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#stray kids reactions
009l5 · 2 days ago
pls just the thought of late nights in the studio with chan…just imagine the cuddles,the comfortable silence, sitting on his lap while he works with small kisses inbetween…PLS I‘m such a sucker for him 😭😭
imagine showing up in front of his studio door, sleepily trudging yourself towards him, rubbing your eyes with the cutest pout on your face .°(ಗдಗ。)°.
CHAN WOULD LITERALLY LOSE IT (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) he swears his heart skips multiple beats watching as you set yourself on his lap, straddling him and resting your head on his shoulder :( softly mumbling abt how much u miss him :( and chan goes >:( at himself bc his y/n !!! is here !!! on his lap !!! tired n sleepy !!! telling him how much they miss him !!! and a part of him feels really hurt and sad because he realizes how he hasn’t been spending much time w you :(
gosh just imagine the way he’d take your face in the palms of his hand, caressing your skin so delicately you could cry !! always with the same, lovesick look on his face (/ _ ; ) AND THE SLEEPY KISSES </3 i feel my heart breaking into two they’re long and slow, usually sloppy as both of u are on the brink of following asleep >:( and ,, u can FEEL ??? HIM SMILE ??? IN THE KISS !!!
don’t even get me started on chan … this man is in LOVE .. every small whine you make when his kisses linger a bit longer, you’re tired composure, completely sinking into him ,, outside he seems calm but rlly he’s (๑꒪̇⌄꒪̇๑) •••
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lvnbyeol · a day ago
skz - when you both can't sleep ! ‧₊˚
「 masterlist 」
a/n: felt like i haven't written for them in forever, so here we go! this is kinda bad soorryy :') <3 cw: insomnia, food mention.
Tumblr media
did y'all say sleep? i hate to break it to you, but you would probably be alone in bed anyway. it would be just past four am when you'd hear the door open and see chan's shadow creeping in, carefully moving to not make a sound. but when the light from the hallway illuminates your very awake face, he'd almost shriek out of surprise. he would definitely scold you for being awake at those hours, even though he himself was just coming home. but after his tired eyes meet your equally tired ones and a small i can't sleep echos from under the duvet, he knows he is done for. so he hurries to join you in bed, cuddling up to you and stroking your hair until you both fall in your well-deserved (and desperately needed) slumber.
he'd be so whiny. he'd toss and turn next to you and would throw his pillow here and there in order to find some sleep. it would be so rattling to the point where you'd lay awake next to him, just staring at the ceiling and waiting for him to be done. and when he calls your name and asks if you also can't sleep, you can't help the sarcastic tone that slips out, yeah and i wonder why. he'd be the type to drag you into the kitchen to cook some tea or ramen, and would honestly just be happy to be spending time with you. he has quite the busy schedule and would cherish every second he got with you in peace and quiet, even if it means it's at three am waiting for the water to boil.
it would probably also be only him who'd be awake, but he refuses to suffer alone, so he wakes you up just so he wouldn't be bored anymore. after some snacks, he'd want to cuddle with you in front of the tv watching whatever was playing atm. and even if you would drift back off in his arms, he'd be fine then. would probably make you baby him before that, and he'd whine about being tired a lot. but as sweet as can be, he'd just be content letting you have your beauty sleep while he watches some random show. might secretly or not so secretly watch you and run his fingers through your hair.
considering he is a pretty heavy sleeper, it's most likely you who'd be laying awake. and after hours of tossing and turning, you finally decide to wake the boy up. only the task was easier said than done, because he wouldn't budge even when he is awake. he'd ask you what's up just in case there was an emergency, but if you tell him you can't sleep, he'd just close his eyes again and open his arms for you to crawl in. would totally say something like just sleep, it's not that hard. he meant it in a teasing way and the low chuckles that erupt when you hit his chest are eventually what redeems him (barely).
he's a sleepy boy, but he'd get up with you because he loves you. and he'd make sure you know that. you know i'm only doing this because i love you he'd say at least 10 times while watching you prepare something in the kitchen. you can only smile sweetly at his grumpy face, saying how much you enjoy his company. and he would lie if he said that this didn't effect him at all. in fact, he lets a few curses slip and then takes the dishes out of your hand and sets up the couch for the two of you. even though his high-energy-self is nowhere to be found, he still doesn't want you to be alone.
would be the sweetest about it, probably. if you decide to play games, it would be an eruption of small cheers and (even louder) psssshhs! until you'd finally say you're ready for bed again. has no problem staying up until the early morning hours with you, though if his schedule was early, he'd probably tell you a different story. but you two would find yourselves in front of the bathroom mirror at almost five am, both with face masks on and hyunjin's hair treatment sitting in your locks, arguing about who looks more ridiculous or jamming as quietly as possible to a playlist you two made together <3.
he'd either be awake right the second you say his name, or he'd act as if he wasn't. if he was particularly tired, he'd tell you to leave him alone (but in a sweet way of course). after some coercing, you'd get him to at least make some cocoa or tea. i see him as someone who'd go relatively early to bed (compared to some others) so maybe when you two stroll to the kitchen, you'd probably encounter one of the other boys as well. and while you carry a casual conversation, seungmin tries his best to not let his head fall onto his cup.
surprisingly, he's kind of easy to wake up. he'd just be like hey what's up as if it was a normal day. he'd probably do just about anything that you'd want to try. i can imagine you two strolling through the cold night, your breath forming clouds in the air. and when the store around the corner doesn't have what you want, you two would go to the next. the perks of living in a big city i guess. he'd eagerly follow you, pick up some stuff here and there until you return home, now finally feeling tired. if he was honest, he likes the element of accompanying you in the night, protecting you from the sketchy figures made him feel all tough and manly. unfortunately for you, jeongin finds himself feeling just perfectly refreshed by your walk and is the one wide-awake now. you had a fun time though, even if your plan backfired.
© lvnbyeol
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stray-kids-react · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I only wanted one gif and I came back with around twenty...
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kpop-hive · 23 hours ago
Riding|Han Jisung
Tumblr media
“Hannie, please let me do something baby, I need you.” You whined as Jisung sat in the studio trying to figure out lyrics for a new song. He said you two would be leaving in a minute, but that minute turned into two more hours. He was getting worked up too, his writers block in the way, and couldn’t figure out how to solve it, with enough whining, and the soft moans from you when you masturbated in front of him on the couch desperate for attention, he finally threw in the towel. “Okay baby, I want you to ride me, and maybe this can solve both of our problems.” He replied. You jumped for joy, finally getting your way with Han Jisung. He moved his spinning chair back from the desk to give you space to settle on his cock. You took it out of his sweats as he was hard from the little show you gave him earlier. You moved your hand up and down pumping him as he groaned, you then straddled his lap before aligning his cock with your entrance, still wet from your previous event, you slid down on him with ease. “Oh!” You moaned loudly. Jisung then panicked and kissed you roughly as you moaned into the kiss. It was one thing to have sex in the studio, but another thing to caught. “Be quiet baby, we don’t want anybody to come in here.” He groaned. You nodded your head as your pace got faster. You loved riding Jisung, it was your favorite past time. Your pants were loud enough for only Jisung to hear as his moans were soft as well. He loved looking at how you were looking in this current position, he saw how his jacket fit oversized on you and off the shoulders, you wore nothing but the jacket alone as you removed all your clothes earlier, it was definitely a kink to view you in his clothes during sex for sure. Even you admired him as well, the muscles he gained before and during kingdom was a sight for sore eyes in the white tee he was wearing, it made you clench down on him really hard, making him let out a loud groan. “So tight, baby, I think I’m close.” “M-me too.” You sighed. He leaned up before kissing you again as you both were thrown over the edge, you stayed still as he filled you up with every drop that he had to offer before he pulled away, as you both panted. “Satisfied?” He asked joking. You nodded your head. “Writer’s Block gone?” “Definitely.” He replied making you smile as you removed yourself from him while he got back to work.
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blu-joons · 22 hours ago
When The Two Of You Get Into An Argument ~ Stray Kids Reaction
Bang Chan:
Your head shook as finally the front door opened, glancing across as Chan walked into the living room with a smile on his face, unaware of just how late it was.
“You remembered where your home was then,” you sarcastically spoke, “I’m surprised, really.”
Instantly, his smile dropped, replaced by a look of confusion. “I had to stay behind and prepare for an important meeting tomorrow; we’re going to be going through some demos.”
“Of course, but most other boyfriends would let their partner know when they can’t home for date night,” you added, watching as his expression continued to drop.
“That was tonight? I thought was tomorrow night Y/N.”
Your eyes rolled at his typical behaviour, “I know just how little you care about me these days Chan.”
“Don’t say that,” he asked of you with a calm voice, “I really did make a mistake, you know that I would never purposely miss date night, I just got a bit mixed up with my dates.”
Your head shook back at him, “this isn’t just a one-time thing though Chan, you seem to forget about me constantly these days, it’s like you just don’t care anymore.”
“I get you’re angry,” he mused, “but please don’t let this blow up more than it needs to.”
“You just don’t get it Chan, do you?”
Tumblr media
Lee Know:
As you came home to see that the washing up from the previous night was still on the side, you couldn’t bite your tongue any longer, going in search of Minho.
“One thing,” you muttered as you found him in the bedroom, “I asked you to do one thing for me.”
Minho’s eyes went wide, shaking his head as he figured straight away what you were on about. “The washing up, Y/N, I completely forgot, let me go and do it straight away.”
“That’s not the point Minho,” you frowned, “I asked one thing of you, and it’s not the first time too. It’s like you just ignore the things that I ask of you sometimes.”
“Now you’re just exaggerating about nothing.”
Your hands rested against your hips, “if this is nothing to you Minho, then I don’t know what to do.”
“Perhaps I might forget things every now and then,” he admitted calmly, “but you forget things too, you can’t really tell me that you’re perfect in our relationship, like I’m not.”
Your head slowly nodded back at him, “all I ask is that you listen to me more Minho, I can’t spend forever doing everything that I’ve asked you to do already.”
“I appreciate that,” Minho agreed, “I’ll do a better job of helping you when you need me.”
“Thank you, I really appreciate that.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes rolled as Changbin continued to dance around you, getting in the way of everything that you were trying to do, clueless to how much he was winding you up.
“Just go away,” you snapped as he moved before you once again, “have you ever heard of space?”
In an instant, Changbin stopped, freezing to the spot. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, scratching the back of his neck, “I just thought you’d want to have a bit of fun, but I guess not.”
“Not all of us can just dance whenever we want,” you replied, walking past him. “I’ve got things that I need to do, it’s not as easy for me to just relax like you can.”
“What’s that supposed to mean? I work hard Y/N.”
Your head nodded in agreement with him, “then appreciate that others need to work hard too.”
“Y/N,” Changbin sighed, following behind you as you headed for your office, “you can’t just walk away after saying things like that. If you’re stressed, then let me help you.”
Your head turned back to look at him, “if you’re going to suggest a dance or something Changbin, then I’d rather that you just leave me alone and dance by yourself.”
“I see,” he mused, “at least I know when I’m not wanted around the place, I’ll leave you be.”
“Wait, Changbin, I didn’t mean it like that…”
Tumblr media
Your head snapped back as you heard Hyunjin mutter underneath his breath whilst you tried to organise the place, tidying up around Hyunjin’s figure.
“Say it a little louder, I might just hear you,” retorted as his eyes looked across at you innocently.
You could tell by the look in his eyes that he had no intention of you hearing him. “I just meant that you don’t have to keep worrying about how the place looks, it’s fine.”
“Don’t lie to me,” you called back to him, “I’m not as stupid as I might look Hyunjin, I can hear you moaning about the fact you can’t watch your stupid programme.”
“Well, you moving around the room is a bit of an inconvenience.”
Your head shook in disbelief across at him, “you being lazy is a bit of an inconvenience for me too.”
“Me? Lazy?” Hyunjin questioned, pausing his programme whilst sitting up properly on the sofa, “I’ve done a lot around the house recently Y/N, that’s an unfair comment to make.”
Your eyebrows raised in surprise at his reply, “I can’t remember the last time I saw you do anything around this place, this isn’t the dorm, just so you know.”
“I’m well aware,” he sighed, snatching the dustpan from you, “I’ll prove to you how lazy I am.”
“Good, it’s about time that you did.”
Tumblr media
You weren’t surprised when you walked into the studio and found Jisung still sat at his desk, continuing to work through his song to try and get it perfected.
“Jisung?” You questioned, watching as his eyes looked around, “you can’t stay here forever.”
His head shook back across at you as if the answer was obvious, “I’m not stopping you from going home, I’ve got things to do so going home will have to wait for a while.”
“Why would I want to go home without you?” You asked, “you’ve worked hard on this for hours, don’t you think it wouldn’t be so bad to give yourself a break.”
“Just go Y/N, I don’t need you to be here and worrying.”
Your eyes widened in surprise at his tone, “I’m looking after you, because you’re not doing it.”
“I don’t need anyone to look after me, I’m more than capable of looking after myself,” Jisung argued, turning back around, “please just close the door behind you on the way out.”
Your head nodded, trying to keep your composure, “for someone who loves being around other people, you certainly know how to push them away sometimes.”
“Y/N,” Jisung whispered, but you had already stepped out of the studio, beginning to close.
“I’ll see you at home, whenever that is.”
Tumblr media
Your eyes went wide as you quickly disposed of the bite of the muffin that you had taken, staring across at Felix in complete disbelief as he smiled back at you.
“No way did you make a blueberry muffin,” you scoffed, “why didn’t you tell me what it was?”
His shoulders shrugged innocently, “I just wanted to see the look on your face, I baked them for the boys tomorrow, although your reaction wasn’t exactly what I had hoped for.”
“Are you surprised?” You snapped with a chuckle, “you know how much I hate blueberry, what made you think it would be a good idea to feed me it?”
“I just couldn’t help myself; it was too good a chance.”
Your head shook disapprovingly, “I should have known you were up to something earlier.”
“You were too excited to try one, you didn’t give me time to tell you what flavour they were,” Felix tried to justify, “if you weren’t so impatient, this wouldn’t have happened.”
Your hand pushed gently against his arm, “don’t try and push the blame onto me instead, this is your fault, why would you even choose to make blueberry muffins?”
“Unlike you,” Felix began to speak, “the boys happen to really enjoy when I make blueberry.”
“I’m never going to forgive you for this.”
Tumblr media
Your smile instantly disappeared as you walked into the apartment to see Seungmin sat on the sofa, scrolling aimlessly through his phone, unresponsive to you.
“Thanks for showing up,” you remarked as he looked up at you, “I loved answering questions.”
You watched Seungmin for a moment, until the penny dropped. “That was today?” He questioned, fearing the worst as your head nodded back at him, “Y/N, I am so sorry.”
“Do you know how many times I had to lie about where you were?” You frowned, sitting on the opposite chair, “when all I long I just knew you had forgotten.”
“I really didn’t think it was today, I was mistaken.”
Your head shook back at him, “this would have never happened if this was for your family.”
“That’s not true,” Seungmin harshly replied to you, “you know that I would have never intended to forget about your family’s party, I would have still been at work regardless.”
Your eyes looked to the floor, running your hands through your hair, “I’ve never felt so humiliated Seungmin, I had to show up all alone, with everyone staring.”
I really am sorry,” he tried to convince you, “just let me make this up to you, please.”
“I don’t know, I just need some space Seungmin.”
Tumblr media
You couldn’t do anything else but sigh as you fell over Jeongin’s shoes as you walked into the apartment, opting to kick them across the room in frustration.
“It’s not that hard,” you muttered, walking into the room where Jeongin sat, “idiot.”
His eyebrows knitted together as you sat down on the sofa opposite him, “those shoes that you just booted are very expensive, if you break them, I’ll be in trouble.”
“Then maybe you can put them on the shoe rack,” you pointed out to him, “they won’t be at risk of breaking if you put them where they’re supposed to be Jeongin.”
“It’s not that big of a deal, just calm down Y/N.”
Your head shook, “it’s just another line in the tally, you treat this place like a hotel these days.”
“That’s not true,” Jeongin tried to protest, standing up from the sofa and picking up his shoes, “that doesn’t give you the right to just start moving my stuff around like it is yours.”
Your frustrations continued to grow, “most of the time I’m putting your things where they’re supposed to be, because you seem too lazy to do it yourself.”
“I work hard,” he suddenly spoke up, “making a couple of mistakes isn’t the end of the world.”
“Maybe that’s where we agree to disagree then.”
Tumblr media
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soulssung · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a life with you; han jisung
listen to: jackie and wilson - hozier
summary: “we'll name our children Jackie and Wilson, raise 'em on rhythm and blues”
Tumblr media
pairing: jisung x gn reader genre: fluff, angst? open ending? idk warnings: none word count: 606
a/n: does anyone here remember that i'm a writer? yeah me neither 💀 anyway, here it's the (yet to be decided if)loved child between my love for han jisung and my current hozier obssession. it's the first work i actually like since i got in a writer's block so i hope this isn't crap :))) anyway, hope you y'all enjoy and good reading!
Tumblr media
Tuntun, tuntun, tuntun, tuntun. Jisung could hear his heart beating on his chest — the blood running to his veins, the echo in his ears, the crimson color coming for his cheeks — it was like he had been hiking on a mountain way too fast and now the air was too thin for him to breathe properly. It surely felt like it, one must notice, but it was only the outstanding effect you had on him. He couldn’t believe he had been this lucky. It was a thing he thought quite frequently, to be honest: how he was lucky to not only get to meet you, in this insanely big world, but to love you. And it doesn’t stop there — Jisung was even more lucky to have his feelings reciprocate. It was such an unexpected sequence of fortunate events that Jisung had to come to the conclusion that, if he had bet on the lottery, on the day he first met you, he surely would have won.
Ah! And what a dream to be loved by you. It was so much that Jisung almost couldn’t talk about it — whenever he tried to put it out it’s like the words failed him, like thousands of butterflies were coming out of his stomach, like his chest was being ripped by flowers — it was hard, to say the least. To help him out, let’s put it like this: to love you was like the coming of autumn, for those who love halloween, or winter, for those who like christmas. It’s something that grows in you, it’s a memory of something long forgotten. In fact, Han always had this particular feeling of nostalgia when it comes to you. The feeling it’s especially strong when you let him put your hands under the pocket of his sweater, when you two are walking around on a cold day, or when you put his head on your lap, caressing his hair so softly that he can’t help but fall asleep. Or even when you kiss his cheek and he gets so red that it looks like he has crossed the North Pole using nothing but swimwear. As you can see, too much for the loverboy in question to put down in words.
That doesn’t mean he hasn't tried to, tough. Because he had, many times. Jisung had spent many nights awake, thinking of the right way to describe your loving eyes, the sweetness from your kiss, the tenderness of your hand. But he could never get something as beautiful as the real thing. “Y/N”, he whispered to the wind a certain night. Have you ever seen such a beautiful name? He neither. And to think you were here now, reading quietly while he had his hand on your knee, a soft October rain falling outside the library. It sounds pretty much like a dre...
“...Sung?...Jisung?”, Felix calls beside him. The boy is suddenly taken down by the reality of the actual library room, blinking in confusion. “What’s up with you man?” his friend continues, moving his face to see the place Jisung had spent the last couple minutes facing. Aha! There you go, Felix should have guessed. Sitting only a few tables away, it’s you, looking quite focused on the book in your hands.
“Why don’t you just ask them out already?” Felix asks like it’s a simple question, like it was an easy thing to do. But it wasn’t, it couldn’t be, right?
Lix keeps on with an encouraging look on his face and Jisung can’t help but wonder — can reality be better than dreams?
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linoragi · 7 hours ago
[ 11:09 am ] — “he’s not my boyfriend!”
“i’m not her stupid boyfriend!”
the other seven boys stared in confusion at the two of you. they literally deadass just caught the two of you making out on the couch and now, you deny that you and minho are in a relationship.
a groan escapes minho’s lips as he slaps his hand to his thigh out of frustration. “they just don’t get it.” minho says as he looks at you, having a fit in the pit of his stomach to bad mouth his friends.
“no,” you agree. “i mean, why would they?”
minho shakes his head as he stands up, ready to leave the dorms and so you stand up, knowing the two of you are going to hang out. then, the words that leave minho’s lips makes the boys even more confused.
“let’s go, baby.”
you fall back on the couch, covering your face as minho stops in his tracks, closing his eyes when he realizes his mistake. you sigh and when you see chan opening his mouth, you stand up to walk out, grabbing minho’s hand on the process as you both exit the dorms.
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milknchannie · 17 hours ago
Stray Kids Reaction to You Being Insecure About Having a Hairy Body
Tumblr media
Genre: mentions of insecurity, fluff, romance, 
Request: “ Can you do skz reaction to their s/o being insecure of their hairy body? “
A/n: i’m finally back to writing! this is the first thing i’ve wrote in a while so i hope you guys enjoy it! and to the anon that sent in the request, thank you for submitting something, i hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The two of you were cuddling in bed watching anime on Chan’s laptop with Chan’s thumb slowly rubbing your forearm. You couldn’t help but ask him, “Aren’t you bothered by it?” Pausing the show, he turns to face you, confusion on his face, “Bothered by what, love?”
“The hair on my arms.” Sitting up, Chan turns your body to face him. “Y/n, of course it doesn’t bother me. Does it bother you?”
“Of course it does Chan. I look out there in the world and all the pretty people have smooth, silky skin; and I want to be as pretty as them, but every time I shave or wax, the hair just goes back within two days. It’s disgusting.”
“Look at me, Y/n. Do not compare yourself to others out there. You are not like them and they are not like you. That’s what makes you so special, and that’s why I love you and not them.” Gently grabbing your arm, Chan brings it up to his face and plants a kiss on it. “You are not disgusting, You are beautiful.” 
“I don’t feel beautiful though.” 
“Then I’ll do everything that I can to convince you that you are the most beautiful human being in the world, and that starts with giving you the best cuddles in the world.” Chan immediately wraps his arms around you, giving you a tight squeeze, causing you to bust out in a fit of giggles. 
Tumblr media
The two of you would be at the store together and when you separate to grab your own things, agreeing to meet up at the middle of the store. You head straight towards the hair removal section, grabbing a bunch of waxing products. Your body hair grew fast every time you waxed, so you often have to by waxing materials, but you don't mind because you’d rather use that effort instead of being hairy all the time. When the two of you eventually meet up, he looks at all the products in your arms and without saying anything, takes them from you, not to put them in the cart, but off to the side on a random shelf. Turning back to you he says, “Don’t waste our money on stuff like that. I’ve told you millions of time, I like your body hair. You may hate it but it’s what makes you you, and you know I love every part of you, even the parts that you hate.”
“It’s not a waste of money if I’m putting them to use Minho.” Making an attempt to grab the items again, Minho stops you, “Before I let you grab these things, I want you to know that it’s okay for you to have body hair, so don’t be stupid and try to do all this extra stuff because society says that you have to.”
“Okay, “mom,” but all these words still wont stop me waxing, you know.”
Playfully rolling his eyes at you, Minho responds, “I know, but just know that I love every single strand of hair on your body. It’s just a shame that you hate them so much.”
“Every strand?”
“Every. single. strand.” 
Tumblr media
It was date night for you and Changbin, and the two of you picked out a nice restaurant to go to. You decided to wear something that revealed your back a bit, despite your insecurity about your back hair, but Changbin had encouraged you to wear the top tonight, making you a bit confident in wearing it. However as the dinner had gone on, you started to regret wearing the top as you couldn’t help but hear the whispers of the teenage girls sitting behind you. 
“Look there’s a bear in the restaurant.”
“Who would want to go out with a hairy beast like that?” 
Tears began to form in your eyes, but before you could excuse yourself to the restaurant, Changbin spoke up, “If you two children don't mind, my date and I are trying to have a nice night, but we can’t if the two of you don’t stop being hateful creatures.” In an attempt to stop him, you call out, “Changbin-”
“No, I’m not going to sit hear and listen to them talk about you like this. Since the two you brats didn’t know, it took a lot of effort trying to convince Y/n to wear this outfit out even though I know that they look beautiful in it. However, they don’t see you the way that I do, and I just want them to know that I’ll love all of their insecurities no matter what.” Reaching across the table, taking your hand into his, Changbin suggests the two of you leave the restaurant, and later on that night, whilst the two of you are cuddling in bed, you make sure to give Changbin all the kisses in the world to let him know that you appreciate his kind words. 
Tumblr media
You were laying down on the couch when a heavy weight plopped itself on top of you. “Give me attention,” said weight pleaded. Chuckling to yourself, you slowly run your fingers through his newly cut hair. “You’re so needy.”
“Yeah, yeah.” The two of you lay on the couch in comfortable silence. You’re too focused on hoping that Hyunjin can't hear how fast he makes your heart beat, while Hyunjin slowly rubs his feet against your legs. Lifting his head up from your chest, he looks up at you and says, “You know, I think it’s cute.” Unsure of what Hyunjin is talking about, you ask what he’s going on about. “I think it’s cute that you’re a little hairy, it’s like you’re a little dog.”
“Hyunjin!” You push him off your body, embarrassed that he would say something like that. Frantically waving his hands, Hyunjin quickly adds, “Wait, wait, I meant that in a good way. I like that you’re comfortable with your body.” Bending your legs to your chest, you let out softly that you weren’t comfortable at all with your body hair, and that it made you feel ugly. From his position on the ground, Hyunjin kneels in front of you, bringing a hand up to your face to make you look at him. “Listen to me, Y/n. You are not ugly, you understand that? You are the most beautiful human being on this planet. So what if your legs are hairy? They are a part of what makes you beautiful. I’ll remind you of that everyday if I have to.” 
“You know I love you, right?”
“Of course I do, and I love you too, my little chihuahua.” Let’s just say you did not hesitate to grab the pillow next to you and wack Hyunjin upside the head.
Tumblr media
You and Jisung are planning to go out to the park in the middle of the summer. Jisung’s already sitting on the couch waiting for you to get ready when you finally come out. Hearing the sounds of your footsteps, he looks up from his phone and can’t help but question your choice of outfit. “Uh babe? Are you sure you want be wearing a hoodie and jeans? It’s like 98 degrees outside.”
“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine in this. I just forgot to shave my arms and legs the other day. I’ll be fine.” Getting up from his spot, Jisung approaches you, slowly raising his arms and then suddenly squishing your face in his hands. “I know that this is something you’re insecure about, but having body hair is normal. No one is going to judge you for having hair on your body, and if they do, then they suck. So please go and put on something that more suited for the weather because I don't want us going to the hospital because of you having a heat stroke.” 
“But-”Jisung could sense the nervousness in your voice. “You know what? It’s too hot outside. Why don't we stay in and watch some videos today? That way you can wear something more comfortable without having to worry about other things.”
Knowing that there was no way you could change Jisung’s made about staying in, you say to him with a smile on your face, “That’s sounds like a perfect plan.”
Tumblr media
You and Felix finally had a shared day off, so the two of you decided to go swimming out by the lake. The drive up to the lake you and Felix were singing at the top of your lungs, happily enjoying the ride. When the two you finally arrived at the lake, you guys immediately ran to the body of water. While Felix’s first move was to strip off his shirt, having already wearing his swim trunks; you were hesitant to take off your top. Noticing your hesitation, Felix asks you, “What’s wrong sweetheart?”
Fumbling with the bottom of your shirt, “Nothing, I just think I’m going to keep my shirt on.” You were insecure about the little hairs on your stomach and didn’t want Felix seeing them, so you planned on keeping your shirt on while swimming, even though you hated the feeling of wet clothes. 
Walking up to you, Felix takes your hand into his, “Y/n, we’ve talked about this. I don't care if you have hair on your stomach. It’s not something that’s weird, it’s natural. If you really want to keep your shirt on then I won’t push it any further, but I just want you to know that it’s okay.” Carefully listening to Felix,  you find comfort in Felix’s word. Taking a moment to think, you let your hand slip out of Felix’s and slowly take off your shirt. “You’re right, it’s something that’s natural, and it’s a part of me that I need to start loving.” 
Tumblr media
Seeing that the light in your bathroom is on and the door is open, Seungmin peeks his head through the door, to find you intensely looking at yourself in the mirror. Walking up behind you, Seungmin wraps his arms around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder. “Hey bub, whatcha doing?”
“Oh hey Seungmin, I was just thinking.” 
“A penny for your thoughts?” You contemplate whether telling Seungmin your true thoughts or telling him a lie, but the relationship that the two of you had didn’t involve lies, so you chose the former.
“I was thinking how all my body hair makes me look weird.” Separating his body from yours, Seungmin spins you around, making sure that you’re looking him in the eyes. “Y/n, your body hair does not make you look weird.”
“Yes it does. I’m like a bear with all this hair.”
Clicking his tongue at your nonsense, Seungmin rolls his eyes at you, “Okay if your body hair makes you look weird, then my braces make me look weird. Y/n, we all have traits that we don’t like, but none of them make us weird, they make us who we are.” Gently brushing off Seungmin’s grip on you, you tell him that it wasn’t the same thing. “Bub, I know, but I’m just trying to let you know that these details don’t matter and it wont make me like you any less. You are perfectly perfect just the way you are.”
Tumblr media
Your date with Jeongin has finally ended. The two of you went out to get dinner and watch the new horror film at the movie theater. Now Jeongin is walking you to your front door. As the two of you stand in front of your door, not really wanting to say goodnight to one another, you let him know that you had a fun night. “I really liked the movie tonight.”
“Oh yeah? I really liked it when you jumped in fright and threw our popcorn at the couple sitting behind us.” Embarrassed, you playfully push him, “Shut up.” A comfortable silence falls between the two of you as you realize that it was time to say goodbye. “Well, I guess I should head back home,” Jeongin says. “Yeah…” Jeongin had slowly started getting closer to you, coming in for his usual goodbye kiss, but you suddenly remembered something, causing you to take a step back. 
“Uh, is there something wrong?” 
“No, no. It’s just that…” You found it hard to really explain to Jeongin your situation, but you knew he wouldn’t be the one to judge. “I forgot to wax my upper lip, so it’s a little bit...hairy.” A giggle escapes from Jeongin’s lips, and you can't help but feel ashamed.
“Silly goose, I don't care about that, and really, you shouldn’t either.” Gently lifting your chin up, Jeongin presses a soft kiss on your lips. “You could be as hairy as a dog or bald as a bald eagle, and I would still like you.”
“You do know that bald eagles aren’t bald, right?”
“Oh tomato, tomahto.”
Pressing a hand against Jeongin’s chest, stopping before he can say anything else, “Jeongin, no.”
Tumblr media
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seungisms · 8 months ago
sex with skz 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
genre: smut, do not interact if you’re under 18
warnings: unprotected sex, overstimulation, edging, fingering, eating out, blowjobs, degradation, praise, body worship, thigh riding, cockwarming, corruption kink, exhibition kink, bulging kink, switch!skz
note: sorry that i haven’t been that active lately, i’ve been too busy simping over pixelated cowboys (yes red dead) 🥴 please enjoy some smutty goodness as an apology - smut straight under the cut, beware! also, this whole post is just an excuse for me to indulge in hard!seungmin
Tumblr media
the softest dom to ever exist™
he’ll worship every inch of your skin, muttered praises being left with every hot open-mouthed kiss he showers you in
low chuckles leave him as you rut and whine against him - practically melting at his touch
a l w a y s keeps a tight grip on you hips, just cause he loves seeing the small imprint dents his fingers leave in your soft flesh 
he’ll kiss down the expanse of your body as foreplay, smothering your face in loving pecks before making his way past your collarbones and stomach, stopping at your panties
his teeth will softly nip at the thin band before hooking his long fingers around the material and promptly tugging them down your thighs, mouth watering at the sight of your drenched cunt
he always takes his time before giving into your begs, loving the look of utter desperation coating your pretty features
makes you cum at least twice with just his fingers and mouth
laps up every last drop of wetness that seeps out of your core, holding your trembling thighs still with his strong hands as the muscles of his mouth eat away at your pussy
he’ll take your bud into his mouth, sucking the sensitive flesh and watching smugly as you hoarsely cry out into the room, hips rasing to follow his lips
he loves to intertwine his fingers with your own as he eats you out, each tight squeeze of your hand letting him know exactly how close you are
he also loves the intimacy that comes with handholding during sex
didn’t even realise he had a bulging kink until he met you
the first time he ever saw the outline of his dick jutting out against the flesh of your stomach he almost creamed inside you
presses the palm of his hand flat against the protrusion and softly groans once he feels himself with every sloppy thrust past your folds, the sounds of his cock meeting your wet sex making his head dizzy
he just loves how well you’re able to take him despite your tight hole being far too small to fit the entirety of his thick cock into
he rarely ever dirty talks during sex but when he does it’s always quiet praises
“thats my good girl, taking me so well.”
“you love this cock huh? you’re just begging me to ruin you, sweetheart.”
softly wraps a hand around your neck while sinking into you slowly, thumb reaching up to trace your bottom lip as small gasps of air slip past, focusing on the way he fills you up
cockwarming is a must with this man
especially in his studio
he’ll have you sit on his lap as he works away on a new song, back pressed against his hard chest while he continues to stuff your pussy full with his hard cock
curses softly in your ear everytime you dare clench around him
eventually gives into your needy pouts and the circling of you hips - bending you over his desk and pressing your head against the cold wood before his hips meet your ass once again
always falls into a cold sweat whenever someone asks him why he has to keep buying new studio chair and makes mental note to punish you later for being such a damn tease
sometimes he humours you and lets you ride him, but the hard grip on your thighs and brushing of his dick against your warm walls reminds you that he’s always the one in control
will always spoil you afterwards, feeling guilty for the aching of your pussy and marks he left on your skin
he’s such a fucking tease
overstimulates you until you’re practically sobbing against him
never once breaks eye contact with you, dark eyes boring into your own teary ones as his digits rub lazily at your bud, teasingly slipping past your folds and dipping into your wet core
he’s an expert at fingering you at this point
curls his fingers deep inside your cunt, your slick coating them and gushing down the flesh of your thighs as he continues to stretch you out
he’ll gather up some of your liquids once he removes his fingers, ignoring your small whines of disapproval before bringing them up to your lips, tapping the soft skin and urging you to suck
turns absolutely feral watching your tongue swirl slowly around his digits, making sure to lick them clean of your wetness as his dick stiffens against your thigh, wanting nothing more than to feel your pretty lips around his dick
l o v e s being in control
he’ll pin your hands above your head as he leaves soft kisses against the expanse of your collarbones - the gentleness of his lips contrasting greatly with the blunt nails digging into your wrists, not paying any mind to your bratty complaining
his mouth always makes sure to leave a few markings in their wake around your thighs, loving the thought of your skirt flipping up later and everyone seeing your pretty, kiss-bruised flesh
also a major giver
he’ll eat you out for hours on end, the sore muscles in his jaw working away at your dripping cunt was worth the pain as you tug onto his disheveled locks and legs trembling on either side of his head, making his hips rut down against the sheets beneath him, tongue impatiently luring you towards orgasm
his chin and lips will be shining with your wetness once he pulls away, not hesitating to place his mouth against yours and force you to taste yourself on his tongue
he gets off on rubbing the tip of his cock against your aching bud, the small pleas leaving your raw throat almost making him want to give in
but he’s a little bit of a sadist, so he’ll draw every whine, whimper and beg from you before he even thinks about giving you what you want
seeing how much of a slut you turn into when begging for his dick makes dragging out his own pleasure worth it
he’ll edge you towards orgasm for hours if you dare disobey him - his length filling up each dent and crevice of your pussy before swiftly pulling out once he feels you clench tightly around him, reminding him how close you were
he continues his pleasurable torture on your abused cunt until you finally cry out for release, loud enough for the rest of the dorm to hear you
then he’ll fuck up into you until your pussy is raw and red, practically pulsating around him
he’ll make sure to fit thigh riding into his daily routine everyday too
the sight of your naked cunt dragging along the material of his rough jeans is too good not to savour
he won’t assist you either
prefers to sit back and watch you struggle to get yourself off, feeling your sticky wetness seep through the material of his trousers
he’ll only even think about helping you if you beg him enough, something about your voice dripping in sheer desperation is enough for him to fuck you right there on the dorms sofa
it doesn’t matter where you are or if the boy are near, he’ll find every opportunity to tease you and turn you into a complete mess with just his cruel words
he’s such a switch and i’ll take no other arguments
one minute he’ll be sobbing underneath you while begging for his release and the next he’ll have you on all fours, forcing you to bite into your pillow to muffle any whines or moans you dare to make
he only speaks in pouts and that translates into sex too
his lower lips will jut out into a cute little frown whenever you decide to tease him, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin as his hips resist the urge to rut against your own
he’s far too stubborn for his own good so he’ll let you drag out his pleasure for hours, refusing to give into your soft demands
eventually submits once your hand ‘accidentally’ brushes against his straining cock, the fleeting touch enough to make him jolt against your hold
turns into the most whiny boy afterwards, dick twitching against his stomach and damp hair falling into his eyes, words stumbling over eachother as you purposely continue to deny him
a connoisseur of face sitting <333
his fingers will grasp at any sort of flesh he can as soon as your legs settle on either side of his head, groaning lowly once your wet cunt comes into his view
he practically buries his head against you, nose nudging your bud before leaving a soft kiss on your folds, cursing lwoly when your hands tangle and tug his disheveled locks
eats you out throughly and eagerly, not letting one drop of your sweet wetness go to waste
he’ll ignore the desperate curving of his cock against his stomach, toes curling into the sheets below as you continue to grind your pussy against his mouth - the warmth of his flat tongue stroking your core combined with the strong grip on your thighs making your tummy twist with need
his tongue will eventually resort to fucking your tight hole, a satisfied moan being hummed against you once he feels your legs tremble in his hold
he’s also just as much of an enthusiast of blowjobs as he is with eating you out
becomes such a brat as soon as you teasingly lick away at his slit, the softest of whines falling from his lips and back arching off the bed with need
his mouth works before his brain, so expect a lot of rushed begs and stuttered pleas
feels himself malfunction once he hits the back of your throat, hands grasping at the covers beneath him while his hips raise in order to fuck your mouth harder and deeper
he has the biggest kink for cumplay so as soon as you stick your tongue out to catch his warm liquids while looking up at him through doe eyes his lips will be unable to form any coherent words, legs shaking and cock softening in your hold
as much as he loves submitting to you, theres no stopping this man whenever he’s jealous
as soon as he sees one of the boys getting too close for his liking he’ll instantly drag you to the nearest empty room, ignoring the questionable glances the others threw his way
he’ll fuck you right there against the wall, legs desperately clinging around his waist as he urges you to moan his name louder with every thrust he inflicts on your drenched cunt
he’ll leave marks in places you’re not able to cover them, stifling a smug chuckle when you glare towards him everytime someone points them out
also extremely fond of lingerie
lets his hands ghost over your body, admiring your glowing beauty in the sheer fabric and questioning how he got so lucky
before simply pushing your panties to the side and slipping his fat cock past your folds, the warmth and wetness of your pussy causing his face to slack with pleasure
he’s a H U G E cuddlier after sex and demands to be held, so leave some kisses on his forehead and lull him to sleep and he’ll be happy
he’s so giving during sex but not before edging you until you’re on the brink of tears
L O V E S using his mouth and fingers on you at the same time
he doesn’t rush while eating you out, hands pinning your thighs to bed to keep them spread as his tongue licks fat stripes up the centre of your pulsating pussy, tuning out your low whimpers of need
his long digits will circle your core, curving deep against your walls and feeling every crevice and twitch of your cunt
he’ll greedily lap up the liquids that seep from your hole until your sore, raw and shaking in his hold
pulls away with his lips drenched in your wetness before coaxing you into a open-mouthed kiss, tongue pushing against your own and sharing his salvia with you, urging you to taste yourself
he’ll constantly keep his mouth busy during sex
whether its nipping at your own lips, leaving markings against your neck or worshiping your perk breasts
he just loves the taste of you on his buds
also really into overstimulation 
once he finally gives into your pitiful begs of release there’s no stopping him
makes you cum again and again until you’re a absolute mess beneath him, legs trembling, tear stained cheeks and pussy aching from his torment
eats up every moan, plea and groan you emit
fills you up the brim and twitches deep against you, fingers reaching down to flick and pinch at your cunt - determined to draw out your sweet sounds of pleasure
he doesn’t pay any regard to anyone else in the dorm, if he wants to make you scream for them all to hear he will
he’ll coax you to sit on his lap with gentle words during move nights with the boys, hands splayed against your thighs as you try to focus on the screen
before they make their way down to your shorts, slipping past and brushing against your already soaked core
he’s quick to fill you to the brim with his veiny cock under the blanket, large hand pressed flat against your mouth to muffles your soft sighs
absolutely GETS OFF on the thought of being caught by one of the boys
so the movement and ruts of his hips will be exaggerated and sloppy, feeling you come undone quickly on his lap, the soft grind of your ass letting him know just how much you actually enjoyed it
softly flicks at your bud once you squeeze tightly around him, milking him dry before the others cast him a curious glance at his low growl
he won’t even acknowledge the eyes peering at you both, his long and thick cock continuing to stretch your small hole out
he’ll make sure to get you back for teasing him though
also l o v e s threesomes
he doesn’t mind sharing you, cause he always makes sure to remind you who you really belong to after
he never hesitates to invite jisung into the bedroom with you both -  watching his bestfriend fuck you until you’re sobbing and begging for more is one of his favourite sights
he’ll eventually join you both, but not before making a snide comment 
“you sure you can handle two cocks at once, honey?”
your wide eyes and flushed cheeks are more than answer for him, coaxing you onto all fours before slipping into your pussy, watching with hunger as you struggle to fit the younger boys cock past your lips, eyes filling up with unshed tears insides twitching with want
he knows just how innocent you were before you met him so he’ll sprinkle a few ‘darlings’ and ‘angels’ between his dirty words when you take his dick further into your mouth
as soon as you look up at him with big doe eyes and cum dribbling down the side of your mouth he knows he’s a goner
takes the crown for the brattiest sub ever
he’s so needy for your attention 24/7
he’s also extremely vocal during sex - whining and fussing against your hold until you finally give into his demands
teasing you is his favourite past-time
he’ll have you laying beneath him, fingers slowly drawing small circles on your clit as he admires your glassy eyes, the pad of his thumb resting against the top of your puffy cunt before he suddenly curls his digits against your walls
loving the look of frustration building up on your face as he continuously denies your release
constantly brings you to the brink of orgasm with his length, pulsating deep inside your core and leaking tip practically kissing your womb
just as he gets the sense you’re about to cum he’ll hastily remove himself, cruel chuckles leaving him as you almost sob beneath him
sends you videos of himself stroking his cock while he’s on tour just to be the tease that he is
his breathless whines are the only thing that slips past his lips, thumb pressing hard into his slit as he moans and begs for you
says things like, “wish you were here. need to be inside you.”
he’ll make a full show of it, hip raising to meet the desperate movements of his hand and softly muttering to himself, urging you to send something back
he also LOVES using toys on you
presses the vibrater harder against your hole, watching you fidget against the sheets and arch further into his body - nipples erect and sweat tracing your skin as your orgasm continued to build
just as you’re about to cum he’ll take the toy away, silencing your small complaints and furrowed brows once he replaces it with his leaking cock, the angry tip nudging past your entrance 
he fucks you slow and hard, cock brushing impossibly deep past your walls and filling you up so well, watching you come undone quickly beneath him
will literally trash talk your sex toys as if he hadn’t been using them on you five seconds before
“see? you don’t need some useless toy getting you off when i’m right here, darling.”
nothing gets him going quite like stockings
as soon as his eyes lay sight on the sheer fabric hugging your flesh he has the sudden urge to fuck you against the nearest wall
and will sit with a pout on his lips the entire night once you make him wait
he’s completely feral once he finally gets his hands on you, rutting against your panties and ripping every article of clothing off of your body except for the thigh-highs clinging perfectly to your flesh
he just thinks you look so pretty and angelic in them
only ever takes his time whenever he’s eating you out
kisses his way up your thighs as you watch him curiously, mouth settling against your clothed heat before mouthing against the soft fabric of your underwear - feeling your wetness seep through and onto his awaiting tongue
he’ll pay no mind to your embarrassed whimper, eager to lap up every ounce of wetness
simply pushes your panties to the side, mouth quickly attaching itself to your slit and sucking on your bud
he never leaves you unsatisfied, tongue softly nudging your hole and humming against your cunt as you quiver beneath him
tuts lowly as he forces you to keep your trembling legs spread open, cleaning up the wetness that pooled down your thighs and onto the bed
leaves a gentle kiss against your sensitive pussy once he’s done, the sight of his chin and lips shining in your liquids enough to make you hide your face shyly
he’ll pry your hands away from your eyes, pressing his mouth to your own and allowing you to taste yourself
he’s such an angel for you
he prefers being in control during sex but he’ll never complain when you take over
ride this man and he’ll do anything for you
something about the sight of you taking him so well as your palms lay flat against his sweat-glistened chest, eyes blown out with hunger and lips plump from his needy kisses really gets him going
also, the fact that it gives him the perfect view his length jutting out against the flesh of your stomach every time you grind down against him
he won’t comment on it, but he’s secretly proud that he’s big enough to leave a outline with every thrust of his cock
his eyes will stay glued to the bulge, thickness becoming impossibly harder against your cervix as your back arches off the bed, the jut becoming more prominat against your tummy with your movements
he gives into every small pout and plea you make almost instantly, the hopeful look in your eyes causing his dick to strain and twitch painfully against his thigh, your cunt almost begging him to bury himself inside you already
praises to the m a x
he’ll bury his face into your loose strands of hair, nose softly nudging your temple and closing his eyes in bliss - savouring the warmth of your pussy around him and the quiet mewls you let out
“you’re so pretty, feel so good taking me like this.”
he barely gets his words out, coming out choked and muttered as he struggles to focus on anything but the wither in your legs and the clenching of your tight hole around him
he absolutely melts at the thought of soft sex
and is a firm believer of constantly confessing his love for you while your pussy is milking him dry
leaves soft pecks anywhere his lips can reach
and he won’t be satisfied until your entire body is covered in his doting praises
he’s so overly gentle with you, hands ghosting over your curves and hips barely brushing against your own, taking his time to feel every twitch and clench of your inner walls
looks at you with nothing but adoration in his eyes while stretching you out
has his forehead pressed against your own, breathing heavily and brushing his lips against yours as you mewl beneath him
softly rubs at your clit while being deep inside you, just to see you arch further into him and grasp at his shoulders, lips parting to beg for more
marking is one of his love languages so expect your thighs and collarbones to be covered in bruises and love bites
he’ll kiss them for you afterwards though 🥺
he’s constantly in awe of your beauty and never fails to tell you just how pretty you look with your pussy stuffed full of him, a milky line connecting the head of his cock to your glistening pussy each time he pulls away - only to inflict more forceful grinds past your walls
calls you his ‘pretty angel’ constantly, the lovingness of his words unable to match the burning his fat cock caused while stretching you out, feeling your velvety walls close in around him
also lives for the intimacy of cockwarming
simply collapses ontop of your spent body, curling into your chest and not paying any mind to the stickiness of both your bodies, softened cock still buried inside you
he just absolutely loves the feeling of your warm walls twitching around him all night and sleep better when connected to you
he may look like the sweetest boy alive but that doesn’t mean he’s not afraid to make you sob and scream for the entire dorm to hear
always starts out slow and loving, taking his time to worship and praise you in every possible way
ghosting his lips over the entirety of your body, not paying any mind to your sharp intakes off breath everytime he brushes over your pert tits 
he’ll leave the most affectionate of kisses against your heated skin, goosebumps appearing in their wake as he showers you in love, length coming to a hilt inside of you and kissing deliously against your knotted womb
it drives him wild knowing the effect he has on you
and his desire for you is shown through the twitching of his needy head against your convulsing walls
but as soon as you start pouting and squirming in his hold his eyes will darken with hunger, not hesitating to push his cock further into your tight hole and stretch you open more, watching your face twitch slightly from the sensitivity of your aching pussy
he loves watching your face slack with pleasure once he gently wraps his hand around your neck, eyes falling shut and whimper threatening to spill from your pouted lips as he barely applies any pressure - hips grinding against your own and the sounds of your slick arousal meeting his own filling the room
gulps quietly while he watches you make a fuss beneath him, adams apple bobbing in his throat as his pre-cum dripped out of your pretty cunt, coating your folds in the white liquids and staining the pristen sheets
exhibition kink™
his need to fuck you against the nearest hard surface is constant and he makes sure to let you know
he gets especially riled up after shows, sweat dripping from his hairline and adrenaline pumping through his veins
he won’t hesitate to drag you into the nearest dressing room, ignoring every confused quiry falling form your kissable lips
pushes you up against the door roughly, lips immediately finding yours before his hands slip up your skirt, taking your lower lip between his teeth softly as the tips of his fingers brush against the soft skin of your thighs before stopping at your core, teasing you through your panties - barely giving you any time to respond to his hungry kisses, tongue pushing against your own
he’ll practically force your begs out of you, fingers curling deep inside of you without warning while eating up every moan you hummed against his mouth hungrily, the sloppiness of the kiss making him press harder against you
constantly reminds you how much of a slut you are for him and how willing you are to fuck him anywhere between pants, tuning out the chatter of the other boys on the other side of the door and focusing on how tight your hole spasmed around him
he’ll eventually have to shove his fingers into your mouth, eyes coaxing you to suck on them to silence your whimpers, his cock continuing its torment on your cunt
LOVES to cum inside you before shoving his fingers into your core, plugging up his liquids and making sure they stayed coated against your walls
simply knowing that you were walking around and chatting to others with his cum seeping out of you and leaking down your thighs makes him so territorial 
he loves to watch you crumble when he whispers into your ear, eyes catching the way your thighs clench and rub together with need
he’ll keep his hand gripping your leg tightly, dangerously close to where you most needed him
but he also loves it when you tease him back, making a point to remind him of your lack of underwear under your skirt when around the others, a playful glint in your eye and petty smile tugging at your lips
cue to a few hours later and he’ll be fucking you into the matress without compassion, legs thrown hastily over his shoulders for his cock to reach the deepest parts of your warmth
he’ll make you regret ever teasing him in the first place, edging you until your on the verge of tears 
okay but he also has a soft spot for more gentle sex and thats the tea
he especially loves it on his lazy days off, spooning your from behind and lazily thrusting into your core, your liquids mixing together and trailing down the expanse of your leg
peppers small pecks across your bare shoulders, hand reaching down to stimulate you along with his cock
buries his face into the crook of your neck and lets out the most prettiest gasps as he’s about to cum, warm breath hitting your heated skin
he’ll slump against you once he brings you over the edge - failing to care about the mess your wetness made on the sheets as he snuggles against your back, leaving small kisses against it every now and then as he drifts in and out of slumber
the goodest boy ever™
he’ll listen to every demand you make happily, only wanting to please you
and if that means dragging out his own pleasure then so be it
he fully believes his life purpose is to satisfy you
ruts against you greedily when you continuously deny his pleasure, the cutest little begs falling from his kiss-bruised lips and glassy eyes staring into your own - glinting with hope and watching your every move
the epitome of ‘🥺’ during sex
he knows how much of a tease you are and how far you like to take it with your dirty words and fleeting touchs - so he’ll warn you to tone it down everytime you stay the night at the dorm, already knowing his words are going in over your head
he secretly looks forward to it though, the thought of sneaking around the others really gets him going and he knows he’ll do just about anything to feel you around him
he’ll have to bite the back of his fist, being careful not to wake the other sleeping member in the room as you leave soft kisses down the column of his neck, hips rocking against his and breathy moans being shared between you
he gets a little carried away though, hands fisting at the sheets and head thrown back against his pillow, choked moans and stuttered begs leaving his throat as you drag your cunt along the underside of his cock, taking in his flushed skin and wide eyes with pride
his stare will stay pinned to your core, watching it drip onto his stomach and practically begging him to fill it up with his length
he’s a complete mess once you finally lower yourself onto his waiting thickness, pussy stretching out slowly and coaxing a string of curses from the breathless boy beneath you - his attempts to be quiet thrown out the window once you convulse around him, delberiatly rocking your hips down against him 
in summary, you’re now banned from having sex in the dorm after jisung woke up and screamed once he saw jeongin fucking you into the mattress after your teasing got the better of him
poor boy™
he’s always too insecure and hesitant to ask you to suck him off, usually just stuttering over his words and fidgeting with his sleeves, avoiding your prying stare at all costs
but once you slowly lower yourself to your knees and have your tongue greedily lap up the pre-cum oozing out of his twitching head after picking up his hints, he’s convinced he can see stars
his legs will tremble and sweat will gather above his brow once you eagerly suck on his tip, taking him inch-by-inch into your mouth
he won’t know what to do with his hands, settling with cupping your face gently as you took your tongue took its time moving around him
the soft graze of your teeth along the soft flesh makes him weak, hips follow the movement of your mouth and nudging the back of your throat with each rut 
almost collapses when you swallow his cum eagerly, thumb reaching down to catch the messy drops that seeped past your lips
before softly gasping when you take it into your mouth, sucking around the digit greedily and cleaning off the sticky wetness he managed to catch
he becomes so needy and shy when you praise him
he just LOVES hearing your whispered praises as you worship his heated skin, tongue dragging across his neck before leaving a searing kiss against the flesh
his favourite time to have sex is the morning after you both just wake up
his lazy thrusts combined with the sloppy kisses you leave against his mouth makes him so soft
he’s a such a simp for you inside and outside of the bedroom <333
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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hyuckvanqel · a month ago
chan ; chan is so unbelievably sweet with you. he knows exactly when you weren’t really there anymore, that far-away, hazy look filling your eyes as you look up at him. “oh, where’d you float off too, baby?” he’d ask, his voice so soft and gentle. and all you can do is writhe around in his grip and reach out for him, your hands grabbing feverishly his shoulders, his arms — anything you could reach — hiccupping and shaking as he grabs your hands in his, pushing them down into the mattress and squeezing tightly. he loves the way your grip on him is just as strong, the way you’re holding onto him as if he was your lifeline. “wanna cum, please, wan’ it so bad, channie, please.” and how could he ever deny you? when you’re always so sweet for him? when you beg so nicely? “you’re okay, puppy, i’ve got you. make a mess for me.”
minho ; you really were such a good girl for him. minho would have his cock shoved down your throat, hand threading through your hair and rutting shallowly in your mouth, staring down at you through hooded eyes, letting out the prettiest, breathiest moans. “fucking take it, baby.” he grunts, pushing you further down on his dick, groaning at the way you gagged and choked around him. “my good slut.” your eyes were hazy, a dazed yet somehow desperate look on your face, drool pooling at the corner of your mouth; that was what made him notice how far off you were. minho seems like the type to not really know what to do in this situation, grip loosening on your hair as he pulls you off his cock. “you okay, baby?” he asks, leaning down to meet your gaze. he can see the tears gathering in your eyes and the way your thighs rub together from where you’re kneeling in front of him. “please use me, minnie. use my mouth." you mutter, words slurring, absent-mindedly shuffling closer to him, head resting on his thigh. “love you s’much.” he would grin, tone becoming so much more gentle, his movements tender and soft. “i love you too, angel. my good girl.”
changbin ; you had stopped respond to him. changbin loves when you talk to him in bed, the way your voice stops and hiccups through the sentences, trying so desperately to answer his question adequately. but now you were silent. you nuzzled your face into his chest from where you were sat on his lap, making soft noises of protest every time he tried to pull away to see your face. “lemme see you, honey.” he says, voice quiet and gentle. even without seeing you, he can tell your eyes are glazed over. when you finally move back, changbin can see just how far away you’ve gone. your eyes are so hazy, yet somehow still filled with love. love for him. “oh, baby.” he coos, letting you fall back into his strong arms, rubbing soothing patterns on your back until you come back to him. “i’m here, baby, come back, love.” changbin would be the best person in this situation, he’d know exactly what to do, how to make you feel loved and safe and how to coax you back to him <33
hyunjin ; hyunjin thinks it’s the cutest thing. he loves how pliant you become under him, how you’re so willing to do anything for him; and seeing you become so soft and vulnerable with him tugs as his heartstrings. “i’m here, baby.” he coos, pulling you closer to him, hugging you tight into his chest. “my good, lil baby. always so sweet for me, isn’t that right?” he keeps talking, mumbling and rambling while waiting for you to come back to him. “hyunnie, please move, please.” you whimper into his neck, fingers linking loosely behind his neck. “of course, angel. anything you want, i would do anything for you.” he mumbles, slowly grinding his hips against you, reveling in the way you whine for him, fingernails leaving little crescent moons on the skin of his shoulders. my pretty baby.” he coos, urging his cock deeper into you, pressing his lips to the corner of your mouth. “cum whenever you want, baby... so good for me.”
jisung ; jisung really is the sweetest boy in the world. his head is buried in your neck, mouthing and biting at the sensitive skin. his hips are rutting hard into yours, hitting that sweet, gummy spot over and over with each thrust. “feels so good, baby.” he pants against your neck, the hot, warm feeling of his breath making you whine and shiver under him, bucking your hips up against his. he seems like the type to be really receptive to how you’re feeling, so when he tries to lift himself up only to feel your hands on his shoulders, holding him in place, he knows something’s changed. “sungie.” your voice is soft, so soft he almost can’t hear it. “yeah, baby? i’m here.” you settles back down, knowing that you want to feel him close, need to feel his skin against yours. he would be so sweet, shifting so he has you sat on his lap while he lays against this headboard, grinning as you cling onto him.
felix ; felix would be a little clueless. he’d be buried between your legs, fingers knuckle-deep inside you, thumb pressing with the smallest amount of pressure against your lil clit, his free hand wrapped around your tummy, keeping you still for him. the only thing that would hint to him that you had drifted away was your hand frantically searching for his, locking your fingers through with his and squeezing. “lix—" you cut yourself off with a hiccup, your entire body shaking and trembling in time with his thrusts. felix would immediately stop, he doesn’t seem like the type to be certain in himself that he’d be able to keep himself in check while you’re like this. “oh, baby.” he pulls himself up, leaning over your little body, making you feel so tiny. “where’d you go, sunshine?” he asks, his voice is impossibly soft and gentle. licking his fingers clean, he brings his hand to your mouth, grinning as you so easily let his thumb slip past your lips. “my pretty lil baby.”
seungmin ; seungmin would be become so soft with you. his touches turn from rough and cold, to tender and warm in the span on seconds. your voice becomes so soft and tiny and your hands so needy that there was no mistaking that you’d fallen away from him, that you were now floating on cloud nine. “oh, angel.” seungmin mumbles, pulling you into his grip, arms circling around you while you nestle yourself into his chest. “please minnie, wan’ you--” you cut yourself off with a hiccup. “wan you s’bad, daddy.” he can feel the way you squirm in his grip, pressing a thousand little kisses against his neck and collarbones. “you want me, baby?” he teases, leaning his head back so you had better access to his neck. you nod, not being able to form the words. all you could do was mouth at his neck, leaving marks on the skin. “okay, baby, so good for me, my sweet girl.” he mumbles, letting you work yourself on his cock while you mumble a constant stream of “thank you’s”.
jeongin ; jeongin is so honored that you trust him that much, to be so vulnerable with him. his hands are planted on your hips, moving you up and dock on his cock and hissing through his teeth at the way you involuntarily roll and swivel your hips against him, high-pitched moans leaving your mouth. he knows when you’ve floated away from him when you start using “innie” instead of his name or any title given to him. “i- innie, feels so good.” you gasp out, falling against his chest and hooking your arms around his shoulders. “i’ve got you, puppy.” he mumbles into your ear, hands immediately leaving your waist to wrap around you, letting you nuzzle into him. one hand had lifted to your head, petting down your hair and stroking through the strands. “please move, innie, please, please.” you mumble against him. “wanna cum s’bad, wan’ it from you, pleasepleaseplease—" and he shushes you, shallowly thrusting up into your warmth and grinning at the way you shake around him. “you can cum, baby. whenever you’re ready. cum for me, pup.”
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009l5 · 21 hours ago
sleepy hyunjin in the morning with his y/n lives rent free in my head ૮ ˶ˆ꒳ˆ˵ ა .. p.s your last uh post ?? fic ?? IDK WHAT TO CALL IT KSUXISNSKDJSJS with chan was so cute &:!:!:&/&/@/@ grr making my hard flutter >:(
btw this boy will not wake up no matter how hard u try ,, kiss him or play with his hair and he whines and clings onto u tighter than u think is possible ?? like hello hyunjin let ur baby go (・・?)
he’s the type to bury his face into your chest and then lean up w the CUTEST??!:&@@&$ puppy eyes possible, giving ur jaw lil kisses LIKE ??/?/ he also does this rlly creepy thing when on the rare occasion HE WAKES UP FIRST, he stares at u until u wake up just so he can remember?? how cute??? his baby?? looks?? in the morning??? it’s cute and everything until u wake up and jump at the sight of hyun looking at u like .°(ಗдಗ。)°.♡˚✧₊⁎
n then his ass has the audacity to be like “Y/NNN don’t look at me like that !!!! :;(∩´﹏`∩);:” LIKE HELLO ?
AND ALSO THANK U ?&@! i was literally sobbing while writing it when will it be my turn
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aboutapeachparty · a month ago
Stray Kids | S/O is sore the morning after their first time (gender neutral)
reaction | hyung line
genre ➸ romance
disclaimer ➸ This is a work of fiction. I don't own any famous character(s) - like idols - and my writings are in no way meant to show these people’s real nature and/or offend them in any way.
Request:  Skz Hyung line reaction when their s/o is sore the morning after their first time? (Suggestive smut) (gender neutral) 🙏🏻✨
Tumblr media
When you wake up, you realize that something is wrong. Every movement hurt and your first urge was to get up, but you realize as you sit down that it didn't get any better. But because of your restless movements, Chan woke up. He slept on his stomach with his head turned to your side. When he opens his eyes, he smiles gently at you. "Good Morning." His voice was clear, but still calm. "Hey," you say, but you sounded a little pained with pain. It was immediately apparent to Chan that something was wrong and he immediately sat up. "Is everything okay? Do you regret it?" You had your first time last night and Chan was afraid he'd forced you to do something you didn't want. He wanted you, but he didn't want to overstep your limits. Did he push you to do something you didn't want? You immediately recognized his concern and you shake your head. "No, I have no regrets," you say softly and give him a gentle kiss. "But is there something?" You can’t lie to him. "Well ..." You start, but you were shy. You didn't want to burden him with your problems and in the worst case scenario he would feel bad too. "Come on tell me. You don't have to be uncomfortable." Clearly, Chan couldn't be fooled. "Well it feels sore here ... so down here." You point down at yourself and press your lips together. "Oh ...", Chan said and his eyes suddenly widened. And for a moment it became quiet between you. It was a little uncomfortable, but then Chan got up and got dressed. "Okay okay. You stay here and don't move. I'll go quickly and buy us breakfast." He packed panicked his things and looked for his wallet. "It's really okay, don't stress yourself." You try to calm him down, but he wasn't dissuaded. "No, I'll do everything for you today. I'm so sorry." Chan then kissed you and ran off.
"Ouch, ouch, ouch ..." You stumble back from the toilet and go back to bed. Minho was watching you with a big but evil grin. "Don't laugh like that, it's all your fault." You lie down next to him with a sigh and still feel the burning in your lower area. "But it was worth it, wasn't it?" He keeps grinning at you and you roll your eyes. "Let's see how long I'll be sore." You sigh and snuggle up in the covers again. "Sorry, I can't help it that he's so big." He winked and turned over to you. You roll your eyes, but you know that Minho wanted that confirmed. "Hmm right, I should find someone with a smaller dick." Now it was you who grinned and Minho looked at you with raised eyebrows. But then he smiled too and kisses the tip of your nose. "You will get used to him and then you will not want anything else," he whispered in your ear and you immediately get goosebumps. You look into his dark eyes and you miss the words. "But before that I can still be very gentle with you." His head bowed and his lips touched your neck, then your collarbone. His hands wandered over your body and you can feel your breath getting louder and louder. And Minho was just gentle ... very gentle.
"That was nice," whispered Changbin and starts playing with your fingers. He kissed every single one of your fingertips and he smiled gently. You smile too but couldn't answer anything.Your naked bodies were lying against each other and you liked that afterglow, but the sex had left you with after-effects on your body too. "Are you okay?" He asked and immediately noticed that something was wrong. You nod with pressed lips, but in reality you couldn't fool him. "What's going on?" He asked further and his look was suddenly so full of worry. Changbin could seem so tough and hard at times, but he was so soft with you here. "I'm just a little bit sore down there. It's not that bad." You smile and want to convince him that everything is fine. But Changbin immediately feels bad. "What? Did I hurt you?" He leaned over you and examined your whole body. "No, everything is really okay." You run his hair and look him in the eye. And the next moment he became calm too. His hustle and bustle disappeared and his pulse calmed down. "Really?" His dark pupils found themselves in your eyes and he looked like a small dog to you at the moment. "Yeah really. It's just so new to me. I have to get used to you." You wink and laughingly give him a kiss. "I'll be more careful next time," he promised you and snuggled up to you again.
Hyunjin still had a smile on his face even when he was asleep. He thought the night with you was just incredible. He was so happy and so full of love. And you had to smile too when you saw him like that. Of course you were happy and enjoyed the night with him, but you feel a little bit sore afterwards. And now in the morning it didn't get any better. When Hyunjin woke up, he smiled and the images from last night immediately came back to his head. "Good morning," he breathed and kissed you gently. "Hey, good morning," you say and stroke his hair. But his gaze changed, his eyes wandered to your lips and his body was suddenly above you. "What are you going to do?" You ask him with wide eyes and smile. "Same as last night," he whispered with a deep sigh and put his full lips on your neck. But it was clear to you that you could not make another round. Everything was still so sore. "Hyunjin ..." you say softly and put your hands on him. "Mhmm ... say my name again." He continued kissing your neck down to the base of your breasts. "Hyunjin ... it wouldn’t be a good idea ..." You push him away from you a bit and his look suddenly turned very sad. "Didn't you like it?" He asked, puzzled. "Yes ... but ... I'm not used to it and ... well ... it hurts ... here." You point to yourself and hope that he is not too disappointed. "Was I too rough?" He asked suddenly worried and his eyes went heavy. "No, not at all. It's just new ..." you say and kiss him gently. "Okay, then...cuddle?" He asked, his expression becoming so soft that you couldn't resist him. "Yes, I would love to."
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stray-kids-react · 26 days ago
Crush doesn't think he likes them
*FWB mentioned in Hyunjin's*
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
- Why -
° You were Jisung's best friend which meant you visited Stray kid's quite often, you met them when the survival show first aired and when you a Jisung were still minors or considered quite young.
° You had a crush on Chan, it started small but began eating you alive after only a few weeks. But in your eyes, he was a more mature man who would probably just see you as a younger friend. Even though it was a small age gap, it was still a gap that you always noticed.
° You over heard from Jisung (who had no idea about your crush) that Chan would go for someone older and that he's a bit self conscious that he's the oldest member. This just sealed your insecure thoughts, making you realize you truly didn't have a chance with Bang Chan.
° Jisung told you this during Double Knot era, and you started to distance yourself from Chan slowly ever since he told you that. It hurt too much to talk to your crush, knowing he'd never see you in the same light as him.
° Chan started to notice the lack of your happy energy in his studio, realizing that days were starting to turn into weeks. And he honestly didn't want to see it turn into months, Chan often saw you in his studio, playing on your phone and telling him about your day.
° Your little praises and whines whenever he played a song or refused to play a song he was working on, started playing in his head making him miss you more. He went to call your number, when he realized that he was starting to see you in a new light... Not realizing how much you meant to him.
-What happened-
° You got a small knock on your apartment door, you assumed it was Yeji coming to pick you up for a surprise girls night. But you were surprised to see Bang Chan standing there with a wolf plushie in his hands.
"Chan, what are you doing here?" You asked, taking the plushie from him as he sat down on your couch.
"I missed you, a lot." He explained, looking at you like a sad lost puppy.
° You paused the movie you were watching, glancing at him a few times as you sat there silently not knowing what to say. You couldn't tell him why you've been ignoring him without sounding selfish or immature.
"Have you been ignoring me on purpose? I need to know so I can apologize for whatever I did or said that upset you." Chan muttered, truly thinking he offended you in some way.
"I am sorry for whatever happened, I just want you to know that I miss you a lot. I didn't realize how much you meant to me until I didn't see you for a few weeks. I really missed out little chats, and your praises." He continued, making your heart shatter in a way he never knew.
° Small streams of tears trickled down your cheeks, making Chan slightly panic. He rethought everything he just said and wondered if he offended you in any way, he was used to apologizing since he was such a punching bag to netizens.
"You didn't do anything bad Chan, I'm just being really selfish. I really like you, I always have but I know that I don't have a chance with you. And it stung really bad, so I tried to distance myself to make it hurt less. Not realizing it would hurt you if I disappeared for a bit. " You explained, feeling his warm hand rub circles into your back.
"But you do have a chance with me, I literally came over here to apologize and confess my crush on you." Chan reassured, smiling softly when you looked up at him with surprise.
"Crush on me?" You asked, not believing his words.
° Chan knew you'd think he's just confessing out pity, so he made sure you knew he was being genuine. So he pressed a small kiss to your nose, cheeks, and head. Wrapping his strong around around your waist to pull you closer, he noticed you softly shiver at kisses.
"Yeah, a crush on you." He whispered, pecking your lips quickly.
Lee Know
Tumblr media
- Why -
° You were a staff member, you mostly worked with Stray Kids and often styled Minho and Changbin. Minho was known to be one of the visuals of Stray kids, while you didn't see yourself as beautiful at all.
° You didn't have the ideal body type, you weren't fit, and you didn't have a gentle laugh or perfect manners like many desired women did in the movies and magazines. You acknowledged that you were different, and you knew that your chances with Minho were very slim.
° Your confidence was constantly being beaten down by your work mates, all of them saying no make up could save your case. It became and inside joke, an inside joke that ruined your confidence quite a bit. You practically had none left at this point.
° You were helping Minho get styled his upcoming stage, you were done and both of you had quite a bit of time to spare before the stage was ready. Minho simply sat back on his phone, occasionally glancing up at you as you cleaned your brushes and organized them.
° Minho found you adorable, he actually requested to only go to you for styling just so he could hang around you longer. He'd try to flirt with you on many occasions, unbuttoning a few too many buttons or "accidently" pushing his zippers too far down.
° That's why it came as a surprise when he heard another stylist begin to nit pick at your looks, saying you were hopeless. There were so many managers near by, but they didn't step in at all. You were being harassed and insulted infront of many idols and staff members, and no one did anything.
-What happened-
"Don't talk to y/n like that." Minho stepped in, surprising both you and the other stylist.
° You didn't even think Minho knew your name, and yet here he was sticking up for you. It felt nice to be stood up for and be reassured that you weren't a hopeless waste of life, especially from someone you'd consider a crush.
"We were just joking around, no need to get all serious and defensive." The stylist informed, coming off a bit snippy towards the idol which caused many eyes to drift towards the three of you.
"Y/n isn't laughing, and neither am I. So I'm going to take y/n away from your toxicity, and then I'm going to tell your boss about your behaviour after my performance." He snapped back, the subtle snippy attitude flying back at the stylist.
° Minho took you to an empty dressing room, shutting the door behind him. He noticed you were a bit stiff and tense as you sat up straight on the bench, he felt bad for not noticing the bullying sooner. Maybe you wouldn't be so hurt and burned now if he could've known sooner.
"Are you alright? Those words she said were pretty harsh." Minho asked, sitting beside you as his tone began to soften the more he spoke.
"Yeah, I'm used to that. They like to joke around with me, I guess I'm just a bit oversensitive. That's all." You defend, only making him feel worse for not stepping in earlier.
"Don't say that, you have every reason to be upset if you're treated like that. Especially since you don't deserve any ounce of it, you're a talented and gorgeous stylist who deserves nothing but respect." He countered, cupping your face in his hands so you'd look at him.
° His words wanted to make you crawl into a ball and cry, you stayed strong and only let the tears gloss your eyes slightly. No one has ever said something like this to you before, and it felt amazing. You would kiss him right then and there if it weren't for the underline fear of crossing a line.
"You're so nice, I really appreciate your kindness Minho. But you don't have to pity me-" You started, only getting interrupted when you felt soft warm lips press against yours softly.
° His lips felt like a warm blanket on the coldest of Winters, mixed with the fuzzy happiness you get when you receive a gift. It was magical, and you couldn't believe the kiss was with your crush, who was an idol with millions of fans who would die to be in your position.
"Do you think I'm pitying you now?" He asked, a playful smirk crossing his lips.
Tumblr media
- Why -
° Changbin was your crush, your crush throughout elementary til you graduated. But there was one very important issue with this, he was your best friend and also your other best friend's brother. That is why you and only you knew about your crush on him.
° The worst parts of being his best friend was when he decided to invite you guys to work out with him, which led to you nearly blowing your cover by drooling over him. Or whenever he went on a date with someone, and you had to act like you weren't totally heartbroken.
° You moved away after college, wanting to explore the world. And you only ever had to text or call your best friends rather then see them face to face, it had a lot less pressure. You thought you'd barely see them until holidays, but that's when you bumped into him...
° You were picking a new video game to try out, when you bumped shoulders with someone. When you turned to see who it was, you gasped aloud realizing it was Changbin.... Without his sibling too. You also knew that he broke up with his girlfriend four months ago, so your mind was racing.
° You both started chatting about life, Changbin admitting he was staying at a crappy motel. And your sweet and large heart, immediately made you suggest the idea of him moving in with you. Only regretting your choices when he agreed with his adorable smile that you cherished.
° So there you were, unboxing his stuff in your apartment, trying not to look at the old photos of him and his girlfriend for too long. You assumed he was still into her since he still had photos of her, which made your small amount of confidence fade into a distance.
- What happened -
° Changbin noticed the photos you unpacked, he accidently mixed up his trash box with a regular box. He was planning on burning those photos, but right now he had a lot more things to do before he could think about putting a match to his old toxic relationship.
"Sorry, I mean to burn those. I guess they got mixed up with the actual boxes." Changbin sighed, stealing the envelopes filled with his ex.
"What happened between you two, last time I checked you both were nearly engaged." You asked, remembering the time you cried cause he bought a ring for his ex.
"I found out she was actually engaged to another man the whole time, and had three children as well. I felt like a stupid piece of shit, I immediately apologized to her fiancé and told him I had no idea. Before I moved out and came here to try and heal." He explained, throwing his photos into your trash bin.
"Damn, that sucks. I'm so sorry Changbin, I can't imagine how hurt you must've been." You murmured, gently stroking arm as he tensed up under your touch.
° Changbin didn't look as hurt as you thought he would have, he must have healed up quite a bit over the four months. You still felt terrible that he was cheated on in such a dramatic manner, no one should have to find out the person they love was lying to them the entire time.
"Is there anything I could do to help?" You ask, surprised when you feel Changbin's arm snake around your waist.
"There is one thing." Changbin muttered, a playful glint sparkling in his eyes.
° You have seen this playful glint many times, whenever he teased you, pranked you, saw you blush, or even when you fell asleep on him that one time. But this look in his eyes was a bit different, you could tell there was some serious tendencies behind his boba eyes.
"W-what is it?" You stuttered, noticing his eyes continuing to flutter down to your lips.
° You felt his lips interlock with yours, as his fingers gently traced your jaw. His bracelet and cold rings sent shivers across your body from the coolness of them, but you heart made waves of heat flush through you when you realized what was actually happening.
"That." Changbin whispered, smiling at your breathless expression.
Tumblr media
- Why -
° You and Hyunjin were in the same group of friends throughout your school years, you wouldn't consider each other best friend's but you would definitely hang around each other and feel comfortable doing so. Around Senior year is when you started finding Hyunjin hot.
° You were invited to the dance studio to watch Hyunjin dance, he always wanted your opinions since you didn't sugar coat a lot of things. That trait was one of the many traits he adored about you, he also invited you over to make up for the loss time he ditched with you during school.
° The dance was... Racy. Lots of grinding, expressions that made you turn red, and crawling. It was much different than his usual free and loose dance solos that he showed off, this one seemed to be much more serious as if he were trying to tell you something.
° The song ended with him pressing you against the studio mirror, smirking gently when he heard your breath hitch in your throat by how close you two were. A rush of confidence flooded Hyunjin, and soon the music was replaced by the sounds of subtle whines and lips smacking together.
° That night was the start of many night where you and Hyunjin would get intimate without even knowing if you two found each other attractive enough to actually date. You two created a confusing mess that both of you hated but craved way too often.
° You both agreed to not tell anyone you two were friends with benefits, but your friends were a bit suspicious when they found Hyunjin's hoodie in the corner of your room. They thought you two were just crushing on each other, not knowing you both were a confused horny mess.
- What happened -
° You two finished your first round of the night, both of you knowing mentally that there would be at least one more. Both of your bare bodies were sweaty and burning hot, so Hyunjin opened his window to let some of the nighttime cool air begin to brush against your skin.
° You noticed that Hyunjin was different that night, he was much softer with you and continuously praised you in a much more heartwarming way. He even called you 'love', which you could tell he soon regretted and tried to forget about.
"Hyunjin, why'd you call me love?" You asked, semi hoping he'd confess his love to you.
"I guess I was just too into the moment, I'm sorry if it stressed you out." He murmured, his voice slightly raspy from the continuous noises he made.
"But you were also really gentle and sweet with me, plus you didn't look me in the eyes like you always do. I know something is up Hwang Hyunjin." You countered, watching him sigh as he passed you one of his shirts to wear.
"It's nothing... Let's just get some sleep." Hyunjin whispered, his eyes completely dull and filled with sadness.
° You knew Hyunjin quite well, something was bothering him. But you knew of you kept asking questions he'd grow frustrated just like many other people do. You wondered if he didn't want to continue this any longer, maybe he found someone who he actually wants to date.
"Hyunjin, do you want to end this?" You asked, watching his eyes perk up in surprise.
"I do, but not in the way you think." He answered, only making you more confused than you already were.
"I love you. And I know there is a 50% chance you don't love me back, but I'm willing to take that chance if it means that I can take you on a real date and get to be called your boyfriend. I've always loved you, but I didn't want to erase something good if it wouldn't get any better. " Hyunjin explained, making your heart skip a few beats.
"I love you too. I always have." You whisper, stroking your hand through his hair as his serious pout turned into a warm grin.
° You and Hyunjin may have not had any more rounds that night, but you both consider it to be one of the best days of your life. You were both too scared of rejection and filled with doubt, that you never realized the obvious crushed you both had on each other.
Tumblr media
° You had a very toxic and manipulative relationship, he cheated on you, verbally abused you, and bullied you for quite some time. You broke up with him after you found him sleeping in bed with your close friend, your heart completely shattered and destroyed.
° Throughout your journey of healing, you realized that you did have one person who had your back. And it was your ex's best friend Han Jisung, he visited you every day the moment you broke up with your ex. He always made sure you were doing okay, and really helped you heal.
° You overheard Jisung fighting with you ex over the phone, not referring to him as a friend anymore. In all honesty the way he treated you sickened Jisung enough to not want to be associated with him at all, especially since he knew you were such a kind and warm person.
° You grew attached to Jisung after a few months, but thanks to the verbal hell your ex put you through... You were convinced he would never go on a date with you. When in reality he was the original person who had a crush on you, your ex just made the first move.
° There were so many other choices that didn't have baggage with them, and he still decided to stick by your side and make sure you're alright. You didn't want to ruin his life, so you'd suggest distancing yourself but he'd always reassure you that you were never a bother.
° Jisung knew about your insecurities, so he wanted to show you his feelings in a very a romantic way. He just needed to plan it out, and buy the decorations, and make sure that you actually felt the same way so he didn't waste all of his money on this confession.
- What happened -
"Jisung! I'm here!" You called, placing your coat on his door hanger as you heard him rush into the living room.
"Just wait one second, I have to get some stuff ready." Jisung huffed, his eyes beaming with excitement.
"Why'd you invite me over if you weren't ready." You teased, sitting yourself on the edge of the couch
"Because I forgot how close you lived." Jisung reasoned, rushing back towards the bedroom to finish whatever he was so excited about.
° You heard a loud crash come from his bedroom, so your instincts kicked in and you rushed into the room. When you opened the door you Jisung on the floor rubbing head with a ladder laid flat next to him, but surrounding the man you've caught feelings for were banners that had 'I like you' written all over them.
° There was a small cheesecake on his table that was decorated in cake crumbs to form a heart on top of it. Your heart practically combusted by how cute everything was, this is all you've ever wanted when it came to a love life. Sweet cheesy antics that are sappy but make you tear up.
"Jisung... I don't know what to say." You whispered, very close to crying by how sweet he was.
"You don't have to say anything if you don't want to, I just wanted to let you know that I'd love to be your boyfriend." He murmured, gently swiping away your tears with his thumb.
° You originally liked Jisung before you started dating your ex, but you thought you didn't have a chance with him so you settled with your ex. You now deeply regret your decision to settle, since Jisung has the same feelings for you and had had them all along.
"I'm sorry for settling with my ex, I always liked you more. I just thought I never had a chance with you, I wish we could've dated earlier. Sim so sorry." You replied, smiling as he passed you a small teddy bear that he hid behind his back.
"It wasn't your fault y/n, all we can do now is just look forward to the future." Jisung reassured, pressing a small kiss to the tip of your nose.
° You appreciated how gentle and sweet Jisung was, but a kiss on the nose just wouldn't do for everything he has done for you. So you gently tipped his head down, before placing a cautious but warm kiss to his lips. Your heart doing flips when he pulled you closer by the waist.
Tumblr media
° People suck, but luckily Felix didn't. Felix was loved by everyone, many jokes being tossed around that he collects people like Pokémon cards. But they weren't far from the truth, Felix was a really sweet and adorable guy that you had a huge crush on... Too bad you've barely talked to him.
° You worked as a barista at a small but popular boba tea shop, Felix often ordered for his friends and was a usual customer. He recognized you, but neither of you really got the chance to sit down and talk even though he's been going to the boba shop for three years now.
° Felix loved when you were the one dealing with his orders, you always got it perfectly and added a small heart on the cup when you were finished. It was also a bonus that he found you drop dead gorgeous and wished that you both weren't so busy so he could ask you out.
° You often talked to your coworker Chenle about your crush on Felix, he'd tease you and sometimes make you take his order if it was Felix or Felix's friends who went through him. Chenle once even bluntly asked for Felix's number so he could give it to you, Felix agreed anyways.
° The café was usually so sweet and gentle to work on, but recently a new employee was hired and she acted as if she was the God of anything café related. Often belittling you, spilling drinks on you, and making you her personal servant. It got so bad that you had to miss a day so you could relax.
° It was terrible weather outside it was a blizzard and freezing cold, yet she asked you to go take out the trash for her. You declined at first, not wanting to freeze out there. But then she threatened you, saying she'd tell the boss that you skip time to chat with Felix.
- What happened -
° You walked outside and threw the trash bag into the bin, but when you walked back to open the back door. You realized that she locked you out, you could barely see because of the snow so you started banging on the door. But no one answered, that is until two car lights shined against your figure.
"Get in!" A familiar voice shouted, their face unrecognizable due to the storm.
"Who are you!?" You asked, watching as they rushed towards you.
"It's me, Felix." He explained, placing his jacket over your bare shoulders as he guided you to his car.
° You both snuggled into the back seat, shutting the doors tight as you basked in the slightly heated car. You didn't realize how badly you were shivering until you attempted to speak, your teeth chattering against each other rather loudly as you opened your mouth.
"Look at me for a second, please." Felix begged, gently tilting your head as he placed his warm hands over your cheeks.
"Feeling any better now?" He asked, his tone warm and soothing as his eyes gazed into yours gently.
"Yes, thank you. I probably would've become a popsicle if it weren't for you." You joked, your heart doing flips when he sent you a cheeky grin.
° Felix watched as your employee started screaming your name, calling you by harsh words instead of your actual name. When you didn't respond she shut the door harshly, making the warm feeling in your stomach turn back into a nervous ache.
"She shouldn't talk to you like that, especially when you are so kind and gorgeous. Plus your the best employee in the café. " Felix murmured, watching your cheeks turn a natural red tone.
° You smiled shyly at his compliments, unconsciously snuggling closer to his warm body. Felix was so comforting to be around, you felt all of your worries vanish when he began to stroke up and down your arm. A small chuckle vibrating his chest as you laid against it.
"After the storm passes, would you be willing to go get dinner with me tonight?" He asked, grinning bashfully when you nodded almost instantly.
Tumblr media
° You and Seungmin used to be friends, but during grade nine when the school president elections started you both ran for the position and the feud only started from there. Soon even the smallest things about each other would piss you both off, some said it was tension however.
° After high school you never got in touch with Seungmin, hoping to forget his fucking adorable face and joyful laugh which you despised. You'd rather die than admit you found Seungmin cute and that it helps you hold even more grudges against him... You won't let him win.
°In grade ten you attempted to apologize to Seungmin, but that's when you overheard him talk about how annoying and ugly you were. He said he'd puke if anyone ever shipped him with you, and this broke your heart in more ways than one. But you concealed the heartbreak with rage.
° You tried to forget about him when you started university, you moved to a different city and even took quite a few courses. But some how, you noticed Kim Seungmin sitting a row in front of you as he took out his notebooks. You wanted to pounce on him and scream in face so bad.
° You couldn't spend a single day without this one person ruining it for you, and you were reaching your last straw with him. You took out your pencil and harshly wrote the date down on your notebook, nearly breaking you pencil when you heard him scoff when he finally saw you.
° The class went alright, you simply annoyed your arch nemesis in front of you. But the professor declared that there was a group project coming up, and he already chose the groups. And by your terrible luck, you got paired with Kim Seungmin... Ofcourse you did.
- What happened -
"I'm here, and I brought notes." Seungmin sighed, letting himself into your dorm room.
"You know there is a thing called knocking right?" You countered, watching him roll his eyes at your voice.
° Seungmin looked attractive as all hell, he wore a simple outfit with a white button up and black jeans. But the way he rolled up his sleeves when he wrote down different notes, or the way his hair was styled slightly so his hair wasn't covering his cute puppy dog eyes.
"Can you quit staring and do some work." Seungmin hissed, throwing you a pen as your ears turned bright red.
"Can you be nice to me for once?" You asked, your tone coming out much meeker than you planned.
° You listened as Seungmin stopped writing, he shifted in his seat until his thigh was pressed against yours. You were suppose to hate Seungmin, but by how close you were to him you couldn't help but feel a warm rush of heat flush your face a cute shade of red.
"Says the one who hated me first." Seungmin pointed out, confusing you since he was the one who started it in grade nine.
"At least I never called you ugly or annoying, or completely embarrassed you in front of my friends or made you feel like a worthless piece of trash throughout high school." You retorted, feeling small tears gloss your eyes out of frustration.
° You sighed telling him that he should go since it wasn't going to work out, but he stayed still. You assumed he was just being petty, but when you looked at him you noticed he looked genuinely concerned about you. He grasped your hand in his, pulling you next to him.
° Seungmin stroked his thumb over your knuckles as a single tear streamed down your cheeks. All of the built of frustration overflowing and becoming too much to handle, and seeing you like this actually shattered his heart quite a bit. He never realized that you never actually hated him.
"What are you doing?" You asked, attempting to pull your hand away so you could wipe your tears.
"Can I make it up to you? I never knew that you felt this way and I feel like a terrible person, so please met me make it up to you over breakfast tomorrow?" Seungmin begged, his tone had no signs of harshness in it as you cautiously agreed to his offer.
Tumblr media
° Your best friend was jealous of you constantly, always stealing anything you wanted or achieved even if they failed at doing so. You had too big of a heart to realize their toxic behaviour, and just assumed that's their personality and that they meant no harm by being themselves.
° You told them you had a crush on the new student in your course Jeongin, and instead of encouraging you to ask him out. They told you You didn't have a chance, and would constantly embarrass you in front of him so they could look better. That's when you realized they were toxic.
° You couldn't exactly ignore them either because they shared a dorm with you and threatened you constantly, saying you'd regret unfriending them and that they'd turn everyone against you. And you believed them, remembering how many friends they have.
° They hosted a party at a local sorority, almost all of the campus arriving to it and having a great time. Everyone seemed to having fun, except for you...who sat by the pool with your feet tipped in as you waited for this personal hell to be over. You wanted to go home, but no one would drive you.
° You noticed someone sit next to you on the edge of the pool, when you turned to see who it was you were a bit surprised to see it was Jeongin. The same guy who your friend said they'd sleep with at the party, yet here he was sitting next to you looking very bored.
° Jeongin gently smiled at you, telling you that the party was terrible. You laughed gently, wondering how drunk some of the students were since some were passed out cold. You talked to him a few times, but everytime you two chatted it made your heart do a frenzy.
- What happened -
"Do want me to drive you home, I haven't had anything to drink." He suggested, helping you up as you both walked towards his car.
"I'd actually love that, I wanted to go home since I arrived here." You sighed, feeling a blush creep up your cheeks when you heard him laugh.
° The drive home was quite long, since the sorority wasn't even on your campus. But you didn't mind the drive being lengthy since you got to chat with your crush for quite some time, you didn't realize how long you'd be with him until one of his tires went flat on the highway.
"Shit, shit, shit, shit." Jeongin sighed, quickly calling a cab service to come pick you both up along with a tow truck to bring his car home.
"Guess we're stuck here for a bit then." You sighed, watching him smile in disbelief of how odd your nights have turned.
° You both could only talk with one another, the sounds of crickets in the grass cresting a calming night atmosphere. Topics flew by, when he asked you about your friend. His tone hinting that he was surprised your friends with them, as if he doesn't actually like them.
"Your friend seems a bit harsh, I've seen the way they treat you." Jeongin admitted, laying his jacket across your shoulders.
"I've been wanting to leave them, I just don't know how. I've never ended a friendship." You explain, surprised that he doesn't like them... Everyone seems to like your friend.
° You felt Jeongin lean over slightly, so you turned to look at him. You knew that your friend has been hitting on Jeongin for months now just because you like him, it felt nice to know that he seemed to prefer you instead. It made your brain go fuzzy in the best way possible.
"Can I tell you why I'm surprised your friends with them?" He asked, smiling softly when you nodded for him to continue.
"Because you're the cutest, happiest, and smartest student on campus. And they don't deserve you." He explained, slipping his phone number into your hand once the cab arrived.
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corruption-skz · 8 days ago
Satin Panties || Bang Chan smut
Warnings:smut,fingering, corruption kink,virgin reader,softdom!Chan, daddy kink,ddlg.
Tumblr media
Chris wanted nothing more than to keep you safe he always treated you like you were made of glass,so fragile.At the same time he wanted to ruin you so bad to give you a taste of what it's like feeling heavenly good.He would lie to himself if he said that he had never got off to the thought of your pretty innocent face whimpering underneath him.
One day coming home from the studio he found you on the sofa with your cute pink dress and your legs were spread lightly giving him a glimpse of your satin panties
"Hey baby! How was work today?" He was unable to focus on your words his mind only thinking about ripping those panties off of you "Baby are you okay?"
He snaps back again "Yeah baby everything good! Thank you for asking" sitting next to you on the couch,you immediately jump on top of him excited kissing him.
He wraps his arms around your waist as you kiss and you accidentally rub yourself over him making him gasp and tighten his grip around you.His hand automatically moving you back and forth on top of him making you widen your eyes and gasp.What was going on? Why would you have that tingly feeling between your legs? Chris was quick to pick up the signs his hand caressing your cheek "Do your princess parts feel funny angel?". You'd immediately nod blushing and feeling overwhelmed.
"Do you trust me baby?" He asked you playing with the hem of your dress
"A lot"
"Can daddy show you some things baby? I promise I'll stop if you don't like them",you nodded wanting nothing more than to get rid of that burn between your legs.
His hand slipped between your legs making you shiver,feeling your wetness over your satin panties as his lips were pecking your neck.His thumb started teasing your sensitive clit firstly over your panties before he pulls them aside moving your wetness everywhere.At this point you were a mess,your eyes rolling to the back of your head and your lips making beautiful whimpers.Was it possible to feel this good? This image itself could be enough to make Chris cum in his boxers.
"Baby girl this might hurt a little but I want you to tell daddy whenever you feel it's too much,okay?" You simply nodded,and with that he slipped his middle finger inside you making your whole body tense.
"Ugh daddy i-it feels weird" he immediately brought his hand on your hair stroking it comforting you in any way possible
"You're doing so good for daddy little one" he praised you moving his finger slowly,"look at you being a big girl and taking daddy's fingers so well". You felt your ego being boosted.You wanted nothing more than to be a good girl for daddy.
Your body started responding differently enjoying the feeling of having something inside you.Grinding on his fingers trying to get something more Chris knew what he had to do.He started moving in a faster pace feeling you getting tighter and tighter around his fingers.
Your stomach started feeling tighter as well "D-daddy I-I feel weird" your voice high pitched
Chris started caressing your neck and face "it's okay angel just let it go" and with that you came around his fingers releasing a loud moan as well.God he couldn't believe what was happening.He gave you your first orgasm,you were only his,he was the only one who has ever seen you this ruined,and oh god, he loved the idea of that.
After calming down he scooped you on his lap cuddling you and giving you small pecks occasionally, whispering praises to you making you blush "you did so so so good princess, daddy is proud of you"
"Daddy could we do it again sometime?" You asked hiding yourself witch of course made him even more whipped for you
"Hmm maybe since you liked it that much,but only if you behave"
You nodded excited willing to do whatever it takes to be touched like that by daddy again.
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dreamescapeswriting · 4 months ago
Stray Kids Reaction || Waking You Up With Oral [M] [Request]
Tumblr media
Chan was always late home and you always forgave him so easily for it but it didn't mean he forgave himself. He knew there must have been something inside of you that hated him for not being there when you went to bed, but all you cared about was him being there when you woke up. That morning Chan looked at you asleep on his side of the bed. It was almost 8 am which meant you'd be getting up soon but he wanted to wake you up with a surprise so he laid himself down between your legs, smirking when he saw you wearing nothing but his black silk shirt.
Just like that he began to tease you slowly, the two of you had talked about waking each other like this before and it wasn't the first time it had happened. Slowly he began to tease your clit, watching you as your body shifted in your sleep, not quite feeling the effects of his touches yet. 
"So wet, what have you been dreaming about?" He chuckled to himself as he began to apply a little more pressure to your bud, biting down on his lip as he heard a moan fall from your perfect lips. 
Licking a long stripe from your opening to your clit he smirked as you let out a louder moan, beginning to come back to reality as he pushed his tongue into you, holding your hips as he began to eat you out hungrily as if you were his only meal. 
"Oh shit!" You screamed out as you finally realised what was happening, his tongue pumping in and out of you, lapping you up as you cried out his name. 
"H-Holy shit," You cried out running your hands into his hair and tugging on the strands as he continued to aggressively eat you out, locking his eyes with yours.
"Ride my tongue," He smirked at you as you shook your head, tension building up as he continued with his movements, 
"I-I can't," You whimpered pushing your hips into the bed but he growled against you, as he continued. 
"Do it," Your head rolled back as everything began to gain in intensity, it felt as though lava was flowing through your blood and you were about to erupt. 
"That's it," He chuckled darkly as you began to rock your hips against his tongue as the tension curled up inside of you. 
"Chan!" You cried out as the tension snapped, it was like lightning in your veins, you released onto his tongue crying out his name as he continued to work you until you came down from your high.
"Morning babe," He chuckled laying down in the bed beside you but you kissed him hungrily as you straddled his lap desperate for more from him.
Tumblr media
(His smile literally makes me melt)
Attaching himself to your clit Minho smirked as he enjoyed the way your hips jolted in your sleep. Your body moving like instinct against his tongue as he rubbed your clit in small fast circles. Whining out his name as you rocked your hips back and forth. 
"M-Minho," You moaned out in your sleep thinking that all of the pleasure you were feeling was a part of a dream. Minho growled as he sunk his tongue into you, he didn't want his hard work to be associated with a dream, your eyes shot open as he swirled his tongue inside of you. Your eyes locked with his as he chuckled sending vibrations through you that made you feel as though you could cum right there. He slowed eased two fingers into you while his tongue worked on your clit, he pushed your legs down against the bed as you tried to clamp them together. 
"Holy fucking shit," You cried out as he continued to eat you out and pound his fingers into you, curling them so he could reach that one spot that made your body feel as though it was on fire.
"Cum." He ordered as he continued to pump his fingers relentlessly in and out of you, biting down softly on your clit as you cried out his name. 
"M-Minho," You breathed as your orgasm washed over you, your walls contracting around his fingers as you moaned out his name. Hips and legs bucking as you shook around him. 
"Good girl," He whispered as he cleaned you up with his tongue, staring at you as he licked his fingers clean.
Tumblr media
Changbin looked up when he heard you whimpering, his lips were attached to your clit as he used his fingers and tongue to go down on you. He'd woken up in the middle of the night to you grinding against him in your sleep, you'd clearly been having a good dream and it was. You'd dreamt of Changbin pounding into you ruthlessly the way he always did.
"Changbin," You let out a breathy moan as you slowly came to from your dream not realising what was happening yet. 
Eyes snapping open as you could feel a tightness growing in your stomach, it felt as though every inch of your body was on fire. Your toes curled as you could feel yourself getting closer to a release, you had no idea how long Changbin had been doing this to you but you weren't complaining.
"O-Oh fuck," You moaned out rolling your head back as your back arched away from the mattress. Changbin looked up at you with a smirk, humming against your clit making everything feel ten times more pleasurable as you run your fingers through his hair. 
"Morning," He hummed as he eased two fingers into you letting out a hum of approval at how tight you were around his fingers. 
"F-Fuck!" You screamed out as he continued to suck on your clit, letting occasional hums of pleasure escape his lips causing vibrations to run through your body.
He locked eyes with you as he curled his fingers into you, his tongue working its magic on you 
"C-Close," You warned him as your hips began to jerk, you could feel the tightness growing again as you moaned out his name loudly.
With a cry of his name you came on his fingers and tongue, head was thrown back against the pillows as he continued to work his fingers in and out f you, cleaning you up before coming up for air. His chin was shimmering in the light and you could feel yourself heating up with embarrassment that you had woken up like that. 
"Morning gorgeous," He chuckled as you laid there panting to yourself and staring at him. 
"You sounded like you were having a nice dream, I couldn't let it go to waste," You whimpered before kissing him deeply not caring that you could taste yourself on his lips.
Tumblr media
It always took forever for you to wake up in the morning but today you had to be awake early. Hyunjin had done everything in his power to get you to wake up but nothing was working. 
"Fine, you wanna be like that." He chuckled as he began kissing up and down your legs as he watched you turn in your sleep. He carefully spread your legs watching you to see if you had woken up yet but it normally took a bucket of water to get you up.
"Come on princess," He chuckled as he ran one of his fingers through your folds, smirking to himself when he noticed how wet you were. 
"Such a dirty girl," He laughed attaching his lips to your clit instantly as he ate you out, humming against your core at the taste of you. 
Your eyes fluttered open and you looked down at him as he continued to push his tongue in and out of you, biting down on the outer part of your labia making you cry out. 
"H-Hyunjin?" You moaned out as you watched him, he pushed a finger into you pumping as he pulled his mouth away from you to answer. 
"Is this what it takes to wake you up angel? If so, I have no problems with that at all." He hummed attaching himself to your clit as your eyes rolled back, your body felt as though it had static running through it as you moaned out. The intensity of only waking up and being sore from the night before bringing you closer to the edge as he continued his rough and fast-paced movements. 
"O-Oh fuck Hyunjin," You cried out as he wrapped your legs around his shoulders dragging you closer to him. 
"Hmm?" He arched an eyebrow at you to see what it was you wanted but your eyes were screwed shut as you moaned out his name, hands digging into the sheets of the bed as you rocked your hips against his tongue.
"R-Right there!" You moaned out as he continued to hit into you with his tongue making you clench around him as you pushed him closer to your core. 
"S-Shit! Shit!" You screamed out as you came around his tongue, your head spinning as you held onto his hair. 
"Get changed, we're going to be late," He ordered as he got up from the floor, going into the bathroom with you quickly following him and dragging him into the shower.
Tumblr media
(Not my gif. Miss him more and more everyday)
JISUNG Jisung didn't care that the boys were home, he wanted to return the favour you had paid him the week before. Waking him up with a blow job was one of the best ways to wake up and he wanted to wake you up by eating you out.
"J-Jisung?" You whimpered as you looked under the covers to see Jisung eating you out, he'd been doing it for the last two minutes to see how long it would take you to wake up. Your lips parted as you almost moaned out his name but he reached his hand up to shut you up. 
"Wouldn't want to wake up Jeongin would you," He chuckled as he continued to run his tongue through your folds, using his free hand to pump two fingers in and out of you. You bit down on his hand to stop yourself moaning out loudly, as Jisung got rougher with you. Chan had already told both of you off for being active while everyone was home and it had been the most embarrassing thing to happen to you. 
"J-Jisung if t-they hear me." You whispered as you could feel yourself getting closer to your release as the coil kept tightening. You grabbed a pillow muffling your moans into it as your back arched, 
"Don't hold it off. Cum. Now." He ordered as he got rougher with you and as if you were controlled by his command you came onto his fingers, moaning out his name into the pillow as the bunk bed squeaked. 
"I thought Chan said not to do that when we're home," You groaned slapping Jisung on the chest as Jeongin woke up and complained about what he had heard.
Tumblr media
Walking in late from the studio Felix found you asleep on your sofa, legs over the arm of the sofa as you slept in one of his shirts and nothing else. Your legs were spread a little and he could see how wet you were, discarded beside you were one of your toys you had clearly been using that night despite him telling you not to. He was the only one that was allowed to make you cum and not some dumb piece of plastic that couldn't do half of the job that he could. 
Attaching himself to your clit he began sucking softly, pumping two fingers into you and smirking as your body reacted to him while being asleep. Your legs spread wider, your back arched a little as you whimpered out.
"Dirty girl pleasuring yourself," He growled as you woke up and looked at him, a whimper left your lips as you gave him a worried look. 
"I-I was needy," You pleaded with him as he continued to pump two fingers in and out of you slowly curling them up to hit your spot as you bucked your hips. 
"Then you will cum again...and again...and again until you're all worn out," He chuckled darkly as he continued to push his fingers into you a little faster this time. Your legs began to shake as you reached the edge, crying out his name as you squirmed. 
"Fucking cum." He growled at you in his deep voice making your eyes screwed shut as your orgasm ripped through you but his fingers never stilled, he only got faster. You were going to have a long night. 
Tumblr media
(please don’t touch me im soft)
Seungmin felt bad about the night before when you were both interrupted, he thought he had the dorms to himself for the night but everyone came home early leaving you without your release leading to a cold shower. Licking his lips Seungmin began kissing down your body as you laid there, smiling as he felt you shift in your sleep giving him access to your core. He chuckled as he saw how wet you were, your juices glistening in the low light as he ran his finger through your folds, you let out a moan as you slept. 
"S-Seungmin," You whined out as he began to drag his tongue through your folds, starting with small licks before turning to the big ones. Holding your hips steady as he ate you out while you slept, small whimpers leaving your lips as he continued to eat you out.
"Hmm, you're close and I haven't even started," He chuckled as he got faster with you, locking eyes with you as you woke up with his tongue buried deep inside of you flicking around as you cried out. Slapping your hands over your mouth in case the boys were home, 
"No one is here," He smirked as your back arched away from the bed, your orgasm building up inside of you as you let out a loud moan of his name. 
"You wanna cum baby?"
"I need it!" You cried out as he continued to rub circles on your clit, pumping two fingers into you as you cried out his name. Desperate to cum from the night before as he continued to pump. 
"Then you better cum before I stop then haven't you?" You cried out as you nodded your head desperately, he attached his mouth to your clit as you whimpered. The coil tightening until it snapped, your legs shaking as you wrapped them around his body, pushing him closer to you as you screamed out his name,
"Oh fuck," You panted as he came back up to your lips, kissing you softly as he thrust into you, desperate from the night before just as you had been.
Tumblr media
Smirking to himself Jeongin watched as you slept peacefully in your bed, dressed in one of his shirts and not much else besides underwear he chuckled softly. The other night he'd heard you talking over the phone with one of your friends about something she had been doing with her boyfriend. He'd randomly woken her up one morning with Oral and you expressed how badly you wanted to try it but didn't know how to explain it to Jeongin but now you didn't have to. Slowly and carefully he removed the covers from around your body before kissing up and down your thighs as he would if you had been awake, he watched you squirm a little in your sleep before continuing. 
Licking small stripes against your core he smirked as you made a small whine in your sleep, reality slowly starting to seep into your dreams as you rolled your head back. 
"That's it, baby, wake up." He mumbled against your clit sending vibrations through your body, he idly drew one finger over your clit in light, playful strokes that made your legs shake as you finally began to wake up. A little hazy from the sleep but as soon as Jeongin saw your eyes open he sank a finger into you making your head kick back against the pillows, 
"So fucking beautiful," He chuckled as he watched you closely breathy moans escaping you as he began pulling his finger out of you until he was almost free of your body and then inching it back into you, making you cry out.
"Such pretty little moans," He chuckled licking your clit softly as he added another finger, angling his hand so his thumb took over where his tongue had been. 
"Innie!" You cried out as he continued to pump his fingers into you, using his tongue to drive you closer to the edge. The sensations were maddening as you could feel yourself getting closer, rocking your hips a little so you could ride his tongue and fingers.
"S-Shit, Y/n-" Jeongin moaned out as you pushed your hand into his hair holding him closer to your core as you could feel the tightening happening. Everything inside of you was on fire as your body unravelled, releasing on his tongue and fingers as you cried out his name.
He slowly pulled away from you and smirked as he saw you panting heavily, 
"That wasn't supposed to happen," He mumbled looking down at the shorts he was wearing, that was when you noticed the damp fabric, his cheeks were coloured as he looked back at you. 
"Y-You came?" You giggled softly watching as he continued blushing, getting up to change into some clean shorts and get something to clean you up with.
Tumblr media
Tagline: @minholuvs​ @taestannie​ @sw33tnight​ @acciocriativity​  @mwitsmejk​ @anxiousbobatea​ @justbangtanthingz​
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peachychxn · 28 days ago
[ vanilla ] - skz reactions
↳ pairing — skz!member x gn!reader publish date — 26 . 07 . 2021 warnings — nsfw, suggestive, daddy kink, dirty talk, humiliation, pet names, exhibition, face sitting, bondange prompt — when you randomly call them "daddy" note — oh mah gosh, I wrote this yesterday but I forgot to save it ugh- anyways enjoy :D
Tumblr media
⌗ b. chan
he obviously wont admit that it does something to it at first
but when you randomly go up to his ear and say "daddy" in the most seductive tone possible
he'd be so shy, he'd try to hard his noticeable hard-on, but the moment you tease him you're in trouble
"ooh~ little channies shy~"
"oh really?"
he comes over to you lifting your head up by your chin "say that name again and we'll see whose shy darling"
⌗ l. minho
you feeling needy would come over to him and whisper that sinful name into his ear
his first instinct would be a judgmental face and be like "what the fuck are you doing"
when he sees you get embarrassed from what you decided to pull, he would smirk
"oh you like it don't you? such a needy slut"
new kink unlocked humiliation
he'd tease you about it to the point he'd have to fuck an answer out of you
⌗ s. changbin
you weren't very open about intimate things in this relationship, so when you call him THAT name he's shocked
he would bite his lip to hide a smile
but when he sees you becoming shy he'd retort so you aren't uncomfortable
"aww you look so cute when you're shy~" he'd pinch your cheeks
"and for the record I quite like that name"
soft sex with binnie unlocked :D
⌗ h. hyunjin
you guys were on a trip in the hotel room when you unpacked the toys you brought from home
"would you like these chains on me daddy?"
shy baby hyunnie~
he'd smile with his adorable eye smile and bite his lip
"yes, yes I would"
yes this was inspired by red lights-
⌗ h. jisung
you were accompanying your very hardworking boyfie in the studio
you would notice him struggling while writing the lyrics
so being the good partner you are suggest to relieve that stress
"daddy would you like me to help you?"
makes on :o face then turns it into a mischievous one
"yes daddy would like it if you would suck him nice and dry"
⌗ l. felix
he was drinking water and you started fantasizing about him
he literally looks so hot gulping down water
"can't wait to sit on your face daddy~" you pat his shoulder as you walk past him winking at him
poor boy choked on his water
regained his conscious and realized what you said
can't hide his smile for the rest of the day
⌗ k. seungmin
minho pt.2
when you say it to him in public he'd give you a disgusted look and you'd laugh seeing his reaction
under that façade he's blushing unbelievably
but what you don't know won't hurt you right?
when you guys go home oh its over for you
he slowly brings up the topic and fucks you against the kitchen counter when you say it again to tease him
⌗ y. jeongin
you guys were out for dinner when you had your and on his thigh while the waiter was taking your order
he didn't think of it much but when you whispered daddy in the middle of him talking making the waiter giggle
he go so embarrassed by that
"why would do do that?" "do what?" "call me daddy IN PUBLIC"
"ohhh~ well you looked cute all embarrassed"
he pinned you to his car when you were about to get in
"oh I'll show you cute get in the backseat"
Tumblr media
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soleilsuhh · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stray kids headcanons * . ・゚✧͏ ͏attractive things they do !
Tumblr media
chan — even when you guys are fighting and he’s mad at you, he’s still so caring; mid-argument while walking, he gently moves you away and lets you walk on the side of the road where there aren’t moving cars as he calmly and firmly explains why he’s upset. even when you’re not really speaking, he still offers to drive you home. by the end of the night, he texts you a simple ‘good night’ regardless of whether you reply or not.
minho — he uses his phone, sitting down on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide, elbows resting on his thighs. when you come into the bedroom, his attention quietly diverts from the mindless scrolling to you, his soft and almost-lazy gaze following your movements while you take whatever you need from the room and make your way out the door.
changbin — casual pda. he always wordlessly slings his arm over your shoulder or takes his hand out of his pockets to hold your hand when you walk over to him. small kisses on the back of your hand when he's slightly distracted by his phone but still wants to show you affection while you're waiting for your coffee orders at the cafe. casual back-hugs at concerts or festivals and him leaving a peck on the top or back of your head.
hyunjin — he does this thing where he uses his index finger to lift your chin to make you look at him. it can be something as playful as making you pay your undivided attention when you’re jokingly ignoring him. or sometimes, when he sees you’re sad and upset about something and refusing to talk to him, he does this, his movements gentle, and his face calm as he searches your face then asks, “do you wanna talk about it, sweetheart?”
jisung — he likes leaning on the wall or a door frame when he talks to you, regardless of whether you’re in public or not. something about the lazy, carefree posture and the little tilt of his head while he looks at you does things to your heart. his eyes trail after you as move around the room or when you’re speaking to him and he can’t hear you well, he casually leans in closer to your lips to catch what you’re saying.
felix — his hand on your waist or back but non-sexually. when you’re in his way or blocking his way to something or somewhere, he gently moves you by the waist, casually saying “excuse me, baby” his voice deep and so low that only you can hear it. he also instinctively guides you through crowds by putting his hand on the small of your back.
seungmin — he says things like “come here, babe, watch this with me” when he finds a funny video on tiktok. “tell me about your day,” he says, plopping down on the couch next to you, his body turned completely towards your direction. “here, drink this,” he says, handing you a water bottle. it’s such a small thing but casual commands by him do a few things to your heart.
jeongin — when he feels shy or flustered, he does this thing where he rubs the back of his neck while bending his head down slightly and when he looks back up, he meets your gaze with a sheepish laugh or smile, his eyes twinkling, and his cheeks and ears endearingly flushed.
Tumblr media
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feliix · 4 months ago
skz scenarios : when they’re in the mood
Tumblr media
⤖ genre: smut (18+ only), fluff aspects
⤖ warnings: explicit & implicit sexual content
⤖ a/n: this drabble was written based on requests I have received! I am still accepting other requests like this one as well as mtls, if you’d like to suggest something for me to write let me know here♡
Tumblr media
~ nsfw under the cut ~
chan always shows that he’s in the mood by leaving touches that linger behind. each kiss would last a little longer than usual and his fingertips would never leave the surface of your skin until you know just what he wants. a satisfied smile sits perfectly on his lips as he watches you get worked up from his small movements, just the way he likes it.
minho clenches his jaw, showing off his perfect jawline with small veins protruding on his neck. his eyes visibly darken, drinking in each of your features with such fervor while he sizes you up. he isn't able to keep his hands off of you for very long, always finding his hand gripped to your thigh and inching its way upwards with each heated kiss placed to your lips.
you can tell when changbin is in the mood by just the look in his eye. his gaze noticeably darkens and you can feel the sexual tension radiates off his muscular frame. his body language turns into a series of fidgets and adjustments, the physical sensations from his growing need for you taking control of his movements.
its clear when hyunjin is needer than usual by the tone of his voice. the pitch of his voice deepens and the last syllable in each of his words always ends in a whine. the adams apple in his throat bobs with each harsh swallow that slowly trails down his neck.
jisung often pouts when he’s needy for your touch, his frame shrinking closer into your body as his face buries in your neck. he’d rather mumble about how badly he wants you into your ear than look you right in the eye and say so; only for him to pull away and laugh at how flustered you’ve become from his filthy words.
felix isn’t always good at communicating what he needs, so he would keep making small advances until you take notice. it starts with innocent kissing, leading to more tender touches. the build up is the most important part for him, worshipping over ever new inch of skin that becomes exposed as you lead up to the act.
seungmin becomes very tense when he’s in the mood. he may not come out and say it to you, but the frustration evident on his face makes it easy to tell. his fists grip into small fists and each of his movements become more rash. but as soon as your hands find him he instantly relaxes, knowing how good you always manage to make him feel.
jeongin needs to feel your touch when he's in the mood, doing anything he can to feel the contact of his skin on yours. whether its drawing small circles on your arm with his fingertips or snaking his arm up your shirt, you know he’s needy when he’s more touchy than usual.
Tumblr media
this work is copyright 2021 @sungiest, all rights reserved. do not repost, translate, or rewrite on any platform without permission.
Tumblr media
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