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#stray kids fluff
seungisms · 4 days ago
skz reaction — shutting him up with a kiss
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: the fluffiest of fluffs
note: danni writing something that isn’t straight smut for once dun dun dun :o
Tumblr media
Chan stilled the moment your plush lips pressed themselves against his own, words dying on his tongue and eyes widening before slowly slipping them shut, relaxing in your hold and responding softly to your unexpected kiss. He whined lightly once you teasingly pulled away, chasing after your lips, flustered and eager to keep your mouth on his. Definition of brain rot, whatever he was ranting about before he got a taste of your lips suddenly didn’t matter. He’ll stare after you in disbelief, ears red as you shot him a cheeky smile, dodging his attempts to cuddle you against his chest, knowing full well you’d spend the rest of the day being smothered in his doting.
“C’mon! You can’t just leave me hanging like that.”
Minho was quick and eager to respond to your kiss, a soft hum emitting into your mouth as he titled his head to keep you flush against him, not minding one bit that you just interrupted him mid sentence. He didn’t allow you to pull away, your plan to leave him flustered and stuttering backfiring as he kissed you sweetly, his pillowy lips melding perfectly against your own in a loving embrace. Expect to be relentlessly teased once he finally lets you go, fingers pinching your cheeks and mocking the pout that rested on your lips, grinning at the sight of your complaining figure shying away.
“You know, if you wanted to kiss me so badly you could’ve just said so.”
Changbin immediately swallowed his words the moment your lips pressed against his own in a chaste kiss, swiftly pulling away just as he began to respond, the boy following your movement before huffing loudly once you continued to deliberately avoid his lips. The small pout that sat on his soft lips was just too damn cute, almost making you just want to give in and finally smother him in your pecks but you couldn’t help but tease his him even further; leaning in to press another teasing kiss to the side of his mouth. Changbin whined when you ducked out of his grasp once more, the conversation from before long forgotten as you darted away from him, leaving your flushed boyfriend to curse after you.
“Ah, you brat!”
If he was in any way surprised or taken-back by your sudden affection he didn’t show it - hands gently craving your face to prevent you from pulling back, kissing you sweetly. Hyunjin thought it was extremely cute, albeit rude, your method of shutting him up, any concerns or worries he was ranting about before immediately being coaxed by the plushiness of your lips, each of you enjoying the others closeness. This man will not allow you to pull away from the kiss until he’s felt you’ve paid the price for your boldness; plump lips keeping you fixated in your spot, before proceeding to tease for the rest of the day, gushing over how adorable he thought it was that you couldn’t seem to keep your lips off him.
“You’re too damn cute.”
Jisung stilled up and gaped at you once you began leaning towards him, sentence trailing off with no real end when you pressed a teasing peck against his mouth, cutting off his words and effectively shutting him up for once. He becomes uncharacteristically timid during your kiss, used to being the initiator of skinship in your relationship so to say he was surprised by your unexpected kiss was an understatement - ears tinting red and mouth moving gently against your own. Avoids your eyes once you pull away, trying to play off how timid you’ve made him by opting to tease you instead, a slight waver in his voice while doing so.
“You really couldn’t resist me huh?”
Practically turns into a pile of mush the moment you kiss him - he wouldn’t even bother questioning your actions or returning to the previous conversation when you pull away from the swift peck, instead pressing another long kiss against your plush lips, savouring the small sighs and whimpers you let out. His absolute favourite pastime is kissing you, so he’ll use your plan to shut him up to his advantage; lips melding perfectly against your own and cradling you close to his chest drawing out the embrace until he was satisfied. Amusement shone in his dark eyes after you broke apart, chuckling softly at your flushed cheeks before leaving one last peck against your mouth; happy that he was finally able to fluster you instead.
“Can I finish what I was saying now?”
Seungmin was a tad annoyed that you had interrupted him but his irritation immediately ceased once he registered the soft pair of lips pressed against his own. He’ll softly reciprocate to begin with, becoming more passionate and heated the longer he kissed you. Pulls you flush against his chest and nips at your lower lip - your initial plan of leaving him hanging suddenly becoming irrelevant with every small swipe of his tongue and gentle caress. He’ll gently cradle your face while pulling away, leaving small pecks against your mouth while doing so, seemingly unable to get enough of your lips pressed to his own. Seungmin wouldn’t be able to remember what he was speaking of before, only wanting to feel the softness of your lips against his again and again.
“If I keep talking does that mean I’ll get more kisses?”
Someone please help this man cause he’ll go straight into windows.exe shutdown mode the moment you lean up towards him. Freezes up against you and doesn’t know where to place his hands, mind completely empty of whatever he was saying before; focusing on the softness of your lips moving against his own. Your hands tangled themselves in his hair, gently playing with the short strands at the back of his neck - coaxing low groans from him - ensuring whatever remnants of the conversation beforehand no longer existed, the boy focusing solely on your pouty lips. A small whine sounded from his chest as soon as you pulled away, eyes still closed and chasing after your lips. He’ll for sure talk your ear off in future to gain more kisses.
“So being annoying is the best way to get you to pay attention to me? Noted.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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skeezsbbygirl · a year ago
tmt (too much tank tops) + bang chan
hello sunshines! (◕‿◕✿)
i’m sorry it took so long for me to update :( i had some personal agendas i needed to attend to, but all is good now <3 this is for anon who requested a bang chan scenario inspired from all the sleeveless looks he’s been serving all of us lately haha. hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Don't do it, you thought, as you fought back the urge to bite Chris' exposed arm. The said male's attention was currently fixated on his laptop, clicking some buttons as he bopped his head with the beat that was playing in his headphones. You could faintly hear the tune due to Chris' habit of turning up the volume too loud, claiming that he needed to do that to perfect his craft.
His arm flexed, unbeknownst to him, as he rubbed his neck in attempt to ease some of the tension that was building in his muscles. Such motion made his veins even more prominent, faint shades of green and blue laced through his upper arm down to his hands.
"Chris, stop," you said as you grabbed his arm, slowly guiding it back to rest on the table. Your boyfriend looked at you in confusion, swiftly hitting pause on his laptop to focus on you.
"Stop what, baby?" he questioned as his brown orbs innocently stared into yours, a hint of concern was also displayed on his features, worrying if he had done something wrong for you to call him out.
"I'm sorry, I'll get this done right away," Chris added quickly, taking your hand into his and pressing a kiss on your knuckles. You offered him a sweet smile as you shook your head.
"No, babe. I wasn't talking about that," you explained, shifting in your seat to take a better look at him. Chris slid his headphones off, setting the gadget right beside his laptop. "Then what is it, bub?" he pressed, "You know you can tell me anything, yeah?"
"It's just," you paused as a sudden wave of embarrassment hit you. "Just what?" Chris prompted for you to go on. You shook your head, deciding to bite back the reply that was at the tip of your tongue. "Nothing. Forget I said anything, go back to work," you shrugged, flashing him a convincing smile as you reached out for your phone.
Chris eyed you suspiciously, sensing that there was something odd about your behavior. "I'm not going back to work unless you tell me what's going on," he stated. "Look at me, baby," he instructed as his finger firmly tilted your chin up. "Spill, (y/n)," he said, taking your phone from your hand as he carefully placed it on the table.
"It's embarrassing," you whined, pulling away from his grip, opting to nuzzle your face into his neck. "It's just me, babe," he chuckled, "Come on, baby."
"Exactly, it's you," you muttered, sending shivers down Chris' spine as your lips grazed the sensitive skin of his neck as you spoke. "What about me, love?" he asked as he grabbed your waist, pulling you towards him, making you settle on his lap. Your arms automatically wrapped themselves around his shoulders with your face still buried in his neck as he maneuvered you into a comfortable position.
"Youandyourstupidmuscletanktops," you breathed out in one go. "What?" Chris laughed, "What was that, babygirl?"
He heard you the first time, managing to catch your words despite how muffled you sounded. But still, he wanted to tease you.
"I hate you," you mumbled. "I hate you and your arms, and how they make me feel."
"No, you don't," Chris interjected. "Because if this is how you react when you hate them, then how much more flustered will you get when you actually love them," he teased.
You groaned in annoyance. "See? This is why I didn't want to tell you," you said as you emerged from your hiding. "So, you were ogling at my arms, huh?" Chris joked, cocking one eyebrow at you.
"Whatever, I'm joining Hyunjin in the dance room," you pouted, pushing yourself off of him, but Chris only tightened his hold on you. "No, baby," Chris whined, "Alright, I'm sorry, no more teasing."
Chris leaned in and gave you a kiss, one that lasted longer than usual. "You're the cutest," he cooed to which you responded with an eye roll. "I'm flattered that you like my arms," Chris said, "I've been working out with Bin a lot these days," he added.
"Yeah, I've noticed," you replied as you lightly traced the veins that adorned his upper arm with your fingers. Chris visibly relaxed under your touch, his eyes followed your movement, fascinated by your actions. "I'm glad you noticed," Chris giggled, suddenly growing shy from the attention he was getting from you. Not that he wasn't used to it, but it was the first time that you verbally expressed your fixation on his arms. He might have noticed your stares now and then, but he really didn't make a big deal out of it.
"Well, how can I not when you've been wearing a lot of sleeveless tops nowadays," you pointed out. Chris lifted his shoulders in a half shrug and you shook your head at your boyfriend's cocky demeanor, snuggling back into his embrace.
"I find them comfortable," Chris claimed. "And I find them distracting," you countered back. "Yeah, clearly," he teased, earning him a light smack on his right arm. "I just want to be in your arms forever," you said and Chris smiled at your response, planting a kiss on your forehead in the process.
"I'm here, baby. I got you forever."
The both of you stayed cuddled up for a while, with one of Chris' hand gently stroking your hair while the other was wrapped around your waist, keeping you close to him.
"I missed you," you spoke after a while. "Like a lot," you added as you peppered Chris' neck with small kisses. "I missed you more, babygirl," he replied. "Alright, let me finish up and we'll go home," Chris released his hold on you, gently guiding you back to your seat.
An hour later, you guys were home, with you on the bed and Chris currently taking a shower. You were sprawled out on your stomach as you mindlessly scrolled through your phone, answering messages from your friends that popped up in your notification center every now and then.
Your attention was only shifted when Chris emerged out of the bathroom, clad in nothing but black sweatpants and a small towel hanging on his right shoulder, leaving his upper body bare. He sat on the edge of the bed with his back to you as you watched him dry his hair with the towel.
"Here, babe, I'll do it for you," you offered as you crawled to where he was. You tapped his shoulder, motioning for him to sit on the carpeted floor of your shared bedroom as you placed your legs on his sides. Chris' body nestled between your parted legs, crossing his own and making himself comfortable. "Thanks," he said, handing you the towel.
"You did well today," you complimented which earned you a shy chuckle from Chris. "You say that everyday," he noted, dodging your praises. "Because you do well everyday, Chris," you insisted, harshly ruffling his hair to make your point. The black-haired male whined at your sudden action, tilting his head up to pout at you. "You're such a baby," you teased, leaning down to kiss his lips. "But I'm your baby," Chris replied, catching your lips in another kiss.
"Yes, you are, so you better wear more sleeves from now on," you squeezed his arms, and then leaned down to plant a kiss on his exposed shoulder. "Aww, is my queen jealous?" Chris joked, poking your cheek. You huffed in response. "Don't worry, beautiful," he paused as he turned his body around to properly face you. "They may be out there for everyone to see, but they're only yours to touch and feel, and occasionally ogle at," he continued, a giggle escaping his lips as he delivered the latter line.
"I do not ogle," you argued, playfully hitting his arm with your fist. Chris laughed and stood up, hovering over your seated figure. He placed his hands on your sides, caging you within his arms. With Chris being so close, you could smell the all too familiar scent of his body wash -- it was safe to say that it took quite a lot of control not to pounce on him right there and then. "Yeah, sorry. I meant drool," he mocked.
You scoffed at his remark. "Forget it, I'm gonna ogle at Changbin's arms instead," you challenged and Chris immediately dropped his act. "Don't you dare," he gasped and attacked you with kisses. You yelped in surprise, throwing your head back as you giggled, which only allowed Chris to have better access to your neck.
"Alright, alright," you managed to say in between giggles, "I'm kidding, Chris!"
Chris stopped, placing one final kiss on your lips as he detached himself from you. "Good, 'cause you're mine," he stated. "I'm yours, always. I promise," you reassured as your hands came up to gently caress his cheeks. Chris melted under your touch, basking within the affection you were giving him.
You closed the gap between the two of you, connecting your lips with his once more. Chris caught you off guard for a second when he deepened the kiss. It was slow and soft at first, but things quickly turned heated when Chris nibbled on your bottom lip, and at your grant of access, he delved inside your mouth.
You raked your hands through his brown curly locks, lightly tugging at the strands as you pulled him closer, which elicited a soft moan from Chris, his own hands finding their way under your top.
"Alright, sugar lips," you chuckled as you pulled away from Chris, halting his advances, "Go put a shirt on, you need to rest."
"Don't want to," Chris insisted as he towered over your figure once again. "And why not?" you asked, raising one eyebrow at him. "Because I wanna love on you right now," he answered, "So lie back, babygirl."
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hvllevator · a year ago
stray kids reaction: s/o falls asleep on another member
a/n: this concept is so cute! also first reaction without,,, you know who :(
As soon as Chan walked into the room his gaze landed on your sleeping figure, your head on Hyunjin’s lap and body sprawled on the sofa. Although Chan didn’t like the view, he knew you were tired.
“She was not feeling well!” Hyunjin immediately explained but Chan shushed him instead as his voice was too loud and you might be awoken from your slumber.
Chan carefully lifted your head and Hyunjin slipped out while Chan replaced his position. Running his fingers through your hair he whispered, “I’m here now, princess.”
Tumblr media
The car ride to the concert venue took longer than expected, you were already exhausted due to you being up all night the day before the concert. You were seated in the middle of Minho and Seungmin, though your head kept falling onto Seungmin as slumber slowly took over you. Seungmin didn’t dare to move an inch as he didn’t want to bother your sleep. Minho let out s small laugh, albeit being hurt that you didn’t use his shoulder instead. Carefully, he grabbed your body to turn it to him instead. Your head placed on his chest as you snuggled closely to the body you’ve grown familiar with.
Tumblr media
You were all huddled up together as you had your usual movie night, you were situated between Changbin and Felix. Halfway through the movie you started feeling drowsy, letting sleep take over you. Your body slowly fell on top of Felix, his body tensing from the physical contact. Still he decided to give you your peace. It didn’t take long for Changbin to realize that you were no longer seated, instead your body was on Felix’s lap. He scoffed at the sight of you choosing his band member over him.
“I’ll take her.” Changbin said, making Felix drop his hands off of your hair. Changbin carried your sleeping frame out of the living room and into his bedroom where you could properly be held.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin was assigned to cook dinner for tonight. Your eyes were drooping not long before he walked into the kitchen, the nearest member to you which was Jeongin, offered to be your cuddle buddy which you gladly accepted, you head against his chest as you feel into deep slumber. Hyunjin walked back into the living room to announce that dinner was ready but the second his gaze landed on the two of you, he frowned.
“I am hurt.” Hyunjin clutched to his chest, although it was jokingly there was a pang of real hurt.
“I’m sorry, hyung, she was really sleepy.” Jeongin explained, about to wake you up but Hyunjin stopped him. Instead Hyunjin lifted you from Jeongin’s grasp, the second you were lifted you immediately snuggled up to him which made Hyunjin happy.
“I got you, my love.” Hyunjin whispered, carrying you up to his bedroom.
Tumblr media
Chan froze as soon as he realized that you dozed off in his lap. Looking around for Jisung, he was nowhere to be found. Not wanting to disturb your slumber, Chan let you have your nap. Jisung walked into room soon after, seeing your state he decided to mess with Chan.
“Hyung! What’re you doing with my girl?” Jisung pouted, acting hurt. Chan panicked and pushed you off his lap, causing you to fall on the ground with a loud thud. “Hyung!? What the fuck!”
Jisung rushed to your side to check if you were fine. You lifted your head to glare at Chan. “You couldn’t wake me up like a normal person?!”
Tumblr media
You were waiting for Felix to finish practicing his part of the new choreography, seated at the sofa your eyelids started closing. Minho noticed your sleepy state and decided to accompany you. He thought of starting a conversation with you but instead your head dropped on his shoulder, eyes fully shut this time. Minho laughed but let you have your sleep anyways. Felix finally finished his routine, spotting you and Minho together. He walked towards the both of you.
Minho raised his hands in defense, “I swear, I didn’t do anything.” Felix just laughed at him and kneeled in front of you.
“Y/N, baby girl, wake up we can go home now.”
Your eyes barely fluttered open, “Carry me.” You said, reaching your arms out to him. Felix chuckled at your state but carried you nonetheless.
Tumblr media
You were dozing off the second the movie started, your head slowly dropping on Changbin’s shoulder instead of your boyfriend’s. Seungmin pouted when he saw you getting comfortable on Changbin, your arms on his waist and everything. Changbin on the other hand didn’t know what to do as his entire body froze the second you touched him. Seungmin tried moving your body off of Changbin but it was no use since you kept coming back to him which hurt him but he decided to let it go. Occasionally glancing at the two of you to make sure you didn’t get any closer than you already were.
“Can’t believe my own girlfriend doesn’t want to cuddle with me instead.” Seungmin huffed.
Tumblr media
Jeongin walked into the room with bags of food that you requested since you were on your period. His gaze landed on your sleeping figure who was cuddled up with Jisung. You two were fast asleep with your head on Jisung’s chest and his arms around you. Though the sight hurt Jeongin, he understood that you were not feeling the best. Jeongin thought of ways to wake you up and he decided with loudly plopping the bags of grocery he had. This made the two of you jump away from one another.
“Sorry for disturbing you baby, but I would rather you cuddle with me instead.” Sitting down on the sofa and you immediately wrapped your arms around him.
Tumblr media
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lvanter · a year ago
8 things you should do to your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
chan. hug him tight
chan could physically feel himself melt into a puddle of mush, as he leaned further into you, his head resting comfortably on your shoulder. your arms were wrapped tightly around him, hands slowly and softly running up and down his back. chan had never felt safer than he did right in the moment; the feeling of being in your arms made him feel protected, like everything was alright in the world. he nuzzled his face into your shoulder, earning a breathy laugh from you.
“you okay, baby?” you asked stilly.
chan didn’t respond verbally, only hummed softly. tearing up a little when you placed a small kiss on the top of his head, his grip on you tightened. he never wanted this moment to end; you made him feel so, so utterly loved.
minho. give him flowers!!!!!
the second you held out the bouquet of baby’s breath minho turned beat red. he hadn’t done anything special, the group hadn’t won anything, it wasn’t an anniversary — there wasn’t a reason for you to get him flowers.
sensing his confusion you spoke up, “i thought of you when walking home, so here,”
with a very red face, minho took the flowers from you. he knew what baby’s breath meant; the two of you had been looking up meanings of flowers last week, because minho had wanted to gift his mother a bouquet. minho, with a still red face, walked closer to you.
“thank you, angel, they’re beautiful,” he muttered, pressing a kiss to your forehead. his heart was warm and filled with you. he would love you forever as well.
changbin. give him many (MANY) compliments
all evening you had been giving changbin random compliments and it flustered him to no end. just when his heart rate returned back to normal, you gave him another compliment, grinning softly as you watched him get flustered. he hid his face in a random pillow that was lying on the couch, whining out a stop, not really meaning it. he felt the spot beside him on the couch dip, but didn’t move from his position with his head on the pillow, until you moved the pillow and made him look at you.
“seo changbin,” you cupped his cheeks, watching and feeling his face flush a deep scarlet color, “you are the most beautiful, talented, wonderful, amazing, perfect, person on this earth,”
though it was difficult for him to do so, changbin looked into your eyes, his own fluttering close when he only saw pure adoration.
hyunjin. love him unconditionally
hyunjin let his hand draw meaningless figures on your back, as he stared up at you, watching you lovingly as you played gently with his lips and cheeks. hyunjin felt utterly calm in the moment, simply enjoying have you close. he grew shy when you said a quiet “you’re so pretty” he let out his usual giggle, that he knew you wholeheartedly loved, “thank you, angel,”
poking his bottom lip softly, you muttered, “i love you, you know that right?”
“of course i do, i love you, too,”
“no, like, i really, really love you,” you stopped playing with his lips and looked him into the eyes.
the hand that had been drawing on your back, stopped. hyunjin fell speechless for a moment, “i really, really love you, too, my angel,” and he did, oh, how he wholeheartedly did.
jisung. let him be the little spoon
deciding this was his new favorite thing, jisung let out a deep, satisfied sigh, relaxing even more. the feeling on your arm draped over his waist was giving him butterflies. he wasn’t the little spoon often, usually preferring to hold and protect you, but as he laid there wrapped in your embrace, he couldn’t help but love it. he played with your fingers, as he listened to your breathing get heavier until you eventually fell asleep. he yawned, tiredness overtaking him. he intertwined his fingers with yours and brought it up to his chest, hugging it into him.
“i love you,” he confessed quietly, even thought he knew you couldn’t hear him. after kissing your knuckles, he closed his eyes, hoping to dream of you.
felix. give him cute nicknames
felix couldn’t help but blush as you called him, yet another, cute nickname. after you found out how big of a sucker he was for cute nicknames, you barely called him by his name. you had been switching back and forth between nicknames, your favorite being “angel boy” and it would be a lie to say it didn’t fluster him to no end.
“angel boy,” you called from the living room.
felix blushed again as the nickname reached his ears. leaving the kitchen for the living room, he saw your arms open.
“come here, angel boy, i wanna cuddle you,”
with a face redder than the red roses he had gotten for you earlier that day, felix fell into your arms, wrapping his own around you. he loved you so much more than he could ever express.
seungmin. hold his hand n squeeze it!!!
seungmin never understood the hype about holding hands. that is, until you did it randomly throughout the day. a small subtle smile broke out on his face every time, he felt your hand in his. something even better was when you thumb rubbed softly on his hand; he doesn’t think you’re aware of doing it, but he loves it a lot. the corners of his mouth moved slightly upwards when he felt your fingers grab his and hold loosely, before holding his hand fully. he gave your hand a squeeze, eyes filled with love. a grin grew on his face when he felt you squeeze his hand harder than he had done yours. he squeezed your hand harder than you had done, earning a gasp of pain from you.
“that hurt,” you whined smiling.
“oh, no, baby, i’m so sorry,” he brought your hand up to his lips so he could leave countless kisses on it, his heart warming as you laughed. he would kiss your hand a million times if it meant you laughing.
jeongin. give him a bunch of kithes
jeongin should probably be used to it by now, having been in a relationship with you for almost 10 months, but alas, he was not. everytime your lips came in contact with his face, his face flushed and his heartbeat went up to an ungodly speed. every time you gave him the small kisses all over his face, he fell more and more in love with you. his eyes closed the second your lips met his cheeks, knowing he wouldn’t be able to look at you when you made him feel so many things.
“baby,” he giggled, when you blew a few raspberry kisses to his cheek, “it tickles,” he heard you giggle as well, and it made his heart soar. when you pulled away, he leaned in and kisses you gently on the lips before he blew some raspberry kisses on your cheek, making you laugh. oh, how he wanted to hear that sound forever.
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skeezsbbygirl · 11 months ago
kiss it better + bang chan
hello lovelies! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
im back with another bang chan scenario <3 hope you guys enjoy this one!! (oh and tmt hit 1k+ notes ahhh thank you so much >.<, also i might be uploading a prince!chan fic soon, stay tuned sunshines)
Tumblr media
"Chris, baby, please."
It's been two hours, nearing three, since Chris decided to give you the silent treatment. The cause of your current suffering rooted from the events that took place last night.
A college friend of yours happened to be visiting the city, and what better way to celebrate a rare occasion than dressing up and going for a girl's night out with a bunch of your other friends. Chris happily agreed to let you go, he didn't need much convincing since he trusted you with everything and that included you getting home in one piece.
As the late hours of the night passed and shifted over to the wee hours of the morning, Chris grew worried, checking his phone for the nth time as he expected a call or text from you to reassure him that you were fine, or that you were at least still alive somewhere.
Fortunately, he managed to get a hold of your situation through one of your friends, credits to Jisung for grabbing her number that one time you guys set them up for a date.
"Hyung, she said that (y/n) got into a cab ten minutes ago," Jisung explained over the phone. "Her phone also died, so that's probably the reason why you haven't heard from her," he added.
"Alright, got it. Thanks, Ji."
Strike one.
Your drunk self thought that it was a good idea to call for a cab, even declining your girlfriend's offer to drive you home. You insisted that you were fine and that you would only derail their way home since your apartment's route leads to the opposite direction. So, in your semi-intoxicated state, you hopped into a cab and made your way home.
Strike two.
You came home last night, struggling to keep a certain level of sobriety. Heels in one hand and your clutch in the other. You weren't completely hammered, but it was still enough to piss Chris off as he took in your drunken state.
Strike three.
Nevertheless, Chris patiently took care of you. He helped you out of your clothes, took your makeup off for you, and tucked you in bed with him.
You could've gotten away with what happened, until your hungover self decided to betray you.
When Chris sat you down for breakfast, he managed to ease in the happenings of last night, carefully bringing it up as to not agitate you or make you feel like he's blaming you for going out and having fun.
He was just worried, especially having known that you went home all by yourself without even contacting him.
"Baby, you could've borrowed one of your friends' phone and asked me to come pick you up," Chris sighed as he reached out for your hand, placing his on top of yours, his fingers tracing circles on your skin.
"I know and I'm sorry, but can you just scold me later?" you said, your tone a little harsher than you intended it to be, probably due to the lingering headache and side effects of your drinks last night. You felt like your skull was being split into two and you just wanted to eat and recover in silence.
"Babe, I'm not scolding you. I was just-"
You cut Chris off. "Alright, I get it, you were worried but I took care of myself. So let's just argue later, yeah?" you snapped.
And you're out.
Upon hearing your reply, Chris' jaw clenched, visibly appearing offended and irritated. He retracted his hand from yours, opting to cross his arms over his chest.
You bit your tongue when the words you spat out finally settled in. It sounded wrong and you definitely shouldn't have said that. You readied yourself for the argument that was about to ensue, but nothing came.
That was all he said before he stood up and left.
Your eyes widened at the sudden realization that slapped you back into reality, the ugly outcome of your sudden outburst.
You were about to get up and follow Chris to apologize, however, the sudden throbbing pain in your head disabled you from getting out of your seat. Instead, you were forced to sit back down and wallow in guilt.
And that's how you ended up getting the silent treatment.
You left your boyfriend alone for a few hours, hoping that his anger would dissipate by the time that your hungover got better. But much to your dismay, he wasn't having it with you.
"Baby, can I come in?" you knocked on the door of Chris' home studio.
"Chris, baby, please," you tried again, but you were still met with silence. You let out a sigh as you ambled back towards the living room, deciding to just give him space and talk it out whenever he's ready.
Chris was naturally a forgiving person, a little tougher on his members, but a complete sweetheart when it comes to you. So when he gave you the silent treatment for the very first time that day, you didn't know what to do.
So, you waited.
A couple of hours passed, three and a half, now, to be exact, you heard Chris' door unlock. You immediately perked up at the sound, quickly scurrying on your feet to meet him.
"Chris, I'm sorry," you apologized with your head hung low, eyes on the ground, and fingers fiddling with the hem of your shirt.
Nothing. Nothing, but the cold breeze of Chris passing by, giving you no due attention. He sauntered towards the kitchen and opened the fridge, paying more attention to the cold food items that were displayed in front of him.
How you wish you were the half-eaten cheesecake now, huh?
Having enough with his torturous act, you were set on using the two tricks you had up your sleeves -- 1) faking an injury, as petty as that sounds, you were desperate, and 2) luring him with something he likes, be it an innocent gesture or a daring one, you would practically do anything at this point.
With your first plan in mind, you crept up behind him and positioned yourself near the edge of the marble kitchen island, placing your hip at the sharp corner so that it would appear as if you bumped against it.
From a third person's point of view, you probably looked stupid, scratch that, you did look stupid, but you were set on breaking Chris' silent streak.
"Ah!" you yelped in pain, hands quickly coming up to clutch your right side. You dropped on the ground, still maintaining your hold on your "injured" torso.
As soon as you cried out in pain, Chris hurried to your side.
"Baby, are you okay?" he asked with a worried expression plastered on his face. His cold demeanor immediately melting once he saw you clutching your side. "What happened, babygirl?" he crouched down to meet your level.
"I accidentally hit the edge of the counter," you said. "Come here, baby," Chris placed your arms around his neck as he scooped you up from the ground, carrying you bridal style towards the living room.
"Show me where it hurts, love," Chris ordered as he sat you down with him. He carefully moved you on his lap, making you straddle him.
"Right here," you pointed towards a random patch of skin on your right side. Chris placed his hand over the supposedly injured area, gently soothing it with the warmth that radiated from his palm.
Adding the icing on the cake, you hissed in pain as his hand came in contact with your skin. "Shh, it's okay, baby. I got you," Chris cooed as he planted a kiss on your cheek, in hopes of making you feel better.
He lifted your shirt up a bit, allowing him to inspect for any cuts or damage to your skin. "Do you want me to go get an ice pack?" Chris offered. "No, it's fine," you replied.
"Alright, just tell me if need anything," Chris responded as he leaned down to press a chaste kiss on your exposed skin, tugging your shirt back down as he pulled away.
You nuzzled your face into his neck, in an attempt to conceal the grin that was forming on your lips. Completely fooled by your actions, Chris continued rubbing your side as he whispered sweet nothings in your ear.
"Does it hurt anywhere else, baby?" Chris asked and you nodded. "Here," you pulled away from him and pointed towards your chest. He shot you a puzzled look, confused as to why your chest would hurt when you claimed that you bumped your side.
"Because I was trying to apologize to my boyfriend a couple of hours ago, but instead, he gave me the silent treatment," you pouted.
Chris bursted out in laughter as he heard your response.
"It's true. I followed him around like a lost puppy, but he locked himself inside his studio. Totally unfair and uncalled for," you continued and Chris shook his head in disbelief, his laughter coming to a stop as he calmed down.
"I could say the same thing about what happened last night," Chris challenged, raising one eyebrow at you.
"I'm sorry. I know I was being stupid. I should've called you or at least shot you a message from my friend's phone to let you know that I was coming home late. I just thought that if I called, I was going to end up bothering you, considering that it was such an ungodly hour," you explained, fiddling with the string of his hoodie.
"(Y/n), you could never be a bother to me," Chris said, "And did you honestly think that I could sleep knowing that you were out there?"
"I was so worried about you. Thank Jisung for having one of your friend's number because I was this close to losing it," Chris stated.
"I know. I'm really sorry," you pressed a kiss to his lips. "I promise I won't do it again, forgive me?" you added, pecking his lips once more.
"I can't stay mad at you," Chris let out a defeated sigh. "Of course. I forgive you, babygirl," he gave you a small smile.
You cheered and pulled him in for a hug, momentarily forgetting about your said injury.
"Do you feel better now?" Chris teased as he poked your sides, making you jolt in surprise. "Christopher!" you squealed, bursting in a fit of giggles as you realized that you've been caught red-handed.
Well, at least the intentions of your plan worked.
"You know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures," you shrugged and Chris chuckled in amusement. He leaned in and gave you a kiss.
"You're lucky you're cute."
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chaoticminhos · a year ago
priceless; adjective; so precious that its value cannot be determined.
pairing: bang chan x reader
genre: angst, fluff, enemies to lovers, rich kid! bang chan au
warnings: none, lowkey sugar daddy channie but nothing is sexual
word count: 14.3k (oh my god)
a/n: this is a super long one, i’m sorry! i got a bit carried away 
Tumblr media
christopher bang. chris. bang chan. he was a boy with the whole world at his fingertips, diligent and hardworking. the kind of boy you could bring home and your mother would adore him. your father couldn’t dream of a better boy to date his daughter. 
at least, that’s how everyone else would describe him. but you? no, to you, he was nothing but an arrogant asshole.
he flaunted the trophies and medals he won from swimming like they made him the most important man alive. he never missed a chance to point out that he was top of the class, even with being in sports. he could handle it all, such a balanced and sturdy young man, all of his teachers said.
people called him modest, but you couldn’t see it. not even a peak coming out from under the obnoxious fancy shirts he wore to school every day just to show that he had enough money to own that many different name brand clothes. your school didn’t even have a strict dress code, who the hell in their right mind would wear button up and dress pants in place of hoodies and sweats? a fucking prick who needs to prove in every way possible that he is better than everyone else, that’s who. he was mister fucking perfect and he never, not for one second, let you forget that.
you begrudgingly stepped into your first hour class and made your way to your assigned seat, groaning at the fact that in just a few minutes, the school bell would ring and you’d be forced to sit right next to chan for the whole 45 minutes the class lasted.
honestly, you thought your teacher was fucking insane for placing you and chris next to each other. and in a corner spot, no less! chris was pinned in between you and the wall, the only person other than you in direct line of contact for him being the two seated ahead of you. but that didn’t stop chan, no, he yelled over you to his friends as if you weren’t even there and it pissed you off. you’d offered to swap seats so you wouldn’t have to deal with his yelling over you, but he denied, saying that he didn’t want to get in trouble with the teacher.
“they’re assigned seats, y/n,” he’d said, “the whole point is we can’t just swap.”
students filtered in and, per usual, chan was one of the last to enter. he was almost always just on the edge of being late to the first hour, him and his friend hyunjin. they had before school swim practice and apparently it would kill their coach to let them off 10 minutes earlier so they wouldn’t be late to class. it didn’t matter though, the teacher waited for them every day. god forbid golden boys chris and hyunjin miss the first minute of class.
chan walked behind you to his seat, bumping into the back of your chair as he passed. asshole. there was plenty of room for him to get past you easily, he didn’t need to shove your chair.
the teacher began class just as chan plopped his bag onto your shared table, the straps from it falling across your notebook on your side of the table.
you brushed them off, pushing his bag further away from you. he sent you a look and threw his hands up in the air like you’d just ruined his bag.
“what’s your problem today?”
you looked up at him, breath slightly catching at his damp hair. he showed up to class like this every single day, with his hair pressed to his forehead and his shirt pressed close to his body, still damp from the pool and showering off, but that didn’t change the fact that every single day, he still took your breath away.
as much as you hated him, he was strikingly attractive. it’s a shame that people can’t have both good looks and a good personality. 
you put a forced smile on your face, “same as always, bang. you.”
your argument was cut short by your teacher sending a small glare towards you, a silent order to be quiet.
that’s another thing that pissed you off. he had started the conversation, but you were always the one who got in trouble for talking. not once did the teacher scold him for talking in class, only you.
“you’ll be working with your table partners today--“
you didn’t even bother to listen to the rest, groaning and putting your head in your arms on the desk. you had requested not to always be partners with your desk mate, stating that you and chan didn’t get along that well, but your teacher insisted.
“chris is a wonderful person to be partnered with, y/n.”
and of course chan wouldn’t back you up on the request of different partners. he didn’t want to be your partner in everything, god no, but it simply wouldn’t look good for him if he complained about another student.
you looked back up when chan snapped his fingers right next to your ear, causing you to jolt up and send a glare at him. he pointed to the paper that your teacher had placed on your desk.
“we’re supposed to brainstorm together.”
“can’t we just do it separately and say we talked the questions through?”
he put a fake pout on his face, “you don’t wanna share your ideas with me?”
a grin spread across his face as your jaw clenched in frustration. 
“i don’t want to interact with you, period.”
“i'm just as excited as you are--“
he was cut off by the sound of your stomach growling. you groaned, you hadn’t had time to get dinner yesterday and you couldn’t afford to buy breakfast this morning.
“someone’s hungry.”
“i didn’t have breakfast.”
“why, slept in?”
“couldn’t afford it.” you mumbled, not thinking much of your words, just letting them fall from your lips.
he laughed lightly, “couldn’t afford breakfast?”
your eyes slowly lifted from the paper to his face, casual mood from just seconds before long gone.
“not everyone was born on a pile of money, chan.”
“sorry, it was just a question.”
it wasn’t even 9 am and you already wanted to rip his head off.
“fucking forget about it, let’s just get this done so you can fuck off.”
he nodded in agreement, pressing his lips tightly together to bite back a response before reading out the first question before stating his opinions on the matter.
he didn’t bother you much more for the rest of the class period, just focusing on the work ahead of you two. he didn’t bring the breakfast issue up again, which honestly surprised you. it had obviously gotten a rise from you, you expected him to milk that for as long as possible.
you didn’t see him again until lunch, where your eyes were glued to the back of his head as you angrily went over the start of your day to your best friends.
“he fucking made fun of me for not having money.”
“he’s such a prick.” sooyeon said through a mouthful of chips, turning to show one of her friends something on her phone. she wasn’t really listening. she never did when it came to you complaining about chan.
sooyeon was your best friend along with jisung, but she has lots of friends other than the two of you. she was an easy person to be around, you understood why everyone liked her:
“i agree,” jisung said as he sat himself down next to you, “i don’t get why you’re so obsessed with him when i’m literally right here.”
you hit his arm, causing his tray to shake as he set it on the table, some of the chocolate pudding falling onto the table.
“i am not obsessed with him, jisung! it’s just hard not to think about him so much when he makes it a point to be a cock every single fucking time we interact.”
jisung ignored your reply, scooping up the pudding you caused him to spill and plopping it onto an empty place on your tray.
you moved to shove him again, but he instinctively reached his hands to your arms to stop you, coating your sleeve with the pudding that he had yet to clean off of his hand.
“jisung!” you shouted, unable to keep a smile from breaking out on your face. there was no real reason to be mad, it would wash out, but you wanted to give him a hard time for it anyway.
“you ruined my favorite sweatshirt!”
you grabbed his wrist, pressing his still dirty hand against the chest of his own hoodie, giving it a stain to match the one on your arm.
“what the fuck?” he called through a loud laugh.
“it’s payback, you dickhead.”
he wiped his hand off on a napkin before standing up and motioning for you to do the same. he packed the apple and chips from his lunch into his bag for later tossed out the rest.
“you are so lucky i have extra clothes in my gym locker.”
you followed him as he started through the cafeteria, “i’m lucky? you’re the one who got pudding on me first!”
“i don’t recall that ever happening. obviously it got on you when you were brutally attacking me.”
you hit him again, laughing as he led you out of the food court and to the gyms.
you hadn’t realized, but you’d walked right past chan and his friends as you were leaving. he observed the interaction between you and jisung and let out a nose laugh at the childishness of it.
he got up and tossed his tray. he’d heard jisung mention the locker room and it reminded him he needed to grab his math textbook from there, he’d left it there after practice that morning.
chan expected you to be in the girls locker room changing or waiting outside of the boys locker room for jisung to bring you a clean shirt, so he thought nothing of stepping into the locker room himself. what he did not expect was to be met face to face with you as you slipped one of jisungs hoodies over your head, chans eyes barely catching the bottom of your bra as you pulled the cloth down.
jisung was still shirtless, digging through his locker for a shirt that didn’t have pudding on it and didn’t smell distinctly of sweaty boy. he looked up upon hearing the door open, nodding to chan as he entered.
he didn’t acknowledge jisung, instead keeping his attention on you.
“you do know this is the boys locker room, right?”
your eyes widened in mock surprise, “really? i thought this was the music department. no wonder there’s no piano.”
he huffed as he walked past you and to his own locker where his book was sat on the bench beside it.
“why are you in here, anyway?” he continued.
“jisung is a dumbass.”
the boy in question turned to you as he slipped his own sweatshirt over his head, “you’re being quite an asshole to me considering i just gave you the one actually clean sweatshirt i had on hand.”
“maybe if you hadn’t gotten pudding on the one i was wearing i wouldn’t need to steal yours.”
chan cut in, “don’t you have your own clothes to change into?”
jisung responded for you, “she doesn’t have gym.”
chan nodded, “not surprised by that.”
he’d mumbled it, but you heard. first he’d made fun of your economic status, now he was going to take a jab at your body?
“what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
you took a step towards him and he put his hands up in defense, “you don’t seem like the sporty type.” 
your eyes narrowed and he seemed to get what you had been thinking.
“no, oh my god! i’m not that low.”
you scoffed, “but you’re low enough to tease someone for being poor? come on jisung.”
you bundled your dirty sweatshirt into your arms and swung your bag over your shoulder before leaving the locker room with jisung hot on your trail.
Tumblr media
when you entered your first class the next day, you were met with a plastic wrapped muffin sitting on the table of your spot. 
you figured someone had forgotten it there from the day before and no one had noticed to move it. you inspected the wrapper, it was still fully sealed. deciding whoever left it there probably forgot about it and remembering you hadn’t been able to get breakfast that morning either, you unwrapped the muffin and took a bite.
and damn, muffins hit different when they’re the first thing you’ve eaten since dinner time the night before.
you were about halfway done with the tasty treat when chan found his way to his spot beside you. he was wearing a plain white button up that day. water droplets from his hair had fallen onto his shoulder and collar, making small see through patches across his collar bones. you caught yourself staring before he did, thankfully.
he pointed to the muffin in your hand, “you got yourself breakfast this morning.”
you nodded, providing no verbal response, just taking another bite of the muffin.
the bell rang and the teacher clapped to get the classes attention, stating that you’d be continuing the discussion activity you and your partner had started the day before.
you looked over to chan with wide eyes. it was supposed to take two days? the two of you had gone through most of the questions the day before.
“did we miss something?” he started, reaching across the table to drag your paper closer to him so he could see it. you sighed, he had his own sheet. it would have taken literally five seconds for him to get his own instead of hijacking yours.
“i think my brain is just too good for her assignments.” you shrugged as you took the final bite of your muffin, crumpling the wrapper in your hand.
“your brain? please,” he leaned back in his chair, turning his body towards you, “i’m obviously the powerhouse of this duo.”
you raised your eyebrows with a smile, “then what am i? the hot eye candy?”
he pretended to think for a moment, “no, i think that one's me too...”
your smile grew, the words were teasing but not in a bad way. you could not believe you were having a civil conversation with bang chan, let alone an almost friendly argument.
you tossed the rolled up muffin wrapper at him, hitting him right in the cheek. he scrunched his nose, “you’re fucking terrible.”
the words weren’t anything different from what you would expect him to say to you, but the tone was lighter than usual. almost playful. still, they seemed to snap you into reality. bang chan was not your friend.
you reached to the paper he’d taken from you and glanced at the last few questions, pointing  to the next in line and reading it aloud.
“is it unethical for heinz to steal the pills for his dying wife?” (look up the heinz moral debate if you don’t know what i’m referring to)
he thought for a moment before responding.
“why?” you prompted him to continue.
“it says he tried every ethical and legal way, he has no other choice. he doesn’t have the money to pay for the pills, stealing is the only option he has left.”
you nodded, making a slightly surprised face.
“nothing. i just took you for the kind of person to be all, i don’t know, fuck the poor.”
you scanned his face and he looked almost offended at your remark.
“of course not, everyone deserves the same opportunities when it comes to things like this.”
the rest of the hour went the same, pleasant way. you had to keep reminding yourself every couple of minutes that he was not your friend. he was being oddly pleasant to be around that day, but he was still an arrogant prick.
Tumblr media
you were met with another muffin on your spot the next morning. and the morning after that. and the one after that, too. and the next one, and so on. it became clear to you within the first few days that it couldn’t be a coincidence, someone was leaving muffins there for you every morning. you found it kinda weird at first, considering you couldn’t think of who could be doing it. if it was jisung or sooyeon they would just hand it to you, they wouldn’t go through the trouble of sneaking into the ethics classroom before school started to put a muffin on your spot. neither of them even got to the school in time to do that. but after a while, you just accepted it. you appreciated the little snack every morning, it gave you something to go to school for and it assured you that you’d be able to eat something, even if you were short on money.
after a while, you stopped finding it weird and started to find it cute and endearing.
jisung and sooyeon were convinced it was a secret admirer, that someone had a crush on you and didn’t know how to show it. you didn’t believe that idea, no one even knew you even existed other than the two of them and a couple other friends. still, you honestly couldn’t think of another reason. 
either way, it changed your first period class from being something to dread because of the boy seated next to you into something to look forward to. that, and chris had been more bearable. he was still an obnoxious asshole and he didn’t deserve half of the positive attention he constantly had, but not every conversation with him was full of angry words and snappy remarks anymore. you were starting to realize that maybe some of the things he did weren’t really mean or annoying and it was just you finding different excuses to be mad at him, but you’d never admit that out loud.
 you still didn’t call him a friend, and he didn’t call you one either. he would probably be embarrassed to call someone like you his friend. he still annoyed the living hell out of you, but you couldn’t make yourself have an undying hatred for him anymore. just a strong disliking. 
but he was not your friend. he was still the same dickhead he had been the whole time you’d been in school with him. he wasn’t a nice person.
you still didn’t like him. 
you seemed to repeat that to yourself quite a lot.
you smiled as you picked up the muffin from the table, you’d lost count of how many had been left for you by now. you unwrapped it and started eating, you’d stopped checking the wrappers for holes after the first few. it was silly, but you trusted whoever was leaving them for you.
hyunjin and chan walked into the room just as the bell went off. chan was laughing at something hyunjin said, his dimples showing. they’re something you’d grew to really like about him. you didn’t even know he had dimples before, he never smiled at you up until a couple weeks ago.
the teacher waited for them to reach their spots before beginning the lecture, talking for a while about something or another. you didn’t really pay attention, zoning out as you finished your muffin and tossed the wrapper at chan like you’d made a habit of doing with every wrapper you had.
it was funny, you thought. every single day, even though he complained about it, he would pick up the wrapper from wherever it landed and deliver it to the trash himself. he tried to make you do it originally, but you refused.
“you’ll be working with the same partner you’ve had all semester. i have rubrics up here if anyone wants a paper copy.”
you tuned in to the last bit of what your teacher said, catching on that she was assigning another partner project, and your partner would be the same as always- chan.
both of you pulled out your laptops and pulled up the work. neither of you complained about always being partners anymore, the same argument over and over again did no one good. plus, it’s not like he was the worst partner to have. because of his position as golden boy, he always did good on his work, assuring you that you’d have a partner that would do their share.
the project consisted of you drawing a topic from a hat the teacher passed around and finding the other group with that topic. you would be debating against that group on whatever topic you and chan had drawn. 
chan let you be the one to draw from the hat and you drew ‘the morality of euthanasia (anti)’ 
you laughed at it, “kill the old, eat the rich.”
chan raised an eyebrow at you, laughing at your response.
“we’re supposed to be against it. don’t kill the old, no eating the rich.”
“you’re just saying that because you don’t want to be eaten.”
“oh, you got me. i don’t want to be cannibalized, how dare i.”
you were paired to debate against two boys, kim seungmin and lee felix. they were chans friends. they didn’t swim with him, but they sat with him at lunch and hung out with him a lot, you’d saw them around him enough to get that.
you spent the rest of the period doing general research on the topic. it wasn’t biased, so you were able to work with seungmin and felix on it, too. they were actually pretty fun to be around. you expected them to be stuck up and bratty like chan, but they weren’t. seungmin was really sweet and felix was super funny.
“i’m telling you, eat the rich.” felix spoke.
“that’s what i’ve been saying!” you called out, reaching your hand out to give him a high five.
“felix, you’re literally rich.” chan pointed out.
“no, channie, my parents are rich. i am simply living off of their rich people money.”
you checked the clock, realizing class would be ending in a few minutes. you packed your things back into your bag before turning to chan.
“she said we’d need to work outside of class. does the library after school work?”
he sharply inhaled, “i have practice and by the time it’s over the library will be closed. if you’re okay with waiting we can go to my house after practice?”
you were slightly taken aback by the request.
“uh, sure.”
“you can watch practice if you want, or even just sit in the pool room doing homework or playing on your phone or something and then i can give you a lift to my place.”
that solved the issue of finding a ride there and you figured he couldn’t live too far, you’d be able to walk home, so you agreed.
Tumblr media
the last bell rang and you lifted yourself from your chair and headed to the hallway, meeting jisung and sooyeon by their lockers.
jisung raised his keys, “ready to go?”
“actually, i’m staying to work on a project with chan, i forgot to tell you.”
“you’re getting awfully close with him recently.” sooyeon teased, wiggling her eyebrows.
you would have hushed her just as you did every time she even dared to mention you and chan becoming closer, but jisung cut you off.
“no, at his house.”
“do you have a ride there and home?”
“yeah,” you started, “he’s driving me there and i can just walk home.”
“walk?” jisung frowned, “how far away is his place from yours?”
you shrugged, “can’t be that far.”
he shook his head, “not happening. text me his address and i’ll take you home when you’re done.”
there was no point in arguing with him. he got super protective over you and sooyeon when it came to stuff like this. he said it wasn’t safe for you to walk home alone, that’s the whole reason he drove you and sooyeon home every day. 
you barely had time to promise jisung you’d let him drive you home before someone was calling your name from down the hallway.
“y/n! chan said you’re watching practice?”
you looked at the source of the voice, hwang hyunjin. since when did he talk to you? or even know your name?
“yeah,” you replied, “i’m coming.”
you waved goodbye to your friends before jogging to meet hyunjin at the end of the hallway, letting him lead you to the practice rooms. you’d been in them before, you went to a fair share of sports games and meets, but it felt weird being in it with it so empty, especially alone with a boy you’d barely ever talked to. he noticed the tension.
“sorry, i’m hyunjin. chan’s been mentioning you a lot lately so i figured i should make myself present.”
“oh,” you laughed, “it’s not a big deal. we aren’t really close or anything.”
hyunjin raised his eyebrows and a smirk played at his lips, “so you’re not dating or anything like that?”
your face flushed red, “god, no. i don’t have a boyfriend.”
his smile grew, “good to know.”
your face grew even more red as the door to the locker room opened and chan stepped out. 
“stop flirting with y/n and go get changed.”
hyunjin turned to him, “you seem to have forgotten that i am the captain of this team and i do not take orders from you.”
he punctuated the last word with a finger to chans chest as he passed him and entered the room to get ready for practice.
“how’d you know he was flirting?” you laughed.
“it’s all he does.”
chan stepping closer to you in his shirtless form did nothing for your blushed face. he was actually in more than he would be during meets, considering it was just a practice so he was allowed to wear swim trunks, but it was still a lot more of him, or any boy for that matter, than you were used to seeing.
to your dismay, he noticed how your eyes avoided him as he stepped closer to you.
“what, not used to shirtless boys?” he teased.
“unless it’s jisung, no.” you replied, eyes trained on the pool behind him.
he raised an eyebrow, “i thought you said you two weren’t a thing?”
“we’re not. he just has stupid high body heat and strips randomly in the middle of movie nights.”
he nodded, taking a step closer to you.
“you’re so flustered when it’s just me out here, are you gonna be able to handle the whole team?”
you stepped back, “i’ve watched swim meets before chan, it’s fine. it’s just weird because we’re alone right now.”
as if on cue, the door swung open and the boys streamed out of the locker room, hyunjin last. you didn’t really recognize anyone on the team but chan and hyunjin. they made their way to the edge of the pool and chan jogged to join them, pointing at the stands near the pool for you to sit down at.
the boys started to warm up and a small crowd of girls built up on the bleachers around you. none of them seemed to notice you until the coach entered and scanned the small crowd.
“you’re new a new addition.” he pointed out.
you were gonna reply that you were just there for the one day when chan cut in for you with a smile on his face, “i invited her, coach.”
the coach looked in between you and chan with a small smile. 
“oh, you did?”
you didn’t know what it meant but his words had been laced with a teasing tone and it made yours cheeks heat up. did it matter that chan had invited you and you hadn’t just randomly showed up?
apparently it did. you got a tap on your shoulder and you turned around to face the person who did it.
“did chan really invite you specifically to watch?”
“i mean, yeah.” you began, “i’m going to his place after so he said i could just wait here.”
her eyes widened, “he invited you to his house?”
you grimaced, this was drawing more attention than you wanted, “it’s nothing like that, we have a project to work on.”
she hummed and nodded, focusing her attention back on the boys.
you thought you’d get bored during the practice and end up scrolling through your phone, but you didn’t. something about the way they moved so fluidly and easily in the water was captivating to watch. your eyes kept mostly to chan, but they drifted to hyunjin a lot, too. watching him, you understood why he was captain. he had such control of his body even under the pressure of the water, it was like it was moving according to what he willed it to.
practice ended and all of the boys jumped out of the pool and grabbed a towel, heading straight for the locker room. everyone but chan. he dried his hair off before slinging the towel around his neck and over his shoulders and walking up to where you were sitting at the bleachers. he leaned against the cold metal as he spoke to you.
“i just need to shower quick and get changed then we can go. i won’t be long.”
you nodded and gave him a soft smile. most of the girls who’d came to watch the boys swim had left already, but the few who hadn’t began whispering after seeing your and chans interaction.
you didn’t know why it was such a big deal, you were his partner for a project. 
high school dynamics always confused you.
after a few minutes of mindlessly scrolling through your phone, chan pushed the door open and stepped out, calling to you to follow him out. he lead you through the school and outside to the parking lot. it didn’t take much for you to find his car, you guessed it was one of the few that looked like they cost more than you were worth. no doubt the other ones belonged to his friends.
to say you were surprised when he jogged ahead of you to open the passenger side door for you would be an understatement. he really had changed a lot from a couple weeks before. or maybe you just started seeing things differently.
he frowned slightly at your confused face as you approached the car.
“i didn’t take you for the gentleman type.”
“how would you know? you’ve never gone out with me before.”
you shrugged, he had a point.
he slipped into the driver seat and put the key in the ignition. the startup was so quiet you wouldn’t have even known it was turned on if he hadn’t shifted gears and started to drive. you were so used to clunky old cars like the one your family had or the one jisung drove around in.
speak of the devil, your phone lit up with a message from jisung.
sungie🤢💗: at his place yet?
you: headed there now
sungie🤢💗: address ??
you: one sec
you lifted your eyes from your screen to look at chan, “hey, what’s your address?”
he looked confused, “why?”
“jisungs gonna pick me up when we’re done.”
he glanced at you before training his eyes back onto the road, “no he’s not, i’ll take you home.”
“sung already said he could.”
“i thought it was a given that i’d give you a ride home since i was the one to invite you out?”
you laughed, “since when is that an unspoken rule?”
he shrugged, “it’s just good manners.”
you leaned back into the seat, sending jisung a message than chan was giving you a ride home. 
who knew bang chan even knew what good manners were.
you were right about his house not being far, he was pulling his fancy car into the fancy driveway of his fancy house within just a few minutes. 
although you knew it was normal life for him, you were amazed that he could step into such a pretty house so casually. you felt like if you touched anything, it would shatter.
he slipped off his shoes at the door and you did the same, following him up a large set of stairs and into what you assumed was his bedroom.
you’d expected it to be neat, but it was the exact opposite, clothes tossed randomly on the floor and open chip bags laying around. you laughed at the condition of his room and he pouted as he hurried to try to clean up some of the mess.
“don’t make fun of me, i didn’t expect company.”
“who knew that you, bang chan, were so messy.”
“i’m a high school boy, what did you expect?”
“yeah, but you’re also the pride of the school.”
he huffed, plopping down onto his bed after deciding cleaning was no use, “i’m still just a kid.”
you sat yourself down next to him, pulling your laptop from your bag and opening it. you were immediately faced with the issue of not having wifi connection.
“chan, what’s your wifi password?”
“it’s super long,” he mumbled as he reached across your lap and took the device from your hands, “i’ll just type it for you.”
you didn’t have the time to scold him for just taking it from you, you were too busy trying to convince yourself that you did not feel butterflies in your stomach when he had gotten that close to you.
you just weren’t used to boys other than jisung being so casual around you, that’s all.
he handed your laptop back to you and rose to his feet, getting up and doing something behind you for a few seconds. you didn’t pay attention, already getting to work on research. 
a few seconds later, you felt the bed dip beside you and chan was pulling his legs onto the bed and sitting with them crossed and his own laptop in his lap, his loose button up he’d worn all day now replaced with a plain black t-shirt. 
your face flushed red when you realized he’d just changed his shirt with you in the room, not that it was a big deal. he was a swimmer and he was used to people seeing him shirtless, it didn’t mean anything to him, but it was still odd for you. 
the two of you worked in silence for about an hour before he fell onto his back, closing his laptop and tossing it onto the bed beside him.
you let out a small laugh, “what?”
“it’s boring.” he groaned, “let’s get food.”
it didn’t take much for him to convince you to ditch schoolwork and get food instead. he led you back down the stairs and into a kitchen that you swore was bigger than your whole house, opening the fridge door and leaning down to look at its contents.
he shut the door and let out an obnoxious groan, “i don’t want any of this,” his eyes locked with your and a grin appeared on his face, “let’s go somewhere for food.”
you gave a skeptical look before a small smile took over your features, “okay.”
he walked up to his room with you and you grabbed your bag before the two of you slipped your shoes on and you hopped back into his car, him rushing ahead to open the door for you once again.
you buckled your seat belt, “where are we going?”
he shrugged, “what are you hungry for?”
“you’re the one who wanted to go out for food.”
“and now i’m asking you to choose.”
you huffed, “i don’t know, anywhere.”
he hummed and nodded his head, “the diner a couple blocks down from the school?”
you perked up at the suggestion, that was your favorite place to eat.
“oh my god, please.”
he laughed at your reaction, pulling the car from his driveway and starting the route to the small diner. as the building came into view, you wondered why chan even knew about this place. he could afford so many more fancy restaurants.
he held the door open and you stepped into the small place with a smile on your face, you hadn’t been able to come here for a while. 
chris let you choose where to sit before grabbing a menu from the stack on the table and shoving it in your direction.
“get whatever you want, i’m paying.”
you tried to object, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. honestly, you didn’t fight too hard, either. it saved you from the trouble of finding the money to pay for it.
you still didn’t want to make him spend a bunch on you, so you decided to just repeat the name of whatever he ordered to make sure you didn’t get anything too expensive. 
he ended up asking for a classic, just chicken strips and fries. you silently thanked him for ordering your favorite meal, repeating the same thing when the waitress asked what you wanted. 
“would you like any sauce with that?” 
you nodded politely, “barbecue, please.”
chan scrunched his nose and made a sound of disgust across the table, “barbecue is gross.”
you tried to hold down a smile as you glared at him, “says the one who ordered ranch! who the fuck eats ranch with chicken?”
“i do.” the waitress giggled, and you jumped. you’d kinda forgotten she was still there.
“oh, i’m sorry!”
she laughed, “it’s okay. what can i get for drinks?”
“i’ll take a chocolate shake, please.” chan answered first.
“i’ll take a chocolate shake, too.”
you folded the menu in front of you, content with your order.
“aw, come on.” chan made a sound of disapproval, “get a different flavor. if you want some chocolate, you can have some of mine.”
you felt a blush creep onto your cheeks, “um, okay, i’ll take strawberry then.”
the waitress clicked her pen shut with a smile, “i’ll have those out as soon as possible.”
you waited until she was out of earshot before speaking again.
“still think you’re fucking gross for eating chicken with ranch.”
he chuckled, pausing for a moment before responding. 
“do you come here a lot?”
you shrugged, “i used to. i don’t too much now though,” you debated telling him the truth, you couldn’t afford to eat out much, but opted not to. you were still upset with him for his response the last time you mentioned your money issues.
“too busy.”
he nodded in understanding.
“what’s your favorite thing on the menu?”
you let out an unamused laugh, and it sounded a lot more harsh than you’d intended it to.
“why are you asking so many questions?”
he frowned, “just friendly conversation.”
you leaned back in your seat, “we’re not friends.”
you could have swore you saw something like hurt flash across his features before you were interrupted by the waitress setting your milkshakes in front of you. 
you took a sip of your strawberry milkshake and any grumpy feelings you had for chan making you order it went out the window. it had been so long since you’d had a strawberry milkshake, or any kind other than chocolate. you always took the safe bet and got a chocolate shake, knowing you liked them, but you’d forgotten how good strawberry was.
you almost regretted snapping at chan as the two of you sat in uncomfortable silence waiting for the food to arrive. luckily, it didn’t take long, considering it was sort of late in the evening and there weren’t many other customers.
you made a gagging sound as the waitress placed a small container of ranch on chans plate.
the playful interaction seemed to give him the confidence to pick up conversation again.
“i used to come here all the time when i was little. me, hyunjin, felix, and seungmin got ice cream here practically every day in the summer.
you hummed in response, taking a bite of your food. the two of you ate in comfortable silence until both of your meals were complete. you shook your head lightly when chan motioned his chocolate shake to you, silently offering you to have a drink. you finished off your own shake with a sigh, leaning back into your seat.
“ready?” chan asked and you nodded in agreement, lifting yourself from your seat to stand.
you followed chan to the counter where he payed, leaving a generous tip for the kind waitress. 
you watched as he opened the car door for you yet again and made a secret promise to yourself to beat him to it next time.
wait, next time?
you shook the thought from your head as you fastened the seatbelt across yourself. 
you gave chan directions to your house and helped him find each turn along the short drive. it wasn’t far, you really could have walked home.
you couldn’t help but feel slight embarrassment as he pulled into your driveway. his car was probably worth more than your entire house. 
you half expected him to make a rude comment about it, but instead he mentioned the small garden you had planted in the front yard, barely visible in the dark. it was lit up by your porch light.
“what do you plant?”
“huh? oh, flowers mostly. i might plant some tomatoes to throw at you though.”
he laughed as you stepped out of his car. he waited until your front door was shut behind you before pulling out of your driveway and making his way home, where he immediately found his bed.
he frowned when he saw two computers on it, you must have forgotten to put yours in your bag before the two of you left to get food.
he packed both of the devices into his school bag before getting ready for bed and crawling under the covers. 
although he knew you’d only agreed to hang out for the project, he was glad you had. it seemed like he was finally breaking your shell of whatever you seemed to have against him.
Tumblr media
you were digging through your book bag the next morning, muffin in hand, when chan and hyunjin strolled into the classroom, borderline late as always.
your eyes went to chan as he called your name while making his way towards you, lifting a laptop up in the air.
that’s where your laptop had disappeared to.
“you left it at mine last night.”
you thanked him as he set it in front of you, ignoring the whispers that erupted when chan announced that you’d been at his place the night before. 
everyone in this class of all people should know it was just for the project.
he pulled his own out of his bag and typed in the password, getting right to work.
the class was quiet, no conversation between you and chan really happening other than when he cursed you out for throwing your muffin wrapper at him and as everyone was packing their things moments before the bell rang.
“my house again tonight to go over what we researched?”
you sharply inhaled, “i promised jisung and sooyeon i’d go to the basketball game with them.”
he shot you a skeptical look.
“i already told you i watch sports sometimes.”
“i’ve never seen you at a basketball game.”
“were you looking for me?” you teased.
he shook his head, “i’ve never seen you at swim meets either.”
you stood as the bell sounded, “i go to sports games, chan.”
he put his hands up in defense, “i never said you didn’t! just making observations.”
Tumblr media
you hopped back into jisungs car after dropping your bag at your house, scolding sooyeon for stealing the shotgun seat while you were in your house.
the three of you had killed some time driving around in jisungs car and screaming the lyrics to whatever song came on, so the game was due to start in just about 40 minutes. you waited patiently in the like to get tickets, joking around with sooyeon and jisung to pass the time. 
your turn came to purchase tickets.
“$5 a person, please.” the lady handing out tickets smiled sweetly. you assumed she was one of the players mothers.
sooyeon and jisung handed her their money as you checked your pockets for your wallet. where the fuck was it?
“y/n?” jisung questioned.
“i think i left my wallet at my house.” you said.
“i only brought enough for me.” sooyeon chimed in.
“me too.” jisung seconded.
you were getting ready to tell them to enjoy the game without you and tell minho you were sorry you couldn’t make it, that you’d just go home, when someone reached their arm around you, handing a $10 bill to the ticket lady.
“for her and me.”
you knew that voice.
“i don’t want your fucking money, chan.”
he raised an eyebrow, “sweetheart, you’ve been in my house. you know i can spare $5.”
sweetheart? where did that come from?
you huffed, allowing him to lead you out of line to give the people behind you a chance to get their tickets. sooyeon and jisung followed as you stepped into the gym and scanned the bleachers for seats.
“you actually came.” chan started again, “i thought you were just using it as an excuse not to hang out with me.”
“it’s not hanging out, it’s for school.”
“you’re saying you didn’t enjoy the diner yesterday, then?”
you gave him a light shove towards where you noticed hyunjin and felix sat down, “shut up.”
your friends followed you as you made your way up the bleachers and to the highest point, just a few feet from where chan was sat, sitting down in a big opening.
“excuse me,” jisung began, “what diner?”
you shrugged, “we got food after working for a bit, it’s not a big deal.”
“like a date?”
you slapped jisungs arm harder than you probably needed to.
“it was not a date.”
“did he pay?”
he turned to sooyeon, lowering his voice, “it was totally a date.”
you shoved him again, “jisung, it was not a date!”
your eyes glanced towards where chan was sitting, surprised to see him already looking at you with a smile on his face. 
oh my god, he heard them teasing you about him.
your immediate reaction was to flip chan off, which just made him laugh and turn back to his friends.
“you absolute cock,” you lowered your voice at jisung, “he heard you call it a date.”
he shrugged, “yeah, and he smiled about it.”
you ignored him, turning to face the court where the game would be starting soon.
“i’m just saying,” jisung continued, “would it really be that bad if you liked him?”
you didn’t answer him, keeping your eyes trained to the court and pursing your lips together in annoyance.
you didn’t notice that chan had overhead what jisung asked, something in his stomach dropping when he saw your negative reaction to the question.
he returned his focus to his friends, joining in on whatever conversation felix and hyunjin were on about. he tried to focus on them, but he couldn’t keep you off his mind, stealing glances at you every few minutes and hoping that maybe you’d be looking back.
he’d honestly hoped you’d sit with him during the game. there was enough room where he was seated for you and your friends to join, he didn’t get why you had to sit somewhere else. was he really that unbearable?
the game was just a minute away from halftime, the scores tied. you and everyone else in the crowd were on their feet, cheering on their respective teams. 
you weren’t the biggest when it came to school spirit, but you were friends with a couple of the players. lee minho was someone you’d known for a long time, he’s actually the one who introduced you and jisung. you didn’t know whether to slap him or thank him for bringing the boy into your life, but either way, you always loved seeing the smile on his face when his team won.
minho had the ball in his control with the seconds ticking away at the timer. he passed it to someone else on his team, moving a few feet before they passed it right back to him. he was lined up perfectly for a three point shot.
you glanced at the scoreboard. 10 seconds until halftime. 
he lined himself up to shoot and you cheered him on.
“you got it, min!!”
he released the ball from his hands and it went smoothly through the net just as the buzzer sounded, pausing the game with your team 3 points ahead. 
although the gym may have been too loud for minho to have clearly heard what you said, chan heard it loud and clear. 
min? you must be pretty close with him to call him that nickname, right? but chan had never heard you mention being close with lee minho before, so it couldn’t be anything serious. of course, he thought, with a twinge in his heart, you probably wouldn’t tell him if there was anything going on. as you’d made very clear the day before, you were not friends with him. 
he watched as you rose from your seat and called to minho, stopping him from following the rest of his team to the locker room for a break before the second half.
he turned towards your voice, smiling when he noticed it was you. jisung and sooyeon followed you as you made your way across the gym and to him. 
chan couldn’t hear what was being said from the other side of the gym, but he could see the way minho smiled down at you and wrapped you in his arms. he could see how you didn’t even complain about being pulled into the sweaty hug. if chan dared to hug you in that state, you’d probably kill him right then and there. on second thought, if he hugged you at all you would probably snap his neck.
without really thinking, he stood up and told hyunjin and felix he would be back soon. they exchanged a knowing glance as he crossed the gym to you, locking eyes with minho as he called your name.
he noted minhos arm hung loosely around your shoulders. 
“i’m getting concessions. come with?”
minho raised his eyebrows at you, as if to ask “since when were you and chan close?”
“i don’t have money, chan, you know that.” you deadpanned.
“i know.” he rolled his eyes, “i’m buying.”
you were about to tell him to go on his own when minho spoke up, turning his face to you with his arm still around your shoulders. 
“you go ahead, i should probably join my team.” he removed his arm from you, heading the direction of the locker rooms, “talk more after the game?”
“only if you win.” you teased.
“guess i got something to win for then.” he laughed, turning his back to the four of you.
chan unconsciously clenched his jaw at the interaction, motioning for you to follow him.
“you, too.” he pointed to jisung and sooyeon, “i’ll buy.”
jisung, never one to turn down free food, agreed immediately. you sent a glare in his direction, for all of the complaining you did about him, jisung seemed pretty pro-chan.
while waiting in line, jisung decided to start conversation.
“you’re actually kinda chill, y/n always makes you out to be an asshole.”
you hit jisung and chan let out a small laugh, one that could have easily been taken as amused if you didn’t see the hint of sadness lacing it.
“i can seem that way if you don’t know me.” he glanced at you before returning his eyes to jisung, “she’s getting to know me, though, so hopefully that changes.”
jisung nodded, motioning chan forward where it was your turn to order. 
chan politely asked for just a sofa before stepping aside slightly to let you three order.
in natural jisung fashion, he ordered a soda and two pizza slices. sooyeon stuck with just a soda, and you got a soda and a small pack of m&ms. 
chan payed for all of you before stepping out of line and sliding his wallet back into his pocket.
you all thanked him for paying as you headed back to the gym.
when you entered, he made his way back to his spot beside hyunjin, glancing back to see if you would follow. to his slight surprise, you did. you placed yourself on the bench next to him, jisung and sooyeon following suit.
his plan had worked, you had just sat down beside him willingly.
felix greeted you with a small wave, introducing himself to your friends. hyunjin did the same before a sly grin crossed his features as he pat his lap.
“i have a better seat for you, y/n.”
you reached across chan to playfully hit hyunjin, telling him to stop being a pervert, but neither he nor chan missed the blush on your cheeks at the comment.
you chatted a bit as a group before the alarm sounded, indicating that the game would be starting up again. 
chan smiled in amusement at how into the game you got. he’d notice when you were sat a couple seats away from him, but he noticed it even more so now. he really had been wrong about you not caring about sports.
he watched as you clenched your fists every time the ball got stolen from someone on your team and cussed out the opposing teams members when they shoved one of your boys.
he chuckled as the same thing happened but with someone from your team shoving a boy from the opposing one, but you did not have the same sympathy when one of their teammates fell.
“get up, you’re fine!” you called, eyes following the ball.
you cheered whenever anyone from your team had the ball or scored, but you seemed to cheer a little harder every time it was minho in question. it made sense, you were friends, but chan couldn’t shake the frustrated feeling in his stomach every time you called minho's name.
by the time the game only had a few minutes left, the home team, your team, was up by enough points that it would take a real comeback for the other team to win. 
they knew they had the game in the bag, swapping their normal varsity players like minho out with people who didn’t tend to get as much varsity playing time.
chan half expected you to lose interest in the game now that minho wasn’t on the court, but you remained just as invested as before, cheering on the younger players.
unsurprisingly, when the buzzer sounded, you were up by quite a few points. the whole of your schools team jumped up, congratulating each other on their win. 
as everyone in the crowd rose and made their way out of the gym to head home, you stood, but remained in the gym. 
after sitting with chan, felix, and hyunjin for the past half an hour, it didn’t strike you as odd when they stayed behind with you, sooyeon, and jisung as you waited for minho to shower off and meet you.
“y/n, chan,” felix singled you two out, “how’s that debate coming? pretty sure me and seungmin got this one in the bag.”
you stepped up a level on the bleachers to face felix, motioning between you and chan.
“we’re pretty confident.”
chan laughed, “are we?”
you shot him a glare for breaking your ruse, a laugh erupting from his throat. you took a small step to readjust your position, but your foot slipped off of the edge of the bleacher, causing you to lose balance. as you fell backwards, chan reacted quickly, wrapping his arm around your waist and planting his foot on the bleacher you’d slipped on to secure the both of you from falling.
you’d mentally prepared yourself for the impact, letting out a soft sound of surprise when it never came. chan helped you balance again and loosened his grip on you, keeping one hand on your waist as the other flew up to push your hair out of your face.
“you alright?”
you nodded, violently aware of his hands on your body but not really thinking anything of the interaction until you heard felix and jisung let out snickers.
you brushed chans hands off of you, “what?”
“oh, nothing.” jisung said. 
just then, you heard the door to the locker room open and minho stepped out into the gym, changed out of his basketball attire and into some comfy sweatpants and a plain white shirt.
you hopped off the bleachers to go meet him, chan following immediately beside you.
you missed felix and jisungs snickers behind you, “he’s so whipped.”
minho glanced between you and chan again as you approached him. seriously, when did this happen? the last time he’d heard, you had nothing but dislike for him.
he nodded his head to address you, “dinner and ice cream?” he directed the question towards you, jisung, and sooyeon, turning to the others as an afterthought. 
“you guys are welcome too.”
you smiled and accepted his offer, trying not to show that you really wished he hadn’t invited the other three. more specifically, chan. you still did not like him, you told yourself.
the more those words passed through your mind, the less truth you felt behind them and the more it felt like an empty phrase.
“where to?” jisung questioned as you all headed for the door to the parking lot.
“that diner a couple blocks away?” hyunjin suggested.
chan shook his head, “me and y/n just went there yesterday.”
you shrugged, “i’m fine with going again if you are.”
chan shrugged back, “it’s decided, then.”
you rode with sooyeon in jisungs car, you didn’t know exactly how the others pooled other than chan was driving, you recognized his car behind jisungs.
jisung parked the car and you stepped out, waiting for the others to arrive and join you before entering the small place.
when you did, you were greeted by the same woman who had served you and chan the night before. she looked between the two of you.
“back again? weren’t you just here last night on a little date?”
your face flushed red and you glanced at chan, his was bright red as well.
he started to politely deny but you broke in, “that was not a date.
she shrugged with a teasing smile, “you sure acted like it was.”
your mouth fell agape as you let her lead you to a table big enough to fit all of you, “no one tip her.” you joked, eliciting another laugh from her.
chan was surprised you’d been so calm about denying it, honestly. he’d expected a huge show, you making a point to make sure everyone in the restaurant knew you were not dating him. 
he sat down and you,once again to his surprise, slipped in right beside him.
he frowned, it was like you said one thing but acted out another. you always made a point verbally to tell him and everyone else around you weren’t close but then you did things like that, deliberately choosing to sit next to him when you could have easily waited and positioned yourself between sooyeon and jisung or minho.
minho slid in next to you, jisung and sooyeon after him. felix and hyunjin sat on the other end of chan.
you opened your menu even though you were probably going to order the same thing you always did and a red flag shot off in your mind as your eyes locked with the prices. you’d forgotten you didn’t bring your wallet. you looked at your two friends, either they hadn’t realized their issue yet or just assumed someone else would pay for them.
you folded the menu back up and set it in front of you.
chan raised his eyebrows, “already decided?”
you nodded before softly speaking, “i’m not hungry.”
he frowned, “wanna just get a milkshake or something?”
you shook your head, playing with your hands in your lap.
he nudged you with his shoulder, “hey, my treat. get whatever you want.”
you looked at him with wide eyes, “you’ve already spent so much on me today.”
he waved you off, “$10 is not a lot, sweetheart. plus, i remembered you didn’t have your wallet when i agreed to come. i intended on paying for you anyway.”
you nodded, face flushing at his comment.
you’d be blushing if anyone called you by that nickname, you told yourself.
you made no move to grab the menu again, you would just opt for your usual. 
the waitress arrived and took everyone’s order one by one. you decided to get another strawberry shake. after having the one yesterday, you remembered how good they were. 
a few minutes later everyone’s drinks arrived, the waitress stating that the food would be done shortly. you took a sip from your milkshake before glancing over at chan. 
“does the offer still stand from yesterday?”
he frowned and you gestured to the milkshake, indicating you wanted a sip.
he nodded, pushing it in your direction. you took a drink of the chocolate milkshake and then frowned a little, taking a sip of your strawberry one before tasting the chocolate again.
chan laughed, “what are you doing?”
“deciding which one i like more.”
he chuckled, reaching for your shake and doing the same.
“i think they’re pretty equal. both good in different ways.”
you agreed, saying they both had their own charms.
the waitress finally brought the food out and you had to bite back a remark as she set the ranch down on chans plate again. he noticed the look on your face as you eyed the sauce.
“are you going to fight me about my ranch again?”
you were going to reply, but minho cut in.
“i’m sorry y/n, do you have a problem with ranch?”
you looked between the two, “yes, actually, i do. who the hell eats it with chicken?”
the rest of the table caught wind of the conversation and joined in.
felix pointed at your plate, “barbecue all the way.”
jisung and hyunjin agreed, sooyeon stating that she liked both.
“okay,” jisung prompted, “but which ones better?”
“i swear to god if you say ranch we’re replacing you with felix.”
hyunjin pouted in faux hurt, “why not me?”
you shrugged, “or maybe hyunjin, i don’t know yet. we’ll hold a challenge to decide.”
she laughed, “not necessary, i’ll keep my spot. i gotta say barbecue over ranch.”
minho and chan groaned, they were heavily outnumbered. 
“her opinion doesn’t count,” chan grumbled, “she’s not even eating chicken right now.”
you laughed and for a moment chan thought he was in a dream. the way your lips curled into a smile and your eyes shined while you laughed made his stomach do flips, the fact that he was the one causing your laughter just making it all the much better.
the meal was pleasant, fun and casual conversation flowing between everyone as you ate. the time to pay came and the waitress approached the table again, gathering the empty plates and glasses.
“how should i split the bill?”
chan spoke up first, gesturing between you and him.
“we’re together.”
felix scanned the table, “anyone need someone to cover them?”
both jisung and sooyeon timidly raised their hands, felix telling the waitress to but then on his tab. hyunjin and minho both payed their own.
as you all got out of your seats and headed for the door, jisung spoke to you.
“y/n, we should hang out with your rich friends more.”
chan heard the words leave jisungs mouth and prepared himself for your reply, but you didn’t say anything along the lines of what he’d expected. you would have. in fact, the words were just at the tip of your tongue.
“they’re not my friends, jisung.”
but as they almost left your lips, they didn’t taste right. 
instead, you gave a small laugh, “or you could get a job and use your own money.”
“nah,” he waved a hand in dismissal, “who would drive you around then?”
you waved everyone goodbye as you hopped into the back of jisungs car, letting sooyeon take the front seat because you knew you’d be getting dropped off first anyway. 
Tumblr media
a week went by and it was finally time for the debates to start. each debate would take an entire class period, so you and chan didn’t have to go until the thursday of the week. you ate your muffin as quickly as you could, silently pouting to yourself that you would have to throw your own wrapper away today without even having thrown it as chan. what a waste.
you’d dressed up a little bit more than normal being that you knew it impacted your grade. you stood at the front of the room with felix and seungmin waiting for chan to arrive so you could begin. 
he and hyunjin entered the room seconds before the bell rang, chan not even bothering to go to his seat to put his bag down, just laying it near the door.
you let out a small laugh at the way you, seungmin, and felix were dressed so much nicer than normal, but chan looked just as he did every day.
“you look nice.” was the first thing chan said to you.
you thanked him just as the teacher introduced who would be debating and where each team stood on the topic.
you and chan were set to give the first opening statement, which you’d both agreed you would say. but as the teacher gave the good to go, you found the words stuck in your throat.
chan noticed your nervousness, gently placing a hand on the small of your back and rubbing soothing circles with his finger.
if you’d been told a few weeks ago that chans hand on you like that would calm your nerves, you would have punched whoever said it in the face.
but now, as you focused on the way his hand felt against your back through the thin fabric of your outfit, you felt the anxiety lessen slightly. it was still there obviously, but you were able to get the words past your lips with a tone that made it sound like you were confident. 
chans hand remained on your back until the opposite team's opening statement was completed and it was his turn to speak, getting into your first argument. 
he’d taken a chance by touching you, but now he was glad he had. regardless of what you said, the way you reacted to his touch proved to him that you didn’t hate him. at least not as much as you claimed to.
the debate was rounded off and there were still a few minutes left of class. there would be no actual decided winner, just a grade to mark how well your teacher deemed your performance. 
still, that didn’t stop you from arguing with felix that you’d obviously beat him and seungmin.
“we demolished you, lix.”
“you so did not,” he laughed back, “we actually had to go easy on your guys because we felt bad.”
the four of you argued playfully until the bell rang, releasing you to your next class. chan stopped you just outside the door.
“hey, y/n?”
you turned to him, humming to acknowledge you’d heard him.
“i’ve got a meet tonight, do you wanna come?”
you were taken aback by the question.
“oh, um, where is it?”
“it’s home,” he replied, “just a couple hours after school gets over, so you could probably just wait here if you wanted, we’re not really going to be practicing anyway.”
“i’d have to see if jisung can give me a ride to my house so i can pick up my wallet...”
“no need!” he said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a small card, “use this.”
you frowned slightly at the piece of plastic, it was his fan pass, a free ticket for one person of each swim team members choice to get into every meet for free. each person only got one a season for the sake of still gaining profit, and chan was giving his to you?
you hesitantly took it from his hand, sliding it into your own pocket.
“are you sure?”
“yeah!” he beamed, “you’re the only one i could really think of who i’d want to have it.”
you felt your heart swell at his words, watching as he turned from you and headed to his next class. 
you couldn’t fight the stupid grin from climbing onto your face and the giddy feeling in your stomach. chan wanted you at his games, more than anyone else. enough to give you his fan pass to make it easier for you to afford to come.
your heart did a summersault before dropping in realization.
you had been so focused on making sure you didn’t have any platonic feelings for him that you’d completely ignored the possibility of a different kind of feeling.
you had fallen for bang chan.
Tumblr media
you didn’t mention your realization to anyone, not even jisung or sooyeon. the only mention of going to the swim meet was when you asked them if they wanted to go with you. sooyeon had to go to work, but jisung said he’d try to make it, letting you know minho would be there even if he himself couldn’t go.
they all went home to drop their stuff off before the meet, but you denied jisungs offer to give you a ride home. instead, you headed to where you the boys would be, as chan put it, not really practicing.
you entered the pool room and saw that he was not joking around, they really weren’t practicing. they weren’t even in swim gear, all just sitting in a circle on the concrete next to the pool and chatting. you noticed a pile of backpacks near the door and you added yours to it before stepping in further. 
you weren’t sure whether to approach them or not, they didn’t seem to be doing anything serious, would it be okay for you to join them?
as if reading your mind, chan called you over to sit beside him, sliding closer to one of his teammates you didn’t know the name of to make room for you.
“who’s this?” one of his teammates asked with a curious smile.
“his girlfriend.” hyunjin piped up, earning a chorus of cheers from the rest of the teams. your face flushed red and chan waved his arms to calm everyone down, “y/n is not my girlfriend.”
you swallowed thickly, just a week ago you would have jumped to agree with those words, but now they made your stomach hurt. when did this change even happen? you couldn’t pinpoint it.
he noticed your discomfort, placing a hand on your knee to calm you down, hoping you would have the same positive reaction to his touch that you had that morning.
noticing the action, one of his teammates spoke up.
“not your girlfriend my ass.”
instead of responding to his teammate, chan directed his attention towards you.
“the meet starts in about two hours. i’ve gotta go in one to get ready, do you have someone to wait with you so you’re not alone?
you nodded, “i know minho is for sure coming, jisung might too.”
he wasn’t particularly fond of the idea of minho coming, but at least he knew you wouldn’t be sitting alone.
you thought it would be awkward sitting with chans swim team for an hour, especially considering how much they’d already teased you, but it was actually pleasant.
the group of you talked about random stuff, laughing and joking around. you’d even learned some of their names. jeongin and changbin were the two you spoke to most, aside from chan and hyunjin.
the time came when they had to go prepare for the meet and get changed and you waved them all goodbye, pulling out your phone to text minho and ask if he’d gotten to the school yet. 
he responded almost immediately that he had just parked and would be in in a few minutes. you walked out to greet him by the ticket booth where there was already a line forming.
you slipped into line beside him and started casual conversation. 
“do you come to sports stuff alone a lot?” you asked, referring to the fact that if you hadn’t been asked to come he would have been sitting alone.
he shrugged, “i guess. you don’t need someone with you to enjoy a sport.” he send a wink your way as he lightly pushed you with his shoulder, “everything is more fun with you, though.”
you laughed, stepping ahead to show the woman taking money the pass chan had given you. before you could get it out of your pocket, minho was thrusting a $10 bill to the ticket taker.
you stopped him, pulling the card from your pocket and showing it to both him and the ticket taker.
“i’ve got this, you don’t need to pay for me.”
he furrowed his brows in confusion, “chan gave you his fan pass?”
you nodded, a blush forming on your cheeks.
he nodded, swapping the $10 for a $5 bill to avoid getting unnecessary change.
you walked into the room and caught sight of your backpack. it was alone on the floor now, all of the boys had taken theirs with them when they went to get changed. you moved to pick it up, pausing when you noticed a sticky note on top of it.
paper clipped under the note was a small amount of cash, and scribbled across the piece of paper was a small note. you knew the handwriting right away, you’d been forced into too many ethics projects with chan not to recognize his handwriting by now.
“forgot to give you this! for if you get hungry :)”
you didn’t notice the smile on your face until minho commented on it.
“what, he’s your sugar daddy now?”
you shoved him lightly, laughing at his joke.
you swung the bag over your shoulder and pocketed the money along with the note (it was cute, you wanted to keep it).
being there so early, it was quite easy to find a good spot. chan had told you which lanes and pools he’d be racing in so you knew where to sit to be able to see him, too.
deciding to finally ask what changed between you two, minho spoke up.
“didn’t you hate him like less than a month ago? and now you have his fan pass?”
you shrugged, “he got less annoying. started acting like a normal person instead of an asshole.”
minho frowned, “he seems the same to me.”
you shrugged, “he probably acts different around different people.”
“so,” he continued, “are you two like...”
you shook your head as your face flushed pink.
“no, no. he just didn’t have anyone else to give the pass to.”
minho raised his eyebrows but hummed and accepted your answer anyway.
you hadn’t noticed time ticking by and the area growing more crowded as you talked until a man stood on a high platform near the center pool with a microphone in his hand began to speak, welcoming everyone to the meet.
the races began and chan wasn’t in any of the starting line ups, but hyunjin was. being the only other person you really knew, you focused on him. 
watching swim was different than watching a lot of other sports, but you enjoyed it anyway. there was no fighting for a ball or scoring goals, no ball to follow, but it was just as entertaining to watch the way the water worked with every swimmer.
you were still amazed with hyunjin’s movements. you weren’t surprised in the slightest when his race ended with him being the first to complete the set. 
as much as you found hyunjin interesting to watch, you couldn’t help but be happy as the first round ended and the second began, the first chan would be competing in.
you watched as he stepped out to the edge of the pool, scanning the crowd for you. he smiled and sent a small wave in your direction before getting into position to dive.
you ended up not using any of the money chan had given you for drinks and snacks, not even when minho got up to go get some food of his own. you stayed planted in your seat the whole time matches were occurring, always either trained on hyunjin or chan. there were the occasional time that neither of them were racing in any of the pools, but it wasn’t often and rounds were never long enough for you to leave without missing anything.
at the end of the night, the added up scores were close, but chan’s team had won. you weren’t as caught up on the scoring system of swimming as you were of other sports, but you didn’t need to know. the announcer let out the final scores of each team, your schools team coming out on top.
people stood and began to leave as the swimmers began towards the locker rooms and the team managers started cleaning up the pool area and covering the pools again.
chan waited for you before leaving to change, allowing you to congratulate him on the win.
minho said a quick goodbye, stating he had to get home and do some work before it got too late, leaving you and chan alone.
before really realizing what you were doing, you wrapped your arms around chan and held him in a tight hug. he faltered for a moment before wrapping his arms securely around you, holding you close to him. you moved to pull away, but he kept you locked in his arms.
“chan, let me go! you’re still soaked!”
“you hugged me first, you asked for this!”
your hands found his chest as you planted your palms there and pushed him away from you, suddenly very aware of the way his bare chest felt under your hands.
you retracted your hands from his body, wiping them on your pants to dry them off.
ignoring your thudding heart, you spoke.
“now i smell like chlorine.”
a sly smile spread across his face, “no, now you smell like me.”
you blushed and he took a step closer to you, closing the distance between the two of you and holding your elbows as he kept you close to him.
“thank you for coming.”
you smiled up at him and teased, “i only came because you asked me to. i really hated it.”
he gasped in faux hurt, “you mean to say you didn’t enjoy watching me shirtless for three hours?”
you shook your head, “hyunjin looked pretty good though.”
he chuckled and you felt his grip on your arms loosen as he moved one of his hands to your face, cupping your cheek. 
the next thing you knew his lips were on yours and for some reason, that didn’t upset you in the slightest. you kissed him back, his lips were so soft for someone who spent half of their time in chlorine soaked water.
he pulled away and scanned your face for any sign of discomfort, a big smile covering his face when he found none.
“i’m not going to lie,” he chuckled, “i kind of thought you’d punch me when i did that.”
you laughed, raising your eyebrows, “i still have time to.”
he removed his hands from you and held them up in defense, taking a step back from you. you laughed even more at his reaction, surprising the both of you and closing the gap, hands going to his neck as you pulled him down into another kiss. 
the moment was cut short as the locker room flew open and hyunjin stepped out, pausing in the door when he saw the scene taking place in front of him.
a smile crept onto his features and he spoke with a teasing tone, “i thought she wasn’t your girlfriend.”
you both laughed softly before chan responded, “she wasn’t.”
“is she now?” hyunjin prompted.
chan looked at you with his brows raised as if to ask “i don’t know, are you?”
ignoring the furious blush across your cheeks, you replied, “i mean, yeah.”
hyunjin clapped just hands loudly, “fucking finally.”
“language, hwang!” the coach called from across the large room.
“my bad,” he yelled back before directing his words towards chan, “you should get changed.”
chan nodded, sending one last smile in your direction before walking into the locker room and leaving you and hyunjin.
“when you realize i’m way hotter than chan, give me a call.” he sent a teasing wink in your direction and you laughed as he left the room, leaving you alone. 
you waited patiently for chan to come back from the locker room, scrolling through your phone. you debated texting your friends the new update, but you figured you’d just tell them the next day. 
despite being the last to go into the locker room, chan was not the last out. he came back to you just a few minutes after leaving.
he held his keys up, signaling it was time to go. you followed him to his car, letting him pull open the door for you. you slipped in as quickly as possible, slamming the door shut behind you and pressing the button to lock the doors. 
chan sent a small glare in your direction, but you could see the smile threatening to poke through.
he held up his key fob, clicking his own button to unlock the doors. he made a move to open the drivers side door and pulled on the handle just as you clicked the lock again. you repeated this a few times before letting out a loud laugh and finally allowing him to get into his car, tossing his things into the back seat.
“we’ve literally been dating for less than an hour and you’re already terrorizing me.” he grumbled.
he paused for a moment before continuing, “straight home or are you hungry?”
you shrugged, “whatever you want.”
he nodded, pulling the car out of the parking spot, “food it is.”
he didn’t bother to ask what restaurant you wanted, heading to the same little diner a few blocks away he’d taken you to before.
you laughed as you entered the diner to see the same waitress that had served you the last two times you were there.
“do you ever go home?”
she laughed, “do you two ever eat anywhere other than here?”
you chose your spot before ordering almost immediately, you’d learned that chan also tended to stick with the same choice every time.
“hey,” chan called to the waitress before she could walk away, “guess what?”
“what, dear?”
chan reached across the table and grabbed your hand, “it’s an official date this time.”
she broke into a big smile, “i knew it was only a matter of time.”
Tumblr media
you sat down at your spot the next morning with a pout on your face. for the first time in about a month, there was no muffin on your spot. 
it wasn’t like whoever put them there was obligated to give you one every morning, but you’d gotten so used to it.
you looked ahead at who would be debating today, you couldn’t recall any of their names. 
chan walked through the door earlier than normal due to the fact that there hadn’t been practice that morning because of the meet the night before. you smiled at him as he approached your table, but the smile dropped into a look of confusion as he placed a muffin ahead of you before slipping behind you.
he sat down, “morning, baby.”
when you didn’t respond, a concerned look crossed his features.
“what’s wrong?”
you held up the muffin, “you’ve been giving me these?”
he shrugged, “yeah. i remembered you saying you didn’t always get breakfast.”
as he smiled at you something clicked in your brain.
minhos words from the night before repeated themselves in your head.
“he seems the same to me.”
that’s because he was the same. that was it, he hadn’t changed. he never stopped being an asshole, he just never was one in the first place. he wasn’t ever a prick, you just had your heart set so strongly on hating him that you saw everything he did in the worst way possible. the things he used to do that annoyed you were now things you grew fond of. the way he bumped your chair sometimes in the morning used to make you livid, but now it brought a smile to your face. you used to want to rip his head off when he hummed while working, but you adored the sound now, even going so far as to not put in headphones so you could hear him. he was the same boy he’d always been.
he didn’t change, the way you saw him did. 
Tumblr media
but just as quickly as these became things you loved about him, they fell right back into being annoying habits.
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huenjin · 9 months ago
the study of relationships.
Tumblr media
summary — college team's volleyball captain and your roommate-cum-best friend, hwang hyunjin argues with you over guys being better than girls in relationships to help you out of one. or in which hyunjin is in love with you for years now and he finally decides that maybe he doesn't want that best friend tag anymore.
Tumblr media
pairing — hwang hyunjin x reader, ft. minho
genre — fluff, angst | volleyball!au, f2l!au, roommates!au
rating — nc-17
word count — 15k words
note — kinda excited to post this very long plotted fic on here because first long fic for skz !!! this fic is brought to you by hq, hyunjin's long blond hair and b me mv that we never got. please please do send me constructive criticism so that i can improve on my writing for this community. happy reading!
Tumblr media
"Whoa, whoa, whoa."
Your best friend, Hwang Hyunjin yells at the top of his voice, pitch lower in precision as you open the door and slam it shut forcefully, the sound loud enough to bounce to him clearly. Your feet storm hard against the wooden flooring of your apartment, sound bouncing off from that again and Hyunjin pauses his video game to look at you.
It's a familiar sight. Hyunjin sighs.
"Hey," he tries catching your attention but he fails. You storm into your room, hair flailing behind you in your anger, eyes blurry with the angst you feel that wraps slowly around your heart. You walk into the room and slam the door shut, so loud that a chip of wood breaks from the top of the door and falls down.
"Jesus Christ! Y/N—" Hyunjin yells to no one in particular. However, he drops his controller to the side of the couch and jumps to his feet only after pausing his game. He takes big strides to your room and in high contrast to his rash movements, his knocking on your door is very gentle.
"Can I come in?" He asks, scratching the door absentmindedly. He presses his ear and head against the door to hear a response but all he hears are your soft cries and it makes him sad.
"Go away, Hyunjin!"
"Y/N, let me in," he stresses, his leg kicking the air slightly, dangling before that. "I—"
"You're going to make fun of me."
"Will not." Hyunjin knows where this stems from and he won't deny. However, at this minute, he just wants to be there for you. Teasing could wait for an hour or so after you've calmed down. "So please?"
You hum and Hyunjin waits for a sign of protest. When he hears none, he takes it as an approval to open the door and the sight before him hurts him ever so slightly.
You are wrapped in a cocoon of your white blanket and your head is buried in the sheets outside, not ready to look up at your best friend. He frowns as he walks towards you, letting himself to sit by your side. He stretches his arm out and stops when you declare,
"I'm a world class dumpee."
"You are," he shrugs, voice tainted with a slight tease and you look up at him, glaring with your red, puffy eyes. You try shoving him but the cocoon you are wrapped in slightly falls forward too in impact. Hyunjin laughs and stretches both his arms forward to prevent you from falling forwards.
You pout, mumbling with a voice that is strained and is your proof of the urge to cry, "You promised you wouldn't."
"I'm your best friend," he shrugs and pushes your body wrapped in the thick blankets backwards, your head hitting against the pillow. A soft whine leaves your lips, followed by an oomph. "You knew I was going to tease you at the very first opportunity."
And then Hyunjin pounces on you, tickling your sides over the covers and your tickle sensitive being rushes in sensation as you laugh your heart out, chest heavy and mind focussing only on your best friend that you forget about the boy who broke up with you an hour back.
"Stop," you laugh. "Hyunjin," you whine. "Stop, you idiot," you laugh again. "I'm going to kill you—"
Hyunjin's laughter fills the air along with yours. In your perspective through your watery eyes, you see a boy with no worries and all smiles and you want to be like that. You desperately want to be like that. You push your wrapped body upwards to shove Hyunjin to the side and it works. He laughs, slowly receding with yours and he lets out a loud relieved sigh as he looks at your face with less creases and tears that now fall due to laughter.
"Hey," Hyunjin says and you turn your head to face him. His face is rigid, the childish gleam that he had just a while back long gone.
He sits up, running a hand through his hair and folding his arms soon after. "The guy was a jerk," he tells, helping you up. His hand finds the end of the blanket and unwraps it slowly from your being. "He was a mighty jerk, okay?"
"He is your teammate, Lee Minho," you stare, dead into his eyes and he shrugs.
"I know," he sighs before shrugging, giving you a nonchalant look. "What was it this time? Let me guess, he broke up with you for no reason again."
You hit the blankets that cover your thigh hard and send imaginary daggers in Hyunjin's way, "Yeah! I just don't understand why he'd break up with me."
"Uh, possibly because—"
"Is it because I'm on like close friend terms with everyone in the college volleyball team? I mean, Lee Minho always said dating—"
"Dating you would be hard, Y/N," Hyunjin continues, mocking your ex-boyfriend's voice. "You hang out with so many guys and all your best friends are dudes that it makes me jealous," Hyunjin pauses, placing his hands flat on the bed from behind as he leans back. "Ah, Lee Minho, that bastard. He always did say that to you."
You look down, fidgeting with your fingers and you roar out in anger. Hyunjin looks at you amused until you say, "Why can't guys be more like girls?"
"Excuse me?"
Hyunjin's eyebrow is raised and he laughs mockingly. He lifts his arms from behind, stretches his back before sitting up straight. He kicks his legs and raises it upwards to sit cross legged, looking straight at you and laughs again. "You are totally kidding me, right?"
"No, I'm not, Hyunjin," your eyebrows furrow. "The reason behind most, if not all, break-ups is the guy."
Hyunjin agrees with you deep down. Okay, maybe not completely but at least a ninety percent and that's a good one. However, he knows how competitive you are and if there's something that can get your head out of this post break up blues, it's this.
A competition. And so just to entice you a little, he sneers, "If anything, girls should be more like guys."
"Bitch, no," you laugh, head falling back at the sheer stupidity that rolls out from your best friend's mouth. "Men are so conceited that they had to make a whole word for treating women equal."
"Not all men simp. Plus, it's an AAVE and that people should not use it. In my defense, I've treated you like a guy my whole life," he shrugs. Lies. Lies. Lies he spews out endlessly because at one point, without him even knowing, things did change and he's seen you as a woman; as a woman he now has feelings for.
Hyunjin, to prove his point, hits you on his back like you've seen him do with all his teammates and your torso bends forward from your hips on impact. "See!" He stretches his arms, tattoos on display in the loose half sleeved black top he wears and you wince, stretching your hand back to rub only for Hyunjin to stop laughing quickly and rub your back, mumbling, "Sorry."
"Hyunjin," you shrug, mumbling, trying to guide your best friend. "Don't ever use the not all men tag, please."
He slaps a hand over his mouth, realising his error, again apologising and you stretch your hand forward quickly to protest, "No, no," you tell, "You don't have to apologise. I just hope you know how it sounds."
"I do," he falls back, lying down against your mattress. "I do and I hate that I accidentally said it."
You follow suit, and fall on the bed, hair splaying around, some falling on Hyunjin's face. He groans, moving the hair away and whining, "It got into my mouth, ew." You laugh.
Hyunjin speaks out, staring at the ceiling, "Whose fault is it that a relationship goes astray?"
"Still going to say the men," you look at the same spot he stares at. "They're—"
"It's a war."
"See!" You exclaim. "This is the issue with men. They cut us off all the time."
Hyunjin laughs, hand stretching out to hold your wrist to soothe you down and mumbling another apology, he continues, "This is a battle, Y/N; a battle that's aged long and has never come to a conclusion. The battle—"
"Get to the point."
"Look who cut me off now."
"Anyhow," he continues. "The battle between men and women."
"You definitely sounded like a prepubescent boy there," you look at Hyunjin. His skin is so clear, you notice, making a mental note to steal his skin care products later. He turns a second later to face you and he nods, "Don't care. Definitely going to win this."
"You wish," you let out a condescending laugh. "I'm going to beat your ass, Hyunjin."
"Kinky," he smiles that stupid, toothy grin of his, "I likey."
"You gross pubescent boy," you shove at his arms only for him to quickly hold your hand, interlocking his fingers with yours in the midst of the squabble. You let him, still laughing lightly, lungs light and mind free from all the sad thoughts.
"I see that I've got an upgrade."
"You did."
You're about to thank Hyunjin for this small gesture that probably seems to be nothing when his phone rings from the other room. The scary unexpected track to Tokyo Ghoul's opening – Unravel – that you can't help but accept that you've grown to like, plays.
He lets go of your hand and jolts upwards, jumping off the bed. A small whine leaves your lips unexpectedly and Hyunjin smiles at that. He pulls up the blankets over your body that he shifted, mumbling, "You should sleep early. You had a tough day."
"No," you whine yet again, "Let's talk more—" His phone rings louder, the scream part of the ringtone jolting you up and your hand falls on your chest in shock. "Hate when your phone does."
"And yet you sing along to it," he sings, humming the tune.
"Pfft," you scoff, holding onto the blanket, scrunching it in your grip. "Go. It's probably about the practise match against Yonsei University."
He hums in agreement, folding the blanket again carefully, right below your neck, his cold hands brushing against your clavicle and the temperature difference runs a shiver down your spine.
Hyunjin switches off the light as he walks out, gently closing the door shut and you watch your best friend throwing a small smile at you before leaving. Did you really deserve all this care? Perhaps not.
Hyunjin, on the other hand, dashes out to get the phone before the caller cuts the call in frustration. He's definitely not spending the money to call back whoever it is. That shit is expensive. He jumps a couple of steps and grabs his phone, accepting the call before looking at the name of the caller.
"Hyunjin…" It's Lee Minho. "Can you come over?"
Tumblr media
"I really want to throw a punch at you, you bastard."
And Hyunjin does. Virtually, of course. Over the game they are playing. He couldn't afford to injure a fellow teammate when the preliminaries are right around the corner.
"Bro," Minho sighs. "Can you go easy on me?"
His game character hits Minho's again, the energy bar of the other drastically going down on the screen. Hyunjin can't stop. The frustration that he has pent up over the last hour after seeing you cry and crumble over being dumped by his other friend drives him to the edge and he delivers another punch. Minho's character dramatically collapses as soon as the energy bar is empty and he drops the console by his side, pressing his back against the sofa, arms wrapped against his chest, pouting.
"Go on," Hyunjin glares at him. "You better have a good explanation."
Minho runs a hand through his hair and sitting up straight, turning his torso to face Hyunjin, he tells, "I don't."
"You're lucky that we have a match soon, else you'd be six feet underground," Hyunjin sighs, throwing his hands over his head and folding it behind. "I can't believe you did that to Y/N."
"I fell out of love with her," Minho says. He doesn't dare to look at Hyunjin because he fears if the glares would actually result in him six feet underground. "Can't that be the only reason?"
Hyunjin chuckles, moreso at himself than at his friend, mumbling under his breath so low that Minho thinks it's just him humming, "Is it possible to fall out of love with her?"
He wishes Lee Minho could tell him how.
Hyunjin stands up, patting his denim jeans and looking at Minho, he warns, eyebrows furrowing, "I'll help her out with this. Just don't be a jerk and start dating in like two days."
"I—" Hyunjin glares at him. "Fine."
"Practice at seven," he adds and grabs the key of his motorcycle from the table before him. "Don't be late and act normal around Y/N."
"Fine, sir," Minho rolls his eyes. He won't admit it ever but the man warning him could be the reason for his breakup. That and his insecurity and fear of you cheating on him. But it's mostly Hwang Hyunjin. He knows how he feels even if you didn't.
Hyunjin walks out of Minho's house, closing the door on his way out and getting on his motorcycle, he rides back home to you. Just as he had promised you.
He opens the door to your room as soon as he enters his house, removing his shoes and placing it to the side, only to find his ears listening to the soft snores that let free from your lips. Carefully he walks towards you, his thumb and forefinger holding your chin lightly and tilting your head upwards to help you breathe properly.
He pauses for a minute just to watch you. Your eyebrows that you dislike so much just because according to you, it's not thick enough. He loves it however, even though you would never listen to him. Your eyelashes cast a gentle shadow on your high cheekbones and he gasps because you're so beautiful. You're so near to him and yet so far.
He bends forward, pushes your fringes to the side and places a soft kiss against your forehead, mumbling the words he wishes he could tell you straight up. Even if he did, you'd probably laugh and scoff at him.
"Beautiful girl," his lips graze the skin by your forehead, "You are a fighter. You have always been a fighter. You are stronger than you think. You are braver than you believe. Every challenge that life has thrown at you, you've conquered every obstacle that has been placed in front of you. You've overcome every single one of them. You are unstoppable and unbreakable and right now, you are filled with more faith than you have ever been."
Hyunjin pulls away, softly caressing the hair by the side of your face, "So please believe in yourself. You're worth so much love. So much of it, Y/N."
Tumblr media
"The jerseys came!"
Bang Chan screams, a huge grin on his face as he opens the door for you. He runs to Felix and holds onto his shoulders before jumping up and down in joy. He is so delighted. "It looks so good, dude."
Hyunjin smiles, running towards you and helping you with the cardboard box. "It's alright," you mumble. "I'm the manager. It's my job."
"Pfft," he scoffs. "And I'm your best friend. It's my job." He picks the huge box that covers your entire upper half, easily and places it down before the coach and the team.
Jisung rushes to your side, nudging you with his elbow, "We've got a pretty good manager." He bends down and rips open the box, taking his jersey in his hand, "Number 13, bitches. Nothing shows what an amazing libero I am like the number most feared." You laugh.
"Number 10 isn't that bad, I guess." You hear Minho's voice break through the cluster of voices and your movements still. You turn your head to look at the brown haired boy who towers over you, wearing a smile so pretty that your heart still skips a beat.
"Hey, Y/N," he smiles. "Thanks for bringing this over."
"Uh," you fidget with your fingers, averting your gaze everywhere else besides at Minho. "I guess. It's my job, yeah."
Hyunjin notices. He always does. The boy runs towards you with his jersey. Number 1 printed in big behind. The setter brings the jersey so close to your face that it's buried in the fresh opened shirt. "Number 1, of course," he laughs, scrunching the shirt in his hand as he raises both his arms above.
"Oh, shut up, Jinnie," you laugh.
"Yeah, shut up, Jinnie," Jisung echoes. The middle blocker, though not the tallest in stature, is excellent at his position and has the biggest love-hate relationship with your best friend. He folds his arms and mocks Hyunjin.
Hyunjin places his right hand down on Jisung's head, ruffling his hair after pressing down on it. He scolds the older boy, "Don't call me Jinnie. Y/N's the only one who gets to call me that."
"Stop gathering around people," The captain claps his hands together to gather all of your attention. You quickly rush to his side and he smiles at you warmly, before looking at his team and glaring at each of them as they gather around him. "Yonsei University was kind enough to arrange a practice match with us thanks to—"
"Y/N," Jisung shouts, pivoting his arms by their sockets before lifting them both high above his head, cheering for you.
"Don't cut me off, Han," the coach shoots daggers at him, frowning visibly at the disobedience. "One more time and you're running around the gymnasium twenty times."
Jisung groans, only after winking at you. You chuckle under your breath, covering your face with the notepad in your hand. Hyunjin rolls his eyes, nudging Jisung to 'keep it in his pants' in the scariest voice ever. You could feel the dark clouds around Hyunjin, the aura darkening for a split minute before he breaks out into a huge smile as he looks at you.
The coach instructs out commands; strategies to help the team win against Yonsei. Moves that he's studied after watching their matches. You know this because you watched Hyunjin do the same at home. He does it at odd timings though.
You would wake up at three in the morning to grab a glass of water and you'd find your best friend squatting in front of the television as he watches every single one of Yonsei's matches. He wouldn't listen to you telling him to go to sleep because, "Being the captain is hard, Y/N. The whole team's banking on me to set the ball perfectly at the right time. I can't..."
And you understand. You understand the worries that go around in his head, the anxiety of being the best because he's no genius. He got to the top, made a name for him all thanks to his hard work and if he needs to keep it — he won't have it any other way — he swears to god that he would practise and study till he drops dead. Hwang Hyunjin loves volleyball that much.
So, you do what any friend would do.
You would make two cups of coffee, one for him and one for yourself. You sit next to him and watch the match with him. Your head lays back against the soft material of the sofa, just watching Hyunjin's eyes fixed on the screen, studying each movement of every player, gasping occasionally at how the setter of Yonsei's team leans his head back to decoy the opposite team only to dump the ball.
You don't remember much from that night because you fall asleep way too quick in the silence and in the presence of a focussed Hyunjin, your cup of coffee half empty. You don't remember anything from that night besides the fact that you woke up in your bed the next morning, or more like, Hyunjin waking you up the next morning because you overslept. Either ways, you were back in your bed and for that, you were grateful.
And as soon as the coach is done with the instructions, the team members scramble before splitting themselves into two groups, first to do serves and then perfect shots and finally, have a practice match.
You sit next to the coach, watching each and every member. That's what the previous manager told you to do. To observe. That's what the manager must do. To observe so well that you know each member well enough to know how their mind works, how their personalities are and who they truly want to be.
This is exactly why you can't seem to ever hate Lee Minho. Because you've seen him on the court, at his very best.
He's the best darn middle blocker you've ever seen. He doesn't tower that much over people with his height but when he jumps, lifting off his feet, he is as good as a wall cemented and strong before the opponent. He has only got better with every practice match and you realise that he wants to be better. And that's how he truly is. The constant urge to do better than the person he was before and perhaps, to Minho, you are someone he wants to leave behind in the past.
There's no one to blame here and you realise that it's a lot better if you accept the truth before it hurts you more than it should.
But then, in a second, Hyunjin takes your attention away whole heartedly. The boy arches his body so beautifully as he sets the ball for Jisung who slams the ball over the net with such force that leaves you gaping, notebook slamming your thigh. The coach stands up, his heels slamming the ground first before his toes do and he is as stunned as you are, eyes wide.
Funnily, Jisung's surprised too.
"We did it!" He says slowly, his words gradually making sense to him and when it does, he rushes to him, holding his shoulders and jumping ecstatically, "Hwang Hyunjin, we fucking did it!"
"When did you guys practice that?" The coach cuts the commotion short with his question. Hyunjin turns to face him along with Jisung, scratching the back of his head. Jisung is so overjoyed that he rushes to the coach, "Today morning! It sounded delusional but we pulled it off, coach."
You look at Hyunjin, who turns his attention back to you as soon as the coach is scrambling off to tell more instructions to Jisung on how he should time it a little bit earlier to hit it with even more impact. You smile, giving him a thumbs up and Hyunjin laughs, rubbing the back of his neck.
"Are you guys finally dating now that Minho's out of the picture?" Chan nudges Hyunjin. The man stumbles a step forward on impact only to quickly look at the older with eyes so wide that he wonders if it were possible.
"What?" He splutters the words out, voice haphazard after the cough.
"Everyone in the team thinks you guys should," Chan shrugs and Hyunjin's face morphs into that of seriousness almost instantly and shoots the other male with, "Did Minho hear of this?"
"Perhaps," Chan catches the ball Felix throws at him. The coach claps his hands to bring the attention back to him, barking out orders to resume the game. Chan pats Hyunjin's shoulders, "You know what we always tell, Hyunjin, in this sport—"
"Take the shot when you see the opportunity."
"Or someone's going to block again," Chan sniggers and looks at Minho, who was trying his very best to avoid your gaze, "This time round, it could be someone better than our middle blocker."
Tumblr media
You're picking up the volleyballs lying around when the guys go to shower and change, dribbling them slightly and smiling to yourself. A figure towers over you as they drop a ball into the huge bucket. You turn around to look up at Minho.
"Can we speak?"
"Do we have more to say?"
"I guess," he shrugs.
"We can still be friends, Minho," you sigh, eyes closed. "I also won't be those annoying types to tell Hyunjin to stay away from you because you broke up with me. You should know better."
"I didn't mean that," Minho looks offended. "I wanted to apologise. I should have tried harder perhaps."
"You should have."
"I know," Minho sucks in his lower lip. "I really should have but you know—"
"Lee Minho," your voice is firm. "I've told you a gazillion times that Hyunjin and I are just friends, Minho. Somehow you made up this sort of weird thing in your head so don't drag me into this mess. This is yours."
Minho scoffs, "You're going to eat your words soon," and picks up another ball. You remember the task you had forgotten in the heat of the moment, rushing to pick up a ball to put it back. The rest of the team is slowly making their way outside.
"I doubt," you sigh, throwing the last ball into the bucket and dusting your hands together. Jisung's darting towards you, hands in the air. Minho moves to the side, gliding against the floor, making way for the shorter man to reach you, bubbling with such enthusiasm you wonder what the cause of it is.
"Felix is treating us!"
Ah, so that's the reason. You smile at Jisung, nodding your approval. You push the bucket to the side of the gymnasium with Minho's help and switch the lights off as the team exits the gymnasium.
"Lee Minho!" You hear a feminine voice through the air, your eyebrows quirking upwards automatically. Hyunjin walks to your side, sighing as he shoves his hands into the pockets of his sports jacket, mumbling so softly that you barely catch it, "I warned that asshole, God damn him."
Minho's face lights up in a way you haven't seen in a while and your heart is heavy. The woman, Irene — you hear Chan shout her name and wave at her — locks her arm with Minho's and walks with him, the man doing nothing to push her away. It shouldn't affect you. Not anymore now that the two of you have broken up and yet it hurts.
Hyunjin quickly pulls you away, preventing your eyes from lingering further even a minute more. His hand holds yours and he drags you to his motorcycle. You look down, biting the insides of your cheeks, alternating between the right and left every time you taste the copper of the blood.
"Your hand is so small," Hyunjin says. "Like look at how it fits into mine," he laughs, lifting your hand upwards as he clasps it tightly. He mumbles, "So small."
You break into a smile, watching Hyunjin tease you, momentarily drifting from the thought that upsets you and it leaves you wondering how Hyunjin does it all the time. He lets go of your hand, ruffling your hair as he bends lightly, "You've got this."
He quickly turns on the heels of his feet, pulling out the keys to his bike and igniting it. You hear Jisung scream from behind, "I thought you were taking me with you!"
Hyunjin screams back, "Carpool with the rest. I'm taking Y/N."
He lifts his leg, straddling the bike as he holds onto the handles, kicking the support free. He turns towards you and tells you to hop on and you do as he says. Your fingers hold his jacket, making sure you're not hugging him from behind. Minho's words run in your head and Hyunjin notices this small gesture of yours but he pays no heed. After all, it's been a while since he realised that what he has with you is better when it's platonic. He is too afraid to lose you.
"Jinnie," you tell him as he starts the motorbike, accelerating behind Jin who leads the way. You hear your best friend scream, "Yeah," through the loud winds that hit you.
You lean forward and speak closer into his ears, your jaw hitting his helmet, "Remember how I said the guys are to be blamed in a relationship."
"Yeah," he hints at you to proceed.
"Here's my first point. Minho back there," you point out. "It was that easy for a guy to move on. That easy," you stress your word. "While I'm here repenting if there was any way to get things back to where it was. However, there's no use in me trying because there's Minho with Irene like our relationship was a thing in the past."
"That doesn't mean he didn't care about you during the relationship. That's how guys are. They give it their everything when they're in the relationship," Hyunjin reasons and you laugh sardonically.
"You're kidding me, right? The girl definitely cares more. It almost seems so easy for the guys to break up and move on. Remember the time when you broke up with Lisa," you speak, raising your tone a little more so that Hyunjin can hear you. The motorcycle moving against the wind causes your hair to touch your mouth and you're spitting hair out facing the side. Hyunjin laughs, his grip on the accelerator tightening as he speeds up just a little bit, causing you to hold onto his jacket pockets a little tighter.
"Bro," Hyunjin mutters when you bring up Lisa. "I cried enough when she broke up with me, okay?"
"You did, for a day or two," you state. "The girl cried her heart out for a whole week. You went partying that Friday with Jisung!"
"Are we now using quantitative measurements to determine how deep our care and love is?" Hyunjin gasps, sounding very offended. "This reminds me why most relationships don't work. Because girls are shallow as fuck."
Hyunjin accelerates, missing sight of the speed breaker in front of him. It hurls you onto his chest, your arms wrapping around his waist to keep you safe. A soft scream leaves your lips as the side of your face buries into his broad back.
"Sorry," Hyunjin apologises quickly. "Didn't see that!" Hyunjin prays that you don't move your arms away but you do and he sighs, face falling. He is glad that you can't see him. Your hand is back to gripping his jacket and head back in this battle of words you're currently having with your best friend.
"It's okay," you tell him. "What's not okay is how you think women are shallow."
"They are!" He takes a turn to the left. Your thigh muscles tighten as it straddles the seat, fingers digging into his side for support. "I mean, let's be real, sweetheart. You take an hour or more to get ready for college."
"Because I want to look presentable!" You hit his broad back and he chuckles.
"Lies! You're shallow!"
"Says the person who walks around shirtless at home and stares at the mirror, lightly touching your abs and saying perfect," you tease and Hyunjin turns to look at you for a minute with his eyes wide before he turns his attention back on the road.
"You saw that?"
"Of course. I see that every day."
"But you're watching the television, how?"
"Reflections," you state.
He's gasping. The motorcycle slows down as it reaches Pizza Alvolo. The pizzeria is adjacent to a pretty park and you can hear the birds chirp lowly right before the sun is ready to set. You jump off the motorcycle, dusting the denims covering your thighs and Hyunjin removes his helmet, hooking it to the handle securely.
The rest of the team are seated in the pizzeria already waiting for the two of you, waving at you as soon as you enter the place. You rush and sit next to Jisung who has been aggravatingly patting the seat next to him. Hyunjin sits opposite to you, next to Chan. He snatches the menu from him and the elder male whines at the behaviour.
You look around and notice that Minho hasn't reached the place yet. Not that it mattered to you. You will slowly learn to stop caring so much for a man and you will soon be able to look at him and think of only the fond memories and nothing more.
Or so you thought.
The minute you see Minho walk into the pizzeria, although not with Irene, you feel the ground slip underneath you. Jisung is nice enough — albeit not knowing of the whole pickle you are in — to hold your wrist and turn your attention towards the stack of pizza boxes that come your way as he gleams, "Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!"
You look away from Minho and toward the direction Jisung points before turning to look at Hyunjin who lets out a loud sigh. You know that he's clutching at his thick thighs, nails digging into it at the sight of your uncomfortability. Hyunjin knows it will take you days to get over this break up, maybe weeks and that as a good best friend, he should wait. He should understand.
But it frustrates him so much. The sight of you being in pain, in hurt because of another man — his other best friend at that — pisses him off way more than he thought it should at first.
Hyunjin quickly takes his phone out and you narrow your eyes at him, mouthing, "Rude. Put it back into your pocket." In a second, your phone dings and you take yours out. Minho sits by Jisung's side in that second, a seat away from you and your heartbeat accelerates. You unlock your phone to see a message from Hyunjin and you lift up your head, raising an eyebrow at him and he eyes at you to open the message.
Jinnie: do you want to leave?
Your eyes widen and your lips part slightly. You don't respond immediately, locking the phone and shoving it back into your pocket. You smile at Hyunjin, trying to signal that you were alright so far. Jisung opens the cardboard boxes of the pizza and squeals. Chan looks at the situation, analysing if it'd be bad for the team on a bigger approach. Hyunjin might be the captain but had it not been for Chan's guidance, the volleyball team would not have lasted a day more with the differences.
Felix announces, "Eat to your heart's merry! I might never treat again." He takes the first bite for courtesy's sake before telling everyone to join in.
The team laughs and Minho smiles, the skin by his eyes wrinkling and your heart stops to remember all the reasons you were so madly in love with this man. It is at this minute you realise it'll take you maybe a little longer than you thought, a little longer than a casual fling and a little lesser than a long term relationship. You should have known this is bound to happen the minute you allowed yourself to let your petty emotions take over.
And maybe, just maybe, it is the fact that you have to pretend to be alright with having Minho around you that makes this heartbreak pain ten times worse.
Surprisingly, Hyunjin already seems to know because he doesn't stop glancing at you after every bite of the slice he has in his hand.
You stretch your arm out to take a slice of the pepperoni pizza on the table at the same time Minho stretches his arms out to take one. Your fingers brush against his and you jolt your hand backwards, mumbling, "Sorry."
Jisung laughs without knowing and teases, "Why would you apologise for brushing your boyfriend's hand?" He takes a bite of his pizza and as soon as he finishes chewing, he continues, "I mean, you guys do nastier stuff and suddenly, you all are prim and proper, Y/N. Love the contrast you exhibit. It's beautiful. You guys could be at it every time I catch you in the gymnasium alone. Also, you're his longest relationship. You should pride yourself—"
Jisung is speaking and you won't look up. Hyunjin has dropped the knife slightly just to try and get him to stop, though in vain and Minho's looking at you. His eyes won't leave your frame and you just want to leave. It is too early for you to be alright with this. Way too early.
"Stop, Jisung," Chan tells him, reading the situation in the room.
"Why?" Jisung's laughing. Felix understands by now, seeing your face hung down and so does the rest of the team besides the man himself. You can't even come to be angry at Jisung because he seems so innocent, unaware of it all.
You spill the beans for your own heart's safety, "Minho broke up with me."
Minho doesn't shift his eyes at anyone else and Hyunjin holds the knife again, a little too tight this time. Jisung's smile turns instantly into a frown and he turns his head to glare at your now ex-boyfriend.
He doesn't bother to filter his words. "Why the fuck did you do that, you arsehole?" Minho turns to look at Jisung for a split second before his eyes are back at yours. You lift your head to lock gaze with him and you feel your chest tighten, eyes water and it hurts.
Everything seems so much more painful.
Chan says once again, his voice firm, ready to not listen to one more word of the conversation, "Stop it, Jisung. Read the room."
You stretch your arm out to have another bite of the pizza and everyone eats in silence. The room is pregnant with the most awkward silence you had been in your whole life. You take your phone out, unlocking it and finally replying to the message.
Jisung puts another slice of pizza onto your plate and you smile at him. Felix tries breaking the uneasy tension by talking about this dude he met in his neighborhood that was kind of cute. After sitting for another two minutes, you push your chair back to Jisung's surprise and stand up. Hyunjin stands up instinctively, his calves pushing his chair back and everyone at the table looks at the two of you.
Jinnie: do you want to leave?
"I just realised I have to do some grocery shopping," you laugh nervously. "There's absolutely nothing back at home. Not that Hyunjin would buy anything and keep, right?"
Hyunjin chuckles and everyone in the room knows quite obviously that you are trying to escape the scene. They are kind enough to let you. Felix asks, spilling the oregano seasonings on top of his pizza slice, "Is Hyunjin going with you?"
"No," you cut your best friend before he can give his approval. "I'll go alone." You stretch your arm out, palm facing upwards, "Keys, please?"
"Don't hurt my baby," Hyunjin's sincerity is voiced and you laugh genuinely. Little did you know he meant both you and his motorbike. He drops the key to his motorbike onto your hand and you do a little cheer. Jisung mumbles, "Cute," before stuffing his face with pizzas.
"Have a good time, guys," you wish them and grab your bag, hanging on the chair. Jisung waves enthusiastically. Felix, Chan and the rest of the team waves too. You smile fondly at your team and walk towards the door only to find Hyunjin following you.
"What do you think you are doing right now, mister?"
"Can't I walk you out at the very least, woman?" Hyunjin gapes in dismay. He pulls open the glass door and you laugh.
"Sure thing," you say and walk towards his motorbike. Hyunjin leaves the door after stepping out, the glass door swinging back to shut itself. You swing your legs over his bike, straddling the automobile and dropping your chest slightly to balance the heavy vehicle.
"You sure you'll be alright?"
"Don't you trust your teaching? You taught me how to ride this thing. Don't worry."
You look over Hyunjin's shoulder to see Minho still looking at you, worry smeared all over his face and you feel your throat constricting again as you do your best to tear your eyes away from him.
Hyunjin takes a step closer, making sure everything's alright with the vehicle so that it doesn't endanger you. He places his hand over your wrist and you look at him in confusion, "Promise me you'll take care of yourself."
"I will," you laugh. "What are you? My daddy?"
Hyunjin stiffens for a minute before he lets go of all the inappropriate thoughts that fill him for a minute there before teasing you, "Do you want me to be your daddy?"
"Nah," you throw your head back. "You aren't that rich enough." You place the helmet over your head and look at him. Hyunjin taps your helmet and hugs you slightly.
"I'll see you at home."
You start the bike on ignition and look over Hyunjin's shoulder one last time to look at Minho, locking gazes with him before you pull yours away from him towards Hyunjin.
You look ahead, the clear road in front of you and turn the accelerator only after telling Hyunjin, giggling slightly,
"Sure thing, Daddy."
Hyunjin, on the other hand, is too caught up in his worry, eyes lingering behind the trailing presence of yours that finally disappears from his sight into a speck that fades away. In any other circumstances, he would have found your petite figure driving the huge motorcycle and you even calling him daddy, although in a teasing tone, insanely hot.
Right now, however, he just hopes you are safe. He wishes he could be by your side at every second.
Tumblr media
Gaho's Stay Here blasts on the bluetooth speaker. Hyunjin pulls open the door only to find you lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling with the most emotionless face he has ever seen you with. His eyes dart towards the empty bottles of soju on the small table in the hall.
You sit up, looking at your best friend and your lip pucker out quickly pouting at the sight of him and you stretch your arms out wide, squealing, "Hyunjinnie. You are home."
Hyunjin walks towards you, plopping on the couch and sitting next to you. He quickly lifts his arm up, hand darting back and forth at the air to steer the smell away as he frowns at you, "You reek of liquor, dude."
You quickly hug him, wrapping your arms around his frame from the side and snuggling your face into his shoulder. Hyunjin stiffens under your grip and he looks down at your being with eyes closed and he realises that you might after all just be a small being in need of some loving. He wishes to be the person to do that. Hwang Hyunjin utterly and truly wants to be your person.
Hyunjin takes your phone to stop playing the music — Stay Here that's been currently playing on repeat for the twentieth time straight — and you whine against his skin, tickles running down Hyunjin's spine.
"Don't stop the music," you mumble and Hyunjin looks at you and your figure that hugs him securely, head snuggled by his neck, chin digging into the skin by his collarbone and all Hyunjin can focus on is his heart that is beating furiously against his chest.
"Y/N," Hyunjin's voice seems like an anchor to your woozy mind and you hug him tighter, gripping stronger on to his white shirt. You hum in response and Hyunjin continues, "Gaho's music doesn't seem very fitting for the minute."
You pull apart, your face morphing and changing into that of offense as you glare at him, mumbling, "Gaho is the only one that understands me." You play the music again, the bluetooth speakers blasting with the sad slow tune in the air and you feel the want to cry all over again.
You stretch your arm out to take a soju bottle from the table to down it all out when Hyunjin stretches out to stop you, his fingers wrapping around your wrists. He locks his eyes with yours and in the softest, most caring voice you've ever heard from him, he says, "Don't, Y/N. It hurts me too."
"Can I hold you?"
In a split moment, the room is filled with just the soft beats of Gaho's Start Over playing, your raspy breaths and Hyunjin's lost stare. His grip on your wrist tightens and your mind is far too intoxicated to think if this friendship could be ruined. Your heart is heavy, chest tight and you want someone to free you. Anyone. You are clawing at the imaginary wall all by yourself and anyone could be a help. Anyone that is not Lee Minho.
"Yes," and you fall on Hyunjin at the exact same moment he pulls your hand closer towards him. The timing seems to have lapsed on to each other. Your chest on Hyunjin's, eyes looking up at him as your arms snake slowly over his torso. You snuggle forward, rubbing against his body slightly and Hyunjin sighs.
To Hyunjin, the scene is a lot dramatic just because of the soft music playing and because you are drunk off your head according to him, barely able to make decisions. He just doesn't want to do anything that will make either of your friendships but right now, in this minute with you almost on top of him, locking your eyes in his, your arms around his torso, close enough to feel every part of your being, he wants to be drunk too.
Hyunjin wants to be drunk so that he can make a mistake. Hyunjin wants to be so drunk that he can't think just because he is a coward.
"Do you feel better?" He asks and you snuggle into his chest, burying your face into it as you hold him. Your lonely heart being comforted by just his presence and in the back of your drunk head, you know you feel a little bit more that causes your heart to flutter when Hyunjin cares.
You and Hyunjin are both cowards — two small people in this big world with big emotions unwilling to risk one status for another, over the fear of losing each other.
But Hyunjin wants to risk it tonight. After years of pining, he wants to risk this golden friendship he has shared with you for years now. You are the trigger, however. You lift your face away from his chest and crawl slightly towards him, pushing yourself against him. You look at him, lips pressed together and you stretch your right arm upwards to hold his face in your hand.
"Jinnie," your voice lets out his name in such an airy tone that it seems to disappear away even before it reaches his ear. His eyes are glassy and his heart is in his throat, eager in nothing but anticipation that is risen from all his hoping.
It happens as he has imagined. You lean forward so slowly that he pictures every second vividly and in an instant, your lips are on his. Hyunjin knows it should have felt wrong but God, save him — nothing felt more right than this.
You kiss him and his whole world falls away. It lingers, like a memory that stays behind. Your lips are slow and soft against him, comforting yourself and him in ways that words would never be. Hyunjin's hand slowly lifts up to rest below your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek as your breath mingles only for a split second — one filled with hesitance and uncertainty — before you pull away, looking at your best friend.
It is just a second of a kiss. Something so small and insignificant to seemingly anyone else yet it means the whole world to Hyunjin. It is the whole world to Hyunjin because this is all that is needed to let him astray, hinge released of the stupid restrictions he has made up in his head over you.
Your small kiss is all Hyunjin needs to hold on to because in the next minute, he is pulling you towards him, hands cupping your face tightly and angling it to kiss you, encasing your lower lips in his as he moves against your coral ones. You let out a small gasp and run your fingers down his spine, holding him as close as possible until there is no space left between the two of you and you can feel the beating of his heart against your chest. Loud, clear and unknown to you that it beats for you in this minute.
Hyunjin's lips are slammed against yours, nearly knocking all wind from your lungs and you don't know if it is your feelings or Hyunjin himself. He presses his tongue to the seam of your lips and, the minute you let him in, he delves inside your mouth. Hyunjin kisses you like he thinks it is the last time he will ever be able to have his lips against yours.
Your arms move up his back and tangle around his thick, strong neck. In an instant, you pull away and arch up into his broad chest, moaning in the contact of body heat against your own, before you draw back into his lips. Hyunjin can feel the burn of hard soju in his mouth, thanks to you, and it rolls off your tongue into his, seeping down  his throat and he can't hate it. There is a thrill in its own that Hyunjin knows stems from you.
If it was possible, Hyunjin would slow down time.
You pull back eventually only to hug him, humming against his neck, lips pressed against the soft expanse of his skin. Hyunjin's hand is pressed against your back as he pats you in a steady rhythm, instinctively humming to a tune that could calm you.
"Thank you," and he feels your weight fall on to his shoulder as you snuggle closer into his neck, your warm breath fanning against him, sending shivers down his spine. "For everything."
Hyunjin holds you for a while, silence and nothing but your breathing that is soft music to his ears, till he hears your soft snores buzzing against his eardrums and he knows you have fallen asleep in his arms, against his chest.
The next morning, you find yourself magically in your bed, comforter on top of you covering every inch of you, head aching thanks to your reckless drinking last night with no memory of whatsoever that happened. Lightheaded you should have known better.
Hyunjin chooses to be a coward, the morning after.
Tumblr media
The greens that cover the campus is the only other thing that keeps you sane in this university. The first being, the volleyball team. However, you don't know anymore if it is still, in the present.
You sit on the same bench before a beautiful fountain with a tiger head right in the centre, watching the vast basketball court. A place that holds way more memories to you now than it did a year before.
You shake your legs, feet pointing forward as you listen to music with about half an hour in your hand to waste before you head down towards the gymnasium to meet with the volleyball team. Besides few people that walk down towards their classes, the campus looks pretty stranded as you watch every single person stay happy in their sphere.
"Y/N," you hear your name being called out through yet another one of Gaho's songs and you lift your head up, to look at the person by your side, standing and providing you the shade they probably didn't intend to.
It's the man himself, the one who broke your heart for an explanation that made no sense to you. Lee Minho.
He stands tall, towering over you and your neck aches from looking up at him that you decide to stand up, removing the earbuds and placing it on the wooden bench, next to your phone.
"You're here." You gulp. "Aren't you supposed to be headed to the gym for practice?"
The fountain is everything you associate Minho with — moreover, it is perhaps the relationship with him that you associated the beautiful water fountain with. To see the very same man before you right now is needless to say surprising.
"I could ask you the same thing," Minho chuckles. He takes out a small cone of butterscotch ice cream and extends his arm, offering it to you. You smile softly, thanking him, sitting down back on the bench. "Can I sit here?" He asks and you nod, unwrapping the wrapping paper around the ice cream.
"Yeah," you tap on the seat by your side. You take a bite of your ice cream and Minho visibly flinches, mumbling, "Still the same."
"You broke up with me like two days back. What did you expect? A nirvana attained me?" You scoff. You take another bite of the ice cream, the sensitivity hitting your teeth and you hiss.
"Brutal," Minho chuckles darkly. You scoff, turning your head away and taking another bite of your ice cream. Minho opens his ice cream and you raise an eyebrow at him, mumbling, "You don't eat ice cream though."
"Thought you might want another one," he smiles and the thought of a second ice cream lights you up. "There you go smiling like a dork as always at the thought of it." Minho laughs and you bend forward to take it, your left arm stretching forward. Minho tugs it backwards and your body moves a little more to grab at it until it's too far for you, bringing you to your present position.
Your hand is on Minho's chest, his eyes locked in yours and you are surprised. This is not in your to do list and yet with Minho's grip on your wrist, you drop your ice cream as soon as he edges closer. His face is so close that you can see the perfect plump lips pout slightly, his face glistening in the bright sun and you gasp softly. It has been a while since he has been this close and he still makes your heart go livid within you, beating crazy.
He drops his ice cream in a second, his hands pressing forward to cup your face and pull you into him to kiss the living hell out of you. Your eyes widen, arms falling limp on either side as you stiffen.
"Can I try something?" He hesitates, iron grip on you.
"Try?" You look worried and the next minute, Minho is kissing you, his plump lips on yours for a while before he moves them against yours, taking hold of your lower lip.
It is an instinct. You choose to blame it rather on instincts. Your hand moves to grab the linen draping his arm as you hold it and kiss Minho back. It is as bitter as coffee thanks to all the memories that go along with it and yet — you find yourself drowning. You find yourself wanting more. You find yourself hoping if Minho could stay, if Minho could just pretend to love you, if not.
And it breaks your heart.
All over again.
A lone tear leaves your eyes and then another, till you are crying as you kiss him. A wet messy affair at its finest. Minho pulls back in surprise feeling the wetness against his skin. He cups your face and holds you, looking at you to check for damage — little does he know of the emotional one. Or maybe he does and he chooses to ignore. Typical Lee Minho.
"Did I hurt you?"
Your emotions take over, sanity pushed to the back. You are pulling yourself from Minho as he tries to hold you to calm you down. Your fist plummets down onto his hard chest once and then, for the second time till you are hitting him over and over again till you completely break down in front of him. Minho quickly pulls you into a hug, holding you close till you completely soak his white shirt with your tears.
"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you—" It's a repeated chant. Over and over again till you don't remember how many times you told Minho the same thing. Your mind goes insane with the overdrive of emotions. Did you like Minho still? You don't know. You don't know whether it's the familiarity of his hugs or his kisses or his whole presence that you crave or if it's his love.
"I'm sorry," he whispers and you accept because it's the first time an apology from Lee Minho sounded this sincere. "I'm sorry for breaking your heart." He snuggles into the crook of your neck, swallowed by guilt. Perhaps this is why one should never date their friends; because you lose something much greater.
"I hate you more now for kissing me here," you manage to say, throat rasp from the crying. "How could you stain this memory too? How dare you stain the memory of the location of our first kiss? It was supposed to be a bittersweet memory when I sit here and think." Minho is still hugging you.
"I'm sorry."
It is still bittersweet in a new way, you realise — the fact that Lee Minho kisses you for the last time, you swear to God, in the very same place he kissed you for the first time. The weather changed, the people around changed and the emotions changed. Even after all that, the fountain stays proud and mighty and bears witness to more new relationships and new heartbreaks. Nothing changes besides you. Nothing changes besides what we want.
You pull away from him. Sitting straight, facing the vast basketball court and the juniors playing the game, you make a decision, firm and determined. The soft pink petals fall down from the cherry blossom trees over the two of you and Minho looks at you, and then at the spilled ice cream. To see the boughs that were so bereft in the snow become so beautifully adorned should lift your spirits infinitely and it does slightly. Their scents diffuse in the warming breeze and you hold your head high to savour it.
"Let's stay away from each other for a while."
Minho's eyes shoot up, head lifting up to face you. He does not refute. After all, he knows he has to take a step behind after breaking your heart. What he does not understand is how the two of you could stay away from each other when your friend circles overlap to a large extent.
"How?" He finally asks. "How do I help you with that?"
"By doing just that. Give me space and time to get over you. I'll come back asking for your hand in friendship again," you smile. Your tear stained visage and the difficult smile you put forth is a funny combination but you manage to pull it off well, you'd say. "You don't have to take the first step this time. Let me do this on my own, Minho."
You stand up on your own, grabbing your earphones and your phone. Minho stands up, following suit and asks, "Are you leaving?"
"Yes," you turn only to look at him as you walk backwards. "And you have to head for practice. So get going. I won't have you mess up your performance by all means." You turn back and move ahead. From everything.
"You know I wouldn't," Minho screams back and the last syllable ends with a laugh. You lift your hand to wave and you leave, far, far away from him.
You now have an open wound to stitch back and you know you have to do it on your own.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin's phone rings right when he decides to serve the ball. He drops the ball in surprise, the sphere rolling all the way to where his phone is placed. Chan groans, stopping his pace at the sound of the phone ringing, and yells, "Yah! Hyunjin, how many times should I tell you to switch off your phone?"
Felix walks in exactly at that minute, laughing, "Anyone from outside would totally think Chan's the captain!"
Hyunjin runs to his phone, his blond hair strands falling forward, ponytail swinging left and right. Felix laughs at the sight, walking towards the ball and picking it up before throwing it at Chan who catches it swiftly. Hyunjin sees your name on the phone, eyes lighting up instantly and a smile prominent only for Chan to announce, "It's Y/N."
"Of course, it is," Felix scoffs. "Where's the rest of the guys? I thought you said we were to come early—" Felix pauses, eyes widening and gasping, "Hold up! Y/N is late. Whoa!"
"They are probably running towards the gym right now," Hyunjin says before picking up the call. He mouths to the rest, "It'll be short, I promise," and pouts. Chan sighs, only to smile and wave his hand at him to take the call.
"Y/N," Hyunjin cheers up instantly. "Where are—" He hears a choked sob from the other hand and Hyunjin stiffens, face losing the smiling in a second. "Are you alright?"
"I am," you strain it out. You barely manage through with the chokes and that pain that ripples through in waves but you eventually find the words to tell him, "I won't make it to practice today. Yeah?"
"Where are you?"
Hyunjin is angry and he doesn't even know who it is aimed at. He is just beyond mad at the fact that you are crying and someone made you cry. The thought of the skin by your eyes aching and eyes red and burning over anyone made him so angry that he could punch a wall through.
"I'm not telling you," he hears you say and he clenches his fist.
"Stop being a brat, Y/N," he stresses and Chan gestures at him, asking if there was something wrong. Hyunjin nods. "Where are you?"
"Leave me alone, Jinnie," you tell him through the phone, "Please,"  and his eyes widen before he calms himself down, realising that you are trying to cope all alone, a pathetic self-destructive quirk of yours that he had learned to live with after all these years. He gulps and realises you truly needed time alone and he hums in approval.
"Please reach out to me when you need me," he begs. "Please, Y/N."
Felix and Chan are staring at Hyunjin in worry when the door to the gymnasium opens and Jisung rushes into the room. He is panting and he looks around, searching for someone. Hyunjin turns away, his attention back on the call in his hands and he ends the call quickly, making a note in his mind to check up on you after practise. Not that you would let him miss practise. (Not that Hyunjin would do it to himself in the first place. He'd kill for volleyball.)
He walks towards the rest when Minho walks in, black duffel bag on his shoulder. Jisung is quick on his feet as he runs towards the other man, hands on his shoulders and he shakes the living hell out of him.
"He's gone crazy, dude," Felix mumbles and Chan laughs.
Hyunjin stays at a comfortable distance still, looking at his phone in worry every now and then. The man lifts his head and brings his attention back to the present only when he hears your name leave Jisung's mouth.
"Whoa, dude. You got back together with Y/N?"
"What?" Chan is the first to respond. "You did what?"
"I didn't get back together with her," Minho says, his voice is monotone and lacks anything more than nonchalance and it pisses the hell out of Hyunjin who has his fists still clenched tightly.
"I saw you kissing her but. . ." Jisung drops the bomb all at once in such a lost way that he doesn't realise the impact it was to have in this large gymnasium.
Hyunjin is charging forwards all at once, yelling, "You bastard," as he throws a punch at Minho. The blond dyed man is quick to put two and two together and realise that you are after all, crying because of the black haired man before him.
He pushes him back, Minho hitting the floor and Hyunjin's on top of him, punching him with his clenched fist, mind void and painted in hot red anger. Minho has his arms, blocking his punches and chooses to play on the defensive side.
In fear, we are all monsters. Hyunjin believes that he would be afraid of himself had he astral projected and looked at himself in this minute, all unhinged because of one girl — one girl he would set the world on fire for.
All that rage comes out faster than magma for Hyunjin and is just as destructive. More so because he's the captain. It consumes all that he is, so delicate under that carefully ordered world and carefully put up feign that he is alright with Minho breaking the heart of the girl he loves. Minho shrivels before him but Hyunjin does not stop. He relentlessly keeps going, stopping short of physical violence but doing far more damage with the words that he throws.
Chan tries to pull Hyunjin away as Jisung drags Minho from underneath him. The black haired man is left with bruises and a busted lip. On the other hand, Hyunjin is still fuming, along with Chan, sporting a few cuts from Minho who decided to throw a few punches in the last moment.
"Can you all stop?" Felix sighs.
"Why would you bastard make her cry again?" Hyunjin raises his voice. He's yelling at this point, loud enough for everyone passing by the gymnasium to hear. "Why the fuck would you make Y/N cry again? I told you to leave her alone!"
"This wouldn't have happened if things went different—" Hyunjin tries to rush forward to hit him again upon hearing his words, but Chan and Changbin, another teammate, have a strong grip on him. His blond ponytail lashes in anger and he fights against the two, trying to let go of himself. Minho yells back, "I would have never broken up with her if you never liked her, Hyunjin."
"What?" He stops still in his tracks, limbs falling and Chan lets go.
"How am I supposed to think it's alright for you to randomly stare at my girlfriend with heart eyes? For fuck's sake, you guys hug way more than I hug her," Minho glares, chest rising up as he vents everything he has bottled up so far. "If you had always liked her, you should have told me! I shouldn't have overheard it from Chan telling you to ask her out." Chan's face pales visibly. "I would have tried making her stay. I would have made her stay. I would have," Minho's voice lowers. "I still did, but I was too late."
Hyunjin has no words to refute. His eyes widen and his heart is in his throat, barely being able to say, "You could have taken it out on me. Why would you drag her into this? She loved you. She still wavers because of you. Your faithless love was the only hoax she was forced to believe."
Jisung pouts in awe at the words Hyunjin spills and Minho mumbles, "I don't know. I couldn't think straight."
Felix drops the ball with force, suddenly. The ball squelches before raising high and hitting the wall with impact. He folds his arms and speaks up, "Stop acting like kids." He points at Minho. "You, stop putting the blame of your failed relationship on Hyunjin. Him liking Y/N did not ruin your relationship. You killed it yourself."
"But he—"
"I liked her even before you made a move on her. Nothing has changed, Minho," Hyunjin inhales sharply.
"It's because you're a coward, you arsehole."
Hyunjin closes his eyes, looking away, mumbling, "Not going to even bother denying that. I'd be dating her if I wasn't this scared of losing her."
Felix proceeds to point at Hyunjin, glaring sharply at him, "You call yourself a captain? We have a match in a few days and you decide to lose control and beat up your teammate? One of the best middle blockers out there! What in the world are you thinking, Hyunjin? Jesus Christ, when Y/N hears of this, she's going to beat you up so bad for doing this to him in the name of the team."
Hyunjin doesn't dare to look up at Felix, shuffling the balance of his body from one feet to another. He is embarrassed. He should have never let his emotions take control of his body and yet he did.
Chan walks towards Felix before announcing, "We'll start practice in five. I want the two of you to sort this out by the end of this day. If you haven't, I don't want either of you coming to practice tomorrow."
"I'm the setter!" Hyunjin protests.
"Jeongin can do a darn good job too, so shut up and listen to me well."
"Now," Felix claps his hand, smiling once again brightly before running to pick up the ball. "Let's practice like the perfect team we are!"
Tumblr media
"And like I couldn't stop myself. It's like something dragged me to move forward and the next thing I knew, I was on top of Minho—"
"Fuck, that'd be hot."
"Y/N, focus. And like I was beating the crap out of him."
You dab an alcoholic swab over the small wounds on his face as he seethes in pain and you sneer, "Deserved it."
"Ouch," Hyunjin fakes offense. "Side with me at least now. You aren't dating him anymore." You stop, your hand midair and you dab constantly over his wounds till Hyunjins screaming, "Ow, ow, ow. I'm sorry," and holds your wrist and pulls it away.
"But you messed up your team dynamics just because of your anger," you frown. "You and Minho better sort it out quickly, Jinnie. Else, I swear to God." You glare at him.
"What will you do?" Hyunjin laughs, scrunching his nose and teasing you. You place the bandaids over the wounds and raise an eyebrow. Hyunjin prompts, "Bite me?"
"I will," you warn and Hyunjin scoffs, "As if."
You bite him. His shoulder, to be exact. Your teeth hold onto his socket for a good one minute tightly till he is yelping, hitting your back to let go of him as he hisses in pain. You let go of him and narrow your eyes at him. Hyunjin is shocked. So shocked that he blankly stares at you with his mouth wide open.
"Are you a dog?"
"I could be one if you taunt me too much."
"Wow," he blinks and you poke the insides of your cheek with your tongue. "Wow, you're truly one of a kind." And Hyunjin breaks down laughing, holding his shoulder with his hand and bending forward overcome by intense laughter.
"Buy me mint choco," he prompts. "Because now you injured me and I want compensation."
"Excuse me?"
Hyunjin pushes himself forward, edging closer to you, looking you in your eyes before saying, "You know you have to," in a low guttural tone that your heart does a whole somersault, triple axle and then lands with an ovation. "You hurt me."
You push him away and you leap onto your feet, your eyes wide and your hand over your chest. Hyunjin looks at you with a raised eyebrow. To change the mood of the situation, you quickly announce, "Fine. You'll get mint chocolate only if you get ready and come out in five minutes. Else you pay for it on your own."
Hyunjin stands up and holding your wrist, he pulls you with him to the door. You look at him in utter confusion and ask, "What are you doing?"
Hyunjin stops in his tracks and turns to look at you, blond strands leaving his ponytail to cover his eyes slightly and pink lips so plump that you wonder how they feel. The realisation that you have started viewing your best friend as someone more than just that hits you and you look down instantly. When did this happen?
"I'll just wear a coat and so should you," Hyunjin laughs. "Ice cream can't wait."
People think of laughing as a noise that comes from the mouth more often than not, but when Hyunjin laughed it was nothing like that. The laugh is in his eyes, in the way his face changes into that vision of relaxed joy and unrestrained mirth. And yet, in all honesty, it is not in his face either. His laugh comes from within, it is just the way he is wired with the instant ability to comfort someone. Just the sound of his gales, his snickers, his giggles, was enough to transport you far away from all your worries and the tension your life has in the minute.
Enough to make you forget that you have to tell him today about the decision you have taken.
Hyunjin and you walk down the stairs and off onto the road in five minutes as planned. The cool air of the night hits you and you hold yourself closer, the long coat held tightly to your body surface. Hyunjin laughs before wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pulling you close by just a little bit and yet enough to share his body warmth.
"Mint choco, here we come!" And he runs with you.
The thing with your stupid heart is that you don't understand why it is beating so rapidly in this moment, your heart beat easily jumping to more than 95bpm and all because Hyunjin holds you. You look at the man by your side, his blond hair moving with the air, exposing his face and you wonder — had Hwang Hyunjin always been this beautiful?
You have known Hyunjin for a long time now. Too long for you to realise that your heart had a change in its plans for emotions recently. You have known Hyunjin way too long to know that you want him for a lifetime by your side, as a best friend at the very least and the thought that if you did act upon your new emotions that you have just discovered in this cold, breezy night, you are screwed.
Hyunjin turns to look back at you after hearing absolutely no sound from you. His face pales when he realises you are looking far ahead and he wonders if you do remember now. If you remember the drunk night.
So he asks to put himself at ease, "Y/N?"
"Huh?" You jolt up to consciousness, looking properly at Hyunjin. "Yeah?"
"Do you remember the night a few days back?"
"Night? Few days back?" You ponder. "When I was drunk?"
"Yeah," Hyunjin mumbles and you raise your body in anticipation, finally wanting to ask about the magical teleportation.
"Now that we are on this topic," you fold your arms and raise your eyebrows at your best friend. Hyunjin shuffles his balance from his left to his right. "Did you carry me to bed that night?"
Hyunjin chokes on air, sputtering out incoherent words before finally forming one proper sentence, "You knew?"
"You're the only other person I live with and I don't have any recollection of going to bed so like I presumed," you look down, heat rising to your cheek and you fidget with your fingers. "That you carried me to bed."
"That's all that you remember?"
You lift your head up, lips pursed and eyebrows furrowed, "Is there more?"
"Uh," Hyunjin turns back to face forward, his broad back in your vision again as he walks forward to the ice cream parlour by the junction.
"Hyunjin?" He walks quicker. "Yah! Hwang Hyunjin!" You follow him with quick, short strides, almost jogging up to him. "What did I do, Jinnie?" He opens the glass door to the ice cream parlour. "Yah, Hwang Hyunjin, tell me no matter how embarrassing it is." You follow him into the white aesthetically pretty place.
You finally catch hold of his coat and tug at it. Hyunjin turns, his cheeks flushed and you wonder what in the world happened that night. Yes, you have vague memories of hugging Hyunjin and passing out, but for him to act like this — wait, you didn't empty your stomach out on him, did you?
"Did I—" Hyunjin's eyes widens. He turns back, his attention on the man behind the counter and he points towards you.
"She's paying."
"Okay," the man nods and turns to look at you, waiting for your order. You sigh, glaring at your best friend before ordering one quantity of mint chocolate ice cream. Your eyes waver to the green ice cream and you frown in displeasure, something Hyunjin catches sight of your expression.
"How dare you?" He folds his arms, dramatically. "The only people that matter in this world are the one that like mint chocolate." The man at the counter smiles at the two of you.
You open your mouth, clicking your tongue, "I'm not paying money to eat toothpaste."
The man behind the counter laughs out loud and Hyunjin glares at him, scoffing. He takes the ice cream from his hand and waits for you to pay. The tall man looks at the two of you, again, before finally telling, "Good luck on your relationship. It's always fun to see couples have an argument over mint chocolate and still be so in love with each other." He turns to look at Hyunjin only, "For your information, I like mint chocolate."
Both Hyunjin and you look at each other, either of you waiting for the other person to disagree with the man but there is just silence. You can feel Hyunjin looking at you through the corners, waiting for you to refute like you always do. You don't and you do not even know why. The heat builds up beneath the apples of your cheek and the thought of being in a relationship with your best friend strangely brings about a wave of calmness within you, doing its best to shove the uncertainty of so many things away.
"Thank you for the ice cream," you say and walk to an empty table. Hyunjin thanks the man too, and follows you, sitting on the seat opposite to you and places the mint chocolate in between.
He watches you, unsure of the situation and you bite your lower lip nervously before shoving the cup closer to him and mumbling, "Eat. We came all the way here for you."
"You should have gotten another ice cream," Hyunjin frowns.
"It's past nine," you laugh, your hair falling over the chair as you lean back. "I can't let fat into my body after nine. You know that."
"Why do I know you?" Hyunjin puts his hand on his forehead looking at you and then he pushes the cup of ice cream towards your side. "Disappointment." You look at your best friend, disgusted and he won't take the disrespect though.
"It's a refreshing taste," he digs in and takes a big bite. "Plus, it's the right balance." He lifts the spoon with a small amount of the mint ice cream and shoves it right in front of your face. "The perfect amount of mint, chocolate and milk to make the world's most perfect ice cream."
You push his hand away and glare, "Why would you ruin two beautiful sweets," you raise an eyebrow, "Chocolate and ice cream by including," you fake a gag, "Mint?"
"Because mint balances the sweetness of the chocolate," he scoffs. "All you mediocre people won't understand. Mint chocolate was created for the elite class."
"Did you just call me mediocre?" your jaw drops and Hyunjin laughs. It's soft, airy and so carefree that you don't mind the fact that he is laughing at you and not with you. You don't mind one bit when you break down and laugh with him, unable to keep your face straight as you lean forward on the table, your head resting on your hands and you watch Hyunjin.
You decide to tell him of your decision in this minute.
"I'm going to make Seungmin manage the team," you tell Hyunjin and he stares at you, the spoon dropping from his hand and clattering against the glass rim of the ice cream cup. You continue, "He's always wanted to manage the volleyball team and I thought I should let him—"
"Why?" He sounds hurt. Disappointed, in fact and your heart plummets down.
"I thought it's time to move on."
"From the team or Minho?"
"Minho," you say, nibbling on your lower teeth. "I want to go back to him—"
"What?" Hyunjin feels his heart sink.
"Don't cut me off, hoe," you click your tongue. "I want to go back to him and be his friend. I'm not ready to ruin a friendship over this. I just won't."
Hyunjin looks down at his cup of ice cream. His spoon digs into the cold dessert over and over again till he realises that he'll do what he has always done for you — be right by your side as your pillar.
"Feed me," Hyunjin prompts and you stare at him with a void expression, mouth still open, wondering if he suggested this only and only to change the topic. Hyunjin stretches his arm out to shut your mouth. "People are going to think I'm starving you here."
"Whoa." You lift your head up. "And if I do that, people are going to think we're possibly the cutest couple out there still in our glorious honeymoon phase of it."
"Okay," Hyunjin shrugs and leans back against the chair, folding his arms against each other.
"Yeah, I'm fine with that."
You sit up straight and look down before finally saying, "Don't say that."
"Say what?"
"Those words that make my heart flutter. I don't know what to feel, Hyunjin." Hyunjin is too stunned to react and whine over the fact that you called him properly by his name in your conversation. The fact that he too can cause your heart to race a little bit just like you have with his all these years. "Don't say them to me if you won't ever be ready to take responsibility over them."
You place your thumb and forefinger on your forehead, squeezing the skin slightly to calm the slight ache you can feel, the vein throbbing slightly and you know it is your anxiety that kicks in because you almost spilled everything out. You quickly stand up and holding your coat tightly, you look at Hyunjin who is still seated and looking at you intently.
"I need to go to the pharmacy next door. I'll wait for you there. Finish your ice cream and come."
You don't turn to look at Hyunjin as you walk out, slightly embarrassed by your own behaviour. Between you and Hyunjin, you are the one who had to keep your cool, making sure you didn't slip up or make a mess so that you could at least have time to clean his spilt milk.
You push the door of the ice cream parlour and walk out, the doorbell ringing at your push and you hold yourself in the cold breeze. If Hyunjin did not respond to it, it is only safe to presume that he feels nothing more towards you. You could at least put two and two together. Or so you thought till Hyunjin is chasing after you, big strides and dark blond hair in the wind as his rubber band comes loose and slides off a bit.
"Y/N!" He shouts and quickly holds your wrist, pulling you so quickly that you stumble forward into him. Hyunjin grips your arms to steady you and he looks at you, his brown eyes trying to peep into your soul. He smiles, hand running through his hair only to bring more strands forward, covering his vision.
Falling in love with Hwang Hyunjin, you realise, is the easy part. He makes it so easy to fall for him — when he smiles at the sun, covering his eyes or when he is covered by the dogs in dog parks all eager to hug him because that's how he just is. You don't even realise when you fall for Hyunjin but when you do, you know you are already sinking and you are far too gone for saving.
It is, however, admitting to yourself that you fell for your best friend that is hard. The Hwang Hyunjin that you have seen since the five year old boy moved next door to you. The Hwang Hyunjin that would cross dress in your clothes. The Hwang Hyunjin that would steal your dumplings. It is the same Hwang Hyunjin that you fall for. You had all these doors with specifications that opened to only men like Lee Minho and yet like the rude asshole that you oh so adorably love he seemed to tear them down. Or perhaps those doors were meant for others and Hyunjin always had a door of his own for your heart.
You should have asked yourself why but would it have really mattered? You're here with Hyunjin by your side, whether he knows your feelings or not and you couldn't be any less glad, even if you are sometimes hiding, imagining a distance instead of seeing Hyunjin right there.
"I'll come back, Jinnie," you tell him, looking up at him and coughing slightly, trying to move back slightly to put some space between the two of you. "I'm not running away. I just need to buy some strips of paraceta—"
"I want to be responsible for them," His gaze doesn't leave yours. "I want to be responsible for you, your emotions and everything you are, if you let me."
You wouldn't dare to shift your eyes away, or focus on anything else. Just Hyunjin. Just your Hyunjin. Your heart beats so fast against your chest that you wonder if it ever had this much for any man or woman. And when Hyunjin pulls you into him, his arms wrapping around your frame, hand flat against your head that buries your face into his chest, you learn that Hwang Hyunjin's heartbeat is always your metronome — the beat your entire life seemed to have moved smoothly to.
You giggle against his chest, breaking into a smile, "Are you asking me out, Jinnie?"
"I guess," he chuckles into your hair, snuggling himself into you. He pulls you back to explain. "My original plan was to ask you out after the practice match that I'll make sure we win, but you could possibly not be there as our manager and what if I miss the chance?"
"You lovesick boy," you laugh, smiling stupidly at him. Hyunjin cups your face and presses his forehead against yours.
"I've liked you for so long, Y/N," and you blush, lips pursed and you smile back, heart fluttering.
"Thank you," you press a kiss against his cheek.
"For what?"
"For being you and for always loving me."
Hwang Hyunjin holds your face and kisses like he is capable of getting rid of all your worries, slowly bleeding into your marrows and cells and soaking you of the very essence he is. He holds you like you are a precious being — and to him, you are because he finally has you after all these years; he finally gets to call you his.
His lips are warm and tasted of mint; obviously from the mint chocolate ice cream earlier. His hands are wrapped around your waist and yours are locked around his neck pulling him down slightly. His strands of blond locks brush against your face, ticking you slightly and you giggle into the kiss. He laughs against your lips before kissing you slowly, drawing the kiss for as long as he could. When you break apart for air, you lean forward and rest your forehead against his, gathering some much needed oxygen. His smile tells you everything you need confirmation over and you smile back, sinking into his hold.
Hyunjin hugs with gentle arms that still gives the space to breathe; yet it is the hug of a strong pair of arms that tells everything that you are - every fibre of your being - that he is with you, and you wonder how he is capable of that. How he is capable of holding like you are his whole world — like he rather hold you than anything else.
Hyunjin does exactly that. He holds you tight and close to him in this cold night, ignorant of everything else around the two of you, like you and him only mattered in the place, like you and him are fireworks in this velvet dark, the blaze that dares to light up the night.
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chanything · 12 months ago
STRAY KIDS in how they show to be into you through skinship 
word count: 419
tags: skz scenario. skz imagines. fluff. soft. flirting. skinship.
Tumblr media
Finds reasons to place hands over your shoulders for a few seconds. If you don't flinch he will know you are comfortable with that and occasionally hold your forearm and knee if you are seated next to each other. 
Tumblr media
Half-beside-you-half-behind-you is the way he stands next to you. He would make his way closer and keep arms crossed initially. If you don't look  bothered about his proximity he would probably put his hands inside his pockets or on his waist so he lets his guard down for you. Your shoulder meets his torso if you move mindlessly.
Tumblr media
Sits next to you placing his arm on the back of your seat so he shows he is around without touching you directly. When you are comfortable next to each other he wouldn't mind enough to move his leg if it touches yours (we all know how Changbin manspreads and he is the only man I don't hate for doing that)
Tumblr media
He is expansive when he laughs so he would use it as an excuse to tilt into your direction. Shows you funny videos and memes on his phone so you can laugh together and attracts your attention towards him. 
Tumblr media
Mirror your actions without noticing because he gets focused on you when you speak. Sometimes he acts in a 14-year-old-boy-flirting mode like bothering intentionally or playing with your hair. Oooorrrr he manages to do funny things being charismatic and witty around you and if you find him funny he gets more confident.
Tumblr media
He is really clingy and a cuddle bug with the ones he is familiar with but It takes him some effort to let himself go when he is next to his crush. He would try to take something out of your face or your hair. Will lay head on your shoulder when you get closer. 
Tumblr media
In the first moment he tends to be careful when it comes to physical contact since he does not want to be intrusive. He would approach you with a touch on your upper back. His hand lingers on your body once you two become more acquainted. 
Tumblr media
Is shy around the person he likes. If he gets to be beside you and his arm touches yours he will step back immediately. In case it happens again he will be more careless about it and just enjoy the chance to get in contact with you.
A/N: I don't owe any of these images. Loosely inspired by neoraso scenario of ateez skinships.
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lvanter · a year ago
Tumblr media
10 things chan doesn’t want you to know
1. he would’ve never made it this far if it wasn’t for the late night talks you had together; the ones where you shared your deepest and darkest secrets, dreams, and aspirations. they meant the world to him back then and still do now.
2. he almost cheated once — he didn’t do it, coming to his senses the last second before his lips touched the strangers. even though he didn’t actually do anything that would be considered cheating, he still feels terrible, and it kept him up late at night 2 weeks after it happened.
3. he used to practice his confession in the mirror (minho has a video of it — chan made him pinky promise not to show it to you).
4. he hates it when you bother him when he’s stressed, even if it’s just a small visit to drop off some food. normally he loves it, but when he’s stressed it pisses him off, but he never says anything in fear of you stopping completely.
5. when you kissed him after his confession was the best moment of his life (although, if you end up getting married, it’ll become the second).
6. he clearly remembers the first words you said to him. your soft and apologetic “i’m so sorry” goes around in his head more than he’d like to admit.
7. sometimes in the middle of the night he wakes up just to admire you and wonder why you ever settled for him when you could do so much better.
8. he has, more than once, let you win a fight just so the fighting would stop. he knows he should stand his ground, but he hates fighting with you with passion. so for him it’s much better to just give in and talk everything through later when you’re both calmed down.
9. he really really really wants to marry you.
10. he already has a ring picked out.
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chaoticminhos · a year ago
drunken mistakes
pairing: hwang hyunjin x reader
genre: smut
warnings: drunkish sex, friends to lovers, size/strength kink
words: 1.6k
a/n: for anon! i hope this fulfills what you had imagined, love!
Tumblr media
you couldn’t form a proper sentence past the giggles leaving your mouth, and you’d honestly already forgot why you were laughing. maybe it wasn’t anything. you tended to think everything was hilarious once you’d had a drink or two.
hyunjin laughed right along with you, falling to lay on his back beside you on your small bed. you were squished between your best friend and the wall, but hey, that’s college living for you.
you propped yourself up on your arms and smiled down at the boy beside you. man, was he pretty. who allowed him to have such perfect eyes and plump lips and those cute dimples? you pouted, and he noticed. he laughed, slurring his words.
“why’re you pouting?”
“you’re prettier than me.”
the bed shook as he let out a loud laugh.
“yeah i am, huh?”
you grabbed the pillow from under his head and smacked him across the face with it, to which he obviously had to retaliate. he ripped the pillow from your hands, easily overpowering you and gaining control over the situation. he had your back against the mattress and arms pinned above you before you could even think of cussing him out.
you tried to glare up at him, but a smile found its way to your lips, and the smile turned into a laugh and before you knew it the two of you were back in a laughing fit.
hyunjin kept his body secure above yours and his hands pinning your wrists down as he laugh, leaning forward and burying his face between your shoulder and the pillow as he laughed. you felt his breath on your neck as he laughed, not even noticing when your breath locked in your throat at your current position and the feeling of his lips so close to your neck.
he raised his head, locking eyes with you, that big, gorgeous, stupid smile still on his face. god, he had perfect lips. you almost just wanted to kiss them.
so you did.
he pulled away the second he registered your lips on his, distancing his face from yours but remaining in his position atop you. his grip on your wrists loosened and he let out a nervous laugh.
“what was that?”
you shrugged your shoulders the best you could given your position, shifting your body uncomfortably under him. through your drunken haze, you could still tell that you fucked up.
he flinched slightly when you wiggled under him before crawling off of you and quickly sitting up and holding a pillow in his lap. it was a nervous habit he had, always needing something to play with.
he repeated himself in the same soft tone, this time laced with confusion instead of amusement.
“what was that?”
so he wouldn’t just settle for a shrug, huh?
“you have nice lips.”
he nodded slowly, silently asking you to continue. you stared at him for a moment. his hair was messy and his arms looked godly in the sleeveless shirt he was wearing. you couldn’t deny that you had one hell of a looker for a best friend, and you’d be lying if you hadn’t thought about doing some... more than friendly things with him. but you wouldn’t ever, because he was your best friend. wouldn’t ever sober, that is. now was completely different.
ah, fuck it.
“we should have sex.”
he opened and closed his mouth a few times, but no words came out. you hadn’t expected him to give in and agree right away, but you pouted anyway.
“come on, jinnie,” you scooted closer to him, hand reaching for the pillow in his lap and tossing it away from him. he immediately jumped to cover his crotch with his hands. he had an obvious and growing problem.
you smiled. you’d be getting what you wanted in no time. this was turning out to be way easier than your 5 seconds of less than sober calculating had predicted. or so you thought.
you reached to remove his hands from his lap, but you were stopped by him grabbing your wrists and returning you to your previous position under him with your hands pinned above you, his timid demeanor long forgotten.
“y/n, we’re drunk-“
you cut him off with a whine, “no, m just a little tipsy! what do you want? you want me to beg? i’ll beg. jinnie, please please please fuck me. everything about you is so pretty, your lips and your cheeks, your hands. just wanna feel your pretty cock in me, just this once, please.”
he snickered, causing you to frown.
“you’re that needy?”
unfazed by his teasing, you continued.
“hyunjin please, i just wanna feel you inside of me.”
he laughed again, but you could feel how turned on he was.
“i never took you for one to beg, y/n.”
you whined again, trying to free your hands from his grip, but you had no luck. you were no match for his full body weight. honestly, you knew he could probably pin you down with less than half of the strength he was using now.
you opened your mouth to plea again only to be shut up by hyunjin crashing his lips to your own. he wasted no time deepening the kiss, biting your bottom lip as a request for entrance. you’d normally tease him, but you had your mind on one thing: getting his dick in you as quickly as possible.
he pressed his body further against you as he moved his lips to your neck, tongue exploring the skin and hunting for a sweet spot. it didn’t take long before he was biting down and sucking harshly onto a particular spot on your neck, causing you to moan out.
with his body pressed flush against you, you could feel just how turned on he was. and to be honest, having his hard cock pressed into your thigh didn’t do anything to calm you down, either.
“hyunjin, can you please fuck me already?”
he chuckled against the skin of your neck, sending a shiver down your spine. he removed himself from you and rid himself of his shirt, followed by the rest of his clothes. you got the hint and followed his actions.
once again he had your back pressed to your mattress, caging you between it and his bare body. he attached his lips to yours once more as he brought a hand to your core, slipping two fingers in with ease.
he smiled as you moaned into the kiss, involuntarily bucking your hips to meet his movements. he pulled his fingers from your heat and brought them to your lips. you opened your mouth, allowing him to slip his fingers down your throat. you struggled not to gag as tears pricked in your eyes.
he hummed, “what a good girl, taking my fingers so well in both her holes.”
he took his fingers from your mouth and ran them over his dick, spreading a mix of his and your juices and your spit along his length before slowly pushing into you.
both of you moaned at the feeling. you couldn’t help yourself from moving as he picked up his pace and pleasure overtook you, but he didn’t appreciate your movements messing up his rhythm.
he gripped your hips hard enough you were sure there would be bruises later to remind you for the future to hold still. effectively stilling your movements, hyunjin continued his assault to your walls, finding your g-spot in record time and building up a knot in your stomach tighter than you’d ever felt before.
“god, you take my cock so well, why haven’t we done this before?”
you didn’t reply and he didn’t expect you to.
“you’re so small, fuck, how do you take me this easily?”
he brought a hand to your core and rubbed harsh circles to your clit while continuing his thrusts into your walls, and you came undone in his hands.
the way you felt around him and the chorus of his name coming from your mouth threw him over the edge along with you. he pulled out, stroking himself a few times as he released himself onto your stomach.
when finished, he ran a finger through the mess he made across your stomach, scooping some up and bringing it to your lips. just as before, you obediently opened your mouth and sucked his fingers clean, moaning at the taste.
he reached to the floor and picked up the shirt you had been wearing and wiped himself off of your stomach the best he could before crumpling the shirt up and tossing it into your laundry basket.
“hey!” you whined, “why’d you use my shirt, dickhead, it’s your mess?”
“you’re the one who seduced me. plus, this is your house, you can just get another shirt. i only have the one here.”
you had at least half a dozen of his shirts around your apartment. he was your best friend and he stayed over practically every weekend.
he gave himself a minute to catch his breath before standing and reaching out his hand for you. you took it, standing and following him to the bathroom where he started your shower running and lead you into it.
surprisingly, taking a shower with hyunjin didn’t feel weird. to be fair, you had his dick in you minutes earlier and that really didn’t feel weird either.
you let him spread soap across your shoulders and stomach, cleaning off the mess he’d made along with the scent of alcohol from your body. you watched as he intently took care of you and a smile found its way to your lips.
maybe drunken mistakes weren’t so bad after all.
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nyctophilin · 12 months ago
Fake affection | I
sweet anon: Can I request a dom! Han Jisung smut? Where he and the reader are fake dating because Jisung want's to make someone jealous but ends up fucking the reader instead? I love your writings so much!!
Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, Chapter IV, Epilogue
Description: Han Jisung has been rejected by the girl he likes one to many times. He decides that he has had enough and is set on making her want him back. What could possibly make her want him more than seeing him with her rival after she boldly assumed he can’t find anyone better. That way Jisung and Y/N are stuck in a fake relationship until Jisung’s crush falls for him. Or he falls for someone else.
All rights reserved © nyctophilin 2020. Re-posting, copying and translating any of my works is prohibited.
Pairing: Han x fem!Reader, Hyunjin x fem!Reader
Word count: 4.5k
Genre: College!AU, Fake dating!AU, Angst, Fluff, eventual Smut
Warnings: swearing, mention of masturbation
A/N: Wow, so it looks like I am unable of making short fics, haha. I planed for this to be a one-shot but it’s already this long and I don’t want to bore you guys with long fics so I will make a second part and a third if needed but I doubt. I really hope you guys like this one. Feedback is very much appreciated.
Tumblr media
      Y/N was tapping her finger on the desk, her head resting in her palm. She was watching the professor walk around in front of the class explaining something but she wasn’t paying attention. Her mind was filled with thoughts about whether or not she was going to get the role. 
      Some people from her university that were majoring in Film Production had to write a script for a short movie and the best five got chosen to be produced. Initially, she believed that only Theater and Film Majors could participate at the auditions but the administration of the school made an announcement one morning informing them that everyone could take part in the audition process. That meant she had to deal with more competitors for the role she wanted.
      Initially, Y/N was the only one who wanted to audition for the main role of one of the movies since people didn’t really catch its concept that well. When the audition day finally came, one Modern Dance major showed up out of nowhere and auditioned as well. The apparition of that particular character made her blood boil with anger.
      Her competitor for the role was none other than Mina, her so-called enemy. They weren’t enemies in the real sense of the word. They just simply didn’t click with one another and silently agreed a long time ago to ignore each other. They weren’t pulling childish stunts on each other, they didn’t speak each other's names unless necessary, they didn’t try to win each other in grades or parties or body counts. They were just mutually ignoring one another. And everything was fine until she showed up there.
      Y/N wasn’t going to lie and say that Mina wasn’t good. Her performance wasn’t exceptional but for someone that has never done that before, she was fairly good. That had her worried about her chances of getting chosen.
      When the bell finally rang ending her suffering she got up in the split of a second and left the room. She could not bear to hear any more of the professor’s babbling. Her boots let out quiet thuds every time they touched the concrete floors. She found herself in front of the announcement board but the paper that was supposed to tell her if she got chosen or not, was missing. Thinking to herself that they probably will put it up later she turned on her heels and made her way towards the cafeteria.
      She met her friend Hayoon there and they sat down at a table situated in the centre of the cafeteria. They talked about how they had been up until then and Hayoon complained about one of her classes and how she’s going to fail it.
      The chatter in the cafeteria died down when the door was slammed open and Mina stomped in, a bitter expression on her face. “I can not believe that they made me a stunt double! What does that even mean?” Her voice was louder than it should have been as she addressed her friends. Her intention was most probably to attract attention.
      A smirk crept on Y/N’s face as she realised that she did, in fact, get the main role. She gave her friend a suggestive eyebrow raise as she slowly took the chopstick to her mouth. Her face dropped when she heard the stomping approaching her. “Hey, loser, what’s a stunt double?” Mina’s voice was scratching her ears. How she managed to sound like one of those toys for dogs sometimes, she’ll never understand.
      “I can’t believe you’ve auditioned for a role without knowing what a stunt double is.” Y/N rolled her eyes at the other girl and a few people from around them chuckled. Mina’s face caught a crimson colour as the embarrassment settled in.
      “Haha, you are so funny!” It was clear by now that the girl was trying to mask her flustered form by trying to embarrass Y/N back.
      The truth was that she didn’t mean to make fun of her. She just let her first thoughts leave her mouth. “I wasn’t trying to be funny.” A sigh left her lips. “A stunt double is a person that executes all the dangerous or action scenes for the main actor so they don’t get injured. Stunt doubles are usually gymnasts, people that know martial arts and all that jazz. They probably chose you because of your dance background.”
      “I can’t believe it. Not only they didn’t give me the role, but they are also going to use me to protect you?” Mina had an annoyed expression.
      “Oh please! Did you really think they were going to choose you? You entered that room without even knowing the concept and somehow managed to get the feel right a couple of times. Meanwhile, some of us actually prepared for that audition.” Y/N was fed up with Mina’s princess behaviour. Always thinking that everything is rightfully hers and expecting everyone to kiss her ass. All that just because her father was donating a big sum of money to the university every term. They are donations at the end of the day and she should not be expecting special treatment just for that.
      Mina’s face became a crimson red for the second time in ten minutes and she stomped away from Y/N’s table. The few people that were watching them averted their eyes when Y/N took a look around.
      From the corner of the cafeteria, someone was watching them with a smirk on their face. Oh, how he got just the perfect idea.
Tumblr media
            Y/N sat in the second closest row to the professor. She was in “Canto class” as she liked to call it. It was one of the optional classes she chose to take that year. It wasn’t a compulsory class for Theater and Film majors since you don’t necessarily have to know how to sing to be an actress but she took it anyway because she thought it would be fun. And so far it was.
      A loud bang invaded her left ear and she turned to find Han Jisung having his back to her and chatting with his friends that were seated a few rows behind them. She raised her eyebrow but didn’t question it. It wasn’t like the seat was occupied and she definitely had nothing against him sitting next to her. He probably just wanted to pay more attention since he and his friends are always distracted during class. 
      Y/N turned back to her stuff and opened her notebook to take another look at the notes from last class. Soon after the professor entered the classroom and the chatter died down. 
      She was vigorously writing in her notebook everything the professor was explaining to them. Suddenly she felt a touch on her left elbow and stopped for a second. She immediately resumed her writing, convinced that he probably did that by mistake. Not even a minute later she felt another touch on her elbow this time more evident. She ignored it again not paying much mind to it. Jisung’s elbow collided with hers causing her to push her notebook and scribble on it.
      She snapped her head towards him and felt anger overcome her when she noticed the smirk on his face. “What?” She whispers yelled in his direction.
      “Hi!” He did a short wave of his hand in her direction and she clenched her jaw. She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply before going back to her note-taking. She had only five minutes of peace before he poked her side again. She smacked his hand away from her and continued to mind her own business.
      Throughout the class, Jisung kept bothering her and trying to talk to her despite her obvious wish to let her take notes. When the bell rang she got up quickly, her blood boiling and left the room in a hurry hoping she could lose Jisung on the busy halls. As she was hurriedly making her way between the sea of people she felt an arm going over her shoulders and she crashed with the owner of the arm.
      “Why are you in such a hurry babe?” Jisung’s voice rang in her ear as they were practically glued to each other. She grabbed his hand and swung his arm away from her shoulders.
      “For the love of God, what do you want from me Han Jisung?” Exasperation was present in her voice as she threw him an ugly look.
      She couldn’t guess what he needed from her to annoy her to that extent. They were acquaintances and nothing more. They knew each other from that one class they shared and the longest interaction they had was when the professor prepared an interactive class once and they had to work in groups of five.
      He was the university’s “heartthrob” as people liked to call him. Y/N personally thought that that title should be given to Hwang Hyunjin who was majoring in Modern Dance. He was more mature than the rest of his friends, he was friendly with everyone and wasn’t pulling pranks on innocent people to entertain some brainless creatures. But who was she to oppose the masses?
      On top of doing all those things, Jisung was also in a relationship with Mina. Every time they are together they will target someone and will start making fun of them. More Mina than Jisung but he was still entertaining her actions and that made him as guilty as she was.
      “I need to ask you something. Or better, make you a proposal.” He winked at her and she felt an uncomfortable shiver run through her. How disgusting.
      “Ok, and what is it?” She threw him an expectant look and he started looking around.
      “Let’s talk outside where there are fewer people. You got a free period, right?” Confusion made its way on her face.
      “How do you know that? Are you weirdo following me?” She has never talked with him as friends and they share only one class. How on earth would he know her schedule?
      “What? No! I see you hanging out around the university all the time after our class.” She rolled her eyes at his answer and gestured her hand towards the closest exit out of the building signalling him to lead the way.
      Very soon they were seated on a bench under a tree somewhere behind the university. It was her first time coming there. Y/N usually liked to remain at the front of the building since couples usually liked to come there and make out sometimes even fuck.
      “I think we should start dating.” He blurted out and she froze for a second before jumping to her feet startling the man.
      “I knew you were fucking weird. I’m leaving!” What in the actual fuck did she think when she came here. For a second she expected a real conversation but Jisung’s main skills were flirting and making bad jokes. She set her expectations way too high for that conversation.
      She picked her bag from the bench and started leaving only to have Jisung grab her wrist and stop her. “Wait, let me explain. I swear you’ll understand better after.” Y/n wanted to turn and leave but the puppy dog eyes he gave her made her stay and listen to him. Now, don’t get her wrong, his expression didn’t soften her but if he was desperate enough to try the puppy eyes on her then it must be important to him.
      She plopped down on the bench and waited for him to start talking. “Look, I’m pretty sure you know Mina. And I know you two aren’t on great terms. I say we date so you can get back at her for all the things she has done to you.” He raised his eyebrows at her and pursed his lips.
      Y/N was the one that raised her eyebrow next as she leaned her head to the side. “Aren’t you and Mina dating?” 
      “Obviously not.” Jisung used a tone that pissed Y/N off. A tone that said ‘It was so obvious, how can you not know?’ and she didn’t like it one bit.
      “Oh, I’m so sorry! I must have read the signs the wrong way. I mean, it's not like you are always together and you carry her backpack around and you hang out outside of school six days out of seven and kiss before classes and make out behind the university probably right on this bench.”
      A smirk appeared on Jisung’s face. “Who’s following who now?”
      “Don’t flatter yourself. Mina’s voice is so annoying I could hear her every time she talked. When I would turn to see what was up now you two were most times engaged in some sort of PDA.” She spoke fast trying to prove that she wasn’t following him. She didn’t know why she felt the need to do that but the thought of Jisung thinking that she has some sort of interest in him was terrifying. He completely humiliated the last “unpopular” girl that confessed her feelings to him and at that moment the last thing she needed was for him to go around saying she is a stalker.
      “Well, we are getting there. I asked her out and she said that she’ll love to but it’s too fun to tease me. When I asked her ‘What if I get a girlfriend?’ she told me I can not find anyone better for me than her. When I saw you fighting in the cafeteria earlier I knew I found my perfect girl. Not only are you hot, but she also hates you.” Y/N raised an eyebrow at his words.
      “Hot?” Her tone was untrusting as this was the first time someone from uni had said that to her. 
      “Yeah. You didn’t think that guys came to last year’s theatre spectacles because they were actually interested in theatre, right?” A laugh left his mouth at her dumbfounded face as she registered his words. A blank expression adorned her face immediately after trying not to seem so surprised.
      “Well, not anymore.” She let her tongue trace her bottom lip before biting the flesh. “Ok, so tell me what you actually want us to do.” Uneasiness settled inside Jisung as he watched her bored face.
      “Well, I mean what I said. We should date. Or fake dating if you will. That way I can make Mina jealous and push her to run into my arms. I bet she can’t stand seeing me with you for too long.” He looked into her eyes hopefully thinking that maybe he convinced her but his hope was quickly shattered when she opened her mouth.
      “What are you? Five? I don’t want to get back at her and I have absolutely no reason to help you in your sick plan. I’m out of here!” Once again she picked up her bag to leave only for Jisung to grab her wrist and stop her, again.
      “Please Y/N! I’m desperate. I’ve been trying to date her for a year and a half already.” That was pathetic. She had absolutely no reason to help him. None at all. But something pushed her to stay and accept his offer. Maybe she could take advantage of the situation.
      Turning her head towards her she tried to keep a straight face as best as she could. “What do I get out of it?”
      Jisung’s face brightened instantly at her question and he held her hand with both of his. “Anything you want. If it’s possible I’ll do it.” His eyes were pouring into hers and a stupid sparkle was present in them.
      “I guess you were going to do that anyway but I want you to present me to your friends.” The same bored expression that she had on for almost the entirety of their conversation was adorning her face. Jisung was amazed at the lack of emotions she managed to show but she was an actress. Maybe she’s just good at her job.
      “Why? Do you have a crush on any of them?” A smirk was enveloping his facial features and he had a teasing tone. Y/N rolled her eyes at his comment.
      “No. Some of them seem like really interesting people but their only defect was hanging out with you. Now that I have to hang out with you too I might as well start talking to them.” She shook his hands off hers before putting it in her front pocket. “Now I have to go to class cause my free period is almost over. See you later, babe!” She winked at him before turning around and making her way to her next class.
Tumblr media
      The next day she met with Jisung in front of the cafeteria so they could walk in together and “announce” their relationship. Somehow he got hold of her number and they texted the night prior about the terms of their little deal. She felt like laughing when she saw how serious he was about it. If he really did end up dating Mina she’ll be convinced that both of them are idiots.
      His arm was over her shoulders as they walked through the tables. Multiple people were staring at them but she decided to ignore them. Upon reaching the table she placed her tray down and took a seat. The people at the table were looking confused at one another and some were throwing Jisung questioning looks.
      “Everyone, meet my girlfriend.” He spoke gesturing with a hand towards her. She smiled at them and waved her hand, muttering a soft ‘Hi!’.
      One of them, who she recognised to be Lee Minho, a Modern Dance major cleared his throat. “Hey. It’s nice to meet you.” He had an awkward smile on. “What are you majoring in?”
      “Yeah, I don’t recall seeing you around campus.” Seo Changbin, a Music Production major added.
      “Oh, I…” She started talking but a puff coming from her left stopped her.
      “Seriously dude? You share a class. She’s L/N Y/N from your Theory and Improvisation class.” The voice belonged to Hwang Hyunjin and she felt a funny feeling in her stomach at the realisation that he knows her. Everyone around the table was throwing him weird looks.
      “You are right but how do you know that? I’m pretty sure you don’t take that class.” There was a trace of embarrassment in her voice.
      “I don’t but sometimes when I wait for those guys outside of the classroom I see you walking out.” He said that with nonchalance taking a bite from his food.
      “And how do you know her? She’s not a Music Production major otherwise we would have known. And she’s not a Dance major either otherwise Minho and Felix would have known about her as well.”Changbin’s tone was almost provoking as if Hyunjin had done something bad and he was about to reveal it.
      “She’s a Theatre and Film major. Last year when we went to all those theatre spectacles to support Jeongin I was actually paying attention to the plays. She had either the main role or the lead. I remember her being really good.” She felt her cheeks heat at his comment.
      “Thank you!” She threw him a smile. However, she got ignored as Lee Felix started talking.
      “Do you know her Jeongin?” She somehow felt offended by his question. Maybe that wasn’t his intention but he should have used a different tone.
      “Of course I do. We share almost all of our classes and last year we worked on multiple plays together.” Annoyance was present in his voice caused by his friends' ignorance.
      She knew Jeongin from the first day. He was the first to speak to her although they didn’t exactly become friends. They kept on working on plays together throughout the entirety of the first year of college but they kept everything mostly professional since they both had their own group of friends and she kind of disliked most of his friends.
      “Then how come you never talk about her?” Now, wasn’t Changbin an annoying one? She rolled her eyes discreetly at his question.
      “Because we are not the best of friends. Why don’t you talk about Kim Gina from your degree?” The youngest question was a good one. They were acquaintances and barely knew something about each other. What was he supposed to talk about?
      “Gina is not hot. What am I supposed to talk about?” The older male said calmly with a shrug of his shoulders.
      The water she was just drinking got stuck in her throat and she started coughing violently. Jisung started hitting her back repeatedly trying to help her swallow. When she finally calmed down she looked at him annoyed.
      “Who she is, is not important. What’s important is that she is my girlfriend” he gave Changbin a side look ”and you have to accept that. Stop talking about her like she is not sitting right in front of you.” A few of them raised their hands in defeat while some of them averted their eyes. Minho and Changbin rolled their eyes.
      She felt her blood pressure spike up at their action. She remembered why she never wanted to talk to any of them. Arrogant pricks.
      “Ok, Mister protective boyfriend. Just tell us when you break up.” Minho took a bite of his food done with the younger man’s antics. Everyone knew that he was in love with Mina. The moment she shows some interest in him he would probably leave this one in a heartbeat.
      Y/N sucked in a breath discreetly. He really got her worked up and she hated it. She put an arm around Jisungs shoulders and yanked him towards her, his face close to her chest. With her other hand, she grabbed the sides of his face making him look up at her and forcefully pursing his lips. 
      “Break up? Do you wanna break up with me, babe?” Y/N’s voice was mocking as if she was talking with a child. Jisung swallowed hard before shaking his head. She smiled at his response and used the hand from around his shoulders to ruffle his hair. “That’s what I thought.” She placed a short kiss on his lips before releasing him and turning back to her food.
      Everyone at the table was looking at both of them shocked, especially Minho and Changbin. She wanted to let a proud smile escape her but she controlled herself.
      For the rest of the lunch, she decided not to engage in any more discussions with Jisung’s friends. She continued eating her food and listened to them talking about things that didn’t involve her, occasionally responding to Hayoon’s texts.
      She was the first one to get up, impatient to go to her next class and not have to see them. “Bye guys. It was lovely meeting you!” She smiled at them, a smile half true because she did like some of them. “Bye babe. See you later!” She grabbed the sides of his face again placing another kiss on his lips before taking her empty tray and leaving them alone.
Tumblr media
      The men all watched her as she made her way out of the cafeteria. When she closed the door behind her they all burst into laughter. Jisung was biting the inside of his cheek irked by their action. When the laughter stopped, Seungmin that was sitting next to him put his hand on his shoulder.
      “I absolutely adore your girlfriend. She knows how to keep her ‘babe’ in check I see.” Seungmin tried cupping his face as Y/N did but Jisung slapped his hand away.
      “Are you her good boy, Jisungie? Does she give you rewards if you listen to her?” Minho cooed at him and Jisung held back an insult.
      “Shut the fuck up. It’s not like that. She surprised me as well. Who the fuck knew she was going to do that?” When he proposed the whole fake dating thing to her he thought it would be easier. Looking at it now he can’t understand why he thought that. He saw the way her fights with Mina unfold and he knew she was an actress which meant that she was probably either crazy confident or really good at faking it. For some reason, he thought she would be easier to tease and control but it would be a lie if he said it didn’t intrigue him. He liked a challenge and if the prize was Mina he would try his best.
      “And you man” Chan spoke for the first time “what the fuck was that? Do you know her entire biography?” He was looking at Hyunjin who rolled his eyes.
      “I told you I paid attention to last year’s plays. On top of that, she’s hot. I remember that after one spectacle I and the guys from my dance group at the time talked about her for like a month. She was so..” The man let out a groan and threw his head back trying to explain what he meant.
      “Sure, tell me more. Did you masturbate to the thought of my girlfriend? Perhaps got any wet dreams about her?” Jisung commented, raising an eyebrow.
      Hyunjin winked at him as a smirk made its way on his face. Some of the guys simultaneously let out disgusted sounds at his gesture.
      “But how did this whole thing happen? I can’t remember a moment when you talked about her or when you were together.” Felix’s deep voice rang making everyone pay attention to him.
      Changbin suddenly let a gasp out and dramatically covered his mouth. “Yesterday our little Jisungie sat next to her in Theory and Improvisation and when the class ended he ran after her. I think he might have had a secret crush!” The older man teased.
      “Yeah, but she looked really annoyed with him. Hence why she sprinted out of the class. Why would she accept to date him if she looked like she’d rather listen to Mr Jung talk about the first piano ever invented.” Chan intervened making Jisung shrug his shoulders.
      “She was annoyed with me but what can I say? I’m so charming she couldn’t refuse me.” He leaned back in his chair putting his arms over the back of the chair. 
      “I think she did it out of pity. When she realized you’ve been trying to get Mina for a year and a half now she probably felt so bad for you she decided to sacrifice herself so you look less like a loser.” Hyunjin said his tone way to serious to be a joke.
      Jisung threw the man a deadly stare. “At least I didn’t masturbate to the thought of her like a fucking virgin.” He spat in the other man’s face.
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softyn · a year ago
Number Neighbor | Masterlist
pairing: Fanboy! Han Jisung x Youtuber! Reader
genre: Social media! AU; fluff, comedy, sightly angst.
↳ Jisung has been a fan of y/n since he can remember, what will happen when y/n posts her new youtube video texting her number neighbor who turned out to be Jisung?
Tumblr media
Intro 01 | Intro 02
part 0 part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 7.1 part 8 part 9 part 10 part 11 part 12 part 13 part 14 part 15 part 16 part 17 part 18 part 19 part 20 part 21 part 22 part 23 part 24 part 25 part 26 part 27 part 27.1 part 28 part 29 part 30
Epilogue 1 | Epilogue 2
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chanluster · 6 months ago
10/10 | {m} ; {c} ; {f}
oneshot | friends with benefits! au | 18.7k words
“Because what you feel for your best friend cannot be described in words, but in numbers.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
s u m m a r y > > you and bang chan had no secrets between one other. each detail of your life would be discussed with your best friend of forever, no matter how insignificant it may be, through a little system you both had concocted — through a small rating. a number out of ten. a simple concept, used from being a child and rating your cookie a solid eight out of ten to your later years in high school, giving your first kiss a measly five. however, when you confess an average rating of your sex life in one hazy evening, chan decides this dilemma cannot be solved with buying you consolation cookies. he must simply raise that rating, all by himself.
w a r n i n g s > > friends to lovers! au, college! au, music! major chan, music! major reader, you both are literally soulmates, came out the womb holding hands, so much teasing, sexual! tension! chan has a massive fucking cock (i mean isn’t it obvious already), shit loads of making out, aggression, fingering, oral (f. and m. receiving), unprotected sex (stay safe homies!!!), kinda hate sex, orgasming left and right, ex! hyunjin, who’s also really bad at sex lmfaoaoao sorry king, chan is hella soft dom at the start but goes !!! hella hard later!!!! (i mean idk but) shit ton of fluff, friend! jisung which chan gets soooo jealous of, reader is so fucking annoyin, teensy weensy bit of angst, and yeh basically me venting out my love for chan once again
p l a y l i s t > > here!
a u t h o r ’ s n o t e > > this is dedicated to my dear friend chloe, boo i love u so much and thank you for that insane prompt :( also help this feels so rushed to me at the end but i hope y’all do enjoy <3
t a g l i s t > > @hanflix @thatonepieceofpineapple @kimkailover @decembermoonskz @smilesohwas @missskzbiased @illicit-roses @embroideredstarz @freckledquokka @moonluvbunny @aliceu @coupscarat @maedesculpaeusoubi @baby-wolf @multi-fandom-kpop-stan​ @minaamhh @leescrt
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Tumblr media
Hyunjin’s face faltered completely at your words. It was expected, really. The poor boy was not anticipating this news.
“Wh-what?” he asked, a little too loudly, catching the stares of a few others in the coffee shop. You immediately glared at him, and he retracted back into his seat, but still had a befuddled expression on his face. 
You sighed a little. “Look,” you started, swirling your latte with a thin, wooden stirrer. “I’m going to be completely honest with you. I just think we’re much better off as friends.”
“Friends?” the boy flinched at the term, and even you had to hide your self-distaste. God, ____, at least try to be a little nicer! “Damn it, we’ve been dating for nearly three months, and you think we’d automatically become friends?!” he leaned in, knitting his eyebrows in growing desperation. “What the hell happened?”
You fought hard to not scratch the back of your neck. And possibly run away from the shop. Taking a long sip, you tried to feign the most sympathetic expression you could muster. “Hyunjin, please…”
“B-but, babe—” he started, and his eyes widened, trying to grab onto your hands which cupped the latte. “I don’t understand, we were so happy!” He huffed a smile, trying to convince you of your oh-so heavenly times spent with him. “Why are you thinking like this?”
You tried not to retract your hand from his — not only because it was hard to console him, but because they were embarrassingly sweaty. “Don’t think I have just done this on a whim. I have thought long about this decision.”
Finally, something out of your mouth which wasn’t a blatant lie. You had been thinking of breaking up with this goon — had the notion in your mind for half the time you dated him.
“____,” he said, and the melancholy you heard in his voice had you silencing your tongue. “What’s happened?” He began to caress your hand with his fingers. “Have I...have I done something wrong?”
Oh no. There it was. The reaction you dreaded.
Well, kind of. But still. Not the reaction you imagined in the perfect situation. 
Reluctantly, you put a hand over his fingers, hoping that your face was a painting of sympathy. 
Don’t say it, girl! Don’t you dare!
“It’’s not you.”
You put your hand on your heart. 
“It’s me.”
Oh, Jesus.
Your eyes raised to his own, wide and glistening. 
Now, you knew Hwang Hyunjin was not the brightest kid on campus. The boy, who once asked you what the purpose of a spork was, may not have possessed the most intelligence, but you were scared that he may be smart enough to figure out that what you just said was complete, utter bullshit. 
Face it, ____. You’re done for.
A few tears spilled from his eyes, and a pang of guilt shot through you. “I-I see.” 
He did not let go of your hands. “We can still be...friends, right?” he sniffled, blinking at you rather irritatingly. “Like, we can still hang out together?”
You raised a brow, but reigned in a sarcastic reply. The boy would probably not even understand. “Of course,” you replied, a saccharine smile on your face. “But I think it’s best if we had some space from each other, okay?”
That was not the answer he seemed to be looking for, but he nodded, a little sadly. “Okay.” He still refused to take his hand away. “Does that mean I can’t rock up at yours midnight anymore if the junior needs a little taking care of?” 
Your brows could not help furrow in absolute exasperation. “Yes, Hyunjin,” you monotoned, unable to believe that you put up with this man for three months. “Now can you let go of my hand?” 
Realising his clammy hold on you, he flushed, looking away from your directory gaze. “I...should go, then.”
“No, no,” you insisted, getting up from your seat as you grabbed onto your drink. “I shall leave. I’m the one who dumped this news on you.” 
You debated leaving without paying for the latte — you knew the boy was still infatuated enough to cover your expenses. Sadly, shame coursed through your veins, and you cursed yourself for feeling a little sympathy for your now ex. “Here,” you offered, fishing out a little cash from your jacket. “For the drink.”
When you nearly stepped past him, you stopped, looking down at him as he tilted his head upwards. Your hand itched to put upon his shoulder, but you knew better. Hyunjin would only take that as a hopeful sign.
“I’m sorry,” was the last thing you said before you left the coffee shop.
Upon falling into a leisurely step onto the street, you let out a harsh breath, an endless amount of relief washing over you.
You were almost delighted to let Hwang Hyunjin go.
Now, it was not like he was a monster who had caged you into his two-feet-squared, dingy flat. In fact, the boy was, in almost every way, a decent boyfriend, whose stupid personality earned him a few laughs. 
Although extremely corny, the problem was not truly all him.
It was partly you as well.
Hearing your phone vibrate, you brought it out from your jeans pocket, already having an inkling on who the sender was, spamming you with messages.
bitch have you done it?
hoe answer the phone i’m dying!! 
or prolly hyunjin at this moment lmaooo
You could not help the eyeroll which escaped from his words, and you decided to ignore him until you arrived at your destination. 
Which, evident from the persistent vibrations still, you figured you could not do.
i KNOW ur reading my messages DAMN just tell me!!
unless this is hyunjin and u killed her FUCK
haha dude whats poppin!! best man for ____ by far don't know why she was breaking up w u 
chan i will kill u :)
hyunjin i promise i didn't mean it when i said u looked like a cheese string w ur new hair
that was ur girl putting words in my mouth 
omfg chan STFUUU i’m coming
Letting the man panic, you turned a left into student residence, buildings lined down the street, providing accommodation for hundreds of people like you in need of a place to sleep, eat, party, and contemplate the inevitability of death under.
Smiling at a few acquaintances, you entered the designated building, finding yourself with dozens of doors of the same, dead colour. Walking along the hallway, you stopped right at the very last one, bringing out your keys.
With a single twist you unlocked the door, but before you wrapped your hand around the knob the door swung open, catching you completely off guard.
“Funny, Hyunjin, how did you manage to transform into a little bitch so quickly?”
You cursed at the man who welcomed you.
“Damn it, Chan,” you said, hand on your chest. “You nearly gave me a heart attack.”
“Sad it didn’t kill you off, then.”
You heard him splutter into laughter at your sad attempts to pinch his shoulder, glaring daggers into his crescent eyes. The bumbling idiot was Bang Chan, the one man you managed to keep for your entire life. That too is purely because none of you could manage a stable, healthy relationship — which was a shame, of course, when your best friend, with his fluffy, raven curls, black-oversized hoodie and sweatpants, was admired by so many. You often wondered how you had not fallen at his feet when he smiled at you, but then he’d open his mouth and all would be understood, as your anger would flare up, and rush to hit him as hard as possible. 
He gave you such a smile then, fingers gripping the doorframe. “How is Rapunzel, then? Sent him back to the tower?”
Wrenching his hand off the frame, which nearly had him falling onto the floor, you side-stepped past his stumbling figure, peeling off your jacket. “Rapunzel is never stepping in our lands again.”
After regaining his step, he muttered a cursed endearment your way and sat himself down on the couch, instantly settling his laptop upon his legs. “Oh, God. How badly did you break his heart, ____?”
Smiling, you dumped the jacket on the side table as you entered the living room, settling on the other end of his sofa. Propping your legs upon his, you pondered over the answer, and said, “At least a good seven.”
Chan let out a little whistle. “Oh, he’s definitely causing a shitshow on the groupchat tonight.” A huffed laugh was his answer. “Want Chinese or Indian tonight?”
“Surprise me,” you said as he brought out his phone. He dialled a number, and then you added, “Actually, can we please get Chinese?”
“No, we’re getting Indian.”
You raised a brow. “Didn’t you cry the last time you had their special curry?” 
The man stared at you for a minute before sighing, putting the phone to his ear. “I’d like your least spiciest dish please.”
He groaned as you pushed his legs off the couch, laughing at his pathetic tolerance towards spice. As he carried on with his order, you grabbed the TV remote, surfing through the channels. 
Even after all these years, you still found it endearing how Chan understood the depth of the numbers you tell him. The system between you two had been created during kindergarten, when, on the last day, you both had received such delicious cookies that words could not express the joy you felt when having the first bite. It was a mere joke at first, rating random classmates despicably low in middle school to even more serious situations, when you moaned to your best friend of your mundane kiss, expecting fireworks and butterflies yet were only met with an over-enthusiastic tongue. 
Chan himself used this system  — it was the reason you knew of his distaste towards spicy food, and certain girls he had dated in the past. Even now, when the two of you had started college together, working on the same projects and going to the same parties, this concoction had not been shelved in your memories. Although this may be something which others might deem insignificant, the concept had become a pillar of your friendship with this absolute loser.
The food arrived within the hour, and you both continued your box set as the plastic containers were cracked open, the pungent smell of curries and biryanis filling the room. Chan provided the plates and cutlery while you poured him the sufficient amount, and you rebuked his whining as you added the spicier dishes onto his plate.
“I refuse to let you eat only korma, Crispy,” you scolded. “Prick, careful! Don’t spill it on your laptop!”
“Bitch!” he yelped as a bit of the residue nearly stained his sweats, but was saved by his hands. “Just ruin everything I wear, why don’t you? Now I got curry on my fingers!”
You propped your legs over his again, eyes upon the screen once more, and the action occurring. “Just lick it off?”
“How about you do it for me?” the boy then simpered out, and you nearly tossed your entire dish on his head. 
“Let’s just focus on Tommy and his cocaine problem,” you dismissed him, but returned his impish smile as you elbowed him, nearly causing his food to stain his hoodie.
The two of you seemed to settle down after a bit and watched the show, commenting on the terrible choices the characters were making, and then boasted of how you and him could easily be the better leader from the protagonist. Soon, you had finished your takeout, and after Chan followed, he got up, hurrying into the kitchen situated behind the doorway in the lounge. He then came back, you delighted to find his hands occupied with two tubs of Ben & Jerrys’.
“Gimme, gimme, gimme!” you sang, snatching one of the tubs from him and pulling open the cover, digging straight in. “I didn’t know you brought ice cream!”
“Thought it’d help with the breakup,” he confessed, settling back into the sofa, shuffling closer to you. “But it doesn’t look like you need it.”
“Oh, I can’t believe Hyunjin broke my heart like this!”
Chan shook his head at your melodrama. “You may fool the looney princess, but you’re not fooling me.”
“You know me too well,” you said, which he agreed to with an absent-minded hum, eating his dessert.
There was a short pause, a comfortable silence reigning upon you both for a little before your best friend broke it, gulping down his ice cream.
“No, you’re not having any of mine.”
Chan prodded you lightly with his foot. “No, I don’t mean that. I was just wondering something.”
“You’re not...upset, right?” He took a bite of his ice cream. “Like, I know you always complained about him, but breakups can be difficult.”
You looked at him, and saw genuine concern painted on his face — along with a little vanilla stain on the corner of his lips. “You don’t have to pretend to be happy if you’re not, okay?” he continued. “Especially with me.”
Your heart melted slightly. “Of course, Chan, don’t worry. I wouldn’t ever lie to you.” 
Turning to the TV screen, you sighed as you thought of your recent relationship. “There were good moments for sure. He was still a sweet guy, you know?” You then stabbed the creamy plains inside the tub. “It was just so...dull.”
The man beside you took in another bite, if a bit slow. “What do you mean?”
Following him, you relished the chocolate goodness, swallowing. “Dates were kind of boring. I carried most of the conversations because he’s too thick to talk about anything.”
Chan let out a soft snort. “I remember you telling me about it. I can certainly believe it.”
“Well, you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you next.” You focused on your ice cream, a sarcastic smile plastered upon your face. “Hyunjin. Hwang Hyunjin was terrible at sex.”
You did not need to see your best friend to sense his shock. “What?”
A small chuckle escaped you. “First time he fucked me, I think I cried. Not because it was so good, no, but because it was so bad.”
“No way,” Chan said, brows furrowed. “Didn’t you say he had a big dick or something?”
“That’s the downside, bud,” you countered, halfway through your tub. “Because he had a massive cock he thought that was enough for me to enjoy. But it’s not. He just did not know what to do with it!” 
The man had been silenced. He took another bite of his ice cream, in disbelief. “So you were...deprived of pleasure?”
“Deprived?” You scoffed. “Chan, I thirsted for a crumb of pleasure. God, can you believe I’ve faked nearly all my orgasms with him?”
This time, your friend glanced at you in horror. Carrying on, you said, “The only real orgasm I had was not even because of him. God, I was thinking about Lee Donghyuck singing between my legs.”
A soft growl entered your ears. “Oh Christ.”
“Bastard was so proud when I came all over him,” you crowed, trying to sweeten your bitterness with the dessert. “If only I told him I undid myself for an idol I’m never going to meet.”
Your friend did not say anything. The episode finished, and when you noticed his further silence, you used it to your advantage, starting a romantic comedy before he could even complain.
Even with the movie on for about twenty minutes, and the romance you thoroughly enjoyed, the man stayed quiet, idly stirring his melted ice cream in the tub. You ignored his rather odd behaviour, assuming he was either thinking of his assignment or had gotten a brain freeze. Either way, it let you watch your movie in peace, swooning outwardly at the man’s teasing to the girl.
One hour in, and you asked if Chan was okay. “Yeah...yeah, I’m good,” was his answer, sending you a second-long smile before going back to his brain freeze. You raised a confused brow, but went back to the chick flick, gasping when the boy went back for his love.
This was it. The fireworks, the passion which exuded from the mere actions of lips enveloping lips, hands holding onto waists or necks or locks and refusing to let go. You craved for your heart to drop down in lust as you let yourself fall, be wrapped up in another as you undid yourself. Where was this? Where was this for you?
Did you not deserve your desires to be fulfilled? Did you not deserve to have your entire world turned upside down in pure exhilaration?
Before you knew it, the credits rolled, and you let out a long, laboured sigh, leaning into the cushions. “Maybe it’s time I find myself a millionaire who’d pay me to have sex with me.”
The man was still looking at the now black screen. “Do you mean a prostitute?”
“Well, yes, but—” you groaned. “You know what? Maybe I’m meant to stay forever displeased.”
It was after a long time your best friend spoke. “Or…” he cleared his throat. “You find yourself someone who would pleasure you.”
You turned to him. “Wowie, thank you for a perfect solution! I really wouldn’t know what I’d do without you.”
Then, you saw his eyes darken. “____.” He propped the tub upon the coffee table. “Why search for other alternatives when you have options right here?”
Confusion marred your mind, not just from his words, but his entire change of character. “Chan, what are you on about?”
“____,” he said, and his hand inched closer to yours. “ I’m saying you should have a friends with benefits.”
The silence was suddenly heard. You did not realise the sheer weight of this man’s gaze till his very stare gravitated you to him. The lights were dimmed, and all you could see from the laptop’s light was his face — his beautiful face. 
What was all this? Why was your best friend looking at you like that? Why were you being affected by his gaze?
“I…” You could barely get the words out. “I never thought about that before.”
Chan had no such problem. “Well, maybe you should. There are many who would gladly be that person for you.”
You gave him a look. “And who would they be?”
A slight cock of his head. “____, who is your best friend, in the same class as you, share the same interests and would help you out in any way whatsoever?”
The question rather befuddled you. Why couldn’t the man just say the answer already? You thought of the few viable options, tossing, turning the names. 
Then it occurred to you. Your friend’s face sparked a little in what could only have been hope.
“I know!” you exclaimed, holding onto his arm. “I should ask Jisung!”
The little sliver of hope in his eyes morphed into annoyance. “What the fuck?”
Raising your brow, you asked, “Is that not the right answer?” You listed out the evidence. “He’s basically my best friend, is in music with us, we like similar things and would be willing to help me in any situation. I think.”
When you were done, you found yourself more confused when Chan closed his eyes, shaking his head. “What?” you demanded.
“Oh my God.”
His fingers caressed yours, and you gasped to find your skin prickling at the touch. You raised your eyes to his, and found yourself lost for words.
“You dumb bitch, I should be your friends-with-benefits.”
Your mouth dropped.
Perhaps you would have said something, but then his thumb began stroking your skin, and you figured it was better to relish that instead. Thus, you looked at him, gobsmacked, not entirely sure what to say to his declaration. 
It seemed Chan was a little nervous too. “Look, I can tell you’re surprised…” he paused, a little lost for words as well. “Fuck, I guess I shouldn’t have suggested so early into the breakup, but you just…”
He pinned you with his gaze. “I couldn’t have my best friend miss out on the pleasure she deserves. And if that means giving you the pleasure myself, then I will do it.”
Bang Chan. Not just the best friend you’ve ever had, but the man who proposed benefits to this certain friendship.
“Well,” you got out, after what seemed like eternity. “Well damn.”
“We don’t have to do anything right now. Or even anytime soon.” He let go off your hands, and you did not know why the touch was missed so greatly. “Just...think about it for me, will you?”
You didn’t really have it in you to refuse. “Of course,” you said, feeling the need to touch something. Your eyes fell upon the remote, and figured you should distract yourself by watching the next episode of the series you previously watched. 
You needed a clear distraction, or else Chan would not need to wait long for his answer.
The episode began, and you watched, clamping your lips together as you felt the man shuffle closer to you, one hand sprawled on the top of the couch with his other hand idly surfing on his laptop. You rooted your eyes to the screen, finding yourself engulfed in 1920s England, trying to forget that your best friend left no space between you two.
Managing to somehow distract yourself from the lack of distance, you even began to relax, swooning softly of the gangster’s mannerisms towards his love interests, their intimate dancing in her bedroom. It was touching, and you even let yourself lean into your friend, who, too, glanced every now and then, a little smile upon his face.
Everything was fine and dandy until the characters started to kiss.
Now, there was nothing wrong with kissing. You were a hopeless romantic, and adored to see the actions of love on screen, the final breaking of barriers between two characters.
The problem was, the kissing did not seem to end there. The bigger problem was that this lust on screen made you all the more aware of your best friend beside you.
You froze, watching with no small amount of confused shock as the characters increased their desires, unbuttoning their clothes, discarding them as their lips moved against each other’s. Your eyes widened at the nudity, once never a bother but suddenly extremely embarrassing, as they collided, bare chest to bare chest.
The matters did not help at all when you sensed the increased beating of Chan’s heart, almost as loud as the instruments harmonising in the background. His searching on his laptop had ceased, as frozen as you were as his eyes refused to look away to the man and woman making love.  
It was too much. You had seen much worse scenes in your life before, but never had one made you so hot and bothered. Of course you knew why, though. Of course you knew, when the man you laid your head upon was breathing harder than you do when you walk up a flight of stairs. 
You did not waste a minute longer as you pointed the remote to the TV, and switched the screen off. Completely black, void of further lust radiating through the glass. 
A shuddered breath escaped Chan. “Well...double damn.”
You did not answer back. Only distanced yourself on the sofa, his fingers on the couch brushing against the back of your head. His touch may have been the last thing you needed then.
But that was not true. Seeing that sex scene, all glorified and affectionate, had you craving his touch. Your eyes could not bear to meet him, but his presence was suffocating enough. God, if you did not leave that couch now, you would dare to do something quite unimaginable.
Chan did not seem to move either. Your presence, too, had him nearly choking out a pained sob. Anymore time spent, and he would have another problem erecting soon.
At last, when a few minutes seemed like hours, you felt your friend stir. You were surprised to be devastated at the prospect of him leaving.
You were further shocked when, as Chan mustered all the strength in himself to get off the couch, he was stopped by your hand encircling his wrist. 
Whirling his head at your direction, his eyes widened. He was met with your own aghast ones, as your hand tugged him back to the couch.
You did not let go of his wrist as you whispered the words you never thought would have left your mouth that night.
“Let’s do it, Chan.”
His hand went limp in your hold.
For a second you thought he died under your grasp, but the way he parted his mouth went against your judgement. Perhaps you had sent his living soul flying out of his body, but you could not blame him — you did not feel at all like yourself just then.
“I wanna do it,” you murmured, refusing to let go. 
Chan’s eyes darted to the tight hold upon his wrist, and then to you once more. He opened his mouth, closing it straight after as he glanced away.
With a heavy sigh, he looked to you once more, an abundance of emotions swirling in his usually mischievous, soft eyes.
“Are you sure, ____?” He leaned a little closer, causing your heart to malfunction for a second. “You don’t have to think about it now—”
“Well, it’s all I can think about,” you cut him off, eyes never leaving him, despite the reddening of your cheeks. “And I want to do it.
“Like I said, Chan.” You shuffled a little closer, and your knees brushed against his. “I am deprived of pleasure.”
The man blinked once, twice, taking your declaration all in. He had to tell himself that this was not a dream, but a very much a fortunate reality, and that you were asking him of something he had been wanting to give you for a very long time.
There it was. Something he wasn’t quite ready to admit. You wanting your desires met by him was so much more than enough.
Dreaming still, he slithered one hand around your waist, almost like second nature as the other found refuge upon your face. His fingers were tender, softly caressing your cheeks as his eyes beheld you in a way he had never before..
This change of sight had you unable to look away from him.
“If you feel uncomfortable with all this…” he swept away a stray curl. “I will stop. That’ll be the end of it.”
You nodded, finding solace within his eyes. “I know.”
But there was no discomfort. Rather an impatient welcome, a growing urge for your needs met. Promises fulfilled. 
When you sensed him lean closer, so shy and yet so determined, hands still holding you, those vows were sure to be carried out.
You found out in the best way possible — the second when Chan brushed his lips against yours. 
His touch had you flying out your skin; well, not really, but it sure felt as such, when his mouth moulded with yours, a confirmation that he was strangely perfect for your own two lips, that he was meant to embed himself upon your mouth. 
You closed your eyes, heart climbing up your chest as your hands skimmed around his neck. Chan began his movements, and you were so unaccustomed to the actions that you could not help but be led by his kiss. The man had a way of making you listen to his every order, vocalised or not. 
The kiss was so...unreal. It was all that rang in your mind, over and over as the man took his time; he carried out a sensual rhythm upon your lips, not only to avoid overwhelming you, but to fully take in his situation — that he was kissing you, and no other girl who he had never dreamed of. 
He had all the time in the world for this.
The hand upon your waist gripped onto you a little harder, nails skirting around the hem of your shirt. His tongue teased you now, running along for entrance, to delve inside and drink in your every essence. Your mouth practically begged the man to prowl inside, opening up to him completely, a signal of full trust. 
You wanted this as much as he did. 
His elated rush was expressed through his tongue, when it slithered inside your mouth. Butterflies erupted in your body at the way he swirled it along with yours, almost playing with your tongue as if you both did. Of course, this is slightly different, because your gimmicks with Chan never had you salivating at the mouth. Nor feeling like you’re about to leak into your clothes from his touches.
Which really was the situation you ended up in; Chan, his hand now skimming under your shirt, revelling the skin of your abdomen, warming beneath his touch. The hand, once upon your face, had latched upon your locks, while you ran your fingers through his own velvety hair, nearly undoing yourself over the soft feel. 
Just when you thought he was going in for more, he broke away, hands still upon you — your breathing was ragged, the man in front of you panting slightly as well. His eyes, with no small amount of surprise, seemed a little feverish, whether that be from a random cold he contracted during the minutes he kissed you, or…
Or, as you found yourself biting your lip, he took an intoxicated toll over you, and how exquisite it was to drive his tongue in your mouth.
“Better than Rapunzel?” He whispered, so close his breath fanned your lips, spit-slick thanks to him. 
You made sure he was aware of your fingers threading in his locks, eliciting a low murmur. “Rapunzel better not leave the tower again.”
Chuckling, he wasted no time before he was upon you again, an invisible leash on him threatening to snap. He drove the shirt higher, skirting up your sides until he broke away from you for a mere second before peeling the shirt off of you and tossing it beside him.
Heaving, the sight of you in a bra was making the leash all the more tight, hands never leaving your sides as he latched onto your neck. Leaving open-mouthed kisses, down and down until his lips trailed past your collarbone, you let the moans leave your mouth, heightened and quick and unexpected. Suddenly he descended on you, kneeeling on the floor with hands following suit. 
Pleasure. You were oozing with pleasure as you hurried for the hems of his black hoodie, needing to have it off and run your hands on the expanse of his chest. Chan, a little preoccupied, did not realise your demands until you whined out your request.
“Chan—!” you gasped out as his lips left your belly, fingers upon the buttons of your trousers. “Hoodie, I need it off!”
The man only continued with his task, taking the zip down. “Up,” he rushed out, gesturing with his hand.
Dazed, you replied with a confused murmur, only understanding the need to take his stupid hoodie off.
He looked up from his endeavours, and the sight of him hovering between your legs nearly undid you. “I mean your hips, baby, put them up.” He grabbed onto the sides of your jeans. “I wanna take this off.”
Gulping, you raised your hips, giving Chan ease to pull your jeans, all the way down until your legs were bare, save for the soiled underwear which he instantly landed his eyes on. 
His mouth slipped out an uneasy fuck, which was just the right way to have you leaking even further. “Chan, come on,” you hurried, seething at the throbbing. 
His hands pushed you back on the couch, travelling down until they caressed the back of your knees. Pulling you closer from there, he leaned in until he was a few inches away from your moistened cunt, hurting more the longer he made you wait.
It wasn’t his fault, really. He still felt as if he’s living a dream he did not deserve. 
Fingers drumming against the back of your knees, the man blew a little upon your folds, and you let out a strained hiss at the soft breeze. This hypersensitivity was going to be your undoing, but even the smallest of actions brought you such thrill.
“I’m about to spoil you good, ____,” he whispered, and before you could reply, he descended.
The first kitty lick along the surface had you in shock.
Tendrils of pleasure gushed inside you, lurking all over your body as Chan swiped his tongue along the outside of your cunt, teasing, shying away, awaiting your reaction. You answered him with an indecipherable noise, a sound which had never escaped you before.
Maybe because no one had ever played with your cunt like this.
You truly had wasted your time with Hyunjin — this man, tasting your arousal, let out a satisfied hum, and when he dug deeper with his tongue, spreading your legs further, the moans you let escape were, for the first time, absolutely real. No acting, no bullshit.
Just like your best friend promised.
“Chan—!” You stuttered out, when he began circling your clit. “God, just like that!” You encouraged further, hips shaking at the way he made a mess of you. 
In response his hands left your legs, pressing them upon your hips. To your horror he paused his actions, peering up from your legs. 
The slick shining upon his lips could well have made you cum on his face right then and there. “I need you to stay still, baby,” he said, his hands on your hips keeping you in place, as his eyes did the same. “So I can do this properly.
“I don’t want you getting half-assed pleasure, okay?”
His soft demands, his calm explanations brought you in a further state of frenzy. You could not nod faster, chuckling emitting from him as his hands travelled down once more. 
“Good girl.”
And his mouth was upon your cunt again, this time the leash finally snapping as his tongue hardened against the seams. Your moans could have been heard in the hallways, but you didn’t particularly care when Chan, in the midst of his ravenous lapping, introduced the prospect of his fingers, caressing your dripping folds, swiping them over around the edges.
You didn’t know what to do — your hands scrambled to fist the fabric of the couch, laying back against the pillows. The hold grew tighter when your best friend slid his middle finger inside of you.
The journey may have been slow, but that was what made it all the more delightful. Feeling it go deeper and deeper had a particularly loud groan flying out of you, but the rhythm he adopted, pulling it out, but then diving it back again without leaving your cunt, had you delirious. 
A once foreign, unimaginable feeling you never thought you’d experience, was back inside — the heavy sensation deep within your gut, like a dull ache which grew more known the harder Chan worked between your legs. The feeling you had only ever experienced when you imagined Donghyuck instead of your ex-boyfriend in this similar situation. 
Fuck, there it is, you thought. The feeling of your incoming orgasm.
And it was not going to go if this man worked harder than the devil tonight.
“Chan—fuck—” you got cut off when he increased the speed of his finger inside of you. “I-I’m close.”
Never ceasing his finger, he looked up at you, hooded eyes welcoming you despite the tenderness on his face. “You’re doing so good, ____. So fucking good for me,” he cooed, melting your heart despite the situation. 
This time, he accompanied his fingering with a second digit, stretching out your walls and working harmoniously together in making you submit to him. Already you felt as if he’d filled you up, and the actions of his digits practically scissoring inside of you had every muscle in your body readying for release.
He dove back in, merciless to your clit, and all this work, everything at once, was so much that when you cried out, your release had to follow through. You couldn’t control yourself as you let your cum escape, staining the couch and the floor — most importantly, how most of it landed in Chan’s mouth. 
Breathing unevenly, and louder than you ever thought possible, you closed your eyes, slumping further into the couch. You sensed an emptiness inside you, and figured Chan had taken out his fingers. Opening your eyes, you saw him close your legs together, propping his head upon your lap, hands supporting his chin. He looked up at you, licking his lips free of your residue.
Oh. My. Fucking. God.
The man smiled at you. “Satisfied?” he asked, fingers caressing your skin. 
Oh, of course you were. Damn it, you were more than satisfied — you were positively elated. If he had managed to make you cum with his fingers and tongue alone, imagine what he could have done with his dick.
You blinked. 
Imagine what he could have done with his dick.
Perking up, you looked to the man kneeling before you still, anticipation brimming in his stature. “Please tell me you didn’t fake it.”
Embarrassment engulfed your body at the idea. “Chan, if you really think I faked all of that then I deserve an Oscar.”
Pride washed over his features. “Good.”
You then watched him slowly get up, climbing over you, hands skirting up your figure till he captured your face in his hands and pressed his lips against yours. You had enough strength to kiss him back, but failed to exceed him when he began nibbling upon the swell of your lip, making you revert to stage one of your growing need all over again.
Breaking away, you glanced up at him, holding onto his hoodie. “I want...more.”
The man stilled his actions, hands going limp upon your skin. You had about three seconds of panicking as you tugged on his clothes, whispering, “Wait, Chan, it’s okay if—”
But suddenly, his hands left your face, and the panic increased with you being lifted into the air, his hold under your knees and back as he brought you close to his chest. 
His eyes upon you were a hazard to your well-being. “God, ____, you could really ruin me.”
Your flustered nature was interrupted by Chan rushing to his bedroom, kicking the door open with his feet and pressing quick kisses upon your mouth, your cheeks, all over your face as you giggled out in reaction, arms locked around him.
His room was the same as his attire, black on black on even more black, save for a few gold corners and grey instruments settled in the far end of the space. His bed, however, was vast and comfortable, a place you have slept in many a time when late night recording sessions turned into sleepovers.
Gently, he laid you down on his bed, feeling the cool sting of the night air on your cunt, making you shiver. Your bra was useless in keeping you warm, but when Chan began to take off his hoodie, shirt dragging out along with it, you suddenly began to feel a lot hotter.
Discarding the clothes, you were rewarded with the image of shirtless Chan, slightly disheveled due to his endeavours between your legs. His smile revealed a hint of arrogance as he acknowledged your blatant staring, slowly taking off his sweatpants. 
“Careful, baby, or you’ll cum right there,” he mused, noticing the way your legs shivered in ecstasy. He dumped his clothes along with the others, catching sight of his Calvins barely containing his erection.
You felt the mattress press down as he prowled to you upon the bed, the more chaos erupting in your gut the further he came closer. You could barely contain yourself when he hovered over you, lips mere inches from yours. A powerful force within you halted your very breath — you knew, though, that at this particular moment, your entire soul rested in the hands of this man, looking at you through long lashes. 
He enveloped your lips, grinding his clothed erection against your cunt, drinking in your whines, your silent pleas of replacing it with the real deal. He smirked against your mouth, opening the seams as his one hand grabbed onto yours, leading it to the waistband of your boxers. 
Your fingers fumbled to take peel down the fabric, Chan parting from your lips to take it off entirely. His cock sprang free, and you let out a god-awful, shrill-like noise at the way it stood, red and angry and so very fucking big. 
“Fuck me,” you slipped out in a breath, earning a chuckle from him. 
“I very much plan to,” he had the nerve to reply, you wanting very much to slap his shit-eating grin off of him. Or perhaps kiss it till your breath was lost. 
Embarrassed, you tried to look away, but his fingers gripped your chin, leading your eyes to his. Other hand holding onto your hip, he gently positioned himself between your legs, precum already staining your folds. Breathing stunted, your stare reflected subservience, a request to bury his dick inside you already.
He read your every plea. 
Pressing his forehead against yours, he let out a shuddered breath before beginning the final descent.
Slowly, ever so slowly, Chan slid his cock inside — your mouth parted from the transition, at the tightening sensation as he kept going, burying those inches until your eyes were as wide as saucers, unable to look away from him. You dared not move, fear of snapping more a reality in your head than some far-fetched delusion.
Dragging his stare from your slit to your face, he caressed your cheek, offering you a small smile.
“Don’t be quiet, okay?” he asked, hand on your hip like iron. 
Nodding, it was all the signal he needed.
Just as gradually, he began to slide out, and, with his words in mind, you let yourself be shameless. The rhythm of his hips, the pain-stakingly tempered movement, made you whine profusely, and when the man slithered inside once more, moaning lewdly was your only reaction. It was all your brain could think of, when his cock was the sole deity which mattered in this moment.
His pace began to fasten, though, grunting erratically as his grip on you tightened. Your cunt was taking a toll, your second orgasm of the night a great possibility as you felt it inside you, as tangible as the dick being pushed and pulled out into you. 
“F-faster!” you wailed out, and God bless Chan, for he obliged you completely, increasing his rhythm, practically abusing your slit with the way he fucked into you. Tears pricked the corner of your eyes, and you let them fall, for there was no hiding your emotions with this man.
Your best friend could see right through you anyway. 
Chan’s strength seemed unhuman as he thrusted his cock into you faster and faster, and you knew if he did not stop then you would cum all over for the second time. The very image had you on the edge of your sanity.
When his cock hit your g-spot you really believed yourself hitting seventh heaven of delight. White spots blurred your vision, tears now your beloved companion as they trailed down your cheeks. “I’m c-close, fuck—” you tried to voice, but were cut off when slid out once more, tip never leaving your folds. 
His hair stuck to his forehead, beads of sweat peppered on his face as he crushed you with his lips, relishing your whines. His tongue befriended yours, and the swirling of your muscles with each other had brought a new form of high bubbling within you. 
You moaned his name onto his lips, hands sliding around his neck, pulling you as close as physically possible. This was it. You could not wait any longer. You wanted your undoing, and you wanted it now, in these sheets, within his arms, within his hypnotic presence. 
It was incredibly fortunate that Bang Chan could read you like the back of his hand.  
Parting from your mouth, he kissed a sloppy trail all the way to your ear, lips grazing against the lobe. 
“Go on, then,” he purred, leaving a small kiss to your skin. “Cum for me.”
His words were all you needed before you let yourself go, crying out as release poured from the tight spaces your cunt offered, and onto the sheets below. You wheezed in a few breaths, tired gasps gripping your body.
Chan, within the second, pulled out, just in time for him to let out a pained growl as he came onto his bedsheets. Some of the fluids sullied your legs, but seemed the perfect time as he collapsed right beside you, breathing as heavily as you were. 
You and Chan were the only noise in the room — however, if one could translate emotions into sound, that would be an entirely different matter. 
At least for you. You could barely contain your elation.
An emptiness may be present inside of you, but it was now replaced with a full heart. Fuck, you could not believe you had finally been given pleasure, such unadulterated satisfaction that you wondered whether it truly occurred, or was just another fantasy — this time with Chan’s face plastered rather than your infatuation of the month.
Sensing the said-man move, you turned to your side, smiling to see his stare fixated on you. Shifting closer, he curled a stray lock from your face behind your ear. “How’re you feeling?” he asked gently, hand on your face still.
You laid your head against your arm. “I am so pissed I didn’t break up with Hyunjin sooner.”
Laughing, his fingers trailed downward, sketching onto your collarbone. “You…” he paused, biting his lip with what you saw, surprisingly, as apprehension. “You really liked it?” 
Your eyes darted to the surroundings, smirk spreading across your lips. “I mean, I am an insanely good actress...”
His shock horror had you spluttering into laughter. When he tried to turn his back to you and sulk, you held onto his arm, keeping him in place. “Oh, stop! You know I’m joking, you big oaf.”
Pouting, he wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close. “You better be,” he muttered, earning further giggles from his truly. The laughter was replaced with your yawning, which Chan instantly picked up on. “Hey, ____, you should sleep.” He began stroking your hair. “You’re really tired.”
You tried to object, but your intended groans become more deep yawns, proving his point. He passed his fingers over your eyelids, fluttering them close. “I’m not hearing anything else!”
Stinging out your tongue in what you hoped was at his direction, you grudgingly obliged. “Fine.”
You felt him sigh upon your face. “Goodnight, baby.”
“Goodnight, Hyuck.” 
“Nevermind, I hope you have a terrible sleep.”
With your last round of exhausted laughter, you let yourself fall into oblivion, safe in your best friend’s arms. 
Tumblr media
It was not such a huge disappointment. The man had warned you before that he had to leave early to meet up with his supervisor. In all honesty, maybe it was good he was not there, next to you in his sheets. 
Your hands gripped those very sheets, raising them right under your chin as you looked up to the ceiling, watching the dried swirls of black paint overlapping each other.
“Oh my God.”
Indeed. Here you were, in your best friend’s bed, basking in his scent, in his world. Of course, you always seemed to smell of him, considering you both never seemed to let go of each other, but last night was different.
Obviously, because Bang Chan had never rocked your shit before. 
Your legs began to tingle at the thought. Even the mere memory had you feeling a mysterious sensation all over your body, reminders of the places Chan had looked, touched, tasted. God, you did not think, did not let yourself think further or you’d be calling that man this second.
You knew you had to get up at some point — you had some recording to do today, and more assignments to hand in. You had tasks, obligations to take care of. Unfortunately, the warmth of your best friend’s bed was much too enticing for you to submit to the requests of reality, and so you let yourself lay there for moments longer, in hope you can recreate the scene in your head once more.
There was no lie about this. Bang Chan knew how to fuck you into another dimension. 
Just when you were about to dream into last night, your phone vibrated harshly against the bedside table. Curious, you stretched out your hand, grabbing the object and checking who so rudely disturbed your shameless manifesting.
just stopped by the medical room,,, want me to get a wheelchair?
cause im sure asf u can’t walk rn 
You rolled your eyes until it hurt. Stupid prick.
i haven’t gotten out of bed actually 
oh damn
why am i so powerful 
“This asshole,” you muttered. 
It’s ok you’ll cute in a wheelchair
but tell me 
how good was it
This had you pausing. 
outta ten
Now here was a rating you couldn’t bring yourself to confess.
All you wanted to do was give him a solid ten — the man finally offered you a better view of sex and how it can be appreciated, and the way he guided you through it was more than just adequate.
But the thing was, you and Chan hadn’t ever given each other 10/10s.
A perfect score was a rarity in your dynamic; possibly a rating never revealed before because you and Chan had promised each other never to exaggerate on this system. The only time you had ever used the solid ten was when he made you his first ever song at the tender age of nine. At the time, it was a terrible tune, with beats all over the damn place with no form of rhythm, but because he made it especially for you, you voiced your true opinion and rated him the perfect score.
Again, the situation here was different.
So, instead of the truth, you resorted to irritation. 
2/10 :)
You waited for his text.
However, you did not receive it.
Only the shrill ringtone of your phone, snapping you further into consciousness. 
Groaning, you swiped right onto the screen, pressing the speaker button.
“Now I know you’re lying!”
Laughing, you propped the phone beside you on the bed, upon the place where Chan would have been. “You got a big ego there, hun.”
“That may be true, but my cock is bigger, so I still win.”
You were glad he was not here — the man would have sensed your embarrassment in an instant. 
It was worse because he was not lying. “Now tell me, Pinocchio,” he continued, voice interrupting as the noise of the students around him came through the receiver. “Out of ten.”
“I already messaged it to you, buddy,” you said impassively, or at least you tried. “A solid two would suffice.”
God, you could almost feel your nose growing.
Perhaps he felt it too, for he answered, with no small amount of pride, “I’m gonna pretend I fucked you so good you forgot how to think properly.”
You could not help gulping, raising the sheets over you. It wasn’t exactly hard on boning, but even really thought for a second you’d lose all feeling in your legs last night.
“Shut up, Chan.”
“Shut up, Chan,” he parroted, which had you threatening to hang up. “Don’t think I’ve let you go on this subject.”
“Try me, buddy,” you jeered.
“And for Christ’s sake, stop calling me ‘buddy’,” he demanded. “Or else I’m pulling a Hyunjin.”
“A Hyunjin?”
“Yeah, a Hyunjin.” You heard the sound of horns blaring at the end of his call. “Ruining your sex life.”
That nearly made you freak. “Damn, I won’t say it again, Christopher Bang, musical name Bang Chan, nicknamed Chris the Piss—”
You heard his chuckling through the phone. “All that for my dick. I must have changed your life, ____.”
Heating up from his stupid comments, you grabbed the phone from the table. “I’ll see you in the studios, asshole.”
His smugness ran rich in his voice. “Buh-bye, baby.”
The minute the call ended, you sighed heavily, clutching the phone to your chest.
He did change your life.
Not necessarily your entire life, but certainly a huge aspect of it. A small part of you was horrified at how easily he shifted your daily balance, making you ponder over him more often, with much more intensity than before. Were you a sex maniac? Were you so deprived of being touched that one night of fun had you begging like a woman starved?
“Whatever,” you groaned, swinging your legs to the side of the bed, and upon the carpet. “Fuck Chan.”
Hopefully tonight.
Tumblr media
And you weren’t the one to make good decisions. You get up an hour before the afternoons, drink Pepsi Max to compensate for your lack of water drinkage, and worst of all, you would gladly sell your body for Colin Firth, especially if he dressed himself up as Mr. Darcy at his age. Whatever setbacks you possessed, you knew that this, at least, was a step in the right direction.
Bang Chan may have been as big a loser as you were, but the man made you feel like a powerful entity. Hell, in all the state, with the way he made you act.
Never before had you become so daring — libraries, which were once your place of study, became a rendezvous for his slender fingers inside your cunt. The living room had become a breeding ground, and even your shower was stained of your promiscuity. There was no place left where you and Chan hadn’t done something scandalous, and you wondered, with no small amount of excitement, on how this new side of your friendship with him would progress. 
These thoughts accompanied you as you walked to your destination. It was not far off as you entered campus, and smiled at the few students who passed by.
Soon, you found yourself in the music department, and walked through the familiar halls, littered with posters of different artists and singers in their peak careers. A few trophies were boasted of behind a glass screen, but the surroundings all became irrelevant when you approached your designated music rooms.
Expecting Chan to be inside, headphones adorned, you did not bother knocking, strolling straight into the room. However, you stopped completely when a giant, hoodie-clothed back did not greet you.
Instead, it was a tinier hoodie-clothed back, faded yellow over the trademark black. Although not your best friend, you instantly recognised the alternative, and smiled.
The boy did not seem to hear, for he kept bobbing his head, no doubt trying out beats. 
You tiptoed slpwly until you stood right behind him. Then, in a flash, you snapped your hands upon his shoulders.
A shrill, terrified yell erupted, chair being swivelled suddenly as the back hit against the controls. You took a step back out of shock too, a choked giggle escaping when you beheld the face of Han Probably-shit-his-pants-Jisung. 
“Oh my fucking God,” he rasped out, hand on his chest. He then locked eyes with you, and suddenly his quivering mouth melted into a smile of relief. “Ah, ____!”
“The one and only.” You sat down on the neighbouring chair. “Sorry if I made you shit your pants. It was fully attended.”
“Stop,” he insisted, taking off his headphones and scooting a little closer to you. “These are new jeans as well.”
“Not my fault if you’re a pussy,” you chanted, picking up the headphones, settling them upon your ears. “Can I listen?”
“Of course!” Jisung pressed a few keys on his laptop, and the music began. 
Your eyes widened in surprise to hear pleasant, almost lo-fi background before his voice flooded in, comforting you with his soft lilt and meaningful lyrics. On instinct your head bobbed along to the rhythm of the beat, smiling at the wordplay and the rising vocals.
“Jisung, this is really good!” you exclaimed. The boy waved off the compliment, but you instantly saw his face reddening. “Oh, stop it, you know that you’re one of the best out here.”
If you thought he couldn’t get more flustered, he proved you incredibly wrong. “Don’t say that,” he shrilled, propping his feet up on the chair and hugging his legs tightly. When he saw the look on your face, though, he smiled, teeth and all. “Thank you, ____. It means a lot coming from you.”
“Oh, I’m no musical genius,” you said, pressing the play button to hear his music. “Just a motherfucker who can appreciate a song of the year when she hears one.”
Jisung nearly passed out from your compliment, but you did not take it much into account as you focused all your attention on the piece. It was an undoubted fact that Han Jisung was an extremely talented dude. You already knew you could never compete with him, but he was certainly up to Chan’s level of musical expertise. With all this talent brimming around you, you made a mental note never to make more gifted friends in the future. 
Once the song ended, you took off the headphones, propping them gently upon the table. “I think you’ve inspired me to do some actual work.” 
The boy was still smiling as he reached his hand out, planting it upon your own on the table. “Well, I’m honoured to be your inspiration.” His eyes reached yours, and you were engulfed with his warmth. “The feeling is more than mutual.”
You offered him a grin, and were about to say something when the door opened.
Turning, you were welcomed by Chan’s dark figure at the studio entrance, holding two cups of coffee. Despite his black attire, you found yourself admiring a little too brazenly the bare face he never exposed in public, the beanie hiding his curls, and the tick in his jaw, which heightened further when he took in the scene.
The actions were quick — the darting of his eyes as they started on you, then travelled to your hand, engulfed with another’s. He raised them to the man guilty of the touch, and found himself staring at Jisung, beaming not only from you anymore, but at the arrival of his friend.
The joy was not returned. 
“Chan!” Jisung greeted, letting go of your hand innocently as he ushered your best friend over. 
He nodded in return, gaze back to you as he walked, a little too slowly, to the two of you. He put the two beverages upon the table next to the keyboards. “I didn’t know you were in as well,” he said. After a pause, he added, “I would have gotten another coffee.”
“Nah, it’s okay,” he assured him, even though it did not look like he needed any reassurances. 
Catching onto Chan’s attitude, you slid your coffee to the boy beside you. “I don’t want any right now. You take it.”
You took note of the pursed lips, and ignored it as Jisung widened his eyes. “No, no, it’s okay—”
“Ji, I insist,” you pestered him, driving the cup within his grasp. “You look so tired.”
He offered you a lovely smile before taking the beverage. “Thank you.”
Chan, watching this little conversation, had him clamping his lips together, possibly to not say something stupid. It was a little habit of his, thankfully in action. He slid the other cup to you. “You can have mine.”
You looked up at him. “I’m good, buddy.”
He narrowed his eyes. “Share.”
You rolled your own, taking a sip of the coffee, and thanked yourself for not being petty enough to refuse him. “Fine.” 
Jisung swivelled his chair so he faced Chan, fingers upon his laptop. “Do you wanna listen to the demo?” He grabbed the headphones, holding it out to him. “I’m nearly done with it.”
“You can send it to me later,” was his curt answer, as he took the cup from you and drank. 
You looked at him in exasperation, but the boy nodded in satisfaction, picking his bag off the floor. “That’s chill!” he said, heaving off the chair. “I got all the time, so don’t worry too much about it.”
He then turned to the two of you as he strolled to the door. “Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask you both something.”
“Spit it out, then,” Chan jeered, which had you glaring at him. What the fuck was his problem?
Jisung did not catch on, continuing. “So, later this week, Changbin and I are throwing a party, and I was hoping you both would like to come.”
You perked up at that piece of information. “That’s something I like to hear!” Snatching the coffee cup from your friend, you purposefully took a huge gulp. “Any specific date?”
“I was hoping Friday night.” A small sip of his drink. “We just wanted to have some fun after a difficult week, dissertations and all.” His gaze never faltered from yours. “You in?”
Chan, noticing, settled in the space previously taken, and raised a hand in objection. “Sorry, Ji. ____ and I always do something Friday night. Gotta uphold the tradition.” 
You turned to face him, a brow raised. He wasn’t wrong, in all honesty. But why did he mention it now?
Jisung, too, was a little curious. “Oh?” He fixed the strap of his bag. “I won’t get in the way, then.”
He turned, and you made to open your mouth only to have Chan press a finger to your lips. His brows were furrowed, which you matched until he left the finger as the boy looked back once more. 
“I’ll see you around, guys!” he exclaimed, eyes sliding to you before opening the door, and leaving the studio.
After a few seconds of silence, you faced your friend, who had the audacity to sigh in relief. “What the fuck was that?”
The man shrugged. “I don’t know what you mean.”
“Yes you do!” you finished the last of the coffee, throwing the empty cup in the bin nearby. “Why were you being such a dick to Jisung?”
“No I wasn’t,” he only said. “I was being the perfect gentleman.”
“Stop it, man!” You couldn’t believe his stupidity in the situation. “He was being so lovely, asking for your opinion on his music, inviting us to his party and shit. Why were you being so mean?” 
Chan only shook his head, turning away from you as he made to put his headphones on. You, on the other hand, were not going to be satisfied with silence, and grabbed his arm, wrenching him toward you. “Chan?!”
He turned to look at you, and you hitched in a breath — you had never really pondered over your friend’s angered face, nor really drank in his heightened features before. However, in this moment in time, with his eyes darkened, bare face twisted, frizzy morning curls all over the place, you had to stop yourself from the butterflies fluttering downwards. You’re supposed to be mad, not horny.
Your hand upon his arm — his tensed bicep, specifically — seemed almost feeble now. Still, you were glad it was on there, if only to feel his muscle bulge.
Chan studied you and your dazing, and made you jump when he guttered. “What?”
Instantly getting back to the situation, you cursed yourself silently for letting your desires try to take the reins. “I said,” you continued, trying your hardest not to be fazed by his eyes, “Why are you being such a massive prick to Ji?”
He cocked his head slightly, and if he leaned any further his lips would brush against yours. “I’m being a massive prick, ____, because he really fucking likes you.”
You felt hands upon your waist, tugging you off your seat. With a yelp you found yourself upon the man’s lap, hands encircling you fully.
Even though you looked down at him, his stare had you shaking. “And that really fucking pisses me off.”
You couldn’t suppress a shudder, an action which had not gone unnoticed. A smile ghosting his face, he craned his neck upwards, catching your lips and rendering you completely at his mercy. Your fingers went straight in his morning curls, carding through the locks as he captured your bottom lip in his, sucking on it to the point a whine escaped you, helpless and shameful. 
He left a trail of heated kisses down your throat, fingers skirting underneath your cardigan, your shirt, and savouring the skin. His mouth landed on a particular part, grazing his teeth against it as he softly nipped at the skin. Your breath quivered at each flushed kiss he branded upon you, but when his free hand began undoing the top buttons of your shirt, you finally called out his name.
“Chan!” you gasped out, shivering at the lovebites stinging your throat. It did not seem like the man would stop, unbuttoning your shirt just so he could glimpse the sliver of your lacy bra, humming with satisfaction. “Chan, w-wait!”
He paused his actions, tilting his head upwards in irritation. “Do you mind?” he asked, pouting too cutely for his words.
“Yes, I do,” you answered, wrapping your arms around his neck. “Why are you so mad, buddy?”
A harsh scoff was your reply. “Well, first of all, because you never stop calling me that.” 
You pinched the back of his neck, but when he pursed his lips, you leaned in, pressing your forehead against his. “Chan, you’re overreacting. He’s just a motherfucker trying to gain your approval.”
“I think it’s more your approval,” he countered, nuzzling his head against your shoulder. “With the way the asshole can’t keep his name out of your mouth. God! And the way he held your hand? Like you were his one and only?!”
“Jealousy isn’t a cute look on you, hun,” you mused, but in reality, you were lying through your teeth. His jealousy was like fuel to your turned on fire.
“Permission to punch him in the face?” 
“You might have to put a hold to that.” 
Raising his head, his agitation grew in his eyes as you beheld him. “He just...goddammit, he just makes me so angry at times.”
You played with his curls. “How angry?”
He held onto you tighter. “9/10.”
That certainly made you do a double take. 
9/10. A rare rating, you noticed with quite some surprise. It did reflect the fury which Jisung unintentionally ignited, but you did not realise how much it truly affected him. The two had always been friends, as far as you were concerned, but you had to admit that Chan never really felt as easy with him as he did with you.
Of course, because you were his closest friend.
“I know,” he said then, snapping you out of your thoughts. “It’s...unreasonable...but I don’t care. I really don’t give a shit.”
Clamping your lips together, you watched him look away, swaying you back and forth upon his lap. Well, you couldn’t have a dear friend sulking away when you knew Jisung meant nothing and less to you.
Suddenly, a very pleasing idea came to mind. 
“Chan,” you murmured, fingernails grazing against his neck.
 Sensing goosebumps form there, you were met with his undecipherable gaze. “Yeah?”
You brushed a chaste kiss to his forehead. “How about,” you began, trailing down to his nose, “I help…” you carried on, another kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Soothe your irritation?”
Although completely compliant to your touches, he grumbled, “The only way you can do that if you consent to me giving Jisung a broken nose.”
“Hmmm…well...” you peppered another kiss, and felt his hands wander lazily once again. “This is a very close second.”
Catching the implications dwelling in your gaze, you could have sworn the man’s breathing halted. His tongue swept along his teeth, and you had a dire wish to replicate that action with your own tongue.
“Come here, then,” he guttered.
The lower octave had you nearly squealing as you pressed your lips fully onto his, giggling when he responded with twice more ardency, the desperation lurking beneath his physique. He pried your mouth open with his tongue, swirling it along with yours as he pressed your body completely against his, refusing to let you go. 
On instinct you grinded against him, sensing the outline of his boner beneath you with no small amount of excitement. He groaned into your mouth at the friction, digging his fingers into your skin.
It was a dire shame you had to break away from the kiss, catching his disappointment. “Tease,” you heard him mumble, which had you pecking his lips quickly before sliding your own down his neck, leaving his skin altogether.
Slumping downward, you kneeled before Chan as he spread his legs before you, struggling down his black trousers till he revealed the angry outline of his erection underneath his dark boxers. You noticed, with pride, how the top of the fabric was stained with arousal. 
“I think your dick is angrier than you around Jisung right now,” you said, failing to contain your amusement. 
Chan’s eyes promised murder. “I’m so glad my cock will shut your stupid mouth up,” he jeered. 
Thank God you were kneeling, cause that comment alone would have made you fall.
Shuffling closer, you raised your hand to his boxers, feeling his clothed length between your fingers. The touch had your friend growling much too loud, a reaction you enjoyed thoroughly. 
“How about a little less teasing,” he seethed, gripping onto the arms of his chair, “And a little more sucking, baby?” 
Baby. You didn’t know why now, of all times, it struck a deep chord within you. His command had you reaching for the waistband, pulling his boxers down until his cock sprang free. 
The image had you remembering your Lord and Saviour. 
You don’t know why you kept forgetting how insanely big Chan’s cock really was. Its length was inside of you on almost a daily basis, so maybe all this foolery had finally gotten to your head. Observing it now, hard and veiny as it curved against his stomach, the only reaction you could offer was your mouth breaking its seams. 
“Staring at it won’t be enough, ____.”
Gulping, you planted one hand upon his leg, the other wrapping around the shaft. Even the slightest contact had the man hissing, making you smirk at his helplessness. Slightly gurgling, you spat on the head, lubing his member with your fingers, and then you began.
A string of groans escaped him as you commenced, a slow rhythm of pumping his cock as your hand moved up and down. The repetition was constant, neverending as Chan’s grip on his chair threatened to snap the plastic, but you dared not slow down. You knew this was not how he gained his satisfaction — he needed a perfect graduality, a refined art-like stroke or else he’d lose his high. Fortunate for him, though, you never let him down.
You increased your pumping, sensing him containing his moans. You could feel him holding back, but that didn’t stop you at all. In fact, that only had you progressing to the next step, an action that would have him screaming your name.
Shifting even closer, you spread his legs further, Chan’s eyes rooted to you as you directed the tip to your mouth. Letting your tongue free, you swept it along the shaft, and sure enough, an obscenely loud moan emitted from his truly. Chuckling, you carried on, trailing all the way up to the head and ending your journey with an ironically chaste kiss. Staring up at him, you smugly observed his lust-struck face, mouth releasing irregular breaths already. You couldn’t wait to have him curse at you.
Eyes back on the task at hand, you grabbed the base of his cock, opening your mouth. Slowly, aggravatingly slow, you sunk down, taking in inch by inch — Chan pushed his hips forward, and you nearly gagged at the impact of his head hitting the back of your throat. 
“Shi-shit baby,” he sputtered, watching you in awe at your work. “You better tell me if you don’t want your throat fucked.”
You answered him with your progression, slowly releasing his cock from your lips, tongue licking his slit before descending back on him again. You tried to be slow — you didn’t want to go straight to deepthroating, but the way Chan choked out his curses was sweet encouragement. Holding his dick still, you began bobbing your head and down, shallow at first, testing the waters.
When the man instinctively began bucking his hips, pushing his cock into your mouth further, you opened your jaw wider, taking in the remaining inches. The gag reflex kicked in like a bitch, but you refused to cease your labour as you increased your pace. Chan leaned in a little, caressing your cheeks as he rutted against your mouth.
“God, you’re fucking perfect, baby,” he cooed breathlessly. “So good for taking my cock like that.”
Unable to smile, you answered him with your hands, now playing with his balls, slapping them slightly to make him groan out in pleasure, head laid back against the chair. “I’m close, ____,” he warned, never stopping his own thrusts. You hoped he never would, when his end was so near.
Taking all of him in, you pressed your hands on his legs, urging you to look at him. With one final home run, you hollowed in your cheeks, surrounding his entire cock in your mouth as you imprisoned him with your hooded gaze.
The image of you, a beautiful ruination, was his undoing. 
Chan let out a vicious string of curses as he released, ropes of cum spilling inside your mouth. He slumped into the chair, breathing in the entire county’s worth of oxygen as all energy left him. This time, to add to his lust-driven shock, you swallowed his release, thanking your lucky stars that your friend finally listened and ate some fruit. His cum, at last, tasted more than bearable. 
After a few silent moments, the man finally raised himself from the dead, sighing as he beheld you kneeling still. “I think I can’t live without you.”
Chuckling, you heaved yourself up, legs unsteady. “That’s just your inner horny speaking,” you said, nearly falling over on your own feet. Quickly, Chan brought you back onto his lap again, creating an iron grip around you.
“Think what you like,” he began, peppering small kisses on your neck. “But your head game is stronger than my will to punch Jisung, that’s for sure.”
You hummed as he plunged his teeth upon a certain spot, pressing your legs together. “It better be.”
Finding your lips, he lazily kissed you, hands skirting higher as you move your mouth against his, never tired from his touches. 
“Have we christened the studio yet?” The man asked in between kisses, pushing his chair forward till your back hit the table. 
You shook your head no, already sensing his unbearable grin. You could not help returning his enthusiasm.
And as you both continued in your shameless arrangements, there was one thought that lingered in your head. 
There was absolutely no way you were going to that party. 
Tumblr media
You looked to the building, the whole ground floor alight with different, ever-changing lights, and a dim pandemonium welcoming your ears. Your phone pinged with messages, but you dutifully ignored them, taking a deep breath as you took a step inside.
Greeted with a half-full hallway, it was not hard to find the party house, greeting awkwardly to a few drunk acquaintances before entering Jisung’s dorm. You were instantly hit by the smell of sweat and alcohol as the noise of popular music made your ears ring in discomfort. An abundance of students were cramped as they danced along to the tunes, screaming and laughing and simply enjoying themselves. 
While observing the scene, a small part of you wished your best friend was with you, an arm slung around you as he makes a comment on the specific people dancing rather terribly in the centre. You could already imagine him in his Friday attire, midnight-kissed with gold chains dangling off his belt, rings adorning his fingers and a little makeup to elevate his already exquisite features. Maybe, if you had insisted, he would have let you paint his nails, something which you adored on him. 
Fuck, you thought, searching through the crowd for a place to get a drink. Maybe you shouldn’t have come. 
You shook your head, though, beginning to squeeze through the partygoers. No. You can’t let Chan win in this.
And so you found your way to the kitchen, cans of beer, vodka and tequila stacked in broken pyramids to drink away. Just as you made to grab the Smirnoff your hand brushed against another’s. You turned to the direction, and beamed to see Jisung holding out the can for you.
“____!” he exclaimed, barely heard from the commotion yet could feel his joy radiating from him. “Don’t you have a thing with Chan on Fridays?”
“Well, that can happen every Friday, Ji, but your party was only today,” you answered him, and he was more than satisfied. 
He grabbed the same drink as yours, cracking it open as he looked at you, stare lingering upon your black dress. “I’m really glad you came, love.”
You blinked at the sudden endearment, but before you could say anything Changbin had interrupted the both of you, threatening to bring the roof down with his whining.
“Pleeease Ji, get me away from her!” he begged, holding onto Jisung’s arm and rocking it back and forth. “She keeps tryna drag me into the bedrooms and I can’t do it with her, bro!”
The boy adorned hints of irritancy, but he let himself be led by his friend, glazing at you. “Wait for me,” he requested.
His answer was a little wave, which he returned dutifully as he began to berate his friend for tearing him away from you. Raising your eyebrow, you turned back to the alcohol, finding some soda water and pouring it into the empty cups along with the Smirnoff. You would have drank the vodka straight from the bottle but you decided against drinking your tits off tonight. You didn’t really have a great desire for intoxication. 
You cursed at a few passersby as they bumped against you, nearly knocking the drink off your hands. Fixing your dress, you took the first sip, relishing the strong taste. The songs kept changing, the dancing getting wilder, and at this rate you knew someone was going to get handsy soon. 
Drinking away, you snapped the cup on the table beside you, waiting for Jisung to come back. 
Why did you even come here? 
You instantly soured at the thought.
Still, you could not help pondering further.
You should have stayed home. With him.
You groaned out loud.
It was ridiculous how you were unable to have any idea which didn’t centre around that prick. If he did not want to join you that was on him. 
Then were you feeling miserable?
Great. You poured yourself some more diluted vodka. Now you’re a full-time simp.
That helped you down the drink some more. At least this time, in fortunate circumstances, you were not a lightweight, and so were still completely aware of your surroundings. 
Aware enough to see a more tousled Jisung stagger toward you, giggling like a little child. 
You watched him lunge towards the tequila cans and crack one open, downing half the thing in one go. “Careful, Ji, or you’ll fall to your death!” you warned him, laughing as he exhaled with great exaggeration. 
He staggered to where you were standing, slumping against the wall and taking another can. “I’m so sorry!” he simpered, much too loudly for your sober ears. 
You raised a brow, about to ask him for what but he was already answering your question. “I made you wait so looong!” he dragged, drinking some more. “Look at you! Leaving you all alone.”
“Gee, thanks,” you said dryly, crossing your arms, drink still in hand. “Just say I have zero friends.” 
“Hey, don’t say that!” You were taken aback by Jisung grabbing onto your arm, pulling him to you. He looked you dead in the eyes, wide and alive. “You do not have zero friends!” he declared, louder than before. “I’m your friend.”
Your poor ears hurt like a bitch, but you smiled at his words. “Yes, indeed you are,” you said in earnest. “Thank you, Jisung.”
It was then he blinked slowly, parting his lips as his fingers upon your arm began to wander. “But I wish you didn’t think like that.”
His touch did not go unnoticed at all. You looked at him, raising a brow, but that action went unnoticed. “What do you mean?”
“Come on, you’re a smart girl,” he slurred, voice still soft and innocent as his hand travelled to your shoulder. “You know exactly what I mean.” 
Freezing up, you felt the pads of his fingers caress your face. When he tilted his head, you finally saw what he had been trying to show you since the start of the year, the emotions he was too drunk to hide any longer. 
Lust. Pure lust swirling in his eyes. 
It was like a lightbulb had finally switched on in your grape-sized brain.
“Oh my God!”
Instantly, you pressed your hands to Jisung’s chest, pushing him completely off. He nearly fell flat on his ass, but grabbed the table just in time to stagger back to balance. He glanced upwards, and you saw his eyes widen.
“____?” he got out, but you raised a finger, which he was still intelligent enough to figure out to shut up.
“Ji, what the fuck?” You slapped your drink down on the table, making him jump. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” he exclaimed, taking another can. “But it’s the truth, damn it, and I’m tired of having to pretend all the time about it!”
Fuck, you suddenly thought, realising that you needed to get out of this crammed residence. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
“Jisung, look—” you started, but he groaned out loud, waving off your answer.
“No, no, I know what you’re gonna say.” He then did a terrible impression of you, simpering, “Oh, Ji, I can’t go out with you because I’m soooo in love with my best friend in the whole wide world!”
You snapped your head to his direction. “What did you just say?”
“You heard me clearly!” He finished off his nth can. “Okay, maybe it isn’t a Romeo and Juliet shit going on, but I know something is going on between you two!”
A laugh huffed out of you, but the boy was not convinced. “We’re just friends. Good friends, that’s all.”
Your answer was a hysterical bout of laughter, confusing you even further. “Come on, ____. I’m stupid, but not completely braindead.”
He took a step closer to you, careful of your hands still. “I know Chan practically adores you.”
This little statement made your shit freeze. “Stop it,” you murmured.
“Why?” he demanded. “Because I’m saying something the both of you refuse to listen to?” 
“It’s none of your business,” you snapped. “Don’t get mad because I don’t wanna go out with you.”
“I’m not mad because of that.” With one last tequila can, he grabbed it, turning on his heel. “I’m mad because the both of you keep lying to yourselves.” 
Before you could counter back, the boy stumbled away from you, hollering to the crowd to leave some space on the dance floor for him. You wondered for a second how he’d handle dancing when he could barely walk properly, but then your thoughts drifted back to the more dire subject at hand.
“Fuck,” you cursed out loud this time. 
There it was. The question you should have addressed ever since you started this arrangement with Chan.
Were you really just friends? 
You knew the question to that yourself. Both you and him had transcended past that point now, and in a horrifying realisation, you didn’t mind it that much. After experiencing his touch, his whispers, you doubt that you could ever see him as a friend again. be more?
Fuck indeed. You had a lot to think about tonight.
“But first,” you muttered, “To be out of this stupid party.” 
Quickly, after taking two Smirnoff cans, you squeezed past the million drunkards, making your way to the exit. When you were out of the residence, you breathed in the cool night air, a rarity in these sweaty dorm rooms. 
You had a small hope, as you walked down the lanes, that Chan would be there, right at the entrance as you left, but he was not there. He had a little habit of going wherever you were supposed to be if you were not home at the expected time, worried sick if you had drank or done something more stupid than usual. 
But he was not here today. Maybe going to Jisung’s party made him extremely pissed.
There was a reason he rated it 9/10.
Soon, you were at your building, entering inside and finding your door at the very end of the hallway. Fishing out the keys, you slid them into the lock, careful of the cans, hearing the click! of the unlocking.
Your hand rested upon the doorknob. Eyes staring at the lifeless colour of the door, you closed your eyes, letting out a deep breath.
Stop worrying. Chan is your best friend.
You turned the knob.
Your best friend.
Pushed the door open. Stepped inside.
“Back so soon?” 
Your body shivered at the words. Quickly walking inside the living room, you found the back of the sofa greeting you as per usual, with Chan’s head peering on top as he watched the TV. Walking further, you noticed yours and his favourite show playing on the screen.
“Yeah, it was quite boring, but the real question is,” you began, irritation marring your features, “Why are you watching this without me?” 
He didn’t even glance back at you, nor pause the TV. “Oh, I don’t know, ____, maybe because it’s Friday night, and it’s our thing to do this every time? Do tell me if I’m wrong!”
“Shut up, Chan,” you seethed, dumping the Smirnoff on the coffee tables in front of him. “This is the one time I missed this, so stop being such a baby.”
“Oh, so you tell me to shut up,” he jeered, snapping the remote on the table, making you jump slightly. “Fine, I’ll shut up. You won’t hear a word from me again.”
You took a glimpse of his face, and caught this cold fury simmering beneath his skin. Oh no. Had you going to Jisung’s party made him this angry? It was beyond nonsensical now. Bang Chan was the most reasonable man you ever befriended.
Taking in the emotions inhabiting on his face, however, proved otherwise.
I know Chan practically adores you.
The memory brought chills all over you again. 
Making your way into the kitchen, you figured to make yourself a midnight snack, hearing the crack! of a can opening behind you. Asshole, you refused to voice out loud, but opened the fridge, taking out leftovers and heating it up in the microwave.
“Anything interesting happened, then?” you heard the dry question travel to you. 
Scoffing, you turned, taking out your food. “Oh, I thought I wasn’t hearing a word from you again.”
Your best friend’s smile was anything but sweet. “Well, I figured if you weren’t going to tell me things, I had to ask you myself.”
That snatched any faux amusement you might have harboured. “What the fuck does that mean?”
“You know what the fuck that means!” he snapped, getting up from the couch, pausing the screen. “I can’t believe you’re not telling me.”
“How about a little less attitude and a little more truth, you prick,” you rebuked, putting the cartons on the kitchen counter. 
“Fine, I’ll tell you the truth that you’re too much of a pussy to say yourself!” He thundered into the kitchen, Smirnoff still in hand. 
You backed up against the counter when he caged you with his glare. “Since when did you start going out with Jisung?”
Instantly your brows furrowed. “Who the fuck told you that?” 
“Shit, I knew that bastard wanted to get in your pants,” he roared. “And you let him use you!”
“Woah, woah, buddy, slow down there!” You raised your hands in objection. “I’m not dating Jisung!”
“What?” He took a gulp of the vodka, confusion mixing with his fury. “You’re not?”
“Of course not, the fuck?! Who told you this?”
“He—” but then the cogs turned in Chan’s head, and suddenly it made sense to him. “Oh, for Christ’s sake!”
“What happened?” you asked, but he was drinking some more, cursing himself for even believing such nonsense. “Chan?”
“That son of a bitch called me before you came,” he started, swirling his drink in the can. “And I don’t know why he did, but he kept telling me to back off from you.”
You let out a low curse, but your friend was not finished. “I told him to get some sleep, cause clearly he wasn’t right in the head, but then...he said some words which literally shut me up.”
Then, you saw him hitch in an uncertain breath. “____, he bragged that he asked you out and...and you said yes.” 
His reaction had you widening your eyes, mouth parting just a little. “And, damn it, I thought that this is why she’s so nice to this little fucker, giving him my coffee, or missing Friday night for his stupid party. Hell, even suggesting him first to be her friends-with-benefits.
“Because maybe she liked Jisung all along.”
You watched in horror as he finished his drink, crumbling the can and throwing it in the bin beside you. A shuddered breath escaped you at the explanation, but you sucked it in once more when you blinked back the sheer intensity of this man’s stare. 
“So...yeah.” He ruffled his hair, breaking the stare as he looked away, face flushing with colour. “That’s why I just...yeah.”
A small part of you melted at his words, and his now embarrassment after expressing his desperate worry for you and your potential relationship.
Still, you had some problems that needed solving. “Chan, then why were you so angry at me?!”
You crossed your arms. “You didn’t even wait to hear what I had to say on the matter.”
“I don’t know, okay?!” he exclaimed, propping his hands to his sides. “I heard Jisung saying all that bullshit, and at the time I was so pissed that…”
“I can’t believe you’d think I’d go out with him, you dumbass!”
“Well, I don’t know, he’s just such a nice guy like you keep saying, and all that flowery poetry for him just went straight into my head!” 
The situation almost seemed comical now. “Oh my God, did you really think I liked him?!
“Of course” he cried out, slapping his hands on the counter top next to you, unable to let you escape. As if you even wanted to. “Of course I thought that or else I wouldn’t be shitting my pants all night!”
“Then you’re the dumbest fucking prick I’ve ever met!” you screamed, as you grabbed hold of his hoodie, pulling him closer to you. “Because I don’t like him!
“I like you!”
“Well, I like you too, you stupid bitch!” 
The confession had you both stopping, preventing the two of you going deaf from your shouting. The whole fight was completely ridiculous, but when you looked at each other, drinking in the words that just left your lips, the realisation finally dawned on you. 
I like you too.
Well, shit. There it was.
The one thing you’d been hiding ever since you decided to fool around with him. 
Maybe this was the last way you wanted to tell him, shouting out your declaration to prove his suspicions wrong. It was almost like something out of an unfunny American sitcom — this weird, comic deflation, but at least it was out in the open now.
You had finally told him of your feelings. 
A pinch of that anger brewing within his features settled a little, hands still fisted on your sides. His eyes darted on every point of your face, as if he’s trying to memorise every inch, every detail etched upon your skin. 
Although his blatant awe made you flustered, the aching inside spoke for you. “Are you going to keep staring all night or just kiss me already?” 
God, you were such a bitch.
Chan seemed to think so too. “Nevermind, I fucking hate you,” he snarled, capturing your lips with his in an instant. You smiled against his mouth as you kissed him back with the same intensity, the same need which spread like wildfire in your body.
Kissing him should have become a routine with the amount of times you did it, but every locking of your lips with his sent you in a frenzy, lust-driven emotions spiralling out of control. You welcomed his tongue inside your mouth, the strong taste of tequila and desperation enlivening your inner workings, heightening your need for him, him, and only him.
His hands had no restrictions — the pads of his fingers had their very own needs, their own desire to feel every crevice of your body, your every curve and corner till you have no secret stored in your figure which they did not know of. You welcomed their ravaging, embraced their interrogation as they tried to uncover everything you held dear. 
Once these hands found a weakness in the form of your dress altogether, they cleverly found an opening, reaching for the end of your dress lined at your thighs. His fingers hitched the hem upwards, skirting it higher until it bunched at your waist, revealing a red, silken thong, embroidered with black thread. You relished in Chan practically salivating all over the image, but his lust slapped him out of his dazing, and hurried to get it off, hands slipping it down your legs until it was discarded on the kitchen floor. 
In an instant the man thrust two fingers inside of you, stretching your walls and creating a hypnotic rhythm of removing and inserting them back again. Your moans could bring down the whole residence, but none of you cared when Chan was scissoring you with his digits on the kitchen counter, desire radiating off his stature, and a determination to completely ruin you stark on his face. 
“M-more!” You begged, knowing you could take it, and you were rewarded with a third finger, filling you up as you cried out in pleasure. His mouth quietened you, sucking on your lower lip and then taking all of you, had you delirious, but this insanity only progressed as the thrust of his fingers hit lighting speed. 
The three digits had quickened your potential release, right on the tip of your cunt if he did not stop. “I’m g-gonna—fuck—!” 
You were interrupted as Chan’s lips left yours, trailing down to your neck, collarbone, brushing his teeth between your chest as he fell to his knees. Pulling you forward, on the edge of the countertop, he spread your legs apart, cock twitching at the drenched cunt which awaited him, like a feast displayed for a starved, wild animal. 
Looking up at you, he growled, “Cum when I say so, understand?”
Your hurried nods was all he needed as he dove right in, tongue sliding up your slit, lapping up your arousal as if it was an eternal cure. He fastened his stroke as he welcomed in his sight your clit, swiping his tongue along the bud. 
You moaned out his name like a cry for help, and he answered at first ring when his fingers still laboured, faster and faster, along with his heavenly tongue licking your clit like ice cream on a summer's day. 
“Chan, please—!” You choked out, one hand carding through the man’s hair, driving his face deeper into your cunt. “Please, I need to cum!”
Completely ignoring you, he carried on his ravishing, making you shake your legs to a point your body was beyond your control — you were at his mercy when his head was between your legs, when he prodded at your core as if it was no one else’s but his. 
When Chan brushed against your g-spot, it took every muscle in your body not to cum on his face then and there. He was being cruel; this was punishment for going to that party, justice for choosing Jisung’s company over his.
You did not know punishment felt so pain-stakingly amazing. 
Calling out his name for the last time, you knew that if the man carried on, you would go against his wishes and free yourself of the burden pushing down on your gut. Gripping onto his hair hard enough to rip right off, Chan spared a single glance at you from above, licking his lips off your mess.
“Cum for me, baby.”
That was the first time you came that night. Shaking as you freed your juices unto him, he gladly accepting the release. It was like you possessed a vessel of your release, the way you kept it inside for so long. He could never refuse though, when he knew he was responsible for driving you down that road of vulnerability. 
However, even with all of that, you still wanted more. 
And as Chan ascended on his feet, yanking his fingers out of you, he saw it in your eyes. The uncontainable passion. The unadulterated desire. 
All for him. All. For him.
Your best friend’s smile was positively wicked.
“I will completely ruin you, ____.”
He was upon you like a beast, no mercy upon your lips as he bruised them with his teeth, your pleas drowned out by his mouth as he lifted you in his arms. His kisses never ceased as he led you in his bedroom, nearly ripping the hinges at the sheer intensity of slamming his door shut. 
Throwing you on the bed, your breath whooshed out of you at the free fall, heart running miles as you witnessed Chan take his shirt off, his entire chest glistening with sweat, no doubt from the work he put in mere minutes ago. 
Upon you in seconds, his mouth robbed you of any more oxygen, prying it open as he attempted to unzip your dress from the back. Then, pressing open-mouthed kisses down your throat, he tried to loosen the zipping, but the damned thing got stuck in it’s trail, unable to satisfy. 
Letting out an angry growl, he damned the dress when, using his hands at the front, he ripped the fabric in half, completely down to the hem. 
“My dress!” You gasped out, watching him discard the torn fabric as if it were a minor inconvenience in his path.
You were cut off by his mouth, scorching you down to the bone. “I’ll buy you ten more, baby,” he muttered, skimming his hands down your bare sides.
You had the audacity to roll your eyes at his words. “Why do you keep forgetting you’re a college student?”
It seemed Chan did not take kindly to your comment. “Shut your fucking mouth,” he snapped, resulting in you leaking right onto his sheets. 
That kept you wilfully obedient, and rightfully so, when he unclipped your bra, tossing it to the side, and settled upon your breasts. Grinding his clothed cock upon your bare slit, he licked your right nipple, making you whimper out at him. His reply was swirling his finger on your left nipple, toying with your body as if it was his plaything. You would have had a right mind to shout at him if he didn’t bring such euphoria along with it. 
“Chan,” you whispered, gripping onto the sheets as he continued sucking your breasts. “Chan, I...I need you to fuck me already.”
He paused his assault on your bud, raising a groomed brow. “What do you say to that?” He asked, too calmly in a crazy situation like this. 
Of course, he wanted to make you beg. Considering you did not care the least for your self respect, or lack thereof, you completely obliged him, rutting your bare cunt upon his trousers. 
“Please, Chan. Please.”
Hearing the little pleases had him kissing you insane as he urged you to take his pants off. You willingly obeyed, tossing the clothing along with his Calvins, and when his cock sprung me you felt the inside of your mouth water at the sight. 
The man hovered just above you as he positioned his dick right at the entrance, poking between the folds. “Say the magic word, now, baby,” he commanded quietly, and just for the last time, you had to be the most annoying person in the world. 
The second that damned name slipped out of your mouth, you completely regretted it as instead of making sweet, slow love to you, Bang Chan thrusted his cock so hard into you your whole body flinched with the impact. You couldn’t suppress the whimper that escaped, tears settling in your eyes, but alas, your best friend had little sympathy for you. 
“Bitch,” he seethed, pulling out, widening your eyes only to have him slam his cock back into you, sending you into another universe entirely. 
You envied his strength — you could barely hold onto his arms while his grip on you could probably compete with the Earth’s gravity, stable and safe and inescapable. He imprisoned you in his hold as he pulled out slowly, and then drove back inside, but you wanted to be in this cage, to never leave his midnight eyes that offered something other than rage and lust and humour. You dared not wonder what it might be, but when you closed your eyes, your mind began to ponder, float amongst the stars of ideas and questions which defined your relationship.
As Chan began to fasten his pace, thrusts more erratic, you held onto his dark curls, mouth never refraining every moan and whine which he fucked out of you. There he was, the man who deemed you worthy of being pleasured, despite risking your decade old friendship to see you have the same advantages as any old person who was sexually frustrated.
But this man did not just give you any old advantages — he offered the whole world in his hands to you, knelt before you, fulfilled your every waking desire, held onto you before you could ever slip away into the chaos of your mind. Even now, with you getting lost into the galaxies of his eyes, it was solely his hands which were the anchor to reality, a reality he made better by his offer. 
Bang Chan, your very best friend. 
When he caught the tenderness radiating on your face, he could not help stealing a little for himself, moulding his lips upon yours as he pistoned you in the bed. It was perhaps this small warmth, along with his perfect rhythm of his cock that had you crying out, barely able to contain your second release.
You broke away from the kiss, and uttered his name like a prayer. “Chan,” you whimpered, not needing to say anything for him to realise that you were so very near.
He pressed his forehead against yours, unable to keep away from you. “Fine then,” he grumbled. “I’ll go easy on you.
“Cum for me, ____.”
The words weren’t fully out when you stained Chan’s bed with your release, pushing through the tiny spaces in your walls. He, too, let out an aggravated cry as he spilled into you, most mingling along with your cum upon the sheets. 
A heavy silence fell upon the both of you, both of your breathing harmonising with each other in the cold midnight. Chan toppled on the side of the bed next to you, closing his eyes as he breathed from his mouth, chest rising unevenly.
For minutes none of you said anything to each other, simply basking in each other’s peace. You felt the eyes of your best friend, and locked them with yours.
You decided to break the silence first. 
“I’m sorry for saying his name.”
Brilliant. Why would you mention that stupid idol once again? 
Chan, surprisingly, burst into laughter. You were caught completely off guard, but seeing his smile lighten up his face had you reflecting his happiness. 
“You are,” he rasped out, holding onto his stomach, “The most annoying bitch I’ve ever met.”
“Hey!” You exclaimed, smacking him on his arm, which he responded with threats of pushing you off the bed. “You wouldn’t dare!”
His hands were upon you in seconds, steering you at the edge of the mattress. He cackled at your shocked yelping, and you glared at him as he pushed you away from the edge, and into his arms. “Asshole,” you murmured, burying your face in his chest, which he gladly welcomed as he stroked your hair softly with his fingers. 
You both found solace in each other’s embrace for a little while before Chan let go of you. “Hey, I completely forgot, but...I got you something while you were out.”
Your eyes perked up at the idea of a gift, which the man tutted when he noticed. “Greedy whore,” he crowed, getting out of the bed as he strolled to his desk, grabbing a brown paper bag. His marble-cut ass was out for you to see, and you took full advantage, watching it with no small amount of admiration. 
“Enjoyed the view?” He asked innocently as he slithered right back into bed again, offering you the paper bag. Sticking your tongue out at him, you took the offer, opening it up to see what was so special inside.
Catching sight of the gift had you bursting into a smile.
You whipped the goods out of the bag, hand on your mouth.
The man bit the inside of his cheek to stop himself from smiling too wide. “You like it?”
“You like it?” You parroted, already digging in. “Where did you even find these?”
“Oh, I visited my mom earlier in the day, and she got the cookies from the old shop,” he explained, taking one of the sweets for himself. “I instantly thought of you as she gave them to me, so I saved them for you.”
You widened your eyes in affection. These sweets may have been normal, bakery cookies, but they held a significance for the both of you: these cookies were what started the whole trend of you and Chan rating certain objects or situations for each other, and whenever you were on an academic break, you made sure to drag your friend back to our hometown, where you could always grab a dozen of your favourite snack.
“Thank you for these, bud,” you said, eating away the first cookie. “I think they’ve become better than an eight now.”
Chan hummed in agreement, finishing off his one too. Licking the crumbs off his fingers, he then turned to you, a question riddled all over his face. “Hey, ____?”
When he didn’t say anything, you focused your attention on him, propping your head on your elbow. You saw with slight surprise that his cheeks were reddening by the second.
“It’s just…” he raised his hand, holding your own. “I’ve been thinking about…all of this.”
You raised your brows, refusing to reveal the dread rising in your gut. “Us?”
“Yeah, us,” he confirmed, stroking his thumb across your fingers. “Now, remember that you’ll always be my best friend, okay, like I don’t want you thinking that this would be the end of us or something—”
“Get to the point, buddy,” you hurried along, earning a glare from him.
Then, he licked his lips in anxiety, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. Hand never leaving yours, he pinned you with a stare, making you even more nervous.
He parted his mouth. 
“____, would you like to go on a date with me?”
You blinked. 
Your delayed reaction had Chan groaning. “Fuck, nevermind, just forget I said anything!” He swiped his hand away from yours, holding his head in shame. “I should have kept my big mouth shut, your bad habits are really growing on me—”
Your best friend paused. 
Turned, ever so slowly, towards you. 
You could not contain your smile as you took his hand once more. “I’ll go on a date with you, you big oaf.”
For a second you truly believed you had killed off Chan with that declaration. Then, his face exploded into pure joy, and he tackled you in a massive hug, burying his face into the crook of your neck.
“Oh my fucking God!” he cursed, “Don’t do that to me again!”
You laughed heartily as you put him at arms’ length. “You were the one doing mental gymnastics!” 
Refusing still to let go of you, he played with your hair as he clamped on his lips. “One more thing.”
“How good was I?” He looked at you, a vulnerable expression etched onto his beautiful features. “You know...with all of this.”
You stared at him, drinking in his face, his every detail, as if you had all the time in the world. Firstly, you had a right mind to pull his leg one more time, but you feared that if you made fun of him again, he might die of a heart attack.
And you still had many more years of tormenting your best friend.
So you brought him towards you, pressing your lips onto his. He seemed very much obliged to go deeper, but you pulled away just as quickly, offering him a ghost of a smile.
“I think you were a 10/10,” you whispered. “From start till finish.”
Hearing the score, and sensing your sincerity along with it, had him in near tears. He enveloped your mouth with his, backing you against the divan as he expressed his affection within the rhythm of his lips. 
When he pulled away, still mere inches from you, he said the words he’d been meaning to say since the day he first laid eyes on you — since the day you two contacted this system, since the day he knew your rating as if he knew his own name.
“Well, baby, you’ve always been a 10/10 for me.”
Tumblr media
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particularemu · a year ago
That Special Kind of Love | A Bang Chan Scenario
Word Count: 1161
Type: Fluff
Prompt: 9 (You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.) and 15 (She’s/he’s not my boyfriend!)
Author’s Note: Tbh, I don’t remember which prompt list this was from, it’s been in my WIPS for so long lmao. 
Thank you for requesting, love 💖
@channiesmixtape​ I’m tagging you because it’s Channie :3 
Tumblr media
It’s official. 
You were going to die. 
As soon as you walked through the front door, your mother was going to stab you thirty-seven times in the chest, bury you in the backyard, and dance on your grave. This was the third phone you’ve broken in the past month, but this time it wasn’t your fault! 
An hour ago you were at Felix’s house, playing video games and kicking his ass at Overwatch. You asked the boy to HAND you your phone, which was placed across the room. Felix threw the phone in your direction, and with your horrible hand-eye coordination, you managed to let it slip through your fingertips, sending the device crashing to the hard tile floor. The screen was permanently black, shattered, and now you’d have to explain to your mother that it somehow wasn’t your fault. 
You mentally cursed Lee Felix as you trudged up your best friend’s driveway, letting yourself in immediately. Chan’s mother waved at you with a smile, as you headed to his room, mood completely ruined as you trudged up the stairs. You barged through the door, surprising the brunette as he chuckled. 
“Yeah sure, come in.” Chan laughed when you collapsed onto the bed next to him, instantly curling up into his side. Chan’s arm instinctively wrapped around your shoulders, pulling you closer to his body. “Bad day?”
You sighed dramatically and slung your leg over his hips, hugging him the same way a koala would cling to a tree in a windstorm. “I don’t know what to do Chan.” 
Yeah, you were probably making a big deal out of nothing, but here you were, a young college kid trying to make your parents proud, but only managing to disappoint them one way or another. This broken phone? Yet another reminder that you weren’t the perfect kid they always dreamed of. Your best friend was your only solace in those trying times. 
Chan’s arm tightened around your waist, pulling you closer if that was even possible. “What happened sweetheart?”
Ah, there was that nickname — one you were all too familiar with. Chan started calling you sweetheart when you were about thirteen years old. At the time, you found the nickname endearing. Now? Now the simple name sent your heart into overdrive. You knew he didn’t mean anything by it, but you secretly hoped one day you and him would turn into one of those cheesy ‘childhood friends to lovers’ movies. 
“I fucked up.” You nuzzled closer, pressing your nose into his neck. God, he smelled so good, despite being a messy college kid at home for spring break who probably hasn’t showered today. “I fucked up so bad.” 
Yeah, you fucked up. You were in love with your childhood friend, and you couldn’t even do anything about it. There was no way in hell you could ever chance ruining your friendship with the boy. You knew the boy would still want to be friends no matter what, but you couldn’t help but wonder...
What if?
What if all that changed as soon as your confession left your lips? What if you ended up deciding that being around him was too painful? What if he thought being friends with you would be awkward after you confessed? There were so many ‘what ifs’ in play, and you couldn’t bring yourself to tell the boy how you actually felt. 
“How did you mess up, love?” Chen rested his chin on your head, fingers running through your hair as your thumbs ran across his shoulders. 
Now that’s just unfair… 
Chan had never called you that before. Your heart panged in your chest as you replied, “I broke my phone.” 
Chan couldn’t help but throw his head back against the pillows and laugh. “That’s it? You’re this upset over a broken phone?” His boyish giggles echoed in the room as he teased you. “I thought you did something really bad.” 
“I did!” You smacked his shoulder. “You have no idea how mad my mom is going to be.” You sighed. “She’ll kill me.” 
“She won’t kill you.” Chan chuckled. “How did you crack it?”
You sighed. “Felix decided to yeet it across the room to me.” 
Chan couldn’t help but laugh at your choice of words. “He yeeted it huh?” 
“Quit making fun of me.” You groaned. “You’re going to be sorry when I’m dead.” 
“She won’t be that mad sweetheart.” Chan squeezed your shoulder while his other hand rested on your outer thigh. “It’s not like you did anything. Just blame Felix.” 
You couldn’t stop the dramatic sigh that slipped past your lips. “Just because your mom is an angel doesn’t mean mine is too.”
Chan’s mom was an absolute sweetheart. You wished your mom was half as nice as her. The woman constantly took care of you when your parents were away, allowing you and Chan to watch fun movies and play games all night so you wouldn’t feel lonely. 
“Okay baby girl, let’s watch a movie.” Chan tried to sit up, but you tightened your grip around his shoulders, forcing him to fall back down into your embrace. 
You pouted like a three-year-old child, ready to throw a fit any second. “No.” 
“I just need to put a movie into the DVD player you brat.” Chan chuckled, trying to remove himself from your iron grip. 
You merely squeezed him tighter. “You’re soft and warm and I don’t want you to move.”
Chan’s mother chose that exact moment to walk by his room. “Oh my goodness!” She beamed, pulling out her phone and snapping a picture. “I was wondering when you two were going to get together. We have to celebrate!” 
You immediately sat up and pushed Chan away from you, making the boy burst out in laughter at his mother’s words. “He’s not my boyfriend!” You exclaimed, making a disgusted face to hide the fact that you were in love with the boy next to you. 
“Oh, I’m sorry. I must be mistaken.” She wiggled her eyebrows and left, leaving you and Chan in a mess of giggles. 
“She set that up.” Chan held his sides as he laughed. “She SO set that up.” 
You snorted. “We’re not dating though.” 
Chan’s laughter died down as he looked at you. “We’ve practically been dating for years baby girl.” 
“Not really.” Your brows creased. “You’ve never had the balls to ask me out.” 
Suddenly his lips were on yours — the soft, gentle kiss taking you off guard. The kiss was quick and sweet. As soon as he pulled away you longed for more. “Well, this is me asking you out.” 
Your cheeks flushed a bright shade of crimson as you realized that the boy you’ve loved your entire life just asked you to be his girlfriend — and just kissed you. You just kissed the boy of your dreams. “Can we do that again?” 
Chan chuckled and pulled you closer. “I’ll kiss you anytime you want.” 
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chaoticminhos · a year ago
maybe i do
--”even at a young age, he knew he wouldn’t be able to choose who he married, but that didn’t stop him from hoping that one day, maybe, you would at least be an imagine his excitement when you were. and then imagine his pain when you told him you wished you were anything but.”
pairing: lee know x reader
genre: angst, fluff, a smut scene 
warnings: none
word count: 16.3k
a/n: arraigned marriage with minho was requested, as was breeding/pregnancy kink with him :) I didn’t make the pregnancy kink a big part bc the smut scene is small but i hope you like it anyway, anon!! I can always write a separate fic, too. there’s never too many minho fics <3
Tumblr media
eighteen. that’s when you were expected to choose a partner. you’d just turned of age, and as an adult, you were now supposed to be getting ready to take the throne. with a partner, of course.
a very specific partner, specific to the point that all choice given to you to make you feel like you were in control meant absolutely nothing. 
you needed to find a man, first of all. a single man, one that wasn’t already set to be married. he had to have power, at least as much or more power than you had. he needed to have wealth. you needed to find yourself a handsome, wealthy prince from one of your neighboring kingdoms, and your parents had to like him. as much as your parents said you were in full control of choosing your suitor, you knew you were not the one making the calls. not a single one of them.
there was only one person who matched all of these criteria. there was only one boy you whose name would be on your list of potential suitors and your parents knew it just as well as you did.
you could try just simply not writing lee minhos name down, not selecting a husband at all, but it would be futile. eventually, if you hadn’t selected a worthy candidate to marry, one would be decided for you.
without a doubt, minho would be the one selected, whether you wrote it down or your parents signed his name for you.
you didn’t have anything against minho specifically. he was no more intolerable than any of the other royal children you’d met. if anything, he was actually easier to be around. it’s just that you were expected to be fond of him.
you were ordered by your parents to love him, and that in itself made you want to despise him.
along with your side of the selection, minho also had to choose you. if he didn’t, you would just have to wait until someone else came along. it wasn’t just you looking for a partner, he was in search as well. the difference was that he had been in search for nearly a year and he had willingly selected you.
minho wasn’t the first in line to be king of his home kingdom, his oldest brother was. he was already married and set to be crowned in the coming months. instead, if minho ever wanted to be a king, he needed to find a woman to marry who was set to become queen.
luckily for him, you were the oldest daughter in a family that had no sons.
as the eldest sibling in a family of no boys, you were in line to lead. but according to the rules, you couldn’t lead without a man to stand beside.
in all logic, minho had to choose you just as much as you needed to choose him. of course, if both of you resented each other, the wedding could be held off until you resolved the conflict. or even cancelled. you might be given a few more years of freedom before another man who fits your parents wants walks into their life or ages old enough to marry.
much to your dismay, however, minho did choose you. even before it was brought to his attention that he was your only option, that you would remain single for an unknown amount of time unless he married you, minho chose you. the second he noticed your name on the list of possible brides, which was much longer than your list of possible husbands, he had his mind set on you.
and after finding out that you had no one to choose but him, minho was sure he was going to get what he wanted.
Tumblr media
you clenched your jaw and took your place at the table, glancing at the seat beside you that had been saved for minho.
“we want you two to get to know each other more before the wedding,” your mother said, “and he’s such a sweet boy.”
“i haven’t even chosen him as my fiancé yet, mom.”
she sent you an apologetic smile, both of you knew it didn’t matter what you chose.
you sat biting your lip and playing with the frills on your dress for quite some time before minho and his parents entered the room, escorted by four of the palace guards. 
he looked different than when you had last seen him. taller. it had only been a year or so, but you could clearly see changes. his jaw line was more defined and he had finally learned how to tie a tie so it wasn’t crooked. his eyes, though. even from across the room, you could see that his eyes were the same.
you smiled and sent a small wave towards one of the guards as they turned to leave. minho must have thought you were waving at him, and he waved back, a huge smile plastered on his pretty lips.
you were aware that he had already put your name down as his official choice of brides, practically robbing you of any chance you had of not being forced into marriage, and you knew he was probably equally aware that you had yet to write down his name, even though it was the only one you had. 
you held back a laugh at minho waving at you, not having the heart to tell him you were waving to felix and not him as he made his way around the table and to you. you let yourself smile though. no matter how much you wanted him to hate you as much as you hated the idea of marrying him, you couldn’t be downright rude. not when the parents were watching, at least.
you stood to greet him, sending your now-forced smile in his direction. you went to shake his hand, but instead, he pulled you into a tight hug. it was short, so short that you didn’t have the time to return the hug, not that you would have wanted to. 
you sat back down and looked up to greet his parents sitting across from the two of you on your big table. your own parents were sat on the ends of the table, your father to your left and mother to your right. neither your nor minhos siblings were present.
there was no time for conversation before the cook was bringing out the food. it was nothing fancy, per your request. he brought all of the food out at once, minus the desert, instead of in different courses. 
you half expected minho to say something about the way the meal was brought out in a way that wasn’t considered the most elegant, but he didn’t. instead, his eyes went wide as he spotted the roasted chicken set down in the middle of the table.
his mother observed his behavior and laughed, “y/n, how did you know minho’s favorite food? i don’t remember sending a letter containing his favorites.”
you frowned slightly, “i didn’t, i just chose my favorite.”
at your words, your mothers shared a glance, one that said, “they’re perfect for each other.”
your father was the next to speak, “minho, why don’t you cut the chicken for us.”
once again you anticipated some sort of reaction out of the boy. he had been asked to cut the chicken when there were waiters standing all around that could most likely do it much neater than he could. it was another thing you had specifically requested to happen in order to judge his reaction. but again, to your surprise, he smiled, stood up, and began to cut even strips off of it, passing them out around the table.
he turned to you, “how much do you want?”
you ignored the softness in his voice, one that you could see yourself growing fond of if you didn’t resent the idea of loving him so much already.
“i can get my own.”
he didn’t even flinch at your response, chuckling as he cut a piece off of the bird and guided it to your plate. you had to keep yourself from pouting as you looked down at it. he’d given you just as much as you wanted.
he was making it very difficult to keep a bitter attitude towards him when he was doing everything right. how were you supposed to convince your parents he would be a terrible husband when acted like the perfect one?
after serving himself, minho reclaimed his seat beside you. you served yourself to the rest of the food as it was passed around, handing the bowls to minho when you were finished. you took notice of the way he chose food. he took a little of everything, as if he wanted to taste all of the foods you had requested to be made for his visit. you asked him about it.
“trying everything, minho?”
you dropped his formality. you should have predicted that he would take it as a sign that you were comfortable with him rather than a petty disrespect in the way you’d meant.
he nodded, sending a soft smile towards you, “i assume your chose all your favorites, princess, so i want to try them all.”
you would have blushed if someone you were fond of said it, but you weren’t blushing. no, the heat in your face was just there because the room was warm from all of the bodies and hot food.
one of the waiters came around with a bottle of wine and some glasses, offering one to everyone at the table. of course, everyone accepted, it was impolite not to, but you couldn’t help but notice that minho didn’t touch his glass as often as the rest of you.
by the time you were smiling up at the waiter as he poured you a second glass, minho still had yet to finish even half of his first. 
you ate in casual conversation until all of you had your fill. the table was slowly cleared and the meals were replaced with a small array of sweets. 
minho nudged you, pointing at one of the trays.
“what’s this?”
you were caught off guard by his voice. it was soft, timid, almost like he was embarrassed that he didn’t know what the dessert was.
“pumpkin bars.”
he nodded, “are they your favorite?”
you shrugged, shaking your head, “kinda. they’re not my favorite to eat, but i love baking them.”
his eyes widened, “you made these?”
you shook your head again, a small laugh leaving your lips. as much as you tried to stay short and serious with him, you couldn’t.
“no, but i know how.”
he paused for a moment as his eyes scanned the table before he turned to you once more, “can you teach me?”
your brows furrowed, “to make pumpkin bars?”
he nodded.
never mind. you definitely could be short with him. 
what was he playing at? why was he behaving exactly in the way you’d want him to in every obstacle you threw at him? he couldn’t actually be that good. first, he wasn’t offset by the untraditionally casual meal or being asked to serve the main dish himself, and now he was showing interest in something you liked to do. something that was considered low level, something that a princess should never have to do. and now he was asking if you would show him how?
no, he had to be faking. any walls that had been broken down by his timid voice and him making you laugh were thrown back up.
“you don’t want to bake.”
it was his turn to frown.
he reached out to stop your arm as you went to grab a slice of pie.
“what do you mean? yes i do.”
you pulled your wrist from his grip, speaking lowly so only he would hear. 
“well i don’t want to teach you.”
you missed the expression that crossed his face as you reached across the table to grab the dessert you wanted.
he didn’t say anything more. he just reached for the pie spatula as you went to set it down. his fingers grazed yours as he took the tool from your hand and you were violently aware of it, of how his fingers against your skin seemed to send a shock through your body.
he set a piece on his plate and took a bite, glancing at you. you hadn’t even registered that you had been watching him until he did. 
“how is it?”
he nodded in approval, “it’s good. do you know how to make pies, too?”
“yes. i can make most every dessert our cooks can.”
he held your gaze as he smiled at you.
you frowned, averting your eyes from his and back to your plate, “what?”
“nothing.” he began, “i just think it’s interesting that you’re so into baking now. last time we spoke you were crazy about the gardens.”
you shrugged, “who says i can’t love both?”
there was a pause before, to your surprise, you kept the conversation going.
“do you still practice archery?”
he nodded, swallowing a bite of his pie before responding.
“i can out shoot almost all of our archers.”
you raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing at your lips, “who says they’re not letting you win?”
he playfully shoved you and you laughed.
“fine, then you go against me.”
you shook your head, “anyone could beat me in archery.”
he seemed to think for a moment before softly nudging you, “i could give you some tips?”
you almost found yourself accepting his offer before you caught yourself. you were not supposed to be enjoying his company.
“i don’t need your help. if i wanted to learn i would have one of my guards teach me.”
the way his expression fell made something in your chest ache and you hoped his parents hadn’t heard the remark. you felt bad for a moment, it wasn’t his fault that you were being forced to marry him.
then a thought crossed your mind- it kind of was.
he played by their rules and pretended to be excited to marry you, but that’s not what he wanted. he knew the perks that came along with marrying you. it wasn’t you he was excited for, it was the power and status that came along with marrying you. how could he be excited to marry you when he barely knew you? he couldn’t. all he wanted was to be king, and you gave him that option. he didn’t try to fight it. maybe if he fought it like you did, you wouldn’t be forced into it. or at least not so soon.
the fact that his cooperation was only securing your unwanted future was enough to wipe that sting from your chest.
you finished the rest of your dessert in silence, listening in on your parents conversations and trying not to scream at every mention of the upcoming wedding you didn’t want to have.
“has he picked out a ring yet?” 
“no,” his mother responded, “he wanted to get to know her better first. he wants it to be perfect.”
you finished your food and pushed the plate away from you, letting the waiters know they could collect it. all of the adults were already done eating. minho finished soon after, having taken longer as he savored every bite. this left the table without food and full of conversation. 
minho only spoke again when your mother addressed him.
“is there a specific type of flower you want at the ceremony?”
he spoke softly, kindly. you could see exactly why your mother loved him so much. even without him being the only choice, he probably would have been her first choice for you.
“yes. i love lilies.”
you took a deep breath to keep yourself from blowing up, it couldn’t be a coincidence that he kept having the same favorites as you. someone told him so he could better bond with you. 
your mom knew how badly you didn’t want this wedding to happen, she probably send his family a letter of ways to win your favor.
“it would be the perfect time to have the ceremony outside,” minho’s mother gushed, “the green suits them both.”
your dad laughed, “every color suits our y/n.”
“what color were you thinking, dear?” your mother turned to you.
your eyes shot to her. you were about to snap that you didn’t care about colors because you hoped there would be no wedding to coordinate colors to, but minhos parents were in the room. you couldn’t risk upsetting them and throwing off the good relationship your kingdoms had simply because you didn’t want to marry their son.
cutting off the marriage would be one thing. if it was mutual, it wouldn’t harm any relationships between the kingdoms. it would just stall your transition to power until you were forced against another possible husband. insulting him in front of his parents, however, might.
instead, you opted to look over at minho and pull a false smile onto your features.
“i think purple would suit him well.”
his parents didn’t catch the falseness of your cheerful tone or the way the smile on your lips was obviously forced, but minho did.
“oh, you’re so right!”
you asked one of the servants for the time and stood up.
“mom, i need to water my plants. may i?”
she nodded gesturing to the boy beside you, “take minho with you.”
you nodded, turning to leave the room without waiting for him. you heard your mother mutter something about your own little garden that you refused to let the staff tend for instead of  doing it yourself.
minho caught up as you were partly down the hallway. 
“y/n, is something wrong?”
you stopped, nearly causing him to crash into you.
“is something wrong? minho, this whole thing is wrong.”
he frowned, following again as you made your way to the garden entrance, “what do you mean?”
you opened the door to the garden a little harsher than you probably needed to and began filling a watering jug, “people should be able to fall in love before marriage.”
he shrugged, “there’s plenty of time for you to fall in love with me before the ceremony.”
you sent a glare towards him, “i want to choose who i love, minho.”
“then choose me.”
you shook your head, choosing not to respond. he followed you across the garden and to a small, fenced off patch that he assumed to be your personal garden.
you could feel his eyes on you as you went around and checked the soil around each plant before watering the ones that needed it. he wasn’t saying anything, he was just watching you. you let him stand in silence.
he followed you back to the entrance where you sat your watering can down and to a small bench where he took his seat beside you.
you put some distance between the two of you when he sat down right next to you and he noticed, just as he had noticed every other less than loving way you’d reacted to each of his attempts to show affection.
his chest tightened, why did you hate him so much? he thought you two were on good terms. the last time you saw each other, you laughed and joked with him. what was different now? was the idea of marrying him really that bad? 
maybe you were just nervous. 
people handle nerves differently, he reminded himself, maybe yours just made you snappy. it wasn’t anything to worry about. plenty of people had second thoughts before their weddings. you just had to get used to him was all, since you hadn’t seen each other in so long. then you would go back to joking with him and your he happy to have him as your husband.
he was shaken out of his thoughts by your voice.
“you don’t drink much?” you were referring to the glass of wine he had barely finished during dinner.
he shook his head, “it makes my mind foggy.”
you chuckled. he liked the sound. somehow, it was sweeter knowing that it was because of him.
“isn’t that what alcohol is supposed to do?”
he smiled, “i guess. but i wanted to be able to see you clearly.”
something akin to butterflies woke up inside your stomach. you ignored them as you stood abruptly, heading immediately for the door. he followed you out of the garden and back to the dining room where your families were seated. they turned as you stepped through the door.
“mother, it’s getting late and they have a long ride home.”
minho said nothing, standing at your side like it’s where he belonged, once again too close for comfort.
his parents agreed, standing along with your parents and thanking them for having them over. his mother hugged you goodbye at the front door before stepping into a carriage with her husband and son.
you were thankful that minho hadn’t tried to hug you goodbye. or much worse, kiss you.
he spent the carriage ride home wishing he had.
Tumblr media
it was only a matter of days before his family was visiting again. since minho would be living in your castle with you, your parents decided it was best to have him visit you again rather than you go to his kingdom.
“y/n, the lees will be here soon, get dressed!” 
“i am dressed.”
“then get out here!”
you groaned and chan laughed beside you.
“stop laughing at my pain.” you scolded him, “i’ll have you fired from the guard.”
he laughed again, “you would never. who would protect you then?”
you grumbled as you straightened your dress and opened the door, “felix. woojin. seungmin. literally any of the other guards.”
he pouted, coming to stand next to you as you walked down the hallway and to the front where you would be greeting minho.
he was going to complain, but you cut him off when you saw minho and his family standing near the doorway.
“go join the others.” you told chan, “but be on watch. you might need to save minho from me if he acts like he was last time.”
chan laughed, heading to stand with the rest of the guards.
minho noticed the friendly interaction and smiled. he liked how you were always so nice to the servants. he noticed it during the meal too, when you smiled and joked with the waiter.
“sorry to keep you waiting.” you bowed politely to his parents.
you turned to minho, “hello.”
a big smile spread across his features, “hi again, my love.”
he had taken a risk with those being the first words out of his mouth. he thought that maybe seeing him again and time to adjust had gotten you used to the idea of him. he thought maybe your attitude would have changed towards him.
he was wrong. although you couldn’t make a point of showing it in front of his parents, he could see by the slight change in your eyes at the choice of the name that he was definitely wrong.
“would you kids leave the adults to talk for a while?” your mother spoke.
she placed one hand on your shoulder and the other on minho’s, “you can go wherever you’d like, just stay clear of your bedroom.”
your face flushed red and glared at your mom as minhos parents laughed. was she trying to embarrass you? did she think you’d laugh at the joke? it wasn’t funny.
knowing you wouldn’t last long without blowing up with teasing like that, you took a hold of minho’s hand and drug him away from your parents. you allowed him to walk beside you this time instead of rushing to be in front of him, but you dropped his hand practically as soon as you’d taken it.
he’d assumed the garden was your destination, so when you walked past the doorway to the giant greenhouse, he spoke up.
“where are we going?”
“i don’t know yet.”
you ended up at the base of a staircase that lead to the roof of the castle. without questioning you, he followed you up the stairs and to the open roof. you were immediately met with a burst of cold air, but the longer you stood in the wind, the easier it became to handle. 
you followed minho as he made his way across the roof and towards the edge, throwing his legs over and sitting with them dangling down as he took in the view.
he probably expected to go sit with him, so you did. that in no way meant you were going to begin complying with everything, it just meant that you were choosing to be civil in that moment.
he noticed as you glanced back at the door you’d entered the roof from.
“what is it?”
“my mother must have told my guards not to follow us.”
he shrugged, “why would you need guards when you’re with me?”
you huffed, “in case i decide to bite your head off.”
he laughed at the remark, and even though you hadn’t intended it as a joke, you laughed along with him. something about his laugh made it impossible to sit there with a scowl on your face.
“tell me what’s so bad about me, then.”
a teasing grin spread across your face as you looked at him, “god, where do i start...”
he gestured for you to continue, but your mind ran blank. what exactly was so bad about him? the majority of your issues weren’t with him in specific.
then one thing popped into your mind like a big red flag.
“you’re forcing me into marriage.”
he frowned, “i don’t think so, not really. if i refused to marry you, you would simply wait another year or two as a princess until your parents were able to find another prince for you.” he paused, “in some ways, i actually think i’m saving you.”
“saving me?” you scoffed out.
“yes. from some creep you might be forced to marry instead of me if i decline as harshly as you are.”
“who says you’re not a creep, lee minho?”
his face morphed into faux offense, “my mother says i’m quite the gentleman, thank you very much.”
you let out a small chuckle before responding. he did have a point, you were going to be forced into a marriage eventually, whether it be this one or not. at least you knew him. was a couple extra years of freedom worth marrying someone you didn’t know at all? or would it be wisest to settle for minho? 
either way, you still didn’t understand why you needed a man at all to lead.
“why can’t i just lead alone? i don’t need a king.”
“there’s two thrones for a reason.”
he saw the confusion across your face and continued.
“two leaders is safer than one. it requires compromise and thought, not just one person making the choices according to their opinion only.”
you nodded, and you hated how much his explanation of everything was making sense. 
“it’s the same reason they make a king marry before taking the throne if they can help it.”
there was a short pause before he spoke again, “i mean, technically, if both of your parents died right now, there would be no option other than to send you to the throne alone. and as the queen, no one could tell you to get married. but unless you want to assassinate your parents,” he brought his hand to rest on top of yours, “you’re stuck with me.”
ignoring the searing heat of his skin touching yours, you narrowed your eyes up at him as you spoke.
“you make it tempting.”
he laughed again, and this time you had intended for it to be humorous. 
it was cleared now why things were the way they were. it would have been so much easier if your parents took a second to explain it in the way minho had. he was very good with explaining things, a talent a good king needs to have.
maybe he wouldn’t be so bad to lead with.
still, you didn’t resent the situation any less than you had before understanding it.
you turned from the view of the mountains to find minho already staring back at you. it wasn’t until you noticed the way the sun framed his face that you noticed how quickly the sun had been setting, had you really been outside with him that long?
you traced the lines of his face with your eyes, admiring the way the sun sat on his skin as if it was made for the purpose. 
you frowned in confusion as the shapes across his face began to grow, and before you could register it, his lips were only moments away from yours. you reacted quickly, thankful that he had paused to give you the option to do so.
he didn’t seem surprised as the palms of your hands connected to his chest, pushing him away from you. 
you stood from the edge, dusting off your dress and motioning to the door.
“i’m not supposed to be outside at dark without my guards.”
you knew that that didn’t matter, your parents trusted minho to keep you safe, that’s the whole reason they didn’t feel the need to send guards with you in the first place. you figured he probably knew that too, but he didn’t comment on it. instead, he nodded, following you to the staircase and opening the door for you, walking with you around the castle as you looked for your parents.
you found them in the first place you looked, the lounge. you waited for a pause in their conversation before making yourself known.
“it’s getting dark, shall i ask for the carriage?”
your mother sent you a worried smile as your dad spoke.
“sweetheart, they’re staying the night. we’ll have a carriage sent to take king and queen lee home in the morning.
you frowned, glancing at minho. he shrugged.
“the king and queen? what about minho?”
“he’ll be living here from now on. he might as well get used to his new home.”
your face fell.
“what about my things?” minho questioned. he seemed much more calm about the news than you, but he didn’t seem to know any more about the situation.
his mother waved the question off, “i sent for some carriages with your things as soon as we made the decision for you to remain here. they’ve already arrived and are waiting to be unpacked.”
“where are they?” he questioned.
his mother laughed like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“your bedroom.”
“where is that?”
your dad cut in, “y/n can show you.”
that’s when it hit you- his bedroom was your bedroom. that’s why your mother had told you to stay clear of it. she had anticipated the conversation about minho staying and wanted the area to be clear if they chose to move his things in. your mother hadn’t meant it as a joke at all, she said it as an order.
trying to hide your frustration, you grabbed minho’s hand and turned to leave.
“we’ll start to unpack now!”
you ignored both your and his parents calls as you dragged him down the hallways and to your bedroom. 
the first thing you noticed was that some of your personal items were being carried out of the door as you watched. things that made your bedroom yours. stacks of books you loved to read and even piles of papers containing words of your own were being handled by random personnel. not even your own guards, staff you had never met was handling your personal things. it would be one thing if it was chan or one of your friends moving things out, but it wasn’t. you hadn’t even seen chan or the rest of your guard since you greeted minho when he arrived.
their soul job was to protect you, and they had been relieved of duty while you were with minho, so why couldn’t they have been the ones to handle your things? it would still have upset you, obviously, but it would have been far less intrusive to have people you know and trust doing it.
you felt tears brimming in your eyes. your parents knew how much you valued privacy, and yet they let people you’d never even seen on the property handle everything you valued. 
minho’s eyes were just as attached to the scene ahead of you until he heard a soft whimper leave your lips. immediately, he had his arms around you and your face buried in his chest.
you wanted to pull away, to shove him and curse at him for coming into your life like this, but instead, you gripped the fabric of his button up shirt and let him hold you close.
“i’m so sorry,” he whispered into your hair, “i didn’t know.”
and then he did something you would never have expected.
“excuse me!” he called, his authoritative voice echoing down the hallway, “you can stop now. put whatever is in your hands down and leave.”
the movers hesitated, not knowing whether or not to follow his commands yet, but they ended up obeying. he stopped one of the men as he moved to walk past the two of you, you still secure and crying into his chest.
“where did you put the things you moved?”
the worker gestured to the things in the hall outside your bedroom, “everything we moved is in this hallway, your royal highness.”
“and my things?”
“waiting for you further down the hall.”
he nodded and let the man leave before slowly pulling you off of him. he felt a squeeze in his heart as you looked up at him with red, tear filled eyes. 
he led you into your room, “let’s get you to your bed.”
you let out a small sob at his words, “that’s not my bed.”
he was confused for a moment before it registered in his mind. they must have switched out your old bed in favor of a larger one to suit the both of you, even though the one you had before would have no doubt done the job fine. you’d probably had a queen at the smallest.
the longer minho held you, the less you wanted to push him away and blame him for everything that was happening.
he walked you over to the bed and sat you down, taking a seat beside you so you could remain attached to him.
he knew that it wasn’t him you found comfort in, but rather just a warm body to hug. still, having you so close to him felt so right, he couldn’t bring himself to care. it felt like you were finally responding to him like a woman should to her fiancé. you were letting him take care of you.
truth be told, if he could have scooped you up in his arms the day he first saw you after learning you were to be his wife a few days prior, he would have, and he never would have let go. 
when he saw your name on the piece of paper handed to him, he didn’t even read the rest. even before opening the letter, your name had popped into his mind. he’d always had a childish crush on you. even at a young age, he knew he wouldn’t be able to choose who he married, but that didn’t stop him from hoping that one day, maybe, you would at least be an option.
so imagine his excitement when you were. and then imagine his pain when you told him you wished you were anything but.
as he moved you up the bed and snuggled himself in beside you before pulling the covers up to keep you warm, he wondered if maybe tonight would change that.
maybe you would realize that you liked the feeling of being in his arms, of having him hold you close. as your sniffles became softer and eventually stopped, he wondered if you’d realize that falling asleep next to him was something you could get used to.
because oh goodness, after falling asleep with you in his arms, even though the both of you were still in uncomfortable cloths and had fallen asleep upset, he didn’t ever want to go to bed without you again.
you were woken up only a little while after falling asleep to the sound of soft knocking on your door. minho stirred beside you and you both sat up to see who it was.
both of your mothers were standing in the doorway with adoration in their eyes at the sight in front of them. 
“and here i thought you’d be upset over the room.” your mother cooed as she made her way into the room.
you shifted yourself away from minho and you could have sworn you heard a whine of complaint come from him as your body lost contact to his. or maybe it was you.
his mother approached the bed as well, taking hold of his collar and straightening it out.
“goodness, you two didn’t even bother to change into sleep clothes.”
minho responded before you could, “we hadn’t meant to fall asleep.”
“what time is it?” you added.
“not late,” your mother responded, “it was still only 10:30 when we headed up to check on you.”
you nodded, and as the sleep wore off, the anger kicked in. before you burst, you stood and ushered them out of the room.
“i’ll get changed now, then, and then we can organize and unpack a little tonight.”
“we can help!” his mother chimed.
before you could deny the offer, minho did.
“no mother, we want to set up our bedroom ourselves, please.”
happy with the response, she nodded and followed your mother out of the room and back to wherever your fathers were waiting.
minho stood from the bed and looked into your closet.
“it doesn’t look like any of my clothes are here yet, so i’ll leave you to change. i can find something in a box and i’ll find a place to change.”
you nodded as he walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.
you sat on the edge of your bed for a moment before standing up and grabbing the same sleep clothes you wore every night. they had already been washed in the morning and pressed dry, ready for you to use again.
you tried to undo the buttons on the back of your dress, but you couldn’t reach. chan had helped you do them earlier in the day. you reached your arm over the opposite shoulder in an attempt to reach the buttons, straining the fabric of the dress in a weird way. you heard the sound of stitches coming undone and pulled your arm back into a normal position, inspecting the place the noise had come from. sure enough, there were little pieces of thread hanging around a small tear in the arm of your dress.
defeated, you sat down on your bed and waited for minho to return. it wasn’t long before he did, signaling his presence with a couple soft knocks to the door. you called for him to come in and he did, pausing in surprise when he saw you still in the dress, your night clothes bundled in your hands.
“i can’t reach the buttons.”
he threw his head back in understanding, taking a few steps towards you as you turned your back to him, moving your hair out of the way of the buttons. 
you didn’t know what you’d expected, but the gentle touch of his fingers against your neck as he undid the top button sent a shiver through you. you hoped he didn’t notice, but by the way his movements stopped for a split second before continuing, you knew he had.
he undid the buttons until there were none left, leaving the top half of your back exposed to him where your dress fell open. his eyes ghosted over your shoulder blades and the smooth skin of your back. he wanted to place his palm there, to feel the warmth of your skin in more than just the tips of his fingers. he actually might have, despite his best judgement, if you hadn’t spoke up.
“are you done?”
he muttered a soft word of confirmation as you turned to face him again, hands holding the fabric to your chest to pretend it from falling off. 
he stared at you for a moment before reality seemed to flow back into his head.
“let me know when you’re done.”
you nodded, waiting until he pulled the door closed behind him to let the dress fall to the floor. you took your time changing. it felt nice to be alone. after a few minutes, though, an unexpected feeling built up in your chest. it was nice to be alone, but you missed minhos company. or maybe you just missed company.
that was it, you told yourself, you just missed having someone around. your resolve was not breaking this quickly. you were upset and frustrated with how things were going and he was just as good as anyone, except maybe chan, to keep you company.
you called out for him to come back in and he did, immediately taking the clothes you’d just changed out of and setting them in a bin outside your door where they would wait until someone came and took them for cleaning. 
you followed him to the door, heading right for a pile of books that had been taken off of your personal bookshelf. luckily, they hadn’t moved the shelf out of your bedroom yet, so you only had the books to carry back in.
you did the same for a few other things, things that you couldn’t imagine not having in your room, before turning to minho.
“what do you want moved in next?” he asked.
“something of yours.”
he was shocked by your reply, almost as if he had expected you to return your bedroom to the way it was before he arrived and pretend his things didn’t exist.
sure, you didn’t like that you had to remove your things from your room to make room for his stuff, but there wasn’t anything you could do about it right then. it wasn’t your room anymore. it belonged to the both of you.
at least until you could convince your parents to cancel the wedding, that is. that was still the plan.
“uh, okay,” minho began down the hallway, scanning his things as he did. he finally settled on a pretty, dark wooded desk. it had drawers along the side and it looked very used. you were surprised his parents let him keep it with how old it looked. it must have been important to him.
he insisted that he could carry it alone, but eventually he let you help. it fit perfectly in the room, almost like it was meant to be there. you placed it a couple feet away from your own desk, which was a similar color. it was a similar build too, with drawers on the sides.
back in the hallway, minho sighed as he attempted to move a large bookcase of his.
“we can’t move this alone. it can wait until morning.”
you nodded, thought for a moment, and then spoke.
“there’s room on mine, if you want. we can put this in storage and you can put your books with mine. there’s no need for two bookcases in one room.”
he was slightly taken aback by your offer, but nodded. he liked that you were getting used to sharing. getting used to it being not just your room, but his too. maybe you had changed your mind about him already.
“okay,” he agreed, “then we can take some books in.”
you grumbled, “but only one load. then we’re done for tonight.”
he laughed, assuring you that it was the last load of the night and walking back to the bedroom beside you, books in hand.
you helped him organize the books on the shelf, interlocking them with yours when it looked best to do so. the bookshelf was still quite empty, but that was fine. you had more books somewhere in the hall that you hadn’t bothered to search for and he had more, too.
you sat down on the bed, still messed up from your little nap, and sighed, but you didn’t say anything.
instead, minho did. after a few minutes of surprisingly comfortable silence, he sat down beside you and spoke.
“why won’t you let me kiss you?”
you were surprised by the sudden question, “you only tried once.”
“you’d only push me away again if i tried another time.”
“you gave me the chance to push you away.”
“because i knew you would.”
“then why try?”
“because i want to kiss you. why don’t you want to kiss me?”
you faltered at the confidence in his words. sure, his earlier actions had made it clear he wanted to kiss you, he wouldn’t have tried to otherwise, but hearing him say it out loud felt different. it made it click in your mind that he meant it, that it was real.
“i don’t- i already told you.”
“no you didn’t.”
“yes, i did.” you insisted, “i told you. i don’t want to be in a relationship that’s forced.”
and there it was. despite the progress he thought he’d made with you, there it was. that same angry, bitter attitude towards whatever relationship you two had. 
he shoved the disappointment down his throat and replied, “then don’t force it. i’m not.”
he said it casually, just like he said and did everything else he did around you. his laid back demeanor gave the illusion that maybe his words were honest. maybe he wasn’t forcing anything he felt for you, maybe he genuinely did look forward to the wedding, and not only for the power. you shoved the thought from your mind, looking forward to marrying you and looking forward to taking control of your kingdom were not the same thing.
as had become common for you, you chose not to respond, instead scooting yourself along the bed until you had your head on a pillow, pulling the blankets over yourself. you felt the bed shift as he did the same, reaching out to shut off any lights in the room before crawling under the same blankets as you. 
as badly as he wanted to pull you close to his chest and hold you while he fell asleep like he had hours before, he knew he couldn’t. everything in the way you were responding to him now told him that you would just push him away, maybe even change your mind about sleeping in the same bed as him and make him move to the floor. or worse, move there yourself.
no, minho didn’t want you to sleep on the floor and he didn’t want to upset you further than he knew he already had, so he stayed to himself. with your back to him, he listened to the even sounds of your breathing as you fell asleep. that would have to be enough for him for now.
Tumblr media
the next morning was a repeat of the night before, minus minhos thoughts that you could be finally accepting him, maybe even growing feelings that didn’t involve resentment and anger.
after sending his parents off with a promise of them returning soon, just like the night before, you spent the day rearranging the room with him. you refused any help from your parents or anyone else, partially because you didn’t want anyone to touch your things again and partially because you couldn’t stand to be around them at the moment.
unlike before, though, your comfort and coziness to minho had worn off. you were no longer showing him any form of physical affection. 
you still kept the room fair, although it didn’t feel like it was half you and half him. it felt like its own place. it wasn’t partially him, the other half you- it was 100% the two of you, together.
you actually quite liked the way the room turned out. you weren’t being as snappy to him as you originally had been, but the atmosphere wasn’t anything close to before, when you’d looked to him for comfort from the pain rather than looking at him like he was the source of it all.
minho hated seeing you cry. when he noticed your state the night before and pulled you into his chest, he could have sworn his heart broke, like it would have fallen right out of his chest if you hadn’t been there holding it in. that reason exactly is why he felt so bad now.
he didn’t want you to cry, he didn’t want you to be sad, but he almost wished you would again, if it meant you would let your walls down for him again. anything to put you back in his arms.
Tumblr media
you were walking back to your bedroom after dinner and tending to your garden, exhausted from life and redecorating your room. you were growing used to spending nearly every waking, and sleeping, moment with minho, even beginning to enjoy his company, but that didn’t mean small moments alone weren’t appreciated.
you knew it would only be a few minutes, but walking alone to your shared bedroom while minho was speaking to your parents felt like heaven. 
you didn’t remain alone for long, but it didn’t bother you. not when the person breaking the isolation was your best friend.
you jogged down the hallway and to your bedroom door where chan was standing, waiting for you. you hadn’t seen him since minho had arrived days prior.
you threw your arms around him the moment you reached him, happy to finally see him again. it hadn’t been that long, but considering he was usually with you constantly, a few days felt like forever. he pulled you into his chest, placing a kiss to your forehead as you smiled up at him.
you were about to ask him why he hadn’t been around when someone interrupted you.
“i thought you didn’t have brothers.” minho’s voice.
“i don’t.” you payed no attention to chan’s arm around your waist.
he nodded, “then this is?”
chan stepped away from you and reached his hand out to minho, “ah, i’m sorry! i’m chan, head of y/n’s personal guard.”
minho nodded again, taking chan’s hand and gripping it firmly.
“minho. y/n’s fiancé.”
releasing minhos hand and stepping back to you, chan laughed, “i know that, you’re all anyone is talking about recently.”
minho raised an eyebrow, locking his eyes to yours.
“am i?”
“of course!” chan babbled, “everyone’s excited for the wedding.”
minho scoffed, eyes still glued to yours.
“not everyone.” 
he didn’t bother to excuse himself before he shoved past you and chan, an action that could have easily been avoided with all the space the hallway held, and into your bedroom. 
a confused expression plastered on your face as you turned to chan.
“i know i complain a lot, but he’s usually not that bad. not even near it.”
chan frowned, lowering his voice. minho was right inside the door, after all.
“did you get into a fight or something?”
you shook your head, why did it actually bother you that he seemed upset with you?
“maybe you should go talk to him?”
you debated it in your mind. you probably should go check out what was bothering him, he was fine not even twenty minutes ago at dinner, but you also wanted to stay and talk to chan. you wanted to catch up, to vent.
as if reading your mind, chan turned you to face him.
“hey, go. we’ll see each other plenty now. your mom wanted us to give you space for a while, but the guard is back on full duty.”
you nodded, eyes trained on your bedroom door. you walked away from chan practically the moment he gave you the good to go, stepping into your bedroom and shutting the door behind you. 
it didn’t take you long to find minho. he was sat in his desk chair, fiddling with the cuffs of his shirt. he didn’t look up until you addressed him.
your voice was soft, “minho?”
if he hadn’t been so frustrated, he would have celebrated at your caring tone.
instead, he leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms.
your frown grew, “what happened? are you okay?”
“yeah,” he stood from his seat, mumbling as he crossed the room to the closet, where he pulled out his sleeping clothes and began to unbutton his day shirt, “i’m fine.”
maybe he expected you to leave it at that. it seemed that’s what he wanted, considering his choice to suddenly switch to his night clothes. whenever he started to undress, you hurried out of the room. this time, though, you were worried about him. actually worried about him.
so you stayed put.
“minho, i can tell that’s not true. you’re upset.”
he scoffed. as if your words had broken some dam inside of him, he let his frustrations free. his hands flew into the air, completely abandoning his shirt, which he had barely begun to unbutton.
“pardon me for not cheering when i see another man kissing my fiancé!”
“you- chan? you’re upset because i was speaking to my best friend.”
you said it more as a statement than a question.
“no,” he took a couple steps towards you, abandoning his sleep it’s clothes over the foot of the bed, “i’m upset because he kissed you.”
“on the forehead.”
“you wouldn’t let me do that though, would you?”
he was right in front of you now. you stuttered before replying, and it clicked in your mind: he was jealous. your demeanor softened.
“you’re mad that i let him kiss me and not you?”
he took a step back, running a hand through his hair as he nodded, a small pout on his lips.
the sight triggered something inside of you. he looked so real, so sad. he looked, for a lack of better words, genuinely hurt. it put the notion in your head that maybe he did care more about marrying you than just taking control of your kingdom.
you sighed, walking past him and to the closet, grabbing your change of clothes before stepping off into the bathroom to change. you heard him let out a soft sigh as you shut the door behind you, he must have assumed you dropped the topic. you didn’t know if he was glad that a fight hadn’t escalated or if he was upset that the conversation didn’t get to the point where he could kiss you and blame it on a flurry of emotions and jealousy.
you got into your sleeping clothes and, trusting that he had changed as well, you stepped back into the bedroom without asking if it was okay. you went straight for the bed, wordlessly finding a comfortable position as he slid in beside you. he reached out to shut off the lights and lay flat on his back, taking deep breaths and trying to get himself to calm down enough to sleep when he felt a weight on his waist followed by a warm presence pressing up against his side. he made a small sound of surprise as he looked down.
there you were, arm draped over his torso, cuddled into his side. your eyes were shut and your head rested against his chest.
any frustration he’d felt towards you far gone, he took the chance to wrap his arms around you, securing you to his body as if you were going to run away at any moment. he leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to the top of your head. it was so light you wondered if he’d meant for you to feel it at all.
you shifted slightly, keeping your arm around his waist as you offered a small smile against his chest.
“there. even.”
Tumblr media
things got easier from then on, although you wouldn’t admit it. you’d dropped your attempts  at hating your new fiancé, how were you supposed to dislike him? you hadn’t dropped your hard feelings towards the situation and you definitely hadn’t agreed or started complying to the wedding, but you could bring it upon yourself to keep trying to be cold to minho. not even when the day was filled with wedding planning and dress fitting.
you’d woken up still in minho’s arms, even more so than you’d been when you had fallen asleep. your back was flat against his chest and one of his legs was sprawled over yours, practically trapping you as his arms held you around the waist. 
maybe you should have been surprised to wake up that close to him or tried to pry his hands off of you, but you didn’t, and you didn’t want to. you hated yourself for it, but you were beginning to really consider the idea that he was your best bet. maybe complying and marrying him would be safer and more pleasant than anyone else your parents might throw your direction in the future if this wedding got called off. 
minho shifted beside you, groaning at the light and removing an arm from your body to rub his eyes. the instant he did it, he dropped his arm back around you and held you close, as if he’d made a mistake by letting you go in the first place.
you laughed, and that’s always a good way to start a day.
it amazed minho how much your attitude towards him could change overnight. granted, you weren’t holding his hand and offering him kisses everywhere you went, but you had started actually initiating conversations with him. you joked with him and allowed yourself to laugh at his jokes, you didn’t even ignore him that much anymore. you weren’t treating him like your soon to be husband yet, but still. you treating him like a friend was better than you treating him like an enemy, even if it’s not what he really wanted.
“oh my god.” you groaned, “if i have to look at one more fucking shade of purple that looks exactly like the last and say which looks better i will absolutely lose my shit.”
he laughed, “you’re the one who said i would look hot in purple.”
you sent a glare his way, but it wasn’t like the ones you used to show him. it was joking, friendly.
“i did not say you’d look hot.”
“i think you did.”
“i can promise you i didn’t.”
“no, i’m pretty sure i remember you saying it. i think your exact words were, ‘oh, how lucky am i to have this treasure of a man as my future husband, i think purple-‘“
he was cut off by a call from the doorway of the room the two of you had been in practically all day, helping choose colors and getting fit for your wedding apparel. 
“y/n, prince minho, dinner’s done.”
you knew immediately by the choice of laid back words that it was chan. no one else, not even your other friends, spoke to you like that outside of private.
you turned to the door, “one of these days i’m going to have you tarred and feathered for disrespecting me, bang chan.”
he laughed, “i’m sure you are.”
you met him at the door before minho even had the chance to stand, shoving him lightly.
“i am! watch, i’ll bring it up at dinner.”
he laughed, walking beside you as the three of you made your way to the dining room.
“isn’t it impolite to discuss executions during meal time?”
minho walked silently beside you, it was like you’d completely forgotten his existence once chan showed up.
“i might just break etiquette to speed up your punishment.”
another small laugh from him and then you were walking through the doors and into the dining room. you and minho took your seats at the table and chan took his standing along the wall with the rest of the guard and staff.
you turned to minho, “do you think we’re done for the day, then? or do we have more purple to look forward too?”
he shrugged your attempt at a joke off, trying not to show how bothered he was. so that’s how it was going to be? the second chan leaves, then he’s interesting enough to talk to again?
“maybe they’ll finally start making decorations and the suit and dress.”
either you hadn’t noticed his attitude change or didn’t care enough to react.
“i wonder how quickly they’ll pull things together.”
you really didn’t know. they could rush and work their butts off and you could be getting married within the next week, or they could take as much time as needed for preparations. you didn’t know. and if your parents had any clue, they didn’t bring it up.
their chosen dinner conversations were the same as they had been for the past many nights. talk about the wedding, who was going to be invited. was it bad manners to invite the brides minho had rejected? or was it polite? a good portion of the time not eating was spent with your mother trying to convince you to care more about the wedding. she was wholeheartedly convinced that you’d changed your mind and fallen in love with minho because you were being friendly now. she expected you to care more about the planning now that you didn’t seem so against it.
hurrying away from the dining room as soon as possible by claiming you’d had enough wedding talk for the day, which wasn’t a lie, you and minho made your way back to your bedroom. his earlier frustrations were forgotten as the two of you sat on the bed and talked about various books across the bookshelf. 
as it turned out, some of the books ended up having to be put in storage. not for a lack of room, but simply because two copies were not needed. you shared a lot of the same interests.
“i told you,” he said, only half joking, “we’re meant for each other.”
you shoved him, pulling the book from his hands. before you could reply, he was speaking again.
“be careful! that’s my copy!”
you laughed, clutching the book to your chest and turning away as he reached for it.
“not anymore! it’s ours.”
“it is not. that is very much so mine.”
“no,” you insisted, moving again to keep him from grabbing it, “nothing in this room is yours. it’s all ours. or mine.”
he laughed, stopping his useless attempts at grabbing the book. 
you nodded, “my stuff is still mine. but yours is ours now.”
with that, he jumped on you, tackling you onto your back. you dropped the book somewhere during the attack and it made a loud noise as it fell to the floor.
“what about you?” he asked, easily keeping you from struggling, “you’re mine, aren’t you?”
you stopped struggling, showing him the game was over.
“i don’t belong to anyone.”
you easily shoved him off of you in his stunned state. he hadn’t meant to offend you.
“y/n, that’s not what i meant.”
you cut him off as you shut the bathroom door behind you, night clothes in hand. you took significantly longer to change than you needed, both you and him knew that. he would have had time to crawl into bed and fall asleep three times over as he as waiting for you, but he didn’t. truth be told, he wasn’t sure if he was capable of falling asleep without you beside him anymore. he might have to test that theory, he didn’t know if you would let him hold you that night after he unintentionally upset you.
just as things were beginning to work, he messed it up. he really hadn’t meant to imply he owned you in any way, he was only trying to be cute, maybe get you to say yourself that you were going to marry him, maybe even that you wanted to.
he didn’t know the exact rules of falling in love, but if he could say anything for certain it would be that he was in love with you. maybe it was when he saw your name on that paper and his fantasy became a possible reality that he really fell, or maybe it was when he saw you face to face for the first time after learning you’d be the one he’d marry, he really didn’t know. he had no clue when it changed from some childish crush into fill blown love, but it did.
was it even possible to be in love with someone you’d only met a handful of times and were only paired to marry a few weeks prior? it must have been. otherwise, how would he explain the feeling in his chest whenever he saw you?
when you finally came out of the bathroom, you silently put your clothes in the basket and crawled into bed. like always, minho switched off the lights and secured the covers over himself, shifting until he found a comfortable position. he was debating in his mind if he should reach out and try to hold you or if that would just make everything worse when you scooted so your back was to his chest, not outright cuddling him but giving the invitation.
he obliged immediately, wrapping his arm around you while the other went to play with your hair. he placed another one of his gentle, barely-there kisses to the side of your head as he muttered a soft, “i’m sorry.”
he didn’t know whether you replied or not, he fell asleep as the last syllable fell from his lips.
you didn’t go as easily. if your internal clock was at all accurate, you’d been laying there for  at least two hours, wide awake. you couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was keeping you up, probably the wedding, maybe the small fight with minho. either way, you could think of a better way to spend the time as long as you weren’t going to fall asleep.
carefully, you pulled minho’s arms off of you and slowly crawled out of bed, trying your hardest not to wake him up. you stood at the side of the bed for a moment, watching minho to make sure you hadn’t disturbed him, before creeping over to the door. you opened it as quietly as possible and peaked out. neither of the guards stationed outside your room were chan.
felix was on duty though, and he sent you a confused look as you stepped into the hallway and pulled the door shut behind you. 
“where are you going? if you need something i’ll get it for you.”
you shook your head, “just can’t sleep. is chan in the bunks?”
felix nodded and you started off down the hallway towards the rooms the guards slept in when they didn’t have night duty. 
“hey, wait,” felix called after you, moving slightly as if he were going to follow, “i’m not technically supposed to let you go alone.”
you frowned at him, “it’s literally two minutes away and i’m headed to a room full of guards. i’ll be fine.”
he thought for a moment before moving back to stand in his original position, “fine. but if some hallway demon kills you on the way there that’s on you.”
you chuckled at his joke and made your way through the halls and to the wing that houses all of the staff that lived there. you weren’t technically supposed to go there at night, you weren’t really supposed to even leave your room at night, but none of the guards in the halls tried to stop you on your journey. it wasn’t uncommon for you to visit chan at night, especially not when you were younger. the both of you used to have trouble sleeping and it was much easier for you to sneak out and into his room than the other way around.
you gently opened the door and stepped into the room, heading right for chans bed. there were a dozen other sleeping guards, not all of them from your personal guard, also asleep on their own beds. you tapped chan awake, stifling your laugh when he flinched awake.
you used to wake him at least half of the nights he didn’t have duty, yet he still flinched every time you woke him up.
he looked confused to see you there but he didn’t hesitate to stand and follow you into the hallway.
when there, you went down away from the doors so you could talk freely without disturbing anyone and slid down the wall. chan did the same, seating himself right next to you.
“what’s up? you haven’t woken me up in the middle of the night for a while.”
you laughed, “yeah, i don’t know. i couldn’t sleep. plus, i’ve missed you. even with the guard back, i haven’t been able to spend time with you recently.”
he nodded, leaning to rest his head on your shoulder, “i know. i’ve missed you too.”
there was a brief pause before he spoke again.
“what’s on your mind?”
you scoffed lightly, “i don’t think there’s room for anything other than thoughts about the wedding right now. i can’t even breathe without someone mentioning it.”
chan chuckled, “it is kind of a big deal.”
you ignored him, “i don’t want to marry minho, chan.”
he took a deep breath, “why?”
“why? tell me exactly what’s so bad about him.”
you didn’t hesitate before answering, “i’m being forced into it! i didn’t even get a choice, chan!”
he ignored your words, “no, what’s bad about him? not the situation, not the wedding, minho.”
you thought for a moment, wracked your brain for answers, but you couldn’t think of one genuine issue you had against him specifically.  you’d actually began to enjoy being around him.
chan waited for a while before he decided you weren’t going to answer.
“it seems to me like you two click really well.”
you shrugged.
“i think you should give him a chance, y/n.”
your brows furrowed in confusion, “what do you mean?”
“i mean i think you’re upset because you don’t want to get married, not because you don’t want to get married to him. and i think he might be changing your mind whether you know it or not.”
your frown didn’t lift.
“have you ever thought that maybe it’s fate that he ended up being your only option?”
not only did your frown once again not lift, it got deeper.
“i’m telling you y/n, a best friend knows. no matter how much you say you hate him, you’re falling for that boy.”
you cut in without hesitation, “no, i am not.”
his eyes widened and a grin spread across his face, “you are! no one is that defensive when they’re not lying.”
you hit him lightly and he continued, “for real, y/n. i think you like him more than you realize. just play nice for a while.”
“i am playing nice.”
“no,” he said, “you’re acting nice. actually let your guard down around him. let him in. let yourself feel the things you’re feeling for him.”
you grumbled. if anyone was going to be able to talk you into this marriage, it would be chan.
he followed your actions as you stood up.
“do you want me to walk you back?”
you shook your head, “i’ll be fine. go back to bed.”
he chuckled at your grumpy attitude, pulling you into a tight hug before letting you go. he watched until you turned a corner and he could no longer see you before stepping back into his room.
felix greeted you at your bedroom door.
“no hallway demons?”
“no hallway demons.”
“you’re lucky.”
you laughed at the boy and sent him a weird look to which he smiled in return. just as you had earlier, you carefully retraced your steps until you were back in bed with minho. taking chan’s request for you to try to warm up more to the idea of marrying minho, you secured yourself next to him, wrapping an arm around his torso. although, you probably would have done that even if minho’s name hadn’t even come up in your and chan’s conversation. you were finding that being in minho’s arms while you slept felt good. the thought that being held by anyone while sleeping would be comforting, it wasn’t just minho, crossed your mind before chan’s words echoed in your head.
“let yourself feel the things you’re feeling for him.”
maybe it was that it was minhos arms that made it so gentle and caring. if you thought about it, you couldn’t make a list longer than what you could count on one hand of who you would let sleep in the same bed as you, let alone cuddle you while sleeping. you’d only ever fallen asleep in minho of chans arms. and your parents, of course.
maybe you did feel deeper for the boy than you let yourself realize. maybe, despite every word coming out of your mouth insisting that you didn’t, you wanted to marry him.
Tumblr media
several days went by, several wedding preparations were made. it turned out that they’d decided to go the rushed route, planning to hold the wedding ceremony as soon as possible. it was only two day’s out now. even though you still hadn’t even officially stated your acceptance of the wedding, preparations were in full force.
as you studied your reflection and took in the details of the gown you’d be wearing as you walked down the isle, you wondered how hard the seamstress’ must have worked to produce such a gorgeous piece of art in only a few days.
it was the traditional white color and it wasn’t anything overly fancy, you’d made it clear you wouldn’t wear it if it was. despite how quickly it had been made, it was clear it wasn’t rushed. every stitch looked perfect.
there were small embroidered designs along the fabric, popping out against the white of the base. the designs were a beautiful lilac purple, and although you knew that you and minho had chosen the exact shade, you wouldn’t have been able to decipher the shade from any of the other light purples that the seamstresses had in stock.
you assumed that minho had the same purple accenting his suit, but you had no clue what it looked like. your mothers were very adamant about neither of you seeing each other in the wedding apparel before the big event.
you bet he looked amazing.
you continued to admire yourself and the dress as several people checked the fitting, making sure the sizing was perfect and didn’t need any more alterations. when they decided it was, you found yourself not wanting to take the dress off quite yet. you couldn’t help but be excited for the next time you’d get to wear it.
minho was waiting for you when you stepped out of the room and into the hallway. apparently his fitting had taken less time than yours. suits did tend to be easier to size.
you let him take your hand as the two of you made your way to your bedroom. you’d taken chan’s advice and stopped shoving down emotions, and it made you realize how much you genuinely enjoyed minho. as much as you hated the way things worked and the way you got put together, you were beginning to think that maybe it had some sense to it. chan might have been right when he said that minho being your only choice was fate.
you dropped his hand to pick up the watering jug and fill it. he insisted on carrying it to your garden. you made no attempt to take it back when he held it out for you.
“no,” you laughed, “i showed you how to tell if they need watered yesterday. you do it.”
his eyes widened, “y/n, i seriously don’t think you want me to do that, i’ll kill them.”
“you will not,” you giggled, “but fine. i’ll help you.”
you approached the first plant along with him. it was a large basil plant. you didn’t use it for cooking or baking, the garden had plenty of basil that was used to harvest, but this one was just for show.
“check the soil.”
he did as you instructed, pressing his fingers into the dirt to check for moisture.
“i think it’s okay?”
his words came out as more of a question than a statement.
you reached forward and double checked, smiling and clapping your hands together when you realized he’d gotten it correct.
he did the same for the next plant, a lavender bush, claiming more confidently now that it didn’t need watered yet either. you checked, letting out an exaggerated gasp.
“i can’t believe you’re trying to kill my lavender plant. how could you?”
he sputtered, “i’m not! i really thought that it was fine!”
you huffed, taking the water from his hand and watering the plant.
“i can never trust you again.”
you started to check the other plants, watering a few of them. he complained and promised he’d learn better, but you continued to ignore him.
“my own fiancé... trying to kill my babies.”
you only stopped teasing him when he wrapped his arms around you from behind, holding you tight and promising into your shoulder that he didn’t want to hurt your plants.
you turned to face him, his hands still resting on your hips.
“okay, i’ll give you one more chance.”
you gestured towards the last few plants you had yet to check, a couple flowers that minho couldn’t what you said were named.
he walked up to them, taking his time to check them before turning to you.
“the yellow ones are okay, the purple and blue ones need watered.”
you eyes him suspiciously as you went to check his claim, breaking out in a smile when you found that he was correct.
“technically, the yellow ones could use a little water, but i’ll say you passed.”
he laughed and watched you water the last plants before reaching out your free hand and taking hold of his. you set the watering can by the door and made your way back to your bedroom where minho dropped your hand and headed to his desk.
he’d grown confident enough in your comfort towards him that he wasn’t afraid to do things like that anymore, drop your hand or break away from a hug. he knew you’d let him hold you again. it wasn’t like less than a week earlier where he felt like you might run away if he didn’t hold you tight enough.
he leaned down and shuffled through some papers on his desk. you recognized them as archery point sheets. he hadn’t been lying when he said he was good, he scored nines and tens easily from distances you wouldn’t have even been able to get close to hitting the target at, even after letting him give you some tips on aiming.
you snickered as you pulled out one specific scoring sheet that caught your eye. it was an insanely long distance round, the longest he’d ever tried yet, and he’d managed to score two nines and an eight.
you laughed as you help the paper up, “an eight? you suck.”
he tried to glare at you, but a smile poked through. you saw him made a move and dropped the paper, darting to get away from him.
he caught you quite easily, tackling you onto the bed. he held you loosely as he straddled you.
“take it back. say i’m the best archer you’ve ever seen.”
you shook your head, smile plastered on your lips.
“take it back!” he whined.
you shook your head again, trying not to laugh.
“whatever.” he released you from his grip, crawling off of you, “this is why i tried to kill your plants.”
you gasped, “i knew it!”
he laughed as he reached for his pajamas, stepping into the bathroom and pulling the door lightly shut. it didn’t close all the way, there was still a small crack. he wasn’t as shy as you were, you’d learned that all too well. you were surprised he even went into the bathroom at all.
he waited until he heard you drop your day clothes into the bin before coming back into the bedroom. he put his dirty clothes next to yours and crawled into bed beside you, following his same routine of shutting off the lights before pulling you into his arms.
as he always did with you there beside him, he fell asleep easily.
you had fallen into a deep sleep as well before something woke you up a couple hours later. you couldn’t say what it was that had woken you, maybe it was nothing at all. regardless, you sat there for a few minutes before realizing you weren’t going back to sleep any time soon. you looked at the boy beside you.
you considered waking him up to keep you company until you could fall asleep again, but decided against it. he looked too peaceful. chan, however, you had no issue waking from a peaceful sleep.
sitting a few yards from any doors leading to people sleeping, you spoke to your best friend.
“am i going crazy, channie?”
he hummed, “probably, but why?”
you sent a light glare towards him before answering, “being kind of excited for the wedding.”
he broke out into a huge grin, “i so called it.”
you frowned in confusion and he continued.
“i said you were in love with him and you so are.”
you shook your head, “i’m not... in love with him,” 
why did the words seem foreign? 
“i just think i might, i don’t know, actually see us working out, and not just as a royal couple, together to rule. like as a genuine pair.”
he made a sound of understanding, “you’re totally in love with him.”
you didn’t deny it a second time.
you frowned as you approached your bedroom door. there was a faint light peaking out from under the crack in the door. you inched it open to find minho awake, sat up on the bed reading with a single lamp on. he looked up when he heard you enter.
“hey,” you greeted him, “why are you awake?”
he shrugged, “guess i got cold without you next to me.”
you got back into bed with him, pulling the blankets over your legs and leaning over to see what he was reading.
“what are you reading?”
he shut the book momentarily, marking his page with his finger and showing you the cover before flipping it back open and resuming where he left off.
you frowned. it wasn’t like him to ignore you like this.
“is something wrong? did you have a nightmare?”
he shut his book, tossing it to the ground beside his side of the bed. he pressed his lips together.
“yeah, i keep having these dreams that my fiancé is leaving in the middle of the night to secretly meet up with some guy. it’s weird.”
you raised your eyebrows, “who told you that?”
he shrugged, “asked the guard outside the door one night after you left what you were doing, he said you were visiting chan.”
you nodded, “yeah, i do that sometimes, is that an issue?”
he scoffed, “no, i just brought it up for fun.”
you pursed your lips, “really, minho? why does it bother you so much?”
there was no hesitation in his next words, almost as if he’d been itching to say them for a while now.
“is there something going on between you two?”
you scoffed, “seriously? you really think that?”
by now he had stood from the bed, “it doesn’t seem so crazy.”
you stood as well, challenging him as you stepped around the bed and in front of him.
“yeah, it does. it sounds insane.”
he looked you straight in the eyes, “does it? because it makes perfect sense to me. you won’t let me kiss you, you won’t sign the marriage contact even though you know you’re stuck with me, you’re so comfortable around him and you keep leaving in the middle of the night to meet with him in secret. it literally screams affair, y/n!”
“you seriously believe that i would cheat on you?”
“i don’t even think you see it as cheating since you don’t take a single fucking part of our relationship seriously.”
he took a step forward and you instinctively stepped back.
“i do take it seriously.”
he continued to close in on you until your back was pressed to the wall.
“then act like it.”
without thinking, you did just that. you acted.
you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him down, crashing his lips to yours. it wasn’t what you’d expected your first kiss to be like, you’d actually imagined it would be at the altar, but you weren’t complaining.
he reacted immediately, hands finding their way across your body. he slid one down your leg, stopping at your thigh and tapping it. you got the message, jumping up and wrapping your legs around his waist. your back collided with the wall and the paintings hung there shook a little, but  you couldn’t be bothered to care. not when he tasted as good as he did.
one hand secure on your thigh to hold you up, the other found its way under your night gown and up your bare leg to the bare skin of your torso. he broke away for a moment as his fingers inched higher up.
“is this okay?”
you barely had time to mumbled a yes before your lips were back on his. you hadn’t realized you wanted to kiss him so bad until you finally did.
he let you breathe for a second as he peppered kisses along your neck, his hand exploring your body under your gown. his fingers found their way to your breasts and he squeezed one, causing a soft moan to fall from your lips.
he cursed at the sound, attaching his lips back to yours and turning to walk you to the bed. he easily sat you down, back to the mattress, and hiked up your night dress. you let out another soft moan when his hands finally made their way to your core. he ran his fingers over your clothed folds.
“you swear this is only mine?”
you nodded, “yes.”
“you promise?” he spoke between kisses, “tell me you promise.”
“i promise.”
that seemed to be enough for him as he growled against your lips, slipping his hand down the waistband of your panties.
you struggled to keep quiet as he finally made direct contact to your dripping core.
he cooed, “what, baby? no need to be quiet. who’s gonna hear? the guards?” you could feel his breath against your neck, “is chan on duty? is he right outside the door? let him hear you.”
you could only whine in response as he toyed with your clit.
you made a sound of annoyance when he pulled his hand from your panties, but your disappointment didn’t last for long. he pulled you to sit up so he could remove your night clothes, tossing them god knows where on the ground. he let out a deep groan as his eyes came on contact with your bare chest.
he brought his hands up to cup them, one in each hand.
“you’re gorgeous.”
he let one of his hands fall back to caressing the rest of your body and replaced it with his lips, taking your nipple into his mouth. despite his earlier demands not to try to silence yourself, a hand flew to your mouth as you let out an embarrassingly loud moan for how little stimulation you were getting.
he popped off your breast and licked a long stripe down your stomach until he reached the waistband of your underwear. he glanced up at you to make sure you were still on board before looking his fingers on them and pulling them down your legs. immediately, you tried to close your legs in embarrassment, but he easily held them open. 
he placed sloppy kisses to your neck as his fingers teased your entrance.
“has he ever seen you like this?”
“you really expect me to believe that?”
“it’s true.” your words came out strangled as he slowly began to slide a finger into your heat. it was unusual and uncomfortable at first, but you got used to it, nearly screaming when he curled his finger and a line of pleasure shot through you.
he hummed, “i can tell you’re not lying, baby. no one is this sensitive if they’ve been fucking their royal guardsman behind their fiancé’s back.”
you whined as he added another finger, “haven’t- haven’t done this before.”
he hushed you, “i know, angel. you’re doing so well, just relax.”
you gripped tightly onto his shirt as he continued to work his fingers inside of you. with a particularly rough curl of his fingers, you felt something inside of you let go and a wave of pleasure flowed over your body. you let out the most heavenly sounds as minho worked your through your orgasm and he felt a swell of pride knowing that he was the only one who had ever made you feel so good. he was the only one who would ever make you feel this way.
he rode you through your orgasm before placing a gentle kiss to your lips. you tugged are the bottom of his shirt.
“are you sure, baby?”
you nodded, far too worked up to let out coherent words. he complied, slipping his shirt over his shoulders and ridding himself of his pants. you stared at his chest, reaching out to touch his skin before you even realized you were doing it. you slid your hand down his body until you came in contact with his hard length. he hissed as your hand wrapped around him, slowly stroking him. you couldn’t keep your eyes off of his cock as you basked in the sounds he made. the sounds you made him make.
he reached down and grabbed your wrist, “baby, i won’t last much longer if you keep this up.”
you nodded, reluctantly letting him guide your hand away from his length. you wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your fingers in his hair as you felt him like himself up with your entrance.
the noise you let out when he began to sink into you could only be described as divine. minho had to stop for a moment and recollect himself, he really wouldn’t last long if you sounded like that at every move he made.
after a few moments, he was fully buried inside of you. he waited for you to adjust to his size before slowly pulling out, only to roughly slam back into you.
he had every intention of going slow and being gentle for your first time, but everything, from the way your pussy felt wrapped around him to the way you moaned out his name was too much for him.
despite his previous remark for you to let yourself be loud, he guided your face to his shoulder when he became genuinely concerned you may wake the entire castle.
“bite down.”
you did as he said, sinking your teeth into the flesh of the junction between his shoulder and neck. he let out a sound that made you think for a moment that you’d bitten too hard, but when you released your grip he groaned out, asking you to do it again.
he brought his hand between your bodies and began running slow circles onto your clit as his cock worked magic inside of you.
“im close. gonna fill you up, is that okay?”
you barely managed to get out a yes through the pleasure you were feeling. 
“fuck, gonna let me fuck my babies into you, huh?”
he adjusted your legs and the new angle plus his fingers working expertly on your clit threw you over the edge. 
“you’re going to be a great mother one day.”
you bit down hard on his shoulder as you came, only releasing the grip to tell him how good he was making you feel.
he came soon after, muttering praises and gushing about how good you did. he groaned as he gave a last few thrusts, watching as his and your cum leaked out with every thrust of his hips. the sight nearly made him hard again.
he pulled out, grabbing his discarded night shirt and wiping his length off before tossing it to the side again. he leaned back over you, connecting his lips to yours to swallow the whine you let out when his fingers connected back to your core.
he collected the cum that had dripped out and spread itself along your thighs and onto the sheets, pushing it back into you with his fingers.
he hushed you as you whined from overstimulation, “i know baby, i know, but we don’t wanna waste any, do we?”
you shook your head.
“no, we don’t. that’s my good girl.”
he connected his lips back to yours, “you’ll look gorgeous with my baby in your belly.”
you were honestly too fucked out to process anything that was happening, just laying there and letting him do what he wanted. despite the discomfort the overstimulation brought, you couldn’t help but complain when he pulled his fingers out of you, wiping them on his night shirt and slipping your panties back onto you.
needless to say, you slept easily after that.
Tumblr media
you were beyond sore the next morning, but you couldn’t bring yourself to regret it. the achy legs and raw throat were worth it.
you hurried to get dressed and shower off the sweat and other substances on your body the next morning before hurrying down for breakfast. minho had showered with you, insisting that since he made the mess, he should clean it up.
although your parents had already been confident that you’d changed your mind about the wedding, if anyone had doubts, including yourself, they were long gone.
a drastic change from even just the day before, you and minho stole kisses nearly any time you could. leaning over to grab the salt? kiss. walking past him to grab a book? kiss. sitting down waiting for more orders on how to help prepare for the wedding that was only a day away? kiss, kiss, kiss.
you’d been so caught up in your newfound love for kissing your fiancé that you didn’t even notice as chan snuck up to talk to you.
instinctively, minho’s arm tightened around your waist. he believed you when you promised him that you and chan were just friends, but he was still protective.
“so... hyunjin tells me i was right.”
you frowned in confusion, “what?”
“hyunjin said i was right. he had guard duty outside of your room last night and he told me you really warmed up to minho overnight.”
you nearly choked on your own spit at the realization that not only had your guards, your friends, heard last nights events, by the sound of it, they’d told everyone else.
minho didn’t even try to his hide proud smile has you blushed, covering your face in his chest.
chan turned to minho, “i knew she’d fall for you eventually. she used to gush about how cute you were when we were kids.”
you opened your mouth to protest, “that is not true.”
it really wasn’t. maybe you’d mentioned that he was easier to be around than many of the other royal, stuck up kids, but you had never said anything close to what chan claimed.
chan turned to minho, nodding his head as he scratched his nose, “it’s totally true.”
“it’s literally just not.”
he made a sound of disagreement.
“that is a big fat lie and you know it!”
you reached out to hit him and he dodged it, making a scene out of saying felix called him before hurrying away. you turned to minho.
“it’s not true.”
he shrugged, “it’s probably true.”
“it’s not!”
Tumblr media
when you walked down the isle, minho could have swore his heart stopped. you looked gorgeous. the dress framed you perfectly and the delicate flower crown placed on your head looked just on you. he made a mental note to compliment whoever had planned your full outfit.
the closer you got, the more minho worried that your vows would be droned out by the sound of his heart beating against his rib cage.
you finally stepped in front of him, letting him get a clear view of you in your dress for the first time. you weren’t much better, speechless as you took in how handsome he looked. your felt your eyes began to well up at the realization of what was happening. who would have known you’d be crying from happiness, not disappointment or fear?
your eyes met minho’s own glassy ones and you let out a small laugh, speaking so only he could hear.
“i was right when i said you’d look hot in purple.”
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anqeluv · a year ago
lots of praise and care, slightly nsfw (mentions of sexual acts, bruises).
Tumblr media
bang chan ; attentive and genuine
has a very long conversation with you before you even have sex about what you need for aftercare. he takes being your dom seriously.
if you need a bath, he’ll give you one. if you need him to carry you to the kitchen for food, he’ll do that for you. he just wants you happy.
he definitely asks you lots of questions about whatever you just did. “is there anything you would change?” “did i ever make you uncomfortable?” “what can i do to make you feel better next time?”
as long as you’re okay with it, he would be very touchy and physically affectionate. he just likes feeling close to you like that.
minho ; a quick learner
to be honest, he wasn’t very good at aftercare at first. he didn’t know much about it, so he kind of just kissed you and asked if you were okay and left it at that.
you have to tell him if you need more than that.
but once he understands that you’ve been feeling neglected after sex, he would feel so guilty about it, especially considering that some of the stuff you do is pretty hard core.
after doing some research and asking you about what you need, he would create a routine for the two of you.
he cleans you up and rubs lotion into your sore spots, kissing each one better, and makes sure you drink some water before he cuddles you to the sleep. it’s simple, but much better than when you first started sleeping together.
changbin ; supportive of each other
to be honest, most of the time it’s changbin who needs the aftercare.
he loves to feel pampered. he would never admit that to you, but it doesn’t take long to figure it out.
you end up taking care of each other, exchanging lots of kisses and mutual praises in bed. changing the sheets can wait until morning. for now, you just want each other.
most of the time, you end up falling asleep in each other’s arms, but sometimes you shower together and go out for dinner or whatever the most appropriate meal is for that time, looking a little messy and giggling a lot.
hyunjin ; very careful and patient
hyunjin just wants to take really good care of you. he spends the first few minutes just talking to you very gently and making sure you’re in a good place mentally.
your legs are always super shaky, so he carries you into the bath room, lets you pick out a bath bomb, and sits you between his legs in the bath, with your head resting against his chest behind you.
sometimes you fall asleep in the bath, but hyunjin always lets you. he washes you carefully, minding the bruises he left. he always feels a little twinge of guilt and a flood of affection for you when he sees them.
he only wakes you up after the water finally goes cold. then he towels you both dry and dresses you in one his big t-shirts which fit you like a dress. you can usually stand on your own by now, but hyunjin still insists on carrying you back to bed.
jisung ; casual but still very caring
jisungie just gives you lots of kisses. sex with him is never anything painful, but he has a thing for overstimulating you sometimes, so it can be intense.
he likes kissing you a whole bunch because he knows exactly when you come back to him, either kissing him back or laughing as you gently push him away. it always makes him smile through the kisses.
jisung doesn’t believe in doing too much when it comes to aftercare. he makes sure you’re okay, asking if anything made you uncomfy.
and then he lets you decide what happens next, which is usually watching cartoons in bed and ordering take out.
felix ; comfy, bestie vibes
you and felix have always been a best friends to lovers kind of couple, so it’s never awkward or uncomfortable after sex.
he always reaches for your hand first, laying next to you, both of you breathing a little heavily. he just links your fingers together, liking the comfort of your palm next to his.
it takes a little bit for him to regain his senses, but then he’s busy checking on you, making sure that any bruises you have are kissed and that you’re okay, emotionally.
and you almost always eat. for some reason, sex makes felix really hungry, so he always drags you out to buy ramen with him (don’t blame him, he’s just clingy and hungry.)
the two of you always look a total mess, hair messy and hoodies hastily pulled on, but no one says anything as you buy your snacks and go, hands still linked tightly together.
seungmin ; sweet and cozy
cockwarming was something you and seungmin discovered you both loved pretty early on after you started having sex.
he loves the feeling of being inside you and having you so close to him. you’re so warm and soft and you always smell so good.
and you like how secure it makes you feel. you feel really connected and safe with his arms around you and his cock inside.
you do this often, whether it ends in sex or not, but the result is that whenever you do end up fucking it always ends with him staying inside you for a little bit longer.
sometimes he gets up to play video games, arms wrapped around you to support you and keep you on his dick.
more often than not leads to round two.
jeongin ; inexperienced but sweet
he knows very little about sex in general, but he’s a fast learner and once he decides he wants to get good at something, he does.
which is why you’re so often left sore and barely able to move afterwards.
at first, that really worried jeongin, but then, when he realized you weren’t dying, he got kind of cocky about it (in an adorable way).
he massages your legs for you and presses light kisses to any of your sore spots, but his words are always teasing.
“you liked that, didn’t you? when i moved my fingers like that? it made you drip all over me.”
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moonlit-han · a year ago
stray kids reacting to you having bad cramps ↠ all members
genre: reaction, fluff word count: 3.5k warnings: discussion of menstrual cramps, pain, etc., swearing request: yes (anon)
Tumblr media
a/n: hey, anon~ sorry this took me so long to write for you;;;; I decided to try a new style—it was nice to write this because I got to imagine how I’d like to be taken care of. (wow, can you tell I could use some cuddles right now?) I hope this is comforting to you! stay cozy✨
✧ masterlist in bio ✧
Tumblr media
bang chan
bad cramps are a normal thing for you
and chan knows this all too well
but sometimes just explaining something doesn’t do it justice
your cramps are so bad that, a lot of the time, you can’t even get out of bed
bad enough that you can’t even scream
chan probably wouldn’t show his concern too much because he doesn’t want to worry you
he would be really concerned the first time you had horrible cramps around him, though
he’d slept over after a movie night and woke up to you curled around a pillow, whimpering
the first thought he’d had was that you were having a nightmare
and so he just gently rubbed your back a little to calm you
but you’d kept whimpering and occasionally curled more closely around the pillow
aaaand you’d finally managed to explain that you were having cramps
and couldn’t exactly move…
chan had quickly drawn a bath for you
(and added a rubber ducky just because he could aljhadfjlkshfjkh)
you’d kinda squeaked when he picked you up, not expecting to be lifted bodily out of your blankets
chan would just kiss the top of your head as he carries you to the bathroom and then gently help you out of your pajamas
the bath would be extremely hot but that was perfect (♡‿♡)
hhhhhh and he’d even add rose bath soap to the water since it was your favorite
(you’d end up with a tiara of bubbles on your head heheheh)
chan would wash your hair and rub your back, massaging your sore muscles
even though the pain is only in your low back and abdomen, you still manage to hold tension in the rest of your body
and then he’d join you in the shower to help you rinse off
he’d hold you because the pain is just so bad and you can barely stand
and if you needed more than just a massage, he’d be happy to oblige
sometimes the release of pleasure helps ease the pain, too
chan just wants you to feel good and to be relaxed
after helping you dry off, chan would bundle you into warm clothes
it was always important, you’d said before, to stay warm
he’d even brush and braid your hair (if you have long hair, that is)
the little tingles that shoot through your scalp when he plays with your hair feel amazing
chan would kiss your cheek and your neck as he works his fingers through your hair
he insisted that you needed to stay hydrated, sometimes having to cajole you into drinking water because you could barely move
he’d want you to be as comfortable as possible
he’d make a blanket nest for you
he’d even put a heating pad or hot water bottle in there for you
pain meds and water would be close at hand
and whatever food you were craving
and he’d be extra affectionate
so many hugs and cuddles
just hugs all day long
maybe it’s just because you’re in pain
but chan’s hugs when you’re having horrible cramps are somehow different from his usual ones??
like he just envelopes you even more than usual and doesn’t let go
you’d just burrow into his arms even further
he’d give you one of his wonderfully big and comfy sweatshirts to wear
it smells like the soap he uses and just his general chan-ness
in other words, the best smell  e v e r  ㅠ_ㅠ ( ◡‿◡ ♡)
and just having him there with you would make everything better
Tumblr media
lee minho
he would also be really loving and caring
and totally calm, not at all surprised
he’s just so even-keeled, you know?
would probably insist that doongie, soonie, and dori sleep with you
minho: “cats are totally medicine! their purring will help!”
they’re super snuggly anyway and just hunker down next to you
and minho is just a fourth cat, honestly
he kinda just curls up with you, massaging your low back if you have cramps that ache there
or just resting a warm hand on your belly to help soothe the pain
he’d get you a fluffy blanket and some orange juice (for the vitamin c to help your muscles relax and to reduce the inflammation!)
and definitely a heating pad or a hot water bottle
if you have two hot water bottles, he’d make a sandwich out of you and the water bottles
(so he could eat you up later ;) )
minho would insist that you take naps, holding you to his chest so you’d fall asleep more easily
he’d also queue up episodes of a show or several movies for the two of you to watch if you were home for the day
if you were at work and had super bad cramps, minho would bring you whatever food or pain meds or anything you’d need
he’s the kind of person who would just drop everything to take care of you, you know? (((we know, lee know alfkjafkjshjhk i’m so sorry i had to)))
he’s just a little ball of love and would want you to feel better
he’d kinda rock you back and forth in his arms if you have a particularly bad spasm of pain
like chan, minho would also get you into the shower to help you feel better
he’d have to convince you to even get out of bed, tho...
“come on, y/n. you’ll feel better if you take a shower. i promise”
“hhhhhhh i don’t wanna get up”
*minho grabbing your hands and tugging* “sweetheart, please.” *tug* "UGH why do you have to act like dead weight now of all times. geez, y/n.”
*tugging intensifies* “get! up! i’ll drag you into the shower, you dork. you know i will”
he’d still have to pretty much drag you to the bathroom
minho gently stripping you out of your clothes would kinda be like trying to dress a baby, since you wouldn’t want to move
he’d just hold you in there, rubbing soap over your body and shampoo through your hair
the hot water and minho holding you, honestly, works as well as any pain med
thank goodness 。゚(゚∩´﹏`∩゚)゚。
and at any time whatsoever, minho’s gentle smile would just make your day so much better
and you know he’d pepper you with kisses all over
(i mean all over)
bc it just always make you feel the most contented ever hhhhhh
and you deserve to not be thinking about pain
bc pain fucking sucks;;;;
and he’d just tell you how much he loves you so much you don’t even know how to respond
and it kinda makes you wanna cry
but from happiness
Tumblr media
seo changbin
changbin would be pretty calm and would know exactly what to do
just matter-of-fact about taking care of you
you’d told him you get really bad cramps before
but the first time you had really bad cramps around him, he was a little freaked out
he hadn’t realized that period cramps could be that bad
you’d come home and pretty much collapsed on the couch
he’d thought you were just tired
but when you let out a strangled scream, changbin was;;;; um;;; a bit worried
okay not just worried
c o n c e r n e d (⊙ __ ⊙);;;;
maybe even a little scared??
he didn’t want to let on that he was worried about you
hearing you kinda just whimpering and crying out in pain tore at his heart
changbin would give you all the stuffed animals you have
(gyu would also make an appearance)
just pile them up around you “for emotional support”
and then he’d wrap his arms and legs around you to cuddle you close
definitely your basic case of:
“binnie please let go”
“binnie i can’t breathe…”
“oh,,,” *loosens hold slightly*
he’s literally just a cuddle bug hhhhhhhh
and I MEAN
he’d rub your belly or your back, depending on where it hurt
and just want to make everything better
changbin would be the one to give you a full body massage if your cramps are bad
he’d insist on doing it, actually
even if you’re whiny and complain, he knows that once you’re relaxed you’ll feel a million times better
he’d concentrate on your low back, pressing his wonderfully warm hands into your muscles
and slowly but surely you’d feel the pain and tension release
hhhhhh he’s probably really good at giving massages 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。
ALSO!!! can you just imagine how warm binnie would be cuddling?
you wouldn’t even need a heating pad
he’s all the warmth and comfort you’ll ever need
aldfjkahjlskhsl (♡‿♡)
and his muscles would be the comfiest
they’re all so big but would be so squishy when at rest
hhhhhh just imagine it
laying your head on his chest with his arms around you
the softest oh my god
changbin is so kind and gentle that he’d just want to make sure you’re okay and be really soft
once you were feeling a bit better, he’d probably tickle you a little
just so you’d release your tension
what a cute goofball
he’d sing you to sleep while threading his fingers through your hair
and his low raspy voice would be so calming and lovely
binnie’s go-to medicine is just literally just all the cuddles ever ((well, and pain meds, etc., of course, bc cramps are horrible and evil))
Tumblr media
hwang hyunjin
this boy would be just a little panicky
ya know, jUst A litTtLE
you’d suddenly doubled over while you were out shopping
for matching couple sweaters
(you know, the horrible kind that could only be worn ironically or by people so pretentious that they don’t know the meaning of irony)
and hyunjin is all 
“OH MY GOD Y/N  (@_@) (」゚ロ゚)」
WHAT CAN I DO;;;;;;;;;”
he’d kinda flutter around you like a moth
all worried eyes and nervous energy
he really wouldn’t know what to do
bc FUCK???!!
CRAMPS??!!!! ┗(`゚Д゚´)┛゚
not his forte
“i just need to go home, jinnie. i’ll be fine”
((yeah... lie thru your teeth y/n;;;; ))
he’s still panicky as fuck
when you get home you kinda just collapse on the bed
hyunjin’s all “OOOOH CUDDLE TIME YES”
which was okay for like 2 mins until  a g o n y
“jinnie, i need pain meds. NOW” (x﹏x);;;;;
hyunjin would bound off the bed all “I got this, babe!
and then realize that he had no idea where you kept the pain meds strong enough to deal with menstrual cramps
“uuuuh where are they . . .” (⌒_⌒;)
*y/n flailing in the general direction of the medicine cabinet*
so once he found them, he’d get you a glass of water and help you sit up to take the meds
all better?
you’d need a hot water bottle and blankets
oh and chocolate. lots of chocolate
hyunjin would be so damn determined to make you feel better
to do anything he could bc you seemed in so!! much!!! pain!!!!
ten minutes later you’d find yourself practically swaddled in blankets on the couch with Hyunjin curled around you like a fucking squirrel or something
just let him take care of you
he’s doing his best;;;
he’d want to make you all the food you’d ever want
but would keep getting distracted
bc all he wants to do is just kiss you a bunch
and tell you how cute you are
bc, let’s face it, y/n, you’re pretty cute aldsjfhgsjfkhalhg
even though he isn’t sure what to do at first, hyunjin is actually quite good at taking care of you
if you’re at his place, you’d definitely end up with kkami on your lap
bc why wouldn’t you want a sweet pup giving you all the love when you’re in pain?!!
hhhh so sweet
Tumblr media
han jisung
oh jisung, my sweet precious squirrel boy
jisung would probably be a lot like hyunjin alfjahkjdfh
kinda panicky bc he doesn’t know what to do
really surprised that someone could have cramps that bad
it’s clear to him that, while he’s felt pain before, it was nothing like what you’re dealing with
how the hell do you do this every. single. month.
keeps telling you you’re badass
but,,,,, um;;;;;
*queue fluttering, panicky hands*
“hhhhhh baby what can i do;;;;;”
y/n: *indistinct pain noises* “i’m fine”
“yoU’rE NOt fiNe!!!”
“ji really it’s okay. i’m used to this”
(you say as you’re curled on the couch, clutching just below your belly with a look of concentrated pain on your face)
he’d end up bring you soup and some water
bc soup helps everything, right?
and all the pain meds he could get his hands on
there would be like 10 random bottles of every kind of pain relieving medicine tumbling out of his arms
“i didn’t know what would work;;;;;”
he’s just a sweet lad
what else was he supposed to do?
you’d manage a weak smile before another stab of pain would decide to hurtle through you like a fucking bullet train
at this point, jisung would definitely be feeling sympathetic pain
(not fun;;; )
he’d help you sit up and take the meds
then c u d d l e s
literally just all the cuddles in the world
jisung would hold you tightly, arms and legs wrapped around you, stroking your hair to get you to fall asleep
not that you’d be having any trouble with that, since you would be snuggled by
The Master of Spooning™ himself
even though he’s comforting you and helping, jisung can’t help but be glad that he gets to cuddle you for a long time
and when you felt angry at your body for giving you such horrible pain he’d hold you even tighter
then find some way to make you laugh
laughter is very important in jisung’s world (and, therefore, your world)
and you do find that it takes your mind off the pain, if only a bit
it’s almost like clockwork when you get bad cramps
same time of the month, same kind of pain
(you’ve definitely cursed every single god you can think of for this)
so he knows in the small, secret recesses of his mind, that he’ll get to cuddle the heck out of you at those times
he’d just smother you with kisses to wake you up to make sure you’d take more pain meds
okay;;; he’d smother you with kisses all day, too
and, like a cat kneading, he’d massage your belly and back to relax your muscles
you’d felt a little better after that
resting your head on his chest and hearing his heartbeat would be incredibly calming
by the end of the day, jisung would just hold you on top of him
like you’re a little otter and he doesn’t want to lose you
alkjfghakjlfhahjfgaklhga (●´ω`●)
Tumblr media
lee felix
felix would be amazingly casual about the whole thing and just ready to go
like;;; this boy would just immediately pick you up, kiss your forehead, and carry you to bed
need pain meds?
he’s already put them in the drawer of your bedside table as soon as you’d started your period
need a heating pad?
he’s got like five—all different shapes, sizes, whatever you need
(you’re not quite sure where or when he gets all this stuff, but you’re not complaining)
all he’d want is to just cuddle you
he’d turn those big, soulful eyes on you like you’re the best thing he’s ever seen
((which you are (≧◡≦) ))
and even if you’re curled on the bed in mildly stinky pajamas
he’d still just curl up with you and try to make everything okay
felix would just ramble on about anything and everything to try to distract you
yes, you’d probably be witness to Felix’s Interpretive Dance Time
.....whether you wanted to or not
(you secretly like it when he’s that silly alkfsjhajkfh)
and, of course, felix would make you breakfast (even if it wasn’t morning)
an absolutely delicious meal of all your favorite foods, even if they’re not normal breakfast food
((but honestly, what even is normal breakfast food??? just eat what’s yummy!))
since he’s been practicing baked goods, he’d also make you a lil cake just to cheer you up
and would try to ice it, which would come out really cute
he’d put “to my smol bean: UR CUTE ILY”
bc we all know felix is a cute dork who’d totally put something like that on a cake
would probably call chan or changbin just to make sure he’s not forgetting anything for taking care of you
he wouldn’t forget anything for you, anyway, bc he’s just that committed to making you feel better
oh and you’d definitely watch like 15 children’s movies in a row (okay maybe not in a row, but still)
bc what’s better than laughing at the antics of various animated characters?!
and singing along to the songs would be really fun and take your mind off the pain
it would make you breathe properly and relax! 
felix would probably act out some of the scenes to his favorite movies beside the screen just so you could check his accuracy
and if all you wanted to do is sleep, felix would curl up with you on the bed or couch
and run his fingers through your hair and down your back to soothe you
and give you smol sweet kisses before falling asleep
Tumblr media
kim seungmin
seungmin is also quite practical
when you told him that you get excruciating cramps, he immediately went and researched everything about menstrual cramps
potential causes for especially bad cramps
what to do for someone who’s having bad cramps
what not to do when someone’s having bad cramps
and he’d immediately gone out and bought what seemed like a year’s supply of pain meds, chocolate, three heating pads, and three hot water bottles, as well as extra pads and tampons
so the first time you were together and you kinda just went “aaghhh” in pain, seungmin immediately ran to his closet to get All The Things
you’d given him a quizzical look when he came back into the living room
he had a bag that looked, somehow, Official
although, most of seungmin’s things look Official~
(he’s just that organized and meticulous alkjfhsjfghsh)
so when he’d opened the bag, you had to stifle a giggle
in the bag, seungmin had put everything you’d need for when you had your period
hhhhhhhh what a sweetheart (✿´ ꒳ ` )
and if you need space, he’d just be in the other room minding his own business until you demand cuddles
he’d just absentmindedly give you head pets while the two of you watch a show or something
or he’d read to you from whatever book he’d been reading
or that you’d been reading  (▰˘◡˘▰)
would make you tea~
you’d probably end up cuddling his little puppy stuffed animal at some point
um;;;; seungmin’s potential fathering instincts would probably come out a little bc he just feels so much affection for you
and is just in CARING MODE
if you’re out together and you have cramps, you’d find yourself whisked back home for a day of rest
if you can’t go home, seungmin would just get you the proper pain meds and some water
he probably keeps meds for you in his wallet (´ω`♡)
all seungmin wants is for you to not be in pain
bc it hurts his heart
he doesn’t exactly show it a bunch on the outside to other people
but he’s really caring
most of all with youuuu~~~
he wants to ki— kick whoever decided that cramps could be this bad
like what the fuck, man;;;;;
he’d be very encouraging as he talks to you, since he doesn’t want you to worry or anything
he’s knows you worry enough about why you get bad cramps
whenever the pain would get so bad that you want to cry and feel like you’re going to lose your mind, seungmin’s bright smile would bring you back to earth
he’d reassure you that everything’s okay
and kiss the top of your head as he holds you (*/ω\)
Tumblr media
yang jeongin
jeongin’s remedy to cramps is stuffed animals
all the stuffed animals
all of them
e v e r
you both have a propensity for stuffed animals, characters, random objects, etc.
you even have a stuffed strawberry that’s the size of your torso
so jeongin would just pile up all the stuffies and a bunch of pillows
and settle you in them
you’d feel like you were drowning in stuffed animals ajkfshgkjfhg
like felix, he’d probably secretly call chan just to check that he’s doing the right thing for you, too (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄)
jeongin would make you tea and bring a pot of it to your bedside table
(just herbal tea, not caffeinated bc he doesn’t want you to get dried out)
he’d bring everything you could ever want in tea:
honey, milk, lemon, sugar
the tea would be reeeeeally yummy
and the warmth would help calm your nerves that had been on high alert since the night before when the cramps had started
jeongin would curl up with you and just stroke your hair
he’d turn on a show the two of you had been watching
a comedy, of course
why would you want to watch anything else while in pain??
okay so as calm as all this seems, he’d be fucking panicked as hell inside
like how is supposed to deal with this???
welp….. might as well just pretend it’s any other day
and you just happen to need more cuddles
he finds it really cute when you are  b a b y
and when you’re having horrible cramps….
yoU ARE B A B Y!!!!!!
the cutest ever
like holy shit
jeongin would be completely floored by how cute you are
you’d just kind of nuzzle into his stomach as you curl up next to him
of course, he’d also make sure you remember to take pain meds and all
sometimes he’d be a little annoying about it but not by much~
just enough to get you to WeAR sOcKs Y/N!!
he’d totally be the one to kinda pounce on you and carry you outside to sit on the lawn
not one but two blankets would cushion you from the grass and any bugs~
he’d probably bring all the stuffed animals he’d piled on you earlier outside
“they’ll get lonely!!”
definitely not an excuse to throw the radish plushies he got you at your head…..
((you’d get him back, though, with a few well-aimed charizards or something))
but if you needed him to be serious, he would be
bc, really, he cares about you so much he feels like his heart’s gonna burst (*♡∀♡)
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Synopsis: After a messy break up your sophomore year, you decided that the best thing for you was to finish off your college career single. You wanted to focus on yourself, grow as a person and finish off your degree strong. There’d be plenty of time for love after college. But after losing your camera you become friends with the seemingly perfect boy that threatens to ruin your plans.
Genre: SocialMedia!AU, College!AU, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Smut
Mature chapters will be properly rated, will include written portions as well.
Start Date: 04/30/20
End Date: 08/26/20
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