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#stray kids hyunjin
heephoria · a day ago
Tumblr media
it would be a day like any other, filled with peaceful and other mundane activities one does when you have time to spend at home. you'd have a book in your hands, his head resting on your lap while he plays a small game on his phone.
he'd let out a few occasional giggles because of the funny characters and you'd run your fingers through his locks, not even reading the words on the page anymore. he'd notice your stares and pause his game, "is anything wrong?"
the way he'd look up at your face, blinking with a pretty smile painted on his lips, you'd place a tender kiss on his temple, brushing away his growing bangs, "nothing, i just realized how your laughs are my favourite sound in the world."
and that would leave him speechless.
Tumblr media
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mxxndreams · a day ago
— Tomorrow, Same Time? —
+ pairing: hwang hyunjin x female reader + genre: fluff, dance school!au, drabble + warnings: none + wordcount: 497 + A/N: Hello, how are you today? This is my fifth drabble for Stay Haven’s Monthly Event. Keep an eye out for the rest! Please, like/reblog this if you enjoy reading it and let me know your thoughts through an ask if you feel like it! As always, happy reading!
Tumblr media
The corridors of your dance school were pretty much empty at this time of the night. Most students would leave after they were done with classes, but you enjoyed booking one of the studios after classes were over so you could practice your dance routines over and over again. And you weren’t the only one.
Next to the studio you booked, someone else did the same. You often looked through the window to see him dance on the other side. Hwang Hyunjin was an incredible dancer, the best one in this school, always surrounded by people who wanted something to do with him. You were almost certain he would make it big and would join a dance company soon enough and become even more unapproachable than he already was.
However, as you looked at the studio next to the one you had booked tonight, you saw it was empty. A disappointed sigh escaped your lips. You had grown accustomed to seeing Hyunjin dance in there, that now that he wasn’t there, it felt strange.
You quickly entered your studio and prepared everything to get your practice started. During the last couple of times, you recorded yourself, looking back at your progress to see what moves you had to perfect.
“This angle sucks,” you said in between breaths as you tried to look over your movements. Part of the choreography wasn’t visible because it was out of the camera frame. “How will I do this?”
“Need help?”
You quickly looked at the entrance where Hwang Hyunjin stood.
“It’s ok,” you told him, smiling politely. “I can… figure it out.”
“Just give it to me.” He pointed to a corner of the room. “I’ll stay there, it should catch the whole thing.”
“Thanks,” you said as you gave him your phone and he smiled at you.
You stood in the middle of the studio, watching as he went to the corner, getting your phone ready to record you.
“Whenever you’re ready.”
“I’ll put the music playing now. You can press record.”
He gave you a thumbs up and you quickly ran to press play and got to your position. You performed the choreography once again, focusing on all the things you wanted to improve this time around. When you were done, you quickly joined Hyunjin who gave you back your phone.
You tried to avoid his gaze on you as you played the video back, smiling at your achievements. You were so close to perfecting it.
“We should practice together some other time.” You lifted your eyes to find him staring at you, smiling. “If you want to, that is. Tomorrow, same time?”
He slowly walked away from you, trying to keep his eyes on you. You raised an eyebrow.
“Am I that good?”
“You’re not good, Y/N. You’re… excellent. See you tomorrow!”
You didn’t answer him and watched as he waved you goodbye, leaving you alone in the studio. You were certainly joining him for practice tomorrow.
Tumblr media
©mxxndreams 2021 Copying, reposting, translating and/or modifications of my work is strictly prohibited.
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kyyuri · 2 days ago
not what it seems || part one
senior !hwang hyunjin x junior !female y/n
lower caps intended !
warnings: might have grammatical mistakes
word count: 730 words
a/n: its my first work uploaded here >///< do show some love and support for it. i had this app for way too long and decided to upload here and on wattpad as well ! if you have wattpad , my user is @ rrrocky ! there are more works there ! enjoy the story !
Tumblr media
[prologue] [masterlist]
it was no surprise you fell for hyunjin. he was the definition of perfect. tall, handsome, smart, etc. him being a student councillor could only make him even more attractive. however, much to your disappointment, he was a graduating senior and you were merely just a senior with the age gap of a year. due to this unfortunate circumstances, your crush on him would lead to a horrible ending, knowing that he will graduate first and you, a year later.
“y/n !” he waved to you when he saw you and your friend walking with heavy footsteps down the dreaded halls. you waved back, trying your best to not look like a fool. it was merely just waving, so why are you so worried ? “oooooh~ you guys would look so cute together~” your friend cooed. ever since she found out about your massive crush on the senior, she wouldn’t stop bothering you over your slightest interactions with him. it was a horrible idea to let her know about them but then again she was the only person you could simp about him to. “s...shutup...” you muttered, clearly still flustered over the previous interaction you had. “it’s... not like he likes me anyways... i’ll forever be his junior in his eyes and nothing more. stop overthinking it...”
“whyyyyy?” she whined. “im not going to confess anyways. there’s literally no point. besides, he is graduating this year. theres nothing i can do about that. i just wish i was older. just by a year. it wouldn’t hurt right?” you sighed. fate was clearly messing with you. why make you fall for him when you can’t even see him half of the time? he would be in his class, a level right below yours and you couldn’t even see him during break time either so what was the point? however, no matter how hard you tried to convince yourself that it wouldnt work, your heart just began to find more ways to “coincidentally” run into him. whether it was after school, or on your way to another class, it didnt matter. the only painful part about this is seeing him with another girl. oh how you longed to be the one he talked to instead. how you longed to be the one laughing at his jokes. “the girls are pretty... they’re tall, skinny and smart too...” you muttered to yourself. unlike them, insecurities were all you had.
maybe it was because you were jealous. or maybe it was because you didnt know how to react. but as days go by, your interaction with him started to decrease, even if you occasionally run into him. it would just be a stare down between the two of you, neither speaking up. to him, your eyes still held the same sparkle. sparkles that convinced him that perhaps you weren’t as troubled as last time. but his eyes looked empty. you weren’t sure what you were expecting anyways. it wasnt like he liked you... right ? after a quick stare down, you headed for your monthly morning meeting with the rest of the councillors. something you dreaded immensely. it wasnt quite the same without him.
“thinking about him?” your friend bugged you. the silence was enough to confirm that she was indeed right. “whats up?” “he stopped waving to me...” “maybe he was waiting for YOU to wave to him first.” “maybe... but i always blank out when i see him though...” you sighed. was having a crush always this hard? “well what are you going to do then? you have barely have a year left before he leaves for good and we still have a year of hell left before we can leave.” as much as it sucked, she was right. “i-im... probably not going to anything... i’ll just... let him go ...? he’s not mine to begin with anyways...” you slowly packed your bags. today had been a rough day for you and theres was only one thing that could turn this whole day around. or perhaps one person. you bid your friend goodbye and slowly dragged yourself out of the classroom. today might have been bad but you were sure tomorrow would be even worse.
and just like the other days, you ran into him again. but this only reminded you, you only have...
120 days left before he leaves the school forever...
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ohmysparkle · a day ago
Tumblr media
Sorry in advance but this man should be commemorated in a museum
That waist and body line are cultural heritage
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starry-paris · a day ago
about love
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
seventeen- wine type of night
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taglist: open! send an ask
a/n: fun fact i’ve written this chapter like 273628 times and like one version was like 4k but i decided to go with this to make it less long and simple idk i just ???
taglist! @marsophilia @happy-at-home @dayawantstosleep @90s-belladonna @uwustaytiny @hiy-breadcheeks @itsyaapollochild @skzooo @rindomo @napalmskiez @freckledquokka @bubblegumji @unexceptional-h @ninjaleeknow @hyunnie-bee @jeyyes @skzxexo-vevo @haliwithluvv @astroharry @trials--error @cloverspce @pikachuwithadalek @leagreenly @daisyhwa @boonwrites
if your name is in bold i cannot tag you!
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chuuerriesxc · 20 hours ago
Meet me at our spot
Chapter I
Tumblr media
Here you are in your apartment chilling with your best friend Hyunjin. Eating French fries and soda while watching the videos that you record with him, in moments like these you enjoy his company even if you guys are just silent but its calming to see him beside you.
Hyunjin is your best friend for 2 years now so you guys know each other too well and people always assumed you and hyunjin are a couple. I mean the way you guys act all goofy and touchy sometimes, or the way you guys are always together and attached to each other?? I mean yeah you like him but does he like you back?? That what your scared at. You don’t want to ruin the friendship you had with him for so long and what if he just disappear from you just because you confessed ?
So that’s when you decided to keep your feelings just silent and ignore it. But little did you know hyunjin liked you as much as you like him. He thinks your just out of this world and your smile is just his weakness. But he didn’t want to confess yet.
Hyunjin want to take things slow and enjoy life with you and do fun things with you. He loved you more than anything! He knew that since the first time he met you. In that spot, a park where its near a river and the beautiful view of the city lights. He met you accidently when he was lost on his way, then he found you playing in the swing by yourself and since there's no one else in the park he decided to ask some directions. Well that was he was planning to do, when he was going to talk to you he just stay silent and amazed by your beauty. Your hair blown by the cold wind, the reflection of the lights in your eyes, and your beautiful voice he is just stunned.
But he just sat beside the swing and introduce himself and have small talks. Hyunjin even lost track of time and you company him to go to his apartment and surprisingly a few blocks away from yours! He was so happy to know that your apartment is a few block away from him and that means he can talk to you more often and visit you whenever he wants.
And here he is. In her apartment hanging out while eating and watching damn how he wish he can stay here forever. Suddenly a question has been running on Hyunjin's head so he decided to ask you .
"Hey y/n can I ask you something?” he turn his head and asked you a question.
“Yeah sure what is it?”
"What do you think when we first met?"
"Hmm I think we were meant to met each other you know? I mean we cant do anything alone and who knows what happened if I didn’t help you find your way” you answer while smiling at the memories you had with him.
"Yeah I mean if I didn’t met you I don’t think I would met a beautiful person on earth that lives a few blocks away from here” he said while staring at you and saw you blushed at the words he just said.
"Whatever hyunjin” you rolled your eyes at him pretending not to be flustered at his words.
"Hey y/n do you like someone??” why is he asking random questions?? You thought to yourself. How should you answer this? I mean its obvious its you the one I like hwang hyunjin but maybe tease him a little bit wont hurt.
"Hmm maybe I do like someone, why?” hyunjin flip when he heard you say that and all of his intention was on you because he was concern who that person is.
"Who?! Tell mee now y/n” he said while pouting and dying to know who this guys is and he is sure that he is more handsome than that guy you like.
"No I wont tell you”
"WHAT WHY??!!”
"I just don’t want to tell you~” you said while smirking at him and he was being pouty all out of the sudden and you just chuckled at his sudden act.
After a few hours of fighting like children and making up to each other night time arrived and hyunjin went back to his place. You guys exchange goodbyes at each other but when Hyunjin made it to his apartment he can't seem to overthink who is this guy you like and yes he was jealous. He decided to confess to you first before that guy does. I mean he knows you more than anyone and has been with you trough thick and thin so what's there to loose?
He decided that he will try to make you fall for him and confess to you.
(Hyunjin pov)
Just wait y/n I will make sure to get you first and make you the most happiest person on earth…
And by that he drifts to sleep and promising to his whole life to make you his.
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