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spilledtee · 2 days ago
𝐀 𝐁𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐓𝐰𝐨
Word Count: 4.6k
Warning: smut, dirty talk, small humiliation, degradation, choking, oral (f. receiving), wine feeding(?), riding, use of pet names, use of the name sir, hair pulling, glove fetishism, possessive!Minho, dom!Minho established relationship
Synopsis: After telling you that he would rather not spend his birthday out, you’re welcome to a surprise from you boyfriend when he decides how he truly wants to spend his birthday
A/N: I didn’t proof read this but I still hope you enjoy this :) also happy birthday to Minho! 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“It’s open.” You suddenly heard at the other side of your shared apartment’s door. You let out a huff of air, thinking that your boyfriend was telepathetic. Minho seemed to always know when you would get home, even despite being rather late and not telling him that you would be working overtime. He always had…
“Perfect timing.” You muttered to yourself as you tired the door handle. It swung open easily, and you stepped into the almost completely darkened apartment and clearly confused. Usually, his cats would be there to greet you, meowing and welcoming you home. But there was nothing. Reluctantly closing the door behind you, you allowed your eyes time to adjust, only to whip your head around when you heard a small flicker sound. There on your dining table was a candle casting a soft glow. You sighed. Minho had told you that because you were working that he didn’t want to celebrate his birthday, that it wasn’t a big deal. In fact, the two of you had gotten into a pretty heated fight earlier this week about it, but you let it go because it was his birthday. Not to mention the make up sex that came with it, was convincing enough to drop the topic. However, this surprised you slightly. Changing his mind all of a sudden was definitely not something your boyfriend did and causing a fuss earlier definitely was not appealing in his case. “Lee Minho, I swear, if you think that I’m letting you off the hook for this, you’ve got another-” The words died in your throat as you rounded the corner, and saw what was in front of you, making your mouth fall agape and eyes completely bug out.
There, in the living room, with candles and floor lamps surrounding him on the couch you had tried so desperately to convince Minho to get rid of months before you even moved in together, was your boyfriend. Your vision had completely honed on what he was wearing though. Usually dressed in casual sweats and shirts, he had decided to dress a bit more upscale, specifically a tuxedo. Your eyes took in how the well tailored suit fitted his frame, his muscles practically pushing against the fabric of his dress pants and white dress shirt he wore under. He looked at you from underneath his long lashes, his head tilted to the side as he lazily got up, pushing himself off the couch with leather covered hands. “Welcome home.” He greeted you simply, gesturing over to the wine glasses that had been on your glass, coffee table.
You couldn’t find the words to answer him. Just moments ago, you were all worked up because you thought he had changed his mind to go out for his birthday. You had been ready to storm in and give him a piece of your mind. Now though, you found yourself getting worked up in an entirely different manner, while being excruciatingly aware that you were completely underdressed, still in your work uniform and you had just been shocked stupid at the complete 180 Minho had made on behalf of his own birthday. You couldn’t stop staring at the carefully embroidered suit that was accented by the silver-grey tie that was at his throat. Minho always knew how to dress well, especially now. His entire ensemble complimented his beautiful eyes and his perfectly, sculpted face. Everything was picture perfect. Clearing your throat at the sudden lump that had appeared in it, you have your best attempt at an apologetic smile. “Hi. Can I ask what is all this? I thought you didn’t want to go out.”
Minho answered you with a smile of his own. “Well, we’re not going out. We’re just gonna stay at home, just you and me. That’s all I want for my birthday.” Well, you couldn’t argue with that, especially with the way his rather blunt tone stated the obvious. “I bet you want to get out of your uniform, yeah?” You were quite tempted to ask him to help, but you were still slightly shocked by this surprise. You nodded slightly, holding your breath in anticipation for something you weren’t sure was coming. Minho switched his gaze to the bedroom door, and your heart skipped a beat slightly. “Go on ahead. I also bought something for you.”
“On your birthday?” You questioned, arching your brow slightly.
A glint of mischief passed through his eyes before he gave you a rather strict look. “Are you really going to question me why I bought you something on my birthday?” He asked and when you gave him the same look without responding, he rolled his eyes. “Go on before I punish you.” He said, tapping your butt to shoo you into the bedroom.
With a small smirk you turned back to him. “Now, you’re making it sound enticing.”
He rolled his eyes again, shaking his head. “Go. You smell and I don’t want you to ruin my birthday with your workplace stench.”  A small grumble left your lips, to which your boyfriend moved closer to you, placing a small kiss on your forehead. The rather sweet and rare gesture catching you by surprise. “I can wait for you a little longer, but please do this for me? I wanted to spend my birthday, just the two of us, so please?”
Blinking a few times at his wounds, you simply settled for nodding again before walking to your shared bedroom. You felt his eyes on your back the entire time as you were crossing the living room. It wasn’t until you were from his rather piercing gaze and behind the door of your bedroom that you let out a breath, you didn’t realize you’d been holding. You never knew what to expect with him after all. Your thoughts broke when you realized the cat tree that was usually in your living room was now in the bedroom. It seemed that Minho had meant for just the two of you to celebrate because Soonie, Doognie and Dori had settled in your room. Who was this and what had they done with your boyfriend? He usually never put anyone, even yourself above his cats. You rested the back of your head against the door and tried to rearrange the thoughts that were swirling through your mind, but it was to no avail. You had to always be on your toes while dating Minho, that’s what came with your allurious sex life, but this was definitely something that had blindsided you. Some part of you thought that he didn’t even know how to tie a tie, let alone get into a full suit without his stylist team at least helping him. Nevertheless, you appreciated how handsome he looked, as he always did. However, men in suits had the same effect on women as it did for men looking at women in lingerie. So appealing, so well put together, it was enough to make anyone’s head spin. Especially, when it came to your boyfriend.
Your thoughts broke hearing his cats again, decided to take whatever thoughts you had to the bathroom, mind still in a daze. You got to work stripping off your clothes rather mechanically, before settling blissfully under the hot stream of water in the shower. After making to sure to wash yourself rather thoroughly, making sure to wash the lingering smells of work were completely gone, you had almost forgotten about the surreal evening ahead of you until you stepped back into the bedroom and staring at the black bag, along with the black ensemble arranged on the bed that you didn’t even get a good glance at in your haste to escape your boyfriend earlier.
You knew that Minho had been shopping with his friends recently, however, you hadn’t been aware that he bought something for you. You lifted the rather skimpy, almost floor length black dress from the bed to look at its simplicity, noting that the material was somewhat stretching in order to accentuate your curves. Then you moved to gaze over what had been in the black bag and nearly choked on your spit, causing the cats in the room to look at you, alarmed by your sudden reaction. There in the bag were garters, stockings, and from what you could assume by the strings of it, were panties but were even more skimpier than the dress. Part of you wasn’t sure which part was the crotch and which was the waistline. You knew that Minho had already been into dressing you up, but how in the hell were supposed to get this on. Glancing back at the closed door, you half expected your boyfriend to lose his patience with you and barge in and throw you on the bed to tell you that you were being a rather bad girl for keeping him waiting. The feeling of having him drive into you senselessly as he always did, seemed so appealing. Regardless, Minho had preferred to play this game with you and he was staying true to his word by waiting for you to come out. 
It took a little while for you to finally get fully dressed, getting the clasps of the garter belt working to your advantage (finally), and even longer to make sure that stockings were even on your thighs properly. You glanced up to the mirror across from you. Straightening up and taking your time to admire your boyfriend’s taste in lingerie and how it had transformed you into almost a seductress. The lace from the garter belts accentuated your ass hat had been left bare by the accompanying though. Maybe you would have to take your boyfriend underwear shopping with you, because you made a mental note of how good you look. The only thing that had been missing from this outfit was the matching bra… which you also noted that it was not included in the set that he had gotten you. You could already see the smirk of your boyfriend knowing you'd have to go out without it. Part of you understood why though, because as you slipped the dress over your head, the smooth fabric settling perfectly over your skin, you were made aware of how much air you felt through the thin material. Especially when you took a step, the dress would shift in a way that exposed the entirety of your legs all the way up to your hip bone. Minho definitely knew what he was doing buying this dress. 
That made you feel a sudden wave of nervousness as you placed your hand over the doorknob. You willed yourself not to think too much on it though, as you stepped back into the livingroom and closed the door behind you. Minho had always been beautiful, a classic beauty if you will, one that made you sometimes question why such a beautiful man and your own self were dating. Even more so when his piercing gaze shifted over to you when you reappeared, tracing your body with heated eyes that seemed to run phantom fingertips along your skin as he took in your outfit. Your heartbeat quickened in response, making you swallow as you stepped closer to him. You were now very hyper aware of how much this ensemble was exposing you to him now. He seemed to take note of your reaction, a smirk appearing on his face. “You look nice.” He told, almost too smugly, as if he hadn’t been the one to choose this outfit in the first place. 
You rolled your eyes, attempting to look unbothered and hide your nerves. “I have you to thank for that, don’t I?”
He only continued to smirk, chuckling even from your bold statement, as he continued to stare at you. You had no idea how long you stood there as he just took in your appearance, before taking a sip of wine. You were waiting for something else, but it seemed that this little staring game that you both seemed two were playing. It was when you started to shift your weight from one foot to the other, hoping to settle those nerves you hadn’t completely managed to wrangle. Minho, being the observant man he was, finally spoke. “You don’t like me staring at you like this do you?”
He always seemed to know what you were thinking. You gave him a rather pointed look to match his smug one. “I don’t think anyone likes being stared at.”
With that he stood up, making you regard the way that he had approached you, touching your arm in reassurance. “What if it was me staring at you? Because right now it doesn’t seem like you hate it. I think you want something else.” You opened your mouth to possibly get into a debate with him, but you had become distracted by the leather, gloved fingertips along your arm. The rough material on your skin was enough to make you squirm slightly, goosebumps rising in wake of his touch and further dismantled your train of thought. It made Minho chuckle again as he pulled away from you to grab his wine glass that had been set on the table. “Did you want some?” He asked you, lifting the glass to his lips and took a healthy sip before pulling close and closing his mouth over yours. His tongue danced with yours as the wine washed over your tastebuds and down your throat. You gave a small shiver at the sensations of him holding you so tenderly, yet he was pushing his tongue within you so vigorously so that you could taste every bit of the red liquid. He stepped back, regarding you with a lidded gaze. “Did you like it, hm?”
“I… uh… yes.” You managed, licking your lips and wondering if the only reason the wine was good was because you had drank it in such a manner. You never thought drinking wine like you were a baby bird had been anything you would have found attractive but your boyfriend doing it seemed to be the exception.
“Would you like some more?” He offered, gloved hand trailing down your arm before gently grasping your hand in his and leading you back to the couch. An oddly, romantic gesture from your boyfriend, but you wouldn’t argue as you gingerly situated yourself between his muscular thighs, attempting not to feel too exposed now that you were sitting down. Minho easily steadied you, his hand burning into your lower back as he poured himself a refill. “Help me finish the glass, alright kitten?”
That nickname, the accursed name made you practically puddy in his hands. That, along with the idea of taking another gulp of wine from his mouth was all the more thrilling. You loved making out with Minho in general, he had perfect lips, but the wine added another element to how addictive and indescribable he was. You simply sat there as he slowly drained the glass sip by sip, getting trained to automatically meet his lips whenever he lowered the glass. The kisses gradually turned deeper the tipsier you became. All the while Minho had let the hand that was once at the small of your back drift down and slip underneath the hem of the dress to squeeze the flesh of your ass. You hummed from the action, moving from on his legs to straddling one of them, grinding your core over the pants he wore and easily feeling his clothed erection as you kissed him with more urgency. “You’re being a little needy.” He commented, lips still attacking you as he mumbled out the words.
You gasped, coming up for air and looking down on him. His eyes had completely darkened, either from the lust he must have been feeling or anger because you had pulled away. You weren’t sure, so you began to speak. “As hot as you are in this, I need you out of it.” Your breathless voice told. With the bottle of wine finally finished and forgotten, you got to work buttoning the suit jacket, abandoning your assault on his mouth in order to divert all your attention to your current task. Your fingers undeftly, possibly due to all the wine you had drank, reached the knot on his tie, all the while one of his gloved hands were reaching between your bodies to massage your clit while trying to undress him. You failed miserably, the action of his hand making you let out a breathy moan. Minho simply smirked, which only served to fuel your actions. You knew that touching yourself without his permission, much less on his birthday, was cause for punishment but his reaction was so sickly sweet, you had to continue.
Minho, who had decided enough was enough of this game, whipped his tie harshly off his neck and tossed it to the floor, all the while watching as you worked as fast to get the button loose of his dress shirt. With his neck and chest finally exposed, you placed your mouth at his pulse point. Instinctively bucking into you from the action, you heard him suck in a breath in order to cut off the beginnings of a moan before increasing motions of his fingers on your bundle of nerves. You responded quickly, sucking hard at the same spot, leaving your mark there before trailing kisses up to his earlobe and pulling it between your teeth. That was enough to stop his actions, as he pushed you off of him. A smirk formed on your lips, seeing how disheveled and flushed he was. Your normally composed, well trained, full of self control, boyfriend was losing it. It seemed that he read your thoughts because his eyes instantly narrowed. “You really think I’m just going to let you get away from that?”
“I don’t know. Ask the mark on your neck.” You haughty replied, drawing your eyes down to his belt and already seeing him training through his pants. 
Minho, reflexes as fast as ever, grabbed the ends of your hair, yanking your head back enough to cause your mouth to fall open. His gloved fingers found their way to your lips, the leather caressing your lower lip. “Be a good little kitten and get these off of me, hm?” He practically growled. You didn’t have to be asked twice, taking the fingers he offered you. Carefully you took them one by one, working the garment off of him with your teeth. As soon as the last finger was freed, Minho yanked it out of your mouth in order to kiss you rather passionately. The other hand that was still in your hair kept you against him as you felt his bare fingers push away your underwear, or rather lack thereof, before snapping in against your skin causing you to yelp against his mouth. You could feel him smirk against the kiss, feeling your squirm from the contact of his fingers now touching you. His actions cause your juices to leak out and right onto those crips dress pants he was wearing. You couldn’t let him win that easily though, grasping onto his belly and working it loose. Minho, however, had the same mindset as he easily inserted two fingers into you, curling them into your velvety walls, a rather ragged breath came from you and you could feel your mind slowly slipping. Thankfully, you found the strength to work the button of his pants open though, fingertips tugging down the elastic of his briefs. Your boyfriend easily responded by brushing his thumb against your clit, curling his fingers within you again, causing you to cry out. “I think you celebrated too early. It’s not your birthday after all.” He told you, his smug attitude dripping off his words. “Lay down on the couch for me and spread your legs, kitten. I want to see how pretty you look in this dress.”
With your mind muddled, you could only find yourself listening to him. His eyes slide down the skirt of your dress, your hands already beating him to it to push away the fabric of the dress so that you were exposed to him fully. The action was automatic as he buried his face into you. You gasped, arching beneath as he opened his mouth to taste you ever so intimately. The very idea of his tongue exploring every inch of you, every curve and fold, had you biting your lip and closing your eyes. When Minho’s rather eager tongue, possibly from having to wait for you all day, made contact with your clit you couldn’t control the lewd moan that tore through your lips. He answered you with one of his one, the sound muffled by having your core against his face. Your hand, without hesitation, threaded through his hair, tugging everytime his tongue poked right at your g-spot. When you tugged, he answered back each time with a sound against your pussy and it was wreaking havoc on your body. Sucking hard, you felt your thighs clamp down on his head, attempting to push him away. With a small, frustrated grunt, his eyes turn up to you. His lips were dampened from the mixture of your juices and saliva. “Let me have a taste. You wouldn’t say ‘no’ on my birthday right?” You nodded. “Then be a good kitten, let me.”
His words ignited something within you, as you allowed him to continue working his mouth against you. With every brazen touch only seemed to drive him further. It was as if he wanted to taste every inch of your wet folds, his tongue delving into your core as though you were another one of the many fine dishes he often cooked for you or his friends. When he pushed his tongue into your entrance it took all of your self-control not to cry out loud enough that you were sure your neighbours were going to hear you. Minho always worked at you expertly, eating you out like a starved man, cuking you with his tongue and working your clit with a calloused thumb. You couldn’t help but writhe beneath his actions, all breathless gasps and helpless moans as your orgasm began to build. Those intense eyes, filled with such darkened lust, no laser-focused on you all the while. You could feel them burning through you even with your eyes shut. The idea was enough for you to lose yourself in the ecstasy, cumming all too quickly on his tongue. 
“So good for me. If only you were like this always kitten.” You couldn’t even find the breath to respond to the praise and he knew that as his lips were on you again. They tasted of you, your essence still coating his lips and chin. He broke away from you too quickly, earning a whine, to which he ignored to shed away only his pants and boxers before returning to you. 
His strong arms pull you on top of him, once again you were above Minho, straddling. However, this time you knew that you didn’t have the upper hand. You knew that Minho was the one in control of this situation, as he always was. “Minho, sir I-”
“Don’t keep me waiting.” His words were rather pointed, as his eyes hardened knowing that you knew what to do. You eased yourself above him, positioned yourself as you eased onto his cock slowly, a breathless moan escaping you as he stretched you. This was heaven, feeling your bodies fit so well together as though you were meant to take him, which he always seemed to remind you every time you were like this. You adjusted him inside of you, taking him inch by inch until the dull pain turned into pleasure, as you braced your hands on his muscular chest. 
He watched you through a haze of lust, gazing up at you from beneath lidded eyes. His hands gripped your thighs, less to steady you but more to exercise his dominance over you. The force of his fingers pressing into the sensitive flesh would definitely leave a bruise, but you cared little for it. You had marked Minho so it was only fair that he could mark you. His hips thrusted upward into you, feeling you tighten around him as the tip of his cock brushed against your g-spot. “So pretty...just for me.” He murmured, his eyes searing into your skin as his fingertips sunk into your thighs again. You only moaned in reply, losing all sense of how to speak as he matched the thrust of his hips with your own. “You’ll never belong to anyone but me. I want to tell your friends that, my friends, even your family. You belong to me no else. Say it.”
It was not a request, but a statement of fact. You shook your head, too enthralled to the overwhelming pleasure of your boyfriend that you could only simply agree. “No...never! I belong to you!”
“Then cum for me and show me you belong to me.” He commanded, increasing the thrust of his hips as you bounced on his cock.
You follow through in his command, cumming just for him, proving to him that you belonged to him. Minho’s name fell from your lips, squeezing your thighs around his waist as you tumbled over the into your high. Maybe it was the wine, the initial shock of the whole situation but the orgasm hit you made completely reel above him. You spasmed around him in what seemed like endless waves, only chanting his name as if it was going to ground you in some way. Minho rode you hard through your release, chasing his own as the darkened gaze in his eyes, so animalistic and lust filled, bore into you. The way you had clamped down on him only spurred him, finally cumming, as a growl escaped from him as he emptied himself inside of you, feeling his grip loosen on you. The sound of your harmony of moans at the feeling of finally being connected like this intimately was what brought you back to your senses. 
Pulling you close to him, Minho let out a content sigh. “I love you.”
“Really? Or are you just saying that so that you can fuck me again and get me to say I am yours?” You question, giving him a small smile as you nestled into his chest. 
Rolling his eyes, Minho nearly shoved you off of him. “I won’t say it again then. Get off my dick you’re annoying me.”
“I love you too.” You mused, not moving, knowing that he would let you be.
“Yeah, whatever.”
You leaned over and kissed his nose. “Happy birthday. Can I get some cuddles now?”
“No.” He huffed. “It’s my birthday and I need to clean up, you have cum leaking out of you. Plus you still smell.”
You scoffed, getting off of him and feeling your legs wobble slightly but you still had enough strength to move. “That’s rude.” You told, nearly tripping.
That made Minho let out an exasperated sigh. “Here. Stay on the couch and I’ll get a bath ready for you and then we can cuddle okay?”
“Can I get that on tape that you’re being nice to me?” You asked.
Again he rolled his eyes, ignoring your comment and heading into your shared bedroom and his cats suddenly rushing out of the room. Despite Minho smiling from his birthday, it seemed that Soonie, Doognie, and Dori had been upset about being stuck in your bedroom all day. Oh, well, you made your boyfriend happy that’s what mattered.
Tumblr media
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ch4nb4ng · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hyunjin x afab!reader
Genre: established relationship
Word count: 2.5k
Warnings: Oral (m receiving), dirty talk, deep throating, degradation, Fingering (f receiving), cum play
Summary: Work was rough, and all you needed was to relieve some anger. Luckily, your boyfriend Hyunjin was ready and available to take your frustration out on.
An exasperated sigh heaved from your lips as you slammed your apartment door and threw your bags on the table. Work was kicking your ass, and today was especially hard. Your manager was a piece of work. Giving you extra labor to do, while helping his ‘favourite’ workers sit and breeze, allowing them to berate and pick on you for ‘not doing your job properly.’ It was exhausting, but you needed the job.
You were so caught up in your multitude of frustration that you completely ignored your lovely boyfriend riddled with concern as you headed straight to your room, frustratedly throwing yourself on your bed, and staring at the ceiling. It was a moment of selfishness. Letting your anger consume your mind, your body, your soul. The only thing you could fixate on was the vocabulary that split out of their foul mouths. It didn’t happen often, letting their snarky comments get to you, but today; it was too much.
Gaze peering to the side, you sat up, face softening in the slightest as you looked up at him.
“Hyunjin? You’re here?”
He nodded, sitting on the edge of your bed. He lifted his hands, fingertips playfully spread across your knee as he analysed your emotional expression.
“Just came home around 20 minutes ago,” he whispered, moving closer to you, “what’s up?”
“I cannot,” you paused, another huff of frustration as you sat up next to him, “today at work was so, so, god. I can’t even breathe without getting my blood boiling.”
You stood up, roughly pacing back and forth between the confinements of your room. The only noise that came from you was a continuous string of huffing and puffing. Hyunjin understood where you were coming from. The few times he had come to pick you up from work, he was unimpressed; and that was an understatement. If he could, he would destroy everyone that even looked at you the wrong way. But there was no point. If anything, it would make things for you even worse. You could fight your own battles, but he wouldn’t have minded giving a few uppercuts here and there if it made your blood pressure decrease, especially after work.
“They just think they are so great? All they do is sit on their asses and do nothing, while criticising me? Me! When I’m doing their job? I-”
“Jesus,” Hyunjin huffed, “you’re rambling a lot, you must be extra mad today.”
Your eyes cut him like daggers, slicing him in half. Was he trying to contribute to chewing you out and getting on your last nerve? Him mimicking you was the last thing you needed right now. You walked over, standing over his wide frame as you gazed down at him, the lines in your forehead becoming more prominent the closer you got to him.
“Are you seriously picking on me right now?”
“No,” he smirked, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you close, chin resting in your stomach as he looked up at you, “I just think you’re cute when you’re angry.”
“I’m not cute.”
Cute. The one word you loathed with a profound passion, vehemently when you were boiling with anger. Hyunjin knew this, and the way he was looking at you, inspecting your facial expressions with much due diligence, was provoking the exact reaction that he wanted.
“Yes you are,” he rebutted, stubborn in his stance, “such a poor little baby. Are you stressed out?”
“Hyunjin stop it,” you mumbled, gently resisting his enticing grip, “you’re starting to piss me off.”
“Aw,” he pouted, releasing his grip, thumbs sticking to your waist, “look at you, all hot and bothered. Are you trying to scare me?”
The thoughts in your head, nothing coherent or soothing whatsoever were starting to form. The surface area of previously red anger, was transitioning into grey, a very grey area that was contributing to the smirk that formed across your face. You were able to release yourself from the shackles of Hyunjin’s patronising grip, dropping to your knees and placing your palms on either knees, and spreading his legs; wide. His expression of confidence and superiority fading in an instant as he witnessed you submit into what he intercepted to be a naughty, naughty position.
“Are you scared now,” you gasped, chuckling at his sudden change in demeanour, “because you look terrified.”
“Y/n, you don’t have to-”
“Shut up,” you hissed, reaching for the edge of the waistband of his sweatpants, digits passionately gripping as you basically ripped them off, leaving him now room to process anything, “if you keep opening your mouth and throwing in your sarcastic comments, you’re really going to piss me off.”
“Sorry,” he mumbled, falling into your touch, unconsciously pushing closer, “I-”
“I said,” you interjected, nose milimetres away from the tip of his wanting length, “shut the fuck up”
He nodded, covering his lips as he took the hint. Your boyfriend was a vocal person in the bedroom, and teasing him by refusing the allowance of a peep of wanton moan or cry as he transcended from the way your mouth felt. Your lips fell open wide, nothing but the kitty tip of your tongue poking out and barely scratching the surface of him. His tease peaked, attempting not to jolt at the electricity of your touch striking his skin. You lifted your wrists, hands evenly spreading across the innermost part of Hyunjin’s thighs, driving the set the farthest you possibly could from each other, a sigh of relief escaping his lips at the therapeutic burn creeping into his muscles at the gentle stretch your force created.
“Hyunjin please just shut the fuck up and do what I want to do. Let me relieve some stress”
And that was all you needed to say for him to relax completely, all of the muscles that fit into a ball of stress from how tight they were previously, letting go the moment he felt your lips sink onto him, slipping past the tip and taking in as much as you could.
“Ah shit,” he cussed, head already thrown back, immersing himself in the pleasure his mouth brought you like it was the first time, “so good baby, ugh.”
A deep chuckle bellowed from your chest, spreading across the warmth of his body as you marvelled at the comment, feeling the shackles of your previous anger coming undone, and being poured into him. You eyes smiled gently, keeping your gaze fixated on the man deep in lust as you pulled your lips off of him, the large pop that followed echoing across the room in dribs and drabs. He looked at you just sitting there, you staring back at him as his impatience grew momentarily. The longer you stayed there, unapproachable and sedentary on your knees, the more annoyed he got. Hyunjin wasn’t even the one who initiated it, you did, and now you were just leaving him high and dry: there was no way he would have that.
“Fuck, I cannot with you today,” he growls, sitting back up and pushing his now angry and wanting length against your sealed lips, “suck it.”
The tone of his voice had you taken back. His words had never carried so much strength and vigour, yet frustration. He usually liked to be teased. Hyunjin was always very soft and gentle with you. Always praising you and doing everything he could to be of service. But the way he was speaking to you right now. It was the direct causation of the arousal that was quite quickly consuming your body.
All you could do was comply, suddenly feeling like you were at Hyunjin’s mercy. Your lips were now parted at maximum width, lips sinking with not much pace, attempting to fit all of him into your mouth; it was a challenge. A deep groan bubbled from his chest, spilling to his lips when he felt his now satisfied tip hit the back of your throat for a split moment. Hyunjin’s eyes were beginning to ogle at the sight of you, because no matter how many times he saw you like this, he couldn’t get enough. A hand now gripped at the because of him, you smirked, his length still throbbing in your mouth as you began to shit, rhythmically bobbing your head along him.
“Holy shit baby,” he whined, a face of almost pain etching onto his face, “such a pretty slut oh my god.”
The sudden nickname sent a surge of adrenaline through your chest, the motivation to make Hyunjin finish had become immense. His hands shifted from being in the air, making use of themselves without hesitation as they became lodged into the roots of your scalp. He began to tug, sharp jolts of pain burning through your scalp as you let him take control, your head moving mercilessly at whatever pace he had set.
“Take your hand off me,” he instructed, standing up from your bed, keeping himself in your mouth, “let me fuck your mouth. Would you like that?”
Another surge of adrenaline pulsated through your body, gratified in the way he was talking down to you. You nodded, cock hitting the back of your throat at the gesture. It made you hot. The idea that Hyunjin was so big that something as small as a nod could make you choke on him. A small chuckle escaped his lips as he began to thrust his hips, very gently; he did not want to do too much too fast. His newfound touch of roughness did not go unnoticed, the pulsating throb of your core gowring with momentum. You couldn’t help but reach past your pants, finger tips slipping into your undergarments. A soft moan escaped your lips, the vibrations of your satisfaction intertwining with Hyunjin’s muscles as he gasped at the new sight in front of him. Giving him your full undivided attention and power maybe was a bad idea, because the more you submitted, the more powerful he became. Knees bent slightly, Hyunjin picked up his pace, hands entangled on either side of your head as he watched himself disappear into your hole.
“Fuck you look so hot like that,” he grunted, a lewd moan escaping his lips after, “you’re such a little cockslut, aren’t you?”
Any anger that consumed your body was withering away. You mind became blank from the way Hyunjin looked down on you, like you were nothing but a patheic little toy for him to fuck. Lewd noises of choking and gagging, mixed with the strings and lines of profanities that left his mouth was becoming a recipe of pure sin. His head rolled, back, eyes rolled to the back of his head as his hips increased with speed. The combination of your fingers desperately rubbing along your clit and the significant effect you were having on your boyfriend was enough to increase your heat. Your hips moved insync with his, heavily rutting against any friction that you oh so desperately needed.
“Hyunjin,” you moaned, cock still stuffed in your mouth, “you like that?”
You removed your mouth for a moment, free hand as a substitute as you pumped his length, seeing the muscles in his lower abdomen commence in contractions. You smiled up at him, identifying the pure gratification on his face. His jaw was tense, and the way he was fixated on you was tantalising. So much disgust, yet fulfillment splashed upon it. He was close, but he didn’t care.
“Fuck Y/n,” he growled, bucking into your grip, “so fucking good.”
“I love the way you’re using me right now,” you gasped, voice slightly cracking with each word, “do I look pretty like this?”
“You look so good, so fucked out like the little whore you are.”
His thrusts matched with his words, the gags of your want and desire to please the man you love taking up all possible matter in the room. He bent down, lifting a thumb and wiping the tears that pricked from your eyes. The smudged mascara that dribbled down your face flipped a switch in him, your submission even more enticing to him. He had never been so aggressive, but it was like an alter ego came out. One of pure lust and gratification. It was enough to send him into a desperate fit of desire, prodding his cock back at your lips, needing you to open and return to the pleasure heaven state you had created. You could feel yourself getting close in unison. Hyunjin could tell that you wanted to please yourself, but the way he had basically put you into a cock chokehold made it difficult.
You froze, watching your boyfriend eject his length and falling back onto your bed. Legs spread, he gestures at you with two fingers, followed by a small past on the left side of his leg. You did as he said, body perpendicular to his as he moved your hair to one side, allowing you to sink back onto his length. His hips began to buck again, a deep moan escaping his lips as you worked miracles on him. He lifted his free hand, reaching over, and spreading your lisp from behind. A jolt of a moan escaped your lips as soon as you felt fingers that weren’t your own on you. The moans continued to slip from your lips, narrating through his cock and up his body once more, and the closer he got, the more sensitive he became.
“Shit y/n,” he whined, voice becoming tiny, the Hyunjin that you were used to unconsciously coming to the surface, “please don’t stop, I’m going to cum soon.”
“Me too,” you choked out for a split second, returning back to his cock in a heartbeat.
He was much closer than he thought, stopping you from moving any further. He grabbed his length, stroking his length at an unbelievably fast pace.
“Stick your tongue out, let me cum all over that fucked out face.”
You giggled slightly, humming at the way Hyunjin smacked his cock against your tongue, the saltiness of his precum already leaking into your mouth as you saw him twitch against himself, the intervals getting shorter between each stroke.
“Fuck,” he moaned, “you’ve never looked so good.”
A soft gasp came from his lips as he finally fell over the edge, the ropes of his orgasm jumping onto your needy tongue. You never took your eyes off of him, complete satisfied in the how torture he looked, milking every last bit of his orgasm onto you.
“Oh my god,” he grumbled, manhandling you by the arms while pulling you on top of him, Hyunjin attacking your lips just after you swallowed him. You moaned against his lips, your boyfriend’s fingers returning back to where you wanted him. It made him chuckled, a smirk returning to his lips as he pulled away, desperate to see the face of want and need puzzled into your features.
“Do you feel better now?”
“So much better,” you gasped, gripping onto his Hyunjin’s arms for support, “forgot what I was even mad about.”
“Don’t worry baby,” he hushed, slipping a finger into your entrance, “I’ll make you forget all about that, so much that the only thing you’ll be thinking about is getting fucked by me.”
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dreamescapeswriting · 2 days ago
Kinktober ~ Day 24
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Seungmin x Fem!Reader
GENRE: Smut, just pure porn, mirror sex, squirting, no protection, soft-dom Seungmin, Seungmin losing control in front of a mirror.
Tumblr media
Seungmin smirked against your lips as he pulled your body closer to his own. His fingers were working their magic inside of you as you clenched around him, moaning his name loud enough for anyone to hear.
"Y-You're doing this on purpose." You cried out as you rolled your head back against the sofa. The two of you had been dancing in the practice room for a little while until you decided to take a break. Making out on the sofa with one another until it led to this.
His fingers pushed knuckle deep into your pussy, curling them against your walls as you cried his name out. This was supposed to be a nice evening of dancing but it had quickly changed into something much more. 
"You love it," He chuckled biting down on your neck as you moaned out once again. You thanked the lords that the two of you had locked the door when you started dancing. If anyone was to walk in right now you would be mortified. 
"I-I do!" There was no denying that fact you did, you truly did love it and so did Seungmin. 
"W-Want you." You whimpered as you looked at him, grasping his wrist so he would stop moving his fingers.
Smirking at you he pulled his fingers out from your core and hummed, 
"So fucking wet," He moaned out before pushing his fingers into his mouth, licking them clean as you whined. 
"Seungmin please-" You stopped as he began to undo the buttons on his jeans, taking his hard cock from his pants. 
"Please, what?" He chuckled as he began to slowly stroke himself in front of you. You practically rushed to sit up straight, putting your knees on either side of him. Placing the head of his dick at your entrance he nodded at you to let you know it was okay. 
Sinking down onto him he let out a moan as he felt himself being swallowed by warmth. A moan escapes your lips as you stayed still on him for a moment, eyes fluttering shut as you enjoyed the feeling of being full. 
"God, you're so beautiful." Seungmin whimpered as he looked at you, putting your face in his hands as he kissed you deeply. Your hips moving automatically against his and you slowly moved up and down his length, moaning against his lips. 
"Seungmin." You breathed out, putting your head in his neck. Seungmin's eyes looked behind you at the mirror and he moaned louder. Watching the way his cock disappeared into your cunt turning him on more than he thought it would have done. 
"B-Baby," He chocked out as he pulled you to look at him, 
"I want to try something," You nodded at him, you would try anything with him if he wanted you to, 
"Sorry." He whispered as he pulled you off him, a whimper of sadness leaving your voice as he left you empty once again. 
"What are you doing?" You questioned as he got up and pulled you with him, walking you to the mirror with a giant smirk on his face. 
"Bend over just a little." He smirked as you faced the mirror and bent down just a little, your head turning to look at him over your shoulder. 
"What are you doing?" You repeated as he rubbed the head of his cock at your entrance, teasing your hole with just the head. 
"I want you to look at us while I fuck you," He grunted suddenly pushing into you and holding your hips steady, your knees shook a little. Moaning his name out as your hands grasped onto the single railing that lined the mirror wall.  
"S-Seungmin," You breathed out, eyes fluttering shut as he began to thrust his hips softly at first, massaging your inner walls as you moaned out. 
"I said to watch as I fuck you," He grunted looking at you in the mirror as your eyes shut open. Turned on more by the suddenly dominating tone that had left your boyfriends throat, 
The moment Seungmin began to thrust he lost control, his mind completely forgetting where he was as he watched himself fucking you. Seeing it from in front of him and from the side, thanking the heavens that the room was lined with mirrors. 
"You look so fucking good, swallowing all of my lengths like this angel." He grunted as his hips began to move hungrily as if this was the last time he was ever going to get to do this. Your cries grew louder as your hands gripped onto the railing, head buzzing with excitement. It was a new side to Seungmin you had never seen and you loved it. 
Seeing him lose control the way he did made you clench around him tighter, wanting to savour every moment you watched him. Moaning out louder with each jerk of his hips, listening to the way your name sounded coming from his desperate lips.
"Fuck Seungmin!" Your heart raced against your chest as you felt a build-up in your stomach, eyes trying to stay open as Seungmin's hips began to move more frenzied. 
"You look so good with my cock buried inside of you." He moaned out at you, grunting as he continued to ram his dick in and out of you.
Your eyes screwed shut as the tightness in your abdomen began to get too much to bear. 
"You're going to cum already?" He chuckled darkly, hand-making his way to your clit as he began to rub vigorously. 
"I wanna feel you do it, I wanna feel you milk every last drop of cum from this cock." He smirked at you as your eyes locked with his in the mirror.  
The feeling of his cock hitting that deepest point in you was sending you over the edge. His fingers felt too good on your clit for you to just ignore. 
"S-Seungmin," You warned feeling an unfamiliar build up inside of you, your hands grasping wildly for something to clutch onto. 
"Oh, you can't handle t?" He chuckled getting rougher with you as he moaned out. The two of you had safewords in place, if it was far too much you could call it quits at any time. 
But this wasn't something you couldn't handle, it was something new. Something you needed and chased with each jolt of his hips. 
"Seungmin!" Your walls began to spasm around his cock, your eyes widening as you looked up at him in the mirror. With one last powerful thrust, you came undone around him.
Screaming his name loudly as you convulsed on his cock, muscles tensing as your whole world felt as though it was on fire.
A gush went between your legs as your legs buckled beneath Seungmin. His arm wrapp[ed around your midsection protectively as he released inside of you. Pulling out and watched as your arousals mixed together, he let out a breathy chuckle. 
"That is something new." Your eyes lazily looked down at the floor to see how wet it was and your gut tightened. Something you had only ever seen in porn movies. You'd squirted. 
"Let's go and get you cleaned up and some water," Seungmin whispered as he grabbed one of his towels from the sofa and began to mop the floor up. No one had to know what happened inside of the dance studio besides the two of you.   
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​
Tumblr media
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Because It’s Love (B.C)
Warnings : suggestive, mentions of addiction, fwb
Word Count : 2701
Synopsis : it was supposed to be a no strings attached arrangement, but unfortunately for her, she fell in love with him, knowing that he had someone in his heart. but what if that person was her all along?
Author’s Note : thanks to anon for the request! i hope i followed what you wanted and that you enjoy :)
“Good morning beautiful.” Chan greeted partnered with a quick kiss on her lips. She melted into the kiss like she always did. She wasn’t sure when the feelings began to blossom for Chan, but he made his way into her heart and left a permanent mark, one that was going to be impossible to erase. “Shall we make some breakfast?” He hovered above her, leaving a trail of kisses down her jaw into her neck. She bit her lip to suppress the moan dying to come out.
           “Ch-an.” She stuttered out, her attempts to keep her voice steady obviously failing. She could feel his smirk as he continued to leave kisses on her neck and chest.
           “You’re irresistible, baby girl.” The pet name easily rolled off his lips, the same pet name he knew drove her insane. “But I’m starving and I’m sure you are too. We can continue this later.” With a final kiss pressed to her lips, he got out of bed, wearing only his boxers.
           She closed her eyes for a minute, trying to calm her heart from what just happened, before following Chan into the kitchen, dressed in his t-shirt and her panties. “You know I could get used to this view.” She teased seeing Chan’s toned back turned to her as he busied himself with cooking. He glanced back with a smirk on his face.
           “Could you now?” He asked with a chuckle. She approached him, wrapping her arms around him from behind, and leaving a small kiss on his shoulder. “I could get used to seeing you in my clothes.” He grabbed her hand, pulling her in front of him instead, holding her from behind now, while he continued to cook using her hands. She couldn’t help the giggle that escaped her lips as he nuzzled his head into the crook of her neck, leaving even more kisses.
           “That tickles, Channie.” He hummed against her neck, causing her to burst into more giggles.
           “You sound so cute when you giggle.” He whispered, nuzzling further while pressing more kisses to her neck. “I could get used to this.” The two just stood there, his confession hanging in the air.
           “Me too.” He pressed a kiss to her cheek before telling her to sit down and relax so he can finish cooking her an amazing breakfast. She really wasn’t sure when the domestic life with Chan started. When just casually sleeping together turned into breakfast in the mornings. When breakfast turned into dinner dates. When she started falling head over heels in love with the man who was just meant to be a friends with benefits. No strings attached, and love was one hell of a string.
           “I’d love to spend more time with you, but Sana said she wants to meet up for coffee.” Chan said after breakfast while the two washed dishes together. “We can shower and get dressed and I’ll drive you home.” She shook her head.
           “Don’t bother, Chan.” The way his name rolled off her lips instead of the loving nickname she’s called him the last few months broke his heart. “As a hookup, I’ve already overstayed my welcome.” She placed the drying towel on the counter and made her way to Chan’s room to get dressed into the dress she wore the night before, leaving Chan’s t-shirt folded on his bed.
           “Hey, is everything okay? You know you’re more than just a hookup to me, baby girl.” He followed her like a lost puppy as she walked to the door, simultaneously throwing her hair up in a bun and putting her shoes on.
           “Everything’s fine, Chan. I just remembered I had something to do. I’ll see you the next time we’re both needy.” He waited for his goodbye kiss, but it didn’t come. He was left wondering what went wrong. It’s like within seconds, everything crumbled around him. He was preparing something special to take their relationship to the next level. Chan wanted nothing more than to make her his girlfriend, make her his and no one else’s.
           “I’m an idiot.” She mumbled to her roommate, Minho, when she got home, collapsing on the couch, not bothering to change.
           “You just realized that?” Minho joked before he saw the sadness in his best friend’s eyes. “Whoa, hey, you’re not an idiot okay?” He quickly took a seat beside her, holding her face in his hands and wiping away the tears she didn’t realize were falling.
           “I fell in love with him, Min. And he already has someone in his heart.”
           “Okay, maybe not the smartest idea, but that doesn’t mean you’re an idiot. If anything, he’s the idiot for not seeing the great girl in front of him.” She smiled at her best friend.
           “I need you.” His needy call came only a day later. As heartbroken as she was knowing there was someone else in his heart, she was outside his place faster than ever before. She connected their lips as soon as he opened the door, hoping to push her feelings down for one more night. Have him to herself for one more night before moving forward, leaving Chan in the past.
           He took his time with her, more time than he had in the past. He soaked in what it felt like to be with her, to hold her, to make love to her. He soaked in the sounds she made, her little squeals, her heavy breathing, her moans. He soaked in the mixture of scents in the air, her perfume, his cologne, their sweat. He soaked in all the tastes of being with her, the taste of her lips on his, of her juices on his tongue, of the sweat dripping down her neck as he left his mark.
           But he mostly reveled in the sight of her. The way her eyes squeeze shut but her mouth is wide open. The goosebumps that pop up on her skin as he grazes her body with his fingertips. How pretty her neck and chest look littered with the dark purple hickeys he was leaving behind. The way she looks into his eyes with so much love while she wraps her arms lazily around his neck, bringing him down for a kiss that was more passionate than needy. Like she was trying to confess her love without saying the words.
           He couldn’t wait to wake up next to her in the morning and gently kiss all the marks he left. He couldn’t wait to cook her breakfast as she sits at the table dressed in his shirt and her panties watching him. To take her hand in his and look her in the eyes as he confesses what’s been in his heart for the longest time. The words he’s afraid to say, afraid to lose the good thing they created.
           But she had slipped out while he was asleep, leaving the shirt he gave her to sleep in folded on her side of the bed. It’s been months since the last time he woke up alone after their nights together. Months of seeing her in his arms as the previous night’s events occupied his mind. Months of having breakfast with her and dreaming about a future with her.
           His heart felt empty as he got out of bed, took the shirt he had given her the night before, and slipped it over his head. Her scent mixed with his wafted into his nose causing him to reminisce about the days he would nuzzle into her neck.
         “She’s so pretty.” She mumbled as she watched Chan with Sana from her hidden spot in the café. Minho turned to look at what she was seeing. “He never smiled at me like that. I can’t even be surprised. I’d choose her over me too.”
           “You’re way better than she is, Y/N. Chan is absolutely out of his mind if he’s choosing her.” Minho scoffed, taking another glance at the couple that was breaking his best friend’s heart before meeting her eyes again. She hasn’t looked away from the two of them since they sat down, and Minho could see just how badly the sight is breaking her. “Switch seats with me. You don’t need to look at that anymore.”
           She’s seen Chan with Sana before, how happy and laid back he seems to be with her. How he’s much more himself than when he’s with her. He laughed louder, smiled more, and sat much closer. She knew before they started their arrangement that Sana was always going to be someone she’d have to compete with, but she had hoped it would end in her favour.
           But Sana was everything she wishes she was. Sana was smart, talented, and so kind. She was gorgeous without trying. She knew how to be the center of attention but not let it get to her head. There really wasn’t much of a competition because Chan’s attention was always on Sana, even when Y/N stood right in front of him.
           Chan’s attention was on the door as he watched a familiar figure walking out, another man following close behind her. He didn’t see her face, but he knew it had to be her. He knew her like the back of his hand; he could pick her out of a crowd within seconds. “How did your confession go?” Sana asked, the question plaguing her mind since they arrived.
           “It didn’t. She was gone before I woke up.” His attention was still focused on the door he watched her walk out of. He wondered who the guy was, why she never brought him up.
           “I thought she’d been staying the night lately?” Chan finally met his best friend’s eyes again. She could see the tears he’s holding back.
           “I thought so too.”
         He called her over again, hoping her leaving while he slept was a one-time thing, hoping she would stay through the night so he could say the words that have been suffocating him. She wanted to decline, stay home with Minho, and watch cheesy rom coms. But Chan was a bad habit and she was addicted.
           They warn you about cigarettes, about alcohol, about drugs. But they never warn you about the man with dark brown eyes and dimples. They never warn you about the man whose smile brightens up even the darkest of days. About the man who learns your favourite thing to eat for breakfast and continues to cook it for you every time you stay the night. About the man who can not only pleasure you in the bedroom, but also make you smile just by existing.
           They never warn you that the hardest addiction to quit is love.
           So she raced over to Chan the minute he called, giving into the addiction she wishes she could quit. Allowing him to hold her like she’s the only girl in the world.
           But she left before he could wake up, leaving his shirt folded up on her side of the bed, filling Chan with a sense of déjà vu he wishes he could get rid of.
         “You need to stop giving into him, it’ll just hurt you more.” She was wrapped up in his arms, her head on his chest while he ran his fingers through her hair. “I don’t want to see you hurt anymore.” He whispered before placing a kiss to the top of her head. She knew he was right, that it would hurt less in the long run to let go. But in the moment, letting go hurt more than holding on.
           She tried her best to ignore Chan’s late-night calls, pretending she was already asleep, when in reality she watches the phone ring with tears in her eyes. She wakes up in her own room every morning, goes to all her classes, tries her best to distract herself from thinking about Chan, goes home to Minho, and watches movies with Minho every night before going to sleep and repeating the process.
           The routine was helping her let go of the helpless crush she had on Chan, until she saw him again. He was waiting outside her last class, his eyes trained solely on her as she stopped in her tracks. “Can we talk? Please?” He practically begged, looking at her with a look of desperation she’s never seen before.
           He waited an entire month for her to return his calls, or the texts she’s been leaving on read. He waited an entire month hoping she would return to him, pull him closer than she has ever before. He hated waiting for her, but he would do anything for her. But he needed to know why she had decided to push him away without warning. He needed to know if he should move on or wait a little more.
           “I don’t have anything to say to you.” She lied, pushing passed him, hoping that would be enough for him to leave her alone. But instead, he wrapped his hand around her wrist, pulling her towards him.
           “But I have something to say to you.” It’s like his eyes were darker than usual when he looked at her. They no longer held the light of a thousand stars, and his smile had faded. His beautiful smile that only seemed to exist for Sana, at least in her mind. “Just give me 5 minutes of your time, and then I’ll leave you alone for good if that’s what you really want.” He was desperate, she could clearly see it in his face, hear it in his voice.
           “5 minutes and not a second longer.” She pulled her phone out, setting a timer for 5 minutes and pressing start.
           “I miss you, Y/N. I miss you more than I thought possible. I thought if I gave you the space you were clearly asking for, you’d come back to me, but you didn’t. And I don’t want to wait anymore, I hate this distance between us.”
           “4 minutes.” She said, trying to hold in the tears that so desperately wanted to fall.
           “I want to go back to the days of waking up with you in my arms. Of cooking breakfast and washing dishes together. I want to go back to the days when you were mine.”
           “I was never yours. 3 minutes.”
           “But you were mine. And I was yours. What we had was so much more than just sex.” He was getting desperate, his eyes drifting the descending numbers on her phone screen. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, but he refused to give up. He needed her to be his again.
           “No strings attached, Chan. That was the agreement. 2 minutes.”
           “Why are you trying so hard to push me away, Y/N?!” His voiced raised, desperation taking over his entire body. “I’m trying to fix whatever it was I did, but you need to tell me what I did to make you push me away. Let me fix it!”
           “You can’t fix it!” She yelled back, the tears breaking through, causing Chan to cup her face to wipe them away.
           “Let me try.” He whispered softly.
           “I’m in love with you, Chan! Okay? I’m in love with you but you only have eyes for Sana. And I get it, she’s incredible, way better than I’ll ever be. So I need to be away from you. I can’t do this no strings attached thing anymore, not with you.” She pushed his hands down, trying to walk away, but he refused to let her.
           “I still have 1 minute.” He whispered as he kept her in place by wrapping his arms around her from behind, nuzzling his head into her neck as he always did. “1 minute to tell you that you’re absolutely crazy if you think I’m choosing Sana over you. She’s my best friend and I love her, but not the way I love you. I love her like she’s my sister. But I love you like you’re the love of my life.” He spun her around to make her face him, cupping her face again, and bringing her in for a kiss as the timer went off.
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yyxgin · a day ago
jeongin x reader ; 385 words ; fluff ; no warnings
Tumblr media
"come on, you have to see this!" you gasp out and tug him by his hand through the motionless crowd, your hands fitting perfectly into each other.
jeongin doesn't often find himself holding your hand, the young boy not used to showing you affection like this-- openly and in front of everyone. he'd much rather hug you in the comfort of his empty room or give you a shy forehead kiss as goodbye under the lamppost in front of your house, where no one is looking and no one is making fun of him for being so smitten with you.
hints of shy pink cloud his cheeks as he realises just how much he actually likes the way your hands are like two pieces of lost puzzle; they fit together just right. nothing feels awkward or rushed, the softness of your skin soothes him and makes him feel at home. it's his first time experiencing something like this, and although he finds it hard to accept, there's no one else he'd rather hold like this-- in front of everyone, in broad daylight.
silently moving his fingers in your hold, hesitantly, as if he was afraid you'd let go if you noticed, he tries to move his hand so your fingers are interlocked, preferring the way your hand feels in his that way, when you shortly glance at him with parted lips and jerk away.
"oh, right. sorry," you mutter, letting go of his hand. the male's discomfort with public skinship is no secret to you-- you've known him for some time now, after all.
just as he predicted; he thinks, hurriedly shaking his head as he takes ahold of your hand again, his cold fingertips brushing against yours when he takes a step closer to you to match your pace, chuckling.
"silly," he snickers, "i didn't ask you to let go."
and with that, he interlocks your fingers again, brushing the pad of his thumb against the back of your palm with as much tenderness as he can show you.
he's not a fan of skinship, sure, but he much prefers to hold you close, even if it makes him blush with the pace his heart races at, trying to chase down the aftertaste of love you make him feel in his small, overwhelmed heart.
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linoscence · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
pairing. lee minho x reader
genre. playboy! minho, college student! au, angst, fluff, with lots of tension, comedy ig, somehow enemies to lovers to enemies to lovers?
sypnosis. trapping the presumptuous-made-from-pits-of-hell boy into your hands was the only plan. why? simply because you're bored. playing with feelings has gotta be the most hideous thing you can do in your life, and you chose to play with someone who reciprocates one's doing. however, he seems to explode at the sight of you and your friend. now, you gotta face the consequences of your actions.
words. 1.4k, istg i just hurriedly wrote this for minho’s day. haven’t proof-read yet. have a blast, love! 
warnings. foul words, countless trying to kill your best friend jokes, maybe kinda off to other if u are soft w ur friends ig?
a/n.  might just post this part for now just to greet this precious human being. will get vaccinated tomorrow srry. anyways, to lee know whom we love so much, thank you for being the most endearing person i’ve ever known. you are caring in your own way and you are the kindest. you are so passionate of what you love, you deserve the whole universe. i love you more than love. 
                “hey, be accountable of your actions. now take care of me, babe. “ minho flashed his infamous smirk with a wink, after planting a kiss on your cheek.
               If your friend didn’t just shit the hell out of you and tried to place on a bet just for an album, then you wouldn’t even be facing this guy’s constant glaring and smirking for life. 
      “Han, please just shut your mouth, I swear to God.” Feeling exasperated by your friend’s nonstop story-telling of how he can get free signed albums because of his new work as an intern in a production company, a passionate one. 
     “Okay, but there’s a hot guy in the dance group though, I thought he was a ghost last time I see him dancing in the dark in the practice room.” Continuing his babbling, you closed your book and stood up from your seat. “Hey, I’m not done you grouchy bitch!” immediately following your pace. 
    “I heard he is studying here! let’s be friends with him to get free pass on the dance room lmao!” Jisung joked, you swear he’ll be all shy once he actually gets a sight of this ghost he’s talking about. It took you 10 times of borrowing a pen from him, the pen he admitted he was always biting in class during boring classes which is; everyday. You’ve always wondered why the hell does the pen’s cap keep getting bent. Once you knew him, he apologized and bought you a new one for a compensation of getting your hands touched by his saliva. He said you were lucky to adopt his germs.                                              
     “He doesn’t own the dance room ji, he probably have a schedule to use it. Dream on and stop using people for convenience,” you hissed. “And stop blabbering about the free albums if you won’t get me a signed one from seventeen for my birthday, okay? “ you advised, looking up to him to see his reaction. 
       “You really are the biggest bitch I’ve known! dream on and stop using people for convenience !!” he groused with his middle finger up, running away from you after getting back at you to taste your own medicine. Sure, he does this but he’ll always have ways to give what you want.   
Tumblr media
         A week after your dreading hell week, you stared at the surroundings of your field. You questioned how does Jisung managed to train while studying. Maybe because you have a shitload of work being in the political science field and him being in the music department. Yet, you two are the same thriving for your own dreams. 
         “I do think I now deserve that signed album of seventeen, please my sweetest friend, my best best friend, the only one who I can’t live without, my savior.” you expressed wholeheartedly to Jisung. He laughed at your outstanding pleading, but you did not get a reply from him. “Let’s go get a drink, you plastic bitch.” It is your tradition to have some fun after school agony.       
          “Are you really gonna do this to me!? Han Jisung!” You asked with a disheartenedly tone. After that, he laughed audibly into your face, he couldn’t even breath that’s why you put a meat with a big ass lettuce wrap in his mouth for him to choke.                                                                                                                “Okay, okay, calm down. I’ll give it to you if.. “ He prolonged his words making you speculate his mind, he has another trouble for you just to harass you, you know him too well.    
          “befriendthehotguyfromthedanceclubiwassayinglasttime.” he blurted out faster than your heartbeat when it comes to visiting him in the faculty room because of his fights with that llama guy. You asked him to repeat what he is saying in a slow manner. 
           “What!? why? are you nuts!?” you complained, you want to kill him right in front of you actually. deez nuts, he wanted to blurt that out but nevermind. he didn’t want to add fuel to the fire. Instead, he said “Look, just befriend him, I heard he has a lot of girls crushing on him but he just entertains them for fun, he still looks cool to me though. He seems friendly.” he encouraged, “besides, you might even have a boyfriend after as a freebie for friendship.” he added as he grinned at you while winking.  
            “And why do you think I need to get associated with him? give me an acceptable reason and I’ll choke you, acceptable or not.” He looked at you with teasingly eyes, “Well, he looks confident of himself and you are too, considering you two are pleasing to the eyes. You have dumped so much boys in your life, you could make a dump yard with it. Test your limits bro. “ explaining his awesome, marvelous, unbelievable, prodigious, shocking, wonderful, and stunning idea. 
             All you could do is chuckle and think of ways-to-kill-your-own-best-friend. “C’mon, seventeen would be disappointed with you, I’ll even get you to see them. Your life is at stake.” aggravating you more. 
            “Okay, I’ll just do this for seventeen, and because I am bored. I don’t have a thrill in my life now. Just that, you better shut up if I stole him from you.” you announced, earning an evil laugh from him. 
           In this game, he might be the game master for playing the cupid’s role.
Tumblr media
            The sky has always been your favorite part to look out. Many would say that you look heavenly when you look up into the sky. Your delicate features are being seen and you look as bright as the sky. But today, you didn’t want to look at it. You wanted to keep your head down and go home.  You even remembered that damned bet you had with your very best friend. Great timing to execute your ways to kill him. 
             Clearly it wasn’t your fault you had kiss another man, out of frustration. Maybe you can blame it on the 7th sense. 
             There’s this new guy who have been annoying you on your debate club for three weeks now. You remembered his name is Mark? Mason? Matthew? Michael? Mint? or whatever the hell he is because he suits the name Lucifer. He has been crushing you ever since. With words and his flirty remarks.
                Emergency alert for the most humiliating thing you’ve done in your whole life. 
                “Well, you should have known these kind of things, honey. Aren’t you a political science major, huh?” There goes the satanic smile he always flash onto you. To clarify, you don’t even talk a lot but when you do, he always gets on your nerves, shuttering your whole nervous system, only allowing your anger to lead the way. 
                “Honey, we don’t need to fucking know everything, okay? Last time I checked, we study to learn; not to know everything, Mr. computer science.” Emphasizing your comeback, you mimicked his actions earlier.
                “Oh? Well you should start learning more right now.” He gibed at you. You opened your mouth to retort not until  ━
                “Oh, now you wanna kiss me so bad, don’t you? “ He said playfully, wiggling his eyebrows at you, smirking after. 
                “Are you challenging me? You know I don’t squirm.” You challenged him. 
                The hands on your waist is now caressing your hair going down to your back, tasting your lips ravishingly, repeatedly in a motion you’ll get lost of. No words needed to describe your make out session. All you know is this Mr. computer science in a black shirt with a flannel on could make you shut your mouth up in a matter of 2-3 minutes or maybe even 5-10, if you wanted more. Once he broke the collision of your lips together, he looked down to you with his hands still on your waist and bantered, 
                “And what if I do?” Oh how bad you wanna wipe that smirk off his face, “ Oh hell, you do, Mr. computer science.” With one last rolling of the eyes, you smashed your lips onto his. Getting a taste of him, getting the butterflies, they’ve been circling promptly as he put his hand on your waist. You only pulled this shit as a joke but now he’s kissing you back, even harder. You immediately break away from his lips not until he pulled you closer to himself. 
               “It’s Lee Minho to you, baby.” oh you can never wipe that smirk off. 
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minhoshi · 8 hours ago
lee minho
* for my absolute favorites ones that you should most definitely read
Tumblr media
one shots & series
— showering together one shot by skzvibes
boyfriend!minho x sick!reader | comfort, fluff, established relationship
— leave the door open one shot by formidxble
sugardaddy!minho x reader | slight angst, smut, fluff ending
— 7 days one shot by yyxgin
bestfriend!minho x reader | fluff, pining, friends to lovers, college au
— and they were roommates series by etherealino *
minho x reader | fluff, angst, pining
based off of joey & rachel from friends
blurbs, drabbles & scenarios
— cuddling by thuderous
minho x reader | fluff, comfort
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nnsfwskz · 2 days ago
Thank you for 900 followers
thank you guys so much!! i thought of doing a little prompt list to celebrate this. the prompts are a mix from @creativepromptsforwriting, @screnwriter and trends i’ve seen on tiktok.
how to requests:
send me a number and a member -> example {1 - lee felix}
once a prompt is crossed out it’s already taken
i will be writing by or stray kids, bts, p1harmony and ateez
1. “stop staring at me to distract me!” “oh, I’m not staring at you to distract you.” | lee felix
2. “you’re very lucky I love you.” | jung wooyoung
3. “i dreamed of your legs wrapped around my waist.” hwang hyunjin
4. “want to count every one of your freckles with my lips.” | seo changbin
5. “your hands are always so soft.” | bang chan
6. writing each other notes | han jisung
7. goodnight kisses | jeon jungkook
8. first kisses | jeon jungkook
9. nose kisses | kim taehyung
10. neck kisses | bang chan
11. tummy kisses | seo changbin
12. running their fingers through the other’s hair | hwang hyunjin
13. massaging their shoulders after a long day | bang chan
14. “ i feel safe with you. i always have. “ | kim namjoon
15. “ you're adorable. god i love you. “ | min yoongi
16. “ call me, even if it's the middle of the night. “ | yang jeongin
tiktok trends
17. play the sound “hey shorty, your man still around?“ in front of him | hwang hyunjin | lee felix
18. rate your boyfriend out of ten throughout the day | lee felix
19. drop your towel while he’s playing video games | lee felix
20. try to sit on his lap while he’s busy working on the computer | kim taehyung
21. text your boyfriend “he’s gone you can come over now“ | choi theo
22. call your by his full name to see how he reacts | lee minho
23. text your boyfriend a dirty text while you’re with friends or family | lee felix
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huihuiheart · a day ago
Flufftober D25: Overdue - Jeongin
Flufftober 2021 Masterlist
Stray Kids Masterlist
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jeongin x GN Reader - Established Relationship
Genre: Fluff
Summary: Some time just the two of you was long overdue and you weren’t going to let your boyfriend’s playful nature keep that from happening. 
Warnings: Playful teasing, teasing threats, I think that’s it. 
Word Count: 530
Dating an idol wasn’t easy, yet you wouldn’t trade your life with Jeongin for anything. Despite the fact that you would enjoy having more time with him, you never felt like you were lacking anything. Just going about your lives and enjoying the time you could spend together all the more so. Especially when things like this happened and you got a surprise call from Jeongin.
“Good morning babe, what’s up?” You question as you answer the call, it is still early enough that you haven't gotten out of bed. Wanting to spend your lazy day doing just that, in no rush to do anything just yet. 
“Not much, just thought I’d let you know we just got a day off. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with that time yet though.” Jeongin decides to tease you a bit despite the fact that you both already knew what he would end up spending his time doing today. 
His teasing doesn’t phase you much, in fact it just encourages you to give it right back, “I swear to fucking god if you don’t come over right now I’ll break up with you.” 
Your tone tells Jeongin you’re just giving him a taste of his own medicine, making him laugh a little knowing that was something you’d only done since you both got more comfortable together. 
“I’m already on my way over. Just had to mess with you a little babe, couldn’t help myself.” Jeongin reassures and sure enough you can hear the city bustling in the background as everyone else went about their days and rushed off to work.  
“The door will be unlocked when you get here.” You let him know before you both hang up. Getting out of bed you don’t rush or bother to do too much, simply unlock the door and move off to the kitchen to start some coffee and breakfast. You intended to spend your day with him cuddling in bed so you could both rest while getting time together, so it would probably be smart to eat something before neither of you wanted to get up again. 
The door soon opened, before you felt arms looping around you from behind, “ Smells good! Makes me miss your cooking even more.” 
“Well then it’s good you won’t be waiting much longer, isn’t it?” You chuckle, moving to grab dishes. Jeongin is going to grab mugs and get started on coffee for you both now that it’s brewed. 
“Really good.” He chuckles, setting the coffee down as you come over and cup his cheeks, placing a kiss to the tip of his nose, making it scrunch a little bit.
“Why don’t we take the food up to the bedroom, and have breakfast in bed?” You don’t get the reaction you’re expecting from him though when you spot a pout on his lips.
“I want to spend time with you.” Jeongin admits in a quiet voice, causing you to coo softly at him.
“And we will baby, but we’ve both had a long couple of weeks. So we’re also gonna rest well at the same time. We’ll be together then too though, I promise.”
Tumblr media
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planetdream · a month ago
ꗃ — stray kids and handjobs <3
this post contains; smut ! a lil sub!idol elements if ur into that
💌 i’m not a dom — more of a subby pillow princess. but sometimes i just wanna help my sexual partner relieve their stress, ya know? anyways, here’s something i thought of after a nap
Tumblr media
ugh, pretty moans, sir
when he’s about to cum he gets louder and louder and his moans and grunts get deeper
i really think he loves getting handjobs from you. he can just sit back and relax while you do it. it’s very intimate and allows for vulnerability from himself + he just loves being cared for and touched/caressed by you
hatesssss being teased. if you even attempt to tease him by pumping him slowly or taking too long with your kisses, he’ll say your name very sternly followed by a “behave”
but you can almost always get away with teasing the tip of his dick. it’s sensitive and if you do it just right, his hips will jolt up and this toes will curl and his fists will tighten.
very vocal and probably orders you around
praises you so so good for following his directions. always like "just like that baby" or “you’re doing so good for me”
let’s you tie his hands around his back, but DONT tease him (he’ll remember it for later)
and when he’s cumming, his eyes roll back and his moans get louder yet more strained like he’s trying to be quiet but he’s got to mutter a series of “so good. so fucking good”’s and it’s just a very pretty scene
rewards you so good if you follow his orders and make him cum real nice
lives for handjobs !!!! likes when you squeeze it a bit as you pump him
and his eyes never leave your body or the motion of your hands on his dick and highkey think he likes it sloppy, with you using both of your hands
bites his lips when he cums and groans a bit. kisses you so much when you finally make him cum and always wants to return the favor to you
cannot handle being teased or overstimulated in any way whatsoever and WILL whine about it. but allows you to overstimulate him every so often just because he enjoys the pain.
likely very sensitive when you touch him but likes being stimulated in multiple areas and overstimulated generally
likes when you kiss his neck or his lips as you’re stroking his dick. lovesss make out sessions when both of you have your hand in each other’s pants
when you make him cum he absentmindedly begs you to keep stoking him/make him cum again. absolutely loves looking at your hand covered in his cum and wouldn’t mind you giving him a quick taste
likely still stays hard after you make him cum once, but the tip of his dick is so red and pretty. after cumming another time, he’s thrusting his hips up wanting to cum again even though you’re no longer touching him
another entry on the pretty moans list. he’s probably loud too
ngl i think he gets overstimulated easily. and his mind is so foggy he can’t decide between fucking up into your hand or pulling away cause he feels so good but he’s absolutely dying for a release
ends up just fucking your hand
literally hands at his sides, clawing at the sheets or whatever surface you’re both on
helps you get him off by putting his hand on top of yours and helping you jerk his cock. 10/10 looks you in the eyes when he cums
having felix between your legs, your lips attached to his neck and your hand pumping his dick slowly… yeah…
his soft exhales because he’s just been so stressed and you’re treating him so right…
absolutely will fuck his hips up into your hand faster and faster as he gets closer to cumming
literally cannot stop rambling: “thank you, fuck. feels so good”
when he does cum, it drains him so bad omg. he has to be next to you, touching and kissing you. thanking you for making him cum
i feel like he closes his eyes from time to time to focus on not cumming too quickly
he’s a little scared to moan sometimes so he regularly keeps quiet. but once you tell him to look at you, and to be vocal — oh, he’s a mess
absolutely loves when you dictate wether or not he can cum — sometimes when you say he can’t cum yet, he’ll end up cumming anyways just to have you punish him a lil bit
his moans sometimes get caught in his throat when he comes. but he’s always ready to go again a few minutes later
he’s so sensitive at every single touch. he honestly tears up a little bit from all the pleasure since your hands feel different from his own
also begs you to let him cum, explaining that he’ll be good for you if you let him
loves the sensation of cumming with your hand around his dick and acts like he hates overstimulation but he loves when you keep pushing him closer and closer to another orgasm
wholeheartedly cannot handle edging and will cum a little even if you ruin his orgasm. pleads with you to let him cum for real this time
Tumblr media
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spilledtee · 2 months ago
𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐲
Word Count: 3.0k
Warning: smut, possessive and jealous Bangchan, katoptronophilia (mirror sex), choking, use of neckties and belts, slightly bondage, slight impact play, cheating (mentioned), established relationship, degradation kink, Chan acts kinda mean in the beginning, fiancé!Bangchan, dom!Bangchan
Synopsis: After hearing what your scumbag coworkers have to say about your relationship, Chan decides to prove that no one else could do it like him
A/N: I didn’t proof read this but I still hope you enjoy this :) also heavily based off Chan, not only climbing up my bias list, but also recent bubble statuses and messages. Also based off of one of my scraped fics :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was the pure irritation that surged through his veins that shocked you the most, especially when he slammed the door in your face. Relationships were never easy, you knew that, especially with the pressure of getting married and being newly engaged. Even more so when Chan had claimed that one of your coworkers was getting too chummy after touching the small of your back. He knew that black dress was trouble, he knew he shouldn’t have let you go out in something so short, so appealing to men who couldn’t control themselves. That was for his eyes only, though. You were his after all. To make matters worse was the conversation he heard in the bathroom. Usually, he would just glare at men for even thinking about coming near you but he wanted to hear what your scumbag coworkers had to say. Comments travelled through the bathroom, saying that if Chan wasn’t your fiancé the things they would do to you. Chan promptly made his presence known and simultaneously scared them out of the bathroom. Even if their words didn’t ring true, to hear about you in that manner was enough to make the once calm, loving man that Chan was turn into a possessive, jealous, green eyed monster. You were his, and his alone. Nobody was allowed to have you the way that he had you.
That was what led to where the two of you were now. After a rather public display of affection in front of everyone at your workplace, even in front of your boss, Chan was dragging you back to the car. You could feel the tension in the air, but you were rather confused as to why he was acting like this and when you had questioned him, Chan simply told you to be quiet as he gripped the steering wheel till his knuckles were white. His tone was strict, harsh even, but you did as you were told, not wanting to anger him  further. The rest of the car ride had been silent, the air around you buzzing with tension as the two of you finally got back home. You thought it was the right time to question him but as soon as you got to the door of your bedroom you were immediately shut out, Chan nearly slamming the door in your face. You let out a huff of air, settling down on the couch and waiting for him to cool off. 
It seemed like forever till you finally heard silence from your shared bedroom. The door soon whipped open, Chan walking outside and barely noticing the way you jumped from how harsh he had opened the door. He even walked right passed you, heading into the kitchen and grabbing himself a glass of water.
You could easily see that something was upsetting him. Usually, after some quiet time he would greet you with a kiss, tell you he was sorry and then explain why he was acting the way he was. You let it go though, knowing that he could have been upset with himself for telling you to be quiet so harshly in the car. As you leaned against the doorway, you offered him a soft smile. “You okay babe?”
“Shut up.” He practically spat, gulping down the rest of the water in his glass, the droplets dripping down his chin.
That had definitely taken you by surprise. Never in the entirety of your relationship had your fiancé spoken to you in such a manner. It made you blink in surprise, giving him a second to see if he would change but by the looks, or rather glare, it seemed he was dead set on being angry. “Whoa, what’s with the attitude? Is this because you saw me talking to my coworkers?”
Chan’s jaw set at the mention of them. The memory of the bathroom conversation flashing through his mind. “What about them? Do you like them or something? Going behind my back while at work and acting like I don’t know?” He knew he was wrong to accuse you of those things. He knew that he’d apologize later but right now all he could see was his red hot anger.
“What’s your problem? You’re acting like a jealous little 5 year old.” You retorted back.
“Well, maybe I’m just not in the mood for you right now. ” He responded, almost hitting the fridge with his fist as he got another glass of water.
You couldn’t even fathom what had gotten him to act out like this. You knew that Chan could be jealous, but it was never to this extent. This was definitely something else though. In this moment, you had to wonder if he really was the mature leader that everyone looked up to. Never, had you expected Chan to ever talk down to you, much less blame you for just talking with some male coworkers. “You’re a fucking ass.” You snapped back at him, shaking your head and turning to leave the kitchen.
His eyes were fixated on you. Part of him expected you to turn around and say something even more harsh. Heck, you were quite tempted to slap him in the face for even daring to speak to you like that. But you don’t. You don’t bother to fight him back and that bothered Chan even more that you could be so calm. “Where are you going?” The rather harsh clench of his jaw appeared as the question came, Chan now following you through the house. You didn’t answer him though, instead going into the bathroom and attempting to shut the door in his face just like he did to you early. His reflexes were too fast though, foot going to jam the door and even if you wanted to push back against him, you knew that he was much stronger than you. As he barged in, Chan glared at you. “I asked you a question. Answer.”
The commanding tone in his voice was enough to send a shudder down your spine. This, accompanied with the pair of beautiful brown eyes staring down at you, darkened by something. Be rage or arousal you couldn’t really tell. You watched as Chan’s shoulders heaved as he locked eyes with you, closing the door behind him and stepping forward till your back hit the bathroom wall. He stood above you, breath fanning your face, as his hands came to rest on either side of your head. Your fiancé was caging you in place, leaning down so that he was now eye level with you as he spoke once again. “You really want to see me jealous huh?” He questioned, voice searing into you. “You think you can just dress like that? Talk about your coworkers like they weren’t eye fucking you and just mentioning them when you’re engaged to me. Don’t you think that’s a little cruel?”
“I didn’t mean-”
“But he meant what he said. In fact, they all did.” He growled back at you.
That was when the realization hit you, the memory of coworkers practically running out of the men’s bathroom, Chan soon appearing and then kissing you as if it just the two of you in the room, his tongue swiping your bottom lip and making completely flustered, as well as slightly angry, by the rather show of affection. Your coworkers must have said something about you. You knew that Chan wasn’t angry with you now, he was mad about your coworkers. Even if whatever they said wasn’t true, that would be enough to get your fiancé riled up like this. You hardly had time to think of anything though as Chan pressed his body close to yours, closing the distance between the two of you.
And then Chan was kissing you. Not the sweet, gentle kisses you were used to. This was completely ravenous, his lips mashing against yours, as if trying to flatten and destroy her mouth. You wanted to be mad. You wanted to tell him that he was being ridiculously childish for ever thinking that any man could compare to him. However, you were too distracted by the way his mouth worked against yours. It had your heart leaping out of your chest, feeling his hand reaching around the lower column of your neck, and all rational disappeared. You could only hungrily push back, your mouth open, tongue pushing past his clenched teeth to the moist space within. You worked your mouth against his, your tongues battling back and forth, trying to pin the other. You found your fingers threatening through his hair, pulling at it harshly. A groan vibrated through him right against your lips, sending a wave of pleasure all the way down to your core.
Not wanting to lose control, Chan bent down, lifting you with the ease of one arm. Your legs automatically responded, wrapping around his waist immediately causing a smirk to play on his lips. It was your turn to groan, feeling him press harder into your body. Having your legs like this had pushed the hem of your dress up and you could feel how hard he was through the thin fabric of your underwear. You pushed your hips against him, wanting to gain from friction there. “Chan…” You whimpered as his mouth moved to your neck. His teeth grazed against your skin, easily finding your sweet spot and marking you there. You moaned as he sucked the area till the skin blossomed a reddish-purple colour, his fingers digging into your thighs with the same bruising force. “Chan please…”
He chuckled against your neck. “Only because you said please.” Finally, pulling away from your neck, he moved to set you down on the bathroom counter. His hand reached to unbuckle the belt looped through his dress pants, before quickly stripping himself of them and his boxers. All the while you were pulling at the tie that he had worn, hands fumbling with the button of his dress shirt as well. Once his chest was finally exposed, your hands roamed his body as they pleased, exploring every ridge of his toned chest, to his abdomen and the beautiful V-lie that had led to his now lower half. 
“Nope. No touching.” He said, grabbing your wrist with one hand and the other one going to get his disregarded belt. Chan wound his belt around your wrist, looping it through itself to form makeshift cuffs and securing it tightly. 
“Chan-” He gave you no time to protest as he kissed you again, a hand reaching between your bodies. His fingers brushed against your cloth core, probably already feeling how soaked you were through your panties. With mercy abandoned your fiancé grabbed at the material and in one swift motion of his hand he ripped them off. “Christopher Bang!” You gasped, pulling away from him slightly, but struggling because of your bound hands.
One of his hands came to grab your chin, turning your gaze back to him. “Behave.” He instructed. “Behave and I’ll fuck you all nice and good, okay?”
You gulped. The idea of disobeying him popping into your mind, but with the rather stern glare he was giving, you found yourself nodding and obeying him. “Okay.” You breathed out.
He immediately got back to work, nipping at your lower lip once again. You had expected him to fuck you in this position, but when Chan pulled you off the counter, he was forcing you to turn your back to him. His hand went to grab his necktie, clenching it with one hand while the other pushed you down over the sink, ass in the air and your slit brushing against the head of cock. When your eyes turned up to the bathroom mirror, you saw the burning gaze of his darkened eyes. He lined himself up with your entrance, a hand steady on your hip with a vice grip. It would definitely bruise tomorrow, though you hardly cared. All you wanted was to Chan to fuck you. “Chan, please.” You whined pushing back against him. “I want it.”
A small “tsk” came from him. “Doesn’t sound like you want. Maybe you want it from one of your coworkers, hm?” You shook your head, not trusting your voice, and only pushing against him again. At that, a hand came down to smack your ass, the sting making your whole body quiver and your mouth to part in a mouth. “Beg or I’ll leave you here like this.”
“But-ah!” Another smack to your ass cause whatever retort you had to turn into a moan.
“No buts. I make the rules sweetheart. So, if you want it, beg for it.”
“Please fuck me.” You slurred, finding the strength to lift your head and look at him through the mirror before you. “Please Chan, I wanna feel you inside of me. No one, just you.”
He tilted his head, looking at you. “Is that what you want? For me to fuck your pussy? Want me to ruin you baby?” The questions came and you eagerly nodded at each one of them. “Good cause that’s what I’m going to do.” Without warning he slammed into you, a strangled moan leaving your parted lips from the sensation. You moved your cheek to press against the counter, wanting to hide your face, but he shook his head. Taking the tie he wore, he wrapped his around your neck, pulling your head back up. “Watch me while I fuck you.” He sneered, eyes still piercing through you as they glared into the mirror. “You’re mine.” Your fiancé spat, continuing to piston into you relentlessly. “Fucking say it.”
“I’m yours.” You repeated, through choked sobs.
His grip tightened around the silk fabric, hips snapping and his head shaking in dissatisfaction. “Louder. I want those assholes to know they could never own you, never have you like this.”
“I’m yours, Chan! Only yours!” You moaned out, feeling his cock brush against the rough lining against your inner walls. 
The answer seemed enough to satisfy him as his head tipped back, staring down to look at his cock entering you. He was thrusting inside of you, mercy completely abandoned, determined to prove that he was the only one that ruined you. Each time his hips mer yours, he made sure to thrust slightly upward, making your body jolt forward so that your eyes could see how he was taking you through the mirror. The hand that held his tie, released the grip on the cloth, allowing you to fall against the cold surface of the counter. You coughed slightly, your airways finally free for a second, only to mewl for him to give you more. This time your voice at full volume and echoing through the bathroom.
He didn’t deny you. This time it was his hand that came to wrap around the front of your body and pull you flush against him. The wetness of your inner walls began to pool at the roughness. Chan seemed to notice this, almost chuckling at you. “So, wet and just for me.” He commented, rather cockily. Slapping sounds filled the room, as his skin met yours, though there was nothing compared to hearing how wet you were from his cock sliding in and out of you. He cursed loudly, pulling out of you and with such ease thrusted back into you. Leaning down, his lips brushed the shell of your ear, giving you the full experience of the sounds that were escaping his lips. “Mine.” He grunted out, breath tickling your skin.
“C-Chan.” You breathed out, completely unsteady as he continued to piston his hips into your, the force of his hips making your mind reel and completely lose focus. “Need… need to cum.” 
Your slurred words only spurred Chan on, his thrust becoming faster as he squeezed the hand around your throat, yanking the air from your lungs. Tears streamed down your eyes, wanting nothing more than to cum. “You know what to do if you want to cum.” His free hand came down to smack your butt once again, earning him a wail of pleasure from you. The hand was gripping at your flesh, forcing the two of you to move at a harsher pace. 
“P-please!” You sobbed, a sinful moan following after. “Chan you feel so good, only you can make me cum. Please, please please!”
“Cum. Show me that only I can make you feel good.” A rather possessive growl escaped him.
The command was enough to send your whole body to obey him, a scream ripping from your throat as you reached your high, clenching around him. He watched you convulse through the mirror, waves of euphoric pleasure completely taking over. Soon his thrust became desperate, sloppily thrusting into you as he orgasm soon followed. Chan let out a groan, continuing to fuck you both through your highs until his thrust slowed to a stop. It seemed like an entirety passed before he stilled and exhaled. “I’m sorry…” Came his low voice, hands removing his belt from your wrist and soothing the redden skin. 
With a heavy breath, and help from your fiancé, you turned over and shook your head. “You’re fine.” You stated, trying to gain some composure. “So, what happened exactly?”
“Your coworker...coworkers said stuff about you-”
You had quickly promptly cut him off with a kiss, giggling at him. “You should know better than to listen to some jerk. I’ll talk to HR tomorrow if it makes you feel better though. And if that doesn’t work, you can punch him out okay?” You joked.
He sighed, nodded. “I just don’t like hearing guys talk that way, especially about you.”
“Don’t worry, we can deal with him together. Just talk to me next time, okay?”
“Okay.” He repeated, now smiling.
Tumblr media
taglist: @geniejunn @jsung01 @woofwoofbangbang @hanjiswaq @ofsake @flightoftheflightrisk @jonecb-97 @yutaalove @changbinscypher
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
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blu-joons · a month ago
When He Gets Clingy ~ Stray Kids Reaction
Bang Chan:
“You called,” a voice spoke up, throwing themselves down beside you. Chan’s head rested in your lap as you looked down at him with a confused expression etched upon your face.
Your head shook down at him, “I didn’t call you,” you responded, baffled as to where he got such an idea from. “I’ve actually just been enjoying my own company for a little while, nice and quiet.”
“You must have called me in my head then.”
Your eyes rolled as he made himself more comfortable in your lap, “that’s a very convenient excuse for you to use to cuddle into me right now.”
“Tell me about it,” he laughed proudly, “but now I’m here, I should stay for a bit, don’t you think?”
As his smile continued to grow, you struggled to find yourself saying no. “You’re impossible, but I guess you can stay laying there.”
“Forever,” he grinned, wrapping his arm around your waist, “I think it would be pretty cool if I could lay here forever with you and never let you go.”
You hummed back at him, “forever is a long time, you’d get bored of me at some point Chan.”
“Never. I always want to be around you.”
Tumblr media
Lee Know:
“Here you are,” Minho grumbled, finally finding you having searched most of the house in the hope of finding your company. “I thought you’d gone out without telling me.”
Your head shook as he sat down beside you on the bed of the spare bedroom, “I’ve been in here for well over an hour, you’re not very good at seeking if you’ve spent that long searching for me.”
“I missed you, it was lonely downstairs.”
Your eyebrows furrowed, puzzled where the sudden affection came from. “I’ve only been upstairs, I’ve not been half the world away,” you reminded him.
“I know,” he hummed, resting his head down against your shoulder, “it felt that way though.”
You continued to look at him in confusion as he made himself comfortable, “either you’ve done something, or you’re going to.”
“No,” he laughed, resting his hand against your leg, “I just wanted to come and spend a bit of time with you, is that such a crime as your boyfriend?”
Your head shook, “it’s just very unlike you to ever be this clingy around me, or anyone else.”
“People change Y/N, this is the new me now.”
Tumblr media
“Don’t just sit there,” Changbin laughed, swaying his hips along to the music that played in the background, “come and dance with me Y/N, I know you love this song.”
Your head shook as you remained seated on the sofa, “you’re the dancer between the two of us, why don’t you show me how it’s done instead, I don’t mind watching you dance from here.”
“You always say no, it’s time to say yes.”
Before you knew it, Changbin had pulled you up and placed his hands gently against your hips. “You can’t get me to dance against my will Changbin.”
“Watch me,” he grinned, pressing a kiss against the tip of your nose, “just stay nice and close to me.”
Your head shook as he began to get the two of you working together into a sidestep, “do you really want me to dance, or was that an excuse?”
“Excuse for what?” He innocently asked, “all I’m doing is dancing with you, whatever you think is going on here is all just in your head right now.”
Your head nodded, “so you’re going to deny the fact that you want to just be clingy right now?”
“Clingy? Me? I would never be such a thing.”
Tumblr media
“Wow,” Hyunjin grinned as you walked out of the bedroom, giving him a twirl as you showed off your outfit for the evening. “You are staying right by my side all night long tonight.”
Your head shook as he walked across to take a hold of your hand, “this event is to promote your new album, you’ve got to impress, and not stay glued to my side all night long, promise?”
“I can’t promise anything when you look this good.”
Your hand hit gently against his chest, “Hyunjin, if you’re going to cling to me, I’ll stay at home, you can’t waste this opportunity tonight.”
“You might help me impress,” he suggested, “especially when you look as good as you do tonight.”
Your eyes rolled as cheekily smiled down at you, “you’re not allowed to get clingy, I’m not your priority tonight, I’m just supporting you.”
“You’re always my priority,” he whispered closely into your ear, “I bet I can still cling to you and impress all of the bosses as well, I’m good at being subtle.”
Your eyes widened, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you be subtle once in the time I’ve known you.”
“There’s a first time for everything in that case.”
Tumblr media
“Are you really going out?” Jisung questioned as you applied the finishing touches to your outfit for the evening, “I thought you agreed to spend the evening in with me and a movie.”
Your head shook as Jisung followed you around the room, “I agreed to that to shut you up, of course I’m going out with my friends tonight, we’ve had this planned for weeks now when we’re all free.”
“It’s very rare that I’m free these days too.”
You stopped in your tracks, spinning around to come face to face with Jisung. “And when you are free, you’re at home with me, all the time.”
“I like it that way,” he admitted, “why don’t you invite your friends here instead where I am?”
Your head shook as Jisung’s smile dropped, “we’re going to the new venue in town to check it out, I won’t even be gone for that long anyway.”
“Long enough,” he sighed, trying to grab onto your hands, “are you sure I can’t convince you to just spend the evening with me, in our home.”
Your head nodded in response, “tomorrow, I promise that I’ll be all yours tomorrow night instead.”
“I guess I’ll take what I can from you.”
Tumblr media
“I thought I could smell food,” Felix announced as he followed the smell from his studio and into the kitchen where he found you leaning over the stove as you began to prepare dinner.
Straight away you pushed Felix back as he tried to get near to you, “go away, I know exactly what you’re like. I don’t need your help or your advice, Bolognese is a simple dish that I can do.”
“But we could cook it together, it’s romantic.”
Your head shook as Felix tried to grab onto you, “we don’t cook together, you take control, that’s always the way that it is with you.”
“I’ll be quiet,” he proposed, “just let me stay here with you for a little while and watch you.
Your eyes widened questionably, “you won’t be able to keep quiet, but I guess if you want to cling onto me for a while, I’ll let you.”
“I’m clingy,” he protested in a whisper close to your ear, “and I know I said I’d be quiet, but the pot is bubbling to a point where we won’t have dinner.”
Your eyes shot around as the pot almost spilled over, “see, that’s your fault for being so clingy.”
“I did nothing, I’m keeping quiet from now.”
Tumblr media
“Do you plan on turning the page of that book at some point?” Seungmin questioned, impatiently sitting beside you as he waited for you to finish your chapter.
Your eyes looked across to him, shaking your head in response, enjoying the desperation in his eyes. “You can’t rush a reader Seungmin, I’ve got to get the most out of every word that I read.”
“You’re doing this on purpose to tease me.”
Your head shook, turning back to read the next line of your book. “I’m not doing anything aside from reading, it’s a good book, you’d enjoy it a lot.”
“I’d enjoy your attention a lot more,” you overheard him mutter, “this isn’t far at all Y/N.”
A soft chuckle escaped you, “I never knew that you could be so clingy, I’m sure that the boys would be able to give you a lot of attention right now.”
“I don’t want their attention,” he pouted, folding his arms across his chest, “you never take this long to read a page when you read a book.”
Your shoulders shrugged, “no, but it is quite fun seeing how far I can push this until you burst.”
“Stop pushing, and just give me a cuddle.”
Tumblr media
“Y/N,” a voice huffed as you continued to type away on your computer, ignoring Jeongin as he walked into your office and positioned himself behind your chair.
Your eyes flickered up once you’d pressed send to meet his eyes. “Yes?” You questioned, drawn to the pout on his face after being left to entertain himself. “What do you want from me Jeongin?”
“You said you’d stop half an hour ago?”
You shrugged back at him as his hands grabbed your shoulders, quickly stopping you. “Another email came in that I needed to respond to, sorry.”
“Not anymore,” he announced, leaning down to rest against your shoulder, “stop.”
Your head shook, encouraging Jeongin to tighten his grip around you. “I can’t just stop working because you’re too clingy to be alone.”
“Yes, you can,” he pushed, pressing a kiss against your cheek, “I’ll stay here until you give work up, and you know that I’ll stay too.”
You sighed softly, “two more emails, and then I’m done, you can stay and watch too.”
“And then you’re mine for the rest of the night.”
Tumblr media
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dreamescapeswriting · 8 hours ago
Kinktober ~ Day 26
Tumblr media
PAIRING: Felix x Fem!Reader x Chan
GENRE:  double penetration (two holes) explicit sexual content, explicit language
A/N: Story credit goes to @taestannie because she’s a genius with ideas
WARNING: Please wrap it before having sex people, and always ALWAYS prepare properly for anal sex, this is a fictional piece of writing.
Tumblr media
Laying on a double bed between two of your best friends was not how you pictured this night going. The three of you were on an impromptu road trip going down to the beach to spend the weekend only you'd gotten caught in the rain. Felix didn't feel the most confident driving in the rain and Chan was exhausted from driving all day so you got a motel room. Thinking that the two of them could camp out on the bed while you took the sofa but there was no sofa. Just one bed, a shower and a tv that was barely even a TV. It would turn on and display time, it was basically a fancy clock. 
"Okay, my turn!" Felix chuckled as he pulled the sheets tighter into his chest, the three of you were shivering a little. 
"I have been in a threesome before, I've been arrested and I've had sex in public," You scoffed a little at your best friend, this was supposed to be an innocent game of two truths one lie. But the game had slowly turned into a huge game of spilling your dirty secrets, 
"The threesome is clearly a lie," Chan said as he looked over at Felix before they both looked down at you, 
"I'm going to say the same thing, there's no way you've had a threesome. You would tell us," You laughed a little as he stared at the two of you. A serious expression on his face before revealing that that was one of his truths.
"Who?! I want details!" You sat up straight as he shook his head, whining a little as he wrapping his arm around your midsection and made you lay down again. 
"Your turn," You rolled your eyes, 
"Fine. I've once tried anal, I hate when people fight and I've never been with more than one guy at once." You felt brave in front of them. Folding your arms over your chest as they tried to figure it out. 
"You've done anal is the lie," Felix answered confidently as you looked at Chan, raising an eyebrow. 
"Yeah, that's the lie." You hit them both playfully in the chest, 
"So I've been with more than one guy at once?!" You questioned pretending to be upset that they would think of you like that. 
"That was the lie?!" Felix was red as he looked at you, blushing deeply as Chan smirked at you. 
"Do you want to be with more than two guys though?" You stared at Chan, saying nothing as you looked at the ceiling. 
"No comment,"
"That's a yes," Felix whispered as you laid back down on the bed. Felix inched himself closer to you, blowing cold air onto your neck. 
"That's definitely a yes." Chan chuckled watching as you squeezed your thighs together unconsciously, it was hard to deny it.
"So what?" You whined rolling over onto your stomach, pushing your head into the pillow as they both smirked at one another. 
Chan was the first one to touch you, running his hand up and down your spine softly as you shivered. His face was barely even centimetres away from your ear as he smirked, 
"We could make your dream come true," You shivered a little, Felix's hand running down your ass as he smirked. Mirroring Chan's actions so he could whisper in your other ear.
"We could do what you want, two guys at once." He bit down on your ear as you let out a small whimper of pleasure. 
You would be lying to yourself if you said you'd never thought of his happening, or even dreamed of it. The two of them were both incredibly hot and you would be an idiot to turn down this chance.
"Y-You want to?" You questioned rolling back onto your back, your gaze switching between the two of them as you let out a small whine. The mere thought of it sending a pool into your panties as they both nodded at you. 
"We'd love to," Chan growled as he began kissing down the right side of your neck, biting and sucking on your skin as Felix kissed down your stomach. 
"Can I?" He questioned as he curled his fingers around the waistband of your PJ's. You nodded frantically as he smirked at you, yanking the pants down to reveal your cookie monster underwear. A small chuckle left both of the boys as you glared at them. 
"Like I knew I was going to get fucked by two of the hottest people I know." You whined in frustration only to have Chan kiss you deeply, his hands on either side of your face shutting you up.
Chan laid you down on your side, looking at you with a worried expression. You kissed him softly and smiled,
"I'm fine, I promise." You whispered as you glanced over your shoulder at Felix. The three of you were laid on the bed and waiting to start, you'd found Lube in the bottom of your suitcase which you'd bought. Who knows when you may ever need it and you'd give it to Felix. 
"You're sure?" He questioned as he continued to fuck his fingers in and out of your hole, making you whimper and nod your head. 
"I'm perfectly sure, p-please I wanna be full of both of you." You begged as you made eye contact with Chan. His cock at your entrance as he nodded his head.
With one small push from Chan, he was deep inside of you, holding himself still as he moaned out your name. 
"Shit, she's so fucking tight." He grunted at Felix who was already readying himself at your crevice, you bucked your hips a little and Chan pulled out of you until nothing but the tip was in. 
"What are you-" You couldn't finish your question as Felix slowly eased himself into your ass, a moan leaving your throat as you looked at him. Nails digging into Chan's shoulders as they both waited for you to give them the all-clear. 
"It's okay," You breathed out, nodding at them both as Felix slowly began to pull out while Chan pushed back in. Your head already beginning to spin at the sensations of having them both fucking in and out of you slowly. 
"You're drenching my cock baby," Chan grunted as he began to push in and out of you at a steady pace, matching Felix as they both thrust softly. You were in complete bliss once the two of them began to fill you up simultaneously. Your legs shaking as they began to build up the pace little by little. 
"S-Shit Lix...C-Chan," You moaned out, both of their thrusts causing a sweet mental bliss you'd never experienced before. 
Chan kissed you lovingly as you let out moans into his mouth, 
"F-Fuck Y/n you feel so good," Felix whispered in your ear, his breath catching on your ear lobe as you whined out. Both of them began to move in time with one another, your head buzzing as you cried out each of their names. 
"F-Feel so fucking full," You purred, your nails dragging down Chan's arms as pleasure washed over you. Your whole body felt as though it was on fire as you screamed out in pleasure. 
"S-So close," You moaned looking at Chan and over your shoulder at Felix. Their thrusts speeding up as you lost control of your ability to speak.
"S-She's like a vice," Felix grunted feeling himself getting closer with each thrust of his hips. 
Suddenly the two of them hit deep inside of you at the same pace and roughness that you came undone in an instant. Your orgasm ripping through you as you convulsed around the pair of them. Curse words falling from their lips as your sudden orgasm hit them both. 
Both of them spilling inside of you, leaving you drenched in their cum.
You could barely keep your eyes open as you all laid there together, sweating and panting heavily. 
"G-Go and start the shower," You giggled looking as Felix rushed towards the bathroom to get you all cleaned up properly. 
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs @taestannie @sw33tnight @acciocriativity​ @mwitsmejk​ @taeechwitaa​ @justbangtanthingz​ @stillwithlix​
Tumblr media
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Best Friend’s Girlfriend (B.C)
Warnings : mentions of a breakup, unrequited feelings
Word Count : 1367
Synopsis : when felix approached chan saying he had feelings for his girlfriend, chan just wanted to do everything he could to help felix feel comfortable and move on. but in doing so, he almost lost the love of his life.
Author’s Note : thank you again for this request! i’m not sure about everyone else, but i definitely see chan accidentally pushing his girlfriend away if one of the other members catches feelings for her, trying to help them get over their feelings. but when facing a breakup, he would do everything he could to reassure her that he loves her and keep her from walking away. but that’s just my personal opinion! hope you enjoy :)
“Chan, I need to get something off my chest.” Felix told the older man, his voice shaking with nerves as his best friend looks at him with concern. Felix had been keeping a secret from Chan for months now, hoping that his feelings would disappear over time, but it seems as if they just continue to grow stronger. It kept eating at him, feeling like he was betraying his best friend by having these feelings, but he couldn’t help who he fell for.
           “What is it, Felix? You know you can tell me anything.” Felix nodded, knowing full well that Chan could never be mad at him, no matter what he does. But there’s someone else involved, someone that both of them love dearly, someone that could be hurt once the secret is revealed.
           “I have feelings for Y/N.” Felix could barely look at the older man, not wanting to see the anger or disappointment on his face. Chan was the older brother Felix wished for, and he didn’t want to lose him.
           “Like, my girlfriend Y/N?” Chan asked and Felix just nodded. Silence hung in the air as Chan allowed the news to process in his brain. “Do you-do you want me to break up with her?” Chan struggled to ask, hoping Felix would say no. Chan loved Felix like a little brother, and would do anything to keep him happy. But he also loved his girlfriend and didn’t want to let her go. He would feel trapped if Felix asked him to end things with her, unsure of what he would do.
           “No! No, of course not. You two love each other way too much for that. I just-I needed to tell you. Not to make you feel bad or make you break up with her! I just felt horrible keeping this from you. I’m trying to move on, I promise.” Chan nodded, understanding how difficult it must be for him.
           She was always around, helping out in whatever ways she could. Whether it was cooking for them, tidying up the dorms, or just listening to their problems, she was right there. It’s what made Chan fall so hard for her. She wasn’t apart of the idol world, there was no way she could understand everything the boys went through, but she was there. She was there whenever Chan needed her, whenever any of them needed her, and that was more than Chan could have ever asked.
           He was ecstatic when he brought her to the dorms for the first time, introducing the boys to the girl that quickly became the love of his life, and everyone adored her. No one had a bad thing to say about her, and that just confirmed it for Chan; she was the one.
           The weeks following Felix’s confession, Chan tried his best to help Felix move on. He didn’t bring her to the dorms anymore, instead opting for date nights at her place. And when they were all hanging out, Chan toned down the PDA. He didn’t hold her in his arms and press kisses all over her face like usual. He barely even held her hand, leaving everyone confused as to what was happening in his relationship.
           She found it weird at first but brushed it off as exhaustion or stress. But the more it happened, the more concerned she got. She racked her brain for an idea of when it all went wrong. When his loving touches became longing stares. But she came up empty. Because when they were alone in her apartment, he was the same Chan she fell in love with; clingy and loving. But the few times she’s been to the dorms the last month, he brushed her off like she was a nuisance.
           “Is everything okay, baby girl? You’ve barely said a word since I got here.” Chan pouted, resting his chin on her shoulder, and poking her cheek. She lightly pushed him off of her, sitting on the other side of the couch.
           “You tell me, Chan. Is everything okay?” He could hear the anger in her voice. And the use of his name instead of the pet name she usually calls him didn’t go unmissed to him. He messed up, but he didn’t know how to fix it.
           “Of course. What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” He chuckled, but quickly silenced himself when he saw the serious look on her face.
           “Are you embarrassed by me?” She asked.
           “What? Absolutely not!”
           “If that’s not it, then do you want to break up?” Her question hung in the air, surrounding both of them with an awkward silence they haven’t experience in the 2 years they’ve been dating. They just stared at each other, both trying to keep their poker faces so the other couldn’t see how bad even just the thought of a break up hurt them.
           “No, I don’t. Do you?” He finally answered. She thought she would feel relieved, but his answer just left her with more questions swirling in her mind. If he wasn’t embarrassed, and he didn’t want to break up, was he cheating? Did he fall for someone else?
           “Maybe.” She answered, finally allowing the sadness and the hurt to show on her face. Chan caved as well, grabbing one of her hands in his own, and running his thumb over her knuckles. So many dreams he’s had of placing a ring on her left ring finger, claiming her as his forever. And just like that, his dream was slowly slipping away. “I’m just so confused.”
           “Talk to me, baby girl. We can work this out, I know we can.”
           “I’m not sure we can this time.” She admitted, her heart breaking in two at the very idea of losing Chan forever. It broke at the idea of watching him fall in love with someone else, loving someone else the way she wished he’d love her. “You’re a different person now, but only around the boys.”
           “It’s not because I don’t love you anymore. I love you more than words can express.” He could tell by the look on her face that she didn’t believe him. But he didn’t want to ruin the trust between him and Felix; he couldn’t tell her about Felix’s feelings. But if he didn’t say something, she was going to walk away, and Chan couldn’t picture his future without her. “One of the members told me something, and I’ve been trying to make sure they’re comfortable.”
           “Are they not okay with me being at the dorms?” He shook his head, reassuring her that they all love when she’s there. “Then what is it, Chan? If you can’t tell me what’s going on so we can fix it, there won’t be anything to fix.”
           “One of them has feelings for you.” He blurted out in hopes it would stop the breakup. She sat there in silence, processing the words, before bursting into laughter. “What’s so funny?” Chan felt confused, unsure if he should be worried or relieved.
           “Baby, you’re an idiot.” At the sound of the pet name she always called him, Chan relaxed, knowing that things were going to be okay. She wasn’t leaving. “Why didn’t you just tell me? Everything makes sense now.”
           “It does?”
           “Of course. Whoever it was had guts to go to you about it, though. Proud of them.” Chan chuckled, agreeing with his girlfriend. Seeing as the small fight was over, Chan reached out to pull her into his arms. She rested her head in his lap, staring up at his face, while he played with her hair.
           “He’s trying his best to move on, I just wanted to help him.” She reached up to pinch his cheek.
           “You’re so cute, Channie. If what you were doing was working, we can continue that. I’ll do whatever I can to make things easier.” He bent down to press a quick kiss to her lips. “Just don’t scare me like that again. I swear I was ready to walk out.” She lightly smacked his chest, causing Chan to burst into laughter.
           “I know, baby girl. I’m so happy you didn’t though. I love you.”
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ch4nb4ng · 18 days ago
A Helping Hand
Tumblr media
Pairing: Changbin x afab!reader
Genre: College friends to lovers
Warning: Make out, fiingering (f. receiving), praise, corruption, inexperienced reader, orgasm (f), mentions of bulge
Word Count: 3.7k (shorter than usual thank god)
Summary: Changbin just wants to be the good best friend he is. Help you out in any dire situation. But what happens when your request is a little more explicit than usual?
Tagged: @ofsake and @ghazalestay , hope you enjoy!!
“Okay let’s do a couple of more questions and then finish for the night please.”
You nodded, already feeling your brain fatigue starting to take over. The mid-term was approaching soon, very soon, but your study efforts were more than adequate. You felt like at this point your sole purpose in life was to ace this algebra exam, so by now, at 11pm two weeks before, studying almost 10 hours a day; being stressed and exhausted was an understatement.
“Sure thing,” Changbin smiled, taking note of your energy drop since the beginning of your study session. His concern grew greatly, clouding his mind the longer he studied your face. He decided at that very moment that it was more than enough to end the work for the day. Joining in the lazy slouching on the other side of your double bed he sighed, fixated on how puffy your under eyes looked, most likely from a lack of sleep, and overdoing of preparation.
“Y/n,” he whispered, sitting up and tapping you on the shoulder lightly, “are you okay?”
“What? Oh, yeah I’m fine,” you shrugged, both hands on your face, “just have a lot of things on my mind.”
You stood up abruptly walking into your wardrobe, which was out of view from Changbin, discarding the uncomfortable shirt you previously had on, unclasping your bra and replacing it with a rather oversized hoodie. You sighed in relief, finally free from the shackles of pain and inconvenience that came with wearing such undergarments.
“I’m really looking forward to the party at Chan’s house tomorrow. Get my mind off of homework for a couple of hours.”
“Sure you’re excited,” Changbin scoffed, “Hyunjin is going to be there.”
The name made you roll your eyes hard, slamming your wardrobe door shut, giving your best friend a very cruel death glare of disdain.
“Are you still going on about this? We hooked up one time, one time!”
“Okay but,” Changbin sighed, “you were talking about him before that. If I knew any better, you might actually like this dude.”
You sat on the edge of the bed, completely unfazed by his bold assumption. You were extremely comfortable having such conversations with Changbin, knowing very well that there was no cover he had to hide, no under the surface feelings that he was eager to expose, but couldn’t. He was a very honest person, and very easy to read; exactly like an open book.
“I mean I guess I did,” you drifted off, “but after we hooked up, we, well I. It just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be.”
“Ahh,” Changbin nodded, “I understand what you mean.”
“Yeah, which is why I’m going abstinent for now. Swearing off any and all men until I can find one that actually satisfies me.”
Both pairs of eyes in the room grew wide simultaneously, but for different reasons. Yours being that you admitted a humiliating secret, and Changbin was not an idiot and can read between the lines of such implications. His reason being because he wasn’t sure if what he heard was accurate.
“Y/n, did you say what I think you just said?”
“Uh,” you paused, grabbing the pillow closest to you, covering your now heated complexion, “maybe.”
“I’m being serious,” he chuckled, grabbing the pillow and putting it next to him, “it makes me feel bad. Was he really that bad? They all were?”
“I mean,” you shrugged, “they finished, they had a good time. I think it’s just me. I can’t even do it when I’m..”
“When you’re?”
“You know,” you paused, begging for his ability to read between the lines to come back. He smirked, knowing exactly what you meant.
“No I don't-”
“When I'm by myself, alright!” you screamed, hitting him with another pillow, “why do you make me drag it out!”
The embarrassment was too much, pillow creeping back to your face, feet kicking as he burst into a fit of laughter. He loved to make fun of you, which was fair considering the usual dynamic was to make fun of Changbin on a daily basis.
“Y/n relax,” he shouted, trying to get over his laughter, “it’s not a big deal.”
Your feet came to a still, sitting up quickly and looking at Changbin’s face to see if he was fucking with you or not.
“It’s not?”
“Yes,” he chuckled, “guys can be mediocre, I’ve heard other girls say that. Not the ones I have been with of course.”
“Dude!” Your scream was loud as you started to punch him across the chest in a repetitive manner. His laughter increased in sound again, making no effort to stop your brutal force, knowing very well that he deserved it.
“Okay okay,” he yelped, grabbing his stomach in pain from the amount of laughter he had just incurred, “you’re right I deserve that, it was bad timing.”
“Yes you did!”
The noise had reduced, a comfortable silence falling over the room as you looked at the floor. That, however, was when your mind started to dance. He said he was supposedly ‘good with other girls.’ Maybe he could do the same thing for you? Just for help of course, educational purposes only; nothing more. He looked over at you, identifying your eyebrows furrowed in curious thought.
“What are you thinking about now?”
“Oh uhm, nothing,” you gasped, his voice interrupting your suggestive thoughts, “we are best friends, right?”
“Of course Y/n,” he smiled, placing a hand on your knee. Now all of a sudden his touch began to burn, searing a patronising flame across your stomach.
“Would you do anything for me?”
“Do you even have to ask that?”
“Touche,” you huffed, working up the courage to ask such a question. This could be a dangerous question that could go two ways; one: he would get weirded out and leave, making your friendship awkward, or two: he would agree and you would end up having sex with your best friend. Both ideas weren't great, but the latter seemed to be the lesser of the two evils. How you got yourself in this predicament was baffling. Nevertheless, you were desperate. Staying abstinent from men wasn’t something you really wanted to do. Changbin, objectively, was a good looking guy, totally someone you would go for if he was a complete stranger. On the other hand, he wasn’t a stranger, in fact, he was the closest thing you had to anybody here at college. This could change everything, and not in the way you wanted it to.
“Could you maybe, uhm,” you paused, panic beginning to surge through your body, regretting the last 3 words you spoke, “uhm, forget about it.”
“Y/n come on you can’t do that,'' he whined, grabbing your hands, “you can ask me anything, okay?”
You looked up at him, admiring the care he had in his eyes when you were nervous.
“Okay fine, but promise you won’t laugh?”
“Okay,” you paused, reluctantly shoving your nerves down your throat, “can you help me out with, well, you know?”
“Please don’t make me spell it out again, this is embarrassing and pathetic enough as it is.”
His facial expression of confusion soon became one of realisation, mouth opening wide and eyes practically boggling out of his head once he became aware of what you were asking of him. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t like the idea. Himself being the first one to give you your orgasm, corrupt you with that impending feeling that rushed all over your body, the one that happened to know so well.
Your very tightly shut eyes opened, his nonchalant attitude having you in complete disbelief. The fact that he was being very calm about this situation terrified you more than the act itself. He moved closer to you, a hand of reassurance coming into contact with your own concerned one.
“I mean,” Changbin replied, “if you trust me, I’m more than happy to.”
“Oh,” you whispered, afraid your voice would crack if you spoke any louder, “are you sure? I don’t want things to be weird after.”
“Y/n, they’re not going to be,” he sighed jokingly, “Think of it as a helping hand. You’re in stress and dire need of saving, and I-”
“Stop,” You yelled at him, gently punching him again, “this is already embarrassing enough as it is.”
He chuckled again, moving closer to you in order to get the ball rolling. You froze for a moment; this was really happening. You reciprocated his actions, inching closer and closer, lips aching to be touched the smaller the distance became. He brought a hand to the side of your neck, eyes casting backup to yours, waiting for any sign to continue.
“Are you sure,” you whispered, feeling the breath from his slightly parted lips begin to tickle your own, “we don’t have to-”
“Shhh,” he purred, face basically closing any remaining space from you, “I told you, I really, really want to.”
He peered down at your lips, biting down on his own, before bringing them back to your eyes, then your lips again. He was playing games with himself, toying with you to an even greater extent the longer he let his eyes roam. He was in no rush, planning for the thrill of it all to increase the arousal that you soon would feel when his lips travelled to other places on your body that weren’t on your face.
It was, however, working very well. You felt the temperature of your skin become flush, mouth increasing in salivation the longer he bore into you, like a very well done magic trick completed by a well-trained magician. A witch, mixing a potion, lust and adventure leading the pack of ingredients. Everything you thought you knew about him had changed within a mere couple of seconds. The sweet boy next door energy that he tended to radiate was dissipating rapidly. The devil of corruption hijacked his body, eyes changing to the dark colour, spilling and taking you with him.
“Just say the words,” he whispered, letting them fall naturally off of the tip of his tongue as it stuck itself behind his top teeth, “and I’m going to guarantee that I’ll have you cumming so hard, the only name you’ll remember is mine.”
His dominant demeanor made you give up completely, and hesitation that previously clouded your mind was now non-existent. You gave one last push, making yourself the one to finally connect your lips together. It started very slowly, hands on Changbin’s wrists that stayed connected to your neck, tongues moving with rhythm against each other, but the grandiosity of it all quickened with little time. The passion of such a sensual kiss was increasing with anticipation, heads moving with much more vigour, hands beginning to aimlessly roam across corresponding bodies. You moaned against his lips, causing him to break away from you. Chests heaving in syncronisity, Changbin looked up at you, immediately scanning your features to identify any regret or doubts about what just happened.
“Wow,” you panted, still quite out of breath.
“Was that okay?”
“Yes,” you gasped, whisking one leg over and sitting on top of him, “really good.”
Changbin chuckled, arms now wrapped around his neck as a hint to keep going. He was the one that pushed forward this time, reattaching his lips, hands scurrying down to your hips, thumbs pressing light squeezes against the softness of your jumper, hard enough to be felt through on your waist. You took it as your own provoking sign, gently rocking yourself against him.
He gasped into your mouth, causing you to chuckle as you broke away. You looked down at his face, the filthy smirk that appeared on your face was already sending you into another dimension. He was so smug, truly enjoying the way you were enjoying yourself. The shorts of thin material were something you thanked yourself for wearing, easily experiencing the dragging of your core against his quickly forming bulge. You bit down on your lip, suppressing any sounds of pleasure that wanted to escape from your throat. You did not want to give him such satisfaction; yet.
“Come on,” he spoke, tone breathy as he continued, “let it out.”
The way he read your mind terrified you, but it didn’t stop you from letting out the soft groans and moans you wanted to previously share the harder you grinded against him. You were starting to feel it already, the pulsating of your clit becoming immense. Changbin had barely touched you, yet you were already greatly aroused by him than any other man that you had shared such experiences with prior.
“Okay, okay,” Changbin huffed, lifting you up and thawing you on your back, “enough of that, or I’m going to get too worked up.”
You giggled at his words, your knowledge of how dirty your best friend could be quite unknown. He laid next to you, fingertips roaming around your still very clothed body. He looked up at you, a very certain look with his eyes, asking for permission to discard the obstacles: your clothing. You nodded, sitting up against the wall and lifting your arms up. You thanked yourself mentally for not wearing anything underneath, Changbin’s nasty smirk returning back to his lips. He immediately reached for your breasts, palms covering your nipples entirely as his fingers searched for the maximum amount of surface area they could reach, applying a few gentle squeezes.
You were beginning to melt into this touch, the contrast of his cool, icy palms dissolving heat burning from the warm flesh. His fingers, however, took no time in finding their aim, effortlessly forming around your sensitive buds, rolling back and forth between the naught digits.
“Ah,” you gasped, back arching into his touch, “fuck, Changbin.”
“So good,” he groaned, lowering his lips to your chest, “so breathy for me, you are.”
His swollen lips began to nip at your extremely hardened nipples, relishing in how easily your body anticipated him. His hands began to travel again, down the curve of your stomach, pushing past where you throbbed for him, barely scraping the inside of your thighs. Your legs jolted in the slightest, silent beginning for Changbin to put his fingers right in between his legs, right where you wanted to beg him to touch you.
“Tell me,” he whispered, eyes doey as he looked up at you in your semi-dishevelled state, “what do you want from me?”
“Touch me,” you blurted out, head already so dizzy from his pristine ways of making you feel oh so satisfied, “here.”
You wrapped your fingers around his wrist, dragging his strong palms away from your thighs, and right to your heat. Changbin quickly caught the gist, closing his fingers except for his middle and index finger, dusting them over your clothed centre in a very anti-climatic, playful fashion. Eyes fixated on your pussy, he groaned, identifying the already wet patch that was forming through your thin layered shorts. Changbin felt like he was in heaven. The way your body reacted to him so eager. The cute little woman he saw as his best friend. He never imagined that you could be so sensitive, so needy, so fucking responsive to the smallest of touches. He truly never pictured you to be the type.
Your hips began to move in sync with his digits, creating a gentle friction that wasn’t too overwhelming, yet not enough simultaneously. You were enjoying yourself so much, your chest becoming shallow from the small pants you took with each breath. He was enjoying teasing you, at first. But his mind was truly starting to go haywire, wanting to do everything in his power to turn your world upside down. His sex-crazed, mind fucked alter ego was arriving, and the longer he didn’t have bare contact with your heat, the hungrier he became for you.
“More Changbin,” you whined, pushing the fabric away from you, “I want more.”
All he could do was comply, helping you remove both layers momentarily. He gasped, almost fainting at how pretty your pussy was to him.
“Fuck,” he groaned, spreading your lips apart, “look how wet you are already.”
You buried your head in his chest, completely embarrassed. His dirty words made you want to hide. Nothing ever so vulgar or of such erotic nature had spilled from Changbin’s mouth in your entire history of friendship. Seeing him as the not so innocent boy you thought he was contributed to the fast, increasing arousal in your body, adrenaline surging like no tomorrow.
“Mhm,” was the only coherent sound you managed to put together. His fingers began to go to work, striking a fierce line up along your clit, causing your hips to jolt, viciously. The reaction made him smirk. He wanted to admit that he liked having so much power over you, making you so sensitive with the simplest of touches. “How does that feel?”
“So, so good,” you moaned, whimpering as he took his fingers away, “Changbin.”
“Open your mouth,” he hissed, prodding his already coated fingers at your lips, “come on baby, open them.”
You complied enthusiastically, grabbing Changbin’s wrist and shoving it into your mouth, fixing your eyes on his facial expressions as you took his fingers, easily able to taste yourself already. You could see his jaw tense up, eyes going slightly foggy at how eager you took his fingers. There was a determination being stirred within you. Yes, the focus was meant to be on you and how good you feel, but you couldn't help it. There was a disturbing tornado that was cycling, needing Changbin to know how much you wanted him, and how much power you could have to to simulate the similar dire effect. It had become a war in your mind, a war that you did not want to lose.
“Jesus,” Changbin gasped, popping his fingers away from your mouth, “you’re so good at that.”
He spent no time awaiting for your response, straight away, slithering the wet digits down the center of your body, past your breasts, down your stomach, and right back to where your body was calling for him the most.
He was still taking it very slow, tantalizing your senses as he gently rubbed your clit in circular motions. It truly made you speechless; nothing had ever felt this good. Your lids already struggling to stay open, legs following in similar fashion as he began to increase his pace, dragging his fingers from your hole, lathering your own pathetic juices across your pussy.
“Fuck Changbin,” you hissed, unsure of the words that were about to spill from your lips, “more, I need more.”
“You want more?”
“Please,” you moaned, bucking your hips against his fingers, “fuck me, please.”
His eyes widened, caught off guard by your vulgar request. It didn’t mean that he did not like it however. If anything, it turned him on even more. He moved closer to you, spreading his lights slightly, right leg under your left leg, allowing his hard on to breathe, subtly creating some friction to relieve his own strains that were becoming more prominent the longer this went on.You took no notice as his fingers went on the prowl once more, slithering down to your entrance, a finger plunging and burying completely inside of you. Eyes springing open, you jumped forward, feeling’s Changbin’s free hand brung your back down from what felt like space as he gently pinned you to the bed, curling his fingers and earning multiple moans from you.
“Right there,” you groaned, burying your face in his chest, “right there Changbin, it feels so good.”
He chuckled at your vulnerability, quickening his pace the more frequent the incoherent phrases that were coming from your mouth.
“Good girl y/n,” Changbin growled, fixated on the way you squirmed, hips unable to stay in one spot, “feels good, doesn’t it?”
He took his other hand in his mouth, spitting and sucking on them as hard as he could before reaching down and flicking your clit back and forth, a high pitched squeal escaping your lips as he found his rhythm between finger tips. The pleasure was becoming overwhelming, breaths becoming extremely heavy as he fuck you with his fingers. The muscles in your legs were beginning to seize up. A tight feeling began to form in your stomach, growing in strength and tension the more pressure Changbin applied to your dripping cunt.
“Oh my god,” you whined, desperately bucking your hips to chase the intense feeling of pleasure coursing through your body, “t-too g-good.”
“Can you feel it baby?” His voice was soft, sympathising how fucked out you were. “Can you feel it in the pit of your stomach?”
“Getting tighter and tighter?”
“Yes,” you cried out, “I can’t, I can’t take it.”
“Are you going to cum pretty girl?” He whined, mimicking the desperation of your tone, “You want to cum all over my fingers?”
“Please,” you moaned, “please Changbin, I want to cum.”
“You wanna cum?”
“You asked so nicely, how could I say no?”
Your jaw dropped to the floor as this foreign feeling overwhelmed your body, starting at your core and spreading all over. Body collapsing, you screamed, covering your mouth as Changbin kept his pace, your hips unable to adjust to the extraordinary gratification he inflicted on you.
“That’s it,” he whispered, voice low with seduction, “let yourself go. Feel every bit of me inside of you.”
Another high pitched moan escaped your lips, grabbing Changbin’s wrist for him to stop.
“Please,” you whimpered, “stop.”
“Okay okay,”he chuckled, pressing a soft kiss to your lips. He smiled as he pulled away, almost laughing at how flabbergasted you looked. You looked away as soon as you felt his gaze fixated on you. It still had not hit what had just happened. You became embarrassed, seeming so pathetic in front of him, submitting to him that easily; he coil read you like a book. He took the hands away from your eyes, concerned that you would be hiding regret.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” you whispered, “well, really good actually.”
“Good,” he smirked, “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”
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jiminbbyboy · 25 days ago
golden hour - b.c, h.hj
Tumblr media
featuring: bang chan x f.reader x hwang hyunjin
↳  The three of them had fallen into a habit for sharing a bed and cuddling. What happens when feelings get involved?
{“you mean the world to us”}
word count: 9.5k
warnings: angst, fluff, self doubt, the reader is written as some learning to love themselves and learning to love their body and accept love from others, mention of pregnancy Explicit sexual content such as: oral, unprotected sex, voyeurism, threesomes
an: this is a reworking of one of my stories from my other tumblr spidey-babe-parker
Tumblr media
Laying in the full-size bed, your curvy body was curled up against the muscular body of Hyunjin. Your thick leg was thrown over his waist as your head used his chest as a pillow. Your body couldn’t be any physically closer to his. Curled up behind you, Chan was nuzzled up tightly against you.
You weren’t even dating either of them. You had fallen into this cycle of all sleeping in bed together. It all started one night when you had a really bad nightmare and went to the kitchen to get water, and found Chan sitting on the barstool at the counter. He also couldn’t sleep himself.  His own personal nightmares had kept him up. That was the first night you and Chan innocently shared a bed together.
It became a frequent habit of both of you sleeping together just to cuddle after Chan would have nightmares. Hyunjin joined in one night about a month in when he walked into Chan’s room to check on him and found him curled up next to you. You were both wide awake and spooning while talking. You both looked over at Hyunjin with the look of a child who got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Hyunjin asked what was going on and you then went on to explain to him that you both had a hard time sleeping at night.
Hyunjin awkwardly asked if he could join, and you both just nodded your head as he curled upset onto the other side of the bed. From that night on you rarely ever slept alone.
You nuzzled against Hyunjin’s chest as you started to slowly wake up. Chan’s strong hand gently rubbed her thigh letting you know he was awake. Gently you rolled off of Hyunjin trying not to wake him up. Looking over at Chan who had moved back a little to give you room.
He laid on his back and signaled for you to cuddle up against him. You moved back into the position you had just been laying on Hyunjin. Your leg once again was tossed over Chan’s waist as your head nuzzled against Chan’s strong chest.
His hand gripped your thigh pulling you even closer to him. This was the first time your cuddling had even gotten close to sexual. There was suddenly a thick sexual tension between you as you let out a low moan as your pajama covered cored rutted against his hip. Your eyes went wide as you bit your lip. You didn’t mean to moan, but the way he was pulling you closer to him was intoxicating.
His warm eyes locked onto yours as he was trying to figure out what was going on in your mind. He suddenly wanted to kiss you but he didn’t know if you even had feelings for him.
You suddenly felt embarrassed at the fact you moaned as your body moved against him. Your eyes quickly moved away from his dark ones.
“Should I sleep somewhere else?” You rasped lightly, finally breaking the silence.
He shook his head quickly. The last thing he wanted was for you to sleep somewhere else, at this point he didn’t know if he was able to actually sleep all night without you or Hyunjin.
“What’s going on?” Hyunjin said, sitting up. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked over at the two of you confused about what was going on.
You rolled off of Chan quickly and laid on your back staring at the ceiling. You wondered if maybe it was time for you to start sleeping alone again. You couldn’t lie to yourself anymore. You were starting to develop feelings for both of the men you were sharing a bed with.
“I think I need to sleep alone,” you continued to stare at the ceiling. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at either of them. The embarrassment creeping across your face.
“What? Why?” Hyunjin almost shouted. He had just woken up and suddenly you were saying you didn’t want to sleep with them anymore.
“Because I can’t keep telling myself I don’t have feelings for you,” you felt embarrassed that you had to confess your feelings you had for them. Your cheeks burned bright as your eyes looked over slowly at Hyunjin and then at Chan who both had the same wide-eyed look as they stared at each other.
“I mean I like you too,” Hyunjin said, speaking up as he looked down at you.
Chan nodded his head, “I like you too.”
“Oh,” you were completely caught off guard. Hyunjin was a man who had no issue with skinship. You hadn’t even thought about the possibility he would like you as more than a friend. Chan had always been more closed off, almost afraid to put himself out there. The thought of him like you wasn’t something you could picture.
“Can we maybe talk about this later? I’m exhausted and still want to cuddle,” Hyunjin asked as he laid back down.
“Okay we can talk about this later,” you said, still attempting to process everything.
Hyunjin moved so he was laying on his side and pulled your soft body so you were curled up against him. Chan smiled as he watched you curl up against Hyunjin.
“Are you going to join?” You asked.
He nodded his head as he slowly moved to become the little spoon in front of you. His strong body pressed against your curvy one. Your hand was over his waist and he reached up and laced his fingers with yours and gave your hand a little squeeze.
Hyunjin gently pressed his lips to your bare shoulder and whispered, “you mean the world to us.”
Chan had this ability to fully distract you with very little to no effort. His strong hand gently rested on your lower back as he was talking about something completely random. You were trying her hardest to pay attention to what he was saying but you were so distracted by his touch and his warm eyes that were locked onto your.
Hyunjin leaned against the counter as he watched you attempting to carry on a conversation with Chan who was completely oblivious to the effect that he was having on you. Hyunjin couldn’t help but smile a little at the effect Chan was having on you.
He walked over and without saying a word pressed his lips gently to your cheek. He had wanted to kiss you but he also just wanted to see what you would do with Chan innocently touching you while he pressed his lips to your burning cheek.
Your head quickly whipped to the side to see Hyunjin innocently smirking at you. Chan must have caught on to what was happening because his hand gently pulled you in so you were standing less than an inch away from him. You looked up at him with wide eyes as your cheeks burned bright. You still weren’t even exactly sure what was going on between you, Chan and Hyunjin, other than they both said they shared feelings for you.
“You okay?” Chan asked, gazing down at you.
Slowly you nodded. You weren’t sure she could process words at the moment. Nothing like this has ever happened to you in your life. In your whole life you hadn’t had the best history with dating, and men never really pined after you. Let alone two men that looked like them.
“Hey Princess,” his words caught your attention and you looked over at him as you stood still right in front of Chan. Hyunjin reached over and lightly rested his hand on your soft face. Silently you stared into his warm eyes. “Can I kiss you?” he asked, testing the waters. Since you had all discussed your feelings, you hadn’t done much other than share innocent kisses on the cheek and forehead.
Your heart raced at the thought of kissing him. You nodded your head, still not sure if you could speak.
Without hesitation he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips to yours to share your first real kiss. Chan stepped back letting Hyunjin have his moment. He watched as his best friend and you shared your first kiss and he couldn’t help but smile. Watching Hyunjin kiss the girl that he liked made him desperately want to share a kiss with you. He couldn’t explain how much he enjoyed seeing both of you so happy together.
Hyunjin’s touch was gentle as his lips moved against yours. You still couldn’t wrap your mind around the fact that both Hyunjin and Chan admitted they had feelings for you. His lips felt electric against yours, he pulled his lips away from yours and smiled.
“Wow,” you whispered as your eyes burned into his dark orbs.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as his hand was still resting on your face. His lingering touch leaves butterflies in your stomach.
Chan cleared his throat and both Hyunjin and you looked over at Chan to see him staring at you with a questioning look on his face.
“Yeah Chan?” Hyunjin asked.
“Can I steal a kiss baby girl?” he asked, stepping back towards you.
Hyunjin removed his hand from your face as you slowly nodded. Hyunjin stepped back and smiled as Chan and you awkwardly stood in front of each other. Chan leaned forward and rested his forehead against yours as if he was trying to figure out exactly what should happen. You closed your eyes as you were taking in his closeness. You stayed like that for a moment before Chan leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours. His lips moved ever so gently as if he was afraid, you were going to break if he wasn’t careful. Your hand reached up and rested on his neck as your lips moved against his. His lips tasted of mint chapstick and it was intoxicating.
You moved apart and your eyes moved from Hyunjin and Chan quickly becoming extremely aware of the fact that you had just kissed both of them. Your heart rate picked up as you suddenly felt nervous. What did all this mean? What happened next between you. All of this was uncharted territory for all of you.
“Wow,” you whispered again. That was the only word you could think of.
“You’re an incredible woman,” Chan leaned forward and whispered before lightly pressing his lips to your cheek for a soft kiss.
Hyunjin was away at a dance competition and it was your first time alone with Chan since you confessed your feelings and shared your first kiss with each boy.  Hyunjin was supposed to be arriving home at any time. As Hyunjin was leaving, he asked Chan to look after you. He called you “their girl” the sweet nickname left you wanting to giggle like a schoolgirl.
Chan and you were curled up on the couch. You leaned into his side as the movie you were watching played on the tv in front of you. His strong hand rested on your thigh as he aimlessly drew circles on your thigh. His touch caught your attention. You glanced up at him as you were attempting to watch the movie playing in front of you. How are you supposed to focus on a movie when the man that was always capturing your attention was touching you.
His focus was on the tv in front of him, but he could feel you looking at him. He looked down at you with a smile playing across his lips.
“Yes, Princess?”
Your eyes narrowed, “you can’t just touch me and expect me to actually watch the movie playing.”
He bit his bottom lip and held back a smile.
“Did you want it to be more than an innocent touch?” he asked, wondering if he could test the waters with you. This whole relationship was a learning experience for everyone involved.
Your eyes went wide as you took in what he had just said to you. There constantly seemed to be the thought in the back of your mind wondering what else could unfold between you. Slowly you nod. He pulled away from you and moved so you were facing each other. He reached forward and connected his lips to yours for a passionate kiss. His fingers tangled in your hair pulling him closer to her as their lips danced together. His strong hands grabbed your round hips moving you so you were straddling his waist. His hands roamed your back as your lips continued to move against each other. The way you were kissing you would have sworn that you needed each other to breathe. The sound of the door opening caused you to pull apart. With wide eyes you both looked up to see Hyunjin standing by the tv.
“I see you took care of our girl,” Hyunjin smiled as he stared at the pair of you who look like you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar.
“Hey Hyunjin,” Chan awkwardly said as you crawled off of him, and moved back to your spot on the couch you had been sitting on.
“Why are you two acting like I just walked in on catching you cheating on me?” Hyunjin was confused on why you were suddenly acting guilty.
You shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know.” This was all new to you. It felt strange that Hyunjin would be okay with you openly kissing his best friend.
“(YN) you’re allowed to kiss Chan and do whatever you want with him. You don’t ever need to ask for my permission,” he smiled as he walked towards you and sat on the coffee table that was sat in front of the couch. He reached over and placed his hand under your chin and gently tilted your head up so you were looking into his warm eyes. “The ball is in your court at all times Princess. Whatever you want from all this is what you get. If you want to be with both of us you can or if you only want to be with Chan, we both understand.”
Both Hyunjin and Chan wanted you to be happy, and they both had agreed that whatever happened your happiness was what mattered.
“I want both of you guys,” you whispered, still almost unsure that all of this was real. How could both of these men possibly be okay with openly
Sharing your affection.
“Then you have both of us Princess,” Chan said from beside you.
“Did you want me to leave so you guys can go back to making out on the couch?” Hyunjin asked with a soft laugh as he released your chin.
“No, did you want to cuddle and watch the movie with us?” You asked.
“I would love that.”
You moved back into Chan’s side and Hyunjin sat down on the couch next to you and rested his hand on your thigh.
“I missed you guys,” Hyunjin smiled gently, massaging your thighs, earning a soft sigh from you.
“We missed you too,” Chan said before leaning over and pressing his lips to the top of his favorite girl's head.
Hyunjin gripped your hips as his own hips thrust into you over and over again. You couldn’t help but moan his name over and over again. Your hands moved to grip the sheets next to your hips. Your velvety walls are pulling him in, earning a groan.
You and the boys had recently started having sex and to say it was earth shattering was an understatement. Neither of them seemed to be able to get enough of you. Honestly, you couldn’t get enough of them either.
Chan had gone to work out leaving you and Hyunjin alone for a little while and it didn’t take long before Hyunjin had you naked and on your back.
He sat back on his hunches as his hips thrust into yours over and over again. Your back arched as he was pushing you closer and closer to the edge.  
“Hyunjin,” your high pitched moan echoed off the walls.
“Baby girl let go,” he rasped as he leaned forward. He pressed his lips to your soft stomach as he rolled his hips against yours. You wanted every piece of the man thrusting into you. Everything about him was absolutely intoxicating to you. His golden skin glistened with sweat as he looked down at you like you were his world.
It only took a few more thrust before he pushed you over the edge. Your walls pulled him in, and he thrust a few more times before he hit his own high. He laid down on the bed next to you and stared at the ceiling as he panted. He looked over at you to see you with a huge smile on your face. If you looked up word bliss in the dictionary, this moment could be found.
“Did you enjoy that?” he asked, reaching over and lacing his fingers with yours.
Silently you nod as you look over at him.
“Man, Chan missed out by going and working out,” he laughed softly.
Before you could respond the door opened and Chan walked inside to see you and Hyunjin naked lying in bed. Chan pushed his eyebrows together and smiled at the sight in front of him.
“I see I missed the fun,” he walked over and sat down on the bed.
“I got my own workout in,” Hyunjin teased.
“I guess I should stop going to the gym,” Chan jokes.
“Well if you’re not too tired I’m sure YN, would let you get another workout in,” Hyunjin lifted your hand up and pressed a light kiss to the top of delicate skin on top of your hand.
You bit your lip and smiled. You couldn’t believe you were so lucky that two beautiful men seemed to be absolutely in love with you and both wanted to sleep with you.
“Princess, could you go for another round?” Chan asked, looking at you.
“I guess,” you joke. Even if you were absolutely exhausted you couldn’t turn down the chance to be with Chan.
“I’ll give you guys some alone time. I’m in need of a shower,” Hyunjin released your hand and got out of bed.
Chan pulled off his shirt and watched as you sat up and leaned against the headboard. Hyunjin walked over and patted Chan on the back before heading off to the bathroom. Chan reached down and pushed off his sweatpants and his boxers. Hungry eyes traveled up and down his toned body. You couldn’t seem to wrap her mind around the fact that you were having sex with both the boys all the time.
Crawling onto the bed he watched as you laid back down and smiled at him. He moved so he was hovering over you and connected his lips to yours for a passionate kiss.
“I need to stop leaving you and Hyunjin alone,” he rasped with his lips brushing against yours.
“At least he is also giving you alone time with me,” you reached up and rested your hand on his cheek.
“Remind me to thank him for that,” he smiled before pressing his lips to yours again.
Both of your boys were away on business trips together and you couldn’t help but get lost in your own thoughts as you laid in your bed alone for the first time in forever. You were starting to doubt yourself, you didn’t understand why two men would want to be with you, let alone two men who looked like them. Glancing over at the clock you saw the time read three in the morning. You weren’t even close to tired anymore.
Lifting the covers, you crawled out of bed and walked off towards your bathroom starting the warm water. You slowly stripped off your clothes and stepped into the water. The warm water engulfed your body, you couldn’t help it as tears started to slide down your cheeks. You were over thinking everything and you knew it. You had had a really rough day at work and that probably wasn’t helping at all. You ran your hands across your rear stain face and washed away your tears.
You stayed in the shower for what felt like forever before you finally got out. You shut the water off and wrapped a towel around you. As you turned around, you heard the bathroom door open and turned to find Chan walking inside looking exhausted.
Suddenly you felt embarrassed by the fact that Chan walked into the bathroom to find you crying in the middle of the night.
His soft eyes roamed your face attempting to figure out what was wrong with you. “Baby girl, what's wrong?” he stepped towards you and wrapped his arms around your basically naked body pulling you into his chest.
“I just had a rough day, and started over thinking about everything,” you sighed as the tears continued to slide down her cheeks. You felt stupid that you let little things get you down, but you couldn’t help it.
His strong hand gently rubbed your back as he pressed his lips to the top of your head. You closed your eyes and held on to him. You knew you didn’t need to be crying, but you couldn’t help it.
“Where’s Hyunjin?” You murmured, still holding on to him.
He pulled away from you and gave you a small smile, “he’s exhausted the second we got back, he stripped down to his boxers and got into your bed.”
“Oh okay,” you whispered.
“Baby girl what aren’t you telling me?” he had both his hands on your arms staring at you trying to figure out what was going on in your head.
“Why do you guys want to be with me? I’m literally nothing special,” you sighed.
He moved his strong hand and gently rested it under your chin and tilted your head up so you was looking at him, “you are so beautiful inside and out. I can’t imagine my life without you, and I’m pretty sure Hyunjin feels the same way.”
“I don’t feel like I’m worthy of the feeling you guys have for me,” you sighed.
“Don’t ever say that,” he leaned forward and pressed his lips gently to your tear stained cheek. “Stop doubting yourself.”
“Why do you put some pajamas on and we’ll crawl into bed with Hyunjin?” He gave you a simple smile. “or if you want you can just take that towel off and crawl into bed,” he smirked slightly.
“I’ll get dressed for bed,” you reached over and picked up your oversized shirt that was on the sink next to where you were standing. Chan watched you as you slowly got dressed for bed. He wasted no time lacing his fingers with yours and led you towards your bed. As you got close to the bed you found Hyunjin sound asleep on the far end of the bed. You crawled onto the bed and moved over closer to Hyunjin. His eyes slowly opened and saw you giving him a sad smile.
“Princess, what’s wrong?” he asked, sitting up noticing something was wrong. He looked over at Chan who had a concerned look on his face. “Chan what's going on?”
“Our girl had a rough day and needs some love.”
Hyunjin didn’t bother responding, he leaned forward and gently connected his lips to yours. His hand rested on your cheek as he stared at you for a moment.
“Why do you guys like me so much,” you whispered.
“I can list a million reasons if you want me to,” he leaned forward and rested his forehead against yours. His hand was resting on your cheek.
Chan moved onto the bed and rubbed your back gently before pressing his lips gently to your shirt-covered shoulder.
“Why don’t we all get some sleep princess?” he whispered.
“I think Chan has a good idea,” Hyunjin whispered.
Hyunjin laid back down and you curled up against him and he pressed his lips to the top of your head. Chan curled up behind you and whispered, “baby girl we love you so much.”
“Chan is right, we love you,” Hyunjin chimed in.
As the clock struck midnight Hyunjin pulled himself away from your sleeping form that was curled up next to him. He was attempting to not wake you up, but you were a light sleeper and the second he moved your eyes opened.
“Is it time for you to leave?” You whispered attempting to not wake Chan who was sound asleep next to you.
“Yeah, Baby. I’ll be back in three day,” he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours for a kiss goodbye. “I love you.”
“I love you too. Please come back safe,” you said as you watched him walk out of your bedroom.
You rolled over and curled up next to Chan who hadn’t even woken up.
Closing your eyes you only got a little more sleep before you woke up again. Laying in bed you curled up close to Chan. He had his arm wrapped around you holding your close. You had a big day ahead of you tomorrow. Hyunjin was away and your mother was coming into town. The three of you had talked it out and agreed that you would say you were only dating Chan. You still couldn’t help but be nervous. You hadn’t ever had many of your past partners meet your mother.
Your head was resting on his strong chest as you attempted to go to sleep.
“Baby girl, are you awake?” he asked as his strong hand gently rubbed your side.
“I can’t sleep?” You whispered.
“Do you maybe wanna take a bubble bath?” he asked, knowing that was one of your favorite ways to relax.
“Chan it’s two in the morning,” you glanced over at the alarm clock on the bedside table.
“So,” he didn’t see a problem in you taking a bubble bath.
“Alright let’s take a bubble bath,” you said softly.
Pulling away from Chan’s body you slowly got out of bed and followed Chan off to the bathroom. Chan walked over to the bathtub and started feeling it up with warm water. You reached under the sink and pulled out one of your favorite bath bombs and dropped it into the warm water.
As the water started to rise Chan stripped away his boxers and stepped into the warm water. You removed your undies and oversized shirt and stepped in the tub in front of him. You leaned against his bare body and instantly relaxed against his touch. His strong hand rested on your thigh and aimlessly drew circles on your skin.
It was moments like this you were happy that you had Chan in your life. He always knew the best ways to calm her down.
“I miss Hyunjin,” you whispered. When this all first started you worried about stating your feelings for the other man, but they both constantly informed you they weren’t competing for your love. You were allowed to love both of them equally.
“I miss Hyunjin too, baby girl.”
Leaning your head back you rested your head against Chan’s shoulder. You were exhausted but so nervous about tomorrow you couldn't sleep.
You knew you didn’t need to be nervous. You weren’t telling your mother that you were involved with both Hyunjin and Chan, you were only telling her about Chan.
“If Hyunjin was here we all wouldn’t fit in this tub?” His words caused you to smile.
“I guess it would have been a relaxing night time shower then,” you lightly laughed.
He pressed his lips to the side of your neck for a gentle kiss and you couldn’t help but smile. His touch was so relaxing to you.
“Are you worried your mom isn’t going to like me?” Chan couldn’t lie he was nervous your mother wasn’t going to like him. When they agreed that you would tell your family you were only dating one of them. He had originally thought Hyunjin would be the one saying he was the boyfriend. Everyone always seemed to be drawn to Hyunjin, he was charming and people loved him. Hyunjin and you both agreed that it should be Chan though for some reason.
“I know my mom is gonna love you. I just don’t like the idea of not telling her about Hyunjin, but she wouldn’t understand,” you reached down and laced your fingers with Chan’s hand that was under the water.
“Maybe after we have been together awhile, we can tell her about Hyunjin,” he said knowing eventually you would need to tell your family about Hyunjin.
“Yeah I like that idea,” you said with a smile.
You sat in the warm bath for probably half an hour, talking about little things. When you got out you were barely awake. Chan helped dry you off then he carried you to bed, curled up under the covers you both quickly fell asleep.
When your mother met Chan she couldn’t help but be charmed by the man with curly hair and a pretty accent. When she first arrived Chan was so nervous he didn’t even know what to say. It didn’t take long before you and your mother were laughing at one of his stories from his childhood in Australia. Your mother seemed to love Chan and when you walked her out to her car she kissed Chan on the cheek and told him to take care of her daughter.
You sat in the kitchen waiting for Hyunjin to come home. His competition was over and he was supposed to be walking through that door at any moment. You missed him dearly and couldn’t wait for him to come home. Chan was off taking a shower, he had asked you to join him, but you told him you didn’t want to be in the shower when Hyunjin walked through the door.
It was pretty early in the morning and you let out a yawn. You walked over to the coffee pot and started to make some coffee for you and the boys. As you turned the coffee pot on you heard the front door open. Turning around you found Hyunjin walking in, limping. Your eyes went wide and suddenly you panicked. Rushing over to Hyunjin who seemed to be moving slower than normal. He dropped his duffle bag and wrapped his arms around you as you buried your face in his chest. Leaning down he pressed his lips to the top of your head.
“Hyunjin are you alright?” You asked, worried about him.
“Yeah baby girl I’m fine. I’m just a little sore, I definitely overworked myself.”
“You had me really worried for a moment,” you sighed.
“I’m fine you don’t have to worry about me,” he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours for a soft kiss. “How did Chan meeting your mom go?”
“It went great, my mom loved Chan,” you couldn’t help but smile thinking about how great things went with your mom.
Leaning up once again you pressed your lips to his. You had missed Hyunjin so much. You grabbed his hand and led him off to your shared bedroom.
You walked him over to your bed and reached down for the bottom of your shirt and pulled it off. Hyunjin had truly missed you, but he didn’t expect this greeting when he arrived home. He reached to pull off his own shirt and groaned at the soreness.
“Hyunjin, are you okay?” You asked worried about how hurt he actually was.
“Yeah baby I’m fine,” he pulled his shirt off the rest of the way and worked on getting his shoes off.
You took this as your chance to remove your pale blue pajama bottoms. He pushed his sweat pants down and boxers and he stood there naked in front of you. You reached up and softly connected your lips to his for a gentle kiss. You missed him so much, you hated when you had to spend time apart.
Lancing your fingers with his you led him towards the bed. Hyunjin laid down on your unmade bed and she reached over and pumped his erection a few times. Desperately missing the feeling of his skin. Slowly you crawled into the bed, and lined his erection up with your entrance. You slowly sank down on his length.
You gasped as you bottomed out and Hyunjin let out a breathy moan. He had missed you so much and he loved you so much he couldn’t get enough of you. Slowly you moved herself against him.
Chan walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight of you on top of Hyunjin. Both Hyunjin and you looked over at Chan and gave him a small smile. You continued to ride Hyunjin as Chan acted like nothing was going on and worked on grabbing some boxers out of the dresser. It didn’t take long before Hyunjin and you both hit your highs. You crawled off him and laid down next to him. Chan leaned against the wall and smiled at the two of you who were both trying to catch your breath.
“Hyunjin what’s up with the bruise?” Chan asked, noticing Hyunjin’s bruised skin.
“I fell and overworked myself, but our girl took care of me.”
Chan let out a soft laugh, “she’s the best kind of medicine.” He walked over and crawled into bed next to you and curled up next to you.
It was bright and early on Christmas morning and you were sitting between Chan’s legs on the living room floor as Hyunjin was sorting the Christmas presents that were under the tree. All three of you were bundled up in their new pajamas you had given to each other on Christmas Eve. It was a family tradition that your family had and you wanted to make it a tradition with you and the boys. You reached for your cup of coffee that was sitting next to you and Chan lifted it up to your mouth to take a sip. As you brought the cup down, you felt Chan press his lips to the side of your neck. You couldn’t help but smile, you didn’t understand how you had gotten so lucky finding Chan and Hyunjin.
“So, who wants to open the first present?” Hyunjin asked, holding a box.
“I volunteer, baby girl,” Chan said before pressing another kiss to your cheek.
“What about Hyunjin?” You asked, excited to see him open his present.
“I second what Chan said, you’re opening the first present,” Hyunjin handed you a box. He sat down across from Chan and you and smiled. “So, this one is from me.”
Tearing away the gingerbread paper you started unwrapping your present and her eyes lit up when you opened the box to see that Hyunjin had bought you the boots you had gawked at the other day at the store.
“Hyunjin you didn't need to get me these” you pulled out the boots and stared at them for a moment. You sat the boots back in the box next to you and Chan and leaned forward and pressed your lips to Hyunjin’s. He smiled into the kiss and pulled away.
“I knew you would never spend the money on them, and I saw how much you wanted them,” he couldn’t help but be proud of himself.
“Well open my present I got you, it’s the one in the gold wrapping,” you pointed to the gold box that was under the tree.
Hyunjin opened the box and couldn’t help but get a huge smile on his face when he saw that you got him a bunch of new shading pencils and a sketch pad.
“So, I know it’s not a lot but I saw you have been sketching a lot more, and you had told me that before you started dancing that you wanted to go to art school,” you started rambling because you worried your present was lame.
“Baby girl, quit freaking out, he loves it,” Chan said from behind you with a light laugh.
“Princess, it's perfect,” Hyunjin said with his eyes lighting up.
“I think it’s time for Chan to unwrap something,” she said excitedly.
“I know something I want to unwrap,” he said as his lips started peppering against your neck. A shiver went down your spine and you shook your head.
“Christopher you better behave,” you scolded, trying to have a serious tone. You crawled out of his lap and moved across the room and grabbed a box that was wrapped in silver paper. “Open this please,” you batted your eyelashes trying to act all innocent.
He opened the box and smiled at the fact you bought him a vintage film camera. He had mentioned in passing to you that back in the day he was fascinated by photography but he never expected you to get him a camera.
“Baby,” he was speechless; he wasn’t even sure what to say.
“I think our girl knows us well,” Hyunjin said with a huge smile on his face. He leaned forward and connected his lips to your cheek.
“You guys make me so happy and I wanted to get you stuff you would like.”
Chan set his camera down and signaled for you to come back towards him. You moved back towards your spot between his legs. He pressed his lips to your cheek and whispered in your ear, “I love you so much.”
“You boys are the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” you couldn’t help the huge smile on her face.
You, and the boys glided through the crowded party. Your hand was holding Chan’s strong hand tightly. He led you away from the party to his old room at Changbin’s house, Hyunjin followed right behind. You snuck off upstairs away from the crowd as everyone was ringing in the new year. The moment the door was opened he pressed you against the wall and moved his lips down your neck. Hyunjin slowly walked in behind you. Chan seemed to be way more eager than Hyunjin was. Hyunjin walked over and sat down on the bed and watched as Chan’s hungry lips moved down the base of your neck as his hands worked on getting your dress off. Chan growled at the fact that you weren’t wearing a bra. He removed your dress leaving you only in undies and your black high heels, your curvy body was on full display. He stepped away and worked on getting his own clothes off.
You looked over Chan’s shoulder to find Hyunjin sitting on the bed watching with a smile on his face. He seemed amused by what was playing out in front of him.
You reached down and removed your heels and undies as Chan stripped off the rest of his clothing. The second he was naked he gave himself a few strokes, he connected his lips to yours and dipped his fingers into your core to give you some foreplay as his lips moved against yours in a hungry kiss. You moaned into the kiss at the feeling of his fingers circling your sensitive nub. You pulled your lips away from his and moaned his name loudly. He took this as his cue and lifted your curvy body up like you weighed nothing. He thrust into you in one quick motion. Your hands gripped his back as he pressed you against the wall as he slid into you over and over again.
You couldn’t help but moan with every thrust. You held on to him tightly as he worked at a quick pace. Looking over at the bed you found Hyunjin biting his bottom lip as he palmed himself through his dress pants.
Chan’s lips moved to the side of your neck where he left a trail of wet kisses. He groaned against your skin as he was getting close to his high. It only took two more thrust before he pushed you over the edge. You rode out your high as he thrust a few more times before finishing inside you.
“Hyunjin,” you whispered as Chan sat you back down on your feet. He stood up and started unbuttoning his shirt. He could tell by your tone what you wanted. With your legs slightly wobbly you walked over to Hyunjin who was standing next to the bed removing his dress shirt. You stood in front of him for a second before you leaned up and pressed your lips to his.
Chan walked over and sat down on the chair by the window still coming down from his own high. How much he wanted to get in on the action he wanted to give you and Hyunjin some time to yourselves. There were times that you would have sex all together, but they also like to give each other their alone time with you.
You reached between Hyunjin and you and undid his belt and buttons on his pants. Hyunjin was the only one in the room still wearing clothing. It didn’t take long before Hyunjin’s clothes were on the floor and he moved to the bed.
Your curvy body was sitting on his hips as he lay underneath you. Your hands rested on his chest and you moved your body slowly up and down his length. Chan sat silently on the chair for a little while, before he got up and moved over to the bed. He leaned over and started placing wet kisses across your shoulder as you rode Hyunjin like your life depended on it. You tilted your head back and moaned. Hyunjin was pushing you over the edge as his strong hands gripped her soft hips helping move your body up and down his length.
It didn’t take long before you hit your high again. Your moans were muffled by Chan lips as he pressed his lips to yours for a searing kiss. Hyunjin tilted his head back and moaned as he hit his own high.
Rolling off Hyunjin’s body you laid on the bed next to him staring at the ceiling. Chan walked over and laid down on the bed next to you and cuddled up against her.
“Happy New Years boys,” you smiled as you laid there in pure bliss.
“Happy New Year's baby girl,” Chan leaned over and kissed your cheek.
Hyunjin silently laid there with a huge smile on his face.
“I think we wore Hyunjin out,” Chan jokes.
He closed his eyes and nodded his head with a huge smile on his face.
Sitting on the floor in the bathroom you mind raced. Your emotions were all over the place and your brain fought with the feeling of sadness, happiness and guilt. The dinging on your phone let you know that five minutes had passed letting you know that it was time.
Reaching up on the counter you looked at the two pink stripes on the stick that let you know that you were indeed pregnant. Most women would be over the moon to find out they were pregnant, but you couldn’t help but feel guilty. You had never discussed having children with Hyunjin and Chan and you honestly had no clue who the father was.
The sound of knocking on the bathroom door caught your attention. Before you could even dispose of the pregnancy test Hyunjin walked into the bathroom. His mouth opened to say something but immediately shut as he looked at the pregnancy test that was in your hands.
“Princess are you okay?” He asked, sitting down on the floor next to you.
Quietly you shook your head and looked into his warm eyes. You wonder if the baby is his if they’ll get his beautiful lips or warm eyes.
“What does it say?” He rested his hand on your thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“I’m pregnant,” your voice shook as admitted it out loud for the first time.
“Why are you sad about that?”
You took a deep breath wondering what exactly you should say, “we never talked about having children and I don’t know which one of you is the father.”
A look of confusion crossed his face as he reached for your curvy body. Without a second thought he pulled you into his lap. You sat on his lap and rested your head on his strong chest. A sigh pasted your lips as your eyes brimmed with tears. His hand rubbed your side and his lips pressed to the top of your head. He took a long moment just holding you. He wanted to comfort you, but he knew you were mentally going through a lot processing the fact that you knew you were pregnant.
“It doesn’t matter who the father is. We both love you and no matter what we’ll raise this child together with you,” he murmured as his hand continued to rub your side.
Glancing up at him you found him smiling. He seemed to be happy about the fact that you were pregnant. A small sense of relief started to wash over you at the fact that he wasn’t worried about the fact you didn’t know who the father was.
Sniffling back tears you asked, “do you think Chan is going to be okay with me being pregnant?”
Hyunjin and Chan were in very different places in their lives mentally. Hyunjin was pretty well adapted to what he wanted in life, and Chan was still trying to figure out what he fully wanted with his life. His dream of pursuing music was something that always stopped him for settling.
“Chan’s always longed for a family, and the sense of having a home here, and starting a family with you is something that he needs.”
A warm feeling in your chest let you know that everything was going to be alright. That things between you and the two boys weren’t exactly normal in the eyes of society, but what you had was perfect to them.
“Chan should be home from working out anytime, do you want to tell him?” Hyunjin asked.
You gently nodded your head and crawled out his lap. He stood up and reached his hand out to help you stand up. The moment you were standing he leaned forward and pressed his lips to yours for a sweet kiss. Pulling his lips away from yours he wrapped his arms around your curvy torso and hugged you. His hand rubbed your back and he whispered, “there is no other woman I would rather have a child with, and there is no other person I would rather father share being a father with than my best friend.”
Pulling away you looked up at him and couldn’t help smiling. The sound of the bedroom door opening caught your attention. Hyunjin reached down and grabbed the pregnancy test and handed it to you and smiled.
You walked out of the bathroom to find a shirtless Chan looking through his drawer in one of the dressers. He turned around and his eyes immediately went to you and noticed your eyes were puffy in the aftermath of your tears.
“Baby girl, what’s wrong?” Chan asked.
Without a word you held out the pregnancy test. Silently he stepped forward and grabbed the pregnancy test, his wide eyes stayed locked on the pregnancy test. You couldn’t help but be worried about the look on Chan’s face. His dark eyes were wild for a long moment before he looked up at you and instantly his expression softened.
Hyunjin stood next to you holding your hand, he knew that all of this was scary for you.
“You’re pregnant?” Chan asked, finally breaking the silence that had grown so loud between all of you.
Slowly you nodded not sure what to say.
“I’m assuming we don’t know who the dad is?” He asked not actually caring who the father was.
Shaking your head you tried not to cry.
“The way I see it, it doesn’t matter who the father is. We’re both fathers to this baby,” Chan reached out resting his hand on your stomach.
His response warmed your heart and you smiled.
“Told you he would be happy,” Hyunjin leaned down and pressed his lips to the top of your head.
“I’m finally going to have a real family,” he walked towards you and wrapped his arms around your soft torso pulling you into a tight hug. “I love you so much baby girl.”
Stepping back you looked over at Hyunjin who had a really big smile on his face. Both boys seemed genuinely happy that they were going to have a child. You had gone from feeling sad and guilty to suddenly overjoyed that you were going to be starting a family with the two boys who you loved and adored.
Your hand rested on your growing stomach. As you sat on the large couch that was in the middle of your living room. You leaned against Hyunjin while her feet were resting in Chan’s lap. Strong hands massages your feet as your eyes are held closed enjoying the closeness with the boys.
Without saying a word you reached for the pillow on the floor and laid it down in Hyunjin’s lap. He couldn’t help but smile as you moved to lay your head down in his lap while Chan massaged your feet.
From the moment they discovered you were pregnant both the boys had gone out of their way to make sure you were treated like a princess. Both them were over the moon that you were expecting a child.
Recently your hormones have been all over the place. You went from wanting to cry to wanting to tear the boy’s clothing off with your teeth.
“Baby are you tired?” Hyunjin asked as he rubbed your arm gently.
“I’m exhausted every moment of my life right now,” you let out a soft laugh. “Carrying this baby takes all my energy.”
Reached up, Hyunjin gently rested his hand on your round stomach. It still amazes him that either Chan or him had created a life with you. He couldn’t wait to see if the baby was going to look like you or either him or his best friend.
“You look so beautiful carrying our baby.”
“You two are lucky you’re charming and good looking because this baby takes all my energy,” you teased.
“We’re sorry the baby is making you tired,” Chan said, speaking up.
Leaning over Chan placed a sweet kiss on your knee.
“I’m supposed to be cooking dinner for your birthday Chan.”
Hyunjin looked down at you shaking his head smiling, “that’s cute you think you’re cooking dinner.”
In the last two months as you crossed over from her second trimester to her third the boys were letting you do less and less. You had originally planned to cook the boys an amazing dinner for Chan’s birthday but both the boys kept shutting you down.
“If I don’t cook, who is going to cook?”
“We are more than capable of cooking dinner for us,” Chan gently squeezed your foot. She looked at him and tried not to laugh at his comment. “Don’t be rude,” he gently squeezed your foot one last time.
“So Princess, have you figured out if you want to find out if we’re having a boy or a girl?” Hyunjin asked attempting to change the subject.
You were still trying to decide if you wanted to know if you were having a boy or a girl. Since finding out you were pregnant you had gone back and forth on if you wanted to find out.
“I mean I still don’t know. Maybe the gender can be a surprise along with figuring out who the dad is,” you tried to joke about the situation that still made you feel guilty.
Hyunjin leaned down and pressed his lips to your forehead. His touch was gentle as if he was trying to calm you.
“We both have told you over and over it doesn’t matter who the father is. This is both of our baby,” Hyunjin's voice was warm and calming.
“He’s right,” Chan said, speaking up.
“I know I just feel…” you paused trying to gather you words. You slowly sat up and took feet off of Chan’s lap and sat in between both the boys. “It’s just an odd feeling. I feel like I’m breaking one of your hearts.”
“Hey,” Chan reaches over and rested his hand on your cheek and gently twisting your head so you’re looking at him. “No one is upset here or hurt. You mean the world to both of us and we both love you and the baby equally. It doesn’t matter who the biological father is. We don’t even have to ever find out if you don’t want to.”
Your eyes were locked on his kind dark colored eyes. Slowly you blinked for a moment before you leaned forward for a sweet kiss.
“I don’t think I want to find out,” you whispered, feeling a sense of relief wash over you.
“Then we don’t find out,” Hyunjin answered.
“Thank you boys.”
You put her feet up on the coffee table and reached over and took both of their hands. You knew nothing about their lives were normal but wouldn’t change your life for the world. You would never know how you ended up lucky enough to have two wonderful men in your life. Or how you were lucky enough to start a family with them.
Standing in the living room you watched as Chan held your daughter. He gently swayed side to side singing softly to the little girl who stole his heart.
You and Hyunjin had just returned from the store and hadn’t expected to find Chan dancing with your daughter. You couldn’t help the smile that is plastered on your face as you watch them.
“Is that how Chan calms her down?”she asked looking up at Hyunjin.
“When I dance she doesn’t giggle like that,” Hyunjin acted as if he was offended even though he wasn’t.
“Look mommy and daddy are home,” Chan says walking over towards you.
“Did she behave?” You asked as you walked closer to Chan and your daughter.
“This little girl was a complete angel while you were away,” he winked before he pressed his lips to the top of his daughter's head.
In all the time you had been with Chan and Hyunjin things between the three of you just kept getting better. The addition of your daughter seemed to bring all of you closer than you had ever been before and none of you thought that was possible.
Hyunjin heads off to the kitchen to put some of the groceries away. You stood in the living room staring at Chan for a moment before he handed you your daughter. You’ll never get over how completely perfect your little girl is. Holding your daughter close you press your lips to the top of her head. Swaying to the beat of the music you hummed along to the song. It’s not long before your little girl is sound asleep in your arms.
“I should probably put her down for a nap,” you say quietly.
Walking off to her nursery you lays her down in her crib and press your lips to her forehead before slowly leaving her room.
Walking back into the living room you find Hyunjin and Chan sitting down on the couch. You smile as you sit down between them.
“I don’t want to brag but I personally think we made the perfect baby,” you states proudly.
Chan shrugs and lets out a chuckle, “I mean you aren’t wrong.”
You both look at Hyunjin who is smiling. He lets out a soft laugh of his own before saying, “I’m aware our daughter is beautiful. She looks like her mother. She was bound to be stunning.”
Biting your bottom lip you hold back a smile as blush crept across your cheeks. You’ll never get over the fact that both boys are so attracted to you, and how much you love your life with them.
“I love you both,” you beams.
“And we love you,” Chan says as he leans over and presses his lips to your shoulder.
It’s moments like this that make you feel like your life is perfect, and you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.
Tumblr media
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felinelix · a month ago
felix day!
warnings // smut, mild praise kink, cunnilingus
pairing // felix x female reader
Tumblr media
(sorry if this is shit i wrote it in a rush today!)
5:30 in the morning. You woke up as early as you physically could to surprise Felix. Decorations adorned the house, you had blown up so many balloons you lost count. Everything looked perfect, except the cake. Baking wasn't exactly your strong suit but you wouldn't go down without a fight. A strawberry shortcake, Felix’s favorite, was much harder to make than the instructions led you to believe. Just as you finished placing the final strawberries on the cake, you heard footsteps approaching. Fuck, it was too early and there was still so much you wanted to finish. 
“Y/N?” Felix called, his voice deep and his words slurred. He appeared out of the hallway and rubbed his eyes, they widened when he finally focused on the sight in front of him. Wrapped presents decorated the dining table and the cake sat on the kitchen counter, strawberries sliding off the sides. Streamers decorated the walls and there were so many balloons you could barely even see the floor in front of you. Your eyes followed Lix’s face to try and gauge his reaction, you hoped it wasn't too much, or too tacky. You just wanted to make this birthday a memorable one. 
“You did all this for me?” Felix asked, a large grin now painted across his face. You always loved when he smiled, he would glow like a ray of sunshine every time he did. 
“Are you surprised? You weren’t supposed to be up yet! I still have so much to do I still haven't wrapped all your presents and-” 
Felix cuts you off. “I’m unbelievably surprised y/n. This is the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me.” He walks towards you and lifts you up onto the kitchen counter, sitting right next to the cake. His hand caresses your cheek and he pulls you in for a kiss. 
You pull away, remembering the one last big surprise you had for him. Now was better than never, it took all the courage you had to muster up the confidence to do this. 
“There’s one more surprise.” Your voice wavers as you speak, nerves creeping up on you. Felix cocks his head curiously. Slowly you raise your shirt over your head to strip for him, exposing the lacey white bralette you bought specifically for this occasion. His pupils immediately dilated and his breath hitched in his throat. You had been with Felix plenty of times, but you were always too insecure to show off for him. So nervous to look pretty for him, it made you flush the way his eyes devoured your body. 
“Y/n, baby. Look at you, so stunning for me.” He grinned as he spoke, unable to keep the smile from his face. He drew you into another kiss, this one more desperate, more feverish. His hands ran up and down your thighs making you tingle all over. His voice alone gave you goosebumps. As you kissed he played with the hem of your shorts slowly inching them off your body. He tossed them to the side and his eyes gazed upon the matching underwear set you wore for him. His eyes roamed your body with hunger, the usual playful bright cheerful Lix’ nowhere to be found. You liked when he got like this, almost as if your body put him in a trance. “You’re from heaven you know that y/n?” He trailed kisses up and down the nape of your neck, you could feel him smiling against your skin. His praise always turned you to putty, making you melt like butter. The worst part was he knew it, and he loved praising you almost as much as you loved being praised. Slowly he continued to kiss down your body slowly working his face closer to your core, every kiss making you squeeze your thighs closely together, desperate for any type of friction. 
“Lix, it's early, don't you want to sleep in? Or open presents, or even eat cake?” Your insecurities suddenly got the best of you, worried you looked foolish or desperate. 
“Baby I promise, there's something sitting right in front of me I'd much rather eat.” He looks up at you eyes locking with yours, hes giving you those stupid puppy dog eyes of his. You can tell he means what he said. You bite at your lip before nodding your head to continue, he lowers his head and puts his hands on your inner thighs, pushing them to the side to give himself a better view. The blood rushed to your cheeks causing you to blush out of embarrassment, your panties practically soaked. 
“So pretty for me y/n. Only birthday present I could ever want.” There it was again, that damn smile of his that spread like a forest fire. You tried to fight back a grin but failed miserably, he made you so inexplicably happy. His hands guided the garment off your body with ease, leaving you fully exposed in front of him. 
“Gonna show you how much I love you, okay? Gonna make you feel so good.” His thumb slides across your folds teasing your slick entrance making you let out a small squeak. Carefully he got to his knees and placed kisses across your thighs, teasing you so achingly well. 
“Lix’ please, I need you.” You say putting on your best pout, trying to speed up his process. He was making this all about you, but today was his day. All you wanted to do was make him feel good.
“Patience princess, I need to taste you.” His voice is deep and breathless, drunk on his lust for you. 
Felix gives you one last kiss before bending back down to slide his tongue across your folds, drinking in every drop of you. He moans against your pussy, setting your skin on fire, a moan escaping your lips. 
“Felix fuck, please, I need more.” You beg, needing anything, his tongue, fingers, preferably his cock. He nods against you while he licks right up against your clit. At this point it's impossible to keep quiet with the things he was doing to your body. Gasp’s and pleas continued to escape your lips while he worked his magic on you. Your orgasm approaching painfully quick, you felt that familiar tingle you always got. “Lix, please gonna cum.” He focuses on your clit after you say that, sucking and licking at it frantically. You felt a wave of pleasure crash through your body as you rode out your orgasm on his tongue. Whining so loud the neighbors were sure to wake up. He licked up every drop and cleaned you up carefully. Your body twitching from the overstimulation. He stood back up and placed his hand on your cheek. His thumb slowly caressed your soft skin.
“Not only are you from heaven but you taste like it too.” He says as he leans in for one last kiss.
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nnsfwskz · a month ago
✦:˒ masterlist ◞⁺☆.
all posts are nsfw unless stated otherwise with a ღ
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ bang chan ´ˎ-
what kinks does he have
using you as stress relief
nsfw alphabet
perv!chan and skirts
fingering you in public
eiffel tower
taking your virginity
corruption kink
guided masturbation
fingering you for the first time (+corruption kink)
wet dream (+corruption kink)
filming you
first time (+corruption kink)
edging + orgasm denial
catching you watching porn (+corruption kink)
waist chains
catching him masturbating (+corruption kink)
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ lee minho ´ˎ-
riding him
eiffel tower
filming you
kitten (+corruption kink)
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ seo changbin ´ˎ-
thigh riding
you take pictures of him
eiffel tower
teasing him in public
public sex
safe word ღ
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ hwang hyunjin ´ˎ-
kissable lips
him being possessive
nsfw thoughts on him
bestfriend!hyunjin x fem!virgin!reader
temperature play
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ han jisung ´ˎ-
quickie in his room
always touching you
kinky or chaotic?
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ lee felix ´ˎ-
riding softdom!felix
his wandering hands
dirty talk
coming home late to softdom!felix
sucking on his thumb
small hands
loving boobs
perv!felix x bestfriend!reader headcannon
best friends to lovers (+perv!felix)
punishment from harddom!felix
boobs and legs = heaven
warm hands
nsfw alphabet
corruption kink (+perv!felix)
fucking his anger out
taking care of you when you’re stressed
bathing together
touching you ‘innocently’
teaching him how to dom
thighs 2.0
boobs = stress ball
dirty pervboyfriend!felix 🤝 dumb innocent gf
chubby girls (slight perv!felix)
using you when he had a bad day
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ kim seungmin ´ˎ-
fucking you in public
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ yang jeongin ´ˎ-
- ̗̀ list of anons ´ˎ-
— the following emojis are taken: ✨🍓🌸🧽⛓🍋🧁🍒🌻🧸👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
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pastelracha · 3 months ago
3RACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
Tumblr media
☾ Title : 3RACHA reacting to you wearing their shirt after sex
☾ Pairing: 3RACHA x reader
☾ Genre: smut, established relationship 
☾ Warning : smut, +18, unprotected sex (wrap it guys!). 
☾ Prompt: 3RACHA feeling things when you wear their shirt after sex
☾ A/N: just me feeling things about 3RACHA, and it’s been a while since I wrote something.. hope you like it  don’t forget to give me your feed back guys xox
☾ Word Count: 0.486K
masterlist | ask or request
He connected his phone on his bluetooth speaker, playing his soft playlist, one hand on the skin of his stomach. The duvet covering his lower part, his other arm supporting his head waiting for you to comeback. 
Seeing you only in his shirt, seeing the side of your boobs, he was tired but not that much he could still go for another round with you and completely ruin you once again. Seeing you like that was a sight for sore eyes, wild ideas running free in his mind, the way the shirt was hugging you and the fact your bum was bare and he could see it, Chan thought he was in heaven at that moment, wanting to ask you for a head right now, he bit his lips thinking of you on your knees in nothing but the shirt he wore today, and your lips around his dick with some LANY playing his the room, he needed you once again. “Babe I need you’’ 
Changbin was getting hard again the second he saw you, looking so beautiful in his favorite shirt, his hand going south in his grey sweatpants, teasing this bulge. Usually the only thing he wanted after sex was sleep or ice cream but when he saw you, he only wanted you back on him, riding him on the couch, until he couldn’t take it anymore, exhausted from overstimulation. He was used to see you with his shirt on but tonight he was a beast, needed your skin on his, seeing the outline of his cock on your lower stomach. Your hands running in his hair, or scratching his back. 
There was something about you in nothing but his shirt, making him feels possessive, he wanted to fuck you over and over with you wearing a piece of his clothes, the tissue caressing your breath and covering some of the love bites he gave you. “Come ride me love, please’’ HAN JISUNG 
It wasn’t a secret that Jisung was obsessed with your thighs, so when he saw you exiting the bathroom with his shirt on, not covering much he turned insane again, imagining fucking you in every corner of your apartment, until you beg him to stop, that you legs turned into jelly. 
He already fucked you for the past half hour, but to him it wasn’t enough he wanted more. His hands running on the skin of your hips, lips attached to your jawline, and his cock fighting against the tissue of his bower wanting to be free again, teasing the inside of your thighs. 
Jisung’ stamina was no joke, the man could go all night and not feeling tired. But something about the way you wear his supreme shirt was driving him crazy, the thought of your smell mixing with his, the images of him cumming on it while you wear it haunting him. 
“I’ll fuck you raw babygirl’’
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