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seoulbinz · 21 hours ago
moments of intimacy with skz
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
chan -
writing songs about you that he sends to you in voice memos. cooking dinner together, music playing in the background. an arm around your waist as a silent comfort. kisses to his dimples. having your scalp scratched and kisses to the crown of your head whenever you snuggle. making tea for him and him making snacks for you. teaching you aussie slang with a wide smile on his face.
minho -
being cat parents together. washing each other’s hair. being pulled into his lap and hugged from behind constantly. getting teased so he can kiss away your pout. keeping every handmade gift from you on or in his bag. teaching you how to dance, more patient than you’ve ever seen him. making a point to always have at least one meal together.
changbin - 
working out together to motivate each other. playfully biting you gently. making you hug him, even when he’s all sweaty and gross. breakfast in bed, his hand in yours. walks on the beach, laughing at how the wind whips your hair and clothes. stolen kisses to make each other be quiet when you talk too much. rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand before kissing it.
hyunjin -
bouncing off each other’s jokes until you’re in hysterics. bringing him coffee everyday to watch him light up. braiding and styling each other’s hair terribly. shopping together (he secretly buys you things and doesn’t let you know until it’s too late). slow-dancing together in the early morning or late nights, ending with a kiss every time. fighting kkami for his love to make him laugh. massages whenever you’re stressed.
jisung -
hearing every joke he thinks of, no matter how cheesy. kisses to the crook of your elbow when he rests his head in your lap. producing terrible songs together to make each other laugh. voice memos whenever he’s thinking of you. having a couple show and debating every episode late into the night. learning new hobbies together. picnics at home in a pillow fort, sunlight streaming in.
felix -
singing you to sleep. baking together, and enjoying it no matter how awful it turns out. caring for and treating his hair. bike rides along the han river. sharing headphones and music with one another. back hugs and kisses to your shoulders. gaming together (and having playful fights about who's better constantly)
seungmin - 
being serenaded whenever he’s too shy to say i love you. early mornings where you share coffee and soak in one another’s presence. poking and pinching his cheeks to feel his smile. stealing his sweaters because they smell like his cologne. kisses to your temples, especially when you whine about having a headache (he claims he cures it). reading books together to help each other sleep. combined sock drawers because he likes how fluffy yours are.
jeongin -
going to karaoke together and being awful on purpose. teasing the members and one another endlessly. complimenting him for hours on end to watch his face burn and see him all shy. sharing a toothbrush because he keeps stealing yours. bringing him lunch just to see him. getting small souvenirs from his travels that reminded him of you. napping together in the weirdest places.
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kim-seung-mo · a day ago
can i request #27 from you headcanon list please? thank u 💗
𝕎𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝔻𝕠 𝕎𝕙𝕖𝕟 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕪 𝕄𝕚𝕤𝕤 𝕐𝕠𝕦
♩ gn!reader, fluff fluff fluff, no warnings, just fluff
♩♩ word count: 1.6k
♩♩♩ A/N: softness overload ⚠️
wip list here
Tumblr media
In any situation, his first reaction is to call you.
If you pick up, then he will become the happiest person in the whole world.
After doing his daily greetings, will continue to talk to you for hours.
If you don't pick up and he happens to not be able to see you right away, he will get upset.
Would want to call you a few more times, but is afraid that you're not answering because you're busy.
He doesn't even have a proper answer in case he disturbs you.
So in this case he would have to open the photo album app to look at pictures you took together, or look through your previous chat history with the dumbest smile on his face.
But this would unfortunately only make him miss you even more.
His lower lip puckers up and starts making grunting sounds.
Although many people think he's a wolf, he's more like a big puppy.
When you see the missed call and call him back, he's ready to pick up before the second ring.
"Y/N!!! Hmm? Why did I call you, you ask? Uh... I... I just missed you. Hehe......"
He will keep calling you until you pick up, whether you're busy or not.
(Probably not if you're at work or school, or if he's on tour and it's early in the morning on your side)
If you don't answer the phone, he'll get mad at you, get upset, and take it out on everyone around him (especially the members)
As a result, the members all start calling you too, asking you to hurry up and put Minho back in a good mood.
You thought something had happened when you came out of the bathroom and saw that there were more than thirty missed calls from all eight members.
But then Minho just tells you that he missed you, and that was it, that "unfortunately" no one died.
You were speechless, and felt a bit bad for the other members.
In order to make him feel better, you went to visit them at practice with snacks and food.
If he isn't able to see you, he'll have to talk via video call.
But he says he doesn't like video calls, although he doesn't tell you his reasons either.
(His reason is actually because making video calls only makes him miss you more.)
But he doesn't want you to think he's a clingy boyfriend, so he doesn't say anything.
He misses you? He'd write a song about missing you.
He'd wait until the next time he sees you to sing it to you.
But would only miss you more and more when he's writing the lyrics.
Finally loses his mind and calls you in defeat.
"Hey...it's nothing, I just...... wanted to ask when you're coming home."
You instantly understood that by that he meant he missed you and couldn't hold back your laughter.
"Ya! What are you laughing at!"
"I just think you're cute, Binnie."
You better be ready to be pestered by him the whole time when you come back, he will never let you go.
Will ask you to sit on his lap while he composes.
"So you can't get away anymore."
Seriously though, his legs are soooo stiff, it can't be comfortable to sit on them.
But every time you see how seriously he works, you find yourself staring, eventually forgetting about the discomfort.
In the end, the only thing that suffered was your butt.
He thinks it’s romantic to miss you.
If he really misses you and happens to be unable to see you, he‘s the type of person who'd be sad to the point of tears.
But that's only when he feels vulnerable or when something bad happened.
If it's just a normal day, he'll send you a text message.
Ɛ>Jinnie<3: y/nnnnnn i miss u babie :((((
At least one text message like that every day.
If you reply to him immediately, he will stare at his phone and giggle for a long time.
If every time he says he misses you, he can get more love and attention from you, then missing you is not a bad thing.
Genius Hyunjin logic.
So sometimes, even if he doesn't miss you he'll still say he misses you just to get those extra kisses and hugs.
Jokes on him cuz he starts actually missing you after sending the text message.
Hyunjin cries when he thinks of you only when he’s extra sad and stressed, but then there's Jisung, who cries every time he misses you.
Of course, it's not the kind of crying where he's breaking down in tears.
It is the (honestly a little annoying) type where he's yelling "Wuuuuwuwuwuwuwuwuw Y/NNNNNNN".
Acts like an actual child if he doesn't get an immediate response or gets to see you immediately.
At least he can distract himself by writing songs or dancing if he's at work.
But if he's at home or in a hotel overseas, it's not going to work.
Like Changbin, he will start writing songs for you, and the more he writes, the more he thinks about you, the more he starts missing you.
He'd call you late at night and ask you to talk to him, it doesn't matter what the topic is, he just wants to hear your voice.
At least then he can imagine that you are near him.
If you are calling via video chat, he would kiss his phone screen and pretend that it's your face.
Just doesn't know how to hang up, ends up spending at least ten minutes with you before hanging up, and every time you have to be the one to hang up, cuz he ain't doing that.
But the best ending for him is probably listening to your voice while he falls asleep.
That way he might be able to see you in his dreams.
A good morning text in the morning, a picture of lunch at noon, and a good night text in the evening.
In between there might be many selfies with a text of what he's doing.
That's if he's not around you.
If he is around you...you think he'd even let you give him the chance to miss you? He won't even go beyond five meters away from you.
His whole body hangs on you like a koala, you can't even shake it off. (not that you'd ever want to)
But even if he is right next to you, he'd still say he misses you.
Although it doesn't seem to make any sense at all, that's how it is in his head.
"I've missed you :(((("
"Lixie I went to the bathroom for like two minutes..."
"YEAH EXACTLY, that's two minutes too long :(((("
A whole baby.
When he comes back from tour he gets even more clingy than usual, even makes you go to the bathroom with him.
You let go of his hand and he gets all :(((( until you come back.
Changbin complained in a video about how Seungmin would often call him for no reason to say that he misses him.
And yes, Seungmin is definitely the kind of person who would go straight to whatever he wants to say or do.
Missing you? Then he'd outright call you and say he misses you.
Like Jisung, he can call you for hours, but unlike Jisung who talks the whole time, he just looks at you on the screen in silence or does his own thing.
He acts so normal that you think he might not even miss you.
But when he comes back, he always acts extra clingy.
Of course, this kind of clinginess is Seungmin-style clinginess. Not kissing and hugging, but eye tracking and being very close to each other.
When he misses you, he doesn't resist physical contact. If he really really misses you, or if he hasn't seen you for a long time, he would even take the initiative to hug you.
After a long time of being together, you start recognizing these little things and learn to appreciate them.
Fortunately, he doesn't have a tail to wag, or else it'd be impossible to hide these little thoughts.
At first he wasn't quite sure what this feeling was, why his chest was stuffy and he couldn't raise his mood.
He just felt like he wanted to see you, and this feeling kept getting stronger and stronger as time went by, getting him a little overwhelmed.
After sharing this feeling with his hyungs, he was given the answer: "I.N-ah, you miss them."
Oh...Is this what missing in love feels like? It doesn't seem to be the same as missing his family, or his friends.
He's not very good at telling, feeling a bit ashamed to do so.
He has little experience in love and is already always asking questions only a teenager would ask, and now he was behaving so needy, you would certainly think of him as childish and silly.
But in fact, you only think he's cute.
He may be able to not tell you that he misses you, but he sure isn't able to hide his feelings when he actually sees you.
Gets extra touchy, eyes following you everywhere, whines when you're not paying attention to him.
Just keep staring at you, hoping you notice him, ignoring whoever is talking to him.
Just wants you to pet his curly hair and tell him how cute he is.
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chanswifey · a day ago
Careless whispers
Bang Chan x idol fem!reader
Synopsis: you are fwb with chan but one day he accidentally tells you how he really feels.
author's note: just me posting chan smut out of the blue 🙊 hope you guys like this one 🤗💕 (angst, possible part 2)
🔞: smut, minors dni
2022 © chanswifey — do not repost or translate
Your deal with Chan was pretty simple, he would come, fuck you senseless then he would leave, and for you it was fine. Idol life can be very stressful and it felt really good to have someone who understood to help you relieve the stress.
You are not sure how the agreement happened or whose idea it was, you just knew that anytime any of you had a bad day you would text each other to ask for a meet-up.
There weren't many words spoken, not at first, both of you had a lot of stress that was building up through time and it took some time until the frustration grunts turned into coherent words but even now you mostly spoke through text, the bedroom was only for sex and forgetting the outside world, no work-related things allowed.
You were friends for a while before it started, not exactly best friends, but you knew each other well enough. You were used to seeing him late at night at work while you were doing extra time at the practice room. That was pretty much how you got to know him, somehow you always managed to catch each other at the elevator on the way home.
Lately, you could tell something about him was different, he would praise you a lot more during sex, his kisses a bit more hungry, his touch too, no matter how close you got, it was not enough for him. Before, after both of you were satisfied, he would just get up and leave, but now, he would try to stay just a little longer, offer to help you clean up, even try to cook for you. You tried to stick to the deal, and tell him he should be on his way, except for that one night. You went to take a shower and when you finished you found Chan asleep on your bed and for about 30 min you pondered if you should wake him up, but knowing about his history with insomnia you decided to let it slide, just that one time. After that, you could tell he got more confident to show affection towards you in public, at work, you could feel his eyes on you and you had to hold the urge to reciprocate. You were starting to worry someone could notice and planned on talking to him about it, you just had to find the right time to do it.
You were the one to send the text this time, not only you were worried about your relationship with Chan but you were also having trouble with your voice while having an album to record, just an overall shitty situation. He answered in just a few minutes and agreed to meet you. You promised yourself that after that night you were going to talk to him, you just wanted one last night with him before you did it, a bit selfish, you acknowledged.
You were showering when he arrived, he was used to you letting your door unlocked just in case you were busy when he got there, so he let himself in, he walks towards the shower and stands at the door, looking at you for a moment.
"Wanna join?" You invite him, he doesn't answer, just undresses and goes in with you. Not many more words are spoken, he starts kissing you under the shower, his wands wandering through your body that he seems to know so well. He kisses your neck, leaving bites along the way, he keeps on going down on your body until he reaches your boobs, he plays with your nipples making you moan, your hands holding on to his hair tight. With one hand he holds you closer, the other already on your clit, king of multitasking. He stops before you reach orgasm, just to tease you, you try to touch him, but he doesn't let you, this is about you, not him. He can wait. He turns you on your back and kisses your neck again and then your back, stopping right as he reaches your ass. Not one coherent thought goes through your mind. He starts playing with your clit again, and you almost beg him to just fuck you but as if reading your mind he turns you back to face him and finally lets himself onto you, against the shower box he takes his sweet time with you, and you can't help but think you are going to miss him after that. You finish first and he moans into your ear as he reaches climax, both of you are panting messes, his face buried on your neck, he kisses you again and whispers ‘gosh, I love you so much’.
You freeze, and once he realizes what he said he lets go of you.
‘Sorry, I should not have said that but... Well...’
‘I think you should go’, you say, trying to process what you just heard, you could see that coming but somehow you still could not believe it.
‘I know this is reckless’, he says, looking at you in the eyes ‘It's not what we agreed on but... It's true’
‘Just go’, you insist, ‘I need to be alone for a moment.’
He doesn't say anything else, he just grabs his clothes from the floor and leaves the room, and you stay there in the shower until you hear him closing the front door, cursing yourself for managing to make the situation even worse.
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sir3racha · 2 days ago
isolated but unlonely
Tumblr media
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Language, Mentions of Covid-19 (reader has it)
A/N: this may not do well but i figured to write sth for any bin stans that are isolating for covid, like myself.
It had only been a few days, but it had felt like an eternity. Your sanity was trapped between these four walls and couldn’t escape, bouncing against the structures and fighting to get out, but it wasn’t possible. Leaving your room was only possible with a mask and gloves, and you had to disinfect everything you touched and came into contact with.
Four days ago, you were at work when you had received multiple texts from different friends saying that if you had been around a certain coworker, then you needed to get tested for Covid immediately. They had it and weren’t aware until the damage was already done, having infected three to four other people.
Though you were asymptomatic except for a cough that you chocked up to being allergies, you went to the nearest clinic and requested a Covid test - one that came back positive after only four minutes into the fifteen minute testing time.
You were confined to your bedroom until you took another test in a week that came back negative, and you were quickly going stir crazy. You couldn’t even catch glimpses of anyone; they’d leave things at your bedroom door, knock, and then hurry off before you opened it. It was the best thing to do to keep everyone else safe, you knew, but you couldn’t help but feel hurt by it. You couldn’t see your parents, your siblings, your friends, your boyfriend; it was such a hellish feeling.
The first night of your isolation, you ended up curled up in your bed with your face in a pillow, sobbing to your heart’s extent. You couldn’t even have your pet with you because there was a chance you could end up passing it to them as well. You were well and truly alone.
This morning when you woke up, you didn’t move from your spot in your bed, blanket wrapped around you and eyes fixated on the wall. You weren’t hungry, you weren’t thirsty, but you also weren’t tired. You didn’t know what you felt.
You had your eyes closed, feeling yourself begin to drift back asleep when you heard light knocks at your door. You thought your mind was playing tricks on you, but the knocks persisted after a few seconds, this time accompanied with a call of your name. You sat up, rubbing your eyes before moving the blanket off of you. “What?” Your tone was more that of confusion than acknowledging your name.
“Y/N, honey, it’s me,” The voice you now realized was your boyfriend, Changbin, spoke softly, and you blinked slowly before going over to the door.
“You know I can’t open the door,” You sighed softly, seeing his shadow from under the door.
“I know, I just…I miss you, is all,” You could imagine the light blush on his cheeks as he voiced the sentiment, and you felt a new shot of pain through your heart.
You sighed shakily, gently leaning your forehead against the door. “I miss you too, Binnie. I miss you a lot.”
Changbin sighed on the other side of the door, leaning his back against the wood and sliding down it. “Sit with me?”
You turned so your back was against the door, sliding down it as well before you let a smile drift to your lips. “Feels like that one scene in Frozen where Ana and Elsa are sitting on either sides of Elsa’s bedroom door.”
Changbin chuckled at that, the sound making some of the sadness in your heart dissipate. “How are you feeling?” He questioned after a while, and you nodded to yourself as you evaluated how your body felt.
“I feel okay,” You concluded, coughing once before sighing. “Still got a cough but it’s a lot less frequent. I don’t have a fever, no pain anywhere, no sore throat. I’m okay,” You reiterated the fact that you felt okay, something you figured that Changbin needed to hear.
You were right about that fact; you couldn’t see the way Changbin was nodding to himself, visibly relieved that you weren’t in any pain. “Good, that’s so good,” Changbin spoke, more for himself than for you.
He sighed heavily, the sound being so audible that it worried you a bit. “Are you okay?” You questioned, turning your head so your ear was pressed against the door.
“I want to hold you so badly,” Changbin said, his voice laced with such sadness and longing that it made you so tempted to just open the door and let him take you into his arms.
Staring at the gap under the door for a second, you got an idea. You got up from your spot against the door, padding over to your nightstand and grabbing your bottle of hand sanitizer. You put some on your hands, rubbing it all over your palms, under your fingernails, and between your fingers. After air drying your hands, you put on a brand new pair of gloves, grabbing another pair and the bottle of hand sanitizer before returning back to your spot against the door.
“Baby? What are you doing?” Changbin questioned, and you bit your bottom lip as you turned to face the door.
“Can you fit your hand under the door?” You asked, watching the shadow under the door before you saw his hand slide under the gap.
“Yeah, wh-” Changbin began to say before you squeezed some hand sanitizer onto his hand. You giggled when you saw his hand shake in surprise before quickly pulling back under the door, “Did you just spit on me?!”
“No!” You exclaimed, “It’s hand sanitizer!” A look of disbelief was on your face as you shook your head. “As much as I miss your cuddles, I’m not going to infect you just so I can be little spoon again,” You rolled your eyes as you spoke, “Just rub it into your hands, stupid.”
Changbin huffed quietly on the other side of the door. “Rude,” he muttered, but rubbed the substance all over his hands without any argument. “Okay, what now?”
“Stick your hand back under the door,” You instructed him, and as soon as you saw it, you dropped the fresh pair of gloves into his palm, “Put those on.”
Changbin retreated his hand once again, and you heard the latex being pulled on as you placed the bottle of hand sanitizer to the side. “Okay, what now?”
Bottom lip worried through your teeth yet again, you instructed once more, “Stick your hand under the door again.”
Though the angle was a little awkward, as soon as Changbin’s hand came back under the door, you placed yours in his. Your heart broke at the sound of Changbin gasping, quickly closing his fingers around your hand.
“I miss you so fucking much, Y/N, you have no idea,” Changbin whispered loud enough for you to hear. His voice was shaky and you could visualize the way his eyes were glistening with tears.
You nodded, blinking back your own tears at your first real instance of human contact in days. “I miss you so much too, Bin; not seeing you is killing me,” You voiced, tightening your grip on his hand as well. “Six more days, baby. If I test negative in six days, then we can spend all the time in the world together.”
Changbin sniffed from the other side of the door, nodding to himself. “Okay. I’ll come back every day until then and sit with you, I promise,” He sounded so determined, and you felt more tears burn behind your eyes. “Can we…can we stay like this for a bit?”
You nodded, squeezing his hand reassuringly. “Of course.”
“I love you so much, honey. Contagiously sick or not.”
You couldn’t help but giggle at that. “I love you too, you dork.”
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nnsfwskz · 3 hours ago
ahhhh how about perv!hyunjin? i don’t really have any ideas but please feed me, im desperate
perv!hyunjin x fem!reader
includes: taking pictures, drawing sexual acts, panty sniffing, mentions of choking and slapping, somnophilia, oral (f receiving)
• he definitely takes picture of you
• whenever he gets the chance
• he even has a folder for all the different pictures of you
• and they’re not even the creepy kind of pictures
• it’s just the ones he saved whenever you ask him to take pictures
• the ones you don’t like but he finds adorable
• most of them happen to have a bit more cleavage in them
• that’s not his fault right??
• and the fact that he gets hard because of them isn’t his fault either right??
• you’re just too pretty
• but he’d never see how you look during sex exactly right
• so hyunjins solution for that is to draw you
• not even looking at references because he already knows your body like the back of his hands
• he would give you the prettiest expressions while drawing you getting absolutely railed
• hyunjin is also a panty sniffer and you can’t convince me otherwise
• he loves to eat pussy and would sell someone to get to taste you
• so whenever he’s with you he would sneakily steal something out of your laundry basket
• laying down on his back as soon as he gets home
• and holding your panty over his nose so he can pretend your riding his face
• while he’s fucking his fist
• but also boyfriend!hyunjin would be kinda pervy
• would definitely get your consent to fuck you in your sleep at the beginning of the relationship
• not only that but also jerking off to you
• taking your soft hand and just fucking into it mindlessly
• waking you up with eating your pussy
• falling asleep with his mouth on your boobs
• your the most beautiful person to him and he will not hesitate to show you
• hyunjin will literally worship your body
• loves to make you feel good
• but also loves to hurt you
• slapping, ropes, choking
• he’s rough
• but so sweet afterwards
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misunjiniret · a day ago
boy next window
chapter one | chapter two 'new beginning'
Tumblr media
gif by jaemincrossing
hwang hyunjin x reader
synopsis : moving out your old apartment sounded like a dream, no more broken air conditioning and shower. But most annoying of all was the owner of the building. But maybe, you regretted moving into the new one even more.
song recomendation for this chapter:
All the goosebumps that were on your skin were now all gone, thanks to the warm building that you entered. Even though it was warm it didn't feel like home, there were people arguing and yelling at each other making your head ache. You quickly entered the elevator and clicked on your floor.
The button didn't react, nor did the elevator move. So you had one option left, walking the stairs like always. You walked out of the elevator with a heavy sigh leaving your mouth, you already stood long enough in the rain and now this.
You walked all the way up the stairs, thankfully you lived on the third floor. Otherwise you would have to walk way more.
Once you arrived at your door you rummaged through your pocket, furrowing your eyebrows when you couldn't find your key. You did pull something out though, your handerchief.
It was a bit damp, suddenly the boy appearing in your thoughts. His voice, his smile, his.. everything. All perfect. And you didn't even ask for his name. Before you could get too distracted you put the cloth back in your pocket and rummaged through the other one, soon the cold item hitting your fingers.
You unlocked your door and entered your apartment, locking the door once you closed it. You kicked off your shirt and his jacket. wait-
His jacket, you were still wearing the boy's jacket. Your eyes widened. This was probably why he grabbed your wrist before you entered your bus.
You nodded before standing up, he stood up too. When you walked towards the bus he held onto your wrist softly, making you turn your head. "hm-?" you hummed, looking at the boy who was looking at you. "don't catch a cold" he smiled while letting go of you. He looked like he wanted to say something else but he just shoved it away.
How are you supposed to give his jacket back when you'll never see him again? and what will you do with it? you felt so bad, you now remembered him saying that he usually walks home. And now he doesn't even have anything to warm him up.
You shook your head, sighing at yourself in dissapointment. Carefully, you hung his jacket onto one of the stools at your counter. Now grabbing a glass of water and placing it under the faucet. You lifted the lever multiple times but no water was coming out. You should've known. You sighed placing the glass onto your counter and soon reaching for your mini fridge.
You grabbed a water bottle and twisted the cap open. You needed to move, so badly. Imagine there would be a zombie apocalypse and you can't even drink from your faucet?
You shook your head at the stupid thought, soon drinking from the plastic bottle. Once you finished you threw the bottle away and went to your room, sitting down at your desk and opening your laptop.
And just as if your laptop was reading your thoughts like always an advertisement popped up, a new apartment opened near your school. And they made it extra cheap just for the students. You clicked on the link out of curiosity. There are two buildings for the apartment, one for boys and the other for girls. The apartments looked very pretty. They had a living room with a mini kitchen, a bedroom and a normal sized bathroom. It looked perfect. There was even an extra mini room for hobbies. You had to get this apartment immediately. You dialed the number and out of your surprisment someone immediately picked up.
"hello! alwaysgreen's assistant speaking, how may I help you?" a woman's voice spoke, you gulped before speaking. "hi! my name is Choi y/n and I'd like to buy one of the student apartments" you spoke while scrolling through the website. And just like that, you got a room. Since they already cleaned everything and were ready you could already go there, but of course you would need to pack first.
You grabbed multiple boxes from your closet and folded them into their shape. You spent your whole day packing in and telling your current apartment's building owner that you would be moving, at least they were kind enough to help you bring your boxes to your new building as a goodbye.
Before you knew it it was dark already and your apartment was empty, it felt so different. You handed the last box to one of the workers while thanking them. You were finally moving out of this dusty place.
You left the apartment and locked the door, giving the keys to the man in a suit in front of you. "goodbye miss Choi" he smiled, taking the keys and putting it in his pocket. "bye." you spoke in a cold tone, you didn't have the strongest relationship with this man and it was noticeable. You told him about all the problems in your apartment multiple times, and what did he do? nothing.
You didn't even say anything proper or kind before walking right past him and jogging down the stairs, wearing one of your now most dear items. The boy's jacket, when you finally exited the building you met the cold air again. Quickly you zipped up the thick padded jacket up and put on the hood, entering the next following taxi.
You told the driver the address as he soon started driving, and right when you wanted to look outside and enjoy the view your phone started ringing. You grabbed your phone and stared at the screen.
'mom' that's what it read, you felt scared but what could she do? she's in China. You picked up the call and pressed your phone against your ear.
"what did I just hear!?" she yelled, your ears ringing. "did you just move out that apartment that I paid for you!?" she finished her sentence. "do you even know how bad that place was!? the shower doesn't even work properly!!" you spoke back. That's when she hung up, you were so confused. She never really did this unless she would go to you and yell, but she's not even in Korea right now.
You sighed placing your phone back into your pocket, you stared out the window for minutes and minutes, until you heard a raspy voice. "we arrived." the driver spoke, you handing the male some money before stepping out of the vehicle.
Thankfully it wasn't raining anymore, there was even more sun appearing now. You looked around hoping to see a rainbow, and that's when you saw it. The colours looked so pretty, you hadn't seen a rainbow in a while and seeing one right now made you feel lighter, as if all your stress dissapeard.
And then he appeared into your thoughts again, how you thought to yourself that his squinting eyes looked like rainbows. Why does everything you look at remind you of him? this has never happened before.. and you barely even knew him.
You shook your head, turning your body and facing the long building. There were a bunch of students entering the doors, even groups of girls laughing and smiling together. You took a deep breath before walking towards the doors, they automatically opened and closed. Everything felt.. expensive.
You walked up to the counter, a smiling lady behind it looking at you. You stopped your tracks in front of her. "how may I help?" she asked, still with a smile on her face. "I bought one of the rooms under the name Choi Y/N" you smiled back at her. Her fingers moved quickly on top of the keyboard as she inspected the monitor.
The lady then opened one of the drawers under the desk and gave you a card which read '114'. "just insert the card into the locking device and enter a password" she explained, handing you the card which you gladly accepted. "the elevator's on the right are for the girls" she finished.
"thank you" you spoke before walking towards the elevator on the right, you slowly entered it and pressed on the button which read '1', the elevator doors soon closed and moved up.
You haven't been on an elevator in a while, thanks to the previous apartment you lived in. Then suddenly something caught your attention, you turned your head, now looking at a big map on the wall.
It showed the rules and the way the building looked, this would come in handy when you're lost.
no loud noises
do not scream, except if needed help
no boys allowed to live in this department, but they are allowed to visit
And way more, but before you could read more the elevator doors opened. You tugged onto his jacket when leaving the elevator, soon walking through the hallways. There were food vending machines almost everywhere, you appreciated how much they cared for the students as well as the price. Places like these should be everywhere.
You soon arrived at your apartment, the door didn't have a key hole, only a device to enter your password. You inserted the card the lady gave you, the device screen immediately changed to: 'please enter a password'
You chose something long, your phone number. It would be hard to guess this... you think, well you never tried it before. Once you entered it the door opened, and you widened your eyes.
The apartment looked exactly like the one on the website, the walls were white and the furniture was super pretty. The boxes from your previous apartment were already inside.
You sighed to yourself, realising that you had to unpack everything even though it got even darker outside. You brushed your fingers through your hair and chose to explore the place first. You entered the so called bedroom, the walls and floor were the same as in the living room. You walked around, you couldn't wait to decorate it and just fall asleep.
You looked at the grey curtains that were half closed, you slowly walked up to them and fully opened them. You smiled looking outside, but that smile soon dissapeard. Your window was right in front of the other building, the 'boy's' one. Completely ruining your view.
"what in the-" you spoke, staring at the window in front of yours, the apartment's curtains were closed, and right when you wanted to close yours again they the one in front of you opened. You widened your eyes.
The boy in front of you widened his eyes too, you froze. It was no one other than the boy at the bus stop.
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wingkkun · a day ago
the kiss kiss fall in love universe (masterlist)
Tumblr media
Romantic love is a fickle thing, and oftentimes friends find it rather awkward to cross the line between platonic to romantic. But what if you just went for it? What if you dived in with unsteady hands and an open heart? After all, falling in love was simple with the right person, right?
take the quiz on which stray kid is your friend-turned-lover now!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
« on the count of three »
Bang Chan || acquaintances-to-friends-to-lovers, 1.7k words
You don’t know what it’s like to fly, you never tried it before. But you reckon it was quite similar to kissing Chan. You think it’s embarrassing when you mention it to him. He thinks he’s fallen in love.
[read here]
Tumblr media
« take me somewhere nice »
Lee Minho || perhaps established relationship / friends-to-lovers, 0.9k words
Sometimes somewhere nice isn’t what you dream it to be. Perhaps somewhere nice wasn’t even a place at all.
[read here]
Tumblr media
« let's not fall in love »
Seo Changbin || best friends-to-lovers, 1.6k words
Changbin could always trust you to over-analyze a heartbreak song and make it hopeful. He’s entirely to blame for that though, all his playlists for you are full of sappy love songs.
[read here]
Tumblr media
« again »
Hwang Hyunjin || childhood friends-to-lovers, 2k words
First times aren’t always the best, so you’ll do it again and again and again until you’ll get it right; alternatively, the five times you kissed Hyunjin in your life and the time he kisses you first.
[read here]
Tumblr media
« just because »
Han Jisung || roommates-to-friends-to-lovers, ??? words
coming soon!
Tumblr media
« love is an action word »
Lee Felix || family / childhood friends-to-lovers, ??? words
coming soon!
Tumblr media
« when you love someone »
Kim Seungmin || classmates-to-friends-to-lovers, ??? words
coming soon!
Tumblr media
« for now »
Yang Jeongin || friend of a friend-to-lovers, ??? words
coming soon!
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seo--changbin · a day ago
[01:13 am] after a long day of tiring day of work, just seeing your apartment door from the distance immediately brings some sense of relief. Today was stressful. You woke up late (and you curse yourself for binge-watching your favorite anime the whole night), which made you late to work, and even if it was only for 10 minutes, your boss still gave you and earful in his office, scolding you for your tardiness which went on for 30 minutes. It ended with him saying that he'll fire you when it happens again. You didn't get to eat your breakfast and you ended up spilling coffee on your button up top, and to make matters worse, your boss gave you extra paper work which made you work a few extra more hours.
"I'm home," you say rather tiredly, kicking off your work heels to let your feet finally relax. "Ah, shit." You hear your boyfriend say to himself as the scent of something burning now filling your nostrils. "Binnie, is everything alright?" You call out, worry now consuming you as you went to look for him. You find him in the kitchen wearing your hello kitty apron (said apron was too small for him to wear, making him look a little bit silly), pan on hand as he turns the burner off.
"Changbin, what are you doing?" You say with a chuckle as you move to stand beside him. "Well, uh..." he says sheepishly, turning to look at you as he shows you the pan. "I knew you were tired and had a long day at work, so I tried making you some pancakes since they were your comfort food but uh... I burnt them." Your eyes travel to the pan then to the other batches of pancakes sat on the plate, all of them burnt to a crisp.
You crack a smile at his effort and take the pan away from his hands, placing it back on the burner, before pulling him in for a hug, burying your face onto his chest as you smell his scent. "Thank you." You say, hugging him even tighter. Changbin only chuckles as he now wraps his arms around your frame, now gently swaying the two of you from side to side. "You're still thanking me even if I almost burnt the kitchen down?" You laugh at his joke as you pull away from the huh to playfully smack his arm. "Yes and no. Thank you for not burning the kitchen down and for making me food, even though you're not really good at cooking. It really, really means a lot, baby. So, thank you." Changbin smiles and pulls you back in for another hug, kissing your forehead in the process.
You sigh into him, feeling all of the stress and weight lift from your shoulders and replacing them with the sense of peace that just so happens came in the form of your boyfriend, even though he smells like burnt pancakes.
"You're welcome, my love. Anything for you."
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prettywordsyouleft · 2 days ago
Not Love
Pairing: Hwang Hyunjin x female reader
Genre: angst
Warnings: emotionally heavy angst over a breakup, mentioning of past sex.
Monthly Prompt: Angst
Word count: 960
Tumblr media
Rolling over, Hyunjin was alert more than he’d ever been this quickly. Dread consumed him as he hesitated to open his eyes, knowing somehow that you wouldn’t be there. He hoped he was wrong, now close to praying.
You had to be there.
Inching his fingers out across the bedding, Hyunjin held his breath. He didn’t want to prove the building anxiety right. That he had made a mistake last night. He should have known better than to have said what he had.
Fingers moving at a snail’s pace, Hyunjin knew you weren’t there. The bed wasn’t that big, and the cool touch of the bedding already had given him an answer. Still, he didn’t believe it, didn’t want to. You had to be there.
You had to love him back.
Swallowing down the lump in his throat, he told himself it was just a bad dream. If he didn’t open his eyes, then he hadn’t woken up to your side of the bed empty. It wasn’t true.
It couldn’t be.
Minutes hung between his fingers grasping onto reality. Finally, his arm was fully extended across his bed, clutching onto the side of the mattress so tightly his knuckles hurt. Now, anger was swirling between the despair, though he couldn’t decide who he was angrier with.
You for leaving him? For leading him on this far, to the point he hardly had ever reached in a relationship. Hyunjin could count on one hand how many times he had spoken those three words to someone outside of his family. He had thought you’d cherish them instead of throwing them down as if they’d burned. Thinking back on how you took his confession in, Hyunjin should have known better. That you hadn’t made love last night.
It was your way of saying goodbye to his body.
That’s all it had ever been for you. A physical connection, a constant warmth. Someone to end the day with, someone to kiss awake each morning. Perhaps you had grown fond of him over the past four months in a different way than he had. Perhaps your needs were much less than his.
Berating himself for his foolishness, for jumping the gun with his I love you, Hyunjin turned that irritation at himself now. How could he not have seen the signs? Was he that blinded by your curves, your voice, your smiles? Had the eyes that he had stared way too long into not been shining back adoration? Did you not tenderly stroke his hair back each night like a lover would?
Lover. Not love.
Sitting up, Hyunjin dragged a hand down his face as he finally retracted that searching arm back to his side. The ache was nothing like the one in the middle of his chest. His stomach roiled with his tumultuous emotions; his body now otherwise limp. After some time, he dragged the curtain of dark, dishevelled hair out of his face and back into a messy knot with a hair tie before he stared around his room and took it in.
Every inch reminded him of you. Not just from all the sexual energy remaining from your bouts up against the wall, on top of the dresser. He had taken you everywhere he could, and now it replayed in his mind. Along with all the other memories too. You wearing his shirts, smirking when he eyed you hungrily. Your laughter bouncing off the walls from a book you attempted to read together. The endless conversations.
You were now weaved into the magic of this house. Did you really think that leaving would remove all traces of you?
He noticed the subtle changes. Your perfume bottle and hairbrush were gone from the top of the dresser. Your coat from the back of the door. No doubt if Hyunjin got up, he’d find other missing items. The puzzle pieces that made you up. It annoyed him that you could remove everything whilst he slept, knowing he didn’t stir awake easily.
Hyunjin wondered what would have happened if he caught you midway.
His eyes caught something then, and he swung his legs to the side of the bed, his limbs protesting, sluggish. But his sharp gaze urged the rest of his body to follow.
There was his sketchbook, the one he’d held last night. The one he’d held almost every time you spent time together.
“Can I draw you?”
The first words he had ever spoken to you. You had been shy about it yet nodded, and he spent the next thirty minutes sketching your eyes, the ones that had captivated him from across the coffee shop. There were hundreds of sketches of you in this book now, but you had left it open on the one he’d drawn last night.
The one he had finished right before his love confession.
Had you spent some time before leaving looking down at how he had drawn you? Did you see yourself in the picture or someone entirely different? Staring down at it now, he wondered how he had captured the love in your expression. Your lips curled in a secret smile that was only for him. The slight scrunch of your nose, the one that he had always believed you did when you were thinking fondly of him. Had you been? Or had you been considering how deep this had all gotten?
Had you planned to leave him before last night?
Next to the sketchbook laid a piece of paper and a pen over top. He didn’t dare pick it up, rather, Hyunjin shoved the pen off roughly as tears fell from his eyes, the remainder of his heart cracking as an icy pain enveloped him.
I should have left before you loved me.
All rights reserved © prettywordsyouleft
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a-hyunjinshairband · a day ago
he's your home..
Tumblr media Tumblr media
a little drabble that popped into my head.
warnings under the cut.
word count : 514
felix, f reader
just a comfort drabble about a shitty day at work and wishing your bf could be there. enjoy :)
You were alone in your bed thinking about what happened during the day. You’ve had a horrible time work kicked your ass your boss constantly talking down to you how you were not good at your job that you were useless at everything. At times you can take all of it but today it broke you.
Tears pricked your eyes and suddenly the dam broke broken sobs escaping you, every feeling pouring out of you that you’ve tried to hold inside. You wished your boyfriend was here you wished so hard that he was but you know he has to work hard and you didn’t want to saddle him with all your problems.
Felix was your rock the one constant that always anchored you down, the one who always was there to soothe you when you were sad and upset. Most of the time you didn’t bother him but right now you wished he was here. Looking at the clock it was now 2:45am and you were glad It was friday night and you had the weekend off two whole days of staying in the comfort and safety of your home.
Whilst the tears finally dried you were about to drift off when you hear footsteps coming towards your room hope bloomed in your chest and as the door quietly opened you looked over and saw your beloved standing there.
‘’Felix your home’’
‘’yeah baby, I'm home I'm here’’
He said dropping his bag on the floor. As he came over, he removed his clothing and slid into bed beside you. His warm body sliding beside you slipping his arm around you pulling you close. You lifted your face to meet his lips touching kissing him tenderly but with need.
Felix pulled away to look into your eyes noticing that they were puffy and red
‘’have you been crying love? What's wrong baby’’
‘’shit day at work again, it got to me is all. I know I shouldn’t let it but today it did’’
‘’why didn’t you call me? You know I would have come for you’’ he said whilst running his fingers through your hair. When he did this it always helped you to relax, the comfort of his touch meant so much to you that you were trying not to let the tears fall.
‘’i didn’t want to bother you it's okay’’ you say sighing against his chest, his thumping heart beat a rhythm to could listen to forever.
‘’well next time call me uno you can’’
‘’i will I promise’’ you say as Felix tightened his arm around you pulling you even close to his form.
‘’good, now let's get some rest my love and in the morning, I will make breakfast in bed for us and we can stay here all-day cos I've got no schedule this weekend so I'm all yours’’ he grins down at you his eyebrow slightly wiggling at you as you laugh at your loving boyfriend.
‘’it's a deal lixie’’ you drift off in his arms the only safe space you feel like you belong.
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luvsungiie · 7 hours ago
better half
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
pairing: lee felix x afab reader
word count: 952
warnings: mentions of food
requested?: no
summary: y/n reminds felix he has nothing to be worried about. he is perfect the way he is.
notes: this turned out way differently than i originally planned but i'm not mad. the ending is a bit sloppy but i hope you all enjoy nonetheless :) sorry for any mistakes
There were a million words racing through your mind at the moment. Flawless. Beautiful. Talented. Stunning. Ethereal. Just downright perfect. You had lost track of the time, not being able to remember how long you had actually been staring at the photos displayed on your phone. It only felt like a few minutes, but as you glanced at the clock, you saw that an hour had already passed.
Your boyfriend, Felix, had been given the opportunity to model for Singles Magazine. After a couple weeks of editing and revising the photos, they finally released them, and let’s just say, he left you speechless. You always praised Felix for his looks, something he could get insecure about every once in a while. Always complaining about his beautiful freckles, or how his cheeks had gotten chubbier over time even though he diets and spends his free time exercising.
His negative words always hurt you, like thorns from a rose wrapped around your heart. Because to you, he was perfect in every way. You had spent countless hours cuddled on the couch with him, your fingers tracing across his face delicately, making sure to not miss a single inch. Every now and then, you would kiss a random spot: his nose, all across his forehead, his cheeks, his jaw, maybe even down his neck if you wanted to make him shy.
No words were needed in times like these. Your actions held everything you needed and wanted to say. Sometimes actions were easier than words. When you were with Felix, your heart always seemed to stop or pace rapidly. No matter how long you had been together, he always seemed to make you feel like you were walking on clouds with butterflies floating around in your stomach.
You were pulled out of your thoughts at the sudden sound of the door opening, revealing your boyfriend. “Hey, babe.” He greets, that beautiful smile you fell in love with two years ago plastered on his face. Without saying a word, you pulled him into a tight hug, taking him by surprise. “Something wrong, bub?” He asks, rubbing your back soothingly. You shake your head, cheek rubbing softly against his sweater. “I just love you.”
His breath hitches. This wasn’t the first time you had said those words to him, but each time they passed your lips, they always made him feel giddy. Like a kid in a candy store, if you will. “I saw your photos, by the way. And you looked beautiful as ever, of course.” You smiled up at him, kissing just below his chin. “I’m glad you liked them. I was nervous about them being posted. I didn’t know how Stays would react. I figured you would like them though.” “That’s because I like everything you do.” Felix chuckles and pulls away, much to your dismay.
“Speaking of Stays, have you been on twitter today?” You asked, following him into the kitchen. He shook his head, opening the fridge and taking out a sandwich. “Nope, been too busy with practicing and recording to even think about it. The only time I’ve touched my phone was to message you and mum back earlier.” You nod, hopping up onto the counter, pulling his body closer to yours, making him stand between your legs.
“Well, Stays are very much freaking out over the photos. Saying, and I quote, “Lee Felix leaving models jobless.” Felix attempts to hold in his laugh, trying not to choke on his sandwich. After he finishes his food, you wrap your arms around his waist again, pulling him impossibly closer. He hums, laying his head on top of yours, gently kissing the crown. “I’m glad to hear that. I tried my best to look sexy for the camera.” He jokes, causing you to burst out laughing. “I don’t think you really have to try.” Kissing his neck, Felix blushes.
“But seriously, Lix. I know how nervous you get before posting solo photoshoots, but I hope you know that you have nothing to be worried about. Stays love everything you post. They’re always so proud of everything that you do. Constant praise all over Twitter and Instagram for you. Sometimes I think they love you more than me.” You teased. “And I’m proud of you. Proud of you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Proud of the person you’re becoming. And I am so happy I get to be by your side every step of the way.”
Felix feels his heart start to speed up at your confession. He could say all the same things about you. He was grateful to have you by his side. You have seen him at all his lowest points, never once making him feel like a fool for crying over something that may have seemed so little to someone else. Or the times he was filled with pure rage, wanting nothing more than to destroy everything in his path. But there you were, waiting for him to calm down, only to wrap him in the tightest hug, letting him know that everything was going to be okay.
You had also been with him during his highest times. The time Stray Kids won their first award, you were waiting backstage, immediately giving him the most loving kiss once you were within arms reach of each other. Or the time he did his first solo vlive, you sat with him for 10 minutes beforehand trying to calm his nerves, telling him Stays will be happy no matter what. Then you proceeded to sit off to the side, sending silent encouragements when he got nervous and stumbled over his words.
You were his better half. And he was yours.
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seungly · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
short trailer
2 college sweethearts finds each other again after 6 years since their break up.
pairing: Hyunjin x Reader
warnings: mentions of alcohol, heavy angst(?)
word count: ———
notes: this is heavily inspired by a filipino movie called “Alone Together”. I think it’s available on Netflix. This part of the story takes place 6 years ago.
Feedbacks are appreciated!!
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Everything was cold and a blur, your eyes were heavy, the lecture in front was long forgotten. Your class ends in 5 minutes and all you could think of was lunch — and your boyfriend.
“I want all drafts submitted by next week, I’m sure that’s enough time for you to finish it. Late papers will have deductions unless given a reasonable excuse. Understood?” Most nodded, some replied with audible ‘yes’s then soon enough everyone was outside for lunch.
You were allowed to go off campus so you went to the street vendors that sell just outside the gates. You settled for your usual kwek-kwek and gulaman then you made your way to the field where you usually eat on the bleachers. You watch as the soccer players have their training, and the marching band practicing.
“Y/N!” you hear the voice that forever makes you swoon, “oh I bought you more, I thought you haven’t eaten.” he sits beside you, holding out the kwek-kwek filled plastic cup in his hand.
“I’m still hungry anyways. Thank you, Jinnie.” you smile at him, a quick kiss on the cheek before you continue to devour the food he gave.
You sat in comfortable silence, just the two of you. Not a lot of students stayed at the field during breaks, most of them go out to fast food chains or just stay by the street vendors, “We’re almost graduating. Are you excited?” he asks from beside you.
“I’m scared.” you sighed, “ Hyunjin, what if I fail? all my work— all my parent’s work. I don’t want their effort to just go to waste.” you look at him, fear most evident in your eyes.
“You’re an amazing person, you’re smart and hardworking. You’ll be the greatest doctor in your field, I just know it. Plus, I’ll be there every step of the way.” he looks at you deeply, “I’ll be anything you want, and everything you’ll need.” he takes your hand in his, squeezing it ever so lightly.
“I love you.” you rest your head on his shoulder, “and I know I will for the rest of my life.” you smile, eyeing your hand that was held gently in his.
“We’ll graduate, you’ll become the best doctor, I’ll become the greatest patient— kidding!” he laughs when he feels your painful pinches, “I’ll be the most feared lawyer, and then…then I’ll marry you.” he smiles fondly.
You wanted to cry right then and there. This man has devoted everything he is to you, you had no doubts of his love and surely you never will. Your pupils were heart shaped at this point, you feel fuzzy and warm, “You’re a dumbass though.” you laugh.
“but I’m the best one yet.” he chuckles, smirking proudly. You share a laugh and complete each other’s silence for a brief moment, “I love you so much.”
“I love you more.” it was cheesy and you hated saying it but it was worth it to see the red on his cheeks as you both laugh at your words.
Once the laughter died down, he cups your cheek in the palm of his hand, inching closer til’ your lips touch. He could feel your smile in the kiss which led to him smiling too. Hyunjin rests his forehead on yours, eyes closed, “but I’ll love you endlessly.”
 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
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planetdream · a month ago
this post contains: fluff ! sfw physical touch ! kissing
💌 i previously did this love language series for txt and now i’m doing it for skz bc i love them <3 i hope u enjoy !
Tumblr media
CHAN ... always has a hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to each other. big, big hugs that warm you up but also take air from you. likes straightening out your clothes or hair if it’s a mess. soft touches, always — even if it’s a squeeze at your thigh, he’s very gentle. likes to give you massages because you’ve been very stressed lately and that’s no good :( plants kisses on your cheek when you’re sleeping. loves taking baths with you.
MINHO ... “acts” like he doesn’t like being in your space but would die if you moved the smallest bit away from him on the sofa. drapes his legs across your lap. pinches your cheeks so much and for what? holds onto your hand quite frequently, just to feel the softness of you—his thumb tracing circles against your flesh. grabs your chin to make you face him, doesn’t say anything just looks at you, and then goes about his business. will grab you and rub his face against yours.
CHANGBIN ... likes to have you lay your head on his lap and vice versa. really likes to play with your hair or even the seams of your clothing, and loves when you do the same to him. he likes it when you’re standing between his legs or beside him, your hand playing in his hair while his arms are wrapped tightly around you. doesn’t even want to let you go when you hug, either. not when you feel like you’re meant to be in his embrace forever. does this thing where whenever he itches, he scratches that area on you, and ALLEGEDLY it “works”.
HYUNJIN ... kisses all over your skin—especially your cheeks, neck, and tummy. has to be holding hands or playing with your fingers despite being attached at your hip. because wherever you go, hyunjin also goes. likes to hold you and smell your hair because your hair products smell so good—likes to help you wash and style your hair, too. applies lotion to your legs after a shower. let me emphasize: KISSES
JISUNG ... falls asleep on you frequently because you bring him so much peace and comfort. you two could be in the middle of a movie and you’ll suddenly hear soft, shallow sighs from him as he’s resting his head in your lap. “sungie, are you sleeping?” “no, just chilling”—yeah he’ll be in a deep sleep in about 4 minutes. and when he falls asleep on you he does not let you go. likes to compare hand sizes. lets you paint his nails. loves when you sit on his lap.
FELIX ... is undoubtedly the king of skinship. he's always cuddled into your side. likes when your legs are draped over his, that way he can draw things (usually hearts) onto your skin. holds your hand at any time—on the couch, in the car, while napping, you name it. needs a quick kiss before either of you two leave the room, even if only for a few seconds. always wants to be underneath you or close to you in general. if you’re wearing a hoodie 8/10 times he’ll try to crawl inside and go to sleep on your chest.
SEUNGMIN ... needs to just be in your personal bubble because why not? isn’t even speaking to you, just has his head resting in your lap <3 what are you gonna do about it? oh? you kissed his nose? yeah, minnie is very shy now >.< if you're not next to him when he falls asleep he will wake up and find you, warmly wrapped in a blanket to cuddle. 9 times out of 10 has his hand on your high when he's next to you.
JEONGIN ... literally tickles you so much it’s not even funny. doesn’t matter the occasion, his arm is going to be around you—it’s like muscle memory at the point. will literally pull you away from a conversation you're having with one of the boys to cuddle with you in his room. kisses you every chance he gets—needs at least five long kisses before you leave. loves holding your hands and playing with them.
Tumblr media
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aemoonie · 2 months ago
skz - being protective ! ‧₊˚
「 mlist 」
a/n: as requested <3 cw: food mention.
Tumblr media
chan is someone who doesn't even notice his little protective gestures sometimes. he just does it without thinking. it just feels natural to him. he helps you with your coat, fixes your hat or scarf, he even pulls out chairs for you. he gives you his first bite, he takes your hand when you cross the street, i mean, he does it all. this guy is so busy all the time and doesn't even complain, so you would have to stop him at some point and (try to) take care of him as well. if you did anything remotely protective for him, he would blush so hard you think he's gonna burst. he has a hard time accepting help from anyone, but from you, he would appreciate it a lot.
lino seems like the type of guy who'd be nonchalant about it. or at least try. he'd sling his arm around your shoulder while walking, trying to play it cool while he pulls you into his side so you don't run into someone. he'd keep his eyes on you even if you were on the other side of the room, just checking if you are alright. would definitely give someone the side-eye behind your back when they'd be making weird comments. would tease you and then pack you into his coat when you'd say that you're feeling cold. always shares his food with you and would start to get annoying when you deny it from him because he just wants you to eat with him (:( <3).
he does it with pride. he'd do a move like giving you his jacket and can barely hide his grin when you thank him. it's alright he'd say, almost combusting from happiness. his hand would be glued to yours, especially if you walk in busy areas. pulls you towards him when it gets crowded and wouldn't let go for much. he'd have no problem with taking the lead when it comes to ordering or engaging with strangers if you feel shy to do so. he'd like stroking your hair and keeping his hand on your lower back a lot. he would want to be the best protective boyfriend you can ask for, and his proud grin definitely gives away his intentions.
he just wants you to be safe and happy, and so he does his best to ensure that! you know how he gets protective with i.n sometimes? yeah, he does that with you but way more. he'd totally be the type of boyfriend to give you his hoodie or jacket when you're sitting down wearing something short. he'd stand behind you on the elevator and he'd keep an eye out for creeps. for some reason, he'd always manage to stand between you and strangers, squeezing your hand in reassurance. would also be the type to fix your clothes for you, or your hair and makeup. he'd occasionally tuck your hair behind your ears and would just stare at you for a second before taking your hand and going about his day like nothing happened (🧍‍♀️).
jisung may deny being protective, but you'd know better. he'd always look out for you in quiet ways. he'd keep his hand above your head when you climb into the car, and he'd lend your any of his clothes when you feel cold or need them for other reasons. he'd secretly (or not so secretly) love sharing clothes with you and would throw his entire closet at you if you asked him for any. he'd always offer you some of his food and defend you from his teasing members. would probably walk you home from anywhere and likes keeping body contact, even if it's just arms or legs touching.
someone who'd be more protective than you'd think. likes to hold your hand and play with your fingers. definitely gives the boys the side-eye when they say something weird to you. would fix your hair and makeup for you, and likes cooking for you. would get so blushy and giddy if you compliment him on his meals. is good at reading your body language and facial expressions, so he's ready to go home when you are. would tease you for being clumsy but at the same time fix whatever you broke. holds your hand everywhere, especially when you cross the street.
nags you into taking care of yourself. picks fluff off your sweater and fixes your hair for you. always keeps an eye out for you, just to make sure you're feeling comfortable. would order for you if you feel shy to do so. also someone who protects your space from strangers. he'd be so sneaky with it, you barely notice his intent. would kind of just follow you around when you're out and about because for one, he wants to stay with you, but for the other, he also wants to make sure nobody disturbs your fun.
he'd be the type to call you a dummy when you trip but he also helps you up and brushes off the dirt from your clothes. likes wearing matching clothes because it shows you two belong together. always shares his food with you and checks in regularly if you've eaten and drunk enough. definitely counters all the teasing from the boys and has the softest spot for you (which definitely doesn't go unnoticed). he strikes me as the type of guy who'd annoy you on purpose like he'd poke your sides or pull down your beanie. but when you almost run into a lampost because of his antics, he'd be so quick to pull you away and apologize (and then call you a dummy again).
© aemoonie
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seungisms · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: hardcore fluff
warnings: minho being soft
note: may have gone a little overboard with felix because!! i’m so soft for him!! i just know he’d love receiving forehead kisses the most out of the boys :’) also kinda busted an uwu for jisung during this, let’s not talk about it 😐
Tumblr media
Chan was just about ready to place his lips against your own once he noticed you lean up on your toes with your lips cutely puckered, clutching tightly onto the soft fabric of his sweatshirt to bring him down to your height. A small noise of confusion leaves him when you narrowly avoid his kiss, whines of protest ready to tumble from his tongue only to be interrupted by a loving peck being placed tenderly against his forehead; successfully turning him into a pile of mush over your adorable antics. He’ll dramatically coo over you for the rest of the day, feeling so safe and protected every time you decide to plant another soft peck to the side of his head. He’s an absolute goner each and every time without fail so it’s safe to say forehead kisses become a regular form of affection in your relationship.
“You’re so cute, please spare me from this pain.”
His normally teasing nature is thrown out the window and completely forgotten as soon as he feels your sweater paws softly cup his face before coaxing him to lean down, practically melting once you brush his bangs aside just to leave the lightest of kisses against his smooth skin, the lingering feeling of your pretty lips making him oh so soft. Minho will never admit it but he absolutely adores your little forehead kisses and nothing else will ever make him feel so safe and loved. He hates asking for your affection so he’ll gently nudge his nose against your jaw before leaving a small kiss on the patch of smooth skin, his silent way of telling you he wanted your sweet forehead pecks. Gets flustered every time you do it but will cover up his red ears and shy smile with teasing words, tauntingly lowering himself to your height, secretly finding your small pout so adorable.
“Sure you can reach up there shortstack? Let me help.”
Despite being quite vertically challenged himself, Changbin absolutely loves the slight height difference between you both, he swears watching you struggle and pout to reach his lips for a mere kiss is one of his favourite sights. So when you curl your fingers around the collar of his hoodie and practically force him down to your level while ignoring his surprised stammers only to lean up further on your toes and press a warm peck to his head, he practically melts. You’re gonna have to help him out at this point cause he’ll be broken for the remainder of the day. Tries to play his timidness off but there’s no mistaking the slight waver to his words as he tried to tease you for your actions, desperately trying to avoid your loving gaze, hoping you didn’t notice the cute fluster creeping up his neck onto his ears, the urge to have your lips pressed against his forehead once more becoming far too strong for him to cope with.
“Get in my pocket. Now.”
He’s gonna tease you to hell and back and there’s nothing you can do about it, mark my words. Thinks it’s the cutest thing ever that you struggle so much to reach his lips never-mind his forehead - so when you make a point to stand on the front of his boots and push yourself up even further to gently clutch the back of his neck, coaxing him to bend his head down and leaving a tender peck against his head, he’s officially wrapped around your finger. His lips will still be cutely puckered - from having thought you were going to kiss him - before his signature scandalised Hyunjin look starts to set in. Offended for the rest of the day until you finally give him a proper kiss, but he’ll never admit your little forehead kiss made his heart race in a way he can’t explain.
“That was nice but I think you missed a spot.”
Jisung was on the verge of sleep when you decided to be the cutest little bean on the planet (his words) and kiss his head. His legs were tangled with your own, larger frame easily engulfing your own as he nuzzled further into your neck, the soothing feeling of your fingers threading through his disheveled hair and your sweet scent coaxing him further into slumber before his eyes suddenly shot open at the feeing of a light peck being left on his forehead. Looks up at you with a tired squint, a slight fluster tinting his face as his sleepy brain tried to process what the fuck just happened. Any other day he’d be all over you, gushing and screaming over how!! adorable you are!! and basically smothering you until you couldn’t take it anymore but all his spent form could manage was a simple kiss behind your ear in return, muttering sweet words of love against your skin.
“Hmm, guess I gotta return the favour.”
Felix shows his love for you in many different forms and one of them happens to be forehead kisses, loving the shyness that overtakes you every time he plants one on you. One of his favourite things to do is leave little absentminded kisses to the top of your head throughout the day, an adoring grin taking over his freckled face as he thrives in your sudden fluster and embarrassed whines that are sure to follow soon after; so you couldn’t help but return the favour while sitting in the backseat of Changbin’s car while on a roadtrip, your shoulder somehow becoming a convenient resting place for your drained boyfriend. You swear you’ve never seen someone shake off sleep that quickly, staring up at you dreamingly as he softly touched his forehead, still able to feel the light peck you placed moments ago, all the while ignoring the groans of the other boys at your sudden display of affection. Please apologise to the others in advance cause this man is gonna be so clingy and doting on you for the rest of the trip and no one can stop him.
“Ignore them. They’re just jealous they don’t have a cutie like you giving them kiss. Now, stop being a tease and give me a real one.”
Despite being the tsundere king that he is, Seungmin is weak in the knees for softer love languages and affection; practically melting right there on the spot once you crept up behind him while he was working away at his computer, stress and exhaustion slacking his pretty face, before having his head coaxed back to meet your warm gaze, an excuse for why he was working so late just about to fall from his lips only for you to gently brush his bangs back, pressing a lingering kiss to the smooth skin. Will literally abandon all and any remaining work, too sleepy and lovestruck to focus on anything other than your loving embrace - suddenly turning in his chair just to coax you onto his lap, nudging his face into your neck as you twisted and fingered the knots out of his hair, leaving the occasional kiss against his head while he finally relaxed in your arms.
“Work can wait, let’s just stay like this for awhile.”
Normally, he’s incredibly embarrassed when it comes to affection and tries to avoid it at all costs because if he was being honest with himself, sometimes the thought of his own love for you scares the shit out of him to the point where he can’t even hold your hand without turning into a red, stuttering mess. So the moment you pull him down by the strings of his hoodie to land a firm kiss against his forehead he’s a goner. Buffers for a second cause oh my god you’re so cute and he could eat you up!! He secretly loves being babied by you and your little kisses make him feel nothing but safe and protected, but he’ll turn into a blushing mess later once the boys point out the lipstick stain on his forehead and trust me you’ll get an earful off him later; but he’d take all the teasing in the world from the others if it meant you’ll continue placing sweet pecks against his head when he most needed them.
Tumblr media
© seungisms — all rights reserved. reposting/modification of any kind is not tolerated.
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spilledtee · 17 days ago
𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐖𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐭
Word Count: 8.6k
Warning: slight mention of body image, body painting, drawing dicks, smut, fingering, oral ( f.receiving), unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), creampie, anal play, double penetration in two holes, hair pulling, face sitting, breath play, slight choking, slight impact play, dirty talking, threesome- F/M/M, detailed aftercare, switch!Jisung, switch!Hyunjin, switch!reader
Synopsis: As the semester is coming to a close you notice that one grade of yours is lack. As a last ditch effort to save your grade you get paired up with Hyunjin and Han to fix that.
A/N: This was not proofread but please enjoy regardless. I hope that the tags are working for this as well! Also there will be a possible part 2 with 2Chan (if enough people request it)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You hate yourself. Hate yourself for thinking that taking an art class would be easy. Hate yourself for thinking that you could easily pass this class because you thought that getting through quantum mechanics would be as easy as being able to draw or paint or sculpt. You definitely hate your left brain thinking that being artistic would come as easy as solving something from modern physics. It was no surprise you were a genius when it came to down math and scene, but selecting anything creative, even if it was for a measly university credit, well that was your struggle. So, it didn’t come as a surprise when your university art professor pulled you aside after class nearing the ending semester to inform you he was assigning you to a group project as a last ditch effort to save your grade. It was his hope that collaborating with some of your more skilled peers would offer you the opportunity to pick up some essential skills, or at least get more involved.
What was surprising was that he had decided to pair up with the top of his class, Hwang Hyunjin, even more baffling was that Hyunjin had been the one that suggested the idea. Not only was he a work of art himself (he looked like he had been sculpted by the gods after all), but he was also a certified creative genius compared to your stick-figure-at-best skill set. At least you could expect a half-decent grade, all concerns aside. There would also be zero room for procrastination it seemed because no sooner as you walked out of class had your phone buzzed with a text message from your beautiful, art prodigy of a partner asking if you were free next week to get the project done whichever day you were available.
You knew that he was a genius when it came to this stuff, but the idea of getting it done within a day seemed like he was rushing it. You told him that rather bluntly over text, to which he quickly replied that he already had the concept down for a bodypainting and photoshoot and that all the work you would have to do was to show up to be the model of said project. A rather large knot formed in your stomach, going a few shades of red at the idea. It wasn’t like you weren’t comfortable in your skin or anything, however it was just the thought of someone, especially Hyunjin, so up close and personal with every nook and cranny of your body. An overruling voice in your head told you that Hyunjin had seen you in a bathing suit before, what was the real difference? With shaky thumbs and trying to think as little as possible about this, you hastily texted him back that his idea was a rather bold move. Again, as reassuring and sweet as before, he said that they would ease you into it and if you didn’t feel comfortable, you could paint and shoot Hyunjin instead. Somehow, the idea of painting Hyunjin seemed even more frightening than the latter, so you just simply agreed to the first idea. That seemed to please your partner as he sent a flurry of emojis your way before sending over the address to his apartment for your scheduled project work day.
You let out a breath, feeling a little uneasy about the idea but you knew that Hyunjin was one to take risks with his art and it always turned out museum worthy, perfect. Besides, you needed this to pass your elective. With those thoughts in your mind, it seemed as the days drew closer to the weekend you couldn’t really manage your nerves, even when Hyunjin had decided to get coffee each time after class so that you would have been more comfortable around him. That had only made you more tense though. Spending time with your attractive partner, and seeing his expertise with attention to detail made your mind go back to the fact that he would be up close and personal with your body. What had made it even worse was when the fated day had come and the first text you had gotten from home was that Jisung, another prodigy when he came to arts although it was for music, would join you as well and apparently inviting him would get you some extra credit as well. Ending with a ‘hope it’s okay’ and ‘don’t worry it’s not a big deal’.
Part of you was slightly irritated that you didn't get more warning on your drive over to his place, but the more rational part of your brain, told you that you would take any points to get you to pass this class so that you would never have to think about this horrid class again. Sure, sure. No big deal. Only the imminent nudity, baring it all for not only Hwang Hyunjin, but oh, his equally hot friend, Han Jisung. Any would be weak in the knees being in the same position as you were. And you were feeling the small stumble in your step as you parked in the driveway, exhaling a breath taken too soon as you cracked the windows so your car wouldn’t hotbox itself and finally stepped out when you felt confident enough.
It was quite a nice neighbourhood, your thought crossing the driveway to the front steps. That ridiculous question popped in your head whether you should ring the doorbell, knock or just shoot one of them a text that you were there. As if reading your mind, or possibly having some telepathic power, the door opened and two other men appeared before you. You blinked, they were definitely attractive but they weren’t Hyunjin or Jisung. Your mouth opened to say something, but the one with the beanie atop his head smiled at you and promptly cut you off. “Go ahead Hyunjin and Han are already set up. The studio is down stairs and the first door on your left.” 
You nodded, offering him a shy smile. “Thanks. I didn’t realize there would be other people here.”
He shrugged. “Yeah, we kinda live together. Just moved in with the four of us actually.” He said, pointing between him and the other, rather muscular, man beside him. “Chan, by the way. And this is-”
“Changbin. Nice to meet you.” The other man said, smiling at you as well before taking your hand to shake it. 
That was when you realized who they were. It seemed that everyone around you had been talented within the field of creativity compared to you. Chan and Changbin had been musical prodigies as well, they were actually the ones that had taught Jisung everything he knew. You had seen them around here and there, but never actually got to interact with them till now. “(Y/N). Hi. Are you guys going somewhere or-?”
Changbin nodded, promptly turning on the car before hiking his bag over his shoulder. “We’re headed to the gym and then going to work on a music theory assignment. Hyunjin kicked us out so that he could focus on your project.” 
Immediately a rather apologetic look crossed your face. “Sorry about that.”
Chan shook his head in response. “Don’t be, it’s important so we don’t mind. Plus Hyunjin and Han like to have room to focus when they work together.” He chuckled as if recalling a memory of his two friends. “Anyway, we shouldn’t keep you. Bin, can you put this in the car for me? I think I forgot my airpods.” The other man nodded, grabbing the other black gym bag from his friend before heading to the car.
You watched as Changbin disappeared from his line of sight, before Chan stepped aside allowing you to head in first before he followed you suit. As you both reached the stairs that parted from the studio to the second floor, you turned towards Chan. “Thanks for this. Without this project I think I’d have to repeat this class.”
He was surprised for a second at your words, before moving around your, a hand on your back and immediately sending a shiver through you. “No need to thank me. Hyunjin and Hannie are the ones you should be thanking. But-” He paused, the rather small distance being closed as he leaned down to your ear, voice husky and rather suggestive as he spoke. “-if you really want to thank me, you’re free to visit me and Bin in our studio if you want.”
That stunned you, your eyes completely widening at the remark, making Chan chuckle when he pulled away from you. The hand on your back travelling to your shoulder to give you a rather reassuring squeeze. “Think about it, or don’t. I’ll see you around though.” He said, maneuvering passed you to get to the set of stairs that lead to the upper floor of their house, only pausing as he was half way up the steps to look back at you. “Remember the first door on the left and try not to mess okay?” Although his eyes had softened, there was still some mischief that had been laced in his voice.
“I’ll try.” Was all that you could manage to him soon heading downstairs and a text appeared on your phone. Not just a single text though, multiple had been sent from Hyunjin asking where you were. Apparently someone was an eager beaver to get you stripped and primed for painting. You immediately texted back that you got caught up with talking to Chan and Changbin, then throwing a jest at his expense, telling him to buy you a drink first while you finally made your way fully down the stairs to get to where he and Jisung had been waiting for you. 
There was just the one hallway down there, you noticed, as you headed down the corridor, branching off from the foyer. In transit you passed various photos of each of the roommates, along with others that seemed to be in their friend group. It made you chuckle as you immediately headed left towards where the studio should be. Once you opened the door a rather catchy, r&b-like-synthetic, likely Colde or Keshi or something along those lines, track was playing as two sets of eyes immediately turned towards you. Hyunjin turned towards a remote control, turning the volume down to a perfect background-pitch before greeting you with a nod and capping a tube of mars black. “Hey, (Y/N).”
Though you were sure that you answered him, you barely registered your partner’s presence, having completely flabbergasted with Jisung. You knew what to expect from the mock-up sketches that Hyunjin had shown you throughout the week but peicel to paper couldn’t do the real thing justice. There standing before you, and on Jisung's body, was a masterpiece of industrial components and mechanisms, all steel and gears and wire cables in shades of gunmetal blue, silver and copper. All of it had been overlapping and constructed in fluid machinery that somehow made sense though it was nothing you’ve ever seen before. There was concrete, hard lines, shadows, depth. Having been painted like this Jisung human, organic form was no more. Instead, taking on something fabricated entirely by man. He was no longer born into the world, but manufactured. 
“Wow.” You breathed, finally looking at Hyunjin. “It’s beautiful.”
Rubbing the side of his neck, his self-consciousness showing, Hyunjin nodded along to your comment. “Oh, it’s nothing special…”
“Says the guy that got it done within an hour.” Jisung piped up from the foreground of the photo-shoot area, gesturing to his scantily clad yet completely painted from head to toe physique. 
An automatic blush crept along your cheeks and you turned away as an attempt not to stare at Jisung’s rather amazing body portions. You decided to turn your attention to Hyunjin’s set up, investing all available interest in that instead. “Wow.” You squeaked, voice a couple ocatives too high to seem nonchalant rather than nervous. “You have a ton of paint.”
It was the truth. There were two briefcases full in fact. He was also seemed rather organized as well, having neatly arranged in a perfect, uninterrupted spectrum. “Um, thanks? I’m an art major after all.” Hyunjin offered, uncertain if that was something to warrant a “thank you” from or not. You felt a little stupid at the point, realizing that you words must have sounded as such. Of course he would have a vast majority of paint, what else do you think he would have? Your mind told you. You opened your mouth to figure out a way to mend your rather dumbfounded response but Hyunjin was already speaking. “So, ready to get naked for us?” He questioned, clapping his hands together and giving you a rather suggestive look. You swore the ground fell a few inches out from beneath you with the forwardness of Hyunjin’s question. Again you felt dumbfounded, attempting to stutter out a half-assed response, earning a chuckle from him. “Kidding, kidding! You know what I mean.”
“Mhm.” You respond, moving to the corner sofa and pulling your hoodies over your head. You undressed down to just your bra and underwear as fast as possible to avoid the general awkwardness of the situation, although it seemed that the two men didn’t seem to mind. Of course they wouldn’t. You thought to yourself as you folded your clothes in a neat pile before swallowing back your self-doubt and turning around, effort in overdrive to keep calm to not be shy.
A fresh drop cloth was set down next to Hyunjin’s paints, brushes in a row from narrow to broad bristles. He hopped on a stool, fresh pallet in hand. “Good to go?” He asked, eyes widened with some kind of excitement that you couldn’t quite read.
Taking a deep breath you nodded. “Good to go.” You repeated after him.
That was all that needed to exchanged by the two of you as Hyunjin readied his slate with various dobs of colour while Jisung, whom had rarely spoke (surprisingly), fiddled with Hyunjins phone, flicking through songs and settling on a prominent bass guitar number with a more upbeat feel. Not a second into the track and Hyunjin was already loading up a brush to get to work. Tentatively his eyes came back to you, watching if there were anymore signs of hesitation but when you simply sat still you continued. The paint was cold, but not the extent that it was bothersome. It was soothing, stupefying even as every flick and swish of Hyunjin’s hand translated that which he had sketched out on paper over to your skin. Uncertain exactly where to look while he was working on your face, you opted to keep your eyes closed, stealing a few cursory glances now and then at your partner. His eyes seemed to focus, whether it be on his pallet, or his posture, even just the expression he was making on his face.
As you cracked your lids open once again you found Hyunjin inches away from your face, he was quite close. So close in fact you could see the detailing of the mole that rested on his eye, plump, pink lips masked together in hard lines as he delved all his focus on tracing the outline of your brow in a luscious shade of leaf green. Every colour at the ready were hues prominently associated with nature, as was the theme Hyunjin was going for with artwork. In conjunction with the industrial, structured artwork decorating Jisung’s skin, he created two parallels of one another that once placed side by side were deeply symbolic and poetic. Hyunjin definitely was a genius, especially with the way he was creating this piece. This definitely would save your grade, and possibly invoke some feelings for anyone that saw it.
Your thoughts broke hearing Hyunjin let out a sigh, relaxing back in his stool signal that he had finished half of the upper front of your body. He stared at you a second before a satisfied smile appeared on his face as he switched to a wide, flat brush to coat the rest of your stomach, back and legs. Butterflies assaulted your insides when he had nudged your legs apart, tickling your inner thighs as he covered every inch of your body. “Nothing if not thorough.” He replied, flashing a wicked grin and wink at you. 
Wait? He winked at you? Did he actually do that? Your mind raced, realizing that somehow everyone decided today would be the day to flirt with you. First, his roommate Chan and now him. You opened your mouth to question him but you interrupted by a- “Yuck. What the fuck.” From the other side of the room. You instantly ripped your attention from the man painting between your legs and over to his best friend, who was wearing a rather distasteful expression and a frown on his lips. “I got paint in my mouth!”
Hyunjin rolled his eyes. “You’re not supposed to eat it, man.” He said, throwing a small chuckle over his shoulder. “Lucky for you it’s non-toxic.”
Jisung muttered another string of curses, mostly directed towards the paint before your attention was back on Hyunjin, who definitely was now shooting a wink your way. Your mind immediately to the idea of how easy it would be to grab the back of his head and shove his face right into your heated-
“And that’s the base coat!” Hyunjin exclaimed, completely interjecting any of the oncoming slew of inappropriate thoughts, standing up to give you another glance over. He went back to cover up some spots he had missed before pulling his stool, ready to begin the finer details of the artwork. It was almost hypnotizing, if not extremely captivating, following his brush in linear motion that flowed with curves of your body. The designs connected together without interruption, from the filigree vines that climbed your arms and wrapped around your shoulders, to the veins of leaves, to the small wonders that were only visible upon close inspection. Watching him work was better than a spa treatment and by the time he went back to add light and shadows, the nervousness that had once taken over your body had been quelled. 
Time seemed infinite now and before you knew it, the transformation was complete. Hyunjin, being ever so kind, walked you over to the full length mirror to get a full 360 view of his masterpiece. He had turned you basically into a nature sprite with foliage and vines wrapping around you with the intention of complementing your build. You had almost forgotten that you were still in your underwear and you had to give it to Hyunjin, his handiwork was playing tricks with your eyes and he did not even miss out on any detail. Especially with the blades of grass that seemed to be prepared throughout your body. Nothing, not detail at all, had been missed. You realized a moment too late that your mouth was agape and let a dozen compliments flutter out of your mouth. “Hyunjin, this is…” You attempted, unable to find the words to fully encompass how truly skilled he was, despite having mashed compliments up together prior to this. “This is…”
“Good?” He offered, looking at your rather intently through the mirror.
“So much better than just good. Amazing, incredible, I don’t even know.” You told him. “I don’t ever want this off.”
As quick as ever to brush off the compliment, Hyunjin simply shrugged, although you could see the hints of elation that lined the small, dimpled smile he had on his lips. “Ah, you’re just saying that.” Was all he said before beckon Jisuver over, who had kept himself busy with watching Youtube videos on his phone or flickering through the music. The two of you moved to where the photoshoot was being held, taking position over the X’s that were marked with tape on the floor as Hyunjin turned on his carema, fastening it to the tripod. “Just relax, okay?” Hyunjin advisted the two of you, however you felt that was more directed towards you rather than his best friend as the first shutter of the camera flashed before your eyes.
The photoshoot was as quick as it started, although Hyunin had taken a dozen shots, mixing up your poses and flickin on different studio lights to change the ambience. He had completely covered multiple angles, intent on capturing every detail of his craft, conveying the message of the artwork he had created loud and clear. A perfect fusion of the harmony of the industrial revolution with Mother Nature herself. 
Although you didn’t touch for the majority of the poses, you were positioned so close to Jisung and his presence was nothing short of overwhelming, having watched him take to the camera naturally. It must have been something about the contrasting charcoal paints against the whites of his eyes that startled you every time you changed positions, finding yourself lingering on his gaze more and more. If Jisung minded, he chose not to tell you, rather opting to give you a keen smirk whenever he had caught your staring. You were liable to start sweating the paint off at this point. Thankfully, Hyunjin gestured to the two of you that he was nearly finished. “One more guys. Then that’s it.” He said, bringing the tripod closer and adjusting the lens. “Hug each other and make it really intense.” 
You were rather reluctant, thinking about what a waste that would be if the two of you were to hug and immediately you voiced your concern to him. “Hyunjin, we’ll ruin-”
“That’s why I saved the best for last.” You and Jisung looked at each other, debating at first but deciding not to argue with the professional that Hyunjin was. Jisung stepped forward before you could back out, wrapping his arms around your shoulder and feeling the paint smear between the two of you as you returned the hug. The shutter of Hyunjin’s camera went off multiple times, the photographer requesting you both to look at him, then in another direction and then to make eye contact with each other. It was quite intimidating having to stare so directly into Jisung’s gaze. “Now kiss.” Hyunjin confidently made the request as if it was the most natural thing to do. When it reality tt was rather an audacious move, a rather striking metaphor that would certainly tie the project together. Shrugging, you reposition to lean into Jisung and allow the kiss to happen all by itself.
Knowing you’re being photographed and sensing the blind flash behind your eyelids there was a rather staged factor to the embrace, though you are thankful it was short-lived. However, your mind was immediately drawn to Jisung’s lips once he left your embrace and was kissing you. His lips shouldn’t feel so soft, he shouldn’t be kissing you with such skill and tact. Nevertheless, he was. So you kissed him back. It was all you could do to maintain focus with your body betraying you, unable to deny the blossoming in your stomach all the way down to your core. It was like holding your finger under the tap, feeling the water slowly heat up. Your body was reacting the same way and you forced yourself to pull away because if you hadn’t you swore you would have combusted right then and there. 
“Hey you alright?” He asked you, voice rather breathless. Jisung’s startled expression immediately cleared, apparently he had been surprised by your rather abrupt detachment from him. You must have made him feel like a bad kisser, or even just plain rude. Either way you felt bad that you let some school girl-like nerves completely get in the way of your project. Not being able to find the words you nodded. Jisung softly smiled at you before turning to Hyunjin with concern drawn back on his face. “Shit, did you get the shots you needed dude?”
Flipping through the photo reel, Hyunjin nodded. “We’re good. Guess that’s a wrap then.”
“Nice.” A sigh of relief left Han’s lips, now stretching his shoulder and grabbing his bag of spare clothes from the other side of the room. “Can’t wait to get this off.”
“Hey, wait a sec.” You called after him, shooting Hyunjin a look of mischief before turning your attention back to his friend.
Jisung arched a brow at you, or at least you thought he did because his face was still smeared with paint and his long bangs were hiding his brows. “What’s up?”
You grabbed the used paintbrush and pallet, with Hyunjin’s rather curious nod of approval, and approached Jisung. You twirled your finger to him, motioning him to turn around. “I’d like to make my own contribution to this work of art. If you’ll allow me, that is.”
“Uh, sure. I’m just gonna wash it-hey! What the fuck! That’s cold!” Jisung yelped out. 
You ignore Jisung’s protest as you continue your work. You tried your best to suppress your giggles, only taking a few seconds to illustrate a cartoonesque, unmistakably phallic shape one the plane of his back, topping it off with a generous scrotum. Inspiration striking at the last second, you decide to give it an arm and a cheerful thumbs up accompanied along with a smiley face sticking its tongue out. 
A small snort came from Hyunjin. “Dude, you’re gonna love it.” He said, trying to hold in his laugh but as he attempted to find words it seemed that he could no longer sustain his serious expression, now laughing out loud as he spoke. “It’s beautiful!” He remarked.
To that you laughed as well, which put an abrupt end to your artistic endeavours as Jisung turned towards the mirror, sighing at the image of a dick on his back, promptly grabbing his things and storming out of the studio before yelling that he was showering to get this all off of him. A moment of silence hung through the air before hearing a frustrated groan from the bathroom along with an audible thud as he apparently got a better look at the full body design you had created for him. Hearing your other partner struggle immediately sent both you and Hyuniin into a fit of hysterics at Jisung’s expense and his string of curses from behind the wall only continued to make your ribs hurt. 
Hyunjin was red-faced and wiping a mirthful tear from his eyes. You recalled in your memories never truly seeing him this elated before. In class, he was always serious, always studious, always so focused on everything he was doing. Hyunjin had been someone you had assumed was rather cold, despite having known him all semester. Seeing him smile like this made you want to kiss him-
In fact, he was kissing you before you could insinuate it yourself, backing you up against the sheet-covered wall of the black backdrop, his clothes now covered in paint, hand smudging the designs running up your ribs and messing up, not only from the paint but your mind as well. Some paint mixed between your mouths, making you whine at the fact that it diluted his taste and it made you pull back, no doubt with an unattractive expression that must have matched Jisung’s earlier from tasting the paint. “Got anything I can wipe my face with?”
Your partner peeled off his white tank top, offering it to you and insisting you use it even as you tried to decline. “It’ll taste better for the both of us if you just use it.” He stated, trying to convince you further. That was all it took for you to wipe from bow to chin, focusing mostly on your mouth, paint now being removed and your face completely clean from the earthy colours that had been etched into your face. You barely had enough time to toss the shirt aside before Hyunjin was already pressed against you once more. “Fuck…” He mumbled against your lips. “Been waiting to this… to you… for so long.” He admitted, pausing every now and then to hungrily kiss your lips.
“Same.” You admitted having admired his god-like face too many times to count, especially his lips and not even questioning how he could have imagined this seeing as the two of you had only met this semester and only ever talked during parties or when partnered up together in the one class you had. Either way, you don’t question it because Hyunjin was an amazing kiss. Especially now that the paint was gone. There was still a faint hint of paint still on your tongue, though now it was prominently Hyunjin. As he felt you up from back to front he soon became the only thing you tasted, cloying and pheromone-laden kisses being the only thing you had fixated on. You hadn’t realized that you were a complete mess until you part from Hyunjin’s mouth to locate his belt buckle, grinning at the smears of paint that had scattered across his bare chest and stomach. 
Something about that seemed funny, or at least made you laugh that you couldn’t help but snicker at the situation you had gotten into. Hyunjin gave you a rather question look before you shook your head and huffed out that you didn’t know what you were laughing at. Maybe relief that the project was over, or just simply that you were enjoying him. Either way you let yourself laugh for a moment before refocusing on lower yourself to your knees before him, making quick work of his belt buckle. As you slide the zipper down, a sharp inhale above you could be heard. “Jisung-”
You paused to look up at him, untucking his already rock, hard shaft from his boxers. Hyunjin, true to his pretty nature, also had a pretty cock. This man was definitely as beautiful as the art that he had created. “Let him watch.” You boldly stated, completely different from how shy you had been earlier. 
That made Hyunjin smirk ready to comment that was a slutty thing that was to stay but immediately his voice was lost upon feeling your mouth take in one of his balls in your mouth. His head jerked back, mouth agape from letting out a drawn out moan sand eye completely shut as you wrapped your hand around him, pumping his cock while you simultaneously tease his sack with your tongue. Precum stained your hand as you rubbed his tip, smoothing it up and down the velvet flesh of his cock, being careful with your teeth as he jutted forward. His head snapped upright again, eyes locked on with yours as you flatten your tongue along the bottom ridge of his cock before slipping the head past your lips. The delicious, rather reactive, groan from Hyunjin completely resonated with you, immediately sending a pool of heat to your core, feeling yourself immediately soaked from just his responses.
You were halfway through delivering Hyunjin the mouthfuck that he was waiting for when a hand knotted in the back of your hair, pulling you up and disconnecting you from his cock, strands of saliva streaking down your chin. There was Jisung, stark narked and still damp from the shower he had taken. “I know you’re not forgetting about me.” He growled, completely filled with equal smugness and lust. “Be a good girl now.”
And you wasted no time at all as you took Jisung;s shaft all the way as he delivered long, head to base strokes, practically fucking your face to the point that you gagged at almost every thrust of his hips. It was evident that you were skilled, forming an O at the bottom of Jisung’s shaft with your fingers, almost like a makeshift cockring while your mouth worked around him. Wet sounds of your mouth meeting Jisung’s pelvic bone echoed through the studio, completely drowning the background music and only urging to increase his tempo. Jisung carded through your hair tighten, balling them into fist, making Hyunjin groan from where he had been seated, cock in his fist watching the two of you. It was like a switch had flipped both of them. The once polite partners you had were authoritative and borderline aggressive. You did have to credit them for keeping the same drive and determination they had in real life though. Maybe this was their true nature. That you minded though. “What the hell are you thinking about?” Jisung question, pinching the top of your nose to grab your attention as you struggled to breathe. “Slack your jaw baby.” He commanded, releasing your nose so that air filled your lungs again and you obeyed his words. “Good girl. Let me fuck that perfect mouth.” The demand, the direction in his request- no his command- had you rubbing your thighs together, the tingle of lust bristling through your body and made your folds complete slick as Jisung continued to fuck your mouth with all mercy abandoned.
“Look at yourself.” Hyunjin commanded, gesturing towards the mirroring. Again you did as you were told, watching as Jisung thrusted in and out of your mouth, a saliva and precum sheen coating your swollen lips and the sound of flesh on flesh. Seeing you completely at Jisung’s mercy was definitely something out of Hyunjin’s wildest, darkest, crazed fantatises, only making him fist himself harder. His eyes completely transfixed on every detail from your expression, to your body, to the way your mouth. It was like he was painting you all over again, although this time it was in his memory. That was something to be expected from him. What you didn’t expect was Hyunjin basically reaching for you, hand replacing Jisung’s as it tangled in your hair and halted the movement of your mouth. Both you and Jisung immediately whimpered at the loss of contact, making Hyunjin chuckle slightly before looking at his best friend. “Why don’t you fuck her Hannie? I think we deserve to reward her for being such a good model.” He suggested, releasing from his grasp to let you up on the couch where he had been seated.
You could barely register the movement, only gasping when Jisung practically threw himself on top of you, pressing his lips against your puffy, irritated ones. His hand immediately reached for your bra, pulling the material down to free your breasts. If he hadn’t immediately affixed his lips to one of your buds, you would have probably giggled at the stark contrast of unpainted skin against the muddled mess of paint smudges that still coated your frame and likely getting not only Jisung dirty, but the couch as well. It seemed that Jisung cared little for it though as he teased your nipple until it hardened within his mouth, switching to the other and doing the same, before marking you with his teeth, causing you to scream out. You felt Jisung twitch against your thigh, throbbing and definitely yearning to be fucked. You hoped that he took the hint as you wrapped your legs around his hips, grinding your soaked underwear against his cock that you would happily oblige to allow him inside of you. A breathless chuckle left his lips, definitely a sign that he got your little message. Promptly separating from your chest, he thrusted against you, easily pushing passed your slicked, clothed core. The sensation of being filled left a sweet moan vibrating from your throat. He continued to grind his hips against yours, as he slipped one hand downward, pushing your underwear to the side and sinking into you.
“Fuck…” You both groaned out in unison. He felt too good and he must have felt the same about you because he was still holding himself to the hilt, lavishing the way your velvety walls clenched around his cock. Too lost in the feeling, he gave you little warning as he started rolling his hips, setting up a slightly faster pace although still slow enough that he could fully shealth himself inside of you to hit all the right spots. It was amazing until-
“Faster.” A second voice came as the couch dipped behind you and Hyunjin was there, looking down at you with all the starvation in his eyes and lethal smirk plastered on his face. Jisung immediately obeyed, picking up the pace just a bit as Hyunjin’s long, slender fingers tipped your head back. “I don’t think that pretty mouth of yours has worked hard enough.” He said, pressing the head of his cock to your lips. You didn’t protest at all, instead straightening your throat as you allowed him to slide effortlessly inside until he rubbed the roof of your mouth. Hyunjin refused to move though, seeing as the pace that Jisung had fuked you was enough to have you rock against him and his approval met with another hoarse groan. “Just like that. Make her cum, Hannie, faster.”
Almost like a perverted game of Simon says, Jisung followed his best friend’s orders and bucked into you at a higher rate, surpassing the tempo of the upbeat music that had looped through the background. You were completely at the mercy and completely hungry for their cocks and so desperate for release. Hyunjin was definitely going to bruise your mouth and Jisung was hitting every spot, making your orgasm not only a priority but a necessity. Your body not being one to lie completely clenched around Jisung, even Hyunjin seemed to notice as his hand wrapped around the lower column of your neck to feel his bulge press against your throat. “Don’t worry baby.” Jisung’s voice sounded, also rather smug. “We’ll make you feel so good.” With that Jisung’s nimble fingers was between your legs, pressing tight circles against your sensitive bundle of nerves, building the knot that had been in your stomach at an alarming rate and arching your back as you allowed the coil to completely tighten and burst through your body.
Thankfully, Hyunjin slipped out of your mouth in time to allow you tocum and a loud curse to escape your lips as you squirmed beneath Jisung, pulsing around his cock and grinding into him. Jisung bit down on his lip in response, never quelling his thrusts to allow your orgams to last longer and only stopped when the feeling of you squeezing against him had ceased. 
When you floated back down to solid ground a surge of adrenaline rocked through your system, not wanting the boys to have all the fun. You pushed Jisung down, his back hitting the couch as you wobbled to your feet to take off your underwear fullying and shakily parted your legs on either side of his face so that he had a view of both of your holes. You wanted to be steady, slow even, however Jisung never worked that way. He was not about to give you time to adjust, Jisung’s arms hooking around your thighs, forcing you down onto his face and rubbing your clith with his chin back and forth. Your essence immediately drenching him, running down his jaw as you teetered on your knees. The only thing you could do was support yourself with your hands on his chest. 
“Cute.” Hyunjin huffed out. “Pull her up more for me will you? And spread her wider.” Again Jisung listened, raising your hips up so that your face was pressed against his heated skin. You opened your eyes, not even realizing they had been closed, as you felt Hyunjin shift forward, dragging his fingers up your thighs before nearing your other hole. You watched as Jisung’s cock twitched watching the two of you above him, as his mouth nipped the hood of your clit, causing you to moan out. When your eyes turned to Hyunjin, his eyes had gone completely dark, salacious, carnal even as his gaze locked with yours, spit gathered in his mouth before directing to your other hole and then his fingers. “I won’t touch you there if you don’t want me to. Just say the word and I’ll stop.” Hyunjin reassured, fingers still oh-so-close to your other entrance.
Letting out a small whimper, you turned your gaze away from him and nodded. “No, I want it.” You said, parting your legs further.
That was enough from him, his coated finger immediately pressing the rather tight hole. An obscene moan left his plush lips, feeling every squeeze from the muscle as he continued to work you open. So much so that he was able to press two fingers inside of you, your muscles clenching around his long, slender fingers as he continued to coax you. What was supposed to be painful soon turned to pleasure as you rolled your hips against both Jisung’s mouth and Hyunjin’s fingers. The feeling made you pant, your mind becoming muddled as you attempted to maintain focus but it was completely lost to you. “Hyun- Hyunjin… I need… need you.”
“What was that, sweetheart?” Hyunjin's rather cocky tone played, a wicked grin on his pink lips. “What do you need me to do?”
You felt his fingers stroke within you deeper, attempting to pull at another reaction from you. A rather inpatient, throaty growl came from you. “I need you inside of me. I need to fuck me.” You hissed at him. 
“Good girl. I like hearing you use your words.” He praised before replacing his fingers with the head of his cock, prodding you coyly for a few strokes before biting down on his lip and plunging his entire length past the threshold of your ass. 
Both of you reacted identically, head falling back and a share of a sigh before Hyunjin allowed a single thrust, deep and slow, to test the water and give you the privilege to adjust to his full length and the new friction he was giving you. Grabbing at your hips, his fingers dig into your skin, leaving marks there for tomorrow as Hyunjin increased his tempo, rolling smoothly to complete each motion of his hips. A small growl vibrated beneath, having completely forgotten about Jisung, making me feel completely ashamed. He seemed to have noticed that you had paid little mind to him as he darted his tongue into you depths to lap up four fluids before it passed your folds. He was so deep inside that his teeth were grazing your entrance. You bucked against him, almost apologetically as each flick he delivered, accompanied with Hyunjin inside your other hole, sent shivers climbing your spinal column. That wasn’t enough for Jisung though, his lips parting from you to speak. “Suck me off. It’s the least you could do for being selfish and forgetting about me.” He commanded, the idea being reinforced as he smacked your thigh in disapproval. 
These men were definitely devilish, as your eyes turned towards Jisung’s cock. The skin seemed strained, needy for attention, so taut, red and precum beading at the head. He must have been so desperate to have something warm and wet around him. And who were you to deny him? You leaned forward, trying your best not to separate from Hyunjin’s cock and his face, as you took Jisung’s cock so deep you practically could kiss the base of his length. The feeling made your throat pulse, gagging from the tip that was grazing the back of your throat. You re-adjusted, lavishing him with your tongue before hollowing out your cheeks to suck hard on him. Hyunjin took this as a sign to pick up the pace above you, airy grunts resounded with his thrust, while Jisung couldn't eat you out, like a starved man. As thanks, you rubbed him into the web of your cheek, keeping his cock steady to match pace with the intense, unhinged air the three of you had set. The pressure building, the approach, the need to cume once again tangled all around you. 
“Oh, fuck. Holy fuck, I’m close.” Jisung hissed out, mumbling the word into your soaked pussy.
“Cum in my mouth.” You commanded, voice purring as you pressed against his shaft before taking him in, hollowing out your cheeks again and sucking hard from tip to base. Hyunjin could only moan out in agreement as he hammered his hips against you until the slapping skin was louder than any sinful sound that came from the three of you. You go still first, letting both Jisung and Hyunjin have their way with you, before you hear Jisung let out a groan of unabashed ecstasy, jutting his pelvis upward, cock twitching against your lips as he released his seed into your mouth. The mixture ever so delicious on your tongue, making your head spin as you take in every last drop, careful not to spill any. 
As you released Jisung’s still semi hard cock, you noted that Hyunjin hadn’t yet finished. You pulled away from the two men, your holes gaping slightly as you turned toward Hyunin. Giving him a rather playful grin, your tongue darted out to lick the corner of his mouth. That made the darkness in his eyes shift, and in a breath he was on you. You barely had any time to sit back before he was lifting you off the Jisung and slamming you up against the wall. Grabbing for the white shirt he had given you prior, he used it to clean off his cock, pumping at it all the while before sheathing himself within your pussy this time.
Hyunjin held you up against the walls, mercy completely gone as he continued to drill into you as hard as he did before, practically slamming into your walls that it would be considered painful but you were beyond caring, beyond any bit of rational mindset as you let him basically staple you to the drywall of his studio. As a response you wrapped your arms around his neck, fingertips digging into the fleshy planes of his toned shoulders, watching him with utmost wonder. The smudges of paint still scattered over his body, sweat glistening on his skin, strands of his hair matted against his forehead, eyes so obsessed, so hungry, so so hungry with an insatiable appetite. Bracing yourself you hold onto him with one hand, while the other wedged between the two of you to stimulate your clit. The combined effort bringing forth the familiar pressure once more. You were close, as was he. “Oh, oh fuck yes. Yes, yes, yes…” He mewled, reacting to the clench of your walls around his cock. “Gonna fill you up. Gonna fuck me cum right inside of you.” The words spilled out of his mouth as he maintained his speed, completely losing his grip on reality as every muscle in his body spasmed, spilling over the edge as you both came undone. The blood roared through your ears, drowning out the rapsy, shrill shriek that came from you as you clawed at Hyunjin’s back. You pulled him into your chest, pressing him as close as possible, his hot breath fanning you as he jerked within you and painting your walls white with his release.
After a few moments of ragged breaths and chest heaving, Hyunjin found the strength to set you down, foreheads pressed together. You look up at him, seeing his eyes lovingly watching to see if there was anything wrong with you. He gave you a glance before pressing a sheepish kiss to your cheek. “I’m gonna run a bath.” He told you, moving towards the direction of the bathroom and completely disappearing once the door shut.
You couldn’t count how long you had waited before Jisung had grabbed your attention. “Want to join him?” He asked. You don’t have the energy to answer nor to ponder anything further as Jisung grabbed your hand, tugging you upward and leading your rather groggy form towards the bathroom. As the door opened, you were met with steam, Hyunjin not even flinching upon seeing the two of you. Instead, he backed to the far edge of the tub, making for both of you to climb in. 
Immediately as you sank in, both boys had their hands on your body, smoothing soap and bare hands over your skin, not only intent on cleaning you thoroughly but also to help you relax after the intense “photoshoot” the three of you had been through. Jisung thumbed small circles into your shoulder and neck while Hyunjin ran the bar of soap down your front, paying special attention to your chest that had harsh marks forming there. Once finished there, he ducked down to soap your legs, feeling them almost give out from underneath his touch as the calming sensation of his hands running up and down you again felt extremely breathtaking. 
Jisung pressed against your back, wrapping his arms around you before tilting your head to the side, kissing you so softly it almost felt dangerous. It struck a chord in your heart that you had completely forgotten about him once again. You give him your full attention now though, deepening the kiss and allowing his hands to find your hips through the soapy water, his tongue exploring your mouth once more. As if jealous from this, Hyunjin brought himself closer, and he truly does get close to you and when your lips finally part to take a breath, Hyunjin was turning your face to claim them as his own, kissing you with a softness you originally imagined he would be like. 
Withdrawing from him, you couldn’t help but snicker, the whole events of your so called project dawning on you. “So, um, does this always happen when you bust out the paints for a project?”
Both men returned your laughter with their own, as their hands on you traced invisible patterns along your skin and caused you to shudder. “Uh, no not really.” Hyunjin answered.
“That’s a shame.” You hummed. “I was about to ask you for more extra credit work. My art grade is so terrible. Plus I am developing a finer appreciation for art, watching you both work is nothing if not fancainating.” You coyly suggest, eyeing the two of them.
The two of them immediately perked up hearing that, Hyunjin again choosing to be the one to answer. “Well, I’d never deny a beautiful canvas. However, Jisung has a project of his own he needs help with.”
Your eyes turned toward him, eyes glittering with excitement and mischief. “And what would that be?” You said, running your hand over his well toned chest.
Suddenly growing shy, he shook his head. “Well, it’s not really me, but Chan and Changbin have been trying to work on a song and I think they need some… inspiration.” He stated rather bluntly. 
Your memory recalled seeing the two men before you had left to see Hyunjin and Jisung in the studio. “Funny enough Chan had invited me to go to their studio.”
That stunned the two of them, before Jisung pressed a small kissing on the side of your temple. He was definitely being more gentle than he was earlier. “Well, we’d love to help you with your grade and I think you helping our friends would warrant some extra, don’t you think Hyunjin?”
“Oh, I definitely think so.” He responded with a smirk. “After the art exhibit though.”
“ ‘Art exhibit’?” You questioned.
Placing a small peck to your shoulder, Hyunjin shook his head. “You’ll see. For now though-” He reached around you to where soap had been placed. “-We have to get our beautiful canvas clean.” 
You don’t protest to that at all and like before you were at their mercy, letting their hands roam free as they cleaned you thoroughly still the smudges of nature’s colours had disappeared from your skin and you were you again. 
Tumblr media
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boy next window
chapter one 'baby it's pouring' | chapter two | chapter three | chapter four
Tumblr media
hwang hyunjin x reader
synopsis : moving out your old apartment sounded like a dream, no more broken air conditioning and shower. But most annoying of all was the owner of the building. But maybe, you regretted moving into the new one even more.
song recomendation for this chapter:
The sound of rain, sometimes it's pleasing but sometimes it could be.. very annoying. Just like now, you walked out of school holding onto the books that didn't fit in your bag. Carefully, you pressed them onto your body hoping they wouldn't get wet.
You looked around, gulping while sliding on the hood from your jacket. The jacket you were wearing wasn't the thickest or warmest one you had, making you shiver when a little breeze touched your skin. The skirt you were wearing wasn't helping either.
As your legs were trembling you took a step off the stairs. Your head wasn't protected with the small roof anymore, you became drenched by the second you took that one step. You held your books more tightly, now softly jogging towards the gates.
Around you there were your classmates stepping inside their parents car, mom's and dad's apologizing because they were a bit late, but here you were getting your socks and shoes soaked in the tiny puddles on the hard pavement.
You kept running and running, until you saw the bus stop. You looked around once again stopping in your tracks. All the waiting stop seats were taken, meaning that you would have to wait standing in the rain.
You tilted your head up, looking at the time your bus would arrive only to have your eyes widened. You missed it, meaning that you would have to wait even longer. Your head dropped, but when you felt the back of your head becoming insanely cold you noticed that your hood was fully drenched. Quickly you took it off and stroked your hair.
Your hair got greeted by the cold rain, if there were a mirror somewhere you would probably look like you just got out of the shower. But before you could open your bag and grab your mirror you didn't feel any drops of rain hitting you anymore. It was like a warm barrier got build around you, once you looked up you saw a clear umbrella protecting you. You thought it might've been an elder person keeping a teen dry from the rain, just like last time.
Slowly, you looked to your left but before you wanted to thank the person you froze. A young teen boy, hair just reaching his shoulders as he looked at you with a poker face. Once your eyes met a soft smile appeared on his face, his eyes immediately squinting by the curl of his pink lips.
You swear it got 10x warmer, your heart was beating even faster as well. And when you finally picked the confidence you opened your mouth to thank the boy you closed it again. Your confidence just went down the drain.
The boy let out a small chuckle and your heart melted, they way his lips curled up even more and his eyes squinted in the shape of a rainbow just made you speechless, he then looked at you again. "I'd appreciate a thank you" he smiled, nodding his head once.
His voice was.. unique? not to deep nor too high, just.. perfect. Even the way he chuckled sounded like music to your ears and now that he's talking, it's like an album. What good did you do to meet him?
"thank you.." you mumbled, quickly looking away since the long eye contact made you feel like fainting. but when you looked away you accidentally flipped your drenched hair in his face. You quickly looked back and your jaw dropped.
His eyes were closed, wet drops of water on his glass like skin. He looked so pretty right now, but appreciating his beauty right now wouldn't be the best. "oh my- sorry-" you spoke, grabbing a handerchief and patting his face dry.
Just when you were busy focusing on every single detail on his face he opened his eyes, you slowly looking up at him. You just noticed how sparkly and dreamy his eyes were. You froze again, the handerchief pausing onto his temple.
"hey." he almost whispered, you coming back to your senses and removing the cloth from his skin. "sorry-" you spoke again, sliding the item into your pocket again. "it's okay" you heard him chuckle again.
And right then a strong breeze hit your skin, a different bus arrived and people were walking and running around. The cold air made you tremble again, your legs shaking and making you slowly lose your balance with each second that passed.
"you're freezing" you heard the voice once again, you slowly turned your head. Now looking at the boy who was taking off his padded jacket. He smiled at you while placing it on your shoulders. You were surprised by how warm the coat was judging by the weather. "let's sit down" he looked at the bench behind you, which was now empty because all the people went inside the bus that was now leaving.
You softly nodded once, following the boy under the umbrella. You both sat down next to each other under the roof, the boy now putting his umbrella away and looking around him.
"what bus are you going on..?" you mumbled, looking at the boy when he looked back at you with the first word you said. He smiled again, slowly shaking his head. "none, I usually walk home"
You furrowed your eyebrows. "then.. why are you here?" you turned your whole body to face him. "I saw you, and I felt bad" he answered, turning his body too, to face you. You were both facing each other as if you had all the time in the world, but the truth was; your bus was arriving in a minute.
You froze once again, handsome and caring? how much more perfect could he be? but you then just realized. By how much of a gentleman he was he was probably taken, with those looks he could get anyone he wanted. You turned your body again looking ahead of you when gulping.
"how old are you?" he asked, still looking at you when he tilted his head to one side. You didn't look back at him, fidgeting with your fingers. "I'm eighteen" you finally answered after two seconds.
The boy slowly nodded his head, now looking at the bus that was arriving. "you?" you quickly asked before you would have to go, you looked at the boy again, him running fingers through his silky hair. "nineteen" he looked back at you.
You nodded before standing up, he stood up too. When you walked towards the bus he held onto your wrist softly, making you turn your head. "hm-?" you hummed, looking at the boy who was looking at you. "don't catch a cold" he smiled while letting go of you. He looked like he wanted to say something else but he just shoved it away. You nodded once again leaving out a small breathy "thank you" before walking away.
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❛ ⩩ 𝗌𝗄𝗓 𝗋𝖾𝖺𝖼𝗍𝗂𝗈𝗇 𝗍𝗈 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝖻𝖾𝗂𝗇𝗀 𝗇𝖾𝖾𝖽𝗒/𝗁𝗈𝗋𝗇𝗒 !
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
‧₊˚ 🦉 ✩彡 , , 1.7k, smut !
Tumblr media
♥︎ — 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇. he just finds you very cute, to be honest. you were acting a little strange all day, chan had picked up on this. it was in the way you constantly played with his hands, the way your heated gaze purposefully met his over a hundred times for no apparent reason, the way you somehow always managed to end up nestled on his lap. when you got back home, you all but threw yourself on him, placing sloppy, wet kisses all over his neck and running your hands up and down his chest. "what's gotten into you?", he chuckled, encircling his arms around your waist as you tried to kiss his lips, whining when he moves his head back. your hand manages to sneak its way into chan's pants, slowly stroking him through his boxers, producing a low groan from him. "what's gotten my puppy so needy?", his cooed, running a hand up your front to cup your breast, kneading it eagerly. "just want you", you whimpered as his hands slipped down from your waist to your ass, gripping your cheeks firmly. "oh yeah? you can have me, puppy."
♥︎ — 𝗆𝗂𝗇𝗁𝗈. the cockiest little SHIT. the second you started rubbing yourself against his thigh while cuddling in a way you thought was subtle, he knew exactly what was up. he let it continue however, paying no mind to you, instead opting to train his eyes on the tv in an attempt to look immersed in the show you were "watching". the more he ignored you, the louder your whines got and the more persistent your movements were. deciding to finally address the pitiful state you were in after a small plea of "minho, please", he released a sigh and turned to you, lips twitching into a smirk. "what's the matter, baby?". you let out yet another whine, burying your face in the crook of his neck as your hips rutted against his leg in the position you were sitting. "want you so bad", you mumbled into his skin, making minho chuckle sadistically and grip your thigh. "i've fucked this little pussy so many times yet you're still so needy for me."
♥︎ — 𝖼𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗀𝖻𝗂𝗇. binnie could feel his frustration growing by the second. he'll admit that he might not have been giving you attention for a while as he was rather immersed in his work, but he was so close to getting this song over with, he just needed another hour or two. but you, you clearly had other plans as you plopped yourself down onto his lap with a huff, facing him. "baby, i'm sorry, but i need to finish this", he mumbled, tapping your thigh with the intent of urging you to move. you really wanted to let him work, you did. but you also wanted him so badly that his simple touch was enough for you to let out a moan and move your hips along his thigh a little, just a little. "y/n...", he murmured as a warning, moving a hand to grip the flesh of your thigh harshly. "but binnie, please. i won't disturb you, just let me... just need to...", you whined breathily into his chest, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and wiggling your hips on his thigh, the rough texture of his jeans against the thin fabric of your panties causing you to cry out in bliss. "fuck–", he groaned, dark eyes glancing down at the wet spot you had already created on his pants. "you know what, i could do with a break." with that, he gripped your hips, helping you ride his thigh more fluidly. "but since you've been such a fucking brat, you're not coming until i say so."
♥︎ — 𝗁𝗒𝗎𝗇𝗃𝗂𝗇. "hyunnie...", you whined with no sign of sleep in your voice, who would have thought you had just woken up since you were now slowly grinding your already wet, panty-clad pussy against hyunjin's sleeping form. you let out a huff when you realised that he would not wake with your soft ruts, snaking your hand down to where his hand lay motionless by his hip, taking ahold of it and bringing it down to where you needed it most. you released a sigh of bliss when his warm hand made contact with your throbbing cunt, now grinding against it more freely. so lost in your own pleasure, you didn't even notice hyunjin slowly stir awake, immediately feeling your warmth on him. fingers beginning to play with your cunt instinctively, he turned on his side so he was facing you, sleepiness and slight irritation written all over his face. "so pathetic. look at you, trying to get off on my hand. while i was sleeping", he scoffed, slipping three fingers into you and ramming them in and out at a fast pace, causing you to cry out. "what? can't take it? if you were so fucking needy that you couldn't even wait for me to wake up, then you're gonna handle this and a lot more."
♥︎ — 𝗁𝖺𝗇. "baby, we can't. not here", jisung groaned into your ear for what felt like the 100th time that evening because no matter how hard you tried, you just could not keep your hands to yourself. the truth being told, you weren't trying too hard, feeling more than needy for your boyfriend who seemed to have taken it upon himself to talk to every single person at this party. now, moving against him on the dance floor, you once again placed your hands on either sides of his hips, slipping your thumbs slightly under the waistband of his pants and rubbing the skin there. "but sungie", you pouted, swaying sensually to the music and pressing your body into his more provokingly, drawing a low growl out of him. with that, he grabbed hold of your wrist, yanking you out of the room and into the dimly lit hallway of the club, where someone, anyone was bound to walk in. "w-what are you–" "shut up.", he interrupted, gripping your jaw firmly in his hand and crashing his lips to yours. his hands fumbled with the button and zipper of your jeans, undoing them and shoving his hand straight into your wet panties. "right here? what if someone sees?", you gasped breathily, looking around to see if anyone was near. "oh, the fucking dance floor was fine but not the hallway?", he laughed with spite, eyes zeroing in on the amount of wetness he had collected on his hand. "but you're such a slut, i bet you'd love it if someone saw us."
♥︎ — 𝖿𝖾𝗅𝗂𝗑. the last thing felix expected to feel after a seemingly endless fuck session with you, was your hand palming his cock through his boxers yet again, bottom lip caught between your teeth. he inhaled sharply when you gripped him through his underwear, snapping his head towards you with a look of warning of his face. "sweetheart, what do you think you're doing?", he voice appeared to be a little strained, hand moving to hold your arm firmly so as to still it's movement. you chose not to respond, instead throwing a leg over his waist and climbing on top of him with a coy smile forming on your lips. "what, don't tell me you want to go again?", he asked incredulously, hands going to grip your hips anyway. "did i not fuck you good enough, baby? hm? this greedy little cunt still wants more?". all you could do was nod and let out a moan and then a gasp as his strong arms flipped the two of you around so that he now loomed over you with dark, suggestive eyes. "since you can't seem to get enough, we're not stopping until i've ripped five orgasms from you."
♥︎ — 𝗌𝖾𝗎𝗇𝗀𝗆𝗂𝗇. minnie's more surprised than anything, really. all seungmin wanted to do was give his adorable little s/o a small kiss out of the blue because he felt like it. of course, he didn't mind that you kissed back for a little longer than he originally intended, and he didn't mind that you tried to deepen the kiss a little, in fact, he found it cute. he found the pout on your face when he pulled away even cuter, leaning in to peck it because he couldn't help himself. "minnie", you called, your lips still puckered and waiting. "one more", he relented, placing a quick kiss on your lips and certainly not expecting you to grab ahold of his face and pull him in closer, slipping your tongue into his mouth. now straddling him, you ran your fingers through his hair, grinding your hips down onto him, eliciting a soft moan from the confused boy. "why are you all–fuck–wound up?", seungmin gritted out, not used to seeing this bold side of you as your hips continued their movement along with your tongue licking around his neck. "need you, minnie. need your cock in me. can you do that? can you fill me up?", you whispered into his ear, nibbling on the lobe as you pulled away. whether it was the desperate lilt to your voice or the unsteady grinding of your hips you don't know, but you watched as seungmin's eyes darkened and he gripped your hips tightly. "don't worry, gonna fill you up so good."
♥︎ — 𝗃𝖾𝗈𝗇𝗀𝗂𝗇. your movie night with your boyfriend started off innocent enough. turning the third film on, you immediately noticed that the male lead bore a large resemblance to jeongin, maybe it was the height or his hair– you didn't know but they looked similar; something that you pointed out to him. everything was going just fine, that was until the two leads started devouring each other's mouths. the air around the two of you shifted as soon as their tops came off and your thighs squeezed together unknowingly. the more heated the scene got, the more heated you felt your body grow, trying to rub your thighs together as subtly as you could manage to create some form of friction, not being able to help the somewhat quiet gasp you let out. with a bored sounding sigh, jeongin pushed his hand in between your thighs, cupping your pussy which drew a squeak from you. "is it because he looks like me?", jeongin mused, not even looking at you, instead watching as the couple lost themselves in each other. "h-huh?", you snapped your head towards him with a light blush coating your cheeks as you felt your hips buck into his hand. "if you were feeling this needy, you could've just said something, you know?", he smirked. "don't think i haven't noticed what you've been doing."
Tumblr media
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nnsfwskz · 4 months ago
✦:˒ masterlist ◞⁺☆.
all posts are nsfw unless stated otherwise with a ღ
NOT UPDATED -> here’s the updated version
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ bang chan ´ˎ-
what kinks does he have
using you as stress relief
nsfw alphabet
perv!chan and skirts
fingering you in public
eiffel tower
taking your virginity
corruption kink
guided masturbation
fingering you for the first time (+corruption kink)
wet dream (+corruption kink)
filming you
first time (+corruption kink)
edging + orgasm denial
catching you watching porn (+corruption kink)
waist chains
catching him masturbating (+corruption kink)
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ lee minho ´ˎ-
riding him
eiffel tower
filming you
kitten (+corruption kink)
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ seo changbin ´ˎ-
thigh riding
you take pictures of him
eiffel tower
teasing him in public
public sex
safe word ღ
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ hwang hyunjin ´ˎ-
kissable lips
him being possessive
nsfw thoughts on him
bestfriend!hyunjin x fem!virgin!reader
temperature play
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ han jisung ´ˎ-
quickie in his room
always touching you
kinky or chaotic?
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ lee felix ´ˎ-
riding softdom!felix
his wandering hands
dirty talk
coming home late to softdom!felix
sucking on his thumb
small hands
loving boobs
perv!felix x bestfriend!reader headcannon
best friends to lovers (+perv!felix)
punishment from harddom!felix
boobs and legs = heaven
warm hands
nsfw alphabet
corruption kink (+perv!felix)
fucking his anger out
taking care of you when you’re stressed
bathing together
touching you ‘innocently’
teaching him how to dom
thighs 2.0
boobs = stress ball
dirty pervboyfriend!felix 🤝 dumb innocent gf
chubby girls (slight perv!felix)
using you when he had a bad day
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ kim seungmin ´ˎ-
fucking you in public
Tumblr media
- ̗̀ yang jeongin ´ˎ-
- ̗̀ list of anons ´ˎ-
— the following emojis are taken: ✨🍓🌸🧽⛓🍋🧁🍒🌻🧸👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩
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binnieurl · 25 days ago
𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐲 𝐤𝐢𝐝𝐬 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 — their s/o is oblivious to flirting
chan ; he thinks you’re just he cutest thing; flashing the sweetest smiles and giving your full attention to whoever you were talking to. chan seems like the type to be really secure in your relationship. because you chose him, out of everyone you could’ve been with him, you were with him. so really, he’d think your cluelessness was adorable <3 he’d definitely bring it up later though, just to tease you about how much everyone wanted you or something rjdskfn
minho ; he’d think it was the funniest thing. he’d have an arm wrapped around your shoulders, staring down the person talking to you while you just nodded along, leaning into his touch. minho’s confident, he knows that you’re his and he’s yours, and he’d make it very obvious to everyone around you. 
“yeah, babe, remember when we went there?” he’d insert himself into the conversation, smiling down at you and grinning when you looked back up at him with adoration. overall, he think you’re super sweet and he just likes messing with you sometimes <3 
changbin ; hmm, i think he’d be a weird mix between being legitimately jealous and then not caring at all. he seems like he’d be really confident in your relationship, but at the same time he thinks the fact that you can’t tell when people are flirting with you is the funniest thing. the other person would be desperately trying to get you to fall for them or even be vaguely interested and you’re just over there talking about how much you love your boyfriend, changbin <3 but!! he’d still get all pouty later while telling you that the person was very obviously flirting with you just to see the way you coo at him and wrap your arms around him, pressing kisses to his jaw and apologizing 
hyunjin ; jealous boy!! he’d get so huffy and pouty when someone else was flirting with you and you didn’t notice :( somewhere deep inside his mind, he knows that you love him more than you love any other guy you’ve come in contact with, but he can’t help the sharp feeling of jealousy that settles in the pit of his stomach. he’d be glaring down the other guy, eyes all narrowed and mean. 
and when you notice how upset he is, all you have to do is just pull him over, introducing him as your boyfriend and be all lovey with him and he’ll be back to his happy self <3 
jisung ; he’d be so pouty :( jisung seems like the type that gets irrationally upset over this kind of thing. he knows that you would never cheat on him or leave him, but he still gets that feeling in his stomach, that feeling of what if. so, he’d get all clingy; wrapping his arms around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder and presses soft kisses into the junction of your neck. and he’d be staring down the other person, not exactly menacingly, but just so they know that he’s not happy <//3 
felix ; please, he’d get so jealous :( he knew you weren’t actively letting other guys flirt with you because you were the exact same with him when he had been flirting with you before you started dating. but still, he couldn’t help but feel that familiar pang of jealousy in his stomach when he’d see how close people would get with you. but he’d be so passive about it because he doesn’t want to seem too possessive :( 
seungmin ; seungmin things you’re so sweet :( he’s the type to not show jealousy in front of others and tell you about it when you’re in private. but even then, i don’t see him as the type to get jealous that easily. honestly, he just wouldn’t really care. he’s secure in your relationship and he knows that you just don’t really notice these kinds of things. he’d be watching from a distance, grinning to himself and holding in his laughs when you shrug off all romantic advances. still, after a certain amount of time, he’d walk over and introduce himself as your boyfriend. 
jeongin ; honestly, jeongin wouldn’t like it one bit. not necessarily because you were oblivious, but more so because to anyone else it would look like you were entertaining whoever was hitting on you. he’d be pouting at you with a hand around your waist, pulling you into his side and rubbing little circles into the fabric of your jeans. and you wouldn’t think any of it until he brings it up later that day. 
“y/n, i know that you’re not so... observational... when it comes to guys hitting on you,” he’d start, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. and you’d start blushing because of course, you hadn’t even noticed <//3 
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