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#stray kids headcanons
hwajin · a day ago
𝐭𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐬
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
finding those pics was a pain in the ass
genre: smut, suggestive, fluff
pairing: skz x afab!reader (i think, correct me if i'm wrong jejwjd)
content/ warnings: talking about plus size/ curvy/ big/ thick/ chubby bodies because there's not enough of such fics/ headcanons out there! so i decided to spread some representation jsjwjsjhw.
Tumblr media
is definitely one to praise and shower you in love whenever he sees even an ounce of insecurity spiking up in your eyes. when you're self consious about an outfit and how it looks on you he will hurry to sneak up behind you and tell you how pretty you look and how much the clothes suit you while plastering kiss after kiss onto your neck and cheek, his arms wrapped tightly around your torso, causing you to giggle. even when you feel perfectly fine in your own body he will show love by caressing and squeezing your thighs or hips while cuddling, whispering soft 'i love you''s.
mans would say stuff along the lines of "you feel so soft" or "you're so comfy" a lot while cuddling, his head on your chest or him between your thighs while you play with his hair, blushing a bit at his words. i feel like he'd like teasing you as well, like squishing your cheeks, pinching your sides and tummy, probably hunting after your butt too whenever he sees an opportunity lmao. buuuut when it comes to ✨ spicy time ✨ he'd LOVE having you on top of him, having your body on full display right before his eyes, without a chance for you to hide even if you wanted to. the hunger in minho's eyes and the way he'd let his eyes wander around your curves, the way his eyes are so glued to your figure while he'd whine out how pretty you are, his strong hands groping your hips for dear life- you'd feel on cloud nine, moans in sync with his.
i feel like this man loves living between your thighs every moment he gets, in a both sexual and non sexual way. just laying there, his head on your tummy (that he's absolutely in love with too btw, he adores the way it's so soft he can rest on you as if you're his personal pillow), hands wrapped around your legs, tracing figures on them, or massaging them, just simply touching in one way or another. in times where he's stressed though he'd cutely ask if it's okay for him to move your panties to the side and eat you out like there's no tomorrow (mostly for his own pleasure, the fact that it makes you feel good and has you cumming around his tongue is simply a bonus).
this boy is a body worshipper and you cannot convince me otherwise, every moment he gets to tell you you're the absolute most beautiful person he's ever laid his eyes on, he's taking it, esPECIALLY if he dares to catch you self concious or insecure. hyunjin'd love to cuddle with you a lot, and i feel like similar to changbin he'd enjoy laying between your legs so much, or being the little spoon in general and resting his head on your chest, stomach, thighs, just because it's soft and comfy. AND AND his hands would be on you non. stop. he'd be pinching your sides or tickling your sensitive spots or just caressing your skin as his way to show his absolute adoration towards you. big fan of you sitting on his face too, he'd be in love with the feeling of your thighs nearly crushing him while he holds onto you desperately, moans and whines leaving his lips :3
LOVESLOVESLOVES being the little spoon and having his head on your chest!! in general this man is who would have thought a big fan of your boobs, he constantly has one of them in his hands or mouth when cuddling, not necessarily with any sexual thoughts behind it too, it just comforts him jfjskfjekd. he would love to watch them a lot when you're riding him too, his eyes nearly glued to you and his hands groping your hips and waist with such need that you're sure there'd be marks the next day. OH and he'd be one to encourage you to wear skirts a lot!! especially if you're normally a bit unsure about it since you worry about how your legs look in them, but this man manages to convince you that you - in fact - look absolutely sexy because of how your legs look in skirts.
biggest cuddle bug on this planet, i feel like his hands would be around you at all times, while you're cooking, waching tv, finishing homework or studying - boy always sneaks his arms around you somehow. also adores little spooning so damn much and would bury his head in either your neck or your chest, trailing neverending kisses across your skin and whispering how much he loves you. i feel like similar to hyunjin, he'd want to constantly reassure you and tell you how absolutely beautiful you are to him, and if your cheeks and nose and ears turn a slight pink due to shyness he'd giggle cutely while planting a kiss onto your lips. get me a felix pls omg
i feel like- he likes your ass a lot???? really respectfully but like he'd kinda always have his hand in your back pocket or resting on your bum when your cuddling, from time to time squeezing if he feels like it jdjsjdbdbd. just in general he'd love the way he can like- almost grope your body, like your waist and hips, like he just loves how squishy you are. and he'd love your cheeks!! if you have even slightly chubby cheeks he'd love to poke them or point out how cutely puffy they get whenever you're eating, though he'd exactly know how shy you get from such compliments.
honestly i feel like with him- how do i explain this... he tends to forget that simply your body itself can be something you sometimes get self concious about?? because you do directly experience the struggle that can come with it, like not finding certain clothing because the variety is simply too small and does not cover all body shapes out there, or not fitting the toxic beauty standard or not seeing snough representation etc. etc., and since jeongin does not- directly experience it he sometimes- doesn't understand?? because for him your body is just so obviously beautiful that he doesn't even think about it ever being different, or having to fit "beauty standards" or other hurtful mindsets. that alone, his questioning look whenever you're whining or ranting to him about it is so genuine and honest that you can't help but feel fully accepted and loved by this boy.
Tumblr media
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ch8nstay · 2 days ago
dude is it just me or lee know would kinda call you carrot from time to time. LIKE IDK BUT yk how he’s a bunny n stuff and he probably likes to play predator and prey with you for fun. if you both were wrestling, he would be like “carrots can’t move, you can’t even play your role right. dumb carrot, i’m gonna eat you now.” and then full on bites your cheek. would be so annoying with the nickname tbh. “hey, little carrot, c’mere” or “carrot, you look appetizing today,” (probably means you look good today but in bunny language) he says as he throws himself at you. gosh he’d buy real carrots, pick one up, stare straight into your eyes before taking a huge bite out of it before shoving some in your mouth because cannibalism. or maybe he’ll stare at you while chopping a carrot. carrot costumes for soonie, doongie, and dori!!! “hey, you look just like your mom today. let’s go show her.” and obviously carrot toys for his cats. basically carrot anything and it reminds him of you <3
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kim-seung-mo · a day ago
oh my god i’m obsesseddd with all the headcanon ideas you have!! fr if i could request all of them i would. but for now can i request the one about them having a nightmare about you? it’s such a unique idea and i’m a sucker for angst LMAO
𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕪 ℍ𝕒𝕧𝕖 𝕒 ℕ𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥𝕞𝕒𝕣𝕖 𝔸𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕐𝕠𝕦
♩ g/n reader, angst I guess, lots of crying, but then some of them are just fluff?? hurt and comfort, mentions of blood (in a dream) and dying (also in a dream), sickness (cancer in particular, ofc, also also in a dream), and pining?
♩♩ word count: 3.6k (yeah ik i got carried away)
♩♩♩ A/N: all the ones i put on the list are ones i really wanna do and tbh i make you guys choose so i don't have to myself hhhh ANYWAYS yes, a fellow sucker for angst (~ ̄▽ ̄)~(this was wayyyy longer than I expected, so some of these r kind of bad asfheudshc ran out of ideas for nightmares) wip list here
Tumblr media
Chan: (He's your husband)
After a long day in the studio, Chan drags himself back to your shared apartment.
There was no one to be seen, not even the lights were on, which was odd.
Were you not back yet? No, it was almost three o 'clock. How could you not be back yet?
Were you in the shower? Or were you already asleep?
Puzzled, Chan headed for the bedroom.
That was when he found a pool of blood on the floor.
He felt his heart stop beating as he rushed into the bedroom.
No, no, no, you were nowhere to be found.
The blood on the floor looked like it has been dragged all the way to the bathroom.
He slowly walked towards the bathroom.
The door was ajar and the lights were on.
Shaking, Chan reached out and pushed open the bathroom door.
He saw you on the ground, lifeless.
"Y/n? y/n... Don't scare me baby......"
Chan gently picked you up, but you were as light as a feather.
Chan put his ear to your chest and held his breath.
There was no heartbeat.
"No...don't... this is not true...... Y/n! Y/N!!!!!"
"Chan? Baby, what's wrong? Channie baby wake up..."
You shook his shoulders, trying to wake him up.
It was four in the morning, you were woken up, frightened by your husband's uneven breathing.
You thought something has gone wrong. As you turn around, you see that his eyes were shut was sweating pretty bad.
It wasn't health-related, thank god. Clearly he had a nightmare.
He was calling your name, which meant something probably happened to you.
Chan opened his eyes suddenly, turning his head to look at you, quickly scanning you up and down.
"'re okay? You were, you were covered in blood, you weren't breathing, or, or moving, and your heart wasn't even-"
"Channie, Channie honey, it was just a dream."
Chan's heart was still beating fast, though he was relieved to see that you were all right.
Finally realizing what was happening, he began to feel embarrassed.
"I told you not to watch horror movies before bed didn't I?"
He covered his face with red ears and dared not look at you.
He was reluctant to admit that he had nightmares just from watching a horror movie.
You sighed, gently patting his back.
"All right, all right, come on, let me be the big spoon tonight."
Minho: (He's your boyfriend)
He was eliminated. He couldn't debut with his brothers anymore.
He couldn't fulfill his dream.
He couldn't dance on the stage.
You're gonna be disappointed in him.
He reached out, trying to grab you.
But you took a step back.
"I've always believed in you..."
"I thought you could do it."
"Lee Minho, I'm disappointed in you."
Your eyes were cold and devoid of emotion.
You weren't like you at all.
He knew you wouldn't talk like that, you wouldn't give up on him, you wouldn't.
You were the one who held him, you were the one who gave him hope, you were the one who believed in him more than anyone in the whole world.
This wasn't what happened, and he knew.
But his heart still hurt when he saw your face, when he heard you saying "I'm disappointed in you."
"Don't... Don't lose hope in me......"
"It's too late, Minho."
You turn around, and it seemed like you were going somewhere he couldn't reach.
Waking from his dream, Minho sweated.
It was a dream. Of course it was a dream.
He sighed, feeling the other side of the bed.
You weren't there.
"Yes baby? What's the matter? Why did you shout so loud?"
He was about to start questioning everything when you opened the door.
With a spatula in your hand, it was obvious that you came rushing from the kitchen.
"I'm fine...just wanted to call you."
You looked at him, frowned, and walked over.
"Baby, you're sweating a lot...and are those tears? Where you crying?"
That's when Minho noticed tears running from the corners of his eyes.
You leaned over and touch his cheek, still worried.
"'s nothing really, just a bad dream."
Not wanting to see you worried, he took your wrist and told you the truth.
"Aww baby...that's okay. I'm here for you no matter what."
Yeah, that was what you said to him.
"Go wash your face. Dinner will be served soon."
Changbin: (He's your boyfriend)
"I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I don't think my life is complete without you... Baby, will you marry me?"
Changbin got down on one knee and looked at you with the tenderest eyes, the ring he held in his hand shining.
You covered your mouth.
The corners of his mouth rise, waiting for your reply.
"Changbin, I thought we were just messing around......"
That was not the answer he had expected.
"Y... Y/N?"
"I'm sorry... I can't marry you......"
His heart seemed to have stopped beating.
Then he opened his eyes.
Sweating profusely, he gasped for air.
You weren't there.
Where were you? Was that a dream? Or was that...
Changbin felt in his pocket. The ring was still there, contained in its velvet box.
"Baby? Are you there?"
You came out of the bathroom as you turned off the lights, wiping your hair with a towel.
"What's the matter Binnie? Why are you awake? Are you hungry?"
He was slightly relieved to hear that.
So it was really just a bad dream.
"Baby, can I ask you something?"
You stood still, carefully watching his facial expression. He wasn't acting like himself.
You walked over and sat down next to him, putting the towel aside as you held his hand.
"Sure, what did you want to ask?"
Changbin closed his eyes and took a deep breath before looking up, into your eyes.
"We're not just...messing around, are we? I mean, this relationship, we're serious right? We're not just-"
"Of course not Binnie, what makes you think that? Has anything happened?"
You cut him off before he could finish his sentence, not wanting to hear the rest of it.
Changbin took your hand and placed it over his heart.
Now he was completely relieved.
"What if, what if I said I wanted to be with you forever?"
Your eyes are wide open.
"Changbin, are you......"
Changbin got out of bed, kneeling in front of you and pulled out the velvet ring box he's been carrying for over a month from his pocket.
"I was going to ask you in a more formal setting, but I've been...scared. In case you weren't ready, in case you'd refuse me."
"But I love you so much that I want you to be mine now."
"Y/N, my love, will you marry me?"
No flowers, no party, no beautiful night sky or anything like that. There was nothing but the two of you.
Only him and his heart full of love for you.
Tears welled up in your eyes.
"Of course Binnie, I'd love to."
Hyunjin: (He has a crush on you)
He liked you. He liked you so much he was going crazy.
From the moment he saw you, the feelings began to germinate.
In the time spent with you, the feelings called "love" only increased exponentially, and now it has reached the point of no return.
But you were always like a puzzle that couldn't be solved.
How did you really see him?
In your eyes, was he a brother? A friend? Or, slightly more......
Today, he finally found the courage to talk to you, to make things clear.
But you refused him.
"I'm sorry...Jinnie, I don't think that way about you......"
Your cold eyes, not a ripple in your eyes... everything about you seemed to be getting farther and farther away from him.
Darkness enveloped him, as if he was the only one left in the world.
Immediately afterward, he woke up.
It was thundering.
Hyunjin clutched his legs to his chest.
It was a dream, it was just a dream.
Thank god, it was just a dream.
But...he couldn't bear it anymore.
He wanted to know, he wanted to know what you feel right now.
It was pouring rain outside, but he didn't care anymore.
At twelve o'clock in the middle of the night, he knocked on your front door.
You were for sure surprised to see Hyunjin, who was soaked.
You tried to say something, but he didn't give you time to say anything.
"I can't stand it anymore, y/n, I can't stand seeing you so close to Chan hyung and Changbin hyung."
"I can't stand to see you always giving attention to Jisung and Felix."
"Why can't you just look at me? What's not good enough about me?"
Jinnie, Jinnie, Jinnie .....that name again.
Every time you'd call him that, his heart felt like it was going to explode.
Why could you have so much influence on him? Why does he feel like he's already lost when all you did was say his name?
"I like you! Don't you get it? Just how obvious do I have to be for you to......"
He started crying, not giving you any chance to reply to him at all.
"You, like me?"
After realizing what he had said and done, Hyunjin began regretting.
He just said it, and now he was going to be rejected by you, just like in his dream.
You were going to disappear again.
Then, he heard you laugh. You actually laughed.
"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"
See, he knew you were...wait, what did you say?
"If you like me, why didn't you tell me sooner?"
"What did you say?"
"You come over at twelve o'clock in the middle of the night while it's raining just to tell me this? Hwang Hyunjin, are you stupid?"
Hyunjin blinked innocently, not expecting the answer he got.
Hyunjin looked like a mess, tears still in his eyes, there was even snot running out of his nose. He gasps for air since he ran here, hair wet, a few strands in his mouth. He just woke up so his hair was messy, eyes puffed, with no makeup on.
Right now he was probably the ugliest you've ever seen him look, but even then he was still the prettiest person in the world.
“Yes,Hwang pabo, I like you, been liking you since day one.”
Jisung: (He's your boyfriend)
Jisung was having a relationship crisis.
You were saying "I love you" less, you didn't hug him as often, you weren't complimenting him anymore...something was wrong.
He was afraid to ask, too scared to know the truth.
But he still wanted to know what he did wrong, why were you being less affectionate?
But every time he'd ask you, "am I doing something wrong lately?" Your answer was always "no".
He tried looking back at his recent actions, but still couldn't find any clues.
After days and days of thinking, he could think of only one answer.
You must not love him anymore.
After getting this answer, Jisung found himself laying on his side on the couch, sobbing silently.
Unknowingly, he fell asleep.
Half an hour later, you came home, took off your shoes and jacket, and were going to turn on the lights, but found Jisung sleeping on the couch.
Moreover, he was whimpering.
A little worried, you came to his side and shook him gently.
"Please....don't leave me......"
He was sobbing.
You wonder what you did in his dream to make him cry like this.
"Sungie baby....wake up......"
Feeling someone shaking him, Jisung slowly opened his eyes, tears slipping from his eyes.
Jisung immediately sat up, his pupils trembling slightly as he choked out a cry.
"I'm here, I'm here Sungie."
Your hand rests on his knees as you looked at him worriedly.
"I will, I will do better,, don't leave me ...... keep loving me, please......"
You were confused.
"Sungie, that was just a dream, I'm not leaving you..."
"Then why are you!" He shouted at you, quieting down a bit after realizing how loud he was being, "then why are you......not affectionate towards me anymore? Why, why did you stop saying I love you to me? Why-why don't you hug me anymore? Why don't you give me morning kisses anymore? Is it, is it not because......"
Remembering what you said in his dream, he bit his lower lip.
"Isn't it because, you don't love me anymore?"
Seeing him like this, your heart ached, reaching out to cup his face, you began to regret your actions recently.
"No, no baby, my love...... It's not that I don't love you anymore, I... this is going to sound really dumb because I now realize how wrong I was......but believe me, it's not that I don't love you anymore. I, I just...I didn't want to seem too clingy....too needy......."
Jisung cries as he listened to your explanation, shaking his head frantically at the end.
"You're not too clingy, never, I am. I'm the one that's clingy, and needy, and I, I need your "I love you "s, I need your morning kisses and daily praises, I need it, so please....don't stop."
"I'm sorry Sungie, for making you feel this way...... I'm sorry ......"
"So you still love me, right?"
You couldn't help but kiss him.
"Of course, I love you."
"Say it again."
"I love you."
"Han Jisung, I love you."
Felix: (He's your boyfriend)
Maybe it wasn't a good idea to watch sad movies before he went to bed.
Because now he was dreaming about you dying of cancer.
It was clear from the beginning that it was just a dream, but it still seemed too real.
Watching you, lying on the hospital bed, so fragile you could break with just one touch. Him, standing helplessly by your side, unable to do anything but cry.
You repeated the words "I'm sorry" in his ear, telling him not to be upset, even after your death.
The scene shifted and he was standing in front of your grave.
In his hand, he was holding your favorite bouquet of flowers, he stood there silently.
He couldn't do anything.
Facing death, he couldn't do anything.
This feeling of powerlessness drove him crazy.
When the dream finally ended, he jumped out of bed immediately, needing comfort.
He found you in the living room, still watching TV.
You looked up, a little confused to see his sad expression.
"Lixie? What's the matter?"
He came to you and sat on top of you, his legs bent on each side of your body, his arms wrapped around you, his head resting on your shoulders.
"Had a nightmare, got really sick and died...I, I couldn't do anything about it."
You couldn't help but laugh at that, though you still hugged him back, patting his back gently.
"Don't worry, it won't happen, I'm still young and healthy."
"I know...but it's not just sickness, I'm just so afraid, and just...the thought of being separated from you one day scares me so much ......"
You pulled away so he was looking straight at you.
"You won't ever be happy if that's the only thing you think about, yeah? Don't be afraid, we still have plenty of time."
You pick up his hand and place it on your cheek.
"Look, I'm still here, healthy and happy. So don't be sad, it would break my heart to see you sad."
He blushes, then nods.
"Well......maybe it's just because of the movie we watched earlier, I should be fine if you give me another hug."
After saying that, he started to burrow into your arms again.
"I guess Lixie is still just a big baby huh..." you said, gently scratching his scalp.
"Then you should give your big baby a kiss."
Seungmin: (He's your fiance)
You ran away.
You ran from your wedding, during the most important part. During the vows.
Seungmin stood alone, the priest and those who came to the wedding stayed silent, unable to believe what was happening before their eyes.
You actually ran away.
"No, I can't marry you, I'm still... I'm not ready."
That was the reason you gave him.
He wanted to go after you, to take a step, but he couldn't move.
He wanted to shout out, to tell you not to leave.
But he couldn't do anything but stand still.
He never wanted to thank god more when he finally woke up.
You were still sleeping peacefully beside him, like an angel, as if all the evil in the world had nothing to do with you.
But, now that he thought about it, of course it was just a dream.
You would never do such a thing, never.
He chuckled at himself, gently rubbing the back of his neck.
Gosh, why would he dream of such a thing? You were the one who proposed to him.
Of course, that's not to say that he would either. He would never.
Seungmin lied down sideways, propping his upper body on his elbow, quietly watching you.
Tomorrow is the day.
From tomorrow on, you will be his and his alone.
Gently picking up your left hand, he kisses the ring on your ring finger.
"Hmmh...? Seungmin, what's wrong?"
He seems to have accidentally woken you up.
"It's nothing......just a little excited."
There was no need to tell you about the stupid dream.
He heard you laugh, softly.
Turning around, you face him, squinting slightly.
"Is my puppy excited? How cute..."
He frowned at the nickname.
"You should stop calling me that..."
"We're gonna be married, how weird is it to call your husband "puppy"......"
In reality, he didn't mind it a bit, it was just that he wanted to hear you call him other things too, like "jagi" or "yeobo".
"That's not happening, you'll be my cute little puppy forever."
You pressed the back of his head towards you, your foreheads touching.
"Go to sleep puppy, I don't want my dear yeobo to have dark circles under his eyes at our wedding."
He smiled happily and took you to sleep in his arms.
This time, it was a sweet dream.
Jeongin: (He has a crush on you)
"Yang Jeongin likes Y/N" seems to be the secret everyone knows except Yang Jeongin and Y/N.
You only had to know Jeongin for more than three minutes to know that.
After all, he just couldn't seem to stop talking about you.
"Y/N hyung/noona is so beautiful today."
"Y/N hyung/noona smiled at me!"
"If only I could talk to Y/N hyung/noona..."
Everyone was encouraging him to confess.
But each time he would say something like " stop teasing! I don't even like them!" to refuse.
Everyone would roll their eyes because his ears were turning tomato red as he said it.
Just when people started to give up, an unexpected helper appeared..
"Jeongin-ah, I found a boyfriend!"
Waking up screaming, Jeongin almost jumped out of bed.
It was a dream! It was just a dream!!!!!
But, but he didn't know if you actually have a boyfriend or not.
What would he do......if you did?
No, he doesn't even like you! It's none of his business whether you have a boyfriend or not!
It shouldn't...
But why did his heart hurt so much?
Did he really......
He checked his phone. It was 2:30 in the morning.
He knew your habits. You've always been a late sleeper, and never went to bed before three o 'clock.
So, if he, he couldn't do this over text... if he called you now, you would probably pick up.
Should he? Or should he not?
If he did, what would he even say?
"Hi Y/N Hyung/Noona do you have a boyfriend?"
No, no, no, that's weird. Who calls in the middle of the night to ask that?
If he doesn't, he might go crazy.
'Stop stressing and just call them!' his inner self yelled.
And before he knew it, he was calling you.
His hands were shaking, no, his whole body was shaking.
It only rang twice before you picked it up.
"Hello? Jeongin-ah, why are you up so late?"
"Y/N hyung/noona!"
"Huh? What's wrong?"
"I!!! I...I, I!"
(Takes a deep breath) "I like you!"
"Yang Jeongin, are you drunk? Or is this some kind of bet?"
Jeongin was anxious as he shook his head vigorously, even though he was on the phone and you couldn't see him.
"No! I, I really like you! Since...from...from a really long time ago!!"
He heard you sigh at the other end, and his heart sank.
You didn't like him back. Of course you didn't like him back...
But the next words froze him.
"This better not be a bet, or you're going to have a hard time tomorrow."
"Huh? you mean?"
"This means Yang Jeongin, that I like you too, and have also liked you since a long time ago."
You hung up, and for a whole 10 minutes Jeongin thought that this was just another dream.
He slapped himself, feeling the pain on his cheeks.
This was no really did like him back......
Resisting the urge to rush to your door right now, he laid back down.
He tried to calm down but nothing worked. How could he when you basically just told him that you liked him too?
Shyly covering his face with the blankets, he started kicking around.
For the rest of the night he just tossed and turned in bed, waiting for the sun to rise so he could see you again in person.
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trashseobin · a day ago
Can I ask for perv best friend for jisung , changbin ,chan , hyunjin and Felix
I’ll just include Jeongin and Seungmin – I already did Minho’s you can find him here.
smut under the cut
He would be concealing his boner when you walk into the room in a skirt. Cheeks flushed as he watches you walk around your apartment, catching glimpses of your ass when you try to reach things in the kitchen. He tries the best to suppress those thoughts but when he now sees you in a tight crop top with the skirt it’s all over from there. Jisung just wants to be at your mercy, being a sub for you as you wear that short skirt with lacy panties while standing over him, giving him a show and making him drool. Jisung whimpers your name when he is in bed at night with his fist around his hard cock. Ends up stealing the skirt and lace panties so he can use them to jack off.
He has a crush on you but you’re his best friend! One day he is hanging out at your place and asks to use your laptop while you’re in the shower. Changbin opens your laptop to find that you’ve been watching your favourite porn, his mouth drops open as he presses play and feels himself getting hard. He imagines you touching yourself as you watch it and moaning his name. He ends up sending the link to himself and watches it late at night, wondering if you’re touching yourself at the same time. Changbin subtly teases you with the kinks, unknowing to you which ends up making you hot and bothered.
Something just switches when he sees you on the studio couch, head in his hands as his mind goes crazy with thoughts of what he wants to do to you right now. Imagines pressing your head into the couch as he pounds you from behind. You can tell something is wrong as he starts shifting around in his chair, little do you know he is palming himself through his sweatpants. Chan ends up having to run to the bathroom to jerk off, hoping no one comes in as he moans your name and cums all over his hand. I also imagine this man having a massive breeding kink so once he finds out you’re taking birth control he is mad. So mad he swaps out your pills to the sugar pills.
He is talking you through facetimes, little do you know he is touching himself. Hyunjin watches your lips move and can’t begin to know how great your soft lips will feel around his throbbing cock. Gets a toy that makes it feel like your lips are around his cock and closes his eyes imagining it is you. He finds himself waking up and sweating with his hips thrusting on his bed after dreaming of making you cum.
You ask Felix to house sit while you’re away for the weekend. He gets all giddy when you leave him with freedom in your house. He goes straight to your closet to where your skirts are and puts the light pink one you always where on. Face panted into the cushion filled with your scent he starts rutting into his hand. He might put some of your make up on during the weekend as he wants to pretty and good for ‘mommy’. Uses your shower and puts your body wash all over him so he can smell like his pretty best friend. Of course he will wash EVERYTHING before you get home.
Takes one of the stuffed toys you have on your bed home, he can smell your perfume on it, and it makes his mind blurry. He asks you for the name of the perfume as he needs to get a gift for a friend, that friend being him. Sprays it on the toy as he humps it. Takes your hoodies too as they’re so cute and uses the end of the sleeves to help him get to his edge. Watches you with puppy eyes as he feels guilty for what he did to your toy and hopes you’ll find out so you can punish him.
Jeongin invited you over to sleep overnight. As you lay asleep next to him, he sees how relaxed and peaceful you look. Your chest rising and falling. Jeongin ends up going to your bag where your used panties are and begins to sniff at them. He lays next to you, body shaking as he feels overwhelmingly horny and starts fisting himself. He feels so bad as he jerks off next to you, wrapping the panties around his hard cock. Has to hold back to urge to rut against your thighs or ass but eventually gives in and accidentally cums on your thighs sending him into panic.
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aemoonie · 17 days ago
skz - being protective ! ‧₊˚
「 mlist 」
a/n: as requested <3 cw: food mention.
Tumblr media
chan is someone who doesn't even notice his little protective gestures sometimes. he just does it without thinking. it just feels natural to him. he helps you with your coat, fixes your hat or scarf, he even pulls out chairs for you. he gives you his first bite, he takes your hand when you cross the street, i mean, he does it all. this guy is so busy all the time and doesn't even complain, so you would have to stop him at some point and (try to) take care of him as well. if you did anything remotely protective for him, he would blush so hard you think he's gonna burst. he has a hard time accepting help from anyone, but from you, he would appreciate it a lot.
lino seems like the type of guy who'd be nonchalant about it. or at least try. he'd sling his arm around your shoulder while walking, trying to play it cool while he pulls you into his side so you don't run into someone. he'd keep his eyes on you even if you were on the other side of the room, just checking if you are alright. would definitely give someone the side-eye behind your back when they'd be making weird comments. would tease you and then pack you into his coat when you'd say that you're feeling cold. always shares his food with you and would start to get annoying when you deny it from him because he just wants you to eat with him (:( <3).
he does it with pride. he'd do a move like giving you his jacket and can barely hide his grin when you thank him. it's alright he'd say, almost combusting from happiness. his hand would be glued to yours, especially if you walk in busy areas. pulls you towards him when it gets crowded and wouldn't let go for much. he'd have no problem with taking the lead when it comes to ordering or engaging with strangers if you feel shy to do so. he'd like stroking your hair and keeping his hand on your lower back a lot. he would want to be the best protective boyfriend you can ask for, and his proud grin definitely gives away his intentions.
he just wants you to be safe and happy, and so he does his best to ensure that! you know how he gets protective with i.n sometimes? yeah, he does that with you but way more. he'd totally be the type of boyfriend to give you his hoodie or jacket when you're sitting down wearing something short. he'd stand behind you on the elevator and he'd keep an eye out for creeps. for some reason, he'd always manage to stand between you and strangers, squeezing your hand in reassurance. would also be the type to fix your clothes for you, or your hair and makeup. he'd occasionally tuck your hair behind your ears and would just stare at you for a second before taking your hand and going about his day like nothing happened (🧍‍♀️).
jisung may deny being protective, but you'd know better. he'd always look out for you in quiet ways. he'd keep his hand above your head when you climb into the car, and he'd lend your any of his clothes when you feel cold or need them for other reasons. he'd secretly (or not so secretly) love sharing clothes with you and would throw his entire closet at you if you asked him for any. he'd always offer you some of his food and defend you from his teasing members. would probably walk you home from anywhere and likes keeping body contact, even if it's just arms or legs touching.
someone who'd be more protective than you'd think. likes to hold your hand and play with your fingers. definitely gives the boys the side-eye when they say something weird to you. would fix your hair and makeup for you, and likes cooking for you. would get so blushy and giddy if you compliment him on his meals. is good at reading your body language and facial expressions, so he's ready to go home when you are. would tease you for being clumsy but at the same time fix whatever you broke. holds your hand everywhere, especially when you cross the street.
nags you into taking care of yourself. picks fluff off your sweater and fixes your hair for you. always keeps an eye out for you, just to make sure you're feeling comfortable. would order for you if you feel shy to do so. also someone who protects your space from strangers. he'd be so sneaky with it, you barely notice his intent. would kind of just follow you around when you're out and about because for one, he wants to stay with you, but for the other, he also wants to make sure nobody disturbs your fun.
he'd be the type to call you a dummy when you trip but he also helps you up and brushes off the dirt from your clothes. likes wearing matching clothes because it shows you two belong together. always shares his food with you and checks in regularly if you've eaten and drunk enough. definitely counters all the teasing from the boys and has the softest spot for you (which definitely doesn't go unnoticed). he strikes me as the type of guy who'd annoy you on purpose like he'd poke your sides or pull down your beanie. but when you almost run into a lampost because of his antics, he'd be so quick to pull you away and apologize (and then call you a dummy again).
© aemoonie
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planetdream · 2 months ago
ꗃ — stray kids and handjobs <3
this post contains; smut ! a lil sub!idol elements if ur into that
💌 i’m not a dom — more of a subby pillow princess. but sometimes i just wanna help my sexual partner relieve their stress, ya know? anyways, here’s something i thought of after a nap
Tumblr media
ugh, pretty moans, sir
when he’s about to cum he gets louder and louder and his moans and grunts get deeper
i really think he loves getting handjobs from you. he can just sit back and relax while you do it. it’s very intimate and allows for vulnerability from himself + he just loves being cared for and touched/caressed by you
hatesssss being teased. if you even attempt to tease him by pumping him slowly or taking too long with your kisses, he’ll say your name very sternly followed by a “behave”
but you can almost always get away with teasing the tip of his dick. it’s sensitive and if you do it just right, his hips will jolt up and this toes will curl and his fists will tighten.
very vocal and probably orders you around
praises you so so good for following his directions. always like "just like that baby" or “you’re doing so good for me”
let’s you tie his hands around his back, but DONT tease him (he’ll remember it for later)
and when he’s cumming, his eyes roll back and his moans get louder yet more strained like he’s trying to be quiet but he’s got to mutter a series of “so good. so fucking good”’s and it’s just a very pretty scene
rewards you so good if you follow his orders and make him cum real nice
lives for handjobs !!!! likes when you squeeze it a bit as you pump him
and his eyes never leave your body or the motion of your hands on his dick and highkey think he likes it sloppy, with you using both of your hands
bites his lips when he cums and groans a bit. kisses you so much when you finally make him cum and always wants to return the favor to you
cannot handle being teased or overstimulated in any way whatsoever and WILL whine about it. but allows you to overstimulate him every so often just because he enjoys the pain.
likely very sensitive when you touch him but likes being stimulated in multiple areas and overstimulated generally
likes when you kiss his neck or his lips as you’re stroking his dick. lovesss make out sessions when both of you have your hand in each other’s pants
when you make him cum he absentmindedly begs you to keep stoking him/make him cum again. absolutely loves looking at your hand covered in his cum and wouldn’t mind you giving him a quick taste
likely still stays hard after you make him cum once, but the tip of his dick is so red and pretty. after cumming another time, he’s thrusting his hips up wanting to cum again even though you’re no longer touching him
another entry on the pretty moans list. he’s probably loud too
ngl i think he gets overstimulated easily. and his mind is so foggy he can’t decide between fucking up into your hand or pulling away cause he feels so good but he’s absolutely dying for a release
ends up just fucking your hand
literally hands at his sides, clawing at the sheets or whatever surface you’re both on
helps you get him off by putting his hand on top of yours and helping you jerk his cock. 10/10 looks you in the eyes when he cums
having felix between your legs, your lips attached to his neck and your hand pumping his dick slowly… yeah…
his soft exhales because he’s just been so stressed and you’re treating him so right…
absolutely will fuck his hips up into your hand faster and faster as he gets closer to cumming
literally cannot stop rambling: “thank you, fuck. feels so good”
when he does cum, it drains him so bad omg. he has to be next to you, touching and kissing you. thanking you for making him cum
i feel like he closes his eyes from time to time to focus on not cumming too quickly
he’s a little scared to moan sometimes so he regularly keeps quiet. but once you tell him to look at you, and to be vocal — oh, he’s a mess
absolutely loves when you dictate wether or not he can cum — sometimes when you say he can’t cum yet, he’ll end up cumming anyways just to have you punish him a lil bit
his moans sometimes get caught in his throat when he comes. but he’s always ready to go again a few minutes later
he’s so sensitive at every single touch. he honestly tears up a little bit from all the pleasure since your hands feel different from his own
also begs you to let him cum, explaining that he’ll be good for you if you let him
loves the sensation of cumming with your hand around his dick and acts like he hates overstimulation but he loves when you keep pushing him closer and closer to another orgasm
wholeheartedly cannot handle edging and will cum a little even if you ruin his orgasm. pleads with you to let him cum for real this time
Tumblr media
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seungisms · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, eating out, fingering, dumbification, soft-dom!skz
note: a ‘pillow princess’ is someone that prefers to receive sexual stimulation rather than give it - basically reader not having to lift a finger and the boys doing everything for her <3 @honeydh this one is for you *mwah* maknae line is longer than the rest cause i’m feral for them okay gn
Tumblr media
Chan buried his head deeper between your thighs, mouth softly working away at your dripping heat as his fingers intertwined with your own, loving the small squeezes you inflicted onto them each time his tongue fucked into your tight cunt. This man is absolutely in love with the sight of your angelic form relaxing into the plush pillows, submitting you body completely to him and allowing him to gently coax you closer towards orgasm, taking care of you in every sense. Since he’s a natural giver Chan will thrive knowing you love to receive; spends hours edging and overstimulating your overly sensitive pussy with the sole purpose of watching you become a drooling, needy mess beneath him. You arched further into his touch once he nipped teasingly at your bud, the soft whines tumbling from your kiss-bruised lips doing nothing but encourgaing him to prod deeper into you, unhinging his jaw slightly to devour your cunt whole. Each small tremble and twitch was met with a low hum, the sensation against your aching slit causing you to buck your hips further towards his face - begging for more and he was happy to give and give until you break.
“Just sit there and look pretty, angel. Let me take care of you.”
Gentle circles were traced along the outside of your sheer panties, soaked with arousal, legs spread wide open for the boy that was currently teasing your clit between them. Minho savoured the sight of you in his favourite state; fucked out and hungry for his cock. He thumbed the flimsy fabric of your underwear aside, chuckling lowly at the small whimper that fell from your pretty lips once the tips of his digits grazed against your folds. He loves taking the lead in everything he does and that’s no exception when it comes to getting you off - down on his knees and ready to please you as soon as you so much as throw a needy pout his way. Extremely willing and giving, demonstrated by the way his tongue was currently sucking on your drooling cunt, bringing you closer and closer to the edge with every flat swipe of his tongue against your clit. He’ll edge you until you’re reduced to nothing but a shaking, sobbing slut beneath him and he won’t stop until you’re completely incoherent and sensitive to his every touch.
“You like this sweetheart? You like being taken care of?”
Changbin is proudly and wholly whipped for his sweet pillow princess and gives into your every demand without a second thought. He’ll happily spend hours teasing your dripping pussy, thick fingers pinching and rubbing at your nub before fucking them into your tightness, spreading your hot liquids around and onto your folds - not once ceasing his pleasurable torment, loving how wound up and desperate you become for his cock. Although he absolutely adores the sight of you coming undone beneath him with the slightest graze of his touch, he quickly becomes bored of the one-sided fulfilment; opting for a position that’ll satisfy you both without you having to life a finger. Removes his digits from your core before shoving them between your lips to quieten your whines from the sudden emptiness, letting you taste yourself before slipping his cock into your heat, plush walls clenching snugly around him. His hips brushed slowly against your own, resisting the urge to coat your walls with his hot cum, waiting for you to find your own release first.
“Let me make you feel good honey.”
As much as he loves to deny it, Hyunjin is wrapped around your pretty little finger and will give you everything you want and more until you’re completely fucked dumb and on the verge of passing out - although he does like seeing you throw a little fit before giving in. Purposely prolongs your pleasure just to see you become the brat you truly are, rolling your eyes and huffing loudly as he continues to tease you; but once his fingers start to inch towards your core and you realise he’s finally giving you what you want you completely melt under his touch. His mouth practically waters once he finally exposes your glistening pussy, any previous thoughts of teasing you suddenly forgotten as he buried his head between your plush thighs, wrapping his plump lips around your core and pinning your wriggling hips to the bed, eating up every small gasp and mewl that you hiccuped out. His nose nudged against your nub, sucking your folds into his mouth and hungrily cleaning up the wetness that seeped past your tight hole - eating you out until you were pleased, throbbing and raw.
“Look at my princess, so pretty and needy.”
Despite being a pretty big pillow princess himself Jisung is always eager and ready to please you. He loves giving into your needs just as much as you do so expect to be constantly doted on and smothered in love. Incredibly generous while eating you out, places open-mouthed kisses against your core and devours your pussy whole, pulling away only to giggle softly at the sweet sounds of your sobs filling his senses, each drop of your wetness on his taste buds causing him to buck down against the bed, cock hardening as you wither and whine for his touch. His fingers swiftly fucked into your tight hole as he continued to lap up your juices, tongue tracing your velvety slit with a desperation that could only be satisfied by finally sinking deep into your heat - the throbbing of his thick length becoming too much for him to handle. Covers up the fact that he’s just as hungry to fill you up by tutting mockingly at your flushed cheeks and soft panting, hips fucking into your own at a painfully slow pace to watch you claw at the sheets, searching for something, anything, to grip onto as your pussy wrapped snugly around his cock.
“Look at you, so eager and happy to be used by me. You’re such a cutie.”
No matter how needy or bratty you’re being this man will drop everything to please you. Felix will adore you from head to toe, leaving light kisses over the soft skin of your stomach before pausing at your core, loving the slight gasp that slipped past your lips once his warm breath fanned over your aching cunt. His tongue softly prodded against your slit, teeth grazing your folds before suddenly sucking them between his lips, loving the incoherent mewls and cries you sounded out against him. He’ll eat you out unhinged desperation, huffing and groaning lowly against your cunt as his long fingers spread you apart to mouth further at your pussy, lapping up your sweet juices. Especially likes how fucked out and dreamy you become as he relentlessly overstimulates your spent self, clit puffy and raw yet he won’t stop until you’re unable to think straight; following his every order like a mindless whore, practically drooling at the thought of finally having him fuck you. Muttered praises will be sloppily uttered into your core, loving how well behaved you are for him, pressing your trembling hips into the mattress while messily nudging his nose against your nub, tongue pressing hard down on your pussy and dark eyes taking in every twitch and scrunch of your cute features - glassy, mascara stained eyes and glossy lips only making him want to give in and wreck you sooner.
“You’re so good for me angel.”
Taking care of you is practically hardwired into Seungmin at this point so he’ll spoil you until you’re shaking and begging him to stop, albeit while being a tad mean about it. Loves how receptive you are to his touch, gasping cutely when he so much as teasingly brushes past your core and pouting once he deliberately ignores your pitiful begs, your fussing cut short as he suddenly cups your heat - the sweet smile on his face doing nothing to ease you as he presses down hard on your desperate cunt, clenching around nothing at the slight pressure. He’ll slip his fingers past your folds just slightly, prodding into your dripping heat before withdrawing completely, teetering you on the edge of orgasm; your frustrated cries and glassy eyes only egging him on further. Eventually, he’ll give into your whines, pressing his lips to yours in an open-mouthed kiss before sinking into your heat, thrusting deep and filling you to the brim. He indulges you completely, manhandling and overstimulating you until you’re nothing but a whiny, sobbing, drooling mess trembling beneath him, happy to be used as his personal cum slut. He loves the dumb look that takes over you pretty features as he fucks into you, letting you feel every curve and twitch of his cock.
“Isn’t this what you wanted sweetheart?”
Jeongin admired your pretty form cushioned against the soft pillows, doe eyes staring up at him and hair framing around you like the angel you are; features contorted in pure pleasure as he fucked his fingers into your cunt, the wetness of your core coating his digits with every deep thrust. Being so used to having his hyungs dote and gush over his every move means he absolutely loves taking care of you, bringing you to the edge over and over again all the while ignoring the painful straining of his cock against his thigh, focusing solely on the soft begs that your fucked out form emitted. He also gets off on the sense of control he has over you, watching you mewl and twitch beneath him while unconsciously bucking your hips towards his fingers once he decides to tease you, gasping into his shoulder when he curled his digits deep inside your pussy, brushing softly against the edge of your womb. Super soft with you, nothing but love shining in his eyes and praises tumbling from his lips as he works your cunt, always happy to put your pleasure before his own.
“You’re so pretty.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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hyuckvanqel · 3 months ago
chan ; chan wouldn’t have thought about the idea before, it just wasn’t something that really crossed his mind. but when he has you underneath him, desperately rutting into you, hips slapping against yours as he pulls himself as close to you as possible. his breath is ragged on the skin of your shoulder, breath coming out in sharps gasps. he has a hand wrapped around your waist, pressing down on your tummy, holding you up for him. “where d’you want it, baby?” he asks, pressing messy kisses against your back. and he almost chokes when you stutter out that you want him to cum inside. and suddenly, his thrusts get so much harder, faster. “oh yeah? want me to fill you up? fuck my cum into your pretty, little pussy?” and all you can do is moan and whine for him <3
minho ; minho thinks you look so pretty like this, all shaky underneath him.  the way your body writhes against his, your hands weak against the sheets of his bed. he loves how encased in him you are, how much you look like you’re his. “my cute lil slut.” he teases, fingers closing around the sides of your throat. honestly, it’s all about the possessive factor for him. when you’re pinned under him, eyes rolling into the back of your head, mumbling and whining his name while he pounds into you. he loves the idea of pumping you full of his cum, seeing the thick, white lines dripping down your thigh. he loves the idea of you being his.
changbin ; changbin just thinks you’re so cute when you beg for him. your eyes are just so huge and pleading, your hands needy, grabbing at his big arms and pulling him close, grinding your hips into his. and he loves to pretend like he doesn’t know what you want, raising an eyebrow and smiling as you writhe around in his lap. “what do you want, baby?” and he loves the way you pout at him, running your hands up his biceps. “want me inside, baby?” his voice is so teasing. he’d push his hand onto your tummy, pushing against the skin slightly, just enough for you to feel the pressure. “i should be right here, shouldn’t i, baby?” but he can never keep you waiting for long. “don’t worry, pup, i’ll fill you up so good.” 
hyunjin ; is very intense. he seems like he feels everything very intensely and, within that, he’s very possessive. there’s something about cumming inside you, feeling you around him when he pumps you full. and there’s something about the feeling of your walls hugging him impossibly tight when you cum, arms wrapped tight around his neck, pulling him close. “taking me in so good, baby. made to take this cock, isn’t that right?” he grunts, looking down to focus on the way you’re lil cunt sucks him in with every thrust. “all mine, right, baby? you’re all mine.” and he lives for the way you mindlessly nod along with his words, babbling about how much you love him and how much you want — need — his cum. “don’t worry, puppy, i’ll fill you up, get you all nice n’ full for me.”
jisung ; he just thinks it’s hot. rutting desperately against each other, his cock brushing achingly up against your walls, bumping against that gushy lil spot inside you. “feels so — hic — good, sungie.” and jisung nods along with your words. “god, y’feel so good around me, baby. fit me so well, sucking me in so good.” he babbles mindlessly, the words almost coming out as a stream of consciousness. “ah, baby, i’m gonna cum, so fucking close, gonna fill you up so good.” and all you can respond with is soft pleas and begs, “please cum in me, sungie, please, i wan’ it so bad.” and he sinks his teeth into your neck, not being able to pull himself away from you, when he cums, shaking above you with how hard it hits him. 
felix ; felix just loves feeling so close to you. wrapping his arms around you, face buried in your neck while you bounce on his lap. “you feel so, so good, honey.” he mumbles, his voice low and muffled against your skin. and he can feel when you get close, the way you squeeze around him and the way your hands grab onto his arms, pulling you impossibly closer. “you close, baby?” his voice is breathless against your skin and he can’t help but grin at the goosebumps that begin to raise in little spikes over your skin. and he’d lift his head from your neck to see the way that you nod desperately, your hips swiveling mindlessly against his. “so close.” he revels in how shaky your voice sounds. “fill m’up, lixie, please, please. wan’ it so bad.” and how can he deny you when you ask him so nicely?
seungmin ; seungmin doesn’t think he’ll ever get tired of hearing you whimper out daddy while you cum on his dick. it’s such a sweet title and it’s all for him. and you say it in such a needy voice, it makes shivers run down his spine every time. “such a dumb little thing.” he coos, wiping at the tears that start to form with the pad of his thumb. and he can’t help but laugh at the way your hands start reaching down to the waistband of his pants, fingers desperately trying to find a hold on them. “can’t think of anything but cock, isn’t that right?’ and all you can do is nod. “don’t worry, baby, i’ll give you what you want. fill you up so good. just be good for me.” 
jeongin ; jeongin is iffy about it. he really doesn’t want to be a young dad. but still, the idea of his cute lil baby falling apart on his cock while he pumps you full of cum gets him so achingly hard. “so good for me, baby.” he mutters, eyes squeezing shut at the feeling of fucking you raw. his hips are grinding achingly slow against yours, one hand holding your waist to keep you still. “please, innie, please move.” you whine, desperately trying to buck up into him. “i’ll fill you up, baby, don’t worry. jus’ lemme feel you.” and when he starts moving it’s so rewarding. “feels so good, always so perfect for me.” 
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bearyoongs · 19 days ago
stray kids reactions
╰➤ a stay asks about you on vlive
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
『 chan 』
“Ah, y/n...” 
He’d be so giggly and shy at the mention of your name.
“They’re good! Actually, something really funny happened the other day...” 
He’d end up talking about you for a lot longer than expected, going off on a little rant about how much he loves you and how cute you are. 
“They’re really amazing- woah, have I been talking about them for that long? Sorry guys!” 
More giggles. 
He’d wrap it up by telling stay how much he loves you, sending a little flying kiss at the screen just in case you were watching. 
(Of course you were). 
『 minho 』
“They’re so annoying, always trying to steal my food,” He’d joke. 
“They’re actually so embarrassing, do you know that?” 
Would proceed to tell thousands of stays an embarrassing story that he had about you, providing picture evidence as well. 
He’d laugh, knowing that you’d hate him for that. 
“I guess they’re okay... annoying, but a good sport.” 
『 changbin 』
He wouldn’t know whether to ignore the question or answer it. 
“How is y/n? Ah, they’re.. good. Yeah, good...” 
He, like Chan, would get super shy. 
“We watched a movie yesterday, actually. It was really good. Y/n fell asleep half-way through, though! They were very cute...” 
He’d quickly move onto another topic in hopes of hiding his red cheeks. 
『 hyunjin 』
“Y/n’s great! We went on a painting date yesterday. Look, I’ll show you our pieces.” 
He’d proceed to take his phone out and show stays photos of your paintings. 
“They’re good at art, right? Not as good as me, of course, but good nonetheless.” 
He’d continue to show stays other pictures of you, spending more time smiling at the photo then actually talking to stay about it because he’s just so in love with you. 
“Y/n and Kkami! Aren’t they so cute?” 
『 jisung 』
“Y/n’s a pain in my ass.” 
That’s it.
That’s literally all he’d say.
(I’m kidding). 
“I’m currently teaching them how to rap, actually. They’re kinda good... we’re a power couple. Two all-rounders! ” 
He’d talk to stay about how you always came backstage to cheer him on before performances. 
“They help calm my nerves no much... not to be soppy or anything, but I really like them.” 
『 felix 』
Stays wouldn’t even have to bring you up… he’d just constantly be talking about you anyway. 
“Y/n and I baked cookies earlier! They didn’t taste as good as they looked... but it was still so much fun!” 
Would get all smiley when talking about you. 
“Gah, they’re amazing, seriously...”
Would probably end up staring into space for a minute, just thinking about you, before returning his attention to the screen in front of him.
“Oh, right, vlive, yeah…”
『 seungmin 』
“How is y/n? ... Next question.” 
He’d try to deny the fact that he was going a deep shade of red at the mention of your name. 
He’d end up hiding behind sweater paws, chuckling softly at the thought of stays caring so much about you. 
“In all seriousness, they’re good... but do you guys really care more about them than me? I’m right here??” 
Cue the cute little Seungmin laughs.  
『 jeongin 』
He’d smile seeing your name pop up in chat. 
“Y/n? Ah, they’re good. Yes, really good. We’re spending a lot of time together recently!” 
He’d proceed to talk about your recent events and dates (but he wouldn’t call them dates... he’s too innocent for that in stay’s eyes… right?)
“I really love spending time with them. I feel sad when comeback stages end, but happy too, because that means I have more time to spend with my lovely y/n..” 
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chronosaurusnot · a month ago
Headcanon: skz in a party
warnings: +18 but not really any, suggestive maybe?
note: so i’m back after two rough months with a really soft headcanon! i actually wanted it to be kinda smutty at first, but i don’t know why it ended up being more about the kissing that anything else lmao. btw i’m already working on a smut that i’ll post as soon as i finish it, so i hope you wait for it cause i promise i’ll be really good (or at least i’ll try lol)
as always, i’d like to clarify that english is not my first language, so please let me know if there are any mistakes, and feel free to give me suggestions, cause i think it’ll be cool if you like any part of this thoughts and want to give me ideas for smuts out of them!!
he is the one to organize the night with the guys, asking for a vip table and everything, and probably will stay there the whole night.
he is the humble popular boy, everyone wants to be with him and he will be nice with all of them.
but he already has the eye on you; you are his goal of the night.
he will get close to you by playing the nice guy and saying silly stuff to get your trust. after a chat he will offer you a drink, and here is when i drive CRAZY
we all know he has the most beautiful hands and this bitch knows his power. so he will take his wallet off his pocket and play? with it to get your attention to his hands. “what do you wanna drink sweetheart?” he’ll literally buy you every drink you want. not because he wants to get you drunk but because he wants to show you how a big pleaser he is.
after a drink he’ll be like “can we dance?” and he will be suuuuch a teaser. he’ll get closer and closer every time, holding you by the waist. and just when you feel you are about to kiss or something, he’ll be like “i’ll go to the bathroom, i’ll be back”.
but when he’s back he will kiss you just like that. a goood and long kiss, while the rest of the night is full of soft touches and teasing.
type of kisser: the soft and slow one, full of soft touches on your waist and back, his other hand always on your cheek, neck or hair. he can read the timing so well, he just know when to use his tongue, when to bite your lip, when to heat it up.
Lee Know
he is that kind of guy who enters the party at the last minute cause he don’t wanna get attention. but with his look that’s impossible, so everyone looks at him as he gets in the place, eyes rolled back to play like he doesn’t care.
but the most important part is, he also goes with a target for the night. and as soon as he sees you, you become his goal.
his plan is to pretend like he hasn’t see you cause he loves to play the hard to get, but he’s dying to get your attention.
and you notice he also loves the way you try to avoid him by the way he smirks when you look away after he catches you looking, so you wait for him to come to you.
after watching you from the distance, he finally gets to you. “do i have something on my face, sweetheart?” he teases you with a smirk on his face. and you can tell he’s dying for you to tell him how you’re feeling because of him.
if you follow his play by being a little bratty, he’ll be even more into it.
while dancing he would be soo gentle, getting closer and closer to you in every step.
he’ll turn you around all of the sudden, “for how much longer you’re gonna keep teasing me, honey?” he says to you while caressing your lips.
type of kisser: depending on his mood basically? like i feel he doesn’t have a type actually, but i just know he’s a big fan of kissing in front of people, just to brag to yourself how you pick him up among the rest of the people. and loves any kind of touching...
yes i’m gonna say he’s the cool rich boy who goes to parties the whole time, im sorry.
but hear me out, he’s just so humble and sweet with everyone. he’ll have the vip table with his friends, and will pay for that one friend who has no money cause he just wanna have fun with them.
we all know he is a really flirty man, so that’s even worse in parties. he’ll check up on everyone he finds attractive. but as soon as he sees you that’s over; and he won’t give up until you’re his.
he’s really confident about himself, so he’ll go straight to you. “how are you princess?” he’ll keep casually chatting with you, with a smirk on his face. he’ll also ask with who you came with, you know to see if one of your friends could be with one of his, he likes to play the cupido lmao.
he’ll ask you to dance and you won’t even know how it happened but you are sooo close to him. your bodys so close, he’l tease you so much to give you a kiss cause he wants to see you desperate.
type of kisser: sweet and soft at first; hard and rough as the night goes on. he has no hurry, could be all night long with slow kisses cause he pays more attention to touches. so… he’ll caress you sweetly at first, but then he would touch you more and more.
we all know he’s the cool boy who everyone looks at during the whole night. he could be dancing and laughing with his friends till he gets sleepy, cause he just wants to have a good time.
but when he goes to the bar to get some drink, that’s when he pays attention to his arounds. and there he finds you looking at him, smiling back with a smirk.
i just know he is soo into looking and exchanging smiles and guilty looks from the distance, so he’ll take his time till he finally gets you.
“i was actually waiting for you to come to me, sweetheart”. he’ll introduce to you just like that but with a sweet tone in his voice and face. and such an intense look.
yes, the whole dancing is full of teasing and constant eye contact. he’ll get so close to your body and then all of the sudden we will get a little apart, enjoying you frustrated and confused face. but after that, he’ll hold your waist to get you close to him to kiss you all of the sudden.
type of kisser: the surprising one, who kisses you when you least expect it. so soft and slow, he just knows how good his fluffy lips must feel. i feel like he’s the type to smile after the first kiss, but in a hot way if you know what i mean. a fan of holding you by your neck and hair; and if you touch his, you’ll drive him crazy.
he loves to party and its the clown of the group, but we already know how shy he actually is.
when he sees you, he can’t keep his eyes off of you. and when you notice, he gets sooo shy and cute.
he’ll keep looking at you and smiling, and you can tell he isn’t gonna take the first step, so you get to him.
he’s aware he looked like a coward, so he’ll go in a joking way “you couldn’t wait for me, princess?”. and it’s so cute to see him play the cool guy when it’s so obvious he’s really nervous.
but that attitude disappears after a couple minutes, and you can’t really understand at what moment he’s become so confident ?? smirking at you, talking in a flirty way, getting closer to you as the time goes by.
he’ll dance with you if you want to, but he just prefers to talk and flirt with you in that kind of way. and when he feels confident enough, he’ll play the “i can’t hear you well, the music is really loud, do you wanna go somewhere more calm?”.
type of kisser: he’ll play with your hair so much before kissing you, holding your face and neck with both of his hands. he likes wet kisses and loves to receive soft touches from you. but when things get heated up, he’s the most touchy one. i mean, that’s why he’ll always ask you to go to a place where you can have more intimacy.
i feel like he’s a mix of hyunjin and jisung. the cool pretty boy who everyone looks at, very confident about himself, but as soon as he sees someone he likes he gets super shy.
he loves to be dancing, and when he notices you’re looking at him he smiles at you. but as soon as you invite him to come over he’ll get so shy about it that you could see him gaining strength to make the first move.
“would you dance with me, honey?” he’ll say to your ear with his deep and soft voice, making you shiver. he was looking all shy, but as soon as you start dancing there is no space between the both of you.
his touch is so soft and hot at the same time, he just knows what he’s doing. one hand will always be holding your waist, and the other one will go changing places. if you’re a little shy, he’ll take your hands and place them around his neck, smiling with a mix of sweetness and desire for your touch.
type of kisser: so so so soft and sweet at first; slow and steady. so much tongue, but in such a pleasing way. his hands always moving to caress different parts of your body. and when it gets heated up, that’s just worse: prepare yourself for a lot of touching cause this man has no shame in being seen.
he gets miscarried as the shy boy cause he is calm, but he is actually really confident. the kind to be quiet and dangerous.
as soon as you look back at him he’ll go to you, and offer you a drink. he pays attention to every gesture you make, and uses the chat to try to analyze what kind of person you are; what you seem to be into. also aware of his pretty hands, so if he sees you looking at them he’ll find the way to keep you staring.
he’ll chat with you in such a flirty way. he’ll find always the right moments to praise you and tell you how pretty you are.
before kissing he’ll get closer to you by touching you in ways that make you believe he’s just about to do it, but it’s actually just more and more teasing.
type of kisser: slow and rough, just so so hot. one hand always on your neck, finding the way to show you who is the one with the control over the whole situation.
he’s the kind to play confident but he’s actually so so shy.
he has his eye on you since the beginning, but he’ll take his time to come talk to you.
he’ll get to you offering you a drink, to later on ask you to dance.
he’s desperate for your touch, smiling at you when you hold his neck for dancing, taking that as an invitation for his touch.
a fan of holding your waist, getting you closer and closer to him. you can feel how nervous he actually is, but at the same time he looks so hot. cause, after all, he’s letting no space between you two.
type of kisser: soft and sloppy, but he gets the rhythm. his problem is he over thinks the whole thing, so instead of letting go in the moment he’s firstly worried about what would you like the most. but after those thoughts vanish, he’ll kiss you so good you can keep going forever. also really aware of his pretty hands, using them to hold you by your neck most of the time.
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soleilsuhh · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids imagines . . . terms of endearment they love using the most
Tumblr media
chan who calls you this even when he's a little mad at you so that you don't forget he adores you still the same even in anger.
the two of you just sit there for a moment; the heavy silence a contrast to the raised voices from you both earlier. it feels like hours have passed. you look at each other and despite everything, something makes you want to laugh but you only manage a small smile. he smiles too — then he breaks into a very soft laugh. "y/n, my love, sometimes you drive me nuts,"
minho who calls you this in a playful, teasing manner, and there's always a certain tone in his voice when he uses the endearing name.
leaning by the door, he watches, amused, as you struggle to pull the zipper up on your dress. at some point, you huff at him, "would you help me instead of laughing by yourself over there?" and at that his smile widens, making his way towards you, "why, you only had to ask, sweetheart,"
changbin who calls you this simply because it rolls off his tongue as easily as he breathes.
he places a bowl of thoughtfully — albeit clumsily — cut fruit on your desk, and as you weakly grin up at him with a soft thank-you. and he returns your smile, his hand casually brushing over your cheek, "you look tired, baby, is there anything i can do to help...or should i just piss off?" he says, his tone light and sweet.
hyunjin who calls you this just to be as cheesy as he can be but also because it's true to him — not that he would easily admit that.
it always slips his lips oh-so-dramatically yet so sincerely. the airport may be bustling but it appears that the only person he sees is you and he engulfs you in a breathtaking, most delightful hug. "love of my life, how i've missed you,"
jisung who, playfully and most affectionately, uses terms of endearment even when there are people around.
you've barely entered the living room, you're already greeted by the sounds of laughter and chatter of his friends and yours, but his voice is unmistakably the loudest as he announces, "here comes my sunshine, the apple of my eye,"
felix who sprinkles a bunch of pet-names in every other sentence spoken to you but reserves his favorite one just for certain moments.
you almost let him oversleep just so there's an excuse to miss the flight and you'll have more time to spend with him on this vacation, in this surreal city. but you wake him up with a gentle shove and a kiss on top of his head. "i don't ever want to leave," he mumbles and you silently agree but you say, "you have to go home at some point." he looks at you, "darling darling, i am home, aren't i? you're here." and you smile. what a felix thing to say.
seungmin who doesn't use petnames often but on rare occasions that it does occur, there is one that stuck to him.
he lets you bury your face in his chest as his arm wraps around you. his hug is steady yet gentle, providing both the comfort of your favorite blanket and the sense of safety of a human shield. but it's his voice that makes you truly believe everything will be alright, "i'm right here, angel, you're not alone,"
jeongin who calls you this more often than he does your name, so much to the point that you get a little nervous when he does use your name.
sometimes it's a "hey, babe? when you come over later, can you bring me some food?" at seven in the morning when neither of you are fully awake.
and sometimes it's a passionate "oh my god, exactly, babe, i despise him too" while you bond over that tv show and your mutual hatred for that one character.
Tumblr media
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freckledwinterfalls · 19 days ago
SKZ when their s/o is afraid of haunted houses
rated G
warnings: n/a
a/n: yes, this was inspired by the new SKZ Codes :,) also, I'm going to make a version where s/o is NOT afraid of haunted houses (*cough* mostly bc I'm personally not afraid of them *cough*), and when I do, I'll link it here <3
Tumblr media
oh please, I just KNOW this man wants to be the big, strong, brave boyfriend for you
He wants to be the kind of guy who you'll feel safe with, who will comfort you when you scream, who will make you feel protected, who you can cower behind as you go around the corners
he's too busy being terrified himself ;-;
Like c'MON, Chris, aren't you the buff one in the relationship-🧍🏽‍♀️
He tries SO hard to be brave that it's kind of funny
Until he starts getting irritated at you for screaming
"Can you not scream, you're making me even more scared!"
He tries to be brave enough to let you hide behind his arm, but then he makes you let go so he can put his hands over his ears
"It's less scary if I can't hear the noises!!!!"
So you're reduced to clinging to the back of his shirt, waddling along behind him with your head hidden in his shoulder as he clamps his ears closed and sings loudly all the way through the haunted house 💀
other members under the cut!
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
Spoiler alert: he's the only member of the hyung line who isn't a coward 💀
In fact, he's actually the perfect boyfie to take into a haunted house 🥺
He holds your hand and lets you hide your face in his shirt
He coos at you when you scream, saying things like, "Don't be scared, baby, he's wearing a mask, see?"
He shows you where you can see the outline of the mask protruding from the actor's face, and it's a little bit comforting
He looks around all the corners for you and tells you when to expect someone jumping out at you 🥺👉🏼👈🏼💕
The room with the strobe lights really terrifies you, though, bc it hurts to keep your eyes open
And it makes you feel a lil woozy and dizzy
And there are creatures dressed in black dancing towards you as the lights flash on and off and you're screaming until you're hoarse-
But Minho's just shielding his eyes from the strobe lights and clicking his tongue bc they're such an inconvenience 🙄
So annoying bc they kinda hurt his eyes :/
So yeah, boi is the perfect manz to take into a haunted house 😔🛐‼
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
another low-key coward 😐
He's not as bad as Chris thank God but only by a little
Every time one of the actors jump scares you from around a corner, he legit bellows 💀
He clings to you just as much as you cling to him 😭
Bin, you're a beast why are you scared-
As you walk through the halls, he tries to hype you up or maybe he's just trying to hype himself up
"Don't worry, they're just props, they're not real they're not real they're not real-"
Might have been convincing if his voice wasn't shaking 😭😭
Every time you shriek, he bellows again, even if he didn't see the thing that scared you 😭😭
But when you come out this kid has the audacity to say, "See, that wasn't so scary 😅"
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
He's not scared at all 😌
Until you reach the first corner-
"There's something around that isn't there 😰"
"Probably," you whimper, clutching his arm
"Maybe we should go back-"
But then you start trembling because there are all these people behind you and giving up now would be so embarrassing 😓
So then you're both inching forward around the corner, already flinching-
And there's nothing there 😌
So Hyunjin starts getting cocky, saying stuff like, "Oh, this isn't that scary 🙄 This'll be easy 🤌🏻"
Cue a mummy lurching out from behind a curtain and making Hyunjin collapse 😭😭
He's shaking just as hard as you the rest of the way through
You're clinging to each other and practically speed running it to get out as fast as possible 😔
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
Okay but for real this time, this kid does not get scared 🧍🏽‍♀️
Not e a s i l y anywayz
He thinks it's kind of cute how you're trembling as you walk inside 🥺
"Aww, don't be scared, baby," he says in a normal voice. "It's just people in masks and costumes."
"It's still scary, though!!!!!"
He laughs at that, pulling you along.
Every time you come to a corner he says sm like: "Okay, around this one there's probably gonna be a clown, so when you see it, just compliment its makeup."
Sure enough, there's a clown and you shakily say, "I like your lipstick-"
And the actor kinda gets in your face for a second, smiling at you gruesomely, and you clench your eyes shut
But because you quipped at the clown, it wasn't as scary as you thought it was going to be so *cue you making heart eyes at your boyfriend 😍😍*
The jump scares don't startle him bc he thinks they're sooo predictable 😌🤌🏻
But they DO scare YOU, and when you squeal, he kinda coos and holds you tighter
When you finally come out of the house, he says, "See? That wasn't so bad! I watch a lot of scary movies, so I know what to expect 😌💕"
Jisung: 1, Haunted House: 0
He steps out of the door, chattering proudly about how well you did and it's okay, it's over now, and then a zombie starts sprinting at him from behind a tree and this kid BOLTS 😭
Jisung: 1, Haunted House: 1
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
But unlike his aussie bro, he doesn't even try to be brave for you 😭
He's too busy whining 💀
"Babe, why are we doing this???? You know I don't deal with scary things well 😭😭 Is it too late to go back?"
*jumps* "AUURGH WHAT WAS THAT 😰😰😰"
"Lix, we're not even into the house yet 😦"
How are you going to survive-
Answer: YOU DON'T
Every time you go around a corner, he's practically sobbing and clinging onto you like a little koala 😭
Naturally, without someone to make you braver, you degenerate into an even more timid, trembly mess
At one point, a clown lurches at him and he screams, breaking into a heavy sprint down the hall
But he pulls you with him by the hand, so you're just stumbling after your shrieking boyfriend in the dark 😩
And neither of you will ever forget how he almost passed out on top of you when another clown revved a chainsaw at him 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
he's not that scared 😌
I mean, yeah, he's nervous about going into the haunted house, but not SCARED
I think he's one of the most normal out of all of the members when it comes to walking through the haunted house tbh 😬
He lets you cower behind his shoulder, and he wraps his arm around your torso and whispers comforting things in your ear 🥺🥺🥺🥺
"It's just a person in a mask, see?"
Kind of teases you a little bit whenever you jump in the air and shriek
He obviously wasn't expecting that banshee to appear out of the shadows, but when she screamed full blast, he startled SO hard 💀
Naturally, him being afraid only makes you more scared, so now you're screaming too 😭
His defense mechanism is, like, telling the monster to square up 😭😭😭😭
Tumblr media
gif by @sunshinelixie-lee
He didn't think it would be that bad 💀
Bc when he went through the haunted house with Han, he wasn't all that scared, right?
Jeongin was only brave with Han because Han lent him some bravery 😔
Every time you jump and squeal, his nerves get a little more high-strung
So a third of the way through, he's wrapped both arms around you, squeaking about how he doesn't like this -- it's too scary
"Aaaaa why do they have to make it so dark~ 😰"
"There's something around this corner, I just know it 😨😨😨"
"Why did I agree to this~ 😩"
"Where is Hannie hyung when I need him???!!!! 😭😭"
His grip on your arms whenever you scream tightens until it's painful 💀
By the time he comes out, he's laughing non-stop, but it's a laugh made of pure nerves and anxiety 😔
{{{[[(never say goodbye, 너와 난 하나니까)]]}}}
♡pls reblog if you enjoyed♡
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taglist: @oifelixcmerebrou @0x1lovebot @taecup-ontrack @grassbutneo @odxrilove @cherrycxree @staysflower @meraniki @sweetrainwrites @en-core-z @bubblelixie @fight-me-m8 @enheun @madz-world-writing @crispy-chan @i2gyus @thevampywolf @houseofincantations @ficscafe @straykidsland
taglist is open!
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eroskz · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids taking parts in no nut november
warnings : just smut throughout the entire post.
a/n : for those who might not know what nnn is, it's basically a month in which someone has to abstain themselves from cumming. plain and simple. also ! it's my very first post on that blog so hope you babes will like it <3 feedback is appreciated :)
Tumblr media
─ ❀ CHAN
he could win, honestly.
if he really wanted to push through the entire month of november without busting a nut he would.
if he really wanted to push through the entire month of november without busting a nut he would.
if he really wanted to push through the entire month of november without busting a nut he would.
would avoid you by using work as a pretext to stay busy all day & night.
however, after maybe two weeks of abstinence the effects of nnn started appearing on him.
would constantly think about you and how your mouth feels around him & how he misses touching you, having you for himself.
the day you visit him at the studio is the day this man is about to lose.
would (and will) take you there until you’re a babbling mess.
the strongest soldier of them all.
he can contain himself insanely well, like you didn’t know it was possible.
nonetheless, he’d eye-fuck you at any given moments, knowing it’s something that turns you on.
would also imagine plenty of nasty scenarios in which he’s getting the best sex he’s ever had.
this will eventually lead to him getting hard at some point, but as i said the control he has over himself is so high he’ll just pretend it’s not bothering him.
once the clock strikes midnight on december 1st though.
you’re in for the longest night of your life, because he’ll make everything he’s been imagining for a month real.
too competitive he thinks he’s gonna win.
he wanted to do it to prove you he’s able to hold himself back.
would try avoiding looking at you at all costs, because if he did he knew he’d lose on the spot.
the moment he saw extra skin from your body though.
thighs, ass, belly, cleavage, you name it.
practically ran up to you and asked for sex.
“ i’m quitting this challenge can i touch you now ? “
make a comment about him loosing and he’s gonna shut that pretty mouth of yours with his dick.
you were the one who brought him this idea.
and, since he’s a man of challenges, he accepted.
everything was going well for two days, so he thought he had everything under control.
thought. that’s the point.
this was until you accompanied him to the dance practice room and wanted him to teach you some stuffs.
you would mess up on purpose so he’d have to his hands on certain parts of your body.
now his hands are all over the place, while he’s fucking you in front of the mirror wall, praising you for how good you’re taking him.
this poor boy would simply not last.
not even a day.
the type to have bomb ass sex on october 31st so he thinks his november is gonna be all fine.
you would just have to touch him lightly the next morning, whether you’re touching his arms, neck, bulge or whatever, it don’t matter.
he’ll get turned on under a second, practically begging to be inside you.
if you remind him about how he wanted to participate in nnn this year he’d reply “ i don’t care anymore let me have you please. “
bonus point is, since he lost on first day you two can get laid whenever you want now.
i have mixed feelings about him.
he probably tried it when he was single, and ended up loosing for the sole reason of him being a teenager at that time.
honestly he might be able to last quite longer than some other members.
would keep his mind busy by practicing, or finding new hobbies.
but he also wouldn’t mind if you asked him to have sex to be honest.
okay he wanted to win in the first place.
but his s/o asking him softly if he can please them is something he won’t resist.
which is fine, november happens every year, he’ll have chances to try again.
second strongest soldier.
another one that would work extra hard to think about something else.
he’d still have the picture of him pleasuring the both of you in his mind 24/7, but his self-control is on another level.
could probably ask you to touch yourself in front of him “ just because he enjoys the sight “.
and it’d work because you get to cum and he’s getting pleasure without breaking the challenge.
you would even encourage him to win at this point.
we love a supporting couple.
let me get this straight.
he’s a whore.
started the challenge to see how long you’d last, not him.
takes you to an empty room randomly to play with your boobs under your (his) hoodie until you’re begging for more.
“ no baby we’re doing no nut november this year remember ? or me touching your tits is already too much for you ? “
he’d give in after three weeks of complains, and whines.
also begs because you wanted him to take you wherever he wanted.
at the end he wouldn’t hold back to rearrange your insides as he pleases, making sure to degrade you because you couldn’t wait another week.
Tumblr media
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kim-seung-mo · 2 days ago
the "what is love" hcs were so cute and wholesome 💕💕 saw ur hc list and wanted to request 5 or 14 if that's fine with you
𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝔽𝕚𝕟𝕕 𝕐𝕠𝕦 ℂ𝕣𝕪𝕚𝕟𝕘
♩ g/n reader, fluff, slight angst if you squint, crying? everyone being soft 〒▽〒
♩♩ word count: 990
♩♩♩ A/N: tysm!! really didn't think my first request would come in on day 4 but here we go!! and yes anonnie that's fine with me ;) wip list here
Tumblr media
You felt tired and dizzy when you got home, not wanting to do anything.
Collapsing on the couch, you sighed.
Tears unconsciously flowed from the corners of your eyes.
You didn't cry often, but today was just differernt.
Chan, who heard the door open, came out of your shared bedroom. He froze for a moment when he saw your tear-stained face.
Knowing you wll, he didn't say anything.
He doesn't know what happened, but still came to your side.
He sat down slowly, took you in his arms and pressed your head on his shoulder.
You didn't need to explain, you didn't need to speak.
He would just hold you, rocking you back and forth, like he would coax a child.
When you stopped crying, he would ruffle your hair and leave a kiss on your forehead.
Confused trio #1
It was during promotions, he was busy with their comeback and you were busy at work, you haven't seen each other for what felt like years.
When you finally got to see him, you got so emotional you started crying, letting out all the stress you've been carrying.
You never did this, not in front of him at least.
So this is was most likely the first time he saw you cry.
"Shouldn't you be smiling? Why are you crying?" he'd say while letting out a soft chuckle.
"I just miss you so much..."
Everything was fine until you said that, hearing those words made his heart wrench.
He would feel a bit lost, not knowing what to do at first.
He would try and hug you, bringing his hand to your back, soothing it.
Unexpectedly gentle.
He couldn't stand to see you cry, no matter what the reason was.
Would try his best to act funny in front of you, in hopes that this would bring a smile to your face.
Doing aegyo, talking in strange high-pitched voices, pinching your cheeks.
"No, I'm not stopping until you smile for me."
In reality, it was because if you kept crying for even just one more second, he'd be crying too.
You obviously looked the best when you're smiling.
Gently hold your hand and sway it side to side, he'd lean close to your ear.
"Hey, I wrote a new song today, wanna listen?"
This would probably be his last resort though, only using it when nothing else worked.
Because hey, what problem can't be solved with music?
Confused tio #2
Another one who would laugh and asks what's wrong with you.
Would crouch down and look up at your face to see if you were pranking him.
Panics when realizing you were actually crying.
"Baby...please don't cry......"
"I'm fine Jinnie... just leave me alone......"
No, never.
Would pull you up to dance with him, rocking you from side to side.
"Tell me everything."
He'd reach out and wipes the tears from your eyes.
Would lean down to kiss the tip of your nose.
Lost trio #3
Doesn't even know how to ask you what was wrong.
Should he be talking? Or should he just shut up?
Would raise his hand but does't know if he should be touching you or not.
Would open his mouth but doesn't know what to say or should he even say anything.
He's a rapper, but he would be at a loss of words.
You were the one that had to initiate something, gently grabbing his shirt, asking him to hug you.
Everything goes smoothly after that.
His hand would be on your waist, yours wrapped around his neck.
"Fool, Hannie is a fool."
"Yes, that's right, I'm a fool... I'm anything as long as you stop crying."
Started tearing up the moment he saw your tears.
Would end up crying louder than you.
Couldn't breathe, would be coughing and choking on air, begging you to hold him.
Throws himself on top of you, backing up together to the nearest couch or bed.
Would barry his face in the socket of your neck, hands grabbing the fabric on your back.
"Felix...don't cry......"
"But, but you were crying...... I, I can't stand you crying."
You'd be comforting him by the end.
"Fine, fine...I won't cry anymore, ok?"
" tell me what's going on so we can work it out together."
Started crying again listening to you.
Although he was the second youngest member, he'd be more mature than most of his hyungs.
Would sit by your side and hold your hand, fingers interlocked.
Would patiently wait until you were done, then he would ask what happened.
"Can you tell me what happened? Of course, you don't have to if you don't want to."
Would look you in the eye, carefully listening.
Would help you analyze your problems and come up with solutions.
"Feel better?"
"Yes...thank you, Minnie......"
"For what? It's my job as your boyfriend to help you out."
You would be wiping your tears away, commenting on how he sounded like a proud puppy.
He would blush at that.
"Who did it?"
Seeing your tears made baby bread go into protective mode.
But you'd just take him by the hand and tell him that it was your problem.
Hearing that, his eyes, originally full of anger, gentled up with sorrow.
He would hold you in his arms, press you ear to his chest and make you listen to his heartbeat to calm you down.
Rhythmically patting your back and saying comforting words.
When you stopped crying, he'd take you back to your bedroom and lay you down on the bed, giving you a massage.
" don't have to......."
"No, I want to do it for you Noona. I want you to know how much you mean to me and how much I hate seeing your tears."
He even took off the next day so he could take care of you.
He really does care about you.
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trashseobin · a day ago
hii, I've been thinking about how skz would react to their s/o flinching when they raise a hand or move too quickly? doesn't even have to be in a fight (i myself flinch in the most random times and get weird looks sometimes 😅)
I am not going to do a reaction cause I know how they'd all react.
They would apologise straight away, taking a step back to give you some space. They would apologise multiple times actually. would communicate why you flinch and would be patient with you if you needed some time to open up about some trauma. All of them would be loving and understanding of your situation, would take steps to make sure you're ok in future.
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ch8nstay · 23 days ago
ˏˋ. 𝘀𝗸𝘇 - 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗳𝗮𝘃𝗼𝗿𝗶𝘁𝗲 𝗿𝗼𝗹𝗲𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘆 𝘁𝗿𝗼𝗽𝗲
genre: smut ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ warnings: 18+ content, afab reader, mentions of different roleplay scenarios, slapping, dumbification, free use, unprotected sex, ownership, possessiveness, animal/pet play, degradation, slapping, uniforms, mentions of gods/goddesses but none specifically, prey and predator, corruption
author’s note: hi everyone, fyi everything done is consensual and every scenario has a reader that’s 18+. english is not my first language so i apologize if there are mistakes. also didn’t really proof read so it might be wacky. hope you enjoy this post. thank you <3
Tumblr media
𝗯𝗮𝗻𝗴 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻 - master x servant
he loves the idea that he owns you and that you’re his person only. i feel like he’d really be into free use you could be the good little maid you are, preparing his dinner and making sure it’s to perfection. but his horny ass would simply lift up your skirt and shove his cock inside before fucking you over the kitchen counter. would always praise you, saying how good you made your master feel and that you’ll get rewarded. he would be such a pervert too, “accidentally” knocking something over so he can see your skirt lifting when you pick up the object. might even ask you to sleep in his bed instead because he’s “feeling lonely and wants your company.” ended up fucking you till morning, though.
[other members below cut]
𝗹𝗲𝗲 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗵𝗼 - big bad wolf x little red riding hood
this man has a corruption kink for sure, including prey and predator kink. finds you so cute when you wear that pretty red hood along with a short dress with lace. will literally salivate over you. will use sugary words with you but his actions does the complete opposite. “what’s a little girl doing out here by herself? can she even take care of herself? here, let mr. wolf help you, hm?” marks everywhere on your body to the point where you can’t even cover them up with your clothes. when he comes, he’ll make sure none of his liquid escapes or else he’ll say that you’re “wasting his seeds and that you can take it because you’re a big girl now.” would fuck you anytime you’re outside by yourself but it’s not like you’re complaining.
𝘀𝗲𝗼 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗯𝗶𝗻 - mafia leader x prostitute
since we all know he’s rich, i imagine him as a mafia leader of a gang. whenever he’s feeling horny, he can easily hire someone to be his fucktoy but he usually prefers you. loves it when you strip dance for him, getting him all riffled up before actually touching you. he’s definitely into fingering you and fast. he works out on his arms a lot for that reason. just so he can pump the living soul out of you. i feel like he’s into free use too, the type to throw you down on the bed and rip your clothes off. his main goal is his own pleasure, after all he’s gotta work soon. you’re nothing but a toy for him, making a mess inside your holes. but when he’s tired after a long day, he’ll let you ride him, admiring you from below while softly caressing your chest.
𝗵𝘄𝗮𝗻𝗴 𝗵𝘆𝘂𝗻𝗷𝗶𝗻 - commoner x goddess
he just loves the idea that someone so gorgeous and powerful was seduced by a commoner. to know that other people who worshipped you probably thought of fucking your pretty hole, and to be honest he touches himself to the thought of it too, but yet he’s the one actually doing it. holding your delicate body, hands on your waist as he pounds above you, watching your chest sway along the rhythm. would degrade you so much since all you’re used to hearing is prayers and affectionate worships. “what’s a mighty and powerful goddess doing under me? wonder what your human servants will think about you after they find out how well you take my cock.” if you give him permission, he would cum so deeply in you, shoving back any of the liquid that managed to escape. would be so proud at the idea of making a beloved goddess pregnant.
𝗵𝗮𝗻 𝗷𝗶𝘀𝘂𝗻𝗴 - patient x nurse
this desperate horny fuck wouldn’t give a damn. when you’re examining him, he’ll just move your hand over his crotch and start rubbing himself on you. you’d probably glare at him because if you’re caught then you’re getting fired but that makes it better since you both love the thrill. he finds you so hot in that nurse uniform, not even bothering to take it off fully. maybe this is just me but i see han as a boob man so he’s lifting up your shirt, just enough so he can put his mouth on your tits. will fuck you on the hospital bed. will probably go in an extremely slow pace but every thrust is so deep and harsh to the point where your whole body jolts up. pins your face down on the pillow so your moans could be muffled out.
𝗹𝗲𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗯𝗼𝗸 - dollmaker x doll
felix loves it when you dress up for him, making all these pretty outfits so he can put you in them. he wouldn’t bother taking them off, wanting to admire you in his clothes. he’s usually a soft lover, carefully trailing kisses over your beautiful body. although you’re a toy for his use, he still wants to make sure you’re feeling good too. you can’t move or do anything without his command, though, after all he’s the one using you. if you’d try to move away, he’ll get upset with you, saying, “dolls aren’t supposed to move, baby. one more time without my permission, and i’ll break your precious body.” would braid your hair and doll you up just so he can fuck you dumb and see how ruined you look afterwards. loves taking pictures of you as well.
𝗸𝗶𝗺 𝘀𝗲𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗺𝗶𝗻 - boss x employee
seungmin enjoys having power over you. the way you follow every command is adorable to him. would enforce a rule to you and only you, making you wear the shortest uniforms every time you come to work. would definitely touch you secretly, especially when you’re both among other coworkers. makes you wear a vibrator when you have a presentation so he can control the speed. and since he’s there at the presentation, he gets double the pleasure seeing you try so hard to not collapse at the very moment. would make you stay late so he can fuck you on his desk. his room has giant glass windows which he usually covers them when you’re both fucking but will press your naked body on the cold glass surface. if anyone simply glances up at the window, they’ll see your fucked up body under seungmin’s.
𝘆𝗮𝗻𝗴 𝗷𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻 - football player x cheerleader
he’s fucking you during the half-time mark. he’ll bend you over the bleachers, lifting your skirt up to reveal nothing but cute lace panties. he’ll give you one of his iconic eyebrow raises with a small cocky smirk. “the fuck you thinking hm? anyone can see your pussy wide in the open when you do a stunt. are you that filthy, baby? showing everyone the pussy that belongs to me?” would make you regret not wearing anything else under. god he’ll make sure to cum so much so that your holes are leaking out of his juice. will slap your cunt for being so slutty, torturing your clit with his thumb as he fucks himself with your pussy. he won’t even let you clean up since “you’re such a fucking whore, why not show everyone whose cunt it belongs to so people will stop looking.”
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planetdream · 5 days ago
this post contains: fluff ! sfw physical touch ! kissing
💌 i previously did this love language series for txt and now i’m doing it for skz bc i love them <3 i hope u enjoy !
Tumblr media
CHAN ... always has a hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to each other. big, big hugs that warm you up but also take air from you. likes straightening out your clothes or hair if it’s a mess. soft touches, always — even if it’s a squeeze at your thigh, he’s very gentle. likes to give you massages because you’ve been very stressed lately and that’s no good :( plants kisses on your cheek when you’re sleeping. loves taking baths with you.
MINHO ... “acts” like he doesn’t like being in your space but would die if you moved the smallest bit away from him on the sofa. drapes his legs across your lap. pinches your cheeks so much and for what? holds onto your hand quite frequently, just to feel the softness of you—his thumb tracing circles against your flesh. grabs your chin to make you face him, doesn’t say anything just looks at you, and then goes about his business. will grab you and rub his face against yours.
CHANGBIN ... likes to have you lay your head on his lap and vice versa. really likes to play with your hair or even the seams of your clothing, and loves when you do the same to him. he likes it when you’re standing between his legs or beside him, your hand playing in his hair while his arms are wrapped tightly around you. doesn’t even want to let you go when you hug, either. not when you feel like you’re meant to be in his embrace forever. does this thing where whenever he itches, he scratches that area on you, and ALLEGEDLY it “works”.
HYUNJIN ... kisses all over your skin—especially your cheeks, neck, and tummy. has to be holding hands or playing with your fingers despite being attached at your hip. because wherever you go, hyunjin also goes. likes to hold you and smell your hair because your hair products smell so good—likes to help you wash and style your hair, too. applies lotion to your legs after a shower. let me emphasize: KISSES
JISUNG ... falls asleep on you frequently because you bring him so much peace and comfort. you two could be in the middle of a movie and you’ll suddenly hear soft, shallow sighs from him as he’s resting his head in your lap. “sungie, are you sleeping?” “no, just chilling”—yeah he’ll be in a deep sleep in about 4 minutes. and when he falls asleep on you he does not let you go. likes to compare hand sizes. lets you paint his nails. loves when you sit on his lap.
FELIX ... is undoubtedly the king of skinship. he's always cuddled into your side. likes when your legs are draped over his, that way he can draw things (usually hearts) onto your skin. holds your hand at any time—on the couch, in the car, while napping, you name it. needs a quick kiss before either of you two leave the room, even if only for a few seconds. always wants to be underneath you or close to you in general. if you’re wearing a hoodie 8/10 times he’ll try to crawl inside and go to sleep on your chest.
SEUNGMIN ... needs to just be in your personal bubble because why not? isn’t even speaking to you, just has his head resting in your lap <3 what are you gonna do about it? oh? you kissed his nose? yeah, minnie is very shy now >.< if you're not next to him when he falls asleep he will wake up and find you, warmly wrapped in a blanket to cuddle. 9 times out of 10 has his hand on your high when he's next to you.
JEONGIN ... literally tickles you so much it’s not even funny. doesn’t matter the occasion, his arm is going to be around you—it’s like muscle memory at the point. will literally pull you away from a conversation you're having with one of the boys to cuddle with you in his room. kisses you every chance he gets—needs at least five long kisses before you leave. loves holding your hands and playing with them.
Tumblr media
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seungisms · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: the fluffiest of fluffs
note: danni writing something that isn’t straight smut for once dun dun dun :o
Tumblr media
Chan stilled the moment your plush lips pressed themselves against his own, words dying on his tongue and eyes widening before slowly slipping them shut, relaxing in your hold and responding softly to your unexpected kiss. He whined lightly once you teasingly pulled away, chasing after your lips, flustered and eager to keep your mouth on his. Definition of brain rot, whatever he was ranting about before he got a taste of your lips suddenly didn’t matter. He’ll stare after you in disbelief, ears red as you shot him a cheeky smile, dodging his attempts to cuddle you against his chest, knowing full well you’d spend the rest of the day being smothered in his doting.
“C’mon! You can’t just leave me hanging like that.”
Minho was quick and eager to respond to your kiss, a soft hum emitting into your mouth as he titled his head to keep you flush against him, not minding one bit that you just interrupted him mid sentence. He didn’t allow you to pull away, your plan to leave him flustered and stuttering backfiring as he kissed you sweetly, his pillowy lips melding perfectly against your own in a loving embrace. Expect to be relentlessly teased once he finally lets you go, fingers pinching your cheeks and mocking the pout that rested on your lips, grinning at the sight of your complaining figure shying away.
“You know, if you wanted to kiss me so badly you could’ve just said so.”
Changbin immediately swallowed his words the moment your lips pressed against his own in a chaste kiss, swiftly pulling away just as he began to respond, the boy following your movement before huffing loudly once you continued to deliberately avoid his lips. The small pout that sat on his soft lips was just too damn cute, almost making you just want to give in and finally smother him in your pecks but you couldn’t help but tease his him even further; leaning in to press another teasing kiss to the side of his mouth. Changbin whined when you ducked out of his grasp once more, the conversation from before long forgotten as you darted away from him, leaving your flushed boyfriend to curse after you.
“Ah, you brat!”
If he was in any way surprised or taken-back by your sudden affection he didn’t show it - hands gently craving your face to prevent you from pulling back, kissing you sweetly. Hyunjin thought it was extremely cute, albeit rude, your method of shutting him up, any concerns or worries he was ranting about before immediately being coaxed by the plushiness of your lips, each of you enjoying the others closeness. This man will not allow you to pull away from the kiss until he’s felt you’ve paid the price for your boldness; plump lips keeping you fixated in your spot, before proceeding to tease for the rest of the day, gushing over how adorable he thought it was that you couldn’t seem to keep your lips off him.
“You’re too damn cute.”
Jisung stilled up and gaped at you once you began leaning towards him, sentence trailing off with no real end when you pressed a teasing peck against his mouth, cutting off his words and effectively shutting him up for once. He becomes uncharacteristically timid during your kiss, used to being the initiator of skinship in your relationship so to say he was surprised by your unexpected kiss was an understatement - ears tinting red and mouth moving gently against your own. Avoids your eyes once you pull away, trying to play off how timid you’ve made him by opting to tease you instead, a slight waver in his voice while doing so.
“You really couldn’t resist me huh?”
Practically turns into a pile of mush the moment you kiss him - he wouldn’t even bother questioning your actions or returning to the previous conversation when you pull away from the swift peck, instead pressing another long kiss against your plush lips, savouring the small sighs and whimpers you let out. His absolute favourite pastime is kissing you, so he’ll use your plan to shut him up to his advantage; lips melding perfectly against your own and cradling you close to his chest drawing out the embrace until he was satisfied. Amusement shone in his dark eyes after you broke apart, chuckling softly at your flushed cheeks before leaving one last peck against your mouth; happy that he was finally able to fluster you instead.
“Can I finish what I was saying now?”
Seungmin was a tad annoyed that you had interrupted him but his irritation immediately ceased once he registered the soft pair of lips pressed against his own. He’ll softly reciprocate to begin with, becoming more passionate and heated the longer he kissed you. Pulls you flush against his chest and nips at your lower lip - your initial plan of leaving him hanging suddenly becoming irrelevant with every small swipe of his tongue and gentle caress. He’ll gently cradle your face while pulling away, leaving small pecks against your mouth while doing so, seemingly unable to get enough of your lips pressed to his own. Seungmin wouldn’t be able to remember what he was speaking of before, only wanting to feel the softness of your lips against his again and again.
“If I keep talking does that mean I’ll get more kisses?”
Someone please help this man cause he’ll go straight into windows.exe shutdown mode the moment you lean up towards him. Freezes up against you and doesn’t know where to place his hands, mind completely empty of whatever he was saying before; focusing on the softness of your lips moving against his own. Your hands tangled themselves in his hair, gently playing with the short strands at the back of his neck - coaxing low groans from him - ensuring whatever remnants of the conversation beforehand no longer existed, the boy focusing solely on your pouty lips. A small whine sounded from his chest as soon as you pulled away, eyes still closed and chasing after your lips. He’ll for sure talk your ear off in future to gain more kisses.
“So being annoying is the best way to get you to pay attention to me? Noted.”
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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changbinsgirlfriend · 3 months ago
okay so it’s 2am and i was reading imagines for skz and i saw like a ‘what it would be like to bath with stray kids’ thingy and i was like oh cute, turned out it was smutty and as a borderline asexual with no sex drive i was kinda sad so i decided to make my own :)
( by the way this is no hate to the author and i know that lots of people enjoy smut, i just personally am i fluff fan. so i hope you all enjoy this! <3 )
chan — okay so it’s so chill. like he would light some candles, turn the lights off and set up whatever show you guys are watching together on your laptop so you can watch it in the bath together. he’ll sit behind you with you between his legs and your back pressed to his chest and he will be super soft, giving you a massage and kissing your shoulders and whispering really sweet things in your ear like how much he loves you and how proud he is of you.
and as we know from when he washed felix’s hair, he is very good at what he does and would so have you lie back and give you a whole head massage while washing and conditioning your hair (and trust me i work at a hair dressers it is not as easy as it looks 😧). he would also so try and braid it while it’s soaking wet. just loving the closeness of it all.
lee know — okay so i love lee know i really so, but i feel like he would be so fucking annoying if you tried to bath with him. like he would complain that it’s uncomfy and how much he hates having baths and that you two should have showered together. but eventually with a lot of persuasion he will mellow out and relax in the tub. you can definitely speed up this process by playing with his hair and putting on some chill music.
i also feel like he’s so tried to bring sooni, doongi or dori into the bath with you guys and it was literally a traumatic experience because like, it’s a cat in water and since then you refuse to bath with him. all in all, probably stick to showers with lee know.
changbin — changbin, my angel, the loml. baths with him are everything. i know that he isn’t usually a bath person, but for you. he’s willing to sacrifice an hour of his days because it makes you so happy. he also begins to secretly enjoy these baths, but only with you <33 so, he’s a big bath bomb fan i just know it, you guys probably have a stock of them for you weekly baths and know so much about them that the members definitely tease binnie. so yea, you set the vibes, the bath bomb in, soda to the side and a movie set up to watch. it’s literally the softest date ever that is so intimate and private but feels perfect for the two of you seeing as you can’t really go out much due to the (then) dating ban.
as for in the bath, i think it depends on the mood, sometimes he will sit behind you like with chan. but other times he likes you actually sat on his lap, your face pressed to his neck while you play with his hair and he can just hold you, his face pressed to the crown of your head planting kisses along from the crown to your lips. massages are a big yes on both sides, you both deserve them and the oils from the bath bomb makes it feel even better. he also has definitely sang to you in the bath a couple times when telling you about a new song he was working on and you ask to hear it. okay so as always, my changbin one is so drawn out but i will drag myself away and onto the next. would anyone be interested in my making this a full length drabble tho??? let me know <33
hyunjin — i’m torn between baths with hyunjin beings super romantic or the most messy experiences you ever have. but i’m gonna go with romantic because i’m in a fluffy mood. so he loves a good bath, so when you get involved it just gets even better, and the bath in the dorm is quite big or that’s what hyunjin and chan said, so i’m laying you two could probably sit side by side, still close because i mean, you gotta cuddle. and he has his head on yiur chest and yiy are just playing with his hair, stroking it, twirling it, twisting it idc you are in heaven because his hair is gorgeous. and he definitely lets you wash it and his shampoo is definitely like ross scented he just gives me that energy.
anyways, baths for you guys are reserved for chill nights only so you are high probably exhausted. eyes heavy and limbs stiff, so the water helps you both relax and just enjoy some time together when you can. lots of kisses, on the lips, on cheeks, him trailing down your neck, but never making it anything more than it was, just showing your love for one another through gentle caresses as you murmur quietly about everything and anything.
han — again, idk how i think baths with han would go. i feel like he would sit there for like two minutes and proceed to get really bored and start complaining. so if you want him to sit with you, you better have some entertainment planned or he’s gonna be climbing out in seconds. also, he seems like the type to bring food into the bath. like you guys would just bring in snacks and chill eating crisps and stuff because one why not and two it keeps jisung distracted.
if he’s feeling sleepy tho, he would definitely be down for cuddles in the bath, like you sideways over his lap with your arms around his neck and he will have his hands on your waist or under your thighs keeping you in place even though you had no intention of moving in the first place. all in all, sleepy han is cuddly han.
felix — ah, lee felix is a dream. truly. he loves bathing you you sm it’s his favourite thing in the world. and he makes it perfect. candles, check. your favourite bath bomb, check. bubbles, check. face masks and hair masks, check. a playlist of all your favourite music, check. maybe even some sneaky champagne. it’s like every pre teen girls sleep over but with your best friend/boyfriend. so yes, a classic pamper night with felix that usually happens on a sunday. this bath session can take from like an hour to five depending on how far the spar treatment goes but you absolutely adore every second.
sitting on his lap while applying face masks on one another. trying to kiss even when your skin is tight and giggling uncontrollably the whole time. helping each other wash them up with a wet cloth even though they could do it themself. omg i want a pamper night with felix rn ahhh. he also takes this time to praise you the entire time, literally showering you in compliments until you are red in the face. he just loves to treat you and make you feel special. you guys also have hundreds of bath photos together (appropriate of course 🙄) that you adore sm and probably have e v e r y w h e r e.
seungmin— okay so hear me out, acapella in the bath. his voice is fucking beautiful, pair that with a bathroom because they always have the best acoustics, you just booked yourself a free day 6 live performance tbh. and seungmin isn’t so big in pda, so i feel like i’m the bath he is more comfortable, having you sit beside him and holding hands, tracing his hand up and down your arm or along your sides. even having a little tiny make out session maybe.
but yea, sweet little singing moments, maybe him even teaching you a few harmonies (this is very self indulgent because i love to sing even if i’m terrible 😍) but if you tell anyone about these soft moments with him he will block you on everything. he also so brings out pet names during this time, like usually he tried to stick to your name, especially around other people. but in the bath, he’s throwing out angel and making you 🥺
jeongin — i.n, my beloved baby bread. so he is so shy about bathing with you so it’s probably only happened a handful of times because he’s very shy about being intimate with you with his things around even though even they know better than to interrupt you in times like this. but sometimes when he craves that closeness he will take your hand and lead you to the bathroom where a hot bubbly bath is drawn and instantly your heart just flutters because he’s so mf sweet and for what.
so for how you guys sit, i’m seeing sitting in opposite sides of the bath with just your feet touching so you can be face to face. occasionally leaning across to kiss each other sweetly while you talk. (if you have seen friends when monica and chandler bath together this is how i’m picturing it). so he probably isn’t big on cuddles in the bath but i think he would love washing your hair. he finds it really fascinating and also loves when you return the favour. i can also see baths for you guys just being and excuse to get some privacy, often gossiping about the members and giggling while you soak.
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aemoonie · a month ago
skz - when you both can't sleep ! ‧₊˚
「 mlist 」
a/n: felt like i haven't written for them in forever, so here we go! this is kinda bad soorryy :') <3 cw: insomnia, food mention.
Tumblr media
did y'all say sleep? i hate to break it to you, but you would probably be alone in bed anyway. it would be just past four am when you'd hear the door open and see chan's shadow creeping in, carefully moving to not make a sound. but when the light from the hallway illuminates your very awake face, he'd almost shriek out of surprise. he would definitely scold you for being awake at those hours, even though he himself was just coming home. but after his tired eyes meet your equally tired ones and a small i can't sleep echos from under the duvet, he knows he is done for. so he hurries to join you in bed, cuddling up to you and stroking your hair until you both fall in your well-deserved (and desperately needed) slumber.
he'd be so whiny. he'd toss and turn next to you and would throw his pillow here and there in order to find some sleep. it would be so rattling to the point where you'd lay awake next to him, just staring at the ceiling and waiting for him to be done. and when he calls your name and asks if you also can't sleep, you can't help the sarcastic tone that slips out, yeah and i wonder why. he'd be the type to drag you into the kitchen to cook some tea or ramen, and would honestly just be happy to be spending time with you. he has quite the busy schedule and would cherish every second he got with you in peace and quiet, even if it means it's at three am waiting for the water to boil.
it would probably also be only him who'd be awake, but he refuses to suffer alone, so he wakes you up just so he wouldn't be bored anymore. after some snacks, he'd want to cuddle with you in front of the tv watching whatever was playing atm. and even if you would drift back off in his arms, he'd be fine then. would probably make you baby him before that, and he'd whine about being tired a lot. but as sweet as can be, he'd just be content letting you have your beauty sleep while he watches some random show. might secretly or not so secretly watch you and run his fingers through your hair.
considering he is a pretty heavy sleeper, it's most likely you who'd be lying awake. and after hours of tossing and turning, you finally decide to wake the boy up. only the task was easier said than done because he wouldn't budge even when he is awake. he'd ask you what's up just in case there was an emergency, but if you tell him you can't sleep, he'd just close his eyes again and open his arms for you to crawl in. would totally say something like just sleep, it's not that hard. he meant it in a teasing way and the low chuckles that erupt when you hit his chest are eventually what redeems him (barely).
he's a sleepy boy, but he'd get up with you because he loves you. and he'd make sure you know that. you know i'm only doing this because i love you he'd say at least 10 times while watching you prepare something in the kitchen. you can only smile sweetly at his grumpy face, saying how much you enjoy his company. and he would lie if he said that this didn't affect him at all. in fact, he lets a few curses slip and then takes the dishes out of your hand and sets up the couch for the two of you. even though his high-energy self is nowhere to be found, he still doesn't want you to be alone.
would be the sweetest about it, probably. if you decide to play games, it would be an eruption of small cheers and (even louder) psssshhs! until you'd finally say you're ready for bed again. has no problem staying up until the early morning hours with you, though if his schedule was early, he'd probably tell you a different story. but you two would find yourselves in front of the bathroom mirror at almost five am, both with face masks on and hyunjin's hair treatment sitting in your locks, arguing about who looks more ridiculous or jamming as quietly as possible to a playlist you two made together <3.
he'd either be awake right the second you say his name, or he'd act as if he wasn't. if he was particularly tired, he'd tell you to leave him alone (but in a sweet way of course). after some coercing, you'd get him to at least make some cocoa or tea. i see him as someone who'd go relatively early to bed (compared to some others) so maybe when you two stroll to the kitchen, you'd probably encounter one of the other boys as well. and while you carry a casual conversation, seungmin tries his best to not let his head fall into his cup.
surprisingly, he's kind of easy to wake up. he'd just be like hey what's up as if it was a normal day. he'd probably do just about anything that you'd want to try. i can imagine you two strolling through the cold night, your breath forming clouds in the air. and when the store around the corner doesn't have what you want, you two would go to the next. the perks of living in a big city i guess. he'd eagerly follow you, pick up some stuff here and there until you return home, now finally feeling tired. if he was honest, he likes the element of accompanying you in the night, protecting you from the sketchy figures made him feel all tough and manly. unfortunately for you, jeongin finds himself feeling just perfectly refreshed by your walk and is the one wide-awake now. you had a fun time though, even if your plan backfired.
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