noodlechief · 2 days ago
It’s easy when chat is the kindest and funniest :)
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kdinjenzen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Our journey through Horizon Zero Dawn continues this morning at 10am CT!
I am still actively in love with the bow and arrow in this game, it's SO satisfying!
See you soon, my dears and darlings!
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jermaniacs · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
jerma muting his mic to beat a really hard level in everhood only to finish it and type this out to make sure it was safe to talk
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derekiee · a day ago
Tumblr media
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s1mister-ttv · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Went away to the family mountian cabin the past weekend. Made the “mistake” of watch Friday the 13th while I was up there. I made it through the first 5 movies. I give them a 3/5 rating. Still think I prefer my Myers over Jason. But I’ll always enjoy a good hockey mask.
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flimflix · 7 months ago
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theellipelli · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I'd give her all my primes
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debbie-sketch · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Twitch screen commissions
Insta: @debbiebalboa
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one-time-i-dreamt · 17 days ago
Markiplier stole my cheese. ):
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yikes-zone · 8 months ago
Wah I'm trying to get active here again :0 nee ways, Niki from the orgins smp!! I lub her :]
(Also click for better quality whoops)
Tumblr media
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suw4 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
a/n; --
CW/TW; --
Tumblr media
-©cherrijuice on tumblr
"[Name]! What the hell! What are you doing in my room!?" Alex shouted as [Name] barged into his room without warning, making Alex jump out of his chair. The [h/c] head didn't say anything and walked towards the shorter male. Pulling the beanie-wearing male closer to him by the waist, he cupped Alex's squishy face and stared into his eyes.
"[Name]..?" Alex whispered the other male's name softly in a questioning tone. [Name] smirked at him and pressed his lips against the others. It shocked him, eyes widened. He was trying to push him away and whined, telling his boyfriend to stop as he was still streaming. [Name] wouldn't budge at all and his grip around Alex's waist became stronger, still pulling him close. He tries to deepen the kiss by forcing his tongue into the other male's mouth.
Full-on make-out on stream?
#twitch ban o7
Alex whimpered in the kiss as he grabbed onto [Name]'s clothes. As the taller continues to kiss the shorter male, Alex started to get addicted to it. He soon later melted into the kiss, getting more into it. But [Name] pulled away, smirking at his lover. He gave him one last peck on the lips and faced the webcam.
"Next time, tell Quackity to pay attention to me more than to you guys," He cheekily said and quickly left the room. Alex stood there dumbfounded as the discord call ringtone sounded. Alex quickly walked towards his computers and answered the incoming call.
"Ah, How do you like your present?"
"God damnit Schlatt,"
Oh, how the chat and donos were going crazy.
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simpforboys · 5 months ago
she/her pronouns
summary: y/n and vinnie stream val together
warnings: fluff, a dirty joke is made, swearing
Tumblr media
part two
if you don't know, here's what valorant is:
- a 5v5 first person shooter game. there's different characters that have different specialties and abilities. there is two sides, defenders vs attackers. attackers have to plant and defend the spike (a bomb) while the defenders have to defend sites a and b (or c if playing haven). first to 13 wins. defenders can win a round by killing the enemy team completely or waiting until time runs out, or defusing the spike. attackers win by the spike going off or killing the enemy team.
y/n sat in her gaming chair as she turned her monitor on. opening up obs studio, she clicked start stream.
“hello my loves!” she smiled as people quickly started joining the stream.
y/nsbaby: Y/NNNNNNN
vinniesgirl: HELLOOO
iluvvinnie23: HI BABY I MISSED U
chat flooded in as y/n opened valorant and discord. “hello, yes, i missed you guys too! sorry, i've just been so busy. but, i'm back now and i hope you guys are ready for some valorant gameplay with vinnie!”
her phone dinged as she looked down to see a text from vinnie.
vinnie<3: are u ready baby?
y/n: yeah hop in the discord call
the join notification rung in her headset as her boyfriend's voice came blaring through. “hi babe.”
“ow! why are you so loud.” she mumbled, turning down the volume. “but hi baby, how are you?”
“i have a lot of red in my career right now.” she could sense his frown.
“i'll carry you, baby, don't worry.” she joked as her player card showed up, her immortal rank on display. she knew her boyfriend was trying so hard to rank back up to immortal after being stuck at diamond.
she clicked on the competitive cue as vinnie joined her party. “are you streaming right now?” he asked.
“yeah, yeah. are you?”
vinnie was at his room in the hype house as
y/n was back at her apartment.
“yes and-“
“hi y/n!” someone else's voice came through the call.
“hi jett!” y/n grinned, starting the cue. immediately it was a match found.
the map icebox showed up.
“my favorite!” y/n said.
“y/n, this is the worst map-“
“shut the fuck up. icebox my beloved.” y/n joked. she felt her lips curl into a smile as she heard vinnie's giggles.
locking in reyna, y/n noticed how vinnie had auto-locked jett. “insta lock jett?” y/n teased.
“you know it, baby.” vinnie replied.
“i already know our team mates are punching the air.” y/n joked, thanking some donators.
“damn, y/n. 11 thousand people in your chat right now?” vinnie asked.
“you're stalking me on twitch? baby, you know i leave the thirst traps to you and the prime time gaming to me.” she teased.
“okay, okay. don't act like you've never done a thirst trap before. in-fact, didn't you post one last night?” vinnie smirked.
“i posted mine right after you posted yours, pretty boy. mr 10 million followers.”
y/n had 2 million tik tok followers, but 4 million twitch followers.
“you said it yourself, babe. you deal with the prime time gaming and leave the thirst traps to me.” vinnie joked causing y/n to laugh.
in the first few rounds, y/n was top-fragging as the match's top duelist. on round 7, y/n and vinnie were the last players alive signaling it was a 2v5.
y/n was approaching site b with the spike as vinnie was still on a. “i’m coming, i'm coming, i'm coming!” vinnie called out. y/n saw jett's face on the mini map getting closer.
before y/n could stop what was flying out of her mouth the damage was already done. “like i was last night?”
she immediately slapped her hand over her mouth as she heard jett burst into a fit of laughter in the background of vinnie's room.
“y/n, if only you could see vinnie's face right now!” jett shouted through his laughing.
everything was quiet on vinnie's side after while y/n sat in shock on what she just said. chat was blowing up and the team mates were going on voice coms asking why they were both frozen.
“i cannot believe you just said that.” vinnie coughed, although he giggled a little bit.
“it was an accident!” y/n's face was so hot as she tried to ignore chat. vinnie's character died leaving y/n alone.
killing the person defending b, she planted the spike and equipped her ultimate. “they will cower!” reyna's voice line said as y/n blinded.
“i know, chat. y/n cannot control herself.” she heard vinnie say.
getting another kill now making it a 1v3, y/n's heart began pounding more as she turned invisible and popped up behind an enemy. quickly killing him and turning invisible again, she completed the last two kills.
showed up on the screen as her hands were shaking. “good job, baby!” vinnie praised.
the rest of the stream went smoothly as y/n and vinnie kept flirting back and forth. the chat was calling them a cute couple, commenting on the game play, a few haters, a few simps, but y/n was enjoying being back.
three hours later, y/n's ass hurting from her chair, she decided to end stream.
“thank you so much for donating, subbing, or even just watching! i love you all so much, have a wonderful night or day!”’she clicked end stream on obs and cracked her back.
“i'll text you, okay, baby?” vinnie said in the discord call.
“of course, my love.” y/n answered, clicking end call as she set her headset on her desk and went to her bed.
plopping down, she opened tik tok. the first thing that came up on her fyp was a clip of the joke she made.
feeling her face heat up again, y/n commented;
y/nsprettybaby replied: yeah okay
slut4vinnie replied: SUREEEEE ;)
hello babes! i hope you enjoyed :)
i love playing valorant so i have so many ideas for streaming oneshots so please let me know what you think!
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boltertokokoro · 6 months ago
Drawings from Drawthread 20/7/2021
Tumblr media
Plague Marine getting vaccine
Tumblr media
SoB streamer
Tumblr media
Ork mobster sleeping with the fishes
Tumblr media
Tired canoness thrown out of coffee shop
Tumblr media
Smol SoB vtuber
Tumblr media
Ork playing kite
To join the weekly Discord drawthread, be my Patron for 2$ a month! patreon.com/luth
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technobladestanblog · 4 months ago
based connoreatspants on twitter.com
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
seems like the same sort of thoughts philza had. in general I support their actions as streamers/content creators, using their platforms to bring a bigger spotlight to the issue and show their support,, as a watcher it feels like all I can do is boycott and talk about it on social media, so I'm happy they've done it this way, especially with how big their platform comparatively
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itslovingconnerkenthours · 9 months ago
Tim explains his proficiency with computers and his weird sleep schedule by saying he's a twitch streamer.
Then he has to make an account to keep up the lie
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flimflix · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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parkvcrs · a year ago
Falling Asleep on Call
SUMMARY: y/n accidentally falls asleep when facetiming dream which leads to a subconscious confession.
PAIRING: dreamwastaken x fem!reader.
WARNING(S): none.
NOTES: i hope you enjoy ( ; ; ).
Tumblr media
Y/n L/n was prone to shy away from being the centre of attention — it never struck her as something within her comfort zone. At most times, she found herself observing situations from afar whilst remaining quiet but only voicing her opinion when it was needed the most. However, this was a constant issue that clashed with Y/n’s occupation.
She is a YouTuber with nearly 200,000 followers. Like many other internet stars, she never revealed her face to her audience. Y/n had her reasons as to why which is precisely why she has never bothered to purchase a facecam. With her presence being acknowledged in the YouTube community, she had formed bonds with other creators as well.
One creator, in question, being Clay who is widely known across a variety of platforms as “DreamWasTaken.”
Currently, Clay and Y/n were going back on forth on Discord because he was rambling on about his new video that was still in the process of being uploaded, “N/n, you’ll never guess what happened next,” he tried to stifle his laughter but couldn’t help but to fumble over his own words as he said this.
“What happened…?” she asked in a quiet tone, looking at the phone that was sprawled beside her on her mattress. “Did you spawn the Wither or something insane along those lines?” Y/n added with a tired sigh as she readjusted her headphones.
“No.” Clay shook his head, though he was just a silhouette on Y/n’s screen but she managed to decipher the general area he was in. “Guess again.” From then on, the call was relatively silent on Y/n’s part since Clay was received a message that a group of his internet friends wanted to play a round of Among Us.
Not wanting to interrupt, Y/n decided that it was best if she were to become quiet for the time being. Her eyes glazed over blankly and her head nodded forward, she had subconsciously fallen asleep.
“Does anyone know if Y/n can join next round?” Nick Armstrong, or Sapnap, discussed freely amongst the other streamers.
“She’s busy,” Clay responded in a monotone voice, side-eyeing his cellular device where he saw the corner of Y/n’s face poking out from the corner. Hearing such unfortunate news, George and Nick expressed their whines and complains in a variety of ways. Before anyone else could interject, he speaks up again, “We are actually on FaceTime now…” he trailed off whilst keeping his gaze on his phone.
With that, the round continues. Seeing that he had to be muted, Clay tries to strike up a conversation with Y/n once again, "N/n?" he calls out loud. Just then, he could faintly overhear her snores. Slowly, a grin forms across Clay’s face as he drops his voice into a low whisper, “I love you.”
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skullyfuck · a month ago
how bad am i at minecraft, you ask? well chuckles i managed to lose a whole ass wither
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debbie-sketch · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day and Night screen commissions ✧☆.*・。
Insta: @debbiebalboa
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one-time-i-dreamt · 5 months ago
I was at my work at Burger King, except the entire layout was different, we were serving breakfast at night, and my supervisor was Twitch streamer/YouTuber TommyInnit.
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