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LMAO not Murray literally sensing byler angst bc his curse
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You're cute, what can I say? ➠ Eddie Munson
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝₊˚✧ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 - Eddie Munson x Reader
❝₊˚✧ 𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐌𝐀𝐑𝐘 - A small blurb based of these prompts: “taking pictures after finding your lover dozing peacefully while bundled up in blankets” & “seeing them pout or scrunch their nose a little in their sleep”
❝₊˚✧ 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓 - 650
❝₊˚✧ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 - Cringe writing? A little swearing, a few grammatical errors maybe? Overall tooth-rotting fluff.
Tumblr media
“Eds?” You called out, while stepping into the trailer.  
No response. After a long day at work, you were hoping to cuddle with your favorite metalhead, who was nowhere in sight.
“That's strange hellfire ended almost an hour ago.” You muttered to yourself while searching around the house for Eddie.
After looking around everywhere and having no luck, you walked up to Eddie's room. You slowly opened the door and just as you were about to call out for Eddie, you found him in the most adorable position ever.
Eddie was dead asleep on the bed. He was wrapped up in a blanket burrito & was cuddling with a penguin stuffie you bought him for his birthday. A few baby hairs sticking to his forehead, & a little drool coming out of the corner of his mouth.
You couldn't help but visibly aw at the sight. He looked so peaceful, making you have the irresistible urge to squish his cheeks together and place small kisses all over his rosy face. But you silently went against it, hoping not to disturb him.  
A sudden thought popped up in your mind “why not take a picture to remember this?” You went up to Eddie’s drawer and grabbed the polaroid camera, you tiptoed back to the bed, arranged the camera in a good position and snapped the picture, Eddie's cheek were squished by the toy, his hands gripping onto it as if it were a lifeline, a little drool running down onto the stuffie, his hair ruffled and his cheeks were red as well as the tip of his nose. He looked precious. After admiring the picture for a few moments, smiling to yourself, you placed the camera back and put the picture on his desk.
You walked back and gently lay down on the bed, feeling relieved after putting the day's stress behind you. You slowly turned towards Eddie and thought “Holy shit, he's beautiful.” Even after 3 years of being together you couldn't help but be in awe of him. You admired his entire face, every freckle & every scratch. You raised your hand up to brush his hair aside while delicately stroking his forehead.
Just as you thought he couldn't get any cuter Eddie who was still fast asleep, scrunched his nose in the most adorable manner ever. He mumbled something faint, making him cuddle the toy further into his arms.
Your heart burst at that small moment. Not being able to wait any longer, you slowly raised yourself up and placed little kisses all over his face. In the moment, you didn't realise when Eddie had woken up until you heard him mutter,
“Well, isn't this a great way to wake up.” The raspiness in his voice making your heart grow even fonder. He sat up smiling, looking at you expectantly.
“Hey, lovie.” You muttered feeling shy all of a sudden. “I was j-jus-.” Before you could finish your sentence Eddie had already sealed your lips with his.
The kiss was sloppy, his lips moving tenderly against yours, both of your lips devouring each other, his lips tasted like honey. Your hand went up to tangle in his hair while his went to gently caress your cheek, and you felt all warm inside for the 4th time today. You lightly smirked into the kiss, making Eddie pull you even closer to him. After a few moments both of you pulled back for air still grinning.
“So you watch me sleep, huh?” Eddie grinned, still panting from the kiss.
“Not my fault, you're cute ok.” You timidly mumbled while playing with his rings, you still felt a little dazed from the kiss.
“Don't worry sweetheart; I was just messing with you, I do it all the time too ya know?”
“You look at me while I sleep?” You asked with confusion in your eyes. Eddie gently rested his forehead against yours and whispered;  
“All the time bubs, you’re cute, what can I say?”
Tumblr media
❝₊˚✧ 𝐀𝐔𝐓𝐇𝐎𝐑𝐒 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors English is not my first language. But thank you so much for reading! hope you enjoyed, please do leave feedback and please reblog!
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"i'm will byers' biggest stan" incorrect, THIS is will byers' biggest stan👇
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Eddie the Unforgiven
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eddie the Unforgiven. (ya know, like the Metallica song...)
Sorry, y’all know I had to make a sad comic about our new sweetheart.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
and if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones
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coward- e.m
summary: After you die Eddie is filled with guilt at not being able to save you, and so Vecna uses this guilt to his advantage.
a/n: So i was lying in bed listening to “chrissy chill out” trying to go to sleep and then i got the idea to write this, hope it’s okay. i’m pretty sure the reader can be gender neutral in this ♡︎
Tumblr media
Eddie’s walking behind Steve and Nancy, Dustin by his side. He’s scared, he’s so scared. He wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, he wants to show you that he’s not a coward, that he’s not afraid and that your death wasn’t in vain.
That’s all he can think about, you. Your hair, the way you smiled at him, how you said his name, and how you didn’t think he was just some freak. You loved him and he knew it. You showed him that you cared every day, and he failed you.
Tears pricked his eyes thinking about it, did you know that he loved you when you were dying? or did you think that he was a pathetic loser who couldn’t even save you?
The image was burned in the back of his eyelids, you floating in the air with your eyes rolled in the back of your head and your limps twisting in inhuman ways.
He quickly wiped the tear away and tried to focus on Steve and Robin telling him the plan.
he jerked around, it couldn’t be.
yet there you stood.
wearing the same outfit that you’d been wearing when you died, but you looked normal, the way you had always looked.
his mouth was gaping at the sight of you.
“eddie?” dustin said grabbing his shoulders, eddie’s mouth was in the shape of an “o” and his eyes were white.
“steve!” dustin screamed and the brunette ran over roughly grabbing eddie and started shaking him.
“y-y/n?” he stuttered
“i hate you” you spat
he flinched at the words and shook his head. “no,no it’s not you”
“you’re weak, you’re just a coward”
“i-i’m sorry” he pleaded stepping closer to you.
“no no eddie come on” dustin sobbed
“does anyone have a walkman, anything?” Nancy asked frantically looking around. Everyone shook their head. Lucas, Max and Erika had already left and even if they were here Max didn’t have any music he liked.
“you couldn’t save me, did you even try?”
“of course i did y/n i-i”
“or did you just watch?”
the hatred in your eyes broke his heart.
“please y/n” he had started crying now.
“you failed me eddie” your tone was harsher now. “you don’t deserve to be alive”
“you don’t mean that” he sobbed shaking his head.
“oh but i do, i mean every word”
“i’m sorry y/n, if i could trade places with you i’d do it a million times over”
“then prove it to me” your voice had deepened and you were now right in front of Eddie.
he didn’t say anything, just stared at you in fear. You were his biggest failure in human form.
“join me eddie”
he heard the clock dinging dramatically in the background
“Eddie?” Steve said frantically slapping his face, he was trying everything he could to get him to snap out of it.
“Do something!” Robin shouted.
“I’m trying” Steve yelled.
and now y/n was gone and Vecna stood in front of him. “don’t fight me eddie” he said.
“don’t be a coward this time”
one of his tentacles wrapped around eddie’s neck and eddie gasped for air.
Eddie’s body was raised in the air now and his body was starting to twist.
“Eddie!” Steve screamed.
Vecna stared up at him, feeling the life drain from Eddie. He’d be dead in less than a minute.
“i’m…sorry y/n” he choked out.
His body dropped to the ground and Dustin picked him up sobbing, he knew by the state of Eddie’s body that he was dead.
Even though he died in the process, he felt like he’d done the right thing, he didn’t feel like a coward this time.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
such brilliant acting from noah, because while rewatching 4x8 some time ago i though that the focus on will was different than the focus on mike, but i didn’t realize he would actually know brenner.
and then when you read this scene it’s all there in the acting. and we never get another look at will’s face until they’re back in the van with el, and they’re focusing on different things again.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
My Wife
Pairing: Eddie Munson x fem!reader
Warning: None.
A/N: Hey this is my frist fanfic I written. You’ll see many bad grammar on this so, don't be mean about it. Enjoy reading.
Tumblr media
Eddie had his hand on the island table and was gazing lovingly at his wife while resting his head on his palm.
She was swinging her arm and cooing at James, their baby boy. The three-person household awoke at eight in the morning to begin the day. Eddie never imagined having a partner when he first got up in the morning. He certainly never imagined having a family.
He was always alone.
He has his bandmates and friends, sure, but he doesn't have a friend or significant other at his side. He continued his lonesome ritual of rising up and going to the proverbial school-gate of hell. He was thrilled to graduate and to have a good job that covers all of his expenses. 
However, he wished he had someone by his side so he wouldn't feel alone. That is, up until his true love entered the room.
In Hawkin, the day was the usual. Eddie was receiving new music discs and stacking them. He was fortunate to be hired at the record store despite receiving numerous rejections due to his reputation. He was overjoyed. When the front door rang, he was standing at the counter, reading a magazine. He froze when he looked up. A girl walked in and was looking at the music disc. She was stunning. He rarely encounters attractive girls in high school. He observes her as she moves through each section and examines several discs. She went to the counter after finding one. Eddie panicked before swiftly calming down.
She said, "I liked to buy this." Eddie gazed at the disc's cover while nodding. When he noticed the cover, his eyes grew wide.
“Never believed you'd enjoy punk music, he remarked. She laughed and said, "Well, yeah..many of my friends were surprised when they heard my mixtape." Eddie grinned. He had never imagined hearing anything more wonderful. 
"I understand their surprise . You appear to be a girl who enjoys pop music, just like everyone else,” he continued. She smiled and turned to gaze at him. He felt anxious because he assumed she would judge his appearance.
She remarked, "Well, I know that you are a fan of metal with the full look”. Eddie chuckled uneasily and said, "Well, that's my taste in music." 
She laughed and said, "Well, you have excellent music taste and aren't like everyone else”. Eddie rang her up while grinning. She gave him the cash when he informed her of the price. 
Eddie followed her figure as she went out of the store after saying goodbye. 
Tumblr media
Eddie flung the door opened, "I think I found my soulmate." Eddie stormed into the Family Video store, surprising Steve and Robin. 
“What are you saying?” Steve said, seeming perplexed. 
Eddie remarked, "I met an incredible angel who enjoys varied music.” Steve and Robin exchange puzzled glances at one another. 
"All right, what does that mean?" As she stated, Robin arched an eyebrow. Eddie slammed the counter with his hand. 
“She appreciated punk music. I've never before encountered a girl who likes punk music. And she never commented bad on my outfit.” Eddie said, "I think I met my future wife.
“That's fantastic. Are you going to ask her out then?" Steve said. 
“How should I go about doing that?” Eddie said in a panic, "What happened I screwed up and she never wants to talk to me again”. Never does he ask a girl out. Prior to this, no girls appeared to be interested in him. Any time he approached them, all the girls walked away from him. 
"Let's start by discussing her preferred musical genre. You can  ask about her musical tastes. You already know how to start the conversation”. Robin gives him some suggestions. 
Eddie nodded his head.
Tumblr media
Every time she entered the record store, Eddie began chatting with her and asking about her interests in music and activities.
 When Eddie ended his shift, he and she hung out and spoke a lot. When he eventually asked her out, he had never been happier. On their first date, he takes her to a diner. They had a long conversation before he drove her home. He made his way to her door and bade her farewell. She stopped him and kissed him on the check as she walked into her house.  Eddie was stunned for a bit and walked into the van while having a big grin on his face.
They have been a couple for more than three years. Eddie introduced his friends to her. Eddie was happy to hear that his friend likes her, esqually the little ones. Every time they spend time with them, she soon takes on the role of mother in the group. He appreciated how she treated them with kindness and care, which gave him ideas for their future.
In addition to wanting to marry her, he also desired having children with her. He imagines how stunning she will be when caring for their child. Then he made a choice. She will become his wife.
Eddie proposed to her after one of their dates. He was overjoyed when she agreed. Only their friends and family were invited to his and her little wedding. Eddie was ecstatic when she and he decided to move in together. Every day, he ate and woke up next to her. Eddie has never loved someone as much as his wife.
When the time comes for them to start talking about starting a family, Eddie doesn't waste any time getting her pregnant. Every night they make love to one other, hoping she will start to  show signs of being pregnant. After several times, she finally became pregnant. He was overjoyed to finally be able to start the family he always wanted.
Eddie made sure his wife was fine and carried all the burdens so she could unwind. Sometimes he pushes it, but if he starts to be overbearing, she always gives him a piece of her mind. 
Nine months later, their baby was born. His wife shook him awake in the middle of the night and told him that her water had broke. Eddie awoke more quickly than he ever had before and hurried to the hospital. He remained by her side the entire time to ensure that everything was okay. When she went into labor, he was removed. Despite his resistance, he eventually stood outdoors and moved back and forth while waiting. 
She has the baby delivered. As soon as he entered the room, he noticed his wife holding their baby. His baby was crying on his mother's chest. Eddie approached them and noticed his child. He had a boy. He had a blend of his own features and some of his wife. Eddie knew he had succeeded when his son first opened his eyes. Never again would he be left alone, no longer.
Eddie snapped out of his daydream. He noticed his wife staring at him with a worried expression. 
“Are you alright, hun?” she said. 
“Have I ever told you that you are incredibly attractive? Eddie said, declining to address her query. 
She chuckled. Eddie could hear his wife laughing all day. 
She smiled, "Yes, many times.” She approaches Eddie and gives him a lip kiss. 
Eddie replied, "I love you." 
"I love you too."
Tumblr media
Ya I finish the story. Hope you like it. Reblog and comment. Have a nice day 👋.
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EDIT: the script might have been fake, but i still stand by my interpretation!!
at long last, it is here! about 12 hours of work, culminated in this here google doc:
25 pages may seem daunting at first, but the word total is about 2.7k words, so the average length of a oneshot. there's just about 40 pictures to illustrate my points.
my analysis may not be groundbreaking, but i really do think i managed to get a pretty good grasp on what mike's thinking.
i've been told it's also pretty funny, so there's that also. my beta readers i am kissing you on the forehead gently
the doc is open to comments, and i'd love any and all notes y'all may have for me!
enjoy and stay delulu<3
check out my (much shorter!) post on the important distinction — i hate who i am/i hate myself
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hellraiser. // eddie munson. (8)
pairing: eddie munson x female!reader - stranger things cast x female!reader
summary: Between school, band practices, D&D nights and shitty parents, you and Eddie have created the perfect little secret life together. The town of Hawkins despises him, but not you. You’re head over heels for the son of a bitch. About to graduate, the two of you are ready to run out of Indiana the moment those caps go in the air, but the inevitable Hawkins Curse creeps its way back into town, and takes hold of what you once thought was untouchable.
word count: 8k
warnings: language (always), mentions of death, suggestive conversation, sex talk, mentions of s/a storyline throughout story (not descriptive), smoking and drinking,  SEASON 4 SPOILERS.
a/n: hi, thanks for being here! :) This part is... well, this part is everywhere. I apologize in advance, good luck. I highly suggest you read this to understand some pieces of this part (if you haven't already) ... :)
*gif not mine, creds to whoever owns*
{ masterlist }
Tumblr media
eight. like, girlfriends
The basement of the Wheeler house is exactly as you remember it as you trot down the stairs behind Max. There’s pillows and blankets thrown everywhere, you figure they’ve been sleeping down here.
“We’re going to his house?!” Is shouted from the couch adjacent to the stairs, and when you reach the bottom you take a look at who it is and laugh. Lucas Sinclair is sitting on the edge of a cushion, using his hands to speak with Dustin who is simultaneously trying to listen to something Harrington is saying to him. At the sound of your laugh the three of them turn.
“Oh,” Lucas gives you a crippled smile, “Hey,” Shaking your head, a sarcastic smile grows on your face, and he knows what you’re about to say, “Listen, I can explain.”
“Explain?” You widen your eyes, and walk over to him after watching Max bolt around the other side of the stairs to the desk in the corner. Standing over him, you see worry creep onto his already sorrowful expression. Groaning out loud, you flop down beside him and give him an actual smile, a small one, one that makes his own composure relax.
“You don’t have to,” You say, placing a hand to his knee to give it a gentle shake, “You didn’t tell them where he is, I appreciate that, and I’m glad to see you here, with these guys.” Looking down to where your hand is, he nods his head and takes a deep breath.
“Thought you were gonna… banish me,” He says before he chuckles, looking back up at you. Squeezing his knee, you take your hand back, folding yours on your lap, lowering your brows in confusion.
“Banish you? I don’t have those rights,” You narrow your eyes as you watch his widen.
“Uh, yeah, you do,” He says, “At least… that’s what Eddie has said,” He turns his head to find Dustin who was now helping the three olders straighten up the basement, “Dustin, tell her she has those rights, to banish us.” Henderson stands up straight, head whipping in your direction at lightning speed.
“Why? What’d we do? Oh, god,” His tone in pain makes Lucas look back at you in confirmation. Your jaw falls open in disbelief.
“I… I had no idea,” You laugh awkwardly, “When was this established?”
“Since the start,” Dustin and Lucas say together.
“You’re telling me you didn’t know this?!” Dustin drops the pillow in his hand, exchanging eyes with Lucas, and when you shake your head the two boys wallow in whines.
“We were tricked,” Lucas says to his friend, “Tricked!” He looks at you, “He probably said this so we’d be cool in front of you, yanno, if Eddie’s not around?” Pouting your lips and squinting your eyes humorously, you nod, thinking to yourself. The boy you called your boyfriend wasn’t a genius, but he was smart, and he was a little too good at getting his way.
“Guess if you didn’t know, means it’s not true,” Dustin shrugs, resuming his clean up duties.
“Not necessarily,” You sing-song, giving them both a panicked look on their faces, Dustin dropping his pillow yet again. Laughing, you nudge Lucas’s shoulder and shake your head, “Chill out, I like you guys. If anything…” You lower your voice, give Nancy a glance, and lean in to the boys so only they could hear you, “It’s Mike I’ve got my eye on.” The freshmen relaxed, but only a bit once they realized you were serious.
“Why… What did Mike do?” Lucas asks quietly, both of their gazes fixated on you. Shrugging your shoulders you sit back and smirk, knowing they were now wrapped around your finger.
“Dunno, just suspicious,” You wink, turning your chin away from the fourteen year olds to the people your size. Nancy and Steve were over by the desk Max was at, putting a stack of blankets away in a closet, while Robin stumbled over to you as she tried to tie her shoelace at the same time.
“Oh, shit!” She exclaims, nearly toppling over you on the couch. You both fall back into the cushions laughing hysterically. “I’m so sorry!” She giggles, sitting up, still holding both shoelaces in her hands. Grabbing the side she fell into, you take a deep breath to calm down.
“Jesus, Robin,” You sigh, rubbing your ribs, “Would love the emergency landing warning next time.” 
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” She is absolutely cheesing while she puts her foot on the edge of the coffee table in front of the couch, propping her foot up to finally, safely, tie her sneaker. Watching her fingers work, you see she’s still accessorizing with the rings she had on a couple days ago, the ones that reminded you of Eddie.
“Hey, dweebs,” Steve calls out toward the group of you on and by the couch. Looking up you see he’s only talking to the freshmen, but he gives you a quick sideways glance before he motions for them to come over to him. 
Following command, Lucas and Dustin hurry over, Steve putting them onto a simple, meaningless task that you notice he’s done so you can talk to Robin. With a gulp, you give him a tiny smile, one that he’d have to squint to see, and you turn away quickly to give your attention back to Robin. She was almost done with her other shoe, oblivious to what Steve had just done.
“How’s Eddie doing?” She asks you, placing both of her feet firmly on the floor. Looking between both of her sparkling eyes you try to smile, but find your heart feeling smushed instead.
“He’s, uh, he’s okay,” You say with a little head shrug, “Wish he didn’t have to be… hiding. It really sucks.” Dropping your head to look down at your lap, the immense danger that he’s in is suddenly put into perspective for you. Sure, you’ve known he’s in trouble and if he’s caught there’d be consequences, but… now that he’s been hiding out for four days as a top suspect to a girl you went to high school with’s death… you weren’t sure you could see a happy ending whether he turned himself in, or got caught, or anything in between. You’ve come face to face with Jason already, you knew he was searching for him, and if he found him, well, he told you what he was going to do.
Robin can see the spiraling happening behind your eyes. Reaching over to grab onto one of your hands, she drags her thumb over the back and taps it a couple times.
“I’m sorry,” She whispers. You look up at her, coming face to face with a pair of sad brows and an almost pout. Her blue eyes are big, and full of compassion as they study your face, watching your cheeks turn a shade of pink she’s never seen before. 
You sit this way with her for almost thirty seconds before she cracks and has to look elsewhere, which she does with a small, awkward laugh. Looking down at the hand she was still holding, you give it the tiniest squeeze before you let it go and shift your body to face completely forward. It’s quiet for a moment, both of you reeling your minds back to stable ground.
“I have a question,” You both mumble at the same time, making you snap your necks to look at each other holding back smiles.
“You first,” You whisper, and she shakes her head.
“No, ladies first, you go,” She focuses on your eyes, gesturing to you with her chin. Glancing away around the room, taking a deep breath, you feel a bout of anxiety start to fester in your chest. 
“Um,” You begin slowly, “I really hope I’m not wrong, uh, because if I am, you’ll hate me,” Look back up at her, you watch as she pulls a funny face as if to tell you she wouldn’t, “But… Shit, Robin, I don’t know… how to say this,” Your eyes have a mind of their own as your anxiety grows, looking everywhere except Robin, or nowhere but her, “Nobody knows this but Eddie, and even when I told him I was, shit, high out of my mind-”
“If it’s what I want to ask you, trust me, I’m not going to hate you,” Robin says quietly, cutting you off. She grabs your hand again, making you look at her, “Hey,” She glances to your shaking fingers, “It’s okay,” She whispers, scooting closer to you so your legs are pressed against one anothers, “I’m serious.” Nibbling your bottom lip, your breath is shaky as you follow her lead to take a deep breath.
“I just need to know if I’m right,” You half laugh, and she joins you, “If you… If you are… If you’ve ever…” She nods her head before she speaks, smiling.
“Yeah,” She whispers, “I do, I am, and, I have,” She confirms, then you both laugh at her response, “And if it makes you feel any better, Steve is the only one I’ve told,” Her voice is quiet, just for you, “And, holy fucking shit, is it insane to tell somebody else.” A weight is pulled off of your shoulders. No feeling of relief has ever felt this sweet. 
“I won’t tell anybody,” You whisper back to her, and she thanks you with a smile.
“My turn,” She smizes, “You get the same question.” 
“I do,” You start to smile, “I am, but, I haven’t,” Robin nods, excitedly, but with sincerity, “I love Eddie,” You say, and she nods faster.
“Of course,” She says with heart, closing her eyes for a second.
“We’ve been dating since sophomore year, he’s my first every- Well, not everything, I guess, shit,” Robin's eyes drop to your hands as you pause, letting what you just said simmer.
“It doesn’t count,” Robin offers, trying to help, “I know what you’re… talking about, and it doesn’t count. I promise. Eddie is still the first one, and he always will be, no matter what.” Fighting back tears, you try to bob your head to agree with her, but it was hard.
“It’s just, since I’ve always been with Eddie, I never got the chance to… do things with anyone else, yanno what I mean? And it’s doesn’t mean I regret dating him this long-or-that-I-would-do-things-now-with-someone-else-while-I-was-with-him-I-just-mean-that-since-”
“Hey, hey,” Robin squeezes your hand to pull you out of your ramble, “I get it, it makes sense, I know what you mean.” 
“Nancy? Hey, girls? I need you up here please!” Karen’s voice carries down the stairs, shouting down to, what you assume, you and Nancy. From where you’re sitting on the couch you can see her standing in the doorway, looking directly down at you. Nancy turns around where she’s at by the closet with the kids, making eye contact with you before answering to her mothers shaken tone.
“Us?” She asks as she walks to the bottom of the stairs, peering at her mother over the railing. Gesturing a finger between you and herself, she doesn’t seem too thrilled.
“Yes,” Karen says to her, kind of hushed, with wide eyes and an insistence in her tone. She walks away from the open door as you stand up with uncertainty. Glancing down to Robin, she shakes her feathered brown hair and motions you away, giving you a smile that lets you know the secrets you both just shared were safe with her.
You follow Nancy up the stairs involuntarily, nearly bumping into her as she pauses at the top of them, wearing the same look her mother was just giving you. You’re two steps behind her with a hand on the wall to support yourself.
“What?” You whisper, and she turns to you calmly, but her expression is telling you she feels otherwise. For the first time in these long few days, you maintain eye contact with her as she speaks from the very front of her mouth.
“Your mom is here,” She whispers at a volume so soft. Gulping, you lower your brows and quiz her.
“What?” You whisper back. Nancy gives a side eye to the kitchen, then looks back at you.
“Your mom… is here, I see her in the kitchen,” She turns her hands into fists. As much as your relationship is broken, Nancy still understands the weight this is going to carry. Sure, she was disturbed by your presence, but it didn’t mean she didn’t care about what happened to you. She knew very well how much you loved Eddie, and despised the kind of people your parents were… She lived with two of her own.
“What,” You whisper again, rhetorically. You feel all of the life wash away from your face, and Nancy watches it happen. She witnesses your skin changing colors right in front of her. You’ve gone stark white, in fear. “Nancy,” You mutter, raising your voice, feeling nausea stir up within you.
“Sh, stop,” She lifts a hand and tentatively places it on your shoulder, the first time she’s touched you since, probably, seventh grade, “Go back downstairs, we’ll leave out the side door down there.” There was an accessible door in the basement that would bring you right outside, and you would be able to hopefully avoid Tina. As appealing as that plan was, you unfortunately have a tiny little Eddie in your brain nagging you to do the opposite.
“I’m awake right now, right?” You ask, still whispering, and she nods, “I’m not… hallucinating, I’m standing right here, on your steps, in your house that I haven’t been in in years, I’m a missing person, and the only person looking for me is the one I’m running away from… and she’s in your kitchen.” You could almost laugh, it was sadistically comical.
“I’ll go up there,” You mumble, and Nancy’s eyes go wild, “But you have to promise me that I’m not going to leave with her. I need you to do that for me,” Practically begging, you sigh as she nods again, “Please, Nancy. Help me.” Those four words spilled from your lips and they smacked you both across the face. They were words spoken back on that August night four years ago.
“I promise,” She whispers, and her eyes give you a gleam of something you can’t place at the moment, not amongst the anxiety looming over your shoulders. 
With a deep breath and a wiggle of your fingers, you look down to your shoes and squeeze your eyes shut, repeating, ‘just do it for Eddie’, in your head. 
After the trip to Victor Creel’s house you could have the group drop you back at Ricks, and you could tell Eddie all about how you saw your mom, talked to her, and let her know you were okay, just like he wanted you to do. Then, all that needs to be done is killing Vecna, according to Dustin last time you heard the plan, and at last, you’d have your peace. You and Eddie would go to prom, or make fun of it rather, you’d graduate and then finally escape the town that spat at your feet.
All you had to do was face your mother.
Opening your eyes, you look up at Nancy who looks absolutely distraught. It was as if her eyes were begging you not to do this. Understanding how she felt, you nod your head and step up to the floor beside her.
“Here we go,” You breathe, maintaining your eyes on hers.
“I got you,” Nancy whispers, and you see that she tries to smile. It warms you as much as it makes you sick.
Taking slow strides, Nancy follows right behind you as you walk around the corner and into the kitchen. Pausing where Robin had about a half hour ago, you feel your stomach flip at the very sight of your mother. She had her back to you, wearing clothes that were found in the back of her closet. Her hair was tied back messily, almost exactly how you encountered her the other day.
Standing with Karen, you could only assume that your mother thinking you’re missing is really getting to her, because there wasn’t a chance she’d be seen like this in front of the Wheeler’s.
Feeling Nancy’s presence behind you, you wiggle your fingers again and clear your throat. Karen is the first to look up at you, her soft eyes that she was using to listen to your mother shot up at you with a vengeance. You had lied to her, and ultimately fulfilled the idea of the person she assumed you had become amidst you and Nancy’s fallen out friendship. She really wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.
“Mom,” You say quietly, feeling every muscle in your body tense up as she whipped herself around looking absolutely wrecked. Her eyes, that remind you of Jeffrey and Marshall, are lined with tears, and the dark circles beneath them give you an inkling that she hadn’t been getting much sleep. 
It hurt to see her this way, to know that all the times you’d talk about running away with Eddie, you’re now seeing firsthand what it would do. Even the couple of minutes in John’s store hearing your brothers speak about you, you’d be leaving that behind, and ultimately you did.
“Oh my god,” Tina whispers, her voice shaking. She walks closer to you, keeping a couple feet between you. “Oh my god,” She says louder, her eyes growing wide, “You… Do you have any idea what’s been going on?” Her exasperated tone immediately shifts to her parental one, sparking a shut down within you, and the hope of this going well gets flushed down the drain. 
Staring straight at her, you hesitate, but you nod and say, “I do.”
“Do you?!” She forces out, hushed, “I have fingers being pointed at me, at our family,” She says, “People. Talk. And everyone I’ve heard from seems to roping you in with Eddie, making you two out to be accomplices to the murders.”
“What?!” Both you and Nancy exclaim. Karen shushes her with persistence, then shrugs to her daughter signifying that she didn’t know this information either.
“Your father’s been down at the police station,” Tina continues, and you roll your eyes.
“‘Course that’s where he’s been,” You mumble.
“Yes,” Tina digs, “And though you two have this dislike for one another, he’s been working tirelessly to find you.” Her words strike you in your heart, the change in emotion showing on your face. You and Neil had your issues, and yeah, you weren’t his biggest fan, but it hurt to hear that your father had a ‘disliking’ for you.
“I’ve walked around town, like this,” She gestures down at herself making you laugh, because she would find a way to loop her appearance into the conversation, “With your brothers, hanging up posters of you. Walking around, with your brothers! I’ve been consoling them for days, telling them you’ll come home at any second, and that you’re safe, and that, no, you’re not dead,” She pauses, letting her words sink in, “I told them all of that, when I really didn’t have a clue… I thought you were next. I thought I’d get a phone call, or Chief Powell would show up at our door saying…”
“Yeah, uh,” You say, “I’m okay.” You cross your arms over your chest and watch as she takes in what you’ve said, raising her eyebrows. She gives you a once over, and shakes her head.
“You’re going to stand here looking like this and tell me you’re okay?” She scoffs, “You look like you haven’t slept, you’re wearing the shirt you left in four days ago, you smell like cigarettes and it looks like you can barely stand on your feet for longer than ten minutes.” Glancing to your feet for half a second, you admit to yourself that she was right. The only thing that changed was the jeans you put on at Eddie’s. It was kind of gross.
“Yeah,” You repeat, “I’m okay,” You emphasize the strength of the words. Tina crosses her arms, a flash of realization hitting her expression in the most subtle way possible.
“Is he here, too?” She says just above a whisper, sending your heart to your knees. The ignorant little smirk she wore knew just how to get under your skin.
“What?” You sigh.
“Eddie, is he here, too?” She asks again, giving Nancy a sideways glance, “Is this where you’ve both been… hiding?”
“Tina, I would know-”
“Karen, not now,” Tina spat, lifting a hand to cut off the woman who was paralyzed at her own kitchen counter, “People talk,” She restates her words from mere moments ago, “I’ve heard some interesting things,” There’s a lilt of humor behind her snarky tone.
“Mom,” You close your eyes, feeling your heart that had sunk into your stomach start to come back up in the form of nausea.
“People have told me that you and Eddie are close, like, so close,” She fake smiles, shimmying her shoulders, “And I tell them, of course they are, they’ve been friends for years,” You swallow, hard, “That’s when they look at me… weird. I can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to hear that your daughter has been dating a boy for… three? Three years? And to have no idea that it’s happening?” You are completely frozen, her words have stolen your voice.
“Not only am I hurt that this was something you never shared with me as your mother, but I am mortified that people know me and your father didn’t know,” Tina takes a deep breath, giving you another once over, “I can only assume, three years with a boy, things have happened.” This would be her only concern.
“Stop,” You choke out, shifting your eyes to anywhere in the room but your mother. 
“We’ve never talked about those things,” Tina says quieter, her own mistake haunting her.
“We don’t need to,” You whisper, focusing on the light fixture above Karen Wheeler’s head so you don't need to look at anybody.
“He’s been around us for so long, and for us to not know he was your boyfriend and allow you to spend so much time together…” Your mother insists, fueling the uncomfortable rage that was simmering just beneath your skin.
“Mom, please,” You beg her to stop talking.
“I just need to know,” She pushes one last time, and you lose it.
“YES!” You shout, looking her dead in the eye, “I. Have SEX. With Eddie!” Her eyes shoot open as your voice vibrates off the walls. Sucking down deep breaths, you feel a gentle hand on your shoulder, Nancy’s. “I’ve been his girlfriend since sophomore year of high school, we went to a party on Halloween and got shit-faced, Mom, it was great! And, guess what!? That’s the very first time we did it!” The sheer look of discomfort on her face spurs you on, “It didn’t last long, it wasn’t spectacular, but it was good enough to know that’d we’d be doing it again!”
“Stop,” Tina spat, and you laughed.
“Oh, come on, Mom!” You grin, “You wanted to know, so I’m telling you, it’s what you wanted!” Nancy gives your shoulder a squeeze, an indication that you should cool it, but watching your mothers reaction to her worst nightmare was too exciting. For years your parents feared for you, and tried to instill the same fear within you, because you were his friend, and now that your mother knows just how deep the connection with Eddie is, it feels like sweet revenge.
“He’s not here, but I’ve seen him,” You say, your expression falling serious, “We actually…” You pause to think, making a sarcastic face, “We did it yesterday… twice?” Your mother curses your name, and you hold back a laugh, “I could give you a schedule?” She groans, dropping her hands by her sides, “He’s safe, but he’s scared. Much like I am.”
“You won’t need to be scared anymore,” Tina straightens up, taking two more steps toward you, stretching out a hand, “We’re going home, right now.” Stumbling backward into Nancy, you reach a hand back to her, one that she latches to quickly. Tina glances at the two of you with a confused brow. “Since when have we been friends again?” She asks, and you see Karen in the kitchen come a bit closer as well. Sharing a look with Nancy, she decides to be the one to speak up.
“Since all of this craziness began,” She smiles at Tina, her small, endearing smile, “It’s a tough time to be… to be a part from the people you care about, which, uh, you seem to understand,” Nancy pops her brows, “We thought, why let… silly things keep us apart, why not stick together and be there for one another through hard times. You know, like girlfriends should do for one another.” The usage of the word girlfriends sends your mind for a spin, and you know you’re the only one in the room who feels that way about that word. If Robin were standing up here you know she’d feel some type of way as well.
“Well, that’s sweet,” Tina says, half believing what Nancy has said, “I’m still taking you home with me,” She says, shooting you a glare, “Even though I was worried to death, you’re still grounded. For a very, very long time.” Holding Nancy’s hand tight, you signal that Nancy needed to get you out of this, a reminder that she promised.
“Ms. Tina,” Nancy laughs awkwardly, putting on a perfect act, “I’m sorry, it’s just… There’s a whole group of us here, we’ve all been sticking together, and the kids that are with us… They really care about the group staying a group. If we take one person out, it’ll disrupt our entire system, one that the little one’s have come up with completely on their own!” Her tone becomes excited, persuasive, “Your daughter has been a giant asset to the team we’ve composed, the kids adore her. It’d just… well, it’d be a shame if you took her away from them. Their support system.”
“Nancy,” Karen warns, half questioning the truth of her statement, but then remembers how Max lit up the minute she had saw you walk into their kitchen, “Tina,” She sighs, “It’s true, these kids have been here for almost two days, it’s like they need each other.” Tina’s eyes shift between both of your own, contemplating her response.
“You get one more day here,” She says quietly, and you feel your shoulders relax, “But tonight, you come home. Better yet, tonight I pick you up from right here. This kitchen. Got it?” Nodding your head at an unexplainable speed, you hear Nancy take a deep breath. “You’re not off the hook for everything you’ve told me, you hear? We will talk… about all of it.” Her eyes dig into yours as you nod again. 
Nancy tugs on your hand, pulling you back toward the basement door as you watch your mother turn straight into Karen Wheeler’s open arms letting out a sob. You hear her mumble about you and how disappointed she was, and how she couldn’t believe she was letting you stay. Karen consoles her, telling her she was a good mother for letting you stay with your friends, and you can’t help but shake your head. You and Nancy leave them both behind to swap motherhood falsities about one another.
The car ride to Victor Creel’s house is, so far, the most pleasant car ride you’ve shared with everyone. Nancy drove and Steve sat in the passenger seat helping her navigate the road and put himself in charge of the radio. The two boys took shelter in the back of the Station Wagon. You and Robin sat in the center row with Max between you with her headphones on, blasting Running Up That Hill like she’d been since you arrived at the Wheelers.
With every twist of the radio knob, you had something to say, driving Steve up a wall, partially on purpose. Robin giggled with you every time you made him flip out, it was just too easy.
“You know what? I’m done!” The drama queen tosses his hands in the air and sits back in his seat, groaning as he longing looks out the window while every female in the car laughs at him, even Nancy.
“Oh, Stevie,” Robin sings, leaning over to tap his shoulder a couple of times. A familiar guitar riff comes through the radio. Your ears perk up. “It’s not that you have a bad taste in music…”
“Oh my god!” You exclaim, jumping in your seat. Your hands grab the air, your fists excitingly tight. Every head that could turn to look at you, does. Nancy glances at you in the rearview mirror, catching a glimpse of your happy eyes.
“What?!” Robin and Steve copy how you sounded at the same time. Shaking your fists, you close your eyes and bob your head to the music.
“New Metallica,” You say quietly, a sense of comfort wrapping around you as the song plays, “Harrington, turn it up.” Obeying your command, Steve turns the radio's volume up a bit, and they all watch in amazement as you bang your head to the beat.
“I have a bad taste in music?” Steve asks Robin under his breath, making her chuckle while she watches you get completely lost in the song.
“Eddie can play this on guitar already,” You brag, glancing at the boys over your shoulder, and Dustin smiles.
“That’s so cool,” He says.
“How long has this even been out?” Harrington questions, “No way he can play this.” Giving him the nastiest look, you scoff.
“March third, Stevie,” You tease, “Less than a month. Have you ever even heard him play? He’s incredible, don’t doubt him. His ears are like… like tiny geniuses.” Robin and Steve exchange another look, one with a smirk that wasn’t intended for you.
“Alright,” Harrington shrugs, turning to face forward again, letting this new fact about Eddie marinate in the pool that is ‘things that make me feel weird about Eddie Munson and I don’t know why’. Robin knowingly touches his shoulder again, giving it a little squeeze before she sits back in her own seat to watch you enjoy the rest of the rock song only you and Dustin seemed to like.
The car slowed down in front of an old, battered house. Nancy puts it in park, and to your dismay, she turns the engine off, shutting the radio down.
“Hey,” You and Dustin both whine.
“Thank god,” Steve mumbles, and the back of his head gets another deadly glare.
Once everyone is out of the car, Robin and Max are the first two to walk up the stone stairs that connect all the way down to the sidewalk, like some grand entrance to this abandoned lot. Nancy and Lucas are the next to follow, pausing behind the girls after they get up the first set of stairs.
A nervousness is sparked within you, one that makes you internally hate yourself for having the issue. In moments like this, when you needed to be on your game, and not be the one to have a meltdown and ruin it all, it was mind blowingly frustrating. 
Standing on the sidewalk with your hands tight against your sides, Dustin comes up beside you and gives you a small smile, as if he could sense your timidness. Bumping his elbow on yours, he gestures you forward with the top of his head and nods, letting you know that it was going to be okay. You glance to the left and find Harrington waiting beside you as well.
Taking a long, slow deep breath you shut your eyes and release it steadily, letting the only thought in your head be ‘disappointed that Eddie won’t be here to watch me take down a monster like a badass’... If that was what was going to happen here. You weren’t sure what to expect from a boarded up house from the forties. 
There were times you and Eddie explored places similar to this around Hawkins, searching for places to smoke peacefully, but you’d never, ever, go into a place where a murder occured. At least, until recently.
Dustin and Steve followed you up the concrete stairs, and with a closer look at the house, you’re all in shock.
“Yeah, that’s not creepy,” Steve mutters. 
The air felt different in this part of Hawkins, but only in front of this house. There wasn't any wind, it felt incredibly still, like time was frozen.
“Hammer?” Nancy turns around, completely calm, to look at Steve. Harrington flattens out his lips and holds up the hammer with a beaten up yellow handle. “Okay, come on,” She exhales heavily, gripping her own hammer, leading the group up to the porch of Victor Creel’s home.
Feeling a little spooked the closer you get to the front door, you find a safe place next to Robin, linking your arms together while Nancy and Steve go for the giant board in front of you. The kids fill in the empty space on the porch, the three of them seeming a little spooked too. Not one of them has said a word since you’ve gotten out of the Station Wagon. 
Tilting your head so that you can get a look at Max past Lucas’s shoulder, she sees you and turns her chin. You smile, hoping she would return it, but instead you watch her gulp and blink emptily a couple of times. 
“What exactly are we supposed to be looking for in this shithole?” Steve asks after successfully taking out a couple of nails from the wood. He and Nancy fall into light conversation. 
Asking Max if she was okay with a change of facial expression, she takes a breath and nods her head, focusing back on Harrington after he says her name, talking about how she saw this house in Vecna’s red, soup mind world.
“Maybe it holds a clue to where Vecna is? Why he’s back? Why he killed the Creels?” Dustin offers, “And how to stop him before he comes back for Max…” His words send a chill down your spine as half of them vaguely glance at you.
“We… don’t think he’s in here, do we?” Lucas asks.
“Guess we’ll find out,” Max says with a flat tone, watching more nails drop to the floor of the blue porch.
“Ready?” Steve asks Nancy, and she gives him a tiny nod. The two of them hold onto the board, then step out of the way as they let it drop, revealing a door with a stained glass window. A stained glass window with a rose, just like the one Max had drawn in the Wheeler’s kitchen.
Without warning, Robin jumps out of your hold and hurries in front of the house toward the bushes. She rustles around for a second before grabbing something, standing up with a quiet groan. Coming back to your side, she wraps her arm back around yours and sees Steve fiddling with the doorknob. An innocent smile grows on her lips.
“It’s locked,” Harrington says, and everyone's faces fall, “Should I knock, see if anybody’s home?” He jokes.
“No need,” Robin speaks up, making heads turn, “I found a key,” She smizes, holding up a brick she had found within the overgrown bushes.
Without a second thought the brick is passed from Robin to Dustin to Nancy to Steve, who throws it at the beautiful art that was the stained glass window with a rose.
“That’s a shame,” You mumble. Robin looks at you and smiles.
“Sorry,” She whispers.
Steve sticks his hands through the smashed window, moving it around until he finds the doorknob. With a singular turn, the door opens, Harrington pushing it as he steps inside, the door desperately creaking on its hinges.
You look at Robin and let her know with your eyes that you were freaked out. She tightens her grip on your arm and smiles again, holding you close to her. Somewhat defiantly, she steps forward to take you inside, the two of you following Steve who lets out a surprised whistle at what you’re all faced with.
Filing in the stale air of the house, Steve closes the door with another haunting creek. Lucas tries to turn on a lamp by the door, but to no avail, there was no electricity.
“Looks like someone forgot to pay their electric bill,” He says softly, everybody speaking quietly within the walls of the house, like you’d entered a church.
A couple flashlights were passed out among you and clicked on, confusing Steve. There were a few hushed words between him and Dustin that you couldn’t hear, ending with Steve pulling a flashlight out of the freshmans backpack, and dropping it on the floor by the door.
Latched to Robin's side, you take shaky breaths as you look around the house. There had to have been a layer of dust on everything that was still set up like somebody could live here. The difference in furniture design and home decor was interesting, like you’d stepped into a preserved time capsule.
“They just left everything,” Nancy says from over your shoulder, both her and Robins flashlights pointing into what looked like a living room.
“I guess a triple homicide isn’t good for resale value,” Robin says and it makes you giggle. Nancy blinks, exhales and just gives her a look.
“Hey, guys?” Max asks from a corner of the foyer in a way that makes you all jump to find her. She has her flashlight pointed up at a brown grandfather clock that is completely covered in dust. “You all see that… right?” She asks quietly, hiding her worry. Letting go of Robin, to her disappointment, you hurry to Max’s side to check out the clock and make sure she’s alright.
A chorus of ‘yeah’s’ comes from the boys behind you as you keep your eyes on your little redhead friend. Robin and Nancy bustle up behind you as well.
“Is this what you saw?” You whisper to Max, slowly looking back up at the tall grandfather clock that was extremely unsettling, “In your visions?” Max bobs her head, her eyes glued to the broken decor that stood in front of her.
“I mean, it’s… just a clock,” Robin says, leaning over to speak to Max. You almost shoot her a glare, her words rubbing you the wrong way until she adds a confused, “Right?” Stepping around Max, squeezing between Harrington and Dustin, she walks up to the glass window of the clock and eyes it curiously. After a moment of quiet, she pulls her sleeve over her hand and lifts it to wipe away some of the dust that coated the glass in a thick layer.
“Like a normal old clock,” She says, turning around to look at the group.
“Why is this wizard obsessed with clocks?” Steve says aloud, a thought that he meant to keep to himself, “Maybe he’s, like, a clockmaker or something?” The expressions his face went through as he spoke was something adorable. He was actively, really trying to help out.
“I think you cracked the case, Steve,” Dustin rolled his eyes, sharing a look with you. 
“All I know is… the answers are here,” Nancy says matter-of-factly, glancing around the room, “Somewhere.”
Back at Ricks, Eddie has taken sanctuary in the shed once again. Lounging around a wide open house without you there with him didn’t feel right, especially whenever he remembers he's a wanted man. To be safe, to stay quiet, he escaped back to the oddly comforting shelter of the shed with the metal walls.
You’d been gone for hours meaning after he threw together something to eat, he was left to find something to keep himself busy, like, throwing pebbles into a can that sat a few feet away from him. Every time he made it to five he’d stop to have a cigarette.
The mindless game and the smoke weren’t enough to keep the worries he had for you away. It was his idea to put you in a car with Harrington, though, when he thinks about it, it was Harrington who should worry about being alone with you. You had a nasty mouth for anyone you held bad blood with.
His current pebble-in-can game wasn’t going so well, he’s only made two shots off of eight little rocks.
“Motherfucker,” He mumbles after he misses another. Prepping to throw his tenth shot, he hears a car pull up in the street out front of Ricks, making him drop down to the floor, pebbles in fist. 
Sitting up as slowly as he could, he places a ring clad hand on the windowsill and peeks out expertly fast, catching a glimpse of a black Jeep Cherokee parked on the gravel road. One that belonged to Hawkin High's very own Jason Carver. Boyfriend to Chrissy Cunningham, and Grade A dickwad to Hellfire Club and anyone associated.
Jason and two other guys that were on the basketball team with him got out of the Cherokee in tuxedos, church clothes, and they were carrying tire irons and baseball bats. They were here for the exact thing that Eddie had been fearing, someone had to have given them a tip of where he was at. 
“Shit, shit,” He whispers to himself, hurrying over to the other window of the shed to watch the three guys go inside of Ricks, through the door that was always open. They talk to one another, but Eddie can’t hear a word. As soon as they’re inside the house, Eddie scrambles in the shed to find his walkie, pebbles being dropped everywhere, and as soon as he’s got it, he’s begging to Dustin.
With the panic he was feeling right now, he was glad you weren’t here.
“Dustin, you there? It’s Eddie, you remember me, right?” He tries to tease, but the shakiness of his voice is imminent. After no answer he exhales heavily and says, “Hey, if anyone’s there, I really think I might be in a bit of trouble here.” He slides to the floor and tucks his knees into his chest. 
“Okay? Wheeler?” He says, “Anybody?!” He nearly shouts, smacking the walkie. The tiny piece of plastic that had broken on it yesterday comes flying off, tumbling on the concrete into the void somewhere. Sighing, he peeks out the window, feeling his hands start trembling. 
In the back of his mind, he imagines you laughing at him, teasing him for having to use your methods of calming the anxious mind on himself, especially if they’re the ones he made up for you.
For hours, Eddie finds himself counting to ten, back to one as he takes breaths of that length to ensure he doesn’t slip into a panic attack. Though the counting was freaking him out, he wondered if this was how you started to feel listening to him count yours out for you. It kept him somewhat calm for the time being, that and thinking about you. He hopes that wherever you are, you’re safe, you’re happy and that the group is keeping their eye on you, along with Max.
Thoughts of you coerce him through the day as the sun sinks behind the trees, draping Hawkins Indiana in darkness. There is light shining out of the house Jason and his groupies were still in, they seemed to really be searching it top to bottom. Eddie peeks out the window, staying out of the light, and sees movement on the second floor, inside the bedroom the two of you had shared.
Knowing what you guys had left behind there, he laughs under his breath and hopes Jason has an amazing time checking out the aftermath of a night in bed while you and him were heavily under the influence of Rick's finest maryjane. There’s a smile on his face until he catches a glimpse of Jason peering out the window, right down at the shed.
“Dustin?” Eddie whispers into the walkie more persistent than prior. He cowers away from the window, tip-toeing toward the boat. “Please. Are… Are you there?” He’s desperate. His heart is beating a mile a minute within his chest while he waits for an answer, staring at the boat in front of him, and then, an idea pops into his wild mind.
“Nevermind,” He says into the walkie, as if anyone was listening, and he jumps into the boat, rushing to figure out how to get it to work. There were things in life his father had taught him in the short time he can remember spending with him, and working a boat wasn’t exactly ever on the agenda. He was on his own, he was going to have to try his best.
Figuring out how to get the boat out of the shed was easier than expected, Eddie was lucky he was blessed with street smarts. Maybe escaping this would be a breeze.
He opted to use the oars instead of starting the motor on the backend of the boat to keep quiet, to hopefully stay discreet, and it was working… For a little while.
“Smell like I sound, I’m lost and I’m found,” Eddie sings in a whisper under his breath, “And I’m hungry like the wolf.” He’s focused on the water and keeping the boat moving forward. With a steady pace, he’s stealthy but he’s not quick.
“Hey, Freak!” Jason bellowed from the edge of the lake. A shock rips through Eddie’s body, a panic that felt like the night he watched Chrissy die. It threatened to paralyze him. “Where do you think you’re going?!”
“Shit,” Eddie mutters, turning to get a look at the guys. Something that felt like adrenaline sparked within him, his body radiating a heat that took away two of his five senses. He couldn't feel anything, nor could he see anything other than whatever was directly in front of his vision that had tunneled.
Jason and Patrick start to tear off their tux’s, throwing their jackets aside. Hurrying to his feet, carefully in the boat, Eddie rushes for the motor, banging on it as he tries to start it. Exactly what he was afraid of, how the hell was he supposed to get this thing started. He grips a handle, pulling it back violently a few times.
“Come on!” Eddie whines, “Just… Come on…” The engine sputters, but doesn’t start. He was going to have to do this manually. “Come on you… piece… of… shit!” Any hopes for his last engine start attempt to work are lost.
Jason has already started to run into the water as Eddie screams, “Goddammit!”, and smacks the engine disrespectfully.
“Nope? Okay. All right. Okay,” He grovels, and searches for the oar he’d been using. It sucked that the guys were athletes, because by the time Eddie had the oar in his hand, Patrick was in the water and they were both halfway to the boat.
Rowing frantically, breath coming in and out in short spurts, Eddie can’t do anything but tell his arms to work, and can’t piece any thoughts together except you. If Jason catches him, in this boat, he may drown him. Jason could very well put an end to all things if he catches Eddie. Hell, Eddie couldn’t blame him, he was an angry, revenge filled boyfriend… If something were to happen to you, and Eddie had fixated on someone of suspicion, he’d want them dead, too.
He doesn’t know if he’d be able to withstand a grief fueled attack, those emotions do some unnatural things to the body.
The thought of you keeps him rowing as fast as he could go. Tonight was not the night he was leaving you, Jason would not be the one to rip him away from you, Eddie was not going to let that happen. And if they hurt him and leave him here, what happens if you came back and found him dead? He wouldn’t allow it.
Turning around to see how close the jocks had gotten, he sees Jason right on his tail. Eddie jumps to his feet, facing the two, and waves the oar in front of him.
“Hey, stay back, man! Stay back!” He shouts, noticing Patrick had stopped swimming.
“Hey, let’s go, we almost have him!” Jason shouts to his friend who was looking utterly spaced out, “Hey, Patrick!” Jason continues to shout, trying to catch his attention, “Patrick!” 
Eddie, standing alert on the boat with widened eyes full of adrenaline panic, knows the look on Patrick's face all too well. And when the water splashes, and Patrick is pulled under water, he knows he’s about to relive the terror that put him in this position to begin with.
tags :) thanks for reading! <3 you guys are amazing.
~ @callie-bear15 @smol-book-nerd @bestieimmentallyill ~
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chirpsythismorning · 19 hours ago
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fallskies-latte · a day ago
˗ˏˋ 𝐒𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐫 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐑𝐞𝐜𝐬 ✿ 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐭 𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧
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✦ 𝐒𝐭𝐞𝐯𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐭𝐨𝐧
I Wish I Could Say - @outerspacebisexual
Blurb <3 - @h4rring1on
august - @londonharrington
Can't wait for you - @samstersv
And I Would Do It Again - @sandwoman3
✦ 𝐄𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐌𝐮𝐧𝐬𝐨𝐧
I'm a fan of cheerleaders - @coolnamestillpending
silly boy - @mirkwoodmunson
you made me hate this city - @marvelsswansong
damn prejudice - @itsoutrageouss
✦ 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐢𝐧 𝐁𝐮𝐜𝐤𝐥𝐞𝐲
heaven knows i’m miserable now - @delfiore
Heartbeat - @outerspacebisexual
Jealous - @ughitsnic
play pretend - @yorluver
✦ 𝐍𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐲 𝐖𝐡𝐞𝐞𝐥𝐞𝐫
Weak Spot - @bi-disaster-yn
I WISH I KNEW YOU WANTED ME - @songs4themoon
Unwanted attention - @stranger-nightmare
✦ 𝐏𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐁𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐝
loving him was never enough - @stuismybf
I Will Not Go Quietly - @lovetohate001
✦ 𝐉𝐨𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐁𝐲𝐞𝐫𝐬
You’re It For Me - @hellfire-wren
knowing me, knowing you - @nancys4gf
✦ 𝐁𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐇𝐚𝐫𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐯𝐞
No One But You - @waiting4inspiration
Insecure Summer - @starlightandfairies
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mendessimp · 23 hours ago
this scene still makes me cry. you can just see the moment eddie decided he didn’t want to run away anymore
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i did a thing
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#ft. eddie munson
♡ — warnings. not proofread, readers' race and gender are not mentioned. fluff.
♡ — notes. head empty, steddie.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
eddie's a big baby. he always needs your attention, and definitely does the grabby hand thing whenever he wants to cuddle. oh, and he doesn't call it cuddling. he calls it snuggling. <3
if you aren't interested in DND, he understands. but even if you aren't, he'll still invite you to his hellfire meetings and will have his boys set up a chair next to his so you can watch. and he maybe even lets you roll the die.
winking constantly. it's his primary form of flirting, and will wink at you across the classroom or lunchroom with zero shame. also does the finger gun thing with no shame. someone get this man up to date plz.
hip holder!! this man is a worshipper of hips. kisses 'em, squeezes 'em, you name it. therefore he always insists on having his hand resting on your hip while halfway standing behind you. adsjefndfje
runs his fingers up and down your bare thighs with his rings on. does it absentmindedly, and does it everywhere. also quietly hums or sighs every once in a while,, and it's super hot ;)
big on petnames. his biggest is 'pretty'. also does that little smirk with his eyebrows partially raised and ohmygawd
always slurps his drinks really loudly, and shamelessly burps and farts everywhere. his farts are loud, wet, and stinky so run away as fast as you can.
will not wash his clothes for days at a time, and doesn't even know how to run the dishwasher or run the washer or dryer. i refuse to elaborate.
eddie is surprisingly good at history, but likes science/chemistry because he gets to 'blow shit up'
uses the word 'shit' way too much
speaking of shit, he always says that everything is 'downright dog shit' and it's really embarrassing ngl.
cannot dance. will not elaborate. looks like a dying hippo.
Tumblr media
© 𝐚𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐩𝐪 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐 — 𝐝𝐨𝐧’𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐞, 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐦𝐲 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐤𝐬 𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐦, 𝐨𝐫 𝐢𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐜𝐢𝐫𝐜𝐮𝐦𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐨𝐧.
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androgynouswizardbanana · 2 days ago
“El deserves better” “Will deserves better” hey what about MIKE deserving better? Mike deserves to be with the person whose love canonically makes him feel special and valued but El, no hate to her, is just not giving him that by shutting him out (literally) at the end of s4. Byler shouldn’t just happen to make Will happy, it should also happen to make Mike happy, and it has been proven to do that many times.
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sexybread-png · 2 days ago
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have some steddie + the best duo ever
steve in every season ever meme
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(reblobs r appreciated <3)
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