runs his fingers over my belly bulge. he places his hands on my hips helping me stay steady.
i move my hips in a circle, round and round as i begin bouncing up and down. his tip hitting my cervix every time our hips meet. his throaty moans, my moans, and skin slapping is all that can be heard. "steve you're so deep" i moan out as i throw my head back.
he quickly flips us over and starts fucking me doggystyle. my ass up, back arched, face being fucked into the mattress. "oh fuck" i moan out loud as he slaps my ass hard, leaving a bright red hand print. his thrusts deep and fast as his balls slap my clit.
"you're so fucking tight" he groans out as he hits my g-spot. "right there steve please" i beg him as tears pool around my eyes, smudging my mascara. he abuses that spot making me mumble, "you're taking me so well princess" he says as he slaps my ass again.
"who's makin' you feel this good" he says, "steve" i moan out. "louder" he says as i scream his name repeatedly, "steveee".
he reaches over rubbing my clit in rough circles. "cum for me princess, cum all over my dick" he says as he trusts hard into me making me see stars. i feel that boiling sensation take over as i cum. he thrusts into me a few more time before cumming deep inside me. "fuck, that was amazing" he says as we fall onto the bed side by side.
he cuddles into me kissing my shoulder softly. "let me run you a bath and clean you up" he whispers into my ear as we fall from our high. "i'm sorry if i was rough, i've just been thinkin' about you all day" he says making me laugh.
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urlocalbylershipper · a day ago
🎶does it ever drive you crazy just how fast the night changes🎶
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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l44serbeam · a day ago
now i wanna, be your dog
Tumblr media Tumblr media
eddie munson x metalhead!fem!reader summary: five times Eddie knew that he was undeniable head over heels for the leather wearing hellcat that rode into his life and rattled him in his boots (and by boots i mean doodle littered converse). a/n: okok so i've seen plenty cheerleader x eddie munson fics but i've seen like ONE metalhead x eddie fic which is much needed. Im talking like motorcycle riding, eyeliner wearing, beer shotgunning, motley crue enjoying bad ass bitch that can outsmoke eddie like theres no tomorrow. So, i made one :) this is literally the fluffiest of fluff, a bucket of sexual tension, and smut thrown in a basket and tossed back at you with a pink ribbon.      ❀ warnings: afab and she/her pronouns used, fluff, smut (number where smut occurs in bold) [riding, fingering, cum eating, pulling out] , drug use, under 21yo drinking, smoking (weed and cigarettes), cursing, y/n is said to wear heavy makeup, tiny little reference to blood, y/n is also said to have facial piercings. y/n is 18 here and in her senior year and Eddie is 19. ❀ poc friendly
Not responsible for your media consumption choices but preferably 16+ from here on down ;)
Tumblr media
There was no doubt that from the second Eddie Munson laid his eyes on the new y/n y/l/n, she had him wrapped around her little ring covered finger.
With heavy black eyeshadow and lips blood red, the moment she stepped foot into Hawkins, he was right behind her, chasing her like a lost puppy.
Y/n had just moved to Hawkins, rumors of "the new girl" were circulating around the town like a wildfire.
Eddie didn't think much about the fact a new girl was around, only that it wasn't going to affect him much but on the first day of school he was proved extremely wrong.
The very first day of the new school year, Eddie jumped out of his van and was in the process of locking his door when he heard an unfamiliar roar of a motor behind him.
He turned around and caught a glimpse of a motorcycle driving into the student parking lot, much faster than allowed. The motorcycle in itself was what initially had him reeling. It was a Suzuki Katana, painted a dark red. So dark it almost looked black when the sun wasn't hitting it. All his years in the treacherous highschool and in this horrid town and never once had he seen that bike.
On it, was what he last expected to be riding it. A woman? Now, it's not that Eddie had any issue with it, but here? In Hawkins, Indiana?
There was no way that wasn't the new girl because trust me, Eddie would have noticed her before.
The second thing that caught his attention as he walked in the direction of where the girl was pulling into, was her shirt. It was baggy and the sleeves had been torn off, the sides of her black bra showing when she lifted her arms. It was dark grey and had a white design, the words 'Iron Maiden' large in the front and in the back had all of the dates and places of their 1984-1985 'World Slavery' tour. It was one of Eddies favorite bands.
As she parked the bike, turning off the engine and throwing her bag over her shoulder, some kid jumped up besides her.
"That's a beautiful ride ya got there." He said. Caught by surprise, she flashed the boy a smile, the brightness of it contrasting the darkness of her eyes.
"Thanks. Fixed her up myself." She said, patting the seat.
After a beat of silence, Eddie stuck his hand out towards her.
"Eddie. Eddie Munson, but you, can call me whatever you please." He said, a smile much too sly on his face.
y/n couldn't lie, he wasn't bad looking. He was rather attractive. He didn't look like the jock kind. With hair almost as wild as hers, rings of skulls and gargoyles, patches and pins of various metal bands she was familiar with sewn into his jacket and converse completely covered in doodles of the most outrageous of things, he seemed just like her kind of person.
"Y/n y/l/n and i think i'll decide what to call you while you walk me to first period." She replied, walking past him and avoiding his hand which was still stuck out.
From then on, Eddie knew he was in for it.
"Dude this is the worst shit i've ever fucking smoked." the girl giggled as she laid on the floor of Eddies van, her legs mounted up against the door of the van and her back on the ground.
"It's not that bad." Eddie slurred from his place in the beanbag.
They were parked out front of Eddie's trailer, using the van as a more convenient place to hotbox.
"There's no fucking way Rick doesnt have better shit to offer you. I mean your like his best... busboy. Where's the better shit? I think we should interrogate him." y/n muttered, bringing her legs off the wall and sitting up against it.
Eddie merely snorted at her struggle to sit up. Her eyeliner had smeared a little, now intense and under her eye. Strands of hair stuck onto the piercings on her face, causing her to swat them away, then lightly whine when her aggressive actions pulled on her piercing harshly.
"What are staring at, freak." y/n said playfully, looking up to Eddie who gazed at her from the beanbag, his eyes half opened and hair wild.
"You." He said. Thats what y/n liked about him. An honest man. Only one she'd ever met.
"Why don't you come here and get a little closer, maybe you'll see better." She lited, tilting her head to the side and smiling a smile so innocently titillating that made the boy swallow harshly, sitting up and leaning towards her.
His face was now mere centimeters away from hers, air hot and still reeking of pot. Her smile faltered slightly, now just a smirk.
Eddie was mesmerized. His lips parted as his breaths came in quiet pants. His eyes lazily flickered back and forth between her eyes and her lips.
If he were sober, he would've sealed the gap ages ago but now, countless puffs in and all he could think about was how soft her lips looked, the now faded crimson color looked so delicately venomous. Like one kiss would kill him but oh how endearing that one kiss would be. Almost as if he leaned in, hed never get to lean away and right now, he had no problem with that. So instead of closing the small space between them, he just stared into the abyss that was her lips.
"Why don't you get some Motley playing before i decide to do something dumb like jump your bones, Munson."
The crowd at The Hideout was fuller than usual. A few unrecognized faces littered the crowd. Mostly middle aged men with beards and bandanas.
Eddie was crouched by the back of the stage area, plugging his amp into the wall. Next to him, Jeff and Gareth argued over some stupid cables and which go where as if they hadn't done this millions of times.
"You're a fucking idiot Jeff. That's the XLR cable, not whatever the fuck you're saying. That goes into the amp not the wall." He whisper shouted, making Eddie roll his eyes.
"Then how would the mike turn on, Gareth." He replied, dramatically placing his hands on his hips.
"It connects to the amp that AMPlifies it considering that's what an AMPlifier does. Then the amp goes into the wall. It's not fucking trigonometry. I mean shit, Eddies had to retake highschool like a hundred times and he gets it."
Eddie raised his arms and turned to look at them "I'm right here dumbass." He said annoyed, being dismissed with rolling eyes and waved hands. "I need a beer." He mumbled before making his way past them and up to the bar.
"Luke, can you gimme a Busch?" He ordered, placing the cash on the counter and receiving a nod from the bartender.
"Make that two." A voice rasped behind him, followed by the scent of cigarettes and vanilla.
He turned to welcome to sight of his now bestfriend (and occasional fuck buddy) looking like she just came out of a Rolling Stones magazine. Just a black lace bra as a top, black leather pants, two chains attached to the belt loops and a dark weathered denim jacket thrown over, oversized and the sleeves bagging.
He was holding back any and every urge to immediately fall to his knees at the sight of the y/n y/l/n. The girl that had grabbed the boy by his shoulders and shown him what the world is like outside of the wretched town. The girl that had shown him what it's like to truly have the rug pulled from beneath him and a heavy boot wearing damsel step on his throat.
"On you, of course." She chuckled, jumping onto the bar stool besides him and leaning her forearms onto the sticky bar counter.
"Oh of course. Can't have the punk rock princess pay for her own drinks." He laughed, making y/n laugh at the rhyming but slightly cheesy name he'd decided to give her.
"Would that make you the metalhead macho? Or shall i say, the iron maiden." Y/n laughed at her own joke, making Eddie bark out in laughter as well.
The bartender placed the two bottles before them and Eddie slid him the money for the second one and made his own seat on the barstool next to him.
"So, what brings you here at this treacherous hour of the night?" Eddie asked, never having had seen her at his gigs before.
"Got stoned, bored, and remembered it was tuesday. Plus they don't ID here. Why, don't want me here?" She asked playfully, placing her chin on her palm and elbow on the counter.
"No no no that's not why. I mean definitely it's wonderful you're here, you just didn't have to come if you didn't want to. It's not like we're all that."
"Im playing with you Eds. Came to support my metal monarch and hope he plays some Stooges. Nowhere else i'd rather be." She said, punching his shoulder lightly.
Y/n's words made him blush, followed by his endless hopes that she didn't catch onto that.
"Your wish is my command because as a great poet once said, 'i wanna be your dog'." He said in a fancy voice, grabbing his beer and jumping out his seat to make his way back to his band who now looked about ready to begin playing, but not before bringing his hand up to her chin and swiping it with his thumb lightly, an act of admiration he'd grown used to doing.
"Go get em tiger." She cheered before chugging down her beer.
4. smut belowwwww
Eddie was already deep in the waters of adulation even before the sex began but now, a cigarette in between her lips and legs over his hips, what he felt was near worship.
Riding him with a frevity and hunger that Eddie never knew one could have, he felt like he was orbiting saturn, his hands gripping the skin of her hips as he helped (barely) her motions. Leaning her head back and exhaling the smoke, she looked like an angel to the man beneath her. Or more fitting, a fallen angel.
Because nothing of the things she could do and did do to him were anything near holy. The way she made Eddie feel whether if it was with a simple movement of her body, a knead of her hands, or a lewd comment that dripped out of her lips like the sweetest of honeys was anything but sanctified.
"Fuck y/n. I- i can't. To good. Fuck." Eddie muttered, his words falling incoherent.
"Hold on there pretty boy." y/n moaned, bringing her hand down to his shoulder for support. "I'm close too."
A symphony of the most obscene of moans clouded the room, mildly covered by the heavy guitar of Push and Stomp by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts bouncing off the thin walls, the creaking of Eddie's bed loud and just as incriminating as the very sounds that left their lips.
"Fuck, im gonna cum." Eddie groaned, pulling y/n off of him, ropes of white liquid squirting onto his abdominals.
"I can help with that." y/n mumbled, stuffing her cigarette into the ashtray on Eddies nightstand before grabbing her hair out of her face and leaning her face down to his stomach area, boldy licking him clean.
"Shit." Eddie hissed at the sight. His eyes rolled at the entire scene.
When finished, y/n kissed and licked her way up to his neck, then his jaw, then finally, his lips. He groaned into the kiss, his hands coming up to her waist and flipping the two of them over, now him on top.
"You didn't get to finish." He said, barely letting himself finish his own sentence before muffling it in her neck, biting and nipping at her skin. His hands found its way to her core, fingers gently brushing through her wet folds, pulling a sultry moan from her lips. He made his way down to meet his mouth with her pussy, licking and sucking like a man starved.
Between his fingers and his tongue, he pumped in and out of her, watching from below as he body arched and her eyes squeezed closed. He bathed in pleasure when she gripped onto his hair, pulling on it with authority and possession.
He was hers and there was nothing anyone could do to change that.
The last song Eddie couldve ever expected to have brought y/n such joy was the one that had her on the bed besides him sitting on her knees, in nothing but her black lace panties (which had a tiny rip in the lace trim due to a little impatient man with long black hair) and his hellfire shirt, her arms close to her chest as she swayed with the song.
"OH ONCE IN YOUR LIFE YOU FIND SOMEONE!" y/n sang the lyrics of Heaven by Bryan Adams dramatically, emphasizing the emotion behind the melodic piano and moving instruments.
Eddie laughed at her antics, the haze of the early hour of 3 a.m and the wearing off of the pot they'd smoked earlier made everything so cohesive and the moment so endearing.
"WHO WILL TURN YOUR WORLD AROUND!!" She continued, now theatrically "falling" on top of Eddie, arms still swaying with the music.
Brain fuzzy with laugher, Eddie looked down at her, singing the lyrics to the cheesy song he had no idea was even on her radar, considering it was so out of her character. The dim light of his lamp illuminated her, shadowing her features perfectly.
Once the theatrics were over, instead of rolling off of him, y/n decided to remain on his chest, head tilted up and looking at him and legs intertwined.
He looked down at her, indulging in all her beauty.
"You missed some." He said, his thumb coming to the area right below her eye to wipe off a bit of excess eyeliner that hadn't come off with the makeup wipes, frowning when it didn't come off.
"It's that new waterproof shit i bought. Gotta scrub it off with every bit of strength in me to get it all off." y/n laughed lightly, clearly not showing any sign of her actually getting up to do it.
Eddie reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the packet of makeup wipes shed left on there and grabbed one.
He gently grabbed her face so her chin was on his chest and he sat up slightly against the pillows, y/n closed her eyes and he began wiping around her eyelid and lower lashline, ever so gently and lovingly. Almost like he was scared to hurt her if he got to rough.
As he laid here, he thought to himself about how he could do this every night for the rest of his years. He thought to himself about how he'd finally found a person who got him. Without instruction or persuasion or the need to change, she just got him. From the minute she rode into the oh so boring school of Hawkins High where Eddie felt like he was imprisoned, she graced him with a ground shaking beauty and freed him, gifting him a sense of self and new found enjoyment of his life here in Hawkins. And he wished that when his life here in Hawkins ended, she'd be with him for whatever next life was to come, making a mess of it with smeared eyeliner, smudged nail polish, and lips so dark just the sight of them could make a saint profane.
"thank you." y/n mumbled, eyes still closed as Eddie wiped.
Eddies motions stilled and he stared at her tranquil face. He felt something, something which he had to get out.
"I think i love you." He said quickly and without thinking. A spring of fear blossoming in him. All his worries eased when she let out a soft chuckle, opening her eyes and looking dearly at him.
"i think i love you too, freak."
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Just imagine you’re sitting there reading or smthn in panties and a big T-shirt and he settles right there between your legs.
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He looks up at you, blinking those pretty brown eyes innocently. “Nothingggg.” The mischievous smile stretching over his face betrays him.
“Clearly you’re doing something.” You put your book down, scolding him slightly although you can’t help but smile.
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