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#strangers to lovers
lay-z · 2 days ago
high risk – high reward | 6
Squid Game | The Salesman x F!Reader | 18+
Tumblr media
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Summary: After your first night with the Salesman, you come to realize that there are worse things you could be experiencing instead.
Warnings/Info: None for this chapter; except suggestive themes/explicit language maybe ♥
Also, I was wondering if we should give him (Salesman) a name? In this story at least. Let me know what you think! ♥
Tumblr media
The first thing you notice as you lay on your back, is your ongoing state of nudity; smooth legs tangled up a silky blanket, sprawled out on a foreign mattress, a foreign bed, in a foreign room. Your body feels sore, your mind dizzy as you slowly come to your senses. It feels as if last night has been nothing but a fever dream, both heaven and hell at the same time.
You grope around the mattress cautiously with a blurry sight as the morning light seeps through the window blind, and you realize that you’re alone, all by yourself again.
With a purse of your lips, your hand dives underneath the blanket as you spread your knees apart, and you wince when your fingertips meet with the sore flesh of your clit and folds. It’s a bittersweet sensation, and the skin around your thighs is still sticky with your juices. Though the Salesman never put his cock anywhere near your pussy, he did plenty of other stuff to you.
A sudden rush of warmth spreads from your face, down your back and you swiftly retrieve your hand from between your legs as your mind starts to wander to the man you only met yesterday. You feel shame and embarrassment for your actions from last night, no matter the fact that it helped pay off some of your petty debts.
Whore, you think, I’m a whore for this man!
You roll over to your side and press your face against the fluffy pillow as you groan in frustration, and you pull back suddenly when you inhale his scent deeply with the next breath you take. There is no use, you realize, the man managed to leave his trails everywhere. The room, the bad, your body, everywhere!
After rubbing the sleep from your eyes and stretching your sore legs, you roll out of bed to take a deep-cleansing shower.
Tumblr media
The pitter-patter of your bare feet resonates through the apartment as you make your way into the living room. Once again, you’re only wrapped in a fresh towel as you come to find yourself to be alone. He must’ve gone to work, whatever or wherever that may be.
The apartment is quiet, eerily so, as you make your way into the adjacent, open kitchen. Your empty stomach grumbles as soon as you spot the diverse bowl of fruit in the middle of the fancy kitchen island, and as you pass by the long counter, your attention is drawn to a new smartphone laying on it.
It isn’t yours; you can tell already; the Salesman must have hidden or taken it with him when he left. Perhaps as a precaution. You pick it up curiously and unlock it without the need of neither pin code nor password. There are no apps, nothing, just WIFI, one saved contact, and a message received an hour ago. You bite your bottom lip nervously as you open it.
Y/N –
Don’t call or text unless there is an emergency! The daily help will come and do her work at 12pm, do not distract her. Don’t snoop around and don’t be lazy all day. Wait for my further instructions.
You read the message several times before you toss the phone on the counter carelessly; there isn’t much you can do with it anyway apparently. Instead of continuing to ask yourself what the hell you’re still doing here, you decide to get acquainted with your favorite room in any house: the kitchen.
As you inspect the supplies in the fridge, you notice that the Salesman seems to be living quite healthy as well as expensive. Along with various types of brand groceries, there is a diverse array of Soju available.
However, you choose to keep it simple with fried eggs, rice, and fresh fruit this morning. It takes you a while to figure out the fancy-looking coffee machine, but in the end, you manage to get a hot cup of coffee out of it.
As the clock finally strikes midday, you’re lazing about on the couch, watching TV on the expensive flatscreen mounted on the wall, when the elevator appears seemingly out of nowhere. You swiftly scramble to untangle yourself from the blanket as well as fix your towel back in place before the doors open.
You watch as an elderly lady pushes a large cardboard box with her foot while carrying a plastic bag in each hand as she enters the place. You’re perplexed for a moment, too late to hide in your room now that the woman spotted you.
“Hello”, you greet her with a respectful bow as you grab the blanket to cover yourself.
The woman sizes you up with a mixture of curiosity and disdain and she acknowledges your greeting briefly before moving to the kitchen. Your cheeks are flushed with embarrassment of your current state of nudeness when you decide to listen to what the Salesman told you.
‘Do not distract her’
As you get up to sneak back into your room, the woman surprises you by speaking up when your back is turned to her.
“The box”, she says. “it’s for you, miss”
“For me?”, you inquire with furrowed brows as you approach it with cautious suspicion. She nods and continues to ignore you as she stows away the groceries she brought.
You grab the smartphone from the counter without her sparing you another glance, and you check the knot of your towel before you go to pick up the box. Luckily, it proves to be lighter than it looks, and you swiftly turn on your heels to scurry back into your room to examine the contents inside.
Tumblr media
“Oh, come on man…”, you breathe as you rummage through the box. The only fabrics you can feel seem to be silk, lace, and velvet.
You take the clothes out and pile them onto your bed as you examine the pieces. A deep red silk robe, another black one, various sets of lingerie in different colors, stockings, short dresses, and nightshirts. You don’t even question the fact that they all seem to be the right size for you at this point anymore.
“What the fuck”, you huff and puff your cheeks with a deep sigh as you try to decide what to wear for now.
A sudden, soft knock on your door makes you jump, and you swiftly go to open the door with a racing heart. You’re greeted by the woman, holding a pile of fresh sheets and towels in her arms as she stands in front of you.
“The mister asked me to clean your room”, she tells you, and you wonder if she really doesn’t know his surname at least.
“I – uh, yes sure. Just give me a minute, please”
The woman nods briefly, and you close the door before hurrying back to the pile of clothes. You grab a pair of red lace panties, the matching bra, and throw on the black robe. The rest of clothes you shove back into the box haphazardly and open the door to let the woman do her work.
You make some lunch to keep yourself busy and the feeling of guilt at bay while the steady sound of the vacuum cleaner makes it hard to forget that someone else is cleaning up after your mess. The elderly woman reminds you of your mother somehow; a hardworking cleaning lady, doing what she must to provide for her family despite old age. The thought weighs heavy on your shoulders, and though you want to offer her your help, something tells you that she wouldn’t accept it anyway. Damn that man and his money!
“Goodbye for now, miss. Take care of yourself”
She doesn’t look at you as she tells you those words, but the tone in her voice holds a certain meaning.
“Thank you! You too!”, you call after her as she disappears into the elevator.
You clean up your mess in the kitchen, and the smell of cleaning products lingers as you walk back towards your room afterwards. Your gaze is immediately drawn to the cracked door at the end of the hallway, and you know it must be his bedroom.
The urge to snoop around grows as you come to a sudden halt. You fumble with the phone in your hands, still waiting for any calls or messages, as you stare ahead, gnawing on your lower lip. You listen for any noise, any sign of his return, but the apartment stays silent, and your heart starts racing as you approach the door with long strides.
You push it with your foot until it swings open slowly, and you hold your breath as you let your gaze wander around the mysterious room.
Suddenly, the phone starts to buzz in your hand, and you clutch your heart as it nearly jumps out your chest. “Fuck –“, you cuss under your breath as you answer the call, but before you can say anything, the Salesman interrupts you.
“It’d be best for you if you close the door and turn around now”
His voice is low and sharp, and it makes a cold shiver run down your spine as you simply stare at the floor, speechless, like a child that has been caught stealing candy.
“I’m waiting, Y/N”
You get a hold on the doorhandle and pull the door closed at once, not even considering refusing his order.
“Good girl”, he chuckles, and you turn on your heels, eyes focused on the floor as you walk back towards your room. “Have you lost your voice now?”
You clear your throat awkwardly as you peek at the corners of your room, wondering if he put cameras in here too.
“No, just – I, uh, I’m just happy to hear yours, sir”, you lie though it comes out too easy, too genuine for your taste.
His sudden, hearty laugh makes your heart flutter and your lips purse in confusion.
“Well, we’ll see how happy you’ll be when I come home. From what I remember, you were quite happy last night after I was done with you”
You swallow hard with your thighs squeezed together as flashbacks of the past night come flooding back, overtaking your mind and body scarily quick.
“Yes, sir”, you answer meekly as you continue to shift on your feet.
“Mhm…you should put away your new clothes now. I want you to keep your room clean, understood?”
The call ends after your outspoken compliance, and you go to empty the box once more to put the clothes in the wardrobe neatly. In the process, your mind keeps wondering if all he’s doing comes down to meeting unfortunate people such as yourself, in random places like the train station, to play Ddakji? What for? And you realize that you never asked, never got to find out what his initial proposal was.
The question stays stuck in the back of your mind even after you’re finished cleaning up, even after you settled back on the couch to let the background noise of a random show you put on, coax you into a nap. And even in your dream, you cannot get away from him as your unconsciousness forces you to re-live the last 24 hours spent with the stranger.
Tumblr media
The smell of roasted vegetables, rice, and different spices hits your nostrils as you stir in your sleep, and you stomach starts grumbling mercilessly until you’re forced to wake from a particularly explicit dream scenario.
You rub your eyes and yawn as you come back to your senses. Your body feels hot and heavy, somehow more exhausted after napping for too long this late in the day. As you kick the blanket off yourself, you notice the steady buzz and wetness between your legs, and your heart skips as beat when you understand the reason for it. You’ve had a wet dream about the Salesman.
As if on cue, you hear the clanking of dishes and shuffling of feet coming from the kitchen. He must have come home while you were sleeping and decided to leave you alone. Your cheeks are burning with sudden bashfulness as you fix your robe before you walk towards the kitchen.
The first buttons of his white shirt are undone, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and it hangs loosely over his navy-blue dress pants. It could almost be described like a normal sight; just a husband making dinner after coming home from work, but you bite your cheek admonishingly and remind yourself that this is not normal, and he’s neither husband, nor boyfriend, or friend even.
He takes a seat on one of the stools at the kitchen counter and starts eating from the various bowls and plates of dishes he prepared.
“Hi”, you greet him cautiously as you approach him, and when he acknowledges you eventually, your heart skips another nervous beat.
He nods at you, not wanting to speak with his mouth full, then pushes the stool next to him, and you go to sit with sweaty palms, and a racing heart. The feeling of your damp panties clinging to your skin is more intense and obvious as you sit, and it makes you shift uncomfortably to ease the sensation.
“Eat, Y/N, I didn’t make all of this for myself”
Just as you try to get up again to grab cutlery for yourself, he turns and holds a spoon full of rice and vegetables up to your mouth. You raise an eyebrow, unsure for a moment, but he nudges your lips with the spoon and smiles when you open your mouth eventually.
“The clothes suit you”, he says though he turns away, averting his eyes. “You look beautiful”
You swallow hard, surprised by the sudden compliment, and shuffle in your seat awkwardly. “Thank you, sir”
You eat another spoonful when he offers it to you, and you curse his smile and the fake care and gentleness in his dark eyes.
“If you keep being such a good, compliant guest, I might take you on a trip with me soon”
“A trip? Like…a vacation?”, you ask after swallowing. He chuckles and you wonder if the question was as naïve as it sounded.
“It would be more like a business trip”
“Hm, but what about my debts, sir?”
He stops eating and licks his lips as he looks at you, and your stomach drops slightly, fearing you said something wrong again.
“Let’s enjoy dinner and not talk about that now, Y/N”
You bite your cheek again and nod, and though you have more to say, more to ask, you obey and keep your mouth shut unless he asks you a question.
After dinner, you help clean up without him needing to ask you, and you notice the pleased gazes he shoots at you as you fill up the dishwasher. You push it closed after starting the right program, and suddenly, you feel him come up behind you.
His hands rub up and down your arms as he leans in to inhale your scent before kissing the fabric covering your shoulder, up your bare neck. You exhale a shaky breath when your body starts to react to his actions.
“Come take a shower with me”, he purrs before nipping the skin behind your earlobe.
“But I already showered today, sir”, you answer innocently while his hands come to rest on your hips.
“So?” His breath ghosts over your skin as he puffs out a laugh. You try to suppress your grin as a thrill of pleasant anticipation overcomes your body, and you follow him obediently when he takes your hand to pull you along down the hall, towards his own bedroom.
“Since you are so curious about this room in particular, I guess I should be present when you decide to snoop around again”
You ignore the mocking wink he shoots you over his shoulder though your cheeks flush with embarrassment. He pushes the door open, but once again you merely get a brief look inside as he pulls you into the adjacent bathroom instead.
It’s bigger than yours, but you didn’t expect any less. The furniture is darker, the lights not as bright, the shower is larger, and unlike your bathroom, this one is equipped with a bathtub.
“Get undressed”, he tells you before he turns on the water to let it warm up. You swiftly open the knot of your robe and let it fall to the floor just as he grabs your face to crash your lips together in a passionate kiss.
You’re taken aback by his sheer display of desire and desperation as he deepens the kiss and gropes your body, and you find yourself to be just a hungry for his attention as you start to unbutton his shirt with trembling hands.
Tumblr media
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soft4gguk · 3 months ago
to build a home | chapter one
Tumblr media
pairing: Jungkook x reader. ceo!jk + dilf!jk x nanny!oc
genre: strangers to lovers. angst. loads of plot. eventual smut
word count: 6.8k (y’all need context okay)
warnings: oof. oof. buckle up. angst, loads of angst! (im sorry), touches on subjects such as: depression (hints), postpartum depression, abandonment, mild prescription medication talk, loads of jk crying :(, loads of crying baby :(, swearing
author’s note: hi! this is a very self-indulgent storyline that sort of came to me and I just had to put thought into paper. well, I ended up really liking the plot and my mind started going places and now it’s all I can think about. i do have to say it’s going to be a bit of a slow burn but! not like this chapter though – this chapter had to be informative to set the context. my mans jk did not suffer for nothing! i hope cute baby / loving dad jk made up for all the angst in this! also! It’s gonna get sexy, ~sexy so just u wait! also! I don’t have a set schedule but this story is coming to me in heavy bursts of inspiration so I might be whipping chapters left and right (cross ur fingers). also! (the last one, promise) I hate Ira too :)
This is a work of fiction. Please respect the members and their privacy. x
Chapter One
The digital clock on the console of his car marks six thirty pm on the dot. It makes Jungkook’s gaze shift to the sky – a synchronicity so perfect the sun begins to set right upon his eyes. Spring is easing into Summer and he can’t wait for the longer days and shorter nights the hot season bestows.
“We need one last look-over the contracts to finalize. I think the visit this weekend will finally see us wrapping this up. And then inauguration one month from now.” Seokjin’s voice fills the enclosed space of Jungkook’s car, a slight echo to his voice coming from the speakers.
“Sounds good, hyung. Good work.” He tells his cousin, right hand and the COO of his company.
“Hey, is Ira coming this weekend?” He asks. His question leaves Jungkook wondering. He assumes she will.
“Haven’t discussed it yet, could be good for her though. We can make a getaway of it.” He replies, head already swimming with ideas of how refreshing a family trip could be for the three of them.
“Alright, kid. Send my love.” Seokjin says, making him let out a light chuckle, before the line goes silent.
In the road ahead, the sun resumes its steady descend. His home comes to view at the very end of the street, the colours of the sky dancing against the sleek white walls. It’s been a long day and he’s tired. Now more than ever, with the inauguration of the new addition to his chain of hotels nearing, he craves the grounding feeling of being home – two familiar faces awaiting. One full of unconditional love.
He parks his cls next to hers, the sleek white shade contrasting against his black one. Grabbing his phone and keys from the cup holder, he exits the car, climbing the steps to his front door and inserting the code that unlocks it.
Home. He takes pride in the need he holds for it, how much he craves it, how much he wants to be the backbone of the one he built. The idea of family gets morphed when you’re brought into an immeasurable amount of wealth. His parents, although good intentioned, lacked the warmth he so badly wants to install in his own roots.
He wants his daughter to grow up in a house that doesn’t look like a showroom, a distinctive smell swarming its spaces, one she’ll hold in the back of her memory until she has kids of her own. Home, never lacking the coziness a touch of love can bring a space, no matter how vast. He wants her mother to be half of that love, more than anything. Because he wants that love for her, more than anything.
He heads upstairs, the house eerily quiet. It’s two hours to bed time and he assumes Ira is winding Soori down for the night.
He reaches the top of the stairs and begins walking down the long corridor, passing a room, then two, until he finally reaches Soori’s nursery. The door is wide open and as he steps in, he sees Ira standing in front of her crib, back to him, almost hovering. He sees Soori fast asleep, blanket covering her tiny body, pacifier moving gently to the in and out of her suckling, a tight grip on her favorite giraffe plushie on her chubby baby fist.
“Hey, beautiful.” He says to Ira, though she doesn’t move from the place he found her in. “Why is she asleep so early? Fun day?” He asks, voice filled with hope. He pictures the two of them by the warm sun, basking in the easiness of the season. They’ve been introducing Soori to the water – the idea of the two of them splashing in the big pool pulling his lips upwards in a soft smile.
It doesn’t linger, the smile. Ira turns around, a sombre look to her face, unable to hold his gaze for more than a second as she redirects her eyes to the floor.
“Jungkook…,” She begins, voice barely a whisper, but ever so stern.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asks, approaching her, instinctively resting his hands on her arms before they come up as she holds herself, bracing her front.
“I booked a job. In New York.” She says, eyes finally meeting his.
“Ahh! That’s great! That’s amazing, Ira.” Jungkook says, pulling her into a hug she doesn’t return. He knows how badly she’s been craving this. A breakthrough, a taste of independence – the power of knowing she could hold all titles whilst still being mom. “We can make a trip of it! We could all go.” He muses, excitement lacing his voice as he pulls away, eyes scanning for hers.
“It’s this weekend-” She begins, but his words bring hers to a halt.
“Ah, I have that business trip but hey, you take the plane, alright?” Jungkook knows how much Ira hates flying. Long haul flights doing a thing to her nerves that require a dose or two of her therapist’s strongest prescription drug. This all comes ironically, considering her title – It girl, world-renowned model, Ira Sommersmith.
“No, Jungkook. No.” She says, arms coming to rest at her sides, pushing his hold on them away as she takes one step back, creating distance between them. The action is loud to Jungkook, the emotional space between them being too much to bear for his heart and her actions breaking it all over again.
“Bab-” He stops himself, the pet name fresh on his tongue, remembering how she’s come to despise it as Jungkook began adapting it to Soori, too. “Ira.” He says, his voice a plead, a prayer. He doesn’t know what the prayer entails but he’ll start mentally chanting it, bracing himself for impact.
“I’m leaving, Jungkook. I need to- I need to go. For good.” Her voice lacks hesitation, no pause. He simply stares at her, dumbfounded, numb to the effect his body is taking, cold sweats breaking through him. “I’m sorry. This is- you play this role too well, Jungkook. I just can’t seem to follow the script.”
“It’s not a role.” Jungkook says, voice a whisper that makes his words hard to grasp to Ira, but she knows what he said. She knows he would say that. She takes him in, takes one last long look at his face before it breaks her. She’s not scared of backing down from her plan, she’s scared of seeing his eyes full of heart look into hers, a lack thereof.
And she can accept it. She can wholeheartedly confess she doesn’t have the heart it takes to become selfless, to give into the three that makes the whole – Jungkook’s line that he’s adapted to bring hope into the immense cloud of blue that fell upon her when it all became too real. When the idea of three became a reality one morning after he’d gone to work and she stared at the mirror, a bump bulging at the center of her otherwise lean physique. Her first thought wasn’t that of excitement but of confusion. It felt foreign and it took her aback so frantically she found herself calling her OB/GYN, voice shaky as she repeated, “it came out of nowhere, I just- I wasn’t showing yesterday…” Her panic was received by a faint laugh on the other line, reassuring her pregnancy had no fixed agenda and that her “little one” had decided to make him or herself known. She waited for the doctor’s words to hit, for the excitement to follow, but it didn’t. What truly broke her came next as the doctor took her silence for something else and ended her discourse with a, “surprise, mama!”
Ira brought her phone down, staring at the screen before abruptly hanging up. She’d hope the doctor would blame it on poor connection.
She went about her day in autopilot, waiting. Waiting for the new curvature her body was taking on to simply be an add on in the sea of hopes that her pregnancy had brought until that very morning. But it never came. It never came, and the tears that would stream down her face late at night when the world slept and the darkness accepted her thoughts as they came, weren’t due to the impatience of her heart longing to love the life she was forming inside of her. They came out of fear it would.
Ira’s heart wasn’t fragile. Quite the opposite – it lacked the fragility it requires to love unconditionally.
When Soori came into the world, she made her entrance kicking and screaming. Ira understood; the overwhelm of the space was getting to her, too. At least on that they could agree. Her wails filled the room and muffled her hearing, everything in slow motion as shock set upon her. The pain between her legs from delivering her minutes prior subsided as numbness took over. She could hear her cries nearing and she finally came out of her trance the moment the nurse placed Soori on top of her chest. She looked down at her, arms coming up to hold her tiny frame in place. And when she did, dense silence filled the room as she found comfort in her mother’s arms and her cries came to a rest, opening her eyes for the first time. Ira looked down once again and understood the meaning of unconditional love. Soori was warm against her and that’s when she knew she’d never be able to reciprocate said love. Cold shivers ran down every corner of her body, settling into her heart. She understood it, but she couldn’t feel it.
“I’m sorry,” she says again, “I tried.” The last words fade away as she turns around, taking one last look at her daughter, a part of her tries again, focusing on the heartstrings of her soul, waiting for the pull. Nothing comes and she closes her eyes, breathing in, knowing that'd be the last time she'd take in her daughter. She turns around, looking at Jungkook for a split second. He’s frozen in place, gaze lost, fixated on the pastel pink wall in front of him, unable to look at her. “Goodbye, Jungkook. You-,” she can’t tell if he’s listening but she finishes anyway, “you were good to me. Okay? You-,” she needs to get out of there, now. “Goodbye.” And with that, she leaves. Past the door of the nursery, not a beat behind, without second guessing. She leaves and doesn’t turn back to witness Jungkook’s world coming to a slow, quiet shatter. The sort of silence that settles into your bones uncomfortably.
His world stops and, in the numbness, he becomes hyperaware of his senses. He doesn’t miss her steps down the corridor and back, the sound of wheels against the floor distinct this time, down the stairs and finally, he hears the front door close.
Soori stirs behind him, a faint whine leaving her mouth as she begins to wake up.
Jungkook’s legs feel heavy, glued to the floor, and his eyes haven’t left that spot on the wall they fixated in when he realized that watching Ira leave would make it all that more painful. And so, he stands there, mind empty yet hazy with incoherent thoughts he can’t puzzle together. An ominous cloud fills the space as the sun finally sets and the room goes dark around him. For a minute, Jungkook basks in a thought surprisingly comforting: the worst thing has already happened. It takes him in and cradles him as he goes with that narrative.
It doesn’t last long. Soori’s cries from behind him sound distant, faint, for the briefest of seconds before they fully snap Jungkook out of his trance. His baby. He turns around and sees her little figure propped up against the bars of her crib, looking up at him, pacifier hanging from the string that attaches it to her sleeping gown. Her eyes are red and glassy with tears and he wonders for how long she’s been crying.
“Hey, hey…,” his voice is gentle, a soft coo as he reaches for Soori, flushing his chest to hers once he has her in his arms. His free hand coming up to cradle her head as he softly sways back and forth, “it’s okay, baby. I’m here… I’m here.”
Her crying comes to a halt but she fusses in his arms, little whines escaping her mouth as Jungkook settles into the rhythm he knows she finds soothing. It’s then that it dawns upon him – his brief encounter with comfort was a lie his brain told his heart. Delusion a form of survival. His hold on Soori’s head tightens a bit, almost as if to ease the impact his thoughts might have on her. The worst is yet to come. His tears fall freely now, fear and uncertainty tugging at his chest in a way that takes him aback with how physically painful it is. His hands shake and his legs feel weak, like they won’t be able to hold him, or the burden that settles through him for much longer.
He gives in before they give out, slowly lowering his legs as they cross until he can finally feel the soft fabric of the carpet underneath him. Soori’s tears release yet again the moment the swaying stops, the new position on the floor in her father’s arms making her even more restless. He holds her, whispering a string of sorry, sorry, sorry against her ear as he brings her soft cheek flush to his until their tears form an even stream of droplets falling down their faces, settling uncomfortably on their necks.
He loses track of time and he can feel, ever so distinctively, as his spirit weakens by the minute. Mind still in that haze that makes it hard to distinguish between an empty mind and a racing one. He can’t find the words and as soon as his worries fixate on one thing in particular, he swerves around it. Not really letting his brain linger on just one to nit-pick, instead preferring the overwhelm of them all combined, thrown at him together. He rather not know what exactly scares him the most about this situation.
Usually enticed by challenge, this one finds him unwilling. He wants nothing more than to lower his whole body to the floor, hold his baby and close his heavy lids until he falls into a deep slumber. But he knows he can’t. Soori can’t stay still. Soori crawls. Soori is small but mighty and it would take her a matter of minutes to find her way to the stairs. Soori’s cries bounce on the walls, getting louder and louder. He wonders if she had her night bottle. Soori nibbles on her hand the way she’s come to do as she teethes, face scrunched up in discomfort. Soori needs him.
Soori came into the world kicking and screaming and with a healthy shade of pink adorning her tiny body that finally made Jungkook release the breath he’d been holding from the moment he could see her head from his position next to Ira as he held her hand. His first thought was how small she was, he couldn’t shake the fear of having her in his arms, wondering if she’d fit just right. Her cries restored something inside of him he’d long lost when he was very young and the harshness of the world tumbled down upon him, stripping him of an innocence he knew he’d want his daughter to carry for as long as she could. The overwhelm in his heart when he cut her umbilical chord was the sweetest he’d experience; and when she was finally placed in her mother’s chest and he could allow the world to slow down around him to take in his daughter for the first time, he made an unspoken vow. Love would always be stronger. Hope would always prevail. As long as she needed him, those two would be the root of his every action. Strength found its way to a corner of his heart that was growing by the second the more he stared at Soori. He’d take on the bravery of the world so as to make hers softer. And he’d love her in all of his lives.
He gets up, body feeling lethargic but adjusting his grip on his daughter’s body, putting his whole consciousness there. He doesn’t trust his limbs.
“Are you hungry, baby?” He asks her. It’s rhetoric, for various reasons. “Yeah, you are.” He says, even though he’s not sure. He begins the trip towards the kitchen, forcing a mental strain to go about his every step. To wrap around his every thought. To figure out where to go from here.
He reaches the bottom of the stairs, stopping by the living room first to lay her gently on the couch before removing her sleeping gown, setting her free from the restraints and letting her legs kick at him. Her demeanour changed and when he stares into her eyes, slightly envious of how her tears have seemed to dry, she smiles at him. It’s a wide grin that flashes him her two little bottom teeth that are beginning to come through and his heart melts at the sight. His heart hurts but she nurses the wound slowly and he can’t help but smile back at her. It takes him aback at times – how in nine short months he’s come to grow so enamoured with this fun-sized version of a human that demands so much time, attention and energy from him. But it’s moments like these, when she shines light into his dark corners with just a smile, that he understands. She holds more power in her two peeking bottom teeth than half of the things Jungkook thought gave him purpose nine months ago when she made her entrance into the world. Kicking and screaming and pink.
He cradles her in his arms once again as he stands up and positions her to rest at his waist. She instinctively grabs his ear – another one of the habits she’d picked up recently. Jungkook likes knowing he’s able to soothe her, almost mindlessly. Something catches his eye and he recognizes it immediately. Ira’s phone, resting on top of the coffee table. He leans, tapping the screen until it flashes back at him. Her wallpaper is a picture of her and Jungkook, taken three years prior, at the beginning of their relationship. Their happy faces stare back at him – mocking him. He scoffs. Nothing’s funny but he’s laughing because he can’t allow himself a fit of anger right now. And crying sounds too exhausting, his eyes too tired.
It hits him again, not that he needed much confirmation. It hits him that she’s not looking back. It hits him that she left with every intention to not spare them a second glance. It hit him that wherever she is, their realities are so different now. The moment she walked out that door she left nothing and everything that mattered behind. She freed herself from her role and walked steadily into the direction of whatever she deems as freedom. Ira was never one to ease into things. It used to be something that excited him. He looked at her and at times his brain painted flames of fiery orange seeping through her. Bold, confident – fearless.
He stands in front of the kitchen counter, one handing the process of making Soori’s bottle. Eyes lost, not really following the formula as it goes inside the bottle, the water – its temperature. Too hot? No, too cold. He puts it inside the bottle warmer, pushes the button and waits. He asks himself if he’s surprised or just heart broken. Mentally, he shakes the Jungkook from two hours ago and asks him, “did you not see it coming? Were you trying or were you lying to yourself?” The conclusion he draws feels like not enough. He saw it coming, yes. For over a year now he’s felt like the path he’s been walking went from eggshells to shattered glass – unavoidable, painful, way too fucking loud. So, he knew. He knew his feet would give out. He knew she was going to cut through all of him one day. Yet as much knowledge as he held when it came to his situation, he could’ve never seen this coming. He’d imagine their impending doom hitting him in the face eventually. They weren’t married, she could just leave at any moment. She could leave him at any moment. He’d set her free and he’d still give Soori a home, doubled in love to make up for her parent’s distance and the back and forth she’d have to endure. He would’ve tried. More couple’s therapy, individual counselling, all the help he could muster to get from friends and family. Trips to bond, trips to escape. He did all that and he would’ve done more. Because he loved her. He loves her.
He’s not sure when their love became mechanical, a form of habit. Disappointment tends to do that to people, he reckons. But he still did love her and he tried. Not just because of Soori but because of Ira, too. And because of them. Not the three, but the two they used to be. The same two that rest on top of his coffee table, trapped inside a memory forever, unaware of the future ahead but so hopeful. He loved the love they had and so for that reason, he loved her.
The bottle warmer beeps and he takes it out of the sleek looking machine. Soori bounces in his hold, excited. “Come on, missy. Let’s have dinner.” He tells her and she throws some unintelligible baby noises at him.
He heads back to the living room and sits them down on the couch. He props Soori against a pillow and feeds her the bottle. What are we going to do, he thinks, but brushes the thought away. This weight falls on his shoulders and he makes yet another unspoken vow as he stares down at her. He promises her a soft impact, painless whenever it can. He promises to hold her and coax her through it, to ease the burden and to explain with lullabies when the time is right. He stares at her until her eyes flutter, beginning a sleepy dance as she fights to stay awake, holding her feet in her small hands. A silent tear falls down his eyes and that’s the last sight, slightly blurry because of her long eyelashes, between her heavy lids before she falls into a peaceful slumber.
He paces around the living room. He paces the way he does when ideas are brewing inside his head at work – new locations, new investors, new partnerships. Ideas, ideas, ideas. He’s good at coming up with them. He’s good at quick solutions to whatever problem might arise – it’s what made his father ease so effortlessly into an early retirement after teaching Jungkook the ins and outs of the so-called empire he now calls his.
Soori sleeps on the couch. The pillow she’d been propped up in now besides her, building a barrier between her body and the soft cushions. He knows she’d be off better in her crib but the idea terrified him, made him feel alone.
Ideas, ideas, ideas yet he can’t come up with a single one. A part of him tells him there’s not much left to do. It tells him that it’s been done. That it’s time to move on with his life, with their lives. But the mere idea of taking the leap – of moving on, finds him scared, confused and shatters him more and more. It also reminds him of the way she so casually walked out, like it didn’t matter. She set flame to the fire and didn’t even linger around long enough to watch it burn. It angers him, her carelessness. He’s not like that, never has been, and he’s not going to start now. He knows forcing himself to move on will only repercuss in him breaking even further in the long run. So, his first idea is to face the reality. But he can’t right now, he feels too alone, too small. He has to push his heroic persona aside and admit defeat. And so he does.
His second idea finds him seeking comfort. He can’t be comfort to Soori if he’s just breaking. He knows he’s going to break; he knows this is just the beginning, but he needs there to be more to it. He retrieves his phone from his back pocket, inhaling loudly as he unlocks it. He needs a friend. He has a couple, another thing he takes pride in, but he knows this situation is way too sensitive. He thinks of Seokjin, his contact the most recent call on his phone, but he quickly diverts. Suelgi, his wife, had grown rather fond of Ira and in a way, she’d become her confidant amidst the whirlwind that was motherhood. He doesn’t feel like delivering news that will require him comforting someone else to that extent – he can barely comfort himself, let alone his friend.
His eyes find Taehyung’s name on the screen, also a recent contact on his call history. Yes, good – this is good. Taehyung is good. Him and Mai have been a constant in Jungkook’s life for as long as he can remember. He’s seen them go from high school sweethearts to a painful college breakup that luckily ended up in them finding their way back to each other. It took Taehyung approximately 37 days to ask her to marry him. He’d never seen two people sport a last name with more pride – The Kims. Nowadays they also go by mom and dad. They’re Soori’s godparents and Jungkook’s best friends. He taps on his contact and the first ring against his ear sounds obnoxiously loud. His head pounds against his skull.
“Yo, you’re on speaker phone!” Taehyung’s voice, enthusiastic as always, fills the speakers. Jungkook stays quiet.
“Ggukie, we were just about to call you!” It’s Mai’s voice on the phone now. “Dae is down for the night and we just popped open that bottle of Don Julio 1942 Tae got after the inauguration of the gallery. He had an early mid-life crisis after Monsters Inc had him shedding tears before bedtime.” Jungkook can hear Taehyung’s gasp of offense at his wife’s confession somewhere in the background. He’s unable to make a sound as Mai continues. “He’s insisting we do something crazy to ‘feel young again’ so shots on a Wednesday it is!” she mocks.
“I…,” Jungkook begins – but where does he even start?
Taehyung grabs the phone from Mai, “come on, tell Irie. Soo can sleep in Dae’s old bassinet.”
“Ira’s gone.” He blurts out. It’s abrupt and probably not the best way to break the news but the pet name breaks him and he doesn’t think he can stay in their bliss for a second longer.
“Gone where?” Taehyung asks innocently and even though his question makes Jungkook’s temple throb in pain he doesn’t pin it against him.
But silence is all he can offer.
“Oh…,” Mai starts – intuitive as ever. Her voice is soft, and already Jungkook releases a bit of tension in his shoulders, knowing she understood. “Oh, Gguk…”
“I just-”
“Come over, Gguk. Or we can go – as you wish. Just say the words.” Mai comforts.
“No, I’ll go. I need to get out of here.” And those are the surest words that leave his mouth that night.
He’s gentle with Soori as he straps her into her car seat. She’s a heavy sleeper, just like him, but he still holds his breath as he settles her down and gets her ready for the road. He double checks the diaper bag and when everything ticks off his mental list he heads for the driver’s seat.
Soori sleeps and he tries to focus on the road and just the road. No music on the stereo. Just full focus on what he can see from his windshield as he takes turns on the wide streets of his neighbourhood and mental turns in his head, swerving all the painful thoughts away.
The quiet lasts maybe a total of three minutes before Soori’s wide awake and back to inconsolable crying. She’s not a whiny baby – her demeanour often praised for being so peaceful, big eyes taking in the world around her as she graces it with her softness. But she’s been in and out of sleep, out of schedule, and Jungkook knows she misses Ira.
Because when Ira said she tried, she wasn’t lying. She tried, she did. She breastfed until it was physically painful. She did the exhausting night feeds right alongside Jungkook and then what felt like ten years with no rest as Soori was sleep training. She gave her baths, took her to Thursday brunch with her friends, read her books before bedtime. When they took weekend trips to get away from routine, Ira got this aura about her – something bordering on happiness that she carried so effortlessly. It would leave Jungkook hopeful – but his hopes would crash the moment they settled back home. Her therapists’ suggestions for bonding with Soori all made sense to Ira. In fact, they were so good she almost believed them. Sometimes they would have long days in the sun, fun family gatherings where the affection Jungkook’s parents would give Soori would fill her with something that almost felt like pride. They would sit in the grass of their big garden and watch her play with his family dog and a glimpse of hope would knock on the closed doors of her heart. Those days felt so good, but the sun eventually set and the air would feel sombre again as they drove back to their house. Totheir lives. Deep within, Ira wished she could enjoy the day without having to take it back home with her.
The love Ira gave Soori was also mechanical. But Soori didn’t know better – all she saw was love. And warmth. And the smell of her mom’s clothes as she rocked her to sleep. The sound of her voice as she begged her to, ‘please be good. Please don’t cry. I can’t take it anymore,’ when Jungkook would leave and she’d have a whole day ahead of a life that felt like a chore. All Soori heard was lullabies because she doesn’t know better.
“We’re almost there, baby. Shh, Soo. You’re alright, pretty girl.” He says, but he doesn’t think she can hear him with how loudly she’s crying.
Soori misses her mom.
Jungkook cries, too. And, taking advantage of her high-pitched mewls that fill the confined space, he sobs too.
Jungkook parks behind Taehyung’s car in their driveway. He grips the steering wheel, afraid the moment his friends take them in it will all become too real. He sits there – Soori’s cries less sporadic this time, almost like she gave up on getting her father’s attention. He opens his door, welcoming the soft breeze inside his car for a brief moment before he’s closing it and heading towards the backseat.
Mai had been standing next to her window for the past fifteen minutes. Heir brain had been running around in circles, wondering how exactly things escalated, how they got to this point. She fears for her friend’s sanity, knowing Jungkook had been walking a thin line for as long as her memory remembers her very own excitement over Soori’s prompt arrival.
She sees his car drive in front of her house, taking a swift turn until he’s finally parked in her driveway. She can’t see much but she can paint a mental picture of Jungkook just sitting there, lost – an expression she’s seen him adapt more and more lately. She perks up at the sight of him but her face falls into a frown the minute she sees him walk back to the backseat.
“What-?” she whispers to herself. “Tae, Gguk is here. With… Soori,” she says, watching her little head come out of the backseat of his car.
“Soori?” Taehyung asks, confusion lacing his voice, a frown adorning his face.
Mai walks quickly to the front door, opening it before Jungkook reaches it. His eyes meet hers and he sighs. He notices her eyes fixated on Soori, who’s own are red and swollen from crying, whimpers still leaving her lips. Her breath is erratic and Jungkook feels her little body jolt as she begins to let out another cry. Mai’s confused expression lets Jungkook know that of course, his friends were expecting Ira to leave him. They were expecting Soori to leave him, too, by pure default. That’s just how the narrative usually unfolds, doesn’t it?
But the narrative isn’t catering to Jungkook’s best interests. Their narrative is far from what you would consider normal.
“Come in, Gguk. What-,” she begins, but opts not to bombard him with the hard questions right away. “Come in.”
Taehyung immediately reaches for Soori who falls into his arms seamlessly. “Hey, princess. Hey, you’re alright Soori girl. Come here.” He coos and she begins to soften at his voice, “that’s a big girl. Stop growing up.” He tells her, his last request a whisper, as he brings her cheek to his, holding her in embrace – comforting her.
Jungkook steps inside their home, its warmth embracing him immediately and he’s glad he came here.
Taehyung and Mai got an unexpected influx of money before Dae was born. The gallery they’d been running attracting a different sort of crowd all of a sudden. The curiosity and modernity of the curation they’d put their hearts and souls (and savings) into attracting a crowd of curious yet wealthy collectors, investors and sole lovers of the craft. One turned into two galleries, then three and now recently, four. They amount their success to the faith of the people, the artists and the consumers and the ones that were simply driven by the passion for it. Mai was seven months pregnant when they upgraded from their small one-bedroom apartment to their four-bedroom, white picket fenced home. The very first materialization of that first taste of big-time money.
The first words she let out when she stepped inside were, “I can’t wait for toys to litter these shiny floors.” And litter them they did, giving it a feel of family Jungkook admired and promised himself his own wouldn’t lack. Ira hated clutter though.
“Let’s sit down, okay?” Mai says calmly, holding onto his arm. His steps are a bit hesitant and wobbly – if she didn’t know better, she’d think he was drunk.
“Okay.” He returns.
Taehyung follows behind him, a quiet Soori nuzzled against his shoulder, breath fanning the crook of his neck that grows steadier within the second. Now more than ever, Jungkook is grateful for the soothing effect he has on her.
He sits down, Mai occupying the spot besides him. Taehyung stays positioned on his feet before them, gently swaying Soori from side to side as her body grows limp, temping sleep.
His head comes forward, gaze fixated on his shoes. He breaks. “She left us. She just… left. Said she’d booked a job in New York. I thought she’d be gone for a week at most. But then she said she’d be gone for good. She,” his words get stuck in his throat, pain unleashing inside of him all over again at the fresh memories, “said she tried. Took one last look at Soori and then just… left.”
As soon as his recollection of the story comes to an end, he realizes just how short it was. His life came to an abrupt stop and then took a 180 degree turn in the span of what Jungkook deems to have been five minutes.
He never wants to utter the words she said again.
He’s crying and Taehyung wants nothing more than to hold him, let him know that it will all be okay. But he’s finding it hard to believe it himself, so he leaves the words of comfort to Mai. His arms instinctively wrap tighter around Soori – heart breaking at the realization she’d been abandoned, too.
“Come here,” Mai says, wrapping her arm around him and letting him cry, head against her shoulder, his own shaking as silent tears spill from his eyes.
“Do you think she’ll come back, Gguk?” Taehyung asks, even though he knows the answer. He’s always found it easier to console after knowing the facts, not believing in the whole ignorance is bliss bullshit.
He shakes his head. His voice is quiet when he says, “No. She left her phone behind, her half of the closet was empty. I’m not even sure it’s New York where she was headed.”
Mai shakes her head in disbelief. Her motherly instincts take on flight or fight mode as she tries to grasp just how someone could do something like that.
“Okay…,” Taehyung begins, sitting down next to him. “Listen to me,” but Jungkook’s gaze is still transfixed to the floor. “Jungkook-ah.”
“Huh?” He says, voice distant, eyes still lost.
“We’ll figure it out. Okay? You and Soori- you’re not alone. We’re here and we’ll figure it out. You’ve got us, the both of you.” Jungkook nods at his friends’ words. Taehyung rests his head on top of his shoulder. He’s grateful for his reassurance, even if he doesn’t fully believe it.
They don’t press on any further, well aware this is not the time to dissect the situation. He lets Mai pull him to his feet. She asks him a couple of questions that he can’t fully follow so he shakes his head at every single one of them. With Soori asleep in Taehyung’s arms, he lets himself disassociate.
He follows Mai up the stairs, Taehyung right behind them. He doesn’t complain when the darkness of their guest bedroom impairs his sight slightly, finding comfort in its density. The feel of the bed against his aching body lulls him into something that almost feels like peace – senses calming down slightly, as if telling him the day has finally come to an end.
Taehyung is detaching Soori from his body, lowering her down towards the bassinet besides the bed. Jungkook jumps from his resting position in the bed, startling Mai who tries holding him back instinctively.
“No. Put her here. She- she needs to sleep with me, she-” His voice is frantic.
“It’s okay, Gguk. Look, she’s here.” Taehyung places her in the bed next to her father who follows the baby’s movement as his own head hits the mattress.
Mai builds a makeshift fort of pillows that surround Soori’s tiny frame, stacking one on top of the other for good measure. She makes a mental note to check up on her throughout the night.
“Baby monitor. Just in case he doesn’t wake up.” Taehyung says, placing one of the devices in the bedside table.
“Tae,” Mai starts but she doesn’t really know where the sentence was going. Shock settles upon her.
“I know.” He says.
“Fuck, Tae. What is he-,” Mai makes sure to hear for Jungkook’s soft snores before she finishes, “Soori’s only nine months old. How could she just leave?”
Taehyung wraps his arm around Mai, bringing her close to his chest as the same fear she’s feeling begins taking over him, too. He shakes his head. “I don’t know, baby. I- we’ll figure something out. It’ll be alright.”
Soori twitches in place, letting out a loud sigh that has Mai sure will be followed by another restless string of sobs. But Jungkook places his hand on her tummy, eyes still closed, gently rocking her as he lets out a soft coo, something so faint they can’t quite make up his words. But his daughter relaxes against his touch, falling back into a peaceful sleep.
Fear plagues him but Taehyung is sure of the words that fall past his lips next.
“They’ll be alright.”
i hope you enjoyed! stream butter to mend those hearts if you’re hurting as much as me over this mess! if you liked this I would love to know and to chat all about it – or about whatever u want, i want army friends :) lots of kisses!!!! xxxxxx
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junghelioseok · 6 months ago
↳ your one-night stand definitely isn’t relationship material, but maybe—just maybe—your manager’s son is.
Tumblr media
◇ hoseok x reader ◇ smut | strangers to lovers!au ◇ 10.1k [1/1]
❛❛ my boss is always telling me how perfect her son would be for me and she promises he’s coming to the next holiday party and don’t worry he’s heard all about me too and ALSO there’s this dude i slept with once a couple of months ago and sometimes he still sends me dick pics when i ask him to at 3 in the morning cause seriously dude’s got a good dick ❜❜
notes: welcome to the first installment of the serendipity series! we’re starting with hoseok, because, well, have you met me? 🤣 be warned, however, that this isn’t anywhere near as edited as i’d like so i’ll probably give it another read/edit tomorrow but for now!!! here it is!!!
⇢ series masterlist. | inspired by this post.
warnings: dirty talk bc hoseok’s got a bit of a mouth on him, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it, kids!), sexting. dick pics, obvi. brief mention of a dead pet goldfish :(
Tumblr media
You’re refilling your mug when you hear it. Voices filter out from the kitchen, floating past the coffee station where you’re pouring yourself another drink and hanging in the open air of the hallway that leads back to the rest of the office. They’re familiar voices, too—voices that belong to the resident gossips of your workplace. Lottie’s pitchy, nasal tone melds with Hyejin’s higher one, their conversation interrupted every so often by an exaggerated exclamation or gasp from Sandra, the third and final member of their trio.
“Haven’t you heard? Carolyn’s divorce was finalized over the weekend, the poor thing.”
“I can’t even begin to imagine how she’s feeling. I mean, getting back into dating at her age? Goodness!”
“And now she’ll be all alone at the holiday party, too. How sad is that?”
“It’s tragic. Poor thing.”
Rolling your eyes, you grab a packet of sugar and tear it open, upending it over your mug and watching the crystalline granules fall into the dark liquid within. You know for a fact that Sandra and her husband can’t even stand to be in the same room for an extended period of time, considering how they’d spent most of last year’s holiday party talking to entirely different groups of people. You’d sat two tables away from them during dinner, and they hadn’t even made eye contact once. And as for Lottie and Hyejin, well, you’re certain that their relationships aren’t much better. All three of them are miserable people as far as you’re concerned, and you make a mental note to check in on Carolyn—a sweet woman in her thirties who always keeps chocolate bars in her purse—on your way back to your desk.
“Sheesh. Vultures, the lot of them. Don’t you think?”
You whirl at the sound of your manager’s voice. Kyunghee Jung is a dark-haired woman in her late fifties, and she laughs when she sees your startled expression, her eyes crinkling at the corners. “Easy! You’ll spill your coffee if you’re not careful.”
“I’ll probably have a heart attack first,” you reply, pressing a hand to your chest. “What was your job before this? Some kind of intelligence operative? Are you a super spy?”
Kyunghee laughs again and joins you at the counter. “Nothing even remotely as exciting as that,” she answers, plopping her mug down beside yours. It’s decorated with what looks like every color of the rainbow, a massive smiling sunflower taking up the majority of the surface, and the only remnant of the ceramic’s original color is on the very edge of the handle where there’s a lopsided little patch of white. The piece is clearly handmade, and a stark contrast to the simple mint green cup that houses your coffee. Looking at it, it’s impossible not to smile.
“I love that,” you remark, inclining your head at her mug. “Was it a present from one of your kids?”
“Hoseok,” she confirms, running a fingertip along the imperfect handle fondly. “I’ve told you about him before—he’s right around your age.”
You chuckle. “Right, I remember. That’s why he’s the perfect match for me, right?”
“Come now, there’s more to it than that,” Kyunghee defends, waving a hand. “But yes, to answer your question. He gave it to me as a birthday present when he was eight.”
“Well, you never told me he was an artist,” you tease. “Does he have an Etsy? Can I buy one of these off him? Does he do custom orders, maybe?”
Normally, your manager is more than happy to play along with your jokes, but today Kyunghee fixes you with an uncharacteristically serious look. “Why don’t you ask him yourself?” she asks. “He’s coming to the holiday party, after all. I figured you could finally meet.”
You blink. Kyunghee has been making offhand remarks about how well you would get on with her son, Hoseok, for over a year now, but you’ve never even come close to broaching the topic of meeting him. You don’t even know anything about the man beyond the fact that his name is Hoseok and that he works somewhere downtown. He also favors tall socks and yellow suspenders if the framed photograph on Kyunghee’s desk is any indication—or at least, he certainly did when he was still in diapers. Whether he still does, is anyone’s guess.
“Wow, I had no idea he was even interested in coming,” you manage when you’ve recovered from your surprise. “Did you bribe him?”
If Kyunghee notices that your voice is a few pitches higher than usual, she doesn’t remark on it. “Oh, you know. I just told him that this would be his last chance to score free booze on the company’s dime.” She laughs. “Three more months and it’s going to be all beaches and sunshine for me. I might even become a cruise person in my retirement.”
You gasp and slap a hand to your heart. “Kyunghee! Think of the environmental impact!”
“I said I might!” she retorts immediately. “Sheesh. Even in my old age, it’s hard to conveniently forget how shitty and unsustainable those damn boats are.”
You pick up your mug and raise it in a salute. “Well, the oceans thank you.”
“My husband doesn’t,” she answers with a sigh. “He’s been dying to book one of those trips that stop all along the Mediterrannean coastline, and I can’t exactly blame him.”
“That is tempting,” you admit. “You’ll have to send photos, if you do end up going.”
“You’ll be sick of me and my photos before the first day is even up,” she promises. Then she pauses, her eyes darting toward the kitchen where silence has fallen in the last few minutes. “Speaking of being sick—you think the vultures are still hovering around in there? I haven’t had lunch yet, and I need the microwave.”
Obligingly, you edge a little closer to the kitchen doorway and poke your head around the frame, scanning for Lottie and her sidekicks. “Coast is clear. Enjoy your lunch, Kyunghee.”
She nods and raises her mug at you, returning your salute. “I always do.”
As soon as the work day ends, you fall into your usual routine. Your commute home is easily walkable on nicer days, and though the winter weather is brisker than you’d like, you decide to walk for the sake of stopping at the convenience store on the corner of the block.
Once you arrive back at your apartment, you change into your comfiest sweats and a loose tee. You turn on some music while you throw together some dinner, and settle onto the couch half an hour later with a full plate and Netflix. Television is a welcome distraction from the events of the workday, and you manage to get through three full episodes of your current show before your pesky brain decides to revisit the events of today, replaying the conversations that you’d both had and overheard.
There’s no denying that you’ve been single for quite some time now, and for the most part, it’s been by choice. Ever since graduating from university, you’ve chosen to focus more on your career, and it’s paid off both in terms of the important position you hold in your company and your above average salary. And yet, you can’t help but think back to the gossip you’d overheard earlier—about the supposed tragedy of being single and attending the upcoming holiday party alone. Your mind wanders to Kyunghee’s son, Hoseok, and how he’ll be in attendance this year. You wonder what he’s like, and whether he really is perfect for you, as Kyunghee seems to be so fond of mentioning.
And then your mind goes to Jay.
You met Jay two months ago, on a well-deserved night out after a hellish workweek. The bar was crowded, and the music coming from the neon dancefloor in the back was just loud enough to drown out your inhibitions. That, combined with the alcohol swimming through your system, made you bold. You sashayed your way across the dancefloor, dodging inebriated bodies and swaying limbs as you fixed your attention on the head of pale lavender hair and deliciously broad shoulders that awaits you just behind the bar counter. The bartender is nothing short of gorgeous, and you’ve thrown all caution to the wind. Sure, several other women are eyeing him like he’s their next meal—several men are, too—but you need another drink. And while he prepares it, you plan to flirt.
A lot.
The bar counter is sticky with spilled liquor, but you don’t pay that any mind as you lean across it, the wood digging into the narrow strip of exposed skin left by your cropped top. “Hi!” you call, and the bartender looks up from where he’s just finished pouring a round of shots for a group of raucous young men.
“Hi yourself,” he says, his pillowy lips stretching into an easy smile. “What can I get you?”
You pretend not to notice the way his eyes flicker down to the dip of your cleavage and instead put on the sultriest smile you are capable of mustering. “Vodka soda,” you tell him, injecting a bit of purr into your voice. “A bit of lemon too, if you have it.”
“Trust me, I have it,” he assures, his smile growing as he reaches for a clean glass and a clear bottle. “Name’s Jin, by the way. I’m here all night, if you need anything e—”
A loud clatter and the sound of breaking glass interrupts the rest of his sentence, and all eyes at the bar go to the source of the disturbance. Conversations stutter to a halt, and even the thumping bass of the music seems to dull. Jin darts to the other end of the bar, where you can see that one of several barstools has fallen to the ground. There’s a man on the ground as well, surrounded by shattered glass and spilled dark liquor, and your eyes widen when you realize that you know him.
And arguably, a little too well.
“Fuck,” you mutter under your breath. People are starting to lose interest in the spectacle, turning back to their own conversations and continuing on as if nothing had happened at all. The man is beginning to clamber to his feet, and a few people lend a helping hand as Jin begins barking out orders for everyone to step back so he can sweep up the broken glass. You seize upon the opportunity, latching on to the nearest arm and pulling them close so you can hide behind them. Vaguely, you’re aware of them sputtering in surprise, but you only have eyes for the man who had fallen off his stool, watching him carefully as he brushes himself off and tries to play it cool despite the sizable patch of whiskey soaking his white shirt.
“Hey, uh…” Your human shield is speaking. “Are you okay? You’re squeezing me pretty tight.”
That draws you out of your daze. Abashed, you loosen your grip on his arm and look up into his face, your throat going dry when you realize how handsome he is. His black hair is parted over his forehead, a stray strand falling into warm brown eyes set above a straight nose and an inviting mouth. There’s a freckle above his top lip, just shy of the center, and your inebriated brain wonders just what it would be like to kiss it.
“I, um—” You clear your throat and try again. “Sorry about that. I just didn’t want him to see me.”
Your newfound companion raises an eyebrow and glances over his shoulder at the drunk man, who is now being ushered out of the bar by his buddies. “You know that guy?”
You nod, cringing. “Yeah, his name’s Trent. I… may or may not have dated him for a few months last year.”
The man laughs out loud. “You dated a Trent?”
“What, like you’ve never made a questionable life choice?” you challenge. “Besides, you shouldn’t judge someone based on the sins of their parents. It’s not his fault they gave him a terrible name.”
“Sure, but it is on him for going along with it,” he replies with a shrug. “I would’ve changed my name as soon as I could if my parents had named me Trent. But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.”
You laugh. “Okay then, Not-Trent.” Relinquishing your grip on his arm, you let your fingers graze his hand before pulling away entirely. “What do you say we continue this conversation over a drink?”
The man, whose name is decidedly not Trent, catches your fingers in his and gives them a gentle squeeze. “Happily.”
One drink turns into two, and then three. By the end of the hour, you are feeling pleasantly warm, the alcohol spreading through your veins like molasses and turning your surroundings into a hazy blur. The music has grown even louder, pounding against your eardrums, and you grab onto Not-Trent’s wrist as he sets his now-empty glass back down onto the counter.
“Do you wanna get out of here?” you ask, raising your voice to be heard over the thumping bassline. “I can’t even hear myself think.”
“The parking lot’s out back,” he suggests. “Why don’t we get some air?”
You nod and stand up on wobbly legs, cursing your decision to wear heels when you stumble into your companion. He steadies you with a gentle but firm hand, and you don’t miss the way his touch lingers on your lower back, his palm warm through the material of your blouse.
Together, the two of you pick your way through the throng of swaying bodies on the dancefloor. The bassline thuds in your ears, dark and hypnotic, and you can feel the reverberations thrumming across the slats of your ribs and echoing in the cavern of your chest like a second heartbeat.
It’s almost a relief, then, when you step out into the cool night air. Your ears continue to ring for a few seconds, but it soon fades and leaves behind only the muted hum of traffic from the street and the faint sound of music from inside. At your side, Not-Trent releases a long breath and leans against the brick wall of the building, and you turn to take in the steep slopes of his side profile as he tilts his head up toward the velvety night sky.
He’s handsome. Dressed in ripped jeans and black leather, he’s a sight to behold, and you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t been craving a bit of intimacy for quite some time now. The alcohol swimming through your system makes you bolder than you normally would be, and you reach out to lay a hand on his arm. He turns toward you with a silent question glimmering in his irises, but you simply step closer, until you’re pinning him against the wall with your body and you’re breathing the same air.
“Hey,” you say, your voice an airy whisper. His eyes are near obsidian in the dimness of the parking lot, illuminated only by the orange glow of the streetlamps on either end, and your gaze flickers down to his mouth before roving to the freckle that sits upon his top lip. “Kiss me?”
Your companion’s eyes widen. His lips part, but no words come out, and you’re about to repeat your question when he finally finds his voice again.
“That’s really… that’s not a good idea.” Awkwardly, he clears his throat, but the hoarseness of his voice and the harsh bob of his Adam’s apple give away his true desires. “Look, you’ve been drinking. We both have, and—”
You cut him off, pushing up to your tiptoes and planting a messy kiss to the soft dip just beneath his bottom lip. “Don’t care,” you mumble against his skin. “I want you.”
Your companion laughs weakly. His hands find their way to your waist and pause there, as if he can’t decide whether to push you away or pull you closer. “You don’t even know me,” he murmurs.
“I don’t have to know you,” you reply. Your fingers drag down his chest, trailing along the delicate silver necklace that rests against the black of his shirt. From the chain hangs a round pendant, the surface engraved with the letter J. Slowly, you trace it with a fingertip, the metal shining even in the dim light, and satisfaction blooms in your heart when your companion’s throat bobs again. “I want you,” you breathe, soft but insistent. “Isn’t that enough?”
“I—” He clears his throat and tries again, and you wonder if he realizes that his hands have slid down to your hips, or that there’s a growing hardness against your lower stomach that’s becoming increasingly harder to ignore. “Look, I’m flattered—really, I am. And you’re… I mean, fuck, you’re gorgeous. But I don’t think we should do anything when you’re clearly not in the right frame of mind to be making this kind of decision, and—”
“And, nothing.” You wind your arms around his neck, pressing close and grinding subtly against the bulge in his pants. You smirk when he releases a low hiss from between his teeth, and hide it by laying a trail of kisses along the stretch of bare skin exposed by the dip of his collar. “Stop being such a gentleman,” you whisper. Your fingers trail down his chest, past the silver of his pendant and down to the faded denim of his jeans, teasing at the cool metal of his belt buckle. “I want this. But if you’re not interested, I can always go back in there and—”
The rest of your sentence dies in your throat. Your companion has tugged you flush against him in one smooth motion, and your gasp is cut off by the firm press of his mouth against yours. Immediately, you melt into the kiss, and a moan tears from your lips when he spins you around and pins you against the brick wall of the building.
“You’re a spoiled little thing, huh?” His breath fans hot against your cheeks, and you shiver when you meet his eyes and see the dark promise reflected there. “Used to getting what you want, huh, princess?”
Your breath hitches at the endearment—something your companion doesn’t miss. “Oh, you like that?” He chuckles hoarsely, and when he speaks again it’s in a rasp that sends heat straight to your core. “What else do you like, hmm? You want me to be rough with you, princess? Or should I be gentle and treat you like a queen?”
You reach up, raking your fingers through his hair and skimming across the soft strands of his undercut before finding purchase at his nape. “You talk too much,” you whisper.
And then you’re crushing your mouth back against his, whining when he immediately takes back control of the kiss. His grip slides downward, his fingertips digging into the skin just above the curve of your ass, and you squeak when he grabs the back of your thigh and hooks your leg around his waist.
“You feel that?” he rasps into your ear, nipping at the delicate shell and chortling when you keen. Your skirt has ridden up dangerously high on your spread thighs, and you let out a soft whimper when he grinds harshly against your center. The lace of your panties and the denim of his jeans are the last barricades between you, and you wonder, vaguely, whether your companion has a bit of an exhibitionist streak when he slides one of your sleeves down your shoulder and begins kissing a trail down to the swell of your cleavage. “You feel how hard you’ve gotten me?”
You lean down, kissing the soft spot where his jaw meets his ear before letting your teeth graze against his skin. “Why don’t you do something about it then?”
He hisses out a sharp breath, his hands tightening their hold on your hips. “You’ve got quite the mouth on you, huh? I can’t wait to make you eat your words.”
Any retort you may have had is interrupted by a sudden swell of music and the sound of a slamming door. Whirling to face the source of the noise, you immediately spot a familiar head of lavender hair atop broad shoulders encapsulated in the black uniform of the bar. Jin hasn’t noticed the two of you yet, his attention fixated on his cell phone screen, but he looks up when you let out a little squeak of surprise and shove your companion’s chest in an attempt to create some distance between you.
“Hey.” Jin raises a hand in greeting, a knowing smirk curling his lips. “This phone call shouldn’t be too long, so please. Don’t stop the party on my behalf.”
Heat floods to your cheeks. There isn’t much use protesting against his insinuation, considering the rather compromising position you’re in. Much to your relief, though, your companion simply huffs out a chuckle and waves Jin off. “Thanks, man, but we’ll get out of your hair.” Lowering his voice, he turns back to you. “Coming, princess?”
You nod. He offers you his hand, and you take it gratefully, adjusting your skirt so that it drapes properly over your hips and thighs again.
“Have a good night!” Jin calls after you, amusement lacing every word. You can’t work up the nerve to respond, and luckily, you don’t have to. Your companion leads you around the corner of the building, where several rows of cars are parked beneath an orange streetlamp. On this side, the exterior brick wall is painted with a mural, and you admire the colorful galaxies and nebulae swirling amidst silvery white stars and the word serendipity spray-painted in pale blue.
The last car in the row is parked just beneath the letter Y, and it’s here that your companion stops. The sleek black vehicle has an almost vintage feel to it, and you glance up when you hear the jingle of metal.
“I’m guessing this is yours?”
He nods, pulling a set of keys from the pocket of his leather jacket and inserting one into the lock. “Yeah. You like it?”
“It’s beautiful,” you tell him, tracing the edge of the passenger window “Makes my car look like a total piece of shit by comparison.”
Your companion chuckles, pulling open the driver’s side door, and you catch a glimpse of your reflection in the window as he presses a button to unlock the rest of the doors. Your hair’s a bit of a mess and your mascara has smudged beneath your right eye, and you hurriedly swipe at it as your companion turns his attention back to you.
“So,” he says. “Now what? I can give you a ride home, if you want.”
Deliberately, you let your gaze drop down to his crotch, where his bulge—albeit waning—is still visible. “Seriously? I thought you were going to… what was it again? Make me eat my words?”
And just like that, it’s as if a switch has flipped. His eyes darken to obsidian, his lips settling into a stern line, and you barely have time to draw in a breath before he’s caging you against the side of his car and molding his mouth to yours. Your lips part beneath the onslaught, and he wastes no time in dipping inside to explore, licking into you until you’re both breathless.
“Inside,” he breathes once you’ve broken apart, and you instantly obey. You wrench the door open and all but tumble into the backseat, and he isn’t far behind as he slots himself between your spread thighs. Your hands fly to his shoulders where you help him shuck off his leather jacket, tossing it carelessly to the front where it lands in a heap on the dashboard before focusing your attention on the hem of his black t-shirt. Your companion obliges you as you push it upward to expose his toned abdomen, grabbing it by the collar and pulling it off the rest of the way when your reach falls a little short in the cramped interior of the backseat.
“Your turn,” he whispers when you try to reach for his belt, his hands settling around your wrists. “It’s only fair, princess.”
Pouting, you let your hands fall limp in his grasp, and he chuckles as he leans down to pacify you with a kiss. Deft fingers find the hem of your blouse, pushing it up until you can twist out of the material. You throw it aside with no regard for where it lands on the ground, and lay back as your companion drinks you in, his dark gaze raking across the lacy black lingerie that decorates your curves and skims you like a second skin. “Fuck,” he breathes, his voice hoarse with a combination of amazement and disbelief. “You’re stunning.”
You smile, trailing a fingertip from the dip of his collarbone down to the silver necklace that sits prettily against his bare chest. “You’re not so bad yourself,” you tell him, tracing the letter engraved into his pendant. “Jay.”
Your companion—newly dubbed Jay—smiles back. “You’re something else, princess,” he murmurs, before leaning down to kiss you again. He explores your mouth thoroughly—languidly—before moving down to nip at your neck, and already, you can feel the beginnings of marks beginning to form, blossoming across your skin as irrefutable proof of your tryst.
It isn’t long before Jay frees you from your bra, watching with carnal fascination as your breasts spill out of the lacy material. You whine when he reaches out to cup one, his palm hot against your bare skin, and he smirks crookedly when a pinch to your nipple makes your back arch off the leather of the seat. “So pretty,” he rasps. “I can’t wait to see how you look stretched around my cock.”
“Stop waiting, then,” you tell him, trying again for his belt buckle. This time, he lets you fumble it open, leaning back to watch you work with hooded eyes and a lazy little smile. Emboldened, you push aside the denim of his jeans and free his cock from the confines of his underwear. He’s hard and hot and heavy in your palm, and your tongue darts out instinctively at the sight of the pearlescent precum beading the tip.
“Jay,” you murmur, thumbing across the head of his erection and smirking when he hisses in pleasure. “Fuck me.”
Jay seems to consider your demand, mischief flitting across his features before he manages to school his expression into something more neutral. “Where are your manners, princess?” he asks, pushing your hand away and giving himself a few long, slow strokes. “Say please, if you want it so bad.”
For a moment, you consider refusing. Jay seems to be the type of man who enjoys a good game, but between the state of his cock and the earlier interruption, you’re pretty sure he’s nearing his limit. And even if he isn’t, you are. And so, you shelve your pride for the time being, and trail a hand down the length of your bared body as you bat your lashes up at him. “Fuck me, Jay,” you repeat. “Please. Want your cock so bad.”
His answering smile is equal parts amusement and satisfaction, and altogether sinful. “That’s my girl,” he rasps, before shoving your panties aside. Lining the head of his cock up, he enters you in one smooth thrust, and you moan as your walls stretch to accommodate his girth. You’re more than wet enough to take him in his entirety, your eyes fluttering shut when he bottoms out, and he groans hoarsely as he takes a second to relish the feeling of your walls gripping him so tightly.
“Fuck. You’re so wet, princess.” Jay dips a thumb into your slick, spreading it across your clit and rubbing a few experimental circles around the sensitive nub. He groans when you clench around him, his hips stuttering, and you squeeze around him again just to hear him grit out another curse. “Shit. I’m not going to last long at this rate.”
“Don’t care,” you murmur, rocking against him and sighing when the motion sends him a little deeper into your core. “Just fuck me, Jay. Please.”
Jay leans in, a dark lock of hair falling across his forehead as he plants an indulgent kiss on your waiting mouth. “Anything for you, princess,” he breathes. Slowly, he pulls back until only the tip of his cock remains inside you. Then he’s slamming forward, and you can’t even find it in yourself to care about the obscene sound of skin slapping against skin or the way the car rocks. Jay’s thumbing across your clit in tight circles that he times perfectly with the rock of his hips, and you wonder whether the rapidly building pleasure in your belly is due to your dry spell or if he’s just that good. You can feel every inch of him as he fills you up repeatedly, his brows furrowed in concentration and his dark hair flopping as he drives deeper in search of the spot that will have you seeing stars.
You know he’s found it when the pleasure in your belly spikes, your back arching off the backseat. Your skin is sticky against the dark leather and you’re certain the sweat gathering at your temples has destroyed the last of your makeup, but Jay alleviates your concerns with a particularly well-timed thrust and a harsh nip to the soft spot at your clavicle. You keen out something unintelligible, and his lips stretch into a smirk against your skin.
“That’s it,” he encourages. “Cum for me, princess.”
That’s all it takes for the mounting pressure to snap. Your body collapses into a searing orgasm, the pleasure flaring out like a supernova and spreading through your veins like wildfire. “F-fuck, Jay—” you gasp, your fingers scrabbling at his back for purchase and no doubt leaving scratches in their wake. “Fuck, you feel so—”
The remainder of your words trail off into garbled nonsense, and Jay huffs out a strained chuckle as he begins chasing after his own orgasm, rutting against you in a way that both prolongs your pleasure and sustains his own. “Shit,” he groans, his eyes fluttering shut. “Fuck, that’s it. Look at you—taking my cock so well. So pretty and perfect and—”
Whatever he was going to say dissolves into a groan as he gives a few more erratic thrusts before his release overwhelms him. Creamy warmth floods through you, and you rub his back tiredly as his head drops onto your shoulder, his breath flaring hot against your skin as he rides out his orgasm.
It takes several long seconds for the pleasure to recede. Your legs are still shaky when Jay pulls away, straightening up and tucking himself back into his jeans. There’s an empty ache in your core now that you are no longer stuffed full of his cock, and already, you are missing the feeling. Still, you push that aside as you sit up, adjusting your panties and wincing at the wetness that soaks the material and sticks to your skin.
“So,” Jay says after a moment’s silence, and you glance over at him when he huffs out a short chuckle. “That was fun.”
“Not bad at all,” you agree weakly, an irrepressible smile tugging at your lips.
Jay grins. It’s a bright, infectious grin—and it’s one that you’ve already grown rather fond of in the short period of time you’ve known him. It’s a grin that showcases his perfect teeth and crinkles his eyes into crescents, and one that all but forces you to grin back.
“Here, give me your phone,” he says, and you watch as he punches in his number once you hand it over. “Just in case you ever wanna do this again,” he tells you, handing it back. “Don’t be a stranger, princess.”
You glance down at his contact information, saved under the moniker you’d given him and affixed with a short string of emojis. “I won’t,” you tell him, chuckling. “In fact, I just might take you up on the offer.”
The screen of your laptop has long since gone dark, and you stretch your arms overhead before waking it again. Rolling your shoulders, you navigate back to the main Netflix menu, hovering over the resume button and watching the trailer loop in the background.
You’d be lying if you said you didn’t think about Jay often. You’ve texted each other quite often since that night in his car—usually when you’re bored and alone and have had a few too many glasses of wine in the evenings. You’ve found yourself tapping on his name instinctively during those odd, ambiguous hours—when late night and early morning meld together and you’re aching for a bit of relief.
And as if he knows you’re thinking about him, your phone buzzes against the coffee table, the screen lighting up with a familiar name.
[11:22pm] Jay 😘🍆💦: thinkin about u, pretty girl 😘
It’s followed by an image, and your heart rate picks up, thudding loudly against your ribs as you open it.
Tumblr media
Your memories of Jay’s face—made all the more hazy by the alcohol and the amount of time elapsed since your first and only meeting—truly don’t do him justice. Though the photograph cuts off just above his nose, you can still admire the sharp angle of his jaw and the fullness of his puckered lips. His skin is golden against the white of his t-shirt, and you lick your lips before thumbing across your screen to respond.
[11:23pm] You: yeah? what else are you thinking about, hmm?
His response is instantaneous.
[11:23pm] Jay 😘🍆💦: thinking about that pretty little pussy of yours
[11:23pm] Jay 😘🍆💦: how good it looked in that pic u sent me tuesday 👅
You barely even notice the way your hand begins trailing down your body, pushing aside the elastic waistband of your sweats. It’s as if you’re on autopilot, as your fingers find their way to the damp spot growing on your panties.
Yeah? you write back with your free hand, already teasing at your clothed folds with the other. Tell me more.
It’s an uncharacteristically warm Friday morning when you find yourself in the elevator with Jimin, a good friend of yours who works on one of the lower levels of your office building. “Morning,” he says as he steps in, a large iced coffee in hand despite the fact that it’s still very much the middle of winter. Then he squints, leaning a little closer. “Oh my god. You got laid!”
“Oh my god, not so loud!” you hiss, whacking him on the shoulder and jabbing the button to close the elevator doors. “And no, not exactly. I’ve just been texting Jay.”
“Texting, sure.” Jimin mimes air quotes around the word and rolls his eyes. “You’re sexting him, and we all know it. How many pictures of his dick do you have saved on your phone now?”
“Oh my—” You sigh, trailing off. “Can we not talk about this right now?”
“Right, of course.” Jimin takes a sip of his coffee and pretends to check his watch. “When would you like to talk about it then? Do you need to check your calendar? Can I book an appointment for later this afternoon?”
You stick your tongue out at him. “Shut up.”
Jimin just grins, his lips puckered around his straw. “So, how’s Jay? Have you asked for his real name yet?”
You shrug. “What’s the point? It’s not like we’re friends or anything. We’ve literally only met the one time.”
“Yeah, but that’s just because you’re a coward,” Jimin points out. “What’s stopping you from meeting up with him again? You have his number. You have at least one photo of his dick. Ask him out already!”
“It’s not that easy, though,” you sigh. The elevator doors open to let a few more people in, and you move to the side and lower your voice so that only Jimin can hear. “Jay—he’s not exactly boyfriend material. I mean, we fucked in his car the first night we met.”
“So?” Jimin frowns and takes another sip of his iced coffee. “You talk about things besides sex, don’t you? You definitely told him about your goldfish dying, at least. I mean, you told him before you even told me!”
“Yes I did, and he was appropriately sympathetic about Mustache’s passing, unlike some people,” you sniff. “Get over it already, won’t you?”
“Never,” Jimin replies, ignoring your pointed jab. “I’m sure you only told him because you knew you could get a sympathy sext out of it. How many dick pics did you get out of that night, anyway?”
“You’re gross,” you tell him, punching him in the arm. “Not to mention that’s exactly why Jay’s not boyfriend material. He’s perfectly happy with—whatever it is we’re doing. I can’t just ruin that by asking him to get dinner.” You frown, gnawing on your bottom lip. “I don’t want to make this into something that it’s not.”
Jimin hesitates. “Fine, okay. I guess I can understand that.”
There’s a pause, as the elevator makes a few more stops. You watch the numbers crawl higher, and know that you’ll soon have to part ways with your friend..
“Hey.” You nudge Jimin with your shoulder, just as the elevator doors close and you begin the ascent to his floor. “Wanna know something interesting?”
Jimin looks up from his phone, where he’s scrolling through Twitter. “Always.”
“My boss’ son is coming to the party tomorrow.”
Jimin’s eyebrows disappear into his ashy blond hair at your revelation. “Kyunghee’s son? Hoseok, or whatever?”
You chuckle. “The one and only. She’s found about a million ways to bring him up in conversation this past week. She thinks we’re a match made in heaven.”
“Wow.” Jimin releases a long breath. “I wonder what he’s like, then.”
You shrug, adjusting the strap of your work tote over your shoulder. “I guess we’ll find out, won’t we?”
The morning of the party, you wake up to an empty refrigerator. Half stale cereal and the last dregs of milk from the carton become your breakfast, and you munch on that as you mull over the contents of your closet. You’re still in your pajamas, but you pull out your comfiest jeans and a sweater to change into after you finish eating. Then you turn to your collection of dresses, rifling through them and mentally debating the merits of each material and color.
You could go in one of two directions tonight. On the one hand, this is still a work party, and as such your attire should probably maintain a certain level of decorum. But on the other, you’re meeting Hoseok Jung for the first time tonight. You aren’t necessarily looking to start anything with the man, of course, but you do want to look good. With that in mind, you eventually settle on a deep red number that you pull out of the very back of your closet, made of a silky material that skims your curves and accentuates your best assets. Laying it on the bed, you begin your hunt for a pair of matching shoes. Twenty minutes of searching and another five of agonizing later, you step into the bathroom, intent on showering and getting on with the rest of your day.
Upon exiting the bathroom, you decide that tackling the state of your refrigerator takes top priority over your other weekend errands. Sitting down at the dining table, you take stock of what you have in your pantry, planning out your meals for the upcoming week and making a list of what you need to purchase in order to make them a reality. It’s just after one in the afternoon when you exit your apartment with a completed grocery list and your purse stuffed full of reusable canvas bags. The store is a short walk from where you live, and you decide to put in your earbuds as your feet navigate the familiar route. The temperature is surprisingly mild for winter, and the sun shines bright from its perch in the cloudless blue sky. It’s perfect weather for a walk, and the fresh air clears your mind and eases your heart.
At the grocery store, you forego the stack of baskets and instead grab a shopping cart. Weaving your way up and down the aisles, you check items off the list on your phone one by one. Eventually, you find yourself in the cereal section, grabbing a box of granola before turning to where your favorite cereal normally sits. It isn’t there, and you turn in a full circle, confused, until your gaze finally lands on the familiar box on the top shelf.
Sighing, you push up to your tiptoes, stretching your arm as far as it can reach. Your fingertips graze the shelf, but you can’t quite get a grip on the box itself. Glancing down, you scan the bottommost shelf and wonder if you can step on it to give yourself a boost.
“Need a hand?”
The voice comes from behind you, and a vague sense of familiarity sparks in your brain. Slowly, you turn around, and your entire body freezes when your gaze slides up to the speaker’s face.
“Jay.” The syllable escapes you in a near whisper. “H-hi.”
Jay stands before you, looking like sin incarnate in a faded denim jacket, black sweatpants slung low on his hips, and not much else. At his throat, his silver necklace sparkles, the silver J pendant glinting beneath the fluorescent lights of the store, and you’re suddenly beyond grateful that you decided to put on a decent sweater before leaving.
“Here,” he says, stepping forward until he’s close enough that you can smell his cologne—sandalwood tinged with sweet citrus. “Let me help you with that.”
The sudden proximity has your breath hitching in your throat. Your heart thuds erratically against your ribs as he reaches around you, the denim flaps of his jacket gaping in a way that exposes even more of his bare chest. By the time he pulls back with your cereal box in hand, you feel almost faint, belatedly realizing that you’d been holding your breath.
“You wanted this, right?” Jay asks, and you aren’t sure if you’re imagining the innuendo underlying his words or the teasing inflection of the syllables.
“Y-yeah, that’s the one,” you manage, fighting to quell the uneven tempo of your heartbeat as you accept the box. “Thanks.”
“Happy to help,” he replies. Then he leans in, close enough that you can feel his warm breath fanning your cheek as he murmurs his next sentence into your ear. “Anything for you, princess. You know that.”
Heat floods across your cheeks. Your heart skips two full beats before taking off into a sprint, and it’s impossible to ignore the way your core begins to thrum, as if anticipating a repeat of that night you first met all those weeks ago. Almost instinctively, your eyes dart up to the ceiling where the security cameras are, and Jay follows the trajectory of your gaze with a low chuckle and a soft brush of your cheek with the pad of his thumb.
“Sorry, princess. As much as I’d love to get my hands on you, I’m kind of on a time crunch today.”
You can’t stop the wave of disappointment that washes over you, even if you’re in the exact same boat. “Rain check, then?”
“Rain check,” he agrees. Slowly, you reach up to touch the engraved silver pendant resting against his chest, rubbing it between your fingertips before tracing the curve of the J, and he catches your wandering fingers between his and presses a gentle kiss to your knuckles.
“You know how to reach me,” he murmurs with a mischievous wink. His gaze lingers even after he’s released your hand, and you clear your throat awkwardly before turning to deposit your cereal box into your shopping cart.
The two of you go your separate ways then, exchanging goodbyes. You finish the rest of your grocery shopping in a daze, idly going through the motions at checkout and letting muscle memory guide you back home. Your arms are aching by the time you step past the threshold of your apartment, and you heave your shopping bags up onto the kitchen counter with a relieved sigh before returning to the entryway to toe off your shoes. You throw together a sandwich as you unpack your groceries, taking a big bite as you walk back to your bedroom to look at the dress you’ve picked out. Pacing over to the closet, you double-check your shoe choice. Briefly, you debate whether or not to wear flats instead of heels.
There are still a few hours left before you have to start getting ready, so you take the last of your sandwich back to the kitchen and whip up a smoothie to go with it. You scroll through your phone as you eat, browsing through the latest news headlines and scrolling through your social media accounts. Just before six o’clock, as the sun starts setting beyond the horizon and casting long shadows across your living room, you start getting changed. You snap a photo in the mirror once you’re dressed, pulling up Jimin’s name in your phone and sending it to him.
[6:13pm] You: last chance to come tonight
Your phone buzzes with a response almost immediately.
[6:14pm] Jimin: nah. i’d hate to step on hoseok’s toes.
You laugh. Not so fast, you text back. We don’t even know anything about the guy yet. What if he’s boring? Or sexist?
[6:15pm] Jimin: if u think kyunghee raised a sexist you’re seriously deranged
[6:16pm] Jimin: now stop taking selfies and get your ass out the door! you’re gonna be late!!!!
Each year, the holiday party tends to be a little over the top, and this year is no exception. The company has bought out the entirety of a restaurant for the evening, and you glance around in amazement at the twinkling lights and lush evergreen boughs decorating the walls and strung up along the ceiling. An assortment of sparkling ornaments hangs from the massive tree in the far corner, interspersed between silver tinsel and more lights. Grabbing a champagne flute off a passing server’s tray, you head farther into the restaurant, skirting around tables draped in creamy linen and greeting your colleagues and friends.
“Is she alone?”
The voices come from the direction of the open bar, and somehow, you just know that they’re talking about you. Lottie, Hyejin, and Sandra are clustered in the corner with glasses of wine in hand, casting glances around the restaurant and gossiping about anything and everything with a pulse. You’re sorely tempted to grab the nearest pitcher of water off a table and pour it over their heads, but you suppress the urge and instead head over with a saccharine smile. “So lovely to see you, {Name},” Lottie says as you approach.
“I love your dress,” Sandra adds. “Very slimming.”
“Thanks,” you reply, putting on your brightest, fakest smile. “Yours is great too. How are you and your husband enjoying the party so far?”
Sandra’s face sours, and you hide your smirk in your champagne flute. Maybe it’s petty to bring up her rocky relationship, but you’ve been subject to snide comments from Sandra and her friends for years now and it’s become increasingly hard for you to bite your tongue. A few tables away, you spot Sandra’s husband, Rodney, take an enormous gulp of his whiskey and wince as it burns down his throat.
“We’re all having a wonderful time, aren’t we, ladies?” Lottie cuts in when Sandra takes too long to answer. “Hyejin’s date is over there with Rodney, and my boyfriend is fetching himself a drink. You remember Dev, don’t you?”
You nod, even though it’s a lie. “Sure. Say hi to him for me.”
Lottie’s lips curve up into a smile, her head tilting to the side, and you’re suddenly reminded of a snake rearing its head back for the kill. “So, what about you? Have you brought someone tonight, or—?”
“Hi ladies!” Kyunghee materializes at your side, her lips painted a festive red shade to match her dress. She’s wearing the disingenuous smile that she reserves for the resident gossips of your office, and you try not to let your relief show on your face when Lottie’s attention refocuses on your manager.
“So good to see you, Kyunghee,” she simpers. “Have you been here long?”
“Not as long as you,” your manager replies, nodding at the near-empty wineglass in her hand. “I see we’re already making a dent in the wine supply, and you’re falling behind, {Name}. Why don’t we go remedy that, hmm?”
She doesn’t give you a chance to respond, grabbing your arm and leading you away. Kyunghee is surprisingly spry for a woman her age, and you follow after her with some difficulty as she marches through the throngs of conversing people, all the way to the line at the open bar.
“I’d like you to meet someone,” she says, gesturing at the man standing at the end of the line with his back to you. “{Name}, this is my son, Hoseok.”
The man turns around at the sound of his name, a warm, affable smile stretched across his face. “Hi, I’m H—” he begins, but he’s cut off by your sharp intake of breath. His eyes go wide, his smile fading as his mouth falls open, and you’re certain you’re wearing an even more dumbfounded expression. “It’s you,” he says, his voice hoarse.
“Wh-what… how…” You trail off, speechless. The words flounder and die in your throat as your brain struggles to process this development, and you practically feel the way the gears in your head churn to a stuttering halt.
Because this man standing before you, the one that Kyunghee has just introduced as her son, is none other than Jay. He looks completely and utterly devastating in a navy waistcoat and matching slacks, a green tie shaped like a Christmas tree knotted loosely around the white collar of his shirt. His dark hair is parted, his undercut exposed, and you can’t tear your gaze away from the loose strand that has fallen across his forehead.
Jay—Hoseok—swallows. “Hi.”
Kyunghee glances between the two of you, her brows furrowing. “I take it you two already know each other?”
Hoseok’s ears begin taking on a scarlet tinge, the color spreading to his cheeks as he struggles to find his vocabulary again. “I—yeah. Yeah, we’ve met.”
“Right. Do I even want to know how?” she asks dubiously, before shaking her head and huffing out a sigh. “No, forget I asked. I don’t want to know. I’ll just leave you two to… catch up.”
Waving goodbye, Kyunghee disappears back into the crowd of partygoers milling around. Hoseok turns back to you, sucking in a deep breath, and you fight the urge to stare down at your toes as his gaze roves across your face.
“I can’t believe this,” he says, breaking the silence that’s fallen between you at last. “My mom’s been talking about you for months, but I never imagined that it’d be you.”
“You’re telling me,” you reply, finally having recovered your voice. “Kyunghee brings you up all the time, but I never thought… I mean, we didn’t even know each other’s names, and now…” You shrug. “Here we both are.”
“It’s a pretty crazy coincidence, huh?”
A beat passes, and then two. You’re fully aware that you’re staring, but you don’t dare blink, afraid that he’ll disappear if you close your eyes. Of all the things that you thought might happen tonight, this particular meeting wasn’t even close to making the list. Never would you have thought that the man you only knew as Jay would turn out to be Kyunghee’s son. Never would you have connected Jay to the photographed little boy in yellow suspenders on Kyunghee’s desk, or realized that they were one and the same.
From behind you, someone loudly clears their throat. Another voice calls for you to get a move on, already, and both you and Hoseok belatedly realize that you are still standing in line for the open bar. Hoseok’s eyes go wide again, and you nearly tread on his toes when you both try to move forward. “After you,” he says with a chuckle, gesturing for you to go in front of him, and that’s enough to break the tension. You step ahead of him with a laugh, catching up to the line, and Hoseok doesn’t stray far as he follows your lead.
“So, what are you drinking?” he asks, a smile playing at the corner of his lips. “Vodka soda with a twist?”
“Actually, I think I’m going to stick with wine tonight,” you reply, peering at the bottles lined up on the counter. “What about you?”
“Hmm. Jack and coke, I think. Nothing else is really calling my name right now.”
Grabbing your drinks, the two of you begin searching for a place to sit. You spot Kyunghee at a table near the front, and she smiles knowingly and offers you a thumbs-up when she catches your eye. Eventually, you settle on a table near the Christmas tree, the lights glimmering off the glasses and reflecting off your knife as you pick it up to butter a slice of crusty bread from the basket in the center. Hoseok follows your lead, grabbing a piece for himself, and the two of you munch in silence for a few seconds before Hoseok breaks it.
“You know, my mom says you’re the perfect girl for me” he says with a dry little chuckle. “Think she’s right?”
“I don’t know,” you answer. “It’s funny, though—Kyunghee’s been telling me the same thing. She sings your praises all the time.”
Hoseok laughs and scratches the back of his neck. “Oh, jeez, that’s kind of embarrassing. I’m glad she’s saying good things, at least.”
“You don’t have to worry about that,” you tell him, grinning. “She’s only shown us one photo album from your childhood.”
His face crumples. “Was it the Disneyland one?”
You nod, fighting back laughter, and watch as Hoseok groans and lets his forehead meet the linen-covered tabletop with a dull thunk.
“I don’t like rollercoasters,” he mumbles into the tablecloth, his voice muffled by the material. “They make me queasy.”
“Even now?” you ask, and he nods.
The clinking of a fork against a wineglass—amplified and broadcast through an array of invisible speakers built into the restaurant’s walls—interrupts any further conversation. You twist in your seat to watch your company’s leadership give their opening remarks, listening as they congratulate everyone for a great year and wish you a happy holiday season. The servers begin going out with plates of food, and you thank them as they set yours down. Hoseok does the same before raising his glass in your direction, clearing his throat and offering you a crooked little smile.
“Here’s to second meetings.”
“Third, if you count the store earlier,” you correct, and he chuckles and nods in agreement before clinking his drink against yours.
You spend the entirety of dinner chatting with Hoseok, getting to know him beyond the few facts Kyunghee has mentioned and what little you’ve gleaned from texting him the last two months. He tells you all about his dance studio, Hope World, where he teaches both contemporary dance and the occasional Pilates class. You find out that in addition to rollercoasters, he also dislikes sour foods and raisins, but he loves mint chocolate and sweet and sour pork. He also has a very low tolerance for alcohol—something he tells you as he tilts the rest of his drink into his mouth. “Should I be worried?” you ask as he sets his glass back down, and he chuckles and shakes his head, sending the loose tendril of hair flopping across his forehead.
Dessert is served, and subsequently eaten. The music is turned up, and people slowly begin finding their way to the open space that serves as an impromptu dancefloor. Hoseok rises to his feet and extends a hand toward you, and you only hesitate for the briefest of seconds before accepting it. He leads you out amongst the other swaying couples, his hand finding its way to the curve of your waist, and you rest your hand on his shoulder as he begins guiding you in a slow, simple waltz.
“So?” Hoseok’s voice is a low murmur, soft and gentle against the shell of your ear. “What’s the verdict?”
You blink. “The verdict?”
Even without looking, you can tell that he’s smiling. You can hear it in the lilt of his voice, and imagine it in the curve of his lips. “About me,” he clarifies, carefully pulling back so you can spin in a circle beneath his outstretched arm. “About us. My mom will never let me hear the end of it if she turns out to be right, but I still wanna know. So what are you thinking?”
“Are you asking if I think we’re perfect for each other?” you ask, giggling. “I don’t know if I believe in all that, to be quite honest. Destiny and soulmates—I mean, doesn’t it seem a little too good to be true?”
Hoseok hums. “Maybe. But considering all that’s happened to us in the last couple of months, don’t you think there’s a chance that it's all more than simple coincidence?”
“Maybe,” you concede. “Still, I don’t know if I can give you a verdict just yet. We haven’t even gone on a date.”
“We did do things a little backwards,” Hoseok admits, tugging you close and winding his arm around your waist. “Let me make it up to you, then. Are you free tomorrow?”
“What if I am?” you challenge.
“Then, I’d like to take you out for breakfast,” he replies without missing a beat.
The prospect of a proper meal with Hoseok Jung does something funny to your insides. Still, something makes you hesitate, and you avert your gaze as you search for your next words. “I wasn’t expecting to end tonight with a date,” you admit slowly. “I honestly didn’t even think you were interested in… well, anything beyond sex, to be honest.”
Hoseok’s face creases into a frown, and you look up again when he murmurs your name. “I understand why you would think that,” he says. “Really, I do. But honestly? I had every intention of texting you and asking you out properly. I was going to play it cool and wait a few days, which was stupid in retrospect. And then you texted me first.”
“I texted y—” You trail off. “Oh, god.”
“It seemed like you’d been drinking,” Hoseok says with a shrug, and you press a finger to his lips before he can say anything more. You remember the night in question, and you remember the bottle of wine you’d consumed. And you definitely remember the photographs you’d sent of yourself, and the ones Hoseok had been kind enough to send in return.
“Wait, so you were going to ask me out? And then I… I sexted you?”
Hoseok nods, and you groan and bury your face into his chest.
“I can’t believe this,” you mutter, and you feel laughter rumble through his chest before a hand comes up to stroke along your back.
“Believe me, I’m not complaining,” he assures you. “But I’d still really like to take you out, so what do you say?”
His gaze doesn’t leave yours for a second as he awaits your answer, and your heart skips a beat when you look up to see the earnestness in his eyes and the hesitant smile playing at the corners of his mouth. “Breakfast sounds wonderful,” you whisper, and the smile that blossoms on your companion’s face is nothing short of radiant.
“Good,” he says. “Great. Breakfast tomorrow, then. Now, can I kiss you?”
You’re already pushing up to your tiptoes, your fingers fisting in the soft hair at his nape. “God, yes.”
“Hey, you made it!”
You beam. “Hi.”
You and Hoseok are about to commence your first date, having just sat down at a cozy little café for breakfast. Hoseok has pulled your chair out in true gentlemanly fashion, and you can’t help but smile over your menu at the few lingering snowflakes that have yet to melt into his dark hair.
“So, here we are,” you remark. “Our fourth meeting.”
Hoseok’s lips stretch into his signature grin, breathtakingly bright and infectious. “And hopefully many more.”
You grin at him. “Yeah? Too bad this is breakfast, because I’d drink to that.”
He leans forward, his grin widening. “Next time,” he says as his hand finds its way around yours, his fingers slotting comfortably into the spaces between your own. “We can do dinner, maybe. Or I can cook for you. But for now, I’m just happy that we’re finally doing this.”
You give his hand a soft squeeze. “Me too.”
“Just promise me one thing?”
The sudden seriousness of his tone has your brow furrowing in concern. “Sure, of course,” you reassure. “What is it?”
He winces. “Please don’t tell my mom about all the dick pics.”
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en-ternity · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
⋅ 𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐑𝐄𝐒: Soulmate AU; Angst, Fluff & Suggestive
⋅ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆: Heeseung x Fem!Reader
⋅ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Mentions of drinking & Glass breaking
Tumblr media
Heeseung felt like he had been forgotten.
Where everyone stops aging at 18 until they meet their soulmates, Heeseung felt like he had somehow been forgotten by destiny.
He had lived long enough to see the transformations of his country, to feel the freedom, and to live the revolution instead of only learning about those. But also long enough to, foolishly, know the end of summers are always the same. Doesn’t matter how many years pass, once the promise of cooler days starts to hang in the air and the blue skies turn into cloudy ones, he knows autumn is on its way. And when the trees all dry, allowing in silence its leaves to collapse without strength, Heeseung would complete another year in forgetfulness.
He would complete one hundred years in his real age and 82 of waiting.
Aside from the heat still hanging in between the buildings like a low roof that afternoon, it was difficult to tell it was still summer as the city painted in the same grayish palette was getting lost in the heavy clouds — faded in such a way that Heeseung never saw her coming.
Different from the programmed season changes, he could never see her coming and her pale dress wasn’t of much addition to the monochronic scenery. So rather than seeing her, he felt her. The sudden sensation of her shoulder knocking into his arm shocked him, but not as much as the sound of the shattering glass that came a millisecond later and reduced the city to nothing more than stuffy mutters.
“I am sorry.” He started. His hands and eyes routed around her in search of any damage across her skin and when he noticed there wasn’t a single one, he tried finding her gaze. However, her solemn attention was still on what used to be a fine bottle of wine, now nothing more than pieces of glass painting the pavement together with the red alcohol scrolling through it.
“I must make that up to you.” Heeseung continued, his urgent tone caused her to finally lift her gaze to him. But differently from what Heeseung expected, there was no irateness on them, her eyes just sparkled in amusement as she softly laughed at him. The sound came to resonated not only through the space between them, but through him. His heart jolted and settled to the note of her laugh. There was no real magic, but he could swear he felt something like it.
“It is just wine.”
“I still have to make that up to you.” He said. “There’s a restaurant down the avenue, I will pay for the wine and meal.”
“We won’t leave the main avenue.”
“Ok.” She simply replied. The ghost of her smile was still playing on her lips as she stared at him.
Although Heeseung had seen a lot of things throughout his long life, her eyes were the most sincere thing he had ever caught a glimpse of. They walked a few blocks in awkward silence, but her stolen glances spoke everything she didn’t attempt to put into words. She was studying him like a case, as if Heeseung was a sea of interrogation that she wanted to figure every single one out until she could get the solemn answer and he let her, seeming to relish her attention, seeming to appeal for more.
“You didn’t tell me your name.” She observed.
“Heeseung. Lee Heeseung.”
“L/N Y/N.”
“Y/N.” He echoed. More like a reflex than to actually taste how it would roll out of his tongue, even though once Heeseung did, he noticed how he truly liked it.
“Are you from here?” She asked. “Seoul?”
“Is anyone?” He questioned, gently. “Doesn’t everyone move to big cities in search of their soulmates?”
“So you did too.”
“I do everything I can. No one wants to live too long without their other half.” He said, almost sounding like an accidental whisper, a secret that he didn’t intend to put out so soon. And if Y/N thought his eyes shone kindly and lightly, she saw it all falling apart jointly with his words.
It was a universal acknowledgment that each individual ages until their 18 and then stops until the moment they meet their soulmates so they can age together. It was a common topic, almost like talking about the weather, questions memorized and answered too many times to fully matter. However, it felt enormous coming from him.
Y/N wanted to say something, show some compassion or condolence to anything that made his eyes lose the gleam just like that, however, a crack of thunder got her attention, quickly making her words vanish at the tip of her tongue and a second before the rain came down. It wasn’t just a sparse of warning drops, but the fall of a downpour, abruptly and hurriedly seeming to want to flush the city away from them.
A gasp escaped throughout her lips, but she couldn’t confide if it was because of the cold raindrops kissing her skin or if it was because of Heeseung’s sudden touch on her wrist, contrasting with the rain and warmly evolving her as he pulled her to the nearest bus stop’s protection.
“Is it tiring?” She asked, after a few seconds of the rainfall. “To wait?”
“I am not saying you look old, but I feel like you have been waiting for your soulmate for some time now.”
Heeseung looked at her, rehearsing her question as he observed her considerate smile. His hand never left her wrist, not only because he forgot, but because her warmth against his fingertips felt intimacy welcoming. She scented like the promise of warm days, like the summer’s daylight together with the just bloomed flowers in the spring. And he was lost in the middle of all of it, completely and utterly lost.
“Sometimes.” He admitted. “Sometimes it is really tiring.”
“She will be thankful.” She confirmed. “Because you waited for her, I am sure of it.”
“I hope you are right.”
“I don’t have an umbrella.” Y/N pondered.
“We are in Seoul at the end of summer,” Heeseung said, smiling for the first time ever since their accident. “Always walk with an umbrella or get used to the rain.”
“What’s your recommendation?”
“Get used to it.” He replied. “It is just rain after all. Someday you will forget your umbrella and it might rain, so why worry too much about it? I think it’s easier to live on the verge of each day’s surprises.”
“Each day’s surprises?” She echoed, quickly receiving a hum in agreement from him. Y/N lifted her look at the sky, watching the rain fall over the roof’s edges before she extended her free hand to it. It was as cold as it was some minutes ago, but now she noticed how it felt reliving in the middle of the stuffy summer air and above heavy hearts.
“Where is the restaurant you talked about again?”
“To the left. At the end of this avenue.” He replied.
Her wrist escaped from his grip as she stepped out of the safety of the bus stop’s roof, welcoming not only the coldness of the absence of his touch but the reliving rain, permitting it to fall all over her and make her dress become completely soaked as they kept staring at each other. If Heeseung felt like a sea of questions, she was, in a captivating and mesmerizing way, the immensity of it.
“You said to get used to it.” She explained, instantly making a laugh escape through his lips as he suddenly realized how pretty she was.
Heeseung stepped out as well, allowing the rain to roll through his shoulders as he extended his hand at her in a silent yet clear invitation which Y/N happily accepted as she rested her hand on his, and when he interlaced their finger it felt as if they had done it a million times before, as if they were supposed to do it. The world never made more sense than when Heeseung guided her under the downpour and in the middle of laughs. The world never seemed so blazing.
“Wait.” She requested a few moments later, making a small pressure on their connected hands to catch his attention.
Heeseung stopped, just a step away from her. His hand slid through from hers to her arm, acknowledging her skin and if the cold rain wasn’t enough to send shivers through her spine, the sudden warmth of his fingers grazing through her skin was. And as he pulled her close, she completely forgot she stopped to catch some proper breath, allowing Heeseung to take it away with his lips, again and again.
She was sure they had never encountered before and she couldn’t come to a conclusion on how he could feel so familiar under her touch. It didn’t feel like she was scrutinizing him, discovering the angle of his shoulders and neck, or how to make him tremble as she tangled her finger through his wet hair, it was almost like she was just finding his familiarity.
“I have a better idea.” He said, drawing back just enough to meet her gaze. She knew his meaning, but she didn't care as she stared at his twinkling eyes or as she let him guide her through all the way back.
It was delightful and messy. Even if the rain still showers all over her body, everything seemed to fade away. There were just Heeseung’s laughs together with the burning inside of her chest when their gazes interlocked. He never forced anything. There was a certain urgency on him, but he led her with so much caring through the whole way back, carried her in between his arms and through his apartment so tenderly that she wondered if she seemed so breakable or if it was just his nature. Even when his fingers slide up to the nape of her neck and brush through her shoulders, sliding her dress’ straps away.
“The wine was just a trick?” She asked, causing Heeseung’s laugh to echo through his room, beautifully, softly, and impossible for Y/N to not find a smile rising to her lips before he took it with his own.
“No.” He smiled against her neck. “I truly intended to take you there, and I have a few if you want.”
The rain ceased, but the smothering still hung in the night air and invaded the room through the uprighted window. Y/N could sense, not only the warmth of the night but the restless feeling outside the room, lost in the ecstasy of the city’s light just like the stars upon the sky was. However, she couldn’t come to mind about it as her full attention was beneath her fingertips, on how Heeseung’s heartbeats were slowly and gradually coming into peace against it.
It took him a while to finally match his breaths with the calm pace of the patterns he kept drawing through the exposed skin of her back. And when he finally did, Heeseung sensed her warm fingertips leaving the space above his heart, unhurriedly dancing through his chest until it reached his silver necklace.
His hands moved faster than hers. Taking it away before she could reach the rusty ring pending on his chain. Although the movement at first felt brute, Heeseung brought her hand to his lips, depositing a lovely kiss on it as he found her gaze, quietly incentivizing her to keep going.
“It seems...”
“Old?” His chuckled hit the back of her hand. “Antiquated?”
“I was going to say something historical.”
“How long have you been waiting?” Heeseung asked.
“It’s just 2% of how long I have been.” He confessed, his voice weighed like nothing more than the warm breeze against her skin.
Her eyes softened under the night’s lights, and for Heeseung it felt like he wasn’t snatching things. It was easy to be with her, almost like he could breathe effortlessly once again. Y/N was better than anything he had experienced in ages, and he just permitted it to occur, he wanted it to occur.
Heeseung told her about his history for so long kept to himself, starting from his childhood in a place now only known by historical books to his unreasonable life in this impatient city and the number of cases way too similar to her, his failed and sometimes drunk attempts of finding his soulmate.
Y/N heard attentive to his deep voice, gradually finding the affection behind the hurtful histories and feeling a tug of fondness in her own heart. Her small questions matched with the pace of her fingertips brushing through his hair, once in a while lost through his jawline as a reminder she was still listening carefully and causing Heeseung to feel not only the warmth on it, but to feel time. He could sense the minutes slowly passing in the same manner her tender touch skimming through his edges, and in a way, he hasn’t felt in so long. It was almost like the world was back to its axes, almost like there weren't just the rushed yet tortuous countless days waiting for him. And he ached to hold it all.
“It has been so many years.” He whispered. “Sometimes I wonder if she exists or if I have been forgotten.”
“I am sure you are going to find her.”
“So stop sleeping with girls, she won’t like it once you find her.”
“You wouldn’t like it? Even if it is in hope to find you?” He asked, making her nod.
“Although it was for the solemn reason to find me, I would be mad at him for sleeping with so many girls.” She replied, causing a sincere chuckle to escape through his lips. Heeseung’s hands lifted to her cheeks, caressing it at a lazy pace as he deeply stared into her eyes. He had touched all her body, mapped all her skin, yet this simple movement felt the most intimate among all of them.
“Should I make you my last one then?” He whispered. His breath ghosted through her exposed shoulders while his fingertips skimmed through her hips, slowly taking place and bringing her closer to him once again.
“You didn’t take me seriously.” She chuckled. But, permitted Heeseung to claim her as his for one more time.
Tumblr media
When Heeseung woke up, the rare summer sun lights were shining high over the city and the day was far away from being just an extension of the night.
He didn’t intend to sleep that much. Heeseung wanted to relish each of the slowly passing seconds by her side. However, in a moment his fingertips brushed through her warm skin, drawing unknown patterns as her breath mixed with his, and in the other, there was just the coldness and smoothness of his empty bed beneath his touch.
Heeseung scanned the apartment in a scramble, searching for anything he could settle and hold his heart to. But the only signal that she had ever passed through his place was the post-it fixed in the mirror of his room.
“Don’t give up, you are going to find her.” He read. His index finger accompanied each word jointly to his eyes and stopped at the edge of the paper with a quiet prayer. Wishing that when he removed it, he would find a number, a place, any way of contacting her in the back of it. But instead, he was greeted just by the blankness of the small paper.
There was a feeling of inevitability on Y/N. The sense that they were supposed to meet. He didn't know how, and he didn’t care about it. It wasn’t desire and much less lust, what he had felt yesterday was a pull, the same kind that keeps the world routing, that prevent stars from falling out of the night sky in glory. It was vast, yet arranged. Heeseung felt so tangled up with Y/N that the idea of her vanishing like that left him breathless.
He looked up at himself in the mirror, not sure if he intended to laugh at his foolishness or to sob about it. But instead of finding his own stare, his attention immediately fell on his hair, on the only and solemn gray hair reflecting the sunshine still peaking through his window. A signal of age.
The signal he had been waiting for almost 82 years.
The signal he had found his soulmate and he was getting old.
Y/N was his soulmate. And she had left him with no clue of how to find her once again.
Tumblr media
Hopelessly, Heeseung had created a routine, something he had ripped out of his life long ago.
Every day he would stop at the exact point where their destinies encountered. Where he first felt the signals of his soul claiming for his other half and where he let it pass just like a waft, then he would slowly walk all the way down the avenue and sit at one of the tables by the window at the restaurant he mentioned and insisted for her to visit any other day.
All acts of a prayer he couldn’t come to put into words.
However, it had been seven days already. It had been sunsets without her company already. Although it was a small number compared to the amount he had experienced throughout his life, these were the hardest and most desolate ones. Heeseung had her. For just a day he could hold her between his arms and contemplate how they fit perfectly together. How they belonged to each other, and to have this taste harshly made his hands feel emptied than before and his heart heavier than ever.
A crack of thunder echoed through the avenue, causing a sigh to accidentally flee from Heeseung’s lips as he prepared himself to greet the immediate rain, but when the first raindrops started to plummet from the cloudy sky, none of them reached his head, much less rolled through shoulders as an umbrella quickly covered him.
“You take the ‘each day’s surprise’ too seriously.”
“Are you here to find your next victim?” Her laugh resonated above the rain’s sound and across the buildings. Heeseung was afraid of looking up, his hope being too heavy, too painful. But he didn’t need to look up to know it was his soulmate. His heart jolted and settled to the sound, just like the first time he ever heard Y/N laughing. “Didn’t we agree I was going to be the last one?”
Heeseung lifted his gaze, quickly meeting the scintillating eyes he had been longing for so long. And for some seconds, he wondered if she was truly there or if it was just another fever dream. But, the strings of his soul could never lie, she was right there, tugging for him. Scenting like the just bloomed spring flowers even though they are on the margin of autumn and like a burst of sunshine even though the rain kept coming down.
He gave no warning before embracing her. And even if Y/N didn’t know the reason why she let him. It felt warm to be in his arms once again, to feel his chin resting on the top of her head as his fingers found their way to her hair and tangled there.
“What took you so long?” He asked, his gaze unwittingly softening as it found hers once again. Heeseung pulled back, just enough to skim his fingers through her cheeks, to feel her warmth as he cupped her head in between his palms. “It’s you. You are my soulmate.”
His words hung in the air like a breeze. Floating between the raindrops for more seconds than necessary, rubbing her skin as she tries to put the words together and comprehend their meaning.
“But I checked.” Y/N finally spoke. “I spent some good time staring at your mirror before leaving the post-it.”
“There was nothing.” She whispered.
“Let me see.” Heeseung requested, twirling her around. He didn't care how it made him be out of the safety of her umbrella and how it exposed him to the pouring rain, he was just in despair to find it as well.
His fingertips brushed through her hair, acknowledging the familiar sensation in excitement. And when he encountered the pale hair he couldn't help but fold his arms around her shoulders, allowing both of them to contemplate once again how they fit together, how they belonged to each other as his chuckles ghost through the back of her neck before he kissed it once or twice.
“It’s you.” He smiled against her skin. “You are getting old, light of my life. Already having gray hair.”
Y/N escaped from his arms, turning around so fast that he couldn't even sense the light punch coming to his right arm.
“I told you I would be mad at you for sleeping with too many girls.” She said, her eyes sparkling in the way he already had engraved in his heart.
“Please, be mad later.” He smiled while his hands found their paths to cup her face once again. “Let me make up for all the years I have been wanting to be kissing you first.”
A weak light flowed through the window as the rain was still falling strongly outside of the room. The large drops wiped it at a pace opposite to Y/N’s calm heartbeats beneath his ear and how the tip of her fingers was skimming through his jawline. The room felt to be a world apart, somewhere distant from the hurry and chaos outside as they finally had each other.
Heeseung drew back, just enough to find her gaze through the half-darkened room and for what felt like an eternity as he confirmed: it was where he wanted to be for the longest time.
“Close your eyes.” He requested. “And give me your hand.”
Y/N barely had welcomed the darkness before she felt his fingers running through her palm, just a feather-like touch before something brushed her index finger, coldly sliding through it together yet contrasting with Heeseung’s warm fingertips. She opened her eyes to find the already known ring. Rusted by the years that Heeseung kept the object hanging on his necklace. But, still shining under the bare light.
“Finally it is with its owner.” He whispered. His hand only let her go to lift it to her cheeks, the soft pressure of the tip of his fingers drawing patterns on her skin as she got lost in it.
“I am sorry for taking so long.”
“You never have to ask me sorry.” He said. “Because I’ve waited for you for so long I treasure this moment the most.”
“But it’s a shame we age together,” Heeseung continued. “I feel like I could relive those 100 years together with you, that I could live another 100 years and then another more.”
“You would get bored of me.”
“Light of my life, how could I? I have dreamed with you for so long.” Heeseung smiled. “Just please, don’t ever leave again.”
“I am going nowhere.”
Tumblr media
‪⤏‬ Special thanks to @heenergy for reading the first part, making me less insecure about it and also motivating me to finish! Muito obrigada por tirar um tempinho e me ajudar, não me canso de dizer o quanto você é incrível e que eu amo você ♡
𝐉𝐎𝐈𝐍 𝐌𝐘 𝐓𝐀𝐆𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓 — @enhypenova @ofaffectionate @baeksofty @ihrtjakey @highkeygolden @jakeylatte @kako-chan @markleepooh @terrytaehyunnies @enjeolmii @peach-custard-pie @megdoienalds @todorocake
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nikiskies · 2 months ago
love at first flight
Tumblr media
pairing(s) ‣ park sunghoon x gn!reader.
genre(s) ‣ fluff, slight humour, airport romance au.
trope(s) ‣ strangers to (kind of) lovers.
word count ‣ 3588.
warning(s) ‣ slight mention of attachment issues. mc is low-key a degen. sunghoon is high-key adorable. also, i don't know jack about international airports because i've never been on one, so a few things may be factually incorrect <//3
summary ‣ your flight was delayed by three hours, so you were doing what every human does when they're bored: swiping through tinder and minding your own business. and then, a certain someone goes, "ouch. hard no for that one?" and you turn around to see the guy you had just swiped no on standing right behind you. this certain someone being park sunghoon, of course.
based on this prompt !!
author's note ‣ hello !! i'm really excited (and nervous) to post this one because it's my first enha fic ever !! i hope you guys like it ♡
Tumblr media
You were supposed to be halfway to Korea by now, not sitting on an uncomfortable seat in an overcrowded, non-priority pass airport lounge.
You fetched your phone from the back pocket of your boyfriend jeans and FaceTimed your sister. As you waited for her to pick up the call, you rubbed the tiredness from your eyes.
Your neck was starting to cramp and your back was starting to hurt. You knew the body ache was going to be inevitable. Your piss poor posture combined with the fact that you had been sitting on a metal chair for six hours was like an open invitation to all sorts of pain.
But what could you do? The lounge was packed with people hunting for a place to sit. You knew the moment you got up to stretch, a minimum of ten people would have either pounced on you, pushed you out of the way, or tackled you to the ground in an attempt to occupy the vacant seat.
Your sister's face replaced yours on the phone screen. She took one look at your exhausted face, and her eager expression changed into a defeated one. "Another delay?"
You hummed. "Mechanical issues, apparently. The display system says boarding isn't for another three hours."
She groaned. "It's like the entire universe is preventing you from coming here. Two flight cancellations and a delay? God, you must be going crazy."
"I am," you yawned. "I can't feel my ass, and I can't even get up to move around because if I do, I'll have to stand for the next three hours. Two more flights were delayed and we're all cramped in the same lounge."
"Too bad you didn't take the trolley bag I bought for you," she popped. "You could be sitting on it and moving around whenever you wanted."
You rolled your eyes. "I was backpacking through California, Jisoo, not trolleybagging. And now I'm bored so I need you to talk to me."
"I'm busy," came the reply. "I have to leave for work in ten minutes. Just talk to the person sitting beside you or scroll through your social media. Eat something. Update your travel blog, maybe?"
You made a face. "I don't wanna talk to the middle-aged man sitting beside me." You glanced at the snoring figure next to you. "And whatever money I had is over. Plus, I've already updated my blog and I've been scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest for the past few hours. I literally have nothing to do."
"You didn't scroll through Tinder."
You blinked. "What?"
"Scroll through Tinder, ____. It's fun. Who knows, maybe you'll find a date for when you come back here."
You couldn't believe you were actually considering the idea. You didn't know about a date, but the idea of scrolling through a dating website was actually starting to seem exciting.
But on the other hand, you also couldn't believe you were bored enough to stare at men for entertainment. Maybe you should have renewed your Netflix subscription when you had the chance.
"That's not a terrible idea," you slowly said to her. "Okay, yeah. I'm gonna do that now. Bye, love you!"
"Love you!" She gave you a dramatic flying kiss and waved in farewell. "I'll see you soon."
You immediately went to Tinder after the call ended. It had been a few months since you had opened the app, and your profile was looking really outdated. Pictures from a few years ago were uploaded on your profile, but you couldn't care enough to search for newer, better ones.
It wasn't like you were going to swipe right for anyone. You were just going to see what options you might have if you did want to date.
The first guy you saw looked pretty decent, but he was way older than you. You didn't want someone to treat you like a child. The second guy you saw hated traveling, so that was a definite no. The third guy you saw had all his achievements mentioned in his bio, and somehow, it turned you off. You didn't want to know about the guy's achievements, you wanted to know about the guy.
The fourth guy looked too pretty to be real. He had a lean, athletic body. His face was almost prince-like and had an ethereal glow to it. High cheekbones, clear skin, a perfect nose and a sharp jawline—the guy in front of you was totally out of your league.
You swiped left.
Someone behind you made a pained noise. "Ouch. Hard no for that one?"
You yelped and practically fell out of your chair from shock. Phone clutched close to your chest, eyes wide like huge saucers and heart beating wildly in your ribcage, you turned to see who had been spying on you.
If your eyes were wide before, they were definitely bulging out of your eye sockets now. Your breath hitched and you swallowed a lump in your throat. Your gaze went from the guy standing in front of you to the guy on your screen.
You closed your eyes shut. The guy in front of you was the guy on your screen. And you had just swiped left on his profile right in front of him.
Tumblr media
You were burning. No, burning was too mild of a word to explain what you were feeling. Combusting seemed about right.
You were combusting. Heat rushed up your body, painting every inch of your neck, face and ears a hot red. You could feel his gaze on you, but you were too embarrassed to look him in the eyes.
You bit your bottom lip, contemplating whether giving up your seat and running away from the boy to save yourself from the humiliation was worth it.
"I'm sorry," you blurted without thinking. "I was just—"
"Hey," he chuckled. "It's fine. I was just messing with you. It's not every day a coincidence like this one occurs."
You finally raised your head to look at him. He was smiling cheekily, not looking one bit offended or awkward.
You suddenly felt silly for feeling so embarrassed. The guy you had swiped left on didn't care that you had, and here you were, a blushing mess for being caught while rejecting him.
"Ah," you laughed nervously.
"Don't know if you saw my name over there, but I'm Park Sunghoon."
You blinked, staring at the hand he held out in front of you. Slowly, you got up from your seat (not forgetting to keep your backpack to show that it was occupied lest anyone thought it wasn't, of course) and gripped his hand.
You could've sworn it fit into yours perfectly.
"Nice to meet you," he smiled at you, eyes turning into small slits. God, he was prettier in real life. The photos he had uploaded did not do enough justice to his beauty.
"Nice to meet you, too. I'm ____." You cracked a small smile, and let your hand fall limp in front of you after the handshake. Why did your palm suddenly feel so cold and empty? "Again, I'm so sorry—"
"No! Don't apologise." He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "In fact, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snooped around and looked at your phone over your shoulder. That was a very wrong thing to do. But, honestly, I was so bored. And my phone died so there wasn't much I could do."
Maybe you had skewed morals, maybe you could understand his boredom, or maybe you could sense he was being genuine, but you shook your head and said, "Don't blame you. The wait is killing me."
He laughed, but then caught himself. "Oh, god. I'm so sorry. This must be so awkward for you. I—"
"—it's not!" you exclaimed. The man sleeping beside you stirred and you grimaced. Looking back at Sunghoon, you repeated, "It's not. I didn't swipe left on you because you're not my type." You knew you should just shut up and save yourself from further embarrassment, but for some reason, Sunghoon thinking you didn't like him didn't sit right with you.
Plus, you were finally talking to someone, and you didn't want the conversation to end because that would mean going back to your phone and scrolling endlessly. "I guess I just—" you shrugged, suddenly very shy— "I guess I thought you'd be way too out of my league."
"And am I?"
"Am I out of your league?" He tilted his head to the side as his gaze turned dark and intense. Smoldering, even, and you had to fight a shiver crawling down your spine.
"Uh," you began, not really knowing how to answer that question. "I don't know. Do you want to be out of my league?"
"Do you want to go on a date with me?"
You blinked. Your mind went blank. You stopped breathing and suddenly, you were a nervous mess. "You want to—wait. Does that mean you're in my league?"
It was a stupid question, granted, but you had to make sure. You didn't exactly know what you were making sure of, but being asked out by the most handsome man you had ever seen felt like a fever dream.
Sunghoon snorted, the dark intensity under which you were previously withering now replaced by slight amusement. "Yes, I'm in your league. And we have a few hours till boarding so I would like to get to know you. So," he raised an eyebrow, "what do you say? Would you like to come on a date with me?"
"Uh, sure," you replied, completely flustered by his bluntness. Might as well spend the next three hours with a handsome, (almost) well-mannered man rather than staring at space with nothing but disgusting snores and sticky, sweaty bodies to keep you company. "We're at the airport, though. We'll have to go through immigration and customs and do the security check again if we leave."
"Who said anything about leaving the airport? There are restaurants here."
"I'm gonna lose my seat."
"You were going to lose your seat anyway. Plus," he added, "I will be very offended if you reject free food. You can swipe left on me, but you can't swipe left on free food. That is simply unacceptable."
You let out a hearty laugh. "Fair enough. But beware," you warned, "I haven't eaten in more than eight hours, so you're likely going to lose all of your money."
He brought a hand to his chin and pretended to be in deep thought. "Hmm. I think I can work with that." He held his hand out for you. "Let's go?"
You giggled, slinging your backpack over your shoulder and slipping your hand into his. "Let's go."
Tumblr media
Park Sunghoon was what people would call boyfriend material. He took you out to eat a cheeseburger from McDonald's and buffalo chicken wings from KFC. It doesn't really sound like first-date-food when you think about it, but Sunghoon claimed that since you were both leaving America in a few hours, you should try to experience it one last time.
As you devoured the chicken wing in your hand, you felt his gaze on you from across the standing table. You glanced up to see that he was looking at you with an amused expression.
"What? I told you I was hungry," you mumbled, blushing when a small piece of the wing unceremoniously fell out of your mouth. "Sorry. I just can't seem to eat fast enough."
He chuckled and shook his head. "It's not that. I don't really care about table manners. I was staring at you because you're doing it the wrong way. That's why you can't eat fast enough."
You paused. "Oh?"
"Yeah," he nodded. "Here, let me show you."
You dropped your half-eaten wing back in your bucket. Sunghoon said, "Because these wings are flats, this technique will only work on them, and not on drums. See this?" He leaned forward on the table. "There's the pointed end and the kind of flat end. Remove the piece of cartilage from the flat end, and you'll see the bones peeking out."
Sunghoon looked at you for a moment to see if you were following. You nodded. "Just twist the meat along with the bones and pull them out." He showed what he explained, pulling out two clean bones. "All that's left is the meat, so you can just put the wing into your mouth as a whole. You won't need to suck on the bones, and no meat will be wasted."
He popped the entire chicken wing into his mouth and chewed. "See? Easy peasy," he spoke. He looked adorable with his puffed-up cheeks. You resisted the urge to squeeze them. "You try."
You did as you were told, marvelling at how easy and quick it was to eat now. "Wow. I've been eating chicken wrong my entire life."
"Good thing you met me," he swallowed the last bit of his chicken wing and wiped his mouth and hands on a tissue paper. "Ice-cream?"
You grinned. "Chocolate."
He was back with your chocolate ice cream along with a coffee ice cream for himself by the time you threw the empty bucket into the trash can. "Here."
You took the cone from him and smiled. "Thank you." You checked your watch to see you had another forty minutes till boarding. You hadn't even realised how quickly time had passed. "We don't have much time left. Maybe we should return."
"Oh, wait!" he exclaimed. "There's one last thing." He slipped his hand into yours and pulled you along.
"But our ice-creams—"
"We can eat them once we reach there."
You hesitated. He turned to look at you and smiled softly, eyes full of reassurance. "Trust me, you're going to like it."
You nodded and let him intertwine his fingers with yours. The two of you wove your way through the throng of people, you pressing closer to him when the crowd got thicker.
A few minutes later, you were in an open space with full-length windows that provided you with a view of one of the most magnificent structures you had ever seen.
Your breath hitched in your throat, your eyes widened and your mouth fell open.
The building looked so futuristic, you had a hard time believing it actually existed. It was a UFO-like structure with two arches overlapping each other at the centre on top.
"This," he said, "is the LAX theme building. I would've taken you to the observation deck on top if we had more time. You can see all of Los Angeles from there."
Eyes still trained on what was in front of you, you began, "It's so—" you paused, struggling to find the right word to describe what you were seeing.
"I know." He grinned and turned his neck to look at you, heart beating wildly in his chest upon seeing the child-like wonder in your eyes. "Do you want a picture with it?"
You averted your eyes to him and eagerly nodded your head, a wide smile adorning your face. "Here, take my phone."
He shook his head. "I have a DSLR." He made to shrug his backpack off his shoulders but stopped when he realised he still had a melting ice cream in his hands.
"We should probably eat our ice-creams," he smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. I was really excited to show the theme building to you."
"Thank you," you answered him, slightly tearing up. You wished you had more time to spend with him. Three hours wasn't enough. It would've never been enough.
"Hey," he furrowed his eyebrows. "Is something wrong?"
"Huh?" you jumped and avoided eye contact, embarrassed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day. "No, nothing is wrong."
"Oh, my god, are you crying?" he gasped, eyes wide. "Did I do something wrong? I'm so sorry, I haven't really taken anyone out on a date before. Was it the food? Did you want something more exotic? Was—"
"Sunghoon," you choked a laugh, sniffling. "It's not the food. You were perfect; I had such a great time today. I just wished we had more."
"____." He grabbed your arm and pulled you closer to him. "Look at me."
You obeyed, albeit after hesitating a bit. God, this was so humiliating. You were crying over someone you had met a few hours ago. Damn your attachment issues.
You looked up at him, and he cupped your cheek with his free hand as he gently wiped your tears with his thumb. Caressing your cheek, face but a few inches away from yours, he murmured, "Don't cry. This is not the end."
"I'm going to Korea, Sunghoon. And you're going to God-knows-where—"
"____," he laughed. "I'm going to Korea, too, silly."
You froze. "What?"
He laughed once more. "Tinder always shows you people from the location you've selected. I live in Seoul, Korea, and that's why I came up as an option for you."
"Oh," you replied somewhat numbly. "Oh, my god, I'm so stupid. Shit!" you panicked, moving away from him and covering your blushing face with your hand. "This is so embarrassing. I'm going to dig a hole and bury myself—"
His boisterous laughter interrupted your ramble. "You look like you're going to combust. Maybe you should eat the ice cream melting in your hand."
You glared at him and shoved him playfully. "Stop enjoying my humiliation!" you whined, but licked the chocolaty delight nonetheless.
Once the two of you were done eating your ice creams, he said, "Picture time?"
You dropped your backpack beside his trolley bag and skipped to the window. You leaned against it, hands behind you at your lower back and one leg crossed over the other.
You smiled as Sunghoon fetched his DSLR out of his backpack and slung it around his neck.
You smiled wider.
Click! Click!
"Come stand beside me!" you called out to him. "Ask someone else to click our picture."
He nodded, looking around for someone who would click a picture for you. "Excuse me! Can you please click our picture?"
A kind-looking, middle-aged woman passing him stopped in her tracks. She glanced at him, then at you and then back to him, and smiled. "Sure."
Sunghoon came and stood beside you, snaking his arm around your shoulder and pressing your body against his. You put your arms around his waist, too and rested your head against his chest.
You smiled as you felt and heard his heart beat wildly inside his ribcage.
"Say cheese!"
"Another one," the lady said to the two of you.
You glanced up at Sunghoon and said, "Make a finger heart."
He grinned at you and you were about to turn to look at the camera again when he caught your chin. You gazed at him with confusion.
"You've got ice cream on the corner of your lip," he mumbled. "Let me get it for you."
And before you could talk, or even react, his lips were pressed against yours. He turned to face you fully and snaked an arm around your waist while the other one went to your cheek.
You were stunned for a moment, but the moment you regained your senses, you put your arms around his neck and pulled him closer.
He smiled against your lips. Caressing your cheekbone with his thumb, he pulled back slightly and pressed his forehead against yours. His glossy lips and a thin string of saliva connecting your lips was the only evidence that the kiss had been real. "I think I got it," he whispered.
"I don't think you did," you replied and tipped your head backwards, reattaching your lips to his once again in an open-mouthed, deep and soft-lipped kiss.
The two of you shoved each other away.
"Caught you in 4k." The woman winked at both of you. "You're gonna want to frame this picture."
Sunghoon cleared his throat. "Thank you."
He started to bow, then realised he wasn't in Korea so settled for a smile instead. Once the woman walked away, he turned to you with a sheepish smile. "Finish what we started in Korea?"
You smiled from ear to ear. "Bet."
As the two of you walked back to the departure lounge, you exchanged numbers. Or more like he gave you his in exchange for a pinkie promise that you'd call him a day after you reached Korea.
"I can write mine on your hand," you offered as the two of you followed the line that led to the airplane.
"It'll wash away, and I don't have a paper. Should've kept the extra tissue paper in my pocket," he muttered to himself.
"Don't worry," you reassured him. "I won't forget to text you."
"Call you," you corrected yourself with a laugh and gave your boarding pass to the air hostess standing near the gate. "Here, let me give yours, too."
And as you passed along his boarding pass to the waiting air hostess, you saw his seat number.
C22. Right beside yours, which was B22. You smiled to yourself.
Far from the end, indeed. Looks like our story is just getting started.
Tumblr media
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tawnyafterhours · a month ago
Burn | Fireman!Sawamura Daichi x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+ minors DNI, size kink, overstimulation, Daichi being hung, fingering, your apartment burns down, unprotected sex, creampie, praise, yandere themes depending on the way you read it, fluff, strangers to lovers (?)
Summary: You’ve moved into the apartment complex across from friendly fireman, Daichi.
Word count: 5610ish
The first time you met Sawamura Daichi was the day you moved into the apartment complex opposite to his. It was in the early morning, the sun had risen maybe an hour before, and you’d just begun to unload the hired moving van when he jogged over to you from across the road, a friendly smile gracing his face.
He didn’t mean to make you jump but you’d had your head inside a torn open cardboard box when he greeted you.
“Hey, do you need a hand?” Daichi held his hands up when your head snapped towards him in shock.
For a moment you were wondering what kind of sane person would be up at such early hours and willing to offer a helping hand, but looking at his attire you’d assumed he was about to go for a run.
You were so proud of yourself for not yelping a ‘holy fuck’ when you laid eyes on him. Daichi was big. He wasn’t the tallest man you’d seen but he had a body that looked like he could probably take on a bull; with broad shoulders, wide arms and the loose gym shorts he wore let you get a decent look at his thick thighs.
“Are you okay?” He chuckled as he tilted his head, wondering why you hadn’t responded and were simply gaping at him.
“I… uh.” You shut your mouth and nodded, “wow. Hi”
His eyes crinkled in amusement and he leant against the back of the truck, tucking a hand into his pocket.
“Sorry, what did you say? Before that, I mean.” You nervously smiled.
“I asked if you needed help… I’m Sawamura Daichi by the way.” He held out his hand and you timidly shook it, trying to ignore the way he lightly stroked a calloused thumb over the back of your hand and introduced yourself too.
“It’s okay, it’s early so you probably have somewhere to be…” You murmured, turning back to the cardboard box and haphazardly closing the top so you could actually start unloading.
“I was going for a run but I feel like this would be a better way to spend my time… and a better workout too.” He shrugged.
“Um, okay… if you really don’t mind.” You paused, “unless you do and were just trying to be nice.” You glanced up at him, gnawing at your bottom lip when he laughed.
“I really don’t mind.” He nodded towards the full truck, “may I? You’ll have to lead the way.” At your rushed nodding he picked up the closest box, tested its weight and then piled another on top and picked the both of them up with little to no struggle.
“There’s one flight of stairs…” You informed him, leading the way to the front door of the stairwell to the apartments and holding it open with an elbow.
“That’s fine by me.” He grinned at you as he passed.
There was something about him that reminded you of home, a comfort that embedded itself into you and started up your infatuation on him, like a barbed hook to a fish.
The old guy that had driven the truck returned from the phone call he’d left to make and Daichi insisted that he’d just leave the boxes by the stairwell and he himself would make the trip up and down the stairs.
“Are you sure? It’s my job to do it…” The man blinked at him, taken back by the offer.
“Yeah… We’ll get this done in no time.” He smiled and turned to you, “you can help by telling me where the boxes should go, hm?” He raised a brow and you nodded dumbly at him.
Daichi was right. The truck was unloaded faster than you’d anticipated, even with all of your shared conversation and your attempt in trying to get to know him, and after waving off the old man, you faced him with an expression you hoped would convey how grateful you were.
“Thank you so much.” You toyed with your hands, slightly surprised at how relaxed he was despite the numerous stair trips and all the heavy lifting, “you… uh, you don’t look worn out at all.”
He nodded. “Don’t mention it, I'm happy to help… and I'm not, really. I do a lot to keep up at work.”
You tilted your head. “Yeah? Personal trainer?” You went with your first guess, inwardly cringing at yourself for the blunt assumption.
“No.” He laughed, stuffing his hands into his pockets, “I'm a firefighter.”
Your eyes nearly bugged out of their sockets. A firefighter.
A fucking firefighter.
“Uh… wow.” You breathed.
Men in uniform did a funny thing to your heart. And your cunt. You could feel a faint pulse as you tried to imagine him in just the big baggy trousers and hefty boots.
“Got a thing for firefighters?” He grinned. At your fumbling and choked cough, he shook his head with a chuckle, “I’m messing. I need to go now, though.” He stated after checking his watch.
“Oh. Well, I need to pay you back somehow for to-“
“Nope.” He interrupted, “as I said, I'm happy to help.”
You purse your lips. “Well, I'm going to.”
Daichi’s eyebrow quirked.
“Can I… maybe get your number?” You hesitated, pulling out your mobile, “y’know for when I’m able to think of a decent payment…”
“Sure.” He took your phone to type his number into a new contact sheet, not willing to argue with you on the matter but more than willing to give you his digits, “it’ll make us somewhat even since now I know where you live… that sounded really creepy.” He laughed, rubbing the back of his head after he’d passed your phone back, “I’m sorry. I'm just going to go…”
You watched with a goofy grin as he stalked off down the street.
“It was nice meeting you, Daichi!” You shouted, giggling when he jumped and turned to you with an awkward wave, casting a glance to the windows nearby.
Oh. you’d forgotten it was still quite early in the morning.
After that first initial meeting you didn’t really get a chance to speak to him for a while. The both of you sparing the odd wave if you saw him across the street, he always seemed to be in a hurry somewhere.
It never really struck you to text him until just before the second time you two encountered each other.
you: daichi?
daichi: who is this?
You scowled at your phone until you realised that oh, you didn’t give him your number. You sent him your name.
you: you helped me move in a couple of weeks ago…
You sent that just after. Just in case he didn’t remember your name.
daichi: hey, you finally texted :D what’s up?
The text emoji had you snorting, reminding you of a time before the little yellow cartoon faces were the norm.
you: i was wondering if you were at home, you live across from me right?
daichi: i just got back and yeah :)
you: i’ve thought of a way to repay you.
you: that sounds dirty.
you: i made some pretty decent ramen and there’s like a lot so if you want some…
you: wait. are you allergic to anything?
daichi: you don’t have to repay me, i’ve said that so many times…
daichi: and no, i’m not allergic to anything, i think? but if you’re offering food…
you: i can drop it off? or you can come over?
daichi: would you mind if i came over?
you: i wouldn’t offer it if i wasn’t :)
daichi: hah okay, i’ll be there in five. just got out of the shower.
Oh, god. Did he really have to add that in? Picturing daichi in nothing but a towel and dripping with water was enough to distract you for a minute or so until you realised that he was coming over.
You darted away from leaning against your countertop to run into your bedroom. Daichi wasn’t about to catch you in your lazy day pyjamas, even if he did strike you as the kind of person to not mind.
In fear of giving off the impression that you were too eager, which cough you might be cough, you settled for wearing a cute blouse and leggings.
A knock on your front door echoed throughout your apartment whilst you were patting down your hair in the mirror and you had to force yourself to take a calming breath before opening it with a smile.
“I was worried that I got the wrong door.” Daichi said, rubbing at the back of his neck. You noticed how his hair was still slightly damp and roughed up, probably from him running a towel over it.
“Even though you’ve walked through it maybe twenty times?” You giggled, stepping aside so he could enter.
Daichi removed his shoes and tucked them neatly by yours against the wall.
“Yeah…” He hummed as he looked about the main living space, “I like how you’ve decorated.” He complimented.
You grinned at the praise, “thank you.” You scooted past him and into the open kitchen, “you can sit anywhere, I usually eat on the couch so I don’t mind.” You informed him, turning to dish up the meals.
Daichi was sitting on the far end of the couch when you carried his steaming bowl through and settled it onto the coffee table.
“Wow.” He leant forward to get a look at the colourful food, “decent, huh? It smells great.”
“Thanks.” You murmured and made quick work of fetching your own bowl and eating utensils, “do you want a drink? I have soda, tea, beer…”
“I'll have whatever you’re having.” He smiled at you over his shoulder as he watched you fuss about.
You sat beside him and passed over a chilled beer.
He watched you for a moment with amusement dancing in his eyes as you stared at the bottle.
“I forgot the opener.”
“You forgot the opener.” He repeated with a chuckle, “nah, pass it over.”
After handing it to him you watched in amazement as he opened it with his bare hands and you took the bottle back with a gaping mouth.
He held up his hand and twisted the thick banded ring he wore on his middle finger around with his thumb.
“It’s cute that you thought I opened it with my bare hands.” He laughed, popping open his own bottle and setting the caps on the coffee table.
“I didn't see the ring.” You mumbled, passing over his utensils.
“Thank you for this by the way.” He said after swallowing his first bite, the two of you sat in comfortable silence with bowls in your laps and a random movie playing on the tv, courtesy of Daichi. You’d obviously let him choose the channel.
“Mhm.” You covered your lips as you chewed, answering him when you didn’t have food in your mouth, “I still feel like I owe you… you did a lot.”
“I think if we don’t get past this then it’s going to keep getting brought up.” He laughed, “what if I told you this was the best bowl of ramen I’ve ever had and it’s more than enough of a reward?”
You narrowed your eyes at him, “I'd call you a liar.”
His mouth opened in shock and he looked down into his bowl with a grin, “well, that’s mean…” he bit into one of the egg slices you’d neatly placed inside, “yeah, I’m lying. The eggs are kinda bad.”
You nudged his knee with your socked foot, laughing when he almost spilt his food, “they’re not bad. I gave you the nicest slices.”
He huffed a laugh, “no, they’re great.”He paused, “you gave me the nicest eggs?”
The tone he’d taken on was almost as if he was cooing at you and it was enough to make your cheeks heat up, and head face back into your bowl as you used eating as a distraction.
“That's sweet.”
He snorted, “fine.”
You both stayed on the sofa even after you finished eating. Daichi’s arm rested along the back but you weren’t close enough to be warmed by it. You weren’t quite confident enough to scoot closer to him either.
You eventually stood to wash up, only to have your hands shooed away from the bowls as Daichi took them and stood too. You held out your hands for them.
“Nope. You cooked.” He stated as if that was enough to make you let him pass.
“And I'll clean.” You declared, reaching to grab the bowls.
“Nice try.” He grinned, moving them from your reach.
He stepped forward and you immediately inched back, trailing after him when he continued over to the sink.
“You’re really…” you watched as he filled your washing up bucket with hot soapy water.
“Are you gonna say bossy?” He smirked over his shoulder, rolling up his sleeves.
“No…” maybe not that exact word, “wait!” You fumbled about, choosing to pretend to be shocked and pointed to the corner near the front door, “is that a spider?” You yelped.
He eyed you for a moment, spared a glance at the area and turned back to the sink. You groaned when he dunked his hands into the water.
He huffed, “it really isn’t that big of a deal… you cooked, I’ll clean.”
You frowned. “It is, though. You’ve done a lot.” You resorted to drying and tidying away whatever he washed up.
“Not everything has to be a trade.” He commented, passing you a wet bowl, “sometimes people just like doing nice things for others.”
“And you’re one of those people.” You murmured.
“I mean- I guess? I didn’t help you out that day so that you’d end up owing me.” He pursed his lips.
You sighed, “okay. Fine. We can call it even, like, right now?”
He wiped down your sink as you both finished, a soft smile on his lips, “okay… we’re even.”
“Is it just me or…” you gnawed on your bottom lip as you thought about how to word what you were going to say.
He tilted his head, momentarily glancing at your mouth, “what’s up?”
“We get along, right? Like… I feel more at ease with you than I would normally with a stranger.” You winced as you spoke, hoping you weren’t grasping at straws.
Daichi’s eyebrows rose, “yeah, I think so too. But that’s probably just our personalities being compatible… I can tell you’re not comfortable. Well, not fully comfortable.”
You frowned, “how so?”
He released a breath and stepped closer to you, edging you backwards until your back hit the counters, leering over you so your head was forced to back away. His legs were just brushing yours and you could faintly smell the scent of his body wash and maybe a pine aftershave on him.
Daichi didn’t back up, instead resting his hands on the countertop either side of you.
“You’re telling me that anyone would be comfortable with this?” You mumbled.
“Hm… no. But you stopped looking at my face as soon as I moved towards you.”
You scowled and forced your head up to stare him in the eyes, “maybe I wanted you to corner me.”
He angled his face closer to yours, the pair of you practically sharing breaths at that point, “yeah?”
You nodded, swallowing thickly.
He was so close. And so big. Was everything about him big? You clenched your thighs at the thought.
A high pitched beeping noise interrupted you both and Daichi stepped back to take a little black device from his pocket. He wiped a hand down his face and sighed.
“I have to go, I'm on call.” He frowned, “this isn’t me trying to eat and run.”
“Y-yeah…” you blinked, “it’s okay, work is work.” You shrugged and followed him to the door where he put his shoes on.
“Thank you for the meal.” he smiled, casting a glance to your lips again before turning to the door, “maybe we should do this again? and I’ll cook next time?” he offered, facing you again as he stood in the hallway.
“Yes! Yeah… you can cook?” You paused, “Y'know what, I’ll find out. Go and do your job.” You nodded for him to leave, not wanting to hold him up.
“I- yeah,” he hesitated, “sorry, just…” he stepped forward and pressed a quick kiss to your cheek, “bye.” He whispered as he pulled back.
He didn’t linger to watch the way your lips parted in surprise, instead he almost jogged to the stairwell and disappeared around the corner with a blush adorning his cheeks and ears.
You were lucky when Daichi spotted you a few days later whilst you were in town. You’d been shopping for a few hours in the late afternoon and were about to head to the bus station when you heard your name being called.
He was walking away from two other men, one with long brown hair and a patch of stubble on his chin and the other, a guy with pretty silver-ish hair.
“Didn’t expect to see you here…” he stopped in front of you, a nervous smile playing on his face.
“Outside?” You tilted your head, grinning when he deadpanned you with a stare, “I was shopping, what’re you doing?” You peered around him, not seeing his friends in their previous position, “were those your friends?”
“Yeah, I'll introduce you to them next time if you want? We just went for food… are you now heading home?”
You nodded.
“Can I walk you to your car?” He asked.
“You could… if I had one.” You fiddled with the bags in your hand, “I took the bus.”
Daichi rolled his head back before looking at you with a sheepish grin, “can I drive you back instead then? I'm heading home anyway, so…”
“Um… okay, yeah. Thanks.” Being alone in your apartment with Daichi was one thing, easy even. A car, however, had you nervous and slowly walking beside him to where he’d parked.
Ever the gentleman, he’d insisted on carrying your bags for you. You’d tried refusing, as usual, but settled for giving him half when he pouted.
He set your shopping down in the back seat and held the passenger door open for you.
“Thank you.” You mumbled and climbed in, sinking back into your seat when he closed the door.
His car smelt so strongly of him and you noted the few receipts and cd cases he kept stored in the centre console.
“Ready?” He asked once he’d belted himself into the driver’s seat.
You nodded, holding your breath when he leaned over and clipped your belt in. Daichi hovered a second in front of your face to smile, his gaze flickering between your eyes as you blinked owlishly at him.
“You good?” He murmured.
When you nodded again, lips pressed together in a thin line to try and stop yourself from making an embarrassing noise, he started up the engine and pulled out of the parking lot.
You made small talk with him for a few minutes, your awkwardness wearing off as you settled in his company. You don’t know how Daichi did it but he managed to make you loosen up without seemingly trying.
“What the-“ he leant forward and flipped up the visor to get a better look at the sky as you neared home.
You followed his line of sight and gaped at the huge billows of dark smoke that clouded the sky. Almost as soon as you’d noticed it, you could hear his little device begin to beep in his pocket.
“Oh, crap.” he glanced at you, “I'll drop you off first.”
“If it’s urgent- which, by the way, it kinda looks it- you can just dro-“
“Nope.” He shook his head, “it’s getting dark and I want to make sure you get home safely.”
You purse your lips.
“What the fuck!” You yelped as you rounded the corner to your street.
Your entire apartment building was up in flames and a huge fire truck as well as a couple of ambulances were littered about the street.
“Oh, shit.” Daichi parked his car in front of the fire truck, turning to you as he unbuckled himself, “wait here a second, okay? I'll find out what’s happening.”
“What's happening? My home is on fire…” you didn’t pay any mind to the sharpness of your tone as you stared wide-eyed out the window.
Daichi didn’t answer, just hopped out to go and talk to who you guessed were his coworkers. He was back at your door in what seemed like seconds, knocking on the window before opening it with a blank expression.
“I uh- I won’t go into details but there was a gas leak.”
“A gas leak…”
“Yeah, did you maybe want to wait in mine? I kind of have to help out… you can try and contact someone…” he’s always been so good at keeping up a brave face, dealing with you, though, was something he found tricky. He didn’t want to say the wrong thing and upset you more than you already were.
“My apartment is fucked, isn’t it?” You numbly whispered.
Your day had been going so well. You’d thought it’d gotten even better when you’d run into Daichi. And then, boom, literally boom. Your apartment was on fire.
You unbuckled yourself from the car and slumped out, “contact who?”
“Family or a friend?”
“My parents live hours away.” You frowned, “and so do my friends… I moved here for work.”
Daichi sighed, “we’ll figure something out. Wait in mine, yeah?”
You nodded and let him guide you to the front doors of his complex, taking the keys he passed to you when he heard one of the firemen call to him. You watched a little resin volleyball keychain spin from where it hung from the metal hoop.
“Number seven, second floor.” His hand cupped your chin and lifted your head, “help yourself to anything… I'll come and get you if something else happens, okay?”
You nodded, head nudging into the warmth of his hands, “be careful.”
He smiled then, “I will.” He squished your cheeks together with his thumb and middle finger and you watched him leave before entering the building.
Turns out Daichi’s bedroom has the perfect view of your building. He'd left the door to his room open so you’d obviously entered to get a front row seat, not bothering to snoop about before you sat on his bed.
You couldn’t even tell which fireman he was, they were all too far away and it seemed like the fire was easily controlled. Or maybe it was the shock of having your home burnt to cinders that turned the three hours it took for them to finally extinguish the fire into what felt like minutes.
You heard his front door open and shut and jumped up. You weren’t quick enough for him to not catch you in his bedroom.
Daichi looked a little roughed up, soot smeared around his face and wrists. He'd obviously ditched the heavy firefighting gear at the truck because he was standing in front of you, brows furrowed, in the outfit he was in before.
“You weren’t sitting there the entire time, were you?”
“…maybe.” You hesitated.
His lip twitched up, “I really need a shower.” He mumbled, wiping a hand down his face, “it sucks that I’ve got to be the one to tell you but I figured that you’d prefer me over a stranger…”
“I need to look into a new apartment?” You guessed.
“Yeah…” he frowned.
“Daichi, you don’t have to look so down, it’s not like it was your fault.” You shrugged, “thank you for letting me wait here.”
“About that, what you said earlier?” He rubbed at the back of his neck, “you can stay here, if you want? For the night or…until you figure something out- I have a spare room.” He added.
Your eyebrows shot up, “are you serious?”
“That doesn’t sound serious.”
“I’m serious.” He snorted, “I'm going to take a shower ‘cause I'm kinda filthy, we can talk more after, yeah?”
You probably could’ve had a quiet night; ended the chat with Daichi and went straight to bed. You didn’t even get that far though.
You’d left his bedroom and instead sat in his living area, flipping through the channels on his tv.
“That show’s good.” He commented, running a towel over his hair.
“Fucking hell!” You shouted, clambering to catch the remote after you’d thrown it out of fright.
“You’re jumpy.” He laughed.
“I didn't hear yo-oh-“ you turned to him, your sentence caught in your throat when you saw that his towel covered cock was maybe a few feet away from your face.
Daichi wasn’t stupid, he could clearly tell where your focus had gone.
“You keep gaping like that and you’re going to give me the wrong idea.” He stated, voice low.
You watched his towel shift, the thick outline of his cock had your thighs clenching together, and your eyes darted up to his face.
“The wrong idea?” You repeated.
You had the wrong idea. You had many wrong ideas.
Daichi leant down, resting his forearm against the back of the sofa. You couldn’t find it in yourself to back away, eyes focused in on a droplet of water that ran down his neck and in between the valley of his pecs.
“Mhm.” He lifted a hand to play with a strand of hair that hung loosely by your face.
“Are you still on call?” You murmured, not willing to push for anything if there was a chance he’d have to leave again.
His hand moved from your hair to your chin, thumb rubbing over your bottom lip.
“No...” he groaned when your tongue poked out to lick against the pad, “I'm off for two days.”
You pulled his hand from your mouth and surged to your knees to press your lips to his, hands pulling at the damp hair that sat at the nape of his neck when he responded just as urgently.
Daichi yanked you up from the sofa, hands clamped to the undersides of your thighs to pick you up and wrap your legs around his waist. You were distantly aware of the sound of his towel falling from his waist and hitting the floor but were too busy having your tongue sucked into his mouth to care.
“Bedroom.” You whispered against his lips, moaning when you felt his bare cock nudge up against your clothed cunt.
“You sure?” He mumbled, nipping at your neck and jaw as he slowly walked to his room, wanting to give you more than enough time to back out.
“Daichi, if you don’t fuck me-“ you yelped when he dropped you onto the bed.
“If i don’t fuck you?” He grinned.
He didn’t shy away, he bore all of his nakedness with a confidence that made you throb.
“C’mon… you’ll do what?” He pressed.
“Then… I'll leave. A-and I'll go and find someone who will.” You tested him, pushing a foot into his naked thigh.
You realise, when he’s yanked down your trousers and panties, that what you said may have been a bad choice of words.
“You'll find someone else?” he knelt onto the bed and spread your legs, ignoring your embarrassed whine, “you think they’ll get your cunt this wet, hm?” He asked, running a finger along your glistening labia.
“Daichi…” you grabbed at his wrist and tried to encourage him into giving you firmer touches. When he didn’t move, you began to lift your hips into his touch, whining again when you barely even managed to get his fingers to touch your clit.
“You’re so cute.” He cooed, pulling his hand away from your cunt to tug at the end of your shirt.
You took the hint and peeled it off, throwing it away from his bed along with your bra.
“Y’know, I thought you were so pretty when I first saw you.” He commented, positioning one of his legs over yours and tugging one of your thighs up to rest your ankle on his shoulder.
“What about now?” You were only half paying attention to the conversation, staring down at the thick head of his weeping cock that he held inches away from your cunt.
“I'd answer you seriously if I knew that you were listening to me.” He kissed your calf. “Is my dick really that interesting?” He laughed when you didn’t answer.
Daichi watched with heavy lidded eyes as your head dropped backwards, lips parting to let out a long breath, when he pushed the tip of his cock into you.
That was all he managed. Your walls were clamping down so hard that he couldn’t push in any further without worrying he’d hurt you.
“F-fuck!” You whimpered, eyes squeezed shut.
“That's my fault.” He kissed your leg again as he pulled out, “should’ve stretched you out…”
He replaced his cock with a finger, letting it slide into your cunt and stroke at your silky walls for a second before adding another.
“Feel good?” He smiled when you moaned.
“Y-yes!” You hissed into your forearm as he continued to rub into the ribbed area of your pussy that had you twitching on his bedsheets.
A knot was forming in your tummy and it only grew tighter as he added a third finger, and then his thumb to rub at your clit. The digit sliding against your nub easily after he spat down onto it- something you only heard and felt because your eyes had rolled back at that point.
You felt around for his free hand, yanking him down when you found it so that you could press your mouth to his in an open mouthed kiss.
Hearing his grunt tipped you over the edge and your back arched into him as you came, whining into his mouth, and cunt pulsing around his fingers.
“Well, that was sexy.” He whispered, nudging your nose with his as he removed his fingers.
You couldn’t reply, only pant and watch as he licked your cum from his fingers and stared straight into your eyes.
“You wanna try again?” He asked once you’d calmed down a bit, letting his fingers dance along your sensitive pussy in an effort to keep you stimulated.
“Can I go on top?” You reached a hand down to wrap around his cock, your fingers unable to connect as you began to slowly stroke it.
Daichi’s eyes shut with a breathy moan, “y-yeah.”
You straddled his waist, being careful not to knee him in the balls, and guided the tip of him to your now sopping entrance.
He slipped in easier than before but the position had put more pressure on your cunt and it was a lot to try and get him in half way before you let yourself slump against his torso, face squished into his soft chest.
“I think you’re too big…” you grumbled.
“You did so well, pretty girl.” Your cheeks heated at his cooing and you flicked at his nipple in retaliation.
Daichi’s hips surged up, his cock bullying it’s way deeper into your pussy.
You were forced to jolt upright, inevitably sitting flat against his thighs as you sunk down to his balls, “F-fuck! S’too deep!” You wailed but refused to lift yourself up. He was finally all the way inside, you weren’t going to stop there.
Daichi sat himself up on his elbows, reaching a thumb down to rub at your overstimulated clit again, “need to relax, pretty…” he grunted as he felt you sporadically clenching around him, the base of his cock covered in a milky mess of your cum.
His touching eventually led you into slowly trying to roll your hips, small gasps leaving your parted lips each time his cock rubbed up against the bundle of nerves that lined your front wall.
Daichi couldn’t help but watch you use his cock, his hips unconsciously lifting up to bounce you on him.
“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled, pulling you down to kiss him. His hands dug into the squishiness of your ass and thighs to hold you in place so that he could rut into you.
“Y’close? You’re getting so- nngh- tight.” He groaned, the sound of your thighs bouncing against his hips growing louder as he rammed himself balls deep each time. Strings of your arousal snapping against his skin.
You were close. You could feel yourself getting tighter and your cunt ache at the stretch of his cock but the burn only aided in helping you get to your release.
“Sawa-mura- g-gonna cum.” You cried into his neck, thighs shaking as your release washed over you.
“Good girl.” He moaned, repeating the words over and over as he kept bouncing you on him to draw out your orgasm. The warmth and wetness of your pussy had him forcefully thrown into his own release and Daichi pinned you hips down with a drawn out groan as he came, spilling ropes of thick cum into you.
You didn’t try to move from his chest as you came down from your high, panting into his skin and relishing in the feeling of his cock softening inside you.
Daichi didn’t try either, nor did he want to.
He planned to keep you as close to him for as long as possible, his fuzzy mind trying to think of ways to get you to stay.
With him.
In his apartment or wherever he went.
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jeonsjiddies · 20 days ago
suspending gravity | pjm (m)
Tumblr media
⏤  Pairing: Jimin x reader ⏤  Genre: smut, fluff ⏤  Word Count: ~7k ⏤  Warnings: unprotected sex, daddy kink, praise kink, pet names, rough sex, creampie, marking, orgasm denial, breast/nipple play, teasing, begging
⏤  Summary: When a handsome stranger kisses you out of nowhere in the middle of the street, it stops time, suspends gravity, and turns your world upside down. 
You sighed, exiting the coffee shop you’d stopped at on the way to work, the wind whipping through your hair and nipping at your skin with the slight chill that had shivers raking through your body. You lifted your warm cup to your lips and took a deep breath, letting the intoxicating aroma fill your senses. You didn’t notice the commotion that was heading for you, too lost in your own little world until you felt a hand wrap around your arm and spin you around. You stumbled a bit but caught your balance and looked up to see who was manhandling you when your eyes landed on the man in front of you.
He was just a bit taller than you with silky, soft looking black hair, flawless skin, and the most electric gaze you’d ever seen coming from bright brown eyes you could get lost in. Your eyes flickered to a voluptuous pair of plump, pink lips, parted with his labored breathing. You had just enough time to see him mouth the words “I’m sorry” before those luscious lips were being pressed against your own in a frenzy. 
You dropped your coffee, which splattered onto the sidewalk, the warm liquid splashing up onto your legs, but you barely noticed. The world around you seemed to fade away, or freeze in time, you weren’t sure. All you could process was him. His taste. His smell. His touch. Nothing mattered in that moment but this nameless man and the way he made your heart beat erratically out of your chest. It felt like you were the only two people left in the world, like the kiss you were sharing had suspended gravity and left you floating on cloud nine.
The stranger’s warm hands snaked around your waist and pulled you flush against his body as his tongue darted out to slide along your bottom lip, and you instinctively parted them to allow him access. His tongue danced along yours, deepening the kiss and your body melted into his embrace with no hesitation, like you’d always belonged there. 
Would you have been content to die in this stranger’s arms if it meant never separating from his pillowy soft lips and fiery touch? Possibly, but the need for oxygen seemed to win for the both of you as you pulled away from each other, both panting for breath. His eyes were wide with the same wonder you felt bubbling from deep inside your chest, like he’d felt it too. Your eyes locked as you struggled to regulate your breathing. 
You were both yanked back to reality when a girl began hitting him in the back, screaming and crying and making a scene. You looked between the two of them in shock when you heard her next words.
“How could you cheat on me, Park Jimin?! After everything I’ve done for you? This is how you repay me? By shacking up with this… this whore?!”
“I’m sorry, Mina,” he spoke, and you couldn’t believe how smooth, how angelic his voice sounded.
He’d only spoken three words and they’d been music to your ears, the beautiful melody wrapping itself around you like a warm, fuzzy blanket on a cold winter day. You stood there in shock, watching the spectacle in front of you unfold. The girl, Mina, huffed and smacked the man, Jimin, across the face, tinting his beautiful skin with an angry red shade in the shape of her hand. 
You cringed for him, and as she stepped forward to address you, Jimin placed his body in front of yours as a shield, which caused Mina’s eyes to grow wide and her nostrils to flare in fury. She turned and stomped off, yelling obscenities about how Jimin was a liar, an asshole, and how he’d regret letting her go. Jimin visibly deflated, relieved that she was gone and turned to face you. He chuckled and scratched the back of his neck, his expression sheepish.
“I’m sorry I dragged you into that, I just… I’ve been trying to break up with her for months and she just won’t let me. I don’t know, I saw you and I made a split second decision to make her think I was cheating on her, hoping that would finally be a deal-breaker,” his eyes drifted down to your coffee that stained the sidewalk, “I’ll buy you another! I promise. Do you want to go inside?”
Lost in his gaze once more, you would have agreed to anything the man offered or asked of you, and you were about to say yes when your phone rang, causing you to jump out of your skin. Your boss’s name lit up the screen.
“Where the hell are you?!” he barked.
You pulled the phone away and checked the time, noticing you were twenty minutes late. You gasped, promising your boss that you were on your way and would be there as soon as possible. You hiked your purse up on your shoulder, ready to make a run for it to the office, but Jimin’s hand shot out and grabbed your arm, once again, turning you to face him. Electric shock waves traveled throughout your body from where his skin met yours and you shivered, looking up to meet his gaze.
“I’m sorry, I know I made you late but… I’ve never felt anything like that before, when we kissed. When do you get off? Can we meet again, I can buy you a coffee to replace the one I ruined?” his eyes looked so hopeful and your heart was beating so fast you felt a little faint, so you just nodded dumbly.
“I get off at 5. I’ll meet you here soon after.”
Jimin’s smile was so bright you thought that even if the sun were to disappear into the night sky, he could light up the day with his pearly white teeth. He nodded enthusiastically, backing away to let you go, his contagious smile never leaving his lips.
“I’ll be waiting…”
“Y/N,” he repeated, letting the sound roll off the tip of his tongue, “it suits you. I’ll see you after work.”
You definitely did not spend your entire work day in a haze thinking about Jimin. Jimin and his lips. Jimin and his contagious smile. Jimin and his kind eyes. Jimin and his electric touch. Jimin and the way he looked at you like you hung the stars and the moon in the night sky. You also did not look at the clock so often it felt like time was going backwards as you awaited the end of the day and your chance to see that smile again.
Tumblr media
When the clock had finally hit 5, you’d bolted out of the office like you were on fire, power-walking through the hallways and causing more than a few eyebrows to raise in your direction. You’d taken the bus instead of walking, hoping to get back to the coffee shop sooner, wondering if Jimin really would be waiting for you, or if you’d dreamed the whole thing up. You stepped off the bus and walked the short distance from the stop to the front of the cafe and looked around. You saw no sign of Jimin.
You frowned, but decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and went inside to order a coffee while you waited. Once you’d entered the door, you saw a hand dart into the air to wave at you, and there sat Jimin. He was just as ethereal as you remembered, with his contagious smile and crescent moon eyes. He stood up and waved you over, pulling the chair back for you to sit, which you did after thanking him. He slid a coffee over to your side of the table, and it was the exact one you’d ordered that morning, the one you’d dropped when he’d pressed his plush lips on yours and turned your whole world upside down. You looked up at him with a puzzled expression, about to ask him how he knew your order when he chuckled.
“After you left, I came inside and asked the barista what you’d ordered,” he rubbed his hands together with a shy smile, then hastily added, “If you want something else, that’s fine too though!”
“Wow, that’s… super thoughtful. Thank you, Jimin.”
Jimin’s face lit up, his bright smile reaching from ear to ear, but then he winced a bit, his smile dropping as he tenderly touched his cheek.
“I hope you iced your face! Does it hurt a lot?” you asked, leaning closer to see if it was still red, your hand lifting on instinct to gently caress the wound, but you forced it into your lap.
It was a little swollen, the slightest tinge of pink, but otherwise seemed okay. You leaned back in your chair, satisfied with the healing process thus far. Jimin smiled bashfully and nodded.
“I iced it when I got home. Not like I didn’t deserve it though.”
“What’s the situation there, anyway? You said she wouldn’t let you break up with her?”
Jimin groaned, frustration painting his gorgeous face as he explained, “No, I’ve been trying for months.  We just aren’t a good match, but I kept trying to make it work because my mom set me up with her and she seemed to like me so much I didn’t want to crush her. I tried to break up with her and she would cry and cling to me and beg me to stay. After that didn’t work, I tried making her break up with me by being boring or messy or whatever. Nothing worked. Later I figured out she didn’t even love me, she loved the idea of me. She just wanted to show off to her friends that she was with someone. This morning, she was talking about some other drama that was going down and I swear my brain was melting. I saw you walk out of the coffee shop and I just had the idea and ran with it. I’m sorry I pulled you into my mess, Y/N.”
“I understand, that sounds really suffocating and honestly kind of toxic. You did what you had to. Besides,” you blushed, looking down then peeking up at his face through your lashes to catch his reaction, “I didn’t exactly hate it…”
Jimin sputtered on his drink, and you noticed the tips of his ears turning a deep pink shade. You covered your mouth to conceal your giggle, feeling your own face heat up. You were about to change the topic to ease some of the tension when Jimin suddenly spoke up.
“Oh! Did you get in much trouble for being late?”
“Not really, my boss was irritated but I’m never late so he couldn’t really say much,” you smiled to reassure him.
“I am really sorry again for making you late, though.” 
“Really, don’t worry about it,” you waved your hand to dismiss the idea, “I’ve been there for years and haven’t messed up yet, I can be late one time. What do you do?”
The two of you stayed in that booth in the tiny cafe until the sun had started to descend into the sky, soft hues of pink and orange painting the horizon and fading away as the sun went down and the stars came out to decorate the night sky.
“Looks like we’re the only ones left,” Jimin mused, sipping on the last of his drink and setting his empty cup down while looking around the cafe. 
“Really? Oh wow, it’s getting late,” you noted in surprise, glancing out the window and seeing the world around you had grown darker while you’d been in your own special world with Jimin.
“Really? It seems like we’ve only been here like… 30 minutes?”
You pulled out your phone to check the time, noting that several hours had actually passed while you’d been chatting and laughing with Jimin, and you turned it around to show him the time. He looked as bewildered as you felt.
“Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess,” he chuckled, scratching the back of his neck with a sheepish expression before adding, “can I walk you home? I didn’t mean to keep you out so late and it can be dangerous for you to walk alone at night.”
“Sure, thank you,” you smiled thankfully, having been a little nervous to make the trek home in the dark.
Jimin grabbed your empty cup and threw it in the trash with his and held the door open for you as you exited the now empty coffee shop. You wrapped your arms around yourself, unprepared for the chilly night air and Jimin immediately shrugged off his jacket, wrapping it around your shoulders.
“You don’t have to, you’ll be cold,” you protested.
“I’m fine. I run hot anyway,” he shrugged, grinning at you and waving at his face dramatically, “I’m actually quite warm, you’re doing me the favor.”
You rolled your eyes with a smile but decided not to press, walking alongside Jimin and leading him towards your apartment. Jimin made the walk fun with his animated personality. Even walking past the sketchy alleys on the way didn’t freak you out, being around Jimin just seemed to make you block the rest of the world out, like you could only see him.
Your stride unconsciously slowed the closer you got to your apartment complex simply because you didn’t want to leave Jimin. Being beside him felt natural, like it was where you were supposed to be, and the warm glow he ignited in your chest made you reluctant to part ways. It seemed like in only a few hours, this stranger had sparked a fire deep in your chest that you hadn’t realized had fizzled out, the embers were barely ablaze. 
You had been walking through life on autopilot and never thinking twice about if you were really happy or not. Then Jimin came along, and even though you’d only known him a day, you had a strange feeling that everything would change because of him. It almost felt like fate. Sooner than you’d wanted, you stood in front of your complex, kicking at the ground with one shoe and curiously glancing up at Jimin from under your lashes.
“Well… this is me. Thank you for walking me home,” you smiled, beginning to shrug off his jacket.
Jimin’s hand reached up and moved the garment back onto your body, shaking his head.
“You keep it for now, I’ll grab it next time; it’ll give me an excuse to see you again,” he smiled, rubbing bashfully at his arm.
“Next time?”
“Well, I hope I can see you again,” his statement came out sounding more like a question.
“I would really like that. Do you want to take down my number?”
“Oh! Sure,” Jimin smiled brightly and fished his phone from his pocket, handing the device to you.
You saved your number and handed it back, both of you just standing there, hoping for an excuse so he didn’t have to leave, but finding none. Jimin cleared his throat.
“Well, I guess I should get going. Have a good night, Y/N.”
“You too. Text me when you get home so I know you made it safely?”
“I can do that,” Jimin grinned at you, beginning to walk backwards while still looking at you, “go inside so I know you’re safe!”
You giggled and unlocked your door and stepped inside, waving one more time before shutting and locking it. You went through your nightly routine to get ready for bed, glancing at your phone every few minutes anxiously. Once you were tucked in bed, snuggled into your thick, warm comforter, your phone chimed.
Unknown Sender [10:04pm]: I didn’t get murdered. :p
You giggled and saved his contact before replying.
You [10:06pm]: Good! Lol goodnight. Zzz
Jimin [10:07pm] Sweet dreams, Y/N.
Tumblr media
You dragged your body into the front door, completely spent. Trudging to the couch, you flung yourself into it and just lied there. Work had been especially stressful and the day seemed to have drug on forever, and all you wanted to do was rest. You had just settled into a comfortable position when your phone rang. You groaned, throwing your head back in annoyance before blindly reaching for it and swiping your finger across the screen to answer the call, not bothering to check the caller ID.
“Jimin?” you sat up, suddenly not so exhausted, your heart skipping a beat at hearing his voice.
Even after months of hanging out, he still made your heart race like no one ever had before. After the night he’d walked you home, you’d been in contact every single day, whether it be late night phone calls or memes throughout the workday, one of you always found an excuse to contact the other. You’d grown close quickly, and you could earnestly say that Jimin was one of your best friends, if not your very best friend. 
His presence brought so much light and joy into your life. He made life exciting with his vibrant personality and the way your whole body seemed to buzz whenever he touched you. Just being near him had your blood pumping louder than necessary in your veins. Though, for every moment he made your heart beat out of your chest, there was also a moment where he felt like your home, your foundation, your rock. Jimin was the one you went to when you were scared, when you were happy, when you were sad, or angry. He was the first one you wanted to call with good news.
Jimin held your heart in his ring-clad hands and it seemed like he didn’t even know it.
“Hey,” he greeted warmly, “are you busy?”
“No. Why?”
“Our coffee shop is having a bogo sale, want to go?”
‘Our coffee shop’, the one you’d met at, the one where Jimin had kissed you and turned your world upside down. You bit your lip to suppress a smile at hearing him claim the shop as belonging to the two of you. 
“Sure, I can meet you there,” you agreed, standing from the couch and reaching for your keys.
“I, ah, I’m actually outside your complex. It’s so nice out today, I thought we could walk together?”
Your heart flipped inside your chest at the sweet gesture, though you really shouldn’t have been surprised. Jimin was always thoughtful like that. He had the biggest heart and was always trying to make others happy. He always used little gestures to show people how much he cared, remembering little details, paying attention to what made others smile. 
“I’ll be right down,” you giggled, hanging up the phone and tucking your phone in your pocket before skipping out of your apartment.
Jimin’s smile grew three sizes when his eyes landed on you. He waved enthusiastically and stepped forward to pull you into a tight hug. You melted into his embrace and hugged him back, both of you holding on for just a second too long. You pulled apart and smiled sheepishly before walking to the coffee shop together, Jimin animatedly retelling a story about the coworker who made the printer catch on fire.
“No way!” you gasped, as Jimin flung his arms up in the air to retell how the fire had burst from the old printer being overused.
“The manager freaked and sprayed the fire extinguisher everywhere! Once we figured out everyone was okay, we all lost it. Minho was covered in fire extinguisher dust, he looked ridiculous, you should’ve been there.”
“I wish I had been!” you giggled.
Jimin opened the door to the coffee shop and ushered you inside, you thanked him and walked to the counter with him, both of you placing your orders.
“I’ll treat you this time,” you offered and Jimin just laughed before handing the barista his card, which you protested with a stomp of your foot, “Jimin! You always pay. Let me do it.”
“Too late,” he smirked triumphantly, waving the receipt in your face. 
You crossed your arms in a pout, secretly planning ways you could pay ahead so he couldn’t beat you to it next time. You both grabbed your drinks and took a seat at your favorite booth by the window. You sat in the same place every time, from the first time you’d met up here until now, the fond sense of nostalgia filling you with a gentle warmth.
While Jimin talked, you watched the way his lips moved, entranced by his beauty for probably the thousandth time since you’d met him, and gave your input or reaction where the story called for it. Story telling turned into bickering, and the two of you went back and forth about anything you could possibly argue about. You knew that even if Jimin agreed with you, he loved coming up with a counter argument just to see you get worked up because ‘you’re so cute when you’re mad’.
It continued even as you exited the shop, planning to just walk around. You’d been so caught up in your conversation, you hadn’t even realized you’d walked across town. You didn’t notice the sky beginning to darken, either.
“The original Teen Titans are far superior than the filth they’re playing today!”
“No way, the technology and animation has definitely improved since then, you’re just nostalgic.”
“It’s not nostalgia, it’s common sense!”
“Think logically for a second, Y/N. If technology and animation have improved since the original release of the show, wouldn’t the new show , by default, also be improved?” Jimin asked, tapping on his head like he thought he was a genius.
You just groaned and threw your hands up in defeat, noting the smirk that graced Jimin’s luscious lips as he wrapped his arms around you from behind.
“Come on, you know I just like to push your buttons, you’re so cute when you’re mad,” he cooed, hugging you tighter in a bid for forgiveness.
You simply pouted and leaned into his embrace before you felt the first droplet fall onto your face. You both glanced up in surprise, just in time for the downpour to begin. Rain pelted down, immediately soaking your clothes and both of you froze in shock before separating and looking at each other.
“My place is just around the corner, come on,” Jimin instructed over the roar of thunder.
He grabbed your hand and pulled you with him in the direction of his apartment. The two of you dashed the small distance to his apartment and you wrapped your arms around yourself while Jimin fumbled with his keys, finally undoing the lock. He ushered you inside, immediately running to grab towels, handing one to you, which you thanked him for before drying off your arms, face, and hair. Jimin took one look at your sopping wet frame and broke out into a fit of giggles. 
“Let me grab you some clothes,” he laughed before disappearing into his bedroom.
You  looked around the familiar space, noting it was tidier than he usually kept it, you gave him mental kudos for that. Jimin reappeared with sweats and T-shirt for you, directing you to the bathroom to change. You slipped into his dry clothes and tried in vain to fix your wet mop of hair. You sighed and threw it up into a messy bun before meeting Jimin in the living room and plopping down next to him on the couch. 
You shivered from being out in the rain, and Jimin instinctively wrapped an arm around you to bring you some warmth and comfort. You snuggled into his side and sighed happily. Jimin smiled and scrolled through the channels, trying to find something you’d both enjoy. Of course, when you were together, you spent more time watching him than the television, but he didn’t seem to notice.
Thirty minutes into a “how it’s made” documentary, and you were dozing off, head lolling against Jimin’s shoulder.  Jimin could feel your soft, warm breaths evening out against his skin and he smiled down at you, gently maneuvering his shoulder out from under you.
“It’s still raining pretty hard, do you want to stay here?”
“Mmm.. yes please,” you mumbled groggily, patting the couch beside you to indicate you’d sleep there.
“Trust me, you won’t sleep a wink if you try to sleep on this old thing. Come on,” Jimin instructed, assisting you to your feet and guiding you to his bedroom, gently lowering your droopy frame onto the bed, pulling the comforter up around you. “Do you want me to put a wall of pillows or are you okay?”
You shook your head, reaching your arms up in a grabby-hands motion for Jimin to join you. He chuckled under his breath and climbed into the other side of the bed, scooting closer to the middle to drape an arm over your abdomen while keeping space between your bodies in an attempt to keep you comfortable.
Your hand found his and you squeezed gently, hoping he understood your silent thank you as you started to drift off once again, feeling safe and warm and cared for in the presence of Jimin. Little did he know, he would also appear in your dreams. Jimin laid awake for a while, unable to silence his racing mind. He couldn’t stop thinking about how pretty you were or how sweet or how soft or how warm you felt cuddled up next to him. In your sleep, you’d turned around, now facing him and snuggled closer, unconsciously searching for his warmth.  Jimin watched you carefully, your faces now inches apart.
You looked so calm and happy in your slumber, so serene. Jimin idly wondered if you were actually an angel. He gently reached out and tucked a stray piece of hair out of your face and behind your ear, his fingers gently brushing across the skin of your cheek. He knew he should’ve pulled away, but your skin was so soft and warm and you smelled so good. 
“Jimin,” you mumbled quietly, and Jimin thought you might have been awake but your breathing evened out again and he realized you were dreaming of him, and his heart clenched at the thought.
He ran his thumb absentmindedly over your skin, caressing it with the tenderest of touches he could manage. His fingertips ghosted over your eyelashes, and they fluttered at his touch. Jimin held his breath, praying he hadn’t woken you, but your eyes fluttered more until they opened and met his and Jimin felt like he couldn’t move, frozen in your gaze as your eyes searched his.
When you’d opened your eyes to find Jimin watching you and felt his gentle touch on your face, your heart seemed to stop. You sucked in a quiet breath, both of you locked in the other’s gaze as you searched his eyes for any clue as to what he might be feeling, why he was touching you this way. Your tongue ran absentmindedly over your lips to wet them and Jimin’s eyes followed the motion, almost like he was in a trance. 
He slowly leaned closer, his face mere centimeters from yours. He couldn’t control it, it was like you were both magnetized and every piece of him was being drawn to you. His gaze flicked up to meet yours for a split second, giving you time to stop him, before he closed the distance between your lips, pressing his plump ones to yours.
Ever since the first time Jimin had kissed you, you had constantly dreamed about kissing him again, feeling those soft lips upon yours once more. You had wondered if it would be as all-consuming as the first one or if that was the adrenaline of the situation. Turns out, it was not the adrenaline because the second his lips met yours, everything faded away but the two of you and the sound of your labored, nervous breaths.
You pressed yourself closer to Jimin, your bodies now flush and he wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you even closer as he deepened the kiss, his tongue gliding along your bottom lip in a smooth, torturously slow movement. You opened up for him, welcoming him into your mouth as your tongues danced with each other. The hand that was around your waist slowly slid up your body and tangled itself in your hair, Jimin holding you close to him as he took your breath away with his kiss for the second time.
Your hand wrapped around the fabric of his shirt, clutching it in your fist to ground yourself to something so you didn’t feel like you were floating away, dizzy from the soft caress of Jimin’s lips, his tongue. You felt like you couldn’t ever get close enough to him. You wanted more of him, all of him, all the time. Jimin pulled back just slightly, his teeth gently grazing over your bottom lip and tugging at it just slightly as he broke the kiss for some air, but he didn’t go far. You could feel his warm, ragged breath against your swollen, pink lips. 
You leaned in once more, chasing the taste of his tongue, and Jimin was more than happy to oblige. You weren’t sure how long you spent pressed up against him just enjoying the taste of him, time wasn’t real when you were in his arms. Jimin sucked on your tongue experimentally, and the tiniest of whimpers escaped you, causing one of his eyebrows to lift and a smirk to play on his swollen lips as he searched your eyes.
Slowly, he tested the waters by kissing the side of your mouth over to your jaw, leaving a trail of kisses along it up to your ear. You shivered and tightened your hold on his shirt, silently urging him on. His lips traveled down the expanse of your neck to your collarbone, exposed by his t-shirt, and he sucked on the skin there, leaving a pretty red bruise. You breathed heavily, quiet moans slipping out as Jimin worked his skilled mouth and tongue against your skin. No wonder Mina hadn’t wanted to let him go, if he could affect you like this just from kissing your neck, you wondered what other skills his mouth possessed.
“So, so pretty,” Jimin mumbled against your skin, more to himself than you, but your heart ached in the best way at his praise.
Your fingers traveled up his back and wound themselves in his hair, tugging gently and Jimin groaned, biting down on the skin of your neck in a warning, then blowing cool air over the area to soothe any discomfort.
“You’re playing with fire, babygirl,” he purred against your ear, his lips grazing the shell of it.
Something about the way he said it, the warning behind it, the fact his voice had grown deeper and raspy, had you ready to risk it all. You squeezed your thighs together at the implications his words promised you, and Jimin smirked against your skin, lifting his head to look into your eyes as his hands traveled down your front to drag teasingly along the waistband of his sweats you were wearing.
“Wet for me already, baby?”
Your indignant whine made Jimin chuckle, his fingers dancing higher, under his t-shirt that draped over your torso.
“I’m just getting started.”
Your whole body shivered in anticipation and Jimin only smiled, his fingers dancing up your stomach to gently graze along the bottom of your breast. You sucked in a breath, and Jimin slid his fingers higher, brushing over your pert nipple and giving it a gentle tug between two of his fingers. Your body lurched closer to his at the movement, seeking more. Jimin chuckled and watched your face as he tugged again, a little harder.
“Jimin,” you pleaded, barely a whisper.
“What do you want, princess?”
You arched your back, pressing your breasts further into his touch, but Jimin tsked and removed his hand from your chest.
“You have to tell me what you want, babygirl.”
You closed your eyes in frustration, your brain finding it hard to articulate the words and send the signals to your lips so you could speak; your mind clouded and hazy with lust.
“I’ll give you whatever you want,” he purred, allowing his fingertips to tease along the expanse of your neck and along your collarbone, “you just have to tell me what it is. You can be a good girl for daddy, right?” 
You shivered at the pet name which had lit a fire deep inside your belly and nodded.
“I... want your lips.”
You took his hand and guided it to your breast, and Jimin took pity on you for the time being, smiling softly down at you, nodding in acknowledgement. His hand traveled to caress your cheek in praise.
“Mmm.. daddy’s baby girl wants her pretty little nipples sucked? Is that it?”
“Please, daddy…” you whimpered pathetically, your whimper turning into a gasp when Jimin shoved his shirt farther up and off of your body to expose your breasts to the cool air of his room and dipped his head, capturing your bud, pressing a gentle kiss before sucking it between his plump lips and sucking. 
His tongue swirled around your sensitive nub and he sucked gently before applying more pressure, your back arching off the bed at the electric currents flooding your bloodstream. His free hand traveled up to knead the neglected breast before he switched off. Only once you were a writhing, moaning mess beneath him, did Jimin slowly make his way down your stomach, leaving marks along his way to claim you as his own as he traveled south. 
He glanced up at you for confirmation once his lips reached the hem of his sweats that you wore, and you nodded. Jimin raised his eyebrow, and you sighed with a smile before verbalizing your consent, which Jimin smiled at. He blew you a kiss and slowly peeled his sweats down your legs. He groaned upon seeing that you weren’t wearing panties, the rain had soaked through every layer of clothing you’d had on so you only had what he’d given you, just the t-shirt and sweats, no bra, no panties.
“Fuck,” Jimin swore under his breath and you giggled, covering your face and peeking at him through your fingers.
Jimin kissed along your thighs, nibbling and sucking bruises into the skin there, before teasing two fingers through your folds, marveling at how wet you already were, separating his fingers and watching your arousal slide down his digits. He popped the two fingers in his mouth, letting out a tortured moan as he licked your slick from them. You whimpered at the naughty display.
Jimin winked at you before pulling his fingers from his mouth with an audible pop, and sliding them along your folds once more, coating them in your essence before using one to slowly breach your hole, watching your face as it contorted in pleasure and your back arched off the bed. Jimin kissed at your thighs before adding another finger, slowly pumping the digits in and out of your pussy, reveling in the squelching noises created from his pace as he sped up, curling his fingers just right to hit that spongy spot inside of you.
You gasped and watched him finger you, scissoring his fingers open, pressing against your walls to stretch you until you would be able to accommodate his length inside of you. Your mouth watered at the prospect and you whimpered. 
“Feel good babygirl?”
“Jimin,” you moaned, “you’re so good at that.”
“Mmm… you like that? What about…” he trailed off and smirked up at you before running his tongue along your folds and over your clit, bringing the bundle of nerves between his lips and sucking.
You had a hard time holding back your desperate noises when Jimin was working his skilled lips and tongue along your sensitive bundle, you writhing under his touch. He splayed a hand on your lower stomach to hold you still and twirled his tongue around your clit whilst he sucked it and added a third finger to your dripping cunt. 
“Mmmf, Jimin…” you groaned, trying to warn him of your impending orgasm, the fire deep in your belly building, the coil inside close to snapping.
Jimin pulled away from your cunt, licking his lips slowly while keeping eye contact with you. You whined audibly at the loss of your high and Jimin only smirked.
“If you’re going to cum, you’re going to cum on my cock. Can you do that for me baby? Can you be Daddy’s good girl and cream on his cock?”
“Fuck, yes, please. Please fuck me.”
“Mmm.. what princess wants, princess gets,” he winked, pulling his fingers out and sucking them clean once more before sliding his sweats and t-shirt off, revealing his lithe body and rock hard cock to your hungry eyes.
Jimin lined his cock at your entrance, and leaned down to press his lips to yours, simultaneously pushing his rigid length into your warm, wet cunt. He hissed under his breath at the way your pussy hugged his shaft so perfectly and while he had prepared you for the intrusion, your breath still left your body at the stretch of his thick member sliding into your warmth, filling you up so perfectly.
“Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me babygirl,” Jimin groaned, holding his position to allow you time to adjust.
“Jimi-Daddy… please move,” you moaned, your walls clenching around him at the thought of him thrusting inside.
Jimin kissed the corner of your lips before pulling himself out and shoving back in, beginning a brutal pace almost instantly after realizing you were ready.  His hot breath fanned over your face with his exertion, plowing into your pussy and hitting all the right spots with every single thrust. 
“You’re taking my cock so well, baby, you’re such a good girl for Daddy,” he groaned, leaving sloppy wet kisses along your jaw.
“Jimin! You’re so big. Feels so good,” you moaned, your fingers threading themselves into his hair and tugging.
Jimin shivered and moaned lowly, and you raised an eyebrow and tugged a little harder. Jimin’s pace faltered but he only thrusted harder, spurred on by your actions. Your body was bouncing with his harsh thrusts and the headboard was hitting the wall with audible thunks. Your moans grew in volume and your hands fell to his back, your nails digging into the skin and leaving marks; evidence of the pleasure he gave you etched into his pretty ivory skin.
“I’m not going to last long if you keep clenching around me like that, baby,” Jimin grunted, focusing on making sure he didn’t blow his load before you with your pussy squeezing him just right. 
“Fuck, fuck, please Jimin, Daddy, fuck!” you whined, nearly unable to form a coherent sentence, your pleasure consuming your entire being.
“Please what, baby? Use your words.”
“Fuck. Fill me up, please!” you pleaded, lifting your hips to meet his thrusts and leaning up to suck on the skin of his neck.
“Oh shit,” Jimin cursed, his body heating up at your words.
“Please please!” you begged desperately, your voice getting higher the closer you got to your impending orgasm.
“Y/N, baby,” Jimin groaned, biting down on your shoulder to contain himself as his thrusts turned sloppy and he emptied himself inside of you.
Jimin’s warm seed coating your walls and filling your spent pussy was the last thing you needed to push you over the edge, a high pitched moan leaving your lips as your orgasm washed over you. Jimin continued to thrust, working you through your high and fucking his cum deeper into your cunt with each push of his hips, until you were whining from overstimulation. 
He pressed his forehead to yours, both of you taking a moment to catch your breath. Jimin placed tender kisses all over your face before lifting himself up and pulling his softening cock from your abused hole. You both watched as a mixture of his cum and your arousal seeped from you onto the bed sheets. Jimin swiped a finger through the mess and lifted it to his lips, sucking his digit clean and leaning forward to kiss you, allowing you to taste the mixture of your arousals on his tongue, groaning quietly into your open mouth. You hummed in satisfaction and Jimin grinned down at you before getting out of bed.
You watched his naked backside, plump and round, as he walked to the bathroom to wet a washcloth. He returned and gently ran the cloth through your folds and over your thighs to clean the mess the two of you had left behind. You shivered at the damp, cool washcloth brushing against your most intimate parts and nearly pulled him to you for another round, if only you weren’t so exhausted from the first one.
Once the mess was cleaned enough, Jimin slipped in beside you, both of you facing each other. Jimin looked less confident now, tentatively reaching out to caress your cheek. You closed your eyes and leaned into his touch, humming appreciatively. You turned your head and placed a gentle kiss into his palm for reassurance, opening your eyes to meet his gaze.
“So…” Jimin began, his eyes searching yours as he spoke.
“That was…” you trailed off.
“Yeah,” he laughed a bit, “it was. Did it… did it mean anything for you?”
You smiled, reaching up to brush his hair from his eyes and nodded.
“Yeah, it did. Did it mean anything to you?”
“Yeah,” he smiled, his hand covering yours and holding it.
“Does this mean…?”
“Be mine,” he whispered, tightening his grip on your hand and holding your combined hands against his chest, “be mine and let me be yours. Ever since the moment I met you, you are all I have been able to think about. Whenever I’m with you, time stops and nothing else matters but the way you smile, the sound of your laugh. Let me make you happy…”
“Yes,” you whispered, pressing your forehead against his and leaning in to place a gentle kiss upon his swollen lips, “always yes. It’s been you since the day we met, I feel everything you said, I was just too nervous to tell you.”
Jimin leaned forward and pressed your lips together once more, his hands coming to cup your face and his thumb stroking your cheek. He pulled back and kissed the tip of your nose and looked into your eyes, his smile seeming to light up the entire room. 
“I love you,” he whispered against your lips.
“I love you too, Jimin,” you giggled into the kiss, and it seemed like everything had finally fallen into place.
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parkdatjimin · a month ago
Pairings: nerd!jimin x fem!reader
Genre: college!au, s2l, this is pwp but without the plot
Warnings: alcohol consumption, explicit sexual content, sub/dom themes, dirty dancing, so much grinding, dry humping, thigh riding, petnames, swearing, oral sex (m receiving), penetrative sex (be safe kids), cock riding, praise kink, multiple orgasms, cum play, oc licks it too, fingering, nipple play, lil bit of body worship, jimin has a massive dick but what else is new, he's also cute af
Summary: things get carried away with the campus good boy after you agree to help him have some actual fun at a party. but hold up now because you're not the one supposed to be hooked.
Wc: 8K
a/u: repost. have some good ol' sub!Jimin smut to pass the time while I prepare my supernatural au. sorry for any mistakes, have mercy on me.
Tumblr media
You're not typically the party-hardy kinda hoe but...
"What's the matter, ___? Feeling a bit lightheaded?"
You scowl at the girl across from you, an unpleasant taste in your mouth and it's not because of the beer.
"How about we make this a little more interesting?"
She pauses. "What are you suggesting?"
You begin pouring the contents of all the cups on your side of the table into one cup, filling it to the brim with a final drop. The surrounding crowd starts murmuring amongst themselves, saying how insane and crazy this is but also how much they want to see this happen.
Now she smiles.
The offer is on the table, literally, and when she bravely pours all her chances into one cup as well, it becomes a gentlemen's agreement.
The smile she shows you is cocky too, by the way. A skinny tongue pokes out to lick her lips in anticipation, reflecting the same eagerness to win that's in your own eyes.
Taking your aim, you pray to all the powers of the universe, just this once. You need good aim just this once. With a final toss, your ping pong ball bounces off the wooden surface, seemingly in slow motion, before it hits the rim of your opponent's cup and falls to the floor.
"Oooh, tough luck."
You think based on past experience, you'll be able to handle the liquor. But taking into consideration that you also lost your last game just earlier tonight, what are the odds your body can take that kind of penalty and still make it home in one piece? Maybe you should start thinking of loopholes.
Your competition takes her aim, takes her shot, and takes her prize.
A perfect slam dunk.
The smelly crowd of university dumb dumbs around you start cheering, shaking your shoulders and patting the winner on the back. It's just a stupid game but for some reason, you feel like you just lost the lottery.
She gestures for you to drink your loss, so you relentlessly lift the cup to your lips. Tilting your head back, you allow the alcohol to fill your cheeks but secretly none of it goes down your throat. Peaking over the rim, you spy your enemy laughing her ass off at your misfortune and loving every second of it.
Suddenly, oh no! Your gag reflex is too much and you (accidentally) end up spitting all over the table...and her.
She gawks, covered in beer and spit.
Wiping the evidence from your mouth, you look up with a devilish, purposeful smile.
All of you expected a bitch fight but no. This girl actually has the gall to start fake crying and run out, bawling like you just killed her dog or something. Several of the guys and girls who were on her side followed after, worried expressions and deceived hearts full of compassion ready to consol. You roll your eyes and make your way to the kitchen instead, shaking off drunk college kids on the way.
Why did you even agree to play against her? Oh that's right. Your useless, irrational need to (prove you're worth something) win.
After some water, some snacks, and taking a really nice dump, you decide to rest on the couch and catch a breath. Almost half an hour later, you start to feel solidity returning to your brain and limbs, enough to walk back to your dorm without tripping over the steps.
It'd be nice to leave with somebody--you haven’t had a fun night since midterms started--but no one here is catching your attention. People who attend these kinds of events are all the same brand and not really your type. Then again, you're not even sure what your type is. Maybe you should just leave. You wouldn't even be here if it weren't for--
"Enjoying yourself?"
The couch sinks when a large figure drops his hard ass next to you. He downs one Jello shot and tosses the cup behind the seat before offering you his second one.
"Not particularly," you mumble and cross your arms.
"Could've fooled me," he snickers, throwing back the second shot when you don’t take it. "Either way, I am here with a proposal that will save your night...well, it's more like a suggestion...well, really more like I'm asking for a favor...well--"
"Oh my god what do you want, Namjoon?"
The long boy angles himself towards you, leaning closer like that's going to make his request more agreeable. "So, a friend of mine is gonna stop by but, how do I say...this isn't really his scene."
Already the caution signs in your head are lighting up fire truck red. "Okay..."
"Could you chill with him and help him, you know, have fun?"
"But I'm not having fun."
"___, please?" he begs you, rubbing his hands together like a child.
You sigh with a pout, "Why don't you do it? He's your friend."
"I would but,” he hisses, “I'm gonna leave with Sooyun."
Your head whips around in shock and disgust. "Joon, you can't invite your friend to a party and then ditch to get your dick sucked."
"I didn't know she was gonna be here let alone ask me to leave with her!" he claims with an exaggerated shrug, like he really can't do anything about this. "I'm begging you, ___, please just entertain him for like an hour and then he'll probably wanna leave anyway."
"Why'd you invite him anyway?" you ask, rubbing your temples in hopes of soothing the headache this conversation is giving you.
Namjoon tisks his tongue, trying to find the right words to describe this friend of his. "Jimin isn't It's not easy for him to make friends or initiate conversation but he's such a good guy. He's a little awkward but he's got good intentions. Poor guy just wants to fit in and he just doesn't. I feel bad for him."
You hate being sold the social outcast sob story. Namjoon knows you have a soft spot for them considering you were one for the longest time. It's sweet that Joon wants to include this guy but this isn't the way to go about it. You love Joon but the guy is obsessed with getting his dick wet and once again, his selfishness is leaving you with his mess to clean up.
"Fine. But you owe me."
Namjoon smothers you in a bear hug and proceeds to crush your spine. "Thank you! Thank you!"
The front door opens and Namjoon jumps up and waves the newest guest over. "Oh, there he is. Jimin!"
The boy waves back, quickly retracting his hand when he realizes people are trying to get around him. He dodges drunkards and tiptoes around tipsy strangers until he makes his way to the two of you, now waiting in front of the couch.
He smiles and you can't help but lift your brow in consideration. You were expecting nerdy but like wow.
He's wearing pressed black slacks, black shoes, and a baby blue button up tucked in with a shiny, clean belt to let everyone know he definitely took a wrong turn coming out of church this morning. His sweater vest matches his socks and--oh god, he's wearing a sweater vest. It appears his hair was purposefully styled like that which, until this moment, you didn't think anyone would actually do.
Despite being thrown by his appearance at first, the more you watch Mr. Good Boy the more you're drawn to his innocent vibes.
He's cute. Too cute.
Something evil stirs inside you, and it makes you want to see him blush more than he already is.
"Glad you could make it," Namjoon starts.
Jimin nods, smiling bashfully and your heart sinks. This guy legitimately believes Namjoon has his best interest at heart. "Thanks for inviting me. I hope your friends are alright with me coming along."
Please, it's like he's asking you to take care of him. Forget everything else, you have to protect this man.
"Yeah, of course, man." Namjoon gestures to you with a friendly introduction. "This is ___. We met during freshman year and for some reason she hasn't run me off yet."
It was meant to be a joke but a part of you sincerely wonders why.
Jimin takes one look at you and his eyes widen to the size of baseballs and he starts swallowing. Namjoon pats his back in hopes that he'll relax, eventually nudging him to break the awkward stare and laughs. "She's cool, don't worry."
Jimin nods, now refusing to look at you. "Hello."
"Hi." Despite knowing you'll have to be this guy's tour guide for the next however long he decides to stay, you can't think of anything to say to him. He can't keep eye contact for longer than five seconds but you're finding it increasingly difficult to keep your eyes off him.
What would it feel like to run your hands through that hair until it's all messy and tangled? Pull on it until his scalp is sore and he whines for you to pull harder because he low-key likes it so much? Sure, his clothes aren't the typical kind of dress you would expect someone to wear to a party like one, but they don't leave a lot to the imagination. His lines are kind of perfect, the shape of his arms and thighs are on enough of a display to make your eyes wander for longer than they should. Now that you've seen it up close, the sweater vest isn't terrible...what if he was only wearing the sweater vest? He may be a dork, but underneath the pretentious hair and layers of nervous energy, he's a hot dork.
This leads into about thirty seconds of the most awkward awkwardness you've ever experienced. And then Namjoon slaps his own face like an idiot.
"Oh man, I totally forgot! I've got to be somewhere, sorry dude. Hey, you can chill with ___ and I'll catch up with you party freaks later. Sound good? Cool, see ya!" He runs away, leaving you alone with practically a stranger and an ever growing grudge.
Jimin rocks back on his heels, watching until Namjoon is out of sight. "He's leaving with a girl, isn't he?"
Okay, so maybe this child isn't completely oblivious.
"No, that's cool. You probably have other friends to see and stuff too so, I won't make you stay with me. It was nice to meet you." He bows before politely brushing his way past your shoulder.
Being offended isn't the correct response but hey. He left? Just like that?
Keeping your distance, you follow with an intrigued aura about you. Jimin must know you're keeping tabs, but he doesn't say anything, not even the occasional glance over the shoulder.
You gotta give the guy credit because he tries. Honestly. But no one wants to give him the light of day. He attempts to introduce himself, join conversations, ask questions, break the ice. He constantly scans the room as if looking for someone or some way to fit it, but no matter his efforts, like Namjoon said before, he just doesn't. There's something off putting about the way he straightens his sweater vest and smiles way too much, that smile inevitably fading when he's left behind in a cloud of snickers and mockery. He's trying too hard and everyone is taking notice except for him.
It breaks your heart but also makes you absolutely furious. It's not long before you realize how dangerous this Jimin kid actually is. His duality, though it seems he isn't even aware, is beyond perilous. One second you want to tuck him in your pocket and the next you'd really like to sit in his lap.
Eventually, Jimin finds his way to the kitchen where the host and some others have recently finished preparing more Jello shots (because that's what this party needs). He picks up a red one, sniffs it, frowns, puts it back down, and double checks his surroundings. Then he picks up a blue one and starts the whole agonizing process over again.
That's it.
You snatch the shot from his grip and throw it in the sink, spawning a surprised look on Jimin's precious face.
"___?" His eyes light up when he realizes it's you. "What are you doing?"
"Wanna dance with me?"
"But I thought..."
"Joon is a jerk, but if you're gonna stay then stay with me. Okay?"
"Really? That's...y-yeah, okay!"
Jimin feels you suddenly drag him by his wrist to the middle of the dance floor, passing by one of the douchebags who ignored him earlier perched on the back of the couch and lightly knocking them onto the floor face first. Just because you felt like it.
The music grows increasingly louder the closer you get to the speakers, and Jimin cutely plugs his ears until he can get used to it. Even if you had planned on talking while dancing, that option is out the window now. From here, you'll have to communicate with your bodies.
You start with a gentle sway of your hips, searching for a pocket within the music that you can really sink into. With shut eyes, you begin to feel the deep bass and rhythmic beauty of the noise. As the beat intensifies, the more your feet spread across the floor and your body rocks.
Jimin watches you, entranced by the way you can so easily let yourself loose in a room full of other people. Your movements aren't professional in any sense, but Jimin swears you could capture a stage if you wanted to. You've captured his audience, that's for sure, with only a few steps. He tries to mirror the swish of your hips, but he just doesn't look as sexy as you do in your mini skirt and t-shirt.
You open your eyes to find Jimin stiff as a board, stepping side to side and studying your body like a hawk. He bites his lip in concentration and, although he's got the basic beat down, his hips just aren't finding the feel of the song. With one look, you can tell he's got it in him; he's just not allowing himself to really let go.
His gaze rides the curves of your waist and chest to land on your face, blushing when he sees you're already looking at him.
You offer your hands, and he hesitantly steps forward, allowing you to pull his body closer to yours. Your hands find his waist, waiting for a moment until he nods to tell you he's okay. Then you twist your wrists, guiding his hips to rock with the ever changing melody. The song fades into a new track with a sensual undertone, soft piano and heavy bass fills the room while raspy vocals sing about boundaries meant to be broken.
Little by little, with the feeling of your hands leading him and the encouragement of your smile every time he successfully swings his hips, he falls into the same pocket of music. Gradually you press yourself flush against him, his thigh between your legs, showing him where to place his hand on your lower back so you can wrap your arms around his neck. He's warm, red cheeks only proving to flush more every time you grind against his leg, his whole body jerking in response.
You move together, fit together. It feels really nice.
With the position he's in, Jimin could take complete control, turn you over with one flex of his thigh or squeeze of his arm around your back, but he doesn't. You've put him in the ideal position of power. What makes you all hot and bothered is the fact that he could, with the strength you've affirmed he has, throw you around like a ragdoll. But he's so obedient and timid and in awe of the way your body instructs his. He follows your every movement like it's the law and when you finally look him in the eyes, he's all but high off your closeness.
It's not much, but the subtle friction from his slacks and the pressure of his fingers against your spine are like sparks and all you need is one last flicker to really start a fire in your gut.
With the music still much too loud to talk, you reach up and place the lightest pressure on his lips. Jimin's knees immediately lock up, his hips freezing where they are, but it doesn't take him long to process what you've done and react. His body falls forward, crashing into your mouth with a burning and clumsy desperation. As soon as he's initiated the kiss, he gives up every ounce of control into your hands, and you own it gladly. That's all it takes to kick start perhaps the only significant moments you'll choose to remember about tonight.
It's definitely not a graceful entrance, the two of you fumbling through the door to a thankfully empty upstairs bedroom. Jimin tries his best to keep up as you drag him towards the bed by his now wrinkled sweater vest. He's embarrassed when his kisses keep slipping and he has to keep one hand stretched outward to help maintain his balance, but he doesn't give you any kind of hesitation to signal he wants to slow down.
You're in paradise. He has such beautiful, full lips and they feel so perfect against your mouth, wet from your kisses and swollen from your teeth. He gasps when you use your tongue to trace over them, pushing them apart to pull his tongue out. Your smirk mixes with your kiss when you hear him hold back a pitiful moan. Everything he does, intentionally and otherwise, from his stumbling feet to his fumbling hands around your waist makes your heart flutter and your stomach growl.
Jimin lands on the bed with a huff when you shove his shoulders, immediately climbing into his lap and recapturing his lips with an insatiable hunger. The sounds he makes are slowly becoming addictive, to the point where all you think about is how to make them louder. So innocent, so soft, so submissive underneath you; it only makes you hungrier. You knew you preferred to dominate, but you've never wanted to save and ruin and be ruined by one person so much.
Threading your hands through his hair, it's just as soft as you imagined. You start with a light tug, forcing his chin to tilt so you have a better angle to kiss him. Then a little harsher yank which earns you a high pitched moan, just a faint one hidden behind the sound of sloppy kisses but it's enough to please for now. You gaze down at him, arching your back to press your breasts against his frame before gently taking his top lip between your teeth.
"I wanna play," you whisper with the utmost honesty and hope Jimin is down to break some boundaries.
It doesn't take much to make him hard. When you feel him getting excited between your thighs, your body's natural response is to grind down as hard as you can. He may have little confidence but he's not 'little' in any sense of the word. Just thinking about where this could go gets you dripping wet for some more friction.
"Wait--" he gasps, breaking the kiss.
You halt, but even now, your whole body continues to tingle. "What's wrong?"
"I've never...ummm," he doesn't finish his sentence but you can fill in the blanks here. His eyelids flutter with shame, but all you see is preciousness. And don't think you've missed the adorable way he's begun nervously tapping against your sides, unsure if he still has permission to touch you after stopping things like that.
"Have you never been touched before?"
He shakes his head.
You give a gentle smile and sit back to create some space, just in case. "Would you rather stop--"
"No!" His hands suddenly become firm at your waist, holding you in place on his lap like you've always belonged there and he'd do anything to keep you from leaving. "I mean, if it's okay...I'd like to play with you too."
This makes you smile unmistakably, but you still try to hide some of your excitement. "We can go slower if you want."
"Actually, could we just keep doing this for a while? I really like this," he admits, flushed cheeks slowly solidifying your (hope) guess that Jimin wants to be dominated.
You move in closer, ghosting your lips over his ear and shifting your hips just enough to tease. "Say please." Just because you really want to hear him say it.
But it's difficult to come up with words when your fingers are inches away from untucking his shirt and your thighs are squeezing his lap like he's your personal pony. You gulp just thinking about riding him, thick cock all snug and warm inside you, hitting all the right places while he cries for you to clench around him harder.
He hums at the feeling of your light kisses behind his ear. The sensation sends a rippling effect through his whole body and he shivers beneath you. "Please? Play with me?"
"Alright, baby," you're just testing the nickname but it seems to fit well for now.
Rolling forward and back once again, grinding against the rough fabric of his slacks so the material begins soaking up the mess you're making, you make a dive for Jimin's neck. The prominent veins have taunted you for far too long, until you finally get to trace them with your tongue, taking a few rest stops along the way, slowly learning where to kiss and where to bite to get the most sinful sounds.
You knew he had a weak spot. Just didn't know you would find it this quickly.
Pride. You feel nothing but pride when Jimin's eyes roll back inside his skull and his breath hitches, dick quickly swelling inside his slacks. You return to his lips, gingerly coaxing them apart to taste him again, all the while using the leverage you do have to grind your clit against his zipper, tremors surfing up your spine and down your legs.
You've never been this turned on from simply grinding against someone's crotch before but for some reason it feels one hundred percent ridiculously good. Jimin hasn't even taken off his shirt but you're feeling hotter and hotter each second. Based on the way he's breathing and the subtle jerks of his thighs, he's feeling it too.
It isn't long before he's bucking the best he can, pulling you closer and whining into your mouth while you struggle to hold yourself back. Your hands sneak underneath his top, revealing a miniscule slither of skin but it's enough to feel the tension in his core, muscles jumping when the tips of your fingernails trace over his tummy.
"You'll cum soon at this rate, baby. Make a mess in your pants," you explain with a sweet tone, painting lines across his skin.
And then he looks up at you. Huge, guilty, pleading eyes. A desperate 'don't leave me like this' look that, when Jimin starts begging for you, has your heart skipping beats and your pussy crying.
"S-Should I take them off now?" He doesn't wait for you, eagerly reaching for his belt and fumbling with the latch.
When he hears your little giggle, his hand freezes with fingers pinching the zipper until they're white. Was he too eager? He's basically acting like a kid who was promised ice cream if they finish all their homework. Loser.
Embarrassment, it's written all over his face. No doubt he's mentally cursing himself for, once again, misreading the situation and ruining everything.
With your finger tucked under his chin, you gingerly guide his eyes back to you and softly suggest, "I'll go first."
He watches you stand to your feet, cross your arms over your torso and lift your top over your head, tossing it somewhere on the ground. Reaching behind your back, you unclasp your bra and let it fall away, Jimin's eyes growing three sizes. As far as you know, this is the first time he's seen a girl even partially naked. You can't help but blush a little bit, what with the way he starts licking and biting his lips, unsure of what to do with his mouth. He's really hoping you're gonna kiss him again like that. Topless.
Next you shimmy off your mini skirt and reveal red laced panties, soaked. He has to know it's all because of him. If he doesn't realize it now, he will soon.
You can hear the deep gulp in the back of his throat when you kneel in front of him, hands floating their way up his calves and atop his thighs. His slacks are uncomfortably tight. He sighs with relief when you unbuckle his belt and pop the button, the mere pressure of his swollen cock forcing his zipper to slide on its own.
Just to be kind, you begin palming through the material, leaning in closer to place a kiss between the open zipper. Jimin jerks in his seat, temples sweating in anticipation. A naked girl is kneeling between his legs and smiling at his dick like she's excited to choke on it.
Okay, but you kinda are actually.
Since you first climbed into his lap, you could instantly tell Jimin is breathtakingly endowed. Blessed. Gifted. Packing. He's got a massive cock.
Instant thirst starts puddling behind your lips and between your legs when Jimin helps you finally remove his pants and boxers. Red, hard, and leaking. You've actually never seen a guy so painfully turned on after essentially just a heavy make out session. Pursing your lips, you gently blow on the tip and peer up at the boy still clenching the bed sheets.
"Ah-h, is it supposed to hurt?" he whines, eyes watering in embarrassment and eagerness.
"Does it hurt?"
"A little. But it feels good too."
"Do you trust me?"
It's a valid question, but as soon as he answers, you remember the fact that you met this guy not even three hours ago. You know zip about Jimin other than he's way too cute for his own good, he's an awkward bean, and you are nothing if not hooked on the beautiful sounds he makes when your lips sink around his cock and his head hits the pillows.
The corners of your mouth stretch to an uncomfortable point just trying to accommodate his girth. When his dick noticeably twitches on your tongue, it's so worth it. He hits the back of your throat, holding his breath when he feels you choke around him. The experience has your thighs dripping, pussy clenching around absolutely nothing, and heartbeat pounding just to keep you alive long enough to enjoy this to the every end.
Hollow cheeks draw out a long, breathless groan, your lips popping off with an audible pop.
"Don't cum until I say." A simple command. But a command nonetheless.
Just looking at Jimin's expression, flushed cheeks and submissive eyes, you know he wants to do his best for you and that's cute, but when he shakes his head, you frown.
"I don't know how to wait," he pouts.
"No excuses, baby," you sing, hand wrapped sinfully around his cock and thumb lightly drawing over the tip, still red and generously wet. "Be a good boy."
You swallow him much easier the second time, purposely pushing just a centimeter too far so your throat spasms around his dick and you get to hear another one of those magical moans. Once you've set an easy pace, Jimin's hands shakenly grips your hair while his hips struggle not to lift from the bed, the other hand is thrown above his head and gripping the comforter like it's his last lifeline, his back arching more and more the closer he gets to his finish.
You can't help yourself. Your fingers secretly slip between your own thighs and begin tracing small but delicious infinity loops on your clit. Each twist of your wrist and gasp from Jimin's plump lips sends your entire being into a euphoric state. If only he could see himself right now. All pretty and proper in his sweater vest, yet crying from your mouth around his cock making him beg for you to let him cum. He sounds like a porno and fuck does it do things to you.
His orgasm doesn't surprise you when hot spurts of cum shoot down your throat. You only manage to swallow some before allowing the rest to coat your chest and drip down his crotch and thighs.
Jimin can only take this moment to catch his breath, because it’s not long before that moment is over. You quickly discard your panties and settle yourself over his hips, allowing his overly sensitive dick to slide between your folds like magic.
"You did so good, baby," you coo, tracing a finger across your cum covered breasts before licking it off.
"But I didn't follow the rules."
So eager to please. Such a good boy.
You lean down to peck his pouty lips and hum. "I'll forgive you this time. Only because you look so pretty when you cum."
"You look pretty right now." Jimin confesses, gawking at you like an idiot. "You looked pretty when I first saw you."
Tilting your head, you share his bashful smile. "Really?"
He nods, locking away the view of you like this into the most precious corners of his mind. The look in his eyes is dangerous but the feeling rising between your legs is even more so. You know right at this moment, that if you let this boy fuck you, you won't be able to let him go.
If only you could listen to your principles rather than your pussy.
"Can you cum again for me, pretty boy? Just one more? Hmm?"
Your kisses quickly grow more passionate. It doesn't take long for the rest of Jimin's clothes to be discarded, even his cute sweater vest is tossed aside. You enjoy feeling over his chest freely, raking your nails over his pecks, tracing the defined sections of his abs. How does such an under-the-radar kind of university student have such a literally perfect body? With every drag of your finger, you feel Jimin get more and more excited between your legs for what's coming next. Gently, you rock your hips, the slickness of your own excitement making it easy to grind your clit against the hilt of Jimin's slowly hardening cock. Such an excellent sex drive. You have to praise him for that.
"Sit back, baby."
Jimin follows your instructions, scooting back on his ass while you crawl after him, hands and knees leaving prints in the sheets like a lion's paws in the sand. His back hits the wall and you're not two seconds away, climbing over his frame and finding his lips to once again pull a needy sigh from his lungs. Fuck, he likes kissing you.
Your hand slips between you two to start stroking Jimin's sensitive dick until it's standing tall and hard like you want it. His hips begin bucking into your hand progressively harder with every movement, causing your wrist to start aching.
With your lips ghosting just out of reach, you tease him with a gentle whisper across his skin, "I'd like to sit on your dick now. Can I?"
"Y-Yes, please," Jimin hiccups and you almost faint he's so delicate and fuckable oh my god.
Maybe somewhere in the back of your subconscious, you know this is a dangerous idea. But those kinds of thoughts just never stood a chance against the feeling of Jimin's cock filling you to the perfect extent, a gentle but burning stretch making your head drop back and your nails grip his bare shoulders.
Just like you wished, Jimin starts singing, his voice breaking in perfect harmony with your gasp. And when you look at him, his eyes are already on you, watching like you just placed the stars in the sky.
Recklessly, you lift your hips until you reach just the very tip of his dick and then drop, spearing yourself on his cock, pussy greedily sucking him into your stomach. You collapsed on his chest, not because it hurt, but because damn it felt good. So good you do it again, and again, and again. Your mind completely boggled, a thick fog scented in sex and lust clouding every atom of sense you supposedly ever retained. No one has ever been able to fill you this perfectly and hit every fucking spot every fucking time.
The unfair part is that he isn't even doing anything--he's just lounging beneath you, eyes lidded and begging. His fists dig into your sides, trying and failing to guide your hips. You've got complete control at this point, and that's the way it should be. After recapturing his lips, you come to the disappointing conclusion that Jimin isn't going to last much longer.
He whimpers into your mouth, a drawn out whine when your teeth take hold of his bottom lip. He chases when you pull away, offering his lips and everything else in order to keep you this close for as long as possible.
It's a horrible, legitimately painful feeling, when you lift your hips away. Jimin's ridiculously hard dick appears to be crying until you replace your pussy with your hand and continue the same sinking and squeezing motions, working diligently for your good boy.
Jimin's face when he cums is a genre of art you never knew existed and every time you witness it, it's prettier. The arch of his back, the catch in his vocals, not to mention the sheer amount of cum.
With relentless effort, your fingers abuse your clit until you feel the edge just before your toes.
So, so fucking close. And then a gentle hand cups your wrist.
"I wanna help."
His offer melts you completely. You almost cum just from the sincere tone of his royally fucked out voice.
You carefully guide his hand to where it feels most pleasurable and show him how to move his fingers, your hips already responding to the subtle pressure.
Jimin doesn't dare blink, doesn't dare move unless told to.
"Press harder. Faster. Fuck, just like that."
It's all fun and games until you've been toggling on the edge of sanity and euphoria for one minute too long. Even if you close your eyes and hyper-focus on the way Jimin's fingers trace beautifully hypnotic pictures across your slit, all while looking at you like you invented sex itself, it's not quite enough.
Your hand starts to feel its way up your body but Jimin beats you to the punch, his fingers soft and cool run over your breast with the utmost care, enamored eyes carefully examining your reaction while he continues to destroy your clit. When he falls forward, your back arches involuntarily, his hot lips sucking on your breast while everything spills over.
Your orgasm finally rips through your every nerve, soaking Jimin's hand but he doesn't let up until you say and neither does his mouth. The tip of his tongue dances over your nipple and sends another ripping wave of pleasure up your spine and out your mouth in the form of a guttural moan of his name.
Grabbing his adorably, sinful face by the cheeks, you kiss him through your high, stealing his breath as fair punishment for stealing yours.
When you finally do crash on top of him, lungs and legs still spasming, Jimin lifts his hand from your cunt, drenched in your arousal and eyes shining almost as much as his skin. He looks at you, a little unsure of what to do now.
"Taste it," you direct him.
After several glancing between you and his hand, he places two fingers on his tongue and slides them between his lips.
You can't help but laugh at his expression filled with instant regret.
"How is it?"
"Well, it tastes kinda..." he swallows, "gross."
"Yeah, it does," you agree with him, grabbing his wrist and running your tongue across the same two fingers, "but it's kinda sexy, don't you think?"
"Umm, sure."
For some reason, you don't believe him. So eating cum isn't Jimin's thing. That's fine. It's not like you need to know his kinks or preferences. Why on earth would you need to know? You've had enough one night stands to know how this works.
You roll off Jimin's lap and collapse onto your back. Blood finally rushing back to your knees and toes is slightly painful but all in all you feel light as a feather.
"That was amazing," you sigh.
Jimin lays down next to you on his back as well, nervous hands folded over his chest, feeling a bit exposed now that you're not, you know, fucking yourself on his dick.
Just his eyes glance at you beside him, naked, warm, soft. He wants to so badly. Don't people usually after having sex? He always kinda thought it was a package deal. You fuck like monkeys and then it just happens as part of the natural progression of things.
You, on the other hand, could sleep for days after that kind of rush. A nap sounds so nice right now, but you don't dare sleep alone in some random jock's bed with a frat party happening downstairs. Once the feeling returns to your legs, you'll make your way home, maybe take a shower, and then--
"What are you doing?"
Jimin freezes where he is, limbs hovering over your body and face almost buried away in your shoulder. "...nothing."
"Are you trying to cuddle me?"
"No," Jimin insists, swiftly swinging his legs over the bed side and looking for his clothes.
You sit up as well, jaw dropped and a smile creeping onto your face. "You so were! You tried to cuddle me."
"I did not!"
"You tried to put your short ass arms around my waist."
Your accusation has Jimin's cheeks screaming bright red as he stabs his legs through his slacks, one at a time. "They are not short! Anyway, aren't you supposed to?"
"Supposed to what?"
"Hold each other after?"
"I mean, it's weird since we don't really know each other," you say plainly.
Jimin turns to you, embarrassing honesty written all over his face. "So?"
"Haven't you ever heard of a hook up before? What did you think this was?”
He may think his expression is unreadable but it's clear as day your words cut deeper than you intended.
"Does a hook up mean we can't cuddle?"
What are you supposed to even say? 'I don't cuddle with the guys I sleep with because that leaves a lingering bond between us and I can't afford to feed my unhealthy tendency to get emotionally attached to guys who are probably going to break my heart anyway.'
Then again, you sincerely doubt Jimin is the type of guy to break anyone's heart. After everything that just transpired, why are you on such a defense? And anyway, you've kicked guys out before, so why is this time low-key hurting your heart? You have no commitment to this boy, no promise, no loyalty whatsoever. You fucked, so what? You're not responsible for him. You shouldn’t cuddle, that’s weird.
But on the other hand.
"I've never...ummm," you mumble, exemplifying the same kind of terrifying honesty Jimin has shown.
He hides a hopeful smile and makes his way to where you now sit, legs hung off the edge of the bed and finger tracing the design of the comforter. Gently placing his hand on your cheek, he gazes into your eyes and instills an instant calmness throughout your nerves you didn't know was possible.
"Have you never been cuddled before?"
"Of course, I have," you snap in defense before lowering your eyes and voice, "just...not after sex."
His hand drops. "We don't have to. Like you said we barely know each--"
"No!" Your grip suddenly flies to his waist, holding him in front of you by the pockets of his slacks like he's always belonged there and you'd do anything to keep him from leaving. "I mean...I guess we can...I’d like to cuddle with you. If that's okay."
Jimin beams with joy, eyes sparkling. He quickly snatches his sweater vest off the floor and presents it to you with a smile so big his eyes disappear. Once again that charming, innocent vibe makes your stomach growl, but this time you're a bit too confused to entertain it.
"You have to wear it."
"Because it's mine," he says matter of factly.
Your head falls to the side in a cute tilt. "I don't understand why that means I have to wear it though."
"It just does, okay?" he whines, shaking the material at you like that's supposed to help you understand why this step is a necessity to conduct a proper cuddle. "Please wear it? A girl has never worn my clothes before."
"I wonder why. Fine, I can't believe I'm doing this for you." You lift your arms with a sigh and allow him to slip it over your head, making a mental note of just how easily he got you to agree to this. Better be careful.
It actually fits quite nicely. A little baggy around the middle but the way it bunches at the bottom is plenty comfy enough.
It also smells like him. That's kinda nice.
"Should I also wear your boxers?"
"That was a joke."
Jimin’s laugh is like sunshine--who let this kitten out of their pocket, you wonder? He adjusts the vest on your shoulders with the utmost care and attention. His movements are like butter, smooth and deliciously tempting, and his touch is like cotton candy, sweet and soft but it melts away much too fast.
He jumps onto the bed and opens his arms for you, an invitation that makes you roll your eyes, but in the next moment, you're crawling in next to him. With your back flush to his bare chest, Jimin pulls you into a tight hug-like embrace. It's not ideal, not being able to see him. The positioning feels awkward and you're not sure how much you like how his dick presses into your lower back.
"Relax," Jimin tells you.
"It's not that easy," you reply through gritted teeth, body stiffened and lungs tight. "I'm not used to being on the...little spoon side of things."
He chuckles, the vibrations of his chest in time with the subtle bass playing downstairs. "Well, get used to it."
But you don’t see yourself getting used to it any time soon. His hold tightens, legs squeezing around your thighs and fingers happily petting the soft material of his sweater vest around your body. He’s basically rolled on top of you, how are you supposed to breathe like this let alone cuddle? There’s no space, no air. You can’t move at all with his limbs trapping you like this. How is this supposed to be relaxing for anyone? Is the bed shrinking? Was the room always this cramped? How come the walls are so close together? You try to stick your chin out to breathe but that doesn’t help much.
His comment repeats inside your head over and over. Like this kind of thing will be happening again, often.
Closing your eyes, you try to block it out. The voices in your head telling you that you're in danger. Your fight or flight response causing your body to stiffen or jerk every time Jimin's hot breath hits the back of your neck. You're not scared. You're not stressed. Why are you so anxious all of a sudden?
"I think...I don't like this."
His hold on you immediately releases and you exhale a massive breath, rolling to your back and mentally reminding yourself that you're fine, nothing's gonna hurt you.
"Are you okay?" Jimin whispers carefully, watching you without blinking. "Should I just go? I’m sorry, I should go.”
"Wait." You stop him with a quick hand to his chest. "Don't go. It's not your fault. Just give me a second."
Jimin does, not daring to move until you're ready to roll to your side, now facing him. He matches your positioning, keeping a few inches of space between you just in case. 
This time, it's you who pulls him closer, tossing your arm around his waist and guiding his hips to meet yours. Jimin lets you lead completely and after you've found a comfortable spot with your forehead leaning on his and your leg thrown over his hip, you start to feel actually relaxed. 
"Is this better?" he asks, gaze bouncing from your lips to your nose to your eyes. 
You nod, his head moving with yours causing you to smile. "Much better." 
Slowly, so you can see his every movement, he lifts the back of his hand to your cheek and brushes stray locks of hair away. You lean forward and place a peck on his lips, the feeling of having the control to kiss him and being able to see where he is at all times brings you exactly the kind of relief you figured it would. 
This. This is good. It feels so good. Jimin's hand supports your back, resting just on the curve of your ass, and you can feel every curve of his body pressed to your chest and hips. His heart beat is directly over yours and you can feel the warmth of his body so much more being like this. 
He smiles at you, though your eyes are half closed, the lull of sleep calling your name more and more. 
"___," he whines your name in that sweet, innocent voice, the same one that ignites a hot fire in your gut, and when you feel him start to grind against your core, all you can think is damn. 
You're hooked on this. You're hooked on him. 
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rubikcardigan · a month ago
the one where harry tasted heaven.
tw: no plot just smut. dirty talk, unprotected sex (use protection besties!!) reader riding harry, rough sex, a little bit of dumbification and size kink.
minors do not interact. 18+
note: hi sinners lmao, this little one shot came to me at 2am, it's basically smut and dirty talk, although the last line was inspired by the story of harry borrowing someone’s dress in the beach, i love that story so yeah. thank you for reading, comments and feedback are very much appreciated, love you all. 🤠
"how about a taste of heaven?" you said panting. harry had you pinned against the wall, right leg hooked around his waist, your tiny golden dress wrapped around harry's fist, hands exploring every centimeter his back. but then you were on your way down.
his attention shifted from your lips to your eyes, you couldn't resist the urge and desire building inside you, taking his momentary confusion as your chance to recover some control, eyes connected to his.
"what..." he said looking at you on your knees unbuttoning his pants, his boxers joining the downward journey, your sinful mouth wasting no time, you wanted to taste him from the very first moment you saw him, his green eyes and arrogant smile captivating you against your will. you were fucked.
harry was tongue tied, pleasure overwhelming him, taking over his dominant self, your mouth sucking him hard and deep, tongue caressing his excitement "christ" harry cursed "your lips feel so good wrapped around me, babydoll" his raspy voice turning you on even more, hand traveled to your head, guiding you in your movements, making them rougher, you gagged "c'mon honey, you can take all of me" he hummed, the sensation of your throat contracting bringing him closer to heaven but you didn't want that, you only wanted him to come inside you, claim you as his, so you stood up, taking his hand in yours leading the way to your bed.
you tossed him on the bed gently, placing you between his legs and teasing his wet dick, your hands took the hem of his vintage shirt, leaving his chest and tattoos exposed, fingers began to trace each figure drawn on harry's skin. he hummed pleased "taking your time with me, aren't you?"
"not really" you said as you grabbed the tip of his cock, your fingertips stroking the sensitive and red skin
"doll..." he whispered "stop messing around" his hand caressing your cheek, then tracing your swollen pink lips. leisurely you began to introduce his member inside you, allowing yourself to immerse in the sensation of his big cock stretching you open.
"harry..." you moaned his name over and over religiously, his cock filling you up "god–ah! you're so big!" your slow motions making both of you shiver.
his skilled fingers reached your puffy clit, harry groaned "you're so wet and tight... my cock deep down your throat made you this wet, sweet angel?" harry moaned, your walls suffocating his loaded bulge, his green eyes devouring yours, pupils darkening with each thrust of his strong hips "you're a naughty girl... isn't my dick enough huh?"
his hips moving faster and faster by now, chasing your pace "i can feel your cunt squeezing my dick the more i talk to you..." his lips traveled to your ear, biting and licking your earlobe "so that's all you need to come huh... a few naughty words and the sound of my voice" his hand slapped your ass for the first time "answer me, honey pie" hand hitting your covered ass once again, furious by your silence, you felt the palm of his hand one more time.
"no, no, please– i-i" your words coming out in a whisper "i- i need you– i need you deep inside me" you begged
"i am deep inside you baby" he chuckled "am i really fucking your brain out, sweet angel?"
his movements got rougher, your back aching, eyes uncapable of staying open, your trembling hands grabbed his curly hair, chasing your high.
"god isn't fucking your pussy good baby" harry said, taking your legs and tossing you onto the bed this time "say my name loud and clear, im the one buried deep inside you" his thrust becoming clumsy and uncoordinated, both of you chasing relief. you saw white and harry tasted heaven again, hips still moving, sighs coming out of you, harry collapsed into your body, sweaty forehead meeting yours, after a few minutes he said "hope we didn't ruin that beautiful golden dress of you... it drives me crazy, maybe I'll borrow it".
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kiribakuhappiness · 4 months ago
Do you have any long kiribaku fic requests? Like, 100k, 200k, 300k etc
Something I can sit with for a bit? I’ve been burning through so many that are under 50k and I love that but I have a weekend free to do nothing for the first time in forever and want to settle in
I'm actually glad that someone has asked for this rec because I've been feeling really bad lately that my account has been so inactive while I recover.
So, to try and make up for it, I've put together this rec list of some longer kiribaku fics (maybe not 300k but still pretty long) that have had such a profound impact on me since I've joined the fandom, some of which have really helped with and improved my writing!
I hope you find something of interest among these choices, Anon, as I've enjoyed them all so much! <3
1. In the Roaring Autumn by thegrimzuera. (94k) I'm in the process of re-reading this fic at the moment! A College AU with Katsuki as the main POV (which I love) and his characterization is so well done. I actually picked up and adapted a lot of my current Katsuki writing from this fic when I was first figuring out how to write his character! Highly recommend, Kirishima is a lovely jock who ends up teaching a scorned Katsuki about friendship and how being manly means taking responsibility for your actions. A slow burn that is very well done, all around just a really fun read and so I am reading it again (and again and again and again and...)
2. Tomorrow, Today by timetoboldlygo. (87k) It's been a while since I've read this fic but I've been meaning to come back to it for some time now (HAH, that's like a pun without the set up because -) It's a Time-Travel AU! Love love love that. Future Husbands Bakugou and Kirishima get sent back into their old junior high bodies (to before they met at Yuuei, if I'm remembering correctly). Lots of feelings and working through marital conflicts. I think the story did a good job of taking the usual time-travel trope and giving it an interesting spin from a new perspective that I hadn't seen before!
It's where my love for analyzing Bakugou's younger behaviors came from and probably what eventually spawned the creation of my OC fic later! 😁
3. Broken Bridges by DeathBelle. (68k) Have you ever, uh... have you ever, um, pining?? Yeah. That's this fic. Future Pro-Hero's Red Riot and Ground Zero haven't spoken since their graduation from Yuuei High, and it's a wild ride once they bump into each other again at an active villain site (so bad at trying not to spoil things, ahaha). Another really fun read, a bit on the shorter side compared to the others on this list but it's longer than A Secret Admirer (which might be my longest fic on this account) so I thought it was worth mentioning!
4. Opposed to the Typical by heronfem. (178k) I've talked about this one before (quite recently maybe) and while I was only ever able to read through this once so far, it has stayed in my head for so much longer afterwards, and I think that's a true testament of a great story! Super immersive, really pulls you in for the long haul. If you enjoy lots of world building and fun imagery, fashion labels and plenty of artsy drama, I highly recommend this fic. You can tell a lot of time and attention to detail went into this one, and for that it has gained a ton of my respect!
5. Crown of Thornes | Book 1 by WonderBoyz. (111k) I'm still in the process of reading this one so I don't know all of what happens but as far as Fantasy AUs go, this has really captured my attention. It's gritty, it's got action, lots of conflict and plot twists, I just imagine the fic author must have had so much fun writing this and that gets me really excited to read more! And it's part of a series so there's even more to read after!
6. Moment of Truth by Fanficismything. (104k) This is going to be a really bold claim for me to make, alright? But. This might be my favorite fic on ao3. I have read this fic numerous times because it's a great adaption of one of my favorite tropes and I had so much fun reading it that it literally can't be anything other than my favorite fic. A kiribaku rom-com based on the 2009 movie The Proposal (AKA the greatest fucking movie of all time). I would cradle this fic in a blanket because it just hits all of my comfort feels and makes me so happy. I implore you that if you think you don't need this fic in your life well, then, you are simply wrong. 😂
7. An Abundance of Penguin Shit by Vixensheart. (214k) An Animal Handler AU Y'ALL THIS IS THE SHIT I LIVE FOR! I really enjoyed this fic for so many different reasons, and this is another piece of work that heavily influenced my own portrayal of Katsuki in my writing; I thought his characterization in this was really interesting and leaned on a lot of certain traits of his that I hadn't really considered much before reading this one. There's also (similar to: Opposed to the Typical) so much great detailing and world building and character analysis, ugh I love it sooo much you don't even know. BAKUGOU PLAYS WITH A MF PENGUIN AHXBHAXBA. It's so damn cute and I honestly can't get enough of it. Always recommending. Always always.
8. Metallic Bonds by Kaustikha. (106k) This is another new fic for me that I've just recently gotten my hands on; a Fullmetal Alchemist AU! I've never really dabbled in Fullmetal Alchemist before (yet) but this AU is written so well that honestly, I almost feel like I don't even need to know much at all to enjoy it. It's already so entertaining on its own, the dynamics are really interesting and I'm just all-in-all super hooked on this one right now! I'm really excited to see where it goes!
9. Chitchat and Pencil Pushers by beebuzz. (92k) Of course, I literally could not have made this list without mentioning this fic. A Job Office AU that I find myself coming back to time and time again. Lots of pining and really I don't know what it is about Insert-Regular-Job-Here AU's that I enjoy so much when it comes to kiribaku, but it has my entire soul.
I enjoyed each of these fics for their various own reasons, but mostly I enjoyed all of them and felt the need to add them all into this list because I can tell just how much effort and energy has gone into these works. The characterization is always really well done, the character's conversations feel authentic and engaging, the struggles that they all face vary so drastically (while somehow all being the same exact characters) that it is honestly so fascinating to me to read through these works and know that, inherently, they are all the same story rewritten with a new skin but, outwardly, they're so unique and show so much personality and range between them all.
Isn't that so amazing?? I feel like that's so amazing... maybe I'm just going insane after quarantine, ahaha :,D
Both are viable options, but whichever way that it is, a huge shout-out to these writers and to the others who I have been binging on this hellsite (affectionate) since I got here. Some of these stories bring so many people comfort and entertainment, myself included, and it's nice to be able to share them with you as well!
I hope you find something fun to read! ❤️🧡
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m00nchild-02 · 5 months ago
Daisies | jjk (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
rating: 18+
word count: 7.2k
genre: strangers to lovers, flower boy au, smut, fluff
summary: As a college student desperately looking for a part time job to earn some money you bump into the opportunity to work at a cute little flower shop nearby. Never did you ever think you would fall in love with the owner’s handsome son, Jeon Jungkook.
warnings: smut, oral sex (f receiving), teasing, praising, dirty talk, penetrative sex (Never forget to wrap that willy first before using it kiddos), fingering, very soft dom Jungkook (He’s a real gentleman in this story :’))
a/n: Hello, hello! This is your favourite autor here! This is my first story on Tumblr here (I’ve made stories on Wattpad before so I’m familiar with writing ffs) I hope you love my first jjk one shot on here and give it a lot of support.
enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
“Please Mrs Oh! I really need this job. If you want I can even come work at Sunday’s and Saturday’s!” You pleaded the woman in front of you, hoping she would give you another chance. After looking for a job for a good two months you finally found one at a local cafe but today it seems like you really fucked up.
“I’m sorry y/n but it has already been the 5th glass these past weeks and the second plate you’ve dropped just now. I know you’re a nice girl and have good intentions but a job as waitress just doesn't seem to fit you.” She explained to you. You sighed and looked down. She’s right. You’re not one of the handiest and you have dropped some stuff on the ground before. Maybe a job as waitress indeed didn't fit you that well. You took off your apron and gave it to Mrs Oh. “Sorry for the glasses and the plates..” You said softly, taking your defeat.
“I’ll pay you at the end of the week and I’ll give you some extra so you'll be able pay your rent this month.” You nodded. “Thank you, Mrs Oh.” You said as you bow at the older lady. “I hope you find another job soon.” She said.
You nodded and smiled at her before you walked towards the entrance of the cafe. “Me too Mrs Oh. Me too...”
And just like 3 weeks ago you started looking for a job again. You really needed a part time job. Your parents promised to pay your first year of rent when you went to college but you both agreed you would pay rent the remaining years following after. You had been in college for already two years, your third year starting next month. The first year you had to pay your own rent went very well. Your mom helped you to find a decent and well paid job at a bakery. But sadly the bakery went bankrupt two months ago so that’s why you were in desperate need of finding a new job. Then you found the sweet lady Mrs Oh but again you had to get fired. Not this time because of a bankruptcy but because you’re too clumsy when it comes to fragile stuff.
A week passed by and you still had nothing. You went to local stores, supermarkets, bakeries, butcheries, ... But no one seemed to need a part timer at the moment.
As you were making your way through the streets you decided to go take a break from searching and go for a drink at the old cafe you still worked at a week ago.
“If it isn’t our y/n!” Mrs Oh said as she walked over towards your table. “How are you girl? Already found something new?” She asked. You shook your head. “Not yet, but I’m looking.” You answered. “Aigoo,” She said. “I hope you’ll find something soon. You’re such a sweet girl. Now, what can I get you?”
“A latte, please.” You answered her. “A latte coming right up!” She said before disappearing to get some other orders and then go make your drink.
After a few minutes she came back with your drink. “Here you go sweetie.”  She said as she placed the hot latte in front of you. “Thank you.” She didn’t go away when you thanked her. Instead she went to sit down opposite you. “I would like to help you y/n. I know you’ve only worked here for two/three weeks but you’re a good person and you deserve to be helped.” She said. Then she took out a card and slide it over the table towards you. “Jeon’s Greenhouse..” You read aloud. “A flower shop?” You asked her. She nodded. “I know the owner, Mrs Jeon. She’s a nice woman but lately she get’s a lot of requests for bouquets and other stuff. I’m sure she could use some help. Maybe you could go check there?”
You looked at the card in your hands, nervously fiddling with the edges. A flower shop. It didn’t sound that bad. And from looking at the address it’s also pretty close to where you live. Maybe you could give it a shot yeah. “Thank you so much Mrs Oh. I’ll never forget your kindness.” You said as she smiled at you. “You’re welcome sweetie.” She said as she stood up and went back to work.
Once you finished your latte you wanted to pay but Mrs Oh refused to take your money, saying it’s on the house. You thanked her again for everything before going back home to your apartment. Once there you took the little card out of your pocket and looked at it again. There was also a phone number and email written on the back. “I’ll call tomorrow and see how it goes.” You told yourself. Today had been a long day and you sure needed some rest after looking for a job all day.
Tumblr media
The next day you found yourself in front of the cute little flower shop. Jeon’s Greenhouse. You called the owner this morning and like Mrs Oh said, she was a really nice woman. She invited you over immediately after talking a bit on the phone, wanting to meet you in person. And so you ended up here in front of her flower shop.
You walked in, a little bell ringing as you opened the door. You walked passed the many flowers and bouquets before ending up at the counter of the shop. A few daisies put in a vase next to the till. You softy brushed your fingertips over the small flowers. “They’re beautiful aren't they?” You looked up as a voice spoke. A middle aged woman standing in the doorway behind the counter, giving you a sweet smile. You smiled back at her. “Yes, they are.”
“In a few weeks they’ll be everywhere in the fields on the country side. It’s beautiful to go watch and take some pictures there.” She said as she walked closer. “You must be y/n, right?” She asked. You nodded. “Nice to meet you y/n. My name is Mrs Jeon but feel free to call me whatever you want. Eomma, Ahjuma, ...” She said, shaking your hand. “It’s nice to meet you too Mrs Jeon.” You answered.
“So, I heard from Mrs Oh you’re looking for a part time job?” She asked. You nodded. “I am. I worked for Mrs Oh before at the cafe but the job didn’t really fit me.” You said thinking back at your little failures there. Mrs Jeon nodded. “I see.. Well flowers should be no problem. Can’t break that easy if you drop them.” She said, giving you a playful wink. “Just watch out with the pots then.” You laughed. “I will.”
“So, when will you be able to start?” She suddenly asked. “S-Start? Like in, I got the job?!” You asked surprised. She nodded, smiling brightly. “I can't see why not. I could really use some extra pair of hands here and you need the money so why not? And as far as I’ve seen and heard you’re a nice girl. I would love for you to work here.” She said. You smiled and went in for a hug. “Oh, thank you Mrs Jeon! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!” You said. The woman laughing while hugging you back. “Haha, you’re welcome my child. Anything to help a girl in need.”
“Now, I’ll need you on Mondays, Thursdays and Friday, if that’s alright?” She asked and you nodded. “And btw, do you know anything about flowers?” She asked. “Not really..” You answered as you nervously rubbed the back of your neck. “But I’m always willing to learn.” You said, hoping she wouldn't change her mind of hiring you just because your lack of knowledge about flowers.
“Good,” She said. “Tomorrow is Friday. You can start then if you want. My son will be here too. He always helps me out and Fridays and sometimes also in the weekend. You should meet him and he can also learn you a bit about the flowers here in the shop.” She said. You nodded, listening to everything Mrs Jeon had to say. She told you already a bit about the shop and the flowers and what kind of work you will be doing and about her son.
His name is Jungkook and he is 2 years older then you. Mrs Jeon wouldn't be at the shop tomorrow so her son will be giving you tasks and the knowledge about flowers that you need to know. He’ll also help you fill in the papers for the job, she said.
After a long but nice talk with Mrs Jeon it was finally time for you to go back home to get some rest so you would be fresh and well for your first day at your new job. You were already looking forward to it.
Tumblr media
The next morning, just like promised, you walked into the flower shop. Ready to start your first day. You looked at the many beautiful flowers, standing still in front of the roses. They looked so good. Mrs Jeon must take really good care of all these, you thought. You walked a bit further and took a flower out of a water pot, smelling it. “They smell good don’t they?” You quickly turned around as the unknown voice spoke. You looked at the man in front of you with big eyes, the flower clamped between your fingers. The man laughed. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He said softly. “My name is Jungkook. I’m Mrs Jeon’s son.” He said afterwards, making you feel a bit at ease again.
So this was Jungkook. He was pretty handsome for his age, you must admit. Dark brown wavy hair, matching brown eyes. He was slightly bigger then you. He was wearing a white shirt, black pants and a grey apron with leather brown straps. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up exposing his strong arms. He must have been working out to get all those muscles.
You looked back at his face and he gave you a sweet smile. “You must be y/n right?” He asked and you nodded. “Y-yeah, I am.” You answered. His smile widened more at your answer. He had such a beautiful smile. It gave you a warm and welcoming feeling. Just like with his mother. “My mom told me your knowledge about flowers is still lagging a bit. Let’s go fix that first and then you can go to work.” He said.”I’m looking forward to work with you y/n.” He said, smiling one more time before turning around and walking towards the back of the shop. He suddenly stopped and turned back around as he stood there in the door opening. “By the way,” He said. “that flower you’re holding right now is called a white jasmine. They have a really sweet alluring smell. You should smell them in the evening, then they smell the best.” He smiled. You put the flower back in his pot and then followed Jungkook towards the back of the shop. His smile making you smile too without you knowing. Behind the doorway there was a whole studio dedicated to making flower pieces, bouquets and so much more. Just like the front of the shop, this room was filled with flowers in pots.
“Do you like flowers y/n?” Jungkook suddenly asked. “I love plants.” You answered him. “I mean, flowers are nice. I don’t really got a special connection with them but it’s always nice to get some from the people you love and care about.” You told him.
He walked towards the flowers, stocked in water pots and then returned towards you. He gave you one flower. “Here” He said. You took the flower and looked at him confused. “Well- Thank you?” He chuckled at your response, thinking it was cute. “Every flower has its meaning. This one is a yellow rose. It’s a symbol of friendship. I hope we’ll work together well and become great friends y/n.” The boy said smiling. You smiled back at him at his sweet gesture. A yellow rose... No one has even given you roses before. It made you even blush a bit, only thinking about the thought of receiving one right now.
“Now,” Jungkook said, breaking your thoughts. “Let’s get to work shall we?” He asked and you nodded as he walked over towards the flowers, you following behind him. Today he learned you the names of a few flowers. He learned you what colours and smells fit the best together in a bouquet. You even made one together as an example. He also told you a bit about the history of the shop and about his family. To make the work a bit more fun.
He told you about the first part timer his mom hired one time and how bad he was at this. Always breaking the stems of the flowers or giving them too much water. He also told a bit about his youth and his little sister. He talked about his friends, the school band they had together. He even promised you he would take you with him one day to one of their practices so you could hear him singing.
You had such a great time with Jungkook. Listening to his stories, laughing together and getting to know each other. You were so caught up in it that you didn’t realise it was almost time to go home and say goodbye. “I hope you enjoyed today y/n.” Jungkook said as you were both standing at the counter. You aprons already hanging onto the hooks. “I really did Jungkook. Thanks for today and also a thank you for your mom to giving me this opportunity.” You said. Jungkook smiled. “You’re more then welcome y/n. Oh! before i forget. Mom told me the papers should be somewhere here.” He said as he went behind the counter to grab the papers out of a shelf. “Here they are.” He placed them onto the table with a pen. “So here is the money you will receive every month, They days you will work and here you can sign the paper.” He said, pointing out the things on the paper before handing over the pen. You signed the paper and gave then pen back. “So now you’re all set!” He said, taking the papers and putting them back in the shelf. “I’ll see you back next Friday y/n.” He said, giving you a smile. “See you next Friday Jungkook.” You said. You walked towards the front door as suddenly Jungkook shout out your name. “Y/n wait!” You turned around as the boy run over to you. “You almost forgot this.” He said, handing you the yellow rose he gave you earlier. You probably left it at the back of the shop. As he gave you back the rose your fingers slightly brushed. “Thank you Jungkook.” You answered. “Just call me kook or kookie, y/n. No need to be so formal.” He said. You nodded. “Ok. Goodnight kookie!” You said as you walked out. “Goodnight y/n-ah” He said in response. Little did you know how good he felt at you giving him that little nickname and how he was already slowly falling in love with you. And that after only knowing you for a day.
The next days in the flower shop you learned a lot. Mrs Jeon taught you some more stuff that Jungkook hadn’t and also gave you some tips and tricks. In no time you had to knowledge and techniques you needed. Sometimes Mrs Jeon would even leave the shop only to you, to go meet up with some costumers or bring some flowers for festivities. That’s how much she trusted you after working there for a few weeks. And about Jungkook? You guys became great friends and colleagues. Every passing week you became more and more comfortable around the boy. Sometimes you even fooled around with each other just like today...
 “Jeon Jungkook! Where did you hide my scissors this time?” You said, the boy acting all clueless and innocent. But you learned to look past that innocent bunny like face after a while. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I have nothing.” He said, betrayed himself by turning around towards the flowers, the scissors poking out of the pockets of his pants. You went to grab them but he quickly turned around, just on time to dodge your hand trying to grab it. “Not so fast princess.” He said, giving you a smirk.
“Yah! Just give me my scissors back!” You yelled at him, trying to grab it but he always seemed to know your moves and turned to opposite way so you couldn't grab them. You were practically almost hugging the boy as you were trying to get your scissors back. He suddenly grabbed them out of his pocket and held them up high as you almost caught them out of his pants this time. You jumped towards his hand and he laughed as you couldn’t reach them. Every time you jumped and tried to grab them he took a step back so you couldn't get them until he bumped against the work table, not able to move another step backwards. As you made a last jump for it and finally got them your noses slightly brushed when you came back down. Your faces were now just one breath away. You looked at him in shock, the scissors falling onto the ground. He looked back at you, as shocked as you were. He looked so beautiful from up close. Just like an angel.
Not only your friendship for each other grow in these past weeks but also something else... Little by little you seemed to catch feelings for the sweet boy. Always when you goofed around together or you would laugh together or he would pull some shit on you like he did to you now you would feel some kind of way towards him afterwards. He made your heart raise, your cheeks turning pink, making you lost of words sometimes. It took you a while before you figured out you were actually developing feelings towards him. And now seeing him up close... Oh god.
You broke the awkward atmosphere between you two by coughing and taking a step back. “I’m sorry for that.” “It’s ok.” He almost immediately answered afterwards. You both squat down the grab the scissors, bumping your head in the process. “Sorry!” You both said simultaneously, chuckling awkwardly afterwards before standing back up. You both felt the atmosphere was a  bit awkward right now but you just ignored it and went back to work. Jungkook working on decorating a flower blanket and you working on a few bouquets to put into the front of the shop.
“Mom asked me if I wanted to go visit the flower fields this Saturday.” Jungkook said, breaking the silence. “I... I was wondering if you maybe... wanted to join me?” You turned towards him but he didn't look back, his eyes fixed on his work. You admired him for a bit as he just stared at the flowers, not doing anything. Just staring. Did he really just asked you to go do something out of the shop? Together? He suddenly turned towards you, making you look away.
Why is she always so cute. Jungkook thought while looking at you quickly looking away, your cheeks turning a light pink. He knew you were checking him out and he knew a while ago you were feeling as nervous as he did when your noses accidentally brushed. How hard it was for him to not pull you closer and kiss those pretty lips of yours right there and then. Since a few days ago, well- actually the first day he met you, he knew there was something about you. Already from that first day he felt awfully comfortable around you. Later on the boy caught himself staring more at you, always smiling when he was around you every passing day. Slowly he started developing feelings for you. And he knew it all to well.
You really walked into this shop and stole a piece of his heart. That part only growing bigger and bigger every day until it would swallow his heart completely. When his mom asked him to go take some pictures of the daisies this weekend to hang in the shop he didn’t hesitate to go ask you to join him. It would be your first time together outside the shop and work hours. He really looked forward to it and was really hoping for you to say yes and join him. You could maybe even make a date out of it, he thought for a moment.
“So what do you say?” Jungkook asked again. You turned towards him and nodded, giving him a sweet smile. “I would love to go with you take some pictures of the flower fields Jungkook.” You answered him, looking how his smile grow bigger. “Great.” He said, getting all hyper and giddy, not trying to show it much. He has this kind of sparkle in his eyes he gets when he is really excited for something, betraying him a bit. You loved to see him happy and would do anything to keep it that way.
“I’ll pick you up Saturday afternoon then.” They boy said, standing next to you. “I’ll send you my address.” You answered him before you both went back to work the biggest smile showing on both of your faces. You couldn't wait long enough for Saturday to come.
Tumblr media
A night and a few hours later and you guys were already making your way towards the countryside. Away from the busy city. You looked out of the window of Jungkook’s car, watching the tall buildings change into high trees and the many busy people into empty, far reaching fields.
“Wah, It’s so nice to finally be out of that busy, stressful place for once and go find some peace into nature.” You said.
Jungkook smiled at seeing you so happy and relaxed. It made him feel at ease. He was happy to take you away out of your busy life for once. So you finally could forget about all your worries for a while. Today would be just about you and him. No one else. “I hope you’ll like it. You really never went to the country side at the end of summer to watch the last flower fields bloom?” He asked and you shook your head. “I haven't. But i bet it’s beautiful. And I’m sure it will be even more fun with you there too.” You said, giving him a soft smile before looking back outside. He smiled at you, concentrating on the road and sometimes taking a glance at your face.
When you finally arrived at your destination, a little cute village with even still a few traditional old Korean houses, you got out of the car. The sun shining brightly onto your skin. As you walked through a few streets of the village Jungkook lightly brushed his hand against yours before grabbing it and holding onto it. You looked at your intertwined hands and bite your lip, blushing a bit. You looked up at him as Jungkook just looked in front of him. Admiring the small but beautiful houses around him. You smiled before looking away, also admiring the cute little houses. “It must be so nice to live here.” You said. “Away from all the noise and stress, cars that are always honking, people yelling at each other on the streets. How much I would give to live in a place like this.”
“You would love to live on the countryside?” Jungkook asked and you nodded. Smiling at only thought of living here. In the quiet peaceful village. Every morning waking up with the sound of birds chirping, leaves rustling and the sun lightly shining through the curtains warm on your skin. How good that would be... Before you knew it you arrived at the end of the village and at the start of a giant field covered with daisies.
You looked at it with wondering eyes, your hand slipping out of Jungkook’s as you went to take a closer look at the flowers. Jungkook went to stand behind you. He hesitated at first, wondering if it maybe was a bit to early but eventually ended up doing it. He softly wrapped his arms around your waist, his chin resting onto your shoulder. “You like it?” He asked as you both watched the sun set behind the field. “I love it.” You answered, leaning back in his embrace. You guys hugged before but never had Jungkook hugged you like this. And it made you weirdly feel awfully comfortable. Like you could stay forever in his arms.
After a few minutes he unwrapped his arms from around you to take his camera out and take the pictures his mother asked for. Sometimes he would even take some pictures of you without you knowing. He took a few of you just admiring the flowers and from you picking a few out. You said you wanted to try to make a flower crown with it.
A while later as the sun was still going down, you sat down in the middle of another field filled with high grass and some wild flowers. You trying to make a flower crown and Jungkook admiring you, now and then making some small talk with you or laughing at your cute behaviour. He loved how your hair would softly move as the wind blew through it or how you would bite your lip when you were concentrating on putting the flowers together nicely. His heart was melting at seeing you. From that moment on he knew he was completely yours.
Once you finished the flower crown you carefully put it onto Jungkook’s head. “How do I look?” He asked. “Like a beautiful flower boy.” You said, giggling. Jungkook laughed with you, a flower falling off of the crown. “It’s not as tight as I thought it was..” You said as you picked up the flower and tried to put it back onto the crown. You leaned a bit closer as you concentrated on trying to get it back in. Jungkook grabbed your hand and pushed it back down. You looked at him confused as he took the small flower out of your hand. With his free hand he brushed some hair out of your face before putting the flower behind your ear. “There..” He said, smiling as the flower held its place. He looked into your eyes and smiled. You smiled back at him. You didn’t realise, while you were smiling at each other you were also slightly leaning into each other. Jungkook changed his gaze from staring into your eyes towards staring at your lips. How bad he wanted to feel them against his. “Y/n,” He suddenly spoke. “Yes, Jungkook?” You asked, not leaning back but staying as close as possible to him. “Can I... Can I kiss you?” The boy asked nervously, licking his lips, hoping you would let him. You nodded softly and Jungkook took this as a sign, leaning in closer and connecting his lips with yours.
You leaned into his touch, kissing him back lightly. Jungkook’s hand went from next to him towards your face. His thumb softly caressing your cheek as he carefully moved his lips against yours. His heart was beating like crazy. He looked so forward towards this exact moment. The moment you would choose him, like his heart chose you.
He broke this after a while, his forehead leaning against yours, eyes still closed. Both of his hand fell onto your lap. You took his hands in yours and finally opened your eyes, meeting his brown ones. You smiled at him before leaning in for another kiss. This time you wrapped your arms around his neck while Jungkook sneaked his around your hips. He suddenly pulled you closer, making you gasp as you landed onto his lap. You looked down at him as he smiled up at you, giving you that boyish playful grin. “So does this mean you’re mine now?” He asked as he looked up at you, keeping you close. You laughed at his cockiness. “Only if it makes you mine too.” You answered. He grinned. “I was already yours from the first day we met.” He answered softly, before pulling you down again for one last kiss.
After your little moment in the fields you went back to the village, walking happily hand in hand as you strolled through the cute evening market. You stopped at a stand that sold some self made products. Things like soap, body scrubs, perfume, ... While you were choosing some products to buy for yourself you didn't notice Jungkook slipping away and buying something at the flower stand behind you. As you turned around Jungkook stood there with a red rose in his hand. “Previous time, I gave you a yellow rose for the start of a beautiful  friendship. I never thought it would turn out this way but I’m glad it did. And so I want to give you this red rose this time as a start of or love for each other.” He said, before giving you the rose. You smelled it before looking up at him, smiling brightly. “It’s perfect.” You said before taking a step forward and hugging the boy. He didn't hesitate to immediately hug you back, leaving a soft kiss at the top of your head. “I love you y/n.” He whispered. Where you on answered. “I love you too, my kookie.” He chuckled at you calling out his nickname. From the first day until now it made him feel things and he loved it.
“What would you say of making from this beautiful day an even more beautiful night?” He whispered in your ear, making you look up at him, your arms still wrapped around each other. “What do you mean?” You asked him. He smiled, playing with a strand of your hair. “What do you think of continuing this date at my house?” He asked. “We got the house all to ourselves tonight. My mom and dad are out of town for the night.”
You looked around you for a bit thinking if this wasn’t a bit too fast for a first date but does it really matter when you love someone that badly and know you would want to spend the rest of your live with him? “Let’s go to your house then.” You said, raising a brow and giving him a smirk. He licked his lips as he looked you up and down. “You have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.” He said, a seductive smirk playing on his lips before he smacked your ass and walked towards the car.
When you arrived at his home it was like you couldn't get inside fast enough. Jungkook had you pressed against the door, kissing you hungry as he tried to get the keys into the small opening. When he finally managed to open the door he opened it and pushed you inside, breaking the kiss for a second the close the door, before pushing you back against it, his lips crashing onto yours again. Shoes and socks were thrown off almost immediately as you were both so hungry for each other. A small moan left your lips as Jungkook pushed his tongue past your lips, discovering your mouth as he pushed his body closer against yours. You placed your hands onto his sides, slightly tilting his shirt up. Jungkook got the hint and broke the kiss for a second taking off his shirt and revealing his toned, strong body. You caressed his naked chest as Jungkook kissed you again, a groan leaving his mouth. He took a few steps backwards, pulling you with him until you guys reached the cough. He sat down onto it, pulling you on top. He reached for your shirt, pulling it over your head, unclasping your bra afterwards and throwing it away somewhere in the dark room. Jungkook admired you for a second, trying to enjoy this moment as much as possible. “You’re so beautiful y/n..” He murmured under his breath. “So beautiful and all mine.”
You leaned down and started kissing him again, his hands first on your sides but not for that long as you already felt them moving up towards your breasts.
His lips went from your mouth towards your cheek, your jawline, your neck and your shoulder. Making sure no part of skin is left out. You grind onto him as he peppers your skin with kisses, one hand grouping at your breast in the meanwhile. As his kisses got lower you felt yourself becoming very aroused and wet down there, making you grind harder onto him as he finally took one of your nipples into his mouth. You could already feel him getting hard as he sucked and played with is tongue around your nipple. “Fuck kookie-” You cried out, your hands buried into his soft brown locks. He unlocked his mouth from around your nipple for a second. “Say that again sweetheart. Who’s making you feel this good?” He asked you, his hips grinding up against your core, making you moan. “Y-you, Jungkook.” You answered him. He smiled at you, licking his wet lips before attaching his mouth this time on the other nipple.
You gasped as he suddenly picked you up and carried you out of the living room, up the stairs. “ Let’s take this upstairs, shall we?” He said before kissing you again, carrying you upstairs, towards his room. Once inside, the door closed, he placed you down on the bed carefully before crawling on top, never breaking the kiss. Your arms pulled his face closer, his body getting closer as well, his now full erection, poking through his pants and grinding against your already wet core. Jungkook broke the kiss and sat up between your legs. He smiled at you, breathing heavily from all the kissing, before unbuttoning your pants and sliding them down with your panties, leaving you completely exposed in front of him. Once he managed to get off your pants and drop them on the floor he admired your body again, making sure he has seen every little bit of it. “My beautiful princess.” He said as he softly started caressing your inner thighs. He looked down at your core for a second, noticing how wet you already are for him, it made his cock twitch in his pants, knowing he was the one having this effect on you. “Before I do something else to you, I wanna taste that sweet pussy down there first.” He said seductively. He looked at you one last time before leaning down and starting to kiss your thighs. He always started at one knee and then made his way downwards. He made sure he wasn’t going to fast, making you whimper beneath him as he savoured this moment. “Already whining and whimpering. You’re so sensitive love, so... sweet.” He said before dipping his tongue between your folds, licking up in one smooth stroke. You buckled your hips up at the sensation. Oh god, how good his mouth felt onto your dripping pussy. You immediately wanted more. He looked up at you, making sure you guys made eye contact before planting his mouth onto your core again. You whimpered, biting your lip as you gripped onto the sheets. Jungkook concentrated himself on his work, lapping you out at a steady pace. Sometimes he would moan, sending shivers down your spine and making your core pulsate.
Before you knew it he was sucking and flicking his tongue onto your clit. Your moans got louder as you felt your first orgasm coming near. If his mouth already wasn’t enough, he also added two fingers, pushing them inside of your tight hole, stretching you out and rubbing at all the right places as he kept assaulting your clit with his mouth. You clenched around his fingers. “I can feel you’re close. Come for me princess. Make me taste your delicious fluids.” He said as he kept his steady pace, making you cum in no time.
He took his fingers out of your core and slowly started to lap up your juices that were leaking out of your cunt. You shivered as he lapped you out, still sensitive from your orgasm. Once he was done he looked back up from between your legs, his lips wet and glistening from eating you out. “You taste so good love.” He said, pushing himself back up before leaning back over you and kissing you, making you taste yourself. While his tongue played with yours in his mouth he unbuckled his pants and pushed them off, leaving him only in boxers. He parted from your lips for a moment and leaned over towards his nightstand, opening the drawer and taking out a condom. He placed the condom between his teeth as he sat up to take his boxers down. But before he could do that he let out a moan as you were softly caressing the shape of his dick through his boxers. You bite your lip as you looked at it. only of seeing the shape through his trousers you knew he was big. He took your hand that was caressing over his dick and lead it towards the edge of his boxers. You placed your other hand on the other side and slowly started to slide it down until his member sprung free, standing tall and proud.
You licked your lips as you looked back up at him. He smirked, the condom still between his teeth. He took the condom out of his mouth. “Like what you see?” He asked and you laughed, nodding. “I love what I see.” You answered, sitting up and leaning close towards him, your lips ghosting over his, early touching. You gave him a seductive stare while taking the condom out of his hand and opening it. He kept staring at your lips as he suddenly felt one of your hands wrapping around his dick. He let out a soft, low moan as you started to stroke it. As you picked up the pace he couldn't hold it any more and leaned in closer, kissing you hungrily.
He pushed you back onto the mattress before getting up again, taking the condom out of your hands and rolling it over his length. “Ready for a second orgasm?” He asked, hovering over you again, one hand holding his dick and teasing your entrance with the tip. You whined as you pushed your hips up a bit, wanting him fill you up already. “I love it when your body is begging for me.” He said lowly, his lips ghosting over your neck. “Let’s give it what it wants then.” He said, before pushing in. He slowly slide inside until he was completely bottomed out. You let out a moan, satisfied of having him finally inside you, of having him fill you up completely.
Jungkook peppered your neck and shoulder with soft kisses while he let you adjust to his size. Now and then giving you little compliments, about how beautiful he thinks you are, how happy he is to have you, how tight you are and how you take him so well. “So good for me princess.” He said, peeking your lips this time.
“You can move now.” You told him when you finally felt like you had adjusted to his size. He nodded and softly started to slide out of you again before thrusting back in. And damn... It felt so good. While Jungkook kept a slow but steady pace you wrapped your arms around him, your hands clamping onto his back and shoulders. “Faster” You told him after a while and he did what you asked. He took up the pace a bit, moans rolling out of both of your mouths as you made love to each other for the first time. It was amazing. Both breathing heavily, hearts beating fast, heads leaned against each other as Jungkook kept thrusting into you. He kissed your full swollen lips again as he speed up some more. When he was at his highest speed you were both a moaning mess. Your kisses and thrusts got more sloppy as you both feared your orgasm. “Fuck y/n- I’m close. Please tell me you’re close too. I wanna cum together.” He said between groans and heavy breaths. You nodded, your own orgasm almost reaching it’s peak. “I’m close too.” You told him. “Good” He said, before giving a few final thrusts making you both cum.
He breathed heavily as he just rest his body on top of yours, his dick still pulsating now and then inside of you every time you clenched around him. You both were breathing hard as you just stayed still and laid on top of each other. You softly started to caress Jungkook’s hair as you both came down from your hight. He softly closed his eyes, listening to your heart beat and enjoying the soft caresses over his head.
After a minute of two his dick slipped out of you making you feel empty again. Jungkook opened his eyes and pushed his body back up. He gave you a tired smile, receiving one back from you. He lazily kissed you one more time before getting up, taking the condom off and throwing it into the bin. When he came back you both snuggled up against each other onto the bed. He played down on his back as you laid on your side. One leg placed over his and one arm wrapped around his chest. Jungkook wrapped his arm around your shoulders and pulled you a bit closer, giving you a soft kiss on the forehead. “I love you y/n” He said. You smiled at yourself before looking up to him and saying it back. “I love you too Jungkook.”
“So... you’re ready for round two?” He suddenly asked. You looked at him in shock. How quickly had this boy recovered from the first round!? He chuckled and peeked your lips. “It’s ok love. I’ll let you recover first but I really want my round two afterwards.” He said, as you shook your head in unbelief. “Wish, this boy.” “What?Your body is just so irresistible.” He said, giggling.
And before you knew it, a round two became a round three and so on. To keep it short, you had a great night together and it wouldn't be the last one. How it all started with you desperately looking for a job and eventually ending up meeting the love of your life. Life couldn't get better.
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soft4gguk · a month ago
to build a home | chapter nine
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x reader. ceo!jk + dilf!jk x nanny!oc
Genre: strangers to lovers. angst. fluff. smut.
Word count: 9.7k
Warnings: mentions of alcohol. best dad koo worried about the future 🥺, explicit protected sex!, oh boy here we go – edging, orgasm denial, fingering, oral sex (f. receiving), spanking, dom!jk, sub!oc, they both have potty mouths so a lot of dirty talk, they’re so cute, jimin and lucy have no chill. i think that’s all!
Author’s note: i was in such a soft mood when i was writing this so i’m sorry if it gets very poetic whenever its their inner monologues and i’m sorry there’s a lot of inner monologue in this one lol – a lot of feelings are being felt! and explored! and the two of them are realizing things!! but i hope u enjoyed! thank u for being so patient with me and my god awful time management! i love every single one of you. thank u for the love u always send my way <33 i’m sending it right back! xx
This is a work of fiction. Please respect the members and their privacy. x
Chapter Nine
Jungkook bounces Soori in his arms, cooing at her excitedly, trying to coax her into showing her grandparents her most recent milestone.
“Come on, baby. Say daaa,” he begins, laughing slightly at her nonchalant expression. “Hey, let’s show grandma and grandpa, come on. Daaa,” he tickles her belly for good measure.
Her loud baby giggles fill the room, putting near stars in the eyes of her grandparents. “Da-da,” she finally gives, closing her chubby fists on her dad’s hand, attempting to push them away. When he ceases the tickles, she looks up at him, tentatively bringing his hand back on her round tummy and staring into his eyes as she waits for him to do it again. He does, emitting those sweet sounds from her once over.
“Oh! Ggukie.” His mother’s voice is soft, a rare occurrence that Jungkook doesn’t miss. “She is so smart. So, so smart.”
“She’s not even one, yet! She’s advanced.” His dad’s words shock him – never having been one for premature praise.
He looks at Soori, a proud smile on his face. She can break even the toughest of men. She’s magic.
“Right? She’s going to be walking in no time, too.” He brags.
“All before one, as well! You didn’t walk until one and a half.” His mother points out, the glass of red wine in her hand swaying a bit at her exaggerated motions.
“Honey, did you tell him about our birthday gift for Soori?” His dad asks, tone suddenly stern as he composes himself from swooning over his grandchild.
“No, honey. I was going to wait until her birthday next week. But since you haven’t practiced patience since 1973, I guess we can tell him now.”
Jungkook laughs at their harmless bickering. “You guys didn’t have to get her anything.”
“No, son. Trust me – this benefits you as well.”
“We have made a rather generous donation to the Saint Edgard School for Young Ladies. In your name, of course. Which consequently guarantees her a spot in their challenging day-care program and pre-school. Once inside she can look forward to a life filled with the nation’s finest academic curriculum.” Jungkook looks at Soori when he hears the world curriculum. His mother simply smiles, taking a sip from her wine.
“The nation’s? The world’s! Ggukie, it’s the education you received and I have to say, son…,” his father hesitates for a while, eyes fixated on the wall. “You have proven to be nothing but a gifted entrepreneur. It’s in your blood, of course. But it’s in the education that was provided to you from a young age, too.”
“It’s what landed you a safe spot in the Ivy Leagues, darling. We want the same for Soori. She has so much potential.” His mother adds.
Jungkook looks down at his daughter. She smiles at him, shining that bright smile his way – her tongue peeking from between her four tiny teeth. It’s a new habit she’s picked up and by far his favourite. He doesn’t doubt it, her potential. When he pictures her growing up, he sees her shining that light wherever she goes. He tries not to think about it much – far too melancholic of a thought for his own good, yet inevitable. All parents see the best in their kids, he knows. But he sees her in bright lights, full of passion and a world of talents.
That’s as far as it goes, though. He’s never gotten specific about them – ultimately believing that they were going to bloom on their own, not coaxed by him or the nation’s finest academic curriculum. Scratch that. The world’s.
It takes him by surprise, really. The approach a little too gentle for what his beliefs are. Or at least what he thought his beliefs were. He winces when he contemplates the possibility of Soori not wanting to pursue higher education – a bit dumbfounded at how not terrified he feels by the thought alone.
He realizes his thoughts are stretching into the future in astronomical lengths. Before this moment, he’d never even considered day-care. Didn’t even know it could be challenging.
He also realizes that when he pictured her in pre-school, he didn’t imagine her in plaid uniforms and grey walls. The image resembled something quite similar to what he’s seen when he’s picked up Dae from the library on Saturdays. A colorful space, screaming children, crayons scattered all over the floors. Someone loving and patient guiding her and teaching her – telling her stories.
“Thank you,” he says, deciding it’s better to not voice his thoughts. “I mean, she hasn’t even turned one. I don’t know how I feel about day-care just yet and ___-”
“Ah! That young lady is fascinating. But soft. This is Jeon blood right here son – pure and supple. She needs firm hands guiding her path.” His father speaks, raising from his seat on the couch and walking over to Soori, patting her head.
“It’s never too early to think about the future, darling. I would love to see a woman taking on the reins of our legacy.”
“The West End was always meant for great success, son. So were you. And so is she.” His father nods once, short and curt, before he proceeds to walk over to their dining space.
Jungkook’s mother walks over to him, handing him her glass before taking Soori from his arms. She falls into them seamlessly but not without looking back at her dad, that toothy grin adorning her chubby baby face.
It tugs at his heart – for reasons far beyond melancholy.
Too tiny of a person for too big of a future.
Too big of a soul, too.
“Baby, baby, baby! You’re doing it all wrong.” Lucy’s mock scolding is hidden by the giggles that fall past her lips as she attempts to teach Jimin how to perfectly plate pasta – scooped and swirled into a hypnotizing spiral he seems to butcher every time.
“Baby.” He feigns exasperation but his laughter fills the room, too.
“Hey! I was more than fine with eating it out of a bowl. You were the one that demanded I teach you my ways.” She defends.
Jimin looks at her, all attention lost from the plating and full focused on his girlfriend. “I always want to know your ways,” his voice is sultry and low.
You stare at them from your place, seated on top of the kitchen counter with a glass of wine in one hand, a piece of bread in the other. You sigh, rolling your eyes playfully as you process sexual remark of the night number twelve.
“Do you ever rest?”
“Yeah. That’s how we re-charge.” Jimin answers your question with a wag of the brows.
“Jimin- ew.”
“Hey, don’t be mean to baby.” Lucy says, wrapping her arms around his middle as she goes back to supervising his scooping and swirling.
“Could never. You guys are cute.” You tell them.
Jimin looks up at you, a sweet smile adorning his lips that’s laced with pride and endearment. He treats Lucy as if he couldn’t believe she’s his and the sight alone restores your faith in humanity and all that is holy. Their love is pure – sincere and straightforward.
Their love is theirs but it makes you yearn. And long and crave.
Like watching a movie or reading your favourite book at late hours of the night – a world filled with comfort characters and an alternate universe where adversity is simply a road taken to fall into the arms of a lover.
You saw him today but you didn’t feel him. You couldn’t touch him, kiss him, speak to him in a softer, gentler voice. You couldn’t tell him how much you loved his new short hair – you couldn’t reach out and snake your fingers through it, caress his forehead, bask in the way his head leans into your touch. You missed him as he stood in front of you and you couldn’t even tell him.
His essence is normally enough but today you want nothing more than to have his body tangled in yours – than to share a world that consists of four walls and a bed, graced with love and soft whispers that fall from his lips at the beat of his touch.
Yearning for Jungkook makes you poetic but the feeling stems from something as elemental as wanting to wrap your arms around him as he scoops and swirls.
You can’t escape it, the longing. The way one person makes you crave for ten thousand feelings, all powered by a simple action that could conduct the most complex of reactions inside of you at the thought alone.
“What should we watch, lovers?”
You’re not Lucy’s only lover anymore. It makes you smile.
“Are you guys going to make me watch softcore 1960s porn again?”
“Hey. La Piscine is a cinematic masterpiece, Jiminie. You should’ve left it at thank you.” You retort.
“Thank you, ___,” he starts, making you smile proudly before he says, “for introducing me to the world of cinematic softcore porn from the 1960s.”
“Lucy!” You whine, but it’s harmless, making the three of you break out in laughter.
“Baby, why are you complaining? You enjoyed that.”
“When did I complain?” He asks, shooting a crooked smirk her way.
“Whatever. I get to pick the movie because all you guys do is kiss like- three minutes in.” You say.
“Fair enough. We trust you. Make it sexy so it sets the mood.” Jimin tells you.
“My pleasure, you weirdos.”
Laughter fills the room again, followed by loud cheers from the three of you as Jimin successfully perfects his scoop, swirl, plate!
The city lights illuminate the road, adding to the overall atmosphere Jungkook has settled upon the vehicle as Nirvana plays softly in the background. It wasn’t intentional but he lets it linger, finding comfort in how oddly out of reality it all feels – like he’s stuck in a dream, living a life that isn’t his.
Soori is staying the night at his parent’s house and as much as he prolonged his stay and extended his goodbyes, it was time to go. He will admit he sat in their driveway for a total of fifteen minutes, no aimed purpose in mind, just simply wanting to be there – just in case. She’s in good hands, he knows that. But they’re not his arms.
Or yours.
After a while he decided it was best to get on his way – go do something other than be a dad. But he also realized he was way too tired to be anything other than just that. In the end, it’s heavy duty and you don’t quite realize how much energy it takes from you until you’re sat in a red light all by yourself, no one depending on you or demanding your attention.
And perhaps this would all be enjoyable if his head wasn’t swimming in intrusive thoughts of a future, one he’s not even sure belongs to him just yet. He knows he’s responsible for providing for her, making sure she gets a good education and all the tools she needs to excel and develop but how much say does he have in the long run.
Jungkook knows that what anguishes him isn’t really her education – more so, who she will become. The values she will take on when she begins to think for herself, the decisions she’ll make – what will power them. Will it be kindness or greed? Passion or societal norms? Who will inspire her? Move her, shape her into being someone good enough to be thrown into the world and fend for herself. He knows parents have only so much say at a certain point – he is living and breathing proof of just that.
Will she see the world beyond her privilege? Have friends that expose her to every kind of circumstance there is? Who will Soori be when she’s not his baby anymore, but when she’s just Soori. Her own person.
The light turns green and he revs the engine, driving his car into a parking spot in the middle of the empty street. Once the car has come to a halt, he lets himself melt into the seat, head falling over his shoulders as he closes his eyes and lets out a deep sigh.
He knows that ultimately; he plays a big role into who she will grow up to be.
Jungkook is not one to shy away from advice when it comes to parenting. After all, being a single parent is not as easy as one would think it is. All responsibility lands on him and that is great pressure that he oftentimes feels. He knows she’s still little, that there’s not that much actual parenting he can do but she won’t be little forever. She’ll need guidance and discipline – comfort and understanding. Decisions on decisions to be made, all which fall on him. On him and him only. It’s hard. And in times like these, when he’s hit with so much future all at once, it’s borderline terrifying.
She scares him sometimes – all that she could be. He thinks of her now, all plump proportions and sloppy kisses and it makes him laugh, how someone so little and naïve can produce such fear in him.
He wants her wonderous forever. Light-hearted and weightless. Mighty the way she is before she’s about to do something that lands him in what could very well be the early stages of a heart attack.
For some reason he’s not willing to dive into, this thought takes a turn and lands on you. It’s your face first. Then it’s your voice. Then it has less to do with you and more to do with how much he misses you.
He has half a mind, for anything but you.
He pulls his phone from his pocket – hand gripping onto the steering wheel as he presses onto your contact number and brings his phone to his ear. It rings for a while, his thoughts spiralling in that short time alone. What if you’re out with your friends? Having fun? Maybe you’re in a loud place and that’s why you can’t hear his call. Maybe you’ve seen it but you won’t pick up. What was he doing on a Friday night when he was twenty-three? The memories alone make him wince and cringe slightly. He’s about to give up when,
Your voice is a whisper and he frowns, slightly confused. Nonetheless, it’s comforting.
“Hey – did I catch you in the middle of something?”
“No, no. Not at all. Just cleaning up. It was pasta night. Jimin’s here, by the way.”
He smiles, feeling foolish over thinking you’d be doing anything but. “Sounds nice.”
“Yeah, it was. We’re gonna watch a movie now…,” your voice lilts at the end, sentence bordering on a question.
“What movie?” He only asks because he wants to hear your voice for a little longer before he has to let you go.
“Purple Noon. Hey, where are you?”
“Um,” he looks around, taking in his surroundings. “56th and 9th.”
“Oh. Why?”
He knows you’re asking more for Soori than for him and the realization tugs at his heartstrings. “Was just at my parent’s. Left Soo there.”
“Oh- you’re all alone?” Your voice grows softer all of a sudden and Jungkook let’s himself bask in it.
“Mhm,” he says.
“Well- um… you could- come over? We’re just going to watch a movie and crash, maybe have some wine. Just the three of us, nothing fancy-”
“That’d be nice.”
“Really?” Your question makes him laugh.
“Really, really. If they don’t mind, of course.”
“Duh. It’s your literal best friend taking up sofa space and eating all my snacks. Come, Koo. Don’t spend a Friday night all alone.”
You don’t know this but he needed to hear those words. Hell, he probably didn’t know it either but the comfort you provide is immediate – settling into his heart, making him feel safe in places he didn’t know felt unsound.
“Okay,” he says, voice airy and you can already feel him less tense.
“Should I- should I heat you some pasta?”
“No, baby. I just ate. But thank you.”
You’re fidgeting and you know your face gives it away. Lucy looks at you, piercing eyes over her glass of wine, raising a brow in your direction. You shake your head slightly and divert your gaze from hers.
Jimin is trying to find Purple Noon on the web – illegally, of course.
“This is going to put like- at least three viruses into your computer, baby.”
“No, it won’t,” Lucy defends. “Keep looking.”
“I can just log into my Amazon-” Jimin starts but halts his words quickly when he sees the way Lucy scowls at him. “No Amazon on your watch, got it.”
“I’m making Jimin an anti-capitalist.” She tells you.
“I’m not a capitalist!”
“You went to boarding school – it’s internalized, baby. It’s not your fault.” She strokes his cheek gently and even though he wants to defend himself again you can see the way her soft hands distract him. He gives into her and she gives into him. They’re perfect for one another, you think.
“How was that,” you ask, curiously. Aside from what you’ve seen in movies, you don’t know much about it and it sounds enticing for some reason.
“Eh can be fun, can be hell. It made me extremely homesick, though. Thankfully I had Gguk. But he was homesick, too so it was like the blind leading the blind.” He says. “Found it!”
“Yay,” Lucy claps her hands and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
Just in time, the doorbell rings.
“Did someone order something?” Lucy says, slightly confused.
Me, you think but don’t quite voice your thoughts. You simply get up from the couch, walking the couple of steps until you’re unlocking your front door and swinging it open. It’s unconscious, but a sigh of relief passes your lips and he smiles when he makes out the sound. It turns into a grin when yours widens.
You hug him – hesitant at first since you can feel Jimin’s and Lucy’s piercing stares from behind you but it’s hard to focus on anything but him for two seconds too long. He feels warm in your arms. Safe.
“Come in,” you say, taking a step backwards so he can enter your home.
“Hey,” he greets his best friend and yours, giving a little wave.
“Heeeey, nice to see you, Ggukie,” Jimin, ever so lovingly, can’t help it but wrap Jungkook in his embrace, ruffling his hair a bit in the process.
He pushes him away playfully but gives up easily, chuckling and returning the action. “You too. Now get off.”
“Where’s Soo Soo?”
“Over at my parent’s,” he responds.
“Ah, oof. Hope she doesn’t leave there with table manners and new philosophical beliefs.” Jimin jokes but it only sends Jungkook spiralling – mind too vulnerable from his previous mental back and forth.
He shoots his friend a half-hearted smile and nods, a quiet huff leaving his mouth. “Hey, Lucy.” He says.
Lucy’s an easy-hearted person – takes her a lot to even reach the point of distrust or suspicion. But you are, to no one’s surprise, let alone Jungkook’s, her weak spot. You’re family to her and her instincts scream protect. When she’d first seen Jungkook standing in her doorway a week ago, an uneasiness settled upon her – mostly powered by uncertainty. Not knowing, not being able to be part of this secret that you two keep. The same feeling had sparked her just now when you’d open the door and he’d appeared – seemingly out of nowhere, even though she knows you knew he was coming.
All of her instincts tumble down the minute she sees Jungkook’s strained smile. Perceptive as ever, she sees something in him that perhaps not even his best friend does. The way his gaze is fallen, movements faltering before they reach the expressions he seems to mimic as opposed to sincerely mirror from a feeling. He seems lost.
“Hi Ggukie!” She greets back.
The pet name throws him by surprise – and even though it takes him a while to process it, he smiles at her. A genuine, kind smile that Lucy doesn’t miss, making her feel more at ease. Like she can let her guard down.
Call it emotional intelligence or gut feeling, but there’s a lot that Lucy comes to understand about Jungkook in the first five minutes he spends in her home.
“Movie’s all ready – shall we? Gguk, wine?” Jimin says as he heads to the kitchen to top up his own glass.
“No, thanks. Driving,” he reminds him.
Jungkook rolls his eyes but it’s matched up with a big smile. You can sense it, the way his guard comes down – the way he softens and goes back to that very root of being that you’ve learned characterizes him so well. The one that made you realize how much of a weightless soul he is. Yet, you can’t help but see the disdain in his eyes. You haven’t had much one-on-one time with him as aforementioned and as hectic as you know work has been, you’re also aware something else plagues his thoughts.
In the middle of your worry something shines through, though. A realization that has your heart skipping a beat.
He didn’t run.
Whatever weighs heavy in his heart he seems to be gatekeeping it but he came to you.
You don’t know how aware he is of his own actions but you also can’t help but acknowledge them. You might be in the dark about a lot of things still but it’s an easier road to take if you walk it with him. Side by side in your little couch that’s too small to fit four people. Lucy and Jimin might as well count as one considering how tangled in each other they are – all this to your advantage.
You sit down next to Jungkook, taking the middle of the couch – careful not to tip over your glass of wine. He looks over at you, a small smile adorning his lips. His gaze travels down to your hand and raises a brow when he sees the chocolate covered pastry you’re holding. An éclair, a family favourite in this house, courtesy of Lucy. You bring your hand up, offering him the sweet treat. You gasp a little when all he does is bring his face forward some and proceeds to take a big bite out of it, leaving you with a little less than half.
“This is what I get for being kind.”
He laughs at your remark, further melting into the couch and opening his arm to welcome you in it. You hesitate for a second but it doesn’t take a lot of mental back and forth for you to comply. He feels warm to the touch – another thing that characterizes him. The room is dark, a soft, chilly breeze creeping in from the open window that has the thin blinds dancing in the air, casting random shadows upon everything the light touches. You take advantage of this, shivering slightly before your body grows closer to his. His grip around you tightens and he squeezes a little. It’s reassuring – having him in your close proximity, basking in the intimacy of touch. Your most vulnerable side tells you his presence was a prayer answered. A reminder that when a feeling is this pure, it’s only a matter of asking and you shall receive.
The plot of the movie unfolds, your TV screen filled with dreamy sights of the Italian coast and sultry scenes between the attractive leads. You’re drunk on visuals, white wine and the way your every sense is powered by Jungkook. He smells fresh and clean. Feels warm and soft as your body melts into his, yet firm as your hand rests on his toned stomach. You can feel the steady rise and fall of his breathing and when you let the moment consume you, you can hear it, too. You want to kiss him but you’ll count your blessings – reminding yourself this closeness is enough for now. Going off on muscle memory of what it’s like to feel his lips on yours.
Jungkook’s attempts to keep his attention on the storyline is futile. His mind fails him. His heart, too. There’s something so simple yet heart wrenching about spending a Friday night in your cozy apartment on a summer night – an old French film that requires his eyes shift from the moving images to the subtitles playing on your small TV. You sigh every once in a while, and he’s come to draw a pattern of the way your body unconsciously reacts to anything mildly romantic on the film. You’d probably have a million words to describe how he feels about you right now yet he can’t seem to find one.
Jimin and Lucy don’t hold back on their loving, shamelessly lost in each other – movie long forgotten. He can’t see much, the two of them safely tucked inside a big blanket in a makeshift cocoon. But he can hear it.
It’s ridiculous – the scene that unfolds around him. One he would’ve scoffed at if someone would’ve made the offer a couple of months back. Here, I’ll give you a Friday night full of slow burn romance in foreign films with a side of raging hormones. But right now, a feeling brews inside of him at a rapid pace. He smiles when he finds the word for it. He smiles because it’s one you taught him. Elation.
You’re snuggled against him and he looks at you, shiny eyes glued to the screen. He kisses your forehead – a chaste kiss that takes you by surprise, making you jump a little. However, he doesn’t pull back; lips pressed to the soft skin as his fingers play with your hair.
Your moment of bliss is broken by the lewd sounds of what you hope is only tongues coming together. You gasp and Jungkook laughs against your forehead, chest shaking a little from the giggles that escape him.
“Why does it sound wet in there?” You ask without an ounce of remorse.
Lucy throws a pillow your way, which Jungkook swiftly catches with his free hand.
“Damn, this movie’s long.” Jimin says, detaching his body from Lucy’s and leaning back on the couch. His hair is a mess and even in the dark room you can make out his swollen lips. Lucy doesn’t miss a beat, wrapping her arms around him and humming in agreement.
“You two may be excused. I’m well aware no one is paying attention to the bit of culture I’m attempting to bestow upon you guys.” Your tone is playfully dramatic.
“I’m paying attention,” Jungkook lies.
“And that’s on you.” Jimin says.
Lucy giggles and all you can make out is a soft whisper as she nuzzles her face into Jimin’s neck.
“Sheesh, these two.” Jungkook whispers, audibly enough for you to hear.
“Tell me about it. The quieter they are now, the louder they’ll get later.”
He laughs. “Hey, wanna come over to mine? I can drop you off at the library tomorrow after I pick Soori up from my parent’s.”
You look up at him, big hopeful eyes that make his insides run like honey. “You sure?”
“Very.” He looks over at your friends who’ve resumed their prior activities. “Don’t wanna leave you yet. But don’t wanna witness Jimin out in the wild.”
“Strong point, Sir. Let me just get a change of clothes for tomorrow. And PJs.”
He pulls you back into his arms as you begin to get up, your faces inches apart. He pouts, brows furrowing. “No PJs.”
You stare at him for a second, breaking out in soft giggles. “Fine. No PJs.”
Jungkook opens the passenger door for you and the simple act makes you feel all tingly and warm on the inside.
“Thank you,” you tell him, closing the space between the two of you and pressing your lips to his cheek softly.
“Always,” he mimics your words from before and you only smile – afraid you’ll let out an endless stream of words and secret confessions that bottle up inside of you.
You see as he rounds the car from the windshield and when he catches you staring, he shoots you a smile. You make a mental note to tame your feelings, afraid that if you let them, they’ll start pouring out of you at an unstoppable rate.
“Your car has too many buttons.”
Your sincere observation makes him let out a loud chuckle. “Mm, yeah. I’ll give you that one.”
“Jungkook,” you say, about to fail the first attempt.
“I missed you.”
He looks at you, hand coming up to caress your cheek. For a couple of seconds, he just lets himself stare at you. You realize the way him not immediately returning the feeling doesn’t make you feel uneasy. In fact, his silence only allows for you to get lost in his gaze – his eyes telling you more than his words could, even if he tried. You smile.
“I missed you, too.” His words fall from his mouth, straight to your lips as he kisses you for the first time in what feels like an eternity. You both let out a long sigh, smiling against clinked teeth when you sync.
When he pulls away, he points a finger up, eyes following, as if remembering something. He reaches to the backseat of his car, retrieving a little box. He opens it, fingers reaching inside until he’s handing you an envelope.
“Miss Soori Blue kindly requested I pass along this invitation,” he says.
You smile, opening the white envelope and pulling out the card that rests inside. it’s white, too – the borders a pastel pink. His address, the date and the words I’m looking forward to celebrating with you! Adorning the top half. At the bottom of the page sits a pretty picture, made of what seems to be watercolours. Different animals painted on it – a lion, a giraffe, a koala, an elephant and a zebra, with comical smiling faces and birthday hats.
“Koo,” you say, nearly cooing at him. “This is so cute, oh my God.”
“She has good taste,” he says, rather sheepishly.
“Is it- animal themed?”
“Did you paint this?” You ask, fingers running over the animals.
“Kinda. I did it on my iPad. Hope she doesn’t resent me for it when she’s older.”
“Are you kidding? You’re like- the coolest dad. And, I’d love to be there.”
“We want you there. No office hours. Just you.”
You look at him, pondering on what he’s trying to say. “Are you sure?”
“But- your friends are going to be there. Your parents-”
Jungkook is aware of everything you’re saying. Perhaps these are all things he would consider more than once before asking you to be there. For Soori. For him. For the first celebration of her life he’s going to walk into as a single parent. For when he wants to double the love she gets, just so she doesn’t lack. He wants you there and life feels too heavy to deprive himself of you.
“It’s okay. I don’t owe anyone an explanation. Plus, you’re- a very important person in Soori’s life. I want you there.”
“Okay,” you say, looking at the invitation again. “How cool!”
He smiles, starting the engine. “I hope it all goes smoothly. I probably should’ve hired someone to help organize it but I think I’ve got it under control.”
There’s something about Jeon Jungkook, the CEO, organizing a Safari themed, all pink, birthday party that just plays with your heart.
“It’s going to be epic. I can sense it. I have an excellent radar for fun times. This one won’t miss, trust me.” He laughs, reaching for you hand and intwining his fingers in yours. “God, I can’t believe she’s turning one already. Time is flying by.”
He’s been hearing that a lot. From his friends, his parents, family – even Mrs. Chae. But tonight, hearing it gives him a wave of something other than the nostalgia he usually feels whenever he’s reminded his baby is growing up. Tonight, time flies feels rather literal.
“What did you want to be when you grew up?”
You don’t hesitate for a second. “A mom.” He looks over at you for a second before diverting his eyes back on the road. “Four-year-old me didn’t know girls could do things other than being moms or teachers. So, I wanted to be a mom. I would convince my parents to get me dolls with the, very honest mind you, excuse that I was practicing for when I grew up and became a mom.”
He swiftly stops the car at a red light, looking at you with big, curious eyes – already enthralled in your story.
“Then I grew up a little more and was hit with the infamous, you can be whatever you want! And in-between maybe five and ten I truly went through all the phases. I wanted to be a nurse. A veterinarian. There was this one summer where all I wanted to do was grow up so I could be a lifeguard. I heard my parents talk about my college fund once and I asked them if I could use the money to go to lifeguard school.” Jungkook laughs, head thrown back and nose scrunched, your recollection of the events so vivid he can almost picture it.
“Then I wanted to be a firefighter. At this point my parents were getting used to my hyper fixation with whatever new line of work I discovered next. The very last one I had before deciding I wanted to be a writer was probably the most shocking. I was walking through the park with my mom one day and saw this group of men in neon suits picking up litter from the street. I thought it was so noble of them – having just learned about pollution in school and the importance of recycling. I ask my mom what ‘those’ were called. She saw the police patrol supervising the inmates doing community work and simply asked me why I wanted to know. I told her that I wanted to do just that when I grew up. She nearly had a heart attack.”
Jungkook’s chuckles fill the closed space of the car and yours follow not too long after you’ve finished your story. His whole demeanour seems to change in a matter of seconds – expression softer and gaze gentler.
“I’m glad you pursued literature,” he tells you.
“Me too,” you say, smiling. “I was quite young. My parents thought it was another phase but I stuck to it. Now I’ve grown up and I don’t really know what I am? But… I think ten-year-old me would be proud.”
Your words settle into him – the realization hitting him at once. The beginning of an answer to the question that has been swarming his thoughts all night. Your words are comfort, once again. But more than comfort, they’re hope. They let him know it’ll be okay. You make trusting time feel easier. He looks at you, hears the stories of what makes you – of what formed you, and he feels at ease.
He then realizes that he doesn’t know what Soori will be. But that it doesn’t quite matter as long as she’s happy. As long as she’s able to look back at the road that made her and say she’s proud of herself. Of where she’s been.
Just like you.
“What did you want to be when you grew up?” You ask, fingers lacing around his neck and caressing softly. He leans into your touch, eyes fighting to stay open at the blissful feeling.
“The blue Power Ranger.”
The night took a turn you weren’t necessarily expecting, yet you welcome it. Both your body and mind had been craving him in equal parts – not having felt his skin on yours since last Sunday. It’d been a rollercoaster of emotions of a day that the two of you wrapped up by seeking that physical closeness you’ve become addicted to. It did just that. Closeness. A moment so overwhelming as the two of you asked for more. Begged for more, as if you’d have the power to deny him. As if your body wouldn’t muster the strength needed to take him one more time, only to feel the euphoria of whatever his body flushed to yours did to your heart.
It was intense and afterwards it’d found you both quiet – two heaving bodies deciphering a world of feelings that took over the confined space of your room. Suddenly your bed felt too small, the walls too narrow, everything suffocating yet the feeling didn’t stop you from letting his arms wrap around yours, pull you closer – his breathing lull you into a deep, peaceful sleep. And when you dreamt, you dreamt of him. And even in faraway realities you could feel his touch on yours; the warmth.
In that reality you didn’t hold back the truth.
Amidst a forest of tall, green trees and white butterflies you spoke softly into his ear.
I love you. Once, simple. The truth untold.
He’d placed a kiss on your lips as he said his goodbyes – shushing you softly so you didn’t fully rouse from your peaceful slumber. You smiled, lips forming a pout as you lazily returned the kiss. It made Jungkook linger for a moment, eyes closed, lips locked in yours until he felt you fall back, resuming your sleep.
The week that followed came as fast as it ended, but only in retrospective. Only from the eyes that hold his right now, finally back in his atmosphere.
“What are you thinking about?” He nudges your calf with his foot – the two of you laying down at opposites ends of the sofa, glasses of wine in both your hands and the remainder of Purple Moon playing on the TV of his living room.
“I want you,” you speak your mind.
“Hm?” His foot travels upwards, running from your calves until they’re reaching your lower thigh before it's pushing it open slightly.
“Mhm,” you answer, shivers running down your spine as you give into his touch, your leg left leaning to the side. His head follows its movements, eyes shortly traveling to your center – the soft lace of your white panties catching his eyes. Your dress is short and it hikes up your thighs as you adjust your position.
“What do you want, baby? Tell me.”
You ponder on it for a minute, suddenly shy. “I dunno. What do you want to do to me?”
“Don’t be shy now, angel.”
“I want you to make me feel good. Without holding back.”
“Yeah? Would you let me, baby?”
You nod your head slowly, eyes fixed on his that darken by the second. “Y-Yeah.”
“Come here,” he says, propping his glass on the coffee table before he’s settling back into the couch comfortably, legs stretching onto the long of the L-Shaped sofa.
You follow his movements, setting you glass down before you walk towards him, hovering for a second as to receive his next queue.
His arm reaches for your hand and you take it, letting him pull you into the sofa until you’re sitting down. You let him guide your body, arms softly turning you and pulling you to him until you’re sitting between his legs, back leaning against his front.
“Open up for me, baby.” He says as one of his hands traces a road downwards, until the tip of his fingers run down your inner thigh, tentatively close to where you need him the most. His other hand travels up, wrapping gently around your throat, fingers gripping onto your jaw, turning your face to his until his lips find yours.
You whimper into the kiss, a shiver running down your legs, goosebumps forming at his every touch. You give into him – parting your mouth until your tongues are licking at one another’s. He draws your bottom lip in-between his teeth, biting with a bit more force than usual. Your legs close around his hand and he squeezes at the soft flesh of your thigh, revelling in how responsive you are to his touch. Pliant and a little impatient as your hips begin to circle on their own, unconsciously drawing him closer, craving his touch.
When his hand travels up your legs fall open once again, melting into his body as the anticipation settles into you, the excitement growing, a build-up of days making you needy for that high, that explosion of feelings you know he can coax out of you in a matter of minutes. And when the touch comes, you sigh into his mouth, cunt pulsing at the feeling of his middle finger pressing on your clit over your panties. The buckle of your hips lets him know he’s got you right where he wants you and its signal enough for him to start drawing tiny circles against your little nub – his touch is light, barely there as the tip of his finger toys with the sensitive bundle of nerves. But as placid as his touch is, it builds up quickly and to your surprise, you can already feel the pressure building up at your lower belly; knees starting to shake and breathing picking up a puffy, erratic pace.
“You wanna feel good baby?” His voice is deep, a soft growl right in your ear that you feel right in your gut.
“Yes, p-please,” your voice is airy, almost delirious as his light touch begins to tip you over the edge.
“Then you have to be good. Can you do that?” Your mind is hazy, body following the feeling too and when you don’t reply his teeth nip at your earlobe, hips rutting against his finger.
“Y-Yes, I c-can,” you give.
“Are you close, baby?”
“Yes- fuck. I’m so close, Koo- please don’t stop.”
He lets you fall into the feeling, ever so close to reaching the ultimate pleasure he knows he’s able to grant you with just one determined touch. Your body so receptive, so fucking good for him as he’s come to know it so well – to read you so well, even in just a couple of weeks. Those instances are enough to let him know you’re dangerously close to fully breaking for him, letting go and falling completely. It’s right then that he stops, hand cupping your mound as you let out a loud cry. He can feel the unevenness in your breathing right against his chest.
“N-No- why, please-” your voice borders on a plead and it sends a jolt of electricity down Jungkook’s body.
“You’ll cum when I say so.”
His breath fans over your neck, hand pushing away stray hairs that have fallen onto your forehead, already sweaty as you begin to come down from the pleasure. You’ve never played this game. Never put your pleasure in someone else’s hands so willingly, entirely. It makes you feel slightly on edge – and quite literally. The nerves pooling in your tummy; the anticipation bittersweet.
“Have you ever done this?”
“No. I just- never understood it. Always too i-impatient.”
A low chuckle resonates down his chest and you can feel it in yours. “That’s okay, baby. You’ll be good for me and I’ll let you feel good. You’ll understand it.”
“I want to be good for you, Jungkook.”
“Yeah? My good girl?” His words get lost inside your mind as his fingers hook inside the hem of your panties, pushing them to the side. You close your eyes, both relieved and anxious to feel his touch again.
“Yes, fuck- I’m your good girl.”
At your words he gives in, fingers coating in your slick before they’re traveling upwards again, resuming the torturous pace on your clit. Your mouth parts in pleasure – the feeling ecstatic, moans lilting at the end until you’re whining at the feeling.
“You’re so wet, baby.” He teases your entrance, middle and ring finger pressing into your opening until you’re begin, a loose string of pleases falling past your lips. “What do you want? Use your words.”
“Your fingers- I want you to fuck me with your fingers,” your sentence morphs into a moan, a cry of pleasure as his two fingers thrust inside of you, immediately hooking up until they’re pressing onto your g-spot for a second too short, not letting you bask in it fully as he begins the push and pull – pressing every time they’re nestled in.
You grab a hold of his wrist, opening your legs further as you force him to still his movements – wanting to feel his fingers pressed into that spot for a little longer.
His laughter borders on mean and it only makes you pulse around his fingers. The hand that holds onto your throat travels up, fingers harshly gripping your jaw, making you look at him.
“You’re greedy, huh?” His question is rhetoric and perhaps you only nod your head to piss him off further. “My greedy little slut?” You nod again and his grip tightens, fingers hooking up inside of you – the pressure so intense it has your eyes rolling to the back of your neck. “Baby wants to learn the hard way.”
His last statement sets something off inside of you and before you can let out a faint response his fingers pick up force and pace inside of you – short little thrusts as he focuses on that spot, thumb adding to the pleasure as he circles your clit with it. Your wanton moans are laced with pleads, begin him to go faster, harder – more. He can feel your walls contract around his fingers, pussy getting tighter, voice raspier, chants of his name sounding borderline delirious as you begin to get lost in the feeling again.
“I’m gonna cum- fuck I’m gonna-”
But your words fall stranded into the air – body closing around yourself as he pulls his fingers away from your cunt, placing his hand on your lower belly as your body jerks in what feels like it’s walking a thin line between pain and pleasure. You cry out a string of no’s and he shushes you softly.
“Close your legs, baby.”
You do and like magic, you begin to come down from it yet once again.
Your body falls into his arms, falling slightly to the side as you try to stop your legs from shaking, a half-hearted attempt to ease your breathing back to normal. It’s impossible to settle down all the way but when you begin to regain consciousness you look up at him again, opening your eyes and meeting his dark ones.
“Please,” you beg.
“Shh. Lay down, baby.”
You do, with little body strength, you let yourself fall into the soft cushions of the couch. Jungkook hovers over you, sitting on his feet as he begins to unbutton his shirt. Your arms reach out, wanting to touch him but you feel too weak. He holds onto your hand instead, bringing it to his lips and placing a soft kiss on your open palm.
“You gonna be good for me, pretty girl?”
“Y-Yes- please just- fuck me, Koo.”
“Mm, not yet. I want to taste you first.”
He begins to lower his body, making himself comfortable between your thighs as he hooks his fingers on the hem of your panties. He pulls them off your legs, pushing your thighs open with his big hands. The sight of him between your legs alone has your mind falling back into that pleasure – your body quickly following.
“I’ll cum- I can’t,” you cry.
“Yes, you can. You’re so good for me, baby. So pretty like this.”
He places a kiss against your slit that has you unconsciously bucking your hips into his face. His arm circles around your thigh until his hand is resting at your pelvis. He pushes down, making you press your ass against the sofa once again. He narrows his eyes at you, a stern and deep stay leaving his lips.
His head lowers, tongue parting your folds with a thick lick of his tongue that starts at your entrance, all the way to your clit. He minimizes the stimulation where he knows it’ll set you off just yet, instead using his tongue to tease around them – soft little kitten licks before he suctions slightly, your juices coating his chin in an almost pornographic way but he loves it. He loves every tell-tale sign of your desire – could hear your soft little moans grow louder with every circle of his tongue around your entrance, could feel every tug at his hair with every gentle flick of the tip of his tongue against your clit. He could bask on the warmth of your pussy – how wet and tight you feel around his fingers, his tongue, his cock. He throbs at the mere thought of knowing you’ll have him inside of you in a matter of minutes.
“Oh my fucking God- don’t stop, baby- please don’t stop.”
Your cries are so sweet, the skin of your thigh so soft around his hand that keeps it open. Your pussy so wet, filling the room with lewd sounds as he unabashedly eats you out. Devours you until all he can feel, taste, smell is you. How much you want him – need him. How much you unravel just for him.
He almost considers to give you just what you need the most. Too tempted by having you shaking and squirming under him – him too craving to feel you let go, fall into your release, hear every single moan he knows he can emit from you.
But he doesn’t.
He pulls away and looks up at you. His lips are shiny with your juices, tongue running over them to gather every last drop, licking them clean.
The come down is less abrupt this time – your body growing accustomed to being so close to tipping over, rapidly adjusting to the come down, though not sending you into any less of an agony. This time, though, it makes you hungrier.
You look up at him. That look on his face that doesn’t hold an ounce of fear when it comes to ruining you whole. Not an ounce of remorse over doing things to you that he knows won’t allow you to go back to whatever point it is you were since in before you came into his atmosphere – basked in the pleasure, revelled in the desire that has a first and last name.
When you speak, your voice is but a whisper.
“Please- fuck me. Do whatever you want with me.”
It takes him a second to process your words but when they finally dawn upon him his movements are determined – quick. His hands come to rest at the buckle of his belt, swiftly undoing it. He motions to your dress – “Off, baby.” You comply, with shaky hands, mustering every bit of strength you have left. Throwing his pants to the side, your dress follows the pile that forms at the floor. In perfect sync, your bra and his boxer briefs come off, too.
His cock throbs in his hand as he releases some pressure with a couple of languid pumps. He follows your movements with his eyes as you reach for your bag that sits on top of the coffee table and pull out a condom. He smiles.
“Was this your plan all along?”
“You said no PJs.” You bite back, bringing the foil package to your lips and tearing it open.
Jungkook walks closer to you, coming to stand between your legs, fingers lazily running down your slit, before he’s coating his cock with your juices. He thinks about what it’d feel like to feel you raw – take you like this, feel your tightness and warmth without a barrier. The thought alone has him rolling his head over his shoulders, a moan escaping his lips as he feels your small hand wrap around his cock – pumping a couple of times before rolling the condom on.
His hands grab a hold of your legs, pushing them onto the couch. His come to rest at either side of yours, pushing them closer until they’re completely closed. He grabs hold of your waist and flips you over in one swift movement. You gasp, the faint sound quickly turning into a whimper as you feel his lips dusting feathery kisses all over your back. He places one on each little dimple that forms at the curve of your ass and when he pulls away slightly, he lands a loud smack against the round flesh. You let out a loud moan.
“Is this okay, baby?”
“Y-Yes,” you reply.
He lands another one, this one with more force and you’re sure it’s bound to leave a handprint. The sting makes you close your fists around a pillow, whining in pleasure at the pain. You’ve never experienced anything like it before and giving into the feeling feels dangerous so it’s with a shaky voice that you say, “m-more.”
“Yeah?” Another slap, on the same cheek, the pain sending tingles down your body.
He wraps a hand around his cock, lowering his body until his front is flushed to your back. He lines himself against your entrance and when you nod, he pushes in, thrusting his hips into yours. You’re so wet you take him in one swift movement, hissing at the fullness when he bottoms out.
“Fuck- the tightest little pussy.”
“Your tight little pussy,” you say in-between laboured breaths.
“Yeah, baby. My tight little pussy- fuck. All mine.”
He pulls back, circling his hips as your cunt swallows his tip back in – short little pulses that send shivers down his spine as he can feel just how close you are. How much you’re holding back, how good you’re being for him. He pushes back in, the force of his thrust sending you further into the couch as a feral groan ricochets past his chest – throaty and deep. Everything about him – the way he feels, the way he sounds just adds to the pleasure. He fills you up so well, the angle just right making him hit repeatedly against that spot that has your toes curling and legs begin to grow shaky, right along with the cries you let out with every push and pull.
“That feels s-so good, Koo. I love your fat cock, please fuck me harder.”
He groans, body straightening, grabbing a tight hold of your hips before he’s landing another loud slap against your ass. He can feel your pussy clench around his cock at the contact, making him hiss in pleasure at the feeling.
“You like that, baby? You like it when I rough you up?”
“Y-Yes, f-fuck I love it, Jungkook. I fucking love it- harder, please.”
Your filthy mouth is all it takes for him to piston his hips into yours, the loud slapping of your ass against his thighs filling the room – mixed with your sweet moans and his deep growls as you begin to grow impossibly tighter around him. He squeezes your ass, hard grip on his hand before it comes up and slaps at it once again.
“Oh- oh fuck, Koo, fuck, fuck, fuck- I’m- can I cum, please- let me cum.”
“Cum for me, baby. Cream my cock, let me feel you. Let me hear you.”
You tense up for a second, body hesitant to let go after being teased to exertion. But his movements never falter, hitting repeatedly right where he feels the best and it takes you a second to get there. You let go and the feeling throws you aback so abruptly it blocks your vision for a bit, tiny silver dots all you see as your lips part in a silent moan as your whole body begins to shake. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt before and when your voice finds you – it’s loud. Cries of pleasure and muffled chants of his name as your breathing grows erratic. You feel like you’re going to pass out, fisting at the pillows to ground yourself.
“Fuck, baby- yes.”
Your words are barely there but you manage to say, “please don’t stop fucking me, please don’t- I think I’m gonna-”
Jungkook doesn’t think he can last a second longer, his body growing weak as he falls on top of you, forearms holding him from crushing you as his thrusts grow sloppier. But he can feel the way your pussy pulses around his cock, signalling another orgasm.
“Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum. Again baby, cum for me again- cum with me, ___.”
And you do. You let go, hand reaching for him, pulling his face flushed to yours, fingers tangling in his hair – feeling so overwhelmed it has you tugging at the strands with force. He hisses against your cheek, the airy little sound turning into a moan as he releases into the condom, cock throbbing as he buries himself deep inside of you, wanting to feel every last pulse of your cunt in perfect sync with his own.
He stays there for a minute – collecting himself and his breathing, dusting open mouthed kisses on every inch of skin his lips can find as you begin to come down, too.
You don’t move when he pulls away, too fucked out and exhausted – body still shaking with the aftershocks of your orgasms. The intensity of waiting until you couldn’t take it anymore.
“Baby,” Jungkook coos, “let’s go shower.”
“Jungkook,” you call out his name, rolling over and onto your back.
“Tell me, angel.”
You simply outstretch your arms towards him. He smiles, cocking his head to the side before he’s picking you up – bridal style.
“That good, huh?” He asks, a smirk lacing his features.
“You always get so cocky after sex,” you say, nuzzling your face on the soft, warm skin of his chest.
“Well, I just made you cum twice so-”
“Shhh,” you tell him, a lazy, trembling finger pushing onto his lips.
He bites it slightly and you gasp, making him smile.
Your eyes stay closed as he walks the two of you up the stairs.
You look angelic – so soft.
You look like everything that he’s known to resemble love.
HI! i don’t even know what to say. they’re so soft, they’re so sexy. i really came for violence by making jungkook organize soori’s birthday party all by himself? AND HE DREW HER BIRTHDAY PARTY NVITATIONS TOO? lol i have no chill like that actually got me fucked up. ANYWAYS I TRULY HOPE U ENJOYED! if u did lemme know – you guys know i love speaking to u guys about my lil story and just chit chatting in general. i’m sending a million kisses ur way <3333 xx
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prettybrownelf · 27 days ago
Fuck Me, I'm A Rockstar
Tumblr media
Pairings: Dabi x Male! Reader, Hawks x Male! Reader
Description: Rockstar AU, Strangers to Lovers, He/Him Pronouns
Warnings: threesome, blowjobs, dirty talk if you squint, He/Him Pronouns
Your guitar was loud, but the band on the other side of the building was a hell of a lot louder. You had been playing on this corner for about a month now, trying to scramble any money you could. Finally, after about an hour, the loud music stops, letting your soft voice be heard over it. You let out a relieved sigh as you start another song. More people gathered around to listen to you now, some leaving a couple of dollars in your guitar case. You happily smile as you continue singing, enjoying the cold breeze of the night.
"You sure you didn't break a rib or anything?" Hawks ask his band mate as they leave the stone building, walking home. Dabi scoffs as he takes a drag of his cigarette. "Shut up; it was just a mosh pit." Hawks laughs as he points out the bruises starting to form on Dabi's skin, avoiding touching his scars. "You hear that?" Dabi asks, looking towards the small group of people clapping. They make their way through the crowd as they look at the voice they heard. You were finishing up your last song, thanking everyone for listening and giving money. Then, you start packing up your stuff, beginning your trek home.
"He's cute." Hawks smirks. "More importantly, he had a great fucking voice," Dabi says as he lets his cigarette fall from his fingers as he steps it out, looking around for you. You seemed to have disappeared entirely, that is till he saw the guitar on your back. "Come on, bird boy," Dabi says as he begins walking your way, moving his way through the people on the streets. How were you moving so damn fast? Was it a quirk or something?
Finally, they find you stopping in front of some old warehouse. "Hey!" Hawks calls out as he jogs up to you. You jump a bit as you turn to look at them—Dabi groans as he jogs to catch up with his winged friend.
"Sup." You say, standing up fully, now seeing they weren't going to mug you, yet at least. "We heard you singing and wanted to offer you a job." Hawks said excitedly. "Calm down, Idiot," Dabi says as he pulls him back. "The names' Dabi; this is Keigo. You can call him Hawks." He explained. "We have a band, and we're looking for a new vocalist." Your eyes light up as you smirk at them. "Fuck yeah! Where do I sign up?" Hawks smiles as he gives you his phone. "Put your number in, and I'll text you." You look between him and the phone for a second. "I don't have a phone." You laugh embarrassed. "Oh, well then, where do you live? We can come to pick you up tomorrow." Dabi shrugs. You turn around, gesturing to the abandoned warehouse behind you. "Home sweet fucking home." You laugh.
"Oh." They both say. "There's a reason I'm singing on the streets." You say as you begin to walk inside. "You can sleep at our place!" Hawks says quickly. Dabi swears he nearly punches him. "What?" You say, turning to the red-winged man. "Yeah, it'll just be for the night. Then we can take you to the rest of the band and stuff." Hawks smiles. You look at Dabi, who shrugs and begins walking back towards the street. "Let's go." He groans as you follow along with a smile. Hawks wraps his arm around your shoulder and pulls you closer to him, and whispers in your ear. "If you want, we can have a little fun tonight." He whispers, making you get hard in your pants. You push him off and scoff. "Keep dreaming, BirdBoy."
Their apartment wasn't too big, but considering it held two people, it was pretty good. "I'll crash on the couch, and you can take our bed," Dabi says as he lays on the couch with a thud. You quickly shake your hands. "No, no, no! I'll sleep on the couch!" You blush, watching him take his shirt off. "It's fine. I sleep here normally anyways." He shrugs. "Why?" You ask, putting your thing down next to the door. "Because his wings are annoying." He points at the winged man currently putting his coat up. "Hey!" He pouts as he walks to the two of you. "Don't be mean." Dabi flips him off as he lays down, leaving you room to sit down. Hawks falls next to you and wraps his arm around your waist.
"Well, while he's a dick, you can hope for mine." He winks. You nearly choke at his words, getting flustered. "Shut up, you bastard." You stutter, trying to seem harsh. "Oh, come on, we both know you're not tough." He scoffs as he moves closer to your face, watching you hold your breath. "Why don't we have a little fun, baby." He murmurs as he kisses you, leaning you against the couch as he holds your waist. Dabi sits up and groans. "Calm down, Keigo, save some for me." He goes as he takes you by the thigh, kissing up to your neck. You were shocked by the events happening but couldn't help the moan that leaves your mouth when Hawks backs up from you.
"Someone's enjoying this." He smirks as he takes his shirt off. You feel Dabi start pulling yours off, so you complete the process. "Lay down, hottie." Dabi says as he kisses your forehead. You lay down, head on the side of the couch as you watch Dabi get on top of you. "No fair, I wanna fuck him," Hawks says as you notice he's now in his boxers. "You can fuck his mouth." Dabi growls as he kisses you roughly, ripping your pants and boxers down, letting your hard cock fly out. You shudder at the feeling as he wastes no time stroking you, both the men smirking at your small pants and whines. "Someone's not as tough as they thought." Hawks laughs as he moves your head to the side. "Now open that pretty little mouth of yours." He says, or more so commands. You immediately open up, feeling his large cock stretch your mouth a bit. You could taste the pre-cum on your tongue, making you moan around him. He goes back past your throat, making you gag, but he only moans as he begins to fuck your throat.
"Now, now, you don't get all the fun." Dabi smiles as he looks down at your sobbing face, cheeking pushed out as you suck Hawks cock. He circles his tip around your hole, watching you clench. He shakes his head as he presses into you, listening to your moan around Hawks. "Damn, baby." Dabi moans as he pushes into your more, feeling you squeeze around him. Your dick was leaking, falling against your chest. Dabi doesn't take time, fucking you into the couch, getting harder and harder each time so he can hear your pained moans. God, he was stretching you out so good you couldn't help but moan around Hawks again. "Damn kid, you feel fucking amazing." You hear Hawks moan from above you. Your jaw was starting to hurt as Hawks came down your throat. You're forced to swallow his seed as he pulls out, watching you gasp for air.
As you suck in the air, you nearly choke as Dabi rams into you again, forcing you to look at him. "That's right slut, look at me now." He growls as Hawks smirks and strokes himself to the sight of you two. "I wanna see your pretty little face when I cum inside you." Again, he growls, getting closer to you, watching you scream his name as you cum on your chest, feeling him follow soon behind, filling you up.
He pulls out, watching his cum pool out of your abused hole. "Let's get some sleep." He sighs as he lays back down. You catch your breath as you watch the two disappear and go to sleep, leaving you with your thoughts.
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bonvoyagenoona · 3 months ago
Soft & Sad & Happy & Something Else | KSJ
Tumblr media
Genre: Songfic based on Breathless by Shayne Ward
Pairings: Jin x Reader
Rating: 18+ / Mature / Explicit
Themes & Content Warnings: Fluff, smut, comfort, strangers to lovers, slow-ish burn, oral, vaginal, fingering
Word Count: 4.6k
Author’s Note: For @skyys-universe‘s ask! I haven’t published a songfic before. Loved the imagery and the feels. I really hope you like it, and that it elicits the feels you wanted! 💜
Permanent Taglist: @purpleheartsfortae @btseditsworld @greezenini @missbickerbocker @dearbambideer @helenazbmrskai​ @morti13 @skyys-universe​
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin is soft.
You guess based on the way he’s smiling so warmly at you from across the table. He started at work a month ago, and though you’ve been assigned to show him the ropes, you still barely know him. First dates aren’t your forte, you whined, but as your sister smoothed the wrinkle on the back of your gorgeous new dress and gave you a kiss on the cheek for luck, she reminded you that first dates weren’t really anyone’s forte.
Sighing, you rest your chin in your hand, elbow on the table, fingers pressing lightly onto your cheek, as if trying to reach her. As if trying to activate the beacon. A signal for help.
The reason you need help is because Kim Seokjin’s warm smile hits like gasoline on the kindling in your chest.
It’s actually Kim Seokjin who needs the help. His smile is so warm because over the course of twenty-eight days, twelve hours, a goat cheese salad, prime rib, and a shared chocolate cake, the candle that he lit in worship of you has turned into a torch that he will carry for you.
“Jin, please,” he insists for the thousandth time, eyes widening. “Seokjin just sounds too… formal.”
Your gasoline-covered heart does a little twirl at the fact that he wants something a little stripped.
“Jin,” you exhale.
He breathes you in, and you start to feel a little woozy.
The waitress comes around with the bill, and you do everything in your power not to reach into your purse to throw your credit card into the mix. When he finishes signing the receipt, he sets the booklet down on the table and leans forward, resting his forearms on the table.
You lean back in your seat, making sure that you aren’t touching the table at the same time, hoping to keep the fire at bay.
“You were saying?” Jin asks.
Pull yourself together. You can do it. Slow and steady. “I’m always happy to help out with whatever you need at the office,” you say. Your voice is firm, but you’re wringing the cloth napkin in your lap. “It’s part of the job. You don’t have to go this far to show appreciation.”
“Oh, that’s not what this is,” Jin says confidently.
“It’s… it’s not?” you ask.
How is his smile getting even warmer? He looked so cold and distant in his office badge photo. Then again, why have you memorized his office badge photo in the first place?
“This restaurant is nice,” Jin says, still holding your gaze. “I wonder what other places you like to go in the city.” With lifted brow, he asks, “Wanna show me one?”
He chuckles at your sigh of relief. He senses that you were hoping he was only kidding about this being a first date. He knows that you know that he likes to joke around. He knows that you don’t know that he’s not joking about this. But he’ll throw you a bone.
“Sure,” you say, settling back into your body. You can feel the chair under you. You feel your knees. “This time of night, I like to hang out in this one spot.” There are your calves. “The city lights look cool.” Ah, there are your toes.
You’ll need them for balance, as you walk down some side streets to some nondescript staircase. It leads to a footbridge overlooking the highway and giving you a wonderful view of the skyline. You climb up onto the railing and lean on the top bar, like you used to when you were a kid.
The breeze lets your hair dance. Jin likes the skyline, but he likes your unencumbered smile better. Up here, you seem freer. At peace.
“This place is special,” Jin observes.
“Yeah,” you say.
“For any particular reason?”
You shrug. “Not really. Sometimes, I like to come up here and take photos. My sister and I hang out here every once in a while. Bring snacks.” You laugh to yourself, lips pulled tight, a puff of air through your nose. “I had my first kiss here, actually.”
You don’t expect Jin to light up so brightly when you tell him. “Yeah?”
“Yeah,” you say. You find yourself laughing even more at Jin’s earnest interest. When he presses his upper body against the railing and watches you in wait, you decide to indulge him. “Uh, well… The elementary school I attended is just down there.” You lean forward and point it out, but Jin’s eyes stay focused on you. “We’d cross this bridge to get to class. There was a group of us. We got along really well. Found family, y’know? We’d just talk, or listen to music, or play cards, or read books.” Another memory floats to the surface. One you’d almost forgotten. “That’s how it happened, actually. We read a story. Some love story about a boy and a girl sharing a kiss. We wanted to try it. So we did.”
“Was it a good story?”
“Nah. It took a while to get started.”
“Was it a good kiss?”
You roll your eyes, making Jin chuckle.
“Please. I was six, and he was seven.”
“Ooh. An older man.”
The comment makes you giggle.
“Is that what you sounded like when he kissed you?” Jin asks, making you giggle more.
The breeze has shifted a shade cooler and a pinch stronger, but you see it rather than feel it, your hair suddenly blinding you. As you tuck your strands behind your ears, you realize that you didn’t feel it because at some point in your story, Jin had taken off his plaid button-down and slipped it over your shoulders. You could forgive yourself for missing that, but you’re wary that you also missed whenever it was that you slid your arms through the sleeves and pulled the fabric tight across your chest.
Jin’s chest is showing through the thin white tee that’s left.
You’re starting to feel woozy again.
Jin bends in half, resting his temple on his arms on the top bar. “Can I find out… what you sound like… when I kiss you?”
Your jaw rests open slightly. Partly out of surprise. Partly because you’re about to say yes.
His lips find yours, careful, and reverent. His hands find yours, too, still clenched around the column of buttons. After that first, kind kiss, he brings his left arm around you, placing his left hand in the middle of your back and pulling you in close. But he keeps his right hand wrapped around your fist at your chest, letting you know that he won’t ask you to open up sooner than you’d like. Even when you’re wearing his shirt.
He kisses you again, pulling you together, slow, and steady.
“If our love was a story book, we would meet on the very first page,” Jin tells you thoughtfully.
And that’s when it happens.
That’s when Jin ignites you, and you burst into flame.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin is sad.
You can tell from his too puffy eyes, swollen not with his typical carefree joy, but with worry. You don’t know why he’s sad, but you’re glad that he thinks to seek you out for comfort.
“Is everything alright?” you ask, feeling stupid as soon as the words come out.
“Not quite, but I’m feeling better now that you’re here,” Jin replies, pushing a smile through his tears. You find it odd, and incredible, how he’s so handsome even when he’s crying.
You instinctively reach up and wipe his tears away with your thumbs. You haven’t done that before. That’s because you hadn’t seen him cry before. There are a lot of things you haven’t done with Jin yet. But there are also a lot of things that you have.
Like, for instance, visiting his apartment, which is equally random and comfortable.
Jin likes that it’s starting to smell like you, your laundry and shampoo scents mixing with his. He likes that it’s starting to look like you, too. A toothbrush here. A set of pajamas there. He almost put your pajama pants on one night and cackled to himself when they stopped at his shins. He missed you suddenly. He almost kept them on to sleep.
He closes his eyes and pins your wrist to his cheekbone, finding solace in your touch, and your scent. You smile softly and thread your fingers into his hair, hugging his frame tightly as he reaches behind you to push the door closed.
“What can I do?” you ask.
“Just be here with me?”
He kisses the back of your hand and leads you to the living room. It looks like he’s set up some sort of… pillow fort? You laugh as he sits on one of the couch cushions on the floor, and his heart fills with love for you when you ask no questions and join him by staking a claim of one for yourself.
He gazes at you, and you start to feel a little self-conscious, like you always do when the spotlight happens to choose you.
You always wonder what’s going on in his mind when he gazes at you like this. What have you done to deserve such a wondrous thing? You’re no work of art. You’re no magic trick. You’re no spectacle, or miracle. But he always looks at you as if you are. You don’t want to fall too hard too fast, but you’re starting to believe that to him, you might be.
If you could see
“You’re doing it again.”
“Sorry.” He smiles but doesn’t budge.
You beam back at him, heart full.
“I’m just happy to see you,” he says, his voice suddenly ridiculous small for a man his height.
“C’mon. Tell me what’s bothering you,” you say.
“Something was bothering me?” He blinks. And pouts. “Oh. Um… Right.”
Jin sighs and crumbles to the ground. You fall with him, supported by the mess of couch cushions and pillows. You kind of like this. This makeshift raft on which you’re floating.
“I was missing home,” he tells you. “Missed my family. My friends.”
He opens his arms to you, now a familiar signal that he wants you to lay in his embrace. You scoot into him, and he wraps his arms around you. Feeling you there seems to take the heaviest load off. Even the couch cushions feel lighter.
You’ve gone through the details. Work is work. But you aren’t sure why Jin puts himself through this when so much of his life exists elsewhere.
“Do you want to go back?” you ask.
“No.” He always sounds so sure.
But you always feel the opposite.
You start to tear up, and Jin frowns. He clicks his tongue and kisses the top of your head. “I feel silly. There’s really nothing to do.”
“Don’t feel silly,” you croak. “I just hate seeing you like this.” You take a deep breath. “I don’t know why you… why you stay?”
You think of all the times that he’s seen you at your worst. How many times he’s shown up, no questions asked, often at your request, but, somewhat eerily, sometimes just based on a vague feeling that something was wrong. How many times he’s held you, kissed you, made you feel better.
Jin hugs you tighter. “Oh, no. Please don’t cry. I promise I’m feeling better now that you’re here.”
“But I’m the one who drags you down,” you whisper.
“Nonsense,” he whispers back. “I’m adrift without you.”
He kisses you deeply, and, taking your precious time, your more than familiar tongues gently rove over one another. Your heads are emptying in that delightful way that they do when you’re together.
But one nagging thought persists.
When things get like this, so uncertain, and feeling so unfair, how can you make each other feel better?
“Lie back,” he tells you, making sure you’re comfortable.
“But you need me,” you say, a little confused as to why Jin is kissing down your neck, unbuttoning your shirt, pulling down your zipper, undressing you enough to get his fingers into your flesh.
“We need each other,” Jin says. His voice is so pure and true.
His mouth falls to your breast, and you cradle his head with your hand, grabbing his hair when his pillowy lips and masterful tongue get it just right. You groan as he moves to your other breast, nipple taut and tweaked by those nimble teeth, before his tongue soothes where he’s marked. All the while, you grind your mound into his hand, and he grunts into your skin with pleasure at how strongly you want him. How desperately you ache for him.
Your hand finds the outline of his cock, straining against the tight fabric of his jeans. His hips buck away from you when you discover him, but then press harder into your palm when that first sensitive thrill is done rushing through his veins. He soon rests his weight on you, making it impossible for you to free his cock because he’s focusing on getting you off.
“Let me,” you whine, and Jin brings his lips to yours. You find a breath in his seductive kiss to escape. “Let me feel all of you.”
“You first, baby. Want you to come first.”
“Close,” you reassure him, as you feel his thumb rotating around your clit, and his superb fingers climbing deeper and deeper with each stroke. As he pleasures you, he shows you what he wants, too. You match him in grip. In speed. In absolute want.
Soon, Jin whimpers, and you bring your legs together, pinning his working hand to your pussy, and allowing your free hand to unbutton his jeans without threat. He sighs and lets you tug the fabric down, readjusting to help you, until his full, naked cock is resting in your palm, fingers now able to wrap fully around his shaft, both your hips angling, making your collective strokes freer, and more potent.
Jin’s fingers find just the right configuration to send you into overdrive. Your mouth hangs open, and you wail as each of his movements start to feel too intense. Too good. He focuses on precision, pulling back from the race and making sure to stay in the same position, adjusting speed and intensity to compensate for your heightened sensitivity. When your last wail isn’t followed by any sound, he clamps his mouth down over yours, and he tightens his hand’s grip, moving so fast that he’s nearly vibrating inside of you, and his tongue already starting to do the work of soothing you down from the high that you’ve been shot into. You shiver against him, turning into him, every muscle twisting gloriously, searing heat flashing all over, so hot that you wonder if your release is bubbling like your sweat is. When you tighten, so do your toes, and your calves, and your thighs, and your hand. Jin echoes your ecstasy, his hips pumping as your hips start to slow. And when you whisper his name, telling him to come for you, he grunts, and comes, emptying himself onto your skin, baring his soul just as he did when he opened the door.
Lying here, spent. Raucous lovers riding the wild waves of their pleasure together. You never thought that’d be you.
It’s utter bliss.
“Jin… What if it stops? What if it doesn’t last?”
He hums happily. “It will.” He curls into you, kissing your jaw, just under your earlobe. “If our love was a fairy tale, I would charge in and rescue you. On this yacht.”
He gestures to the raft of cushions you’re resting on, and you find enough consciousness to laugh.
“Over and over,” Jin says, still so sure. “And I know you’d do the same.”
“How do you know?” you ask him, still lost in the glorious ether. “Is it this feeling?”
“Kind of,” he replies. “But it’s more the mere fact that you showed up at all.”
Your heart warms. No, you never thought that’d be you. “So, then, where would we go?” you ask. “On this so-called yacht?”
“We would sail to an island.”
An island, he thinks, where you’d hopefully say “I do”.
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin is happy.
You know from the way he’s craning his neck up at you. It’s almost as if he believes that if he pushes just that much further, he’ll be able to kiss you on the third-floor balcony.
“What are you doing here?” you call down to him, uneasily laughing, voice horse and muscles weak from the flu. “I’m still sick!”
He holds up the bouquet of flowers he picked up on his way there, soft blues and purples in delicate paper. If there were ever a bouquet to represent how calming and precious you are to him. “Wanted to bring something to cheer you up!”
You shake your head. “Alright. I’ll send my sister down.”
“No, I-I wanna come up!”
“It’s a really, really nasty flu, Jin. I feel terrible, and I just got out of the shower, so---”
He shines moonbeams up at you. “Please!”
The rhapsody in his voice. It sings.
“Fine,” you laugh. “But if you get sick---”
“When I get sick, you’re going to take care of me and cook for me and baby me until I get better!” he calls back up to you. “You shouldn’t have come to stay with your sister in the first place!”
“Your flight’s in the morning!”
“Let me up!”
You sigh, and Jin’s heart almost breaks when you step out of view for a moment. But he hears the buzzer, and in a flash, he’s upstairs, knocking -- no, drumming -- on your sister’s door.
Your sister throws the door open, furrowing her brow at him.
“You sure you want this?” she grumbles, knowing exactly how you’re feeling, because her body has fallen victim to it too.
“More than anything,” Jin says, sighing happily.
Your sister stares at him. “You’re weird.” She steps back and lets Jin inside. “She’s in the guest room.”
He scampers toward your door and tackles you into your bed, holding out the bouquet while he kisses you violently, ignoring your pleas for him to stay away and stay well, and eventually making you squeal despite your scratchy throat.
Thank you for the flowers,” you laugh, as he finally calms down.
“You’re welcome. I missed you.”
“I literally left the day before yesterday.” You grin. “But I missed you, too.”
He sinks into a heady tizzy of a kiss with you, and then he pulls you to sit up with him. You groan as your bones creak, and you let out a less than appealing cough. But he just gazes at you again, in that way he does. Like you’re made of exquisite marble. Like your lashes are threads of gold. Like your lips are rubies. Like you’re art. Like you’re a miracle. Because to him, you are.
“Thank you for being you. And for loving me. I love you.”
You pause your second admiring sniff of the bouquet and let your hands slump into your lap. Jin has his sappy moments, but they’ve usually come with an ask.
“What is it this time?” you tease, carefully feeling the soft, beautiful petals in your bouquet.
“Oh, so every time I’m sweet to you, I must have some kind of request?” Jin asks, frowning.
“You don’t have to have a request,” you joke, “but you usually do.”
He folds his arms. “Wow. Really?”
You laugh, but he stiffens when you try to kiss him.
When you meet his eyes, he lets his broad shoulders fall. “To be fair, I did have a request,” Jin admits, muttering under his breath.
“Oh?” you say playfully. “Which was?”
Jin watches you carefully, biting his lip.
You only realize that he’s wearing a suit when he floats to the floor, landing on one knee.
He pulls a delicate, diamond ring from his pocket.
“I only hope that I'll one day deserve what you've given me. But all I can do is try every day of my life.”
Time freezes. You want it to. You want to remember the cricket chirps cutting through the night sky. You want to remember the feeling of your sister’s comfiest bathrobe on your skin. You want to remember the smell of that perfect bouquet. You want to remember how quickly the dull pain of this flu leaves your body, immediately replaced with that same sharp fire you’ve felt for him since your first kiss. But most of all, you want to remember Jin’s elated and knowing face.
You don’t say anything. You don’t have to.
He kisses you tenderly, tears forming in the corners of his eyes. He gently lays you back. He had a request, but he doesn’t need anything except you. To make you feel as happy as he does right now.
He undoes your robe, admiring your beautiful body in wonder. He kisses you again, and follows your curves down to your flesh, your pussy warm and fresh for him. He kisses your clean, soft skin, and you whimper happily, softly whispering his name over and over again. “Jin. Jin. Jin.”
The pressure builds, and your arousal is dripping along with the water from your shower. He laps it all up, nosing your clit and looking up at you as he tightens his grip on your flexing thighs. When he sees that you’re close, he rolls up his sleeves. One arm wraps around your right thigh, holding it to his shoulder. The other disappears from sight, but you feel his fingers inside of you, ready and able.
He eases into you, but soon enough, he’s devouring you while picking you apart. You don’t care who hears your moans. They’re full of ecstasy.
And when you fall apart around him, you finally give your official answer.
“Yes, Jin. Yes.”
Tumblr media
Kim Seokjin is something else.
You’ve long discovered that he is unlike any other man you’ve ever known. Not that you’ve cared to know many. Especially not like this, his naked form writhing against you, and his naked cock finally finding its home in your tight pussy, stretching you out with that welcome burn that holds a miniscule heat when compared to the love exploding in your chest.
“Mrs. Kim,” Jin whispers happily, as you quiver against him. “I love you, Mrs. Kim.”
At the words, and the sight of your discarded tuxedo and bridal gown, you giggle like a schoolgirl. He tips his head fondly to the sound.
His fingers already know how to curve against the swells of your ass, helping you turn over and get on your hands and knees. “Think you can give me one more?” he asks you, but you’re already looking back at him with a dazed, gleeful smile.
He pumps into you again, easy and careful, like your love at first. His cock fills you up so much, makes your head tilt, and constellations rearrange. You move together as if one, as if you never existed as separate entities. He gasps when you tighten, and when you hear him gasp, you pulse. His rumbles spur you on to move faster, and when you reach back for him, he places his fingers between the lips of your pussy, making your dizzy head droop. He doesn’t just move in soft, sensual shapes, or use his wide palm to cup you with delicious pressure. Once he’s warmed you up again, he places his fingers around your clit, stroking it, playing with it, letting each digit get its due.
You start to rock back against him with more vigor, and he picks up the pace. A firm, flexing arm wraps around your breasts, nipples and tissue poking through the gaps between his fingers, spilling out around his wrist. His pumps would hurt if you weren’t so wet, arousal long having evolved from droplets into a thick slather, the remnants of your perfect ambrosia on Jin’s chin still sweet. His tongue wraps around wildly to take a taste of you there, and also to take a taste of your candlelit back, salt and sugar delectable.
You toss your head back, eyes rolling, heart pounding.
“Come,” Jin tells you urgently.
“You too,” you plead. “Want it. Fill me.”
And how he fills you. With himself. With his love. With the promise of everything he’ll become, for himself, and for you.
His chin lands on your shoulder, and you sob. This is why it never felt right with any of the others before him. This is all so good, and right, and flawless. This was meant to be.
His cock strains inside of you, deep and throbbing. You feel it about to explode.
He senses your spiking arousal. So he places the pads of his fingers around your clit, milking it, stroking it, an attempt to mimic what you do for him, a sensation you’d never felt before.
“Oh, fuck,” you moan, the top of your head hitting the pillow, your voice muffled by the honeymoon suite sheets.
“C’mon baby, that’s it,” Jin grunts with considerable effort, cock buzzing with anticipation at just how beautifully erotic your release will be around him.
“Baby,” you whine. You reach for him again, a hand over your shoulder, looking for something, anything else he can give you. He lets his teeth find purchase on your skin, biting tenderly, purposefully, releasing a scalding roar out of you.
And with that roar comes the inevitable fall. The fall through time. The fall through space. The fall to the mattress, bodies flexing involuntarily, minds lost.
When you know someone will catch you like Jin does, will always, hands and arms and heart full of only you, it’s incredibly easy to fall.
He pulls you both onto your side, hugging you from behind, pressing soft kisses into your shoulder, where his teeth had turned you red.
“Let’s make a baby,” he tells you thoughtfully, letting his tongue lick his mark. “If we had babies, they would look like you.” He plants a final kiss there, and smiles. “It'd be so beautiful if that came true.”
“One thing at a time,” you whisper. You don’t know why you do this. Why you think you need to look before you leap. You don’t. You have Jin, and he’ll always catch you.
“But I want more of you,” Jin remarks, gazing at you, the pinnacle of miracles. “You don't even know how very special you are.”
You turn back to him, only able to see the outline of the left side of his face.
“Do you not know?” you ask quizzically. A whole day of celebrating your love, and he still doesn’t know?
“Not know what?” he asks, a little worried.
You sigh.
“Sometimes I think you must have been sent from heaven to earth to change me. You're like an angel.”
You place your arms over his, squeezing him into you. He nuzzles against you, kissing your neck.
“The thing that I feel is stronger than love, believe me,” you tell him. “You're something special.”
He rolls over you slightly, seeking your perfect lips. You kiss, perhaps deeper than you ever have.
And your heart fills when you pull apart and watch as he struggles for air. He’s told you time and time again, with his words, with his kisses, with his body, how much he loves you. Every time he’s tried, he’s emptied himself of everything he has, left a panting, awestruck mess.
You miracle.
You leave Kim Seokjin breathless.
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1dfanfictionbookcovers · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stranger Stars by shaylea ( @sunshineandhisrainbows )
Five years ago, Africa offered a grieving Louis Tomlinson an escape from an England he couldn't tolerate. Now it's become home as he leads overland tours across the continent with his best friend and driver Zayn Malik. What's meant to be just another ordinary six-week trip from Cape Town to Nairobi turns into anything but, when future lawyer/current photographer and songwriter Harry Styles and his friends join Louis' latest set of passengers.
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whitesparrows97 · 3 months ago
Love is a foolish thing
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x female reader
Warnings: drinking of alcohol, swear words, angst, mean people, jealousy, minor injuries, explicit sexual content including oral (female receiving, indication of male receiving), fingering, light spanking, little bit of dirty talk, protected and unprotected sex
Genre: Strangers to friends with benefits to lovers
Summary: Falling in love… it sounded so simple. Falling. Like one wrong step, a small stumble and you were deeply in love. But there was nothing easy about love.
Word Count: 20K
Note: My tumblr nearly crashed while trying to post this story because it’s too long. I really have no idea how that happened, I just couldn’t control myself. So nothing new. But what is new is the banner. This is the first time I created one (goodbye using gifs from tumblr) and I really hope you like it. (The gif of van Gogh’s Starry Night is not mine and I found it on giphy. The picture of Taehyung he posted himself when they were touring in Berlin.)
Also a little disclaimer: English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes! I’d normally split a story this long into chapters but because this is a story for the btswritersclub fic exchange, I decided to post it as a oneshot. I really hope you’ll like it @taetaesbaebaepsae !
Tumblr media
intro: new beginnings
He felt the thumping bass throughout his body and welcomed the tingling sensation on his skin with a wide grin as he pushed his way through the crowd. His gaze slid over the countless faces as he passed them; most of whom he had seen before on campus or at previous parties.
Faces were what he could remember.
The bone structure of the face, how their hair framed their face, their facial expressions… These were all things that could not be easily changed and what made a person unique. No matter how much they changed, dyed their hair or cut it off altogether, wore a lot of makeup or none at all – there was something that didn’t change, no matter how hard they tried. And that’s exactly what Taehyung saw in people, which was why it was easy for him to recognize people, even if he had only run into someone once in the hallway. 
For a long time, it had felt like a curse to Taehyung. Nowadays, he knew how to use that gaze to his advantage. It helped him especially in his studies and his art teacher had praised him more than once for having that special sight.
There was one thing, however, that he had a lot of trouble with.
“Hi, Taehyung!” A young man appeared in front of him, shouting against the loud music. 
Taehyung shifted his gaze down to look the shorter man in the eye. The young man grinned at him, a bit wryly and a red plastic cup in one hand, which judging by his already glazed look was not his first cup of the evening. 
He put on a smile and nodded. “Hey…” 
Names were the thing he just couldn’t remember, for the life of him. He was glad he knew his best friend’s name after all these years. Even if every now and then he found himself thinking before it thankfully came back to him. It was frustrating to know so many people, to recognize them, but to have forgotten what their name was. 
Taehyung didn’t wait for an answer, but with another smile apologized to the young man in front of him, who had already started moving clumsily to the music again. Taehyung doubted that he even noticed that Taehyung had disappeared. 
He gave a wide berth to the area in the center of the room that had been chosen as the dance floor this evening and instead kept close to the walls. From there, he could get a rough idea of who all had come to this party on a Thursday night.
Despite the loud music, he could hear the loud voices, buzzing conversations and peals of laughter. Here and there, yelling mingled in. The first visitors to the party were already clinging to the shoulders and upper arms of their friends, which were the only reason they were still standing upright. 
Taehyung shook his head, laughing softly when he saw this. He hadn’t been that late; a glance at his watch showed him that the party had only started a little over an hour ago. But it was summer, which meant that the semester would soon be over. And with that came all the exams, so Taehyung couldn’t blame anyone for needing time off from studying. 
As he looked over the various groups of people, his gaze lingered on a face he didn’t recognize. 
Intrigued, he slowed in his walk. 
He frowned and his smile disappeared as he looked at you intently from head to toe. His father had once described this facial expression as his “artist’s expression”. When he was so engrossed in a painting or drawing that he didn’t notice how his eyebrows drew together and deep wrinkles formed in his forehead. Even now he could hear his mother scolding him that the wrinkles eventually wouldn’t go away anymore. 
When he had explained to her that wrinkles told more stories than words ever could, that they were charismatic, she had shaken her head with a smile. 
Taehyung’s gaze lingered on your lips, which had formed into a relaxed smile as you listened to someone talking to you. Min Yoongi, his best friend and a music student in his final semester.
Taehyung didn’t know what the two of you were talking about or if you knew each other, but you seemed to get along well.
He continued to watch you for a brief moment before you seemed apologetic and then disappeared towards the kitchen with your cup in hand. Determined, Taehyung walked towards his best friend and when he was only a few feet away, Yoongi looked up. 
“Hey,” the older of the two said, nodding at Taehyung. He took a sip from his cup and let his gaze roam the room, just as Taehyung had done moments before.
“Hi,” he greeted back, eyeing Yoongi for a moment. “Who was that?”
Yoongi laughed into his cup and shook his head with a grin. “You must know everything and everyone, don’t you?”
Taehyung shrugged, but didn’t contradict him. “I just like to get to know the people I study with.”
Yoongi snorted at his statement. “Even if I told you her name, you’d forget it in half an hour anyway.”
Taehyung couldn’t object to that either. It probably wouldn’t even take half an hour. Sometimes Taehyung felt as if names went into the one ear and right out the other without even a brief stopover at his brain. 
“You know,” Yoongi began, raising an eyebrow, “women usually aren’t too keen on being called by the wrong name by mistake. Just a little advice.”
Now Taehyung was the one who snorted. “Thanks, you seem to know a lot about that. Should be a little careful with your new girlfriend. Just a little advice for you,” he repeated Yoongi’s statement and Yoongi grinned.
For a moment there was silence between the two men. Only the loud, booming music and the buzz of voices filled the pause between them. 
“Y/N,” Yoongi then suddenly said, “her name is Y/N. She studied in another city before and came to this university for her master’s.”
“What did she study?”
“Why don’t you ask her that yourself if you’re so interested?” 
Taehyung raised his glass, which was almost empty anyway, downed it in one gulp and made his way to the kitchen where you had disappeared to. 
. . .
“So you’re Y/N. Right?” Taehyung didn’t show how proud he was that he had been able to remember your name. 
You nodded and waited for him to introduce himself. “Well… Are you going to tell me yours or do I have to guess?” you asked after a short silence when he kept studying your face but no words came out of his mouth.
“Oh, sure,” he blurted out, startled by this question for a second, “I’m Taehyung.”
Out of the corner of your eye, you saw his hand twitch, as if he wanted to shake your hand and you had to stifle a grin. 
But Taehyung had seen the corners of your mouth move upward. “Are you laughing at me?” he asked, holding a hand to his heart in feigned hurt. 
“No, no,” you placated him, but any further attempt to explain was interrupted by your laughter rising inside you. Taehyung looked at you through narrowed eyes for another moment before a grin spread across his face as well.
You liked his smile. You noticed it right away, even though you had only been talking for a few minutes. 
Your gaze lingered on his lips for a moment too long and when you looked back into his eyes, his grin had widened even more and there was an amused glint in his gaze that hadn’t been there before. 
You had to avert your gaze and let your eyes wander around the kitchen. You didn’t know what it was, but his gaze made you nervous. It was intense. As if he was looking right through you.
“Do you want to dance?” he asked, bringing you back from your thoughts. 
Instead of giving an answer, you took his hand and led him back to the living room. 
The dance floor had not emptied in the meantime, rather the opposite was the case. By now most of the guests at the party were crowding onto it, so that the entire room had become a dance floor. And even the people who were standing on the sidelines and preferred to watch the spectacle from a distance were persuaded to dance. 
You made your way past sweaty bodies until you finally found a place where you could move a little more freely. The song that was playing was energetic and fast – and while the other people around you were jumping up and down, singing along loudly and off-key to the lyrics, Taehyung surprised you when he put an arm on your waist and pulled you close to him.
The two glasses of alcohol you had already drunk were slowly but surely making themselves noticeable. A pleasant warmth flooded through you as you felt Taehyung’s strong hands on your hips, moving you to the beat of the music. That, and the fact he smiled at you whenever you locked eyes made your heart beat a little faster. 
Especially when his thumb drew little circles on the small sliver of bare skin where your shirt had ridden up. The air was stuffy and sweaty, but at that moment you didn’t mind it one bit. 
Taehyung leaned forward and your breath hitched when his lips touched your ear as he said, “You’re beautiful.”
You waited with your eye roll until Taehyung had leaned back again, so he definitely caught your gesture. Immediately, his eyebrows shot up. 
Now it was up to you to lean forward. “Can’t you think of anything better?”
Taehyung thought for a moment, and if you hadn’t felt his hand on your lower back, pulling you closer and closer to him with each movement, you would have thought he was completely lost in thought. 
But then you saw the corners of his mouth twitch up as he tried to suppress the grin. 
Again he leaned forward toward you, but this time he didn’t speak directly. Instead, you first felt his lips against the shell of your ear, and then gasped in surprise as he gently bit your sensitive skin. The deep, throaty laugh that followed sent jolts of electricity through your veins. 
“I could also say that you look incredibly hot and caught my eye as soon as I arrived.” 
You were completely stilled in your movements and the hand that had been on your hip before had crept up to your neck. His slender, long fingers danced on your sweaty skin and your eyes fluttered closed as you savored the sensation he and his fingers were causing. 
You almost forgot about his lips against your ear, which made you flinch as Taehyung spoke the rest of his sentence. “And none of it would be a lie.”
When you opened your eyes again, the hand had disappeared from your neck and resumed its place on your hip. You didn’t speak a word, your looks said enough. And when your eyes wandered lower for a moment and came to rest on his lips with that mischievous grin, the outcome of the evening was sealed.
. . .
Your back hit the wall behind you and you let out a soft “Oh” in surprise. Taehyung took the opportunity and his tongue slipped between your open lips into your mouth. You moaned as he explored your mouth, which spurred Taehyung on even more. 
His hands traveled down your torso, down your sides, and finally grasped your hips. Then he pulled you tighter against him so that you were locked between him and the wall behind you. Even though you didn’t feel locked in at all. You hadn’t felt this free in a long time. 
Your hands reached out between your two bodies on his torso, and you felt the muscles under his shirt twitch as your fingertips brushed almost delicately over sensitive areas. His lips turned into a grin before he kissed you passionately again. 
His fingers wandered lower and finally wrapped around one of your thighs. They dug pleasantly into your flesh, making you hum contentedly. With a sudden exclamation of surprise from you, he lifted your leg and the moan you both gave as your hips met was muffled when your lips crashed into each other once again. 
But it wasn’t just his hips you felt against yours. You felt him hard, right between your legs as he circled his hips against yours. 
He wandered his mouth along your jaw first before kissing down your neck. “You are so receptive to my touch,” he said softly, but in the otherwise silent room, his voice sounded loud and clear. His hot breath tickled you, making you shiver as Taehyung ran his tongue along your neck. 
“Sorry,” you laughed softly when you shuddered again as his tongue explored the contours of your collarbone.
His grip around your hip and thigh strengthened before he let go of your neck and straightened up. He released one hand and gently stroked your hot cheeks with it as his gaze darted back and forth between your eyes. “You never have to apologize for being sensitive to touch. That just tells me I’m doing everything right.”
And how right he was. 
“Do you have condoms?”
Your question made him pause, and a second later he gently let your leg slide back to the floor. He seemed to think for a moment, an index finger pressed to his lips before he stuck it up in the air as if he had a sudden idea. You watched as he walked toward the bed and opened the nightstand drawer. He rummaged around in it for a moment, and you grimaced as you thought about Taehyung digging around in other people’s things.
“Bingo,” Taehyung exclaimed, reaching into the drawer and tossing a package onto the made bed. “Unopened,” Taehyung added as he turned to look at you, raising an eyebrow. 
“Don’t be mean,” you said, but had to smile as well. His smile was contagious. “Just be glad the person doesn’t seem to be having that much sex… it’s to our benefit right now.”
“That,” Taehyung countered, “or that’s a new pack because he just fucks a lot.”
You couldn’t hold back your grunt when you heard his statement, that’s how dryly he said it. “Whose room is this, anyway?”
“I don’t know,” Taehyung said and looking around for a moment. 
You didn’t need to check, because you couldn’t have known the person. It could even be Taehyung’s room for all you knew. You didn’t even know who the host was at that party. A girl, Grace, from one of your seminars had approached you yesterday and invited you. You hadn’t seen her all evening and wondered if she had shown up yet.
With slow and deliberate steps, you walked toward the bed in front of which he stood. As you came to a stop in front of him, you noticed his frown in the dim light. “What is it?”
“I hope you don’t think of me as being unprepared or expecting us not to use contraception.” He held your gaze as if he were watching every little emotion in your face. “I didn’t plan on doing this tonight, so I didn’t come prepared.”
Your hands wandered up along his sides, feeling the muscles under his T-shirt. “So,” you said softly, looking back up at him, “you don’t do this kind of thing often?”
A mischievous grin had stolen onto his face in return. “Occasionally,” he admitted with a shrug, “but probably less often than you’re thinking right now.”
You were about to reply something when suddenly the door was yanked open behind you and the music from the living room could be heard more clearly all at once. Surprised, you turned around.
“Oh,” a guy laughed when he caught sight of the two of you. A girl stumbled into him as he stopped so suddenly in the doorway. 
“This place seems to be occupied,” the girl laughed now, too, eyeing the two of you. 
Her boyfriend – or acquaintance – also caught her glance. “Or are you two interested in–”
“No,” Taehyung said firmly, before the other could fully ask his question. He stepped out from behind you and it only took a few long strides before he arrived at the door. “We’re not. Thank you.” With those words, he pushed them both out of the room and closed the door. “Shit,” he muttered.
With nimble fingers, you opened the box of condoms and grabbed one before heading towards the door as well. Taehyung had leaned forward and seemed to be examining something on the door. Or rather, something that wasn’t there.
“What’s wrong?”
He straightened up again and made a head movement toward the lock. “There’s no key.”
“Okay?” you asked, “Is that a problem?” Your fingers gently stroked his upper arm, squeezing it once firmly, and Taehyung understood. He raised an eyebrow and the next moment he spun you around and your back hit something again, this time it was the door. There was a dull thud as your back hit the wood and you felt it give in from Taehyung’s strength. You just hoped it would hold for the next few minutes…
“Not at all,” he whispered in your ear and you bit your lower lip to stifle the wanting moan that almost fell over your lips. You closed your eyes to fully concentrate on Taehyung’s lips, his teeth which left red and blue marks on your sensitive skin. 
Your eyes fluttered open in surprise, however, as Taehyung’s lips suddenly disappeared and he slid down to the floor so that he was kneeling in front of you. His eyelashes cast long shadows in the dim light of the bedside lamp, and absentmindedly you brushed his hair out of his face. 
“I know I’m repeating myself and that you don’t want to hear it, but you’re so beautiful.” His long fingers found their way under your top and every little bit of skin he bared was covered by his lips a short time later. What remained was heat – heat that coursed through you and eventually accumulated in your abdomen. 
You were about to pull him back to his feet by his shoulders when his fingers found your jeans button and a moment later you heard the opening of a zipper. His hand found yours, which was still clinging to the condom as if it were an anchor and which he took from you before guiding your hand to his head. As you looked down at yourself, fingers buried in his hair as if you’d done it umpteen times before, your eyes met. 
Lust and mischievousness were in his gaze, the smirk hidden from your perspective, but you saw the glint in his eyes as he pulled down your pants along with your underwear. 
. . .
“And then he went down on me.”
“He what?” Grace looked at you in surprise.
You cleared your throat. Your cheeks were warm and you tried to avoid her curious gaze. “He went down on me.” 
You wanted to end this conversation as quickly as you could. You didn’t even remember how Grace had talked you into telling her about last Thursday in the first place. But Grace had pestered you for so long, until you finally caved in. She had seen you disappear into that bedroom with Taehyung, which was why you couldn’t deny anything. 
“Oh. Wow.”
“Oh, come on,” you said, trying to downplay the subject. With a little more force than necessary, you shut your laptop and shoved it into your backpack. “It’s not that big of a deal.”
“You bet it is,” she whispered-shouted, earning a few scowls from the nearby students. She quickly apologized to them in a softer tone. “You bet it is,” she repeated, quieter this time, as you walked toward the library exit. “No guy does this on a one night stand.”
“I’m sure there are some.”
“You wouldn’t give a blow job either, would you?” she completely bypassed your argument. 
The door slammed shut behind you and you took one deep breath. You loved the fresh evening air in early summer… especially when you had been sitting in the stuffy library for hours. Even though some loved the smell of the old books and dusty paper, it mainly caused you a headache and the unspeakable pressure before your next exams. 
“I’m just saying,” Grace continued to explain, “you can’t be sure if the person is clean.”
“I am clean,” you muttered, feeling a little affronted. “I told him that beforehand.”
“On the other hand, yeah, he can wear a condom I guess. Hmm…” 
For a moment, you wondered if you were in a parallel universe, where Grace was walking the path to the dorm alone and therefore not responding to you. But then she turned around and looked at you with waggling eyebrows. “Did you come?”
“Grace,” you sighed, wanting the questioning to stop. Instead of answering her, you countered, “I should have just ignored you those few weeks ago when you sat down next to me in the seminar.”
“And would be alone to this day? That would be so sad.”
You rolled your eyes. “At least then I wouldn’t have to let you pepper me with your questions.”
“True again,” she said with a shrug, “but then you wouldn’t have anyone to brag to about the great sex you had either.”
You said nothing in reply, but kept your gaze firmly focused on the building a few hundred feet in front of you. 
“Or miserable sex we can make fun of?”
That elicited an annoyed groan from you, and finally a shake of your head. “First of all, we don’t make fun of anyone at all, no matter how good or bad someone is in bed.”
“Okay, Miss Diplomacy.” A pause arose and it amused you to see Grace growing more impatient by the second. “Okay and so what? So was he good?”
Sighing, you nodded, “Yes, he was.” Before Grace could clap her hands in delight, you quickly added, “I didn’t come, though.” The words came out of your mouth faster than normal. 
She just snorted, though. “Then trust me, this won’t be the last time.” 
You raised an eyebrow. “We both agreed that this will be a one time thing.”
“Well, look at it this way,” she began, and with a beep, her student ID was confirmed and the glass door to the building slid open. “Did he notice you didn’t come?” You nodded. “Then he’ll certainly have the urge to prove himself all over again.”
You thought for a moment, letting Grace’s words run through your mind. “Oh, I don’t know. It wasn’t because of him.”
“Then what was it about? Couldn’t you relax?”
You nodded again. “The whole situation was unfortunate,” you began to explain in more detail. “I felt like someone was going to burst into the room at any moment and–” You bit your lip, trying not to say the rest of the sentence.
Grace gave you a meaningful look. “And?”
You had arrived outside your room and nervously played with your key card. “It’s just…” Ringing for words, you looked down at the floor until you finally looked up in frustration. Grace looked at you patiently, seeming to notice how hard it was for you to talk about it. “He was so… gentle.”
When Grace heard that, she had to grunt.
“Hey,” you countered, smacking her on the upper arm. 
“Ouch.” She grimaced as she rubbed the sore spot. “Would you have preferred him to be rough?”
You tilted your head and considered. Grace laughed when she saw that.
“I’m just saying,” you said, now serious again, “No one night stand I’ve had has tried this hard. I guess, I’m just a bit surprised, that’s all.”
“Then why don’t you talk to Taehyung,” Grace replied, still a grin on her face as she walked backwards down the hall to her room, “Maybe he won’t try so hard next time.” You could still hear her giggling, even as she disappeared around the corner and out of your field of vision. 
. . . 
falling into habits
Taehyung moaned and thrust deeply into you one last time before coming to a stop inside of you. He braced himself on his forearms to avoid crushing you under his weight while you both caught your breath. Silently you lay in Taehyung’s bed before he finally reached between your bodies, held the condom tightly, and pulled out before finally rolling off of you. 
He didn’t bother to get up and dispose of the used condom, just tied it together, lazily wrapped it in a tissue, and rolled back onto his back so that he was lying next to you. 
For a moment you lay like that next to each other, completely detached from the world that was going on outside Taehyung’s apartment and instead in one where only the two of you existed. 
But then you picked yourself up with a discontented sigh, and awkwardly climbed over Taehyung, who made an attempt to hold you by the waist. Laughing softly, you batted his hands aside and a second later your bare feet came into contact with the carpet. 
Your fingers found your panties and quickly you slipped them back on. So did your jeans and your T-shirt. You glanced back and saw Taehyung still lying naked in his bed, on his stomach now, while the bedspread covered his lower half. Your gaze slid down his trained back nonetheless, and you bit your lips as images of the last few minutes popped into your head. Or rather hours, as you silently cursed when you glanced at your phone. 
You heard Taehyung laughing tiredly behind you. “Why’re you cursing?”
As you continued to gather the rest of your things, you briefly glanced over your shoulder back at the bed. Taehyung had turned his head so he could watch you. 
“I’m late,” you explained to him, stuffing your belongings into your bag, which you unceremoniously slipped on. 
Taehyung groaned and buried his face in the pillow. 
“Can’t you skip it and stay here instead?” His voice sounded muffled and you wanted to go back the few steps to run your fingers through his tousled hair. 
But you couldn’t.
“I’ll see you in a few days.”
“That’s not soon enough,” he whined and shook his head. 
“I think my group would kill me if I didn’t come to the meeting. Besides,” you added a little louder, worried that Taehyung would fall asleep otherwise, “I’m already grateful to them for accepting me into their group in the middle of the semester in the first place. I don’t want to cause any more inconvenience.”
You heard only a displeased murmur from Taehyung’s direction and threw a quick goodbye into the room before leaving his apartment. 
The walk to the campus took you half an hour, even if you hurried. However, you could use the time well to reflect on the last weeks. 
After your conversation with Grace, it had only taken a few days for you to receive a message from an unknown number. Yoongi had given your phone number to Taehyung through Grace – which Grace had commented with an “I told you so” – and a day later you had met up. 
This time hadn’t been at a party, but at his home, and quickly one thing had led to another. You hadn’t even taken a seat on the sofa properly before your lips had crashed into each other.
You had never talked about where this was going with you – and if it was going anywhere at all – but for now you were pleased with how easy everything was with Taehyung. You were on the same wavelength, he made you laugh, and the sex was good. Great even. That’s all you needed right now. And honestly, that’s all you wanted right now. Relationships meant drama and in the end at least one person got hurt. 
Out of breath, but fairly punctual, you arrived at the workroom where you had arranged to meet your group. The others were already there, but no one seemed to mind that you had arrived a few minutes late.
You spent the next two hours putting together the topics you had worked on and writing them into the presentation. You had been surprised when you first met and found out that everyone had done their work. You worked hard and expected the same from others, and as you had explained to Taehyung, you were glad that the group had accepted you at all. 
After all, by then well over half of the semester had passed, and in the beginning you had inevitably set the group back in their schedule. While the others had already been working on comparing the similarities and differences between their novels from The Modern Period, you had been reading your novel and gathering notes at lightning speed so that you could now sit together and pretty much finish the presentation. Each of the four of you would still have to write your own essay, but you knew you could do that in two to three days. You had all the information, so all you had to do was put it on paper. 
Relieved and satisfied, you sighed as your bones cracked when you stretched your arms high above your head and arched your back. 
“Wow, we really got something done today,” Toni said, visibly satisfied as she scrolled through the presentation one last time. 
An approving nod went through the group and Thomas also closed his laptop with a quiet click. 
“Do you want to join us for a drink?” Mia looked at you through her delicate glasses, which she pushed back up her nose with an index finger.
You didn’t have to think twice, because you were happy about any invitation. So a smile spread across your face before you nodded. 
Conversations and laughter accompanied you down the stairs and you were so engrossed in a conversation with Toni that you didn’t notice the person waiting in front of the entrance of the building. It was only when you heard your name called out to you that you turned your attention to the person. 
Taehyung, you realized with surprise.
“Hi,” you greeted him, eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, “what are you doing here?” 
“Hey you. I thought I’d pick you up.” He had both hands buried in the pockets of his sweatpants and had thrown on a hoodie to protect himself against the coolness of the summer evening. 
You took the few steps back to Taehyung, noticing at the edge of your awareness how the others’ conversations had fallen silent. 
“Pick me up? For what?”
Taehyung shrugged. “Yoongi and Grace invited us. I think they both wanted to watch this new movie that started in theaters a few days ago.”
“Oh.” You looked over your shoulder at the others and saw the three of them glance quickly to the side before your eyes could meet. 
“Oh?” Taehyung repeated, taking his hands out of his pockets. Some disappointment spread across his face, as if he had expected a different answer. 
You heard a “Is that Kim Taehyung from Fine Arts?” and a “Fine he is definitely,” which made you pause for a moment. 
“Well… I uhm, I actually wanted to go out with the others. They just asked me if I wanted to join them.” You pointed your thumb over your shoulder to the group, which had now started whispering quietly. 
“Ah I see,” Taehyung said and his grin was back when he heard that, “So you’re making friends?”
“Taehyung,” you said, your voice sounding more whiny than you had intended. 
“It’s all good,” he laughed and before you knew what was happening, he had put an arm around you and pulled you against him for a moment. You froze, surprised about the sudden public display of affection. 
His perfume was still in your nose even when he had already let go of you and taken a step away. “Have a nice evening then. Text me when you get home okay or need someone to pick you up. I’ll stay awake until then.”
And without further ado, he smiled at you again before walking past you. As he passed the group, he waved to them and again wished you a good evening. You watched as he grew smaller and smaller in the twilight of the evening, the farther away he got, before finally disappearing behind a corner. 
All evening you couldn’t get his grin and the scent of his perfume out of your mind and nose. And more than once you wondered if it would have been better if you’d made a different choice. 
. . .
what am I to you?
The apartment door was yanked open, revealing a beaming, smiling Grace. 
“Hello, you two,” she greeted you with a sly smile before stepping aside, thus allowing you into the apartment. “Did you find your way here okay? When I first came to Seokjin’s apartment I got lost.”
You kicked your shoes off your feet and whispered a “thank you” at Taehyung as he took them from you and placed them neatly next to the countless others. 
“Sure,” he answered Grace’s question, straightening up again. 
In the narrow hallway, he looked huge, as if his shoulders were almost touching the two walls. You could only see his back as you walked to the voices that seemed to be coming from the living room. Music was clearly audible playing over the stereo, but quiet enough that you could talk without having to shout. You couldn’t deny the slight nervous tingle that had formed on your skin. 
Your eyes fell on Taehyung’s hand. You would only have to stretch out your arm a little and then your fingers would touch his fingertips. 
Your arm, which had lifted slightly on its own, fell limply back to your side. You kept your hands to yourself, even though nervousness was spreading through you. Like a balloon, it inflated before bursting as you stepped through the door into the room. Ten, twelve faces looked up as the three of you entered the room. You were relieved that there was no big fuss about it, but the others greeted you briefly and then continued in their conversation, which you had interrupted. 
You took a seat on the sofa next to a girl you didn’t know. But she looked nice.
Unnoticed, your eyes followed Taehyung, who took a seat at the other end of the sofa and returned Yoongi’s handshake. The two of them jumped right into an animated conversation. 
You were so focused on the two of them that you didn’t notice the look the girl next to you was giving you. Until she finally cleared her throat and you winced, caught and startled. 
“Sorry,” she smiled apologetically at you, “I didn’t quite catch your name. What’s your name again?”
“Y/N.” You had to clear your throat as only a croak came out at first. “And what’s your name?”
“Emilia, but feel free to call me Emmy.” She gave you another genuine smile, which you returned. Even your last bit of nervousness fell away from you as you lapsed into pleasant small talk over the next few minutes. 
It got even easier as Grace placed a glass of freshly mixed cocktail in front of you on the coffee table and dropped to the floor at your feet. You were all the more relieved to have her by your side and not have to answer every question, but to sink into the back of the sofa for a moment and just follow the conversation.
Inevitably, your gaze slid to Taehyung and it surprised you when your eyes met. 
When Taehyung saw this, he grinned at you. You had talked on the way about how awkward it was for you that he knew all the other guests and you knew no one except for him and Grace, and a bit of Yoongi, though mostly from Grace’s or Taehyung’s stories.
That’s why you could interpret his grin well. You knew what he was going to say, even if you didn’t have a chance to talk right now. 
“See, it’s not so bad.” 
You had spent so much time with him the last few weeks that you could practically hear his deep voice in your head. A warm feeling spread through you, even when he had already averted his gaze and was absorbed in talking to Yoongi again. 
That’s how the hours of the evening went by. 
You played a never-ending round of Uno, in which you didn’t come last (you preferred to hide the fact that you came second to last), and other card games. No drinking games, which you were happy about. No forcing to drink so everyone could drink what they liked, when they liked. 
At one point, Taehyung and Grace had switched places and you got all hot as he leaned against your shins. Him and Emmy knew each other since the first semester, as you found out. It made you feel weird, knowing that they knew each other for years, while the both of you only met a few months ago.
Nonetheless you enjoyed the evening, and feeling so protected by Taehyung that you didn’t even look at your phone every few minutes out of habit. Therefore, you had no idea what time it was. Only the slowly emerging tiredness told you that it was probably time to go home. 
You knew you would sleep well that night. Maybe you would spend the night at Taehyung’s place too – this would be a first. 
However, your good mood was abruptly over with one, harmless sentence.
“How do you two know each other anyway?” Emmy looked at you with interest and at first you were perplexed, so surprised at this question that you just sat there stiffly. 
Most of the others were engrossed in conversation and didn’t notice this awkward situation. Because what were you supposed to answer? You were not together. You didn’t even know if you wanted to and you had never talked about it in the first place. It had always been kind of clear that there was a sexual attraction between you – but something beyond that? 
You couldn’t answer that. 
Your gaze flickered to Taehyung for a second. Why didn’t he tell his long time friend about you? She didn’t even know your name… Had Taehyung never mentioned you to his friends before? 
You were just getting ready to speak, to make a not very explanatory statement, when Taehyung beat you to it. “We met at a party.” He reached for his glass and took a sip while making a hand gesture between the two of you. “We haven’t known each other that long, just for a few weeks.”
Emmy raised her eyebrows as if she’d expected a different answer – and she wasn’t the only one. She gave you a small smile and turned to Seokjin, who was sitting next to her and, as you had learned that night, was not only the host but also the entertainer of the evening. 
You turned your gaze from Seokjin and Emmy back to Taehyung, who was talking across the table with another young man whose name you had already forgotten. It had been too many names for one evening. But what surprised you a little was how quickly Taehyung had pushed the subject aside. 
Was that all? 
You hadn’t known yourself what you would have answered, but you were sure it would have been more than Taehyung’s answer. Something else. 
For the next half hour, you were exceptionally quiet, which Taehyung also noticed. He turned to you and squeezed your knee once, almost affectionately. “Are you tired? Do you want to go home?”
You nodded silently, barely able to look him in the eye. What was wrong with you? As if two sentences had tipped your mood 180 degrees. From one extreme to the other…
When you stepped into the cool summer night, you took the opportunity to take a deep breath. The alcohol and the heat in the living room had clouded your mind. That had to be it. 
But even on the way home – to your apartment – your mood didn’t seem to lift. Taehyung’s jokes and casual comments, which would normally make you smile, were exhausting at that moment and you were about to tell him that you could walk the rest of the way on your own. 
Then he suddenly stopped as if rooted to the spot and you had to walk a few steps back again. For a moment there was only silence. In the distance you heard shouting and laughter and the occasional car passing you by, bathing you in its warm yellow light. 
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
A simple question. No simple answer. So you just shrugged your shoulders. “Nothing, why?”
He clicked his tongue in displeasure. “You know I hate games like that.” Even in the darkness, you could see how his lips were pressed into a straight, stern line. 
Immediately your heart sank at the sight, making it even harder for you to find an answer and voice your thoughts. Instantly, you wished you had pulled yourself together for the last forty-five minutes. Instead, you were now in a situation you couldn’t easily get out of. At least not without completely throwing your principles overboard, and you just weren’t ready for that yet.
You turned your gaze to the ground and heard Taehyung sigh. A moment later, he took a step closer so that his shoes entered your field of vision. As his hands clasped yours, you flinched, not expecting the sudden touch. An argument was more what you had expected. 
“Hey, look at me, please,” he asked, this time in a softer voice. When you did just that, his gaze searched yours, as if trying to read all the answers from your face. But you knew your face was just an expressionless mask, not reflecting the chaos inside you. “What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” You stayed silent. “Huh?”
You avoided his gaze and let your hands slip from his grasp. The disappointed look on Taehyung’s face escaped you as you searched the sidewalk for an answer. 
“I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what’s wrong.”
That made you look up. “I don’t need your help.” You winced at how cold your voice sounded. But you felt pushed into a corner. 
He frowned at your statement. “Okay…” he said and buried his hands in the front pockets of his pants. The hands that had held yours a moment before. He studied your face as if thinking about whether to say the next part or not. Then, “What do you want from me then?”
The question made your heartbeat quicken. 
Behause you had no real answer to that. Therefore, you just shook your head. 
Taehyung mimicked the movement. “What kind of answer is that, Y/N?”
You shrugged your shoulders and Taehyung sighed, gradually annoyed. 
“I feel like I’m talking to a wall right now. And to be honest, I’ve had that feeling for a few days now.”
You had to swallow.
“We’ve never worked out what this is between us,” he began, hesitating briefly, “but maybe it’s about time we talk about it.”
“Why?” Pleadingly, you looked at him. “Why can’t it stay the way it is right now?”
“Because of this.” He made a hand gesture between the two of you. “Because it’s not good for you or for me. I, I have–” He sighed and ruffled his hair in frustration. “I’m just afraid that you and I have different intentions.”
“Different intentions?” you repeated, confused. What was that supposed to mean? “Well, you’ve made it more than clear tonight how you see things between us.” 
Taehyung raised both eyebrows when he heard that. “What do you mean?”
You rolled your eyes. Did you really have to explain to him now what was bothering you? “Emmy didn’t even know who I was.”
He let the sentence sink in for a moment before enlightenment spread across his face. “Oh, that’s where that comes from… What would you have wanted to hear? That we’re together? We’re not, are we Y/N?”
“I just don’t understand you,” you said, not responding to him.
“I can say the same back,” he muttered, but you ignored that too.
“All evening you were so… so distant and your friends didn’t even know who I was and how we know each other. Do you know how awkward it was for me when Emmy asked that and then this answer came from you?” You waited a moment, but Taehyung’s lips were pressed tightly together again. “Do you think I didn’t feel the looks from Grace and Yoongi? The–The pity when they heard you just label me as an acquaintance?”
“Oh, is that your problem? Is it so important to you what others think of you?” 
You didn’t respond. That was not the reason and he should know it. 
“What was I supposed to introduce you as then?” Taehyung raised his voice now, showing just how frustrated he was getting. “Hi guys, this is Y/N by the way. We’ve been fucking for over three months, but I actually know absolutely nothing about her because she pushes me away every fucking time I want to get to know her better. Is that how you want me to introduce you next time?”
His chest rose and fell rapidly as he stood in front of you, completely out of breath, waiting for a reaction. 
You had to swallow and turned your gaze to the floor as the corners of your eyes began to burn. 
“Yes, I admit,” Taehyung continued, a bit more calmed but still noticeably upset, “I shouldn’t have introduced you as someone I just met at a party. But as what instead? What is this between us? You can’t tell me, and you don’t give me any clue about how you feel… how you feel about me. Sometimes I think you don’t fucking like me at all.”
“That’s not true,” you said meekly, but Taehyung snorted when he heard that. 
“Please stop denying that you don’t act like shit towards me. One night everything’s fine between us and the next day you’re back to being so distant as if there’s nothing between us.” You held his gaze, even though you wanted to look away. “And admit to yourself how you feel. For your sake, but also for mine, please. And let me know when you’ve made up your mind, I just can’t take this constant back and forth.”
He took a step back as if he needed some distance from you after his confession. Then he slowly walked past you while you continued to stand rooted to the spot.
“Are you coming?” you heard Taehyung’s voice behind you.
“I can walk the rest by myself.” Your voice sounded weak, as if the conversation just now had drained all your energy. 
Taehyung shook his head and nodded in the direction of your student apartment. “I’ll still walk you home. I’m not an asshole.”
If you concentrated, you could see the top of the roof in the distance. But maybe your eyes were playing tricks on you in the darkness. What was certain, though, was that the walk home would be unpleasant and long.
. . .
it’s a fine line between disappointment and anger
You shifted your weight from one foot to the other as your eyes flitted over the passing cars. You were on the lookout for Grace’s neon green old Ford Fiesta, although its eye-catching color made it hard to miss and visible even from a distance. When you took a quick look at your phone to check the time, you realized that you were already waiting for over fifteen minutes. 
The others were late.
You tried not to be too irritated about it, even though you couldn’t quite suppress the feeling. After all, you had taken a cab to get to the location, which was so far out of town. By train it would have been a big detour and a long walk afterwards, so you had bitten the bullet and spent the money on a cab. Even though you couldn’t deny that you almost cancelled when you found out how far out the location was.
And you knew all too well the reason why you had come after all.
You just hoped that Grace and Yoongi would give you a ride on the way back, so you wouldn’t have to pay for a cab again. 
You were about to reach into your jacket pocket for your phone again when you suddenly saw something green flashing in the distance. 
“Finally,” you muttered. You watched as Grace pulled into the parking lot and drove around the corner a little too fast before the car came to a stop in a parking space. 
“Sorry!” it echoed across the lot, barely after the driver’s side door was yanked open. “We’re late.” 
Grace came rushing to you and gave you a quick hug. As she did so, you noticed how out of breath she was, and instantly your little pang of annoyance was gone. “We still had to pick up Taehyung and Natalie.”
You tried not to flinch at the unfamiliar name. However, you didn’t even need to ask who this Natalie was because at that moment a girl got out of the car and brushed the non-existing dirt off her tight black jeans. Your gaze was so fixed on her that you didn’t even notice Taehyung, who had also gotten out of the car.
Only when he was just a few meters away from you and Grace did you notice him. You couldn’t help but let your eyes glide over his body. It had been a long time since you had seen Taehyung in jeans, when he usually wore wide-leg pants. You couldn’t deny how outrageously handsome he looked in the light blue jeans and plain black T-shirt that revealed his tanned arms. You wondered if he’d done something with friends last weekend and been out in the sun a lot.
You felt an unpleasant tingling on your skin and turned your attention back to the strange girl who pierced you with her gaze. It surprised you that no one else noticed her deadly stare, but that’s when she briefly narrowed her eyes and averted her eyes from you. Like a snake, which gave its warning before attacking if you didn’t back away. The message was clear, even if you didn’t understand what she had to fear. 
Taehyung and you, that was a closed book. Briefly flipped through it and then put back on the shelf. There, where it belonged and where it should preferably never be taken out again.
You hadn’t checked in for the past four weeks, and instead had locked yourself in your small dorm room preparing for exams. This had distracted you during the day, but at night you had often stayed awake. Your finger had hovered over the chat with Taehyung countless times before you had changed your mind at the last moment. 
It didn’t work. It wouldn’t work. 
Something inside you was still resisting, but now you didn’t have to act surprised if Taehyung had had enough of waiting. You had never been together. It was probably not difficult for him to move on. 
And you had given him every right to do so.
But then why did your heart tighten as you looked back and forth between Taehyung and Natalie?
“Let’s go in, it’s all going off of our time,” said Yoongi, who was the last to join you. With a nod and a quick smile, he greeted you before you walked together towards the front gate. The path to the small, ground-floor building was sandy, and lost in thought, you kicked a few small stones in front of you that were lying on the side of the path. 
“We needed one more person,” Grace snapped you out of your thoughts.
Confused, you looked up. 
“To play paintball,” she elaborated when she saw your puzzled look and nodded in the direction of Natalie, who was laughing at something Taehyung had said. She then punched him in the shoulder and he pretended to stagger far away before laughing as well. Just a few weeks ago, you had been the one laughing at his jokes. “It needs five players minimum, at least that’s what the website said.”
“Sure,” you replied, even though you had barely listened to Grace. You didn’t care about the reason Natalie was here. You wished that you had chosen to stay home. But there was nothing you could do about it now, and you definitely wouldn’t bring down anyone’s mood. 
So you put on a smile and hoped it would come easier in the next hours.
It didn’t take long at the reception, thankfully, so you were soon queuing up to borrow the equipment. During the induction training, your fingers nervously ran along the frame of the visor of your helmet that you had to wear. Purely precautionary, because the head was off limits, a paintball company employee explained to you. 
“There is also another rule,” the employee explained in a firm voice that indicated that he had told this text dozens, if not hundreds, of times before. “Or let’s say good etiquette. If you’re close to someone and the person hasn’t seen you,” he paused dramatically and you wondered if this pause had been in his script or if he’d added it over time, “don’t shoot the person, say ‘Bang!’ instead. Even if they’re just little hardened gelatine balls, they can really hurt when shot at such close range. So don’t be assholes and take care of each other.”
Scattered laughter rippled through the three groups receiving instruction with you. As your eyes slid back to the staff member to hear if he had more to explain, they lingered on Taehyung and Natalie. Natalie signalled Taehyung with her index finger to her lips that they should listen. As she did so, however, her lips twisted into a grin and from the short distance you could hear her soft laughter.
Oh now you couldn’t wait to get on the field.
. . .
You hid behind a small wooden hut in the fenced area. As you tried to calm your breathing, you checked the end of the gun to see how many of the little colored bullets were left before sighing quietly in frustration. 
You scanned your surroundings as you scrambled back to your feet, but there was no sign of Natalie. She was responsible for your team’s ammunition, and no sooner had the round begun against a group of strangers than she had apparently made it her goal to stay hidden not only from your opponents, but from her own teammates as well. You hadn’t seen her the entire round so far, and if you didn’t have a deep-seated grudge against her, you’d almost be impressed. 
You were jolted out of your thoughts when you suddenly heard a dull stomping behind you in the house. The hut was small, perhaps two square meters, and consisted only of thin wooden boards nailed together. As quietly as you could, you turned around and tried to make out something through the small slit between the wood, but even as you squinted your eye, you couldn’t see anything except for the floor. 
Suddenly, you heard something behind you. 
You whirled around and raised your gun at the same moment, aiming it right at the young man who was just sneaking around the corner of the house and was about to surprise you. 
You looked at each other perplexed for a moment before he turned his gun away from you and held up his free hand.
“I think we’re both out, aren’t we?” he laughed, and you agreed, smiling. 
He helped you to your feet and you went to join the others, who were also hit and waited outside the area until the round was over. You were surprised that Natalie and Taehyung were the only ones left from your team.
When Grace spotted you, she threw her arms up in the air in disappointment. “Oh no! I think we’re losing this round.” 
Yoongi stifled a grin at the pure disappointment in his girlfriend’s voice before putting an arm around her shoulders. Grace unconsciously rubbed her side, and as you moved to stand next to her, you asked, “Is that where it hit you?”
She looked down in wonder, where her hand was still rubbing the presumably sore spot, before nodding. “Those things really hurt, don’t you think?”
You shrugged. “I didn’t get hit. It was more of a mutual elimination.” You glanced to the side and saw the young man from the other team standing alone. His remaining team seemed not to have been hit yet. 
No sooner had this thought crossed your mind than two unknown men suddenly joined you. Their faces reflected frustration and disappointment. Your eyes widened when you saw the countless paint splatters on their clothes. 
“What happened to you guys?” laughed the other man when he noticed it too.
But the two didn’t answer him, instead they looked in your direction.
“Not a bad tactic,” one said, and the other nodded. 
You were glad that Grace and Yoongi were as clueless as you were when Grace asked, “What tactic?”
“You guys completely overran us with all the bullets two of your team members had. We didn’t expect that at all.”
Grace muttered something unintelligible and the two men joined their teammate. 
“You didn’t get any ammunition from Natalie either?” you asked in amazement, firmly expecting to be the only one who hadn’t seen Natalie. 
But the other two shook their heads and Grace rolled her eyes. “I don’t know what her problem is. If I had known beforehand what a bitch she was, I would have told Taehyung to take someone else with him.”
Yoongi grumbled in agreement. “Taehyung’s taste in women is questionable.” 
An uncomfortable silence settled over you like a heavy blanket. You didn’t miss Yoongi’s panicked glance in your direction, nor Grace’s elbow, which landed in Yoongi’s side. 
“Sorry, Y/N… I didn’t mean that,” he apologized, but you shook your head and forced a smile.
“It’s okay.”
But was it really?
The awkward silence was interrupted by a loud roar and cheer, and a little later the last four from the fenced area joined you. Two of them reflected exactly the emotion that the two men before had as well, while the other two were in each other’s arms, cheering and laughing loudly, and almost stumbling into each other.
“We won!” Natalie announced, grinning broadly and visibly proud. 
You didn’t need to look in Taehyung’s direction to notice that he was happy, too. You could hear it in the deep laughter that reached your ears.
But over their joy, they didn’t seem to notice that no one was rejoicing with them. A quick sideways glance at Grace told you how pissed off she was getting. To keep the situation from escalating, you stepped in. 
As calm and relaxed as you could, you said, “Maybe you’d like to give us some of that ammunition, too, in the next round.”
Natalie’s laughter died away, leaving behind an ugly grinning grimace. With raised eyebrows, she looked at you and took a step toward you. “It worked, didn’t it?” She paused. “Y/N.” She literally spat your name at your feet. “Or did it hurt that much when you got hit? Oh no, little baby.” She raised her hand and pinched your cheek like grandparents used to do with little kids. With a quick movement, you pushed her hand aside.
“Ever heard of teamwork?” interfered Yoongi, who also took a step forward, easily getting between you and Natalie. You were grateful for the distance between you.
Natalie’s challenging gaze was on you for a moment longer before she turned her attention to Yoongi. “Don’t be such killjoys, geez. We won, that’s all that matters.”
The discussion between Yoongi, Grace, and Natalie passed by you as your gaze slid to Taehyung. Your heart stopped for a second as your eyes met for the first time this day. You tried to find something in his gaze, an answer perhaps. An answer as to how you could drift apart in such a short time. And an answer to why on earth he had had to bring Natalie with him. 
Yet you knew the answer, and you knew you had no one to blame but yourself. Even though it had never been anything serious between you, Taehyung had given you the chance that it could have possibly become something more. If you had been brave enough. If you had admitted your feelings. 
If you had given each other and yourself a chance. 
You had to avert your gaze and turned it to the ground instead. When you looked up again after a few seconds, Taehyung had turned his attention back to Natalie, who was still discussing with Grace. 
“Hey,” one of the men from the other group interrupted the argument, “Do you guys feel like swapping through?”
“Sure,” Natalie replied without waiting for a response from the others first. “Why not?”
“I want those two on the team, though,” you heard one of the men say quietly to his buddy before his gaze shifted to Natalie and Taehyung. The other one laughed and that reaction made the blood boil inside you. 
But that’s how it was decided before any of you three even had a chance to protest. Grace didn’t look like she was too sad about being on Natalie’s opposing team, though, and you were glad to know at least her and Yoongi were by your side. In addition to the two of them, you were joined rather reluctantly by the young man you had eliminated and one of the two who had been eliminated last in the round before.
Grace chatted with the two on her way to a new area, but you didn’t feel like talking. Usually you took the opportunity to meet new people, but today it kind of drained your energy. Either that or it was the annoying shrill laughter that could be heard every few seconds. Your ears were hurting by now.
“Wow, how cool!” Grace marveled as you walked through a large gate to the new area. And you too could only look around with your mouth open over the large plaza full of cars. At least you suspected that they were cars under the thick layer of paint, since they were barely visible. In the middle of the square diagonally stood a bus, which probably marked about half of the area. You could also make out an RV in the distance and many smaller cars scattered around. 
“You can hide in the cars, by the way,” one of the men from the other group gave you a hint.
“Are you guys here often?” asked Yoongi with interest and the other nodded.
He raised his gun, which looked different from the one you were holding. “Custom-made, we all have our own equipment.”
“Of course you do,” Grace muttered and you had to laugh. “Shhh, don’t laugh,” Grace whispered, but had to laugh as well. The fact that your laughter didn’t please one person at all escaped you at that moment. 
“Okay, we’ll each start from one side,” one of the two on your team announced, and you began to spread out across the course. More than once you almost slipped on the ground, which had become slippery from the layer of paint. You barely managed to hold on to the outside mirror of a car. A thick layer of paint remained on your hand and you grimaced as you wiped it off on your pants. 
At least you had thought ahead and taken a change of clothes with you. 
You looked at the RV that was in your area and before you could weigh the pros and cons, your legs had already carried you there out of pure curiosity. Quietly you opened the door to the interior and carefully closed it again behind you. 
Even the interior was not spared from paint splatters, but there was much less in here than outside. You continued to look around the dark room, which was only sparsely lit because the windows were also covered in paint from outside. 
“Shit,” you muttered as you realized what a bad idea that had been. You couldn’t see what was happening outside, and there was no place to hide in here either. The benches and kitchenette had been ripped out and only the small cubicle where you thought the toilet was, was still there. 
With a sigh, you turned and reached toward the door to go back outside, when suddenly you heard voices. You couldn’t make out who it was or if it was someone from your team, but you couldn’t take the risk. 
Cursing, you lowered your hand again and walked quietly but briskly toward the small cabin. You winced when the rotten wood squeaked as you opened the door, but continued with your plan. Not that you had a choice. In the darkness, you were able to make out that the toilet had also been ripped out, making it just a tiny, empty room. 
You shut the door and squatted on the floor. Straining your ears, you tried to hear something, but except for your breathing, which seemed uncomfortably loud under your helmet, you couldn’t hear anything. Adrenaline coursed through your veins and your ears picked up every little sound. 
Had that been the door to the RV? 
You tried to make yourself a little smaller.
“I swear, I saw her go in here.”
The blood froze in your veins as you recognized the deep voice. You didn’t know why, but it hurt to hear that Taehyung had betrayed you just like that. And you didn’t need laser vision to know who was alongside Taehyung. 
A second later, the door was yanked open.
Your eyes narrowed as you had to look at the sudden light that fell through the door, illuminating the person in front of you from behind. You only heard them laugh, which sounded somewhat muffled by the helmet and visor, before you heard a loud clack and a second later felt a sudden pain in your upper arm. 
Before you understood what had happened, the sequence repeated itself two more times. A bullet bounced off the wall and hit you in the back of the head. You flinched as a sharp pain shot through you and instinctively grabbed the back of your head. Even in the dark you could see your fingers were yellow from the paint.
“Oh oops,” you heard Natalie laugh, “Bang.”
She giggled even as you scrambled to your feet and pushed past her. She didn’t step aside, not until your shoulder made hard contact with hers and she stumbled to the side. 
“Ugh, someone can’t lose, I guess.”
Jumping out of the RV and almost running into Taehyung, you froze on the spot for a moment. Not a word came out of him and after a few moments you just gave a cool short laugh before shaking your head and walking towards the edge of the area. 
The back of your head hurt and as you ran your fingers through your hair again, you winced, noticing how the color was already gluing them together. A curse stuck in your throat, but you tried not to let it out. Once you started, you wouldn’t be able to stop. 
“We’re really bad,” Grace laughed when she caught sight of you. But you shook your head in response and silently walked past her. “Is everything okay?” One foot in front of the other. “Y/N?”
Her questions fell silent when you were finally far enough away. You went straight to the lockers and reached for your bag. The sudden jerk caused it to snag on the metal of the locker, which only made you pull on it more furiously. A few seconds of mindless pulling later, you let it go. As you brushed your palms over your face, you noticed how your hands were shaking. 
So you forced yourself to take a few deep breaths before slowly grabbing the handles of your bag again. This time you immediately managed to pull it out of the compartment. The locker slammed shut behind you as you made your way towards the changing rooms. 
. . . 
“Are you sure you don’t want me to stay with you?” Grace asked you this question for the third time and for the third time you nodded. 
You said your thanks to the staff member who held out an ice pack to you and immediately you held it to the back of your head. By the time you had changed your clothes, you had already noticed the dark red spots where you had been hit and which would surely be blue by tomorrow at the latest. When you had pulled your sweatshirt over your head, you had noticed the thick and painful bump on your head. 
“I really appreciate this, Grace, that you’re offering to wait with me,” you explained, “but you paid for this and you had fun, so I don’t want to spoil it for you.”
“You’re not spoiling anything for me,” came back the prompt reply. Grace was still holding your free hand as if she was afraid you were getting the next cab home at any moment. And to be honest, you would like nothing better than that right now.
Still, you rolled your eyes. “Come on,” you said, nodding behind her. 
Yoongi was just heading your way, with a questioning look on his face. “What happened?” 
Grace started to answer, but you beat her to it. “I got hit, nothing bad.”
But Grace grunted contemptuously. “Natalie shot her in the back of her head.”
“It wasn’t on purpose.” You didn’t want to defend her because you knew the two hits before that had definitely been on purpose. But you also knew that the hit to your head had been bad luck.
“Does it hurt much?” Yoongi didn’t join the discussion, but remained diplomatic. You gave him credit for that. Your head hurt enough as it was, you didn’t need another unnecessary argument. 
In response, you shrugged your shoulders and pressed the cold pack harder against your head, closing your eyes briefly. 
“Do you want one of us to stay here?”
“Not you too,” you groaned, and when you opened your eyes again, you caught sight of Natalie and Taehyung, who also joined you at that moment.
“Oh,” Natalie said, barely standing next to Grace, “you changed your clothes, Y/N,” she remarked as she looked down at you. 
Grace’s grip on your hand tightened and you saw her jaw tighten. 
Then you turned your gaze to Natalie. There was not an ounce of remorse or pity in her gaze. “Yeah, I’m out. Completely for today.”
“Oh no, what a shame!” 
Taehyung on the other hand was exceptionally quiet right now and didn’t say a word. And you didn’t have the strength to look up and see the same look you saw a few minutes ago.
“Well, that’s just the way it is. Shall we keep playing?”
No one said a word and the uncomfortable silence increased by the second. 
“Go on,” you said, squeezing Grace’s hand, “go on playing without me.” You gave her a significant look and Grace’s eyes widened briefly before a knowing smile spread across her face.
“Okay, let’s go!” she said euphorically, jumping to her feet. Then she pulled Yoongi by the hand with her. 
Natalie didn’t take the invitation twice either and followed the two of them. Only when she had walked a few meters did she stop in wonder and look back at Taehyung, who hadn’t moved an inch. “Are you coming, Tae?”
You couldn’t hold back your bitter grin when you heard the nickname. When you looked up, Taehyung’s gaze was right on the floor in front of you. “Come on, Tae,” you said, and at your voice your eyes met, “your girlfriend’s calling you.”
Taehyung’s answer came directly without hesitation and his voice was cold as he said, “She’s not my girlfriend.”
“Just like I’ve never been your girlfriend? Is that the same between you two?”
“That’s not fair, Y/N… You were the one who didn’t talk to me for four weeks. It was as if you had completely disappeared from the face of the earth.”
He looked at you silently, his lips pressed into a straight line. He shook his head ever so slightly before turning and following the others without another word. You had to admit that you felt some gloating when he ignored Natalie’s outstretched hand and followed Yoongi and Grace without paying any attention to her. 
. . .
“You should have seen her face,” Grace laughed, quickly covering her mouth when she realized how loudly she had spoken. You stood in front of the locker while Grace pushed her water bottle into her bag. Wordlessly, Yoongi held his dirty clothes out to her and with a roll of her eyes, she grabbed them and stuffed them into the bag as well. “Next time, bring your own bag.”
“Hm-hm,” Yoongi muttered, already having turned his attention to something else.
You exited the building and headed toward the parking lot. You looked over your shoulder, where you recognized Taehyung and Natalie a few feet away from you. The two didn’t say a word to each other and silently followed you.
“What happened?” you asked quietly as you turned to face forward again. You couldn’t deny that the mood between the two of them seemed tense, while Grace walked beside you almost jumping for joy.
“She realized it hurts when you get hit.”
Immediately your head snapped to her, “Oh God, what did you do?” 
But Grace shook her head and you could see a slight smile on Yoongi’s face. “Not me.” She gave you a meaningful look that you couldn’t interpret. Or wanted to. “Taehyung.”
“Taehyung?” You were confused. “Weren’t they on the same team?”
“Apparently he got tired of her,” Yoongi said, and he too looked at you for a moment too long. 
“And that’s not the only thing,” Grace directly followed up when Yoongi hadn’t even finished speaking, “He accidentally called her Nicole. She hasn’t spoken to him since.”
“Admittedly, he didn’t really talk to her before either.”
You had to swallow. Suddenly a fat lump had settled in your throat, making it hard for you to make a sound. Only when you cleared your throat did you start to speak. “Can we talk about something else?”
For a moment neither of them said anything and you felt the eyes of both on you. You had yours, however, focused on the floor in front of you. Grace was just starting to speak when suddenly a shadow appeared next to you in the corner of your eye. You looked up in surprise and were even more surprised to see Taehyung next to you. 
He didn’t say a word, but just walked beside you. You opened your mouth, but you didn’t know what to say. Especially not in front of Grace and Yoongi. And in front of Natalie, whose footsteps you heard right behind you. 
And was there anything to say at all? Or would all the effort be for nothing and just a little too late?
You eyed him from the side, letting your gaze glide over his tousled and windblown hair, over his nose and his lips. The lips, which formed slightly downward and the eyebrows, which he had pinched together in thought. 
It seemed as if he noticed your stare, because suddenly he looked up and when your eyes met every trace of strain disappeared. A brief smile spread across his face before he turned his gaze forward again.
Arriving at the car, you tried to make yourself as small as possible in the middle seat so that your leg wouldn’t keep bumping into Taehyung’s as Grace rounded a corner. Your heart had been pounding up to your throat ever since you felt the heat radiating from him and taking over you completely. Your skin tingled and again and again your gaze slid to his hand, which he had placed on his knee. It needed only a small movement of your hand and you would be able to grasp it. You wondered if he would withdraw his hand or allow–
You quickly turned your gaze to the other side. But it was no better there. Natalie barely gave you room, which didn’t make your predicament with Taehyung any better. She stared wordlessly out the window since you got into the car and paid no attention to the conversations in the car. 
Even though there wasn’t that much attention to pay there, because every attempt Grace made to start a conversation was met with a wall of awkward silence. A few short sentences, Taehyung, Yoongi and you returned before the conversation died again. On top of that, you felt Grace’s eyes on you through the rearview mirror every few seconds. You didn’t need to be able to read minds to understand that you were supposed to talk to Taehyung. 
The next time your eyes met, you tried to shake your head as inconspicuously as possible. 
This was not the right time. 
Grace shook her head… and drove a little too fast around the next curve. 
You managed to suppress the surprised yelp, but couldn’t keep your balance, so you fell into Taehyung’s lap. Your hand came into contact with his thigh, which you tried to brace yourself against. 
“Oh,” Grace laughed, and you gave her an evil glare through the driver’s seat, “I guess I was a little too fast. Sorry.”
“Are you okay?” Taehyung’s deep voice startled you. You felt his strong hand on your shoulder and slowly he pulled you back upright. 
“Yeah, sorry,” you apologized and your cheeks burned. Damn, Grace…
“Don’t worry about it. Nothing happened.”
But something did happen, just not the way Taehyung was thinking at that moment. 
. . .
scary love
Your heart was pounding loudly in your chest; so hard it almost hurt. Your gaze slid from your perfectly applied makeup to your top, and you stared at the spot under your left breast for a moment, sure that you could see your heart beating. You shook your head and took one deep breath before grabbing your bag, throwing on a jacket and leaving your room. 
The hustle and bustle of the city drowned out your noisy thoughts as you made your way to the apartment of the house party. When Grace had approached you about the party yesterday and asked if you were coming, your thoughts had inevitably drifted straight to Taehyung. The last time you had gone out at night was when you and Taehyung had had your fight. Even though that was nearly a month and a half ago, it seemed like it was only a few days ago.
But it wasn’t just your thoughts that had drifted straight to him. 
As you got off the bus and walked the rest of the way, Grace’s expression came back to your mind. The much-important pause that had followed her question and right before her hesitant “Taehyung will be there too.” 
You wondered if it would always be like this from now on. That you would have to be forewarned if there was a chance that you might run into each other.
You hoped that this would not be your future. That you could have a clarifying conversation with him tonight. And that he was at the party at all. You didn’t even want to think about the fact that you came to the party today for nothing. 
The thumping bass and sweaty heat met you as you entered the house. Immediately, your eyes scanned the various guests as you walked through the different rooms on the first floor. Your heart stopped a few times as you thought you spotted Taehyung, only to be disappointed when it was someone else. 
You were still a little scared that you seemed to feel so strongly about Taehyung. You didn’t want to imagine the pain if Taehyung rejected you. After all, he had been relatively cryptic in his statements, and even if… you had taken a few weeks to make your decision. The situation with Natalie still hadn’t left your mind. What if he showed up again today with another girl? 
Your thoughts raced and your gaze darted through the crowd until finally someone entered your field of vision and you looked up slightly. 
“Y/N, are you okay?” Grace looked at you with wide eyes and you were sure your nervousness was showing.
“Yes,” you answered her, your voice sounding breathless. Just like how you felt. “Have you seen Taehyung?”
Grace stifled a smile, but the corners of her mouth twitched up suspiciously, betraying her. 
“He’s coming along with Yoongi. The two of them should be on their way.” She glanced at her phone and nodded once more in agreement with her statement. “Oh, Yoongi just texted that they arrived.”
Your heart skipped a beat and the nervousness became almost unbearable all at once. Nausea spread through you and you gratefully accepted the drink Grace held out to you, which you only now noticed. As you took a generous sip of it, you realized it was water.
“Thank you, Grace.”
“I thought it would be better if you worked this out sober.” She smiled at you encouragingly, but suddenly her eyes fell on something behind you. You were afraid to turn around because you knew exactly who must have come up behind you. You could see it in Grace’s smile and you inevitably wondered if you were looking at Taehyung like that. Or if he was looking at you like that. 
But when Yoongi came up beside you, you couldn’t continue to stand rooted to the spot. You turned your head to the side and Taehyung’s gaze was already on you. For a moment, you stared at each other as if you were having a telepathic conversation. Then a small smile spread on Taehyung’s lips and you felt yourself relax abruptly. 
“Hey,” his deep voice greeted you. 
“Hi.” You didn’t notice Grace and Yoongi giving each other meaningful looks before they unobtrusively walked away from you and left you alone. You were too focused on Taehyung, on his face and his smile. He looked handsome, his T-shirt tucked into his dark pants, and at his neck you could make out a fine silver chain, its pendant disappearing under his T-shirt. 
You had missed him. And you were glad to see him again. 
And as you studied his expression, hope spread through you that he might felt the same way. 
“Shall we–”, “Do you want–”, you started talking at the same time and you suppressed an eye roll as you laughed softly. 
“Please,” he let you go first with that boxy smile you had missed so much. 
You took a deep breath and laid out the words you’d been thinking about for the past few days. “Do you want to talk somewhere that might be a little quieter?”
Taehyung nodded without thinking twice. “Shall we go to my place? I’m here by car.”
Surprised, you raised your eyebrows. “By car? But you just got here, right? And since when do you have a car?”
His smile changed, taking on a hint of… was that embarrassment? “Well, I didn’t come here for the party.” Now he was grinning fully at you. “And Yoongi lent me his car.”
The words got stuck in your throat and you were incapable of more than a smile. 
“Shall we?” 
As you nodded, Taehyung led you through the crowd back to the front door. Every few seconds he looked over his shoulder to make sure you hadn’t lost him and were still behind him. 
But you wouldn’t let him out of your sight again.
Silently, you walked to Taehyung’s car, but this time the silence was not uncomfortable. Instead, there was a certain tension in the air, as if you were both nervous about the upcoming conversation. No matter how it turned out, something would definitely change for you. 
As the doors slammed shut loudly, the sound snapped you out of your thoughts. All at once, you realized how close you were to Taehyung. His right hand was on the gear stick as he put the car in reverse and pulled out of the parking space. You couldn’t help but watch him as he expertly pulled the car onto the road. 
“Are you just going to stare at me the whole time, or do you want to talk as well?” Taehyung’s grin showed you that he was just teasing you because he had noticed your stare. 
“Sorry,” you returned with a soft laugh, turning your gaze to the road ahead of you instead. 
“How are you?” 
Normally, you hated that question. It was a filler for awkward pauses when you didn’t know what to say. But at that moment, it was different. You knew that Taehyung was genuinely interested in how you were doing and that his question hinted at more than it showed at first glance. A question whose deeper meaning only the two of you knew. 
Therefore, you pondered for a moment how best to answer this question. You decided to tell the truth. Finally. “I… could be better.”
“Oh?” Taehyung tilted his head and gave you a quick sideways glance.
Your gaze was on your feet as you continued to explain. “I’ve been pretty bothered by everything… All this between us I mean.”
“And I wanted to apologize.”
“Apologize?” Taehyung sounded seriously surprised. “For what?”
You sighed and let your head fall back against the headrest. “For treating you like that… I didn’t know what I wanted myself, and I expected you to know. That was unfair.”
Taehyung let your words run through his mind. “And do you know what you want now?” In one move, he parked in front of his apartment and turned off the engine. 
You waited until he pulled the key out of the ignition and looked at you. “Yes.”
“And what’s that?” Taehyung’s voice was little more than a whisper, so soft that it was meant only for your ears. Afraid that if it left that small space of the car, that your mind would change again. 
But it wouldn’t anytime soon. Rarely had you felt as sure as you did at that moment. 
“Can we discuss this upstairs?”
Nervously, you followed him up the two flights of stairs, the mixture of your racing heart and exertion making you gasp a little as Taehyung unlocked his apartment. 
“Would you like something to drink? Coffee, tea, water… I also have that lemonade you like so much.” His voice grew more distant as he disappeared into the kitchen. You heard dishes and bottles clinking as you waited uncertainly in the hallway until Taehyung finally stepped out of the kitchen with two bottles and you went into the living room. 
No matter how you sat on the small sofa, you couldn’t stay still and had to change your position every few seconds. Legs crossed, once left leg up, then right leg. Then both feet on the floor, once half bent on the sofa–
Until Taehyung finally put a hand on your knee, forcing you to rest. A small smile played around his lips as he sought and finally found your gaze. “I’ve never seen you this nervous before,” he remarked, leaning back again after making sure you stayed in one position for now. 
You exhaled before taking a sip of the lemonade and placing the bottle back on the coffee table. Your hands shook as you placed them folded back together in your lap. You heard the quiet whirring of Taehyung’s Playstation, which he never shut off, and which had already become a welcoming sound. It seemed almost ridiculous to you that you had missed that. 
You cleared your throat and slid back and forth on the sofa again before finally getting to speak. You were so engrossed in your own thoughts that you didn’t notice how nervous Taehyung himself was and how he was hanging spellbound on your lips, hoping that you would finally give him an explanation. 
“I’ve had a lot of time the last few weeks to think about… well, to think about the weeks before that. The paintball game in particular has given me a lot to think about.”
“I still wanted to apologize for that,” Taehyung added, “Nadine was really out of line. I shouldn’t have brought her.”
You grunted before you could hold it back, but decided not to comment on his mistake. Instead, you asked, “Then why did you? How do you even know her?”
Now Taehyung was shifting back and forth a little uneasily. “I know her from a few parties. She approached me shortly after that fight we had…”
The question hung in the air, but still, you had to have certainty.
“Was there something going on between you two?”
Taehyung hesitated to answer and you felt your heart sink.
Then he sighed. “We kissed, made out a little before I stopped. When Yoongi asked me if I knew anyone else we could take to the paintball game, she offered coming. I thought it would be a good idea to… um, well–”
“Were you trying to make me jealous?” you interrupted him, raising an eyebrow. 
Taehyung nodded and rubbed the back of his neck with the flat of his hand, slightly embarrassed. “I know that’s stupid and childish. But I was just still so mad at you–at me, at both of us to be honest. You’d been so absent-minded with me, I just wanted to see some kind of reaction from you.”
“I’m sure you saw one,” you muttered, turning your gaze to the gray carpet.
“Yes, but not the one I wanted,” Taehyung returned, also muttering. “I never wanted you to get hurt. That’s what I told her as well.” There was silence between the two of you for a moment and you heard Taehyung take a deep breath. “I haven’t been in contact with her since, if you’re interested.”
You weighed his statement before nodding slowly and turning your gaze back to him. “You can have contact with whomever you want, Taehyung,” you began, and he started to contradict you, but you raised your hand, wanting to finish your sentence, “but I don’t want to tell you what to do and what not to do. Who you should have contact with and with whom you shouldn’t. If we start with such stories, we’ll get into a spiral again. But thank you for telling me honestly what happened between you.”
Taehyung waited a moment to see if you had finished talking before it rushed out of him. “I didn’t end it with her because I was afraid of what you would think about it. In the first place, there was never anything between us that could have been ended, and secondly, that was entirely a decision for myself. And I wanted to be fair to her. I know what it’s like to just be a replacement for someone and how shitty this feels. I didn’t want to do that to anyone else.”
“I didn’t know anyone had ever hurt you like that.”
Taehyung laughed softly as he recalled, and you were glad that the memory no longer seemed to cause him pain. You still had to work on that yourself, letting bygones be bygones and not projecting your experiences onto other people, other men. 
“In my junior year… I can’t remember her name,” Taehyung began to tell, “I was fully into puberty and she was the first girl I really liked. You must know that I used to be quite the nerd.” He softly laughed about himself when he remembered that. 
“A nerd? Pfft.” Looking at Taehyung now, with his wide black pants, muscular upper arms showing under his white T-shirt, and his whole aura radiating, you found it hard to imagine.
“Hey, don’t pfft me,” he complained, “I cared a lot about good grades and she noticed that. Of course, back then, I gratefully accepted any chance to do something with her. Even if it consisted of me doing her homework while she sat on her phone, probably texting her friends about how boring I was.”
“Ouch. That’s almost exactly like all those teen movies from back in the day.”
“And I was the poor nerd that the whole school made fun of behind his back.”
From the way Taehyung said this, you knew he wasn’t exaggerating. Your hand twitched as you reached for his hand, but you were unsure how far to go. Whether your touch was appropriate and, more importantly, welcome. 
But he had seen that small movement and reached for your hand. Your fingers intertwined as if they were made for it and you wondered if that was the first time you held hands like that. At that moment, you couldn’t imagine a more intimate gesture.
“I changed schools my senior year and graduated. A fresh new start, so to speak.”
“I know what that feels like,” you agreed, nodding, and he smiled at you gratefully. His fingers painted small circles on the back of your hand and the skin touched by his fingertips began to tingle. 
“It wasn’t an easy time for me, if I’m honest,” he continued, “I didn’t make any friends in my last year because most of the groups had already formed and I felt like it wasn’t worth it for most of them to make another friendship for that one year. But I could have tried harder. So I was glad when I was out of school.”
You tilted your head in wonder. “I thought you liked school?”
Taehyung threw you a small smile. “There’s a difference between liking learning and liking school. I always wanted to get good grades, even if that girl spoiled it for me a bit. Crashed a little bit after that, and really all I enjoyed was drawing and painting. I was glad that the university accepted me at all with my final grades. Because that’s not what a lot of people think, that you need good grades to study art.” Taehyung rolled his eyes and shook his head, laughing softly.
“Is that what you want to do? Being a painter?”
Taehyung thought about it for a moment. You could tell that he had a profession on the tip of his tongue, but seemed unsure of how you would respond. You squeezed his hand once so he would continue.
“I mean, there are many professions,” he began to explain, “I can stay at a university after graduation and pass on my knowledge to others. I think that’s pretty cool.”
You waited a moment, but Taehyung seemed to be pondering his thoughts. “But?” you asked because of that, and he turned his attention back to you. 
“My dream is to open my own gallery. To support small artists and bring their voices to the public. And, of course, to exhibit myself, that would be awesome.”
“Do you have some paintings here?”
He looked at you like you’d asked a totally crazy question. And maybe you had. Sometimes you lived in your own world full of books from centuries ago that you felt a little detached from the present time. 
Taehyung let your hand slip from his and got up from the sofa. He went to the large cabinet that took up almost the entire opposite wall, pulled open a drawer, and began rummaging through it. After a few moments, he seemed to have found what he was looking for.
When he came back to you, he had a large drawing pad in his hand, which he held out to you. With careful fingers you took the A2 large pad from him. The first small loose sketches fell into your hand as you opened the pad. Immediately your jaw dropped as you took your first look at what probably represented Taehyung’s most intimate thoughts and feelings. 
You recognized many black and white sketch-like drawings that, at least you assumed, must have been painted with charcoal. It seemed like he had been studying different facial expressions, and that was a theme that ran through many of his drawings. Even your untrained eye could see that Taehyung placed a lot of emphasis on the expressions of his models. Anger, annoyance, sadness, more rarely happiness… you kept turning the pages and suddenly the drawing in front of you looked familiar. Or rather, the person who was drawn looked familiar. 
It was you. 
You looked up in surprise and met Taehyung’s waiting gaze. It seemed like he was reading every reaction on your face. 
“Some people don’t like it when you draw them,” he explained.
You searched for the right words as you continued to flip through it and saw another drawing of yourself. In the background you saw sketchy hints of other people, and you wondered if this was supposed to be the night of the party when you two had first met. 
Your index finger gently stroked the fine pencil lines. “This is how you see me?” Your voice was no more than a whisper. Your eyes fell on the date, written very small in the corner of the picture. You weren’t quite sure, but you believed that the picture had been taken on the very day after the party.
“What do you mean?”
Your gaze fell back to the drawing. The drawing strokes were deliberate and skillfully placed, as if he had done it a thousand times before. Only in the region of the face could you see eraser marks, and as you stroked over them, Taehyung laughed softly. 
“It took me forever to get your face right,” he admitted, also letting his gaze slide over the paper in your hands. 
“It turned out beautifully,” you breathed. 
Taehyung looked up from the drawing and eyed your face for a moment before the corners of his mouth twitched upward. “Still, nothing like the original. Nothing comes close to that.”
You rolled your eyes when you heard that, but had to laugh softly. His comment reminded you of the night of the party. Already there he had been able to convince you, to your surprise, with his bad and exaggerated comments. You would have ignored anyone else, but even then you had given him a chance. 
No matter what Taehyung said or did, he always made you feel that he meant it one hundred percent. And that was what set him apart from many men your age. 
And that was the reason you were here. 
Gently, you closed the sketchpad and placed it on the coffee table in front of you. “So,” you began, leaning back again until your back touched the backrest. Even though you looked relaxed from the outside, excitement and nervousness raged inside you. “What is this between us?”
Taehyung also leaned back and turned slightly to the side so that your knees were almost touching. With every second that Taehyung said nothing, the tension grew. 
Then he cleared his throat and you flinched, so tense you were. “Hmm,” he began, studying your face. “There can be everything and nothing between us.”
You suppressed a snort, and instead a muffled sound of disapproval came out.
A smirk spread across his face when he heard it, before he leaned forward. 
“Is that answer not acceptable to you?” His grin revealed that he knew exactly what you wanted to hear. 
Needed to hear. 
Because still your heart was beating up to your throat, afraid that you would get hurt. But luck was with the brave, right?
So you shook your head. No, you were not satisfied with his answer. 
You also leaned forward so that you braced your elbows on your knees. Now there were only a few inches between you and Taehyung. You imagined even feeling his breath lightly on your face. Then you said, so softly that it was almost swallowed by the silence around you, “I want more than what we already had. I don’t know if this is or can become a relationship, but I want more than sex. I want to get to know you, your quirks and oddities–”
“There aren’t any,” he interrupted, grinning. 
“There’s already the first one” you mumbled, looking at him seriously for a moment. Then a smile broke up your serious expression.
Taehyung just shook his head with a grin before his eyes fell on your lips. “Does that mean I finally get to kiss you?”
Taehyung raised his hand, slowly, and so gently that at first you were unsure if you were imagining the touch, before his palm and thumb rested on your cheek and his fingers caressed your ear and neck. Your breath hitched at the intimate touch and unconsciously you leaned towards the movement. 
This was the moment when you threw every last bit of doubt overboard. The space that was finally vacated, after all these years, was filled with a warmth until you even felt the heat on your cheeks.
Taehyung now leaned forward fully and you closed your eyes at the same moment as his lips met yours. The kiss was soft at first, almost cautious, as your bodies had to get used to each other again. But it only lasted a moment before Taehyung opened his lips to intensify the kiss and ran his tongue along your lips. You willingly opened your mouth and allowed him to enter. 
He explored your mouth and pulled you towards him by your hips until you landed on his lap with a soft “oomph”. He gave a low, satisfied-sounding grumble and his grip on your waist tightened, as if to make sure you wouldn’t vanish into thin air again at any moment. 
Your fingers ran through his soft hair and you didn’t know where to touch him first. Everything was going too slowly for you and when you let your hips circle against Taehyung’s, he made a satisfied sound. His big hands eased off your hips and instead sought their way under your T-shirt. Meanwhile, the kiss grew more intimate and you both fought for the upper hand, even though you knew there was no answer to that question. 
“God, I missed you,” he murmured into the kiss. 
His thumb circled your nipple over the material of your bra und you arched into his touch. You felt him growing even harder between your legs when you pushed your hips into his. Taehyung bit your lower lip and elicited a whine from you. He grabbed your thighs and in the next moment he had lifted you up and laid you backwards on the sofa. Immediately he towered over you and you spread your legs so that he could find space between them. His mouth wandered downward, along your neck, remembering exactly which parts of you were particularly sensitive and making you squirm in his grip. 
As he let his hips snap against yours, your moans echoed loudly in the otherwise silent room. He showed you exactly how hard he was, and your abdomen contracted as you thrust your hips upward, hoping to get more friction. 
But Taehyung seemed to have other priorities at that moment and pushed your T-shirt up a little further. You shivered as the cool air hit your bare and heated skin, and when Taehyung sensed this, he rubbed your sides with his large, warm hands. His mouth also found its way to your stomach and he spread countless small, innocent kisses on the sensitive skin before he slid a little further back and straightened up until he knelt between your legs. 
You were already out of breath at this point and looked at him over your rapidly heaving chest. He held your gaze as he slowly, but surely reached with his fingers to the clasp of your jeans and undid them. He took his time, after all, you were no longer in any hurry. Time belonged to you alone at that moment.
Taehyung helped you slip out of the tight jeans and threw them on the floor next to the sofa. He didn’t hesitate for a second and let his hands slide up your legs starting at your calves, until he finally reached your thighs and spread them a little further apart. 
His gaze was fixed on the center of your body and his eyes flickered upward for a brief moment where your eyes met. “And I missed that, too.” He bit his lip while his gaze studied your body, as if he were absorbing and memorizing every little detail of you.
The air escaped you as you laughed out of breath. “I’ve missed you, too.”
This time his gaze was on you longer; it seemed like he didn’t expect that answer. Both of you would probably need a little time to get used to this new situation. But it didn’t scare you anymore. For the first time in years you had the feeling that someone accepted, even liked you, as you were.
And for the first time, maybe ever, you knew you were giving someone else that chance too.
He turned his gaze back between your legs and you had to moan as he stroked his thumb over the wet line that had already formed on the material of your underwear. Then he withdrew his hand and grabbed the hem of his T-shirt, which he pulled over his head a moment later. Immediately your hands grabbed everything they could find, his trained arms, over his chest and stomach. Until your fingers finally reached the waistband of his pants, where you paused for a moment. 
You looked up and without breaking eye contact, you pulled the button through its flap and pulled the zipper down, before Taehyung slipped out of them. 
Your breath hitched when you saw how hard Taehyung was. His bulge was significant in his gray boxers and when you saw that, you grabbed him through the material. He groaned and his eyes fluttered shut at the touch before he thrust his hips towards your hand. Taehyung grumbled in frustration as that wasn’t enough. Without further ado, he grabbed your hand to push it away and grabbed your legs instead. 
Before you knew what was happening, he had spun you around so that you were sitting on the sofa again and he let himself slide onto the floor between your legs. He bumped into the coffee table behind him, clanking, and you watched the two bottles of lemonade wobble dangerously before they settled back down.
“Maybe I’d better move this one back a little,” Taehyung said more to himself than to you, and gently pushed the table back a few inches, giving him a little more room to maneuver. 
Without playing any more games, he snaked his fingers under the thin material of your panties and you lifted your pelvis so he could slide them off of you. Then he grabbed your thighs from underneath and pulled you to the edge of the sofa. You felt his hot breath on your heated and wet center and let your head fall backwards onto the backrest. 
“Did you know you have the sweetest pussy ever?” He gave you a quick glance from between your legs and as if by themselves your fingers found their way into his hair. Then he buried his face in your dripping folds and licked a long strip along your opening.
“Oh God,” you uttered as he placed the tip of his tongue against your clit and circled it. “Why are you so good at this?”
Taehyung’s deep laugh came from between your legs, and the vibrations from it sent more shockwaves through your body. He savored your taste, diving right in so that his nose grazed your clit and you unintentionally thrust your hips upward. He released one arm and held you in place with the flat of his hand on your abdomen. 
His lips found your clit and when he started sucking on it hard, you let your head fall back and pushed his head even closer between your legs. 
With a smack, he broke away from you and when he looked up, you could see the area around his mouth glistening. “You have no idea how delicious you are, Baby,” he murmured, replacing his tongue with two of his fingers that slid up and down, spreading your arousal. His fingers stopped briefly at your entrance, pressing the tips of his fingers inside so that he stretched you ever so slightly before running them along your labia again. 
“Don’t tease me like that, please.” Your inner walls were pulsing around nothing, just waiting to finally be filled. Preferably by Taehyung, but if he didn’t hurry, you’d have to do it yourself. 
“Oh come on, you love it,” Taehyung laughed softly, biting his lower lip as his gaze fell on his fingers, sliding in and out of you. He was giving you what you wanted, just not enough of it. 
“Taehyunggg…” You didn’t care how whiny you sounded.
But your plan seemed to work, as Taehyung suddenly pushed them all the way into you. You stifled a moan as his fingers buried deep inside you and the heel of his hand pressed against your clit. 
“Is that better?” Taehyung sounded breathless as well.
“Yes,” you gasped and Taehyung began to pick up a slow but steady pace with his fingers. You could hear how wet you were and that sound only turned you on more. “Taehy–” His name got stuck in your throat as Taehyung began to curl his fingers while being buried deep inside you. 
“What was that?” 
“Fuck you,” you blurted out between clenched teeth, but Taehyung knew you didn’t mean your insult. 
“I’d rather have you do it.” And with that, all at once, he pulled his fingers out of you. 
He eyed your torso and slid his palm over one of your breasts. Through the material of your T-shirt and bra, he let his thumb circle your nipple before pulling his hand back. “Take that off, Baby. I want to see you.”
You did and pulled both your shirt and bra over your head. When you turned your attention back to Taehyung, he had taken off his boxers so he was completely naked as well. He had taken a seat on the sofa and was sliding his hand up and down his cock. Drops of pre-cum had formed on his tip, which he picked up with his thumb when he noticed your gaze and reached out to you.
“I’m clean,” he mentioned immediately, “I got tested shortly after this started with us. Just to be safe.”
You grinned, grabbing Taehyung’s wrist and encircling his thumb with your lips. He tasted slightly salty, but barely noticeable, and with your tongue you traced along his thumb. You began sucking on his finger and heard Taehyung swear under his breath before letting it slide out of your mouth with a “pop”. 
“Okay, enough of that.” He reached out a hand towards you and grabbed what he could get, which was your forearm, before pulling you towards him by it. You almost stumbled as you were pulled forward and just barely managed to brace yourself against the backrest next to Taehyung’s head. “Sorry, but I cannot wait.” He gave you an apologetic smile. 
You placed one leg on either side of Taehyung’s hips and before you had settled on his thighs, he had leaned forward and taken one of your nipples into his mouth. Shuddering, you exhaled as he circled his tongue around the sensitive bud and sucked on it. You rested your chin on the top of his head and your fingers loosened the little knots that had formed in his hair at the nape of his neck. 
“I love your body,” he said before giving your other nipple the attention it needed. “It’s perfect.” His hands traveled down your body and gripped your butt cheeks, which he kneaded. “You’re perfect.”
You reached between both your bodies to take his cock in your hand and slid forward a little. With slow movements, you lowered your hips and let him slide along between your legs.
“Oh god, Baby.” 
Taehyung was now gripping your hips to get you into a steady rhythm. His cock slid so wonderfully past your wet opening, giving just the right amount of friction to your clit. You changed the angle of your hips and the next time you moved your hips forward, his tip lightly penetrated you. 
“Fuck, wait.”
Taehyung looked to the side towards his bedroom before cursing again. 
“You’re clean you said?” you asked, and Taehyung’s head snapped toward you. 
“I have a contraceptive implant.”
His mouth shaped into an “Oh” as he understood what your statement meant – and the implications it had. 
“We don’t have to, I can get a condom too.”
You didn’t miss the way he brushed his thumbs over your sides. To reassure you, or rather himself. 
“I don’t mind if you don’t.” You tilted your head and looked at him, waiting. It was his decision now, even if you could see from his expression that he had already made it. 
Then he nodded. “But I won’t last long.”
You snorted. He’d said that once before, after you’d had a particularly long foreplay. Still, he had managed to make you come twice. 
You propped yourself up on your knees and guided his cock to your opening before sliding down on it a moment later. Each time he stretched you anew with his considerable size and you took a moment to get used to it again. Meanwhile, Taehyung stroked your back, up and down your spine, until you began moving your hips backward. 
You let him slide almost all the way out of you before moving forward again. 
“Oh, Love,” Taehyung moaned, and at the nickname, your hips stalled.
Taehyung seemed to notice his slip of the tongue as well and slightly panicked, he looked at you. 
“Love?” you repeated, letting the nickname roll off your tongue. You didn’t think it was that bad…
“Do you prefer Baby?” 
You shook your head, because the longer that one word buzzed around in your head, the more you liked the sound of it. “Love is okay.”
“Just okay then?” Taehyung grinned, the tinge of panic gone again as he noticed your relaxed reaction. “Hmmm…” He left you with the false expectation that he was thinking when he suddenly let his hips snap upward. 
You drew in your breath sharply, followed by a moan. You didn’t know how he always did it, but he managed to hit the exact point inside you each time that made your abdomen contract so tightly that the knot already seemed ready to burst. 
He held you by the hips as he pounded into you from below. He squeezed your arousal out of you with each thrust and you felt both of your excitement running down your thighs, while his hands kept you upright and in place. 
“You–you’re so… so fucking wet and–and warm,” he pressed out with effort between thrusts. 
Loudly, you moaned his name. You didn’t care if his neighbors heard you, or the people walking by on the street outside who would surely have to hear how well Taehyung was fucking you. 
You raised your head, had you watched Taehyung’s cock split you apart before, and met Taehyung’s gaze. Your lips found each other in a passionate kiss and you pulled him even closer with desperate hands. One of his hands released its grip on your hips and landed hard on your ass. Your moan was swallowed by Taehyung’s mouth as he massaged the tender area.
You let one hand slide between your legs and circled your clit with your finger. The kiss was only interrupted by your moans as you were brought closer and closer to the edge of your approaching orgasm. 
“I got you,” you heard him say, your eyes squeezed tightly shut as the knot in your abdomen released all at once and you came, clenching hard around Taehyung’s cock. 
Taehyung thrust into you a few more times before he too paused in his movements and pulled you back onto his lap entirely. His loud breathing mingled with yours as you both tried to come down from your high. 
“Oh, you’re absolutely incredible,” Taehyung said after a while. 
Your sweaty bodies had already melted into one and you felt Taehyung slowly go limp inside you. He sighed before pressing a kiss to your temple and gently lifting you from his lap with a firm grip and laying you backwards on the sofa. 
He helped you clean yourself up, being so gentle that you didn’t even flinch as he wiped away the sticky remnant of both of your arousals. While he was putting the trash away, you grabbed your underwear and slipped them on. 
You were lifting up your T-shirt when Taehyung returned from the kitchen, a glass of water in each hand. His expression changed when he saw you getting dressed. Wordlessly, you extended a hand to him to gratefully took a glass. 
“Are you getting ready to leave?” He didn’t look at you when he asked that, but put exceptionally much focus on putting on his boxers as well.
You let him ponder for a moment longer before letting your shirt fall back to the floor. “Do you have anything more comfortable?”
Taehyung’s eyebrows drew together as he looked up. 
You nodded towards your shirt in response, which was crumpled on the floor. “Maybe sweatpants and a hoodie?”
Taehyung seemed to finally understand and his disappointed expression gave way to a relieved smile. “Sure, you want me to get you something?”
You took the few steps towards him and let your fingers dance on his bare chest. “I was thinking maybe we could watch a movie? Order some food and just wind down for the evening?”
He looked at you, the question on his mind visible all over his face. “Does that mean… you want to stay the night?”
You nodded without hesitation. “Yes, I want to stay the night, if that’s okay.”
Taehyung laughed, a hearty, deep laugh that you hadn’t heard in so long. “You bet it’s okay with me,” he answered, pulling you into a hug. He pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “Love.”
Love. What a weird and funny little word.  
You couldn’t wait hearing it more often from now on.
. . . 
As always, if you enjoyed this story, please consider leaving me some feedback and letting me know what you think! That would mean a lot to me because I was really nervous to post this. Thank you! 💜
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rubikcardigan · a month ago
the one where the chit-chat is holding you back.
tw: dirty talk, masturbation (f and m receiving), pet names, use of the word slutty, unprotected sex (use protection besties!), mirror sex, rough sex, one night stand.
minors do not interact. 18+
note: hello!! i've been working on this one since i saw harry on that beautiful outfit. what a night !! so yeah this is 100% inspired by our first night of love on tour. it's also inspired by a song called 'chit chat' by beach weather, love it.
want to add that even tho i mention that harry has a type in this one shot, i don't mean any body or type of person specifically, i don't like to get specific about the physical appearance of the reader because it doesn't matter.
anyway !! enjoy and as always, comments and feedback are appreciated, thank you so SO much for reading, love you all so much. 🤠
he was the very first thing you noticed as you walked into the party, you saw him on the improvised round stage, he was wearing a red sparkly vest and pink high-waisted pants, chest on display, skin glowy, his curly hair sweaty from his intense dance moves. you made sure to never break eye contact, and he noticed you. how couldn't he? you were mesmerized by his figure, something in your stare got his attention, Harry tried to figure out what was it... adoration? desire? attraction?
he was aware of the reaction he caused on women and men, sometimes Harry found it flattering other times he was overwhelmed by it.
your darkened eyes followed his moves, his angelic rough voice turning you on.
god-damned, when Rachel invited you she didn't mention that Tony hired a rock-and-roll God to keep you all entertain, and Harry was doing an excellent job, the majority of the attendees were glued to their spot, no one wanting to miss anything Harry would have to do or say.
"he's good" you said to your friend. "i bet he's gonna charge you a lot of money for this little show..." eyes scanning his silhouette.
"i know... and you're wrong" Rachel said, jokingly pushing you to get your attention, "he's friends with Patrick, he introduced us... his name is Harry, by the way, he lost a bet so he has to do it for free"
you giggled, "what kind of bet?" Rachel laughed "Patrick said he couldn't keep it on his pants and Harry was determined that he could..."
your eyes snapped open, jaw dropped slightly, amusement adorning your features "yeah no shit, have you looked at him? of course people throw themselves at him..."
"yeah, he has a type" Rachel sighed, the music stopped, applauses taking over the sound in the room. "and by the looks he has been given to you since you arrived, he's about to ruin your world... and something else" she said cheekily.
Harry approached you two as soon as he left the stage, smiling and waving at everyone, greeting some people with a polite handshake on his way to where you were, "hey Rach" he said, placing a kiss on her cheek, "hi, we haven't met, m’Harry" he extended his hand, you smiled, amused by his greet "hey" you extended your hand in return.
"well, gonna leave you two alone" she said eyeing both of you "behave, kids".
"so..." you started "i heard you lost a bet"
Harry chuckled, "i can't resist pretty eyes..." he got closer to you "like yours", your heartbeat already racing, butterflies crashing against each other in your stomach, he licked his lips slowly, tilting his head in slow motion, eyes studying yours... and just when you thought he was gonna get closer, he said, "so, what do you do for a living, honeybee?"
as the conversation progressed you tried your best to get all those filthy scenarios out of your head but Harry wasn't making it easy, from time to time he'd caress your cheek softly, play with loose strands of hair, even his wandering hand played with the hem of your little skirt... his eyes were torturing you, jumping from your lips to your nose, to the veins on your neck, to your chest to the rest of your body. but two can play the same game. you started toying with his sparkly vest, occasionally tracing the butterfly on his abdomen, your eyes fixed on his big and strong arms, his raspy tone making you wetter and wetter, and suddenly you let it out.
"all this chit-chat is holding me back" you said, reaching out for his gaze, "do you want that or wanna take me home tonight?"
Harry bite his lip, his eye sparkling, he moved closer to you, hands gripping your jaw lightly "i don't think we'd make it home, honeybee" he said before connecting your lips, the embrace was desperate and needy, took your breath away and frogged your senses, hands all over each other.
"c'mhere" Harry said, gasping for some air and intertwining your fingers with his, leading the way to the rooms upstairs.
the thing about the building where the party was taking place was that it had a huge dancefloor on the first floor and some smaller dance studios on the second floor. on your way up, Harry's sinful mouth started kissing the back of your neck, his hand holding you tight to his body.
he pushed you against the door, connecting his mouth to yours again, and in a desperate intent to relieve some of the tension between his legs, he hooked your legs around his waist and caressed your thigh, sending shivers and electricity all over your body, “do you mind if i steal your heart tonight?” he moaned on your lips, finally stepping into the empty room, the friction between your palpitating center and his hard bulge clouding your hability to respond, as your feet touched the floor Harry hurried to close the door behind him, you were paralyzed, enchated by the magic his kisses and hands did on your body. as Harry made his way back to you, he saw a big gold mirror in the corner by the window, you began to take off your little white tank top, exposing your bare chest to him. Harry wasted no time kneeling before you, hands exploring your naked upper body, he cupped your right breast, mouth salivating when he caught your hard nipple between his teeth, pulling it and licking the soft area aroun it.
“oh god” you murmured pulling his curly hair and earning a groan from his lips, the vibrations making you shake “keep doing it- ah! don’t stop, baby” he squeezed your other breast, picking your nipple and twisting it.
“are you shakin?” he laughted “you can bearly resist my mouth, sure you wanna keep going?“ you pulled his hair rougher, “ah!-”.
when he finished with your breasts, his skilled fingers started pulling your skirt down, underwear going along, leaving open-mouthed kisses on his way to your thighs, marking the areas surrounding your heated center.but suddlenty you felt the absence of his lips, your eyes searched his, waiting for some explanation or for him to return to his previous position. “sit in front of the mirror” he sentenced while draggin a green velvet cushion, it wasn’t that large, it was  big enough to protect you from the cold floor. “legs wide open for me, honeybee” his voice melting your insides.
the image before you was sinful, your center exposed, legs spread open, only your jewelry and heels still on your body. Harry moaned in your ear “just the way i pictured you all night, slutty princess”  he was sitting behind you, his body tight to yours, you could feel his hard cock against your lower back. “if you take your eyes off the mirror i will stop, you get me?” Harry warned you, licking and pulling your lobe.
his skilled fingers began to play with your pussy’s lips slowly, you couldn't help but move your hips, chasing the sensation of his warm fingertips, as the time passed his fingers explored more and more of your sensitive skin, making their way to your puffy clit. “moan for me” Harry said in a whisper, clearly getting off from watching you in the mirror, he didn't want to lose any expression or sound coming from you, wanted to keep them in his memory forever. as his movements grew harder you started to find it difficult to keep your sight on the mirror or even open, momentarily you closed them, allowing the sensations to wash you away, back aching and head dropping softly to Harry’s shoulder. even tho he was very satisfied with the show you were putting on for him, he had to stop “no, no, what did i tell you” he said as he tilted your face up again “eyes on the mirror, baby” his fingers covered in your juices, ready to pick up their pace again, “i want you to see how i pleasure you... see how good your pretty pussy takes my long fingers” his dirty words making you twist and beg for more.
instinctively your legs tried to giving in, to cause some kind of friction to ease the tension growing inside you, your orgasm about to take you to another dimension, "you're such a good girl for me" as the feeling grew Harry kept teasing you with his filthy mouth "look at you, a moaning mess wrapped around my fingers" your hips seemed to have life of its own, moving faster and faster, moans getting louder as well, you were so damn close.
Harry was tongue–tied, your moans and heated cunt making his dick twitch and desperate for some attention, he couldn't help himself and began to grind against your naked back, his hands leaving your pussy to squeeze your nipples one more time before taking you on his arms and carrying you to the mirror, your back hitting the cold glass.
you needed him as soon as possible, you needed to feel him deep inside you, stretching you open.
your hands wandering around his back, toying once again with his vest, Harry thought you were trying to pull it off but he couldn't be more wrong.
"oh no, H" you murmured on his ear "your outfit stays on" you hand reached between you two, caressing his sweaty abs on your way to his zipper.
"ah!" Harry groaned when he felt your tiny hand on his hard cock, you hummed "you like that big boy?" hand moving up and down his bulge, slow at first but speeding up as Harry allowed moans to escape from his pink swollen lips.
after teasing him for a while you guided Harry's dick to your entrance, collecting your wetness, Harry griped you tightly as his dick invaded your sweet cunt.
"you feel so good" his voice rougher than before.
"you're so big H" your hips looking for his, "i'm–ah! not-ot sure all of you can f-fit inside meee..." your eyes snapped close as Harry began to sink deeper and deeper inside you. "shh" he coo you "see?, your sweet pussy can take all of me"
your eyes were now glued to the connection created by your bodies, the view sending shivers throughout your spine.
"god- Harry! plea–please, mo-move faster"
"as you wish" he simply said, his dick thrusting in and out you.
you mouth travelled to his neck, biting and licking Harry's sensitive skin, the thought of dark marks adorning his neck caused effects on your already dripping wet pussy. as sloppy as your kisses were, you found your way to his chest, his banana necklace moving along with Harry's deep movements, you trapped the piece of metal between your lips, sucking it in, your action made Harry twitch inside you.
"oh for god's sake, honeybee" he groaned again and again, both of you moaning louder, "if–, if you let– it go, you–you don't get to come, do you hear me?" you hummed.
Harry's thrust become uncoordinated but you were a disaster too, your body ready to collapse from the ecstasy, "want me to come inside your tight cunt, baby?"
you whispered a weak yes followed by pleads, "please" you cried out "make me yours".
it didn't take long for you and Harry to come undone, melting on each other's arms with every thrust and sloppy kiss, you moaned his name for the last time, scratching his forearms until your orgasm hit you. Harry following you the moment he felt your walls suffocating his big cock.
after gather yourselves, Harry fixed your hair, and handed you your clothes after inspecting them.
"you know" you said, zipping Harry's pants "you really can't keep it on your pants".
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quitesins · 3 months ago
Genshin Men as Romance Tropes.
Liyue edition
Tumblr media
Mondstadt edition | Masterlist
Zhongli | Childe | Xiao
- Gender neutral reader
- Fic style headcanons/Imagines
- Warnings: none, all sfw!
This is my first ever fic post and second ever tumblr post of all time so ahhh I’m nervous but I hope you enjoy whatever this is!!
Tumblr media
Coworkers to lovers
Zhongli, despite his many years roaming the land, seeing people live and die, was still inept to emotions in his own way.
So trying to get him to notice your very obvious feelings was nothing but a struggle.
You’d do everything you could:
From assisting him with his work without question, I appreciate it, [y/n], you’re always so helpful.
To taking note of his interests, just to pick out the perfect gifts for him, You’re quite incredible when it comes to gift giving, thank you.
But overall not a single message went through and you were starting to assume he was deliberately ignoring your advances.
That was until you realised how truly oblivious he was.
“She was awfully nice, wasn’t she, however I feel she wanted more of our services.”
You’d just watched a customer flirt with Zhongli for the past thirty minutes, him smiling gently with each compliment and continuing his pitch.
“Perhaps she wanted a discount, we do have the highest prices around…”
You gave him a face that blatantly expressed “Are you serious?”
“She was courting you, and pretty blatantly!” You huffed.
Your coworker's face didn’t shift, still sporting his confusion.
“The compliments? The way she is somehow always passing through after picking fresh fruits, and how it happens to be your favourites?”
You couldn’t believe you were explaining this, to the man who seemed so wise and knowledgeable at times.
Zhongli’s eyebrows furrowed for a moment, before returning to their straight lines,
“Just as you have?”
You stilled, not wanting him to continue.
“Have you been courting me, [Y/N]?
And with that you bolted out the room, past a startled Hu Tao and as far as your legs could carry you.
A week has passed since then, avoiding Zhongli at every given moment, you ducked and weaved through crowds just to lose sight of him.
Zhongli was dull at understanding human interactions, but even he could tell you were ignoring him.
Cornered on a slow day at the parlour, Zhongli eyed you down, in what appeared to be disappointment,
“[Y/N], why have you been avoiding me”
Blunt as ever it seemed.
“Why does it matter to you.” you spat back, surprised by your own venom, it was all to hide the furious fluster he has sent you to.
He didn’t offend at that, rather he found it awfully cute how riled up you looked.
“I miss your assistance, you are exceptionally practical to have around.”
You scoffed.
“And perhaps I miss your compliments as well…” he trailed off, silky voice holding a teasing air.
You faltered in your incensed image, returning to it quickly to let out,
“You’re just cocky, want an ego boost”
“Possibly…” Zhongli hummed, inching closer towards you, hands reaching to take yours.
“But I would say, I do prefer it being said by your pretty voice.”
His lips fell to yours, arms now wrapped around your waist, pulling you near him as you returned the kiss,
“Would it be presumptuous of me to assume you would accept in being my partner?”
You giggled into his hug, pressing your head into his chest, to jest,
“Hmm, maybe a little.”
Childhood friends to lovers [childehood lol]
You’d watched Ajax, or Childe as he went by now, grow from the antsy boy you once knew, to the now arrogant, albeit handsome, young man.
Even as children, you did have the slightest crush on him, he was sweet, always making sure to include you in the neighbourhood games.
He’d taught you how to ice fish, in exchange you showed him how to create kites, ones that could withstand the cold winds of Snezhnaya.
Always so sweet to you…until that fateful day
You begged and begged him not to leave, telling him how dangerous it was to adventure alone.
The harsh snow, freezing cold with the archons help alongside the ravenous beasts that lurked in the shadows of the land, none were suitable for the tender boy, despite his strong will.
Yet he left, leaving you behind with a twinge of pain in his heart.
His return was soon, only a mere three days later, being found by the woman who you considered a second mother and his worried sisters.
The neighbourhood rejoiced in his homecoming, thanking the archons for his safety.
But you saw otherwise.
His once twinkling with wonder eyes, were now dulled, dark and lifeless despite the impudent expression he carried now.
It was after that did the distance between the two of you grow.
You were now older, moving to Liyue during your late teen years, starting a new life with new people and new sights.
Visiting Liyue harbour one day, basket from your hometown in arms, you walked through the stalls, glancing at your list every few minutes.
Just then a sudden bump of a smaller human jolted you in surprise.
“Ah! Sorry ma’am!” An embarrassed squeak from a boy, who sounded no more than eight, had you peering down to see a messy head of ginger.
You stared at the boy, orange locks paired against familiar blue eyes.
“Teucer!” A voice called out, one that has you startled in slight recognition.
You looked up from the boy, only to see a spitting image of him, older, bigger and stronger.
“How many times do I tell you not to run away like that.” Your old friend scolded, changing his attention to you, “Apologies, kids right, always so hyper-”
As he focussed fully on you, his eyes grew large and he felt a gasp slip from his throat.
Still stunned, your gaze never left the man in front of you.
He had changed, immensely so.
The last time you’d seen him, he was still a late teen, although nearly a man, his features had refined even more.
Jawline now sharp, muscles firm even beneath his clothing, stature being the most evident difference.
His eyes sauntered down your body, just as he had grown into his towering height, you too had matured nicely, filling yourself in ways that excited him.
“I don’t believe it, it’s really you!”
Unfortunate for Childe, another young man had approached you from behind and spoke,
“[Y/N], I’ve found some of the herbs we needed.”
It was your friend, one you’d made in Liyue, who you now worked with at the Bubu Pharmacy.
You wouldn’t have noticed it but Childe’s expression lowered, in a slight jealousy he hadn’t expected to hold.
“Ah! That must be all we needed then.” You replied giving your old friend a sympathetic smile,
“I’m already running late but it was good to see you, Childe.”
It was only a week later when you next saw Childe, this time without the young boy you now knew as Teucer.
“[Y/N]! My old comrade!” The beaming voice of his startling you into dropping the items you once carried.
“Chiiilddde.” You whined, as he helped you pick up the objects.
“Sorry sorry, I was just excited to see my best friend that’s all.”
Best friend…
Time had passed since you had last called him that.
“Well I suppose it’s good to see you too, you’ve grown.”
He smirked,
“I have, you as well, you’re beautiful now.”
You wanted to shove at him in friendliness but you knew to do otherwise.
“Thank you, Childe.”
He visibly deflated at your response but swiftly moved on, opting to continue the conversation for you.
You’d always liked that about him, how he would never berate you for your silence, rather fill it with his own chitter chatter.
It was good to catch up with him, hearing his enthusiastic recounts of the many [fearfully dangerous] adventures he had been on these past years.
And he enjoyed hearing of yours, how you’d created a new life with nothing but a few mora in your pockets, how you now was a respected pharmacist throughout the city and how you even made friends despite your introverted nature.
Well he did enjoy it until he remembered that young man he had seen you with.
“What about your love life, dating anyone?”
Your eyes narrowed at him.
“What! I’m just curious who that man was, with the black hair?”
Confused until you realised who he was talking about,
“Gui? He was the first friend I made when I came to Liyue, I practically owe him my career.”
The ginger frowned with that
“No you worked hard too you know.”
You hummed, you didn’t think otherwise either but it was nice to hear his admiration.
“What about you? I didn’t want to pry, since you had no ring, but you and your son?”
Childe sputtered in surprise,
His son?
With the hectic chaos of the Fatui, he’d never even thought of children yet.
He loved his family and the thought of having another, perhaps with someone like you, had him whirling with ideas.
“No no, Teucer, our little brother.”
The “our” had you shy, just as he spoke to you as a boy, always referring to you as one of his own blood.
“Ah! That means Auntie had another kid!?”
“She sure did, just after you left I think.”
In spite of the nonchalance he spoke with, you could hear the speckle of dejection in his voice.
“How are they, anyways?”
“Good as always! The old man is still strong, Ice fishing even though they live in a house with maids n all!”
You were subtly reminded of his Fatui status, he must’ve been dreadfully rich.
“I’m happy, oh I’d love to visit home again.” You sighed, reminded of your own financial situation.
“I could…” uncharacteristically soft, your friend uttered “I could take you back, you know.”
You shook your head,
“I have a life here now, I’d love to visit though… and marry there.”
He perked up hearing those words,
“Hmm? I guess I’ll have to convince you to marry me!”
And there you gave him that friendly shove you’d been waiting to do all day
“Oh Ajax…”
Strangers to lovers
You would always wander through the plains of Liyue, taking in the sight, trying to remember the stories you had heard of the land you walked on.
And without fail you’d always spot a particular young man in the distance.
You assumed he hadn’t noticed you, never approaching you or even looking your way, so you would shrug and continue your journey.
Little did you know, he did notice you, awfully so.
You’d caught his eye after you stopped being a one time stranger walking through the land, to a now prevalent traveller.
He was just curious at first, his detachment from society left his subconscious clinging to any remnants of human life.
He’d watch you, from afar at least, as you sifted throughout Liyue.
He’d watch the way you hummed as you picked fresh ingredients, the way you’d smile politely at anyone you passed, sometimes he even watched you through the city, shopping and running errands
Maybe this is creepy
He rationalised it as his duty to protect the citizens of Liyue, which he assumed included you.
Throughout your travels, you always found yourself safe, despite the stories from acquaintances of hilichurls, mages and even treasure hoarders, you never really had a problem.
Of course, that too was Xiao’s doing, he’d clear paths before you even laid foot on them, once again imputing it to his duty to protect.
You’d seen him once, fight an array of beasts, bringing them down with his calculated blows, you were stunned.
As the last monster fell with a roar, you shuffled away quickly, to not get caught
Ignoring the pained groan you heard as you left…
All was quiet one day, your eyes narrowed… too quiet.
Not even the sound of nearby villagers or animals scuttling about could be heard.
That’s when you felt it, a dark and menacing aura filling the skies around you, a shiver running down your spine.
But below that, the nightmarish air, you felt a tinge of pain.
A suffering that ached of loneliness, one that you couldn’t help but want to quell.
Following the feelings of calamity, you pushed through the trees, the atmosphere around you visibly darkening as black clouds loomed over.
And there he was, the stranger you would often catch sight of on high mountains, while he watched the world below, regal stature observing what he seemed to never be apart of…
On the floor, body twisted in agony, blood seeping from horrific wounds that scattered across his uncovered skin.
“Stay back, human” you broke your stare as you heard him growl.
Shaking your head, approaching the bloodied man,
“But you’re hurt…”
The bloodied man just turned, wincing as he did but quickly covering it up with a cough,
“I’ll be fine, mortal.”
Ah, so he was something else
Your hand reached out for his body, feeling him tense at the touch.
“Please let me help you.”
Despite being unable to see your expression, he could hear the pleas in your voice, a voice he realised he had not heard before, a voice which rivalled a particular bard’s songs in beauty.
So he allowed you to patch him up, helping you hold his wrappings so you couple put them in place.
Swathing the last bandage around his arm, you petted him gently, startling him and equally yourself for the lack of hesitation.
“Ah” you coughed “I suppose I should get going, you will be alright won't you?”
Brushing the dust off yourself, Xiao watched you with a gnawing urge to speak.
“St-stay?” What he wanted to leave an order, left an uncertain request.
You smiled to yourself, perhaps this wouldn’t be so awkward after all,
“Of course.”
Tumblr media
AHHHHH THANK U FOR READING I AM LITERALLY *dies*. Very nervous and I hope this was good enough to start off this account….. ahhhhhhhh!!
Tumblr media
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perfectdagger · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Without you it’s a season I ain’t needing
Spring was everything in '17, now I'm just cold Summer fell to fall after all November froze Without you it's a season I ain't needing, I want to go come back home The reds and all the greens don't mean a thing when you're gone Winter means nothing to me now without you.
A long distance relationship au in which Harry is away for a year and Louis is left to pick up the pieces. 
Inspired by a few songs from the band The Maine and others
Author: @perfectdagger (sincerelyste)
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Status: Complete (5/5)
Word count: 38k
(a special thanks to @tattooedlovers for the help with the moodboard 💕)
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lay-z · 12 days ago
whatever the cost, and my heart too | masterlist
Squid Game | Sang-Woo x sugarbaby!Reader | 18+
Tumblr media
Summary: After his recent breakup, Sang-Woo becomes a desperate man. On a fateful night, he meets you, and suddenly, his lonely life becomes a lot more…interesting.
» chapter 1; one fateful night
» chapter 2; talking business, sipping wine
­­» chapter 3; like a sour diesel
­­» chapter 4; all mine
Tumblr media
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