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#stray kids scenarios
youn9racha · 2 days ago
Bubbles and Essence
Requested by: @jisungsmysugadaddy
Pairing: bf!Chanxafab!reader
Words: 1.6 words
Genre: smut
Warning: soft dom!chan, sub!reader, chan’s an idol here, fingering in the bathtub, make outs, i made his company sound good lmfao #fuckjype, reader calls chan baby boy
Extra notes: god, this makes me wish i had chan as my bf… sigh if only </3 but anyhow, idk what else to add here, so i hope you enjoy it nonetheless !!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is no way representative of the way Stray Kids act. They’re nothing but references of character, and in no shape or form is this how they act. And I am in no way romanticizing or glamorizing any toxic behavior exhibited, they’re just stories that is meant to be read. Readers discretion is advised. ——————————————————————————-
What a fucking stressful day.
Chan thought to himself as he drives himself back from the building where he works all his might and spends most of his day there. Don’t get him wrong, he loves what he was doing, he wouldn’t give up his job for anything as it is his dream to reach where he’s at. But with his dream job, there’s about have some hiccups in there, and that is how tumultuous anf tiring it can get.
Chan is in no way lazy, no one has ever thought of him as that, not his bandmates, not his partner, not his friends, family, coworkers, not even himself, and this man carries more criticism about himself than praise. If anything, he has the tendency to overwork himself, and he enjoys doing so. But he can admit that at times, it gets really draining and at times he does get burned out with ideas. Comebacks after comebacks, while it sounds great to him, his bandmates, and his fans, it can still take a toll on him and his group’s mental health.
Seeing how drained and tired he was, he was ordered to leave and have a few days off. At first, Chan was skeptical, as he never went through this, however that skepticism was soon changed after realizing two things. His members have often commented about how exhausted he seems. How his eyebags has started to get deeper, how he kind of started to slack off and started to doze and zone out when someone talks to him, all in all he looked like a mess that needed to be fixed.
He knew he needed that break, but he also realized something else. He began thinking of you. While yes, you two live together, but you two only see each other when you both are going to hit the bed and sleep. Oh, how much he misses the late night conversations you two would have in bed, how you two would hold onto each other as you two doze off, or during those sleepless night where you two‘s bare bodies would beautifully touch each other, resulting in heavy breathings and moans spreads through the night.
God damn, does he miss having you in his arms.
He was so deep into his thoughts, that he didn’t even realize that he already reached into the parking lot of his apartment. He shook his head as he sees himself staring at the steering wheel in front of him and got out of his car.
He went into the elevator and pressed the button on the floor where you and him resided on. He tried so hard to not let him get into deep thoughts again, as he couldn’t wait to finally see you, awake and well. The door opened wide and Chan was out of there. He reached to the door of his complex and walked in as he opened up the door with his keys.
He saw the apartment complex being clean but yet quiet. He checked the time and he saw that it was mid afternoon, a time that you would be at home already from work. He walked into the place, took off his shoes, and off to your shared bedroom he goes. He intially wanted to investigate where you could have been, or maybe plan a mini surprise for his sudden appearance, but that all changed when he heard a humming from the shared bathroom.
It was a familiar hum and it was definitely not alarming to Chan as he recognizes your voice from outside the bathroom door. He held the door knob and slowly opened it, hopefully not making a sound. It was no surprised that you left the door unlocked as you were home alone-or at least you thought you did-and you wouldn’t expect anyone would open up the door.
The door was slowly opened wide and there he saw you. You were laid in the bathtub, rose-jasmine candel lit up next to you at a safe distance, bubbles and rose petals covered up to your chest, knees were propped upwards and your hair was tied up. Your relaxed facial expression, head lifted up, closed eyes and slight humming made you look like an angel, maybe even a goddess, to Chan’s eyes. He smiled at the scenery, but he still wanted you to know his presence.
“Chan, I know you’re staring,” You spoke, still not moving from which made Chan look at you in disbelief, “how did you know I was standing?”
“I got psychic powers,” you jokingly remark, which made Chan raise one eyebrow, “also I heard your footsteps and I knew it was you,“ You said, opening your eyes and your head turned to him with a smile, to which he smiled back endearingly and walked up to you. He sat next to you, placing his arm into the edge of the bathtub, “hi, baby.”
”Hi,” You said, leaning towards him to peck him on the lips, then resorted back to your previous position. Chan looked at you with full adoration as the back of your head was placed at the bathtub, exposing your neck to him. “You’re home early,” you said, you may sound calm, but on the inside you’re more than happy to see your physically absent boyfriend. While he does text you, call you, and does sleep next to you, you really did miss his affectionate presence. You couldn’t be too mad at him because you knew it wasn’t his idea to allow him to be the way he is, as you knew he would have made time for you as well. But you couldn’t intervene with his job, so you had to resort to online communication.
“Yeah, my job is letting me have a few days off so I can get back on track,” Chan said, his fingers started to play with the bubbles that were close to your knee, “and also to allow me to get back to your arms again,“ he added, as his fingers tiptoed up your knees.
You smirked at his last remark, “oh, really? Is that what the company told you?”
“Not the last part, but I’d like to have my day offs with you,” Chan’s voice started to become more lower, still playing with your knees. His hands slowly started to submerge under the bubbly water, as he stroked your thigh, and massaging it. He got closer to you, and you twisted your head slightly tilted to look at him with a weak, seductive smile, “I miss you so much, baby,” he whispers into your lips, as his hand went to your inner thighs, getting dangerously close to your heat.
You snickered lightly, “I missed you too, babyboy” after you whispered back, and there Chan crashed his lips into yours. It was slow but it was very passionate and fiery, you could tell that Chan was frustrated and he was held back, however he wanted to be sweet and gentle just based on his hestitant fingers not touching your heat.
“Chan,” you breathed out through the kiss, “please..”
“Please what?“ Chan pulled away, his face was still not a far distance from yours. “Touch me,” you whispered back.
”Gladly,” Chan muttered, as he began kissing you, this time his mouth was more opened and let his tongue go up against yours as his hand finally reached you wanted it to be. He rubbed your clit with his thumb, as he let his forefinger enter you, “holy fuck, i can easily slip in you, were you thinking of me, huh?” he pulled away to speak as you moan into his finger inside you.
”Y-yes, Chris, only you,” the way your lips expelled his real name out made his eyes go darker with lust. He smikred at you bottoming out as he slowly began thrusting his finger in you, “call me that, okay?”
”Okay, Chri—ha!” you gasp as you felt him inserting his middle finger inside you as well, stretching you out. Your noises was getting louder, and it didn’t help that Chan was began kissing up your exposed neck. His thrusts in you gradually got faster and rough, making you groan louder. With the pace of his finger, the water started to follow his movements, making some leak out of the bathtub. The floor and the clothes he was wearing getting covered in water as his thrusts were getting faster, and your shaking body holding onto him.
“Ch-Ch-Chris, I-I’m c—fuck!” You mewled, holding onto Chan’s arm, he pulled away from your neck to look at you with a smirk, his curly hair now covering parts of his eyes, “you‘re cumming?”
You couldn’t find yourself speaking so you ended up nodding, as the speed of his fingers and wrist were getting unbelievably faster. His smile and voice started to get darker, “cum then,” its as though he commanded you, because once he said so, your head was thrown back as you whined and whimpered out a noise that was music to Chan’s ears, indicat that you have reached your orgasm.
He slowly stopped thrusting, as he enjoyed the sounds you make when you’re slightly overstimulated. You began panting, as Chan got up and took off his shirt, “this isn’t over, baby, I have my day off, and I’m gonna make you skip tomorrow, just so you and I can hang out more, got it?“
While you heard what Chan said, you still couldn’t speak up, so all you could was look up at him with a smile and nod.
God, do you really miss this man.
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3raaaachachacha · 2 days ago
9:06 pm
Bang Chan / 484 words / smut
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
You knew that watching this film would lead you to feel incredibly horny. Your friends had warned you what it did to her and that it would be best to watch it with your boyfriend if you wanted an excuse for some action, but your patience got the best of you and you thought you'd be safe to get off on your own. Yet, it wasn’t even halfway through the film that you felt your core begin to tingle and your panties became wetter by the second. You reached into the side table beside your bed, pulling out your vibrator. It was risky, but you were sure that Chan wouldn't be home for at least another hour or so.
Slipping your sleep shorts off, you slid your hands into your panties, your fingers began to work slightly on your clit before replacing them with your vibrator. Not even five minutes passed and you were already so close to your high, just as the door to your bedroom opened to reveal a tired but pissed off Chan. His arms were crossed against his chest as his eyes bored into you.
"Oh?" Chan sneered with a smirk, "Having fun there?" He said, gesturing his head at your actions, considering you hadn’t pulled the vibrator away. You tried to speak up, only to have Chan shut you down as he made his way over to you, already removing his shirt as he sat on the end of the bed.
"One rule," He reminded you, sliding one of his hands up your thigh, "You had one rule and unfortunately for you, you got caught," He snickered, using his free hand to place the toy against your clit even harsher, causing you to gasp loudly and take a hold of his wrist as the added pressure was too much.
“Fuck Chan,” You moaned breathlessly and as you were about to reach your high, he removed the vibrator and tossed it to the side of your bed, leaving you annoyed.
Chan chuckled at your annoyance after denying you of an orgasm. He pushed you flat against the mattress, hovering over you as he placed a kiss to your lips before moving down to your neck, “I hope you didn’t think I was going to let you cum that easy.”
“Chan,” You sighed, gripping onto his shoulders, trying your best to grind your body against his.
Putting a stop to your movements, Chan pulled away from your neck and stayed pressed against your core as his hands moved delicately along your exposed skin before finding the vibrator again, "I could play this little game for hours,” He smirked, his hand going under your shirt.
“I hope you’re ready to beg to cum,” Chan sneered, moving his body to position it in front of your already wet core, his breath warm making your body tingle, “Because you’re in for a long night.”
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
- Admin 🌶️
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decembermoonskz · a day ago
{7:12pm — untitled} - b; chan
dedicated to @lixesque bc after talking about chan’s floofy hair and seeing it on today’s live I just had to quickly impulse write a small thing. so enjoy~
You were in bed when you heard the sound of your apartment door open and close. You peeled your eyes from the book you were reading on your tablet to see your sleepy boyfriend—a fond smile coming to your face.
He yawned and dropped his bag and ball cap on your small loveseat before instinctively wading through your little living space and falling onto his side of your bed. Chan knew the code to your place and often spent the night when he could, it was actually pretty often than you’d initially thought given his busy life, but you weren’t complaining.
Chan turned over to face you and like a puppy asking for attention, he placed his head in your lap. You giggled and peered at the sleepy man from behind your tablet and he looked up at you with sleepy eyes—still sparkling.
No words were exchanged but there was a silent understanding between both of you. You smiled and placed your tablet on your nightstand, opting to give all your attention to your boyfriend and you began to comb his hair with your fingers.
Chan hummed in sleepy delight as his eyes shut in an instant, his body curled in on itself a bit as he snuggled up to yours.
“That feels so nice..” he muttered, his accent was always heavier as he got sleepier and it was the cutest thing to you.
“Sleep darling, I’ll be here when you wake up.” you said and gave his scalp a little scratch—knowing Chan loved that.
He hummed again and you both adjusted a little bit to be more comfortable, “Okay…” was all he said before he let sleep take him into its cozy embrace.
As soon as you heard light snores, you knew he was really asleep. Your smile only grew as you heard him groan as he snuggled closer.
“Good night, Channie.” you whispered and turned the lamp off.
You didn’t see it, but a small little smile pulled at Chan’s lips even in his sleep.
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amyhyunjinshairband · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[[I've been having quite a few thoughts of Felix recently.]]
Felix spots you as he walks into the room. it had been a few days since he last fucked you and he craved to have you're cunt wrapped around his hard cock, to hear your mewls of pleasure loudly. to listen to your pants as he drives balls deep into your core. he growled low at the thought slowly walking behind you he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you tight against him.
''hhhmmmmmmm'' he says into your ear. ''I've missed you and...'' he moves one of his hands past the waistband of your pants cupping your clothed core he then says ''this too, hmmmm'' as you shiver his deep voice sending a shock wave of pleasure right to your clit.
Felix chuckles deeply and guides you away towards your shared room to give you the best fuck you will ever have in your entire existence..
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jl-micasea-fics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Are you trying to get me to like you? Is that it?
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Strong language, vampire mythology, sexual content, casual sex, one night stand, feelings of regret, feelings of loss, blame and resentment, anger and conflict, self loathing and trauma, descriptions of violence and blood, coercion, adult content and underlying themes of horror throughout.
𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: Chapter VIII of Sanguis Limerence: Awakening™. See Chapter I for story description.
𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒: Shifts in perspective from third to first person | Self-insert, female reader x Bang Chan | Self-insert, female reader x Lee Know (All members included)
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐍𝐀𝐕: Contents List | Chapter I | Sanguis Limerence™ | Sanguis Limerence: Origins™
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓: © September 2021 by jl-micasea ​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Comfort isn’t something I’m used to anymore.
Though that wasn’t always the case.
I used to have comfort in droves. I couldn’t move for lavish luxury and more money than I could have ever reasonably spent.
Funny how people change…
These days, all comfort serves to do is remind me of what I’ve lost. I’ll take sleeping rough over a made-up bed any day if it spares me of those memories. Some things just aren’t worth it.
Like my library, back at the old estate. The private space I had there.
I don’t doubt that the others knew about it, but they let me use it as a place to slink off to when they were climbing the mansion walls in boredom. Dealing with boisterous young vampires looking for kicks was a task requiring patience I simply didn’t have on my bad days.
It wasn’t much, the candlelit hideaway. But it was a retreat for me, a place I could just… be myself.
Eventually it became our place. Mine and hers.
Couldn’t even hold on to that, in the end.
In addition to my disdain for comfort, I’ve also never been okay with taking charity.
Maybe that has something to do with my human upbringing.
I was born to a disgustingly rich family. Where money was the language as well as the currency, and if you didn’t have it, you weren’t heard.
We didn’t need charity, neither did we give it, and I was always conditioned to believe that doing so would render you weak. Pathetic.
The man that takes charity from his neighbour is the man that dare not call himself a man. That’s what Cillian always used to say.
Not that I ever took any lessons on board from him, scum of the earth that he was.
But I suppose some things are just drilled into us, no matter how hard we try to shake them off.
I don’t, and have never, taken charity.
Not even when our situation demanded it. 
When desperation should have outweighed my pride. Where a little charity would have taken us a long way.
No, I did what needed to be done, provided for my brothers as best I could and never at the mercy of someone else.
So… you can imagine my current discomfort.
Soft, clean sheets at my back, a fluffed pillow beneath my head. A thin cotton blanket draped over my waist, exposing my bare upper body to the warm air of the cabin. A fireplace roars beside the bed, filling the space with the musk of burning logs and newspapers. Glossed pine furniture fills the open plan room, decorated with delicate white doilies and paisley patterns. It’s the quintessential picture of country life.
I watch the shadows of the flames play against the rich wooden walls and sturdy oak beams that make up the ceiling.
The running of the shower water was a nice distraction from my thoughts, but it stops eventually.
The bathroom door opens, footsteps pad across the panelled flooring and plush rugs.
"Sorry," Lena whispers. "That took longer than I thought."
I smile absently, feeling nothing in particular, but noting that she looks good fresh from the shower.
Clad in nothing but a soft blue towel, her skin is dewy, her cheeks still a tender shade of rose. Her dark hair sticks to her back, and she tosses it over her shoulder, using the towel in her hands to dry it.
The smell of citrus wafts through the room, a combination of her soap and shampoo. It’s definitely not unpleasant.
"Come here," I sit up straight against the headboard, patting the free side of the bed.
She wanders over, staring intently when she gets close.
"Your eyes," she muses. "They’re brighter than before. Alive."
I nod and brush her hair from her shoulder, tilting her head aside by her chin as I inspect the damage on her neck.
"That’s because I’ve fed. You got a first aid kit?"
"Y- Yeah… In the kitchen."
I stand up from the bed, throwing the sheet aside without too much care. I feel her watching me as I stroll across the room, disappearing into the kitchen.
It’s small, but homely. Only one or two counters to speak of, a bare flame stove and small fridge. Freshly picked flowers sit in a small vase, pots and pans are dotted here and there.
There are cardboard boxes stacked against the back wall, some empty and some still sealed. Someone’s scrawled ‘kitchen’ in black marker across the surface, underlined several times.
"Did you just move in?" I call, finding it weirdly out of place. She talked like she’d been here for years.
"N- No…" she replies. "I was just moving some things around. An early spring cleanin’, that’s all."
I shrug it off, remembering that actually, I don’t care.
I open several cupboards and peer inside, finding nothing more interesting than a few boxes of cereal and old tins.
"Where’s the kit?" I frown.
"Top shelf, on the right," she shouts back.
Her voice carries across the space too loudly, and I wince with the impact of it.
She always used to talk normally when we were alone. Sometimes she’d even whisper when she didn’t want to be heard by anyone else. I always found that endearing.
But Lena isn’t her. She never will be. 
And I know that, deep down.
So what the fuck am I doing?
I eventually find the kit, taking the green box from the shelf and flipping it open. There are no pills to speak of, just bandages and a few plasters, disinfectant wipes and a pair of old gloves.
I roll my eyes before reminding myself that not everyone keeps a consistent stash of vitamin B and iron pills on the off-chance they’re raked into a one night stand with a vampire.
One night stand… Is that even what this is?
Wandering back into the room, I see that she’s sat in front of the fire, legs crossed underneath her. The white sheet is wrapped around her shoulders, her eyes closed in something akin to content.
I’ll have to be the one to tell her it won’t last.
"Here," I instruct, sitting back on the bed and gesturing for her to join me.
She does so, watching me as I stretch out a ream of white bandage.
"Can you move this for me?"
She nods and slinks the sheet down, tucking it under her arm.
The marks on her neck are as neat as I could make them in the throws of my thirst. Two small pinpricks, pink and tender, still oozing a sliver of blood.
I lean into her, glossing my tongue over the wounds to collect the last drops of her essence. She shivers and sighs quietly, placing her hand on my thigh as I hold the bandage to her skin.
"Do you do this with all of them?" She whispers.
"All of what?"
I’m pretty sure I know what she means; I’m not fucking stupid. But I’m also not about to regale her with tales of a time when my morals were looser than a noblemans’ purse strings.
"You know," she hesitates. "Your… women."
"Women? You make it sound like I’ve got a stash of them ready to go," I scoff.
"Haven’t you?"
I glare at her, smoothing a length of tape along the sides of her bandage.
"No. Call me old fashioned but keeping a harem around wore out its’ novelty some centuries ago."
"But… didn’t you say there was a girl?"
My heart seizes up at the mention of her. Maybe it’s worse because I’m hearing it from Lena, someone I’ve just used to try and quell the loneliness for a little while.
But it usually doesn’t hurt this bad.
It’s not lost on me that this is effective cheating.
That what I’m doing here, with this naïve human girl, is tantamount to betraying everything I ever said to the girl I truly love. That I’m going against every promise I ever made, every sweet nothing I whispered into her ear while she trembled beneath me...
"You said you loved her," Lena tries to catch my line of sight.
"I did. I do…"
"What happened to her?"
"What was always bound to happen." I shake my head.
Silence settles in, and I wonder what Lena’s thinking. Maybe she’s convincing herself I’m a good person, despite my wrongdoings. I don’t have the heart to tell her she’s wrong.
"So, where is she…?" She asks.
I narrow my eyes at her, taking a deep breath in.
"I’d really rather not talk about it, Lena."
She purses her lips, looking a little disappointed. But she seems prepared to relent, thank fuck.
"Sorry. I didn’t mean to pry… I just don’t really know how any of this works."
"There’s nothing to know," I state. "We fucked. I fed on you. That’s it."
"R- Right…"
There’s silence as I finish dressing her wound, and I have a feeling I know what’s coming next. I just pray she doesn’t say it.
"That doesn’t have to be it, you know."
My stomach drops.
I stand from the bed, collecting the bandages and making a swift move back to the kitchen. This is a conversation I don’t want to have, much less with someone I barely know.
"You have nowhere to go, and I’m all alone here," she continues, following me across the room.
"You could stay?"
I hear the hope in her voice. The impossible dream that she thinks she might be the one to save me from my misery.
I like that she’s trying, I’ll give her that much.
But there’s no redemption for me. Or not from her, anyway.
"Look," I sigh. "I meant what I said back there, in the forest. You’re not special."
"I’m also not a fool," she shoots back. "I know gettin’ in good with the likes of you has its dangers. I’m just tryin’ to do a good thing, Chan."
"Why? For me? I don’t deserve good things, Vaillena. What we just did should be proof of that."
She shakes her head, holding her hand up to me vehemently.
"I’m inclined to disagree with you. That was most fun thing I’ve done in a heck of a long time."
"You’re not getting it," I almost laugh, in total bewilderment of this girl. "I don’t want you, romantically or as friends. You don’t want me either, you just don’t know it yet."
"Don’t I?"
"I get that this is all new and exciting for you – you don’t know if I’m going to kiss you one minute or behead you the next – but believe me, that’ll wear off. Always does."
"Good lord," she laughs, throwing her arms to the air. "You are just a whole bundle of fun, you know that?"
"And you’re as deaf as a post," I throw back, turning away from her.
I head back towards the bedroom, collecting my clothes from the floor like bread crumbs as I go. I tug on my trousers, ignoring the small sniff of upset I hear from the kitchen.
"Fine," she calls, following me once more. "You’ve made your point. I get it. You don’t want anything from me, not friendship or anythin’ else. That’s just dandy."
I take a deep breath as she positions herself in front of me, her brown eyes wide with appeal.
"But you should at least stay the rest of the night."
"Lena, I told you-"
"It’s not charity," she interrupts, holding her hands up in defence. "It’d make me feel better… if you stayed. Fuckin’ and chuckin’ ain’t something I’m in the habit of doing, I was raised better than that."
I narrow my eyes, crossing my arms over my bare chest. She swallows, clearing her throat.
"Besides, the sun will be up soon, and I hear that’s not good for y’all."
She’s right about that, at the very least. Exposure to sunlight normally doesn’t irk me all that much, but I feel like I could do without the energy drain for the next few hours.
I exhale slowly, feeling the defeat rise in my chest.
"Fine," I groan. "But only so I can rest. The second I wake up, I’m out of here, and we’re done. Permanently. Understand?"
"Like a first-grade math test," she beams.
She quickly looks sheepish, her eyes darting around.
"B- Because… a first-grade math test is easy to… understand?"
I can’t stop the scoff of a laugh that inspires in me, and she smiles even wider.
It warms me, and I don’t notice it until I realise I’m feeling something other than cold, cruel loneliness.
There’s something about this girl that makes me want to see her smile.
And I know that’s not a good thing.
Waking up in an unfamiliar place never fails to throw me off course. Doesn’t matter how often I do it.
The first thing I feel is dread.
The vast expanse of fear that spills across my body, from head to toe until I realise there’s no blood on my hands. That’s a minor weight off my chest, albeit the most important one.
Next is to confirm the state of myself. How intoxicated I was and still am, how presentable I am and need to be if I’m to avoid drawing unwanted attention.
It’s all too rare I find myself in the state I happen to be now.
Swathed in clean cotton sheets, a mattress at my back. It’s a distinct improvement to the way I’ve been waking up the last few months, and that’s no mistake.
I stretch out my legs and relish in the space of the bed, the rolling of my joints as the sheets ruffle around me. Sitting up as best I can, I rub my eyes to clarity, taking in the scene before me.
The waning embers of dying flames glimmer in the fireplace, dressing the room with the smell of freshly smoked wood. White net curtains are draped across modest shuttered windows, the scenery beyond them too dark to make out, but I can hear the familiar sounds of the forest from here.
I either slept straight through the day to the following night, or for five goddamn minutes. Telling by the level of alertness I have; I assume it isn’t the latter. 
Thank fuck.
The space beside me is empty, but I know it shouldn’t be. I wasn’t here alone.
Standing from the bed, I take the sheet with me and wrap it around my waist in place of trying to find my clothes again.
There’s no response, and I can’t detect anything that sounds like the presence of a human. Not even a heartbeat.
I quickly start to regret giving in to her request, no matter how refreshed I feel. A decent nights’ sleep was something I hadn’t had in all too long, but this was still charity.
It makes me feel… dirty.
Approaching the pine dining table in the centre of the room, a sudden scent hits me. I recognise it all too well, and instantly wish that I didn’t.
It’s tangy, rich in iron and potent enough to creep up on me without warning. My stomach lurches in trepidation and mild disgust.
Three blue and white porcelain bowls are nestled on the table, two of them empty. But the leftmost one isn’t. It’s the source of the smell, filled to the brim with still-warm blood.
I’m about to contemplate what the fuck is going on when I hear footsteps thudding around outside, the crunch of debris under booted feet.
A mumbling voice bleeds through the walls, but I hear it as clear as day.
"… Just ridiculous. I’m his favourite. She’s utterly insane if she thinks she can take my place. I’m doing this for him, he knows that. He’ll be so proud."
I don’t recognise the voice, but it’s eloquent and well spoken. Just the kind of accent you’d expect from an inner-city girl.
"I’ll singlehandedly show him he was right to put his faith in me. Bless the So-"
I head towards the front door of the cabin, throwing it open and stalking outside, only to watch in utter surprise as Vaillena stumbles over the tree line, her breath heavy and ragged.
She’s wrapped up in fur lined bomber jacket, a bow slung over her shoulder and a quiver attached to her back. The belt around her waist isn’t there for security, because it’s positively laden with dead rodents.
She stops at the sight of me, pushing her glasses up her nose and smiling like she’s not mid-caveman cosplay.
"Who… Was someone else just here?" I ask.
She blinks for a moment, looking around her almost comically.
"Ain’t no one here but me, honey. And a good mornin’ to you too."
I could have sworn I heard someone, but I know my mind hasn’t been the most reliable lately. Especially where the beast is concerned. I don’t smell anyone else other than Lena, that much is certain.
Must be losing it.
"Come inside, Miss. Grylls." I quip, gesturing for her to come in.
"Please," she pants, glaring at me. "That man doesn’t hold a candle to me, ain’t no comparison."
She breezes into the cabin, unhooking the belt and launching a myriad of expired squirrels and rats to the table. I watch the whole thing unfold with a confound sense of confusion.  
"Hosting a dinner party?"
"Somethin’ like that," she approaches the cabinet on the wall, tugging it open and retrieving a hunting knife. "My dinner guest isn’t the conventional type, though."
She takes off her bow and hooks it back to the wall, followed by her quiver and the several arrows it holds.
"You… caught all these?"
"I did indeed. Daddy taught me to hunt, he wanted to make sure I’d know how to look after myself out here. Turns out I’m a catch with a bow."
I glance at her hands, at the scuffs on her skin. She must have fallen or scraped herself, there are smears of blood and dirt on her palms. But she doesn’t act like she’s hurt. Doesn’t even address it.
She simply sits at the table, dragging one of the empty bowls to her. She takes a squirrel by the neck, holding it above the bowl, and in one, swift motion, slices the thing open from neck to stomach.
"Lena…" I mutter, placing both my hands on the table. "Are you going to tell me what the fuck has possessed you, or do I have to keep guessing?"
She raises an eyebrow at me, placing the bloodied knife on the table and resting her chin in the palm of her hand. The squirrel remains held in the air, bleeding out into the bowl.
"I thought vampires were supposed to be smart. Years of wisdom and all that," she sighs.
I glare at her, resisting the urge to take that squirrel from her and throw it back to the wilderness it came from.
"It’s for you. Obviously."
"You thought I was going to be drinkin’ all this blood? I mean, I’ve never tried it so I’m a little curious, but I-"
I slam my fists to the table, unable to control the confusing combination of rage, admiration and frustration building inside me.
"What are you doing?" I snarl.
"Providin’ for my guest," she states, her tone steady. "I figured you’d want to eat before you-"
"Did I ask you to provide for me? I assure you, I’m quite capable of hunting a few fucking rats."
I run my hands through my hair, gripping at the roots as she simply stares at me.
"I never doubted it," she shakes the squirrel to expel the last few drops. "Just thought I’d save you a trip or two. Seriously, what are you fussin’ for?"
"Are you trying to get me to like you? Is that it?"
She scoffs under her breath, raising an eyebrow at me.
"Really? You forget what we did last night? I assumed that you already kind of liked me, Chan."
I feel my blood running hotter, my head throbbing in annoyance.
I can’t do this again. Not with her, not with anyone.
"Why do you have such a hard time acceptin’ help?" She asks, taking another squirrel from the belt. "Not everyone has an ulterior motive. Good karma is a thing, you know."
I see the clouding fog seeping into my vision, the red hue that indicates the stirring of the beast.
Without thinking, I snatch the squirrel from her hand, ripping the thing clean in two with not an ounce effort. The innards fall to her floor, the blood decorates my chest, warm and thick.
She gawps at me, blinking several times before she purses her lips and reaches for another rodent.
I want her to throw me out. To call me a monster and tell me she never wants to see me again. That would make this easier.
"That was a mighty waste, Chan. Cost me a good arrow."
"Stop!" I yell, tossing the two halves of the squirrel to the wall. "Stop giving me a reason to stick around! Stop acting like this is normal! Stop… Stop being so fucking nice!"
My shoulders are quaking, and I close my eyes tightly.
Visions of her face return to me, of the tears she expelled for me. Of the pity in her eyes, the first I’d ever seen from anyone. Of her words of love and affection, for me and the beast inside me.
I just...
I fucking miss her… 
With every fibre of my being. Every possible cell in my dead, cold body cries for her in unison.
I know that I’ll never find what I had in her again, and the prospect of life eternal without her is more damning than the worst of fates.
My chest aches, my throat is so dry I feel like I’ll never be quenched if not by her.
For the first time since I really care to admit... I feel the endless pit her absence left behind. The pit that I created, when I tore her apart. 
And all I want to do is fall into it.
I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, going long with all this. Entertaining the idea that Lena could even hold a candle to what I once had. 
I’m supposed to be suffering. 
I deserve every inch of pain that comes my way, and all the rest.
I hear footsteps pad across the wooden floor of the cabin, a small sniff of empathetic upset.
I open my eyes, feel the unfamiliar sting of... something I’ve not felt in fucking centuries.
I’m crying.
Lena stands before me, and as though she’s taking to cradling a child, she outstretches her arms, wrapping them around my middle. 
Her warmth is inherently comforting, but it tears at the parts of me that don’t want comfort. The scent of fresh soil envelops me, of nature and the parts of the forest she brought in with her.
A cheek presses to my blood smeared torso, the pattering of a tentative heart rings clear in my ears.
"I might not know you," Lena mutters quietly. "But I know a soul in pain when I see one."
She meets my gaze, her gentle brown eyes taking in every inch of my face. Words catch in my throat, the lump that’s formed there forces them back down.
"Stay. Heal," she implores.
"Just for a little while."
A/N: Would love to know your thoughts on this, as always. Hope you’re enjoying so far. Mica
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starryychan · 2 days ago
How The Sun Loves The Moon || Lee Felix Oneshot
Tumblr media
How The Sun Loves The Moon || Lee Felix Oneshot
Genres: Lil bit of fluff and LOTS of angst, basically Felix is your ex and you see him again at your shared favourite spot a year later
Word Count: 2.8K
🎧 From Me, The Moon - Lav
Why were you here?
You had no answer. You’d never thought you’d find yourself back in this place. The old parking lot looked the exact same as a year ago, from the way the moon glittered over the damp pavement and the faded yellow lines, to the flickering lights against the worn buildings and abandoned gas station. It was the middle of nowhere, only tall fields of corn stretching miles towards the horizon in every direction. The sky here sparkled with diamond stars, unobstructed by city smog and lights. The smells of dirt and smoke, the feel of a light breeze, the faint taste of cigarettes in the air; it was like you’d never left. Like you could look to the side and see Felix grinning back at you.
You hated the way you looked sideways just in case, eyes meeting only with a rusted fence and dark road. A sour taste coated your tongue as your gaze turned to the dark sky. Dammit. You missed him.
Was it destiny that kept you apart? For no matter how hard you tried, he would always slip from your grasp like a leaf carried by the wind, swiftly disappearing from your sight. It was like how the sun loves the moon-with a deep longing, a painful yearning because it was never meant to be. Yet you still loved him in spite of the hopelessness of it all, for the scent of burnt tires on the pavement and heavy smoke in the air brought back everything-and the moon could not easily forget the radiant beauty and gentle warmth of the sun.
Cause you swore you loved Felix, to the very ends of the earth.
The quiet sound of your tennis shoes against the pavement broke the silence, as you moved towards the brick wall of the rundown building. The stone was cold as you pressed your fingertips to the surface, remembering the day Felix had showed you this place. It had been cold, past midnight, your fingers gripping Felix’s jacket around your shoulders for any scrap of warmth it could offer. You’d acted hesitant, a bit worried about being in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night, but Felix only laughed. That laugh of his, that immediately made you smile and relax. And he’d kissed you so softly, lingering close, breathless from ecstasy and your shared delight in one another’s presence.
He’d pressed you to this very wall, caressed every worry line written over your face, watched you with eyes that could only be described as a boy completely and utterly in love. You were sure you’d looked back at him the exact same way, tracing every freckle on his speckled cheeks. He’d kissed you so many times you’d lost track; he’d spun you on his back, danced clumsily with you over the faded yellow lines, held your hands so tightly you’d been sure he’d never let go.
And he hadn’t. You had.
Because he was the brightest star in the sky, the warmest sun-and you were a sliver of a crescent moon. Too broken, too faded for such a sweet and angelic creature. You’d never deserved him, and you never would.
You hadn’t meant to let go. Dreary October rain had pulled you back to reality. The job you were losing, the college funds that were slowly seeping away, the terrifying uncertainty of the future. Felix had been your only relief, as cold and the rainy chill soaked through flesh and bone into your very soul. His presence was that warmth, that ray of light that you needed; but as time progressed, you started to notice something else. As Felix poured his light on you and helped to lift your burden, you were pouring that cold and heavy, hopeless weight onto him.
How could you do that to him? You felt like you were drowning and pulling the one and only good and beautiful thing in your life down with you. Felix insisted that he was glad to help you, always happy to listen, and never once complained or spoke up about the things he struggled with. All for your sake.
No, you couldn’t let him do that.
And so you pulled away. Little by little, until you made it official; it was over. The goodbye was not an easy one. You knew you would never forget the way his bright eyes had spilled over with endless tears. You would never forget how broken your heart had felt in that moment, either. Like any part of you that hadn’t yet been cracked had absolutely shattered.
And then you ran.
One year… in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t that long. But being back here, it felt like an eternity since you’d been here with Felix.
Why hadn’t you been able to let go? Sometimes you’d spot him in a coffee shop, or at the library. You’d watched him perusing the books and turn to look in your direction, before ducking down the closest aisle, not brave enough to meet him face to face. If you had, you weren’t sure what you’d say.
Even though you still felt that same jolt in your chest every time you saw him, and your whole world flip-flopped when your eyes met.
Yes, you admitted to yourself. You regretted losing him; you regretted letting go.
Your chest felt tight and your heart heavy as you forced your feet to move, hoping to find a distraction from your thoughts. You let your fingers graze the wall as you rounded the corner and scuffed your toes against the pavement. Memory after memory flashed past; sitting on the pavement, limbs tangled together as Felix held you tightly to his chest and you placed endless kisses to his cheeks. Crouching by the curb side to desperately finish the pages of math homework only for Felix to pull you up and make you forget anything else in the world existed but him. Spinning in each other’s arms that night it had suddenly rained and running to find shelter under the gas station, laughing and shrieking hysterically. He’d brushed aside your soaked hair so tenderly and smiled widely, and after a minute of watching you smile and blush under his gaze, he’d pulled you close and murmured under his breath, “I am the luckiest person in the world.”
Your head tilted back, eyes finding the stars again. No clouds tonight. You almost wished for some hint of rainfall, an excuse to leave this place and its memories behind. Another part of you wished to never leave.
And when you looked back down, you almost swore you could see him standing in the middle of the parking lot, looking at you with glittering eyes and a starry gaze.
Your heart squeezed tightly, and you felt it jolt inside of you as the boy took a step forward, and you blinked. There was surprise written over his face, and some deep emotion in his dark eyes that you couldn’t name. Then it registered; he had spoken. You’d heard the boy speak, seen his lips move to form the words, and could still see his figure paused in the light of the moon. He was here.
“Lix?” You whispered, voice trembling as the nickname rolled off your tongue so naturally, as if it hadn’t been a year since you’d last said it.
He was visibly shaken, hands slack at his sides and eyes wide-those same eyes that you’d once been content to swim in for hours. That had once held endless depths of love for you-you. Suddenly, you couldn’t face him, and twisted your head away.
The silence was only disrupted by crickets and buzzing insects. You kept your face turned, trying desperately to find something… anything to do, to say, to stop the ripping pain in your chest.
Then there were footsteps, soft and tentative, and you risked a glance back at the freckle faced boy whose mouth had curved open in a surprised “o” and eyes were trained on your every movement.
And how were you supposed to react? Your head was spinning and your heart was pounding with far too many emotions.
You wanted to run to him. You wanted to hide. You wanted to apologize a thousand times over. Your words refused to be spoken aloud. So you silently begged for Felix to speak first, even as you simultaneously felt afraid of what he might say. After all, he had every right to yell at you, to turn his back, to leave you standing in this old parking lot you’d used to share.
Yet you were still surprised when he spun on his heels and slowly walked away.
“Wait!” Why had you shouted after him? You hadn’t even realized the words leaving your mouth, or your feet sprinting to catch up to him. He turned around, meeting your frantic eyes with a level stare. You halted, mind blanking once again at his figure standing barely a few feet away from you. You swallowed roughly, taking in the way he played with his small fingers-a nervous habit, one you often found adorable-and the bob of his throat as he swallowed too. Nervousness so tangible it almost tingled settled in the air. What to say?
“What are you doing here?” It sounded lame even to you. You had so much more to tell him, but no right words to express it.
“You haven’t come here in months.” Felix responded, voice barely above a whisper. “I should ask you that question.”
You were confused for only a second before realizing. “You’ve been coming here since…” It was too painful to say ‘the breakup.’
“And you haven’t.”
“I couldn’t face it.” You murmured the truth, meeting his eyes only to look sideways again. Maybe you still couldn’t face it. Your heart was pounding.
He stepped a few paces away to lean against the side of the building. “We loved this place.” He murmured. “It was ours. Both of ours.”
For some reason, his words made it harder to breathe. This all hurt too much.
“Look.” His fingers traced something carved into the bricks. Your heart skipped a beat as another memory flooded back to your mind. You remembered the small weight of his pocket knife in your hand, and his smile when he’d said, “Written in stone, right?”
The sunflower and the rose, side by side. Your chosen flowers, forever traced into the side of the building.
God, you’d loved him for years. You’d really hoped you would last forever.
You watched Felix trace the words under the flowers before letting his hand drop. Those familiar words that caused your heart to ache.
Can we be fate?
His arms wrapped around himself and his eyes found the ground with an empty gaze. “You don’t know how much it hurt to see you walk away,” he eventually whispered, and you thought you heard the smallest quiver in his tone. Your splintered, shattered heart crumbled further.
“I’m sorry.” You bit your lip in a desperate hope to stop its trembling. Tears burned at the corners of your eyes. You wished you could run back into his arms and hold him tight, swear to never let him go again. But you didn’t deserve that. You didn’t even deserve this tiny moment of time, to hear his sweet voice and drink in the details of his face. If only he knew how much you wished you could turn back time, and do it all over again. All you could say now was, “I’m so sorry, Lix.”
His throat bobbed again, as the nickname fell from your lips once again on instinct. It took a minute for him to speak, shakily saying, “I know why you did it.” His eyes were glued to the ground. Maybe he couldn’t look fully at you, either. Or maybe he was trying to hide the silvery tears beginning to cloud his irises. “I know you didn’t hate me. You just couldn’t be with me then, right?”
Hate him? God, you could never hate him. Didn’t he know that?
“Do you love me?” Felix whispered suddenly, voice breaking as the first of his tears traced his speckled cheek, and you heard the pain and desperation in his voice. “Did you ever love me?”
“Yes.” The word was so small, so quiet; fragile even, as though it could crumble to dust at any moment. Yet it made Felix’s eyes widen, even as you continued, choking back your own crystal tears. “But I could never be what you want of me-“
“Y/n, y/n,” he murmured, coming closer and finding your face with his hands, gently cradling your cheeks as you instinctively leaned into his touch that you’d missed for far too long. “That’s all I ever wanted from you. Just your love, as much as you would be willing to give me.”
“I’m broken, Lix.” The words came out in a sob, your tangled emotions evident in the break of your tone. Why was he holding your face so gently, after all this time? Why was he looking at you without any of the anger you’d expected-instead with a small light of compassion and adoration. How could he look at you like that?
For some reason, he laughed. The sound was so odd right now, especially paired with the tear stains on his face. “So am I.” He exclaimed, trembling slightly wherever you touched. “I think it’s human to be broken. That’s why I need you. You’re the only person who makes me feel like I’m not completely shattered. Not completely hopeless.” His voice cracked at the last word, and his rattling inhale broke your heart even further. “The world can be so tough sometimes, beating us down over and over again. It rips us apart, and tears us to pieces. And I know I can’t do this alone… I don’t want to do this alone. I want you with me.”
You held out your hand to gently wipe his eyes, every silver tear falling from his bloodshot eyes, and thought you’d never met a more beautiful boy in your whole life. Looking into his eyes now, you could see the cracks. You could see shards of pain and regret and anguish. It was like looking into a mirror.
“God…” he murmured, sagging from some invisible weight on his shoulders. Seeing that made your heart clench inside of your chest. “I need you.”
And you saw yourself reflected again, because you knew why you were here after all. You needed him, too. You would never be able to let him go-and yes, you would never deserve him, but that wasn’t what love was about was it? It was about the ups and downs, the struggles and joys, the strengths and faults of one another, and staying for every bit of it.
Why hadn’t you realized that? Foolish; you’d been so foolish.
You told him in all honesty, “I need you, Lix. Even all this time I regretted not having you with me. I missed it all; our talks and coming here… everything. I missed you so much.”
“Then why don’t we try again?” He whispered, a small smile gracing his face.
Tentatively hopeful.
“But I hurt you.” You bit your bottom lip, in hopes it would stop trembling.
“You’ve already said sorry a hundred times.” He brushed his fingers under your eyes, scrubbing away your tears. You felt a small flutter of your heart as his eyes met yours and he spoke, “and I forgive you, y/n.”
And when you burst into further tears, he pulled you close and murmured into your ear, “It’s okay, it’s okay.”
“I’m sorry,” you sobbed into Felix’s shoulder, resting heavily inside his sturdy arms. He merely held you tighter, rocking on his heels back and forth, back and forth. “I’m sorry, Lix, I’m-I’m so sorry.”
“I know.” He paused his swaying only once, long enough to carefully place a soft kiss on the top of your head. You clung to him tighter, and he leaned into that touch. In spite of the guilt, the tears, and the shock you still felt, you also realized something else; for the first time in a very long while, you felt whole again.
“I know.” He whispered again, and you could hear the tears in his voice. “I know. Me too.”
That is how the sun loves the moon. With such a depth that not even the world could keep them apart. In Felix’s arms, and him in yours, the broken shards inside of your heart started to mend.
And maybe someday you would break again. You would fall. But you’d always have Felix there to help you pick up the pieces.
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mxxndreams · 2 days ago
— What Do You Gain? —
+ pairing: han jisung x female reader + genre: angst, bodyguard!au, royalty!au, drabble + warnings: none + wordcount: 493 + A/N: So... this drabble... I can't believe I haven't written anything with a bodyguard!au before this. But now... I'm sure it won't be the last. This is my fourth drabble for Stay Haven’s Monthly Event. Keep an eye out for the rest! I hope you enjoy it, I had a lot of fun writing it! Please, like/reblog this if you enjoy reading it and let me know your thoughts through an ask if you feel like it! As always, happy reading!
Tumblr media
You sat on the couch as Jisung looked out of the window of your hotel room. He inspected the outside, the chants of the crowd below too loud for you to enjoy your tea.
“Can you ask them to change rooms?” You asked him and he shook his head, not taking his eyes from the outside. You pouted. “Why not? It will be a nightmare to sleep with all of this… noise.”
“For security reasons, this is the best room. We will remain here during your visit.”
You sighed and leaned back on the couch. As always, security was Jisung’s main concern. Wherever you went, he was there with you, making sure nothing bad happened to you.
“I mean… the visit should last… four days? Did you ask if I could at least visit a couple of-“
“No.” Jisung walked away from the window and came to sit in front of you, his expression always serious. Now that you thought about it, you had never seen him smile.
“Don’t you ever get tired of being unpleasant? I just want to be normal for once!”
“You’re not normal, Y/N. You’re a princess. And the only reason why you came to this place is-“
“Don’t remind me, please.” You sighed and took a sip of your tea, glancing at him. “Tell me again why you accepted to do this job? What do you gain?”
Jisung looked at you carefully, his eyes going over your features as he tried to find words to justify his choices. But you knew he resented his choice, probably just as much as he resented you.
He had no life outside of work. Wherever you were, he was also there to keep an eye on you. Wherever you went, Jisung went with you. He had to be ready every day of his life to serve you, but it was simply exhausting, and you could tell.
“You could… retire, you know? I’m not forcing you to keep on… spending time with me. Want some tea?” You gestured to the empty teacup, and he shook his head.
“Last time you served me tea, you went to a club by yourself because you put me to sleep.”
“That was pretty fun, you know? And nothing happened to me. I am still here.”
“You are, yes. But what if something had happened to you? Have you thought about the consequences of your actions?”
“Jisung… chill a bit. Have some tea.”
“You are my responsibility, Y/N. And that means I must keep you safe.”
“And don’t you get tired of that? Don’t you want to date, explore the world, I don’t know… live a little?”
He shook his head. “I get to travel the world with you, and trust me, keeping you safe gives me plenty of adrenaline.” He sighed and stood from the couch, his eyes lingering on yours for longer than necessary. “You should get ready. We’ll leave in twenty.”
Tumblr media
©mxxndreams 2021 Copying, reposting, translating and/or modifications of my work is strictly prohibited.
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skzsauce01 · 3 days ago
Written in the Stars
Synopsis: Tonight you find out the reason for your recurring dreams and the mysterious man who keeps who appearing in them. College AU and Goryeo Dynasty AU in a Reincarnation AU trench coat. Historical accuracy not guaranteed.
Warning: none
Word Count: 5.8k
Pairing: fem!reader x Seo Changbin; friends!TWICE
Tumblr media
You don’t think you have seen this many stars at night before. The great fabric of the sky has dozens of needle pricks of light, some woven with thread to create constellations, others shining unabashedly alone. They are all so bright. Perhaps too bright for your liking. Out of fear that you will be seen, you hide your face with your sleeve, running and ducking through the palace grounds. The hanging lanterns outside the buildings glow steadily as they watch you sneak to the bath.
The guards don’t know about the secret exit behind the bathing pool. You wouldn’t have known about it yourself until that fateful day when you followed a baby squirrel through the small tunnel and found yourself on the other side of the high stone walls. Now you squeeze through the same tunnel, nearly tripping on a loose rock when you hear a wolf howl. There was a hunt today; why is there still one around?
You step into the small patch of forest. Weaving through the trees and making your way to the vast field bordering the neighboring kingdom is simple. After all, you have done it countless times and during moonless nights as well. The difficult part is finding your beloved hiding among the tall grasses. He likes to lie on the ground like a snake, attacking your ankles with an outstretched hand and pulling you to him. It is a game you don’t typically don’t mind playing, but tonight is different.
Yet it is not. After only twenty paces, you feel yourself falling and then being caught by a pair of strong arms. You land on his chest. You toss your hair back like a horse to its mane, making him laugh, and stare down at him.
He smiles at you, the curve of his mouth reminiscent of the crescent moon. “I win.”
“I let you win.”
“Princesses shouldn’t lie.”
“And princes should be courteous and let the princesses win.” You thumb his cheekbone. The stars shimmer in his eyes, or perhaps those are tears. You were fools to think that something like this would last. Young, dumb, and too deeply in love to see the truth. “You’re a scoundrel.”
“If I were, things would have been different.” His words hang over you, clouding your head with the thoughts of what it could have been. He wouldn’t have to marry for politics. You wouldn’t have to marry for politics. It is only just so that he is to be wedded first, to the daughter of a noble family with plentiful rice fields. A favorite of the court, you heard. It is only just so that you are the daughter of an enemy kingdom. A marriage alliance wouldn’t be enough to erase the decades of history and bloodshed.
“The astronomer promised me an undying love,” you whisper. “He said that my star was always moving toward another one and that other star was moving towards mine.”
“Do you believe him?”
“Only if it’s about you.”
He smiles again before laying his head on the ground, looking to the sky above. “My kingdom’s astronomer said that I would be the greatest king alive and end the war. He also said that my star was rising higher and higher, shining brighter and brighter.”
You ask him the same question he asked.
“I hope my star is going to you,” he whispers. He holds you tighter, his fingers grasping the linen tie around your waist. “I don’t care about being the greatest king. I only want you. Why were we fated like this?”
“Only the heavens know.”
“Promise me you’ll wait for me.” He brings his hand to your face, brushing the unruly tendrils from your forehead. His fingers are rough from years of holding reins and swords, but his touch is gentle. “Even if it takes a thousand years, I will find you again.”
“I promise.”
Then he kisses you like the stars are going to go out.
Tumblr media
You wake up gasping like you have just been thoroughly kissed, your lips throbbing with a pulsing heat. This is the seventh time you’ve had this particular dream but the first time that he has kissed you. The previous six times you have woken up before. You still don’t know his name or remember his face, but there is something about this dream man that you conjured up that is so deeply familiar.
For the past month, you’ve been having the same sequence of dreams so tightly woven, you would almost believe that they were actual events of your life. You are there, dressed in lavish silk robes and silver hairpins, walking across stone courtyards surrounded by wooden structures, being served tea by a quiet servant. There are rituals for rain and parties for birthdays. There is a king and a queen, and a prince that you cannot have. Even the minute details are not easily forgotten — the grainy texture of the parchment you used to copy poems, the smell of the moonlit river, the intricate embroidered fish on ceremonial robes. Never have your dreams been so vivid, so painted with the life of imaginary strangers.
A series of knocks — Mina always does seven, whether she knows it or not — snaps you out of your haze. “Are you up yet? We’re leaving in an hour.”
“I’m up,” you say, pulling your covers off but still lying in bed.
“One hour, okay? If we get stuck in traffic and show up late, Nayeon’s going to be mad.”
“Got it.”
You hear Mina leave. When you peek behind your window curtains, the sun is setting, streaking yellow and orange across the sky. It was early afternoon when you decided to take a nap. You sigh and stumble to your closet. The mirror on the sliding door reveals that your dark circles are still present and that your lips are a little swollen, probably from your recovering sunburn. Not necessarily a bad thing, the swollen lips, but mildly confusing after your dream.
You take the pink dress off its hanger and absentmindedly undress and dress yourself. Nayeon’s birthday dinner is at some new restaurant that you know is going to be expensive just because of its pretentious name. Well, she’s paying for everything, so you don’t mind that part, but you know that you will be perching on the fancy chairs and contemplating whether you should text your astronomy lab partner to pick you up early.
That’s the fun thing about tonight: you have a friend’s birthday party to attend and a presentation at the local observatory to go to if you want extra credit. With midterms around the corner, you are pretty much obligated to go. Thank goodness Changbin is willing to drive you from the restaurant to the observatory. Nayeon, who knows about your packed schedule tonight and fancies herself a matchmaker, thinks that Changbin has a crush on you. Mina, who has observed you coming home from your lab with a smile too happy for 11 PM, thinks that it’s the other way around. And you are the only one who thinks that a relationship with your lab partner is a conflict of interest when the semester is not even halfway finished.
You finish your hair and makeup in the bathroom, listening to the city pop songs Mina is playing from her room. You hear her hum along, pausing when she forgets the melody. Changbin prefers rap. He likes to show off sometimes too, turning up the radio volume and rapping along for his audience of one. When you offhandedly mentioned this to your friends, you had to explain how you ended up in Changbin’s car in the first place.
(Pizza, the answer is pizza. You were hungry, he was hungry, and the good pizza place was still open. Sorry to disappoint you, conniving friends.)
The hour is finally up, and you throw in all of your necessities in a purse that vaguely complements your dress. Nayeon’s birthday present, a dainty silver necklace with butterfly charm, is tucked safely away inside as well. Mina is driving, so she leaves her heels with you in the passenger seat and pulls out of the parking space with practiced skill. You’re initially in charge of navigation, but Mina takes that job away from you when you begin to doze off.
“Are you feeling okay? You’ve been really sleepy lately.”
“It’s my lab.” And those weird dreams. They’re exhausting to have, like your brain spent all of its energy forging that perfect world instead of resting.
“You can take a twenty minute nap. I’ll wake you up when we’re almost there.”
You’re asleep before she can even finish her sentence.
Tumblr media
You hear the news of an enemy kingdom’s marriage during a meal with your father, the king. It is a delicious meal of pork and fresh vegetables, but the food tastes like stone, no matter how many new pieces you try. Your father discusses the details of the wedding ceremony in a controlled rage, scoffing at the prince’s blue robes and the bride’s crimson one. Not a single butterfly on the bride’s wedding overcoat, he laughed.
“They say that they uphold tradition, but they forget one of the most common symbols of longevity. For a royal marriage too! They are doomed.”
You only nod as the rest of his words become cicada chirps to your ears. With the most placid face you can muster, you wave over a servant for a drink. You watch as she pours chrysanthemum tea, her hands shaking as she holds the cup out to you. She must be one of the new girls; you don’t remember seeing her face around.
You reach for the cup, your fingers curling around the middle. Her hands tremble when you lift the cup, and yours do as well.
“Princess, it is time for you to get married as well.”
The cup shatters onto the stone ground, tea splattering onto your yellow skirt.
Tumblr media
As promised, Mina wakes you up, though she likely didn’t need to when you jolt awake from the sound of breaking ceramic. You breathe heavily, holding onto your heart with shaking hands as you check to ensure that the floor of Mina’s car isn’t stained with tea. Her shoes are still immaculate, and your own heels are clean too. Mina is too busy trying to find a parking spot to notice how distraught you are.
This is the third time you have had this dream. It always ends with the cup being dropped, but the sound of it is so clear this time. It echoes, it rings, it ricochets. The initial impact is the loudest, earth against earth, and then comes the deafening silence as everyone takes in the accident.
You whisper a swear and lean back into your seat. The sky is getting darker now, the moon glowing brighter against the sky. Only a smattering of stars are present, but you don’t doubt that there will be more.
After Mina parks the car and switches her shoes, the two of you walk into the restaurant, up a flight of stairs to the private room on the second floor. Full-length windows cover the walls, and you watch your reflection follow Mina down the scarlet carpet. The restaurant is on a hill, so you can see the city below, street lights and illuminated windows shining like little beacons, like faraway stars. Your throat suddenly goes dry.
“Happy birthday!” Mina says, and you realize that you’ve arrived at Nayeon’s party. Nayeon, with a pale blue sash and a silver tiara, is at the head of the table, a row of matching silver balloons floating above her. The also-matching silverware on the white tablecloth glints underneath the lights, and the sparkling glasses look like they might break with a single touch. You might text Changbin to pick you up a little earlier.
“Happy birthday!” you repeat. Nayeon pats the two seats near her, and you sit at her left while Mina sits at her right. You and Mina are the first ones to arrive, so you get the privilege of sitting next to the queen of the night. You take out her present and leave it at her elbow. “Happy, happy birthday.”
She smiles and gives you a one-armed hug. “Thanks. You’re the sweetest, like cotton candy.”
“Mina’s right next to you,” you point out, smoothing out the cotton candy pink pleats of your dress.
“You’re the mintiest,” Nayeon says to her, which makes her laugh. “Just like your dress. You two look so pretty tonight! I’m going to make you guys take so many pictures and…”
The rest of the guests start arriving, and the real party begins. By the time your salmon entreé has come, you’re drunk on laughter and high on the apple-and-brie appetizer pies. Jihyo brings up the time Nayeon got splashed by a passing car, and Jeongyeon talks about her getting sick after eating four slices of pizza.
“While we’re talking about pizza,” Nayeon says as she flashes you a smirk, which makes you grimace, “are you sure there’s nothing between you and Changbin? He’s picking you up tonight out of the goodness of his heart and not because he likes you?”
You sip on your ice water, the chill suddenly reminding you of the first frost and a festival. The sweet tang of honey fills your mouth. You take another sip, and the taste is gone. “He’s my lab partner, so yes.”
“Can’t you just admit you like him? You guys learn about stars under the stars. That’s, like, the most romantic thing ever.”
“If you think that’s the most romantic thing ever, you need to start dating more,” Momo laughs, and you are saved from Nayeon’s teasing until your phone buzzes with a text.
She leans over, nearly knocking over your needlessly fancy champagne glass. “Is that Changbin?”
It is. He’s waiting outside in the parking lot, and he sends you his location so you know exactly where he is. You didn’t realize that it was time for you to leave already. The cake, all three of its decadent chocolate tiers, hasn’t even been cut yet.
“I gotta go,” you apologetically tell Nayeon. “Eat a slice of cake for me.”
A hug from Nayeon and a chorus of goodbyes later, you’re walking down the hallway with the giant windows. It’s nighttime now, and your reflection is now solid instead of a ghostly outline. You walk on top of the buildings, your heel puncturing the lit-up windows, your hair tangled with the stars. The university you attend and the town it’s situated in is located in a more secluded part of the country, meaning that the stars are visible at night. The memory of the dream kiss comes back to you. Your lip throbs, and you’re unsure if it’s from your sunburn anymore.
Why did you taste honey earlier? You tongue the inside of your cheek and your molars, looking for a crystal of honey or some other thing even though you know there is nothing.
Your phone buzzes with a text again. Changbin, this time with a photo of him lying on the hood of his car, the stars reflected on the windshield. LOOK STARS, reads the accompanying message. You smile at the juxtaposition of his serene expression and his excited text. Your traitorous heart skips a beat.
Sorry, almost there, you reply back before flying down the stairs to the parking lot.
You see Changbin still lying on his car, one lazy leg draped over the side. Your heels clatter loudly against the asphalt. Changbin doesn’t hear you, or if he does, he doesn’t turn his head to you.
“Hi,” you shyly greet. “Sorry for making you wait.”
Changbin lolls his head to you. You don’t miss the way he scans you up and down, and you hold your purse in front of you like a shield. The off-the-shoulder dress with its cotton candy floral appliques is right for Nayeon’s extravagant birthday but not for a presentation on the autumn equinox. A smile spreads across his face, but you only see the beginnings of it since he hops up from the hood.
“Hey. You look really… nice,” he says. He leans against his car and crosses his arm, flexing the muscles he has hidden beneath his leather jacket. He looks at you like he’s never seen you before.
An arrow whistles past your ear. In the next moment, you feel someone lunging at you. A man dressed in all black, a sword sheathed at his back, has his arms around your waist and pulls you to the ground. Too shocked to scream, you only stare at him. He stares back at you, drinking you in like he has been dehydrated all of his life.
“Sh-should we get going?” you stammer out, stepping to the passenger side. Your head throbs, and you clutch the door handle for stability.
He snaps out of his stupor and pushes himself off of the hood. “Right, sorry.”
You settle into the leather seat as Changbin starts the car. The engine purrs, and the steel frame vibrates underneath your feet as he backs up out of his spot with a few jerky movements. He’s not an awful driver, but he’s not Mina. You rest your head against the window, hoping that the cool glass will temper your sudden headache.
“You okay?” Changbin asks.
“Just tired,” you lie. “The late night labs are really messing up my already bad sleep schedule.”
He chuckles. “Tell me about it. I've been getting a bunch of weird stress dreams too. Take a nap if you want. I'll wake you up when we're there.”
“I'll be fine.”
“If you say so.”
Your headache slowly fades as Changbin drives down the hill, an R&B song playing softly on the radio, but you are still uneasy. That was more like a flashback than a dream. Despite the intensity of it, the man’s face is an unidentifiable blur, an unfinished puzzle. You can feel the fire of his eyes and the awe in the way he reverently holds you, but he is a still mystery.
You shut your eyes, hoping that the darkness will be enough to conjure him back. Instead, the radio and the steady rocking of the car lulls you to sleep.
Tumblr media
Soap suds slide down from your hair into the sunken bathing pool where they collect around your naked arms, forming little clouds of foam. You idly push them around the surface of the water as the maids scrub your hair and add more tea leaves to the bath. You escaped the grassy field with only a bruise at your hip. Your disheveled appearance and your dirty robes were easily explained by a fall during your afternoon walk, so your mother saw no reason to chide you as severely as she should have had if she had discovered that you entered enemy territory.
The man — no, prince. Years ago, when a marriage alliance was considered possible but still improbable, his picture was shown to you. He looks the same now, though you don’t remember his eyes being so intense. He scoured your face up and down, breath caught by the wind. Surely he was shown a portrait of you as well. Did he recognize you?
“Your Highness,” you cut in before he could say your name or your title or anything else that would give you away as an enemy. The handle of his sword glistened in the sun. You meekly bowed your head.
“You’re the princess, aren’t you? What are you doing out here, and in commoner robes?” Sensing your fear, he quickly added, “I won’t hurt you, I promise.”
While he shouted to his army to cease fire, you darted out of his grasp and ducked into the tall grasses. You half expected him to hear his footsteps thundering behind you, but he didn’t give chase fortunately.
A maid pours more water for your soaped hair, and the cascade drowns out your thoughts. The rose-scented bath suspends you in a state of serenity while a maid gently kneads your scalp. Distant birds sing an afternoon ditty. Behind your closed eyelids, the prince appears, his wondrous gaze unwavering. Then his mouth opens in surprise, perhaps in recognition, and you mirror it as a cold downpour comes down over your head.
Tumblr media
You wake up gasping, pawing at your exposed collar bones for any dripping water. You can feel it splashing over your skin and misting your cheeks. Several droplets bounce up, and you pat your jaw too. Your fingers remain dry, but in the midst of your distress, you choke on your saliva and cough, which sends Changbin into a panic.
“Are you okay? Do you want me to pull over?” His turn signal is already on.
You shake your head, still winded from your coughing fit and dream. That was the fourth time you had that particular scene about bathing. If you remember correctly, the maid grabbed the wrong bowl of water and apologized profusely once she realized what occurred. You don’t think she got fired, but it’s difficult to remember when the names and faces of everyone in your dreams fade so quickly.
“Sorry,” you tell Changbin. He chose to pull over, but now that you’ve recovered, he tentatively merges back into the road. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Bad ending to a dream. I got a bunch of water poured onto me.”
“I’ve gotten those too!” he exclaims. He mindlessly drums the top of the steering wheel as he drives. The radio is playing a different song now, and you just know he’s itching to rap along. “The worst one I had, I willingly jumped down a waterfall. I thought I died when I woke up. Was yours like that too?”
“Taking a bath actually. A lot less scary.”
“I don’t know. It sounds like you almost drowned.”
You laugh a little to ease him. He glances over at you, and you wish the taillights lighting your face were a more flattering color than red. “At least you don’t have to wake me up now. How was your night?” you say to change the subject.
“Good, I guess. I caught up on some sleep and went out for sushi for lunch. Or dinner, I guess. How was the party?”
You relay all of the details of the fancy restaurant, suppressing a giggle at his shocked expression when you tell him about the smoked salmon roses. You hardly believed that they were real yourself; Momo had to handfeed you one since you were too busy staring at the coral pink petals of fish to eat. Changbin bemoans about his relatively boring spicy tuna roll, and then his shrimp nigiri when you mention the apple-and-brie pies. By the time the observatory is in view, Changbin looks like he’s ready to drive back to the restaurant and crash Nayeon’s party.
“How am I going to watch the presentation now that I know about all that food?” he says. He takes his keys out of the ignition and looks over at you. “If it’s not too late, do you wanna get something to eat after?”
“Yeah! No pizza though,” you quickly add. “We always get pizza.”
“Sounds good to me.”
The two of you get out of his car and begin walking to the observatory. There are more people than you anticipated, but maybe it’s because there’s not much else to do in a secluded university town. You recognize a few people from lecture and lab, but surely the elderly couple in matching plaid outfits aren’t students. You walk across the parking lot beside Changbin, your stupid high heels announcing your presence with each step. Why didn’t you bring a change of clothes? Not only are you the most overdressed person in the vicinity, it’s freezing. All those stars in the sky are too far away to provide any real light or warmth to you.
At the entrance of the observatory, with its tasteful blue and white banners advertising tonight’s presentation, Changbin stops you. “Take my jacket. It matches your dress too.”
“Hm?” Then you see the pink and white cherry blossoms on the back. The flowers surround a pair of swimming koi fish, embroidered on with white thread. You reach out to take it but pause. “You’re not going to be cold?”
“I’m strong,” he says as he mockingly flexes his arms. Flustered, you busy yourself with putting on his leather jacket. His lingering body heat envelops you, smoothing all of the goosebumps on your skin. His cologne tickles your nose, and you breathe in the fragrance as you adjust your purse. You shyly clasp your hands in front of you. Before you suggest that the two of you start heading in, he says, “Don’t worry, you look pretty,” rendering you speechless.
You mutely follow him inside where for some inconceivable reason, it is actually colder than the night air. The central room features a large star map painted onto the inside of the dome, the history of astronomy inscribed along the walls, and a model of the Milky Way underneath the glass floor. Students flock underneath the dome, pointing at the constellations they learned in class. Changbin points out to you his star sign, and you find yours and show him as well. While he marvels at it, you study the map. Which star did the astronomer say was yours, or rather your dream self’s?
“We need proof that we actually came,” Changbin reminds you. Since admission into the observatory is free, your proof of attendance, as decreed by your professor, is to take a selfie with the presentation slides in the shot. You expected a quiz, but you suppose everyone would get the extra credit since the autumn equinox has been covered in class. “Should we do it now or later?”
“Now,” you say. “We need to find good seats too.”
Arrows point to Exhibit Hall A where the presentation is being held. You lead the way this time, keeping an outstretched arm behind you for Changbin to follow as you weave through the crowd. The crowd grows denser as you near the exhibit hall. At some point, Changbin grabs your — his? — jacket sleeve to hold onto.
“Where are you going?” His hand circles your wrist like a rabbit snare before you can pull away. “I still have to kiss you goodbye.”
Your wrist burns, and you yank it back, holding it to your chest. You stand in the middle of the hallway, heart beating too fast and skin prickling with flames. The headache from earlier returns in full force and then dulls into a muffled throb as you try to keep your breathing steady. It’s not the pain that bothers you; why don’t you know his face?
“Is everything okay?” Changbin gently asks as he escorts you into a less crowded area. “I can take you home if you want.”
“No!” you practically shout. In a more calm tone, you repeat, “No. We’re not passing up on extra credit. I’m fine, just sleep-deprived.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes.” You plaster on a smile and take a step forward. “Let’s get our seats.”
Like before, Changbin follows you to the exhibit hall and up a set of stairs to the topmost row of benches. The presentation is projected on an enormous screen, and the keynote speaker is greeting her colleagues or just chatting with audience members. You face your back to the screen, making sure that “The Autumn Equinox” is visible in your photo. You snap a picture and sit primly in your seat, waiting for Changbin to finish fiddling with his angles and faces. He makes a few particularly goofy ones that make you laugh. You cross your eyes and scrunch up your lips, and he almost does a spit take.
While Changbin submits his photo for the extra credit assignment, you thumb your wrist. The burning sensation has dissipated, but you still feel the ghost of someone’s fingers wrapped around it. Whether it is your dream lover’s or Changbin’s — you don’t know.
“Do you wanna leave?” he conspiratorially whispers. He’s already sitting close to you, but the distance now is almost nonexistent. “We’ve got our proof, and it’s not like this stuff is new information.”
“Do you want to?”
While he pauses to think, the lights in the room begin to dim. The speaker is now waiting patiently by the podium, rubbing the laser pointer in her hand. More people flood in.
“When I grabbed your wrist earlier—”
“No, you’re good!” you hurriedly reassure. “It wasn’t your fault. Something just happened and…”
Do you tell him about your eerily vivid dreams? Not even Mina knows about this and she lives with you. On the rare occasion she has seen you wake up in a panic, you told her it was a nightmare.
You fold and unfold the corrugated cuffs of Changbin’s jacket. He said he’s been having weird dreams too; maybe he’ll understand. However, before you can tell him about it, the exhibit hall goes dark and the microphone screeches as the speaker begins her talk. The presentation slides glimmer with special effects, and the crowd oohs and ahhs as the on-screen orange leaves morph into little white stars. It’s too late to leave now without drawing attention.
“I’ll tell you after,” you whisper.
Changbin relaxes and gives you a small smile. “We’re crashing your friend’s party, right?”
“If they haven’t left by then.”
To Changbin’s disappointment, you receive some photos in the group chat that show that Nayeon’s party has moved from the restaurant to an arcade. The speaker’s words fade into the background as you show Changbin the pictures. Jihyo is still a monster at DDR, and Chaeyoung is still the best at shooting hoops. Changbin declares that he’s the best at the basketball free-throwing game, so you rightfully defend Chaeyoung because she didn’t win ten games in a row to be second-best.
“She’s the queen,” you say.
Changbin goes stiff, and his hand curls into a fist, closing tighter and tighter until his fingernails dig into his palms. With panic crawling up your throat, you roughly shake him, and he blinks out of his haze, still dazed. He stares out at you like he’s lost.
“Changbin, are you okay?” you gently ask. “What happened?”
“Is it okay if we get some air right now? Both of us?”
You lead him outside, mumbling apologies to the people you pass by, and he holds onto your sleeve for security even though there’s no crowd to navigate through. Your footsteps loudly echo throughout the hallway.
“You’re too noisy,” you say as you settle among the grass. “I heard your loud, boorish clomping when I got here.”
“Well, I guess next time I’ll have to lie down next time. I’ll win—”
Changbin’s fingers slip down into your hand, dragging you out of your fog. You let him hold it, partially because he’s shaken and you don’t know what to do. He blanked out and returned back to reality like he had seen the future; you’re still having sleep-deprived illusions. At least this time you came out of it peacefully.
You stop underneath the veranda outside, and Changbin stands beside you, his hand still in yours.
“I need to tell you something,” he finally says, “but first, what did you want to tell me?”
“You can go first. Mine isn’t that important.” Your heart and head pound as he gathers his words.
“This is going to sound insane,” he says, more to the silence than you, “but I think we knew each other before this class. I keep having these dreams about a princess, and I think you’re the princess. Ever since I met you, I’ve been… living this weird dream life, and I started hallucinating things and they always seem to be about stuff from my dreams. Like, when you said ‘She’s the queen,’ there was suddenly a pond and a bridge and some ducks, and the princess — I really think it’s you now because she smiles like you — was feeding the ducks.” He looks over at you, and everything about him softens. “I know it sounds crazy, but it feels so real.”
Your headache upgrades into a migraine as you graft Changbin’s face onto the mystery man. His eyes, his cheeks, his nose, his chin — they all fit, but is it because you desperately want them to or because he is the prince? You swallow thickly. “In your dreams, do you ever meet the princess in an empty field at night? Because I have a lot of dreams where I’m having a secret rendezvous with a prince.”
“All the time. And the prince and princess have that game where they try to find each other first?”
Your whole body is shaking. Your brain feels like it’s trying to break out of your skull. “Yeah.”
“Can I try something?” His arm slips around your waist, and he gently pulls you in front of him. It feels too natural. The stars reflect in his eyes, his pretty, pretty eyes that look at you like you hold the key to the universe. He’s shaking too. “You can say no.”
You wrap your arms around his neck. Mina and Nayeon would kill to see this, and you push them out of your mind as your lips pulse with a familiar heat. “No, go ahead. Try whatever you want.”
Then he kisses you like the stars are going to go out.
Tumblr media
It’s all Changbin. It’s always been Changbin, from the first time he saved you from being shot at to the other first time where he sat next to you in lecture and asked what lab you had.
Your astronomer was right after all.
Tumblr media
You and Changbin break away, fighting for breath. He swears, and you would have done the same if you weren’t hyperventilating. The migraine has gone away, but every part of you is humming with electricity. You feel every remnant of your memories: the sharp pain at your hip from falling onto the ground, the slippery soap suds sliding down your jaw, and the glazed tea cup grazing your fingertips as you drop it. They were a literal lifetime ago, yet they feel more lucid than anything you have experienced.
“What do we do now?” Changbin says. He clutches like you’ll disappear into the air.
You play with the cuffs of his jacket, looking at the sky. You’re fated to be with him, but you liked him before you knew that. This newfound knowledge doesn’t change your feelings. “I don’t know.” And because you’re concerned with the future, more specifically, the semester, you ask, “Are we a thing now?”
“Do you want to be? Because we can.”
He looks at you with hope and then unrestrained joy when you say, “I do.”
The stars shimmer and shine, some of them by themselves, some of them in constellations. You wrap Changbin’s jacket tighter around you and study the sky. Though you don’t know where they are, you know there are two stars that have finally met and collided.
~ ad.gray
Fun fact: The autumn equinox is on September 22, which is also Nayeon’s birthday. 
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thevampywolf · 8 hours ago
You're You
Tumblr media
Genre: angst, fluff, husband!Chan, pregnant!reader
Warnings: mentions of bad parents, pregnancy
Request: no
Member: Chan
"Let me," Chan immediately says when you reach for your body conditioner, your face contorted with difficulty as your large baby bump gets in the way. Water splashes in the bath tub and with a soft laugh, Chan grabs the tub of conditioner. "Stay still baby girl."
"I can do it, you know," You pout, though you can't help but smile as your husband scoops some of the product onto his fingers.
Chan grins, pulling your legs into his lap. "Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should," he says, smoothing conditioner over your legs with his gentle touch. "You're nearly ready to burst baby, you need to take it easy."
Knowing he's right, you lean back in the bathtub and slide down a little, the hot, bubbly water floating around your shoulders. "What did I do to deserve you?"
"You existed," Chan replies and gently kisses your knee. "If anything, I'm the one who doesn't deserve you."
"Well, we all know that's not true," you smile, watching as Chan reaches for your razor. With a careful hand, he slides the blade down your leg, creating a clean path in the conditioner. "You deserve the whole world."
You can't help but giggle as Chan’s face flushes a bright pink with your words, the blush spreading to his chest. He tries to hide his smile but fails, his entire face lighting up in the way that makes you feel the way you felt when you first met him.
"I'm scared you know," Chan suddenly says, his voice quiet as he continues to shave your leg. His fingers tremble slightly and you frown, wondering what's bothering him. "About being a dad."
At that, your face softens. "Why are you scared baby?"
Chan shrugs, his hands stopping as he looks down into the water. "What if I'm a bad dad?"
"Oh Channie, you're going to be an amazing dad. You know how I know?" You ask, tilting your head to the side.
"Because you know how to love," you say simply, smiling at your husband. "You have so much love in your heart for everyone and everything, and everyone can see that. You have love for people that don't deserve it, you have love for the creatures and bugs people are afraid of. You're not afraid of loving and our child is going to feel that as soon as she sees you. She's going to love you so much baby."
Chan's eyes look suspiciously bright when you finish speaking, and with a groan, you sit up and reach across the bathtub to hold his hand.
"If anyone's going to be an amazing dad," you whisper, running your fingers over the back of his hand. "It's you. Besides," you add with a huge grin. "Look at how you look after those boys. You practically raised them."
Sniffing, Chan lets out a quiet chuckle. "I didn't plan on crying, you know."
Laughing with him, you lean back as Chan starts shaving your legs again. "If it makes you feel better, I'm scared too."
At that, Chan looks up in surprise. "You are?"
"I'm terrified," you admit, resting a hand on your bump. "Sometimes I'm so terrified I can't even breathe."
You sigh, shutting your eyes. "Because I'm scared I'll turn out like my mother."
"Baby ... "
"I know," you groan, covering your face with your hands. "I'm nothing like her. But what if somewhere along the line something snaps in me and I end up treating our kid the way she treated me? I just ... I don't know what I'd do if she feels like I feel about my mother."
"Hey," Chan whispers, setting the razor down and moving towards you. He sits with his legs on either side of yours, his hands cupping your face softly. "Hey listen to me. You are not your mother. You're never going to be like her baby, you're going to be so much better."
"How do you know that?" You breathe, searching your husband's eyes. "What if, after all I do to make sure I'm the opposite of her, I do something wrong? How do you know I won't?"
"Because you're you," Chan says, kissing your nose. "You knowing exactly what you don't want to be like is exactly what makes you so different from her baby. You know how you want to treat our child and how you don't, and that's going to make you the best mother ever," Chan wraps his arms around you as best as he can with your bump in the way, and he kisses your forehead. "I promise."
You lean into your husband's embrace, head buried into the crook of his neck. "This is all so scary."
"I know," he whispers, rubbing your back with his soft, soft hands. "I know baby girl. But we have each other, right? I don't know about you, but having you by my side just automatically makes everything so much better."
Giggling, you kiss Chan’s wet cheek. "Gosh you're still so cheesy. I think you're always going to be cheesy. Just like any good dad."
"Ah, well. Being cheesy is my speciality," Chan shrugs and you lean into him more, squeezing his torso.
"I love you," you hum against his lips. "So much."
Just then, you gasp as you feel your baby kicking inside of you, and Chan laughs as he feels the movement against his stomach. Kissing you on the mouth, Chan pulls back and lowers his head to your tummy, a goofy smile on his face as he rests his hands against your bump.
"I think that she means she loves you too," you say, sinking your fingers into Chan’s damp curls. "See, I told you she loves you."
Chan nuzzles his nose face against your stomach, nose cold against your skin as he nuzzles against you. "I love you, princess," he whispers, kissing your tummy.
Your baby kicks again, right against Chan’s mouth.
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seungmoe · a day ago
genre | gentle angst, faint fluff
word count | 1815
warning | mild violence between friends ​
note | wanted to write after the music video! just me kind of rambling about love and truth
Tumblr media
seungmin was your last boy.
it was not your job to be the relationship counselor (not that there was any relationship for you to counsel to begin with, unfortunately). stranding alone as a high school student who has never been in a relationship nor been loved, or secretly loved, by anybody before, you were in no place to give our relationship advice (again, not that there was any relationship to advise for in the first place!).
but what you do have were friends. good friends, close friends, best friends—yang jeongin, han jisung, and kim seungmin. under some kind of unfortunate yet miraculous coincidence, all three of them fell in love with the same girl, and all three of them collectively got their heartbroken, albeit on different days, after finding out that she has a senior boyfriend, who you found to be mediocre in personality but very good-looking, nonetheless.
what began as the perfect strategy of giving them space and silence to nurse their teenage heart back to life turned out to be one hell of a foul plan. they did not get better, they only got worse!
jeongin was visibly upset all the time, which was unheard of to you. jisung actually started studying as a form of fail distraction, which even the teacher haphazardly pointed out with fear after seeing the ninety percent score on his math test. seungmin has got a mean streak running along his mouth even during the worst times, such as student council meetings, which wasn't weird but quite downright terrible for everyone around him.
a bunch of idiots were what those three have become, leaving you as the only sane, intelligent, logical, empathetic, perfect friend in the friend group. unfortunately for you, though, as much as you enjoyed being (even more) superior to your friends, your complete lack of healthy bodily functions would not let you curate the strong backbone suitable to sustain such a title, so there was only ever one way to end this.
you got to smack some senses into the three of them, and seungmin was your last boy.
he was the tricky boy. he was smart and quick-witted, and when push comes to shove, he would be more than willing to ignore your presence entirely as he blatant disagree with everything you say. and, as you knew, there was nothing more frustrating and annoying than people who choose to remain ignorant despite their knowledge, people who choose to not care simply out of spite.
"you need to back off of everyone around you, lover boy," you said with a leisurely smile, leaning back against the chair and putting yourself in the most impolite sitting position you could muster.
seungmin could feel your feet atop of his. that was how you got him to sit down even after the student council meeting ended—brute force. he tries to move even an inch and the heel of your shoes goes through his feet. how violent, it was exactly the way you liked to do things, and he always had a lot of say about that but he never did. there was no point fighting a battle he wasn't skilled in.
"i don't know what you are talking about," he muttered under his breath, clearly annoyed that he was forced down to have this conversation with you.
jisung and jeongin both told him about your endeavor to talk to all of them about their sudden change after their love fell through. they warned him about you; about how insensitive you could be, how your priorities were set everywhere else but on their broken hearts, how you were more here to threaten them than to help them. they also told him how he could lie through his teeth to get out of the situation—just pretend he was fine and go along with everything.
but seungmin hated pretending he was fine. he wasn't the type to go along with things he disagreed with. therefore, if he has to sit here with your feet stuck on top of his, ready to plummet his bones whenever it called for, he would. if it meant he could somehow win this conversation, to show you that everything you were doing serves to be useless, he would sit here and bicker with you.
"i am talking about your useless, mean streak, seungmin," you said. "you should back off from it. irrationality makes you even more pathetic than you already are."
"you're one to talk about being pathetic," he raised his brow and nudged your feet once, "you're the one talking to a hopeless case."
you hummed. his face was unreadable now, and the only thing you could be sure of was that he has no intention or want to be sitting here when he could go home and swallow in his romantic sorrows. regardless, though, your point here wasn't to cater toward their emotion but their words and ideas. your next approach would remain the same—brutal and honest.
"you're not a hopeless case, yet," you said with an amused smirk. then you sat up slightly. "it's not like you, seungmin. you don't seem to be the type to fall apart so badly just because of one girl."
he mirrored your smile sarcastically. "then i suppose you don't know me that well."
"and there is only you to blame for that," you said. "i never asked you to be closed-off. it's your fault."
seungmin gulped down a knot. he hasn't heard enough of that recently—his fault, everything was his fault.
the reason why the student council was in a mild shambles right now, the reason why his grades slowly began to slip, the reason why the girl he secretly loved didn't even know his name, the reason why you were stepping on his foot right now, the reason why you knew very little about him despite being a close friend of his. it was all on him and not a third party. it wasn't the unrequited love, it wasn't the girl—him. it was all him.
it was such a terrible truth to bear, but some truths would always remain clear and unable to be altered. no matter the way you put it down, the core of its message remains a knife to the throat, the core of the truth remains a sin you could never erase no matter the number of halos you put around it. the truth remains the truth no matter the lies you plaster around it, always.
seungmin clenched his hands together; he knew he was at fault and he knew he has changed for the worse, but deep down he also knew he wanted this. after losing so much control of himself to love someone who didn't even know him, these brutal attacks coming from his mouth was the only way for him to regain some sense of identity. perhaps choosing violence as an identity wasn't the best idea, but he didn't know what else he could do with such deep sadness and regret boiling inside him.
he loved, he loved so hard, and it was all for nothing. love doesn't care, love doesn't let you say goodbye, so why should he?
"it hurts, doesn't it?" you said suddenly after a moment of silence. "especially more when you try so hard to contain the pain."
seungmin looked with you, confused. you moved your feet away from his own and tapped the side of his shoe, then you forced your way underneath his feet so your positions were swapped. now he was stepping on your feet, and you positioned yourself carefully underneath him before smiling.
"people outside aren't going to let you grieve. as much as i hate to admit it, we're all some kind of selfish. not entirely, but to a degree, and that's enough to be bad," you said. "but i'll be nice today and let you be angry. i am your friend, after all. i have the obligation to tolerate you, at least."
seungmin shifted slightly, feeling the small shape of your feet under his and immediately feeling a sense of dread over him. he couldn't do it, he felt. he could throw terrible words around, the repercussions of that were easier to deal with than visible damage. to truly injure someone physically... he likely could never muster up the guts to do that, unlike you.
"i..." he paused for a moment, and his voice was hoarse. "i really like her."
and he still does even though the love serves him nothing but pain now, even though the love no longer gave him giddiness and daydreams now. he still likes her, and he wasn't ready to like her for the last time yet, he wanted to hold onto it more.
you laughed in response, then you sighed, looking far ahead at the tabletop.
"you fall in love again," you mentioned. "you fell in love, it hurts you, it leaves, you grieve, and you think this time that you will finally stop doing it, but you fall in love again."
you always fall in love again.
even after jeongin, who drew you a portrait of yourself as a birthday gift, who has a smile as bright as the sun and so big that you wanted to crawl inside his body and die in him, who fell in love with the girl in your class.
and then jisung, who excitedly played you verses of scrap songs he never fully polished on his brother's secondhand guitar, whose cheeks were plump and kissable when they become red with endearing shyness, who fell in love with the girl in your class.
and lastly, seungmin, who spent hours looking for you under the rain after you overslept on the bus and ended up on the other side of the city, who was responsible and strick but well-mannered and well-intentioned, who fell in love with the girl in your class.
you always fall in love again, like the blood gushing out of your slit throat, like the flat skin of your fallen heart. you gave everything each time and you always fall in love again, because that was all that was left for you to do. 
love doesn't let you say goodbye. it doesn't let you say hello either. it just comes and goes as it pleases, and you let it. you always let it.
"please trust me, seungmin," you said, smiling at him fondly with the leftover affection that you always forgot to finish off. "you always fall in love again."
there was a chill down his spine, he wasn't sure why. he has never seen you like this; vulnerable and honest, in a way that encapsulated beauty differently than how he used to think of it. and when it was time for him to hurt, when it was time for him to release his anger, his feet couldn't move.
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skz-records · a day ago
[11:57pm] fluffy, gender neutral
"daaarling", changbin whined on your bed, making you look at him. you could see only his shine eyes, a little bit of his cute nose and his messy hair for moving around too much. "come cuddle with me, please. it's late!"
"binnie, I have to finish this assignment... I can't go right now." you said in a sad voice.
you couldn't see well but you knew changbin was pouting.
he said nothing and you returned your attention to your work on your computer. when, suddenly, you feel strong arms hold tight your legs and shoulders, suspending you in the air and then putting you in your bed.
"I'm not taking no as an answer!" changbin said with a big smile meanwhile you squealed, holding him tight and then relaxing when you felt the soft covers hut gently your back. "see, this is way better, isn't it?"
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chuuerriesxc · 16 hours ago
Hit you in the face
Lee know
"minho I love you" you said out of the blue while he was looking at you confused by your sudden confession. "Why out of the sudden baby?" He said to you but you just shrugged and said "idk I just feel like saying it too you" while smiling at him and damn he love when you act like this, saying things out of the sudden or making him flustered by your words he knew that you mean it even if you just said "i just feel like it"
He can't help to smile at you and you saw him. That Smile with that cute face of him, you got close to his face and said "your smiling aren't you Lee Minho??"
"Just because im smiling doesn't mean I don't wanna punch you in the face" he said keeping his coolness.
"Fine then punch me then I like to see you try~" you said in a sarcastic tone to see if he actually punch your face. But you didnt feel anything! all you can see is just minho can't seem to hide his smile at you and just hide under your neck probably hiding his blushing mess face.
" I knew you love me so much, you can't even punch me in the face" you said while playing with his hair.
"Shut up and lets not talk about this again" you just chuckled and said "anything you want love"
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3raaaachachacha · 2 days ago
9:56 pm
Lee Minho / 526 words / angst / fluff
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
You had been entrusted with a project to help the company launch into a global partnership since you knew most about it and how to win the locals over in the global market. This was a huge responsibility to take on, resulting in you working a ridiculous amount of hours with limited sleep. 
With the tiresome hours that the two of you had been putting in, you barely had any time to see your boyfriend. Minho was staying back at the practice rooms more often to help the rest of the boys who were a little behind on choreography for the upcoming comeback. The two of you found it hard to see one another, and sometimes you’d cross paths, but it was a constant cycle of missing one another.
Thankfully for you, once you had submitted the final project to your boss, you were free for a few days before getting back into the groove again. The first thing that came to mind was preparing some foods for Minho and the rest of the boys because you knew they would be neglecting themselves to perfect their dance. After a few hours of preparation, you made your way to the JYP building before taking the elevator and walking down the halls, stopping as you heard the frustrated sounds of your boyfriend.
“I don’t know Sung. I just feel bad for her since I'm always stressed and tired and take it out on her which I obviously don’t mean to do, it just happens,” He paused before continuing again, “It’s selfish of me to keep her waiting for me all the time. She deserves more love than she's getting from me-,” He went on to say more before Jisung cut him off.
“I don’t think that's a decision for you to make Min,” Jisung said as he stood up and took a hold of Minho to help him as they made their way towards the door, “I’m sure she’s more understanding than you think. It’s Y/N we’re talking about.”
As Jisung opened the door, he stopped in his tracks as he was met with your frame right outside the door. The three of you all looked at one another before Jisung excused himself and pushed the two of you into the room together to talk since it was obviously necessary.
“Baby, I’m sorry for what I said and I want you to know that I love you very much,” Minho said, taking a hold of your hand gently.
“Just because we’re busy doesn’t mean I love you any less, Minho,” You explained with a sigh, “You might think that I deserve better but I’m happy with you and our relationship. I miss you like crazy, but we’re both doing what we love. So please don’t make that decision for me. I just want us to both try a little harder at communicating.”
Minho nodded in understanding before bringing you in for a sweet kiss before pulling away and eyeing the bags beside you, “Is that Gimbap by chance?”
“You know it,” You replied with a smirk before getting Minho to call the rest of the boys to eat.
⊱ ──────────────────────── ⊰
- Admin 🌶️
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decembermoonskz · 13 hours ago
⸻ BLACK ROSE · H; HYUNJIN ˎˊ˗  {teaser}
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary ▸ what’s it like to know your soulmate is someone you hate? no one talks about those soulmates who despise each other and wish they could trade. this is that story.
pairing ▸hwang hyunjin x fem!reader
genre ▸ figure skater!au, college!au enemies-to-lovers!au, soulmate!au; figure skater!hyunjin, figure skater!reader, angst, fluff
other characters ▸ bang chan, shin yuna, park sunghoon, lee chaeryeong, jung jaehyun, lee mark, lee felix, brief mentions of lee jeno, hwang yeji, shin ryujin, han jisung
words ▸ estimated 20-21k (ehehe….) | teaser wc: 529
WARNINGS ▸ explicit language, food, mentions of making out and sex but no smut written, alcohol consumption, minor alcohol abuse (mc gets pretty drunk at one point), injuries, brief mentions of blood, mc slaps hyunjin once, hyunjin can be a bit of a jerk I’m sorry hhhhh, there may be some inaccuracies with the figure skating terms and competitions
song rec ▸ cry for me - camilla cabello
a/n ▸ sooooo I finally wrote another long fic!! it’s been a while and this has been in my drafts for almost a year! i’m so happy to finally get back to it and write it properly!!! ✨✨ this is one of my favorite things I’ve written in a while so look forward to it!!
est. release date ▸ LATE SEPTEMBER
Tumblr media
You had to be the unluckiest person on this planet. 
You were the only girl in a family of loud guys; don’t get it twisted you loved your dad and your brother Felix, even your cousin Jeno; but they were so loud and boisterous all the time that it constantly made your social battery drain in an instant. You wish you weren’t the only mellow person, and you were just hoping the three loud men would maybe quiet down just a little when they all come together to watch sports and movies. 
Your part-time job at the college café wasn’t too bad, the pay was good for what it was, but your boss was so unhelpful and you’re convinced that they got their position—and kept it—through nepotism or something similar. It’s usually you helping new interns, or you locking up the store cause your boss went out drinking and never came back like they said they would. It was exhausting especially when you could use that time when your shift ends on the ice instead of dealing with rude customers or checking everything is in place before closing. That wasn’t your job, but in the end your boss praised you and even gave you more off days in return which was the only benefit of dealing with them.
More days for practice you suppose, which actually brought you to the reason you feel you’re so unlucky. 
You have an annoying rivalry with a fellow skater, his name is Hwang Hyunjin.
He was so snarky, constantly spewing small comments that had you pulling your hair out; he was arrogant, acting like he’s the best skater to ever walk into a rink, and no one could ever hope of reaching his level. True, he was considered a skating prodigy, doing jumps and spins and routines at age nine that were never considered possible at such a young age. Most of the coaches he’s been around, have constantly praised his expertise and skill, including your coach, but that didn’t give him a reason to act like he was so much better than you! 
Oh, and the worst part of it all? 
He was your soulmate.
To find your soulmate, you’ll find that you have a matching tattoo somewhere on your body with another. You’ll also feel a slight burning sensation from the tattoo when you meet eyes for the first time. 
You thought it was romantic at first, when your uncle told you about how he met your aunt when she was a busy college student and bumped into him like a typical rom-com. Then the snowflake tattoo that was on both of their hips burned as they helped each other up and looked at each other. You thought it was romantic when an old high school friend met her soulmate who had a simple star on their collarbone and she said that it was love at first sight even without the tattoo they would’ve loved each other. 
It was so romantic you thought, until it was your turn. 
See, you despise your soulmate, no one ever thinks about disliking their soulmate but oh boy, it’s definitely possible and you’re living proof. 
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amyhyunjinshairband · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
only you..
genre: fluff, soft, loving.
just imagine you are napping on your bed. Suddenly you turn over and all you see is your perfect man HyunJin looking at you. You sleepily smile at him and wonder why he chose you, you of all the women he could have in this world. And he only wanted you.
Each time you were with him you always had that thought in the back of your mind. You always thought you weren't perfect. Having a little more curves , a soft belly, fluffy thighs etc. You never thought you were pretty but when you were with him, he made you feel like a queen.
He would always shower you with love, touching you every time you were near. Telling you how much he loved you and you were his one and only.
Now as you lay here looking at your sweet loving man you smile and whisper...
‘’HyunJin I love you’’
He smiles back at you and says ‘’i love you too baby, always’’
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jeonhwang · a day ago
I had this sudden thought. I can see han as the kind of lover that would just gush at his partner no matter what they were doing.
You're washing the dishes? He will come and stand next to you, talking about how wifey you look with his arm around your waist, slightly leaning against your frame. You're folding the clothes? He will pout next to you, trying to help with the clothes and stops, just to say how amazing you are for doing it almost every day. You're on your phone and boom he's there to stare at your facial expressions, calling you endearment terms like "baby" or "sweetheart" and I'm guessing "love" too skskksskskksks
He will take random pictures of you, just cooing at everything you do, kissy face activated whenever he hears you complaining about your day. Imagine his eyes all wide and sparkly, eyebrows furrowing as he listens to you, nodding to everything you say.
"Oh no baby, they're so bad for that!" Pulls you into a hug in every 5 minutes because he needs to feel you. If he's not hugging you, he will have his pinky hooking with yours, or your feet on his laps, hand cupping the underside of your thigh (aksjdhfhlhahkdj) just anything at all as long as he gets to feel you close.
When you're asleep, he will take extra few minutes to admire your face, nuzzling closer to rub his nose with yours, his thumb caressing the side of your throat. And you will personally love this gesture.
A/n gah idk 😫 i love this man so much
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multihoe-net · a day ago
stockholm syndrome pt.1 -
Tumblr media
summary: you were used to being around criminals and even taking part of some misdeeds, as tragic as it sounded. However, you were never expecting the way you’d end up feeling about the smart-mouthed boy you were assigned to hold hostage.
genre: one shot, angst, some fluff
pairings: victim! Seungmin x criminal! female reader
word count: 11.6K. The last part will be posted soon.
warnings: mid violence, mentions of blood and guns, swearing, psychological issues, kidnapping and kissing.
Tumblr media
Seungmin had lost track of time. He had been blindfolded long enough to start missing the sunlight and not knowing if it was day or night. His lips were bruised and his jaw sore thanks to the piece of cloth between his teeth that kept him unable to speak.
“Faster!” One man yelled, dragging him harshly by the arm to take him somewhere. He had been inside a car moments prior, the feeling of the air conditioned against his skin relaxing his body and letting the tiredness of all the sleepless nights he had spent wash over him.
He didn’t know how long it had been since he was abducted when he was going back home from college. He spent what he felt like a few days in some sort of basement that smelled like humidity and rotten wood, with his hands tied behind his back while sitting in a metallic, cold chair. The ties were so strong that they almost cut off the circulation of his wrists, making his fingers and hands feel numb. It was hot all the time, and he was surprised that he hadn’t dehydrated considering how much he had been sweating.
At first he had tried to untie his hands, escape, anything. But he just couldn’t. He was being watched by a group of men whose voices had started to feel familiar in his ears. He had for sure not heard them before. There seemed to be three, the boss that barely appeared in the scene, a well-spoken man who sounded fairly sophisticated and was called “Spade”. The second in charge, “Bones”, with a rude mouth and violent tendencies, he wouldn’t hesitate to hurt whoever didn’t do as he said, and indeed, he had slapped Seungmin across the face the two times he tried to talk back to him on the first day, until he just decided to muzzle him, like the boss demanded it, because he didn’t want Seungmin to die as it wasn’t convenient for his plans. And then, the third man, the subordinate, the one who only followed orders no matter how bad they were, he was called “Scar”. The latter was the one who stayed around most of the time, in company of the second in charge every now and then.
He didn’t know why he had been chosen to be in that place, but he suspected it had something to do with his group of friends, since one of them was from a rich family. That was the only thing he could think of, since he didn’t have money, or was someone who stood up among others.
Seungmin followed the steps of the man, hands still tied, blindfolded and with a gag on. The only senses that worked properly were smell and hearing.
He heard a door cracking open, his feet covered by socks now meeting with a soft surface, and cold air-conditioning hitting his features all over again.
The place smelled different, basically the opposite. It smelled sweet, like vanilla and perfume. He frowned, confused at the sudden change of atmosphere before he was forced to sit again in another chair, this one covered in leather and with a considerable backrest.
He got tied down to it, as mumbles and unfamiliar voices echoed from what seemed to be a hallway, getting closer until they were in the same room.
“So, this is him?” A sudden feminine voice went through his ears. It was sweet, delicate. It didn’t seem to suit a criminal.
“Yes, and you better follow orders or you’ll both die.” Bones said to the girl, who just scoffed in response.
“Listen, idiot. He’s here because you needed him to be hidden in a place no one suspected. I have set my conditions.”
“What conditions?”
“First of all, you’re going to shower him every day.”
Bones was the one who scoffed now.
“Shower him? What do you think this is? A fucking vacation?”
“I am not going to share a room with someone who stinks. I already talked about this with Spade and he was okay with this. If you have a problem, go call him.”
“I’m not a damn babysitter!” He spat.
“And what do you expect me to do? Shower him myself?”
“Wh–” He tried to speak, but the girl cut him off.
“I can shower him, of course.” She said sweetly, making Seungmin’s stomach churn. “But Spade will know you were the one who made me see another man naked.”
Bones huffed, cursing under his breath.
“You’re going to regret this, blue.”
“Shut the heck up, bones.” She said, “I’ll tell you about the other conditions on your way out.”
Seungmin could hear a few steps before the door slammed shut, apparently leaving him on his own. He was confused, barely able to believe what he heard.
He was now hidden in some random woman’s room, and her and his hangman talked about him like he was a dog or some used toy instead of a person.
He took a deep breath through his nose as his thoughts ran wild. If he had been told months ago that he would be in that situation, he would’ve laughed his ass off.
But he was, and he didn’t know how much it was going to last.
After your conversation with Bones, you walked back to your room, curious about the man you were now holding hostage.
The door cracked open and the sound made him turn his head to you as if he could see something. You chuckled at the innocent gesture before you finally stood in front of him, hands placed on your hips as your eyes scanned every detail of his face.
Dark colored hair, with silky locks dangling just above the blindfold. Strong jawline and a straight nose. Slightly tanned skin that looked velvetish, pink lips with light bruises in the corners. You tilted your head. He was handsome, even in that situation he managed to look somewhat ethereal.
It was such a shame, he probably wouldn’t ever go back to his normal life.
“Looks like it’s just you and me now.” You said, leaning forward and clasping your fingers on the piece of fabric that stopped him from being able to speak. With all the gentleness you could produce, you slid it down until it hung around his neck.
He was quick to open and close his mouth a couple of times before his tongue darted out to swipe over his dry lips. You got hypnotized by such a simple act, your thoughts being confirmed the moment he sighed and clenched his jaw.
He was really attractive.
Shaking off your thoughts, you just sat on the edge of your bed in front of him, crossing your leg and resting your hands at both sides of your body, slightly leaning back with a smirk plastered on your lips.
“Aren’t you going to put the blindfold down as well?” He asked sarcastically, perfectly knowing the answer to his question.
“Of course not. I’m not that stupid.” You stated. “Be thankful that I’m letting you speak.”
“Aren’t you worried that I scream?”
You scoffed.
“Ah, you can scream all you want. These walls are soundproof. No one is going to hear you.” You smiled. “Why don’t you tell me your name?”
The boy tilted his head back, the corners of his mouth slightly curling up in a defiant smirk.
“I thought the criminals investigated everything about a victim before the abduction.”
The corners of your mouth curled up in a smirk, amused by his sassy remarks.
“Yes, yes. That is correct.” You began, leaning forward and resting your arms over your thighs, looking into his covered eyes. “But I am not part of that, you know? I’m just a tool to keep you hidden, I don’t know anything about you. Besides, you have nothing to lose by telling me your name, do you? It’s not like someone will track you down and kidnap you with that information.” You smiled. “So, why don’t you stop being a brat and tell me?”
The boy kept silent for a couple of seconds, before letting out a humorless chuckle in response at your bitter sense of humor. His tongue ran over his lower lip once again before he decided to speak.
“Seungmin.” He replied. “Yours?”
“Seungmin.” You repeated, tasting the feeling of his name while it fell from your mouth. “Baby blue, that’s my name.” You responded. “But you can call me blue.”
“Ahh alright.” He said. “And the real one?”
“I can’t tell you that one.” You smiled, standing up. “Maybe another time.”
Without saying another word, you leaned in and grazed the pads of your fingers on the corners of his mouth. The sudden touch caused him to flinch, and you could see the way his brows knitted together even under the fabric of the blindfolds.
“What are you doing?!” He asked, getting defensive.
You rolled your eyes and retracted your hand before letting out a sigh.
“Geez, calm down. I’m just examining the bruises caused for being gagged.” You said, walking to your bathroom and grabbing the first aid box from the gabinet. Seungmin tensed, only being able to hear your footsteps as you wandered around him.
Once you were in front of him, you kneeled down with clean gauze and some soapy water. You dampened the gauze on it and lifted your hand to gently clean the wounds.
“Now you’re–” He began, grimacing in pain the moment the gauze made contact with his sore skin. “A nurse or something?”
“No, I’m not.” You said, trying your best to clean it correctly with light touches. “I don’t need to be one to know how to clean a wound, though.”
His face scrunched and sucked air through his teeth as you continued.
“Why are you doing this? Is it your job to babysit your victims?”
Seungmin kept going with his comments filled with irony. You just sighed, holding back the need to apply more pressure than necessary so it would hurt him. However, you couldn’t blame him for anything he said. After all, he was right.
“Spade ordered to keep you alive.” You simply said, now grabbing an antiseptic cream from the box and pouring a bit on the tip of your fingers. “If I don’t clean this, it’s going to get infected and that wouldn’t be good. Now, would you shut up and let me finish?”
Seungmin’s jaw clenched, but he did as you said. He kept silent until you finished cleaning his wounds and stood up again.
“Why me?” He suddenly asked when you came back from the bathroom, closing the door behind you.
“Why you, what?” You asked, standing once again in front of him.
“Don’t act stupid.” He almost growled. “Why did you kidnap me?”
“No uh, I didn’t do anything.” You retorted. “I have nothing to do with this.”
“Come on! Stop trying to paint yourself like an angel. You’re an accomplice, don’t try to fool me saying you don’t know anything!”
“Okay first of all, do not raise your voice at me or I’ll put that shit back into your mouth!” You responded, raising your voice back at him. “And second, I am no angel, I know that! But I’ve already told you dozens of times that I am not involved with this matter. What the hell am I supposed to tell you then? I don’t know anything! And even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you, are you stupid?!”
“Isn’t telling me the reason the least thing you could do?” He asked. “That only proves that you’re all the same, a bunch of criminals, how could I believe anything you said?”
“I already told you, I don’t know anything.” You repeated, feeling your blood starting to boil. “If you believe me or not, that’s up to you. But guess what? You have no option! After all, I’m the only one who can keep you alive!”
“Should I kiss the floor you walk on for that, then? I shouldn’t be kidnapped to start with! Oh thank you for holding me hostage in your room, tied down to a chair with blindfolds on. You’re really generous.” He spat.
You groaned.
“Maybe I should just tell them to kill you then. Jesus, If I had known how much of a pain in the ass you were going to be, I wouldn’t have taken the gag off your mouth.” Your hands quickly grabbed the piece of fabric and undid the knot.
Seungmin felt your actions.
“What are you doing?” He asked through gritted teeth.
You placed the fabric around his mouth again, tying a new one more loosely.
“I’m shutting you up.” You stated. “I loosened the knot so it won’t hurt you, but I can’t stand you anymore. You’re maddening.”
You heard your phone buzzing against the wooden nightstand, making you turn on your heels and rush to pick up the call.
“Spade? Yes. He’s okay.” You said, rolling your eyes at the sight in front of you. “He’s a brat by the way, I removed the gag from his mouth for a moment and he was a pain in the ass.” You rested your hand on your hip, straightening your posture at the words coming from the man on the other side of the line. “No no... It’s not necessary... Please not violence here. I already put it back, he won’t talk again.”
You noticed the way his body tensed at your words, knowing perfectly what the person you were talking to probably suggested.
“Yes, I’d love to, I’m starving. Is it okay if we leave him here just like that?” You started pacing back and forth with the phone glued to your ear. “Okay... But outside. I don’t want him in my room. Alright, I’ll see you.”
You hung up the phone and made your way to your closet to grab one of your purses and throw the phone inside before you hooked it on your shoulder. You walked to the door, stopping in front of him for a second and lifting his face with your index finger under his chin.
“I’m going out. Don’t try to be smart, Scar is going to be here watching you. I’ll come back later.” You said, smiling when he harshly moved his face away from your hand. “Have fun.” You added, ruffling his hair with your hand before storming out of the room.
Seungmin let out a heavy breath from his nose. His body was sore, but nothing compared with the desperation he felt as his mind kept running wild with questions and possible scenarios.
Who were you and why did you seem to be different from those men? He didn’t trust you, but somehow, in the back of his mind, he felt more at ease with you than he did with them. The way you spoke and cleaned his wounds made him confused. He couldn’t stop thinking that you were trying to fool him, trying to make him trust you so your boss, or whatever he was, could take advantage of it.
He cursed. What kind of godforsaken thing he had done to deserve such a punishment? He had no idea.
All he hoped was that someone would go and find him soon.
Tumblr media
Two hours later, you arrived back home. Closing the door behind you, you took your shoes off and walked back to your bedroom holding one plastic bag in each hand.
When you walked through the door, there he was, just like he was when you left... Not that he could’ve been different, though.
His head turned in your direction, slightly startled by the sound. You stepped closer to him, grabbing a chair that was placed in front of your dresser and sitting in front of him.
You grabbed the small boxes from the bags and pulled them out, opening them and preparing some chopsticks with the intention of feeding him.
Seungmin instantly felt the smell of fresh food, followed by your light touch as you slid the gag down from his mouth.
“I brought some tteokbokki from the restaurant.” You said, picking some with the chopsticks and moving your hand to his mouth. “And I must say, it’s really tasty.” You added. “Open up.”
But Seungmin didn’t. Indeed, his jaw just clenched as soon as the piece of food ligthly grazed his lips, turning his head right after and not saying a word.
“Come on!” You insisted, moving your hand in whatever direction his head went. He still refused.
“I don’t want your stupid food.” He then said coldly.
You rolled your eyes and groaned.
“Then what? Do you plan on dying by inhanition?”
He shrugged.
“I don’t actually give a fuck. Anything’s better than being here.”
You felt frustration running through your veins. Taking a deep breath and exhaling, trying your best to keep your composure.
“Stop acting like a little kid.” You demanded. “I can’t afford letting you die.”
He lets out a breathy chuckle.
“As if I cared. We’re not here to do favors.”
You tsked, retracting your hand and placing the chopsticks into the box.
“Listen, idiot...” You began, grabbing his face and turning his head in your direction as if he could even see you. “I’m trying to be nice with you and you’re not making it easy. You should be thankful that I’m not like Bones or Scar, they would’ve shoved the food into your mouth whether you liked it or not.” You continued. “Don’t you have a family? Think about them and fucking eat, or I swear I’m going to force you to.” You added, releasing the grip on his face.
Seungmin once again smirked defiantly. The boy surely was a headache.
“First of all, you don’t have to pretend like you care or that you’re nice. I don’t need you, I’ve been kidnapped for days. I don’t care about anyone or anything at this point. Besides, it’s not like I have a guarantee of going back home.” He responded. “Ah, and don’t even try, or I promise I’m going to spit it on your face.”
You stood up and almost threw the food on the desk, grabbing a napkin and wiping your hands.
“You know what? Do whatever the fuck you want. You don’t wanna eat? Alright, then die, I hope you starve.” You said angrily. “But you should think about this; you’re going to be stuck here with me for who knows how long, it’d be nice if you could try to keep the peace so at least we won’t go insane. I’m trying, I swear I fucking do. But if you keep being a pain in the ass I swear I’m going to send you straight back to Spade and good luck with that.” You laughed sarcastically, shaking your head and grabbing some clean clothes from your closet, walking into the bathroom and locking yourself inside with a slam on the door.
You heard him mumbling, but you didn’t care. You needed to relax a little bit.
As you stripped yourself and ran the water, you couldn’t stop thinking what had you gotten yourself into. It was just the first day and you already couldn’t stand him.
You got into the bathtub and dived in the water. Taking a deep breath, you threw your head back and rested it against the wall.
How could he be so handsome and so insufferable? You knew he had all the rights to be so angry, but all you had been trying was to be nice to him.
On the other hand, Seungmin was conflicted.
He refused to believe you wanted to be nice because you were a good person. There was no way you could be if you were involved with criminals.
He was angry, exhausted. He couldn’t trust anyone and he wouldn’t, no matter how sweet the sound of your voice was, no matter how soft and gentle your touch against your skin felt. He wouldn’t let his guard down for a criminal.
You were still keeping him there, if you were a good person you would’ve released him.
That’s all he could think about. Even if deep down he felt a bit guilty for the way he treated you, you deserved it. It wasn’t time for him to be a softie.
You walked back to the bedroom wrapped in just a towel since you had forgotten your underwear. The smell of your shampoo and the scent of your soap filled Seungmin’s nostrils, who just knitted his brows together.
“Did you just take a shower?” He asked as you unwrapped yourself from the towel, letting it pool on the floor.
“Duh? People shower every day.” You responded, sliding your panties up your legs. You didn’t feel ashamed because you knew he couldn’t see you, but that didn’t stop Seungmin’s mind from running wild.
“Aren’t you ashamed? You have a guy sitting in front of your bed and you’re just wandering around probably naked.”
You glanced at him over your shoulder, cocking a brow.
“How would you know if I’m naked or not?” You asked, sliding into a clean oversized t-shirt. “Unless that’s what that dirty mind of yours wants to imagine.”
Seungmin scoffed, as if he hadn’t just been called out.
“Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not like I know how you look anyways. You could even be a gross old lady. Who knows.”
You laughed, picking the towel from the floor and throwing it over your shoulder, turning around to look at him with your hands on your hips.
“Whatever you say.” You stated, picking a water bottle that was placed behind him, bringing it to his lips. “Drink, you must be thirsty.” You added, stepping closer to him and grabbing his face once again. He wanted to refuse again, but he, indeed, was really thirsty, so he just drank it. “Good boy.” You chuckled. “I’ll tell you what, let your little mind run wild then, you can paint me however you’d like me to be.” You teased as he drank from your hand until he was satisfied and retracted his head. You smirked, gently pinching his cheek before he pulled away from your touch, annoyed. “By the way, Bones is picking you up early in the morning to take you somewhere to take a bath.” You added, turning around and walking to turn the light off, climbing on your bed right after.
“What the hell?” Seungmin asked.
“What? Do you like feeling dirty and stinking? Because I won’t share a room with someone smelly.” You said, covering yourself with the duvet. “You have no option. Ah, and they’re going carry guns, so don’t be stupid and do as they say for once.”
“Fucking magnificent.” He grunted under his breath.
You smiled.
“Goodnight, jerk.”
Seungmin sighed, shifting on the chair the best that he could to get a bit more comfortable, leaning his head back against the backrest. It was going to be another sleepless night and he knew it.
Tumblr media
“Hey, wake up.” You called, gently shaking the boy by the shoulder and pulling him out of his slumber. “Seungmin, hey!”
He sat up straight, a yawn escaping from his mouth while you stood in front of him, a glass of water and a toothbrush in hand.
“What?” He asked. The groggy sound of his voice sent sparks through your body, but you decided to just ignore it.
“They’re coming for you soon. Open your mouth, I’m going to brush your teeth.”
You moved closer, placing your hand on the top of his head, but he retracted himself.
“What? No.”
“Open up, come on, you’ll feel better.”
Seungmin hesitated, but finally gave up and opened his mouth for you.
You gently shoved the toothbrush into his mouth and started brushing his teeth carefully, making sure that no corner of his mouth wasn’t soaked in toothpaste.
You pulled the toothbrush out of his mouth and placed the edge of the cup with water against his lips, with him taking a sip to rinse.
“Spit here.” You demanded, touching his chin with the edge of the trash bin so he could know where it was, and he did as you said. You smiled in satisfaction, wiping his mouth with a clean towel. “That’s it. Isn’t it good to have a fresh breath?”
Seungmin opened his mouth to spit some sarcastic retort, but before he could, a loud knock on the door caught your attention.
As soon as you opened, you spotted the tall, skinny man you didn’t like. He just walked past you and untied Seungmin from the chair before he grabbed him by the arm and harshly started to drag him.
“Good morning to you as well, Bones!” You said sarcastically as you followed behind him. “Don’t be so harsh on him, geez. Bring him back completely, eh?”
The man just huffed, storming out of the house with Seungmin. A knot formed on your throat, feeling somewhat concerned by leaving him once again in those men's hands. But before you could think further, Spade appeared in the front door.
He smiled. Hands tucked in his pocket and wind gently blowing in his short tresses. Looking impeccable, elegant as only he could be. You smiled back, and he pulled his hands out of his pockets to wrap his arms around your waist.
“Good morning, princess.” He greeted you, brushing wild strands of hair away from your face. “How was your first night with that little idiot?”
You wrapped your arms around his neck, fingers tangling in the hair in the back of his neck.
“It was alright.” You assured. “He’s stubborn, though. It’s been hard for me to make him obey.”
Spade cocked a brow.
“Is that so?” He asked, the pads of his fingers gently grazing over your jawline. “You know I can teach him a lesson if you need me to.”
“N–no, no!” You quickly said, making him tilt his head and frown in confusion. “I mean...” You chuckled. “It’s not that bad, Sungkyu. He’s going to get used to me and it’ll be okay. We don’t need to hurt him alright?”
He smiled, making you internally sigh in relief.
“My baby blue, always so sweet and condescending.” He purred, leaning in and placing a soft kiss to your lips.
“Let’s go inside and make yourself comfortable, yeah?” You said, pecking him again and grabbing his hand to lead him to the place you knew he wanted to lead to.
Your bedroom.
Tumblr media
“What do you mean we still got nothing?!”
“Chan, I know this is frustrating, we’re all worried but you know how this is... We’ve been trying our best to find the location where they have Seungmin, but those criminals are way too clever.”
Chan brought his hands to his hair and tangled his fingers in his brown locks, pulling on them in frustration as a groan escaped from his mouth.
“Dad, it’s been days since they took Seungmin. What if they already hurt him? Why can’t we just call the police?”
The elder leaned his back against the comfort of his chair, crossing his leg and pressing the bridge of his nose, sighing.
“You know we can’t do that, son.” He said. “That would just assure that we never get to see them again.” He explained, removing his hand from his face and locking eyes with the young man in front of him. “I can promise you, they won’t hurt him... Not yet. It’s not convenient, they’re just using him as a weapon for me to do whatever they say.”
Chan sat on the edge of the couch, rubbing his face in total distress before throwing a pleading look to his father.
“We need to find him before it’s too late, dad. He’s my friend, I should’ve been in his place, he has nothing to do with this.”
The man stood from his chair, approaching the younger and sitting next to him, placing a hand on his thigh.
“No one should be in his place.” He stated. “We’re not criminals, we haven’t hurt anyone. They are the bad people in this story. I have the best people in charge of his search, all of this at total discretion so he won’t get hurt. However, I promise you, I won’t rest until he’s back home, safe and sound.”
Chan nodded, forcing a light smile in response. He was devastated, none of them was able to even sleep, too worried by Seungmin’s whereabouts and safety. He just hoped that somehow, he would find a way to get him back soon.
Tumblr media
Spade kept roaming his hands down your body, shirtless and towering over you as his lips mended with yours. Your fingers threaded in his locks, his mouth wandering from yours to your cheek and then down your neck.
“Sungkyu” You breathed. “They will be here soon, you better get dressed now.”
He just hummed against your skin, still trailing wet kisses all over the soft flesh.
He wasn’t planning on pulling away from you anytime soon, but a loud knock on your door changed his plans. You sat up quickly, and he groaned, finally taking his lips away from you.
The both of you hopped out of bed and got dressed, you doing it a little too quickly that time for some reason. You brushed your hair in front of your mirror, while Spade made his way to the door and opened it.
You turned your head to look at Bones, who dragged Seungmin back to the chair. His hands were tied with a new rope, this time in front of his lap. His hair was damp, droplets of water falling from the ends of his locks and losing themselves on the fabric of the white t-shirt he was wearing.
You approached, noticing that he didn’t have a gag in his mouth anymore. You felt somewhat impressed that he managed to keep silent enough for them to let him be without it, despite having a really bratty mouth when he was with you.
“Welcome back, buddy.” Spade said, grinning as he tied the knot of his tie. Bones leaned again the doorframe, glaring at you.
You spared a glance at Seungmin, noticing how tense he was, but before you could step closer to him, Spade grabbed your wrist and pulled you into him.
“I’m sorry you have to keep babysitting him, princess.” He cooed, brushing a strand of hair away from your face. “You’re doing great.” He added, pecking you on the lips, a slight smile forming on yours.
“Can we go now? I’m starving.” Bones said, rolling his eyes. Spade glanced at him over his shoulder, cocking a brow.
“Why don’t you go, then?” Spade asked, Bones opened his mouth to respond, but you spoke first.
“Did you feed him?”
Spade’s head quickly turned in your direction, frowning and tilting his head at your sudden question, on the other hand, Spade scoffed.
“What am I? His babysitter? No. This isn’t a hotel.”
You rolled your eyes.
“I don’t know what I was expecting from you.”
Spade lets out a breathy chuckle, brushing his thumb against your cheek.
“You’re so sweet.” He smiled. “I can always see your gentleness through your eyes. You’re what holds me back, sometimes I even think you’re too good to be around.”
You knew he was right. You were totally different from him and you hated the kind of life that surrounded you, but you had no choice. That was your life and you had to accept it, so you smiled again.
“I’ll feed him, then.”
“Then I’ll get going.” Spade pecked your lips again. “Don’t get too intimate with him, huh? It wouldn't be good to make me jealous.”
You let out a nervous laugh.
“As if.” You responded. “I’ll walk you to the door.”
And with that, you disappeared from your room for a brief moment.
Seungmin was too quiet, almost frozen. He wasn’t feeling good and the pain in his cheekbone was stinging, making him wince from time to time. He thought about the words Spade said, and how he knew the way that man was holding you without even seeing him, he could even hear the way his lips landed on you, and it sent a feeling of disgust straight to his stomach.
He felt dizzy and weak, so he just leaned his back against the chair and rested his head against the leather surface. He took a deep breath, tongue darting out and running over his dry lips.
You walked into the room, the food he didn’t want to eat the night before already heated in your hands. You approached, sitting in front of him with the chopsticks between your fingers.
“I hope you already dropped that childish attitude of not wanting to eat.” You said, picking some food before bringing your hand to his lips.
His stomach growled, and he was feeling way too weak to refuse, so he just accepted the food. You smiled in satisfaction.
“See? It’s not th–” You stopped midway the moment your eyes landed on the cut placed under his eye. It was fresh, coated in dry blood and turning purple. Your eyes widened, and absent-mindedly your hands moved on their own to graze the new wound. “What did he do to you?”
“It’s nothing. I’m fine.” He said, munching on the food in his mouth, too slowly.
“Nothing? He punched you in the face.” You raised your voice, clearly upset. “Why did he do that?”
“I said I’m fine.” He spat. His voice was low and he looked pale. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”
Your brows furrowed, noticing the way he started trembling and the layer of cold sweat on his temple.
“Seungmin.” You called, placing the food on the table behind him. “What’s wrong?” You asked, placing your hand against his forehead. You gasped immediately. “You’re burning! What the hell?” You exclaimed frantically, looking for the comforter on your bed and wrapping it around him. You rushed and turned the air conditioner off before you walked back to him, squatting and brushing his caramel locks away from his face. “Seungmin, you have a fever. Did he make you shower outside? Did he even let you dry yourself?”
Seungmin’s lips quivered and your heart sank when he shook his head.
“Fuck.” You cursed under your breath, standing up and going to the bathroom to grab a clean towel. When you were back, you instantly started drying his still dripping hair with it as gently as possible. “Of course you’d get sick. Fucking asshole.”
“It’s not my fault you know?” He retorted. You stifled a laugh.
“Not you, idiot. Bones.” You responded, dropping the towel on the floor and running your fingers through his hair again. “We better keep you warm and make that fever go down.” You said. However, your body didn’t move. You were close to his face and although you didn’t know how it happened, you had gotten lost in his beautiful features. Lost of words, your eyes wandered all over his face, detailing every little thing that made him probably the prettiest human being you had ever seen.
Seungmin’s skin burned at your gentle touch, almost feeling electricity running through his veins, something that he attributed to the fever. He wouldn’t think much about it, he was sick, he couldn’t think straight.
The way your sweet scent filled his nose, or the way your sole presence radiated enough warmth for him to stop shivering was probably the result of him hallucinating. The way you brushed his hair with your fingers, or the way you dropped everything to keep him dry and warm, the way his name and words fell from your mouth ever so beautifully, like you cared about him despite being a total stranger, a victim. Of course he was reluctant to believe you did it wholeheartedly, he knew perfectly well that you only cared about saving your own ass.
He kept cursing at his heart and labored breath. No. He wasn’t crazy, he couldn’t be stupid and think you were different. No, just no. He didn’t even know how you looked, all he knew about you was the sound of your voice and your scent.
So he wouldn’t let his guard down on you.
“What are you doing?” He asked in a husky tone, pulling you out of your trance.
Blinking a couple of times, you cleared your throat and stood up.
“Nothing. I got distracted with my phone.” You lied. “I’ll be right back, I’ll go for some wet towels and water for you to drink.”
“You don’t–”
“Shut up.” You demanded. “I already told you, I can’t let you die.” You continued. “And also, I’ll make sure Bones never hits you again.”
That was all you said before exiting your room with your phone in hand. You were beyond angry. The first thing you had asked was for them to stop using violence, but that was also the first thing they had done... And not only you had to heal his wounds again, but also take care of him because he had gotten sick. You couldn’t stop wondering how you could be involved with people like that, they didn’t care about anyone or anything.
Not to mention the way seeing Seungmin in that state had made you feel. Yes, he was a pain in the ass, but you would rather have him talking back to you than seeing him so weak and hurt.
Not because you cared, of course. It was just humanity, right?
You would feel bad for anyone in his position, because you weren’t a bad person.
Ironic, because he was being held hostage by you.
Tumblr media
After you phoned Spade to tell him what had happened, he told you he would take care of Bones and you felt relieved, making your way back to your room where Seungmin was.
He heard your footsteps, but felt so weak he didn’t move an inch. You looked at him for a second before you grabbed his arm and made him stand up.
“Where are you taking me?”
“Shh.” You cooed, walking him to your bed. “You need to rest, I’m taking you to my bed.”
Seungmin stopped dragging his feet, turning his face in your direction. His lips were still pale and sweat kept forming on his temples, but he still kept his guard up.
“Are you crazy?”
“Just move, Seungmin. My bed is big enough and I can’t put the wet towels on your forehead if you’re sitting.” You insisted, pulling on his arm to make him follow you.
He felt the edge of your mattress against his thigh, so he just lifted his leg and climbed on it with your help. His head rested against the pillow and a sigh escaped from his lips at the sudden comfort against his body. You wrapped him with the duvet, grabbing on the wet towels and getting ready to take care of him.
That was, of course, until your door slammed open with a loud thud against the wall. You flinched, seeing an angry Bones entering without a single knock and rushing towards you.
“What are you doing here?”
He looked at you coldly, the anger was palpable in the small room as he stepped forward.
“You called Spade to complain that I hit this idiot, didn’t you?” He asked, voice octaves lower than usual, daggers being thrown from his eyes in your direction.
“Yes I did.” You spat courageously, stepping forward this time. “Didn’t I say that I didn’t want violence? Why did you have to hit him? You’re incapable of controlling your animalistic behaviors, aren’t you?”
A sense of pride invaded you when these words left your mouth, but it was short-lived.
The man in front of you scoffed before he pushed you harshly against the wall, making you yelp as his hand wrapped around your neck.
“Who do you think you are to get me in trouble, bitch?” He growled through gritted teeth, face inches away from yours as your eyes pressed shut in panic. “Haven’t I told you to keep your stupid mouth closed?” He asked again, pushing you further and making your head hit against the wall.
“I t–told you that I wouldn’t allow v–violence in my r-room!” You stammered, finding it hard for you to breathe due to his grip on your throat.
Seungmin weakly sat up, frustration and concern rushing through his veins at the sounds of you being obviously manhandled and him not being able to help.
Bones released the grip on your neck and you sucked a long breath, coughing as he stared at you. As soon as you looked up to meet his gaze, he slapped your face with the back of his hand. The sound echoed all over the room accompanied with your whimpers. Your hand flew to the sore area, noticing a light slit on your lower lip.
“Why don’t you hit someone of your size, you fucking beast?”
“Seungmin, shut up!” You shouted, as your heart pounded harshly against your chest.
Bones turned his head and looked at Seungmin on your bed, a smirk forming on his lips before turning back to look at you.
“I see you two have been bonding, hm?”
“No, we’re not. He’s sick because of you!”
“I asked you something, didn’t I?” Seungmin insisted, trying his best to get Bones' attention back to him.
“Seungmin, don’t!”
The infuriated man didn’t waste any time before he jumped on your bed and wrapped his hand around Seungmin’s neck.
“Don’t you know that you’re in no position to fucking speak, kid?” He growled inches apart from Seungmin.
Seungmin scoffed.
“You’re a fucking b-beast.” He choked out.
You panicked, dragging your feet clumsily and grabbing your phone from the nightstand.
“Let go of him Bones, Spade is on fast dial, you leave in three fucking seconds or I press the call button!” You yelled, lips quivering. “Two, one!”
Bones released the grip on Seungmin harshly and hopped out of bed. His breathing was erratic the moment he glared at you one more time before he finally stormed out of your house.
Your hand flew to rest on your chest, trying to regain your breath and soothe your racing heart. With wobbly legs, you walked towards Seungmin, climbing on your bed next to him and grabbing his face, turning it in your direction gently.
“You okay?” You asked, failing in the try of keeping your tone steady.
Seungmin kept panting, but finally nodded his head.
“Yeah.” He responded. “Are you?”
“Yeah...” Was all you said, grabbing the neglected wet towels and placing one on his forehead. The atmosphere was heavy and tense, silence filling the room until you finally spoke. “You shouldn’t have interfered.”
Seungmin’s lips curled up in a light smile.
“What should have I done then? Let him beat the shit out of you?”
“You’re not here to care about me or what happens to me. For fuck’s sake, you’re a victim!”
His tongue ran over his lip, the smallest humorless chuckle falling from his lips.
“I could say the same to you.” He stated. “But here you are, asking people to stop beating me and having me on your bed while trying to lower my fever.”
The way he called you out on that made your breath hitch.
“Don’t mix things up... I never said I cared about you. It’s just... Humanity.”
“Then now we’re even.”
Tumblr media
You looked at yourself in the mirror, dressed in just a plain oversized shirt as you applied some antiseptic lotion on your bruised lip. Your face scrunched in pain and you hissed, cursing under your breath.
You turned the light off and opened the door to go back to your room. When you walked in, you looked at the clock that hung on your wall. It was past midnight, and you didn’t seem to be able to sleep anytime soon.
You sighed, approaching the side of the bed where Seungmin laid. The way his chest went up and down with a steady breathing, and the way his lips were slightly puckered made you know that he was sleeping peacefully.
Your lips curled up a bit, as you sat on the edge of the mattress right beside him. You brought your hand to his forehead, brushing the strands of hair away before you gently touched his skin to check on his temperature. You sighed in relief, the fever seemed to have eased.
The dim light of the lamp placed on the nightstand illuminated his features beautifully. His skin glowed on its own, his lips had recovered their natural tone and his cheeks were tinted in the lightest shade of pink, lips slightly parted as small snores escaped past them. He looked innocent, peaceful, and your fingers threaded in his caramel locks on autopilot, stroking his hair. It was soft to the touch, his scent was sweet and natural. He was something you had never witnessed before, as magical as something you’d hear in stories. In that moment, you started wondering how his eyes were, how it would feel when he looked into yours.
Considering the way his whole being was formed, his eyes were probably just as beautiful.
“Who would’ve thought you’d have such a big mouth with this pretty little baby face of yours?” You whispered more to yourself, taking a deep breath through your nose.
You kept remembering the words he said to you earlier that day. Was it possible? No, it couldn’t be.
The simple idea of caring about someone you were holding hostage, someone you didn’t know was insane. Plain ridiculous.
You instantly started feeling anxious, anxious by the way you started feeling when he was around. Despite him being there for just a couple of days, despite the situation, there was something about him that felt different, and that terrified you.
You then stood up and walked around the bed, climbing on your side and covering yourself. You rested on your side, still admiring every inch of his face until you managed to fall asleep.
Tumblr media
The feeling of something shifting next to you pulled you out of your slumber. You opened your eyes and rubbed them, a yawn escaping from your lips before you sat up, turning your head to see Seungmin mumbling something under his breath.
“Are you awake?” He asked, his jaw tensing.
You frowned, brushing your hair with your fingers.
“Yeah, are you okay?”
“I–I uh, well... I need to go to the bathroom.”
Your eyes widened, jumping off bed before you helped him stand up. His cheeks were tinted in red, probably embarrassed.
“I’m sorry. Have you been waiting too long?” You asked, walking him to the bathroom.
“A bit, yeah.” He said, hearing the door crack open.
“Go ahead.” You said, moving aside for him to get in.
He didn’t move, instead, turned his body to face you.
“Can you...” He began, hesitating. “Well, I’m tied.”
Your eyes went from his face to his jeans. You cleared your throat, feeling your cheeks burn as soon as you knew what he meant.
“S–sure.” You stuttered, moving your shaky hands to the hem of his pants and unbuttoning and unzipping them for him. “Done.” You said, quickly retracting your hands.
“Can I... Slide the blindfold down?” He asked then.
“Y–Yeah but just inside.” You responded. “Make sure to put it back on before you exit the room.”
Seungmin nodded, entering the bathroom and closing the door behind him.
You honestly wondered how he would do his stuff while being tied down in front of his lap, but you thought he would figure it out, he could move enough for what needed to be done.
You ran your hands over your face, letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.
You had just opened his pants for him. What the fuck.
Your cheeks burned as soon as you noticed how wild your mind was going, shaking your head in a desperate try to shake those thoughts off.
You heard a light knock on the other side of the door, it was him letting you know that he was done, so you approached and opened it for him, grabbing his arm and walking him to the chair.
“How do you feel t–today?” You asked him, mentally slapping yourself for stuttering.
“I’m better, thank you.”
You swore you saw him smile, and it did things to your heart. However, Scar came to pick him up to take him to shower. After the incident with Bones, Spade assured that Scar would do things right so you wouldn’t have to deal with Seungmin getting sick or hurt again, and somehow, that relieved you.
You decided to go out and buy some things at the grocery store before they were back. You needed fresh air and a little change of environment, but you found yourself wanting to go back home just in case they had taken Seungmin back already.
When you did, you noticed he wasn’t there yet, so you cooked something to keep your mind busy.
A knock on the door made you flinch, turning around to shout in that direction.
“It’s open!”
That’s when Scar walked in, dragging Seungmin by the arm and locking him inside your room. He didn’t say a word to you, Scar would always just follow orders and leave, unlike Bones did.
You left the food in the oven and went back to your room, heart fluttering when your eyes landed on Seungmin.
“Was it better this time?” You asked with a smile, leaning against the door frame.
Seungmin shrugged.
“I guess.” He responded. “Not like I have an option anyways.”
You rolled your eyes, stepping closer to him.
“You’re so grumpy.”
“Excuse me, must be the fact that I’ve been here for days barely seeing the light.”
You let out a humorless laugh.
“Do they take the blindfold off when you shower?”
“Yeah, it’d be great if it wasn’t for them pointing guns at me to make sure I don’t try to escape, though.”
“Have you seen them?”
Seungmin shook his head.
“They have ski masks on.”
You nodded, as if he could see you.
“Food is almost ready.” You said, standing up.
Seungmin leaned back against the chair.
“I’m not hungry.”
“Well, too bad you’ll have to eat anyway.” You stated, walking out of the room to serve the food.
Seungmin was annoyed. Annoyed because you kept acting like that with him. He hated the fact that he didn’t know you, that he had never seen your face but he still found a way to feel good around you. Was he insane? He probably was, only someone crazy would feel that way about a criminal. It didn’t matter how many times you’d try to protect him, to him it was all fake, and he hated that somewhere in the back of his mind, he felt like you were different.
Part of him wanted to run away and never hear about you again, but the other part was starting to get used to being held by you.
His thoughts were interrupted by the crack of the door being open. You walked to sit in front of him with his plate in hand, ready to feed him.
“I already told you, I’m not hungry.”
“Come on, don’t be like this. I spent two hours cooking.”
Seungmin’s heart skipped a beat, but he cleared his throat trying to dismiss it.
“You... Cooked?”
“Well, yeah.” You replied, picking on some food to bring it to his lips. “I hope it’s good, though.”
Seungmin hesitated, keeping his mouth closed and turning his head to the side.
“What if it’s poisoned?”
You groaned.
“If I wanted to kill you, I would’ve just let Bones do it for me last night.” You assured. “Now open up. Please?”
He sighed, opening his mouth in defeat. You smiled to yourself, starting to feed him.
He munched, his lips puckering and his cheeks full. He looked like a little kid and you couldn’t stop finding him adorable.
“Water, please.”
You complied and brought the cup to his lips so he could drink.
“Is it good?”
Seungmin shrugged.
“I’ve tasted better.”
You rolled your eyes, giving him more.
“You’re such an asshole.” You sighed. “I’m not a bad person, you know?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“I’m serious...”
Seungmin swallowed his food, licking his lips afterwards.
“If you weren’t, you would’ve released me a long time ago.”
“Have you thought that maybe I don’t because I can’t?”
Seungmin scoffed.
“Can’t what? Betray your boyfriend?”
You kept silent for a second.
“It’s more complicated than you think.”
Seungmin cocked his mouth.
“Enlighten me.”
“Why would I tell you that?”
“Because if you just brought it up, it’s because you need to talk about it with someone. As far as I know, I’m the only one you can talk to, aren’t I?”
You scoffed this time.
“And you think I would trust you with something so serious?”
He shrugged.
“What can I do with that kind of information? I’m the one who’s blindfolded, tied down and probably won’t go back home again. What do you have to lose?”
His words, although cold, were right. You really wanted to open up, maybe because you really needed to, or maybe because he made you feel like you could somehow rely on him.
“I just...”
“Just what?”
“I can’t.”
“I mean, after all you’ve been doing for me, I think that you could be different.”
You tilted your head.
“What do you mean?”
Seungmin sighed.
“You... Feel different. More human. There is no way you would do all of this if you were the same kind of people as them.”
You felt tears building in the corners of your eyes and your nose getting itchy. His words ended up having more impact on you than you thought.
“I’m not like them.” You whispered. “I hate what they do.”
It wasn’t long enough until tears started running down your face. You bit your lip, trying not to make a sound so he wouldn’t notice.
But the moment his hands moved searching for your face, you knew he had, indeed, noticed.
Your eyes widened at the touch of the back of his fingers against your now wet cheek, it was delicate, velvetish. You looked at him in shock, as he pursed his lips.
“Why are you crying?”
“How did y–”
“I’m blindfolded, not deaf." He simply said.
A light sob escaped from your mouth, suddenly overwhelmed with the whole situation eating you alive. The remorse, the guilt, the frustration. It was too much for someone so young to handle.
“I’m sorry for what I’m doing.”
“If you’re feeling that way, why are you part of this?”
“Because I have no options...”
“How come?”
You swallowed, sniffling.
“If I ever go against them, they’d kill me.”
“I thought you had offered your place to hold me hostage.”
“Yes... Because I knew that way no one would get hurt... At least not that easily.”
Seungmin cocked his head, confused but also inviting you to keep talking. It was obvious that he wouldn’t understand at first. To be fair, if you were in his place, you wouldn’t, either.
“It’s a long story...” You sighed, wiping your tears with the sleeves of your sweater.
Seungmin smiled slightly.
“I have all the time in the world.”
You thought about it for a second, constantly wondering if telling him about it was a good idea to begin with. You knew it was ridiculous to even consider it, but something deep within you kept asking you to trust him, and you never had that kind of gut feeling towards anyone.
So you took a deep breath, wrapping your arms around your knees.
“I have never wanted to live a life like this.” You began. “It was Bones who forced me to.”
“Bones?” Seungmin asked. Out of all the people who could’ve forced you to be in that situation, Bones was probably the last one he would’ve thought was at blame.
“Yeah... When I was young... I think I was fourteen, maybe?” You remembered briefly, your mind taking you back to the night when your whole life had changed. “I saw him... Doing something bad. It was an accident, but he noticed. I remember him grabbing me by the neck and repeating the same words over and over again. “You shouldn’t have seen that. If you ever say something you’re dead.”
Seungmin listened intently, his heart secretly sinking down to his stomach with every crack of your voice.
“How did that happen? Did you know him before?”
You swallowed, unsure if you could keep talking. That was something you had been carrying with you for years, wishing you could just erase it from your mind.
“Unfortunately, yes.” You sighed. “Bones... He’s my brother.”
Seungmin couldn’t believe what he heard. It was inconceivable that your own brother, the one who was supposed to protect you, would not only drag you into the worst kind of world, but also dare to treat you the way he did in front of him, laying hands on you and hitting you as if you didn’t have the same blood running through your veins.
You lowered your head, tears tingling in the tip of your nose.
“Tragic, isn’t it?” You laughed bitterly.
Seungmin’s mouth pressed shut, jaw clenching in unspoken anger. He was disgusted.
“What about your parents?”
“That’s... The other part of the story.” You said. “Dongwoo... I mean, Bones, my parents kicked him out of the house when he was eighteen. He had always been rebellious, had low grades, was always involved in violent shit.” You explained. “My father died a couple of years later, leaving me and my little sister in full charge of my mom... Bones never forgave them for turning their backs on him. But... They tried, you know? They tried to make him change, they were patient and tried to guide him... To no avail.”
Your stomach churned at your own words. A nauseous feeling washing over you, wondering if everything would’ve been different if Bones had actually decided to change. Your hands flew to your hair, tangling your fingers in your silky locks, almost pulling on the roots out of frustration. Your tears burned down your skin and your throat was already sore for the pressure of not letting it out properly.
“That’s...” Seungmin barely said, shaking his head in disapproval.
“That’s what leads us to the part where I caught him doing that thing I don’t even want to mention.” You continued. “I swore I wouldn’t say anything, but of course he didn’t believe me... So he forced me to go with him, threatening that if I didn’t, he would hurt my mother and my sister. I knew he was by far capable of doing so, and that’s why I had no choice but go with him.” You bit your quivering lip, trying to stabilize your own breathing. “I cried a lot that night, thinking of a good excuse to tell my mom so she wouldn’t be mortified. That’s when Spade appeared in the equation.”
“What does he have to do with all this?“
You smiled bitterly.
“Everything.” You responded. “He has always been Bones' boss, but he was rich, handsome, well-educated. If you didn’t know his true self, he would look like a perfect match for anyone, and that’s what my mom saw.”
“How come?”
You sighed again.
“I was forced to introduce him to my mother, telling her that I wanted to marry him. He’s a man full of charms, although she hesitated at first, by the end of the day he had her wrapped around his finger, so she just let me go with him.” You explained. “She probably thinks that I’m married and happy. I call her every now and then, and send her some money, but that’s about it.”
“Now a lot of things make sense.” Seungmin spoke. “But... I heard him kissing you and that kind of stuff. If you’re together and he’s the boss, why don’t you tell him about what Bones has done to you? Last night, for example.”
You scoffed.
“He knows everything, Seungmin.”
“Then how’s that he hasn’t put a stop yet? If he loves you, he wouldn’t let him touch you. Mafia or not Mafia, you’re his girl.”
“Love me?” You laughed. “Honey, I’m not even the only one. I am nothing but a toy for him to get entertained.”
“I thought he made you happy.” Seungmin tilted his head.
“Happiness is a strong word.”
“Don’t you love him?”
You smiled.
“I don’t know what love is. He buys me stuff. Gives me a house to live in, buys me clothes and food. All of this in exchange of letting him fuck me and keeping my mouth shut. But being in love? I have never felt that kind of thing.”
“So you’re his personal prostitute.” He deadpanned, and your eyes flew open in shock.
A knot formed in your throat, standing up and wiping all the tears away from your face harshly.
“Wow, you’re really an asshole. I can’t believe I opened up to you.” You spat, storming out of the room before Seungmin could say something.
He was lost for words. He needed to process everything you had confessed to him, but it was hard. Truthfully, he instantly regretted the last words he had said without thinking, and the only thing running through his head was the urge of holding your hand or wrapping you in a hug. Yes, he hadn’t forgotten that you were part of that crime, but he knew now that you were just another victim in that wicked game. Besides always taking care of him despite his harsh words to you, he would’ve been dead by then if it wasn’t for you.
He was remorseful. Just because he didn’t want to admit his feelings, because he knew he was being insane, he kept adding more pain to you.
You, who were so sweet, so vulnerable and beautiful in your own way.
You bawled your eyes out in the kitchen, hands against the counter in support of your weak body that couldn’t stop pouring out its feelings.
You knew his words were harsh, but true. Still, the fact that he was the one saying them to you made your heart sink. Why did you care, anyways? You didn’t know. Probably because that was the only conclusion he had gotten after everything you had said. It was like all your suffering didn’t mean anything at all, but what could you expect from him, anyways? He owed you nothing, after all.
Tumblr media
You didn’t come back to your room for a couple of hours, leaving Seungmin enough time to think about everything. It was hard for him to understand, but he felt terrible to know you were struggling like that, on your own, and he couldn’t do anything to make it better.
You had been nothing but nice to him, healing his wounds, being patient, taking care of him despite him being just an object for your owner to get whatever he wanted. He thought about a young girl having her innocence stolen abruptly, being forced to grow up to survive, in the hands of a man with power who just used her to satisfy his filthy needs, and someone blood related to her who didn't care about ruining her life just to protect his ass.
As soon as you walked into your room, Seungmin’s head turned in your direction.
“Blue.” He called. “Please let’s talk.”
You folded your arms over your chest, brows knitted together before you huffed.
“No. I already told you everything. We have nothing else to talk about.”
“But I haven’t told you what I want, yet.”
You approached.
“Yes, you did. Why do you want to talk to a prostitute?”
Seungmin sighed. His tied hands searched for yours, and you helped him find them unconsciously.
“Please, sit.”
You hesitated, but ended up sighing and sitting in front of him.
“Listen... I’m not even sure what to say, I have many things in my mind that are far-fetched. But since you opened up to me, I am going to do the same.” He promised. “First of all... I am sorry for saying that about you. It was uncalled for, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I have no idea of all the pain you’ve been through and I am no one to talk about it.”
You knew where it was going, and tears started burning your cheeks once again. You cursed at your vulnerable state.
“You have no idea...” You whispered, and he nodded, squeezing your hand.
“That is true. I am sorry.” He repeated. “You’ve been nothing but a victim and I wish I could do something, I wish I could’ve stopped it back then so you wouldn’t have had to go through all those years of abuse.” He sighed, fingers running over your knuckles. Your heart raced at the sudden, but welcomed feeling of a real caress, filled with concern.
“You don’t have t–” You sobbed, and he shook his head.
“No one should’ve done that to you. I haven’t known you for too long, but despite all my lack of trust, I am sure that you’re just a woman who deserves to be treated well and protected.”
You didn’t know how it happened, but before you could think about it, your arms wrapped around his neck and you had your cheek resting on his shoulder.
Seungmin’s body tensed at the sudden proximity, wanting desperately to hug you back but being unable to. The only thing he could do to reciprocate your actions, was lean his head and rest it on top of yours, whispering reassuring words to you.
You hugged him tightly, not even caring about how incoherent everything was. Call it being vulnerable, or naive, or just mindless, but Seungmin had offered everything you had been needing for years.
You pulled back from the hug and just stared at him, hands cupping his face and thumbs caressing his soft skin. You drank his beautiful features in.
“What are you doing to me?” You whispered, running your fingers over his chin. Seungmin’s breath became labored, your sweet and now familiar scent filling all his senses and driving him insane. Like a magnetic field he kept feeling this insane attraction to you, even when all he knew about you was the sound of your voice and your touch. His heart and body were yearning for the foreignness of your own. Finding something indescribable in such a hopeless place. He had been in denial, but you had managed to get under his skin without him even noticing.
“Probably the same thing you have been doing to me.” He whispered. “I keep wanting to find you whenever I go, and I do, in my thoughts, in my fears and hopes. I don’t think I’ll ever leave if you keep holding me this way.” He confessed. “Let me touch your face.”
You then grabbed his wrists and brought his hands to your face. He grazed his fingers softly all over it, as if trying to figure out your features. He drew the pad of his fingers over your nose, your closed eyes. He wiped the remaining tears away with his thumbs, trailing down until he found your lips. He brushed his fingertips over your lower one, sinking his teeth on his own as he imagined how they looked. They were soft, you were soft, like a rose petal against his skin.
He didn’t need to see you to know you were beautiful.
Then, it was automatic. The way your head leaned in and he perfectly seemed to know what was coming next, as you felt his nose gently brushing against yours and his hot breath fanning over your lips. Your eyes slowly closed, your heart hammering against your chest the moment your lips finally found their way to his.
Like the puzzle piece you had been trying to find, your lips fit perfectly with his. He kissed you back slowly, melding his lips with yours smoothly, in a way you had never experienced before. You caressed his jaw and he tilted his head to the right, deepening the kiss that seemed to have restarted all your life in a second.
His teeth gently sank on your lower lip, tongue sweeping over it asking for the entrance you immediately granted. The touch of his wet muscle meeting yours for the first time sent fireworks to your stomach, your fingers running to the hairs at the base of his neck until you needed to pull apart to regain your breaths.
He panted, his lips now beautifully swollen and red as his forehead rested against yours.
You gulped. If Spade or anyone happened to find out what you just had done, the both of you would be dead in a second.
You had crossed the line.
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mxxndreams · a day ago
can i pls request red lights with chan and hyunjin? but if ur not accepting 2members in one drabble then u can just pic from the 2 of them ;)
Hello, anon! I hope you're doing well! Thank you so much for participating in the weekend event ✨
— Red Lights —
+ pairing: bang chan x female reader x hwang hyunjin + genre: fluff, angst, friends to lovers, heist!au + summary: Robbing the crown jewels seemed like a terrible thing to do. That's exactly why the three of you decided it was the perfect thing to do next.
+ excerpt (0.4k) +
Your dress was itchy, but it was flashy and short enough to distract the guards. Hyunjun and Chan also had stepped their game a little bit tonight, both wearing tuxedos that made the three of you looking quite exquisite for the occasion.
“Remember the timeline?” You asked, glancing at the ceiling to identify where the cameras were. There were a lot of them.
“Yes,” Hyunjin took a sip of his drink, looking at all the guarded doors. “You go talk to the guards, I spill champagne on someone, Chan does his thing with the camera control.”
“Were you able to install everything you wanted?”
“Of course.” He smiled at you. “We’re not amateurs, Y/N. Twenty minutes and we meet at the back.”
You nodded and started to walk away from them, slowly going on your way to the guards, a polite smile on your face, your steps wonky. You laughed under your breath and when you were close to one of them, you pretended to trip and one of the guards quickly held you, looking at you with concern.
“You’re ok, Miss?” You smiled at him and bit your lower lip, making sure you kept his eyes on you for as long as possible.
“Thank you.” You cleared your throat and he let go of you, getting back to his position on the door.
Behind you, you started to hear confusion as Hyunjin spilt champagne over one of the guests. The guards started to look at him and you smiled.
“Could you tell me where the bathroom is?” You asked the guard, his gaze meeting yours. He was already enchanted by you, how sweet.
“Follow that path, and you should find a corridor to the bathroom.”
“Good, good. Thank you, once again.”
Hyunjin remained in the middle of the action, most guards meeting him to try and calm down the situation. You watched as Chan grabbed the phone from his pocket and you exited the room first, placing yourself at an angle where the cameras couldn’t see you. After a few moments, Chan also exited and looked your way discreetly.
“I’m wishing Hyunjin the best,” he said and took a deep breath, pressing a button on his phone.
Soon enough, the lights around you turned off and people screamed inside the main room. You waited until the red lights turned on to walk towards Chan. He pressed a chronometer and nodded.
“Let’s have some fun, shall we?”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
Right now, was when your adventure truly started.
Want to participate in this weekend’s event? You can find out more about it here and send your title ideas here! Stay tuned so you can vote for your favourite drabble to be turned into a one-shot!
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butterflyyeo · 16 hours ago
my whole world
pairing — hyunjin x reader
genre — fluff
tw — none
wc — 723
it was friday night and you’d been studying all day. you felt as though your head would explode if you continued to write any more flash cards or do any more practice tests. so you closed all your textbooks and put away your pens.
you cooked up some dinner and sighed softly, knowing hyunjin wouldn’t be home in time to share it with you. he was always busy with something, whether it vocal lessons or dance practice. recently, he’d been getting home later and later each night. yes, you understood its his job and what he loved doing, but you couldn’t help missing him every now and then.
as you got into bed, you rolled around a few times trying to get comfortable, though you just couldn’t. the bed felt empty. so you threw on some sweats instead of pyjamas and got into the car, heading over to hyunjin’s company building. along the way, you made sure to pick up some take out for him, making sure he would be fed.
after hearing a knock on his practice room door, hyunjin half expected it to be minho coming to run through some choreography. however, he was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door to see you smiling up at him, holding a bag of take out.
“what are you doing here, baby?” he asked, engulfing you in the warmest hug.
you chuckled into his chest, “brining you dinner.”
he led you into the center of the room where the two of you took a seat on the floor. you opened the containers that contained steamy hot food and picked some up with a pair of chopsticks. you extended your arm towards hyunjin’s mouth and in response his face scrunched up.
“i’m not letting you feed me.” he shook his head with a laugh.
you pouted before humming out, “please.”
there was no way he could resist the adorable pleading look that you were giving him. “fine.” he sighed, “but just this once.”
hyunjin reluctantly opened his mouth and you placed some food inside. you smiled, watching as he happily chewed, despite not wanting to be fed by you. the two of you spent the next ten minutes enjoying each other’s company, with you continuing to put food into his mouth and him rolling his eyes playfully every now and then.
after he finished eating, hyunjin picked up all the rubbish and took it to the bin. before he sat back down he connected his phone to the speakers in the room, playing some quiet music. he held his hands out, motioning for you to hold them. he pulled you up and twirled you around a few times. the two of you danced around jokingly for a while, you felt foolish knowing how amazing your boyfriend actually was at dancing.
he pulled you close, so your back was flush against his chest and his arms were wrapped tightly around your torso. he looked at you through the reflection of the mirror in the practice room.
“what would i do without you?” he whispered, trailing gentle kisses along your neck. “you’re my everything, my whole world.” he said, lips brushing against your ear.
“don’t be silly, hyunjin.” you blushed, turning away at his sudden emotion.
“i’m being serious, i love you so much. i’m sorry i can’t be with you more often.” he frowned, and despite the dimly lit room, you could see tears glistening in his eyes.
“baby?” you turned in his arms to face him completely. “don’t cry its not your fault. this is your job, what you love doing. i understand that you’re gonna be busy.” you wiped at a few stray tears falling down his cheeks before placing a delicate kiss on his lips. “i love you, hyunjin.”
he pouted slightly, cupping your face lightly in his hands, “i love you the most.”
before heading home, hyunjin showed you some choreography he’d been working on. he’d been working hard, but he looked amazing and you knew he deserved every bit of praise in the entire world. you hoped he knew that.
that night, he cuddled up next to you in bed and held you so tightly. he felt so grateful and underserving of someone as loving as you were. he sincerely meant it when he said you were his everything, his whole world.
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thevampywolf · 2 days ago
... I present to you Shrekbin
Tumblr media
I would sincerely to apologise to everyone who comes across this eyesore, but you have @sir3racha to thank for commissioning me to do this
Tagging @dschee @nevoono @ann03254419 because you agreed to me uploading it ... 💀
Insta - @thevampywolf
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