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#stray kids blurbs
soleilsuhh · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids headcanons * . ・゚✧͏ ͏attractive things they do !
Tumblr media
chan — even when you guys are fighting and he’s mad at you, he’s still so caring; mid-argument while walking, he gently moves you away and lets you walk on the side of the road where there aren’t moving cars as he calmly and firmly explains why he’s upset. even when you’re not really speaking, he still offers to drive you home. by the end of the night, he texts you a simple ‘good night’ regardless of whether you reply or not.
minho — he uses his phone, sitting down on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide, elbows resting on his thighs. when you come into the bedroom, his attention quietly diverts from the mindless scrolling to you, his soft and almost-lazy gaze following your movements while you take whatever you need from the room and make your way out the door.
changbin — casual pda. he always wordlessly slings his arm over your shoulder or takes his hand out of his pockets to hold your hand when you walk over to him. small kisses on the back of your hand when he's slightly distracted by his phone but still wants to show you affection while you're waiting for your coffee orders at the cafe. casual back-hugs at concerts or festivals and him leaving a peck on the top or back of your head.
hyunjin — he does this thing where he uses his index finger to lift your chin to make you look at him. it can be something as playful as making you pay your undivided attention when you’re jokingly ignoring him. or sometimes, when he sees you’re sad and upset about something and refusing to talk to him, he does this, his movements gentle, and his face calm as he searches your face then asks, “do you wanna talk about it, sweetheart?”
jisung — he likes leaning on the wall or a door frame when he talks to you, regardless of whether you’re in public or not. something about the lazy, carefree posture and the little tilt of his head while he looks at you does things to your heart. his eyes trail after you as move around the room or when you’re speaking to him and he can’t hear you well, he casually leans in closer to your lips to catch what you’re saying.
felix — his hand on your waist or back but non-sexually. when you’re in his way or blocking his way to something or somewhere, he gently moves you by the waist, casually saying “excuse me, baby” his voice deep and so low that only you can hear it. he also instinctively guides you through crowds by putting his hand on the small of your back.
seungmin — he says things like “come here, babe, watch this with me” when he finds a funny video on tiktok. “tell me about your day,” he says, plopping down on the couch next to you, his body turned completely towards your direction. “here, drink this,” he says, handing you a water bottle. it’s such a small thing but casual commands by him do a few things to your heart.
jeongin — when he feels shy or flustered, he does this thing where he rubs the back of his neck while bending his head down slightly and when he looks back up, he meets your gaze with a sheepish laugh or smile, his eyes twinkling, and his cheeks and ears endearingly flushed.
Tumblr media
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hwaflms · 17 days ago
❛ ⩩ small things skz do for their s/o !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ — chan. listening intently whenever you're talking about anything. whenever you're talking to him, even if you're just rambling about how cute this cat video you found was, he listens as if it were the most important thing to him. if you stopped talking because you think you were talking too much he would be like ";O why did u stop talking i was enjoying that ;O" he always looks so immersed in the things you tell him, even if he's doing something else at the same time.
✿ — minho. tucking you in when he sees you're asleep. if you had fallen asleep before he got home from practice, minho would slowly pull the covers over you as to not wake you and gently kiss you goodnight. even if the two of you were in a fight and you decided to go sleep on the couch, minho would wordlessly come and place a blanket over you after you fell asleep.
✿ — changbin. lending you his clothes randomly. he thinks you look so cute in his clothes that he can't help but lend you them all the time. don't have anything comfortable to wear when you're sleeping over? changbin has a spare shirt he can lend you. spilt milk on your pants? changbin has a pair of sweatpants that might just fit you. you're feeling cold? changbin has a jacket, a sweater, a hoodie and even a parka that he doesn't mind lending you. you don't even have to ask, binnie just hands you his clothes for no apparent reason.
✿ — hyunjin. cute texts throughout the day. as soon as you wake up, you can expect a "morning baby! i hope u slept well and dreamt of me bc i did :D ily <3" or a lil wholesome reaction meme to start your day off. before you sleep, he'll send you a cute goodnight text telling you that he loves you, even if he's mad at you. he especially loves describing the cute dreams he has about you in detail. he's always asking how your day is going so far and telling you how much he misses you when he isn't with you and even when he is.
✿ — jisung. sharing his food with you. whenever he's eating food like pizza or cake, he always remembers to save you a slice because he knows you'll like it. he'll always give you the last gummy bear as long as he gets to feed it to you. sometimes, he just does it without realising, like even if you have a plate of fries in front of you, he'll mindlessly feed you one of his own while talking to you.
✿ — felix. leaving little notes for you. whether it's letting you know that he made brownies for you by putting a small "made these for you, hope you like them baby :)" on the box, or doodling his name and your names together with lil hearts in your notebook you lent him to study, you'll always find small sticky notes or pieces of paper with something written on them from your boyfriend.
✿ — seungmin. taking pictures of you without you asking. minnie just thinks you're the prettiest person ever, and he should be taking pictures of the prettiest person ever all the time ! whenever the two of you are out on aesthetic dates, he always has his phone/camera out to take pictures of you before you can even ask him. if want something to post, seungmin has got you covered, he's basically your personal photographer.
✿ — jeongin. sending or buying you things that remind him of you. jeongin loves sending you random memes or posts that just remind him of you. he jokingly sends you reaction memes of weird looking people and tells you that you look like them and ironically tags you under those cringey couple posts. if he's walking down the street and he sees a plushie he thinks you'll like, you can bet he'll buy it and surprise you with it.
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lvnbyeol · a month ago
skz - small things with them
「 masterlist 」
a/n: loosely based on their natal charts! <3 cw: mentions of food
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦:˒ Chan◞⁺☆.
he'd be someone who would love talking about his day with you
is always completely immersed in the stories you tell, even if it looks like his doing smth else at the same time
like he'd get confused when you stop talking bc he's been looking at his laptop the entire time
but he's turning to look at you like >:0 "why did you stop? i wanna know what happened next!"
will compliment you everytime he sees you basically
will most likely be loved by your friends
the nervous laugh he does.
always sitting just a tad too close to you
shushing people and giving you room to speak when nobody listens </3
protective gestures. all day every day.
holding a hand above your head when you get in or out of a car
guiding you around with a hand on your waist or on the small of your back
holding doors open and taking your hand when you cross the street
thinks you are the single most precious person on earth
probably has something profound and deep ready to say when someone asks about you
similar to "jeongin was a blank canvas [...]"
would 100% think you are beautiful, but your heart is even better
hyping your up when you have projects coming up
he'd be so impressed when you achieve/do good on smth
he'd go "that's crazy! i knew you could do it!!"
defending you at all costs >:(
doing his annoyed face when people bother you
he's not the tallest in the world but he got the right energy amirite
you two end up being that one couple that can't sleep when they're apart
(everyone else is thinking: chan sleeps?? o.O)
speaking of which, you'd be the couple everbody wants to be
so attentive and affectionate, my heart <///3
skz would adore you let's be real
✦:˒ Minho◞⁺☆.
he'd know you better than you'd know yourself
you ask him if you should get this or that and he goes "you're gonna hate both in like a week"
and you can't even be mad bc he's right D:
physical affection is taken seriously in private
and as a reason to tease you in front of others
would love bothering you
but he thinks you look cute when you're mad (so winwin ig? hah)
always walks up from behind and either slings his arm around your shoulder or takes your hand way more firm than he needs to
god forbid you ever forget one of his cat's names
observes you from afar, especially in group settings
feeling slightly drained? social battery runs out?
you haven't even finished the thought and lino pops up next to you, jacket on and car keys ready
"ready to go? :D"
he just wants to go home can't blame him
also: "don't tell the boys i did that"
always gets you food too when he finds smth on the way
like he walks past felix and some baked goods? you bet he takes (at least) two so you can have one as well
third-wheeling when he hangs out with jisung :(
consoling hyunjin when lino stuffed his mouth with tissues again
he'd be open to spend all his time with you, he'd take you anywhere
thinks of you as his home, your presence is very comforting to him
staring down the members when he thinks they go too far with the jokes
wordless touches of reassurance
like a hand on the upper arm, a nudge with the knee or shoulder, even small glances that tell the other what you think
gets shy when you compliment him sincerely
would give you the sideeye when you wear his sweater but he loves it secretly
would never turn down your physical affection
would share the amount of cat hair he carries on his clothes
✦:˒ Changbin◞⁺☆.
doing everything together
knowing your food & drink orders for every place by heart
cuddling. lots of it.
in public, he's a bit more reserved with the pda, but is still touching you in some way
likes to use you as either the scapegoat or the holy grail
"i didn't break the cup, it was y/n!"
vs. "but y/n said i can do it, there's nothing wrong with it!!"
gets shy shy shy when you show affection back but he also loves it so pls don't stop
would brag about you a lot
just randomly brings up stuff about you
changbin: omg you know what my s/o passed a super important exam yesterday they're so cool and smart
he'd order take out with you and would get unreasonably happy about it each time
writing songs about you but they're all hidden away bc he's ShY
carrying things for you, opening things for you
being the best shoulder to cry on
ready to fight anyone that would make you cry though
likes domestic dates where he can be lazy for once
would try sneaking inside jokes or little messages in some songs
would love annoying you for no reason
always tries to impress you with the most mundance things
he'd be great at advice and comfort tho
he always had the sweetest things to say, even if he has a small blush on his cheeks as he tells you how lovable you are <3
would hype you up !! so much !!
so you better do that to him too
bc boy deserves some more attention
the type to get you flowers randomly
or some expensive stuff
maybe he just wants you two to match
but it's adorable
✦:˒ Hyunjin◞⁺☆.
buying books for the two of you
sharing clothes and getting dressed together
you'd give each other advice for how to wear certain pieces
aesthetic coffee dates? hmm yes
doing his hair for him </3
him learning how to do hair and doing yours too !
out of the members who'd tease you, he'd be the absolut sweetest about it
holding hands everywhere you go
fixing your hair for you
comforting each other after a bad day </3
i think he's someone who likes to talk about deeper stuff, so this will be a thing !
lots of back hugs bc it's cute
lots of couple selfies !!
you could open a whole instagram account together, that's how many pictures he likes to take
reassuring him when he gets so hard on himself :(
always touching each other in some way, even if it's just your knees when you sit down
you guys are like the best duo, always together and slaying n stuff
hearing his laugh and instantly going :]
he'd feed you, don't worry!
would be super supportive too, like crazy !
when you do a project or smth he would print a pic of you and hang it on the wall over his bed
maybe for comedic purposes it would be either super tiny or way too big
but that could be my imagination running wild hehe
boy would do so much for you <//3
he'd literally give you his heart to show his love :(
✦:˒ Jisung◞⁺☆.
sharing headphones when you both feel like tapping out
basically could use one spotify account together bc all your playlists are shared
high-fiving you whenever you say something sassy or funny
his loudass laugh coming out so much </3
being the fun couple of the group
like you guys instantly light up the party together, even if you are on the quieter side
idk if he still watches nat geo documentaries but i'd bringe the shit out of that with him
cheetahs are, in fact, really fast !
he'd be so cute, planning little dates with you all the time </3
he'd go like "i saw this pretty spot with a bench in the park, we should spend the day there"
libra venus energy, every date would feel like straight out of a romcom
he'd hold your hand for reassurance, it would ground his raging thoughts
watching movies together and he is already planning to do the exact same overdramatic and cheesy things to you as the male lead does
teasiiiiing you sm </3
but like, cute and lovingly
imitating your voice 24/7
whining to you when he's tired
he does like the smallest things for you
like replacing your keys every time you don't put them next to the door, cleaning up after you when you're done with your makeup, peeling/cutting fruits before giving them to you
would LOVE teaching you some producing or writing stuff
he'd go all heart-eyes if you have something artistic you like to do too!
also surprisingly, comfortable silence would be one of his favourite things
just chilling together and listening to music
"can you pls come with me, i don't wanna go alone!🥺"
✦:˒ Felix◞⁺☆.
being his harshest critic when it comes to his baking
but also his biggest supporter
practicing singing together, even if you suck <3
always mentioning the other when something fun comes up
"aah, y/n would've loved that!"
always gravitating towards you
wherever you stand, he just pops up next to you
gets all giddy when he sees you after a while apart
"felix i was just at the grocery store"
"but i am so happy that you're back !! :D <3"
sharing everything and anything you see
i am talking pretty things, memes, fashion inspo, ANYTHING !
the type to text you he loves you at 3 am, completely sober
facetiming him would be so fun
it's either him being all pretty and cute
or he'd keep the phone WAY too close to his face
you're just talking to his eye the entire time
also lowkey falling asleep together on the call
also someone who'd do the tiniest things for you
like charging your phone when you forgot, carrying snacks everywhere in case you got hungry, also carrying chapstick and other stuff
you can't tell me this boy wouldn't love doing cottage core things
picnic in the park? uhm yEs?! baking bread together? you already know! adopting 2048347 animals? why are you even asking !!
he'd cuddle you so much :(
always touches you in some way, he'd try to be sneaky if you don't like to do it in public that much
now that i am thinking about it he'd be the golden retriever type of boyfriend
so how can you not love him?
would be so supportive and tooth-achingly sweet :')
✦:˒ Seungmin◞⁺☆.
trying every coffee shop you can find together
trying to perfect THE homemade coffee !!
playfully nagging you when your stuff is in the way and comparing you to the members <//3
"you are messier than jisung, hyunjin and changbin combined!! >:("
picking fluff from your coat, or your face, or wherever it may rest
fixing your hair for you too
would sing all. the. time.
practicing at 4am and you have to tackle him to bed so he'd stop
teasing you too :')
he's the type to do regular reality checks to you
you're like "this is cute, i should get it!"
and he'd go "you have like, five of those."
like yes but that is NOT THE POINT RN !
he'd also totally be someone who would playfully argue with you till the bitter end
hugs you in private a lot
which would be so full of warmth and comfort :')
gives the best advice ever too :(
would be the best listener, trying to work through your problems so attentively
quiz him about any facts about you and he'd get every single one right
would be the type to bring you drinks and food at random times
like you just pass each other in the hallway and he'd hand you a plate of fruit
like??? wow ily
would totally be down for hand holding! but not a lot more :(
but let's take what we get folks! the boy would still adore you
he's just not ready to be teased to death
would literally be the perfect boyfriend and you can fight me on this
the preppy type and he LIVES it with you </3
✦:˒ Jeongin◞⁺☆.
anything fun he'd find, you'd always be the first to know
calling you an asshole and then slipping his hands in yours
knowing exactly what shows you like and dislike, same with food and games
playing through story games together and completing it feels like you lived through the whole thing yourselves
eating. together. all. the. damn. time !
awkward bro energy but also calls you cute sometimes
would tease you basically anytime you two interact
like try holding his hand and he'd just drag you everywhere with him
try hugging him and he suddenly feels the urge to walk and turn any chance he gets
also the type to call you at 3 am
but he'd be more like "the hyungs are annoying me, is your bed still free?"
would be so so so shy when you give him compliments
likes your attention more than he'd admit
would get random moments where he feels cuddly with you </3
calls you just to settle an argument with the others
the type so subconsciously gravitate towards you and not noticing
but the others notice don't worry
he'd love doing things with you
like exploring the city, going on weird dates, visiting random tourists spots and acting like you aren't from seoul
people do that right idk
knows exactly how to annoy you and will use it against you
like he'd be the reason you discover how far up your heartrate can actually go
thank u jeongin
© lvnbyeol
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hanjisick · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing. hard dom!chan x reader
warning. nsfw. rough sex. semi public sex.
Tumblr media
[scream] "did you really think you could get away from me?" chan mused, locking your wrists to the bed with the help of two metal handcuffs that he brought with him.
you gulped at his icy stare, his pupils blown in craze.
"no, sir."
you were at a friends party— you snuck out, knowing that chan would've never allowed you to go the way you were dressed. and now, here you were with him, in the guest bedroom of your best friend's house with the door locked.
"sweetheart, now i have to mark you. how else is everyone at this party gonna know that you're mine?
"is that okay with you?" you nodded, unable to resist the idea.
his hands were pressed firmly against your hips, surely leaving bruises if the ones that he was sucking onto your thighs wasn't enough.
"your dress is so short," he murmured against your skin, "were you trying to get others to look at you like this?"
the idea made him grip onto you tighter, suck on your skin harder, darkening the bruises.
all you could do is watch, squirming to create friction. it was so hot to see your boyfriend act so possessive.
"chan," your voice shook, "please."
"please... what? use your words. what do you need me to do?"
"i just want you to fuck me," you whined, trying to bring your hands to run across his gorgeous suit— but they were cuffed.
"i'll fuck you until you're too tired to even speak," he replied in a grumble that went straight to your core, pulling down your underwear.
soon, your legs were wrapped around his hips, and he was seating himself into you, not bothering to hide his groan. he wanted the whole house to hear how good he was fucking you.
a harsh slap came down on your ass before he began to slam into you, setting an ungodly pace. you whined at the sting.
"louder, i want to hear your screams," he slapped your ass again before wrapping his hands around your throat.
you complied, letting yourself go as chan hit deep into you, rocking the bed roughly. if you weren't dumb with pleasure, you'd be worried about the guest bed breaking.
"chan!" you screamed, handcuffs struggling to hold your wrists in place. you could tell that he loved it all. he loved that the whole house could hear you two.
his fingers went down to rub your clit, and your toes curled in pleasure, screaming louder.
"good fucking girl, just like that,"
his pace got even faster, and you knew that there was no way you'd be walking in the morning, much less out of the house. you could feel your high coming as your eyes rolled back into your head.
"cum," he growled, and you didn't have to be told twice.
he rode out your high with you, pulling out and cumming on your thighs.
there was no way you were walking out without everyone knowing who you belonged to.
Tumblr media
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bruh-changbin · 3 months ago
under the bleachers
pairing: bad boy!changbin x female reader
requested: no this is my own guilty pleasure
genre: smut
warnings: oral (f receiving), public sex, unprotected sex, changbin has a tongue piercing
word count: 1308
a/n: this was inspired by a dream i had about jay b from got7 so thanks @chanluster for bullying me into writing this, also have this little fic as work on request that have been in my inbox for... a while...
seo changbin was bad news.
you knew this, your friends knew this, practically everyone at your school knew this. so you made a vow to yourself that you would never stoop low enough to sleep with him. 
which is why you were internally screaming at yourself as you swung your leg over his broad shoulder, allowing him to bury his face in your pussy. 
you knew this was wrong; changbin had a reputation for sleeping with random girls and then leaving them as soon as he came. but he was just so hot with his leather jacket and plethora of piercings and tattoos that you opted to break the promise you made to yourself just this once.
you had never planned on getting with changbin in the first place, all you were doing was bringing your friends some slushies so they could stay on the bleachers and watch your school compete in a football game. sports had never really sparked any interest in you, so when your friends vocalized how parched they were from sitting in the sun, you volunteered to go get them something to drink.
the entirety of your trip should’ve taken 2 minutes tops: walk to the concession stand, order drinks, and walk back. but when the school bad boy adorned in all black apparel is staring at you while leaning against the bleachers, it’s understandable that one would take a quick detour. 
which is what led you to be in your current position; changbin’s thick tongue prodding at your entrance while your fellow students enjoyed the game above you.
a breathy moan escapes your lips as changbin’s tongue explores your folds, the cool metal of his tongue piercing a stark contrast to your warm pussy. his mouth continues exploring you as his thumb and forefinger stroke the inside of your thigh, occasionally pinching the sensitive skin making you whine in surprise.
your knees almost buckle when changbin wraps his plump lips around your swollen clit, gently sucking while keeping a vice like grip on your hips to make sure you don't fall over. 
“changbin…” you whine, cringing at how desperate you sound, “i need more.” your pleas are hushed to make sure no one in the bleachers above hears anything and decides to peek below them out of curiosity. 
changbin continues his assault on your cunt, opting to slip his tongue inside of you and using his thumb to rub agonizingly slow circles on your clit. his leisurely pace is torturous and has your head rolling back in both pleasure and annoyance, your hand moving to grab a fistful of his hair. in an attempt to  get him to move faster, you grind your hips into his face while pushing his head forward with the hand that has a hold on his locks. 
this proves to be a mistake as changbin stops his ministrations and shoots you a menacing glare before rising from his knees. part of you is slightly nervous, the way he’s staring at you reveals that your impatience is irritating. but the other part of you is even more turned on due to his appearance. a pissed off changbin with your juices staining his mouth and chin is a sight to behold. 
“impatient, are we?” changbin mutters in annoyance before moving to unbutton his pants. you nod enthusiastically, biting your bottom lip as you stare at his bulge that’s straining against his leather pants.
your cunt is dripping like the melting slushies you bought as they sit on the ground; forgotten - much like you to your friends who were thoroughly enjoying the game up above. 
all thoughts of your friends - or thoughts of anything really - are pushed away when changbin wraps your leg around his waist and drags the head of his cock through your folds. a moan escapes both yours and changbins lips as you wrap one of your arms around his broad shoulders, the other gripping the metal framework of the bleachers to make sure you don’t fall over. 
changbin spares you a quick glance before slipping himself inside of you, not stopping until his length is fully sheathed inside your pussy. to say he’s big is an understatement. his cock stretches your walls and you wince at the pain, mouth hanging open as you try to adjust to his size.
to your surprise, changbin waits for you to get used to the feeling of his cock inside of you before pulling out almost completely and thrusting back in. his pace is slow initially as the two of you try to configure your bodies into a more comfortable position. turns out bleachers aren’t an ideal place for sex, the thin metal beams are cold and offer little support. 
only when you settle on an optimal position does changbin start thrusting with more vigor. the feeling of his hips rolling against yours coupled with him harshly sucking at your neck has you seeing stars. 
changbin’s name rolls off your tongue as his pace increases and his hips are crashing against yours, his pelvis brushing against your clit with each thrust. in one swift motion, changbin pushes your shirt up to your collarbone before he ducks his head and starts sucking your tits like they’re his favourite candy. 
in your head you’re bashing yourself for fucking the guy you promised to never fuck, but the way changbin’s cock hits all the right places inside you has you questioning why you even made that stupid promise in the first place. 
his ministrations have you going crazy, your knees turning to jello as changbin drives his cock into you faster than you thought was humanly possible. you bite your lip in a feeble attempt to keep yourself quiet, but changbin’s moans rival yours when you start clenching your walls around him. sweat is rolling down your temple and the metal of the bleachers is digging into your shoulder blades but you don’t care - not when your high is about to hit you like a freight train.
you beg changbin not to stop, crying that you’re so close to cumming you can practically taste it, although you’re unsure if he can even hear you due to the increased cheers of the students above you. 
every nerve in your body is on fire as you’re on the brink of coming, your nails digging into changbins back as you cling to his frame. all of a sudden everyone in the audience above you screams “TOUCHDOWN!!” the moment the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had rips through you. touchdown indeed. 
changbin groans deeply as he finishes inside of you, shivering slightly as his hips slow to a stop and he partially collapses onto you. his breath tickles your skin as he pants into your neck, his iron grip on your hips loosening when you place a kiss on his neck that’s damp with his sweat. 
once you and changbin have fully come down from your highs, the crowd above you has calmed down as well. the relative silence snaps you back to reality and you nudge changbin, a subtle way of telling him to pull himself out of you. 
heat rushes to your cheeks when you make brief eye contact with him before looking away sheepishly and bending down to pick up your bottoms. the moment your clothes are secured around your hips, a hand is wrapped around your wrist and you’re being dragged away from your secluded spot under the bleachers.
you look up to see a determined changbin pulling you towards his car in the school parking lot - clearly he wants you just as much as you want him. after shooting your friends a quick text saying you’ll miss the rest of the game, you catch up to changbin and match his determined strides toward his car. 
you were never really interested in football anyways.
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stayndays · 3 days ago
𝙗𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠𝙛𝙖𝙨𝙩 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙨𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙮 𝙠𝙞𝙙𝙨 ( 𝙙𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙙𝙖𝙮 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙨 )
tooth-rottening fluff
word count: 285
ot8 x gn!reader (relationship with members can be inferred)
a/n: back with a non-blurb post after like 5 months? sorry for the long wait, thanks for being patient with me! school’s being an ass. hope you enjoy <3 (also road to 1k followers lol)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bang chan — breakfast burrito
a combination of savory breakfast dishes rolled into one. perhaps homemade, perhaps from a drive thru. eaten while going to the studio after forcing him to drag you along for the day. he can’t resist you.
lee minho — cereal
eaten at the crack of dawn, ready for a busy day together. potentially eaten to save room for a hefty lunch. sometimes simple cornflakes, other times literal candy floating in milk. shoved down your throats while scrolling through social media.
seo changbin — bacon & eggs
“a hearty breakfast!” changbin says. constantly makes sure you’re eating well. usually splattered with ketchup. eaten together before he goes to the gym for a bit. occasionally during sunday breakfast at a local diner. ignore the fact that he’s 1% pig.
hwang hyunjin — crepes
served at an outdoor spot during special occasions. perhaps your anniversary, a birthday, or other festivities. served with other delicacies like croissants and cappuccinos. eaten as you wipe the chocolate syrup off the corner of his mouth.
han jisung — bagels
loves the versatility of bagels. sometimes savory, topped with salmon or egg and such. sometimes sweet, with cream cheese and strawberry jam spread on top. eaten as yours cut in half, his as a sandwich.
lee felix — french toast
a dish he learned to made from a traditional cookbook. a special treat to give you after a long, draining yesterday. eaten with a smile on your face, cherishing the love he put into it. served while he says “enjoy!” in french.
kim seungmin — pancakes
watched countless videos on how to make good pancakes because you deserve the best. decorated with fresh fruit on top. sometimes even a fruit-made face is on top. eaten while sitting on the kitchen counter lazily.
yang jeongin — frozen waffles
when you’re both too lazy to cook a proper meal. drenched in maple syrup and chocolate and strawberries and anything you could find. eaten while watching cartoons on the vouch. “because when are you ever too old to watch?” jeongin says. you agree.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
want to read more like this? click here!
taglist: @desertofdessert @woahhwa @cotccotc @raethethey @bobateastay @seungminsaidsta @dayawantstosleep @starrynpy @leihey @teatimeonthemoon @skzwriternet @districtninewriters (ask to join!)
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2minfilms · 2 months ago
stray kids masterlist
Tumblr media
⌗ ot8
first i love yous — fluff, slice of life, idol!skz, best friends to lovers, college au
why you broke up — angst, slice of life, college au, idol!skz
how you first met — fluff, college au, slice of life, non-idol!skz
— royal au series
hyunjin : prologue , play with fire — angst, fluff, romance, smut, royal au, shape-shifter au, wolves au
seungmin : prologue , the portrait of you and me — angst, fluff, romance, smut, royal au, forbidden love, reincarnation
chan : prologue , kingdom of wolves (to be posted soon)
— college au series
seungmin : the spilled ink on his tracing paper — non-idol au, fluff, angst, college au, seungmin is a jerk at first, inspired by the k-drama nevertheless
minho : they say you're not good for me but i like it (to be posted soon)
Tumblr media
⌗ bang chan
tutor — fluff
motivational hug — fluff
me first — fluff, suggestive
gone — angst, boyfriend!chan au, toxic relationship
time stamps:
16:05 — fluff
22:46 — fluff
06:27 — fluff
8:25pm — fluff
Tumblr media
⌗ lee know
run away — fluff, angst, best friends to lovers au
i want you — fluff, angst, suggestive, boyfriend!minho au
star gazing — fluff, best friends to lovers au
good morning — fluff, idol!minho au
afternoon rain — domestic fluff, boyfriend!minho au
time stamps:
9:02pm — suggestive
12:10am — angst
Tumblr media
⌗ seo changbin
the curve — fluff, college au, boyfriend!changbin au
time stamps:
13:18 — fluff
7:39pm — angst
7:44pm — fluff
Tumblr media
⌗ hwang hyunjin
fanfics at 1am — fluff, boyfriend!hyunjin au
soulmates — fluff, angst, high school au, enemies to lovers au
pepero kiss — fluff
goodnight — fluff, boyfriend!hyunjin au
cuddle — fluff, college au, boyfriend!hyunjin
attention — fluff, boyfriend!hyunjin au
consequences — fluff, angst, devil!hyunjin ft. angel!seungmin
the warmth of your home — fluff, angst, model!hyunjin au, long distance relationship, slice of life
time stamps:
12:25 — fluff
01:03 — fluff
4:31pm — suggestive
3:26am — fluff
Tumblr media
⌗ han jisung
wallpaper — fluff, idol!jisung au
cheeks — fluff
fits perfectly — fluff
possessive— fluff, angst
can i kiss you? — fluff, a bit suggestive
twitter article — fluff, idol!jisung au
midnight visitor — fluff, gangster!jisung au
jenga — fluff
kiss me — fluff
strawberry — fluff, college au, boyfriend!jisung au
sick of love songs — angst, slice of life, idol!jisung
time stamps:
08:35 — fluff
Tumblr media
⌗ lee felix
sneak out — fluff, slice of life
chocolate kisses — fluff, boyfriend!felix au
lean on me — fluff, angst
time stamps:
08:10 — fluff
7:46am — fluff
Tumblr media
⌗ kim seungmin
morning kisses — fluff, boyfriend!seungmin au
bookshelf — fluff, a bit suggestive
filter — fluff, college au, photographer!seungmin au
camera focus — fluff, college au, photographer!seungmin au
one morning in paris — fluff, marriage au
day off — fluff, idol!seungmin au, college au, slice of life
beneath the streetlights — fluff, angst, college au, idol!seungmin, slice of life, friends to lovers
if i lose, it's your fault prologue — (still thinking if i should write it)
time stamps:
18:01 — fluff
07:12 — fluff
09:17 — fluff
04:02 — fluff
6:52pm — fluff
10:25pm — fluff
Tumblr media
⌗ yang jeongin
dear you, can we love again? — fluff, angst
time stamps:
22:24 — fluff
01:07 — fluff
2:20pm — angst
Tumblr media
day6 m.list
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lcvantr · 15 days ago
first love ; bang chan — O.3k
warnings: talks of sex
a/n: this was my first time writing anything of sexual nature but i liked it enough to post
© lcvantr | 18+ only minors dni
chan was the perfect first love.
he always made sure you were comfortable and happy. he always tried his best to try and let you know he loved you.
whether it be as simple as driving around your little town at night while it rained,
"that isn't fair, y/n! you were aux last time!" he whined as he turned left in another of the countless neighborhood streets you both grew up in. "okay? and? you're driving chan. it would be irresponsible to be on your phone — choosing what song you're playing next," you sassed him as you kicked up your sneaker-clad feet up onto the dashboard of his car as you looked through your playlists. "y'know, you're really lucky you're cute."
talking sweetly into your ear and held onto your hands tightly as he slid into you for the first time and every time after that,
"you're doing amazing baby. just a little more," he whispered against your ear, making you feel hot all over. he stilled inside of you, letting you adjust before he could start moving. "chan," the slight stretch and sting in between your legs were nothing compared to the euphoria chan brought to you time and time again. you nodded your head, eyes still squeezed shut. "c'mon baby, use your words. i wanna hear your beautiful voice."
or letting you down in the softest way possible as he broke up with you.
"what?" you couldn't believe the words that had just left chan's lips as he sat on the edge of your couch in front of you. your eyes immediately filling up with hot tears and your chest tightening up at the realization that chan was indeed, breaking up with you. "i'm so sorry y/n. i really am. i wish we could've worked out," he said while holding your hand, stopping it from shaking, "and please don't think that this is your fault. you were perfect, more than perfect! but my feelings have changed." you desperately tried not to let your tears fall as chan stood up from where he was sitting and walked over to your front door, opening it. "goodbye y/n," chan said your name one last time before leaving your apartment.
walking out of your life and never coming back again.
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chocolvte · 5 months ago
stray kids imagine: cuddling with hyunjin on a rainy morning
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
listen to chronic sunshine by cosmo pyke
req — hi! i’m not 100% sure how tumblr works but i was wondering if i could request cuddling w hyunjin on a rainy morning 😿 i just miss him sm n i’ve been rly sad LMFAOO
Tumblr media
i’m convinced this would be so soft and comfy.
hyunjin doesn’t mind letting you lay your whole body on top of him. he likes the weight of you on his chest and the feeling of your breath against his collarbones as you sleep.
you’re so cute when you’re sleeping. he promised you that he wouldn’t take pictures of you, but sometimes he debates breaking that promise (partly to tease you later, but mostly because he’s v in love with you).
the sound of the rain hitting the roof is so relaxing. you always ask hyunjin something that will take a while to answer just so you can hear him talk. he knows what you’re doing, but he speaks you to sleep anyway.
sometimes, when he’s had a long day, it’s the other way around and he’s the one laying his head in your lap, letting you run your hands through his hair until he feels like he’s melting.
but mostly he likes to be the big spoon.
everything is all dark and cozy and warm because of the rain outside and sometimes you guys like to put on movies to watch until you both fall asleep.
he always smiles so big whenever he first sees your face when you come over.
and he goes “oof!” as your whole body hits his chest with the force of your hug.
he always does his best to make sure you fall asleep first and he thinks it’s so funny and adorable watching you fight to keep your eyes open.
and then y’all get coffee and pastries after you’re done napping and the rain has let up.
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etherealino · 3 months ago
oh for those kiss prompts can i request chan + kisses for comfort?
comfort kiss — b. chan
content/warning(s): chan breaking down :(, flufffyyyyyyy
note: chan always gives the hugs. i think it's time for him to receive a hug. send me a request if you waaant <3
Tumblr media
it was overwhelming. chan was way past the due dates he have set for himself to finish the needed tracks. It wasn't that someone was rushing him—well, there was one: him. chan brushes his hand through his hair as he leans his head against his hand. he was on the verge of crying, but he held it not wanting to show weakness even though no one was there.
but he heard soft taps on his door, so he sits up straight trying to compose himself as if he wasn't just breaking down a little while ago. it was probably one of the boys and it was no time to show weakness, chan thinks. he hears the door open so he keeps working, editing the track.
chan hears the door close softly but no voice speaks up so he turns his chair lightly and sees you on the door leaning as you look at him. "hi, baby." you mumble, pulling your lips into a thin line. you push yourself from the door, walking to chan who just stares at you. he knows that you know what was happening a little while ago. he doesn't know how but he is thankful that minutes before he says anything, you already know what's happening. "you wanna rest or sleep, maybe?" you tease lightly and chan couldn't help but laugh lightly.
"says you." chan says, trying to turn it around but he knows it wouldn't work. it never does. just one look from you and he leans back on his chair, looking at particularly nothing. "i wasn't able to chase my deadline."
"your deadline." you repeat and chan nods. you sigh, about to sit on the back of your ankles when your boyfriend pulls you on his lap. "i know that this is one of the ways for you to get working and all," you start as chan looks at you. "but.. you should give yourself a break, baby." you say, kissing his nose. "give yourself some credit," a kiss on the forehead. "you've done great, channie." on the cheeks. "and you will do greater as time passes by."
gently, you leave soft pecks all over his face which he gladly accepts as he closes his eyes to savor the moment. "you're so great." you mumble and chan smiles, looking into your eyes. "you don't have to beat yourself up for nothing." you say with a smile, cupping his jaw. "you're so good." you say, kissing his cheeks as you trails your kisses all over his face which makes him giggle loudly.
chan puts his hands on your wrists, spulling away lightly. "thank you, love." he says and you kiss his forehead. "ah, i love you." chan warmly says, feeling his chest full of love for you as he opens his arms. you wrap your arms around his torso, placing a kiss on his cheek.
"i love you more."
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soleilsuhh · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids imagines 𖥧 ° .* holding hands <3
Tumblr media
[ ‎܀ ] - chan holds your hand to comfort you. his touch is gentle and warm, a light squeeze as he listens to you, a steady clasp as he watches you breathe in and out, his thumb running over your knuckles. he doesn’t say a word; he’s simply there, holding your hand in his; a quiet reminder that no, you’re not alone and a soft promise that yes, it’s all going to be okay.
[ ‎܀ ] - minho holds your hand gently yet firmly while you balance and walk on a small wall. you ask what if i fall? and he replies without missing a beat, his voice light, i’ll catch you. and when your gazes meet, there’s an unwavering look in his eyes and you believe him. of course he’ll catch you. he always does. he always have.
[ ‎܀ ] - changbin reaches out and grabs your hand to pull you back to him. your back hits against his chest and he doesn’t let go of your hand, entrapping you in a back-hug and he presses a million kisses on your cheek, ear, temple until you’re a giggling mess in his tight embrace.
[ ‎܀ ] - you and hyunjin hold hands because you don’t want to lose each other in the crowd. he intertwines his fingers with yours in a secure hold, letting go only when there’s an obstacle in the way and your hands immediately finding their way to each other’s afterwards.
[ ‎܀ ] - jisung holds your hand just to play with it. sometimes he’d use his finger to write naughty words on the back of your hand and he tells you to guess what he wrote, a lazy half-grin on his face, a playful glint in his eyes. and when you get it correct, he lets out a gleeful little laugh as he nods and presses a kiss on your palm.
[ ‎܀ ] - felix holds your hand above your head, lacing your fingers together, while the two of lazily make out on bed, except it’s more of an easygoing conversation about everything and nothing, lips hovering over lips, over skin; your hushed voices filling the room, accompanied by occasional laughter and chuckles between languid kisses.
[ ‎܀ ] - seungmin holds your hand out of habit. it’s an absentminded gesture — at first, anyway; you’re deep in conversation and as he listens to you, he casually rubs his thumb over the back of your hand, fingers tracing the outline and the crevices between each finger before they intentionally glide along your palm. a smile forms on his face as a brief laughter escapes your lips. he knows it tickles and that’s precisely why he does it again.
[ ‎܀ ] - jeongin holds your hand under the table at dinner with family. it’s discreet and sweet and innocent; and it’s all silent stolen gazes and quirked lips as his fingers brush over the skin of your thigh while his hand lays flat on the back of yours. it lingers there for a moment before he gives you a little squeeze, promising more for later.
Tumblr media
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3raaaachachacha · 25 days ago
9:05 am
Hwang Hyunjin / 621 words / angst / fluff
~ Requested ~ can i pls request a soulmate au with hyunjin or chan you can pick🥺 can the set be in highschool or college thankss
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
You sighed heavily as you walked through the university halls, scrunching your nose at the happy couples that littered the campus. You were jealous of them  all finding their soulmates already and you were still alone. Your eyes briefly glanced over at the silver rings that adored their middle fingers, the one you’re given once you reach age five. If you found your soulmate or passed by them, the black stone in the middle of the right would shine to a light pink. It was a symbolic sign of the love the two would share for the rest of their lives.
There were stones that switched from black to grey, indicating that their soulmate was no longer in this world for them to meet. Unfortunately for you, yours had been black since you got it on your fifth birthday. At the time, you were a little girl that was convinced boys had cooties and you wanted nothing to do with them, so the black stone was always something you seemed to admire.
Although, as time went on, you grew to watch your friends gem stones turn to a pretty shade of pink once they found their true love. You eventually began to feel hopeless, that you'd never find your soulmate. The only hope you had was that your stone had not turned the dreaded grey.
Sighing in annoyance, you trudged your way to homeroom, sitting down and placing your earphones in. You wanted this day to end already since it would be another day gone by where you did not find your love. At this rate, you truly believed they probably weren’t in the same country. You were knocked out of your thoughts by the loud mumbling of your classmates, causing you to briefly look up to see someone new walking into your classroom. 
His hair was long and black, pulled back into a half messy ponytail, almond shaped eyes were the darkest brown you had ever seen but held so much light in them. He awkwardly smiled towards the class as you pulled your headphones out just in time to hear him introducing himself to the class, “Hello, I'm Hwang Hyunjin.”
His eyes met yours and you froze for a moment as your breath hitched and placed your hand over your heart. It was beating rapidly, screaming to be let out of the confines of your chest. You hadn’t even noticed that the same things you were experiencing were the same things he was experiencing. He froze on the way to his seat, eyes still locked into yours. Clearing his throat, he awkwardly laughed and made his way to the empty seat in front of yours as if nothing had happened. You lifted your hand to tap his shoulder and grab his attention, but you gasped once you noticed that your once black gem was now a lively bright pink.
Before you could even touch his shoulder, Hyunjin had turned around at the sound of your gasp, eyes widening in shock once he stared down at your ring then back to his. With shaky hands and a shy smile, he held out his hand towards yours before looking into your eyes, both your faces a shade of pink.
“I’m Y/N,” You mumbled shyly as you held your hand out and Hyunjin smiled, gently taking yours and shaking it.
“Well, Y/N, I’m Hyunjin and I think I was made for you," He winked with a grin, making you giggle.
"Cheesy,” You teased, gripping onto his hand tightly.
“Well," He chuckled, moving from his seat in front of you to next to you, "You better get used to it because it seems we’re going to have a lifetime of my cheesy remarks.”
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
- Admin 🌶️
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lvnbyeol · 18 days ago
skz - their love languages
「 masterlist 」
a/n: based on their natal charts and my personal opinion! <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✦:˒ Chan: quality time, words of affirmation
would make time in his busy schedule for you, and focus only on you. would even turn his phone off, if you asked him to. would give you compliments on the daily, ranging from a simple 'you look pretty' to almost citing every line of romantic poetry he knows (which probably isn't much tbh). likes to keep you close but also knows when to give you space.
✦:˒ Lino: quality time, acts of service
will show his love more passively, though if you require it, he can be vocal about it too. will always find ways to hang out with you, even if he drags his tired body to your place after practice and practically falls asleep on you. at least he's with you when he does! will make and buy you any food you want and without question. shares his most precious snacks with you.
✦:˒ Changbin: physical touch, quality time
would hug you every chance he gets, and is always touching you in some way. likes to know you're with him. also someone who would squeeze you into his schedules. the others probably get worried because he somehow refuses to sleep at the dorm all of a sudden. will always hold your hand.
✦:˒ Hyunjin: acts of service, physical touch (+ quality time)
the epitome of 'wants to show you love so much but can't decide how'. will do the little things you may forget. always remembers to keep up with you over texts or calls. clings onto you as if he'd die if he didn't. plays with your fingers a lot. instantly has more fun when you're around, would even bring you to practice so you can watch him and order food for when he's done.
✦:˒ Jisung: quality time, words of affirmation (+ physical touch)
is the classic 'date night' guy and wouldn't blow it off for anything. texts you so much the others don't dare to ask about it anymore. also sends you weird voice messages when he feels like it. likes to hear reassuring words to keep him going. would love talking about nothing in particular. likes touching too, but only when he feels comfortable enough.
✦:˒ Felix: physical touch, words of affirmation (+ acts of service)
would always be touching you in some way. likes to keep you updated on his life and will ask just as much about yours. is the type to try writing something for you, only to end up feeling embarrassed. may surprise you with his boldness in person though. likes to do little things for you in order to keep surprising you and keep you happy.
✦:˒ Seungmin: acts of service, words of affirmation
also likes to hear he is worth it. would find all the right words when you need them most, even if they might not be pretty at first. would win many arguments but also let you believe you came to every conclusion yourself. would clean up after you, cook for you and would be fine with knowing it made your day a little easier. doesn't like to see you unhappy, so he works hard to avoid any kind of glim expression on your face.
✦:˒ Jeongin: physical touch, words of affirmation
is not that transparent when you first meet him, but his favourite ways to show affection become quite clear over time. touches and hugs you more than anyone would've expected. would tell you often that he likes being with you, even though he tries to coat it with his teasing. texts you anytime he finds something exciting, his first instinct is to tell you about it.
© lvnbyeol
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jeonqqin · 6 months ago
man up. [m] | pt. 9
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
h. jisung x reader | netflix rom-com au
Tumblr media
— ❝Even with classes, annoying brothers, and an unrequited crush, you still figured your first year of college was going pretty well. Until you managed to get your first boyfriend, and suddenly your brother and his stupidly attractive best friend were attached to your hip for the whole damn ride.
or alternatively;
Why did Jisung care about you so much, and had his eyes always been that pretty?❞
CONTAINS: brothers best friend au, teen rom-com au, sorta crack fic, love triangle au, college au
WARNINGS: angst, language, domestic problems, yelling, rebellious teens, sibling love(?), sad changbin :(
A/N: almost four months since I updated but hey it’s here now!
▸ request
CHAPTERS:  01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 +
Tumblr media
blog masterlist | ⟲ fic song
Tumblr media
© jeonqqin 2020
Tumblr media
The fabric of your jeans irritated the skin of your legs as you walked down the street, your arms wrapping tightly around your middle in order to conserve as much heat as you could. You couldn’t remember the last time you took an impulsive stroll, but you knew for sure that the last time it wasn’t freezing. Perhaps it made you thankful that the surface of your skin felt numb, at least you couldn’t feel the cold prickling your skin. A shower—you needed a shower.
Maybe if you scrubbed off the lingering touch that Jisung left behind, you would be able to sleep peacefully. Maybe you needed someone else to replace the constant reminder of his hands. 
Or maybe you were simply being a big baby, and whining over something miniscule. 
As you walked down the street, the familiar feeling of regret creeped up your spine. While you were blinded by rage and shame, you had walked a whole block before realizing that you were crying with your jeans in your arms, so you quickly—and shamefully—slipped your uncomfortably tight pants on in the middle of the street. You were just grateful that no one had driven by while you were in the midst of your tantrum. 
You passed the same swings from before, your eyes briefly flickering over the black seat before retreating back to the pavement. That night was simple, it just felt so much easier to call Chan and talk until your mind was blank, but you couldn’t do that anymore. You would feel too guilty to pull him back into your life, simply because you knew he would come without a second thought. Of course you missed him—you missed how easy it was to confess to him. 
You knew you would in the end. 
At the sound of your name, your foot slipped off the edge of the sidewalk, causing you to stumble into the road, watching as the pavement in front of you lit up with the piercing white of headlights. You spun around, your balance still tilted and your head suddenly spinning as the thought of being hit by a car ran through your mind. But instead of feeling the impact of the car, you noticed it parked at your side. 
“What the hell are you doing?”
The sound of the engine turning off had your heart rate spiking, but not in the same way it did when you thought you were getting run over. You knew he wasn’t happy, the harsh slam of his door being your main clue since his face was void of any emotion. But you’d known Changbin long enough to recognize his anger. 
“I’m—Why’re you here?” You asked hurriedly, casting your gaze down at your bare feet. 
Damn, leaving your favorite sneakers at Jisung’s place definitely wasn’t your smartest move. 
“Fucking God, Y/n,” Changbin took large strides to you, his fingers clasping around your upper arms and tugging you forward. His brows creased in a unique way that only Changbin could manage, and his eyes darted around your form, taking in everything before zeroing in on the mess that was probably made along your neck. “Tell me what happened. Now.”
And the way his eyes grew soft had you finally melting, your eyes sore and suddenly overflowing with tears once again. But you didn’t care if Changbin saw them, because you knew he wouldn’t pity you or make you feel disgusting. 
Changbin always knew exactly what to say—but this time, he didn’t say anything. 
You never knew how safe Changbin’s arms were until they were holding you to his chest. He was mostly muscle, but he was warm and his shirt felt soft against your wet cheek. You held him as tight as you could and focused on nothing else, never even noticing as he hoisted you up and wrapped your thighs around his thin waist. Changbin somehow could make you feel both secure and small at the same time, he always had. And in that moment, you needed his comfort desperately. 
You pressed your heated forehead against his neck, adding to the list of things you soaked with your tears. 
“Bin, I—”
But you were stopped by his shushing, his hands squeezing your thighs. So, you shut your mouth and let your heavy lids fall shut as well. He wanted you to calm down, and you knew it was in your best interest to do so. But there was something heavy pushing against your chest, and you were very afraid of what it was. 
You could feel his muscles shift as he carefully maneuvered you around so he could slide into the driver’s seat with you perched on his lap. Granted it wasn’t the most comfortable position, but you needed the warmth of his chest against yours so you opted to stay put. You rested your head on his shoulder and he easily reached around you to take the wheel, it was a dangerous position to drive in but neither of you cared in the slightest. 
With one hand on the ignition and the other stroking your back gently, Changbin started the car. 
“Where to, sweetheart?”
Sweetheart, huh?
Changbin only paused for a second before you felt a sigh against your chest. “You know who's there, right?”
Humming, you nodded against his neck, quickly pushing away the feeling of your rapid heartbeat increasing. 
“Okay, then…”
The car accelerated and for the rest of the ride, Changbin said nothing. But the ride was smooth and his cologne was warm, keeping the beating of your heart steady. You had ridden this path many times, so each turn was familiar, but it was still vague in your mind. 
Changbin shifted at the halfway mark, his lap moving from under you and somehow bringing your bodies closer and allowing you a more comfortable perch. His thighs seemed restless, but his head leaned against yours and a breath left his lips. You could physically feel his stress leaking out with the warmth of his body, and you immediately knew what he was so jittery about. He was anxious to hear what happened from you, and he was holding himself back from asking. 
He didn’t want to push you like last time. 
You turned your head to look at the shadows against his neck before sighing, “Hey, Bin?” 
Changbin hummed, almost too quickly. 
“Don’t worry, okay?” You paused to gauge his reaction, feeling his chest tense from under you. “I’m fine.”
And again, he hummed, but then he dragged his palm up your back, and that was all you needed to know that it was really okay. 
It didn’t take much longer to get back to the appartement, but you still felt yourself drifting off to the steady rumble of the tar beneath the wheels. It was only when Changbin put his car in park and the above lights shined in your eyes that you stirred, tugging Changbin even closer in an attempt to avoid the intrusive yellow glow. 
He chuckled, squeezing your side. “Come on, sweetheart. Let’s get inside.” He proceeded to open the door, sliding you out first—much to your childish protesting—and then following behind. Though, even after putting you down, his hand remained on the small of your back, gently pushing you to the overall destination. 
Every movement was taken as a blur in your eyes, familiar things passed, but you couldn’t see them. You knew the feeling of the stairs under your feet, despite not remembering going up them, all you could focus on was the touch of Changbin’s hand. Which you figured was better than overthinking everything again and ultimately hating yourself, ultimately you were glad that it was so easy to let go of it all. Eventually, the two of you made it inside the apartment, and everything from before started to be forgotten.
Until you took one step inside and locked eyes with Chan. 
“Uh…” he hummed, eyes flickering between you and Changbin. Even though he was only wearing his typical sweatpants and a sweatshirt, he looked nice. He also carried his laptop against his hip, and held a bowl of whatever was made for dinner. “Y/n… A-Are you okay?”
With a watery smile, you looked to your feet. Changbin then gently nudged you forward. 
“Yeah, Chan. I’m okay.” 
What else was supposed to be said? You couldn’t change what happened, and you were too emotional to have a real talk with him. Besides, you knew what he really was asking—
What happened with Jisung?
He could tell by your puffy eyes and shaky legs that something was wrong. But him being Chan, he didn’t pry. Even when he so badly wanted to know if he needed to kill his friend or not. 
“She’s tired.” Changbin aided, sending Chan a sympathetic smile. “I’ll explain later, okay?” 
You wanted to cry again. 
Here you were, being coddled and treated like a little doll that needed to be protected. Everything you had said to Minho about being able to handle yourself was all suddenly a lie, and you absolutely hated it. Your brother was right all the damn time and it wasn’t fair. Why couldn’t you be competent enough to handle your own dumb feelings? Of course they were going to be there for you—Changbin, Chan and Minho were just waiting on the other side of a door to help you at all times. Even after hurting them and ignoring their heeding advice, they were still right there. You should’ve been happy to see that you always had a “safe place” no matter what. So, why did you feel so suffocated? 
The slam of a door paused your thoughts, the sting of tears in your eyes was relieved as a few slipped through and down your cheeks. 
Minho stood at the end of the hall, the door having swung open with so much force that you wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a hole in the wall behind the handle. He looked angry, his deep eyes watching you carefully as he took quick strides towards you. You felt Changbin tense, but his hand never left your back. 
Your brother sent his friend a quick glare before leaning to your height, his eyes searching yours. 
“Tell me what happened.” 
God, you really hated breaking down so much, but how could you stand there with a straight face while your big brother looked so inviting?
“Lino, I—” you choked, vision cloudy once again. Your head was starting to hurt due to the amount of crying you had been doing, only adding to the stress of the night. You were such a cry baby. “I’m sorry, I—”
“No.” Minho then grabbed you, tugging you harshly against his sweater covered chest. “Do not fucking apologize.” He growled, the vibration of his words ringing against your cheek. 
Minho had always loved taking care of you. He wanted to be your knight in shining armor that raced to your defense at any sign of danger, and he had been while you were growing up. But the older you got, the less you needed your knight, and the more he missed his baby sister. Minho used to love feeling you run into his arms, your arms wrapping tightly around him as you sobbed against his chest. 
But there was something about the way you cried this time that had him feeling sick. 
Changbin sighed before tugging Chan by the arm, guiding the elder into their recording room as Minho practically scooped you up and brought you into his room. No matter how many boys fell victim to your smile, nobody would ever love you more than Minho already did. The day Changbin met you, there was always something special between you and your brother, but he knew it was consuming. Minho was definitely obsessive as the result of his blistered childhood, and that caused him to desperately cling onto you. 
There was something dangerous about how much Minho involved himself in your love life—Changbin tried not to think too hard about it. 
Tumblr media
You scrubbed violently at the skin of your thighs, the scorching heat of the water burning off the regrets of the night. 
After pulling you into his room, Minho tried to stuff you into his clothes immediately. But you paused his attempt in favor of taking a shower—you needed to rid your skin of the layer of filth that made you want to squirm. Though he was pouting, Minho let you go with a kiss to your temple. 
But the time alone felt strange, you just stood under the poorly pressurized spray of water with nothing but your thoughts. Your head wasn't where you wanted to be in that moment, so despite the hot water feeling nice, you rushed the shower. Even when you wanted to remove your last layer of skin with soap, it wasn’t worth the anxiety that was going to take over the moment you let your mind wander. 
You just watched the water go down the drain, nothing more. 
“Y/n? Are you almost done?”
Feeling panic run up your spine, you peeked around the shower curtain to see your brother standing at the door with an innocent look on his devious face. You squawked, “Minho?! Get out!”
He faltered for a second, eyebrows raising as he held up a set of clothes. “Come on, Y/n. We literally used to bathe together, calm down.”
“When we were little!”
Minho scoffed. “It’s not like you’ve changed since then.”
Huffing, you closed the curtain and turned off the water. “Whatever. Just leave the clothes on the counter.”
He did as he was told, snickering in victory as he placed the nicely folded sweatshirt and sweatpants on the sink. Minho tapped the shower curtain, smirking when you yelped, swatting at his hand and making the curtain rustle. 
“Get out!”
Minho shook his head at your whining, a fond smile slipping onto his lips. 
“I’m going—I’m going.” He hummed, closing the door behind him. The humidity of the bathroom left his skin slick and hot, but it was worth making you lighten up, so he ignored the stifling feeling and returned to his bedroom. 
He practically fell back onto his bed, relishing in the softness of his comforter. Minho had just gotten back from practice when you showed up, and thankfully he had enough time to take a shower and change out of his sweaty clothes, but he was dead tired. Maybe that was why he wasn’t raising hell about you coming to his house looking messy with tears dripping down your cheeks. Of course he was angry, but he couldn’t muster enough energy to yell and hunt down the person who made you so upset. All he could do was comfort you, and it burned a painful hole in his chest to think that he couldn’t do more. 
He turned his head, watching you shuffle into the room wearing his clothes that nearly swallowed you. You looked so soft, and Minho suddenly felt twice as tired. 
He smiled, holding out his hand for you. “Come here.”
You slowly stepped forward, closing the door behind you, then took his larger hand in yours. It was comforting to hold your brother’s hand, his palm was warm and enveloped yours entirely. With a content sigh, Minho pulled you into his arms and tucked you securely between him and his bed. He was heavy, but the weight was somewhat nice. 
“Sleep here tonight.”
Your head tilted up to look at Minho, his head rested on the same pillow that yours was on, his eyes already watching you. The breath in your chest halted at the piercing look he gave you, it was almost scary how deep it looked like it could cut. Minho was still angry. 
You sighed. “Yeah. Okay, Lino.” 
Your words seemed to placate him, his arms pulling you even closer as he shifted to lay on his side beside you rather than continue to crush you. But that didn’t mean the point of contact lessened, his arms made sure you were securely glued to his chest.
“Stop dating.” Minho grunted, shoving his face into your neck. “You don’t need a stupid boyfriend when you have me.”
His comment made you heat up. How could he say something like that so casually? 
“Gross. You’re my brother, Minho.” You said, followed by a nervous laugh. 
He pulled away and you gulped, his eyes were drilling into you again. “So? What’s so amazing about having a boyfriend anyway?” Minho asked, face void of any of his usual mirth. “All they do is hurt you and make you cry.”
Looking away from him, you processed what exactly he was saying. He wasn’t completely wrong after all. 
“I don’t know,” you whispered, eyes searching the ceiling. “It just feels nice to be wanted by someone, I guess.”
Minho stayed silent for a moment, his expression impossible to read. You hadn’t had a conversation with him about such deep things for a long time, since usually your interactions were fleeting and full of jokes. To be honest, the two of you hadn’t been very close since you were kids. Nothing outside of your little world mattered to either of you, but after high school began, both Minho and Jisung drifted down their own path as you found your own friends.
“Wow,” Minho laughed humorlessly. “Hearing you say that… actually makes me angry.”
Shooting him a confused expression, you couldn’t help but analyze his conflicted expression. “What do you mean—?”
Your voice dies in your throat at the sharp glare he sent you. It was hard to forget that Minho had spent a good chunk of his childhood holding up his fists—whether it was for your sake or not. 
“You’re telling me that you have no idea how many people are absolutely obsessed with you?” Minho’s brow raised, shifting his weight onto his forearms. 
You gaped, cheeks burning. 
“Wh… what?”
His stern glare was only inches away from your face, and you could practically feel his breath. You really didn’t want to make Minho any angrier, but you also really wanted to know more about this everybody being absolutely obsessed with you thing. So you looked back, eyes confused but not yet scared. He would only stop if there was no reaction given, as you had learned by watching his interactions with Chan over the past few weeks. 
There was a deep grumble from Minho’s throat as his eyes burned harshly into yours, and you almost felt yourself letting up.
He was very close.
Minho’s jaw clenched. Just when you thought he was going to call your bluff, he sharply sighed, flopping onto his back with an unmistakable furrow to his brow. 
“You’re an idiot.”
You finally glared back at your brother. “And you’re an asshole.”
Minho smiled, watching the ceiling as you had before. You joined him.
“They love you, Y/n.”
You blinked, but you didn’t look away from the ceiling. “Who?”
He chuckled. “Everyone, dummy.”
Finally, your frown relaxed, a somewhat self indulgent idea coming to your head. Maybe you knew what he was saying, but how could anyone ever assume that?
“I didn’t know…?” You asked, unsure of your own words. “It’s really everyone, though?”
Minho scoffed. “As far as I know.”
“Felix? Changbin?” You felt lightheaded as he nodded, the shift of the blankets around him creating the only ambiance. “God… Seungmin?”
You paused. It was far-fetched and there was a lot of wistful thinking that came with the idea, but you could only wonder… 
“Even y—?”
“Don’t let it go to your head.”
For a moment, you didn’t know how to react. Since Minho was never someone who expressed his real feelings openly, it left a strange ache in your chest to hear him admit just how much he loved you. He didn’t say it directly—he never did—but it was just as powerful. No one could understand that like you could, and that was exactly why Minho loved you so much. You knew who he was, and that was all he ever wanted from someone. 
It was why he could never love anyone more than you.
“The tin man really does have a heart.”
“No.” He flicked your forehead, his cheeks turning red. “Die.”
Giggling, you nudged his shoulder, feeling the slight vibration of his laugh. “Okay, whatever you say, Lino.” 
The two of you laid there for what felt like hours, and at one point you were even convinced that Minho had fallen asleep. But then he began to play with your fingers, and you couldn’t help but smile. He used to do the same thing when the two of you were younger, it was his way of grounding himself. Naturally, Minho was a very physically affectionate person, and you learned that the small touches were everything to him. 
You cleared your throat, feeling it crackle with overuse. 
“So… you’re afraid of Chan huh?”
He snorted, pinching the skin of your hand. “Say that any louder and I’ll have to kill you.”
“You’re nothing without me.” 
Instead of a quip back, Minho stayed silent, a slow breath leaving his lungs. 
“That’s true.”
“Minho, I didn’t mean—”
“It’s okay.” He hummed, tucking you further into his side. “I’m here for you tonight, so let’s not talk about all my problems.”
“You’re always there for me.” You snapped, your tone catching him off guard. 
“As a big brother should be—”
You broke, all of the pent up emotions and exhaustion finally catching up to you. It wasn’t fair. “Minho you’re only two years older than me. You don’t have to be The Big Brother all the time.”
Minho froze, his eyes wide as he watched lights dart across the ceiling from the occasional passing vehicle. Neither of you could see each other’s faces, and it was acting as a wall. You could say everything you wanted as long as you didn’t look into his eyes, and Minho could wear his heart on his sleeve without worrying about someone witnessing it. 
“You never tell me if you’re upset.” You choked, voice raw. “When you broke your leg last year and couldn’t go to your dance competition, you were upset about that right?”
“Well, sure. But—”
“You never told me.” You interrupted, silencing him. “Or when your girlfriend broke up with you because you were ‘too detached’? You never told me you were upset then.”
“How did you even—?”
He still had no idea. 
“You never tell me how you’re doing or what’s going on in your head.” Then you turn to him, lifting yourself up on your forearms to look down at him. His eyes widened when they met yours. “You never tell me anything, and I want to listen to you. I want to hear you scream and yell about how life fucking sucks, and I want to be there to agree with you! I want to hug you while you cry and tell you that everything is going to feel like shit for awhile… I want to have a chance at being a sister, Lino.”
Minho wanted to curse and scream when he felt the disgusting sting at the back of his eyes. He hated crying—he hated people seeing him cry even more so. But with the way you sweetly took his hand in yours and stared at him with your pretty round eyes, it was almost impossible for him to hold it in. He couldn’t cry in front of you. 
He couldn’t. 
But then you smiled, and it was like he was seeing the sun for the first time. 
His lip wobbled for a moment before he sniffed, tugging you into him. But it was different from earlier when you needed him to hold you. This time, his head was shoved into your shoulder, his heavy breath hot against your neck. His embrace didn’t feel like it had before. 
For the first time in your life, you were seeing Minho break away right in front of you. 
In that moment, your big brother was small in your arms. 
“I’m sorry, Y/n—I’m so sorry.”
You ran your fingers through his hair as the feeling of wetness seeped through your sweater. Minho’s body shook. “I know, Lino.”
Tumblr media
You urged yourself to go deeper into your homework as you heard another bang from downstairs, shouting automatically following. Your eyes rolled, but you still felt discomfort sizzle against your skin. It was routine whenever your mother insisted on bringing someone home. 
After years of the same result, you had no idea why she continued to bring new men to the house. She changed nothing about her approach or her treatment of Minho, she just kept dragging these poor unsuspecting men into a trap whenever she felt hopeful. Nothing was going to change magically, and you knew your mother wasn’t stupid enough to believe that your brother’s trauma would resolve itself so easily. At least, you hoped she wasn’t. 
“We don’t want you here! Cant you fucking read a room, dude?” Minho screamed at the newest man, his tone just as demeaning as it always was. 
“Sweetheart, please…” Your mother started, her voice calm and pleading. But you knew it wasn’t enough to stop Minho—it never was. 
Minho scoffed, ignoring her completely. “Look, if you just want to use me and my sister to get closer to mom, you’re out of luck. You don’t need anything here.” 
There was a pause in the muffled voices, so you lifted your gaze from your homework and strained your ears. It was never good when it went quiet.
“Seriously, kid, don’t—”
“What? Too pussy to hit me?”
You sighed. Minho sure was good at instigating things. 
Standing from your bed, you masked your rush with a big inhale and quickly made your way downstairs to your mother’s rescue. You padded down the wooden staircase, eyes adjusting to the dark, and when you finally laid eyes on the scene, you weren’t surprised. Your mother was on the verge of tears, Minho was eye to eye to the man with a nasty glare, and of course the man looked ready to blow. Your brother always had the power to break even the most patient of men. 
“Minho, let’s go.” You beckoned in the softest voice you could muster. Over the years, you managed to master the art of calming your brother down and neutralizing the situation. 
Minho glared at you. 
“Please?” You hummed, batting your eyes. 
And with a frustrated huff, Minho stalked away from the two adults, leaving neither of them with a parting glance. He was quick to get to the stairs, his arm hooking around your shoulders and dragging you back upstairs. Minho’s act was a cry for attention, you knew that. But unfortunately no one else did, and they just chalked it up to be hormones. He didn’t want your mother to need anyone else but the two of you, and whenever she brought someone else in, that was exactly what Minho thought. He really had nothing against those guys—until they stepped through the threshold of your front door. 
Passing your room, Minho turned the light off and shut the door as he always did when he was upset. It was in his nature to clean and organize in order to settle his mind, but he would have to settle for the small things. His grip on you was tight as he led you into his room, it was much smaller than yours but it also had a skylight and you figured it was a fair trade. 
“Here,” Minho grabbed one of his few clean shirts from his drawer and tossed it to you. Even though you were already settled in your pajamas, Minho made a habit out of putting you in his clothes if he was upset. “I cleaned the sheets yesterday, so you can put away that face.”
“What face?” You scowled, holding the shirt to your chest. 
“That one.”
Rolling your eyes as Minho laughed, you shoved him out of his room and slammed the door. You could still hear his muffled snickers from the other side as you quickly changed. He would forever be a little bitch. 
“Hey, Lino!” You shouted as you straightened his shirt over your shoulders. “You can come back in!”
But he didn’t, and you heard nothing on the other side. 
You quickly opened the door, eyes darting around for Minho, but not being able to see anything in the dark. You whispered, “Minho?” 
Again, there was no answer. 
You quietly padded down the hall, peeking into your room and your mother’s, but still not seeing him. It was only when you made it to the end of the hall and glanced at the stairs that you saw him sitting at the top of the stairs, his eyes trained through the wooden bars. He was watching your mother and her new boyfriend as she consoled him with a hushed voice. She held his cheek and cooed soft, persuasive words while trying to calm the blistering man down. 
Your father was a good man during his life, but good men always held a few bad qualities—your father had a very short fuse. Over the years, your mother perfected the art of placating someone who was burning with rage. 
“Just breathe, honey. Minho will come around to you eventually.” 
He most definitely would not.
“Of course.”
You watched Minho as he grimaced at your mother’s words. He scoffed, “Of course, my ass…” 
There was nothing you could do. You couldn’t convince him. So you simply laid your head on his shoulder, tugging his arm into your grasp and just holding on. 
You were there for the long haul.
Tumblr media
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k11tty · 5 months ago
mister wolf .
pairing — littleredridinghood!sub!femreader x wolfhybrid!minho
tw — cnc [ consensual non consensual ] , blood , abduction , impregnating , etc .
a/n — omg hii ,, i took a smol break and i decided to come back with this enjoy </33
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that was her first mistake. her second was failing to notice the eyes watching her walk alone through the woods, bright yellow, trained on her petite figure. her third was wearing only the tiny white skirt her mother had gifted her with her pretty red hood .
that was her first mistake. her second was failing to notice the eyes watching her walk alone through the woods, bright yellow, trained on her petite figure. her third was wearing only the tiny white skirt her mother had gifted her with her pretty red hood .
that was her first mistake. her second was failing to notice the eyes watching her walk alone through the woods, bright yellow, trained on her petite figure. her third was wearing only the tiny white skirt her mother had gifted her with her pretty red hood .
that was her first mistake. her second was failing to notice the eyes watching her walk alone through the woods, bright yellow, trained on her petite figure. her third was wearing only the tiny white skirt her mother had gifted her with her pretty red hood .
“ p-please! don’t eat m-me! ”
the girl whimpered as she was pushed down into the dirt. the wolf chuckled, dark and menacing.
“ now, now, pretty red, ”
a deep voice rumbled, large hands tearing through her new skirt and exposing her cunt to the cool night air,
“ baby.. you’re safe as long as you be good like always ... ”
minho, the wolf of the woods, had little trouble trailing his hands over the human’s soft hips. he’d been watching little red traverse his forest for days, the sweet smell of fertile filling his nostrils as he waited for the perfect time to snatch the little thing up for himself .
they’ve known each other for a while now . the little girl would always give the wolf permission to ruin her little throbbing holes without even asking .
truthfully, little red was lucky that it was minho that had found her, and not say, the witch of the woods, or one of the many fairies that would adore having a sacrifice such as this.
the girl whimpered as her small cunt aches, feeling the wolf pressing against her. she knows what he was going to do—her grandmother must have been worried sick, now that she had not arrived, but she couldn’t think of what she would do when she felt a wet tongue licking over her cunt .
“ o-oh! ”
she gasped, squirming around at the foreign feeling of the wolfs wet long tongue, but sharp nails on big hands held her in place, blood trickling from the scratches they caused.
“ stay still, ”
minho growled, taking his fill as he licked over the small thing’s cunt. it tasted amazing; truly a delicious treat for him. he couldn’t wait to get his cock inside of that tight hole, but first he wanted to eat his fill .
the little red whimpered and gasped as minho’s long tongue licked over her pussy, laving along her clit, before pushing into her tight hole. the girl drooled as a pleasure she never knew was possible wracked her body, unwillingly pushing back for more of the wolf’s long tongue.
“feels—feels so—ah, ah, oh, m-mister wolf—“
minho pulled back after he ensured the pretty little red was nice and wet for him, before he pulled out his thick, heavy, cock. he slid it through the mess between the little red’s legs, coating himself.
“m-mister wolf, what’s—what’s that?” she panted.
the girl tried to catch her breath now that she wasn’t being assaulted, but she realized that there was something much bigger pressing against her.
minho didn’t answer, instead lining himself up and shoving forward to bury his cock inside of the little red’s tight pussy. the girl screamed, feeling like she was being split open, tears springing to her eyes and running down her cheeks. she didn’t remember him being this big from the last time .
minho let out an animalistic growl, tail wagging as the tightness of the little red squeezed him like a vice. he registered sobs wracking the little red’s body and leaned down to lick at the tears. even he wasn’t so much of a monster to not comfort his little innocent angel .
“hurts...” she sobbed.
“ yes, but you’ll carry my pups, won’t you, little red? ” minho rumbled .
he reached beneath them and played with the little red’s clit, rubbing it in slow circles .
it helped the little red calm down, which was good , because minho couldn’t wait for very long to fuck his angel . the poor girl made the cutest little noises as minho slowly moved his hips, pulling back a little at a time and then pushing forward.
she tried to breathe as the thrusts grew faster and faster, before minho was fucking her fully, pulling nearly all the way out and then ramming forward. she was pushed along the ground with every thrust into her.
it was heavenly to minho, a perfectly tight body taking him so beautifully. he had known the little red would be delicious, but it was worrisome, almost, how addicted minho thought he was becoming to this feeling. he felt a little embarrassed with how quickly his knot was growing, but he fucked quickly to maximize the feeling.
the little red seemed to be enjoying it more and more as well, her pained whimpers turning into those of pleasure. that was good; minho was keeping the little red for himself, and it’d be better for him to get used to having minho’s fat and heavy cock breeding her little pussy.
“nnn—ah, ahh! ah—“
the girl moaned, the feeling in her stomach mounting higher and higher. she couldn’t handle it, and before she knew what was happening, the feeling burst like a bubble.
minho growled, loud and unabashed, as the little red came. her insides fluttered and squeezed, her cunt squirting around his cock. she passed out soon after, too sensitive as minho kept going.
that was fine with him. with the little red unconscious he could fuck without any real hindrance, leaving bruises on the little red’s hips as he came to his own climax.
with a roar, minho pushed in one final time, knot expanded fully as his cum flooded the little red’s womb. he could see it expanding the little red’s stomach, surely impregnating her .
minho licked the tears from the little red’s cheeks, finding “ [ your name ] ” stitched into the red hood.
he chuckled darkly, proud to have caught such a cute mate, pleased that he had secured his pups.
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bluhr · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing : ex-boyf!hyunjin x heartbroken!reader
synopsis : in which you recount the details of the day your heart broke into two.
warnings : lowercase intended . mentions of infidelity . angst . heartbreak . might be a curse word (?) .
genre : angst . heartbreak . established relationship . nonidol au .
wc : ~ 1.3k
a/n : i wrote this based off of the song , still hurting from musical : the last five years. :) sorry to rip your hearts out.
Tumblr media
tears filled your eyes and spilled over as you saw your now former boyfriend of five years pack his things into boxes. a small smile on his face at the thought of a new life ahead of him. you tried to keep it together, you tried to act like you were in agreement with it all. that this didn't sting with betrayal. that he could just throw away five years and act like it was nothing. for someone else. for new things.
"we were friends before we were lovers. i think we can move on like that too." hyunjin's words rung loudly in your head, clanging around. you winced at the mere thought of the memory which in turn opened up more than what you wanted to think about.
you remembered when he walked through the door three weeks ago, a stoic expression on his face. you greeted him, reaching out to give him a hug and kiss like you always did. hyunjin ducked out of the way and walked to the other side of the room before looking to you. taken aback and slightly hurt at his actions, you eyed him carefully and then sat down on the couch.
"what's wrong love?"
"we should break up."
those four words pierced through you like a dagger. sharp and painful. your ears began ringing and the blood in your body began to flow faster, you felt your mind was going 100 miles per hour with no way to stop it. you got up from your spot and asked why.
"we outgrew each other and i know you can feel it as well as me. you think we're okay but i can't say we are. times have changed and we have changed. it's time to move on." he spoke almost robotically. it was like he had rehearsed it. like he had been planning.
"but we haven't? i don't know what you're talking about but hyunjin we've been fine. you told me a week ago that i was the girl you were going to marry. that since you got that job promotion-"
you stopped and you thought about it. and just like that, it all clicked. the job promotion. the one that had him working late nights, yet he would come home smelling of beer and cheap perfume that was not yours. you brushed aside all of the key signs. you hadn't grown and changed but he did. but not only did he change, he betrayed you.
"no. this is not my fault hyunjin. we can't share the blame if you were the only one who grew or changed. tell me the real reason. tell me the truth." you calmly spoke, your voice trembling. hyunjin shifted, knowing he got caught.
"yn.." he stepped towards you, but you moved back eyes not meeting his. "i loved you. i did. but it's time to move on.."
"it's time to move on or ‘i have someone else and you're in my way’? i said tell me the truth."
hyunjin faltered in his steps towards you and looked down at his feet. "how long?" you asked, looking up at him finally. he still stared at his shoes, his hands falling behind his back and fiddling with the promise ring he wore.
"six months."
ever since he got the job promotion.
"then a week ago when you-"
"i was drunk. i came home after a night out with lili and i was drunk. i didn't mean it and i'm sorry. i'm so sorry." he made a move towards you but you leapt back like you had been struck by lightning.
you stared at him, pure anger evident in your eyes.
"how could you? what compelled you to cheat, and not break things off with me? what about the things that you swore to me and swore to be true?” you pointed at him, inching closer with each sentence. he just stared sadly at your flushed face, and apologized a million times over in his mind. he knew he had messed up, but he couldn’t find it in him to care as much.
“i just didn’t want to hurt you… and now i see i was wrong. but what happened, happened. i’m ready to move on now and so should you. the problem is yours now. because i’m working to get past it.” he spoke carefully but not carefully enough. you scoffed at his words and shoved him away, pacing to the other side of him. “i just don’t feel the love anymore. i can’t love you the way you love me. it’s been a good five years yn, but i can’t anymore.”
“it’s my problem?” you said bitterly, repeating the words. “i just found out today hyunjin! you’ve been mulling this over for six months and i found out today. this problem that you’re convinced is now mine is a lot bigger than just a measly little bump in the road. give me a day hyunjin! let me process! because you’ve been sitting here and lying to me for the past month and i’ve been doting on you like an idiot and letting you play me! and you can’t anymore? you can’t? you never tried as far as i’m concerned! if you would have tried, you would have let her go and at least had the decency to try to fix your life with me. but you didn’t! you didn’t try at all! you’re running away. so run hyunjin. run and find something better i guess because clearly it’s not with me.” your words slapped him in the face and he had never felt worse.
he saw your tears finally peak through after your anger subsided. trying one last time, he walked over to try to console you but you moved away yet again, like he would burn you if he touched you. “yn.” he said, his voice tight with emotion. you looked at him through your watery eyes and shook your head fervently.
“no. i’m hurting right now and i don’t need you to try and make it better because you can’t.” you went to walk away but he grabbed your wrist tightly and whirled you back around towards him.
“we were friends before we were lovers. i think we can move on like that too.” is all he said before letting you go and then walking out of the apartment the two of you shared.
you stood there for a while, comprehending his words and then you let yourself break down. and you held yourself as the sobs racked through your body.
bringing you to now, you sat on the couch looking forward devoid of any emotion except for the tears that streamed down your face at a faster rate than before. hyunjin humming to himself in the room that you once shared.
it had been three weeks and you were still hurting in the same way that you were when you first found out. this would hurt for a while and you knew that. it was never fair. never to you.
with the new wounds on your heart that you did nothing to earn, you sat and just focused on getting past this.
ignoring hyunjin’s last goodbye and longing stare as he walked out the door for the last time.
slowly, hours after the fact, you would allow yourself to get up and try to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart he left behind. starting with taking the promise ring off of your finger and throwing it as far as you could off your balcony.
you were hurting but you would get better with time.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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2minfilms · a month ago
the spilled ink on his tracing paper.
pairings — architecture student!seungmin x fem!reader ft. best friend!jisung
genres — fluff, angst, college au
warnings — mentions of food, mild swearing, mentions of alcohol, seungmin is a jerk at first
words — 10.5k
note — this is inspired by the k-drama, nevertheless. please let me know if i missed something for the warnings, this isn't proof read.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You have been warned.
But there’s something about him that keeps you hooked.
Maybe it’s the way he look at you, or the way he smiles, the way how he speak or the way how he would always left you dumbfounded.
You didn’t know Seungmin, the Kim Seungmin of the architecture department, third year. But he’s friends with your ex-roommate, Jisung so you have learned things about him.
It all started when you found Jisung in your doorsteps at four a.m. on a Sunday. He was wasted and Seungmin is the only one keeping him in balance, preventing your friends’ body not to fall on his face on the floor. You didn’t know why he brought your ex-roommate in your address and how did he know where you live. Maybe Jisung told him.
Things were so weird at first but you were stunned to see a cute guy on your doorsteps early in the morning. He apologized for the inconvenience as he placed your friend on the couch, giving him warm blankets for Jisung to use. With that sheepish smile of his, he explained how Jisung got drunk because of stress.
You learned that he secretly brought alcoholic drinks inside their camping van and got drunk after having a heart-to-heart conversation with Jeongin as he also got devastated about the upcoming exams being afraid to fail, that’s why he wanted to chill and alcohol did quite help him through. Jeongin was the first one to go home, leaving Seungmin with a drunk Jisung. He said he couldn’t find Jisung’s key so he ended up here. The poor boy must’ve been tired but it’s a blessing to see an eye candy.
For you, Kim Seungmin is a definition of perfection but they have flaws hidden underneath that pristine look. Jisung talked about him when he woke up with an extreme headache.
“He dated a few people before but he turned them down because they’re not his type.” He said. “If you’re interested in him, think about it first, flings don’t work for him.”
Jisung got busy healing himself with the food you cooked for him including the hangover soup. He said he’ll rest for an hour and go back to his own apartment. He’s like a squirrel who would store food inside its cheeks with nuts. He do look like a squirrel and a quokka, a cute little creature but annoying. How did you met Jisung anyways?
Some freshmen like you tends to live in your university’s provided dorms and it happened that Jisung was looking for a roommate since he got lonely. It was all good for a whole year and became close friends. But you decided to move out from the dorms since Jisung will be living in Hyunjin’s apartment just a block away from the school. You’ve been living alone since sophomore year and Jisung would always visit if he has free time. Yet it was unexpected to see him at 4 a.m. in the morning, plus, he brought a friend with him.
Tumblr media
A week flew by and you didn’t see Seungmin again. It doesn’t really bother you and it’s already penetrable not seeing him around since you’re both from different departments. He might be busy more than you.
It was Monday when you decided to stay at the café in front of the campus as your morning classes just ended. Jisung promised to accompany you but he had to be somewhere first. He said he’ll catch up after he’s done and who knows where he went? Probably kicking Hyunjin’s ass or pester Chan in his own studio.
A sigh escaped your lips as you sit on your favorite spot with an iced coffee on your table together with some textbooks and papers filled with your notes on one specific subject. Exams is killing you and it will be a stressful week once the professors released the dates. A cup of iced coffee, one slice of red velvet cheesecake and a comfortable spot would make you feel relaxed. Studying doesn’t help and a bummer.
It happened that Seungmin was in the same café as you. He just took his order from the counter when saw a familiar figure sitting beside the glass wall, studying. It was you, wearing glasses as your hair was tied up into a messy bun, with your hands being busy flipping the pages of your textbooks while taking notes. A small smile was formed on his face as he slowly walked towards your direction and examined the things being scattered on your table.
“Uhm, excuse me.” He spoke as you lifted your head. You saw him wearing that smile, the same one when he landed in your doorstep a week ago.
“Oh, hi.” You smiled at him.
“It’s y/n, right?” He asked, holding his cup of iced americano. You examined his outfit today, a white shirt inside his canary jacket, blue jeans and a white shoes with his white backpack and a drawing tube hanging on his right shoulder. He seemed busy seeing how much stuff he has, and the cup was for take-out.
“Yes,” You beamed. “And it’s Seungmin?” He nodded.
“We only got to talk in a minute a while ago.” He responded, still having that cute smile with his eyes disappearing. “Mind if I sit here?”
“No. Of course.” You said taking some of your mess from his side of the table so he could place his drink. “Sorry about the mess, exams are fast approaching.” You chuckled as you dragged them inside your bag except for a necessary textbook, a notebook and your pen case, of course, your phone.
“I know right.” He smiled. “So you’re in psychology?”
“Yeah, it was a last minute decision before the entrance exam.” You chuckled awkwardly, slipping some strands of your hair to the back of your ear.
“Cool.” He said. “And you’re friends with Jisung, how come he didn’t introduce you to us?” He asked as you were not sure about what to reply. You shrugged your shoulders as you took a sip on your iced coffee, trying to think of something.
“I don’t know maybe he’s too occupied.” You said. “I would ask the same to you too.”
“Same answer.” He chuckled.
You could feel the awkward atmosphere between you two. It’s so unexpected to see him and have a conversation when you don’t have anything else to offer. You tried to read your notes again but Seungmin’s presence kept you hooked. He took a sip from his drink as he observed the fine interior of the café. And while he’s at it, you happened to see his portfolio filled with drawing of plates. You were stunned how neat they were and even the details were so accurate. Well he’s an architecture student, what else would you expect? He’s doing his profession really good.
“Wow, did you draw those?” You asked as he glanced at his messy portfolio being open for tour.
“Yeah, it’s just the outlines. I made them during my free time.” He answered placing his cup back on the table as he rubbed his nape.
“I like it. Must be hard to keep them clean, knowing your pens’ inks are really runny right?” You chuckled. “Even the lights hurt your eyes when you trace them on the table.”
Seungmin was amused. “Did you have experience?” He asked.
“Not really but I used to draw something like that when I was in middle school and I happened to plan on taking architecture in college but I ended up choosing psychology.” You explained. “But I had a high score when I took the exam for architecture and construction, especially on interior design.”
“Oh really? That’s so interesting!” He said feeling the excitement. “But it’s a bummer not to have someone like you in our department though, I think we will have a nice relationship.” He chuckled as you blushed at his statement.
“It’s okay, I stopped drawing when I got into high school anyways.” You smiled, trying to ease the redness of your cheeks.
“I understand.” He said. “By the way, would you mind if I can have your phone number?” He asked as he took his phone from his pocket. You suddenly got startled at the fact that this is the first time a handsome, cute boy asks for your number. Memories from high school only indicated that your phone number is just for the most important people in your life, no boys except for your family and friends. “Here.” He added giving you a smile as he gently handed his phone, your hands trembled in nervousness and just wished Seungmin won’t notice.
You tried to recall your phone number as you typed them. Being nervous tends to forget things, especially when that person you like is the one asking for it but that’s not the case for Seungmin, perhaps, but you can’t deny you’re attracted to him. And if Jisung could see you right now, he would definitely tease you or scold you about it. The guy is harmless, you think.
“Here.” You said handing back his phone. His fingers accidentally brushed yours as you felt the electricity flows inside your body. Seungmin clicked a few buttons before he pressed the phone on his ear as you heard your phone ringing. This is how most k-drama male lead gives their number to someone or just type it away as you saw his phone number on the screen, then, it suddenly felt weird.
“That’s mine right there.” He said, pointing at your screen. You gave him a nod and saved it in to your contacts, leaving Seungmin clearing his throat. “It was nice seeing you here but I’ll have to go.” He said, standing up and gave a small bow.
“Sure, I’ll see you around.” You said as he exited the café. You watched him crossed the road and went back inside the campus, you didn’t have the chance to say something before he left. With a disappointed look on your face, his name is already plastered on his profile and you will definitely scream at Jisung later. But little did you know that Jisung saw everything through the glass wall, he smirked at himself after he just got back from annoying Hyunjin and sat on the chair across from the table where Seungmin was earlier.
“I saw that.” He said.
“Saw what?” You asked, not breaking your eye contact from your textbook.
“You like him don’t you y/n?” Jisung asked as you finally had the guts to look at him. Seeing that teasing smile he has on his face, you knew what he is up to. “I would like to congratulate you for having a crush on my best friend. I should get paid for this.”
“Shut up, Han.” You said rolling your eyes as he pouted his lips.
“Why?” He asked.
“I don’t have a crush on him okay?” You reassured but the boy just scoffed.
“Yeah right but don’t be fooled by his innocent looks because good boys may go to heaven but that boy will bring heaven to you.” Jisung smirked but you just rolled your eyes.
“What are you talking about? He seems sweet.” You defended when Jisung took your iced coffee and removed the cap to drink it. “Hey! That’s mine!”
“That’s what I’m telling you.” Jisung said. “You heard the rumors about Yeonjun being dumped by his girlfriend because of some architecture guy right? That was Seungmin. Taking the girls all the way because they swoon over him. Flings doesn’t even work out, are you still up to it?”
“It’s not like I’m going to do the same. There’s the line over there which says friends, Jisung.” You defended and he smirked again, taking all the contents from your own cup.
“Try me.” Jisung retorted as you sighed in annoyance.
You didn’t mind what Jisung have said and went home a few minutes after he left, leaving you with another cup of iced coffee in which he ordered for you. Smiling at the thought of his gestures, you went back to your apartment and rest while he had to go back to school for some errands. You placed your bag on the couch and went to take a quick shower before cooking dinner.
Slipping into your oversized university t-shirt and shorts, you dried your hair using a towel made of cotton. It is already the weekend and you’ve been planning to entertain yourself by doing some things which is not yet being planned. Probably study at the same café or go to a bookstore, grab some coffee or nothing, maybe stay in your apartment and k-dramas until Monday comes. Cooking dinner is a bit tiresome but you’re good at it. Jisung have already tested and proven that’s why he would go crazy on it. You placed the food on your own coffee table as you grabbed your phone trying to catch up what’s new in social media and started to eat.
But as you were munching your noodles, a message notification was received. You clicked on the rectangular bubble and read the sender’s name. It was from Seungmin.
Seungmin: hi y/n.
Seungmin: are you busy?
You: not really, just eating dinner. what about you?
Seungmin: on my way home.
Seungmin: our professor just dismissed us recently.
Seungmin: i happened to see Jisung earlier, he was glaring at me.
You: please don’t mind him.
You: but why?
Seungmin: i don’t know.
Seungmin: by the way, are you free tomorrow?
You: yes?
Seungmin: would you like to go on an art exhibit with me?
Seungmin: i have two tickets and brochures but i don’t think my friends are interested.
You: oh, of course, what are the displays?
Seungmin: miniatures of buildings, bridges and other architectural designs. i bet you would like them.
You: sure, just tell me what time and where should we meet.
Seungmin: oh don’t worry about the place, i’ll drop by in your apartment tomorrow at 3pm.
You: that’s fine with me.
Seungmin: good to know, good night!
You: good night.
A smile crept on your lips as you read the texts all over again. He’s such a cutie. Never mind what Jisung said and take the time to spend your Saturday with someone who’s cute and charming as Kim Seungmin.
You placed your phone back on the table and continued eating. After you finished, you proceeded to the sink and washed the dishes, humming to your favorite song. You couldn’t wait what will happen tomorrow. Maybe it’s a start of spicing up your college life?
Tumblr media
The afternoon sunshine crept inside your room as you remembered what Seungmin told you last night and yet, you were lazy to get out from your comfy mattress. You stayed up until 2 a.m. finishing a k-drama and fell asleep an hour later. It’s the weekend you can do whatever you want, and woke up at 11 a.m. You just had a quick lunch and went back to your bed again, browsing on your phone, trying to see some new dramas to watch and check your unread messages. Most of them were from the group chat you’ve had with Jisung and other close psychology classmates. Someone sent an advertisement regarding with the exhibit, Seungmin told you about.
“It opens by 3:30.” You told yourself and got up.
Having a good 20 minute shower, you dried your hair as you walked out from the bathroom and proceeded to your small closet where you find something decent to wear. But in the end, you picked a mixture of black and white short-sleeve filled top with a fit mini skirt and a pair of white shoes, applied your favorite set of make-up and leaving your hair, falling naturally.
“Is this too much?” You asked yourself upon seeing how you look in front of the mirror. But you couldn’t help but admire how it ended. It looks so good on you.
You glanced at your wristwatch, saying it was almost 3 p.m. and Seungmin will be on his way. Fixing the things inside you bag, you slipped into your perfume and tied your shoelaces. That’s when you heard some knocks on your wooden door.
“Coming!” You said as you made your way toward the entryway and open it revealing Seungmin with that sweet smile, wearing a white t-shirt underneath his navy blue coat and jeans, with a pair of white shoes. He looked stunning and his bangs were parted, seeing his forehead which made him even more attractive.
“Hi.” He said. “You look great.”
You could feel the heat burning in your cheeks and if you could see yourself right now, you would be red as a tomato hoping Seungmin won’t see it.
“Thanks, you look great too.” You smiled at him as he just chuckled being flustered.
“Shall we go?” He asked as you grabbed your bag and went outside with him. He had his car parked just outside the apartment and gestured you to go in first, opening the door for you. It was your first time on someone’s car aside from Jisung and your family of course.
The ride filled with conversations about the exhibit as he gave you the brochure. All displays were from the architecture students in your school and one of them belongs to Seungmin. It was a miniature of a mansion which is done by sticks and other materials that are fit so form a delicate framework. It would be better to see it in person but Seungmin was a bit embarrassed about it. He parked his car on the underground parking lot provided by the museum and got off first to open the door for you. A small smile was seen on your face as he assisted you to go inside with him as you wrap your arm around his.
Art museums are rich with diversity. Cold marble floors, renaissance architecture, paintings hanged on the wall of famous painters all over in different eras in history, expensive limited edition statues of both men and women portraying different genres of life and of course, the main purpose of the exhibit: the miniatures of the houses inspired by European architecture. If psychology didn’t steal you away, you’ll be having your own piece being on the display but you’re happy for Seungmin for pursuing his dream.
“This is your right?” You asked, pointing a familiar house framework. It was all in the brochure.
“Yes.” He answered with a smile as he explained what materials he used for building the interior and exterior. You listened to him carefully as you learned something new about his job, it was a great news to have a friend who have the same interest as you where he could fill your brain with information about your passion that was failed to pursue. “This uhm, the purpose of this exhibit is to show the audience the future plans of the Engineer Cho to build a European inspired village near Namsan, he picked the university to help him design houses.”
“Really? Congratulations!” You told him and gestured tiny claps which made him flustered.
“Seungmin?” Someone called as the person approached the two of you. Seungmin smiled and gave them a small bow as the person was delighted to see him.
“Engineer Cho. Nice to see you here.” He smiled.
“I would like to congratulate you, I really love your idea for this exhibit. Your piece shines brightly the most and— oh,” He stopped upon seeing you. You did a small bow and smiled at the man. “You didn’t tell me you have a girlfriend. Nice to meet you, darling.” He added offering a handshake as you got flustered and politely took his hand.
“Nice to meet you, Sir. I’m y/n from the psychology department.” You answered as the engineer chuckled.
“I see you are the inspiration of Seungmin’s design.” But before you could say that you’re not his girlfriend. Seungmin interrupted you by wrapping his arm around your shoulder, pulling you closer to him.
“I spend the whole week working on this piece by thinking about her, Sir. It’s like she’s the light that gives me motivation to work harder.”
Little did you know that your first meeting made an impact towards Seungmin. Maybe that emergency project which was the exhibit made a way for him to get inspiration at 4 a.m. and it was also because of Jisung. It made sense that you didn’t see him a week after that small conversation on a Sunday morning but he did see you a few times, running errands to your department. He couldn’t help but admire you from afar, you look so fragile and delicate, a true muse in his eyes.
“I see.” The engineer smiled. “Nice seeing you two here, I have to check your classmates’ work too. Take care of my favorite student, y/n.” He added as you smiled being shy about it, still feeling the redness of your cheeks. Seeing him walk away, Seungmin immediately pulled away as he apologized about the sudden skinship. He’s being embarrassed about it but he do admit he likes the intimacy.
“Y/n, I’m really sorry about him.” He said. “He’s been telling us to have girlfriends and boyfriends to sought inspiration. If I told him, I didn’t have one then he’ll force me to.” He chuckled sheepishly when you just smiled at him.
“Oh, that’s okay.” You said, “But hey, he likes your work! I think you guys should celebrate about it.”
“The boys are planning that for me. They said they wanted a trip out of the city during summer break.” He responded as you continued to explore the museum. “Jisung and Jeongin will be there, are you coming?”
“I’ll think about it though.”
“Right.” He smiled. “By the way, you said you’re interested in doing plates right?” He asked as you gave him a nod.
“Yeah but I’m not really good at it.” You chuckled, rubbing your nape. “Why did you ask?”
“Can you do me a favor?”
“Sure, as long as it’s easy, no problem.”
“Can you make me a plate? I mean, you can choose random architecture as long as you’re comfortable about it. I just wanted to see you making one.” He smiled.
“What do I get in return?” You smirked when he looked at you being stunned. “Just kidding, I won’t promise but I’ll try,”
“Cool, but I’m expecting it.” He chuckled as you both continue exploring the museum.
All throughout the afternoon was kind of magical for you. Aside from enjoying the university’s architecture projects, the painting held you back to history where you once loved to read as Seungmin was also busy taking pictures. You asked him about the camera and he said he loves photography as well, everything that is related to art, he enjoys it. A smile was formed on your face as you admire him doing his job, his eyes knows what’s beautiful and his hands were so alluring that you wanted to intertwine your fingers with his or maybe taking some strands of your hair and placed them behind your ear.
But fantasies aside, you were struck when someone approached him, maybe the girl is from his department and they seemed so close that they had smiles on their faces as they as she managed to kiss his cheek and left. Just like what Jisung said, Yeonjun’s girl dumped him for Seungmin and flings didn’t work out for him, even some people try to flirt with him, he’ll just go with it.
You held the string of your bag tightly as you waited for Seungmin to notice your presence but it took him a short while after entertaining a few guest, mostly they’re all interested in him, not just his work. He caught you staring at him as you got flustered, smiling at you. How could someone be this cute and innocent be a player or something?
“Do you want to go home?” He asked.
“Oh, if you’re still busy, I can go home by myself.” You said as he placed his camera back on his bag.
“No, I’m not. I’m getting bored anyways, let me drive you home.” He smiled.
He parked his car outside the apartment building as he opened the door for you. It was a good exhibit, but seeing him flirting with some people made you a little bit jealous.
“How’s the exhibit, did you like it?” He asked as you slipped you bag in your arm, closing the door behind you.
“I love it! I learned so much today, thanks to you.” You smiled. “But uhm, do you have time for dinner?”
“Maybe some other time, I have other plans.” He said as you gave him a nod.
“Okay, uhm, I’ll see you then. Good night.” You responded as Seungmin leaned on his car and watched you go inside. A small smile was left on his face as you disappeared from his sights. He went back inside his car and drive away, you were such a cutie.
Weekend passed by and you haven’t seen Seungmin again, neither his messages too. You kept on checking your phone just in case you receive notifications from him but there’s nothing. Only a sigh escaped from your lips as you dragged yourself out of your soft mattress and prepared yourself to go to university.
The same destination, the same routine. Good thing Jisung didn’t knew about you and Seungmin went together to the exhibit or he will come, teasing you about it. He didn’t even go to school today so you were a bit lonely. Hours felt days when he’s not around and especially classes are getting boring, semester by semester, yet you still manage to survive and get good grades about. As soon as your classes ended, you made a bee line towards the same café and ordered the same iced coffee again. Life of being an adult can be stressful sometimes and you had to do your errands alone, especially this one detail, getting food.
You went home after taking a few sips of your coffee and changed into your most comfortable outfit, oversized canary hoodie, white shoes, and jeans. Being lazy to cook, you decided to go to the convenience store for some ramen and kimbap, and ice cream, maybe a carton of milk will make your fridge useful, somehow. It was almost 8 in the evening when you had a good meal outside the store, you’re saving that milk for later and the ice cream will serve as desert. You finished eating for exactly 10 minutes because you were starving and that’s where Seungmin caught you eating ice cream.
“Y/n?” He called as you looked at him.
“Oh, Seungmin!” You greeted, wiping your lips with a napkin. “How are you? I haven’t seen you for days.”
“Busy again.” He chuckled as he took the seat in front of you.
“Is that your dinner?” You asked upon looking at the foods he just brought. The same ramen you ate, the same carton of milk and tteokbokki.
“Yeah, apparently Hyunjin is not home so it’ll be a waste to cook.” He said as he started to eat his ramen. “And I should ask you the same?” He added, taking a glance on your empty cup of ramen and ripped plastic wraps of kimbap.
“I got lazy, cooking. I still have to study so, you feel me. I’m busy too.” You responded taking a bite from your ice cream, resulting to have some white cream surrounding your lips. You didn’t notice that at first and finished it in no time. Seungmin kept staring at you, so he knew about the excess melting frozen desert, you were about to take some napkin to wipe them but he was too quick to lean closer making everything stops as your heartbeat started to pound louder. He reached for the sides of your lips and gently wiped the dirt away, leaving a small kiss on it.
Tumblr media
It was a week later after that kiss, you didn’t even know how to react or why the hell did Seungmin just kissed you like that. You were left dumbfounded and annoyed, but at the same time, there’s a part of you that you like it. He’s bad but good, good but bad. Whatever. You didn’t see him for another week and wished not to have any interactions within the campus but fate wouldn’t let you live in peace.
That week was filled with stress because of the exams, you and Jisung had a hard time studying in the library for how many hours plus in your own apartment. Of course your best friend knew about the date, he saw you both and you talked to him about what happened during those interactions. He was upset at first and scolded you about the bad things that might happen if you would let Seungmin get in your way. But on the other hand, he wanted you to date already, anyone but Seungmin.
“You’re jealous?” You asked as he flipped some pages from his textbook, reviewing for the last day of exams tomorrow.
“No, but I warned you about him.” He said trying not be loud for he was afraid to be kicked out from your apartment. Neighbors are listening.
“I’ve been trying to avoid him but—”
“But what?”
“I don’t know, I mean, damn Jisung he’s interesting!” You defended but Jisung just rolled his eyes.
“I hate you though. You saw him being comfortable with other people and now he’s interested on you, maybe in the end he’ll break your heart.” He said and you just sighed heavily.
“As much I was wanted to avoid him though. I kept bumping onto him.” You responded burying your face on your open notebook as Jisung snatched it away from you.
“If that’s the case then don’t be too attached to him, okay?”
“Okay.” You said as you calm yourself down. Jisung returned your notebook as you continued studying, at least for removing Seungmin from your head for now. But after the exams the next day, Jeongin came towards your direction, asking if you could help him with his stuff. Jisung just fled for Hyunjin and you don’t know when you’ll see him again. Meanwhile, Jeongin handed you a paper bag filled with his new materials for his project, he’s an architecture student too but a year behind. Then there was Seungmin on his own workspace inside their classroom. Glasses on his eyes, folded sleeves on his arms, black slacks and white shoes, a pencil behind his ear, a T square ruler above his tracing paper, a pen on his veiny hand as he work on plates on his drafting table.
You were stunned upon seeing him, he’s so hot. You didn’t even realized that Jeongin was already on his drafting table on the other side of the room as you were mesmerized by the ethereal beauty of Kim Seungmin. His classmates caught you staring at him when Jeongin called you.
“Noona! Over here.” He said, Seungmin did even laid his eyes on you as your feet dragged you towards Jeongin’s workspace. A smile was formed on his face as he followed your figure, placing the paper bag on the table. Jeongin thanked you for it and asked for forgiveness for the inconvenience he had caused but you said it was alright. Your weekend is stress-free now that you’re done. Summer break is also fast approaching and you’re sure you would spend it being productive.
You smiled at Jeongin and bid goodbye and said good luck for his project while Seungmin followed you outside the classroom, to the hallway.
“Y/n!” He called. You stopped on your tracks as you tightened your grip on the straps of your bag before facing him. He didn’t even apologize to that stupid kiss and walked you home like nothing happened. But then, you just let it slide. Maybe he’s like that to all the girls he’s been into.
“Seungmin.” You said. He smiled as he walked closer to you when you can’t even go backwards. You hated it.
“It’s almost summer break, have you made up your mind yet?” He asked, as you remembered his invitation about spending the whole break to celebrate his recognition and Jisung will be the one to organize it. For sure Jeongin and Hyunjin will come too, maybe Chan as well.
“I haven’t.” You answered as you chuckled nervously but truth to be told, you don’t want to.
“Oh, that’s a bummer, but I’m still waiting for your decision though.” He said rubbing his nape.
“Why?” You asked.
“Well I was really hoping to spend some time with you during the break. I also had to tell you something.” He chuckled, you knitted your brows as your heart started to beat faster. Why is he so interested about you? Well, who knows what’s going on inside Kim Seungmin’s head but he needed your answer already.
“What do you have to tell me and why not now?” You asked again as Seungmin shook his head.
“That is confidential for now but I’ll tell you if you’re coming and if not then I won’t leave you alone that easily.” He smirked.
“What do you mean?”
“Y/n!” A familiar voice was heard. You turned around and saw Jisung with Hyunjin, probably wanted to ask for treat after the stressful exams, you know your lovely Jisung loves free food, and Hyunjin too. Seungmin didn’t really wanted to tell what he meant by that and he’s thankful to have the two of them cutting off the conversation. You also noticed that Jisung gave Seungmin a glare before wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Been looking everywhere for you.” He said.
“What are you doing here?” You asked.
“I think I did great at Mrs. Lee’s exam so I deserve an iced americano from you.” He said with that annoying grin plastered on his face. “Let’s go.” He added, dragging you along with him without getting to say something to Seungmin but Hyunjin smiled at him.
“Does he hates me?” Seungmin asked.
“No but you should probably stay away from y/n if you’re not serious about her right?” Hyunjin said patting the boy’s shoulder. “I’ll see you around.”
Seungmin only sighed as he went back inside the classroom and started to work on his plates seriously. But it doesn’t mean he’ll just let you go like that.
Monday came as you were reading your favorite novel inside the café. You were alone this time as Jisung were gone exploring the area for the summer camp, slash the small gathering for congratulating Seungmin. The boy doesn’t even know how the program would flow and it all depends on his friends. Jisung doesn’t hate Seungmin, he is his best friend but thinking about how he is a walking disaster for other men, stealing their girl away, it would be a bothersome and also, he’s interested in you. Jisung wanted you to date, but not Seungmin for damn’s sake and you know that but, you’re hooked. Avoiding him is not enough when fate allows it. So much for trying to ignore his presence down at the café, you can’t just resist him. He’s like a puppy who would never let their hooman in peace until he gets the love he deserves.
“It’s still a no, isn’t it?” He asked.
“What?” You asked back as he sat on the seat across from you.
“I’ve been asking like, for almost two weeks if you’re coming with us on summer break.” He said as you placed your book down, closing the pages with a bookmark in between.
“Why do you want me to go so much?” You asked when he shrugged his shoulders.
“I told you that I have something to tell you right? And if you’re not coming then I’ll have to annoy you until you say yes but it’s already next week. I think I should give up now.” He chuckled, but you could see the disappointment on his face and you suddenly felt guilty.
“You can at least tell me?” You said but Seungmin shook his head.
“Never mind y/n.” He smiled. “I’ll just tell you I’m ready. I’ll see you then.” He added, taking his cup of iced coffee and left. A harsh sigh escaped from your lips as you heard your phone beeped, earning a notification from Jisung. It was a message saying that you should come to the summer camp while you’re at it. You didn’t have no choice and you felt sad about Seungmin’s disappointed face when he left.
The next day, you went to a bookstore just near your address, there were tons of books to enjoy after finishing that one novel you read for the whole month. You could at least finish a book in a day or two but the lack of time and other distractions would prevent you from getting done early. Meanwhile, you saw Seungmin between the shelves, trying to find something good to read when you called him, he only smiled at you and picked a random book and gave a small bow and left. It felt weird when usually he’s all bright and smiley when he greets you but his small smile sends a different vibe.
Another day came, you were asked to run an errand for your professor when you saw him sitting on a bench down in the hallway with his earphones on, looking at his plates being disheveled along with some spilled in on his tracing paper. A sigh escaped from his lips as he crumpled the expensive material in displeasure, throwing it to the trash bin nearby. You pretended you didn’t see him and walked away, but when you came back on your way towards your building, he was gone. Your steps went towards the trash bin and didn’t mind the mess since it was all paper and grabbed his crumpled tracing paper.
It was the university’s framework plate. Apparently he was assigned to do the task on examining the area’s framework to practice. Even though he passed Engineer Cho’s exam, still he wanted him to have more of his skills. But Seungmin felt no inspiration during the past few days. You proceeded to your errand and ran back home after keeping Seungmin’s plate in your bag. Good thing you have architecture supplies that would take your boredom away and tried to clean his drawing by making another one.
Friday came as you stayed two nights awake for Seungmin’s plate and left a message at the bottom of the paper. It’s been a week since you received a message from him, he usually leave messages like good night, good morning or ask you random questions about your day and other stuff. You kind of missed it, though Jisung suddenly stopped nagging you about Seungmin. You also remembered the favor he asked you about making a plate so maybe it’s time to do the thing he asked.
You slipped the rolled tracing paper inside your old drawing tube and head out towards the university. It’s the last day of classes for summer break to start and you already made up your mind on joining them on the camp. You headed to the architecture building and went straight to their classroom. His classmates just left and Seungmin was the only one who was working, Jeongin didn’t even last a minute when you arrived, saying he’s starving.
“Seungmin.” You called as the boy only glanced at you for a second.
“Hey.” He said as he traced his pen making a straight line using his ruler.
“The favor.” You responded taking off your drawing tube off from your shoulder and handed it to him. Seungmin stopped at his work as he gently took the tube from your hands. “I better get going. You can look at it when you’re done.” You smiled and left, leaving Seungmin dumbfounded. He placed his pen and ruler down on his desk and placed a heavy material above his paper to prevent it by flying away or being rolled, ruining his design. The boy opened the tube, revealing a rolled tracing papers with a sticky note on it.
It was the design he crumpled a few days ago. The university’s framework on the first paper, while the other one is the exterior. He was stunned by the detailed lines and delicate layout, there wasn’t any color of it, as it was all about how the pencil and pen danced with the paper. Then, the note fell off as Seungmin bends down to pick it up and read it.
“I’m sorry.” It said as a smile formed on his face.
Seungmin finished his plate until 9 p.m. in which he usually go home. He had his own schedules but having to receive a small interaction from you and the favor made him motivated to work until late at night. He rolled the tracing paper gently as he slipped it inside his drawing tube, dragging his bag along with it and turn off the lights from the classroom as he ended up in front of your doorsteps.
You were just lying on your couch looking through some clothes on a famous fashion online store while eating some chocolate wafers. Another weekend came, and a lazy one, perhaps going online shopping will entertain you but Seungmin keeps bothering your thoughts. You admit that you miss him and that kiss, it was so unexpected. It’s not that you’ve became close friends but you just miss his presence. You exited the app and went to your contact, scrolling down to find his name and stared at it, thinking about calling him or something. Maybe he haven’t seen your plates, you can just tell him to return it to you since you thought it looks horrible. But no, Seungmin fell in love the moment he saw it.
A frustrated sigh escaped from your lips as you whined on your couch, making the box of wafer fell on the floor. You ruffled your hair in embarrassment thinking how Seungmin would react as you picked up the box when suddenly, you heard a knock from your door. You glanced at your phone’s screen to check the time and it was kind of late to have visitors. Cleaning your mess, you didn’t mind the time and made a bee line towards the door and opened it, revealing Seungmin.
“Hi.” He said. “Mind if I come in?”
“Sure.” You responded stepping aside as he closed the door behind him. “What brought you here at this hour?”
“Your plates.” He answered as he handed your drawing tube.
“Was it horrible?” You asked, taking it from his hands.
“No, I love it. I was planning to keep it myself if you wanted me to.” He smiled making you blushed in return.
“Yeah, of course.” You chuckled. “By the way, I can’t resist you and Jisung about going to the summer camp so I’m going. Perhaps I needed to socialize more so—”
“That’s great! I’ll be happy to see you on summer camp.” He smiled when you heard his stomach growled. Seungmin didn’t eat after lunch because of his plates, plus, he didn’t have time to grab some food so he could finish early and now he’s hungry. He was embarrassed about it and rubbed his nape as you laughed at him, making the boy get flustered even more.
“You didn’t have dinner yet?” You asked, placing the tube on your workspace.
“Not yet, I haven’t eaten anything since this afternoon.” He said.
“Let me cook for you then. Make yourself at home.” You smiled as you pointed the couch, proceeding to your small kitchen and find something to cook. Seungmin placed his bag on the floor, exploring his eyes around how cute your apartment was. A shelf filled with books, a neat workspace, art materials being arranged on the side, your favorite band’s poster being framed on the wall and some albums being piled along with your books, plants on your window, plain white curtains, a small kitchen and a table for two, soft lavender carpet underneath the couch and the coffee table and a queen sized mattress with grid sheets on both pillows and duvet.
“You like Day6?” He asked taking a close look on the familiar poster which he also had in his room.
“Yeah, I’ve been a fan since debut.” You responded, cooking some meat.
“Me too! You know what, I’ve been planning to attend their concert on fall.” He responded taking steps towards you as he watched you cook. “Do you want to come with me?” He smiled, laying his eyes on your short figure, he’s a few centimeters taller than you.
“If I don’t have a packed schedule then of course.” You said and waited from a few moments for the food to be cooked.
“That smells good.”
“Wait until you taste it.” You chuckled, serving them on the table with a few side dishes. He sat down as his mouth watered in hunger as the food looks so good based on its plating. “Go on, you can tell me how—” But you were cut off when he thanked you for the food and started eating them as you sit down and watch him eat.
“Wow y/n, I didn’t know you can cook this good? No wonder why Jisung loves it.” He said in between shoving some noodles.
“Sometimes his purpose about coming here is to let me cook for him. That man loves food.” You chuckled.
After Seungmin finished his food, he volunteered to wash the dishes as you settled on the couch having the permission to check his newly created plates. It was so different compared to yours, his plates were more detailed and specific, well he has a lot of experiences unlike yours but he said yours is beautiful. Keeping them aside, the boy was done doing the dishes and had them inside your tray as he sat down next to you, taking his bag.
“You’re leaving?” You asked as he gave you a nod.
“Yeah, Hyunjin doesn’t want to be alone in our apartment though.” He smiled as he gathered all his things inside his bag. “Oh, I came here to return your drawing tube since you gave me the permission to keep your plates. Dinner was not on the plan but thanks. That was good.”
“Oh, no need to thank me. Seeing you like the food is enough.” You said as he nodded.
“You’re so kind,” He whispered underneath his breath and stood up, slipping the straps of his bag on his shoulder. “I should go now,” He said.
“Sure, let me see you outside.” You responded as the both of you left your apartment and walked him towards the street. “Is your apartment far?”
“No, it’s just a block away from here.” He said. “I should treat you dinner soon,”
“I said it’s okay though.”
“I don’t listen.” He smirked, kissing your forehead. “Good night.” He said and left, leaving you dumbfounded and flustered. You watched him walk away as you felt your cheeks burn, making you smile. Seungmin himself smiled like an idiot as he made his way back in his apartment making Hyunjin surprised about his dumb look.
“Don’t smile like that, it creeps me out.” He said when Seungmin just rolled his eyes, dropping his bag on the couch where his best friend lies. “Did something happen?”
“What do you mean?” Seungmin asked him as he took his robe and toothbrush.
“Your smile, duh? Where have you been anyways?”
“Oh, I just went to y/n’s apartment to return something. She’s coming with us at summer camp so Jisung should stop whining about it.” He said which Hyunjin smirked, shaking his head, watching his friend enter the bathroom and went to have a nice, warm shower.
“You’re whining about that too.” He whispered as he continued watching the drama airing on television.
Tumblr media
Morning came and you had to stay in the laundry shop watching your clothes inside the washing machine, rolling all over again. You sat on a bench, scrolling on your phone while a corn dog when you received a call from Jisung.
“Hey.” You said.
“Did you finally say yes?”
“Yes, now you and Seungmin can stop whining about it.” You chuckled making Jisung laughed at the other side of the line.
“Oh no dear, I wasn’t really planning on forcing you to come with us but he asked me to annoy you about it though.” Jisung said.
“I mean I know you y/n, you don’t really have time to come to gatherings like this but Seungmin really wanted you to come so he asked if I could make a fuss about since he knew you couldn’t say no to me.” He explained. “I guess it worked but hey, it would be great if you’d come with us though. It’s just me, Seungmin, Hyunjin, Jeongin, Chan hyung and some friends.”
The phone call didn’t even last for a few minutes when Jisung said goodbye. Seungmin really did want you to come with them because he had something to tell you and whatever floats his boat. You gave your word and you couldn’t say no to withdraw it. A sigh escaped your lips as you stayed inside the laundry shop waiting for your clothes to dry. It was almost dark and you had to walk home to cook dinner, after paying for the wash, you took the basket filled with your clothing and left. Meanwhile, Seungmin was taking a stroll in your neighborhood when he saw you with the basket.
“Y/n! Let me help you.” He said.
“Thanks. I got exhausted waiting for those.” You smiled as he gently took the basket from your hands.
“Are you free tonight?” He asked as you walked towards your apartment.
“I’ll be cooking dinner and rest, Jisung didn’t tell me when we’re leaving, yet.” You said as you opened the door for him.
“He said it’s on Thursday morning. But hey, can I treat you dinner? It’s for last night.” He answered, placing the basket on the floor.
“Seungmin, I said it’s okay.” You smiled at him but the boy held your shoulders and looked at you.
“Come on, please.” He said giving you his puppy eyes, including the pout on his lips. He really looks like a puppy. A puppy you can’t resist.
“You’re so cute, you know.” You said staring at him.
“And it’s hard to say no with this face. I guess that’s a yes?” He asked and you just laughed.
“Fine, but I have to change first,” You said looking at your clothes but Seungmin shook his head.
“Your clothes are fine, it’s cute seeing you in a hoodie and jeans.” He smiled as it made you flustered. “Let’s go?”
You settled in a table for two in the local restaurant, it wasn’t fancy and expensive but it was aesthetic and their prices were cheap for really delicious food. Both of you ordered noodles and meat with other side dishes as well as cheesecake and iced coffee. Seungmin got hungry after taking a walk in the neighborhood and you were also starving for staying too long at the laundry shop. As you were in the middle of a fun conversation about Jisung’s undying love for cheesecake when a girl, from the same school approached your table.
“Hey Seungmin, you didn’t call me though.” She said as you looked at her. Seungmin was confused and gave you a glance, though he knew who is she but doesn’t care about it. The girl looked at you and was caught off guard and giggled. “Oh, a friend of yours?” She asked when you cleared your throat, seeing Seungmin’s hand resting on the side of his ramen bowl as you placed your palm above the back of his hand. You suddenly felt territorial about him when you knew he’s been surrounded by a lot of people who likes him. Seungmin smiled at you as he looked back to the girl.
“She’s not.” He answered as the girl scoffed and leave, rolling her eyes. You took your hand back and ran your fingers through your hair, devouring your ramen making Seungmin flustered.
“Thanks.” He said.
“You’re welcome.” You responded as he picked some meat from a bowl. “Are you seeing someone?” You asked.
“No.” He said.
“You didn’t have a girlfriend before?”
“No.” He responded and ate a few amount of food with his chopsticks. “I dated but those didn’t get serious and flings doesn’t work out for me.”
“But there are tons of people chasing after you.” You said as gave you a nod.
“I’m not interested.” He smiled.
“You build relationships but you don’t take it seriously right?”
“What makes you think that I’m like that?” He asked as you looked at him.
“Nothing, never mind.”
Not a few moments passed, both of you finished the food as he offered to walk you home but you declined and thanked him for the meal. You left him dumbfounded as he cursed underneath his breath yet only a sigh escaped from his lips when he watched your figure disappeared from his sight. He tried to reach you after that night and send multiple texts messages and calls but none of them were returned to reach him. You even called Jisung to pick you up if it’s time to leave for the summer camp while waiting for Thursday to come. You spent your days ignoring everything about Seungmin and did your chores, but the fact that you acted like a jealous girlfriend made you laugh at yourself.
You ruffled your hair as you lay in your soft mattress, staring at your white ceiling. Seungmin might be thinking you’re upset with him but, why would I be mad at him? I’m not in a relationship with him or something. But for him, it was good to see you jealous.
Thursday morning, and Jisung is already knocking at your door, telling you to go out so he could get his car ready. You already packed your things from last night for a 3-day summer camp outside the city with some people you didn’t know. Noting to yourself, you should at least avoid Seungmin at all cost but it’s not surprising to know that you can’t.
It was a 2 hour drive and only you and Jisung were in the car. He said his friends were almost there and Seungmin is driving Jeongin and Hyunjin towards the camp. Wearing you comfortable clothes, you had your glasses on instead of contacts. It was a bummer that you misplaced them and it was too late to look for them now. But Jisung could help but notice about your state.
“Is something bothering you?” He asked, taking a few glances as he tried to focus on the road.
“Nothing, really,” You smiled resting your chin on the back of your hand.
“It’s Seungmin, isn’t it?” He asked again as you sighed, giving him a nod. “He said you walked away after having a meal with him the other night. He thought he said something wrong that’s why you’re upset and trying to avoid him.”
“He does?”
“Yeah, he’s been trying to reach you but I guess you don’t want to see him?” Jisung said which made you fiddled with your fingers. “Tell me babe, do you like him? I won’t tell anyone though.”
You looked at Jisung and gave him a pout, “Am I obvious?” you asked as Jisung laughed.
“Yes. I mean at first I didn’t want you with him at first since I thought he’s just playing around, stealing your person and all but I think it’s time for you to figure it out. I think he’s interested in you but then, like I just said, you need to make sure of it first.” He said making you sigh and leaned back to your seat as you stare at the ocean view outside. “Of course I understand if you don’t want to pursue your feelings for him though.”
“I’m not saying anything that I will and I won’t right?” You said as Jisung laughed again filling the atmosphere, brightness.
“Yeah right,”
Hours passed as you met Jisung’s friends. Seungmin was there but you were distant. Minho and Jeongin volunteered to help you build up your tent while having a good conversation about like in college. It happened that Minho and Changbin were your seniors but they’re in the engineering department along with Chan while Felix is in mass communication with Hyunjin as they were both in the same year as you, Seungmin and Jisung. Jeongin is concluded to be the youngest in Jisung’s group of friends. You admit, they’re fun to be with.
“Y/n, Jisung told us you’re a good cook, you should cook for us tonight.” Felix said preparing the grill with Changbin.
“Yeah, we can help you cook.” Minho added while tying a knot.
“Sure, just tell me what you guys want.” You smiled as Felix let out a tiny ‘yay’.
Seungmin stayed silent for a while as you didn’t pay attention to him and while everyone is having a good rest before starting the campfire later at 6pm, you asked for Chan’s permission if you could take a stroll around the camping site and he said yes. Jisung slapped Seungmin’s arm earning a glare from the latter after you left, saying that he should go after you so he can explain. Only a sigh escaped from Seungmin’s lips as he gave Jisung some pieces of wood to be used later. The young lad groaned in pain and Seungmin left him clutching the large pieces of dirty logs.
Meanwhile, you took a stroll on the small road heading towards the entryway of the public forest and not too far away is a mini hotel in which campers can use the bathroom or spend the night, nonetheless, it was all about nature and the sunny weather of summer. Wearing a jumper, lavender short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of white shoes, it is a cool way to dress in summer. The scenery around you was so bright and healthy, green leaves, ripe fruits, different types of colorful flowers and fresh air. It was so relaxing and a perfect spot to take pictures or read your favorite books. You took a deep breath enjoying the cool breeze of the wind, good thing you decided to go with your friends or else you had to miss the beauty of nature. Your hands travelled down to your hair, trying to secure not to get disheveled but you got distracted when you heard Seungmin’s voice calling your name. Turning around, you could see how he was worried about what just happened between you to and there you are, who didn’t understand how you feel about him.
“What’s up?” You asked.
“You didn’t answer my texts or calls. Are you mad at me?” He asked in which you sighed in response. “I was trying to tell you something y/n.”
“And what is it?” You asked him. Maybe it’s time to say the truth now that you’re alone. “You know what Seungmin, I don’t know what happened to me ever since I saw you in front of my doorsteps with a drunk Jisung and I know it’s risky to say that I felt jealous and offended every time when someone approaches you like what happened that night and during the exhibit.” You said which made him caught off guard.
“I like you!” You said. “I like you so much. Even if Jisung warned me about how flings doesn’t work for you or even there are people chasing after you, I don’t care!” Seungmin licked his lower lip as he wasn’t expecting a sudden confession right now. He ran his fingers through his hair upon seeing your cheeks in crimson red and how everything that comes out from your mouth is just the way he likes it. “I can’t believe myself saying this to you.”
“I like you too.” He said making you look at him.
“Y/n. Just please let me explain okay?” He said. “Look, I didn’t know why Jisung didn’t introduce you to me or some of us here but I knew you’re friends with him. I knew you since freshmen year and I tried to say hi but I was too shy. I wasn’t like this when we here in high school and I wasn’t interested on dating. Just like you, I was focused on studying but when I knew you, it felt different. I thought Jisung likes you that’s why I gave way without asking and that’s my fault. And so I tried to go on dates to forget about my damn feelings about you but they never worked out. Those flings too, and those people who were interested in me, I shrugged them off. Yeonjun hyung’s girlfriend decided to dump him not because I seduced her but she likes me. I don’t know where those rumors about me stealing someone’s lover when I didn’t even do anything.”
You didn’t know how to react. You were left speechless and dumbfounded. It’s all too much information to process. “W-what about that girl during the exhibit and at the restaurant?”
“I just know them. I gave them my number for class purposes since I was working with them for some group project. That girl in the museum, she likes me and wanted to date me but I told her I wasn’t interested and that girl from the restaurant, she’s being clingy towards me. I turned them down because I had to get a hold of you when Jisung asked me to send him in your address.” He explained. “I was waiting for you… I’m sorry for being a jerk. I know that I’ll just pop out of nowhere and then disappear for days. It’s not that I’m busy but I’m just gathering some courage to talk to you again. Sorry for the kiss at the convenience store. I was carried away.” He added rubbing his nape when covered your face with your hands, sighing heavily. “Are you upset?”
“No.” You responded as you look at him. “No.”
“I’m sorry.” He said.
“It’s fine.”
“Y/n, I’m really sorry. I wish I have told you sooner about this,” He sighed.
“You still have a lot to explain to me.” You told him as he gave you a nod.
“I know, but uhm, is it safe to kiss you right now?” He asked which made you laugh.
“Go ahead.” You smiled as he walked towards you, crashing his lips on yours while pulling you gently closer to his body. Kissing him back, little did you knew that Jisung was spying on the both of you together with Hyunjin.
“I guess this summer camp isn’t about congratulating Seungmin for having recognition alone.” Jisung sighed.
“That’s what he gets for being a coward.” Hyunjin replied.
Guess your summer break isn’t boring after all.
Tumblr media
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may i, yang jeongin.
suggestive. 442, consent kink, breast play, bf!jeongin, switch!reader, mentions of breast fucking,
Tumblr media
jeongin laid on top of you as you scrolled through your phone. his head rested on your chest and his hand was under your shirt. “y/n, what time is it?” he asked you. you quickly told him the time, “is your roommate home?” he asks another question. you looked at him, raising your eyebrow.
“no she isn’t, why are you asking so many questions?” without answering you, jeongin hopped up, turning out your lights and using the remote to turn on your leds. he closes and locks your door then joins you again. “oh~ i know what this is.” you smile.
“may i take your shirt off?” he asks sweetly, “i want to play with your… boobs.” he chuckles to himself, feeling silly for saying it. yet you nodded with consent, placing your phone down and giving him your full attention. he was being so shy about it all, his cheeks were red and his hands were sweaty.
you unbutton your shirt slowly, the pink lace of your bra starting to show. once you took it off completely, jeongin blinked a few times. “i know we’ve had sex before but you never fail to amaze me…” he says shyly, reaching his hands up in a cupping position before looking at you.
“may i?” he asked.
with another nod, you sat back against the headboard, letting your boyfriend feel on your breasts. you noticed how focused he was, looking down at his sweats you also noticed how his print slowly began to show. was this turning him on. “oh baby, are you getting horny off my boobs?”
your smirk caused his heart rate to go up 10x. he covered his crotch, feeling embarrassed that you saw him. “sorry… i couldn’t help myself.. they look so beautiful.” he hums with bliss. your smirk never left as you watched him. how needy he was getting because of you.
he leans in and kisses your chest, leaving dark marks all over it and digging his face between them. “ah it’s like i’m in heaven.” he mumbles, the tickling making you giggle and stroke his hair. “and they smell so good..” he took a little bite out of them, getting comfortable on his new pillows.
he finally took the lace bra off, running his fingers over your nipples. he almost drooled at what he was just exposed to. “damn i kinda want to fuck you now.” he said staring at them. hearing your small moan from the feeling of that on your nipple. “we’ll i’m on my period but you can use these~.” you placed your palms under and made them move .
“that’s. that’s very tempting..”
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anqeluv · 11 months ago
degradation, bruises and marks, a pinch of pet play, orgasm denial, overstimulation, and an aftercare mention.
Tumblr media
bang chan ; almost NEVER gets upset with you at all and when he does he usually likes to talk things out with you. but sometimes, he just gets frustrated with work or something and he needs to take it out on someone (namely you). you would be SO SORE the next morning. like you can barely walk which channie always feels a little guilty about, but he takes extra good care of you so you don’t mind.
minho ; would be so degrading and mean. calling you his stupid little slut or dumb whore and making you grind yourself against his shoe because ‘either you cum on the floor, like a little mutt, or not at all.’ you would be covered in marks and bruises, but it felt so good and minho is extra sweet to you during after care. he gives you a bath and lets you hold dori while he brushes your hair for you.
changbin ; would just continue the argument while he’s fucking you. he would be inside you and talking like you’re just having a conversation. literally blowing your back out, but he’s saying, ‘i can’t believe you didn’t tell me your ex was going to be there. after what he tried to pull the last time? what the fuck is wrong with you?’ and you’d be barely able to form a sentence but he acts like nothing is going on at all. probably overstimulates you a lot.
hyunjin ; is sensitive. like he’d probably cry lol. but it’s like a frustrated cry. he knows in his head what he wants to say, but he hates fighting with you and then he’s tearing up and he gets even angrier because he can tell he’s about to cry so he’d probably just fuck you to pretend like he’s still really mad and to avoid talking about the fact that he’s *literally crying.* it would be so rough, but then afterwards you both have a fun little breakdown together and talk it out.
jisung ; turns into this different person when he’s angry. not in a scary way, he’s just much more serious than he usually is and that makes him look intimidating. angry sex with sung wouldn’t be mean, but it would intense. like he becomes so much more teasing and dominant than he normally is.
felix ; had had about enough of your attitude. so he decided he’d fuck it out of you. he would have you spread open in his lap, cumming on his fingers over and over until apologies are spilling desperately from your lips. he wouldn’t stop until you were a total mess, fucked out and incoherent across his thighs before he lays you down and finally fucks you for real. but as mean as he is during the scene, he would be back to his usual sweet self right afterwards.
seungmin ; is usually much more of a soft and romantic kind of guy, but sometimes you play too much and it makes him want to press you up against a wall. he would be much more possessive during those moments. he wants to hear you saying his name and see you falling apart on his cock. he spends the whole time whispering in your ear and sucking red and purple marks onto your chest and throat. it’s almost a good thing it’s so rare for him to fuck you this hard, because you always walk a little funny the next morning (which makes him laugh.)
jeongin ; wouldn’t let you cum. at all. he can be really ruthless when he’s angry. even when you guys aren’t fighting, you’re the type of couple to make fun of each other or play fight all the time, but it feels different when he’s actually mad at you. he gets a little bit mean, teasing you to the point that you’re literally begging for it, but he still just fucks you and leaves you like that, dripping down your thighs. ‘if you wanted me to be nice, maybe you should’ve watched your mouth earlier.’
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